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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

There's nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost.Mar. 29, 2017 USA107 Min.PG-13
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Scarlett Johansson isMajor Motoko Kusanagi
Major Motoko Kusanagi
Takeshi Kitano isDaisuke Aramaki
Daisuke Aramaki
Juliette Binoche isDr. Ouélet
Dr. Ouélet
Michael Pitt isHideo Kuze
Hideo Kuze
Chin Han isTogusa
Rila Fukushima isRed Robed Geisha
Red Robed Geisha


In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: a human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals.

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
Original titleGhost in the Shell
IMDb Rating6.7 63,075 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 1155 votes

(582) comments

  • Camila BlancoMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Definitely not up to par with the original

    Rupert Sanders is back again with the live action remake of the
    acclaimed Japanese film ”Ghost in the Shell”. Which talks about a
    future in which humans can enhance ourselves with robotic parts. The
    movie follows the story of Major, a woman whose body is 100% robotic,
    but her brain is human. Starting with Johansson’s performance, her
    acting is quite stiff, similar to how we saw her in ”Lucy” , this is
    comprehensible, since in the original film, Major’s speech and
    mannerisms are very ”robotic”, however, it doesn’t feel like Johansson
    achieved that, and her acting ends up looking forced even, which
    wouldn’t be much of a problem if she weren’t the main character and we
    saw her 99% of the whole movie. The film, compared to the original, is
    very easy to understand, everything is explained, either visually or in
    the script. The movie pretends to be reflexive, but it doesn’t achieve
    it at the same level as the Japanese version. It’s reflective in a way
    that appeals to the emotion. Visually, the film it’s incredible, the
    weapon design and the design of the city are impeccable. The sequences
    of the city are incredible. However, this alone doesn’t keep the movie
    afloat. Also, there are sequences that are straight up copied from the
    original film, but they don’t evoke the same feelings. The action
    sequences are good, but they’re definitely not up to par with the ones
    from the Japanese version, they don’t generate the same feel and become
    predictable. The movie seems to be embellished more than it should,
    with unnecessary visual effects, sequences, and shots, which, on the
    long run, make the movie feel long and become quite boring. The
    original version works because, despite being simple, it’s reflective,
    aesthetically beautiful and has an amazing soundtrack. However, and,
    leaving comparisons behind the movie works for what it is, a Hollywood
    remake that I’m sure the general public will enjoy.

  • dmanchonMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the shell for dummies

    Maybe I had my hopes too high for this one. Like many other fans of the
    original material, this adaptation has intrigued me since the first
    trailers were available online, because it really looked nice visually,
    but, Is this movie worth to be part of the GitS universe?

    – Short answer: Not really. Not even nice try.

    – Long answer: The cinematography its truly remarkable, it somehow
    reproduce the atmosphere of the original anime, the decaying,
    depressing, dark megalopolis is correctly reproduced here (despite the
    giant weird advertisements that are spread around, that doesn’t really
    make any sense, and didn’t appear in the anime, what are they trying to
    sell?), the costumes, robots, and the general look and feel of the
    characters are quite satisfying and solid. The music is not bad at all,
    includes some of the original score and it work towards creating a
    dense and dark environment. The acting is standard, not bad at all. The
    script is…. ohhh boy, let me breath… to use nice words, the script
    seems to be written addressed to children or to very ‘slow’ people. All
    the rich complexity, all the mature and philosophical themes, all the
    sides of the story that the original material let out to be imagined by
    the viewer, all that is gone here. Here you can find a bland, generic
    script, that explain a generic origin story, that never tries to get
    into the philosophical or ethical implications of human body
    enhancements or AI. Where the characters are one-sided, good vs bad
    people. We are use to that over-simplification of a movie plot, since
    we sadly live in a world conquered by the ‘marvel’/’batman’ method of
    making a movie, where the plot should be simple and thin, the
    characters shouldn’t have any grays and the action should be convoluted
    and confusing, full of minions to destroy for the sake of fill 100
    minutes (well at least this adaptation has correct action scenes, that
    are easy to follow and most of the time are not annoying). To wrap up,
    a correct movie, that shines in the visual and action sides, but has a
    forgettable script and characters. It will probably perform good in the
    box office, and that worries me because what could come next, it will
    be really sad to see how they reduce Akira, Jin-roh, Evangelion or
    Cowboy bebbop to a generic action blockbuster without any of the things
    that made those stories great.

  • Team SMSDMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Users writing reviews before the movie is out?

    DO NOT TRUST USER REVIEWS It is unjustified to judge a movie based on
    your own hatred for what Hollywood has ”done” to animated movies in the
    previous years, but to write a review before the movie is even out
    acting like you have watched the film is blasphemous. In the four
    minute released clip of Ghost in the Shell (2017), it received praise
    and changed the minds of many once philosophical questions WERE
    inserted into the scenes, along with a more modern way of taking the
    original scenes and Americanizing it which isn’t necessarily a bad
    thing to do. Most of the people are mad at the actors race, and the way
    the trailer was formatted. But in order to form your own opinion on it
    you should go out and purchase a ticket. I personally via early
    screening enjoyed the movie, the mechanics & detail put into the movie
    is very fitting for a 2017 film, a good chunk is not CGI either. It is
    very hard to talk about the film without spoiling, but with Scarlett
    Johansons style of acting it fit the emotionless Major even if it’s not
    a blank stare. I truly suggest viewers to go out and purchase a ticket
    like I said before and form your own personal opinion on it.

  • kazarnowiczMarch 28, 2017Reply

    They lost the substance in all the CGI effects

    When you read this review, keep in mind that I had expected Ghost in
    the Shell to be a solid 10/10, and that it could quite possibly be one
    of the best movies of this decade. Instead, it’s … tepid. I didn’t hate
    it, but it was a bit like a nice, but not great roller-coaster: nice
    entertainment for the moment, but nothing you write home about.

    It has lots of great CGI effects, but the characters are seriously
    lacking. It’s like they didn’t want to give the characters any texture
    or depth because that could detract the viewer from the special
    effects. I think this is more a question of direction and editing
    rather than acting.

    Typically, I feel I can re-watch a good sci-fi movie a couple times.
    Whether it’s more action like Minority Report or more drama like
    Interstellar, the rewatchability factor to me is more a question about
    the feeling I get from watching the movie. Sadly, the rewatchability
    factor for this movie is basically 0 on my part. In the end, it’s like
    watching a very long movie sequence in a video game – but in a video
    game, the film sequences are just a small part of the whole experience.
    And that’s how this movie feels in the end: like it is lacking a big
    part of the experience.

  • GitS Fan PowerMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Some great visuals but sadly the story deviates too far from the original

    Under a different name there was potential for this to have been a good
    movie. Unfortunately since this is a so called Ghost in the Shell movie
    it completely missed the mark. Because if you change something too much
    from its origin, after a certain point it is no longer that thing
    anymore – such as it is.

    Scarlett Johansson was terrible choice as Motoko Kusanagi. (ProTip:
    MAJOR is a rank, not a name) The studio exes simply wanted a ”Black
    Widow” to sell movie tickets instead of accurately portraying the

    The character Motoko is supposed to know exactly who she is, where she
    comes from and her purpose, she is strong and cold, focused and brutal,
    a great leader part of an elite team, hardly sexual or feminine at all
    unless required for tactical reasons but instead we this typical
    generic mediocre default female lead version of Motoko.

    Pilou Asbæk is also a very bad representation of Batou, hes nothing
    like Batou physically or in character or even acting.

    Another case (and very typical recently) of the director not
    understanding the mythos, the very point and heart, of the thing they
    are trying to recreate and instead inflicting the audience with their
    own shallow misguided interpretation.

    Essentially the meaning and spirit of the story is completely lost in
    the ‘hollywood washing’ of the original concept, the characters
    thoroughly misrepresented and incorrectly portrayed.

    Unforgivable. Epic Fail.

  • tommy_heavyMarch 28, 2017Reply

    A Sci-Fi Cyberpunk audio-visual orgasm

    A Sci-Fi Cyberpunk audio-visual orgasm, must watch at the theater in
    3D. Trust me, is an experience you don’t want to miss. Scarlett does a
    great job and transmit the emotions of the character. All the cast is
    fantastic and the combination of the great score by Clint Mansell and
    the views of the Cyberpunk Tokyo makes it a jewel in the Sci-Fi genre.

  • jschroeder-92621March 28, 2017Reply

    Don’t list to the SJW and basement dwellers, the movie is great.

    Too many people crying about ”Whitewashing” in this movie yet
    applauding when actors of non-white ethnicity’s get ”white roles”(Will
    smith as dead-shot for exp).

    This film was great, amazing visuals, great story adaptation, Scarjo
    was amazing as The Major, go see it for yourself!

  • GomezAddams666March 28, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell definitely has a soul.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • randomfaizaMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Reviews for a movie that isn’t even out yet?!?

    Its amazing how a movie that has not even been released yet already has
    user reviews, all from anime fans that can’t handle the fact that their
    niche hobby is being introduced into the mainstream as live action.
    Obviously the movie won’t be as good as the 1995 original mainly
    because the studios want to reach more people instead and also because
    it is easier to do a lot more for less in animation vs. live action. If
    you are angered that it isn’t as good as the 1995 movie, then please
    stay home and watch the original and not ruin the movie going
    experience for normal and new fans who will look at these ratings and
    decide the movie isn’t worth watching.

    Please take all your complaints to anime forums instead of those used
    by the general public.

  • autopoietic-systemMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Just not good, sorry.

    Not good. There are some nice moments, but in overall it is bad and
    dull. Won’t go into details, but if you are a Ghost in the Shell fan or
    expect a movie that is not aimed for 12-year olds, then it is probably
    not for you. Not for me, for sure. Scarlett Johansson is beyond
    criticism, she is really good, but the movie makers are not. Weak plot.
    Ghost in the Shell happily ruined.

  • krogchoi-69376March 29, 2017Reply

    McDonald’s version of Sushi

    If I had to do an analogy, I’d say this movie is to the original
    whatwould happen if Mc Donalds tried to make sushi.

    Story wise, the movie is both a dumbed down version and has major plot
    changes (it’s about the same magnitude of difference as between the
    book ”I am legend” and the ending of the movie that shares the same
    name. If you know what I mean, and are a fan of GITS, I just crushed
    your hopes hard).

    Also visually, when I thought about GITS (1995 version, which I loved),
    I picture something aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. For the live
    action movie, aside from the restaurant scene, which looked great, I
    didn’t like the visuals much, felt kinda cheap (esp. the city). You can
    tell the director tried a bit, but all in all, it’s lacking a soul. On
    a side note : The guy playing Batou was a good cast for the role , he
    got the job done.

    PS : And what was this BS with Kitano’s dialogues ?!? Either have his
    dialogues in full Japanese, or in full English, but what they did here
    screams ”Takeshi did not want to speak English, and the cast didn’t
    want to learn 3 words of Japanese”, it just felt plain awkward.

  • pawcrashMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Great visual experience…The story deviated but still retains the essence of the source material

    I just watched the movie in 3D on the opening day here in the

    Visuals & Cinematography: It was an anime brought to life. Every
    sequence is a great experience. I think the live action was on par or
    even exceeded the visuals from the anime movies before it.

    Pacing: They just simply did it right. It did not bore me.I am

    Plot & Story: I really appreciate how they deviated the story but still
    were able to retain the essence and themes of the source material. I
    hold section 9’s unity and trust with each other with a high regard.

    Actors: Scarlett Johansson delivers in this movie IMO. Beat Takeshi as
    Aramaki is badass and a awesome leader. Batou is great and complements
    well with the major. Kuze is freaky as hell. He is as they initially
    described as a combination of the Puppet Master & Kuze of the anime

    Music: The movie could have been mind blowing if they try to tap into
    Kenji Kawai’s Iconic sound track and Yoko Kano’s ”Inner Universë”and
    ”Torukia”. It is still good though. I still gave this movie a 9 out of
    10 because of the musical score that could have been a lot better.

    Final Thoughts: Go see it in 3D and be immersed into a futuristic world
    where technology and humanity become one. Its a movie that stands on
    its own. A must watch movie!

    PS: Hoping for a sequel. ^_^

  • trinitytinkapanMarch 29, 2017Reply


    i must say i did not have high hopes for this film, but it was amazing!
    not only does it shine light on the original series/movie(s) it has an
    original plot with added themes from the original movie made in 1995
    and NAILS it! if you have watched the anime you will find nice little
    Easter eggs that to be honest made me tear up. i highly recommend this
    film (even if you haven’t see the anime) 11/10

  • shadowfrogger-69666March 29, 2017Reply

    The worst Hollywood adaption in recent years…

    I’m a pretty generous critic I believe, I will gladly give out points
    for trying and failing. Sadly the Hollywood creators did not even try,
    judging from the script, it’s likely they didn’t even understand the
    source content. It reminds me of the days where Hollywood use to adapt
    a book changing everything about it except the name. Hollywood sigh, I
    thought we were over this bad behavior.

    Every character expect for batou’s dog got a serious downgrade in
    intelligence and depth making for a group of highly skilled idiots
    jumping from one scene to the next. It’s such a pity because each
    character in the original could easily uphold a film for themselves.
    Visually it’s fairly similar as they have taken shot for shot views
    which can look gorgeous. Scenes not directly in the original can look a
    bit flashy and unrealistic. They have attempted to imbue some
    philosophy in here and failed big time. The heart of ghost in the shell
    was ripped apart and we got a below average sci-fi thriller.

  • AlexFalzonMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Review: Ghost in the Shell – A little uncomfortable, but looks and sounds great.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • quincytheodoreMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Vibrant futuristic world and basic plot, it’s a simple sci-fi wearing skin of Ghost in the Shell, beautiful it may be.

    Looking at the highlights of Ghost in the Shell, one can see the spirit
    of the original series from the quirky scenery and heavy eye candy.
    Fans and casual audience would appreciate the effort, but Ghost’s world
    is notoriously riddled with complex, even philosophical undertone, and
    in attempt to make it simpler, the movie became a streamlined sci-fi

    First spotlight falls on the Mayor (Scarlett Johansson). This is a very
    daunting character to translate to big screen as she has barely shown
    any emotions across the series, yet there’s a sense of guile, charm and
    slyness within. Conveying underlying emotions while looking stoic, also
    in runtime of a movie, can be a challenge. Not to mention she has
    makeover across animation series, so there will be most likely any
    disagreement regardless of whoever cast.

    Fortunately, Scar Jo provides more than just the big name allure. For
    most she carries herself well, there are occasional faint glows of
    hidden humanity, they are not as pronounced or often yet
    serendipitously fits the character. Still, content doesn’t help much
    with the usual self-doubt and mundane thriller troupes. That being
    said, Scar Jo dons the main heroine’s suit as effectively and
    captivatingly as possible.

    This futuristic world is not without its charm, a trait the movie
    showcases with high rise building and holographic ads plastered across
    the horizon every time it changes location or scene. Thankfully, the
    angle, little details and cinematography for major set pieces stay true
    to the original vibe. If anything, the occupants of this world are not
    fully fleshed out. The villain is lacking in sense of dread and perhaps
    only a couple of characters aside Mayor get any significant

    Action might remind audience of The Matrix, rightfully so as the two
    are inspired by one another. It provides undoubtedly stunning visual,
    one on the wetland is especially impeccable. The cosmetic, gadgetry and
    suits offer enhance futuristic world even more. It’s appreciated that,
    at the very least, the studio went to such extend to honor the original

    The impressive visual trinkets and the cast of Scarlett Johansson help
    elevate the movie adaptation, one would find something charming in the
    damp futuristic world. However, with basic plot and crude development,
    the movie feels like an ordinary sci-fi wearing the skin of Ghost in
    the Shell.

  • Not AbramsMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Unfortunately another Hollywood remake that did not need to be

    We learn three things watching the brand spanking new Ghost In The
    Shell (this is supposed to be a remake of the original feature length).
    1- Hollywood computer graphics are advancing all the time 2- Hollywood
    really needs to layoff all the remakes, sequels, prequel, remakes and
    side shoots and we need to stop paying to see them (I was at an early
    premier and did not pay to see this having free passes) 3- Japan does
    not have actors or actresses and so they need to get actors from
    Hollywood (clearly or all else why not get a Japanese actress to star
    in a Japanese tale??) With that said, I went into this movie with an
    open mind hoping that it would not be bad and adds to love for the
    series and my collections. I glanced at my GITS DVDs as I left the
    house excited for the possibility. I really wanted this film to
    surprise me, but did not want it deviate from an already exciting and
    innovative plot too far. It failed to achieve that however. What I saw
    was a shoddy story, a lack of understanding regarding the morality of
    GIIS, a lot of impressive graphics and an actress who does not belong,
    is of the wrong ethnicity and really does not know what the original
    story of the film she is in is about. For her, it is a pay check. The
    music, in particular was disappointing and fails. I honestly can’t
    think of any redeeming qualities that this film has other than as a
    showcase of how soulless impressive CGIs could be. . hopefully the
    Japanese will continue the series on their own.

  • ([email protected])March 29, 2017Reply

    Good Storyline…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hjbakuMarch 29, 2017Reply

    If you’re a fan, go and see it. If you’re not, go and see it.

    I have just seen the movie at an advanced screening. I’m writing here
    because, somehow, there are already 34 baseless reviews from people who
    haven’t seen the film. I registered immediately to rectify that

    I was truly concerned that this movie wouldn’t satisfy me as a fan.
    Even though the accusations of whitewashing were baseless to begin
    with, I was concerned that they may have westernized or washed out some
    of the GITS flavour that I know and love.

    To me, this film was fantastic. I went in expecting to be disappointed
    and I came out grinning ear to ear. I laughed as I watched Aramaki be a
    down right bad ass. The relationship between Major and Batou was
    freakin’ spot on. There’s a lot of philosophy to represent, and that’s
    not easy to do in a movie designed to capture and keep attention, but
    they did it. The fan service was brilliant and I loved it. It was
    visually stunning. The soundtrack was wonderful. Scarjo was an
    excellent study of the Major. It was not tacky or cliché at all.

    Please, do not listen to the inevitable vapid borderline insulting
    ”critiques” that you’ll no doubt uncover by the various news media who
    were targeted with pumping out a review for a movie they genuinely
    don’t give two shits about. This movie won’t be for everyone. It’s
    scifi. It’s intellectual. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    But it’s good. It’s a classic. And I, for one, am genuinely gratified
    and impressed. Good work.

  • ([email protected])March 29, 2017Reply

    Enter Blade Runner, mix with Matrix, beef up with state-of-the-art special effects: Introducing Ghost In The Shell

    Enter Blade Runner, mix with Matrix, beef up with state-of-the-art
    special effects. Introducing Ghost In The Shell: stunning
    cinematography, though not totally original; loads of action, though
    with a feel of deja-vu; a few nice in-the-nude sights of Scarlett
    Johansson, which do not harm. This is today’s cinema folks, where
    relatively easy access to digital manipulation can produce amazing
    visuals which can fill the void left by weak storytelling. Chapeau to
    the brave directors and producers of the originals, made 30+ years ago
    when image technology was at stone-age levels; yet they set standards
    copied still today. Considering that Blade Runner 2049 is going to be
    released in fall this year, I am just wondering what tricks mr. Dennis
    Villeneuve has in his sleeves to avoid the paradox that this re-make is
    not made obsolete by its copies.

  • td_gwendyMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Movie released early in my country so…

    Ghost in the Shell was I thought going to disappoint me. It didn’t. In
    fact it improved on the vague points of the original making it tight
    but stayed true to the spirit of the anime. Action is fast paced,
    characters were well acted out and all the subtle nuances were there.
    my complaints: they changed the beer and there are no tachikomas. do i
    recommend it? hells yes

  • celtic-monikerMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Not lost in translation. A very competent addition to the franchise.

    Off the bat, this film isn’t perfect. Batou is flat and lacking the
    cocky charm many of us have come to love. And some of the character
    changes out-right counter the key themes of this film. And sadly it
    does wander down the road of American tendency to spell themes out to
    the audience.

    That said, this film had an unexpected level of depth. The trailers for
    the film appear to have been intentionally deceptive, creating an image
    of the plot and characters which the film progresses to shatter.

    ‘The Major’s’ character is fleshed out with additional substance.
    Scarlet’s version of the major stoops unnecessarily, and poses
    awkwardly while not moving. It seems odd at first, but realized as
    intentional later on.

    While the film lacks something akin to the ‘intermission’ scene from
    the 1995 film, it still takes time to explore The Major’s moments of
    self examination. It is in theses scenes where the film slows down and
    allows the audience more time to read.

    The action scenes are mostly fun, but they too don’t stray too far from
    the central premise and don’t overwhelm the story. So much so that the
    re-creation of the garbage truck pursuit is cut down to a fraction of
    what it was, giving more time to other plot elements.

    As for the cultural appropriation? Well, the film uses that controversy
    and turns it into a major plot point. I’m a little uncomfortable with
    how they achieved that, but it is very inventive.

  • NoAeonFlux AnymoreMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Early reviews not that early

    The movie premiered in Japan on 16 March 2017, and in South Korea on 17
    March 2017. So, yes, you can have reviews since 16 March. And no, GitS
    is no whitewashing, because the major didn’t look very Japanese in the
    original manga either. A reviewer called it ”cosplay” of the 1995
    anime, which is a nice way to put it: cosplay is all about looks, and
    as good as nothing about content. A cosplayer only hints at the
    content, but does not itself contain the content.

  • thyagomendanhaMarch 29, 2017Reply

    He is very loyal to anime and I was amazed at the whole look and picture of the movie.

    I expected less from an adaptation of Hollywood for such a devoted
    anime. But, I was amazed at the whole look and picture of the movie. He
    is very loyal to anime and is one of the strengths of this live action
    adaptation. In addition to the visual fidelity, several scenes are
    practically the same as those of the anime. It warms the hearts of
    fans. As for the existential questions and the philosophy that are the
    forte of anime, in this adaptation does not deepen so much, but it is
    still there but superficial some existential questions. More than she
    hoped she would have. I think that in the face of Hollywood’s historic
    adaptation of Japanese works, Ghost In The Shell is a welcome surprise.
    I hope in the sequel bring the Puppet Master with questions about
    consciousness and non-organic life.

  • mikisubowoMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Nice Fx and CGI, not much on story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • laurentdelvigne-446-586973March 29, 2017Reply

    Love it

    I loved the original anime and sequels (movies and series). Opposite to
    some SCIFI sagas (recent Star Trek movies for example), there is
    respect with the source material.

    This movie takes the great scenes of the original movie and makes them
    the ”live”, and successfully. There are great CGI scenes but not too
    excessive. And also the story is different than the anime. So no remake

    Scarlet Johansson plays the title character perfectly and the other
    supportive actors and actresses are excellent too.

    I hope there will be U.S. sequels !

    So yes, go watch it. It is worth !

  • Budita AriyaMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Full-Loaded Story


    I just watched the movie today, and it’s very amazing. I love the story
    and the characters on it. I know it’s very hard to describe each
    character in less than 2 hours, but this one is more than enough.

    Scarlett Johansson once again shows her best performance, and of course
    her sexy appearance.

    Most of all, I enjoy the story. A full-package story that I never
    regret to give 10 stars. Though the idea is not original, but overall
    Rupert Sanders, the director, can successfully make it enjoyable.

    It’s worth to watch in cinema!

    Cheers (Y)

  • weng910March 29, 2017Reply

    There’s no Ghost in this Shell. Should just call it ”Generic Cyborg Action Film”.

    Firstly, let’s get the metaphorical elephant out of the room by saying
    Scarlett Johansson did OK playing the Major. Next, the guy who played
    Batou did a better job.

    In some aspects, a decent live-action re-enactment of all the iconic
    scenes from the 90s anime. The effects guys, the camera and lights
    guys, set creators, make-up artists, costume makers and this Sanders
    fellow got the looks, feel and mood of the original GITS environments
    of the manga and anime series absolutely spot on. It’s eye candy for
    fans who’ve wondered how GITS can be visually represented in a
    live-action film. That’s all there is to have; everything else is just
    utter rubbish.

    This film is not worthy of the title, Ghost in the Shell, because apart
    from the visuals, there is no semblance of it to the source material
    that one can consider it generous to call this ”a generic cyborg action
    film inspired by GITS”. If we are to just listen to the dialogue, and
    all the character names are changed and Section 9 is called something
    else, we wouldn’t have a clue that this film is adapted from GITS. The
    essence that makes GITS what it is in all its different incarnations
    (various manga and anime) is missing and we are left with bits of
    shallow musings about what it means to be human in a robotic body.

    So all in, if you’re unfamiliar with the source material, it’ll be a
    mildly interesting plod through a pretty but rather boringly paced
    sci-fi. Fans of GITS would probably wonder why bother to make a
    live-action adaptation if you’re not going to put the spirit of the
    source material into the movie.

  • trublu215March 29, 2017Reply

    It is beautiful to look at…that’s about it.

    Ghost in the Shell is arguably one of the most beloved anime films of
    all time. Approaching nearly 22 years old, the original film still
    holds up as, not only a great film, but a thought provoking one too.
    Fast forward to 2017, we’re introduced to the CGI spectacle that many
    believed was going to be the first great live action adaptation
    especially when the first trailer was released. Instead of appeasing
    fans of the original, this film decides to clip its own nuts and wants
    to be seen on a broader spectrum. Throw in some heavily edited fight
    sequences, a PG-13 rating and Scarlett Johansson, we get 2017 Ghost in
    the Shell…and it is downright painful at times.

    The film is, more or less, a shot for shot remake at times and then
    other times it tries to do its own thing. Truthfully, Rupert Sanders’
    erratic direction and Jamie Moss’ lackluster adapted script make this a
    very hard film for a fan to watch. While it may be easily looked over
    because of the wonderful use of CGI and cinematography, under the
    surface the film is superficial and very idiotic at times. Scarlett
    Johansson as Major is a major miscast (no pun intended). She is wooden
    and feels like she is sleepwalking through this role. While it is clear
    that after Lucy and The Avengers, Johansson is wanting to be an action
    hero icon. She is a tremendous actress in every way but it is hard to
    buy her as Major.

    Overall, this film is yet another remake that misses the mark. Walking
    out of my screening, I kept hearing the comparisons to the remake of
    RoboCop from a group of people. I must say, this was an accurate
    comparison and I couldn’t have made a better comparison even if I
    tried. The film suffers from blatant studio meddling, a poor script,
    and a very erratic director, much like that remake. These are three
    things that are too hard to ignore. Hardcore fans of Ghost in the Shell
    will probably be massively disappointed by this blatant cash grab. The
    young teenagers might get a kick out of the action sequences and CGI
    but the adults will be left watching the original for their enjoyment.

  • Florian SchommertzMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Remake? – Well sort of.

    You can’t make a classic better by altering the story and still make
    everybody think you make a (storywise identical) remake.

    Besides from that it is nice that the story get’s a different twist.
    It’s no change for the better, because it’s a much to »expected« change
    when you watch the movie and the movie is not half as menacing as the
    original. But at least you don’t know the whole plot, and it’s
    entertaining to watch. There is enough to see and find to watch it
    several times.

    I’d like to give it a 7.5 – because visuals are stunning – even though
    the aesthetics of the original aren’t met. These visuals represent new
    ideas, created for a science fiction movie that becomes more and more a
    possible reality.

    It’s not dull, it’s far better then your average Hollywood Action
    Flick. I hope that people get curious and watch the original as well.

    Story: 6.5 Visuals 8.5 Ending: 4 Relevance: 9

  • rachael_tyrellMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Great disappointment for anime fans, but also nothing special for people who haven’t seen anime/graphic novels etc

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sophiasrepublicMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Fantastic adaptation of GITS!

    Just got back from the cinema and… I thought the film was superb.
    Definitely warrants repeat viewings at the cinema.

    I really liked the Majors new backstory, I found it especially poignant
    as she started to remember who she was before her ghost was placed in a
    synthetic body. Scarjo was great as the Major, and so were all of the
    actors that comprised Section 9, with a special nod to Kitano & Asbæk,
    really hope to see them all return in a sequel/s.

    The visuals were stunning although I would have liked to have seen a
    real model of the Spider Tank in some of the shots.

    Fabulous soundtrack too.


  • moehabbaMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Great movie! Why all the negativity?

    I just saw Ghost in the Shell with my wife. As a fan of the 1995 anime
    movie I have been looking forward to this film. I thought this
    adaptation of the story was very intriguing both visually and
    philosophically. Sure, some of the complexities from the original 1995
    version have been simplified, but let’s face it, the 1995 anime film is
    not for everybody. Johansson appears to have really taken her character
    seriously and I felt more depth to her character than I felt with the
    anime Major. I think this new adaptation will reach more people and
    hopefully get folks interested in the source material.

    If you are looking for a live action copy of the original, then go back
    and watch the original. If you enjoyed the 1995 GITS and the thought
    provoking concepts and issues it illustrates, then I believe that you
    will love this film as much as I do.

    I will be taking my kids (teenagers) to see this movie and enjoy an
    evening of discussion that this film will stimulate. Well done!

  • nick-632March 30, 2017Reply

    A drop in the ocean of Cyberspace

    Having watched, enjoyed and re-watched the films and TV series over the
    years I was intrigued to see how a live action film would come out.
    It’s not a bad film. Standing alone it’s an OK action/sci-fi film. As a
    live action recreation of the GITS universe it falls flat. Why?

    1. It somewhat misses (or ignores) the point of the original Ghost in
    the Shell even though the term is used in the film.

    2. It has none of the rich backstory of the universe in which GITS
    exists. With all the material which has gone before a better picture
    could have been painted of this future world and how it got to be what
    it is.

    3. The Section 9 team were not a team. The banter and humanity of the
    section was lost in the glare of the spotlight on The Majors story.
    Motivations were also unclear partly because of the lack of backstory.

    A cynical view says the story may have suffered from being dumb-ed down
    and then being passed through an internationalising process to remove
    anything which could potentially have caused offence.

    Being optimistic there is so much material from the original stories
    that there is opportunity to correct the errors in the sequels.

  • matt-10824March 30, 2017Reply

    Oh yes.

    As a long-time fan of the original Anime I have four words to sum up
    this live-action adaptation:

    * They got it right.

    It’s not often you watch a film adaptation and shivers go down your
    spine as you see scenes from the original adaptation recreated

    And to top it off Scarlet had obviously studied the original herself.
    She captured the melancholy air and expressions of the Major admirably.

    Yes, the story has been changed somewhat, but that’s fine. It’s a
    different film, with a different story. It’s more a shift in
    perspective with a shift in the story to accommodate it.

  • andrewgraemekMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Disappointing – Sadly

    With such high hopes that Hollywood would get this right I was left
    bitterly disappointed with the effort created here.

    If you aren’t a fan of the original this may be bearable but for those
    who know the anime, this will fall way short of expectations.

    Direction – Very poor. Unsure if this was art, action, syfy, thriller.
    The jumps between action scenes to badly crafted ”pigeon flights” made
    it very difficult to watch and a clearer direction would have helped.

    Casting – Really poor. Channel 4’s ”Humans” offered a more watchable
    performance. Very difficult to like anyone in this other than the
    Japanese cast.

    Action – This was a poor mans Matrix.

    Visual – While stunning it was over played and complicated. Compared to
    Colin Farrell’s ”Total Recall” it was a very weak showing. Keep it

    Music – Outstanding, I will be downloading the Soundtrack ASAP.
    However, in line with the Direction all the music was played at the
    wrong time and wrong scenes.

    Ground Breaking – I was hoping to put this in the genre of Blade
    Runner. Sadly I don’t think this will go down in history for anything
    other than a hashed out movie.

    My girlfriend, who is Japanese, liked it though. read into that what
    you will.

    Sorry Scarlett – You were right for the part but this was bad.

  • badoliMarch 30, 2017Reply

    My fear was validated.

    I was afraid the U.S. live version of one of my beloved classics might
    not turn out good and sadly it happened exactly the way i expected. I
    was slightly surprised in what glory it fails.

    Pretty much everything semi-important of this movie works amazingly
    well. The visuals are fantastic, the effects are great, the atmosphere
    is beautiful and the music is very good. But in the central points of
    what made the original hauntingly beautiful, this one lacks: Instead of
    a delicate view at what it means to be human, this movie rather goes
    for a weak action plot. The screenplay does a mediocre Matrix
    impression. The dialogues are just blunt and miss the grace and
    sensibility of its 20 year old reference. I stopped caring after 30

    As such the action scenes don’t carry any weight and all the citations
    from the original anime come across as hollow and weightless. Which is
    a shame, as they are executed great! What a waste. I really wanted to
    like this movie, but it hardly anything but another well made yet
    ultimately boring action flick.

  • Gordon-11March 30, 2017Reply


    This film tells the story of an android which is built to be a warrior.
    She is dedicated to stopping and eliminating dangerous cyber criminals,
    but through exactly this process, she discovers her true identity and
    questions her existence.

    The poster looks really cool so I have high hopes for this film.
    Unfortunately, I was thoroughly bored by it. A person sitting behind me
    admitted the whole way through as well. The problem with the story is
    that it starts off looking really cool, but soon seems to have run out
    of money for computer graphics. Choosing to shoot many parts of the
    film in run down parts of Hong Kong doesn’t enhance its glamour or
    appeal. I know this aspect is staying true to the original anime, but
    since they are changing so much of the story, they could have made the
    whole thing more glamorous. The mix between simplified Chinese,
    traditional Chinese, Japanese and even Korean texts on street signs is
    simply dizzying.

    The story is not very engaging for me. It doesn’t convey our explain
    the plot points well. I find myself hoping it to end, and I thought it
    was way longer than the 97 minutes of runtime. One thing that is good
    is Batou, he gives off the fearless warrior vibe which is vital for
    this film. I am disappointed by this film. I thought it would be
    stylish and intelligent, but it isn’t.

  • Mario ZapresicMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Good adaptation to a Hollywood type movie


    I have to give a score 8 out of 10 after just watching the movie in
    IMAX theater. The visual effects were astounding, especially if you
    consider that the movie was based on the cartoon in which there are no
    limits. In this regard the movie is even 9 or 9.5 out of 10. But I gave
    the overall score of 8 just because in the end it is a rewritten and
    adapted version of the original and the Hollywood always considers
    larger masses and not just the fans. I believe that most of us that saw
    the original years ago had the more time for the story to settle in and
    as time passed the connection to the story got stronger. So when we
    watched the movie it is perfectly normal that not everyone has the same
    opinion regarding the movie since most of the opinions are subjective
    and not objective. Personally for me the adaptation was done pretty
    good, considering all things that they had to put into the film to pay
    tribute to the original and to appeal to larger masses. In the time
    that the movie goes on (a bit under the 2 hour mark) they squeezed
    pretty much all the important parts and made the scenery from the
    original very real with the visual effects. Watching it in the IMAX
    surrounding was great and all the city scenes were like nothing seen
    before. That is pretty much it regarding the movie story and scene. Now
    a little about the main character… Scarlett was great, and I really
    mean great. I think (and I may be wrong here) that she didn’t read the
    manga or that she saw the original animated movie but she captured the
    personality of Major pretty damn good. In playing a character that is a
    cyborg and in the same time a first of it’s kind she gave a great
    performance. It was just so in line with the Major from the original as
    I wanted it to be so maybe I’m a little biased.

    In the end, go and see the movie, I promise that you won’t be
    disappointed. In the sea of Hollywood mainstream movies lately I found
    it quite good and fresh. If you’re a type of viewer that doesn’t care
    too much on a movie giving an homage to the original you will
    definitely find it interesting since the story like this didn’t came
    before and all the Hollywood things like good acting and stunning
    visual effects are there.

  • rbrbMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Waste of Time

    This film is lucky to get above the minimum vote from me. It is dull
    and boring .A failed attempt to mix up Japanese style with Western
    style, resulting in a dull and goofy mess.

    Nothing original in the story. Evil company mis-uses robot technology,
    blah, blah blah.

    There are no charismatic characters in the movie; nor any decent music
    and certainly no humor.



  • kevinschorkMarch 30, 2017Reply

    The best ”cyberpunk” movie in recent years

    After seeing the movie I have to admit it was better than I expected
    from the Trailers. Having seen all of the anime and manga source
    material it can feel a bit weird to watch some of the scenes, as they
    took a lot of iconic scenes and character names from the previous
    movie/series and incorporated them into a new plot.

    I think the most noticeable change from the previous adaptations is the
    way in which the story is told. They basically shove the plot into your
    face sometimes! Which I expected from Hollywood. I can forgive that, as
    I know this movie needs to appeal to a much wider audience as the anime

    The acting is solid, but nothing extraordinary or Oscar worthy. The
    visuals and soundtrack on the other hand are really well done and make
    the dystopian city believable.

    All in all I think this is one of the better if not the best anime
    adaption made by Hollywood until now. And surely the best cyberpunk
    movie that has been released in recent years. I would recommend this
    movie to fans of the anime as well as lovers of sci-fi and cyberpunk in

  • Blue CloudMarch 30, 2017Reply


    I’m not sure what I expected, I read bad reviews, I read good reviews.
    I’m a great admirer of the original anime, I thought ‘Ghost in the
    Shell 2’ was great as well, maybe a bit too sophisticated, but still
    great. And now here’s the live-action remake.

    In an era of lukewarm remakes and reboots, here’s a movie from someone
    who not just understood the original anime, not just made by a fan or
    admirer: It breathes ‘Ghost in the Shell’. Actually, to call it a
    remake is insulting. What can I say, it was perfect (and if you don’t
    already know, movie ratings represent the average opinion of a bunch of

    The plot is somehow a mix of the two anime films, centering around
    anti-crime investigation team Section 9, lead by the fearless Major.
    They are entangled by a mysterious omnipotent hacker, who holds a
    grudge against the industry of Cybernetics. But then the Major begins
    to remember her past.

    The story doesn’t quite have the cold perfection of the original anime,
    instead it manages to add an emotional dimension, that wasn’t there
    before. It’s like the animation was brought to life (I know it sounds

    I thought no matter what, the ending couldn’t be as epic as the anime.
    But I wasn’t quite right, well, see for yourself. Scarlett Johannson
    was damn cool, and so was the movie.

  • turanic-23064March 30, 2017Reply

    Ghost in The Shell is Ghost in the Shell, nothing more nothing less

    The producers of this film decided either play it safe or maybe there

    were too many fans on the production team… As someone who has seen
    Gits, Gits2, Gits3 and 1st and 2nd Gig all I can say – IT IS GHOST IN

    To find out what is Ghost in The shell one needs to look for it’s
    cyberpunk inspiration roots a bit deeper, maybe look a bit at Blade
    runner. The original Manga of Gits was written in 1989 and I do believe
    the author was inspired somewhat by Blade Runner…. What did these two
    had in common? It was Atmosphere!!! An atmosphere of this computerized
    robotized future world where people are very similar to robots and
    robots similar to people.

    Now if you look at this new film as an old GITS fan – it does not add
    anything new to the story, but it keeps the main elements intact with
    quite a deep precision. I think pretty much every key scene of the
    original anime film was added to the new film, the story had some
    differences however, but overall feeling stayed the same.

    Scarlet is a perfect actress for this role, the funny thing is though
    it is not a role or character which required to show deep emotions…
    The only scene that disappointed me was the spider tank battle, it
    simply lacked the dynamics that the original anime had…

    Overall it’s a nice sci-fi action film with neat looking cyberpunk
    environments, even in 1997 it wasn’t revolutionary ideas wise, but the
    sci-fi elements felt much fresher back then, if you go to watch it as a
    GITS fan you will be OK with it, if you go to watch it as someone new
    to GIST universe, well that’s a decent introduction…

  • Duáan StuparinjoMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Yep! It blows, what a surprise…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jay_NadiahMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Quick Non Spoiler Review from a GITS fan…

    As a massive fan of the original films as well as stand alone
    complex..  this film disappointed me..  it tried to be clever but just
    constantly comes off as too simple and too self explanatory..  the
    changes made make it into a pretty simple and generic story..  it
    wasn’t a bad film nor was it as terrible as some other adaptations
    are.. but it certainly was disappointing for a GITS fan..  its a 6 at
    best… maybe a 6.5 for the visuals.. which were the best thing about
    this movie.

  • galileo-chengMarch 30, 2017Reply

    It’s not Hong Kong on a bad day

    The title was from an interview of Blade Runner, on setting the 2019
    Los Angelas as ”Hong Kong on a bad day”. Both movies has trace of
    connection to Hong Kong and China, with funding from The Shaw Brothers
    (Blade Runner) and Shanghai Film Grp/Huahua Media (GITS) (Ref: Wong Kin
    Yuen (2000) On the Edge of Spaces: Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell ,
    and Hong Kong’s Cityscape –

    If you did read on how GITS 1995 Anime was produced, the anime has
    strong influence on Blade Runner of how the cityscape reflected the
    mass flow and excess influx of information – neon signs, messy town
    planning, dark alleys, rainy days.

    So GITS anime then utilised Hong Kong as base of set for Niihama-shi,
    or New Port City in the manga, and so the movie does.

    The ultra complex and crammed cityscape of Hong Kong truly fits a
    dystopian world and set – but you have to see and create beyond that.
    The movie inadequately stuff these elements into the already-there
    Central, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan, Sham Shui Po, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwun Tong
    Harbourfront, Lai Tak Tsuen and Causeway Bay, while I couldn’t feel a
    sense of disorder, or how it was linked to information deluge – they
    are only futuristic sets, no more.

    As Hongkonger, the set rather likes Blade Runner and filled with
    wrongly typed or meaningless Japanese wording like ”high” ”so high”
    ”Innocence”(Ok it actually refers to the second anime in same font). In
    the anime, there was even a rightly sang Cantonese song! It’s shot in
    Hong Kong, yet not even Hong Kong or anywhere else in a future world.
    The disconnection to the set’s cultural background is misplaced.

    Beyond the set, all I have in mind is Total Recall and RoboCop. The
    manga was a 1991 rightfully done cyberpunk work with extended footnotes
    on the technology mentioned. The 1995 anime however, indeed twisted the
    plot into a discussion of oriental side of identity, self, existence,
    Buddhism & Shindao & Zen. In this movie? Major sounds like Murphy in

  • UrotsukidojiMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Overall, I liked it

    Gotta admit, I went into the cinema without reading anything about the
    movie and without any high/low expectations, guess that helped too. So
    I appreciated for what it was, really liked the effects and the
    environment too, what I absolutely didn’t like ..surprise surprise..
    was the Hollywood touch to it, no need for that, but its Hollywood so

    Guess real fans of the original will not be that happy with it but you
    should give it a try.

    Very superficial review I know, but didn’t want to spoil anything.


  • hugh_tranMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Fan of the original. Exactly how live action adaptations should be!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Thomas DrufkeMarch 30, 2017Reply

    We’ve Seen it All Before

    Surrounded by casting controversies and mediocre reviews, I wasn’t
    expecting a lot going into Ghost in the Shell. I’m always down for
    original science fiction, and although this is a live-action remake of
    a beloved anime, it seemed original enough for my liking. While every
    frame is gorgeous, there isn’t a ton under the surface with this

    Putting casting controversies aside, Scarlett Johansson provides a
    compelling performance as ‘The Major’ amidst plenty of other talented
    actors and actresses. Takeshi Kitano and Pilou Asbæk are particularly
    good, rounding out the cast in this futuristic sci-fi. The acting is
    superb, the visuals are intricate, and the action is visceral, but you
    need more than that to win over an audience. The one thing this film is
    really missing is heart and humanity. There are small attempts to
    polish the characters with human qualities here and there, but nothing
    to make me truly care about the characters. Sadly, the only reason I
    was invested in Major was because it’s Scar-jo being a bada** action
    hero. It’s kind of like ‘Lucy’ in that way, though it’s much more of a
    focused and controlled story than that.

    Much like ‘Power Rangers’ this past week, there’s nothing overtly wrong
    with Ghost in the Shell, but there’s not anything that will come across
    as overtly memorable either. It’s one of those action- revenge films
    that you’ll find on cable or Netflix down the road and you may watch
    bits and pieces, but you won’t watch the entire film because you’ve
    seen it all before. The classic ”everything they told you was a lie” is
    written all over the story, as is the trope of having the A.I. go rogue
    on her creators. You see it in every movie like this, so I can’t say
    the film’s originality is its greatest quality.

    With that said, I haven’t seen the original anime, so perhaps this was
    just a faithful adaptation of a film that’s been copied over and over
    throughout the years. I wanted to go in fresh with this one, and I came
    out pleased that I saw it, but far from impressed. Although colorful in
    its appearance, the dark brooding tone washes away the chance of
    re-watching it a few times. Having said all of this, I’m still game for
    sequels and more stories in this world. I find these types of movies
    fascinating and usually beautiful to look at, I just wish the
    characters were fleshed out with more humanity. Hopefully, this film is
    successful enough to get more anime’s adapted.

    +Scarjo kills it as always


    -Not much to these characters

    -We’ve seen it all before


  • comps-784-38265March 30, 2017Reply

    Superficial – looks good but not much substance, trailer is the best part

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kevindherdtMarch 30, 2017Reply


    Me and my wife went to the movies today to see this, we both saw the
    anime movies and were hoping it would not be bad since many of the
    anime remakes in Hollywood are bad.. We both liked it , definitely one
    of the better movies to come out these days and we had a great time,
    I’ve seen people talking trash about this movie even before it was
    out.. most hatred is probably from social justice warriors hating it
    because scarlett isn’t Asian, nevertheless if you can see past that
    bullshit I recommend to see it because it’s nice and god knows we can
    use more good science fiction movies instead of the superhero and
    beauty and the beast bullshit they make these days..

  • Corey JamesMarch 30, 2017Reply

    More Shell than Ghost

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • supernovaMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Nothing new

    In a nutshell, if you’re a fan and have seen the original Anime 5-10
    times, then you don’t have to watch this.

    Entire movie follows the Anime (minus the cool soundtrack). Easiest job
    for the director Rupert Sanders if you ask me. Some points during the
    show , i’m wondering whether the director just turned on the Anime and
    told the actors & actresses to mimic what they saw.

    Thats it. Nothing much to review, because there’s nothing new

  • padaMarch 30, 2017Reply

    5.5/10 Empty shell sadly

    I really wanted to like this , the combination of Bladerunner and
    Robocop with A Chinese financed American remake of a Japanese Manga
    classic – it should be amazing 🙂 it should have been amazing – it
    wasn’t – it started off really well but just went downhill once the wow
    factor had gone it may have reached 7/10 in 3D but in 2D it was just
    average .

    Make up and CGi was expectingly top notch though Scarlett’s recreation
    of a manga wig made her nose look like the child catcher from Chitty
    Chitty bang bang minus the top hat . The cars looked strangely fake and
    square , not sure it that was purposeful . I found myself questioning
    the guns and cigarettes but that’s typical of a dystopian future film
    recreation the bladerunner type of nuclear weather film noir .

    If you’ve seen the trailers the giant billboards look as amazing as
    you’d expect but these fade after a while and the story isn’t really
    substantial enough to sustain the interest .

    I am willing to give it another try in 3D but looking at other reviews
    it seems I’m not the only one who was expecting more , this has been
    planned since Spielberg bought it 2008 but it doesn’t match up to his
    fantastic track record in SciFi .

    Shame really .

  • eracomsoftMarch 30, 2017Reply

    a good version but not the best

    This is Rupert Sanders’s Version (every GITS have different way of
    story telling) and it’s looks promising from the start to the end, but
    the soundtrack and ScarJo’s act could have been better, perhaps not as
    great as the first Momoru Oshii’s version (1995) but everything is good
    especially for action anime/manga adaptation where most of the time
    action anime live action adaptation always fail to impress people.

    This Movie, the first Rorouni Kenshin and Gantz live action movie are
    the best example action manga/anime can be faithful for live action
    adaptation movie

  • zhangbozMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Better than what I expected

    9/10 for the cinematic, 10/10 for Batou actor, 9/10 for Major, 1/10 for
    Aramaki, 6/10 for the story.

    Same as some of my friends who have seen the anime I walked in the
    theater expecting it to be bad, but it turns out to be watchable. The
    story is not perfect but good enough to explain the setting of the GIS

    THE GREATEST DISAPPOINTMENT IS: Aramaki’s actor, Takeshi Kitano’s face
    looks more like a gang boss who’s cunning and ruthless, whereas Aramaki
    is a loyal protector of justice and you can see the righteousness even
    from his eyes. I think the only reason they chose Takeshi Kitano to be
    Aramaki is they both look calm, BUT THAT’S NOT ALL TO THE CHARACTER,
    they missed the more important characteristics.

  • Paul AlexanderMarch 30, 2017Reply

    It is very much its own thing,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MikeMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Solid Amalgam of Classic Sci-fi and Action Films

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravityMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Wish it was a little more spectacular, but very cool looking movie.

    Give it credit, anime is a hard genre to adapt into live action, and
    they did a better job visually than in it’s narration. The visual
    effects were good. Straight out of the manga (and Anime) it was based

    So there is a bit of controversy about Scarlett Johansson as the lead.
    Me personally, I just don’t click with Johansson as a movie star. Would
    think that a hot chick would make me run to the movie theater, but she
    does not do it for me.

    It’s a step up form a movie like Avatar which like Ghost in the Shell
    had visuals that were mind blowing but a so so story. The Manga was not
    the greatest story to comprehend and this adaption does a lackluster
    job of trying to fix that.

    You can blame Johansson for that as it was important to focus on the
    movie star therefore expanding the lead characters background story
    beyond that of the comic book, and adding the stuff that explains why a
    white woman is playing an Asian charter.

    So not that impressive of a movie, but definitely not bad too watch,
    literally. I can’t think of another live-action anime adaption that was
    done better.

  • JoSantzMarch 30, 2017Reply

    A beautiful upgrade

    I went to this film expecting it not to be very good since Hollywood
    tends to spoil everything nowadays. However, IT’S AWESOME! I watched it
    on IMAX and I was amazed with what I saw, it’s just gorgeous.

    The film pays a tribute the the original GITS and brings new things to
    the table. Scarlett and Pilou are great… Even the way Major walks is
    identical, everything is great. I can’t talk bad about this one cause
    there’s no reason for it.

    The only thing I didn’t like was one or two dialog scenes where they
    dumb it down a little. I don’t understand who are these super extremely
    smart people that decide that viewers are dumb. Apart from that….

    I think it was great, I highly recommend IMAX for this one (this coming
    from someone finds IMAX a waste of money).

    Forget the bad reviews, haters gonna hate.

  • swillikyMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Wasted opportunity for iconic Japanese Sci-fi Franchise

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kesseb362March 31, 2017Reply

    Short and Sweet

    Pros-Aesthetically stunning and very engaging (one that should
    experienced in theaters)

    Cons-Lack of dialogue and a bit too much action (very Americanized)

    Fake Cons that you’ll see in reviews -Cliche’d and borrowing from films
    like the Matrix (even though the Matrix was directly inspired by Ghost
    in the Shell) -White Washing (even though the creator of Ghost in the
    Shell said it’s an irrelevant and bizarre claim) -Not good compared to
    the original

    Conclusion: It’s a good film and certainly worth the watch. The
    original was always a big shadow to overcome, but people have
    deliberately made the film look much worse than it actually is. It
    certainly isn’t a masterpiece but one that should be respected as a
    quality cinematic piece.

  • ctowyiMarch 31, 2017Reply

    A nice upgrade with no Major issues

    Mamoru Oshii’s cult-classic anime Ghost in the Shell (1995) holds a
    sacred spot in my heart. This together with Akira (1988) are the
    epitomes of cyber tech-porn, the crowned jewels of apocalyptic Japanese
    animation. The future world depicted in Ghost in the Shell is alluring,
    but sad. It is uber-violent on the surface, but a deep melancholy runs
    beneath that surface. Its themes of alienation and identity beat with a
    strong pulse. Coupled with a superb atmosphere, dense plot, kinetic
    action sequences, dizzying ideas, opaque characters, mystical
    spiritualism and an outstanding music score, the anime earns its place
    as a much beloved cult-classic. Do we even need an Americanized live
    action version?

    Thankfully, this Rupert Sanders film isn’t just a simplistic money-grab
    exercise. There is meticulous care in recreating the futuristic world
    designed by Oshii and it is a nice move not to transpose the world to
    some Neo-Los Angeles or NYC. In that sense, the film honours the spirit
    of the anime. It didn’t stop there – some of the iconic action scenes
    are replicated, almost shot for shot. The story is updated and feels
    entirely understandable now with a crystal clear resolution; it feels
    almost dumbed down especially with the heavy expositional second act. I
    don’t know about you, but for me this updated story reminds me so much
    of Robocop, a cyber-policeman haunted by residual memories of his human

    Yes, this is one watchable movie filled with technical and visual
    wizardry, but it couldn’t carry forth the sense of melancholy so
    evident in the original. Yes, Scarlett Johansson does cut a fine figure
    as Major Motoko and she channels an extension of her cypher alien
    character from Under the Skin (if the mention of this movie makes you
    cringe, consider it fair warning that you won’t see empathetic pathos).
    Yes, the music borrows heavily from Kenji Kawai’s evocative original
    (why touch an awesome original which is an identity itself). So why is
    there a remake if it is just content to languish behind the glossy
    sheen and not want to push the envelope further with a story feels so
    familiar. This feels deceptively like one giant homage to the original
    and I am sure it will make money by the truckloads. I had one worry
    playing on repeat in my head as I walked out of the cinema – am I ready
    to be bombarded by Hollywoodized versions of Akira, Trigun, Cowboy
    Bebop, Patlabor, Appleseed…… I don’t want to ponder this scary
    thought anymore. Thankfully, I will always have the animes. That’s it;
    I am so watching the Oshii classic again right now.

  • go-angel14March 31, 2017Reply

    Excellent Movie

    I’ve seen the original several times, and I felt the live action really
    captured the futuristic landscape, the characters and the central
    themes of the original. The main problem with the original was that it
    felt a bit inaccessible and the content was quite dry. But I felt the
    movie fixed this, I cared about the characters more. It had the style
    of the original also.

    The things that I thought might bother me that came up in the media
    such as whitewashing and the suit she wears really didn’t, because
    Scarlett pulled the character off and it was a good movie. I’d
    recommend giving it a chance!

  • Ben Van Jaarsveld (benvanj)March 31, 2017Reply

    Thank you, film makers and writers

    I would like to extend my great thanks to the film makers and writers
    for producing such a good film. Masamune Shirow, Jamie Moss, William
    Wheeler, Ehren Kruger really had their work cut out for them when they
    all wrote the story as it was shot in the movie, each of them working
    independently. I am not here to give any spoilers so I will just try
    and keep to the original content. The movie is excellent, the actors
    really portrayed their characters well. Scarlett Johanson really did
    well and all the other actors really made me believe I was watching the
    original of so long ago. The CGI is just as good and I could easily
    believe what was produced was truth and not CGI. To comment on the
    story itself: (without giving spoilers) there was some things left out
    from the original content, which would have been nice to see if it was
    there, (but it didn’t take anything away from the storyline).

    The different story-lines, time-lines and content of the originals had
    way to many things that clashed and it is nice to see the way that the
    movie was produced, was where a lot of detail was actually left murky
    and that gave the story a chance to flow into each other. The movie
    also had a proper intro, body and ending, which left me as the watcher
    feeling complete. So this movie is a complete movie and could be left
    as is, but it also built a platform, so that more movies or story-lines
    could flow from here… So all in all I would say WELL DONE!!!

  • tnarrudynothnaMarch 31, 2017Reply

    l cannot see what the fuss is all about

    l cannot see what the fuss over Scarlet Johanssen’s casting is all
    about. Don’t people realize that as a cyborg, she could choose any
    physical appearance or gender she wanted? Moreover, don’t they realize
    she could be anyone she ever wanted to be? l just can’t believe people
    could get upset over a damn cyborg!

  • Mickey Wilson (mickeywilsonsfx)March 31, 2017Reply

    Just downright excellent.

    Where do I start? The movie was perfect. Extremely clean. Graphics,
    acting, sound mixing, score, plot, everything was executed perfectly.
    I’m not really sure why everyone is all upset over ”whitewashing”
    considering that there was a great mix of all ethnicities in the movie,
    and also considering that the main character is supposed to look white,
    when she really… well don’t want to give that one away but you’ll
    understand why everyone calling it ”whitewashing” is just cringe-worthy
    after seeing the movie. Ghost in the Shell better win multiple awards
    for all of the mind-blowing work that was put into the movie even on
    just a 110 million dollar budget. Coming from an anime fan, manga fan,
    music fan, movie fan and film composer, this movie is an absolute must

  • Rachel SmithMarch 31, 2017Reply

    First major anime adaptation

    For the first major budget anime adaptation, I’m really pleased. I look
    forward to the Netflix adaptation of Death Note as well. Maybe we will
    see more adaptations now and adaptations from other production houses
    that will do a truer to the anime/manga. There was some ‘whitewashing’
    as everyone seems to want to point out, but as someone who is half
    Japanese, I was impressed and pleased.

  • lfmunoz-82832March 31, 2017Reply

    No depth

    Movie was disappointing it had no depth. Almost like watching a
    childhood cartoon. Characters were all difficult to relate to and the
    outcome is always predictable. Actions scenes were un-moving, like oh
    ”she is just gonna kill all these guys right now, cool”. Script had
    minimum creativity, like the writer followed some sort of template. I
    would recommend you skip this movie, go watch Ex-Machine instead.

    The character Major was well played though, the body language and
    movement was noticeably robotic like. Talented actor who took a
    horrible role, leaves me wondering why.

  • kastenmeier-andreasMarch 31, 2017Reply

    No Comparison, but stunning!

    I saw the original anime a long time ago, so I can’t really tell the
    differences or compare the two movies adequately. But to be honest, I
    think it serves for objectivity. Nevertheless, i’m not a fan of
    recreations of great movies. I know one example where I liked the
    remake more then the original: ”Girl with a dragon tattoo”. On the
    other side, I could not finish movies like the remakes of ”Let the
    right one in”, ”Oldboy” or ”The Experiment”. I’m also not into the
    recent life-action adaptations of Disney movies like ”The Jungle Book”,
    ”Cinderella” or ”The Beauty and the Beast”. Not that they are bad
    movies, they just add nothing new and therefore I kinda watched them

    But let’s get to ”Ghost in the Shell”. Maybe I’m lucky by not having
    the original in mind, but i kinda liked the movie. The world was
    depicted very well. I liked all the characters and their motivations. I
    enjoyed the action-sequences and the plot. Probably the biggest flaw in
    my opinion was the little underwhelming finale of the movie. The movie
    has a run-time of approx. 150 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long. So
    I was kinda surprised of the ending. I would have liked a more
    meaningful ending.

    So to say praises to the director and art director, I really loved
    every little visual detail. And for that reason alone go watch this
    movie in the theater.

  • StrayFeralMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Amazing remake, but not worth the IMAX ticket price

    This is review for the IMAX version of Ghost in the Shell.

    I just saw ”Ghost in the Shell” at the local IMAX theater. I expected
    stunning 3D cinematics and so on and so on. Basically the bar was set
    way too high, as this is one of the two super-cult mangas of the 90s
    (the first one being ”Akira” 1988).

    Well, in short – the movie is great! Worth every cent seeing it on a
    big screen.

    Now in detail – I probably had to first see again the original, so I
    could compare them, but I didn’t. Maybe for good, as I watched the
    movie without way too much expectations and honestly enjoyed it.
    Stunning visuals – yes, great music – yes, great play – yes, Takeshi
    Kitano – YES, YES, YESSS!! (Who does not love Beat Takeshi?? 🙂 Yes –
    and Scarlett Johansson. Well, she’s great too, but can’t beat the Beat

    The only two things I do remember from the original are the first scene
    and the last scene, and these two do match, as of my memories. The
    other thing is the music – the hypnotic vocal theme. The music of the
    current version is great, but no match. It’s just different. However,
    they included the original theme as well, just it’s in the end credits.

    The only problem with this movie is the IMAX version – honestly, it
    does not worth the price of the IMAX ticket. Just there is nothing
    really worth seeing in the IMAX version! Yes of course – great picture
    quality, but hey I go to IMAX for stunning 3D visuals, not just great
    picture quality and ”Ghost in the Shell” 2017 version is simply not
    enough 3D-enhanced for IMAX, so don’t bother yourself going in there,
    unless you are just a fan of IMAX. In the last 5 years there was just
    one movie not created for IMAX, but really stunningly 3D-enhanced for
    IMAX and that was ”Dr.Strange” 2016. No other movie IMAX version really
    got me so much, as ”Dr.Strange” for IMAX. ”Ghost in the Shell” 2017
    looks great on IMAX, but not so great to worth the money for. At least
    my opinion.

    Oh and one more thing I didn’t liked – no post-credits scene. Not that
    the original had one I remember of, but just letting you know there is
    nothing to wait the end of the credits for, unless you are one of these
    fans who wants to read the small notes.

    Good thing is – they mentioned that the soundtrack is going to get
    released, so check it out! It is not as stunning as Daft Punk’s music
    for the second ”Tron”, neither ”Stranger Things”, but still it’s great.
    I would give it like 8/10.

    So final words – go see it! But in case you can’t see it on IMAX –
    don’t be sorry.

  • Dhruv Krishna GoyalMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly, not all is Lost in Translation

    The most surprising aspect of ”Ghost in the Shell” for me was that the
    live action remake actually tried to deviate from the original’s
    storyline considerably. This film, like the original, does deal with
    the same philosophical dilemmas about identity, and memory, but here
    the focus is more on the central character than those bigger ideas. The
    writers attempt to flesh out Scarlett Johansson’s central character by
    giving her a backstory that is partly interesting, and somewhat clunky,
    but they do absolutely try and make the film as distinctive as
    possible. As the writers make the film more character-driven, a lot of
    the film relies heavily on Scarlett Johansson’s performance and I
    thought she pulled the role off rather well.

