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Get Hard

Get Hard

An education in incarceration.Mar. 26, 2015 USA100 Min.R
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Etan Cohen



When obscenely rich hedge-fund manager James is convicted of fraud and sentenced to a stretch in San Quentin, the judge gives him one month to get his affairs in order. Knowing that he won’t survive more than a few minutes in prison on his own, James desperately turns to Darnell– a black businessman who’s never even had a parking ticket — for help. As Darnell puts James through the wringer, both learn that they were wrong about many things, including each other.

Get Hard
Get Hard
Get Hard
Get Hard
Get Hard
Get Hard
Get Hard
Original titleGet Hard
IMDb Rating6.0 95,220 votes
TMDb Rating5.9 837 votes

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  • princemiloMarch 25, 2015Reply

    Get Hard is a rock solid blue comedy

    If you’re offended by pasty white asses, full frontal male nudity and
    ridiculous vulgarity, do not bother with Get Hard, the funniest film
    I’ve seen in a while. This film declares its intent in the title and
    its opening frame, right after James King (played to perfection in a
    vehicle designed for Will Ferrell) cries his eyes out – more about that
    in a moment. Will Ferrell is a divisive figure. There are people who
    find him hysterical (I am unabashedly in that camp) and those who just
    don’t see what’s so funny. Again, if you’re in the latter camp, don’t
    try this film to figure it out. It’s unapologetic Will being Will from
    reel to reel.

    Life is perfect for white man James King. He’s a one percenter and
    about to become elite amongst even that slim group with his latest
    promotion to partner in his soon to be father in law’s (Craig T.
    Nelson) investment firm. His fiancée, Alissa (Alison Brie) declares
    that he needs to have everything, including her body in every white way
    possible. He has no idea of the meaning of the silver spoon lodged in
    his mouth, espousing ridiculous platitudes about the value of hard work
    in front of all of those ”beneath” him.

    On the flip side is Darnell (Kevin Hart). He’s short, black and broke.
    He has a lovely wife and an adorable young daughter, who unfortunately
    goes to a very dangerous elementary school in South Central L.A.
    because Darnell can’t afford the down payment on a house in a better
    area. It is this heart that makes Darnell immediately likable and
    grounds James’ antics.

    Darnell owns a mobile car wash for executives inside of James’
    building. His need of James’ money is obvious – and hilariously
    rebuffed. When things quickly go south for James and he needs something
    from Darnell, the backlash is equally hilarious. The odd couple setup
    is obvious and extremely well played, proving, once again, it’s more
    important to execute than try too hard to be original. And, for the
    record, I’m also in the camp that everything is derivative (see
    ”everything’s a remix” for more), so when it comes to where to place
    one’s effort, it should be in For a moment, I saw shades of an
    excellent comedy from about thirty years ago, Trading Places. Get Hard
    goes an entirely different direction and it’s not nearly in the same
    class as Trading Place. But for front line, punch you in the face,
    over-the-top comedy Get Hard delivers the goods.

    There are few taboos the film won’t touch – racism, homophobia,
    class-ism to name a few. Comedy has the ability to skewer, shed light
    upon and potentially even heal some of these ills. No, I’m not saying
    this film is on par with Dr. King’s ”I have a dream” speech, but, for
    the type of comedy it is, I was impressed by how well it plays the
    white/black divide angle with more nuance, intrigue and, dare I say it,
    poignancy than I’ve seen in a while. Homophobia gets a strong and
    positive tweaking, too, in Darnell’s developing friendship with a gay
    man after a howlingly funny training scene at a local gay hot spot. For
    how homosexuality is often viewed in large parts of the popular black
    culture, it was a big deal to see Darnell having a legitimate, caring
    friendship on the screen.

    But enough attempts at convincing. It’s a silly, low-brow, rude comedy
    by design. To complain about it for being such is like being mad at
    crocodile for biting. They don’t hide their teeth – and neither does
    Get Hard.

  • Lloyd BayerMarch 26, 2015Reply

    Low on taste and high on slur, Get Hard is frustratingly flaccid all the way.

    With a title like that, writer/director Etan Cohen (not to be confused
    with the Coen Brothers) has a specific audience in mind. So it comes as
    no surprise that Get Hard not only aims below the belt, sexual
    innuendos are rampant alongside stereotypical gags on race, gender and
    sexual orientation. But if that’s your thing, then you are exactly the
    type of audience Cohen hopes to make a buck off.

    With the opening credits split into two frames, the insinuations are
    clear – Crime and poverty stricken Black America mounted by Ivy league
    White America. You could say this is pretty much the main theme before
    it all starts tasting sour. In the big white corner is James King (Will
    Farrell), a Harvard educated corporate bigshot with a big slice of the
    big life. In the tiny black corner is Darnell (Kevin Hart), a car
    washer barely making ends meet. Their worlds collide when King faces
    incarceration for fraud and embezzlement. Now facing 10 years ‘hard’
    time (one of several references to the title) King seeks out the only
    person he thinks can help him – Darnell. Why? King assumes that a third
    of all black men will have been incarcerated in their lifetime. How?
    For the money, Darnell will groom King from a softy into a hardy. Hence
    the title Get Hard. Get it?

    Thus begins this mashup between two former stand-up comedians, each
    armed with a barrage of one-liners that I suspect was once used during
    their heydays on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. With the biggest gag being
    King’s fear of getting raped in prison, Cohen’s setup is the 30 days of
    preparation before King becomes an inmate. Although few of these jokes
    are laugh-out-loud funny, most go flat even before the punchline is
    thrown. Seasoned delivery from Ferrell and Hart aside, the problem lies
    in Cohen’s gags that are both outdated as well as overdone. It’s one
    thing to read these jokes on a subway ride after work, but absolutely
    horrendous when materialized on screen. It doesn’t help either that
    almost every joke told has been done before, in addition to a formulaic
    story where everyone in the audience knows King is framed and by whom.

    For all those who got a kick out of watching Farrell in Old School (I
    know I did), there’s still a glimpse of that side splitting aptitude in
    him but Get Hard doesn’t do much to get it out (think Steve Martin in
    Bringing Down the House). In comparison, Hart has more or less the edge
    here but falls victim too, to a sophomore effort from Cohen.
    Ultimately, it all comes down to taste. Even so, Get Hard is harsh on
    the ears and feeble on the brain, but frustratingly flaccid all the

  • GoneWithTheTwinsMarch 26, 2015Reply

    The subject matter and conversations are blunt and somewhat shocking, yet largely humorous.

    ”Get Hard” thrives off fantastical, situational satire embellished by
    the predictable comedy routines of stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.
    Though it falters when it dives into vacuous humor of the vulgar
    variety, the chemistry between its leads and the slew of jabs at
    stereotypes and facades elicits laughs at an impressively steady rate.
    The premise – and its subsequent utilization of extreme opposites – is
    clever, but it’s the energetic back-and-forth banter between Ferrell
    and Hart that outshines both the gross-out stunts and the easy punches
    at such blaringly malapropos fakers.

    With his fancy cars, palatial residence, and adoring fiancé (Alison
    Brie), millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) seems to have it all. But
    everything changes in a heartbeat for the senior fund manager when he’s
    convicted of fraud and embezzlement and is handed the strictest
    possible sentence for the crimes: ten years in a maximum-security
    penitentiary. Frantic for help in coping with the perils of lockup,
    King hires straight-laced carwash entrepreneur Darnell Lewis (Kevin
    Hart) to prepare him; King is under the mistaken assumption that the
    Hollywood Luxury Bubbles owner spent time in jail, simply because of
    his ethnicity. Desperate for the promised payment of $30,000, and
    realizing that he only needs to act the part to get the money, Lewis
    conducts a rigorous regimen of prison scenario reenactments to ready
    the disgraced investor for life on the inside.

    Here’s a movie that doesn’t have to depend on the natural innuendo
    derived from its title (though suggestive comments are certainly made),
    since the major premise is to thwart certain prison rape. The subject
    matter and conversations are blunt and somewhat shocking, yet largely
    humorous (not that they should be) in the frank exchanges and verbal
    depictions of anal and oral violations. Nevertheless, ”Get Hard” falls
    into the expected design of containing graphic nudity, which is
    actually the last thing it needs; apparently, the filmmakers felt that
    by excluding shots of exposed male genitalia, they’d be losing out on a
    chance at memorable sight gags. Sadly, those moments retain little
    humor and merely serve to distract from the bits of genuine comedy that
    come from Ferrell playing Ferrell and Hart playing Hart.

    ”Just so you know, I’d have done the same thing if you were white.”
    Both stars are very good at their shticks, with intentional
    unintelligence and exaggerated façade fitting their routines nicely.
    And what makes the production even more successful is the decision to
    include two different fish-out-of-water scenarios. It’s outrageous to
    see Ferrell’s representations of overblown stereotypes (plenty of race
    jokes abound) and just as amusing to see Hart’s own delineations of
    behavior behind bars, born from movies and media rather than
    experience. The radical contrasts between broadly drawn assumptions
    about San Quentin and King’s marginally sympathetic millionaire
    (ludicrously excessive wealth makes an easy target for villainy) also
    give rise to laugh-out-loud sequences and a perpetual bordering on bad

    One of the elements that detracts from the basic setup is the severity
    of the incarceration term and the anticipated sexual violence. King
    doesn’t need to get ”hard” so much as merely serious. The film exists
    in an alternate reality, where lots of guns are waved and no one gets
    shot, and where deadly situations pop up but result in barely a drop of
    spilt blood. King’s stupidity and failure to acknowledge his
    predicament is matched only by the insincerity with which the prison
    sentence and the true antagonists are approached. Most of the climax
    appears modeled after the attention to realism and plausibility of a
    Looney Tunes episode. There’s no suitable way to resolve such a comedic
    take on maximum-security imprisonment, though ”Get Hard” sticks with
    its tone and lays the goofiness on as thick as possible.

  • boatsfraMarch 26, 2015Reply

    Better than E.T.

    Wow! Just got home from the world premiere and all I can say is this
    movie had me laughing all the way home! I stopped at Waffle House and
    told everyone who would listen to see this movie! I was going to wait
    to illegally download the movie, but I had to see these too Icons on
    the big screen, Like Leo and Tina in Titanic. I was bubbling with
    anticipation going to the theater, got my popcorn and sizzlers and
    finally got to the theater in first place! I had a whole row to myself
    when one person came and looked in my direction and asked me if anyone
    was sitting next to me, and I said no. So there I was, sitting in a
    whole empty theater and one person…the only other person at the world
    premiere, sat next to me. Great movie, spend money!

  • phd_travelMarch 26, 2015Reply

    LOL funny – covers all the current stereotypes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CleveMan66March 26, 2015Reply

    ”Get Hard” works well as comedy and satire, but overplays jokes and could be seen as offensive.

    After thinking for a while about which movie to go out and see first
    during the last weekend of March 2015, I decided I was going to ”Get
    Hard” (R, 1:40). It’s an awkwardly-titled movie with a double entendre
    that could get you in some trouble (or be pretty funny, depending on
    your point of view). Madonna once put out a book of explicit photos,
    simply titled ”Sex”. I remember asking a book store employee if she had
    Sex. She was not amused. Well, I’m more mature now (a little), so I was
    wondering how best to request a ticket for this movie. When it was my
    turn at the box office window, I simply said ”Get Hard”. The girl on
    the other side of the glass was unfazed. ”At 7 o’clock?” she asked me.
    I let that one go. Then, as I walked into the theater, I was wondering,
    if this movie is any good (and/or makes a decent profit), what would
    they call the sequel? ”Get Hard 2”? ”2 Get Hard”? ”Get 2 Hard”? There
    are no easy answers.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Okay. Now that I got that out of my system, I
    think I’ll actually review a movie… Will Ferrell is James King, a
    wealthy and talented stock broker who is very full of himself and,
    except for his particular area of expertise, is completely out of touch
    with the world around him. He’s Ron Burgundy, if his leather-bound
    books were a leather office chair instead. Or Ricky Bobby, if he knew
    more about stocks than stock cars. But James is smarter than those
    other two characters he has played in the past. Well, a little smarter.
    Darnell Lewis is pretty smart too, just not as successful. Kevin Hart
    plays the owner of a small car detailing business which caters to the
    rich and infamous, including Mr. James King. Darnell is working hard so
    he can afford to move his wife (Edwina Findley) and young daughter
    (Ariana Neal) to a better neighborhood – and his daughter to a safer
    school. But he’s not sure how soon he’ll be able to make that happen.
    He is, as he admits to his wife, desperate. That is, until James makes
    him an offer he can’t refuse.

    James is going to prison. On the evening of his engagement party, right
    in front of his fiancé, Alissa (Alison Brie), and his boss (and future
    father-in-law), Martin (Craig T. Nelson), he’s arrested for financial
    fraud. He protests his innocence, but is found guilty. In the eyes of
    the public, he’s a Bernie Madoff type of swindler and the judge throws
    the book at him. 10 years. In the maximum security prison at San
    Quentin. Martin tells James his investigators will find out what really
    happened, but James knows that if they don’t, he’ll be headed up the
    river in 30 days. James is scared and on the verge of a nervous
    breakdown. When he next crosses paths with Darnell and blurts out his
    fears, James offers to pay Darnell 30-large to teach him how to survive
    in prison. Darnell has never even had so much as a parking ticket, but
    James assumes Darnell is an ex-con. Because, you know, Darnell is
    black. And he ”only” washes cars for a living. And one in three black
    men spends time in prison at some point. James just did the math. In
    his mind, 1+1+1 = thug.

    Darnell needs the money, so he lets James hold on to his stereotypes
    and his assumptions and sets out to give James his $30,000-worth.
    Alissa has since dumped James (natch), so Darnell uses James’ big house
    to help prepare James for THE Big House. James’ tennis court becomes a
    prison yard and his wine cellar becomes a prison cell. Darnell makes
    James work out, treats him like a convict and even stages a mock prison
    riot, all with the help of James’ household staff, who seem to enjoy
    putting him through the wringer. James’ fragile emotional state and
    lack of street smarts (or even common sense) forces Darnell to keep
    changing tactics, even taking James to see Darnell’s cousin, Russell
    (rapper, producer and actor T.I.), who actually has done time, and is
    currently the leader of a neighborhood street gang. Through it all,
    James is comically game for all of Darnell’s ideas and gives them all
    his best shot, while still claiming to have been wrongfully convicted.
    Eventually, Darnell starts to wonder if James really is innocent.

    ”Get Hard” functions well as both comedy and satire, but has a tendency
    to overplay jokes and portray situations in a way that some may find
    offensive. The film shines a light on racial and sexual stereotypes,
    but whether the results are funny or upsetting depends on your sense of
    humor. Same with the constant prison rape jokes. Whether you’re up for
    those kinds of humor or not, there are plenty of other moments that
    should elicit a chuckle or two. I especially liked the recurring gag of
    James trying to toughen up by awkwardly picking fights with random
    large men in a local park. Ferrell’s well-practiced talent for playing
    the well-meaning, but self-absorbed and out-of-touch knucklehead sells
    the story and most of the humor. Hart does his part pretty well,
    showing continued improvement in his acting, but still resorting to
    mugging a little too often. Speaking of the story, the sub-plot of
    whether or not James is really guilty makes for a nice narrative on
    which to hang the jokes, although the characters in that subplot often
    do things that don’t make sense. But, hey, it’s a comedy. And a Will
    Ferrell / Kevin Hart comedy at that. It’s a bit of a good news and bad
    news scenario. I better just go ahead and give this movie my grade –
    ”B”. I don’t want to overthink it. I don’t need writing this review to
    Get Harder. Wait! That’s it!!

  • steve beard ([email protected])March 27, 2015Reply

    Laugh Out Loud

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pumpkin_ManMarch 27, 2015Reply

    Another Instant Will Ferrell Classic!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rgkarimMarch 27, 2015Reply

    Get Hard Tries Too Hard To Be Funny

    It seems like comedies are trying just about anything to get a laugh
    these days, scraping the bottom of the barrel for potential plots. As a
    result we get movies like Unfinished Business, Ride Along, and now Get
    Hard. To help breathe some life into the ridiculous tale the trailers
    show, the casting department has roped comedic legends Kevin Hart and
    Will Ferrell to help pull in some box office bucks. From the trailers
    you might expect: • A comedy about stereotypical prison motifs • Strong
    racist jokes that most likely know no bounds • Crappy plot that is
    usual of both of these actors • Same old comedy styles of the actors

    So what do you get?

