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Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Change is coming.Aug. 05, 2015 USA100 Min.PG-13
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8.9 1,379 votes

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Josh Trank


Miles Teller isReed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Kate Mara isSue Storm / The Invisible Woman
Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman
Michael B. Jordan isJohnny Storm / The Human Torch
Johnny Storm / The Human Torch
Jamie Bell isBen Grimm / The Thing
Ben Grimm / The Thing
Toby Kebbell isVictor Domashev / Doctor Doom
Victor Domashev / Doctor Doom
Reg E. Cathey isDr. Franklin Storm
Dr. Franklin Storm
Tim Blake Nelson isHarvey Elder
Harvey Elder
Joshua Montes isQuarterback Speech School Kid
Quarterback Speech School Kid
Owen Judge isYoung Reed
Young Reed


Four young outsiders teleport to a dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Original titleFantastic Four
IMDb Rating4.3 121,950 votes
TMDb Rating4.4 1953 votes

(727) comments

  • DavidTLAugust 4, 2015Reply

    a NEW atmosphere.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lord StarscreamAugust 4, 2015Reply

    Reboot Rubbish: The Fantastic Four

    So when I saw that they’re ”rebooting” Fantastic Four, I thought, ”this
    could actually be really good. This has the chance to start things over
    and be something great.” The trailers showed potential – they featured
    a new premise with some great new concepts. Also, take note that I’m
    not a superhero/comic book fan. I am a filmmaker, though.

    Josh Trank is the director of this film. He also directed the film
    Chronicle, and I think that’s a great movie, with several
    characteristics that are actually similar to this film.

    I think the first major clue for me that this movie was doomed was,
    surprisingly, its tagline. ”Change is coming”. As a filmmaker, I know
    that a big concept movies want to have nowadays is ”everything changes”
    – the idea that everything is started over or some big event is going
    to happen. One of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s taglines was ”everything
    changes”. Transformers 4 had the tagline of ”the rules have changed”
    and ”everything will change”. This film’s taglines are ”change is
    coming”, and ”when you change the world, prepare to defend it”. Movie
    taglines dealing with ”change” are typically weak and overused methods
    of making movies seem like they’re creating a ”clean slate”, or for
    lack of a better word, a reboot. If your movie tagline deals with
    change – at least make the film somewhat memorable. These three movies
    weren’t memorable.

    Another major clue for me that this movie was doomed was its running
    time of 100 minutes. Why? Because when you have a film like this – a
    reboot, where it has to introduce various new characters, set them up
    and a new premise/universe, the movie isn’t going to be an hour and a
    half long. It’s going to be two hours. Those extra twenty- thirty
    minutes can make a difference. For the record, the first two Fantastic
    Four movies had around the same running time. The original film was
    only six minutes longer. But that movie wasn’t the best one, either.

    I reminded myself of X-Men. X-Men was a great movie. It had a similar
    running time, but not the same task, as it wasn’t a reboot. Yet as the
    first installment in a franchise, it did a fantastic job at setting
    things up. There isn’t much that’s fantastic about Fantastic Four.

    Now to tell you what’s wrong with this movie. First off, the pacing.
    The running time really is a problem. This film is rushed beyond belief
    and its plot is nonsensical. The characters’ introductions are decent
    enough, particularly the Fantastic Four, but their roles throughout the
    rest of the film are disconcerted. It gets very boring when things are
    meant to be exciting. Exposition can be tiring, but after the
    exposition ended and the action was supposed to pick up – it didn’t.
    Second, the plot. As I said above, the film’s plot seemed interesting.
    It had potential and it looked like it could go somewhere, especially
    considering how superhero movies nowadays have managed to flesh out
    their stories and make them very enjoyable. There are even hints at
    awesome things to come at certain points. But the film’s in shambles.
    You hope and feel it will go somewhere, but in its hour and a half
    running time, it feels so empty. One of the reasons for that is the
    third thing, the writing. The writing isn’t good – the film’s climactic
    conflict feels backed up into the end of the movie, because there
    wasn’t enough time to set it up. The writing caused the pacing to be
    terrible – transitions between scenes weren’t good and some scenes
    either went on for too long or were far too short. This movie shouldn’t
    have been afraid to be longer (or the studio should’ve let it be that
    way) – it could have done that and been so much better. I also don’t
    know why the Torch was played by a black actor. Again, I’m not a
    comic-book fan, and I’m certainly not racist, but I know enough to know
    that the Torch is white. I don’t understand why they couldn’t keep him
    that way. The acting of the Fantastic Four as a whole was ”okay”. But
    they just didn’t feel like a team – there was no bond between them, and
    that’s what should certainly be established in a movie like this.
    That’s a big thing that killed this film, was the lack of teamwork.
    Seeing them together in the movie just felt so bland because there was
    no real interaction between them. There are so many big, obvious things
    wrong with this movie. Speaking of ”things”, The Thing is entirely CGI.
    No make-up, costume or anything – just a giant, naked rock monster.
    Yes, he’s naked, too. Not even any shorts. Huh.

    Reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels are pouring in nowadays, and
    many of them are constantly bombing. Fantastic Four is, unfortunately,
    one of them. But I’m still very surprised over just how bad it turned
    out. This film is currently a box office catastrophe.. Very few
    superhero movies within the last decade have a rating as low as this
    one does. It currently has a 3.9 rating on here, an incredibly low 9%
    on Rotten Tomatoes, and perhaps the lowest Metascore I’ve seen for a
    modern superhero movie – 27/100. Putting the critics aside, which is
    what should typically be done – this movie is a boring, weak,
    irrational attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four series.

    By the way, a sequel is set to come out in June 2017. Good thing they
    announced that before the film came out … a few months ago, of
    course. If you know what happened to The Amazing Spider-Man series, you
    may know what could very well happen here. Ultimately, while I wasn’t
    pleased with the film, I do hope you enjoy it more than I did.

  • sarastro7August 5, 2015Reply

    Not much of a Fantastic Four movie…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • realkaneAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Total failure: reboot disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kees CornelisseAugust 5, 2015Reply

    the four is accurate, but it is not at all fantastic

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trublu215August 5, 2015Reply

    A deplorable attempt at cashing in on something that didn’t have a chance in the first place.

    Fantastic Four started catching my eye in the casting stage. Seemingly
    not giving a damn about the source material, it was refreshing to see
    those kind of balls especially from Marvel. While I welcome Michael B.
    Jordan as The Human Torch, I wish I could say the same thing about the
    rest of the film. Fantastic Four is merely a reboot that loses its
    steam after the first act. Coming in at just over an hour and a half,
    the film is a rushed piece of reject summer movie drab. The characters
    are paper thin and about 10 years too young for their respective roles.
    The visual effects are far from stunning, especially The Thing, whose
    transformation into the ghastly beast is something closer to a PS2 game
    than an actual film with a $100 million price tag. Miles Teller proves
    here that his performance in Whiplash is truly a fluke. As Mr.
    Fantastic, he struggles to sound like he knows what he is talking
    about. Perhaps a little more rehearsal time and a little less focus on
    that cheap looking silver streak in his hair could have benefited him.
    Kate Mara as Susan Storm is about as idiotic as it can get. Mara is a
    great actress, there’s no other way about it but Kate Mara as Susan
    Storm is terrible and borderline embarrassing. The biggest shock here
    in this film is where all the controversy started…Michael B. Jordan
    as The Human Torch. Jordan’s ability to be a badass likable gear head
    is insanely good. He’s the best part of this film by far. If there is
    anyone that could single handedly carry this film on their back, it is
    him. The film overall is too dark for Fantastic Four and too shallow
    for Marvel which leaves it drifting somewhere between ridiculous and
    not necessary…and at times, both. If there’s any movie to see this
    summer, I can assure you, Fantastic Four is NOT it.

  • mrcricken8August 5, 2015Reply

    Worse than it’s predecessors

    I’m honestly not surprised one bit that I didn’t enjoy this movie.The
    trailer was awful,and it was obvious the movie was only made for Fox to
    keep the rights to this piece of garbage. The main problem with this
    movie is that it tries so hard to be dark and gritty.The movie isn’t
    gritty at all.Dark?Yes at some points,but not in a good way. Another
    problem with this abomination is it’s pace.Oh my god,the pace of this
    movie is incredibly slow.I’m in disbelief I didn’t fall
    asleep.Honestly,the films pace is so slow,it’s hard to know what’s
    going on at times due to how bored you are. Next is the acting.While I
    though young Miles Teller did decent,the other actors were awful.I
    honestly feel everyone,especially Kate Mara,was miscast.It seems to me
    as if every actor was bored,but hey so was the audience! Another
    problem is the villain.I don’t have much to say about Doom,besides the
    fact that he was forced into the film for the sake of having a
    villain.He wasn’t threatening for even a second;He was just a joke,like
    the film itself. Lastly,the film is a set up for films to come.It’s
    obvious it is,so Fox can keep the rights.From rumors out there,it’s
    trying to set up sequels,which is true,and it’s trying to set itself up
    with the X-Men Franchise,which I hope not. Overall,the film was an
    atrocity,just like it’s predecessors,and the only good thing was
    probably the CGI.Then again,it wasn’t even that amazing.The CGI wasn’t
    as good,as say,’The Amazing Spider-Man 2’or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.
    My rating is a 2/10,and it’d be a 1/10 if the CGI was a tad bit worse.

  • Lee PriceAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Disappointing and Rushed could of been so much more

    So as most people i was excited to this reboot as the old films were
    not fantastic if i am being honest. The first thing about this film was
    the running time 100mins, by the time they explained the story and
    introduced the characters and what happened to them it left you with
    say 15mins for them to conclude the film, which obviously the Four find
    doom etc and rid him off the planet with a poor action scene. This film
    could of been so much more its sets the scene and the plot, the
    character of doom could have been one of the best villains due to his
    powers and background but is it completely wasted, for him to appear
    after what’s happened in the film to an almighty climax of a 10min
    show! This film really does feel rushed followed by some cheesy lines
    at the end of the film and no spoiler after the credits like pretty
    much all marvel films. If there was another hour added to the film and
    the action was dragged out a bit more this could have been so much
    better. But saying this people will still watch this due to the
    franchise so i suppose the film makers is in pocket, even tho too watch
    its a rushed film with a disappointing ending.

  • true-jake17August 5, 2015Reply

    Don’t Judge because of the Reviews because its good.

    I hate how every one thinks this is bad because its not this film is
    far from perfect but its still great it has amazing chemistry from the
    cast and having such stars means they are really watchable, the origin
    wasn’t boring and found it more interesting then the campiness’ of 2005
    version, so actually watch it and make judgements yourself, I would
    love to see a sequel to this film because it needs to find its balance
    and with a more suited director and less FOX interference it could be
    great. And may I say that all websites are giving 3/5 which isn’t bad
    and on DS they are hating on it but give it 3/5 and they say its awful
    but they also praised the hell out of MI5 but only gave that 3/5 so it
    cool to hate this perfectly good film.

  • aaronangusAugust 5, 2015Reply

    If you like the comics or good story telling don’t watch this movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prospectus_capricorniumAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Has Some Great Moments, But Takes Too Much Time to Become Interesting, Long Enough to Make Us Not Care

    There’s probably some salvageable remnants left in Fox’s previous
    attempts to bring one of Marvel’s most popular superhero team,
    FANTASTIC FOUR, to the big screen. That’s maybe what Fox thinks in
    pushing this new adaptation, given how franchises keep being rebooted
    and resurrected these days, assuming either lighter or darker takes, to
    pull away themselves from the shadows of their previous (most often,
    forgettable) forms. The latter is more evident with this film, as
    Director Josh Trank, puts a darker spin to it, employing a grittier
    feel to its plot. While that is true and recognizable, there’s no
    denying of its desperate efforts to emulate its Marvel predecessors.
    Unfortunately, though, neither, succeeds. If it’s any a consolation,
    Trank has assembled a group of actors that are all naturally charming,
    you would find anything messed-up they’re in, tolerable.

    The spotlight is cast upon young genius, Reed Richards, at the
    beginning of the film, working on an experiment that attempts to
    construct a teleportation device. It was hardly a success as the object
    they’ve sent to who-knows-where, never returned. Seven years later, now
    teenage Reed (Miles Teller) is again trying his luck on the same
    experiment. The attempt yields a better result but is still dismissed
    as a magic trick by his high school teacher, but not by Dr. Franklin
    Storm, who at that moment, is drawn with utter interest to Richard’s
    experiments. The meeting brings Richard’s feet to Baxter Institute
    where he is joined by Storm’s daughter, Sue (Kate Mara), his son,
    Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), and Viktor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell),
    to work in completing a larger and more advanced version of Richard’s
    device. The success of their effort prompts their team to send all of
    them four to their target alternate universe, but the consequence is
    far worse than they could imagine.

    It’s easy to dismiss Trank’s Fantastic Four as an unfortunate victim of
    superhero fatigue that emerges in the wake of the continuous influx of
    superhero movies inundating the big screen, but you can’t shrug off its
    fatal narrative flaws that include unfocused pace and bland character
    developments. The latter may have been completely covered by the actors
    playing the two-dimensional characters, but expositional defects keep
    sending them to becoming something the audience might find hard to care
    about. Perhaps its the ill-contrived rationales behind how all the
    often-sense-deprived proceedings work, that keeps the film constructing
    a form, worth-of- attention, or the forced CGI-gimmicks that strip the
    sense off the moment’s supposedly strong sentiments, that hampers its
    spectators’ ability to absorb its message, and thus, feel that the
    dangers these characters are about to face, is real. Either way, it’s
    difficult to care, much less find reasons why we still should.

    If it’s any consolation, the final battle of this film,sparks hope. But
    who knows who else is up with eagerness to see it when the rest of the
    film strikes more than enough to make the audience not wait for any
    longer. 5/10

  • alexczxAugust 5, 2015Reply

    People, please stop saying it’s a Marvel movie! It’s NOT

    Just because it’s based on Marvel comics doesn’t mean it’s made by
    Marvel Studios. It’s made by FOX, which licensed the rights to the FF
    characters from Marvel years ago. Thus, any comparisons to other MCU
    films such as the recent Ant-Man are totally meaningless. And that is
    why it’s such a mess. Marvel had no control over what FOX did with
    their source material.

    For those not aware, this film was plagued by problems from the start.
    The director was all but banned from the set and editing room in the
    final stage of production, after which a good deal of the footage was
    dumped and re-shot. In the end, it was slapped together by one of the
    producers and a temporary director, and the results show: there is a
    disconnect between the first two acts and the third. It’s almost like
    there are two separate movies trying to co-exist, and it doesn’t work.

  • luisppkAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Why there is no zero on the movies qualification star system?

    To use 1 star in this movie is way too much condescending from me. If
    you tell someone: – ¡don’t do it’… ‘be careful, please’… And
    repeat, and repeat, and repeat….

    And despite all warnings and efforts, not only they do it… but also
    shows everything you lost your time trying to prevent in the first
    place… Do you think it deserves a one or a ZERO? How can you measure
    someone closing eyes and ears? One ‘dragon ball evolution’ is not
    enough? The producers don’t/can’t understand they are making this kind
    of movies for the comic fans?

    Pitiful… a lost of time and patience. Forget this movie and better go
    watch anything else.

  • Skidawg53August 5, 2015Reply

    Interesting take with no pay off

    This movie definitely had a creative edge to it in the beginning, it
    looses steam quickly. They introduced the main four characters fairly
    well, but left far too much to be desired about it’s villain. The
    pacing of the movie is all over the place, it felt like a full hour
    into the movie before we seen any character with power. The lines and
    writing in the movie was very groan inducing, I couldn’t believe some
    of the cheesy quips the characters had. The build up for the end comes
    out of nowhere. While the final confrontation was easily the best part
    of the movie, it took way too long to see the characters use their
    powers, and it was rushed, the best part lasted what seemed like only 5
    minutes. The movie itself feels like standing in line for a roller
    coaster that was only 20ft long. It’s not worth your time, nor are you
    missing anything if you decide not to see it. Given a better writer and
    Director, it could’ve been great.

  • cyrusshubi3August 5, 2015Reply

    Better than fantastic

    people said this would be terrible movie but the thrills and great link
    between the four characters it turned out to be the best comic book
    movie iv’e seen all year,This has stunning visuals great action and
    good humor my personal favorite was johnny storm even doe he was a
    different skin color.If your not a big fantastic four or don’t really
    know about them then this is the perfect superhero movie for you to
    watch my final rating is 10/10 it is a must see i and i am definitely
    buying it on DVD.I don’t know why its got a 5/10 on IMDb and i think
    the director did amazing work on this film.If you not busy on the
    weekends then go watch it.

  • Bryan KlugerAugust 5, 2015Reply

    ‘Fantastic Four’: The Movie Where Nothing Happens!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Russ Matthews (russellingreviews)August 5, 2015Reply

    What is coming? Doom for this franchise

    With every new discovery, there is risk. But we are stronger together
    than we are apart. – Dr. Franklin Storm

    Walking into the cinema… Does this franchise need another re-boot?

    Overall Rating: 2 stars Cinematic value: 2 stars Big questions value: 3

    It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the original
    Fantastic Four film, but in 2015 we are introduced to a new and younger
    foursome. Director Josh Trank (Chronicle) takes on the retelling of
    this familiar graphic novel tale, but takes it all the way back to a
    youthful time in the lives of the team. The central focus is Reed
    Richards (Miles Teller), from his misunderstood child genius stage to
    his recruitment into the Baxter Corporation. He is sought after by the
    group for his technological abilities and his affinity for quantum
    transport. As he is introduced to the fateful pack of geniuses, a
    journey begins of building their friendships and the technology that
    would provide their eventual powers, the quantum transporter. At the
    conclusion of the project, Richards and the crew take a harrowing
    journey in their transporting creation. In the process, they find
    themselves on the new planet, Zero, and come in contact with its
    mysterious transformative properties. They experience a series of
    events that lead to the loss of a counterpart and find themselves with
    unexplained physical abilities. The four contemporaries have to learn
    how to manage their new skills while the government attempts to find a
    way to get back to this new planet of possibilities. Over time the
    youthful bunch learn to use their new found skill sets and develop a
    partnership to defeat a new enemy, Dr. Doom (Toby Kebbell), that comes
    from similar origins as the powerful foursome.

    If Josh Trank has proved anything throughout his short directorial
    career is his ability to recruit some of the best young talent in
    Hollywood. In Fantastic Four he assembles a wonderful central cast for
    this origin story. At first glance this re-boot seems to offer a
    trailblazing experience on a well-worn trail of super-hero legend.
    Miles Teller (Whiplash), Kate Mara (House of Cards) & Michael B. Jordan
    (Fruitvale Station) provide the new legs that a proper re-franchising
    needs. The story has promise through the first half of the origins
    journey until the initial transport journey and then something goes
    horribly wrong with the script and direction. Primarily that they lose
    the central character, Reed Richards, for the whole second act. Without
    their leader at the helm, the story becomes rudderless and loses its
    heart, even with the potential development of their transformative
    abilities. In the third act, the writing becomes merely elemental and
    clichéd. What should be a tension- filled climax to the inevitable
    battle between the four friends and their enemy, Dr. Doom, proves to
    have little more than a forgettable conclusion to a misguided
    narrative. The Fantastic Four is disappointing in that with the
    potential strength of the first half of this film could not translate
    into a better second half.

    Trank may have a knack for young talent, but fails to provide the right
    players to perform the menacing government officials and that of the
    villain. He is the primary disappointment of this cinematic adventure.
    In the beginning, Toby Kebbell plays the brooding loner well, but
    cannot act his way out from behind the bad make up and effects. This is
    not a reflection on his acting abilities as much as a poorly crafted
    script that fails to provide a formidable foe for the four young
    heroes. This comes down to being a lesson for a young director of
    super-hero film: the heroes are only as interesting as the villain they
    must battle. The expectation for Fantastic Four would be to provide
    fresh chemistry in this overworked genre, but the results never seem to
    make their way out of the laboratory.

    Even in a less than satisfactory package, there are a multitude of
    different ideas to ponder. This team focused story bodes well to the
    discussion of unity and the value of each part of any community, but
    the heart of the story is a discussion of belief. The father-like force
    of Dr. Franklin Storm talks about his belief in the young Fantastic
    Four. As would be expected, this belief is misplaced, because this
    small band of young scientists do eventually fail him. Which
    consistently proves to be the case when you put all of faith into
    humanity, mankind will let you down. Yet, the discussion of belief does
    not have to be hopeless, there is more to consider on the topic of
    belief or faith. Is it in humanity or is it in something outside of
    ourselves that faith should be placed? Should belief be in another
    super-hero franchise or should it be in God? Something fantastic that
    is worth considering.

    Leaving the cinema… Originally, I wanted to become a believer in this
    new Fantastic Four, but ultimately this belief was misplaced. If you
    want to see a better super-hero choice this year, go see Ant- man.

    Reel Dialogue: What are some of the bigger questions to consider from
    this film? 1. What really matters when it comes to heroics? (1 Samuel
    16:7, Matthew 13:31-32) 2. Can we become better as humans?’ (Genesis
    1:27, Mark 7:20-23) 3. Can mankind’s hearts change from evil to good?
    (2 Corinthians 5:17, 2 Timothy 2:21)

    Written by Russell Matthews based on a five star rating system @
    Russelling Reviews #russellingreviews #fantasticfour

  • Mark CampbellAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Only see it if you want to be disappointed.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • charzhinoAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Too dark for its own good

    I went into this movie with hope and optimism and not put off by the
    negative light shone towards it. An hour and 40 minutes later, I left
    feeling empty and unsatisfied. Comic book films are supposed to make
    you feel inspired, but not this one.

    So what is wrong with it? One word – chemistry. In any superhero
    team/ensemble there should be great character interactions and a
    feeling that these guys can effectively make a team, never mind a
    ”fantastic” team. The best team movies all have characters playing
    off each other as in the Avengers and X-Men.  However, there is zero
    chemistry between any of the F4. We see an attempt at some early
    romance between Reed and Sue which doesn’t go anywhere. Johnny Storm is
    billed as a genius but troubled kid however we never see why he has a
    high IQ, he is just shifted in to make up the numbers. We never see him
    form any sustainable bond with any of the others. Ben Grimm also
    appears as an outsider, brought in with little sense to the project to
    fill the final slot. The chemistry between the original F4 (2005) was
    MUCH better whereas here they feel like 4 individuals.


    The climatic battle takes place in the most boring environment that you
    can imagine. It is over within 10 minutes, with not much ingenuity to
    overcome a half decent attempt at Dr Doom, who at first seems very
    intimidating. This film will be quickly forgotten and the question
    isn’t whether a sequel will be made or whether it will cross over with
    X-Men, but is the original Fantastic 4 film a better watch than this
    depressing, dull comic book movie. Final score 5.5/10

  • Matt FoleyAugust 5, 2015Reply

    An Insult to Comic Fans

    This movie was awful. As a comic book fan I felt like Josh Trank just
    slapped me in the face by using so very little of the actual comics. He
    basically used the name of a comic I love to get me to see it and then
    gave me a different movie. The casting was awful (none of the
    characters matched their comic counter part. They were all too young so
    of course Reed Richards didn’t have gray streaks, who thought it would
    be a good idea to make a tiny guy the Thing?, and was it really
    necessary to make the Storm family have a ”modern home”? That’s more of
    a story that would fit in the X-Men), the origins dragged on for too
    long, and their origin wasn’t even the same! The Fantastic 4 is
    supposed to be all about space travel not going to other dimensions.
    That’s Dr. Strange’s territory. I walked out of this garbage and got my
    money back.

  • mman69August 5, 2015Reply

    fantastic four = fantastic bore

    Terrible movie as previous reviewer writes the pacing is all wrong the
    characters are bleh you don’t feel any attachment to them with them
    creating no chemistry.The middle section of the movie is drawn out
    while the climax feels rushed like the director went gosh where running
    out of time quick rap it up. After the recent awesome avenger movies
    and the Thors this felt like some hacked together 1990s offering.The
    story has so many gaps in it with supposedly super smart scientist
    doing super stupid things and Miles Teller playing Mr Fantastic is just
    a terrible choice he has no screen presence as a leader. Wait for DVD
    or what ever and let it go quietly in to the past .

  • MisterFantasticalAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen…but not fun,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jack MeynAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Had potential, but a total dud

    This movie had potential to be bigger than the rather ‘bleak’ 2005
    version. I wasn’t overly impressed with the younger cast but thought
    maybe they would take a different aspect on the film. I was also keen
    on how Dr. Doom would be portrayed and how he would influence the film
    as a villain.

    I couldn’t be more wrong.

    -There was limited character back-story on the Fan 4 -There was no
    middle just a five minute climax at the end that was hardly gripping
    -The cringe-worthy quotes towards the end of the film were just
    punishing to watch -Dr. Doom looks like a Droid and goes completely
    insane over a minor issue and the movie doesn’t quite explain why -Dr.
    Doom is also meant to be one of the most O.P characters in the comics
    but yet he seems to drop down to the levels of the Fan 4 in the final
    battle which previously you saw him destroy anything in his path
    previously. -Whats the go with Tim Nelson being in this movie seriously
    can they stop regurgitating actors from previously failed ‘ marvel ‘
    movies and maybe have a fresh start for some characters, especially for
    someone with a mediocre role as he had -Not really a huge issue but
    very disappointingly no after credits scenes which are signature to
    marvel based moves ( even though it is owned by FOX )

    The only reason I have given it a 3 is the visual effects, only for one
    character though. The Thing looked insane compared to the 2005 version,
    only problem was due to the short length of the movie he got limited
    time and whipped out some really punishing quotes towards the end of
    the movie. Also I did like Franklin Storm in this film, he was a
    breathe of fresh air…but again wasn’t perfected pulling out some
    pretty cheesy lines.

    So overall it was a total dud, no background characterisation on the
    characters, if there was it was limited and to go along with the short
    running time, it was hard to watch. Dialogue was just really, really
    average and I spent a lot of time watching the movie with my hands on
    my head in agony.

  • bartonj2410August 5, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Flop

    Over the last decade, we have seen a number of superhero movies get a
    much needed reboot. After the atrocious Batman & Robin, Batman was
    brilliantly brought back to the big screen in Batman Begins. When the
    Spider-Man franchise hit an embarrassing rock bottom with Spider-Man 3,
    it was reinvigorated with the very likable The Amazing Spider-Man.

    Eight years on from the dud that was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver
    Surfer and it’s time that Marvel’s first family got a reboot. With a
    lot of rumours flying around about trouble on set and the studio not
    seeming to have total confidence in their product, could 2015’s
    Fantastic Four do these iconic comic-book characters justice?

    Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is a brilliant young scientist on the
    verge of discovering how to both transport matter to another dimension
    and bring it back. Recruited by Professor Franklin Storm (Reg E.
    Cathey), Reed is given the resources and help, in the form of Sue Storm
    (Kate Mara), Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and Johnny Storm (Michael
    B. Jordan), to to finish what he started in his younger years.

    When they finally crack inter-dimensional travel, Reed invites his
    childhood friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) to travel to another world
    along with him and his team. An accident causes their physical form to
    drastically change. Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must learn to harness
    their powers and work as a team to stop Victor, who is hell bent on
    destroying Earth.

    The one thing that stood out to me about Fantastic Four is just how
    unbelievably dull it is. For characters who have such a rich and
    colourful history in the comics, this really is a pretty drab affair.
    The film only has a 100 minute runtime however, it feels much longer,
    dragging its feet and feeling very tired right from the very start.

    When a superhero movie gets less exciting after they get their powers,
    something is very very wrong.

    I had some hope for this film and one of the main reason was down to
    the fact that Josh Trank was sat in the director’s chair. Trank hit the
    big time with Chronicle, a film that combined the superhero genre with
    found footage. I can’t express just how disappointed I am with Trank
    because everything about Fantastic Four is just so sloppy.

    The story is weak, the script is cringeworthy and the special effects
    are average at best. It all culminates in one of the most boring
    finales you will ever witness in a superhero movie. Compared to what
    else you see happen in other superhero movies these days, it all looks
    and feels amateur.

    Then there are the performances. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B.
    Jordan, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell are all young actors who have the
    world at their feet. They have each impressed in their own way prior to
    Fantastic Four but every single one of them has the range of the cast
    in Tim Story’s Fantastic Four films and waste their talents in Trank’s

    Fantastic Four is a film very much out of time and place in today’s
    market of superhero movies. Ten or fifteen years ago a studio might
    have been able to get away with it but not today. Audiences like to be
    entertained and with the competition offering much more excitement, I
    don’t see audiences taking to this, at all.

  • stan-80497August 5, 2015Reply

    Nothing fantastic.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hal AjeAugust 5, 2015Reply

    I loved this film.

    This contemporary re-imagining of the Fantastic Four should be a
    box-office hit and a critical success because it is a ‘fantastic’
    movie. The chemistry in this film was great between Miles Teller and
    Kate Mara. Michael B Jordan played a great Johnny Storm and once you
    see this movie you’ll love him. Jamie Bell was a good Ben Grimm
    although a tad sidelined he was great and his change to The Thing is
    phenomenal. One character that particularly stood out to me as a
    standout was Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom. I loved his egotistical
    portrayal as one of my favourite comic book villains. The visuals in
    this are outstanding and I love the way each of their powers are shown
    in this film. The epic showdown leaves you wanting more and it was
    amazing to see all of the Fantastic Four take down their powerful enemy
    Doom. The background score is great. Josh Trank made a great film and I
    really do suggest that you go to the cinema watch this film and enjoy

  • Nathaniel JonesAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Worst Superhero Movie Ever

    Fantastic Four is directed by Josh Trank and stars Miles Teller,
    Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell. This is the fourth live
    action Fantastic Four movie that we have received. This movie once
    again gives us the origin story of the characters of Reed Richards, Sue
    and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm and how they got their powers. One can
    stretch, one can turn invisible, one can turn on fire and fly, and the
    other is a big rock monster thing. The 90’s film is really bad and the
    other two that people are probably familiar with are insults to these
    characters and are really hard to watch. With this reboot Fox continues
    to try to get these characters right but again Fox shows they should
    not have control of the Fantastic Four. I really thought we would never
    get a poor comic book movie again after Ghost Rider. Over the last few
    years comic book movies have really become a part of our culture with
    how much they have changed and evolved and they continue to get better.
    Marvel is doing a great job in what they continue to do. Even DC is
    starting to understand what they are doing. I was wrong because this is
    the Worst comic book movie I have ever seen. I would rather watch
    Batman and Robin on a loop then ever waste my time with this movie ever
    again. Let the Ranting Commence. This entire film is nothing but
    exposition trying to lead us for something bigger. All of that
    exposition tries to lead to a film that never happens. Doctor Doom was
    destroyed as a villain. He is laughably bad. The way he looks is so
    laughable. This film is so focused on setting up a world, a world where
    tons of sequels will be made, we have to have our own universe going
    on, the avengers did it why can’t we, we have to have a franchise. I’m
    FUTURE. They are so focused on making a franchise they forget to make a
    entertaining movie. Instead of focusing on the movie at hand they try
    to set up the next movies within this movie. Now this movie is so bad I
    will be surprised if there will even be a sequel. The CGI looks like
    poop. With how much money was being thrown at this load of garbage you
    couldn’t make your effects look any better than something form the mid
    1990’s. Every shot with CGI looks like something from a cartoon world.
    I’m not kidding it’s that bad. No shot in this movie looks real because
    even the green screen is noticeable and takes you out of the world that
    they are trying to convince to you that exists. Nothing in this movie
    is set up and no time is taken to help set up whats going on. So by the
    time the climax comes you really don’t care what’s going on and you
    just hope the credits role soon. Even most of this script doesn’t make
    sense. I would go into spoilers but this movie has nothing interesting
    to offer and nothing happens that there is nothing to spoil. If you
    have seen the trailer then you pretty much know the movies major plot
    points. The Fantastic four get their powers, Victor Von Doom is a bad
    guy, and there is a little battle to stop him. That’s about it. This
    movie tries to be The Dark Knight of the Fantastic Four but I would
    rather watch Batman and Robin which doesn’t take itself seriously and
    knows it’s bad then ever watch this again. You sit there bored out of
    your mind just waiting for something to happen. Overall, Everything in
    this film sucks, the dialogue is bad, the characters are atrocious, the
    CGI is poop, it’s so boring, and this cast is so good that they deserve
    better than this. There is no redeeming quality in this entire movie
    and I beg of you do not watch this movie ever. Everything fails in this
    movie and therefore this movie fails. The worst movie of 2015 so far.
    Please go watch anything else. What did you think of Fantastic Four?
    Message me your thoughts and comments.

  • AlanjackdAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Shockingly dreadful

    Marvel movies are becoming a bore now so something pretty fantastic was
    needed to keep us happy. This was not it. Acting awful,,,script
    dreadful,,,bad action sequences,,,terrible story,,,this was a bad
    attempt to reboot an already tired concept. Felt like a long trailer
    and went absolutely nowhere. Along with Antman , I think the whole
    Marvel bandwagon is suffering from a few loose wheels and should think
    again about what direction to go in. It was not even a waste of a good
    idea and had zero potential from the word go. Nothing I can say would
    put across how bad this drivel is. Was gonna give it a 1 but a lot of
    people worked hard to bring this off so I think a 2 is about all it is
    worth. Don’t bother,,really,,,do NOT bother.

  • Elle1661August 6, 2015Reply

    What-What-What are you doing!? Turn around and go watch something else!

    Ten minutes into this movie I knew I had made a mistake. This isn’t so
    awful it’s good a la Jupiter Ascending. This movie was so bad I would
    have rather watched Jessica Alba with her bad acting and fake ass weave
    talking on screen for two hours saying giant words that you can tell
    she has no idea what they mean.

    It’s just damn horrible. People die but not before giving ”promise me
    you’ll take care of each other” speeches, Kate Mara’s character is the
    object of everyone’s romantic affection (except her brother, but I’m
    not entirely sure in that department either), also Mister Fantastic
    left for Mexico and he didn’t want to come back and I kind of
    understand why.

    You know it’s bad if the best fight scene is a headbutt—-a sole,
    lonely, damn headbutt. I couldn’t even let my testosterone free because
    if there is anyone more disappointed than me it’s someone who went to
    go see this movie just for the action scenes.

    I also want to know where Doom got his fabulous shawl. It’s good to
    know that even when facing the inevitable fate of living forever
    horribly disfigured on an alien planet, he still thought about how to
    properly accessorize his new skin.

    I, at least, found one person who enjoyed this movie: my five year old
    nephew. Who refers to Dr. Doom as ”ice man” and he loved ”rock man.”

  • dumbidoomAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Not fantastic at all.

    This comes from the same studio that brought you Days of Future
    Past,and I really liked that movie.I’m a comic book fan,but this is
    absolute garbage.I will say right off the bat that the only good thing
    in the movie is Miles Teller as Reed Richards.All other casting choices
    are terrible.It’s obvious that they made it just to keep the rights.If
    only Marvel got them,then we’d actually see a good Fantastic Four
    movie.Or,Fant4stic movie???

    It tries to be dark and gritty,not really to a point of Nolan’s hyper-
    realism,though.The problem with this,however,is that it doesn’t work
    for multiple reasons,but the main one is that Batman is an realistic
    hero.He is a man in a suit,nothing more.You cannot hyper-realize a man
    made of inter-dimensional rock.It doesn’t work.

    This movie certainly takes it’s place of bad comic book movies
    alongside Daredevil and Batman and Robin.At least those were goofy and

    2/10 because Miles Teller is bae.

  • GoneWithTheTwinsAugust 6, 2015Reply

    It’s a shame that Amy Schumer released a movie called ”Trainwreck” just three weeks back, because that title would have been so much more appropriate here…

    It’s a shame that Amy Schumer released a movie called ”Trainwreck” just
    three weeks back, because that title would have been so much more
    appropriate for this newest take on Marvel’s popular comic book entity.
    What starts as a prime example of how not to construct an origins
    feature quickly turns into the perfect formula to avoid when making
    motion pictures in general. It’s almost unbelievable how wrong
    ”Fantastic Four” turns out; considering that the previous theatrical
    adaptations are often regarded as poor comic book movies, it’s
    particularly discouraging that this latest vision couldn’t even stand
    up to the very low bar already set.

    The first mistake is in the initial setting: 2007 (in Oyster Bay, New
    York). Starting off with children who will grow into the main
    characters proves to be a slow, tedious introduction, devoid of
    excitement or poignancy. It feels like a setup for a transition into
    adult roles, which actually never arrive. The chief interpretation of
    this Fantastic Four story is that of teenaged tinkerers looking for an
    opportunity to make a name and experience adventure, as if they’re all
    adolescent geniuses defying supervision and discipline. It’s so insipid
    that Johnny is given an unrelated street-racing scene merely to spice
    up the interim activities (in a superhero flick!).

    During a career day presentation, little Reed Richards declares that,
    when he grows up, he wishes to be the first man to teleport himself –
    using the bio-matter shuttle he’s been designing in his garage. A young
    Ben Grimm, who regularly endures bullying from his abusive older
    brother, teams up with the aspiring junior scientist to perfect the
    device. Over the next seven years, they design a cymatic matter
    transporter that debuts at their high school science fair; though the
    experiment is eventually disqualified, their ingenuity catches the eye
    of Baxter Foundation board member Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey).

    Thanks to a full scholarship to the Baxter Institute, Richards (Miles
    Teller) is able to begin construction on a much larger transportation
    vessel – one that can teleport matter into another dimension. With the
    help of Franklin’s son Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and adopted daughter
    Sue (Kate Mara), as well as a disgruntled dropout from Latveria called
    Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and Reed’s best pal Ben (Jamie Bell),
    the stage is set for experimentation in an otherworldly realm. But when
    a rebellious voyage into the vast unknown (dubbed Planet Zero) goes
    awry, each crewmember returns to the laboratory with specific, chaotic
    superpowers, including invisibility and spontaneous combustion.

    The Quantum Gate project itself, augmented by talk of opening black
    holes or ripping the fabric of the space-time continuum, is ultimately
    just a pitiful excuse to throw jargon at a plot device that shouldn’t
    have existed. Visiting alternate dimensions of Earth is a concept so
    foreign (and generically sci-fi) that it hardly matters what else
    happens during their journey; it’s all utterly unbelievable and
    confusingly abstract. Most audiences might miss the silliness of a
    trial run with a monkey (why didn’t they start with a mouse?), or the
    need for special spacesuits (which the monkey never even had), or the
    fact that the transporter itself was built to fit humans – even though
    the constructors had no idea whether or not the monkey would make it
    back alive.

    Easily less agreeable than the flawed science of the film is the
    terrible dialogue. And the lifeless performances. And the total lack of
    chemistry between the characters. Even when several of the core members
    get drunk together, they exhibit a startling incompatibility. At best,
    their interactions are uncomfortable. ”I gotta say, it’s kinda fun
    having you here,” comments Sue to her brother, even though they don’t
    seem to have anything remotely related to fun whilst together. Viewers
    are likely to also pick up on the monotonousness of their teamwork,
    which never culminates in an action sequence worthy of their iconic

    The structuring of ”Fantastic Four” is just as shoddy. Halfway through,
    an intertitle daringly pops up to say that one year has passed – an
    inexcusable way to jump ahead in time when the movie is already this
    far along. Coupled with countless fades to black, it’s evident that the
    story needed to leap straight into the weaponizing/militarization
    subplot for the sake of action, but couldn’t figure out a sensible
    segueing method. By the film’s final conversation, which is so
    dreadfully lame that it ends in a line that couldn’t (and rightfully
    shouldn’t) be spoken out loud by the characters, it’s apparent that
    this uninspired incarnation of the Fantastic Four more closely
    resembles an ashcan copy (a production released solely for copyright
    purposes) than an actual work of art.

    – The Massie Twins

  • TrueButterFtwAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as critics make it out to be

    Despite what all the ego heavy critics are saying, the movie wasn’t
    that bad. The first half was absolutely amazing, the second half…not
    so much. The second half of the movie seemed extremely rushed and
    definitely had issues (plot, motivation, etc.) Maybe if the movie was a
    little bit longer it could’ve worked out much better. I think that the
    movie deserves a sequel in which it will redeem itself and fix the
    mistakes that this movie had. It was still entertaining and in my
    opinion is better than 2005’s Fantastic Four. Plus, from my 9 year old
    brothers perspective, the movie was absolutely awesome and a thrilling
    introduction to the Fantastic Four.

  • zythainAugust 6, 2015Reply

    One of them worst films fox have produced 👎

    I went into this film ”cautiously optimistic”, meaning I thought it
    could be good but didn’t want to get too exited because ,as you will
    see this film is Horrendous, and u didn’t what to be too disappointed!
    The film doesn’t deserve to be shown in cinemas, maybe, (I said maybe)
    if it was a sad Monday night and you saw the film was on TV and you
    watched 10 minutes of it you might not despise it. Emphasis on the

    The film only runs for 100 minutes leaving you very confused when it
    ends. Is it over? Really that’s it? None of the characters have any
    arcs! You could maybe argue that the thing has a smidgen of an arc,
    however I would say that’s just what development in character. The film
    is slow and boring almost through then right towards the end you get to
    see some of doom, and I find that doom is the only slightly
    entertaining part! He does some cool stuff!

    Then the cliché’s come RAINING DOWN! I saw the film with a supernerd
    like myself and every 3 seconds we where telling each over what the
    character was going to say and we got it spot on every time! The
    scripting makes me vomit in my mouth!

    In conclusion I wouldn’t watch this rushed piece of garbage if you
    payed me!

  • Foxtastic_Four_F-ing_FailAugust 6, 2015Reply

    FOX’s Fantastic Four movie rights almost went back home to Marvel in 2014.

    Four words describing this FOX ”Fant4stic” feature film: 1) Rushed 2)
    rights 3) grab 4) movie.

    Announced back in 2009 when Disney purchased Marvel, FOX also announced
    the Fantastic Four movie reboot that same year.

    The last movie made was back in 2007 by FOX, ”Fantastic Four 2 Rise Of
    The Silver Surfer” and that turned out to a bad, big disappointment and
    dud for the future movies FOX had planned for: Silver Surfer solo
    spin-off and Fantastic Four 3 back then.

    By 2014, the movie rights almost went back to Marvel. Since, there was
    little to no production photos of any kind and reported troubled behind
    the scenes activity with the director and crew.

    Sad to say, FOX had managed to make this movie at the last moment
    before the legal rights expire of 7 years, from 2007 to 2014…

    Making FOX able to hold on to the legal rights for another 7 years
    before it goes back to Marvel around the year 2021, just in time for
    Phase 4… ”Marvel’s The Fantastic 4”.

    FOX’s Fantastic Four movies presented us with the Galactus space cloud
    that farts all across the universe and now with a garbage looking hobo
    Doctor Doom that has a bad skin job.

    Marvel’s top A list villains are reduce to a nothing of a bad joke due
    to their mistreatment in FOX’s movies.

    Do not support FOX’s Fantastic Four rights grab movie! Make this
    ”Fant4stic” flop hard!!

  • Jordan FoulkesAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four: The Comedy?

    Fantastic Four – Movie Review

    I can’t believe I had high hopes for this film. There was nothing that
    was actually fantastic about the Fantastic Four. During the start of
    the movie, I thought that the film wasn’t that bad and the critics were
    exaggerating… I was wrong. Everything was gradually getting worse.

    The plot wasn’t that bad. I liked the idea of the film, but it was just
    executed badly. The script and the writing was just plain stupid and
    most of the characters were like robots, they were emotionless.

    Marvel movies are known for their incredible action sequences, but they
    obviously failed here. For an action movie, there was a shortage of
    action. Every action scene was just hilarious. Does Josh Trank want it
    to be a comedy?

    The worst part of the film were the special effects, the effects were
    nearly worse than Sharknado. It was excruciatingly painful to watch
    Reed Richards use his powers.

    I hope the sequel doesn’t continue. Fantastic Four just wasted 122
    million dollars. The film is probably the worst superhero movie ever

  • Bruno YounAugust 6, 2015Reply

    I don’t get the hate

    I am baffled by the incredibly bad reception the newest incarnation of
    Fantastic Four has been getting! The old ones were watchable but the
    heavy dose of forced childish humor and lack of a compelling story made
    them forgettable at best. With Josh Trank taking over the baton and
    this ensemble of talented young actors united, my curiosity had
    certainly spiked. ”Joyless”, ”tedious” and ”dull” have been used by
    many to describe the new Fantastic Four and I guess I just watched a
    completely different movie because I don’t agree at all. First, let me
    start with what I liked the most here: the horror feel. Trank is a big
    David Cronenberg fan and the fact he made the transformations have a
    tragic toll as well as a horror vibe at times made them so much more
    relatable. The aesthetics of each character were also a lot more
    realistic and cooler than in the previous incarnations. Victor von
    Doom’s descent into madness and the way he is consumed by power was
    truly relentless and menacing, being a formidable antagonist here. As
    far as the prevalent dark tone, I gotta say there are also some
    terrific comedic scenes sparsely distributed throughout the film so it
    had a great pacing for me. Overall, Fantastic Four was even better than
    expected and actually one of the best comic book based films I’ve seen
    in recent years.


  • Kieran BattamsAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Is it honestly THIS hard to make a good Fantastic 4 Movie? Really?!

    I get that it is hard to make a film, i really do. I have made 5 minute
    long student films that were even hard work so yes i appreciate it
    isn’t easy. What i mean by the title is that is it so hard to read the
    source material and make a Fantastic Four film? This may sound harsh,
    but really.. this does not feel like a Fantastic Four at all!

    First off, if you have seen the trailer you know the plot, and i mean
    all of the plot. There are no surprises here that we weren’t expecting.
    Miles Teller, bless his soul, clearly tries his best here. He is a
    brilliant actor as proved by Whiplash. A lot of the time he plays the
    awkward geeky guy which he does here. What he isn’t playing is Reed
    Richards. Anyway, Reed and his friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell, who also
    just feels out of place) create an inter dimensional teleporter. Dr.
    Franklin Storm recruits him to work for the Baxter institution. Along
    with Johnny Storm and Susan Storm as well as Viktor Von Doom they..
    travel to another dimension.. and get powers. Doom becomes evil and
    tries to destroy the world, they stop him. Seriously, i feel like i was
    telling you spoilers as that is all the film has going for it
    literally. From the casting day i wasn’t on board, where most people
    were outraged at a ‘black’ actor playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch, i
    wasn’t, i was glad Michael B Jordan was taking on the role as i like
    him as an actor. Out of the whole cast i feel he was still most suited
    to his role because none of them have chemistry. Are we supposed to
    believe this Reed Richards and Susan Storm will fall in love. We really
    don’t, probably because Kate Mara was so wooden and dull in her role
    that we never even connect with her.

    I like the government element of it all, where these people get powers
    so are used for publicity. Problem is that this was thrown in our faces
    within seconds of them getting their powers. I like the look of the
    Thing, but Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm doesn’t feel right. I still don’t
    believe he goes from that to a big rock monster but in terms of design
    and powers the Thing was the best designed. I loved the idea of the
    Fantastic 4 feeling these powers are more disabilities than
    superpowers. It hasn’t been seen in the movies before. But it was never
    actually shown to us. They get these powers, mope about them a little
    bit, and then are just like ‘oh, maybe they’re actually good because
    the script says so’.. So no, this film doesn’t even work as a body
    horror which would have been awesome.

    The thing that made this movie the disappointment it is though. The
    whole third act. It starts off sloppy enough but has good moments. The
    last act was just shocking. First off, Dr. Doom. Viktor felt off to
    begin with, he is then reborn as Doom out of absolutely nowhere. He
    appears and all of a sudden just hates everyone and everything and
    decides that the earth sucks and should be destroyed? What was this
    performance Toby Kebbel? His design was AWFUL. Metal mask? Nope. THAT
    IS HIS FACE! Then within 10 minutes of introduction, he is gone again.
    Talk about wasted villains. I am not joking, the Rhino in the Amazing
    Spiderman 2 was more faithful to the source material and may as well
    have had the same amount of screen time.

    When I start to think of something i like about this film, something
    negative comes and takes that away from me. The visuals did not look
    good (with the exception of the Thing as i mentioned). There is no
    chemistry between the cast, it was dull, the action scenes even felt
    boring. The powers of the 4 didn’t even feel like they were really
    used. Kate Mara was playing the Invisible Woman. Yeah she has other
    powers which we saw, was she invisible? Nope. Believe it or not i
    wanted to like this, but well done Josh Trank you managed to screw
    these characters up even more than they were before. If set rumours are
    true then it shows. The film felt rushed and nothing was believable.
    Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are almost unknown comic book
    characters. Their films were miles better than this. I can’t recommend
    this to anyone. See Ant Man again.. or Inside Out.. or even the
    original Fantastic Four. Don’t waste time on this film because i don’t
    think even it knows what it is trying to be.

  • trueanarkiiAugust 6, 2015Reply

    It fails on a planetary scale.

    After viewing this film and leaving the cinema I came to the
    realization that if extraterrestrials ever saw what just transpired in
    that room it would mean the destruction of out planet. If I was
    president Barack Obama I would find every copy of this movie and erase
    it from history, I only hope its not to late.

    This movie is so bad that if I was one of the creators I would kill
    myself just from the pure shame that is this movie, if I could give
    this movie a zero I would. I was going to go into more detail as to why
    this movie is so bad, but that would be giving the movie to much

  • Mikal MooreAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Exactly what Fantastic Four is Scientist/Explorers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ultimategamerAugust 6, 2015Reply

    A boring waste of time

    When I first saw the trailer for this film; I thought ”hey this looks
    like it could be really good”. Watching it is completely different to
    the trailer. 1. There is no Stan Lee cameo or post credit scene (so if
    you are going to waste your money on seeing it don’t bother waiting
    through the credits) which is very un-marvel. 2. the movie has very
    little action for a superhero film. It spends pretty much the whole
    movie showing the origin. The action only really starts in the last 10
    minutes or so. 3. THE THING HAS NO PANTS!!!!!!. 4. The writing and
    acting is terrible. A special Ed class could write better dialogue. And
    after watching Whiplash, I though Miles teller was a good actor but
    this movie changed my mind. Also I found that the effects weren’t very
    good either (COME ON, ITS 2015). 5. It’s just plain old boring. If you
    like movies, don’t see this one, it isn’t very fantastic

  • engrymfilmAugust 6, 2015Reply

    expectations… I’m smarter than this but I still fell for it

    I’m a white, 35 year old man-child and when I heard they were trying to
    reboot my favorite childhood superhero team of all time you can bet I
    turned right to my waifu body pillow, Shoko and expressed my absolute
    disgust about it all. They haven’t gotten it right in the movies yet
    and now they want to do it again? I went on for 3 hours about my
    undying love (since childhood, I might add once again) I have for these
    characters that aren’t simply characters but people I feel I have known
    all my life and can relate to. I even went straight to my own personal
    collection of Fantastic Four comics and explained to Shoko why these
    stories still spoke to countless adults like me. Like in issue 45 when
    The Thing gets turned down from a carnival ride because he exceeds the
    maximum weight requirements due to his heavy, rock formed mutated
    appearance. I told Shoko countless times how I’ve been turned down from
    rides because I weighed over 300 pounds or in Issue 117 when the Human
    Torch feels even amongst his own teammates that he is alone with his
    powers and how I connected because I feel the same way when I see a
    girl walk away from such a nice, caring and respectful individual such
    as myself only to see her go with the jerk who’s only interested in one

    Shoko agreed with me but she also calmed me down and told me to take a
    couple of very deep breaths in her bosom while she stroked my brony
    tail. So I settled down and I waited calmly and quietly using my
    training as a certified Kenpû meditation therapist from when I was in
    my 20’s to instill patience. That is until this week… I managed to
    get tickets for a preview screening for Shoko and I and last night was
    the night where I would play Judge, Jury and Gentleman. I would try
    very hard to give this a chance because I was raised to be the polite
    thinker as opposed to the brutish neanderthal but if push comes to
    shove my intellect will show its true face.

    First thing’s first, before I left the house I stared ever so
    thoughtfully into my closet at the various array of Fedora’s I own.
    Each one has its own meaning and ability for different situations. If I
    am casually strolling the streets of the town square for an afternoon
    bite to eat at the local Korean owned Sushi spot (Shoryuken makes the
    best yellowtail btw) and just want to peruse the strip malls I will
    wear the classic black ”Bogart” along with my cargo shorts and pin
    striped button down. It’s purely for style reasons since I am casually
    out and about but also to attract the gazes of the numerous women I see
    as if to say ”you can look but please, don’t touch”. But a real dame
    would know that. Tonight I decided upon the grey and black sashed
    ”Elliot Ness” because I was on my way to do business. I was about to
    walk into a potentially dangerous situation with what could be the
    worst film I have ever seen. But this particular Fedora symbolizes tact
    and intelligence to win battles and so armed with my ”Thinking cap” and
    Shoko, always dressed to the nines, I was on my way to the ball.

    And here we are. I cannot convey more fervent disappointment for
    something that I hold so dear to my heart. For easily 90% of the movie
    I rested one of my chins on my palm with my elbow on the armrest
    analyzing, organizing and processing each and every bit of dialogue and
    action. This isn’t the same Fantastic Four I grew up with, this was for
    the audience that craves and consumes your typical alpha misogynist
    ”bang, bang things go boom” blockbuster with absolutely no respect to
    the source material. At a certain point I couldn’t even be mad anymore
    because this was all a joke. And so I even started to giggle here and
    there, very audibly in a snarky tone to show everyone around me that I
    was smart enough to get the joke that it was so bad. Of course no one
    else was laughing except for Shoko and I but, like any true man of his
    word and honor I saw it through to the end.

    On the way out I expressed to Shoko how all my worst fears had come
    true and how I would complain no further because even the greatest of
    Generals in the History of battle admit defeat when they know it has
    come. Shoko reassured me it was okay and I was still a good husbandu
    and even though some may see me as judgmental, immature and closed
    minded like I do my peers, my expectations here were not unrealistic.
    My waifu told me how my expectations echo a true lost art of being the
    nice guy and with it comes a superior set of standards when it comes to
    interests, hobbies and fighting the ever growing problem of men who are
    jerks and can’t see a woman other than an object and only those who are
    intelligent will be able to see that. I’m glad I have my waifu. She is
    my idea of the perfect woman. Overall I do not recommend this movie for
    the true nerds like myself out there. If you have any class at all you
    will avoid this movie and save yourself the thinking power for when a
    true conflict arises such as Religion or promiscuity.

  • Thomas DrufkeAugust 6, 2015Reply


    There have been several memorable blockbusters this summer. I cant say
    it’s as good as 2015 should have been, but I still loved quite a few
    films. Whether it was the nerdy spectacle of Age of Ultron, the action
    masterpiece that was Mad Max: Fury Road, the nostalgic Jurassic World,
    the fresh and unique Ant-Man, or the high octane thrill ride that was
    Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, this summer had some great moments.
    Sadly, Fantastic Four is by far the most disappointing film to come out
    this year. I really thought that after the garbage first two films Fox
    may have had a handle on how to make a film based on these beloved
    characters, but I was wrong. I don’t know yet if I think this is a
    worse film than the previous two, but it deserves a lower score for
    failing to separate themselves from those films. It’s really a shame,
    even after all the behind the scenes reported issues with this film,
    (which I will choose to ignore in this review) I had high hopes for
    this one. The trailers sold me. I love this cast and I really liked
    Chronicle, Josh Tranks first film. Plus, the sci-fi/horror approach was
    far better than the campy first two. Boy was I way off on my

    The film is worse than reported. There are only a few redeemable
    qualities to the film. But I think the worst part about this film is
    just how slow and boring it is. I understand the different approach,
    but when you have a marketing push that stressed how fun and action
    packed the film was, you become really disappointed with how poorly
    this film is put together. There is one action scene and it’s the end
    of the film. Even that was a huge letdown and actually rather quick.
    The film is only 100 minutes long, which has to be a low for superhero
    films. I’m trying not to succumb to rumors, but you have to wonder what
    went wrong considering this film feels so jumbled and convoluted that
    it seems like an 8th grader could have put it together. Not to mention
    how noticeably bad some of the CGI was. Especially the other dimension
    scene. It honestly looked like a Disney channel TV show decided to use
    green screen for an episode and looks entirely different than the show
    has ever looked. But going back to the marketing, the trailers show
    much more than what is actually in the film so I wonder how many
    deleted scenes there are.

    But I cant deny that I did like some of the film. Even though the way
    they decide to travel themselves to the other dimension is incredibly
    silly, I loved the aftermath and the horrific feeling and ominous tone
    set during those scenes. Ben and Reed really stood out to me here. The
    Fantastic Four really are normal people who accidentally get powers and
    have to deal with the damage both internally and externally that they
    can do. That’s one of the reasons I was excited to see the movie, the
    trailers pushed the horror elements. And while they are here, they feel
    like they are from a totally different film. It’s only a few times that
    this tone is present throughout the film, the other times it’s a goofy
    semi-action flick. I really cant blame the actors. They do the best
    they can with the direction and writing they were given. The writing is
    wretched by the way. 3 or 4 times I got goosebumps because of how
    cringe worthy some of the dialogue was, and that’s saying something
    considering how bad the first two were.

    Overall I was inexplicably disappointing with this film. It’s a messy
    action film that is at times a comedy but wants to add horror or even
    an end of the world type of film. Which is another thing they didn’t
    really explain, the end of the world. The whole film they are stressing
    that the research of the characters is necessary to save the world but
    I never heard exactly why it needed saving? There is really nothing
    memorable about this film. And the only redeemable part about the film
    is how cool the brief horror scenes were. Doom looks terrible, just one
    last thought.

    +Brief horror elements

    -CGI was bad, really bad

    -Weak script

    -Tone shifts too much

    -Nothing exciting happens, not even the final ”fight”

    -Jumbled plot


  • kuuk3August 6, 2015Reply

    The Fantastic 4 are all blood-thirsty psychopaths!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • laurablane99August 6, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pottymouth042000August 6, 2015Reply

    I’m glad it was a flop.

    In my opinion,Sony needs to give MARVEL the movie rights back, stop
    making crappy films the fans hate. As for as the Fantastic Four
    Franchise, let Netflix have a run at this franchise because poor
    writing has killed this movie for the big screen. I don’t think the
    world would except another reboot even if Marvel Studios was doing it.
    I would love to see what Netflix could do with this with a 10 hour

    As it becomes clear this movie is going to be one gigantic flop, lets
    hope the actors of this movie know it’s not their fault and that it was
    doomed from the beginning. Finally SONY, learn a lesson here, we the
    fans are who you must please,if you are going to take the stories and
    characters we loved growing up and make them suck the end result will
    be undeniable.

  • peggyatthemoviesAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Is Fantastic Four..well.. Fantastic?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stephendaxterAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4, without the Fantastic 4

    FANT4STIC……… Was that supposed to be a Fantastic 4 film? Because
    i’m pretty sure what i just witnessed was not even 15 minutes of a
    Fantastic 4 film accompanied by an hour and a half of crap, and not
    even the kind of crap you can enjoy, just pure ”i can’t believe someone
    thought this was good” kind of crap. And that is exactly what i was
    thinking to myself for 90% of this movie, as i sighed and face-palmed
    in disbelief that someone could get that so bloody wrong. Also, that 15
    minutes was still not that good, but was a small step up from the rest.
    It was incredibly boring and dragged on and on and on until it got to
    the point where i didn’t care what happened in the rest of the film, i
    just wanted it to be over and to forget about it. And i was actually
    looking forward to it and was somewhat slightly optimistic that it
    could be good, and i couldn’t be more wrong.

    It showed a couple of signs early on that it just maybe would start to
    get good, but whenever it started going in the right direction, it
    turned around and headed astray. The writers focused an incredible
    amount of time setting up the characters and their relationships to the
    point where it became exhausting and boring fairly quickly. Well at
    least the time they spent focusing on the characters kind of helped
    later in the film right? WRONG! The actors i liked as their characters,
    i thought they made interesting characters with personalities that for
    the most part fit pretty well, but they only needed brief
    introductions. The interactions and relationships between the
    characters seemed fake or almost non-existent, except for the
    relationship between Reed Richards and Benn Grimm, it was the only one
    i was actually invested in, and the only one the film really focused
    on. And considering they spent so much damn time on building
    relationships in the first 3/4 of the film for absolutely no worthwhile
    outcome was a huge let-down.

    Now, Victor….. Von…….. Doom, more like Victor Von WHO? This was a
    completely wasted villain who was just incredibly awful. He was so bad
    i would put him in the same league as the version of ‘Deadpool’ from
    ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. And i don’t even want to talk about his
    design, i was one of those people who wasn’t annoyed by his appearance
    in the trailers, I remained optimistic and wanted to believe that in
    the film i may actually like the look. But i cannot believe how wrong i
    was, because he looked hilariously dumb and i could not at all take him
    seriously. So to avoid spoilers, that is all i will say about him.

    After witnessing this crap i can see that this film was definitely ONLY
    made to ensure that Fox kept the rights for these characters from
    Marvel. So in the end, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell,
    Kate Mara, and Toby Kebbell definitely weren’t the problems, it was the
    totally crap writing that reduced this movie to nothing. So yeah, do
    yourself a favour and skip this one. – 4/10

  • craig-mahaganAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Not so Fantastic 4 theaters

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Keno Forest ([email protected])August 6, 2015Reply

    I’m a big fan of Marvel movies but this is awful!

    I don’t know where to start on this.

    First let me tell you that I ‘am a big fan of Marvel movies. I support
    X-men movies. But this is really embarrassing. What happen to this
    movie? I keep asking myself that. Did they rush it? How they come up to
    that kind of story?

    I was really not excited about this new Fantastic Four movie when they
    announce the cast. People keep insulting it but I still have my faith
    on it because there are rumours that there will be an x-men and
    Fantastic Four crossover.