    There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the ”whitewashing” of
    the central protagonist in the film, and I do think these are
    legitimate complaints raised by some people who would have preferred
    the film to have a Japanese actor portray the central protagonist.
    However, the makers of the original film and fans of classic Japanese
    anime have continuously said that the original film did not specify the
    particular race, and ethnicity of the central character, which is an
    equally legitimate counter argument in my opinion. Though one can
    easily mull over this controversy and disregard Johannson’s
    performance, it would be entirely unfair of me to be dismissive of
    Johannson’s performance regardless of which side of the debate I fall
    on. What I can confidently say is that Johansson’s performance did
    largely appeal to me. Johansson has done roles similar to this in the
    past, most recently in 2013’s extraordinary science-fiction drama
    ”Under the Skin,” and here again she plays the role of a conflicted
    cyborg really well through her facial expressions, and dialogue
    delivery. Johansson’s intentionally blank expressions and slightly
    stilted dialogue delivery complemented the conflict of the cyborg very
    well and made me care for the central character. While Scarlett
    Johannson’s performance and the intention to take the remake into a new
    direction were the most surprising aspects of the film, the most
    impressive aspects of the films were undeniably its visuals and music.

    The best thing I can say about the visuals of ”Ghost in the Shell” is
    that they feel, for the large part, original. There are a few scenes in
    which the film does pay homage to the visual brilliance of the
    science-fiction films preceding it, particularly its original source
    material, and Ridley Scott’s 1982 science-fiction classic ”Blade
    Runner.” But director Rupert Sanders, cinematographer Jess Hall, the
    visual effects team, and the production design team do a stunning job
    of creating a cyberpunk aesthetic which is loaded with over-stylized
    technology (think New York City Times Square multiplied by 100), but
    also with extremely narrow streets, and urban decay (think New York in
    general then). There are significant touches of Japanese culture
    included in this design with a particular scene set inside a restaurant
    with a Geisha being an absolute standout. The cinematography from Jess
    Hall almost throughout the film is elegant, and tidy with the camera
    slowly panning in towards characters in some moments to create a sense
    of eeriness. This cinematography combined with the subtle, almost
    Zen-like score from Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe, does give the movie
    a lot more heft in scenes which have flat supporting characters just
    conversing in exposition heavy dialogue with each other, or giving
    answers to these abstract philosophical questions about identity.

    This is exactly where the problem for the live action remake of ”Ghost
    in the Shell” lies for me. Whereas the original film was about raising
    these questions about human identity, the live action remake believes
    in raising them and answering them for the audience. As a result, the
    remake for me loses a lot of the haunting, and melancholic lingering
    quality of the first film and though admirably it tries to replace it
    with it’s own original story, the screenplay feels a little dumbed
    down. The supporting characters, moreover in the remake are not nearly
    as impressive, with Batou’s character, and the central antagonist’s
    characters, in particular feeling grossly underdeveloped. The dialogue
    of the remake, like the original, also ranges between interesting to
    dull, pretentious monologues, except here it feels worse because a lot
    of the characters are actually giving answers to the philosophical
    questions they raise in the film. Unfortunately, the remake suffers the
    most from the inevitable comparisons to other science-fiction films
    like ”The Matrix,” and ”The Fifth Element” that the original had
    inspired, making the story of the remake never feel fresh or new.

    Despite the fact that the live-action remake of ”Ghost in the Shell”
    does not possess the quality of its original, the film did leave me
    pleasantly surprised by the way director Rupert Sanders decided to
    tackle the remake. I am exceptionally grumpy when it comes to remakes
    of classic films, even if I do not possess the nostalgic love for them,
    but the 2017 remake of ”Ghost in the Shell” for once did not feel like
    an unnecessary retread of the original. It has enough visual panache,
    respect for the original, and enough of a difference to the original
    that it does justify its existence.

  • gallick_xMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Potential for more. But anything more must be different.

    I am an avid Ghost in the Shell fan, so my experience was always going
    to be overshadowed by the anime that came before. But I did not expect
    such cinematic splendor and costume/set design.

    Story: Dead -It is dead because it chopped up story from the previous
    movies and tried to Frankenstein them together, whilst adding in new
    backstory that only made fans cringe. There was no life there, Rupert
    should have tried to move forward with new content instead of trying to
    play it safe like Star Wars Episode 7.

    Characters: Dead -The life that was brought into the anime characters
    was lost here. There was an attempt to give ”The Major” and emotional
    core that amplified her so called ”Ghost”. However in reality (Anime)
    the majors ghost was not highlighted by any emotions whatsoever, only
    her observance as to the lack of said feelings. Her philosophical and
    analytical nature was what gave her the notion of a ”Ghost”. So in a
    sense, they restructured the very definition of who the Major was.

    Batou attempted to be a good buddy like he was in the anime, but he
    never really had the chance, the story moved too quickly and his
    connection was lost. I think the Major had too much baggage going on to
    allow anyone else to show themselves.

    The side characters (Section 9 crew) were all just background fluff and
    didn’t even matter, which is good because I don’t think I could handle
    any more characters being misrepresented.

    Aramaki was alright, I think Kitano was just used for novelty purposes,
    and these days he is just like a Japanese Harrison Ford, grumpy and
    only around for the money.

    Set Design: -Alive. Alive in every way, the world they used was full of
    cyberpunk goodness stripped right out of the heart of the anime. Every
    detail was accounted for and it truly was the highlight of the entire
    film. I will include the background characters and extras into this as
    well, they were all very much apart of the world and the state of
    society was quite evident.

    Sound: -Alive, but misplaced. The music was fantastic, but never seemed
    to show up on time, it was always late for the party. Even the music
    for the into sequence(for the anime) didn’t arrive until the credits.
    For them to leave out the song was advertise with the new intro out of
    the new intro…….there are no words.

    I like this movie a lot, I will be picking it up on 4k Blu-Ray asap,
    because I am only going back for the beauty of the cinematography and
    CGI. The story in this movie will be forgotten and left out of all the
    ancient tomes of the Ghost in the Shell universe.

  • OzzzzSSzzzzOMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Shallow as a reflection

    Everything felt very forced. The movie lacks a story. To me it feels
    like the cherry picked the awesome scenes of the movie/series and made
    a movie out of it.

    Unfortunately, they butchered everything and missed the entire point of
    the Ghost in the Shell series and turned it into a lame action movie
    with zero substance. What happened to all the thought provoking ideas
    from the movie/series? I can’t wait till someone does a comparison of
    the original scenes vs these remade ones, what a joke.


  • stomach17March 31, 2017Reply

    Cybernetic agents fight super hackers in cyberpunk classic remake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • snowboarderboMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Excellent translation to live action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steve beard ([email protected])March 31, 2017Reply

    Visually Stunning

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • IchkoMarch 31, 2017Reply

    I liked it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dom MerianoMarch 31, 2017Reply

    A great adaptation of the anime! do not go into it with a negative mind!

    I saw the original, and I believe this is a good adaptation of the
    anime. Not all the thought provoking meanings and themes are in the
    movie for the viewers who don’t like to think deeply during/about a
    movie but the movie does add a lot to Major’s character. I disagree
    with the reviews that talk about ”white washing”. It is a very western
    thing and shouldn’t be a reason for disliking a movie; the creator of
    GitS said he didn’t mind that she was cast because the Android body
    doesn’t have a race, it’s not a natural human body. It had great
    visuals, action and plot.

  • paulijcalderonMarch 31, 2017Reply

    A surprisingly good character exploration

    Pretty good, actually. It was better than I expected. I found the story
    to be neat. It wasn’t just about the action or figuring out this case.
    Yes, it’s set in a futuristic world and yes, it’s full of beautiful
    visuals. But, what surprised me the most was that it evolved to
    something more than just an entertaining Blockbuster. There’s a lot
    more exploration of what the Major character goes through compared to
    the original 1995 anime film. She has a personal quest that I actually
    cared for and it did get a little emotional. I never thought I would
    get that invested. So, that’s something I have to give the movie props

    Of course the action can be underwhelming at parts, but it’s still not
    bad. Maybe I just expected them to take action to a ”Matrix” level of
    excitement. But, I can forgive that since, I do prefer a good emotional
    story rather than a hollow story with amazing action. It does spell out
    things for the audience at times. It’s expected because it has to
    appeal to a wider audience. Although I think it could have gone without
    the slight Dumbing down way of explaining things.

    Performances are good. Scarlett was great as the Major. Sometimes when
    you get a really famous actor to play a part like this you can just end
    up seeing the actor instead of the character. This is one of those
    occasions were I didn’t see Scarlett anymore, I saw the Major. I mean
    it, I was very positively surprised by this film. I was afraid it was
    one of those situations when a studio adapts something that’s very
    popular to earn some money. But, I could tell the people behind the
    camera cared to make the best live-action adaption they could. It works
    as a stand-alone thing. You can go in without knowing anything about
    the anime or manga and enjoy this. Sure, it might be a little weird at
    the start, but it’s easy to get into.

    Not amazing, but a good flick with stunning effects and a surprisingly
    nice character story.

  • Anubis ShogunMarch 31, 2017Reply

    The Future Is Here

    Technology, a useful resource that has contributed to mankind and
    evolution for many years. With time man and machine start to become one
    with unlimited possibilities to create and evolve.

    Sometimes fiction is not that far apart from reality.This is what Ghost
    in the Shell brings us with this live action adaptation that explores
    the meaning of being human.

    As a big fan of the Ghost in the Shell universe I have to say this was
    my most expected film of the year, counting the days for its release
    and finally it is here, but did it leave up to the hype?

    The Story: For those unfamiliar with the 1995 anime film Ghost in the
    Shell fear not, the story is well paced and easy to understand for
    newcomers and for fans this was a very special experience as the story
    has a new but at the same time familiar feeling that makes you say This
    is Ghost in the Shell.

    Art: The futuristic world portrayed in this film is absolutely
    beautiful to look at, the CGI is so good that sometimes I forgot it was
    CGI, in my opinion they represented the world of Ghost in the Shell

    I was very happy with Scarlett Johansson performance in this film, she
    became the major and did an amazing job at it, not only is she
    beautiful but very talented to make one of the most well known
    characters in the history of the anime industry her own.

    If you still have doubts about going to the movie theater to see this
    movie, please do yourself a favor and go watch it now you will not
    regret it. It is definitely an experience not to be missed.

  • Mihai OpreanMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Awesome, just like the original!

    A wonderful movie, for those that have seen the original, this one
    keeps 95% of the actions, people, locations and most importantly, the
    major scenes.

    There are small changes from the original but they did a great job
    reviving this movie. GG!

  • Jeni WellsMarch 31, 2017Reply

    There is No Ghost…Just a Shell

    Oh, Major!

    Where did they go wrong?

    A visually captivating shell of a movie that lacks a soul.

    Ghost in the shell is a mockery of the anime its named after. Scarlett
    Johansson delivers a performance as awkward as the bop her character
    walks with. The film lacks the depth provided in the anime and manga.
    And, while it will prove a let down for fans of the series, those
    seeking a visual spectacular will not be disappointed.

  • Ross BMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the shell + Matrix + Robocop.

    Seems like this movie doesn’t sure what it wants to be. The plot is
    weak and more inspiration from Robocop then the ghost in the shell.

    While the action scenes have some great moments its lack of emotion I
    feel very dry. I seems like try tried more scenes from The Matrix and
    not the original material.

    The city is full of holograms and eye candy stuff that have nothing
    practical or really interesting in it and looks just like some place
    holders so its really hard to connect to the set.

    oh and the characters… well they suck. besides Batou that have some
    depth to his character and good acting the Major is on the other hand
    is boring, lifeless and emotionless. and I really tried to connect to
    her but I just couldn’t and most of goes down to the poor performance
    of Scarlett Johansson that makes me feel like she tried too hard and
    this makes this feel very fake.

    any why the movie is OK if you looking forward for some action scenes
    and simple story with good looking visuals and effects.

    BUT this movie have nothing to do with Ghost In The Shell.

  • Pierre_DMarch 31, 2017Reply

    ”This is Major…” fun, at the very least.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DanCohen12March 31, 2017Reply

    We shouldn’t support white washing

    That’s very easy to say as a caucasian. We should be doing our part to
    fight for the rights of minorities, in all regards, including the film
    and television industry, which influences the lives and opinions of
    many, if only on a subconscious level. Replacing a Japanese female
    character with a caucasian blonde is not only unnecessary, it’s
    insulting. This is one of those times when every white actress
    approached should have suggested they cast a Japanese woman instead.

  • Michael Kevin SpencerMarch 31, 2017Reply

    The Most Important Trans-humanistic Film Ever

    While it did not stay true to the Japanese script, with Elon Musk’s new
    startup related to the neural interface, I felt this movie would be an
    important watch.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the immersion and dystopia of the
    senses that brought home so many important issues of the technological
    age. The acting was far better than expected, the script was believable
    and the visual effects were stunning.

    I’ve not seen a movie about the future that touched me so much since
    Her. As we are nearing the age of cybernetic enhancement this was the
    perfect psychological thriller of how our consciousness might be
    transported in the future.

    The urban landscape created by the film was haunting and the story
    built up to an amazing 2nd half of the film, with not poignant but
    colossal insights into the very core of the human condition. The movie
    retained some of it’s ”Asian feel” that greatly improved the overall
    impact. While it had elements of ”Hollywood”, it’s core features
    transcended any transhumanistic vision Hollywood could spawn.

    I have not been philosophically moved by a film of this magnitude in
    quite some time, an instant classic in my sci-fi obsessed voyage into
    the future. The layers to this movie are deep and other-worldly and yet
    so intimately near when we consider how fast technology will
    exponential change the human condition post 2025.

  • MoviemanMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Dlow Sci Fi Drama Masked As An Action Film

    Without a musical score to carry the drama, you’re left watching a
    lovely lady that never smiles, kick and shoot a gun every 35 minutes,
    under a future Tokyo skyline. There are elements that blow your mind,
    but there’s no chemistry in the cast. Think; Law and Order meets The
    Matrix and a dry spoon of peanut butter, with no water.

  • xany-68477March 31, 2017Reply

    Overall, pretty good.

    I liked it. I have seen the original and, unfortunately, many of my
    friends found the main character to be emotionless and boring. In my
    opinion Scarlett Johansson did a good job acting out this machine-
    human. Her pose, her (missing) facial impressions and her regular
    speaking voice is well done, judging from the background and the

    To the person who has seen the original, there are some elements that
    are more fleshed out than in the original, probably for the western
    cinema viewer who would probably have difficulties reading between the
    line of the original Japanese predecessor. Most of the scenes are
    however very close to the original with a lot of love for detail.

    The visuals are stunning and it feels very retro-90s futuristic. If you
    liked the Japanese original, i think you will not be disappointed.

    If you have not seen it before, the story-line seems a bit absurd and
    hard to follow, but then, so was the original Japanese version to me,

  • Screening RoomMarch 31, 2017Reply

    What if Blade Runner Was Bad? And Filmed During The Day?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlondroMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Just the shell…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Benjamin MoleMarch 31, 2017Reply

    I have never been more insulted by a movie in my life

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael GatewoodMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Under-appreciated by the hypercritical.

    We live in a society that assumes being overcritical means showing a
    display of intelligence. Don’t let this film be tarnished by that fad.

    I will do my best to make this short and sweet. (Probably not)

    READ: (For those who HAVEN’T seen the original films)

    This film is a fantastic example of a film that is complex yet simple.
    I expected the worst from the film and I received more. I won’t lie to
    you and tell you this film is on par with something like The Matrix
    (the original was) but it is well worth seeing and stands out as
    unique. We all know that’s nearly impossible to do these days. Please
    take this into consideration and go to see the film with no
    expectations. You’ll be surprised that way.

    READ: (For those who HAVE seen the original films)

    I’m sorry this film wasn’t everything we dreamed it would be, but can
    we honestly act surprised when Hollywood screenwriters avoid immensely
    complex story arches? They have simplified this story for the masses in
    the same way The Lord of the Rings was simplified for the masses. If
    you spend your time comparing this film with the originals you will
    come up short, every time. This is NOT the original film, this is its
    own film that you need to appreciate as it stands (I know that is
    difficult, believe me). If you haven’t already seen it, please take my
    word for it and go in with no expectations, go in cold (like it is a
    new experience).

    (Final Comments)

    I take user reviews to heart for movies. I appreciate the opinions of
    the people more than I appreciate the opinions of the paid critics.
    Seeing a 6.9 as the current user score (as of March 31st) is
    unfortunate, because this film captures EVERYTHING that Ghost in the
    Shell was and thanks to this film IS CURRENTLY. As a film it stands
    strong in the Sci-Fi genre and does manage to still be
    thought-provoking. Please consider taking your time before giving it a
    low rating.

    Understand that the talents that put this film together adopted this
    baby from its original developers and they did NOT destroy it, as some
    over-exaggerators may proclaim. ”The Last Airbender” – THAT is an
    example of something being destroyed. GHOST IN THE SHELL stands still
    intact. Of course it isn’t as fleshed out and philosophical as the
    original film (which paid an immaculate amount of attention to detail
    and information) but it DOES live in the same world and it DOES tell
    the same story. I promise you that if it HAD stayed completely with the
    script of the animated film, it would be getting attacked for being an
    unnecessary remake or overly complicated.

    I’ve given this an 8 out of 10 because I see 6 as mediocre and 10 as a
    perfect film. 8 is somewhere in between. I do not believe this is the
    best adaption or sci-fi film I’ve seen, but it was enjoyable and much
    pain-staking work was put into it… that shows when you watch it.
    Don’t be entirely emotional about the way you view this movie. Watch it
    for what it is, not what it is in comparison.

    Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. Take the time to see this movie
    and take your time before rating it. Really chew on it first, because
    it deserves better than it is receiving.

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])March 31, 2017Reply

    ”Ghost in the Shell” is visually stunning, exciting and deep.

    Like many big budget Hollywood productions these days, 2017’s sci-fi
    actioner ”Ghost in the Shell” (PG-13, 1:47) comes from a long and
    diverse background. The title was originally inspired by the phrase
    ”the Ghost in the Machine”, which was 20th century British philosopher
    Gilbert Ryle’s derisive description of 17th century French philosopher
    René Descartes’ concept of mind-body dualism. From Ryle’s phrase arose
    the Japanese entertainment franchise ”Ghost in the Machine”. Originally
    a seinen manga series (comics targeted at adolescent boys and young
    men) that appeared in 1989, the comics were adapted into a 1995 feature
    film (which reportedly helped inspire ”The Matrix”), followed be
    several other films, a television series and video games. The American
    live-action adaptation is clearly designed for wider international
    appeal and features a diverse cast, but has been criticized for
    ”whitewashing” because of casting a white actress (Scarlett Johansson)
    in the lead role of this Japanese property (although many Japanese,
    including the director of the original anime films, said that this was
    a non-issue). Besides all that, this film also seems influenced by the
    visuals, mood and plot of films like ”The Terminator” (1984), ”Total
    Recall” (1990), ”Minority Report” (2002) and the ”Bourne” series, but
    with an identity all its own.

    In the future (in mid-21st century Japan, according to the manga, even
    though the film is less specific), technology allows for the
    enhancement of human beings with cybernetic limbs and organs so they
    can function better and live longer… but it doesn’t stop there. Science
    has now gotten to the point where a human brain can be placed in a
    completely cybernetic body, allowing for the creation of a virtually
    indestructible super soldier with human intelligence and sensibilities
    (which, by the way, can be technologically manipulated too). Major Mira
    Killian is the first of her kind – the first completely successful
    implantation of a human brain into an artificial body (and a very
    shapely one at that – covered only with a skin tight silver/grey
    spandex-looking suit). Sure, Major has to regularly take medicine to
    keep her human brain from rejecting her manufactured body, she
    sometimes experiences disturbing and unexplained memory glitches and
    she wishes she could remember more of her past than the story of
    childhood tragedy she has been told (and she wishes she knew what it
    was to feel), but, hey, she’s a Hanka Corporation success story and the
    Hanka CEO (Peter Ferdinando) wants more just like her.

    The action takes place in a crowded cosmopolitan city with
    unusual-looking buildings, bright lights of many different colors and
    giant holograms of people doing various activities (which aren’t
    explained, but are probably some form of futuristic advertising
    campaigns.) Major leads a team called Section 9, which includes an
    enhanced human named Batou (Danish actor Pilou Asbæk) and which finds
    and neutralizes the criminals that ordinary law enforcement can’t
    handle. Under the supervision of Chief Daisuke Aramaki (Takeshi Kitano)
    and with Dr. Ouélet (Juliette Binoche) and her high-tech machinery
    ”healing” Major when a mission gets too physical, the whole thing is
    working like a well-oiled machine (or well-programmed computer)… until
    mysterious hacker Hideo Kuze (Michael Pitt) shows up. Kuze seems to
    know more, be more elusive and more… determined than most criminals.
    He’s killing Hanka scientists – and repeatedly leaving behind a cryptic
    holographic warning, ”Collaborate with Hanka robotics and be
    destroyed!” Even as Major pursues Kuze, she’s wondering if that
    statement is a threat… or a warning.

    ”Ghost in the Shell” is visually stunning, exciting and deep. The
    images that director Rupert Sanders (”Snow White and the Huntsman”) put
    on screen are almost too much to take in, but it’s a lot of fun to try
    and you can’t help but marvel at their Oscar-worthy quality. The
    assembled work of screenwriters Jamie Moss (”Street Kings”), William
    Wheeler (”The Lego Ninjago Movie”, ”Queen of Katwe”) and Ehren Kruger
    (three of the ”Transformers” movies, ”Arlington Road”) combine to give
    us an interesting story and a few moments of reflection about what it
    means to be human and the nature of reality. The diverse cast fits
    together well, without a weak link, and Johansson is so good that I can
    almost forgive her for 2014’s utterly ridiculous sci-fi actioner
    ”Lucy”. Johansson’s 2017 enhanced character actually makes some sense –
    and is much more interesting to watch – and the movie is much more fun.
    You should check it out. I mean, you might as well, before the
    inevitable sequels. Regardless, this one makes for an enjoyable two
    hours at the movies. ”A-”

  • carp70March 31, 2017Reply

    Waste of time and money

    Do yourself a favor and take a nap instead. This is a terrible movie
    inside and out. It is slapped together with special effects and bad
    acting. The story line is ridiculous and forced. Scarlett should have
    passed on this one. You should do the same. I had high hopes for this
    movie but had to force myself to stay until it was over. Thankfully, it

  • dougal79March 31, 2017Reply

    One of the best endings ever – ruined in remake

    Leaving aside the accusations of ”white washing” everyone agrees this
    film is visually stunning, and it is there’s a certain depth to the
    images the original didn’t have. At some points it felt like the
    skyscrapers had skyscrapers on them! This is where the majority of the
    6stars go.

    But there seems to be loads of other sci-fi influences chucked in there
    too. In the original 1995 film I don’t remember any of these
    holographic overlays on the dystopian cityscape. Maybe they featured in
    the GitS TV series but for me it had much more Blade Runner DNA in it.
    The whole film felt a lot more Neo Noir than the original ever did. One
    scene (entrance to the Hanka building) felt like it was straight out of
    Robocop. Another had all of these swishing lights and very similar
    noise to a light sabre. Were they all influences on Masamune Shirow or
    just chucked in for a bit of Hollywood ”depth”?

    Where the film really let itself down was that it fundamentally rewrote
    the film. In the original it is cyborg and human vs AI. In this version
    it’s cyborg & human vs cyborg. This diminishes the whole philosophical
    content and distorts the context. May be I’m being pedantic but the
    movie is weakened when you change the story line, from an AI who wants
    to experience mortality and procreation to one of a Cyborg love

    My final gripe is the ending. In the original it is one of the most
    interesting and thought provoking scenes. The remake features most of
    it but misses out on the best part of the scene; the Spider Tank
    shooting up the dinosaur fossils and a stone masonry tree of life.
    Stopping just shot of the highest branch (Hominis). It’s this lack of
    richness where the film lets itself down. Of course a lot of the
    changes will be so that they can Make a trilogy out of the universe and
    do a spin off trilogy for Badou too. #ihatemycynicism still worthy of a
    watch I guess but don’t build up your expectations.

  • WoodBangers EntertainmentMarch 31, 2017Reply

    perfect remake!

    From the moment the trailer popped out for the remake (Americanised
    version) of Ghost in the Shell (2017) featuring Scarlett Johansson and
    Pilou Asbæk, we were excited. We’ve always been huge fans of the
    original Anime and Manga and the thought of seeing Ghost in the Shell
    in this type of setting was looking to be a beautiful thing.

    Once the marketing started on the film instantly the movie caught a ton
    of heat due to Majors role being performed by an American, specifically
    they seemed to target Scarlett Johansson. Being a fan of Ghost in the
    Shell, I believe the way they pieced this remake together using
    Scarlett Johansson as Major was done beautifully and respectfully.

    Like all movies that get a lot of press they tend to get bad ratings
    right off the bat, typically this isn’t because the movie is good or
    bad; it’s due to the ignorance and drama going on in the media to try
    and slow down the popularity. Ghost in the Shell 2017 remake is one of
    those films that are just catching bad press from most who either
    didn’t watch the movie, some that are basing what they think is going
    on in the movie so they won’t watch it; and then there’s those who get
    paid to post negative press.

    This remake of Ghost in the Shell was done very well! I love how they
    kept true to the scenery of the anime. This is, however, an
    Americanized version so like all US based media it has those twist and
    turns for marketing value that no film-goer enjoys, but for the term
    entertaining; this film takes all. The cast in Ghost in the Shell
    played their roles very well, the scripts were right on point, and from
    the moment the film started we were suddenly engulfed as if we were
    inside of our Manga Collections seeing it all in real life form.

    As for Scarlett Johansson’s role as Major, she did a very remarkable
    job. Major’s story as to why she had an American body held it together
    with strong. The action scenes were on point throughout the movie, we
    didn’t find one item in this remake that we felt wasn’t properly to
    par; wonderful remake.

  • blacknwhiteeagleMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Disappointing and Unsurprising.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chesty La RueMarch 31, 2017Reply

    This isn’t ghost in the shell.

    (I’m going to ignore the controversial issues surrounding the movie in
    the review)

    The movie’s visuals while great don’t capture the deep mysterious
    beauty the original did in 1995. The movie felt like it was just pieced
    together and thrown on screen.

    It lacked the tonality you had from ghost in the shell. I was
    constantly being taken out of the film.

    Scarlett Johansson didn’t express the same deep thought or the
    questioning nature the Major has in the anime.

    The plot of the film was the biggest insult of all. REAL FANS know that
    the ghost in the shell always has a engaging and enthralling story
    line. That was not present.

    do yourself a favor and watch the Ghost in the shell arise movie from
    2016, it at least has some remnant of ghost in the shell.

  • dee.reidMarch 31, 2017Reply

    ”Blade Runner” + ”RoboCop” + ”The Matrix” = ”Ghost in the Shell” 2017

    In many ways, ”Ghost in the Shell,” the 2017 live-action film
    adaptation of the Japanese Manga series of the same name by Shirow
    Masamune, represents how the film industry has come full circle.

    Mamoru Oshii directed the original 1995 Anime’ ”Ghost in the Shell,”
    which was one of the earliest Anime’ films I ever saw as a teenager in
    high school and is one of my all-time favorite films ever, and one of
    my all-time favorite science fiction films. The Wachowskis cited ”Ghost
    in the Shell” as one of the key cinematic and visual influences on ”The
    Matrix” (1999). And we all know ”The Matrix,” with its groundbreaking,
    time-bending ”bullet time” effects, would influence many action films

    (Is it also a coincidence that today marks the 18th anniversary of ”The

    And now ”Ghost in the Shell” has been released, which employs many of
    the same slow-motion special effects that ”The Matrix” pioneered. It
    only seems natural that the source material would return the favor in
    some way. That, and the obvious cyber-punk visual influences borrowed
    from Anime’, William Gibson’s 1984 novel ”Neuromancer,” and also Ridley
    Scott’s landmark sci-fi picture ”Blade Runner” (1982) are about the
    only things really worth mentioning here.

    Like many others, I was concerned with the obvious Hollywood
    white-washing of a uniquely Japanese film and Manga property. Rupert
    Sanders’s take on ”Ghost in the Shell” tries to remedy those concerns
    by having a multi-national cast of actors – some of whom are Japanese
    themselves (but are still short-changed for screen-time, anyway) –
    playing characters who were originally ALL Japanese. The biggest sin of
    all, of course, was the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko

    To be fair, and as I’ve commented many times in the past when news of
    this film first broke, Scarlett Johansson’s career has probably led up
    to this point. After her roles in ”Lucy” (2014) and as The Black Widow
    in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ”Ghost in the Shell” seemed like the
    next logical career step for her. In fact, I kept thinking throughout
    this film how her portrayal of Major Motoko Kusanagi was just a
    cyber-punk-influenced variation of her role AS The Black Widow from the
    MCU, complete with dazzling, ”Matrix”-inspired gun-play and martial
    arts action sequences.

    (And as I’ve ALSO stated plenty of times before, they should have
    gotten actress Rinko Kikuchi, who IS Japanese, to play the Japanese
    Major Motoko Kusanagi, but alas.)

    It’s a shame, because I ”Ghost in the Shell” did have the potential to
    be something good. Of course in translating Masamune’s work to
    English-speaking American audiences, some things inevitably get lost in
    the translation. For instance, the original 1995 film was a great
    philosophical and quasi-religious meditation on the human soul and the
    meaning of individual identity and the impact that rapidly advancing
    technology has on either one, as well as the integration of computers
    and ”’Net” into nearly every aspect of society. This film make does
    some odd references to the role memories play in forming individual
    identity (one’s ”ghost,” if you will), but it gets muddled by a spotty
    script and performances, and weak simplifications of Oshii’s ideas for
    the American mainstream.

    ”Ghost in the Shell” 2017 follows very closely to the 1995 Anime’, and
    also borrows a few ideas from the TV series ”Ghost in the Shell: Stand
    Alone Complex” (which I also love, and the film’s opening action
    sequence reproduces the opening moments from the first-season episode).
    One of the only things it does retain is the profound seriousness of
    the 1995 Anime’ film, and none of the humor that was present in the
    original Manga series.

    Using a story set-up that will strike fans of the American sci-fi
    satire ”RoboCop” (1987) as oddly familiar, Johansson plays the ”Major
    Mira Killian,” instead of Major Motoko Kusanagi, who as a child was
    badly injured in a terrorist attack and whose brain was then placed in
    a cyborg body, the first of its kind. (The film also treats us to a
    opening credits sequence that’s reminiscent of the opening credits of
    Oshii’s film.) A year later, she is with Public Security Section 9 as
    their top operative. She’s investigating a series of ghost-hacking
    incidents that are being perpetrated by a master computer hacker named
    Kuze (Michael Carmen Pitt), who is somehow connected to Killian’s past.
    Together with her cyborg partner Batou (Pilou Asbæk) and her supervisor
    Aramaki (”Beat” Takeshi Kitano), they go about trying to track him down
    and bring him to justice.

    Fans of the original 1995 ”Ghost in the Shell” or Shirow Masamune’s
    Manga may be sorely disappointed with Rupert Sanders’s take on the
    material. The film looks dazzling; it’s a perfectly realized
    live-action cyber-punk fantasy inspired by the not-so-futuristic
    visuals of ”Blade Runner” and action scenes that seem like something
    out of ”The Matrix.” But die-hards may have a hard time buying Scarlett
    Johansson as the Major, and just may see her playing another version of
    The Black Widow – or hell, even Lucy. She can deliver the goods in the
    action sequences, but when it comes time to meditating on her
    cybernetic existence – like her Japanese Anime’ counterparts were prone
    to doing on their downtime – she’s kind of a bore and quite wooden.

    ”Beat” Takeshi Kitano, a legendary figure in Japan, is the only other
    real stand-out here. As the paternal father figure in the Major’s life,
    he speaks all of his lines in his native Japanese (though the
    filmmakers could have forced him to speak English, which I know he can)
    – which is about one of the most authentic things about his
    performance, and the film, period.

    In short, I would suggest seeing ”Ghost in the Shell” 2017 just once to
    satisfy your curiosity and to say that you’ve seen it. And then you can
    go back and re-watch Mamoru Oshii’s masterpiece or re-read Shirow
    Masamune’s original Manga series.


  • Jimmie JulionMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Typecasting & Whitewashing is an issue.. but I still enjoyed it.

    Double edged sword- something that has or can have both favorable and
    unfavorable consequences.

    The problem with studio system logic is that is sacrifices originality
    for marketability.. That, my friend, is a double edged sword.

    What happens when you take the Actress from Lucy, Avengers and Her,
    then place said name actress in an already established series?
    Character residue. Simply put, as a fan of the Manga, the previous
    Ghost in the Shell movies, and SAC, I can’t get this ”Lucy” taste out
    of my brain. In terms of Art Direction, it’s Great. In terms of
    referencing source material, they did a good job. But at the end of the
    day, casting was DEFINITELY AN ISSUE (& not from a whitewashing
    standpoint). In the movie Gravity, George Clooney was very distracting
    for me. Why? Because even as an Astronaut, he was basically ”Danny
    Ocean in Space.” ScarJo did a fantastic job, but TYPECASTING is my
    issue. As a fan of this Series, I am now stuck with this amalgamation
    of ScarJo characters in my favorite anime. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
    *insert straight face emoji*

    Good film for fans of the series, but custom made for fans of ScarJo.

    Irony: A film about stripping self identity, while the actual film
    strips self identity. Filmception.


    Art Direction 10/10 (but I’m partial to futuristic dystopia stuff)

    Reference material 8/10 (Using exact scenes, loved it)

    Casting 7/10 (Not bad, just redundant)

    Overall 7.5/10 (See in IMAX)

  • w-53813March 31, 2017Reply

    Flat Tire

    The best thing I can say about ”Ghost in the Shell” is that it was not
    as bad as Suicide Squad. I hated the fact that this movie used CGI to
    create scenery that tried (very unsuccessfully) to emulate ”Blade
    Runner.” The movie also tried unsuccessfully to borrow elements from
    ”Max Headroom,” ”Wolverine,” and ”RoboCop.” So here we have a modern
    day movie that does not meet the aesthetic and thematic standards of
    movies decades past.

    Blade Runner had grit not antiseptic CGI with mangled shots of Hong
    Kong. If you have ever been to Hong Kong you will immediately know that
    Ghost in the Shell was shot in Hong Kong. Why then would Japanese
    people (and cheeky and cheesy cyborgs alike) be living in and
    dominating the street of Hong Kong.

    As to cyborgs, why not 3d print a plastic jawbone or Victorian
    clockwork eye sockets of your own. That is how cheesy the non-cgi
    effects were. Why would a modern day robot have steam-punk eye sockets?

    This movie had phony special effects but lacked any kind of social
    commentary or science fiction story whatsoever. Death Race 2050 lacked
    special effects but had a totally incredible level of social commentary
    that used a science fiction story to talk about current issues. Death
    Race 2050 made people uncomfortable, it hit home.

    If you want science fiction your best bet is to watch TV. ”The
    Expanse,” talked about the fragility of human designed (and thus
    simplified) complex systems. A show with no budget, and minimal special
    effects, hit upon an issue that great thinkers such as James Lovelock
    have identified as being a very important part of our future.

    Ghost in the Shell is not science fiction, its milieu is cheesy and
    unbelievable, the action is flat, does not talk to the ethics of
    technology, and the action sucks.

    Perhaps sensibilities of Chinese production companies has killed yet
    another movie. When I see Chinese production companies take credit for
    a movie I about to see I shudder.

  • barjo-915-203229March 31, 2017Reply

    Amazing visual, and overall above average SF.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GilwjacksMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Entertaining Flick

    As a person who has not seen the original films, I thought this was a
    good if not great film. I must say that seeing a film like this in IMAX
    3D certainly makes a difference and I would recommend that. Excellent
    graphics, good story, Scarlett Johansen in tight outfits. Go see it. I
    had no preconceived expectations, so I thought it was good.

  • bladerunner-44109March 31, 2017Reply

    Scarlett’s take on the major was interesting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alindsay-alMarch 31, 2017Reply

    A good new interesting sci fi

    This film has had a lot of controversy surrounding it but the trailers
    looked alright and I ended up enjoying this film even though it does
    fall short of being a great movie. The premise of this film sees a girl
    who has her brain transplanted to a cyborg body and become a soldier.
    Also I have never seen the anime so I will not compare anything from
    that to this film. Scarlett Johansson plays the major in this film and
    she does a great job in the role, she is great in the action scenes and
    you totally buy her as an action star. Also she was a really
    interesting character as you see her learning more you really do end up
    caring about her character. Also when it comes to the controversy I
    don’t believe it is truly merited and it definitely isn’t whitewashing
    especially given the quality of her performance but that is just my
    opinion. I really liked the character of batou, I thought there
    chemistry together was great and I ended up caring about his character.
    I liked all the performances whether it was the doctor who helps her or
    her team leader or the terrorist hell bent on taking down her company.
    The performances were solid across the board which is nice to see in a
    film like this. The story in this film has some interesting character
    depth in this film, I loved the way the film dealt with the major and
    her development across the film. However, especially towards the third
    act of the film it changes a bit in its story element’s and is a very
    predictable which is disappointing. The script has some good dramatic
    dialogue as you see the major deal with the dramatic circumstances in
    this film. However, I think every film should have at least a couple of
    humorous moments in it and this film really fails to have any humour in
    it to help flush out even more depth to the characters. The style is
    absolutely breathtaking in this film, the CGI world created looks
    perfectly suited for this world and I loved it. Also there are some
    decent action scenes in this film, but there is just way too much slow
    mo used in this film like it is trying to homage the matrix and 300 but
    in this day you need more to your action scenes. Overall this film is a
    good solid sci fi that I recommend seeing and if they look to create a
    world for this I will be there for the next film.

  • donniechiangMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Five Stars for Scarlett ONLY!

    To be honest, the only highlight part of this movie is about the main
    character Scarlett. Super sexy in this movie. However, this movie is an
    over-simplified version of Japanese 95 film. The all charming part of
    original material is gone. If you are a big fan of the original film,
    you do not have to spend your money into this movie. For this movie, I
    spent almost 60 bucks for two VIP tickets. Very regret to spend my
    first VIP experience into this movie.

  • Nils von belowMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Opulent 3D SF – Do not believe Fan reviews

    I you like SF, if you like colors, 3D, opulent pictures, if you liked
    The Matrix, and you are no hard core Manga fan, but just a normal movie
    and action fan, than see this movie: you will love it and feel highly
    entertained. I am sure that you might feel disappointed if you have
    seen the anime movies, but if you have not, just go and see it.

  • i_ianchevMarch 31, 2017Reply

    The Shell is better than the Ghost

    The cinema is an incredible way of art, because it always relies on
    good storytelling first. And after that on visuals, sound, design,
    performance, etc. It is surely a mix of them all, but the essence is
    and will always be to relay an important set of messages through an
    impressive story. And this is the reason why improvisation will always
    be a milestone in creating good movies. Because repetitiveness is
    always going to go into oblivion.

    For example ”Ghost in the shell” – the anime movie from 1995 will
    always be this cornerstone in the lives of many young before and now
    not so young people. It is an essential part of my life too. And I
    can’t just pass on seeing what Rupert Sanders has done with these
    incredible set of characters, with this great set of ideas and story.

    You see, people get inspired by stories which tell them something new
    to them, which teach them something they don’t know about themselves
    and about the surrounding world. And at the same time these valuable
    fiction pieces show that we’ve had this valuable information in
    ourselves all the time. We just had to dig deep and find it. To
    acknowledge it. To accept its existence and then to use it in our
    lives. To be better people, to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
    This is the kind of art piece the original ”Ghost in the shell” is. At
    least to me. So it’s important to stress out what a big task this
    director took.

    Now, I want to say that I truly believe that cinema is an eternal form
    of creation because it refreshes itself by inspiring the film community
    within. This anime is a beautiful example for this. I cannot give a
    better example for film inspired by GitS than ”The Matrix”. There we
    see a seamless transition of groundbreaking ideas from one form (mind)
    to another. This is the living tissue of cinema itself. Ideas about
    information flow, purpose of life in cybernetic society, gender
    identity and the future of the human soul flourish from anime to movie
    life the first breath of a new born baby! And this is exactly what I

    So seeing the new Scarlett Johansson’s new movie was a test. An awaited
    test, but still a test. And it performed more or less as expected. The
    story was dummed down A LOT. I don’t even want to speak about it. It
    was interesting to see the script writers discussing a fresh look into
    Motoko Kusanagi’s origins, but this idea seemed not thought in details
    enough. The performances of the actors weren’t bad. But the characters
    are part of the flawed story. So yeah – it wasn’t a very good movie.

    But it was a decent one, because…they did hire some of the best
    design, music and graphic artists available on the market. And the
    atmosphere, sound, costumes, CG were GREAT! It sure looks expensive,
    but it is for a reason. I really enjoyed what WETA did in this movie.
    These people put up so much effort into interpreting and creating from
    the original content, that I want to recommend watching the movie if
    not for something else, than just for their work. It is worthy of
    appraisal. And let’s not forget Hong Kong…the main landscape which
    inspired the original is seen in this movie as well. A future city it
    still is!

    So overall I would like to ask you all – do you prefer to have a shiny
    shell or a thoughtful ghost? I personally prefer to have both!

  • thesavior-02480March 31, 2017Reply

    A Mediocre SF Movie, slapped with GItS Label

    First of all I have to make it clear, I’m one of the original GItS fan,
    so I don’t think that my POV could represent everyone. However I feel
    like I just got scammed that’s why I’m compelled to make an account
    just for this movie.

    Next, I have to say that putting aside the GItS label this movie are
    just your usual mediocre SF with crisp visual, the setting of GItS has
    inspired so many works over time, which ironically resulted in said
    GItS re-adaptation 22 years later seems cliché by comparison. However
    to this date there’s hardly any adaptation that managed to be as
    thought provoking as GItS, which is why I had hopes for this adaptation
    could capture that essence. In reality?? I bet 10 bucks that midway
    through the movie most of you guys will have a general idea as how the
    movie will progress, the story are just that generic.

    Now that I got that covered, let’s get to the main dish. First the
    casting, I’m not bothered by whitewashing and honestly SJ done great as
    Major, and Pilou Asbæk are perfect at his role as Battou. Honestly the
    casting are perfect. however I found the name change to be unnecessary
    but that’s my opinion. Next Visual, I found no fault in it, and I love
    their car selection which are quite accurate with the original GItS.

    Now.. time for main part, the plot or rather the theme. I’m sure
    there’s billion fans already grumbling about the plot which is why I
    won’t repeat it, however I must say that the biggest fault of this
    supposedly ‘adaptation’ is that they throw all of the original’s soul
    or rather ‘ghost’ out of the window to make it simpler and more
    appealing to western audience; which arguably are unnecessary
    considering heavy movie like interstellar and Inception are widely
    received as positive, while trying to market it as GItS. If I were to
    write in detail why this movie are not Ghost in The Shell then I doubt
    that 1k words will be enough however I must raise this fatal one, this
    movie failed to address the question of Evolution in cybernetics
    society, it instead offer us a cheap justice and bad romance to fill
    the hole that such heavy theme left us.

    Conclusion? Another Hollywood attempt to sell us garbage by attaching
    shiny label. At the very least it’s way better than DBZ and Avatar,
    however it still lose to Edge of Tomorrow in term of adaptation.

    P.S Once again I have to say that this is a subjective review from
    original GItS fans, I’m sure someone who never touched the originals
    will have different opinion from mine.

  • Martin VMarch 31, 2017Reply

    A great western take on a Japanese classic

    I’ve watched both GITS films, Stand Alone Complex series and read the
    manga. As expected, things didn’t reach so far into a philosophical
    sphere and at times spelling out the ”dilemmas of existence for
    dummies” took a little from the atmosphere of the film.

    But, as far as bad things go, that’s about it. CGI were mostly spot-
    on, only one or two scenes pulled me out of immersion. As a big plus,
    the film took some time to actually present the world itself without
    jumping to action. Side characters were great, I enjoyed Aramaki and
    Batou the most, Togusa, Saito and Ishikawa didn’t have much screen
    time, but still delivered.

    Now, Johansson as the Major, I know a lot of fuss was there about
    whitewashing, I don’t care about SJW thing, what matters to me if an
    actor/ess can act the role and IMO she was a great choice. In most
    scenes she behaved exactly like her character should, it didn’t feel
    forced or overacted to me.

    And for the plot itself, I’m not saying it was fresh or never seen
    before thing, but it was a nice take and it brought something to the
    franchise. IDK if it makes official canon, but in my head it already

    I hope this review helps you, it is my first and I’ve done it because I
    feel that 6.9 stars is a lot less than this effort deserves.

  • silverstormtrix-1March 31, 2017Reply

    Lack of intense action sequences

    Actually this movie got a lot of space to be a huge blockbuster hit,
    the point is because of director is more focus on the original anime
    and future effects for the scene despite of making good action
    sequences. The action sequences in this movie is a failure because all
    are not very short and limited.They should create intense and longer
    action sequences for this to make the movie more watchable..

    And the music composer music just not fit the movie as well..For
    conclusion, they should create big action sequences to pleased

  • darkstarsphotoMarch 31, 2017Reply

    stop hating on an amazing film

    there was way to much hate circulating around this movie. I knew this
    movie was going to be amazing and it turned out to be more then that.
    people kept blaming this movie for white washing and not staying true
    to the anime ….well you know what who cares it’s an adaptation of an
    adaptation that’s the point. each ghost in the shell anime has been an
    adaptation of the original manga and that’s something ”true fans” would
    know. if your hesitant on seeing this GO see it if your new to ghost in
    the shell you will enjoy this beautiful sci fi world, if your an artist
    you will love every frame. if your a hardcore fan of the anime looking
    to point fingers stay home and don’t bother to bring down a great film.
    my last note is this movie is truly a beautiful movie with amazing city
    scapes, costuming, music scoring and vfx. loved it !!

  • anrenaMarch 31, 2017Reply

    What a flop…

    Ghost in the Shell… What a great movie it was… in 1995…

    This new iteration has taken away EVERYTHING that was great in manga,
    movies and series… There is bad casting followed by bad acting. There
    is bad animation [ deep-dive scene?! wtf?! ] and bad writing… There
    was another proof that a background is more important than skill in the
    way #RupertSanders executed this production and by execution I mean
    slaughter, decapitation…

    None of the brilliant atmosphere is there, no consideration of sound as
    an integral part of the story, no attention to detail at all [ grave
    ]… It’s just a sad, sad, westernised, washed away action movie with
    branding that probably costed more than that poor CGI.

    As a final stab-wound, we have one person speaking Japanese and a bit
    of soap opera at the end… Almost like it was made in UK…

    Both me, who grew up on the good-old stuff, and my friend who I
    introduced to the franchise recently through previous movies – left the
    cinema disappointed and wanting to re-watch the original.

    Do not pay for cinema… It’s not worth it. Wait for torrents… Don’t
    give them money to do this again, please!

  • (lukehiggs)March 31, 2017Reply

    Loved this movie!

    In the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her
    kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be
    a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous
    criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability
    to hack into people’s minds and control them, Major is uniquely
    qualified to stop it. As she prepares to face a new enemy, Major
    discovers that she has been lied to: her life was not saved, it was
    stolen. She will stop at nothing to recover her past, find out who did
    this to her and stop them before they do it to others. Based on the
    internationally acclaimed Japanese Manga, ”The Ghost in the Shell.”

    I Loved the anime and I loved the live action version, fantastic
    visuals and a truly immersive world, I haven’t enjoyed a sci-fi movie
    like this in a long time, yes.. some lines are cheesy but look at the
    source materials dialogue. This is a very well made version of that to
    me, especially to appeal to western audiences. It blends the feeling of
    The Matrix with the landscape of Blade Runner. The only issue I have
    with it is that I think it would have benefited from a R rating but I
    can understand why the studio wanted to go with what they did.


  • Gamerdw91March 31, 2017Reply

    Literal White-Washing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pani-51859April 1, 2017Reply

    Michael Pitt Stole the show

    Seriously there has been a lot of attention on the voice of villains
    the last few years, Michael Pitt absolutely nailed it! For me he stole
    the show, his performance just elevated the whole movie. Definitely
    worth a watch, obviously its never gonna be better than the og but what
    was people expecting.

  • FoodzillaApril 1, 2017Reply

    Forget the 1995 movie and think about Stand Alone Complex instead

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • coolmunky88April 1, 2017Reply

    All Shell, No Ghost

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Herry Anwar Liu ([email protected])April 1, 2017Reply

    Bad cinematography made an original Sci-Fi legend turned amateur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell (2017)

    Ghost in the Shell (1995) is one of my favorite science fiction films,
    and I admit that it was impossible for me not to make constant
    comparisons with this new live action version. However, to be fair, the
    end credits of Ghost in the Shell (2017) clear out the fact that it
    isn’t based on that masterpiece directed by Mamoru Oshii, but on the
    manga written by Masamune Shirow, which I read once many years ago, and
    therefore, I don’t remember it with too much precision. So, for the
    sake of objectivity, I will make an effort not to compare both films in
    this review… as much as I can. The premise of Ghost in the Shell
    (2017) is interesting, and it invites us to question technology as a
    double-edged sword; on the one hand, improving our lives, and on the
    other one, earning too much influence over every aspect of humanity…
    including its nature itself: Where does the human end and the machine
    starts? What really defines us as persons? Those are fascinating
    questions which, unfortunately, co-screenwriters Jamie Moss and William
    Wheeler are unable to answer; and when they try to do so, they just use
    clichés and recycle concepts we have seen in uncountable science
    fiction films during the last 30 years. In other words, Ghost in the
    Shell (2017) doesn’t add anything substantial to the genre… with the
    exception of its elevated visual values, so over-designed and
    ostentatious that they feel like a desperate attempt to compensate the
    weak screenplay. The main pro of Ghost in the Shell is the solid
    performance from Scarlett Johansson, whose conviction helps us to focus
    the diffuse story and obtain a few slight emotional moments. There has
    been a lot of talk about the decision to hire a North American actress
    to play an eminently Japanese character; however, I think that’s one of
    the least important problems of the film (besides, there are some
    details which explain the change of race). What I did find an important
    mistake was the rigid structure of Ghost in the Shell (2017), which is
    developed without too much imagination or suspense; the screenplay
    seems more like a mediocre ”origin tale” of some generic super- heroine
    instead of a mature and relevant story about the intersection between
    technology, biology and philosophy. And I now have to talk about the
    comparisons (at least briefly): the problem of Ghost in the Shell
    (2017) isn’t everything it changed from the original movie, buy why it
    did it. What are the reasons? I guess that Ghost in the Shell (1995)
    seemed too dense and complicated for a North American blockbuster; or
    maybe, its innovative (back then) transhumanist proposals were
    interpreted as ”mistakes” which were necessary to be eliminated in
    order for a wider audience to watch this new film. Anyway, the spirit
    of Ghost in the Shell (1995) was fundamentally altered, changing the
    message, tone and Oshii’s indescribable vision in order to be replaced
    by the insipid ”Hollywood style” which solves problems with money
    instead of creativity. Those who haven’t watched the original movie
    might be left more satisfied by Ghost in the Shell (2017) than me. It
    personally didn’t bore me, but I found it mediocre, and I definitely
    would have preferred to re-watch (for the umpteenth time) the original

  • rgkarimApril 1, 2017Reply

    Sci-Fi Thinker, Action Stinker

    Robbie K here, back with another review. This time we review the latest
    comic book inspired film ghost in a shell starring leading lady
    Scarlett Johansson as an ”epic” cybernetic cop trying to stop
    terrorism. With a large cult following, this movie certainly has a lot
    to live up to in terms of quality, and if you’re not familiar with the
    series than you are probably hoping action. What is the verdict? Please
    read on to hear my thoughts on the latest film.

    LIKES: • Decent Sci-Fi Plot • Cool visuals • Nice character design •
    Okay acting

    Summary: I’ll lay it out now, I haven’t read nor seen any ghost in the
    shell media, so I can’t justify how it matches. However, from a movie
    perspective, this film has a decent Sci-Fi plot that fits into the
    genre where anything can happen. A dark plot about cybernetics, Ghost
    in The Shell again diverts from the fantasy train, and takes a more
    realistic (albeit theatrical) turn into science territory of humans
    becoming robots. The more realistic plot is not much of a stretch and
    provides an ample medium to create awesome visuals to sell that
    realism. And that, my friends, is the best part of this movie. Ghost in
    the Shell’s visuals are impressive, overlaying futuristic advertising
    onto a real life setting that doesn’t look cheesy. In all honesty, it
    is like taking a look at what Japan can look like in the future and how
    our desire to ”progress” can ruin it. Outside the city look, the
    characters themselves look like something out of a comic, each with a
    flare that scream Japanese animation. While some looks are certainly
    worth a chuckle, a few characters like Major (Johansson) and Kuze
    (Michael Pitt) are well developed, looking sleek, deadly, or horrifying
    and standing out in terms of the realistic design you are seeking. But
    while visuals are impressive, you also hope the actors can bring their
    characters to life in a way that will meet expectations. Happy to say,
    the cast did a decent job in their goal, though again I’m uncertain how
    the characters are supposed to act having not read the comic. If Major
    is supposed to be very monotone and hardly reactive, Johansson nails
    that approach, hardly diluting from the calm, stoic battle mode of the
    robotic assassin. Pitt having to act like a tortured (albeit
    enlightened) terrorist wins points for gruesome tactics, prolonged
    speeches, and many other things that a cyberterrorist is expected to
    have. The rest of the cast is decent, but we have limited space and
    more to cover, so let’s wrap and say the rest aren’t bad given their
    little screen time.

    DISLIKES: • Little involvement with other characters • Plot is very
    predictable and dragged out • Action is sub-par most of the time

    Summary: My dislikes start with the lack of involvement in other
    characters. Johansson carries most of the film as major, taking much of
    the screen time and stunts this movie requires. Her team ”helps” out at
    certain points, and her director certainly gets some good jabs in, but
    overall the other characters are almost pointless. For being an elite
    team, Section 9’s agents did little to impress me and that team
    approach could have amped up the movie. This is especially true given
    how lackluster the plot was. While realistic, Ghost In A Shell has
    little in terms of uniqueness to justify the nearly two hour run time.
    Even if you haven’t read the books, the ending can be seen from a mile
    away and the delivery wasn’t spectacular enough to wait for (at least
    for me). The dramatic flare and character development are certainly
    nice, don’t get me wrong on that, but the ”exciting” climax I was
    waiting for just wasn’t there.

    This brings me to the action component. Ghost In the Shell was promoted
    as action packed and exciting, but for me it was mediocre at best. A
    nice Matrix style opening shows promise for the movie, but it doesn’t
    take long for the stunts to be diluted to quick, unimpressive bouts
    that last mere minutes (if not seconds). There is little challenge to
    the fights, and little technology used, which is disappointing given
    the movie is all about technology. And after all the waiting you would
    think an epic fight at the end, but no, it’s just Johansson running
    from CGI bullets until a very dramatic finish occurs. This boring
    display of technology just made the nearly 2 hour run time seem
    worthless, given the promise the trailers made.

    The VERDICT:

    Ghost In The Shell is a visual display that certainly representative of
    its comic book origins. Unfortunately, outside of these impressive
    visual displays, the rest of the movie doesn’t live up to what I
    expected from the trailers. The story is mediocre and the execution is
    flawed, to promote a boring mess with only character development as its
    redeeming grace. Despite the impressive design of the movie, this
    reviewer does not recommend this one for the theater, unless you go in
    with low expectations. Instead hold out for home rental and instead
    read the comic book it is based on.

    My scores are:

    Action/Crime/Drama: 6.5 Movie Overall: 6.0

  • david-sarkiesApril 1, 2017Reply

    Awesome – But Not the Original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jaredsterryApril 1, 2017Reply

    A treat for both fans of the original, and new initiates…

    FOREWARD: First off, I was exposed to the original film back when it
    was only available in a very small Anime section in BlockBuster. It
    could be bought in limited outlets like SunCoast Video, MediaPlay, etc.

    I was in love with the original film not only for it’s action,
    attention to detail in weapons/gear, and appreciably grounded view of
    future tech…but also it’s deep view of existential questions, the
    pitfalls of technology, social/political themes, and character
    development in the movie and following series.

    Of course, like today, it was widely regarded as too complex and
    cerebral for those who had no exposure to other types and styles of
    film, and regrettably dismissed by those who considered an animated
    film to only be suitable for children’s stories.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take some air of superiority in
    my tastes, I like a good brainless or mainstream film just as much as
    anyone, but the original GITS was a landmark and a very cherished
    memory of my teen years.

    THE MEAT AND POTATOES: I went into this film with an understanding that
    adaptations of franchises like anime and video games, have often failed
    to meet the expectations of fans and newcomers alike. Lets face it,
    most of our beloved franchises are deep and vast. And to take the best
    parts of those and wrap it into a film that tries to honor the original
    work is no small task. Not to mention please typical moviegoers who are
    used to films that lay out the plot in a very predictable or even
    simplistic way.

    This movie touches on all the amazing parts of the original. The story
    in this movie is lifted from several parts of the movie as well as it’s
    episodic versions. I personally think they did a wonderful job of
    faithfully preserving the best of the best.

    The plot may not be as ”sexy” as modern films go, but for those who
    suspend their typical expectations, it’s a wonderful dive into ideas of
    what it means to be human when the technology of the time may be at
    odds with individuality. While most of our lives are inexorably
    connected to technology and networking, there were definitely parts
    that drew a comparison of being ”too connected” to technology (i.e.
    social media, phones, computers, and corporate advertising), whilst
    seeing the inherent value of ”disconnecting” from such trappings
    occasionally in order to discover oneself so to speak.

    I thought the running time was a little short. Even 30 more minutes
    could’ve developed the story better to folks who are viewing this with
    fresh eyes. However I can also understand the need to trim ”filler” for
    the sake of giving the film a broader appeal.

    Though I really wished for more development of the characters aside
    from the Major, (Togusa, Saito, Ishikawa, Borma, Aramaki), I felt like
    the other roles were portrayed faithfully and yet breathed new life
    into their characters. I really hope this will not be the end of the
    series if nothing else but for the sake of exploring these characters
    more and seeing the actors flesh out their roles. Unlike most films
    with a central character, the movie and the series really took time to
    make each of these characters very unique and made me love each of
    their personalities and quirks.

    The tech, weapons, gear, concepts that were of course laid out in the
    first movie, were mostly well preserved and adapted.

    In closing I personally loved this movie and am glad to see it
    directed/produced/casted/created in a manner that stayed true to it’s
    roots. Make no mistake, you are not seeing a film that is trying to be
    like most major blockbusters. And it is also not a direct clone of the
    original. But don’t mistake this for an indication of avoiding it. Get
    lost in it, let it have your undivided attention and I think most can
    appreciate this wonderful dive into the unknown.

  • chandrew-46135April 1, 2017Reply

    Fantastic movie…don’t listen to the hyper-analysts.

    I love the Ghost in the Shell animated series (1&2) and can honestly
    say that I thought this movie was fantastic, all things considered.

    You won’t find the laughing man, or the Individual Eleven here, but you
    will find a faithful representation of the heart of the series.

    You don’t need to be a fan of the original to follow the movie.

    Contrary to other reviews on here, there is a plot, and it is

    It might not be as complex and nail biting as some might expect, but I
    thought overall, the story was intriguing and the action/effects were
    great as well.

    My wife, who cannot stand Anime in the slightest, sat through the
    entire move with me and agreed afterward that it was really good.

    Best of all, this could absolutely have a sequel, or even turn into a
    trilogy, (please let this be a trilogy) as this installment is mainly
    about the Major discovering who she is, how she came to be, and what
    part she plays in the larger picture of the world. At the end of it, I
    felt like it would be a shame to end the story where it left off.
    (Sequel could start right at the laughing man story)

    Go into this just expecting a fun time, and you’ll be satisfied.

    That’s about as fair and balanced as I can be.

  • josb-01125April 1, 2017Reply


    Well I had high hopes from the previews. They definitely played to the
    fan base on the trailers by only showing mirror images of the original.
    I expected so much more especially from this adaptation from anime.
    They did do a decent job on the visual aspect but the story was by far
    lacking! I mean come on! You try to integrate a backstory into the main
    plot and just roll with it…. Ass hats!!!!

  • Abe NormalApril 1, 2017Reply

    Entertaining at Least, but Two Major Flaws

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnjchoiApril 1, 2017Reply

    Great adaptation!!

    One of the best comic adaptation to the silver screen. Great visual
    effects and just pure imagination of the future of human. As a 1.5
    Asian American, I appreciated the inter-language barrier break without
    restraint. It reminded me of an updated version and a cleaner one at
    that of the legendary Bladerunner, which means Bladerunner sequel has a
    lot to live up to. I appreciated some changes, but some changes to the
    flow the original story was little distracting. I really hope there is
    whole series and sequel to this one!!

