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From a House on Willow Street

From a House on Willow Street

Evil has an address...Mar. 24, 2017 South Africa90 Min.
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8.6 1,524 votes

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After a young woman is kidnapped, her captors soon come to realize that in fact they may be the ones in danger and this young woman has a dark secret inside her.

From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
From a House on Willow Street
Original titleFrom a House on Willow Street
TMDb Rating5.3 23 votes

(42) comments

  • kosmaspMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The horror

    You know if you are into jump scares and just love any horror movie, I
    guess you’ll enjoy yourself. Still I’m surprised by the overall high
    rating. And that is not only because one of the cast members distances
    him- or herself from the movie, but just the pure fact that the movie
    is filled with clichés. So many that it kind of started hurting

    So while I couldn’t fault the movie for any technical aspect (and I
    guess that’s plus that I like the actors in it, despite their horrible
    characters made me be kind in my rating), I don’t feel that way when it
    comes to the script. It starts off kind of good and it does sort of
    maintain a certain mood. But it’s so crazy what the characters do … I
    mean yes I realize we wouldn’t have certain movies, if characters
    behaved as if they actually had a brain, but still this stretches
    anything you’ll be able to stomach. I’d even say I like the ending in a
    weird way, even though it hurt too …

  • gavin6942March 22, 2017Reply

    After a Long Wait, it is Unleashed…

    After a young woman is kidnapped, her captors soon come to realize that
    in fact they may be the ones in danger and this young woman has a dark
    secret inside her.

    Horror is the genre of subgenres. We already had the ”home invasion”
    subgenre, but it seems like it might be time to create a new one: the
    subgenre of ”reverse break-ins”. In the last few years, there have been
    a handful of films involving houses getting broken into, only to have
    the tables turned on the burglars. And strangely enough, so far they
    seem to be quite good (this one included).

    The first thing that sets ”Willow Street” apart from the others (”Shut
    In”, ”Don’t Breathe”) is the inclusion of Sharni Vinson. This is a
    great move, as Vinson is a) an incredibly gifted actress, b) much
    beloved by the horror community, and c) a genuinely nice person. That
    last point really doesn’t affect the movie, but it worked on me.

    You also have to love the fast pace; within ten minutes we are right
    into the action and the mystery, giving us only the vaguest of hints
    about what is to transpire. No unnecessary background, just a
    hyper-kinetic horror story. Oh, and I did say mystery. Early on,
    viewers might ask themselves, ”Are those carvings in an alien
    language?” Without giving too much away, the origin of those ”alien”
    words is brilliant, something that takes this from a home invasion film
    to something closer to Roman Polanski’s ”The Ninth Gate” or Dario
    Argento’s ”Mother of Tears”. Yes, you can speak of this film in the
    same breath as Polanski and Argento without any hint of irony.

    From a technical standpoint, the film is spot on. The cinematography is
    gorgeous – just look at those hues! The makeup and special effects look
    amazing, complementing the overall look of the film. There is every
    reason to think this will be a contender for one of the better horror
    films to come out in 2017. For me, it would already be among my top
    three of the year, giving it a solid chance for top ten as the year
    goes on.

  • banditoMarch 24, 2017Reply

    this movie is like a 3.8

    7.9 as of march 2017, make me wonder if they had automated ratings to
    boost the overall rating. this movie fill like made for TV and id say
    its a 3.8 to 5.6 rating worth. I give 1 star in hope to lower the
    already 1000 plus votes. Too slow in a bad way before scares happen,
    and some cheap scares. It had potential as a script wt some rewriting .
    acting so so.

  • mejafloraMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Why is the rating so high for a movie so horrible??

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gungygussitMarch 24, 2017Reply


    I watched this film because of it’s 7.9 rating.

    5 minutes in I started thinking…this doesn’t come across like a 7.9,
    ten more minutes passed – it’s not a 7.9.

    Clearly someone has been playing with the votes, this film is awful.
    The acting is terrible along with the cast, the story is sub par and
    the horror aspect it predictable and very much not even remotely jumpy.

    Avoid this film at all cost.

  • tbjorno-01480March 24, 2017Reply

    What the F? This movie close to an 8.0?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EmileeMarch 25, 2017Reply

    One of the most awful films I have ever watched!

