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He who has the Weed, has the power.Oct. 18, 2016 USA101 Min.
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8.9 1,707 votes

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Shannon Brown isTrent Modine
Trent Modine
Jim O'Heir isMayor Price
Mayor Price
Jayson Bernard isConner Price
Conner Price
Ray Wise isJudge Plimington
Judge Plimington
Lester Speight isSheriff Johnson
Sheriff Johnson
Deja Dee isDeputy Thompson
Deputy Thompson


A comedic blend of murder, mystery and marijuana. Trying to escape the infamy of a serial killer father, Trent Modine and his goof-ball stepbrother Joey, both seeking a new start, find refuge in the small town of Mooseheart.

Original titleHalloweed
IMDb Rating3.5 273 votes
TMDb Rating3.9 7 votes

(13) comments

  • MWBachochinOctober 19, 2016Reply


    I wish I could write a review and honestly explain what is happening
    for 2 hours in this movie. But I can’t. All of the cameo and stunt
    casting was clearly just an attempt to make this movie marketable.
    There’s just nothing redeemable about this film. When someone says
    ”there’s no plot” to this film, they aren’t lying. Wow. Very
    disappointed. I knew a handful of the cast in this film and was
    honestly expecting a lot more than this.

    Besides production personnel and equipment making an appearance at
    least every other scene, the film was obviously shot with two different
    camera setups, which make every other shot unable to match despite how
    much money they dumped into color correction. I honestly felt compelled
    to write a review, mostly because I can’t believe Screen Media
    purchased the distribution rights to this film.

    P.S. Let’s not even talk about the dialogue in this film. Jesus.

  • brooke2323October 19, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jackmeatOctober 19, 2016Reply

    Toke ’em if you got ’em

    My quick rating – 4,5/10. I cannot believe it took this long for this
    title to be used for a movie. Anyway, 2 stoners leave town and move so
    the main lead (name doesn’t matter, you will never see him again) can
    escape living in the shadow of his serial killer father after his
    execution. The bright notion is after viewing an infomercial about the
    loneliest place around, they decide to move there. There is a romantic
    angle, and a mysterious killer on the loose as well to attempt a plot.
    The movie is much more comedy and never really bothers to focus on the
    murders. There is much saving to earn any points and this is easily
    done by the friend in the movie who is completely hilarious in his
    effort to convince people he is not gay. It is worth watching strictly
    for that and is the only reason I am keeping it. Oh, did I mention that
    these two morons have to mainline pot to survive? And the town they
    move to happens to survive by living on weed as well. The entire town
    seem to be potheads conveniently. Grab your 5 footer and toke up, I
    would assume the movie will be damn funny if you are high.

  • shewulf121October 22, 2016Reply


    This movie was hilarious. The lead, Shannon Brown, made it all the
    funnier. I hope to be buying it to add to my comedy collection!!! It
    was full of some of my favorite actors, adding Danny and Rex to the
    cast was genius. Tom Sizemore, he’s had it rough the past few years,
    still amazing. I love a good comedy and mixing it with the Supernatural
    makes it all the more appealing to viewers that love the genre.
    Definitely worth watching a second time. Maybe even a third. Is the
    movie just FULL with weed smoking, nope, but then there are plenty of
    other reasons to watch this movie besides all the tokin n smokin! A
    sexy cast and funny story line make it all worth it!

  • dcphotoandvideoOctober 24, 2016Reply

    Halloweed will have you howling in laughter.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Suzie CanesOctober 24, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • apv-55121October 24, 2016Reply

    A Must Watch

    I give this film 10 out of 10. I recently watched this film, and I
    loved it. The cinematography and acting was great. Let’s think back to
    other independent films that we have seen recently or in the past. What
    is always missing is the quality of the product and believable
    actors/acting. This film had both. Not only that, the film was
    genuinely funny and made me laugh. The humor and the story made sense,
    and correlated quite well. There was great chemistry between the
    members of the cast. When you stand this film up against most other
    independent films, it is top of its class. Amazing job and well put

