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He Never Died

He Never Died

Bullets. Blood. Bingo.Mar. 17, 2015 USA99 Min.R
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8.8 1,456 votes

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Jack is a solitary man with a mysterious past. His strange habits will soon become stranger when his past catches up with him.

He Never Died
He Never Died
He Never Died
He Never Died
Original titleHe Never Died
IMDb Rating6.4 11,592 votes
TMDb Rating6.4 128 votes

(65) comments

  • jeff-2445March 18, 2015Reply

    Suspenseful-ready for the series.

    Movie maintained a high level of suspense throughout. It left a lot of
    questions open as to just who Jack is but that made it perfect for a
    mini-series as is the chatter. From this point, the story can take
    numerous directions from the solid foundation that was set. This could
    be a launch of a whole new genre of movies; cannibals with a
    conscience. The acting was solid and the actors definitely played on
    one another. Henry Rollins’ personality fit perfectly as if the story
    was written for him. Steven Ogg had a totally different personality
    making their scenes together exciting. Jordan Todosey & Kate Greenhouse
    kept the energy level throughout the movie high playing off of Henry’s
    more controlled character.

  • worthysueMarch 19, 2015Reply

    One wild ride!

    Definitely a refreshing addition to the noir genre. Jason Krawczyk has
    crafted a unique story loaded with action, in your face violence and
    enough blood to slake the thirst of the hardiest horror fan. All of
    this woven together with a deft comedic hand, and pushed along by a
    jazzy heartbeat of a score. A strong supporting cast of talented up and
    comers mixed with solid familiar faces rounds out the experience .
    Henry Rollins steps up masterfully to shoulder the full weight of a
    Lead role, and it sure looks good on him! If rumors are true of this
    becoming a series, it will be quite interesting to see Rollins grow
    more and more comfortable in the skin of Jack, and I for one, am
    excited to see where Mr. Krawczyk will take him. Bring it on!

  • epoulsen-46763September 5, 2015Reply

    Excellently quirky, unique story, BLOOD!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hepodcastOctober 14, 2015Reply

    Human Echoes Review: He Never Died is Seriously Kick Ass

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John WayneDecember 20, 2015Reply

    Don’t be fooled by ratings and reviews!

    Don’t be fooled by the ratings and the 4 previous reviewers! I’m
    required to write 10 lines so considering this guideline I’ll keep this
    as brief as possible!. The four previous reviewers blather on and about
    how great the acting is and how suspenseful this movie is, the plot,
    the director, and on and on! Believe me, everyone who rated this movie
    (339 ratings) or wrote a favorable review (except for me) worked on or
    had something to do with the making of this ”loser” of a movie! I was
    forced to give it a 1 out of 10 rating and it doesn’t deserve that!
    ”Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978)” would be considered a work of
    art of sheer genius compared to this POS and disgusting waste of film!
    Semper Fi

  • scottmannen1December 20, 2015Reply

    The immortal Caine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sixxstarrDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Kind of a Film-Noir with dark comedy overtones

    First of all let me just say that I absolutely loved the movie and
    found it very entertaining, witty, and fresh. I have just finished
    watching this film and am still pondering certain parts of it in my
    mind, it is definitely a movie I will be seeing again (more than once
    I’m sure). Rollins, having a lead role, was absolutely perfect in it
    and he suited the main character flawlessly, the supporting cast were
    all excellent and together with Jason Krawczyk (a director with whom I
    am totally unfamiliar – hence my surprise) they turned out one of the
    best films I’ve watched this year. To sum it all up I found this movie
    to be very gratifying, it has action, blood, a bad guy who’s a good guy
    and enough dark humour to put a grin on most peoples faces plus it’s
    not the ”same-old same-old” Hollywood money making formula type of film
    regurgitated and fed to us with a different title. This movie might not
    be for everyone, it is dark and a bit cynical in a contemporary way,
    but if you’re in the mood for something a little off the beaten path,
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Also I just wanted to say that in no way
    shape or form am I involved in the making, promoting or have any other
    kind of professional associations to this film – like the ONLY bad
    reviewer on here assumes – and yet I still found this movie pretty

  • montclairguyDecember 21, 2015Reply


    Interesting premise with poor execution. Rollins’ stone face portrayal
    made me care about the characters as much as he cared about anything,
    which wasn’t at all. In fact, he’s probably the worst part of this
    flick. Everyone else did a fine job.

    I tend to agree that the glowing reviews are written by people
    associated with the movie. It’s very slow moving, and who the
    protagonist is and what’s going on isn’t even explained until the last
    20 minutes or so.

    The whole thing just didn’t work, and I wasn’t even sure what I was
    watching. Was it supposed to be artsy, or horror, or superhero, or
    what? Just a slew of genres that didn’t gel very well.

  • quincytheodoreDecember 21, 2015Reply

    Sternly charming and devilishly funny in his perpetual longevity.

    Mythical entity or immortal is usually portrayed as suave gentleman
    with silver tongue in cinema, however it’s utterly surprising that
    Terminator-esque robotic personality with tendency to be overly literal
    in his speech proves to be equally appealing. The whole set-up works
    due to the main lead Henry Rollins, who is truly an unorthodox cast as
    his works primarily consists of voice acting and hosting documentary in
    History Channel, yet he’s displaying a knack for comedy and action
    almost effortlessly.

    This is a sort of mix between the vengeance theme movies like John Wick
    or Equalizer from last year with incredibly odd lead character in Jack
    (Henry Rollins). He is straightforward and awkward in mannerism, nearly
    devoid of any formality yet still remains serendipitously humorous.
    Rollins can even be frightening if needs be, a complete package for
    comedy thriller.

    It’s an example of the actors fits the character so well that it can be
    amusing even when doing mundane things like playing bingo. The two
    supporting cast Jordan Todosey as Andrea and Kate Greenhouse as Cara
    are good addition. They make some of the more hilarious scenes simply
    because the contrasting nature against Jack’s rigidity, especially Cara
    who tiptoes between silly love interest, reluctant accomplish and mild
    comedy relief.

    There is a good balance of violence action for every humor thrown at
    the gritty tone. The blood and gore come out of nowhere, which just add
    to the shocking effect from normal setting of small city’s diner and
    apartments. By utilizing the gap between humor and violence, it creates
    an indifference mood that might be overblown elsewhere, but with the
    deliberate presentation of the nihilist main character, the movie
    remains entertaining on both aspects.

    This is an immortality angle done right, with intense excessive
    brutality, fun jab at humor and an impeccable actor as the near
    superhero and terribly jaded lead.