    Created an account to say how awful this film is how it has such high
    ratings I don’t have a clue. Biggest waste of my time I have ever spent
    it is full of every cliché I’ve ever watched within a horror film and I
    could guess the plot easily from the start. It’s boring and the
    characters frustratingly stupid. Don’t bother watching this at all!

  • Yonathan LiangMarch 25, 2017Reply

    good on half first story, disaster on the other half

    at first i watched this movie because on IMDb it has 7.8 rating i
    thought to my self well, it’s a good enough rating for a horror movie

    turns out movie was very lackluster, no good acting, writing is really
    bad the characters are in complete mess

    this movie is a joke seriously

  • Peter KimMarch 26, 2017Reply

    3 out of 10

    The current rating is far too generous.

    This is your average b horror movie — amateur acting/casting and cheap
    jump scares.

    Not worth the time in my opinion.

    Do yourself a favor and find a different movie to watch.

  • AldiggityMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Creepy and satisfying

    This movie will get your pulse up fast, revealing the ”horror” very
    early on. Towards the end you’ve almost gotten so used to it that the
    scare effect wears off a bit, and is one of two reason I don’t rank
    this a 10.

    Characters in this movie is also really good, well written and
    performed. The plot has some weight and emotion to it, and with a solid
    ending that works great.

    The other drawback with this movie for me was mostly because of
    unrealistic behavior from our main characters at times. Like when miss
    heels from Jurrasic World is worried that when she releases T-Rex it
    won’t be able to follow her if she runs, so she waits for it to come
    close, walks for a bit, then runs. Those kinds of unrealistic
    bahaviours. But I’ve seen worse, so I suggest you just put this on and
    roll with it!

    All in all you get everything you want from a jump scare movie with
    House on Willow Street, with a good plot and good actors that deliver,
    and a scare factor we all can relate to. You might not be so happy with
    turning of your lights going to bed later that night, so if you have a
    weak stomach you might wanna sit this one out.

  • BeeBop89March 26, 2017Reply

    Strange and Interesting Gonzo Effort

    A House On Willow Street is a low budget gonzo fright fest with
    beautiful shots, crazy creature effects and an interesting and engaging
    plot. I do a horror podcast, so I’ve seen it all. I was so pleased that
    this wasn’t the run-of-the-mill that I was expecting—it’s a tension-
    filled, well-paced, scary little ride. Yes, it’s a creature movie, but
    the characters are well-developed (and the acting, for a change, is
    really GOOD), so we care about them; there are also a few stories going
    on at the same time, and all of them work well together so that the
    film’s final moments are tied up perfectly (but NOT predictably). The
    set-up is tight so that we are plunged into the situation in short
    order— yet story and development do not get short shrift. If you love
    creature movies but you’re looking for something a little bit
    different, definitely check this out. Very interesting all the reviews
    coming in from around the world when the movie has only been released
    in the US. Guess pirates are allowed an opinion too?

  • Vijayan Manoj KumarMarch 26, 2017Reply

    This was Made by House of Fools

    This is an awful movie with a dreadful performance. Somebody gave 7.5
    rating and I thought I should give it a shot and now I regret it. I am
    great fan of Horror movies and have seen a lot of cool flicks.This one
    was disappointment from the beginning till the end. The moment it was
    over, I texted my buddy not to watch, as I suggested this movie to him
    , keeping the previous rating in mind. He would have killed me

  • teetoh666March 26, 2017Reply

    Hard to explain a rating higher than 6.5

    I just got fooled by the rating of this flick on IMDb. Just like ”A
    cabin in the woods”, this flick had a rating higher than 7 with more
    than 1,200 votes, which tricked me into giving 1h30 of my life into
    watching it. Big mistake. Terrible acting, wrong special effects, plot
    as cliché as one can be… This movie is ridiculous and does not
    deserve more than a 4.

  • donnyliem-10762March 26, 2017Reply

    Worst horror movies I ever watched in my life

    This is a very awful movie. I was fooled by the IMDb high score so I
    watched it. I think someone cheated the score. By the way, I give only
    1 (out of 10) for the score. You know why? because there is no 0 in the
    option. My horrible mistake by giving 1.5h of my life to watch this
    awful movie.

  • stonedraimMarch 26, 2017Reply

    House on Willow of Low Rate Lane

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RoboDogMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Spooky Movie!!

