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Ennu Ninte Moideen

Ennu Ninte Moideen

Based on #673602's true storySep. 18, 2015 India160 Min.
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8.4 1,114 votes

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R. S. Vimal


Tovino Thomas isPerumparambil Appu
Perumparambil Appu
Saikumar isUnni Moideen Sahib
Unni Moideen Sahib
Bala isSethu
Lena isPathumma
Sudheer Karamana isMukkam Bhasi
Mukkam Bhasi
Sudheesh isKottathil Ramachandran
Kottathil Ramachandran
Shivaji Guruvayoor isKanchana's Uncle
Kanchana's Uncle
Kalaranjini isKanchana Mala's Mother
Kanchana Mala's Mother


Based on the real life love story of Moideen and Kanchanamala, which happened in 1960s in the backdrops of Calicut.

Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Ennu Ninte Moideen
Original titleഎന്ന് നിന്‍റെ മൊയ്തീൻ
IMDb Rating8.2 3,024 votes
TMDb Rating6.4 5 votes

(24) comments

  • Balu JagadishSeptember 19, 2015Reply

    A Heartwarming Retro Love Story

    In this new age of social networking love story.

    This classic tale reminds us of a Simpler time and a touching Love
    story that will provide the audience a Retro experience.

    First of all Big Congrats to Writer-Director R.S.Vimal(Where the hell
    were you Man all these years) For Superb work i read he spent Seven
    years researching the Material ….Well it was worth the wait.

    The Visualization,Soundtrack,Screenplay,Acting all are equally Amazing
    its a complete package.

    We Need movies like this in the Malayalam Cinema Not
    Ripoffs,Remake,Cheezy Comedies etc.

    We Need movies based on book or inspired by real events like this one.

    Overall it’s a must watch.

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)September 20, 2015Reply

    ”A Heart-Touching Depiction Of An Evergreen Love-Story”

    The poignant tale of Moideen and Kanchanamala separated by society and
    fate with one voice is well-known to all and débutant R.S.Vimal who
    earlier released a documentary on the same titled ‘Jalam Kondu
    Murivettaval’ have come up with a silver screen depiction of the
    same,the result being a memorable cinematic experience.

    Set in and around 1960’s Calicut,the biographical period drama is a
    touching affair altogether that’s blessed with some stellar
    performances from the lead pair,hearty narration,sumptuous visuals and
    emotionally moving background score.One will instantly feel banded
    together with the intense love between the central characters due to
    the genuinity in narration by Vimal and the intensity that both
    Prithviraj and Parvathy shower to the characters invested upon them.

    The fact that Vimal could succeed in presenting the cinematic version
    of a real life love story without going over the top by itself is truly
    remarkable and the débutant can be proud of the fact that he could give
    full justice to the eternal love between the Moideen and Kanchanamala.

    The remodeling of the period was brilliant and mixing up the social
    scenario of then with the love-story was done impressively by the
    director who has written the screenplay by himself.Rain comes forth as
    the heart and soul of the narration,symbolizing the emotions of the
    protagonists and their hopes throughout the narration.

    On the negative side,the second half looked a bit over-trimmed for the
    sake of gaining pace and reducing the length of the movie.Rest of the
    minor loopholes in the screenplay are easily negligible.Its evident
    that the story will easily connect with both families and youngsters
    and as such the movie is sure to make it big in both box office along
    with critical consensus.

    Prithviraj was outstanding as the marble-eyed Moidheen and won the
    hearts with his lovable charisma and touching portrayal of the lead
    character.Moideen will be counted among his array of brilliant
    portrayals in his illustrious career and is sure to bring in a good
    share of accolades this year.Parvathy was equally brilliant as
    Kanchanamala and amazed with her extraordinary hold while presenting
    emotional sequences.Tovino Thomas,Lena and Sai Kumar were notable and
    gave worthy performances.

    Backgroundscore by Gopi Sunder was epic and a major helping hand for
    conveying the emotions to the viewers.The song bit ”Ennile Ellinaal” in
    particular was outstanding and is sure to be long-remembered.Visuals by
    Jomon.T.John were brilliant and captured the essence of 60’s really

    Overall,Ennu Ninte Moideen is an emotionally touching drama that
    deserves watch for its genuinity and perfect recreation of the 60s.