    I can report the first two points are the strongest themes of this
    movie. The plot for those who don’t know is about Will Ferrell’s
    character James being arrested for embezzling and fraud. The eccentric
    and arrogant millionaire has 30 days to get his affairs in order, which
    involves learning to survive in prison by local car washer Darnell
    (Kevin Hart). Already you might be cringing, but I admit some of the
    prison humor is creative, in particular the prison setup itself. I
    laughed more at the setting itself than the actual jokes, due to the
    simplistic setup and irony of James’ staff being the wardens.
    Unfortunately the jokes weren’t as entertaining, most of the scenes
    were shown in the trailers and those that weren’t, focused on the same
    joke themes of sex, sex, and a little prison fighting. Coat all of
    these jokes with curse-laden frosting and you get a mediocre comedy
    whose only break comes from Ferrell’s ridiculous rants. For your
    information, the prison riot scene has some intense strobe light
    action, which may precipitate seizures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    How do they attempt to keep the prison jokes fresh? By adding every
    racial profile and stereotype joke you can think of. Get Hard spares no
    expense to poke fun at our perspectives of folks that end up in prison.
    Over the 100 minutes, you’ll get pummeled with mannerisms and lingo
    that are often associated with African thug life, including Ferrell
    trying on his ”black face” as he calls it. They even threw in a few
    thug track lists to help seal the deal, some of the songs I do like. I
    chuckled at a few of these jokes, particular at Hart’s little
    impressions he plays so well, however like the prison jokes these too
    became stale, losing their comedic edge. Most of the jokes will be
    taken okay, but like always they occasionally overstep their boundaries
    with their jokes, perhaps starting another boycott for racial slurs. So
    here I warn that if you are easily offense by color jokes, you should
    skip this movie.

    To my surprise the plot actually wasn’t half bad in this film. Get Hard
    has some a decent foundation for the jokes to hold anchor to mainly in
    the form of shaping James from pompous wuss into street champion.
    However there is a cute tale of brotherhood that adds some depth to
    otherwise one-dimensional characters and gives a little something else
    to the film, though not as good as Wedding Ringer. Yet it still is
    shallow and simplistic, and doesn’t have the emotional kick I would
    have liked to see.

    Acting wise there isn’t much unique about this performance. Hart takes
    a step back towards his roots with a few shouting rants interspersed
    with his typical F bomb dialog. Fortunately he hasn’t returned all the
    way back, managing to dial down his craziness with some clever lines
    and good comedic timing. This allowed me to once again enjoy his comedy
    without wanting to punch his face in or rip my ears off, a positive
    thing indeed.. I can’t say the same for Ferrell though. Somehow the
    hairy, homely looking white guy gets a hot woman and other than money I
    can’t figure out why? Babes aside though, Ferrell is still the pompous,
    overconfident boob he always plays in his movies. He still carries his
    lines with that air of superiority, though in this installment he
    frequently degrades into a whiney, pathetic baby. I felt he tried to
    hard in this movie, forcing his lines on me instead of perfecting the
    delivery like he used to do. Much of his lines were in that high
    pitched whisper from Elf, only without the over-energetic emphasis that
    Buddy had so long ago.

    If you haven’t guessed it yet, I did not enjoy this movie as much I had
    hoped. Get Hard is indeed another simplistic comedy, where one is
    bombarded by endless jokes and derogative laughs. Sure it is fun at
    first, but most of the funny parts were shown in the trailers, and
    without the course language. Yet for those who love the comedians’
    work, you’ll most likely laugh your heads off with the racial
    profanities and prison slapstick. You’ll enjoy it even more if you are
    drunk. Overall the choice is yours, but I recommend saving your money
    and catching this movie on RedBox in a few months. Believe me you can

    My scores are:

    Comedy: 6.0 Movie Overall: 5.0

  • hotdawg-51225March 28, 2015Reply

    So Funny!

    This is the funniest movie I have seen in awhile. I haven’t gotten
    laughs like this since Hall Pass. To enjoy this movie it could help to
    be familiar with the rap scene such as watching Boys in the Hood as
    there are a lot of references to the movie. It is also offensive so you
    need to know what to expect. I love offensive humor so this was perfect
    for me. Will plays a self absorbed racist billionaire who is trying to
    learn how to survive in Prison. Kevin plays his usual character acting
    like he knows prison and teaches Will the ropes. I’ll say Kevin short
    jokes ”jumping to see” are getting old and Genital shots are getting

  • curtissettlesMarch 28, 2015Reply

    expected a much better movie, I left the theater a little disappointed

    This movie had a few dry spots…poor writing in my opinion.. I do like
    Will and Kevin but this fell way short of funny. Some of the scenes
    were drawn out for too long which took away the humor like wringing out
    a wet rag until its bone dry. Both Kevin and Will are much funnier than
    what was portrayed in Get Hard. In fact, when they appeared on The Late
    Show with Jimmy Fallon they killed it. Will Ferrell did his version of
    Beyonces’ Drunkin Love and had my wife and I in stitches. Now that was
    funnier than most of the scenes in the movie, not to mention that was
    just a two minute performance. I don’t want to discourage anyone from
    going to check out the film, but if you’ve seen the commercial then
    you’ve seen the best parts.

  • jerrywright15March 28, 2015Reply

    Kev Hart and Will Ferrell are Comedic Gold

    I am a huge fan of both of these actors and the things they are able to
    accomplish on the big screen. You’ve got the funny, slightly weird,
    everyman, Will Ferrell who constantly brings audiences to tears with
    his comedic work in movies like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step
    Brothers…etc. Then you have the rising box office movie star, stand
    up genius, one of the funniest guys in this GALAXY Kevin Hart who
    shines in buddy movies like Ride Along, About Last Night, The Wedding
    Ringer, Think Like A on. The pairing of these two actors on the
    big screen was a match made in the comedic heavens. It has been quite
    awhile since I have been able to sit in a theater and do nothing but
    laugh for a movies 100 min run time. From beginning to bittersweet end
    you will never find a period longer then a very few minutes where you
    just won’t find something to laugh at. Although the way these two
    actors bring comedy to life may be slightly different, the play off
    each other exceptionally well in this movie as if they’ve been working
    together for years. Not to mention you get TWO very physical comedic
    actors who are not afraid to push subjects and themselves for pure
    entertainment. In my opinion this movie is far superior to Wedding
    Ringer or Ride Along, so if you enjoyed those, you’ll love this. My
    only complaints for this would be that for a rated R picture, this was
    still very tame in terms of what these two ”could” have brought to the
    table. The only thing that really seems to make this an R comedy is the
    mild language that really isn’t that harsh and a large amount of the
    word ”dick” and the actual showing of a penis. Other then that its your
    run of the mill comedy that brings me back to the days of an early Adam
    Sandler or Jim Carrey movie; with the laughs that just won’t stop. I’d
    recommend keeping small children at home but other then that it really
    is a movie guaranteed to make the harshest of hearts smile. Hopefully
    from this we will start to see Kevin Hart take over as complete lead of
    a movie and put his acting to the ultimate test. As for Will
    Ferrell..well what can you say about a guy who pretty much conquers
    every single role he is offered, except for, I hope to see him in
    countless more roles. On a side note, for you rap fans out there. T.I.
    makes a substantial cameo in this movie and you can tell he still knows
    how to hold a screen from his ATL days.

  • brendan-dayMarch 28, 2015Reply

    not bad at all

    this movie has some good moments. will is great as usual.

    anyway this guy will plays, James king gets arrested at a party he and
    his gf and soon to be wife (Allison Brie) are enjoying for some kind of
    securities or some fraud and is going to jail, he asks a black guy who
    is a janitor in the building he worked in to help him get tough for
    jail.. actually offers him 30 grand.. this black guy he asks has a wife
    and daughter and can use the 30 grand but he asks him in a way whiny
    leftists would say is racist stereotypical clichés..

    so he preps him for jail life.. such as avoiding jail rape and being a
    dude’s bitch!! ha ha ha

    its very out there humor. quite blue!!

  • timstoolbeltMarch 28, 2015Reply

    Horrible, only crude humor

    Unfortunately this is a cash in movie. Crude humor and language make up
    90% of the movie. 10% worth watching. Hope for so much more. Both
    actors seem to be cashing in OK current popularity not storyline. Hope
    for a better story. The Yard seem went on for way too long. Why did
    Kevin hart’s character was money on turning the house into a prison.
    Why didn’t we ever see cornrows. Don’t bother seeing. Don’t bother
    seeing. Waste. Wish there was more to this movie. Don’t bother seeing.
    Don’t bother seeing. Unfortunately this is a cash in movie. Crude humor
    and language make up 90% of the movie. 10% worth watching. Hope for so
    much more. Both actors seem to be cashing in OK current popularity not
    storyline. Hope for a better story.

  • www.ramascreen.comMarch 28, 2015Reply

    Not funny, but clever!

    With GET HARD, I was bracing myself for sitting uncomfortably through a
    movie that was going to be racists and full of gay and dick jokes,
    constantly bombarding me and to a certain extent, racism is a big chunk
    or GET HARD’s jokes, but it’s mostly at the expense of rich people’s
    ignorance toward minority and vice versa. And I never thought I’d ever
    say this about a Will Ferrell movie, but GET HARD is clever and I’ll
    explain why.

    Will Ferrell plays millionaire James King who’s nailed for fraud and he
    request the help of the man who washes his car, Darnell Lewis (Kevin
    Hart) to prepare him for life behind bars. That’s essentially the plot
    for GET HARD. Quite simple and straightforward. The humor isn’t always
    funny, the racist jokes aren’t always spot on. It would’ve been one
    thing if they were, after all comedy almost always gets a pass for
    everything, so I wouldn’t have been easily offended either, but what
    GET HARD lacks in its ability to get you to even chuckle, it makes up
    for in its clever concept.

    To me, GET HARD is a satire on the one percenter, in one of the scenes,
    Will Ferrell’s James King tells Kevin Hart’s Darnell Lewis that
    hardwork, not handouts, pay off. But then there’s another scene in
    which Will Ferrell’s James King teaches urban black folks how to play
    stocks correctly and create wealth for themselves (even though the
    business they’re in is shady) and that to me goes to show the mindset
    that one percenter has, they quickly dismiss the rest of us as lazy,
    when in fact sometimes all we need is just an investment to get
    ourselves started, sometimes all we need is somebody to teach us how to
    create wealth as well. The skills that these few rich claim to have,
    can be taught, they can be shared, they can be distributed, there’s
    nothing exclusive about them. I don’t remember having seen a comedy
    that tackles that, so I find myself pleasantly surprised by GET HARD.
    If that doesn’t get you impressed, then what can do the trick is GET
    HARD’s many ways of re-creating prison scenarios. It may not crack you
    up but it’s interesting to see how a Bell-Air mansion gets transformed
    into a prison cell, prison yard and much more and they utilize the
    maids, the gardeners, the servants, posing as prison inmates, it’s very

    Will Ferrell is in his usual self, butt naked, crying loudly and
    hysterically, I really can’t get myself laughing at his being himself
    anymore, and Kevin Hart, the man who pretty much fills the void that
    Eddie Murphy left behind, is also in his usual self, banking on his
    being short, black, and a fast-talker, and so GET HARD pretty much
    presents all you already know about both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart,
    but the concept is a hidden gem.

    Read more at Ramascreen.Com

  • Edgar Allan PoohMarch 29, 2015Reply

    Rampant Straight slurs, wall-to-wall Heterophobia, and gratuitous Majority bashing . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kieran BattamsMarch 29, 2015Reply

    What you’d expect…

    I love Will Ferrell in my opinion he is the funniest actor working
    today, I even liked Semi-Pro and feel it is severely underrated. When i
    heard he was doing a film with Kevin Hart i thought it was a genius
    idea. The trailers had me laughing.. the premise seemed funny.. until i
    found out what it really was. That being said this film is extremely
    racist in parts and the rape jokes really are too much, there comes a
    time when the line needs to be drawn. Although despite this there are
    some real laugh out loud moments and both Ferrell and Hart do a great
    job with their delivery in both physical and dialogue based comedy.
    When the jokes hit they really do hit.. but some jokes just feel kind
    of awkward.

    I wont go into too much detail because most of you probably already
    know the premise. Will Ferrell plays a racist stockbroker who assumes
    that because of the colour of his skin Kevin Hart’s character has been
    to jail and he asks for his help to survive in prison so he doesn’t get
    sexually assaulted.. and yes this is honestly the plot. I expected the
    film to have a fair amount of rape jokes but there really is a time in
    the film where i got tired of this and it gets a little uncomfortable.
    One of the more uncomfortable moments has Will Ferrell attempting to
    perform oral on a gay character.. to me it just went on way too long.
    That’s not to say there is no good moments. The first half of this
    movie was actually really enjoyable for the most part. Seeing Kevin
    Hart train Will Ferrell in his own home was great and the set design
    was actually great. One scene in the film where Ferrell attempts to
    pick a fight in the park with some much bigger men had me laughing out
    loud for a while.

    A big problem with the film is that it completely changes course in the
    last act. The training scenes were fun to watch but then Ferrell and
    Hart enlist new people (Hart’s cousin played by TI) to help him out and
    the film got slow and started to fall apart before we are treated to a
    predictable ending. The two comedians are on top form with what they
    are given and Get Hard isn’t a bad way to spend 90 minutes, I didn’t
    hate the film at all but I hope these two work together again some time
    in a movie that will have a bit more potential to be funnier. I felt we
    could have been given more but it is what you would expect.. plus the
    prison riot really was a well-shot and funny scene, more scenes like it
    would have been great but this film isn’t terrible so there’s that.

  • Harry AvertonMarch 29, 2015Reply


    A disappointing entry from director Etan Cohen, and writers Jay Martel
    and Ian Roberts. The only thing that i took from this film, was the
    amount of talent that was wasted, due to a poor script and lazy
    direction. You’ve got two of the funniest comedians in the world at the
    moment, in your hands, and you choose to put them in a series of
    unfunny, cheap and predictable gags, that only manages to get a few
    grins every now and again. A grin or a smile, is quite uncommon for a
    Will Ferrel flick, as I’m usually bursting out with laughter, in almost
    every scene. This wasn’t the case for this film. Also, doesn’t anybody
    want to mention Big Stan in their reviews? Get Hard is a complete and
    utter rip- off of Rob Schneider’s Big Stan.

  • BoogaBabyMarch 30, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • michaelarrensMarch 30, 2015Reply

    Absolutely Great.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bbickley13-921-58664March 30, 2015Reply


    A little skeptical at first due to the fact that the movie rips off
    another Saturday Night Live alum’s movie. Rob Snider basically played
    the same character in Big Stan, Will Ferrell plays in Get Hard, so I
    thought it was strange the Ferrell would rip him off.

    Of course Ferrell is far funnier in this situation of a white collar
    crook getting sentence to hard time and needing to be shown how to
    Survive prison.

    Does not hurt to have Kevin Hart as your teacher. Kevin Hart is always

    I definitely would recommend seeing the movie. It’s stupid, but that is
    the point, and Hart and Ferrell deliver some good laughs.

  • Muhammad HussainMarch 31, 2015Reply

    I sincerely enjoyed it!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • briand6465March 31, 2015Reply

    Let Me See Your Mad Dog Face

    Let Me See Your Mad Dog Face: Watched Get Hard starring Will Ferrell
    and Kevin Hart. Millionaire businessman ”James King” played by Ferrell
    is caught-up in a financial scheme and is eventually nailed for fraud.
    His sentence is 10 years at San Quentin, California State Prison, so he
    hires ”Darnell Lewis,” his car-detail/wash guy played by Hart to prep
    him to survive while behind bars. ”Darnell” agrees to help ”James” but
    for a hefty price, $30,000 because he and his wife ”Rita” played by
    Edwina Findley Dickerson are looking for a new house in a safe
    community for their daughter ”Makayla” played by Ariana Neal.

    ”Darnell” does his best to train ”James” who thinks he’s been in prison
    before for the worst time of his life, when in reality it is ”Russell”
    his cousin played by T.I. who tells ”Darnell” what prison is really
    like. ”James King” tries to seek protection from The ”Crenshaw Kings,”
    black gang, then a white gang, ”Alliance Of Whites” while he is
    incarcerated. It is now up to ”Darnell” to help ”James” figure out how
    to prove his innocence instead of preparing him for prison.

    The film also features a performance from John Mayer and veteran actor
    Craig T. Nelson who plays ”Martin,” ”James King’s” boss and hopeful
    father-in-law as ”Alissa” played by Alison Brie is engaged to ”James”
    for a bit in the movie until she finds out about his legal troubles.

    Ferrell plays ”James King” well and fits the part of being naturally
    funny as he was playing other characters in previous films like
    Anchorman. This 100 minute comedy is Rated R with some mild nudity and
    gay references but really hilarious! Makes a great date-night movie. My
    Cinema Score is 7/10! ‪#‎maverickradio‬™

  • brain smasherMarch 31, 2015Reply

    Still waiting for a hilarious Kevin Hart movie

    I want to like this guy’s act. It seems like he is a funny dude. I
    mean, he couldn’t have gotten this far without making somebody laugh
    out loud. That somebody was not me.

    Will Ferrell has made me laugh out loud with several of his classic
    movies like Elf, Ricky Bobby, Step Bothers, Semi Pro, Bewitched, Old
    School; but he has had his misses, too. This is one of them.

    I went to a matinée. Nobody was laughing. There were a few mild
    snickers, here and there. Those were from me.

    I got a free pass and used it to see this movie. I left before the
    movie was over because I wasn’t being entertained. I am thinking that
    the people who gave raving reviews all paid full price and saw this
    movie in a packed theater where everybody wanted to laugh so they did;
    and they convinced themselves they were watching something really
    funny. That is what you call group think.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Tony Barton ([email protected])March 31, 2015Reply

    Belly Aching Good Fun

    Get Hard is action comedy, written by Etan Cohen, Jay Martel and Ian
    Roberts and directed by Etan Cohen.

