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Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

All hail the kingMar. 08, 2017 USA118 Min.PG-13
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8.8 1,829 votes

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Tom Hiddleston isCaptain James Conrad
Captain James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson isLieutenant Colonel Packard
Lieutenant Colonel Packard
Brie Larson isMason Weaver
Mason Weaver
John Goodman isBill Randa
Bill Randa
John C. Reilly isHank Marlow
Hank Marlow
Toby Kebbell isMaj. Chapman
Maj. Chapman
John Ortiz isVictor Neives
Victor Neives
Corey Hawkins isHouston Brooks
Houston Brooks


Explore the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island.

Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island
Original titleKong: Skull Island
IMDb Rating6.9 93,561 votes
TMDb Rating6 1636 votes

(510) comments

  • CANpatbuck3664March 2, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island is Action-Packed, Stylish and Surprisingly Funny

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BigGuyMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Should be John C Reilly Island

    I just saw a sneak preview of Kong: Skull Island. I don’t think this
    will be a long remembered monster movie. It’s a fun movie, but
    ultimately forgettable. The CGI Kong, Samuel L Jackson, and John
    Goodman all took a backseat to John C. Rielly, who did a superb job
    playing a WWII pilot who was shot down and landed on Skull Island.
    Seriously, his role is the greatest thing in this movie.

    The movie is set in 1973, and the premise is that LandSat (land mapping
    satellite) has taken pictures of an elusive island (Skull Island) that
    has been rumored to exist, but not proved. John Goodman convinces the
    government to launch an expedition to explore the island. They take
    some soldiers who were pulling out of Vietnam, and are headed by Samuel
    L Jackson. They also pick up a British ex-special forces ”tracker” (Tom
    Hiddleston) and an ”anti-war” photographer played by Brie Larson.

    They start the mission by dropping bombs on the island to map the
    bedrock, ostensibly to look for mineral deposits. That’s when Kong
    shows up to smack the helicopters out of the air, and generally wreak
    mayhem on the team. The scattered survivors then have to survive on an
    island filled with monsters and get to the extraction zone. One group
    finds John C. Reilly’s character, who has been stranded on the island
    for 29+ years.

    That’s about all I’ll say about the story, so as to avoid serious
    spoilers. The story line is fairly conventional with very little arc to
    the characters. In many regards it actually sets up more like a horror
    movie than action/adventure movie. In fact, there are numerous
    jump-scares and other horror movie devices throughout the movie.

    In many ways, it felt like the movie couldn’t quite decide what it
    wanted to be. Is it a monster movie? A horror movie? An action movie
    (anti-war)? There are also numerous characters who seem like they were
    intended to play more significant roles. For instance they bring along
    a biologist, played by Tian Jing, who does no biology and seems to
    mainly appear to allow another character to give exposition. Similarly
    most of the LandSat team, who seem to be around for comic relief
    (horror movie style comic relief). Even some of the major characters do
    little aside from provide a single plot piece.

    Then there is Kong. I think they could have spent a bit more time
    developing Kong, partly as a character and partly as an animation. The
    CGI was pretty good, but his proportions looked wrong and his motions
    were wooden.

    Anyway, I think there was just too much going on, and not enough time
    for this movie to be really good. I think it could have been an
    excellent mini-series, or TV season. As it is, it’s an okay movie, that
    is fun if you go in with a low-bar. 6/10, so I enjoyed it, but not

  • ericdavidami-33507March 4, 2017Reply

    Kong:Skull Island is the PERFECT Monster movie

    No Spoilers here.

    Kong: Skull Island is the perfect monster movie. It’s an epic display
    of what a popcorn movie should be. Great visuals, soundtrack, and a
    pleasant plot that is not bogged down by the melodrama that killed the
    Godzilla flick from 2014. It’s a giant monster movie. Have fun.

  • Andrew MarksMarch 4, 2017Reply

    A stylized version of Kong that you may or may not have wanted

    Some people go to the movies to be wowed by the superb acting, heart
    wrenching and well written story, and overall solid production… THIS
    has good effects? The acting in this film isn’t bad, but it definitely
    won’t win any awards for it.

    The story has characters Bill Randa (John Goodman) and Houston Brooks
    (Corey Hawkins) piggybacking on an expedition to an uncharted island to
    test their ”hollow earth” theory. Tom Hiddleston plays a tracker, Brie
    Larson plays a photographer, and John C. Reilly plays a surprisingly
    funny WW2 vet marooned on Skull Island.

    The film takes place in 1973 and loves to remind you with CCR and old
    technology as if it was a hundred years ago. Kong: Skull Island pays
    homage to Apocalypse Now quite frequently even though it seems a bit
    excessive at times.

    Kong looked good, almost all the creatures looked cool and all the
    fights between them looked really good, especially in IMAX 3D. Some of
    the green screen effects, like backgrounds behind characters, were
    distractingly bad. Ultimately, you get some great stuff out of all the
    effects if you’re not looking too closely.

    The characters are more hollow than the earth (according to the film’s
    characters themselves), the story is mediocre, but the effects reign
    king in this film adaptation.

    My suggestion: See it! it’s a blockbuster meant to fill seats, not win
    awards. Take it for what it is.

    Seen at an advanced IMAX 3D screening in Minneapolis.

  • moviexclusiveMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Big on action, thrills and pure spectacle and lean on everything else, this latest iteration of pop culture’s mightiest simian is good old monster mash fun

    No sequel, spin off or remake has come close to matching up to the
    mythology of the 1933 classic, and just to be sure, neither does this
    latest iteration of pop culture’s mightiest simian. Instead, this
    origin story largely set in the 1970s when America was pulling itself
    out from the quagmire of the Vietnam War inspires to be no more and no
    less than a monster-mash adventure of epic-sized proportions, pitting
    not just Man-against-Kong but Man-against- nature-itself, the latter
    represented by supersized species the likes of towering spiders,
    blue-blooded pterodactyls and giant saw- toothed lizards referred to as
    Skullcrawlers that are all too eager to get a literal taste of human
    flesh. Oh yes, this is a CGI showstopper in many, many more ways than
    one, with state-of-the-art Industrial Light and Magic technology
    complemented with inventive creature design by Carlos Huante to create
    a fitting modern-day throwback to the B-movie action-driven creature
    features of the past.

    Dispensing with any hint of nuance, the straightforward and utterly
    functional plot has John Goodman’s scientist cum bureaucrat Bill Randa
    assemble a team under his top-secret government-funded Monarch project
    to explore the hitherto uncharted Skull Island, a long- hidden landmass
    in the South Pacific hidden by constant electrical storms and magnetic
    interference which has been only recently uncovered by the first
    Earth-mapping satellites sent up into space by the US. Among those whom
    end up one way or another on the mission: Tom Hiddleston’s former SAS
    officer turned tracker-for-hire James Conrad, Brie Larson’s anti-war
    photojournalist Mason Weaver, and last but not least Samuel L.
    Jackson’s embittered Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard and his
    helicopter squadron (some of the more recognizable faces include Shea
    Whigham and Toby Kebbell). There are about a half dozen other
    characters too difficult to keep track once the film gets underway,
    such as Jing Tian and Corey Hawkins’ pair of token-minority scientists
    who get a couple of pointless lines and no real purpose.

    Withholding knowledge of the real intent of the expedition to ”document
    the existence of massive unidentified terrestrial organisms’, Randa
    instructs Colonel Packard’s men to start dropping bombs from their
    helicopters under the guise of mapping the island seismographically,
    which naturally irritates the hell out of its eponymous chief resident.
    Kong’s grand dramatic entrance consists of hurling a napalm tree
    towards one of the choppers, before tearing through each and every one
    of them by either ripping them apart or tossing them against each
    other. Oh yes, you’ll be glad to know that (unlike Randa) Kong doesn’t
    hold anything back right from the get- go, meaning that you will get to
    see him in all his massive vicious glory in every single scene that he
    is in. That awesome introduction not only cuts the ensemble down to
    those in the opening credits and divides them into two groups, but also
    sets up the enmity between Kong and Packard.

    Given the simplicity of the storyline, it is no surprise that the
    characters are but stock types – in fact, the most fully developed
    character only joins midway through the film, a WWII vet named Hank
    Marlowe (John C. Reilly) who survived the Japanese pilot after him when
    both their fighter planes crash-land back in 1944 and has since learned
    to live peacefully among the natives there. Reilly steals every scene
    he is in – more than just as supporting comic presence, he is a real
    live wire injecting warmth, humour and dryness as an eccentric
    lost-in-time pilot. Jackson comes a close second with his brash gusto,
    but the rest of the actors are not much better than as body count.

    But really, who are we kidding – you’re probably not here for the story
    or the characters but the damn ape himself, and boy, does he look
    magnificent. With tactile fur and soulful eyes, Kong comes to life in
    breathtaking realism, aided with motion capture by ‘Dawn of the Planet
    of the Apes’ actor Terry Notary. This Kong is majestic on his own (one
    such moment has him taking a break in a lake while Kebbell’s terrified
    major watches from behind a rock a few feet away), and jaw- droppingly
    powerful during any one of the startlingly photoreal sequences of
    bestial combat. It bears noting that the monsters which emerge to
    challenge Kong or which simply make an appearance as part of the fauna
    of the titular island are also just as stunning, especially a
    confrontation in a foggy graveyard between the remaining survivors and
    a Skullcrawler and the climactic Kong- versus-giant-Skullcrawler
    smackdown that is impressive even by modern-day CGI standards.

    Despite being a visual effects novice, indie director Jordan Vogt-
    Roberts proves right at home in a big-budget motion picture. He creates
    an immersive pre-historic paradise to complement the exciting monster
    scenes, and mixes 70s war imageries from ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Platoon’
    into the ‘Jurassic Park’ setting to keep his audience hooked. Because
    of his firm grasp on pace and rhythm, what is two hours feels much less
    so – and if there is one unintended outcome of that, it is the fact
    that we end up wanting to see more of Kong. As much as it is Kong’s
    movie, there are also stretches in between where he is nowhere to be
    seen, and the other nasty dino-like creatures on Skull Island take
    center stage to exert terror on the human intruders.

    Ultimately, this is a movie fashioned on pure action spectacle, using
    state-of-the-art CGI to breathe new life into the old-school monster
    movie mash genre (you would do well to note that this is meant to be an
    origin story in Legendary/ Warner’s MonsterVerse franchise, setting up
    the beast for a planned showdown against Godzilla in 2020). It may all
    seem familiar, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or thrilling, so
    really just grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • DiMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Kong Surprised Me

    I had a free AMC preview of the movie on March 1st, 2017. My husband is
    not a fan of some of the actors in this film BUT he loves KONG! So,
    during the movie I felt he was enjoying it. I’m not going to give away
    anything because I hate when people do that; all I will say is the
    skull crawlers gave me a nightmare and the entire movie from start to
    finish was really really good.

    The plot was good, the acting was outstanding. I really felt I was in
    the 70’s. The music in the movie was dead on perfect.

    Hope you go out and support this movie because I am sick of remakes and
    this is NOT one of them, This movie stands alone by itself! A MUST

    Stay to the very end…

  • garethvkMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A Better Than Expected Adventure

    The legendary King Kong returns in an all new adventure that gives the
    classic tale a much needed update and new setting. Unlike Perter
    Jackson’s retelling of the original Black and White film, ”Kong: Skull
    Island” eschews the old for the new and in doing so breathes a much
    needed new life and vitality into the franchise.

    The film is set in 1973 when William Randa (John Goodman), informs the
    government that they have detected a previously unknown island and need
    to investigate it before the Soviets learn of it and beat them to
    whatever the island my hold.

    William recruits a team which includes a former British officer named
    James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), and Photographer Mason Weaver (Brie
    Larson), to assist his team lead by Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins), in
    mapping the island.

    William also asks for a military escort and the government enlists Lt.
    Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson), and his team to accompany
    the mission. Packard is trying to find his place in the world as he and
    his helicopter combat team are dealing with the recent end of the
    Vietnam War. His men are looking forward to going home and resuming
    their lives, but a dour Packard jumps at the chance for another mission
    over the uncertainty of the future.

    Upon arriving on the mysterious island and starting their survey
    mission by using seismic charges, the team attract the attention of
    Kong who is not at all pleased with the intrusion on his island. Kong
    makes short work of the copters and the team finds themselves scattered
    about the dangerous island. They soon learn that Kong is not the only
    danger on the island and must find a way to rejoin each other and make
    it to their extraction point alive.

    Naturally some of the characters have a hidden agenda and there are
    dangerous and action around every corner. Further complicating matters
    is the appearance of Marlow (John C. Reilly), a downed WWII pilot who
    has been stranded on the island for 23 years and warns of dangers far
    greater than Kong that are ahead of the team.

    The film combines a solid cast with state of the art special effects to
    take a new twist on the standard adventure fare. While many parts of
    the film remain silly Popcorn entertainment, the quality of the
    assembled cast allows the film to move beyond being just an assembly of
    potential victims for a menagerie of CGI creatures to dispatch. While
    the story is more in lines with the linear and thin plots of adventure
    films of old, the sum of the parts does add up to an enjoyable film
    experience for those who like the giant creature films. You will want
    to make sure to stay after the credits as there is a very good scene
    that shows a setup for a future film that had those in attendance at
    our press screening cheering.

    The film may be a bit intense for younger viewers but if you are
    looking for a touch of nostalgia and action, you may find the film just
    what you need.

    3.5 stars out of 5.

  • ([email protected])March 8, 2017Reply

    King Kong + Jurassic Park on steroids!

    This was huge fun! I immensely enjoyed this movie, as a big fan of the
    King Kong story, I walked in with great expectations but also with some
    fear of disappointment….I was wondering: how can such an iconic story
    be proposed in a way that is still engaging after so many remake? Well,
    they did it!Great special effect, superb cinematography, super cool
    music and above all a story that manages to successfully innovate the
    King Kong story. The movie is action-packed, you have to cling to your
    seat for the entire movie, it is like a two-hour roller-coaster.

  • Ali BarterMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Problems And Prejudices

    Attending the premiere of Kong many of one’s anticipated problems and
    prejudices come true. I will keep this short because it is not meant as
    a polemic against anything, but rather a warning bell against the
    cliché-ridden den that is Hollywood, soon to be Chollywood.

    Did you watch X-Men: Days Of Future Past? How about Independence Day
    Resurgence (which they did not want to call Resurrection because there
    were so many of those!)?

    The well-known Hollywood problem of greed and avarice reappears when
    they have, absolutely cliché-ridden have, to insert a token Chinese
    character… not because he or she is integral or needed, but because
    they want to sell the film to China and show it in China. Plain and
    simple. Said actors should be ashamed of themselves as being there for
    no good story, acting or plot reason and Hollywood should be ashamed of
    itself. But then again, they have never atoned for their sin of
    ‘product placement’ why stop now?

    Did you think the last King Kong was too stylish? Then brace for Kong!
    Forced plot meandering, token Chinese chick prancing there for no good
    reason while doing exactly nothing other than sell to China (like
    Chinese audiences are so desperate and needy) and to satisfy new
    Chinese owners and investors, etc. Again Skull Island is not Crouching
    Tiger or Hero that tells a story with Oriental characters (and I love
    those), but it is a forced injection of token East Asian as Legendary
    Pictures promises to do going forward in every Batman movie now that
    Chinese conglomerate has purchased that studio. So, what do we get a
    useless Chinese woman not knowing why she is there in yet another
    sequel/remake/reboot/whatever/who cares anymore? Which takes me to
    another problem. Hollywood, get an original idea What
    another reboot? Yes, Jurassic park made tons of dough so the fault is
    ours. But, what is the price of loss of dignity? Look at JJ Abrams. No
    credibility, no future. He made a ton of money with his unadulterated
    accountant-driven so-called Star Wars, but he is now washed up and over
    exposed as a no-talent. The same is happening with these Chinese
    investors taking over films and force feeding audiences something that
    is obviously, er, force fed. As for this film, well it is a stylized
    Kong battling not against humans at first, but against local predators.
    And there is a token Chinese who is a female scientist. Whoopedeeda!
    Can you say Rebooted Star Wars syndrome? One last thing, there is a
    Vietnam connection and so the marketing collateral oh so cleverly hints
    at Apocalypse Now.

    Price of admission? Free at local premiere Value of story? None
    Predictor of the future? Sadly, high. Hollywood has a rope and it will
    hang itself with it.

  • spiritof67March 8, 2017Reply

    A Tribute To Hollywood Unoriginality

    If you want a bang-slam action movie, there are lots of them. If you
    want this one, be prepared to suspend a LOT of belief in the power of
    modern ordinance. Believe me, Ol’ Kong wouldn’t survive the first
    encounter with any relative use of modern weaponry.

    But don’t let that stop you. Or maybe you should, and ask Hollywood for
    more new, original characters, protagonists and, well, realism at least
    on some level. Bulletproof apes aren’t at that level.

  • mikenontonmuluMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Reboot of One of the Most Iconic Monster of All Time

    Finally! A worthy reboot (remake) of the very famous monster! I was
    very very entertained with this movie. It was full of surprising scenes
    and many crazy fight scenes between Kong and the soldiers, plus Kong
    and other monsters. The special effects of this movie were absolutely
    wonderful. Kong was created using motion capture techniques and the
    rest of the monsters were very lifelike (and scary). The sound effects
    were very good. There were so many moments where we would be surprised
    by the sudden movement (with those shocking sounds) during the movie.

    What I loved about the movie was also the essence of King Kong story
    line like in previous movies were also captured, such as Kong’s fight
    with major monsters, the intention of people to conquer him and even
    his fascination to the female character. And the time of the story
    which was in the 1970s also added a nice oldies feel to the movie. My
    wife also highlighted that she felt the movie was having a real 1970s
    sense which I think was due to the good make up (1970s hair style,
    suits) and equipments like the old choppers or Walkie Talkie you would
    usually see in movies with Vietnam wars.

    Another thing that I loved about this movie was that the introductions
    of the characters did not take too long and it was moving in quite fast
    pace to the main story in the island. The film was almost perfect in
    providing nonstop entertainment and my wife and I also really enjoyed
    the full movie. At the top I have mentioned that the movie is a worthy
    reboot since I believe this movie excel in comparison to the 2005
    version. Despite that movie’s quite loyal to the earlier 1930s and
    1970s versions, I felt that the 2005 movie was not giving the wow
    factor and scary feeling of what King Kong was supposed to make to

    Anyway, in conclusion to this movie, I definitely say it is one of the
    coolest action monster movie. There was not a lot of drama in it, just
    pure adrenaline pumping action film. The movie also had some brief
    funny moments and touching moment before the end. Oh before I forgot,
    this movie has got a post credit scene. So better watch out for it coz
    the scene would provide you some very interesting insight and exciting
    future films.

    So for those of you who had not seen the movie yet, please make sure
    you watch it as I am sure you would be very entertained with this film.
    Those who prefer to watch drama or romance or Oscar winning movie, then
    I would recommend to see it without over thinking and just enjoy the

    For my complete review: Pls see

  • pal05052003March 9, 2017Reply

    A group of soldiers accompany a pair of scientists, and a camera woman to chart an unknown island. Little did they know about the monsters that await them.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Real KriticsMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The new King Kong

    Movie: Kong: Skull Island the fourth remake of the magnificent story
    about a couple of geologists and a military group go off to discover an
    unknown island in the South Pacific, not knowing what they were in for,
    as they are entering the land of King Kong. Now this movie is titled
    after King Kong, but its not just the king himself, in the 2005 version
    the king destroys dinosaurs and other creatures while Kong: skull
    island has a whole range of creatures, call it Kong and friends: skull
    island. In the 2005 version of King Kong which went for 3 hours and 10
    minutes it took half the movie to reveal King Kong, in this one you see
    an early view of Kong straight away. Kong: skull island goes for 2
    hours, which I thought was good because it didn’t drag the movie on for
    to long, it went straight the point. The movies cast was spectacular.
    J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton were originally supposed to be cast ed
    in this film but both had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts,
    which I thought worked out well because the bad ass Samuel L. Jackson
    took Simmons place and John C. Reilly took over Keaton’s role.

    Actors: as I said, I loved the cast for this movie, Tom Hiddleston as
    James Conrad, a hired soldier for the team, Samuel L. Jackson as
    Preston Packard was the chief, John Goodman as Bill Randa who was one
    of the geologists, and more. Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins both
    played in Straight Outta Compton with Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre and
    Jason Mitchell as Eazy E and returned again to play in Kong: skull
    island which was great. You can also tell John Goodman has aged in This
    movie. Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts created the look of the new King
    Kong to look similar to the first King Kong in 1933.

    Editing: the editing in the movie was great, there was great shots and
    clips of the movie that blow you away. Kong himself looked good and
    horrific and so did all the other creatures.

    Feedback: Now, no matter who you are, go see this movie. In my opinion
    everyone would love this movie. The whole movie is so entertaining,
    there’s not much scenes which bore you with scientific information in
    this movie, it is action packed, like a huge gorilla the size of a
    building destroying and killing everything in its path, its just
    spectacular. To me there was no faults in this movie except for a off
    leading ending that wasn’t fully satisfying. There is a after credits
    scene with Godzilla, which I missed and found out later. I was also
    surprised to find out that a majority of the film was filmed in Gold
    Coast, Australia. If your want to see a movie with friends or just want
    to Catch a flick, go see Kong: skull Island in theaters Now! I rate
    Kong: Skull Island a 8.2/10

    Check out my YouTube channel, to find more reviews including this one
    at : Real Kritics

  • MrDHWong ([email protected])March 9, 2017Reply

    A sufficient reboot of the King Kong franchise

    Kong: Skull Island is a monster film starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L.
    Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, and Brie Larson. Packed with all
    the giant monster movie clichés and fun action scenes one would hope to
    see, it serves as a sufficient reboot of the King Kong franchise.

    In 1973, a group of explorers led by a band of soldiers journey to a
    mysterious uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Upon arrival, the
    group realise the island is swarming with giant monstrous animals and
    insect-like creatures who have called this place their home for
    millions of years. After becoming separated amidst the chaos, the
    groups eventually meet with the local natives who worship a
    skyscraper-sized ape named Kong who protects them from the giant

    While the film doesn’t offer much in terms of actual plot, the action
    and fight scenes more than make up for it. The special effects were
    great and the CGI for Kong and the other giant monsters were all very
    convincing. The characters were all essentially stock action roles but
    thanks to the believable performances from the lead actors, they’re
    still fun to watch. I also enjoyed the fact that Kong has more screen
    time and a greater relevance on the film’s story, unlike with how
    Godzilla was barely in the 2014 film. I look forward to seeing these
    two monsters duke it out in a future film.

    I rate it 7/10

  • themadmoviemanMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Action-packed, intelligent and undeniably entertaining

    After the crushing disappointment that was Godzilla, I have to say that
    Kong: Skull Island is a tremendous surprise. Not only a hugely
    entertaining monster movie, but a well-directed, well-written and
    well-acted film full of ideas from start to finish. Its action set-
    pieces are utterly spectacular, the CGI is fantastic, and there’s even
    a story that’s genuinely interesting throughout, something that I
    definitely didn’t expect going in.

    But by far the greatest achievement of this film is the presence of
    Kong himself. As plain as most of the film was, the biggest issue with
    Godzilla was that there just wasn’t enough Godzilla. Fortunately, Skull
    Island rectifies that exact problem, and makes Kong as big a character
    in the film as any of the humans, appearing on screen at regular
    intervals, and actually playing a genuine role in the story.

    And that story is probably the thing that surprised me most of all.
    Again, Godzilla was a slow, empty and formulaic monster movie that
    really bored me. Kong: Skull Island, on the other hand, is a fast-
    paced and absolutely jam-packed action movie that actually gets better
    and better as it moves along.

    Of course, there’s a part of me that’s a little sad that we’re not
    getting the classic story of King Kong that made both the 1933 and 2005
    films so beautiful. However, Skull Island does do a fantastic job at
    bringing the character to a different time period and making a new,
    riveting story.

    Above all, the film’s ingenious parallels with the Vietnam War make for
    fascinating viewing. Bringing a different dynamic to the relationship
    between the humans and Kong, the way that Skull Island looks at the
    story through the lens of the anti-Vietnam War sentiment of the 1970s
    adds an impressive layer of depth to the story, keeping Kong an
    interesting and emotionally resonant character despite removing his
    love with Ann Darrow.

    What’s more is that some of the film’s characters have some very
    layered and interesting backstories. In particular, Samuel L. Jackson’s
    character, a stubborn, war-mongering colonel taken from the Vietnam War
    he loved fighting in, is hugely interesting to watch. At times
    mimicking the role of film director Carl Denham from the original, at
    others adding a far darker and more serious edge to the story of the
    invasion of Skull Island, he’s absolutely fascinating to follow from
    start to finish.

    There are a whole host of other characters that bring some impressive
    depth to the story, depth that I certainly didn’t expect after the
    two-dimensional heroes of Godzilla, and make the film’s large ensemble
    cast work amazingly well.

    One more positive from the film is undoubtedly the action. As I said,
    this is a very exciting monster movie that’s full of action throughout.
    Above all, the opening and closing action sequences really stand out.
    Both because of the amazing visual parallels drawn with Vietnam War
    films like Apocalypse Now, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, but also
    thanks to the stunning CGI that allows Kong to tower over the screen in
    comparison to the humans, but also puts a formidable and genuinely
    terrifying enemy on a very level playing field.

    As far as blockbusters go, Skull Island is top-quality, but it still
    isn’t entirely perfect. For one, whilst it’s brimmed with ideas and
    interesting characters throughout, that does lead the film to becoming
    a little crowded at times. The lack of a main character amidst the huge
    ensemble cast means it’s definitely not as streamlined as I would have

    Also, the parallels with Vietnam, whilst unique and great to see in a
    movie like this, are a little overbearing at times. Particularly in the
    first act, there comes a point where the film really hits you over the
    head with how similar it is to Apocalypse Now, and although that does
    die down to a better level later on, it’s a little frustrating at

    Simply put, Skull Island is an impressively brainy and innovative
    blockbuster, but it goes a little too far with everything it does.
    That’s far better than a completely empty film like Godzilla, but with
    an enormous main cast and a story that’s so jam-packed, I felt like
    things could have been carried out a little smoother than the finished

    Still, I had a really good time with Kong: Skull Island. It’s a
    massively entertaining monster movie that places its title character
    right in the thick of the action, surrounded by more interesting human
    characters, excellent visuals, stunning action sequences, and a
    genuinely engrossing and intelligent original story.

  • Carl RangelMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Not as expected but OK to watch…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gogarrettMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Went with no expectations. Very pleased. STAY TO THE END!

    I came to watch another movie and ended up in the Kong theater. The
    previews I had seen before looked promising; however, I have never
    liked Kong movies before. This one was very different. I liked the
    changes and all the surprises in this version, taking place in 1973
    after the Vietnam War. Some parts of the film were very intense and
    violent and parts were sprinkled with welcome humor, mostly because of
    the character of Hank Marlow, played by John C Reilly. I recommend this
    movie for adult viewing. The acting, writing, directing, filming, sets
    and cgi/special effects were all top notch. If you haven’t seen the
    movie yet I have 2 recommendations for you. Watch all the way past the
    credits for the surprise ending AND keep your eye on the actor Toby
    Kebbell, who until now I thought just played the part of the soldier,
    Jack Chapman. I can’t say any more without ruining this review with
    spoilers. Go see the movie.

  • rgkarimMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The King Has Returned!

    Giant monster movies are always toss up when it comes to quality. They
    either really impress us, or turn us into monsters as we tear the movie
    apart. Tonight, the ”King” of monster returns to the silver screen, in
    what looks to be a high-definition adventure made for the theater
    technology. With an all-star cast including Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L.
    Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, and John Goodman this could be
    the giant monster flick we have been hoping. Robbie K is back with
    another review, hoping to shed some light on Kong: Skull Island.

