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Force 2

Force 2

A Dead Soldier is a Martyr.. A Dead Spy is a TraitorNov. 18, 2016 India180 Min.
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Abhinay Deo


John Abraham isACP Yashvardhan
ACP Yashvardhan
Sonakshi Sinha isKamaljit Kaur / KK
Kamaljit Kaur / KK
Raj Babbar isZonal Director
Zonal Director
Adil Hussain isBrijesh Yadav
Brijesh Yadav
Tahir Raj Bhasin isShiv Sharma / Rudra Pratap Singh
Shiv Sharma / Rudra Pratap Singh
Narendra Jha isRAW Head Anjan
RAW Head Anjan
Boman Irani isKaran Pratap Singh
Karan Pratap Singh
Genelia D'Souza isMaya (Cameo Appearance)
Maya (Cameo Appearance)
Freddy Daruwala isHarris (Cameo Appearance)
Harris (Cameo Appearance)


ACP Yashvardhan teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down the master mind terrorist, Shiv.

Force 2
Original titleफोर्स २
TMDb Rating6.3 7 votes

(31) comments

  • dineshprakashNovember 17, 2016Reply

    Full of forceful action without a bit of thrill

    Film starts with Mumbai Police, then shift to spy angle then RAW and
    finally reached at politician angle. A typical convenient story. This
    film should have been a good thriller with very good action but this
    time car lifting in the name of action and hero pulls down an iron made
    balcony by twisting his jacket with its angle because villain was
    standing on it. Villain who has just run across roof and tiles like
    marathon runner remains still on balcony because makers thought this
    action very praiseworthy. Sorry I can appreciate such type of action.
    If a Politian was the end target then why did any one choose to target
    him abroad!!? Just because location was good. There are lots of
    question whose one answer is, exploring locations rather than being any
    solid reason behind that. Film is based in Budapest but it seems that
    there is not any law and order. Long car chasing on crowded highway,
    gun shots, murder in metro station but still not a single cop is
    visible except when hero needs them. RAW reliable female officer is
    hesitant to shoot but she is chosen to bring back main villain alive as
    a lead officer!! Villain is needed alive in India so there would be
    scope of hand to hand fight and other lame action sequences otherwise
    so many question would have been raised of him not being shot. Interval
    point and its revelation just after that is idiotic with some God known
    spider venom angle. Then comes some emotional angle of Villain, who is
    shown extra ordinary planner then there was no question of him waiting
    in Budapest for arrival of his target. Climax fight is so lengthy and
    unreasonable. One simple chunk of scenes are enjoyable when female lead
    converses with a local girl to give lead about villain. That girl
    demands something funny which hero doesn’t understand and agrees
    because he is unaware of local language. Dialogues are cut to cut and
    witty. Performance wise John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha are OK. Tahir
    Raj Bhasin as main villain is impressive.

  • sumanbanik999November 18, 2016Reply

    Action Abraham

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ketan GuptaNovember 18, 2016Reply

    ”Force 2” is a treat for action film lovers. Despite few shortcomings, the stunts and nice action scenes will keep you engrossed

    Action films based on Indian RAW agents have been fairly successful in
    Bollywood. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer ”Ek Tha Tiger” was a
    blockbuster while Saif Ali Khan’s ”Phantom” was turned down by the
    audience even though both the films were made by Kabir Khan. The sequel
    to 2011’s hit, ”Force”, ”Force 2” is yet another attempt to salute the
    RAW agent, the unsung heroes of our country. Will it do justice to that
    ? Let us find out …

    Yashwardhan (played by John Abraham) partners with RAW agent KK (played
    by Sonakshi Sinha) to track down the mastermind criminal, Shiv (played
    by Tahir Raj Bhasin), who is on the verge of swiping out every RAW
    agent India has produced. The cat-and-mouse game begins which leads to
    the mystery behind the killing of the Indian RAW agent.