    James (Will Farrell) is a successful executive working at a huge
    financial organisation run by Martin (Craig T Nelson). James is engaged
    to Alissa (Alison Brie), who happens to be Martin’s daughter. Martin
    sends for James and tells him how proud he is to be getting him as a
    future son-in-law. Just when James thought that things couldn’t get any
    better, Martin then tells him that he’s decided to make him a partner.

    Darnell, who runs a small car wash business, tries to ease his mounting
    money worries, by offering James a life time membership to his car wash
    for $30,000. James doesn’t see his offer as good business however, and
    immediately turns him down. Alissa and Martin arrange a party to
    celebrate the engagement, during which, she gives James an electric
    guitar as a gift. Just as James begins to entertain the many family and
    friends in attendance, in storm the FBI who duly arrest James for

    Martin vows to help James and immediately puts his lawyer on the case.
    As his hearing draws nearer, Martin’s lawyer tries to get James to
    plead guilty, saying he’ll be out of jail in a year. James is very
    conscientious however, and decides against it, believing the truth will
    emerge and clear his name. The hearing arrives and the Judge decides to
    make an example of James and sentences him to ten years at the high
    security prison San Quentin and gives James thirty days to put his
    affairs in order. So with his world in tatters, James tries to get
    Alissa to run away with him. However, Alissa shows her true colours and
    leaves him.

    A couple days later, James approaches Darnell and asks him to teach him
    how to survive in prison. Darnell refuses at first, but finally agrees
    after the desperate James offers to give him the $30,000 he needs. So
    the laughs come thick and fast as James embarks on his training regime,
    completely unaware that Darnell, as never actually been in prison and
    Darnell as 30,000 reasons to keep it secret.

  • ydnar123March 31, 2015Reply

    Get Hard

    Not the funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my life and my expectations
    were high, but Get Hard is still pretty funny and I suggest any fan of
    Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart see this movie. I think the racism was a
    little over hyped, sure there is some racist humour but its not as
    plentiful as the critics have been saying. Will Ferrell is really funny
    as he always is and Kevin Hart wasn’t bad either, he had some pretty
    funny moments. One of the things that was disappointing about Get Hard
    was that they were putting too many jokes in that were just not funny
    and there were several but other than that I would enjoy seeing another
    movie with Ferrell and Hart together and it seems like the two have
    bonded over the shooting of the movie and I would not be shocked to see

  • theminecrafttrollergirlMarch 31, 2015Reply

    Hilarious! One of the best Comedy’s I’ve seen!

    I had recently seen this movie with my mother and before I left to see
    the movie I looked at the reviews for this movie on IMDb and most of
    them were awful! I actually got scared to see the movie thinking I
    might waste my money, but this was simply not the case.

    This movie was so freaking funny that me, my mother, and almost
    everyone else in the audience were balling over laughing. It was so
    hilarious! I definitely want to see this again, the only reason I’m
    giving this movie a 9 is because the plot and the ending alike is quite
    predictable. But besides that it was fantastic.

    However yeah there are some discrimination/ racist jokes/comments in
    there but honestly it’s a comedy! It’s not suppose to be taken
    seriously! They have gotten all of the commonly known stereotypes and
    embraced them and made fun of them, people get so Butthurt about this.
    It’s suppose to be taken lightly.

    But as I said This movie is comedy gold, This is truly Will Ferrell and
    Kevin hart at their finest and funniest. Good luck to them and their
    career, and have a great day, oh, and SEE THIS MOVIE.

  • Matthew Luke BradyApril 1, 2015Reply


    Just like in my Unfinished Business review as I explained why I watched
    it and all that stuff…well for this one I checked it out myself just
    because I had a little interest for this movie and wow talking about a
    miss fire this movie was. This is going to be a short review for this
    garage movie, why well I haven’t got anything else to say about it
    because why should I go into such much detail for this movie that I
    will not remember it in a few days time.

    The story is about a millionaire faces a prison sentence following a
    fraud conviction and in order to survive life behind bars, turns to
    Darnell Lewis to toughen up.

    Listen March has been a slow month for me because there are some of the
    new releases that I haven’t checked out yet and yes I pretty much
    review movies everyday and I do have my breaks time again, but screw it
    life is short so start reviewing. The title ”Get Hard” sounds like a
    porn video you will come across on, why can’t they just
    called the movie Get tough or something like that, because people are
    going to take the title not very well and it would be really awkward to
    shout it out it in public. Anywhere with the other disappointments so
    far in March that I had interest that turned out to be a big massive
    f**k you to the auditions and me, and Get Hard can join those titles
    because this movie sucks.

    The jokes in the movie came off sexist and kind of racist and you
    should know by now that I can’t stand those jokes because I can picture
    in my head that all these people out there are getting hurt by this and
    stupid humor is unacceptable.

    Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are fine in the movie but I rather like to
    see them in better movies than this. But overall as I said early on
    this movie isn’t going to be talked about probably never again by some
    people, but for me your going to this again…in my worst of the year
    list right next to Unfinished Business.

  • Theo RobertsonApril 1, 2015Reply

    It’s Hard To Be Funny But Easy To Be Silly

    I’m not a great fan of film comedy . The reason I watched GET HARD as
    because it has a premise that I couldn’t resist . Millionaire James
    King gets caught for fraud and finds himself bound for a maximum
    security prison for ten years and finds himself asking for much needed
    advice as to how he’s going to survive the ordeal . We all know what
    goes on in these maximum security prisons in the good old USA and
    despite not agreeing with the death penalty if someone has the choice
    between death and life imprisonment without the possibility of parole
    getting slowly incinerated by 10,000 volts almost seems like an act of
    mercy . On top of that I once had an idea of a screenplay where two
    uncaring bleeding heart lawyers from Britain go on holiday to America
    and a mix up at the airport sees them being charged with drug
    possession and find themselves facing a long sentence in the jungle of
    American hard time and come to realise why it’s better that violent
    criminals are behind bars rather than walking the streets so this
    looked like a comedy I would enjoy even if it was only in a low brow

    I’m afraid that GET HARD struggles to amuse even in a low brow way . I
    laughed out loud at the NAKED GUN films mainly because not matter how
    ludicrous and slapstick the situations were the cast in general and
    Leslie Neilson in particular kept a straight face . GET HARD often
    fails to do this and Will Ferrell in particular constantly mugs for the
    camera when it would have been much more effective playing things a
    little more serious . Even worse Kevin Hart gives the impression his
    role and performance would have been relatively good if he’d kept up
    the pretense of being some tough , streetwise homie from the ghetto .
    Indeed this seems to be an underlying problem where everything in
    overdone in the silliness stakes and the film is conscious of the fact
    the film revolves around a premise of a rich white guy needing advice
    from a working class black guy and race being an understandably
    sensitive subject in America the film feels the need to point out ”
    Guys I know we’re playing up to racial stereotypes but it’s a comedy
    film and look how we’re not taking any of this seriously ” . Despite
    using some foul language and of course homophobia and gags involving
    prison rape which I’m ashamed to say I did find vaguely amusing on a
    low level GET HARD isn’t as funny as it could have been

  • HellmantApril 1, 2015Reply

    Something went horribly wrong here!

    ‘GET HARD’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    Two of the biggest comedic stars in film today, Will Ferrell and Kevin
    Hart, team up for this surprisingly unfunny comedy flick! The story
    revolves around a millionaire businessman, sentenced to ten years in
    prison for fraud, who hires his car washer to train him for a tough
    prison life, due to the fact that he’s black. The movie was directed by
    screenwriter, turned first-time feature filmmaker, Etan Cohen; and it
    was written by Cohen, Jay Martel, Ian Roberts and Adam McKay (McKay
    also produced the film, with Ferrell). There’s a few good jokes, here
    and there, but the movie is mostly just a bore.

    James King (Ferrell) is a successful hedge fund manager; who’s about to
    marry his beautiful, but extremely self-centered, fiancée, Alissa
    (Alison Brie). His car washer, Darnell Lewis, is desperately trying to
    come up with $30,000; to put his daughter, Makayla (Ariana Neal), in a
    better school. When James is sentenced to ten years in prison, for
    fraud, he asks Darnell to prepare him for a rough prison life; due to
    the fact that he thinks Darnell has already been to prison, because
    he’s black. Darnell reluctantly agrees to the proposition, in exchange
    for the $30,000 he needs.

    The premise is a pretty funny idea for a good comedy flick, and Ferrell
    and Hart are probably the two best actors for the two leading roles,
    but something went horribly wrong here! It could just be the
    inexperience of Cohen, as a director, but I also think the script
    probably could have used several more rewrites. Most of the jokes just
    aren’t funny (despite the best efforts, given by all of the cast) and
    the movie is just a pain to sit through. Which is really surprising,
    given all the talent involved (especially Ferrell, Hart and the four
    writers). There are still a few good laughs, scattered throughout the
    film, but everyone involved has done much better work before. I’d
    almost say the movie is a complete waste of time; I’m sure Ferrell,
    Hart and Cohen’s next films will be much better.

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • Neil WelchApril 3, 2015Reply

    Better than expected

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gianluca MarzanoApril 3, 2015Reply

    Wait for on demand

    Get hard is a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. It’s about
    James King(Will Ferrell) ,a millionaire is doing great until he gets
    nailed for fraud. He goes to Darnell(Kevin Hart) asks for help, how to
    make it through prison. Now seeing the trailer, it seemed like a okay
    comedy and with the reviews being bad, I had low exceptions, but it was
    actually a pretty funny comedy. First off, Will Ferrell is amazing, he
    is always funny. He is honestly the best part of the movie. If the
    movie didn’t have him, it won’t be as funny. Now I don’t very like
    Kevin Hart, I like his stand up but his movies just aren’t that funny
    to me, but I will say he was actually very funny in this. The story was
    very weak In the beginning but as you get to main point of the whole
    movie, it picks up and gets funny. I will say that this movie says lots
    and lots of mean jokes towards many races, so of your a person who
    doesn’t like those jokes, get hard Is not a movie for you. Over Get
    hard was a good comedy with some great moments but you can wait for on
    demand or redbox

  • bankofmarquisApril 4, 2015Reply

    Hart and Ferrell team up well

    Will Ferrell is an acquired taste. Either you like his humor, his
    ability to just ”go for it” or you don’t. Such is the case with GET
    HARD. If you like Ferrell, you’ll like this movie. If you don’t, don’t
    waste your time.

    The surprise to me, in this movie, was Kevin Hart. He, basically, is
    the star of this movie with Ferrell playing the straight man. That is,
    until Ferrell ”breaks loose.” Which means the first 3/5 of the movie is
    Hart’s – and he hold our attention, and the humor, quite well.

    But it is in a scene about 3/5 of the way in the movie that Ferrell
    finally lets go – and he lets go in one of the funniest sequences I
    have ever scene. I cannot describe the scene here for it is VERY
    politically incorrect, VERY adult and VERY funny. This scene is worth
    the price of admission alone.

    I turn into about a 14 year old kid when Ferrell is at the top of his
    game, and – at times – he is in this movie with Hart providing enough
    backup humor to make this flick worth watching.

    7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

  • Steve PulaskiApril 5, 2015Reply

    Another comedy that has a lower impression of you than you have of it

    Etan Cohen’s ”Get Hard” is an absolutely abysmal comedy for more
    reasons than it takes the worst attributes of both its lead performers
    and tries to make a ninety-four minute film rely on them. The film
    makes the classic mistake of assuming that all it takes to be funny is
    to be mindlessly vulgar and have several sight gags masquerading as
    comedy, forgoing any semblance of wit and subtly in order to be as
    brazen as possible. When Will Ferrell’s straight-laced character was
    reading off numerous insults he concocted himself, and one of them was
    ”I will punch you right in the f***,” I knew what kind of comedy was on
    my hands, and I wanted to wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

    This is a hopelessly dirty and incompetently racist film, but it’s far
    too stupid and narrow-minded to be seen as truly offensive. Admittedly,
    however, to see a film like this get made in 2015, in a time where
    political correctness runs rampant, is very surprising, but
    nonetheless, to be offended by ”Get Hard” gives the film too much
    credit. It implies that a strong reaction was prompted during the film
    where the film doesn’t deserve such. It deserves to be dismissed and
    quietly swept away to late night TV on Comedy Central where its only
    audience will be insomniacs and very curious cinephiles. With the ample
    amount of Judd Apatow comedies that have proved they can be raunchy and
    heartfelt, there’s no place for a film like ”Get Hard” and its
    breathless attempts to be funny.

    The film concerns James King (Will Ferrell), a wealthy hedge-fund
    manager who is engaged to a gold-digging woman and working for his
    father’s company. He has an enormous house and is constantly reminded
    of how important it is to go after one’s goals by his manipulative wife
    who sees nothing but untold dollar signs in him. During his birthday
    party, James is indicted on several counts of embezzlement and is given
    a month leeway before he’s sentenced to ten years in a maximum security
    prison (this part makes ”Get Hard” kind of a fantasy film, but I

    In order to find out how to survive in prison, James seeks out the
    first black man he sees, a man named Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), who
    works in a car wash at James’ office. Despite Darnell never having been
    to prison, he sees James’ racial profiling and stupidity as pitiful
    traits and agrees to help him for $30,000. Darnell concocts a rigorous
    prison training course, complete with weight-lifting, prison riots,
    ”kiestering,” and gay sex in order to make James ”hard” (aka ready for

    As expected, ”Get Hard” descends into the ”maximum antics, minimum
    laughter” realm of comedy fairly quickly. Jokes and sight gags are
    fired constantly, but all of which burdened by embedded stereotypes,
    shallow writing, mundane vulgarity, or a combination of the three.
    During these scenes, Ferrell plays bumbling and clueless and Hart plays
    frantic and loud, effectively minimizing each of their talents to
    conform to the bottom-barrel screenplay at hand. The sole merit of the
    film is how it appears to evoke the tired idea perpetuated by the
    wealthy that all the poor or the working class need to do is pull
    themselves up by their bootstraps and they too can be as successful as
    they are. This scene is demonstrated pretty effectively during the
    first time James and Darnell interact (Darnell taps on James’ window to
    get his attention and James thinks he’s being robbed), but the film
    quickly forgoes that element of social satire in order to maximize its
    time for desperately unfunny humor.

    By now, you know if you want to see ”Get Hard” or not, and if you do,
    that’s your own prerogative. This is another one of those films so
    tailor-made for the lowest common denominator where, much like most
    Happy Madison films, those who made the film have a lower impression of
    those who will see the film than you ever could of the film. When you
    see ”Get Hard,” just know that it and its creators stoop to a level of
    condescending none of us can begin to understand.

  • MovieHoliksApril 6, 2015Reply

    Not One of Will Ferrell’s best…

    Over the Easter holiday weekend, there was very poor selection, so I go
    to the multi-plex (against my brother-in-law’s wishes) and see this
    movie with my bro-in-law and dad. Now my BOL hated it, but my dad said
    it had a few good laughs, which I’d have to agree.

    Will Ferrell plays another one of his ditzy take-offs of some of his
    old SNL sketch characters- this time a well-to-do Hedge fund manager
    who finds out he’ll be going to prison for a long time (a very long
    time) for embezzlement & fraud. To ”Get Hard” or get ready for his time
    in the pen, he enlists the help of a car wash owner/acquaintance played
    by Kevin Hart, who he just assumes he’s been in prison before, due to
    some slight racist tendencies.

    Will Ferrell has given us some good comedies- my favorites would
    probably have to be ”Talladega Nights”, ”Step Brothers”, ”Semi-Pro”, as
    well as the ”Anchorman” films. He has also dabbled in some serio-
    dramatic films such as ”Stranger Than Fiction” and ”Everything Must
    Go”, which were fine pieces of work too. So I see this movie as just
    another commercial buddy/comedy, probably taking his career back a bit.
    It’s got a few laughs here and there, but there were some spots I’m
    thinking to myself, okay, can we hurry this up-?? LOL Overall, I’d say
    if you’re not a Will Ferrell fan, avoid this movie like the plague. If
    you are- wait for the movie to be on-demand…

  • Robert W. ([email protected])April 6, 2015Reply

    It is what you would expect

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Markus Emilio RobinsonApril 7, 2015Reply

    Kevin Hart is nothing more than this generation’s Chris Tucker, but…

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A rich white man, oblivious to
    anything pertaining to African American culture, must team up with a
    financially struggling black man and…comedy ensues. Well not only is
    that the premise of the majority of 70’s and 80’s comedies, it’s also
    the premise of ”Get Hard”, the newest film starring Will Ferrell; this
    time teamed up with Kevin Hart.