    LIKES: • Human perspective • Awesome Visuals • Awesome Soundtrack •
    Action • John C. Reilly

    SUMMARY: Most monster movies are often focused on the monster (or man
    in a rubber costume) wreaking havoc on the environment, only
    occasionally panning on a human actor. This rendition of Kong shifted
    that balance back to the humans, putting the tale more from there trek
    across the killer island. Don’t get heated though, because Skull Island
    has plenty of moments centered on the big ape and all his…naked glory.
    Kong isn’t the only visual the movie has to offer though, as the team
    is able to create the nightmare that is skull island in fantastic
    displays of CGI and real life setting. The environment has a
    culmination of setting that capture both the beauty and horror that an
    isolated, prehistoric ecosystem has to offer. The flora, and inanimate
    stone structures, aren’t the only impressive visual though. Skull
    Island’s fauna are also stunning to watch, imaginative creatures that
    fit well into habitats they call home. Both my friend and I agreed the
    team did an awesome job crafting monsters that dwell in your darkest
    dreams, giving them bark, bit, and in some cases slime to truly be
    deadly. Visuals aside, the soundtrack also has some diversity to it.
    Our humans theme song seems to be songs from the 70s that will have you
    classic rock groupies smiling with glee. While those who like powerful
    symphony work, will enjoy the edge the orchestra brings to the more
    exciting parts.

    Speaking of excitement, Kong: Skull Island brings the action to the
    full front. Unlike Godzilla (2014), Kong doesn’t skimp on the monsters
    actually doing something other than walk around. Much of the movie
    involves the humans lighting the creatures up with their guns as they
    dodge lethal appendages. Yet Kong himself has his moments to shine, in
    heart pounding, special effects laden sequences that will have you
    screaming in delight. I myself was impressed with Kong’s sweet
    wrestling moves, including the epic finishes our WWE guys only dream of
    copying. Sound like too much action? Not to worry, John C Reilly has
    got you covered with well- timed, well-delivered comedy to lighten the

    DISLIKES: • Story is okay • Uneven characters • Rushed Scenes • Cheesy

    SUMMARY: The story of King Kong has been told in so many iterations,
    but most of these renditions give the beast a lot of character outside
    of wrestling champion. In this telling, the story takes a major dip in
    favor of the action. As laid out in the trailers, Skull Island’s main
    premise is survival, with a majority of the plot focusing on our human
    casts journey to get off the land. Oh sure, they try to inject a few
    other morals into the mix (including vengeance and love) and they do
    try to give Kong some other qualities in an attempt to develop him.
    However, many of these extra points shallowly developed, lost to the
    special effects and battles waiting in the jungle. I missed the deeper
    nature to Kong’s character, but I give props for venturing off the
    traditional path.

    In addition to the simplistic story, Kong’s Skull Island also has some
    editing/developmental issues for me. First off, the uneven characters.
    Our band of humans is a little skewed, with some getting decent
    development to others being just another pretty face (that may or may
    not get devoured). It’s the problem when hiring big casts, but this
    reviewer would have liked a little more backstory to add some emotional
    turmoil to the mix. The shallow character development paints
    predictable targets on most of their backs, leading to rushed moments
    where a character is abruptly, and in some cases pointlessly,
    eliminated. Sure, it keeps in theme with the island is always hungry,
    but Skull Island’s team needed to go in a clean-up these hasty moments.
    Ironically, the one thing (outside of the action) they focused on was
    the anger/hate between Kong and Jackson. Yours truly found the intense
    stare off and peeing contest between the two to be a touch overdramatic
    and drawn out. Suspense building? Maybe. Ridiculous? You bet it is.

    The VERDICT:

    Both my friend and I agree that Skull Island is one of the better
    portrayals of the King of the Jungle. With impressive visuals,
    dangerous environment, and fantastic battles, this is the monster movie
    we have been waiting for. While there are some story elements that need
    tweaking and some balance restored, the film gives me faith for future
    giants vs. human films and the inevitable sequels to come. With all the
    special effects and action, yours truly recommends this one for the
    theater, and could see it having some extra oomph in 3-D. And despite
    what you may expect, one should stick around when the lights go down.
    You might just find yourself stoked for what is to come.

    My Scores: Action/Adventure/Fantasy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0

  • sossevarvoMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Kong – an exciting, satisfying monster mashup

    The construction of cinematic universes seems to be the new fad of
    commercial Hollywood, ever since the Marvel train came along with the
    original Iron Man and proceeded to churn out hit after
    universe-expanding hit. Now, we have a ”Monsters” universe, with Kong
    back just a decade after Peter Jacksons (superior) rendition of the
    character to tie into the universe of the lacklustre Godzilla film of

    Fortunately Kong: Skull Island manages to feel like its own movie. What
    separates this new addition to the Kong mythos from all other films of
    its ilk is its distinctive visual aesthetic, an aesthetic I can only
    assume is a gargantuan love letter to Apocalypse Now. Vittorio
    Storaro’s iconic cinematography from Coppola’s classic has been
    reinvented in spades with state of the art CGI effects. Every two
    minutes or so we are treated to a breathtaking shot – mist and fog are
    thrillingly utilised, as well as a night scene eerily similar to the Do
    Long Bridge sequence of Apocalypse Now. While this is perhaps relying
    too much on a far, FAR, better film, it was refreshing to know that at
    least from a visual standpoint there were genuine artistic influences
    that could be discerned, the sense that the filmmaker wanted to put a
    new spin on the monster formula.

    The important thing to note is Kong and his wide array of monster peers
    deliver the goods. All of the action sequences are fluidly filmed,
    thrillingly executed, with breathtaking CGI and the help of such
    atmospheric cinematography as I detailed above. The monsters have real
    menace and bite, and they’re imposing in all the right ways. Through
    what seems to be on location shooting, you also get a nice sense of
    Skull Island as a landscape, its harsh and alien nature. When the
    monsters attack it’s always a blast.

    Unfortunately when they don’t attack, we have to rely on the
    characters, and there isn’t much to rely on. Lazy characterisation and
    archetypal ”there purely to be killed” characters are abound, and
    several great actors – Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Shea Whigham, John
    Goodman, Jason Mitchell, Toby Kebbell – are really shortchanged for
    genuine arcs and motivations. Luckily the sheer talent and likability
    of these actors makes up for a great deal, and when copious eye candy
    and monster throwdowns occur, it didn’t bother me too much. Only John C
    Reilly and Samuel L Jackson truly stand out, and it’s because their
    characters have genuine development and intrigue.

    The soundtrack felt a tad on the nose, with popular 70s tunes,
    including CCR and Bowie, popping in and out for little reason other
    than to hamfistedly evoke an era in the broadest possible way. What
    cannot be faulted however is the film’s pacing – there is never a dull
    moment, with the action and tension kept admirably flowing for a tight
    sub 2 hour run time ( a far cry from Peter Jackson’s 3 hour epic ) In
    all I had a fun time with Kong. It’s likely to leave my memory pretty
    soon, but that being said it delivers in spades on what anyone would
    savour in a crazy big budget monster movie spectacle as this, and even
    with poor characterisation, its visual appeal and effects make it
    worthy of recommendation.

  • Alexander_BlanchettMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Great reboot for a new generation

    A very entertaining modern adventure flick with great references to
    Vietnam war dramas like ”Apocalypse Now”. The effects were great,
    nothing too new but effective and convincing. The only problem I had
    with the film were the rather flat characters. The screenplay itself
    was good enough for a monster flick like this but the character really
    needed some work. The only character that was fleshed out was the one
    by John C. Reilly and he also gave the finest performance in the film.
    Tom Hiddelstone was rather underused and a bit pale. I really looked
    forward because I thought he fit great into that adventurous
    environment. Samuel L. Jackson was in typical Samuel L Jackson mode.
    Brie Larson was sexy but didn’t provide much to her character either.
    Even John Goodman was almost invisible. The direction was original, tho
    I could have done without the slow motion bits. The score was
    effective. The entertainment value very high and thus the film mostly
    succeeded in its task. I also loved the imaginary mostly due to the
    cinematography. Definitely way better than ”Godzilla” and in the end a
    very good old fashioned monster adventure flick.

  • autisticreviewersMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

    Following the route of the 2014 reboot of Godzilla, Warner Bros and
    Legendary Pictures re-team to continue to expand the ‘MonsterVerse’
    with a retelling of the iconic classic King Kong. Packed with epic
    action, monsters and adventure, this movie doesn’t fail for the fans
    for Kong and Godzilla.

    The plot is basically straight forward and requires no brains for
    thinking and realism to be taken seriously; a group of Vietnam soldiers
    and explorers head out to the South Pacific to explore an island that
    may have signs of life and discovery. They find more than what they
    have been told with a massive and destructive gorilla that is hailed as
    a king, due to his presence in protecting the natives from the
    creatures that hunt and feed on the humans. The battle of man vs nature
    commences but it’s not long till they discover that maybe the king is
    the one in need of protection.

    With an awesome eye on action, monsters and scale, first time director
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts delivers a fun ride. First fault though was the
    plot, there’s not much originality on screen but it does carry the
    tones to Godzilla. Writers Dan Gilroy and Max Borenstein make the best
    attempt to make the story work, based on the story by John Gatins and
    Dan Gilroy who based it on the original film’s writers from 1933.

    The acting from the cast, raging from Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson,
    Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman and such is all great for this type of
    film. The humorous moments are from John C Reily, who gives a fun role
    in the adventure. Another problem though was the lack of character
    development, they don’t seem to expand themselves fully but then again
    it’s primary focus is on the monsters and the mythology they come from.

    The soundtrack, both the music score by the great Henry Jackman and the
    70’s themed songs from the era are all amazing. Unlike Suicide Squad,
    the music is used when it’s needed and its not heavily frequent.

    Kong: Skull Island has all the right tones to make it fun, action
    packed and feel like a summer blockbuster type (much like Pacific Rim).
    Despite the lack of character development and a plot that isn’t
    original, it makes up for it greatly with the amount of monster action
    and scale of the adventure on offer. Hail, King Kong! 4/5 – Nick

    A team of explorers and soldiers travel to an uncharted island in the
    Pacific, unaware that they are crossing into the domain of monsters,
    including the mythic Kong.” The movie starts off rather quickly and you
    really do believe you are in the 70’s. The movie captures the whole
    ”good old days” feel. It never takes too long for each scene to get to
    the point.

    Within the first 20 mins you see Kong. So the good news is that this
    isn’t another Godzilla remake where you see Godzilla for the finale 15
    mins. This is Kong’s Movie and you see him in action plenty throughout.
    Smashing helicopters, fighting with the creatures of the island etc,
    he’s totally badass. The CGI of Kong and the creatures are quite good
    as well. There were times where you knew the actors were in front of a
    green screen, and it’s so obvious in parts.

    The biggest problem with this film is that there is absolutely no
    character development or explanation what so ever. The acting was
    actually the weakest part of the whole film. The only 2 good actors
    were Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly. Reilly probably had more
    character development than anyone else in the entire film, and Reilly
    really plays his part so well. He made a stupid character so memorable
    and great. Jackson did well with his part as well, playing the badass
    soldier and stops at nothing until the job is done.

    All in all it’s a 50/50 type film. It has good elements and bad
    elements. If it weren’t for Kong himself the film would have flopped
    big time. P.S. Watch until after the credits. You’ll see! 3/5 – Jay

    Check out Jay and Nick (The Autistic Reviewers) on facebook!

  • Reinier BrandsMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The best possible outcome of a movie about a big ape.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Arm-LizardMarch 9, 2017Reply

    A mishmash of extravagant themes, flashy tone, and some top notch set pieces

    Watching the new version of Kong yesterday felt like riding a crazy
    over-the-top roller coaster without fastening seat belts, and it took
    me some time to recover from the dizziness.

    The movie is soaked in style, and it’s humongously entertaining, It’s
    not what you’re expecting from a prototypical blockbuster creature
    feature, but instead, it’s a mishmash of extravagant themes, flashy
    tone, and some top notch set pieces.

    What cheered me the most was how they handled the coloration and
    cinematography. All those irrational close-ups of Richard Nixon’s
    crazily-moving head doll, the reflection of some massive explosion on a
    pair of shiny sunglasses resting on a soldier’s smiling face, the brief
    shot of the clapping monkey, the rough cuts, the surprises, and the
    overall surreal tone. Some may see this as an absurdity, but not me.
    Tastes vary.

    This movie intended to be a pure action spectacle, take it for what it

  • Gordon-11March 9, 2017Reply

    A great blockbuster

    This film tells the story of a team of scientists and army personnel,
    who head off to a remote and uncharted Pacific island for a
    cartographical expedition. Little do they know, that monstrous
    lifeforms are waiting for them on the unexplored island.

    I didn’t think I would enjoy ”Kong: Skull Island” so much! The story is
    very engaging because of the constant unknowns. The characters are
    divided into good and bad, while monsters are also likewise divided.
    This quadratic division gives characters a clear personality, and what
    the character represent. The visual effects are really good, as there
    is just no way that you can tell that the island and it’s unusual
    creatures are computer generated. The credit scene touches me to tears.
    The post credit scene is comparatively long, and is worth staying for.
    I think this is a great blockbuster.

  • RaoulGonzoMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Don’t go into someone’s house and start dropping bombs unless you’re picking a fight

    As far as big blockbusters go, Kong: Skull Island is not half bad. The
    first 30 minutes or so pass by and plays out in typical fashion, the
    soldier stereotype as seen in countless films meat headed with a gung
    ho mentality. Which in essence is a moral of the film ”don’t go into
    someone’s house and start dropping bombs unless you’re picking a
    fight”. The first 30 mins despite the roaring action is pretty dull,
    the CG graphics are pretty spellbinding the detail on Kong

    Not until John c Reilly turns up was I fully invested and in all
    honesty he steals the show. He provides a couple of dazzling lines and
    weirdly enough injects some much needed heart into a so far emotionless

    The music was good except it suffered from the ”suicide squad” syndrome
    it was over used almost to breaking point. An excellent use of
    Jefferson airplanes white rabbit can always be forgiven though. Kong
    references a whole bunch of other films some obvious choices, others
    not so obvious. Ranging from music cues (the shining, fear and loathing
    in Las Vegas) then to some more on the nose Vietnam flicks ( apocalypse
    now, platoon, full metal jacket)

    Never tries to be smart and plays Upto the ridiculousness of the story
    to good effect. In all honesty I’ve never seen a Vietnam pastiche quite
    like it. For the most part it’s extremely enjoyable and there is tons
    of fun to be had.

  • paulspencer-90394March 9, 2017Reply

    If you are a writer, this is an interesting film to watch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ryanberrisford2001March 9, 2017Reply

    A Fun Kong Film, but doesn’t Live up to Godzilla (2014)

    Just to say, Godzilla (2014) is my favorite film in the world to be
    honest, I loved the characterization and the build up to one of the
    most epic third acts in movie history, people may say it had little
    Godzilla and too much character. So the creators of Kong: Skull Island

    Kong Skull Island is pack with great sequences… when Kong is in the
    picture, its so much fun seeing him kick more monster butt on the big
    screen again, and the characters John C Reilly and Samuel Jackson are
    both great and shine in this film, and personally I thought Tom
    Hiddleston was a cool bad-ass who had little characterization, but
    lived up with his tricks.

    The problems are, them three I mentioned were the only ones with
    characterization, maybe Toby Kebball but I didn’t care. The Characters
    are lame and bore me, I just wanted Kong, I wanted to love these
    characters like in Godzilla, that’s why it never bored me. Another
    problem is, as I loved how Godzilla (2014) teased you from the
    beginning of a big fight but never showed adding anticipation, which is
    why the final battle is so AMAZING, due to its build up, if we already
    earlier on saw Godzilla fight, we would think ”well… I’ve already
    seen this” But in this it shows too much Kong kicking ass that it
    ruined the final battle, don’t worry I loved the scenes, its just that
    I didn’t recognize that near the end, that this was a final battle as
    it was just the same as the earlier scenes, so it didn’t wow me.

    But that end credits scene…. IS WORTH SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY TO SEE
    Overall, it was okay and fun at points, just with big mistakes I hope
    they learn from it, as they seemed to listen to the Godzilla feedback.
    I rate this a 7/10

  • CJFourakiMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The movie exists….and that’s about it.

    If you want a popcorn flick, then yeah, this is alright. Have fun. I
    wanted a King Kong movie however and this is where it failed.

    The King Kong films are what make up a big part of my childhood. I
    watched the hell out of them and loved them – being the 1933, 1976 and
    2005 versions. When I heard they were making this, I asked ”why so
    soon?” and ”what will they ruin?”.

    Firstly, here’s how I see the other major Kong films. I love the
    original, it’s one of my favorite films. I have a soft spot for the ’76
    one even though it wasn’t as good and I love Peter Jackson’s ’05
    version, which was almost as good as the original and also one of my
    favorite films. Each film served a masterclass in the visual effects
    for its time period, being (in order), stop motion, animatronics and

    Now we get to Kong: Skull Island, a movie that really doesn’t offer
    anything new or anything great. It kinda happens and then has a fart of
    an ending.

    Acting – Everyone was good in their roles. Nobody stood out. John C.
    Reilly was good. S.L.Jackson was good. Tom Hiddleston was good. Brie
    Larson was good. John Goodman showed up. Nothing fantastic or deserving
    of applause. They were just people on a screen.

    Story – It’s a reboot of the franchise, set in the 70s. It’s still
    pretty much the same story of survival and stuff, but nothing to do
    with romance or capturing Kong. It was bland and is really just there
    so the popcorn action can happen.

    Writing – Nothing special. There were some good lines for S.L.Jackson
    and John C. Reilly. Everybody else had maybe one okay line but the rest
    was exposition or nothing interesting. The pace felt off. There were
    slow moments where nothing was happening (including a lot of missed
    opportunities to develop some of the other characters) and then it
    kicked straight into action and then action again and then slow and
    then 5 seconds of action and then slow. It wasn’t a quick 2 hour film.
    It just felt like it’s exact 2 hour run-time. And the ending just
    happened. I was honestly shocked at how quickly they ended the movie.
    It was garbage because they couldn’t end it well like the other Kong
    films because they have to leave it open for what will be the
    abominations known as the Kong vs Godzilla film.

    Action/Effects – Yeah, it was pretty good, nothing we haven’t seen
    before in the other recent garbage/average monster movies like Godzilla
    and Pacific Rim respectively. But just like the story, the action kinda
    just happens. Most of the characters are barely developed so there’s
    really no tension when people are about to die, especially when you can
    pin-point who’ll make it through to the final action sequences based on
    screen-time. There’s some cool moments where Kong gets to be awesome
    and become a force of reckoning. The bad monsters are kinda lackluster
    though except for the final one that actually puts up a fight. There’s
    no choppy editing (and there shouldn’t be anyway if nearly everything
    is CGI) so everything is easy to watch and the action sequences don’t
    get entirely frustrating to follow.

    Cinematography – There’s a lot of cool shots that really show how
    massive and intimidating Kong is, especially when shown full size next
    to humans. There’s some good shots utilizing silhouettes. Whenever you
    see the sun though, it’s color and position is that of the sun setting
    but always seems to return to the middle of the day when it cuts back
    to the characters which I found distracting/weird.

    Music/Sound – It’s the early 70’s, so when they play songs from the
    60’s and 70’s, it’s awesome although they are often drowned out way too
    quickly to be appreciated. As for the original soundtrack, it’s
    whatever. Barely noticeable. Doesn’t even have to be there. Action
    sequences sound punchy however, which is good, and it all blends
    together to become this chaotic cacophony of violent sounds.

    Kong: Skull Island was disappointing for me as a massive King Kong fan.
    It’s an average movie at best and not much better as just a blockbuster
    action film. Out of this and Godzilla (2014), I’d easily say this was
    better than that pile of turd because even though it’s characters/story
    weren’t great, they had a lot of scenes of Kong kicking ass and that
    was pretty cool. Jokes, like in a Marvel film, were plentiful, and just
    like in a Marvel film, some were a hit, most were a miss.

    Overall, if you’re going to watch this film, might as well be on the
    big screen where it belongs. Otherwise, it’ll be pretty crappy on a
    small screen. I won’t be going to watch this again at the cinemas and I
    won’t be going out to buy the DVD to add it to my other Kong films. The
    movie is okay. It could have been better.

    But as for now 6/10. Go watch the other 3, infinitely better versions.
    Peter Jackson had respect for the original when he made his 2005
    version. This was just a cash grab. If they were trying to be
    respectful of the property in this movie, I didn’t see it.

    Next stop, putting Kong into a film with a boring Godzilla. Man, I’m
    sure that’s gonna be a blast and totally not bastardize the King Kong
    name. I couldn’t care less about Godzilla, but I really hate that
    they’re dragging Kong into this poop storm again.

  • FlashCallahanMarch 9, 2017Reply

    All Fail The King……

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Corey JamesMarch 9, 2017Reply

    He’s back…only just

    This review of Kong: Skull Island is spoiler free

    *** (3/5)

    LIKE HIS Japanese counterpart, King Kong has entered the world of
    cinema, left it and been resurrected an uncanny amount of times,
    however only a few of them explored the inner reaches of his uncharted
    home the mythical Skull Island. But it’s been over a decade since he
    was last brought to life, and although 2005s King Kong did go to the
    island it didn’t explore it the way we would have liked, it had the
    plot to find Kong and capture him to show him to the world and then he
    raided New York, you know it. In Kong: Skull Island we explore the
    inner reaches of the island, and are constantly threatened by the giant
    beast, for which Samuel L. Jackson’s war-hammered soldier here asks
    ”How big is it? How fast is it? And what it do?”

    Of course how big he is and how he is, is obvious to those who are
    familiar with the monster, his speeds vary through different films. Yet
    with the advantages of CGI only coming in before 2005s version he went
    as fast as the computer would take him, although in that version he was
    played by Andy Serkis in motion capture. Here he’s only seen in CGI
    visuals roaring from sound effects, and looking more dazzlingly like an
    ape than ever. His facial features looking more real, and his height
    even more terrifying here he’s about the size of other monsters beside

    This is the second film in Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse
    series; the first was 2014s Godzilla directed by Gareth Edwards, who
    thanks to his special effects team made the beast look more real than
    it ever did, but also gave him extra height, it’s too hard to imagine
    how big they’ll in their next fight. Although now Kong is noticeably
    smaller (at around 104 meters) but he’s still growing as the film tells
    us but he can still pack one hell of a punch when he needs to. Were as
    Godzilla is full sized, he probably has the advantage over the giant
    ape but we won’t know until the next film Godzilla: The King of
    Monsters comes out. But for now Kong: Skull Island makes its debut
    reigning supreme on his home turf, where it’s dangerous by day but even
    more dangerous by night, as a lot of the island’s inhabitants are there
    to kill its human invaders. Some more terrifying than others.

    Next to Kong, on the island there are some horrific looking beasts with
    nasty teeth, really quite dinosaur looking, some can fly, some have
    horns and giant some are creepy crawlers, as the humans soon find out.
    However they don’t help Kong, he isn’t the most dangerous, and he’s the
    protector of the island’s native human inhabitants. There is something
    trying to kill him, in addition there is emotional heft to this story,
    too when it explains that Kong is the last of his kind proving to
    Jackson’s hardened soldier that animals, even giant ones have feelings
    too, and he has the feeling of anger when the unwanted guests try to
    destroy his home, there is a gorgeous shot of the primate’s fist
    colliding with the helicopters that he’s scared of. Of course he has to
    be scared of something.

    On land, the human invaders recover from the attack here Jackson
    angrier than ever, decides that Kong is the threat and wants to fight
    against him, but others try to get him change his mind about the war.
    The group of men and women include: Tom Huddleston’s hardened tracker
    James Conrad, who hired by Bill Randa (Goodman) explores the island in
    search for evidence as to why evolution comes to an end, he lists the
    ways they are going to die on an uncharted island leaving one specific
    note (the giant monsters). Brie Larson’s anti-war photographer Mason
    Weaver she takes an immediate liking to Kong and wonders why the other
    creatures want to kill him, and end the human territories on the
    island. Later, they meet with Hank Marlow (Reilly), a World War II
    soldier who’s been stranded on the island since 1944 he steals the show
    from the rest of the players. Unfortunately he’s the only one with
    character in the film, the rest of the characters are bland, even a
    talented actor like Hiddleston is wasted here. Sure he makes a decent
    impact with his bad-ass moments in a bar fight and sword swinging
    through dinosaur birds but it’s not much.

    This is perhaps the main flaw of the film, granted it looks gorgeous
    but the characters are dreary with a non-characterizing screenplay, yes
    there are flaws but there goodness here, too, the action is stunning
    it’s the monsters that have the bigger impact, or in Kong’s case has
    the bigger punch. When goes to punch helicopter of the sky it looks
    gorgeous as he’s surrounded by smoke and fire. In the third act the
    action hits its peak, when he has to fight a giant creature that
    matches him to save the humans. Despite the horrendous flaws, like the
    bland screenplay Kong: Skull Island is a jaunty film with goodness and
    although it’s not the best monster film it’s still enjoyable, let’s see
    how far he’ll go in the future.

    VERDICT: King Kong is alive again! Only just, in this derivative, dumb
    but consistently fun latest addition to the MonsterVerse series. It’s
    just about over the line of Godzilla’s strength, but not by much.

  • ([email protected])March 9, 2017Reply

    Size Matters – Epic KONG Conquers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GODZILLA_Alpha_PredatorMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Pacific Rim meets Jurassic Park with monstrous adrenaline.

    This will probably become my biggest guilty pleasure of 2017. Although
    I do believe Peter Jackson’s King Kong is one of the few great remakes
    that have been made, a part of me always wished they would just skip
    the first hour on the boat and spend the rest of the movie exploring
    Kong’s world called Skull Island. Rising director Jordan Vogt-Roberts
    definitely delivers on that. He presents an ecosystem of giant
    creatures that stands apart visually from other monster movies like
    Jurassic Park. And it shows Kong less as a misunderstood monster but
    more as protective figure in this new mythology.

    When the director described this new King Kong as a god he really
    wasn’t under-selling it. Kong has never been more intimidated and
    powerful then ever. He is re-imagined to be more then just an animal
    and monster but as this powerful force of nature that is both ferocious
    and benevolent. He felt like a combination of the Marvel’s Hulk and
    Planet of the Apes’s Caesar. By removing the beauty and the beast
    story, Kong is explored more as a character with almost sentient
    qualities and we see what his existence is like on the island. His best
    moments range from him taking out helicopters with his fists during his
    big reveal to when he is just sitting around and killing time with
    stunning visual effects that rival what what was done in the 2005
    remake. And the island itself is presented as a character with always
    having unique ways to reveal the other creatures that hide within
    Kong’s kingdom in suspenseful and surprising ways. The creatures are
    both beautiful and scary as they feel like they’re one with the
    landscapes. I could watch a whole nature documentary on this fictional
    world. The most terrifying out of all of them are the Skullcrawlers. If
    Kong is a god then the Skullcrawlers are the island’s demons. They feel
    like a combination of the creatures from Jurassic Park, Aliens and Bong
    Joon Ho’s The Host. They really make up this great threat to both the
    humans and the island in new and surprising ways.

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts uses a fresh way to show the action and visuals in
    this big-budget movie. While Gareth Edwards’s visual style in Godzilla
    felt similar to Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan, Vogt-Roberts is
    closer to that of Zack Snyder, Edgar Wright and Guillermo Del Torro.
    The action and editing is very energetic and quick with warm vibrant,
    colour tones. When he shoots action you feel like you are suddenly
    thrown into the middle of it with amazing slow-motion shots to help you
    process the destruction and detail you are seeing. This movie has some
    of the most gorgeous cinematography I have seen in a monster film
    thanks to DP Larry Fong. The beautiful and exotic real-like locations
    give Skull Island an extra sense of depth and believability. The
    Vietnam locations like a Ninh Binh and Hao Long Bay make me believe
    they could actually hide 100-foot creatures. The monster fights are
    very brutal and feel very much like a Ray Harryhausen movie where there
    are long shots that stay on the titanic creatures brawling with each
    other. The final battle is unique enough to stand apart from the
    dinosaur fight in 2005 as it shows Kong’s intelligence being used in
    battle in order to challenge the Skullcrawler’s agile and nimble
    movements. The end of that fight makes breaking a T.Rex’s jaw look tame
    by comparison.