    Verdict::Emotionally brimming right from the start towards the end,Ennu
    Ninte Moidheen is a proficient cinematic take on the eternal love story
    between Moideen and Kanchanamala that is sure to win the hearts of
    viewers.Leap into this intense tale of love !!

  • sreenathansaberSeptember 20, 2015Reply

    An incredible saga of star-crossed Lovers…

    An Intimate portrayal of two lives from a débutante director…

    M Jayachandran’s music, Jomon T John’s cinematography and Gopi Sunder’s
    background score exalts the movie to a wholly different level.

    Even though the movie lacks a grip and over-stretches at times, the
    breathtaking visuals, art direction and the constant reminder that it’s
    based on a real story redeems the film..transcending all the boundaries
    of fact and fiction..

    Moideen and Kanchanamala’s saga of love has been enacted on screen by
    Prithviraj and Parvathy with a lot of subtlety and conviction.

    Its one among those rarest of rare stories in which real life has more
    dramatic twists and turns than in a thriller movie..

    A commendable work of art indeed..

    7 stars..

  • Arjun AsokSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    A Genuine Love Story

    What a magnificent story with great direction and cinematography. I
    can’t believe that the film was directed by a debut director. It is
    said that the director took almost 7 years to complete the film. This
    itself shows his sincerity to the film.

    Jomon T. John, had an epic comeback to films after a short period of
    time. He had done an amazing work to the film which made it, a

    Gopi Sunder again made his eminence in background scores through the
    film with some amazing piece of ‘ringtone-to-be’ scores.

    Prithviraj, experiencing an increase in his prestige through the film,
    made all the teenagers and college students, their own ‘Prithvi’. His
    genuine way of acting will surely make him an award winner this year.
    Talking about the lead actress i.e Kanchanamala played by Parvathi
    Menon, was superb and had a stunning boldness and sensitive mind which
    made her a perfect heroine. The film had enough comedies without making
    the audience bore and had a twist and a sentimental climax. The
    supporting casts were superb especially, Appu played by Tovino Thomas
    and Sethu played by Bala. The camera and director showed their
    significance again very well in the climax scene. Unni Mohammed Sahib
    played by Saikumar, had a great sense of boldness and strong attraction
    towards his party as a Freedom Fighter in the film. Art Direction and
    Make-up was obviously great and magnificent as it is very strenuous and
    difficult to make a new film old or to make it in a background of
    1960’s. This film is an excellent example of Malayalam film industry
    and is certainly, a landmark film for the Malayalam Industry and hopes,
    for an another one like this.

    Adult Film – No | Family film – Obviously | Direction – 10/10 |
    Cinematography – 10/10 | Cast – 9.5/10 | Make Up – 10/10 | Songs –
    9.5/10 | Background Score – 10/10 | Story -8/10 | Climax – 9.5/10 | Art
    Direction – 8.5/10 | Location Department – 10/10 | Overall – 9.5/10 |
    My Rating – 10/10

  • jithu RSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    Why god was so cruel towards Moideen and kanchanamala ?

    This is 100 times great love than ”Romeo and Juliet”.Kanchanamala’s
    tolerance and sacrifices towards love is unbelievable .Kanchanamala you
    are goddess of love.

    It was hard to believe that every scene in the film was based on true
    incident after seeing the Kanchanamals documentary I was shocked and
    realized, every single scene in the film was their life.Hats off to
    director R.S Vimal for his initiative to take this film and his
    struggle.He got an excellent team to make this film especially
    Prithiviraj and Parvathy who played lead role as Moideen and
    Kanchanamala.In the film they lived as the characters and we cant even
    think this film is directed by a debut director and he has succeeded in
    bringing the 60’s real-life

    The Cinematography is superb and catches every expressions of the
    nature as it is played a major role the film .Jomon T John has done a
    fabulous job as a cinematographer.

    The art directon is next big thing that helps the director to recreate
    1960’s and it is by Gokul Das.