  • cys_rayApril 1, 2017Reply

    Did not resemble the story line from the original. Way off

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phanthingaApril 1, 2017Reply

    Old fan and new fan will like this

    Ghost in the Shell (2017) probably is my most anticipated movie of
    2017.Not like most people grew up watching the original anime from the
    90s I’m just recently got into the franchise and get hook up really
    fast.Go to this movie despite hearing so many negative feedback from
    movie critics and fan of the series i very surprise for how much loyal
    the movie to the source material while adding some new twist of their
    own but still managed to pull out not only a good sci-fi movie in
    general but also a solid anime live-action adaptation i ever see from
    America after witnessing what they did with DBZ and Speed Racer(Let
    never talked about those movie again).Follow a very similar plot as the
    original anime the movie is about Major Motoko Kusanagi with her team
    from Section 9 solving and fighting cyber crime in a futuristic city at
    the time when the line between human and robots is becoming blurred.The
    casting choice of this movie is perfect every actors in this movie nail
    their characters very well.Major played by Scarlett Johansson and Batou
    played by Pilou Asbæk is easy my favorite from the wonderful chemistry
    between them to some movie aspect that directly from the anime even
    make me appreciate the anime more.The movie is very eyes candy and
    visually stunning at the time but sometime it get a little style over
    substance.The action scene is your typical gun fight with a lot of
    slow-mo moment but for the most part is well handle so there not much
    to say.The plot does sometimes suffer from some dumb- down subplots but
    i have to give the movie writers credit for doing some ballsy move with
    history of some characters that will get a lot of hate from now on.Some
    will love it,some will hate it but you can’t denied this is the right
    way to introduce the series and possibility a whole anime live- action
    franchise universe in Western

  • rockman182April 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell (2017)

    This was definitely one of my most anticipated films of 2017. I found
    the trailer amazing and immediately checked out the film from 1995. I
    thought it was very entertaining and thought provoking. I was hoping
    for something even have as good with this 2017 installment. Ghost in
    the Shell is fairly faithful to it’s origin source and is beautiful
    cinematically. While I don’t say the film is fantastic, I don’t see it
    disappointing many.

    The story takes place in the future where a cybernetic android with the
    brain of a human tries to come with grips with the glitches she is
    seeing recently. On top of that The Major (Scarlett Johansson’s lead
    character) tries to uncover the mystery behind her past and the dark
    secrets that he creators are hiding. First things first, I definitely
    understand when people ha e grievances about whitewashing in Hollywood.
    I understand that concern but also realize that these films need a
    really marketable actor to appease audiences and make bank. I also love
    ScarJo and think she’s perfect for these badass heroic protagonist
    roles she’s had in recent years. She’s great in this. The supporting
    cast also works, nice to see Michael Pitt here.

    The visuals are stunning. Like gorgeous. The world of Ghost in the
    Shell was brought to life in a fantastic way, and then some. It’s up
    there with some of the most beautiful city scenery I’ve seen in a film.
    If there is CG in multiple places, It’s hard to notice. The action
    sequences and opening scenes are seamless, crisp, and sleek. It’s made
    to be seen on the big screen.

    Rupert Sanders takes liberties in some areas but this film is mostly
    faithful to that of the 1995 film. I wish the film had an R rating just
    because I think more could have been accomplished in this universe with
    a more mature rating. It’s still perfectly fine as the films futuristic
    tones are so alluring. The film doesn’t really drag anywhere and the
    concepts are thought provoking.

    There’s really not many things I can think of that detract from this
    film. It’s great however isn’t phenomenal as a whole unit, which is
    perfectly fine. It’s on par or slightly above with expectations. The
    film should have enough legs for a sequel though I’d rather this be a
    one off deal. Final thoughts, see this in the theaters as it’s visually
    glorious. It’s very reminiscent of sci fi films of the past, like a
    cross between Blade Runner and The Matrix but Ghost in the Shell
    definitely respectfully stands on it’s own two feet. Pleased with this.


  • Bryan ModleyApril 1, 2017Reply

    It’s Worth Watching For Free On Your Fave Chinese Site

    I had many reservations going to see this. I assumed of course it was
    riding on the tail of the 1995 anime and its sequel and was going to be
    either brilliant or stinky. I was not wrong. Ghost In The Shell: 2017
    is what a typical Hollywood offshoot movie usually is. Darn it. It was
    entertaining in a CGI kind of way but the best part about this story
    about technology and humanity’s stance towards it is missed. It is well
    done in some part (hint: eating out) but boy look at the city and they
    even missed out on good special effects. I know that seems strange to
    hear but watch it (for free) and you’ll see. Scarlet should pretend she
    is cool or she gets what this story is about or anyone could imagine
    her as either cyborg or whatever!!!! I am sure a Japanese actress would
    have been better (they have those, you know)… Thank you Hollywood!!!

    3/10 stars, easy decision!!

  • drpepper-72193April 1, 2017Reply

    Okay for a anime adaption.

    Just watched this movie today (April 1st). I loved the fight
    choreography, special effects, and production value. What I didn’t like
    was the multiple story lines crammed into one 100 minute movie. You
    have stuff from the first and second animated films. Dunno if there was
    anything from the original manga. I have only read man machine
    interface. Ms. Johansson was definitely trying to hard to be robotic.
    She needed to relax a little. Being to stiff takes away from the
    character. The Major was not that stiff in the first film. It is worth
    a look and you can draw your own conclusion on it.

  • Rickard JohanssonApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the shell does not have a ghost at all.

    Motoko is reduced to a whining little teen girl. The art team did a
    solid job but it’s completely wasted on the complete lack of story and
    depth. They should have had plenty of content to work with to be able
    to carveout a decent movie but more or less the removed the rough and
    interesting edges. It’s a cliché Hollywood movie wearing a ghost in
    shell costume with some iconic scenes throw into the blender from the
    animation. I would avoid this movie if you are a ghost in the shell fan
    you will be bored to the maximum. Scarlett Johansson is as dull as a
    rock as usual.

  • scottingramApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost In The Shell (2017) Film Review

    The new action sci-fi thriller film Ghost In The Shell which is a live
    version of the Manga animated film Ghost In The Shell from 1995
    starring Scarlett Johansson.

    Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, ”GHOST IN THE
    SHELL” follows Major (American actress Scarlett Johansson – Avengers
    films, Captain America films), a special ops, one-of-a-kind
    human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the elite task force Section 9. Devoted
    to stopping the most dangerous criminals and extremists, Section 9 is
    faced with an enemy whose singular goal is to wipe out Hanka Robotic’s
    advancements in cyber technology.

    Amongst the actors / actresses in Ghost In The Shell include Danish
    actor Pilou Asbæk (Ben-Hur 2016, The Great Wall) as Batou Major’s
    sidekick, Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale films, Johnny
    Mnemonic) as Aramaki Major’s boss, French actress Juliette Binoche (The
    English Patient, Chocolat which is French for chocolate) as Dr. Ouelet
    who looks after Major, American actor Michael Pitt (The Village,
    Finding Forrester) as Kuze, Singapore actor Chin Han (The Dark Knight,
    Independence Day: Resurgence) as Han, English actress Danusia Samal as
    Ladriya, Australian actor Lasarus Ratuere (Australian TV Series Ready
    For This, The Mule) as Ishikawa, Yutaka Izumihara (The Great Raid, The
    Railway Man) as Saito, Zimbabwe actor Tawanda Manyimo (The Rover, Slow
    West) as Borma, British actor Peter Ferdinando (High-Rise, Starred Up)
    as Cutter, Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca (Fury, The Girl With All
    The Gifts) as Dr. Dahlin, Australian actor Daniel Henshall (US TV
    Series TURN: Washington’s Spies, The Babadook) as Skinny Man, Andrew
    Stehlin (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny, Killer
    Elite) as No Pupils, Japanese actress Kaori Momoi (Emperor, The Sun) as
    Hairi, Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine, TV Series Arrow) as Red Robed
    Geisha, Joseph Naufahu (TV Series Game Of Thrones, The Last Saint) as
    Police Commander Johns, Peter Teo (Stretch, Call If You Need Me) as
    Tony and Shinji Ikefuji (The Wolverine, The Railway Man) as Kinsana.

    Ghost In The Shell was shot on location in New Zealand, Hong Kong and
    Shanghai, China.

    Overall Ghost In The Shell is a good action sc-fi thriller film filled
    with action, shooting, violence, shoot ups, explosions, virtual reality
    stuff, incredible stunning effects, things happening in slow motion,
    things getting blown up, wrecked, destroyed, dark scenes, sci-fi stuff,
    cool looking cars, motorbikes, big trucks, loyalty, friendship, team
    work, togetherness, sadness, heart felt moments, incredible technology,
    robots, baddies with guns, robotic human beings, Japanese or Chinese
    language, tall skyscrapers, colourful catchy holograms, some weird
    bizarre stuff, fast paced stuff, thrills and spills and many other
    things throughout the film. So I will give Ghost In The Shell an
    overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars and I will say Ghost In The Shell is
    worth seeing if you like action sci-fi thriller films like Ghost In The
    Shell the Manga animated film from 1995, The Matrix films, Akira the
    Manga animated film, Metropolis the animated film from 2001, The Fifth
    Element, The Terminator films, the Total Recall films, Blade Runner,
    Tron, the Judge Dredd films, Elysium, District 9, Chappie, Battleship,
    The Raid films, Romeo Must Die amongst others. So if you get the chance
    to see Ghost In The Shell in the cinema then you should go and see it
    sooner than later and believe me when I say this you will like it from
    the action to the sci-fi stuff to the virtual reality stuff to the
    incredible stunning effects and so on.

  • todosantanaApril 1, 2017Reply

    Can Be That Great

    This movie actually has a lot of potential. It could be the greatest
    movie of the year. But seriously, this movie only contains animation
    and camera plays. The plotting and dialogue was really bad. You have
    great actors and great story line but you really turn it so bad. When
    the trailer came up, this movie became the most movie I anticipated to
    watch. So disappointed.

  • Akira-36April 1, 2017Reply

    Hollywood’s take on Ghost in the Shell, that is more of a shell lacking its soul. Pretty to look at but weak on story and characterization

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thuggyjApril 1, 2017Reply

    Great Movie

    I gave this Movie a 10 simply due to the Low ratings it received prior
    to having even come out by Ghost in the Shell anime fans that simply
    watched the Trailer and hated on the movie before even having seen it.
    Such is the anime community sigh*. That being said i’d give the overall
    rating of this Film an 8/10. It’s absolutely visually stunning with
    great special effects which really give it a similar/same atmosphere as
    the original ghost in the shell although a bit brighter and colorful.
    Having seen Both Original Ghost in the Shell series and Movies, I think
    this live action adaptation did the best job possible in terms of
    bringing the anime to life. Much of the live action is very much the
    same as the First 1995 animated Movie a few tweaks to the storyline
    made but with the MAIN Iconic action scenes still intact. Anyone who
    gave this movie under a 6 was simply coming in with expectations
    waaaaaay to high as there’s no way we were gonna get an exact replica
    of the 1995 series to think that would be naive. Overall i would
    recommend you see the movie for yourself and gain the best experience
    viewing it in 3D as i found it more immersive for this particular

  • John DemetriouApril 1, 2017Reply

    It’s Holywoods best attempt to adapt a good manga so far

    Let’s be honest. Hollywood adaptations of books, comic books, video
    games etc are usually mediocre. Sometimes we have some exceptional
    ones, and sometimes we have some horrible ones. But usually they are
    watchable. Japanese pop culture on the other hand (manga, anime, and
    Japanese original movies) is always adapted horrible in Hollywood. Well
    this one is not horrible. It’s not as good as I expected it to be,
    given that I am a Ghost In The Shell fan, but it is a passable, Sci Fi
    action movie with very good visuals. For me this movie is a solid 6 and
    gets an extra point for visuals and faithful recreations of specific
    scenes. Worth the ticket price but don’t expect the deep and
    philosophical story line and dialogue from the original.

  • nahtlusApril 1, 2017Reply

    it is good

    I didn’t follow the original one. But this one is simply good,
    specially for the visual effects. For the story, I think it little bit
    complicated. It standard and I didn’t feel a climax here. The acting is
    good overall. Scarlett Johansson act well, but i felt like she is not
    feel the character (major). Overall for me who not follow the original,
    this movie is good for someone who adore visual effect.

  • ticklegearApril 1, 2017Reply

    Warning to fans and newcomers: pointless and awful remake. boring.

    Why? What was the point? The original Japanese franchise upon which
    this film is taken from was intellectually engaging, had memorable
    characters, beautiful art, and intense action.

    This remake starring Johansson had none of that at all.

    It was like budget ”The Matrix”.

    Fans of the original should skip this one. It’ll ruin your memories.
    It’s that bad.

    The crazy thing is I wanted to like this too, but some things are
    better left untouched.

  • runk_pockApril 1, 2017Reply

    LOVED IT. 100% would recommend

    Honestly I loved it. This Has to be the best anime live action movie
    adaption I’ve seen. Loved the new modern take that they went with,
    there was so much information to cover from the anime. And I feel they
    nailed it. Obviously the main story was different, but condensing it
    into an hour and a half movie I was happy. Hope they do a sequel.

  • Jeanne ChanApril 1, 2017Reply

    The first good Hollywood attempt at translating an anime/manga

    I had to come here and leave this review. I saw the movie yesterday and
    i was impressed at how they actually managed to translate the anime
    into ”real life” stuff, this is no small achievement.

    People are overlooking the great qualities of this movie for the sake
    of criticism and ideology. As an anime and manga fan, i have to say
    that i recognize what we are supposed to get if we expect it to come
    from Hollywood: we get what we got for ghost in the shell 2017.

    Did the story lose depth? Its actually a questionable complaint… i
    have watched many anime and ghost in the shell always stood out as one
    of those who belonged to a niche. If anything, i feel that if there is
    anything that will impact this movie’s performance, its exactly this:
    its directed to a specific public. And this actually should account as
    a sign that they actually hold loyalty to the source material when they
    wrote the script, because they could have made this a movie that
    appealed to other fan bases, depending on the direction it took.

    I have mixed feelings about this choice, i want the movie to perform
    well, because i want more anime/manga movies… but to perform well,
    sometimes you need to make more marketing, you have to destroy it a
    little. I expect people to blame the wrong things here, when the only
    thing to blame is the story itself.

    Ghost in the shell was new when it was new, now that everybody copied
    and created other stories inspired on it, critics will call it
    ”unoriginal”… how unfair.

  • Cade ParkerApril 1, 2017Reply

    ”Major” Disappointment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mmcgee282April 1, 2017Reply

    So Scarlet portrays an Asian?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Josh BartonApril 1, 2017Reply

    Perfectly fine, just proves anime does it better

    Marred by whitewashing controversy ever since Scarlett Johansson was
    cast in the lead role, Rupert Sanders’ adaptation of the Japanese
    manga, Ghost in the Shell, has been released and has a lot to live up
    to with the 1995 anime version being one of the most influential anime
    of all time.

    In the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her
    kind: a human who is cyber-enhanced, designed as the perfect soldier to
    stop the world’s most dangerous criminals. When a new terrorist threat
    reaches a dangerous level, Major is the most qualified to put a stop to
    it however, the more she investigates, the more she uncovers about her

    Right off the bat, I’ve got to say that Ghost in the Shell is a truly
    visually stunning example of sci-fi, Rupert Sanders’ film brought to
    life with some mightily impressive special effects and Jess Hall’s
    cinematography, some of the sweeping shots of the city really wowing
    me. The score from Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe suits the visual style
    of the film to a tee and aids this adaptation in bringing the manga to

    As impressed with the visuals as I was, some of the action sequences
    such as the water fight or the spider tank finale, in comparison to the
    1995 anime, don’t have the same energy levels to them, which is
    probably because you could never capture the same vividness that exists
    in the animation of an anime. It does make me wonder how they’d even go
    about making a live-action adaptation of something like Akira.

    The story has been fleshed out some more and changes have been made for
    this adaptation, which led to film becoming a little weighed down for
    me. It’s an interesting story but there are some serious pacing issues
    at times, making the film feel a lot longer than it actually is.

    Coming to the performances, Ghost in the Shell features a quietly
    impressive lead in Scarlett Johansson, whose emotional range perfectly
    reflects the progression of both the story and her character’s journey.
    Her performance will most likely be overshadowed by the whitewashing
    controversy, which I’m sure will lead to some boycotting the film
    overall but she does give a good performance. Out of all the supporting
    cast, I’d have to say I enjoyed Pilou Asbæk’s performance as Batou the
    most because, aside from Major, he’s the coolest character in this

    I tend to avoid the politics of a film upon release and when looking
    back on it after. With that in mind, Ghost in the Shell is a perfectly
    fine adaptation that suffers a little with additional narrative yet
    serves as a real treat for the eyes and ears.

  • John PlocarApril 1, 2017Reply

    I am probably biased, but I liked it more than the original 1995 anime…let the angry comments commence.

    I just want to give a slight bit of background as to where I was coming
    from when I went into this movie before I say how I felt about it. I
    have only recently seen the original animated 1995 film; I haven’t seen
    any of its numerous sequels or spin-off shows or read any of the mangas
    that were linked to its source material or anything like that. How I
    felt about the 1995 anime though is pretty lukewarm honestly. I thought
    it had interesting ideas and a relatively cool aesthetic, but was way
    too heavy on exposition dialog and had a very limited about of
    character development as well as humanity. For a film that is supposed
    to be delving into the questions of what makes us human to feel so
    lifeless, to me, is a major issue. Objectively speaking, it is a fine
    movie, but subjectively falls short of being anything that great.

    This movie is one of those rare cases where I found myself enjoying the
    remake far more than the original film that it is based on. This cut
    out a lot of the mind-numbing, on the nose, irritating dialog that
    padded out the anime and replaced it with some characters that I could
    get myself invested in and a story that I was actually interested in.
    It didn’t spend large gaps of its run time so it could go on a lecture
    about what makes us human, instead it minimized that to play out more
    in its themes and implications. The characters have ten times more
    personality in this which was also a glaring problem from the anime for
    me. I liked a couple of these characters and wanted to see their
    personal arches. Scarlett Johansson, I think, does a pretty solid job
    as ‘The Major’. I don’t have nearly the problem with her in the role as
    much as everyone else in America seems to with the whole
    ”white-washing” thing as of late. Admittedly I was concerned about that
    when the trailers for this movie did hit the internet, but while
    watching the film itself I was totally fine with her in this role as
    well as her performance.

    The story isn’t a 100% faithful adaptation of the ’95 movie, so I don’t
    know if it borrowed anything from the rest of its original franchise.
    With that said, I liked this narrative a lot more as well. I thought it
    had a satisfying beginning, middle and end. It flowed fairly well and I
    was intrigued as to where it was going the whole way through. With a
    movie like this, it does run the risk of feeling extremely derivative
    of other sci-fi films that have explored these themes or world
    aesthetics before, but luckily that never happened for me. I did get
    hints of familiarity occasionally of other films such as ”Blade
    Runner”, ”RoboCop”, and ”Dark City”; however it never became too
    distracting so I was able to brush it off or even find myself to enjoy
    the experience more so. Beware thought that this film is a pretty slow
    burn; think less of this being a straight up action film, but rather a
    downtempo styled mystery with action beats every so often.

    The CGI, for 99% of this movie, is top notch and is absolutely
    gorgeous; even mind blowing in some instances with its cinematography.
    I thought this was one hell of a spectacle, I think the film was aware
    of how good it looked as well because there are plenty of establishing
    shots of the city. Which I did find to be a bit much, but it wasn’t too
    bad. And the soundtrack was fantastic, really synthesizer heavy and I
    am a true sucker for a good synth score to a movie.

    All around I found this to be an enjoyable film, does it have its
    problems? Sure, character development for some of the leads could have
    been fleshed out much more. The pace of the film could have been
    tweaked to its benefit, whether that to be speeding up through certain
    story threads or slowing down in others. ‘The Major’ could have had
    more humanizing moments instead of feeling more robotic. For me though,
    I didn’t mind this relatively minor gripes I had with it. Maybe that’s
    because I see an improvement from its source so that may have blinded
    me some, but I still had a good time with this film. I liked it and am
    actually looking forward to exploring this universe more in hopefully
    future installments. If you’re a fan of the original then I don’t
    really know how you may end up feeling about this remake, for all I
    know fans will end up hating it and I will be in a very small boat
    about this topic. But if what I said interests you at all then I say go
    check it out. If not…”Boss Baby” is probably playing down the hall,
    have at it.

  • jwwalrath-227-85487April 1, 2017Reply

    Looks great, anyway

    I confess I can’t say more than anyone else has. Visually, this is a
    tour-de-force, but the plot is clichéd.


    The movie looks great. Seriously, I feel that visually this is one of
    the top ten best-looking films of all time. I feel that the director
    and the visual production guys spent a lot of effort on world building.
    Especially, just in the background you see tons of citizens in future
    gear and future technology and this level of detail keeps you immersed
    in the world.

    The action is as good as the visuals. Every fight scene is clear and

    I liked the entire cop squad that backs up the main character. You
    don’t spend a lot of time with many of them, but for the little time
    they do have they feel fully-developed and likable. Special kudos goes
    to Pilou Asbæk as cop partner Batou, you just want to get a beer with
    the guy, and Takeshi Kitano as the boss, calm, firm, and tough-
    as-hell. I also liked Michael Pitt, as the hacker Kuze.


    This is an Americanized and dumbed-down version of the original. The
    intellectual musings and dialogue from the original film are missing
    here. Attempts at philosophy are rather trite.

    Though I commend the writers for not using the exact same plot from the
    original. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this film you haven’t seen
    before. The main villain in particular is really cookie cutter.

    As much as I like the supporting cops, most of them are barely utilized
    in the film. I’d rather spend more time with them than listening to the
    main character’s faux existential musings.

    I watched this as a matinée. Ultimately, I don’t regret seeing the film
    in theaters. The spectacle was worth it.

  • JoeApril 1, 2017Reply

    Is the ‘Ghost’ still here in this remake?

    The original was a seminal film, and so hugely influential to many in
    the arts. I’m a major devotee of the original (and have watched it
    countless times), and this is the third incarnation of this film (I’m
    including the redux version), so it was always going to be hard to see
    this as a stand-alone. It was inevitable that this would be marked
    against its peers, and meant a hiding to nothing for the creators.

    From the off, it’s clear that they decided to not play it safe, but
    opted for a loose recreation of the original, preferring instead to
    make their own parallel storyline which little seems to mirror the
    originals. That is a major loss in this case, and what was most
    celebrated about the first movie was its existential arc (which was
    like an extension of what Blade Runner had been attempting). I don’t
    even think the existentialism that is even in this film matches the
    original’s attempts in any way.

    This film instead relies on the action and special effects, and even
    though the action is enjoyable, it’s the philosophical touches that
    made the original interesting. They even cut out the realpolitik and
    espionage stories which were intriguing in the first film. In
    reflection there were many strands in the first film that have not been
    carried over.

    The action and special effects are good, but in this day and age of CGI
    it has been much copied since the original came out long back. You even
    just need to see the opening credits of the recent ‘Westworld’ TV
    series to see where it got its influences from this film.

    The backdrops, the meandering flights through the cityscapes and the
    academic dialogues. All that seems to be lost (although the city views
    in this are still beautiful). Granted the makers of this version wanted
    a more accessible movie, but a bit of courage would have meant that
    they could still have kept those elements listed to introduce the
    universe to the viewers, and then expand on them in later films (this
    should have had the legs for further).

    As for the choice of actors, the ‘white-washing’ furore has been
    covered in detail heavily already by many others, and I do sympathise
    with it. Regardless, even without that charge, I just don’t feel that
    some of the actors fitted their roles well, and some of the newer
    characters were poor. The chief was nothing like he was in the original
    but more just Takeshi Kitano, and I’m not sure that Cutter was anything
    but a ‘Robocop’ style cut-out corporate executive villain.

    I could say more, but best leave it there.

    As a standalone it’s not a bad movie, and has points to commend it for,
    BUT it’s not a standalone movie. It has the uncomfortable act of
    following on from a well watched and respected anime classic. It very
    much misses the mark for me.

    Many who are watching this without having first known or seen the
    original will likely accept this more than those who have watched the
    original. We’ll just have to lump it, but if you did like this version
    then please take my advice and check out the original, you’ll be blown
    away by it.

  • HeroOfTomorrowApril 1, 2017Reply

    Moments of visual brilliance don’t fix a nonsense script and utter boredom

    Full disclosure: I haven’t seen nor know anything about the original
    Ghost in the Shell movie. But, looking at this utter train wreck, I
    don’t think it would add much.

    Let’s start with the good: the visuals are gorgeous. Sometimes. This is
    contrasted with them being bland and uninspired. Most of the time. And
    the bad robot guy is a good actor. And that’s it.

    Seriously, this movie left NO impression on me. The acting was
    non-existent; the script made me cringe within the first minute (”she’s
    not a person to me; she’s a weapon!” So original. So well- formulated);
    you get NO feeling for any of the characters at ALL, as they are given
    an almost explicit lack of any type of backstory; speaking of story,
    was there any? What was this movie really about? I don’t know. I’d
    basically forgotten I’d watched it while I walked out the theater.

    Scarlett Johansson is terrible. She has this frowny, stupid face
    throughout the movie, which makes NO sense: she has a human brain: she
    can emote however she likes. But she doesn’t. And she looks ridiculous
    trying to look stoic and serious.

    Anyway, this is a complete and utter waste of your money on every
    level. Don’t see it.

  • Reel Life ReviewsApril 1, 2017Reply

    Excellent setting, poor story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alex AntallyApril 1, 2017Reply

    Amazing movie!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HumanApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost in a Shell takes us to a city with Bladerunner feel spiced with the Borg ideas, all wrapped up in anime legacy

    I expected a sci-fi sitting down in that chair at the movies. I didn’t
    know the anime heritage, until after the movie, when the person, next
    in the seat to me, told me that the movie was based on a anime with the
    same name. The person recommended that I see the anime. I haven’t, but
    here is the review. The film has some Bladerunner feel to the design of
    the city they are in. The city has the same colors, the same darkness
    and the same technological noise and flickering really. There is also
    one Borg moment for the Star Trek fans, when the Major hibernates in
    Major’s apartment. The Major is the lead character, played by Scarlett
    Johansson. Also Alan Walker’s video ”Sing me to sleep” has the same
    feel as the whole movie design set really. In the music video the
    environments fade and so they do in this movie to. The hacker in the
    movie also wears a hoodie, so stereotype for a hackers ”image”. So this
    movie doesn’t deliver something new in the design department, but since
    i happen to think the references to the design are great, so is this
    movie. The designs are interesting and beautiful, but not new. Scarlett
    Johansson plays the lead role as Major. Someone ripped her brain out
    and placed it inside a robot body. The Major hasn’t much memory of the
    past, so Major lives in the present. Major is a expensive machine, just
    like Robocop, out fighting for the Japanese government with the help of
    a private company named Hanka Robotics. This brain in a robot body is
    just as the Borg queen in the Star Trek Next Generation series, the
    Borg queen has her spine still though. But just as the Borg queen has
    access to the Hive, so does the Major, the Major can talk
    ”telepathically” with the team(with the help of technology of course).
    Either anime was first, or this movie has a lot of references to Star
    Trek. However, even though Star Trek also takes up the ethical
    surrounding the Borg hive and individuality, so does this ”Ghost in a
    shell”, but still this movie doesn’t feel as the ”Borg”, it has the
    feel of ”Irobot”, but since the Major is a human, Major doesn’t phase
    the same issue of not being considered human. Major is the next step in
    evolution of humanity. So what is the story really? Well, some earlier
    reviews said the story is shallow, but I happen to disagree. It is
    about finding out what really matters for you and what you could do for
    your beliefs when you do. So with that said, this is a sci-fi movie,
    that isn’t boring in any way. It has a artistic feel to it and in the
    end we get to know the Major just a little bit more, enough to want
    more episodes of this film, even without action and murder. Just to
    explore the cyber human, that most likely will be possible, due to the
    more artificial stuff we invent. So is this the future? Cyber humans?
    With body parts of technology? So are the new threat the hackers in
    this universe? Those that can hack into the cyber humans technology?
    What happens to free will, if your mind is hacked? I think this movie
    addresses some of the fears hidden inside the development of cyber
    humans. The Major has no privacy, since all her thoughts can be read.
    So is this a possible further step for mankind? Are we gonna be
    connected to hives, in a neural network? This movie doesn’t tell us
    what it would be like. This movie seems to be pro for cyber humans. It
    seems to be anti-hackers, but at the same time glorifies and demonizes
    them. Major has a special walking style through the film, so it doesn’t
    come off as a human body in fully. I think Scarlet does it well. I
    actually like this film and in the genre of sci-fi I would like to give
    the movie a strong grade. This movie might disappoint anime watchers,
    since it didn’t feel anime to me in the designs. It is a very Japanese
    movie, with feelings of Japanese designs all over it. I wasn’t bored at
    any time and time flew fast. There is no sex in this film, so if you
    like love scenes you are going to be disappointed.

  • David EastmanApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost trapped in the Shell

    From a technical standpoint, the world of New Port City is well
    transcribed. It’s a tribute to the film that it takes quite a long time
    before the first minor inconsistencies arise. But the spirit of the
    original has been replaced with the spirit of a police procedural. The
    shell however is well executed – and suffers only from the inevitable
    feeling that this should be a series not a film.

    The Japanese original material was far more technical and much less
    emotional than this adaption – where you get the feeling that most of
    the characters are the usual Americans with mummy issues. Most of what
    is good is almost certainly dragged in from Beat Takeshi (who gives not
    a f*ck about Hollywood).

    In some ways this is both reasonably faithful and perfectly watchable.
    That it is a squeezed into the formal corset of a studio picture you
    already knew and can’t seriously complain about. Watch, enjoy, forget,
    and keep the original on DVD.

  • Darryl LazakarApril 1, 2017Reply

    At last… Hollywood did what’s should have been done a long time ago

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • listofnamesApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost-less in the shell

    Oh Hollywood, perhaps you should just have left the damn thing alone. I
    guess when profit is your main goal, this is what happens. The story is
    totally bastardised. Granted, the original GITS plot borders on
    impenetrable at times, but they’ve taken out all the intrigue, mystery
    and complicated ideas, only to replace them with a standard action plot
    you can find anywhere. They also weirdly mix in some minor elements of
    the 2nd GITS anime. They showcase a lot of the iconic scenes from the
    original but that’s about it really. Why even bother calling this GITS?
    O wait, money, that’s why. The result is quite frankly a soulless
    (ghost-less?) exercise in style over substance. Don’t get me wrong, I
    love a bit of gorgeous stylish eye candy but there wasn’t enough
    originality even in that regard.

    Good points: Scarlett Johansson and particularly Juliet Binoche are
    very watchable actors. Though Johansson sometimes was too
    robotic/emotionless at times – she was still supposed to be human
    right? The Yakuza bar scene is tension filled and original to this
    version (even though ultimately pointless). The only other interesting
    change they made concerns the Major’s back story, who she was before
    she was made into a cyborg. It’s unexpected, affecting and emotional.
    The music isn’t half bad.

    Overall, it really should have been edgier, artier and taken more
    risks. They should have tried to stick to the original plot – extending
    it and clarifying the vagueness. Instead they took out vast chunks of
    difficult material in order to appeal to a mass audience.

  • twiztydApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ignore the negativity

    I hadn’t watched the original animated film before seeing this so I had
    no expectations. The film was great, a good flow, balanced structure
    and looks beautiful. The sound track is brilliant and compliments the
    imagery. I have now watched the anime and have to say I actually prefer
    the structure and plot of the 2017 version however this new version
    does lack the depth and philosophy in the dialogue that the original
    was loved for.

  • mwcrunnerApril 1, 2017Reply

    Boring, dull and stupid

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paultenhoutApril 1, 2017Reply

    Good movie, more worth than the low scores from the fanatics

    This is my first review. I had to because the movie is rated too low.
    It should be above a 7 so I give it an 8. I find it worthwhile to warn
    others not to follow the opinion of the fanatics. It is said that the
    plot is dumbed down, but in truth, the fanatics should understand that
    the anime is not as deep-layered as they think it is. You don’t need to
    see the original anime to understand what ghost in the shell means, as
    long as you know that this movie is about cyborgs. It’s a recurring
    theme in any cyborg movie…even the one with JCVD. Yes, the original
    is good, but don’t exaggerate. The fact that they don’t explain
    everything in the cartoon doesn’t make it better.

    What I really liked in GitS 2017 is the setting that was created on the
    screen. Nothing I’ve seen in the cinema before and it really gave me
    the feeling that I was watching something original, even though this is
    a cinematic remake. The visuals are very good. You don’t go to a movie
    like this for the acting, it will not win Oscars, but the acting is OK.
    It’s not an action movie, it’s sci-fy, but there lies my main problem
    with the movie. If you don’t make a film for the acting or the action,
    than least give more thought on the underlying message about what
    defines a human being. Still, GitS is worth your time. The message
    should have been brought clearer, but the story is still there and
    visually it is quite unique.

  • Eric BabayokoApril 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost in that Shell ?

    My feelings and thoughts towards this movies are heavily influenced by
    my knowledge and appreciation of the anime film from 1995 and pretty
    much all other anime content from Ghost in the Shell. With that in
    mind, let’s go.

    I was quite pleasantly surprised by the cinematography, visuals overall
    and the soundtrack. I truly enjoyed that part. Apart from that and a
    few moments that I really liked, the rest of the movie felt like a
    major let down. Compared to the original anime it’s pretty much an
    empty shell (puns intended).

    To me, the 1995 anime also had this beautiful mix of visual and sound
    but it felt much more deeper than the live action movie. In a nutshell,
    this film stripped the original content from its core to replace it
    with some simpler, stereotyped plot lines, character traits, plot
    twists you can see coming from miles away, going as far as changing
    fundamental elements of the main protagonist’s identity and
    motivations. Now, all these changes might be appealing and satisfactory
    for a lot of people and I don’t blame them, it just doesn’t really work
    for me.

    There will probably be mixed feelings about this adaptation, as for me,
    I’m honestly a bit sad when I think about how amazed I was when I
    watched this anime as a kid.

    So yeah, as I said, I’m influenced by the original anime but setting
    the source material aside, I still enjoyed the movie even though it
    really gets cliché at times and I give it a 7/10. 1995 anime gets a

  • jackransom-69832April 1, 2017Reply

    Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Saw this yesterday been looking forward to it for ages. Very good
    remake/reboot (which is uncommon haha) cool characters and
    costume/weapon design and action scenes also defo some of the best
    visuals I’ve seen in a movie for sure. only real issue is that it
    should’ve been a 15 to make the action scenes more bloody and
    entertaining and go with more of the darker themes of the original…
    Also can’t go wrong with Scarlett Johansson as Major haha

  • nmn34April 1, 2017Reply

    Who Could Possibly Live in This Hallucinogenic Hell?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Georgiy BelikovApril 1, 2017Reply

    Hey, it is not THAT bad, considering the goal

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hotblack DesiatoApril 1, 2017Reply

    Pretty decent

    Having watched a gazillion adaptations that either failed or were
    mediocre, I was wondering where GITS would land. Well, it landed pretty
    well, but maybe not as well as most fans of the anime had hoped, or
    maybe it landed better than some people wished it would, because, you
    know, haters gonna hate.

    To be frank, I haven’t ever watched the anime completely, mostly in
    parts when it was on TV when I was a kid, but I’ve known all about it
    from popular media. So this would probably disqualify me to judge a
    movie I haven’t been the biggest fan of? Nope, just like never having
    read The Lord Of the Rings wouldn’t disqualify anyone watching the
    films and thinking they’re pretty amazing. If you like movies and
    sci-fi, you shouldn’t have to be a full-fledged anime or GITS fan to
    appreciate this one.

    People who watched it with me said it was a verbatim copy of the anime,
    with certain scenes being identical to the original, and then some
    scenes were added because you can’t make a 100 min movie with 80
    minutes of anime. But still, if you didn’t watch the original, you will
    not miss anything, because the movie is packed with action, car chases,
    cyborgs killing humans and other cyborgs, big guns, little guns, and
    more BIG guns – I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but there will be a lot
    of guns.

    There are a few reasons you wouldn’t want to watch this adaptation.
    One, you don’t like anime. The other being the controversy about white
    washing this one, with Scarlett Johansson starring as the the main
    protagonist. I find it interesting that people complain about this, but
    almost never complained to all the non-Asian characters in anime, and
    there are a lot. How else do you explain blondes in animes? The whole
    white washing was rubbish brought forth by people who didn’t even watch
    the final product but chose to voice the inner insecurities in the
    worst way possible.

    I suggest you see for yourself what it’s about and either try to enjoy
    a pretty decent flick which does not hold back on action and good story
    telling, or you can watch it and then complain about all the things
    that annoyed you. I’m not a fan of Scarlett Johansson and I still
    enjoyed it (although I’d rather seen Karen Gillan in this role, but
    that’s just me) because it had Takeshi frickin’ Kitano in it, one of
    the most amazing Japanese actors ever.

  • Chris AdamsApril 1, 2017Reply

    Decent execution, but rather simplified for my accustom

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andypaine01April 1, 2017Reply

    Almost there

    It has almost everything it needs to be a 9 out of 10 (and still can be
    in a good re-cut), but the soundtrack needs some work, a little bit of
    additional side story for a character or two that could be added in,
    and a few bridge scenes to make the whole thing come together more. The
    story wasn’t disjointed but the overall product was. Every time it
    approached an immersive experience it would lose it. It felt like
    watching a series of great scenes that added up to a cohesive story. I
    think the cast was amazing, the story was great, the visuals were
    awesome, and the scenes were great. They just didn’t tie together the
    way they should have for the final product. All in all I enjoyed it and
    am optimistic that a directors cut or extended cut have great potential
    to solve most or all of the issues that kept me from giving a much
    higher rating. I’m happy I watched it but will wait for a re-cut before
    purchasing a home copy in the future.

  • bkrauser-81-311064April 1, 2017Reply

    A Remake That Only Gives 10%

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cleo SmithApril 1, 2017Reply

    This movie is fantastic, people are being obnoxious, as per usual

    Before you start judging me (I’m kidding, I know you have already done
    that) I need to inform you that yes, I have seen the original anime and
    I am a fan. Not of the franchise, I wasn’t that involved, but I really
    did love the films.

    So, this film was visually stunning, -stunning- I can’t stress that
    enough. And I’m not talking about fancy CGI here, this was an amazing
    piece of art. You could watch it even without a script and it would
    make sense! Also, amazing soundtrack -of course- and a true nod to the
    original (aesthetically).

    The only difference I found in the script (in general, not the plot),
    was that this film was a character driven story. All the philosophical
    stuff stemmed from the protagonist’s experiences. It’s a good way to
    keep an audience interested, it’s the go to of Hollywood and it is
    something I expected and honestly, really didn’t mind. Major has an
    interesting story to tell. Plus I went into the cinema and expected to
    see something that could stand on its own feet and not just recreate
    the anime. What’s the fun in that? Plus, guys, this is Hollywood, if
    they took the ”lets talk about human nature” way, we’d be simply
    telling them not to play with things they don’t understand. This is the
    kind of film that Hollywood makes, and this particular film is actually
    a good example of that kind of film.

    I didn’t give it a 10 because that’s kept for real masterpieces and
    this film just misses that special something. As if it reached the edge
    of what was achievable but in the end, didn’t take the leap. Still a
    great film though.

    As for the casting, I think they were all wonderful. Scarlett too, she
    did a great job making her movements robotic, everything she did was
    calculated and her stillness in some shots was really eerie but her
    eyes were so freaking expressive, as if all that was left of her
    humanity was hiding there, well done Scarlett.

    Speaking of whom, I feel I need to address this subject. Is there
    whitewashing happening in Hollywood. Duh, of course there is. Is it
    normal to want an Asian actress to be cast in a film taking place in an
    Asian environment? Sure is. Is it a stretch to say that Scarlett
    freaking Johansson was cast in a role because she was white? Eeeeh, it
    kind of is. I mean, she’s not some random white girl, she’s the highest
    grossing actress of all time, the A list of Hollywood’s A list, who
    wouldn’t cast her? And for a film that would be criticized by fans
    anyway because ”it’s a Hollywood production of a Japanese title again”
    why not bring in the big guns to attract the general populace? I’m not
    going to go into the ”Major is a cyborg so she can be of any background
    because she doesn’t have one” debate, because I think it didn’t play a
    part in the casting decision, it was clearly a marketing choice to cast
    someone who is already famous and popular. Plus Johansson is THE action
    girl these days, I mean, who else would Hollywood cast?

  • icebutter160April 1, 2017Reply

    Awful: Insult to classic series

    The movie had no idea of direction.

    It was just a generic cyborg film/Lucy mediocre cash grab, but with a
    GITS label to sell it.

    Take your favorite homecooked meal and imagine if walmart tried to make
    it. That would be this movie.

    scarlett johansson acting was soooo wooden, I didn’t believe her as the
    major for a second.

    The plot was extremely bad for a ghost in the shell film. Most people
    will realize that a GITS film or ANY decent movie would have an
    interesting or creative plot to follow.

    This did not. I want my $7.50 back because that was a waste of 2 hours.

  • dutchchocolatecakeApril 2, 2017Reply

    top notch action sci fi

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amossale-1April 2, 2017Reply

    Very true to the anime. Amazing rendition.

    Amazing movie, it was a perfect rendition of the setting in the series:
    dark, gritty, cybernetic, futuristic, metropolis and cyberpunk.
    Perfect. The story was as expected, slightly simplified, compared to
    the anime, but it is catering to a mainstream audience. I particularly
    loved batau and the Major. Scarlett played her so well. ANd the
    characters were true as can be to the anime, so anyone disparaging the
    characterisation is obtuse IMO. It’s way better than my expectation of
    a Hollywood remake of an anime like this. A lot of anime has totally
    random and disjointed story lines anyway, so standard Hollywood
    scripting is fine. I loved this movie, I want to re-watch it, just
    because Batau is so badass. Nothing would be good enough to please all
    the fanatic basement dweller nerds, and self-satisfied armchair critics
    who think being hyper- critical makes them intelligent–they obviously
    can’t understand the uniqueness of this film. If you hate the film you
    should also hate the anime, because the film was so accurately true to
    the anime–either/or you only like the anime for it’s intellectualism,
    and for no other reason.

  • dzy-93085April 2, 2017Reply


    — Its always sad when something gets Whitewash. Bland movie, better
    cinema then DragonBall but you kan still see the US and its style of
    krapping on minorities to replace them with their own. It’s like
    looking at a picture of a Blonde Haired Blue Eyes Jesus. America go no

  • steven-leibsonApril 2, 2017Reply

    An SF Masterpiece, if you’re not expecting the remake to mirror the original anime

    Many reviewers seem to have downgraded this movie because it does not
    slavishly follow the original anime version from 1995. I celebrate this
    movie for its own originality. It draws from the earlier anime and
    manga material but is its own story. In the same way that ”Bladerunner”
    created a unique, dark, dystopian Los Angeles, the new ”Ghost in the
    Shell” creates a unique, dark, dystopian city of the future (New Port
    City or Hong Kong if you wish although the city is never named in this
    film) inhabited with all manner of people, augments, cyborgs, and
    robots. Many of the characters are familiar from the earlier movie.
    Some of the scenes are the same. Some adapted. Many all new.

    The story is the same but quite different at the same time. The imagery
    is unique to this movie. The question is the same in this movie as in
    the original (and in Bladerunner): What does it mean to be ”human”?
    Philosophers have been asking this question for 10,000 years, so do not
    expect an answer from this movie. It’s all in asking the question.

    I was drawn in. My disbelief was suspended. The movie moved along and
    never dragged for me. After all, that’s why I go to see a movie. If I
    want to see the original version, I have it on DVD and can watch that
    any time. You can too.

  • Lewis HeatherApril 2, 2017Reply

    Why has this been so harshly criticised?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kevin DoleApril 2, 2017Reply

    Hard to review without dropping spoilers

    So all I’m going to say is, as a fan of Ghost in the Shell for over 20
    years, they gave it a valiant effort.

    Some of the casting was amazing. The guy cast as Batou stole every
    scene he was in. And visually, it gave us all the touch points we’ve
    been seeing for two decades.

    The story… they were too busy trying to mash together 20 years of
    stories into one movie. They had the Puppet Master, Laughing Man and
    Individual Eleven story lines in one room, tossed in some Robocop and
    then put turned on the autotune. As a result, it was trying really hard
    but never quite got there. They could have done better coming up with a
    new story rather than this hybrid.

    I do think that Ms Scarlett wasn’t the right person. She doesn’t have
    the chops to carry a GitS storyline, which by nature should be complex
    and more than a little deep. When compounded by the weak script.. Yeah.
    She never played the Major, she did a hybrid of Faye Valentine from
    Cowboy Bebop and Natasha Romanov.

    So all that said, it was not a waste of time watching it. It was very
    pretty. Very pretty. They built the shell. But they didn’t find the
    ghost until the very, very end. And even when they did, it didn’t speak
    to us.

  • tythegiantApril 2, 2017Reply

    Fun Action Packed Film

    The film itself is straight forward and simple. Everything you need to
    know is laid out to at the start of the movie. Whats not so simple is
    the stunning special effects that are throughout the whole film. My
    brother and I saw the film in IMAX 3D and were absolutely blown away.
    Especially with all the cool street art in the backgrounds of the scene
    and the vibrant billboards of the future. My personal favorite was the
    surprisingly vibrant detail in Ms. Johansson seemingly plain jumpsuit.
    Overall this was a fun, start to finish action movie. I recommend
    seeing it to anyone who wants a visually gripping movie at the

  • Padraig MaApril 2, 2017Reply

    Don’t Listen to the Haters, You’ll Miss Out

    This was actually such a solid movie. I will admit, sometimes the
    acting was a bit wooden, and the dialogue sometimes was a bit forced,
    but damn, the atmosphere, the sets, the movie felt extremely extremely
    immersive for the viewer. All this talk about white-washing denigrates
    a pretty solid movie IMO. Its brought the Ghost in the Shell series to
    an audience who normally wouldn’t be interested in anime. I am now
    interested in checking out the series. For that in and of itself I
    think the movie has succeeded in its purpose.

  • secretzfanApril 2, 2017Reply

    Why do I feel so broken inside

    Ghost in the Shell is undoubtedly the best American anime live action
    film. But that is the highest praise I can really give this film. As
    much as Ghost in the Shell tries to recreate its original source
    material it just can’t live up to it. And saying that really breaks my
    heart cause I really wanted to love this film so much more. But it just
    is not what it needs to be and instead feels like a hollow shell with
    no ghost inside.

    To start off with the positives. You have heard it before, but visually
    this film deserves soo much love. I wouldn’t even be shocked if it got
    a lot of technical awards at the the Oscars. Cause this film defiantly
    deserves that much. And the visually speaking it is very true to what
    Ghost in the Shell was. I got goosebumps whenever I saw a scene
    recreated from the original manga, films, or ovas. It made me quite
    giddy with happiness seeing them. The film has a visual flare to it
    that makes it so strong and even helps many of the scenes.

    Scarlett Johanson also despite all the controversy I do think still
    thinks embodies the role of the Major in a amazing way, I enjoyed her
    character quite a bit. She does go revert from having a stale
    performance for parts of the film which could be seen as Rupert Sanders
    not really understanding how to give a performance with nuance, but
    there are more scenes where I feel Scarlett really does come out as the
    major who desires to learn more about who she is.

    As for story to tell you the truth there were some parts of the story I
    actually really liked. No it wasn’t as complex as the original, but the
    basic ideas where still there. I was really enjoying parts of the story
    a lot I just wished the went a bit further on some of the points laid
    out and tried to be a bit more complex.

    Towards the negatives of the film is the fact that as I said why the
    basic ideas are still there they never really expand upon them and try
    anything really different like the original did. Honestly Blade Runner,
    All of the Matrix films and many other sci fi films feel like they did
    a better job on the ideas that Ghost in the Shell (the original)

    The film just tries to be to safe. It doesn’t go as deep on any of the
    ideas it presents. I won’t say it feels Hollywood cause as i said the
    ideas are still there and the film isn’t as action focused as it should

    Now people talk about the whitewashing of a Japanese character and
    before this film came out I was pretty OK with it and through the first
    half of this film I was OK with it, but this film does something at the
    end that makes me feel wrong and strange. There is a choice they make
    at the end that will undoubtedly be the deciding factor on if u like or
    hate this film.

    Overall as hard as Ghost in the Shell tries to honor its source
    material and be engaging it in the end falls short of what could have
    been something truly magnificent.

  • Andrea PriceApril 2, 2017Reply

    best Anime Live-Action Movie by Hollywood so far

    I read people complaining about Scarlett Johansson being casted for
    this role because of her race. It’s kind of ridiculous. The Major in
    the Anime never really looked like an Asian woman. And both the movie
    and the anime the ghost(brain or soul, however you wanna see it) was
    put into an mechanic body. In the anime of 1995, the major could choose
    any body she want. So far to the controversy.

    Ghost in the Shell (2017) is the most solid Anime Live Action movie
    made by Hollywood so far. The visual is stunning, especially if you
    watch it as IMAX 3D. It feels like the movie was made for 3D viewing.
    You feel like that you are in this futuristic cyberpunk world. And you
    see the world, the people through The Majors eyes.

    The acting is pretty good. Scarlett Johansson is a very talent actress,
    so is Pilou Asbæk who played Batou. The dynamic between the two actors
    makes you feel like, if Batou and the Major have been working a whole
    life together. Johansson acted exactly like how her character ”Major”
    should have behaved in all situations. There is no overacting. It
    doesn’t feel like forced.

    The Plot isn’t completely new, but it still fits in the universe of
    Ghost in the Shell. And i like the fact that the movie is no 100% copy
    and paste from the anime. Usually people always want an adaptation be a
    100% copy of a book or anime or whatever source they use. But for me a
    movie is still kind of an art, an expression about how we (or the
    director) interpret the source material. There is not only one way to
    do it.

    The actors, Rupert Sanders, Clint Mansel and the rest of the team did a
    great job to adapt a very complicated source material. That’s why i
    think Ghost in the Shell (2017) deserves a lot more than 6.9.

    And as always a review is just a subjective view of a person! 😀

  • jdesandoApril 2, 2017Reply

    Sexy Cyborg Johansson is smart and human, magnetic to watch.

    ”Everyone around me, they feel connected to something. Connected to
    something, I’m not.” Major (Scarlett Johansson)

    It is less about hybrid human android Scarlett Johansson kicking ass in
    cult manga tradition than it is about her character, Major, finding out
    who she is. The fascinating Ghost in the Shell has the typical sci-fi
    tropes with enough grave philosophy underneath to raise it toward the
    transcendent level of a, say, Eugene O’Neill drama.

    In a dystopian future, cyber-enhanced humans have an unusual makeup of
    body parts and that elusive ghost in that shell, the soul. While the
    good guys prefer the borgs just do their job of eliminating dangerous
    criminals and saving empires, the complex of character emanating from a
    head, for instance, that has not lost its desire for freedom, is a
    ”major” problem, so to speak.

    Another intriguing difference from other current sci fi is its
    unwillingness to litter the landscape with destructive shells, the
    explosive kind. ”We cling to memories as if they define us, but they
    don’t. What we do is what defines us.” (Major) Gunfire is at a minimum
    while the search for soul is pre-eminent. Although Major can shoot and
    fight with the best of them, the film seems to be anchored by identity,
    more about the human elements of androids than even the individual

    Credit should be given to the darkly-beautiful design of Jan Roelfs and
    costumes out of this world by Kurt and Bart. Cinematographer Jess Hall
    evidences the influence of the memorable Blade Runner landscape.

    In the end Major finds like the rest of us she’s made of many parts
    that if you rely on the corporeal only are just as soon to evaporate.
    It’s the soul that makes the difference, the soul that promises
    immortality, the ghost in the shell of an evanescent body.

    ”Well, maybe next time you can design me better.” Major

  • Dave ArcherApril 2, 2017Reply

    If you like Blade Runner, you’ll like Ghost in the Shell

    In the same way movies are set in the Marvel or DC ”universes,” Ghost
    in the Shell exists in the same universe as Blade Runner. The city
    looks like the one in Blade Runner and the social structure feels
    similar. Even the story feels a bit similar.

    Having said that, the movie is a visual treat and for once the
    substantial CGI serves the story rather than replaces it. And, while
    the story is somewhat predictable, it’s packaged so well!

    Scarlett Johansson plays a young woman whose brain has been placed in a
    mechanical body, or ”shell”, and is having a bit of an existential
    crisis while serving in an anti-terrorism quasi military unit. Taheshi
    Kitano, Pilou Asbaek and Juliette Binoche are excellent as her boss,
    partner and doctor, while Michael Pitt shines as, uh, well, that would
    be giving it away.

    The film continues to face some controversy because – while it was
    based on a Japanese manga, financed by Chinese companies and
    essentially set in Hong Kong – it featured Western actors in three of
    the key lead roles.

    This movie may be a bit of an acquired taste, but if you like Blade
    Runner, see it now. And, given the poor opening weekend, see it soon or
    you’ll have to wait for the DVD.

  • petarmaticApril 2, 2017Reply

    I did not like it!

    I am sorry but this film did not connect with me. Yes there are good
    visual effects, and Scarlett Johansson is trying very hard to act well.
    That is one of the problems about this film, she was trying too hard,
    and it shows. Other actors, well I can hardly mention their
    performances since they did not act that well. Visual effects are
    excellent but they are in the most Hollywood blockbusters so there is
    not much to say about that it would help this film. I would not
    recommend this film to my friends. This is as much as I have to say on
    this film.

  • antialias11April 2, 2017Reply

    Not perfect – but not bad, either – SPOILER FREE

    In a few words: definitely watchable – even for someone like me who
    owns all the movies and series DVDs and has been a huge fan of the
    anime created for GITS (if not so much the manga).

    In a few more words:

    The bad: That the philosophy would get dumbed down isn’t surprising.
    But there’s still boatloads more in here than in, say, the Matrix (and
    people praised THAT for this aspect), so we shouldn’t be overly harsh.
    Johannson’s acting is what it always is – shaky at best. For me she
    doesn’t fit the role – neither her overly emotional approach, nor
    physically. No, I don’t care she’s not Asian. None of the characters in
    the anime – save for Aramaki and maybe Saito – look Asian, either. The
    story of GITS, for me, has always been about stone cold professionals
    on the edge of their respective fields – with all the sacrifices that
    are made in order to stay on top taken to an extreme. She does not
    portray this believably (much like she fails to do so in her other
    ‘superhuman’ roles like in the Avengers franchise). She’s the
    pretty-face A-lister du jour in Hollywood that puts bums in seats and
    that’s the long and short of why she’s in the movie. The dialogue could
    have been better but it serves well enough as an introduction for
    people new to GITS. Surprisingly the worst performance comes from
    Juliet Binoche.

    The good: The techno environment is captured perfectly. Many scenes
    (down to some ‘filler’ atmospheric shots) have been lovingly taken from
    the anime movies/series and recreated in detail. It’s only one of two
    movies where I’d say the 3D actually adds to the feel of it (the other
    being ”Tron: Legacy”). The music is great without intruding. Pathos is,
    thankfully avoided. The cast of section 9 – especially Batou and
    aramaki – work for me very well. The performances of the villains are
    nothing to write home about, though.

    The very good: This feels like a solid base for a franchise. There’s a
    chance here to expand into the philosophical aspects and give the other
    members of Section 9 more definition in further movies as well as
    expanding on the hacking and ”standalone complex” aspects. Doing all
    that in the first movie in depth would have felt rushed/forced to say
    the least.

    Will definitely buy once the DVD comes out. Maybe even rewatch in the
    theater to catch some more detail.

  • alchasApril 2, 2017Reply

    Better than I expected

    I am a big fan of the anime movie and series and I admit I did not have
    the highest expectations for this movie. I still tried to go into it
    with a neutral mindset though.

    I think Scarlet Johansen did a very good job as the lead character,
    despite me having doubts about the casting (And not because she isn’t
    Asian). She pulled it off, and most of the other characters were well
    cast as well.

    Aesthetically, the movie was well done but the sometimes overdone CGI
    effects prevented it from having a good cyberpunk ambiance. The giant
    ads all over the city in particular felt over the top.

    The story, as expected, was simplified from the original and felt as it
    was lacking depth. I also found the first half of the movie pretty
    boring but it picked up later on at least, and it had some scenes I
    liked very much.

    In general I found it to be a good movie, just not anywhere close to
    the anime movie. But fans of the anime or manga would probably still
    enjoy it if they do not have sky high expectations. For those who have
    read/seen neither, its probably worth watching as well.

  • Liviu AvramApril 2, 2017Reply

    Pretty solid sci-fi movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bdwgarrisonApril 2, 2017Reply

    Everything I Wanted from a Sci-Fi Movie

    This movie had everything that I wanted from a sci-fi movie. Sure, the
    ideas are no longer as groundbreaking as they were when The Matrix
    copied them, but this film swallows the viewer into its grungy,
    cyberpunk world because the visuals are so rich with detail.

    This film nails the look and tone of the anime, while introducing
    changes to the story that largely work. One departure that made this
    movie a 9 instead of a 10 for me was the relative simplicity of the
    plot. While the series and movies had notoriously complicated and fast
    moving plots, this movie decided to simplify to a level that was
    predictable. I was looking forward to concentrating on the details of
    the dialogue to try and guess what could possibly come next, but
    instead found myself somewhat disengaged as the beautiful sci-fi rolled

    This was an excellent sci-fi movie and it definitely lived up to my
    expectations as a fan of the anime.

  • darkreignnApril 2, 2017Reply

    2017 has been the year of amazing movies, and this is no exception

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Stone ZApril 2, 2017Reply

    Oh Man what a rush !!!

    First of all I would like to point out that I have NOT seen the
    original movie, nor the remaining from the GITS universe. On the flip
    side I have seen almost every science fiction movie, franchise which
    matters up to this point, just to mention a few 2001, Alien, Blade
    Runner, Star Wars and the list goes on. I think I proved my point that
    I am Science Fiction fan. Now that we got that out of the way, I am
    going to point out my thoughts about this movie.

    First of all the visuals are amazing !!! The city design is something
    what you have never seen before, it kinda reminds you of Blade Runner,
    maybe even on par with Blade Runner in some cases. It just gives you
    that wow effect and you just keep on staring at the world and
    billboards. This alone is enough to go see it !!!

    The acting was believable and enjoyable. Scarlet and Michael Pitt had
    some mistakes, there were some scenes which felt kinda hollow but it
    didn’t kill my vibe. A big shout out goes to Pilou Asbaek who just
    nailed it.

    Now the story was pretty straight forward but does the job 100%,
    basically its unraveling the plot until you find out what actually
    happened, with a lot of amazing action sequences which will keep you on
    the edge of your seat.

    From what I have read from other reviews, a lot of people say that the
    story is real crap compared to the original material. Maybe this is so,
    I have no comparison.

    What I can tell you instead that the story WAS good enough to keep me
    interested until the end, and left the theater smiling. This is
    actually a very big deal, I have seen thousands of movies and I am very
    hard to impress.

    SCORE: 9.50 / 10 !!!!

    PS: An amazing movie to a Science Fiction fan who did not seen the
    originals !!! Go see it !!!

  • Eric StevensonApril 2, 2017Reply

    Well, it looks great at least

    It’s hard getting into a franchise that I’m not familiar with. Now, I
    actually have at least heard a fair amount about this in general so I
    have somewhat of an idea. It was interesting to learn what the title
    meant. They don’t exactly drop the title, but tell you what it’s about.
    The best thing about this movie is probably how gorgeous it looks. I
    mean, these are some great special effects and we get beautiful visuals
    with everything looking so creative. We need futuristic stuff like

    The downsides are that it is in fact poorly paced. The length is good,
    but it’s hard to get that good of a feel for the characters. They’re
    not bad, it’s just that I might have watched so many movies I’m putting
    them up to higher standards for more unique things. The action scenes
    are good. It’s certainly better than most of that ”Transformers” crap.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and I believe it
    didn’t represent the source material very well. Still, they definitely
    tried. **1/2

  • Calum RhysApril 2, 2017Reply

    A fair attempt at an adaptation, that ultimately falls short

    Visually, Rupert Sanders’s adaptation of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is
    stunning, featuring gorgeous cinematography and mind-blowing CGI, oh
    and of course Scarlett Johansson – but then there’s EVERYTHING else
    about it.

    Firstly, don’t get me wrong, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is not a bad film,
    but equally it’s far from being an excellent film, maybe just balancing
    above mediocre, and the reason for this is down to the clichéd and
    convoluted storyline, underdeveloped two-dimensional characters and
    lack of relation to its source material – but as I stated above,
    visually this film is a marvel. The original version of ‘Ghost in the
    Shell’ was one of the first anime films I ever had the chance to see,
    and whilst it does delve into the ”weird” side of anime at parts, it is
    nonetheless an abstract piece of art and still stands the test of time
    as one of the finest anime films, however this will never come near

    So what are the memorable qualities in this film? Um, there’s, um…
    well there’s Scarlett Johansson when she… um… yeah. Virtually
    nothing. It depicts a metropolitan future on an almost frightening note
    – but that’s been done before time and time again. In this future,
    around 70% of humanity have cyborg-like alterations made to their body,
    and the general vistas of the city, whilst stunning, add an almost
    claustrophobic quality to them. Tight smothering streets, and enough
    fluorescent lights to make ‘Blade Runner’ jealous.

    The story itself is rather straight forward, a woman is
    cybernetically-enhanced and forced to act as a weapon to prevent the
    occurrence of ”terrorism” and ”hacking”, however along the way she
    begins to uncover more about her past and how she became the titular
    ”ghost in the shell”. But the problem is, this plot is clichéd to hell,
    and characters dash in and out of the story never having any real
    relevance within the movie’s world, including the concluding villain
    (don’t worry, no spoilers here). It tries to be smart, but just ends up
    convoluted and over-blown.

    All-in-all it’s a fair attempt at an adaptation, which is more than can
    be said for Sanders’s film before. But it just falls short in too many
    places to really make its mark as a sci-fi great. If we were just there
    for the visuals, this film would be near-masterful, but that’s not the
    case here.

  • Nim LhûgApril 2, 2017Reply

    Doesn’t hold a candle to the original …

    Its beautiful visuals are its only redeeming feature. It’s almost
    impossible to overstate how stunning everything is. This was the first
    time I enjoyed the 3D experience. Much like its original and sequel,
    the scenery and backgrounds are incredibly detailed.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the recycling of some of the original
    scenes. The music, while again not as nice as the original, was
    cleverly inspired by it. These winks and nudges aimed at fans of the
    original did not go unappreciated.