    Now this is going to be a film which the vast majority of critics will
    not look upon favorably solely based on the fact that it’s a comedy
    which premiered in March. And while this isn’t the funniest thing in
    the Ferrell filmography, it is undeniable that Hart and Ferrell make a
    superb duo, even if the ”rich white guy, poor black guy” comedy trope
    has been done to death. Complementing each other like (no lie) Gibson
    and Glover, there are a plethora of moments when, despite the early
    negative critical response, had me wildly surprised with the level of
    comedy (no matter how tangential and sophomoric) ”Get Hard” operated

    That said the film does begin to fall apart during the third act when
    the story leans a bit more towards the dramatic. As this happens the
    plot (or lack thereof) stands completely naked; essentially exposing
    the below average direction from Etan Cohen, as well as the simple fact
    that without the snappy chemistry from the two leads, ”Get Hard”
    would’ve been virtually unwatchable.

    Final Thought: Highlighted by more than enough moments of high caliber
    comedic banter, ”Get Hard” will never achieve the level of memorable
    ”comedy classic” since the story itself seems rehashed, even though
    ”Get Hard” is funnier than ”Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky
    Bobby” and leaps and bounds above ”Anchorman: The Legend of Ron
    Burgundy” (a movie hipsters and journalists alike incessantly quote and
    foolishly claim to be the funniest movie ever made).

  • Nicole of ArchonCinemaReviews.comApril 7, 2015Reply

    somehow the Comedic duo of the generation can make a really unfunny movie

    No one wanted to like Get Hard more than Archon Cinema Reviews, but
    with the infrequent childish jokes and unoriginal story, we just

    James King is a millionaire stock broker with it all, until he gets
    charged for fraud and sentenced to ten hard years at San Quentin. He
    asks Darnell Lewis to help him ”Get Hard” to prepare for his stint
    behind bars.

    Veteran comedian Will Ferrell finally teams up with modern maverick
    Kevin Hart – the results should be magical. No one is more apt for the
    toe-to-toe banter and improv than Hart and Ferrell. And there are
    moments of comedy where the audience will chuckle to themselves and at
    the events these characters find themselves in. Unfortunately these
    moments border on forced sympathy, so desirous for a giggle that at the
    tiniest sliver of comedy it pushes itself to the audible surface.

    The plot device within Get Hard is not particularly new, a rich guy
    loses his riches and must adapt to hard life. Though, it was
    particularly popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to coincide
    with the repugnant stock brokers of that age. Unfortunately, the film
    does not have a smart edge or seemingly any thought to its humor.
    Instead, it resorts to cliché stereotypes of urban life, gangs, and
    homosexuals. It is tasteless and cheap.

    Perhaps Get Hard suffers from overly high expectations thanks to the
    insurmountable talent of Hart and Ferrell. There is so much potential
    for a hilarious film, that it was bound to fail. The only good thing
    about Get Hard was the highly amusing film promotion method of these
    two actors.

    Please check out our website for full reviews of all the recent

  • Johan DondokambeyApril 7, 2015Reply

    Slow at start but it’s quite a nice ride

    Although the story isn’t an original one, this movie can sure bring the
    predicament into something interesting. Yet it’s bad that although the
    major plot is blatantly laid out smack dab right in the title and the
    trailers, the movie sure took quite some time in building the story
    until it hit the main conflict. This makes the first stages of the
    movie quite boring, particularly because it takes ample amount of time
    to give each of the characters a significant deal of character
    introduction, whereas those roles are really movie stereotypes; one man
    is the one who doesn’t realize he’s being played a fool, and the other
    one is the desperate who does everything to get money. But the jokes
    are indeed funny, and for me those jokes are the ones that kept me
    watching. The acting overall is a bit above standards. Though Kevin
    Hart and Will Ferrell are only using their own usual characters, and
    not adding anything new to their roles, I like how the mix of those
    characters give color and life to the movie.

  • Jon FraceApril 8, 2015Reply

    Funny but not for all ages

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlanjackdApril 9, 2015Reply


    This just seems to be a vehicle for Will Farrel, probably written with
    him in mind. Very few real or two little giggle out loud
    moments but for serious movie lovers ,there’s not much here that you
    cannot find in any other Will Farel movies. Go see it if you have an
    unlimited card and an afternoon to spare or save your money for
    something funnier with a bit more substance.Not in any way racist or
    abusive it ambles along in it’s own quirky way but sometimes drifts
    away from us with silly sets and unbelievable plot holes. Warner
    Brothers are just cashing in with this WF vehicle and don’t usually put
    their money into a plot hungry and slightly juvenile piece. Every joke
    and situation has been seen before and will almost certainly be seen
    again in what is sure to be a sequel.

  • reece-com-auApril 9, 2015Reply

    Has many very enjoyable laughs in it !

    ”Get Hard” has the perfect combination of humor, drama and action in it
    to make it impossible NOT to laugh. I’ve gone to Event Cinemas twice to
    see this, laughed as much as the first time. (And that’s saying
    something !) I love movies such as this, crude humor and oddly
    satisfying to see a man almost suck a dick in a bathroom. I’m not going
    to go on and on about this movie, but it is definitely worth a watch.
    Guaranteed laughter. 😀

    The story line is quite simple, James (Will Ferrell) gets framed for
    stealing money, and is sentenced to prison time. The person who washes
    his car Darnell (Kevin Hart) is hired to teach him how to ”Get Hard” to
    survive in prison.

  • A-L-OursonApril 12, 2015Reply

    A Great Comedy with Vulnerability

    I went into this film thinking that it would be just a dumb comedy,
    which I happen to love; however, the film exceeded my expectations. It
    does have funny stupid humor, but there is also an unexpected
    vulnerability in the two main characters.

    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart both portray good guys that are in bad
    situations. Kevin Hart’s character, Darnell, has his own business, but
    bad credit and lack of savings keeps him and his family living in a
    rough area. Will Ferrell’s character, James, has it all–beautiful
    fiancée, tons of money, lovely house. Sadly, James is framed for
    embezzlement and is sentenced to 10 years in a maximum security prison.
    Darnell, for a price, becomes James’ tutor for prison life and hilarity

    Even more than hilarity, James and Darnell start to genuinely care for
    each other. Their bromance is one for the books. The two actors have
    great chemistry and an awesome height difference. I would totally watch
    another movie with these two, especially if Will Ferrell does Capoeira

    I also give points for originality. I have seen a ton of movies in my
    life, but none were someone gets tutored for prison. Plus, the tutorial
    is so elaborate and well planned.

    Based on chemistry, comedy, creativity, and Capoeira, I definitely
    recommend this film!

  • doofuspoofusApril 12, 2015Reply

    Just me or is Kevin Hart better opposite white dudes?

    I have to say I’m one of the few people on earth it seems that’s not
    the biggest fan of Will Ferrell but this is my favorite Will Ferrell
    movie hands down. And I’m sorry but in my opinion movies like Ride
    along, About Last night and Think like a man too just weren’t as funny
    to me as The Wedding Ringer and Get Hard. Is it just me or is Kevin
    Hart better opposite white dudes? So Will Ferrell’s character James
    gets caught up in a typical white collar crime and is soon to do jail
    time. Kevin Hart’s character Darnell is in the process of trying to
    start his own business but is stuck being valet at James’ office
    building. Naturally one night James vents to Darnell and the idea
    presents itself that Kevin should train him and make him ”hard” for
    prison life. The problem is Darnell has never been to prison.

    He enlists the help of his cousin played by T.I to help him understand
    prison life and when training James seems impossible Darnell goes
    through his cousin’s gang to try and get him protection on the inside.
    That is until Darnell realizes there’s no way James could’ve committed
    the crime in the first place since he’s so clueless. The two then come
    together to try and find out who actually did.

    There’s a brief summary for you but the chemistry between Will and
    Kevin was very hilariously reminiscent of the chemistry between Tim
    Robbins and Martin Laurence in Nothing to Lose. And I know I’m not the
    only one who thought of them when seeing that hilarious scene with Will
    and Kevin in the car replacing the ”spider on the head” with a shank.

    This comedy shows that the rapport between comedic actors is what truly
    makes comedies memorable and strikingly funny.

  • Thefilmhead65411April 13, 2015Reply

    a lot funnier than i thought, i don’t think it will go down in my classic comedies

    Get hard is about a rich, white, businessman played by will ferrell who
    gets framed for a crime he did not commit. Kevin hart plays a middle
    class African American man who runs a car wash in the basement off will
    farrells company. As will ferrell character repairs for his time in
    prison, he hires kevin hart character to show him the ropes in prison.
    This definitely make for some awesome scenes, getting to know the yard,
    jail riots, and how to get hard. there are plenty of offensive jokes,
    racist jokes, but these other things that we love about will ferrell
    movies and that’s what makes it funny.

    I’m going to give get hard a 6.5 out of ten. I would not say you have
    to see this at the theater and pay 13 dollars for a movie tickets. Not
    to say that if you did see this at the theater, you would not enjoy
    yourself. I would however recommended this movie night at home wait for
    this to come out on red box and check it out then. Thank you for

  • Mahmoud-ButtrumpsApril 13, 2015Reply

    Poopooh Jokes for Grown-Ups

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Troy PutlandApril 14, 2015Reply

    Get Soft

    Get Hard is ridiculous and absurd in every sense. Clichés and
    stereotypes consume this comedy, relying on class, light racism and
    dick jokes just to squander a feeble laugh. Will Ferell’s James King, a
    stock-broker at a finance company is the ‘upper-class white man’,
    wrongly accused of fraud. He seeks the help of Darnell (Kevin Hart),
    the ‘lower-class black man’ who owns the car washing company at the
    bottom of the same building. Believing Darnell to have served some jail
    time in his life, James asks Darnell to teach him how to ‘get hard’, so
    he can handle himself in prison. See where this is going already? Their
    backgrounds open up a film’s worth of cannon fodder, purposefully
    setting us up to pity those who don’t deserve to be. Kevin Hart and
    Will Ferrell’s background and class differences aren’t taken advantage
    of. Darnell asks James to start a fight in the park, but when he fails
    to prove his muscle, he resorts to other, cringe-worthy means. The
    script doesn’t live up to the talents of both actors, they struggle to
    click unlike Ferrell and Wahlberg in The Other Guys, or Hart and Gad in
    The Wedding Ringer. The laughs rely heavily on what’s said. Ferrell has
    gotten rusty with his style of humour and Hart puts the performance in
    but a poor script holds him back.

    Check out my other reviews on

  • FlashCallahanApril 16, 2015Reply

    Get Hard?……..Get Lost.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wilson trivinoApril 17, 2015Reply

    Rise up

    Two great funny men are brought together, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
    in this tough as nails movie. James King (Will Ferrell) is in a pinch,
    he has been sentence to a maximum security prison after a white collar
    crime. He seeks Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) to teach him the ropes on
    life on the inside and keys to his survival. This movie is funny, and
    lots of good bits. Silly at times but you would expect that with these
    two lead characters. I enjoyed it and always enjoy a good belly laugh.
    I enjoyed the film and sometimes crime does pay. Will Ferrell shared
    all his funny style from his took box and kevin hart worked to keep up.
    But seems that funny is funny and this is a great film with a happy

  • callanvassApril 17, 2015Reply

    Lazy and Unimaginative Comedy!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ryan HughesApril 20, 2015Reply

    a must for fans of will and Kevin

    This movie was a movie I wanted to see so many times and i felt I
    wouldn’t actually get chance to see this film, but finally I got chance
    to see it and it was perfect for what I expected off this title

    The acting was brilliant off 2 actors that I felt worked perfectly
    together, will Ferrell playing a character that was in need of a brain
    but also was out of touch worked perfectly and Kevin hart seemed
    totally at home in the role that he was casted in.

    The story was OK with the chance of seeing will in training and trying
    to adapt to a different culture and lifestyle rather funny and

    In summary this film is meant to be a comedy that delivers exactly what
    we expected of it, not intended humor but enough to keep a smile on
    your face all the way through, definitely worth seeing

  • The_Light_Triton ([email protected])April 21, 2015Reply

    Get hard or get it where it hurts

    I’m not a big fan of Will Ferrell, but I’ll admit he has made some
    really fun movies, and he made the Celebrity Jeopardy parodies on SNL a
    thing of legend, parodying Alex Trebek.

    But Get hard isn’t one of those fun movies. It’s actually a series of
    jokes, almost all of them in poor taste, with nary a laugh.

    Stock broker James King (Will Ferrell) is accused of fraud and
    embezzlement, and after turning down the option to admit to his guilt,
    gets sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin, the worst prison a man like
    him could ever get sent. Desperate to survive, He turns to Darnell
    Lewis (Kevin Hart) who washes his car every day, to get him ready for
    prison. However, being an entitled elitist, James automatically assumes
    Darnell was incarcerated simply due to the fact he’s African American
    and that statistics show 1 in 3 African American men have been
    incarcerated. With a little financial incentive, Darnell begins
    training James on how to stay alive in prison.

    Unfortunately, movies like this one are dime-a-dozen and always have
    jokes in bad taste. I would need more than my 2 hands to count all the
    bad racial jokes and sexual innuendos that came through, none of which
    made me laugh.

    The worst part of this movie, is the riot training sequence, where
    Darnell sets up the lights to flash repeatedly to simulate a riot. I
    was sitting a few seats from the screen in the theatre and had to cover
    my face to avoid getting a seizure.

    And just so you know, I’m not epileptic.

    To be fair, there are some moments that caused me to chuckle, but
    nothing caused me to laugh out loud. Also, the ending is truly
    satisfying for what it’s worth.

    But if you’re looking to laugh, don’t expect anything from this unless
    of course you like repetitive jokes and worn-out adult humor.


  • etrusley112402April 23, 2015Reply

    Ehh…….It’s Just OK

    Do you love Kevin Hart and/or Will Ferrell? This show would seem to be
    a perfect story of roll on the ground laughs right? It’s just OK. Some
    may not agree but, I call it like I see it. The previews make the plot
    simple. Rich Guy asks underling stereo typical Black Guy to teach him
    how to survive prison. The film then goes on a standard set of set ups
    leading towards the ultimate goal. There are a few laughs. I have been
    a little thrown off by all the ”Penis” shots in movies as of recent.
    During a scene in the film, a situation occurs were a penis is shown
    more than once. Yeah….hilarious. To say this is the film I expected
    to see….I’d be lying. It wasn’t bad! It was hilarious either. It was
    what I like to call a cookie cutter film. The previews show a lot of
    Clifford ”T.I.” Harris indicating there is a major role for him in the
    film. T.I. is in the film maybe 10-15 minutes…..towards the end of
    the movie. Punchlines aren’t always bulls eyes. Some of the jokes seem
    last minute and fall short. Kevin does a decent job in his role. Will
    was OK. The problem to me leads to a question I have to ask…… Have
    Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell played their respective comedy cards too
    many times? I’ll leave that to you to decide. Should you pay to see
    this in the theaters? Probably not. Maybe a matinée price. Would I
    suggest waiting the 3 months for the BluRay or digital release?….Yes.
    The film isn’t bad but, isn’t worthy of the steep price one pays to
    view in the first run houses. Money means more these days and knowing
    the wait (which isn’t as long as it was before)is getting shorter til
    home release, I’d recommend waiting to enjoy this comedy when physical
    copy is available. Hope this is helpful!

  • grippingnykidApril 25, 2015Reply

    Dance Flick was funnier than this film.

    Were my expectations too high? This is one of the WORST movies I’ve
    ever seen in my life Didn’t have one genuine laugh throughout the whole
    entire movie. My friends and I (jordan and meech) were expecting so
    much from this movie because ya know, WILL FERRELL AND KEVIN HART!! But
    those 2 actors disappointed me so much. They tried to hard. It was just
    TERRIBLE! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!!! I would have been better
    off staying at home. Had fun with my friends, but HATED THE MOVIE.
    Kevin Hart please stick to stand up your acting is terrible. Will
    ferrell, you are hilarious in Anchorman and Step Brothers. But this
    movie…. UMMM AWFUL!!!! I wish I could curse on this because this
    movie F***ing SUCKS!!!!

  • prospectus_capricorniumApril 29, 2015Reply

    Offensive and Insensitive Comedy

    Neither a pair of bankable actors nor an intereting premise is enough
    to redeem ‘GET HARD’ from the mess it created for itself. It’s a movie
    that mostly tries to entertain, but ends up, nonetheless, bringing the
    audience to scratching their heads and arching their brows.

    The real problem here is not how it lacks enough good anecdotes to
    throw—because in fact it has a lot—it’s the seemingly endless fling of
    jokes that usually undermine their subjects, that makes riding along
    its comic efforts, exceedingly unbearable. It’s amusing and annoying at
    the same time how confidently it rolls its avalance of homophobic and
    anti-black remarks and still seemingly bounce back to its form to push
    for more. Get Hard deliberately mines these stereotypes in hopes to
    deliver something that can generate bursts of brittle laughter, but the
    result isn’t even worth a chuckle.

    Will Ferell isn’t in his perfect element here. I don’t think I have
    seen him as often enough to make a proper assessment, but here he’s not
    even close to a character worth caring about. The same can be said with
    Kevin Hart. Their initial drama summons affection for their characters.
    Both are tangled up with their respective misfortunes and troubles,
    which creates a poignant connection between them that is worth paying
    attention to. And while that doesn’t eliminate its flaws, such
    poignancy sheds light to the tiny portion of the narrative that is
    better than the rest the script’s own garbage—a part not bereft of
    insensitivity. Still, the entire output doesn’t bear even the littlest
    of semblance to something deserving of audience’s affection.

