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Gopala Gopala

Gopala Gopala

Jan. 10, 2015 145 Min.
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Kanneganti Gopala Rao is an atheist who owns a shop that sells Hindu idols and is survived by his wife Meenakshi and son Moksha apart from his in-laws and assistant Otthu. Once, he obstructs a holy ritual involving his family along with others conducted by Siddheswar Maharaj, a fake godman. A sudden earthquake causes a huge devastation and his shop gets completely demolished. Rao approaches his insurance company who turn him down terming it as an act of God. Left with no choice, Rao decides to sue God in turn and after failing to find a lawyer for such a lawsuit, he meets Akbar Bhai, a disabled lawyer who helps him file the case as Rao decides to fight on his own. Legal notices are sent to the insurance company as well as to religious priests, Siddheshwar, Gopika Matha and their group’s founder, Leeladhara Swamy summoning them to the court as representatives of God on earth.

Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Gopala Gopala
Original titleGopala Gopala
TMDb Rating4.7 3 votes

(21) comments

  • Yaseen MohammadJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Gopala Goplala

    This was an amazing performance by Pavan Kalyan. Story is good and
    Venkatesh acting is also extraordinary. One of most willing to watch
    movie in 2015.

    Anoop Rubens music especially first song and Bhaje Bhaje song is
    excellent. Picturiasation of these songs are also good.

    Pavan entry and acting is one of the big plus point of this success.

    Every one can watch this movie with family. Don’t miss this.

    Gopala Gopala is a must watch as it is a hilarious entertainer. Watch
    it for Power Star and Venkatesh.

    That is PAWANISM

  • raghu-8013January 10, 2015Reply

    One Of The Best Movie in Film Industry – Hats off Pawan & Venki

    Hello DearOnes,

    Gopala Gopala set to wonderful start for the film industry at New year
    starting. Irrespective of FANS everybody will loved and admit this
    movie as a Powerful Hit in industry.

    Every character, Every department hard work you can see in this movie.
    Awesome Pawan Kalyan Happy Venkatesh Cool Shriya Saran Made the film
    with awesomeness performance. I don’t think this film get not success
    if this film directed with any other technicians and cast & crew .
    Hatsoff to OMG -Hindi Director / Story writer to introducing this
    wonderful concept movie and Salute to Suresh Productions to introduced
    to Telugu Industry People with TWO Powerful Actors in industry like

    Thanks, RAGs

  • rajdigitalsJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Movie is superb

    Victory Venkatesh is apt in his role of an atheist, and carries off a
    mature character quite convincingly. The way he has performed in all
    the courtroom scenes is quite good. He brings in a lot of simplicity to
    the film, and all his scenes with Pawan Kalyan have been designed
    exceptionally well. Yet another major highlight and best part of the
    film is Pawan Kalyan’s character. He is simply awesome as Lord Krishna,
    and carries the entire second half on his shoulders. Pawan brings in an
    emotional effect and all the dialogues that he mouths are well written
    and thought provoking. He has played his character with a lot of ease
    and is especially good in all the combination scenes with Venkatesh.
    Pawan & Venkatesh actions are good. maybe screenplay is lightly bad.
    all is well. pa wan rocks in Theaters…. Thanks

  • Rajani Kanth ([email protected])January 10, 2015Reply

    Gopala Gopala :: Stars run the show !!

    As most of the audience are aware that this movie is a remake of the
    Hindi movie Oh My God !! There are no major changes made to the

    The Power packed performance of the lead cast has kept the audience
    stick to their seat. Definitely this movie runs only on the start cast.
    Yes Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan have given their best to make this movie

    Venkatesh has carried the movie on his shoulders during the first half
    and from there Pawan joins him to run the show. Felt like Shriya was
    not at all needed in the movie anyways she delivered what was expected
    from her. Posani Krishna Murali and Mithun Chakraborty have done
    justice to their roles. Same from Krishnudu as well. All the character
    artists have done well.