    Unfortunately, that’s where I run out of praise. My biggest gripe is
    with the story. It looks like the story was cobbled together by someone
    who watched the original but didn’t really understand it. Some of the
    concepts survived, but are almost rendered meaningless on account of a
    lack of depth.

  • brainsmasher-58335April 2, 2017Reply

    Worth seeing

    I liked the original movie and the TV show and I like this adaptation
    as well. I was afraid they were going to neuter this like they did with
    Aeon Flux. Don’t worry, they didn’t flux it up.

    The screenplay is the weakest part of the film. Scarlett Johansson is
    not really hot enough to play the Major; but her portrayal was

    The reviewers who are panning this movie remind me of the dopes who
    talk about rap music like it is some great art form and really deep and
    profound. My criticism of the manga was that it got too philosophical
    and existential at times.

    Not everybody has seen GITS or SAC so I think that those who haven’t
    will like it; and I expect at least a couple of sequels. However, the
    producers should probably hire some of the writers of GITS or SAC.

    Oh yeah; the people complaining about white washing this film obviously
    have not seen the source material. The Major is white. So is Batou and
    Togusa and Aramaki. However Aramaki and Togusa are played by Japanese
    actors in the movie.

  • Vercingetorix of GaulApril 2, 2017Reply

    A review from an old man still loving GITS

    Unfortunately, the younger generations have taken a rather overly
    critical view of this film, this is unfortunate because it may keep new
    audiences from experiencing the GITS world.

    It saddens me to see a film like this as low as 6 stars, and I have
    given it a 10 star to hopefully help boost it up a bit. I will address
    criticisms that I have read so far in reviews.

    Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the original GITS series and 1995 film
    was captured excellently here. Older more attentive fans will notice
    music keys and tones from the original series and movie, as well as
    some call backs to the 1995 film sequences. This is affected by some
    semi-immersion breaking advertisements for Adidas and the like, but
    let’s be honest, we are all used to that in blockbuster films by now.

    Casting: Scarlet Johansson did an excellent job bringing the character
    of Major Motoko Kusanagi to life as if straight from the Manga I first
    read when I was 17 in 1990. The argument of ”white- washing” is a
    complete nontroversy and waste of time, something that interestingly
    was only bothersome to viewers that weren’t Japanese. ”Beat” Takeshi
    Kitano is THE man to play Aramaki. The casting for Batou was definitely
    my favorite of the Section 9 team, but the casting for the rest of the
    team was excellent. I would have loved to see more of them, but you can
    only do so much in a just above standard run-time movie.

    Story: I will avoid spoilers here so we won’t get into much. The movie
    does an excellent job of bringing this classic Japanese story to an
    American audience in a palatable and mainstream available way. I
    experienced the originals first hand when they were new and this is
    on-par with them for the time it was constrained to. Everyone seems to
    complain that their favorite story arc wasn’t included or something to
    that effect, but you simply cannot fit the nearly 30 years of GITS
    story into 107 minutes. The reason everyone, in my opinion, believes
    that it doesn’t capture the story correctly when it really does, is
    that they are comparing it to 30 years of writing. 107 minutes will
    never be able to compete in that comparison. Critics and users alike
    are guilty of this false comparison. GITS deals with some very serious
    moral and societal issues, this movie touches the surface of that but
    refrains from diving straight into it, and I firmly believe that if it
    had dived in as some say they wanted it too, their complaints would
    have still been complaints, but they would have said the movie tried
    too hard to handle the issues the manga and 1995 film did.

    Conclusion: If you want to enjoy this film, you will. If you don’t want
    to enjoy this film, you won’t. If you are looking at it through the
    nostalgia goggles of 30 years of content and expecting it to stack up
    to that, it won’t. Nothing can. GITS is an amazing piece of work that
    has been built on for years and years. No one movie, no matter how
    perfect, could ever stack up to it. However, I believe that this film
    takes as good a shot at it as any and truly sets up the GITS universe
    to be available to a broader more mainstream audience. The movie has
    set itself in a position to leap into those story arcs that fans are
    demanding. In order for me to consider this a success, sequels are a
    must because it has clearly set itself up to do so. It does sadden me
    to see people claiming to be fans of the GITS series that want to
    selfishly keep the series to themselves and protest sequels to this
    excellent film because it didn’t in its 107- minute run-time meet all
    of their expectations built over 30 years. I ask them to take a step
    back, and view the film again, without those expectations, and see what
    it is capable of doing.

  • IndustrialGasApril 2, 2017Reply

    An Adaptation that Aquires a New Shell

    This isn’t just a generic remake; it’s not a half-ass cash grab. Ghost
    in the Shell’s 2017 live-action adaption dares to take its original
    concept and offer something new and meaningful.

    So much can be praised for this film. The visuals and soundtrack were
    beautifully paired to create an atmospheric world. The deeper meanings
    were present and written as an updated version of previous answers
    offered, which is something to highlight. The various symbolic
    undertones smoothly intertwine with the main story, creating a
    meaningful film while the story is complex enough to stand above
    generic sci-fi but not delve into convoluted or confusing grounds.The
    characters are not cardboard cutouts; they’re developed and walk a
    blurred line between right and wrong and their motivations are more
    complex than a good vs bad ideology. Scarlett Johansson was incredible
    as an actress in this role, and adds emotional connection to the
    fleshed out Motoko Kusanagi character, which goes beyond her
    characterization from previous entries – something else to highlight.
    Her character is fascinating and one you can easily root for and feel
    her struggles. In addition, the rest of the cast can be admirable with
    most characters being performed by respectable choices. Instead of
    taking a route of remaking the film shot-for-shot, this film pays
    respect to the original one with slight nods. Story-wise, it combines
    elements from previous entries while still appearing fresh, and
    explores similar questions but approaches them with new answers, which
    is something to admire. The film finds a new shell to possess, in a

    The only noticeable flaws were a with pacing at the beginning and with
    a few generic dialogue choices. It has a few sentences of exposition
    during the opening credits, which is boring but easy to overlook as a
    setback. While the film has less philosophy than the 1995 anime, there
    is some present and it’s worth analyzing. Watching the trailer, the
    film is presented as a more simplistic film than the film itself. Other
    than those minor setbacks, I conclude, this film is: Worthy of Theater
    Admission Price!

  • Matilda BobcockApril 2, 2017Reply

    Crude Understanding Of Ghost In The Shell And Whitewashing The Story

    I really wanted to like this movie. I like the other work of the
    director. The repeated use of crude, stupid whitewashing and a lack of
    sensitivity to the source morality killed the movie – not the first
    time a Hollywood remake is a disaster. Hollywood needs to stop
    destroying anything and everything just because it can. It is in
    disgust and annoyance that I write this. While I gave it the full
    chance, I wished that I had stopped and walked out at 40 minutes.
    Scarlet Johanson is as relevant here and has as much understanding of
    the source material as Natalie Portman did in Star Wars. The cyborg
    character is portrayed as unprofessional and having mommy issues – she
    is unfamiliar with her tools and amateurish in actions. This couldn’t
    have been a much better movie sine Hollywood wants to insert itself
    everywhere and impose one of its name actresses, but reality is it
    doesn’t work.. 3/10 for the graphics

  • shide_85April 2, 2017Reply

    New benchmark for effects though dropping the ball on depth in the storyline.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tristanjtApril 2, 2017Reply

    In the range of 7-8

    I’ve seen a lot of people trashing this for being completely devoid of
    anything deep while looking really good. First off, the visuals are
    beautiful as many have noted, however what’s really important are the
    characters themselves.

    There is depth, and honestly you are wanting this to be bad if you
    ignore the character development. The weakest part of the movie is the
    somewhat generic plot, however its important to realize that the plot
    itself is not necessarily out of character for the GITS universe as
    GITS was the inspiration for many plots of this type. Additionally,
    character development was solid for the main cast (except for the
    generic villain, although the 1995 version didn’t really have a strong
    villain either.) The Major does have existential questioning and real
    personality along with the other significant characters.

    Its worth seeing whether you are a fan or not. If you are a fan than
    I’d say that there is plenty for you in the live-action version as long
    as you accept that it wasn’t solely based on the 1995 version and that
    it needs to make changes for a wider audience.

  • cruise01April 2, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell is an exciting science fiction film with neat visuals and concept.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David Hart (dhart-2)April 2, 2017Reply

    Very well done…

    This is a well done version of Ghost in the Shell that keeps true to
    the original basic theme. It is visually stunning, has an engaging
    story, and has excellent pacing. It engaged me from the start to the

    Many hard-core fans are decrying the lack of philosophical debate and
    the deep dive into cybernetics and morals of the original mature Anime
    series and movies. I’m willing to bet that those in this camp had such
    high expectations that no movie would have met what they expected.

    This is an origin story. It’s meant to give people who have no idea
    about the characters and the underlying themes a background without
    making it overly complicated. Personally, as a huge Ghost in the Shell
    fan, I enjoyed every moment of the movie.

  • korstpApril 2, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell without the ghost.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Orlando SomeraApril 2, 2017Reply

    Somehow I never get tired of Scarlett as a badass

    This very entertaining movie is probably too artsy for most, but maybe
    not, there’s plenty of violence. And its visual tastes are extremely
    refined and yet easily enjoyed. The plot is a simple one, the Major
    comes to doubt her origin story, that a company called Hanka saved her
    from death but had to put her brain into an outwardly soft, but quite
    capable robotic body, in order to do it.

    If you’ve ever dipped into manga, you will recognize the feel of this
    movie. That it manages to duplicate and improve on a 1990’s era comic
    is no small achievement. It’s quite clever about it. So is Scarlett
    Johansson. It’s surprising how effective she is, even after Lucy and
    the Avenger’s movies. It’s good to spend some time with her as she
    brings the story to life.

    The idea that it would have been better with a Japanese in the lead
    role is hard to see. The story would have seemed a bit less relevant
    without Scarlett and that seems unnecessary. Why deny a huge segment of
    the American public the ability to fully appreciate the story?

  • alanchiajhApril 2, 2017Reply

    Best anime adaption so far

    I just watched the movie on Friday,it was totally the best live action
    anime movie i’ve ever seen .

    The visual and story was beyond was same as the original

    Scarlett Johansson was really pulled of as a Major that she can do the
    same like the character in anime.

    I would totally recommended it if you are fans of anime and manga and
    you won’t be disappointed.

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])April 2, 2017Reply

    Scarlett you never cease to amaze me.

    I never saw the 1995 anime film, in which this film is based. Maybe
    I’ll get around to watching it one day. Now I see where the Matrix
    films got some of there inspiration. This film is very visually
    stunning, and action don’t disappoint.

    A cyber enhanced female named Major(Scarlett Johansson) who works
    protecting people in the far distant future. Although she once a human,
    does not quite remember what was her life before. Major soon discovers
    a mysterious figure is coming after the company she works for. Also he
    may know more then what is being let on.

    Scarlett really gives it her all here, playing the characters sense of
    trying to act like a robot, and her curiosity. Action scenes are very
    well done. All the other characters are also watchable too. It shows us
    a possible future.

  • sabersforeverApril 2, 2017Reply

    Never seen GitS before? Enjoy!! Die-hard fan? Huge let-down

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Wilson ChenApril 2, 2017Reply


    Hollywood needs to stop f**king messing around with its childish, naive
    interpretation of eastern classics. If you wanna make a mundane,
    foolish Hollywood movie like fast and furious, transformers, then go fk
    yourself and make an original movie out of it instead of shooting it
    under the theme of GITS.

  • Iwona LeigyrApril 2, 2017Reply

    In defence, spoiler free.

    I gave the film 10/10, because I always consider what the film is, it’s
    context, it’s genre while rating. As for the films based on anime there
    isn’t much to look up to and I would love to see other titles treated
    with as much respect as this one…(cough) ”Dragonball Evolution”
    (cough)… You can really immerse yourself into the world of GITS. It
    is visually beautiful. If you’ve seen the anime you’ll easily recognise
    the places and characters, and that’s just itself so enjoyable for the
    fan of the original. The plot is changed, but still familiar. The
    themes are not as deep as in the original, but let’s be honest how many
    people would go to see a SF film based on anime if they wouldn’t make
    it easy enough to digest for a regular movie-goer? I see it rather as a
    single step (finally in a good direction) and deeper themes may be
    introduced further along the way. Look how far the comic book movies
    got, and how acceptable it is to be a fan of them nowadays. Give this
    film a chance whether you’re a SF/action fan, Scarlett Johansson fan,
    or a fan of the original.

  • RavenApril 2, 2017Reply

    Super good Movie

    Just saw this movie and I thought it was great. Looking at all the bad
    reviews that it’s getting makes me shake my head in wonder. The special
    effects were super cool good story line and good ending. Well done.
    Just a really well done movie. Enough so that after seeing all the
    negative reviews I decided to make my own. Watch it and enjoy it.

  • John PaulApril 2, 2017Reply

    A Fantastic Movie of Self-Identity in a World of Techological Evolution

    When I come away from watching a movie with not only enjoyment but
    reflection, then I know there was something special.

    I greatly enjoyed this journey of self-discovery in a
    technology-is-king-universe – where minds can be hacked and humans
    enhance themselves in forced evolution. Rupert Sanders presents us with
    a gorgeous yet dirty world of tech corporations and evolved humans that
    seem more at home in their flashiness of holograms while ignoring their
    crumbling infrastructure.

    From the very beginning we are presented with the birth of The Major
    and Scarlett Johansson completely owns this cyborg from her very first
    breath. Being the lead soldier of Section 9, her and her team are a
    special forces unit that attempt to take down a cyber terrorist known
    as Kuze. However, the movie is definitely seen through the eyes of
    Johansson whose ghost is still attempting to live and breathe while
    figuring out her own place in humanity.

    Kudos need to be given to The Major’s Boss, Aramaki and her second in
    command Batou. Both play a huge role in The Major’s development and
    give us some great dialogue that compliment her on her journey. One
    special direction was having Aramaki only speak Japanese while everyone
    understands him. In this tech world of telepathy and communicators,
    one’s personal barriers of communication and the self has been torn

    The action scenes were impeccable, especially those that reflected the
    original movie. The landscape and soundtrack of this dystopian world
    only enhanced the effect and major props need to be given to the
    artists and Rupert’s direction.

    Deep Diving and reflecting on what it means to be human are all there.
    However, I will say that we are presented with a unique and dare I see
    deeper version of The Major’s character. Scarlett presents us with a
    badass heroine but as one watches they can see that this serves more as
    a prequel to how The Major becomes who she is. We see her grow from
    stilted walking and blank expressions to using more comfortable
    reflections with those she trusts. There is a lot to digest if one
    chooses to discover it.

    The villain Kuze serves as a beautiful foil to the ever evolving Major
    and their interactions really shift the movie into its own. His speech
    and delivery, so believable in the circumstances.

    From here on out, I would be getting into spoiler territory, but I will
    say that the clever ending amazed me.

    A Robocop clone and bastardization, this is not. Ghost in the Shell
    presents us with its own uniqueness while still paying huge homage to
    the original property. There will be things that fans will pick right
    up on while others not familiar may find confusion. Section 9 could
    have been fleshed out more and a few dialogue pieces might have been
    best seen and not heard but it never took away from the film. A strong
    foundation and universe has been planted for hopefully potential
    sequels. Special kudos also must go to Juliette Binoche who brought a
    motherly aspect to the film and to another certain special someone who
    appears near the end (no spoilers) and just makes you melt.

    What exactly constitutes the soul? What makes you human? What defines
    you? Can one live being transferred to another and is it really living?
    To what lengths do powerful entities attempt to control and train you
    to do their political bidding, and by what means?

    These questions and more are presented and in my opinion effectively.

    The movie does not shy away from its purposes for casting either and in
    fact incorporates it into its being. In my opinion, clever and very
    ballsy which touches on an even greater evil towards one’s self
    identity and evolution in a world of technological power.

    If you love action movies with psychological reflections and self-
    identity, with themes steeped heavily in our internet culture of torn
    down barriers and the world’s creed to have the grid be our master,
    you’ll love it or at the very least be engaged by it.

  • thegwoeApril 2, 2017Reply

    Wrong Headed Origin Story w/ CyberFrankensteins

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • krisztyxxApril 2, 2017Reply

    worse then I expected

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nils SchmidtApril 2, 2017Reply

    A true gentleman

    Lets imagine, that you are the Hollywood director of the first live
    action movie from the diverse universe of ”Ghost in the Shell”. You
    will take the original score from Kenjii Kawai and take the plot and
    scenery shot-for-shot from Mamorou Oshii’s work. You will cast Asians
    only, because you care about the race. Let us be philosophical: What is
    a race? We are a copy master without own ideas and deliver nothing new.
    Just compete with Oshii, because you can do it better. Take some new
    bible quotes that provide no clear answers and let the audience think:
    This is philosophy. Threw your ancestors on the ground. /s

    Fortunately, Rupert Sanders is not such an unfair director. His
    interpretation does not intend to be better than the original, it never
    wanted to be. Instead it is truly original and has its iconic moments
    and Easter-eggs as an homage to the predecessors. He unifies some ideas
    and creates something new, just in the spirit of project 2501:

    ”A copy is just an identical image. There is the possibility that a
    single virus could destroy an entire set of systems and copies do not
    give rise to variety and originality. Life perpetuates itself through
    diversity and this includes the ability to sacrifice itself when
    necessary. Cells repeat the process of degeneration and regeneration
    until one day they die, obliterating an entire set of memory and
    information. Only genes remain. Why continually repeat this cycle?
    Simply to survive by avoiding the weaknesses of an unchanging system”

    Music: Origa. Scott Mattew. Kenjii Kawaii. Steve Conte. They are all
    various interprets from previous iterations of GitS. It is no surprise
    that this film starts with a different kind of music, too. Clint
    Mansell (known for Requiem of a Dream) did a great job of combining
    wave-synth elements with orchestral parts and choir samples.
    Unfortunately, at some moments, the music is a way too subtle. For
    example, when the Major and Kuze met for the first time. The dialogue
    is very strong, but needs more music as an undertone. Sometimes, there
    is a jingle from the predecessors, a rattle, some bells. My try to
    memorize the music was nearly impossible, since the music lacks of a
    Leitmotif, but I took my pen and paper and it wasn’t forgotten. (7/10)

    Visuals: The visuals are truly remarkable. I saw on Adam Savage’s
    ”Tested” how much effort WETA had put into this movie. When I saw it
    finally on screen, it was not overloaded with CGI and used a lot of
    practical effects. I adored the 3D effects, too. I also kept in mind,
    that Rupert wanted to create his own world (any comparison with the
    predecessors is quite senseless). (10/10)

    Acting: Scarlett Johansson (Major) and Pilou Asbæk (Batou) representing
    a strong duo. Mr. Michael Pitt (Kuze) is outstanding and Takeshi Kitano
    (Aramaki) performs great as a wise chief director. Juliette Binoche
    (Dr. Ouelet) delivers a solid performance as a mother and scientist at
    the same time. However, I felt that the scientific part of Dr. Ouelet
    was not polished up. (8/10)

    Plot: Yes, the story is easy to digest. It is true, that the film does
    not ask direct questions to you, but this does not imply that the film
    is not about existence, the mind-body problem and cyber-ethics! Think
    about the shelling sequence as its own unethical procedure and combine
    it with the name Kuze. Think about cyber enhancements and look at the
    fate of Dr. Osmond. Will you be enhanced in the near future? Are you
    already enhanced, because you can not live without your smartphone
    anymore? What is the truth, what is real? Is existence bound to a body
    or can you be someone else? Imagine that you are Dr. Ouelet. Will you
    be a happy person? What was the price that Ouelet payed to become a
    modern version of Dr. Frankenstein? In this movie, humanity is
    endangered by technology, but the message is either not clear enough or
    not complicated enough to say ”this is philosophical”. (7/10)

    You are neither the puppet master, nor a puppet on the string. A letter
    from the past shows who I was. What I do now, is what I am. Zeitgeist
    changes. Mankind changes.

    Total: (8/10)

  • taylorvignaliApril 2, 2017Reply

    Best sci fi film adaptation I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t believe the fake reviews from haters. This film delivers and it’s
    one of the most visually stunning sci fi films ever made. The team of
    thousands who worked tirelessly to respect the original source material
    and craft a new version of the story have knocked it out of the park.

    Yes I would have changed a few things here or there…but I believe
    credit should be given where credit is due. I haven’t seen this level
    of Hollywood craftsmanship since The Dark Knight. I saw it in IMAX 3D
    and felt like it raised the bar on what a 3D viewing experience could
    be. Not since Avatar…have I seen 3D work so well.

    The music was spot on and the visual effects teams made something
    special. I felt the acting was nuanced and well played throughout. The
    director nailed it.

    Scarlet contributes a meaningful performance to the franchise. I
    believe we should be sensitive to diversity in Hollywood. For those on
    tear to destroy a work of art…I feel they’ve picked the wrong movie
    to demonize. The major’s character has an android body…it was
    manufactured.The point isn’t her race…it’s actually the opposite…it
    begs the question, ”what does race even mean if you’ve become a robot?”
    From the articles I have read…the Japanese public was more angry
    about a Chinese actress playing the lead in memoirs of a Geisha. Now
    that is a case I can understand and have empathy for.

    The world is full of trolls and haters. Don’t let them ruin this
    amazing movie for you. It’s special and deserves a major thumbs up.

  • CinegainsApril 2, 2017Reply

    The trailer is the movie

    I came into this movie to expect something great but was left feeling
    like I wasted time expecting something out of this.

    The best thing about this movie is the visual effects, but even then,
    you get to see most of that from the trailer. The writing was mediocre
    at best and the best lines in the movie are also in the trailer. The
    plot felt to me like its something we have seen over and over again,
    and is starting to become clichéd. They tried to make it more modern,
    futuristic and appealing by adding the idea of hackers taking over
    cyborgs, but even then this has been done time again by classic movies
    like Total Recall and Terminator.

    One upside of the movie is Scarlett Johannson. She is probably the only
    reason to watch the movie. She makes the part her own throughout most
    of the film, only being let down by the mediocre writing and plot.

    After watching this it seems like Hollywood doesn’t want to come out
    with anything original but wants to use CGI to appeal to moviegoers and
    make money. I for one would not pay for this movie and would just wait
    for it to air on Free Network television.

  • Movie ParadiseApril 2, 2017Reply

    It’s a Fitting Title…

    The title ”Ghost in the Shell” is the perfect way to describe this
    movie. It has a fantastic looking exterior with a hollow interior. The
    film looks impeccable. All the production design is incredible looking.
    I don’t know how much was adapted straight from the anime, and what is
    original to the movie, but it all looked fantastic. Everything from the
    costumes to the city shots of futuristic Japan was just incredible to
    watch. The problem with this movie is that, while the visuals are all
    fantastic, it’s absolutely hollow on the inside. There is nothing below
    the surface for this movie. It doesn’t have any real emotion, nor does
    it deliver on any kind of profound philosophical ideas. It’s just
    boring and bland. Every now and then there are some cool action scenes,
    but they are so fleeting and scarce that they don’t accommodate for the
    rest of the movie.

  • Theo RobertsonApril 2, 2017Reply

    You Know It Already

    I came in to this movie not knowing much about it apart from what I’d
    seen in the trailers, which gave me the impression I’d be watching a
    sort of cross between BLADE RUNNER and THE MATRIX . Again I’m in danger
    of sounding like a very predictable stuck record but I have noticed how
    uncannily accurate trailers have been over the last couple of years but
    the downside is that the films they’re plugging almost always give an
    uninspiring feeling to this audience member

    Looking on this site GHOST IN THE SHELL is based on a Japanese manga
    series but BLADE RUNNER meets THE MATRIX is still an accurate summary.
    One wonders if Japanese imperial ambitions in the 1930s and 40s might
    have led the producers to make it an international friendly type of
    sci-fi action adventure and just about every nation on Earth is
    represented here somewhere. It does give the feel it has been entirely
    produced by committee where even a potential Chinese will enjoy it
    never having seen Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult film

    There’s two problems though . First is you realise you’re watching
    something totally unoriginal and when GHOST IN THE SHELL reminds you of
    other films you’re constantly reminded the originals were probably
    better. Secondly and this is a bigger problem in that despite all the
    stunts, firefights , CGI , noise and bluster you’re quickly puzzled as
    to what is happening and why it is happening. The film can be summed up
    about two thirds of the way through the running time where the gun
    totting cyborg heroine meets a male character where he gives her a long
    winded explanation and finishes with the line ”You know it already”
    which is a great example of very poor plot exposition. In short not
    only GHOST IN THE SHELL a mess but it’s a ill thought out derivative

  • Taryll BakerApril 2, 2017Reply

    Smart, Cool and Refreshingly Enjoyable.

    Ghost in the Shell is directed by Rupert Sanders and stars Scarlett
    Johansson, Pilou Asbæk, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt,
    Chin Han, Danusia Samal and Peter Ferdinando.

    In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: A human saved from
    a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted
    to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals.

    There was controversy. There were expectations. For me, these
    expectations were high. The original 1995 Ghost in the Shell anime had
    layer upon layer of subliminal meaning in its vast imagery and
    storytelling. Its themes were explored deeply, and gained a cult
    following momentously. Rupert Sanders has delivered a visually
    outstanding instalment to the franchise. Although a soft
    reboot/reimagining of the original, GITS stands on its own.

    Even if some of the Ghost (or Soul) from the anime is lost, the Shell
    is incredibly vibrant. The cinematography is stunning, jam-packed with
    a colourful visual design and intricate sets, recreating the familiar
    feeling of the original material. Something that worried me going into
    this film was that it would avoid Major’s drive to discover who/what
    she is, and turn it into an action-packed thrill ride with no meaning.
    However, to my delight, this did not happen. In fact, the story drifts
    from the original and twists our expectations. It’s smart, cool and
    refreshingly enjoyable.

    Scarlett Johansson was cast with heated discussion amongst fans, but I
    believe she has done a wonderful job with this role. She clicks with
    this world perfectly, in my eyes. Pilou Asbæk as Batou is well-cast,
    also. Both work together nicely with great chemistry. Binoche, Kitano,
    Ferdinando and everyone else involved are so very natural in the
    setting. Some of the set pieces look and perform great, though
    surprisingly cut-down to ensure the story stays focused on Major.

    Clint Mansell & Lorne Balfe utilise snippets from Kenji Kawai’s
    original theme as a respectful nod, then progress forward with a
    synth-heavy score that weaves so beautifully with the picture. Subtle
    but important. It’s an impressive ambiance that fills the atmosphere
    presented in the film.

    Ghost in the Shell is not for everyone, but like the original, I do
    think everyone should try it. It’s not going to rake in a huge amount
    of money in its theatrical run, but don’t take that as a bad sign. The
    only thing I’d like to see is an uncut version; it feels like it was
    toned down for a wider audience. That said, I’m absolutely interested
    in seeing a sequel or two to further expand upon the story of Major &

    Verdict; Impressive visual effects, smart storytelling and interesting
    characters make Ghost in the Shell an energetic and entertaining

    Ghost in the Shell, 8/10.

  • ajohan-1April 2, 2017Reply

    Spider Tank, Spider Tank, does whatever a Spider Tank Can! Look out, here comes the Spider Tank!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanApril 2, 2017Reply

    Maybe next time you can design me better….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ayal OrenApril 2, 2017Reply

    Visionary, thought provoking, and well done all the way through

    Since it seems to matter, I have to start with the statement that I did
    not see any of the manga or anime source material. But I do know that
    Masamune Shirow, the creator of that source material agreed with the
    changes made to his creation. Seeing the movie I think I know why he
    agreed to having Scarlett Johansson portraying his heroine. Namely: The
    issues raised in his movie are not Japanese but rather universal. The
    fact she doesn’t look Japanese enhances the alienation of her character
    (and all the other non Japanese being part of the global corporation
    that doesn’t really care about being Japanese). And there’s at least
    one Japanese character, who insists on speaking nothing but Japanese
    all through the movie. Think about the significance of his role and
    you’ll realize that the the Japanese soul of the film is still shining
    bright. On top of all that, Scarlett is superb. You can see how she’s
    more than an action figure, you can see, her humane ghost coming
    through. It makes sense that her mother would recognize her in a
    completely new, made up, body. In fact, the fact she’s not Japanese
    makes this point much stronger.

    All other aspects of this film are of the highest quality. CGI and
    artistic design are simply visionary. I would summarize it as Blade
    Runner on steroids. I have a feeling that’s where Ridley Scott would’ve
    taken his classic masterpiece if he only could at the time. The actors
    don’t all get to demonstrate their abilities, but besides Scarlett
    Johansson, one must also mention the great performance of Juliette
    Binoche, and Peter Ferdinando, as the perfect villain.

    The whole point of this movie, is the question: what being human is all
    about, and how destructible is humanity. Now how deep is the answer
    offered by the movie, is in this case up to each and every spectator,
    simply because we’re not being spoon fed with the required conclusions.

  • quinnox-1April 2, 2017Reply

    Has all the trappings of sci-fi movies from the past, but with no identity of its own

    The general look of the film is very good, and reminds us of some of
    the classic science fiction movies of the past. The Matrix films
    especially. That said, there is a feeling of being too generic at the
    same time. The film doesn’t create anything new. More of a homage to
    some of those (much better) previous films.

    Scarlett Johansson isn’t good in the film. She looks very attractive
    and eye pleasing on screen, but with no personality. She has no
    charisma. Any fashion model type with a pretty face could have done
    this role just as well. She has no presence in the film. You can try
    and excuse it by saying she is trying to act robotic, but no, that is
    just a lame excuse. She must bring something to the table, instead of
    being a non-presence. She can’t carry a film, not going by this
    example, at any rate.

    I’m being very generous by giving it a 6, just because it has a few
    good action scenes, nice set design, and a few good one-liners said by
    some of the other characters. And the film does not feel too boring,
    but moves along at a good clip. Most science fiction fans will probably
    like and enjoy this film, even though its nothing special.

  • harryhiaschApril 2, 2017Reply

    surprisingly good

    I’ m writing this as a big fan of the original and cyberpunk in

    Just watch it without expectations and as a standalone movie apart from
    the original. You’ ll be surprised how good it is. Also, the 3d and vfx
    is great. The haters are more likely to get attention as it is the
    general rule in the interwebs. In this case, don’ t listen to them.
    People tend to get overcritical (oversensitive?) these days.

    This movie is beautifully done and excellent entertainment.

  • KalKenobi83April 2, 2017Reply

    A Good Live Action Anime

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Project 2501April 2, 2017Reply

    ”Because I am no longer the woman known as the Major nor the program called the Puppet-Master”

    With out the deep reference to the ‘tree of life’ and the merging of
    the Major and the puppet- master, it’s just a 4.

    Sci-Fi works well to explore the most complex issues of our human

    Sci-Fi does not work when it explores selfish revenge.

    (update) the original film showed the first birthing of a new life form
    from cyborg and A.I. – hence humans are no longer the top of the tree
    of life. That is heavy,

  • jmvelasquezestradaApril 2, 2017Reply

    How could they mess this up so much?

    I don’t understand how could they mess one of the best stories ever on
    Anime, with such an awful adaptation!!

    It wasn’t Scarlet, or the Visual Effects, those were great, Visually
    the movie is almost flawless, but they screwed so bad on the most
    important thing of the whole movie.

    What the F did they do with the Story?

    They took the essence of what makes Ghost in The Shell as great as it
    is and threw it away, destroying the soul (or the ghost) of the movie.

    This just felt empty and boring.

    My special regards to:

    Jamie Moss William Wheeler Ehren Kruger

    You suck!! I make you responsible for this awful adaptation that should
    have been great!!

  • HubieFixApril 2, 2017Reply

    It’s new, it’s original, go see it, IMAX 3D

    OK for the record I am a ghost in the shell rookie and should not be
    allowed to leave a review but I’m not seeing enough positive feedback
    to be silent. This movie was more original and visual than anything out
    in a long time. The visuals alone are worth the ticket of admission.

    Even though the story and content was originated years ago that doesn’t
    mean it is not still needed today. Long overdue? Yes but better late
    than never. More science-fiction the better. Don’t whine over your
    dinner, eat it and say thank you that was delicious, do you need help
    cleaning the dishes, doesn’t matter I’m cleaning them anyway.

    Back to the movie, again I’m a rookie but this was all new to me. What
    I enjoyed the most was that nothing was ordinary. The entire movie! The
    buildings, the city, the clothes, the people, it was all new. Does it
    hold up to the original? I don’t know but now I’m going to find out. It
    is not a bad thing, I want more! If you’re reading this the answer is
    simple. It’s new, it’s original, go see it, IMAX 3-D.

  • Mihai KosaApril 3, 2017Reply

    No comparison. Just honesty

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cool_taffApril 3, 2017Reply

    This movie is more a decent introduction to the franchise than a stand alone movie.

    For a more visual and in depth review; check out this YouTube video:

    The live action movie of the beloved Ghost in The Shell is based on the
    1995 movie and the animated series. The reason why I say this, is
    because this is basically a new origin story for the Major mixed with
    elements from the other incidents. Even if the story is now more
    character driven with a betrayal and revenge arc thrown in, it never
    felt that it wasn’t a typical ghost in the shell story. I would call
    this Diet Ghost in the Shell, since it does have the same elements that
    we come to love, but is not execute as well.

    Scarlett Johansson performance reflects the 1995 movie and the Arise
    portray. She stares a lot at the camera and speaks sometimes like a
    robot. Other times she is more naive and does show some vulnerable
    emotions, which is not a good thing as Major should have a commanding
    presence. But regarding how the story is set up as the first year on
    the job, is not that bad I guess.

    Fortunately, Pilou portray of Batou is more spot on. He is a likable
    character and he deserved that little backstory about his eyes. The
    chemistry between Major and Batou might not be as strong as in the
    show, but it’s still presence and has a charm to it. Rest of the
    Section 9 is yet again being pushed aside, but considering how the
    story is more driven for our main character, It’s not that big of a
    concern. Except for Aramaki, who only speaks Japanese for some reason
    and has some cool scenes with a gun.

    Action was kind of lack luster, they did not give the proper energy it
    deserved, but boy does the visuals make up for it. Just look at all the
    neat things! Yeah, they went far with the details, and it shows that
    this movie is more an introduction than a stand-alone. They took scenes
    that people liked. Like hey, do you like that opening scene, we got
    that. You like that fight with the camouflage, we got you cover. And
    what would a GITS be without Major ripping her arms out? It’s A BAD

    Other than that, this movie might be one of those live action movies
    based from Japanese comics to be good. So I really hope this movie will
    have a follow up just to justify the characters and themes more.

    As for now, I am Taff and I give my consent.

  • brankovranjkovicApril 3, 2017Reply

    Scarlet Johansson in tight Lycra – what is there not to like!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • D-PadRadioApril 3, 2017Reply

    More than a popcorn flick, less than a mind-bender

    As a fan of the cyberpunk genre, or anything sci-fi for that matter,
    this movie succeeded in scratching an itch that I’ve needed scratching
    for a while. If there was anything that this movie did well, it was
    successfully merging the dazzling futuristic visual aesthetics with the
    gritty and dark undertone of detective noir. I hadn’t seen any film hit
    the cyberpunk nail so finely on the head since the first time I’d seen
    Blade Runner. Mix that with a surprisingly good soundtrack, and I’ll
    give the setting of this movie a solid 10/10.

    The movie is not perfect though. It did suffer from having a
    cookie-cutter plot (secret agent, has no memory about her past, sets
    out to find her identity) and the action was mediocre. You can tell the
    writers wanted to play with deep existential themes, but didn’t really
    have the courage to risk being too hard for the masses to understand.
    So they tried to play it safe and just make it a good action flick, but
    even that fell short. The action scenes start to go stale towards the
    end, and the movie sort of plateaus after the initial excitement.

    If you are a fan of the original 1995 film, you will likely not be
    disappointed. Sure, they did change the story around for a broader
    audience, but it fits. The original anime, although a masterpiece in
    its own right, was very dialogue heavy and slow paced. Rupert Sanders
    took the liberty of westernizing the story a bit, but still included
    some fan service (some shots and lines taken directly from the
    original) so that fans could still see their favorite anime movie come
    to life. I’ve been seeing a lot of backlash and criticism from the die
    hard fans, saying that this film is a ”dumbed down” version of the
    original. I’m not going to deny that claim, but if you could watch a
    live action exact replica of the 1995 anime, would you really want to?

    Overall, the film is entertaining and certainly deserves a watch. I was
    satisfied, and so was my girlfriend who knew nothing about GITS before
    going into the theater. At the very least, I see this movie becoming a
    cult classic of the cyberpunk genre, and heck, it was better than
    Johnny Mnemonic.

  • wmhoggApril 3, 2017Reply

    Great Fun for Ghost in the Shell Fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jamess-21352April 3, 2017Reply

    An observation

    All the complaining about ‘whitewashing’ is rather overblown… People
    act like it’s a movie full of only caucasians. (hint: it’s not)

    A major corporation in it can easily be seen as an American
    corporation, though, which would explain the ‘whitewashing’ anyways.
    That isn’t far fetched… Perhaps they should have made this a
    prominent thing. Perhaps that would have helped? Probably not, they’d
    get slammed for that as well I bet…

    It is a shame that it was hurt by this. I was concerned going into it,
    but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I enjoyed it because I didn’t go in
    expecting it to 100% live up to the originals or S.A.C.? It did a
    better job than I was expecting. Maybe I enjoyed it more having enjoyed
    them. Also likely. I would like to see more, but without it having a
    strong opening, that probably isn’t going to happen.

    For those that feel it was ‘dumbed down’, people not familiar with it
    wouldn’t really know what is going on and why some of the scenes were
    even included. As it is, it really should have explained more, but yet
    really couldn’t have due to length.

    I’ll close by asking this: Why is it ‘bad’ when ethnicity is changed by
    Hollywood, but not China, India, or Japan? Do these same people
    complaining about ‘whitewashing’ complain about other people doing what
    is essentially the same?

  • Melisa CeciliaApril 3, 2017Reply

    Long time fan and enjoying every moment of this movie

    Pros: – The visuals are amazing, the team put a lot of work of
    re-imagining the world of Ghost in the Shell. – The action scenes are
    stunning and not over the top – Story is emotional and creates more
    sympathy to the Major character – Even though its not as deep as the
    1995 movie, it still gives you something to think about after – Its not
    the usual Hollywood’s cosplay version of an animation franchise – You
    can feel that the whole team put lots of love into making this movie

    Cons: – A bit disappointment on how they do the garbage truck driver
    scene – Quirks here and there but I can see that they need to spoon-fed
    the audience a bit since its Hollywood targeted market – Not enough
    screen time for the whole member of section 9 – The usual Hollywood’s
    super villain and hero cliché is still there

  • aa-ron-1April 3, 2017Reply

    Poor script, decent adjusted story and visually stunning.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chris MoranApril 3, 2017Reply

    Best Anime to Live Action Movie we have ever seen in film.

    1. This movie is fun , visually innovative, action packed movie, that
    will immerse you into the world of Ghost In the Shell.

    2. This movie is the best anime to live action adaptation we have ever
    seen period.

    3. I believe the movie pays a lot of respect to the original anime and
    tries to add a new perspective for anime.

    Watch in 3D to get the full experience of this movie.


    They either never saw original films, are knocking movie before seen,
    or have another agenda all together. The movie is not perfect but judge
    for yourself. You most likely will be surprised on how good this movie

    This movie has a lot of positive things it achieved and should be


    Mamoru Oshii, the director of the original anime adaptation of Ghost in
    the Shell, said that he has no problem with Johansson playing a role
    many have understood to be an Asian woman. His reasoning? Ghost in the
    Shell’s main character is a cyborg with no fixed form or race, he
    explained to IGN, so he doesn’t consider Johansson’s casting as
    Hollywood whitewashing.

  • Jeff Woods (Kazrak)April 3, 2017Reply

    Very good, but lost the best part of the anime versions.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • michaellaing71April 3, 2017Reply

    A good Blockbuster film which needs to be watched as its own film

    I have been a big fan of the Ghost in the Shell films and Stand Alone
    Complex series for many years,so when I first heard that Hollywood was
    adapting Ghost in the Shell and that they had cast Scarlett Johansson
    in the lead role, I was rather worried but the first trailer was OK so
    I thought I would give it a chance.

    Of course reading the reviews wasn’t particularly but the one thing
    that I did notice was that the vast majority of reviewers seemed to be
    comparing the original and also to films like the Matrix, Robocop and
    Bladerunner instead of reviewing the film on its own.

    Yes it shares some of the themes of the above films and it isn’t as
    good an any of them (including the original GITS or Stand Alone
    Complex) but this doesn’t mean it is a bad film and comparing it to a
    myriad of other Hollywood blockbusters it is pretty good.

    The script isn’t bad (though I did have some issues with the final act)
    and the directing is generally good, with good pacing and the editing
    was is generally decent. There was a couple of times where the film
    didn’t quite make sense but it wasn’t a big issue, just a little silly.

    The film doesn’t follow the themes of the original and the twist in the
    film was so obvious that I worked it out before I saw the film.

    The acting is fine but a lot of the Section 9 actors don’t get much too
    do, which is a pity and you don’t get much of the team dynamic that you
    get in the original or Stand Alone Complex.

    Another area I heard complaints before involved the score but I thought
    Clint Mansell did a pretty good job and I really enjoyed it, whilst it
    never felt like it was over powering the film.

    So overall I enjoyed the film. It isn’t going to be the best film of
    the year but it isn’t bad and I suspect it will be one of the better
    blockbuster of the year (it is certainly better then most the last few

  • Tracy FongApril 3, 2017Reply

    A brainless action movie that failed to meet the intellectual bar set by the original 1995 movie.

    I found myself groaning and face-palming throughout this entire movie,
    and I’m not even an avid fan. The only thing I did was watch the
    original 1995 movie, and I almost cried at how frustratingly terrible
    this version was. I’ve never wanted a movie to end so quickly.

    Not only was the casting decision bad (emotionless actors reading off a
    terrible script that did not portray the characters correctly), but the
    director failed to notice many small details in the original that
    actually provided a deeper understanding of characters as well as the
    philosophical twist that was so iconic of the original.

    There were a lot of unnecessary characters and fight scenes added that
    did nothing for the emotional or philosophical aspect this movie should
    have been. The deviation from the original plot wasn’t the problem.
    Rather, it was the deviation from the feel of the original.

    I normally love Sci-Fi, but this movie didn’t make me think
    intellectually like other Sci-Fi’s. It felt like they just took the
    look of the characters and universe, leaving behind the ”Ghost” of the
    original, and placed them into a universe that had more explosions,
    guns, and blood. This is an action movie with so-so CGI and characters
    I did not care about.

  • jon.h.ochiai ([email protected])April 3, 2017Reply

    Discovering the Soul

    It’s what you do and your soul that defines you in ”Ghost in the
    Shell”. Scarlett Johansson is heroic compassion as the human and mostly
    machine Major in Director Rupert Sanders’s ”Ghost in the Shell”. ”Ghost
    in the Shell” is the wonderful surprise that is both visually
    provocative action and the compelling existential exploration of
    humanity. Set in near futuristic Japan, cybernetic or robotic
    enhancements of humans are common place in the world. In this global
    incarnation Hanka Corporation is the technology leader seeking to
    change the world. Whether this change is for good is the real question?

    In the enthralling visual opening narrative scientists implant the
    residual human brain in the robotic ‘shell’ that becomes Johansson’s
    Major. Composed of electronics and metal alloy, the beautiful Major
    emerges from the laboratory liquid pool of flesh and hair—nearly human.
    Johansson is awesome. She has this mesmerizing stillness even in the
    gate of her walk. She disposes villains with explosive martial arts
    excellence. Sanders wisely leverages close ups of Johansson, whose face
    in both the spoken and unspoken eloquently expresses courage and
    vulnerability. Johansson commands ”Ghost in the Shell” as her own.

    Scarlett powerfully captures the emblematic paradox; her Major is more
    machine, than human in her search for her very humanity—her soul. She
    inspires as the hero discovering and defining herself. Her creators
    create and design her as the perfect soldier to combat the global
    terrorist threat. She confesses to her beloved creator caretaker Dr.
    Ouelet, played by poignant and strong Juliette Binoche, ”What I have is
    not real.” She speaks of her memories and her past.

    Dr. Ouelet tells her hero that it is not the memories you hold, ”It’s
    what you do that defines you…” The screenplay by Jamie Moss, William
    Wheeler, and Ehren Kruger is based on the classic Manga by Masamune
    Shirow. This movie is also the reinvention of the 1995 Amine feature
    film. The ‘ghost’ is the remnant of soul implanted in the robotic or
    cybernetic ‘shell’. Does the soul exist? One’s design doesn’t determine
    your purpose. Does the Major deserve to find love? I was happy that the
    search for the soul infused in this narrative, and that Johansson
    embodies the existential hero’s purpose—discovering who she is.

    With brazen visual style the Major battles evil villains in literal
    pseudo-nakedness. Johansson is sexy, haunting, and isolated. This kind
    of symbolizes the stark lone nature of her very quest. As in the
    original Anime, the Major dramatically disrobes from her overcoat, then
    like the Dark Knight descends upon her evil prey. In a conflict arc the
    naked Major pummels the fleeing criminal in the rain filled pond,
    nearly killing. Her hulking fellow cyborg Batou, played by sarcastic
    but nurturing Pilou Asbaek, mercifully prevents her. The Major fights
    with calculated precision, and consumed rage. Since ‘high-jacking’ the
    program of a terrorist robot, the Major has bizarre images perhaps from
    her past. Is her dormant humanity emerging?

    This makes ”Ghost in the Shell” compelling. Sanders’s future Japan has
    the layered holographic feel of ”Blade Runner” and the austere heroic
    night imagery of ”The Dark Knight”. The collective cyber- consciousness
    and virtual ‘plug-ins’ remind of ”The Matrix”. The Major discovering
    her inherent soul is amazing. Sanders falters a bit in the story arc
    when Johansson’s Major talks with someone dear from her passed life. He
    is too restrained; he could have risked bringing us to tears.
    Poetically, he resolves this later in the Major’s hero journey.

    After creating the Major, Machiavellian Hanka CEO Cutter, played by
    ruthlessly good Peter Ferdinado, transfers her to Section 9—the
    Government’s elite anti-terrorist group. Section 9 is headed by the old
    and wise Aramaki, played with gravitas by Takeshi Kitnao. Batou becomes
    the Major’s protector and friend, who may also be in love with her.
    Cutter distinguishes the Major as the revolutionary first of her kind.
    But is she the first? There are so many lies, including those
    surrounding the Major.

    The possible villain arises in cyber-enhanced Kuze, played by
    charismatic Michael Pitt. Section 9 and the Major investigates Kuze’s
    murder of all those associated with ‘Project 2571’—cloaked in secrecy.
    Perhaps, the Major was not the first? And the stories of her origins
    may be lies as well. The Major and Kuze’s present and past may be
    tragically bound.

    I thoroughly enjoyed ”Ghost in the Shell” for its visual style, thought
    provoking story, and entirely for Scarlett Johansson’s performance. Her
    movie star presence transcends the character and the movie. I read and
    heard about the ”whitewashing” in casting Scarlett instead of a
    Japanese actress as the Major. Johansson is amazing. The character of
    the Major is more machine, than human. ”The Ghost in the Shell” is
    about the nature of the soul. Perhaps, the shape of your eyes has
    little to do with the quality of your soul. I say this as a Japanese
    American movie fan. The touching epilogue of ”Ghost in the Shell” makes
    this perfectly clear. ”Ghost in the Shell” is surprising and very

  • Andres RoselApril 3, 2017Reply

    Not sure how this happened.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kiara5437April 3, 2017Reply

    The Dangers of Hype

    I came into this movie not knowing anything about it, besides the fact
    that it was an adaption. I avoided trailers, news, and even the IMDb
    page, which is usually my bible and helps me decide on what movies I
    see. I was absolutely blow away. The look, the story, the acting, all
    spectacular. I enjoyed every second. I felt every emotion. I was amazed
    by every visual. I walked out of the cinema in awe. Then, I checked the
    IMDb page and was absolutely shocked to see it had a score of 6.9. This
    is a excellent example of why hype is a dangerous weapon, especially
    against adaptions or remakes. This really opened my eyes towards movie
    criticism and reviews. I urge everyone to do as I did more often, not
    give movies unrealistic expectations, and rip it to pieces when it
    disappoints you. Instead, put your preconceived notions behind you,
    appreciate the countless hours of work and incredible effort the
    filmmakers put in, and remember why we watch movies: to enjoy.

  • machieavelliApril 3, 2017Reply

    Gorgeous Visuals, Methodical Directing, Scarlett Johansson In The Flesh!!!..

    I kid you not saw it twice in theaters already and I love it…I like
    the direction they are headed with the franchise, they are catering to
    everyone. It honors the manga, the 1995 anime, and at the same time
    differentiating its identity as a live action film…It truly is worth
    going to see it in cinemas..

  • dllugdarApril 3, 2017Reply

    Great movie!! Expectations are the mother of all disappointments

    Please don’t follow the advice of those who had expectations about the
    performance of the visual the plot or the major or God knows what
    else… This film is an ”adaptation” and as such brings different
    things that some people will gladly appreciate and others not. There’s
    not good or bad right or wrong… There’s only perception of the
    observer and it’s willingness to be open or close in their

  • Juli5139April 3, 2017Reply

    Underrated by haters and super critics

    When it comes to getting high IMDb ratings this movie was already
    destined to fail just because it is an anime adaptation of a highly
    beloved nineties classic. On top of that the cast and yet another
    Hollywood whitewashing sh*tstorm.

    Is this a perfect film? No. Some story elements were simplified to
    appeal to a broader audience and I would have done some scenes and
    dialogues differently. But overall it is a solid movie in the Sci-Fi
    genre. The atmosphere, effects, music and aesthetics are stunningly
    beautiful! You can still feel the heart and soul of Ghost in the Shell.
    The story is there – slightly changed but still thought provoking.
    There are many scenes where you can really see the amount of work that
    was put into making this movie – tiny details in the background, the
    aura of Hong Kong and other locations where this film was shot and just
    the overall look and feel.

    If this wasn’t an adaptation but an original film I’m pretty sure the
    ratings would look completely different and the critics would be
    positive only. Don’t let negative ratings of super critical anime
    lovers stop you from seeing this movie! Especially if you have never
    seen the original Ghost in the Shell – now is the time.

  • Paul BolcosApril 3, 2017Reply

    A good adaptation

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eduardodevicentechatoApril 3, 2017Reply

    It looks like GITS, but it doesn’t feel like it…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • allthingswatchedApril 3, 2017Reply

    Loved It! Just Enough Cyber Punk to be Entertaining

    I have to say, I wasn’t into Scarlett Johannson’s repeated attempts at
    the genre, but after this movie, she is my new crush.

    I walked in knowing that this would be a Hollywood adaptation, and (no
    where near) as deep as the original anime. It’s a fine line in having
    to stay true to the original, yet making the movie palatable enough to
    engage the newbie viewer.

    For me, it was enough of the story line coupled with with amazing
    cyberpunk eye candy. I thought it was amazing. I frankly find it funny
    that a white actor is so harshly critiqued for playing Major, despite
    Mamoru Oshii, the director of the original anime adaptation, endorsing

    That’s like telling Monet that he needs to add clarity to his
    impressionistic paintings, or telling Bach that it’s all about the

    Seriously, go in with a clean slate, and you’ll enjoy this movie. I
    look forward to more adaptations, and hope Scarlett entertains a
    William Gibson film like Neuromancer. Dare I say it, I could even see
    her playing Frank Miller’s Ronin. I await the flames. lol

  • apw2-682-298036April 3, 2017Reply

    Weak story, poor acting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • isaackiernanApril 3, 2017Reply

    Ghost Remixed

    This film is not a straight adaptation of the 1995 anime film ”Ghost in
    the shell”. What it is…. is a cinematic love letter to the franchise
    as a whole. It uses the basic plot structure of the 95 film, but
    introduces elements and plot threads from the series ”stand alone
    complex” as well as story elements from ”Ghost in the shell 2:
    Innocence”. It plays out as a ‘best of’ kind of film, and I sure loved
    it. Johanssen is pretty decent in the role, but who really shines are
    Pilou Asbaek as Batou, and Takeshi Kitano as Aramaki. The filmmakers
    really nailed the world,the atmosphere, and the characters. My only
    real complaint is that I wished Togusa had some more screen time,
    especially since when he was on screen he was perfect, but I was
    extremely satisfied with the film as a whole.

  • texsheltersApril 3, 2017Reply

    In an attempt to be true to the anime series, Ghost in the Shell fails to be a decent film.

    Ghost in the Shell: pure anime, and that’s the problem

    In an effort to look like an anime story, ”Ghost in the Shell” (GitS)
    ends up looking like a cartoon and not a live feature. From the
    beginning, the CGI looks, well, cheesy. It is terrible. 1982’s ”Blade
    Runner” had a better look than GitS. The best effects were when the
    filmmakers used real sets and enhanced them with CGI. Perhaps if you
    are 13, you won’t mind. You might actually enjoy that it looks like a
    video game with out-of-date graphics. For older audiences, the
    cartoonish look stands out.

    So it looks bad, so what, you ask. The dialogue is also as bad as much
    of Japanese anime as well. I couldn’t keep up with the terrible lines,
    writing in the dark of the theater. However, I am sure the writers had
    a book of clichés for the script, or perhaps they just borrowed from
    the anime series.

    The acting is terrible, even Johansson as Major. It’s a terrible role,
    and I must admit, I have never seen her as a great actress, just a good
    action star. She has no chance to be good anything here with the
    terrible material she is given. There are two standouts: Takeshi Kitano
    who plays Aramaki, Major’s boss and Michael Pitt who plays Kuze, the
    criminal Ghost/Shell. Pitt is creepy, endearing, sympathetic and
    dangerous. He and Kitano are the two winners in this fiasco.

    Did I mention the music. At least some bombs have great music, but
    here, the music is overwrought and unoriginal. It’s as if they stole
    that from the anime series as well or were told, ”Hell, just throw
    something emotional in there, it’s got Scarlett Johansson, no one will
    notice.” Well, when almost everything else in the film is below
    average, we will notice the terrible music.

    Rating: I want my money back.

    A half an hour in, I was cringing at the look and dialogue, the
    incoherent plot elements, and the lack of back story for the near
    future world. This might have been better as a TV series. And by the
    lack of an audience, word of mouth won’t save this film.

    Peace, Tex Shelters

  • frankleefishApril 3, 2017Reply

    the paltry ghost of a great story

    Opens with unnecessary exposition. Ends without flare. The visuals are
    great, but that’s about it. Whitewashing the lead is one fair
    complaint, but dumbing and numbing the entire story was a greater
    crime. Why does Hollywood insist on ruining great characters and
    enduring narratives?

  • William JamesApril 3, 2017Reply

    A fun ride!!! Very respectful to the source material.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hypokritesApril 3, 2017Reply

    Somewhat lacking performance by Johansson backed up by Pitt’s character makes for an enjoyable watch

    Where does this movie stand? It is NOT as good as it’s counterpart, the
    original animated movie. However, this movie is not bad, and while it
    drew a lot from the original movie, it takes on a slightly different
    direction in the plot, character development/focus and appeal.

    It has been a good number of years since I watched the original, so I
    had only a mild recollection of the movie going in to this one, which
    was nice, because I was trying a little harder to figure in this movie,
    vs scrutinizing and comparing. So in that respect, if you have any
    interest in seeing this movie, forget watching the animated one, right

    Scarlett Johansson did an adequate job playing the Major, but she
    certainly did not play the Major of old, and I did find her some what
    more ‘distant’ than what might have been required. Her almost complete
    lack of emotion, and the way the introduction, year later scene really
    made it hard for me to buy in to the character. However I did find the
    ending very touching.

    The plot diverges enough so that you are not watching the same movie,
    and I felt the performance/story of ‘Kuze’ was very provocative and
    complemented Johansson very well.

    I would give the movie 1.5 thumbs up, with respect to most of what
    Hollywood is producing, it gets two solid thumbs up. & Yeah, Takeshi
    Kitano, almost worth the price of admission right there.

  • clos2911April 3, 2017Reply


    I really believe that the people giving this film negative reviews went
    into this film expecting to experience the anime all over again. These
    people missed out on something great and its unfortunate because i
    truly believe they are fans. Others perhaps have no clue of what the
    concept of Ghost in the Shell is or is meant to be.

    I did go into this movie expecting the worst. Especially after reading
    so many negative reviews. Much of which were empty opinions rather than
    critical expressions. If you are a fan of the 1995 anime, then you
    should watch this movie with an open mind and expecting nothing. You
    will be pleasantly surprised at how good this movie really is from
    beginning to end.

    No matter how much of a fan you are, the Ghost in the Shell concept
    stands and will remain.

    I rate this movie an 8 and recommend not only to anime fans but sci/fi
    fans alike.

  • OscarWRGApril 3, 2017Reply

    Great adaptation

    Gorgeous Shell, too little Ghost. But in the end, I really liked this
    adaptation. It sets the cinematic universe of GITS for future

    The movie is not a copy, It is an adaptation from Ghost In The Shell,
    Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence and Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone
    Complex 2nd GIG TV Series.

    In the movie there are some sequences that are an exact replica of the
    Anime version, it is more like a tribute to Mamoru Oshii

  • Jean CiteApril 4, 2017Reply

    Hateful comparisons: good film with some problems, but not like the classic

    It is not a bad movie, but doesn’t have all the themes and complexity
    of the original. It is just an action catching-the-killer thriller
    settled in a future cyborg-society. Johansson plays a well portrayed
    role and the rhythm and plot are well presented. The main problem is
    how predictable and self explanatory the story is. There are even
    embarrassing moments of the characters literally explaining all the
    secrets of the past and the background of the protagonist just by
    talking with a cup of tea. In any case, for someone who hasn’t seen the
    classic, this version may be a nice futuristic thriller. CGI is
    amazing, by the way.

  • parrisjimApril 4, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning

    For those who feel in love with blade runner and have seen so many
    films try and recreate that world,This one does it the best.Every inch
    of this movie is interesting,it has a sensory overload feel..It also
    make great use of 3D,so many directors don’t know how to use the 3d and
    use it here and there just to throw stuff at you bathe in
    it.They ought to do a best 3d award since it is an art-form and so many
    never get it right…The story is original enough to keep your
    interest.Michael Pitt has a great character and I always enjoy beat if your looking for 1:45 Min’s of just a cool fun 3d ride
    this is for you…

  • Theo MwntliApril 4, 2017Reply

    A ”CAM” of the original GITS Staring Frankenstein with Character Assassination

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SteveTobiasApril 4, 2017Reply

    Stylistic, Gorgeous, Worth Watching

    It could have been better but it could have been a whole lot worse.

    The Ghost in the Shell universe is my personal favorite sci fi
    universe, anime and American TV/film included. I’ve watched Stand Alone
    Complex and 2nd Gig multiple times, watched the movies multiple times,
    even got Richard Epcar (the voice actor of Batou) to sign GITS:
    Innocence on DVD, and so forth.

    Here is what people are not getting. Stand Alone Complex has very
    little to do with the manga. Movies like Solid State Society have very
    little to do with the manga. Yet these, in my opinion, capture the best
    of the character development and the GITS universe. If all we had were
    the GITS movies and the manga, nobody would care about GITS. Variations
    from the original story are what make the franchise succeed.

    Secondly, have you watched Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence lately? Or
    even the new GITS: Arise films? The writers tend to go way overboard. I
    wouldn’t even call it ”philosophical,” it is just a giant wall of text
    that voice actors callously read. The writing can get way too
    complicated and wordy for no reason to the point where the movies get
    emotionless, cold, and even boring in some parts. This happens
    sometimes, not all of the time.

    Here is the lesson: it is okay to change trivial parts of the lore,
    like when Batou gets his eyes or which, if any, family members the
    Major meets. The specifics really, truly do not matter, as long as it
    tells the same story.

    Visually the film was absolutely amazing. The music was amazing. The
    casting, by far my biggest gripe going in, actually worked out. They
    did a good job.

    My two main issues: the PG-13 action and slight dumbing down of the

    Production IG is so incredibly good at drawing and animating weapons,
    gun fights, fist fights, that it’s hard to live up to the action
    scenes, especially if one chooses to remove blood and violence in order
    to get a PG-13 rating. This took away from the film for sure. There was
    little to no punch in many of the action scenes.

    GITS’s story can go in so many brilliant directions. It’s not that this
    film had a dumb script or a dumb story, it’s that in comparison it
    wasn’t as brilliant as the TV shows or other movies. There is nothing
    inherently wrong with this, because as I mentioned sometimes the
    animated GITS movies go overboard, but one does notice that some of the
    brilliance is lacking.

    The film was extremely successful at creating its own GITS-compatible
    style. It created a metropolis far better than any of the other GITS
    films. The synthwave music was fitting and very atmospheric. It
    surpassed the anime in these areas.

    Those bashing the film and giving it 1/10 are dishonest, misanthropic
    neckbeards, in Japan known as otakus, and you should refrain from
    giving these reviews any your time.

  • daks243April 4, 2017Reply

    It was OK!, but needed more.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SingoloApril 4, 2017Reply

    The shell is empty.

    I find that this movie works better for someone that has no experience
    with the Ghost in the Shell franchise. That statement may be wrong, but
    I, for once, found it to be pretty terrible and surprisingly bland.

    They try to remind you so much that this is Ghost in the Shell and not
    just some other generic Hollywood action film with robots, that it
    actually backfires and makes it worse. There’s this over abundance of
    establishing shots that feel as if the movie is trying to grab your
    attention so it can turn it away from how pathetic the script actually
    is. Maybe it would’ve been successful in that if they weren’t so
    repetitive in their use of giant holograms and so mediocre in the
    quality of their CG.