    It will be difficult to take GET HARD’s intentions as merely attempts
    toh deliver fun and entertainment, as almost everything it presents
    take offensive forms. There’s an overwhelming potential to create
    something that can be of more sense, but that’s simply put into waste
    and never utilized for a better, tangible result. GET HARD lives up to
    its title by being as much insensitive as a racist heart could be,
    hence, it’s waste of time. 4/10

  • tan1415April 29, 2015Reply

    Finally breakout movie for Kevin Hart.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nama chakravortyMay 2, 2015Reply

    I Laughed Hard!

    Laughter is the best medicine & a comedy film essentially does that.
    And ‘Get Hard’ is among those winning comedies, that despite its crude
    humor & language, made me laugh hard! Its a fun watch.

    ‘Get Hard’ Synopsis: When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud
    and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go
    behind bars.

    ‘Get Hard’ is consistently fun. Jay Martel, Ian Roberts & Etan Cohen’s
    Screenplay, though very crude, is hilarious & the camaraderie between
    its protagonists, works massively. Though a bit lengthier than it
    should have been, the Writing is mostly packed with good jokes &
    sequences. Etan Cohen’s Direction is decent. Cinematography is richly
    done. Editing is slightly iffy.

    Performance-Wise: Its good to see both, Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart, at
    their comedic best. Ferrell is no less than a treasure here as the
    innocent under scrutiny, while Hart, as his guru, oozes tremendous
    energy. And as a team, they both work superbly! Among others, the
    ever-dependable Craig T. Nelson, leaves a mark.

    On the whole, ‘Get Hard’ will make you laugh! Watch It!

  • tjgoalie13May 6, 2015Reply

    A Step Down for Ferrell

    Get Hard is moderately funny, but it’s uneven humor can’t transcend the
    racism, clichés, and sheer stupidity. The film is full of flat
    underdeveloped characters, that you never feel for, and the plot which
    had some potential falls flat, partially due to sporadic pacing. The
    film is driven by homophobia, and some misconceptions, but that seems
    like a necessary evil in this instance as a majority of people share
    these misconceptions, so they are an effective way to reach mainstream
    audiences. That being said the film has it’s moments that are funny,
    and if you shut your brain off you can enjoy yourself, and Ferrell and
    Hart have great chemistry.

  • Bryan KlugerMay 6, 2015Reply

    Just Awful.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Brock WayMay 8, 2015Reply

    epic fail

    This is perhaps the most disappointing movie I have ever seen. I signed
    up to IMDb just to crush it. It is that bad.

    I like Will Farrell and Adam Sandler movies, and expect them to be
    dumb. But I also expect them to be funny. This was just dumb.

    This movie is like watching ”Idiocracy” come true in real time.

    Normally, I would say, ”If you like ____, then you’ll like this movie”.
    I can’t think of anything to fill in that blank in this case.

    I guess if you are so enamored with Will Farrell that you’d pay $9.50
    to see him create a Jackson Pollock painting with his explosive
    diarrhea, then this movie is for you.

    It just isn’t funny. If I could give zero stars I would.

  • Viswanath DhanisettyMay 10, 2015Reply

    Expected but fun

    Quickie Review:

    James King (Will Ferrell) is sentenced guilty for white collar crimes.
    Completely naïve to the world outside his mansion, he hires Darnell
    Lewis (Kevin Hart) to train and prepare him for the life behind bars.
    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have a very good comedic chemistry. The two
    personalities make the best of a predictable movie, and they are the
    reason why this movies works. More often than not it’s a really funny
    movie but when jokes falls flat, it misses by a large margin. All in
    all, Get Hard is an enjoyable comedy simply because of the cast.

    Full Review:

    I love lot of Will Ferrell’s movies, and I really enjoy Kevin Hart’s
    stand up. So seeing this duo in a feature film should get me excited,
    but I wasn’t. Mainly because I feared this movie would just be a
    collection of scenes that feel like skits. While that is somewhat the
    actual result, as a whole the movie was funny and hence I ended up
    having a pretty good time.

    If you have seen any of Will Ferrell’s previous movies, you know
    exactly the type of character he is playing. Once again he is a
    bumbling idiot oblivious to, and out of touch with society norms. You
    would think that’d be a tiring gimmick, and you would be right if this
    was a solo Ferrell starring movie. Thankfully Get Hard still feels
    comedically fresh because of the addition of Kevin Hart. The best parts
    of the movie are the scenes dedicated to the two leads. They improvise
    a lot of these scenes off of their comedic strengths. Ferrell is great
    at delivering jokes that are borderline offensive but still likable
    because it doesn’t fully cross that line. Meanwhile Hart is excellent
    with the physical comedy with his more animated body language. Special
    mention to T.I. who has a small role in the movie but steals the few
    scenes he is in.

    Although I enjoyed majority of the improvisation, it may also be the
    movie’s biggest weakness. There are moments where a particular joke
    starts off well, but goes on for far too long. It starts to feel a
    little desperate, and if it isn’t a good joke to begin with, it becomes
    progressively worse. Luckily this doesn’t happen too frequently but it
    is noticeable. Additionally this movie is very predictable. I knew the
    exact beats of the story to expect within the first 15mins of the
    movie. So there is nothing surprising story wise, it follows the
    clichéd formula of comedies.

    Despite the formulaic story and few overstretched jokes, Get Hard was
    pleasantly enjoyable. It delivers on consistent laughs, nothing gut
    busting but still satisfying. If you are a fan of Will Ferrell or Kevin
    Hart this is definitely a must-watch. On the other hand if you’re just
    a casual viewer looking for some laughs and a good time, I’d still
    recommend giving Get Hard a try (at least when released on VOD).

    Check out more on my movie review blog The Stub Collector:

  • james-gomez760May 17, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly Disappointing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Raz AbrahamyanMay 20, 2015Reply

    Mayo and Chocolat

    Went in to watch this with very low expectations, however ended up
    laughing for most of the time throughout the film. Kevin Hart is being
    Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell is being Will Ferrell, but that’s what we
    love them for. Together they have a great chemistry that I completely
    bought into.

    You do realize exactly what’s going to happen at the end of the movie,
    and the last half an hour of the movie, to me, was a little bit forced,
    and the jokes were getting repetitive. This did not however ruin my
    overall enjoyment of this film.

    A decent comedy, especially, if you are a big fan of these two

  • Python HyenaMay 22, 2015Reply

    Boy, the Title is Suggestive.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pjbhaumikMay 30, 2015Reply

    Harvard Business Goes Ghetto Righteous

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trans_mauroJune 9, 2015Reply

    It was dull up to a point…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stephendaxterJune 10, 2015Reply

    Funny moments but disappointing from this comedy duo

    Get Hard is a comedy starring two of the funniest actors out there
    today, and having this duo of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell you would
    think would make for an extremely funny movie, unfortunately it doesn’t
    but it still had its fair share of good laughs. They had pretty good
    chemistry and most if not all of the good funny moments came from the
    interactions between the two of them. They played off the racial
    stereotypes for pretty much the entire film and as the film went on it
    got less funny and repetitive. The good moments of the film in terms of
    the comedy came in the middle of the film, thats where you have
    everyone introduced and the build up is over but you are also not yet
    exhausted by the repetitive jokes. In terms of their performances,
    there is nothing new here, it feels like they were both playing similar
    characters that they have played many times before in their previous
    films. But the characters did fit very well into the plot.

    The plot of the film was a little predictable, but at the same time i
    wasn’t bored of following the plot. It didn’t feel like certain plot
    points happened in order to get a few quick jokes in, everything flowed
    pretty well and i was still interested in seeing what was going to
    happen next. There is not much else i can say about this film, there is
    nothing new to see here from Will or Kevin, but the film does provide
    with some good jokes and an interesting plot that can get you through
    the film fairly entertained. So i guess if you are a fan of either
    member of this comedy duo then you will enjoy seeing them together in
    this film. – 5/10

  • Phil HubbsJune 12, 2015Reply

    Get Hard

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • richuk-98954June 12, 2015Reply

    Get Hard an OK Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • The CouchpotatoesJune 15, 2015Reply

    Not Ferrells best…

    When you watch a comedy with Will Ferrell in it you immediately know
    what you are going to get. If you don’t like him then you just should
    not start watching this movie. I do like him even though this one is
    not his best one. I only laughed a couple of times. Most of the time
    because of the unbelievable stupid faces he makes but the humour itself
    this time was pretty low to me. Kevin Hart is mildly funny in this
    movie. I expected much more so I am a little bit disappointed. But
    nevertheless it’s worth watching once, just for Ferrells stupid faces
    and jokes. Will I watch it again in the future? Probably not. Do I
    regret watching it? Not at all.

  • capone666June 15, 2015Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    Get Hard

    The first thing you should do after learning that you’re going to
    prison is purchase every soap- on-a-rope you can find.

    The fresh fish in this comedy however has hired a mentor.

    When well to do James (Will Ferrell) is convicted of embezzlement, he
    employs his car washer, Darnell (Kevin Hart), to edify him on the ins
    and outs of the penal system.

    Going along with James’ assumption that he has served time, Darnell
    agrees to mentor him in exchange for $30,000.

    Over the next 30 days, Darnell exposes James to prison-life situations
    that he gleaned from pop culture. James laps these lessons up until he
    learns Darnell lacks credentials.

    With every joke revolving around jailhouse sex or racial stereotypes,
    Get Hard has a hard time getting beyond its puerile mindset, making the
    laughs sporadic at best.

    Incidentally, white-collar penitentiaries are worse because all rich,
    old, white dudes are on Viagra.

    Red Light

  • Aktham TashtushJune 17, 2015Reply

    The movie has an organized plot, the events flows smoothly, and there are more than enough of loudly laughable scenes .. 😉

    Well it started a bit mild ,, showing Will Ferrell’s ass and some
    absurd scenes were aimless and had no much of affections what so ever
    on my comic sense. Kevin Hart’s start was okay ,, funny with his
    daughter scene. then things escalated so fast after the arrest, trial
    ,verdict counting days down till ”Darnell” finds ”James” in the car
    trunk .. then things just got a bit wildly funny with the act of he’s
    getting rape in prison, ,, with the racial comments. So the funny bits
    starts when the steps of turning ”James” into getting badass Hard …
    then a bit of the truth comes out in 1st third of the movie ”like who
    really set him up !!” and simultaneously Ferrell’s jokes get really
    funny,,,, Kevin’s three personality act was so damn hilarious acting
    he’s Mexican and black and gay and making a funny scene out of that 😀

    In general the movie splits into three parts ,, the into part where we
    get to know the two lives of ”James” and ”Darnell”,, the second part
    where ”James” is being prepared to get Hard and the last part where
    lies the mission of proving ”James” innocence.

    The story of the movie is new the plot is mostly tight along the movie,
    the script is for me rated Okay for comedy there are some really strong
    laughable scenes and there are the mild funny ones but overall the
    chemistry and the assigned script for all the characters worked so fine
    and proper.

    As for the Cast; the dual of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell is spot on and
    i really with to see more of that .. Kevin is a star rising so high in
    Hollywood and he really pushed himself so good to be this funny… As
    for Ferrell i mean no need to say that he was awesome cuz he was.

    Overall,, the movie is organized and hilarious in most parts and really
    enjoyable .. so recommended.

  • Nicolas MetzlerJune 20, 2015Reply

    I don’t get the rating.. It does what it was set out to – It’s hilarious.

    Might be the best comedy I’ve seen this year. My 9 is solid, no
    fanboyism involved whatsoever.. I mean, yeah I might not be a
    professional critic, But I’ve seen at least half of IMDb top250 movies
    and I know my stuff.

    Not here to review it anyways, it’s just that I usually agree with the
    scores – not this time, I’m here to tell you not to pay attention to
    it. It’s not easy to get me literally laughing out loud, This film did
    it quite a few times. For a comedy, this is definitely 9/10.

    The strong chemistry between Hart and Ferrell is very bold and one of
    the best things about this movie. The script is actually VERY well
    written.. Some viewers interpret sarcasm as cheap humor and dismiss
    surreal style of writing (that’s me trying to find a reason for the
    unreasonable low score,I guess..), but in this film they did it
    brilliantly.. it does what it was set out to do, it’s sarcastic yet
    sophisticated, surreal, bizarre at times and most importantly – it’s
    very funny..


  • reazonableJune 20, 2015Reply

    Good comedy for a fun evening, but for the right mood

    This is a great comedy with a lot of good racial humor, but it is for a
    narrow audience. If you like racial humor, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart
    comedies, and bubble butts, you will love the movie. Although that is a
    lot of if’s and many people will find it too distant from their own
    life experience to relate to the characters. The scenes are hardly
    predictable and will definitely surprise if not shock you. Some scenes
    may drag on for too long, but generally the movie flies by quickly. The
    acting is good, but for the fans of Will Farrell and Kevin Hart. Also
    make sure you are in a proper mood for watching an obscene comedy
    because the jokes will not spare you!

  • Dr_SaganJune 21, 2015Reply

    A couple of funny moments, but overall sub-par.

    Audience gets really quick immune to dick jokes and awkward moments.
    You may laugh initially but pretty soon there so many things you can
    tell about buttholes and dicks.

    The premise is good. you may have seen something similar in dramas. How
    to survive in prison like ”find the biggest guy and hit him in the

    I don’t usually like Farrel but he does a decent job here. Kevin Hart
    on the other hand seems more like a dramatic actor than a comedian.

    There is some chemistry between the 2 actors but the joke are in the
    slapstick comedy area.

    Overall: Not bad, definitely not great (I don’t get so many 10s in
    IMDb) but if you ask ”Should I go see it?” I will answer ”Sure”.

  • DareDevilKidJune 22, 2015Reply

    Outrageously Funny!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • boatista24June 23, 2015Reply

    Another unfunny Will Ferrel bomb

    This is just the latest turkey-vehicle for Will Ferrel. I would like to
    actually meet someone who thinks this poorly written tripe is funny,
    just so I can see how old they are. His NASCAR movie was a stinker, his
    ice skating movie was a major turkey, and this movie compounds that
    exponentially by inserting Kevin Hart, another entirely unfunny
    ”comic”. I give the movie two stars, simply because there wasn’t
    anything else new out on demand. There was absolutely nothing funny in
    this movie. It tries too hard to get laughs, but comes up totally dry.
    I would rather watch paint dry. Anyone who finds this slop amusing must
    be somewhat lacking in intelligence.

  • IrishmoviereviewerJune 25, 2015Reply

    Extremely rough and a disappointment…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])June 29, 2015Reply

    Disappointing but not terrible. If it didn’t have these two actors it would have been very very bad.

    ”He would not last in prison, he wouldn’t even last at my school.”
    James King (Ferrell) has the perfect life. He is rich, has a beautiful
    fiancée and is getting a big promotion at work. All of that comes to an
    end when he is arrested and charged with embezzlement. Afraid of what
    prison life will be like he asks Darnell (Hart) to help him get ready
    for his stretch, but things don’t go as smooth as he thought. I was
    looking forward to this one. I am a huge Will Ferrell fan and this
    seemed like a perfect role for him. I have to admit I was a little
    disappointed. Ferrell and Hart were really funny in this but to me the
    movie seemed a little forced. The idea is a really good sit-com idea
    but stretched out to an hour forty-five it really loses steam. There
    are some really funny parts in this, as well as some very shocking
    scenes but really this one felt like they were trying way too hard and
    it came across as forced. I don’t think it was the actor’s fault
    though. The did the best with what they were given. Overall,
    disappointing but not terrible. If it didn’t have these two actors it
    would have been very very bad. I disappointingly give this a B-.

  • MovieLord23July 1, 2015Reply

    Get ready for a lot of prison rape jokes

    This is the movie where we finally get the team up of Kevin Hart and
    Will Ferrell. While it isn’t the epic combination we have we’ve been
    waiting for, it did hold promise. Unfortunately, this movie is just one
    massive joke. A movie about preparing for prison which generally boils
    down to prison rape.

    Good: Kevin Hart brings a lot of energy to the movie and I think with a
    better script this Ferrell and Hart combo can work since Ferrell can be
    good as the straight man. Every once in a while, this team up brings
    some chuckles in here.

    Bad: The movie lacks any good humor. It is all about prison rape and it
    gets old extremely quick. A bunch of stereotypes are on display and
    nothing clever is done with them and then they revert back to prison

    Overall, I like the notion of a Hart and Ferrell movie, but it’s too
    bad they wasted it on a lazy movie like this.

  • Screen_BlitzJuly 2, 2015Reply

    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy is not great, but not terrible

    In this buddy comedy, Will Ferrell plays James King, a multi-
    millionaire who owns a luxury mansion and is about the marry the women
    of his dreams, only to be convicted of fraud and is sentenced ten years
    in prison. With only a month to spare, King hires Darnell Lewis (played
    by Kevin Hart), a businessman who gives teaches him a long series of
    lessons on how to survive in prison. King quickly comes to learn that
    is it much harder than he imagined. This is Will Ferrell and Kevin
    Hart’s first film together.