    So it happened. I watched it and I was really shocked. It’s really
    boring, it has Lots of conversation and the fighting scenes were bad!
    Epic Bad!

    The story focuses on Reed who dreams to make a teleportation device.
    Franklin Storm, saw his potential and took him as a student. He met
    Sue, Johnny and Victor in Baxter Foundation. Ben Grimm is his best
    friend since they were kids. Accident occurs in the other dimension
    where they got their powers. Victor wants to stay in the otherworld
    while planning to destroy the earth. The fantastic Four stops him, end
    of the movie.

    See how quick that was? And nonsense it was?

    I rate it 50%. Seriously. The effects were good, it’s just the story
    and the fighting scenes were worst! It’s the worst movie next to X- men
    Origins: Wolverine.

  • Tyler Stager (mrstagerlicious)August 6, 2015Reply

    Down But Definitely Not Out

    It’s been 8 years since the 3rd attempt at making a Fantastic Four
    film, which left such a bad taste in the mouth of movie goers. Josh
    Trank and this new, young cast bring us back to the universe of the
    team. Was it too soon? That doesn’t seem to be the case. Almost
    everything about this film tells us that they tried to separate
    themselves from the previous films, and I think they succeed when it
    comes to that. Let’s take a look at differences.

    New Director- Josh Trank brings us a new, grittier feel of the team we
    know and love. If you go into the theater expecting a fun, superhero
    blockbuster, then this movie will disappoint you. Trank gives us a
    different perspective of the team, starting them barely out of high
    school. From there, we take a journey into the race for successful
    inter-dimensional travel, and the emotional conflicts that go with it.
    For better or for worse, that is the main concept of the movie. Trank
    takes us through the lives of each and how they must intertwine to face
    each obstacle that lies ahead of them. Unfortunately, as soon as things
    start going downhill for our characters, the pace of the movie takes
    the same route.

    New Cast- The new Fantastic Four: Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate
    Mara (Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (The Human Torch), and Jamie
    Bell (The Thing). – Miles Teller is a strong lead. As ridiculous as the
    script got at a few points, this kid can act his way around it, and
    make me buy the scene. They put a new take on the character as the boy
    genius, who still has a lot to learn. We see this knowledge
    appropriately define who he is as the movie progresses. – Kate Mara is
    a refreshing site to see after Jessica Alba’s version of the character.
    this universe, she is a young scientist-to-be, that is smart. We
    actually see and hear her intellect. And thank you to the writers for
    having none of those stupid ”invisible woman naked in the streets”
    moments. – Michael B. Jordan. This is the guy to watch in the movie
    industry. Every time he hit the screen, all eyes were on him. He took a
    poorly written scene, that coincidentally puts him with the rest of our
    team-to-be (earlier in the movie), and makes me believe it. – Moving on
    to the The Thing himself, Jamie Bell. As Ben Grimm, he has a close
    relationship with Reed. Their differences are astronomical, and yet it
    works. He was clearly not the focus of the movie, but had one of the
    most clear character arks. The one thing i didn’t like was kind of like
    the Hulk in Avengers. The Hulk had trouble controlling his powers, but
    then conveniently could when it was needed. The problem I had here was
    less physical and more emotional. He spent a year hating Reed, and then
    all was forgiven without much effort. The script just didn’t work in
    his favor for that part of it, but his performance was still good. –
    Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom. As Victor, he was a good addition to the
    cast. Now real quick. When it comes to movie portrayals of characters,
    I am a strong believer that the writers of the movies can do what they
    want. It is their story. Their portrayal. If you are looking for the
    character from the comics, this is far from it. In the movie, he is
    terrifying, powerful, and mad. And though it may sound the same, its
    not. Just see it for your self. And when i say terrifying, I am saying
    to not bring your 5 year olds to this movie. They may have nightmares.
    It’s a quick scene, but still. Doom is different, but I enjoyed it.

    New Story- Keeping this part nice and short to avoid spoilers, it was
    interesting to say the least. As I said earlier, this is not your
    everyday comic book movie. This is more of a sci-fi thriller, that
    seemingly has hints of horror and action. The story starts out well,
    showing us who these characters are, and how they come to be who we
    know and love. The issue here, is that they built up some suspense and
    drama as we try to figure out what is going to become of our heroes,
    and I feel like it cops out from there. They would give us some tense
    scenes, and they would be too short. Then more poor dialogue would drag
    on for too long. It was kind of a tease to say the least. That same
    pattern would take us to the end of the film.

    Conclusion: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and their team really
    stood apart from the Tim Story Fantastic Four films. It was a different
    genre. Better cast. And there was no Mr. Fantastic dance sequence. The
    movie had pacing issues, and the script had quite a few weak points.

    Great start. Shaky middle. Decent ending. 6.5/10

  • LaakbaarAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as some are making it out to be

    I think this movie is getting a bum rap here. I enjoyed it well enough.
    The detractors are making this movie out to be a disaster, and that’s
    not the case.

    In fact, I thought this movie was better than most Marvel films I’ve
    seen lately. (But then I’m not into Marvel comics, and I generally
    dislike most Marvel movies, which I think are noisy and tedious.)

    Here is a Marvel origins movie that is not a video-game experience
    dominated by dreary overblown action scenes and homoerotic cardboard
    figures. (I suppose that may explain why it’s getting rather low
    ratings so far.)

    It had a decent story, OK character development, a good pace, some
    interesting science fiction, and so on. This is a Marvel movie with
    exposition and rooted in the real world – how often do you see that?

    OK, the downsides…The movie was earnest to the point of being wooden.
    A little too cliché. It did not have a lot of humour. I was not moved
    at all.

    The character of Franklin Storm in particular didn’t quite work for me.
    Not sure whether it was the acting or the role. Probably both.

    It’s worth about 6.5.

  • Robert_Escamilla ([email protected])August 6, 2015Reply

    It is everything BUT Fantastic!

    This movie is a huge disappointment. Nothing happens in the 1 hour 40
    minutes that feels like 2 hours and a half.

    When the trailer came out, with a very interstellaresque look I got
    excited, well that’s the biggest excitement this film has produced me.
    It lacks emotion, conflict, empathy, everything is so freaking wrong
    with it. The first hour and a half could have been the first 30 minutes
    of the film. They expended so much time in the first act that the 2nd
    act of the film is (invisible) and we jump directly to the 3rd act that
    burns into ashes without any support.

    Usually I try to be positive with every film and to find their good
    side. But in this case I’m really disappointed. The previous films,
    yeah those with the blonde Jessica Alba, were way more entertaining and
    exciting than this one

    The only good thing from it is the casting. But I can’t understand why
    these actors accepted to be in a film with such a bad script. OK, I get
    everyone wants to be a super hero but not everyone gets second chances
    like Ryan Reynolds so they should be more careful with their choices.

    Maybe Stan Lee thought the same thing about it, so he decided not to do
    this time the now famous cameo.

    I don’t even know if there is an post credits scene, I didn’t stay. And
    honestly I don’t care.

    Don’t waste your money.

    Ps: Dear Fox, you should return to Marvel the fantastic four rights.
    I’m sure that even their worst version would be better than yours.

  • shf87August 6, 2015Reply

    Positive Review

    The movie took a different direction than most marvel movies by being
    darker and weirder. There was a disconnect through the cast but it was
    understandable as most of them had a troubling past in the movie and
    this was the first time they were forced to work together. A lot of the
    comments for this movie are negative but they are comparing the story
    to old school fantastic four when the movie, from the beginning,
    clearly highlights that this movie takes place in a very modern place.
    Many of the negative criticism is about the movie not being funny
    enough i liked the new direction they took, it was freaky at times to
    watch the F4 being exploited. The movie wasn’t catered to the critics
    or angry fanboy who were already furious that the movie was going to be
    based on the UF4 and that they were changing Johnny ethnicity.
    Ultimately only the audience can decide whether they liked the movie
    instead of relying on others to decide for them.

  • usman_dawoodAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Just horrible

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DarksidecrewAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as they say.. but not fantastic either

    This latest reboot of the long time marvel comic about 4 scientists who
    get unusual powers when an experiment goes wrong has had quite a bumpy
    time in production according to the media. Many rumours of mandated
    re-shoots, squabbling in the editing room and director Josh Trank
    (Chronicle) seemingly getting let go from directing a stand alone Star
    Wars films on the heels of this potential disaster. Then the reviews
    started coming in and they have been savage with people even claiming
    it to be the worst super hero film since Batman & Robin… which is
    untrue. So I went in with low expectations, which served me well.

    The film starts strong with a backstory of two of the fantastic ones
    from when they were children and the whole thing is endearing and shows
    the charm that JJ Abrams was trying to get but failed to do so with
    Super 8. The film then skips forward a few years and starts setting up
    the origins of this team of super heroes. This all works quite well and
    even though this first half of the film has no action it all works
    quite well. At this stage one would wonder what all the hullabaloo is
    about with all these negative reviews.

    The Second half however is where it starts to fall apart with some
    poorly put together albeit brief action scenes and a really poor design
    of the villain. This last point is made worse by the fact that even
    though they did not use the comic book origin for him at all, they did
    find a pretty cool way to explain his famous look.. in theory, but in
    reality it looks terrible, they totally botched it. The finale goes out
    with a whimper and it is all over rather suddenly. One surprise from
    the second half was that in what felt like a pretty family friendly
    film that we did get one pretty bloody and nasty section.

    I am not sure exactly what happened behind the scenes but we have a
    really good cast who all put in good work and most of the film is
    crafted well enough. The film is going for more of a scientific angle
    rather than adventure or action and those are its strongest points but
    it is let down by everything else. The film had glimmers of potential
    and I would not be adverse to seeing what they could do with a sequel
    now that the set up has been done in this film that was basically all
    set up. It is certainly better than the reviews are saying and much
    better than the previous Fantastic Four films but the film itself is
    certainly not fantastic.

    5.5/10 P.S I should mention it has a fantastic score, adds a lot to the

  • Victor StemlerAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Lost when viewing.

    I had a terrible experience watching this. One of the worst super-hero
    movies of recent times! There’s no passion in acting, and the story,
    lord, horrible! As some said, they ever can do a reboot. Some details
    of the characters and the essence of the comics are completely
    unrecognizable here. I didn’t understood the proposal of the director
    to change that way the origins of team members. As a fan of comics,
    this did not pleased me after all. The visual proposal of the movie is
    quite interesting, but, unfortunately boring and simplistic. There are
    nothing on the clothes that can be called ”fantastic”; there are no
    identity on them. Somehow they tried to move away the most of what we’d
    seen in comics and previous adaptations. On the one hand they were
    successful in doing so, secondly, they failed miserably in the
    producing of a good movie.

  • mm_bearsAugust 6, 2015Reply

    True origin

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joshua-890-321717August 6, 2015Reply

    Not-so Fantastic 4

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Luc HellenAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Fantastic PC Four – we want more!

    Hey, what’s with all the negative reviews? After all Johnny is now
    African American! The rest is irrelevant. The Fantastic Four has now
    been ”PC Rebooted” for the new generation of comics readers. Hmm, maybe
    FOX should have made Reed a female superhero … err Reba Richards? …
    and in a loving lesbian relationship? Okay fine … don’t panic … we
    still have a sequel in the works. I’m sure the boys and gals at FOX
    will redeem themselves. And if they mess that up too? Well we can
    always reboot and reboot and reboot. That’s one of the benefits of an
    ADD, PC, PS3 brain addled population. There’s no fallout! I can’t wait.

    ”As an actor, you’re trained to do the right thing, be politically
    correct, say your lines, say the right thing about the people you’re
    working with.” Idris Elba

  • Luis Flores Ugalde ([email protected])August 6, 2015Reply

    Very Flawed, very original dark superhero film.

    It’s a really good action adventure film, the score it’s magnificent
    and the acting it’s superb for most of the cast (I’ll admit, that not
    everyone is on the same league), even if they’re all playing some sort
    of over-saturated stereotype they still manage to maintain a certainty
    of their motivations. The movie admittedly tries to be extremely edgy
    and dark for moments, but you can see that for whatever unpleasant
    story wise moment, there’s and equally engaging one within the
    characters. The music is perfect, and you’ll notice that great care was
    made into making us not noticing it at all, the directing seems firm,
    and it really looks as if everyone really (or most of them anyway) had
    faith in the Trank’s vision which I really dig because of its original,
    if not difficult approach. If you want to stay in your safe,
    entertaining zone, fast pace popcorn movie place, stay away from this
    movie, but if somehow you may be in longing for a very good movie, with
    a reasonable payoff and great character construction, this is your hero
    flick to be looking forward. My high 9 score is based in its
    originality, and quality values, not in its overall superhero movie
    formula pattern. Which it’s actually safe to say, it fails miserably.

  • alejandrovelez85August 6, 2015Reply

    Just like I expected

    Terrible film, the only thing worst than the cast was the story.

    Thankfully I didn’t have to pay to watch it since I got invited to the

    Since this movie was announced and the cast was reveled,thousands of
    fans were against it, I read at least on 10 different websites hundreds
    of comments against the cast, going from the teenager look of them, to
    the race difference on the human torch. The studios should never forget
    that fans and audiences are the ones who pay for their movies.

    I really hope the second part is already canceled, but if by any chance
    the studio decides to go on with it, hopefully people will come to
    reason and don’t waste money on it so this way studios will stop making
    garbage movies.

  • autisticreviewersAugust 6, 2015Reply


    This movie is exactly what we had all expected…stupid, dumb and just
    not following the comic book franchise at all! However, it’s not all as
    bad as you think.

    Everybody was extremely well casted. Especially Kate Mara, who was way
    better than Jessica Biel as Susan Storm. The whole cast was actually,
    surprisingly great. The real problem we have here is that all of the
    characters have been changed around. As an example, Johnny and Susan
    are both adopted, one is black and the other is white. That’s not how
    it was in the comics. Another example being that Dr. Doom was a
    computer nerd/wizard in this movie. In the comics he was a very rich
    billionaire who loved power.

    Not much action is used in the movie. We see a few little snippets of
    them all in action, but most of the slow pace and action is all built
    for the final showdown between Doom and The Fantastic 4. Was it worth
    it? Well, we would say only JUST WORTH IT! It’s not as bad as people
    make it out to be, but it’s far from great. Apparently they are already
    making a sequel to this one. Well, if they keep all the cast, it may be
    all okay, but A lot of changes need to be made! We give this a 5/10.
    It’s bearable to watch! -Autistic Reviewers Check us out on facebook!

  • nguyentrongnamAugust 6, 2015Reply

    What happened with Dr.Doom???

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • moviexclusiveAugust 6, 2015Reply

    An empty plot and nonexistent character development make this reboot of Marvel’s iconic superhero quartet a pointless exercise in ignominy

    Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should – and this
    wholly unnecessary and woefully terrible reboot of Marvel’s most famous
    superteam is proof of that axiom. Say what you may about Tim Story’s
    earlier cinematic adaptations, but as generic and middling as they
    were, they were at the very least entertaining. Unfortunately, the same
    cannot even be said of Josh Trank’s back-to- basics origin story, which
    plays like a humourless retread of his debut film ‘Chronicle’ but on a
    bigger budget – and lest there be any doubt, it is far, far from

    Not that it doesn’t demonstrate such promise; the first act which
    establishes the friendship between the visionary Reed Richards (Miles
    Teller) and his tough-guy longtime best pal Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) as
    well as the team dynamics between Reed and the other members of his
    research team – the equally brilliant Sue (Kate Mara), her hot- headed
    younger brother Johnny (Michael B. Jordan), and malcontent genius
    Victor Von Doom (Toby Kibbell) – capably lay the foundation for what
    could have been a character-driven drama based on their clashing
    personalities. Indeed, after the boys sans Sue decide on a whim
    following a night of intoxication to put their teleporting machine to
    the test, how they respond to their newfound super-powers individually
    and as a team should be an organic evolution from how they were before.

    Alas, Trank, who co-wrote the screenplay with ‘X-Men’ veteran Simon
    Kinberg and Jeremy Slater, doesn’t quite know where to go from there.
    Rather than setting them on a course that would follow the perennial
    ‘X-Men’ theme of inclusiveness versus insularity against the rest of
    society, our teenage super-heroes are pretty much seen only in an
    isolated military facility where they are trained and from which they
    are deployed on covert operations overseas. While Johnny relishes the
    opportunity to be different, powerful and useful for once in his life,
    Sue and Ben are not quite so sanguine and participate insofar as there
    remains a possibility that the Government’s research on them would
    yield some way of reversing their abnormalities. In the meantime, Reed
    has vanished off the grid, while Victor is presumed dead on the planet
    they had landed up on in the other dimension.

    One senses a conscious decision on the part of Trank to eschew the
    usual superheroics seen in the recent profusion of Marvel and to a
    lesser extent DC comic book adaptations, but the middle act drags
    precisely because Trank never quite finds a compelling substitute.
    Johnny’s potential conflict with Sue and Ben over the Government’s
    exploitation of their super-powers never amounts to anything more than
    a playground squabble. The estrangement between Johnny and his father
    (Reg E. Cathey), whose Baxter Institute had overseen the ill- fated
    project, is under-cooked. And last but not least, Reed’s guilt over his
    teammates’ fates as well as his strained friendship with Ben seem to
    vanish as quickly as he is apprehended and brought back to the facility
    to aid them in version 2.0 of the same project.

    Trank’s intention of emphasising the tension within the quartet is
    evident and admirable, but is ultimately undone by a script that
    doesn’t develop it in any substantive manner. Worse still, it leaves an
    audience looking for visual spectacle severely wanting, that not even a
    very busy third act manages to salvage. Doom makes an unsurprising
    return here as their common enemy, driven by a fusion of body and alien
    matter to cause global destruction and around whose defeat to ensure
    the survival of planet Earth becomes a rallying call for the team to
    unite despite their differences. It is one of the dullest and most
    unexciting finales we’ve seen in a Marvel movie, not least for the fact
    that it doesn’t know how to collectively bring together their
    superpowers except in a tag-team fashion to distract their opponent.

    It is also on the whole one of the ugliest comic book movies we’ve ever
    seen. The planet from which the quartet gain their powers is a barren
    rocky wasteland that has no character or distinction whatsoever,
    shrouded perpetually with thick grey clouds and given the even more
    nondescript name of ‘Zero’. The energy that gives them their abilities
    appears as some slimy green goo that belongs entirely in a C-grade Syfy
    TV movie, while their powers – whether Reed’s rubber limbs or Sue’s
    telekinesis or Johnny’s pyrotechnics or Ben’s rock-covered body – look
    equally cheesy. It is no wonder too that the eventual showdown, which
    takes place almost entirely on the planet surface of ‘Zero’, doesn’t
    play out any much better against such a bland setting, coming off even
    worse than any of the action scenes in its predecessors.

    And certainly, this reboot is in no way better than Tim Story’s earlier
    adaptations, no matter of its ambition of being a darker and more
    character-driven superhero piece. ‘Chronicle’ may have been a perfect
    calling card for Trank, but ‘Fantastic Four’ shows a young,
    inexperienced director completely out of his depth, absolutely
    justifying the advance bad buzz it had spent months battling. It is
    utterly embarrassing that a film about Marvel’s most enduring creations
    is no better than a live-action ‘Power Rangers’ movie, but that’s
    exactly the ignominy that this misconceived and badly executed excuse
    of a superhero movie has wrought.

    As is typical with such origin stories, this one ends with the quartet
    ‘stumbling’ on their title as they admire their new home in Central
    City and reflecting on how far they have come. Ben aka the Thing
    describes their journey as ”fantastic”; we’re not entirely sure anyone
    of their audience shares the same sentiment.

  • Ryan ColleranAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Un-Fantastic to say the least!

    I would strongly advise against going out to the cinema and paying to
    see this film. I was incredibly disappointed with it and regret paying
    cinema prices to see it.

    The film is incredibly unbalanced, with the most of it being dragged
    down by setting up the characters and plot, leaving very little time at
    the end for the real action to begin, and so it felt very rushed and
    was extremely unsatisfying.

    On top of this, the script was very poor and much of the dialogue was
    very cheesy and felt scripted, particularly during the action
    sequences, which made it seem very amateur.

    The films only redeeming factor is it’s cast; Miles Teller and Michael
    B. Jordan were particularly good and gave their characters depth and
    humanity. Kate Mara and Toby Kebbell were also good in their respective
    roles, however Jamie Bell was totally lost inside the CG ‘Thing’ which
    was a shame because he was so good in the beginning pre-

    I really would advise you skip heading out and paying cinema prices to
    see this film and stay home and pay much less to watch the far superior
    2005 Fantastic Four.

  • BklynBryanCMAugust 6, 2015Reply

    FANTA$$TIC BORE-DUMB (Word of mouth will DOOM F4!!!!)

    This movie will get bashed unmercifully … and rightfully so!! This
    was nothing more than a rush job cash grab. Very cheap looking CGI. All
    TALK and NO ACTION!! Drowsy dialogue and a storyline that blatantly
    disregarded comic book origins!!! Seriously, the setting was the lab
    and the other dimension (that’s it!). Why 20th Century Fox? Why? What a
    waste of money and time. Why a weak reboot? How is it 2015 and the
    Computer Special Effects looked better back in 2005? Fantastic 4 meant
    well, but ultimately FAILED to Deliver. Between Amazing Spiderman 2 and
    Fantastic 4 … This could start the Superhero movie Backlash!!
    Fantastic ???? NOOOO!!!! F4 = FOUL FAKE FLOP FAIL.

  • Romeo GarciaAugust 6, 2015Reply

    ”Compare with this…The original looks like ”the godfather”.In the same category of Electra and Catwoman”.

    When you see a trailer that sucks,A reviews of critic’s that sucks,A
    review of fans that sucks and a movie that nobody cares you know
    something is really wrong.

    Well here we go…I know that the original and his sequel wasn’t the
    best comic book movies of all time but at least was very entertainment
    movies and the chemistry between the cast (Evans,Alba,Chiklis and
    Gruffudd) was great but this movie don’t have nothing of that.

    You feel all that cast very miscast and like they was make it the movie
    because the money,The producers want to make this movie A LA dark
    knight dark,serious,etc…But simply that don’t work here!

    I mean the movie is BORING! yes BORING!…the movie don’t have any soul
    or something..You don’t care nothing for them! Like i say before this
    movie are in the same category of ELEKTRA and CAT WOMAN of one of the
    worse comic book movies of all time.

    Is sad because the main cast are great actors and you see what waste of
    talent and money.

    This movie like i say before compare with the original…The original
    looks like THE GODFATHER compare with this crap.

    I rare see the reviews of the critics but for the first time i
    completely agree with them.

  • metalrage666August 6, 2015Reply

    Not as fantastic as it should’ve been

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • merlin99August 7, 2015Reply

    Honor the formula

    Movie studios, listen up.

    1) Don’t mess with the formula. If you want a super group that is new
    and exciting, CREATE YOUR OWN! People go to an F4 movie to see (GASP!)
    The Fantastic Four!!!!

    2) Find a good comic book storyline. They have been out there for years
    and years.

    3) Reed Richards is super smart. Sue Storm will be his wife. Johnny
    Storm is white…and is Sue’s brother. Don’t mess with that.

    4) I know you are looking for black audience but don’t you think you
    could bring in one of the black heroes? I like the Black Panther. Luke
    Cage was great. Or create a new one! Or a cool black villain! It hacks
    off the purists that you messed with the story line and turning a white
    hero black has to feel demeaning to the black audience.

    5) Don’t try to do too much with a reboot. Straightforward story would
    be best. Take a peek at Star Trek: TMP. Basically reintroduced the
    characters…set the scene, and replayed an established story.

    6) You have an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. DON’T Try to do the
    whole comic book series in one movie. I know that’s basically the same
    thing as number 5, but its so important its worth saying twice

  • Josh ElliottAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Let’s cash in on the teen movie craze!

    **Spoiler Containing Review**

    This could be the worst attempt a comic book movie I’ve ever seen…

    So they murdered the characters and origin stories etc….. Which would
    be almost OK or understandable if they had built the movie for a wider
    fan base than comic fans, but they didn’t even do that.

    The movie contained less than 10 minutes of action (Thing throws 1 real
    punch in the entire movie).

    Dr. Doom’s character was stripped from a grumpy, sorcery and technology
    infused dictator that’s trying to ”Save” the world in a not so nice
    fashion, to an angsty console gaming teen that’s in the ”the gov’meant
    is evil” phase.

    The movie is full of teen angst, exchanged between 30 year old actors
    playing 17 year old kids. Ben Grimm is a tough guy with a rigid (no)
    personality. By the time he says his catch phrase you don’t even want
    to hear it, because you know there’s going to be no heart behind it.

    Reed Richards is a smart guy with a rigid (no) personality. Except for
    the first time he tries to get Sue Storm to see how long he can
    stretch, he shows almost no heart in anything…

    Sue Storm is a smart lady with a rigid (no) personality. She has to
    have ear buds in at all times, because that’s what kids are doing now

    Johnny Storm is the ”wild” card with a tiny bit of personality, but as
    progressive as turning him black was, the decision quickly loses any
    and all merit on that front by making him utter blackenized ”DAYUMS!”

    Victor Von Doom is another smart guy with a rigid (no) personality,
    other than that one time he tried to show Sue Storm how hard his steel
    shaft can get.

    Doom (Not Doctor Doom) Is a single minded tortured soul that’s been
    twisted to think he should just destroy earth because someone threw a
    Butterfingers wrapper in the ditch one time, so if we are going to
    destroy the planet anyways, he’ll just help us out. As opposed to
    his…every other counterpart, wanting to save the planet/humanity from
    external threat…but only under his rule does he foresee this…..

    This movie was created by 40-50 year olds that were trying their best
    to come up with the things ”Kids like these days”, and then just
    shoveled half formed thoughts into an under budgeted, undirected pile
    of Skrull sh*t.

    I give it 1 out of 5 stars, and unfortunately even that star is a
    crappy barely formed brown dwarf, that no one can or should see… Just
    like this movie.

  • Trickster AGAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Honestly, still mourning the waste of my money and my time.

    This movie was horrible. There is no chemistry between the actors at
    all, if you don’t count some tension over Sue that doesn’t go anywhere.
    The acting is bad and looks forced-the lines are so predictable and
    hammy that I found myself mouthing along as they say them. There really
    is no real scientific basis to the ‘other dimension’. They don’t
    explain what it is, and why they are so okay with sending people there
    with barely any research, like if it had oxygen or who knows what else.
    It’s also highly unlikely a child would have been able to build the
    machine on his own, without help, from spare parts. That’s far-fetched,
    even for Marvel. It also doesn’t explain why they’d let Ben Grimm, a
    normal civilian, into the lab on the basis that he is Reed’s friend and
    is therefore allowed to be there. Victor Von Doom’s super-powered look
    reminds me of a freeze- dried potato wrapped in cellophane that’d been
    dunked into a vat of Mountain Dew, along with the attitude of a classic
    ‘destroy the earth’ super villain with all of the drama and none of the
    good reasons. The fight lasts barely 8 minutes, and is completely
    unsatisfying and just plain bad. Can I also mention how disgusting
    Reed’s power is? I don’t know why anyone would want to watch his limbs
    elongate and twitch like an unknown Eldritch horror. It was nasty and I
    heard girl in the back start retching. Please just rename him the Human
    Spaghetti. Plus, it has no Stan Lee cameo or any after-credit scenes.
    I’m only giving this 2 stars because it’s a Marvel movie.

  • Michael CarlsonAugust 7, 2015Reply

    There is no goodness… Only doom…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • billy sorkinAugust 7, 2015Reply

    A Stupid Reboot

    Over the last decade, we have seen a number of superhero movies get a
    much needed reboot. After the atrocious Batman & Robin, Batman was
    brilliantly brought back to the big screen in Batman Begins. When the
    Spider-Man franchise hit an embarrassing rock bottom with Spider-Man 3,
    it was reinvigorated with the very likable The Amazing Spider-Man.

    Eight years on from the dud that was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver
    Surfer and it’s time that Marvel’s first family got a reboot. With a
    lot of rumours flying around about trouble on set and the studio not
    seeming to have total confidence in their product, could 2015’s
    Fantastic Four do these iconic comic-book characters justice?

    Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is a brilliant young scientist on the
    verge of discovering how to both transport matter to another dimension
    and bring it back. Recruited by Professor Franklin Storm (Reg E.
    Cathey), Reed is given the resources and help, in the form of Sue Storm
    (Kate Mara), Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and Johnny Storm (Michael
    B. Jordan), to to finish what he started in his younger years.

    When they finally crack inter-dimensional travel, Reed invites his
    childhood friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) to travel to another world
    along with him and his team. An accident causes their physical form to
    drastically change. Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must learn to harness
    their powers and work as a team to stop Victor, who is hell bent on
    destroying Earth.

    The one thing that stood out to me about Fantastic Four is just how
    unbelievably dull it is. For characters who have such a rich and
    colourful history in the comics, this really is a pretty drab affair.
    The film only has a 100 minute runtime however, it feels much longer,
    dragging its feet and feeling very tired right from the very start.

    When a superhero movie gets less exciting after they get their powers,
    something is very very wrong.

    I had some hope for this film and one of the main reason was down to
    the fact that Josh Trank was sat in the director’s chair. Trank hit the
    big time with Chronicle, a film that combined the superhero genre with
    found footage. I can’t express just how disappointed I am with Trank
    because everything about Fantastic Four is just so sloppy.

    The story is weak, the script is cringeworthy and the special effects
    are average at best. It all culminates in one of the most boring
    finales you will ever witness in a superhero movie. Compared to what
    else you see happen in other superhero movies these days, it all looks
    and feels amateur.

    Then there are the performances. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B.
    Jordan, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell are all young actors who have the
    world at their feet. They have each impressed in their own way prior to
    Fantastic Four but every single one of them has the range of the cast
    in Tim Story’s Fantastic Four films and waste their talents in Trank’s

    Fantastic Four is a film very much out of time and place in today’s
    market of superhero movies. Ten or fifteen years ago a studio might
    have been able to get away with it but not today. Audiences like to be
    entertained and with the competition offering much more excitement, I
    don’t see audiences taking to this, at all.

  • Mill ColemanAugust 7, 2015Reply

    This effort is so awful that it actually offends me.

    If this fiasco had been just another Sci-fi Channel type movie I may
    not have found it offensively bad. I would roll my eyes at its
    awfulness and move on. Basically, treat it like a Sharknado level

    However, taking literary characters that are complex and for years
    deserved the title of ”World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” that appeared
    on their cover and reduce them to this inane drivel is outrageous.
    Everything about this movie is a waste of film and of talent. The lead
    up and first act is dull as possible with the characters having the
    depth of a mud puddle. Still, it was mediocre enough to keep the
    viewer’s attention. Then, they completely forgo any kind of second act
    at all and jump forward in time. Finally, they deliver the worst
    concluding act and lack of payoff in comic book adaptation history.

    It felt as if I was watching a school assignment or test given to a
    child that clearly couldn’t handle the material. It actually feels like
    Fox was the teacher and Josh Trank the child and the teacher gave the
    student a certain amount of time to finish. When the kid clearly was
    having trouble the teacher either asked other incompetent students to
    step in and try and help or else the overwhelmed kid just started
    scribbling anything to fill the page. The movie honestly gives off that
    vibe. How does something this incompetently pieced together hit the
    summer big screen?

    Whether it was a combination of an overwhelmed director, an awful
    script, lack of budget or budget being stripped away at the last second
    by a panicked studio or straight up studio interference it doesn’t
    matter. What was released in theatres is an abomination to the genre
    and painful to watch.

  • Guy JeffriesAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Not so fantastic…

    Really isn’t fantastic, more so average, but why? It seems this series
    of marvel characters always have a hard time being on the big screen.
    Is it the actually film and film making itself or is it the characters
    and plot leading me to debate, if Joss Whedon did the movie would it be
    any better?

    Could it be that the powers these characters possess are kinda
    insignificant when compared the rest of the marvel universe? The
    background story isn’t exactly fantastic either and it can’t be easy
    trying to make a movie with four main characters. It only works with
    Avengers because we got introduced to each character individually
    before them uniting.

    I enjoyed Josh Trank’s chronicle and you can see the same gritty
    darkness emitting here in this Fantastic Four. But I don’t think this,
    or any of the previous F4 films for that matter have been well casted.
    I like Miles Teller, especially his Whiplash performance and I’m a
    massive Toby Kebbell fan because of Dead Man’s Shoes and Rocknrolla.
    Even his smaller, sillier roles make me enjoy a movie more. But both
    roles here aren’t amazing.

    The rest of the cast, okay but that’s all. Again I don’t think there’s
    anything the audience can relate to or feel anything with these
    characters. They’re not anymore likable as heroes then when they were
    before they had super powers. It’s like they wanted to make the
    characters geeky scientists that have had a rough time being kids in
    hope to earn the audience’s empathy. They did try very well to get this
    human element across, the friendship bond between Grimm and Reed, and
    the parental/sibling struggle between the Storms, mix that with Doom’s
    unworthy ambition that manifests into home world destruction and you
    have a fantastic mess.

    Kate Mara I think has a face that’ll suit the next Planet of the Apes
    movie, no offence, but she does. Bad call on using CGI over prosthetics
    for Grimm’s Thing, yet it looks like they used toilet roll tubes and
    green LEDs to portray Doom. Who could have been, should have been such
    a bad ass and instead give him Vader like powers. And Michael B. Jordan
    seems to lack the flare Chris Evans had in the previous ones. (Pun
    intended). Reg E. Cathey’s voice is amazing though, he sounds like a
    transformer! His voice would be perfect for Soundwave!

    The plot line isn’t new nor is it interesting, and the beginning felt
    more like a remake of Explorers, (no they shouldn’t, or could they?
    Love that movie) Reed being River Phoenix’s Wolfgang and Grimm being
    Darren Woods. Then it turns into Space Camp! They breach another
    otherworldly dimension, upset the planet’s chemistry and pay the
    consequences returning to Earth as US military experiments.

    You don’t see much superhero action, even at this stage. And The
    Thing’s action is seen mainly second hand from a monitor. The thing is
    a bit of a whinge bag of stones, think sadsack but as a rock. He wines
    ”help me” more times than saying ”it’s clobbering time”. Plus he
    doesn’t wear any pants. And what’s with that force field!? Again,
    Explorers! It felt like a cheap shot with them flying around in it as
    an escape pod that ripped off Stark’s reentry in Avengers Assemble.

    It’s a let down but with the bad press going about, it was expected. As
    Sue Storm would say, there’s a pattern here. There is no Stan Lee
    cameo, and no sneaky extra scene hinting at a sequel which isn’t a bad
    thing. Leave it as the only one, not a terrible two. The not so
    Fantastic Four.

  • DantekunAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Fantastic re-make

    A fresh remake of a familiar story,Fantastic Four hits the feel of the
    Ultimate Fantastic Four comics and treats the content seriously,unlike
    the 2005 version. The characters are given more of a human feel,with
    similar but complex emotions as opposed to the ‘sci-fi geek’ stereotype
    rampant within the genre. Sue,Reed and Johnny are all highly
    intelligent students at the Baxter Building ,a think tank / school for
    scientifically gifted young adults. They embark on a quest to discover
    a new world which of course ,goes awry.

    This film gives the series a more professional tone to the characters
    and avoids what the first Fox films failed at. This 2015 film treats
    the characters in a realistic light,making Sue a respected ,intelligent
    and caring person,Johnny is reckless but dedicated when a goal is
    before him, and Ben Grimm reacts to his changes in a much more morose
    manner. Reed Richards is a wide eyed kid amazed by discovering he is
    not alone and there are other intellects like his.

    A good remake that takes a different take to the superhero film genre.

  • Matthew HertertAugust 7, 2015Reply

    I get all the complaints but am hopeful


    I’ll start by saying I worked in entertainment for almost 2 decades and
    that despite being a comic book fan growing up I never read FF. I also
    didn’t think the 2005 version was as bad as most people thought it was,
    but again didn’t know the source material to feel violated.

    A few comments to add to all the (redundant) complaints others have

    First, who cares if they change a character’s race. Along the same line
    many are complaining about Reed being portrayed as a nerd – I didn’t
    get that at all. Just because he was smart didn’t make him a dork. What
    WAS a problem with him was his out-of-nowhere becoming a badass in the
    middle of the fight when the more experienced Thing was down. Didn’t

    Second, while my experience was that the lack of chemistry was the
    biggest issue, I know that can also come from crappy editing. Given the
    bad pace of the movie I tend to suspect this. Ultimately, of course,
    it’s the director’s fault.

    Third, one of the biggest problems I had was a result of bad trailers
    and the abrupt ending of the movie. There were scenes in the trailers
    that seemed to show them, as a team, on some sort of a mission –
    something about Thing diving out of a helicopter while Reed estimated
    his landing time. Imagine my surprise when the movie stopped short WITH
    NO MISSION. I half wondered if there was another half-hour of movie
    after the credits. So take everyone else’s shock with the sudden,
    anticlimactic ending and double it for me.

    I will stay hopeful for the sequel since Fox will most assuredly can
    Trank. And because I like these actors and want to give them a shot.

  • mizzbiebsAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Good build up, terrible climax/end

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shane BreenAugust 7, 2015Reply

    A Shear Disaster Of A Superhero Film

    Four young outsiders’ teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe
    which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn
    to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a
    former friend turned enemy.

    After hearing rumors surface about production problems, Josh Trank’s
    behavior on set and major studio interference with the film, I began to
    have my doubts about this reboot of the franchise. However this film
    still contained an A-list cast of up and coming actors such as the
    immensely talented Miles Teller, Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan,
    House Of Cards Kate Mara and popular actor Jamie Bell.

    Starting off with the positives, there was glimpses throughout this
    film of a sort of David Cronenberg tone that was captured in his body
    transformation film The Fly which was said to be an influence to Josh
    Trank but these glimpses become frustrating as they are not capitalized
    on and I personally feel this is due to the problems on set and with
    the studio who want an expanded universe formed from the bases of this
    picture. The tone is too muddled to recognize the interesting body
    horror elements that this film shows very seldomly. Honestly those
    glimpses at a different film are the only real positives I can find in
    Fantastic Four.

    I find it very hard to believe that this is the final product that is
    expected to entertain audiences and stand as its own motion picture.
    It’s a mess, from some horribly written dialogue, poor CGI, no
    distinctive tone, an uneventful second act, drawn out scenes, and a
    laughable villain this film fails across the board. At least the
    previous two Fantastic Four films were fun at times because of their
    campy nature this film takes itself so seriously which makes it even

    The last act of this film goes completely off the rails when Victor Von
    Doom returns to act out the most cliché plan in all superhero movies.
    His transformation into Dr. Doom looks ridiculous and it disables all
    emotional attachment from his character altogether. Judging by unused
    scenes that appeared in the trailer and unequal tones I would speculate
    that a lot of edits and re-shoots were made to change the finished

    Overall this is a broken film and prime example of what happens when
    superhero movies go very wrong. For the above reasons I am going to
    give Fantastic Four a 4/10.

  • steve beard ([email protected])August 7, 2015Reply

    Not Your Father’s Fantastic Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maanitamanAugust 7, 2015Reply

    This is beyond disappointing!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jake SoarAugust 7, 2015Reply

    The worst film of 2015! (So Far!)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BolesroorAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Chunkburger with Cheese

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Eshan_2110August 7, 2015Reply

    A wasted opportunity…

    It’s been 8 years since Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer and
    Marvel’s ‘first family’ graced our screens.Now with a new direction and
    armed with a youthful, talented cast as well as a respected director in
    Josh Trank at the helm, what could possibly go wrong? turns
    out almost everything. Don’t get me wrong, it would be unfair to not
    mention that this film has received a lot of negative press (perhaps
    unfairly) even in pre-production with certain directions the film was
    taking (such as Johnny Storm’s race and Dr Doom’s blogger origins).

    Regardless, as I entered the screening with popcorn in tow and unaware
    as to what exactly to expect, the film felt as if it had ended before
    it even started with it’s 100 minute run time. There’s absolutely
    nothing wrong with a a film this length, in fact it’s quite nice to
    have a superhero film that doesn’t have a run time of 2+ hours.
    However, with that that mentioned Josh Trank doesn’t get to expand on
    characters and character development. The end result is that you just
    don’t care about these characters.

    Now onto that cast and quite a promising one at that. Miles Teller who
    is fresh off his success with the Oscar Winning film Whiplash, leads
    this ensemble cast as Reed Richards. He is supported by Kate Mara as
    Sue Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm and lastly Michael B Jordan as Sue’s
    brother (how they are brother and sister is addressed and simple to
    understand) Johnny Storm. I felt that Michael B Jordan faced a lot of
    unfair criticism due to his casting as Johnny (who in both the comics
    and previous films is white) as having seen in films such as Josh
    Trank’s very own Chronicle, he has the charisma and charm to pull off
    Johnny Storm’s cocky yet funny attitude. It just raises the question as
    to why people can’t comprehend the idea that maybe choosing the best
    actor possible for the role is a better choice as opposed to staying in
    true to comic book origins. There are some parts of the film where you
    can see the actors looks like they’re are having a blast, but this
    family dynamic that is so prevalent in the comics is entirely missing.
    In fact, even some characters feel as if they are totally missing and
    are neglected throughout the majority of the film. Toby Kebbell’s Dr
    Doom is quite one dimensional and it’s a shame having recently seen him
    in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes in which he stars as they villainous
    and rebellious Koba. Overall the cast of this calibre just feel wasted.

    In terms of GCI I wasn’t too impressed, and the film quite clearly has
    a lower budget than most superhero films, which I guess is
    understandable given Josh Trank’s directorial background and Fox
    wanting to make as much profit as they possibly can. It just doesn’t
    bode too well on the big screen. In fact, I found it quite ironic
    having just watched an interesting video by Freddie Wong ( Why CG
    sucks, expect it doesn’t- RocketJump Film School) defending how CG can
    be brilliant and add to film when used right. Except in this situation,
    Fantastic Four isn’t one of those examples. I also felt that the
    dialogue was weak and cheesy and there is an especially cringe-worthy
    scene where the team try to figure out their name. The soundtrack
    scored by Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass is forgettable and bland. The
    story is basic and predictable, perhaps not as engaging as I was hoping
    for it to be. As I mentioned, the films run time prevents it from many
    things. For instance, tackling themes such as identity could well have
    separated the Fantastic Four from other superhero films but these are
    just not addressed well.

    Ultimately, the film lacks character, heart and well even action. The
    big battle that one is accustomed to in almost every superhero film is
    short and there is a lack of tension and danger. It’s a shame that all
    of this talent has been wasted.

  • lewis_charlesAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Going for a number 2 in the toilet is more climatic than this slow abomination of a film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Neil WelchAugust 7, 2015Reply

    OK, but where’s the fun?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Curtis TorrenceAugust 7, 2015Reply

    doesn’t live up to expectations, but it’s got some things going for it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tjstacey-10298August 7, 2015Reply

    A REBOOT, just a reboot

    Just been to see fantastic 4 the reboot. I understand that if you are a
    big comic book fan you may not like or enjoy this film very much. But
    the story line is well thought out in parts (ie, the first half of the
    film) as to make us understand the different the rolls they all play.

    The main area of this film that was missing was a good/great action
    scenes. The dramatic or fight seems in the movie were a bit of a let
    down. They really just didn’t get going for me. And in the main fight
    scene soon as it started, it seemed to be over just as quick. They
    needed to go the extra mile with this film 1. To shock you a bit more.
    2. To make us feel that we were on there side from the start. 3. To
    make the bad guys just as bad as Doom

    There are a few funny parts in the movie, and the casting was great.
    All of the specialist effects were spot on. I even enjoyed the story
    line that took us up to the point were they got there powers. They just
    need to push the boat out a bit more. Maybe have a little more grit in
    the script.

    It may not seem that I liked the film, and I came out of the cinema
    thinking I would give it a higher rating than I have. It does need an
    other film to set it back on track if they get the chance. I just
    wanted to see more bang for my buck.

  • boukesakkersAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Disappointments because of previous greatness

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • joazitoAugust 7, 2015Reply

    It’s completely unremarkable

    Being a comic book fan from the 90s, I noticed many dissimilarities
    from the classic origin story and this film. Which were fine, and more
    in tune with the times. It also made me feel like this was new and
    potentially exciting.

    Unfortunately it never led anywhere. By the time they get their powers
    little of the film remains, and things after that feel rushed and lack
    credibility. Reed Richards’ character acts particularly odd, specially
    for those used to the comics. Also, the villain’s actions made very
    little sense to me, as well as his powers. Avoiding spoilers, at one
    point he is apparently stranded, and the next minute he is basically

    Sue was the nicest character for me, and much smarter than the comic
    book version. Ben was alright, as was Johnny. Reed seemed off. Doom,
    despite being miles away from the comic, was pretty interesting.

    There’s very little action in this film, and the final battle is rushed
    and uninteresting. Dialogue towards the end felt cliché and lame. I
    sort of regret having paid the full ticket price for this.

  • kevinmoriceAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Not Fantastic! Not four of them!

    Fantastic?! Four?!

    What an utter mess of a film.

    I knew before going to see it that there were a lot of production
    problems as the movie was rushed out to fulfil some contractual clauses
    regarding who owns the rights to the characters. That is no excuse for
    this turgid mess.

    Miles Teller and Kate Mara need to go back to their respective agents
    and fire them. At least Jamie Bell has the decency to hide behind CGI
    for the small sections of the movie where he bothers to show up.

    The title is a mess. There are 5 of them, that much is obvious from the
    trailer. Also the Fantastic part just never happens.

    The clues were obvious in the trailers though. Some of the quotes
    change between trailers, so it is clear something funny was going on.
    In the end result most of the quotes in the three trailers are not even
    in the film. The few that survive in their trailed versions are used
    completely out of context in the trailer.

    I can completely understand why Stan Lee doesn’t appear in the movie.
    He must be so utterly disgusted at what was done to his work that he
    wanted to distance himself from it. That they need to squeeze in an
    adoption to justify their black character, and completely miss that
    ”the Thing” is actually a metaphor for racial discrimination must be
    like a punch in the face to his original creative talent.

  • yuankun99August 7, 2015Reply

    Just Horrible movie, don’t waste your time and money

    Even though it has the name Fantastic Four, this is not a Fantastic
    Four movie in any way.

    This movie doesn’t follow any relations to the comic books either than
    the name of the characters and their powers.

    During the 100 minutes of film I was wondering, when it is going to

    The formation of the team as well as the presentation of the characters
    and the villain feels too forced to the audience.

    If you’re a fan of the Fantastic Four, you might skip this one and save
    you some time and money, cause this is not a Fantastic Four movie.

  • George GrovesAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Good ideas and fun action but not long enough to flush out fully

    This film has learned from the mistakes of its predecessors and made a
    fantastic four film that is suited to a modern day audience. It has a
    more gritty tone and takes that from the ultimate comics from which it
    takes its inspiration from. It is this grittiness that makes this film
    enjoyable to watch because it makes the dangerous threat actually seem
    like a game changer whilst actually exploring both the physical and
    psychological traumas of the power-giving accident.

    The villain however is one of the downsides to the film. Yes Doctor
    Doom is the main villain of the ff but they have others which could be
    transferred brilliantly into film. I’m not saying they didn’t do a good
    job of bring the character to life and i applaud them for actually
    coming up with a legitimate reason for the suit but his powers are
    virtually ungrounded through out the film with no limits or actual base
    work of what they actually are.

    The second bug bear is the length of the film. At a running time of
    only 1hr 40mins it isn’t long enough to explore the characters and plot
    lines deeply enough. The relationships between the characters are
    virtually sidelined in favor of rushing through what could have been
    great character scenes in favor of cramming in plot points to stick to
    the tight time schedule.

    Overall the film has made massive improvements over the cinematic takes
    that have come before it but there is still room for improvement but
    none the less i would recommend it to anyone to go and see. 8/10

  • RforFilmAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Overstretched in length, invisible with chemistry, burned in lame action and rocky in tone, Fantastic Four may be one of the worst comic book movies of all time

    Boy, has Marvel come a long way in terms of movies! The Marvel Avengers
    are probably the biggest blockbuster stars at the moment, with Iron
    Man, Hulk, Captain America and so forth have won the hearts of children
    and adults for being funny, action packed, and seems like a genuine
    group of friends. If you were to go back ten years before, I don’t
    think anyone would have anticipated a cinematic universe the way Marvel
    is becoming. Back when the comic company was starting to lend out their
    characters, many of their creations went to different people.
    Spider-Man went to Sony while the X-Men went to Fox and many going to
    Universal and Paramount. Now figuring that out can lead to a headache.

    Among these heroes are the Fantastic Four, which was one of the
    original team heroes that got recognition for having chemistry like a
    real family. I’ve never read those comics but the imagery seems well
    enough that cinema could work well in their favor. After all, if the
    Avengers can get great dialogue out of an Iron clad human and a
    radioactive monster, it should work fine for friends that all got their
    powers at the same time. Family is NOT a word to describe the Fantastic

    Young Richard Reeds (played by Miles Teller) is a prodigy whose had
    dreams of inventing teleportation ever since he was a boy. Together
    with his best friend Ben Grimm (played by Jamie Bell), they toy for
    years until they are found by Professor Franklin Storm who runs a
    government sponsored institute where young minds can develop their
    aspiring technologies. Richard is hired to bring his project along with
    Storm’s children, adopted daughter Susan (played by Kate Mara) and
    biological son Johnny (played by Michael B. Jordan). They also bring
    along a troubled but brilliant genus Victor Von Doom (played by Toby
    Kebbell) to build a gate to another dimension.

    After months of work, the machine is finished and even runs a
    successful animal test. But the Insitutes supervisor Dr. Allen (played
    by Tim Blake Nelson) wants to give the technology to NASA or the
    military for further examination and testing. Deciding they want to
    stake their claim, Richard, Ben, Johnny, and Victor all use the machine
    and are transported to another world. While there, they are exposed to
    a new kind of energy that comes home with them. Victor is left behind
    who plans on using the new world energy to destroy the Earth.

    I’m cool with Fantastic Four taking a darker direction, as the previous
    adaptations have been too cheesy and silly for their own good. But I
    have to say that I prefer the older versions because of one thing; they
    are superheroes first and foremost. Fantastic Four may be one of the
    only superhero movies around that has no crime fighting. In fact, they
    don’t get their powers until an hour into the story and don’t even talk
    about using their new powers till the last fifteen minutes.

    Aside from…that stupid move, Fantastic Four is just dull and boring.
    There’s hints of a smart story with the idea of wanted to show our
    tortured souls, but never does anything with them. It all feels like
    chess piece story telling. Give your hero’s their powers, sent them to
    training, go after the villain, and that’s pretty much it. There’s very
    little action, very little magic and wonder, and there little to no
    chemistry between Marvel’s first family. I don’t even recall Susan and
    Ben sharing any dialogue. It’s clear that Fox and the movie’s director
    had problems behind the scenes and it’s unfortunate that the audience
    has to be the one to suffer the consequences.

    I’ll give this one burnt comic book out of ten. Fantastic Four is
    seriously one of the worst comic book movies of all time. I never felt
    so much fatigue watching something that could have been awesome. I
    think it’s time that the Fantastic Four go back to Disney and Marvel
    for the proper treatment.

  • bradcamis-885-984365August 7, 2015Reply

    Anyone notice that Storm turned black?

    Since we’re rewriting cultural heritage lets make a movie and cast
    Meryl Streep as Rosa Parks and then pretend we don’t understand when
    somebody notices.

    Beyond the most obvious casting flaws is the fact that this movie is
    pure garbage. They just kind of named some unrelated movie ‘Fantastic
    Four’ so they could license the pictures to soda companies. – I’m sick
    of it.

    This is just the latest example of Hollywood bait and switch. They buy
    a name that rings a bell of familiarity, and then ram a bunch of
    unrelated crap down your throat.

    Don’t waste your money. Go rent a classic that fits in the same genre
    like the original Conan. You’ll enjoy yourself far more and you won’t
    feel like you need to take a shower when it’s over.

  • HeraklionAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Abysmal Writing and Bad CGI

    Has anybody taught the filmmakers the importance of a tight script?

    The deadline could have been a thousand years in the future. The budget
    could have been the GDP of a small country! Saving a film with a bad
    script is like saving the Titanic with a baby’s flotation device.

    The script was terribly amateurish. Clichéd, devoid of emotion,
    generic, uninteresting, and all over the place. The plot was as
    disorganized as a teenager’s bedroom, with the villain appearing an
    hour later that it should have. The entire script of Fantastic Four
    yelled, ”Amateur!”. I could write a little book about all of the
    failures in Fantastic Four’s writing.

    The visuals were dumb and lazy. Good Lord, if your script is going to
    be flatter than Salar de Uyuni, please have the bloody consideration to
    invest proper money and time into your CGI! Planet Zero looked like a
    test demo from an outdated video-game graphics engine.

    I would end this review with a pun about how not ”fantastic” this
    reboot is, but that would be too generous of me. Don’t watch this film.

  • poisonlotusAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Went without expectations…and boy…that chimp looks fake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dustinnewmanAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as everyone is making it seem

    Everyone seems to be jumping on hate bandwagon so quickly. Yeah, the
    plot was weak and the character interaction was a bit forced. Yes, the
    characters themselves were not quite right (Victor Von Doom correcting
    Reed Richards comes to mind). And some of the CGI effects weren’t the
    best (Sue’s force field looks a bit too much like The Incredibles’
    version, Reed’s shape shifting scene, the end battle scene, etc.)
    However, all that said, I don’t think it deserves such a low rating and
    the epithet of ”trash.” It had an interesting semblance of direction
    and a unique take on the Fantastic Four beyond the typical bold
    superheroes angle. The addition of Johnny and Sue’s father into the
    story definitely made the story more interesting to me than the
    previous movies, where I had never even thought of their father. His
    character was a good catalyst for the team. Overall, I think that it
    wasn’t the best movie and that it had a lot of unseen potential in its
    concept stage, but that it’s execution and production was a bit
    lacking. Not enough for its hate following, though.

  • Aaron GuzzoAugust 7, 2015Reply

    This exists.

    I’ll start this off with the good news: This abortion of celluloid
    almost guarantees that the rights to the Fantastic Four will go the way
    of Ghost Rider, Spidey, The Punisher, Daredevil, and Elektra and come
    back home to Marvel where they belong. Fox clearly either A) doesn’t
    care about these characters, B) doesn’t get these characters, or more
    likely C) Both. I say Fox and not director Josh Trank because I
    actually stand by him in his tweet simply because I can’t fathom a
    human being being responsible for something as soulless as this waste
    of two hours. A film this void of emotion, of stakes, of logic, of
    ANYTHING can only be the demented work of a committee of suits. Right,

    I would even throw in another star if it fell into the
    ”So-bad-it’s-good” Tommy Wiseau realm where I could at least have a
    good laugh and be the jackass heckling it. But it isn’t even that bad.
    It commits a far greater sin, the greatest sin of all: It’s nothing. I
    felt nothing. No nerd-rage about the desecration of beloved characters.
    No anger at the complete lack of logic. I just sat there and watched a
    sequence of events that I’m told were a ”story.” It wasn’t funny, it
    wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t scary, it wasn’t sad, it wasn’t inspiring…
    it just… existed. Afterward, I got up and left, leaving a few brain
    cells behind to be swept up by the theater staff.

    Towards the end I found that I enjoyed the film better once I started
    rooting for Dr. Doom. He looked cooler than our ”heroes” (who never
    seemed to be a team; just four people who happened to stand next to
    each other), he had his heart broken by Sue, and he was a man of great
    determination with a plan. So what if his plan makes absolutely no

    As much fun as it is to shred this film for being an insult to the
    human race, in all fairness it was Dr. Doomed from the beginning. Fox
    made this for one reason and one reason only: If they didn’t they were
    going to lose the rights to the property. Just like Sony made those
    half-hearted Spiderman remakes. When there isn’t a soul on the set who
    isn’t there for anything other than their paycheck, it shows. And
    that’s what all the nit-picky complaints really boil down to: We want
    the people bringing us the story to love its characters and world as
    much as we do. And when we sense the apathy underneath all the CGI,
    we’re out. If you don’t love it, how will we?

    Everyone seemed to just be going through the motions, like a family
    tradition that no one wants to take part in anymore but we have to
    because grandma always liked it. Unfortunately this might make it tough
    for Marvel once they get it back – will anyone want to see a THIRD
    iteration of these dated characters? Is there even room in the MCU for
    them now that Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Spidey, Black Panther, Daredevil,
    the Punisher, and Elektra are joining the scene? I certainly hope so.
    The suspense I’m in for the postmortem fallout is far greater than any
    suspense in this film.

  • OombutuAugust 7, 2015Reply

    One of the worst big budget movies… ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • miaalex-41817August 7, 2015Reply

    Could have done better.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Stephen KnoxAugust 7, 2015Reply


    I love superhero movies. I don’t mind who makes them, I don’t mind
    who’s in them and I don’t mind what people say prior to release. This
    however, deserves to be lauded as the worst attempt at a superhero film
    since Daredevil. The origin has been shredded to something that
    resembles nothing to do with the source material, the casting is way
    off on all characters barring invisible girl and the storyline is so
    weak and poorly managed that you have no empathy or real reason to care
    about the characters. It makes Power Rangers movie look well written.
    Don’t get me wrong, all the actors are actors I like. I’m just saddened
    that they were saddled with this monstrosity of a script. Nothing gets
    explained…..ever, at all. Powers, reasons for people being where they
    are, who they are, it all just gets swept under the carpet so they can
    continue holding the rights to something Fox have now botched on FOUR
    separate occasions. Not one of them fantastic. Leave it alone or give
    back to Marvel so they can actually deal with the first family of
    superheroes with some semblance of care and attention.

  • javier_caAugust 7, 2015Reply

    One of the worst movies i’ve ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jfsinilAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Star Wars preview best part of seeing this today…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • markhaazenAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Time for Fox to give the rights back to Marvel

    Scientist Reed Richards has discovered the secrets of interdimensional
    travel and with a group of friends goes into another dimension. However
    something goes wrong and when they return they discover that they all
    have different powers. One of Marvel’s best comics gets the movie
    treatment. The 3rd movie after the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and the
    2007 sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer and 4th if you count the so bad
    it was never officially released 1994 film. For some reason the
    Fantastic Four just doesn’t translate well to the screen. A decent
    cast, Miles Tellar, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell are all
    OK and the film livens up after a painfully slow start and there is a
    decent scifi film struggling to get out but it isn’t anything remotely
    like the original comics. Time for Fox to give the rights back to
    Marvel! An Insult to Comic Fans !!

  • Daniel Bell (dingerbell)August 7, 2015Reply

    Promising Start is a means to an insulting end to Marvel hits

    After the last FF4, you would hope they could at least improve on this,
    especially with a good cast and Matthew Vaughan on board (after saving
    X-men), hopes were high. For the opening hour or so, all was looking
    good, the story was developing, a little bit of a wobble after they
    gained their powers, but the story picked up again and looked like it
    had a strong foundation to continue with…….then it crashed into a
    crescendo of diabolical storyline, acting and action, that was an
    insult to the viewers and cinema as a whole. It started so well, but
    felt like they for the last twenty minutes, they decided to test the
    theory that if you put infinite monkeys in a cage with typewriters,
    they would recreate Shakespeare……Instead they employed 20 monkeys,
    who proceeded to soil themselves, throw it at each other, but produced
    a plot ending, that would have embarrassed a straight to VHS 1980

  • RikerDonegalAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Dull. Directionless. Storyless. Humourless. Pointless.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mark WisdomAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Consistently good, if accepted as only the beginning.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JohnnyAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Had potential….

    I went in expecting ”anything is better than previous attempts.” I have
    no issues with the actors selected, I believe they have all proved
    themselves in their own right and were a good casting in my opinion.
    The beginning built up well but there is no point I could even call a
    climax in the story arc. Nothing that really was that PUNCH of action
    and defining arc that makes a story, a great story. Effects were
    excellent and on par what I went in expecting. Whether Trask or Fox is
    to blame is irrelevant at this point and with this many attempts and
    considering the wealth of materials that is the Fantastic Four
    franchise, Marvel’s beloved ”First Family”……I think its high time
    this was returned to Marvel to rescue. Period and if at all.

  • jrugg19August 7, 2015Reply

    I don’t get the hate…

    Let me start off by saying that this is NOT a perfect film. It is very
    far from that, but to call it an awful film? I have to disagree. The
    major problem with the movie was that it takes WAY too long to build up
    the characters, and then when they finally get their powers, the movies
    rushes and then suddenly ends. But it’s not like the first half isn’t
    at least interesting. Director Josh Trank attempts to restore the
    Marvel comic in his second film after his successful debut of

    The story is a pretty good origin story that got way more devoted time
    then it should have. I did enjoy it for the most part, but it could
    have been cut down a little bit in favor of more action from the
    Fantastic Four. One thing I really enjoyed was that even though it was
    a Marvel movie, it had a dark feel to it. It tried to act like a DC
    movie instead of Marvel, which was a fresh surprise considering that
    all Marvel movies are starting to all feel like the same light humor
    action festival.

    The cast consists of big up-and-comers Miles Teller (playing Reed
    Richards/Mr. Fantastic) and Michael B. Jordan (playing Johnny
    Storm/Human Torch), the somewhat established Kate Mara, (playing Sue
    Storm/Invisible Woman) and the relatively unknown Jamie Bell. (Playing
    Ben Grimm/The Thing). Miles Teller keeps the story together and I feel
    like he plays a very good Reed Richards but a cheesy Mr. Fantastic, but
    that is the script he had to work with for the second half. Michael B.
    Jordan is the most impressive, but he got the least amount of screen
    time out of the four. Toby Kebbell (playing Victor Von Doom/ Dr. Doom)
    is also decent but he disappears in the beginning and then comes back
    when they’re is about 20 minutes left. I feel like Dr. Doom definitely
    should have been used more but you will remember his scenes.