    Willow Street really is a great modern horror film. It offers great
    thrills and also offers wonderful acting. Every actor did their job
    beautifully and the characters they portray are well constructed, they
    are not just surface level, cardboard cut out characters. The visuals
    are good, the darkness and the creepy eeriness effect of a lot of
    scenes work very well. There are some scenes that may even be somewhat
    hard to watch because of the utter creepiness. The horror is real here,
    it’s not cheap or cheesily boring. The opening of the film is also very
    effective in its attempt to be truly scary. This movie isn’t very gory
    or overly grotesque either, it has a minimal amount of blood/gore, and
    some violent images, but not a whole whole lot, which it good and a
    wise decision by the filmmakers, because if a scary movie is too gory
    or overly disturbing, then it can be distracting from the plot. You
    want people focused on the plot of the movie and on what’s going on,
    not on the ridiculous amount of gore.

  • vispoepMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Waste of time.

    Although we have seen the plot before, I would say it great for gore
    fanatics, but would add that it is a waste of time for anyone with an
    IQ above nine. In summary: excellent horror make-up does not save a
    stumbling movie with an unoriginal story and amateur styling. I could
    not wait for it to finish.

  • jswindter01March 27, 2017Reply

    This movie rocked—

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Geoff DukeMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Another high rated movie which actually is crap

    I along with many of the other commentators chose this movie based on
    its rating. At 5.9 I wasn’t expecting greatness but what I got instead
    was this pile of crap. Acting 2/10, story 1/10, CGI 1/10.

    I kept watching to see how awful this was and it did not fail me. How
    this got a rating higher than 2 I do not know and makes me question the
    authenticity of it.

    Total joke the ratings on this site, before you view anything on here
    go see what other sites say.

  • Claudio CarvalhoMarch 27, 2017Reply

    No One is Afraid of the Dark

    For six weeks, Hazel (Sharni Vinson), Ade (Steven John Ward), James
    (Gustav Gerdener) and Mark (Zino Ventura) plots a plan to abduct the
    daughter of a jewelry dealer Katherine (Carlyn Burchell). When they
    break in the house of the family on Willow Street, Ade sees cabalistic
    symbols in her wardrobe and then he brings the young woman to an
    abandoned facility in a van. They chain Katherine in the basement and
    video-tape her. They send the video to her family and calls her father
    to ask for the ransom. They are not able to contact him by phone and
    Ade and James drive the van back to the house to talk to him. However
    they find Katherine’s parents dead on their bed and two priests died on
    the basement. Ade finds a couple of videotapes and bring them to their
    hideout. When they watch the video, they see that they have unleashed a
    demon and they are doomed to die.

    ”From a House on Willow Street” is a creepy and scary horror film. The
    story and the screenplay are very well written increasing the tension
    along the new discoveries of the criminals. The lead character Hazel is
    very well developed and the gruesome locations and the dark
    cinematography supports the plot. The optimist conclusion is a little
    deceptive since there is no explanation why the demon became weaker but
    fans of genuine horror film will enjoy ”From a House on Willow Street”.
    My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available

  • angela waltersMarch 27, 2017Reply

    If you like horror then this is worth watching

    I enjoyed watching this film. I don’t usually go along and watch movies
    like this one but I must say I was pleasantly surprised to how much I
    actually enjoyed it. The acting is good the story line is great. There
    were some scenes that I had to turn away from and some had me holding
    onto my seat and even jumping out of my seat. I would watch this movie
    again. Its one of the best horror movies I have watched as I don’t
    really like to watch horror movies as they all seem the same. This one
    had me holding on.

  • trendier_meMarch 28, 2017Reply

    a big no no

    Pathetic is the right word to describe this movie in one word. The
    story is loosely constructed, the characters look stupid doing their
    over the top acting and painful ending. There was definitely nothing
    horror about the movie, expect the high rating it has got on IMDb. The
    movie is seem to be made because the producer had some money to spare
    and invest. DO NOT WATCH IT.

  • JackJohnMarch 29, 2017Reply

    I don’t know whats worse…

    This movie, or the amount of people that wrote bad reviews upon which
    they based their watching of said movie due to an IMDb score with less
    then 4000 votes…

    Do yourselves a favor people, instead of looking at that big solid
    number, check out the fine print right next to it. If the movie has a
    high rating, and 2000 views, odds are its not worth your time.

    Instead of bashing a rating system, open your apparently closed eyes.

  • mousta-56507March 29, 2017Reply

    What the…???