  • A_Different_DrummerDecember 21, 2015Reply

    ”A vagina is a like a coupon-book for alcohol” (dialog)

    And, the really amazing thing, is that the above line of dialog was
    just a throw-away, not even something important enough to build a scene
    around. That’s the kind of movie this is.

    Reviewers Notes:

    1. The first legitimate successor to the quirky Canadian horror flick,
    Ginger Snaps, which is doubly ironic because the two ”official” sequels
    to that film were OMIGAWD terrible.

    2. Completely insane and unpredictable yet strangely charming. By
    coincidence, this reviewer just finished a review of Quentin
    Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT and, in said review, pointed out how far
    QT has strayed from the charm and sly humor which demarked his earlier
    films. This strange little film could almost pass for an early work of
    QT, that is how offbeat it is.

    3. Henry Rollins is great, almost re-defines the ”man with no name”
    anti-hero persona first created by Clint Eastwood in the 60s. He does
    not say much, he just wants to be left alone, women initially are torn
    between wanting to date him and/or calling a cop, picking a fight with
    him is INVARIABLY A REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA, and his mono-syllabic
    responses to every question walk the fine line between autism and

    4. Engaging, charming, and generally a fun ride. Deserves a cult

  • altersaegeDecember 22, 2015Reply

    And they want to make a Series out of this?

    If this delirious horribly acted and horribly written movie can get
    almost 7 and even a TV Series, people must be mentally sick. Which is
    anyway the conclusion I had already reached since a while, by seeing
    how successful all those horrors are: people are delighted seeing
    others suffering. This movie is REALLY poorly directed, has got a
    ridiculous script, the interaction between characters is completely not
    credible, bad guys are retarded, the main character is an immortal who
    lives since a LOT of time but acts like a dumb and is so horribly acted
    and his part so poorly written that his personality and his behaviour
    is not credible at all, it is just ridiculous the way he acts, talks,
    thinks. Most of the lines are so stupid that must be painful to play
    for any actor able to understand how embarrassing for their career is
    what their are acting. How, WHY can people like something like this?
    WHAT on earth can be liked in this? The fact that he is a cannibal? Why
    should that be cool? This is AT BEST a b-movie of low quality and bad
    taste. If this get a 7, then Taxi Driver should get a 20.

  • subxerogravityDecember 22, 2015Reply

    It’s as hardcore as the man who stars in it.

    He Never Died picked the perfect man to star in this movie. I don’t
    know if Henry Rollins was the filmmaker’s choice for the role or the
    role just fits him like a tailored suit, but it feels so Rollins.

    It’s a low budget movie about monsters and demons done well. The
    filmmakers did a lot with what little they had. No huge special visual
    effects or making up. Usual when movies are unable to fit that into the
    budget it makes the whole thing cheesy but they came up with an
    excellent story plot that makes up for it. Plus, the tone the movie was
    laid out in adds depth (and some cool violent scenes) that takes the
    place of monster effects as well.

    The technical film making does not look cheap like I was expecting for
    a movie in this caliber. It was a stellar production.

    A stellar production that relied greatly on the wonderful acting being
    done, especially by Rollins himself. An easy task possibly, as it seems
    he’s playing a man he can relate to on a level.

    I saw Rollins star in the sequel to Wrong Turn and just like that
    movie, he was the best part of the experience, but unlike Wrong turn 2,
    He Never Died has more than Rollins going for it.

  • guldoDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Don’t be fooled by the guy who says ”Don’t be fooled by ratings and reviews”

    This movie really is excellent in so many ways. That guy obviously
    missed the point in this movie, but that’s his problem. You can’t cater
    to every one’s taste.

    Henry Rollins surprised me completely when I watched it. I was prepared
    for his former way of acting which I never really cared for, but he’s
    developed quite the acting skills it seems. I think he liked making
    this movie and it shows.

    The movie itself is brutal and funny in unexpected places, and Rollins’
    character is a sleepy, conflicted and surprising one. What I really
    appreciate is the fact that this isn’t the typical ‘kick some
    ass’-Hollywood movie. It’s got an unexpected depth and even in the end
    you have to think a little to fully grasp it. I found the movie to be a
    refreshing take on the bad ass theme and Henry Rollins instilled a new
    view of himself with this one. In other words, it’s well worth the

  • uvznabDecember 22, 2015Reply

    Concept was cool, but… no

    I thought of marking this as ”Contains spoiler” but I guess the biggest
    twist of this movie is given in its name… and in its description…
    and its trailer… Basically, it’s going to go exactly as you’d expect.

    So Jack can’t die. He never could. And I’d personally love to see more
    movies like ”The Man From Earth” (2007) as the idea has unlimited
    opportunities to tackle. But while this movie’s angle was as
    interesting, it didn’t develop anywhere, and that was a big miss, IMO.
    The movie provokes some very interesting questions, and seem to be
    aware of those, but doesn’t address those, which one might think is to
    leave room for the viewer to ponder, but instead ends up with lots of
    huge plot holes. Not enough to allow any empathy for the situation or

    Rollins is doing his best here, and I can’t blame him. A bit over the
    top performance but he didn’t really have much to work with, I guess.

    Watch if you’re a fan of Rollins or those theological/philosophical
    ponders, but expect to carry most of the debate yourself. This movie
    won’t add much.

  • reallyevilboyDecember 23, 2015Reply

    I agree, a little Meh

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dwaynemayo60December 23, 2015Reply

    not great but good

    okay I see there seems to be no real middle ground on this movie. from
    the reviews I thought we had another fake review deal from people that
    were involved with the movie in some way that gave it rave reviews and
    then the crap reviews were the real ones.

    But having watched it I will tell you it deserves neither. It’s an okay
    movie. The acting was good and the script was alright and there are
    some good ”bad guys getting their come-uppance from finally screwing
    with the wrong guy”moments and a creepy mystery kinda feel thru out.It
    kept me interested enough and nothing made me scream ”gimme a break” at
    the TV.

    Not a movie that fleshes out all the details of the situation or should
    I say the characters situation but enough to keep you in the know.

    I give it a good solid 6 stars. I think there may have been some knee
    jerk religious reaction. The movie is NOT a religious movie but it
    mentions a thing or too that super religious people might take offense
    to but then again it’s so little you may even miss it.

    So to sum up fair horror/creepy movie but not something I’d pay 15
    bucks to see in a theatre but okay for a redbox rental.

  • microwhateverDecember 24, 2015Reply

    First depiction of immortality that I have ever found believable.

    I feel that so many people missed the point of this movie. To explain
    any more of his character or the world he lives in would simply dumb
    down the story and remove the mystery that makes this story so
    haunting. This movie depicts an immortal being that is totally detached
    from humanity. How could any person alive for 1000’s of years still
    care about petty bullshit and after 1000’s of years how wouldn’t
    everything become petty bullshit. Henry Rollins has hilarious dead pan
    delivery that is funny without betraying his characters apathetic
    nature. This is brought across even in the action sequences which make
    them even more gripping and realistic.