    Technical credits:

    Major credits to be given to the Music composer Anup Rubens for keeping
    the movie live from beginning till the end with his outstanding Back
    ground music.

    It is for sure not an easy task for any director Dolly to direct to
    superstars of the Tollywood movie industry and we can say that he was
    able to meet (not exceed) the expectations of the audience.

    Photography is OK. VFX could be even more better not sure felt like the
    same was not given much importance in the movie.

    Editing has not been impressive, few scenes could easily be chopped off
    to help the movie become even more entertaining.

    Dance movements especially in the song ”Baaje Dhol Baaje” are cool and
    very apt for Pawan kalyan.

    On the whole there is no doubt that this movie will turn out to become
    one of the must watch family entertainer in the year 2015.

  • ddeepurockJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    original is best and remake is worst

    first of all remake of original film in another wood is like butter in

    nothing new in movie, original version is very good, and no one can
    replace that plot in any woods.

    Director Dolly struck to the Original with out many deviations.

    The film is partly engaging but gets boring in many places.

    The first half of the film is strictly average with the all important
    God entrance poorly shot with worst CG work.

    The second half of the film is decent with Pawan Kalyan luring audience
    with his Charishma.

    Dialogues for Pawan Kalyan are written very well.

    Production Values of Suresh Productions are dismal and Anoop Rubens’
    Back Ground Score can be a lot better.

    so my review is very genuine , all the characters done very well.

    but when compare to original it misses some punches and scenes.

    i expect something new in this film , after watching film it is replica
    as of original.

  • Hemanth KumarJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Strong Message Given By a Powerful Person

    Gopala Gopala movie is official remake of oh my god but the highlight
    of this movie is pawan kalyan and venkatesh which drives into huge

    first of all forget oh my god and don’t expect to repeat the same
    scenes completely because original version include many controversial
    scenes this cannot be played here because pawan kalyan is involved
    politically in reallife so some of the oppoents may take benefit of

    1.oh my god runs seriously whereas Gopala Gopala runs in a entertaining
    way which connects well for telugu audience,and venkatesh done it
    perfectly,performance of godman are better than original.

    2.PAWAN KALYAN is the main highlight of this film who plays the role of
    Sri Krishna has done a fabulous job,one should have a divine and clean
    heart to do such roles.

    3.dialogues are the one of the highlights of this film which are very
    inspiring.sai madhav has done a great job. is pretty good,bgm could be better.

    5.CG works are descent.

    6.venkatesh(who plays the role of atheist) can do these types of roles
    easily ah we know he is a legendary actor

    Final verdict:

    Gopala GOpala is Strong Message oriented Movie which makes you to
    question yourself and that message was given by the youth icon of
    telugu people hope it reaches and connects to them this film runs in a
    entertaining way one can sit in seat and enjoy this film more than
    twice sure it will be a feast for venkatesh-pawan kalyan fans

  • SankaR KondaveetiJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Must Watch Movie for the concept

    Simple and Faithful remake of OMG…!! Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s screen
    presence & mannerism, eternal & charming smile, inspiring & meaningful
    dialogues and divine look & dressing made it to next level. Superb
    performance by Victory Venkatesh throughout the movie. Dialogues were
    very well written. The one line which utters by Pawan Kalyan about
    Bhagavad Gita will make us to think about Dharma and humans. Actually I
    used to wonder why Lord Krishna allowed pandavas to kill Bhishma
    Acharya (great guru).Now i understand reason behind it. Computer
    Graphics looks some what cheap on screen, may be because of budget
    control by producer.My first ever premier – Worth… Highly

  • Jithendra DurgaJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Much needed remake for Telugu people unfortunately goes wrong!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thejnayanJanuary 10, 2015Reply