    What unfortunately holds this movie back from being great is the human
    narrative. I wouldn’t say it’s terrible but there is nothing special
    either. The list of big-name actors injects some personality into it
    but what you get with most of the characters is just what’s on the
    surface and nothing more. Tom Hiddleston is similar to Aaron-Taylor
    Johnson in Godzilla where he was just there as a plot device to get
    from point A to B. Sam Jackson’s military leader is uniquely written
    and has justifiable reasons for wanting to kill Kong but still feels
    like other roles he has played before. Corey Hawkins and Jing Tian only
    really exist to setup universe building. Out of all the human
    characters John C. Reily was the only one I was truly invested in and
    felt like he matched the movie’s stylized surreal tone. Got a kooky Tom
    Hanks Cast Away vibe from him. His crazy personality and backstory is
    what kept me going through the scenes without any monsters. His scenes
    of exposition could have been handled poorly but work when he is
    delivering them with some well-time jokes. Brie Larson’s role in this
    is not going to measure up to her Oscar-winning Room performance but at
    least she isn’t portrayed as a useless damsel like in most monster
    movies. I did also enjoy the dynamic between Jason Mitchell and Shea
    Whigham surprisingly. In Godzilla, the movie felt subtle about giant
    monsters rising from the earth being served as a metaphor for our
    over-reliance on nuclear power and lack of control on nature. Skull
    Island’s thematic messaging about military power invading native lands
    like Vietnam felt more forced and didn’t leave as much of an impact on.

    Overall, I would say that Peter Jackson’s remake has a stronger
    emotional story with more depth but Vogt-Roberts delivers a King Kong
    movie that is simple, and more unique. Similar to Pacific Rim, the
    humans serve more as a way for us to explore this world of giant
    monsters then be emotional centre piece. The movie knows when to inject
    fun, humour and energy when it needs to and doesn’t become too reliant
    on these characters that can’t carry the movie without having a giant
    monster on screen. I definitely look forward to seeing this new Kong
    take on Godzilla in 2019. Also I got child-like excitement when I saw
    the after-credits scene for Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

  • Peter ParkerMarch 9, 2017Reply

    A reboot with lots of action

    It’s a different movie from the original; there is no romance with the
    blond girl (Brie Larson), everything happens in the island.

    The movie is in the 70s & every little detail is excellent (the music);
    the landscape is a homage to Apocalypse Now, some parts look like
    Predator or Alien.

    The characters aren’t well developed since there are a lot of them;
    Kong (Twice as tall as the original) is the main protagonist & his
    fights with giant monsters/creatures.

    Samuel L. Jackson is a insane colonel who wants to hunt his Moby Dick
    (Kong) but James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) has to track him.

    Warner Bros wants to build this new cinematic universal.

    There is a post-credits scene.

  • Sam JohnsonMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Apeocalypse Wow!

    First off, I’m a total Kong fanatic, have been ever since I can
    remember, so needless to say, I was beyond excited when it was
    announced they were bringing the big guy back for a new generation! But
    as time passed, and with each new trailer they rolled out, I became
    more and more apprehensive. I was worried they were going to butcher
    the mythos into some third-rate Marvel wannabe or something.
    Thankfully, I was wrong; Kong: Skull Island is a great time at the

    It’s kind of what I remember blockbusters were, when I was a kid.
    Adventure, fantasy, monsters, without trying to be overly
    pretentious… and lots and lots of popcorn- munching action. Man, this
    movie has a lot of it, so buckle up! If you were disappointed with the
    lack of monster-stomping madness in 2014’s Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island
    has you covered.

    The characters, the dialogue, etc. it’s all (mostly) good, and the
    movie didn’t let me down on that front, as I’d feared. But let’s not
    kid ourselves, this is a monster movie, and that means it really all
    hinges on one thing…

    I’m pleased to say that this is probably my favourite iteration of Kong
    since the 1933 original. As you probably know, he’s an absolute
    behemoth. Way bigger than we’ve known him in the past. But, thankfully,
    Kong is far and away the most well developed character. He’s a
    protector, a peaceseeker, and the keeper of balance in Skull Island’s
    chaotic ecosystem. But when forced to protect his island, he’s
    absolutely brutal. He’s a total barroom brawler. We’ve never seen a
    Kong like this before, and I loved every second of it! I’ll tell you,
    Godzilla definitely has his work cut out for him in 2020!

    So, go see Kong: Skull Island, order a jumbo popcorn, don’t overthink
    it, just get lost in the world and you’ll have a hell of a time!

  • blonditheraphosaMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Better than all MCU movies combined

    Kong: Skull Island is an action pack filmed, the cinematography is
    awesome! It is la combination of Zack Snyder’s cinematography in a
    colored view and Guy Ritchie’s PoV.

    Don’t believe on other reviews giving a low score,they just hate Warner
    brothers because WB own DC and people always bash DC anyways this movie
    is perfect! Better than Doctor Strange and Avengers, hell better than
    Avengers Infinity War.

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    Simply fantastic!

    Tarzan may be ”Lord of the Jungle” and Godzilla is called ”King of the
    Monsters”, but King Kong bows to no one – man or beast. He is, after
    all, ”The Eighth Wonder of the World”, according to the original movie.
    American filmmaker Merian C. Cooper (who co-directed that film) named
    and created the character of the giant ape, with minor contributions
    from British writer Edgar Wallace (whom Cooper had hired to write the
    script, but who died early in the revisions process). The result was
    the iconic 1933 film – followed by several other movie versions and
    multiple representations of Cooper’s monster in various media and other
    forms. Over a 72 year span, three films carried the simple title ”King

    That first version (starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong and Bruce
    Cabot) is dated by today’s standards, but featured groundbreaking
    special effects and music with a script written by Ruth Rose, the wife
    of co-director Ernest B. Schoedsack (at a time when there were a higher
    proportion of female screenwriters than today) and remains high on many
    all-time best lists. The cast of the 1976 remake (produced by famed
    Italian filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis and directed by the prolific John
    Guillermin) was led by Charles Grodin and then-20-somethings Jeff
    Bridges and Jessica Lange (in her film debut). 2005’s ”King Kong”
    starred Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Jack Black & Andy Serkis and was
    directed by Peter Jackson. The original has higher ratings on IMDb and
    Rotten Tomatoes than its sequels, but all made big profits.

    The various cinematic incarnations of the titular great ape have seen
    him with different personalities (sometimes as a wantonly destructive
    beast and others as a sympathetic anti-hero), at different sizes
    (portrayed between 12 feet and 60 feet tall) and with different levels
    of human-like characteristics (for example, walking upright in the 1933
    and 1976 versions, but on all-fours for the 2005 movie). He also
    battled his rival for the title of biggest, baddest monster in the 1962
    Japanese film (and its 1963 re-edited American version), ”Godzilla vs.
    King Kong”, which became and remains the most-attended Godzilla film of
    all. Regardless of how he looks or what he is doing, the colossal
    primate has become such a fixture in our cultural consciousness that
    the 2017 version need only refer to him by a single name, joined with a
    reference to what outsiders call his kingdom: ”Kong: Skull Island”
    (PG-13, 1:58).

    Rather than another remake of the original 1933 version, 2017’s mammoth
    monkey movie is a reboot. It’s an origin story for the King Kong
    character and the second installment in Legendary Entertainment’s
    MonsterVerse series which began with 2014’s ”Godzilla” reboot. ”Kong:
    Skull Island” leads into another Godzilla movie, followed by a King
    Kong – Godzilla crossover. A clever and game-changing post-credits
    scene reveals the connection and sets the stage for the coming movies.
    Meanwhile, this one, although based on an original story by John Gatins
    (”Real Steel”) and a script by Dan Gilroy (”The Bourne Legacy”), Max
    Borenstein (”Godzilla”) and Derek Connolly (”Jurassic World”), had a
    number of cinematic influences. According to director Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts, those films include ”Apocalypse Now”, ”Platoon”,
    ”Princess Mononoke”, ”Spirited Away” and even ”Pokémon”. After seeing
    ”Kong: Skull Island”, I’d have to add ”Jurassic Park” to that list.
    However, as compared to the former, the latter is… a walk in the park.

    After that admittedly overly long introduction (which really only just
    scratched the surface of the background and influences to ”Kong: Skull
    Island”), it’s finally time to talk about the movie’s plot: In 1973,
    government official William ”Bill” Randa (John Goodman) and scientist
    Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) convince a Senator Willis (Richard
    Jenkins) to support their proposed mapping expedition of a mysterious
    island in the South Pacific. Bill and Houston travel to Vietnam where
    they hire former British Special Air Service Captain James Conrad (Tom
    Hiddleston) to lead the mission. They also secure a military escort
    from U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson)
    and his ”Sky Devils” helicopter squadron, which includes his executive
    officer, Major Jack Chapman (Tony Kebbell), and a diverse and colorful
    group of experienced soldiers. Rounding out this large group of misfits
    are other government representatives (John Ortiz and Marc Evan
    Jackson), another young scientist (Tian Jing) and Mason Weaver (Oscar
    winner Brie Larson), a war photographer who is suspicious of the
    expedition’s purpose.

    After flying through storm clouds which perpetually surround the island
    and keep it isolated from the rest of the world, the helicopters start
    dropping seismic charges, ostensibly as part of the mapping mission.
    The de facto simian ruler of this island doesn’t take kindly to anyone
    disturbing his home. Kong (walking upright, appearing to be about 100
    feet tall and played through motion capture by Terry Notary) takes out
    his anger on those helicopters, killing about half of the expedition’s
    personnel in the process. The survivors, separated into small groups
    (and one individual) with limited communications, all set out for the
    other side of the island, where they are to be picked up in three days.
    Along the way, they encounter a variety of large, unique and deadly
    creatures, a tribe of island natives and an American (John C. Reilly)
    who has been stranded on the island for many years. Meanwhile, Lt. Col.
    Packard, as obsessed as Captain Ahab in ”Moby Dick”, is determined to
    avenge the loss of his men at all costs.

    ”Kong: Skull Island” is simply fantastic! The casting,
    characterizations and acting are especially strong, the fight scenes
    and visual effects are even stronger and King Kong appears
    appropriately powerful, and terrifying, but also sympathetic. Rather
    than simply building towards one huge showdown, there are surprises and
    exciting moments throughout the film, but the intensity is
    well-balanced with some comic relief, mostly from the loopiness of
    Reilly’s character. This film is at least as good as previous Kong
    movies, or 2014’s ”Godzilla”, and is a terrific lead-in to subsequent
    adventures. ”A”

  • blaskofilmsMarch 10, 2017Reply

    A Truly Great Ape

    Movies used to be fun. Genuinely fun. Kong: Skull Island is a throwback
    to the era when movies were fun – like, Stars Wars fun. Like Jaws fun.
    That kind of fun. The leads embody characters that are all
    understandable and genuinely likable. The plot isn’t stuffed with
    technical geek references and ”easter eggs” that weigh down other
    universe-building films. From the fire- singed Kong fur to the slick
    skull crawler tongues, the special effects are brilliantly detailed and
    animated. And it’s genuinely refreshing to watch an action/monster film
    in which native peoples are depicted with dignity and respect, and
    where black and Asian characters aren’t used as props or fodder for
    violence (admittedly, the film could have gone further with this, but I
    sensed some progress being made). Kong: Skull Island isn’t Life is
    Beautiful. It isn’t Casablanca. But it is genuinely, thrillingly,
    rigorously fun. It has heart, scales, teeth and a ferocious roar.
    Monster movies are back. Get in line. Hail to the King.

  • Special-K88March 10, 2017Reply

    good ingredients but with familiar results

    In the early 1970s, a government team is assembled for a portentous
    exploration of a mysterious, uncharted island in the Pacific. Among
    them are a former British SAS officer paid to act as an expert tracker
    and mercenary, a government agent who may know more than meets the eye,
    a fanatical U.S. Army officer commanding the military escort, and a
    photojournalist with a different agenda all together. Naturally, their
    journey turns into one of nonstop peril when they encounter a various
    assortment of dangers along the way. Well-cast, occasionally
    exhilarating, with more than enough special effects to please the eye,
    but doesn’t provide much of anything that you haven’t already seen in
    previous renditions. **½

  • hegedus_dani02March 10, 2017Reply

    The monster movie you’ve been waiting for!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LiL BoxMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Really Really Bad!

    OK, I will be short, really short. This movie has so many loopholes in
    the script i just don’t know where to start.. so i decided not to go in
    details. Seriously i don’t know how this movie has so many good reviews
    and good rating.

    Summary – Acting is not so bad but very bad script and one liners,
    seriously. – You never seem to get into the plot, you never care if
    anyone dies or not. The plot is written by 15y.o. kid who wants to
    impress his parents. – The music is average at best. – The script has
    loopholes, after loopholes, after loopholes OK you get it. – The
    selection of characters is very debatable, im still confused why Loki
    has agreed to participate in this movie? (the girl is hot though)

    The only good part is editing and visual effects at the end and thats

    Don’t waste time and money to see this.

  • cruise01March 10, 2017Reply

    Kong is big, loaded with action and visuals.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • asifuzzamanredoyMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Story was not rich Though but action was good

    As this is something new based on the previous king Kong movie ,the
    story could be much better as we all know there will be a big monkey
    and of course there will be a beautiful girl also .But overall the
    actions,scene were good and thanks for not bringing the KONG in the
    civilization that was new ! .

  • Trevor Pacelli ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    Monstrous Epicness for the Ape Minded

    Were you disappointed by the amount of screen time by the giant lizard
    in Godzilla? I have good news for you: the big ape of Kong: Skull
    Island hits the screen immediately before the opening credits in all
    his grandness, and appears constantly throughout the film with constant
    action and explosions in the mix. Yet even without the ape on screen
    all the time, the amount of swords, flames, helicopters, bombs, and
    Skullcrushers satisfactorily draw out everything moment by moment in an
    approach comparative to various scenes in Apocalypse Now.

    So whether if you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, the action should
    satisfy. Standard to the tradition of Skull Island, other behemoths are
    accompanied to confront both Kong and the humans in search for him.
    These camouflaged beasts include a swamp ox, a log insect, a giant
    spider amongst a bamboo forest, reptilian birds, and a kraken who
    becomes Kong’s dinner. Other colorful sights on this god forsaken
    island range from the mesmerizing northern lights to the horrific
    pale-tinted mass grave of great ape skeletons, creating a believable
    look to a testing world against man’s successes.

    Would such an experience keep you talking in the long run? Will you get
    pumped for Kong’s eventual confrontation against Godzilla?

    Well, let’s rewind the clock to answer that question, shall we?

    As the movie starts, a World War II soldier crash lands on a deserted
    island in 1944, only to come face to sword against a Japanese warrior.
    Compared to past King Kong movies, this slightly different period
    setting receives a rather poor treatment; I mean, when the first five
    minutes persuades us to cheer on a US soldier fighting against one of
    the Pearl Harbor bombers, has racism really changed at all by 2017

    Then the opening credits shows historical footage of man’s scientific
    progress up until 1973. Then we see a researcher intent on proposing a
    government-funded trip to an unexplored destination named ”Skull
    Island,” the one island God did not finish creating. They compare it to
    the Bermuda Triangle, as nobody has ever come back alive. So right at
    the Vietnam War’s end, a team of US soldiers, investigators, and a
    photographer set out to explore. Eventually they find the same soldier
    who crash landed in 1944, and introduce the old soldier to the worlds’
    robust change since he left humanity, and team up with him to head back
    home. Although could man really be king here? Especially when the
    castaway tribe worships a 200 foot tall ape?

    Kong may be an epic time for all you men out there, but you ladies may
    be napping once or twice, as your only mode of connection is Oscar
    winner Brie Larson (Room, Short Term 12), who exists here purely to
    play THAT kind of female lead. You know, the one who exists just so
    women have a celebrity name to gush over. The one who gets wet while
    wearing a skimpy gray tank top. If you’re still not underwhelmed, what
    if I told you about her romantic subplot, one that meets absolutely no

    You may not even notice any predictable romantic subplot anyway, as
    there are so many millimeter thick cardboard cutout characters, none of
    which have a proper introduction to tell you who they are as human
    beings. Some of them are even there purely for comic relief’s sake. The
    large cast’s screen time balance of screen time has so little
    attention, you don’t feel any hint of tension or sorrow whenever one of
    them gets killed or mauled.

    Now one question still remains: how will it be when Kong has to fight
    Godzilla in 2020? I can absolutely presume the fight will be epic. I
    mean, if Kong can deliver the nonstop action and cinematic grandness we
    asked for, while also learning its lessons from 2014’s Godzilla, then
    it should turn out entertaining enough.

    On the other hand, if you prefer a much deeper story featuring
    characters who are worth cheering on, then you’d probably be better off
    watching Peter Jackson’s version as opposed to investing in future
    films similar to Kong: Skull Island. It may not be a particularly good
    movie, nor was it trying to be, but it’s still a pretty sweet thrill

  • AlexFalzonMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Review – Kong: Skull Island – Surprisingly enjoyable.

    Man, the tone in this film is all over the place… and I mean that in
    the best way possible. It never stops feeling strange, but it also
    never feels wrong, either. We’ll be enjoying a light-hearted scene set
    to the tune of a ’70s rock song. Suddenly, gruesomely, fatally, we have
    a terrifying encounter with an enormous monster. Then we’re back with
    another ’70s hit over a montage as our protagonists journey to their
    next obstacle. It’s bizarre, and it works.

    If you’re expecting to see that same Kong story with which you are
    familiar, alter those expectations radically. Kong never leaves Skull
    Island, never kidnaps a blonde, and is around five times larger than
    you’ve ever seen him before (unless you saw Japan’s 1962 film King Kong
    vs. Godzilla). Unlike the original film, Skull Island is set in 1973,
    immediately after Nixon pulls out of Vietnam, and, oh, boy, do the
    filmmakers have fun with this. As well as the aforementioned
    soundtrack, the score, cinematography, even the film’s posters all
    channel the era, with nods to Apocalypse Now sometimes taking up entire

    This isn’t to take away too much from the creativity of the film. The
    excellent cinematography is the work of Larry Fong, who’s done a bunch
    of Zack Snyder films, and the CGI is phenomenal, with a couple of very
    small exceptions with regard to the small(er) animals that drifted just
    a little too far into the uncanny.

    Our characters (a helicopter squadron and a group of scientists, neatly
    separated by colour, as well as a tracker, a photographer, and three
    members of the mysterious organisation ”Monarch”, which you may
    remember from 2014’s Godzilla…) head to the strange island after
    picking it up for the first time via satellite (what if something
    good’s there and the Russians get it!?). After Kong, they also meet the
    other denizens of the island – enormous buffaloes and spiders, new,
    fictional monstrosities, and good old human natives. At this point the
    objectives of the characters divide; some want to flee the island, some
    want to hide and wait for rescue, others still enter Ahab territory and
    are resolved to take down the big gorilla himself.

    The screenplay has obviously gone over a couple of drastic revisions.
    Characters say things like ”this happened in ’72”, which is a little
    weird, because the film is set in ’73. Why not just say ”last year”? I
    can only guess that the year in which the film is set changed during

    Tom Hiddleston and John Goodman are solid. Brie Larson and Samuel L.
    Jackson somehow manage to deliver excellent performances in a very
    silly (but fun!) movie. John C. Reilly is great, blending that great
    sense of humour and timing with just the right dosage of sobering
    heartbreak that comes with being stranded on an island for thirty
    years; he crashed during World War II.

    Many cute references are sprinkled throughout the film, and done so in
    a charmingly subtle way; ”Hold onto your butts” says Jackson’s
    character. I breathed a sigh of relief when they elected not to
    actually play Ride of the Valkyries during an already extremely
    Apocalypse-Nowy sequence. It’s actually a pretty clever movie, and I
    was very pleasantly surprised.

  • Harry T. Yung ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    What’s in a name/title?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • muvi-fan-73March 10, 2017Reply

    Fantastic treat of some lost world.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matthew HenryMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Best Kong since the original!

    Finally, after being disappointed by film after film after film after
    film this year we have the only film other than Hidden Figures that has
    lived up to my expectations. Kong: Skull Island is easily the best film
    about Kong since the original. The story takes place in 1973 as the
    Vietnam War is coming to an end which, in my opinion, sets a great
    atmosphere for what is about to come. The backstory feels a little
    rushed, especially for a two hour film, but that means we don’t have to
    wait very long for the main character to make his appearance. There are
    many elements and story lines which mirror the original story while
    still telling a new one. Visual effects are wonderful, as is the
    soundtrack. Kong: Skull Island is definitely worth seeing, and even
    more so if you have the opportunity to see it in IMAX 3D. P.S. Don’t
    forget to stay for the added scene after the final credits.

  • Perra117March 10, 2017Reply

    KONG: You have the power.

    I saw this on cinema today , and I can say I was surprised so good this
    movie is , everything is perfect from the start to the end.

    Kong is a big true hero here and a perfect Monstermovie for all fans
    that love the old King kong and Godzilla movies.

    Go and see this movie or catch it when it coming out on Blu-Ray.


  • ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    Full body KONG with just a hint of story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • WoodBangers EntertainmentMarch 10, 2017Reply


    Over the years there had been many attempts to bring the story of King
    Kong to the theaters and each time had been an epic failure, so after
    the trailers of Kong: Skull Island (2017); we had to go see it. The
    trailer for Kong had already shown a huge progress between this movie
    and every other King Kong related film and the cast for Kong: Skull
    Island (2017) was certainly an eye catcher.

    Last night on the first viewing we were in our seats ready to enjoy the
    movie, it wasn’t a big crowd. In reality probably 20 people in the
    theater. The lights went out and the film began and right off the start
    we were saying ”this looks to be really good”. The graphics, for the
    most part, are extremely good, there were only two or three spots that
    you could really see the film set and green screen hiccups. The script
    was well put together for the most part until about ⅔ of the way
    through as the film starts to lose steam. By mid-way through it many
    items were starting to stand out for example: If someone had just come
    out of the water completely soaked and two seconds later in the film,
    their hair and makeup had been redone and they’re dry. Items like that
    sort of started to show themselves more and more towards the ending as
    if the film was completely rushed to finish up.

    Now, in short, this film is very entertaining and it is marketed
    towards the right audience and age group, I’m certain that area will
    miss a lot of the items I pointed out. We did have a wonderful time
    watching the film, and it is the best King Kong made film to date. The
    graphics are as good, if not better than Michaels Bay’s ”Ninja
    Turtles”. Would we see it again? Yes.

  • Alexander KleinMarch 10, 2017Reply

    The King Returns

    What a trip! The movie takes place in the early 70′s and the entire
    movie has that vibe. As the movie starts the soundtrack of classic 70′s
    rock lit up the theater and really blended well with the whole island
    vibe. This is a great movie that seemed more concerned with a good
    story than focusing on the big monkey himself and that is a good thing.

    A crew of military and scientific people head to an island never before
    seen until recent satellite images discover it for the first time. From
    the beginning the crew realizes the man heading the expedition, John
    Goodman, knows more than he is letting on. Everyone still goes along
    with it all for their own reasons that are fleshed out as the movie
    progresses. Samuel Jackson plays a army general not quite done with the
    battlefield. Tom Hiddleston is a tracker who is searching for something
    more. Brie Larson is a photographer looking to snap the next big thing.
    If this sounds like a Marvel reunion then this is the movie for you.
    Everyone plays their part in this film and while there are plenty of
    different characters they are all fleshed out just enough to make you
    want to know more. As with giant cast movies the filmmakers could have
    dropped the ball like a certain Star Wars movie but that didn’t happen
    here. All the characters have their own quirks especially the
    incredible John C Reilly.

    Kong himself is a technical marvel. At this point in the game CGI
    really is make or brake and him along with all the other creatures on
    the island are beautifully rendered. The island itself is also
    stunning. The whole filming process really had me ooing and awing at
    everything. This was a very colorful movie fill with very vibrant
    scenes. Along with that it was really well shot with a lot of thought
    put into making the movie feel like an art piece. It is hard to
    describe exact shots but it’s the sort of thing that you will know when
    you see the film.

    As I stated earlier, the soundtrack really added to the movie. There
    were many songs that were perfect for the film along with a really
    great score. This was a really great telling of Kong and a perfect
    entry into the monster franchise that started with Godzilla. Speaking
    of which, there is an after credits scene that fleshes more of that
    world out so I would recommend staying until the final credits roll.

    Overall this was a fantastic movie. Perfect for the whole family.
    Perfect for fans of Steve Brule. This is a great movie to go to after
    having a personal pan pizza that you might have waited too long in line
    for. It is also is the type of movie for a fan of big screen monsters
    but also cinephiles who love a little art in their movies. Go feast
    your eyes on this flick.

  • drjgardnerMarch 10, 2017Reply

    EcoWarrior theme falls a bit flat

    Why on earth would you want to remake the 1933 classic King Kong? It
    came out during the Golden years of Hollywood Horror, with such films
    as Frankenstein (1931), Dracula (1931), Dr. Jekly & Mr. Hyde (1932),
    The Invisible Man (1933), etc. To this date those classics (mostly from
    Universal) remain the best of breed. Attempts to re-make the classic
    Kong in 1976 (Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange) and 2005 Jack Black, Naomi
    Watts) both failed.

    In the original, the cast (Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong), the director
    (Merian Cooper), producer (David O Selznick) and the animation (Willis
    O’Brian) are all first rate. (FWIW – Willis was the mentor to Ray
    Harryhausen who is perhaps even better known for his work on
    stop-action animation) Kong has been in several other films, mostly
    Japanese including King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) and King Kong Escapes
    (1967). There was even a ”Son of Kong” released just a few months after
    the original, re- starring Robert Armstrong but absent Fay Wray.

    The current film has a large cast (Samuel Jacklson, John Goodman, John
    C Riley, Tom Hiddleston).Uniformly they do a good job, especially Riley
    and Jackson. The director is virtually unknown but the writer Dan
    Gilroy has done some good projects like Real Steel (2011), The Bourne
    Legacy (2012) and Nightcrawler (2014). Photography is excellent.

    This 2017 version is clearly superior to the other versions, except for
    the original. The anti-war ecology theme is a bit heavy handed, but the
    real problem is the ”monsters” who are done very poorly, and even Kong
    gives us very little more than the 1933 version did. In fact, I’m going
    to say, even less. Also, we’re missing the romance.

  • abisioMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Barely OK King Kong reboot

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BlackrabbitninjaMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Save your money

    I hated everything about this movie. Cliques, bad acting and a terribly
    predictable plot made me face palm and wince throughout its duration.
    The film has lots of A-list actors but it’s hard to tell who acted the
    best in this film; perhaps it was the ”Skullcrawler” who seemed to
    unintentionally or not cut out the BS the movie served you up.

    All in all, save your money and see a movie actually worth watching,
    unless you have a kid that wants to be entertained by monsters fighting
    and things exploding


  • dexteriotMarch 10, 2017Reply

    A Cheap Screenplay with Weak Dialogues vs Excellent Visuals

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hotohori_zMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Kong is fun but don’t expect too much!

    Going into this film I had low expectations. But I was pleasantly
    surprised coming out of the theater that this movie kept my attention
    for as long as it did.

    The cast of this film: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson,
    John Goodman and John C. Reilly all do adequate jobs here. I describe
    it as adequate because no one’s performance was mind-blowing or
    terrible they just did the job and went about the movie. Does this make
    you hate the characters? Not really but Sam L. was channeling Captain
    Ahab from Moby Dick thru parts of this movie.But does it make you care
    about them? Not really either.

    Overall the plot is really nothing special, SURVIVE is basically it.
    The action thru the parts of the film are exciting to watch but it does
    suffer from some slower moments which seemed like they wanted to build
    up tension but never really surfaced. Deaths came off a bit jump-scary
    but nothing too crazy bad but you can tell by the end they are setting
    up and world building to something bigger. Fun for the for the older
    kids with a bit of scares here and there. 7/10 — Definitely could
    watch while doing house work in the background.