    The music for the film is by M Jayachandran and Ramesh Narayan. Gopi
    Sunder’s background score boosted the life of the film.

    The team work of the film is excellent every one should be thankful
    toward each other for the success of the film

    Oh Moideen and Kanchanamala you are great….

    Overall rating 10/10

    Cast 9/10

    Script 8.5/10

    Direction 9.5/10

    Cinematography 9/10

    Art 8.5/10

    Music 10/10

    Bgm 9/10

    Editing 9.5/10

    Makeup 7.5/10

  • Sooraj PattazhyOctober 3, 2015Reply

    Soulful Cinematic Experience!

    Ennu Ninte Moideen: A Retrospect – The Best of 2015! The prime factor
    of a good movie, I consider, is ample amounts of emotion and, ‘Ennu
    Ninte Moideen’ is perfectly laced with apt amount of such emotions
    wherever needed. The movie started offering traces of thrill, and had
    an elevation which never took a drop. For its being a real story, one
    must appreciate the director, RS Vimal for blending hard emotions in a
    layer of humor and rebellion perfectly. The love story of Kaanchanamala
    and Moideen is purely evergreen; how were they able to expose so much
    of dedication, belief and love towards each other! Moideen was a real
    hero, he had the nerves of steel and a heart full of love, he is beyond
    doubts a personality of inspiration; not just for the affection he had
    for Kaanchana but also for the dedication he shown towards his land.
    While Moideen stands as an icon, there we have Kaanchanamala, epitome
    for boldness and perseverance! Along with them, the characters of
    Peruparambil Appu, Unni Moideen Haji and Kottatil Sethu had great
    prominence. When the characters are of such eminence, there requires
    actors of such caliber to perform them even. Prithviraj Sukumaran just
    lived as Moideen, he is one of the best actors I have ever seen! He is
    amazing me with his reputation and competence getting better by each
    movie. And, ‘Moideen’ lie as an example to prove his versatility in
    handling roles of any kind. His smile in the climax just filled my
    eyes! On par with Prithviraj, Parvathy pulls an equally brilliant
    performance as ‘Kaanchanamala’; had all the boldness and zeal for the
    character. She too is surprising me with her selection of challenging
    roles. While these two actors shine, Sai Kumar perfected as Unni
    Moideen, one of the strongest characters in the recent times, the same
    in case of Lena. Along with these actors, Tovino Thomas and Bala come
    out as a surprise package in their roles of Appu and Sethu; Tovino is
    gonna make it great! When the story is eternal, there requires great
    skills to present it expressively on screen and this is where the
    director shine with immense support from the cinematographer and music
    directors. RS Vimal exposed the skill of an experienced director in his
    debut movie itself; his seven years of hard work was visible throughout
    the movie; it is his deep acquaintance with the subject that makes
    Moideen and Kanchanamala close to the heart! Jomon T John captures
    frames of greater quality that makes ‘Ennu Ninte Moindeen’ a high level
    cinema; one of the best cinematographed movies in Malayalam. At the
    music side, M.Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan and Gopi Sunder offer
    beautiful songs while, Gopi Sunder’s background score pulls the
    viewer’s nerve; damn so effective it was! The soulful ‘Mukkathe Penne’
    just raised the bar of emotion. Rafeeq Ahamed’s lyrics were purely
    meaningful. Mahesh Narayanan edited the movie perfectly with notable
    pace in certain sequences. Even, the production values were rich with
    qualitative visual effects and sets offering that retro feel.

    Overall, ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ is a soulful cinematic experience that
    brings one of the evergreen love stories close to our heart and thanks
    to RS Vimal for offering us this cinema! When the movie ended, the
    entire theatre was clapping and I sat there feeling the tears rolling
    on my cheeks.

    Final Note: Must Watch; Undoubtedly the best movie of 2015! The house
    was fully packed for the 8:45AM show on Screen 4, Prasad’s IMAX,
    Hyderabad in Dolby Atmos! This kind of applause and reception was never
    seen for a Malayalam Cinema; the atmosphere was exhilarating! With
    heartfelt respect to Moideen and Kanchanamala… Sooraj Pattazhy!