    Must watch for all

    Done watching Gopala Gopala A short review: A perfect ”Multistarrer”
    Plus: *Pawan kalyan presence and his smile *Venkatesh Daggubati *Posani
    *Songs especially ”Bhaje Bhaje” Minus *Editing in some parts of the
    movie where it was expected much *Background score will surely
    disappoint you As expected the movie starts in exciting phase which
    continues till the end for sure. Verdict: Pawan kalyan and venky’s
    fascinating Drama.A must watch for all.Go with your family. 3.5/5 for
    which it is going to rule all the theatres until the release of
    Magnificent Shankar’s ”I”. Standing Ovation for Pawan in Gopala Gopala
    Theatres Venkatesh Daggubati and Pawan kalyan has done a great job

  • Vivek AnandJanuary 11, 2015Reply

    Powerful Victory

    If you haven’t seen the original (Oh my God), then you must watch
    Gopala Gopala.

    Venkatesh gave a decent performance.

    Pawan Kalyan presence gives the movie enough liveliness and he was

    Mithun Chakraborty did fine.

    Pawan Kalyan fans will love the film and its a treat for then with two
    big stars sharing screen space.

    Pawan can undoubtedly give a golden underlining for this film ”Gopala
    Gopala” which will remain as a feeling of proud for Power Star Fans

    Mind blowing Acting from Victory Venkatesh & Power Star Pavan Kalyan
    (This is Powerful Victory)

  • anilgollapalliJanuary 11, 2015Reply

    Gopala Gopala – Thought Provoking Entertainer

    Gopala Rao (Venkatesh) is an atheist who owns a shop that sells Hindu
    idols in Koti area. His shop is rubbled due to an earthquake. When he
    claims the insurance, it’s rejected as earthquake is an ‘act of God’.
    Gopala Rao decides to sue god for the damage he has done. In the
    process, he involves Godmen and various trusts that make money using
    God’s image. It irks a popular baba (Mithun Chakraborthy). Gopala Rao
    gets physically intimidated once his petition is accepted by the court.
    Rest of the story is all about how Lord Krishna (Pawan Kalyan) saves
    and powers Gopala Rao towards victory.

    Verdict:- On the whole, Gopala Gopala is a film which is made straight
    from the heart. It has an underlying message and is narrated in quite
    an entertaining way. Icing on the cake are the stunning performances by
    Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan which make this film a thought provoking
    entertainer during this festive season.

  • dnklionheart91January 11, 2015Reply

    best movie of the decade 🙂

    a good movie for the Telugu audience which makes us to think.. first of
    all i had no expectations on this movie as it is a remake of Hindi
    movie oh my god. but after watching this remake i was satisfied with
    the stunning performance of pawan and venky .. especially pawan screen
    presence is stunning no body can beat his charisma. he might act in
    remake movies but he will act very well in any character making you to
    forget the original and coming to venky his acting in sentiment scenes
    is awesome.. bhaje bhaje song on screen was superb .. so do watch the
    movie . plus points – Pawan ,Venky,background score minus points –
    dragging at parts

  • donpraneeth6January 12, 2015Reply

    Excellent movie! Thought provoking dialouges!

    The most awaited movie of the season, Gopala Gopala is out in theaters.
    Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan’s combination has generated huge hype for
    this film, which is a remake of Bollywood hit, Oh My God. Venkatesh
    played the role of a commoner who questions the existence of God and
    Pawan Kalyan plays the God who gives answer to all his questions.

    What is it about?

    Gopala Rao (Venkatesh) is an atheist who doesn’t believe in God. He
    sells the idols of Gods and makes a fortune out of it. One day his shop
    completely collapses due to earthquake and the insurance company
    rejects to give him any compensation as it is an ‘Act of God’. Gopala
    Rao takes this to court and files case against God. When Gopala Rao
    falls in trouble Lord Krishna (Pawan Kalyan) comes to his rescue.



    Venkatesh is very good as a common middle class man, who doesn’t trust
    in the God. His character is entertaining as well as enlightening. He
    is too good in the court scenes. This is yet another matured role for
    him after Drishyam.