  • djbugsleOctober 29, 2016Reply

    Funny spoof of a horror film with a charming cast

    This movie was exactly what I thought it would be and that’s a good
    thing. A perfect mix of humor, suspense and a nice compliment of blood
    and weed. The movie starts out with a pair of lovable, down on their
    luck brothers dealing with their infamous father, played by the always
    wild and entertaining Tom Sizemore. The main lead, Trent Modine(played
    wonderfully by Shannon Brown), and his half brother, Joey(played by the
    raunchy yet hilarious Simon Rex) decide to move to the small town of
    Mooseheart to start a new life. This is when the story takes off and
    the roller coaster begins. As we follow Trent through the story he
    encounters some of the wildest characters you’ll ever want to meet. The
    film is great for exactly what it is, a light hearted horror spoof. The
    cast is the highlight of this film. Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Simon
    Rex, Ray Wise, Jason Mewes are all brilliantly cast for their
    respective roles led by Shannon Brown who carries the lead perfectly as
    the angst ridden, down on his luck ordinary guy that is surrounded by
    chaos and over the top characters. The chemistry between Trent and Joey
    and Trent and Madison is genuinely strong. The writing works well and
    the cinematography is spot on. I had a blast watching this and I’m sure
    you will too!

  • ddawwgOctober 29, 2016Reply

    Dope film, literally!

    If you are one for a raunchy, goofy comedic adventure then this film
    will sit with you very well. With that being said, this isn’t a movie
    striving to be nominated for an academy award in any sense of the term
    and therefore it shouldn’t be treated that way, rather it’s perfect if
    you are in the mood for many late night laughs with your buddies, toked
    up or sober. The blend of the personalities behind Trent and Joey drive
    the movies comedic value considering the fact that they’re polar
    opposites for the most part, but at times are the same person making
    the audience love their bond that much more. Both Shannon Brown and
    Simon Rex do a great job of fulfilling their individual roles. I’ve
    seen Brown play some pretty intense roles in the past, this role was
    quite the departure from those, but he was still great carrying the
    lead role, Trent. The other lead, Simon Rex, played a character that
    he’s probably used to playing, although probably not a stretch for him,
    he still absolutely delivered a strong performance. Most of the
    supporting cast is good, a nice balance of witty and sane characters
    throughout the plot. Lloyd, played by Robert Craighead, really stood
    out from all the other supporting players, he was a riot. The plot is
    kind of hard to follow during the first part of the movie, but as the
    film nears its ending it gradually clears up more and more which is one
    of my few and minor complaints about this film as a comedy. Overall,
    the film does a great job of doing what I believe it aimed to

  • sandygulliverNovember 10, 2016Reply

    A New Cult Classic?

    If you are looking for light-hearted comedy to take your minds off of
    they day you just had, then you’ll like this movie. It is good quality,
    good acting, and even a plot. And to tell you the truth, they had me at
    the end. I did not know until then ‘who done it’.

    I can see this film playing in the background of Halloween parties for
    years to come. It’s one of those where you can glance at the screen
    every so often and exclaim ”Watch this part…this is so funny!” or
    ”Watch this part…this is really gross!” or ”Watch this part…she is
    really hot!”

    All in all, a cute quirky movie, and I recommend it.

  • drdeathforpresidentDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Halloweed – gone to pot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Indie JonesDecember 12, 2016Reply

    Decent pass at a 80s horror spoof with a couple of glaring flaws

    I went into this film thinking it was a horror film mainly because of
    the poster which is misleading and a very poor choice for this type of
    film. Real horror fans will not like this film. This is a Halloween
    comedic horror spoof film, like something from the 80s which is
    actually pretty cool. There are definitely some issues with this movie
    but I’m gonna start with the positives. The writing seems solid,
    although I don’t know that the director properly executed it. Some of
    the jokes really land and some seem a bit dated. The editor didn’t do
    the script any favors either, some of the scenes seem rushed and others
    seem to drag on and the opening animation is way too long.

