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Silence can be killerMar. 12, 2016 USA81 Min.R
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A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.

Original titleHush
IMDb Rating6.6 46,024 votes
TMDb Rating6.8 600 votes

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  • writeractor-979-344542April 8, 2016Reply

    A Very Amazing Take on an Overused and Dying Subgenre

    We’ve all seen an home-invasion thriller/horror. There are lots of bad
    ones but they’re has been some good ones in recent years (You’re Next
    was a great home-invasion film with a twist). Now this film is
    INCREDIBLE. It has superb acting (especially from Kate Siegel, she
    really blew me away, it shows you don’t need dialogue to be a great
    actor), it has interesting sound design, it’s greatly filmed and it was
    so suspenseful. I can’t remember a last time where a horror film has
    kept me on the edge of my seat. Now many people are comparing this film
    to You’re Next and The Strangers. Now while The Strangers and this film
    are technically more ‘scary’ than You’re Next, I would say this movie
    is as great as them. A thing that really surprised me was how I was
    NEVER bored. It kept my attention all the way through, I really cared
    about the character and I was surprised on how they didn’t hold back on
    the violence which is always a plus. There was a scene (which I won’t
    spoil) that was so hard-to- watch that I covered my mouth. This movie
    could’ve defiantly be released in theaters and it’s one you should
    watch with an audience or a group of friends. Make sure you turn up the
    volume and watch it on a dark scary night. Thrilling and scary, Hush is
    a winner for a modern horror classic.

  • Cameron MooreApril 8, 2016Reply

    A Very Clever Take on the ”Home Invasion” Sub-Genre

    To make this short and sweet, all I need to say is watch this movie.
    Watch it with a big group of people.

    It takes a very simple plot and makes it into a very well-thought out
    horror movie.

    The opening scenes effectively establish Maddie’s story to allow the
    audience to get to know and care for the character.

    Once the masked killer arrives, it begins as your typical cat-and-mouse
    game seen in every home invasion movie. The main character being deaf
    does allow a fresh spin on this game though. And without giving much
    away, the movie slowly begins to evolve into a very tense, fun ride.

    Not to mention the superb acting from Kate Siegel, given the fact that
    she was only able to use sign language and other resources as a form of
    communication. You wonder throughout the film what you would do in her
    shoes, and you may be surprised by the logic and resourcefulness of
    some of her decisions.

    There are several moments that would likely get an audience riled up,
    so grab a big group of friends and enjoy.

  • tanpurepiyushApril 9, 2016Reply

    Held my breath till the credits rolled!

    Rating a 9 because it cant be any less!! I remember watching the
    trailer of the movie and I thought maybe its just the trailer thats
    good, until….i Saw this movie today!!

    The actress who played the lead is so amazing as an actress and i hope
    to see more of her in the future!! Unlike other movies from this genre,
    it did not appear anything extra anywhere at all and felt more real.

    The serial killer as well was amazing played by the actor!

    I held on to my breath till the credits started rolling and I am still
    in that mood of the film created by it.

    The lighting, the cinematography, the acting, direction is just so
    right up to the mark!

    These kinda gems come only once in a while! I hope the team is reading
    this review someday 🙂

    Guys you did an AMAZING job and this has been one of the most perfect
    horror/thrillers I have recently watched! The kinda film that will
    always be remembered once you watch it.

  • smokeyj-28697April 9, 2016Reply

    Great Scary Movie

    I thought Hush was one of the best Horror movies I’ve seen in years. It
    reminded me of Wait Until Dark but with a deaf victim instead of a
    blind one. I really cared about the main character and all the actors
    did a fine job. I’ve been off work this week and have been catching up
    on all the movies on Netflix. Most of the time I don’t expect much,
    especially from the direct to video movies. Every once in a while you
    come across a gem. This movie was very well photographed also. There
    are no scenes so dark that you can’t figure out what is going on. I
    hate that in so many horror movies.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies without
    anything unbelievable in them like ghosts or monsters.

  • Jake AhpeatoneApril 10, 2016Reply

    Dripping with tension and suspense. Great performances. A very good horror/thriller.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The premise has been done a million
    times before, but it is delivered very effectively here. There were
    multiple times throughout this movie that I felt genuinely stressed
    out. I was on the edge of my seat for much of the run time. There is
    real suspense to be had here, as the film strays away from cheap

    The actors are all fantastic. Kate Siegel manages to pull off a stellar
    performance with practically no dialogue. You really care for her
    character and are rooting for her the entire time. John Gallagher Jr.
    is the best I’ve ever seen him. This is, hands down, his best
    performance. (granted, I’ve only seen three of his films.) He’s very
    creepy and intimidating.

    Props to the director for making this simple premise so effective. Mike
    Flanagan is, no doubt, very talented and I’m excited to see what he
    does in the future.

    Watch this film if you want some genuine tension and suspense. It’s a
    very decent horror film.


  • hawjApril 10, 2016Reply

    CREEPY…very well made film

    The only reason why I didn’t give it a 10 is that I HATE horror movies
    especially when it involves brutal killing, but I ”watched” it with my
    husband (who’s a sucker for them). I only watched the first maybe 15
    minutes (when it was less tense), then I couldn’t watch it anymore.
    Instead, I just listened. What I noticed was that there was less sound
    than most horror/thriller movies. Usually, music/sound takes over tense
    scenes and the music kinda tells you what’s going to happen next, but
    not this one, which made it even more tense because you really have no
    idea what’s gonna happen. Most of the time, I only remember hearing
    heavy breathing, footsteps, organic sounds produced by
    objects…etc…not much music/post sound effects (that I could
    remember). That played to the fact that the main character is deaf,
    which helped you care for her. It felt like YOU were in her shoes and
    you literally were terrified. My husband (who’s a big fan of these
    movies) really enjoyed it. It was well made and the cast couldn’t have
    been better. I’m still paranoid by it!

  • erolsabadoshApril 10, 2016Reply


    The film started off quite well from the outset, with a nice setup.
    Having the main character be deaf is interesting, but unfortunately it
    doesn’t pay off very well. There’s not much buildup to the game of cat
    and mouse that makes up the bulk of the story and so the viewer is
    thrust into the action in a way that seriously lessens its impact.
    There are flashes of promise in the first ten or so minutes but after
    that it’s a fairly clichéd survival horror that doesn’t offer anything
    spectacular. Some fleeting moments of tension and shock make it worth a
    one time watch if you’re curious, but don’t go into it with high

  • thesar-2April 10, 2016Reply

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tnishiadiaApril 11, 2016Reply

    Too many holes !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • midas-jacobsApril 11, 2016Reply

    A good Horror movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jtindahouseApril 11, 2016Reply

    Perfect horror film making

    I remember in 2008 when ‘The Strangers’ came out, sitting in the
    theatre and just thinking how great of a concept this was. A killer/s
    with no apparent motive who are in complete control. It made for a very
    tense and affective horror movie. A planned sequel is still yet to be
    released. ‘Hush’ is a very similar movie, with an even more helpless
    victim, a deaf woman. Does it still work 8 years later? It does. The
    shock of a killer with the audacity to walk straight into the victim’s
    house and stand watching her without her realising remains a very
    powerful thing to watch. Too many horror/thriller movies these days are
    trying to speed up the action (take the ‘Friday the 13th’ remake in
    2009 for example where ‘Jason’ even runs) and are consequently losing
    the thing that makes horror great – tension. Look at the original
    ‘Halloween’ by John Carpenter, a studio would never let you make a
    horror film that slowly paced in this day and age, and yet ‘Halloween’
    is considered one of the greatest horror films of all time.

    That’s not to say ‘Hush’ is a slow film, it isn’t. In fact I’d suggest
    the pacing was nearly perfect for what it was trying to achieve. Kate
    Siegel gives a great performance in the lead role. I genuinely liked
    her and cared for her character, another thing frequently found lacking
    in modern horror – likable characters. The thing I liked the most about
    the entire film though was the thought in the back of my mind that no
    character was safe, and there was nothing that couldn’t happen. I had
    no idea whether I was in for a ”happy” ending or not. I love that in a
    horror movie and if it isn’t there, at least to some extent, I won’t be
    having a good time. Altogether a very fine effort.

  • KineticSeoulApril 12, 2016Reply

    Decent short thriller.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mat SApril 12, 2016Reply

    Fuse box.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pmudgal_dksApril 12, 2016Reply

    This movie is perfect.

    A MUST SEE GEM of a movie. This is one of those movies that gets

    you in every aspects and it surely succeeds too. This movie is perfect.

    for guys like me , who just wanna see one great horror thriller in
    today’s time of drama,comedy,or marvel age 😀 (no offense there to any
    fans) but you guys got the idea. This movie is scary and a joyride to
    watch at the same time, It lets you feel for the actors but doesn’t
    keep you from not having fun. It lets you guess whats going to happen
    and than prove you wrong not much movies are able to achieve that in
    recent times especially a horror/thriller movie. And the actors have
    done a great job too. Bang on target emotions and just great stuff.

    Final verdict AWESOME so go watch this one you won’t regret a single
    second of it.

  • Victor SehlinApril 12, 2016Reply

    One of the best thrillers of time ever.

    This is absolutely one of the best thrillers i even seen. I could
    actually hear my own heart bumps most time of the movie going. But I
    would be really thankful for a better explanation for the movie, but I
    guess it’s on your own head to think about what causes this. I will
    never move to an dark forest after seeing this movie, never.

    The only thing that was pretty annoying, it was a bit to quite here and
    then, almost fall in sleep after I accepted the horror in the movie.

    Anyway, the actors were so good in this movie. I could really feel the
    fear in me, as I looked into the girl’s eyes. Amazing acting from the
    psycho and the woman! But the beginning and to halfway, oh my god, so
    good! Great movie!

  • Andrew GoldApril 14, 2016Reply

    Silent chiller with great acting and an excellent premise.

    ‘Hush’ is a lot like ‘The Strangers’, except instead of strangers
    plural it’s only one man, and instead of a husband and wife being
    terrorized it’s a deaf and mute recluse. It’s very tense and cleverly
    written bar a few cliché tropes that come with this kind of movie. It
    also has a minimal synth score, something I notice more and more horror
    movies are utilizing – ‘You’re Next’, ‘It Follows’ – to give it an ’80s
    classic slasher atmosphere. It’s hard to even call it horror though as
    it offers far more thrills than actual scares. I was thoroughly
    satisfied watching this movie. It’s constantly engaging, and that has a
    lot to do with the terrific performances of both the man and Maggie,
    and there are a few scenes that are genuinely depraved and chilling. It
    doesn’t break any new ground, but following ‘The Babadook’ and ‘It
    Follows’, ‘Hush’ continues to reinspire the subtle, quiet corner of the
    genre and bodes well for the future of psychological thrillers. Highly

  • Matt_LaydenApril 14, 2016Reply

    A Decent Twist On A Formulaic Genre.

    Mike Flanagan is one for two in my books. His first big film was
    Absentia, which was a slow boring mess of a film. Interesting ideas,
    but nothing much else was going on in the film. His second output was a
    vast improvement, Oculus. Flanagan showed promise and improvement,
    which made me interested in seeing what else he had for future
    projects. Well, he has two films coming out in 2016 and I want to talk
    about Hush, his take on the home invasion sub-genre.

    Home invasion films have been done to death. Some are great (You’re
    Next), some are tolerable (The Strangers) and some are downright
    terrible (When A Stranger Calls, 2006). So how does one make their home
    invasion film stand out from the rest? There has to be some twist on
    the story to make it memorable. You’re Next was a great deconstruction
    of the genre itself and had the heroine be a survival specialist. The
    twist Hush brings us lies in the fact that our protagonist if
    completely deaf.

    The key element that makes or breaks this film is the sound design. I
    felt like the crew pulled it off and we have a solid thriller on our
    hands here. Maddie is a deaf author and she has secluded herself in a
    house in the woods to write her next book. Problems arise when someone
    outside her house decides to play a deadly game with Maddie and know
    she has to keep him out and escape alive. Again, this is a simple
    premise that is only made interesting by the fact that she is deaf and
    how the filmmakers decide to handle that aspect of the story.

    While the film does inevitably go down routine routes with the story,
    Flanagan does so with skill and finesse. Multiple times throughout the
    film we are in Maddie’s shoes as Flanagan completely mutes the audio.
    We see the terror happening behind her, but we cannot hear it. He can
    be entering the house at any point and we will not know. Flanagan
    manages to seep the viewer in suspense throughout the whole film and
    while there are some gory and squeamish scenes, he doesn’t rely on
    them. They feel real and earned. Looking back at the film there are
    multiple sequences where I was taken back or had a huge grin on my face
    with the ingenuity of it all.

    People will ultimately try to find inconsistencies with how the film
    handles the deaf aspect. I had maybe one issue myself, but can look
    past it for the benefit of the enjoyment I ultimately had because of
    the film. With a small cast of only four people and hardly any dialogue
    (maybe 15 minutes total?) Hush is a well crafted film that earns a
    viewing from anyone who likes this genre.

  • NDbportmanfanApril 14, 2016Reply

    Bland and Not Very Believable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • captaintinkApril 15, 2016Reply


    It takes a lot to hold my attention and this movie didn’t do it. Like
    his other movies there were a lot of flaws which for me drew me out of
    the movie. Now if you’re the type who can sit and watch a movie without
    arguing about the flaws and non-realism for a realistic movie then it
    won’t matter.

    As far as home invasion thrillers go it’s not bad but I’ve seen better
    and I spent most of the time wondering what the characters were doing.

    If you don’t like supernatural horror movies and you don’t think too
    much while watching a movie then it’s probably great for you. Otherwise
    find another thriller.

  • robertmapesApril 15, 2016Reply

    Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • davejderisiApril 15, 2016Reply

    A thought provoking and very scary horror movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alanramirez1April 15, 2016Reply

    An amazing ride

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shv_chanchalApril 16, 2016Reply

    Fake reviews!! get some dignity…

    This movie is down right stupid. An amateur work of cinema. Its a waste
    of time for anyone to even critique about it.

    What pisses me off is that there are all these fake reviews going up
    from people who joined IMDb like 4-5 days after the films release.

    There is just no point of looking at new releases and expecting an
    honest recommendation. IMDb is just good for finding older movies and
    seeing how recent Mega-block busters rank in the box office.

    The first 30-40 reviews for less popular movies are always fake. lol…
    well all that being said, there is nothing to comment about this movie.
    Its simply amateur and a waste of time.

  • Dan HardenApril 16, 2016Reply

    A Deafening Silence

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • moeveezApril 16, 2016Reply

    they didn’t shush hush form a rush

    Take a good script, take less than a handful of actors who can act, one
    location and a director who knows how to direct.

    I was captivated as soon as the movie started…it just had my full
    attention from the beginning and more even so till the end.

    Even the ending was very well thought out. As soon as the movie starts
    you will learn very quickly what the main character is about.

    At that point i thought where the movie was going and i could predict
    the rest of the whole thing.

    Luckely i was wrong and i kept me guessing. Without being disappointed
    i finished the story and i must say….what a rush. Big thumps up!

  • ajith vargheseApril 16, 2016Reply

    Bone Chilling and Gut Wrenching Thriller at its best!!

    Before I even talk about this movie a standing applause to Mike
    Flanagan and Kate Siegel for this movie! Wherever you are, if you’re
    reading my comment, please let me know how I can contribute to help you
    make more movies as this one swept me off my feet, Totally!!! Right
    from the beginning to the very end until the titles rolled out, was
    intense tension and edge of the seat scenes. The lead actress did a
    brilliant job and so did everyone else. The location, camera work,
    background music, sound effects..everything was just top notch! This is
    exactly how a thriller movie should be made and those aspiring
    directors must learn from the way this movie was made. The script is
    also rare and well written. A deaf and mute girl in the woods, attacked
    by a stalker! Good God almighty!, they certainly made the best of this
    script. I would recommend this movie to anyone any day and also ensure
    I buy a Blue Ray print of its copy.

    To all those who like real thrillers, the likes of real home invasion,
    this is a MUST WATCH AT ANY COST! 10/10 and Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseeee
    Give me more of these!!!!!

  • Byff ArlingtonApril 16, 2016Reply

    A movie that goes from scary, to viewer-confused and then to ludicrous.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • just_in_caseApril 16, 2016Reply

    Absolutely awesome, hard to find words

    Definitely not a horror movie. If you’re expecting serial killer
    torture porn, this ain’t it. Very old school thriller genre. There’s
    very little gore.

    It’s pretty simple premise, the deaf mute aspect of it isn’t used in
    any cliché way it merely adds to the perspective. In a weird way it
    sort of forces you into her shoes since there’s almost no dialog
    everything is told through sound and cinematography. From a vocal
    perspective the tables are turned in that the killer does most of the
    talking, because he’s fascinated by this woman who becomes his prey by
    mere happenstance but in fact she proves herself far more capable than
    you’d expect. If I could think of a movie that this most reminds me of
    it would be some combination of ”The Collector” and ”Panic room”. I
    really can’t think of anything to complain about. On a side note
    whoever came up with that credits theme. Wow after such an exhausting
    experience that was perfect just perfect.