    I watched this wondering how a 7.anything horror movie wasn’t picked up
    on my radar. I was sorely disappointed. This movie is HORRIBLE. The
    acting is bad, the story is bad, the directing is trash. You know your
    movie is garbage when you get your friends to leave fake reviews on
    IMDb. Let’s get this rating where it belongs…

  • lingerie_ripperMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Starts off really exciting with lots of potential but….

    30 minutes into the movie I was so excited because I am a horror movie
    fanatic and truthfully only 1 out of 10 of them have been good lately.
    Maybe even 1 out of 20. I had such high hopes and was glued to the
    screen but as the movie went on, it became cliché and got ridiculous.
    *sigh* What a let down.

  • thatkidguzMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Worst thing since zika

    Simply put, this was the WORST thing I have ever seen. It was acted out
    and produced by what seems to be people with money to burn. I was
    literally embarrassed for them that they willingly partook in this
    project. I too was led to it by the fake rating. I now hate myself for
    watching it.

  • Noel D. SalinasMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Good experience

    I just can’t understand why people are rating this movie low. I
    thoroughly enjoyed it. Though there were some errors in special effects
    but, plot and story are overall great. When I started playing it, I
    thought it is over rated but as the time passed it grabbed my whole
    attention. I would love to rate it as a 7 star movie.

  • Velma ThomasMarch 30, 2017Reply

    I rate it very high!!!

    This movie made my day!!!! I am still feeling the sensation I have gone
    through. After so long, finally I was able to fine exceptional horror
    movie. The story itself is very unique and from the very first scene, I
    couldn’t deviate my devotion until I was done with it. Working on
    horror genre is absolutely hard and most of the scenes are resource
    hungry but overall this is an amazing effort. Highly recommended to
    those who are looking for an exceptional horror movie!

  • Diane WilliamsMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Hats off to Alastair Orr and his team

    Simply mind blowing!! Hats off to Alastair Orr for some tricky scenes
    with perfection. I am feeling myself luck for watching an awesome
    horror movie after so long. I would love to convey my gratitude to
    Catherine Blackman and Jonathan Jordaan too. These guys are talented
    and know their work really well. Thanks to the whole team for making
    our weekend awesome!

  • Suzanne LauryApril 1, 2017Reply

    Very Well thought Story!! A Perfect Horror Movie

    Very well thought and directed with ultimate perfection. The premise is
    innovative and none such act has been created earlier. I consider it as
    best horror movie I watched this year so far!!! Normally, South African
    productions are not that much impressive as this particular one is! The
    plot and characters are perfect !! I am planning to watch it again next
    weekend with bunch of friends.

  • Seth MitchellApril 1, 2017Reply

    Very Different From other Horror Movies

    My overall experience is good about the movie. Writer didn’t lose grip
    on the story until the last scene. If I critically evaluate it in
    depth, I find that there is some room of improvement in special
    effects, especially in the last part of the movie. Unlike repetitive
    horror stories, it has to offer something different… Those who are
    giving it low votes, better watch it again as critic

  • chuggdogApril 2, 2017Reply

    Garbage. Complete, utter garbage. Painfully bad

    I get it. It’s not a 7 or a 8 movie. I went into this movie with low
    expectations because of recent reviews but I figured they were just
    angry reviews because they thought it was a 7 or 8. I expected a 5 or
    6. Nope. Didn’t happen. Very poor acting, awful script, cheesy effects
    and just boring. I hung in there for the entire movie but by the end, I
    was laughing at the terrible acting and the script. I’ve seen almost
    every horror movie out there and this ranks in the top 100 worst. Boo!

  • AliciaRGentryApril 4, 2017Reply

    A brilliant horror

    Its easy to understand the pull of the full. The film is very well
    crafted and full of interesting images. The acting is very good and the
    camera work solid. House on Willow Street isn’t for everybody. I
    wouldn’t even say a horror fan will like it. It has an art-house feel
    to it that may turn some people away. But it is a bold film, sublimely
    realised, feral, primal and it will play on your senses long after it
    is over.

  • McMillan MarilynApril 5, 2017Reply

    Not a bad experiment

    House on Willow Street is a messed up film and it’s wildly
    entertaining.Here’s the good: It’s a physiological horror film that
    really asks the audience, ”What would you do in this situation?”. I was
    lucky enough to be at a screening of the film with writer/producer
    Catherine Blackman and the director Alastair Orr and most of the cast.
    They talked a lot about how there was no villain in this movie, which
    is something I loved. The people in this movie were all acting for
    themselves, doing what they need to do for their family or for
    survival. The story in the beginning and the middle is very interesting
    and will keep the audience entertained well after the movie is over.