    This is Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell’s first film together. While the
    duo manages to show some good comedic chemistry, the problem is how
    they use it. Instead of using the typical sex humor and innuendo that
    the most R-rated comedies are known for, they take advantage of using
    racist humor. Nearly joke the two spit out revolves around African
    Americans, Jews, or other sort of ethnic group. The film uses so much
    racial and religious stereotyping, with one racist joke after another
    after another, and it gets so repetitive. One scene in particular takes
    place at a Nazi Club, where there is a group of gangsters dressed up in
    these biker-style Nazi suits of some sort. Watching this scene just
    made me roll my eyes. I’m not gonna lie, some of the dialogue made me
    laugh. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell have several good lines here and
    there. The only thing is that if this film veered more on clever sex
    jokes rather than dumb racist humor, it would have been more enjoyable.

    If you are a fan of Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart, I would recommend this
    film. However, if you are easily offended by racist humor than this may
    not be a good pick.

  • kittycatbeachJuly 3, 2015Reply

    This wins the award for ”Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Savannah GJuly 3, 2015Reply

    Funny & Clever

    I wonder if what the critics don’t like about this movie is that it is
    actually clever, funny and vulnerable. I am glad I resisted the critic
    reviews and saw it. The performances by all actors are genuine. And of
    course there is just enough physical comedy and absurdity to make it
    silly in a good way.

    Don’t listen to the crusty old curmudgeons its a fun movie to watch.
    Some of the jokes are actually intelligent and you have to know a
    little about what is going on economically and racially in the Country
    to really get them. The only thing that I find puzzling is in every
    movie that has biker gangs, they never seem to get them right. They
    always portray them cartoony that was the only thing that I found
    disinteresting and only because of aesthetics.

    Its a cute comedy. Don’t be turned away by the crusty critics

  • LeventeeJuly 3, 2015Reply

    Simply fun to watch

    This movie far exceeded my expectations, as it’s incredibly fun to
    watch. The story itself is quite simple and full of glitches, but the
    acting, and these two, Ferrel and Hart just made this movie a good one.
    The ending is quite predictable, in fact I knew how the movie will end
    after like 10 minutes of watching it, but regardless of that, it won’t
    ever get boring. Enjoyed every last minute of it, and had some really
    good jokes in it, which is unexpected from a comedy that’s from the
    2010s. The only thing that bothered me were the glitches, won’t point
    them out, as they’re considered spoilers, but You’ll probably notice
    them sooner or later. I honestly don’t understand these 6.1 points out
    of 10, or the metascore that it has, I can easily call this a strong 8,
    besides the glitches, it excels as a comedy.

  • thesar-2July 3, 2015Reply

    Die Hard Laughing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • westsideschlJuly 4, 2015Reply


    Nothing original – just a series of stolen monologues taken from past
    N.Y. & L.A. studios’ formula of: 1. Stereotyping black and white views
    of each other (well, OK, ball park 90% were from the white camp). 2.
    Stereotyping rich and poor and their accompanying behaviors; as well as
    each toward the other (well, OK, 90% mostly put-downs of the wealthy).
    3. Loads of obscenities for those still stick-stuck in that
    compensation stage of life (ages 13-17), or just as a convenient
    multipurpose tool to replace language never learned in school. 4. Lots
    of sex/drugs references to support #3 above and most importantly to
    give a dull, if not boring, script an edge. 5. Predictable martial arts
    action exchanges throughout the film as well as their eventual
    outcomes. Martial arts obviously rescued by stunt doubles and camera
    angles. 6. Ferrell looked tired; Hart looked stuck-in-a-rut. 7. Boils
    down to typical mental movie junk food, ball park: (80% of what comes
    out of the N.Y. & L.A. studios; 90% out of Bolly studios; 95% of
    releases from both Mexican TV & film studios).

  • ATEreviewsJuly 6, 2015Reply

    Big let down.

    On paper, Get Hard would be a perfect film for me as it stars Will
    Ferrell and Kevin Hart, who I find very funny. However it appeared that
    from the trailers that this film would not be side splitting, they
    seemed to put 80% of the gags in the trailer and it still appeared
    forced and not too amusing.

    Will Ferrell is a multi-millionaire, who lives with his super-model
    girlfriend and on his engagement party he is arrested for fraud and
    informed that he will have 30 days to get his affairs in order before
    he is sent to prison. Kevin Hart washes cars in the basement of Will
    Ferrell’s office block; this is where Will Ferrell tells him of his
    recent conviction and asks how Kevin Hart survived prison, with this
    assumption being made merely because he is black! Ferrell offers to pay
    Hart cash if he trains him and prepares him for prison over the 30 days
    of freedom that he has left. Hart, desperate for money in order to send
    his daughter to a better school, accepts Ferrell’s offer even though he
    has never committed a crime in his entire life, never mind undergo a
    prison sentence!

    Now I am not going to judge this film over the political correctness of
    it as modern day PC is on its backside, everyone seems offended by
    something these days and the internet and social media in particular
    are platforms for these things to escalate out of control. However this
    story does push the boundaries, it didn’t offend me but It was
    obviously going to get under some peoples skin. A rich white man, goes
    to a poor black man and assumes he is a criminal who has been to prison
    and assumes he knows how to look after himself inside.

    Seeing Kevin Hart act tough and bully Will Ferrell is amusing at first
    and Hart does a great job of this, however this seems to be the only
    scenario, with very little variation. Sadly I felt it ran out of steam
    as the film progressed. The two contrasting stereotypes that they both
    played were funny and well done but the film needed much more than that
    to keep you hooked. Kevin Hart had his usual highly energetic approach
    which contrasted Will Ferrell very well. There are some scenes which
    made me laugh out loud but for me there were not nearly enough of them.
    Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are both very funny actors in my opinion
    but this movie was seriously let down, not by the lead actors but by
    the direction and script. Ferrell and Hart didn’t have much to play
    with, scenarios felt limiting and the jokes felt repeated and by the
    end of the movie I was feeling more than a little bored. It is one
    massive cliché with plot holes with some questionable moments.

    Overall, A film with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart should have been much
    better than this, it will more than likely go down as a flop and I
    doubt it will be remembered for years to come. You must know what this
    film is about before viewing so if you know this is something that will
    offend you then why bother watching it? Just leave it alone!


  • bob-the-movie-manJuly 7, 2015Reply

    Funnier than expected

    Get Hard was a film I really wasn’t expecting to like much, but it was
    significantly funnier than I expected it to be. Will Ferrell’s films
    have had a tendency to be a bit like Russian Roulette as of late, but
    this one is fortunately one with no bullet in the chamber. Ferrell
    plays James, a market trader with (in some people’s books) an idyllic
    life: beautiful house, beautiful fiancée (the boss’s daughter) and more
    money that Trump could shake a stick at.

    But the idyll is shattered when he is arrested and then convicted of
    corruption on a massive scale. Wanting to set a public example , the
    judge sentences him to the delights of San Quentin and James has 30
    days to ”Get Hard” before being thrown to the mercy of the inmates.
    Helping him in the task is Kevin Hart (”Ride Along”) who, primarily for
    reasons of personal financial gain, pretends to be much more ‘street’
    than he really is.

    What I enjoyed about this film was the leisurely set up of character
    and plot before the real comedy (the ‘training’) kicked in. This is
    where Ferrell and Hart really work together well, and I thought Hart
    was excellent in his role. Also good to see Craig T. Nelson
    (”Poltergeist”, ”Blades of Glory”) back on the big screen as James’s

    There are few films where I have guffawed out loud so much at certain
    points: some really good visual slapstick humour. However, the film
    will be far from everyone’s tastes, with some very close to the knuckle
    jokes. In particular things come to a ‘head’, as it were, with some
    mano-a-mano action between Ferrell and Matt Walsh (”VEEP”, ”Into the
    Storm”), where the crudometer gets cranked up to ”Farrelly”. The film
    is also let down by a weak ending and if there was a joke to be had in
    the last line of the film, it completely flew over my head.

    Recommended for some good belly laughs for the broad minded.

    (If you enjoyed this review please see the graphical version at and enter your email address to get future
    reviews. Thanks).

  • KineticSeoulJuly 12, 2015Reply

    The trailer is way more amusing than this

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bruce722July 12, 2015Reply

    As usual, the critics are clueless when it comes to comedy movies.

    The first 20 minutes of so of the movie are pretty mediocre but they
    set the stage for the hilarity that ensues in the next hour plus, where
    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are comedic geniuses. They play the same
    roles they typically do, with Hart being a pint-sized black man with a
    lot of bark and little bite and Ferrell being the big, lumbering air
    head who’s innocence and ignorance somehow make him endearing and
    obnoxious at the same time. However, those roles blend together
    perfectly in this movie as the two have great on-screen chemistry. The
    supporting cast is also fantastic and this movie is, overall, a really
    good comedy that most people will likely enjoy.

  • milkysbetaJuly 12, 2015Reply

    I did not laugh once

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kenyae KofiJuly 15, 2015Reply

    A movie with a great comedy duo!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mikey Lee SmithJuly 15, 2015Reply

    this movie is mediocre, it feels lazy, rushed and is really forgettable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gordon-11July 16, 2015Reply

    It’s seriously funny

    This film tells the story of a successful fund manager who is accused
    of embezzlement, and faces ten years in maximum security prison. He
    gets a Negro man to tutor him to be tough, in order to prepare him for
    prison life.

    ”Get Hard” is seriously funny! The title has obvious innuendos, and
    this is well played in the final scene when James and Darnell have a
    heart to heart conversation. The whole premise of the story is
    ridiculous and ridiculously funny! A usual person is likely to fight
    the charges against him, but James decides to do something completely
    unconventional. The film uses a lot of stereotypes to their advantage.
    I enjoyed it tremendously.

  • palavitsinisJuly 19, 2015Reply

    No no no. Will Ferrel has to step it up a notch or two

    I am one of the people that discovered Will Ferrel a bit late and then
    sat down and watched almost all his filmography in one sitting! I
    really enjoyed all the movies he made up to a certain point… For the
    past 2-3 years he comes back with one failure after the other. Although
    the concepts of the movies are pretty fair, somehow they come out to be
    really poor in terms of jokes and general sense of humor.

    This movie is no exception. It lacks a sense of humor and it goes for
    the easy laugh every time. With the same lines that Ferrel has done the
    past 3-4 years, over and over again, offering nothing new. I would rate
    it with 4 out of 10 but I did laugh in the end a bit, although I think
    these laughs were pretty much pulled out of me rather than anything

    I am hugely disappointed by Will Ferrel as a comedian and I think it’s
    time to stop doing these low-quality movies and get his hands on some
    decent script writers to get back on the speed wagon he was on the past

  • jimhocnJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Classic Kevin Hart’s type of humour

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JeniaJuly 28, 2015Reply

    No no no. Horrible!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reno RanganJuly 30, 2015Reply

    An old concept with a new pair.

    First of all I don’t wanna compare it with any movie like the others
    did. Many reviews bashing that it was rip-off of ‘Big Stan’. Yes kind
    of similar theme, but there’s a lot of difference. The concept was the
    same and the story happens in an alternate way like ‘what if’. That
    means one takes place outside the prison and the other one in the
    prison. If you’re a movie fanatic, you would enjoy the show other than
    going after flaws and resemblance.

    I had seen many weird combos, and I felt same feeling for this Will
    Ferrell and Kevin Hart, when I first heard about it. Like usual, once I
    watched the movie seem to be okay. Quite a show and equally good, one
    of the funniest combinations to entertain. I had a few good laughs and
    enjoyed the film. I would love to get a sequel for this, because these
    men coming together are double fun. So it should not be wasted ending
    with a one-off movie, but at least a duology or maybe a trilogy. Gosh,
    my crazy thought and expectation!


  • Michael_ElliottJuly 31, 2015Reply

    The Two Stars Make the Material

    Get Hard (2015)

    *** (out of 4)

    Millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) gets ten years in prison for a
    crime he didn’t commit but he still needs to learn how to survive on
    the inside so he hires Darnell (Kevin Hart) to teach him how to be
    hard. James thinks just because Darnell is black that he’s been in
    prison but what he doesn’t know is that Darnell is just as chicken as
    him when it comes to fighting.

    GET HARD isn’t a complete success but there’s no question that the two
    leads are in good form and there are enough laughs that make this worth
    sitting through. If you’re looking for some sort of masterpiece or
    high-art comedy then you’re not going to find it here. There’s nothing
    clean about this movie as it attacks all races, sexes and genders as it
    pretty much tries to offend anyone and goes for the most obvious and at
    times graphic jokes that it can. There was some pre-release controversy
    about some of the stereotype jokes but I think it’s safe to say that
    everyone is insulted so it’s fair game.

    I think the best thing going for the film is the chemistry between
    Ferrell and Hart. Both of them work well off of one another and
    especially whenever the screenplay lets them down. In all honesty,
    there’s not too much here that we haven’t seen in other comedies about
    prison but the two actors take the material and make it much better
    than it actually is. One of the highlights in the film is when Ferrell
    is supposed to go up to some tough guys and start a fight. The terror
    that Ferrell gets across was just hilarious.

    The formula is pretty predictable as is the outcome. With that said,
    I’d guess that only around sixty percent of the jokes actually work but
    there are enough big ones to make the film worth viewing.

  • witster18July 31, 2015Reply

    Save yourself the time and money and watch the superior original, ”Big Stan”

    Don’t get me wrong.. If you ask Rob Schneider or Will Ferrell, whether
    it be overall funniness or filmography, I’m taking Ferrell, but not

    Get Hard starts out rough. Unfunny and uninteresting. Trying way ”too
    hard” with a script that just had nothing to offer.

    Granted, the film makes a mild comeback in the second half. Ferrell’s
    antics finally go over-the-top and make the second-half nearly
    re-watchable, but not quite. At present this may be the worst film I
    know-of that’s still sitting above a 6.0 on IMDb, but give it three
    more weeks of DVD time and it might drop closer to where it should be.

    47/100 It’s the second under-whelming comedy I’ve rented this week from
    A- listers. ”Unfinished Business” also left a lot to be desired(a tad
    better than this crap). ”Get Hard” WAS better than HTTM2, but that’s
    not a difficult task. This film also relied a bit too much on crude
    humor. And that’s weird that I just used crude humor as a negative, and
    then referenced ”Big Stan” as a better film. I don’t mind crude humor –
    as long as it’s funny.

    I nearly turned it off about 45-in, and I try ”really hard” NOT to do
    that when watching a movie. It’s gotta be pretty darn awful. If it
    didn’t star Hart and Ferrell I WOULD have turned-it-off, but I thought
    I’d give them a chance at redemption and they did salvage a little face
    in the second-half.

    Lazy writing. WIthout the physical comedy of it’s leads it’s in the
    Turkey/1-2 area.

    I’d pass.

    You don’t expect too much plot with these types of films, but the
    finish of the story is so dull yet somehow also hurried, and the films
    only saving grace is some physical comedy and decent chemistry from the
    leads. Too bad they didn’t have a script worth 2 cents.

    You thought the Horror Genre was dying… uh uh.. the comedy genre is
    what’s dyin’. Anchorman this is not. Big Stan this is not.

    go buy a used copy of Big Stan(6.5/10) instead of dropping 1.50 on the
    redbox for this junk. All they did was try to remake it, and like most
    remakes, it’s a huge step-down. Let’s Go To Prison and Big Stan were
    small films that kicked this big films back-side. Pass on this
    big-budget flop and check those out for a silly/fun/funny prison movie.

  • edsittnerAugust 4, 2015Reply

    This is only ”pour le connoisseurs”

    Though Ferrell is acting his classic character, Kevin Hart tremendously
    plays a hard one. Over and above is Etan Cohen’s highly professional
    directing as well as the movie’s extremely smart screenplay and

    This is a blue comedy to be seen by smart and perceptive people, who
    are able to appreciate and enjoy this kind of movie. Wholeheartedly
    recommend to watch it.

    I couldn’t believe that this piece of art was only 6.1 rated on IMDb.
    Therefore I would respectfully ask users who undervalued it to go back
    to Batman and never try again the real modern cinema.

    They’ll end up disappointed anyway.

  • caroline_marinoAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Dogging of Pitbulls

    I love Will Ferrell but once the dog breed of Pitbulls was portrayed
    negatively, I was mad. Let’s stop the bad portrayal of this wonderful
    breed of animal. I have only seen one other movie with Kevin Hart who I
    had no knowledge of before recently. That was Wedding Ringer and it
    wasn’t too great either. This movie was sad at best and when a dog
    breed is portrayed as mean or vicious just because the director writer
    doesn’t have any idea of what that breed is, well, this movie is dumb.
    Gratuitous violence, language, sex, erroneous information. Dumb movie,
    bad plot, not sure what value this brings to society, etc. Very crude
    and rude.

  • SnoopyStyleAugust 11, 2015Reply

    great comedians but not clicking in this

    James King (Will Ferrell) is a highly successful trader and just made
    partner by Martin Barrow (Craig T. Nelson). He is set to marry the
    bosses’ high maintenance daughter Alissa (Alison Brie). Darnell Lewis
    (Kevin Hart) is a hard working car wash owner trying to get ahead. At
    his engagement party, James is arrested for fraud. The evidence is fake
    but he’s sentenced to ten years in maximum security anyways. He thinks
    Darnell is an ex-con and pays him $30k to teach the ways of prison.