  • horcrux2007April 16, 2016Reply

    Hush (2016)

    Mike Flanagan is a director to keep his eye on, especially with the
    long-delayed Before I Wake. His knack for taking familiar horror tropes
    and adding a little twist to them has allowed him to make some of the
    best psychological horror films of the past few years in Oculus,
    Absentia and now Hush. Hush takes the ever-popular home invasion trope
    and adds an interesting surprise to the plot: the main character is
    deaf. This makes for some incredibly intense sequences where someone
    who can hear could easily get out of the situation, and she has to rely
    only her sight and touch to survive the night. Even if the home
    invasion plot doesn’t offer much new, there are some incredibly
    original sequences that arise due to her disability. Also, the intruder
    cut the lights to the house, so she can hardly use her eyesight to help
    her anyway. The deaf woman, Maddie, is an author, so she has to come up
    with several different endings to her books and decide on the right
    one. She does this several times in the movie when trying to figure out
    how to get out alive including one part that provides one of the best
    shocks in the movie. Mike Flanagan creates a home invasion thriller
    that distinguishes itself from the pack by being both original and
    brutally effective.

  • valleyjohnApril 16, 2016Reply

    One question. Why?

    Hush is the story of a deaf woman who lives in a remote house in the
    woods who one night is suddenly confronted by a masked murderer with a
    crossbow. And that’s it. There is no explanation as to who this guy is
    and why he want’s her dead but you just know he does and you have to
    roll with it. Of coarse he has to wear the obligatory silly mask and
    despite killing others with no thought , he wants to play a game with
    this woman instead of just bumping her off. It’s your typical Friday
    the 13th type psycho Slasher and nothing more. It’s not terrible but
    it’s not a film that will stay with you for too long either. Thankfully
    it’s just 82 minutes long.

  • deeduh-kingApril 16, 2016Reply

    What’s With The Hate?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mhsixApril 17, 2016Reply


    Honestly, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, horror or
    not. 5 stars, 100%.

    I didn’t even realise there were only 5 characters throughout the whole
    thing until the credits, I was so hooked. Neither have I been so
    attached to a character in a long time and was legitimately scared for
    her. Truthfully, a lot of what happened was just lucky but it was still
    an amazing experience and an incredible movie to watch. It’s way more
    realistic than most horror movies as it’s not based on the
    supernatural, which only made it better in my opinion. This movie is a
    one in a million find and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • ArgemalucoApril 18, 2016Reply


    For his third film (after the extraordinary Absentia and the brilliant
    Oculus), director Mike Flanagan decided to leave the supernatural
    subjects aside in order to focus on a more realistic, but not less
    terrifying because of that, story. The result is Hush, a fascinating
    horror movie with an excellent screenplay, good performances and
    perfect direction. Co-screenwriters Flanagan and Kate Siegel (who was
    also the main actress) built a solid fusion of character and suspense,
    dedicated to impulse the story with each scene. Before watching Hush, I
    felt some distrust because of its ”domestic invasion” sub-genus, one of
    the horror formulas I find the most monotonous and tiring. Fortunately,
    Flanagan and Siegel distilled the basic components of it in order to
    eliminate any unnecessary element, transmitting the simple but powerful
    fear of the hunter and the prey… but without sacrificing the
    ingenuity of a logical and well planned story. On the negative side,
    some small details of the screenplay could have been better polished,
    but that’s widely compensated by the many pros this movie has to offer.
    By the way, the ”disabled woman tormented at her home” concept evoke
    memories of the classic film Wait Until Dark, but Hush is very
    different on tone and atmosphere… more violent and more emotional at
    the same time, something which is complemented by the brilliant
    performances from Siegel and John Gallagher Jr. And even though Hush
    displays a bit of blood in some scenes, the most important thing is the
    personal drama, and not the special effects. Flanagan has always
    handled that formula during his brief but distinguished filmography.
    And even though I keep thinking that Absentia is his best film so far,
    Hush deserves a very enthusiastic recommendation, because its
    combination of suspense, psychological dread and sporadic violence
    captures the elegant simplicity of the horror which doesn’t need
    unnecessary complications or happy endings.

  • BA_HarrisonApril 18, 2016Reply

    Deaf and very dumb.

    As the result of a bout of meningitis at the age of 13, author Maddie
    (Kate Siegel) is now unable to hear or speak. One evening, while
    struggling to write the ending to her latest book, she comes
    face-to-face with a psychopath (John Gallagher Jr.) armed with a knife
    and crossbow…

    I have to question the wisdom of an attractive deaf and mute woman
    opting to live alone in an isolated house in the middle of the woods
    without any form of self-protection: doing so makes her dumb in more
    ways than one. She’s not alone in her idiocy, though, because the men
    in this film make equally bad decisions—choices that prove very costly
    indeed. The attacker frequently allows opportunities for his victims to
    gain the upper hand, despite supposedly being experienced at the
    killing game, while neighbour John (Michael Trucco), who comes looking
    for his missing girlfriend Sarah (Samantha Sloyan), clearly possesses
    the IQ of a potato: he actually believes that the bad guy is a cop,
    despite him looking more like a textbook criminal than a lawman
    (unshaven, wearing a hoodie and sporting a neck tattoo).

    Although directed with style by Mike Flanagan (Absentia, Oculus), and
    well acted by its limited cast, Hush is still plot-hole ridden,
    derivative dreck that delivers very little in the way of innovation,
    save for a single scene where Maddie uses her analytical writer’s mind
    to run through the potential scenarios and come up with a plan. She
    opts to fight, which leads to the inevitable bloody showdown that, once
    again, offers nothing new to the home invasion genre.

  • filip-hogbomApril 19, 2016Reply

    Not a perfect home invasion-film, but a good one!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanApril 19, 2016Reply

    The silence deafens my ears…….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adalrivas-17022April 20, 2016Reply

    Hush takes the home invasion/slasher concept we’ve seen a million time before, and adds a unique twist on it which enables for some heart-pounding and tense situations.

    Hush is an exceptionally tense thriller that consists of a plot we’ve
    seen a million times before. However, it is presented with a refreshing
    twist that enables new situations of heart-pounding intensity to be

    The high level of suspense found in this movie is primarily achieved
    through to Flanagan’s clever direction, and use of silence as a crucial
    horror element. Kate Siegel’s fantastic performance also helps set the
    tense atmosphere, as her character’s hearing disability pushes her to
    think outside the box and find clever ways to fend off the psychotic
    killer in her home.

    The good aspects in this movie greatly overshadow the negative, which
    there are only a few of. John Gallagher Jr.’s performance as the
    antagonist is only passable, as a more compelling villain could have
    brought an interesting layer to the movie’s rather simplistic story.
    However, the movie is well aware that it’s a simple, tense slasher
    film, and doesn’t go out of its way to become anything more. This
    allows for more time to be spent on developing the intensity of the
    situations presented in the film.

    Overall, Hush is a solid film that any suspense/horror fan must see.
    Though it does have its few and minor flaws, the films direction and
    premise quickly overshadow them, as the viewer is drawn in for a
    familiar experience, that at the same time feels new and refreshing.

  • yairsmApril 20, 2016Reply

    Great movie similar to ”Wait Until Dark”, but with an original twist

    For some reason on IMDb, horror movies get a lot of hate and tend to be
    rated lower for whatever reason. This movie deserves at least a 7
    average to be fair. It was truly a scary movie, however it was more
    suspense throughout than horror. The suspense was maintained constantly
    until the end of the movie, and the ending was really fantastic, job
    well done. It didn’t become too silly or ridiculous like some people
    are saying, it was actually very reasonable and believable, not the
    type where you yell at the TV throughout; ”you stupid person!” The only
    downside was that the movie was too dark at times to see anything, so
    at some points it was difficult to discern what was going on, but other
    than that it was wonderful! Highly recommended!

  • quincytheodoreApril 20, 2016Reply

    A fine night for home invasion without missing a beat

    ”Hush” is a stellar example of how to create intense thriller with
    simple premise. It starts with a small cast and modest runtime, but it
    capitalizes on every chance to instill any available tension. The deaf
    main protagonist presents exactly this kind of opportunity to exploit
    the already volatile situation into uniquely compelling sequences.

    Kate Siegel as the hearing impaired heroine is trapped on her own house
    by a stalker. This is not the typical slasher with random scrabbling or
    plate tossing. It’s a meticulously drawn condition with grave danger on
    every step. This might give the movie slightly slow pace, but Kate
    Siegel performs admirably as the lead.

    She works by gestures nearly the entire time, the movie sets this up
    pretty well with opening intro of her interacting with her neighbor.
    There are clear signs of panic as she goes through the night and her
    survival odd dwindles. It’s also a clever way to present the perimeter
    around the house without the protagonist being too conveniently saved
    or stupid for the sake of plot.

    With a shorter than average runtime, ”Hush” gives out the very essence
    of thriller movie, it’s enjoyably riveting with carefully crafted

  • omorg-pubApril 21, 2016Reply

    original, suspenseful, best in years

    kate seigel is the bomb. there are a few goofs; she’s supposed to be
    deaf and mute, but there are some very subtle articulations that made
    it through editing. nothing that threatens suspension of disbelief too
    much, and does not detract from the suspense.

    this does not give anything away particularly but the killer’s mask is
    only too creepy, far scarier than any menacing clown or hockey mask
    could ever be.

    there are unexpected turns of events.

    good casting, great performances, extremely well edited considering the
    near absence of dialogue–the pace and timing will not let you down.
    absolutely ten stars, a gem in its genre.

  • theresaniksickApril 21, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie, I give it a 10

    This movie was awesome, I have never posted a review but had to sign up
    and post one because of the bad and mediocre reviews, I thought this
    movie was brilliant! I’ve never heard of Kate Siegel before and thought
    she was superb as well as the psycho guy in the movie, this movie kept
    me at the edge of my seat and left me wanted more. It’s refreshing to
    see a movie that’s not all blood and gore and the same boring stuff
    over and over and over again. Hope to see more of Kate Siegel in future
    movies. I was skeptical after reviewing the star ratings (I never read
    the reviews because of the spoilers) So I would definitely give this
    movie a try and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed or
    bored, I know I wasn’t and have already watched it 3 times LOL

  • swillikyApril 21, 2016Reply

    Hush is a decent horror movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • natekowalskitattooApril 21, 2016Reply

    Awful, that’s all I have to say.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • witster18April 21, 2016Reply

    I can’t keep quiet.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nicholas-62039April 22, 2016Reply

    I made an IMDb just for this movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kildliApril 22, 2016Reply

    Terrible, I had to forward it to ending.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dudeitslambApril 23, 2016Reply

    Hush is ‘Censored’

    So here’s the thing. Hush is ‘Censored’.

    That’s it, unless you personally enjoy my writing/commentary – your
    journey has come to an end. It’s ‘Censored’.

    Not because of the premise. The premise is decent. Missing one of our
    five senses is something we rarely think about and certainly would
    prefer not to. So the main chick is deaf. She’s also a little
    ‘censored’. Both of those are handicaps in their own right (though
    ‘censored’ is only a handicap if you’re not hot enough to pull it
    off…. and she isn’t, so… whatever). Typical trope: psycho,
    knife/crossbow (it doesn’t matter so long as it’s something that kills
    brutally) and an isolated maiden. More so because she can’t hear. Blah,
    blah, blah – who gives a ‘censored’? The bad guy is marginally
    intimidating for all of three minutes, then shows his face and runs his
    mouth and loses all intimation factor. ”Can you read my lips?”; maybe,
    if they weren’t hanging open like a ‘censored’ flytrap and glistening
    with drool because you’re a functional ‘censored’ who looks like he
    worships Eminem and sagged his pants at his uppity private school.
    Seriously, the clerk at my local 7-11 would beat this ‘censored’
    ‘censored’ to death with his own femur. To the actor; you have a
    ‘censored’ face. You look like a ‘censored’. I’m a ‘censored’ and upon
    seeing your face, instantly knew I would be able to ‘censored’ you up.

    Frankly, it kills the movie. And I know he’s a ‘censored’ because no
    director in their right mind, even the ‘censored’ dumbest, would cast
    him as a bad guy. Which someone did, therein indicating he ‘censored
    the meanest ‘censored’ this side of the Atlantic. Kid must do full
    ‘cradle’ – ‘censored’ and ‘censored’. There’s no other way someone
    thought he would make a ‘bad guy’… the ‘censored’ at Costco who you
    saw kicking a puppy, then darting off in his mom’s Jetta blaring
    ‘censored’ rap… maybe, just maybe.

    I didn’t even finish the movie from this point. Like, my shirt rode up
    a little high for my comfort while I was sitting there watching it and
    in the time it took me to tug it back down, I’d already arrived at
    ”censored’itville’ for this flick.

    In summary; decent (the same way Trump is a ‘decent’ candidate for
    president) premise and horrible casting. Checking my balance at an ATM
    is more suspenseful than this ‘censored’ venture. To the director or
    writer, whatever: should have kept the mask on your boy. Bet he brushes
    with a Maxi-pad… ‘censored’ ‘censored’ face.

    Excuse the ‘censored’; apparently IMDb believes in censorship, not

  • adam531982April 23, 2016Reply

    One Of The Best Thrillers I’ve Ever Seen

    Wow. Talk about a ride. Without giving anything away that you can’t
    read in the blurb up top, she’s a deaf woman being stalked by a
    psychotic man hellbent on terrorizing her and killing her. What gives
    this movie a fresh new spin is that she’s deaf and there is very little
    dialogue in this movie. Though, until it’s over you hardly notice
    because you are so on the edge of your seat through every moment that
    it’s going on.

    You cannot help but place yourself in her shoes and imagine what you
    would do if you were being stalked in the middle of nowhere with no
    communication AND couldn’t hear. There are some truly terrifying parts
    where even as a grown man I wanted to just close my eyes and not even
    look, because at some point, I needed to go to bed and didn’t think I’d
    be able to after watching this movie.

    My recommendation would be one of two things, either watch it all by
    yourself in the dark or with a group of people who won’t talk during
    the movie. I really feel like it would take you out of the experience
    to have side chatter during a thrilling game of cat and mouse as this
    is. Very well done. Horror/Thrillers don’t get any better than this.

  • Underwood2016April 23, 2016Reply


    Hush surprised me in that nearly every horror movie cliché was absent.
    While viewing this movie you will find that there were very few, if
    any, jump scares. However, that does not stop you from being on the
    edge of your seat for the entire runtime.

    Hush puts a great twist on the home invasion thriller. As you are in
    the IMDb review section you may already know the plot, but here is a
    brief review anyway: the film centers around a deaf writer (Kate
    Siegel) who lives in seclusion in order to focus on writing her new
    mystery novel. When a serial killer (John Gallagher Jr.) shows up at
    her house and traps her inside, she must find a way to thwart this
    mysterious masked individual. The decision of the writers to make the
    protagonist deaf was a very good one. It makes for some good scenes
    where you want to shake her and say ”LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!”

    One thing that stood out to me in this film was the direction. The
    attention to detail regarding little sounds made in the background was
    very prevalent. If you know horror movies, than you know that creates a
    more jumpy environment. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mike Flanagan’s
    earlier work, Oculus. I found the ending to be dark just for the sake
    of being dark, as opposed to an ending that fit the rest of the movie.
    However, that’s not to say the direction wasn’t great. Hush not only
    puts that direction to good use, it has a satisfying ending.

    Another thing that stood out to me was the acting of the two main
    players. Kate Siegel is definitely someone to look out for in the
    future. She is great at playing a deaf person, and also great at
    showing emotion without speaking. Her acting gets you to cheer for the
    character, which makes you rejoice every time she gets ahead of the
    villain in any way. However, the real standout in this movie is John
    Gallagher Jr. as the serial killer. He was great in 10 Cloverfield
    Lane, but he is even better in this, and that is saying something. From
    the beginning to the end, he really messes with your head and at times
    he even tricks you so badly that you start yelling in anger. But
    believe me, that is a great thing.

    The only complaint I have with this movie is that there is a dream
    sequence near the end that kind of ticked me off. Dream sequences have
    been proved not to work, (I’m looking at you Batman v Superman) and
    they do not in this one either. But besides that minor flaw, Hush
    transcends most other movies in ts genre, and leaves you looking out
    the window in fear.

    I give this movie a 9/10

    PS Watch this movie in the dark if you want the full experience.

  • Red_IdentityApril 24, 2016Reply

    Very well-directed and acted

    Definitely not an original film by any means of the imagination. Yet it
    still really, really works. Why? I’m not sure, but part of it is that
    the film doesn’t take too many of the drastically stupid turns that
    these sorts of films do. I also think that it has a really inspiring
    arc for the lead character, and the emotional investment is greater
    than what the usual would be. I also think the film, while not being
    very original, still plays it a bit differently than the norm. You
    would expect a film like this to be mostly build-up, but it’s not at
    all, sometimes to its detriment though. It gets to be a bit repetitive.
    The fact that the assailant also shows his face pretty early on is also
    sort of surprising. This isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s
    well-paced, very well-directed, very well-acted (Gallagher Jr. killing
    it once again after his wonderful turn in 10 Cloverfield Lane), and
    ultimately a good time.

  • DonnieHideApril 24, 2016Reply

    Interesting, modern & undeniably chilling.

    A home alone deaf & mute woman realises she’s being played with by a

    I was initially attracted to the terrifying realism of the trailer. The
    way the stalker sends the photo through to her Mac so she knows she’s
    being watched – that is the behaviour of a psycho-stalker in 2016. That
    modern element was enough for me to know this film is going to be good.

    If you’re looking for a genuinely good horror film with good acting and
    suspense I strongly suggest you watch this. Think about how many
    utterly awful horror films are out there – rest assured this isn’t one
    of them.

