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Kirik Party

Kirik Party

Dec. 30, 2016 India165 Min.
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Kirik Party (Kannada: ಕಿರಿಕ್ ಪಾರ್ಟಿ)is a 2016 Indian Kannada film directed by Rishab Shetty, produced by G S Guptha and Rakshit Shetty under his new production house called Paramvah Studios. The film stars Rakshit Shetty, Rashmika Mandanna, Samyuktha Hegde, Aravind Iyer, Dhananjay Ranjan and Pramod Shetty in prominent roles. Rakshith himself has written the story of the film apart from playing a protagonist.

Original titleKirik Party
IMDb Rating9.0 2,172 votes
TMDb Rating8 1 votes

(12) comments

  • reachmallyaDecember 30, 2016Reply

    A decent coming of age musical romance!

    Its over a century now since the medium of Cinema is known. It has been
    explored, improvised and exploited in various means. Whatever or
    however we talk about creativity, skilled writing the most important of
    it is the business side or the commercial part of it which is the end
    means. There is this growing feedback loop from audience to filmmakers
    within Sandalwood and the neighboring states which gives a sort of
    direction on which are the possible areas to explore for new projects.
    2016 so far has been a good year with many experimental and break from
    usual theme films. The year ends with KirikParty one of the most
    expected, hyped and biggest film. Straight to the point the teams
    efforts are clearly felt on big screen and deserves to be appreciated.

    Every film has a framework or a genre and a target audience base.. The
    framework of the film has a direct influence on the audience base. The
    larger the window of the audience base the more likelihood of the film
    succeeding. The joyful youth is a green phase of life which most of us
    can connect and relate too. And there is a sizable student / youth
    community which is out there and ready to relish on a film that is on
    this theme. The success rate of a much similar kind of film by name
    ”Premam” in Malayalam or ”3 idiots” are evident benchmarks. I always
    had this thought why such themes are not attempted by filmmakers here.
    Glad that R & R (Rakshit and Rishab) took the challenge of realizing
    it. As a result we see Kirik falling in the category of coming of age
    college drama packed with music and romance, a flavor hardly attempted
    by anyone in Sandalwood in recent years.

    The college backdrop films has its own set of characteristics which are
    the same across the globe. Barring the crime angle the aspects that are
    prominent are the comical sequences in the class rooms, falling in love
    (does not matter it is junior or senior), the elections, the senior
    junior conflicts and the HOD / principal conflicts. This is a small and
    sweet world which is filled with unforgettable situations which etch
    through your mind your whole life. Kirik Party makes an honest attempt
    to take the audience through all these aspects. Its very surprising to
    see that there will be this one lecturer who stands out as a terrific
    comic (In Kirik its the lecturer in mechanical department). So many
    years have passed by but still such characters exist in real life. Just
    having the narrative with mindless fun does not get the film to create
    a hook to make you sit through. The disturbances, the transformation of
    the protagonist makes it a full circle. Kirik does have that element
    but the flow and the pace the narrative goes through does seem to have
    some issues. The dialogues probably lays the strong foundation for the
    film and that seems to work with the target audience. It was like a
    laugh riot. It is another thing that i hardly felt like laughing maybe
    i have a bad sense of humor or maybe there is a problem with my funny
    bone that i don’t find things funny but rather silly. I have a strong
    feeling that a few of the audience may be with me in my small boat
    where as there is this huge jam packed crowd in mammoth sized ship
    cursing us, the people in the small boat that we have lost it.
    Completely understandable and i share that attribute!

    The film looks colorful and neat on big screen and exhibits great
    production quality. The locations in MCE Hassan gives an added flavor
    to the atmosphere. The casting is perfect. Its amazing to see Rakshit
    pulling off this role at ease. He looks very confident and when he is
    confident there is no doubt that he will go deep into the character
    that he portrays. New comers Rashmika Mandanna and Samyukta Hegde are
    great find. The freshness and the attitude in their performance is
    worth appreciating. Arvind Iyer also delivers a decent performance. I
    was impressed by him again. Pramod Shetty looks a bit out of place but
    manages to squeeze in with the limited scenes he is in. Sorry I could
    not get the names of the folks in the last bench and the pineapple
    party but they have ensured that the right support is provided. Karam
    Chawla is awesome with his amazing cinematography. I have always loved
    his work and he manages to surprise me again and again. The same is
    with Ajaneesh. The unique theme, the fun beats, the overall background
    score and the songs, he has given his best yet again. The art design
    and production design also shows off significance. The length of the
    film is an overkill but for most of the watchers that will not be a
    issue at all. Over all its a pretty decent effort.