    Directed by Abhinay Deo, who previous laugh-a-thon ”Delhi Belly” and
    suspense thriller ”Game”, ”Force 2” is a complete out-an-out action
    film which is a treat for action film lovers. The movie does start with
    a bang with the introduction of each primary characters and takes it
    forward. Initial few reels does have nail-biting moments like car
    lifting scene, the chase scene between John Abraham and Tahir Raj
    Bhasin in Budapest and the twist before the interval. However, the
    second half loses the steam and few of the action scenes looks
    repetitive. The good part is that screenplay will keep you engaged
    though it has share of flaws.

    Few scenes will arise while watching ”Force 2” – Why on earth a
    criminal be escorted to India from a foreign land only by 2 officers ?
    How come so many people start popping out every time Shiv is being
    taken away by India police? Despite, these shortcoming, I felt the
    thrills and punches are good enough to keep you at bay. Cinematography
    is good. I like the first-person camera fight in the climax. Art
    direction is just about okay. Dialogues are fine. Editing is bad and so
    is the music.

    Performance wise, it is Tahir Raj Bhasin who walks away being a hero of
    the film. The actor is definitely talented but should do more variety
    of roles rather than doing the same stuff similar to ”Mardani”. John
    Abraham does a fine job as rugged and tough officer. Sonakshi Sinha
    could not do justice to her part this.

    Overall, ”Force 2” is a treat for action film lovers. Despite few
    shortcomings, the stunts and nice action scenes will keep you
    engrossed. Good 3/5

    – Ketan Gupta

  • oazamNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Decent action but with a generic story and horrible music.

    Abhinay Deo is decent as a director. I was impressed with his direction
    in Delhi Belly. But this movie just didn’t match my expectations for
    him. The prequel wasn’t bad but the direction and action were pretty
    sloppy done by Nishikant Kamat and Ayananka Bose. This movie was a bit
    better than the prequel but with nothing to tell.

    John Abraham has good abs but can’t act. His rough humor and acting
    turns out to be a snooze fest but his acting was bearable during the
    action scenes and that’s basically it.

    Sonakshi Sinha was okay in some parts. At least she is doing some
    sensible roles just like Akira because I am tired of seeing her waiting
    for Chulbul Pandey cutting vegetables.

    Tahir Raj Bhasin was great as a villain. I believe he brought some good
    mentality from Mardaani in which he also performed well.

    The story and screenplay was the biggest downfall in this movie. It is
    almost like Jason Bourne-Mad Max combo but with no script. The
    direction was okay in some parts usually when it came to action
    sequences but the editing was a bit too problematic in such when they
    were doing aerial shots but the editing of the action sequences were
    good and crisp. The music was a disappointment except Rang Laal where
    JA kills it with his voice and rap. Abhinay Deo managed to give good
    action just like the car chasing, building chasing, shooting, and etc.
    The cinematography was also pretty good especially when they roped in
    Imre Juhasz who was a DOP for Die Hard.

    This movie also presented RAW in a very bad way in such of missions and
    etc. Narendra Jha was quite bad as a Raw senior and he was over the

    I felt Genelia wasn’t needed but since it was sequel, I was okay with
    it but her role kinda stretched the movie to a small extent which took
    up a bit of the time especially when there was a song dedicated to it.

    Overall this movie was okay in terms of Action and Tahir’s acting but
    the partial mediocre direction and screenplay bought the film down
    which is why Force 2 is definitely worth watching but on a TV Broadcast
    or a Netflix.

    2/5- action improved but story needs to be improved

  • Paul ChowNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Waste of Money

    Lets first understand who is staring in this movie, John Abraham and
    Sonakshi Sinha. These two actors without not exist in Bollywood if the
    genre of action didn’t exist. When you enter the movie theatre make
    sure to leave your brain outside near the popcorn area because it won’t
    be useful at all. When you pay $12.95 in Cineplex and watch this movie,
    you will expect a little bit of common sense, but as usual none of that
    is found in this movie. If you take agent Vinod and mix with other John
    you will get this type of movie. John and Sonakshi acting is weak, john
    is Mr. serious as usual and sonakshi sinha is that action girl that
    only supports the main actor because the director is narrow-minded. I
    am shocked that this movie actually received 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb,
    probably john and sona’s fan came here first thing in order to get
    people to go and watch this movie. Trust me, save your money and wait
    for a good copy online because it is not worth wasting time.