    I can’t really fault the film to be honest. I think most criticism is
    either clutching at straws or simply finding something to complain
    about for the sake of it.


  • salesmandragonstouchApril 25, 2016Reply

    Deaf dumb broad gets revenge

    This movie was very funny. She lets out her inner animus and then after
    much tango…gets her desire. She is a writer after all. Writers are
    deaf and dumb and only listen to themselves and speak thru their
    weirdness (often to themselves). The message of this flick? STAY AWAY

    My review is not ready for submission? O boy, you IMDb you. I know.
    Cinephilia (ms? uh?) can be a serious pastime like being a director
    screenwriter, actress or actress or even reviewer.


    Yes. I did watch the whole comedy on netflix. And yes. It was stupid.
    Not exactly Hitchcock. And surely not Andy Milligan.

  • J SApril 26, 2016Reply

    If you want a film to shout at in frustration, this is for you

    I would have wanted this film to succeed. There is a basic structure to
    build a great thriller – a deaf single woman lives in the woods and a
    killer just arrives uninvited. Fantastic! However, there are just too
    many holes and unexplained sequences in the plot. You will either shout
    in frustration or to say ”awesome” because you ain’t got a clue.

    A plus point first – there are sequences that make you sit on edge
    because something bad is about to happen and it is not going to be
    nice. Whilst this is not unique, you certainly can’t rely on a few
    scary sequences to make a good film.

    The bad points are many – you don’t know why the assault should to take
    place, why the assailant takes so long to ‘finish’ the job. … and
    there are more whys. If it was not daft, it would be quite original. I
    am disappointed.

  • evanston_dadApril 28, 2016Reply

    Gimmick Horror Film That Doesn’t Sustain Its Gimmick

    Home invasion horror movies aren’t even worth making anymore unless
    there’s going to be a gimmick that sets them apart. In ”Hush,” the
    gimmick is the deafness of the protagonist, a young woman who lost her
    hearing to meningitis as a teenager and now lives in a secluded cabin
    in the woods (of course). The man who wants to kill her wants to kill
    her just because, and he enjoys terrorizing her first. Her deafness is
    portrayed as both a hindrance and an advantage. On the one hand, she
    can’t hear her stalker but he can hear her; on the other hand, she’s
    forced to think creatively and act in ways that her attacker isn’t
    necessarily expecting.

    The film’s set up is handled well. In an opening scene, we’re almost
    overwhelmed by the snap, crackle, and pop of the heroine making dinner,
    sounds we would normally take for granted thundering at us over the
    soundtrack. This primes us to pay attention to aural cues throughout
    the rest of the movie, and indeed one finds himself cringing at each
    little squeak and rustle the protagonist makes as she runs and hides
    from place to place. At one point, she realizes the only way to beat
    this dude is to do the one thing he won’t expect, and that’s to fight
    back and kill him. And while I agreed wholeheartedly with this
    sentiment, I also found that the air goes out of the film a bit from
    that point forward. The filmmakers make such a point of establishing
    her deafness early on that I wish that condition had played more of a
    role in her actually triumphing over her attacker. But in the end, her
    deafness becomes beside the point and she deals with him much the same
    way as anyone would. It’s refreshing to find a heroine in a horror film
    who doesn’t act as a ninny, but by the end, gimmick aside, there wasn’t
    much to distinguish ”Hush” from any number of similar films. The film
    it most reminded me of in recent memory is ”You’re Next,” which wasn’t
    a great film either but did a better job of sustaining its gimmick
    premise all the way through the film.

    ”Hush” does have some nail biter moments though, and horror fans will
    probably want to check it out.

    Grade: B+

  • (MoviesRT)April 28, 2016Reply

    Thriller with serious flaws

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Liam CullenApril 29, 2016Reply

    Pleasantly surprised

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chris WilsonApril 30, 2016Reply

    Well thought out movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SquigglyCrunchApril 30, 2016Reply

    Good Tension and Horror, but Repetitive at Times

    Hush follows a deaf and mute woman whose home is invaded by a
    mysterious murderer who decides to hold off killing her just to mess
    with her head.

    The plot is pretty interesting. It’s a simple idea, and it tends to
    work. It’s one of those movie that takes place completely in one place,
    specifically the woman’s house. The horror aspect of it is really good
    at the beginning and end, but the middle is just okay. At first it was
    really creepy, especially because we had no idea who the murderer was
    due to his creepy mask. Unfortunately, he only wears it for the first
    fifteen-ish minutes, so throughout the rest of the movie he just wasn’t
    nearly as creepy. The events that were used to build tension at first
    were good, but they got repetitive. There was one particular thing that
    was used about three times in the movie, and by the second or third
    time it was already wearing out it’s welcome. It did switch it up at
    the end, so naturally it picked up, especially with the climax.

    The characters are pretty good. I didn’t think that they were horribly
    stupid people either, especially the main female. In fact, I’d say that
    she was actually pretty smart. She thought of solutions that not even I
    had thought of. The murderer, on the other hand, could be a little
    inconsistent. He knew to do some things, yet time and time again he ran
    right into somewhat distractions the main character created for him.
    Otherwise, with the small cast it had I think that they were
    well-developed enough.

    Overall Hush is a solid horror movie. It’s pretty suspenseful with some
    good characters, but it fails to provide new ways of scaring the
    audience around the halfway point, but it doesn’t stay that way. In the
    end I would recommend this movie.

  • Chris OberMay 1, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly strong thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • elmore_jasmineMay 2, 2016Reply

    It sucks.

    This is gonna be a long one, so hang tight. Right off the bat this
    movie sucks. It’s so awful. It’s literally the concept of The Strangers
    with a deaf person plastered onto it to make it seem unique, and best
    part yet? They went out of their way to avoid actually hiring a deaf
    actress/adviser or research anything about what it’s like to be in the
    deaf community (outside of sign language or ”vibrations”). I can write
    a freaking novel on all the issues that I have with this film, but I’ll
    keep it short. And, let me point out, I’ve never gone out of my way to
    write a bad review for anything. 1) It lacks plot and depth, and the
    depth that is provided the writers couldn’t even stick to. The whole
    ”unique” idea to this girl is that she is deaf, yet capable of living
    on her own. It’s pointed out in the beginning of the film that she can
    respond to vibrations, yet upon being right next to her friend
    screaming and banging on a door she doesn’t react to those vibrations.
    HOWEVER, she does respond to vibrations created from tapping on a
    window. And, don’t even get me started on the countless scenes wasted
    talking about her ex Craig, as if he was going to play a pivotal role
    in this film at all. 2) The countless upon countless times this broad
    could have been murdered. The killer’s intent was to toy with
    her….yet all he did was one thing. The rest of it was him pacing for
    80 minutes and then getting hurt. If this was in any way realistic she
    would have died at least twenty times, especially given the numerous
    idiotic ways she tried to escaped or especially the end. If she had AT
    LEAST died in the end I probably wouldn’t even care. Oh, yeah you’re
    already on the verge of bleeding out to death (the director clearly
    chose to point this out by her vision blurring and her appearing
    drowsy) but you got enough energy to stab a dude ONCE and then hobble
    off and then fight him again and then get choked out….but still
    survive? What, we gonna chop this up to adrenaline? Nah, and I’m only
    naming one real scene that had blatant evidence that this movie sucks,
    you’ll encounter a lot more before you even get remotely close to this
    part. All in all, it’s gratuitous to say that this movie is anything
    more than a waste of time.

  • jtaveras64May 2, 2016Reply

    The alternate to SCREAM ! A short but worthy thrill ride.

    This film is without a doubt an excellent thriller ! There are so many
    films out there from big studios and small as well that try hard to
    push these indie horror films but they never deliver, so it was such a
    surprise when this short little film shocked me.

    The element of suspense was perfectly captured in the battle of a
    mute/deaf woman and her psychotic tormentor.

    The final girl moments are played out really well given this final girl
    does not have many advantages going for her, so the scene where she
    plays out the scenarios of her death over and over is pretty much what
    every other final has done to survive in all horror films.

    Filled with suspense and some actually bone chilling moments this makes
    for an excellent horror film, with a good actress and a clever take on
    an old tale.

    Wish there were more films like this out there. One only complaint,
    however, is the short running time … when something is this
    entertaining one hopes for a longer joy ride.

    Final Grade A

  • Bryan Roderick (Bryan_Roderick)May 3, 2016Reply

    Great Slasher/Suspense


    Hush is a film about a mute/deaf who gets terrorized by a psychopath. I
    love how simplistic the story-line is, but at the same time I wish I
    understood why the villain was doing the things he was doing. I get the
    who ”he just wants to watch the world burn.” but why this girl, why
    now. Serious serial killers, like dance choreographers generally have a
    theme in mind.

    That being said John Gallagher Jr., who I know as the lovable Jim
    Harper from The Newsroom, plays the psychopath to point. He’s crazy for
    sure but he hasn’t lost all of his marbles which makes him a more
    believable character, I just wish there was some sort of reason to his
    madness. His character doesn’t even have a name. I adore that in the

    Speaking of writing, the film is not only stared by Kate Siegel but is
    also written by her as well. The director Mike Flanagan also helped
    write, but I’m glad to see the two together again. They worked on
    Oculus if you’re wondering the connection. Back to Kate, she was
    wonderful. She didn’t have many lines since her character is a mute.
    Sure the first few scenes are boring, but the movie jumps straight into
    terror early on and she has to act to entertain rather than leave it
    for the writing.

    Michael Trucco is also in the film. He’ll always been Samuel Anders to
    me though from BSG. He plays a side character that is an important
    scene to develop John Gallagher Jr.’s character. Even though this cast
    is only 5 people I still think he did a good job as his character.

    Verdict: Watch at least once, don’t buy. There is a persistent and fast
    paced feeling of dread throughout most of the movie with a few breather
    moments. Not many jump scares, but if you’ve seen any slasher film you
    know when they’re going to happen.

  • checabear-252-222274May 3, 2016Reply

    home alone 5

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aarminajMay 4, 2016Reply

    Just One Word… AMAZING

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ogirdor HMay 5, 2016Reply

    Friendzone can kill you

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alexanderstephencraigMay 7, 2016Reply

    Raw Acting Adrenaline Fueled

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hilbertjlMay 10, 2016Reply

    Surprising in a good way

    I had very low expectations going in; the movie looked and sounded like
    typical genre fare but it proved me wrong by being a bit different. The
    characters were very well realized, for the most part, and the plot
    moved along well without seeming too contrived. I didn’t find it scary
    or even particularly suspenseful, but it intrigued me from the get go.

    Apparently the story was written by a married couple who team up for
    movie making, and it was neat to discover that. Indeed, similar to
    Oculus (an earlier Flanagan/Siegel project), dull predictability took a
    vacation and was replaced with something truly unique. I can only guess
    that as the team continue improving, their films will grow into
    something special.

    While I would not call it a masterpiece by any means, I do consider it
    a cut above similar titles I’ve seen.

  • StararmourMay 10, 2016Reply

    not a bad waste of time

    Okay, so I went into this film not expecting anything at all, and I was
    not disappointed. It is the usual fare of ‘the survival fight’, but it
    does have some nuances that elevate it – I wont tell you what!

    The protagonist and antagonist are quite deliciously – whatever they
    need to be – evil, tough, stupid, etc..

    There were some obvious plot points that might irritate you if you try
    to make everything too realistic, but hey! this is a movie, so go ahead
    and enjoy it. That being said, there are some very very real moments
    too…! the movie does fall for some familiar tropes in the genre, but
    i was able to forgive them that. You will find yourself yelling at the
    main actor to do this or that; what more do you want! 🙂 It is a film
    that will involve and engage you, but you have to let it. Then it’s a
    fun ride.

    All in all, it is a good way to spend time.

  • NateWatchesCoolMoviesMay 12, 2016Reply

    Very effective horror chiller

    Well it’s arrived, folks. The first truly effective horror film of the
    year (that I’ve had a chance to see anyway). I was drowsily browsing
    Netflix and came upon Hush, sporting a snazzy poster and a premise
    ripped straight from the vintage horror flicks I grew up with.
    Compelled to give it a shot, I was rewarded with a slick, atmospheric
    and sturdily made exercise in suspense. It’s not often I feel true
    giddy tension while watching a thriller (even though most brashly
    guarantee it on the DVD cover), but this baby delivers in spades. It’s
    funny because the storyline is identical to many movies of the past,
    and similar to countless more. The secret to success, obviously, is in
    the execution, and Hush is made with a caring love for a genre deeply
    ingrained in cinematic culture. Director Mike Flanagan clearly loves
    horror films, and seems to want to rise above the primordial crust,
    calcifying his effort with a steady hand and fresh direction that gives
    even the most knowing plot turns a dose of torque using simple tools: a
    killer soundtrack, whiplash inducing editing and…and.. What’s the
    most important thing in any horror film? I’ve said it before and I’ll
    keep saying it: atmosphere. The setting finds us in a dusky, desolate
    area, where a deaf novelist (Katy Siegel) toils in isolation, churning
    out the trimmings of her next book on a laptop, content in her
    loneliness yet on the verge of unease stirred by cabin fever,
    restlessness or something else. It’s not long before the film lands the
    first punch of many: a masked, crossbow wielding serial killer (John
    Gallagher spits on his previous good guy image, both terrifying,
    unrecognizable and superb) begins to stalk her with methodical menace,
    watching from the inky shadows of her home’s exterior while she cowers
    in terror. He catches on quick about her deafness and uses it against
    her, terrorizing her at every turn. Now, the film does use genre tropes
    to churn out its story, and anyone expecting something truly unique to
    pop out of the ether may be disappointed. But to those who yearn for
    solid, extremely well made horror entries to wade out of the muck and
    foretell the return to form of a genre that gets maybe two, three
    winners every year, can rejoice. This one comes up aces. Siegel is
    instantly likable and gorgeous to boot, giving her protagonist a
    resilience that is actually believable, which can’t be said about every
    girl being pursued by a killer on screen. Gallagher is icky as the
    psycho, branded with certain idiosyncratic symbols of society which
    suggest that he’s a jaded outcast driven to sickening extremes by the
    hand he’s been dealt, given in to his dark impulses completely. For
    genre fans: this begs a watch and will likely be a highlight of the
    year. For casual viewers: fun, fun times and a vibe to get sucked in
    by. For non horror fans: just watch it anyway.

  • krazydeafyMay 13, 2016Reply

    Review by a Deaf Person

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nico HeisterMay 15, 2016Reply

    Way too predictable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Veronica JeffersonMay 15, 2016Reply

    Good movie but lacked a few things.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DavidMay 16, 2016Reply

    Fails to engage due to lack of story

    Why not make a horror film about a deaf girl that gets harassed by a
    complete stranger, only out to mess with her. There’s the story in
    Hush. It actually is quite an interesting idea with a rethinking
    perspective but unfortunately it quickly destroys that and becomes
    boring. So, a deaf female author has moved out into the woods to live
    her life secluded from the rest of the world. She doesn’t seem
    interested in dating and prefers to be alone. Suddenly a psychotic man
    armed with a crossbow arrives and starts to harass her. The director
    Mike Flanagan has a certain love for horror films and has directed a
    couple of them before.

    This type of film is actually usually pretty monotone and not very
    developing. But what other films do better than this one, is to at
    least tell us why things happen. A total stranger with a crossbow shows
    up, looking to kill and harass and we have absolutely no idea why. The
    deaf girl is established in an OK way. We get that she lives there. She
    Skypes with her friends and then rejects them to spend the night alone.
    But we barely know anymore than that.

    The thing that Hush does well is to use the fact that she is deaf.
    Computers, phones and alarms comes in handy because she can’t hear a
    sound. That of course also results in a lot of scenes where he easily
    can surprise her and sneak up behind her. PRetty exciting. But if you
    remove all that then there’s not much left to take with you besides a
    poor deaf girl in the forest. Couldn’t they have tied the perpetrator
    in some way to the girl? Perhaps director Flanagan wants to show some
    sort of horror scenario for people living in the woods. You are never
    safe. Unfortunately I don’t think that is the case here. I think he
    just wanted to make a horror film about a poor deaf girl. Could have
    been much better.

    David Lindahl –

  • MisterWhiplashMay 17, 2016Reply

    We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!

    As with the first major film from director Mike Flanagan, Absentia, and
    to an extent Oculus, the originality of a set-up isn’t the most
    concerning thing. Everything for him comes down to storytelling,
    storytelling, g-ddamn visual storytelling. How are you going to set up
    your shots, get your actors to connect with the audience, to make sure
    that past the set up that he knows we’ve seen before – a man comes back
    after years being ‘missing’ but what he missing; two adults fight back
    against the demonic entity that took their parents; a woman who is deaf
    has to stop a home invader-killer – and make it CINEMATIC?

    I put the emphasis on that last word because many horror movies tend to
    forget that last part (the most awful and excruciating example being
    Unfriended, but I don’t want to crap on Blumhouse getting something
    right here so I’ll let that go for now). It can’t just be the
    situation, and a director has to keep that in check when putting
    forward all of the dots together. This doesn’t mean a movie like Hush
    is anything perfect – in fact it almost falls apart in the last five to
    ten minutes, and I wish they had used the fact that this protagonist is
    deaf a little more, at least as something dramatic that could be used
    against her (it does happen, just not enough) – but that’s not the
    point I’m trying to make here.