  • edwardricinoApril 6, 2017Reply

    Predictable and not very scary

    The writers blew this movie in the first 15 mins or so, after that ho
    hum, just another wanna be horror flick. They did have some good
    graphics but the plot just nose dived. This is a 5 and under rating, I
    don’t see how it;s a 7 plus…. The cast and crew must have voted for
    it…. I gave it a 5 for the graphics, it’s really a borderline b
    flick, just a notch above…. Nothing really scary, but good to watch
    if your going to sleep….. It’s not total crap though…..

  • Eve_of_DestructionApril 7, 2017Reply

    Rating this movie so high was not the best idea

    I am all for the little engines that could. But the people rating this
    so high made a mistake. They should have went with a lower score or
    even a 6.0 max. Now they have screwed their little gem up and are
    getting bad reviews. Had this been a 5.9 I would’ve still watched it
    with some reservations and probably liked it a little better. But I
    went in with extremely high expectations. I actually got excited to
    find a Horror movie rated so well. I have already gone through over 10
    films this week, on Netflix and Amazon, and all were bad. But at least
    those had ratings of 5.5 or 4.5 and reasons for why. I wanted to like
    those films and therefore gave them a try but did not expect much.

    Anyway. I don’t think this was terrible. The acting was not bad and the
    story was interesting. It was dark and slightly creepy. Had I been home
    alone on this stormy night I might have even been a little more scared.
    I don’t think I even need to go into detail as everyone else has done
    that already. But due to all the other reviews I can’t out right say go
    watch it. Because I think it is almost too late for that.

    If you do watch don’t expect much and you will enjoy it more. Turn out
    the lights, open the windows, and set the mood. It will help.

  • stephenabellApril 10, 2017Reply

    A Nice Surprise Of A Horror Film

    This is the kind of kick-in-the-pants the horror genre needed.

    In a much-abused genre, it’s difficult to add anything new so what
    writer and director Alastair Orr and co-writers Catherine Blackman and
    Jonathan Jordaan did was to change the situation and in doing so added
    a breath of fresh air to the genre.

    Hazel, Ade, Mark, and James are habitual criminals in search of the
    elusive ”Big Score”. It’s Hazel who has the idea to kidnap the daughter
    of her father’s former partner. It was he who was responsible for her
    father losing his business while he gained all the power in the
    jewellery business.

    Knowing there’s a lot to be made the gang kidnap Katherine and take her
    to a warehouse to await her father paying the ransom. However, there’s
    something wrong… Katherine’s parents don’t answer their phone or
    their cells… It’s only when Ade and James return to the house that
    the mystery starts to reveal itself.

    All the actors were respectable in their roles, though Carlyn Burchell
    as Katherine, Steven Jon Ward as Ade, and Zino Ventura as Mark were
    stronger in their portrayals. It was the story and the acting which
    made the movie for me as the direction was pretty average and didn’t
    really add anything.

    In fact, there was one scene that very nearly spoilt the entire movie
    for me and that was when the director decided to go slow motion to say
    look at my special effects aren’t they nice(?) Who the hell uses slo-mo
    anymore(?) Then there was the decision to change a character’s
    personality for the last segment of the film. Hazel, played strongly by
    Sharni Vinson suddenly becomes weak and continually scared. This makes
    her more like a stereotypical horror ”Scream Queen”. This happens so
    suddenly that I just stopped and wondered ”What the Hell!?” There was
    no need for it and it weakened the story, character, and film. Bad

    There are also a few other minor inconsistencies that you may notice,
    though they don’t hurt the film as much as the couple mentioned above.

    Well worth a watch, even if it is only once. I may even watch this one
    again if it makes it onto any of the telly channels.

  • nuttyapprenticeApril 16, 2017Reply

    What a load of [email protected]

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • the_wolf_imdbMay 17, 2017Reply

    This could have been so much much better

    There is one huge sin in horror movies: You should never ever reveal
    too much nor too little. The best part of the horror movie experience
    is trying to understand what is going on. Give too little explanation
    and you will end up with something really annoying as no one could
    understand the movie. Give too much and the movie just stops being
    scary at all.