  • Maulin ParmarNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Offers an action packed sequences

    After a successful first attempt on action genre, John is giving only
    these type of films in which he should meant to be. Rocky Handsome was
    an action-thriller, which will be accepted by the viewers. And this
    time, the sequel of a hit action movie, is going to be bigger and
    better for sure.

    Abhinay Deo, who gave Game and Delhi Belly, is not a known name in the
    audience. But, if I say that he was the director of the television
    series 24, than most probably all the viewers will recognize him. So,
    there isn’t any doubt in his capabilities in action goner. But, to
    build up a story which can withstand with action sequences is the most

    One guy is on a mission, in which he is killing RAW agents in China.
    But, one agent sends a secret message to Yash (John) before his death.
    So, Yash convinces RAW head to allow him to find out the villain along
    with one RAW officer, KK (Sonakshi). And how they manage to catch that
    guy, and what made that guy to do these violence are the questions
    which will be given in the film.

    Sonakshi is good in a supporting role. She is not doing some
    extraordinary, but choosing these kind of films is somewhat good for
    her, as she is back in action after Akeera. Raj Babbar, Fardhad and
    Adil have cameos. Tahir Raj Bhasin as a bad-guy (Shiv) again proves
    that he is a new-generation villain. After giving a solid performance
    in Mardani, he gives another best. Hope to see his name in the category
    of best actor in a negative role this year.

    John Abraham has to do only these kind of films. He is perfectly
    suitable for action hunk roles. And now a days, he is also producing
    such films. So, I think John will run like a horse of a race, and will
    stay for long.

    It’s very essential to keep in mind that action film has to be more
    speedy, more groovy. In which, a side angle of love, or even boring
    songs can disturb the tempo. So, the director has kept these in his
    mind and gives us just an item song. Believe me, that was a dull
    moment. Even, one background portion in Amaal’s voice has to be played
    when Genelia Deshmukh makes an appearance. That was good.

    I like all the chases. With a perfectly suitable background score, one
    can feel the sequences. Especially, the action sequence in an apartment
    where Shiv is playing a mouth-organ, and both the actors are fighting.
    That tune is a highlight of the film till interval. The other highlight
    of the film is John, uplifting a Mercedes. After lifting a bike in the
    first part, John is lifting a Mercedes. And I’ve heard that he will
    keep doing this in the upcoming installments of Force.

    So, action lovers, just brace yourself and go for it. In climax, you
    can see the camera working like a counter-strike game, featuring only a
    loaded gun in a hero’s hand, who is destroying the bad-men. In a film,
    I think this is a new concept, and I appreciate this thinking.

    I’ve seen some ratings, and they are above 8. So, people are loving it.
    Therefore, just go for it, you will not be disappointed.

  • Vishal Budhraja ([email protected])November 19, 2016Reply

    A Treat For Action Lovers But Logic Is The Missing Ingredient

    Force 2 is a pure Action film in concentrated form. It is a watchable
    film with more action, more style & less substance. Cinematography is
    good. I like the first-person camera fight in the climax, which is new
    in Bollywood.

    Abhinay Deo’s direction is perfect in chase scenes. The most
    interesting element in Force 2 is Tahir, the bad guy. John is perfectly
    suitable for these roles. Sonakshi is also good in supporting role.

    I am giving 1 extra point because this film gives justification to it’s

    VERDICT: If you are an action lover……GO FOR IT

  • amit1717November 19, 2016Reply

    A decent watch

    Force 2 continues the story of ACP Yashwardhan. Sonakshi sinha plays
    the role of ‘KK’, a RAW agent and Tahir raj bhasin is the incredible
    villain ‘Shiv’.