    Why should you stop what you’re doing and check this out on Netflix?
    Well, the larger question is why didn’t this get a theatrical release?
    This is shot as something that really should be experienced in a
    theater, or at least in the dark with awesome sound and a bright, large
    screen. For lack of a better term, Flanagan’s canvas is sharp as a
    tack, and as much as I can praise the cinematography (and I do), the
    writing from Flanagan and Siegel is what’s sharpest of all.

    All of these actions that the characters take, whether it’s Maddie or
    the killer, have to be written out and thought out. In this sense it’s
    closer in scope to No Country for Old Men for major portions, with
    those set pieces where the characters face off, go from one part of the
    house to the other, and there’s barely a word (if any at all, usually
    there isn’t) in the space of five, ten, fifteen minutes at times. I
    felt in the grip of this film not because its concept was anything
    mind-blowing (though, for once in I don’t know how long, it makes sense
    and is logical to be set in a rural environment surrounded by trees),
    but because I get caught up in what each figure, hero and villain, will
    do next, and the vulnerability of her position made me think what I
    would do in that position, deaf or not.

    Are there some contrivances? Sure. And in the time this evening since
    I’ve seen the film I’ve thought of some things that can be nitpicked or
    taken apart. It’s not as complex as Absentia or as visually warped as
    Oculus. But for what Flanagan and his co-writer/star Katie Siegel set
    out to accomplish (she completely sells every moment she’s given, every
    breath, every time she has to do things like pull back the bow and it
    doesn’t quite get all the way repeatedly), and within their limitations
    they set for themselves, it’s an awesome success.

    If you like (honest to goodness ie Halloween 78′) slasher flicks, or
    when a home invasion movie has reasonably solid logic (note: this isn’t
    The Purge in case you’re wondering, there’s no politics or any big
    questions like that) and just want to get completely scared out of your
    minds, this is the thing to watch right now, and Flagan is one of the
    dependable young filmmakers working in horror.

  • William D. MeisterMay 18, 2016Reply

    Uninspired trash with an obvious outcome.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jessica WrightMay 18, 2016Reply

    ”Hush” Will Keep You on the EDGE of Your Seat!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • groovy_mannMay 18, 2016Reply

    ….basically ”Vacancy” sans quality storytelling/plot….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Romessa NadeemMay 19, 2016Reply

    Interesting Plot, Questionable Execution

    The reason I really wanted to watch this film was the plot of it. Deaf
    mute woman is threatened, pursued and attacked by a crazy guy in an
    isolated cabin (my personal favorite in the house-invasion genre.) I
    had high hopes for the film and Flanagan’s execution of it. I didn’t
    much like Oculus but I was sure the plot alone would suffice and
    compensate for any shortcomings this movie may possess. I was wrong.

    Hush begins with an introduction to the protagonist, Maddie, a deaf
    mute writer. We are immediately assaulted with a barrage of evidence
    that Maddie is in a ”complicated relationship” with some dude named
    Craig. We then come to know that her friend worries about her due to
    her isolated existence (the reasons for which are never truly
    explained.) While Maddie writes her novel, a man breaks into her house,
    steals her phone and stands around for long enough to hear half the
    conversation she has with said concerned friend on Facetime. He then
    walks out as if he owns the damn place. The panic begins soon after in
    the form of initial menacing images of Maddie in her lounge sent to her
    laptop by her stolen phone. Terror ensues.

    My main problem with this movie is just that; the man waltzes into her
    house, walks around, steals her phone and listens to her conversation
    with her friend? Like, damn, I know she’s deaf but IS HE ALSO
    INVISIBLE? There are several scenes like that where the world is
    falling apart around our protagonist without her taking even the
    slightest bit of notice. One could argue that since she lost her
    ability to hear at the age of 13 instead of it being a birth defect,
    the fact that she doesn’t notice a man standing literally 10 feet
    behind her is justifiable. But even so, for the sake of the movie,
    there is an immense number of cool things they could have done with her
    sensory defect. They could have used it to her advantage, shown how she
    gets the upper hand on the killer because of this problem or is just
    generally more aware with her other senses (vision, touch, olfactory
    even) and uses this to her advantage, the one thing the killer never
    sees coming. Instead the hearing loss is used to make her seem
    downright stupid in some scenes. Take a page from Al Pacino from Scent
    of a Woman, why don’t you?

    The characters and the things they did made me yell. ”Pick up that
    knife!” ”Don’t go outside!” ”Turn the power back on somehow!” ”Pick up
    that DAMN KNIFE!” There were a good many situations in which Maddie
    could have stabbed her killer. I counted at least 2. Furthermore, in
    the beginning of the movie, she tells the intruder that her boyfriend
    is coming. But that’s never really the case in home invasion films, is
    it? (Jennifer Hills, anyone?) How interesting would it be if instead of
    relying on things the audience has seen a billion times before, the
    boyfriend actually did show up and affected the plot somehow?

    Despite this, it kept me watching and even though I was annoyed, I was
    eager to see how it would all turn out in the end. The finale is
    intense and gory. For a second, the audience really doesn’t know which
    direction the ending might go. The issue I have with Hush is that it
    relies heavily on slasher film clichés. Single female, masked madman,
    best friend’s murder, no phone/power, general stupidity of its
    characters, a lot of hiding and running. The one original thing the
    filmmakers had to offer, they forgot to utilize it to it’s fullest
    extent. Hell, I even forgot she’s deaf in some scenes! It seems more
    like a random fact than anything which may affect the plot of the film.

    Much like Oculus, the film had an interesting premise but the
    filmmakers had no idea what to do with it. It could have went so many
    ways but instead it chose to become a poorly executed mess of a slasher
    film lacking depth, substance or originality.

  • jackthehackMay 21, 2016Reply

    Heralds the arrival of the next (potential) master of horror

    I will begin by mentioning that I am a big fan of Oculus. It is one of
    those horror movies which is very evenly paced and takes a potentially
    silly premise and turns it into some wonderful psychological horror.
    What I liked about Mike Flanagan’s work was that he created characters
    we root for and want to make it out alive. He is not interested in
    making cookie cutter slashers where we want the killer to get creative.
    That is a good trait in a horror filmmaker and Flanagan is definitely
    very good.

    Hush touches upon a premise which is a personal favorite. The home
    invasion story, if done properly (The Strangers, Black Christmas, When
    a Stranger Calls, Halloween), can be very compelling. Add Hush to the
    list. It takes an overdone premise and adds twists in it which you do
    not see coming. The character of Maddie might seem like a cheap story
    device but Kate Siegel does a wonderful job of getting us on her side.
    At the same time, the dangerous but smug antagonist is essayed very
    well. We want to see Maddie live and the killer die a horrible, painful
    death. The amount of stupid decisions made by the protagonists is kept
    to a minimum and ultimately, it makes for really satisfying viewing.

    To conclude, Hush is a must watch if you like intelligent and visceral
    horror movies. You cannot help but think that you might just be
    watching the work of the next big thing in Horror.

  • Rick SanelliMay 21, 2016Reply

    A real piece of crap. How has this got a rating of 6.7?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jtncsmistadMay 24, 2016Reply

    ”Hush” is a far cry better than most among the genre.

    Not much new added to the ”murderous psychopath terrorizes gal alone in
    the house” formula with the exception of one intriguing twist in
    ”Hush”. Kate Siegel’s damsel in SERIOUS distress character of Maddie is
    both deaf and mute. But this is not to indicate that she is in any way
    fragile or weak. For we come to discover that Maddie is a flat-out
    TOTAL badass.

    Siegel (who co-wrote the script here with her husband Mike Flanagan,
    the film’s Director) does a superb job with an extraordinarily
    demanding role across a number of fronts. And while the conclusion to
    ”Hush” was fitting I suppose, I just thought it would be a bit cooler.
    More special.

    More…well…at the risk of being droll…resounding.

  • eklockoMay 24, 2016Reply

    Not Terrible

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NacnicMay 25, 2016Reply

    So much potential. Such poor execution.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael_ElliottMay 26, 2016Reply

    Creative and Effective Thriller

    Hush (2016)

    *** (out of 4)

    Maddie (Kate Siegel) is a deaf writer who lives in a secluded house
    deep in the woods. She’s currently struggling to find an ending to her
    latest novel but her world is turned upside down when a man (John
    Gallagher, Jr.) shows up outside her home trying to kill her.

    Mike Flanagan’s HUSH is the perfect example of what you can do with
    nice performances, a good story and some creative directing. The film
    certainly has some flaws along the way but for the most part this is an
    extremely effective thriller that uses creativity over cheap CGI
    effects or obnoxious loud band noises to try and get scares.

    What impressed me the most was the simple storyline and how director
    Flanagan managed to use it to the perfect effect. The biggest issue for
    our female lead is that she can’t hear the killer and the killer’s best
    protection is that he can hear her. This here creates some great
    suspense because of scenes like where the killer is standing behind her
    knocking on a window but she can’t tell that he’s there. There are
    several scenes where the killer is right there making noise but our
    deaf person can’t hear it and this just milks up the suspense.

    The film really makes you understand and feel what our lead character
    is going through. I say this because while it’s obvious what it means
    to be deaf, this film manages to really let you see and feel the fear
    that the character would be going through in this situation. The
    director perfectly milks all of these scenes and the screenplay is also
    extremely effective because of the creative scenarios that our lead has
    to go through.

    Siegel is extremely effective in her part because she has to do so much
    without saying a single word. She’s certainly very believable in her
    role and she certainly makes you believe she’s a deaf woman. Gallagher,
    Jr. is also good in the role of the killer as he brings a certainly
    cold and clam nature to the role. The two work very well together and
    off one another.

    As I said, there are some flaws including one really bad dream-like
    sequence but for the most part this is one of the more creative
    thrillers in recent years.

  • karlbernalMay 27, 2016Reply

    Did the director watch this before release?

    Hush is a ”horror” movie that leans on the fact that the main character
    is deaf. This could have been great, if done properly. There is a scene
    at the outset with Maddie cooking, and it removes all the sound at
    point, putting us in her shoes as a deaf person. Pretty cool.
    Unfortunately, that is the best moment in the entire movie.

    Normally, when someone describes a movie as ”dark”, I assume they’re
    referring to controversial subject matter. In this movie, being ”dark”
    is quite literal, with large swaths of footage impossible to see.

    Some people get stabbed, beaten, etc., but it’s hard to figure out who
    died because the movie was apparently shot in the photo development lab
    of a Walgreens.

    Acting is pretty sub par here, and the killer has all the dangerous
    charisma of a head of iceberg lettuce.

    It’s never good when a horror movie has you on your hands and knees 20
    minutes in saying ”Just break the window and kill her already!”

  • truebugman11May 27, 2016Reply

    almost perfect

    oh, this movie came so–SO–close to being something really, really
    special. as it was, hush (2016) was pretty darn good, and were it not
    for a poorly conceived fifteen minute stretch preceding the finale, it
    might have been a classic.

    this spare and intelligently put together slasher movie pits maddie, a
    deaf writer struggling to end her current novel, against a killer with
    no motive and an eternally built in element of surprise. maddie is a
    great character, plucky and resourceful, who never gives up despite
    what must be paralyzing fear, being so vulnerable. kate siegal plays
    her wonderfully; she also co-wrote the script! extra cool. the killer
    is way more menacing behind his mask, which he sheds much too quickly.
    and then he talks way too much. nonetheless, he and maddie engage in a
    very entertaining game of cat-and-mouse.

    everything is humming, just moving along with entertaining crackle,
    great dialogue, lovely camera (filmed in good ole alabama), and a great
    synth score from the newton brothers, until the movie runs off the road
    for a piece. suddenly, all the characters make a series of rash
    decisions that defy credulity, and which snapped me out of hush’s stark
    hold for a stretch. to their credit, director mike flanagan and
    scripter siegal wrestle the car out of its’ ditch and deliver an
    exciting–and satisfying–conclusion.

    one of my hopes was that the filmmakers would be clever about how they
    used sound, and they did not let me down. at times, we are drowned in
    suffocating silence, which reminds us how desperate maddie’s situation
    is: literally, he could crash through a window or even a wall, and she
    would be none the wiser. she’s mute which smartly removes a classic
    horror movie trope–screaming female victim. it restores some of her
    power lost by not hearing anything, depriving him of the pleasure of
    hearing her suffer. and then the volume gets turned up here and there,
    reinforcing to us how much maddie is missing: if only she could hear
    that, this would be all over! hush is a smart and feisty movie that
    presents us with a uniquely powerful final girl. the movie is filmed
    gorgeously, and definitely shows us what flanagan might do with a new
    halloween flick (which obviously had some influence on this one). i
    hope siegal remains with him as writing partner. there are far too few
    women in horror, and a writer who is also a talented actor would be a
    valuable talent in our genre. a siege movie, home invasion, cabin in
    the woods, slasher, hush is a great little flick, gently affecting, and
    perfect at 80 some-odd-minutes.

  • trashgangJune 1, 2016Reply

    pure horror old style in your face

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bob MarleyJune 2, 2016Reply

    Amazing premise, terrible execution:

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bee. sJune 4, 2016Reply

    there was some good moments but ….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jamainerussellJune 5, 2016Reply

    A particularly extraordinary day in the life of a deaf/mute/near blind woman

    This movie was amazing. The depth and complexity of every moment was
    amazing. The actors and actresses were great. Bravo! I genuinely
    appreciated the fact that us watchers were able to experience life in
    her point of view. She did an amazing job of expressing her true
    emotions and feelings even though being what I would certainly call
    ”challenged”. Those challenges that she was faced with gave the story
    more meaning. You don’t see movies, TV shows, or even books, that have
    such problematic details. This movie showed emotions in a less obvious
    way, a way that made me truly appreciate such a film. However there is
    a line to be drawn. The message was able to be found however it was
    simply too hard to be found. So for the dozens of people who don’t tend
    to see the complex things that matter in life, or the moral, it made
    the film harder to understand or relate. As I watched the movie the
    other people tended to see not the moral, just what was there. So the
    greatest part of the movie was also its weakest link. However that
    doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still incredible.

  • gentm2013June 7, 2016Reply

    Intensity at its finest

    Director Mike Flanagan has already proved himself on the horror genre
    many times before. Now however, he exceeds all of his previous work
    with Hush. A psychological horror thriller movie that is very
    entertaining. This movie is perfectly directed and amazingly written.
    The premise is nothing new but the execution is what makes it, special
    and as good as it is. Even though it is produced on a small budget and
    has a rather short running time, it still manages to keep us intrigued
    and at the edge of out seats. The ending is also very satisfying too.
    All the actors do a wonderful job here. The dark tone and the R rating
    is what helps this movie qualify as genuinely scary at times. It takes
    the familiar premise and the clichés that come with it, and makes
    something new out of it. And that’s a very hard thing to do, but proved
    possible by M. Flanagan. I really enjoyed Hush, and while it isn’t
    groundbreaking or anything (which it isn’t even trying to be), it is
    still a fast paced, thrilling, scary and tense movie completed by very
    good performances and amazing directing.

  • grrrlbonesJune 9, 2016Reply

    Well Executed But Nothing Special

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gaykathleenJune 12, 2016Reply


    My husband had been asleep in front of the TV but once this got
    underway he was wide awake. It was a surprise as was not expecting
    something this good. When you wake up the next morning and are still
    going over the scenes then you know it was pretty darn good. The acting
    was great especially when no voice could be used by the main character.
    All the way through you are involved rooting for the heroine. It is not
    horror so people should not be put off by that. It is scary but not
    more than is needed to tell the story of a brave, determined young
    writer who uses her imagination to help defend herself. We watched it
    at bedtime but still were able to sleep. It is not suitable for
    children or teenagers though! I recommend it to people who love a good

  • jemz-03460June 16, 2016Reply

    Good if not a bit predictable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • acbuxtonJune 17, 2016Reply

    Creepy & Great Watch

    I was totally hesitant watching this movie as it appeared to be the
    same old story. The filmmaker did a fantastic job shooting the movie
    showing the different perspectives. Going in I merely thought woman in
    a house stalked by killer, boring. A deaf woman, ups the ante in
    filming and sound or lack there of. I found the cinematography great in
    this movie as well. It had a dark, eerie essence about it and it was a
    multi climactic movie. This movie did its job and was creeping me out
    for a couple of days. It has been a while since a thriller/horror flick
    has had that effect. Watch the movie for yourself. Don’t even look at
    the ratings or even my review!

  • djangozelf-12351June 19, 2016Reply

    A boring,overrated B-horror/thriller flick.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • swifty77June 22, 2016Reply

    Loved it

    One thing on most animal lovers lips during this movie is ‘does the cat
    die?’ Fortunately for you guys, it doesn’t.

    But this movie offers more than just a reasonably happy ending. It
    showcases the talent that is John Gallagher Jr – a rising star who
    needs to take on more bad guy roles as he absolutely smashed it out of
    the park in this movie. He gets every characteristic of his part across
    in the first few minutes on screen and once we are comfortable with
    that, he just goes on to emphasise each trait to reveal just how truly
    sick and twisted he is. We know this type of character, sure, we’ve
    seen it before, but John Gallagher Jr does something impressive here
    and stands out, even alongside husband and wife/director and star duo
    Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel.

  • James LeeJune 23, 2016Reply

    Not great (warning spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nitzan HavocJune 28, 2016Reply

    Hear no evil, unfortunately… Very recommended!