  • sideriteDecember 24, 2015Reply

    The perfect role for Rollins

    I am a big fan of Henry Rollins ever since he was rocking on MTV, but
    in this film he outdid himself. I cannot imagine a more perfect role
    for him than this grumpy indestructible man who just wants to be left
    alone… for your sake.

    But it isn’t only that. The script made me think of many things and
    very often made me laugh out loud. Maybe I loved the film so much
    because I identify with the character, but in so many ways it is a
    deconstructive story, and I always like what makes me question the way
    things are and makes me think on how they could or even should be.

    Rollins doesn’t seem to need to act, he just shows up, but look at the
    films he chose to be in: Feast, Suck and this to top them off. The
    movie is one of those rare art pieces where you enjoy every part of the
    story, every line of dialogue and you don’t give a rat’s ass about
    special effects or production values. I loved the movie!

  • KrosheDecember 25, 2015Reply

    Surprise of the week

    I have to say that I am not familiar with any work of Mr Rollins..
    Therefore, coming from someone that did not know him prior to the film
    I have to say that the movie was really good and it was fun to watch.

    Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt
    worth watching. It is a movie guaranteed to provide more than just an
    evening’s entertainment; it is one of those films that gets you and
    keeps you thinking, maybe long after it’s over. You manage to feel
    something even for the ancillary characters. In general, there are
    slight hints of Constantine, Taken, Event Horizon and even Léon: The
    Professional, so the movie falls into the action, adventure, mystery
    and horror type of category. As a bonus, there was a great use of
    humour and sarcasm throughout.

    Surprisingly good movie and worth watching. 8/10

  • redrobin62-321-207311December 25, 2015Reply

    Good Despite Its Flaws

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jonny 99December 26, 2015Reply

    Worth it to see Henry Rollins

    To be fair, as a story the plot of ”He Never Died” is about as good as
    the simpleminded suggests. Henry Rollins ”Jack” may be the biblical
    character Cain or he might be a cannibal (he eats people) or maybe a
    vampire (he might drink blood or at least he licks up plasma from the
    linoleum) or he might be a fallen angel (he has marks where wings might
    have been) or he might be some combination of the above. It’s never
    clear. It’s also unclear why his estranged daughter attempts a
    reconciliation only to be captured and tortured by some vaguely defined
    group of bad guys. Ignore all that and enjoy Rollins’ performance.
    Despite Jack/Cain being overwhelmingly laconic, Rollins’ still commands
    the screen and has a natural comedic timing which wrings the best of
    the limited but real dark laughs found in this script. In short, not
    the best time you’ll have at the movies and not much of a date night
    but worth checking out.

  • Michael DurrerDecember 29, 2015Reply

    Absolutely loved it

    I absolutely loved, how the story was spread out. It started slowly and
    escalated quickly. The evasive, elusive and mysterious main character
    gets drawn into a family he never had and takes charge of his life
    again after severe depression and being weary of life.

    I though doubt somehow, that this is truly a comedy. It might have
    comedic aspects, but it is more of a mystery / thriller movie to me.
    Everybody in this area might enjoy this more than your average horror
    movie fan.

    A little gem, that might surprise you.

    The movie is surprising and entertaining throughout. I recommend it for
    one-to-two person screenings. It’s also very thoughtful.

  • tommyk1287December 29, 2015Reply

    A Pointless Endeavor

    What could possibly go wrong with casting Henry Rollins as a modern-day
    immortal recluse?

    Well, let’s go down the lengthy list. First of all, Rollins’ character
    Jack has a dark and tragic history which comes to affect him exactly
    zero times. It has no influence on the plot or his character, and
    mostly just serves as an excuse to make him invincible.

    Second, what kind of movie is this? Action? The camera cuts away every
    time something big happens. Horror? There’s maybe ten total minutes of
    blood and gore in this entire movie. Comedy? It has some dark humor,
    but not enough to be considered a satire. I really can’t place this
    movie, because it doesn’t excel at anything. It just pulls from action,
    horror, and crime movies at random.

    Third is Rollins’ character, Jack. Although his monotonous voice and
    blank face are humorous at first, it quickly gets old as he does
    nothing else but breeze through every line with zero inflection.
    There’s some humor to it, but not enough to elevate the performance.

    Last is the plot, and this is the biggest offender to me. Without
    spoiling too much, we basically watch Rollins wander around while his
    family is in danger, and he doesn’t seem to really care too much until
    the end of the film. It’s like he realized the movie is almost over,
    and so obligingly goes to save the day. Until then, the knowledge that
    his only family might be murdered doesn’t seem to affect him at all, as
    he goes to play bingo, order oatmeal, and honestly I can’t remember
    much else.

    This movie sounds awesome on paper, and its technically well shot, but
    there’s nothing memorable about it. Jack is not a character that stands
    out for any reason, and I don’t even know the names of the other
    characters. The villain is obvious and random, and only gets enough
    screen time to identify him later on. The plot falls to pieces and
    fails to explain Jack’s inner thoughts properly, so the audience is
    left watching a stoic machine of a man sit around eating bland food and
    sleeping all day.

    I’m not sure why this movie was even made, it has no purpose to serve.
    It doesn’t make you think, it doesn’t get you excited, it doesn’t scare
    you. If anything, you will feel as monotonous and bored as Jack feels
    by the time it’s over.

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])December 29, 2015Reply

    A bit of gruesomeness. A bit of humor. And this set in an original storyline. A surprising discovery at the end of the year.

    ”My landlord thought I was robbing my own apartment. Really? Isn’t your
    landlord, like, 90 years old?”