    Plot summary :- The movie starts with the killing of 3 RAW agents in
    China. This is followed by a fight scene where ACP Yash (John Abraham)
    is seen lifting a car. Yash receives a book from his friend, which was
    a message from his friend. Soon it is understood that there is someone
    within the RAW who is leaking the information of Indian agents to the
    Chinese. Yash and KK are assigned the job to identify and catch that
    person and bring him back to India.

    Tahir Raj Bhasin as the villain is the main highlight of this movie,
    the way he plays with the minds of the lead protagonists and always
    keeps them guessing. John and Sonakshi are pretty OK in their acting.
    Genelia has a guest appearance, which feels rather unnecessary.

    Towards the climax, there is an entire sequence shot in first-person
    which is something new to Bollywood, something quite nice and
    enjoyable. The plot is a bit shaky but still manages to keep you
    engaged till the end.

    Overall a decent watch. 7/10

  • Ankit BhatnagarNovember 19, 2016Reply

    This is how the bossy movies should be made, where not all but most of the things make sense

    This is how the bossy movies should be made, where not all but most of
    the things make sense. A good body language is visible, throughout in
    the characters. Tahir Raj Bhasin does a great job again, despite being
    similar to his role in Mardaani. There’s a nice work done on the
    dialogues that makes it a decent watch.

    Storyline Rating: 3 Content: 3 Commercialization: 3 Entertainment: 3

    Acting Rating: 3 Tahir Raj Bhasin: 4 John Abraham: 3 Sonakshi Sinha: 3

    Direction Rating: 3

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 3

    Editing: 3

  • Prafulla SrivastavNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Action and Thriller reloaded with Force

    Abhinav Deo has given brilliant tribute to unsung hero from RAW. John
    Abraham (actor) was delighted to watch again in rough and tough cop
    role. Tahir Raj Bhasin’s attitude was good as main villain. Sonakshi
    Sinha (actor) was only disappointment due to half-hearted performance.
    There was very good cameo roles from Genelia D’Souza (actor) , Boman
    Irani , Adil Husain and Freddy Daruwala. Script was good and refreshing
    one except few flaws. As there was no scope for song, Kaante Nahi Kat
    te song went with flow of the movie. Item girl does not disappoint the
    audience. Action scene,chase sequence and thriller made it complete
    package for action lover.

  • Puranjan ChatterjeeNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Legacy of Force Maintained

    Another great action flick of John.John is taking Bollywood action
    movies to the next level. This movie indeed has maintained the legacy
    of Force. The story is pretty good with some nice twists and turns.
    This movie has also emphasized on the fact that the best patriots of
    our country are mostly branded as traitors and dishonored after death
    till date. Apart from these things the new concept of first person
    action has been brought to the Indian movies for the first time in this
    movie (watching that was real fun). Sonakshi was good but without her I
    do not think much difference would have been there in the story line.
    John is super awesome in angry hunk look but after Vidyut Jamwal cameo
    role, I would say the villain’s role could have been more mean in the
    sequel which was utterly missing. Overall I would say it is a good
    movie and would perfectly satisfy the appetite for all the action
    freaks out there. The best part of the movie is that it is not spoiled
    by unnecessary romantic songs. I would conclude by saying I am eagerly
    watching for our desi Arnold’s next action movie.

  • Rohan Muralidhar ([email protected])November 20, 2016Reply

    Thought provoking & intense action

    A mixture of Skyfall, Mission:Impossible:Rogue Nation with a message,
    John looks as usual his best, Sonakshi’s character is portrayed as a
    foolish and timid RAW officer which is not right, Tahir Bhasin shines
    like diamond, Tahir has combined two villains in this movie, which
    includes the playing of mouth organ as done by SRK in Darr and the
    devious smile and the ‘always have a plan’ attitude by Javier Bardem in
    Skyfall. The main highlight of this movie was the suspense which hooked
    me up. Director Abhinay Deo has done a good job by showing the first
    person action mode which was very exciting. Let’s hope Force becomes a
    franchise on par with the Hollywood franchises