  • Tejas NairOctober 3, 2015Reply

    Slowly Takes You In… ♦ Grade C+

    The conviction with which the sorrowful story of two lovers in the
    orderless era of immediate post-independent India is crafted is enough
    for one to consider watching the film. The glaring facts that a
    low-bred, socialism lover named Moideen (Sukumaran) born in a political
    family and Kanchana (Menon), a rebellious girl, from a noble family are
    in love and will not be allowed to get together wreaks havoc in their
    lives, and on the way goes on to wreck the lives of the people they
    know and the people who know them, all in the name of caste and
    religion, two of the ugliest man-made inventions ever.

    R S Vimal’s adaptation of a seemingly original story has all the
    elements that can even fire up emotions in a wooden plank. His
    spearheaded handling of the talented cast, clever exclusion of
    anachronism, thorough attention to details, and the slow-burning
    screenplay all makes for a high-octane 150 minutes. However, the story
    is what I personally had problems with. Not to mention the lack of
    coherence in the first two acts, the final acts look as if they were
    voluntarily muddled so as to boost the degree of tragedy that follows
    and which the story magically culminates in. Manipulation may look good
    in an Engineering student’s Science journal, but when you sample it in
    a love story just so you can remain faithful to the sub-genre, it reeks
    of veneer.

    Brilliantly timed background music tries to get away with plagiarism,
    but that is not a problem. John’s camera work is, as always,
    impeccable, and that is why, the film is at least a good run for one’s
    money. It is not like tragedy is synonymous to being noteworthy,
    otherwise my life would be a masterpiece. Once you understand that
    tragedy has a greater effect on you than in perceiving the other,
    positive side of a clichéd romance story, you will start noticing the
    cavities hidden in the concoction.

    Brownie points for using the word ”slipshod” in the subtitles.

    BOTTOM LINE: R S Vimal’s ambitious Ennu Ninte Moideen is surely a
    remarkable film about two lovers’ ill-fated journey together, but to
    dub it as the greatest… or even one of the greatest love stories of
    Malayalam cinema… is like saying Nivin Pauly is a greater actor than
    Mohanlal just because he is shining right now.

    GRADE: C+

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • firositOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Best romantic movie ever had in Malayalam

    A good romantic movie which makes people crying after a long time in
    Malayalam cinema world. The narration of the love is really amazing and
    heart touching. The casting and shorts are also well and up to the
    mark. I didn’t see a nice song in the movie but the background music is
    really nice and it well played in suitable scenes without fail.
    Prithviraj acting is fantastic and he played his role well. True that
    it is a replica of a real story which was happened in Mukkam and the
    real characters are still living in Kerala. Overall this is a fantastic
    movie which promotes the value of human relation and breaks all the
    religions mindset.

  • bommeshkumarOctober 13, 2015Reply

    One of the best love stories ever in Indian cinemas

    A must watch movie if you love love stories.All the actors have done
    their part wonderfully.I watched the movie last week and the pain still
    lingers in my mind . Prithviraj was amazing as usual and Parvathi has
    again proved her acting skills.

    The background scores were amazing throughout the movie.Songs are
    heart-touching.The director has succeeded in showing the difficulties
    faced by lovers from different religion and also has done it in
    spectacular way.The casting was perfect such that we will feel no drama
    in any of the actor’s acting.

    No offense , but this movie is far better than Premam . Not a part of
    this movie is boring.I am struggling to find words to describe this
    movie .If it is running in theaters near you ,please don’t miss it. In
    short i liked the movie a lot and so did my friends.The rating we are
    giving to this movie is 9.3

  • Raseem RuwaizOctober 14, 2015Reply

    Awesome Love Story

    A Wonderful thrilling movie… with a mixture of superb dialogs,
    comedy. And after all a fantastic unbelievable story. At first,
    couldn’t believe that it was based on a true story… But, this movie
    is a wonderful movie which will catch a place in all of our hearts.
    Congrats to the Director of the movie… R.S VIMAL. And of course…
    Prithviraj Sukumaran & Parvathi Menon has done a perfect piece of
    acting…. ! All others also very well contributed in this movie..
    Every single scenes are took awesome. And well, the Songs.., the songs
    of this movie is really heart touching. As well as the background

    This is a must watch movie… hope you’ll see it… I loved this movie
    very much and hope all of you too… 🙂 🙂 THANKS

  • moviez_fanOctober 16, 2015Reply

    It can be called as classic.