    Pawan Kalyan:

    Pawan Kalyan is undoubtedly the biggest asset to this film. His screen
    presence and aura adds value to the character. Pawan Kalyan who is
    usually known for energetic roles has to stay away from all his antics
    and look pleasant throughout the film. He did a very good job in
    getting the Lord Krishna act right without hitting a single bad note as
    an actor. This is definitely one of his best performances till date.
    Watch out for his simple yet effective dance moves in Bhaje Bhaje song.


    Shriya has a very limited role and she is alright as the middle-class
    housewife. Mithun Chakravarthy who also did the same character in the
    original is too good with his body language and mannerisms. Posani
    Krishna Murali is alright. Krishnudu is good as the loyal assistant of
    Venkatesh. Rest of the cast chipped in with decent performances.



    Kishore Kumar Parthasani did some subtle changes to the script without
    disturbing the soul of the original. This is not an easy film to deal
    with. The subject is very controversial and a single wrong step could
    hurt the sentiments of many religious people. Kishore also took up the
    job of handling two big stars with such a sensitive subject to deal
    with. He has balanced everything so well and pulled off the film really
    well. This is a faithful remake of Oh My God, which comes close to it
    in terms of execution. Kishore deserves a pat on his back for his hard


    Music by Anup Rubens is good. Bhaje Bhaje song stands out and so does
    the background music. Cinematography is good. Editing is perfect.
    Dialogues are well written. Production values are up to the mark.
    Visual effects could have been better. Graphics are tacky in some key
    scenes. We expect better output from a film having such a huge star

    Thumbs Up:

    Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan Kishore’s Direction Concept

    Thumbs Down:

    Slow pace Weak Ending


    Oh My God itself is a well-made satirical film which was backed up by
    superb performance of Paresh Rawal. That film which was made on a small
    budget has done wonders at the box office. However Telugu remake of Oh
    My God chose to have big stars to back the content. This is some sort
    of experiment and a huge risk taken by the makers. People expect a
    paisa vasool masala entertainer from this star cast. But Gopala Gopala
    is a concept based film that relies on the content.

    There will be two types of reactions to this film. One section of
    audience who goes with very high expectations looking at the lead
    actors, will feel disappointed with the film. They don’t get their
    ticket’s worth even with Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan in the lead. It
    would be hard for die-hard fans of Pawan Kalyan to accept him in a
    subdued supporting role. The other section of audience who look for
    different entertainment will be pleased with Gopala Gopala. It offers
    ample entertainment and remains faithful to the subject irrespective of
    the star cast. They will give thumbs up to everyone who has dared to
    make this attempt.

    Gopala Gopala is neither a typical commercial entertainer nor a family
    drama. It is entirely different from the routine genre of movies we are
    accustomed to. It preaches us to see the God in the fellow humans.
    There is sharp satire on our blind beliefs in the God. People who make
    a living out of ‘God Fearing People’ will get hurt by this film which
    directly targets them. Gopala Gopala is a decent film with strong
    content. This film doesn’t need any stars as it has enough potential in
    the content. But the makers felt that having big stars could take this
    film to wider audience. This theory could also impact the film’s result
    as audience will expect more from its stars. Pawan and Venkatesh did
    their best to shoulder the film and they will play a huge role in the
    box office prospects of it. However, commercial result of Gopala Gopala
    will depend on how the masses embraces it.

    Verdict: Gopala Gopala delivers ‘Power’ful Message

  • praneeth-indJanuary 12, 2015Reply

    Gopala Gopala Rocks

    Gopala Gopala is a remake of OMG but its far more better than the
    original one.

    Victory Venkatesh done a fantastic job. Being a super star, he made his
    middle class man character reach the audience. Its fun watching his

    Powe Star Pawan Kalyan is simply superb. His style and presence took
    the movie entirely different mood of the audience. Definitely PK is
    huge plus for this movie.. He given his 100% as usual.