  • millenniummilanNovember 20, 2016Reply

    Indian movies are growing 🙂

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sishirkumarNovember 21, 2016Reply

    Force 2 : An average Action and Thriller in 2016

    Force 2 is a action & thriller movie but no thrill n action was not up
    to the mark. Screenplay was not impressive, Action was choreographed
    very poor.Nothing new to see. Deo has tried to pull off the
    storytelling with average. Its cannot hold the audience throughout the
    movie. Every character has played well according to the story but could
    have been better. Performance of everyone was OK. No such popular songs
    in the movie.In the music dept it fails completely. Stunts are not as
    much we expected.Execution could have been better in-terms of
    Sonakshi’s action sequences.Few action scene was flat (Poor).
    Cinematography was also not so impressive.Thrill in the movie was not
    so gripping.Logically somewhere the movie fails to impress the action
    movie goers. The movie has true story but action n Cinematography could
    have been better. A new and nice try a different story line to portray
    in screen but not the kind of movie we expected. Compare to Hollywood
    SPY movies there is nothing much to watch.

  • mukherjeediptenduNovember 21, 2016Reply

    Cool action scenes… very cheesy script and dialogues..

    Force 1 was better… this does not hold up to the expectation.. some
    of actions are cool as a Bollywood movie… story thought is good…
    one song ”ishaara” is good one…

    But this movie has some really bad direction problem stupidly written
    script at some scenes and the biggest downfall in this movie is the

    Some dialogues are so much bad in some conversations. i mean to say
    very cheap and cheesy.

    The acting of the actors are decent. i cant judge them because they
    have given stupid dialogues in intense conversation. The Villain in
    this movie is actor ‘Tahir Raj Bhasin’ who played shiv has a very good
    villanish character created the filmmakers but he has had also given
    some cheesy dialogues. These things just angers someone who is watching
    and a fan of the first one.

    The story is good but the execution by the director is very very bad
    all over. Nothing new this movie gave us. We all saw this kind of story
    before and better.

    all over this movie just so forgettable.. 4.7/10….

  • ali-wardakNovember 21, 2016Reply

    The best espionage action thriller of Bollywood!

    Force 2 is one of the most well made films in Bollywood in its genre.
    John Abraham, who is not seen as a great actor here performs his role
    amazingly well and proves that if given the right role, he will shine.
    For me personally, he is a very good actor but when he is in the wrong
    hands of directors such as Anees Bazmee (Welcome Back) then he will get
    criticised. Sonakshi Sinha is decent. Tahir Raj Bhasin is superb as a
    villain. Force 2 never gets off topic and has no unnecessary scenes or
    elements such as a love angle. It delivers what it promises and some
    may even get more than what they expected. The action is one of the
    main highlights of the film, realistic and well shot. Locations are
    also very good. Production value of the film looks high and makes the
    film look like a big budgeted movie, which it kind of is. Overall,
    Force 2 is well made film that delivers and has your attention
    throughout, fast paced and entertaining. Go for it.

  • nikhilbhalwankarNovember 21, 2016Reply

    Don’t miss the FORCE-2 adrenaline

    With Force2, JohnAbraham has taken bollywood action to the next level.
    Amazing action sequences very well executed. On the top of all, the
    action sequences look very much close to reality.

    Very good thing is there are no unnecessary songs added to the movie.
    Movie is not stretched unnecessarily. Runtime is around 2 hrs. This
    makes every minute of the movie very interesting.

    Tahir Raj Bhasin who portrayed the role of villain has acted very
    brilliantly which lifts the story of the movie to a high level for

    At one point, the movie pays respect to RAW agents and in the film,
    while it also shows the RAW agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha) a dumb officer.
    This is the only downside I found in the movie. Sometimes it becomes
    hard to imagine that a police officer solves the clues very much faster
    than a RAW officer.

