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Excess Flesh

Excess Flesh

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Obsessed with her sexy roommate, Jill violently imprisons Jennifer in their apartment in a twisted attempt to bring them closer together.

Excess Flesh
Original titleExcess Flesh
IMDb Rating3.8 533 votes
TMDb Rating3.1 7 votes

(9) comments

  • kosmaspMarch 6, 2016Reply

    Really dreadful

    Which is really a shame. Because the movie or rather the idea behind
    the movie has a lot of potential. There are glimpses of genius hidden
    here somewhere. Unfortunately they are very well hidden and can
    actually not be found. And that’s because the movie indulges in
    hammering its point home. I don’t think you always have to be subtle,
    but you also have to be respectful to the viewers and their

    The acting has its ups and downs too. The social commentary drowns in
    that as it does in the editing (or rather lack of it at times). Of
    course some would argue that it’s necessary to have a scene go on for a
    very long time, so that the dread of a situation is felt by the viewer.
    And I would agree to that but just to a point. Because if you have
    scenes after scenes, that are telling the same story/point, you’re way
    beyond proving a point, you’re into boring territory to put it mildly.
    A shame, but maybe also a learning process for the next one

  • skylightdawnMarch 13, 2016Reply

    Waste of Time

    It’s too bad because from watching the preview it looked good. It’s
    very misleading. Seems like they tried too hard to make an ”artsy”
    movie (lots of unnecessary slow motion, close ups and over exaggerated
    noises). It’s a shame because it could’ve been a really good
    psychological thriller. I can say that the actresses were somewhat
    good. Both were annoying and I believe that was their goal in this
    movie. The downside was, I didn’t care about what happened to either of
    them. They never pulled me in enough to root for one or the other. If
    you are into slow burning thrillers that have a big time indie feel to
    them and fall short at the end, you may like this. To me it was a
    complete waste of time.

  • in1984March 22, 2016Reply

    Psycho-Eating Disorder Horror

    6.25 of 10. Are they roommates or just 2 versions of the same person
    happening within a psychotic aspiring model with a tendency to binge on
    eating, sex, and self abuse? Either way, you get 2 similar looking
    actresses, a slender model and a plump mess, playing the lead rolls.

    As simply horror and gore, it doesn’t pick up until the latter part of
    the film. The first half is essentially dedicated to setting up the
    characters and their/her various disorders/psychoses. That does set up
    a mystery angle to it and make the film more enjoyable and less
    predictable as to where it’s going.

    It’s rare to get so much character depth, plot, gross-out scenes,
    horror, and hot ass shots in the same film. Worth a watch even though
    it makes a mistake at the end with not really completing the story and
    going with more of a setup for a sequel.

  • heartpurpleApril 5, 2016Reply

    Excess Flesh: This is a cunning and complex film.

    At first viewing, Excess Flesh is a story about an obsessed woman who
    imprisons her sexy roommate in a twisted attempt to bring them together
    — a story of self-loathing, jealousy, love-hate, rage and, finally,
    about revenge and making right all things evil.

    Ultimately, it’s a scathing commentary on hyper-consumerism, where more
    is more and never enough. Excess Flesh is the state of the world
    through the lens of its empathic, embittered interpreter, Director,
    Patrick Kennelly. This is a world of consumerism, a world where one’s
    identity is determined by what they wear, how they look, who they know
    and how they measure up to the cruel and impossible standards or
    abandon all hope. This work is both a seminal work and a masterwork – a
    view of a dysmorphic world through the piercing mind’s eye of the
    film’s creator.

    This is not torture horror. This is a cunning complex film and the film
    reveals more and more the more you watch it. More is more. Consume.

    The acting in this film is cult status. Bethany Orr’s performance
    places her firmly in the ranks of Isabelle Adjani in Zulawski’s classic
    ”Possession.” Orr’s performance is not to be missed … nor is it to be
    misunderstood. Take time to indulge in this actor’s revelations of
    character, nuance and the human condition. It is a visceral, infinite,
    and a deeply instinctive interpretation of one’s loss of one’s soul to
    the societal mediation of one’s self.

    Excess Flesh was a risk to make. Films like Excess Flesh are a risk for
    investors. Excess Flesh is a smartly produced hybrid genre film and the
    filmmakers deserve praise. Congrats to Exec Producer Dennis Garcia and
    Walking to the Moon Productions, for taking a chance on a film that
    needed to be made and for recognizing the talents of the filmmakers.
    You’re a hero to indie filmmakers everywhere … Make more, please.

    Excess Flesh is not for the weak of mind, heart, or soul. Take a look.
    Take your time and let happen. I recommend that you watch it more than
    once. Do it in excess.