  • James KozakiewiczMarch 10, 2017Reply

    B-style cheese platter

    Only through the words of a human is Kong’s character developed, and
    that sucks particularly in contrast with previous tear-jerking
    franchise installments. This movie does offer colorful monster violence
    without the vomit-inducing cinematography of similarly cheesy
    blockbusters, so, it’s passable. See it at the cheap seats.

  • yinkblingMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Very Entertaining, great CGI but nothing out of the ordinary

    OK I would go straight to the point here, Kong was action filled
    coupled with very good acting as I did expect, however the story-line &
    dialogue at some point could be likened to that of a 12-year old, very
    weak & lacks purpose. Without the fighting / action scenes I probably
    would have rated the movie 4/10 as the other scenes were very boring.
    At some stage, I couldn’t understand what the mission was because it
    got very confusing and plain. Looking at the positives though, CGI was
    totally top notch, Kong was scary, powerful and his engagements with
    other creatures were very interesting. Acting was also OK, Tom
    Hiddleston & Samuel L Jackson delivered, the other actors weren’t bad
    either. To round it all up, the movie is still a very good watch if you
    not expecting so much but for decent action scenes and good brawls.

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Watchable only because of King Kong!!!

    With the help of soldiers, a group of scientists goes on a mission to
    visit an Island in Southeast Asia. After reaching the Island they start
    to drop bombs, until someone shows up to fight. This is the second film
    in the series of monster movies that starts with Godzilla 2014 which is
    far better than this movie. The failed attempt of character development
    was the main problem that faces the whole story. The technical team did
    an excellent job and the actors are all talented. Now comes the King
    Kong factor which is the only thing that is worth watchable. The intro
    action scenes and the ending scenes were outstanding. The night scenes
    look ridiculous in 3D. The Academy award winner Brie Larson is assigned
    to take pictures in the movie and apart from one stunt scene there is
    nothing much to do for her. The only reason why she signed this movie
    is the popularity of King Kong movies, Other than that, I don’t know
    why she acts in this movie. Samuel L Jackson’s eye to eye contact with
    King Kong was unbearable to watch. Overall, it’s watchable only because
    of King Kong and that’s the only thing that keeps the movie alive.

  • tvsweeney-39052March 10, 2017Reply

    No Question: 10 out of 10

    This isn’t a horror movie, it’s a war movie, with an ape incidental to
    the plot…and it ends the way we’ve always wanted this particular
    movie to end. (I hope this isn’t considered a SPOILER)

    Beginning with the opening credits, displayed in a unique and original
    style setting the stage and explaining the plot while rapidly spanning
    from 1944 to 1973 as the cast is shown, the story leaps directly into
    the action, without all the talky exposition, while the end credits
    promise Things to Come. This is not only an exciting action adventure
    flick, but also a beautifully photographed film. Part of it is
    reminiscent of the WW2 movie A Walk in the Sun, and there will be many
    pointing out a resemblance in tone to Apocalypse Now.

    There were characters I hoped would survive and regretted when they
    didn’t. A good many of them play against type, which is refreshing.
    Juxtaposition of some shots foreshadow later scenes. The parallels
    between scenes of Col. Packard and Kong in body language isn’t to be
    missed and definitely points out these two characters’ relationship.

    AS for the monsters themselves…original, imaginative, and definitely
    deadly. (Loved the giant water buffalo, by the way.) Beautiful scenery
    and creative filming, with unusual camera angles aren’t to be missed.
    If I were asked,I’d nominate the cinematographer as well as the special
    effects people for Oscars. Having seen ALL the Kong films, from the
    original to the Jack Black version (which I also like in spite of
    critics views to ebb contrary), I easily give this one 10/10.

  • quinnolynykMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Great classic monster movie fun

    This movie for me personally was just a fun classic monster movie with
    funny characters and great action.

    – Great visuals, Skull Island did not disappoint me.

    – Mix of funny and serious characters blended very well together. Tom
    Hiddlestone, Brie Larson, and John C Reilly were my personal favorites.

    – King Kong was actually represented as a different kind of ape
    entirely, not just a giant gorilla. He was also given a personality,
    maybe not as well as Peter Jacksons King Kong, but fairly close.

    – Skull crawlers served their purpose greatly, with them being visually
    terrifying but also not overfilling the movie with their presence.

    – Story was easy to follow and interesting to watch.

    Overall, this movie for me has already placed itself in my list of
    favorite movies this year and it’s only March. I can’t wait to see what
    else 2017 can throw at me.

    One last thing, definitely stay for the end credit scene, it does not

  • John AbuSaleemMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Message to all the studios: stop with the reboots and all the hacks you hire to write good reviews

    So it is like Ghostbusters 2016 all over again. On the day of release
    of another unrequested, unwanted, unappealing reboot a whole bunch of
    accounts appear and write super duper positive reviews. Well, they are
    all fake. Although these fake reviewers are getting more
    ‘sophisticated.’ Look at tvsweeney-39052 for example, the account was
    created several months ago and give Village Road Show and Columbia
    releases all 10/10, but has thrown in a couple of bad reviews of other
    studios’ releases in the interim.

    This movie sucks. The unoriginality stinks to high heaven The token
    Chinese cow to satisfy Chinese investors and Chinese ticket sales is
    beyond useless and cannot act and Kong is not even Kong (they don’t
    even want to call him King because he is so off). This is one of those
    standard cliché films where the grown up audience knows after 5
    minutes, that the target group is hacks. Even in the middle of the
    film’s major actions scene, the whole logic pauses, as two supposedly
    cool characters have to talk, run and get into danger and make the
    audience yawn, because it is just so bad.

    Unlike many fantasy films, this film is not interesting at all. If some
    young script writer thought that it would be ”cool” for a remote island
    to be ”interesting”, then the accountants at the studio would write
    this script for him.


  • steve beard ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    Best Kong Movie Ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lance SneadMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Good Popcorn Movie, But Far From A Classic

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • James De BelloMarch 10, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dee.reidMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Into the ”Heart of Darkness” with King Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amigosmoviereviewsMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Style over Substance

    Kong: Skull Island doesn’t provide you with interesting characters or a
    compelling story-line to make this a worthwhile monster flick.

    You see King Kong 30 minutes into the movie, allowing no suspense to
    build up until then. Unlike Godzilla, where you waited a good hour to
    see Godzilla, and it was exciting.

    With an A list cast, you would expect more out of them, but the
    characters in this movie have little to no background information, and
    seem very bland.

    You know where this movie is going, it is very predictable, and
    everything that you think is going to happen most likely will.

    Overall rating: 6/10

  • Sheridan TurnerMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Nothing like traveling to an exotic far away beautiful tropical island……only to get chased and attempted to be eaten. Fun Times. Thank Goodness for Kong!

    **Do not leave until all credits roll….there is more footage after
    the credits!**

    I have to say, I was mostly pleased with this movie. Soundtrack was
    spot on for the era…..the soldiers seemed authentic…..and Kong was

    One minor complaint…..there was not enough time to build the
    character connection of Kong to the audience or the cast. felt

    But….the special effects were awesome, this could be my favorite Kong
    to date. It still felt short however. I hope there will be a longer
    version available on Bluray in the future.

    I like how this movie took place in the past, basically setting this up
    for modern day installments, and collaborations.

    The acting was great. Funny moments were funny. Touching moments were

    The film delivered.

    I am going to keep this short and sweet, and let all the pros write you
    a book.

    Go see this film if you either like King Kong, or Kaiju movie in

    Hard core fan will be catching all kind of easter eggs and
    references…..all the way until the end credit scene plays.

  • OberratedMarch 10, 2017Reply

    A superb spark to the Monsterverse

    ”Kong: Skull Island” is great entertaining fun. The action is packed on
    and you can see that the backlash against the 2014 ”Godzilla” was heard
    in regards to the minimal exposure to the monster and the lack of
    action until the very end. Kong is featured plenty in this film and the
    action, both human and monster, is constant and adrenaline inducing.

    All performers did great. To be honest, I didn’t feel anyone was a
    standout performance but they were all notable and entertaining. If I
    could choose any standouts it would be John C. Reilly, Sam Jackson, and
    Tom Hiddleston, but again, they were nothing mind-blowing. All decent
    performances all-around.

    Lastly, the images produced by this film were stunning. I found myself
    sitting in my seat mouthing ”wow” on multiple occasions with what I was
    seeing unfold on screen. Most images of Kong were superb and the action
    sequences were incredible to watch. There was a terrifying beauty to
    every scene.

    Big recommendation here purely for how entertaining this action film

    — —

  • aniseprakashMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Kong has returned but not with a bang

    Inspired by many movies Jordan Vogt-Roberts has brought Kong: Skull
    Island. Though the largest ape to ever live (At least in movies) was so
    popular in Hollywood and appeared time to time on the screens was last
    seen in 2005 with Peter Jackson behind the script. Jordan has given
    some new colors to the original Kong with a modulated script.

    Unlike other Kong movies or monster movie you don’t have to wait long
    to meet Kong instead he shows up in the first scene itself. Though
    Kong’s screen presence is reduced, still he impresses us whenever he
    shows up. The fights between Kong and the other monsters are a treat to

    Since frame one the movie is on the script. The character introductions
    are crisp and fast. We land in Skull Island within the first 15 minutes
    into the movie. The enchanting visuals keep the audience hooked. Jordan
    along with Larry Fong has captured the island with some appealing
    visuals. The slow motion effect adds up to the excitement.

    The monsters that pop up time to time enthralls and we could here wows
    now and then in the theatre. The final battle between Kong and the
    Skull Crawler is the top notch. Apart from all the background score is
    the best thing I enjoyed about the movie. The songs like Jefferson
    Airplane (”White Rabbit”), Black Sabbath (”Paranoid”), Creedence
    Clearwater Revival (”Bad Moon Rising”) and David Bowie (”Ziggy
    Stardust”) were used to perfection.

    Lags: Though the movie is great up to some extend it does have many
    down falls. The story doesn’t fall in line and the editing adds up to
    the misery. Few forced scenes might raise our doubt over the perfection
    of the movie.

    The movie has a strong cast, but except Samuel L. Jackson and John C.
    Reily no one has much to offer (Only for marketing). Apart from all
    Kong is not so emotional this time which is rather unlikely in Kong
    movies. He just shares a brief moment with Brie where she touches him,
    but that isn’t emotional.

    At times some funny one liners are thrown in but fades before it
    settles down. The slow motion effect is good, but a little too much.

    Final words: Lags apart Kong: Skull Island is a must watch if you love
    monster movies. Children would love it and are advised to watch it with
    parent – The movie is violent (A little). The post credits show that
    more monster movies are to follow and next time it would be a fight
    between Godzilla and the Kong.

  • Troy_CampbellMarch 10, 2017Reply

    High on rampaging action, low on plot.

    Largely eschewing the solemnity and symbolism that is often attached to
    the story of King Kong, this cinematic reincarnation focuses on
    delivering good ol’ popcorn entertainment and very little else.
    Transplanting Kong into the sun-drenched Vietnam War era is the first
    step towards lightening the mood, with a cracking 70s soundtrack,
    playful Apocalypse Now references and vibrant cinematography all
    amplifying the fun factor. But lets face it, this more
    action-adventure-ish take on Kong is all about its set pieces. Luckily,
    they range from very good to downright amazing, with top-notch CGI
    throughout. The final showdown between skyscraper-sized ancient beasts
    is a suitably epic climax, although the standout is an explosive and
    exhilarating introduction (excluding a sneak peek in the pre-credits
    scene) to the eponymous gorilla. The sheer scale of Kong is showcased
    in glorious moments throughout this sequence, director Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts combining slow motion, a rumbling sound design and tricky
    one-shot takes to immerse and elate. Action aside, there’s a nice
    streak of casual humour to offset the death and destruction, and the
    noteworthy cast—Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John
    Goodman, Toby Kebbell, John C. Reilly—ham it up in the best way
    possible. To the movie’s detriment, however, is a script that is
    fundamentally lazy, only providing enough background info on characters
    so we ostensibly care whether they live or die, yet without following
    through on majority of subplots. This lack of depth results in some of
    the ’emotional’ moments either falling awkwardly flat or providing
    unintentional comic relief. Not as narratively rich as previous King
    Kong films, but certainly more exciting and visually pleasing, Kong:
    Skull Island is an exuberant and action-packed blockbuster that
    rightfully doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • Lloyd BayerMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Skull Island isn’t impressively intelligent but it is overwhelmingly gorgeous and a kickass spectacle worthy of the big screen.

    Right from its opening scene – a cheesy montage that would come into
    play during the second half of the film – Kong: Skull Island is a
    reiteration that size matters at the movies. If BIG is what you want,
    then that’s exactly what you get – big budget, big effects and an ape,
    much, much bigger than his cinematic forefathers from the 1933 classic
    to the 2005 epic from Peter Jackson. But unlike Jackson’s bitter-sweet
    romanticization of beauty and the beast (which has always been at the
    heart of a King Kong film) Skull Island is neither a prequel nor a
    sequel in Kong’s storyline. It isn’t entirely a reboot either because
    none of the characters from the previous films are brought back in this
    film. Instead, this version feels like a pilot episode in its own
    cinematic universe.

    Set in 1973 and just after US forces have all but accepted defeat in
    Vietnam, we follow a group of explorers and American GIs who set out to
    geo-map the titular but unchartered island. Their grand entrance into
    the storm shrouded island is the first of a series of kickass
    spectacles and essentially why you would want to watch this film on the
    biggest screen possible. It’s also the new Kong’s awesome introduction
    in all his colossal glory…and fury. After their Hueys are extended the
    same welcome as annoying mosquitoes, the group is divided into two
    teams in an increasingly hostile environment. One team is led by John
    Goodman’s government agent posing as a scientist along with Samuel L.
    Jackson in a cakewalk role as a vengeful Vietnam veteran. Led by Tom
    Hiddleston as a tracker and Brie Larson as a war photographer (who
    serves no real purpose except the tradition that Kong has a thing for
    blondes), the second team makes an interesting discovery – a stranded
    WWII pilot (John C. Reilly) is just as eager to leave the island as
    they are.

    What sets this film apart from previous Kong lore is the instantly
    noticeable visual splendour, an aesthetic that seems like a very
    obvious love letter to Apocalypse Now (1979) but mixed with the cheese
    and chowder of a Jurassic Park adventure. This in turn wreaks havoc on
    the tone of the film, resulting in constant shifts between bombastic
    action, dead-eye terror, pop culture, political and ecological
    allegories, and whimsy humour including show stealing levity from
    Reilly. Add to that a stellar cast stuck with stereotypical roles in a
    telegraphed screenplay and you get an old school monster movie mash
    with teeth bigger than its bite. But then, who are we kidding? Anyone
    paying to watch this film will expect their money’s worth of copious
    eye candy and that’s precisely what Skull Island promises in return.

    Despite being a novice behind the lens, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts
    can be credited with the creation of a tentpole film that is
    overwhelmingly gorgeous even if it isn’t impressively intelligent.
    Spectacular action, photorealistic CGI, surreal cinematography, and era
    specific soundtrack will keep you entertained but it’s the deliberate
    tease at the end that will leave you wanting more. If not New York,
    maybe Japan? Come 2020, we’ll know for sure.

  • Michael_ElliottMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Great Monster Battles Make This a Must See

    Kong: Skull Island (2017)

    *** (out of 4)

    A monster hunter (John Goodman) leads an expedition onto Skull Island
    where they come across various monsters including the mightiest of them
    all: King Kong.

    KONG: SKULL ISLAND is an attempt to get the giant monster back onto the
    big screen and it was obviously trying to get everything set up for
    future films. Look, nothing will ever beat the original KING KONG,
    although I did enjoy the first remake and even films like KING KONG VS.
    GODZILLA. With that said, I found the Peter Jackson film to be
    downright terrible and when I walked into this movie I was just hoping
    for something better than it. Thankfully, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is much
    better than that as long as you turn your brain off at the door.

    I thought for the most part the film worked quite well. For starters,
    the filmmakers appeared to realize that what movie fans want are giant
    monsters who battle one another. You don’t have to wait too long for
    the first glimpse of Kong and this here is a major plus. Once we reach
    the island is when all of the fun starts and it really goes for the
    throat as there’s a very fun adventure on the island. I’m obviously not
    going to spoil everything that happens but the entire running time
    takes place on the island and this leads to some very fun monster

    There’s no question that the best thing about this picture are the
    monsters including Kong. Yes, the King Kong is CGI but he looks
    terrific and very realistic. I thought the entire creation was an
    extremely good one and the film perfectly allows you to believe that
    what you’re seeing is real. The other monsters also look terrific and I
    thought the filmmakers really nailed the look of the monsters. The
    battle scenes are certainly a lot of fun and especially the final one
    where Kong must go up against something much bigger than him.

    As far as the cast goes, no one is spectacular but they’re at least
    fun. Tom Hiddleston is a pretty laid back lead but he does fine. John
    C. Reilly and Samuel L. Jackson are both good, although they’re both
    pretty much playing the type of character we’ve seen them do countless
    times before. Goodman is fun when he’s on the screen. The only real dud
    is Brie Larson as the photographer. She’s good in the film but I must
    say it’s a pretty bland and boring part and especially coming after
    winning an Oscar for ROOM.

    Technically speaking the film is quite impressive and we’ve got a
    rousing score to go with everything. The plot is certainly very simple
    but I’m actually glad. I mean, I’ve never believed these types of
    movies need to clock in at two and a half hours. This one is just under
    two-hours and that’s the perfect time for this type of action movie.

  • KrissyGMarch 10, 2017Reply

    It’s King Kong – meets Jurassic Park – meets Hacksaw Ridge – meets Any Film With Peculiar Beasts.

    A King Kong theme can never go wrong. However, despite the visual
    effects – I saw it in 3-D – I never really engaged with any of the
    characters, apart from the Richard Attenborough-style mad doctor.

    It is a familiar pattern of one action scene after another. Whilst this
    may enthrall young audiences, I actually found it quite boring and

    In all, it was King Kong – meets Jurassic Park – meets Hacksaw Ridge –
    meets Any Film With Peculiar Beasts.

    I scored it seven as I LOVE King Kong, and the concept of a primitive
    olde-worlde island covered in the skulls of prehistoric monsters
    appeals to me greatly. The primitive tribe is an excellent example of
    costume and makeup. The beautiful Japanese girl should have had more of
    a leading role than having to play support to the tired
    female-in-distress wearing the skimpiest clothing in the lookalike
    style of Laura Dern.

    It’s a rehash of all the Kong films you ever saw. Storyline could have
    been better. Soundtrack is a 70’s style ‘Good Morning Veitnam’.

  • jamesmatthewbyersMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Bow to the King

    With pounding fists against his chest, The mighty Ape delights.
    Gigantic, when the choppers fly, Derailed from on their flights, The
    island, somewhere time forgot, Is home to creatures large. But even
    when the lizards roam, You know who is in charge. The mighty Kong is
    king, indeed, And as he makes his play, The humans set opposing sides,
    But Kong wins, either way. Tom Hiddleston, a tracker who Embarks upon a
    quest- And then Brie Larson photographs- She adds such zeal and zest.
    Ah, Jackson- favored Samuel- Yes, L., he sets the tones- As napalm and
    those hand grenades Unleash the crawling bones. And not to say John
    Goodman’s man Is anything but grand. As John C. Reilley steals the
    show, We must give him a hand. Throw Toby Kebbell in the mix, And Corey
    Hawkins, too- With Tian Jing, diversity Invigorates this crew. Director
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts Creates a woven mesh- I left the movie full of
    hope- And here, certified fresh- I recommend to see it twice- No, maybe
    much, much more. And say King Kong is back on top- With kaiju to
    explore Are coming in this MonsterVerse, This film is solid; strong.
    Skull Island waits to bury you, So go, pray to King Kong …

  • Neil-M09March 10, 2017Reply

    An entertaining and thrilling movie in several scenes, and a promising ending

    It isn’t like the classic version of King Kong, it is only focused on
    action, there is no city, much less the Empire State, only an
    unexplored island. Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) is hired as a
    guide for the expedition, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard
    (Samuel L. Jackaon) and his platoon, photographer Mason Weaver (Brie
    Larson) and other members to join the expedition. A few minutes from
    being in air territory, the helicopters are shot down by King Kong and
    the survival of the characters begins. In the course of history will be
    revealed the true intentions of certain members of the expedition
    causing more setbacks. Despite this they find another ally, Hank Marlow
    (John C. Reilly), a pilot lost for years who survived within the tribe
    of the island.

    Considering that the cast contains an acclaimed British actor, an Oscar
    winner actress and two actors nominated to the same, I must say that in
    terms of performance was just acceptable but not beyond that. The
    script has as pro, to be divided in several events due to the
    separation of the expedition but not beyond this, the rest will be to
    escape of the island and to survive the beasts inside the same.

    As a recommendation, wait for the credits, where it is shown that this
    movie is just the prelude to a bigger project.

  • Gonzalo LlancaMarch 11, 2017Reply



    The story goes back in 1973, when some scientists go to a deserted
    island to unmask the strange happenings that happen on the island.

    Let’s start with the actors. Tom Hiddleston seemed very good in his
    role, I found the character a little lively. Brie Larson was the most x
    of the actors, their interpretation did not strengthen the film, but
    neither is bad. The actor that I liked a lot is John C. Reilly, like
    crazy, with sanity, that has been more than 30 years in the island next
    to the natives. John Goodman is the one presenting the plan to the
    government to investigate the island. The strange thing about all this
    is that he knew there were strange things on the island. Why did he try
    so hard for many people to die? And Samuel L. Jackson seemed like the
    typical villain of the movie that wants to kill the monkey, a villain
    that works well.

    And here come the bad things … The initials 30 minutes found them
    exhausting, very boring. The leadership of the characters seemed very
    poor, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are for more …

    But all that I forget after seeing the effects of this movie, the
    action scenes and the design of … of … those things.

    8/10 Good

  • brankovranjkovicMarch 11, 2017Reply

    The biggest Kong you’ve ever seen, bigger than any other version

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Scott-101March 11, 2017Reply

    A bit squeamish-inducing but plenty of bang for the buck

    Owing a bit more to the James Cameronesque horror of grotesquely-shaped
    beasts than to the simplistic awe of a majestic beast, Kong: Skull
    Island is an effective nail biter. It’s not for the squeamish, however.

    With the genuine shocks of adrenaline and the action geared towards 3-D
    viewing, Kong: Skull Island feels like a two-hour roller coaster ride
    but there’s an honest attempt at characterization and story.

    There’s a loosely-established mythology that Kong is the last of his
    kind and protector to a tribe of very indigenous looking people and a
    necessary balance to the ecosystem from the dangers of a very ugly
    creature called the skull duggers and yada yada yada. The film’s need
    for moral parable is precipitated by the fact that Samuel L Jackson
    (who normally plays such level-headed characters) plays a military
    commander who’s attitudes towards animals are evil with a capital ”E”
    which sets up the main narrative conflict of the film, prompting the
    need for the good guys to step in and rescue Kong from animal cruelty.
    Perhaps, it’s because of the Vietnam setting that the film has an
    anti-military stance as Jackson’s character represents militarism run

    Chief among the good guys is a castaway played by John C. Rielly who is
    both a throwback to 50’s B-movies (other reviews liken him to
    ”Apocalypse Now”) and an endearing character in his own right as a
    castaway who has been stranded on Kong Island for nearly three decades.
    Brie Larson makes her first big post-Oscar move in style as a
    Ripley-esque action heroine and Thomas Hiddlestone proves that this guy
    has a future as a leading man (piggybacking on his great performance in
    the in ”Night Manager”).

    ”Kong: Skull Island” is beautifully shot and highly entertaining
    provided you can stomach it.

  • ArgemalucoMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island

    Part Apocalypse Now, part Moby Dick and part Jurassic Park. That’s not
    exactly what I was expecting from Kong: Skull Island, but I have to
    admit that the eclectic combinations of ideas works in order to sustain
    the story of this sequel which takes us to the ”origin” (not exactly)
    of the giant gorilla Kong. But, is it really a sequel? Nothing in the
    screenplay confirms whether the events portrayed in King Kong (either
    the version from 1933 or the one from 2005) happened in the same
    universe of Kong: Skull Island, or if this is a completely new reboot
    ready to become a franchise (by the way, don’t forget to stay for the
    after- credits scene, which promises very interesting things for the
    future). After all, the connection to King Kong doesn’t end up being
    very relevant, because, under the firm hand from director Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts, Kong: Skull Island establishes its own rules and takes us
    to the action with an unusual quickness, outlining the minimum
    necessary elements to develop the characters and sow the seeds of the
    mystery of the island. Most of the soldiers is employed as disposable
    victims, but the scientists and civilians are solidly developed, and
    the actors make a good work in those roles. As the mercenary who is an
    expert in jungle territories, Tom Hiddleston keeps the measure even
    under the most extremes situations, avoiding his character from
    becoming a caricature. Brie Larson also makes a credible work as the
    photograph of the team, while Samuel L. Jackson efficiently transmits
    the deep psychological wounds which motivate his character’s motivation
    to destroy Kong. John Goodman, Corey Hawkins and Tian Jing also bring
    solid performances as the scientists, and the great John C. Reilly
    displays friendliness and conviction as the ”comic relief” and
    conscience of the expedition. Regarding the monsters… I won’t say too
    much; Industrial Light & Magic (with the support of half a dozen of
    additional studios) creates an amazing bestiary with an impressive
    detail and biological imagination. In conclusion, Kong: Skull Island is
    a very entertaining ”B-Movie” made with huge quantities of money and
    enough dramatic subtext which excuse some absurd creative decisions and
    squeaks in its narrative gears to a certain point. Summing up: it was
    much better than I expected, and I hope it has enough economic success
    in order to have the continuation we are promised in the ending.

  • ctowyiMarch 11, 2017Reply

    This is a BLAST!

    I really had no high hopes for this as I ventured inside the cinema,
    but surprise surprise, I came out with a bounce in my step and if
    nobody were around I would have beat my chest and roared.

    Kong is the second movie in the MonsterVerse series, following Godzilla
    (2014). The latter is a bit of a disappointment – the monster element
    is fine, its height used to great advantage and the huge vistas of
    mayhem and destruction is a young kid’s wet dream. However, I couldn’t
    wrap my head around the heavy-handed and joyless storytelling. The
    human component felt neglected; they barely registered a presence
    beyond the crazy one, the screaming one, the gung-ho one, the running
    one, the brooding scientist whom no one bothers with but still keeps
    around for some alternative voice. I find all the big-name actors very
    cardboard-y and lifeless. It also didn’t help that the story is so
    fatiguing with so much overbearing self-importance. Fast-forward to
    2017’s Kong, I would love to say the filmmakers have learned from their
    predecessor, but in all honesty I can’t. However, Kong is a lot more
    entertaining than Godzilla and for a B-grade movie it embraces its
    shortcomings with finesse. This is a blast!

    Kong has the right blend of silly humour and all-out monster action.
    Yes, the human characters still feel hollow, the exposition can be
    clunky and the story is unoriginal and riffs off Francis Ford Coppola’s
    sublime Apocalypse Now, but it is plain dumb to expect the ensemble
    cast and screenplay to hold up during award season. What this is is a
    good ole pulsating monster mash of fun. There is a wee bit pressing of
    genre refresh button in that Kong doesn’t fall for a white woman which
    will lead to his downfall and the sandbox playground is no longer a
    skyscraper city but Kong’s Eden home ground, which is home to a
    multitude of humongous creatures. It is getting increasingly tiresome
    to see another city getting devastated, so it is refreshing to see a
    straight-up survival movie on an island where the human beings aren’t
    on top of the food chain. The star is definitely the lonely God, Kong
    and the rest of crazy inhabitants of Skull Island. The visual and sound
    effects are stellar, and most importantly, the action doesn’t feel
    repetitive. Each time Kong goes mano a mano against another monster,
    there isn’t that dreaded been-there-done-that feeling. My fave is
    definitely Kong having an octopus sashimi for lunch; definitely won’t
    be forgetting that for a while, especially when I am chewing on a tangy
    squid or octopus.