    The film looks like a classic one maybe because it is a story inspired
    from the the real life of Kanchanamala and Moideen whose love story
    remains as a classic saga in the Malabar region. The performance of the
    lead actors is the first thing to mention. Prithviraj and Parvathi did
    a great job by portraying their characters. As the film is set in past,
    the recreation of the location would have been quite difficult but it
    looked good on the screen. Bala played a strong character as the
    brother of Parvathi. Saikumar also did one of his best roles here. Same
    case with Lena. Tovino looked fine and it is like, he is ready to do
    heavy roles.

    Songs and BGM are also the highlight of the film.

    The applause that the director R.S. Vimal is receiving is the result of
    his hard work and his research of years.

  • Rangeen SureshOctober 18, 2015Reply

    An Everlasting Lovestory

    Ennu Ninte Moideen brings to light the story of Moideen & Kanchana, set
    in Mukkam, Calicut in the 60’s. It is based on the real life events of
    the divine love between Moideen & Kanchana. This movie is the
    directorial debut of R.S Vimal who also penned the script. Even after a
    month of its release, ENM is still storming the theaters and is heading
    forwards with a heavy box office collection and huge support from

    Moideen belongs to a Muslim family and is a socio-political activist
    who is against his father’s political beliefs which has also led to a
    grudge between the two. Moideen falls in love with Kanchanamala, a girl
    belonging to Hindu family. Due to religious differences, they find it
    hard to marry each other. Kanchana is locked up in her house when her
    family comes to know about this. Moideen also faces strong oppositions
    from his family. But both of them are not willing to give up on their
    deep and divine love and exchanges letters occasionally as they are
    prevented from seeing each other. They wait for several years and has
    to go through a series of turns that will decide their fate.

    Performance by most of the cast members were excellent, especially the
    chemistry between the lead pair – Prithviraj and Parvathi. Sai Kumar,
    Lena, Tovino, Bala also played their parts well. Cinematography by
    Jomon T John is one of the plus points of this movie. He has captured
    every frame without losing its beauty and richness. Music by M.
    Jayachandran and Background score by Gopi Sundar helped sustain the
    mood and feel of the movie in the audience.

    In short, ENM is a must watch movie. There is no way you can watch and
    not fall in love with this eternal love story.

  • Kanchana MenonOctober 19, 2015Reply

    Good film… but is it worth all the hype?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ninneeroseOctober 23, 2015Reply

    A story which demands more respect than Romeo or Juliet, not to mention a true one

    Watch it for the indescribable feeling that will descend after hearing
    a story like this.Watch it if you have empathy and feel the pain. A
    pain most describable if you ever loved someone like this.Watch it for
    the experience. Now coming to the translation of the story into
    screenplay. I feel, the movie could have used some editing. There were
    parts in the beginning that dragged and I could hear people say during
    the interval ”what was all that hype about?””Maybe we came with too
    much expectations” etc etc Let me assure you,no such feeling was shared
    in the second half of the movie. Intense scenes of desperation laced
    with passion of their love took over. The story line definitely carries
    the movie a long way. This review would be incomplete without a mention
    about the amazing picturization. The rain scenes made you feel like you
    were actually there smelling the aroma of mud wet from rain (A pleasant
    treat for all who are away from sweet home Kerala). The casting was
    perfect – each actor competing with themselves to give their best
    performance. My personal favorite was Parvathy, Lena and Sai kumar.
    Overall, who doesn’t like a movie that renders an experience? I would
    definitely recommend it that too in a movie theater. I cant possibly
    imagine missing out on the details of picturization in any small screen
    or anything less than HD.