    It’s a shame that this movie’s visuals are the best thing it has going
    for it, because besides the mediocrity of the CG this world actually
    looks pretty interesting. It pales in comparison to the original Mamoru
    Oshii directed films for sure, but it is still eye candy and it gives
    some life to this movie’s bland cast of characters.

    Scarlett Johansson is as bland, emotionless and wooden as she was in
    Lucy, now with added pointless backstory that explain why she’s not
    Asian, but does absolutely nothing interesting with that. Takeshi Beat
    seems terribly bored and out of place as the only character that
    actually speaks Japanese and the rest of the cast is not much better
    off, with characters from the show appearing simply to be glorified
    cameos and god awful villains with weak motivation and acting that made
    me cringe.

    Whenever this movie tries to imitate scenes from the original it feels
    completely out of place and pointless. The garbage men from the first
    one, for example, are turned into walking plot holes with the thinnest
    explanation of why they’re actually there carrying guns. Things like
    this are present all throughout the movie.

    The soundtrack is also another downgrade. It cannot even be compared to
    the original in matters of memorability, not a single track from the
    movie stood out to me with the exception of the last one… That was
    taken directly from the first Ghost in the Shell’s soundtrack.

    I guess that really sums up what I think it’s wrong with this movie. It
    tries to be as thought provoking and daring as the original while at
    the same time dumbing it down and making it more commercial for
    American audiences, these two ideas simply don’t go well together. It
    ends up turning into a movie that just makes it’s characters babble out
    the themes and questions of the movie to the audience so it can get
    that done with and get on with incredibly mediocre action. It doesn’t
    make me irritated or anything like that since this type of practice is
    so common nowadays, but it still is sad.

  • RforFilmApril 4, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell is better at looking like the anime rather then replicating it

    Let’s talk about anime. For those that don’t know, anime is animation
    that is produced in Japan. What separates it from American animation is
    that while the craft is seen as family-based entertainment in the
    states, it is taken very seriously in Japan. It’s hard to describe it
    on paper, but when you see stuff like Sailor Moon, Speed Racer, Cowboy
    Bebop (an all-time favorite of mine) and anything from Studio Ghibli,
    you’ll see what I mean. This has been the same when it comes to full
    anime movies. This had led to a lot of Japanese movies that have even
    seen releases in the states like Akira, Pokémon: The First Movie, and
    the subject of today, Ghost in the Shell.

    The 1995 original film is seen not just as an excellent anime, but one
    of the best-animated movies in general. It’s themes of artificial
    intelligence, computer hacking, and blurring the line between human and
    robots were perfect to explore as the mid nineties had seen a growth in
    computer usage. A live action adaptation could potentially work, but
    the track record of American remakes of anime has been bad (Speed Racer
    and Dragonball: Evolution being such). Let’s see if the new Ghost in
    the Shell can break that curse.

    In the near future in Japan, Major Killian (played by Scarlett
    Johansson) is a cyborg with a human brain after her original body was
    destroyed beyond repair and was chosen in an experiment by Hanka
    Robotics to put her mind into a mechanical body. Now she works for
    Section 9, an anti- terrorist bureau whose mission is to stop major
    hacking. She’s really good at her job, but experiences occasional
    visions that her maker dismisses as glitches. With the help of her
    second in command Batou (played by Pilou Asbæk), the city seems safe,

    During one mission, they stop a terrorist attack at a Hanka business
    conference. They use a destroyed rouge robot to find out that the
    perpetrator is a hacker named Kuze. Though they manage to catch to
    garbage men who worked for him, they find that little is known about
    Kuze. The race is on the clock to find him, only for Major to start
    considering more about her life before becoming a cop as she does not
    remember any of it.

    I’ll clarify now that this does not follow the 1995 original movie, but
    rather Ghost in the Shell adapts elements from it’s TV series and manga
    source to tell something original. This one adapts more of an identity
    finding story along with the notion of stopping a terrorist. The good
    news is that the story is good…for a while. Also like the 1995
    original, this can get heavy within it’s own world. I started losing
    interest about halfway in when I was starting to lose track on what the
    goals were. This I blame on the acting of Scarlet Johansson, who I
    normally love in other movies, but she is so wooden. Taking the
    whitewashing controversy out of it, I’d still say the performance
    wouldn’t have worked due to the directing of Rupert Sanders.

    The film seems to be better at directing the world around our heroes as
    it looks really cool. A lot of people will probably say that it’s a lot
    like Blade Runner, but consider that it’s been a while since we’ve seen
    something like this. The action scenes also do a good job recreating
    scenes from the anime while adding in some stylized fighting.

    Another problem however is that its 2017. We’ve gotten a lot of movies
    about computer hacking and AI identity (such as The Matrix series,
    A.I., Ex Machina), so what’s this version of Ghost in the Shell going
    to add? Much of the deep philosophy from the anime is removed and what
    is kept seems a bit redundant and feels like has been said before.

    I’ll give this five anime pictures of Major out of ten. Ghost in the
    Shell works better as an action movie when not comparing it to the
    original. I’d still say watch the anime, but you might get something
    out of this if your just looking for action. This adaptation is a lot
    like a cyborg; looks good, but lacks little humanity under the surface.

  • Harry T. Yung ([email protected])April 4, 2017Reply

    Ghost = soul

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • darkmoomskyApril 4, 2017Reply

    Great movie with Fantastic special effects!

    This film was definitely better than what I expected it to be! Though
    the beginning was a little difficult to understand but it all tied in
    and made sense throughout the events of the movie. I loved the action
    sequences and special effects! Many people say that casting Scarlet
    Johansson a Japanese film was white-washing, but I thought that this
    was great! The main character (Major) is supposed to be a robot of
    someone else from the past so it does not matter if she is white or
    Asian. Scarlet Johansson’s performance was phenomenal and I really did
    enjoy this film!

  • urthpainterApril 4, 2017Reply

    3D visual FEAST

    First and for most, to the point, right off the bat – Ghost in the
    Shell is one beautiful 3D movie. And if you get to see it in an IMAX
    theater? Count yourself lucky.

    This movie should have been advertised as a cyberpunk, Bladerunner like
    experience, highlighting visuals, sound, music and effects. Instead
    they tried to sell it as a Scarlet action movie. A huge mistake.

    I can’t think of a release in the last several years that opens itself
    up to so much potential negative critique. Casting? Check. Remake of
    classic that can never please some fans? Check. Obviously more, but
    that would get boring in a hurry… point is people can come at this
    movie from a lot of different angles, often with a lot of expectation
    built in.

    But for the few who can put expectation aside, or to whom the story and
    characters are brand new? This is a rock solid piece of entertainment
    bringing Asian cyberpunk to American audiences. It is full of
    incredible ideas including cybernetic enhancement, ghost hacking and
    more than one question aimed at reality itself.

    The visuals! Just spectacular! and it is worth watching the credits
    just to see all the houses, teams and names of people who worked on
    this movie. While GitS does feel sectional, with each scene being a
    different project – the visual style itself is very consistent and at
    times truly magical. I am very critical of CG effects, their overuse,
    and the muddy visual style that often is the result of a complete
    screen makeover.

    Not here. Like Dr. Strange the effects are clean, unique with proper
    lighting and contrast. The cityscape shots with crazy enormous animated
    holograms are especially nice. The visual details are everywhere – the
    way people look, their mods – constantly asking visual questions and
    providing something fascinating to look at. The effects are Brilliant.
    The sound and soundtrack? Perfect compliment to the visuals.

    I also think casting is amazing, including Scarlet. The casting is so
    good that we really don’t get enough time with any of the characters
    except Major, and really, she’s not a very interesting protagonist.
    This comes through in Scarlet’s mostly wooden performance, which could
    be argued fits, but that does little to improve what is actually there.

    Story wise (and i hinted i wouldn’t go here), I have to ask, ”if this
    was a carbon copy remake of the original anime, just live action, would
    it be a better movie?” The answer is yes, it would be better. All the
    lifts from the anime worked beautifully, all the changes? Not
    improvements. The biggest change involving Major’s origin story which
    is left beautifully vague in the anime, which I feel works much better
    regarding the overall chaos of the world in which they live. The dialog
    at times is very explanatory instead of simply serving story. The
    original anime is a challenging movie that needs to watch 2 or 3 times
    to catch the details. The same can not be said regarding the story of
    this version, which by comparison spoon feeds the information. But…
    imo the original GitS is a 10/10 masterpiece. Expecting another film on
    this level is a lot to ask for, and while not as good, this remake does
    justice to the franchise. Why?

    The visuals! My goodness! I actually want to pay for another 3D IMAX
    showing to soak it in again. So impressive, and it is really nice to
    see effect work that pushes way beyond the ordinary.

    Ghost in the Shell is exactly the type of movie that gets crushed at
    the box office, but finds a cult following later in its life. In this
    case, in the form of VR headsets that will present the 3D and effects
    when home versions are released.

    balanced toward sound, visuals and effects – but with such
    excellence… 8 out of 10!

  • dietaubeApril 4, 2017Reply

    Too much exposition and no deep thoughts and philosophy

    I think those who down voted this flick because they were disappointed
    are to harsh. Of course, if you compare the movie to the original
    Anime, it’s hard to deny that it’s just a vague shadow of the original
    source and idea. But if you see it as it’s own movie you will be
    entertained with stunning visuals and nice action, so it deserves at
    least 6 points for ”effort”.

    Now to the downside of the movie if you want to actually compare it. It
    feels like the children’s book version of the Anime. EVERYTHING has to
    be explained, nothing keeps unsaid for your own imagination. Ghost in
    the Shell was about the question what makes us human, what is life. But
    not in this way this movies tries to tell us. If life can give birth
    itself out of data, how can we define it? This movie sadly skips this
    part and the main question is ”who was I before I became a robot?”.
    Dear film makes, no one cares! It misses all the depth what made the
    original so special. The slow scenes to think, to create atmosphere…

    Like so many others already said; it’s more of a reboot of RoboCop than
    it’s of Ghost in the Shell.

  • LongDarkTeaTimeOfTheSoulApril 4, 2017Reply

    Gorgeous visual feast for sci-fi fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • patomartinezfgoApril 4, 2017Reply

    better than any other anime adaptation, but mediocre.

    I had really high expectations for this moving seeing that the original
    is a great anime and many reviewers liked this film. But I can’t say
    that I am satisfied with the final product.

    Lets start with the story. It feels messy and weird. This movie tries
    to get the themes about the relationship and difference between humans
    and machines, but it just feels shoe-horned in. There are some scenes
    that really just feel that were placed to make this film more
    philosophical, the original movie treated its themes in subtle ways
    throughout the movie for you to get the sense that is real.

    I must admit, I am not the greatest fan of anime, I do believe that the
    first one is amazing, but I am not a huge fan. This movie tried to
    recreate some popular shots of the original, but did so in a very
    choppy and ”edgy” way.

    The action scenes are terrible, they went with the slow-mo kind of
    action like in 300, and it really didn’t work. The weird editing didn’t
    let you appreciate the stunt-work and took you out of the film. Also,
    some scenes are impossible to keep up with because of all the fast
    shots that don’t let you see anything.

    The villain of this movie sucked, it is nothing compared to the puppet
    master of the original. At first, it seemed interesting, but then they
    went with the classical American twist and a very interesting villain
    was put to waste.

    Scarlett is fine as Major, actually the performances are fine and do
    what was needed from them.

    The CGI is also incorporated very good into the film, the city looks
    like the city of the original movie. The only sh*tty CGI was with the
    major’s skin, or in this case ”suit”, it really looked fake.

  • bit-972-170053April 4, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dewormfirmApril 4, 2017Reply

    My Favorite Film next to Bladerunner! and the original Gits film

    This should have at least a score of 8.5, i cant believe i’m seeing 6.9
    all you over critical men who are worse than women on there periods!
    THIS IS A CLASSIC! in my eyes one of my favourite films iv’e watched in
    a long time, i would put it beside blade runner as my favourite sci fi

    I’ve seen all the Films of GHOST IN THE SHELL. I was actually doubting
    for a minute when i read a few reviews but now i know its all
    bull****!! its all them ..whatever you call them people who don’t
    believe it lived up to there expectation when it actually did! so they
    lie and make other fans think its not good when its more than that,
    because this film was soo good, the actors played the characters to a
    T! Great cast! Batou was my favourite! his and majors friendship you
    could feel the harmony between them and that they cared for each other,
    you could get a sense of that straight away which was great! also the
    music i loved it! it had a 80’s electronic style to it, this film has
    great colours and great shots and THE CAR IS JUST AMAZING! second
    behind the delorean no doubt. Main thing was.. it lingered on me, some
    films now i go see and forget about it the next day but this stuck on
    me and i couldn’t stop thinking how good it was! So don’t listen to
    these negative reviews people this is a gem of a film and they put so
    much work into this they don’t deserve all this critical negative
    attitude. They deserve praise for bringing this to Cinema and

    Thank you to all who was part of this.

  • James De BelloApril 4, 2017Reply


    After being victim of a terrible terrorist attack, Mina (Scarlet
    Johansson) wakes up in a body that doesn’t belong to her (shell). Her
    brain has been transplanted into a completely synthetic body, making
    her the first example in human history of her kind. She is then
    employed by the government to stop the world’s most dangerous
    criminals, one of which starts to arouse an identity crisis in her.

    I have never been exposed to this story having never read the original
    comic nor seen the original anime, my take on this story was completely
    new and fresh. Whilst it hasn’t left much of an impact in me to further
    any knowledge on this mythology, it still left me fascinated enough by
    its world to have a decent time at the theater.

    Whilst many have defined this film as visually spectacular I take issue
    with that definition, especially if assigned to this film. ”Ghost in
    the Shell” has many things going for it, but I guarantee you that
    visually stunning isn’t one of those. The editing and cinematography of
    the picture are quite unfocused and pretty much follow the rhythm of
    many generic blockbusters. Sanders might have a great eye for design
    and world building, but he has a really hard time in deciding when to
    cut and how to progress the visual grammar.

    The story is pretty derivative (I understand it is an older story, but
    in modern day there is no fresh update) and many elements in it feel
    derivative too, many of the gimmicks employed in the action scenes and
    the story beats feel very familiar. And over this familiarity Sanders
    builds a film that doesn’t have much style to spare. He doesn’t have
    the bravery to hold on certain shots, to cut with thriftiness. The
    action scenes have no grit or tension to them, they are assembled with
    generic cuts and slow-mo. There are no breathtaking shots or
    ingeniously choreographed sequences that make the world built in the
    film stand out. At no point does the film manage to gather intensity
    and make realize you are clutching your seat tightly.

    Sanders does have a good touch for character but he struggles in giving
    the feature an original or fresh touch, there is no style applied to
    the story: many elements try to come into the picture, but almost none
    of them manage to have much relevance. The electronic score never
    manages to find its place, the cyber punk undertones never stick out as
    interesting, there is no unity to how the sequences are built, each one
    has a different rhythm and it all ends up feeling like pretty CGI and
    random editing.

    Fortunately the packaging of the whole movie overall isn’t in anyway
    terrible or void of interesting ideas. Firstly the cast is well chosen
    and whilst the relevant characters are five at best they all manage to
    stick out and make an impression. They all have a dynamic that’s
    personal to them and that evolves through the film’s structure. It also
    suits that all the actors mold into the world seamlessly and give us
    performances that manage to make this world’s implications and ideas
    grounded and believable.

    The design and art direction of the film also help it incredibly in
    making an impact on the viewer. As I said before some of it might be
    derivative and the references or quotes of ”Blade Runner” might be a
    little too many, but there is so much going on and so many characters
    and places that it is hard not to be somewhat enchanted by them. It
    helps that the CGI and the practical effects work together beautifully
    here and just as in his last feature Sanders excels in making a
    polished picture with unnoticeable CGI and solid effects work all

    ”Ghost in the Shell” sadly fails as a medium to introduce worldwide
    audiences to anime and manga by not imprinting any style or freshness
    to the Sci-Fi genre, favoring a traditional and unfortunately bland
    aesthetic in the editing of the picture, but it sure has enough pop to
    spare for at least making an impression.

  • Alexandra FallaApril 4, 2017Reply

    Please don’t listen to SJWs

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fohrenyeahApril 4, 2017Reply

    A very interesting and beautifully shot movie

    I have not watched the original Ghost in The Shell, but i plan to some
    day. Until then I’m going to say this, Ghost in The Shell (2017) is my
    favorite movie of the year so far. I loved the story, i loved the
    performances, i loved the sigths and the sounds and i just loved
    everything. My main reason for wanting to watch Ghost is because of the
    actor of Batou being a Dane and i enjoy my countrymen and women getting
    some success on the big stage. This movie is most definitely worth a

  • zigiwigApril 4, 2017Reply

    A wonderful standalone thing of its own

    Well after all the speculation and reading thousands of fan crying out
    loud on social media about whitewashing and stripping off the essence
    of the original 1995 movie, I must stay I liked this movie. It is
    evident how hard the movie team has worked to bring this complex story
    on to the big screen and they deserve praise for that. I felt right
    with the mood of the decaying, gritting future city and the general
    mood. I liked Aramaki’s character, what a bad-ass and the relationship
    between Batuo and Major is well explored. My only gripe is with the
    villain, it was too weak. The tone and story is dumbed down to make the
    pace going as this is an action flick but it still touches that
    philosophical mark that the original is all about. Overall I should say
    weather you are a fan or not, just go with an open mind and give this a

  • Cy ArApril 4, 2017Reply

    A beast of its own

    Don’t let people discouraging you from watching this great movie.
    Anyone with half a brain should know making the original its impossible
    even in 2017. You are looking at a production employing thousands of
    people with high salaries that need to be paid. People expect the
    director to go total indie and create something philosophical and
    complex as the original without realizing that such movie 100% will
    fail with an American audience. Not disrespecting Americans but the
    society here is not even close where GITS stands. The social changes
    within the GITS world has gone way beyond what we are right now in USA.
    We are rather a backward xenophobic society (hence the whitewashing)
    and you want a Hollywood company to risk millions and create something
    that has aged beyond what we are at. Well its not going to happen. Have
    in mind the original is more like a cult movie in US. You go out and
    ask people nobody knows what GITS is. Its anime, its manga, and a
    certain group of (highly intelligent) diverse group of people are into
    those. Watching the GITS is like staring into a Crystal ball. It would
    take another 100 years for our society to understand its complex world
    full of details and hidden messages.

    Now the movie itself. Its a little gem. It starts slow. Seems like the
    makers of this movie were almost obsessive with the original
    environment and it looks amazing an faithful. The story is dumped down
    to a revenge story to sell and be understandable within our society. It
    hurts because such beautiful movie could’ve been so much if we actually
    could stick to the original script but as I said that is just
    impossible right now. It be me and 10 more people watching that
    production while rest of the country scratching their heads. The movie
    picks up after the introduction phase and becomes very powerful toward
    the end. Michael Pitt portrayal for Kuze is nothing short of amazing so
    if you are GITS fan you will start to like the movie from that point

    My advise is to look at this movie for what it is. The acting is superb
    and the environment is beautiful. You may not trust the story but the
    movie as a whole deserves a chance.

  • ithiacaApril 4, 2017Reply


    This was entertaining, it had a lot of little things in it for the
    Ghost in the Shell fan but also was enjoyable for the first time
    watcher. It was not over complicated to follow or watch. Scarlett
    Johansson portrayal of the Major is reasonably spot on, it is hopeful
    if their is a sequel that the rest of the cast will have more lines.
    Having watched the original animated movie and it’s sequel as well as
    the TV series ( both seasons) and it’s movie follow up along with the
    new series Arise. I found this movie to be very enjoyable and
    interesting as they took bits and pieces to make a movie that was
    intellectually stimulating as well as an enjoyable action flick. I do
    wish it had a longer run time to maybe flesh out some of the plot
    points and the like but still enjoyed it.

  • Heath HammApril 4, 2017Reply

    Technology Meets Identity

    This was a great film, I look forward to watching it again. I am
    disappointed only with the critics and reception. The film is extremely
    well done, fun, energetic, does the original justice and the story
    brings about the importance of our personal identity, technology and
    human rights. How can you have rights if a corporation manufactured
    you? The main character finds out and the observer gets to follow as
    the mystery unfolds.

  • Retired BrunoApril 4, 2017Reply

    I Owe The Crap That Was Star Wars The Force Awakens An Apology

    This is terrible, but not necessarily for the reasons you would expect.

    Despite some early print and web reviews I have been reading or watched
    I didn’t find the movie to be a shining beacon of light and film
    making. There was nothing authentic or deep about this thing. In it
    there wasn’t anything that you have not already seen in the originals
    that was not done better. The CGI is impressive, but the story is mixed
    up, the meaning is lost and the acting is superficial. Unfortunately
    that’s part of the problem this movie has with Hollywood’s lack of
    creativity. There was nothing there to think about. It is just
    Hollywood and SJ trying to make a buck off a popular series. By the
    way, why mix up the music from a sequel into this story? What gives?

  • rogerdarlingtonApril 4, 2017Reply

    A fine addition to the sic-fi genre

    Beginning in 1989, there was a Japanese manga serial by Masamune
    Shirow. Then in 1995 there was a Japanese anime movie by Mamoru Oshii,
    said to be one of the best ever in this genre. Now we have a Hollywood
    remake directed by the British Rupert Sanders.

    I have no familiarity with the original series or anime work, but I
    understand that this new film is more conventional but also more
    accessible – dialling down the philosophical considerations but turning
    up the action sequences. Certainly this is a visually stunning work
    which constantly reminds one of ”Blade Runner” with its Asiatic urban
    landscape and ubiquitous advertising.

    Set in the not too distant future, the technology has developed which
    enables a human brain (the ghost) to be implanted into a robotic body
    (the shell) providing a combination of intuitive thinking and physical
    toughness that makes the ideal weapon. Major – played by Scarlett
    Johansson – is the first of her kind, but she is soon involved in a
    mission of unexpected danger and revelation.

    If we have to have a non-Asiatic actor in this role, Johannsen is
    perfect, following hard on the heels of her previous other-worldly
    roles in ”Lucy” and ”Under The Skin” plus – voice only – ”Her”. As the
    sexiest cyborg since Eva in ”Ex Machina” and the most gymnastic female
    agent since Trinity in ”The Matrix”, Major is a force to be reckoned
    with, but also someone with vulnerabilities as glitches reveal glimpses
    of her past.

    ”Ghost In The Shell” may not be a science-fiction classic, like the
    aforementioned ”Blade Runner” or ”The Matrix”, but it is a fine
    addition to the genre which I thoroughly enjoyed. And it’s tempted me
    to seek out the anime version …

  • gimlikosApril 4, 2017Reply

    Don’t listen people that give this movie a very low score.I love acting.I love music.I love the story.I love the movie.I recommend it.

    This is a really good movie and one of the best Sfiction I have ever
    seen.Don’t listen people that give a very low score ,because its not as
    great as the original cartoon animation from 1995.As much I love the
    original cartoon Ghos in the shell from 1995,I think this one is also
    very close to be perfect cyberpunk Sfiction movie like I have never
    seen before.Im so happy that they change the story and music.Because of
    that this new Ghost in The Shell is original on its own way.This new
    Ghost in the Shell movie is different than the original but in a good
    way.I didn’t expect its going to be that great.I very much like all
    actors and especially the main character Scarlett Johansson as
    Major.She act so well.I love the music.I love the acting.Pilou Asbæk as
    Batou act so well.Who is this guy;].I have never seen him before in any
    kinde of movie.;].I Love the ending fight scene.Was soo emotional and
    entertaining like in the original cartoon version from 1995.The
    director really knows the material and make this movie as good as it
    possible.One of the best Sfiction I have ever seen. From now on I have
    respect to the director of this movie.This is Major

  • Zorko047April 5, 2017Reply

    Fair movie for cyberpunk lovers.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ON3eyedPeteApril 5, 2017Reply

    Its not the original but an amazing homage

    People get so cynical they fail to see the beauty in things. This move
    is not an exact copy of the original and it shouldn’t be, and it
    couldn’t be. I am a fan of the original but i can see the reason behind
    making this more appealing to the masses, most people don,t want to
    ponder about the existential meaning of the self when they go to the
    movies and thats OK.

    But this movie does pay homage to the original in a way i have never
    seen before, some scenes are recreated as close to exact as possible
    and i loved seeing them. The movie does portray its own dumbed down
    version of the story whilst maintaining some original elements.

    Obviously it has its flaws but the things it gets right outweigh the

    The world building is amazing and crosses the boundary of original
    styles and the new styles.

    The characters are cast pretty well.

    Some important scenes are recreated albeit in the dumbed down manner,
    but the respect to the original is still there.

    Try to have an open mind while watching it and you will enjoy it.

  • BlockLikeApril 5, 2017Reply

    A pleasantly surprised dedicated fan of the original

    I really had my reservations about this going into the cinema,
    especially after seeing the critics reviews.

    While it did have it’s flaws, which in my opinion were mainly down to
    Scarlett Johansson’s (pardon the pun) overly robotic movements, the
    film was a damn good heavily inspired retelling of the original.

    The recreation of the city, music and atmosphere was flawless. Some of
    the scenes (eg, the water fight) were perfectly replicated from the

    There were a couple points in the story where i was worried it was
    getting boring, but thankfully there weren’t many and it wasn’t too
    much of a detriment to the film as a whole.

    Overall, a solid tribute to the original with a bit of a tweaked story.

    Well deserved 7/10

  • mikko-28698April 5, 2017Reply

    Very good despite the problems in the plot. Very nice visuals.

    If you’re a fan of sci-fi or cyberpunk, just go see this film.
    Absolutely brilliant visuals, and a brilliant retro-futuristic world.
    Die-hard anime fans might disagree, but thankfully I didn’t remember
    too much from the original and could watch it with an open mind. The
    plot has it’s problems but really nothing worse than a ton of ”better
    regarded” Hollywood releases, and at least to me the great feel and
    good casting made up a lot of it. Just give it a shot, it deserves it!

    Note, I might regard it as an 8 or 8 and a half but I definitely want
    to see it rise from the ill-deserved 6,9 score that it currently has,
    hence the 9.

  • Steven WyattApril 5, 2017Reply

    Ghost Runner

    Reading earlier reviews, I am relieved I have never seen the original
    Manga version. It means I can come at Ghost in the Shell without
    preconception or expectation. I can see many cinematic influences, and
    accept that the greatest influence of all will have been the original,
    but it is not there in my memory to colour my impressions of the film I
    saw tonight.

    Cinematographically we are in Blade Runner territory, the near-future
    dystopian cityscape created by Ridley Scott by way of William Gibson, a
    neon-lit eternal night of wet streets, flashing kanji logos, littered
    alleys and animated ads. There is even an ad for the long- defunct
    Pan-Am, a direct nod to Blade Runner. That said, Jess Hall has done a
    magnificent job in creating a brooding and entirely plausible world,
    CGI holograms producing a gritty, disconcerting surrealism, a trippy
    might-be of militarised urban evolution.

    The story is told in linear sequence. In a culture where the cybernetic
    enhancement of humans is routine, we are taken through an opening lab
    scene that gives the technology its acme, ‘Major’, the cyborg played by
    Scarlett Johansson, a human brain implanted in an entirely robot body.
    And as sinister Hanka Robots boss Cutter (Peter Ferdinando) makes clear
    to Major’s principal creatrix, Dr Oelet (Juliette Binoche), she is a
    weapon, no more. An investment that is expected to provide a return and
    victory in a war being fought in boardrooms, Yakuza bars and the bitter
    night streets of the Lawless Zone.

    ‘Cyber-terrorists’ are waging war on Hanka Robots. In a stunning early
    action scene that sets a high standard, hacked geisha-bots go rogue
    during a meeting between Hanka representatives and the visiting
    diplomats of an African nation, murdering the ambassador (Chris Obi).
    Major and her squad of ‘Section 9’ special forces intervene.

    Major ‘deep dives’ into the central processing unit of one of the
    geisha-bots in an attempt to discover the hacker who turned it. She
    nearly comes to grief in the nightmarish, Jungian underworld of the
    AI’s subconscious, a dark hell of shifting imagery and viral programs,
    but comes out with the necessary intel.

    The pursuit is on. Major and the rest of Section 9, a kind of
    heavily-armed, cyber-savvy SWAT team who seem to communicate
    telepathically, go after the hacker-terrorists she has identified and

    And so the story proceeds. The pace is relentless, the action
    explosive. I won’t go into more detail for fear of spoilers. But as
    Major closes in on her quarry, she starts to question her origins and
    her identity. She sees visions of a girl being dragged from a burning
    hut by black-clad police. Her hazy, incomplete memory tells her she was
    a victim of terrorism before her transformation into a cyborg, her
    parents killed, but is it true?

    In sci-fi terms we are on familiar ground, charted by Philip K Dick: if
    androids dream of electric sheep, do cyborgs dream of a humanity they
    have lost? Major finds herself in the philosophical grey area between
    her perceived reality and what might be a computer-implanted false
    memory designed to create and motivate a corporate killing machine.
    Does she — her soul, her eponymous ‘ghost’ — remain truly human, or
    human-cyborg, or something new and different that represents an
    evolutionary advance? Director Rupert Sanders does not shy away from
    these deep questions while continuing to serve up a dramatic, visually
    electrifying and attention-holding story. The special effects are
    entirely convincing. The music (from Lorne Balfe and Clint Mansell)
    drives like a train.

    Johannson’s performance holds centre stage by necessity and definition.
    This is not a glamorous role. She plays a hard and determined robot
    killer. Even the flesh-coloured, skin-tight latex body suit she wears
    for several scenes (squint and you can pretend she’s naked) belongs in
    context, more functional than sexual. But she brings to the role a
    subtle, wondering vulnerability beneath the steely professionalism of
    the assassin, an emerging humanity that blossoms by the film’s
    resolution. There were objections to a Caucasian playing a ‘Japanese’
    character, but they don’t make sense to me. Major is anethnic, a
    cyborg, her robot body manufactured in a lab. How could she be any

    Now I will be off to investigate the original version of Ghost in the
    Shell. I will try not to judge the original by the standards of the
    remake. I am glad to have been able to judge the remake on its own
    merits, and they are considerable. I recommend you see this film.

  • Matt HowlettApril 5, 2017Reply

    Could be better but I liked

    First thing which you should know is if you are thinking ”Should I
    watch anime or movie first?”. Then answer is – don’t watch anime before
    movie. Why? Short answer – anime has more complex story and ideas which
    it tries introduce to you, movie has ideas and other goods, but it
    isn’t so deep.

    I will not spoil the story, so it is spoiler free zone. Movie was
    interesting and I enjoyed watching it on big screen. Scarlett’s
    performance was solid and good – which isn’t surprising if you seen her
    acting in ”Avengers” and ”Lucy”. Supporting cast was good, maybe it
    wasn’t introduced to you properly but it wasn’t something you need in
    the first place anyways.

    Movie has good sound tracks, great visual effects and solid performance
    from cast and crew (as filming, montage, etc). It has its own look and
    feel which was great.

    Then why I gave 7? Story was good, but I would say it was too simple
    and already known, so if we compare with anime, movies story was
    re-created for wider audience so it would be more action flick not
    something deeper and less meaningless. Basically that all why I could
    take off some stars, because in other departments movie did a great
    job. p.s. I know there was some talks about whitewashing, but if you
    will watch anime and movie, it just hard to imagine another actress who
    could play better this role except Scarlett Johansson. And to be fair,
    if you watch anime you will understand that there isn’t really a reason
    to talk about whitewashing.

  • astrodeanApril 5, 2017Reply

    Exciting, yet also Thought Provoking

    I actually wasn’t expecting too much, yet from the very start i was
    gripped by the intriguing story, great acting and eye popping visuals.
    Part of this film’s appeal is that it portrays a very credible vision
    of the future. If you liked the Matrix or Blade Runner then I highly
    recommend that you go to see this movie.

  • lucas_abridgwoodApril 5, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning movie with interesting story

    I went into seeing the movie with low expectations, because of the poor
    early reception it was getting. Also, I had not watched the original
    movie before. But, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the movie.
    Visually the movie is stunning. The shots are often done very nicely I
    thought, and it showcases the awesome scenes and visuals without
    overdoing it. Moreover, the environments and the world were described
    really nice throughout the movie. I thought the story told was
    interesting. Interesting enough to have me thinking ahead of what is
    going on and why. There was some nice drama elements that I appreciated
    and they felt authentic. I thought the action scenes were good. There
    were some cringy, cheesy scenes scattered throughout the movie, but I
    did not mind overall (maybe that was due to my low expectations).
    Overall, the movie will be most memorable for me for the visuals.

  • Tyson HunsakerApril 5, 2017Reply

    True the source material and a great stand alone sci-fi action.

    Ghost in the Shell follows the original 1995 classic’s premise and
    visual style as well as its Blade Runner(ish) tone. The story follows
    Scarlett Johanson’s character ”Major” as she and her team of other
    police officer-like characters hunt down a terrorist and learn some
    secrets to Major’s back story as well.

    The film succeeded in bringing to life the thought-provoking themes of
    the original classic while still making it relevant to a modern
    audience and especially, an American audience. While it may not hit
    every note like the original did and may not be quite as soul searching
    and cold, the remake improves upon the original in many ways.

    First, this film takes a deeper dive into Major’s past and crafts her
    character into a much more interesting and deeper protagonist. This was
    probably done to appeal to a wider audience than just the fans of the

    Second, all the characters in general feel much more personal and
    easier to get attached to; making watching the first half much more
    tolerable (as it is lots of visual exposition).

    Everyone does a fine job with the roles they’re given including
    Scarlett Johanson as the Major. Visual effects are some of the best and
    most striking you’ve ever seen and the action sequences are a thrill to

    Despite this remake being a simpler and ”dumbed down” retelling of some
    highly thought- provoking material, Ghost in the Shell stands as an
    entertaining sci-fi action movie that’s sure to please fans of the
    original and new audiences looking of a well-done fun action movie.
    Definitely check this out.

  • HellmantApril 5, 2017Reply

    Practically the ultimate example of style over substance!

    ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’: Four Stars (Out of Five)

    A big budget American sci-fi action film, based on the popular Japanese
    manga, of the same name, by Masamune Shirow (which ran from 1991 to
    1997). It stars Scarlett Johansson as a cyborg counter- terrorist
    commander, taking on hackers, cyber terrorists and other criminals (in
    a futuristic world). The movie also costars Pilou Asbaek (who also
    costarred with Johansson in the sci-fi action hit ‘LUCY’), Michael
    Pitt, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche and Chin Han. It was directed by
    Rupert Sanders (who also helmed 2012’s ‘SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN’),
    and it was written by Jamie Moss, William Wheeler and Ehren Kruger. The
    film has received mixed reviews from critics and fans, and it’s also
    underperformed at the Box Office so far. It’s also been heavily
    criticized for it’s casting of Johansson as well, in an originally
    Asian role. I absolutely loved the film’s visuals, but I definitely
    can’t say I found the story that interesting or involving.

    The Major (Johansson) is the cyborg head of a counter-cyber terrorist
    task force, known as Section 9. Her team catches and kills cyber
    criminals, and terrorists, in a future world that’s becoming more and
    more machine. The Major is the ghost of a human, with a forgotten past,
    that functions in an almost entirely machine body. As she tries to
    defeat an unknown new threat, she also struggles to identify with who
    she really is.

    The film is absolutely stunning to watch, but I could not find myself
    interested, or involved, in any of the characters or story, in the
    slightest, until the third act (but even then it was just a very slight
    interest). It seems like such a waste too, because the action, music
    and overall style of the movie is absolutely breathtaking to
    experience. In many ways it reminds me of classic sci-fi from
    yesteryear, but only on a purely visual level. It’s practically the
    ultimate example of style over substance, and I’m sure the casting of
    an Asian actress, in the lead, would have benefited the film immensely
    as well.

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  • Asif Khan (asifahsankhan)April 5, 2017Reply

    Wait, just the Shell? But what about the Ghost?

    These are the sorts of consciousness-expanding questions that have
    animated the ”Ghost in the Shell” franchise for more than two decades.
    The world of GITS is part futuristic action movie and part philosophy
    lecture, in which artfully constructed animated action sequences serve
    as vehicles for investigations into the nature of consciousness. It’s a
    showcase for what top-notch animation can do — one that the new movie
    never quite manages to match.

    However, it might take a few months—or maybe even a few years—but
    eventually, Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell will have an
    afterlife. The live-action adaptation of the Japanese classic is a
    complete Cyber Bore, narrative-wise, but for those who gush over big-
    screen artistry, there’s plenty to get lost in: the opulent, expansive
    CGI visuals; the gorgeous Clint Mansell/Lorne Balfe score, pulsing and
    plunging like a Tangerine Dream nightmare; even Johansson’s stoically
    acrobatic performance, which proves once again why she’s one of the
    most in-demand action-film stars in the world. It’s one of those films
    destined to be salvaged by the web, where the movie’s defenders will
    advocate for it via frame-grab sprees or the occasional sub-Reddit
    threads. Ghost will find its followers.

    In the here-and-now, though, Ghost in the Shell is an all- encompassing
    embarrassment, the kind of movie you might not want to admit you
    watched—and which, judging from the box office, not a lot of people
    bothered to see in the first place. The film earned just $19 million
    domestically in its opening weekend, coming in third behind the
    still-running Beauty and the Beast and the surprise smash Oh Look, Alec
    Baldwin Is a Talking Baby, I Guess That’s Cute to Some People? That
    crash came despite the fact that the latest version of Ghost—which is
    based on the long-running manga and anime series—was gifted with an
    estimated $110 million budget, a major star, a teen- baiting PG-13
    rating, and a nearly 3,500-screen opening weekend. In what’s been a
    notably healthy box-office year, Ghost should have shellacked the

    But on the internet, Ghost has been a dud-in-the-making since at least
    January 2015, when Johansson’s casting was first confirmed. The news
    set off a two-year-long preemptive outcry on the web, where online
    petitions and thoughtful Twitter threads addressed the film’s
    whitewashing and cultural appropriation. That’s been a point of
    contention with several works from the last year, including Doctor
    Strange, The Great Wall, and Netflix’s Iron Fist, but Ghost in the
    Shell’s transgressions were perhaps the most deeply felt: Here was a
    landmark piece of Japanese pop-culture—one whose what-
    does-it-mean-be-human? ideas and hacker-trash aesthetic had already
    been co-opted by US-produced films like The Matrix and AI—being re-
    imagined with a white American lead actress and an English director
    (Snow White and the Huntsman’s Rupert Sanders). It didn’t help that, a
    year before its release, rumours surfaced that the filmmakers had
    tested digital effects that would have allowed certain performers to
    ”shift their ethnicity” so they could resemble Asian characters. By the
    time the film opened on Friday, it had shifted from ”problematic” to
    full-on off-inducing: Wait, didn’t we all agree this was a bad idea?

    The overall result is a movie that’s all borrowed parts, with no depth
    or connection. The layers never quite come together to form something
    more. It wants to be a movie about the search for consciousness, but,
    unlike its source material, it doesn’t have a soul.

  • Thomas GrantApril 5, 2017Reply

    Hollywood, you really had to mess this one up too huh!!!

    *******Major Spoilers for the Original and this Crappy

    This movie is just not good. Nothing to do with the fact that it is
    whitewashed or any of that. It is based on one of the best animated
    films ever made in a sense that its original material is very slick,
    revolutionary, philosophical and also unconventional. For example, the
    Major Kusanagi is a cyborg with a human brain but she does not know who
    she is deep down. She first of all does not know emotion and therefore
    doesn’t cry or have watery eyes in an emotional situations like
    Scarlett Johansson’s version but yet you feel very connected to the
    character because of the story behind who she is. And also why cast
    Scarlet Johansson as the Major and make this movie PG 13. The original
    is rated R for nudity and some violent imagery throughout. But no you
    want to put ScarJo in the movie and know damn well she will not get
    naked but you think have her in the movie will appeal to the masses.
    Well guess what Production. People are just not interested. I am
    honestly being objective. This is not a good movie. You don’t feel any
    connection with the main protagonist because her story is not well
    explained and also oh for people who watched it. The main antagonist
    actually merges with the Major at the end of the movie and she becomes
    2 entities living in one mind. Even that part Hollywood was like nah we
    are not going to put it in the script because people will get confused.
    But what was more confusing was the motive of the antagonist in this
    version. The original does not really have an antagonist it’s that
    simple for people who watched both versions compare how lame the ending
    is in this one. They just took the original story and switched things
    around and it makes no sense. Just like Denzel said to Cuba Gooding JR
    in American Gangster ”you don’t have to change anything its good enough
    the way it is you can make enough money off it by keeping the Ghost in
    the Shell, anything more than that is greed” Why not just keep the
    whole movie intact and not try to put certain scenes from the original
    in the live action. It is plainly simply dumb doing that because most
    people don’t know Ghost in the Shell. They could have just retold the
    whole story like it is done in other made to live action film. Great
    example the beauty and the beast. Why not do it like they did it but no
    they wanna change the story to fit the masses but it does not work
    again people are not interested in visual effects as much as they used
    to. This ain’t the early 2000s. They already have their allegiance to
    movie series in the Marvel Cinematic World, Transformers etc. Whoever
    was behind this movie production i mean not just the producers but all
    the people involved failed miserably and it will hurt their pocket
    unfortunately because like i said this is 2017 people don’t really care
    for these special effects and good looking imagery. People want
    something cool they can say oh damn this is different and clever at the
    same time which is how the original Ghost in the Shell is.

    To sum it all up this movie just didn’t do it for me and a lot of
    people will not care either it’s just not good. Even the rating on IMDb
    will go way down by May it will probably be in the low 5s.

    3 Star because i am an objective person so i give 3 for the attempt to
    make a good movie but the plot and essence of this classic had been
    completely destroyed by Hollywood, again good job for destroying a
    great classic and oh the director for this movie did not help either
    you can tell he is an uninspired one. The movie has no substance to it
    by the end of the movie you just don’t care for any of it that’s on the
    director. Even with the script he had he couldn’t execute the material.

  • optimuscarlosApril 5, 2017Reply

    They took a great animated movie and make it into a great live action movie.

    I give it 9 because I was amazed on how they translate the source
    material not destroying it but improving it. I was prepared for a flop
    but not for enjoy the movie, which it was a very pleasant feeling.

    First of all I am not a guy of comics or Mangas, my thing is about
    movies, so my point of view is only between this adaptation and the
    Japanese anime movie, which I love and it is the main source they used
    for the film.

    The film takes about 70% from the original anime movie and the other
    30% is an upgrade over the original source. An upgrade?..yes an
    upgrade. As I said before, I love the Anime version but it is a little
    heavy to watch for most viewers because it gets messy and boring,
    that’s what this new version is not, it is more common viewer friendly
    and less philosophical type of fan.

    Yes, the movie keeps the questioning about humanity and soul (or
    Ghost), and all those things that makes Ghost in the Shell, well…
    Ghost in the Shell, but also takes us for a much more fun ride, easy to
    understand and easy to enjoy, than the original movie did.

    Hardcore Fans would say the movie is too much light or even empty but I
    think that it is a great adaptation, they took a great animated movie
    and make it into a great live action movie.

  • tabunoApril 5, 2017Reply

    A Dazzling, Coherent Shell of a Movie

    The live version of the animated 1995 Japanese Oshii movie offers up a
    much more coherent and visually stunning experience of the robotic
    human hybrid genre. Shirow Masasume the writer for the original anime
    gets to improve on his original script as well as incorporate various
    scenes from his first work where various set designs and scenes bear a
    striking resemblance with an enhanced, vibrant, and dazzling updated
    version. The urban landscapes have fleshed out a futuristic Blade
    Runner (1982) full of the ambiance. Scarlett Johansson stars in this
    stunning sci fi movie with a character that humanizes the animated
    version and somewhat softens her character somewhat from Lucy (2014)
    where she plays a human who accidentally ingests a chemical that
    enhances one’s brain potential which also diminishes her experience of
    human emotions.

    Ghost in the Shell shares various human-computer jacked-in elements
    with its contemporary William Gibson’s cyberpunk that resulted in Keanu
    Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic (1995) and the virtual reality of Virtuosity
    (1995). And there are plenty of strong mental cognitive images used in
    this movie that echo back to the classic Keanu Reeves The Matrix (1999)
    and Jennifer Lopez in The Cell (2000). What sets this movie apart from
    most of the other cyberpunk movies is its infusion of emotional and
    moral questions regarding human life and its intersection with the
    man-made, electronic existence that are only suggested in Phillip K.
    Dick’s script for breakthrough of Total Recall (1990) and attempted
    later in Isaac Asimov’s inspired I, Robot (2004) and Robocop (1987)
    that was influenced by Blade Runner.

    The few weaknesses if that’s what they are is the Major (Johansson)
    striking resemblance to her character in Lucy and the ease in which she
    appears to be overcome in two scenes that don’t mesh with her character
    as a perfect military weapon. Overall, this movie succeeds in its
    depiction of a possible future with its amazing vibrant and exciting
    visuals, and futurescape as well as offering a coherent and morally and
    humanly sensitive reflection what makes us important. A comparable but
    even more focused and intimate cyberpunk movie is Caradog Jame’s The
    Machine (2013).

  • blackmamba99971April 5, 2017Reply

    First time around is always the best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gp1-3April 5, 2017Reply

    Great Movie!

    Let me address the elephants in the room:

    1. I have not seen the GITS anime movies nor read the comic books. All
    you GITS fanboys need to get a life and stop criticizing this movie and
    giving it low ratings because ”It’s nothing like the original”, yada,
    yada, yada, whine, moan, sniffle, sob, ….gasp …. OK, I get it, you
    have no life, GITS was your life, and this movie was the worst thing to
    happen to you since you were born. Life sucks, now, stop downrating
    this movie so other people who have never gotten into the whole GITS
    thing can go check out this movie and enjoy it like I did.

    2. Whitewashing? OMG. Do you have eyes? All Japanese anime comes
    pre-whitewashed! Like, duh, the Japanese want to look like Caucasians,
    so they draw their anime characters, especially super hero types, to
    look just like White Europeans! Oh, sorry, you didn’t know? How long
    have you been watching Japanese anime? Do you actually know what a real
    Japanese woman looks like? And I mean a real Japanese woman who hasn’t
    had plastic surgery to make her eyes and nose look more Caucasian, that
    is. Yes, that’s the harsh truth – it’s very common for Japanese women
    and men to get eyelid plastic surgery to make them look like Caucasian
    eyes (Koreans do this even more). So, when was the last time you pulled
    out your treasured DVD/BluRay of the GITS anime movie and actually
    looked at how the facial features of Motoko Kusanagi were drawn? I mean
    I just took one look at some individual images on the internet, and
    like, hey Motoko may have a Japanese name, but she sure looks like a
    White European woman to me, and Scarlett Johansson is a pretty darn
    good representation of this character, as drawn, by the Japanese.

    3. I’m a Game of Thrones fan too, and have never read the books. The
    book fans long ago gave up criticizing the HBO show for not following
    the books and simplifying the story and cutting huge amounts of stuff
    out. The HBO show stands out by itself. Really, live action movies have
    to simplify things from the original book. And speaking of GOT, I
    really loved seeing Euron Greyjoy play a good guy with ScarJo in this
    movie. Didn’t quite catch Khal Moro’s part in this movie, will have to
    see it again.

    4. It looks like this movie is tanking at the box office here in the
    U.S., so great, you GITS fanboys have helped to kill future sequels. I
    hope you guys are happy now.

  • chrisman-24354April 5, 2017Reply

    If you are in to this type of thing you will love it if not you will have fun too

    I went to see the boss baby but it was already starting so I went with
    ghost in the shell which looked good and I was not disappointed with
    the decision to see it I loved charlease Theron in the movie she was
    quite the bad ass and I loved the action level i did expect more action
    but however I had a blast watching it I would totally recommend that
    you go see it in theaters get a snack and drink and get ready for the
    ride of your life in this excellent movie may not wanna bring the kids
    but aside from that it is a good time and super fun

  • GuyApril 5, 2017Reply

    Teen Frankenstein eats McDonalds’ Sushi

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • archeotechApril 5, 2017Reply

    Great visuals and some good scenes but lackluster plot.

    So went to see the new Ghost In The Shell movie… It’s good in some
    ways and bad in others. Overall a bit disappointing as it did have
    potential there. Visuals are great with some great props and sets. The
    scene’s they lifted directly from the anime tend to be the best parts
    but yeah plot is a bit all over the place and dialogue is kinda wooden.
    I would’ve preferred a more thought provoking plot line rather than the
    origin story they gave the Major which wasn’t really very good. In fact
    they could’ve just mentioned her back story from stand alone complex in
    passing and got on with something else. A big thing that annoyed me is
    she’s the first full cyborg and it’s set 1 year later so in that time
    she gets all this special training in combat, and hacking and joins
    Section 9 as a Major. Why couldn’t it have been a few years at least?
    And then it’s set in Tokyo which is very cool except most people seem
    to be white and speak English while the head of section 9 is Japanese
    and speaks Japanese even when other people are speaking to him in
    English. It’s just too weird so I’m thinking the Japanese Dub actually
    might be better in this regard.

    Anyway it’s OK. If you’re a fan of the series you might enjoy some of
    the visuals and some scenes but don’t expect much from the plot. Also
    soundtrack was very basic and underwhelming but did use music from the
    original in the end credits at least. I feel like if they did a second
    movie it might be more interesting now that they’ve gotten the awkward
    origin stuff out of the way.

  • John ShenApril 5, 2017Reply

    Watch this movie on IMAX..

    This movie is very visually oriented.. transporting the audience into
    another realm.. best to watch this movie on IMAX.. this movie takes
    full advantage of the larger size IMAX screen.. the 3D is done
    superbly, creating a sense as if there in the scenes.. both the movie
    scenes & story line works for me.. go see it on IMAX, it’s a fantastic
    joy ride!

  • stav_leflerApril 5, 2017Reply

    A tasteful rendering of a classic film

    In the spirit-lifting tradition of Blade Runner and others that
    followed- An otherworldly feeling created by an accurate and self-aware
    direction- This film moves slowly and precisely through visual images
    that define The philosophical atmosphere that it deserves. A well-done
    and highly respectful creation that negated all my fears, A
    thought-provoking movie.

  • eviltimesApril 5, 2017Reply

    OK if you’ve never seen any of the originals.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • c-kelsallApril 5, 2017Reply

    I’ve finally realised I’m a hypocrite…..but I don’t care.

    Normally I’m the first person to bemoan Hollywood’s obsession with
    remaking original films from overseas. Why didn’t you just buy the
    rights to distribute the original in it’s foreign language, with
    subtitles?, I want to ask. Are Americans insulted by the assumption
    that they’re too stupid or egocentric to do subtitles? As I write this,
    I realise there are times when I’m on Hollywood’s side, that I get
    where they’re coming from. Sometimes, it makes sense to digest a
    culturally alien product and realise it for a different audience. It
    isn’t always just the subtitles that serve as a barrier to
    comprehension. Now a confession. If I haven’t already alienated you,
    dear reader, I may be about to, when I say I hate Anime. With a
    passion. It’s not the ideas, which are frequently astonishing in their
    originality. Nor is it the story-telling; I’ve seen a few fans of the
    original GHost in the Shell admitting the long prognostications on the
    nature of humanity and such might be a bit much for a Hollywood
    audience to tolerate. That didn’t put me off watching the Anime
    original. No, it was the animation style. I just hate it, pure and
    simple, with no reason other than innate prejudice against that
    particular form of artistic expression. It’s not that I hate all
    animation, just Anime, and of course Manga, from which it is derived.
    Give me Aardman, Pixar (though not all) or The Simpsons any day. I’m
    sure I can’t be the only one. The characters are drawn in such a way
    that they seem to convey an overly inflated sense of mawkish
    sentimentality. Anyway, moving on, that in a nutshell is why I was
    happy to see Hollywood attempt its own version. As sci-fi action goes,
    and I watch a lot, it’s decently crafted from the point of view of
    acting performances (Scarlet Johansson moved in a subtly peculiar way
    suggestive of robotics, for example), set design (the cityscapes look
    superb) and story pacing. There are a few weak moments in use of CGI,
    but on the whole the effects are suitably special. The themes which
    dominate the story – the dangers of cyberspace and the aforementioned
    question of what it is to be human – are blended nicely with the
    action, which is rarely dumb or visually clumsy in its execution.
    Speaking of execution, ”Beat” Takeshi was perhaps a nod to the
    sceptical Asian market, and initially seemed a bit muted, but his
    character blossomed like one of those crazed psychopaths he used to
    play so well, a sort of Daddy Violent Cop. Marvellous. One aspect I did
    find a little jarring was the everywhere-and- nowhere city. It felt
    like there may have been some difficulties in the birth of this film,
    such that instead of being set in Japan, or in America, it ended up
    being set in some mishmash that was neither one nor the other.
    Bladerunner-lite, if you will. This could have been used to advantage
    to convey a sense of displacement and unease reflective of the conflict
    between the real world and the digital, but ultimately it didn’t really
    fit. The casting of the unmistakably white Scarlet Johansson in the
    lead (Japanese) role upset a lot of fans of the original film, but in
    reality the film would never have got made in Hollywood with a Japanese
    actress in the lead role, and in any case I thought the way that
    particular problem was reconciled in the plot worked perfectly well. In
    short, Ghost in the Shell is a solidly made sci-fi action film of which
    greatness should not be expected, but if you watch it without prejudice
    or those pesky great expectations, it will more than likely prove
    enjoyable and ever so slightly thought-provoking.

  • tasseledApril 5, 2017Reply

    More like a hollow shell inside a visually stunning ghost.

    Went to see this in 3D AVX last night and I’m so happy I did. This must
    be one of the most visually stunning films I’ve seen in recent years.
    From a technical standpoint there is not a flaw in all of 107 minutes
    (except one tiny scene where Major jumps up a crumbling structure
    during a final showdown, which looks like amateur CGI homework). I
    didn’t even mind the somewhat flat, trope-ridden plot, because the
    action kept me entertained enough. I did, however, have two issues with
    Ghost in the Shell that still annoy me.

    1. I understand that Scarlett Johansson is supposed to portray
    cybernetic hybrid, but she was dead-faced the entire time. Even the
    completely robotic geishas in the film moved more natural and emoted
    more than her. The way she walked and stuck out her neck was just odd.
    And that dead stare! Major has a human brain, and therefore she is
    capable of the same emotions as you and me. Why did Johansson choose to
    take her character into that boring territory is beyond me. It’s hard
    to watch. I would have written it off as an odd stylistic decision on
    the part of director or the actress, but she does this every time she
    has to play a tough heroine (ie. Black Widow, Lucy). Someone tell
    Scarlett that she comes off as bored and awkward, not tough.

    2. My other gripe is the PG-13 rating. Honestly, I felt like the
    writers and the director wished to make a more mature film, but the
    studio forced them to change it. There are multiple scenes that feel
    like they were designed to be R-rated, but were cut up and edited to
    appeal to a wider audience. There are hints all over the place that
    make you wish the movie would just stop playing coy and go further. I’m
    hoping there will be a director’s cut released in the future that would
    breach into a darker territory.

    The Ghost is a fine action flick, well worth watching on a big screen.
    Would I enjoy it as much on Netflix? Probably not.

  • niloshanjApril 5, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning, thought provoking and brilliant

    I absolutely loved this movie it was so refreshing to watch after 99%
    of movies churned out these days. I came online to be once again
    disappointed by the reviews and scores and decided i had to say
    something. This movie is visually stunning and the plot manages to be
    subtlety thought provoking and gripping, but still skillfully weaving
    in fast paced action. The performances are wonderful and the casting
    was spot on. Easily going to be one of my favorite movies. Side note
    these days people seem to think the only way to review anything is by
    tearing it down there really isn’t any objectivity and unfortunately it
    will turn away a lot of people from watching a great movie and has
    killed any chance at a sequel. It will be years before people can admit
    that they enjoyed the movie or someone watches at home and realises
    what they missed. Great Job

  • ajrcvrApril 5, 2017Reply

    Poor attempt to present a masterpiece story

    Not only does the story not follow the original, but the attempt at
    presenting Motuku Kosanagi is even poorer. Forget that ScarJo in as far
    from anything Asian as you can get, or that she is beautiful and a
    decent actress; she is simply wrong for the part. That the
    producers/directors couldn’t see this pretty much tells the whole
    story. Why is she wrong? I’ll illustrate. Say you want to make Robin
    Hood. You need a good actor, popular, one that do great action and draw
    in crowds. You select Jackie Chan or Jet Li, both popular, excellent
    actors, action people, good looking, well able to do the job. Unless it
    is a comic film, no one would take it seriously. That’s what they did
    with GITS & ScarJo. Beyond that, their other errors are even worse,
    since whatever they did to the presentation of ScarJo doesn’t make her
    as interesting or visually sexy and powerful a figure as the animated
    versions of her previously; they actually made her less sexy! Which is
    hard to do with a beauty like her. You don’t quite get that Major
    Kusanagi is a real person, a mind and a soul in a robotic shell, but
    still a person, which provides the essential duality of her character.
    It’s like asking Shemp Moe and Larry to play the Three Musketeers –
    won’t work as anything serious, which GITS is. Very! The story itself
    is a substantially different story than Masamune originally wrote,
    which I suppose would be okay if it were anything near as good, which
    it isn’t. They lost, or totally ignored, the whole Asian-Japanese
    influence throughout the entire movie – it has a different feel
    entirely, and it is an essentially dumbed down version of the questions
    that the original story asks. They had a chance to present a popular
    Japanese story, revered around the world for almost 30 years, and then
    made something different which is only a shadow of the original. They’d
    have been much better off making another anime, in 3D cgi, and sticking
    closer to the story and Asian feel that was in the original.

  • PyroSikThApril 5, 2017Reply

    Dulled Down High Concept, but still Enjoyable Action Sci-fi

    Major is a breakthrough in cybernetics, in a futuristic world where
    cybernetic enhancements are commonplace. Humans and robots are often
    indistinguishable due to the over-enhancements many humans have, and
    the life-like resemblance of robots. Major though, as said, is a
    breakthrough in that field, being the first successful marriage of
    human brain and entirely cybernetic body. The company she was made for
    regards her a weapon, and she lacks any memory of her previous life
    before the incident, beyond a few meaningless ‘glitches’ she suffers.
    Her latest assignment has her on the tail of a cybernetic terrorist
    who’s attacking her company’s scientists and is proving particularly
    difficult to find.

    While Ghost in the Shell ends up being a fairly regular tale of stolen
    identity, as Major slowly begins to uncover who she was before, there
    are subtle references to something deeper. The lines between man and
    machine are well and truly blurred, and while the movie doesn’t make a
    big point of it, it certainly flirts with the idea. For instance, they
    catch an accomplice and in the interrogation learn that he’s had his
    mind wiped and false memories installed remotely. His brain has been,
    quite literally, hacked from an outside source. He’s human, but his
    brain is a machine like any CPU, just made of organic matter rather
    than wiring.

    My biggest complaint about Ghost in the Shell though is that these
    ideas are only hinted at and flirted with. They’re never given much
    focus or developed much. Even in the movie we got, I could tell there
    was more between scenes that had been cut for whatever reason. Major
    has a tender moment with a prostitute, touching and examining her face,
    but it’s never given much weight and is never touched upon again. When
    Major goes to investigate her past, a nice elder lady just lets her
    into her home and offers her tea without cause or reason to. She’s
    apprehended by the company, but she doesn’t put up any kind of fight
    and just lets them take her. In each of these instances it feels like
    there was more there, more motive, development and reason behind what
    we see, but are never shown. As such, the movie feels like it’s over as
    soon as it’s started. The big climax at the end feels less like a
    climax and more as build-up to the climax, giving the end a little bit
    of an unsatisfactory edge.

    Visually, Ghost in the Shell is top-notch, full of lots of little
    details that bring the world to life. It does a great job of not just
    presenting a futuristic world, but offering a particular view of a
    futuristic world. It mirrors sci-fi movies from the 80s and 90s, and
    what their view of the future was, more than ours. For instance all the
    cars are modded sports cars from the 80s and 90s, like you would see in
    those kinds of movies back then. Even fashions and hairstyles have that
    almost future-90s look. In this regard, I can only assume that Ghost in
    the Shell is at least very visually faithful to the original, while
    also looking good enough for modern audiences. Despite the deliberately
    dated aesthetic, I definitely got a whiff of the Total Recall and
    Robocop remakes in it’s presentation.

    Of course the quality is thousand-fold. The cityscapes are
    breathtaking, full of imaginative, holographic advertisements jumping
    out from buildings and walls, roads are interconnected highways full of
    ‘futuristic’ looking cars, and the robotics themselves are perfection
    of design and execution. WETA did a great job in creating animatronics
    for much of the robotics, to give them a truly robotic appearance
    rather than just falling back on CGI, and Ghost in the Shell’s visual
    quality benefits from this greatly.

    The music deserves mention as well. Clint Mansell’s score is deep and
    rich in sonic quality, giving the film’s music it’s own identity. He
    manages to blend typical orchestration effortlessly with sweeping
    synths and booming sub-bass that feels both typical and new. I’m
    genuinely quite disappointed I can’t find the score anywhere to
    re-live. The soundtrack contains various similarly electronic tracks as
    well though, including a remix of the original theme into dubstep. Not
    sure I’m a fan of it, but I’m not sure I particularly like the original
    theme either. Tricky, DJ Shadow, and Gary Numan offer great subtle
    tracks though (although I can’t particularly place them in the movie).

    Ghost in the Shell is a worthy addition to Hollywood’s latest crop of
    sci-fi remakes. While this is absolutely an unpopular opinion, I’ve
    enjoyed almost all of them, and Ghost in the Shell is no different. My
    biggest criticism is simply that it was too short. There’s so much
    going on that some of the more interesting elements got left behind in
    favour of a tighter run time, and this does hurt it a little bit. I
    give Ghost in the Shell an enjoyable, but unrevolutionary 7/10.