    The cast, for the most part, is the highlight of this film. The story
    follows the two leads, half brothers Trent and Joey. The main lead
    (Shannon Brown) is a sad, kinda pathetic everyday regular type of guy,
    Trent, who just can’t seem to catch a break. Brown has emerged over the
    last couple of years, this is actually the 4th film that I’ve seen him
    in. There is a genuine, honest and raw component to his acting, which
    is very appealing. I’ve seen him play a variety of different characters
    in other projects, he’s certainly someone to keep an eye on. With that
    said, I think he would have been smart to pass on this one. His comedic
    timing is certainly sharp and he does a fine job of carrying the film,
    but I don’t think his character was really all that challenging,
    especially compared to other roles I’ve seen him nail in the past. The
    other lead, Joey, is Trent’s half wit, half brother played by Simon
    Rex. It has been quite a while since I’ve seen Rex in a film and it was
    worth the wait. This role was perfect for him and he really did a bang
    up job of bringing his character to life in a unique twisted way. The
    penis jokes, closet homosexual humor and overall goofball antics were
    embraced and flawlessly executed by Rex. The chemistry between the two
    brothers as leads was definitely on point, it was the highlight of the
    entire movie. I look forward to seeing both of these guys in their
    upcoming work.

    The supporting cast was strong, very strong for the most part. My main
    reason for picking up this film is my obsession with the genius that is
    Ray Wise. I’ve seen everything he’s ever done and was not about to make
    this film the exception. Although I wish his role was bigger, Mr. Wise
    was great to no one’s surprise I’m sure.

    The casting director really hit a home run on this one, the leads were
    great and so was the supporting cast, for the most part. Tom Sizemore,
    Jason Mewes, Wise, Jim O’Heir, Robert Craighead were all perfectly
    cast. Even Danny Trejo was great, although it seems like he is in every
    indie film out right now. I don’t know if he owes some money or if his
    agent has incriminating black mail junk on him, but the poor guy has to
    learn the phrase ”No thanks, I’ll pass”. The two hapless cops played by
    Lester Speight and Deja Dee were fantastic, perhaps my favorites among
    this strong supporting cast.

    Unfortunately there were a couple of ”wtf happened here” moments
    regarding the supporting cast. Connor, played by Jason Bernard, is just
    bad. Imagine if E did a ”Where are they now” on a Ken doll 30 years
    later and those 30 years were not kind at all. An overweight, plastic
    looking blob, with a horrible dye job that sounds like he is talking
    with a mouth full of marbles. I was a bit perplexed by this mis step by
    an otherwise brilliant casting director. So I did a little digging on
    IMDb and figured it out rather quickly. Bernard is the owner of the
    production company responsible for this film, so he clearly just cast
    himself in this role and the director and casting director had no
    choice. Digging a little more I noticed his ”known for” on IMDb, a
    crappy webseries, Family Values, that appears to have been shot on a
    VHS camcorder. Another self funded project by his production company,
    JR productions. This misfortune of a project also stars his friend,
    Michelle Mueller who just happens to play the hero’s love interest in
    Halloweed. Then it all clicked, we’ve seen this tactic before. Bernard
    is attempting to buy an acting resume for him and his friend, Mueller,
    as both of their resumes consist of self funded garbage. This has been
    tried many, many times before and it never, ever works. When we see
    these two on screen we are instantly taken out of the story and the
    film goes off the rails. Mueller is simply not attractive enough to
    play the lead’s love interest that allegedly motivates him to move to a
    whole new town. Although her acting is not nearly as horrible as
    Bernard’s, it’s still not strong enough to compensate for her run of
    the mill, bland look. Normally I would never be so shallow in my
    criticism, but the type of genre of film that Halloweed represents
    requires a little more eye candy, especially if the actress is playing
    your hero’s love interest. You are not doing yourself a favor as a
    producer and funder when you force yourself and your underwhelming
    friend into the supporting cast of your own movie, a great way to burn
    a few hundred thousand. Sorry for the rant, but that type of crap
    drives me nuts, it’s a slap in the face to real, hardworking talented
    actors and filmmakers.

    Halloweed would have greatly benefited from a more experienced comedic
    director/post team, as well as a producer that wasn’t trying to buy an
    acting career for himself and his friend.