    Overall the movie is very interesting and is way better than recently
    released action movie SHIVAAY. Please don’t miss the FORCE-2

  • ahwaan_padheeNovember 21, 2016Reply

    FORCE 2 Review

    FORCE, the sleeper hit of 2011, gave us a super-tough and unbreakable
    Dwayne Johnson-type hero in the form of ACP Yashvardhan( John Abraham)
    and gritty action in the form of raw fists. Carrying the legacy forward
    and building it into a franchise, Force 2, produced by Vipul Shah and
    directed by Abhinay Deo( of Delly Belly, 24 fame) is an orgy of
    relentless action and visceral chases which delivers breathless thrills
    but falls short of a compelling story- telling.

    Mixing facts and fiction, Deo centers his plot on a larger issue with
    international elements where Yash must collaborate with a RAW official,
    Kamaljeet Kaur, aka KK( Sonakshi Sinha) to nab the mastermind, Shiv
    Sharma(Tahir Raj Bhasin) behind the grisly killing of three RAW agents
    in the south-east Asian geography, one of them being a close friend of
    him. What ensues is a deadly cat and mouse game, with the rampage
    spilling over the streets, apartments and every possible lanes of
    Budapest. Trying hard to strike a balance between realism and style,
    the film grapples with offering some smart and slick moves in
    execution. The first half boasts of some terrific and amazingly
    choreographed action and foot chases to a rousing crescendo and a twist
    at the intermission, but doesn’t live up to the expectations as it gets
    too repetitive and predictable, with a climax that is no less than a 3D
    video-game extravaganza. The prequel had immense grit and gave us a
    menacing antagonist whose schemes made us curl up in our seats; here
    the cunning Shiv outsmarts the team ( Yash, KK) and ridicules them as
    losers, while the two are still settling on their differences in
    working styles which unintentionally induces some humor.

    At the helm of affairs is John Abraham who is blazingly convincing as
    he breaks bones and walls and can even lift cars, restricting them to
    propel forward even though his shoulder is stabbed with a nail. With a
    beefed-up musculature, he is genuine and fits seamlessly into the
    action arena while reprising his character who still longs for his dead
    wife from the prequel. But his character is sadly single-note and John
    doesn’t stretch his histrionics beyond flaring up his nostrils. After
    Akira this year, Sonakshi takes another shot at action but she is
    saddled with an under-etched characterization. Unlike ACP Yash, the
    plot doesn’t familiarize us with her.Tahir Bhasin ,is a show-stealer
    when it comes to acting and this immensely talented guy can make us
    loathe him for his depiction of sheer wickedness. It’s a character that
    immediately resonates with that he played in Mardaani, but the
    backstory to show his vulnerable side lacks depth and doesn’t strike a
    chord with us. It’s a shame on the writing that a talented actor like
    Narendra Jha is wasted and relegated to the background and Adil Hussain
    gets a forgettable cameo.

    As a film which positions itself as a tribute to the unsung heroes who
    die on duty serving covert intelligence operations and face the brunt
    of apathy their families face when our government disowns them, Force 2
    has a diluted impact and doesn’t nail the idea. Nevertheless, it is a
    decent entertainer that offers popcorn potboiler thrills even though
    failing to conjure up some urgency- inducing moments.

    Rating 2.5/5

  • rushikmNovember 23, 2016Reply

    you don’t want to get out of chair

    Now these days John is also making good movies like Akshay.

    Movie has good story, great action & screenplay.

    Keeps you at edge of chair. It has nice thrill & suspense. Best Acting
    & Photography.

    I recommended to watch it in theater.

    + point is you won’t feel bored as movie is only 2 hours long unlike
    other bollywood movies.

    Keep up the good work John and Abhinay Deo.

    Want to see more such work from the team.

    Thanks for reading my review

  • PimpinAinttEasyNovember 23, 2016Reply

    Garbage …..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nama chakravortyNovember 23, 2016Reply

    Great Action, Ordinary Story!