    Individually, these are great comedians. I rather have them play
    buddies but this still works a little. It’s a lot of prison rape jokes
    and being gangster. It’s more stupid than funny. Nevertheless, it still
    has a few funny moments.

  • Wizard-8August 16, 2015Reply

    I guess I have to get hard on this failed comedy

    There are multiple echoes of past comedies in ”Get Hard”, ranging from
    the Eddie Murphy movie ”Trading Places” to the Rob Schneider movie ”Big
    Stan”. But I’ve long learned that there’s often not a lot of
    originality to Hollywood movies. What really mattered was if the movie
    managed to be funny. Sad to say, I didn’t find that the movie worked.
    This is not the fault of Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart – they do give it
    their all with their performances. It’s just that the script isn’t very
    well written. For starters, there’s not a terrible amount of plot. The
    movie spends far too much time with Hart’s training Ferrell to ”get
    hard”, so much time that eventually the supposedly wacky lessons get
    tedious and boring. (This movie should have been a LOT shorter.) As you
    might have guessed from that last statement, the various attempts at
    humor are not very successful. Quite a few of the gags border on bad
    taste (there’s rampant homophobia and racism), and a number of more are
    simply so predictable and familiar that you won’t laugh. There are a
    lot worse comedies out there, I guess, but even in comparison to them
    this movie comes across as very flat.

  • leonblackwoodAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Not brilliant but funny in parts. 5-10

    Review: This movie has a few funny scenes but it isn’t anything
    amazing. The jokes or more silly than funny and the far fetched
    storyline, goes a bit too far sometimes. Anyway, it’s about a stock
    market tycoon who gets nailed for fraud by his boss, who happens to be
    his girlfriends father. James (Ferrell) thinks that his father-in-law
    is going to help him to prove his innocence but his 30 day probation
    period is quickly running out and he doesn’t know anything about prison
    life. This is when he turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) who owns a small
    car wash company in the car park of James company. Darnell then turns
    to his gangster cousin for some information on jail life and then he
    puts James through some intense training on how to survive in prison.
    The movie reminded me a lot of Trading Places, were Dan Aykroyd was
    framed for the same type of thing. This movie isn’t in the same league
    as Trading Places but I did giggle at a couple of the jokes. Ferrell
    uses the same mannerisms and phrases that we have seen in a lot of his
    movies and Kevin Hart also put in an average performance but it is
    watchable and the chemistry between the two actors was quite good. Its
    basically a light hearted adult comedy which does have a few offensive
    jokes but you will enjoy it if you don’t take it too seriously.

    Round-Up: Will Ferrell definitely has a unique style of acting which is
    second too none but his jokes are starting to become a bit tedious,
    like Carrey, Sandler and Stiller. Personally, I do find him quite funny
    and he always pushes a joke to the extreme but he’s beginning to become
    type casted, which is never good for a comedian. He has to be one of
    the hardest working comedians in the business with 13 movies in the
    pipeline and many TV appearances, which includes movies made for TV so
    at 48 years old, he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the near
    future. Kevin Hart, 36, has really shot to fame since the release of
    his stand-up film Let Me Explain. His career started in 2002 in a movie
    called Paper Soldiers and he also played the lead in Soul Plane which
    was a hit at the time. I do find his acting quite annoying at times but
    he wasn’t too bad in this film. It seems like someone has had a word
    with him about his million word per minute habit which I got fed up
    with in his earlier movies. The film was directed by Ethan Cohen who
    wrote Men In Black 3, Tropic Thunder, which was a great movie and
    Idiocracy which was strange but funny. This is his first movie in the
    directors chair and I honestly think that he didn’t do a bad job with
    it. It won’t go down as a classic but it’s a watchable movie which has
    some funny moments. 

    Budget: $40million Worldwide Gross: $106million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies about a
    stock market tycoon who gets framed for fraud so he turns to a black
    car wash owner to prepare him for life in prison. 5/10

  • Ole Sandbaek JoergensenAugust 22, 2015Reply

    It has it’s moments

    It has it’s moments, but all in all it could have been more, this duo
    works out quite well, but we never see the real power of them, they
    never really shine. There are scenes and lines here and there that work
    very well, but in the end it just gets a bit too superficial and
    delivers fast easy jokes that doesn’t hit the mark for these two.

    All is well that ends well and that it does, but we kind of figured
    that all from the beginning, in many ways this is way too obvious and
    does deliver what I expected, I know I sound very harsh and not very
    thrilled about this one and I am very disappointed 🙂

    I did like the two main characters, both pretending to be someone they
    are not, and really working hard at getting everything to work out,
    while just being awkward and out of place.

  • BlueghostAugust 24, 2015Reply

    One of the worst films I’ve ever seen

    I don’t get why people like Will Ferrell. I’ve seen several of his
    movies over the last year, and I’ve laughed maybe just over a half
    dozen times at the dozen or so films I’ve seen him in.

    And this film, other than the fact that it’s about prisoners or
    criminals, has the worst jokes ever. I can’t imagine anyone being in
    the theatre and seriously laughing at this junk.

    Admittedly, I chuckled, and I do emphasize chuckle because I didn’t
    laugh, a few times in this film. It wasn’t entirely without humor, but
    the jokes were so base, the humor so low brow, the comic timing so
    poor, that one wonders what’s happened to the aggregate IQ of the
    people of the United States of America.

    A predictable script / story, some tasteless sexual situations, I
    wondered if the prisoner population, or people related and relating to
    prisoners, was such a big demographic that Will Ferrell and the powers
    that be thought this would be a good film to make.

    Everyone I’ve talked to smirks and thinks Will Ferrell is Luke warm
    funny, me included. He’s not entirely without humor. But he and his
    films are not the product of comic genius.

    Hey look, if you’ve ”done time”, need to laugh at your incarceration,
    then maybe this film is for you, but otherwise give me the Three
    Stooges or Warner Brothers’ cartoons any day over this garbage.


  • Sander van RijnAugust 26, 2015Reply

    Very Entertaining!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phoenix 2September 16, 2015Reply

    Good enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • smatysia ([email protected])September 20, 2015Reply

    Exceedingly puerile

    This film is exceedingly puerile. Obviously, the target demographic is
    white, straight, 15-year-old boys. Some of the jokes and gags were
    mildly amusing, and many were wince-inducingly bad or exceptionally
    repulsive. It is pretty hard to make rape funny and every effort in
    this movie failed. I realize that the racial and homosexual stereotypes
    were being played for laughs (usually not achieving them) but I thought
    that this wasn’t allowed anymore. Micro-aggressions and all that. I
    just can’t keep up with the rules of political correctness. One thing
    that the material couldn’t hide was the beauty and talent of Edwina
    Findlay and Alison Brie.

  • keithlovesmoviesSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Get Hard Review

    When a crazy-rich hedge-fund manager James King (Will Ferrell) is
    convicted of fraud and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Realizing that
    he won’t survive for very long in prison, he uses the month in which he
    has to get his affairs in order and turns to black businessman Darnell
    (Kevin Hart) for help. What James doesn’t know is that Darnell is a
    law-abiding citizen who has never been to prison and he decides to use
    this fact in order to take advantage of James to get money for his
    family so they can have a better life. As Darnell begins training
    James, they both start to see that they may have been wrong about many
    things, including each other.

    Just like Mortdecai, I have been avoiding this up until now due to its
    reputation of being bad. Surprisingly enough, it is a better film. I
    will say that the story isn’t that original and also a little
    predictable but it did keep me engaged. I also found this film a lot
    funnier than I expected. Most of the comedy from this film comes from
    offending several races, sexual orientations, and social statuses. In
    other words, it comes from interactions with one another and how each
    perceive one another. They demonstrate this through the use of
    stereotypes and caricatures and they take advantage of their 18A/R
    rating. I was also very disappointed because of this since I found the
    writing to be very lazy since it relied solely on what I mentioned
    previously. Although I get rarely offended by things, it is easy to see
    how one would be offended by this. I wasn’t offended but I also did not
    find most of it funny at all. The parts that I found funny are the
    moments where Will Ferrell was being almost every other character he
    has done before and Kevin Hart was being almost every other character
    he has done before. I am not proud of this but I will admit to having
    laughed a few times. This goes back to the lazy writing and the
    performances of Ferrell and Hart. They were okay and they had good
    chemistry but I felt that they could have tried a little harder and
    gave us something more. I felt the story started off slow and got
    decent near the end after it stopped being offensive. I wish the
    subplot which led to that could have been explored a lot earlier. I
    also liked Alison Brie as James’s girlfriend Alissa but I wish we could
    have seen more of her. Overall I thought this movie was okay but I was
    a little disappointed because it could have been more based on the
    comedic talents of the starts but those were wasted by the material and
    the direction.

    Score: 5.5/10

  • kosmaspOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Prison Coach

    Which is the title the movie got in Germany (for a change it’s not an
    English title, but in German). Considering the comedy talent at hand, I
    understand that some might be disappointed in this. But it’s still
    decent enough, even with some mediocre jokes thrown in there from time
    to time. Not to mention the fact, that this is as predictable as it
    gets (story wise that is).

    Not sure if the jokes about homosexuality work most of the time either,
    but you have to give/cut them some slack for trying (while not dumbing
    them down too much). The word play is there (see title), which is
    played out pretty nicely in one particular scene (turning point sort
    of). Don’t expect too much and you’ll be entertained

  • HenbaineAccount2October 4, 2015Reply

    Funny as hell.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Felix A HernandezOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Me and my fam.didn’t enjoy ,well just a bit ,why?

    Because you got 2 of the best comedy actor out there that didn’t have a
    creativity to make this movie,the best comedy of the year. When I first
    start hearing of Will Ferrell, I didn’t like him as an actor but my
    brother in law kept bother me to watch Elf (2003) with Will F. ,So
    after a while I decide to see it and we (my Family) love him,then there
    is Kevin Hart also one of the grater in comedy so the two combine in a
    movie I was like OMG ,What a disappointment!!!! I know we are in 2015
    but if you consider your self a great comedy person, you don’t need all
    that stupidity of nonsense nudity about showing part and breast ,if I
    want to see that kind of stuff i’ll get myself a x movie,come on!!
    Anyway that’s my 2 cent of the movie,my opinion like everyone have,
    still is OK to watch this movie, there some laugh here and there.Since
    there is a lot review of this movie I don’t need to get into
    detail.thank you for reading.

  • ivcrOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Bad rape jokes and disgusting scenes – NOT a comedy for the family

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hoxjenniferOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Ridiculously funny!

    This movie is not realistic at all, there are many plot holes and
    impossible scenarios that you just have to get over. And once you get
    over it, and just immerse yourself in the ridiculous-less that happens
    when Will Farrell and Kevin Hart get together, it is just pure fun and
    laughs the whole way through. ”Get Hard” is about a stereotypical well
    educated, over-privileged middle aged white man, James King, and his
    friendship with Darnell, a well-to-do blue collar black guy trying to
    save enough money to get a new house so his daughter can go to a better
    school. James King is accused of fraud and sentenced to 10 years in San
    Quentin, a hardcore maximum security prison. Fearing what will happen
    to him in prison, King has one month to ”Get Hard” so that he will be
    able to survive his 10 year sentence.

    What follow is absolutely hilarious. It’s not your typical black vs.
    white humour, there are a lot of creative elements to this film that
    make it unique and fun to watch from start-to-finish.

  • LeonLouisRicciOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Idiocracy About Getting In Shape for Prison Rape

    A Gross-Out, Un-PC, Picture Teaming Two Popular Comedians that Wants
    You to Believe that it is an Equal Opportunity Offender. It is
    Offensive but Not Really Equally Offensive.

    Compare the Time Spent and the Opposing Manipulation of the Two ”Hard”
    Gangs that Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Visit Attempting to Get Ferrill
    in Shape to Do Hard Time.

    The Black Gang has a Full and Fleshed Out Ensemble of Likable ”Homeys”
    and the White Supremacist-Neo-Nazi Biker Gang are Unlikeable and Played
    Nasty Straight and Want Nothing to Do With This and are About to Sand
    Ferrell’s Face Off with a Spinning Motorcycle Tire When Hart Shows Up
    with a Flame-Thrower.

    The Movie is Clearly Not On the Side of the White Guys. There are Other
    Examples of Reverse Racism but No Need to Go Into It to Make the Point
    Because in a Thing Like This What’s the Point?

    If You are a Fan of the Two Stars or Think That Homosexual Rape is
    Hilarious, You Might Want to Give This a Shot to See the Lengths that
    Our White Turned Black Hero Endures to Not Be on the Receiving End of
    Hard Hot Shot.

    The Film Tries Hard to be Charming with Its Two Leads Effortlessly
    Displaying One Cringe Inducer After Another. To its Credit there is Not
    One Fart Joke. That’s Probably Because for Most of the Running Time
    Ferrill has Something Up His Butt. How’s That for a Complement?

  • ahmadsanatyarOctober 8, 2015Reply

    Defintitely worth watching if you’re looking for a good laugh

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bbewnyloracOctober 9, 2015Reply

    Poor depiction of women spoils it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rjsf96October 22, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • richard-1787 ([email protected])November 5, 2015Reply

    An embarrassing movie

    There’s no getting around the fact that this is an embarrassingly bad

    Not because of the acting, but because the script writers wrote down to
    their idea of their audience, a group of simple-minded morons.

    Imagine the main character as, instead of the completely unrealistic
    buffoon created for Will Farrell, something like Richard Gere’s
    character in Arbitrage.

    Then imagine the Black man’s character as someone with serious problems
    who, out of desperation, agrees to help the white man, but constantly
    has to consult the very people he has been distancing himself from to
    lead the life he wanted for himself, despite his surroundings.

    This could have been an intelligent mix of comedy and drama that could
    have led to interesting observations and still have been funny.

    Instead, it is a collection of caricatures, many of which can only be
    read as offensive.

    A shame.

  • rentselfDecember 3, 2015Reply

    Very smart comedy

    Kudos to Etan Cohen. This is not slap stick comedy, it is a slap in the
    face comedy. So many meanings and messages are weaved throughout and it
    will get to people. I was blown away by the cleverness and
    thoughtfulness. It covers so many topics currently causing ignorance in
    society. I see it as designed to reach people on a personal level.
    Whoever you are, you are always doing your best and deserve the best.
    Stop comparing yourself to others and take care of you. Kevin Hart
    played a scene I doubt many actors can pull off. I know nothing about
    Will Ferrell but will go watch his other movies now. I loved it all.
    True art right where needed.

  • hamoshameDecember 8, 2015Reply

    watch this movie, at least 4 times. Then try and list a more horrible movie

    This movie will be the subject of many jokes during their future roasts
    These two talented individuals should have said no to this script.

    What were you two thinking? Was this really worth the money? I just had
    a sinus infection for 7 days straight that was less painful than
    listening to the dialog from this movie. It was so bad I had to play
    scenes back just to make sure I heard correctly, not just mindless, but
    stabbing pain like an ice cream headache. So many good actresses and
    actors, and not one scene worth listening to. This must be the movie
    they play for the worst criminals of the century. Etan must have
    exaggerated his involvement with tropic thunder.

  • edwagreenDecember 8, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kaons-84009December 30, 2015Reply

    Is this a comedy?

    This should be one of the worst comedy movies ever. No plot and a
    terrible Will Farell. What a waste of time watching this movie. The
    whole movie is about the word f*** and graphic descriptions of oral
    sex. It may entertain horny teenagers, it may crack a smile the first
    time you hear the ugly words but nothing more. The movie is a disgrace
    and an insult to all movie makers who really try to entertain.
    Especially the performance of Will Farell is atrocious. The actor is
    not funny and cannot act. Kevin Hard on the other side is really good
    and his performance is lost opposite to non existent acting of Farell.
    The movie plot is not existent and this movie is the perfect one to
    torture your friend while you enjoy the restroom.