    The special effects were impressive, and making The Thing created by
    CGI worked well. I just wish they gave him some pants, along with Doom.
    You can tell about 80% of the budget went towards the climax alone.
    Speaking of the climax, it was kind of fun to watch but it was so
    rushed, and left me wanting more.

    Overall, it did have a decent amount of flaws, but I enjoyed it
    overall. The origin story was pretty interesting, the acting was good
    enough for the cheesy script they had to work with, and the action
    scenes were fun for what they were. It was far from The Dark Knight,
    but it is nowhere near Batman & Robin.


  • Juliana LoyolaAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Loses itself halfway, but still better than the critics would like you to think.

    Don’t get me wrong: this movie is not a masterpiece in anyway. In fact,
    I must start this review by saying that I do not actually believe this
    movie is deserving of a ten star rating — If I were being fully
    honest, it’d be more deserving of a 6. I’m just giving it that because
    it most definitely deserves more than its current 4.2, and because I
    know its score would be a lot higher if the exact same film had been
    produced by Marvel studios.

    You see, the odds were always against this movie. The Fantastic Four is
    not an easy team to adapt to the screen; angry fan boys seem desperate
    to hate on Fox’s every move; Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Johnny
    Storm resulted in a disgusting wave of racist comments disguised as
    worry for the source material; Josh Trank was inexperienced and had
    never been involved in a movie this big. And all this negativity
    surrounding it, I believe, were the movie’s biggest downfall. And I’m
    saying this because the bad parts of this movie generally weren’t the
    cast, the tone or anything related to pre- production. The movie’s idea
    and premise is great. For the most part (more on that later), the
    screenplay is good enough. The cast is excellent. What made this movie
    fail was how the studio seemingly gave up on it somewhere halfway
    through post-production.

    But let’s start from the beginning — the first half of this movie is
    great. Now, before you yell ”bullsh*t” and scroll past this review,
    allow me to explain myself: this was never meant to be an action flick.
    It’s a sci-fi thriller with coming of age elements. And as that, it
    works well. It doesn’t have fight scenes and too much CGI because that
    is not the point. The movie is an origin story, presenting these
    characters as real people and establishing the universe they live in.
    The entire movie should have been like this, and its biggest mistake
    was to introduce unnecessary conflict in its second half. It would’ve
    worked just fine as a movie establishing the team, showing how they got
    their powers and how they got to be so close. The acting is great, with
    a special shout out to Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) and Michael B. Jordan
    (Johnny Storm) who had less to work with but still managed to do a fine
    job with their characters. I was concerned about how they would manage
    to make Ben Grimm’s emotions and suffering believable when he is in
    rock form, but that is a non-issue with the superb Bell. As for B.
    Jordan, he seems to really understand Johnny and adds some depth to
    what could have been a shallow character. As a fan of the Fantastic
    Four comic books, I also appreciated the many nods to the Ultimate
    storyline that the first half of the movie presents. A few scenes seem
    to have been taken directly from the first issues, and it’s pleasant to
    see as a fan. Their dynamics are also good in the first moment, with
    Reed Richards and Ben Grimm’s lifelong friendship being a particular
    highlight. Grimm is presented as Richards’ protector, but instead of
    going down a much more obvious route with him fighting bullies away
    from Reed and standing up for him at any moment, they chose to present
    their relationship in a much more natural and subtle light, with Ben
    being almost like the proud parent Reed never had. It’s sweet and
    well-written, never giving too much information away.

    The elements of body horror were, without a doubt, one of the strongest
    parts of the film. Had it focused more on that, it would’ve been
    better. The scene where we first see Ben Grimm’s new physical form is
    absolutely heartbreaking, and Reed’s powers’ reveal is just as
    disturbing. Unfortunately, it is here where my compliments to this
    movie end.

    You can pinpoint the exact moment the movie begins its downward spiral
    towards chaos. The addition of conflict made it all seem very rushed
    and forced in comparison to the nice and evenly paced first half. From
    that point on, the CGI is suddenly terrible and the screenwriters
    seemingly forget how to make a proper screenplay. Dialogues are
    extremely cheesy and just downright terrible. You can see the re-shoots
    very clearly and it’s extremely rushed. It all could – and should –
    have been about 10 or 20 minutes longer, and because they deal with the
    threat so quickly we don’t even have the time to find Doom to be that
    threatening at all. As for the action sequence… there’s no way to
    sugarcoat this. It sucks. It shouldn’t have been there in the first
    place. It doesn’t fit the rest of the movie thematically and ruins what
    could have been an otherwise excellent villain for a sequel. All in
    all, it looks like the SFX team simply threw the towel and the editor
    stopped caring altogether and not even the young cast’s talent manages
    to save the movie from its final act.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that this movie looks like two different
    movies that were forcibly turned into one. The first one is a good
    sci-fi character study and origin story that offers a fresh take on
    this otherwise unoriginal genre that has become comic book movies; the
    second one is, simply put, a train wreck with some of the worst SFX in
    recent memory and bad dialogue. It’s sad to see the transition from one
    to another, and as the credits begin rolling, you can’t help but
    imagine how the movie could have played out if they hadn’t forced that
    second half in.

  • Fel_Orc90August 7, 2015Reply

    A Bit Crappy!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ddn2003August 7, 2015Reply

    Not A True Marvel Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tjgoalie13August 7, 2015Reply

    An Unfortunate Mess

    The Fantastic Four wastes a talented cast on a humorless, sporadic,
    generic movie that unfortunately is a steaming hot mess. Going in I was
    excited, coming out I was saddened. The unfortunate thing is the film’s
    not so bad it’s unwatchable, it’s just a flat third act drags the
    entire film down. The origin story usually encompasses some build up,
    that is a given but the entire film contains 2 action sequences, and 1
    of them is about 3 minutes, while the other is anti-climactic. The
    pacing is thrown off because instead of progressing the pacing the film
    stops and slows down, while the special effects crew does as well. The
    film may have gotten away with this a little more but the last 45
    minutes are dull, because the actors are suffering from Star Wars
    syndrome (a lack of direction), and there’s no humor to help move
    things along. Then after a boring 30 minutes one of the best comic book
    villains of all time is shoehorned into a climax, just for the sake of
    having one. The climax is so generic it comes across as anti-climactic
    as it never really surprises. All in all this film was a mess that
    ended poorly due to sporadic pacing, a lack of action and humor, and a
    generic plot and villain.

  • rockandhockeyAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Great Stars Diminished By Poor Plot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CRAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Better than advertised

    I’ll begin by saying that i heard nothing but Terrible things about
    this prior to seeing it. I was pleasantly surprised though. While by no
    means a classic, Fantastic Four is an above average film that is mildly
    entertaining. It doesn’t compare favorably to the recent work of
    Marvel, but it still does the job it needs to. It’s a nice origin story
    that will pave the way for a sequel. Unfortunately, comic book snobs
    are dragging the rating down. I’m sure that’s part of the reason that a
    brand new xD theater was only 20-25% full on opening day, but I enjoyed
    it and look forward to a (hopefully?) sequel. There are no standout
    performances, and it’s a bit campy at times, but it’s worth the money
    if you go into it with an open mind.

  • Mythos14August 7, 2015Reply

    Feels rushed and unfinished.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • travis mooreAugust 7, 2015Reply

    A decent film that could’ve been so much more , yet it will be teared to shreds because of it . It’s not that bad at all .

    OK this movie is getting a ton of hate . It is no were near that bad
    and I will go in saying it kicks the living crap out of the other 3
    attempts . Is the movie perfect … NO . But I enjoyed it and loved the
    body horror and science fiction feel of it . I also liked that it went
    pretty violent with some things(I’m tired of films cowering out ) . The
    cast did a decent job I really liked the relationship between reed and
    grim . I also liked that it actually felt like a movie about reed . The
    score was something I enjoyed . Now comes the bad the 2/3rd act just
    completely screws up and gets worse with a rushed up villain and final
    battle that was kinda fun but ended all of a sudden like wow that’s it
    ?!?!? Now I’m all honesty I would give this a 7/10 but I’m gonna be
    generous and give it an 8 , I think it’s a decent effort . And
    considering its controversy I’m gonna be positive and say I honestly
    really liked it . The ending made scratch my head yet I still walked
    out feeling ”hey I liked that even though it felt like a pilot” . The
    movie just needed to be about 20 minutes longer and it would’ve done a
    lot better I think . but hey I feel like what the movie good did good
    it did really good and what it did bad damaged it a bit . In all
    honesty the pacing is just awful what a shame this movie was almost
    great in my opinion .

  • Bhumitra NagarAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Awful! Its so bad.. you will want to pull your hair out

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wgbessemerAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Worst Marvel Movie to date

    It has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four story line. Everything was
    off none of the characters had anything to do with the character in the
    comic. Even how they got their powers wasn’t close to the comics. There
    was nothing good about this film and Stan Lee should be embarrassed
    that he allowed it to be filmed. If I were you please please wait until
    it comes out and view it on VUDU to rent and save yourself a ton of
    money. Don’t buy it because it is not worth that much. The movie does
    have some pretty good visual effects but if your a Marvel fan nothing
    will make you happy about this film. Additionally, all of the
    characters are young kids unlike the true story lines where they are
    pretty much established.

  • baileyboycAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Somehow F4’s worst installment

    I won’t give this movie 1/10 just for the hate, as there are some
    positive elements in the movie. Mostly in the action and also the fact
    that this is something different as to what we’ve seen before, and we
    briefly get glimpses of something that could have been great for this
    franchise, but as I said, it is brief and only a glimpse. there is a
    difference between potential and reality, and this movie had potential
    to be great, but in reality this is an awful installment to an already
    incredibly underwhelming set of movies.

    I’ll keep it short, as its really not worth delving into something that
    clearly had very little effort put into it. Almost nothing works in
    this movie. Comedy is atrocious, the drama is boring, the characters at
    some point in the movie do something completely uncharacteristic of
    what has been built up. The CGI is even appalling, no wonder Fox didn’t
    release the official budget of the movie to the public! It’s laughable.
    I will not spoil anything but Doom is possibly the worst villain I have
    ever seen in my life, yes I am aware Mr Freeze exists, and Jim Carreys
    riddler. In total this movie has very little to offer and it shouldn’t
    be a first priority of viewing this weekend, with such gems in theaters
    at the moment that would be much more entertaining. 3/10

  • Max van DongenAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four Isn’t Quite Fantastic

    Fantastic Four is directed by Chronicle’s Josh Trank and stars Miles
    Teller, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, and Kate Mara.

    This is the third attempt at a Fantastic Four film within the past
    decade. The first two films are major disappointments to say the least.
    When news surfaced about a new try at the superhero squad, I couldn’t
    help but get a little excited. Marvel fans had not seen a well done
    Fantastic Four movie yet. Fox-Marvel had just released a well received
    X-Men: Days of Future Past and it seems like the studio had everything
    together. With a talented cast and up and coming director working on
    the title, it looked as if fans would finally be treated to a good
    Fantastic Four movie.

    However, everything seemed to go completely wrong. Fantastic Four is
    without a doubt the worst superhero film I have ever seen. The film
    misses the mark on every element of a superhero flick.

    I was a little worried about this film after seeing how there is a ”4”
    in the title, which comes off trying to be creative. Adding a number in
    your title is not a good sign. It may sound like a good idea at first,
    but in reality it actually just messes up the title.

    Then news dropped that there were some major controversies behind the
    camera making this film. This is really present in this uninspired film
    because it appears that no one had fun at all making this film. All the
    actors in Fantastic Four look as if they just want to leave the set and
    be done with the project.

    A very important goal for a superhero flick should be to make the
    viewer want to be the title hero; just like a kid. This makes the
    audience interested in the character and care about what lies ahead for
    the protagonist. Some of the characters in this movie are so horribly
    developed that no possible interest is sparked in their story arch.

    Speaking of story arch, I don’t think there was a single one in this
    movie. No characters had to overcome anything or prove themselves. It
    is just skipped over completely by a ”1 year later” title. Why would
    they do that? They complete ignored how the characters felt about their
    powers. The closest the film comes to that is with the Thing. Sadly, it
    is not investigated enough for it to be a plot point.

    The movie fails horribly having no real story. It’s just one scene
    after the other of honestly nothing compelling whatsoever. The team
    obtains their powers and that’s what the main focus of this movie
    really is. It’s almost as if they forgot to add a threat to the movie.

    This leads to my next point, Dr. Doom. This villain is so horribly
    underdeveloped that it’s almost like he is just thrown into the movie
    randomly. There is no motive or logic behind why he wants destruction

    Fantastic Four is just a build up to an eventual sequel. Fox is so
    focused on having a strong money making franchise that they forget to
    make the movie actually watchable. The studio makes the mistake of not
    having a good beginning entry to the franchise to make an audience want
    to return to the world again in a sequel. It almost comes off as a
    parody with some horribly executed and terribly cheesy scenes. The film
    tries so hard to take itself seriously that its embarrassing. The movie
    was made just so Fox could keep the characters away from Marvel. No
    effort or care is put into the final product. It’s sad that Fox made
    that clearly obvious with this dull and uninteresting superhero movie.

    I thought it was impossible to make a superhero movie not fun, and
    Fantastic Four proves me wrong.

  • protc38August 7, 2015Reply

    Worst superhero movie of the decade so far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Thant Zaw WinAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Worst Marvel movie

    Totally ruined the franchise. Hollywood needs to step up on ”Race”
    issue with black cast doing the wrong Characters. Not being racist, but
    will it make sense if Lancelot, King Arthur’s man is an Asian?

    I’ve seen the samething in Cinderella & Thor. Black people at an old
    European setting and a black guardian for a Scandinavian God.

    Hollywood thinks putting black people in places where they don’t belong
    might draw the black audience, but it’s so wrong. As an Asian I feel
    weird to see Asians in Scandnavia or Aztec. It just doenst make sense.

    Come on Hollywood give the race issue a break. I can’t wait to see that
    stupid Star Wars with a black stormtrooper when it should be all white

  • KDCarsonAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Makes the two older movies look great by comparison

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • loveoo83-870-401552August 7, 2015Reply

    So sad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fabiolpinheiro1993August 7, 2015Reply

    One of the worst films ever, the worst comic book movie ever. The great cast it’s the saving grace of this film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abgkasjlkasjlaAugust 7, 2015Reply

    At the very end? More or less

    Four 20-something brilliant outsiders design and construct a working
    teleporter and use it to visit an alternate and dangerous universe,
    altering their physical form in shocking ways and leaves them with
    superpowers. They must learn to harness their new abilities and work
    together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

    This is a well-crafted film. Rating it a 1, as a third of all voters
    have so far, suggests you saw nothing of value in it, and, to me, is
    merely an emotionally charged overreaction. Don’t get me wrong. This
    has weaknesses. It’s *all* origin. You barely get to see the
    trailer-promised flight, fire-ball throwing, clobberin'(don’t get me
    started on the explanation given in this for that catchphrase…),
    elasticity, invisibility or forcefield creation and manipulation. Even
    less of them using it for anything other than getting better at them.
    And heroics? Less than I thought possible. The climactic fight is when
    they do turn on someone other than each other, and it’s over faster
    than you can compare it to that of an Iron Man flick. As far as comic
    adaptations go, this is also, by far, in a *long* time, the slowest,
    least funny and heaviest – one joke about how frequent speeches in this
    are doesn’t change the fact that, yeah, there are a ton, the
    promotional material wasn’t overselling that.

    Casting, acting and characterization are great. They look, sound and,
    most importantly, help define, their written and drawn counterparts.
    Well, Doom’s face is boring – why ditch the mask? Don’t even pretend it
    ain’t awesome. Still, The Thing(Bell, capturing the inherent tragedy)
    genuinely looks like someone covered the poor guy in glue and broke
    large rocks over his entire body. The claimed inspiration of The Fly
    and Scanners is easily seen here: it’s emotionally devastating to see
    the 4 with their bodies broken, as they unconsciously attempt to heal,
    only to further hurt and harm themselves. Granted, this would be more
    effective if they had started out less quiet, reserved and, as this
    whole thing is, gloomy, so they had further to go in that direction
    once they get these disabilities.

    There is some PG-13 violence and a little strong language in this. I
    recommend this to the bigger fans of the source material and format.

  • Konstantinos Koka KatikaridisAugust 7, 2015Reply

    whose fault was this?

    My main question after watching this $230 million film was:

    whose fault was it? How could i come out of the theater so frustrated?

    Let me start from the beginning: Coming in with no expectations
    what-so-ever and even looking past all the basic differences this film
    had compare to the comic books. I was surprisingly satisfied with the
    first part – otherwise known as ”the endless intro”. But that didn’t
    bother me. Naaah, not as much as the writing afterward did. Suddenly
    our heroes got their powers and hundreds of problems where popping up
    for them making it really hard for me to relate after ”bonding” with
    them that much in the first act. It just felt like 20 people had all
    suck their ideas into the directors face and he lost track of what was

    First major issue, government was a dick. sure they got what they
    deserved in the end, but destroyed the main characters friendship’s to
    a point of no return, and basically.. made you hate some of them.

    secondly, the ”one year later”… Why skip the best part of the
    previous film!?? if you ask me now, all i can remember of the 2005 film
    is the amazing scene where they learn how to use their abilities, and
    the famous ”flame on” that totally died in this film ( i know he said
    it, but it was just sad.) Also! What was Reed Richards building for a
    year? sure, we can assume he made a suit for him self and some other
    quantum machines from what we get to see, but ”poof” its all irrelevant
    2 minutes later, now his best friend Ben is a rock…DRAMA!!…

    third problem, the rushed ending. i would much rather have the dr doom
    battle in the second film if that meant having more time for the
    fantastic four to actually become the fantastic four!. Here’s a
    solution for you!: call it ”origins”or something, sick in a small- time
    battle and a few more classic ”getting famous” superhero scenes that we
    all love and you’re done BOOM! that simple. But nooo they had to
    awkwardly fight their way to ”friendship” in the last ten minutes of
    the film…(Sidenote: feels like they still kind of hate each other at
    the end of the film).

    And now here are some things i liked! I enjoyed miles teller in this
    film a lot! especially with his scruffy look, you could see he had done
    some research on his character, and i would have loved to see more of

    I loooooooved the Dr doom scene! awesome effects! amazing powers! and
    finally some vengeance on the government dicks!!.

    Finally I also feel like I cant really hate on the director because i
    loved his two previous films A LOT.

    In a tweed this week, defending him self, he said his original version
    would have been a lot better. Even though some of my problems with the
    film are quite big to fix with a ”directors cut”. I have to say that I
    my self, came out of the theater today thinking ‘this film has gone
    through some really obvious ”censorship”, And i do not mean typical
    censorship, I mean the classic Hollywood tweaks and changes of a
    directors original vision Censorship.’ And that is a shame So i want to
    believe that it is not his fault, and i am obviously still looking
    forward to his next film. Which brings me back to the beginning, still
    wondering.. ”whose fault was it?

    thanks for reading 🙂


  • Gray RemnantAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat it

    Well, it’s been a decade since Tim Story directed his utterly
    abominable rendition of Fantastic Four, and after ten years Twentieth
    Century Fox hasn’t learned a damn thing. Fantastic Four is back, and it
    sucks just as much as it did in 2005.

    Why? Because, once again, Fox has produced a film that has a promising
    start and quickly devolves into complete and total drivel. By the time
    the credits roll (if you haven’t walked out of the theater by then),
    you will understand the breadth of this film’s colossal failure.

    Let me start out by saying that the first half of this film is quite
    decent. I walked into the theater with very low expectations, and after
    the first 50 minutes had elapsed, I was mildly impressed with what had
    transpired. The acting was solid, the dialogue was well written, and
    the story was building in a direction that I thought was very

    But, once the third act begins, this movie takes a polarizing turn for
    the worse. All the acting becomes subnormal, the dialogue turns cheesy,
    and the story becomes a series of loud noises and flashing lights with
    no discernible point or purpose. Like the 2005 version, the final
    battle scene is an embarrassing waste of time that lacks any cohesion
    or structure. It is the proverbial definition of a train that has
    officially gone off the rails, fallen off a cliff, sunken into a tar
    pit, and exploded in an atomic fireball of ruinous failure.

    But how did Fox mess up, yet again, for the third time in a row? Why
    was the third time not the charm? Because they didn’t learn from their
    mistakes the first time around. And he who does not learn from his
    mistakes is doomed to repeat them over and over again. What was the
    mistake? It was the hiring of an incompetent director.

    Most comic book movie catastrophes can be traced back to one,
    inevitable source: a bad director with no vision and no idea of what
    he/she is doing. Who is the culprit this time around? That would be
    Josh Trank, a director who has a vast and impressive resume of timeless
    classics; and by that I mean a director who made Chronicle (a film with
    an impressive build-up and a horrifyingly awful finale) and nothing
    else. And guess what? Fantastic Four (2015) is a film with an
    impressive build-up and a horrifyingly awful finale. Sound familiar?

    But it’s not just Trank; there’s an underlying trend to be found here.
    The 2005 rendition of Fantastic Four (as well as its horrible sequel in
    2007) was made by Tim Story, another man with an impressive resume to
    boast. He created such classics as Barbershop and Taxi, and by
    ‘classics’ I mean ridiculous crap-fest films with no positive
    attributes. See the trend? Bad directors often make bad films. Who
    would have guessed?

    Which brings us to the topic of X-Men. Remember how good X-Men and X2
    were? They were awesome. That’s because they were directed by Bryan
    Singer, who made The Usual Suspects, which was one of the best films
    ever made. Remember how nauseatingly awful X-Men: The Last Stand was?
    That’s because it was directed by Brett Ratner, who made Rush Hour,
    which was a forgettable, mediocre piece of trash. In fact, The Last
    Stand was so bad that they had to rehire Bryan Singer to direct a movie
    that completely and totally negated the horrifying events that happened
    in Ratner’s abomination of a film.

    What I’m trying to say here is that the ‘make or break’ for most comic
    book films lies in the director, and if there’s one thing Twentieth
    Century Fox is really good at, it’s picking terrible directors for
    their comic book films (again, with exception to Bryan Singer). Why is
    Fantastic Four (2015) about as terrible as Fantastic Four (2005)?
    Because Tim Story and Josh Trank are both in the same boat. They’re
    both terrible directors, and they were both employed by Fox to direct
    terrible films.

    The most damning thing about Fantastic Four (2015) is the fact that it
    suffers from almost every negative aspect of the original (minus the
    excessive campiness). It has all the same hallmarks: an underdeveloped
    villain, a lack of structure, and a finale that I could have slept
    through had I not been tasked with writing this review. Oh, and did I
    mention the CGI is absolutely awful? It looks like they either made it
    with a 1 million dollar budget, or it was just simply unfinished.
    Either way, the graphics are dated, and it doesn’t help this film’s

    I think now we can officially conclude that Fox is incapable of making
    a successful Fantastic Four movie. They’ve had three chances, and
    they’ve struck out. I think it’s fair to say that they now have two
    options: either give the rights back to Marvel, or hire Bryan Singer to
    direct Fantastic Four 2. Otherwise, we’re just going to see the same
    rubbish time and time again.

  • Reuben CherianAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Watch This Movie. It is not a Superhero Movie. It is a Science Fiction movie and an awesome one at that.

    So I saw Fantastic Four yesterday and….. WHY IS THIS MOVIE GETTING SO
    MUCH HATE?!?! I don’t get it! but I think I have a theory. People are
    going in the theatre with the expectation of a Marvel movie. Please DO
    NOT compare this movie with your typical Marvel movie. This movie is
    NOT a Superhero movie. It is one of the most intriguing SCIENCE FICTION
    movies I have seen till date. Please do not read the negative reviews
    about this movie. The acting was amazing (So were the acting choices).
    The script was good. The best part was the build up to the end. One of
    the best origin movies for a group of gifted individuals teaming up
    together. I can’t tell too much about this movie because it would spoil
    the direction in which this movie went. Hats off to the director Josh
    Trank. I don’t care how much of a careless individual he is portrayed
    to be by the Movie News, his film making skills are top notch to me.
    And the direction he takes this franchise in is shocking. Some of his
    choices will make you think, ”Yeah.. This totally makes sense”. The
    only downfall this movie has is its CGI. In some areas it wasn’t great.
    But other than that it was plain awesome! So again.. DO NOT watch this
    movie expecting a Marvel Superhero movie. It is NOT. It is undoubtedly
    a SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE. And wipe every memory of what you have of the
    previous instalments of this comic book franchise.

  • anjali-mohindraAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Interesting but deeply flawed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • robhartjrAugust 7, 2015Reply

    One of the worst movies of any genre in the past 100 years.

    I knew this movie was going to bomb from the moment I saw the teasers
    and all of the trailers. It just had this B movie vibe. Not the ‘so bad
    its good’ vibe either. But even so I still had this small glimmer of
    hope that it would be good. I went to see it. I was right. It was
    horrible. I think this is the last you’ll see of the Fantastic Four in
    at least 20 years. The cinematography was amateurish throughout. This
    movie looked like a college project movie in the 90s that was an
    exercise in practicing new CGI elements. But don’t think that I’m
    saying the CGI was good. It wasn’t. Everything looked just awkward and
    bland. The Thing was entirely CGI in a bad way. I’m all for giving new
    actors chances to shine. But every single one of these actors and
    actresses not only bored me and the audience of the packed theater I
    was in, but truth be told, they all looked like forgettable faces. It
    was awkward throughout. The script seemed mixed up. The characters had
    no chemistry with each other and no appeal for the viewers. Also, the
    horrible casting of the ‘token black guy’ as the Human Torch was a huge
    step in the wrong direction. The actor playing him was just boring and
    his attempts at trying to seem like a tough guy made me roll my eyes.
    Again, the visuals were just ehhhh. I took my phone out halfway through
    the movie and began surfing the internet, something I absolutely loath
    to see people do during movies and have never done myself, until this
    movie. But I saw that at least 10 other people were doing similar
    things out of boredom from the movie. At least 20 people, including
    families with young kids walked out of the movie. I could have walked
    out but the fact that I paid to see the movie made me stay. It was the
    feeling of being in detention back in grade school. Its such a shame
    since the Fantastic Four is one of the more beloved comic book super
    heroes yet they’ve found it impossible to make a good movie adaptation
    of them. Maybe one day. This is one of the few movies were I agree 100%
    with the critics. This movie is bad. I’m just warning you. Its not
    good. At all. Go see Ant Man or Mission Impossible 5 instead.

  • xarispAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Worst Marvel movie I’ve ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CleveMan66August 8, 2015Reply

    ”Fantastic Four” is anything but.

    The early 1960s was a pivotal time for Marvel Comics and ”The Fantastic
    Four” was a big part of that. In 1961, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby both
    created an image, a personality and a system of collaborative comic
    development (the ”Marvel Method”) which became standard for Marvel.
    These big changes came about as Lee and Kirby developed ”The Fantastic
    Four” (although which of these men deserves more of the credit for FF
    is still in dispute over 50 years later). Invented in response to the
    popularity of the ”Justice League of America” superhero team at DC
    Comics (at the time called National Periodical Publications),
    ”Fantastic Four” developed with unusual characteristics for a superhero
    team. This group of three men and one woman were ordinary people who
    each simultaneously gained their own extraordinary powers due to
    radiation exposure. Unlike other superheroes (including the Justice
    League), Fantastic Four don’t have hideouts or secret identities and
    were a team from the beginning, but a team made up of flawed
    individuals who argue, hold grudges and have trouble working together.
    In all this, they’re like a family, which makes them more relatable and
    likely contributes to the popularity of their series of adventures.

    ”Fantastic Four” (PG-13, 1:40) is a reboot following the perceived
    disappointing performance of the 2005 and 2007 films about the
    superhero team. (I guess $619 million in worldwide grosses doesn’t buy
    what it used to.) As a reboot, this version has a completely new cast
    (so long, Jessica Alba and company) and, of course serves as another
    origin story. It IS original, but it really isn’t much of a story.

    The central character and eventual de facto leader of the Fantastic
    Four is Reed Richards (Miles Teller). As a child, he invented a
    teleportation machine in his parents’ garage with the help of his best
    friend, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell). The device works, but Reed and Ben
    aren’t sure where it sends the objects that they’re able to make
    disappear (and firing the thing up also blacks out an entire city
    block). Later, as high school seniors, they demonstrate the latest
    version of the machine at a science fair. They’ve learned to bring
    objects back (with the only casualty being a basketball backboard), but
    the guys still don’t know where these objects go. Nevertheless, their
    invention attracts the attention of Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey)
    and his adopted daughter, Susan (Kate Mara). Doctor Storm invites Reed
    to work with him and Susan at the Baxter Foundation, where they’re
    working on a larger version of Reed’s machine. They’re all soon joined
    by Storm’s brilliant, but selfish and aloof protégé, Victor von Doom
    (Toby Kebbell), and Storm’s rebellious son, Johnny (Michael B. Jordan),
    all working for Dr. Harvey Allen (Tim Blake Nelson). Storm convinces
    Dr. Allen and the rest of the Baxter team that this group of ”kids” (as
    he calls them) are the ones to finally make their machine (the ”Quantum
    Gate”) work… and make everyone lots of money.

    Of course, this group does make the machine work. They successfully
    send a chimpanzee to what turns out to be a parallel dimension and they
    bring him back safe and sound. Since this new-found… place looks on
    their cameras like some other planet (and they’re all hoping to find
    new sources of energy there), Allen wants to call in NASA to take over
    the project. The guys get drunk and decide that they deserve to be the
    first humans to try out the machine. Reed calls in his long-time
    partner, Ben, to join him, Johnny and Victor on their brief but
    incredible voyage. While tentatively exploring this newly-discovered
    dimension, they do find a new source of energy, but it promptly begins
    exploding out of the ground and comes after them. One of them falls
    into the glowing green goop and the others barely make it back, with
    the help of Sue, whom they left in the rear with the gear. This
    ill-advised mission ends with all of them, including Sue, overdosing on
    radiation and each developing different superhero-like powers. Now they
    have to learn to harness abilities like stretching the human body to
    freaky new dimensions, becoming invisible and creating powerful energy
    shields, transforming into a human torch and becoming a super-strong
    hulking pile of rocks. Naturally, their ultimate goal is to figure out
    how to reverse these mutations, but the Baxter Foundation has other
    ideas, as does a powerful evil force that this gang of four unwittingly
    unleashes on our beloved three-dimensional earth.

    ”Fantastic Four”… isn’t. Although the movie puts much of the Fantastic
    Four folklore on display and does so with creative aplomb, the end
    result is kind of a mess. The script is practically non-sensical when
    it comes to the setting (a parallel dimension that looks like earth
    from billions of years ago?) to the reasoning for exploration (just
    assuming that this new dimension will yield new energy sources??) to
    Dr. Stone’s assurances (with all the brilliant scientific minds on the
    planet, all he needs for his project are a bunch of overachieving teens
    and 20-somethings???)! Besides all that (and more – I could go on… and
    on), this movie features probably the least-charismatic,
    least-believable cast ever assembled for a superhero movie and puts
    them through their paces in about the least-inspiring way imaginable.
    Not only is ”Fantastic Four”, Version 2015, decidedly un-fantastic,
    it’s barely passable as entertainment. ”C-”

  • bigblack2009August 8, 2015Reply

    This make the first movies looks so good

    Worst superhero movie of all time. And don’t say we didn’t warn you.
    Josh Trank messed up with Marvel’s first heroes from the moments he
    touched them. An horrible cast, horrible plot and horrible CGI screw up
    what were once incredible characters. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of
    the Fantastic Four and the whole movie is a useless bunch of scenes
    ripoff from Insugernt, Ender’s Game, Halo and (surprise) Chronicle.
    These are not the Fantastic Four we know and love and it’s not even a
    good movie perse. Give the rights back to Marvel if you’re not interest
    in making a proper movie. Like Constantine, Elektra, Batman & Robin,
    Dragon Ball Evolution and many other messed-up, this movie shows off
    once again that you can’t just screw up the original source like you
    are better than them. If you’re not interest in Fantastic Four neither
    you know them at all then don’t make a Fantastic Four movie in the
    first place. And like I said, even if it hasn’t the name of F4, this
    movie would be absolutely horrible, boring and just cheap everywhere.
    Save your money.

  • hidariryuIAugust 8, 2015Reply

    If you are a FF fan you will love it. Don’t take it out on Trank because of Fox

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FilmMuscleAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Careers Are At Stake Here!

    Fantastic Four has had one of the most controversial, fascinating
    behind-the-scenes stories in recent years, and it seems like nothing
    but negativity has followed the production to its end. Critics and
    audiences alike are now completely ripping the film apart, but–in my
    opinion–for some of the wrong reasons. Many apparently just expected
    another fun, endlessly humorous superhero movie (with boring non-stop
    action) as if there aren’t enough of those. Director Josh Trank had the
    right idea to implement some more refreshingly unique elements into the
    superhero genre though. Fantastic Four starts out its first five
    minutes introducing us to Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm
    (Jamie Bell) in their childhood where their friendship truly sprouted.
    Seven years later, and these kids are now teenagers working on a fairly
    interesting science fair project that apparently irritates the school’s
    administration more than impresses them with its ability to teleport
    small objects. I mean, who wouldn’t scoff at those ”pure magic tricks,”

    From there, Richards and Grimm’s lives take a wild turn when they’re
    recruited by a professor named Franklin Storm who runs a government-
    funded research institute. His daughter, Sue Storm (Kate Mara), and he
    run into this school demonstration and invite them to participate in a
    scientific experiment that could fully envision interdimensional
    travel. That’s when every major character, at some point or another,
    runs into each other and the real journey begins. The movie very
    concisely takes us through all of their introductions and the fateful
    meeting. In fact, this first third of the film is grounded in science
    and is utterly focused on exploring the sci-fi origins of the property.
    Geniuses are conversing about compelling scientific theories and
    concepts, and several montages detailing the experiment’s progress

    However, after their expedition into another dimension goes terribly
    awry, the four friends wake up to sheer horror (their bodies have been
    horrifically mutated and their physical abilities frighteningly
    enhanced). At that point, Fantastic Four immediately turns into a cool
    body-horror movie where the superheroes painfully struggle with what
    their newfound powers have transformed them into: total monstrosities.
    Richards’ limbs are stretching six feet forward, and an ominous score
    hits. (That’s surely a new take on a genre that’s been growing
    increasingly stale–the wait for Batman v. Superman is frankly
    unbearable). We even witness an eerie introduction to Dr. Doom in his
    full villainous form as he walks down a facility hallway—dim lights
    flashing—and blood thereafter lines the walls. The demon’s pressurizing
    force and telekinesis faculty ruptures the soldiers’ heads into gory
    stains. Honestly, the entire sequence made for a boldly gritty scene in
    a big-budget PG-13 film. So, when moviegoers criticize it for lacking
    fun and humor, I frustratingly think to myself, ”is humor now part of
    this firmly defined criteria for a superhero movie?” It doesn’t need to
    be ”fun” if the tone is going for something far more intriguing and

    Now, how could a film with such a promising start turn into such a
    comical, cheesy mess by its climax? When you take yourself so seriously
    as a movie and set yourself in a creepy, haunting atmosphere where
    you’re battling with the unpredictability of science and then, all of a
    sudden, turn into a generic CGI-infested superhero movie by the last
    twenty minutes–that’s when you really deserve to be called a disaster.
    That, in essence, is the problem: there are so many tonal shifts that
    you have no idea what the overall vision of the film even entails. At
    first, it’s a Sci-fi feature about youthful inventions and imagination.
    Then, it turns into an incredibly dark and bloody horror film, and
    then, once everyone realizes they only have 25 minutes to conclude the
    story, there comes the pressure to finally end on the typical superhero

    Continue the review at:

  • Daniel James TylerAugust 8, 2015Reply

    A Total Dud

    This film is not based on the ”fantastic four” of the comic books – it
    is more based on ”X men” – so everything or mostly everything is
    irrelevant to the ORIGINAL Fantastic Four. The Film starts slow.. too

    The action, characters, acting, and directing is very sub par. This
    entire film does not make much sense. The first two films were decent
    to sub decent. But this ”reboot” (as if we need to know how they become
    ”super heroes”) is just boring. Not worth seeing, or even renting.

    This film should have been titled by another name .. like ”Fantastic X
    men”, even though, one character is female. We will not be carrying
    this film on our Film Libraries (with good, or ”bad” reasons)..

  • kobold-23August 8, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four is a Fantastic fail flick

    This is the new Fantastic Four movie:

    Invisible box office

    Director was a Thing on set.

    Critics are torching this flick.

    Elastic excuses.

    So, Fox finally meets its Doom and ”tranks” definitely.

    The good: Actors were solid. The first half isn’t actually bad. The
    sci-fi and horror mix could work. It had potential and good ideas.

    The bad: Second half was directed by someone else, it was rushed, lazy.
    Effects were downright laughable, coming from something that only
    Asylum could do. Way too much exposition. Pacing was off. Bad
    execution, terrible finale. Final fight was 3 minutes long.

  • bella20777-345-151674August 8, 2015Reply

    theater no rental yes

    Went to the theater to see, now i regret it. Safe bet is to just wait
    tell it comes out to rent on DVD. The plot was very week did not really
    see one for the most part. Not a lot of action in the movie tell the
    last half hr if that even. There where sections of the film where i was
    confused to why they even put those parts in the film, there was no
    point. felt like the director was trying to find things to put in the
    film, probably because he had no say in the plot. the film also had an
    atmosphere of self loathing i could not get past. i only gave it a 4
    because i have this sense of loyalty to all my superheroes even the
    ones in this movie. 4/10

  • regula1August 8, 2015Reply

    Craptastic Bore? No. Shining Beacon of a Reboot? Also No…

    I’ll be honest with you: I REALLY wanted to love this movie going into
    it. I loved the first Fantastic Four film from 2005 and was
    disappointed at its sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer. After seeing
    this new one, instead of feeling elation at a great reboot, I just feel
    empty. However, I don’t see a reason to throw my drink against a wall
    and rage at a wasted cost of admission either.

    The four main characters have gone back to high school as compared to
    their more mature counterparts in the original film. Reed Richards, the
    super smart nerd who no one will listen to, befriends at age 7 Ben
    Grimm, an abused but loyal bodyguard. Together, they create a gateway
    to a world in an alternate dimension.

    This somehow loses them the high school science fair (guess some
    teachers don’t react well to teleportation), but attracts the attention
    of Dr. Abram Storm, biological father of Johnny and adopted father of
    Sue (this shows how lazy the writing was in how to explain why Sue is
    white and Johnny is black; literally, the explanation is Reed asking
    Sue ”You adopted?” and sue going ”Yeah.” And that’s all we get.)

    These four, along with soon to be enemy Victor von Doom, also a kid,
    but older than the four, will travel to this alternate dimension, where
    they will get their powers and become the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom
    (except neither of these phrases is ever said.)

    As far as a story goes, it falls short as an origin story because more
    than half the film is devoted to showing how they get their powers but
    not even five minutes to showing them develop their powers. Also, Dr.
    Doom, the main nemesis, shows up so late in the film it feel like it
    was tacked on to give the film a reason for being. Finally, the ending
    is virtually copy and pasted from Avengers: Age of Ultron (if you’ve
    seen it, you can already imagine what it looks like.)

    This is not to say that as a superhero movie it doesn’t fulfill its
    main purpose of being a fun escape for 90 minutes or so. In fact, it
    has many attributes that make it a decent movie. However, the problem
    is that we consciously recognize those elements as being from other,
    much better films.

    In the end, I would say that the trash talk going around is from super
    comic book fanatics throwing a temper tantrum. It is a good movie, go
    see it.

    Just don’t think too hard.

  • Joe LevonianAugust 8, 2015Reply

    If only the movie were as good as the shorts for it.

    I would like to find out how I get my money back and the 2 hours of my
    life that have disappeared. I’ve given many movies scores on IMDb from
    9/10 to 2/10, but have never written a review before.

    My fellow IMDb readers, please save your money and your time. The best
    analogy I can give you to describe this movie is that you go to a steak
    restaurant and all you get to eat is boiled white rice. Did it fill the
    time you while you were there? Sure, it did, but it lacked any flavour,
    any taste and any enjoyment you thought you were going to get.

    Go to your local streaming provider and re watch the originals, you’ll
    be glad you did that instead of this!

  • thegamecrewofxboxAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Hand it over to Marvel Studios

    This movie is possibly one of the worst films of all time. I was so
    surprised when I heard they were making a fantastic four reboot. I
    shouldn’t have been so positive. This makes Fantastic Four Rise of the
    Silver Surfer feel like the best movie of all time.The movie is poorly
    written and is too short. The team has 0 chemistry. The acting is OK,
    but could’ve been better. The final battle is awful. It is over way too
    fast. Fox needs to stop trying to make a good ff movie. They need to go
    the Sony route and sign with Marvel Studios. That is the only way it
    can be saved. Do not waste your money on this movie. I REPEAT DO NOT

  • Henry MorrisAugust 8, 2015Reply

    So much potential…

    *Sigh* So in my mind I thought the movie had at least SOME potential to
    become an enjoyable action- superhero movie like Marvel studios have
    been rolling out like a factory, BUT NO! this movie SUCKED! If you’re a
    fan, go see it, if you want something to pass time, go count grains of
    sand, because instead of me being on the edge of my seat and filled
    with excitement, I sat and waited, and waited, and waited for SOMETHING

    I probably checked my watch fifty+ times, because it’s too slow, the
    proportion of action to plot development is about 1/4!

    This movie can’t even pass time, it just feels like a jumbled mess. The
    Third Act of the movie was like some mini boss, sad for a villain that
    is one of the most powerful in the marvel universe. If you’ve seen
    trailers or the movie, you’ve probably seen the Robo-Freddy Kruger
    thing that they call ”Dr.Doom”, and it just sucks. It looks like they
    took a third-graders concept art for a super villain, and said ‘sure,
    why not, looks good!’

    I have no idea where that money went considering the atrocious CG on
    Mr.Fantastic, the obvious use of teen-aged Caesar for the test ape, the
    lack of action, and the heroes BARELY showing their powers.

    *Sigh* So, in conclusion, this film is worthless and I only hope Fox
    doesn’t do this with the next fant4stic , X-men: Apocalypse, and dear
    god don’t do this this with Deadpool.

  • Azlan LewisAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Let’s take 50 years of comics and re-write it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andreyrmon-904-21408August 8, 2015Reply

    It’s painfully awful

    It lacks all the emotion a team of super-powered beings must have. Is
    catastrophically awful, is a story that never really starts, and the
    actors look like they don’t care anymore after the first 15 minutes.
    And the direction is a complete mess. Trank keeps trying to rip off
    Akira and maybe the first time it worked but this time… He failed
    miserably. I was trying to see it like a sci-fi movie without the
    concept of the superhero archetype, but c’mon the movie isn’t at least
    a good sci-fi movie. The thing with no ”thing” is ridiculous, the
    effects look cheap for nowadays standards. Just don’t waste your money
    and time giving this a chance, if something tells the ratings is that
    if a movie is any good it gets good reviews if it is awful it gets what
    it deserves from the critics, that’s all; some people that live in
    constant negation think on conspiracy theories to explain low ratings.
    But no this time the consensus is that the movie needs to be erased
    from human kind memory.

  • subxerogravityAugust 8, 2015Reply

    It’s a lot better if you don’t know anything about the comic book superheroes.

    So I just herd that similar to the Roger Corman’s unreleased version of
    the Fantastic Four, this movie was made so that Fox could hold on to
    the Marvel Characters, and I assume, just like that movie they rush
    into production, which is very noticeable.

    I’m still a champion of casting Micheal B. Jordan as the human Torch.
    He was the right fit and did great with what he was given, which was
    not much. With that said, I feel he may have been the first domino
    knocked over that lead to a series of events that made this far
    different than the comic book it was based on.

    I understand the need to update a story written in 1961 for a audience
    far more knowledgeable about things and that like to see superheroes
    more grounded to Earth, but what I saw here showed some lack of respect
    for the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.

    Miles Teller walked the walked but did not talk the talk. I feel sorry
    for Jamie Bell because his version of the Thing only proves that
    Michael Chiklis nailed it in the 2005 adaption of the movie.

    As a movie, especially a superhero movie, the big problem is that we
    wait too long for the superheroes to show up and do something. By the
    time they do show up and do something we lost interest in anything they
    were doing.

    I’m… satisfied with the actors in the role, but feel the story does
    not allow them to be the Fantastic Four. I understand this is an origin
    story, but even in Iron Man, we knew what type of person Tony Stark was
    before he put on the suit, and he was an interesting person. With the
    Fantastic Four, none of these guys could keep my interest for the whole
    movie, I just stopped caring.

    The movie feels more like a pilot episode for an upcoming TV show,
    especially with it’s very short running time, which I can’t complain
    about, but I did feel sort of jipped, like I went to a defected theater
    that accidentally left out a huge chuck of the picture.

    Dr. Doom now holds the crown as the worse villain in a superhero movie.
    I known he’s the group’s archenemy, but his whole appearance feels like
    they are force feeding him to us for no real reason. It’s not uncommon
    for these marvel movies to have weakly done antagonist, but once again
    this Dr. Doom shows a complete lack of respect for the original

    I will give the movie credit for it’s visual effects. The scene were
    the team gets their powers is actual really cool. I could feel the pain
    and discomfort as Reed Richards body stretches for the first time.

    But overall, I know society still does not view comic books on the
    level as say a Steven King or JK Rowling Novel, but the reason this
    movie is so corny is because the filmmakers felt they could do whatever
    they wanted with these icons and no one would care. Maybe it’s not all
    their fault, this is the third attempt to adapt Marvel’s first
    superhero team, and each time it gets cornier. Third time is not the

  • Danger R. OusAugust 8, 2015Reply

    As Far As Superheroes Movies are Concerned, This Movies BAD, Very BAD.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lott444August 8, 2015Reply

    Like a reel was missing or something

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mr_bickle_the_pickleAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Better than the 2005 version, still a long way to go

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four (2015)

    The third might be the good one. No. It wasn’t. Fantastic Four (2015)
    ended up being a boring film with an insipid and uninteresting
    screenplay. The young age of the characters indicates the fact that
    this version of Fantastic Four was inspired on Ultimate universe from
    Marvel Comics, something which isn’t bad at all. Under Warren Ellis’
    imaginative hand, the comic was hugely entertaining due to the likable
    interaction between the young scientists, the huge ”science out of
    control” acts continuously committed by Reed Richards and the creative
    villains who occasionally attacked them. However, this new
    cinematographic incarnation of the quartet doesn’t explore the
    potential of the premise, and it prefers to stay on the safe road of
    quite a tedious ”origin story”, with a bit of action on the ending in
    order to justify some elaborated special effects which don’t inspire
    any excitement, and even less the sensation we are watching a comic in
    real life. On the positive side, Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Michael B.
    Jordan bring solid performances as Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Johnny
    Storm, respectively. On the other side of the coin, Jamie Bell feels
    insipid and lacking of conviction as Ben Grimm, and Toby Kebbell isn’t
    able to evoke any threat as Victor Von Doom. Besides, the screenplay of
    Fantastic Four (2015) is full of problems, such as the fact that the
    scientific ”geniuses” become idiots when the story needs some drama; I
    will refrain myself from mentioning the long list of stupidities and
    inconsistencies which happen during the trans-dimensional excursion
    (besides, they would be many spoilers), and during the ”Big Boss”’s
    childish plan. Despite everything, I could notice the effort made by
    director Josh Trank to find a middle point between realism and the
    ”cosmic” topics of the comic; however, he didn’t have enough audacity
    (or permission from the executives) to display a more ambitious vision
    without sacrificing the energy and spirit of the original material.
    But, well… that’s what happens when a studio decided to ”improve” the
    characters it bought many years ago, and doesn’t know what to do with
    them. To be fair, it’s difficult to find a modern angle in this
    creation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, established under the innocent
    ideals of a more optimistic decade. However, after two previous
    attempts to take it to the big screen (three, if we count the 1994
    movie which only exists in pirate version, because it has never been
    officially released), it would be logical to think that the producers
    have learned from the mistakes of the past, and they would now be able
    to offer us a more mature and intelligent product, without losing the
    factor of humor and amusement… something more ”Marvel”, going
    straight to the point. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that; like many of
    Reed Richards’ experiments, Fantastic Four (2015) had good intentions,
    but ended up failing, teleporting us to the time in which superhero
    movies used to be tedious and bland. I really doubt the fact someone
    will attempt to continue this franchise, and I only hope it returns to
    the hands of Marvel’s in order to finally have a faithful and
    interesting version of this legendary comic (I will be left satisfied
    just with ”interesting”). After all, I’m not losing my hope of watching
    the authentic Galactus threatening the Earth. Or the grotesque Harvey
    Elder destroying Manhattan to seduce Sue Storm. That might be the key
    to have a good Fantastic Four film: setting it during the ’60s, when
    its subjects of unity and family dysfunction were socially relevant,
    and the psychedelic enemies perfectly fit into the cultural
    ”zeitgeist”. But that will never happen; comics are broken, and only
    Hollywood knows how to fix them. At least inside their imagination.

  • rgkarimAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Not So Fantastic Four

    Seems like superhero movies are taking over the theaters this year, as
    we get our third tale of heroic comic book characters in the span of
    three months. After Marvel’s last adventure about three weeks ago, I
    was hoping for the same type of magic in the latest retelling of the
    Fantastic Four. The trailers didn’t paint a pretty picture, but hope
    still remained that Marvel had gotten the formula right this time. What
    was the verdict? As always, please read on to find out.

    I guess I should start out with the truth, this movie was not that
    good, and perhaps one of the weaker superhero movies in a while. Let’s
    start with the story. The beginning of the film wasn’t too bad, a fun
    and slightly humorous introduction to our protagonists. The background
    story was realistic, and had some good team building moments, though it
    was a bit dull. Then comes the incident. It’s been a while since I
    reviewed the Fantastic Four lore, but this movie centers on the theme
    of our team set on traversing across the space- time continuum to an
    alternate dimension. And like always, a sudden, and very conventional
    set of circumstances happen that leads our team to developing powers.
    Now I’m not caught up on the dimension thing, but the delivery was
    horrible as the circumstances suddenly just happen. This hasty mess of
    loud noises and bright flashes, led to a rapid, chaotic, and rather
    cheesy transition into their familiar forms. And from there it only got
    worse, the plot continued to spiral downward as a hasty culmination of
    shallow plots. To me it seemed like they couldn’t settle on where to
    take the story, and mashed things together to cover their bases and
    give an excuse for action. It didn’t work, the details were all in a
    frenzy and shallower than a kiddie pool and incredibly disappointing.
    No training, no coming to grip with powers, not even a legitimate
    introduction to the villain, only a boring mess of half-hearted scenes
    whose only use was to show off the special effects.

    Speaking of special effects, Fantastic Four has some decent CGI work,
    though nowhere near the best. Our groups powers were nicely animated,
    each well edited into the real time acting to give a smooth transition
    from actor to super actor. In particular, the Thing looked much better
    from the earlier counterpart in the fact that he didn’t look like a
    latex covered linebacker, though he didn’t look much better. And Reed
    Richard’s stretch power was a little stiff and exaggerated, but
    surprisingly some of the best action. Speaking of action, this movie
    was not that good in the action department either. Sure the animation
    for the powers was decent, but the action was just as disorganized as
    the story. Our heroes primarily used their powers in quick shots, often
    a quick sequence to show the ”struggles” of training or mindlessly
    destroying some military equipment. When the epic finale hit, there was
    not much improvement, with a little strategy amidst the flashy display
    of computer generated powers. A shame they didn’t study the work of
    previous Marvel movies that were successful.

    Acting wise the movie isn’t that good either, most of the time our
    group lacks any emotion in their dialogue and when they finally do get
    emotional they go overboard. Most of it is shouting, or very sad
    attempts at crying, that tried to show they had a side outside of their
    intellectual side. Surprisingly the emotion came when they were trying
    to reason with everyone, which often calls for logic not emotion to be
    successful. Silly directors. And Doom’s character, especially after the
    event, was very dry, monotone, and much different from the evil genius
    we have come to know. The best character for this reviewer , was the
    Dr. Storm (Reg. E. Cathey) who was the best balance of intellect and
    emotion in the movie, which wasn’t hard to do.

    So what did I actually like from this movie? We start with the musical
    score, a nice symphony of instruments that helped add a little spark of
    life to this rather mundane movie. The generic tracks they designed
    have some emotional drive to them, and I’m always a fan of the scores
    that represent a new frontier to explore. The second aspect is that
    they did get the movie done in under two hours and minimized my
    suffering through this picture, though perhaps this could have been the
    factor that caused it to be rushed in the first place. Finally the
    lovely Kate Mara was a good component to this movie, her acting a
    little awkward at times, but her beauty as a blonde was nice to see on
    the big screen. Props have to go out to the costume department as well,
    whose costumes and makeup mostly brought the characters to life.

    Fantastic Four is a series that struggles to get a real life
    adaptation. I applaud the team for trying, but Marvel needs to go back
    to the drawing board for this series. If a sequel is in the works, they
    need to do some serious homework to right the wrongs they made. This
    reviewer cannot recommend seeing this installment, and encourages you
    to check out Antman instead. If you are looking for a movie this
    weekend, you need to lean towards the Gift or Shaun The Sheep instead,
    whose reviews are mostly positive.

    My scores are: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi: 5.0 Movie Overall: 4.5

  • taylorhammonsAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Where to begin??

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • www-thecheetah107August 8, 2015Reply

    Fantastic… In Only a Few Senses of the Word

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • coolmojo2August 8, 2015Reply


    Since it was announced, Fantastic Four has been the subject of media
    scrutiny and overwhelmingly negative reception from hardcore fans of
    the series and the general public. Everything from Michael B. Jordan’s
    casting as the Human Torch to director Josh Trank’s on-set troubles,
    which included showing up to work both drugged out and late, as well as
    reportedly verbally abusing Kate Mara to the point where she cried, had
    given the film a bad reputation several months before it was to be
    released. It’s a surprise the film even made it to cinemas on time
    considering the massive amounts of reshoots that supposedly took place
    after the film had already completed principal photography. Those
    reshoots were completely for naught, however, because nothing, except
    perhaps Trank’s original vision for the film, could have saved this
    trainwreck of a reboot, which was only made to prevent Marvel from
    obtaining the rights. It goes without saying that this film will be
    studied for years to come, but not because of what went right, but
    because of what went so terribly wrong.

    The film tells the tale of the Fantastic Four, a group of young 20-
    somethings who crack inter-dimensional travel and acquire superpowers
    when they travel to this alternate dimension (known as Planet Zero) and
    are exposed to its elements. Simple? Not quite. Nearly the entire film
    is devoted to exposition and as so, we are given countless scenes that
    fail to push the film forward. This scenes try to explain the film’s
    science and develop the film’s characters, but instead end up making
    the film’s story feel muddled and dull. In fact, the expository
    dialogue is so clunky that even though the main actors try to do their
    best what has been given to them by Trank and co-writers Jeremy Slater
    and Simon Kinberg (who wrote the actually fantastic X-Men: Days of
    Future Past), they only amplify its clunkiness. Because the film
    attempts to be as serious as possible, he attempts at humor end up
    falling short and I only chuckled once or twice during the film’s
    100-minute runtime. The film’s biggest grievance, however, is how
    pedestrian it truly is. Every single story beat has been spoiled by the
    trailers and therefore, the film falls to trite predictability.

    The only thing that keeps the film watchable is the cast, despite that
    none of them even approach the level of success they have had on
    previous productions. The quite underrated Jamie Bell is perhaps the
    best member of the team as Ben Grimm. Unfortunately, he also gets the
    least screen time of the four. On the other hand, Miles Teller, fresh
    off the success of one 2014’s best films, Whiplash, barely convinces as
    Reed Richards. Michael B. Jordan, who was at the center of much
    controversy because he was cast in the role of the typically white
    character Johnny Storm, is in the end, unremarkable. The other Storm
    sibling, portrayed by Kate Mara, is also unremarkable, and spends the
    majority of her time either staring at a screen or failing to develop
    much chemistry with her co-stars. However, it is Toby Kebbell who takes
    the cake in regards to the film’s worst performance. Cast as the film’s
    main villain, Victor von Doom, Kebbell fails to make him menacing in
    any type of way, and ultimately, makes one wish that they were watching
    Julian McMahon’s Dr. Doom from 2005 instead.

    However, although Kebbell is partly to blame for the failings of Dr.
    Doom, blame should also fall on the editing and visual effects
    departments. The film’s pacing is completely off-the-mark, and certain
    characters simply disappear for long periods of time. Even though I am
    not an advocate for action over story, the uneven editing left me
    yearning for some action – until I finally got it late in the third
    act. However, the action, just like the story, is muddled and dull, and
    fails to take advantage of both the powers of Dr. Doom and the
    Fantastic Four. The climactic battle really isn’t that much of a climax
    at all, and wholeheartedly disappoints. The film’s visual effects make
    matters even more disappointing. Although I liked the design of The
    Thing, it says something when the design of Dr. Doom was better a
    decade ago than it is now.

    It actually pained me to write such a negative review for this film.
    Since the release of the first trailer, I had been cautiously
    optimistic, despite the fact that negative publicity seemed to leak
    every day. Trank’s directorial debut, Chronicle, had been a pleasant
    surprise, and despite my skepticism about the overall cast, I believed
    that Trank could finally give the Fantastic Four the film they finally
    deserved. But alas, the day when that happens still isn’t here. There
    are great ideas every now and then, but they never seem to gel into
    something cohesive. Plagued by an unimaginative story which seems to
    confuse exposition for dialogue, so-so special effects, poor character
    development, a final act that’s weaker than its villain, and a
    never-ending sense of predictability, Fantastic Four is one of the
    worst superhero films to come out in a long time. We’ll never how much
    of the film has been changed by Fox from Josh Trank’s version, but
    perhaps the film would’ve been better had they left it in his hands.

    Miles Teller was right when he said that ”this is not a movie (that)
    we’re going to go on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s going to be at 80 or
    90%”. This is a movie that’s going to be at 9%.

  • Justin FirestoneAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Pretty lame plot, boring, but at least only 100 minutes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • estebangonzalez10August 8, 2015Reply

    One of the weakest super hero films of the decade or two.

    ”With every new discovery, there is risk, there is sacrifice… and
    there are consequences.”

    I was surprised that critics and audiences were ripping this film apart
    because in my mind there was no way the producers could go wrong with
    this young and talented cast, so I was prepared to enjoy and defend
    this movie. I had heard about the production problems, but something
    similar had happened with Ant-Man and that movie turned out to be
    surprisingly fun. At least the director, Josh Trank, had decided to
    stay on board for this film despite reports of disputes with his
    producers. His first feature film, Chronicle, was a very entertaining
    and unique low budget found-footage sci-fi movie, so I thought that
    with a bigger budget he could deliver an even better film. Evidently I
    was wrong because Fantastic Four is a gigantic mess. There were several
    concerns over the film being rushed so that Fox wouldn’t lose the
    rights to the franchise and the movie definitely felt that way.

    Fantastic Four is basically an origin story that ends up being so long
    that by the time the villain shows up it feels more like a cameo than
    anything else. The final climax of the film is one of the worst I’ve
    seen in a superhero movie. I wouldn’t mind this as much if the origin
    story would’ve been interesting, but none of these characters were
    engaging and the dialogue was quite terrible. Every one of them seemed
    to have daddy issues or some sort of cliché that characters in this
    genre usually have. Even Toby Kebbell who played Victor Domashev in
    this movie shared all the basic stereotypical traits foreshadowing who
    he would later become, Dr. Doom. Superhero films always tend to follow
    the same basic formula, but the successful ones manage to stand out for
    some unique quality, either benefiting from a great central
    performance, its funny upbeat light tone, or its spectacular action
    scenes. Fantastic Four uses the same formula, but doesn’t do anything
    unique with it. There is no chemistry between the cast and the delivery
    of some of their lines are overly dramatic at times. There isn’t a
    single strong performance here, there is no comedy whatsoever, and the
    action scenes (or should I say scene?) are underwhelming (especially if
    you compare it to other action Summer films like Mission Impossible and
    Mad Max). Unfortunately the film is a huge mess because it fails at
    setting up interesting characters and later rushes the final climatic
    action scene, completely changing gears on the slow and drawn out
    pacing that the movie had during its long introduction.

    The main character in this film is Reed Richards of course, so we
    follow him from childhood. He dreams of creating a device that can
    teleport people into an alternate place. In school he befriends a tough
    boy named Ben who becomes his assistant. Reed is a genius and working
    from his garage he comes up with an impressive mechanism in which he
    manages to teleport some objects, but in the process he leaves the
    entire town without electricity. Several years pass and now Reed (Miles
    Teller) and Ben (Jamie Bell) are in a High School science fair showing
    off their invention. Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and his
    daughter Sue (Kate Mara) are impressed with Reed so they offer him an
    opportunity to work with them in their advanced state of the art
    laboratory. Victor (Toby Kebbell) had been working on a very similar
    project, but had unsuccessfully been able to teleport the objects back
    so the two begin working together to make their dream a reality. Dr.
    Storm’s other son, Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) also joins the project
    and when they succeed at teleporting a group of chimps to an alternate
    universe they decide its time for them to take the trip as well. Of
    course something goes terribly wrong and they each go through a unique
    physical transformation. They will have to learn to deal with their new
    acquired abilities, which the military takes a keen interest in, but
    Reed is focused on fixing them instead.