    A brilliant, original horror. That’s what you might say after watching
    ”He never died”. A subtle mix of sometimes gory images and clever
    humor. And this shown in an even surprising way by Henry Rollins, the
    former front-man of the legendary punk band ”Black flag”. A bundle of
    muscles who already surprised in the past with his poetry. And now he
    shows that he’s also capable to take a leading role for his account.
    His stoic calmness and indifference create hilarious situations several
    times. And the story on his own is contrived in such an original way. I
    watched with amazement and after a while I was wondering what the hell
    it was about anyway. Did it have something to do with vampires? Was
    Jack a solitary zombie (due to his grayish look) who attempts to remain
    anonymous? And what about those demonic and satanic sounds he sometimes

    Jack (Henry Rollins) seems depressed and drags on through life as a
    worn out man. The only things he does to fill his days is sleep, eat
    something in the same small restaurant and occasionally play bingo
    among the elderly. Waitress Cara (Kate Greenhouse) tries to change
    Jack’s fatalistic attitude. But she isn’t really successful in doing
    that. Jack clearly isn’t enthusiastic about her flirting. Most of the
    time a quiet, nondescript look is his answer to it and then he turns
    his back on her without blinking. Also, his daughter Andrea (Jordan
    Todosey), who appeared out of nowhere, can’t break down this erected
    wall of aloofness. It’s obvious Jack isn’t an ordinary, average
    citizen. The title of the film, of course, reveals much and isn’t
    really a spoiler. Apparently Jack is immortal and needs his dose of
    blood on a regular base. When his blood supplier Jeremy (Booboo
    Stewart) (an intern who works in a hospital, I suppose) runs into
    trouble with a local gang of criminals, he’s no longer able to provide
    Jack with the much needed blood. After his daughter is being kidnapped,
    all hell breaks loose with the obvious casualties. Except Jack, of
    course …

    Rollins is a performer and this movie was the appropriate stage for
    him. His imperturbable gaze and brute force gave him a
    Schwarzenegger-like appearance. The limited conversations with brief,
    evasive answers contributed to the overall tone of this absurd film. A
    fatal head injury made such an impression on him as a tiny splinter in
    his finger. Unmoved he uses pliers to treat the injuries. At that time
    I wondered whether it was meant humorously or creepy. He’s an
    emotionless bloke who storms through a decaying society like a
    bulldozer, full of rage and aggressiveness. At first Jack seems to be a
    dull figure, but when his true identity is revealed in the end, his way
    of reacting and his world-weariness is justified.

    I’m afraid that ”He never died” will only appeal to a limited audience
    . And I belong to that limited audience. I appreciate such an absurd
    horror filled with brutal violence and a special storyline once and a
    while. The subtle humor was enjoyable. And above all, they made sure it
    didn’t become a parody. ”He never died” exceeds all horror-comedy up to
    now. And probably until eternity …

  • Andrzej OstrowskiJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    different than your usual (anti)hero movie

    I admit, I like different. And the movie is not like the average
    super-abilities (anti)hero stuff you can see. It’s like a weird bridge
    between Jim Jarmush style and typical superhero movies. (although it
    almost completely lacks soundtrack in comparison) And Henry Rollins
    fits into that perfectly. With just few words he can create a character
    deep and interesting. Other actors don’t fall far behind as well.
    Booboo Stewart, Jordan Todosey and Kate Greenhouse show they got what
    it takes. to sum it up: it even doesn’t matter that it’s not quite
    accurate (quite far from to be honest) to the mythology it’s based on.
    Somehow they make it work.

  • jumpdatesJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    A film that leaves you with a chilling feeling…

    This film left a rather uncomfortable feeling for me at the end,
    although by no means a criticism of the movie. Most horror films that I
    have watched in the past that contain blood and gore only have a
    marginal effect on me at the end because I can pass them off as too
    ‘fantastic’ and just pure entertainment. However, this movie had the
    dual sense of realism along with the supernatural/horror that is
    expected of a movie of this type, and leaves you with a chilling
    feeling at the end and beyond.

    The movie is fast paced and develops with the main character who is at
    odds with his behavior and interactions with other people he meets in
    his tiny world. It dramatically unfolds into a cat and mouse game where
    the audience is propelled into the chaotic and violent life of the

    There were fine touches to the movie which other reviewers were not
    able to pick up…the time where he declares to the waitress that he
    goes back as far as Kayan or Caine as people knew him by. This would
    explain some of the dialogue at the end and the appearance of another
    aloof character at the end of the movie.

    A very well directed movie that keeps you intensely focused right to
    the end.

  • hisdroognessJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    Finally ”Jack” has been brought to life on the screen.

    I have been waiting simply ages for a film dealing with this character.
    The theory has been kicking around that he was the first of his kind
    for quite some time. While Henry is not known for his acting ability it
    works to his advantage here. They could have had Jack portrayed as a
    highly sophisticated with exquisitely refined manners, dress and
    intelligence. Or as someone terribly weary with the knowledge of all
    they have been through and all the changes to get to this point. I have
    to say I was not disappointed. It is a simple story. And frankly it
    should/would be. Anything grandiose would have been trite and overkill.
    For someone who doesn’t care you need something simple to ”get” them.
    Loved the film.

  • palavitsinisJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    Definitely not…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rushknightJanuary 9, 2016Reply

    I think everyone wanted to be this guy at some point..

    One of the reviewers mentioned that this movie is the best portrayal of
    immortality he’s ever seen. I must really concur, this was not a great
    movie, but it was interesting. And that’s what really makes a good

    Our hero is an immortal being. Think vampire, then put that idea out of
    your head. He’s worse. Completely unkillable and jaded to the point of
    blindness, this character has lived long enough to see it all and
    become so bored with existence that he figures he might as well not
    exist. And therein lies the interesting part. Henry Rollins plays the
    part well. He is stone-faced, wooden and cold (which is appropriate for
    the part) throughout most of the film. Just the sort of behavior you’d
    expect from someone who is so completely bored with his life that he is
    utterly uncaring about everything around him. Top that off with his
    superhuman qualities and you get a figure that simply demands impromptu

    And of course, you get to see him in action. Action that he doesn’t
    really want, but is willing to deal with. His handling of it is
    entertaining to say the least. Very enjoyable indeed, the scenes are
    played through very well and in a manner that seems both real and also
    a little humorous.

    Since the film is entirely character driven, the writers know that in
    order to make the movie good, they have to make their viewers identify
    with the protagonist. And they do. The ancient man grapples with barely
    a shred of the common human needs that normal people deal with, and we
    see him as a stark contrast. It illuminates our human side, makes our
    own behavior and feelings that much more real. And even gives us a sort
    of sympathy for him. We want him to ”come around” so to speak. Reawaken
    the spark of life that we all find so critical.

    Devoid of most computer enhanced special effects, this movie relies on
    good old fashioned blood splatter and fire for the action. It has the
    distinct air of an old man dealing with an old problem. This is a
    strength in my opinion. It makes the movie seem much more real.

    If there is any weakness, it would have to be towards the ending.
    Things change up a bit in the protagonist’s character that I found
    somewhat confusing. Essentially, a moral is inserted. And whenever that
    happens in a film you always bring out the cynicism in viewers who
    sometimes decide that they ”disagree” with it.

    I give it a 7 out of 10. Much more entertaining than I expected it to

  • JohnnyJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    Quirky Horror ***SPOILERS***

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mihaismpJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    (bullshit) (bullshit) !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • planktonrulesFebruary 29, 2016Reply

    Amazingly violent but also amazingly unique.

