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I Am Hooligan

I Am Hooligan

Sep. 05, 2016 UK
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Growing up on an estate filled with drugs, guns and football hooligans isn t easy for Justin. When he starts hanging out with a nasty gang headed by loud-mouthed drug dealer Kevin he is persuaded to beat up an innocent bystander just for kicks and starts to enjoy the hooligan lifestyle…

Original titleI Am Hooligan
IMDb Rating2.3 119 votes
TMDb Rating1 1 votes

(6) comments

  • acarrchSeptember 8, 2016Reply

    Terrible slow boring predicable.

    Terrible slow boring predicable. Dubbed in places the film jumps all
    over place never placing any meaning to the scenes or characters none
    of which hold your attention.The fight scenes are laughable guys
    rolling on top of each other. Plenty of laughs sadly none of which were
    intentional a film study in amateur dramatics and poor film making.2/10
    for the acting of the lead lad someday with a better cast he could
    shine.Indie films still deliver very little for it’s viewers, this film
    is just one more on the ever growing scrap heap.Terrible slow boring
    predicable rubbish with yet another tired old British gangster yarn but
    told badly,acted badly,and written poorly.

  • Pwhge KfkfgnmeSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    One to avoid

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jackburrowsSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    Not great, but not bad.

    First the negatives, badly lit, poor script and strange editing. The
    film itself actually works well though. The cast range from great
    actors to a handful of poor performances. The fight scenes worked very
    well and the references to Clockwork Orange are great.

    Once you get past the first ten minutes, the film gets a lot better, so
    I am glad I stuck with it until the end. At last we have a film with
    more than just fighting. You can tell this is a low budget film, but if
    you watch it for what it is you can get past that. Overall an enjoyable

    There are some very good scenes in this film from fight scenes, a golf
    scene (which is very funny) to warehouse torture scenes, which are
    blood curdling.

    I would recommend you give this film a watch (to the end) as its
    actually OK as indie films go


  • Lostintranslation89September 24, 2016Reply


    I have seen some bad stuff lately, but oh my days this is an absolute

    I like how people compare it to A Clockwork Orange, I think the
    comparison was that at some point Stanley Kubrick went for a crap, thus
    may be what that crap evolved into.

    I appreciate low budget films have a struggle, they have to strive to
    be something, this is just abysmal.

    Ruling out pool cue, golf buddy cam, and headboard cam which are
    without a doubt creative, if not shocking additions to this otherwise
    pathetic effort at filmmaking, this film offers nothing, nothing of any
    value to anyone in any way shape or form.

    I knew it was going to be bad as soon as it started, the stock effect I
    AM HOLLIGAN title credit on some sort of slapdash background (like kids
    wallpaper), then the slow walk through the council estate of its lead,
    the same walk you will see half a dozen times.

    Then the train, oh yes the train seen through the railway fence, you
    must see this same train going back and forth 100 times, exactly the
    same footage.

    I feel bad reviewing this so harshly, as my good friend has a role in
    it, and I told then how bad the film was.

    The film has not one endearing feature, no message, brings nothing new
    to the table, it’s just a complete dogs abortion all round.

  • Neil GrantOctober 13, 2016Reply

    Great film

    The main actors were great but the ones that never had many words
    (extras) were terrible. All in all 7/10 not a bad film at all. All of
    you people out there you should try acting it,s not easy when your
    filming scenes that could go on and on every day remembering your lines
    working with a director who wants it perfect. Watch it again and lets
    see your next review. Well done to all who were in this. The Main
    characters especially. So please watch it again 3 times if you have too
    This film has a bloody good story to it. The Director knew what they
    were doing and very well written and great casting with some good names
    on board. Lets keep British film making Great

  • daniel-mannouchMarch 20, 2017Reply

    It’s Alright i Guess

    Steven M Smith’s second feature I Am Hooligan is miles away in quality
    from his debut effort Hooligans at War, which usually would be like
    comparing a smack to the face to a kick in the fellas.

    However, I liked this one, genuinely. It starts off slow and
    predictable, but it then begins to have something. A interesting’ish’
    story develops and we have a decent, if clich├ęd, troubled youth picture
    it seems. Passable, but then something batty happens in the third act
    and I’m suddenly starting to think, hey, some passion was put into this
    one. It might not work, but they tried, and usually that’s all I ask
    from this kind of Asda shelf fodder.

    The Kubrick references were cute as well and there were some good
    performances overall. Could have had more violence, more of da humping
    and a finer tuned sense of humour, but all in due time son.

    I mean, how well did your last film do?

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