    Miles Teller had been on a roll with strong performances in films like
    Whiplash and The Spectacular Now. He was even great in his supporting
    role in Insurgent, a film I didn’t like. But here he simply didn’t have
    the charm to tackle this super hero. Perhaps the blame can be put on
    the screenwriters, but he couldn’t do anything to make Reed an
    interesting character (not prior to his transformation nor after).
    Michael B. Jordan’s career seemed to be taking off after his impressive
    performances in Chronicle and Fruitvale Station, but he wasn’t able to
    do much with the small role that was given to him here. Reg. E. Cathey
    was perhaps the weakest link thanks to his overly dramatic delivery of
    each line with his deeply serious voice. Toby Kebbell came in a close
    second, but I really do have to blame the screenwriters here for making
    his character such a cliché. Villains have always been a problem in
    super hero films and it couldn’t be more true than it is here. I’ve
    heard a couple defenses claiming that this is more of a sci-fi
    centering on human transformation (with comparisons to Cronenberg’s The
    Fly), but that couldn’t be further from the truth because when these
    heroes acquire their new abilities the film inexplicably leaps forward
    in time showing these characters already adapted to their
    transformation and coming to terms with it. All the psychological
    trauma is ignored in order to prepare for the final climactic action
    scene which was to put in nicely, underwhelming.

  • TerrificTomAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Screw the Reviewers! It’s a STORY!

    I almost didn’t see this movie in the theater because of the bad
    reviews. I found it hard to believe it could be worst than the first
    two! But I saw it this Thursday at Sam Town Century Theaters and i
    ENJOYED it!

    Perhaps it helped that my expectations were so low based on the
    reviews. and I am NOT saying it couldn’t have been better. But as
    movies go it was an entertaining STORY.


    What I wished they’d done is made the movie longer and spent more time
    on the character and relationship development between Reed and Ben. I
    liked the fact that Ben lacked onto Reed early and was with him up
    through high school. That was interesting but nothing of that was
    developed but it could have been through short vignettes of the boys
    growing up together. It would have been great.

    Ben beating up the bullies picking on Reed. Reed tutoring Ben in math
    and science. Ben helping Reed get his first date. Reed using technology
    to help Ben get revenge on his big brother. See! Stories.

    THEN, when Reed goes off the college, Ben could give him the Swiss Army
    knife and thank him for helping him get into another college and that
    because of Reed he was going to be a pilot (which Ben was in the
    original comic). That way, when Reed calls Ben and tells him he wants
    him to go with him it wouldn’t look like some kind of pity payback. We
    would know Ben was at least capable of being a pilot, etc.

    The story hung on Reed and Ben’s relationship and that should have been
    developed more. They had plenty of time to do it. As it was, when Ben
    turns into the Thing and Reed runs off, etc., it would have been much
    more powerful. and their reconciliation have been more touching

    I could talk forever about the terrible storytelling in every sci-fi
    movie made since JJ Abrams began sh**ing our stories and raping
    television legends, but I wouldn’t be able to stop. And this movie
    suffers from those same kinds of defects. But it was still an
    entertaining story.

    See it, if you like to go to the movies. Wait for it to stream

  • meej-10788August 8, 2015Reply

    Not a Marvel Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adam DamkjerAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Boring beyond belief…

    It is not a good movie. Mediocre at best

    The film’s plot, was bad, just as the film’s script. The film was
    incoherent and bad played by the actors.

    20th Century Fox should sell the film rights to Disney, so that the
    Marvel universe could coexist together. That’s the advantage that DC
    Comics and Warner Brothers have that makes it easier to create a
    universe for the entire franchise.

    However, the film had two things that made it possible to keep
    watching, and that was Jaime Bell playing his character OK and that the
    CGI effects were OK.

  • Rob CornelissenAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Can’t give away spoilers, cause there aren’t any…

    A movie without a story. Now there’s something new. Who wrote this
    script? Why not skip the cinema’s and sell it on DVD immediately? To
    start with the actors: I don’t know who the casting did, but that
    agency must have been briefed wrong. Or they made a mess out of it. One
    day after seeing this movie, I can’t remember the faces of the main
    characters, let alone their performances. There was no chemistry
    between them, no appearance, nothing. Then the story itself. What
    story? As I left the cinema, I was thinking: what did I just see? A 4
    year old child could have made this up. Although, I’m insulting
    4-year-olds now with this remark. The story was more empty than any
    dimension the Fantastic 3, 4 or 5 could have traveled to. I saw the
    movie won 1 award so far. I can’t imagine it will win many more,
    although I’d like to nominate one scene from this movie for the ‘worst
    movie scene in 2015’ award (a Razzie?). And that’s the scene that tells
    us how they got their name as Fantastic Four; that was embarrassing.

  • Zeta-OneAugust 8, 2015Reply

    The Fantastically Boring Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tmoneyfosureAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Not Good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ksmooAugust 8, 2015Reply

    People.. disregard all the negativity about this film

    Everyone is such a movie critic.. but yet they work at McDonalds every
    day. Come on people.. the movie was not great, but FAR from bad or
    terrible. It honestly deserves a 5 rating, but i gave it a 6 due to all
    the people improperly bashing the film for some reason. There is a work
    up to get an understanding of how the powers come about. Prior to that,
    a brief history of some of the characters. The story-line was not
    great, but it fulfilled most of the basic necessities. Was the acting
    great, probably not. Could some of the characters have used different
    actors, well maybe. And the ending.. yes, it absolutely underwhelmed.
    All in all, every film is going to have some flaw or point that someone
    will have something negative to say about it. My advice.. go enjoy the
    movie when it’s not at the peak price point, like earlier in the day
    before evening prices begin.

  • kwesilogicAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Bore

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Old_Man_From_Scene_24August 8, 2015Reply

    Did I just laugh or up-chuck?

    Honestly, I’m not sure, but that’s beside the point.

    Anyway, the ”Fantastic Four”… I think a renaming is in order, to be
    honest. I prefer Flummoxed Foursome.

    The Flummoxed Foursome are bland, unequivocally boring characters. They
    remind me of the room. Not the movie, but just an empty room, with
    nothing in it but bareness. It’s a bit like building up a fancy
    four-bedroom joint, then remembering you forgot about the furniture and
    the roof (yes, that is a snipe at the budget leading to this mess).

    Of course, big movies with big budgets flopping at the box office is
    not a new occurrence, but when you create something this terrible with
    an estimated $120 million, you have to ask yourself what went wrong.
    For me, it’s perfectly simple. The Fancy-less Four as characters have
    no personalities to speak of, and with the addition of a script laced
    with time-skips and nothing else, there was always going to be a
    serious problem with pacing.

    I think Doom gets half an hour of screen time, if that. Maybe. I was so
    bored by the time his first appearance came around that I stopped
    keeping track. And that’s precisely the problem. I sat through movies
    like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and even then I wasn’t as
    bamboozled by the lack of… well, anything, as I was with this movie.
    The incongruity surrounding a would-be clichéd plot of heroes banding
    together is stifled by the fact that the entire run time consists of
    build-up, with one final act so jilted and rushed it feels like Josh
    Trank forgot superhero movies are supposed to have action sequences and
    hastily threw it in near the end of production.

    Now for my favourite part of any review… acting. Wait, there were
    actors in this movie?! I forgot… almost. Miles Teller is simply a
    miscast actor, and has zero chemistry with his fellow leads. He is the
    most uninspiring lead in a superhero movie since the Dragonfly in
    Superhero Movie, but at least that was deliberately satirical. Jamie
    Bell and Kate Mara seem bored with the proceedings, but the crowning
    ace is undoubtedly Michael B. Jordan. Here we see an actor so arrogant
    and pretentious it’s insulting to the viewer. I imagine getting smacked
    around the face with a wet fish is less painful than watching his
    performance. Or maybe getting stabbed with a swordfish is a close
    second. The truth is, I don’t care for the controversy surrounding his
    casting. I only judge him as an actor… and he does so little in this
    movie that isn’t awful that that’s my judgement complete.

    In short, don’t watch. Just don’t. Seriously. A lobotomy on a Friday
    night might be a more entertaining alternative. This movie is just flat
    out boring, and has, I think, killed any chance of ever seeing the
    Fantastic Four have the big screen portrayal comic book fans deserve.

    The Fantastic Four are now the Farcical Flagbearers of Trank’s less-
    than-appealing method of directing and I, for one, am disappointed.

    And amused.

  • botev1921August 8, 2015Reply

    This is one of the dumbest reboots!

    Not that the previous attempt to bring Fantastic 4 to the big screen
    was spectacular but this one is by far ten times worse for a variety of
    reasons. First of all, it has very little to do with the comics, the
    animated series or anything remotely related to Fantastic 4’s success
    from the past. The cast is atrocious and not because they aren’t good
    actors but because they are totally unsuitable to play those
    characters. This equals an attempt to make Batman into a teenager and I
    am sure even that would work better. Lastly, those reboots of something
    that did not work too well before seem a real desperation move by
    whoever was stupid enough to invest in them. Give it a few years or
    just go the Batman way of darkness.

  • Shoummo SahaAugust 8, 2015Reply

    bad last moment screenplay writing

    i think the first and the last part of the movie was written by
    different people. since there was a gradual buildup to something that i
    was not able to witness at the climax , it seemed like not only it was
    rushed but also the brainchild of different screenwriters. i really
    liked how it was difficult for them to cope up with the new found
    powers, it seemed human . but then all of a sudden they are working for
    the government , such loose strings can be found everywhere throughout.
    the finale makes this even more profound as doom tries to escape to the
    other dimension taking the world with him , ‘there is only doom’ pfff
    needs a little more convincing than that to actually come up with a
    good excuse to start killing people all of a sudden , this movie had a
    good start but only tangled into much more chaos as the film started

  • M MALIKAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Jessica Alba Originals Are The Only Best Fantastic 4 Films

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • payton-26538August 8, 2015Reply

    Unique yet good; should have done some important things!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lauren_leydenAugust 8, 2015Reply

    A score of four is too fantastic for this movie (a movie lamer than this title)!

    Fantastic Four (2015) was a movie purely created to either lower future
    expectations of Marvel Movies or make them look better than they
    actually are in comparison to this tragic mess. Or so I hope… To
    think this was created intentionally would be an embarrassment to every
    other Marvel movie and the Fantastic Four franchise.

    The pacing of this movie is horrible and not well thought out. It could
    metaphorically be compared to starting at Monday, waiting for the
    weekend, getting knocked out on Friday night, and waking up at 11:58pm
    on Sunday night. The amount of time wasted in this movie to get to
    Friday night (the major plot line) was incredibly boring and didn’t
    contribute to character development or important story aspects at all.
    The movie could have literally started at Friday night and nothing else
    would change! When we do get to Friday night, the climatic weekend
    doesn’t exist and you get the shortest boss fight in Marvel history at
    11:58pm on Sunday night (because the weekend was a bunch of boring
    mush). Finally you leave the movie feeling like it’s Monday again. This
    movie was also lamer than this metaphor.

    There was zero character development. There were hints there may be
    some relationships forming, but the writers wasted there time because
    they couldn’t be bothered developing these hints to ”go” anywhere. As
    insulting as this may sound, Twilight for once was a better love story!
    And yes, this movie was lamer than Twilight. The actors and actresses
    were completely wasted in their potential. Their characters lightened
    up during these brief moments that went know where, but it didn’t take
    long for them to return to a state more jaded than Daria, but without
    her great anti-social and sarcastic finesse! I hope their careers
    aren’t ruined because of a terrible script that didn’t give them

    The main characters were also pushed aside in the movie to create room
    for fitting in stupid, nameless characters with no common sense we love
    to hate. With the first Fantastic Four movies, as much as you love or
    hate them, there were at least focuses on the major Heros. There were
    zero connections to these characters in this version as the writers, to
    put simply, offered no opportunity.

    To summarise, this is the word Marvel movie in history, it’s ruined
    everyone involved, it’s not worth seeing, and you’ll be better off
    staying at home with your cat who might do something interesting and
    become an Internet sensation. An Internet sensation that will earn more
    views on YouTube than the gross profit of this terrible movie. A movie
    lamer than this review!

  • hookleonAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Terrible movie with not much good to say about it

    Nothing was right about this movie. I went into the theater and the
    movie started and I couldn’t help but think I had wasted money going to
    this terrible movie. The thing was that the trailer actually made the
    movie look not too bad but in fact it was all a trick to make its money
    back. Miles Teller was never really the right choice and poorly acted
    as the super smart Reed Richards. The villain was also extremely
    unconvincing and while the actor wasn’t terrible, the character just
    didn’t really fit into the movie very well. Lets just hope that Fox
    decide to sell these characters back to Marvel since they are the only
    ones who seem to know what to do with their characters. One good note
    about the movie was there was no after credits scene so it is possible
    they might decide to not go on and make a terrible sequel (Maybe they
    might think about teaming up with Marvel like Spider-man has.

  • RevRonsterAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Fox just couldn’t care less about his property…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rockomcknightAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Best part of my experience watching this movie? The fire alarm.

    Five minutes before the ending the fire alarm sounded. The main reason
    I didn’t leave straight away and re-entered the cinema, I needed to go
    to the toilet.

    The dialogue is terrible, the CGI looks like B grade material, the
    characters are not developed at all. I thought because I had low
    expectations for this movie, it may be worth the cinema ticket, no. I
    have no idea where the budget went. It really felt like a Power Rangers
    movie, even that would have done it justice. For some reason they just
    direct it towards children.

    There really wasn’t anything I enjoyed about this movie, I would prefer
    to watch the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies again. I have been
    collecting the Marvel related movies on blu-ray, but will disregard
    this altogether.

  • Troy_CampbellAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Truly awful. Worst film of 2015 so far.

    The pair of mid-noughties F4 films are generally accepted as subpar
    comic-book flicks. Compared to this garbage reboot, however, they are
    downright masterpieces. Promising young director Josh Trank was handed
    the keys to this superhero franchise after his blistering debut
    Chronicle, yet it appears he’s not ready for big budgets as he makes a
    complete and utter meal of it. Stories of on-set quibbles and Trank’s
    uncooperative behaviour have surfaced recently, and the final, woeful
    result certainly reeks of a movie struggling to be made. There’s not a
    single, solitary redeeming feature to be found; everything from the
    shocking CGI to the disinterested cast to the appallingly dull origin
    story is yawn inducing at best. It’s difficult to tell what is worse:
    Trank’s uninspired screenplay and his subsequent incompetent direction,
    or the fact that 20th Century Fox, who interjected months ago, are
    willing to release a pile of crap just to stick to their date slot.
    Either way, this remake is going to be a huge blow to both the
    up-and-coming filmmaker (who has also since lost his gig of helming a
    Star Wars Anthologies instalment) and the major studio company who
    clearly can’t be trusted to do the F4 brand justice. At least their
    previous efforts in this series were more kid-friendly than most films
    in the burgeoning superhero genre, something this remake also fails at
    thanks to a single sequence with a surprising amount of blood. There
    really is nothing to recommend in this worthless attempt at
    movie-making; heck, even the saving-the-world climax feels about as
    threatening as a kitten attacking a ball of wool. Do yourself a favour
    and skip this atrocity, unless of course you’re just interested to see
    how dire the worst film of 2015 really is.

  • Simon IlettAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Another awful teen hero movie

    All I can say is FOX have struck again, with another pointless teen
    movie about teens with teen problems, I think, because you can’t
    accurately judge character ages in this movie. They do kick off in a
    high school so you sort of have to assume that no self respecting actor
    will take acting roles with FOX anymore, and they are horribly
    exploiting child labor in Hollywood so they can keep churning out this

    I’m a huge Marvel fan and have been soaking up everything that Disney &
    Marvel have been doing with utter admiration, even Ant Man was better
    than I had originally thought. SO I decided that F4 deserved a chance
    and maybe, just maybe they had just missed the mark with the trailers
    for this movie, but…

    Sadly the trailers tell you everything that is going on, before you
    have even bothered to hand over your money at the cinema counter and
    stuff your face with Popcorn. Obviously I’m not going to write spoilers
    here, but even if I wanted to, I couldn’t because there is not a single
    thing I could take from having watched the full 100 minute movie and
    expose it here.

    From the trailer you know the villain, it’s Doom, you know the event
    that causes their super powers, inter dimensional travel plus
    explosion. And beyond this, you are better off staying at home, because
    absolutely nothing else happens!

    F4 honestly spends 100 minutes trying to stitch 5 or 6 characters
    together who have zero ability to do anything other than overact all
    their scenes, into a thinly driven story with no arcs that succeeds
    utterly at failing to have any flair or even remotely interesting set
    pieces where the main characters could possibly be seen doing anything
    other than sitting around being mopey about their lot in life.

    The character relationships from the comics were only ever briefly
    hinted at, catch phrases OMG don’t even start me. This movie was not
    funny, it was not sad, it was not action packed, it was not smart, it
    wasn’t even dumb. It was just nothing, nothing but a thin attempt at
    masking profiting off of the Marvel name and the IP that FOX will
    hopefully one day forget they own.

  • Matthew Luke BradyAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Failure

    I honestly can’t believe I’m going to say this, I never thought the day
    will come when I say that Batman & Robin is no longer the worse
    superhero movie ever made after seeing this movie, but the difference
    between the two is that at least Batman & Robin was fun to watch and
    not depressingly dull that Fan4stic was.

    The story is about a contemporary take on the classic super-hero team –
    four young scientist are involved in an experiment where they find
    themselves teleported to another dimension. When they return, they find
    themselves gifted with unique powers – ones they will have use to stop
    an evil rising to power.

    It’s been 10 years now since the 2005 ”Fantastic Four” was first
    release. Looking back on that film is like looking back on a bad memory
    that you wish will fade away. The 2005 movie wasn’t all that good, but
    to me it wasn’t on the same level as Batman & Robin as some people
    think. Rise of the Sliver Surfer was the squeal that nobody asked for
    but they’re made anywhere because…well I don’t know they just did.
    The squeal wasn’t all that great just like the first movie, but the
    movie itself wasn’t like the worse thing on the planet as some people
    have make it out to be. I’m not going to talk about the 1994 movie
    because it’s not worth it.

    Now here’s 20th Century Fox fourth attempt of making a Fantastic Four
    movie. We got a new director and a new cast to start off fresh and try
    to make a new franchise. Many people didn’t react very well to the news
    of a reboot and people got even more mad at the new cast and the fact
    that they young and Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm. I was
    the only one giving this movie a chance as I believed that Josh Trank
    will make a great Fantastic Four movie and make us forget the other
    ones as Josh Trank is a good director. But it’s not until I sawed the
    movie myself and my jaw was on the floor not because the movie was
    amazing, but how god awful this movie was. Fantastic Four (Or best
    known as Fan4stic from the posters) is one of the worse superhero
    movies of the year and of all time.

    I heard a lot of bad things coming from director Josh Trank. Some
    people who have worked with him on this movie have openly said that he
    was awkward to work with and at one point he actually came on set drunk
    and intoxicated while filming a scene. The problems that happened
    behind the scenes really do show in this movie, as I can tell they did
    some re shoots as Kate Mara hair keeps changing color in a couple of
    scenes. I blame the studious for changing a lot of things and making it
    a living hell for the director and the cast. Josh Trank is best known
    for directing Chronicle and that movie was a smallish movie that Josh
    Trank had a lot of freedom to work on with and at least they’re wasn’t
    any studious coming in and changing things and making it really hard
    for everyone else. It’s very clearly that Josh Trank wasn’t ready for
    something big like this as he was originally suppose to direct the
    upcoming Star Wars movie but dropped out because he had enough.

    The biggest opportunity that was wasted was the cast. They didn’t do a
    terrible job as they characters but they didn’t do anything special and
    that’s a real shame as these are great actors that had nothing to do in
    this movie.

    The visual effects in this movie are probably some of the worse looking
    effects I’ve seen since the early 90’s and it’s quite shocking that
    this movie with a lot of money behind it and have such awful looking
    effects. The CGI used on The Thing was completely hideous and I kind of
    miss the 2005 Thing a little bit. Some people may like the CGI used on
    The Thing but I didn’t. These a shot in the movie where Reed Richards
    after he gets his super power stretches his face to look like someone
    else to be in disguise, when he puts his normal face back and the CGI
    used in that one shot looked laughably bad. There wasn’t a single shot
    in this movie that didn’t even look convincing.

    Now lets talk about Dr. Doom in this movie or I like to call him Mr.
    Freeze number 2, because Dr. Doom is this movie was a complete joke and
    he wasn’t in the movie that much, he just turned up towards the end of
    the movie. Dooms motivation in this movie was pretty random and wasn’t
    well written at all. Before Victor turns into ”Doom” the only character
    development that we got from his character is that he thinks he’s
    smarter than ever one else and he just hates people…WHAT!. The way
    Dr. Doom looks in this movie is so freaking awful, I mean he looks like
    that robot from Superman 3, but if put a black bin bag around it and
    set it on fire and let it dry out a bit, then you add some Christmas
    lights around it and now you got Dr. Doom. The final battle scene with
    Doom and The Fantastic Four is only five minutes long, yes I actually
    timed it to see how long it was and it was too short and disappointing.

  • abisioAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Incompetent piece of crap

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cash RichAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4 People with Fantastic Heart

    I regretted buying my movie tickets 1 week in advance after reading all
    the bad reviews. I was desperate to sell my tickets at half price but
    my daughter insisted we should see for ourselves how bad it is. So we
    went in with a negative mindset and 2 buckets of large popcorn to kill
    the boredom if it existed.

    To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad after all and I wouldn’t call it
    fantastic. It’s entertaining enough for a family weekend movie at the

    Marvel movies have evolved where not necessary every superhero movie
    must have great special effects, popular casts, non-stop action etc.
    Ant-Man is a very welcomed change to Marvel movies with plenty of humor
    blended into action.

    Watching Fantastic Four is like watching Stand By Me of the 70s. It’s
    not about awesome fighting scenes or explosive special effects. Just
    watch it with an open mind and do not give a single thought that this
    reboot must be better than the original and you will not end up

    Ignore what the critics say as there are no more trustworthy reviews
    online. As you may have known, if the reviewers are so good at
    criticizing then why are they not film directors or producers? Why
    don’t they unite their talent and help produce blockbuster movies every
    month? Even if they think they achieved success with their own
    production, how would they feel if we were to criticize them and
    compare their work with the ‘Greats’? I believe it’s long overdue that
    IMDb has to change it’s User Review policy by only allowing positive
    reviews to be published. Leave the negative reviews to a sister-site to
    separate the visitors interest.

    By doing so using the most popular Movie Review Website, all those who
    are involved in the production of the movie at least have a consolation
    to see their effort being appreciated by a certain few.

    Trust me, Life would be even more ‘bored’ without them.

  • Mek TorresAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Forcing the Elements

    This is the fourth attempt, counting the unreleased 1994 version, to
    give one of Marvel’s most popular superhero teams, The Fantastic Four,
    a live action feature; and among these installments, Fantastic Four
    (2015) seems to have its very own vision, though being overly
    criticized by comic book fans about casting Johnny Storm, who is
    traditionally a white blonde, with an African American actor and the
    age of Reed Richards and Ben Grimm are the youngest, which is a total
    contrary from the comics. But these gripes are nonsense compared to the
    faults of the actual film. The movie takes a lot of time making sense
    out of its absurd science which will lead to an origin that rather
    feels forced, thus fails making an at least engaging superhero movie.

    Most of the first half focuses on a science experiment about traveling
    to another dimension which happens to be the source of their powers. So
    far, this makes for an intriguing premise talking about the importance
    of their nonsensical science, but also ties in with a friendship
    between Richards and Grimm and some issue about the Storm family. In
    theory, this is supposed to represent youth or family or whatever and
    we could somehow see where this is going. But the movie hardly explores
    this potential and just skims the narrative right after they gain their
    superpowers. It doesn’t let these characters shine and just hangs them
    as nothing more than potentials. But what really ruined the experience
    is how horribly contrived the whole superhero elements are. The story
    is so reserved from actual story or character development, even the
    plot jumps an entire year and assuming that a lot has happen, except we
    rarely felt anything happened at all.

    And so, the movie just forces itself to be a superhero movie, forcing
    the team to work together as the villain who immediately goes evil
    almost destroys the world out of nowhere. These are supposed to be what
    we’re seeking for here, but it’s just too shoehorned to appreciate.
    There is supposed to be some subtext that we should rather concentrate
    here, but again, the storyline is unable to keep focus. And it’s
    disappointing, while it’s trying to be gritty or epic or awesome or
    what else; this is supposed to be an opportunity for this team to have
    actual fighting. Observe, the other movies made them do nothing else
    than team work, which is nice, but only few had any real fighting,
    which is today’s appeal to superhero movies, and the superpowers of
    these guys doing actual fighting may look pretty cool on screen. But
    again, it’s all shoehorned, because it is supposed to represent
    something about their powers that the movie also failed to explain.

    The action scenes are either rushed or just around the edges being
    expositions, which is odd for an era of larger and much explosive
    superhero films. People might call it ”refreshing” for focusing more
    depth than bloated action. It’s understandable, but depth is really
    nonexistent in this movie, and depth cannot be mistaken with over-
    serious. The cast has a lot of real talents, but doesn’t quite shine
    here. Miles Teller can be a solid Reed Richards and the first act does
    hint some intrigue, but then the movie lacks the depth and even forgets
    about this character as he is given a sudden lone adventure in the
    middle act. Kate Mara suffers with an underwritten Sue Storm. Michael
    B. Jordan can bring levity, but there isn’t much about this Johnny
    Storm either. Ben Grimm is a more vulnerable character here and Jamie
    Bell does live up to that definition, but again, the movie lacks depth.
    Toby Kebbell can be sinister, but Doctor Doom here looks too ridiculous
    and ugly to take seriously. Tim Blake Nelson is another good talent
    wasted and Reg E. Cathey is made robotic by generic preachy dialogue.

    Fantastic Four forgets how to be superhero movie. I’m not sure what the
    movie is exactly trying to say to the audience, but much like the
    action, everything seems rushed and underdeveloped. It’s all about
    weird science and then we go to oppressive governments trying to
    weaponize their powers. It’s interesting, actually, except it’s not
    fleshed out really well. The storyline is nothing more than just
    hinting, shoehorning and preaching for some thought-provoking themes(?)
    that doesn’t go further. It often feels like an incomplete film or just
    some bored viewer skipping some scenes, except strangely, even the cool
    parts are being subdued. It’s not horrible since it does try to be
    something else, it’s just not executed very well, which is a shame. As
    a fan of these heroes, it’s just another sad moment to question
    ourselves: is it really hard to make a proper Fantastic Four movie?

  • rlbdocAugust 9, 2015Reply


    Although I am not a devout follower of all things Marvel, I will say
    that this version of F4 makes no sense in that it is a completely new
    story and has nothing to do with the move 10 years ago and from what I
    understand is not from the original writings of the characters. This
    movie wants to be a biopic simply to leave room for yet more sequels,
    however, I don’t think the producers will move forward.

    Only because more is required to post…I will say that the movie
    attempts to prop up individuals with real problems such as broken homes
    and dysfunctional relationships. The movie does not surprise in any way
    because it is so predictable. A bunch of geniuses and outcast have a
    great idea and the DOD wants to take it over. How original!

  • thependragonscribeAugust 9, 2015Reply

    ”Fant4stic” is The Most Hollow Hollywood Can Offer

    Before I get to the ”predictable” review, I’ll admit this: I was
    excited for this movie. The trailers are mind-blowing. The cast is
    composed of great actors. The director of Chronicle is taking the helm.
    The new take of Marvel’s first superhero team is intriguing. With all
    that said, I can firmly say how much I am betrayed by Fant4stic.

    The plot is not only nonsensical, but empty. The first act, starting
    with Reed Richards’ childhood, builds up weakly but effectively. Then
    it strays lazily to the rest of the running time, with nothing gained
    but frustration. As an origin story, it not only goes by-the-numbers,
    but clutters plot elements with no pay off. How does it work? As every
    movie critics’ pet peeve, exposition. Director Josh Trank tries his
    best to squeeze in every familiar plot beat to 100 minutes, but
    exposing every story detail gets no redemption. As a result, nothing is
    exciting. Being loyal to the Stan Lee-Jack Kirby comics is beyond my
    knowledge, but this movie never feels any semblance of a Fantastic Four

    Not helping is the fact that the movie feels rushed, throwing character
    development and conflict out of the window (important story elements by
    the way). Speaking of characters, none will actually impact, but
    frustrate, courtesy of the wonky script and wooden dialogue that was
    given to them.

    Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic is the clichéd determined genius with
    Murphy’s Law in his application. Miles Teller tries his best in the
    role, only to end up bland and one-dimensional. The Storm Siblings,
    Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, barely
    shows any discernible trait. And that says a lot given their unorthodox
    casting. There could be more material for Michael B. Jordan and Kate
    Mara to work on, like Sue being adopted to a family of color, but
    nothing came out of them. It does not help that Reg E. Cathey’s
    Franklin Storm is the blandest of father figures I ever seen. Tim Blake
    Nelson is wasted as a stock government official guy. And Toby Kebbell’s
    Victor von Doom is the most unforgivable character of the movie. His
    Victor personality, being a nihilistic computer programmer, is nothing
    new. And his Doctor Doom alter ego has the most unconvincing villain
    look, turning his serious look into a laughable presence, making Power
    Rangers baddies look intimidating. The only character that I root for
    is Jamie Bell’s Ben Grimm who transforms into The Thing. But his
    performance cannot save this dreary experience. From that, the team
    dynamic that the Fantastic Four is known for is never apparent or
    recognized. They are just awkward, wearisome characters, with no
    superhero antics lathered.

    What can I say about the others? The CGI is the most horrendous of this
    year. It looks that it had been dated from the year when the Tim Story
    Fantastic Four came out. There are obvious green screen scenes in the
    proceedings. Mr. Fantastic’s stretch effects are atrocious. And the
    climax is where the sole action set piece of the movie kicks in, with
    no buildup, no progress and no excitement. All of these attributes to
    one of the frustrating movies I have watched in a cinema.

    Say what you will about the 2005 film and its erratic sequel, movies I
    hate by the way. At least they stayed to the spirit of the team
    dynamics of the comics. 2015’s Fantastic Four never establishes
    anything other than a studio-mandated update that never gains anything
    but disappointment. Fant4stic is indeed not only one of the worst
    superhero movies ever, but also one of the most disappointing movies of
    all time. It indeed gets the ”dishonor” as the worst movie of 2015,
    dethroning Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. This is no recommendation to witness
    an atrocity, but a warning to behold the most hollow that Hollywood can

  • SafcinexileAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Just because ”THEY” have to make a FF movie, doesn’t mean that they should!!!!

    When are Fox going to learn just because they have to make a FF movie,
    does not mean that they should! They should accept the fact that they
    cannot make a decent FF movie and for sanity’s sake let the movie
    rights revert back to Marvel, who what the fans want.

    I am not going to repeat what a lot has already been said on the
    previous reviews, because I cannot add any more than what has already
    been said.

    All I will say is that this version lacks any heart that it’s
    predecessors had. Even the cast lacked any on screen chemistry, which
    is important for any FF movie. The film itself felt rushed and devoid
    of any humour that comic (which holds a firm place in my heart) has.

    I very much doubt Fox will learn from their mistakes and we will see
    another FF movie inflicted upon us in the next few years, but I
    sincerely hope they listen to the fans and do what is right.

    Now, if you excuse me, after going seeing that excuse of a movie, going
    to have a very hot and long shower, as I feel all nasty and violated
    (ARRGHGH!!! Unclean! Unclean!)……

  • The_Film_CricketAugust 9, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Charles_Carmichael ([email protected])August 9, 2015Reply

    So much promise, so much lost

    In a guilty way I enjoyed the last two films, so when I heard of this
    reboot I was kind of curious. Then came the trailer and it was ‘Okay’,
    then then film, far too much time in trying to back story every single
    character and every single plot point, too little time in engaging the

    The action scenes, when done were great, but far too few, which made
    for dead time, and a lot of it.

    I did enjoy Kate Mara as Sue Storm, but that maybe bias on my part.

    IF there is a sequel it needs to learn from the mistakes on this film,
    although I suspect 20th Century Fox will reboot this to retain
    licensing when the time comes.

  • galadriel3562August 9, 2015Reply


    Some of the pre-release buzz for this movie had me worried. Not
    releasing it to critics, or asking them to withhold their reviews
    speaks to me of a lack of confidence in your own work. Unfortunately,
    that lack of confidence was entirely deserved.

    Fantastic Four is a terrible movie, it’s very slow to start, with very
    limited character introduction and almost no back story. Relationships
    that are pivotal – such as the friendship between Ben Grimm and Reed
    Richards – get all of five minutes of screen-time, which makes it very
    difficult to follow along with decisions made by these characters.

    The history between Sue Storm and Victor Doom is another such matter, a
    hint or two, but no explanation, no back story and therefore no
    motivational background for anything the characters do.

    The movie is relatively short, compared to some of the others in the
    genre, and certainly could have benefited from a bit more exposé.
    Unfortunately, adding more background would have further slowed down
    the storytelling, and it’s already too slow. Too much time staring at
    computer screens, tinkering away and talking.

    And, being a scientist myself, I found myself annoyed with the
    ‘science’ in this movie. Watching a superhero movie requires a certain
    suspension of belief but can still be very enjoyable, prime examples of
    such movies are the first Avengers or the first Iron Man.

    But then there are movies like this, which frankly, when it comes to
    the science and the practice of it are on par with Prometheus (the guy
    making the map gets lost? Come on…). One ‘successful’ trial run does
    not a safe process make, nor does it seem likely to me that a kid as
    smart as these characters presumably are would go around sticking his
    hand into a completely unknown ‘alien’ substance.

    I could go on and on about what bothered or disappointed me about this
    movie, suffice it to say that after having vehemently discussed all
    that is wrong with this movie for 45 minutes I still hadn’t run out of
    major issues. All in all, Fantastic Four felt unfinished, ill- thought
    out and downright boring.

  • Alexa Bouhelier-RuelleAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four

    Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe
    which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn
    to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a
    former friend turned enemy.

    Fantastic Four is the 20th Century Fox reboot of the Fantastic Four
    film franchise (2005-2007) that many would agree was not that good –
    but so horribly fun. This is ironically the fourth Fantastic Four movie
    and the second (technically third) stab at Fantastic Four, which comes
    just eight years after the first try and its sequel. Which didn’t
    really set the bar inordinately high. Based on the oldest Marvel comic
    titles, this inherited property feels less like a blockbuster in this
    age of comics-oriented productions. This film isn’t an embarrassment
    but a wrong experiment. Although, disappointingly this new adaptation
    isn’t that much better than the previous one. They barely drew from a
    different source to reimagine the quartet’s origins, without even
    improving them. Moreover, the cast is significantly younger. The heart
    and soul of the original comics were part of the interaction between
    each character. From Ben’s depression at having become a ”monster” to
    the budding relationship between Reed and Sue, to Johnny and Ben’s
    squabbling. Those things didn’t even slightly emerged.

    Central characters are mostly gazing intently into computer screen
    throughout the major part of the movie. There’s no clear development to
    Victor’s drastic transformation into the powerful villain. It felt that
    Victor was a better character before he becomes Dr.Doom. Technically,
    the look has slightly improved. Starting with the Thing who picks up
    computer-generated size, muscle and menace which might have lacked in
    the former incarnation. As for the costumes, they are built for utility
    only. Film goers are treated with a lot of science, that, I’m not
    complaining about, I always liked good theories. CGI is not convincing
    at all though. Even the green screens are laughable. Not one of the
    extraterrestrial scenes are believable, like this world might exists

    Nothing really happen, it’s long and boring. This movie displays a
    bunch of people trying to make something and then they get powers, but
    don’t really use them so nothing’s happening still. Alas, it takes a
    long time before anyone gets around to smash much of anything. And
    because it’s hardly a mystery the heroes will end up facing off with
    Doom, there’s a sense of killing time in the early going that’s not
    adequately compensated for by the action sequences and especially the
    ”big” finale. Where many recent superhero movies have risked
    overstaying their welcome, Fantastic Four, at 100 minutes has a slow
    initial pace, climax probably should have come at least half an hour
    sooner and the end feels a little bit rushed. Don’t expect a lot of
    action as the film takes most of its time with exposition and
    development from the very beginning. In fact, this film is one giant
    exposition. There isn’t one single memorably cool moment in the movie
    that people would talk about.

    Director Josh Trank sharing script credit with producer Simon Keborg
    (veteran of the X-Men franchise) and Jeremy Slater go way back into the
    group’s past this time around. Plus, the script made major changes to
    the origin story which immediately distinguishes itself from the
    previous adaptations, with a seriousness of tone and a near-absence of
    humour, horrid dialogues and predictable moments, all accumulated have
    ruined the potential this film had. The final third and the last scene
    are so suddenly cheesy, I cringed. The collaboration of Marco Beltrami
    and Philip Glass also yields some intriguing riffs in what ultimately
    sounds like a pretty conventional score. Finally, they made a movie to
    set up another movie. Producers no longer intend to make good movies on
    their own. I genuinely never thought to this day to see a superhero
    movie that is that bad. There’s no post-credit scene as it’s probably
    not tied to the MCU.

    Overall, I really wanted so bad to love this movie but the entire run
    time is exposition. This movie feels like a teaser for a more exciting
    follow up that might never happen. The cast is all very talented and do
    their best to make this believable. What the heck happened?

  • fdwleuzziAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Interesting film with terrible storyline

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • littleangel-05866August 9, 2015Reply

    It is not even Fantastic at all, seems like a Science Fair to me

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ewf1000August 9, 2015Reply

    An enjoyable superhero movie

    I’m going to have to swim against the tide of negative reviews. I was
    completely entertained by this movie, enjoying it just as much as I did
    The Avengers, Thor, and Captain America: the Winter Soldier. There were
    funny moments where I, and the audience with me, laughed out loud. I
    was invested in the characters and understood what motivated each of
    them. I had no problem following the plot, and had no problem with the

    I’m s die-hard fan of the original FF series as created by Stan Lee and
    Jack Kirby. Yes, I wanted Sue, Reed, Ben, and Johnny to fly into space
    and be exposed to cosmic rays, but I accepted their gaining powers
    through inter-dimensional travel. Yes, I would have preferred casting
    Reed Richards as a middle-aged, brilliant, respected scientist, but at
    least the young Reed in this movie is a better depiction than the
    nerdy, incompetent goof-ball presented in the Tim Story versions. I
    liked that Sue made better use of her powers here than in the previous
    versions, I liked this depiction of Doom more than the Tim Story
    version, I loved the depiction of the Thing, and while I would have
    preferred Johnny as the teen-aged white guy Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
    gave us, I very much enjoyed Michael B. Jordan in the role. The actors
    did a great job here.

    I do wish the movie had been maybe 15 minutes longer, both to give us
    more of the battle between Doom and the FF and to give us more
    interplay between Sue, Johnny, Ben and Reed. But the battle scenes we
    get here are as exciting as those in any other superhero movie, and I
    walked out of the theater feeling satisfied. This is an origin story,
    and it does exactly what an origin story should do: set the stage for
    future stories. And while it may be unlikely given the drubbing this
    movie has taken, I would like to see a sequel with this version of
    these characters.

  • leandro263August 9, 2015Reply

    Come on, Fox. That’s getting awkward.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FallsDownzAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Failtastic Four

    Well i don’t know is this some curse of Hollywood or something since
    there has been 4 Fantastic Four Movie now and the fourth one that we
    get is this 2015 which even before it’s open in around the world it’s
    just get smashed left and right by critic with super low score like
    ”the worst movie of 2015” score .

    But honestly i don’t think this Fantastic Four it’s that terrible i
    mean it’s bad and disappointed for sure but worst movie of 2015 ? i
    don’t think so.

    The thing that i think most people going to hate this movie for is the
    lack of Hollywood blockbuster movie moment this is the movie that it’s
    just so generic predictable with pretty bad action scene and when you
    combine with the fact that the main characters in the movie is actually
    work like a team like a ”Fantastic Four” less than 5 minutes you
    probably be pretty angry especially comic fans and you should be.

    Not counting the other fact that Dr.Doom in this movie is just trash
    like really really bad , he’s a type of terrible bad guy in superhero
    movie which delivers nothing but boredom to the audience.

    BUT i think the others four characters is fine like Reed , Benn , Sue
    and Johnny Storm they’re watchable especially Reed play by Miles Teller
    he’s pretty good in this movie too and all four characters relationship
    and conflict is just so interesting .

    Overall Fantastic Four 2015 is a epic disappointment i can’t deny that
    it’s just so mediocre and someway it’s pretty bad like the production
    behind it’s just terrible which is really surprising since this is like
    20 Century Fox blockbuster movie it’s should not have like terrible CG
    or terrible action scene but still it’s watchable it’s not like
    completely garbage it’s a movie that i think you should watch for
    yourself if you a fan of the Fantastic Four and see if you like it ,
    love it , hated it it’s better than believing others when you don’t
    even watch it by yourself .

  • mike_stathisAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Had some potential

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andrewshieh0712August 9, 2015Reply

    Go watch the older version.

    Fant4stic might be one of the worst superhero movies for quite a while.
    I have to be honest that it actually looks very good when the trailer
    first came out, it has a wonderful cast, a promising director who
    brought us Chronicle, and it’s a Marvel movie! How bad could it be?
    However, Fox ruins it again.

    I went into the movies expecting to see something very, very bad after
    looking up the reviews, regardless on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, or the
    reviews on Yahoo Movies (Taiwan). Every one of them said how Fant4stic
    it is. and I guess they’re right.

    The first act of the movie is actually pretty good. You get to see Reed
    Richards and Ben growing up, which kind of reminded me of the intro of
    the Guardians of the Galaxies. To me, it seems like a good start.

    However, Fant4stic is extremely boring. At first, it does look good
    when it introduces each character and doing their researches, but it
    really bores you out when it didn’t make any progress after 70 minutes
    of unnecessary dialogs. I kept yawning and checking the time on my
    phone throughout the movie. Yes, the cinematography does look good, but
    there are no action sequences but inferior-quality special effects.
    Seriously, the movie makes you doubt was there a problem with its

    The third act is where I hated the most. When you finally receive that
    fight scene you’ve all been waiting for (after 80 minutes), the villain
    just died within 10 minutes. This might be one of the weakest and worst
    villains I’ve seen in a movie. Dr. Doom finally appeared in the last 20
    minutes. He got send back to Earth, he went insane, he started killing
    people, he went back to his planet, and then he got killed. All of
    these happened within 15 minutes. That 15 minutes simply just made me
    hated the movie even more after all of the boredom.

    Oh, and the ending, I’m speechless. I really like Miles Tellers as an
    actor, but what he concluded in the movie really wanted you to punch
    him in the face real hard. That was one of the cheesiest dialogue I’ve
    heard, not in a romantic way. I have no idea what these producers and
    screenwriters were thinking when they had such a talented cast to say
    such idiotic lines. That ending just made the audience sighing and
    sneering while they leave for the exit.

    When you actually look back to the 2005 version of Fantastic Four which
    wasn’t that great as a superhero film, Fant4stic actually really makes
    you wanna re-watch the 2005 one again. At least, the 2005 has enough
    action sequences, and I’m not saying about those awful 100% CGI battle
    scenes in Fant4stic, I want to see the streets, the cars, the citizens.
    I want a sense of humanity which makes it actually make the 4 real

    I’m really disappointed with Fant4stic and all I can say about the
    positives of this movie is that it has good cinematography and good
    performances that not always worked well. The rest of the movie is just
    clichéd and lifeless. I think Fant4stic really took itself too
    seriously; it has a very strange atmosphere just like having a dark
    atmosphere in an Adam Sandler movie. But the truth is, it isn’t good
    enough to put it on a shelf with the other Marvel or DC superhero
    movies. It just doesn’t fits.

    Lastly, just don’t go watch it in the theaters. Go watch the 2005
    version. At least it gives you a couple chuckles and enough fighting
    scenes to satisfy you.

  • jayyalhusaamAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mftaj909August 9, 2015Reply

    Not worth the admission price

    If your a Marvel fan as I am you will be thoroughly be disappointed by
    this total failure at a reboot of the Fantastic 4.

    Boring drawn out with a slight after thought of action at the end! Stan
    Lee how the heck did this butchery of the original comic Fantastic 4
    get past you?? The story was weak and completely unlike How you guys at
    Marvel wrote and illustrated it originally. Dr. Doom (when he finally
    became Dr. Doom) came and went out in less that 20 minutes.

    The first two were much better and truer to the original comics. Sad
    attempt at re-writing that which is already set – Big failure!!

    Save your money!

  • nlmikeAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Winning an award?

    Winning an award makes me wonder how rigged that must have been
    considering that this movie is such a fail.

    Considering the fact that this movie is made to keep the license and
    without any passion shows the contempt they have for the PAYING


    My hope these guys take the hint for once and cancel the followups or
    make a proper movie.

    The last versions were not that great as well….

    Looking forward the next Marvel movie with the Thanos stories.

  • John H.August 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four? More like Fantastic Bore!

    I WANTED to like the movie, but the film is so devoid of character
    development and clear direction that it’s like a joke, without any
    humour whatsoever. This is quite easily the worst superhero film since
    Batman and Robin, if not, actually WORSE! I’m not joking here, I’m not
    kidding, I’m not getting paid to say this, I’m not copying what the
    critics said either; I genuinely hated this movie because it was a
    movie that wasn’t meant to happen, and doesn’t care that it’s a
    lifeless production that will be sold in supermarkets for under $10,
    which you can donate to a hospital or charity than kill your own sense
    of boredom in this hateful steaming turd.

    Fantastic Four is a B-Grade movie rebooted for todays audience, except
    it takes itself too f*cking seriously and has NO plot development or
    character development. It’s like Josh Trank had no confidence in the
    film when he told the cast NOT to read the comic books. That’s like an
    actor trying to play Hamlet except you DON’T study the character or the
    play. What’s the bloody point if you don’t do that?

    This is ‘The Last Airbender’ of 2015, the ‘Dragonball Evolution’ of
    superhero movies, the ‘Howard the Duck’ of horrible sci-fi. If
    anything, the critics who gave this thing ‘zero stars’ praised the damn
    film more than anything else. IT’S WORSE THAN WHAT THEY SAID!

    This is a film that should have died in the first place, and I’m sorry
    for Trank that he got the receiving end of the criticism. It’s not his
    fault; it’s 20th Century Fox’s fault. They’re a once great studio that
    turned to trash fairly recently, and only their ‘Fox Searchlight
    Productions’ seem to be of any consistent high-quality lately.

    I feel I should rap this up soon, because there’s too much to say about
    this movie without getting into spoilers, but I was shocked by how
    generic this was for such a $120 million movie. It’s like Foodfight
    level of investment money that just didn’t payoff in the end; it just
    adds to how bad the film already was.

    Fant4stic is a failure of storytelling, a misfire of film direction, an
    appalling example of big- budget effects, and no acting bonding during
    the film, apart from MAYBE Johnny Storm’s father in the film.

    The mock-buster of the year is this: Fant4stic: 1/10.

  • headly66August 9, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Faux

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ccanningevansAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Now I know where the hate of The Amazing Spider-Man came from

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jesse V JamesAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Don’t Be Quick to Judge

    Fantastic Four was a great film despite harsh criticism by film critics
    and box office viewers. Although action was too quick for its own good,
    the connections between the characters were well not only well acted
    but also well developed.

    In comparison to the original Fantastic Four series, this film offered
    a more mature perspective the previous lacked. The film progressed
    through character relations throughout the story arc which, in a sense,
    connected to family ordeals. Audience were able to experience the
    growing bond between Reed and Ben; the father-son conflict; hinted
    history between Susan and Victor; etc. Ultimately, we are left knowing
    that a team is established.

    Overall, the film left me entertained, however lacking Fantastic Four’s
    comic background. As a reboot, it brought something new to the table.
    Yes, the film’s action could have been more, but if given a chance, a
    sequel could further dive into a strong formed franchise.

  • bennington13August 9, 2015Reply

    Extra Ordinary

    Extra Ordinary

    Jumping on to the reboot bandwagon, 2015′s Fantastic Four wipes the
    slate clean of 2005′s harmless puff piece starring Jessica Alba and
    Chris Evans as it (re)tells the tale of a group of scientists
    transformed into superheroes after an experiment goes catastrophically

    At the time, both the 2005 film and its no less silly sequel (Rise of
    the Silver Surfer) were widely derided. So imagine what it would take
    to make those look like masterclasses in superhero storytelling.
    Answer? Fox’s latest addition to its muddled back catalogue of Marvel

    To be fair, F4 starts promisingly. Notwithstanding the predictable
    outpouring of rage that greeted news that the new quartet would be
    young, restless and (gasp!) not all white, the casting was bold enough
    to pique interest. Michael B. Jordan’s natural charisma seemed a lock
    for the swaggering Johnny Storm/Human Torch, while Miles Teller’s
    intense turns in movies like Whiplash signalled an interesting
    interpretation of obsessive scientist Reed Richards.

    In a world where you’re a failure if you’re not a tech billionaire by
    the time you’re 30, it’s hardly inconceivable that a motley crew of
    barely post-pubescent prodigies would be at the vanguard of a
    once-in-a-generation breakthrough. And it’s not a massive leap to think
    that it would take a young, reckless (and mildly inebriated) group of
    kids to precipitate the ill-fated mission that forever alters their

    Throw in Josh Trank (whose freshman effort was 2012′s excellent found
    footage superhero movie Chronicle) and colour me intrigued.

    And for a while, it works well.

    The reboot at its best when its rag tag braniacs are doing their
    science thing. Sadly, that is a staggeringly low benchmark for a
    contemporary comic book movie. Despite its length, none of the
    characters are given room enough to breathe. Fitful attempts at
    backstory and characterisation all peter out into loose ends rather
    than being woven into a richer tapestry – Ben Grimm’s (Jamie Bell)
    unlikely friendship with Richards, the weaponisation of The Thing for
    special ops, the Storm family dynamic – all are picked up and then
    inexplicably cast aside, seemingly at random.

    So by the time the faecal matter hits the fan, no wonder it’s difficult
    to care about what happens to anyone on screen (with the possible
    exception of Reg Cathey’s mellifluous patriarch Franklin Storm).

    But it’s the action setpieces that are weakest, Trank’s inexperience
    with big budget pageantry thrown into stark relief by shoddy pacing and
    anti-climactic showdowns. The portrayal of the fab four’s powers is
    cringeworthy, with lousy physical acting (particularly from Teller and
    Kate Mara), but the real shocker is a Dr Doom (Toby Kebbell) lumbered
    with an incarnation even worse than that sported by Patrick McMahon in

    It doesn’t help that key narrative sequences are also missing – there’s
    no ‘learning to use my powers’ montage, nor any trial and error
    adventures as they start to work as a team. In fact, they’re kept apart
    for much of the time until Doom bursts violently – and incongruously –
    into the movie for reasons that remain at best, inexplicable. By the
    time F4 slouches towards the finish line, it feels as though the
    film-makers just want to get to the end as quickly as possible.

    Which is a real shame. This was clever casting with a bittersweet,
    reality based grittiness that promised to leaven DC’s despondency with
    some of Marvel’s trademark wit. Had Fox invested in a stronger crew
    with more blockbuster experience (a quick check on IMDb reveals
    cinematography and second units which are woefully under equipped for
    this sort of venture) it might have at least delivered on spectacle.

    Alas, this is a poorly executed adaptation and judging by the critical
    and box office opprobrium, it’s unlikely they’ll get another chance to
    prove themselves – if only Fox would learn their lesson and just hand
    back the reigns to Marvel.

  • Mr FanatixAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Not so Fantastic..!!!

    What can be said that’s not been mentioned above. I think my main
    disappointment was watching the very talented Miles Teller limit his
    ability in such a drab movie that really done him no favours.

    Overall the movie was poorly put together like a mismatched jigsaw and
    written in a very typical lets start again type fashion, which for avid
    Marvel fans injected a very large dose of bore factor for a majority of
    the film.

    What really annoyed me was the fact that Marvel obviously gave up on
    the film after the first 15 minutes and to top it, they didn’t even put
    in a trailer at the end of the 10 minute credits. A big ‘OMG’ was
    shouted out in the movie theatre by the few that remained!! The kids
    will enjoy it but for seasoned Marvel’ers, send the gf/wife instead and
    don’t waste 100 minutes of your life!!

  • jeromeantoneAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Not great. Not fantastic. Solid enough for me…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Paul WycherleyAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Worst film ever

    Over the last few years marvel have been rebooting films quicker than
    we can blink which is either because they need to to keep the rights to
    the film and are desperate or because they want to tie it in to there
    universe. Let’s start with there recent ones the amazing spider man
    which first one was good but second one was as awful as Spider-Man 3
    with venom. DC rebooted batman with Christopher Nolan and made one of
    the best trilogy films you will find, DC showed marvel how to do it
    correctly so you would think with the fantastic four reboot it would be
    worth a watch…..WRONG AVOID AT ALL COST this reboot is embarrassing
    and makes no sense at all to the point DC are probably rolling around
    in there office laughing. From start to finish its just cringeworthy
    there is nothing good or interesting about this film at all. If you
    want to watch a proper reboot watch batman begins

  • Johan DondokambeyAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Very disappointing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • drawlifeAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Joyless and bland.


    Just bad. Really really bad. You can tell that Fox totally tinkered
    with Josh Trank’s take on the Fantastic 4. I just don’t understand why
    a Fantastic 4 film is so difficult to make. Obviously a movie is a
    different medium from a comic, but the comics are right there as a
    template, and Fox Studios just keeps disregarding it. It’s a shame
    cause despite all the negative reaction and the dumb look of Doctor
    Doom, the trailers had me sold into the film.

    You hardly care about any of the characters in this movie. It’s
    exposition layered upon exposition. Sure there are some moments where
    they do have moments but ultimately choppy editing and storytelling
    dismisses everything that is remotely positive about this film. There
    are moments when the story is just starting to kick in, but it keeps
    cutting away and away. The narrative does not flow eloquently at all.
    It’s very scrambled, especially after they receive their powers. Miles
    Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell are solid actors,
    but they are barely developed and their talents can’t even disguise the
    stink that is this movie. I did however sort of liked Reg E. Cathy as
    Franklin Storm, there was some down to Earth-ness about him that sort
    of put the movie together in a way.

    Now lets talk about Doctor Doom. They failed him so bad. He is arguably
    one of Marvel’s greatest villain, at least in the top five and they
    just cannot get him right. It’s insulting. Tim Story director of the
    first two Fantastic 4 films did a better job representing Victor von
    Doom than Trank and Fox. Wrap your head around that. He just appears
    out of nowhere and is suddenly evil and also gains powers that are far
    more powerful than of the core four without any explanation, did I also
    mention he looks flat out dumb. Toby Kebbell is a fine actor, but just
    like the others he’s wasted and dull.

    Keep in mind this is a short movie. Surprised that it was, and it was
    missing key sequences that we saw in the trailers. This movie
    definitely needed more time to pave things in gently so that there is a
    natural feel to the story. If you thought that the first two acts were
    bad, the third act is just unbearable. You see the world sort of in
    peril, but you don’t care cause you’re not invested in anything. The
    visuals aren’t terrible, in fact I really liked the display of
    superpowers, and how the Human Torch and the Thing looked, although the
    Thing could have used some pants. That’s one thing I can say positively

    As of now it has an outstanding 9% on rottentomatoes. Somewhere Kevin
    Feige and Marvel Studios are smiling. That doesn’t mean they’ll get the
    rights back obviously, cause it’s all on Fox’s hand and it’s their
    property, but I do think it makes the chances higher. Potentially.
    Having said that I think this proves that the behind the scenes drama
    was fact not a rumor, director Josh Trank also deleted his tweet about
    how Fox messed with his version, but think about this, I don’t believe
    for one second that the studio messed with his version of the film for
    the sake of messing with it.

    I think it ultimately comes down to two reasons. Firstly, Fox probably
    wanted it to be more marketable and more comic-book oriented, or they
    just weren’t that impressed. Secondly the test audience, if there was a
    screening prior to the reshoots, then people probably did not like it
    anyway which prompted Fox to make all those changes. So perhaps even if
    they didn’t touch Trank’s version, it may have been still bad, meaning
    this project was doomed from the start.

    Save your money, there are better films out there. A good Fantastic 4
    film can be made, it’s been done before, and it’s called The
    Incredibles. At this point, Fox have three strikes on their Fantastic 4
    property, let them go home, they deserve and belong to be in the MCU
    they’d fit and gel so perfectly. When the MCU reaches it’s end with
    Thanos in Phase 3, who’s better to top Thanos or match him in Phase 4
    than the Skrulls, Annihilus, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, or Galactus

    Fittingly it deserves a 4/10

  • sinsroAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Unnecessary reboot

    This movie spends most of the time telling the story of how the
    superheroes lived before they got their powers. A story most already
    knows, and I was just waiting for them to get that part over with so
    the real movie can begin. Unfortunately, by that time you will most
    likely be asleep, and wont be able to enjoy the five minutes or so of
    superhero action at the end.

    Maybe they didn’t have the budget for special effects and instead
    decided to fill most of the time with boring dialogs. Nevertheless,
    you’d have more fun just picking up a comic book and read that instead.

    Waste of your time, even if you’re a fan of the comics like me.

  • Steve PulaskiAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Succumbs to enough shortcomings to eventually crumble

    ”Fantastic Four” is one of the most middling superhero films in recent
    memory, uniformly bleak, and not in a good way, drearily slow despite
    being such a short film, and entirely uninvolving, despite four proved
    charismatic actors at the forefront. The smothering sameness that
    carries through every shot, combined with the lack of any attachment to
    the four characters on-screen makes for a redundant, plodding excursion
    that drains nearly all the wonder out of the superhero formula and
    replaces it with soulless characters and a tired focus on the science.

    The plot: nearly lifelong friends Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben
    Grimm (Jamie Bell) have been working on a prototype teleporter since
    they were in elementary school, and, upon showing it off at a science
    fare, attracted the attention of Professor Franklin Storm (Reg E.
    Cathey), the leading director of a government-sponsored research
    facility for the young and brilliant known as the Baxter Foundation.
    Reed and Ben work alongside a scientist known as Sue Storm (Kate Mara)
    and a technician known as Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) to create
    ”Quantum Gate,” a more advanced teleporter crafted by Victor von Doom
    (Toby Kebbell), which has the ability to teleport people to different

    After a night of drinking to celebrate Quantum Gate’s success, Reed,
    Ben, Johnny, and Victor decided to test out the invention and
    subsequently wind up being in a life-threatening situation in a totally
    different dimension of the universe. All but Victor return safely,
    thanks to the help of Sue, but the remaining survivors all exhibit some
    physical deformity. Reed is left able to stretch any limb of his body
    without limits, Sue is left with the capabilities to turn invisible,
    Johnny can make himself engulfed in flames at the blink of an eye, and
    Ben is left a towering monster made up of rocks. Together, the four
    grapple with their newfound powers in the midst of squaring off against
    Dr. Doom.

    The immediate problem with ”Fantastic Four” is its pacing. It’s the
    type of film that seems so focused on future installments that it
    forgets to operate in the present. We get a drearily paced origins
    story, amidst meticulous emphasis on the science behind teleporting,
    that writers Trank, Jeremy Slater, and Simon Kinberg forget to make
    what’s occurring in the present of any interest. With that, upon the
    four heroes receiving their powers, Trank chooses to focus on the
    individual person being examined for their ailments, all while not
    adding any additional character development nor meaningful interaction
    with them whatsoever. It’s as if we’re arms length away from the
    characters, their agony, and their personalities at all time’s and that
    arm’s length stretches almost as far as Mr. Fantastic’s arm can.

    You may remember Trank’s directorial debut ”Chronicle,” which rocked
    the box office back in 2012, making Trank amongst one of the few young
    directors to merit the honor of topping the box office with their first
    film. ”Chronicle”’s bleak nature, which housed found footage,
    superhero, and action film tendencies, was a brilliantly entertaining
    picture, and, to his credit, Trank replicates that sort of intriguingly
    dreary world, where everything seems melancholic. The problem is he
    fails to capitalize off of the environment, so the film carries this
    emptiness in the realm of why the environment is so ugly and the
    cinematography so dingy throughout the whole picture. It’s a nice
    aesthetic, but with nothing juxtaposed or defined, it’s as empty as the
    characters at hand.

    However, the rushed quality ”Fantastic Four” bears is the ultimate
    nail-in-the-coffin. At ninety-five minutes, this is hardly an
    introduction but almost a prequel to the characters, ostensibly made up
    of odds and ends found on the cutting room floor. It’s like watching a
    board game being set up before your eyes and, once every little thing
    is meticulously placed and every rule is read, the game is put back
    into a box to be open another day.

    The fact that gifted actors like Teller and Jordan and a clearly
    ambitious director like Trank signed onto ”Fantastic Four” indicates
    that, at one point, there was a glimmer of hope for a franchise built
    around four unique characters with superhuman capabilities. That
    glimmer, however, with the looks of this finished product, has withered
    to little other than an agonizingly slow superhero film that make for
    the genre’s worst in recent memory.

  • peter fazariAugust 10, 2015Reply

    bad movie

    This movie was really bad, it was like if they were trying to make this
    movie bad. I honestly think this is not a good movie for kids to watch
    because spoiler there is a lot of screaming when they all get their
    powers and this isn’t even a good superhero movie because spoiler the
    plot is all over the place and the spoiler the bad guy is in it for
    about 20 min and spoiler have the movie is boring talking. Now listen i
    love superhero movies and i had high hopes that this movie would be
    good and i was wrong so i have to say i liked the 2 first ones (
    fantastic four 2005 and 2007, not the bad 1994 one) better than this
    crap we got

  • kevinxirauAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Four times the disappointment.

