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Never trust strangers.Dec. 15, 2015 USA87 Min.
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Harris Demel


Stella Maeve isNicole Diamond
Nicole Diamond
Evan Taubenfeld isScotty Dee
Scotty Dee
Ashley Carin isMistress Dark Kitten
Mistress Dark Kitten
Ivy Lindsay isBrooke Fenty
Brooke Fenty
Rochelle Robinson isOfficer Roberts
Officer Roberts
Aarin Cummings isNicole's Friend
Nicole's Friend
Tatiana Golykh isNicole's Friend
Nicole's Friend
Dani Vierra isNicole's Friend
Nicole's Friend


A famous model, trapped inside an upside-down car, reaches a mysterious man on her damaged cell phone. However, roadside assistance is the last thing on the stranger’s mind.

Original titleFlipped
IMDb Rating7.0 64 votes

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  • ericabeth82February 22, 2016Reply

    Exceeded expectations

    What I enjoyed most about this film was that I didn’t know what was
    coming. I am the type of person that can guess any ending to a movie
    and my mind was blown and mouth had dropped. The suspense kept you on
    your feet wanting to know what was going to happen. Would she be saved?
    Who was this mysterious man on the other end of her self phone. The
    best part was that the group I went with left talking about the film.
    Discussing what happened and what we all felt about the different
    aspects of the film. Those are my favorite kinds of movies and this one
    definitely didn’t disappoint. I wasn’t familiar with all of the actors
    prior to the film, but felt the acting was believable, especially
    Stella. You could really feel what was going on in Stella’s mind and
    wanted to help her get out of the car and to safety. Overall, I really
    enjoyed this film.

  • planktonrulesMarch 8, 2016Reply

    Don’t worry about the seeming inconsistencies…it all makes perfect sense by the end.

    Flipped is an extraordinary film. Imagine a movie where one actress is
    in nearly every scene…by herself! Yet, if you are patient, the movie
    is well done and worth your time.

    When the film begins, a professional model and her boyfriend have just
    had a horrible accident in her car and they’re stuck in a huge ditch in
    the middle of no where…and well off the highway. You have no idea how
    this happened but you can tell the woman is in dire need of help. She
    is upside down and wedged into her seat and cannot get out of the car.
    As for the boyfriend, he appears dead or nearly dead and cannot give
    her any help. Things only get worse when she awakens, as she finds that
    her cell phone is broken and won’t dial correctly…and several buttons
    don’t work. She cannot dial the 911 number for the police and instead
    tries dialing using the working numbers. So, she randomly
    dials….hoping to find someone who is willing and able to help. One
    person is willing to listen and seems ready to help. However, through
    the course of the film, he becomes increasingly hostile and nasty. In
    fact, he later seems threatening and malevolent. Will help arrive
    before this strange, disembodied voice at the other end of the phone
    line arrives to do God knows what?!

    As I watched this film, several things struck me. First, the film is
    amazingly claustrophobic and odd, as almost the entire movie has this
    poor actress upside down…carrying the entire film on her own aside
    from the occasional voice of the weird guy on the phone. It’s a strange
    and experimental sort of film that must have been hellishly difficult
    and I give Stella Maeve kudos for being willing and able to act in such
    a difficult situation. Likewise, filmmaker Harris Demel was able to do
    something amazing…to keep the film interesting even though most every
    shot is of the main character stuck upside down in her wrecked car! The
    problem, however, is that some folks might not want to see a strange
    film like this…so it might be a bit of a hard sell. Second, there
    seem to be several inconsistencies through the movie and I thought they
    might be plot holes. Well, by the very end of the production, I
    realized that there were legitimate reasons for all this….so you just
    need to watch this film without worrying about details that might seem
    poorly worked out…as it all does make sense by the end. Overall, this
    movie uses its low budget exceptionally well and is worth seeing…just
    be patient and you’ll be amply rewarded.

  • zoenadlerMarch 18, 2016Reply

    Absolutely LOVED this indie film

    Loved this indie film. Suspenseful thriller, kept me on the edge of my
    seat the entire time.

    The movie keeps us at the same setting (inside the flipped car) for
    most of the movie, yet you never get bored with it, as the plot is
    truly unique, different than anything you’ve watched before. If you
    expect your typical cookie cutter thriller, this is not it. It was
    THRILLING throughout with lots of twists in this super smart script.
    You won’t be able to guess what comes next like most thrillers. The
    ending is surprising and thought provoking. This is what I’m looking
    for: quality films. Highly recommended.

  • rootuser-40030April 6, 2016Reply

    What if your world got Flipped???

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HoganetteApril 12, 2016Reply

    Different than I expected

    I didn’t expect this movie to really be so introspective. It was a
    pleasant surprise. I kind of expected a mini thriller/horror flick and
    this wasn’t that. It has its aspects of thriller but really makes you
    think about who you date and the reasons you are dating them.

    Not sure how the actors got through it really hanging by a harness the
    entire time upside down. Was really well thought out and something I
    would watch again just for the story.

    Great for an independent film. I had gone in to it not hoping for too
    much knowing this was a low budget shoot, but it ended up being better
    than a lot of other movies I have seen lately.

    The biggest surprise for me is exactly how well it was directed. You
    can have a great story with great actors that can punch out lines, but
    I felt the director in this movie did a really good job. I am not
    familiar with Harris Demel but I will keep him in mind next time I see
    his name pop up.

  • riporeillyApril 14, 2016Reply

    What a trip

    What can I say? This movie starts out like it’s going to be a ”chick
    flick” romance type of movie. It starts with a couple of known actors
    in a café for lunch, (They even sign an autograph or 2) But after they
    get into her car the movie takes a definite turn as somehow… they
    wind up upside down crashed and near helpless. Michael Madsen provides
    the perfect voice as the ”bad guy” as the film becomes a psychological
    battle between the Madsen character and the actress played by Stella
    Maeve. This is certainly a movie of which type I’ve never seen before.
    Definitely a movie to watch. Enjoy it by yourself or with a group but
    very hard to predict how the movie will end.

  • ronniecinemaApril 16, 2016Reply

    Excellent Suspense Thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • joanne_m-89279April 26, 2016Reply

    A must see

    What can I say, Blood Rush is awesome. It really takes the viewer on a
    journey and makes you think of which way you want your life to go
    regarding a relationship. Imaging calling for help when your car flips
    over and the only one you can get on the other line is well, let’s just
    say not very helpful in getting help for you but does offer some very
    interesting advice. Did I mention the lead actress, Stella Maeve? She’s
    amazing in this role. She really defines the role as an aspiring
    actress/model that is stuck in a bad relationship, but does she know
    she is in a bad relationship and just accept it because her boyfriend
    is ‘famous’ and they seem to click together. I guess what I’m trying to
    say is this movie is both psychological and physical, it will make you
    think, and not just how the lead character will be able to get out of
    her flipped car. I recommend this movie, two thumbs up!

  • kj-36750June 28, 2016Reply

    the reason we watch movies

    Incredible movie. For a movie like this, to get made, is an
    accomplishment in and of itself. Well made, great acting, suspense
    thriller which is more than just a horror film. It’s a film with a
    message. Worth the purchase. This film should have seen national
    release. Ignored by the industry’s film festivals. Eye popper. Not for
    the young of heart but Eye Candy for revelers of the horror genre.
    Reminds me of a young, fearless M. Night Shyamalan movie! With a blush
    of Hitchcock. Michael Madsen is, typical, unforgettable. First time
    director/filmmaker has left a mark on Hollywood with this one. This
    reviewers fingers are crossed that there will be more movie magic from
    Harris to come. You’ve been notified!

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