  • hridhikOctober 24, 2015Reply

    A must watch love story for all

    ”Ennu Ninte Moideen” is a real life adaptation of the lives of Moideen
    and Kanchanamala set on the backdrops of Mukkam in 1960s. The story has
    been beautifully presented on the screen and will leave an everlasting
    impression in your heart. Debutant director R.S Vimal is remarkable and
    it can be understood that it took him seven years to complete this
    film. The remolding of this period was shown almost perfectly and also
    mixing the socio-religious problems of that period with an everlasting
    love story was done impressively. Rain was brought as a symbolic
    representation of their thoughts and hopes for each other. The
    cinematography of this movie captures the essence of 1960s
    convincingly. Prithviraj had acted well and did a respectful
    represtation of the real life Moideen. Parvathy has also done her part
    brilliantly and the supporting cast no less. Background score by Gopi
    Sundar was also remarkabale and provided a helping hand to the
    conveying of emotions throughout this movie.The second half of this
    movie was sped up and was flowing in a fast pace and looked like they
    tried to reduce the time period of this movie. In the end,this movie
    takes you on an enchanting ride to a love story giving justice to the
    eternal love of Moideen and Kanchanamala. Do yourself a favor and watch
    this movie. You will not regret it.

  • sandoc2October 26, 2015Reply

    Just another mediocre malayalam flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Midhilaj kareemOctober 26, 2015Reply

    Ennu ninte moideen 🙂

    One of the best films i’ve ever seen in my life. A true love story.Film
    will be here to stay in our hearts forever , for its effervescent one
    of a kind eternal love. Ennu Ninte Moideen is a 2015 romantic thriller
    film written and directed by R. S. Vimal, based on the real life story
    of Moideen and Kanchanamala, which happened in the 1960s in Mukkam,
    Kozhikode.Prithviraj and Parvathy essay the titular characters of
    Moideen and Kanchanamala while Bala, Tovino Thomas, Saikumar, Sashi
    Kumar and Lena appear in supporting roles.The music was composed by M.
    Jayachandran and Ramesh Narayan,while background score was composed by
    Gopi Sunder. The cinematography was by Jomon T. John.

  • soorujose619November 1, 2015Reply

    A classic love story which will be never forgotten

    ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ is a film that truly makes you rooted to your
    seats .The film manages to hold the audience’s interest till the very
    last scene! The story of Moideen and Kanchanamala set in the backdrop
    of the 1960’s somewhere tugs at your heart. An irreversible tragedy but
    so beautifully portrayed by the director R.S.Vimal. Capturing the
    innate beauty of locales in Shoranur and the essence of the characters’
    emotions , cinematographer Jomon T John has done a brilliant job! The
    strongest quotient of the movie is that the script has been held
    together strongly by Vimal and that lends stability and authenticity to
    the film. Some excellent research has gone into the making of the movie
    and hats off to the team for putting together a classic movie woven
    with the perfect dose of drama , romance and some mind blowing music
    and background score.

    One does not exactly expect ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ to break any new
    ground, since this is a story that thousands of couples have gone
    through – before and after Kanchanamala and Moideen came along – and
    yet, if it still manages to leave you all shaken up, its courtesy the
    honesty in its depiction and the countless ways in which it seeks to
    subvert our expectations of how it would all ultimately turn out to be.

    Which is why the usual beats assume a spectacular power in the film,
    with the film maker and his performers infusing a rare might into this
    heartbreaking account of how everything – society, fortune, destiny and
    nature itself – transpires against a couple hopelessly in love, hurling
    them onto a whirlpool of doom.

    We get to see one of the finest performances in recent times through
    this film. Prithviraj and parvathy get into the skin of their
    respective characters of Moideen and Kanchanamala. Prithviraj lives as
    moideen giving the all required energy,showing us the maturity and
    credibility of the actor in the film. Paravthy yet again proves her
    acting brilliance.She is definitely an actress who would attain more
    height in the times to come. Tovino thomas did his role brilliantly.
    Bala gets a meaty role after a gap and he does it with excellence.
    Another brilliant performance came from Lena who acts as Moideen’s
    mother. Rest of the cast comprising of Saikumar, Sudheer karamana,
    Kalaranjini, Sasikumar etc did a good job.