    If I were to be honest, I didn’t have that many expectations for this
    movie beyond hoping that this will be a good adaptation. Previously,
    the Fantastic 4 had an unreleased Roger Corman film in the 90s, a
    flawed but still entertaining 2005 film, and a disappointing sequel
    ”Rise of the Silver Surfer”. Not exactly the best track record for the
    original superhero family when it comes to films. Then the trailers for
    this reboot came out and, despite the controversy surrounding things
    like the Human Torch being played by an African-American, it showed
    some exceptional promise with the plot, designs, tone, and effects.
    Considering that 2015 already had ”Avengers: Age of Ultron” and
    ”Ant-Man” under is wing, the stakes couldn’t have been raised any
    higher for the FF. Sadly, its seems this film has left a hollow
    impression on me.

    Plot: Even at a young age, Reed Richards had proved himself to be an
    ambitious young genius. After he and his best friend Ben Grimm managed
    to make a working teleportation device, an elderly Dr. Storm approaches
    him to invite him to join a government-funded think tank to perfect his
    device to help explore an alternate dimension (presumably the Negative
    Zone). With the help some Storm’s children, Susan and Johnny, and
    former protégé Victor von Doom, Reed is successful and decides to
    explore this newfound world with Ben and his newfound friends. However,
    Doom becomes lost and the four are exposed to unknown energies, thus
    gaining incredible powers and becoming Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman,
    Human Torch, and the Thing. While the guilt-ridden Reed tries to find a
    way to reverse the effects, the government wastes no time trying to
    exploit his friends’ powers and recreating the device, but that all
    changes when Doom returns with sinister motives. It is here that the
    four must unite to save the world.

    Despite the filmmakers previously claiming that the film is not based
    on any source material, the story mainly takes elements of the first
    three volumes of the Ultimate comics, which in itself is a good story,
    so I was naturally interested to see how they’ll translate this into a
    movie. At first, I was actually liking this movie. The characters were
    set up nicely, they’re for the most part likable even if they’re not
    always best acted, the science and the ideas/applications it presents
    are great and thoughtful, and even the scene where they all get the
    powers was a nice and tragic moment. The effects were good, especially
    with the Thing’s well-detailed design, and the Negative Zone’s
    environment had this barren but beautiful look, giving an alien feel.
    This first third seemed like an ideal set-up for the FF. So what went
    wrong? Everything after they get their powers!

    There’s a bizarre shift, both in tone and story. There’s the subplot
    about the military wanting to exploit their powers, which appeared fine
    at first, but not only does it take up the majority of the film, but it
    lacked presence since there isn’t much exploration of this. The
    characters mostly brood over what’s happened to them, which gives the
    impression that the filmmakers are trying to imitate Batman. Why does
    Hollywood insist that making superheroes into something dark and edgy
    like ”The Dark Knight”? Some heroes aren’t made for that and even if
    they are, Batman would just blend into the crowd rather than be a
    unique character. The FF are essentially super-powered, scientific
    explorers who get into fun adventures and fight various villains and
    while I like the new twists to the Four, they don’t much to live up to
    said traits. Heck, the filmmakers didn’t even make time to try and
    build the team dynamic the comics are famous for. Also, I can’t
    remember a single bit of soundtrack in this movie. That’s how bad the
    music was.

    Furthermore, the climax is a huge letdown. The film keeps trying to
    build up to some grand finale (and whatever intended sequel) with very
    little payoff, in part thanks to the brooding. Doom returns at some
    point of the film, giving a decent amount of menace, having deadly
    powers and an understandable plan. It’s here that the heroes finally
    decide to do something about it. This is where the film was suppose to
    be exciting, but unfortunately the film fails even at that. Not only is
    the action a bit dull, but this whole part of the movie is WAY too
    rushed and not much fighting actually happens. I also feel that Dr.
    Doom is becoming almost as overused as the Joker and that a villain
    like Annihilus would not only be more fitting for this new world the
    characters discovered but would also be something fresh to see on the
    big screen.

    The 2005 film was far from perfect, but it at least knew what kind of
    material it was working with. The characters were more memorable
    because of how they interacted with each other, understand the
    traits/flaws of one another for the most part, and how they grew
    together as a family. The lighter tone was ideal, the effects good at
    the time, and the action fun. Granted, while not much happens in the
    middle of that film, it made up for it with a thrilling, lengthy battle
    against Dr. Doom, who was entertaining to watch despite a weak
    motivation. This reboot fails at all of that with the only remotely
    good character being Dr. Storm, who was heartfelt and a nice mentor

    It pains me to say this, but this is not a good year for the Fantastic
    4. This reboot suffers very little action, terrible tone shift,
    brooding characters, short climax, lack of memorable score, and poor
    direction. A bunch of great ideas were presented, but the film lives up
    to the term ”wasted potential”. Appropriately, I give this 2015
    adaptation a 4 out of 10.

  • Colin Eldred-CohenAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four (2015) – A Reel Snippet Review

    Fantastic Four (2015) was an absolutely joyless experience that was
    just unpleasant to watch. In fact, unpleasant is the perfect word to
    sum up the movie. The characters act unpleasant, the visuals look
    unpleasant, and the story feels unpleasant. The CGI breaks the pattern
    by being jawdroppingly awful. It all looks fake and unconvincing, even
    in strange places where there doesn’t need to be any CG. One scene
    jumps to mind involving a monkey; they could have used a real one and
    nothing would have changed, but instead they blew some of their CGI
    budget on an obviously fake creature that looked like it belonged in
    Planet of the Apes. In fact, it kind of looked like Caeser from Planet
    of the Apes. Maybe he really needed a paycheck before the next sequel.

    What baffles me about the whole production is how the studio followed
    the same beats and made the same mistakes as their 2005 film, yet
    somehow made it all worse. The team not actually fighting crime until
    the last third of the movie? Doom’s out of nowhere attraction to Sue?
    Ben going from Reed’s best friend to his mortal enemy in a fight? Check
    to all of them, but somehow with infinitely less heart and effort. The
    Storm family doesn’t even feel like a family, they just talk to each
    other like acquaintances in a classroom. Say what you will about
    Jessica Alba as an actor, but her Sue Storm never sounded like she was
    sleep talking through her lines like this one does. It gets extremely
    baffling just how little the makers care as the movie goes on. Apart
    from Doctor Doom being turned into a total loser without the slightest
    bit of gravitas, he has a one-hit-kill power that he demolishes an
    entire building staff with and doesn’t even think to whip it out during
    the final fight. And Ben Grimm being deployed by the government for
    covert ops? The man is a 200-ton orange rock giant. There is no
    universe where any of that qualifies as covert apart from this
    half-baked one I just watched.

    It’s not even a so-bad-it’s-good kind of movie, just a really draining
    experience that put a damper on the whole evening. It didn’t even leave
    me with enough energy to muster any hate towards it. Simply put, nobody
    cared. The filmmakers didn’t care. The actors didn’t care. The effects
    team didn’t care. The audience didn’t care. As such, I didn’t care.

  • James BluntAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Marvel Fans, DO NOT WATCH

    A lot has already been said about this. This is an abomination of a
    superhero movie. A total waste of money. I contemplated walking out of
    the cinema midway through the movie but decided to stay because it was
    hot outside anyway. The AC and the comfy chair was the only reason I
    even stayed.

    As for the movie? Oh please. A black Johnny Storm? A stupid looking
    Doctor Doom? This is NOT the fantastic four. The actors had decent
    individual acting but there was ZERO cohesiveness/connection between
    the four of them.


  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])August 10, 2015Reply

    Bad, but not quite the disaster has everybody makes it out to be.

    I actually liked the first two Fantastic Four films, which came out in
    2005 and 2007. They where fun entertaining films, they never try to be
    anything more then that. But critics think otherwise, and that is why
    they demanded a reboot.

    This film is bad, but not Batman and Robin(1997) or Superman 4(1987)
    bad. I see there was some effort put in here, but I feel the effort
    stopped along the along way. I heard stories that it had trouble
    production, and it shows a little on camera. The movie feels like it
    was cut down, feeling like there where too many scenes that are
    missing. Now the effects are pretty descent, even when they are using
    there powers.

    Has for the actors, Miles Teller as Reed Richards does a good enough
    job, showing how much he does cares about the production, and you
    clearly see it in his performance. But Kate Mara and Jamie Bell as Sue
    Storm and Ben Grimm are terrible, not that they are bad actors, but
    both of them are clearly sleepwalking through this, I see a lack of
    interest while watching them in this. I’ve seen better acting from
    Jamie Bell, and when his character becomes The Thing, he is still not
    that interesting, Michael Chiklis gave more too it, in both Fantastic 4
    films. And Kate Mara I don’t think is a bad actress, but feeling she
    deserves better after this and last years Transcendence. Michael B.
    Jordan has Johnny Storm is not bad, but I feel he was not giving much
    to work with, unlike Chris Evans. Toby Kebbell is alright as Doom, he
    gives more into his performance than anybody.

    All in all it’s bad, but not all terrible, I feel there was a better
    film hiding in there some where.

  • Super Hero ReviewsAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Total Waste of Time going to see this one week early.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • elly-579-586111August 10, 2015Reply

    Most awful Reboot so far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Veense PeperAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Fant4stic build-up; no pay off

    Although I went in with low expectation, this new version of Fantastic
    Four turned out to be a promising movie from beginning to end.
    Promising, but not delivering, unfortunately. It felt like this movie
    did not come out of its first act, until the ‘big epic fight’ that
    lacked… everything a big epic fight should have. Never before, not
    even in The Incredible Hulk, did the final fight feel as slapped on and
    detached from everything else as it did in this movie.

    Another problem was, that this was not really an FF movie. The
    Fantastic Four are called the ‘first family’ of superheroes. A decent
    FF movie would portray Reed as the father figure, Sue as motherly,
    Johnny as a child and Ben as a beloved uncle. Instead of the Fantastic
    Four, we got ‘A Bunch Of Teens, Getting Powers That Are Kinda Like
    Those Of The Fantastic Four’. It also didn’t help that the four of them
    barely worked as a team. I must admit that the way THESE characters
    behaved, teenagers were the way to go. But if you actually want to make
    a Fantastic Four movie, Reed should be played by someone from the likes
    of Peter Galagher or Patrick Dempsey.

    Then, there is the bad guy… If the script knew what it was doing,
    they would have left Doom dead in the other dimension (and get him back
    not before the sequel). Have Tim Blake Nelson’s character be the bad
    guy. Build-up wise, it would make sense, and it would make the ending
    feel not so detached. Instead, Doom returns from this cosmic accident,
    like ten minutes before the end of the movie. Apparently, he went to
    the Ultron-school of ‘Hey, I’m the bad guy for some reason’, as he
    tries to kill his former teammates and destroy the world (of course!).
    I don’t consider mentioning this as a spoiler, since it has barely
    anything to do with the plot – which was more of a long winded study on
    how the characters come to turn with their powers.

    A final battle doesn’t need to have the world at stake. Sam Raimi’s
    Spider-Man’s final battles were mainly about rescueing Mary Jane. The
    final battle in the first X-Movie revolved around a mutant making
    machine in the Statue of Liberty’s giftshop. Nonetheless, since they
    build up to that point properly, the audience was involved in the
    action and stakes. Lesson learned: it’s not the biggest stakes that
    makes for a good finale, it’s the best build-up that does. Fant4Stic
    does build up to something, but NOT to its finale. The something that
    it actually builds up to, however, never comes…

    All in all, the movie keeps you entertained or at least interested
    during its running time, but it leaves you unfulfilled after it.

    The definitive Fantastic Four movie is yet to be made…

  • livhuntAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Just not Marvel

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tinovalkkiAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Painful as root canal therapy.

    Fantastic Four is already second Marvel failure this summer. Ant-Man
    was at least a little entertainment, but Fantastic Four is pure sh…t.
    What is wrong with the Fantastic Four then? First the movies length
    feels more like a television series pilot than feature film. They use
    half on the movie time trying to tell back story, not even manage to
    tell almost nothing. There is no chemistry between characters or team.
    And when they finally got they super powers is conclusion total mess.
    Four lackluster teenagers hopping around in the front of the green
    screen which is after wards filled with nonsense digital effects.
    Nothing gets out of the characters and when digital effects looks like
    mediocre television series digital effect is catastrophe unavoidable.
    Is this what you have to pay a price of a movie ticket? Unfortunately.
    Usually I don’t let critics to make commonplace for my movie
    experience, but this time I’ve should listen the warnings. Let just
    hope that Marvel takes seriously this catastrophe and leaves Fantastic
    Four to comic book pages. I just wonder where they spent all that 200
    million budget if final result looks like this piece of crap? Maybe at
    Hollywood these digital effect makers capitalize stupid Hollywood
    studios with greedy. Tenth of these Hollywood budgets European studios
    make far more better efforts than this is. As a movie experience
    Fantastic Four is like a root canal therapy, long and painful and cost
    you a lot of money. If you like it, be my guest, other avoid this crap
    and don’t buy a movie ticket. Hopefully we as a audience can send a
    message to Hollywood that we are not stupid audience and we wont
    swallow this kind of lackluster.

  • theskyavatarAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4 is good movie with some room for improvement.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Charlie PicartAugust 10, 2015Reply

    In all honestly it’s not very good….

    I went in with very low expectations. I didn’t find it to be a total
    trainwreck, worth 9/100 on review sites etc. while watching it. But, a
    few hours later, when I think about it; I have to be honest : it’s not
    very good. Basic stuff to poke – although it’s almost too easy : the
    characters never look like teenagers. Hard to identify / find them
    credible when they look like 30 really. And some actors (the big evil
    corporation guy especially) were just not good. Special effects were
    also of another era. My partner described them as 1990s’ level, I found
    them to be direct to video level. And this is supposed to be a summer
    tentpole, so that’s not acceptable. And finally: the story lacks a
    point. Half the movie setting an origin, another half not going
    anywhere… Pretty poor in retrospect. As a fan of the source material
    since my earliest years, the sanction has to be severe – it’s simply
    not good.

  • George Roots (GeorgeRoots)August 10, 2015Reply

    120 Million Dollars?! Somebody Sold Us A Broken Record, Don’t Fall For This Fake Mess.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • antoninusjohnsonAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Fantastic update on the original

    This was a more grown up Marvel film although not strictly produced by
    Marvel but by Fox.

    At first I was unsure of the actors chosen for the parts but when you
    watch the movie they work really well together. Mara and B Jordan put
    in some great performances.

    Some of the plot and characters are different to the original comic
    book Johnny Storm is black in the movie whereas he is white in the
    comic’s. There is nothing unusual about this change. I am a fan of
    Battlestar Galactus and Boomer was originally played by a black man
    only to be replaced by the beautiful Ms Parks in the new series who is
    female and Asian. The Thor the movie is different from the comic. In
    the comic Thor always wears an helmet and transforms into Dr Blake
    which is not the case in the movies

    There is less action in this movie compared to other comic movies like
    Iron Man 3 which is the worst Marvel movie devoid of any any reality, a
    leave your brain at home movie, action is there for action sake not to
    advance the story.

    This film gives you gradual build up of excitement little teasers
    providing you with a snapshot of each character and how they get to
    where they are, reaching a big explosion of excitement and action at
    the end.

    The characters are more believable. The Thing looks like the Thing
    instead of a man in a bodysuit.

    The special effects was good but not something you hadn’t seen before.

    Very few negatives with the film could have been a little bit longer
    with more action.

    But overall this is a very good, enjoyable movie, a thinking man’s
    movie. I can’t wait to see it on Blue Ray and the forth coming sequel.

  • Nicole of ArchonCinemaReviews.comAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Another terrible misstep for Marvel entertainment

    This year’s Fantastic Four is dull and dreary and devoid of any

    As far as Fantastic Four’s faithfulness to the comic book subject
    matter, we can’t speak of it. In terms of audience reaction and
    entertainment, it fails on all fronts.

    Gifted young scientists build an amazing machine that teleports matter
    to an alternate universe. Yearning to be the historically important
    first humans to travel across time and space, the transport themselves
    and endure horrifyingly dangerous ramifications. Transformed by the
    experience, they fight to harness their abilities and must work
    together when one is turned malevolently villainous.

    The problem with Fantastic Four as a Marvel action film is its
    structure. It lumbers about in multiple directions without clarity. At
    first, it invests nearly 40mins in what the screenwriters surely felt
    was character and plot development but is in fact filler. Filler
    focusing entirely upon the scientific accomplishment of building the
    machine which would ultimately transform them. While this tidbit is
    vital for the narrative, there is no reason for it to take up 30% of
    the movie and the execution is so poor it fails in that regard anyway.
    The next 25 minutes is a montage of the characters and their powers,
    again, necessary but stretched out. The final 30 minutes is a scramble
    for a climactic build up and conclusion, which is both random and
    sloppy. Honestly, to say that even that much ‘happened’ in the film is
    a gross overstatement.

    Jeremy Slater, Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg, are all responsible for
    this abysmal adaptation. Fantastic Four fails at screen writing 101,
    there is no central conflict, no propelling force that yields an
    intuitive story for the audience to latch on. Sure sure, some people
    may say ”hello, Doctor Doom!” but he is only featured physically and
    mentioned in passing for about 15 minutes of the first hour. There is
    the big bad US government, as always, but they are more a passive
    villain. It’s actually offensive that studio executives green-lit the
    script in the first place.

    Fantastic Four is a wholly missed opportunity to improve upon the
    underwhelming original of 2005. The casting was superb and the actors
    did an adequate job given the material, but the Marvel film was doomed
    from the start given the script. The first Fantastic Four might have
    been cheesy and overly saturated but the 2015 version is dull and

    Please check out our website for more full reviews of all the recent

  • Cameron Lau (Skaigear)August 10, 2015Reply

    A lazy, putrid excuse disguising itself as a motion picture – this was cinema at its pessimal.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bans_004August 10, 2015Reply

    Want faithful adaptations? Don’t watch movies

    Oh come on. This is waaay better than those ”home-made” low budget,
    plot less, full of holes in the edit, painfully acted movies. It is
    highly probable that you would be disappointed if you’re an avid
    follower of the comics. Then imagine the disappointment when our
    favorite novels & classics are ”adapted” into movies! Those would go
    way back in the negatives then.

    These movies are called adaptations for a reason! Nevertheless, it is
    not such a disappointment if you’re ready to watch it with a open mind
    (or not a worshipper of Marvel comics). The acting is pretty decent,
    and it paves a good enough path for the future installments; i.e., if
    there are any! The CGI is pleasant and if you need an excuse to finish
    your popcorns, go for it!

  • mvqaAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Not worth your time

    I would not say that the movie is awful, but it is extremely boring.

    The first half hour is a bit entertaining, and I kinda liked the
    direction they where taking, but after that nothing happens, absolutely
    nothing!! The movie only has like 2 action scenes which feel really
    rushed, and the final one is quite boring as well, something you don’t
    expect in a movie about Superheroes. There is no chemistry between the
    characters and the dialogs are terrible.

    The movie from 10 years ago is way better than this, at least in that
    one you get a little bit of excitement.

    Save your money and watch MI5 instead.

  • baileyforminskiAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Waste of time

    Okay so our time is ticking until we pass and I just wasted 2hrs of it
    on the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. It was like 3hrs of
    nothing then in the last 5 minutes of the movie the action is thrown
    in. Horribly directed. Very disappointed. If only I could get my money
    back.What I saw cannot be unseen please… Don’t watch it. SpongeBob is
    better than what i watched. No wonder the theater was empty for that
    Horrible movie. It just made no sense it looked as if the movie was
    multiple thoughts of what the movie could of been made into. I can’t
    believe it’s still in theaters. Don’t take your family to see it. My
    kids were asking when the movie was going to be over and leaving for
    the bathroom every 5 minutes because they were so bored. My youngest 9
    years fell asleep and he’s a fan of marvel and superheroes that should
    tell ya something.

  • mcgregorrowlandAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Worst Marvel movie I have ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jonniebakesAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Just Awful

    We can’t even find the words to say just how poor this is. We’re not
    saying don’t don’t watch it, but don’t say we didn’t tell you so. When
    you want those wasted 92 minutes back … oops!

    Terrible plot. We thought we’d missed a big chunk of storyline …
    sadly we hadn’t.

    Dreadful characterization. We thought we’d missed some amazing acting
    … sadly we hadn’t.

    The start of something big … perhaps the producers etc. are thinking
    of a sequel and producing massive ranges of merchandise in time for
    Christmas. Sadly they probably will.

  • diego-shgAugust 10, 2015Reply

    it would be more ”fantastic” whit more action and more time.

    The Fantastic Four reebot is not soo bad that all persons says,the cast
    is good,the performances are good stars very good but if you are going
    to do a movie of 1 hour 30 min you need to know how adjust all the
    characters,the personality,the relations etc(Or do a longer movie)the
    time It is their main sin, when there have the powers and logically
    should begin action the movie puts : A Year later, the 4 doesn’t feel
    like a team, the thing and sue they do not interact in the whole movie,
    a lot of things pass(including Doom that is not the villain) so fast
    including the final (not fantastic) figth, Even the ending feels very
    cut, you feel that have been removed (between action scenes and the
    end) much of the movie In my opinion if it had been a movie of 2 hours
    o 2 and a half hours this would have been a better film.And yes, i have
    hope that the sequel be better

    P.D I love you Kate Mara <3

  • KalKenobi83August 10, 2015Reply

    The second best Superhero Movie of 2015

    Watched Fantastic Four Featuring Miles Teller(Whiplash) as Reed
    Richards/Mr.Fantastic , Kate Mara(We Are Marshall) as Sue
    Storm/Invisible Woman , Jaimie Bell(Snowpiercer) as Ben Grimm/The
    Thing, Michael B.Jordan(Justice League:The Flashpoint Paradox) as
    Johnny Storm/The Human Torch,Toby Kebbell(Dawn Of The Planet Of The
    Apes) as Victor Domashev/Doom,Reg E.Cathey(House Of Cards) as
    Dr.Franklin Storm, Tim Blake Nelson(The Incredible Hulk) as Harvey
    Elder . The film is awesome as it Incorporates Time Travel with the
    Optimism of Exploring Other Universes also it is brilliantly shot and
    well told also Amazing Performances from Teller,Bell,Jordan and
    Kebbell. Amazing Score By Marco Beltrami (The Wolverine ), Costume
    Design By The Late George L.Little(Zero Dark Thirty) ,Cinematography By
    Matthew Jensen(Flith) ,Screenplay by Jeremy Slater(The Lazarus Effect)
    Simon Kinberg(X-Men Days Of Future Past )Direction By Josh
    Trank(Chronicle) The second best Superhero Movie of 2015 8/10

  • rannynmAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Disappointing but Riveting First Half

    This is a disappointing film that has a riveting first half but a
    rushed and forced second half. Four young minds create a machine that
    transports them into a alternate universe. Once they come back they
    have acquired unique powers that they need to control.

    The first half looked quite promising. The pace, character development
    and story are very engaging. The darker direction they take with the
    story makes it enjoyable. My favorite scene is when the four discover
    their abilities. There is a sense of fear, tragedy and betrayal with
    the characters. It starts out as another successful origin story, then
    it feels as if the editors pressed the fast-foreword button once it
    starts to get interesting. The second half feels as if it is a long
    sneak peek for the next Fantastic Four film. It has a great head start
    but it left me wanting more in a negative way. There is enough four,
    but it lacks ”fantastic.”

    The updated special effects are one of the redeeming qualities of this
    film. The presentation of each power is stunning. The impressive design
    of Ben Grimm/The Thing (Jamie Bell) and the fluent stretching effects
    of Mister Fantastic give this film an updated edge.

    At first there is a connection among the characters; both with each
    other and the audience. The actors pull this off seamlessly and you are
    sincerely captivated with their goals and struggles. However, they
    suffer during the second half as all their hard work is painfully

    My favorite character is Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic (Miles Teller).
    Richards is one of the people who help build the machine. He ends up
    getting the ability of an elastic body which means he can stretch any
    part of his anatomy. Miles Teller has been on a roll with his career
    and for good reasons. He’s a talented actor who dives deeply into the
    characters he plays. This part is no exception.

    The moral of the film, though a bit forced, reminds me of Abraham
    Lincoln’s quote, ”A house dived against itself cannot stand.” The four
    heroes face Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and attack him individually.
    Soon they realize, that together, they are stronger.

    I give this film 3 out of 5 stars and recommend this to 10 through
    18-year-olds. There’s some dark material and language that younger
    audiences may not be able to handle. This film has some saving aspects
    but sadly, they do not recover the whole film.

    Reviewed by Keefer B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15. For more
    reviews by youth, go to kidsfirst dot org.

  • alexandr332August 10, 2015Reply

    Why was this movie released?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • chogan9August 10, 2015Reply

    Solid Foundation on Which to Build

    1st – After the Credits Nothing After the credits in the way of
    next-movie-setup 2nd – The 1994 Film The rating for this film is only
    .1 higher than the pitiful attempt to make a bad public access pilot
    that is the 1994 Fantastic Four movie(3.9), so I would like to press
    upon everyone that reviews this title to remember just how bad a comic
    book movie can be. 3rd – The 2005 Film After re-watching the 2005 film
    (5.7), and comparing the rating of that launch to this reboot, I am
    informatively-puzzled by the front loading of reviews relative to
    release date. Take your comic book loving self back to 2005,
    expectations were high, we as a society were still blissfully unaware
    of the horror, the horror to come in X3(6.8) and Spider-man 3(6.2).
    Electra (4.8) was fresh off the flop pile, but female leads have always
    been a detriment in a male centric story world. Fantastic Four was
    received with mixed reviews. It was stuck somewhere between the matter
    of factness of the fist two X-Men films and the childish cartoon days
    of the 1990s, and 1970s, and I think the 1980s as well. All in all it
    is watchable for a comic fan or someone with an especially specific
    social or emotional tie to the film, but in comparison to the 2015
    reboot, it is laughable as an artifact in an evolving genre. 4th – As
    to the 2015 Film This is an origin story. The story is a linear one, as
    appose to something like Man of Steel(7.2). The majority of the story
    takes place when all of the main characters are of an early college
    age, 18-25ish. This is an origin story. After the Four get their powers
    some time is spent using them to solve the greater and lesser problems
    of people on earth. Some of these problems are cause by Dr Doom. This
    is pretty much what we all learned from the trailers, and the general
    plot is similar to the 2005 and 1994 films, and every comic book with
    Dr Doom in it. Except for the one time where he may or may not have
    saved a kitten. The characters are well developed, gritty and true to
    their world and the events in it. I have recommended the film to
    everyone that I have met since seeing it. Even though I went into the
    film with firm reservations, I feel like this is the best Fantastic
    Four Movie that could be made outside of Marvel Studios.

    Post Script: The Silver Surfer movie is rated a 5.6 and they butchered,
    cooked and sold us all a piece of cloud Galactus for ten bucks a head.

  • Screen_BlitzAugust 10, 2015Reply

    This is probably Marvel Comics’ worst film

    Being a fan of superhero flicks based on the ever-popular Marvel
    comics, I went into this with fairly average, if not high expectations.
    These movies have always ended up being some of the biggest and most
    entertaining films during the summers, often leading to major box
    office numbers. Unfortunately, this is not the case with this
    disastrous reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise which has suffered an
    unfair amount of abuse in the last ten years, beginning with Tim
    Story’s outing in 2005 and later its sequel two years later; both of
    which failed to commit justice to the Fantastic Four league. This
    reboot directed by Josh Trank, who made the surprisingly entertaining
    hit ‘Chronicle’ not flounders to improve upon the previous outings, it
    does worse. This film follows Reed Richards (played by Miles Teller),
    Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara), her rebellious step-brother Johnny
    Storm (played by Michael B. Jordan), and Ben Grimm (played by Jamie
    Bell), a group of young outsiders at a research lab working a giant
    teleporter known as the Quantum Gate. When one of their experiments
    goes awry and their colleague Victor Von Doom (played by Toby Kebell)
    is killed, they obtain mysterious superhuman abilities that they must
    learn. Soon, they discover Victor von Doom is back from the dead and
    has become a murderous villain a.k.a Doctor Doom, with an intention on
    destroying the world, for some unknown reason. The team of
    now-superheroes become the world’s last line of defense.

    What is wrong this film? The real challenge here is pointing out
    anything in this movie to consider redeeming qualities. First off, the
    story is not lousy in writing, but suffers from a significantly awkward
    pace. The storyline covers the whole origin story of how the four main
    characters became who they are, and it spends an unnecessary amount of
    time, over half of the movie to be more specific, focusing on needless
    exposition we already seen in the previous entries. It makes you wonder
    if Fox demanded extensive cuts from the final product (which wouldn’t
    surprise me). With all that time wasted, it takes absolutely no time to
    develop the characters. Reed Richards becomes Mr. Fantastic, Johnny
    Storm becomes the Human Torch, Sue Storm becomes Invisible Woman, and
    Ben becomes the Thing. Other than that, there is no construction to
    these characters whatsoever. And it certainly doesn’t help that these
    characters show such thin chemistry between each other. It’s not until
    the final twenty minutes of the film when the action finally kicks in,
    and that’s when the team is pitted against Doctor Doom. When Doctor
    Doom appears, he looks ridiculous. The green coat that he wears over
    his head looks so fake and the CGI done on the character isn’t pleasant
    to look at either. Lastly, the whole fight against Doctor Doom is super
    short, lasting for roughly three minutes, and during this fight,
    audience are greeted with a shortage of tension and excitement as our
    heroes effortless take on the villain who’s intention on destroying the
    world is supported with no real motivation. By the end, you’re left
    with the feeling of ”What! That’s it?”. It is pretty disappointing.

    I have to say I was quite disappointed with how Fantastic Four turned
    out, probably one of the worst additions to the superhero genre I’ve
    experienced in a long time. From it’s like able cast and timely source
    material, I had so much hope for this movie. If there is sequel
    planned, the writers and director should really consider some major
    changes, if there are gonna show some improvement.

  • Johnny CarrotAugust 10, 2015Reply

    I walked into this knowing it was gonna suck.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • liyuiheyAugust 10, 2015Reply

    This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nathan fordAugust 10, 2015Reply

    I will make this quick

    Few movies are as bad directed and poorly written as this piece of
    fielth that for some reason lies upon us today. Especially a movie that
    used hundreds of millions of dollars in the making. This movie is the
    definition of modern Hollywood! All the money grinding garbage that we
    all know of at this point. It tries to be this griddy, new dark knight
    kind of movie, though completely lacks the writing and substance to
    pull that off! Oh my god, the editing in this movie is some of the
    worst things I have seen in my life time! The intercuts and transitions
    from scene to scene are just awful, they’re a disgrace to the editing
    world. You could go on youtube and find thousands of 14 year olds
    making a lot better vfx than what I saw in this god forsaken film. They
    had such a great cast too! Kate mara, Jamie bell, Michael B.Jordan and
    MILES TELLER! Oh I feel so sorry for them too, like this is probably
    the Batman and Robin of the 21 century! I promise you that in 20 years
    Miles Teller will apologize for this disgrace on a festival or
    something, like George Clooney did for Batman And Robin.

    Josh Trank, you were magicly fired from making a star wars spin off
    movie about bobba fett, now we know why.

  • Adam PerssonAugust 10, 2015Reply

    A great build-up! But should have lasted 3 hours to make it a good movie..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Marty McflyAugust 11, 2015Reply

    ”Fantastic” Four…

    When in the cinema, I really hate when other people look at their
    phones throughout a movie. Except on this occasion I was willing to let
    it slide.

    This film is boring, so boring in fact that I went to get a refill on
    my Tango Ice-Blast in order to try and fill up my bladder. So that I
    could give my self the everyday thoughtless task of going to the
    restroom to relieve my bladder oh and also my brain from that awful

    Some of the visuals in this film were great, and I say ”some”. That’s
    because the majority of this movie is poor story telling, with next to
    no character development and hardly any of the Marvel action/battle
    sequences that we have now come accustomed to. Yes it is an origins
    story in some sense, but lacks everything a Marvel movie should have.

    Some of the acting in this film felt very dull and flat, to the point
    where it felt like Josh Trank must’ve been having a bad day and just
    starting finishing scenes in one take, just to get the hell out of
    there…probably to fill his Tango Ice-Blast.

  • Kal-el8August 11, 2015Reply

    I hate you fox

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bigcd57August 11, 2015Reply

    Not too bad

    So I was considering seeing this movie but heard horrible reviews but
    after some thought I couldn’t fight it any longer had to see this movie
    opening weekend and must say I was rather impressed i really liked it
    kept my interest the entire movie good story awesome plot OK for
    family’s with kids old enough to take some language and violence wished
    we could have seen more action. In a marvel movie but all in all the
    movie was great I say to see it good popcorn flick for the summer if
    nothing more it helps stop boredom so I say don’t trust the critics go
    see it u wont be sorry just keep an open mind and u might be surprised
    how much u fun u may have with the fantastics only gripe not enough
    action and stupid ending better be a second movie

  • vengeance20August 11, 2015Reply

    Slow, Boring, Dull & Completely Depressing!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantAugust 11, 2015Reply

    I’d really like to see a director’s cut someday!

    ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Twentieth Century Fox’s reboot to their superhero franchise; which
    began in 2005 (and had one previous sequel in 2007). It’s based on
    Marvel Comic’s first superhero team, of the same name, created by Stan
    Lee and Jack Kirby (their first comic as well); and tells the story of
    four young scientists who are transformed into gifted superheroes, by
    teleporting to another dimension. It was directed by Josh Trank (the
    man behind the 2012 indie sci-fi hit ‘CHRONICLE’) and written by Trank,
    Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg. The film stars Miles Teller, Michael
    B. Jordan (who also costarred in ‘CHRONICLE’), Kate Mara, Jamie Bell,
    Toby Kebbell and Reg E. Cathey. It’s received nothing but negative
    reviews, from critics and fans alike, due to studio tampering; which
    greatly altered Trank’s true vision. I really enjoyed the first
    two-thirds of the movie, and I’d really like to see a director’s cut
    someday (which Trank insists exists).

    Since they met as children, best friends Reed Richards (Teller) and Ben
    Grimm (Bell) have been working on a special teleportation device. While
    showing it off, unsuccessfully at a science fair, they impress a local
    professor, Franklin Storm (Cathey); who’s been working on the same
    thing. Storm invites Reed and Ben to join his research team; which
    includes his daughter Susan (Mara), his son Johnny (Jordan) and his
    protégé Victor von Doom (Kebbell). The young scientists succeed at
    their experiment, and then make a dangerous attempt to teleport
    themselves, to another universe. Once there, they gain special powers;
    and each must decide whether to use them for good, or for bad.

    The movie begins as a fascinating character study, filled with good
    performances (from Teller, Jordan and the rest). It’s involving,
    although somewhat slow paced, and pretty entertaining, all the way up
    till the third act. Then the film morphs into a completely different
    movie, and ends with CGI filled nonsense (with characters behaving in
    ways nothing like the film leading up to it). Fox was unhappy with
    Trank’s first cut (a more original, and creative, character driven
    superhero flick), so they hijacked the movie; demanding reshoots and
    totally ruining the conclusion of the film. I really like what Trank
    was trying to do with the genre, before that though, and look forward
    to seeing more from him in the future. I also hope the upcoming sequel
    doesn’t have so much big business pollution. It’s at least not as big
    of a disappointment as Marvel Studio’s ‘ANT-MAN’ (considering what that
    could have been, with Edgar Wright at the helm)!

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • macdog17August 11, 2015Reply

    Fantastically Misunderstood

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sethdeckerAugust 11, 2015Reply

    If you’re out for blood…

    I had a free movie ticket to use last night, and while I was not going
    to use it on Pixels or Vacation, my other options were to see Ant- man
    again, or see Fantastic 4. I’ve been perusing the boards on IMDb and
    I’ve seen nothing but malice; but it was free. I went into the theater
    expecting to see something as bad as X-men 3 or Ghost Rider, or god
    forbid, something worse than the first 2 F4 movies. When I left the
    theater, I left angry. I wasn’t angry at the movie, and I wasn’t angry
    at Hollywood. I was angry at you.

    And I get it! Everyone has a chip on their shoulder because Hollywood
    is pumping out either EPIC blockbusters, nonsensical indie movies, or
    absolute pig swill. Pixels was a last straw; the beginning of the new
    era where everyone isn’t just a critic, but a legitimate movie
    reviewer. Pixels was torn to shreds, and there is still blood in the
    water. F4 was sadly wading in the pool when it all went down, and has
    been blasted for no GOOD reason. I believe this film is the sad
    casualty of the mob mentality of the average Joe. You didn’t understand
    what the movie was shooting for, and therefore couldn’t see it for what
    it was.

    This movie is NOT: The Avengers. Or really any super hero film that has
    come out in the last two decades. The CGI effects are 90% amazing.
    There were a few shots of the Thing and Reed that were a little less
    than perfect, but I’ll allow that blame to fall on executive rushing.

    This movie is NOT: A huge budget action flick. It’s not self aware like
    Deadpool, it’s not drummed up with anticipation like Avengers, it’s not
    a Shakespearean trip to Asgard.

    This movie IS: A new idea for hero flicks. It finely walks the line
    between the realism of The Dark Knight, and the Sci-fi nature of the
    source material. I thought it walked the line very well. There are
    sci-fi horror-esque scenes that help you feel the real fear in the 4.
    There are balls out action scenes where the thing is tearing apart a
    small army (This scene shouldn’t have been reduced to a TV viewing
    screen, probably a Trank scene that Fox cut for no good reason). The
    over all tone is Super 8 meets the X-men.

    Did you want a huge movie? Sorry there bub, this isn’t for you. Did you
    want to be catered with easy to swallow cheesiness and shallow
    dialogue? Probably not your cup of tea either. If you wanted a movie
    that acts as a great launchpad for future explorations into space, our
    messed up military, REAL science fiction, and more than just a popcorn
    flick, this is for you. If you wanted a movie that didn’t HAVE to be
    huge to be fun, didn’t HAVE to be ultra real to be believable, and
    actually has the ability to save some of the hugeness to bank later,
    this is the one for you. The characters are REAL. The villain isn’t
    over the top and laughable. Reed learns his place and has DIMENSION.
    You actually feel sorry for the Thing instead of wishing you could be
    made of rock. Human torch is ACTUALLY hot headed, not just wise
    cracking and sexy. Sue Storm plays a REAL introvert, not someone flower
    just waiting to bloom.

    Trank took an odd route and made a smaller movie, in hopes to get
    bigger and bigger with each sequel, and you pooped all over him for
    having the balls to go small. I really liked this movie for being what
    it set out to be; 4 scared kids gain powers they can’t quite control,
    get exploited by our government and learn how to be a team in a real
    world with real consequences.

    This movie lands above the middle for Marvel movies. There have been A
    lot worse (Looking at you Iron Man 2-3) and there have been better
    (Winter Soldier was rad as hell). Hopefully the world comes to it’s
    senses before we don’t get another sequel, Galactus can be redeemed on
    the silver screen, and we can maybe in the next decade get an Onslaught

  • paul006August 11, 2015Reply

    Nowhere near as bad as its reputation- it’s actually a decent movie

    First two thirds were decent with good acting, engaging character arcs
    etc. It was at least as engaging as a origin story as something like
    Sam raimi spider-man etc. I genuinely haven’t understood some of the
    reviews that have said that the cast had no chemistry and the acting
    was poor -could not disagree more.

    The last third was less engaging, but have still seen worse final acts
    and cgi battles in super hero/ genre movies. Whether this was the
    result of all the behind the scenes trouble etc is up for debate.

    I do think the poor reviews and general bashing of the film have been
    unfair and to some extent jumping on a band wagon. Josh Tranks alleged
    behaviour not withstanding, I actually feel sorry for the cast and crew
    as I feel this film and their work has been treated unfairly.

    Ignore the bad reviews, see it and make up your own mind.

  • philglassfanAugust 11, 2015Reply

    All the hate is unwarranted!

    I went to see F4 just because my favorite composer, Philip Glass,
    co-wrote the soundtrack with Marco Beltrami. I’m not a big superhero
    movie buff and have not seen the previous F4 movies either. After
    seeing the scathing reviews, I was expecting the to experience the
    worst movie I’ve ever seen.

    To my surprise, I saw a fun and excellent movie. This movie blew the
    doors off of ”Interstellar”. I was throughly entertained throughout.
    Not the greatest movie ever, but certainly not deserving of all the
    terrible reviews either. And of course, the soundtrack is great (I knew
    that ahead of time; already have downloaded the soundtrack).

    Give F4 a chance and go in with an open mind, and don’t listen to the

  • DSManAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Much Better than Expected 10/10

    My honest rate would be 7.5/10 but I’m putting 10/10 to get the
    ridiculous ratings up for this movie. I thought the movie was great. I
    am a fan of the comics since the 80s during the John Byrne era. The
    movie captured the family theme perfectly and felt just like the comic.
    The only thing missing was some comical rivalry scenes between Ben
    Grimm and Johnny Storm. I like the setup very much. Ben Grim’s tagline
    ”It’s clobberin’ time” get’s its own origin story. The racial inclusion
    of a black Johnny Storm was seamless. I would love to see the FF hang
    with the Inhumans on screen but the studios have no respect for
    American art. Also we would really need Quicksilver to be alive for the
    whole Quicksilver/Medusa arc.

    The bad reviews are undeserved. I suspect there was some sort of
    campaign to kill this movie’s potential before it left the barn to push
    the studio to give up it’s rights. Selling the rights would make up for
    the losses on this expensive film. We’ll never know. I’m looking
    forward to FF2 regardless. Please bring us Galactus and make him tall
    and purple and not a frickin’ cloud, please! Bye.

  • midnight_demon2502August 11, 2015Reply

    Just don’t bother

    If I could find something positive to say I would. I can’t so I won’t.
    Rather, let’s use this space to serve as a public service announcement:

    There just are no adequate words in the human language for how terrible
    and time wasting this film (if you can call it that) actually is.

    I watched it….why did I not listen….


    PS: You can thank me later for not wasting any of your time by giving
    you reasons not to watch this movie or describing how crappy it really
    is. You’d never get those precious moments of your life back either.

  • paul_3-960-896774August 11, 2015Reply

    The frustrating one

    I heard the rumors and read the reviews about this film but it only
    made me want to see it for myself. I know, I’m a bit of a masochist.
    Turns out Fox’s new Fantastic Four is incredibly frustrating.

    The movie had a lot of things going for it. The cast is incredible,
    they might not have been the ones I would have pictures in these roles,
    but they are still talented and interesting actors. The way they
    approached the characters and their relationships was also interesting
    and it sort of made sense to me. The fact that they were all outsiders
    in their own way, them being wickedly smart and kind of awkward was an
    idea that I could have lived with. There’s also the ”scaryish” elements
    in the movie that I liked. It felt like they were monsters, they were
    strange, and all of these ideas were potentially good ones but the
    execution was botched.

    The pace was so F-ing slow for two third of the movie, and once there’s
    a little bit of action it ends. At times it was obvious that some
    scenes were cut short, some bits of dialogues annoyed the hell out me.
    Fox had all of the right ingredients to make an awesome movie but they
    sorely missed. If we look at the bright, among other things, you can
    use this movie showcase the importance of editing.


  • akilwedmoreAugust 11, 2015Reply

    The best thing about this movie was me walking out after 30 minutes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mvcomputersAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Worse than the first.

    This movie has the unholy trinity of elements that make for a really
    bad movie. Bad acting, bad story and bad visual affects. Josh Trank, no
    more movies from you….please! To submit my review I have to type at
    least ten lines but it doesn’t take ten lines to express my opinion on
    how bad this movie really was. I mean really, I can sum up this movie
    in two words,”Fantastic Snore” because I found myself starting to nod
    off half way into this movie forcing myself to shove unnecessary
    amounts popcorn into my face just to stay awake, but at least picking
    the popcorn kernels out of my teeth kept me amused throughout the
    second half. The first fantastic four left me feeling like I misplaced
    a $20.00 bill but this piece of garbage left me feeling like I just got
    robbed at gunpoint. Thanks a lot Hollywood, just when I think that you
    have finally hit rock bottom, you come out with something like this.
    Stop It!

  • siriusgrayAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Flaws

    I went to see this movie because I was curious to know exactly why it
    had been so poorly received by film critics. Basically, the movie has
    an adequate first act with the introduction of Reed Richards as a
    brilliant youth and the telling of the events that then led to him and
    four other humans being given super powers during an ill conceived
    venture into another dimension. However, once the characters receive
    their powers, the film’s plot essentially collapses with a nearly
    non-existent middle act and a very brief and incredibly underwhelming
    final act. The most interesting aspect regarding this movie’s
    performance is the blame game currently taking place with the two main
    parties receiving blame being director Josh Trank and Fox Studios.
    After watching the film, it is clear that the blame should fall on
    whoever was responsible for writing/planning/editing the film’s second
    and final acts and then those who approved those acts. What is most
    frustrating is that based on the film’s first act, it appears that in
    the beginning, somebody did have the goal of making a good although
    very different Fantastic 4 movie than we had previously seen. However,
    at about the time Reed escapes and the moves jumps forward 1 year, any
    notion of a good film was thrown out the window and instead the movie’s
    only objective became to introduce and defeat the Big Bad (Dr. Doom) in
    the quickest manner possible and to call it a day.

    Watching this film is mostly a frustrating experience as it is greatly
    unfulfilling to watch a talented cast struggle through such a mediocre
    script barring the film’s first act. With a brisk running time of 100
    minutes, the film is simply too short to succeed in telling a
    satisfactory story especially when more than half of that time is spent
    leading up to the characters receiving their powers. Obviously, the
    film is only able to achieve its short running time by essentially
    compressing its middle act into a few scenes that entirely skip over
    the characters reacting to their new powers and more importantly, ever
    bonding as a team. In fact, other than Richards, the other 3 Fantastic
    4 members hardly every communicate with one another during the entire
    film. The short running time and the weak script is especially damaging
    given that it results in a film with essentially no character
    development between any of the characters and the film’s villain which
    is a problem considering that the film’s primary goal is for its
    characters to become a team and to defeat said villain. It is honestly
    difficult to judge the 5 main characters’ acting performances as they
    are given so little to do in the movie and there is no point discussing
    any other actors in the film as they do not even qualify as being 2

    Overall, it seems that the original goal of the film was to tell a
    re-imagined grittier and more realistic version of the comic-based
    characters receiving these incredible powers and then learning to cope
    with these powers but then at about halfway along the way, somebody
    (Fox presumably) wanted this movie to be a conventional superhero movie
    with special effects and a big fight scene but had no clue on how to
    write and execute such a story from the page to the screen. The end
    result is a movie with a perfectly enjoyable albeit quiet first act and
    then a jumble of scenes and a few average special effects that someone
    thought could be considered the middle and final acts of a movie.

    I encourage anyone interested in film making to see this film as it
    will make one appreciate the value of a good script and the importance
    of proper pacing and character development. A movie without these
    elements simply feels like a series of disconnected scenes that
    prevents the viewer from ever becoming engaged with the film’s
    characters and their fates. There were instances of potential
    throughout the film (Richard and Ben’s relationship, Richard meeting
    Sue and Victor, a couple of funny one-liners, a decent score) but in
    the end, none of these moments amounted to anything as at a certain
    point the movie stopped caring about its plot and characters and only
    cared about reaching the finish line and setting up a sequel that is
    very unlikely to ever see the light of day.

    On a final and lighter note, seeing somebody watch a computer monitor
    is not an action scene despite what this movie would like us to

  • JonnyCampoAugust 11, 2015Reply

    To Fantastic Four, Or Not To Fantastic Four that is question

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • n_hatzigeorgiouAugust 11, 2015Reply


    Terrible movie! I ‘ be seen the last two movies and although they were
    not something to thrill me they were certainly better than this.. The
    plot was bad, the script was unimaginative and the reality of the movie
    was not even close to what was shown in comics way back then. When we
    see revamps, using younger actors, we usually get new stories that put
    characters into new perspective.. This approach didn’t even come
    close.. I understand that the fantastic four characters are difficult
    to fill in the big screen. The nature of their powers is something that
    cannot be realistic in conception and visualization but for someone
    like me who is a fantastic four fan since his childhood , this looks
    just.. Disappointing..

  • blakerogers2015August 11, 2015Reply

    Great Potential Ruined by a Terrible Script

    The thing is, the movie I saw could have been so good! I thought the
    actors were okay. They weren’t amazing but weren’t bad. Let’s call this
    for what it is. They tried. You can tell they tried. But it fell flat.
    The script was bad. The overall plot wasn’t. The idea of going into
    another dimension, being run by the government, and then becoming a
    super group is a common idea but not a bad one. The problem is, the
    characters introductions were forced. It just seemed awkward how all of
    the fantastic four showed up. And I hated that The Thing and Sue Storm
    literally never said a word to each other. Not once. They become the
    fantastic four was very forced. I think had the movie been 30 or 40
    minutes longer with some more action thrown in it could have been good.
    Overall, it was bad and could have been good. I think it’s time to
    revert to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Juliusz Mohuczy-WachowskiAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Really good movie.

    I don’t understand what the negative fuzz is all about. IMHO F4 was a
    really good movie for the way it was made.

    In present days I have always missed a director that takes his time for
    the story to evolve and that finally happened in f4. OK, the is not
    much boom boom and no car chases but if you let yourself into the story
    I promise you, you will enjoy the movie and will be stoked about the
    following ones.

    I liked they took time for everything to get into place before the
    action starts. How it all started, how the teleporting machine was
    made, etc.

    I would compare this movie with the Robocop remake. It’s hopefully the
    first of several movies and we only got to see the prologue and it was
    made without rushing it into the action.

    I hope we get to see more of what we got a glimpse on in this one

    From me ALL THUMBS UP!

  • ironhorse_ivAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Movie wasn’t Fantastic, but it’s not as bad, as critics make it out to be.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Daniel PinheiroAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Just a beginning to something

    I saw the movie today and the movie is not that bad. Is not a master
    piece but is not the worst thing in the world at all.

    The story has his major flaws but is a big movie just to introduce the
    character to work them afterwords. I think this evaluation of 3,9/10 is
    just a reaction and like always the internet reacts and never analyze.
    In a way since the Dark Night, superhero movies had the bar set a bit
    high and i kind set this movie like a Batman Begins of Fantastic 4.

    I hope to see more of this cast and this storyline with more action and
    fights to really make this franchise get a better opinion of the
    critics and the audience.

  • andyieleyAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Entertaining adaption of Ultimate Fantastic Four series

    Despite all the negative reviews, the 3.9 on IMDb and just 9% on Rotten
    Tomatoes, I still went to see this to be able to see for myself if it
    really was the disaster everyone says it is. And although it is a
    flawed film, it really does not deserve the harsh reception it has been

    The fault really lies, not with the film itself, but with a skewered
    perception by modern day viewers of what a comic book film should be
    based upon what Marvel Studio themselves have created in the ‘MCU’. But
    first of all, regarding the MCU, lets have a reality check. Fans have
    become so blinkered into believing that that whatever Marvel Studios
    touch is going to turn to gold, they cannot see the wood for the trees
    and will defend their films to the hilt.

    Iron Man 2. It was clearly a rushed film to promote the up and coming
    Avengers. There was hardly and plot and the villain was made up, a mish
    mash of two other villains from the comics. The build to the finale was
    so very slow and after a truly embarrassing drunken party scene we had
    a blink and you miss it fight at the end.

    Iron Man 3. Right, any criticism of Fantastic Four not being true to
    comics stops here. The Mandarin. Do I need to say anymore? The film is
    also full of plot holes big enough to drop a space armada through.
    Killian ”I am the Mandarin” doesn’t get killed by being trapped in the
    iron man suit and it blowing up, but a small rocket drop kicked to the
    face by a super powered pepper pots can finish him off?

    Thor 2. I can’t even remember what happened I this film it made that
    much of an impression on me.

    Avengers Age of Ultron. A classic case of more is not always better.
    Age of Ultron bludgeoned the audience with non-stop CGI and endless
    wise cracks. They ruined a great comic book villain by turning him into
    the comic relief with zero sense of threat. Hulk Buster can take out
    the Hulk with one punch to the face? And they killed off a character
    that should easily be able to dodge bullets by getting shot. Oh, and
    why was Tony Stark back as iron man exactly? Didn’t he quit and destroy
    all his drones in iron man 3?

    So you see, not everything Marvel Studios has done is good. Iron Man,
    Thor, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy are great films. Ant man is
    good and Incredible Hulk is okay. (Real shame we wont be seeing Tim
    Blake Nelsons ‘The Leader’ anytime soon). It also seems the MCU has
    free reign to mix up some of its own comic book lore. And yet here we
    are, with people saying this is not ‘their’ Fantastic Four. Hang on,
    really? Lets take a look at the synopsis for Marvels own ‘The Ultimate
    Fantastic Four’. I have taken this from Wikipedia.

    ‘While the characters may bear resemblance to their normal Marvel
    Universe counterparts, they differ in many aspects. The origin of their
    powers is different and the team is much younger. The series revolves
    around the adventures of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and siblings Susan
    and Johnny Storm, who get engulfed in a malfunctioned teleporter
    experiment and get superpowers… Reed is a child genius who displayed
    his curiosity from the day he was born. At the age of 11, following a
    demonstration of his research on the field of teleportation at a school
    science fair, Reed was recruited for a government program which
    sponsors young geniuses’ research. He continued his research at the
    government research facility located in Manhattan’s Baxter Building. At
    the age of 21 his research was realized as he and several others
    attempted to teleport organic material through an alternate plane of
    existence called the N-Zone. The experiment went awry giving Reed and
    several others superpowers.’ This is the exact same story in the film!

    And on Doctor Doom who has been getting a fair amount of criticism,
    this is what Marvel themselves did to the Character.

    ‘Victor Van Damme (yes that’s right, Van Damme) was also a member of
    the youth research project that recruited Reed and Susan, and sees
    science as an art as opposed to Reed’s view of it as a system… Van
    Damme worked with Richards on his device to teleport organic matter to
    the N- Zone. ..the experiment resulted in the accident that created the
    Fantastic Four. Van Damme was also affected by the experiment: Most of
    his body was transformed into metal, his legs were reshaped into cloven
    hooves and his internal organs were converted into a toxic substance.

    So you see, they have simply lifted he story arc from the Ultimate
    version and they did quite a good job of it too. But it seems fairly
    clear based on the evidence that film is itself is paced somewhat
    erratically towards the end, and certainly after director Josh Trank’s
    recent tweet about it not being the film he had a year ago, that the
    studio did not have the courage to see the creative process through,
    and caved in to endless fan boy complaints, making changes and ending
    up with a film doesn’t satisfactorily deliver on it original vision.
    And that’s a shame as there is some good stuff here. I liked the build
    up, the first trip was well done, the first time we see their
    transformation was intriguing and I actually liked Doom, but he was
    wasted. I would like to have seen what the original version would have
    been. I enjoyed watching this more than the MCU films I have already
    brought to task and hope that FOX have the courage to release a
    directors cut on BLU-RAY.

  • jxbuterAugust 11, 2015Reply

    I actually saw the entire film.

    I’m a lifelong fan of the FF, own the entire comic series starting with
    #1 from Nov. 1961. The movie was not terrible, in fact it was OK or
    better, I’d give it a 6. The entire movie is devoted to their origin
    but it’s not the origin from 1961. The movie is a reworked version of
    the origin from Ultimate F.F.

    The movie has it’s flaws, almost no humor at all. It has none of the
    craziness found in the comic. I didn’t really mind the black Human
    Torch but I did mind Ben Grimm. Gone is the football player, war hero
    and pilot. Replaced by a short guy with not much to say and no reason
    to be part of the experiment. They also managed to ruin the world’s
    greatest villain, once again.

    On the plus side, it was the FF on screen. They did a nice job with the
    super powers. I liked Kate Mara as Sue Storm. The story was more than
    just an excuse to have people punching each other.

    One final criticism, the Thing needs a pair of pants.

  • Dash_Rendar23August 11, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four (2015): The Ultimate Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • xecutionrecordsAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Abandon all hope ye who enter here!

    Looking at how the world of superhero movies today has evolved from
    it’s first steps, the early attempts before cgi like ‘Captain America’
    and the Corman ‘Fantastic Four’ to the signs of possibility laid out by
    the first Blade movie (For me the pre-cursor to the modern age of SH
    franchises) all the way up to the giddy heights of ‘The Avengers’, ‘The
    Dark Knight’ & ‘Winter Soldier’ pretty much the blueprint that all SH
    movies should be judged against, it seems strange to me that anybody
    can walk into Josh Tranks ‘Fantastic Four’ and come out feeling
    anything but betrayed. 20th Century Fox’s cash grab attempt to hold on
    to the rights of characters they care nothing for is at best an
    embarrassment to snigger at when you have had a few & at worst perhaps
    the most inept movie to come from a big studio since, well..ever! To
    sum up this movie is almost nie-on impossible in a small review here,
    it’s probably best just to read the spate of negative reviews, The
    first 10 or so on here should be sufficient enough for you just to get
    a handle on what Fox has cut & pasted together & called a movie. As a
    betrayal to loyal comic fans & cinema goers in general, Fox has managed
    to create a film so bad & so blatantly unforgiving in it’s awfulness
    that anyone with half a cinema brain will simply just be picking there
    jaw up from the ground after the final painful reel (If you thought the
    Electro-Spider-man face off in ASM 2 was bad, wait till you see Dr
    Doom’s few scenes in this) Of course the blame game & excuses began
    even before the first audiences started tearing it a new one. It’s all
    well & good to play around & tinker with characters & stories from an
    original base but if you are going to do it with characters beloved by
    millions the world over you better make it fresh & relevant which this
    new rendition, sadly, is the exact opposite. It’s highly unlikely that
    Trank finished this movie by himself, it does have the feel of 3 or 4
    different movies strewn together in the same way young Reed Richards
    pieces his time displacement device in the opening scenes, a bit of
    junk from this yard, an old car battery, a line of dialogue from that
    movie, an idea from that Fox exec etc etc. The end result is like
    watching tumbleweed, it just goes on & on, never going to any one
    place, sometimes even travelling without moving. If Chronicle showed us
    anything it’s that Trank has a grasp of this genre & has vision, there
    is nothing here on show that displays any of this and it’s far more
    believable a story to think that the studio that looks at there comic
    franchises as green machines only took control of it long before the
    director had any chance of fully forming his take and as such we will
    probably never ever really know what this was. Much like Alien 3 and
    David Fincher, a saga more famous than the film itself, Fantastic Four
    2015 will always be remembered as a jumbled mess rather than something
    great to finally put to rest the old ‘They’ll never make a good FF
    movie’ myth. No doubt the blame game will continue as much as the bad
    reviews until it’s finally forgotten about and dug up for an Empire
    magazine dissection 20 years from now. Will Trank be given this kind of
    opportunity again? or have Fox killed a promising career? the proof is
    in the final product & if he is given a chance at redemption i
    sincerely hope he manages to shirk off the negativity that this pile of
    steaming (insert your own word here) has garnered him. To understand
    the anger that’s directed towards this film one must go back to the
    first 100 issues of the FF, a run of stories so immaculately formed by
    Lee & Kirby that reading them today it astounds that no one has had the
    idea of actually adapting them for a modern audience. My guess is
    that’s the FF movie that everybody wants to watch. Sadly for now it
    seems the real fantastic is still in the 60’s comics rather than
    anywhere on screen so, ‘Will anybody be able to make a good FF movie?’
    it continues…..

  • jdoggeAugust 11, 2015Reply

    The Fantastic Four wasn’t fantastic!

    Kinda sad the movie is this short, it could’ve had potential… seemed
    like there was a budget cut or just no inspiration at all.

    The movie starts out introducing the main characters. I liked it but
    some unrealistic behaviors/conversations made me cringe. I really tried
    hard to like the characters, but they seem so different. Wasn’t natural
    at all.

    Then the movie drags on for another hour… no action yet.

    Then finally we get to see Victor. I was expecting things to happen,
    but nothing did. Seemed like they just fast-forwarded to the end.

    There was like 10 minutes of action, nothing more. I really, really
    want to like this movie, but I just can’t.

    Conclusion: The reboot was a complete flop, not likable or remember
    able at all. The movie needed to be longer! More action, more
    entertainment, comedy (there was none in here).

  • natethegreatman2870August 12, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four!

    Okay, I’d just like to take a moment and tell you first off that anyone
    who says this movie is bad, or isn’t like a good superhero movie
    Fantastic Four! Because I had read reviews about it being ”awful”
    ”reboot rubbish” ”Fantastic Flop”. I was unhappy when I heard that
    people didn’t like this movie so I said to myself ”Hmm… if it’s that
    bad I shouldn’t see it.” but I did. And I’m more than happy I did! My
    advice to you is this: When you watch this movie, watch it as if you’re
    not actually in the movie or trying to relate to one of the characters
    like in X-Men, or The Avengers. This isn’t a team, this is a family
    that has to face the odds and come together through thick and thin.
    This movie has it’s faults, but doesn’t every movie? You can’t please
    everyone, so I say go see this movie and see Marvel’s first superhero
    family reborn.

  • Georgian StanescuAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Very disappointed with lack of ACTION

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sarah FortuneAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Highly disappointing

    I personally love the original Fantastic Four films, and I was so
    excited to hear they were making a remake, especially since Miles
    Teller was in it (one of my favorite actors). Then when the opportunity
    came to see it, I was gutted. Although I didn’t hate it, I definitely
    didn’t love it, or even like it. Highly disappointing movie, that
    definitely does not live up to all the hype, or the original films. The
    cast is great, the acting okay, but the movie in general is just…not
    good. At all. I don’t recommend this to anyone, especially to people
    who love their superhero movies. I just can’t believe how disappointing
    it was.

  • talariswAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Five people bodies are changed after a science experiment in this dark and gritty reboot of the fantastic four.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jameshammondAugust 12, 2015Reply

    To underrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • voicemaster71August 12, 2015Reply

    Fresh From the Cardboard Cut Out of Suck: The Craptastic Quartet

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • per-abeniusAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Can this movie get a lower grade than Batman & Robin? I think so…

    So what’s the plot of this 100 minute disaster? The two young
    scientists Ben Grimm and Reed Richards have worked one a teleporter for
    years and so they are appointed by one Dr. Franklin Storm to complete a
    so called ”Quantum Gate” together with his children Sue and Johnny as
    well as Storm’s protegé Victor Von Doom (I hate that name). The five
    youngsters succeed in trying out the teleporter which allows them to
    travel to different dimensions. However, the machine gives them
    supernatural powers. Four becomes good, one becomes evil. You know the

    Even though this film contains good up-and-coming actors such as Miles
    Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan it totally fails as
    a comic book movie. The plot leads up to these great and epic events
    and twists but they are executed terribly. You are literally sitting at
    the theater knowing that something bad-ass will happen and when it
    doesn’t. And you just feel dooped.

    When the director of a film states to the public that the film sucks…
    well then you know it’s gonna suck. Unfortunately this was the case
    with Fantastic Four. According to reports, the director Josh Trank who
    created Chronicle (2012), a movie I loved, had to change almost the
    whole script in order for it to be more ”audience-friendly”. I
    literally cannot understand that part. Even though I believe that a
    story like Fantastic Four should be more for kids than say Iron Man, I
    still think that it could be serious. And if Trank could have done that
    his way, I am certain we would have a different, better movie today.
    But it became serious in a pretentious way that does not work. Heck
    even the CGI looks terrible from time to time. How did they go wrong
    THERE with THAT budget.

    Now, the question you are all asking: ”Is it better than the 2005
    movie starring Ioan Gruffud and Jessica Alba?”. Even though I
    absolutely hated that movie, I’ll have to say yes. Because that movie
    didn’t take itself as seriously as this one. Even the Silver Surfer is
    better. Jesus…

    Like I said in the summary, I do believe and hope that this movie gets
    an overall grade LOWER than Batman & Robin (1997). As much as I hate
    it, George Clooney’s nipple suit and Arnies puns still beats this crap.
    Go watch Mission Impossible instead, a movie containing Tom Cruise
    hanging off an airborne airplane is a far better choice. Trust me.

    Goodnight from Sweden!

  • Kenyae KofiAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Michael B Jordan made the movie good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • miltonheatherAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Not Fantastic by any means but it doesn’t deserve such a bad rap.

    Firstly I will admit that when I first heard about the Fantastic Four
    reboot I was full on against it and already had my mind made up that it
    would suck. After going to see it however my mind has changed.

    The overall story arc of the film is good and it progresses nicely but
    the main problem for me was the length of the film. At only 100 minutes
    it didn’t feel like the characters really had a chance to connect with
    the audience in as good a way as some of the more recent marvel movies.
    If the movie was just maybe another twenty minutes longer I think it
    would have greatly improved how the story was told.Give more emphasis
    on certain scenes and allow for the tension to build in the audience
    before we see how the confrontations will play out. With this time
    constraint the movie felt rather anti-climactic at times and it seemed
    almost as if everything just blended together as there wasn’t any huge
    emphasis on certain points.

    I did enjoy the film and while it wasn’t as great as the 2004 version
    of the film I am looking forward to a sequel and how fox plans to
    improve upon this not so great showing. As a fan of the first two
    fantastic films I am interested on how the relationship between them
    all will change in their new environment and how they plan on facing
    the Sue and Reed relationship that was so prominent in the first two.

    Overall it was a good story but I think the short length really hurt it
    and made it somewhat boring at times.

  • Philipe14August 12, 2015Reply

    Saturday Morning Kids’ TV show here

    As I sat through this fiasco, it kept nagging me that I’ve seen this
    sort of thing before, but I couldn’t recall what movie. Then it dawned
    on me, it wasn’t in a movie theater, it was the kind of action junk
    they showed on Saturday morning television when I was a kid. If only
    Power Rangers had shown up to salvage this mess. Nerd’s science fair
    project touches on the borders of all known laws of physics. Nerd goes
    on to college where, surprise, his work completes a super-secret
    project the government’s NASA/CIA/Area 51 scientists couldn’t quite
    figure out. OK, this works for a comic book. For a movie, at some point
    the nerd needs to become an adult. That’s where they dropped the ball
    on this one. The Reed Richards character was so miscast, it wasn’t even
    funny. You know, how some movies are bad enough that you laugh at how
    bad they are? This casting choice was beyond bad. The ”parallel
    dimension” planet looked like a bad imitation of Vulcan, out of Star
    Trek. Or a bunch of those mashed-potato mountains Richard Dreyfuss
    carved during dinner in Closer Encounters, with phosphorescent
    glow-in-the-dark gravy being poured over them. At one point, I swear I
    could see sunshine coming through the windows of the building where
    they shot the studio/set action scenes ”on the planet surface,”, before
    going to post-production computer animation graphics. I couldn’t quite
    make out the wires Sue Storm was hanging from in her airborne
    sequences, but I swear that’s how they did it, it just looks so
    freakin’ cheap. Like the old Peter Pan show starring Mary Martin, you
    know – – – just pretend you don’t see what you’re lookin’ at. The
    inter-dimensional travel modules were simply upsized versions of a
    Ronco kitchen gadget, you know, like they used to advertise on those
    Saturday afternoon infomercials? (”Snaffles humans into any size
    dimension, alternate universe, or the building next door … and it
    really, really works!!!”…if only it could have sliced and diced this
    script…) The Human Torch is a black guy? What?? The Thing actor did a
    creditable job of playing a live boulder. OK, let me re-read that last
    sentence…..Did I really write that? A guy playing a big boulder does
    the best acting in this flick. Hmmm, nope. Kudos to the guy playing
    Thing for his spot-on portrayal of live rocks. OK, you can’t say that
    in any way that comes out serious. Hey, I tried. There is simply no
    positive thing to say about this movie.

  • quincytheodoreAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Generic, predictable and criminally boring

    There have been hundreds of negative reviews already, but I feel
    compelled to contribute to society by adding one more. Fantastic Four
    is a sloppy reboot that doesn’t offer anything new, or anything at all.
    It’s a literal origin story we don’t need, and not even as enjoyable as
    the previous rendition with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans, which speaks
    volume of how terrible it is.

    In a more youthful take, Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and friends are
    involved in making a dimensional teleporter. It will then,
    unsurprisingly, fail catastrophically and turning them into the titular
    heroes. The story is excruciatingly boring, it would probably not last
    as weekend TV show. Devoid of any novelty or humor, it’s an expected
    dull endeavor.

    The cast is full or promising actors, each of them is capable of
    starring as leading role, and they have, but here they are far from
    convincing as heroes. Not only that the chemistry is dreary at best,
    more often they engage in a display of awkward interactions than
    looking like a fully functioning team. Granted, it’s an origin story,
    but at least the previous team looks believable as team.

    Pacing is a series of prolonged events that we already know. It doesn’t
    take comic fans to know these things, yet the movie tries so hard to
    sell novelty it doesn’t have with soundtracks and timid dramatic
    moments while audiences yawn witnessing plot developments from 90s.
    Some of the actions scenes, from the total of ten minutes, are choppy
    and looks outdated.

    It even tries to shoehorn incomplete villain, lame attempt on humor and
    force message on how we destroy the planet. When superhero, or action
    movies in general, have offered much superior quality, Fantastic Four
    is not worth your money or time. It will eventually be teleported to
    another dimension where we occasionally gaze upon to reflect past

  • RecidiAugust 12, 2015Reply

    They weren’t going for a quality film, they were going for $$$.

    This movie truly was horrible. It was literally 80 minutes of building
    up to a huge fight at the end.

    And who’s fault was that? The producers who thought Josh Trank, and
    Jeremy Slater could make a decent film. Simon Kinberg also wrote part
    of the screenplay and has done some really fantastic films in the past
    (X- Men sequels, Sherlock Holmes), but he should have spotted this
    horrendous pile of garbage that Jeremy Slater wrote. I mean, let’s face
    it; Slater’s prior experience was the Lazarus Effect. Why would you
    entrust your head screenplay guy to be the guy that wrote…THE LAZARUS
    EFFECT. Josh Trank has hardly any experience directing Chronicle and 5
    episodes of Kill point, which were both admittedly good. But a much
    more seasoned and solid director should have been involved in this.

    The producers went for a money grab. They didn’t care about the
    outcome. They dumped a ton of money into marketing and cared more about
    the $$$ than the

  • irandiskyAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4 is quite the bombastic venture

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ryan KnightonAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Really, really enjoyed it. Josh Trank did an excellent job with this and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    I really don’t know why this film got slated so badly I thought that it
    was really, really good. I think quite a few people have jumped on the
    band wagon and followed suit to be fair.

    Josh Trank did an excellent job with this and I’m looking forward to
    seeing more of his work with the Fantastic Four in the future.

    Personally. I cannot stand film critics or people that think they are.
    You all irritate me, with all your opinionated nonsense. The only
    reason I am commenting on this film today, is the fact that it got such
    a bad wrap, and I want people to know that its a really good film, and
    you should go and see it regardless of the reviews people post, to try
    and put you off.

    I thought it was an awesome origin story and I’m glad that there were
    no long, drawn out fight scenes for a change. Don’t get me wrong I love
    seeing the action, but I’m glad this was an exception.

    I’m not going to go into too much detail with the pro’s and con’s, as
    you should walk into the cinema without any subconscious views and

    Will quite happily see this again.

  • Oliver RendchenAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Oh the potential…the POTENTIAL!

    Look, don’t hate me but I enjoyed the first two, I mean sure I was 7
    and 9 when they came out but I laughed and was amazed at the
    superheorics at the that time, they remain fond memories. So when I
    heard this was getting a remake I was a tad disappointed, and then it
    starts production and we see nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a
    logo; months go by and we have no poster, ”first image” and from what I
    remember only two secret set pics. It was strange but then I watch that
    first trailer and my hopes lifted tremendously, that first footage was
    really good and from then on I was expecting this to be a dark horse, a
    real good film.

    And you know what? It was….for the first half. I mean literally, I
    could pinpoint the scene where it starts going downhill rapidly. But
    let’s focus on the good just for now, I loved the beginning. The set up
    was so good, we were introduced to these interesting, likable
    characters; the actors had good chemistry, the script was pretty solid
    and I was happy with where it was going. The origin was awesome to see,
    it was tense, horrific and I thought the special effects held up pretty
    well. Then there was a bit of a jump in the plot and it felt odd…
    just…odd. The only way I can explain it is that it was like different
    films, the first half being an origin story and then the latter half
    acting like it was deep into the franchise and this was happening after
    a bunch of sequels; imagine watching Iron Man and then Avengers: Age of
    Ultron without anything in between. Fantastic Four has so much missing
    in the way of development and narrative flow it just did not work. The
    climax felt incredibly rushed and they weren’t really acting like a
    team and they spouted out lines as if it was from a cartoon and then
    you had that giant light going to the sky like every other major film
    seems to be doing. So plot-wise, 50% good, 50% horrible.

    The actors themselves did really good in their roles though, Miles
    Teller is a great Reed Richards and I enjoyed Toby Kebbell as Victor a
    lot too. That is until he turns into Dr. Doom for… reason
    what-so-ever, with a really bad costume and very undefined powers.

    In the end, I don’t know the specifics of what director Josh Trank was
    up to on set or what the studio was wanting it to be like, but like
    it’s production, Fantastic Four unfortunately was just weird and
    disappointing. If you do watch it, stop after the first half.

  • gsurveil1August 12, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4 not so fantastic!

    I have to be honest my comrades of film a 3.9 rating was far too kind.
    Bare with me don’t stop reading yet. I waited almost a week to watch
    Fan4 so I could let the critics have time to critique it. I went in
    with low expectations so I could give the film a chance unlike others
    did. My conclusion is it was one of the worst big budget films I’ve
    seen in many years. Problem 1,it was miscast. Miles Teller should have
    been Johnny Storm because he is known for quick witted,fast talking and
    comedic dialogue while Michael B. Jordan would’ve been a perfect fit
    for Reed Richards because he is well known for more serious roles and
    has leader-type qualities. That would’ve made them more relevant, and
    believe me folks no one is relevant in this film, so much so that the
    rest of the cast isn’t worth mentioning. The cast never really clicked
    or come of as likable. At times it seemed as if they really didn’t care
    for each other, a total lack of chemistry. The writing was woeful.
    Every line uttered was generic and seemed forced. The CGI was so bad
    that it depressed me. With all the tech today you’d figure the human
    torch would look awesome. Nope! The directing was….well I’m not sure
    the director was present. The editing was…I don’t think they had
    editing. All in all this movie should have been broadcast on a regular
    network channel. It doesn’t deserve our hard earned money and
    Marvel/Fox should give everyone there money back and promise, no swear
    they will not make a sequel! Watch at your risk, I tried to warn you!

  • Harry MitchellAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Cheesy Laughable Remake

    3.9 is generally being to nice.

    Poor Acting, Poor Plot.

    Before anything half decent starts to happen it’s honestly to late for
    you to care.

    My cinema only charges 2.50 for films, and I’m gutted I paid that much,
    don’t bother spending anything money on this film.

    They should of left the Fantastic Four on the high of the original, now
    sadly it’s being left on a bad note. They honestly had to make a bad
    film just in introduced them into the ”Avengers” ( Apparently it’s what
    I read!”

    So basically save your money for a decent film and to not watch this
    cheese balls of a movie!

  • Robert W. ([email protected])August 12, 2015Reply

    A really disappointing mess

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SwallowbrookFLAugust 12, 2015Reply

    I enjoyed it … modestly

    Honestly, this isn’t much of a review. I saw it with my expectations
    lowered by the reviews here (for me expectations are absolutely crucial
    to appreciating a movie at it’s best possible consideration).

    The thing is, and I’m HIGHLY CRITICAL of Sci-Fi (I just love it) this
    movie didn’t bother me at all. It’s comic book stuff and I suspend
    critical judgment for that (or I use different judgment rules).

    The thing is, I enjoyed myself. It’s hardly a ”great” movie but it’s an
    acceptable time-passer.

    Your mileage will probably not be as good as the maker promises. 🙂

    – Greg

  • ahmet-erik0August 12, 2015Reply

    Awful(Don’t waste your money)

    I have an unlimited cineworld card and I can watch any film anytime as
    many times as I want for £16.40 a month. AND that’s the reason why I
    went to see this film; it was exclusive screening; so I went to see it
    before any reviews were available. Please do not waste your money if
    you don’t have an unlimited card. I mean really just don’t waste your
    money. It is awful. Word’s cannot describe how bad this film is. The
    acting is bad; the script is awful. Fair there is couple of comedy
    lines but apart from that there really isn’t much. Visual effects are
    awful. It is just really bad. I think that the directors should be
    ashamed of themselves for wasting our time and money for their greed.
    Why bother with this crap film ?

  • francois-fourqueminAugust 12, 2015Reply


    After watching the trailer I had some doubts about this movie, and was
    write. We are losing to much time about Reeds childhood, and we wait
    wait for some action, and it’s happened just at the end. The Doom
    character has been rush, and physically, ouch that’s not really
    perfect. I’m sorry to write that but I really prefer to watch the two
    Tim story movie than this one. But if they cut some scene, maybe the
    director’s cut can save some in DVD, but it will be hard.the visual
    effect are good but not perfect, that a things but that all, The during
    is 1h40, they should 30 minutes to say everything they said in this
    movie, and could use an other villain than Dr. doom, we had this one
    twice already this was enough.

    For me this not Fantastic Four but Chronicle Two

  • jonnithomasAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Flop

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aleksandar-popovicAugust 12, 2015Reply


    This is my first review here. I had to write this because this is
    literally first time in my life that I wanted to leave out from cinema.
    I don’t understand how Marvel allowed this movie to go out, after all
    those good movies lately. Story is bad, acting is like in teenage
    series, plot, is there plot in this movie at all? Why teenage actors?
    Half of movie is some kids rubbish, nothing is happening for hour and a
    half, nothing. And when something finally happens, you wish it didn’t.
    Last two F4 movies are way better than this one, and I hope this will
    not have a sequel. You never feel anything except boredom while
    watching this. Not even effects are anything special. I hope director
    and producer will stop making movies after this one, they can go on
    Sy-Fy channel and make stuff like this, not for cinema.

  • wrightiswrightAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Well, I suppose ‘The Mediocre Four’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…

    Fantastic? No. Terrible? No.

    Pretty blah? You betcha.

    Already virtually guaranteed a slot in the biggest box office flops of
    all time list, Fantastic 4 neither merits attention by being a shining
    paragon in the field of superhero movies, or one of the worst examples
    of what is starting to become an overcrowded genre.

    It’s just kinda… There.

    We discover their origins. We see them try to cope with their new
    identities and powers. Then of course, there’s the big battle royale
    with Doctor Doom. All over and done with, in around an hour and a half.

    Think of it like eating a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal… It may fill you up,
    but it won’t satisfy the parts that matter.

    Just… Think about it.

    How does it compare to the first F4 movie made a decade ago, before
    this pointless ‘reboot’?

    My answer to that is… NO IDEA. You see, my reaction to both was
    complete indifference. Why bother repeating the same bland experience

    I’m done here. 5/10

  • savethecheerleadersavetheworldAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Give the rights back to Marvel!

    I am a big comic book fan and when I saw this movie I was appalled at
    how bad it was in comparison to the comic or other movies, it really
    just uses the same title of the comic. I’d much rather watch those
    adaptations because no matter how bad they were they were never this
    bad. For one thing there was no Fantastic 4 in the movie! They never
    worked as a team, that’s the whole point of there being more than one
    of them. Further more they are supposed to go through the process
    together in which they don’t. It’s Richards, Johnny Storm, Grimm, and
    Dr. Doom. Sue is hit by the stuff differently than the rest! Trank
    clearly has no respect for comic fans at all. They didn’t even bother
    getting cast members to match the characters. I can name a better cast
    right off the top of my head. Billy Crudup as Reed Richards, Kristen
    Bell as Sue Storm, Bradley James as the Human Torch, and Geoff Stults
    as Ben Grimm. Even the uniforms they wore were awful. The original
    uniforms from the 2005 movie were so much better. X-Men proved you can
    change the uniforms and they can still look awesome. I don’t know if
    the worst part of movie is how little justice it did the comic or how
    it was a long trailer to a movie that didn’t happen. There seriously
    was no story. To top it all off the CGI was awful and obvious. The only
    people that can do this movie justice would be Marvel Studios. Their
    CGI, story, and banter is so much better. What was the deal with it
    wing so dark? The Human Torch and Thing’s banter is much better suited
    for the light hearted Marvel. Give it back already!

  • ellie_elAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Could have been better

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ashley AllenAugust 12, 2015Reply

    First time I got my money back for a movie

    Usually I am pretty forgiving of bad movies and I’ll be the first to
    say it wasn’t so bad but I couldn’t take it in this movie. I’ll save
    you time and money and warn you not to go. I liked the Star Wars
    prequels, the original Fantastic 4 movies, and Daredevil. Were they
    amazing movies? No. But they were enjoyable. This was a bad movie
    altogether as wasn’t even enjoyable. Plan 9 from Outer Space is an
    ”awful” movie but it was quite entertaining. I’m not a comic fan but my
    boyfriend is and he was practically yelling at the screen because he
    said it was nothing like the comic. So it was a collaborative decision
    to leave. I seriously can’t think of a worse movie I’ve ever seen. I’d
    rather watch a full days worth of the annoying show Mulaney than finish
    this movie. Based off of how the movie was going I probably already
    know the ending. . . Nothing happened. I also thought that Marvel
    movies were supposed to be funny.

  • mcclellandlAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Very Disappointing! Not even worth going to see it at the cinema!

    I think its one of the worst movies i’ve seen in a long time. The
    entire movie felt like a rushed and confusing story. The effects and
    stuff were alright, but would expect more from a $120 million budget.
    The actors were alright but i think that the movie is what makes
    everything look bad. The ending is even worse. It quickly ends after
    the defeat of the bad guy. There was not much of a storyline when you
    compare it to the other Fantastic Four movies. There was more action
    and more of a story which you could understand.

    Overall the entire movie is shocking and is a waste of time going to
    see, even if you a huge Fantastic Four fan. I’m telling you now, you
    will be very disgusted. Marvel haven’t spent enough time focusing on a
    storyline and more of a connection. The only real thing i believe they
    have focused on is the fight scenes, the destruction and the special
    effects that are within the movie. A whole lot more could of been done
    with $120 million.

    Don’t bother going to the cinema to come out fed up and disappointed.
    Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

  • Ryan WuAugust 12, 2015Reply

    The Craptastic Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BadOldPuddyTat73August 12, 2015Reply

    Josh Trank-quilizer and the Fantastic Farce!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GroggyLaneAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Not Nearly As Bad As They Would Have You Believe

    OK, what is the conspiracy here? After all the bad reviews and negative
    buzz, I really had little intention of seeing this film. However, I
    found myself with nothing else to do this afternoon and my curiosity
    got the better of me. I had to see just how bad it could really be? The
    answer.. Not bad at all! In fact, I liked it! I liked it a lot! I’m not
    saying it’s the greatest movie I’ve ever seen or anything, but it was
    really pretty good. I’m excited that they have decided to go through
    with the sequel. I won’t let negative reviews turn me away next time.
    Maybe it was because I went in with such low expectations, or maybe,
    just maybe it really is a pretty good film after all. Which leads me to
    my conspiracy theory. I’m usually not real big on such things. I’m
    mostly an I’ll believe it when I see it type of guy. But in this case
    I’ve seen it. So why all the bad reviews and negative press on an
    otherwise competent film? Is Disney trying to pressure Fox into selling
    back the rights? By hook or crook? I have to believe… maybe! I just
    don’t see any other explanation. I was sitting there waiting for the
    thing to fall apart as the reviews had said it would, but it never did.
    It stayed fairly solid all the way through. The cast was good. The
    story was good. The effects were good. The script was OK. Even the
    editing was effective. In conclusion, I would suggest people actually
    see this film before believing what the press has to say. I think you
    will be glad you did.

  • Ryan WindramAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Fantastic waste of time…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Atli HafsteinssonAugust 12, 2015Reply


    I didn’t figure it out until later, but after me and my friend went to
    see this movie, we didn’t talk about it at all. There was just nothing
    to say, nothing to share. I realized later that it was because this
    movie gave neither of us anything to work with. It left nothing. At the
    time of watching it, I was enjoying myself, and I had a few laughs…
    but it feels like it’s stuck in first gear throughout.

    Say what you will about the 2005 movie, but I watched that after this
    one, and enjoyed myself so much more. There’s just way more character,
    humour and even action than in this reboot. I only enjoyed a few laughs
    during the 2015 Fantastic Four, the biggest of which was when Reed
    utterly failed an invitation to a fist-pump by Johnny. There’s very
    little character development in this movie. Beyond that she was adopted
    from Kosovo, we know nothing about Sue, and she barely even cranks a
    smile. Johnny never becomes a developed character, and thus we just
    don’t care about his angst. About the worst cinema sin happens with a
    single message flashing across the screen over half-way into the movie.

    I don’t know, there’s just something really missing in this movie. By
    comparison, the 2005 movie gave us these developed characters with
    complex relationships and really entertaining banter (especially by
    Chris Evans), whereas the 2015 reboot feels like it barely even
    happened. I didn’t much care for the Thing being all-CG either, he just
    doesn’t feel authentic.

    I guess I should’ve smelled doom coming when they marketed this movie
    as dark and serious. Marvel, that’s why I prefer you to D.C., you’ve
    got a much better idea on how to make entertaining superhero movies,
    and you should’ve poured that same energy and spirit into the reported
    First Family of Marvel. As it is, this reboot only sheds the movies it
    was supposedly trying to outdo in a much better light. A big whoopsie,
    and it accounted for the most sombre Marvel cinema experience I’ve had.

  • rhknight2008August 12, 2015Reply

    Not at all as bad as people are saying

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • joshmcleod-19914August 13, 2015Reply

    The worst superhero film in living memory

    Fantastic Four is, by a considerable distance, the worst film I have
    seen this year. My hopes were not particularly high beforehand,
    whispers of a nervous studio and on-set disputes gave the impression
    that this was going to be another mediocre superhero reboot that came
    too soon. Those expectations of mediocrity however, for all the wrong
    reasons, were greatly exceeded. At best this film was chronically
    boring, at worst it was straight up laughable.

    Throughout the film I was in a state of disbelief, disbelief at how
    unconvincing and cringeworthy the dialogue was between Miles Teller and
    the rest of the cast. One of the things I really enjoyed about the 2005
    film was the whimsical relationship between Chris Evans and Michael
    Chiklis, who played The Human Torch and The Thing respectively. Any
    humour of this kind was completely lost on the current crop

    To be fair to them, their task was helped in no part by a plot that was
    rushed and lacked any sort of coherence. This was rounded off by one of
    the worst thought-out finales imaginable. It was as if the writers had
    forgotten they had a movie script to write, and hurriedly scribbled it
    down on the back of an envelope 10 minutes before their deadline. It
    got to that peculiar situation where it is so bad it starts to become
    amusing – similar to the Sharknado franchise.

    All in all, if you like wasting your time watching atrocious movies,
    Fantastic Four is for you. If not, best to give this one a swerve. Will
    be interesting to see if the sequels go ahead, I would be surprised.

  • SjhmAugust 13, 2015Reply

    Dreadful, what were they thinking?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gianluca MarzanoAugust 13, 2015Reply

    huge disappointment

    Fantastic four is directed by Josh Trank and stars Miles Teller, Kate
    Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. First off there’s no other way
    to describe this movie, this movie is horrible. The story,the pacing,
    the action,the writing, just everything about this movie was bad. Even
    the CGI at times was very awful. Now I will say that at certain times,
    it was very interesting but those certain scenes only lasted a few
    moments. The acting also was good by everyone but you can see that they
    were doing the best they could do in a bad movie. It wasn’t there
    fault. Now the action… Well there’s sort of no action. The trailer
    shows that there will be a lot of action, but the scenes in the trailer
    are not even in the movie. There are maybe 1 or 2 action scene in the
    whole movie and they don’t even last that long. The biggest problem I
    had with the movie was the pacing. The pacing was very odd and it
    jumped forward in time too many times. The final battle also didn’t
    feel right, it felt rushed like they didn’t know how to finish the
    movie. Overall Fantastic four was a huge disappointment. It had no fun,
    took its self way to serious. I Definitely don’t recommend seeing it in

  • nicolailarosAugust 13, 2015Reply

    Exactly what Marvel needs to grow up from standard level

    First of all, let me tell you that I was very dubious when I read the
    IMDb reviews. And 3.9 for ”Fantastic four” by Josh Trank, what the
    hack??? I’m not a huge fan of ”Chronicles”, but I (positively) admit
    that director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis were sometimes
    able to transcend some overexploited ”super-hero-standards”. The flight
    sequences (if properly seen in a theater, of course) are breathtaking
    and the youngsters are remarkably well portrayed with all their
    strength and weaknesses. Kids. With superpowers. But still kids. And
    what else is Trank’s new film about, so tell me? Or should I rather ask
    if what we have here is really such a bad adaptation of The Fantastic
    Four created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby? I didn’t go with any
    particular expectations, but as a former fan of the Marvel comics, I
    must admit that everything I saw on screen this afternoon is, in my
    personal opinion, a brilliant comics-adaptation by Josh Trank. Yes,
    what we have here is another story about kids with superpowers. But
    still kids who need to learn to control these amazingly powerful skills
    within a very short lapse of time. Or these skills may be a threat for
    the whole planet. Just imagine for a sec what they are experiencing…
    So, c’mon guys, what is going on here? ”Chronicle” is a hit for most
    people and ”Fantastic Four” a stinker? Josh Trank just did it again,
    this time on a much larger scale. And as you can read it everywhere, it
    wasn’t a piece of cake to make the film: it’s not the director’s
    approved version you saw… Can you imagine it? Or have you forgotten
    who is behind the making of this movie? Then have a closer look: The
    director gives you a clue each time you see the character of Tim Blake
    Nelson on screen… Under these production conditions, as a real Marvel
    ”Secret Wars” lover(and do you remember what happened to Victor Van
    Doom out there, on the Beyonder’s planet?), I admit having been
    ultimately well surprised by this dark, respectful, fine written and
    directed (even if not perfect) super-hero adventure, with a little
    something more… All the actors and SFX are in my point of view
    brilliant. Lovers of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Christopher Nolan’s
    more realistic Gotham world may be delightfully astonished. Just give
    the damn movie a chance. At least, Josh Trank and Matthew Vaughn
    deserve it, with or without Stan Lee’s special appearance!

  • Andrew SephirothAugust 13, 2015Reply

    I just don’t know what to say.

    So I am know between my friends for being the guy who watch almost
    every movie and enjoy them even the bad ones, and that happens because
    when I go to see a movie I just expect to see one thing the movie is
    promising to give me. For example I enjoyed battle L.A they had an
    alien invasion like they said, and a lot of battle so I got what I
    wanted. I enjoyed pixels, because I wanted to see giant video games,
    and I got that to. Same goes for Battleship, San Andreas and other

    But this movie I couldn’t enjoy it, really, this movie is as bad as
    Left Behind 2014, and that was one of the few movies I considered bad.
    I went to see a super hero movie, no there is no super hero movie in
    here, so what about a SCI FI movie? Begins fine fails hard after first
    20 minutes? What about a great villain to give us some hype? No scene
    with him is over in less than 10 minutes! What can you expect from this
    movie? Nothing, really no matter what you like this movie fails to give
    you anything.

    I will give a 3, just because the very beginning of the movie was
    enjoyable, and thats it.

    3/10 (but I really should give it 1).

  • theromanempire-1August 13, 2015Reply

    Fox u are to blame for keep releasing useless Reboots no one wants to see

    The movie was not that bad although the original movies were far better
    as plot goes and they had a better cast but the most important thing is
    fox keep rebooting franchises while there have been just a few years
    the first fantastic four movies were released.

    what they were thinking ?

    Instead of giving us a new sequel with the original cast they rebooted
    a franchise no one wanted to see rebooting in such a quick time.

    Although the first two films were nothing special they were at least
    fun to watch and this reboot offered nothing new.

    to watch how these people got their powers again and again is a silly
    and foolish thing to present.


    In 2 years please make another fantastic four reboot and then u will
    see even lower box office gross but if u instead make a good true
    sequel with the original cast then u may save the franchise.

    people want to see sequels // prequels and not useless reboots
    especially after a few years of releasing the original movies.

  • jambo-47594August 13, 2015Reply

    Better than expected.

    Obviously one of the minority but thought this film was better than I
    expected possibly due to all the negative reviews. I went in with very
    low opinions but was pleasantly surprised & more importantly my son
    loved it. Didn’t think too much of the original films but was impressed
    with the character development & the darker (non camp) tone. Yes it was
    slow in places and the action was over too quick, but like the way they
    showed the characters from an early age and set the story up. Hopefully
    they will make a sequel now we know who people are etc so we get more
    action and a longer film. Will be adding it to the blu-Ray collection
    upon release.

  • d_spychAugust 13, 2015Reply

    So boring

    What blows my mind is that Josh Trank had 120 million$ and he made a
    boring movie. I can’t believe how boring this movie was! They’re going
    into another dimension which is so not fantastic 4. There’s no action
    until the very end and even that is super short and all CGI nonsense.
    The training montage is rushed, the story is not interesting and
    NOTHING HAPPENS! The movie is so incredibly uneventful! The fantastic 4
    have no character development! The movie just exists to set up a
    sequel. The only good things are that Kate Mara is super hot and that
    the thing looks pretty epic. But even those can’t stop this movie from
    being a total bore. Also Dr Doom is a joke! No seriously! He doesn’t
    even have his trademark mask. This movie had so much potential and the
    creators were like: nah let’s just make it boring. The acting is so
    mediocre. The special effects are bad! Even Kate Mara’s hotness and the
    thing’s awesomeness can’t save this lame movie. At least the other
    movie was funny and didn’t take itself seriously. Don’t watch this
    movie! It’s so boring!

  • johanstaversAugust 14, 2015Reply

    some junk

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rachel ElliottAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Don’t Bother

    This movie from the trailer looks absolutely amazing. However when it
    comes down to the actual movie it really disappointed me. The only real
    good thing about this film is the special effects (6/10), maybe Fox
    should have spent less time on effects and more time on the story line.
    The idea is great and really deserves a well made movie. I also enjoyed
    who they had cast for each role, but what they where given annoys me.
    Personally I think Marvel should have taken Fantastic Four back from
    Fox like they did with Spider-Man. If they do go ahead with the second
    film I won’t be watching it. If you haven’t seen this film already just
    putting it simply don’t bother.

  • caseynicholsonAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Definitely Better Than the Reviews!

    I never got the hate for the Fantastic Four franchise in the mid-2000’s
    and I don’t get the hate for this latest movie. I had read somewhere
    that this may be the worst superhero movie of all time. Clearly that
    person has never seen the theatrical release of ”Daredevil”, or ”Batman
    & Robin”, and certainly not ”The Spirit”.

    This latest incarnation of the Fantastic Four does take a markedly
    different approach than the previous duo of films. Gone altogether are
    the lighthearted banter that made the previous series more of a comic
    book movie with the emphasis on the word ”comic”. Instead, here we find
    a much darker, grittier movie, but one that that can only be said for
    in comparison to its predecessors.

    This isn’t a horror film by any stretch (that scene with Doom walking
    through the hallway being the lone exception). But it is an attempt to
    retell the Fantastic Four story with a more mature vibe. In the comics
    world this would translate to the difference between the FF of the Stan
    Lee era (which the previous series was heavily based around) to the
    Ultimates universe (Marvel’s comic line of re-envisioned story lines
    for the new millennium). The writing isn’t hokey but is instead a
    serious take on a traditionally fun, lighthearted group.

    This reimagining is not completely without its problems. The
    interdimensional travel works for the film, but just barely, and it
    certainly was a bold step to conceive Doom the way that this film has
    done. By the same token, though, it’s nearly impossible to portray Dr.
    Doom on the big screen via standard imagery without making him look
    odd. Doom’s metal suit just doesn’t carry over well into real life
    storytelling. The new incarnation takes some getting used to, but it’s
    not that terrible of a concept.

    The thing that I was most impressed by with this movie, though, is the
    pacing and the complete and thorough storytelling that is extant in the
    film. Usually when a movie like this gets bad reviews, it’s because it
    has failed to tell its story well (”Daredevil” and ”The Spirit” are
    both good examples of that). I’m happy to report that that is really
    not the case here, as the 2015 Fantastic Four movie does well in the
    storytelling department.

    That being the case, I’m going to give this movie 7/10 stars. Was it as
    dynamic as other superhero movies in its class? No, it missed the mark,
    just slightly, of being exceptional. And I would indeed go so far as to
    say that I do prefer to the mid-2000’s films over this one. But it’s a
    far cry from being a ”bad” movie.

  • illjwamhAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Hating this movie must just be the ”cool” thing to do

    This movie wasn’t amazing, but it in no way deserves the score it
    currently has (3.9). It seems to me that people went in having already
    decided to dislike it, and nobody wants to be the one to go against
    popular opinion by saying it wasn’t bad.

    The one bit of criticism that I feel has some merit is that the climax
    is rushed. The movie is actually quite short, so filmmakers certainly
    had enough time to put more in if they’d wanted. A wasted opportunity,
    I felt.

    Aside from that, though, I enjoyed it. It was supposed to be an origin
    story, and it did that very well. The effects were infinitely superior
    to the 2005 version, and the acting was up and down. I think Chris
    Evans was a slightly better Human Torch, but I prefer Kate Mara’s
    Invisible Woman. Miles Teller’s Reed was a bit weak at times, but
    nothing too horrible. By far the best performance was Reg E. Cathey as
    Dr. Franklin Storm; it’s a shame his part wasn’t bigger.

    People have been comparing this unfavorably to movies like The
    Avengers, and I really don’t think that’s fair. True, it’s not nearly
    as good as The Avengers, but few comic book movies are. Had this come
    out in say, 2008, the response would have been mostly positive, I
    think. Especially since, as I said, it was certainly much better than
    the ’05 attempt – and not just in effects, though that was definitely
    the most obvious improvement.

    I hope all the impotent internet rage doesn’t dissuade them from making
    a sequel, since they’ve set themselves up nicely for one and I’d like
    to see it. I don’t know what people were expecting, but we were
    promised an origin movie and we got one.

  • YRLY59EAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Startlingly bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Robert LorentzenAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Don’t use young actors to try to attract a different crowed.

    Well, to being with. We all knew this remake of a remake would make a
    even more disappointing remake, at least I predicted it. No, you don’t
    need to be a prophet to predict that.

    It’s not like we haven’t seen this before, this is old. This is a
    concept outdated, and still they want to try to squeeze out the last
    drop of money before the movie finally decides to commits ( wont let me
    use that word, but what they do in Japan when they have been
    disrespectful ) to save humanity.

    In the name of filmmaking and it’s history, I hope this film project
    gets deleted or accidentally burned in some mysterious yet delicious

    I am offended, I am angry but most of all. I am disappointed.

    We are smarter then this. You will definitely not evolve in any way by
    watching this, no, instead you might go back a step or two. Hell do I
    know. It’s like a corrupted file that wont let you delete it or go
    away, and it effecting everything around it.

    Burn it hard to make sure it wont lay eggs, so it wont return as awful
    as this disaster of cinematic failure.

    Have a great day.

  • Brendan de VereAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Unfortunate Four.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bostonweraAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Believe it or not it is truly a Fantastic Movie!.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bartlettjonAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four

    In 1976, Paul McCartney answered artistic criticisms with ”Silly Love
    Songs.” Is there anything really wrong about a silly love song? Is
    there anything really wrong about a silly Sci-Fi movie? If it gives a
    lot of people employment, makes money for investors and provides a fun
    time at the movies, what’s the big deal? This movie is certainly not an
    epic by a famous and legendary movie maker, but it is a fast paced,
    exciting and fun film to watch. Can four nerdy twenty-somethings create
    a matter/dimensional transfer invention and keep it out of the clutches
    of the evil military? And along the way keep us all from being devoured
    by a pesky black hole? Many opportunities for comic relief and sarcasm
    were missed and could have kicked the hollow plot along. The
    dimensional transfer machine constructed in a top secret location is a
    four-holer version of Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron in ”Sleeper” (1976),
    complete with Reed’s horn rim glasses on inside his helmet. In any
    event, this time dimension road trip is brisk and carried by really
    cool animations and special effects. There is a brief nod in the
    library scene to Jules Verne’s 1870 ”Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the
    Seas.” Bust out a copy of this book and read something by the master.
    But in this film, the emphasis is on the ”fi” and not the ”sci” of
    SciFi. Any reference to science came from a dictionary because the
    fancy scientific language used of moving mass through dimensional
    changes is nonsense and requires a little more thought on how to jump
    start E = mc2. But so what. If it is only a silly SciFi movie that is a
    load of fun, is there anything really wrong with that?

  • d-man_96August 14, 2015Reply

    Better than a cathodization

    Now where to begin with such an awful movie…. Now lets say your bad
    in bed, if you were able to do foreplay as long as the build-up and
    ”character building” to this movie you would be undoubtedly the best
    sex beast in the world. But if your cunnilingus lasted as long as the
    movies ”climax” then you would have lost all credibility. Now if you
    were to say the movie is okay at best you would also have to say the
    holocaust was alright, no exaggeration at all.

    As you have noticed above character building and climax were in
    inverted commas. I say that with great emphasis because honestly it
    just didn’t exist. First ill start with the shiniest of two turds, the
    climax of the movie. The climax was the worst thing since the black
    plague swept through Europe. There was a lot of build-up for absolutely
    no point and the fighting was shorter than the verdict for guilty for a
    minority at a court trial. Honestly i’m not for prostitution but i
    could get screwed better for my money by a heroin addicted truckie
    named Jim for the same price of this movie ticket.

    Now we’re onto the character building. Now it might have had some
    credibility if the movie actually had good acting and a good plot line.
    I’ve seen better plot lines at a overbooked cemetery for ugly people.
    The character building just was about as existent as Denis Ferguson
    life as a free man. It just wasn’t going to happen and at about half
    way through the movie i thought i might go and get electron therapy to
    erase this disgrace of a comic-book movie from my mind.

    If Stan Lee even is ashamed to make his usual cameo in the movie then
    you should get the message that you shouldn’t watch it. I still love
    comic-book based movies and i have high hopes for the rest to come, at
    least this has set the base so low that even watching two girls one cup
    seems like a better idea for a night. So high hopes for more marvel
    movies to come!!!

  • thesar-2August 14, 2015Reply

    What the Hell Did I Just See?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gaelAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Most boring superhero movie ever

    This movie is an abomination that anyone should avoid at any cost. No,
    in fact it is not one but two bad movies combined together in a 1h41
    movie. Yes, a sane mind should ask himself ” How can two movies be
    combined into such a short lenght ?” FOX studios, well known for having
    produced masterpieces like Dragonball Evolution, Elektra or Wolverine
    origin may have asked Godfrey Ho his secret… The first part or the
    mobile is a long and boring presentation. It’s long, ans very Few
    things happened. it is what we can call ” the Josh Trank part” Generic,
    looking visually more like à Nolan movie than a FF adaptation. Then,
    after the words ” one year later ” appeared, the action begins. Good ?
    Not at all ! Bad CGI and idiotic actions happening for no reason at
    all. Doom returns only to be defeated in rive or ten minutes. Poor
    Doom, Who looks Like a cross between a crash test dummy and a
    Schumacher version of a SM dominator. Ridiculous, like the Thing who
    wears no pants and has nô p#nis ta all… Add to this That the movie so
    cheap, and that, except Kate Mara, no one looks like the comic books
    character, and that neither the story nor the tone reminds or the
    comic, and you have a very generic, bland, âne painful movie to watch.
    At least Catwoman and Batman and Robin were entertaining in their own
    stupidity. Not the case here

  • chewy-32513August 14, 2015Reply

    Fantastic ONE!

    I’ve been a fan of the FF since 1970, there are hundreds of comic books
    & graphic novels published starting in the early 1960’s, those of us
    who read the above love the FF. So why have they had to ”re-imagine”
    something that is already a huge success? Well apart from me stating
    the obvious, the film was terrible & not just because of what I wrote
    earlier. My wife (not a FF fan) saw the film yesterday with me & even
    she thought that it was a shambles, ”not a patch on the first two
    movies” was her comment. I’ve rated this film at 2/10, it was going to
    be 1/10 but I gave it an extra point because I thought the portrayal of
    Ben Grimms THING was excellent. In fact, I may of given the movie 3/10
    if they had given the THING some shorts, ”I mean – what’s that all
    about”???????? Conclusion – a boring dirge of a movie with about 20
    minutes of action, a poor plot and a 50 plus year work of genius
    ruined. Jack Kirby must be glad that he’s not here to witness what has
    happened. Stan Lee, if you’ve got any influence with the studios PLEASE
    get them to cancel the proposed sequel or at least ”re-imagine” the FF
    back to the original classic that is loved by millions, the FANTASTIC
    FOUR. Don’t waste your time & money, give this movie a miss!

  • nyssauAugust 14, 2015Reply

    Watching a hamster run on a wheel would be more entertaining than this movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ross HindhaughAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not Fant4stic

    OK so it was not Fant4stic, but it also wasn’t bad, the problem is it’s
    boring. Do you like talking, speeches and less action percentage by
    minute to a Spice Girls music video. Then this film is for you.

    If you see the trailer you have probably seen 60% of the action that is
    in this flick. When you consider the hit’s Marvel has sent out you
    would think studio’s like fox would be taking note. Alas they did not.

    However on a more positive note, the use of CGI was not offensive, id
    go as far as saying the special effects were down right gorgeous. If I
    was to compare it to another superhero film id say, Superman Returns.
    It’s not bad, it’s not good, it just exists.

  • mill-15154August 15, 2015Reply

    I don’t see the problem?!

    I went into this expecting to see the worse thing to happen to the
    comic book genre since Catwoman. I was pleasantly surprised, I
    thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish, now I’m not saying
    this was a great film but by no means was it a terrible film. I enjoyed
    the new take on the origins, Fox went for a darker tone with this
    film,which is nice to see as it stems away from the typical recycled
    format for Marvel films. Fox have assembled a great cast of young
    actors and in my eyes there is a lot of potential for a sequel and
    possibly an X-Men crossover as long as Josh Trank isn’t involved as
    it’s clear the disagreements between him and Fox and his treatment of
    his actors is what ‘ruined’ this film.

  • Vinicius AndradeAugust 15, 2015Reply

    This Film is Horrible and a Complete Disaster

    Since the beginning of the production of this movie a lot of rumors
    were talked about it and most of them resulted in the growth of a
    negative prediction. When trailer came out, I was more hopeful, but
    when film came to the theaters, it’s horrible and so hard to watch
    without laughing.

    Let’s not just curse about it, there were some promising paths which
    could lead to a better reception but never happened and the first
    fifteen minutes were decent. The story is poorly told, like if there
    was some hurry to present the events. Resulting in a minor significance
    and concern for the public. As the super-hero and sci-fi gender didn’t
    work that well together, some scenes were a bit off and the film didn’t
    manage to create an identity. Some differences from the others
    productions of same name, which were motives for controversies and
    certain curiosity of how they would be explored, instead of being used
    with some cleverness, they were simply threw abruptly and careless. The
    characters are badly developed and don’t gain the public’s empathy.

    The cast, they have already showed some talent in previous works, the
    script and probably the fight between the director and the 20th Century
    Fox ruined any chance of a decent job from the acting.

    The CGI is awful, one of the worst in super-heroes movies. It’s so bad
    that some older films of same gender have better visual effects.
    There’re scenes which is even hard to believe that they were approved
    to be in the final product, being in such horrible and poorly finalized
    state which they are.

  • Red QueenAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not so Fantastic Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EbyamAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not BAD, but AIGHT

    I love the Fantastic Four series Let’s put it this way: if the first
    one was a 9-10/10, the second one was 4-5/10 and this third one was
    better 7-8/10.

    This movie was trying to establish some background and it filled some
    holes in the first one. Anyways, the only critical review is that there
    were some scenes that they spent too little time and others they
    rushed. For instance, they should have spent some times on
    individualized character development. This movie display the team’s
    development. But I can understand why their struggle. On the other
    hand, they did not want to pack it with unnecessary action scenes like
    some action movies have. Although, my sister would have preferred more
    action scenes. Otherwise, they cut straight to the point and did not
    have any of those fillers.

    The first movie still is the best with great balance of substantial
    story and action.

    Bottom line: the movie isn’t as bad as many bandwagoners say. It’s
    definitely better than 1/5 and 3/10.

  • sskevAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not great but not as bad as people say

    Fantastic four is an origin film leading to the creation of the team
    and that’s what it should be treated like. If you are a fan of origin
    films and love the fantastic four this film is for you if not this film
    will not pander to your tastes.

    The main problems with this film is that it follows Reed Richards
    perspective on things and does not unfortunately follow the rest of the
    fantastic four that much. Also it is one of those films where is just
    feels like it has a beginning and an end (no middle) and the end is
    very rushed. I thought the origin story was a nice new take on the
    franchise and introduced new elements to keep the story fresh. I do not
    understand why people are comparing this to movies like Ghost rider
    spirit of vengeance as it is definitely not hat bad. I say give it a go
    if you are into these genre of films you might be surprised.

  • Kirtan SinghAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as people say it is

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrew GoldAugust 15, 2015Reply

    A strong cast and an effective first two acts brought down by a rushed, half-hearted ending.

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie at all. I was a huge skeptic
    when the first trailer came out thinking it would be another FF movie
    chock full of cheesy one-liners and cartoony humor. In that respect, I
    was way off. Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is grounded in relative
    realism, showing what would likely happen if people did in fact crack
    inter-dimensional travel and brought back superpowers. It has a darker
    tone than the other movies and is a wildly different experience because
    of it. The characters are more relatable, their situations are more
    believable, and for a good part of the movie, it actually feels like
    you’re watching the true Fantastic Four origin story unfold.

    I can’t blame Trank for the discrepancies I have with the movie because
    he is not at fault. Apparently the producers demanded reshoots which
    rear their ugly head about 20 minutes from the end. It turns from this
    relatively dark, stylish superhero drama to an overblown one-liner
    infested CGI-fest. Mind you, I was still pulling for the heroes the
    entire time, but the moments following, preceding and including the
    final confrontation are so forcefully rushed and haphazardly put
    together it completely disconnects you from what the first hour of the
    movie set-up. The climax is generic and lackluster, and the believable
    shaky chemistry the characters shared in the beginning of the movie
    becomes incredibly forced and awkward. The shift is so drastic it’s as
    if they Frankenstein’d two separate movies together, making for one
    extremely disjointed watching experience.

    Miles Teller and the rest of the cast have the benefit of being
    immensely likable. They worked well together and had palpable chemistry
    for a good chunk of the movie. Even Doom was fine. Once I got past the
    fact that it wasn’t the comic book’s adaptation of ”Doctor Doom” and
    took him at face value as a sci-fi villain, I thought he worked wonders
    and actually posed a genuine threat to humanity. The CGI as a whole is
    great – a few moments will leave you scratching your head as in ”was
    that really necessary?” but for the most part, the alternate dimension
    looks fantastic and the few fight scenes there are (literally only two
    or three) are executed well.

    Again, these are simply hints of what the movie could’ve been. It’s
    obvious Trank had a vision with this world, and it’s a damn shame that
    we won’t be able to see it in full effect. What we’re left with is a
    promising set-up and a complete mess of a third act with potential
    bleeding out right up until the final frames. Fantastic Four is more
    realistic and immersive than the other two adaptations, but
    unfortunately not as fun as either. What we’re left with is an exercise
    in ”what could have been” and another superhero movie with promising
    aspects that simply did not click.

  • Gordon-11August 15, 2015Reply

    It’s not really that bad

    This from tells the story of how the four superheroes with unearthly
    powers come into existence.

    I think people go into ”Fantastic Four” thinking it’s a superhero film
    with lots of action, and therefore people get disappointed. As a
    prequel, I think the story is actually not bad at all. It tells how
    they get together and then their power. It’s an intriguing story, but
    there are still some unexplained subplots such as how Victor knows
    Sarah in the first place. Another potential problem is that the film is
    really quite dark, unlike the usual upbeat and poignant adrenaline rush
    that other superhero films are. Another point that people may not like
    is the unappealing appearance of the superheroes. I’m actually quite
    unsettled by human torch, especially given the recent massive explosion
    in China.

  • Clayton Holloway (Darkhorse_Knight)August 15, 2015Reply

    DHKR: Fantastic Four(2015)- ”None Should Have to Endure Such Pain”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kjroliverAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Ouch. I need a Band-Aid. For my eyes. As this movie was bad.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BecauseIAmBATMANAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Not absolutely awful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Challenger2013August 16, 2015Reply

    Not Sure if They Even Tried

    I never liked the the 2005 version of ”Fantastic Four.” I’ve always
    considered it a disappointing superhero film. Amazingly, I found myself
    actually longing for it when I saw the new, rebooted version. Yes, this
    film is so bad that it almost makes the original seem like a good film.
    It’s the type of movie that just gets worse and worse and drags on more
    and more with each passing second.

    The picture introduces us to Reed Richards (Miles Teller), a young
    boy-genius who builds a small teleportation machine in his parents’
    garage (Might I add that the film already lost me at this point;
    seriously, a twelve-year-old builds a TELEPORTATION MACHINE.) After
    befriending Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) at the junkyard, the two enter an
    updated machine at the high school science fair seven years down the
    road. It is here that Reed is noticed by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E.
    Cathey) and his adopted daughter Sue (Kate Mara), who offer him a
    scholarship at an institute attempting to create a device that can
    teleport human life to another dimension. Storm’s son Johnny (Michael
    B. Jordan) and former colleague Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) get
    forced into the plot and help build the machine.

    On a drunken night, Reed, Johnny, Victor, and Ben (who randomly gets
    invited by Reed) decide to up and travel to a planet in another
    dimension, breaking every rule in the book. Bad things happen, Doom
    gets left behind, and the others have outstanding abilities when they
    return. Oh, and Sue gets powers too, but instead of just having her
    travel with the guys, the screenwriters decided to leave her behind and
    give her powers when the teleportation machine explodes for some
    reason…don’t ask why. A year passes with our heroes held in a maximum
    security location, and then all of a sudden they’re battling Victor
    (now Dr. Doom presumably) who wants to take over the world without any
    given motive. Yep, that’s pretty much it…

    Director Josh Trank claims that Fox Studios took control of the film
    from his hands, then took his great product and turned it into this
    piece of trash. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but it’s
    pretty evident that he didn’t have control of this picture. The story
    is nearly unwatchable when put on screen. Nothing exciting,
    interesting, or intriguing happens for most of the film, then
    everything happens at once in the last fifteen minutes. Even worse,
    what does finally happen is nowhere near worth the wait and falls short
    of anything that can be described as ”epic” or ”fun.”

    The terrible script does not offer much to the actors, but it’s not
    like they make the most of what they are given. Teller tries much too
    hard to fit into his character and fix something that just cannot be
    fixed. Mara and Bell seem like they do not really care at all most of
    the time. Jordan and Kebbell are really the only ones who ”almost” make
    the most of what they are given, but it’s not enough to save the

    The sad truth is that these characters, like the story, are
    ill-conceived and undeveloped. The filmmakers completely wasted
    would-be-great characters like The Thing and Dr. Doom (who is only on
    screen for those last, awful fifteen minutes.) It’s not enough to make
    the scenes between the Fantastic Four extremely corny (especially
    during an absolutely unwatchable scene where they attempt to come up
    with a name); it also gives them no time to develop into a team. These
    people are barely likable and still seem like strangers when they are
    finally called into action.

    The cinematography was the one aspect of the film that was done right
    in the first hour. Then, when the need for strong special effects came,
    the film seemed almost as cartoonish as ”The Green Lantern.” In this
    day and age, where great special effects rule cinema, audiences should
    not be subjected to the simple, effortless effects seen here.

    ”Fantastic Four” might have been watchable if it seemed as though those
    involved actually tried to create an acceptable product. When watching
    this film, I wondered if the filmmakers even watched the final picture.
    Then I wondered if they had any idea what they were doing while making
    the film, because it seems as though they just threw it together like a
    crappy collage. Apparently, there is already a sequel in the works. It
    may be a terrible idea, but at least Fox has put the sequel in a
    situation where it can’t possibly be worse than the first installment.
    Then again, I never say never. Perhaps it’s best for the Fantastic Four
    to pack their bags and follow Spider-Man over to Marvel Studios.

  • NoneAugust 16, 2015Reply

    well what can I say

    What are they thinking with this movie. A black Johny Storm? Thing
    doesn’t look like thing. The movie was about the origins of the
    Fantastic four, but the producers forget the actually read the story?
    If the movie was about them getting their powers, at least respect the
    story! I mean seriously, this is about the story, not some cheap
    special effect movie… and if you do, make it impressive…

    On both accounts they missed it horrible! Shame on you! How they got
    their powers was in a previous movie already, so why make it different?
    I really tried understanding it, but I couldn’t and dominated

    Please make a next movie, but make it in line of the stories and it
    will be enjoyable!

  • Craig Williams ([email protected])August 16, 2015Reply

    Best nap I’ve ever had!

    I went into this movie with high hopes. The movie was so slow picking
    up that would you know it I went out like a light. Last thing I
    remember was them getting into the lame teleporter thing. I missed
    absolutely nothing because when I woke back up they were in the other
    dimension still. Maybe they left and came back I don’t know I’m not a
    doctor. But based off of what I did see of the movie this is what I can
    deduce from the movie. They are child prodigies getting into an
    institute, lame. They build an inter dimensional portal instead of a
    space ship like the original, lame. Then they are in the other
    dimension and touch the Ninja Turtle ooze, WTF? Then I was out. But
    based off of what I saw I bet I can sum it up. They find Doom on planet
    ooze so he got stuck, there was an accident because you can’t have a
    proper superhero without an accident right? They are young so they
    probably don’t deal with it properly, maybe one has a hissy fit (oh no
    now I can’t go to prom). Probably Miles Teller, he has a face you want
    to punch. They work it out and go back to get Doom (rember I actually
    saw this part) and a battle ensues where they don’t work together,
    lame. Then they win and say we are now the Fantastic Individuals
    because we won’t work together. Did I sum it up about right? And
    seriously? Seriously? They are going to get drunk before activating the
    portal? You need to rethink your life choices Trank. I prescribe this
    to anyone who is having a hard time sleeping. Do not watch this movie
    and drive.

  • neighborlee-74314August 16, 2015Reply

    Unique spin on a fantastic series

    I, unlike so many other harsher critics, enjoyed this movie a lot, and
    though in the end it doesn’t matter because few of us really rely on
    reviews 100% of the time to go or not go to a movie, you could do a lot
    worse than this new spin on the Fantastic 4 universe.

    It wasn’t because the acting was simply amazing, by ‘well known’
    actors, it wasn’t, but just because they were a ‘new’ fantastic 4 team,
    doesn’t mean we should pay them any less respect or give them a fair

    I’m so tired of the hate at such movies, do people watch these
    expecting to be dazzled every second of the movie ? I never do, I
    simply watch or I do not, based on the title and what type of movie I
    expect it will be, and sit back and relax and try to enjoy it, which
    after all, isn’t that what movies are all about ? You can argue, oh NOT
    another sequel , and yes it is that, but judging it solely on that, or
    the ineffective acting because they aren’t well known entities, or some
    other ‘expectation’ is just a bad way to go at movie going, and
    insufficient respect to hard work.

    You don’t have to love the support actors or every moment of the script
    or visuals, but you owe it to the hard work of everyone involved, to do
    what most of us do at movies, go in expecting what you get based only
    on what you likely know you’ll see, which is exactly what I always do,
    and everyone should.

    I have no patience for anyone who gives a movie a ‘1’ rating ( or
    similarly childish like ‘fantastic FLOP’), because they aren’t here to
    critique anything, just hear themselves think and attempt to make a
    ‘name’ for themselves at the price of hard work, even if you think all
    involved were overpaid for what you got.

    People forget, not everyone can ‘act’, it takes a mindset and a
    willingness to take the subject serious enough to put yourself IN the
    shoes of who you are playing so the audience is catapulted into a state
    of belief in what they are seeing, and have a good time.

    I always do that unlike some other hate filled posts here and we always
    get them, and knowing full well what to expect, I enjoyed it , from
    beginning to end and look forward to a sequel with the came cast.

    I review a movie based on my feelings about the acting, script,
    production , visuals and score, but most of all, was I ‘entertained’
    enough to suspend my reality and come out of it thinking about the
    universe I and everyone else are part of, and dream of more and better

    I got that from this movie, and if you didn’t, well this type of movie
    wasn’t for you.

    Before I came to review Fantastic 4 2015, I looked at both of the prior
    movies, and they too , though not quite as bad as this one, similarly
    were given awful ratings , and I can’t help but wonder, by who, what
    did they go into the movies expecting, and what precisely did they not
    feel they got, enough to mark a movie well enough done to remove their
    reality for a couple hours, sufficient to mark it that low.

    Everyone wants to be a critique, but you can’t effectively do that,
    never, unless you put on your objective hat, and agree to immerse
    yourself into the movies reality.

    Yes, I felt some of the acting was a bit unconvincing, but that might
    be me expecting the same from a different set of actors, versus what we
    had from the 2 prior movies, and that’s not really fair, but by the end
    of the movie I was losing that slight skew for their acting
    performances and just let myself settle into a new team of 4.

    Some argue movie took too long to get going, but I couldn’t disagree
    more, as I wanted a different back story, something different from the
    prior releases, and we got it.

    The visuals were just as good as anything that’s come before it if you
    want to compare it to the other movies, 1 and 2.

    Yes it was another fantastic 4 movie, but I enjoyed it not because of
    its faults, but because I felt ‘entertained’ enough to keep watching.

    That to me means the movie was a success.

    I’m not won over easily, but if suspension of reality takes hold of me
    and lets go only till the movie is over, then I’m good.

    If you are into the Sci-fi genre, and if you like the Fantastic 4
    enough to detach yourself from the other movies and enjoy a new ‘4’
    team for what it is, entertaining, and aren’t someone who is ‘super
    critical’, then head out and buy your tickets because you will be
    entertained just as I was.

  • liamtoh007August 16, 2015Reply

    Some Free Advice (and worth every penny)

    The few people who wasted 100 minutes and valuable popcorn dollars on
    this $120 million sleeping pill already know just how bad this anomaly
    is, it’s my desire here to warn all the others before they suffer the
    same fate. Just where did that $120 million production budget go? The
    effects were extremely lackluster, the script was woefully amateurish,
    and the acting was I suppose, about the best you can expect when you
    are handed garbage like this. What you end up with is a terribly
    uninteresting and excruciatingly slow ride with zero payoff. At least
    the previous 2 films (flawed as they were) had a discernible plot, and
    a spirit of fun. Imagine this movie as a very very long walk down a
    dark hallway. You reach a room at the end, only to flip on the light
    switch and find it empty. Pathetic.