    I do not particularly like violent films. So the fact that I
    appreciated and even enjoyed ”He Never Died” says a lot about the
    movie. And, if you’re interested, it just came out on Netflix here in
    the States.

    The film stars Henry Rollins, a guy who you probably have seen in films
    or on television but who isn’t widely known because he’s an unusual
    guy. He’s a man who originally gained some fame in punk rock but later
    became famous for something other than pounding rhythms and his singing
    voice. The guy is a regular tattooed renaissance man…writer, radio
    host, comedian and activist. And, in recent years, an actor…and a
    very good one. I first took notice when he starred in a wonderful short
    film called ”Deathdealer”, in which he played the Grim Reaper. Now, he
    plays an even edgier character…one who is immortal and, in a way, a
    vampire. But fortunately, in a world filled with vampire films, this
    one is completely different.

    When the film begins, Jack (Rollins) is on the wagon, so to speak. In
    other words, he’s become a passive sort of guy…a vegetarian who fills
    his need for human blood and flesh without harming anyone. He also
    isn’t a stereotypical vampire, as he can come out during the daytime
    and acts nothing like others of his kind. One unique thing is that he
    has a connection at a hospital who provides him with what he craves and
    he’s managed to exert super-human control over himself so that he does
    not kill. Unfortunately, there are some horrible thugs who insist on
    doing him harm. The problem is that he cannot be killed and he won’t
    let himself kill in return…to a point. Again and again, he shows
    remarkable restraint when attacked….but after a while, it gets
    tougher and tougher to maintain this self- control…especially when
    they kidnap his daughter. At this point, they are about to unleash all
    of Jack’s wrath…and the consequences are horrific!

    I need to be up front about this film…there is a lot of violence and
    a lot of blood. It is not for the squeamish, that’s for sure. Seeing
    Jack walking about with bullets in his head, him killing his
    adversaries and the gallons of fake blood used in the film are
    alarming. But, generally, they aren’t gratuitous and the plot twists
    are surprising and unique. It also helps that Rollins was so intriguing
    in the lead…very controlled but also amazingly menacing and forceful.
    It’s not for everyone but it’s also completely unique and tough to stop

  • Leigh NeilMarch 8, 2016Reply

    Terrific movie but not for everyone.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoMarch 18, 2016Reply

    He Never Died

    Henry Rollins hasn’t had a particularly distinguished career as an
    actor, but we can’t really blame him for that considering his success
    as an ”urban poet”, broadcaster and singer of legendary bands such as
    Black Flag and Rollins Band. However, I’m glad to say that he finally
    plays a leading role in He Never Died, instead of a picturesque
    supporting role or an unexpected cameo. The screenplay of He Never Died
    is pretty good, and Rollins makes a perfect work as the laconic and
    introverted ”Jack”, whose grey routine hides big secrets and a tendency
    to violence he has been trying to control for a long time. I have to
    say that He Never Died prematurely reveals its ”mystery”. However, I
    think that was a valid decision, because said ”mystery” isn’t the main
    axis of the screenplay; besides, Jack’s ”secret” might be more
    complicated (or simpler) than we imagine, so there’s room to make the
    character evolution beyond our initial impressions. Talking about
    impression, I was surprised by Jordan Todosey’s performance in this
    film; her screen-time is relatively short, but she feels credible in
    her character while making the audience empathize with her. The same
    can be said about Kate Greenfield, who immediately transmits her
    character’s melancholic past and the shy attraction she feels for Jack.
    And I can’t forget to mention Jason Krawczyk’s precise direction, which
    keeps a good balance of humor, action and character. In conclusion, I
    wouldn’t say it’s a great film and the ending extends itself more than
    it should, but He Never Died is an efficient thriller which takes
    advantage of its modest resources, so I recommend it with confidence.

  • gokeymichaelMarch 22, 2016Reply

    Loved it!

    I loved this movie. Nobody besides Henry Rollins could have pulled this
    one off successfully. Amazing job by the former front man from, well, a
    dozen or more different bands. I have been a fan of Rollins for years
    and I clicked play on this gem immediately after seeing his name
    attached. The movie sounded good and the trailer sold me. Rollins nails
    it. If you know anything about Rollins and you watch this movie you
    will see exactly what I am referring to. This role was made for him,
    nobody else. The dark, subtle humor along with the monstrous darkness
    that he obviously lives in, was captured perfectly. If you don’t figure
    out who he is after a short time, you will not be surprised to hear who
    he is when he discloses that fact near the end. You want to know, you
    have to know. He is one bad mother. His bland reactions to the people
    around him make for some decent humor. After realizing who he is and
    what he does, it becomes apparent that his world isn’t as innocent as
    you would like to believe. You want to like this guy. By the end you
    still like him, but you shouldn’t. Really. Liking him is not a good
    thing, but it feels right. The supporting cast all did a great job, but
    Rollins is the guy who sells this movie and sells it perfectly. Watch
    this movie if you can stand some serious violence. If you can’t, watch
    it anyways. Have fun.

  • Douglas OwenMarch 23, 2016Reply

    Worth watching more than once!

    Wife and I were cruising NetFlix for a B-Movie to watch and ended up
    turning on this sleeper. I mean sleeper in a good way.

    Honest, if you like a movie that mixes up comedy, horror and drama with
    an expert casting of characters, you need to watch this one.

    The casting of Henry Rollins is only second to his performance. With
    perfect timing, Henry delivers line after line without breaking
    character even to blink. He just went up several notches in my
    ”fav”actor category because of this movie.

    Add to it a well picked supporting cast, well thought out the script,
    great pacing and just the right touch of effects, we have a winner that
    should have been in the theaters. Honest, it could have been well
    received by a mature audience looking for something with more than just
    empty violence and snarky comebacks.

    Want something to watch that will make you think, wonder, then nod when
    the reveal comes up? Watch this movie. It will not disappoint.

  • zerozedMarch 26, 2016Reply

    A unique, somewhat thought-provoking action film

    This film is about a man who is basically immortal and who has lived
    for thousands of years. There a number of other films/TV shows that
    have used this plot devise including Star Trek and somewhat more
    relevant to this film, The Man From Earth (TMFE).

    Whereas TMFE was much more intellectual and performed more like a play,
    this film puts the protagonist in an urban setting in order to
    facilitate it’s action-film tropes. TMFE compels the audience to
    contemplate the ramifications of human immortality; He Never Died
    doesn’t engage in that exercise, choosing instead to focus almost
    solely on violent action sequences.