    Everything that falls under the Horror label has a reason for being
    frightening. Usually, it’s derived from basic human fears which in most
    cases relate directly to survival instincts. Hush’s main story line
    deals, obviously, with Home Invasion (following other titles like Panic
    Room and Strangers), but aside from that it deals with the loss of
    senses. Usually, as we’ve all seen and read in Horror films and
    stories, the sense of sight is the one focused on. This time – a film
    has set out to show us just how scary the loss of hearing could be, and
    has done a wonderful job!

    The story is quite simple. Maddie (Kate Siegel) is a deaf writer living
    on her own, with very little human interactions, mostly her friend and
    neighbour Sarah (Samantha Sloyan) and her sister Max (Emilia Graves,
    with whom she chats online). There are also references to an ex
    boyfriend by name of Craig. One night, out of nowhere, a killer (John
    Gallagher Jr.) arrives at her doorstep with the sole intention of
    toying with her, and finally killing her.

    The acting is very impressive, especially Gallagher as a profoundly
    creepy and unnerving killer, and Siegel as a deaf woman fighting for
    her life. However, the greatest feature is by far the direction (Mike
    Flanagan). The focus on certain sounds to emphasize Maddie’s deafness,
    the cutting of all audio in certain scenes to show things from her
    point of view (or more appropriately hearing), the wonderful use of a
    single location in the project – all have added value making this good
    film great.

    Hush is not a masterpiece, especially because of the over-simplified
    plot and lack of any twists or actual turning points. A smarter story,
    with half the thought shown to given by Maddie to her books’ endings,
    would have really made the film exquisite. However, even with the story
    as it is, Hush is suspenseful, authentic, relatable and on in all
    manners fun and rewarding. Very recommended.

  • citezannilsJune 29, 2016Reply

    7.3/10 – Interesting film

    I like the idea of a female who lives in some sort of woman who can’t
    hear, that what really got me into this movie , is the fact that she
    couldn’t hear and then some random psycho killer was playing with her
    head through out the movie , until the end where the acting all stars..
    but it was an interesting plot , with a great Acting from a Lead Actor
    and the Psycho dude was quite good as well , the movie is a bit violent
    , it not extreme violent but there were like 2 or 3 scenes that were
    pretty brutal , but overall i enjoyed this movie and i would recommend
    to see this at least ones , i FELT LIKE this was more of a thriller
    then horror , so I definitely wouldn’t say this is a horror . But go
    check it out! it good.


  • tori_mac08July 1, 2016Reply

    Edge of my seat

    Hush is a beautifully executed psychological thriller. I questioned if
    I should turn it off when I was watching it only because I was alone
    and scared, but I don’t think I could have turned it off if I really
    really wanted to.

    There is very little dialogue seeing as how the protagonist (Kate
    Siegel) is deaf. But what she lacks in words she makes up for in action
    as you stay in suspense the entire time you watch this movie. Not to
    mention the sadistic mindset of the antagonist (Jihn Gallagher Jr.)
    causing you to feel unbelievable angst. Unlike other ”cat and mouse”
    movies, this one is intensely realistic and has all bases covered as
    far as keeping you in suspense and not letting you have any ”oh give me
    a break” kind of thoughts.

    With that being said, I highly recommend it and hope this review was
    helpful….. Whatever you do, watch with a buddy!

  • Jimmy AbdallahJuly 1, 2016Reply

    Hush is a mess

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Caleb NunnJuly 2, 2016Reply

    Hush is a must see movie that is as intriguing as it is suspenseful

    Hush is a must see movie even if suspense thrillers aren’t usually your
    thing. It’s not the type of big budget production that leaves you with
    a memorable logo or over-priced souvenir. No, it’s the type of movie
    that leaves you with something else. It’s the type of movie that has
    you screaming at the main character to ”turn around!” or ”don’t move!”
    so loud and so fiercely that you rip your cotton spread in your bare
    hands (because grown-ups don’t use blankies, right?). It’s the type of
    movie that produces Moby Dick size waves of relief followed by
    pounding, quick-breathed panic in your chest. Hush is a remarkably
    well-done thriller, but it’s also much more than that. It has a series
    of details that command your mind to think about it long after you’ve
    changed your spread and turned in for the night with all door, windows,
    and shutters closed. It’s about a talented writer, with a disabling
    bout of writers block that wouldn’t seem to go away. She’d even
    considered giving up on her second novel after coming up with seven
    different endings for it that seemed impossible to even begin choosing
    from. Shortly into the film, we learn she lives a life of seclusion,
    not only because of her location, a small home in the woods with one
    neighbor, but also because she has been deaf and mute since she’d been
    a teenager. She moved out to the woods to get away from the
    disorienting noise of the city where she could write in peace. As a
    writer, she mentioned that she had voices in her head, narrating every
    possible story line like a movie playing out in her mind. This is why
    she was such a great writer, but also why she couldn’t decide on one
    ending for her second novel. Her writers block became the least of her
    worries when a malicious stranger showed up at her secluded home. I
    won’t give out any spoilers, but I’ll tell you this; the voices in her
    head that caused her frustration in not being able to finish her book
    is the very thing that may or may not have saved her. My thought
    throughout the film and at its close were that, if she survived, she
    would no longer be indecisive in telling a story. She would have a
    story alright. A story of how determination led to her self-
    preservation, gained through incomprehensible pain and suffering, or an
    untold story. A story of how just a few more seconds or a weapon that
    much closer or that one last chance would have saved her life if only
    she could’ve had it. Either way, it’s still a great story.

    Caleb D. Nunn

  • TobyJaykJuly 2, 2016Reply

    Great start, good end, nothing special in between.

    After very weak character development this movie becomes tense and
    interesting playing well off the concept of the protagonist’s
    disability. Until, of course, ten or so minutes after the killer is
    introduced the movie completely forgets the deaf gimmick that makes it
    interesting in the first place.

    The first few minutes of the killer stalking are the best moments in
    the movie then it takes dive after dive in quality making you wonder
    when it’s going to end so you can move on with your life. Luckily the
    movie is short and has a treat to reward you for your time in the
    moments before the final confrontation between the protagonist and

    Even with the short run time this movie suffered from it’s length,
    stumbling around to find the next thing to throw into the conflict to
    connect the beginning and ending. It would have been much better with
    only 40-50 minutes cutting down on some of the boring cat and mouse
    scenes which would allow them to write the characters as clever or at
    least not stupid. Removing the unnecessary additions to the story that
    play no role except to extend the play time would greatly enhance it as

    If you have an hour and a half to kill and want to be entertained for
    at least half of that time, then this movie is a good choice if you’re
    a fan of thrillers.

  • Devon Elson (absolutetravist)July 6, 2016Reply

    A Deft Approach To The Slasher Genre

    If an original horror film can achieve any chance of standing out in
    the genre, it needs to be, well, original. A unique premise or
    story-telling device to hook genre fans and non alike in. Hush delivers
    the torment and endurance through the perspective of a deaf-mute but
    mars them in an entertaining if fairly underwhelming home invasion

    Entirely competent best describes the success of Hush. The expectancy
    to be so intrigued by the heroine’s condition as to be distracted from
    the uneventful generic narrative is barely there, however. Writer and
    director Mike Flannigan had the opportunity to milk the concept dry and
    yet barely scratches the surface of her plight. The inability to hear
    and speak seems abundant in horror potential and yet sound and visual
    design is sparingly directed around it.

    Compare the Haneke’s direction in both Funny Games, the extended scenes
    of pure silence are profuse in tangible tension. There are the expected
    cat-and-mouse hide-and-seek games found here but none of them are
    memorably distinct from any other slasher. The rare moments of
    directorial flourish are welcome such when the struggling thriller
    writer visualizes her methods of escape but only contrast with the bare
    realism of the overall tone. This is even more disappointing when
    Flannigan’s Oculus engaged the story from every angle that wonderfully
    played on the suspense-fueled curiosity.

    A couple of reviews ‘warned’ not to expect a story and hopes were
    expecting another minimalist raw experience similar to Funny Games. The
    truth of the warnings were more so not to expect a notable story to be
    found in such an interesting hook. There’s just little engagement to be
    found in both cat and mouse.

    That’s not to critique the few actors present, lead Siegel delivers a
    great performance that does invoke both sympathy for inherent
    vulnerability and excitement in eventual bravado in survival. Opposite
    her, Gallagher Jr. does his best with a progressively underwhelming
    antagonist. Given we learn nothing of his character, it seems needless
    for him to be so chatty and casual when the premise naturally invites
    the silent stalker archetype of Myers and Voorhees. The initial
    introduction is strong but the film’s intention to humanize him present
    his sieges as pathetic and then uninteresting.

    Going in blind to Hush was a satisfying surprise, a tense and enjoyable
    ride. Unfortunately, I didn’t really go in blind as I had just recently
    seen another home invasion horror with a crossbow wielding masked
    maniac which overshadows this in aesthetic and pacing tremendously. Now
    it does seem unfair to compare films like this when they should stand
    on their own merits and with that, give Hush a watch sometime. It’s
    good… but just don’t watch You’re Next around the same time.

  • Jacob Lofthus ([email protected])July 7, 2016Reply

    Tense, unpredictable, and satisfying

    ‘Hush’ provides the viewer with a consistent stream of tension and
    suspense, as well as a surprising number of ideas and plot twists given
    the movie’s relatively simple premise. What you’ll also get out of this
    movie is a likable and resourceful protagonist and a sadistic and
    calculating villain. I will say that there are moments where the plot
    drags a bit, and that the ending requires a little suspension of
    disbelief, but it’s still a satisfying movie that will have you holding
    your breath, and wondering what will happen next. I will defiantly
    check out Mr. Flanagan’s other works in the future. My verdict is four
    out of five.

  • Desi TorresJuly 8, 2016Reply

    Great Atmosphere and a Tense Story

    I have just finished watching Hush and even though I never write
    reviews, this film alone compelled me to start. The story was well
    written and paced well. It got started immediately and didn’t let up
    throughout its run time. At no point did it feel like it dragged on and
    it kept me guessing although the ending is as one would predict, it was
    fun and unpredictable getting there. Both victim and assailant were
    more competent than most films have shown and I really liked the
    character development. The film was immersive in how it showed what the
    main character Maddie was thinking and and dealing with in her
    situation. A very great film that I would recommend to anyone wanting a
    new take on a slasher movie.

  • MikesIDhasbeentakenJuly 9, 2016Reply

    could have been more

    I like films where masked attack people stranded in a house, and this
    movie started of quiet well, the same as others like it but with the
    added twist that the woman is deaf,

    however very quickly the mask is removed and the woman, in between her
    apple adverts she does through the movie, makes some strange decisions,
    but the ‘killer’ guy is so awful, he’s not scary or clever, which would
    be fine but the movie tries so hard to make him both.

    I thought the movie would use the fact that the main woman is deaf, to
    tighten suspense and tension, apart from the opening twenty minutes,
    they don’t really make as much of this as they could of, and most the
    movie is just a man outside a house, and then trying to break in.

  • DawsonJoyceJuly 13, 2016Reply

    Mike Flanagan, a new master of horror

    Author Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) lives a life of utter isolation after
    losing her hearing via bacterial meningitis at age 13. She’s retreated
    form society, living in seclusion, and existing in a completely silent
    world. But one night, that fragile world is shattered when the masked
    face of a psychotic, crossbow-wielding killer (John Gallagher, Jr.)
    appears in her window. Without another living soul for miles, and with
    no way to call for help, it appears that Maddie is at the killer’s
    mercy, but he may have underestimated his prey. As this horrifying game
    of cat and mouse escalates to a breathless fever pitch, Maddie must
    push herself beyond her mental and physical limits in order to survive
    the night.

    My introduction to the works of writer and director Mike Flanagan came
    about in April of 2014 when I saw his independent horror thriller
    Oculus in theaters. I had a blast with that film. It was clever, it was
    creative, it was intense, and it dripped with dread, tension, and
    atmosphere. With Flanagan’s Before I Wake getting pushed back several
    times due to Relativity Media’s filing for bankruptcy, Netflix picked
    up Hush (his second collaboration with Blumhouse after Oculus) and
    released it worldwide on April 8th. With Hush, Mike Flanagan has now
    fully proved himself to be one of the new masters of horror, right up
    there with James Wan, Ti West, and Alexandre Aja among others.

    If this and Oculus are any indication, Mike Flanagan is masterful at
    creating chilling atmosphere and building up nerve-wracking tension.
    Very unexpectedly so, the horror starts quite early into the film and
    both the tension and suspense never let up. The scares Flanagan and
    co-writer/lead star Kate Siegel (husband and wife in real life) create
    are genuine, not false. Whereas many other modern horror films rely on
    cheap jump scares, CGI overload, and characters making dumb decisions
    for the sake of the plot to shock and frighten, Hush takes its time in
    conceiving true scares. The intense violence also gets pretty brutal
    and gory as the film goes on, but in a way that’s not over-the-top but
    instead helps serve a purpose to the story and add to it.

    One of the biggest pros and surprises in any modern horror film is good
    characters. Hush focuses on only two. Let’s first focus on Siegel’s
    lead protagonist, Maddie, who finds herself in a game of cat and mouse
    with the villain and has to rely on her keen wit in order to survive
    his wrath. Aside from conversations she stages with a speaking variant
    of herself in her head, Maddie doesn’t speak a single line of dialogue
    in the film and she still manages to be one of the most likable,
    resourceful, and whip-smart horror protagonists in years. This is a
    very physical performance that must have be incredibly hard to pull
    off, but luckily, Siegel knocks it out of the park, delivering a
    terrific lead performance and I sincerely hope she gets more work after
    this. She is wonderful (not to mention, so gorgeous).

    But as the old saying goes, the hero is only as good as the villain.
    Hush definitely doesn’t disappoint in this area. As the psychotic
    killer stalking Maddie, John Gallagher, Jr. works wonders in this role.
    He scared the ever-living hell out of me with his performance. His
    character is motiveless and yet that trait the character has works
    surprisingly incredibly well for the film. He starts off wearing a mask
    and is already very menacing, but when he takes the mask off, he
    manages to become even more so. Gallagher delivers one of the most
    intense performances of the year and after this and 10 Cloverfield
    Lane, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what he has under his
    belt next.

    Flanagan and Siegel’s screenplay is very cleverly written, trying to
    ground the series of events happening in reality with good results. Is
    it entirely realistic? Admittedly, not really. There are some
    occasional bothersome lapses in logic and common sense, but for the
    most part, it’s believable enough for me to take what’s going on
    seriously. Fresh off of replicating James Wan & John R. Leonetti’s
    visual style of The Conjuring for its prequel/spin-off Annabelle, D.P.
    James Kniest teams with Flanagan here and his work here is
    breathtaking. This is a very good-looking film and Kniest’s smooth
    camera-work and perfect lighting add to the tense atmosphere Flanagan
    creates alongside the fantastic musical score composed by the Newton

    In summary, if you want to see a good example of how the horror genre
    hasn’t lost all of its dignity just yet, you should definitely check
    this out if you have the chance. It is well worth your time. With
    beautifully written characters, terrific performances, atmospheric
    cinematography and direction, and wonderfully built up tension, Hush
    comes highly recommended.

  • rosecaliforniaJuly 16, 2016Reply

    Same old horror movie

    The main character is deaf, so it seems that they wrote this in to the
    film to make it different – but it doesn’t. You have to know someone
    that is actually deaf/mute to realize that this story-line is by no way
    believable in the least.

    I won’t put any spoilers, but every other chiller, thriller, horror
    film has made it into this film. Seems even viral video things have
    made it into this film. The scene setup, camera angles, lighting,
    ridiculous sound effects, everything has been done a million times in
    other movies.

    You have to ask why bad films/scripts keep getting the funding when
    there are so many good writers here in Southern California looking for
    that backing yet have a hard time getting it.

  • noorutinJuly 21, 2016Reply

    An OK thriller with some interesting aspects.

    Let us start with the fact that this is not a horror movie. It’s a
    thriller, with some interesting unusual aspects, as well as a few
    cringe-worthy flaws (in character logic, as the case always seems to

    So what makes this movie stand out and feel almost fresh? The obvious
    first is that our protagonist is deaf-mute. Not being an expert on deaf
    people, I still believe this was played quite consistently to the
    movie’s credit. It is interesting to occupy the head space of someone
    missing such an important sense in a frightful situation.

    Another thing I noticed is the total lack of jump scares. There isn’t a
    single jump-scare in the movie, which only further distances Hush from
    being a horror movie. In fact the usual creep factor as a whole is kept
    to a minimum. It quickly becomes a cat-and-mouse kind of battle of wits
    more than anything else, which I found a pleasant surprise, despite
    being more of a horror fanatic.

    The third curious thing is that from the get go it’s made clear that
    the killer is very much human. We don’t know what his motivations are,
    he’s just out to kill and doesn’t give much of a s*** about anything
    else but his upper hand. He doesn’t have much of a plan and has to
    improvise, as does our protagonist to survive.

    I found the thrill in this movie to be more intellectual than primal.
    The gore is neither profuse nor lacking, it’s there when it’s needed.
    It’s well shot, acted, directed and edited, considering the modest
    budget, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. I’d recommend it for a rainy
    evening if you want to see the thriller genre try something new.

  • chaos-rampantJuly 28, 2016Reply


    They committed to a simple choice here to create the funhouse in which
    horror is going to play out for our delectation. The distraught victim
    who is all alone in the remote cottage is a deaf mute. A killer is
    skulking the perimeter and has all night to toy with her, prolonging
    the thrill of watching and teasing through windows that mirrors our own
    experience of having come to see. It shows viewers who slip in and out
    of sight, one and then a second viewer vying for control of this
    intermediate space, having to make imaginative choices.