    Families with Kids and retired elders must watch this for some plain
    and pleasant entertainment.

  • raam9002 ([email protected])January 13, 2015Reply

    A faithful remake with no room for creativity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Honest ReviewJanuary 13, 2015Reply

    Far below my expectations…. couldn’t able to meet the standards of OMG

    OMG is more authentic and far better or to be more precise, original is
    always the best. Telugu audiences who haven’t watched the Bollywood
    version, OMG may like this film and those who have already watched the
    original version may find Hindi PK movie more interesting than this
    one. Besides, the film may fall below the expectations of Pawan Kalyan
    fans whose hopes gone in vain. Mithun Chakraborty does not have much
    scope to perform in his negative role. Venky as usual justified his
    role but Paresh rawal performed very well in OMG compared to him.
    Couldn’t recommend to people who has already watched Hindi version.
    Better go with Aamir’s PK as it shares the same platform with same
    concept of GOD!! I give GG 3/10.

  • Raju KJanuary 13, 2015Reply

    Clean and decent thought provoking film

    It seems this is the God bashing season. With PK and now Gopala Gopala,
    the air is full of questions on religion. But Gopala Gopala (and for
    that matter PK) handles the toughest challenge quite well.

    You know that this is a remake of Oh My God in Hindi. So I am not
    talking about the story. Venkatesh delivers a stellar performance as he
    has done in other similar non action films like Drishyam, Seetamma
    vaakitlo…. etc. He did the role with lot of ease and flair. He has a
    great comedy timing and that is used very well in the film.

    Its good to see a refreshing Shriya Saran – after all that roles she
    has been doing once her market has gone down. No where in the film the
    director chose to show any skin show nor vulgarity – making this a real
    family entertainer. Shriya is decent as a god loving wife. There is not
    much for her to perform.

    Pawan Kalyan did his best in a different kind of role. His scenes with
    Venkatesh and the way he educates Venkatesh are commendable. His dialog
    delivery has a mischievous smile – since he knows what is going to
    happen – and there is a glow in his face.

    Posani did an excellent job. So is Mithun Chakraborthy. All others have
    provided a good support cast. There is no need for a separate comedy
    track as Venkatesh himself carries superb comedy timing.

    The graphics used at appropriate scenes have come out well. Some people
    after watching the film with me were commenting, in the end, they
    showed only HINDU God. But I think that is due to other religions
    especially Islam doesn’t prescribe any form of Idol, that is justified.

    Overall, a decent family entertainer. Watch it and you will think for

  • vivsehwagJanuary 15, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bkishorenarasimhaJanuary 18, 2015Reply

    Eye opening movie to every one

    It has an excellent human values mixed with the commercial elements put
    together an awesome complete family entertainer, with divine acting
    from power star and natural acting from venky sets a trend to the film
    heros in telugu. Must watch movie for the movie goers.

    Pawan Kalyan fans will love the film and its a treat for them watching
    with two big stars sharing the silver screen.

    Pawan can undoubtedly give a golden underlining for this film ”Gopala
    Gopala” which will remain as a feeling of proud for Power Star Fans
    Mind blowing Acting from Victory Venkatesh & Power Star Pavan Kalyan.

  • swarnaksharaFebruary 27, 2015Reply

    A fiction with a good concept

    Most convincing narration without hurting anybody’s feelings. The
    direction is very good with suspense. Venkatesh has done a wonderful
    job once again. The movie clears many doubts of an average man of our
    beloved country Bharat. The team together has done a wonderful job. We
    are never bored. The special effects whatever are good enough. The
    dialogs are to the point. The dramatization is very good. The movie has
    been made carefully from the commercial point of view also. We can
    watch this movie any number of times. Appropriate comedy has been
    interpolated with the different events. Nobody has been criticized
    directly. If we are keen enough, we can understand a lot of things in
    our daily practical life.

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