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Illusions S.A.

Illusions S.A.

We fulfill your dreamsSep. 04, 2015 100 Min.
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Mr. Balboa had a heartless grandson who, at the time, was kicked out of the house (a fact concealed from his wife). Since then he had forwarded himself letters sent in theory by his grandson in order to please his wife. The real grandson decides to go home (looking for money) but the boat where he was traveling sinks. Balboa hires an impersonator and master of beneficial illusions (Mauritius) and together with a cute girl (Isabel), they pretend to be the missing grandson and his “happy wife” to the grandmother, who is very pleased with the guest. But then comes the surprise…the real grandson is alive and he is on his way to return home.

Illusions S.A.
Original titleIlusiones S.A.
TMDb Rating6.8 2 votes

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  • gordoloboAugust 31, 2016Reply

    A great book ruined by Jaime Camil’s terrible acting and poor use of visual elements

    I read this book when I was a kid and I saw the play twice. Los Árboles
    Mueren de Pie is a great story about the importance of doing whatever
    it takes to see your loved ones happy.

    My love for this great story from Casona triggered my decision to see
    this movie. Although I don’t usually like Mexican cinema, I gave it a
    chance, knowing that it would be free of all the lame clichés that you
    see in 95% of Mexican movies. Also, I enjoyed El Estudiante, Girault’s
    opera prima.

    The movie espects the original plot of the book, and some actors really
    do a good job (Roberto D’Amico and Carlos Aragón’s performances are
    remarkable). But the problem with this movie is that the lead character
    is played by Jaime Camil (another case of a Mexican pretty face whose
    path into stardom was sponsored by daddy’s green bills and by
    Televisa’s plastic star factory, but has no talent at all).

    Also, the movie makes the terrible mistake of trying to convince us
    that is set on the 1940s, but we see present day elements THHROUGHOUT
    THE WHOLE MOVIE, something that clearly downgrades the quality of the
    production, direction, set decoration, or whoever was in charge of that

    All these mistakes are kind of overshadowed with the ending of the
    movie, which was really well accomplished by Girault, leaving you with
    the same bittersweet feeling that you get when you read the book or see
    the play.

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