    The songs were beautifully composed by Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan and
    Gopi Sunder. They were perfectly placed in the movie, without forcing
    on to us. The background score by Gopi Sunder was perfectly in sync
    with the mood of the film.

    Altogether,’Ennu Ninte Moideen’ is a film that is a must watch. A
    beautiful movie by Vimal who explored romance to a different dimension
    which is lost mostly these days. It takes you to the world of true and
    eternal love. For sure,this story of Moideen and Kanchanamala would
    stay in your hearts and will never be forgotten. A classic tale of
    love. Hats off to the entire team.

  • Kiran K NairNovember 6, 2015Reply

    Heart Breaking Love Story

    First of all, i recommend all IMDb users to view this film irrespective
    of the language in which the film has taken.The film is not a
    fictitious one.It was a real life love story between two pupil from
    entirely different religious aspects.Story is well directed and is such
    a mind throbbing story happened in 20th century.Movie was directed by
    R.S Vimal who took 7 years to complete this project.Had a great scope
    for script to be translated into English for the universal acceptance
    of the movie. Overall the movie is a complete thriller and its been a
    real life story as it really makes us think about the meaning of love
    which has been getting defined with different dimensions.Hats off to
    the makers of the film.

  • (cs-55824)November 9, 2015Reply

    What a fabulous one. :O

    My heart is hard as a rock.. But after watching this movie even me
    cried,The story line every thing is well organised..Even the songs
    ”Mukkathe Penne” and ”Kannondu Chollanu” Make the movie more strong.
    The other notable point is the acting of KanchanaMala and Moideen
    (Parvathy and Prithvi) They done their best. and of course the Director
    the ultimate appreciation is for him. I cannot control my sadness when
    i came to know the story is based on a true story..The real
    KanchanaMala is living good atm. Well happy to know.. She accused all
    the obstacles Obviously She have got rid of all the tragedies.Now she
    is popular in activities that increase Moideen’s fame.Salute Her.. This
    is the TRUE Love.. the real one.. how they communicated.. how they
    attracted.. Everything.. HandsOff….

  • siddarthsNovember 10, 2015Reply

    Great Movie, But a few things could have been avoided

    Great Movie. But the excessive narration could avoided which destroys
    emotional scenes in the movie.It distracts the viewer from the movie
    and diverts attention towards the narration. The emotions is swept away
    when the monotonous narration starts.

    The final computers generated scenes could have been avoided and it
    could have been symbolic instead. The true story is one which helps us
    to like the movie rather than the way way the movie was taken. The
    acting by the actors was superb which compliments the experience and
    compensates for the less impressive narration. Even the minor
    characters have played their part well. But in all the movie the great
    and leaves a sense of grief towards the real life lovers.

  • Subin SibyDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Hard to believe it was real

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jojo C JoyFebruary 22, 2016Reply

    Best of the best.

    Wow what an experience,so this is what a real movie is. Hats off to the
    director, seriously where the hell were you man.You really bought this
    movie to the ”Hall Of Fame”. Malayalam movie industry really need
    movies like this instead of some spoof and comedies. Prithviraj, he
    really got something in his heart, the way he acts really made respect
    and improved his respect and fame. Parvathy as Kanchanamaala, you
    really stole the show, compared to your first film in Malayalam film
    industry you made a mind blowing impact in peoples heart as well as in
    minds. Each and every actors contribute their presence in a astonishing
    manner. The only regret is ”this is a true story”. God should not be
    this cruel. The cinematography is amazing each and every scenes
    reflects at least a hundred meanings. Another specific thing in this
    movie is it’s background score, wow it really please with the
    situation. This movie really reflects the old generation people who
    really fight in the name of god and religion for the sake of their
    social status. Really hats off!!!! to the cast and crew.

  • transhemFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    A must watch – Soulful experience after quite some time

    The experience is bound to have a lasting impression on most of the
    movie goers.

    An eternal love story having a compelling storyline.

    The background score nicely adds to the emotions displayed by the
    characters at the right junctures.

    Enriching encounters between the characters and the dialogs between
    them are compelling.

    A must watch for all movie lovers.

    Easily the best love story in malayalam cinema.

    Great effort by Vimal.

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