    Paramvah is set to make history with its debut production and
    Personally i might not have had a high kick watching this film but this
    does not mean that it should be the same with other audience. I had to
    tone down to an extent to be with the film and it was a decent Okayish
    experience that i was left out with. But as said earlier this targets
    for a certain audience base.. R&R already having executed a UK kind of
    film on which i have a hangover even now and I have strong faith that
    we will get to watch a film of that kind of caliber owing to big
    business that Kirik will do.

  • vijaybavalattiDecember 31, 2016Reply

    Rakshit and team is a new year gift to the engineering students

    Kirik Party is a perfect mixture of comedy, emotion and action. Kirik
    party gives a big feast to the youngsters especially to the people of
    engineering background. The movie brings the feeling of their college

    Karna(rakshit shetty) starts being a naughty guy, later faces some
    tough situations and ends up to bring fear when someone hears his
    name.The story has unexpected twists which keeps the audience alive
    throughout the film. Few scenes in the second half seems to bore a bit
    but then the twists and emotions bring back the interest.Somewhere you
    get a feeling of Malayalam movies like Premam and Bangalore Days.
    Rakshit shetty has again given a stellar performance. He continues to
    keep the faith of his audience in every movie. Rashmika mandanna and
    samyuktha hegde gave the justice to their part. Execution of every
    scene has been incredible thanks to the Cinematography by karm chawla.
    Music and the background score by ajanish is simply great. Songs have
    been taken a big advantage in expressing the scenes.

    Overall Kirik party movie has lived up to those expectations and is not
    at all a ‘Kirik’ to any class of audience.

  • Prashanth YPJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    You want those college days back for sure!!!

    This is not a movie, its almost a part of your life on the
    screen,particularly for engineering students.

    For few campus,friends and lectures are the describing moments and for
    few its the day well spent on the campus.This movie is a well mixed
    blend of both.

    Me being a kannadiga,had always felt the need of fresh air in the
    industry and it is not a need anymore because kirik party is a trend
    setter and flagship of 2016 for the kannada industry.

    Music and the overall design is very well maintained mix of elegance
    and simplicity.

    Only few movies will give you wow moments yet only a single movie makes
    you heart filled with laughter and real emotions.

    Thank you kirik party team,you people have done something new which am
    proud to talk about to my non-kannadiga friends:)

    Sanavi,name i cant forget.

    A must watch!!!!

    Last day of the year well spent.

  • kirankumar-akkiJanuary 3, 2017Reply

    One hell of a fun ride!

    I wasn’t around when Premaloka was released and pulled people to
    theaters big time. But, I assume it was the similar situation as today
    when you see people cheering, enjoying and celebrating the KIRRIK PARTY
    with such indulgence in and outside the theaters. I had been to the
    premier show and couldn’t thank my friend more for asking me to join.
    The best part was the whole crowd sang in chorus for Sananvi as she
    appeared onto the stage after the premier, You know the same way the
    freshers sing for her in the film. Of-course she blushed in her typical
    killer way. Well, Though the film has its own plus and minuses, It
    keeps you smiling, laughing and heartbroken at times all through the
    ‘Party’s journey. Each and every character is so awesomely performed.
    The new boys are very much fun to watch. I was longing to see the gang
    more than Rakhsith himself. The beautiful girls, the well carved
    cinematography, the actors, dialogues, songs and most of all the
    screenplay, This movies has so much to take you off this world into its
    own college cocoon. Kudos to the Director Rishabh Shetty and the
    writers of the film. I am sure I will watch this one at-least 2 more
    times in cinemas. Thank you guys for this lovely Kirrik!

  • shekar-36355January 3, 2017Reply

    A Jovial kirik party on screen to recall college days

    A good entertainment movie based on their college days of a batch of
    engineering students , who involve in notorious activities, rakshit
    shetty playing the lead role has done a good performance as a college
    student, the screen play being handled with many small duration songs
    in background was a different approach for this movie, the comedy
    scenes in and around the college was good right from the Start of
    movie, both the heroines has done a decent job to their roles, all the
    others with rakshit shetty who played in their friends roles had given
    enough fun filled entertainment on screen,the dialogues used were so
    realistic so that you could recall some of your college days , when you
    watch this movie, over all a good movie to watch out.