    The impressive ensemble cast plays second fiddle to Kong and his
    monster ”friends”, and they seldom rise up beyond a distinctive
    character trait. Tom Hiddleston as John Conrad has to be some kind of
    convenient homage to Joseph Conrad whose Heart of Darkness is obviously
    an inspiration. Brie Larson, after her award-winning turn in Room,
    shows off different levels of seriousness. Samuel L. Jackson almost had
    time to utter his famous muthafcuking line. John Goodman plays a
    corporation type with affable charm. John C. Reilly obviously had the
    most fun playing a WWII pilot marooned on Skull Island for decades.
    Then we get a myriad of soldiers playing fodder and meals for the
    inhabitants of the island. This being a partially financed movie by
    China, we also get a completely disposal China actress doing ”I don’t
    know what”. Sure, the complete cast doesn’t get much of a chance to
    shine, but they are definitely colourful and not bogged down by an
    overly important story.

    Remember to hang back for a post-credit sequence that entices a neat
    future prospect. After that you can stand up and beat your chest with
    animalistic confidence and shout ”All hail the King!”

  • markhaazenMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Classic monster movie!!

    Kong: Skull Island is a 2017 American monster film; let’s be clear this
    isn’t Shakespeare and unlike the dreadful 2014 Godzilla the film
    doesn’t take itself too seriously. The film has the feel of a classic
    90s Blockbuster; now depending on your view of 90s Blockbusters this is
    either a good thing or a bad thing. The film is a rip roaring, funny
    and fast paced monster movie where the monster gets the same amount of
    screen time as the rest of the cast. Although this is the cast; Tom
    Hiddleston as James Conrad, Samuel L. Jackson as Preston Packard, John
    Goodman as William ”Bill” Randa, Brie Larson as Mason Weaver, Jing Tian
    as San Lin, Toby Kebbell as Jack Chapman, John Ortiz as Victor Nieves,
    Corey Hawkins as Houston Brooks, Jason Mitchell as Glenn Mills, Shea
    Whigham as Earl Cole, Thomas Mann as Reg Slivko, Eugene Cordero as
    Reles and John C. Reilly as Hank Marlow. 13 main cast members all vying
    for 118 minutes worth of screen time.

  • monstermayhem32March 11, 2017Reply

    The return of King Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MisterWhiplashMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Kong Rocks – practically all of this does too; a sharp, smart, exciting blockbuster

    Though not without a few WTF moments – and not in the way that is fun
    but more head-scratching, like a couple of characters dying out of
    nowhere – this is the most entertaining monster movie since The Host
    and possibly from Hollywood since… well, the Jackson King Kong
    (though it also has some debt to Jurassic Park and, to a degree a
    friend reminded me after seeing the film, Aliens). Aside from what is
    in the movie in and of itself, which is plenty as an ironic and
    satirical blockbuster (at least up to a point, in small but enough
    doses), as a world-building enterprise it’s spectacular, and is a step
    up from the previous entry in this new WB/Legendary
    ”Moster-Kaiiju-Verse”, Godzilla.

    I think the difference between the two is simple but profound: Edwards
    was fascinated more with spectacle and the presence of Godzilla, but he
    wasn’t so set on building human characters to connect with (except for
    Bryan Cranston, who was shamefully wasted after a promising start).
    Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is all about characters, and even gives
    some time to people who should be nothing secondary ones (I know the
    complaints already coming, that there are too many, and that may be
    true – on a first viewing I was fine with it for the simple fact that
    the dialog given to these military runts and other scientist-types were
    either funny or clever enough. Everyone has charisma and characters who
    need to have chemistry (Hiddleston-Larson, or Larson and Kong) give it
    enough juice in that area.

    But more than that is that Kong himself is done right by the writers
    and filmmakers. Unlike in Godzilla as well, here we have a character
    who actually IS a character, someone who functions in the story, shows
    deeper wells of emotion (yes, a carry-over from the best of the 1933
    and 2005 Kong movies is that Kong is vulnerable), and finds through
    non-verbal communication how to connect – or decidedly not, quite the
    opposite – with these Vietnam war hosts. He has goals and real
    motivations; while they are steeped in monster movie lore, it’s sharp
    and exciting monster movie lore, and things are explained by John C.
    Reilly here and there (he’s the 28-years-gone survivor of being left
    during WW2, a more innocent-yet-still-bloody time in US history, also
    with us vs some Asian menace), yet a lot is left to the imagination.

    How do these prehistoric-ish ”Skull Crawlers” come out from these
    blasts put out by these helicopters? Who knows? Who cares? The point is
    these giant lizard things are genuinely terrifying; there’s some
    limited creativity in their designs, but what’s exciting is that the
    direction is all about drawing out suspense. And the island itself has
    many surprises (there’s one point where a creature is revealed as
    something you would thing you could sit on!) and also with the natives
    who are… just scenery, mostly, but at least the movie doesn’t try to
    go too far into cultural insensitivity or anything. They’re simply
    there and do what they can for the Reilly character over these many
    years; Reilly, by the way, scruffy and laughing often and happy even as
    he is totally terrified (”I’ve only been here 28 years,” he says at one
    point up against military/US egotism personified by Samuel L Jackson)
    is what Bryan Cranston was to Godzilla, only here there is much more
    and he’s possibly the best human presence in the movie.

    How about the satire, if it is there? I think there’s more that could
    be dissected with it being Vietnam, or more specifically in 1973 as
    Nixon is preparing for pulling out troops (of course that wouldn’t be
    for a full two years later, but you get the idea). Jackson’s Col
    Packard is trying to hide his anguish at having to ”abandon” this war
    (he can’t bare to say defeat) so this other South-East conflict will
    do; it’s Us vs Them and Us as usual not recognizing all of our might is
    insignificant when on their turf. It’s not the sharpest commentary
    ever, but it’s not without accident it’s there either. The iconography
    is compelling as well: all of those helicopters, blasting away Black
    Sabbath’s ”Paranoid” as these charges drop on the island – asking for
    it, in monster movie fashion (messing with nature, you fools!), but
    this time there’s the added element of how soldiers and civilians act,
    and recognizing who is ”King” in the end.

    This is a spectacular good time at the movies, in case I didn’t make
    that clear. All of the actors are doing excellent work, the kind that
    you would never get to see back when monster movies were in the realm
    of square B-movie territory. If anything this would be a splendid
    double feature with Jurassic Park (aside from the eye-roll at Jackson
    repeating a ”butts” line straight-faced, as if the movie would be in
    trouble unless he did it), as both involve charismatic, memorable
    actors and relatively decent supporting characters facing off against
    monsters that are from another time and place, with snappy dialog, and
    visual effects that are out of this world. And the climax – my Kong!
    Spinkle some 70’s Vietnam-Rock icing and you got yourself a blockbuster
    cake of exceptional proportions.

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiMarch 11, 2017Reply

    ”An uncharted island? Let me list all the ways you’re going to die.”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anup APu KumarMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Extravaganza , Yes , that’s the word.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • giggems55March 11, 2017Reply

    Total waste of time!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sanjidparvezMarch 11, 2017Reply

    All Hail the King !!

    An absolute blast of a monster mayhem flick! Unlike Gareth Edwards’
    GODZILLA (2014), liked the way this time they made it sure of nobody
    can complain on Kong or any other monster’s lack of screen presence
    time. A must see & quite a perfect entertaining flick for monster movie
    lovers. I understand how or why some of the critics are complaining on
    cheesy dialog & lack of character development parts of the film but to
    me, those issues were nicely compensated by releasing one after another
    vicious, weird & interesting massive creatures on screen along through
    the ”survey job” turned survival journey of an expedition team on Skull
    Island. Moreover, this time it isn’t that tragic ‘The Beauty & the
    Beast’ tale of a colossal ape who all just wanted to have a long date
    with his woman of love but ended up falling down dead from the Empire
    State Building. This Kong is quite an angry young lad who’s damn
    serious about protecting his territory and its all helpless inhabitants
    & creatures from anything that’s threatening his kingdom. The epic
    final battle was a treat to watch & will be remain as something to
    highly regard & talked about for the monster lovers for a long time. My
    only complaint is that they really did showed too much (almost all the
    creatures) on those countless clips & trailers before the release that
    left little amount of surprise in terms of newly introduced M.U.T.Os
    for ‘MonsterVerse’.

  • dgrangerMarch 11, 2017Reply

    They finally got King Kong right!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • regula1March 11, 2017Reply

    Great monster fights, very dull humans. The (almost) perfect monster movie.

    A 15-story ape throws a palm tree like a dart through the windshield of
    a Vietnam-era Huey with Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in the

    And that’s just the first thing Kong does.

    If all you want is more stuff like that, plus some amazing monster on
    monster battles, then this is the movie for you. If you’re looking for
    compelling human characters to go with those fights, then you walked
    into the wrong auditorium.

    Kong:Skull Island is the second film in the still-forming Monsterverse,
    the first being 2014’s Godzilla. As such, there are several threads to
    tie these two films together. Don’t worry, there are no real spoilers

    Of course, the main point of this film is to see King Kong fight some
    monsters, but the story before that involves John Goodman’s character,
    an agent of Monarch, the monster organization from Godzilla, lead an
    expedition to Skull Island. Ostensibly, they are there to survey an
    uncharted island that’s been inaccessible for centuries, but as the
    humans soon discover there’s more to the mission than first thought.

    To qualify the opening statement, this film is really not about any of
    the people shown. As such, no character is given any real development
    or subtext except for John C. Reilly’s character, a stranded World War
    II fighter pilot named Marlow (read as reference to Apocalypse Now,
    which this film clearly emulates, down to its Vietnam-era setting and
    themes.) At times, the human characters get their brief hints at deep
    moments, dragging the scenes out too long, until some are inevitably
    killed by one creature or another.

    However, by far the best parts of this film are the creatures.
    Obviously Kong is the main creature, and the CGI work on him is
    incredibly detailed. But the other creatures as well, such as a giant
    water buffalo, giant spiders, and especially the lizard-like
    Skullcrawlers, are all entertaining to look at whether the humans are
    (trying) to kill them or Kong is bashing them apart.

    This film is really about the monsters, as well it should be. All of
    the great monster movies of old followed the same basic set-up. Some
    human story that gets characters to go on some vaguely-defined mission
    that quickly falls out of importance in favor of epic battle scenes
    between two or more monsters, broken up every so often by more human
    scenes which serve only as a rest break for the audience between battle

    This film follows that model to a tee, and in a sense is a response to
    criticism of 2014’s Godzilla which had hardly any great battle scenes
    between Godzilla and the MUTOs, and too much human interaction with
    characters we didn’t necessarily care about.

    The humans do indeed take more of a back seat in Kong, and there are
    way more creature battles and action scenes. However, the humans still
    have slightly too much screen time, and at these times the movie plods.

    Nevertheless, this film is worth it for the creature battles alone, and
    the end credit scene which reveals so much tantalizing promise for the

  • zdedyomixMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Decent monster flick with many, many technical problems.

    Quite a few issues I had with it, but overall I enjoyed it. LOVED the
    shots, the imagery, cgi for the creatures and Kong. Sam L. Jackson and
    John C. are American treasures. Enjoyed most of the characters,
    surprisingly except for Loki and Captain Marvel. Really took me out of
    it at times, those two. No spoilers but I love who we discover who the
    true antagonist is. Also, don’t leave. In classic Marvel fashion, post-
    credits scene, DO NOT LEAVE. The editing – really annoyed me as well.
    And the humor. Jackson and John C. both had only one moment that made
    me actually laugh, and I feel like both lines they delivered were ad
    libbed. The many many slow-mo action shots got under my skin as well. I
    noticed this film also borrowed a few shots, classic pieces of imagery
    from Jurassic Park. The many many slow-mo action shots got under my
    skin as well. The bad writing and line delivery, and Hiddleston,
    Kebbel, and Larson’s characters were just bad.

  • phanthingaMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Watch out everyone the King is back

    For a non-American like me i don’t really know much about King Kong or
    his influence on modern day monster movie but that not a problem to
    hold me back from watching this movie in theater and it was an absolute
    blast to finally knowing the King of monster movie in America:Kong.I
    actually did a research and find out the plot of this movie is kinda
    similar to the original movie in 1933,it both follow a group of people
    travel to a unknown island soon find themselves being hunt and chase by
    a giant ape called Kong for trespassing his territory and disturb the
    peace of the island.First time directing monster movie Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts did a fantastic job on shooting the island with beautiful
    cinematography that deliver the savage look of Kong and the rest of
    monster on island as well.The cast is very large and full of talented
    actors like Tom Hiddleston,Samuel L. Jackson… and surprisingly John
    C. Reilly that brought many good and comedic moment so when there
    aren’t any monster around the movie don’t feel boring and dragging to
    watch.Of course everyone favorite parts is always the monster fight
    scene and this movie has plenty of it although for the most time is not
    all involved with Kong but trust me when the fight happen seeing Kong
    punching,kicking and throwing stuff is a very crowd pleasing moment(My
    favorite is the final fight).It maybe not all that great for some
    hardcore fan of the series but for new fan like me this is the best
    monster movie i saw since Pacific Rim.I strongly suggest audience going
    to see that movie please wait until the after credit

  • rockman182March 11, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island (2017)

    Kong: Skull Island When I heard that a cinematic ”Monsterverse” was
    being planned, I got excited. I love giant monster films. There’s
    something about a badass giant monster wrecking havoc that is so
    captivating. I think Godzilla (2014) was a bit slow and flawed from a
    storytelling perspective but the monster action scenes were fantastic
    and its really all you can ask for from a monster film. As expected its
    more or less the same deal with Kong: Skull Island. Its a flawed film
    but the monster scenes and the action is terrific.

    The film follows a team of people who have been hired to explore the
    mysterious Skull Island. What the crew do not realize is that they have
    disturbed a giant inhabitant of the island: King Kong. Much like with
    Godzilla, Kong is a bit of an antihero. There are more dangerous
    creatures on Skull Island and Kong is a protector against them. The
    main foes in the film are giant lizard-like beings that kill whatever
    is in their way and are at war with King Kong. Much like other monster
    films, humans are caught in between. For my review, I will start with
    all the negatives before divulging into the positives.  The characters
    in this film for the most part suck. They are bland, muted, unmotivated
    and just are there without much characterization. The ones with a bit
    of character (John C. Reilly) are fed uninspiring dialogue. The
    humorous moments are predictable and fall flat. Brie and Tom didn’t
    have much chemistry and both characters were so bland and could have
    disappeared without notice. Its a relatively unknown director at the
    helm of this Kong film, I think he did a good job but the film would
    have prospered with a better script, characters, and direction. At
    times (not that often) the CGI looks ropy at best and its distracting
    (especially with the non Kong creatures).

    Now the positives. Every scene with Kong in it is captivating and
    mesmerizing. There’s more of Kong in this than say Godzilla in the 2014
    reboot, which is nice. You don’t want to overdo the monster presence
    and this film just had it right. The final battle between Kong and the
    skull crawler was fantastic. If you love monster films and blockbuster
    action sequences, prepare to be on the edge of your seat. Kong took a
    while to get used to but overall he looked great, had great visuals,
    and a nice roar. The poster scene with helicopters flying at Kong
    against the backdrop of the setting sun was incredible.

    The film is flawed for sure. The human moments aren’t very inspiring,
    its hard to connect with any of the characters, and there’s a bit too
    many bland characters running around. However, if you are like me you
    are here for some epic monster v monster action and in that regard you
    will not be disappointed. I’m excited with the prospect of a
    Monsterverse. Also, stay tuned after the credits for something really


  • Edgardo RivasMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Not Bad, But the 2005 version is better

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thesar-2March 11, 2017Reply

    Come Along with Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stephaniemiller-44904March 11, 2017Reply

    Action, Packed, Adventure Film That is a Must See Event.

    When I saw Skull Island on opening day, I could wait to see it as I sat
    in my seat inside the theater. I was so epic to see this film. From
    scene after scene I couldn’t stop watching it. I saw this film twice in
    one day and I have to say it was worth the watch. If you love Kong and
    you love movies about monsters this a ticket you can’t miss out on.

    The actors in this film were great especially John C. Reilly’s
    character and is love for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. As a baseball
    fan I have to laugh at that. From top to bottom this film is definitely
    a blockbuster ticket and a great adventure to be on. When you see this
    film you’ll enjoy the ride.

  • fuzzhead72March 11, 2017Reply

    fun monster movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bankofmarquisMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Very Fun Monster Movie

    I love me a good monster movie.

    And, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is a very good, very entertaining monster

    Directed by relative newcomer Jordan Vogt-Roberts, KONG: SKULL ISLAND
    delivers pretty much what you expect – a group of explorers (with
    Military escorts) descend upon the mysterious Skull Island to find out
    what’s there and what they find are monsters…plenty of
    monsters…with Kong as King of the Island.

    I applaud the restraint that this film shows.  The action is first
    rate, but not over the top, the CGI is very, very good and the laughs
    are plenty enough to keep you entertained.  It is stylish, but not
    overly so.  Adventurous, but not too daring.  CGI fight- filled, but
    not overblown.  The quick-cut, shaky cam that is so prevalent in other
    films is kept to a minimum here and the monsters are sizable enough for
    the average audience member to understand without getting overwhelmed
    by it.

    But it is the use of the actors that really stands out.

    Starting with the casting of John Goodman as the head of the group
    heading to the island and good ol’ Samuel L. Jackson as the head of the
    Military team that goes in.  Instantly, the audience recognizes and
    understands their generic characters – based on the history of
    characters that these two have played – and it is like eating comfort
    food.  Add to this, Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Marvel films) and Brie
    Larson (soon to be CAPTAIN MARVEL) as our hero and heroine, and we have
    a top 4 that are easy to watch and comforting in their presence.

    Now…add onto these 4…solid supporting characters.  From John Ortiz
    and Marc Evan Jackson as ”Corporate Suits” caught in the fray to
    soldiers Shea Whigham, Jason Mitchell and Toby Kebbell (who also –
    magnificently – does the motion capture work as Kong) to Corey Hawkins
    and Tian Jing as young scientists, all do solid work, not a weak
    performance in the bunch.

    But the real surprise to me is the  wonderful, fun, turn by John C.
    Reilly as an Air Force pilot who has been stranded on the island for
    decades.  I blow hot and cold with Mr. Reilly’s antics.  He can be very
    good and sympathetic (Boogey Nights, Chicago) or he can be bland when
    trying to be over-the-top zany (anything he does when he tries to match
    zany performance with Will Ferrell) but here he finds the right balance
    in fun, energy, pathos and grit.  He is, truly, the character I ended
    up rooting for in this film

    Clearly, the Producers (paired with the successful 2014 GODZILLA film),
    see a potential ”Cinematic Universe” with these 2 characters.  Make
    sure you stay for the important scene at the end of the end credits –
    not just the ”home movies” that are shown during the credits, but the
    actual scene at the end – and you will see how this film fits into the
    previous film and how they will be connected going forward.

    I, for one, am looking forward to more adventures in this Universe.

    Letter Grade: a solid B+

    8 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank(OfMarquis)

  • tinovalkkiMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly entertaining

    To be honest, I didn’t expect much about Kong: Skull Island. Actually I
    was just waiting to see pretentious effect rumble movie. I was glad to
    see I was wrong. Of course the biggest thing in this movie are great
    CGI-effects, but surprisingly there is something more too. There is
    some great ragging to Americans about Vietnam war and also a reminding
    that sometimes it is better to let earths nature to alone or we might
    face even bigger problems in future. Quite clear parable to climate
    change and present human kind. Even movie has these ”deeper meanings”
    it is fundamentally funny and stupid effect rumble movie. Of course
    there is also that Beauty and the Beast aspect, like in every Kong

    The storytelling and movie action are thrilling and great to watch.
    Some great evergreen songs slates movie action and cgi-effects greatly
    and quite enjoyable way. At the beginning of the movie it is very
    clearly who are the bad guys of yhe story and earn to get killed by
    Kong. Actually Kong is the stories Biggest lonely hero (in all way),
    who keeps safe the rest of Island inhabitants.

    Although the story is quite stupid and brainless effect rumble, it has
    it’s good moments too. Crazy scenes is easy to laugh and in many way
    they are the best part of the movie. CGI-effects are great and in their
    silliness surprisingly believable. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has
    created very enjoyable neoromanticism Kong-story in quite old fashion
    way. The biggest lesson of the movie is that the human is the biggest
    monster of the nature and they should learn their lesson, before we
    have to face even bigger catastrophe. Kong: Skull Island is very
    entertaining CGI movie and well done new Kong story.

    This movie is in it’s best when you watch it from big screen. 3D works
    well and is well worth of a movie ticket price.

  • Thomas DrufkeMarch 11, 2017Reply

    ”You Guys Aren’t Scientists”

    After the complaints of Godzilla’s presence being far too scarce in his
    own movie, you’d think Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment would
    have resolved that by making King Kong the center of his own movie,
    right? Well, that’s not entirely the case in Kong: Skull Island.

    Originally titled Skull Island, this film feels much more like an
    exploration into the island itself than it does a King Kong film. With
    a run-time of 118 minutes, Kong maybe makes up about 25 minutes of
    that. To be fair, after several repetitive King Kong films, the
    franchise could use a refreshing take. But if you’re going to make a
    King Kong film, you expect to see the giant ape more than some random
    humans. So, that’s the first major issue.

    The second, and perhaps far more important, is that the script is
    downright awful. Even worse, the tone is all over the place. I expected
    that this film was going to take itself as seriously as the 2014
    Godzilla film did, especially after several trailers that were clearly
    trying to emulate Apocalypse Now. What we got is more along the lines
    of the humor from a Fast & Furious movie that tries to veer into the
    seriousness of a DCEU film. Except, the humor never hits. My theater
    was packed, and not a single joke granted a crowd- wide laugh.

    However, the film is beautifully shot by Larry Fong and the action is
    impossible to take your eyes away from. Kong has never looked better,
    and the final fight between him and other creatures is about as
    impressive of an action sequence as you’ll see all year. But Is it
    really a shock that every second Kong is on-screen is great and every
    time they cut to a human that you don’t care about, the film dull and
    boring? When you have the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson,
    Brie Larson, John Goodman, Jason Mitchell, and Toby Kebbell there
    should be at least one character worth rooting for, right?

    Well, as it turns out, John C. Reilly’s ‘Hank Marlow’ is the only
    redeemable character worth mentioning. Hiddleston is useless, Jackson
    is way too over-the-top, Kebbell & Mitchell are annoying, and Larson is
    merely passable. I like all of these actors, but they got stuck with
    sloppily written characters that are far from fleshed out. Perhaps
    cutting out 5 or 6 of the leads and giving that screen time to either
    Kong, or to add depth to the more significant roles.

    I’m still invested in this ”monster-verse” because I, like everyone
    else in the world, can’t wait to see Kong & Godzilla duke it out for
    the ”King” title in a few years. But pushing aside the main attraction
    for some good looking actors isn’t what I want from a monster film. The
    thrills are a little too few and far in between. So for me, Kong: Skull
    Island is a big letdown.

    +Gorgeous to look at

    +Kong impresses

    -…When he’s on screen

    -Waste of an extremely talented cast

    -Awful script


  • jadepietroMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Going Ape

    (RATING: ☆☆½ out of 5)

    GRADE: C


    IN BRIEF: Kong’s back…bigger and duller.

    JIM’S REVIEW: ”Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty
    and”…wait a second…that’s the wrong beast movie! Hmm…let’s try
    again…”Is that a monkey?”…Yeah, now we have the right beauty and
    her beast tale. This remake, newly titled Kong: Skull Island, has no
    real love story or any remote emotional connection. Beauty does not
    kill the beast in this update. No, instead, we have boredom that kills
    the moviegoer.

    While the CGI is very well done, especially the immaculate detailing of
    matted fur and expressive eyes on our big silly ape, other features are
    sorely missing, like believable characters, a plot that makes sense,
    action sequences that build tension, dialog that sounds authentic.
    Would that the filmmakers had spent more energy and effort on a
    convincing script, the film could have at least been entertaining. It
    just wastes everyone’s time.

    The King Kong legend dates back to 1933, with numerous remakes
    (including the vastly superior one by Peter Jackson in 2005). But our
    reboot begins in 1943 until it fast forwards to 1973. The plot (as
    before) involves a group of explorers who venture onto a primitive
    island filled with monsters, historic beasts, and a big galoot of a
    gorilla. This time, however, Kong rules over the island (sans the King,
    because no one likes a monarchy anymore). Not only is our ape ”as big
    as a building”, he is literally a treehugger who cares about ecological
    balance. When he feasts his eyes on the lovely Mason Weaver (Brie
    Larson, a poor-man’s substitute for Fay Wray), there is no love
    interest. It’s more of a mutual admiration society, as if she is an
    active member in PETA.

    While no animals were injured in the making of this film, several fine
    actors have certainly damaged their reputations. Such talented actors
    like Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Shea Whigham, and
    the aforementioned Ms. Larson, are wasted in their underdeveloped
    roles. Only John C. Reilly succeeds in making his character

    Besides the fine special effects, the only other redeeming feature is
    the stunning cinematography by Larry Fong that does impress, although
    his photography aligns itself too frequently to Francis Ford Coppola’s
    Apocalypse Now with its wartime imagery of whirling helicopters and
    red-lit skies. But one has to admire that he set the bar high for his

    The direction by Jordan Vogt-Roberts is not that lofty. It is merely
    adequate. He stages the action scenes well enough but relies too
    heavily with a 1970’s pop soundtrack that overstates everything. All
    seems rote and predictable. The dangers the characters face are not the
    least exciting as there is no build-up or tension. His pacing of the
    film is off-kilter. (The film takes a good half hour even before the
    mission begins.)

    However, the majority of the blame goes to its rightful source, the
    screenplay-by-committee team of Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein, and Derek
    Connolly. They strand the actors on the island with banal conversation,
    long tedious exposition, and stock characters. (At one point, the
    travelers are warned about the giant ants on this isle, but they never
    make an appearance in this misguided adventure/fantasy. Nary a crumb in

    Kong: Skull Island is just not a very enjoyable movie experience. The
    CGI holds your interest momentarily, but there are no real scares or
    thrills in this monster movie. This Kong may be a lot bigger, but it’s
    not a whole lot better.

  • mitchellsterlaceMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Marlon Brando really let himself go

    This movie destroys most of all the things I never understood about the
    old king kong movies. First, this movie’s violence is extremely well
    used, placed, and made. The CGI in this movie was some of the best I
    have literally ever seen. Coming from the guy who thought Tarkin in
    Rogue One was amazing. The next best thing in this movie is the acting,
    and before you think this guy has some low standards listen. This movie
    is not supposed to be an ”acting movie.” the characters are there to
    have five or six to like and one or two to love. and this casting
    assemble killed this and understood that. This is a person who loves
    retro, throwbacks, and all styles paradise. REASONS I LOVED IT!! ONE –
    They toned down the love affair between the lead female charter and
    kong. TWO – The two leads that so happen to be opposite genders don’t
    have to fall in love. THREE – Kong, for the most part, is saving HIS
    ISLAND more than the humans. FOUR – The movie realizes that it’s not a
    FREAKING REALISTIC MOVIE!! You can have things like a man using a
    samurai sword and unconventional uses of violence to make it BADASS
    downright hilarious in so many scenes. If you hate movies designed for
    just making money and love to see an original action-packed film this
    comes both in such an amazing way.

  • AnhedonicKnightMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Solid popcorn entertainment, could’ve been a bit more.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • whoadavidMarch 11, 2017Reply

    God Awful Boring Movie

    This movie was dumb, boring, awful, and nothing new. Same old stuff. We
    watched it in 3D, thinking it was gonna be good. We walked out an hour
    in and got a refund. 3D tickets are $20 dollars for each person. People
    were texting or on Instagram instead of watching Samuel l. Jackson old
    ass (awful actor). Go see Logan instead…..