    As a long-time fan of these characters I can say without hesitation
    that these four characters (five if you count Doom) resemble the comic
    book characters only on a superficial level. If Fox (or later Marvel,
    let’s hope!) wants a profitable and entertaining franchise they need to
    go to the source material that made these characters great to begin
    with. Luckily I can help them right here. What you want is a trilogy of
    films. The first feature, running about 2.5 hours would adapt the
    actual back stories of Doom and the FF found in the following comics,
    Fantastic Four (1961) #1 and 11 (origin portions only), the Doom
    back-up origin story in FF Annual 2. Any competent screenwriter would
    be able to tweak or update what’s lacking in these early books. The
    second half of this movie could then adapt FF 39-40, a critically
    acclaimed classic. As for the sequel you need look no further than the
    ”Unthinkable” storyline from FF 496-502. Finally, the last film in the
    trilogy would give us a faithful adaptation of the Galactus / Silver
    Surfer trilogy found in FF 48-50. This last one would then also give
    the filmmakers an opportunity to spin-off a series of Surfer movies
    starting with adapting Steve Englehart’s great take on the character
    from 1987’s Silver Surfer #1. The comics referenced above are classics
    which have stood the test of time, and if adapted wisely would
    practically guarantee success.

  • Jonathan RosasAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Fantastically Boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EasyThere PilgrimAugust 16, 2015Reply

    An absolute snooze-fest.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jack EverittAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Fantastic waste of excellent source material

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kvalentine926-189-516307August 16, 2015Reply

    Diasppointing waste of opportunity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mathias QuinteroAugust 16, 2015Reply

    A waste…

    Let me be clear. At the start I enjoyed the movie. It started off with
    a few clichés and wasn’t particularly creative when it came to the plot
    or the dialogue. But it was still OK. I thought it was an interesting
    take on the story and it certainly felt new. (I didn’t read the comics
    but it didn’t sound like something I had heard about before.)

    And that is exactly what’s wrong with this movie. I had so much

    The start was so good, and the exposition felt alright. Like I said,
    filled with clichés, but still very enjoyable.

    And then right after the introduction is done, you look at the time and
    remember the runtime and think, well what the hell is going to happen
    in so little time. Turns out, not much… You get this dumbed down
    action that’s not really clear or makes a lot of sense. They weren’t
    clear enough about Doom’s intentions. It feels like he’s bad, because,
    yeah he’s a pretentious asshole and very bad… Just go with it…

    This movie’s pacing changed too drastically, to the point in which you
    suddenly have absolutely no idea what’s going on. That’s the problem.
    They were afraid of the movie running for too long, felt solid about
    the start and kept it that way (which is fine), and shortened
    everything else (not fine).

    I could talk about the dialogue that felt stupid at times, but that’s
    not really what I though about after the movie. At some points I would
    hear them and go ”well that was stupid”, but it’s not the takeaway.
    They could have fixed the pacing and have the same dialogue and this
    movie could have made a 7 – 7.5 in my book. But no, it’s still weird…

  • mikic_dAugust 16, 2015Reply

    To short

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheSpecsAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Two reasons this movie failed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Peter Quill (thenameisstarlord)August 16, 2015Reply

    Read the Punisher #12

    The best part of this stinky pile is Marvel hated it so much they
    decided to show their displeasure by killing the cast. Drawn in the
    likeness of Miles Teller, Jamie Bell. And Kate Mara the trio waits for
    their friend Mike who they say is late and can’t believe he thinks his
    character Johnny will be the star of the movie with director Trang.
    It’s pretty obvious what movie they are talking about. It’s around this
    time they notice there are explosions going off then the next panel
    zooms out and shows the diner blow up. It’s glorious! I still can’t
    wait to see what Marvel Studios has to say about this bastardized
    version of Marvel’s First family. I don’t know what was worse the fact
    they basically made the movie unrecognizable from the comic or the fact
    the movie had no content. At least the previous movies had content.
    They may have been cheesy but at least they embraced it. And please
    Trank pay the light bill! This movie was too dark for it’s own good.

  • Matei PopescuAugust 16, 2015Reply

    It wasn’t as good as expected

    When i heard that a new Fantastic Four was coming out i got so hyped i
    barely could wait for it. Then the score came out for it and i was
    disappointed. It took a while then i went to watch it for myself. Yes
    the characters had no chemistry with us or each other despite them
    being really good actors. The studio chose the wrong director for the
    movie. At the beginning and i mean the first 40 min. of the film bored
    me. And pretty much nothing happens. I mean the movie is predictable. I
    will not put spoilers in my review. Its a movie that was really
    anticipated and ended up with a lower score than the 2005 and 2007
    Fantastic Four movies. Well at least the science was real and good. The
    CGI was also pretty good. May the sequel learn from its mistakes.

  • justinjettkwonAugust 16, 2015Reply

    A Major Disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • walkingdeadfreakAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Worst Movie Ever

    Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Elektra, Gigli,
    Batman and Robin, Jack and Jill, 18 Year Old Virgin, Bad Girls from
    Valley High, and Plan 9 from Outer Space. These are all movies that
    were better than this movie. I’ve only ever walked out of a movie and
    gotten my money back three times and this was the third. This is
    however the quickest I’ve ever walked out of a movie. So far as I can
    tell I just watched a trailer trying to be passed off of a movie. What
    would have been so much better would have been the original cast in
    Fantastic 4: 3. Please heed my words and do not waste your money on
    this crap! Take the money you would have spent on this and buy yourself
    something nice. A couple of beers, a DVD, CD, maybe even a couple of
    comic books. If you really need you Fantastic 4 fix get some F4 comics.
    It is also a bunch of crap what they are doing to marvel. Give the
    rights back already. They were so disappointed they canceled the
    Fantastic Four comic series.

  • Jack MunsonAugust 17, 2015Reply

    This is one of the worst Superhero movies I have ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • iamgamerkier1234August 17, 2015Reply

    How can this be worse than Batman and Robin HOW?!?!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arran fergusonAugust 17, 2015Reply

    I wish i could give less then 1 star

    Before i watched this film i was very sceptical of the cast, believing
    it lacked dynamic character. After watching it i can see that i was
    proved right. The film lacked a structured plot that made logical sense
    (as much as a superhero film can) it was too short for a superhero film
    this meant it didn’t have a chance to fully develop. It skipped out the
    major part of the original film, where you learnt about the superhero
    and how they deal with their powers when they’re first given to them.
    The ending was awful and one of the worst that i’ve seen for a
    superhero film. I won’t give it away but it was anticlimactic. I can’t
    believe they’ve commissioned a second film and i certainly won’t waste
    my money on it.

  • hannah jadeAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Critics may think this film is terrible, but I personally disagree.

    Though most critics and reviews are hating the latest version of
    Fantastic Four, I am a massive fan. I may be a bit biased because my
    favorite actor of all time is Miles Teller (Reed Richards), but it
    doesn’t take away from the movie itself.

    I would definitely recommend this movie to those who haven’t read the
    comics or have been a hardcore fan of superhero affiliated things, for
    it may be a disappointment. If you’re like me and went in watching it
    with no expectations or direction, then you’re in luck.

    To each his own, I believe the film isn’t for the comic book lovers
    that are wanting a film to match their love for the wonderful fiction.
    It might be a letdown or it might live up to your expectations! It is a
    love/hate movie for everyone. I personally love it.

  • emmanuelhenryAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Fantastic four is yet another example of a studio cash crab.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • xamtaroAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Fiasco ‘Foxed up”’

    Fant4stic four review

    Much has been revealed about the fiasco that was FANTASTIC FOUR 2015.
    I’ll leave the details of the isolationist director, close shaves with
    angry cast members and a studio’s overboard executive meddling for your
    internet search engines. Let’s get down to the movie. Caught in-between
    the deep and gritty of Warner/DC and then kid friendly comedy of
    Disney/Marvel, FANT4STIC FOUR (as it is stylised in promotional
    material) is a curious creature which tried to do both and ended
    up…….not so successful. It tried to go for the ”grounded fantasy”
    of DC, all angsty, deep and tragic, while still wanting to maintain the
    appeal to youngsters with witty jokes and superficial laughs.

    Many have slammed this movie for its lack of action and deviation from
    the explosive norm that has become superhero films. I feel that
    audience have just become spoiled by the action heavy formula of modern
    blockbusters. FANT4STIC FOUR is not a superhero movie in that sense. It
    would be more in line with the ”science gone wrong” genre of movies
    that were real big in the late 1980s through 90s. A common complain is
    that it is too dark but dark can be good if directed and written well.

    What FF lacks first of all is coherence. The story is a straightforward
    one: science goes wrong, tragedy strikes, heroes forever changed, then
    they band together to save the world. Tone wise, The movie’s story
    starts off as a kind of ”science fiction Harry Potter”. It’s the story
    of boy genius Reed Richards getting accepted into an institute of
    geniuses. Then once an experimental teleporter is completed, Reed and
    pals boldly go where no man has gone before on to the planet of CGI
    wonders. From there the tone whiplashes into a Syfy original with the
    four friends captured and experimented on. Guilt ridden Reed escapes,
    and we get another tone shift into a fugitive movie with Reed on the
    run and his former friends trained by the military to take him down.
    But wait there’s more! A new teleporter is completed which brings back
    a powerful new foe who wants to destroy the world leading up to a
    climax right out of Dragonball Evolution. You see where this is
    heading? It’s like four different movies cut and pasted into one.

    FANT4STIC FOUR (FF) had intriguing ideas that I could get behind with
    enough twists from the original comic to make it fresh. None of those
    ideas get developed at all! Second big mistake. Sue and Reed being
    intellectual rivals is something new but it just gets turned
    into……not even a romance or a friendship for that matter. Johnny
    not being able to live up to his father’s expectations. Yes he acts
    out, yes he finally gets to step out of daddy’s shadow by using his new
    powers to make a difference to American peace keeping efforts……but
    that is only implied with some dialogue and never brought up again as
    if Johnny were a token minority character.

    Then we got Ben who could have turned out most refreshing. Unlike his
    comic counterpart who is was a baseball champion, US marine, pilot and
    an all round big tough guy, Ben in this movie is a scrawny loser picked
    on by his siblings, living in a junk yard and with little future to
    look forward to if not for his friendship with Reed. What an intriguing
    character arc it would have been for Ben who goes from wimp to rock
    covered Captain America. He becomes a war hero in the service of his
    nation all the while despising the inhuman Thing he had become. Do we
    get to explore that internal dissonance? No. His grudge against Reed
    for turning him into a monster? Forgotten in 5 minutes. Ben who was
    shown to never hurt a fly has been made to kill for his country, but no
    single mental ramification at all. No regret? No crisis of conscience?
    No character development, pure and simple. The 2005 movie, Heck, even
    the cartoons managed to give Ben Grimm a more developed character than
    this movie showing him grappling with the loss of his humanity going
    from all American hero to ugly Monster with all that entails.
    Mishandled and miscast, Ben Grimm as the Thing looks great in all his
    motion capture rock encrusted glory. But every time he speaks and that
    wimpy TinTin voice comes out, it’s almost hilarious.

    Boasting a budget of $120 million, one wonders where all that money
    went. I’ve already mentioned how good The Thing looks thanks to the
    motion capture expertise of Weta digital, the guys behind Lord of the
    Rings. But everything else looked cheap. From the CGI Baxter building
    to a CGI monkey likely reused from Dawn of the Planet of The Apes to
    the entire CGI ”planet zero” looking like a video game.

    Throw all that in with a climax that is all to short and sloppily
    edited and you have FANT4STIC FOUR. The best example of wasted
    potential in a superhero movie. It had great ideas, bright new concepts
    open to exploration and development but alas got caught up in all the
    behind-the-scenes debacles. The drama during production overshadows the
    lack thereof within the actual movie. Who knows? To recoup on the loss
    Fox may release ”the making of” feature and makes tons more money
    capitalising on the controversies involving director Josh Trank.

  • Laura HastingsAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Not a film I’d watch again.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yamen-yamelAugust 18, 2015Reply

    No offense but what the… ? poor ….

    No need to explain why ! this movie didn’t need a review to explain how
    silly it’s . The cast . the storytelling . the acting . I can’t find
    out why people keep paying to watch a stupid movie like this … Poor
    storytelling .. poor acting … poor cast ! Poor sounds … even poor
    characters Even worse than the first movie The would have never made a
    remake ! Really you liked this movie … ?How old are you ! I wish I
    can give this movie zero rating Plz forget about this movie and never
    made a remake like this ! Ad it’s the worst movie I have seen in years
    I can’t believe I wasted about 2 hours in sh__ like this .. ! You
    people really don’t need to check it out … ugh..

  • MetalliconAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Not nearly as bad as people say; behind the scenes issues abound though…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • philiptheguyAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Don’t watch unless you want a good snooze in the theater.

    I must admit this was probably one of the most boring/ slap to the face
    movies I have ever seen in my entire life. For one, the movie doesn’t
    cut short for the originality of the fantastic four movies, this movie
    should be untitled ”four”. Because this four characters aren’t
    fantastic at all. I mean sure the actors were great but their
    characters weren’t, they weren’t even up to par with the original
    fantastic four characters. In fact they didn’t remind me of a fantastic
    four character. they reminded me of comic con where people dress up as
    their favorite hero, but sadly the actors playing the hero didn’t live
    up to the character itself. I wanted to ask a refund but I passed out
    midway through the movie. If you want a better hero flick watch ant-man
    its great.

  • Edgar Allan PoohAugust 19, 2015Reply

    ”There is no Victor . . . ”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • (Pulpthatsfiction)August 19, 2015Reply

    Another Faluire in the Fantastic Four Film Franchise

    The Fantastic Four is a series that can’t get any love from Hollywood.
    This is the third attempt from 20th century fox and once again they
    fall flat on their face. I don’t know why 20th can’t get there act
    together to make a descent Fantastic Four film but they can’t.

    Which is sad because I think Chronicle(Josh Trank’s first film) was a
    superhero film classic, I think it’s a great example of a super hero
    film. When I heard of the cast and the director that would be be making
    this film, I got excited. I think I got blind sided like 20th century
    fox did when they got this cast and crew together. Because from reports
    about the production it seems like 20th did nothing as the film was
    being made and it was quite clear that Josh Trank didn’t know or was
    just overwhelmed by the production of the film. It almost seems like it
    wasn’t even the same director that made Chronicle and this film,
    because they are the complete opposite in terms of quality.

    They were able to get very talented actors, they do their best, but
    even then they seem lost and feel like they are being directed by a
    director that doesn’t know what to do. The talented cast includes
    Milles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordon, Jaime Bell, and Reg E.
    Cathey are cast well but when you are not being directed probably and
    not given a vision, even the greatest actors can’t give a proper

    The first question that came in my head when I left this movie was,
    ”They did they even get an editor for this film?” This film has no
    pacing and editing. It seems like a rough ensemble cut with the studio
    just cutting out what they didn’t like about the film. The film has no
    character development, scenes just begin and end with no development or
    the plot being moved forward. You have a great cast and the director
    just wastes there talent just to fill in exposition or just slightly
    move the story forward. That’s another problem with the film is that it
    doesn’t move forward fast enough or even at all really. It takes
    forever to get started and the moment the story goes somewhere it ends
    and all of the studio re-shoots get in the way.

    Speaking of re-shoots you can tell the studio destroyed what ever
    ”vision” Josh Trank had for this film. There are some shots that are
    just beautiful and capture the characters very well. especially with
    The Thing and Sue Storm. You can see a glimmer of the vision idea
    almost shine through in the first act but by the time the third act
    hits the film makes no sense. It seems like even the actors have just
    given up on the film and so has everyone behind the camera.

    I saw the film earlier today and I can tell you that I’m already
    forgetting what happened in the film. It’s just forgettable and bland.
    Form start to finish the film is one note and it’s not a very pleasant
    note. Hopefully 20th Century Fox gives up the film rights or just
    shelves any future project because they clearly have no idea to make a
    Fantastic Four film.

    1.5/4 Stars

  • dimbostAugust 19, 2015Reply

    MCU killing good movies for good

    Before i went to see this film, i saw all of the negative reviews and
    the shocking 3.2 rating on IMDb… So i went there to see what was so
    wrong with the film.

    Fantastic Four, is an underrated comic universe movie, that does not
    deserve so much negativity. F4 has a an interesting take on the origins
    of the F4 team, and probably one of the most complicated and relatable
    villains in Comic-book universe, but apparently no one saw that. So, we
    have Iron man 3’s Aldrich Killian who is just a nerd, that becomes a
    super villain because he got stood up by Tony, Avengers 2 Ultron, is
    just a robot, that wants to destroy the world because humans don’t have
    the capacity to live together, but instead of creating chaos through
    his ability to manipulate any and all software he decides to take a
    village far enough into the sky to drop it. I guess all of the Nukes
    that Russia, U.S.A, China, North Korea and other countries isn’t
    enough. F4 villain is Victor Von Doom, while the 2005 was a cliché Rich
    guy out looking for revenge because he didn’t get the world. This
    Victor Von Doom, is against Corporation corruption, societies lack of
    empathy for destroying our own planet, and Government manipulation. If
    you break down his character he actually becomes a anti hero and a
    villain per-say. He only tries to destroy Earth after the Corporation
    makes the deal with the government to try and create bunch of super
    soldiers and exploit the 4th dimension, and killing that planet. Victor
    was never shown as a simple bad guy out for revenge, instead he always
    expressed his concern and his hatred for corruption, pollution and
    people being used. So in terms of the Villains F4 did a great job.

    Now the only sort of negative thing i can say about the film, or agree
    with others, is that the chemistry just wasn’t there between the
    actors, and the origins of some of the characters was bad. Johnny Storm
    felt completely out of tune with the rest of them, so did Ben Grimm.
    Victor and Reed had the best chemistry by far. So those are my only two
    criticisms about the film, the origins and exploration of some of the
    characters and actors chemistry on screen. I can also throw in there,
    the ”How they got their powers” thing. It was kinda lame, but F4 is the
    much more out there comic series.

    I think this movie got such a low review, because it was serious and
    that made it seem out of place. People are now use to having Marvel
    films make fun of themselves, having inside jokes about their own
    existence, where F4 took more of a DC road. F4 was presented as a more
    serious and dark toned comic book film.

  • Anthony RouseAugust 19, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as everyone says.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gjtapoAugust 19, 2015Reply

    Big Disappointment !!!

    not a good movie honestly this is a flop !!! a big box office
    disappointment.Ugly reboot plot. over acting actors . and not at all
    true to the original story. Hollywood does it again a failed movie.
    what was the director thinking. just awful, a rotten kind of film. this
    is pure disappointment. A ZHIT of a film!!!!

    its so disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…call this the
    super FANTASTIC Flop movie of the Century

    its so disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop… its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…its so
    disappointing… again very disappointed… super flop…call this the
    super FANTASTIC Flop movie of the Century

  • cookiemonstr333-20-490287August 20, 2015Reply

    Completely Underrated

    This film is very underrated. It was a really good film but the only
    problem with it was the running time. 100 minutes is too short for any
    marvel film. As a consequence of the short running time, I felt the
    ending was too rushed and the film was mainly just the characters’
    origin story. That does not mean it is a bad film because the origin
    stories are very interesting and it is very entertaining to see each
    character developing into their superhero or super-villain and how they
    do it. I am glad this film went into so much depth with the origin
    stories because it is rarely done in the Marvel cinematic Universe
    (with a few exceptions) All the problems with this film could be fixed
    with simply adding an extra 30 minutes (and a post-credit clip!). If
    you are considering watching this film just do it and remember just
    because it doesn’t quite follow the beloved Marvel tradition it doesn’t
    make it an appalling film and think of the ending as a bridge to future
    sequels and appearances in other Marvel films.

  • dsuh03August 20, 2015Reply

    I don’t get it

    After reading and watching so many viciously negative reviews online
    for Fantastic Four, I was intrigued to check it out just to see how bad
    it can really be. And you know what? I actually quite enjoyed this

    Lowered expectations might have played into this but I think the movie
    has so many elements that make it interesting. Some critics have
    compared this to Batman and Robin and Superman IV but I honestly do not
    consider this movie in their league. I distinctively remember watching
    Batman and Robin in theater and people literally started walking out. I
    stayed for the whole show just because I paid for it. But this movie, I
    was actually drawn to it by its own merits.

    First of all, I am not a fantastic four comic book fan. But I am a fan
    of sci-fi movies and Josh Trank seems to have designed it to be a kind
    of sci-fi horror like The Fly. The first two acts played like those
    sci-fi horror films where in this case kids play with some untested
    invention and suffer horrific consequences. When you approach Fantastic
    Four from this angle, it becomes a movie about dealing with these
    horrific transformations. I like that Reed Richard’s stretchy powers
    are not ridiculously silly like the earlier versions of F4 but rather
    they are gross to look at. And the same goes for the other members of
    F4. In this regard, Fantastic Four is a big budget version of Josh
    Trank’s previous film, Chronicle. Chronicle succeeded because it took a
    realistic approach to the superhero origin story and how normal high
    school kids would deal with the newly gained power. When Fox hired Josh
    Trank for Fantastic Four, they must’ve known that he was going to take
    F4 on a similar path.

    The third act of the movie is where one can spot the studio
    interference. It feels truncated and rushed and does not tie up what
    was set up in the first two acts. It feels like Fox panicked at what
    they saw and tried to inject more mainstream superhero sequences. I’m
    curious where Josh Trank would’ve taken it were he not shortchanged.

    Anyway, this is not a great movie but it’s not a horrible one either.
    If you are drawn to sci-fi films, this is quite enjoyable. I feel like
    if people watched this before the era of the internet, there would’ve
    been more positive reactions. Some of these angry negative reviews from
    online critics seem to just feed off each other.

  • tonywilmz68-438-368040August 20, 2015Reply

    As a movie…..

    I never really had any desire to watch this remake of The Fantastic
    Four. I actually thought it was just gonna be an attempt to cater for
    the youth of today. Just like I thought the Spiderman reboot was. But
    people were saying that this movie was soooo bad I just had to watch

    But just like anything with such low expectations it never tends to be
    as bad as you anticipate. Which is what happened with me.

    Instead of being the juvenile movie that I thought it was gonna be, I
    found it out quite ”grown up” in the way it was shot and in the way the
    movie dealt with the origins of all the characters. In fact…I
    could’ve easily handled the fact the whole movie was just an origin
    story and brought in the action that all these comicbook fans demand
    into the sequel, instead of just throwing in the tiny action sequence
    at the end like they did. But why was it so tiny? The movie’s only 90
    odd minutes long. They could’ve made it so much more.

    Anyways…I’m guessing my opinion’s gonna be as unpopular as the movie
    itself. One person on IMDb has said it’s ”An insult to comic fans”. But
    what about movie fans? If you just forget about the comic for one
    second….is the movie as a ”movie” worth only 3.9 on IMDb.

    All the negativity surrounding this movie really helped.

  • PandoraProductions4August 20, 2015Reply

    not as bad as people are saying….but still bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • T JAugust 21, 2015Reply

    Grr… They could have made it better!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tyler SmithAugust 21, 2015Reply

    They’ve failed again and it’s even worse. Just watch The Incredibles.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sean73267326August 21, 2015Reply

    Oh dear…

    I think it’s a long time since I actually felt SORRY for a film. A very
    long time. I think it may have been Catwoman, back in 2004, another
    movie that meant extremely well (and god knows it was trying) but fell
    flat on its feline face. Well, it happened again, with Fantastic Four,
    but the sad thing is, it’s not for the same reasons – it actually has
    (had) potential.

    Somewhere deep inside 2015’s reboot of Fantastic Four is the bones of a
    very good movie that just hasn’t been finished the right way, and
    that’s why I almost feel sorry for it. The cast is up there with The
    Avengers in terms of acting ability, but it strands every single
    character in a sea of one-dimensional dialogue. It has a plot that’s
    great – but only once it’s explained, because the movie itself keeps it
    so vague at times that there’s no real incentive to really care what
    happens. When it works, it has some fantastic visual ideas – but the
    CGI job looks average at best, and at worst it looks like it may have
    been done by work experience students.

    By far the biggest problem with this movie is the pacing. In the summer
    where Mad Max: Fury Road came out, this movie had some serious
    competition, but even in without comparison to that masterclass in
    action movie pacing, Fantastic Four does a downright awful job. It
    strands all the dramatics and special effects to the first hour, and
    only then are we introduced to any action. This could have worked,
    especially because the slow build of the first hour is actually
    maddeningly effective despite other flaws. The problem is, the action
    it rewards us with is some of the lamest I’ve ever seen. The
    aforementioned CGI looks awful a lot of the time, and it uses so much
    of it that it’s impossible to pinpoint anything plausible on screen.
    Add to this the fact that almost all the action is confined to a
    relatively short coda, and you’ve got yourself a massive letdown.

    I’ve heard that Marvel fans are well and truly PO’d with this movie and
    I can’t say I blame them, but I don’t really know who to blame for this
    its quality, either. The director, Josh Trank, lures some great
    performances out of his actors here, especially Kate Mara (odd wig
    aside), but there’s reports of him being abusive on set. There’s also
    reports of Fox slicing and dicing the movie down – which may be what
    killed the pacing and the lopsided drama/action. Then there’s the
    screen writing – writing that never really sinks apart from a few
    cheesy lines, but never really sparkles either.

    I think the truth may be realized by looking at the bigger picture –
    this movie is a failure on nearly every front.

  • ashokpandianAugust 21, 2015Reply

    Don’t even bother!

    This might just be one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched, and
    believe me I’ve seen some bad ones. The action is minimal and terrible.
    The CGI is awful. The dialogues are crushingly boring. There is no
    story or character development. The plot is incredibly silly. The
    makers should be made to compensate the viewers for wasting an hour and
    half of their life. This movie left such a sour taste in my mouth that
    I may never want to see a Superhero ensemble movie ever again. The only
    other movie I can think that was this bad was ”Rollerball” from 2002.
    How a movie of this quality can be released is beyond my imagination,
    what were they thinking when they invested so much of time and effort.

  • legitimateballer-39201August 21, 2015Reply

    We have been BETRAYED!

    They have been re-writing history and this social engineering
    propaganda version betrays true marvel fans. I enjoyed the prior two
    movies that paved the way for the success of other marvel movies which
    includes the Avengers. You can’t just put people in a role because you
    think that’s what is politically correct to do now days and create
    false diversity. For the marvel comics, they are a part of history that
    those who love comics grew up with and identify with. I remember
    reading intensely these comics and collecting the full set of marvel 1
    cards. It’s something that you dream about and expands your
    imagination. But we have all been betrayed by this movie. The betrayal
    spans further because they are re-writing history to make a homo-iceman
    and a trans-thor. The new writers have betrayed the legacy of the
    beloved old writers because they come from the new liberal morally
    destructive programmed mentality and they plan to destroy history in
    the same way that they destroyed the US Constitution. Obama didn’t read
    patriotic comics like Captain America as a child, Obama read Marx. He
    didn’t read the bible, he read the Qu’ran.

  • charlaobrasilAugust 22, 2015Reply

    For comic fans only – not so bad…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hasan KikoAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Save yourself. Don’t watch this movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adithya PyapaliAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Good Plot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lovecraft MoviesAugust 22, 2015Reply

    What did I just watch?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Film NaziAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Worst Movie Ever Made

    And here’s why. . . Like what the 1970s were to the importance of
    cinema with films like The Godfather, Star Wars, Jaws and The Deer
    Hunter we are in the equivalent of that era when it comes to superhero
    movies. Marvel can seemingly do no wrong and the right films are being
    placed in the right hands to craft masterful works of art. We are
    living in the golden age of comic book movies. Started in the early
    2000s with Bryan Singer’s first two X-Men films and launched into the
    stratosphere with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Marvel has
    grabbed hold of a special era in cinema history.

    Look, not all superhero movies are going to be as great or grand as
    Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man or the Nolan Batman films. But it’s
    pretty hard to miss the mark with a superhero movie these days and
    Fantastic Four needs to be watched as a case study in how to do things

    Dull and downbeat, this Fantastic Four proves a woefully misguided
    attempt to translate a classic comic series without the humor, joy, or
    colorful thrills that made it great.

    The film follows the formula that most superhero movies try to follow
    these days and barely exists within the rules of the game.

    Take prestigious, top tier actors and cast them in your movie. Make it
    an origin story that doesn’t feel like an origin story. Ground it in
    the reality of the universe you create and slowly warp it to your
    advantage. Take the characters and approach them in a way they haven’t
    been approached on screen before.

    When it was first announced that gifted young actor Miles Teller would
    be playing Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic), I assumed he’d be
    ”aging up” for the role. After all, since the launch of Marvel’s ”first
    family” in 1961, Richards—whose primary physical signifiers included
    gray temples and pipe-smoking—had been among the most prominent patres
    familias in comic-dom. But in fact the reverse is the case. Teller, 28,
    plays Richards as an 18-year-old: a self-taught, world-class genius who
    cracks the secret of inter-dimensional travel for his high-school
    science fair. If this sounds like a peculiar knockoff of the 2007
    animated comedy Meet the Robinsons, well, that’s exactly how it plays
    though with considerably less charm. Pretty much everyone involved in
    the film has been quick to argue that the decision to cast a white
    actress (Mara) and a black actor (Jordan) as brother and (adopted)
    sister is a sign of cultural progress. And that may well be the case.
    But if you’re going to make that argument, perhaps you shouldn’t have
    the white kid be the do-everything-right academic superstar and the
    black kid be the disobedient, chip-on-his-shoulder lawbreaker. Just a
    thought. (Not that it matters: Johnny’s bad-boy background is forgotten
    almost immediately.) Josh Trank’s only previous film as a director,
    Chronicle, had many fans, but I was not among them. In it, three
    teenagers stumbled upon an energy source that gave them great powers,
    and they then spent the bulk of the film petulantly bickering among
    themselves over the proper use of those powers. Trank’s Fantastic Four
    follows a similar script, but it is much, much worse. We fast-forward
    one year to discover that Ben has already become a prime military
    asset, chalking up 43 ”confirmed kills” in a single outing. (Thank you,
    Fox, for bringing us the Thing, mass killer.) Johnny will be the next
    asset to be deployed, as soon as he has better control over his powers.
    By now, angry recriminations are being launched in every conceivable
    direction. Sue is upset that Johnny is eager to work with the military
    (him: ”We should use our powers to do something”; her: ”I’m not going
    to be a tool”). Ben is perpetually angry because he looks like a
    caramel-flavored variation of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. (Plus: No
    one even gives him a pair of briefs to wear; happily, for reasons
    unclear, his rocky manhood seems not to have made the return trip from
    the other dimension.) And everyone, of course, is mad at Reed the guy
    who got them all into this situation and then abandoned them.

    I’ll go ahead and make this last assessment as short as the action
    packed final battle. Unlike the movie suggest this is not about a super
    hero team but four individuals who happen to have powers. This is why
    it’s the worst movie ever. It does nothing it sets out to do. A movie
    about a team that’s not a team, an action packed film with no action, a
    team of what was supposed to be extraordinary actors who deliver flat
    performances, and a story that goes nowhere. Sprinkle on top of that
    some crappy CGI and you have the makings of the worst movie ever. Lets
    also not forget how unoriginal it is taking the story from Chronicle,
    Ooze origins from Ninja Turtles, the failed experiment from the Fly,
    and the troubled teen years from any teen movie ever. I just wish I cod
    give it less than one star.

  • aharmasAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Not Fantastic But Not Atrocious

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anurag-ShettyAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four? More like Underwhelming Four.

    Fantastic Four is a reboot of Marvel’s first family. Reed
    Richards(Miles Teller) is a supremely intelligent aspiring scientist.
    Reed, with the help of his childhood friend Ben Grimm(Jamie Bell), has
    cracked the code to transport elements to an alternate dimension &
    successfully bring them back. This impresses Dr. Franklin Storm(Reg E.
    Cathey) & his daughter, Sue Storm(Kate Mara). Now, along with the help
    of Johnny Storm(Michael B. Jordan) & Victor Von Doom(Toby Kebbell),
    Reed & Sue have to create a device that successfully sustains human
    inter-dimensional travel. After they successfully teleport to an
    alternate dimension, an accident occurs which causes shocking physical
    transformations in each of them. Now, they must use their new found
    powers to protect Earth from an old friend turned foe.

    Fantastic Four is an extremely disappointing movie. Honestly, the
    trailers are better than the movie. Due to Fox interfering & director
    Josh Trank’s supposed unruly behavior on set, this film is completely
    dull. There is just one action set piece in the movie which takes place
    during the climax. This battle seems rushed & just doesn’t make up for
    the lack of action scenes throughout the movie. Being a comic book
    movie, there is absolutely zero humor in the film. So many cool
    sequences from the trailer don’t even feature in the movie. For
    example, The Thing’s dive bomb sequence. The special effects team have
    done a good job with The Thing but, completely ruined Dr. Doom. Dr.
    Doom’s glowing tin man look is cringe worthy. Because Doom looks so
    terrible, he is the least bit intimidating. The makers seem so intent
    on setting up a sequel to Fantastic Four, that they just didn’t bother
    to make this reboot good enough. Honestly, I just want the Fantastic
    Four rights to go back to Marvel Studios. It would be amazing to see
    Dr. Doom battle the Avengers. Dr. Doom is one of Marvel Comics’ best
    villains & deserves to be portrayed to perfection on the big screen.
    Tim Story’s Fantastic Four(2005) & Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver
    Surfer(2007) are much better than this reboot. Miles Teller, Kate Mara,
    Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Bell don’t share half as much chemistry &
    bonhomie as Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans & Michael Chiklis
    from the original movies. Speaking of individual performances, Miles
    Teller is good as Reed Richards. Kate Mara is adequate as Sue Storm.
    Michael B. Jordan is just not carefree, fun loving & womanizing enough
    to be Johnny Storm. I’m not prejudiced by the color of his skin. It’s
    just that, you can’t even compare Jordan’s portrayal of the Human Torch
    to Chris Evans’ superior portrayal in the previous films. Jamie Bell is
    impressive as Ben Grimm/The Thing. The only positive of this movie is
    the friendship shared between Reed & Ben. Toby Kebbell is a disaster,
    compared to Julian McMahon’s Dr. Doom from the previous movies, as
    Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom. Reg E. Cathey & Tim Blake Nelson are
    effective as Dr. Franklin Storm & Dr. Allen respectively. Owen Judge &
    Evan Hannemann are great as Young Reed & Young Ben respectively. Please
    don’t make the mistake of watching Fantastic Four in the theater. Wait
    for it to come out on DVD & Blu-Ray or watch it when it comes on TV.

  • j-w-b-conceptsAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Fantastic,, Meh

    I am going to make this short, much like the movie. I did enjoy the
    story as I never read the comics and have nothing to really sit here
    and compare it too. (Except for the first attempt at fantastic four on
    the silver screen). I liked how dark everything was, and it had
    potential, but was ruined by a cast who you know wanted nothing to do
    with this film, and a story that was rushed. I loved how Doctor Doom
    was portrayed, and would have enjoyed much more bad guy vs good guy
    than an hour plus of back story and a five minute fight scene. One
    thing that I found to be extremely comical was the invisible woman’s
    hair. Through out the whole movie you had her real hair and then a
    horrible wig as she was working on another movie at the time of filming
    Fantastic 4. Marvel has been such a game changer the last few years
    that it seemed only inevitable that Fox would make something that
    couldn’t even stand up to all the block busters that have been coming
    out. I guess if you really have nothing better to see then its worth
    it, but don’t expect your typical super hero movie or even the
    Fantastic 4 from the comics.

  • chironadeAugust 23, 2015Reply

    What a waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Scarecrow-88August 23, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])August 23, 2015Reply

    10942 = 29,4% voted 1

    Let me say this. IMDb should do something about this. Almost 30% voted
    1 out of 10. That’s absolute not realistic. The movie was in my opinion
    good from begin to end. All the aspects of a s.f. comic movie are there
    and the way it evolved during the movie was outstanding. I loved the
    dark parts but if you see it in a bad movie theater it can be boring
    when not the right equipment is used. But most ”comic” lovers are far
    from realistic and live in their own small world without an open mind
    for all the goods beside the lesser goods. Especially the alternate
    world was done perfect and with a sense of humor that was more than
    welcome. The special effects are just okay … But I end as I started.
    IMDb and many other movie review sites should take action with so many
    1 voters.. because that’s absolutely not reliable at all.

  • David MolinariAugust 23, 2015Reply

    Good FF reboot, though …

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • It_Is_Minus_9August 23, 2015Reply

    Memo to Fox: please return the F4 to Marvel. You have crapped all over this franchise.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nicknielsen99August 24, 2015Reply

    One of the WORST Movies I’ve seen in awhile

    Well, for starters; it was absolutely HORRIBLE. The only slight upside
    to this movie was I suppose the cast… Miles Teller shines in the
    Divergent series, and had high hopes for the reboot of the unsuccessful
    one prior 10 or some-odd years ago. Michael B. Jordan is an actor I
    enjoy. He plays his role well, that is in most movies, and I again had
    high hopes. The director, Josh Tank also directed the successful film,
    Chronicle which also starred Michael B. Jordan. However, like his last
    name; this film TANKed. It was honestly one of the most over-hyped,
    over budgeted, and underachieved movies I’ve ever looked upon. IMDb
    gave it a 4/10, which is ironic considering the movie is entitled the
    Fantastic FOUR. More like the NOTSOFANTASTIC FOUR. This was the biggest
    waste of 2 hours, and wasn’t at all worth the $9 ticket I purchased.
    The part of this movie I was most looking forward to was the recreation
    of Dr. DOOM, and I was getting excited to see how well executed his
    character would have been. Yet, after seeing him for a total of 7
    minutes of screen time in a nearly two hour long movie, I was again,
    disappointed. If you didn’t enjoy the first 2 in the early 2000’s, you
    will most definitely NOT like this film. Definite No from myself.
    RATING: 3/10. AGE: 11+. VERDICT: Go see Man From UNCLE as well(review
    on my page)

  • HamzaAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Bore

    I finally came around to seeing this, since I was able to find a decent
    camera quality online, and I have to say…wow this was boring as hell.
    Seriously. I got so bored that about midway I paused it and tried
    taking a nap, because I thought I was tired. But no, I was actually
    bored! Holy *beep* this was one of the most boring superhero movies
    I’ve ever seen–like Hulk-level boring.

    The main characters…had NO development at all! Sue Storm, what the
    hell?? To me she was just a character who shows up and says her lines,
    that was it. I don’t remember a single moment where she shows any
    emotion, or any development whatsoever. I seriously can’t think of a
    single way to describe her, other than she was an attractive blonde
    girl who can turn invisible and make force fields. Ben Grimm also had
    just as much development–basically none, except for I guess he’s
    dependent on Reed Richards?

    Johnny Storm had very little development too; he was a bit of a
    troublemaker in the beginning and that was just about it. Reed Richards
    was slightly awkward and nerdy in the beginning but after that–you
    guessed it–nothing. This movie completely destroyed these characters
    and gave them no personality, at all. I guess Doom was kinda developed
    but he had no motive at all for being a villain, and man did he look
    awful. Not to mention the actors showed no emotion in their
    performances. They were just so flat and sounded bored, it was almost
    depressing to listen to them talk.

    I only remember this movie having one action scene. That’s right, one.
    For a superhero movie, that’s abysmal. It should have at least 2 or 3
    good action scenes but instead, it has one very short, terrible one at
    the end. I guess I can’t really comment on the CGI since I saw a camera
    quality of it but the excessively cartoonish last fight looked
    ridiculous. I just couldn’t buy any of it.

    Did I mention how boring this movie is???

    Basically, this movie was dreadful. It did have one good scene, when
    they go to the other dimension, since there was some element of tension
    and intensity there, but other than that, NOTHING remotely interesting
    happens in this. I’m so glad I didn’t pay to watch this (and before any
    of you guys say it, it’s actually legal to stream movies online, even
    if for free). For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s just as bad as
    you know it is. Bland, boring, ZERO character development, and ONE
    short action scene where you can hardly tell what’s going on. I’m
    beating a dead horse by saying this, but don’t even bother to see this
    movie. Watch the original Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba, it’s
    actually a masterpiece compared to this.

  • amesmondeAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Seriously grim but surprisingly effective

    When transported to an alternate universe, four young outsiders gain
    superhuman powers which test their relationships.

    Director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is dark, oppressive and grim so
    grim some of the one liners feel out of place. The aesthetics aren’t
    what you’d expect, with major changes and the actors are possibly too
    young, but previous outings also had this issue. However, the
    characters are easily identifiable and encompass the essences of Jack
    Kirby and Stan Lee’s creations.

    Taking its time Trank’s offering spends the whole of its running time
    as an origin story about friendship, war policies and morales with only
    the last ten minutes to deal with their adversary, Doom. Due to the
    unorthodox story structure it comes to an abrupt end. Also oddly
    Fantastic’s tone feels more DC than Marvel.

    Although Lee serves as executive producer (it’s in name only as) in
    terms of look and feel it shares very little with the comics or
    previous incarnations of the Fantastic Four. Without drawing
    comparisons to the 1994 Roger Corman (bootleg) version or the recent
    underrated 2005 and 2007 outings this version is surprisingly drawing.

    Kate Mara is notable as The Invisible Woman. Jamie Bell’s performance
    as The Thing in the latter half is by design hidden by the effects.
    Toby Kebbell is excellent but his screen time is limited with the rest
    of the cast being effective in their respective roles.The music by
    Marco Beltrami Philip Glass score is exceedingly ominous and compliment
    the great effects, sterile sets, costume design and performances as
    they harness their powers.

    Arguably all the recent superhero adaptations attempts while
    entertaining never seem to capture their subject matter spirit
    faithfully coming across as bloated, soulless money makers which try to
    cash in by appeasing adult fans at the expense of younger children
    which doesn’t always mix and this is no exception.

    That said, if a slow burning, brooding re-imagining is your thing then
    this delivers exactly that and to its credit debatably more edgier than
    its same universe contemporaries despite an anticlimactic rushed

  • Viswanath DhanisettyAugust 24, 2015Reply


    Quickie Review:

    Genius young scientist Reed Richards (Miles Teller) builds a
    teleportation device to another dimension. After visiting the other
    dimension a tragic accident leaves the four young outsiders with
    shocking new abilities. As an old threat comes back, the four must team
    up to face Doom (Toby Kebbell) together. Fantastic Four is a failure on
    multiple levels. The characters are underdeveloped, the pacing is
    completely off, the villain is generic and bland, the story is lacking,
    and most importantly it is not fun. Fantastic Four is so dull, with
    little redeeming qualities that it may cause you to think that the
    previous attempts at this franchise were actually decent in comparison.

    Full Review:

    What happened!? I was among the few in my group of friends who was
    genuinely excited and was rooting for this new incarnation of the
    Fantastic Four. It has a great cast, writer, and director, all the
    essentials to make a good movie but somehow, almost nothing clicked.

    It is a pity that the movie didn’t work considering the cast. They were
    the one decent aspect of the entire movie. Despite the occasional
    awkward dialogue, at least they gave it their all to their respective
    roles. In fact they may be the reason why in the first 30mins I thought
    ”this isn’t so bad, what was all the fuss about?” Of course, I spoke
    too soon because the movie randomly starts to lose track of its own

    Where do I even begin with the negatives? I am not an avid Fantastic
    Four comic reader but even I know that they are supposed to be a
    family. At no point did I feel them sincerely bonding with each other.
    Near the end they throw a couple of punches together for about a
    minute, and that apparently constitutes as teamwork. It all felt
    contrived, only Reed and Ben’s relationship was believable and that’s
    because we see them together as kids in the beginning of the movie.
    Other than that it makes no sense why these four would be working
    together. And that’s not something I should be questioning!!!

    Then the pacing, or lack there off. The problem is that the purpose of
    the whole movie is to setup the characters of the Fantastic Four for
    the next movie. So there is no coherent storyline. It is just stuffed
    with filler scenes of people sitting in front of computers, people
    deeply brooding, or lame practice montage to fill the run- time till
    the villain shows up.

    As for the villain, first of all, the character design for Doom is
    horrendous. He looks like a crash test dummy with a burnt curtain on
    his head. He has one of the shallowest motivations for being villain.
    Then, in a typical dumb villain style, is almighty powerful that he can
    literally blow people’s heads with his mind but will refuse to use this
    power against the heroes. Because you know, you don’t want to make
    things too easy for yourself right?

    The biggest sin of this movie is that it feels like the film studio and
    creator are ashamed at even the idea of Fantastic Four. These
    characters in comics are colourful and have funny banter with each
    other. But the filmmakers were so concerned about coming off campy that
    they went unnecessarily dark to the point that even the characters
    don’t embrace their hero names. We live in a day and age where
    audiences are embracing a talking tree, gun-toting raccoon, and a guy
    who controls ants. So show some pride in the fact that you are the
    Fantastic Four! Or at least fake it so we feel less ashamed of watching
    this fantastic disaster.

    Everything that could go wrong with this film, went wrong. There was so
    much potential, and you see glimpses of that in the first 30- 45mins of
    the movies. But then the movie quickly divulges into a meandering plot
    that concludes with one of the most abrupt endings in recent times. You
    better off watching the 2005 or 2007 Fantastic Four movies… and I can’t
    believe I am saying that.

  • yashrajs536August 25, 2015Reply

    its just OK….

    When i watched that previous F.F movies i was like oh its good and now
    I am saying it’s OK… I heard that when this movie was announced they
    told that this will be a more sci-fi than a superhero…..

    It’s not concentrate on action which is the fault for it and also it
    concentrate more on story…. but it’s not that bad that i read in
    critics and early reviews!!!

    The story was simple and there is a one good thing in it if they didn’t
    inserted the action they doesn’t increased the film’s length…

    The film was just 90 minutes and I am OK with that as they didn’t
    inserted the action this duration is good if they had made a 2 hour or
    a 2 hour+ movie it would have been a mediocre.

    So overall the film was OK not that great it was looking initially from
    the first trailer and all. But due to films limited duration and the
    disclosure of information that it will be a Sci-fi than superhero I am
    adjusted with it and I will give 6/10 to it.

  • Rob_TaylorAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Expect the worst and you will be pleasantly surprised

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KhorneFanAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Not recommended unless you want to commit suicide

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jdlantzkeAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Zero Character Development (Spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kingslandbungalowAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Nausea! Heartburn! Indigestion! Upset Stomach! Diarrhea!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • biotecrajaAugust 26, 2015Reply

    Good movie. I enjoyed it….Better than ant man

    My actual rating is 7 stars. But due to negative reviews I gave
    10stars. I st half very good. Second half normal. Story has a lot of
    potential. Except reed character others acting is good. CGI TOWARDS
    climax is average But watchable. There are cool scenes. Some thrilling
    moments. The movie could have been 20 minutes longer. Some more action
    scenes and a 10 minutes additional scenes in climax could have been
    saved this movie. I hope they will rectify these errors in second part
    2017. Overall surely one time watchable movie. I enjoyed it. I can
    proudly say that. I don’t understand why this much haters for this

  • scott_brierleyAugust 26, 2015Reply

    Reboot hell

    The ”original” Fantastic Four movie was far from ”fantastic”, this,
    however is just plain awful. It seems like the Marvel grindhouse has
    more than ran out of ideas but is content to destroy any of the
    reasonable efforts that went before.

    While these endless rehashes seem to draw numbers at the box office for
    now, in the long run all Marvel succeed in doing is tiring an audience
    begging for something good. This is not it. Neither was ”Amazing”
    spiderman (1 or 2), nor Age of Ultron, The Dark World or any of the
    other recent efforts.

    Give up now. Before you alienate an entire generation who are already
    bored with these tawdry, lame excuses for entertainment. Either that or
    produce something worth watching.

    That will be all.

  • dadashx96August 26, 2015Reply

    The Time-Wasting Four

    Admittedly, the Fantastic Four could have the potential to be a very
    successful and action packed movie to get everyone talking. But, on
    this occasion it just didn’t happen. The film was setting up for a very
    long time which would have been acceptable had this film of been much
    longer. But for a film which lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes there was too
    much set up leaving us viewers with about 20 minutes of action. The
    action itself was quite entertaining which is why it got my rating of
    ‘4’ however it just took too long to get there with a quite quick

    In my opinion, a film named ‘Fantastic Four’should have cut too the
    chase much quicker and have been filled with non-stop action and
    tension to grip us instead of making us wish we hadn’t started watched.
    It began a film with so much potential but ended as a film that had no
    effect on me at the end.

  • scottshak_111August 26, 2015Reply

    Another failed attempt

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anthony Carnivale (masterwork85)August 26, 2015Reply

    The Worst Superhero Movie of all Time

    Fant4stic is directed by Josh Trank. It stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara,
    Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell. This movie is about
    nothing. I’m being serious if you’ve seen the trailers you already saw
    the ”movie”. This movie had so much bad buzz prior to release and near
    all of it is now proved true.

    The script is absolute GARBAGE. Every single line is exposition and
    it’s boring beyond belief. I sat alone in a theater in disbelief I saw
    it in it’s second weekend and I’m still sick. The visual effects look
    unfinished and so obvious that it’s distracting.

    You can clearly see that nobody cares about this rights grab. If the
    cast and crew don’t care about this movie why should I?

    I gave this movie a ONE out of 10 and I wish I can give it a 0.

  • wendimacAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Fantastic bore

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darosslfcAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Far From Fantastic

    I waited to see this movie in theaters to have the experience by myself
    without others’ reactions imposed on me. I didn’t read too much about
    the film other than it was bad. I didn’t delve into the reasons why it
    was bad because I wanted to give the movie a clean shot.

    It was terrible. The film seemed like a long TV pilot episode that
    should never for any reason see the light of air time or ever be
    considered to develop. The dark story that the film was going for
    didn’t work out. The movie was only an hour and forty minutes. There
    was no time to focus and develop characters and story. It seemed as if
    the movie had scenes that were haphazardly cut together without any
    sort of flow or structure.

    The director Josh Tank (Chronicle) made this look like a comic geek’s
    student film with a big budget. Tank came out and said that the studio
    forced harsh restrictions on him, but even if this movie was an hour
    longer I don’t think it would help. Not only is the story terrible the
    dialogue is cringe-worthy. The actors in this film seemed hollow and
    shallow. Since the dialogue is so bad I don’t think they were given
    anything to work with.

    Now the one thing I read that gave the movie some credit was it’s
    special effects. There was one scene, the new dimension, that had
    decent effects and you see it in the trailer. The rest looked like
    today’s CGI techniques were used on a Windows 95.

    While Fantastic Four had potential to be another great superhero flick
    it failed disastrously. What the film ultimately lacked was direction
    and plot. The story felt forced and chopped together; and, the actors
    seemed unable to bring energy to their characters with the dialogue.
    The CGI wasn’t good and there’s not much left to have any positives.
    Some of it was entertaining but it was far from fantastic.

  • billpettreyAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Save your money!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Likes_Ninjas90August 28, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four is a terrible film, a $100 million dollar piñata, deserving of its critical and commercial mauling

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • colinvernonAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Miles Teller movies all suck

    Man I hate this guy so much ..seeing his face on screen makes me watch
    anything else ,How does he get work. Must have a rich daddy.

    Watched 20 Min’s of this movie and left the cinema as it did so
    bad!!!..end of review….. Man I hate this guy so much ..seeing his
    face on screen makes me watch anything else ,How does he get work. Must
    have a rich daddy.

    Watched 20 Min’s of this movie and left the cinema as it did so
    bad!!!..end of review….. Man I hate this guy so much ..seeing his
    face on screen makes me watch anything else ,How does he get work. Must
    have a rich daddy.

    Watched 20 Min’s of this movie and left the cinema as it did so
    bad!!!..end of review….. Man I hate this guy so much ..seeing his
    face on screen makes me watch anything else ,How does he get work. Must
    have a rich daddy.

    Watched 20 Min’s of this movie and left the cinema as it did so
    bad!!!..end of review…..

  • jokosiswanto-77207August 29, 2015Reply

    Too much Drama

    is movie was awful. As a comic book fan I felt like Josh Trank just
    slapped me in the face by using so very little of the actual comics. He
    basically used the name of a comic I love to get me to see it and then
    gave me a different movie. The casting was awful (none of the
    characters matched their comic counter part. They were all too young so
    of course Reed Richards didn’t have gray streaks, who thought it would
    be a good idea to make a tiny guy the Thing?, and was it really
    necessary to make the Storm family have a ”modern home”? That’s more of
    a story that would fit in the X-Men), the origins dragged on for too
    long, and their origin wasn’t even the same! The Fantastic 4 is
    supposed to be all about space travel not going to other dimensions.
    That’s Dr. Strange’s territory. I walked out of this garbage and got my
    money back.

  • decembermanAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Needs A Negative Rating Score

    It amuses me how people have made reviews on here for Fan4stic saying
    they want to be honest with their rating, but lied just boost the
    rating for it. So here goes, a review to keep this awful awful awful
    movie down in the dumps where it belongs.

    Fan4stic (this title cracks me up, I can’t take any of it serious)
    starts off dark, and ends dark. It starts off a mess and ends even
    messier. We have the typical ”origin” story where two of the friends
    are in grade school and create a science project type experiment pretty
    much for kicks. They make a teleporting device out of spare game and
    car parts. Yes, that is true. Skip some years, Ben Grimm is forgotten,
    people do stupid crap that has little to do with the story. I find
    myself bored with writing this review, just as I was bored with the
    movie. Seriously, it is a true abomination of a movie and really
    deserves a lower rating than what it already has. Just being honest
    here… And to all the people who defend it, stop. Please.

  • pyrocitorAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MydnightRoseAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Better than expected

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rickg113August 30, 2015Reply

    MUCH better than expected!

    OK! I’m certainly not the first to do this (especially for this movie)
    but I gave F4 a ”10” because it absolutely does not deserve the average
    of ”4” that it currently holds. My true rating for this flick is a
    solid ”7”. Yes, the re-shoots are obvious. Yes, there are flow issues
    with the story line. However, kudos go out for a fresh approach to this
    well-known story and a movie that delivered solid acting performances

    I do not regret the money or time spent watching this film, and it will
    be added to my personal collection. It’s a movie worthy of Marvel
    though admittedly watered down a bit. For all the Fox haters out there,
    I’ll remind you that Fox has done an outstanding job with X-Men
    overall. The F4 brand is in good hands and, regardless of the box
    office performance, I’m hopeful of seeing a stronger sequel.

    This film is worth seeing at least once. The humor was well timed and
    had me laughing out loud on several occasions, more than Ant-Man did
    anyway. Oh wait… does that touch a nerve? I know I know… Marvel can
    do no wrong as long as they stick within the standard MCU that they
    have created. I can’t help but wonder what the naysayers will think of
    Deadpool. I can hear the groans already…

    Check out the new Fantastic Four and give it a chance. Form your own
    opinion. It’s a great ride!

  • Nick Graves (nbbrocks-31774)August 31, 2015Reply

    Has problems, but people are being WAY too harsh

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • melfmurphyAugust 31, 2015Reply

    So Unnecessary

    This definitely ranks up there as one of the most unnecessary remakes
    of all time. First off, where was the screenplay? This story seemed
    extremely under developed. The movie time was pretty short. Was this
    suppose to be some kind of short story? This contain none of the
    excitement like the original Fantastic Four movies. Even Victor was
    boring. Ugh! This is just another sign Hollywood needs to give the
    remakes a rest.

    This whole summer was chock full of this remake nonsense. The only
    reaction I had to watching this movie was to go back and watch my DVD’s
    of the first two Fantastic Four films. I BEG Hollywood to stop this
    nonsense! Movie-goers deserve better than this.

  • Tyson14August 31, 2015Reply

    The Fantastic bore

    With all the negativity surrounding the production from the earliest
    stages, I went into FANTASTIC FOUR hoping for a triumph over the odds.
    And in a perverse way, I guess it is, but not in the manner I’d hoped.
    See, with all the intense negativity surrounding this production from
    even the early stages, if there was one thing I didn’t imagine would be
    possible, it was that FANTASTIC FOUR could possibly disappoint me. And
    yet, somehow, it did.

    I’ll try to explain. The most disarming thing about this is that, for
    the first 40 minutes or so, this is a freaking GREAT movie. Like, me
    open- mouthed stunned, sitting in the cinema thinking, ”Oh my God, they
    pulled it off. This ultimate underdog has managed to silence the
    haters.” Yes, the characters are mostly a bit younger than they should
    be. But scrape past that, and in that opening sequence, this is a film
    that just *gets* the Fantastic Four and what makes their characters and
    the relationship, on a deeper level than the previous films managed.
    The actors are all top- notch, and inhabit their roles so well,
    bringing the humanity to each of the key figures and cementing who they
    are before the powers hit them. Miles Teller is just great in the film,
    and for the first time on the screen they managed to nail that Reed
    Richards is the most fascinating character of all the four, and that
    it’s not his stretchy powers that make him special, it’s his incredible
    mind. And science, and the power of intelligence and future-thinking,
    is presented as being right at the forefront here in a way that’s kinda
    inspiring. It felt like superhero storytelling laced with an
    INTERSTELLAR-style awe with the might of human potential.

    Even this much-dreaded interpretation of Doom is handled so well at
    first. There’s no computer hacker/blogger Victor Domashev: he’s Victor
    Von Doom, from Latveria. And Toby Kebbell is leagues ahead of Julian
    McMahon’s smarmy yuppie, and totally nails the character’s motivations.
    He’s all fragile ego and simmering jealousy towards Reed, his contempt
    for Richards’ supposed lesser intelligence hiding an insecurity that
    Richards may be smarter than him. And yet still he finds himself
    starting to admire Reed and become friends with him in spite of
    himself, it’s all handled so well. Sue’s complicated protective
    relationship with Johnny, Ben feeling out of his depth amongst these
    intellectual heavyweights but having Reed’s back no matter what, it’s
    all touched on here. Even the origin itself is handled well, a skillful
    display of steadily escalating tension, with the heroes’
    transformations handled in a quite jarringly horrific ”body horror”
    fashion that gave things a fresh new angle and totally made sense. And
    in terms of character focused origin-telling that makes these
    characters feel fleshed out and relevant, I genuinely thought Fox were
    on course to giving us a BATMAN BEGINS for the Fantastic Four, that’s
    how good it was.

    And then it falls apart.

    I’ll try not to get too much into spoilers, but I’ll say there’s a
    clear dividing line between what was a great film and what just turns
    into a mess: it’s a black screen, with a caption reading, ”ONE YEAR
    LATER.” And everything after that, it’s like a different director
    working from a different script. Suddenly, all that carefully built up
    momentum is gone. And you realise that all the stuff that was so
    beautifully set up in the first half of the film never gets adequately
    paid off. Toby Kebbell’s great work is largely undone and Doom turns
    into a damp squib. And perhaps more unforgivably, the Fantastic Four
    themselves lose all their chemistry. Suddenly it’s like there’s no
    chemistry between them, to the point where they might as well have
    filmed their scenes separately and been green- screened together. We
    don’t actually get to experience them becoming a team, just get told
    they are. The Thing in particular gets a bum deal here. Jamie Bell is
    actually really strong as Ben Grimm, selling his pained humanity and
    making his friendship with Reed the heart of the film. But he is never
    given a chance to really connect with anyone else in the cast or feel
    integral to their unit. Seriously, I think I could count the amount of
    dialogue exchanges between Ben/Johnny and Ben/Sue COMBINED in one hand,
    and have fingers left over.

    Really, the back half of the film just feels so rushed, and therefore
    inconsequential, to the point where by the end of the film I didn’t
    even think it was the end. As the film entered its final minutes, I was
    thinking maybe we’d seen a lackluster mid-film set-piece, and hoping
    that the film would be able to claw back its momentum for the finale
    after a sluggish middle. Then it just ends, and I’m like, ”HUH?” I
    genuinely think so many people stayed waiting for an after-credits
    sequence (there isn’t one) because of this shared feeling of, ”That
    CAN’T be it.” This is a very slender hour-and-a-half filling.

    So, that brings us back to the beginning, and disappointment. In a way,
    I’d have preferred for this to just be a steaming turd of a film. Then
    I could have just disengaged and laughed at how awful it was. Instead,
    there’s so much good stuff here, and they come tantalisingly close to
    making a quality film. And the fact that they then spectacularly fumble
    the ball at the goal line makes the whole viewing experience that much
    more infuriating. The fact they did enough right to see the great movie
    they set the groundwork for but ended up not making. In the end,
    FANTASTIC FOUR is not a turkey, and given the hate this film has
    endured, that in itself is a sort of triumph. But ultimately, I’d
    classify FANTASTIC FOUR as a frustrating near-miss.

  • luke-a-mcgowanSeptember 1, 2015Reply

    Its flawed, but I never hated it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • barbagvidoSeptember 1, 2015Reply


    Okay, I never thought a movie could make you feel sick. I just came
    back and I have a terrible headache and my stomach isn’t to well. When
    the trailer got released, it actually looked really good. The first
    reviews came and I thought it couldn’t be THAT bad. Unfortunately, I
    was proved wrong. The 2005 version was a freaking masterpiece compared
    to this. First let’s talk about few good things in this movie
    considering there is no much of that. The acting wasn’t anything
    special but it was okay. CGI was cool (except that monkey) but when all
    that big action finally started (in last 20 minutes) I already lost my
    interest. Dr. Doom doesn’t look the way he’s supposed to but is still
    pretty intimidating. That scene when he starts a chaos in the end was
    really good. The first half was okay but slow. And now the bad things:
    The plot is a mess. Victor is a whiny nerd. It tries so hard to be
    realistic and ends up just being dark and depressing mess. The Thing’s
    naked butt. There are, like, 3 action scenes. Takes itself waaaaay to
    seriously. On the half of the movie they get their powers but they only
    get to use them in battle in last 20 minutes. Even Batman & Robin was
    better because you could at least laugh at it. You can’t even laugh at
    this. This is just sad. If they make a sequel, make it right, please.
    If there was any purpose to this movie, it’s to learn from it’s

  • kyle-rowlandSeptember 2, 2015Reply


    I read the reviews, but seeing as I’m a superhero nerd I thought I
    might overcome the filmism I found in some other reviews. (I made a
    word). The harsh critics aren’t wrong, this is a boring movie. It has
    the most stereotypical plot you could possibly imagine (if you were to
    plot a line it’d look like a gentle slope up for the first 75% and drop
    off for the remaining 25%) and the peak represents a single very bland
    confrontation. I’ll give it to them that the producers didn’t spend a
    ton of time explaining how the characters get their powers, but that
    said they didn’t spend any time explaining anything about any of their
    characters. This cost about $229,900,000 in digital effects and
    $100,000 in scripting.