  • ringsdwarvesApril 6, 2017Reply

    Cyberpunk version of the A-Team

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Svetoslav PopovApril 6, 2017Reply

    Work of art!

    I really do not understand all the bad reviews of the movie. I am fan
    of the original gits anime and I enjoyed this interpretation big time.
    Scarlett is amazing, and I mean not just looking beautiful. The way she
    walks and talks and moves, so ”realistic” for a droid. The whole art of
    the environments and all the characters are incredible. And yes, the
    story is more obvious and explained than the original, but I don’t
    think it looses because of that. I really can’t grasp how a movie like
    Lucy could have almost the same score as this exceptional, cult

  • sebastian LevensonApril 6, 2017Reply

    GITS In Body and Soul

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vpalme2April 6, 2017Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I tend to not be a movie goer very much. While I like Scarlett, I do
    not go out and see a film just because she is in it. However, I roomed
    with a guy back in the 1990s that was a die hard fan of Manga/Anime.

    I had heard all the hype on all sides of the fence about how this film
    would be terrible, but decided I had nothing better to do and went in
    anyway. I was pleasantly surprised and this exceeded my expectations.

    I was worried that this was going to be another, blow everything up,
    endless shootings, tons of martial arts fight scenes, Scarlett taking
    out roomfuls of men at a time….and while there are elements of that
    present, it is NOT one of those types of films.

    Sure, it is not totally on par with the Manga, but Scarlett presents
    Major with real authenticity. The film tries to stay true to the
    original story line and there is much depth to be found here. Thank god
    this thing did not try to pass it off with a lot of CGI and no plot.

    Ghost in the Shell has heart to it, even asking the viewers the
    questions of how important is memory to us? Should it even be? Do our
    actions tell more about our character than what we remember? It also
    poses the question of how much humanity one can lose with a world ever
    reliant on being plugged into everything. Ultimately Major’s conflict
    is herself, the ghost in the machine shell.

    Great supporting roles from Pilou Asbek as Batou, Takeshi Kitano as
    Aramaki, and Michael Pitt was an excellent choice for Kuze. I really do
    not see a lot to criticize here. Give it a chance and I think viewers
    will be as pleasantly surprised as I. It gave me a little hope that
    Hollywood may one day understand that depth of a plot is more important
    than just special effects. This film does a good job of it.

  • jwhiskey89April 6, 2017Reply

    They captured the Shell but lost the Ghost

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Erin LaleApril 6, 2017Reply

    The ghost is more important than the shell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David HanApril 6, 2017Reply

    All Shell No Ghost

    First off, let me say the positive. The film is nice to look at. They
    spent a lot of time working on the visual aspects of the movie and it
    shows. I saw this in 3D and was surprised by the explosion of eye
    candy. I do not enjoy 3D films often, but I did enjoy 2017 Ghost in the
    Shell’s refreshed environment from the original anime.

    Now, let’s get into why I did not like this movie as a fan boy. It
    wasn’t the whitewashing controversy. This controversy is a social
    paradigm which lives outside the boundaries of this film and I am a
    believer film should be judged on the merits of its compilation of
    techniques and handling of content. Whether the character is Japanese
    or American didn’t and doesn’t bother me. What bothered me was the
    complete gutting of the cerebral aspects of the original film. The
    original Ghost in the Shell anime created a cult following due to its
    deep philosophical material. They dumb downed a classic. It’s almost as
    if they took Plato and turned into a coloring book.

    When the impressive visual display is taken away, 2017 Ghost in the
    Shell is a ghost-less attempt to recreate a masterpiece.

  • stevelovellApril 6, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning. Great film

    GitS did have some flaws, but not so many that it detracted from the
    beauty of the way the film looked. The style was the real draw for me,
    not the story, which only served as a means of showcasing fantastic
    design as far as I was concerned. I can’t compare it to the Anime of
    the same name as I find Anime unbearable to look at, whereas this was
    captivatingly executed with both CGI and physical effects throughout.

    Last week I saw ”Life”, which was much like Ridley Scott’s ”Alien”, but
    better. ”Ghost in the Shell” was very much like Ridley Scott’s
    ”Bladerunner”, but better. And what’s Ridley Scott doing? ”Alien
    Covenant”. Which, as a sequel to the dreadful ”Prometheus”, is probably
    like trying to polish a, well, you know…

  • Luciel Du'ponApril 6, 2017Reply

    The best part of the film was thinking Batou might be Kiefer Sutherland from Lost Boys

    It’s like a conversation with a guy who just sat through a marathon of
    all the Ghost in Shell films and series while drunk. He remembers
    elements and gets a bunch of the details wrong and in general it
    doesn’t make any sense. It’s more or less hacked together from 3
    different narratives.

    The problem with this is that out of the 3 main story lines they seem
    to have, non of them work properly because they’re missing the
    beginning or end. We have the original story line with the end hacked
    off, then some second start missing story in the middle that isn’t
    ended properly, then some random third story line limply stapled on the
    end. It would have made more sense to have either picked one or at
    least made it coherent.

    To get a similar effect, just get all the material on this franchise,
    pick random scenes, remove or change most of their relevance and you’ve
    basically got this film. There are characters there for no reason,
    there’s background changes for no reason. The whole film just feels
    like it has no reason to be based on the material they didn’t even use.

    Even if you’re not a fan of the series, the plot isn’t very good and
    quite nonsensical. They seem to rely on you having knowledge of the
    material, but then change things anyway. So both fans of the material
    and newcomers don’t really have much clue.

    But OK, the plot sucks, there must be something about this that makes
    it worthy of glowing praise some people feel it deserves?, right?

    Not really. The action is kind of boring and poorly choreographed, and
    is just generic police show level material for the most part, or badly
    done redos. Scarlett Johansson isn’t very believable in this role and
    looks kind of awkward and not very believable or impactful.

    the acting is wooden and mostly terrible. It’s like b movie level if
    that. The main actress gets lots of screen time, but just seems really
    bored, though that’s her thing. The casting is mostly forgettable.
    There was the slightly odd decision to have one character speaking
    Japanese while everyone understood and responded to him in English.
    Which was only odd because it made it hard to assume everyone else was
    just was in Japan speaking Japanese, unless everyone in Japan but him
    speaks English now? Who really knows!

    The dialog is poorly written and kind of insultingly simple. You’ll
    have an already simplified concept explained to you, then explained to
    you again by someone else, and then again like we’re all little babies
    that can’t grasp anything by our little own selves. I’m not sure the
    target audience for this but i’m guessing it wasn’t 5 year old
    children. People who claim it is ”though provoking” do look a bit
    silly, as PeeWee’s playhouse is more challenging.

    There are far too many scenes of filler nonsense (in a not very long
    film). Mostly of Scarlett Johansson staring at things looking bored.
    She stares emotionless a bunch for no reason too many times or just
    does things that makes no sense to her character. Maybe they just
    filmed her in her lunch break and then used it to pad out the film, who

    In all the film just felt really lazy. There was little care taken in
    any single aspect of the production, from the designs that made no
    sense and had no solidness or grounding to them, to the bizarre city of
    weird holograms for no reason. Or the disparate story lines not
    properly explained and the insertion of random other story lines for no
    reason. Non of it has any relation to anything else and feels really
    superficial and disjointed.

    But is the film enjoyable? Not really. It doesn’t serve a purpose as a
    mindless action film (the action is bland) or a thought provoking film
    (the dialog is idiot level simplified) or even a good coherent story.

    Like I said, I did think one of the main characters looked really like
    Kiefer Sutherland from Lost Boys at one point. That was probably the
    best part of the film.

  • Mark LongApril 6, 2017Reply

    Very good Sci-fi

    Not being acquainted with the anime story, I enjoyed ”Ghost in the
    Shell” and I liked the way the plot unfolded. The scenery was amazing-
    -I was wishing they had filmed more of the scenes at night. The daytime
    scenery was OK, but like Las Vegas it seemed drab compared to the night
    time cinematography. The futuristic world that ‘Ghost in the Shell’
    creates is the most advanced science fiction I’ve ever witnessed–you
    never knew the robots from the ”enhanced” humans and just regular,
    normal characters seemed to in the minority. By now it would be hard to
    recognize Scarlet Johanson playing some other character than a sci-fi
    super hero or advanced, experimental being.

  • Danijel DivkovicApril 6, 2017Reply

    It could be better but its not that bad

    I didn’t saw any trailer, didn’t read the manga or watch the anime. I
    didn’t had any infomation about the movie

    The Effects Were Amazing and on Point!!!!

    But the story i had the whole time the feeling that it was mixed up and
    punched up in a short movie.

    But its still a good movie for Fantsay fans it didn’t disappoint me but
    it didn’t overjoy me eather

  • Matt GreeneApril 6, 2017Reply

    Choices Were Made…Dumb, Dumb Choices

    Christians, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, gay, straight, black,
    white; we all agree on one thing: people who say ”the book is better”
    are the worst. Well, bring your hate to me: 2017’s Ghost in the Shell
    doesn’t hold a neon-candle to its 1995 progenitor. Some of the
    intrigue, entertainment and beautiful sci-fi visuals hold over nicely,
    but where the original is a potent and mind-bending trip of sci-fi
    thoughts and action, this new one is awkwardly broad, surface-y, and
    plain sloppy. Like all artificial-intelligence stories, it’s about what
    makes someone ”human”, with Johansson playing a cyborg with a human
    brain (”ghost” in this world) searching for the originator of a deadly
    virus. Blade-Runner-like in many ways, it’s a grimy world full of
    bright lights and mysterious characters. But where the original holds
    tightly to its effectively enigmatic nature, this one unnecessarily
    expands on backstory, spells-out themes, rolls-out unearned platitudes
    and projects emotions to such an extent that you wanna yell at the
    screen, ”We get it! This is all REAL important!” At the center is
    Johansson. Her casting should be no surprise as she is currently a
    premier action heroine. However, she faced backlash after many saw her
    casting as the next in a long-line of Hollywood whitewashing Asian
    characters (Aloha, Great Wall). Ghost in the Shell has a fairly
    understandable explanation for her look, and even uses it thematically.
    However, that casting mixed with the frustrating plot changes point
    somewhere less noble: insurance of a franchise. Ultimately, the bare
    bones of sci-fi greatness are covered by insecurity, bringing us a
    dumb-down version of a great product.

  • 0mn1April 6, 2017Reply

    Haters are missing the point.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amesmondeApril 6, 2017Reply

    Without drawing comparisons, interesting but needs a sequel

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Eichii HobaApril 6, 2017Reply

    Despite the outcry, this is one of the best anime adaptations yet

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • poyApril 6, 2017Reply

    Seroiusly give this movie a chance! It is undeservedly underrated…

    I have to admit that I went to watch this movie with certain
    reservations and worries. I was actually quite skeptical about the
    casting of Scarlett Johansson and also rather worried about this live
    adaption of a beloved old classic. But lo and behold, I ended up really
    liking it! The visual were beyond stunning, the characters interesting
    and while the story wasn’t as deep as it could have been it was still
    pretty good. I think all the criticism for this movie has been way too
    harsh, the end product was really well made and if this movie hadn’t
    been an adaption but a regular sci-fi movie I’m pretty more viewers
    would have appreciated it more.

    I have no problem admitting that my worries about Scarlett Johansson
    were for naught, she was actually really great playing Major and after
    having actually watched the movie I found the whole whitewashing
    ”scandal” to be totally overblown… Seriously, both the fictional
    world and her team contained a wide ethnic diversity, so it wasn’t like
    you had one Caucasian among Asians (and therefore sticking out like a
    sore thumb). I felt a lot of effort was put into creating a rich world,
    making sure that the inhabitants were fully incorporated and that their
    actions wouldn’t feel out of place. This is after all only a movie
    adaption, there is only so much you can cram into such a format and
    changes are necessary. Sure, they could have chosen an Asian actress to
    play Major but in this story that detail isn’t even that important…
    it’s just a ”shell” so to speak. The important thing is to keep the
    essence of the original and make sure the unavoidable changes feel
    logical and incorporated in both the story and the world setting as a
    whole. I feel that a lot of people just couldn’t see pass that and that
    saddens me.

    This is not a perfect movie by any means, it was really enjoyable and I
    wholeheartedly recommend it. I even registered just leave this review,
    because I felt so bad about all the undeservedly criticism. One more
    tip from me, do watch it in 3D if possible. The effects really added
    something extra in my opinion.

  • John JacobsonApril 6, 2017Reply

    An affectionate remake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MrDHWong ([email protected])April 6, 2017Reply

    If this is the future for Hollywood adaptations of manga/anime, then I’m not too excited.

    Ghost In The Shell is an action sci-fi movie starring Scarlett
    Johansson. Based on the manga/anime of the same name, this film fails
    to engage the audience’s interest, despite its interesting subject
    matter and influential source material.

    In the not-too-distant future, human beings are now able to be enhanced
    with robotic parts to help them with various daily tasks. One such
    human, Major (Scarlett Johansson), is reinforced with cybernetics to
    become the perfect soldier by the Hanka Robotics organisation. With
    these new upgrades, the organisation uses Major to hunt down cyber-
    criminals wreaking havoc across the city of Tokyo.

    Taken on its own, it is a mediocre action film but when compared to its
    original source material, it is a failed adaptation. The film’s bland
    script and poorly paced direction does little to immerse the audience
    in the story. Occasionally there will be a decent action scene, but it
    feels like it is only there to prod the viewer awake after a tedious
    moment of exposition. Whitewashing controversy aside, Scarlett
    Johansson is decent in the lead role, but that is not saying much when
    compared to how flat and uninteresting every other character is in the
    film. The one thing that this film does particularly well is the
    visuals. The sprawling, Blade Runner-esque city of Tokyo is indeed nice
    to look at, but the film barely shows enough of it to leave a lasting
    impression. If this is the future for Hollywood adaptations of
    manga/anime, then I’m not too excited.

    I rate it 4.5/10

  • jadepietroApril 6, 2017Reply

    Spirit in Disguise

    (RATING: ☆☆☆☆½ out of 5 )

    GRADE: B+


    IN BRIEF: One of the best looking films of the year, GITS is gorgeous
    to inhale, even if the plot is all action with more wisps of smoke and
    lots of mirrors.

    SYNOPSIS: A cyborg killing machine discovers her inner woman.

    Can all dazzling visuals a movie make? Does style trump substance? Has
    the message been altered to affect the messenger? From the manga series
    to anime form and now a live action avatar in Rupert Sanders
    technically impressive but emotionally distant version, Ghost in the
    Machine has taken many forms. Yet none is as striking as Scarlett
    Johansson in the title role as The Major, a babe-o-licious killing
    machine. Major has become a cyber-enhanced android weapon living in a
    neon-lit world of giant holograms that become landmarks that engorge
    its urban futuristic city.

    In this Blade Runner inspired sci-fi universe, the world is one violent
    melee. Caught in the crossfire is Mira Killian, a helpless victim
    before reincarnated as a female Robo-cop whose sole purpose is to fight
    terrorism. An effective cyborg Amazon, Mira aka The Major starts to
    feel unexpected emotions that gets in the way of her combat missions.
    An android becoming human can be a lethal disruption, one that needs to
    be stopped before going rogue. She has a ghost (soul) somewhere in her

    The plot is familiar and highly predictable. But Ms. Johansson is
    perfectly cast. The actress has had much practice playing this
    prototype before in her mad array of superhero warriors (from Lucy and
    Black Widow in the Avengers series), a sub-human creature (Under the
    Skin), and computer types (the voice in Her). Here, she becomes the
    perfect natural unnatural model of beauty, the embodiment of the ideal
    woman. All electronic circuitry in place and all the right curves as
    well, a quintessential sex doll for those viewers trapped in a state of
    arrested development (which is the film’s target audience).

    There is ample supporting in the film’s international casting which
    includes the luminous Juliette Binoche as Mira’s creator, Micheal Pitt,
    Peter Ferdinado, ”Beat’ Takeshi Kitano, and Pilou Asbaek as Major’s
    loyal sidekick. All bring to their roles enough swagger and authority
    that fills in the blanks to their stock characters.

    Screenwriters Jamie Moss William Wheeler, and Ehren Kruger try to bring
    some pathos to their main character, but the non-stop violence upstages
    any subtlety. ( I wish there were more quieter moments to help
    establish the anguish of the main character.) The physical encounters
    seem to be more of interest, with little time spent on her poignant
    dilemma. This literally sacrifices Major’s major character development.
    She remains an enigma, a ghost in a shell, although that is not the
    film’s intent. One is suppose to feel some empathy for our hero, that
    is, between the cracking of bones and bloody carnage.

    There is plenty of that, and I mean plenty of chases and fight moves,
    but there is also some stunning eye candy to savor in beautifully
    staged scene after scene. Even if there is not real emotional
    connection, the overall effect of Sanders’ images is breathtaking.
    Credit Jess Hall’s cinematography, quite remarkable in its splendor.
    The production design by Jan Roelfs covers any of the film’s narrative
    deficits in its detailed coolness. The music score by Lorne Balfe and
    Clint Mansell adds the right techno- pop atmosphere and the taut
    editing by Billy Rich and Neil Smith is thrilling.

    Director Sanders has a dark hypnotic vision and blends the action and
    CGI seamlessly. Large holographic geisha, giant floating koi, bodies
    that dissolve into thin air, ethereal disembodied figures, are just a
    few the the arresting images, giving the perfect sense of eeriness that
    more than suggests a world off balance. He gives us enough of the old
    ”razzle-dazzle” that one could overdose on the film’s stunning
    hallucinations But the reality is that the film is all clever visual
    trickery used to deflect the hollowness of his film genre itself.
    Action. after all, is the main event.

    Ghost in the Shell is definitely an intriguing shell game. It’s an
    interesting sleight of hand when viewing, even if it is ultimately
    empty inside. But the journey, especially for moviegoers who like their
    action with imaginative state-of-the-arts edginess, couldn’t be more
    pleasing or satisfied. (This film may be destined to become a cult

  • HeretickedApril 6, 2017Reply

    All Shell, No Ghost

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiApril 6, 2017Reply

    A ghost of a shell of a plot.

    Glitzy, glossy, and downright dull sci-fi, hallucinatory, I remember it
    being very colourful, but with enough substance to fill an upturned
    Heineken bottle cap, which I felt as though I had drunk several of
    after having watched this one.

    My mind wandered and drifted in and out for so much of this generically
    plotted stolen identity plot line, bored for most of the second half,
    to the point where I cannot even remember some of the characters’

    Scarlett Johannson’s body is the only part of this which held my
    attention, and the holographic Hong Kong present, which had visible,
    holograms of a pig with wings (a Pink Floyd reference?) , a car which
    looks like a cross between a Ferrari and a DeLorean, and imitation
    Predator invisibility effects. One character had steel-capped teeth,
    like Jaws, from The Spy Who Loved Me, another looked like Rutger Hauer
    from Split Second (a vastly superior film, even if it’s just in a ” so
    bad it’s good ” way)

    I went into this knowing virtually nothing about the earlier films and
    comics, aside from the fact that they exist, so perhaps that was part
    of the reason I was so bored? Judging by the middle-of-the-road
    reviews, perhaps not.

  • IvaneroApril 6, 2017Reply

    Outstanding visuals

    The movie is amazing. Of course, I didn’t expect a faithful adaptation,
    that’s why I didn’t even watch the original film that I watched a lot
    of years ago and I almost didn’t remember.

    I didn’t have the need of finding any different detail to the original
    film, that makes you only focused in destroying and over analyzing the
    film instead of enjoying it. A fresh mind is way better.

    I even thought that it was BASED on the Ghost in the Shell world,
    therefore I didn’t have any expectation. I was prepared to enjoy just
    whatever it was enjoyable.

    With an amazing first action sequence, I was more than satisfied with
    the stunning visuals, effects, photography and direction of the scene,
    enough to think ”wow, after this, it’s already worth the money”.

    Script is just OK. Enough to show Ghost in the Shell ideas, without
    being pretentious, and with a lack of complex that, yeah, I don’t like
    too much. Scarlet Johansson was amazing, really nice casting choice.
    Asbæk characterization is amazing and his acting is good enough.
    Visuals and photography are amazing as I already said.

    The only mistake? Trying to make the film for the massive public,
    avoiding complexity of the script and avoiding female nipples.

    Hey guys, complex films like Inception can make a lot of money too. And
    a female nipple is something natural, without any intention of being
    sexualized in this story.

  • Steven Vo (Steven2168)April 7, 2017Reply

    There’s plenty of room for improvement!

    (6.5/10) Ghost in the Shell is okay, but not quite as amazing as it
    could be, despite its best efforts to ”honor” the original anime from a
    western perspective.

    The film boasts beautiful visuals, okay action, a cool score, a few
    interesting ideas, and good performances from the cast, with Pilou
    Asbæk, Takeshi Kitano and Michael Pitt being the stand-outs.

    However, the film also presents questionable directing, acting and
    script choices from Rupert Sanders, Scarlett Johansson and the
    screenwriters respectively (not to mention the unfortunate twist), a
    generic plot, underwritten side characters, and dumbed-down
    philosophical themes.

    While the end result is not as awful as it could have been, there’s
    still plenty of room for improvement for this film (and any possible
    sequels) to be incredible and to do the original anime justice. The
    film, much like The Major, is a shell with fragments of an otherwise
    compelling ghost.

  • sramsey-janusApril 7, 2017Reply

    Strong on it’s own merits, weaker as an adaptation

    I am a Ghost in the Shell fan but I didn’t let that bias me when
    watching the movie. I went in expecting to be a little disappointed,
    not because of reviews or casting controversy, but because it’s an
    adaptation and they are rarely as good as the original. But, I have to
    admit to being pleasantly surprised.

    This must be reviewed two ways: 1. As it’s own entity – Firstly, it is
    visually stunning. You will be hard pressed to find better
    cinematography this year. The action is solid and interesting, the
    acting up to spec although there is nothing that particularly stands
    out. The main themes ask the questions of how we value consent and
    whether that would be diluted in a world where your memories and
    identity can be manipulated without you ever knowing. They also ask how
    we define humanity in a cyborg world but this is a little heavy handed
    at times. My biggest criticism is that sometimes the film seems to
    abandon logic in a few small circumstances. In Hollywood action movies
    this wouldn’t matter but Ghost in the Shell is more intelligent than
    that so it was a little disappointing to see. Overall though it’s a
    clever and exciting sci-fi thriller. Stand Alone Score: 8/10

    2. As an adaptation – Of what though? This film takes material from the
    original manga, and also the TV series and movies which were separate
    adaptations as well. There is no such thing as a loyal adaptation of
    Ghost in the shell’s story. To date, This is the fourth attempt. So how
    do we compare? Well we look at the themes again. The question of how we
    define humanity in a world of increasing cyberization is central to the
    franchise. The film addresses this but in a way that lacks the subtlety
    of previous incarnations. Having said that, it asks questions and adds
    emotional heft that previous installments have never attempted and it’s
    stronger for it. This helps it contribute to the franchise – it’s not
    just a pale copy. The other thing to judge is the story beats it takes
    from the other material. The villain is from the TV show, many visuals
    and fight scenes are taken from the movie, the opening scene is a
    blending of those from both the animated film and it’s sequel. By
    taking these scenes and folding them into a new story it lets the movie
    feel familiar while also adding something new. Will fans be
    disappointed that it’s not a beat for beat adaptation? Probably, we
    usually are, but in this case I think the film is better for it.
    Adaptation score: 7

    I recommend this movie. It has been buried under negative reviews
    fueled by casting controversies that don’t have any impact on the movie
    itself. A hugely underrated film and one that will be vindicated in the
    future as have so many other movies that opened with terrible reviews
    and went on to be revered.

  • quinimdbApril 7, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Screen_BlitzApril 7, 2017Reply

    While defusing the impact of its original source material, Ghost in the Shell is a versatile cyberpunk ride

    This electrifying cyberpunk thriller marks a surprisingly competent
    remake of the 1995 anime hit ‘Ghost in the Shell’, compacted in the
    world of filled of unnecessary redos of popular source material. As the
    original animated feature set a touchstone for the science- fiction
    genre for its introduction of seminal ideas, this film sadly falls
    short of the impact that the original left on the cyberpunk genre,
    which should come to only little surprise since this reimagining
    operates as a more technological rehash of the events from the source
    material. What results is an entertaining, but somewhat predictable
    ride as this film manages to rip many scenes from the original and
    execute here in a similar fashion. Although director Rupert Sanders
    breaths a reasonable amount of spirit into this flick, it is hard to
    find this one blowing anything in the cyberpunk genre out of the water,
    which maybe could have been possible if the 1995 original never came
    about. Set in the futuristic city in Japan where human minds are
    connected by a network, this film enters Scarlett Johansson as Major, a
    cybernetically engineered humanoid who is revived by Dr. Ouelet (played
    by Juliette Binoche) after surviving a horrific accident. With her mind
    transferred inside her new humanoid body, Major is assigned by an
    anti-terrorist organization run by Chief Daisuke Aramaki (played by
    Takeshi Kitano) to take down cyber-terrorist Cutter (played by Peter
    Ferdinando) while struggling to uncover her mysterious past.

    Rupert Sanders uproots a visually stimulating ride clamoring with
    visceral cyberpunk themes and flashy action sequences that gracefully
    made the Japanese-animated picture a hit. But for a film that heavily
    borrows from its superior source material, its unfortunately not as
    impactful as it sets out to be. Addressing complex themes of artificial
    intelligence, the story boasts a strong edge of compelling ideas along
    with some subtle thrills to drive the briskly paced plot. The subplot
    dealing with the lead character fighting to uncover her past makes a
    good source of twists and turns sprinkled throughout the entirety.
    While Sanders employs just a fair amount of gun-blazing action
    sequences to pump up the adrenaline, it is the visual presentation of
    the futuristic setting is what takes the crown for the most powerful
    eye-grabber. Sanders sets the action in a techno-packed metropolitan
    city complete with giant CGI holograms towers above every corner and
    and flying cars soaring through the air; a wildly absorbing eye candy
    that echoes futuristic Los Angeles from Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’.
    As for the acting department, Scarlett Johansson, veteran action star
    of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, does a fairly well job in the lead
    role. Although whether or not her performance defies against the whole
    white-washing controversy that has target this project is debatable, it
    is hard not to admire her effort. The rest of the cast including
    Juliette Binoche, Takeshi Kitano, Peter Ferninando, Michael Pitt, and
    Pilou Asbaek all get the job done, but their character fall short
    memorability and charisma. Furthermore, none of the characters with the
    exception of the lead character carry a strong emotional gravitas to
    their figures, and results in a rather disappointing roster.

    Ghost in the Shell is an visually stunning cyberpunk thrill ride that
    may not hold the thoughtful energy of the original film, but
    nonetheless sets ground for an compelling good time. As for remake of
    original material, this one is nothing out of the ordinary (unless for
    those who have not seen the 1995 film), but that does not mean it isn’t
    an entertaining ride.

  • Adam BermanApril 7, 2017Reply

    Fantastic rendition

    Scarlett Johansson was well casted and absolutely knocked it out of the
    park. I saw it in 3D and say this: pay less attention to everything the
    director put in clear focus, and more attention to the hidden visual
    cues throughout the scenes. This is a movie you could watch multiple
    times just to see all of the hidden cinematic wonders. Remember to look
    at this as a fan of manga, cyberpunk, and anime.

  • cotita-1April 7, 2017Reply

    Good but could be better

    I wish I had seen the anime movie again, before watching this, I think
    its OK

    First of all, Aramaki is BADASS!! perfectly played by Takeshi Kitano.

    When I first saw the trailer, I saw Batou and I wished Ron Perlman was
    cast, but Pilou Asbæk did a great job, I think he deserved more action
    scenes though.

    To all the people that complain about Scarlett Johansson because she is
    not Asian, well, Mayor doesn’t look Asian at all in the Anime (neither
    do most of the characters for that matter). I think she did a good job,
    but Batou and Aramaki were stronger characters.

    The weak spot is the story, its predictable and there are a few plot
    holes that while not important, are not resolved.

    Still I enjoyed it and at least it made me want to watch the 2 anime
    movies again.

  • menestaApril 7, 2017Reply

    Not worth a single star

    First and for most I’ve watched this movie twice.

    There are two ways to see this movie. First you can see the movie as a
    Ghost in the Shell live action adaptation of the original anime. The
    second way is to see it is as a original Sci-Fi movie. As if it would
    be an original movie.

    But this is not an original movie but a Ghost in the Shell adaptation.
    The problem with this adaptation is the director Rupert Sanders tried
    to do some sort of a comics adaptation and he definitely has no clue
    about anime.

    He tried to make some sort of Batman sequel/prequel thing. He tried to
    add backstories which are totally irrelevant for Ghost in the Shell.
    They definitely don’t belong to this movie.

    Ghost in the Shell is not some kind of Batman movie where audience is
    trying to figure Joker’s past or Batman’s past.

    Now as we talk about whitewashing it definitely was a bad choice. There
    is a mix of Japanese and American actors in there which definitely do
    not fit. It is supposed to be in Japan, and you have a lot of American
    actors and then you have a lot of Japanese actors which many times
    speak a bad English or Japanese. Many times an actor speaks English and
    the other Japanese.

    Then they put American actors in a Japanese room and it’s so obvious
    they don’t belong there. And as it comes to recreating the anime
    characters, other than Major and Batou all the other characters are so
    different from the anime both in terms of looks as well as personality.
    Even Batou and the Major were very different from anime.

    But the most screwed character was definitely the hacker. I could not
    believe they did that. Awful.

    As it comes to the scenes replicated 1:1 they also fail big time.

    If you see it as an original movie it fails in so many aspects. A lot
    of bad dialogues, poor acting and poor story structure. So many on the
    nose dialogues.

    There is even more in the graphics department. In many parts the CGI is
    absolutely horrible, many parts that have no role.

    I gave it one star just because I couldn’t give it zero stars. That’s
    how much it really deserves. And Scarlett is involved in more movies
    that are not worth anyone’s time.

  • ohbennyboyApril 7, 2017Reply

    Don’t always listen to critics

    Don’t always listen to critics because that’s what they are ‘critics’.

    I had watched the anime of this movie, loved it and was hyped for this
    movie when I saw the trailers. Just like many others, I heard of
    negative reviews and, though I was always going to see it, I was a
    little concerned. How foolish.

    Just remember… people these days LOVE to hate and bring things down.
    If something isn’t exactly what they expected it to be, ‘wham’,
    negative reviews and, like a virus, people catch the ‘negativity’ and
    it blows up in a hate wave of disappointment from people with more
    opinion than they deserve.

    I went in to the movie like this, expecting something bad and came out
    rather satisfied.

    Breakdown: Ghost in the Shell went to A lot of effort to get some
    scenes exactly right as in the anime. It was a beautiful movie which
    followed the same story with some slight modifications. All the actors
    did a great job. It was so good to see the world of Ghost in the Shell
    (anime) come to life. The very ending was different but, to be honest,
    before I went in the movie I knew the very ending of the anime wouldn’t
    work in a movie like this. I’m glad they changed it.

    Summary: Don’t listen to critics or people how love to tear things
    down. This movie deserved to do better than what it has but people have
    caught the ‘virus’ and are selling the movie short. It was a great
    watch. 8/10.


  • Steven Frank MejiaApril 7, 2017Reply

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  • jekkukyyApril 7, 2017Reply

    Dumbed-down and shallow adaptation cherry-picking the cool action scenes

    Dumbed-down and shallow adaptation cherry-picking the cool action
    scenes. Thats how I would summarize this adaptation of GitS

    Although a big fan of the original, I couldn’t care less about the
    white-washing controversy surrounding the movie. I went in with an open

    Unfortunately the only times this movie entertains is when they are
    copying the best action parts of the original or TV series that came
    after. Other than that it is a simplified borefest with no substance,
    as so many have said before me here.

    Music was good Blade Runner style stuff and visuals were nice in this
    movie. If they had written an actual good cinematic experience to
    accompany that this could have been a classic like Blade Runner.

    This ”movie” looks more like a prolonged TV episode or high budget
    Pilot for a TV show.

  • Ruth A HarriottApril 7, 2017Reply

    Don’t waste your money

    What a dreadful film. The plot was not only simple but for the simple
    minded, I have not seen the original but then all films should stand up
    in their own right; but I guessed the plot in the first 5 mins, and
    that is being generous. The director obviously grew up watching Blade
    Runner on repeat and the setting and action was clichéd. Scarlett J
    walked as if she had 10 sanitary towels between her legs and this film
    was not worthy of her. It was a study in the unoriginal. I will make a
    point of avoiding this Director and his future films. My friend fell
    asleep at least 3 times but I gave her a good nudge and told her she
    had to suffer like the rest of the audience. I didn’t hear anyone say
    anything positive about it.

  • alrigmeApril 7, 2017Reply

    This deserves more appreciation

    Being a fan of the original 1995 movie, I honestly wasn’t expecting
    much from an American remake (especially after reading many of the fan
    reviews). However, I was thoroughly surprised and impressed with how
    well done this movie actually was. They focus more on the action aspect
    in this remake which has disappointed some, but it’s honestly quite
    understandable why this approach was taken. You have to think that they
    were trying to bring in audiences as well as devoted fans and while the
    long-time fans of the series may prefer the more existential
    psychological approach that GitS is known for, most people would
    probably not be as interested as a more action packed flick. I think
    they did the best they could with what they had and while it’s still
    focused more on action, they managed to throw in some of the basic
    underlying themes of GitS and did a decent job of it too. I’m not going
    to discuss the whole white washing issue, but I personally think
    Scarlet Johansson did a rather good job of capturing Major for the most
    part. Most the time she reacted as major would and nothing she did
    really felt out of character. Altogether, I left the theater satisfied
    and would recommend it to fans and non-fans alike. I think it really
    doesn’t deserve all the crap that people (mostly fans) have been giving
    it. A bad remake is The Last Airbender and this certainly isn’t even
    close to that monstrosity.

  • dan-willi84April 7, 2017Reply

    Blade Runner for a new generation.

    Ghost in the Shell is a great film. Ghost in the Shell is Blade Runner
    for a new generation. Scarlett Johansson gave a good performance as The
    Major and Michael Pitt, Juliette, Binoche, Takeshi Kitano and Pilou
    Asbaek all gave good supporting performances. Scarlett Johansson was
    well cast as The Major. The film had a good story. It reminded me of
    Blade Runner, The Matrix and Aeon Flux. It was like all 3 movies were
    rolled into one. The action sequences were not awesome and the film was
    slow. I believe it was more story, than action. The film deserves an
    Oscar nomination for it’s visual effects. Weta Workshop did an
    outstanding job and the visual effects and the computer animation were
    outstanding. The Major’s bodysuit, the Thermosuit, I have never seen
    anything like that before and the sets were amazing. I believe Blade
    Runner was a major influence behind the film. The music was good and it
    gave the film a dark and depressing tone. Don’t take my word for it.
    Don’t listen to what the critics say. Go and see it and decide for

  • Adonis MApril 7, 2017Reply

    Just go watch it!

    Don’t believe what people tell you about this movie. It’s more than I
    could ever expect truthfully. The visuals are out of this world, the
    story is great and the soundtrack OMG! just great! As someone else
    noted in this review section, this movie just proves that hype and
    reviews are not a direct representation of the actual product. People
    are bashing this movie for numerous reasons but without being able to
    see further than their nose. Anyhow, the most objective review I ve
    seen thus far is Chris Stucman’s, go watch it, it will give a good idea
    what the movie is all about


  • Joshua MorrisApril 7, 2017Reply

    Very good movie

    I enjoyed this movie a lot.

    The movie is the best anime adaption ever. Aside from the fan base, its
    a very good movie for general movie goers.

    If you are a fan of movies like the matrix then you will enjoy this.
    Action packed, cutting edge special effects and some very cool
    practical effects! I enjoyed it so much i will be purchasing the blu
    ray upon home release :)!

    The media criticism of Scarlett Johansen is silly, she’s a fantastic
    actress and she plays the role perfectly, i hope to see her continue
    this role in a sequel.

    Fingers crossed for ghost in the shell 2! 🙂

  • megalexisApril 7, 2017Reply

    Minimum 8

    I have to rate it a 9 just because my expectations were never that this
    movie was going to be a 1 to 1 with the original and never wanted it to
    be but they did keep the important scenes close to the original. Just
    the visuals are insane. I feel reviewers are being way unfair. This
    movie should have been R and scenes should have been way more graphic
    represent the coldness of the original.

  • n-83085-74208April 7, 2017Reply

    It’s actually better than I thought

    Although the plot is not as philosophical as the original 1995
    animation movie, this one is actually way beyond my expectation. And it
    actually made me think, that haven’t happen for a long time. Great with
    city landscape view and also perfect details. Visual fact is very good.
    All the characters are great, especially Major and Aramaki

  • disciple_of_sauronApril 7, 2017Reply

    An enjoyable watch for fans of Sci-Fi with great visuals but held back by mediocre dialogue

    Hey there. This is the first review I’ve written for IMDb though I’ve
    been using the site daily for more than a decade now.

    I’ve watched Ghost in the Shell at the cinema 3 days ago, knowing
    beforehand about the controversies that have surrounded this movie for
    the last 6 months or so. Science fiction movies are probably my
    favorite genre and I also enjoyed most of Scarlett’s movies for the
    past 8-9 years so those two factors were a plus for me going in.

    Regarding the whitewashing business, I think its been blown way, WAY
    out of proportion by social justice warriors with nothing better to do
    than drag media attention over whatever they’re feeling insecure about
    this month/year. For those of you who might be on the fence about
    watching a Caucasian actress in the role that (supposedly) should’ve
    been reserved to an Asian actress, please consider this a NON-MATTER
    and watch it anyway. The character she is portraying is SUPPOSED to
    look Caucasian/white. It was the same in the source material and even
    the creator of that anime said so in interviews.

    Now, is the movie any good? In my opinion, yes. Yes it was. It wasn’t
    amazing but at the very least entertaining. There is a good amount of
    people who score this a 1/10 because they are butt hurt that the story
    was changed a lot. Please ignore them and see for yourself even if
    you’re a fan of the anime and are able to keep an open mind. I think
    maybe I was able to judge it more objectively because I had zero
    knowledge about the story in the anime going in, but, if nothing else,
    the movie actually made me want to watch those old ones to compare.

    The acting – 7.5/10 – Since Scarlett Johansson is the only big name
    that the movie is being marketed alongside, I’d say she did a good job.
    At no point in the movie could I say she didn’t belong there. She
    played the part of cyborg who had difficulty belonging in a human world
    very well. The cast is diverse enough in my opinion, though some of
    them get pretty little screen time.

    The visuals – 9/10 – If there is one point most critics/viewers are in
    alignment concerning this movie, that point is definitely the visuals.
    The movie both looks and feels spectacular, with the futuristic city
    looking like a close-future mix of Blade Runner and TRON. The
    combination of CGI and practical effects looks organic, the movie’s
    powerful themes of excessive self-augmentation and technology almost
    running amok represented very well visually.

    Soundtrack – 8/10 – Sometimes pretty subdued, sometimes
    almost-but-not-quite in your face, I found the soundtrack to vary
    between decent and very good in some moments. It didn’t MAKE the movie
    but it enhanced a good deal in my opinion.

    Story – 7/10 – Here is where the good points of the movie kinda start
    to run dry. A lot of other people would probably rate it a lot lower,
    with 5 or 4’s if they’re at least trying to be objective. Yes, the
    story is fairly predictable, and the fact that the movie is only around
    100 minutes long doesn’t do it any favors either. Here is probably
    where most of the legitimate hate towards this movie stems from. The
    creators adapted a story that had a lot more depth and philosophical
    insight and turned it into a somewhat generic cyborg coming of age
    story mixed with an evil corporation doing questionable things. The
    villain is also very cookie-cutter and has almost zero depth. HOWEVER,
    I do think that concerning this film’s particular themes and narrative,
    a weak villain doesn’t hurt it so much since its more about
    losing/gaining your humanity through technology than any bad guy trying
    to shoot you.

    Writing/Dialogue – 6/10 – By far the movie’s weakest aspect. In fact, I
    believe if some more meaningful dialogue and character interactions
    were written into this film, it could’ve easily been 1 or 2 points
    higher on anyone’s scoring system. As it is, the dialogue is shallow
    and fairly run-of-the-mill for about half the movie’s length. Some bits
    of good interactions are sprinkled here and there, and thankfully
    that’s enough to preserve the soul of the movie’s central theme of
    human souls surviving in machine bodies, BUT not enough to give Ghost
    in the Shell the depth it should’ve inherited from the source material.

    Overall – I gave this movie 8/10 stars here on IMDb, mostly because I
    couldn’t give it a 7.5 which felt more appropriate to me. My advice
    would be to not listen to the whitewashing nonsense, because that’s
    exactly what it is, nonsense. Also don’t listen to the haters who rate
    this movie a 1/10 or call it crap because those people should not be
    reviewing anything to begin with. It is a decent movie, with great
    visuals and a theme that might get you thinking for a couple of days
    after seeing it. The acting is decent, with an above average
    performance from Scarlett and a good soundtrack that might hit the
    right spot on occasion. The only bad aspects, like I mentioned, are the
    film’s rather short running time and weak dialogue/writing which hold
    it back from being truly great.

  • skylerisaacApril 7, 2017Reply

    Brilliant In Every Way

    I figured that Ghost In The Shell was going to be good, but I never
    expected it to be THIS good.

    I’d like to begin by addressing those people who are upset about the
    casting of Scarlett Johansson. First off, calm the hell down. Johansson
    is perfect in the role, and helps bring a real emotional heft to the
    story. Second, if you actually take the time to WATCH the film instead
    of being an overly-sensitive and judgmental toolbox, you’ll find that
    the franchise’s Asian roots are far from ignored. In fact, they’re

    Scarlett Johansson is magnificent as the Major. Every one of her line
    readings is spot on and dripping with emotion. As a side note, I don’t
    believe she’s ever looked as beautiful as she does in this film.

    The supporting cast is just as good, but famed Japanese auteur Takeshi
    Kitano steals the show as Daisuke Aramaki. All of his scenes in the
    third act were greeted with cheers and applause at the screening I
    attended. I was very glad to see Kitano in a big budget American film,
    portraying the type of character that he usually does: Calm, violent
    and awesome.

    The film’s visuals and cinematography are two more pieces of
    brilliance. Director Rupert Sanders only previous directorial credit,
    Snow White And The Huntsman, looked good. But Ghost In The Shell is the
    movie that solidifies him as a truly visionary filmmaker. I’ve never
    been overly fond of 3D in film, but it’s used to stunning effect here.

    I also have to take a moment and praise the writing. The films themes
    tackle poignant issues of self identity and what it means to be human.
    Yes, such issues have been done before, but I’ve never seen then
    addressed as well as they are here.

    All in all, Ghost In The Shell is nothing short of cinematic
    magnificence. If you don’t see this one, you’ll regret it.


  • Romeo GarciaApril 7, 2017Reply

    ”Another CGI movie with NO script or story”

    Let me start saying that i know the anime and i am a fan of him,Another
    thing is i have NO problem that an American actress take the lead of an
    Asian character so let start.

    This movie is another addition to the movies with a lot of CGI or
    special effects and cero story…The typical future city already see it
    in a lot of movies like:BLADE RUNNER,TRON,MINORITY REPORT,A.I.,THE
    FIFTH ELEMENT,THE MATRIX,DREDD,and many many more and believe me this
    becoming boring to death..why? because we already there and is question
    of years that all have that technology in our hands.

    Now if you want to see a movie based only in CGI this is your movie but
    if you looking something else…is not for you…the movie feels
    empty,with no magic,substance or originality..Beieve me if you don’t
    see it in the theater you not miss anything.

    Don’t waste your money…they are better FUTURE movies out there to see

  • Dimitar KovachevApril 7, 2017Reply

    I Didn’t expected to be that Good!

    Honestly, I expected Ghost in the Shell to be a very bad movie, but I
    was surprised by it.

    Amazing visual effects and music as well. Go on youtube and type Ghost
    in the Shell and you will see how much effort people put into creating
    the robots and the decorations. The acting was pretty good even though
    most of the scenes are CGI. Most of the times I believed that Scarlett
    Johanssen is an actual robot.

    The plot was following the famous Japanese animation.

    Overall I recommend seeing it in the cinema because only in the cinema
    you can get the whole experience of the visual effects and music.

  • residentgrigoApril 7, 2017Reply

    I give my consent to terminate this movie

    US sci-fi films temporarily fell off a cliff in the 90s, with only
    great visuals as the saving grace. Judge Dredd or Demolition Man come
    to mind, especially as both are as badly cast and acted as GitS. Let’s
    address the universally praised visuals first. The film technically
    looks nice but none of it will stick with you due to the exceptionally
    bland setting. Seriously, where is this film set? The best looking bits
    also ape the source material nearly 1 to 1. Van Sant’s Psycho ”remake”
    comes to mind… Well done VFX crew but your hard work was sadly
    wasted. I am also not sure if the films even has music, a hallmark of
    GitS, but you occasionally get to hear 10 second bits by a choir with
    no rhyme or reason. Sigh. On to the cast.

    Kitano mostly sits on a chair and looks sleepy, Asbæk completely gets
    Batou (my favorite anime character) wrong and I will come to Johansson
    later. Let’s stick with Batou and only the 2 generic villains gets
    something to do too. The writer apparently though that the audience is
    too dumb to understand the concept of his iconic cybernetic eyes, so
    the film gives a bewildering origin story for them. That’s how dumb and
    random the script is. It also includes the term ”lawless zone”! What
    this films doesn’t have time for is to explain basic GitS terminology,
    while other elements are over explained to an unreasonable degree. The
    film also takes scenes and plot points from both anime films, and both
    TV seasons of SAC, despite the two having vastly different
    continuities. Act 1 and 2 are thus best described as GitS for the
    mentally impaired and squeamish, as the PG-13 proves about as unsuited
    as everyone expected. Many scenes even randomly stop and the film is
    badly edited too. To a degree that it becomes hard to make out what
    happens! On to act 3 and the protagonist.

    Johansson can act, just not in this film. She is less sleepy than
    Kitano but one of the strongest female characters in ALL of anime was
    reduced to a borderline incompetent combatant and most importantly a
    doe eyed idiot. All of this is ”technically” supported by the
    predictable twist ending but it proves to be the worst bit of the film
    by FAR. Don’t get me wrong. The first 100-ish minutes bored and
    irritated me but we are talking about a 4/10, not a 1/10. Yes, act 3 is
    THAT bad. Would you like it if a Batman film ended with the protagonist
    turning out to be a random teenager from the other side of the world?
    Something similar basically happens here. Motoko’s military career and
    much more, a unifier for all GitS canons, just get taken away. WTF and
    the film flat out stops to ”excuse” the (somewhat justified)
    whitewashing allegations by creating a vaguely racist black hole of bad
    ideas that can only appeal to someone who hates the source material or
    can’t be bothered to think during a CG film. The only thing missing is
    romance sub-plot. No one in the film is capable of human emotions, so
    we dogged 2 bullets here.

    The films thus ends up being much worse than I ever expected and is
    best described as the ”new” Fan4stic or Dragon Ball Evolution for comic
    films. Don’t watch it if you ever cared about any of the anime versions
    and watch those instead if you never did! All 3 canons are great. This
    though ain’t cyberpunk, it’s cybertrash. The newly announced GitS anime
    (how convenient…) and hopefully Blade Runner 2 now need to ”save” the
    cyberpunk sub-genre, while the promising Alita: Battle Angel will have
    to do the same for US / Life Action anime. Good luck Mr. Rodriguez!

  • Viewmaster ([email protected])April 7, 2017Reply

    I am simply writing what I saw.

    This is actually my first review of a movie. After rating over 500
    movies, I left that this one needed a few words.

    Firstly, when you see a movie that is so overly advertised online and
    offline you know what’s up…

    Secondly, this is a based on a banging manga so I assumed there would
    be some good action sequences with plenty of slapstick energy. Don’t
    get too excited.

    Thirdly, predictability can be down to interpretation but my god c’mon.
    They also shouldn’t grab visual similarities to matrix, blade runner or
    something actually worth while.

    Fourthly, the only exciting part of this movie is the old Japanese don.
    Trust me towards the end, he goes hard.

    Finally, no one will read this but honestly if you rated this over 6
    then let me ask you, what did you really see? You’ve been hacked.

  • DanApril 8, 2017Reply

    Scarlet Johansson As Wrong And Useless As Ever

    I am happy I did not pay money to see this. We saw it by downloading
    it. girlfriend and I stopped the movie to eat dinner and realized we
    were only 30 minutes into it. It was mixed up. 30 mins felt like an
    hour or two. Major? How the hell is that? If Japanese did something
    like this to an American movie it would have been rated 1, 2, or 3.
    Having a shadowy group in Japan with Scarlet Johansson is sad. The
    Studio has to make some a little sense. They just threw in an enemy it
    seems. A revised version of the Jap story. What about the bad guy? He
    looks like something from Harry Potter. He is so secretive and evil and
    wants himself to be menacing. I do not think so.

  • dgrangerApril 8, 2017Reply

    Great eye candy but that all it was.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • divnaosobaApril 8, 2017Reply

    Visually , the Most beautiful movie ever made, Personal Favorite

    Let me admit it, That i Never watched original cartoon movie or the
    series. Actually i m not an anime guy at all, and only watched the most
    important Anime movies, for the sake of my cultural ascension. And boy
    am i glad ,i never watched it, so i could not possibly get ButtHurt.
    But i should also admit, That i’m a huge fan of sc-fi , and cyber-punk,
    And my Top 10 movies includes Dark city, Matrix, Fifth Element, Blade
    runner,and Robocop for example, So i m all into this Genre.

    What can i say about this flawless movie, that has the best directing
    of action scenes since Matrix 1? That has The most detailed and rich
    set designs in any action movie ever? That has unbelievable Cgi , and
    special effects. That should get a Oscar for a costume design? A movie
    that finally doesn’t have horrible hip hop , or dubstep soundtrack?
    Main actor that is a most bad-ass women in universe , and is so
    beautiful to look at that you get depressed about yourself.? I
    seriously can not admire enough , the efforts that were put in the
    making of this movie. The evidence of hard work by the whole crew, is
    just everywhere. Nobody would plan everything in such a detail if they
    weren’t fans of the original, and can you even imagine how hard is to
    make exact replica of a scene that was originally only drawn on a paper
    with a pencil?

    Scenes of the city are just breathtaking, and fighting and shootout
    scenes are like a ballet. ScaJo’s suit and body, is an image i will
    remember till the day i die, And all other actors and characters are
    valid replicas of anime original characters, and very well done. One of
    the most important pluses of the movie for me, is the camera job.
    Finally for the love god, we do not get Shaky cam, instead we get most
    sharp and clear action scenes since matrix. Choreography of fights and
    using guns is done so well, that you get goosebumps.I appreciate it so
    much , because i always felt eye raped, with action scenes in last
    10-15 years.They are all horrible, and not one is memorable.

    The story is not weak or dumbed down, as anime fans are saying it. It
    is actually completely the same, and all important points and messages
    , are spoken out in the movie, and there are some very emotive scenes.
    There are also some very cool and unforgettable lines in the movie,
    like for example: ”You never send a rabbit to kill a fox” That reminded
    of the substance and style movies of the 90’s had, which were super
    sharp and memorable punchlines, or jokes.

    I just can not praise this movies enough. It was the most profound
    ,beautiful and memorable movie experience i had since Matrix. Please
    ignore the fake fans , who only jumped the bandwagon for no reason at
    all. Greetings to all who like the movie!

  • vincentgariasApril 8, 2017Reply

    is not just the controversy… its the quality.

    the animated film looked like an original material, this live-action
    box office bait looks like Blade runner, not just the sets’ imagery but
    some scenes (like running through glass, breaking it), the casting is
    too obviously bad (and i am not talking about the White casting
    controversy), the male casting looks ridiculous, this character looks
    like a white man wearing a wig, too obvious and ridiculous; like a fake
    cosplay and glasses. spielberg wanted to put his hands on the franchise
    so bad that he probably made one of the worst movies in history (from
    original material to Live-action material).

  • Dan HardenApril 8, 2017Reply

    A Major Injustice

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beth-allen-223-86101April 8, 2017Reply

    Not a good movie

    the movie was terrible total wast of time and money, we were very
    disappointing with the acting in this movie scarlet is going downhill
    becoming a has-been. we hope to see better movies in the future from
    her. We will have to see maybe she is to busy talking politics just
    don’t kn ow right now

  • emrahcApril 8, 2017Reply

    Scarlett Johansson and Rupert Sanders

    The main character ”Scarlett Johansson” was great, director ”Rupert
    Sanders” did not break his line again and reflected a manga script in a
    spectacular fashion   As Rupert Sanders is in this film, he considers
    snow white and huntsman methods.   I know Scarlett Johansson in the
    first Lucy movie, and I am a player I am constantly in love with.

  • maryanna-98669April 8, 2017Reply

    Ghost of a Movie (as in there was nothing there)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cole Waters ([email protected])April 8, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell is a knockout masterpiece. Every second of this
    movie was action packed. Scarlet Johansson delivered a award winning
    performance for next years Academy Awards. I saw this movie in IMAX 3D
    and it was spellbinding, fantastic best 3D I have seen in years if you
    are going to see this movie then you will have to see it in IMAX 3D
    with out a doubt.

    Parents this movie is based off the popular anime show so this movie is
    going to have a lot of violence in it so expect a lot of brutal
    violence and bloody images so if you don’t want your kids this is one
    of those 🎥 where there is a ton of twist and turns throughout the
    fantastic film that need to be noticed for being so fantastic and
    beautifully done. You will love every second of this film in ever way
    it will be your favorite

  • ericnottellingApril 8, 2017Reply

    very disappointed

    I really wish they would have made this movie through an independent

    First the casting is all wrong. It’s not the whole white wash thing,
    it’s the Scarlett Johansson as a scifi actor thing. It’s like watching
    the female version of keano Reeves. She simply can’t act. Putting Pilou
    Asbæk next to her was twice the punishment! The whole Hollywood type
    casting thing drags down movies.

    Second was the storyline and the writing. It was seriously lacking. A.
    you knew what was coming before it ever came. B. trying to hide the
    lack of good dialog behind action scenes only goes so far. This whole
    movie lacked any substantial dialog at all. They were throwing scenes
    in the movie that were frankly pointless because they couldn’t write
    anything meaningful. Even the last battle scene was just lame. They
    wrote so poorly they even left cliff hangers in segments where there
    should have been action.

    I wouldn’t spend a dime to go see this movie and I’m glad I watched it
    online because of that.

    110 million and this is the garbage they threw out. it wasn’t even 1/2
    as good as Lucy, not that Lucy was some epicly great movie. I can only
    hope the blade runner remake isn’t this epicly bad.

  • Manami TsutsumiApril 8, 2017Reply

    Definitely worth your time

    I am glad that I went to see this film in IMAX. It had stunning visuals
    which I do not think would have been as good in Standard format and the
    movie captured the spirit of the original story quite well. Granted
    that I think if they had used the music at the closing credits sometime
    during the movie, it would have enhanced the ambiance but still the
    movie conveyed the original message well. Ignore the nonsense regarding
    comments about Scarlett Johansson ”whitewashing” the movie. I do not
    know what the big deal is. She is awesome in it and the Japanese loved
    her playing the part. Honestly, I cannot think of a single Japanese
    actress who could have played that part well and looks like the
    original manga character anyway. Whether you have read the manga or
    seen the original anime, you will enjoy this movie. Ignore the negative
    American press and go see it. It is well worth your time.

  • TheRogueTomatoApril 8, 2017Reply

    Very entertaining movie, better than the 1995 anime

    I watched the 1995 anime movie before I went to see this just to
    freshen up my memory.

    Honestly, I never thought the 1995 movie was that great. So I’m happy
    this live action version was not 100% faithful to that movie. I haven’t
    read the manga, so I can’t comment on how faithful it is to that. And I
    don’t really care, since I enjoyed this movie so much.

    If I have only one complaint about this movie, it’s that they explained
    what ghost in the shell means at the very beginning. That was an
    unnecessary way to use the exposition to make the rest of the movie
    less confusing. IMO, it wouldn’t have been confusing anyway, so they
    could have left that on the cutting room floor.

    Beyond that, though, the visuals are stunning. With one exception, the
    action scenes are very engaging (the one exception being the dark
    action scene where you can’t really see what’s going on, but that was

    The casting is perfect. Yes, I would have preferred a Japanese actress
    for Major, but I can fully understand why they chose Scarlett
    Johansson. She’s gorgeous and has the box office draw. And it really
    didn’t make a difference for me. She played the part well. Pilou Asbæk
    was the perfect choice for Batou, too.

    I give it a solid 8, and would recommend the movie to anyone.

  • amytkumarApril 8, 2017Reply

    Hollywood depiction of a Manga

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thededadeApril 8, 2017Reply

    This is a very good movie.

    The classic scenes of the original 1995 anime are there. The movie
    deviates from the original anime in terms of concepts (the ending of
    the anime is different from the movie) but I would say it is more
    realistic and logical. For those who do not follow the anime, if they
    watch the original 1995 anime movie they would not understand some of
    the gist especially the ending but with the movie it is a fresh work of
    its own by itself. From beginning to end, you will be able to follow
    and it is high action most of the time with a good plot that attempts
    to explained all that has happened within the short time frame of the
    movie. One part that is a bit hard to follow is the dialogue switch
    from Japanese to English with the words all over the place instead of
    at the bottom. Makes you miss some of the dialogue. So if you are
    watching this movie, be prepared to scan the entire screen when you
    hear Japanese.

  • Jackson Booth-MillardApril 8, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adanek-51778April 8, 2017Reply

    A modern real live anime, true to its original.

    A good and descent work and true to the original. Sure, whitewashing in
    the lead role is a big no no, but after seeing the original again i
    must say that it was a really good movie and true to the original
    spirit and elements. Some issues with the plot, a bit slow sometimes
    but nothing that would give it a grade c or less. For those who hasn’t
    seen the original it may be a bit confusing but ignore the plot then. I
    you want to see a good, cool movie that blends all of our favorite
    anime’s and sci fi movies, you wont be disappointed. And by the way,
    the soundtrack is also really good.

  • adonis98-743-186503April 8, 2017Reply

    Nowhere near as bad as critics made it sound..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Robert Setlock, IIIApril 8, 2017Reply

    Empty Shell

    Remaking a classic is difficult to pull off right. Recently, ”Beauty
    and the Beast” came very close in many ways to the original. Now we
    have another animation classic being remade into live-action. ”Ghost in
    the Shell” has a real chance at being something unique, compelling, and
    memorable The original is an anime and, therefore, Japanese; thus, made
    for that audience. Therefore, this American version might have a new
    perspective to offer.

    Sadly, this new perspective turns out to be a dumbed down one. ”Ghost
    in the Shell” 2017 flounders in its inability to understand the source
    material. In the world of ”Ghost in the Shell” (any version),
    technology has reached a point where any human body part can be
    upgraded. The resultant population lives in varying degrees with
    cybernetics. People who are fully human still exist, but they are a

    In their essence, the setups of the two movies parallel closely. How
    they follow up on that is quite different. The original focused on
    asking questions. The remake seems to feel the need to answer those
    questions for the audience. The main protagonist in the films is the
    Major (here portrayed by Scarlett Johansson) who is just a brain in a
    fully robotic body. Because of this, she questions whether or not she’s
    still human. In the original while the Major is the main character, her
    partner Batou is the heart of the movie. It is his unwavering
    confidence in the Major’s humanity despite her soul rending doubts that
    provides the audience’s perspective. Thus, the audience senses that the
    Major is good and empathize with Batou’s belief in her.

    In the remake, Batou exists because he was written in the original, his
    perspective fades into the background noise. Instead, the Major seems
    to be the heart of the piece. She clearly has emotions and concerns and
    is desperately wanting to cling to her soul or ghost so she can be
    human. Problem is, by handling it this way, there is no question for
    the audience to weigh. Clearly, she still is human; even if she doubts
    it, the audience does not. Another issue this presents is that it
    forces Johansson to play a role that requires showing emotion while
    being as emotionless as possible. It’s a tricky balancing act that she
    handles fine, but the end result is a movie whose heart is as
    emotionless as possible.

    Kudos to the filmmakers for how well the movie maintains the aesthetic
    of the anime classic. Nevertheless, it fails to understand what was at
    the heart of that movie and what made it a classic. Perhaps the simpler
    title ”Empty Shell” would fit the remake better.

  • guy-59869April 8, 2017Reply

    It’s not the original. It’s a wonderful imagining from the original.

    This isn’t the original Manga. What it is, is a breathtaking
    re-imagining based upon that wonderful Manga. The cinematography is, in
    my opinion, absolutely stunning. Both bright and vibrant whilst showing
    a dark and gritty life within the city.

    I have heard talk that this film will be negatively affected by reports
    of ”white-washing”, I had no idea this term existed before reading a
    review of the movie. Scarlett Johanssons portrayal of The Major is
    fabulous. Had she been half as good as she was then maybe people could
    deride the films choice for lead actress. However she shines. The
    subtle nuances she brings to The Major’s character are sublime. She can
    do so much just with slight facial expressions that convey so much more
    than words. Forget what you might have read, merit walks and Scarlett
    Johansson has merit to spare from her work here.

    The other main characters are well done too. Batou is exactly what I
    imagined he should be, based upon the original. The understated yet
    complex interplay between him and The Major is a delight to watch.

    The film maybe doesn’t have some of the existential depth of the
    original Manga. There aren’t as many questions asked or nuances of
    human psychology explored. However, unless you’d seen the original you
    wouldn’t know they were missing. The film lacks for nothing. As a fan
    of the original Ghost in the Shell I am more than happy to recommend
    this movie, based on it’s merits! It’s not a bright shiny Marvel movie,
    it’s not Inception either. It is worth your time to make up your own
    mind and definitely worth the price of a cinema ticket!