    He Never Died straddles a fine line between an art-film and an action
    movie, and for the most part succeeds. There are specific scenes
    directly inspired by The Terminator; it is clear that the director was
    aiming for a more visceral film with some heady elements as opposed to
    a heady film with some token conflict. Most of the credit goes to
    leads, including Rollins who (as normal) gives a physical performance
    and is not required to emote. Kate Greenhouse (Cara) is the emotional
    center of the film and does a great job portraying an empathetic

    The film has a smart script and is competently directed. It’s a really
    good ”nerd” film in that it is smart enough to make you think but with
    enough violence and action to make it appealing to viewers who respond
    to super-hero films.

  • Tom DooleyMarch 30, 2016Reply

    Brilliantly Acted Indie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sneiousApril 4, 2016Reply

    Hell yeah dude

    Idk if this role was custom written for Rollins or what, but he KILLS
    it. He drives the entire movie. I’d put this on while I was cleaning my
    pad,and was absolutely drawn into this flick. My old lady too and she
    hates this kinda stuff. He plays a disenchanted immortal cannibal, that
    just wants to be left alone. He has a routine that he sticks to in
    order to NOT eat people, but goes afoul.

    Just watch it. Write your own review. I got better stuff to do, but had
    to chime in on this gem. I’m a cynical, pessimist and I liked the hell
    out of it. Predator: Dark Ages is the only other flick that had drudged
    an opinion out of me before this. Maybe check that out too.

    I take back everything I’ve ever said bout Rollin acting. I put this on
    to laugh, but am now writing a review.

    Just watch it…

  • Kim HeniadisApril 29, 2016Reply

    If you like Henry Rollins, watch it, otherwise….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hurricane_sanMay 3, 2016Reply

    Undeserved low rating

    Netflix has predicted I would like this movie. Because of all the awful
    reviews I found I’ve waited for months until I finally played it. I’m
    here to offset the score a bit.

    This dark anti-hero tale has been interesting from the beginning to the
    end. I found it consistent, unpredictable and well acted. As violent as
    it can be, I curiously found it subtle on some layers. Reminiscing, I
    don’t remember many special effects which means, in my humble opinion,
    they were used with measure and when appropriate.

    If you can watch a movie without something cheaply exiting or exploding
    at the screen every few minutes and without every detail spoon-fed you
    may want to see this one.

    I will definitively recommend it around.

  • midas-jacobsMay 15, 2016Reply

    ”It’s hard to live, when you can’t die”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prabhat1729May 18, 2016Reply

    You get only one or two of such films every year. A Hidden Gem.

    Every once in a while there comes along a flick which gives you a good
    ol’ sheer surprise. You are left exclaiming – ”Are there any more of
    such movies?”, ”Why don’t they make more of such films?” The humble
    demeanour (and low budget) of such films disguises their ingenuity.
    Well, ”He Never Died” is one of those films. An unexpected movie that
    is dark in nature, funny throughout and leaves you feeling satiated
    when over. The kind of satiety derived from a piece of good cinema.

    ‘He Never Died’ approaches a subject which is favourite staple of
    horror genre with a brilliant ingenuity. And a twist. Such ingenuity,
    to my memory, was visible recently only in ‘What We Do In Shadows
    (2015)’. Humour here treats the audience as adults – grown-up sapiens
    capable of using grey matter. The dark bloody humour is quirkily
    deadpan and phenomenally subtle. Humour is not let down till the last
    scene and the script is tightly knit till the end. Story deliciously
    alloys crime, revenge, supernatural and dry, dark comedy into a bizarre
    story. Usually the films of low budgets drop the guard in second half
    and veer into banality. Not this film. I truly relished the raucousness
    of the film sprinkled with giddy gore till the end, and beyond.

    The effort from scriptwriters and director deserves standing ovation.
    To me the actors were unknown. They deserve praise too- especially
    Henry Rollins in the lead and Kate Greenhouse in the support.
    Performances don’t come more deadpan in this original.

    Writing anything about the story will inadvertently ruin the suspense
    which is the crux of the film. The film never fully answers anything,
    it gives you what you need to know and leaves the rest to suspense. For
    me it was brilliant.

    Unfortunately, you get only one or two of such films every year. Hidden
    gems. I really hope they make more of such movies.

  • opinionated-alchemistMay 29, 2016Reply

    Great acting with a inconclusive back story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kosmaspJune 3, 2016Reply

    Great B-movie with amazing lead performance

    If you didn’t know Henry Rollins before this, you will know him after
    you watch this. Of course your enjoyment of the movie is not a given.
    You have to have a heart for low budget movies and movies that might
    therefor have a flaw or two from the get-go. But if you’re willing to
    take this ride, then the story and all its tweaks and surprises (if you
    haven’t spoiled it for yourself by reading too much about it) will more
    than entertain you.

    The title of course is a bit of a giveaway, though we don’t exactly
    know why. The appearance of a character remains mysterious too, as many
    other aspects. But fear not, most will be revealed by the end of the
    movie. Also the role of that said character. Sometimes it’s clearer
    than you think. Good action, nice ideas

  • jake_fantomJune 4, 2016Reply

    Oh come on

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mydraal56June 6, 2016Reply

    An amazing masterpiece that requires a 2nd go around to understand

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trashgangJune 16, 2016Reply

    mediocre flick but Rollins saves the day

    I only picked this up because I know Henry Rollins for years with his
    band. And to see him in this horror I thought it would be brutal. Sadly
    it wasn’t. It’s a kind of supernatural story were Jack (Rollins) is
    some kind of creature that have never died, used to be called Cain. A
    fallen angle in other words which explains the scares on his back.

    Rollins does well playing the anti-social depressed guy almost living
    his life in a diner. But it all changes when a girl appears in his life
    and she suddenly disappear in the hands of thugs. Up to Jack to save
    the girl.

    Jack needs human flesh to survive so that’s the part were the horrors
    comes in. Some did have a laughter throughout this flick, I haven’t.
    Just a mediocre flick for me with some bloody moments here and there
    but nothing special.

    Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

  • nexus-37June 18, 2016Reply

    Henry what did you do this time? Awesome!

    Henry Rollins DOESN’T CHANGE even in hell’s deepest places. This was
    totally awesome to watch.

    Henry could (of course) have been meaner but he stick to the role
    perfectly. No disappointments at all. It is hard to tell without
    spoiling how this touched me, it’s like He himself in the Real World. I
    loved it.

    And surely will see this soon enough for second time. Acting all over
    the movie fit nicely, Rollins were still in middle of everything. This
    movie wouldn’t make any sense or feelings if Rollins was replace
    somewhat cheesy wannabe actor.

    With all my power I say watch this if you like Rollins and his career,
    you wont get disappointed 🙂

    I’ll think this will be surely remembered after 20 years from now.

    And for directing, it doesn’t tell you much it just works like it
    should be. And there isn’t much of a chance that tried to do sequel or
    something, it’s big boots here.