    It’s a potent scenario, one that was long coming perhaps. They keep it
    fairly safe overall, trying to avoid off notes more than imaginatively
    extending, making me wish for an energy like Hooper’s. But the house is
    spacious, affording funhouse games of anticipated surprise. Knowing no
    one will be coming and agony must be suffered in silence helps to
    envelop. They secured a woman with a strong presence to anchor
    emotional torment. The killer isn’t the usual hulking crazy but a next
    door creep who came out to play and probably has a 9 to 5 life
    somewhere close.

  • mxpappyAugust 4, 2016Reply

    Great take on a cliché ”intruder type” horror movie

    This movie was very VERY enjoyable from beginning to end. I was not
    expecting to like this movie as much as I did and I am a very
    opinionated about my horror movies. The movie had me on the edge of my
    seat the while time.

    I will try use as little spoilers as possible…

    The fact that the main character is deaf add such an interesting take
    on this kind of movie. The length of the movie was perfect. Was just
    long enough so you get to know the characters and what relation they
    have, and was not too long to where you are becoming eager for it to
    end. The violence was quite strong throughout, but not in an
    overwhelming or out of place kind of way.. It was not overly gory and
    it all fit very well with the premise of the movie.

    I haven’t seen this type of movie this good in a long time and I will
    definitely recommend to others and be watching it again myself in the

  • gavin6942August 4, 2016Reply

    A Strong Horror Film

    A deaf writer (Kate Siegel) who retreated into the woods to live a
    solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer
    (John Gallagher) appears at her window.

    Stephen King tweeted about the film on April 20, 2016, saying, ”How
    good is Hush? Up there with Halloween and, even more, Wait Until Dark.
    White knuckle time. On Netflix.” Now, I don’t necessarily always agree
    with King. He’s a giant in horror, of course, but that doesn’t mean
    taste can’t vary. However, an endorsement from him never hurts and in
    this case I think he is right.

    Maybe this is not as good as ”Halloween” (that seems outrageously
    bold), but the comparison with ”Wait Until Dark” is perfect. While that
    film is a classic, in some ways this one goes an extra step — the
    movie is not silent, but is very, very sparse on dialogue. That would
    be like ”Wait Until Dark” being a radio drama.

    For ”Hush”, we have an excellent use of reflection, the smooth camera
    movements are great, and everyone involved makes this far better than
    the average horror film. In fact, while I would say horror on average
    is getting worse, this film allows me to believe it can get better. I
    just have one question… is the title a ”Buffy” reference or what?

  • disdressed12August 15, 2016Reply


    this film surprised me in a good’s taut,suspenseful and’s a bit like the movies Hard Target(jean Claude Van Damm)
    Surviving the Game(Rutger Hauer,Ice-T),or the classic The Most
    Dangerous Game(1932).the only difference is this one’s on a smaller
    scale and our main character is’s unpredictable and I wasn’t
    sure how it would for the acting Kate Siegel(who also co-wrote
    the film)stars as our heroine Maddie.Maddie is a very sympathetic
    character and you can’t help but root for her.after watching The movie
    The Invitation(which I found uninspiring and sorely lacking any thing
    good) just prior to this movie,I was relieved that the nite wasn’t a
    total loss.for me,Hush is an 8/10

  • WatchedAllMoviesAugust 18, 2016Reply

    another dumb slasher

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • english_artistAugust 22, 2016Reply

    Gripping intelligent slasher movie

    I read a couple of bad reviews before watching this so I was a bit
    unsure. The slasher movie has been done to ‘death’ so I thought here we
    go again.

    This slasher movie is different not just because the main star is deaf
    and mute but also there are some changes to the normal ‘Man in mask’
    routine but I won’t spoil anything. Also the fact she is deaf really
    adds some scary moments to some scenes and allows the writers to really
    play with some great ideas (Breath on neck etc). The movie starts
    fairly slowly but once it gets going it does with a bang and never lets
    up with some great twists along the way and the acing is top notch from
    all the cast.

    Really enjoyed this movie and it was a breath of fresh air in a tired
    tired subject matter

  • destinylives52August 24, 2016Reply

    Good despite some flaws

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SujayAugust 25, 2016Reply

    Over rated movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tom147August 31, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CinemaClownSeptember 1, 2016Reply

    Palpably Tense, Downright Captivating & Endlessly Thrilling

    Palpably tense, downright captivating & endlessly thrilling, Hush
    begins like a fresh breathe of life in the home-invasion slasher
    subgenre of horror, and had all the necessary ingredients to become a
    modern slasher masterpiece but, thanks to some poor decisions made by
    the filmmakers, it isn’t one. And it really is a shame because there
    was so much up for grabs plus it did many things right too.

    The story of Hush follows a young, deaf & mute writer who lives a
    solitary life in the woods and is working on her next book. But her
    quiet & peaceful life is disrupted when a masked killer appears at her
    door and, after learning about her disability, takes advantage of the
    situation and torments her all night. But as this cat-n-mouse game
    nears its conclusion, our writer realises that there is only one way to
    end this ordeal.

    Co-written & directed by Mike Flanagan, the home-invasion story that
    Hush packs in isn’t new by any means but the decision to turn its
    protagonist deaf & mute does add an interesting spin to it. Sure it may
    feel like a gimmick but in all honesty, it helps raise the stakes by an
    extent. Flanagan’s direction is brilliant for the most part as he keeps
    the suspenseful vibe alive but when it was time to make some bold
    decisions, he chose to compromise.

    There were numerous things the director could’ve done differently that
    would’ve benefited this thriller immensely, and made the ride all the
    more engrossing. Some possible alternatives include, narrating the
    story like a silent thriller, using sound such as ambient noises but no
    dialogues, or never letting the killer take off his mask or eliminating
    the unnecessary exposition that ends up ruining few moments. It
    would’ve been a challenge but it also would’ve allowed some creativity
    to come into play.

    Kate Siegel, who co-wrote the screenplay with Flanagan, also plays our
    deaf & mute protagonist and does a really good job at it. I don’t know
    if Siegel playing a handicap woman has anything to do with it but her
    character is really likable and it isn’t difficult to get behind her
    when things go south. The controlled camera-work, apt lighting &
    fitting colour tones greatly enhance the tone n feel of the story,
    Editing never lets the tension seep out of the equation, and the
    background score does amplify its mood at times.

    On an overall scale, Hush had the opportunities to take its genre in a
    different direction and set a new bar for modern home-invasion
    thrillers in the process but it settles for much less than what it was
    capable of. The film is still a taut, compelling & edge-of-the-seat
    experience that will satisfy majority of its viewers but due to a few
    shortcomings, which were totally avoidable, it just falls short of
    joining the ranks of the greatest examples of its genre. I actually
    enjoyed what this psychological horror had in store for me but I still
    can’t stop picturing the masterpiece it just missed out on being.

  • Miguel NetoSeptember 5, 2016Reply

    a good suspenseful and tense and violent.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bloke_shwinSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly very good. Came close to Wait until dark n Them.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • charlsinchargeSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    Not good or fresh

    This movie was a huge let down for me… I don’t know why people are
    saying this is a fresh take on an old concept…. Making the star deaf
    is the only unique thing about the film… Other than that, it’s pretty
    lame, predictable, anticlimactic, and boring…. Also, we never know
    anything about the characters or their motivations. They’re just on
    screen doing things that lead to gore and violence… And then the
    movie is over…. It’s a lazy form of story telling to invent
    characters that have no reason behind their clear motives… I mean,
    the killer is NEVER explained in any way… He’s just a psycho with no
    background, who shows up to kill people… That’s not scary or thought
    provoking… It’s too simple to be scary or creative.

  • it-toonSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    No it’s NOT!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jrp72September 24, 2016Reply

    Mute because of meningitis. Really?!

    The film is so bad that I cannot believe the good reviews.

    Not sure if someone already pointed it out but if you lose your hearing
    at 13 years there is no way you cannot speak. Your language acquisition
    finished more or less at seven years old. That’s why if you learn a new
    language after that you cannot get the accent or the fluency as with
    your mother tongue.So, she has had 6 years of full language (English, I
    presume) before the meningitis made her deaf.

    She is a writer as an adult, so she supposedly might have a pretty good
    command of English.

    Even if you cannot hear because of the meningitis, your brain wouldn’t
    have been affected, neither would your mouth,tongue, larynx, etc.

    Being deaf should be enough, not sure why they did have to make her
    (unbelievably) mute. Avoid it and watch any other film in history, it
    cannot be worse.

  • HoeroaSeptember 26, 2016Reply


    Like a previous reviewer I too had to join just to let people with half
    a brain know how truly ridiculous a movie Hush is.

    Anyone over thirteen should watch this movie for no other reason than
    as a comedy.

    You will hate the stupid deaf woman more than the brain dead stalker.
    My family was all rooting for him in the end. This woman should be
    blind because she is already deaf and dumb.

    We thought it must be a good twist on a usually brain dead movie genre.
    But this was ten times worse than any I have ever seen. It is almost
    the worse movie I have ever seen.

    Forget the teenage reviewers on here. Watch this movie to see how truly
    bad it really is.

  • AlyssaOctober 4, 2016Reply

    Such to pack a punch

    In the movie ”Hush” Maddie, (Kate Siegel) a deaf and mute writer finds
    herself fighting for her life when a man, (John Gallagher Jr.) stalks
    and threatens her from outside her house. The Man continuously taunts
    Maddie with the idea of coming inside to kill her. Though seemingly
    like your typical ”serial killer in the woods” thriller, the movie
    ”Hush” provides the viewer with powerful characters, phenomenal sounds,
    and twists that are such to pack a punch.

    Both the main actors, Kate Siegel and John Gallagher Jr. do a profound
    job of gaining the viewers attention through their strong emotional
    connection and quality of acting in general. Most commendably
    though,Kate Siegel did a phenomenal job of playing the role of the mute
    and deaf Maddie. Due to Maddie’s life situation,Siegel has to rely
    solely on physical appearances to show emotions, rather than typical
    sound cues. Even though it seems far-fetched without the normal loud,
    gut wrenching, cries of complete and utter despair, when Siegel
    expresses pain, the viewer can’t help but feel the pain as well. When
    expressing pain, the audience is drawn in through Seigel’s wrenched
    shut eyes, trembling body, her position on the floor, and her mouth
    extensively open as if it was filled with loud screams. Siegel’s
    fantastic quality of acting really does an amazing job of not only
    catching the viewer’s attention, but also keeping it throughout the
    whole movie.

    The minimalist approach sound-wise that ”Hush” takes really does a
    fantastic job of not only adding to the overall ”spookiness” of the
    movie, but it also helps the viewer relate to the main character. There
    are many points throughout the movie when the sound cuts out, during
    these times the viewer is forcibly placed into Maddie’s position, this
    temporary situation creates a bond between the viewer and the main
    character, which adds to the overall enjoyability of the movie. When
    the sound does come back on, it is mainly focused on small subtle
    things, the sound of the knife on a chopping board, crunching leaves,
    breathing, and creaky steps, these small sounds help add to the
    eeriness of the movie.

    During the final fight scene the quality of the sound effects seems to
    decline, *cue super dramatic fight song here*. Despite the overall
    minor hiccup at the end, the movie’s sound effects were of high quality
    and really increased the viewers attention and emotional connection.

    ”Hush” is a thriller guaranteed to keep the viewer on the edge of his
    or her seat. ”Hush” not only has extreme character-to-audience
    connections, but it also makes use of some not very common sound
    effects, engaging the viewer. So grab your friends, popcorn, and some
    blankets….”Hush” will not disappoint.

  • morrison-dylan-fanOctober 4, 2016Reply

    Hush Hush Sweet Maddie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cnycityladyOctober 11, 2016Reply

    Anything But Quiet

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lev-nemkinOctober 18, 2016Reply

    A good cat and mouse thriller…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JD StrangeOctober 18, 2016Reply

    Not Worth Watching

    This was a waste of time. It is impressive for the low budget, which
    almost earned it an extra star, and great acting, but otherwise
    everything else about it is trash.

    The use of silence is nonexistent and in a movie about a deaf person
    that seems like a horrible misstep. There was so much potential here to
    do something that hadn’t been done before in the horror genera, but
    instead it followed the home terrorizing tropes at every step.

    The protagonist is constantly acting like a complete moron and misses
    every opportunity to defend herself until the best part of the movie,
    the final scene. I spent most of this movie face palming and admiring
    the fantastic acting, but as a horror movie it is a huge waste of time.
    With this movie getting rave reviews I had much higher expectations,
    but all it has done is make me loose faith in the sites I have always
    trusted to have reliable reviews. Save yourself an hour and a half and
    pass up the terrible movie.

  • komradekontrollOctober 22, 2016Reply

    Had Potential…Had

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sukanya-samyOctober 28, 2016Reply

    Stephen King praised this movie, what more would one want!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adriandavis-05777October 30, 2016Reply

    just an advertisement for Apple

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • devibuergerOctober 31, 2016Reply

    Insanely fun thrill ride

    This is an excellent thriller horror movie with an amazing main
    character that you’ll get behind immediately. The side characters are
    also great for what they are and all push the story forward and all of
    the actors are doing a fine job. This film is also well shot, nothing
    spectacular but exactly what it needed to be shot like. The villain is
    so damn great and I really hated him and I almost never do that. He
    reminded me of the girl in ”Gone Girl” which I also hated, which is
    precisely what the movie makers wanted. Twists and turns are also a
    thing in this Netflix original, to say the least. I was fooled once,
    heads off to that.

    This movie had me at the very edge of my seat most of the time and
    deserves the best rating for me. I know it’s probably the best the
    first time you watch it but I loved it and I think I’ll watch it again
    a few times. Really great.

  • Jacob ThompsonNovember 1, 2016Reply

    Tense and Atmospheric

    Now on the surface, the story sounds pretty standard and even kind of
    bland, since home invasion stories are anything but new, but it’s
    executed fairly solidly. The main character is very easy to root for.
    She’s not the stereotypical dumb female that we see in a lot of crappy
    horror films, but she’s also not an axe wielding overpowered bad ass
    that is suddenly invincible and unstoppable. She’s just a person trying
    to find her way out of a bad situation by any means she can. She’s not
    stupid. She’s actually really smart. In fact, there’s a pretty clever
    scene at one point during the film, where she’s imagining a bunch of
    different scenarios to escape from the cottage and what the final
    outcome will be, which is actually based off a technique she uses to
    find a preferable ending to her novels. Most horror movies give a
    character a backstory and not have it tie into anything, but this flick
    cleverly ties it in and it works very well. So yeah, I like the main

    The killer, I assure you, you will despise. And I mean that in a good
    way. This guy is creepy, mysterious, vulgar, sadistic, and just a
    straight-up douche. You’re just waiting for him to drop dead at any
    minute. But at the same time, he’s smart as well. So him and the main
    character are evenly matched making it harder to predict what the
    outcome of each scene will be. It’s true, we don’t know much about his
    past or his motive behind why he’s even trying to kill this girl to
    begin with, but in this case, I think it’s just the mysteriousness
    behind his character that makes him all the more intimidating and
    unpredictable. You just never know what this guy is going to do next.

    The film is also not nearly as violent as you’d expect. Sure there’s
    blood and stabbing and some of the basic crap you’d expect from a movie
    about a killer, but it mostly relies on its atmosphere and suspense to
    move the story forward. It doesn’t feel like it needs to pander to the
    lowest common denominator just for the hell of it. It just wants to
    tell its story the way it intends and feels that it doesn’t need
    excessive gore. The film doesn’t have as much dialogue as you’d expect
    either. Yeah, there’s actually huge portions of this film with little
    to no dialogue. But it’s still just as suspenseful, I might even argue
    more suspenseful, than the scenes with dialogue. It relies on its
    atmosphere and its intimidating antagonist in order to build tension.
    So the film does show an understanding of how to build suspense.

    I would recommend checking out this film. It’s an entertaining
    suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and
    might even leave you a bit disturbed. Check it out on Netflix. It’s
    definitely worth the watch.

  • sbbcbbNovember 2, 2016Reply

    So predictable it was utterly boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • klheintzNovember 10, 2016Reply

    Another average scary movie from Flanagan

    I was excited to see this film as I really enjoy the home invasion
    genre and I have known Flanagan’s movies to be average but not really
    bad. I was let down. I thought this could be the best film he has to
    offer but unfortunately for all of us, it is not the case. In fact it’s
    hard to even say which one of his movies is his best. He’s nailed the
    ”average horror film.”

    I like the spin they give the movie by having our heroine be deaf but
    other than that there’s not really anything special. There’s nothing in
    the film that keeps it interesting past that one little detail. Siegel
    does a good job displaying emotions without her voice and her
    performance is only visual but it’s good.

    I think that the idea of the movie is really cool but it falls prey to
    what most home invasion movies fall prey to… It fails to keep you
    interested and doesn’t throw any crazy stuff into the movie to spice it
    up. One of the cool things they did was have one scene where she runs
    through the various routes available to her as she plans out her
    ”escape.” I just wish there was more of that.

    Overall it’s a decent movie but fails to stay interesting past the

  • Angelos G.November 13, 2016Reply

    Waste of time or chance to troll?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kosmaspNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Stuff happens

    I don’t know if it’s supposed to be ironic that the main actress who
    plays a writer, also co-wrote the story here. Maybe it’s supposed to
    have that Meta level feeling and for some that may work more than for
    others. Other than that this tries to distance itself from the usual
    home invasion shtick, by having its lead being deaf. It’s made clear
    from the beginning what you are about to get.