  • Kapten VideoApril 9, 2017Reply

    All the good looks it’s too niche for general audience

    Based on media franchise of the same name, „Ghost in the Shell” is the
    first live-action movie of the seminal cyber epic about human enhanced
    into super soldier who clashes with dangerous criminals. In order to
    add some international star power, the main hero – originally Asian –
    has turned into sexy and nimble white girl (Scarlett Johansson), the
    choice surely liked by many and despised by some more hard-core fans.
    And adding some street cred, there is legendary director Takeshi Kitano
    supporting her. There are– or at least one can perceive – nods to all
    kinds of mind- bending sci-fi classics that have gone before, „The
    Matrix” and „Assassin’s Creed” among others. The gravity-defying
    asskicking and futuristic environments sure look good, with all the
    gigantic holograms dominating the cityscape and everything. Sadly it
    does not really feel like a living breathing world – it’s much more
    like a video game. So you may not remember it long after watching but
    it’s competent if unoriginal vision of what futuristic looks like. What
    the fans of previous „Ghost in the Shell” incarnations – especially
    manga and anime – may lament about is the horribly simplified approach
    that the western movie makers has used. But if you don’t know or care
    about the legacy, the first live-action movie may quench some thirst
    for futuristic action. The result is not bad, really. It’s just not
    terribly involving either. It’s not gonna become a megahit, because for
    all the good looks it’s too niche for general audience and probably too
    shallow for manga or anime heads. Oh well. At least we get an idea
    about how the coming „Blade Runner” sequel and Marvel’s Black Widow
    movie(s) may look like. There’s a fully functional spiritual side to
    the story, and it’s actually much more exciting to follow events this
    way. But all the spiritual stuff has been pushed to the background and
    is mentioned only in passing. So it can’t effectively compensate for
    the shallowness of the main plot or sure-handed but emotionally distant
    style which never lets you close to the characters. The potential is
    all there, but the result will leave many a bit unsatisfied. Watched it
    in 3D. Didn’t think the extra D added enough to justify its existence.

  • CANpatbuck3664April 9, 2017Reply

    Tons of Visual Style but Lacks Emotional Stakes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • EnchordeApril 9, 2017Reply

    Entertaining but predictable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Flower PatternApril 9, 2017Reply

    If you’re not a die-hard fan, you’ll love it!

    This film (in my opinion) is great! If you’re looking for a movie that
    has a great plot and plenty of action, I recommend this. Its plot is
    deep and complex, but one of my favourites. You have to constantly pay
    attention to understand it fully, I might add. The action is certainly
    enjoyable and intense as well. The fact that the CGI can sometimes take
    you out of the moment, and that the main character is white-washed
    (Scarlet J. still does an excellent job in this movie, though) are the
    only flaws. Aside from that, it’s an overall great movie that deserves
    to be watched!

  • Albert ITOHApril 9, 2017Reply

    I don’t understand the bad critics

    I am some what fan of Masamune’s Ghost in the Shell (origin/comic) I am
    incredible fan of Ohii’s Ghost in the Shell (highly
    philosophical/movie) I am Mid-Big fan of Kamiyama’s Ghost in the Shell
    (political?/mostly TV Series)

    And comes film version of Ghost in the Shell. This should be counted as
    4th kind of Ghost in the Shell that I believe can’t really be compared
    with the genre in the past.

    Whatever the genre would be, every director have there own mind set and
    whoever holds the decision, I’ve seen two common factor.

    1.I get to ”think” about the relationship with ghost(software) in
    relation with shell(hardware)? Leads to our everyday question on
    relationship between our mind and body. 2.I get to walk through the
    process of Major’s conflict to understand what or who she is. 3.Team
    work is still the most important factor no matter how perfectly you are

    I was able to enjoy same quality in this movie.

    IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED AND IS A FAN Don’t compare with any of other
    Ghost in the Shell. It’s like watching another version of Batman movie.
    It ”could be” pain to compare Nolan’s Batman with Burton’s Batman(or
    even Lego Batman). Or to compare Bale’s version of Batman and Ben’s
    version of Batman.

    Remember how you first seen this series. Just Dive

    IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED AND IS Not A Fan It is SF movie and is based on
    Japanese SF comic…manga….animation whatever you call them by. If
    you fit in, welcome to the world, there are tons more out there.

    This is not MATRIX, this is not Ex-Machina. This is film version of
    Ghost in the Shell and really should not be compared. And I believe it
    was GREAT! And I believe Scarlett Johansson was the right fit. Since
    when did shell matter in this series.

    But yet the only thing I didn’t like about it Story are too slow and
    1hr47min does not seem to be enough. But that’s because it’s so unique
    and needs time to educate the world of the series. This whole movie
    seemed like a teaser to ”understand” the background of the Ghost in the

    I am not a professional in the area but if all those graphic or CG
    assets can be reused…. wouldn’t it be lesser budget for the second
    one? We’ve seen the orange field, we now need the juice. Hope there is
    second one with ”more” of Ghost in the Shell. (and not another
    questionable anime series)

  • durandinApril 9, 2017Reply

    Sad outcome for a good movie

    I have to be honest i really enjoyed this take on Ghost in the shell.
    The cast was good. Having Scarlet as the Major was interesting, but as
    you get fully into the story line they used it fits perfectly fine.

    What really saddens me is they could not have had a worse weekend to
    open on.

    On one hand you have one of Disney’s most iconic movies in theaters for
    its 3rd weekend.

    And on the other side you had a Dreamworks film opening against it.
    Which from what i see is still killing it.

    So two family style movies vs an obscure title at best when it comes to
    the masses.

    Its no wonder it didn’t do well money wise. That is really sad because
    they did an outstanding job with he movie and its visuals. I would love
    to see them make a follow up. Better yet cut a deal with Netflix and
    have them continue it with a series that brings in more form the manga
    and anime series.

  • autisticreviewersApril 9, 2017Reply

    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

    Anime has made an impact in western culture since its first
    introduction in the late 80’s, features like Akira, Ninja Scroll and
    the original Ghost in the Shell made a massive impact on audiences with
    its visual style, unique storytelling and brutal animated violence.
    Today, Ghost in the Shell has been adapted by the American filmmakers
    and does it live to expectations? In way I can say yes but it has its
    faults, but redeems itself in quality effects, production value and
    some worthy screen performances.

    The story is set in the way ahead future, in a time where both man and
    machine have combined to be a living organisms with enhanced abilities.
    Advanced cybernetic soldier Major (played by Scarlett Johansson)
    pursues terror plots and villains to keep the city safe from chaos and
    destruction. But when visions of her possible past seem to surface, she
    questions not only who she is, but who is the manipulator of this
    possible threat.

    Now I will advise that I haven’t seen the original, I had plans to in
    hopes of finding what was there and wasn’t but it’s hard to get a copy
    of it in Australia. From what I watched, it felt like it tries to be
    faithful to the source material but white being it’s own film, not
    wanting to affect the original’s acclaimed status. The plot is straight
    forward to follow, but I did feel that the themes of the story weren’t
    justified as much, you get a bit here and there but I wanted more and
    see how characters would have changed and even ask the audience what
    they would do in a world like that.

    Visual effects and the production value are really in high value here,
    with some state of the art CGI, practical make up and a electronic
    music score that suits to the anime. With visual effects wizards Weta
    Workshop and other artists credited, they pull off an amazing job that
    could lead to future award nominations. Acting is pretty much good,
    with ScarJo being her usual best in a role that’s similar to ‘Lucy’.
    She’s fit, dazzling and gives whatever she can in her lead role.

    To wrap this up, GITS packs a wallop on the eye in terms of visual
    effects, cinematography and style, but it does miss a few steps in
    terms of the story themes. – 3/5 Check us out on facebook and
    Instagram- The Autistic Reviewers!

  • Moonstrike9April 9, 2017Reply

    It’s pretty awesome

    I feel like whitewashing is a problem, but that bashing a film and
    actress over it will resolve nothing. Though I’ve never heard of the
    anime and manga before this movie came out, I will definitely be
    checking it out now. The visuals are stunning (except the awkward ones
    scattered here and there throughout the film). All in all, I highly
    recommend this movie. And Scarlet Johannsen rocked the role (though
    there were scenes where she was wooden and stiff, but I’m unsure
    whether that ties into the character itself). Awesome though.

  • miy66April 9, 2017Reply

    Visually Cool!

    This was visually really futuristic with a distinct Japanese flavour. I
    found the city scenes great to look at and it really draws you in and
    creates an interesting backdrop to the movie. I know there has been
    mixed reviews about this one, but I have to say I liked it. Scarlett is
    always a fascinating actress to watch and the story does keep you
    interested. I would recommend if not to look at the special effects

  • dromascaApril 9, 2017Reply

    men, machines and in-between

    I did not see the original Japanese anime film with the same name which
    triggered the idea of Ghost in the Shell and this may be an advantage
    or a disadvantage. I have read some articles that compare the two
    works, and also refer to the comics series, as well as to ‘Matrix’
    which took apparently many ideas from it. It seems to me that I can
    enjoy and appreciate director Rupert Sanders’ film even better without
    that comparison, although I may be missing some of the nuances or
    different directions the original work was taking the theme to.

    What may have changed in the two decades since the Japanese original
    works were created is the fact that much of the technology that is
    described in the film became reality, and for the rest the feasibility
    is a confirmed fact. Artificial organs are now more and more replacing
    organs and tissues damaged by diseases or accidents. We know much more
    about how brain functions, how information circulates between brain and
    body, and how mechanical actions of the human body or artificial
    prosthesis are controlled. Brain transplant was not achieved, but it’s
    considered feasible, as well as a future implant in a completely
    artificial body. As in the film, many of the humans are or will become
    hybrids with a higher and higher percentage of replaced parts.

    The film deals with a future in which the first brain implant is made
    in an artificial body. This makes of the lead heroine (Scarlett
    Johansson) kind of a super-hero, a living weapon to fight terrorists.
    It’s just that her former identity (her ‘ghost’) comes to haunt her,
    and while she slowly recovers her human identity the reality around
    becomes less connected to the truth. What follows is a combination of
    action (or even super-heroes action) and smart science-fiction genres,
    which takes place in a world where men coexist with hybrids, or maybe
    better said almost any man also became a hybrid. It’s a film which
    succeeds both to entertain as well as to ask difficult questions about
    the future evolution of mankind and it’s relation with the thinking
    machines created by men.

    Some exceptional work was performed in order to create on screen the
    possible world of the future described in Ghost in the Shell. The
    visual concept makes reference to previous art like the one in
    Metropolis or Blade Runner, but develops those into new directions
    starting from the images and shapes that define today’s Asian big
    cities. There are a lot of computerized effects but they all have logic
    and are backing the story line, and so do the action scenes. The film
    succeeds to satisfy both action fans as well as viewers who are looking
    for meaningful science-fiction. Scarlett Johansson is very good in the
    lead role, she continues her daring undertaking of roles in
    science-fiction movies, but each one of the roles is different and this
    should help her avoid automatic casting in a new stereotype which
    replaces the older beautiful-fragile girl one in the first years of her
    career. It’s a pleasure to see huge actors as Takeshi Kitano and
    Juliette Binoche also involved in this project.

  • deusabsensApril 9, 2017Reply

    clearly a trap.

    Trailers only with scenes from the original anime version. Songs made
    but never used in the movie. They turned Motoko from a perfectionist
    calculator to a little girl searching for love. You take a Matrix level
    scenario and turn it to a classic Hollywood love story. Ghost in the
    Shell is a deeply philosophical piece of art that goes through the
    problems of a post modern society and emphasizes on the birth and
    evolution of an entity greater than AI. So as a movie it was
    acceptable, but compared to anime it lacked in almost everything. From
    atmosphere to character quality . Thumbs up for design team, they did a
    great job – equal to anime.

  • rioplaydrumApril 9, 2017Reply

    A Terrific Ride With Genuine Emotional Content

    The first thing I always ask myself when it comes to Sci-Fi films is
    minus the CGI would you still have a compelling story? The answer is

    First off, the soundtrack couldn’t be better. It haunts and glows
    audibly resonating perfectly with every scene. At least it did for me.
    Nothing worse than a bad soundtrack.

    Virtually everybody in the future has some form of hardware/software
    body modification, ranging from the exquisite to the grotesque. If your
    wealthy and well connected, you can afford the finest. If your poor,
    there are plenty of slimy street dealers selling modifications much
    like the low-lives who sling crack and meth in our world today. I found
    the idea of it chilling and very believable.

    Next, the mock-ups of life in the big city reek of Blade Runner, but
    who cares? Multiple level boulevards snake around skyscrapers and 800
    foot high holographic advertisements. I wonder if people in the future
    will simply ignore these monstrosities much like we do now if you are
    chronically viewing content on sites like YouTube.

    After her role in the highly underrated movie ‘Lucy’ from 2014, I felt
    this was Ms. Johansson’s perfect revenge role for a come-back in a
    similar character. That being a helpless woman forced into impossible
    circumstances, but eventually sorts things out and opens up a glorious
    can of whoop-ass on the powers that be.

    I also found all the supporting characters well developed and
    interesting. In particular the aging Japanese executive who’s weapon of
    choice is a now ancient six-shooter revolver. That alone was a great

    Overall a wonderful hour and a half of fun, thrills and intrigue.

    Child safe, too.

  • lukastonauerApril 9, 2017Reply

    haven’t been disappointed like that in the cinema for a very long time

    After seeing the movie is rated 7/10 here on IMDb I spontaneously went
    to buy a cinema ticket.

    Well, it was painful to watch. Pretty much anything about the movie is
    pure failure. How come the dialogues are so blatantly stupid? The
    story? non-existent. The original anime is amazing, but this here is as
    boring as watching The Expendables.

    Nothing is thought-provoking and even the optics of the movie aren’t
    really original.

    Scarlett Johansson? If you loved her in ”Lost in Translation” and a
    bunch of other movies you are left wondering here. In this movie she is
    literally nothing but a pretty face.

    It is beyond me how this failure has a solid 7/10 rating on this site.

  • pgkravichApril 9, 2017Reply

    Almost like true

    The concept is amazing. A brain transplant to a robot. I have seen real
    brain transplant attempts on human and animals. Although all this is
    experimental the actress Scarlett Johansson part in the movie was a
    work in itself. At times very emotional and yet most of the time
    realistic and robotic. Not a comedy but like it is true, where a person
    is trying to meet the family of origin. Last 20 minute is gripping
    truth of origin and discovery of hangouts and finally closure. The last
    scene was fantastic at the cemetery. Great motor bike chase and ride
    which I loved. Never knew Durati is a fast bike and it is believable.
    The movie kept me in the edge of my seat. The kind I like . I can give
    it an 7.0

  • jduran-27572April 9, 2017Reply

    A truly great film

    A 10? Really? Yeah, I know… It seems high but the more I think about
    the film the more I appreciate it more. To be honest, I saw it on the
    8th of April, then the very next day, today…I saw it again in an IMAX
    theater at noon that uses a 4K laser for 3D images on an 8-story high
    screen. Only the 8th in the world actually for such a laser system and
    the only in New England. Don’t get me started on the amazing sound. So
    let me tell you, I realized I loved this film. A fan of the original
    series and anime myself, I have come to appreciate the process that
    they went to try and tell the story in a live version. In fact, much of
    the mid-90’s original anime movie story-line is presented here. While
    the film might not be perfect, I felt when I left the movie, that I
    enjoyed it tremendously and that I felt my money was well spent. A good
    investment in time and money…and certainly something to talk about
    over dinner.

    What else could you ask for? 🙂

    J. Duran

  • sorasworkApril 9, 2017Reply

    So close, yet so far

    Let’s sort out what works first.

    The casting. Johansson is a great badass leading lady as usual. She
    does the job she’s supposed to with aplomb. Asbaek is great as Batou,
    giving you a perfectly likable oddball character to play off ”Major”.
    Kitano plays Aramaki as a an awesome old badass and nails it.

    Then there’s the visuals, which everyone covered. Awesome, very
    awesome. A world of giant holograms everywhere, crazy cyborgs,
    overcrowded Japanese cities, and on and on all brought to life with
    (almost) entirely solid CGI. Batou even drives a semifuture Delorean,

    And then, you get to the story. The good news here is that the American
    adaptation here wants to have the kind of brains and examination of
    humanity and its relationship with technology that the original movie
    and then series did. It very, very much WANTS to, but it doesn’t. And
    that’s because the plot is disorganized mess of trying to stick in old
    GITS story lines, be a Hollywood blockbuster, be smarter than a
    Hollywood blockbuster, and about a half dozen other things as well.

    In other words its a mess. Not a mess that isn’t followable, it
    perfectly well is. But it’s a mess in that it doesn’t know what it’s
    trying to do or what its overall goal is. The bad guy is, Kuze.. who
    uhm. His goal is too… uhhh. Destroy a robotics company, sorta, a bit?
    And the main characters care about this… sort of, like tangentially.
    Because it’s their job too mostly? Also there’s a bunch of comparisons
    to the first anime GITS movie and the bad guy there, but it’s just kind
    of there to be… there?

    And then it turns out the real bad guy is the corporate asshole from
    the beginning. Whos personality can be summed up as ”evil asshole that
    will get shot or something” and then he gets shot. And his plan was
    too… uhm. Hmmm. Be, an asshole to everyone? Cause that’s all he
    really does throughout the entire movie, whether it makes sense or not.

    Also by the end Kuze, the initial bad guy, dies but doesn’t. And no one
    ends up caring where he goes or what he was doing throughout the first
    2/3rds of the movie even though that’s what a lot of the movie was
    about. Because… uhhhhh. Well I don’t know and the plot sure doesn’t,
    the movie just kind of ends. And what a downer that is. Some people,
    the concept artists, the cast, the VFX team, all feel like they worked
    really hard on this movie and nailed there parts in what could have
    been a great translation of GITS into live action. Too bad about the

  • merlin_of_chaosApril 9, 2017Reply

    I they wanted to copy the 1995 Anime, they should’ve done so, but not create this half-baked/half-raw monstrosity.

    The movie is not bad, but it also not good. It was based specifically
    on 1995 Anime/and 2.0 CGI upgrade (which means no Tachikomas, but there
    was a spider tank). SCENES. Some scenes were clearly copied from 1995
    Anime, or its 2.0 upgrade, and I mean copied in an almost frame to
    frame basis (there are even some comparisons of trailer elements on
    YouTube, if you want an example). some were partially copied, with some
    new elements introduced. (several elements were in fact good, like
    geisha’s, but some changes were illogical and unnecessary). However,
    some other scenes were invented anew (f.e. yakuza bar scene) and their
    design was performed in a very sloppy manner. They do not match other
    scenes in style (and the difference in the choreography of the scenes,
    or logic of the gun standouts is way too visible f.e. Aramaki defending
    himself against a a squad armed with assault rifles with a suitcase)
    and are much less stunning visually. STORY. The story is very
    different, and is full of Hollywood clichés – Evil Corporation™, fake
    memory™ etc. I was expecting a new story (and I’d rather prefer a new
    story to something, that I know well), however this new story is very
    secondary (to an extent, that I’d say I’ve seen it in every second
    American Sci-Fi movie including James Bond) and is mainly used to tie
    in the scenes, rather then to tell a story. It is heavily based on
    Motoko, rather than exploring and presenting the world around, and the
    concept is that Motoko is unique first human brain transplanted into a
    cyborg body, who is on a hunt for her past (and you can easily guess
    the whole plot from here). WORLD. The world itself is not that bad,
    although in those brief moment of world presentation, there was a
    designer’s desire to shock us with futuristic ”asian/japanese”
    (although the country was never mentioned, only the Prime-Minister was
    mentioned few times) world filled with bright colors and 3d
    projections. Try portraying glamorous cyberpunk on LSD to get the idea.
    ACTORS. Despite my initial skepticism partially due to the white
    washing, Johansson played the role well (although there was limited
    space for that), and it looked like at least she was familiar with the
    character she was playing from Anime/Series (unlike the scriptwriter),
    however actor playing Batou was very weak (the actor wasn’t trying to
    play anyone at all – he was more impressive in his brief role as Euron
    Greyjoy in Game of Thrones), even though the casting and character
    design was good. Other members of Section 9 made too very brief
    appearance to say anything serious about them. Aramaki also was quite
    good, although Takeshi Kitano altered the character significantly. New
    characters were way to simplistic and cliché based (motherly figure,
    antagonist figure, foe-turning-friend figure, etc). VERDICT: 4/10 –
    Some scenes are visually good, and they are recreation of classical
    GITS (so much recreation, that i’d rather watch those scene
    incorporated into the anime) Some are way too bad/primitive/simplistic.
    Especially the bar scene, which leads to Motoko’s torture scene, which
    was pretty unnecessary, and way too out of movie style (i got an
    impression, that it was there, as scriptwriter just wanted to have a
    female torture scene). I do not recommend seeing this in the cinema
    (CGI is not really that stunning – Dr. Strange CGI was way better),
    just wait for an HD version appearing on sale. Also if you are
    fascinated by trailer, per standard Hollywood practice trailer is way
    better then the movie.

  • groenegApril 9, 2017Reply

    Crticts too sour and all wrong: go watch this movie

    I especially made an account at IMDb.COM for the reason to be able to
    write this review. I just hate it when critics want to bash a great
    movie. Yes, I gave in a 10. It should get an 8 or 9 on average so due
    to the people who down-vote this movie I had to give it 10 points to up
    the average! The reason is simple. I saw the original animation when I
    was a young boy and loved it. To see this story re-envisioned in
    reality really overwhelmed me. So please go and see this movie. All the
    critics are sour and wrong!! But please please make up your own mind
    and go see the movie, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Jennifr Al MohammadApril 9, 2017Reply

    This Should Be A Wake-Up Call for Japan (A Country In Asia)

    This film should be a wake-up call to the country of Japan. It is in
    East Asia. Its capital city, and where most of its story-telling and
    cartoons originate, is Tokyo. This Film should finally slap those silly
    Japanese to create a Japanese film industry. It should awaken the
    Japanese to legalize their men and women (young and old) to become
    actors and actresses. Japan should also open its market to the import,
    and domestic manufacture, of film cameras. … That way it can have its
    owns stories shot by its own people, using native actors and native
    crews, so it won’t always have to rely on Americans (who sometimes,
    just sometimes don’t have a clue what they are doing and cannot
    translate the metaphors…ehem, er, cough cough… …

    Oh, and before you say it, of course the creator of the original (First
    installment of the wonderfully complex, action-packed and meaningful
    Ghost In The Shell was released in 1995) is supportive of this crud! he
    has a licensing deal for a net and percentage of profit on this
    Hollywood remake… He is thinking of his own pocket! Fans, non-fans,
    intelligent people, etc. would and should stay away. Find the original
    and enjoy!

  • Zadok AllenApril 9, 2017Reply

    A worthy American remake

    Yet another classic redone. A good remake should never aim to ”replace”
    the original and GitS thankfully doesn’t. Theatre lives by this
    tradition for centuries. How to get it right? In theatre modern
    interpretations often look for the substance, the core of a play, and
    apply it to the present realities. In consequence even clear cut plots
    get more and more abstracted.

    Ghost in the Shell does it the other way around: the rather
    philosophical original, partly hard to digest not least for western
    viewers drama wise, gets an ”emotional upgrade” in a more personalized
    and thus more relatable plot. To put it bluntly: the different forces
    at work all have a face representing them. At least as far as western
    film language goes it does work as an improvement as a cinema
    experience and renders it more accessible, more pointed. It is however
    sacrificing abstraction as it is precisely the absence of the person in
    favor of the ghost (one could say ”soul”) the original deals with. Mind
    ”person” originally means ”mask”, as in the (role defining) masks
    ancient actors used. Thus it is an image related term that does *not*
    refer to the abstracted substance ”ghost” or ”soul” refers to. That
    said it has not become a mindless SciFi-flic but remains a journey into
    a future dealing with the modern version of the ancient body/soul

    It is to be praised if a film manages to be genuinely different than
    the original while still interpreting or commenting the same original
    point. Now one could argue whether or not it actually is the original
    point it is honouring. It certainly convinced me that its makers made
    an honest attempt at doing so – and that’s all we can possibly ask for.
    Thus I applaud a well done interpretation, which is of course
    perceivably different and I dare say ”rather American”. Nothing wrong
    with that, as it is an American film.

    Although I’d have liked to hear more of the original score referenced I
    loved some very literal references, scenes from the original redone.
    These are used skillfully and weave into the plot in a good way:
    Although the images are ”the same” they do play a different role in the
    plot. That’s a great way to honour one’s predecessors! The cast, the
    drama, the plot and characters: it all works out. Specifically Juliette
    Binoche and Takechi Kitano play brilliant supportive roles, which goes
    a long way.

    All in all I had a great time watching it and can only recommend
    checking out this film – whether or not you loved the original.

  • Vladimir TokarchukApril 9, 2017Reply

    A movie worth seeing, disregard the purists and social combatants

    OK a few things. SJWs: Thank you for fighting the good fight, but
    ScarJo looks like Major in the movie, and they very explicitly nod to
    her origin at some point in the film. Plus there are plenty of diverse
    characters throughout the movie.

    Purists: I watched GITS two days before seeing this, and you should
    chill. First of all, GITS isn’t even that amazing (it’s great but I
    need you to settle down), and that’s coming from a sci-fi fan who loves
    cyberpunk and Transhumanism and all that and whose favorite movie is
    probably AKIRA. So stop docking points from this movie when it’s fairly
    faithful to the original while meeting mainstream expectations. You
    should really learn to meet producers halfway if you want animated
    movies to become mainstream and eventually masterpieces. Support the

    Everyone else: Watching this movie solely for the visuals is worth the
    price, especially if a sci-fi tech world appeals to you. In that case
    don’t miss it. On top of that, the characters are likable and the plot
    is more than sufficiently good. The dialogue is fine, not a masterpiece
    but not cheesy (maybe 2 instances I thought were trash). Although the
    philosophy is tweaked down, there are still many questions that arise
    through the dialogue and the characters. The movie itself is a visual
    exploration of what it is to fuse humans and tech, you will see a lot
    of whirling trinkets and gadgets. There is one visual failure in my
    opinion in the beginning, kinda looks like garbage.

    So I apologize for the disjointed ”review” and for throwing some shade
    I was compelled to post out of salt. It’s more of an intervention and a
    reassurance that this movie is enjoyable than a true review. This movie
    I say is 7/10 but I will give it an 8/10 to balance out the haters
    because I hate seeing short-sighted elitist weebs stifle progress just
    so they can stroke their own ego.

  • afishisfinetooApril 9, 2017Reply

    Excellent Movie

    I thought the movie was excellent. I’m trying not to compare it to the

    They did very well on explaining and expanding on the story line with
    the development of the characters.

    There’s plenty of action in the movie with a good amount of suspense.

    The filming of the movie was beautiful.

    Overall I’d see it again. A well done film.

  • jackmeatApril 9, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning, story lacking, still a good film

    My quick rating – 7,1/10. There will be two types of reviewers for this
    movie. Those die hard fans of the original anime, and those that have
    not seen the anime and watch this film stand alone. As someone who has
    seen the anime, and loved it, I am going to try and teeter between the
    two views as best as I can. I will just get something out of the way:
    When great Animes came out 20 or so years ago, such as this, and Akira
    to name the two that come to mind quickly, there was a general
    consensus that there was no way that a movie could be intricate enough
    to capture the vivid and detailed world that was created in these
    masterpieces. Special effects were not there….yet. Jump to now, where
    the strides in tech have made capturing these vivid worlds a
    possibility and this movie did so perfectly. The dark and decaying
    world shows bright and vivid, with all the contrast as it should. Even
    with the somewhat bizarre building size holographic billboards that
    seem out of place at times (as big as Godzilla strolling through
    central park for no reason) that are selling something? Maybe? Anyway,
    this movie is a marvel to look at, and is no doubt going to win Oscars
    for visuals. Unbelievable to look at. So if you hear, see it in a
    theater (i chose IMAX, and glad I did) there is truth to this. The
    REALLY big screen is needed to take it all in.

    So now the story. Quick sum up, the future has no issues with replacing
    body parts with enhanced robotic parts. Well, the story is the main
    character, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first to take the human
    brain and be put into a fully robotic body, enhanced to be a super
    soldier. Now if this sounds like Universal Soldier, I suppose there are
    some parallels to it, but they are nothing alike. This is actually a
    story about identity, which is an important word to remember when
    viewing this. All the things that make us human, and keeps us different
    from AI is a part of the struggle here. This is the part that I will
    step over to being a fan of the anime. Many of these themes that were
    alluded to and gave the viewer things to ponder are just kinda swept
    away from this Hollywood product. This movie had to be ”dummy’d down”
    if you will to make it a bit more mainstream. I didn’t see this as a
    problem per se, but I am sure some fans are slightly perturbed by some
    of the omissions that occur. No details since that would be spoiler

    It would be difficult not to be in awe of the action sequences as well.
    They are so wonderfully shot and edited so they never lose your
    attention by moving to fast, and allow the audience to just take the
    sequences in. Just a really good job sine lately the massive cut-cut
    editing in action scenes leave you wondering what is going on. Not in
    this film.

    So, with some incredible things to look at, and a script that leaves
    some to be desired, the other element is the acting. Well, all that
    gets from me is adequate. Can’t say much more. The emotions in Majors
    eyes are really what you are supposed to get the feelings from and this
    is done just fine really. Not distracting nor great. The other
    characters are fine, and Batou was probably the best when it comes to
    acting in the movie. And they did do a good job with the iconic eyes of
    Batou as well, for all the fans out there. All that said, is the movie
    perfect, and everything us fans wanted? Nope. Never was going to be no
    matter who made it. But Hollywood didn’t destroy the classic either
    thankfully, and gave us all something to sit and allow our jaws to drop
    at, and listen to (yes, some of the original score from the anime is
    even in place for your listening pleasure). Definitely a good film
    worth watching that most likely will be taken out of context by both
    audiences I described since it is right in the middle of what it is and
    what it could have been. I left satisfied and that is good enough for

  • Alex LeeApril 10, 2017Reply

    Garbo writers + garbo script = garbo movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Samuel KleimanApril 10, 2017Reply

    A very good movie with a good story

    When I watched this movie I had in mind of how low Metacritic the movie
    had gotten, this made me a little gentle on the film even though I was
    still pretty harsh. But! There was not that much to be harsh about.
    Reason why is because the movie producers didn’t ”milk it out”, this
    made it very pleasant to watch and entertained me well. One thing I
    think could be improved in the movie would be if they showed a little
    more between the scenes, there was quite a lot of skipping. This did
    not ruin the movie at all though.

  • JackApril 10, 2017Reply

    I really enjoyed the original movie and i can’t help it but compare it to this one even though they are different in terms of story and meaning.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John WilliamsApril 10, 2017Reply

    ”Maybe next time you can design me better”

    Could not have said it better myself… sometimes the script writers
    and the characters they feed accidentally stumble upon the truth. Ghost
    In The Shell remake is exactly such a case. this remake is unwanted,
    unnecessary and lost in its mixed up story, Matrix wanna-be styling and
    complete non-story. Unfortunately, as much as Ghost In The Shell
    series/movie were fun and technologically fun to watch there was a
    meaningful story which Scarlett and all involved
    ignored/missed/misunderstood/could not figure out/accountants at studio
    vetoed/who knows/who cares. This is avoidable: just stop remaking other
    people’s work. Really. Seriously. Finally, Scarlett Johansson should
    focus on playing middle-aged spinsters or something going forward. She
    is even more ridiculous in this and more useless than she is in those
    infinite Marvel films. Also, she should lay off japan. From her racist
    and insulting take on japan in lost In Translation to taking the
    rightful place of a Japanese actress (who maybe just maybe might have
    understood what this whole thing is about) Johansson should really be

  • Kristijan ČavićApril 10, 2017Reply

    Why was Kuze there?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arthurc-84980April 10, 2017Reply

    Nothing Great

    Before I begin, I have not seen the original anime of Ghost in the
    Shell, so don’t read this review if you’re expecting a comparison.

    I’ll start with the good things. Visually, this film is stunning. The
    art direction is fantastic, and the whole thing just looks beautiful.
    Some shots are really great. So for this, I will give the film a lot of
    credit. It has a solid, simple story which I liked. The problem with
    this film is pretty much everything else.

    Most of the acting isn’t great. Aside from Takeshi Kitano and Juliette
    Binoche, who were pretty good. The dialogue is flat and uninteresting.
    The first part of the film feels quite rushed, and everything happens
    way too quickly. It felt like they were trying to get it over with as
    fast as possible to get to the second part. The villain is very weak.
    If they’d spent more time introducing him in the first act, it would
    have been a lot better. Instead, he doesn’t really do anything until
    about an hour into the film and it feels forced. I started watching the
    film expecting the action to be the best part of it, but surprisingly
    it was pretty mediocre. There were some things I liked, but most of the
    time it’s just dull PG-13 shooting. This film would have been
    infinitely better if it had been R rated. I know a lot of people say
    that about everything, but in this film’s case, I really do believe it
    would have been better if it was. A lot of the action sequences just
    feel like they could have been so much better if they could show some

    In conclusion, Ghost in the Shell is brilliant visually but is very
    flawed otherwise. Do keep in mind I haven’t seen the anime, and people
    who had seemed to like it. Maybe I would have liked this film more if
    I’d seen the anime, but as it is, it’s pretty second-rate.


  • KrabbyPattiesApril 10, 2017Reply

    Quite possibly the most generic sci-fi film I have ever watched

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ShaduApril 10, 2017Reply

    A highly recommended movie for anyone who can’t sleep well

    If you are suffering sleeplessness, I would prefer you to go and watch
    the live action movie, ‘Ghost in the Shell’. This is a highly
    recommended movie for the guys who uses sleeping pills for a good

    I personally liked the visuals and some action scenes. I can’t give a
    detailed review because I’ve slept completely after the interval. And
    when someone wakes me, the movie was over.

  • J-StarApril 10, 2017Reply

    Works great as a prequel to the original movie

    While fans of the 1995 film will recognize scenes that have been lifted
    near verbatim from the original, this is not a rehash of that story.
    Instead this iteration of Ghost In The Shell can be seen as a prequel;
    an origins story that chronologically sits before the anime. It fills
    the gap between the time when the protagonist was just a plain girl and
    the time when they have become the slightly detached, mature and
    hard-boiled Major Kusanagi.

    And with this, the film works really well. Long-time fans get to know
    the background of familiar characters such as the Major and Batou
    (including how he got his eyes) without mulling too much over the
    already familiar philosophical questions. And newcomers into the Ghost
    In The Shell universe get an exciting ride and a more easy-to-digest
    introduction compared than the heavy mind-jobs that are the previous
    ones. As such it works well for both camps.

    The visuals are excellently crafted, retaining the mood of a high- tech
    future, where human and machine are becoming blended into one, along
    with the grit and grime that have become a hallmark of franchise. The
    environs are completely credible as an image of the future, the
    characters are believable, and the action is amazing without being
    needlessly outdrawn or becoming cheesy.

    The only thing that prevents me from giving this film a full 10 is that
    they lifted one too many scenes from the original, in an attempt to
    appease the fans. Had they gone fully with making this an origins
    story, I would have been happy. But that small flaw is easily

    Be kind and see this as a prequel and as live-action’s first tentative
    outing into the Ghost In The Shell universe, and you will not be

    I recommend both fans and beginners to see this film.

  • Vina MelodyApril 10, 2017Reply

    Much better in many ways!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chris TnApril 10, 2017Reply

    I read most of good review come from people who watching this on IMAX 3D

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ErikaApril 10, 2017Reply

    Interesting cyberpunk story

    I like it very much, but I haven’t seen the Japanese version so I am
    not able to make a comparison with it. The movie made me really want to
    watch the Japanese movie.

    Great story. I especially liked the way the main character’s story is
    developed and explored. I liked the way the movie was coherent and
    flowed well from beginning to finish.

    The actors actually did a pretty good job. Not the best of all time but
    I feel they performed very well. Scarlett was amazing and Pilou Asbæk
    really surprised me in a positive way. His action scenes were great.

    The effects, visuals and art were very peculiar and beautiful in a
    cyberpunk way.

    I know that it’s a blockbuster movie including the expected clichés and
    over the top action scenes. An interesting story of finding yourself, I
    recommend this movie as I think the cyberpunk setting has a lot to
    offer the viewer.

  • xpressva-59745April 10, 2017Reply

    Hollywood is not going to cater to anime fans. There aren’t enough of you.

    Seriously disturbing trend with these reviews. If you love the
    original, you write a bad review. If you you know nothing of the
    original, this is a great movie. What I do not understand is why you
    would expect this to be a copy of the original. This is a big Hollywood
    movie. The campaign against it is idiotic. Go watch the original and
    stop leaving reviews that add nothing to the conversation except ”oh
    it’s not anime so it sucks”. It is made for the masses and not fanboys.

  • Vasco CidApril 10, 2017Reply

    Visual Porn Not Prone to Repeated Returns

    The source material and the amount of money thrown into this high tech
    visual porn of a movie had all the ingredients for one of two outcomes:
    it could either be (a) a relevant, intelligent, thought provoking, deep
    and artsy addition to the futuristic genre or (b) a purposely
    tongue-in-cheek yet rich guilty pleasure prone to repeated viewings.

    Unfortunately, this Ghost in the Shell is (c) – and no, the option is
    not all the above, but rather neither of the above. The first minutes
    are gobsmackingly beautiful and captivating; pulling the viewer to a
    fascinating weird world, a dystopian reality of captivating
    extravagance much in the vein of the landmarks like Blade Runner and
    Total Recall. As soon as the first action scene comes to a close, the
    film starts falling apart slowly, never quite recuperating any of its
    initial bravado, shamelessly freefalling into a pool of clichés (the
    eye-roll-inducing-kind) that ultimately make you stop caring for the
    characters, the action or even the setting. Yes, even all the
    praiseworthy designs and atmosphere become tiresomely repetitive. As
    for the much publicised whitewashing of the central characters, I’m not
    one to embark into absurd politic discussions; for a source material
    that is not necessarily ethnic-centric, it’s not the whitewashing
    that’s worrying, but how blandly and cringing it is delivered.

  • AvBaurApril 11, 2017Reply

    All shell, no ghost.

    Visually, this Ghost in the Shell remake is as excellent as the
    trailers promised. The futuristic city design is marvelous, and the
    movie succeeds in bringing to life – and (arguably) in some cases even
    improving upon – the stunning visuals of the original anime and manga.

    I don’t usually have a problem enjoying a mediocre movie for its
    visuals alone, but this one left me completely cold. Rarely have I seen
    a movie this lifeless, bloodless, sexless, and soulless. There isn’t a
    single human moment in it. No character for whom I felt anything.
    Despite the presence of Juliette Binoche, who is one of my favorite
    actors, and Scarlett Johansson, who has been great in similar roles,
    there is no good acting in it. It’s barely even worth it to get into
    the race-bending controversy or the clumsy attempt to address it in the

    The whole movie feels like a cold corporate product directed by robots.
    It’s all shell, no ghost.

  • Rick DeckardApril 11, 2017Reply

    Blade Runner wasn’t appreciated at first either

    I was lucky enough to see this in IMAX 3D. The film is the best use of
    3D to date, better than Avatar. The actions sequences are particularly
    impressive in that they are completely immersive and can be stunningly
    disorienting at moments as a result. It is truly one of a kind and if
    you missed it you will forever be deprived. If you are drawn to ”The
    Boss Baby” or can’t wait for ”Fast and Forever 10” then it is probably
    not for you. Not only is it visually complex but its themes are equally
    complex while subtle. The trailers do nothing to convey what is
    important and meaningful about the film so just ignore them and see the
    film in a theater while you have the chance.

  • Fernando FerrariApril 11, 2017Reply

    Really boring…

    What to say about this movie? Well… I’d slept in some parts,
    including the action ones. The movie is based on Japanese manga and the
    lead actress isn’t Japanese, or even Asiatic… Bad dialogues, not so
    explained plot. At least I didn’t pay for the movie, since I had an
    invitation, but I should had watched other movie or even stayed at

  • cuervomartinezbApril 11, 2017Reply

    Hollywood did it again!

    The ascendant success, bringing to life popular comic book super heroes
    on the big screen, has made an entire business that makes businessmen
    want to put their hands on any history about fictional characters that
    is in a book with vignettes. Unfortunately, that, not all the time, is
    a good thing, and most of the time, is a bad thing, when it comes to
    anime/manga franchises.

    It happened with Dragon Ball, it happened with GITS, and is next to
    happen with the popular anime, DN, on neftlixt; with a black, rapper L.

    Hollywood just doesn’t know how to represent characters that aren’t
    from their culture or stories they didn’t wrote. They wanna make it
    everything to their ways, and adjusting it to their ideas. But
    unfortunately, as Morrisay said: America is not the world.

    Anime characters have their own essence and the stories wrote for them
    have their own philosophy, mythology and purpose. When you rewrite all
    of that, you get something that is just not the product many people
    like, with the things that make it being a success.

    It may work with American super-heroes, that have been rewrote and
    rebooted, plenty of times, for merchandising, losing totally the
    essence they were created to, or not having any, at all, but it’s
    certainly not appreciated when it happens to occidental anime
    characters. American productions of this kind, use to be silly, for all
    family and dumbed down to the average, mainstream public that laughs at
    avengers; which is the target of these productions. A total offense to
    the original material, and a loss of time to the fans of these series.

    This and noxious propaganda, is all what you’ll find in this GITS
    attempt, with Scarlett Jewhanson starring it.

  • nikola17April 11, 2017Reply

    Don’t let the Animation Fans let you hate this movie

    come on what the fans are expect for i mean i never expect the fans to
    hate this film, i thought this was so related to Animation i have
    watched Animation Ghost in Shell and (1995)does live action film based
    on anything has to make a huge flop anyone explain and movie shamefully
    Since the release of the movie last week in the U.S. it has not only
    bombed at the box office but will also lose around $60 million what are
    shame this movie stupid thing i have heard somewhere is that Failed
    Because It Did Not Understand Its Source Material meaning ? what they
    made it something that is not related something to Animation give me a
    break fans and everyone i have seen Animation but this become something
    different the story the style of film they got everything from original
    film and Animation shows but never understand what fans bushed this
    film into ashes, never understood if you like or love this movie let
    you know never let anyone change your mind or make you force to this
    hate movie to make you check out Animation first, but in this live
    action is a lot better its still noting wrong with film i enjoyed
    Scarlett Johansson She suited for Her character she really looks
    Animation character Mira Killian / Motoko Kusanagi but Margot Robbie.
    On October 16, it was announced that DreamWorks had made a $10 million
    offer to Scarlett Johansson for the lead role after Robbie’s talks for
    the role fell apart when she was cast as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.
    in my opinion she would suit for her i would say for Margot more in
    suicide squad then this if she toke role for this movie i would have
    said it wont suit her at all, scarlett was more better for her own role
    for this movie as major the action was SO great specially scene at
    building was great and club scene and all rest of action is so
    enjoyable and watchable film 1h 47min running time its perfect in my
    opinion this film didn’t do any justice, this film has made it just
    like original 95 film just like but with different story line The
    atmosphere, effects, music and aesthetics are stunningly beautiful! You
    can still feel the heart and soul of Ghost in the Shell. The story is
    there – slightly changed but still thought provoking. There are many
    scenes where you can really see the amount of work that was put into
    making this movie – tiny details in the background noting like 95 film,
    the aura of Hong Kong and other locations where this film was shot and
    just the overall look and feel.and different way of film plot the way
    it follows, there wasn’t much punching holes in film there wasn’t much
    of confusing scenes makes you wanna ask questions, you need to watch
    this movie i don’t want to spoil it When it comes to getting high IMDb
    ratings this movie was already destined to fail just because it is an
    anime adaptation of a highly beloved nineties classic. rotten tomatoes
    got %46 witch is still good not like batman vs superman got 26 that is
    still bit high but this is much higher film then that. This is NOT the
    original film, this is its own film that you need to appreciate as it
    stands (I know that is difficult, believe me). If you haven’t already
    seen it, please take my word for it and go in with no expectations, go
    in cold (like it is a new experience). go and see it if not go and see
    it, i understand for fans its not what they dreamed off but hey i am
    not saying its for everyone but give it a go its movie its not a big

    the cast as i said scarlett suits for this role she was perfect she was
    great character i loved her in this movie a lot more then Lucy but hey
    its my opinion what to like her character, character of Lucy is bit
    different to this film. everyone and me i said maybe Ron perlman could
    play Batou i thought he be in it but it ended up Scarlett had played
    role with (pilou asbæk) in Lucy he was just in opening scene of Lucy
    (2014) strange. he was very good as Batou good but i rather have Ron
    perlman being Batou better suits for him a lot more for his role. plot
    In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: A human saved from
    a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier
    (Scarlett Johansson) devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous
    criminals. and Batou kicked a lot ass sametime with Major a lot great
    action never lost faith with original film made a lot different but in
    live action film never wanted ruin any plot you need to see it Seeing a
    6.9 as the current user score (as of 30 March) is unfortunate, because
    this film captures EVERYTHING that Ghost in the Shell was and thanks to
    this film IS CURRENTLY. As a film it stands strong in the Sci-Fi genre
    and does manage to still be thought-provoking. Please take your time
    before giving it a low rating or hating this film, movie goes on its
    own. if fans and everyone understand little bit better before you hate
    this flick, this flick is awesome 10.10 great flick go see it, its
    worth it

  • galloglaochApril 11, 2017Reply

    Go and see it and decide for yourself if you like it or not. If reviews are turning you off ignore them!!

    This is the first time I felt the need to write a review but the
    failure in the box office of this movie hurts me immensely and add to
    that the dominantly negative attention it’s gotten I just couldn’t stop
    myself from coming here and offering another point of view.

    The movie is really good for what it is and I do mean really good. Not
    mediocre… REALLY GOOD. Yes it’s nowhere near the anime film but it’s
    not what it’s supposed to be. If you honestly expected the anime in
    live action you are your own reason for disappointment. With that being
    said let me clarify that this movie is not a masterpiece but keep
    reading and let me explain to you why it’s really good. (I will not
    talk spoilers)

    First of all Scarlett Johansson was great! I really don’t understand
    the whole buzz of her not being Asian. We had a pretty good female lead
    and she acted made the role hers. If there is one criticism to be made
    it’s that her Major is not as robotic and synthetic as the anime one
    and this in fact recreates the character but I don’t think that’s bad.
    I actually felt more connected to live- action Major than the anime
    one.(granted we’re not supposed to feel connection with the anime one)
    She was great in action scenes she was great ins scenes exploring the
    philosophy of the movie. Also the movie had a clever way of explaining
    her not being Asian, well played movie.(I liked it at least)

    Second reason why the movie is great is because it carries the
    philosophy of the original. Yes it’s simplified but it makes you think!
    It’s not a dumb Hollywood action flick, it asks many important
    questions the original asked, it misses some but it adds a new twist
    here and there too. The ”villain” is not as good as the anime one(in my
    opinion) but it’s a pretty solid one and a lot better than what we get
    in most movies nowadays. I’ve been told this character appears in the
    anime series(I haven’t seen them) so perhaps he’s not inherently worse
    than anime movie one but just supposed to be a different character
    altogether. Anyway the ”villain” made you ask questions and that’s the
    important part.

    Visually the movie was stunning. This is how the best sci-fi films
    should look like and it was incredible. Add to that Batou looked
    great(and played great), the villain looked great and in the third act
    there is a thing straight out of anime that looked great. Add to that
    the great soundtrack and you get a great treat for both your eyes and
    your ears.

    It’s getting too long so I’ll cut it short. Overall it’s not the best
    movie ever made and it’s not as good as it’s source material but that
    doesn’t make it bad. I actually think it’s pretty good. Anime
    adaptations are definitely on the right track. Unfortunately it seems
    we won’t be getting a lot of them because us anime fans keep on hating
    on anime adaptations because they are not exactly what we want and in
    my opinion this is childish. Live action Ghost in the Shell definitely
    honors the anime and if anything it opens the door for new fans. I
    wasn’t planning on watching the Stand Alone Complex series but now I
    will because now I like not only the anime movie but the live action
    one as well so this makes me want to dive deeper into the philosophy
    and ideas of the source material. I feel this means the movie did it’s
    job and I’m happy I saw it and I’m proud to stand and proclaim I wasn’t
    disappointed and I rate this movie very highly.(Menaing I don’t
    consider it a guilty pleasure)

    In the end of the day it’s something you yourself should decide if you
    like or not. Really it depends on your taste. You might not like the
    philosophy, might not like the setting or you might enjoy it.

    What I’m trying to say is you need to watch this as a stand alone
    sci-fi movie with it’s creative decisions and themes. Only after that
    you’re allowed to place it in the universe the source material created
    back in the days. I’m certain we need and deserve more movies like this
    but it seems we make it impossible by letting this gem suffer in the
    box office. Thanks to this prejudice we’re unlikely to get a good anime
    adaptation anytime soon. If you are a fan of the anime don’t walk into
    this with prejudice, let it be it’s own thing and treat yourself to a
    good movie and decide if Hollywood got it right or wrong.

    If you have’t seen the anime and the only reason you’re not seeing it
    is because reviews… ignore them, you never know what made this person
    write it. He might be wearing his dark tinted glasses or his pink
    tinted ones. I ain’t a one to tell you that you MUST watch it and you
    must like it. I’m saying, give it a chance!

    I’m giving it 9 out of 10 because it satisfied everything I wanted to
    get from a sci-fi movie, the only reason it’s not a 10 is because I
    can’t lie to anyone and say it’s a perfect movie. It has flaws but it’s
    merits out weight them. This movie deserves a chance to impress you,
    don’t let someone deny you a thought provoking flick. The best part is
    after you finish, if you like it there is a whole universe of it in
    anime form and you are free to explore it.

  • Kate BoshoffApril 11, 2017Reply

    Too much

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hippotekApril 11, 2017Reply

    a pointless waste of money…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stab aboApril 12, 2017Reply

    Pretty good – maybe the best live-action anime remake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • martin-807-452270April 12, 2017Reply

    If you like sci-fi go and see it. If you don’t like sci-fi then don’t.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Daniel MalinApril 12, 2017Reply

    An all around great movie! Don’t pay any attention to the race baiting trolls.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ali Ruhi OzturkApril 12, 2017Reply

    Faithful adaptation with original twist

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shanessawedApril 12, 2017Reply

    I’m an old fan of the anime and very hard to please when a movies living it to a series I was a little disappointed but it was not a bad movie

    I don’t think it was great but it was worth watching I say that though
    with me having big hopes for this movie because I was a fan of the
    anime but then again pretty much every time something comes out that I
    was a fan of previously as in this case it never lives up to what I
    hope for maybe that says something about me maybe my standards are too
    high they kept it as close as they could I suppose trying to make a
    movie out of a series there were a lot of things that I picked up on
    there were also a couple of times where I was scratching my head but
    another positive is you got Scarlett Johansson running around in a
    skin-tight suit the entire time they did a great job visually I was
    pleased just not overjoyed!

  • klusebaApril 12, 2017Reply

    More of the same on a consistent level

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • koori-donoApril 12, 2017Reply


    As the begin of a franchise, using some Arise ideas (being more linear,
    starting in a more common way), I think it works fine. As a huge fan of
    Ghost in the Shell animated movies and series I think it’s a great
    adaptation, it’s gorgeous filmed.

    If you don’t like the reviews go see it, if you think it’s a waste of
    time go see it. You might be surprised.

  • joyjohnnicknameApril 12, 2017Reply

    I loved it

    I understand that most people are disappointed because the movie didn’t
    resemble the anime completely.

    On the other hand, I am one of those who haven’t watched the anime
    movie (yet!), and I found this movie to be close to a masterpiece.

    The actors were great, but I think that the direction, the special
    effects and the cinematography were out of this world.

    The story is also really deep, with exciting turnovers and an
    atmospheric setting.

  • Andrew MarshallApril 12, 2017Reply

    Thought provoking

    On the way into Ghost in the Shell I was in a discussion about movie
    budgets. It seems sensible that if you have more money to spend on film
    production it would make for a better movie. It is very arguable if
    this is true and sometimes it even seems that some films would be
    better with a lower budget. I certainly think Ghost in the Shell would
    have been a much better movie with a smaller budget. This would have
    forced the focus away from the visuals in favour of the storyline and

    The concept of Ghost in the Shell is both very interesting and timely.
    The brain of a person is captured and integrated into a robot. The
    robot in question is Major played by Scarlett Johansson who seems to
    play a lot of roles in a catsuit for some reason.

    Whilst the concept is very interesting and something that will no doubt
    be possible in the future the plot is dull. I suppose some people may
    find the endless shots of the future cityscape entertaining, but it
    seemed rather pointless and irrelevant.

  • luluvserraApril 12, 2017Reply

    Underrated movie. This is FANTASTIC

    I’m very sad to see this movie was not appreciated as it should be.
    People that rated this movie below 7 just don’t have heart nor have
    common sense, in other terms: HATERS.

    There is great effects, great fight scenes, outstanding actors and,
    even not knowing the original, this was a good plot.

  • Ufuk5879April 12, 2017Reply

    Bad Movie

    To make it quick. This movie is not good enough to be a decent sci-fi
    movie. And for sure to bad to be a ghost in the shell movie. This movie
    is mostly some nice scenes, ”inspired” by the first anime, remade, but
    with another story. The ”story” is just as bad as the other remakes
    recently. So better save this 120 minutes and watch something better.

  • maymadApril 13, 2017Reply

    Great adaptation- a must see in 3D

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fcl-1April 13, 2017Reply

    awful, on many levels

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gonzalo LlancaApril 13, 2017Reply


    Ghost in the Shell, The Avenger of Fururo or A Alam in the Machine.

    Major, a policeman of the future, after he became a kind of Cyborg,
    should end cybercrime in a very technological world.

    Let’s start with the actors. Scarlett Johansson is very good in this
    role of cyborg, within a cyborg world. Batou, played by Pilou Asbæk,
    was one of the most pleasant of the film, I really liked his character.
    But the actor who won all the awards was Takeshi Kitano, playing
    Aramaki, was one of the characters that surprised me the most. There is
    a particular part in which you know that they will kill you, but you
    end up surviving. And you say ”This guy sure is great !!”

    The Effects … the effects … In some occasions of the film the
    effects are seen … badly. But in others … not so bad, but not
    enough for good. The scenarios in the movie (if you use a lot of CGI)
    are very good, the best I’ve seen in a movie. But here comes the bad
    part … I have not seen the anime, but (I think) I can say that the
    script is a bit bad … Before you explode, listen to me.

    The script is all the same the same thing, – Finding the Hacker – WOW,
    we found it! – We were the Hacker

    And so three times in a row. For many the movie improved in the third
    act, not for me.

    The Villano … I seemed very poor his reasons and his way of being. I
    did not like. I would much prefer the Mandarin of Iron Man 3.

    Poor could have been much more 6/10

  • gkolbeApril 13, 2017Reply

    Not worth it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dandare4479April 13, 2017Reply

    Visually Stuning

    Ghost in the Shell is a pretty film to look at, its future neon
    dystopian setting is mesmerising. I really enjoyed being in this world
    and with the main two characters. However the film suffers from story
    issues and plot holes which unfortunately were always going to be
    dumbed down for a lower rating compared with its original source
    material. The problems are more in the second half of the film and it
    feels anti climatic in the end. The film always had the problem of
    being tied to its source material when in some instances it would of
    been better for it to veer away from it to suit live action. There are
    good performances by the two leads and I was engaged in their
    relationship together as a partnership. it would be good to see a
    future film with them exploring a different story line in this
    universe, but depending on the commercial success of this film that may
    never happen.

    I recommend this film to science fiction and action film fans, there
    are however films with similar themes that are much better such as
    Blade Runner (1982), Robocop (1987), and Terminator 2 Judgment Day

  • TBApril 13, 2017Reply

    Somehow the ghost got left behind in the original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • faridalvarez-1April 13, 2017Reply

    Visually sunning but lost the essence

    I’m impressed with visual effects, scenarios, acting. I think Scarlet
    is a good choice for the role, I know she is not Japanese but for the
    color and shape of the eyes of the original character I don’t see the
    problem (about the white washing controversy) although I prefer an
    actor not so famous.

    Also I want to praise some iconic scenes from the original anime that
    it looks like they trace with magnifier. It was a beautiful work! The
    only thing that I regret a lot is the ending. They remove all the
    essence of the original story. The message is OK but I think they lost
    the path the main idea. I think is not fair to said this move has no
    soul or ghost, is just that is not the original ghost is not the
    original ghost in the shell.

    The problem is that the original idea of the anime is just an
    outstanding concept but in the movie they just make it standard or
    boring plain.

    I think the director or writers or both just didn’t understand the
    original idea. So sad.

  • icp-48859April 14, 2017Reply

    What happened here.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NecromolesterApril 14, 2017Reply

    Don’t Listen To The Whitewashers – Johanson Is A Never-Been Disney Ho

    Absolutely terrible!! I wanted my money back and I downloaded it for
    free. Lost plot. Aimless acting. Not Ghost In The Shell, why call it
    that? They took the best parts of 1 and 2 and misunderstood it or
    decided Western audiences won’t like it and lumped them into one movie
    and that movie sucks. Growing up as a kid Ghost In The Shell series was
    awesome. Always something new, always something bleak. You looked
    forward to more of the story. Then Hollywood stepped in and things got
    weak, real weak, with a Hollywood actress who is the most useless of
    the useless in Marvel’s milking crew. Now they put out some re-make
    crap and call it a film never mind GITS. Hollywood should be ashamed.
    It would be interesting to see how much this film grosses in Japan. 500
    Yen at a guess.

  • Simon TannerApril 14, 2017Reply

    Great exploration of body and identity

    Highly recommended. Excellent story and exploration of
    identity/body/gender, brilliant visuals, world building and superb lead
    acting from Johansson. Ignore the -ve reviews this film has been huge
    in Japan and approved by the original anime creator and the identity
    issues are completely explained in the movie if you have the wit to
    concentrate. Loved it.

  • digitalbeachbumApril 14, 2017Reply

    A Disappointment

    I enjoyed the movie for what it was, visually stimulating. Think of
    Blade Runner and Fifth Element as similar movies which influenced this
    director. Many of the city scenes were right out of Blade Runner. The
    make-up and costumes used, very much like Fifth Element.

    The movie is not true to the original story, but more of a mix of
    several volumes. Scenes are a mishmash of ”Stand Alone Complex” and
    ”Innocence”, along with a variety of new content never seen previously.

    I heard several complaints about the lack of Japanese actors but
    honestly the original story shows Tokyo as a international hub of all
    kinds of people. I didn’t ever think that the Major was Japanese. I
    always thought she was Caucasian. The one thing I would like to have
    seen was a white woman’s body with a Japanese voice.

    I agree with the complaints that they did not stick with the theme of
    the original. They did touch on it, but not to the level needed to be
    true to the story. What makes you human? What is next for the human

    I think the director failed. They gave up the most important part of
    Ghost in the Shell so they could make a typical Hollywood action movie.

    I saw this movie in 3D and some of the scenes didn’t look really sharp.
    I saw the car in one scene jump/appear jittery. There were some other
    scenes were the computer generated effects were glossed over. Not
    impressive considering the money spent.


  • rotheche-252-521736April 14, 2017Reply

    A pretty failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrew JohnsonApril 14, 2017Reply

    Great Adaptation

    What impressed me the most, was that all of the major elements of the
    Anime were captured without the really sexual or violent aspects of the
    story. It makes it safe for a younger crowd, without ruining the
    original story at all. The other thing that really stands out is how
    many scenes are identical to the Anime, at the major plot points it’s
    done seamlessly.

    This isn’t Anime which should be obvious, but it seems some folks are
    struggling with that. If you miss some part of the Anime, go watch it
    again. The Anime nerds ripping it apart should consider live action
    adaptations are going to pull back to low budget B flicks from all of
    the ignorant reviews. As it stands, they’ll likely go dig another
    crappy DC/Marvel story from the bottom of the pile before ever funding
    the finish of a live action Ninja Scroll, or Akira.

  • Victor MartinescuApril 14, 2017Reply

    A good movie any way you look at it

    The only reason I didn’t give a 10 is because there are minor things
    that could have been better. (That’s the fanboy speaking.) As a stand
    alone movie(see what I did there ;)) it’s good. There were times I
    forgot I was in the cinema, that’s the mark of perfect execution for
    me. That means scenes flowed smoothly, the acting was spot on and the
    story progressed well.

    As a Ghost in the shell fan, yes I have watched everything GitS and
    enjoyed it thoroughly. This movie is no different. It may depart from
    the psychological aspect of some of the main series, which is fine
    because this is only a 2 hour movie and it was crammed instead with
    action and fluid plot. And conclusion. Very satisfying overall.

    If you come in with high hopes you’ll be disappointed. Instead of
    picturing the movie YOU want, just enjoy it for what it is. A well
    executed, action packed part of the GitS franchise. Movies are meant to
    be experienced, not overly analyzed at the expense of fun.

    With the slew of, honestly, disgustingly bad films recently and to
    come, that have zero acting talent, poor script writing and plot as
    thin as the air of deep space, while still enjoying a massive Hollywood
    budget, I’d say give this a try.

    This movie makes me believe that Hollywood isn’t utter junk yet.

    GitS is good.

  • Hassan_ScarboroughApril 14, 2017Reply

    Not bad but not the same as the original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrei MacedoApril 15, 2017Reply

    Underrated Movie!

    If there was a category called ”underestimated movie” in IMDb, this
    Long would be at the top of the list because the current criticism is
    being unfair As the quality of what the film presents.

    It is not a masterpiece nor literal to the original stories, but the
    Adaptation is original in its presentation to the cinema. There is no
    Need for forced introduction into the world presented, everything is
    well Presented in a natural way and the viewer is invited to provide
    Attention in the flashes where advanced technology appears as a bottom.