    8/10 With respect.

  • kejbraJune 21, 2016Reply

    A fresh and interesting action-thriller-horror-comedy

    8 out of 10 stars (No spoilers!) First of all, I imagine this to be a
    movie that you either love or hate, but I believe more people will love
    it. He never died is a movie that’s interesting from start to finish,
    its a story told a hundred times but somehow it seems new. Its a very
    new and fresh way of telling a story, and the characters has
    interesting personalities as well as funny dialogues. Seeing an outcast
    father trying to rescue his daughter hasn’t been so interesting for a
    long time. And btw, I couldn’t compare this to the first ”taken” movie,
    but in its own way it as good if not better than ”taken”.

    Watch it!!!!

  • freddypipedoJune 24, 2016Reply

    What the hell is this?!?

    I don’t know how people is reviewing this movie as a good movie because
    this movie is totally pointless and a big waste of time!

    I think that people rating this movie above 1 or max 2 never seen a
    movie before…. What a horrible waste of time and money !!!

    Acting is bad, plot is bad, story is bad, i mean I really didn’t see
    anything good on this movie.

    1h30 totally wasted ! Stay away from this !

    With so much good movies out there sometimes you someones decides just
    to make an horrible film totally pointless.. I mean, even the (very
    few) action scenes seems so fake.. The main actor seems leaving on
    other planet totally dislodged from the movie and honestly it is really
    one of the worse movies I ever seen on my life. And believe, I’ve seen
    a lot of them !

  • billcr12June 26, 2016Reply

    Rollins Rules

    Henry Rollins of punk rock fame seems made for the big screen, as he
    channels his inner Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson as a no nonsense
    good guy/bad guy vigilante. Jack(Rollins) is a loner who mostly sleeps
    and plays bingo incessantly In between, he is stabbed, shot and
    poisoned along the way. Rollins has a low key demeanor which is beyond
    description. He is also extremely funny with a deadpan comedic delivery
    which reminds me of Steve Martin. The less said about the plot here,
    the better. The title implies the story line, as Jack is very, very
    old. He explains his bizarre history to a waitress about 2/3 of the way
    into the film. This is a highly original script with enough comic
    relief to earn it an 8/10. IMDb tile page informs us of a possible mini
    series based on the movie. I can’t wait for Rollins to bring back Jack
    in the future.

  • reviewthisradioJuly 2, 2016Reply

    NOW I can see Rollins as Negan

    The spousal unit picked this one out and I didn’t think I’d like it.
    Fact is that it carries excellent plot line with a respectable arc, the
    direction is character driven and — believe it or not– the tone of
    the film lends credibility to the theme. This is a film done so much
    better than most out there, that I’d give it ten stars, were it not for
    a little over the top- cliché’ group of antagonists and some problems
    with continuity. The humor in that saved the day, though.

    Knowing that Harold Rollins was the original inspiration for The
    Walking Dead’s original comic book Negan, I was wondering if he’d get
    an audition for the part on the AMC series. Apparently, he did, but
    didn’t quite capture the essence. I love Jeffery Dean Morgan in the
    role but I do think that if Rollins had the time to grow into the part,
    he could have pulled it off. I wasn’t sure how any of that would go as
    I’d only seen him in bit parts and his documentary style TV series
    (which was pretty good) but after seeing this movie, it became clear.

    Looking forward to more from the guy, who never ceases to amaze me. I
    almost feel like I owe HR and apology because I so often –and
    wrongly– underestimate the man.

  • KineticSeoulJuly 3, 2016Reply

    Low budget graphic novel style movie that is actually quite engaging

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nuntius-CaelestisJuly 14, 2016Reply

    Wingless movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jadavixAugust 7, 2016Reply

    Dull, with a charisma-less lead

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hamish-25851August 14, 2016Reply

    Quirky, low-key, strangely charming indie horror comedy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tabunoAugust 28, 2016Reply

    An Amazing Black Comedy

    This is one of the few successful and powerful uses of dark comedy.
    Unlike Miss Meadows (2014), Wild Target (2009), or Violet & Daisy
    (2011), the lead character is supernatural which means the role is more
    nuanced as possible creatures of the netherworld have an even more
    nasty connotation than sympathetic assassins. Henry Rollins own
    performance is on pair with Brad Pitt’s role in Meet Joe Black who
    plays Death in a finely tuned persona and rivalling the haunting and
    very dark, sinister, yet sad performance of Scarlett Johansson in the
    creepy Under The Skin (2013). There are also suggestive elements from
    Constantine (2005) and Satan. The net result of the performance, script
    is an entertainingly funny, yet finely restrained gory movie about the
    soul or lack of one.

  • sufidancer-49659September 7, 2016Reply

    Dark lonely

    I thought the film moved rather slow. It seemed very lethargic and
    lumbering but I could not stop watching. The concept of the a eternally
    damned cannibalistic demon wandering the Earth forever doing nothing
    but hanging out in a dreary apartment and scoring body parts and
    playing bingo is just as good as any other assumptions one could make
    about a cannibalistic demon. I found myself cheering for Rollins and
    wanting things to work out for him despite his revolting atrocious
    behavior. The anti-hero protag here was reluctant and tired. The
    Attractive Waitress with a crush given over to his ”strong quiet type”
    personae was a bit much I believe as most women would of steer well
    clear of anyone looking like Rollins ie: Middle aged graying crew cut
    with in constant need of first aid. But once again I found myself
    cheering Rollins on wanting him to get laid and hoping he would for
    once find some happiness and ride off into the sunset with his newly
    found love. OK,,,OK… I know that was not on the register. So after
    several gratuitous violent scenes where Rollins is mortally wounded and
    yet lives we learn his secrets and they are not that compelling or
    interesting. I am left with the sense of, unresolved sadness, which I
    am certain is the goal. So at the end I am left watching the credits
    still not sure if I liked this film. Maybe it will grow on me.

  • Bwizzle420September 11, 2016Reply

    Rollins shines here in the role that he was born to play

    He never died (2015) directed by Jason Krawcyk is a film about a jaded
    and moody man named Jack (played wonderfully by Henry Rollins), a
    social outcast, he’s thrust out of his comfort zone when the outside
    world bangs on his door and he can’t contain his violent past. I will
    start off by saying that this film is crazy. very unpredictable in the
    sense that we never know what tonal shift the film will take in each
    scene. sometimes the tone shifts several times during one singular
    scene. it does so with such ease that I can’t see how it wouldn’t
    impress even the most harsh critic. one moment it’s subtle and quirky
    dark comedy, the next it’s brutal violence, and then the next scene can
    be heart warming and serious. the script is written with such
    brilliance it’s overwhelming. while not the most complex story with
    intricately structured sub plots, it never disappoints. but in truth
    everything good about the film rides on Rollin’s shoulders, and does he
    ever carry the movie to the heights of excellence. this is truly the
    role that Rollins was born to play and it certainly shows with every
    single scene he’s in. the way he brings new life to a character that
    has been done time and time again is wonderful. this is all topped of
    by some great gore effects and some good acting from Rollins’s
    supporting characters.