    A sequel to a previous commercial disappointment Force, ‘Force 2’ again
    boasts some exhilarating action, but in terms of story, its very
    ordinary. I enjoyed the action & watching John’s portrayal of a one-man
    army, but in terms of narrative, this sequel underwhelms.

    ‘Force 2’ Synopsis: ACP Yashwardhan (John) teams up with RAW Agent KK
    (Sonakshi Sinha) to get down a mastermind (Tahir Raj Bhasin), who’s
    rapidly terminating Indian RAW Agents.

    ‘Force 2’ has a good-pace & the action, undoubtedly, is super. The
    climax is particularly kick-ass, when John’s gun fires are shot as a
    first-person shooter. BUT, the Screenplay is predictable & engages in
    brief doses. Abhinay Deo’s Writing begins well, but surrenders to
    clichés & the motive behind the villain’s evil doings, is predictable &
    beaten to death. The Writing still works in its first-hour, but in the
    second-hour, it just doesn’t engage much. And how much of stylized
    Action can make up for an ordinary story? Sadly, not much!

    Deo’s Direction, on the other-hand, is sharp enough. Cinematography is
    well-done. Editing is crisp, but the second-hour drags on for a little
    too long. Art & Costume Design are decent. Music by Various Artists, is
    good enough.

    Performance-Wise: John reprises his role of the bad-ass ACP Yashwardhan
    & he scores. He looks every bit of the part & leads the show.
    Sonakshi’s character isn’t strong enough & hence, she doesn’t leave a
    mark. Tahir Raj Bhasin’s villainy was nicely shown in Mardaani & he
    portrays a yet another negative role. He’s fine, but he ought to choose
    roles that offer him the scope to show his range. Narendra Jha is
    first-rate. Raj Babbar & Boman Irani are perfect in cameos. Genelia
    D’Souza is cute in her brief bit, as well.

    On the whole, ‘Force 2’ has killer action as its ace, but a
    not-so-interesting story-line spoils the fun.

  • avthedemonNovember 27, 2016Reply

    Disappointing with clichéd story line

    Force 1 was OK, so to continue the success they made the sequel. But
    this movie has several drawback. A shallow story line is among them.
    The whole scenario was setup in Budapest for reasons unknown (probably
    known to writers who wanted to showcase a less shown European country).
    Without any proper reason and strong reasons they setup everything in
    Budapest. Also why there are so many intelligence officers in Hungary?
    A country with which we’ve very less to mess around. The dialogues are
    really really bad. The same old type dialogues where they discuss and
    reveal everything in sentences. John’s wood faced expressions were the
    biggest let down. When you start thinking that he might gonna speak
    punch line or something else, he delivers a plain serious dialogue.
    Sonakshi still performs better than John but the lousy story line makes
    everything looks silly. After some time, it is annoying to hear her
    voice saying ”Yash Yash” every then and now. With defied logic and
    everything, we can’t expect to see Hungarian authorities and police
    anywhere in the movie, even when our protagonists and Villains are
    almost on a killing and fighting spree on public. Screenplay is good.
    Action sequences are great which are let down by bad writing.

    We’ve seen better from John. It is definitely not a movie we want to

  • longnoselittlepittle-656-58203November 27, 2016Reply

    Awefule story, characters, action

    I recovered my password to review this … you guessed it right…avoid
    it at all cost.

    Story => RAW agents getting killed all over the world by Chinese. Time
    to find the mole, save the agents. Mumbai police officer(John) tagged
    with RAW agent (Sonakshi) send to do the job.

    Characters => John: This is projected to be smart, but made so many
    silly mistakes, it gets irritating.

    Sonakshi: God, no RAW agent is so so dump and coward. Agency kick them
    out in training, forget about sending on a critical mission. She is
    weak, incompetent in every scene, so dumb in decision making. It gets
    so annoying, I had to close my ears in between to survive this hellish

    The mole: Somewhere he says ”chup he to nahi raha jata mujhse”. Thats
    what he is, talking nonsense continuously, trying to be cool villain,
    his dialogues are so bloody annoying, he is easily the MOST annoying
    character ever.