    Overall it’s decent, but even with that ”different” approach (and
    without any major jump scares, for better or worse), this is pretty
    decent. But it doesn’t really have the weight to carry itself even with
    only around 80 minutes to ”play” with (no pun intended). Major
    character flaws and holes in logic/script in general may give you
    pause, if you actually try to tackle what you see. If you just watch
    and enjoy, not minding anything and just being gripped by the ”hunt”,
    then obviously you’ll enjoy this more

  • thomasshahbazNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Finally someone with a good idea for the genre

    I really can’t fault anything about this film. It’s as if somebody with
    actual intelligence decided to make an antidote to the likes of Last
    House On The Left, or all of the many, many other stalky
    slasher-cum-revenge films out there, all of which end up making their
    hero into something equally as disgusting as the original villain. This
    film doesn’t do that, it simply sets out what would happen when a real
    person gets stalked and preyed upon by a very realistic madman, and it
    plays it so you root for her, not so you’re forced to endure cruelty
    for cruelty’s sake. Indeed, she gets a blow in EVERY single time he
    comes near her, not to mention her striking the first thereof.

    The deaf angle is very interesting, and allows the most part of the
    film to be very quiet and tense, almost strangely calm, which makes a
    welcome change from almost every other film I have ever seen of this
    type, these tending to be laden with clichés, poor dialogue, terrible
    characterisation, blah blah blah.

    The psychopathic antagonist is portrayed exactly as those types are in
    real life; cowardly, ridiculous, pathetic, but also devious and
    manipulative. I guess this makes him less scary than some might like,
    but in my opinion this is the film’s strength. It’s not, ”oh look, a
    big nasty man is being all horrible to a poor defenceless woman,
    waaaaaaagh”, it’s more, ”what a horrendous c*nt this guy is, I might as
    well have some self respect and try to get the better of him”.

    Bravo! Hope to see more refreshing original horror films like this. I’d
    written off the genre years ago.

  • pswnskDecember 9, 2016Reply

    Had me hooked from the beginning

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • spencergrande6December 11, 2016Reply

    Simple Genre Exercise, Nothing More Nothing Less

    This is a simple genre exercise, nothing more. Its premise is sound and
    uncomplicated — a blind woman attached in her cabin in the woods all
    alone at night — and the storytelling and characters basically non-
    existent in service of thrills and chills.

    The problem is, it’s competently made, but it offers nothing new
    outside its set-up. It’s neither an interesting story/character study,
    nor some crazy new take on the genre, so tight and intense as to become
    profound in and of itself. It’s pleasing enough and then forgettable.

    My biggest gripe is that although the deaf angle provides a few unique
    scenes (including a ridiculous opening wherein her neighbor gets
    stabbed by a window right next to her which she doesn’t hear,
    neglecting her peripheral vision which should be heightened) it doesn’t
    matter nearly enough. It’s forgotten for stretches and only serves as
    an easy way to let the killer sneak up on her. There’s no tension from
    how much sound she’s making as she’s sneaking around, something she
    would have no way of gauging, or scenes where the audience is blanked
    into her silence (there’s an occasional glitchy static sound meant to
    represent her hearing but it’s not used for much) nor anything else
    completely unique like that.

  • riddledubbDecember 13, 2016Reply

    Great potential but falls short

    I loved the concept of this movie, but the execution just didn’t back
    it up. While the acting was great, the characters (victims) were just
    plain stupid. I can maybe accept a one time slip at not actually taking
    advantage of the killer when he/she is in a position of being
    defenseless, but over and over and the movie just loses me. This makes
    me believe that the deaf/dumb victim is just plain ”dumb”. Some fun
    scenes here and there, but no real scares. The ending also was pretty
    lame and I think they could have come up with a more clever way to
    resolve this. Overall it was entertaining, but not something I would
    watch again as I have with so many horror movies that are far superior
    in content and execution.

  • RileyOnFilmDecember 16, 2016Reply

    Flanagan breaks ahead of the pack

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • markgormanDecember 17, 2016Reply

    Just shows, you don’t need a lot of screaming to make a slasher movie tense

    A chess game of suspense involving a deaf girl and a serial killer
    locked outside her home in the woods.

    It sounds like a cliché with a twist, and it is, but it’s a really good
    cliché with a twist.

    For a start the premise that the lead character Maddie, the deaf
    writer, who is home alone after a relationship break up, opens up a box
    of plot twists and devices that are unfamiliar in their familiarity.

    Second, Maddie, (Kate Siegel) dominates the movie, even though it’s
    essentially a double hander, with a superbly sympathetic performance
    that never gets you shouting ”don’t do that”, as is common in this

    The tension does not let up from start to finish (and it’s only 82
    minutes so doesn’t outstay its welcome) as the masked invader tries to
    outwit Maddie and vice versa.

    The temptation might have been to take Maddie’s disability and, like
    with Audrey Hepburn’s blindness in Wait Until Dark, use it to her
    advantage somehow; but that does not transpire. It’s actually her
    skills as a writer (she is completing her latest crime novel when the
    would be assassin strikes) that gives her some traction in what should
    be a one-sided battle.

    This is an intelligent, well paced and well shot, low budget slasher
    movie, but on a higher plane.

  • hellovickieJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Atmospheric thriller

    Wow, this was a better horror movie than I thought it was going to be.
    A lot of the time, I choose a film and it isn’t scary at all, but this
    one was. It grabbed my attention all the way through. The concept is
    different and it’s directed well. The acting is also good, with
    believable characters. The main character is strong and no shrinking
    violet, which is good to see. I didn’t find it predictable. It makes
    you wonder what you would do in the same situation. I liked that the
    main character is a writer with a big imagination, and you’re not sure
    where the story will go. It’s also interesting and real scary that
    she’s deaf – that is, how would you know if you’re making a sound? Good
    stuff. Recommended.

  • Mr_EctoplasmaJanuary 4, 2017Reply

    Potent home invasion thriller

    ”Hush” focuses on Maddie, a deaf-mute writer living alone in a remote
    house, where she is accosted one evening by a psychopath hellbent on
    terrorizing and murdering her.

    Co-written and directed by Mike Flanagan, who many have cited as a
    contemporary horror maestro, ”Hush” is a straightforward thriller that
    cuts to the chase. There’s not a lot of plot; most of the film plays on
    the gimmick of the protagonist being unable to hear anything around her
    (including the noise she makes), which is a clever setup for a
    horror-thriller film (I’m actually surprised it wasn’t done earlier).

    Comparisons to ”The Strangers” are abundant and probably well-deserved,
    as that film pioneered the post-millennial home invasion film as we
    know it. ”Hush” reduces the equation a bit, stripping it down to a
    one-on-one cat-and-mouse game, so in some regard it’s a much more
    intense film; on the other hand, it’s also remarkably less scary—but
    that’s not really what Flanagan seems to be going for here anyway. It’s
    not a film that intends to scare or get under the skin so much as it is
    a sparring match between two very different people.

    The film is nicely shot and there are some fantastic scenes that play
    on a collective home invasion paranoia that I think we all have. The
    gore is kept to a minimum, but what is there is extremely visceral. The
    performances are solid, which is vital for a film that virtually
    revolves around two characters; Kate Siegel (who co-wrote the film with
    Flanagan) stars as the deaf Maddie, and is extremely believable, while
    John Gallagher Jr. plays the anonymous nutjob who is more despicable
    than he is scary. Where the film does falter a bit is in its last act,
    where the gimmick begins to wear off a bit as Maddie’s situation grows
    more and more helpless. There is an amicable payoff in the end, albeit
    a drawn-out one.

    Overall, I found ”Hush” to be a relatively well-made film, and an
    enjoyable riff on the home invasion setup. That said, the film does
    grow dull in areas, and it also offers little in the way of new ideas,
    but what it does do, it does with class. All in all an entertaining and
    fairly intense thriller for what it’s worth. 7/10.

  • willgreen-06105January 11, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mateo SalazarJanuary 15, 2017Reply

    My new favorite movie, more than I expected.

    I watched this movie by accident (I was trying to find another movie
    and ended here somehow)and I am so glad I did. When I was going to
    watch the movie I was expecting no more than pure entertainment, and
    you know, the usual: a scared character, dead people and bla,bla,bla;
    but what I found was completely different!, I was shaking since the
    beginning until the very end! the way the movie was developed, the
    story, the characters, the little details that changed everything,
    AMAZING!. This movie just felt so good. You are in suspense all the
    time, and somehow you feel there is no hope, no hope for someone like
    her, in the circumstances she was, but oh lord I couldn’t have been
    more wrong; I think this movie more than pure entertainment expresses
    how much a person can do to save her/his life, the courage it takes to
    face situations like this one, and how your instinct of survival
    overtakes your fear of death, it’s just incredible!.

  • pringie22January 23, 2017Reply

    An unbelievable take on the home invasion horror

    To begin with the good points some of the acting was good and the audio
    portrayal of deafness was well done but that’s about it. Onto the bad.
    There were so many terrible decisions made by all of the characters I
    didn’t know which to root for by the end. The villain and the victims
    had so many missed opportunities in their aims of kill or be killed
    that their actions just became unbelievable. This took away any
    suspense that other reviews have mentioned and left me waiting for the
    credits to roll. If you are looking for a decent house invasion horror
    then avoid this one. Although it has a different take with a deaf
    victim there are many better films out there worthy of your time…The
    Strangers, Funny Games, Last House on The Left to name a few.

  • Rajeev AnandJanuary 30, 2017Reply

    Intense , Terrifying , Smart , Effective and Nightmarish

    After watching highly acclaimed and box office superhit Don’t Breathe I
    didn’t expect much from but here it is another nice little twist to
    home invasion horror/thriller genre. This time it’s a woman who went
    mute and deaf during teenage and lives alone and quickly becomes the
    prey of a masked killer. The start of the film reminded me of scream
    and I knew I was in for a ride.Being mute and deaf she has her own
    advantages but mostly disadvantages. The first ten minutes are simple
    but quickly begins the cat mouse chase. Some of the murder scenes are
    really brutal and somehow they feel realistic which is really scary.
    Performances are again even without minimum dialogues are top notch. No
    wonder it’s hidden gem of Netflix.As the film progress , the chase goes
    further which is as usually clichéd but the elements of horror and the
    resourceful and smart nature of our protagonist that somehow stands toe
    to toe with the villain makes it different. As it goesfor the rest of
    the film , the disability of the main character makes it harder for her
    and at the same time bringing a more intriguing character development.
    There’s a lot of blood and some heart wrenching scenes involving a lot
    of blood. For the ending I think we saw it coming but it was nearly the
    same as I expected. Still , as a proper movie it has all the elements
    in the right place. It’s a nice thriller/horror which great emphasis on
    performances (most horror movies have dumbest performances) and scary
    factor. It’s good but doesn’t break any new ground. I can easily place
    it within the likes of Don’t Breathe and Last House On The Left …..

  • mitchellzelenakFebruary 2, 2017Reply

    the heck did i just watch? *spoilers*

    I’m really not sure where to even start with this film, but i’ll give
    it my best shot. I decided to watch this film after a night of my
    friends hyping it up, but this was probably more disappointing than my
    dad telling me he doesn’t love me for the first time.

    This movie had so much potential, but feel flat in all aspects. While
    the main character(who I have named ”Mute” at this point) is in fact a
    mute, she still manages to outsmart this killer at every point
    possible. At first, when the killer shows his face and begins taunting
    his victim, there was some level of shock. However, this factor is
    quickly drained come to release that he has no way of actually getting
    into the house. So what does he do? He decides to circle it about 7
    times, meanwhile Mute is constantly peering through windows as if he is
    going to change where he goes somehow. This is the most putrid killer
    I’ve ever seen, at one point even handing Mute his crossbow and losing
    it. Other things aside, the movie towards the end shows one of the
    biggest challenges Mute has to overcome- pulling back the crossbow to
    load another shot. And this was the BEST scene in the whole thing, in
    terms of comedy. The over- dramatized music with fact that victory is
    so closed to being achieved should be a good set up for an intense
    scene, but I was laughing the whole time. The whole part was just too
    laughable because of everything that had happened prior to. 1/10 Horror
    7/10 Comedy (Could use some more dialog)

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])February 9, 2017Reply

    She didn’t see it coming … even better … she didn’t hear it.

    ”I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But
    I’m not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead…
    that’s when I’ll come inside.”

    There’s one thing you shouldn’t expect to happen in ”Hush”. And that’s
    the moment Maddie (Kate Siegel) starts to screech while running around,
    because she’s being attacked by an unknown person (John ”10 Cloverfield
    Lane” Gallagher Jr.) who wanders around her home in a remote forest.
    And that’s because Maddie is deaf-mute after suffering from a
    meningococcal infection when she was young. This with a mask equipped
    deranged sadist tells Maddie he’ll take his time and when the time is
    ripe, he will break into her home and stick his knife in her with
    visible pleasure. The motive for this maniacal act remains unknown. But
    there’s no doubt that this maniac finds a morbid joy in this sadistic
    game. Of course, the fact that he isn’t really blessed with a
    significant number of brain cells, does play to the advantage of
    Maddie. This dweeb makes some ridiculous decisions. On the other hand
    some of Maggie’s decisions aren’t thought out either. But her handicap
    could well have had an impact on her decision powers. So I forgive her

    ”Hush” is a typical slasher in the home invasion genre. Well, there
    were already a large amount of such movies that passed the review. The
    question is whether this film uses something original. They definitely
    used to a large extent the fact that Maddie is deaf and dumb. There are
    moments when the sound is completely muted, in such a way that we get
    an idea in what kind of world Maddie is continuously living. A bubble
    of silence where she feels comfortable without any threats. Until a
    crazy person pierces this bubble at a given time. But that’s it, in
    terms of originality. The rest of the movie just follows the same
    guidelines as all other home-invasion movies. Again, a vulnerable
    victim in a difficult situation and visibly disadvantaged compared to
    the killer. Initially it seemed a piece of cake to send the frail,
    deaf-mute Maddie to the happy hunting grounds. But then she proves that
    she has a tremendous survival instinct and refuses to give up.
    Eventually the denouement can be predicted far in advance.

    Despite the inventive concept and qualitatively the film is part of the
    better slasher movies, there were still some things that got on my
    nerves. First, the stupidity and the foolish decisions both Maddie and
    the attacker made. Plain ridiculous sometimes. It also seemed like
    Maddie’s physical ailments weren’t enough as a punishment, because most
    of the film is shrouded in darkness as well (making her partly blind).
    I know, it all takes place at night in a dark house. So it’s quite
    evident that everything is covered in darkness. Usually this isn’t a
    problem for the film enthusiast. Unless you can’t see a freaking thing
    anymore and as a result it’s really difficult to grasp what is
    happening. Fortunately ”Hush” only takes roughly 90 minutes to finish.
    Because, after yet another walk around the house by the man with the
    mask, I started to become irritated enormously. For budding serial
    killers I have this advice. Want to scare future victims? Walk around
    their house several times. Apparently this helps. And revealing the
    identity of the murderer early in the movie, spoils the intended
    tension. The moment he drops his mask, the tension decreases rapidly.

    The most successful scene is the one with Maddie working on her laptop
    (still not aware what danger she’s in) and the masked man entering her
    home and observing her up close. After that, it’s just a typical
    cat-and-mouse game. ”Hush” is exclusively being broadcasted on Netflix
    and is a perfect movie to watch just before bedtime. I’m sure this
    horror / thriller won’t disturb your sleep, like ”Lights Out” perhaps
    did. Chances are that while viewing this movie, you’ll be exhibiting
    some fatigue symptoms already.

    More reviews here :

  • fletcherbasmannFebruary 13, 2017Reply

    Worst Movie Of the Decade

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shobanchittuproluFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    Hush is a perfect home invasion thriller after a long time with an engaging screenplay,lot of nail biting moments.

    Hush (2016): Home Invasion thrillers (sometimes termed as horror too)
    can impress only if they are nail bitingly perfect.But now-a-days home
    invasion thrillers are nothing but dull rehash of the same stories.Hush
    is not exemption from that too because Hush has the same plot like
    other home invasion films but 2 major things gabbed the interest of
    mine. 1)Here the lead role is deaf 2)Directed by Mike Flanagan,the one
    who brought Oculus which is one my favorite horror film.So how is Hush?

    Plot: Maddie (Kate Siegel) is a deaf author, living in a remote house
    in the woods, settling in for the evening. She’s trying to finish her
    latest novel while avoiding distractions, such as calls from her
    ex-boyfriend. But there’s someone outside: a masked intruder (John
    Gallagher Jr.)with an arsenal of weapons, and Maddie has to figure out
    how to keep him out and then how to escape.

    Plus Points:

    1)Screenplay and Direction: Character development is the major pro in
    this film.We instantly get connected to Madidie’s character and her
    deafness.Mike Flanagan used this point and crafted a brilliant nail
    biting thriller without any dull moments.He’s a rare modern horror
    director who still prioritizes suspense, and he frames the tense
    altercations between the pair to maximum effect.All the trials made by
    Maddie created a tension in audience and whenever the psycho finds out
    about it,we feel more tense than Maddie.

    2)Performances: Kate Siegel is brilliant in the role of Maddie.Be it
    her expressions with sign language with her friend or her first
    confrontation with psycho clearly shows us that she has a bright future
    ahead.John Gallenger looked more terrifying especially in mask.