    I will say, there was definitely some opportunity to dive deeper into
    Rollins’s character and his story and deepen the over all narrative. I
    would have enjoyed that, and I’m sure many others would have as well.
    also the pacing could have been a little better. some sections seemed
    to drag on a little too long and bogged down the pace at which the
    story was initially being told. it’s hard to really find very many
    flaws with the film. perhaps a more horrifying angle could’ve been
    explored with regards to the revelation of Rollins’s cannibalism. we
    pretty well knew it was to be revealed and I felt it would have been
    better off being more of a surprise rather than something we saw
    coming. so really the only let downs with the film were the wasted
    potential to exploit more of a horrific approach to Rollins’s
    character, some minor pacing issues, and to deepen the story.
    regardless, a fine film in nearly every regard.

    the verdict: 8.5/10

  • abnerwilliamsonSeptember 17, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Modern MonstersSeptember 21, 2016Reply

    Raging Cain

    Plagued by a grindhouse title and your bottom-of-the barrel Netflix
    expectations, He Never Died has everything against it: a vague promise
    of cannibalism, second rate actors, and an opening scene during which
    the director instructed the sound engineer to go full blast ”weird”.
    Fortunately, if one is attuned to language, the title is set in the
    past, which we discover at the end is quite immemorial; this is not
    your run-of- the-mill Jason Statham flick, situated in the present, or
    Heaven forbid, an even more grindhouse fare (with bloody letters and an
    exclamation mark!) that a post-modern writer-director would have spin
    to a lazy studio exec.

    He Never Died is a good movie. Not only he never did, but he never does
    and will never do. He’s one of this cursed characters, unable to escape
    his fate, because this fate has been sealed shut for eternity. Whatever
    he tries to appease a vengeful God is bound to fail, even though the
    man with a funny hat can enjoy his haphazard treat.

    Quite everything is delightful in this movie, from the mute,
    no-nonsense hero to the lovely scenes he manages to extract – with
    minimal effort – from his female co-stars, a rather conventional
    daughter and a glorious diner waitress. All men involved meet their
    prompt demise, because they are scum, the main villain having the worst
    encounter possible, condensed in just one, terrifying syllable.

    Could have we done without the Biblical reference? Maybe. Does it make
    the movie in any way less enjoyable? Hell no. Watch it.

  • gavin6942October 14, 2016Reply

    Generally Pretty Good

    Jack (Henry Rollins) has developed a routine for his life that he
    sticks to in order to avoid giving into the impulse to engage in
    cannibalism. He stays away from society other than regular trips to a
    local diner, bingo games, and to the hospital, where he purchases blood
    from a hospital intern, Jeremy (Booboo Stewart).

    Although there is a little bit of some bad acting (especially
    characters in the first 10 minutes), this seems to clear up. Rollins is
    a dominating force, which is no surprise. He has always been great at
    commanding attention, and this is a character that is well-suited for

    I am confused about this being listed as a comedy. Some reviewers even
    say it is ”laugh out loud funny”, but I just didn’t see it. There are
    some moments of dark humor, but as a whole it really doesn’t play as a
    comedy and I think it would be better if they didn’t suggest that it
    was. Let the film speak for itself.

    Most disappointing is how the film is essentially a pilot for a
    miniseries. I love the characters, love the Biblical themes they were
    going for, but it was clear this movie was not scripted to be wrapped
    up in one movie. If the miniseries were to fall through, the movie
    would suffer as a result. I see that as a shortcoming, though it is one
    that could yet be rectified.

  • Mickael Blanchett ([email protected])October 22, 2016Reply

    ”Biased” review since I booked Actor Steven Ogg on that movie

    I must say that I was not expecting that much from this film. When I
    was on set, (Alpine Studio, Toronto: Awesome studio by the way) – I
    realized the quality and professionalism of the crew. Still, although
    Henry Rollins and Ogg performances were very good – I still had my

    Then the movie got released, and I was really impressed by this ”in
    between two worlds ” atmosphere of the movie. Some critics complained
    about a ”vague” scenario leaving up to many questions about the details
    of Rollins role. Well. in my opinion – this is the main reason I was
    impressed by the film. Unlike Batman vs Superman… sometimes it’s
    better to let the people use their imagination which often result in a
    obvious better film experience overall.

    I recommend this movie for it’s quality of the script and the
    impressive visual result. You won’t be disappointed. Best, Mickael
    Blanchett . Twitter: @NewYorkActing

  • Anssi VartiainenJanuary 24, 2017Reply

    Very good, but hard to categorize

    A middle-aged man lives a lonely life. And it is pretty much the most
    boring one possible. Every day he goes to a diner where he orders a
    vegetarian meal using as few words as possible. He watches a lot of
    television and sleeps a lot. Once or twice a week he might go and play
    bingo in the local church but only using two cards because he doesn’t
    want to keep track of more. But, his dreams are riddled with screams
    and moans of agony, his past life still haunting him, and every now and
    then he buys a mysterious package from a hospital intern. Our story
    starts as he meets an unexpected figure connected with his past, just
    as a few tough guys come knocking on his door wanting to know the
    whereabouts of his most recent dealer slash package deliverer.

    It’s also possible that I’m going to say too much during this review.
    It really is a film worth seeing knowing as little as possible. Trust
    me when I say it’s good and go see it.

    Because it is one of the most intense and brutal films I’ve seen in
    recent years. The story behind this lone man unfolds slowly, and it’s
    not at all what you’d expect. It’s pretty hard to define what this film
    is. It’s a genre film, but not in a way that’s going to bother anyone.
    It’s a crime film, but not in the usual sense. It’s even comedic,
    mostly due to Henry Rollins’ deadpan delivery in the midst of all the
    brutality. It’s themes are sin, the burden of the past, even family
    obligations in a certain sense. It’s biblical. Perhaps even vampiric,
    but only on a thematic level.

    Henry Rollin’ performance keeps it all together. Some would probably
    say that the film is so over the top that it’s comedy, but I don’t
    really get that from this film. It has good laughs in it, but the
    humour is rather dark and comes from Rollins’ unflappable demeanour.
    The film is filled with brutal imagery, but it is not too gory for most
    viewers. It doesn’t feast on the gore, like some slasher films.

    All in all, definitely a film that surprised me with its quality.

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