  • alindsay-alJanuary 8, 2016Reply

    A below average comedy that lacked originality

    I have finally had the chance to see get hard and it did disappoint I’m
    afraid to reveal. The premise sees a millionaire who is being sent to
    prison attempt to get the help from a man he believes to be a former
    inmate to help tutor him for prison. Will Ferrell plays the lead in
    this film and he was fine, just at times he didn’t seem his comedic
    best and didn’t really make me laugh that much. His character was
    pretty ridiculous as well which for this film didn’t fully help, but he
    is still will Ferrell and delivered a decent performance. I love Kevin
    hart and in this film he is good, he is funny but it does seem like he
    plays the same thing in every film and there is an aspect to his
    character that I wish they had extended in the film. For his small role
    ti was really good as well and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in more
    things. Unfortunately all the villains are cookie cutter and
    predictable from a mile away. The story is really basic, you can tell
    from the premise alone just where the film is going and how it will end
    up. The script did have some funny moments but it never made me burst
    out laughing like I know Ferrell and hart can do. The style is
    ridiculous and it works half the time but the other half you really
    wonder why they went so ridiculous. Overall if your a fan of hart and
    Ferrell you might want to see it but other then that you can skip this

  • Dillon HarrisJanuary 9, 2016Reply

    Two Likable Leads aren’t Enough to Save this Formulaic, Unfunny Comedy,

    Get Hard is a hurrendous movie with a really poorly developed
    storyline, and a talented comedic cast that sadly aren’t enough to make
    this film any better. There are very few things about this movie I
    enjoyed, and the only reason I’m not rating it even lower is because
    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are a likable duo, there was nothing
    irritating about them, they simply weren’t given a good script, I liked
    seeing them together and I would hope we can see them in a genuinely
    good comedy in the future. The plot is uneven and I never found myself
    caring for the characters, but I could have looked past this if it was
    funny, but it certainly was not, there is a plot for the beginning and
    the end, but in the middle we are just watching one character help
    another one ”prepare for prison”, leading to a bunch of scenes that
    were simply dumb to say the least. James is a very unlikeable lead
    character, even at the hands of Ferrell I could not like him in any
    way, he’s selfish, pompous and, at times, quite racist, this
    personality and attitude he has never matures or changes in any way,
    because of that I couldn’t care for him or this story in any way. As a
    fan of both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, I would recommend that other
    fans avoid this movie, you will be let down, Get Hard is a boring,
    unfunny ninety minutes.

    After being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, successful millionaire
    James turns to Darnell, a down on his luck family man, to help him
    prepare for life in prison.

    Best Performance: Will Ferrell

  • Shehroze AmeenJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    An utter disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Roland E. Zwick ([email protected])January 11, 2016Reply

    Typically overwrought Hollywood comedy

    The crudely titled ”Get Hard” is a version of ”Pygmalion” the likes of
    which George Bernard Shaw could never possibly have imagined.

    Here the roles have been reversed, with the learned professor
    transmogrified into a streetwise working-class regular guy (Kevin
    Hart), while the lower-class flower girl has become a highly successful
    hedge fund manager (Will Ferrell). When the latter is unjustly
    convicted of embezzling funds and sentenced to ten years in prison, the
    desperate man turns to Hart to instruct him in the fine art of staying
    alive behind bars.

    Hart and Ferrell do yeoman work with some pretty shoddy material, which
    boils down, essentially, to a 100-minute-long prison-rape joke, with
    homophobic attitudes that are, quite frankly, shocking to behold in the
    second decade of the 21st Century.

    There are a few funny moments when Ferrell spends an afternoon with
    Hart’s relatives in the ‘hood, but the movie is clearly more concerned
    with indulging in crude slapstick than in delivering anything even
    remotely resembling biting social satire.

  • Floated2January 23, 2016Reply

    Expected more comedy

    Get Hard where we see Will Ferrell playing a clueless master of the
    universe (James King). He manages a hedge fund, dwells in a Bel Air
    mansion and is betrothed to a gold digger (Alison Brie), who insists
    they need an even bigger place. After police burst into James’ birthday
    bash and arrest him for fraud, he’s offered a plea deal — but, being
    clueless and innocent, he underestimates the court’s frustration with
    white-collar crime. Instead of being cleared, he’s sentenced to 10
    years in San Quentin.

    Considering the talent level, the film isn’t funny with no laughs and a
    predictable storyline and jokes. Such as, if a comedy pertains to
    prison, someone will make a joke about rape. So the concept central to
    Get Hard, a character preferring not to be raped in prison, is hardly
    new. Get Hard doesn’t feel very long, and although the film isn’t
    funny, the chemistry between Ferrell and Hart are okay enough to keep
    watching. Although it could have been much entertaining in general.

  • Saiph90January 24, 2016Reply

    Quite funny

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • garman-productionsFebruary 23, 2016Reply

    Get Hard fails hard

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sam FischerFebruary 27, 2016Reply

    Seemed Very Forced

    I absolutely love Will Ferrell comedies. You don’t have to think to
    much; you just sit back and laugh. I was hoping for another comedy
    classic when I heard he was teaming up with Kevin Hart. Hart has shown
    that he is one of todays great comedians, especially with his stand up.
    With all this being said, I was very disappointed with Get Hard.

    There were some easy laughs, as would be expected with these two.
    Honestly the only humor was more prop comedy than from anything. I
    wanted the characters and situations to make the show but they just
    didn’t. This whole movie seemed extremely forced just to capitalized on
    these two at the peak of their popularity. There was very little
    thought put into this and the whole movie seemed forced.

    I really wanted these two to make a hilarious movie, but this just
    didn’t work. Besides some cheesy prop comedy and one liners, there just
    wasn’t enough. These two were just trying to one up each other every
    scene. Get Hard just isn’t that funny and isn’t worth your time; 5/10.

  • Joachim T (imdb-4788)March 6, 2016Reply

    A whole movie about how funny it is that men get raped in US prisons

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tiaildsMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Matching writing with performance make good comedy

    Most of this type of comedy is not what I prefer. I am glad that this
    one was not what I was expecting.

    ”Was it interesting?” The pacing was good. The story was just
    predictable enough to fit the comedy. There were a few surprises.

    1.5 out of 3.

    ”Was it memorable?” The performances were well done, though the baddies
    were rather underwhelming. The family dynamic was good.

    1.5 out of 3.

    ”Was it entertaining?” The combination of writing made for these
    particular comedians was what really helped make this enjoyable.

    2 out of 3.

    Starting with 1 (because it’s the law), 1 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 = 6 A movie I
    wouldn’t mind seeing again, though wouldn’t go out of my way to. I
    would recommend it in passing.

  • Shopaholic35April 12, 2016Reply

    Funny at times.

    I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this movie. There were
    moments when I could not stop laughing but there were also times when
    the whole thing felt too forced. Will Ferrell tried to shock and gross
    you out too many times. Kevin Hart on the other hand was hilariously
    sweet as the family man. He gave energy to the film and stopped it from
    becoming totally low-brow.

    The overall story was fairly predicable but there were some nice
    surprises as well. Maybe if it hadn’t been so awkward in places then I
    could have rated it higher. Also if I see Will Ferrell’s butt one more
    time I will need to gouge out my eyeballs. Not cool.

    Not a bad movie but not great.

  • Thomas ([email protected])May 5, 2016Reply

    Pretty bland

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CinemaFoxMay 20, 2016Reply

    ‘Get Hard will make you laugh’

    ”Dick-ade doesn’t sound like a significant improvement over dick.”

    I hate when people complain about offensive humour (talking to all the
    feminazis, SJW’s, neckbeard MRA’s and culture vultures) because it is
    mindlessly immature and funny in situation like this. To start, this
    movie had a decent premise, kevin hart has to teach Will Ferrell to
    survive in jail. Awesome idea for a comedy. Does this movie fulfil it’s
    potential? Kinda. On one hand, the chemistry between the two actors is
    great, I love how will Ferrell has to fit in with the ghetto and I
    loved the amount of slapstick comedy this had to offer. However, there
    were some points in the movie where I thought it would be easier to
    just move the conversation along as nothing particularly funny was
    happening. Overall, Get Hard will make you laugh for the majority of
    your experience and is filled with offensive humour and stereotypes.


  • Nick WillemsJune 6, 2016Reply

    Very Funny, Will Ferrell delivers once again

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • filipovitsJune 11, 2016Reply

    Worst comedy I have seen in a while!!!

    Just awful.After seeing the trailer I thought Id give it a go but
    unfortunately instead of witty humour every now and then what I
    expected it’s just full of over used situation jokes.I expected way
    more from Will Ferrel and I admit he has made some fairly decent
    comedies but this one is just a plain disgrace for his career. It is
    probably just about pleasing the US audience which is apparently
    getting dumber and dumber.

    The acting feels amateur a lot of the times and the script is very
    badly written.

    Cant say anything positive about it.

  • jimbo-53-186511June 12, 2016Reply

    Some aspects of it feel forced and unnecessary, but it still managed to register some big laughs with me

    James King (Will Ferrell) is a wealthy stockbroker with a seemingly
    perfect and enviable lifestyle (big house, hot girlfriend etc).
    However, things come to a head when evidence is found to show that King
    has committed acts of fraud and embezzlement. In order to make an
    example out of him and to show that ‘rich people’ won’t get an easy
    ride, the judge sentences King to the maximum sentence of 10 years in
    prison at San Quentin which is one of America’s toughest prisons. King
    isn’t prepared for life in prison and based on a conversation that he
    has with Darnell (Kevin Hart) he makes the assumption that Darnell has
    been to prison before and King offers to pay Darnell $30,000 dollars to
    toughen up ready for prison life which King will be facing in the next
    30 days. Being hugely in debt and for his family’s sake, Darnell agrees
    to prepare King for life in prison (even though he’s never been in
    prison in his life!!!).

    Both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have both been hit and miss actor’s in
    my book and therefore I approached this film with some caution and
    actually feared the worst. However, after watching it I thought it was
    much better than I expected it to be – although it isn’t without it’s
    fair share of problems….

    The storyline is fairly generic and there’s definitely a whiff of
    Trading Places about it (it only really steals one aspect from that
    film rather than feeling like a ‘rip-off’ of that film). If you’re
    expecting to see much originality in the material then you’re going to
    be a little disappointed – quite a bit of the material is recycled
    prison clichés and much of this is witnessed when Darnell puts King
    through his toughening up boot-camp.

    Despite some of these problems there were some parts of the film that
    got some big laughs from me; I couldn’t help but laugh at the scenes
    where King tries to pick fights with people at the park (with one scene
    where he picks on an old man and gets his ass kicked). I also loved the
    part where Martin (Craig T Nelson) is talking about how he built his
    successful business with just a computer, hard work and an $8,000,000
    loan from his dad – it doesn’t sound that funny when it’s put in
    writing, but the way Nelson delivers the gag does make it funny. It’s
    stuff like this that helps to take the edge of the cruder stuff that is
    witnessed at other moments in the film.

    Another strength with this film lies with the performances of Will
    Ferrell and Kevin Hart. The former is actually very good at acting as a
    ‘whiny’ jerk (perhaps too good), but in a film like Get Hard this style
    of acting works to his advantage and it really is hard not to laugh at
    some of the things that he says and does here. Hart is not someone who
    I’ve been too kind to in the past, but I think that I’ve never really
    seen him in a role that I’ve felt that he can put his own stamp on
    (until now). In some ways I thought that Hart steals the show here and
    in some ways seeing a much smaller figure like Hart being physically
    dominant over someone as large as Ferrell somehow made the scenario
    funnier to me. Both these actors share brilliant chemistry together and
    in some ways their physical humour and terrific performances overcome
    the fairly weak story.

    I’ve been generally positive with this film so far but I think it’s
    important to draw your attention to some weaknesses with the film.
    Whilst it clearly relies on race issues to carry it in the early stages
    it always feels palatable (a basic misunderstanding based on ‘race’ is
    what lead to King making his assumption). This, for me, was tolerable
    in order to set the story up, but later in the film it starts to go off
    the rails a little bit by providing us with some forced and unnecessary
    moments (I felt that the scenes with The Crenshaws and The Alliances Of
    Whites) were a little too much and I don’t feel that they were
    particularly necessary. It’s also predictable and isn’t funny often
    enough for me to be able to shout its praise from the rooftops.

    With all that being said though, some of the material is funny, Ferrell
    and Hart are both excellent here and the chemistry between the two men
    is first-rate. It’s not brilliant, but on the same note it was funny
    enough for me.

  • stanconandJuly 9, 2016Reply

    wonderful movie

    the peoples who gives some bad reviews to this movie are sick, really
    sick!one of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of the best
    comedy i ever seen in last 20 years the peoples who gives some bad
    reviews to this movie are sick, really sick!one of the best comedy i
    ever seen in last 20 yearsone of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20
    years the peoples who gives some bad reviews to this movie are sick,
    really sick!one of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of
    the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 years the peoples who gives some
    bad reviews to this movie are sick, really sick!one of the best comedy,
    the peoples who ask me to write at lest 10 rows of text are sick too i
    ever seen in last 20 yearsone of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20
    years the peoples who gives some bad reviews to this movie are sick,
    really sick!one of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of
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    i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of the best comedy i ever seen in last
    20 years the peoples who gives some bad reviews to this movie are sick,
    really sick!one of the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of
    the best comedy i ever seen in last 20 years the peoples who gives some
    bad reviews to this movie are sick, really sick!one of the best comedy
    i ever seen in last 20 yearsone of the best comedy i ever seen in last
    20 years

  • Lola AAugust 3, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gavin HendersonAugust 9, 2016Reply

    An education in incarceration

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trashgangAugust 18, 2016Reply

    stupid as hell, but the jokes are for men

    I came across this flick by seeing the trailer, that looked promising.
    My only concern was the fact that it was an American comedy and most of
    them I can’t laugh with the jokes being used but Get Hard did make me
    laugh a whole lot throughout the movie.

    Be warned that the jokes being used are cruel full of racism and
    sexuality. The gay scene is really funny but be advised that I have
    seen the extended version which do show it all. But you will have
    laugh. It’s really a movie for the guys due the jokes, worth picking
    up, as stupid as hell.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 3/5

  • benjamin-norrisSeptember 23, 2016Reply

    Dated formula with some funny gags

    Mildly amusing comedy with Hart and Ferrell doubling up as an adequate
    double act. Just lacking in originality and repeating tried and tested
    one liners. I wish Ferrell would play some serious parts as the
    potential is there as opposed to Hart who seems to be a truly one trick
    pony who continuously serves up the same performances time after time.
    If nothing else to watch then it will kill two hours for you but easily
    forgettable and doubt it would make it onto your film of the year list.
    Actually prefer Steve Martins simplistic performance in Bringing Down
    The House which echoes themes here with the straight white guy playing
    an Ethnic stereotyped gangster. I’m sure there will be a sequel here,
    but hopefully with some depth to it.

  • adonis98-743-186503October 12, 2016Reply

    Pretty Dumb if you ask me…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sol-December 26, 2016Reply


    Framed for a white collar crime, a wealthy pompous buffoon hires an
    African American acquaintance to train him for prison life in this Will
    Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy vehicle. ‘Get Hard’ is not exactly a high
    concept movie and Ferrell’s character trajectory is fairly predictable
    from the get-go, however, the film offers a surprisingly large amount
    of laughs with Hart in fine form and Edwina Findley Dickerson sassy as
    his wife. A memorable scene has Hart and Ferrell mistaken for a gay
    couple with their use of the title phrase out of context, though Hart’s
    training sequences are what stand out most vividly afterward. In a
    kooky touch, Ferrell allows Hart to turn his mansion into a makeshift
    prison as part of the training, complete with bars, phone queue and
    moody inmates (played with relish by Ferrell’s disgruntled servants).
    Hart also has an awesome scene in which he pretends to be three
    different courtyard criminals at once – something that confuses Ferrell
    so much that he begins genuinely conversing with all three personae as
    if they were in fact three different people. The film unfortunately
    runs out of steam around halfway in with only so much humour possible
    from Ferrell’s bungled attempts to act tough. Ferrell’s ”unorthodox
    style of cussing” (as Hart describes it) also grows incredibly irksome
    as the film wears on. The climax on board a yacht is pretty well done
    though with all of Ferrell’s training finally paying off. Craig T.
    Nelson additionally makes for a pitch perfect smarmy antagonist even if
    his crookedness is telegraphed from a little too early in the

  • thisanantApril 24, 2017Reply


    WHY WAS I ATTRACTED TO THIS MOVIE? 1.I like comedies. 2. Will Ferrell
    is one of my favorite comedy stars,I even enjoyed his voice-acting in
    MEGAMIND(a masterpiece from the director of Madagascar.) 3.Kevin Hart
    is pretty funny. I LIKED IT BECAUSE 1.the chemistry between Will
    Ferrell, Kevin Hart is unbelievable,it is like they are room mates.
    2.throughout funny movie with few hilarious moments. 3.very convincing
    and natural performance by all,especially Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart. YOU

    Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and their type of comedy. YOU MAY HATE IT IF
    YOU HATE mindless laughs and stupid funny characters and something
    vulgar. MOVIES LIKE THIS any will Ferrell movie

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenMay 23, 2017Reply

    Mayo and Chocolat…

    I had my fear that this might turn out to be just another Will Ferrell
    comedy, but luckily it turned out to be anything but that. ”Get Hard”
    was a very funny and entertaining movie, and I must admit that I am
    glad that I did take the time to sit down and watch it.

    ”Get Hard” is about James (played by Will Ferrell) whom is framed for
    fraud and sentenced to go to 10 years in prison. He has 30 days to
    conclude his affairs before having to go to prison. He decides to get
    help from Darnell (played by Kevin Hart) in order to be ready for

    The story in ”Get Hard” was filled with funny moments and hilarious
    scenes, and it was so nicely brought to life on the screen by Will
    Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

    The chemistry between Ferrell and Hart is really unique and that is
    reflected on the screen. They act quite well opposite one another, and
    each compliments the other nicely on the screen. It was also nice to
    have Craig T. Nelson in the movie, despite of having a minor role only.

    I was laughing a lot throughout the course of this movie, and the
    comedy in ”Get Hard” is really great.

    This is indeed a good comedy movie, and it is definitely well worth
    watching if you are looking for a proper comedy movie.

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