  • Harshith BangeraJanuary 5, 2017Reply

    A Better ‘Looking’ Kannada Film

    I waited 7 days to watch the film because I had second thoughts of
    watching the film. The trailer showed glimpses of fun during
    engineering days and nothing to know what’s so special about it. The
    previous film by this gang (though not by Rakshit Shetty’s home
    production Paramvah which this film is) was Ricky and it was SO BAD. I
    hated it. And hence I went to watch Kirik Party with zero expectations.
    The film was delightful. There was nothing so unique or great about the
    story (Story by Rakshit Shetty & the 7 odds) or even the screenplay. I
    think Rakshit learnt a lesson that people of Karnataka don’t appreciate
    good cinema (post a wonderfully executed Ulidavaru Kandanthe) and hence
    he has put his worth into the dialogues (which were written by Abhijit
    Mahesh & Dhananjay Ranjan. Hats off to them) and the looks of the lead
    character (played by Shetty). AND this works. The two newcomer
    actresses have acted to their character beautifully. Kudos to them. The
    supporting cast have played exceptionally. Achyuta plays a small
    character and no doubt he knows how to act brilliantly. Ajaneesh’s work
    is worth more than an applause. Now the story. So much of Premam into
    it. Well, am not comparing Kirik to Premam. Premam was a class act. But
    Kirki has it’s own platform yet it feels like a diluted version of
    Premam. The female characters, the style, the fights, the college days
    moments and Rakshit Shetty’s looks. At one point I was taken back to 3
    idiots with one scene. The film has its moments of laughter and even
    though there are incidents that hurt the lead character it doesn’t make
    us feel the same. Unfortunately, it reminds me a lot of Premam. Apart
    from that, the film was worth a watch. It is definitely so much better
    than the remakes done by superstars of Kannada Film Industry. At least
    Rakshit and Rishab have self-respect. Next time Rakshit signs a ‘Vaastu
    Prakaara’ or a ‘Godhi Banna..’ or even a ‘Ricky’ he should look at
    Kirik Party and think twice before signing those kinds of films.

  • Avinash KarmarkarJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    Amazing Movie.. !!

    It’s an amazing movie in Kannada Film Industry in recent times, which
    is fresh, humorous and provides a wholesome entertainment. And most
    importantly, it lets you remember your college days and cherish those

    Talking about the making of the film, Rishab Shetty and his team have
    done a wonderful Job. Editing is Crisp, Songs are melodious and
    background music suits the scenes very aptly, thanks to the talented
    Ajneesh loknath. Especially the background music and the song during
    interval fight scene is just brilliant. It literally gave me

    Coming to the acting, everyone have done their part very well. Rakshit
    as a mischievous college student in the first half and later a
    transformed college goon in the second half, has pulled both the shades
    perfectly. Rest of the cast, including 2 actress have done commendable
    job as well.

    Verdict : It’s a must watch film for all the youth. So don’t think
    much. Just go with your gang and enjoy the movie.

  • raoanshumanthJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    One of the worst films ever made

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • deepakbellodiJanuary 17, 2017Reply

    Colorful days of every Engineer’s life

    This movie tell about the every engineer student life style,Initially
    they only know about the reading and other things but after the joining
    the engineering they will create a gang on the bases of truthfulness,
    honesty,etc. This will continue until one year,Because of every branch
    student are belongs to same,But after the one year every student will
    support to the their own branch. This film tell that how the engineers
    are divided by branch but united by the the student life
    will going on first year to the fourth year.How they will study,how
    much they will enjoy,crushes, mass bunk classes,playing
    games,struggling for become a leader of the college,try to copy the
    answer for getting a passing marks. Its a joyful story of every
    engineering student life.They leads to the getting the strong
    foundation of the life,Lots of memories,huge cruses,colorful days of
    your life.

  • Chaitrey HegdeJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    A good entertainer but can’t be called great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ullas SharmaFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    Perfect Throwback time!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DAFebruary 7, 2017Reply

    Terrible movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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