    Finally, Scarlet’s performance is above average, the actress managed to
    Take advantage of their limited role, where the most emotional points
    were Few, his poker face was needed, after all, his face was a Implant
    without many emotions …

    If you want to point this movie to someone, forget the Because this is
    a great movie for those who like to watch movies, not For those who
    like to see coherent film as the actress have to be Asian Just because
    it will play an Asian role.

  • AvaApril 15, 2017Reply

    Not Bad, but Not Comparable to the Original

    I understand that there are many fans who feel scandalized by this
    reboot of the film, but I’m not here to take a side on whether or not
    this lives up to the original. The Ghost in the Shell from 2017 and The
    Ghost in the Shell from 1995 are so different that in many ways they
    cannot be compared. The central messages from either is not like the
    other beyond a surface level, and the story and style of each is vastly
    different. I do believe that this is an overall good movie, but it
    feels more like someone’s in depth fanfiction that reveals characters’
    backstories than a remake of the original. The changes made were so
    drastic that you can understand when there are direct references that
    tie it back to the 1995 version, but beyond setting and characters,
    they are not very much alike.

    The changes made were mostly appropriate and acceptable, with a few
    exceptions which made me roll my eyes (and which I am not going to
    specifically point out in order to avoid spoilers). There were new
    scenes added and old shots revisited, but nothing seemed very out of
    place. I did not enjoy the shift in antagonist or the explanation of
    Major’s backstory, but one can only expect this when an extremely deep
    and strange concept is being adapted for a Western audience that craves
    almost nothing action. Those who have not seen the original film may
    not see many large problems with it. Those who have seen the original
    will probably be cringing at some crucial aspects that were changed.
    The story is not necessarily weak overall, but it is rather cliché and
    more predictable than I, and many others, I’m sure, would have liked. I
    must admit that I have not seen the original sequels to the 1995 film,
    so forgive me if some of the changes are references to other details
    that were described in the later movies, but as a whole the original
    story should have been enough to produce a large audience based on
    intrigue and entertainment alone. The only reasonable explanation that
    I can come up with for why they would change the story so drastically
    is that they wanted it to be open for a sequel.

    Visually, Ghost in the Shell is stunning, and I cannot think of a
    single aspect of the design that I disliked. The reinvention of Section
    9, while perhaps more optimistic than the original, was beautiful,
    believable, and extremely fitting. The set design is fantastic, the
    cinematography was great, and the occasional recreation of iconic
    destinations was so spot-on it was nearly scary. If I had watched this
    movie muted and without subtitles I would still enjoy it.

    The soundtrack is very fitting. It is not much like the original, but I
    did enjoy the soft voices in the songs near the beginning and end that
    brought back waves of nostalgia from the original theme. I know some
    people are going to complain about it, but this movie has an entirely
    different feel from the original, and the music fits the film this
    movie is, not the film this movie tried to recreate.

    In short, if you enjoy the original, disconnect it from this movie and
    you will enjoy yourself. At the very least it is beautiful and
    entertaining. If you haven’t seen the original, don’t worry, you’ll
    still have a good time watching it. This is probably the best
    adaptation of an anime I have seen so far, and while that is not saying
    much considering its competition, it at least proves that progress is
    being made, and that in the future we may get a fantastic
    interpretation of another film or series.

  • patrick-coutuApril 15, 2017Reply

    All sci-fi fans and manga or anime I know liked it and was surprised

    I don’t know what’s all about the negative reviews. Go make your own
    movie and stop whining like dishonest little brats! I’m not saying it
    doesn’t have flaws, it’s just a great sci-fi movie, again, IT’S A
    MOVIE, it’s made to be entertained.

    It’s a perfect adaptation of many scenes from the 1995 anime and others
    with some ideas from the manga. It is anime translated into a
    live-action big buster Hollywood movie, get over the false drama queens
    that say it is white washing as there is even Beat Kitano, a renown
    Japanese actor and he is only speaking Japanese with English subs! I
    would add that the result is a good example on how to ”Hollywood-wash”
    an entire anime series better than anything else. Great stuff overall,
    go see it, if you like sci-fi, it won’t be disappointing!

  • renekshadowApril 16, 2017Reply

    As others have said it has shell but no ghost

    When I first heard they where planning on a live action movie of ghost
    in the shell I was on the fence about how I felt about it. I knew it
    could go either way. It could be a great movie where that nail every
    aspect of the original anime movie or TV show with small changes to it
    to fit thee west or it being a flop that never knew what it had.

    Well it turned into a flop. I had to fight to stay and watch this movie
    from beginning to end. it had very poor pacing and story that was very
    lack luster. it was boring , even the action I felt was boring because
    I found it never fit with the story fully.

    As a fan of the anime I know the world is very tech heavy, from having
    androids, computers and cybernetics along with other aspects that all
    give it a cyberpunk feel. I never seen the cyber or the punk in this
    movie, they had little parts which showed it but never talked about it
    either with words or with visuals. there have been other movies that
    was cyberpunk and where able to do this, Blade runner and the Matrix
    are 2 I can list.

    What I really found with this movie it seamed like it was a check list
    of things they wanted to have in it for scenes. once they had the idea
    of what scenes that where going to have ( taken from the original anime
    movie ) they tried to write a story around them. this is a typical
    thing that is happening in Hollywood now a days or I should say years,
    its not story and plot that gets the movie but the action scenes that
    are made.

    I will not get into the casting cause it doesn’t really matter. if they
    had a strong story, plot and director it could of been pulled off. They
    missed the mark on making a great movie and could of had a lot of
    information about the world and Philosophy put in there from line usage
    and visuals that would of explained a lot. if you do not believe me go
    watch the original 1995 Ghost in The Shell that had a run time of 82
    Min’s compared too the live actions 108 Min’s.

    Do yourself a favor and skip this and just watch the original works.

  • KeroSceeApril 16, 2017Reply

    Good on it’s own merits, but lacks any sense of subtly

    The original ‘Ghost in the Shell’ was a hallmark gem of which has been
    the base for many ‘near future’ movies to copy, borrow and steal from
    for the past 20 plus years. It’s difficult to write a review without
    making a comparison, but avoiding the parallels is not made easy when
    this live action fails in achieving the nuances that the original
    material essentially invented.

    It’s a true shame. Set and costume design is top notch, a very capable
    cast demonstrate talent and exceptional emotional depth in the few
    moments they can. But again, and again, the childishly written, overly
    simplistic script and over-reliance of cheap linear VFX sequences ruin
    all the good work in other avenues. The story moves in a predictable
    fashion, with much of the plot movement spontaneously directed by
    characters suddenly ‘knowing’ vital locations and details without any
    adequate visual or audible explanation. ‘GITS’ fans may notice how the
    pacing links with on screen events easily, but newcomers will be a
    little at odds as to how ‘hacking’ works in the future when there are
    no sequences that show it off. A likely result of poor scripting,
    editing and a refusal to add coherent infodumps or ‘so you know’

    This poor scripting shows, conversations are extremely one dimensional.
    Intentions are plain to see and many sequences occur with very little
    justification or thought. The whole film reeks of studio meddling and
    too many script writers. The interactions between Major (Scarlett
    Johansson) and Batou (Pilou Asbæk )are arguably the best parts of the
    movie, which makes them feel like they’re written by someone else.
    Likewise much of the themes that ‘GITS’ relied on are nigh
    non-existent. The notion of constructed identities and hacked memories
    are left in wasteland as poorly thought out corporate conspiracies take
    centre stage. The whole thing feels very much like the recent Robocop
    remake; poorly handled.

    Overall Ghost in the Shell is worth seeing if only for the set design
    and effects. The on screen chemistry between Scarlett Johansson and
    Pilou Asbæk is worth studying on how to show inferred love. Everything
    else? Forget about it.


  • Gorg BasilApril 16, 2017Reply

    Went to see it 3 times

    This is what I do when I see a good movie: I go see it again. Saw it
    with different people. Haven’t heard a bad thing from them about this

    I did see multiple times GITS anime (all) and I’m no stranger when it
    comes down to cyberpunk.

    I was searching stuff on this site about this film and found: (A Care2
    petition against the film’s casting titled ”DreamWorks: Stop
    Whitewashing Asian Characters!” received over 104,000 signatures.)

    Right, I said… some people like to judge things even before they
    should. But apparently some of those brainless yet pretentious punks
    are now reviewing negatively this movie. (at the moment of writing
    this: 14 260 people voted between 1-6 and 27 125 people voted between

    For me this was a great experience. Beautiful shots, very good casting,
    dedicated actors who did their job flawlessly, a plot that respects
    it’s audience and stays true to the original material, great visuals,
    very good sound, memorable quotes.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone that this film is great, I’m trying
    to point out that there is way too much hate.

    Have a good one!

  • markswamApril 16, 2017Reply

    An excellent movie that fits wonderfully into the Ghost in the Shell universe; unfortunately hindered by negative pre-release drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • spaliukeApril 16, 2017Reply


    I am a fan of original anime and I love Imax 3D. Usually I don’t expect
    some great plot from Imax movies, I just want to see something
    beautiful and stylish. I am not hater or super-critic and this is my
    first review for IMDb, but I just have to say how disappointed am I.

    This movie well done (visual effects) but everything else… I don’t
    know where to start. 1. It is slow. I mean it so slow that become
    boring. They tried to show us some thoughtful moments, but it just
    don’t work. 2. Plot is dumb and nothing like original, but this one I
    could forgive. As I said, this is not movie for Sundance festival. What
    I couldn’t forgive is characters’ misinterpretations. They looks like
    original visually (from anime), but characters… And worst one is
    Major itself. In anime she is super-cool robocop – very clever, knowing
    what to do, confident and even her weaknesses don’t ruin her toughness.
    Here she is lost sheep and victim. Really? Why to name movie after
    famous anime if you want to do such a thing with MAIN character??? 3.
    Acting. Scarlet is awful :/ I don’t know is it her fault or this is
    plot and film director, but she just don’t fit in this role. I mean she
    is good as a sheep, but not as a Major. Since movie creators decided to
    make a movies about a sheep, maybe she is good for this role, but I
    wanted to see Major… I don’t know if I could recommend this film.
    Maybe I could if you didn’t see original series. But if you saw
    original, I think you will be disappointed. 3/10

  • isobol-94688April 17, 2017Reply

    This movie is awesome

    I have never rated a movie before online. I have always used the
    internet to tell me what is good to watch and within some margin of
    error +/- 20 points, on the whole I agreed with the end result of how a
    movie is rated. Whether it be tomatoes or stars.

    This is the most I have ever disagreed with the general internet
    consensus. I thought this movie was imaginative, compelling and had jaw
    droppingly awesome fight sequences. Scarlet was great and you could
    really see how well the flavors from the original permeated through
    this incredibly modern high tech super sci fi adventure story.

    I loved it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really
    didn’t want it to end. I’m not sure why the general consensus review is

  • Mr MoravecApril 17, 2017Reply

    Don’t judge with an iron fist… see it for what its worth…

    This movie does not deserve such a low score. I think this has to do
    with the fact that this movie wanted to please the new and the old. In
    doing so, it attracted low ratings from hardcore fans of the 1995 manga
    movie from one side and young teens who don’t really understand the
    full depths of this movie. Simply put: too easy for old fans and too
    hard for young ones. For example I am a fan of the 1995 manga movie but
    I really liked this one even though it wasn’t as deep as the first
    movie. But it was fun and clever nonetheless with good CGI action. The
    main character was absolutely fantastic. Personally I think she was
    perfect for the role.

  • ebermudezarquitectoApril 17, 2017Reply

    Under-appreciated indeed…

    I watched the 1995 Anime movie after watching this one. Going through
    all the critiques, I really couldn’t figure out what does the Anime
    movie – a fine film, no doubt – has that makes this one seem so bad to
    so many people apart from the fact that they might be GITS fans. The
    ”philosophical” aspects that many associate with the 1995 movie are
    present too in this movie, but in a subtler way. The main character may
    not put them in words all the time, but one can sense them through the
    acting, which is more difficult to do with animated films for the
    simple fact that the ”actors” are drawings. The new movie relies also
    on additional situations that do not exist in the original film but
    have to do with human relationships, which in my opinion helps in
    clarifying the main character’s behavior and musings. It would be
    better not to think of this movie as a remake, but as an alternate
    story, or even maybe as a source of additional information for the
    original movie’s plot. Yes, there is more action and the pace is much
    faster. The city’s atmosphere is wonderfully digitally created, which
    of course brings to mind Blade Runner, and which, by the way, had a lot
    of bad critiques too when it came out. Is this movie original? Well…
    no. The main theme has been explored before several times. So, just
    enjoy it for what is is, forget the comparisons and don’t get so
    serious about it…

  • quiqueperiqueApril 17, 2017Reply

    Visually outstanding, not so much more

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • briandoodoApril 17, 2017Reply

    GREAT Under-rated Film, not for people that need everything spelled out to them

    As a film, this movie is damn near flawless. I couldn’t think of any
    real criticisms. I have honestly never seen a more under-rated film in
    my life. This is a solid movie. I honestly don’t see any glaring flaws
    in this film. It didn’t even remind me of Lucy and vaguely familiar
    characters that Scarlet has played. It had it’s own identity throughout
    the entire film.

    It lived up to all of my expectations and stayed there throughout. The
    poorly translated Japanese philosophical conversations from the
    original aren’t present, their meaning, significance unlike the
    original, are not over stated in the film, the movie is thought
    provoking but doesn’t spell everything out for you. But, if you’re not
    retarded and can think on your own…it’s more or less all implied. For
    any one capable of actual intelligent, independent thought, it should
    all be mostly inferred to them.

    There was no need to complicate inherently very simple concepts that
    were originally made to seem more complex than they actually were. If
    you watched the original, and are capable of deeper thought, you
    probably saw through the fluff…The original is weighed down by pseudo
    intellectual babble, which tries to make the subject matter appear
    deeper than it actually is.

    ”Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It
    takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite

    E. F. Schumacher

    There’s a lot of fluff in the original anime, pseudo intellectual
    dialogues that are poorly translated into English to appease the
    pretentious anime watcher. When you cut through it though, it’s really
    not that mind blowing. Neither was the Hollywood adaptation, but it was
    thought provoking…and if you were actually paying attention, it
    explored the same ideas as the original anime, some times without even
    saying a word.

    As a film, the casting was near perfect. I loved the entire cast, and
    each cast member were on their A game. The characters were all
    believable in their roles.

    The visuals were stunning! The story was compelling, thought provoking
    and evenly paced. Everything the original anime set out to explore,
    make you phantom, so does the Hollywood film, given you are capable of
    thinking…and don’t need any one to hold your hand.

    The action was also perfect, very evenly paced. I can’t think of
    anything this film got wrong, did too much of, or did too little of.
    This is the most under-rated film I’ve seen in a long while, that was
    no doubt attacked for a ”white wash conspiracy” created on false

    This was a terrific, beautifully made, wonderfully acted, thought
    provoking science fiction film. It deserved much better reception than
    it received.

  • John DoeApril 17, 2017Reply

    Not as good as the 1995 film…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • infoalwaysacriticApril 17, 2017Reply

    A New Beginning that is Visually Impressive

    For anyone who has been subjected to the painful adaptations of anime
    to the realm of live action films, the prospect of bringing the Ghost
    in the Shell world to life sounds too good to be true and daunting, to
    say the least. Visually, Anime films tend to stretch reality to create
    larger-than-life characters, with outfits and events that translate to
    a cosplay reality that is, if not jarring, completely impractical and
    somewhat corny. This is part of its charm, but not only is Anime known
    for its distinct look, but also for methods of story-telling that do
    not fit the North American paradigm. The Ghost in the Shell movie from
    1995 competes with Akira as the most widely received mature anime of
    its time and a story that is still relevant today. This new film
    doesn’t try to be the same thing and succeeds in some areas while being
    greatly misunderstood in others.

    Focusing on the Major’s origin story, those familiar with the GITS
    stories will immediately spot some deliberate inconsistencies, this
    film also follows the criminal actions of a major corporation and
    Section 9’s attempt to capture a terrorist hacker. The Major has at
    least 2 other origin stories in the animes, so this is likely a choice
    by the producers to bring GITS to a new audience and by the end of the
    film the two plot lines converge while the Major’s identity is brought
    in line with the Anime.

    Visually this film communicates volumes without saying a word. Rupert
    Sanders has specifically engaged craftspeople in Weta Workshop to
    produce as much as possible with real props. This attention to detail
    shows in the cyberpunk realism, imbued and enhanced by CG effects that
    produce an environment reminiscent of Blade Runner, Robocop and other
    classic sci-fi films. If no other reason to watch this, the visual
    quality of this film makes it worth seeing.

    With such a diverse cast available from the GITS source material, the
    producers decided to focus on only a handful of characters. Batou
    supports the Major while having a relationship much like detective
    partners. He cares about her, expressing concern for her well-being. He
    runs to her aid when he thinks she’s in trouble, all while having a
    soft spot for dogs. The Major, on the other hand, is detached from the
    world, curious about humanity and struggles with her sense of identity.
    What does it mean to be human? Scarlett Johansson herself remarked in
    an interview that finishing the film was a relief to get back to being
    herself. Don’t expect any academy awards for the acting, even if it is
    perfectly in line with the source material, right down to the way that
    the major moved.

    While the script isn’t terrible, it isn’t helped at all by the hefty
    reveals at the beginning of the film. No attempt is made to create
    mystery around who the villain is. You’ll know from the start who it is
    that needs to come to justice. Instead, the Major’s origin is imbued
    with a small mystery and enough twists take place to provoke an
    emotional response when things are revealed.

    It is also worth mentioning that this film makes a wild departure from
    expectations by including virtually no nudity, sexual content or foul
    language. This makes the film much more accessible than the first film,
    which contains a great deal of nudity and brutal violence.

    If your only exposure to the Ghost in the Shell is the anime classic
    from 1995, this new film will feel very different. The hallmarks of the
    GITS world as portrayed in the Stand Alone Complex shows and other
    films made in its wake follow a distinct format, one that Rupert
    Sanders sticks to. This is not an Avenger film that exalts superpowers,
    teamwork and western principles; Section 9 is an elite and aggressive
    anti-crime unit that will punitively kill anyone who engages them. They
    are in a word: vindictive. That is, to some, their appeal and in many
    ways this film delivers. At the same time, don’t expect earth
    shattering or culture forming concepts to be discussed. There are some
    fundamental questions of identity and bare-bones philosophy but this
    film chooses instead to focus on the aesthetic of GITS and the
    development of the Major as a person. If they choose to do so, viewers
    who wish to explore the original movie will be in for a surprise, and
    will likely be better served to explore the Stand Alone Complex or
    Arise series instead.

  • khorzonApril 17, 2017Reply

    Astounding sci-fi movie, and faithful to original

    Walking into the theater, I was anxious about this movie. The source
    material has a large range of stories from anime movies, manga and a
    animated series. Would it stay true, and yet still be entertaining on
    it’s own?

    The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! The movie and story was based 75% on
    the original anime movie, 15% on other source material (manga, other
    movies and the show), and 10% its own original concepts. There is a
    very intelligent blending of aspects from several of the entries to
    this franchise that come together to make for something entertaining.

    To that point… the deeper aspects of the film explores the dynamic of
    how the connection to humanity could be lost to technology, and what
    makes us human. And it immerses the viewer in a cyberpunk world that is
    a visual and action feast.

    The pacing is actually very good despite what some have said… and at
    no point do you feel lost in plot or scene transitions. Everything
    feels believable, just highly technically advanced… and somewhat
    eerily possible for a future of mankind.

    Regarding the whole fabricated controversy surrounding casting Scarlett
    Johansson – The story within the movie actually explains the casting
    decision. In fact, its somewhat integral to it.

    And it completely proves that this was a politicized knee-jerk reaction
    to something that didn’t deserve it. I believe this has harmed the box
    office results unjustly.

  • torvumApril 17, 2017Reply

    The remake misses the mark

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Someone HelpfulApril 17, 2017Reply

    Excellent visual style and a quiet but energetic performance by Scarlett Johansson make this an enjoyable post-Matrix Sci-Fi

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eranlevyApril 17, 2017Reply

    A fascinating glimpse into the future

    This is a thought provoking film which gives you a fascinating glimpse
    into how the future of cyber-modified humans (which is something that’s
    almost certain to happen) will look like, which advantages and which
    problems and security risks it’ll present. It is very well performed –
    its stylish and futuristic Japanese style design and visual effects are
    top notch, Scarlett Johansson and most other actors gives an excellent
    performance, it’s well directed, so – highly recommended!

  • JediMichaelCeraApril 18, 2017Reply

    Edgy Cheese

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ZDApril 18, 2017Reply


    Review (1~5)

    #Content: Script 1 | Acting 2 | Cinematography 4 | Film Editing 3

    #Visual: Costume Design 4 | Makeup & Hairstyling 4 | Scenic Design 4 |
    Lighting 5 | Visual Effects 4

    #Sound: Score & Soundtracks 4 | Sound Editing & Mixing 3

    #Overall (1~10): 2

  • A. SpeedoApril 18, 2017Reply

    Critics get it wrong

    The critics get yet another one wrong. This was a highly entertaining
    movie, with a great story line, and fine acting by Johansson and
    others. Admittedly, I have yet to see the original anime film to
    compare this to (and that seemed to be the issue most had with this
    movie), but I truly enjoyed the film, and highly recommend it to anyone
    who enjoys Johansson and sci-fi films.

  • Konstantin BelozyorovApril 18, 2017Reply

    About Human and humanity, but with old ideology

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RNJ97April 19, 2017Reply

    it’s okay but nothing too exciting

    Ghost in the Shell asks the perennial question every human being asks
    and yet unable to answer– Who am I? Those who think they have the
    answer are usually mistaken. Major who is given a body, not just any
    body but a Scarlett Johansson body, finds her law enforcement gig less
    fulfilling without a memory of her past even when reassured by her
    creator, Dr. Phil, played by the lovely Juliette Binoche, that life is
    defined by what one does rather than one’s memories or past. And of
    course, everybody and his dog know Dr. Phil is full of it. Like Major,
    nobody is free from his past and everybody is burdened by history. The
    movie doesn’t come with any surprise everything happens just as
    expected or even like a déjà vu. Every futuristic cityscape scene is
    derivative of Blade Runner except it is a knockoff and ten times
    cheesier. The Hong Kong streetscape can be interesting only if the post
    production doesn’t feel obliged to add more and more and yet more video
    gimmickries to the mix. The few architectural shots are almost
    facsimile copies of Peter Stewart’s pictures of the same. The 1.85:1
    aspect ratio is supposed to give audience an immersive experience but
    sometimes I can’t help but feel like watching 4:3 standard definition
    TV, also the PG-13 rating doesn’t help either. Nothing good can come
    out of any existential crisis not even good cinema in this case.
    Scarlett Johansson does have very good skin which manages to salvage
    the movie from downright unwatchable to somewhat entertaining and
    somewhat watchable. Between Kong: Skull Island and Ghost in the Shell,
    the choice is obvious.

  • antonijarimacApril 19, 2017Reply

    Already seen plot and general idea in so many far better movies.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Strega GrangerApril 19, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell made in America

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adris AdrianApril 19, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ros ShepherdApril 19, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Knight HawkApril 19, 2017Reply

    There Seems to be More than One Version of this Movie Playing

    There are a few problems with this movie all of which are do to
    incredibly poor directing:

    1) The exposition. Where is it? Unless you’ve seen the anime (I
    haven’t) it’s very unclear who she is, exactly who she is working for
    and why she is doing what she is doing (which is what, again?) There
    are a lot of regular characters in this movie and none of them received
    any substantial character development–so little, in fact that I hardly
    know any of their names. The setting is even less developed. It’s not
    even clear where/when the movie takes place. I assume some future Japan
    but I don’t even think they bothered to give the name of the city much
    less explain who they are fighting against and why they are fighting

    2) The movie fails to pay anything more than lip service to the concept
    of…is she human? Is she a robot? That would have been a compelling
    area to explore. The movie almost completely glosses over it and
    overall the plot is very shallow.

    3) The CGI. There is good CGI bad CGI and Ghost-in-the-Shell CGI which
    is undoubtedly the worse. The textures look so unrealistic it’s jarring
    to seem them imposed on live action scenes and the movie is
    oversaturated with it to the extent it detracts from most moments in
    the film. The physics are way, way off which greatly diminishes the
    impact of the action scenes. It’s difficult to sell a fight scene when
    the characters move completely unnaturally and appear as though they
    are weightless. It seems that either:

    A) They used decades old CGI techniques which wouldn’t hold up back in
    1998. B) They hired a cheap studio for the CGI which has little skill
    with it. C) They hired people to do the CGI that have no prior relevant
    experience a la Mass Effect Andromeda.

    People who are suggesting the visual effects alone are worth seeing the
    movie for clearly saw a different version of the film than I did.

    4) Dialogue and acting. It’s not very good. Scarlett Johansson comes
    off as a human trying to move like a robot and in an extremely
    unconvincing manner. This is a shame because I think she is a fairly
    talented actress. I will chalk this up to directing because they
    definitely should not have gone with the shots they did. If it didn’t
    work and she wasn’t up to the task, have her act all human-y instead.

    In any case: Poor direction, poor acting, poor dialogue, poor plot and
    horrific CGI. If movie standards were building codes, this movie should
    be condemned.

  • Henrietta HutleyApril 19, 2017Reply

    Visually stunning but storyline not up to par.

    I really wanted to enjoy this film. I enjoyed the anime and although
    Scarlett Johanson was a problematic choice for Major, that did not
    hinder me from thinking Rupert Sanders would be able to make an
    exciting, action-packed film. However, this was not the case. Apart
    from being in awe of how visually stunning it was (props to the
    cinematographer), I found myself relatively bored throughout. The
    pacing was off and even in what should have been exciting fight scenes
    I was not captured and I was even yawning. The pacing was really off,
    which made the film a relatively sub-par watch that I’m sad I spent
    cinema money on.

  • MaximumMadnessApril 19, 2017Reply

    ”Ghost in the Shell (2017)”- While it lacks some of the depth of its predecessors, open-minded filmgoers will find plenty of entertainment in its action and spectacle…

    There’s been a great deal of backlash against director Rupert Sanders’
    American remake of the iconic Manga and anime property ”Ghost in the
    Shell.” Whether it be suggestions that the film was white-washed,
    accusations of the heady and lofty themes of the original being watered
    down or general dismissal of the film as simple eye-candy and nothing
    more… the movie’s gotten it’s fair share of flack. It’s one of those
    movies that just can’t seem to catch a break.

    And yet, I went in with an open mind and found myself very much
    enjoying the film. Yes, it’s certainly no masterpiece and it’s safe to
    say that the original did it better, but I think it’s also fair to say
    that the film doesn’t deserve even a fraction of the hate it’s received
    and it’s a great bit of fun. The franchise has existed in one form or
    another for nearly thirty years now… and with various adaptations
    already existing, I see no reason to bemoan another take on the
    material that will introduce newer audiences to the series and
    hopefully inspire them to go back and check out its origins. It’s a
    perfectly valid retelling of a classic story, and I for one hope that
    as time goes on, more people will learn to appreciate it.

    We follow Major Mira Killian (Scarlett Johansson), a woman in the
    not-too-distant future whose mind and ”ghost” (a sort-of catch all
    description of one’s being and consciousness) have been placed into a
    synthetic cybernetic body after her original form was allegedly damaged
    beyond medical repair. Now working as an anti-terrorist operative for
    an organization known as Section 9, Major Killian works together with
    others to thwart various attacks and protect the public and Section 9’s
    benefactors. However, after an assassination droid murders a doctor
    working for Hanka Robotics (the same company responsible for the
    construction of Killian’s synthetic body), Killian and her partners are
    drawn into a deeper and more troubling conflict than they could have
    imagined… one that will make them question their allegiances and
    wonder just who is on their side…

    The strengths of the film lay in its excellent casting and top-notch
    visual direction, which both contribute to crafting and maintaining a
    constant sense of entertainment and intrigue, despite a somewhat stock
    script. Casting controversies aside, every role is well-cast and
    extremely well-played, and every player fits their part near-
    perfectly. Scarlett Johansson makes for a very compelling and troubled
    protagonist, and she does quite a bit with the role. Supporting roles
    played by the likes of Michael Pitt, Takeshi Kitano and Juliette
    Binoche are quite good and make for a great ensemble. And special
    praise goes to Pilou Asbæk in his excellent role as ”Batou”, Major’s
    closest friend and human connection. He’s just fantastic in the part.

    Sanders’ guidance in the film is just extraordinary, and I’ll be
    keeping an eye out for him, because the man clearly knows how to tell
    one heck of a visual story. His sense of framing, movement and
    composition is slick and stylish and he works together perfectly with
    cinematographer Jess Hall in crafting some simply gorgeous imagery.
    He’s one of those directors who understands how to competently
    construct a sequence without relying too much on gimmicks and lazy
    conventions… You won’t see a bland and poorly-framed shaky-came fight
    sequence or laughably complex CGI nightmare of a shot here. He’s intent
    to glide the camera smoothly around the scene in a very subtle way and
    let us take in the sights. Which is quite refreshing. And by god… the
    action is just awe-inspiring. It’s exciting. It’s stylish and wild. And
    yet it never goes too far. Sure, there’s a lot of digital effects…
    but they’re used appropriately and never feel contrived or overtly

    Where the film loses some points however, is in the script by Jamie
    Moss, William Wheeler and Ehren Kruger. Not that it’s necessarily bad
    by any means. It’s a solid enough storyline. But it’s a bit too stock.
    A bit too basic. And yes… it’s missing a lot of the depth and themes
    of the original works that inspired it. What we have here is a sort- of
    tribute to the source material that doesn’t feel quite confident enough
    in itself to sneak in the subtext of what came before. And as a
    result… it becomes predictable and unfortunately relies on more basic
    tropes and clichés. There’s the shell of a great script here… (I had
    to make one ”shell” joke) but the substance is only partially present.

    Still, I can’t say that the script dragged the film down too much.
    Sanders and his writing team seem intent on taking what came before and
    turning it into a beautiful action extravaganza… and I think they
    succeeded. Yes, the 1995 film was a better adaptation. But that doesn’t
    change the fact that the 2017 film is a great bit of entertainment and
    is very much enjoyable in its own way. This is a faster, crazier and
    somewhat more blunt ”Ghost in the Shell.” But I think it’s still most
    certainly a decent take on the material Masamune Shirow created so many
    years ago.

    Strictly taking the film on its own, I gotta give it an 8 out of 10.
    It’s a blast to behold on the big-screen, and I think fans are doing
    themselves a great disservice by so quickly dismissing it. Sure, what
    came before might have objectively been better. But this one is still
    pretty darned good.

  • Edgar Allan PoohApril 20, 2017Reply

    My name is Major E.A. Pooh & I do NOT give my consent . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jason HardenApril 20, 2017Reply

    Just the Shell

    Rupert Sanders’ ”Ghost in the Shell” live-action remake is yet another
    missed opportunity among 2017’s array of remakes. It has plenty of
    stunning visuals and action sequences to entertain you throughout, but
    the film is lacking of anything new to deepen the original story (aside
    from a few backstory elements). All the things that made the 1995 film
    memorable, like the thought provoking philosophies and slow pace that
    made it deep and challenging, are lost in order to have a more
    entertaining and easy to understand blockbuster experience. They even
    added the common ”American corporate” type villain to give the audience
    a more defined antagonist. And though the film does mirror key scenes
    from the original (such as the diving scene or the water fight), they
    end up rushing over them anyways, once again losing important
    information to the hands of nostalgia. Remaking this film in 2017 could
    have been a great chance to include today’s issues, but instead it was
    wasted for box office numbers.

  • Justin LauApril 21, 2017Reply

    Good CGI effects

    When I saw Hong Kong, i definitely love it. The movie makes better view
    of Hong Kong.

    May be this is not good as i expected, but it still worth watching. As
    a blockbuster movie starring Scarlett, the plot may be not good but the
    CGI effects are absolutely great.

    I didn’t see the original one, but I think the idea of this story is
    great. I am looking forward to a sequel but I know it is impossible.

    Although this is a Sci-fi movie with lots of action scene, I didn’t
    feel any nervous or excitement. But i enjoy watching how Scarlett
    punching everyone in this movie. So if you love Scarlett Johansson, you
    must go to watch this movie. Just Don’t expect too much is okay.

  • Harley0187April 21, 2017Reply

    Wonderful movie

    Saw it in 3D and it was a blast.Everyone knows whats it about so i
    won’t review it,but it was basically a Bladerunner update,but it was
    visually stunning in 3D.Highly recommended.Wanted to see it in IMAX but
    it wasn’t playing in my area.I don’t really think it was marketed very
    well in the USA. Thats a shame because i would rather see this movie
    than all the stupid fast and furious movies put together.

  • artemysinApril 21, 2017Reply

    Skip it, watch original instead.

    Everything original Gits is remarkable for is lost here. First, and
    most important, semantic content completely cut. More or less this is
    the reason, why original Gits lives in years. Whole story and
    characters are altered by much simpler one, so audience which came from
    another blockbuster won’t be discomforted. All visual aspects are very
    similar to original, but makes no sense without core. In general, this
    is another sci-fi movie, which are hundreds there. This movie is like
    when you take fish, clean it, keep scales and fins, and throw away
    everything else. Remake, that you don’t watch and watch original
    instead. Standard American adaptation.

  • javi-y-se-acaboApril 21, 2017Reply

    Amazing remake from the original anime with a few different ideas

    First of all, as I always say, if you haven’t’t watched the movie, you
    cannot have an opinion about it, and that is for all the people who
    decides not to watch it because of the bad critics this movie has
    received. Apart from that I would say this is one of the best
    adaptations in real image we could have get. It captures perfectly the
    feeling of the original anime.

    For start, I would say that this is not a direct remake because there
    are many ideas from the original anime kept here, but I think for
    making it for a bigger public, they introduced more action, a few
    changes in the script and a little of romance. Overall the script plays
    with the idea of the ethics of the robotics and androids, as the anime
    did, and talks about a not very far future full of cyborgs and with
    very little humanity.

    The acting was great, although a few supporting characters were a bit
    useless, but I think Scarlett did an amazing job as the Mayor, as some
    of the other main characters, like Bateau or the leader of the Section

    Other thing that is amazing of this movie is the awesome visuals that
    are used throughout the movie. They really transport you to a future
    city of Japan and make you feel like you were there. All the
    cinematography and the visuals make the movie worth to be watched at a
    cinema. Also I have to mention the perfect score made by Clint Mansell
    and Lorne Balfe, a masterpiece full of synths that help the action
    sequences, but also the emotive moments, to be even better (what a
    shame it’s not going to be released).

    Overall I would recommend this movie to the real fans of the original
    anime, but also to any other person who wants a great movie with
    awesome visuals and a great story. 9/10

    Don’t listen to the critics and get an opinion by yourself by watching

  • hurquieta13April 21, 2017Reply

    Great Film from a non manga fan point of view

    First of all I have to say that I’m not a manga or anime fan even
    though I’ve watched the GITS anime twice and think is amazingly deep in
    terms of its story-line and philosophical topics. I went to see this
    movie trying to forget the anime, letting myself be surprised by the
    characters and plot. And must say that I really enjoyed the movie,
    especially that ”retro noir”, post apocalyptic atmosphere a la Blade
    Runner. I never expected to find the same scenes that appear on the
    anime, that would be a complete waste of time and effort. What would be
    the point on replicating the same scenes? Instead of that, the movie
    adds a slightly different approach compared to the original story and
    sacrifices some philosophical matters perhaps to keep the fast-paced of
    the action. Another aspect worth to mention is the original score, so
    magnificent, flowing with the scenes, helping to create that dark,
    robotic and apocalyptic look.

  • MELlSANDREApril 21, 2017Reply


    I’m a girl and straight, yes, but let me be the first to say that I
    like Scarlett Johansson as much as anybody. I have no problem admiring
    beauty across the two genders or across races, colors or creeds. When
    something is beautiful it’s just beautiful, period. and Scarlett
    Johansson is beautiful.

    Okay, now … that said … the girl simply CANNOT act, and although
    that has not been a problem in some other films of hers, where a
    variety of factors such as stronger actors, a strong script, great
    directors have taken up the slack, it isn’t the case in Ghost in the
    Shell. From the moment Ms. Johansson comes on screen, it’s
    uncomfortable to say the least, because you WANT her to knock it out of
    the park, and sadly, from the first three minutes of her on here, you
    know she isn’t going to.

    So how then, you may ask, is it that The Ghost In The Shell boasts a
    not so bad rating? Is everything in the film amazing and enough to make
    up for the non- acting-skills of the lead? If only! In my opinion, it
    is what we are seeing more and more of these days. Ratings
    manipulations. This movie boasts one of the largest film crews ever. I
    have never seen a movie with more people listed as participants. Take a
    look for yourself:

    You can bet that every one of those people have also left glowing
    reviews for this film and that is the only reason why it is rated so

    In truth, it is mediocre at best AND TO COMPARE IT TO BLADERUNNER IS AN
    GROUND-BREAKING AND ICONIC FILM, but to every person who has viewed it
    and loves it. Comparing the two is nothing less than comparing a
    Kardashian selfie to the Mona Lisa. Just wrong.

    As for GiTS, the plot is good, the CGI is very good, the pacing is
    okay, the acting on the part of others in the film is alright with a
    special note about Michael Pitt who is really very good. (There is a
    scene between Michael Pitt and Johansson which is really quite good due
    to the fact that Michael Pitt carries it from start to finish).

    All in all, even with Scarlett running around in what appears to be
    nothing, the film doesn’t quite make it to ”good”. It is pretty much a
    film with flashy lights and psychedelic editing and not much else.

  • anhxangApril 22, 2017Reply


    I had no idea what Ghost in the Shell is. The overall score is awful.
    Yet, some reviews raised my curiosity. This evening, went there with
    wife and son. Simply: superb. The actors are wonderful. The plot is
    sci-fi. Yet they made it all feel real. The soundtrack is great. We
    loved the film.

  • villalbagApril 22, 2017Reply

    Pretty good for a remake!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • S_RheaApril 22, 2017Reply

    Much better than hyper-critical fans would lead you to believe

    Let me preface my review by saying that I’m a long-time fan of the
    anime. So I came into this movie both nervous and hopeful. That said,
    don’t let anyone who’s a stalwart champion of the anime fool you. The
    GitS original anime movie is far from the golden standard that people
    imply. The voice acting for several roles are wooden, the story pacing
    is disjointed, and the resolution is…weird. The SAC series rightfully
    disregards this resolution, shores up the deficiencies in voice acting,
    and delivers two rock-solid seasons. The Arise series similarly plots
    its own storytelling course separate, apart, and unrelated to the

    I say all this just to reinforce that anyone who balked at some of the
    core items from the anime being re-imagined hasn’t looked very recently
    at the anime. Nor does any criticism that labels this movie as shallow
    bear up very well if you revisit the original anime movie.

    Now, having said all of that, I have to say I enjoyed this movie. It
    was fun, had equal parts action and story/character building, and did a
    good job showcasing the dystopian, cyberpunk universe in which it’s
    set. It lifts several scenes almost verbatim from the anime but wraps
    them in a story woven from a few different plot lines from the

    Is it perfect? No. I would have liked to see more of the team have a
    chance to shine, particularly Togusa. I also think perhaps Aramaic is a
    bit reckless compared to his anime counterpart. And how can we have had
    a soundtrack without Yoko Kanno or without some tribute to Origa? And I
    did cringe when the Major used her title like a name or call sign.
    Nonetheless, it captured the flavor of the universe, provided an
    entertaining plot, kept the basic personalities of the characters
    intact, and did a good job with the Major’s relationship with Batou. It
    surpassed what I expected.

    At the end of the day, movies like this have to do three things to
    please me: it has to honor (at least in spirit) those elements which I
    enjoyed in the original material even if it takes liberties with them.
    It has to entertain with more than just mindless action. And it has to
    have some heart with the characters. I feel like all those boxes were
    checked with me.

    Remember, too, that movies like this, Speed Racer, Pacific Rim, and
    numerous others don’t translate well for folks who didn’t grow up with
    anime. That doesn’t mean they’re not good. This movie has the
    unfortunate distinction of missing out on those moviegoers who don’t
    get anime as well as being the victim of a hypercritical that views the
    history of the show through overly rose-colored glasses.

  • atlasmbApril 22, 2017Reply

    A Good Film That May Produce Better Sequels

    Hanka Security has a government contract to produce weapons and Major
    is the most valuable weapon they have, being a synthesis of human and
    machine. She searches for the mysterious leader of a rebel force. Along
    the way, she discovers a truth that changes her perception of reality
    and of herself.

    Major is so central to the theme and the action of this film, the
    portrayal of Major by Scarlett Johansson is critical to the film’s
    success. She does a good job, but not good enough that I was
    enthralled, which is what I wanted from this protagonist.

    The other major factor is the quality of the CGI, which is a massive
    part of this film. And the CGI is fantastic, evoking the futuristic
    sensibilities of ”Blade Runner” and some very convincing action scenes.

    This is an origin story, so I am expecting sequels. If they can fine
    tune the CGI version of Major’s body, the sequels may be more

  • politic1983April 22, 2017Reply

    Ghosts of the Past

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leila MatiApril 23, 2017Reply

    A review from a non-fan

    I am not a fan of the original and never watched it. I have watched my
    share of anime from Japan (probably ten of them in my 31 years) but I
    had never watched Ghost In The Shell. For those who do not know it is a
    Japanese TV series and films with sequel. It is about cyber crime and
    what is life and what is just a machine.

    I hope this is helpful for you out there.

    I went to watch the film as a first date with a fan. The guy loved and
    watched the original and could tell you all about the Section, the
    Chief, The Major and Mega Tech. He was unimpressed because the major
    lacked nudity, music was not in the right place and also the film
    assumed it is more clever and knows more than the original.

    Whatever the case, I thought the action was good. Think like Matrix and
    its sequels. There are some impressive effects. Scarlet Johansson was
    too dry and robotic, but perhaps she is supposed to be. I mean she is a
    robot basically. Then again, I never liked her. I mean she is the extra
    and unneeded character in the Avengers. She is there for no reason so I
    suppose I brought that misgiving with myself into this film.

    One last thing guys, to be even more helpful to you, if you are on a
    date and you want to do the girl then have a place you can go (i.e.
    have your pad empty and available no girl is going to a hotel with you
    on a first date). Also, insist a little and have a reason to come back
    to your place. Just because we say no doesn’t mean you should not push
    it and make a reason. I hope this is easy for your guys to understand

  • KaguraApril 23, 2017Reply

    If you know how to think for yourself you’ll love this film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ian RobinsonApril 23, 2017Reply

    I liked the live action GitS a lot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ramin BahariApril 23, 2017Reply

    Best anime adaptation so far, lacks the original vision for the future (No spoilers)

    OK, so you probably read the other comments and you’re trying to figure
    out what to think of this movie. First let me go trough the parts
    really quick (TL/DR below):

    Visually: 9/10 – The creators really blew me away with a lot of the CG
    and special effects love put into the film. The scenes that were
    borrowed and recreated from the original gave me goose bumps.

    Overall Acting & cast: 8/10 – The makers did a great job of selecting
    the characters and especially Batou was 100/100. Even his love for dogs
    and long hounds (sorry bad at dog types).

    ScarJoe as Major: 9/10 – Really can’t see the criticism here. She does
    a great job and also really looks like the Major.

    Directing and Cinematography: 7/10 – While some scenes referencing the
    original anime were great, I thought it lost some of the ‘weird’
    ‘uncomfortable’ but very ascetic shots the anime had in favor of more
    ‘action’-type shots.

    Script (THE BIG ONE): 6/10 0 A lot of people are really stuck on the
    part that this movie is a simplified version of the original, in terms
    of the psychological and ethical dilemma’s that made us think after we
    saw the original. And I agree. I was 14 when I watched the original and
    it blew my mind. And so we’re a lot of other 14 year old minds in the
    day. We watched it over and over and became otaku’s after. I think
    that’s what people are expecting again.

    If you think about the idea of the original script, it was a new story
    and vision about what makes us human vs what makes us a machine. This
    topic was very new and untapped at that time. Since the original GITS
    hundreds of films were made out of the inspiration this film has caused
    – pretty much every sci-fi film out there about man vs machine.

    After watching this film I felt some nostalgia, but it didn’t make me
    think about the future and the man vs machine relationship the way the
    original did. And it’s because it clearly wasn’t the choice of the
    makers. They wanted to tap into the nostalgia and make it a homage for
    a wider audience.

    But if they started in a different spot… If they would have started
    with the original idea ”let’s make a new story about what makes us
    human vs what makes us a machine” they could have build upon the GITS
    vision and the ideas of other sci-fi movies to makes something truly
    new and mind-blowing. A recent example was the film ”Machinima”. It
    plays with the same tension, but is a truly mind- blowing film. Just
    like the Black Mirror series.

    It was great seeing the Major again, at the same time I would have
    appreciated a totally new take on the theme. One that takes us another
    20 years forward. And a movie I would re-watch 10 times, like the
    original GITS.

    TL/DR As a homage this is the best anime film so far, but they didn’t
    nail what made the film great in the first place: a new vision for the
    idea and philosophy of ”what makes us human vs what makes us machine”

  • ranmah76April 24, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell Review

    The film like the anime and the manga the visuals/fight scenes were
    quite impressive. There are some similarities to Oshii-san’s fight
    scenes from the anime that translated very nicely to film. The kinetic
    energy of the fighting and shooting did harken to some of Masamune
    Shirow’s manga and earlier works, such as black magic m66 and
    appleseed. Added some HK grittiness to heighten the flavor. Also add
    Oshii-san fave dog for kawaii factor.

    I was impressed with the film to try and to condense the story of
    science, eastern religion, western religion, philosophy and psychology
    of the manga that Masamune Shirow penned. The story in the manga is
    very rich and thick with all sorts of the things stated above. The
    production staff probably toiled for many months to try and make the
    chaotic world of Masamune Shirow as palatable as possible. I am sure
    Frederik L. Schodt and other translators had a similar problem
    translating all of the Japanese to make sense. I still was blown by the
    story and complex by the source material.

    I am only disappointed that the director didn’t have the courage to dig
    deeper into this complex and fascinating universe. I guess time and
    money like all things hollyweird is always the issue.

    Like the manga, it pays to re-read/watch the film again.

    I would like to say lastly there technically was an Asian actress in
    the lead film… it is based on interpretation.

  • miamicocountApril 24, 2017Reply

    not as good as the original, but it is considered ”average”

    Being a fan of anime and the Ghost In The Shell series, i was pretty
    excited to see the anime story come to life in this movie. I had
    thoughts that it was not going to be as good as the original but after
    seeing this, its not amazing but it gets an ”average” from me. The CGI
    and special effects in this movie did make it feel like you were in the
    future-day Japan. I also never expected an high-class actor such as
    Scarlett Johansson to be in this anime movie but her acting was again,
    average. The positives of this movie is that the soundtrack in the
    movie and the makeup and costumes made this movie compare to the
    original Ghost In The Shell. if they added a little more to this movie,
    i would of given it a higher score but for now, i will give it an 7 but
    again this movie was not as good as the original but it is considered

  • Casandra PerezApril 24, 2017Reply

    Ghost in the Shell, great movie

    This movie contained action-pack scenes and the special effects were
    amazing. The characters in the movie were well portrayed and also gave
    the character the proper edge for this kind of movie. This movie is a
    must see and it won’t disappoint. You will want more to see and it is
    worth watching. This movie brings a different way of showing anime on
    the big screen.

  • The Cool DadApril 25, 2017Reply

    An excellent attempt.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • escctrlshiftApril 25, 2017Reply

    Yet Another Spin on Blade Runner

    This is a special-effects and action-sequence driven, futurist
    dystopian drama, like so many others we’ve known and, sometimes, loved.
    Juliette Binoche and Scarlett Johanssen make this movie worth watching,
    for starters. And the fact that it succeeds in being a formula movie in
    spite of so many others failing, is in part because they can act their
    parts easily and convincingly enough, and look great in spite of the
    cloying excess of brilliant effects and over-designed sets around them
    all the time — not to mention the often-vapid dialogue.

    There is an element of pathos, similar to Robocop, that never quite
    reaches the same height, for unlike this movie, Robocop actually had a
    sense of humor. So seven stars but still, (:^-{ I never did catch
    Scarlett’s camelfoot the way I hoped to.

  • John William H.April 25, 2017Reply

    This film has GREAT franchise potential.

    I went into this film having watched the original 1995 Mamoru Oshii
    anime film years ago; and loving it ever since. While I personally
    think that for what the remake lacks in story, it makes up for it with
    its amazing visuals, gorgeous cinematography and some standout
    performances from the cast (particularly Takeshi Kitano as Daisuke
    Arakami). The visuals are great, the atmosphere is great, but I oddly
    thought that Scarlett Johansson’s performance wasn’t underwhelming
    because she wasn’t Japanese like her character is meant to be, but
    because she kind of acts like a robot (no pun intended) at times during
    the movie.

    Rupert Sanders does a fantastic job at emulating Mamoru Oshii’s
    directorial style, but he doesn’t have the out-of-body direction that
    Oshii gave us with the original ’95 classic. It’s not that his
    directing skills are lackluster (far from it); it’s that the script
    suffers from simplifying the original source material a little bit TOO
    much. There are some changes regarding the ‘Puppet Master’ here, but I
    don’t really want to spill the beans here.

    Go into this movie for what it is: a Westernisation of an anime classic
    that for the most part works. And even when it does fall short of the
    original, it’s actually an entertaining ride nonetheless. Give it a
    watch, and give it some much-needed love.

    God knows the film needs it considering freakin’ Boss Baby is outdoing
    its box office!

  • stab aboApril 26, 2017Reply

    Pretty good – maybe the best live-action anime remake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • isobeljonesApril 26, 2017Reply

    Great stylish fun

    This is a beautiful looking film, re-creating the colouring and overall
    feel of the original. Johansson is far better than I expected and –
    even simplified – the story is intelligent enough in comparison to many
    current films. For me, it would be hard to give this a very poor review
    as it is so very derivative but while it looks the part, it doesn’t
    really add anything new and actually feels a little dated with all it’s
    90s cyberpunk references. It’s definitely worth seeing even if you love
    the original and if anyone hasn’t seen the original I highly recommend
    you do so – it’s awesome.

  • usedbgoodApril 26, 2017Reply

    Best I can offer is ”meh.”

    First, I’m a fan of the series, and I really liked the original.

    This one loses me for a few reasons, but mainly because the acting is
    flat – no emotions seem real, the backstory isn’t well supported, and
    the only one who really does a great job (IMHO) is Juliette Binoche.
    While I understand that Johanssen’s character is supposed to be a
    robotic body housing a human mind, it really irritates that she moves
    her body as if trying to look robotic. Gait mechanics are much less
    complex than neural interfaces – if you can make a robot that looks
    human, and interface an actual human brain, you can’t make one that
    walks normally? Pass. The graphics were well done, the CG was great,
    and the effects were pretty good, but the acting and the backstory were
    a loss. Wish I had deferred this one to Redbox.

  • Captain SorearmApril 26, 2017Reply

    Scarlett Johansson walks like a man

    The cityscapes and holographic images in this film are quite good and
    thankfully, are used throughout. However, the cast is small, there are
    very few extras so it seems a little empty and the two-hander,
    dialogue-driven scenes you could easily skip or sleep through.

    The special effects are OK, as is the storyline but nothing better than
    average. Scarlett Johansson, in an attempt to look serious and
    determined ends up strutting around with a bit of a butch walk, which
    is funny but testament to the lack of detail given to the human aspect
    of this film.

    Robocop 1987 wipes the floor with this.

  • schrifthstellerApril 26, 2017Reply

    About almost irrelevant noise

    OK, can there be an uncontrollable ghost inhabiting the brain of a
    otherwise totally synthetic cyborg? Is there space for any anima? I
    don’t no. In GHOST IN THE SHELL there is. What I was more interested in
    is whether there can be something like a hard to grasp anima within a
    totally digital 3D sci-fi IMAX production full of neon lights,
    holograms and bodies materializing and dematerializing in a landscape
    so obviously made out of ones and zeros? I need that anima to feel any
    empathy. And I need to feel empathy to lose and find myself within the
    cinematic world, to have the essential experience of catharsis. It did
    work for me, despite all the technical fuzz on the surface which is, in
    this case, the right, adequate form for its underlying, spiritual
    theme. It did work because of the story and its climatic composition,
    speeding up to an orgasmic high near the ending and it worked because
    of the magnificent performance throughout the cast. As long as the
    story and the actors manage to keep your emotions flowing, the rest
    becomes a not that important mask. It becomes almost irrelevant noise.

  • nolan223April 26, 2017Reply

    Horrible – I had to leave the cinema – DO NOT FALL FOR THE REVIEWS

    I usually assure that I watch only good movies. That’s why I read the
    reviews here and the 7,x rating was convincing too. So I went to a
    cinema with a friend of mine and it was devastating. The beginning was
    not even that bad, the music (by Clint Mansell) and the effects are
    also decent. But the story is HORRIBLE. Incoherent, simply absolutely
    terrible. No act of suspense, no deep connections between the
    characters and no profundity.

    I even gave the movie a few chances but ultimately I left the cinema
    hall after about 40 minutes.

    The only way to explain the positive ratings is that these are fake
    (isn’t it weird that from 7,6 or so the rating fell to 6,7?) . I won’t
    fall for them again and inform myself better next time. Usually you can
    say that movies having a rating over 7 must be decent (in the most
    cases), but don’t count on the rating when the movie is in the cinema,
    the movie industry is not stupid. Eventually the movie is going to get
    the rating it deserves.

  • Ali HabbtarApril 28, 2017Reply

    Great movie from a classic anime

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thbizApril 28, 2017Reply

    As it should be

    They took away about 15% of the story from the original anime and used
    a caucasian instead of Japanese or Chinese for the android. Even though
    this live action version is 00:24:00 longer.

    There are the right amount of effects considering the setting and that
    this _is_ cyberpunk..

    The 15% ‘ish reduction in story is expected from a live action with big
    stars where managing budget. My only change would be using a Japanese
    or Chinese actor and not make the light so sharp in the effects.

  • Scott HicksApril 28, 2017Reply

    To non-GITS fanatics, this is a GREAT MOVIE!

    100% agree with many of the other reviewers who have stated this movie
    has been unceremoniously crapped on by critics and hardcore GITS

    I am neither a critic nor was I familiar with GITS prior to watching
    this movie. I watched a few clips from the original anime prior to
    seeing the film just to have a point of reference to compare, but was
    largely unaware of the previous story lines.

    When this movie is taken at face value, it is a coming of age story
    that focuses on the Major. I though ScarJo did an outstanding job and
    the supporting cast was tremendous as well. The visuals are stunning
    and the attention to detail in the set design was outstanding. The
    storyline is not as complex as the original material, but it wasn’t
    trying to be. The complexity of the plot is still miles ahead of most
    films made in the genre and I loved every bit of it.

    Bottom line, please attempt to see this movie with an open mind and
    take it at face value. You will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Keiko AbeApril 29, 2017Reply

    Is it right that American film studio hates Japanese?

    I am Japanese and I like to communicate with people from different
    countries. So no prejudice for foreigners. I just turned 30 this year.
    I want to say I am annoyed very much at films from west because they
    take Japanese story and always say no to Japanese actress. This actress
    had her past made fun of Japan and now takes the same. If you even
    don’t watch at the original Ghost In The Shell western title you see in
    this film that the android was revealed as originally a Japanese girl.
    BUT no in the film. She is western. Shame to studio and this actress.
    This for me is the same as Last Samurai. Western man comes from America
    kills Japanese man and Japanese man’s wife gives him sex so happy. Also
    same as Memories of Geisha. Character is Japanese in Japan but actress
    is Chinese. Because people want Chinese in China so studio forgets
    Japanese and puts Chinese. I see the same in King Kong Skull Island
    just put a Chinese because film needs Chinese for selling in china. As
    Japanese I must ask you America do I disturb you? But why do you take
    Japanese story?

  • bob-the-movie-manApril 30, 2017Reply

    A robot you could take home to meet mother

    Scarlett Johansson is a stunning actress, with unquestionably a
    stunning figure that she loves to show off, but you would have to start
    questioning her film choices: since there is hardly a hair’s breadth
    between the emotionally reserved superhero depiction here and her
    recent roles in ”Lucy” and ”Under the Skin”. With her other ongoing
    ”Avengers” superhero work as Natasha Romanoff, and nothing much else
    beyond that other than brief cameos (”Hail Caesar”, ”Hitchcock”) and
    voice work, its all getting a bit ‘samey’: I’d like to see her get back
    to her more dramatic roles like ”Lost in Translation” that really
    launched her career.

    Anyhoo, back to this flick. Set in the dazzling fictional Japanese city
    of Niihama, Johansson plays a terrorist victim saved only by having her
    brain transplanted into an android by the Hanka corporation. In this
    time (40 years in the future) human ‘upgrades’ with cybernetic
    technology are commonplace, but Major is a ‘first of a kind’
    experiment. Hanka are not pure humanitarians though, since they have
    turned Major into a lethal fighting weapon with powers of invisibility
    and lightning reactions. She works for a shadowy anti- terrorism unit
    called Section 9, led by the Japanese speaking Aramaki (Takeshi Kitano,
    ”Battle Royale”).

    The upside of having no human form is that if you get burned or blown
    up, the team of cyber-surgeons back at Hanka, led by Dr. Ouelet
    (Juliette Binoche), can rebuild her – – they ”have the technology” to
    quote another bionic hero.

    But all is not necessarily well in the idyll of anti-terrorist slashing
    and burning. Major suffers from recurring ‘glitches’ of memories from
    her past life: a life that she has no clear memories of. Her latest
    mission against a deformed and vindictive terrorist called Kuze
    (Michael Pitt) progressively resurfaces more of these memories, since
    Kuze clearly knows more about Major than she does.

    ”Ghost in the Shell” looks glorious, with the Hong Kong-like city being
    in the style of Blade Runner but with more holograms. (What exactly the
    holograms are supposed to be doing or advertising is rather unclear!).
    The cinematography and special effects deserve an Oscar nomination.

    Given the film is based on an original Manga series, written and
    illustrated by Masamune Shirow and well known for its complexity, this
    Hollywood version has a surprisingly simple and linear story. As such
    it may disappoint the hoard of fans who adore the original materials.

    Treating it as a standalone film, it should have an emotional depth
    beyond the superficial action, dealing as it does with loyalty and
    family ties. However, the scripting and editing is rather pedestrian
    making the whole thing a bit dull. Johansson and Pilou Asbæk, as her
    co-worker Batou, breathe what life they can into the material; but
    Binoche is less convincing as the Dr Frankenstein-style doctor. The
    best act in the piece though is Takeshi Kitano as the kick-ass OAP with

    Where I had particular issues was in some of the detail of the action.
    ‘Invisibility’ is an attribute that needs to be metered out very
    carefully in the movies: Harry Potter just about got away with it; in
    ”Die Another Day” it nearly killed the Bond franchise for good. Here,
    exactly how the androids can achieve invisibility is never explained
    and I disliked that intently. Similarly, the androids can clearly be
    physically damaged, yet Major seems to start each mission by throwing
    herself headfirst off the tallest skyscraper. Again, never explained.

    Even though the premise, and the opening titles, brought back bad
    memories of that truly terrible Star Trek episode ”Spock’s Brain”, this
    is a dark and thoughtful adaptation with great CGI effects but
    unfortunately its pedestrian pace means it is one that never truly
    breaks through into the upper echelons of Sci Fi greatness. Worth a
    watch though.

    (For the full review, with graphics, please visit bob-the-movie- Thanks.)

  • vivianaflocaMay 1, 2017Reply

    Absolutely amazing movie

    I went to this movie not having any ideas about it at all, except from
    the previous trailer I saw in the cinema. I was absolutely amazed by
    it. It is one of the best movies I saw in a very long time.It is one of
    those movies that really leaves an impact on you. The story, the
    effects, the acting are all amazingly combined. The writers, producers
    and actors all together really did an amazing job and gave us 2 hours
    of continuous wonder and enjoyment.Just have an open mind and leave
    home all your expectations and preconceptions and you will be amazed as
    I was.

  • innonMay 1, 2017Reply

    Even Scarlett couldn’t make this work

    I wasn’t really tempted by the trailer but I watched the movie anyway,
    since Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorite actresses. Boy was I
    disappointed! The only thing that kept me from leaving in the middle of
    the film was the hope that Scarlett will miraculously return to being
    her beautiful self- blonde and gorgeous, alas that never happened. I
    think this was one of her worst movies ever. And why make her Japanese
    is beyond my understanding. In fact, many people in the theater left
    just after 20 minutes, since nothing really was happening. And ghost?
    Using this word for a soul is a really alien concept for Western
    culture. Plain, schematic, unintelligible, shallow- that sums up the
    two hours of whatever was happening on the screens.

  • avraham_talMay 2, 2017Reply

    Nothing deep, but definitely fun to watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paraduxMay 2, 2017Reply

    reverse bumblebee movie

    A ”bumblebee” movie is one that should not work on paper but does
    anyway. For example 2016’s Colossal.

    A reverse bumblebee is a film that should excel on paper but fails in

    The script is a mess. All the arcs, tones, notes, reversals, setups —
    just a mess.

    Scarlett Johansson is one of the top action actors on the planet. Her
    work in the Avengers franchise is uniformly brilliant. Yet she
    struggles here, her biggest enemy is the script and the director.

    They should have gone with Appleseed, a much brighter story, would have
    been a better film.

  • WakeyBakeyMay 2, 2017Reply

    Pretty good action flick but disappointing for the fans

    It’s a good action flick. Not much more.

    I understand why they wanted to ”dumb down” the story a bit for the
    mainstream market. I honestly didn’t understand much of the original
    story the first time I saw it (Keeping in mind I wasn’t v