  • pdlussier1February 6, 2017Reply

    Halloweed: Love or Hate – It’s a Whole Bunch of Things

    A film marketed as a comedy by putting so much focus on its
    pot-headedness usually screams out the type of audience it targets:
    most teens and perpetual adolescents, spilling out to include the
    non-artistically-driven permanent potheads. This one’s no exception,
    while it also tries to rope in none-of-the-above slasher fans who’ve
    come to accept that comedy is as agreeable as blood to the genre, it’s
    attitude and the kills that define a slasher. So, that title,
    ”Halloweed”, and the cover art… Thinking ”Halloween” spoof is normal,
    just dead wrong.

    If you’re part of the first group: It’s set up to please from the get
    go; just a question of taste whether or not you love it.

    For the potheads: Depends on what you’re smoking, I suppose, but know
    that pot is hardly a part of the story the marketing leads on. You
    won’t find Cheech or Chong.

    If you’re in the last group: Nothing to satisfy you here; nothing
    matching the intelligence of ”Behind the mask: The Rise of Leslie
    Vernon” or the slapstick silliness of ”Tucker & Dale vs Evil” though it
    does match its crassness and actually has a musically-denoted Benny
    Hill moment. Murder is part of the story, and it’s handled in classic
    slasher fashion, this time sporting a baby-head mask, but the scenes
    are few and killing is just one of those things, like too many, that
    float in the background but never really seem to be a part of the plot,
    much like a ”Scary Movie” spoof but, again, not.

    No 80s nostalgia here, itself refreshing, and yet I was reminded of 80s
    fare by the generically unsophisticated absurd-is-normal plot
    developments, tropes, and resolution that were a hallmark of that
    period, right down to the caricatured baddies and the foul elderly
    semi- sidekick. If you were around, you’ll know what I mean.

    The first ten seconds past the titles establishes the vulgar humour to
    come, and, certainly, the mindless jokes are there and even set the
    pace for much of the first third but, surprisingly, never delves close
    to the level of gross or childish one would expect, minus one
    anal-cavity search. Thankfully, it manages to rise above and out of the
    toilet crassness after a while, offering a more pleasant level of
    humour that arises out of the whole rather than isolated jokes, but
    which never really hits the gut for anyone hoping for mature humour.
    Nonetheless, you’re starting to care.. And that’s when it strikes you:
    it’s more enjoyable because it focuses primarily on Shannon Brown’s
    more sympathetic Trent Modine and it’s been a while since the juvenile
    pot- & penis-obsessed Joey (played by Simon Rex) was on screen. A
    rewrite that excludes this character would be easy but I’m certain fans
    will disagree, for, after all, there’s no ”teen” or ”pothead” humour
    without him.

    There’s also a meta attempt that weakly rears its head at times but is
    so unbalanced and flat it stands out as lazy writing that adds nothing.

    From what I’ve mentioned you may have deduced its biggest problem: It’s
    highly uneven. In tone, in comedic approach, in structure, in focus,
    techniques, sound integration, and the plot is a patchwork of divergent
    elements with minimal significance to the running narrative or
    interwoven conflicts that never peak to any importance. The bigger-name
    stars have no real screen significance, cast simply in minor roles that
    don’t, arguably, qualify as cameos. And pot or Halloween are hardly
    prominent, same for the gang/turf-war aspect or the slasher element or
    the serial-killer-dad past or the mayoral race or the love hurdle or…
    and are brothers brothers or the bad guys such bad guys once you get to
    know them?

    Surprisingly, it all comes together; things happen and life is composed
    of a whole bunch of elements, some that matter more than others,
    sometimes not… such is life. In that sense, I honestly see no wrong
    with the story’s direction as it is consistent throughout, often
    avoiding the expected in the process.

    However, albeit the palatable layer that emerges, it fails to satisfy
    fully since, through the fog of sporadic variation it thinly coats or
    lumps over it, it’s all too clear, title & marketing included, that the
    makers were more focused on trying to please as many as possible, not
    trying to tell a good story in a unique way. An art-house exploration
    of ”spoof” this ain’t!

    That said, any reviews preaching either extreme says more about the
    reviewer than the film. Where in the spectrum of mediocrity you place
    it is up to you.

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