  • lambiepie-2March 11, 2017Reply

    A Saturday Matinée Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottingramMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island Film Review

    The new action adventure film which the latest film in the King Kong
    film franchise after the King Kong films from 1933, 1976 and 2005
    starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman,
    Tian Jing, John Ortiz, Terry Notary, John C. Reilly, Toby Kebbell,
    Corey Hawkins, Shea Whigham, Thomas Mann, Jason Mitchell, Eugene
    Cordero. In Kong: Skull Island the great ape roars back onto the screen
    in this spectacular reboot of the classic monster movie. In the 1970s a
    group of scientists, soldiers and government agents make the epic
    journey to a remote, uncharted Pacific island in the Pacific Ocean the
    largest ocean on Planet Earth. But its natural beauty is soon revealed
    to harbour terrifying secrets in the form of enormous ape King Kong,
    revered by the locals as a god. But there are even deadlier threats to
    be faced if the team want to make it off the island alive, namely the
    man-eating, subterranean skull- crawlers. The latest instalment in
    Warner Bros’ ongoing shared monster universe that began with 2014’s
    Godzilla, this all-action creature feature presents us with the largest
    incarnation of the rampagingly iconic Kong yet. He’s poised to fight
    the big lizard in the planned 2020 movie Godzilla vs. Kong. Fighting
    for their lives are an all-star cast led by English actor Tom
    Hiddleston (Thor films, Avengers Assemble) as James Conrad, American
    actress Brie Larson (Room, Trainwreck) as Mason Weaver, American actor
    Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Die Hard With A Vengeance) as Preston
    Packard, American actor John Goodman (The Flinstones film 1994,
    Patriots Day) as Bill Randa, American actor John C. Reilly (Guardians
    Of The Galaxy, Gangs Of New York) as Hank Marlow, American actor Corey
    Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton, Non-Stop) as Houston Brooks, American
    actor John Ortiz (Ransom, American Gangster) as Victor Nieves, Tian
    Jing (The Great Wall, Special ID) as San, English actor Toby Kebbell
    (Fantastic Four 2015, Gold) as Major Jack Chapman / Kong, American
    actor Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton, Contraband) as Mills,
    American actor Shea Whigham (Non-Stop, The Wolf Of Wall Street) as
    Cole, American actor Thomas Mann (Barely Lethal, Project X) as Slivko,
    Eugene Cordero (The Kings Of Summer, Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates)
    as Reles, American actor Marc Evan Jackson (22 Jump Street, The Kings
    Of Summer) as Landsat Steve, Will Brittain (Everybody Wants Some!!, A
    Teacher) as Young Marlow / Marlow’s Son, Miyavi (Unbroken) as Gunpei
    Ikari, American actor Richard Jenkins (White House Down, Jack Reacher)
    as Senator Willis, Allyn Rachel (Million Dollar Arm, Look In The
    Mirror) as Secretary O’Brien, Australian actor Robert Taylor (The
    Matrix, Vertical Limit) as the Athena Captain, American actor James M.
    Connor (Watchmen, Passed The Door Of Darkness) as General Ward (voice),
    Canadian actor Thomas Middleditch (The Final Girls, Search Party) as
    Jerry (voice) and American actor Terry Notary (Rise Of The Planet Of
    The Apes, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) as Kong. Filming locations in
    Kong: Skull Island include countries all over the world like USA, US
    State of Hawaii, Queensland, Australia, Saigon, Vietnam, Asia, Bangkok
    the capital of Thailand, Asia. Overall Kong: Skull Island is a good
    action adventure film filled with action, shooting, violence,
    creatures, animals, guns, stunning scenery on the islands, tall trees
    in the forests, heavy rain, soldiers, scientists, government agents,
    political figures, fast paced on the edge of your seat stuff,
    helicopters, waterfalls, treacherous grounds, places, waters, fall
    outs, disagreements, arguments, loyalty, togetherness, team work,
    friendship, turbulent weather, so many close shaves and many other
    things throughout the film. So I will give Kong: Skull Island an
    overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars and I will say Kong: Skull Island is
    worth seeing if you like monster / creature films like the previous
    King Kong films, The Planet Of The Apes films, the Godzilla films, the
    Jurassic Park films, A Monster Calls, Warcraft: The Beginning,
    Battleship, the Anaconda films, Deep Blue Sea, Snakes On A Plane,
    Aliens VS Predator films, The Thing films amongst others. So if you get
    the chance to see Kong: Skull Island in the cinema then you should go
    and see it sooner than later.

  • Huynh Lap HyMarch 11, 2017Reply

    A blockbuster monsters movie & thrilling adventure

    So I guess my review is the 2nd Vietnamese review on here so far. Yes!
    It’s my country-Vietnam which on-screen in 70% of the film duration
    with the magnificent view from Ha Long bay, Ninh Binh & Quang Binh.
    During the 1 month countdown to the premiere, the present and
    advertising hit the mass media in my country so hard that almost
    everyday. I actually pay attention to this movie about 2 years ago when
    it only a 2017 title on IMDb , before the whole Hollywood crews start
    filming The movie take the audience back to the 1973 in the withdraw of
    US Army from the Vietnam war. The start look promising, the battle
    between the Sky Devils fleet and Kong definitely get you edge of your
    seat( strongly recommend the Dolby Atmos sound and 2D only for better
    experience-just my opinion). The film then catch-up with gripping,
    fast-paced and appear to be little low on plot. The iconic Kong of all
    time now is the king of skull island and look great than ever. The
    giant buffalo and the view of endless field, the village & the splendid
    beauty of Ha Long gain my respect more than ever. The fight in the dead
    valley is quite cinematic and heroic with Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L.
    Jackson came to the crash-site with full of revenge and would do
    anything just to take out Kong. I understand the whole fleet lost put
    him to this point but really deep in his mind is a soldier cant leave
    the war. There many funny dialogue between Marlow & Brooks, Mills and
    Cole (the impressive one with the AK47) which made the audience
    laughing over and over. The final fight is so impressive and full of
    tension, Kong vs the big one Skull Crawler. Kong Skull Island is a
    highly recommend movie for everyone with just some negative argument
    for the plot and the character development. On the other hand the movie
    is great, well direct by Jordan Vogt- Roberts with the A-line cast,
    outstanding graphics, awesome Kong and open up the Monster universe in
    the after credit. The director announce with the public to came living
    in Ho Chi Minh city because he love Vietnam and want to make more great
    movies here-that gains another respect from me. In the end, the movie
    will bring all the goods, beauty of Vietnam nature to the world.

  • cdcrbMarch 11, 2017Reply

    giant ape and not bad.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • navi23March 11, 2017Reply

    Completely useless remake – CGI fest for the brain-dead

    This movie is a completely useless remake of a King Kong movie – the
    monkey is uglier (but if you look at it close-up through a lens it
    looks scarier, right? – wrong!) They replaced the T-Rex-es with a
    different kind of creatures that perhaps look scarier if they throw
    them at you in 3D, or in 4DX, when they splash you with water at the
    same time… And, yes, for the 4DX viewing this is a good ”ride” – when
    the monsters fight the chairs are moving intensely and you’re splashed
    and sprayed and rained with water and air and scents… it’s a good
    amusement park ride. But other than that, in the moments when the
    actors… ”act” (do they?!)… this movie is pure boredom. A 5-year old
    would have written a better script. None of the actors matter, none
    stick with you (other than, maybe, the American chick in tank top who
    shows she’s got some boobs and that’s why they put her there) So, if
    you need a 4DX ride and you can do something else when there’s no
    monsters fighting on the screen, see the movie. If you’ll see it in
    plain 3D or IMAX… you’ll be really sorry you wasted the money.
    Honestly. PS Who the f**k is paying a**holes to make the rating look so
    high for dumb movies like this? and write pompous reviews?… Are they
    smoking something?… A Dog’s Purpose got a 3-4 in his opening week,
    although it was a fun, warmhearted movie, just because PETA got upset
    with some nonsense stuff (human actors are way more traumatized during
    filming than that dog who was just being put into the water) – and dumb
    movies like this one have 7-8 scores?!?! So IMDb is clearly
    manipulated… You can’t rely on the ratings here anymore…

  • nzswannyMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Great special effects with no decent story makes Kong; Skull Island a dull movie.

    Spoiler free!

    Let me start off first by saying that I didn’t actually like the look
    of this film in the first place. It looked like cheap garbage, even if
    the action scenes looked good. It looked as if it was going to be
    something like the Clash Of The Titans remake. I scrolled down to the
    comments of the trailer on YouTube, and I was actually surprised to see
    the positive feedback for the film. I said, ”Oh, alright,” because I
    could semi-understand that there was a particular taste toward the type
    of film they were going for in the trailer. I didn’t think it looked
    that great, because it wasn’t my cup of tea. I thought that a loud
    movie with loud guns was not good enough for my standard of a good
    film. I think the big point of why that was such a strong opinion for
    me though is because the 1933 King Kong movie is one of my favorite
    movies of all time. Same goes to the 2005 one, which was a loud film
    with loud guns and in a different style with the original, but the
    director still knew how to keep it as a stable good film, letting it
    flow well with great pacing and good acting, along with memorable
    scenes that weren’t in the 1933 one. Kong: Skull Island, however, felt
    that it would be rushed and rather cliché, and not really my idea of a
    good film.

    I watched the film, and I have to say, it just wasn’t my taste. It
    seemed too loud and unoriginal, with forced humor that didn’t get even
    a snicker out of me. The audience I was in the cinema with, however,
    found the film to be very pleasing, and laughed along with the forced
    humor, so maybe I just wasn’t getting the film? It had no memorable
    scenes, no good direction for where it was going, and ended up as
    another cliché blockbuster action movie in my opinion. Of course, as I
    can clearly see, most people like that sort of film, so I can clearly
    classify myself as no sheep, and admit that even if it isn’t my taste,
    it’s plenty of other people’s taste.

    So, I found it to be a dull movie with nothing new. If you, like me,
    only like loud movies with loud guns if they have a substance to it,
    then I’d say you’d dislike this film. If you are the normal person who
    loves movies with big, epic action scenes with tons of CGI and loud
    blockbuster music, then this should be right up your alley. Overall, I
    rate this a 5.4/10 for the average rating, however, if it were my
    personal opinion to rate, I’d rate the film a 3.9/10. If you loved the
    look of the trailer, though, you’ll get exactly what you expect, and
    probably have a good time.

  • wrightonmeMarch 11, 2017Reply

    walloping spectacle

    this movie could have easily been a summer blockbuster if released in
    May or July ; John C Reilly , you deserve a supporting nomination ; it
    is totally worth your time to see this and worth the price of the movie
    ticket ; I wonder if this is a start of another trilogy ; I am all
    excited to see what comes next

  • shivamt25March 11, 2017Reply

    An edge of the seat action monster flick!

    Kong: Skull Island is about a team of scientists and soldiers who went
    on to explore an uncharted island. Little did they know that they are
    trespassing into the territory of the Kong, the King of Skull Island.
    Also, the island is filled with many mythical creatures, hidden from
    the rest of the world. Now, the team must fight to escape the wrath of
    these creatures. The movie is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, known
    for ‘The Kings of Summer’, and starring a stunning cast including
    Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and John C. Reilly.

    The special effects team is the one to give credit for the success of
    the film. The movie starts with a bang and ends with a bang. Everyone
    of the action sequence, whether it be the introduction scene of Kong or
    the final fight between Kong and ‘Skull Crawler’, are so created so
    well that it develops, and maintains the thrill throughout the movie.
    The film is well paced. Character build up is concise as we were not
    there to know about a bunch of soldiers or scientists were we? We went
    to the theaters to watch the Kong, the mighty monster. We wanted him to
    throw things, to smash something, to kill and that is what the movie
    makers understood while making the film. They introduced Kong early and
    gave him ample extent of screen time. I saw many from the audience
    screaming in enthusiasm every time Kong appeared on screen. I guess the
    character has gained a decent amount of fan following. There were a lot
    many scenes involving different mythical monsters which added to the

    Apart from the constant edge of the seat action, two other things which
    I liked were the location and the soundtrack. The film is set in the
    era of 1970s, right after the Vietnam War. So, its soundtrack gave a
    feel of the 70s with songs by David Bowie, Iggy Pop etc. If we talk
    about acting, well, there was not much need of special efforts to be
    put in this department. If I have to mention someone I would say that I
    really like the character Hank Marlow, played by John C. Reilly. He was
    responsible of providing half the humor the movie has. All the other
    just added to the star value of the film.

    I can confidently say that the film fits into the pattern of a well-
    executed monster movie. Compared to the one which came in 2005, this
    one definitely has much more to offer, but I still can’t choose if you
    ask me which one is better. But what I can tell you is that this one is
    going to be a part of something bigger, so make sure you watch this,
    and the 2014 Godzilla movie. Legendary films have recruited writers to
    create a monster universe (A Mosterverse!) including Godzilla and King
    Kong, how cool is that right!

  • ThatcherMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Really, really just terrible.

    I am not a movie snob and am easily entertained, but this movie was
    absolutely a complete and utter joke. It felt like a 3rd grader wrote
    the script. It contained every single cliché imaginable, from corny
    Platoon/Apocalypse Now-type one-liners to ridiculous slow-motion
    ”sacrifice” scenes– all incredibly cheap, contrived and void of any
    depth what-so-ever.

    Absolutely NO PLOT– not a single tangible, well-built contextual plot
    exists in this movie. John C. Reilly was the whole point of the movie–
    it should be called ”King Reilly and His Adventures”– but then again,
    there really weren’t any adventures to talk about…

    The worst part of the movie was that I could absolutely not tell when
    the movie was supposed to be serious or a comedic parody, and folks,
    that’s never a good sign, as it usually means the film is not good. And
    Samuel L. Jackson?? I think I just might use his appearance in future
    films as cause to not see them because he is clearly cast for his
    popularity and for a quick marketing boost for films that clearly need
    that extra kick. I am going to binge-watch King Kong (2005) with Jack
    Black until I can forget that I ever saw this new attempted failure to
    reprise Kong. Have our standards really fallen so far?? I honestly do
    not think there was a single frame that lasted longer than 2 seconds, I
    am not joking. Oh, the agony.

  • amouhtourisMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Probably The Best King Kong Movie To Date

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • larrymeersMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Not perfect, but a good example of a monster movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JohnMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Fun… Action packed monster movie.

    Went in thinking I’d not like the film… But surprisingly the film was
    a great roller-coaster ride. Yes, it’s a popcorn film but a popcorn
    film that has a great bit. Kong was in it more then I expected and the
    creatures in the film didn’t disappoint. It has one of my top five
    monster kills I’ve ever seen… If you see it… You’ll know the one
    I’m talking about. STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS! Everyone left the
    theater except the two of us… Had a funny feeling something was
    coming… and it did.

  • jpatrick-68632March 11, 2017Reply

    No sympathy for the Ape

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Duncan GosseynMarch 11, 2017Reply

    Does Everything It Needs to Do

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oscar Walet TurnerMarch 11, 2017Reply

    A good trailer for a disappointing movie

    The last trailer made me believe that this was going to be a somewhat
    artistic movie with some original and nice shots. I was deceived. It’s
    a traditional blockbuster movie, with okay acting, little to no plot,
    and no attachment to any of the characters at all. Personally, I did
    not find the fight scenes entertaining or interesting at all.

    Furthermore, Kong is not done well in my opinion. He stands and walks
    like a human and not an ape. Also, the monsters are weird looking and,
    in my opinion, not cool at all.

    In the end, I was always looking back at the previous King Kong (2005)
    and comparing it. Therefore, I could only be deceived in this movie.

  • Anurag-ShettyMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A monster movie, that delivers exactly what it’s supposed to.

    Kong: Skull Island is the second movie in Warner Bros. Pictures &
    Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse, after Godzilla(2014). A group
    of scientists, American soldiers, a British secret service agent & a
    photojournalist, travel to an unknown island in the Pacific. After
    arriving on the island, they soon discover that it is home to a giant
    ape, named Kong(Terry Notary). However, soon the group realizes that
    Kong is not the most dangerous thing on the island. Now, these guys
    have to do whatever they can to escape from Skull Island.

    Kong: Skull Island is a great film. This movie doesn’t waste too much
    time establishing the backstories of its various characters. Director
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts has realized that people have come to watch the
    titular character in action & not watch the daily lives of its human
    characters. This is how it surpasses Godzilla(2014). That film took way
    too much time establishing the human characters & barely highlighted
    the titular monster. The story is pretty straightforward but, that’s
    what we expect from a movie like this. The visual effects are flawless.
    The CGI-rendered King Kong, the skull crawlers & various other
    creatures in the movie, look extremely realistic. The action set pieces
    are fantastic & look even better in 3D. The highlight of the film is
    the climactic set piece. The cast do their best, with the star of the
    show clearly being the mighty ape. Tom Hiddleston is superb as James
    Conrad. Samuel L. Jackson is spectacular as Preston Packard. Brie
    Larson is outstanding as Mason Weaver. John C. Reilly is awesome as
    Hank Marlow. John Goodman is good as Bill Randa. Corey Hawkins is
    amazing as Houston Brooks. John Ortiz, Tian Jing, Toby Kebbell, Jason
    Mitchell, Shea Whigham, Thomas Mann, Eugene Cordero & Marc Evan Jackson
    are brilliant as Victor Nieves, San, Jack Chapman, Mills, Cole, Slivko,
    Reles & Landsat Steve, respectively. Last but not the least, Terry
    Notary is mind blowing in his motion capture performance, as Kong.
    Kong: Skull Island is a must watch for fans of monster movies &
    everyone who watched Godzilla(2014). I can’t wait for 2020’s epic
    clash, Godzilla vs. Kong.

  • Alex SlettenMarch 12, 2017Reply

    An Amazing Film!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AdultAudienceMemberMarch 12, 2017Reply

    The facts in ”Goofs” are wrong.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 12, 2017Reply

    The animals in the movie are depicted incorrectly at size

    In King Kong 1 the Kong was depicted about 1 ton of weight, this size
    is suitable for this animal to lodge and live in the forest. But in
    this Kong 2, the Kong was likely equal at size to the islands, how can
    the Kong survive during bad weather like rains, storm…? No place
    could be a shelter for it. This is a problem of size. One more thing,
    in real world the buffalo is usually equal or bigger at size to the
    monkey, but in this movie the buffalo is much smaller than the monkey.

    – The appearance of the Asian girl ( maybe Chinese) does not go with
    the circumstance. Her skin is too bright and not much dirt-stained like
    the others during the terrible adventure. She doesn’t look like the one
    who knows how to use a gun. She looks more like a clerk working in the
    office. – This Kong 2 is a revenge for Kong 1. in the Kong 1, the human
    tried to protect their world being trespassed by a huge creature and
    the Kong finally died, however it wasn’t the Kong’s fault. The
    audiences were hurt by viewing Kong 1. but in this Kong 2 the Kong was
    trying to kill the trespasser to his own land. The audiences ‘ mind can
    settle down after viewing Kong 2. – The image is beautiful and perfect.

  • balsac44March 12, 2017Reply

    Kong is King

    I loved this movie, it was better than I thought it would be… and I
    thought it would be just okay. It gets going quickly and does not mess
    around with a bunch of nonsense. No time is wasted as the movie gets
    into motion and the wheels start rolling. John C Reilly is so good, one
    of the best. Samuel L Jackson was not great, i didn’t like him in this
    role. I kept thinking of his lines from Pulp Fiction every time he
    spoke. I kept thinking he would shout out a similar line to his Snakes
    on a Plane signature remark. The rest of the cast was okay but some of
    the characters were unnecessary. That was no problem as the action
    spoke louder than the chance of any ruination of a movie by the same
    old Armageddon,Prometheus, & Interstellar dumb crew members on a super
    serious mission.

    I like the 1976 and 2005 King Kong movies too, but this one is my new
    favorite. I read in many reviews here that if you like this movie you
    must be a real dummy. I don’t get why anyone would say that. This was
    better than the last two Godzilla movies any way you slice it. I saw
    this at an IMAX in Real D and it blew me away. I’ll buy it on DVD when
    it comes out on DVD. Let the haters hate, because I predict word of
    mouth is going to make this a very successful film. Many people will
    say it was better than they thought it would be. Give it a chance, you
    might say that too. P.S. – the music was great, basically likened to
    the soundtrack of Forrest Gump but not as many total songs. One great
    song I actually didn’t even recognize as the crew headed near the
    beginning of the movie.

  • Benjamin SmithMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A Two-Dimensional Comic Book

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • swillikyMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A mediocre update of a classic for a bigger universe

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • WMZx3NYMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Excellent Movie – Not suitable for children under 13

    The movie is excellent, its both fast paced and intense, there is
    literally never a dull moment. As expected there is a lot of violence
    in the movie, this is after all an action movie; however at times the
    violence gets too gory and that’s why as a parent, i don’t recommend
    this movie to children under 13. I hope my review is helpful.

  • mwcrunnerMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Best King Kong movie ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CameronMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Second Worst Movie Of The Year

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rogerdarlingtonMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Entertaining enough but not the best Kong movie

    It seems that you can’t keep a giant ape down and this is at least the
    fourth Kong movie that I’ve seen following the versions of ”King Kong”
    released in 1933, 1976 and 2005. What makes this one different? It
    channels ”Apocalypse Now” big time, setting the action just after the
    Vietnam War and deploying a group of GIs from that conflict led by a
    bombastic lieutenant colonel who insists ”This is one war we’re not
    gonna lose” (yeh).

    Stupidly they start by carpet bombing Skull Island in the same way that
    the Americans did Vietnam with the same effect, except that this time
    it’s not the Vietcong who are enraged but ugly, giant reptiles. I
    suppose another difference is that special effects have moved on, even
    in the decade since the last Kong movie, and there are some striking
    visuals and impressive CGI, but this effort is nowhere near as
    effective as Peter Jackson’s 2005 blockbuster.

    The plot is minimal and the script often dire. Kong appears far too
    early and is not characterised as well as the three other films. And
    there is a massive waste of cinematic talent with the likes of John
    Goodman, John C Reilly, Tom Huddleston and Samuel L Jackson
    under-utilised and/or under- stretched, no more so than with the one
    female role where the talents of Brie Larson – recent Academy Award
    winner for ”Room” – are squandered.

    If you sit through endless credits, you’ll see a clip which appears to
    be setting up a sequel in which Kong faces off with Godzilla
    (apparently in a 2020 release). I won’t be holding my breath …

  • David SmithMarch 12, 2017Reply

    OK only

    THis is an OK monster movie that bears out the notion that big budgets
    and successful B movie type ideas don’t mix. The film makers are
    clueless about build up or suspense. The big guy come on in the first 5
    minutes! haven’t they seen the original? The greatest build up to a
    monster reveal ever. Have they ever seen a good monster movie? Have
    they seen Jaws or Alien? Then they do the same thing all over again.
    they reveal the baddie monsters in a pointless and suspense free early
    punch up with Kong so the big action scene in the bone yard has no
    suspense or reveal. Obviously the characters are stupid and cardboard.
    Was there ever a journalist in a movie not angling for a Pulitzer?
    Hiddleston is pure cardboard, Just being a Brit isn’t a character!
    Someone should tell Hollywood editors that the silly slo-mo bit when
    something is thrown or hurled is now so over as to be an utter cliché.
    The CGI was OK but too much fake water. Why didn’t Kong walk like and
    Ape on his knuckles? I would never nit pick like this with a cheaper
    movie. The high water mark of recent monster movies is Tremors.
    Character, build up and great pay off

  • ([email protected])March 12, 2017Reply

    Kong Good Story Bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jamiro bontesMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Pretty disappointing

    It is a shame that Kong Skull Island is not even okay. The movie starts
    with John Goodman who want to go to this place called Skull Island. The
    person he asks it to doesn’t want him to go at first but 2 minutes
    later after John ask 1 more time he suddenly does it without a good
    reason so that’s why they go.

    The special effects look sometimes really good and sometimes really
    really bad. The movie doesn’t focus on Kong all that much. Tom
    Hiddleston and Brie Larson are the two leading actors I would say, the
    acting is decent but these characters are really paper thin. If you’re
    characters aren’t that good just make the movie about Kong and not
    these characters we don’t care about.

    Kong Skull Island is a pretty bad movie and I am sad to say so because
    I really looked forward to this movie. What a shame.

  • pranayjalviMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Kong : Skull Island delivers the thrills

    ”Kong: Skull Island” delivers a lot of thrills, but not much more than
    that. Working from a screenplay by Dan Gilroy (”Nightcrawler”), Derek
    Connolly (”Jurassic World”) and Max Borenstein, director Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts (”The Kings of Summer”) keeps things moving as he updates
    the old-fashioned adventure flick. Better yet (and unlike Jackson’s
    film), the new movie understands the line between thrilling an audience
    and scaring it silly — between action-adventure awe and horror-movie
    gross-outs. The action and special effects are mostly first-rate and
    Vogt-Roberts maintains a vaguely satiric tone that sidesteps

    My Rating : 3.5/5

  • Michael Zavala (mz-37866)March 12, 2017Reply

    A visual spectacle with bland hollow characters.

    6/10 Overall Kong: Skull Island is a visual spectacle with bland hollow
    characters. The cinematography of the island is very pretty and with
    the exception of few scenes look very real. Yet, all the characters,
    with the exception of Samuel L. Jackson and John C Reilly, are fairly
    basic. Brie Larson doesn’t get much to do which is a shame and Tom
    Hiddleston has a cool action scene but have no depth as a character.
    Some of the decisions made by the characters made little sense and had
    me and my friends puzzled and laughing at some stupid moments. I like
    the island and all the different monsters, especially Kong. Kong is the
    best part of the film, and every scene with him is very good. Though
    they hardly go into the ”humanity” of Kong which previous versions,
    Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong particularly, did very well. Overall I
    enjoyed the film, but wish there was more in the character department
    for me to connect with. Bring the popcorn and stay to the end of the

  • rctguy-90653March 12, 2017Reply

    An Action-Packed Thrill Ride! The best Kong film since the original!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mmcgee282March 12, 2017Reply

    Worthy of a fifth remake

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ImpsmanMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Exactly what you’d expect and thats a good thing

    Last week I wrote a review of Logan after seeing that masterpiece and
    commented how it was not a superhero film like others. Going into
    Kong:Skull Island you would expect to see a film of giant legendary
    monsters causing havoc with the human cast and having a ruckus between
    themselves. This is exactly what you get and it’s all the better for

    People will go to this film wanting to see a superbly rendered CGI
    gigantic ape swatting helicopters, hurling and treading on minor
    characters and going hand-to-hand, teeth-to-teeth with other giant
    mutated beasties and you get that in spades. The action is pretty
    relentless throughout and because the cast if full of character actors
    rather than stars anyone could be on the menu.

    Those actors do what they need to in their roles without needing to
    push their abilities. Jackson, Hiddleston, Larsen, Goodman, Hawkins and
    the rest are all very capable actors who clearly know that they won’t
    be the reason people pay their money to see this film but strike the
    exact note their roles require. A special note for John C Reilly though
    who is the character and performance which lingers longest after the
    credits have rolled.

    The film isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination and if you
    think about it too much probably won’t make a lot of sense, but its a
    two hour enjoyable monster movie and there’s absolutely no harm in

    Oh and one last thing….being of a certain vintage absolutely loved
    the soundtrack

  • jglick3271March 12, 2017Reply

    Kong done right

    Legendary Pictures may be setting up the greatest ”creature feature”
    mash-up of all time. ”Kong Skull Island” takes place in 1973 with a
    diverse group of military troops, and civilians exploring an uncharted
    island. This ”mission” is approved by a Senator, and is predicated on
    the idea that the Soviets may explore it ”first”.

    It doesn’t take long for the group to run into the film’s real
    ”superstar” the mighty Kong, and from there things begin to go south in
    a hurry for them.

    The action is very good, as a matter of fact that is why the audience
    bought tickets to see this thing…to watch monsters battle it out on
    the big screen, and to its credit this movie does not disappoint, and
    really delivers the goods.

