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Empire of Corpses

Empire of Corpses

The dead will inherit the EarthOct. 02, 2015 Japan120 Min.
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8.7 1,151 votes

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Yoshimasa Hosoya isJohn H. Watson
John H. Watson
Akio Ohtsuka isMycroft Holmes
Mycroft Holmes
Taiten Kusunoki isFrederick Barnaby
Frederick Barnaby
Kana Hanazawa isHadaly Lilith
Hadaly Lilith
Shinichiro Miki isAlexei Karamazov
Alexei Karamazov
Daiki Yamashita isNikolai Krasotkin
Nikolai Krasotkin


The story of The Empire of Corpses takes place in 19th century Europe, and revolves around John Watson. He is scouted by the government to become a secret agent- However, Watson lives in a world where “Frankensteins”- human corpses that are re-purposed with a false soul in order to use them as laborers- are used to improve industrial development.

Empire of Corpses
Empire of Corpses
Original titleShisha no Teikoku
IMDb Rating6.1 513 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 9 votes

(4) comments

  • allanmotamedApril 21, 2016Reply

    Good concept that is left behind after the first half

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Petros Malousis (roriconfan)April 27, 2016Reply

    Don’t bother

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sarah Louise HalleJuly 7, 2016Reply

    Interestng & Unique

    This film takes a well known story of Dr Frankenstein and adds a
    different spin on the ideas of death.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and was one of the first anime films i watched
    outside the Studio Ghibli collection. The idea of bringing corpses back
    from the dead as working puppets, is a very dark matter and i believe
    this film manages to convey its story.

    However it may of helped me relate to the characters and have a better
    understanding towards their motives, if more background was given into
    their lives.

    Enjoyed so much have ordered myself the steel-book blu ray version to
    enjoy 🙂

  • myignisrulesAugust 9, 2016Reply

    Well crafted and executed but the final act is flawed

    At two hours, I’ll be the first to admit, The Empire of Corpses is a
    movie you have to find the time to watch. With references to historical
    figures galore (Thomas Edison, Ulysses S. Grant and Charles Bumbray) as
    well as literary ones (John Watson, Victor Frankenstein, M, etc), it’s
    not a film you want to watch half heartedly, as you will be doing
    yourself and this beautiful movie a disfavor The Empire of Corpses is
    one of the most beautifully animated films I’ve seen in some time.
    Every scene ebbs and flows like water. The voice acting is perfect,
    with each character perfectly suiting their anime counterpart, but it’s
    the story that is truly something spectacular. With deep philosophical
    questions about Death, Souls, Ambition, Free Will, War and Love just to
    name a few. It’s one of those movies you can watch and enjoy on the
    surface (The story isn’t that complicated and can be easily followed if
    you’re paying attention), or if like myself, you like to peel back the
    layers and see what’s underneath, The Empire of Corpses will not let
    you down. I will admit to the final act being flawed. Without spoiling
    anything, the main villain’s reason for doing what he was doing
    was…..weak/weird? While I could go along with M’s reason for his evil
    plan (to make the world one way so there would be no more conflict or
    wars), I couldn’t get behind the Final/Main Villain’s reason.
    Everything got super confusing at this point. The ending also was very
    ‘up in the air’, with an end credit scene (with Sherlock Holmes no
    less), that while a nice nod to fans of literature, added nothing to
    the story and left you with more questions than answers. I’m sorry I
    took this long to watch it, but I’m glad I took my time. This a movie I
    could spend hours dissecting, but for the sake of this review I will
    simply say, it’s not just for anime fans, this is a full length, well
    written, beautifully executed movie that deserves to be seen by all.

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