    Direction / Action => If you see Hollywood movies, its all seen in best
    way possible. Rooftop chases, assassin on bike chasing a car. I don’t
    mind copying scenes from Hollywood, but at least make scene likable.
    It’s done in such a naive way, its bullshit.

    Words to director => Sit at home and watch movies, don’t bloody make a
    stupid one.

    Rating : 1/10

  • faisalfavesNovember 27, 2016Reply

    7, I tell you why.

    A very old typical story. So predicting story.

    Action is good but it was not good as the previous Force movie.

    The last movie had some story but this one was so empty. The beginning
    has some story but after the interval movie has zero story. Now let’s
    talk about acting, I felt Villain is the Hero and Hero is the Villain,
    I don’t know why, but I felt it.

    The villain of this movie was so good and He has done an amazing job. I
    really enjoyed villain acting scenes more than Hero’s. I personally
    feel that Sonakshi Sinha is not an actress.

    John Abraham: 7/10

    Sonakshi Sinha: 3/10

    Tahir Raj Bhasin: 9/10

    Editing: 6/10

    Direction: 7/10

    Story: 3/10

    Music: 4/10

    Abhinay Deo done a great job doing Delhi Belly, but Nishikant Kamat is
    the best director for this kind of movies.

    Overall Nice Movie, One-time Watch…

  • rodrig58November 29, 2016Reply

    A good action movie

    Sonakshi Sinha, Akira in ”Naam Hai Akira” and John Abraham, Kabir
    Shergill in ‘Dishoom’, are here together in a continuous run from China
    to Hungary. All the scenes are accompanied by loud music, which is not
    bad at all. It is even better than the last American productions. The
    film obviously has something of the James Bond films and the Bourne
    series. Even manages to be at the same height. Except that the male
    protagonist has not the charm and the sex appeal of Bond and Bourne.
    Although male model in India – read on IMDb – John Abraham is just a
    bit rude Asian. Acting skills, not really. The same thing can be said
    about Sonakshi Sinha, who is not at all suitable for this role (in
    ”Naam Hai Akira” she is OK). That’s it. Otherwise, chases, cars,
    motorcycles, many punches, and even more shootings, which not achieve
    their target, well what do you want, Bollywood action movie… And
    there’s more, the guy who sings harmonica, the villain… his harmonica
    sounds almost exactly like in ”Once Upon a Time in the West” (1968)
    C’era Una Volta il West (original title), directed by the great Sergio
    Leone… Remember Charles Bronson (Harmonica)?

  • rubysraj-76930November 30, 2016Reply

    Awful, horrible, headache

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hussain BignerFebruary 22, 2017Reply

    Sonakishi Sinha great director made great idea John Abraham was awesome!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sammyFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    Why So Stupid?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Niaz Islam ArifMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Huge Disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnmacoMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Movie without any message, purpose or soul

    I watched this movie on DVD last week after a friend told me that it is
    a one time watch. I have seen the previous Force which really had a
    great plot with nice acting by lead and supporting cast but this 2016
    Force 2 is nothing as compared to the previous Force. And above that
    they have taken Sonakshi Sinha (the AKIRA girl) and her character is so
    dumb that sometimes you wish the bad guy should have killed her in the
    first half of the movie. Anyhow coming back to the plot, well actually
    the movie has no plot. The motive behind the wrongdoings by the bad guy
    is not justifiable and is childish. I don’t understand what the team of
    writers were doing when they finalized this script. John is good but
    the story is so weak that you really feel bad that you actually decided
    to watch this dumb piece of cinema. As far Sonakshi is concerned, I
    wonder why she was taken for this role. The bad guy (Bhasin) is good
    and reminds of SRK from the movie baazigar. Just ignore it and watch
    Force 1 again.

  • tabishnawazMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Pathetic and Dumb

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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