    3)Duration: A duration of just 1hr 21 min is a perfect duration for
    this home invasion thriller.Flanagan perfectly edited this movie
    without any drag.

    So,Hush is a perfect home invasion thriller after a long time with an
    engaging screenplay,lot of nail biting moments.

    My rating 7.5/10 Image may contain: one or more people, text and

  • rahulbats-679-146395February 21, 2017Reply

    terrible movie

    I hardly every review movies, but i was seriously frustrated about
    wasting my time watching this nonsense.This movie makes zero sense, its
    made by a director with aptitude of a .2 year old. Guy could have
    broken in any time by taking a stone and breaking the freaking glass
    doors. Apple might have paid them enough to cover their losses. cliché
    crap, got all the good reviews, because apple paid for them.

  • valimorgFebruary 27, 2017Reply

    Not sure how this is getting good reviews

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • billyfriar97March 2, 2017Reply

    Good idea, poor execution.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • The ZiaMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Horrible, Unrealistic, and Cringe Worthy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MaximumMadnessMarch 14, 2017Reply

    ”Hush”- A thrilling and very fun old-fashioned home-invasion flick! Exceedingly well-written and executed.

    One of the great tragedies in modern horror is that many of the best
    contemporary releases in the genre often go tragically underrated and
    under recognized by the bulk of audiences, while attaining general
    apathy and dismissal from those who do give them a chance. High quality
    and cerebral releases like ”It Follows” and ”The Witch” are condemned
    as ”boring” and ”pointless” by people who refuse to analyze their
    themes and deeper meanings. Subversive and satirical films like
    ”Krampus” and ”The Cabin in the Woods” are blasted for being ”not
    scary” or ”stupid” by those who misunderstand their intentions. And
    excellent foreign films like ”The Babadook” and ”The Devil’s Backbone”
    are given barely a token limited domestic release before being dumped
    onto home video with little fanfare and are ignored by the masses.

    Being a legitimate fan of all things horror can be hard. You really
    have to look out for the good films. And even moreso, you have to be
    willing to give just about every film you find a chance because so many
    so-called ”horror audiences” are, well… way too quick to judge and
    all to happy to denounce solid films for any number of silly reasons.
    Case in point? Director Mike Flanagan’s highly entertaining and very
    fun home-invasion thriller ”Hush”- a film with a simple but brutally
    effective high-concept set-up that pays off wonderfully. And yet,
    despite wide critical acclaim and the film’s rampant strengths, it’s
    being dismissed and nit-picked apart by general audiences, like most
    good recent releases of its genre.

    We follow lead character Maddie (co-writer Kate Siegel), an author who
    lives alone out in the woods and is struggling to come up with an
    ending for her latest novel. However, tonight she is not alone- for a
    twisted and disturbed masked man (John Gallagher Jr.) appears and
    begins to stalk her and taunt her, threatening to kill her as he has
    several others. And Maddie has an incredibly disadvantage… she is a
    deaf-mute, and cannot necessarily hear him coming. And so, she must
    rely on her cunning and her creative mind to overcome this devilish
    threat and try to escape with her life…

    The film’s success lay in its brutally simple but extremely elegant
    story-line and the top-notch execution that director Flanagan and the
    cast excel at. The film struck me as quite charming and quaint…
    almost old-fashioned in a way. It reminded me of other, similar movies
    from yester-year in a really fun way. Flanagan and Siegel know just how
    to perfectly structure the film in such a way that it hits just the
    right beats and never overstays its welcome. It’s a very efficient film
    with just the right sense of urgency and pacing. All the main players
    are introduced and immediately defined. The action starts quickly and
    only lets up in a few appropriate key moments to give the audience some
    breathing room. And every single facet of the story is established and
    paid off in a really clever way. As far as screen writing goes… the
    script for this film is pretty much perfect. I could see it being used
    as a studying tool for aspiring writers and in creative-writing
    classroom settings. I’ve seen some people bemoan the fact that some
    aspects of the story are not explained… but this is just mind-
    boggling. We learn everything we need to know for the story that’s
    being told. We don’t need excessive and unnecessary detail. That would
    just clutter the narrative and make for a weaker film.

    The film is quite slick in terms of direction, and I’ve been finding
    that Flanagan is quickly becoming one of the go-to’s for effective
    mainstream horror. This is the third film of his I’ve seen, and he
    seems to grow more and more with each release. He’s confident with his
    visual storytelling without letting it become a distraction, and he
    injects just enough style and flourish to augment the story and really
    drive it home. He never relies on cheap tricks like incessant
    camera-shake or false jumps… he knows the situation is frightening
    enough in and of itself. Very excellent work that is complimented by
    the top-notch lighting and cinematography of DP James Kniest and the
    dreary tones of composers The Newton Brothers. And to top it off, the
    performances are excellent. Siegel is endlessly likable as our lead,
    and she’s never too strong or too vulnerable. She feels like a real
    person stuck in a truly terrifying situation. Gallagher Jr. is devilish
    fun as our adversary and is a truly slimy, threatening presence. And
    supporting roles by the likes of Samantha Sloyan and Michael Trucco are
    ideally cast and expertly performed.

    It’s quite a disservice to such an excellent film that it was never
    given a proper theatrical release and was instead released
    predominately as a Netflix film. This is the sort-of movie I’d kill to
    see on the big screen with the right audience, as we gasp, scream and
    applaud together. It’s a wonderfully made, highly efficient and
    wickedly well-written film and is easily going to become a go-to for
    Halloween night viewings and late-night horror-movie marathons for my
    friends and I. I freaking loved every second of it.

    There’s no other way to say it… I gotta give it a 10. There’s
    basically no faults to be found here. It gives you everything you could
    possibly want from a high-concept home-invasion thriller, and then

  • bonnie-53145March 17, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anthony El-megerhiMarch 19, 2017Reply

    not what you expect from great director like Mike Flanagan

    I didn’t really see that coming from Mike Flanagan , the idea of the
    movie was unique deaf-mute girl horror and all but there were many
    scenes where he belittles the viewers minds and perceptions i won’t
    call the scenes nothing but real silly , because i’m sure everybody in
    knows it won’t happen in reality , and for performance it wasn’t any
    impressive . i didn’t feel horrifying emotions with Kate siegel she
    couldn’t convey how scared she is to me , nevertheless she made feel
    how painful is the stabs . John Gallagher is a well-known capable actor
    but the role and directions given to him was’t so much so you can judge
    his skills here in this movie ,the only person who gained my
    appreciation in this film The Newton Brothers chose soundtracks fit he
    scenes .

  • svenjergensenMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Edge of your seat

    Brilliant film that executes the ”alone in a cabin with a killer loose”
    perfectly. We are introduced to a character who is deaf, which sets up
    a lot of great scenes through the film, and gives our lead just another
    insane obstacle to jump over. While we never learn the killer’s
    motivations, I don’t think it was really important. All the tension
    builds rather nicely, and the film is an exercise in great editing,
    directing, and acting. Simple story, simple concept, brilliantly

  • RalioteriMarch 22, 2017Reply

    One of the worst pieces of crap I have seen in a long time

    A total waste of time, no real plot, no twists, goes nowhere and it’s
    extremely generic, predictable, while the story itself is implausible,
    quite stupid and uninventive. I rarely leave bad reviews but this movie
    just made me realize that time is too precious to just waste on such
    utter crap. I had to warn others. Stay away at all cost.

  • Syo KennexMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Turn the lights off, shut your curtains and stay Hush

    I’ve seen a lot of talk about this film about how it handled the deaf
    aspect of the character of Maddie. As a partially deaf horror movie
    fan, I decided that I had to watch this and make a decision for myself
    and hopefully, perhaps shine some light on the aspect itself. This film
    delicately handles Maddie’s deafness and has done an excellent
    portrayal of a deaf person. I found this to be extremely gripping and
    I’ve found myself in a mildly similar situation; it’s almost completely
    dead on. The way she has been portrayed is not offensive in anyway, and
    is one of the closest portrayals I have seen to being deaf by a non
    deaf actress.

    Our main character is deaf, and can’t hear a thing. When she was 13,
    she contracted a disease that took away her hearing and also her
    speech. Alone one night at her secluded house buried in the woods,
    she’s clearing up the burned dishes of her failure of cooking, when a
    sociopath arrives outside her house.

    What follows is a tense hour and twenty minutes of a twisted,
    sociopathic game of cat and mouse. We see Maddie adapt as a character
    and see her develop into a survivor, someone who must stay alive for as
    long as humanely possible until help arrives.

    I have never seen such a strong female character in a horror film
    before. Maddie was absolutely amazing and someone I aspire to be if I
    ever find myself in such a horrifying situation. She is the epitome of
    disability does not equal weakness. Kate Siegel did an amazing
    portrayal of Maddie, and I am personally honoured to have her represent
    the deaf community in a film such as this.

    I didn’t expect for this to be as good as it was. I was expecting a
    cheap thriller (this only had a budget of around $1 million) that did
    nothing for the viewers. I was not expecting to get goosebumps, and to
    get paranoid about going near the windows of my house, expecting a
    sociopath to be stood outside, wearing a mask.

    The gore in this was actually believable in a horror film. It was
    scientifically accurate, and it wasn’t grossly over exaggerated for the
    shock horror gore aspect, which is always the sign of a good horror
    film. So much thought went into this beautiful film and it shows, it
    really does show.

    This is an amazing movie and deserves so much more hype and views. This
    was absolutely stunning. A definite 10 out of 10 movie for me.

  • steventurdmuffinApril 3, 2017Reply

    Horribly Predictable, Ad Filled Nonsense

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lauren SaffordApril 9, 2017Reply

    Okay, but not one I will remember/watch again

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • christianortiz-95162April 16, 2017Reply

    boring for real, don’t waste your time please, go spend it in the community

    slow, boring, drawn out. nothing interesting, the protagonist is
    frustrating and uninteresting. this movie could be condensed to 10
    minutes and it would have more impact. no backstory. sadomasochistic
    nonsense. go watch green room instead. there’s a five line rule so i’m
    here we go

  • 851222April 19, 2017Reply

    Simple yet very well made thriller

    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”Hush” (2016) is a very simple story effectively told. Basically there
    are two characters who ”plays” in cat and mouse when the prize is life
    or death. While the premise is simple and many times seen, movie is
    done so well that it kept my attention from the very beginning till the
    last frame. Acting by Kate Siegel was nothing short then great – she
    holds the film together with tight script, directing and editing.

    Overall, while ”Hush” isn’t anything original or really great, it is a
    very well made movie. This isn’t a horror movie as much as very tense
    thriller and while the story isn’t fresh, it was done very well.

  • starkrayzMay 4, 2017Reply

    Definitely overrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • japb-37909May 5, 2017Reply

    Clear message from Hush movie do not underestimate any one ?

    One of the finest movies for weaker personality gender. Good location,
    may be dog instead of cat. may special alarm for police or She have gun
    for her is easy for man to use rear window for home
    invasion. why he use front door. why he murdered his friend , he may
    wait for late night.

  • aidanmentonMay 5, 2017Reply

    Unexpected Gem!

    When I saw this title on Netflix it immediately caught my attention.
    Luckily I was pleasantly surprised as you never can judge by ratings on
    Netflix I find. This was an unexpected gem. Expect a quintessential
    horror film basically! The only thing I could possibly pick at the film
    about was why would a deaf woman live in the middle of a woods and
    leave all her blinds up for any possible predator to look in at her?
    Other than that it was perfectly practical. I love watching a horror
    film where when you put yourself in the characters shoes you would make
    the same decisions as they do in the film it becomes much more
    engaging. Best kind of ‘cabin in the woods’ style film since ‘Beyond
    the Woods’ which I saw at a film festival not all that long ago. If you
    love this film you’ll love ‘Beyond the Woods!’ ‘The Forest’ is another
    great horror movie set in the woods I’ve seen recently ignore the
    ratings on Netflix for it, trust me!

  • eagandersongilMay 6, 2017Reply

    He tries to be different, but in the end it’s the same

    A slasher movie that tries to differentiate itself a little bit, the
    truth is that it can not, but even has some more details that are
    interesting. Starting with the old cliché, the young lady, alone, in
    the house, and a psychocopath surrounding her trying to kill, a
    completely linear and not a different script. But our protagonist of
    the story is deaf, and this makes the movie more interesting, gives an
    extra plus, but even so is not enough, with a villain completely
    meaningless and with logical failures, and a simple technique, ”Hush”
    is Everything that we have seen thousands of times, but the film, even
    if it is a cliché, it does nothing to make us disappoint completely,
    the deafness factor of the character could be better used, and the
    killer in question loses the fear very early, The short duration of the
    film and without forcing it leaves the pace delicious, and the
    character is very well developed, and the actress Kate Siengel is well
    in the film, and we even have some nice suspense, but that is lost
    completely in the course of the plot.

  • ivo-cobra8May 12, 2017Reply

    Another solid rated-R horror film from 2016 that could have been better

    I just recently watched Don’t Breathe (2016) horror film from Fede
    Álvarez and I heard from an angry fan of this movie for Don’t Breath
    that Hush and The Conjuring 2 are MIles way better movies than Don’t
    Breath. I disagree Hush is not even near close better than Don’t
    Breath. I don’t know about The Conjuring 2, I never watch it and I
    never will. I watch the first one and I remember don’t liking it, I
    would rather watch Poltergeist than that movie which is way better
    movie than The Conjuring.

    Hush (2016) is a solid horror, but I could have been much better if the
    movie would make more money and it wouldn’t be so poor. The problems
    with the film in my opinion is, it is not scary enough, it is not a
    scary horror film, it is more a thriller. It start’s well but than
    makes a mistake and goes down hill.

    The Man takes off the mask and trough in tier movie we see his face, he
    shouldn’t do that. It was not scary, i wasn’t scared at all. Have you
    heard about horror film from 2008 The Strangers? That movie was scary
    and a horror film, it scared me so hard that my heart was pumping. When
    a Stranger Calls (2006) the remake was even more scarier than this
    movie and get’s only 5 on IMDb while this movie get’s 6 I think it is
    little too overrated. Actress Kate Siegel as Maddie the heroine was
    good in her role, but she wasn’t convincing enough as the deaf girl she
    still could hear people.

    Michael Trucco was in this movie too from One Tree Hill he was killed.
    I liked that Maddie stood against her attacker she was very brave and
    fearless. I like the last scenes and fighting scenes that Maddie try’s
    to get away but she find’s out there is no escape and when her neighbor
    try’s to help her, he get’s killed. I like the crossbow in these movie
    in which Maddie put’s an effort to put the arrow in the bow but the
    trigger mechanism was too hard to put an arrow. I like the blood squibs
    in here it was pretty good, in which the assailant shots Maddie in the
    leg and she can’t shout that was really good.

    The movie goes very fast around, it is fast paced, it is not slowly not
    boring and it is solid thriller movie. The assailant try’s to kill
    Maddie’s cat and she shoots an arrow with crossbow at him hitting him
    in the shoulder that was really awesome.

    I love in which Maddie stand’s up and provokes the assailant to come in
    the house and she type’s on her computer a goodbye note to her parents
    and she wrote I died fighting. On the end she stabs the silent in the
    neck when he was about to strangle her. She calls 911 with the cell and
    she sit on the porch waiting on the cops. Pretty good movie, but it
    really cold have been more scarier with the man not taking the mask

    The movie is very good thriller, it could have been a good horror
    movie. The rating I give is 5/10 -D.

    Hush is a 2016 American horror thriller film directed and edited by
    Mike Flanagan, starring Kate Siegel, and written by both. The film
    co-stars John Gallagher Jr., Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan, and
    Emilia ”Emma” Graves. The film was produced by Trevor Macy, through
    Intrepid Pictures, and Jason Blum through his Blumhouse Productions

    5/10 Grade: -D Studio: Netflix Starring: John Gallagher Jr. , Michael
    Trucco, Kate Siegel, Samantha Sloyan Director: Mike Flanagan Producers:
    Trevor Macy, Jason Blum Writers: Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel Rated: R
    Running Time: 1Hr. 21 Mins. Budget: $1.000.000

  • sddavis63 ([email protected])May 29, 2017Reply

    Slasher Movie With A Twist

    Maddie’s deaf and mute. That’s about the only thing that differentiates
    this from a lot of other movies that do basically the same thing. The
    first 15 minutes or so set us up to understand without any doubt that
    Maddie’s deaf and mute, and then the killer shows up – having killed
    Maddie’s friend and now trying to break into her house to kill her as
    well. He cuts the electricity to the house, making this a very dark
    movie (yes, in plot – but I’m talking about the lighting.) It’s really
    dark and you can’t see much, so you have the irony that Maddie can see
    but she can’t hear and the viewers can hear but can’t really see. A lot
    of this depends on noises – footsteps, breathing, sobbing, alarms
    ringing, etc. But for me it fell kind of flat. I wanted something more
    visual and I found that the movie (mostly in darkness with little or no
    dialogue) was difficult to remain focused on. In fact, the first time I
    watched it I fell asleep. I did give it another try and I made it all
    the way through – but not without some effort.

    It’s a pretty simple movie (one with more than a few plot holes and/or
    pretty dumb scenes and/or characters) with a small and little known
    cast and a very simple set. Simplicity appeals to me, and from the
    description, I thought this had some potential, but in the end it was
    pretty tough to slog my way through it and it disappointed me. (2/10)

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