    The best way is to reveal the background only in small pieces and maybe
    to build a misleading theory that falls apart at the end. The best
    mixture could end up like Sinister: You will see the point at the end
    but it is too late for the hero. And even after ending of the movie you
    will have no clue how the end could be prevented. It leaves chills and
    unpleasant uncertainty.

    This movie fails in the second way: It simply explains too much too
    soon and becomes silly. In the middle of the movie you will know pretty
    much everything – what is going on, what is the cause, how to resolve
    everything. Everything is explained by the bunch of conveniently placed
    videotapes in excruciating and really unnecessary detail.

    And exactly at that point the movie just stops to be scary at all. It
    is not that terrible, it is just an opportunity wasted by the author of
    the script who seems not to be familiar with basics of horror. It could
    be so much much better – all it needed was to reveal less background,
    use less cheap scares and focus more on the process of discovering what
    is really going on.

    It could be as good as The Autopsy of Jane Doe. It failed because
    authors have no clue about story writing and they decided to focus on
    primitive and cheap Matrix style scares instead. They could save 80% of
    special effects budget, they could make a lot simpler story AND make
    the movie way much better.

    In that sense it is quite a fail. The movie is not that horrible, it is
    just an opportunity horribly wasted.

  • bingcrosbyiscoolMay 19, 2017Reply

    Implausible, but for the wrong reasons

    Fairly nice production values and it feels like there was a good idea
    in here somewhere, but, what’s with the story? They plan for six weeks
    and then… what, exactly? It’s an amateurish mess from the first
    moment they put their ”plan” into action. Rather than drawing us into a
    complex story with believable characters facing an improbable
    challenge, it turns into an ”idiot plot”; in order for the story to
    continue, the characters have to be idiots.

  • Kutta KyteMay 21, 2017Reply

    Absolutely terrifying

    First off, who are the jokers saying this movie is bad. It’s not. It’s

    Let me also add I am a man and an adult, and I was left so scared by
    this movie, I had to put the light on. Seriously. The shocks come thick
    and fast.

    So okay what is the movie about? It’s about a team of drop-outs who
    decide to kidnap a teenage girl of a wealthy family and then send out a

    This is where the movie gets really scary. The girl they kidnapped is
    not a normal girl. She has deep secrets, and she looks terrible. With
    bloodshot eyes and a face with scratches.

    If you can manage to watch it to the end without having to shout ‘help’
    then fine. You’re better than me.

    Great movie. Lots of scares, chills and a great creepy atmosphere.
    Brilliant acting too.

    Recommended! 10/10.

  • ArgemalucoMay 25, 2017Reply

    From a House on Willow Street

    The ”criminals who become victims” concept has always been popular in
    horror cinema (Don’t Breathe is a recent example I liked), and that
    might be because it adds an unexpected moral ambiguity which questions
    our perception regarding ”good” and ”evil” ones. And, on a more
    visceral sense, it creates an ”instantaneous karma” sensation in which
    the criminals receive their punishment… even though we would like to
    see them escape sometimes). From a House on Willow Street follows that
    formula, but its main problem is that co-screenwriter Alaistar Orr (who
    is also the director), Jonathan Jordaan (sic) and Catherine Blackman
    reveal the kidnapped girl’s secret too quickly, decreasing the tension
    and taking us through a prefabricated route which doesn’t adequately
    exploit the ”surprise factor”. Besides, it’s too obvious who the
    default ”hero” (heroine, in this case) will be from the beginning;
    fortunately, that character is played by Sharni Vinson, whose work in
    horror cinema during the last 5 years (Bait, You’re Next and Patrick:
    Evil Awakens) has made her become a versatile ”scream queen” with an
    adequate emotional deepness. Vinson’s scenic presence and credible
    reactions keep us moderately entertained despite the questionable
    narrative decisions and weak coincidences in which her character is
    involved. I will probably end up forgetting From a House on Willow
    Street as soon as I finish writing this review, but it didn’t bore me,
    and I can give it a slight recommendation, mainly due to the gore and
    the presence of an actress whose affinity for the horror genre can
    rescue mediocre movies, such as… this one. We are still on time to
    redeem the ”scream queen” term, and Vinson is one of the actresses
    capable of achieving it (other good alternatives: Mary Elizabeth
    Winstead and Anya Taylor-Joy).

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