  • coljam21September 2, 2015Reply

    It was pretty cool to me

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rajapriya ShankarSeptember 2, 2015Reply

    Reboot is slow, thats true with this

    Too much of time spent to give audience the background on the fantastic
    four origination… but it is devastating this film does not have any
    mind blowing action scenes and assuming the team is planning something
    big in their next sequel…..

    Usually, this part should have been a flash back content in a normal
    super hero film, which the team crew put the efforts in a complete

    Selecting the young team of fantastic four, I believe MARVEL has
    decided to investigate very long time for the next set of sequels..

    For those who haven’t watched, look for next sequel..

  • Will HerrenSeptember 2, 2015Reply

    It’s alright

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dyllon_jengSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Not absolutely terrible but not much redeeming about it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dilbertaragonesSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Its interesting but boring

    Before I Decided to watch this in the big screen i’ve read a lot of bad
    reviews about how bored this movie, at first I want my whole family to
    enjoy this film, but because of bad reviews i just go on my own, But I
    think I Am one of the few people would say there’s something good in
    this movie , i really like the story, the acting was good, the last
    action scene was astonish me,and i could say the story was unique, But
    the phasing of the story is very slow, the action scene was very
    limited , and doctor doom is very undeveloped character as a the main
    villain, yes!!! this movie sucks on many aspects, even this is an
    origin story its not reason to be a boring movie, I could say that the
    over cheesy old fantastic four with Chris Evans is much more enjoyable
    compare to this, But actually I would like to see a sequel , I want to
    know what they will do to their new equipment, what happened to the
    other dimension place, or doctor doom is still alive, and I want to see
    more Fantastic 4 in action.. If there will be a sequence i think i will
    just rent it or just watch it on HBO..

  • moviefanatic5701September 4, 2015Reply

    Honestly, if it was possible on IMDb I’d give Fant4stic a 0.5.

    Holy sh*t. Where do I start?

    So Fantastic Four or Fant4stic as I like to call it, is the reboot to
    the bad 2005 film. This movie had a lot of potential. I mean what a
    great cast. I’m a big fan of Miles Teller. Every time I see him on
    screen he just steals the show. Michael B. Jordan is in this as well
    and I also think he’s a great actor. Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are Sue
    Storm and The Thing. Oh, and I almost forgot. I almost forgot to
    mention who Miles Teller and MBJ play (Mr Fantastic and Human Torch)
    because it really doesn’t f*cking matter.

    Let me just say that I liked the first 10 or 15 minutes of Fant4stic.
    Which is pretty much why I didn’t give this sh*t fest a zero. After
    that, the movie kind of just stayed in one spot for awhile and did not
    do one f*cking thing. And then finally the four got their powers…YES!
    I know what you’re thinking, the film finally did something good.
    Right? Right? Right? RIGHT? WRONG!

    One huge problem with Fant4stic is that there is literally close to
    zero action. I’m not that f*cking fatass movie buff who always says
    ”MORE ACTION EQUALS BETTER!” But COME ON! It’s a f*cking superhero
    movie! At least give me enough godamn action! Oh and when it does come,
    it’s S-H-*-T. A lot of comic book movies balance action and substance
    very well. Examples are The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Captain America:
    The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy. Those are the ”cool kids”.
    This motherf*cker right here is a ”LOSER”.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that 2005 Fantastic Four was a
    masterpiece compared to this piece of sh*t. I mean WHAT THE F*CK IS
    REDEEMABLE ABOUT THIS?! The CGI is sh*t, the dialogue is sh*t, the
    acting is sh*t, etc. If you look up the definition of sh*t in the
    dictionary, I think you’ll get a picture of ”The Thing from Fant4stic”.
    Yes, the CGI on the Thing really is that bad. Oh, and did I mention
    that Doctor Doom isn’t in the movie until the last 20 min? It was like
    they were making the movie until someone said, ”oh wait, we forgot to
    put a villain in here, it’s OK, let’s just throw him in at the end and
    see how our movie turns out”. Well tough sh*t you f*cking idiots. And
    yes, you guessed it, Doctor Doom looks like someone took a sh*t on him
    as well.

    There’s a moment in here where Ben Grimm/the definition of sh*t yells
    to Reed Richards (Miles Teller) for help. Honestly, I think he was just
    trying to warn Miles about what a loaded piece of f*cking garbage he
    signed on for. I’m praying for you Miles, don’t worry bud.

    So, to sum up my review, Fant4stic is ”simply a huge f*ck you to

  • ([email protected])September 4, 2015Reply

    Fairly fantastic but not terrible reboot of a wanna-be super hero franchise.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • H. Martin (~AleXa~)September 5, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheFilmWhispererSeptember 5, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four – Positive Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cassidyormeSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    so so so horrible

    i honestly don’t even remember what happened in this movie thats how
    bad it was.. and there are only a few movies that I’ve watched in my
    life where i forget I’ve ever watched them.. and its not like there
    aren’t worse movies out there, there is but those movies are at least
    memorable.. i don’t think one second of this movie is worth
    remembering.. actually you should remember it though so you can avoid
    the sequel.. i honestly think i could write a better fantastic 4 movie
    while in a coma.. please don’t let anyone involved with this movie do
    anything marvel related in the future. you should have started them off
    with matter-eater lad or something.. honestly i want answers how can
    they make so many great movies and make this one worse than keyhole
    surgery on my scrotum

  • americaoweSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    Pure Garbage

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • albertithaisSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    not worth the time watching

    I’m usually not convinced by negative reviews. I thought: ”oh please,
    it’s just comic book’s readers that are not pleased that it didn’t
    stick to the original, or maybe the plot is a bit poor… But a
    superhero movie just can’t be bad nowadays”. Oh, trust me. It can be
    that bad. And regardless of sticking true to the comic books or not,
    the movie was a bad superhero movie. A bad movie in general. The actors
    are good. I’ve seen them in other movies. But in this one? Really
    average performance. I’m not sure if the dialogues were just terrible,
    or it just lacked chemistry between actor and character. And between
    the 4 of them. They didn’t really fit. And the fight scenes made me
    feel like I was watching a movie made on the 90’s. We are used to these
    great movies nowadays. Action, science, humor, flirting. These movie
    just got the recipe very wrong.

  • ryan_dme3September 6, 2015Reply

    Mediocre 4

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • juilliard2021September 6, 2015Reply

    It wasn’t awful, but it needs so much work.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])September 9, 2015Reply

    A Disappointing Film

    KIDS FIRST! ”Fantastic Four” Reviewed by Keefer C.Blakeslee

    A disappointing film that had a riveting first half but a rushed and
    forced seconded half. 4 young minds create a machine that transports
    them into a alternate universe. Once they come back they have acquired
    unique powers that they need to control.

    The first half looks promising. The pacing, character development, and
    story are engaging. The darker direction they’re going with the story
    makes it enjoyable. My favorite scene is when the 4 discover their
    abilities. There’s a sense of fear, tragedy, and betrayal with the
    characters. It started out as another successful origin story, then it
    felt like the editors pressed the fast-foreword button once it stared
    getting interesting. The second half felt like a long sneak peek for
    the next Fantastic 4 film. It had a great head start but it left me
    wanting more in a negative way. There was enough 4, but lacked

    The updated special effects are one of the redeeming qualities of this
    film. The presentation of each power is stunning. The impressive design
    of Ben Grimm/The Thing (Jamie Bell) and fluent stretching effects of
    Mister Fantastic gives this film an updated edge.

    At first there is a connection among the characters; both with each
    other and the audience. The actors pull this off seamlessly and you are
    sincerely captivated with their goals and struggles. However, they
    suffer during the second half as all their hard work is painfully

    My favorite character is Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic (Miles Teller).
    Richards is one of the people who help build the machine. He ends up
    getting the ability of an elastic body,, which means he can stretch any
    part of his anatomy. Miles Teller has been on a roll with his career
    and for good reasons. He’s a talented actor who dives deeply into the
    characters he plays. This part is no exception.

    The moral of the film, though a bit forced, is like Abraham Lincoln’s
    saying, ”A house dived against itself cannot stand”. The 4 heroes face
    Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) and attack him individually. Soon they
    realize, that together, they are stronger.

    I give this 4 out of 10 stars and recommend this to 10 through 18 years
    of age. There’s some dark material and language that younger audiences
    may not be able to handle. This film has some saving aspects but it
    sadly does not recover the whole film. In theaters August 7th

    Keefer C.Blakeslee, Age 15, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

  • maxmaximusSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Give me a break…

    it’s really an awful movie . i can not imagine how and why these actors
    should agree to do it. it’s nothing fantastic at all. and not full of
    amusement as other movies . i believe the old fantastic four 1 and 2
    are much much better than this one? so please guys don’t waste your
    time and money to watch something you can not be impressed of, one
    cheap movie after all, thank god i just watched online and regretted
    that i watched it. it’s better for you to watch something else like a
    drama. this movie has no emotions. just was made to collect money from
    our pockets . i hate such a stupid style, and the director of this
    movie is inexperienced and full trolls. please mr. stupid director do
    not make any more movies, go wash dishes in new york better for you

  • cassidykewSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    oh dear

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KyleBelSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    An Honest Review of Fantastic 4, it was Okay.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Had EnoughSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Do Not Listen To Negative Critics

    I nearly did not look at this movie after listening to the negative
    critics. However having seen some positive reviews I decided to go with
    my gut and have a look.

    I am very glad that I did. This is a good modern twist on the ever
    resurrected original, and will definitely appeal to the younger
    moviegoer. I saw nothing whatsoever wrong with the acting, bearing in
    mind that they are not mega stars. I really thought they did a fine

    The script was what was required for this movie, and the cinematography
    and effects were excellent. The action is continuous and well paced.

    If they do make a sequel or a TV series, I for one would be delighted.
    In fact this is quite a good family movie. The kids will definitely
    enjoy it.

    Do yourself a favour and go watch it. You will not be disappointed.

  • captshubickSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Nonsensical origin story

    Firstly, I object to the theme that anyone who chooses to defend the
    United States is some sort of dupe. This film makes no bones about
    characterizing anyone who joins or serves the military is a fool in the
    thrall of evil bloodthirsty bastards. I confess, that there were
    officers that I would follow through fire, but most I would just push
    in. but make no mistake; I and many of my brethren would happily use
    whatever powers we found extradimensionally to kill as many of the
    enemy as possible. The ”Fantastic Four” are liberal pussies. If you
    resent the idea of service to your country, this is the film for you.
    No doubt Michael Moore gave it two thumbs up.

    I won’t bore you with the bad science. Other than a passing reference
    to quantum entanglement(a term they didn’t even bother to use), the
    science was not sufficiently accurate to allow one to suspend
    disbelieve. I think we have a right to expect plausible science from
    science fiction these days. OK, so I did bore you; Sorry.

    Crap movie. The only redeeming quality was the presence of Kate Mara,
    and they didn’t even exploit that properly.

  • sneakablezSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Good or just okay fine. But worst than its predecessors.

    The good only about this is the fact its a reboot that I really missed
    and enjoyed from the predecessors. I really liked Fantastic Four and
    sequel rise of the silver surfer but this one is like just to make me
    remember of those and not something any better. This is like a very low
    budget reboot. I guess this what happens when you let the kids messed
    up whats was already getting better.

    The movie is almost very empty for action and more tell tale story
    telling. Short summary is just created the teleporter device to another
    dimension, they went there got their powers, went back again, stop
    doom(very simple & short) and the end. Thats it. Sigh…. The
    predecessors were a lot better to be honest.

    Just rent it and never buy it.

  • cindyslove79September 10, 2015Reply

    Fantastic 4 are now mass murders through inaction?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johngraham1964September 10, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • morrisfotografSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    NOT ”effin” Fantastic at all… Don’t waste your time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fattytraderSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    not the actors not the entertainment factor …but the storyline

    maybe i hate it becos i am a 40 year old and was a comic fan. i wonder
    how i’ll react with a young lex luthor, anyway back to FF.

    the kid acting young ben grim stole the show and set it up very well
    for jamie bell who executed his role a tad dark. maybe its the
    direction that they wanted, who knows? the human torch obeying
    authority is new to me. sue storm, i love the flying. reed…the
    special effects for him is superb. doom (this version) i really can
    relate to him, save for the annihilation bit.

    the entertainment factor of the show is solid….but for the purist in
    me (i am a contradiction) have to hate the show and the new franchise.

  • ksnowblackSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    Just my Pro opinion

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wpasquarielloSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    Extremely drawn out plot set up all leading up to a boring and poorly executed 10 minute climax. Bad casting decisions and what the f**k was Doctor Doom wearing?

    Fantastic Four was probably the most insulting film adaptation of a
    comic book series I’ve ever watched. Why would Marvel let this movie
    out into theaters? It’s an abomination.

    The film’s plot and dialogue were so bland and the pacing of the movie
    was just off. Not too much of anything happens in the first three
    quarters of the story, and then the rest of the film feels extremely
    rushed… probably because it was. The Fantastic Four don’t actually
    use their powers until the last 30 minutes. The whole film just builds
    up to the 10 minute fight scene between Doctor Doom and The Fantastic
    Four. And even that was hugely unsatisfying.

    Don’t forget that the whole film is being supported by probably the
    worst cast in a marvel film to date. Whoever selected this cast should
    in fact quit their day job. Reed Richards is not the strong inspiring
    leader he is supposed to be… and he was just about the only character
    with any development.

    Also who was in charge of the costume design? Specifically Doom’s
    costume design?… because that was pretty awful too. It looks like
    he’s got grey, burned flesh all over his body with a potato sack for a
    hood and cape.

    The only good thing I can say is that it looked nice. The special
    effects were just about the only thing that was on par with this film.
    But that doesn’t make up for anything. This movie was a disaster and a
    disgrace. I strongly urge you to just not watch this. It is a waster of

  • Gonzalo PagnuccoSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    The worst

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • denistoruanSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    Good to watch only to kill your time

    If you watch the Fantastic Four before, this one would be a major

    1. The plot: Instead of getting a further progress time line than the
    ones before, this one was produced as a NEW series. Its okay, but check
    my next points of review. Also, the story was way TOO simple and thus
    make the film duration only 1:30s (hour)!! Come on, this one supposed
    to be a major blockbuster as the previous one right?

    2. The casting sucks. Again, only if you’ve watched the previous ones.
    The comparison in this part is unavoidable too.

    3. The acting was a little bit down standard. Seriously? They failed to
    make the characters more vivid, but the main character has the biggest
    acting flaw: Richard Reed.

    If you watch the movie only to kill time, then you can enjoy the movie.

  • Donoven RyderSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    Old ideas in todays world get with the times

    The biggest problem I keep running into with movie’s ”inspired” by
    comics are change. I get that people can be and are naturally resistant
    to change. Many of today’s comics were created in a time where racism
    and difference meant something bad. Agree with that comment or not.
    Today’s movies centered on old comic books ideas and uniting them with
    what we ”want” today. I see nothing wrong with this. 90% of comments on
    this movie say something about the human torch being black. Well I say
    shame on you. I am proud to be fan of comics in a time where we are
    attempting to break boundaries with old ideas into a new age and if you
    can’t grasp that….then again. Shame on you.

  • jesselloweSeptember 12, 2015Reply


    Before I begin, I’m only giving this a vote of 1.0 out of 10 because I
    can’t pick 0.

    This movie is terrible. The acting, the story, and the awkward use of
    iconic characters is depressing. I know this has been said over and
    over, but why… seriously… why is Victor Von Doom, the single best
    villain in the Marvel universe depicted as a weird emo hacker
    stereotype? It’s the least inspired film I’ve ever seen which is
    amazing considering I’ve actually watched the 1994 Chris Elliot film
    ”Cabin Boy”who’s hallucinogenic cupcakes was more creative than this
    turd blossom.

    Please don’t watch this movie.

  • dpbowserSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    The Unforgiving Four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Semih SmgSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    General looking to NOTHING!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KareneoSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    Don’t believe the haters, this movie is fine!

    I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Perhaps people
    were expecting something akin to Guardians of the Galaxy? Sure, the
    final third of the movie may be a little be a bit less well-rounded
    than the first portion of the movie (my guess is that happened when the
    studio interfered with the editing process and would no longer let
    Trank have his way) and to be fair to some of the nay-saying reviews,
    the final scene was a bit cringeworthy but if you have been letting the
    rest of the movie carry you along, then even this scene works in a sort
    of cheesy ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ way. My only conclusion is that
    johnny-come-latelys to the superhero genre have been spoiled by some of
    the outrageously high quality of films like GotG and The Avengers, so
    they all cry ‘waaaa’ when a superhero film of above average-ness comes
    along. I mean, let’s be honest, most feature films don’t come close to
    being above average, with the largest proportion of films I see in a
    year being only around the 4 star mark, so this movie is at least a
    hold-your-head high 7 out of 10, and that’s a win! To summarize? Don’t
    let the negative reviews stop you from watching a film that is wa-ay
    better than most of the pap you’ll see from 2015.

  • steefan-92September 12, 2015Reply

    Most underrated movie of the year so far ….

    I didn’t watch movie immediately because of ratings it got and well
    reception of comic readers, given that I am comic reader too.So,
    imagine my surprise when I actually liked this reboot much more than I

    Whole point of reboot is starting a new, fresh, loosing tides with old
    ways and this movie does exactly that. I am not sure how I feel about
    breaking well established cliché that Sue and Joe are twins and fact
    that Human Torch is black man but it worked well in the movie, personal
    problems with aside.

    This is the best movie for FF4 up to date, let’s not kid ourselves,
    that previous movies are better.They league away from it, in fact they
    are plain terrible.This movie is superior to previous movie both in
    acting and plot, it takes the best from comics and it’s own script and
    turns it into very decent movie.

    Now negative feedback comes mostly from, unsatisfied comic fans, who
    are mad that movie doesn’t follow comic lore to the letter.Well let me
    tell you little secret, FF in MU (marvel universe) is second rate group
    of heroes, they were never main cannon and in fact those comic series
    had very few memorable issues/ arcs.Further on subject FF received so
    many comic reboots and it never lasted long, so to fans of series, I
    have to say this, chill for the love of god and stop acting

    Film has issues, it’s not error free.First it tries to be a bit more
    than it should for a new entry or fresh reboot.It can get a bit tedious
    at some parts and there wasn’t much room for character development,
    still there were some memorable moments.

    My verdict is that this movie did great job into breathing fresh life
    to already mediocre heroes and it opened new opportunities.Comic fans
    will mostly hate it,some like me will love it but don’t let their
    clouded judgment decide for you, while new comers who never read comics
    or heard about FF4 before will like it.

  • reynerwijaya25September 12, 2015Reply

    Not a terrible movie.

    Not a terrible movie though. It was great. Not to fantastic, but it’s
    awesome. The cast, the storyline, it was great. One thing that i don’t
    like about this movie is the fact that Josh Trank is the director.
    Yeah. Chronicle was great, so i have faith in him when it was announced
    that he will be directing this film. But, i was wrong. he’s not a good
    choice for this movie.

    The cast – it’s perfect. I mean, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B.
    Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell? They’re perfect for each
    character that they played! But, Trank didn’t to them justice.

    So, all in all, this is a great movie. I recommend it, for comic book
    fans out there. Not a fantastic movie, but, still, it’s worth watching!

  • goodzhomeSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    Total crap

    So this is the new Fantastic Four???

    I watch a lot of movies in the cinema and I am a big fan of Marvel and
    all superheroes. The old Fantastic Four was really great. Good actors,
    good story, humor, action and romance. It gave you good emotions. But
    this new Fanstastic Four??? I have no idea what they where thinking
    when they produced this? I even wonder if they watched it themselves
    before putting it in the cinema? It is one of the worst movies I ever
    saw in my life. Chooise of actors 1/10. The story… does not follow
    the original script and they made very stupid changes 1/10. Effects
    2/10. Action 2/10. Humor 0/10. Romance 0/10. Emotions after movie? I
    could not even finish it. That is how bad this is. I don’t even know
    how IMDb can have a total score of 4 from 10? I bet that the movie
    company paid for a lot of these votes to get it up so high.

    My advise is to avoid this movie. Forget that it exist and don’t waste
    your time and money on it. If you want Fantastic Four… then buy the
    old movies on DVD.

  • James De BelloSeptember 12, 2015Reply


    You know what, I am going to say it right away: I liked this movie! I
    was going in with the lowest expectations possible, I was thinking I
    was going to hate myself for being there are giving this movie money,
    but on the contrary I came out actually pleased. Of course it has its
    flaws, buy a 9% on rotten tomatoes and a 4,0 on IMDb is totally out of
    proportion guys, come on. I think too many people just jumped on the
    band wagon that the internet started and didn’t even give this film a
    chance and I am very saddened by that.

    I thought that the ridiculous drama that happened behind the scenes for
    this film was going to pester me throughout the whole duration and
    surprisingly enough I was only partially bothered. OK, so lets just
    address the elephant in the room right away, there are no two ways
    around it: that climax was poor. The whole Dr. Doom stuff happened in
    the arch of fifteen minutes and was absolutely out of nowhere. By far I
    will admit the worst part of the film was his arch, his motivations and
    obviously his design and powers. It was just ridiculous. But you know
    what? Even then I wasn’t hating anything about this and I will explain
    why later. Just to close the point on the fact of the behind the scenes
    drama, which, with the exception of that whole climax and some uneven
    editing that came around every once in a while, I didn’t even notice
    and wouldn’t have had I not know beforehand.

    What ultimately made this movie work for me in almost every scene were
    the characters. And I will admit it up front, maybe the fact that I am
    a comic book reader and the fact that I love the Fantastic Four made me
    fill in the gaps of what wasn’t there, but I really, really liked those
    characters. The actors were all very well cast and gave committed
    performances too. I was expecting Miles Teller to be phoning it in like
    in ”Divergent” (and be it clear: I am a big Teller fan), but he was
    always convincing as the character. They were likable, there chemistry
    was on and every time they were in danger I felt true tension. I don’t
    know why, but it’s something innate to feel tension or not and I did.
    The stakes were always there and I was always hooked by them.

    Furthermore the CGI by all means isn’t excellent, but it used when it
    needs to and en-chances those moments as it should. The Thing looks
    amazing I will give it that. The powers they have are always used
    genuinely as anyone would use them and it really elevated some parts.
    Especially that climax, as I said before I was never despising it and
    that is because I did have that connection to the characters and
    because they always felt true. I was excepting this film to collapse
    miserably at any moment and it never did.

    Of course I have to address the fact that the film does not have a
    central story for you to hold your breath for, that it slips a couple
    too many times in silliness and that it skips some very important story
    beats that needed to be there. In no way this film doesn’t have those
    flaws. But I wasn’t bothered by them as much as I thought I would and
    ended up having a decent time at the cinema.

  • Wavey75September 13, 2015Reply

    Borders on a comedy parody

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ANTHONY K DAVIS ([email protected])September 13, 2015Reply

    please don’t waste your money and time

    want to watch this movie? watch the 2005 version and bang your head
    against the wall. that would be more enjoyable. I know they had
    director problems but the problem is not that; the issue is that the
    story is awful. spend an hour with foreplay, 10 minutes for real action
    and a pathetic ending. this is the Fantastic Four! director blows, cast
    is okay, just a terrible script/story. good luck with number 2. It
    looks like you are repeating the history of the 2005 version and the
    silver surfer version. no one who has ever had an interest in the books
    has any respect for what you have done. Just another spider man, and
    spider man reboot. hire a real director, hire a good writing team that
    has actually read the books, pray to God that everyone doesn’t think
    you are a joke, again. Learn how to make a graphic superhero movie.
    Don’t sell out to some studio to make it PG or PG-13.

  • Jawad AhmedSeptember 13, 2015Reply

    Waste of time

    Normally we expect a lot more from such sci-fi movies specially with
    such established characters like this movie have. This movie does not
    deliver a quality to the viewers in terms of story telling and acting.
    The graphic and CGI is OK but acting is the worst. Miles Teller does
    not deserve a lead role like this and this movie will be a living proof
    of this fact. Michael B. Jordan is not better than Miles Teller either.

    No character building is there and we do not feel attached to any of
    the characters at all. Sometimes it feels like the actors are trying
    too hard to act and its obvious they are over acting.

    On a short scale, the movie sucks and only watch if you have nothing
    else to do.

  • nama chakravortySeptember 13, 2015Reply


    Based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, ‘Fantastic
    Four’ is strictly an average fare, that doesn’t deliver solid
    entertainment, despite tremendous potential!

    ‘Fantastic Four’ Synopsis: Four young outsiders teleport to an
    alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in
    shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and
    work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

    The problem with ‘Fantastic Four’ is its uneven pacing & writing. The
    pace is decently maintained in the film’s thoroughly watchable
    first-hour, but loses all of it, especially in its final act. The
    Writing isn’t without merit & tries to give this superhero flick some
    soul, but it isn’t done sharply. The final act falls apart & even the
    lack of action disappoints.

    Josh Trank’s Direction is okay. Cinematography is fine. Editing is
    fair. Graphics are passable. Performance-Wise: Miles Teller is the pick
    of the lot. As Mr. Fantastic, the terrific actor portrays his part with
    likability. Kate Mara doesn’t work. Michael B. Jordan is below average.
    Jamie Bell is wasted. Toby Kebbell is credible. Tim Blake Nelson passes

    On the whole, ‘Fantastic Four’ holds limited appeal.

  • gtylerpayneSeptember 13, 2015Reply

    Should have been so much better

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • onti-69440September 14, 2015Reply

    Piece of crap

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ZettelheadSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    Focus on the characters, not on the FX

    I rated this movie with 10 because it absolutely does not deserve a
    rating of 4.0! If you want to have a giant battle of sfx and cgi, some
    funny one-liners and the usual militaristic propaganda, watch Avengers:
    Age of Ultron or Guardians of the Galaxy or similar crap.

    If you want convincing and developing characters, a well written
    script, good dialogues, an excellent cast, a great musical score and an
    attitude that rejects the militaristic habitus in general, this one is
    for you.

    This is storytelling without telling too much. We have four troubled
    kids, but their background is not overdrawn at all. There are just some
    little hints: the impressive face of Miles Teller and the laconic
    remark ”My parents weren’t interested” tell a story that needs no
    staged melodrama. Likewise the problematic relation between Johnny
    Storm and his father.

    Talking about Johnny Storm: the movie makers made him afro-American and
    used the character to illustrate the perfidious habit of the US
    military to enlist young black men with poor social background and dull

    Of the background of Victor von Doom we also just get some glimpse, not
    the whole story. There obviously had been some incidents and you always
    feel them under the surface, but it is not necessary for the story to
    know all the details.

    The only flaw is the showdown. It comes to rash, the characters that
    had some serious problems of trusting each other bond again too fast
    and the solution in fighting Doom comes as well too fast, too linear
    and too easy. Just ten minutes more of suffering and trying to sort out
    their personal issues and the problem ”Doom” would have done it.

    I hope they will not drop this because of unbelievable bad rating!
    Because Miles Teller is the very best Richard Reed of all times!

  • supatubeSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Snore

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KineticSeoulSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    Wow, poor Josh Trank

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gayanbandara-73259September 15, 2015Reply

    One of the worst reboots ever

    I was never hyped for this movie. As soon as I knew they were gonna
    cast some kids I knew this wasn’t something I wanted to watch. But
    since everyone was talking about how bad it was, I did check it out and
    it was way worse than I thought. I thought the movie had a good first
    20 minutes building up but after than it was a total train wreck. The
    movie had one of the worst CGI I have seen in modern movies and felt
    like I watched around a half of the movie. It was like they were
    introducing the characters for about 90 minutes of the movie and boom
    out of nowhere we are in the final battle of the movie. It was a total
    incomplete movie and had a bad storyline filled with a bad cast and
    even worse CGI.

  • flitz35September 15, 2015Reply

    unjustified bad rap

    Obviously not a 10 I gave Fantastic 4 a 10 to make up for all the
    curiously bad reviews which trickled down like a huge domino effect.
    This movie was torn about even before the greasy palmed, dishonest
    movie critics. Unfortunately someone’s plans worked and the
    entertaining of the Fantastic 4 movie was ruined for everyone. I feel
    bad for anyone who worked hard to make this movie including directors,
    producers, actors as well as anyone who had been crushed by Hollywood
    politics Now to give you my brief review. Being from long island I
    liked how it started out in the small town of oyster bay. I thought
    going back to the Fantastic 4’s childhood was clever and told a good
    story. Even though it took some time to see a super hero I was
    entertained and didn’t loose interest. Now shooting forward to the
    action and not spoiling it I thought the effects were amazing and in
    the same time it always had a decent plot. I would watch this movie
    with an open mind like your the first one seeing it and I think you’ll

  • Daisy Victoria EdwardsSeptember 16, 2015Reply

    Should’ve split between 2 films and fleshed out the action of the third act.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • elversondeliSeptember 16, 2015Reply

    Previews Didn’t even get my attention

    Recent remakes (Superman and This one )are steering away from the comic
    book feel and visual look that everyone expects. The most recent spider
    man, superman and fantastic 4 remakes were all awful visually!!!
    Totally wrong casting for every roll of these films! We expect the men
    to be outrageously muscled out and the women perfect in figure and
    looks. The 3 mentioned had none and the blue dark colors in every frame
    of the films made it too dark visually and boring to look at. Even if
    the script was good, visually it was horrible. Costumes! YIKES! You put
    armor on super heroes!? Credibility gone with them being a super hero.

    All the critics are criticizing the script….it’s not the script, it
    is the visual…bring back the color and the look of the comic book and
    how they look in the comic book. Don’t reinvent something that already
    works visually, just give us a good story to go along with that

  • sleepyhatSeptember 16, 2015Reply

    Should have just made a new super hero team

    Having watched comics and 2005 version, one thing bothered me most is,
    why even do a reboot?

    The whole new storyline deserves its own name, why even bother using
    Fantastic Four, where only the characters’ powers are similar. Why not
    change their powers entirely or somewhat, and name it The Teen Mutant
    or something.

    If the name had been different, powers altered, and the storyline a bit
    more condensed and packed, I would give it a better score, at least
    more than 6. For a reboot on a long standing comic, I can really feel
    it for folks who really adore the comic, 4 is a merciful number.

  • Lord moo_23September 16, 2015Reply

    Fantastic? Not Even Close

    This movie ain’t good.

    What I’ll say is the first half was pretty decent; the characters
    setups were well written. There were definitely glimmers of hope.
    However, there was no action, and no real conflicts which made it quite
    boring. But it was still watchable. And then it all went to hell.

    This isn’t a spoiler, but there’s this abrupt time jump near the
    halfway point of the movie. And it’s at this very moment where
    everything began to fall apart. First of all, not only did this time
    jump completely skip the best part of origin tales, discovering and
    testing out your superpowers, but it killed everything good that was
    set up in the first half. Characters were inconsistent, direction was
    messy, dialogue became cringe-worthy, and CGI was outright dreadful.

    The second half honestly felt like a whole other movie; you could sense
    a whole lot of studio intervention going on. There were scenes in the
    trailer that that didn’t end up in the final product, which tells me
    that Fox had no faith in their film; basically, they sent this to the
    editing room to die.

    My biggest problem with FANATSIC FOUR is that it has no personality
    whatsoever. There’s no fun to be had here, in fact there’s nothing to
    be had since nothing really happens in the movie. I’m shocked by how
    much this disappointed me, mostly because they got Miles Teller,
    Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell; that’s a damn good cast
    right there, and yet none of them added much of anything to their
    roles. In fact, by the end most of the cast seemed to tune out.

    Speaking of the end, my God was that third act atrocious. Doom comes
    out of nowhere and we’re suddenly thrown into the finale. Not only was
    his character design laughable, the guy didn’t even feel like a
    character; his motivation felt like it was written by a 5-year-old.
    There was no weight to this battle at all, from the forced speeches to
    the noticeable green screen.

    If there’s anything redeemable in this film it’s The Thing’s look;
    apart from that, FANTASTIC FOUR is the farthest thing from fantastic.

  • rozza-28991September 17, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Carsten SchmidtSeptember 17, 2015Reply

    Ruin a perfect story

    This is how you take a perfect story and ruin it. Kind like they did
    with the First ”hulk” movie. Why change a story that already Works? I
    have read some FF4 comic in the past, and i never recall that Johnny
    were Black? As we have seen lately, it seams that for every
    ”Reboot/Remake” of Marvel hero’s, they just getting worse. The only
    good thing about this movie, is that it only 100 minutes long, even
    that it feels longer. This movie are no doubt the most boring superhero
    movie I have seen for a long time. Even Hulk from 2003 is better than
    this ”Fantastic” movie. Maybe Movie studio’s should stop making new
    beginning all the time from ”Reboot/Remake” and just going forward with
    the stories. We already knows how the superhero’s got their power from
    previous movies, we don’t need to get it shown for every new ”Reboot or

  • lunajongerlingSeptember 19, 2015Reply

    The fantastic fantastic four

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dungeonedSeptember 20, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fabio ZuletaSeptember 21, 2015Reply


    Just finished watching the Newest Version of the Fantastic 4. One of
    the worst comic book adaptations! Was it made by Nickelodeon? It Had
    absolutely nothing to do with the story line and The cast was all
    wrong! The acting and special affects were of good quality but the cast
    and characters in no way resembled the characters created by Marvel.
    What was wrong with the previous versions? The cast was perfect. I read
    some reviews stating the filmmakers felt they needed to revamp and save
    the franchise. Well, they got it all wrong If your going to completely
    re-write it, then it’s NOT the Fantastic Four! come up with your own
    ideas and stop screwing up Marvel. Stan lee what hell were you thinking
    letting them do this??!! I understand taking some artistic liberties
    and tweaking a story to update it or make it more interesting but all
    they did was create four characters give them the same names marvel
    used along with the same attributes (Powers) and slap the Name
    Fantastic Four on the title. There is Nothing of the Marvel fantastic
    Four story line in this at all! very disappointing!

  • ([email protected])September 21, 2015Reply

    Well, nothing we didn’t see before

    First i have to admit, that F4 was never really ”my world”, anyway i
    watched ”F4” and the sequel ”Silver Surfer” and found them simply
    great. So, since i’m a big Marvel-Fan i hat to watch this one too, just
    for curiosity. I asked myself, ”why would Marvel redo it, what’s the
    point in this”? If you watch a movie, and then watch a remake with a
    similar storyline, it’s hard NOT to compare them. In the end i have to
    say ”they shouldn’t have redone it. The characters are quite ”flat”,
    the characters motivations for doing what they do and for becoming what
    they become, are quite thin. The animations and CGI are good work, but
    that alone can’t keep a movie ”alive”. Compared to the prequels’ great
    humour, stories and characters, this one was (at least for me) not
    worth watching.

  • phantom_pixieSeptember 22, 2015Reply

    Not fantastic at all

    I had no expectations on this film. I mainly watched it because of the
    talent that is Miles Teller. But Teller can not carry this film alone.
    Teller and Jordan have had great chemistry in previous work, in this
    film some of it could be seen, but most of the time the lines seem
    forced and fake. That goes for anyone involved in the project. This
    film was not fantastic at all, if anything it was really bland. All
    characters comes off as one-dimensional and with no real connection at
    all. It feels like you could have replaced any of them at any time and
    it wouldn’t have mattered for the film. There was really nothing new or
    original, as this film comes off just as a copy of the directors
    previous work and every single event is coming in on the obvious-train.
    A person who haven’t read the comic could still guess the events and
    actions in this film, from beginning till end.

    This is not the reboot you are looking for. Move along.

  • Abhishek AggarwalSeptember 22, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Flop

    This movies is totally time waste.. when movie has start. i was waiting
    for some action and thrilling scene. but , the movie neither having
    action nor thriller. I don’t know why this movies starts from Level 0..
    We all knew that who is the Fantastic Four. This movies shown that how
    they became fantastic four. It should be Part one of Fantastic Four
    Series.. Directors or makers were too late.. I was waiting for this
    movie from long time.. Story is very weak and story hasn’t base. And
    Climax of this movie is just like a slap of my face….When a superhero
    movie gets less exciting after they get their powers, something is very
    very wrong.Fantastic Four is a film very much out of time and place in
    today’s market of superhero movies.

  • keithlovesmoviesSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Four Review

    After having traveled to an alternate universe, four outsiders gain
    superhuman powers that have altered their physical form in amazing
    ways. Reed Richards (Miles Teller) can now stretch and twist his body
    at will. His best friend Ben Grimm (Jaime Bell) has gained immense
    strength. Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) can control and project
    fire. His sister, Sue Storm (Kate Mara) can manipulate light to become
    invisible and has telekinetic abilities. Together, they must come
    together to battle a former friend Doctor Victor Van Doom (Toby
    Kebbell) who now poses a threat to Earth.

    I have never seen any of the previous Fantastic Four films beforehand
    but I was aware of how they were received. I will just come out right
    now and say it, this film is not very good. I was surprised by how
    boring it was. Nothing really happens until near the end which is too
    late because you’ll probably just not care by then. I understand that
    this film is a reboot but you shouldn’t spend most of the time doing
    the rebooting. Most of the time was spent setting up things for the
    end. Unfortunately the setup here is all bad as the four main actors
    have no chemistry whatsoever. They never quite spend anytime with one
    another or even really interact with one another at all as most of this
    is done off-screen. You’re never able to get emotionally invested in
    any of them. Kate and Johnny have few scenes together and when they do,
    their interactions imply nothing more than a friendly relationship. I
    did not buy Reed and Ben being friends either. Ben only comes on late
    so he does not have too much interaction with the rest of the team and
    he never really spoke with anyone other than Reed. Because of this lack
    of bond or chemistry between the actors/characters, the final act
    becomes void of any emotional depth and you don’t get much of a sense
    of accomplishment. The special effects don’t represent a film in 2015
    either but I’ll let you see those for yourselves. The main villain of
    the film Van Doom is silly looking with powers that defy all realms of
    sense because he could simply do anything. His plan just came off as
    random because we did not get to know to learn too much about him since
    he is absent for the majority of the movie. This was a shame because I
    actually liked him and I wish I could have seen him a little more.
    Perceptive viewers will notice subtle differences during the film’s
    final act as it was reshot so little continuity errors will be evident
    and what also made it obvious that it was reshot was how it did not fit
    with the rest of the movie tone-wise. What disappointed me was that I
    felt the actors just didn’t try and that came across while watching it.
    I heard that the only reason this film was made was so Fox could retain
    their film rights to the Fantastic Four before they returned to Marvel
    in 2016. I have three words for them, Let them go.

    Score: 4/10

  • Eruan CookSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    So much potential, earnest performances, great doom 🙂

    I would given this film a 6.5 but because of the potential and ambition
    I gave it a 7. The good points are the young actors, they really did
    give it their all, the CGI effects are amazing, and the potential for a
    better, proper Fantastic 4 film in the future, and the character design
    of Dr Doom, which in my humble opinion was an amazing, fresh, and even
    scarier than the previous incarnation. The bad point were the cold
    military cliché characters, the seemingly completely CGI Thing, who’s
    animations are almost cheap Japanese fantasy film style, the lack of
    scenes with the Invisible Woman, and lastly the lack of real world
    implications of these events, no public announcements, news forecasts
    etc, public reactions to the events and the teams powers, which kind of
    isolated the entire story from the modern world, great potential, lacks
    enough heart….

  • RNMortonSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Too soon for a reset

    So the new Marvel thing seems to be resetting some of their heroes with
    new, younger actors and retelling the story from scratch. There’s only
    three things wrong with that – 1) if we like the original actors
    there’s no reason for the change (other than the studio saving money!);
    2) we’ve already heard this story before; and 3) there was a third
    reason, but until I can remember it I think replacing guys we liked
    should count for two. The original casting for FF was great, spot on,
    and it’s not that important to the FF concept that they stay teenagers
    (that is a little more important to Spidey). Subbing in a new cast came
    just too soon after getting connected to the original actors. Beyond
    that, these new folks were ehhhh and the story wasn’t very compelling
    and the action that did happen was on another, bland planet. So not
    only did they engage in premature substitution (I hate when that
    happens), the product wasn’t very good. Can they still bring the old
    guys back? Sheesh.

  • Sarfraj TurupSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    Not a great movie by any means, still doesn’t deserve the thrashing it received.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jason TorresSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    I’m about to p*ss some people off: ”Fantastic Four” is a decent movie.

    I walked into this expecting a full-on wreck of a story. Instead, I
    found a lot of unfair critiques. Once you let go of your FF
    preconceptions and accept the retelling of the mythos (and the
    scientific mumbo-jumbo that’s in every science-y movie), it’s a pretty
    decent story. It’s not the FF story I wanted, but it works. Certainly
    it works better than the nightmare the previous 3 movies were (apart
    from the comic relief of Roger Corman’s version and Michael Chiklis’
    performance as The Thing.)

    The main problem I saw was that it needed more development,
    specifically in the 2nd and 3rd acts; it feels cut down to me. I
    honestly thought it could have been a half-hour longer. If they’d done
    that, they could have developed the ”body horror” of transformation,
    given us more on the development of their powers, developed Doom’s
    character and return, his ”plot”, and the actual ending far more.

    Overall, however, I was surprisingly entertained. The cast all did
    admirably. No one suffered from overacting, the characters felt good,
    the dialogue wasn’t stiff (the scientific writing and premises were
    bad, but you have to expect that), directing is firm. The development
    was a little lacking here and there, but I think they took advantage of
    the fact that we all know who these guys are for the most part.

    Not brilliant, but definitely entertaining. Good enough.

  • bill-37-3753September 25, 2015Reply

    Are you kidding me……………

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • XerlienttSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    The worst comic book ever made

    Sorry but this movie is simply atrocious, everything about this movie
    is wrong. In the past 10 years we got awesome reboots from franchises
    that almost died (Batman, 007, Dredd) and I was having so much hopes
    for this film, we already got 3 bad FF movies, the teaser trailer was
    awesome and in this recent years comic book movies are better than
    never (The Winter Soldier, The Dark Knight, Avengers) so you would
    expect that FOX would actually care and give more effort this time
    around….. NO!

    I don’t know if the rumors about Josh Trank being drunk or that FOX
    took over the film are true but honestly, I do think FOX took over the
    film, the first half of the film is…. descent but then you get to the
    second half, where everything started to get worst and worst, that
    second half was clearly made by people who have no idea about how to
    handle a camera or direct a movie, the acting was very bad too and the
    worst part is that… this is an excellent cast but every single one of
    them clearly don’t want to be there, it kinda reminded me to the acting
    in Bloodrayne, yes, is that bad. With all honesty I would rather to
    watch Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Elektra and hell, even Howard the Duck
    before ever watch this film again!

    This movie is painful to watch and the fact that this film is getting a
    sequel while movies like Dredd and Unbreakable don’t get anything…
    means that something is terribly wrong with Hollywood and this world.

  • etexrealtyusSeptember 27, 2015Reply

    Awful !!!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • marcusf-82564September 27, 2015Reply

    Not as bad as I thought it would be.

    I went for this movie with very low expectations, I had heard a ton of
    bad reviews and it wasn’t exactly a film I was looking forward to
    especially since this was the fourth attempt and the previous movies
    weren’t exactly good. However, when I did watch this film it
    fortunately wasn’t too bad (that doesn’t mean it was great).

    One good thing about this Fantastic four was that it tried to focus
    more on the characters’ back story before they got their powers, but
    the movie got carried away with that and we didn’t get to see enough of
    the Fantastic Four with their powers. The cast also wasn’t bad, but
    Jamie Bell as the Thing? This movie also had a darker tone as compared
    to the previous Fantastic Fours but like I said the movie got carried
    away and it felt too dark. There really wasn’t anything emotional in
    the movie either, no-one you could really feel for or sympathize with.

    The movie also felt clichéd at some parts, especially Doom who wasn’t
    really convincing as a villain and his funny green mask didn’t help.
    The climax was really short and although it had some good parts (‘it’s
    clobbering time’) it felt very predictable and cartoon like. Overall I
    think this movie had potential and some good ideas but they didn’t nail
    it, the movie should have and could have been so much better, it was a
    good attempt though and it could maybe have a good sequel that is if
    there are any plans of a sequel.

  • bigconorukSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Disappointing, but not terrible.

    Nowadays, we are getting lots of fantastic superhero flicks. (No pun
    intended) Like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Guardians of the Galaxy.
    And, we always think that we might never get another superhero movie
    that is atrocious like Batman & Robin and Superman IV. Unfortunately,
    for most people, they were wrong. I mean, DEAD wrong. The reboot of
    Fantastic Four here was torn into BILLIONS of pieces by critics and
    audiences alike. But, to be honest, I DON’T think this movie is as
    terrible as everyone thinks it is but I don’t wan’t to praise this
    movie too much because if I do, I will be hated by millions. Anyway,
    let’s start from the beginning. The very beginning.

    When I first saw the trailers for Fantastic Four, I thought this was
    going to be a GOOD movie. Why? Because two reasons. One: the film is
    directed by Josh Trank who directed a movie I clearly enjoy, Chronicle.
    And two: the cast is pretty well-picked. We got Miles Teller from the
    masterpiece Whiplash and Michael B. Jordan from Chronicle. I was very
    optimistic about this film ever since. When it came out, I was in the
    biggest shock of my movie life when this was panned with lots and lots
    of criticism! When I was about to watch this movie, I was extremely
    nervous that I will waste 100 minutes watching this film, but in the
    end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Was it
    disappointing? Absolutely. Is it terrible? Not even close, by surprise.

    I’ll start off by bashing the pacing of the film. Good gosh, it’s so
    slow! I mean, it’s so slow that the main characters didn’t get their
    powers until we’re like HALFWAY through the movie! After that, the film
    speeds up a bit too much. But, here’s a fine thing about it, it keeps
    me from being bored in some parts with it’s important plot point
    entries. Of course, some parts without important plot points are

    My thoughts on the visual effects is polarized. Some are good and some
    are… meh. Not all visual effects in this movie are good like the
    flames of the Human Torch and the Thing and *sighs* Do I even have to
    mention the disgusting look of Dr. Doom?! The visual effects that I DO
    like is the powers of the Invisible Women and the world-building of
    another dimension. Or is it a planet or… nevermind.

    That’s pretty much it I can say about Fantastic Four. It’s not good but
    not terrible either. Don’t bother watching this film, anyway. It
    doesn’t suit your time. Go watch Ant-Man, Minions, Mission: Impossible
    or even Kingsman. We have learned that not every superhero movie today
    can entertain us after all.

    Film Score: 4/10 – Underwhelming (Still no pun intended)

  • TheraxorterminateSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Not only one of the worst movies of 2015, it’s also one of the most boring and disappointing superhero movies ever made.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shaun_cullenOctober 1, 2015Reply

    Give me back my 90 minutes please!

    That was pretty weak. As reboots go that was a waste of time. When a
    reboot is no better than the original then what is the point? This
    wasn’t necessarily dreadful but it was approaching that status. They
    changed to much of what was in the comic books which for the real
    people who support these movies who are the die hard fans of the comics
    then whats the point? There are so many good ideas for movies out there
    so in my opinion they should not make reboots anyway. A movie should
    get one chance to be the best it can be so if it sucked don’t remake
    it. If the original is awesome then that’s even more reason not to
    remake at the risk of making a lesser version which is what happens 9
    times out of 10.

  • Cameron ChlupOctober 1, 2015Reply

    Honestly people its not that bad

    This was actually a good movie. Nothing over the top just a good movie.
    People were too hard on this movie simply because its fantastic four. I
    went into the movie theater with very low expectations. I mean come on,
    Miles Teller, the kid from whiplash, is Reed Richards?! But when it
    started, I was surprised. He filled the superhero roll better than i
    thought. The movie kept me entertained throughout and I didn’t have a
    problem being bored like what a lot of reviews said. Yes the ending is
    a little rushed but it was still a good movie. Is this a movie as good
    as the avengers? No. Not even close. But it is still a fun watch and is
    a good reboot. Ignore all the negative reviews, and see if you like
    this movie. Watch it, I encourage you to.

  • Simon ClarkOctober 1, 2015Reply

    Horrible just plain horrible

    This could possibly be one of the worst movies of 2015. It’s poor
    reviews are completely justified and I would strongly advise giving
    this film a wide berth. As far as origin movies go this would be the
    worst. There are barely any high points, in this show to keep viewers
    interested. I would advise not blinking during the final moments of
    this film as you would miss what is suppose to be the final battle
    between the four protagonists and antagonist. It’s as if they were
    making a movie and realized they had run out of money. Not only are the
    final parts of the film cringe worthy but the dialouge that accompanies
    Are just as horrid. There are no redeeming factors for this movie and
    I’m sure that it will go down as one of the big flops of 2015.

  • equazcion ([email protected])October 3, 2015Reply

    I liked it, but I can see why others didn’t

    Fantastic Four is not your average superhero movie by today’s
    standards. It’s dark, low-key, and unexpected. I almost passed on
    watching this, since everyone seemed to have hated it. I’m glad I gave
    it a shot anyway.

    I’d like to borrow a quote from another reviewer here that expresses
    quite accurately why this movie didn’t do well (even though the review
    was intended to be negative):

    ”Fantastic Four is a film very much out of time and place in today’s
    market of superhero movies. Ten or fifteen years ago a studio might
    have been able to get away with it but not today. Audiences like to be
    entertained and with the competition offering much more excitement, I
    don’t see audiences taking to this, at all.”

    That about sums it up. Superhero audiences were expecting something
    similar to recent superhero offerings, and they didn’t get it. For
    myself, being generally not terribly impressed with most recent
    superhero movies, I had a somewhat different reaction. There have been
    a couple standouts, like Batman Begins and Iron Man, but on the whole
    most seem like forgettable, disposable eye candy.

    If taken as a standalone flick, independent of any expectation, this is
    a decent movie. It’s for the most part well-paced, well-acted, the
    effects are convincing without being overdone, and it’s even
    well-written, for the most part.

    What it is not, is ”big”. And people were expecting big, of course.
    Rather than its characters shown becoming celebrities with the world
    watching, the press eating them up, and displaying spectacles for the
    public that destroy city property, these kids spin a rather ”small”
    tale that occurs primarily in secret.

    I give this a seven out of ten, but threw in an extra star to offset
    (just a little bit) the unfair slap this movie got due to viewer tastes
    being, I feel, ruined by bloated Hollywood treatment of recent
    superhero adaptations.

  • emdeecee15October 4, 2015Reply

    Trank, what have you done?

    Like many reboots, the latest edition of the Fantastic Four was met
    with hostility from both audiences and critics alike as it received
    some of the worst reviews of any superhero movie released since
    Catwoman (2004), the movie that nearly killed Halle Berry’s career.

    For anyone paying attention to the film over the past few months, this
    should come as no surprise. Fantastic Four had one of the most
    tumultuous productions of any in recent memory. Relations between
    sophomore director Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox became quite
    miserable during production, so much so that Trank eventually boxed
    himself off from the crew, became completely unresponsive and
    essentially went crazy on set, a chain of events stemming from the
    massive amount of oversight that Fox lumped onto the director,
    stripping him of his creative freedom. Or so the story goes.

    Knowing all of that, there was no way I could resist buying a ticket to
    witness the mayhem that surely was to be the Fantastic Four reboot.
    Unfortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

    This version of the Fantastic Four follows Reed Richards (Miles
    Teller), a boy genius, as he invents his way into a program for the
    gifted through the Baxter Foundation. The team to-be assembles here as
    Reed meets Johnny and Sue Storm (Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara),
    along with Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell). This team of whiz kids then
    invents the impossible: a portal into another dimension. Using the
    level of common sense appropriate for geniuses, the team drunkenly uses
    the portal without supervision, dragging Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) along
    with them because the filmmakers had to squeeze him in somehow, and the
    body horror ensues.

    If I’m being honest, I must admit that even though I had heard the
    terrible stories about the film’s production, I still had hope. Trank’s
    directorial debut, Chronicle (2012), was fantastic. It’s gritty
    originality wasn’t something often found in the superhero genre and I
    was hoping that would translate to Fantastic Four. Early interviews
    with Trank revealed that his approach to the film had similar grit to
    Chronicle’s. He wanted to get away from the bubblegum style of Marvel’s
    cinematic universe and really dig into the horror of being transformed
    into a man perpetually on fire or a man made of stone.

    Given the fact that the Fantastic Four is traditionally the most
    ridiculous of any superhero team, with their matching bright blue
    suits, Fantasticar, and absurdist power sets – like being able to
    stretch one’s body endlessly – this sounded like the perfect direction
    to take the team. Turn the concept on its head and instead of a bunch
    of circus clowns, you have a group of teenagers struggling with
    life-altering deformations. On paper, that’s a killer concept. The
    trick is the translation.

    Through the first half or so, it seemed as though that translation had
    worked fine. The film featured some pretty interesting ideas, a very
    talented cast and a reasonably well-plotted story. It didn’t seem to
    have the capacity to be terrible. If anything, it was just boring. I
    just didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

    But all of that changed rather swiftly in the final act. What was a
    relatively decent movie revealed itself to be a disaster cataclysmic
    enough to rival Pompeii. In the last fourth of the movie’s run time,
    every facet of Fantastic Four falls to pieces. The villain, a character
    so shamelessly terrible that I refuse to mention his name here, ushers
    in this bombastic drop in quality. It’s as if the ending features
    dialogue, plotting and special effects from an entirely different
    movie, one without any budget, talent or soul.

    However, this sudden turn for the worse wasn’t planned, but was
    actually a result of the aforementioned clash between the director and
    the studio. Trank imploded before they had filmed the ending, so the
    conclusion was shot well after the rest of the film, and it was done so
    in an embarrassingly haphazard fashion. By that point in the
    production, Fox had dumped too much money into the film to simply
    abandon it, so instead of throwing it into the garbage like they should
    have, they finished the film. But I use the term ”finish” very loosely.

    Yes, technically the Fantastic Four has an ending. But it’s done so
    quickly and with such little finesse or attention to anything
    resembling quality that instead of providing an actual conclusion to
    the story that had been told up until that point, we are left with a
    horribly warped, poorly scripted anti-conclusion, something so foul
    that it must’ve come from whatever dimension that disfigured our poor
    heroes in the first place.

    So for those of you hoping that Fantastic Four in any way resembles
    director Trank’s 2012 hit Chronicle, you will be heavily disappointed.
    This is a reboot that will haunt his career for a very long time.

  • Serious SamOctober 5, 2015Reply

    The worst reboot

    It is the worst reboot of a movie series I’ve ever seen. It’s an insult
    to the previous films of Fantastic Four. Those were awesome movies. I
    don’t understand, how this movie even got permission to use that
    awesome name. I was eagerly waiting to watch this movie. But was really
    disappointed after watching it. As the previous ”Fantastic Four” movies
    were awesome, I had high expectations from this movie. Technology in
    2015 has developed much more than it was in 2005. But the 2005 version
    of F4 looks great than this. I had to watch that movie again to remove
    the impression of this movie from mind. Hope it will get rebooted again
    and with better story,plot and animation like old ones.

  • franksuttonmusicOctober 6, 2015Reply

    Very GOOD..if u go in with an open mind

    This film and reboot was very good.. a lot of ”comic book” fans are
    upset due to variations… the directors and writers vision for this
    reboot was to make it more modern day relevant n reflective of the
    current times. EVERYTHING changes and evolves…n frankly im sick of
    watching a movie u really….don’t have to watch because its
    predictable n redundant. This movie is great… the story line is good
    the concept and how it evolved was just enough for you to expect a
    sequel…this movie set the STAGE for more to come. MY ONLY COMPLAINT..
    is not with the cast itself but the writing of the roles are a lil
    disconnected but may be due to more evolving later in sequels. THE
    MOVIE Isn’t A REMAKE OF MORE OF THE SAME..but a fesh new approach to a
    newer feel and vibe..if u go into it looking to judge it by what it IS,
    u will love it..if u went to the movies to pick it apart for what its
    NOT..Then u really missed out on enjoying a good film.

  • Chiller7October 8, 2015Reply

    What’s so bad about this?

    I was prepared to hate this movie. Everything about it screamed
    disaster. As a Marvel fan, I was annoyed that the story sounded
    unfaithful to the source material. I was skeptical of the cast looking
    not much like the classic characters I knew. I wasn’t too impressed by
    the trailers (which, oddly enough, use a lot of footage not seen in the
    movie). Critics unanimously trashed the movie, so I assumed they can’t
    all be wrong. Most alarmingly of all, even the director, Josh Trank,
    publicly complained about his own movie on its own opening day,
    absolutely confirming that this movie must be an absolute train-wreck.
    Even though I already knew it had to be horrible, out of curiosity, I
    had to see for myself just how bad it really was.

    So I went to see it today. The opening sequence, when the characters
    were kids, wasn’t so bad. So I thought maybe it probably gets worse
    when they grow up. As it went along, I kept expecting it to go
    completely downhill at some point. Maybe it goes sour when they get
    their powers. But it still wasn’t bad. Maybe when the villain unleashes
    his evil powers, that’s when it all falls apart. But no, Dr. Doom was
    actually kinda awesome. By the time of the big action scene at the end,
    I had to admit to myself I was really enjoying this. Dare I say it,
    this is actually a good movie! I have no reason to be biased about
    this. After all, walking into the theater, I fully expected a terrible

    So why does everyone seem to hate it? I have a few guesses: 1) For one
    thing, it’s not faithful to the source material. This is not the
    Fantastic Four we’ve been familiar with up until now. The characters
    don’t look like or act like previous incarnations. They’re not the fun
    family of superheroes we all know. But this movie doesn’t try to be
    faithful, it does its own thing and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    2) It’s not as action-packed as the typical superhero movie these days.
    It’s a fairly slow-paced movie. I guess this would disappoint you if
    you expected more fights and explosions throughout the whole thing. But
    this did not bother me, because I found the slow build-up of the story
    and gradually increasing intensity of the movie to be engrossing enough
    to keep me interested.

    3) Fanboys and their attitude of expressing loyalty to one thing by
    unleashing rage at its competitors. Currently the general consensus
    among fanboys seems to be that Marvel/Disney ”rulez,” while Fox, Sony,
    and even DC/Warner Bros ”sux;” so all the review scores tend to be
    skewed in Marvel/Disney’s favor. How else can you explain the high
    review scores of those lame Iron Man sequels? Fantastic Four (2015),
    being a Fox property, unfortunately makes it an easy target for the
    Internet fanboy legions.

    4) If there’s a flaw that matters to me though, it’s that, admittedly,
    some of the character relationships could have been better. The
    Fantastic Four are supposed to all have interesting dynamics with each
    other, but some of the relationships just weren’t developed. For
    instance, I’m not so sure if Jamie Bell and Kate Mara even interacted
    with each other once throughout the whole movie. Also, we all know the
    characters Reed & Sue are supposed to be each others’ romantic
    interests, but this was only barely touched upon in this movie. I guess
    these relationships were something to be explored in a sequel, one that
    doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen, considering this one’s
    underwhelming performance and reception unfortunately.

    ”Easter egg” alert: The Human Torch has a Fire Flower from the Super
    Mario Bros hanging from his car’s rear-view mirror. That was actually a
    pretty clever reference to throw in there for video game fans. Good
    job, Trank, or whoever thought of tossing that in there.

    Concluding thoughts: I should know better by now than to trust the
    hive-mind of movie critics. Believe it or not, sometimes the hive-mind
    is wrong. Even if all the critics are haters, see it for yourself and
    make your own decision. I for one was pleasantly surprised by this
    movie and maybe you will be too.

  • marcus_brown-15073October 14, 2015Reply

    The only good thing about this movie is the CGI and visual effects.

    No chemistry between the characters. Not a real story behind it. A
    lack-luster ”Super-Hero” movie. There are several factors as to why
    this film IS so bad. Firstly, you can say they were trying to diverge
    from the original story to create something different, something new.
    Secondly, the film needed to be longer. There needed to be more back
    story, more character, more chemistry. And lastly, the set up of the
    film was wrong. The whole cast and crew needs re-shuffling. Now that is
    nothing personal against the actors, because each of the four leads
    have all been brilliant in other films… Just not together in this
    one. Now that can be blamed on the rush in production with no real time
    to connect and through poor direction. This film could have been great
    under the same premise, but it was not meant to be. This now makes me
    appreciate the old Fantastic Four movies. I blame 20th Century Fox for
    this one, purely trying to keep rights to make more money. Reminiscing
    in Sony’s methods for The Amazing Spider-Man. It could work against
    them, but who knows they could hopefully surprise us in 2017 with the

  • abztvOctober 14, 2015Reply

    Such A Let Down

    I don’t know about other people but I don’t like too much change. The
    first F4 movie did a good job in capturing each characters unique
    personality. When I watch a movie based on a comic book hero or
    villain, I want to see on the screen, what I imagined in my mind what
    the character was like and feel that personal connection that I did,
    with each turn of the page. If they made me laugh, I want to laugh! If
    they made me cry,I want to cry! And if they made me angry, then I want
    to be ANGRY! Lord Vader, brought out the anger in me and R2D2 and C-3PO
    made me laugh. This movie only made me disappointed. Disappointed that
    making $$$ is more important than allowing me to relive my

  • David StewartOctober 16, 2015Reply

    Best movie of the decade!

    This is the single greatest movie I’ve seen since the Godfather!
    Everything in this movie works, from the comedic script playing off of
    action movie clichés to the intentionally awful CGI and action
    sequences. This movie takes so many risks and they all pay off. It is
    marketed to the action movie audienc