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May. 28, 2016 Japan99 Min.
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8.9 1,511 votes

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Gaku Hamada isSusumu Okada
Susumu Okada
Go Morita isShoichi Morita
Shoichi Morita
Tsuyoshi Muro isYuji Ando
Yuji Ando


Susumu Okada (Gaku Hamada) is an ordinary man who works cleaning a building. Susumu’s colleague asks Susumu to be a cupid of love between himself and cafe worker Yuka (Aimi Satsukawa). When Susumu goes to the cafe where Yuka works at, he meets Shoichi Morita (Go Morita). Susumu and Shoichi Morita went to the same high school. Yuka, though, informs Susumu that Shoichi is stalking her.

Original titleヒメアノ~ル
IMDb Rating7.1 272 votes

(6) comments

  • tenshi_ippikiookamiDecember 2, 2016Reply

    Dark, awkward, disturbing and funny

    ”Himeanole” is one of the most awkward movies I have ever seen, one
    that jumps from funny, hilarious, to dark, disturbing and creepy all
    through its running time, sometimes even in the same scene.

    It even starts that way, with Gaku Hamada’s Okada discovering that his
    co-worker, Ando, is infatuated with waitress Yuka, who seems to be also
    drawing the attention of a ‘yanki’ ( a Japanese slang word that is used
    to describe young men with not much to do and that look shady, and
    delinquent-looking), who surprisingly enough is Okada’s old classmate
    Morita. From that moment we get strange moment after strange moment,
    Ando pressuring Okada to discover if Yuka has a boyfriend, and Yuka
    being scared because it seems Morita has been stalking her. All the
    while Okada and Yuka become friends. It sounds weird, and we get lots
    of awkward moments, as Ando stalks Okada and Yuka, people behave very
    strangely, and all around creepy situations.

    But that is only the beginning of the story, and kudos to everyone
    involved for making the film navigate through its very different and
    varied tones without losing its cohesion and the viewer’s interest. The
    movie is full of surprising moments and twists, the acting is good, the
    direction secured and everyone gets interesting and twisted character
    developments. It is a very interesting look into the human psyche, the
    plot giving a lot of time to the reasons behind every character’s
    action or belief. It offers a very dark view of humanity in some
    moments, but at some others a very touching one, and it is thoughtful
    all through.

    ”Himeanole” is as strange as they come, but it is a movie with its
    heart in the right place, and that offers a palette of colors, instead
    of staying in dichotomies. Surprising and totally worth your time.

  • Alain KapelDecember 6, 2016Reply

    One of the best thrillers of the year

    I really enjoyed this from beginning to end. It ranks among the best
    serial-killer thrillers in the past 5-10 years in my opinion. The
    greatest thing is that it initially plays like an innocent, albeit
    strange comedy/drama about two weirdos trying to get to a likable
    waitress. The serial-killer angle rears its head after the 40-minute
    mark and it is so well paced that you naturally accept the proceedings
    and just go with it.

    It kinda resembled Korean movies in its stylish execution of the
    thriller elements, without skipping on any gore during the killings.
    And it definitely gets brutal so be prepared. I won’t spoil much but
    note that the movie doesn’t leave out any quality drama either, not
    even during the climax which is emotional as much as it is hard

    If you like extreme Asian thrillers like I Saw the Devil or Killers,
    definitely check this out as well.

  • sitenoiseJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    In a year of big important films I was supposed to like and didn’t like, I needed this.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • plsletitrainJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    The Movie outdoes itself in so many aspects

    Straightforward. That’s everything this movie is about. It doesn’t hold
    back and couldn’t care less if you puke at the sight of a brutal
    killing. Just when you thought you’ve seen enough, you’re mistaken. The
    movie continues to astonish the viewers in so many ways. You can
    applaud at it for its brutality. Or applaud it for its guts. And it was

    The runtime is not that long, and every moment was well-spent and
    utilized. If you can’t stand extreme gore, then you might want to avoid
    this. But if you can, just for the sake of art appreciation, go watch
    this. This is a hidden gem I’m glad to have seen.

    Bonus point for the scene where the title is introduced. Its not done
    either at the start or end, but in the middle. Right after an erotic
    bed scene. With some captivating background music. That alone makes
    this movie great. Plus superb performance from Morita, who looks
    exactly like the stalker you fear, this movie will give you the creeps.

  • HombredelfuturoFebruary 1, 2017Reply

    beware about the people past

    Sometimes you lose sometimes you win; but seems that these things are
    not under your own power or in your hands; always some one do a move
    then you automatically be pushed to be a winner or a loser. In this
    case, the relationships are very complicated more if you are the loser
    and keep all those bad feelings inside you for long time; then someday
    you need to let it escape somehow; problem is that if you are/were the
    loser and also the weaker; the escape (and the revenge) normally have a
    higher dose of violence than what you received.

    The actors are very well chosen for their roles. The camera work is on
    its pace with the scenes.

    The violence looks like a real violence and the psycho looks like that.
    Pretty good movie.

  • nohemig_karlaFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    An ugly movie

    This is an ugly movie. The kind that makes you feel depressed and
    hopeless… but it’s pretty good! In my opinion, this movie is actual,
    real horror. No ghosts, no ‘creatures,’ just broken humans; and that
    makes it all the more horrifying. Don’t be fooled by the slow start,
    once it picks up, you won’t be able to stop watching. It’s disturbing,
    mildly gory, creepy, and the acting is great! The story-telling is
    great, the pacing is great, it’s an overall good movie; and I guarantee
    you won’t be able to forget about it for quite some time.

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