  • trashgangApril 14, 2016Reply

    love or hate

    I can immediately tell that this flick isn’t for everybody because
    there’s a bit of vomiting here and there and it moves slowly from a
    normal flick into a psychological flick towards a bit of horror towards
    the end.

    It’s all about being fat or being skinny. The fat one not being popular
    and is always eating things, fast food and unhealthy food. The skinny
    one is popular and can eat what she wants and is having sex all the
    time. Living together of course the fat one can’t take it anymore and
    wants to become the skinny popular girl. Or is there more to watch. I
    can understand that it’s all the same girl having problems with eating.
    Which one you are watching is up to you and will be revealed towards
    the end.

    What some will have problems with is the use of a lot of slo-mo shots.
    And they always include eating going into the mouth or being spit out
    or vomiting. The horror towards the end does deliver here and there but
    for many I can tell it will all be too late because the first half of
    this flick it’s about the characterisation. Not for everybody or every

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

  • mjsregJuly 11, 2016Reply

    Something is missing

    I have mixed feelings about this film.

    The acting is good and the basis of the story is good. But the
    execution of bringing them together with technical aspects of film
    making lets it down and they just don’t work together nicely in a
    smoothly coherent way.

    There are lingering scenes which linger for no reason. They go on too
    long after the point has been made and don’t really flow into the next
    scene too well.

    I found at times there were some scene cuts that could have done with a
    little more visual explanation to flow – rather than abruptly jump from
    one concept to another.

    This could have been a very good film if a bit more care had been taken
    in telling the story. I am sure it made sense in the crew’s mind but
    they didn’t relay it to the audience.

    The acting was good – especially the two lead females.

    Such a shame.

  • PimpinAinttEasyJuly 21, 2016Reply

    Reminded me of the novels of Michel Houellebecq

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • M. Qtips (M_Qtips)August 7, 2016Reply

    A love letter to Los Angeles

    This intimate look at the burgeoning relationship between two formerly
    platonic female friends is as much a warm love letter to the city of
    Los Angeles, seen through the lens of its delightful culinary
    traditions, as it is a tale is of finding love right where you least
    expect it — at home, in the kitchen… and the bedroom. From the
    opening, where roommate Jennifer awkwardly tries to compliment friend
    and roommate Jill (”You’re not fat”), to the soulful kiss they openly
    share at the end, the evolution of these two reluctant partners’
    relationship as they fall inexorably into each others’ arms is a
    heartwarming tale you’ll remember at least though dinner.

    Director Patrick Kineally, who has at least seen a music video, prods
    the story along like a pirate with a cutlass prodding you off the plank
    with amusing cut scenes featuring off-the- wall tertiary characters,
    like the nosy across-the-hall neighbor with her nonstop cavalcade of
    charmingly inappropriate, overdone gifts, or the handsome boyfriend
    with an apparent heart of gold who lives only to spread love as far and
    wide as he can.

    The ultimate affect is a dizzying series of vignettes showcasing the
    growing connection of these two women, a tour-de-farce grounded in the
    the ingenious device of one’s love of cooking without eating and the
    other’s of eating without cooking, as it spins towards a glorious,
    triumphal act of love and conciliation as warm, beautiful, and crazy as
    the City of Angels itself.

    Tear open a bag of Doritos and watch it with someone you love.

  • shawnblackmanSeptember 30, 2016Reply

    Chewing The Fat

    A horror film dealing with eating disorders and mental illness. This
    one has a young lady named Jill who has given up on life and has let
    herself go in every aspect. Never bothering to work or even wash she
    just hangs around the house cooking or eating. She gets the odd Skype
    call from her alcoholic mother who doesn’t appear to have all her
    buttons. Jill stays with a roommate who is her exact opposite and works
    as a model. Jill hits her breaking point after a fight and chains up
    her roommate in the bathroom kicking the film into gear.

    This film is like a food porn. Its repulsive for sure when you get the
    close ups of chewed food in someone’s mouth or food all over there face
    and all over there clothes but that is what you get here. The director
    liked doing trippy sequences in vivid colour of Gummy Worms, cakes and
    Pop Tarts being chewed, smashed and spit out. The place where they
    lived has never been cleaned and you can just imagine the vileness. It
    was just a disgusting film and I liked it.

    The music in this one is superb. The same dude that did Starry Eyes
    music did this one. The dream sequences were well shot as well. You
    might get perturbed with the ending but not too bad overall. If you
    don’t get grossed out watching people eat with there mouths open all
    the time you’ll be able to watch this one.

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