    The acting is what you would expect from a popcorn movie, who’s main
    character is a massive CGI Ape…fairly wooden…except for John C.
    Reilly, who plays a World War 2 soldier who has been one of the
    island’s denizens, after getting shot down during a ”dogfight” with a
    Japanese Soldier. The guy steals every scene he is in. Especially at
    the very end, which actually had me a bit misty eyed.

    This is exactly the type of movie that takes me back to my childhood,
    when Godzilla and King Kong were the undisputed ”King of the Monsters”.
    It looks like round 2 is coming soon, and I for one can’t wait.

    Kong Skull Island is PG 13 mostly for CGI violence, and some pretty
    strong language throughout, including one ”F” bomb. I’m glad I left my
    11 year and 9 year old behind, but I for one am glad that I made a trip
    to Skull Island!

  • fritzlangMarch 12, 2017Reply

    great creature feature!

    Boy did I enjoy this film.

    forget plot and logic. This is an all out creature feature…It is
    called Skull Island because that’s where the action takes place with
    all the neat creatures.

    There is a LOT of screen time devoted to Kong and the monsters. And
    LOTS of cool death scenes. Pretty gory, in my opinion, and surprised
    this got a pg-13. Some scenes would be very frightening for little

    Most surprisingly, it is the the acting of John Goodman and J.C. Riley
    that stands out – even overshadowing tom Hiddleston. I am not a big fan
    of Goodman or Riley, so this really surprised me.

    For the plot – people go to Skull Island. They encounter Kong and
    various giant monsters. Mayhem and death ensues. Some return home. The

    Doesn’t sound like much but the monster scenes really made the movie,
    and Kong was fantastic. They really had him move – he was almost like a
    giant Hulk smashing those airplanes!

    Oh, and PLEASE stay after the credits. What was shown put a BIG smile
    on my face… No spoilers.. you have to see it for yourself.

    My wife and I had a blast. The first 20 minutes were regrettably lame,
    but the rest of the movie was a hoot.

    8 out of 10 for fun factor.

  • SeanErbMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A lot of potential.

    Honestly, I felt that the atmosphere and the setting of the movie was
    superb. The script not so much. There was not enough ”content” in the
    movie, despite the long duration of the movie. There could have been
    much more ”drama” included to make it more interesting and to really
    grasp the attention of the audience. Sure, the effects were cool and
    Kong was a beast (not just literally). But would I really recommend
    this movie? Probably not.

  • kobeandreiMarch 12, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KalKenobi83March 12, 2017Reply

    A Fun Monster Movie

    So to Open The 2017 Movie Season I Watched Kong Skull Island featuring
    Tom Hiddleston(Crimson Peak) as James Conrad,Oscar Winning Actress Brie
    Larson(Room) as Mason Reaver, Jiang Tian(The Great Wall) as San
    Lin,John Ortiz(The Finest Hours) as Victor Nieves, Toby
    Kebbell(Warcraft) as Jack Chapman , Samuel L. Jackson(The Legend Of
    Tarzan) as Preston Packard ,John C.Reilly(Sing) as Hank Marlow , John
    Goodman(10 Cloverfield) as Bill Randa and Terry Notary(Dawn Of The
    Planet Of The Apes) as King Kong. I had fun with this film love the
    atheistic and visuals but it Lacked Character Development but I still
    Liked The Characters also outside the score it had one of the best
    soundtracks I really I had fun with this film but its average at best,
    but I did it enjoy it Than Peter Jackson’s King Kong I will definitely
    be buying on Blu-Ray and I don’t consider this to be Direct To Video .
    Amazing Score by Henry Jackman(Captain America:Civil War ), Costume
    Design By Mary E.Vogt(Broken Horses ) and Cinematography By Larry Fong
    (Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice) also and decent Direction by Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts(The Kings Of The Summer) A Fun Monster Movie 7/10

  • hunterj20March 12, 2017Reply

    Worth seeing at the theater!!!

    I had a lot of reservations going to see this. I assumed it was riding
    on the tail of other Kong movies and was going to be a waste of time. I
    was dead wrong. Kong: Skull Island is what a Kong movie should be. It
    was entertaining in many different ways but the best part about this
    movie is the non-stop creative use of death and violence. I know that
    seems strange to hear but go see it and you’ll see. You’ll love how
    creative some of the scenes are!!!! Thank you KONG!!!

    10/10 stars, easy decision!!

  • E.W. GerdesMarch 12, 2017Reply

    It Must Be Watched From the Right Point of View

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Josh BartonMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Blows its load too early but saved by some major monster action

    Kong: Skull Island serves as the second film in Legendary’s
    MonsterVerse, following the monster hit that was Godzilla back in 2014.
    With an up and coming director at the helm, a mightily impressive cast
    in tow and, of course, the iconic Kong himself on full show, the
    ingredients were there for this to be another great monster film.

    When a team of explorers and soldiers venture to an unchartered island
    in the Pacific, they get more than they bargained for when they realise
    the island is home to an array of giant creatures, including the mythic

    Let’s get the few negatives I had with Kong: Skull Island out of the
    way first. I wasn’t particularly a massive fan of how they blew their
    load too early by showing Kong pretty much within the first fifteen
    minutes, losing any sense of awe that this iconic monster deserves.
    Compare it to the way Gareth Edwards built up to Godzilla’s reveal and
    it’s almost as if there’s a total lack of respect for Kong.

    Then there are the human characters and the film’s screenplay, both
    void of any real weight. The characters are about as bland as they come
    and they’re matched by some truly uninspired performances from the
    likes of Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, who really try their best with
    some awful dialogue. The most interesting character is Samuel L.
    Jackson’s Preston Packard, who holds a real grudge against Kong
    however, they miss a chance for Jackson to go fully off the rails and
    his tirade against Kong comes across as half-hearted. John C. Reilly
    was the performance most people were worried about in this film but
    because of how his character is written into the film and the fact he
    isn’t just an annoying joke machine, he is one of the best things about
    the film.

    It’s easy to say this is a film about Kong so we shouldn’t really worry
    about the human characters. If we are supposed to care about what
    happens to these characters then there simply has to be something about
    them for us to give a damn about. Unfortunately, this is a similar
    problem that Godzilla faced.

    Kong: Skull Island may be found lacking in some departments but I can’t
    deny that there is still a lot of fun to be had with this film. Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts’ film moves along at such a blistering pace and he
    certainly shows he can deliver an action sequence. I mentioned that the
    film lacks a sense of awe, particularly with the film moving from giant
    beast to giant beast so swiftly, but Vogt-Roberts manages to make
    amends with the final two set-pieces of the film, the final fight
    between Kong and a ‘skull crawler’ being the film’s stand-out moment.

    Kong himself looks fantastic, brought to life through a motion-capture
    performance from Terry Notary, as do the rest of the visual effects,
    and the decision to shoot on location in places like Hawaii and Vietnam
    rather than in a green-screen studio amplifies the great visual effects
    work on this film, as does Larry Fong’s cinematography.

    I’d have to say Kong: Skull Island left me a little disappointed, even
    if it does deliver plenty of action and has a post credits scene that
    left me excited for the future of the MonsterVerse. It certainly made
    me understand why there was no ‘King’ included in the title.

  • Dalton VaughnMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Oh, boy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bnemec-929-478125March 12, 2017Reply

    Pure mindless entertainment

    John C. Reilly is the big star of this movie. Everyone else is
    supporting. This is a must see in 3D movie to appreciate the special
    effects which are right on par with what is expected these days. There
    isn’t a lot of character development like The Jackson Kong but there is
    more action and it is nearly non-stop. If you just want to be
    entertained and forgot about your problems for two hours then this is a
    good movie to see. Enjoy.

  • BA_HarrisonMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Bigger doesn’t mean better.

    Skull Island features the biggest Kong yet, a towering 100 ft tall
    primate able to swat helicopters from the sky like flies. But bigger
    doesn’t necessarily mean better: while this latest great ape adventure
    is a slight improvement over Peter Jackson’s bloated 2005 remake of the
    ’33 classic, it’s a monster movie desperately in need of a decent plot.
    The special effects laden action sequences cannot fail to impress, but
    the story does not.

    The extremely basic screenplay takes a group of scientists and
    soldiers, has them embark on an expedition to the titular uncharted
    island, where they encounter Kong, who knocks them for six. The
    survivors must make their way to a rendezvous point on the North side
    of the island, avoiding being eaten by a variety of massive creatures
    or getting trodden on by the oversized simian. And that’s about it.
    Kong battles a giant octopus, a massive crab/spider attacks the humans,
    vicious birds swoop out the sky, and nasty lizard creatures crawl from
    beneath the island’s surface, all of which is mindlessly entertaining,
    but not in the least bit inspired.

    5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for token eye candy Brie Larson, who
    strips to a figure hugging vest in an attempt to distract viewers from
    the lack of fresh ideas.

  • jacobjohntaylor1March 12, 2017Reply

    A great monster movie

    This is a very scary movie. It has a great story line. It also has
    great acting. It also has great special effects. It very scary. King
    Kong (1933) is better. King Kong (1976) is this also better. King Kong
    (2005) is also better. This is better then Son of Kong. It is also
    better then King Kong vs Godzilla. It is also better then King Kong
    escapes. It also better then King Kong lives. All this King Kong movie
    are good. There is no bad King Kong movie. 7.2 is a good ratting. But
    this is such a great movie that 7.2 is underrating it. I give it 8. See
    this movie it is scarier then The silence of the lambs ever could be.
    What is scarier is King Kong (1933) and King Kong (1976) and King Kong
    (2005) is also scarier. But this is still very scary. See it. See all
    the King Kong movie. This a great remake.

  • Josh Padgett ([email protected])March 12, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island ShowMeTheMovies Review

    Better than expected, a not-too-shabby attempt at yet another (insert
    eye-roll here) King Kong picture, starring Tom Hiddleston, John C.
    Reilly and the beloved Samuel L. Jackson.

    Predominantly set in 1973, the flick follows a purpose-built team of
    soldiers, scientists and stragglers as they head for the undiscovered
    Skull Island in search of the unknown. Here they stumble upon a beast
    trapped on the island known as Kong – a potentially misjudged

    Highly-anticipated by many, this sequel was – in my mind – always going
    to be either a complete masterpiece or bucketful of disappointment. To
    my surprise(/delight/sadness), it turned out to be neither. Whilst on
    the most part I would praise its’ solid cinematography (some beautiful
    landscape and action shots), as well as Kongs’ expert-use of CGI
    throughout, these couldn’t save it from what appeared to me a
    watered-down premise with fortune-cookie-clichés being pulled out of a
    hat and inserted into every appropriate crevice.

    The acting standard as a whole is admittedly not bad – I have to give
    particular nod to Samuel L Jackson for finally producing a well
    played-out character (seriously, name me a role he’s played well since
    Django Unchained and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle) – but I can’t
    particularly criticise much of the performances throughout. Toby
    Kebbell (yes, that guy that’s been in everything recently that you
    never remember the name of) and Brie Larson were probably the most
    bland – with Tom Hiddleston outshining most of his fellow cast members.

    The fight scenes were indeed the most entertaining part – well-timed,
    well thought-out and, at times, epic! Other than a slight overuse of
    slow-motion features, and a couple of ridiculous shots, I honestly
    quite enjoyed seeing not only the fights with Kong himself but the
    other internal exchanges (no spoilers, I promised!).

    Also, entirely blameless of the creators, but yet another movie this
    season with the insertion of JFK, Vietnam and 60’s culture was really
    not needed (sorry guys!). Despite this, it redeemed itself slightly
    with some fairly enjoyable music throwbacks. Alongside these were
    plenty of well-utilised sound-effects and editing that I found rather
    enjoyable (a complete renunciation from the script).

    I was pleasantly surprised to find Kong: Skull Island didn’t leave me
    wanting 2 hours of my life back; that said, given the choice I wouldn’t
    waste another two rewatching it. Okay to pass the time, Kong exists. If
    you’re after something more worthwhile, perhaps skip this and shove on
    Predator (terribly brilliant) or Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
    (brilliantly terrible).

  • Richard ChattenMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A Lengthy Trail for the Main Bout Yet to Come

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mikemcmillan2002March 12, 2017Reply

    Great entertainment, not a love story.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FilmReviewer835March 12, 2017Reply

    A much different take on the King Kong franchise

    After the Vietnam war, a team of scientists and military men
    investigate an uncharted island full of ferocious monsters including an
    ape named Kong.

    This movie acts as a new installment to the King Kong franchise, an a
    much different take at that. Personally, I’m one of those people who
    wasn’t extremely fond of the 2005 King Kong remake and because of that,
    I was anticipating this movie. Unfortunately, it ended up being a mixed

    To start with the bads, I found some of the green-screening way too
    obvious. This trend can first be seen during the beginning of the movie
    as some of the backgrounds don’t match up with ones from the last or
    next shots, as an example. Another issue I had was with the ending.
    Without spoiling anything, I have to say that the ending of the movie
    feels unfinished; it left me confused and had me asking myself: ”Wait,
    that’s it?” However, my main issue with the movie is that despite the
    fact that the movie’s title has the name Kong in it, we barely see him
    outside of the beginning and ending, and that’s pretty disappointing
    for me. As someone who wanted to see more of King Kong throughout the
    film, it kind of is a letdown to see that he only has very few
    appearances. My final complaint has to be that the movie feels too
    different from its previous installments. When you go into a remake or
    reboot of an older movie, you’d expect them to at least somewhat follow
    the formula of the original work. That’s not the case here, as it seems
    like the film is trying to be its own thing. Granted, they do pay
    homages to the original movie, but it doesn’t save this from being one
    of the movie’s weaknesses.

    Now let’s take a look at the goods. To start, the environments were
    beautiful. The movie gives us a breathtaking look at an uncharted
    island and it makes you want to see it for yourself. Another strength
    of the movie has to be the action scenes. The action scenes just looked
    plain awesome and they were the highlight of the film. The action
    scenes had a lot of engaging and gripping moments that left me on the
    edge of my seat. I don’t want to spoil the movie, so if you’d like to
    watch the action scenes in this, then you should go see it for
    yourselves. The last strength of the movie is that it feels different;
    it’s both the film’s strength and weakness. The only real positive I
    can say about the movie being different is that it does a great job at
    being its own thing.

    Overall, I find the movie to be a mixed bag. I like the action scenes,
    environment and the fact that it’s trying to do something different
    with the franchise; although that is a weakness as well as the fact
    that we don’t see the star very often.

  • thechoctopfilmblogMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Kong would regret being in this film

    I was confused about the purpose of this film, and sadly, I was still
    confused after watching the film. All the elements of this new version
    of King Kong have been recycled. Taking parts of the originals/remakes
    and hastily gluing them together again in a different way doesn’t mean
    it is going to create an inventive artwork.

    And I knew they would put a scene where Kong saves a pretty lady in his
    palm, I just knew it. All that’s improved from the previous films is
    Kong’s appearance. He is fluffier, angrier and more realistic. Some
    points must be given to the stunning visual effects.

    The characters’ names and faces have also changed, but their nature and
    characteristics are half dimensional and predictable. It is stereotypes
    upon stereotypes. It is a major waste of talent with Tom Hiddleston,
    Samuel L Jackson and Academy Award winner Brie Larson (”Room”)
    struggling in the muddled chaos. You could see and feel the
    disappointment. Even Kong seems confused. The performances are half-
    hearted and there is just no substance for them to work with. I bet all
    they were thinking of while filming was ‘get me out of here’ –

    For the majority of the film, everyone says very few words to each
    other. The conversations are forced and laughable. It wouldn’t have
    made a difference if they were just silent. It’s so predictable that
    you would know exactly what the next line would be.

    I thought while watching this, was this meant to be an exaggerated
    satire of King Kong? Or was it meant to be taken seriously? Even the
    execution of the film presents the same questions. At one point, it
    would be slow and mystic, and minutes later, overly upbeat music would
    hit your ears, and we are treated to magnified slow-motion action. It
    feels it is trying too hard to get our attention. And once it does, it
    doesn’t know how to sustain it.

    And finally, there are so many extreme close-ups of Samuel L. Jackson’s
    face, it probably took up half the film. They did it to match Kong’s
    face, so you can imagine how gigantic it was.

    Maybe if Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts figured out from the beginning
    what type and style of film this would be, it would have been a better
    film. It seems like he had an idea but is unconvicted towards it, and
    instead keeps changing his mind to offer more ‘fun’. The result that it
    is a jumble of various pieces that don’t belong in the same puzzle.

  • DakotaTheGamerMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Great Movie!!! But Not Better Than Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

    This movie was a great movie it showed all the good things to make a
    really good king kong movie everything was great about the movie it was
    short enough so you don’t get bored and there was a lot of action with
    king kong i really thought this movie was great the only thing that
    made this movie not as good was that it didn’t have a love relationship
    like in the first king kong which is a big part of the king kongs and
    also that maybe starting out it was a little boring so it was kinda
    boring to watch at first but those are the only things that made it not
    an amazing movie but i did think it was a great movie so i suggest
    anyone to see it its really good.

  • Anthony IessiMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Kong’s Last Roar

    How many times can they really do King Kong? King Kong 76′? OK. King
    Kong 05′ with Peter Jackson? I can dig that. Kong: Skull Island is
    pushing it. This might be the flimsiest King Kong film to date. It
    reinvents nothing. Sure, there isn’t a blonde woman being kidnapped,
    and sure there isn’t a scene where Kong climes up a skyscraper.. but
    not relying on the tropes of the series doesn’t excuse the
    unimaginative storyline here. It’s aesthetic is a Vietnam war film. CCR
    blasts the soundtrack. You know where this is going. The characters are
    wooden. The only thing they’ve got going for them is their star power.
    John Goodman does a good job as always. John C. Reilly is a treat to
    see. However, Samuel L. Jackson is Samuel L. Jackson.. again. Also, the
    jumps scares.. why? Why is Hollywood still relying on jump scares in
    the horror/sci-fy genre? I’m sick of it. The sound dies down and BOOM a
    creature pops out. This happens a dozen times here. Enough. The effects
    in Kong are as good as they should be, but it’s certainly not a
    standout. The new Planet of the Apes series is truly wowing with
    realistic looking apes. This film could’ve learned a thing or two.
    Also, just in case you’re wondering about what I think of the
    post-credits surprise.. here’s my answer: Sorry, Warner Bros. I’m not

  • Paul AllaerMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Rousing and fun reboot of the Kong franchise

    ”Kong: Skull Island” (2017 release; 118 min.) starts a new chapter in
    the King Kong universe. As the movie opens, we are told it’s ”South
    Pacific, 1943”, and a US pilot and Japanese pilot crash land on a
    beach, and while they are fighting each other, Kong appears out of the
    blue. Cue forward and now we are ”1973” (as we see Nixon announce the
    withdrawal of troops from Vietnam). Bill Randa is able to get a US
    Senator to approve a ‘mapping mission’ of an unchartered island
    somewhere in the South Pacific. After some quick preparations,
    including getting a military escort, off we go to that mysterious
    island… To tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing
    experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: this is the latest reboot of the King Kong
    franchise, more than a decade since the last one (by Peter Jackson).
    This time, Kong is bigger and better and ‘badder’ than ever before, and
    with lots of other monsters on the island, much to our viewing
    pleasure. The movie has a distinct ”Apocalypse Now” vibe going in the
    first part, even more so as the herd of helicopters approaches the
    island and is met by Kong. Once the action shifts to the island, there
    is a distinct ”Jurassic Park” vibe to it. We all know fully well that
    there is a lot of CGI in the movie, yet it never bothered me, and in
    fact I’ll see that the movie feels very authentic from that
    perspective. The support cast is okay, with John C. Reilly (as the
    stranded US pilot now 30 years later) absolutely stealing the show
    (sorry John Goodman, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, et al.). There is a
    terrific score to the movie, courtesy of veteran composer Henry
    Jackman, and there are also a ton of song placements (Black Sabbath’s
    ”Paranoid”, CCR’s ”Run Through the Jungle”, etc.). BEWARE: this movie
    is rated PG-13 for a reason, as there are some frightening scenes that
    I believe are inappropriate for kids under the age of 10 or

    ”Kong: Skull Island” opened wide this past weekend. The Saturday early
    evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was sold out
    to the very last seat. The audience LOVED this movie, and gave it an
    applause when the end titles started rolling. ”Kong: Skull Island” is
    nothing short of a rounding and fun reboot of the Kong franchise. I
    can’t wait to see the next installment (reportedly due for 2019).
    ”Kong: Skull Island” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • sweet_skillsMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Just not good.

    This movie was not good. I had somewhat high hopes coming into this
    movie. It has Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman and Samuel l. Jackson, so a
    pretty good cast. Trailers looked pretty cool. But I was tricked. It
    was awful. The story and filming was full of inconsistency, it was
    confusing and overall terrible. The action sequences are hard to
    follow. You keep thinking people are dying and then they show up again
    just fine. The characters are flat and totally underdeveloped. The ones
    they focus on die in totally anti-climatic manners. They overused slow
    motion. They used every cliché in the book but not enough to make it a
    parody. So it had the stupid moments of a parody but clearly was meant
    to be something serious. I admit that there were a couple parts that I
    thought, oh that was cool. But, in the end it was just confusing and
    sucky. Watch it only if you are with people you can make fun of it
    with. Then it will be funny.

  • Nadaa AzofMarch 13, 2017Reply

    What a waste of everything

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vijayanand PhadMarch 13, 2017Reply

    It’s monstrous and entertaining… IMAX takes it to another level

    I watched Kong in IMAX for the first time & I have become fan of it.
    This movie is best in most categories. Pure entertainment.

    You get action just when you needed. All the actors have surprisingly
    got most of screen share.

    Script is good, CGI is amazing. Animals and nature looks breathtaking.

    It’s far better than Godzilla, where the animals were just roaring
    nothing else. Here they have lot’s of things in the script. There’s
    story going on. Just wonderful.

    A must watch film in theaters only, I won’t see the impact would be
    that much in TV screens.

  • shopping-277-112148March 13, 2017Reply

    Generally Poor

    I have to admit that i am generally a fan of popular culture / comic
    book adaptation type films. Big fan of DC / Marvel, Pacific Rim, etc.,
    even found merit in the last Godzilla film and despite it’s critics I
    even loved Peter Jacksons 2005 remake, so had reasonable expectations
    for Skull Island. However, was so disappointed. The concept is just
    silly, it takes itself too seriously, a lot of the performances are
    either wooden or miscast, even Samuel L Jackson is annoying and doesn’t
    do anything to save the film, quite the opposite.

    It’s main redeeming feature is it’s look. On the whole it looks
    incredible, some of the effects are truly breathtaking, and there are
    some iconic frames to behold, the major exception being Kong himself.
    Gone is the realistic stature and look of Kong from Jackons predecessor
    film, instead we a very ‘ungorilla’ like figure that basically looks
    like a CGI rendition of a guy dressed in a bad suit.

    Half way through the film I’d lost interest in the story and cared
    little for the characters, especially Kong, which is what is at the
    core of previous Kong films.

    I understand that this is the first in probably a line of films opening
    up the Kong / Godzilla universe, but this just left me flat enough to
    not really be excited about that prospect at all.

  • Hieu Duc VoMarch 13, 2017Reply


    I have seen this movie yesterday. That is an extremely interesting
    movie. Firstly, the content is great, it teaches us to respect the
    nature and finally Kong is always the greatest king. Secondary, the
    effects are so amazing, each small detail is so real. Thirdly, the
    landscape is very beautiful, I know that this movie is captured in
    Vietnam, my beloved country, and I am so proud of that. Finally, this
    is a movie that we can’t miss.

  • Arnold PeterSonMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Jurassic Park #3?

    Kong: Skull Island –

    ◘With abysmal amount of visual effects and CGI, Kong delivered an A-One
    cinematic experience. Though the movie was equipped with an outstanding
    line up of actors, the abundant action and vehemence that followed the
    monster formulaic plot created chaos in individual performances. The
    Skull Island expedition crew included a group of militants lead by
    Preston Packard(Samuel L Jackson), some geologists who look nothing
    like geologists, the ‘experienced’ James Conrad(Tom Hiddleston)
    recruited by Bill Randa (John Goodman) and a beautiful anti-war
    photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson). They all shared a common trait
    – idiocy !

    ◘Half of their team bit the dust combating Kong, a quarter of the rest
    were eaten by ”Skull crawlers’ (it’s a really cool name) and still Sam
    Jackson wants to hunt the mighty King. In short the cast reflected a
    bunch of morons mimicking each other at the time of a Jurassic Park
    situation. BTW, this felt like a Jurassic Park 3 rip off!

    ◘3D was spectacular. Monsters had a decent amount of screen time
    (unlike Godzilla). The sound effects were good.. So, where technicality
    prevailed, cliché deep rooted and story sucked. Still a guaranteed
    entertainment and a fast paced movie is assured. I rate [3/5].

  • John ZappullaMarch 13, 2017Reply

    This film is AWESOME!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • methodman-14473March 13, 2017Reply

    leaves you wanting more…and maybe a little frustrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • petershackersMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Kong is a king for is an island

    Kong: Skull Island (2017) looked at the image. That’s fine. Desperate
    to avenge her tribe lizard destroyed Kong, and he had traveled with the
    soldiers, desperate to avenge the killing of Samuel L. Jackson Kong.
    The story goes like this move. The Movie Editing and Graphic are so
    good. I like This Movie.

  • drawlifeMarch 13, 2017Reply

    A serviceable, fun spring blockbuster.

    I’ll start off by saying I enjoyed this more than Godzilla.

    That’s not to say I disliked Godzilla, but every time something
    interesting or a really cool monster moment surfaces, it kept cutting
    away. Godzilla delivers in the finale, but what Kong does differently
    is that it isn’t afraid to embrace those monster moments. Right off the
    bat, Kong is showcased front and center and it is pleasing eye-candy.

    Kong: Skull Island is action-packed, and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts
    has a keen eye for action. Cinematographer Larry Fong and the hard
    working special-effects artists produce some remarkable visuals. Kong
    combats a squad of helicopters who are swooping in formation.
    Vogt-Roberts doesn’t overuse the slow-motion sequences, but he uses
    them at the right moment in the middle of the action. It never really
    cheapened all of the action set- pieces, it actually enhanced the
    experience. Lots of great creatures too, some deadly looking lizards
    things, a giant octopus, a giant spider, and some pre-historic looking
    birds. Kong himself looked fabulous. He’s obviously the misunderstood
    monster as he is only protecting his turf and territory. He is
    ginormous, bigger than ever and it makes a difference. Kudos to the VFX
    team, there is a sense of scale and weight to Kong and all the other
    creatures in the film.

    The actors do their job commendably. Not much is fleshed out with any
    of these characters to be honest, but they do bring some gravitas to
    the film. Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and John
    Goodman do their best to make their characters believable. Jackson in
    particular can be compared to Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Against all
    logic and odds, he’s obsessed with his mission. John C. Reilly provides
    a lot of humor into the film as he is a WWII pilot, stranded on Skull
    Island for almost thirty years. Some characters are really there for
    exposition, particularly the short, not much to do roles played by
    Corey Hawkins and Tian Jing.

    I do want to point out that I appreciated Hiddleston and Larson’s
    relationship in the film. While not fleshed out at all, it wasn’t some
    typical Hollywood, forced down your throat romance, rather just a
    mutual respect for one another. Larson’s character is also involved in
    the action, useful at times, and not just some damsel in distress. Some
    of the supporting roles of the soldiers played by Jason Mitchell, Shea
    Whigham, and Thomas Mann aren’t as expendable as one would typically
    expect them to be so that was a nice surprise as well.

    It’s no secret that Legendary and WB are creating a MonsterVerse with
    Kong, Godzilla, and all the other Toho creatures. They’ve got some
    franchise building to do, and for corporate film making, this movie
    goes through the checkmarks very well. Vogt-Roberts does a good job not
    making it feel like a ”filler” film to fill in the gaps, as a matter of
    fact it does feel like it stands on its own for the most part. He moves
    the story along from A to Z with a lot of eye candy action. The choice
    of music and the color palette he choose feels like a Vietnam/70’s
    film. It does what it needs to do and it’s a fun way to kill off two

    Obviously stay through the credits. It’s a nice tease.


  • batbhaiMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Old wine in a new bottle

    I watched Kong in IMAX and it was fun. This resulted in images
    projected by Dual Projectors on the Giant 42 feet high, 65 feet wide
    screen of IMAX, along with 12000 Watts IMAX proprietary sound system
    that will make your hairs stand each time Kong growls and pounds his

    The sole purpose is to set-up a supposed Kong vs. Godzilla film in the
    coming years, otherwise, the script is too weak, on the same sidelines
    of Jurassic World. No care was taken for character development. Also,
    it’s not clear whether the focus is on the the ape or on the island
    itself. There is quite a bit of humor that is attempted here, but most
    of it comes out of nowhere and seems desperate. Samuel Jackson strikes
    the right tone of crazy amid the chaos, otherwise, if we check the rest
    of the casting crew, the acting is almost one-dimensional. The action
    and visuals are dazzling and immersive. Neither a sequel nor prequel,
    but the SFX are better, especially with Kong’s CGI’ close-ups. And
    there is no love-dove like the Naomi Watts- Kong relationship. There is
    some fun to be had and it’s not a bad film in any way, but a film like
    this could have been so much better. In a nutshell, Kong: Skull Island
    is disposable popcorn mumbo-jumbo fare. My significant digit score:

  • MajDutchMarch 13, 2017Reply

    The best monster movies in years!

    This is probably the best monster movie I’ve seen it in years. IMHO it
    also tops the recent Godzilla movie. The final battle between Kong and
    Skull crawler is simply jaw dropping, and the cinematography not only
    in that scene but also in the entire movie is simply brilliant.

    Before going to the movie, please realize that you’re going for a
    monster flick and it’s not an Oscar calibre movie like Moonlight or La
    La Land, so critic it on that basis only. What this movie does better
    than Godzilla in my humble opinion is there is more human touch to it,
    once you see it you’ll come to know what I’m talking about.

    Lastly, I was very pleased that this Kong movie wasn’t like 1933 and
    the remakes. See it on the big screen with a bag of popcorn, trust me
    you won’t be disappointed.

  • alindsay-alMarch 13, 2017Reply

    An average monster film

    So after the decent Godzilla film in 2014 this is the second film in
    this monster universe and unfortunately this film just doesn’t hit the
    high levels I wanted even though there is good stuff in this film. The
    premise of this film is set in the 1970’s as a team of military
    personal and scientists go to a mysterious island where they encounter
    creatures and Kong. Tom hiddelston plays the main hero in this film and
    unfortunately I found him very bland and dull in this film. I feel
    maybe he was miscast in the role but mainly it was just the fact that
    his character had no depth and was very wooden. However, the character
    of Kong is awesome in this film, unlike Godzilla Kong is given plenty
    of screen time in this film and I thought he was possibly the most
    interesting character in this film. Samuel l Jackson plays the military
    commander in this film and he is great in this film, he has a
    legitimate reason for going against Kong and you buy him as he develops
    throughout the film with his men. John Goodman plays the head scientist
    in this film and I liked him in his role, I thought his dynamic with
    Jackson in the film was good even though I maybe would have liked to
    have seen a bit more of him. John c Reilly plays a man who has been on
    the island longer then the rest and I actually liked his character. I
    was worried that his added humour would go against the film but I
    thought he had the best lines and I ended up caring about his
    character. Brie Larson plays a photographer in this film that goes
    along for the journey and similar to hiddleston that I found her pretty
    boring and bland in the role. The story in this film has some nice
    personal moments especially involving the soldiers and morality. But it
    is very by the numbers and unfortunately everything to do with Kong is
    very similar to what they did with Godzilla and it just comes across as
    repetitive and not unique for his character. The script in this film is
    just pretty awful, the humour in this film comes across as incredibly
    forced except for some of Reilly’s lines. Also the drama never really
    hits the levels that it should. The style of this film has some
    brilliant action scenes, seeing Kong throw down is awesome to see and
    you get quite a bit of it in this film that I was highly entertained
    by. However, this film has some tone issues, it is highly inconsistent
    moving from dramatic to humorous without any segway really which was
    jarring. Overall this is an average film that doesn’t really do Kong

  • viewsonfilm.comMarch 13, 2017Reply

    VIEWS ON FILM review of Kong: Skull Island

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jonathanindMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Exciting but weird end

    Exciting movie with really good action sequences. The way Mason and
    Kong connected was believable and Tom Hiddleston was excellent in the
    lead role. The opening build up was strong and so were the scenes when
    the characters arrive on Skull Island but you don’t get much of an idea
    about the key characters – that is not the fault of the actors, but
    rather because the script does’t bother to explain much about their
    motivations. All you get is surface. The film lost energy as the story
    developed and because of that it felt too long.

  • paulijcalderonMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Entertaining, but lacked a sense of awe and mystery

    It was OK. I expected more from it, but what worked was the
    re-introduction of King Kong. The way he was handled was all right. I
    did overall liked this portrayal of Kong, he was more fierce and
    visceral. Even though I would have liked the movie to develop him more,
    since almost all of his scenes are about him doing action stuff. The
    very few moments when he calms down and lives normally were nice. But
    there wasn’t enough for me to really buy into it and understand him.
    Because the other ”King Kong” films do a good job of humanizing Kong so
    he doesn’t become a generic evil monster. What makes him different
    compared to a lot of movie monsters is that he has a heart and some
    kind of emotional connection. This film would have needed to showcase
    more of that aspect of Kong’s personality.

    They went the safe route with the story. I’s pretty standard and
    predictable. It bugged me a bit because I wished they would go in a
    different direction. Well, they did go in a different direction… With
    the visual style and the tone. It’s a fun and colorfully energized type
    of movie that doesn’t take itself seriously often. I liked the few
    times it actually toned down and got more serious. Because a big thing
    this film lacked was a sense of awe and mystery. They show off Kong
    early on, so there’s no time to build up the reveal. I like the Peter
    Jackson version a lot more because there’s eeriness and mystery
    surrounding Skull Island. Just hearing about the legends of the
    creatures and exploring the mythology was something that I could get
    invested in. They leave nothing a mystery in this new film because
    there’s much exposition on what’s going on with Kong, his backstory and
    the different creatures on the island. Instead of gradually exploring
    it or having the audience realize things along the way, they spell it
    all out by talking about everything and not showing. Towards the final
    half they have some mysterious moments, but by then it was already too
    late for that. It spends more time trying to be retro and looking for
    moments to play songs from the 70’s, rather than giving us a good
    story. The best character was John C. Reilly. I liked his story line,
    it was nice. Everyone else was just there basically playing themselves.
    Many actors were wasted. I’m looking at you Toby Kebbel. You are better
    than this.

    There is a Post-credit scene. It was OK, but underwhelming. It does
    promise a lot for the future and I hope they don’t mess up anything
    they are hinting at, because it has huge potential. ”Kong: Skull
    Island” is just an entertaining popcorn movie, don’t expect much more.
    I’m happy that King Kong is back, but he deserves a better movie next

  • Robert Setlock, IIIMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Kong Roars in Skull Island

    King Kong is one of those movies that periodically gets remade. The
    same theme is central to every King Kong film: beauty tames the savage
    beast. However, that aspect is just subtext in this movie; the main
    story and themes differ completely from previous variations. The reason
    for this change is because ”Kong: Skull Island” is not another King
    Kong remake at all. It’s a completely different beast that just happens
    to have King Kong in it (although a Kong that is far larger than your
    average iteration).

    Due to this freedom, ”Kong: Skull Island” pursues far more relevant
    themes than previous Kong movies. The film takes place at the end of
    the Vietnam war and takes full advantage of that traumatizing time.
    Within this vehicle, there’s subtext on nation building that’s
    fascinating, but the core ideas that this movie explores are the role
    of the warrior when there is no war, particularly, when they come home
    defeated. For the most part, the majority are just happy to go home to
    their families, but far more disturbingly is the soldier looking for
    the next war.

    Into this vacuum steps Samuel L Jackson’s Preston Packard. In a movie
    with lots of solid acting, Jackson standouts. He is a man driven by
    rage, however, he never acts unreasonably. It’s easy to see why he
    would command a unit and why men follow him. Focused and determined, he
    pursues his next victory at any cost. At face value, most of his ideas
    appear insane, but when he speaks his ideas and motivations never seem
    entirely outlandish. Through this, the movie explores the ideas of what
    war does to its warriors.

    Unabashedly, the movie never neglects the concept that big monsters
    giving each other a thrashing is awesome. Despite the serious themes
    this movie explores, it never forgets that it’s just a fun monster
    versus monster beat-em-up B movie. Fortunately, unlike the American
    ”Godzilla” from a couple of years ago, the audience experiences as much
    action as it could handle. Further, the effects are simply spectacular.
    None of ”The Great Wall”’s green dogs here, more comparable would be
    the effects from last year’s ”The Jungle Book”. Most the creatures and
    especially Kong himself look very real.

    Sure, there are times where I feel like editing skipped minor story
    points occasionally making the audience wonder how some characters got
    from point A to point D, but this is an infrequent occurrence. Also,
    outside of Preston Packard and Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly is the other
    big standout in the cast) all the characters are rather underdeveloped.
    Still all in all, ”Kong: Skull Island” is a film far better than it has
    any right to be.

  • maurice yacowarMarch 13, 2017Reply

    New version changes monster Kong to defender of his people

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jan BerriosMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Fantastic scenery!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ipeedailyMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Well done & exciting flick, great CGI

    Movie was great with tons of action and great 3D imagery. A few small
    problems with actor parts….the black dude assistant to John Goodman
    character is no way believable as a 1970’s era character….comes off
    as an obvious millennial of recent day attempting to play the character
    and it’s very noticeable and distracting. Also, unsure why they added
    the Asian female (other than to appease ”multi-culturalism”) as she
    adds nothing and really has no role. Otherwise, just about everyone
    else is good….Samuel L Jackson is money as always and John C. Reilly
    chews up the scenery. Hiddleston is underused but good.

    See in 3D if possible – great effects and ”immerse-ivness”

    7.5 out of 10

  • ghkiteleyMarch 13, 2017Reply

    great movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Movie ParadiseMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Won’t Work For Everyone, But Worked For Me!

    Does this movie have problems? Yes, it does. But for me, those problems
    didn’t really take away from my enjoyment of the film. Maybe this movie
    will fall apart more upon a second viewing, but I had a lot of fun
    seeing this in IMAX 3D. I recommend definitely checking it out in that
    format. I went in wanting to see some awesome monster fights, good
    set-up for 2020’s Godzilla vs. King Kong, some great visual effects,
    and just a fun time at the movies. And I got all of that. For people
    concerned about Kong in this movie… don’t be. I was upset with how
    much screen time Godzilla got in his own movie, but Kong gets the right
    amount of time here. He’s on just enough to satisfy fans, but is off
    screen enough to let other elements of the film shine. When Kong fights
    in this movie, it is absolutely incredible. I don’t think there’s
    anything in here that is as iconic as Kong versus the T-Rexes in King
    Kong, but the fights with the Skull Crawlers and the other creatures
    were amazing to watch. It was so fun and exhilarating. The visuals in
    this movie are also stunning. Sometimes, in a movie like this, they can
    be hit or miss, but they were brilliant here…

  • LuxuriousMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Characters weren’t good, but it’s still a great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blackmamba99971March 13, 2017Reply

    The old breed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • david-sarkiesMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Let’s remake the monkey movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NeromancingTheStoneMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Hollywood is committing suicide

    They are pushing so many sequels, prequels, reboots and offshoots that
    the cash-in is going to make Hollywood collapse unto itself. Who needs
    any more reboots?? One more X-Men and the world shall vomit unto
    itself. I have the remedy for what ails Hollywood though: Go to
    Unoriginality Anonymous meetings and force yourself to try to write an
    original script People should boycott all these nefarious cash-ins Ban
    JJ Abrams from anywhere near Los Angeles (and his ilk) No more Morgan
    Freeman either Give Samuel Jackson an integrity infusion etc

    As for this film: A group of cash whore actors gather in a film studio
    to parody the original dignified metaphor that was King Kong. The
    actors make jokes that are hilariously funny. Then they run away and
    ambush and attack Jurassic style. Then they go somewhere and there are
    a lot of explosions. The enemies are ugly, and they also fight each
    other, so it’s OK to kill them. After two hours the film ends. The film
    is marketed to kiddies, kiddies-in-brain and China (via the token
    Chinese eye candy or in this case plain vanilla useless whatever..)

    Did you hear? Kong called his agent in New York City, USA at the Empire
    State Building to ask his images be erased from this turkey and demand
    that his agent get him better work going forward. The agent wouldn’t
    take his call however. How could he? He didn’t recognize the caller.
    That isn’t King Kong after all.

  • Vishal KumarMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Kong…with a personality!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bestjcMarch 14, 2017Reply

    A B+/A- film for the genre.

    This motion picture has first-class special effects in the actions
    scenes; speaking of which, the story-line contains just that right
    amount of action — in the sweet spot between action-fatigue and
    boredom from not enough action. Furthermore, the film strikes the
    audience with a dynamic perspective of the antagonist/protagonist role,
    both switching back and forth between the characters. The only
    discrepancy — In my opinion, the film was overcast; there were too
    many characters (in the beginning) which disappoint an entertained
    audience with urges to see character development. For the ones you do
    get to know, John C. Reilly is just delightful and brings humor to the
    unfortunate events that occur.

    I saw this film in IMAX, so I can’t confidently speak on the
    cinematography, however, the mise-en-scene is inclusive of all the
    right working parts to make the visuals virtually unparalleled by any
    other sci-fi/action film of late.

    This is an on the ”edge-of-your-seat” type of film. Overall, a B+/A-
    film for the genre.

  • Danny DobsonMarch 14, 2017Reply

    disliked the film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jmccarthy469March 14, 2017Reply

    Don’t bother with this turkey even if you love King Kong

    Peter Jackson headed up a well-done remake of King Kong back in 2005.
    Better to rewatch Jackson’s version as this new movie, Skull Island”,
    has little to offer even in the way of entertainment. Kong himself
    shows little personality and the rest of the cast, try as they might,
    cannot rescue the awful script, the lack of characterization, and the
    absence of intelligent dialogue that mark this movie. Fortunately the
    theater seat was quite comfortable so I could doze off as this hideous
    reworking of the King Kong legend unfolded. Do yourself a favor and if
    you must see it, wait till it comes to television.

  • Angela RoseMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Action packed and visually impressive.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kevingalioneMarch 14, 2017Reply

    He’s back

    Peter Jackson’s King Kong was a bloated mess of a movie. The last
    Godzilla, outside of the first 20 minutes with Walter White, was a
    monster disappointment. So why did I even consider going to see skull
    island? It was the only movie playing in a 2 hour time frame I have
    before my Wednesday night softball game.

    To my great surprise this is the best monster movie I think I’ve ever
    seen in my 46 years. The action and pacing is breathless. Kong looks
    insane. The acting, especially the great John C Reilly, is awesome. The
    movie also manages to be funny and fun. If you like this kind of movie
    at all this is a must see on the big screen.

  • MANISH KUMAR BHADAURIYAMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Kong is the king of this island and movie

    Well some time you don’t make movies for greatness you just stick to
    simple rules to make your movie entertaining with all those
    humour,soundtracks,editing,humorous and heroic punchlines and of course
    mind blowing visuals (which is improving every year) and Kong:skull
    island is a similar kind of movie.specially in this movie visuals or
    CGI was very clear and top notch(which is better then previous part and
    Godzilla) and of course actors like Tom Huddleston,Samuel L.
    Jackson,Brie Larson John C.Reilly and other supporting cast did
    supported this movie ultimately, editing and direction was smooth and
    to the point which was well complimented by soundtrack which was not
    great but stylish so go and watch this movie if you are looking for
    good entertainment this week.

  • wildwitchcaMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Kong is a hero!

    This movie is NOT – I repeat NOT a remake! It is a new story that will
    take your breath away and you will never see what is coming. The acting
    was great…the story was fantastic…there wasn’t a dull moment during
    the entire movie! STAY after the never-ending credits…there is a
    surprise at the end of those…That’s all I can say. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
    I’m going back to see it again next week!!!

  • Drew KMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Monkey no good!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mike LovellMarch 14, 2017Reply

    If this movie was a pizza…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hoang NguyenMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Meet my expectation!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arnieiamMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Such a weird film experience that really ended up being fun

    I wanted to see a movie on discount Tuesday and thought to myself why
    not watch another studio churned cgi mess? This is exactly what it was
    but somehow managed to be subversive enough in its presentation that I
    had a lot of fun watching it.

    This is supposed to take place in the same universe as the Godzilla
    film of 2014. That is why King Kong is the size of a 30 story building,
    in hopes that he can throw down with Godzilla in a crossover film.
    Unlike Godzilla however, this film didn’t shy away with showing as much
    Kong as possible and it was glorious. The scenes where Kong smashes
    helicopters and fights monsters had that perfect blend of over-the- top
    action and just being visceral. And the violence in this film had a
    degree of macabre, so there were moments I was like gasping and
    chuckling saying ”Oh my god!”. So many characters get picked off at
    unexpected moments that it kept the film really suspenseful.

    Now this film follows a trend where this is the sophomore film of a
    director who’s debut was a low budget indie film. I think studios do
    this so that the director is easy to push around and you can cheap out
    on his share of the budget. And I think the director knew this so he
    decided to mess around with the audience. There is so much weird
    dialogue about nothing and I swear the median shot length of the first
    act was around 1 second because it kept quick cutting. And rather than
    being annoyed with it, I embraced it and only make me like it more as I
    placed myself in the directors shoes.

    The plot was also weird to say the least especially the setting. Why
    they wanted the film to be set during the Vietnam War confuses me
    still. Is it because they wanted to represent a demoralized military
    force being defeated again by a primitive enemy? Or to push Samuel L
    Jackson’s character as really jaded as he is a Colonel in the US Army.
    Either way it really worked, because what we ended up getting was a mix
    of Apocalypse Now, an adventure film, a monster film, a b- movie and
    Moby Dick.

    The characters in this film were a mixed bag. Loki and much of the cast
    were uninteresting and one dimensional. I don’t recall Loki ever going
    through a character arc and all the blonde girl was characterized as an
    anti-war shutterbug. The two most interesting characters were played by
    John C Reilly and Samuel L Jackson. Reilly plays a WW2 pilot who crash
    landed on the island and had survived off the natives. He was so
    eccentric and funny and I loved him. Samuel L Jackson though stole the
    show. As mentioned he plays a very Jaded US Army Colonel who basically
    becomes the Captain Ahab of the film. I love it when he plays these
    intense unhinged characters and was so glad he could fit this into his
    filming schedule. Please keep making movies Sam, I beg you!

    So yea, I highly recommend this. Its a very entertaining film that
    doesn’t take itself too seriously unlike Godzilla 2014 did. It has a
    lot of the generic big budget action tropes but it also manages to mess
    with your expectations.

  • FedoicsMarch 14, 2017Reply

    A beautiful looking popcorn movie.

    Kong Skull Island is a beautiful and fun film.

    I’ve been looking forward to Kong for quite a while. From what I saw in
    the trailers, the cinematography and CGI looked amazing. I was worried
    that the story would suffer from the focus on cinematography and CGI.
    Thank god it was better than I expected.

    Here’s the good.

    The cinematography and CGI is amazing in this movie, the best I’ve seen
    from any movie this year. Each shot is fantastic and interesting and
    the CGI is realistic and blends perfectly with the actors.

    The acting is fun to say the least. Each actor added something to the
    story, no one was underused and everyone had a purpose. Samuel L.
    Jackson and Thomas Mann stood out to me. Both of their performances
    were memorable and entertaining.

    The story is very fun. It’s what I expected but even that is good. It’s
    a story about a group of people that go and investigate this mysterious
    island right after the end of the Vietnam war. When they arrive, they
    discover this island is not what they expected. One thing that added a
    lot to the overall vibe of the film is that it was in a post Vietnam
    war setting. It added a lot to the entertainment and set a good tone,
    it wouldn’t have been as good as it is without the time period it’s set
    in. The best part of this movie is easily the end credits scene.

    Here’s the bad.

    The story isn’t all that great. I understand that this movie is just
    trying to be fun, which is perfectly okay, but if you’re going to do
    that you can’t take yourself too seriously, and this movie did that.
    There were a few cheesy parts but they weren’t that bad. A few jokes
    didn’t hit with the audience and weren’t that funny. The ending of the
    movie falls flat. The payoff wasn’t all that great and happened fairly

    There was one character that I think took away from the overall quality
    of the film. John C. Reilly’s character wasn’t all that great. He
    overacted for most of the movie and acted like a cartoon. Only some of
    his jokes hit with the audience.

    Overall, Kong Skull Island is a good popcorn movie where you can turn
    off your brain for a while and watch a movie with some A+
    cinematography and CGI. The characters have good chemistry with each
    other, even if some aren’t all that great. It’s good to see Kong back
    on the big screen.

  • agfieldMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Average but watchable as long as you switch your brain off..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PyroSikThMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Good Fun if you Don’t Engage your Brain too much

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scandrewwMarch 14, 2017Reply

    I created an account on IMDb just to rate this a 1.

    This movie was just horrible, like laughter during due to bad acting
    and script bad. This is my first review and I felt compelled to rate
    because there is no way in justifying the current 7/10 review. I feel
    like there must have been a lot of die hard fans vote prior to watching
    to movie to influence the vote. Save your money, there are plenty of
    other movies worth watching out now.

  • pyrocitorMarch 14, 2017Reply

    Ape v. Skullcrawler: Kong of Justice

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • samyoung-82648March 14, 2017Reply

    A hark back to movies from a few decades ago!!

    Most movies today completely rewrite history. Both in terms of events
    and behaviours of characters. A great example of this is Rose in
    Titanic who sprouts off a love of Freud and Picasso. This movie harks
    back a few decades and does an extremely good job at portraying the
    genders from the 70s in an honest and realistic fashion. This will most
    probably infuriate sexist people like feminists as it contradicts
    almost everything they say. In particular, I enjoyed the sass of the
    female photographer (you know, when women were supposedly obedient
    little zombies, which they -never- have been..)

    The movie is a combination of old school war movie and action flick.
    I’m not a big fan of most war movies, however, they played this one
    well. You get some semblance of testosterone but it’s fairly tame
    compared to movies like Apocalypse Now.

    What this movie does that’s unique is that there are male characters
    with a spine (very rare in movies today – see the new Star Wars movies
    as an example of modern propaganda). They don’t behave in a
    particularly sexist or idiotic fashion (again, rare for today’s
    standards, but was very common to see decent male characters up until a
    few years ago. Now ”revisionism” is the norm thanks to feminism).

    The special effects are very well done. The scale of the digital
    effects is impressive. It is reminiscent of films like BFG and Hugo. It
    gives you a great appreciation for just how big some of these creatures

    The acting on the whole is solid. In fact, i’m hard pressed to think of
    a character who is a let down. The weakest of the characters is
    probably Jing Tian who feels out of place.

    if you’re looking for something very fresh (and retro) from Hollywood
    (especially if you’re sick of EVERY movie having an over- aggressive
    female lead and all-male idiot cast) then this is the movie for you. If
    you’re a feminist, I strongly suggest you avoid this one as you will be
    highly offended that all males aren’t weak, sexist idiots.

    I’d most probably suggest the movie as being suitable for 12 years and
    over. There is some violence and plenty of scenes to get the adrenaline

    Well done Hollywood. This shows that you can make a movie without
    extreme sexism, even if it’s only occasionally.

    +Sexism Free, Realistic Portrayal of genders from the 70s, Very good
    digital effects

    -Nothing exceptional other than its lack of sexism (which is rare)

  • bkrauser-81-311064March 14, 2017Reply

    Lean, Mean and Very Much a Machine

    Kong: Skull Island is as much a competently made thrill ride as it is a
    wild, haphazardly assembled Frankenstein’s monster. It scares, it
    excites, it occasionally cajoles a laugh or two; it also frustrates and
    bewilders. Through it all it stays true to the original 1976 version,
    or at least true-ish enough to its surface level spirit. Wait, you’re
    telling me there was a 1933 version that wasn’t as unabashedly splashy?
    Say it ain’t so! Set in 1973, Kong tells the desperate story of a group
    of scientists, soldiers and inter-governmental flunkies trying to
    survive a few days on the film’s titular island. Initially lined-up as
    a geology expedition, Lieutenant, Preston Packard (Jackson), Tracker,
    James Conrad (Hiddleston) and Photographer, Mason Weaver (Larson) lead
    a pack of expendables through thick vegetation loaded with freakish
    monsters, defiant locals and John C. Reilly. They of course have plenty
    of run-ins with the island’s solitary king, painting a picture of the
    giant ape as both a gentle giant and a force to be reckoned with.

    Here’s the thing about seeing something like this on the big
    screen…again: We already know there’s only so much you can do with a
    creature like Kong. Taken to the absolute basics, we know the structure
    of the film is going to be a row of dwindling meat sacks being picked
    off one-by-one while Kong stops the show to kick some butt and then
    retreat into the forest to lick his wounds. Admittedly, Skull Island
    does a better job than most, dressing up what amounts to a final
    destination gambling pool. But considering the piddly character arcs
    doled out in this film, we never get as invested in them as we should.

    The slow-burning, Peter Jackson King Kong (2005) compensated by turning
    Kong into an actual living, breathing character. The stop-motion work
    of Andy Serkis combined with Naomi Watts’ Watt-ness, gave the giant ape
    a child-like innocence that audiences at the time found endearing. This
    version on the other hand turns Kong into a gritty, unforgiving force
    of nature motivated by ferocious anger and primordial fear. Thus what
    we have is a movie that intuitively lacks investment, shoots itself in
    the foot when it comes to the monster, and leans a bit too heavily on
    its Vietnam War allegory to carry the day.

    So Skull Island basically amounts to being a pit stop on yet another
    tent pole extended universe. It’s awash in intricate world-building
    detail and inner-movie lore that will no doubt be erased or re-framed
    as the new installment comes clomping in. Whether you like it or not,
    you basically running a marathon now.

  • Captain JadeMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Never ending plot holes , having high profile actors did not help

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Don SpencerMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Everyone knows Hollywood lives off of two mega clichés

    One is all the Jew worship films to prove to us Jews are just like us
    (why send this message over and over again?) and the other thing they
    keep ramming down our sucker throats is rip offs, sequels, reboots,
    prequels, reimaginings, farts and over versions.

    I cannot say a lot more than all the justifiable bad reviews written
    here. I only needed to add my disapproval to even out the 7.2 rating on
    this site. This is 7.2?? Should be 2! The only OK thing about this
    rehash was that I had very low expectations of so-called Kong and I was
    proved right. All these reboots stink! Also it was plain fantastic and
    original compared to the so-called Star Wars Force Awakens…

    Another childhood memory (of the great King Kong) shattered…. oh

  • brunaaferreiraMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Great movie

    Kong is a great movie that, with a lot of especial effects, take us to
    an imaginary world. This film is excellent to a person that likes
    action and adventure. It show us how a ”big monkey” (Kong) take care of
    his Island, ending up with intruders that try to destroy his space.
    While Kong try to protect his home, some soldiers and explorers try to
    get out of this ”crazy island” avoiding being eaten by big and strange

  • TvfanMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Not as good as Logan but still great

    I went to see the movie A week after seeing Logan and I will say that I
    don’t think I enjoyed it as much as Logan but it was a great time in
    the theater and action packed with suspense it’s a good idea to see the
    movie i enjoyed it the laughs yes I said laughs I will probably be
    seeing it again and I will give you a word of advice due to seeing a
    family have to walk away from the movie the movie is very violent and
    aggressive and even language isn’t the cleanest and I will remind
    people who are interested in taking the family that it is rated pg13
    for a few reasons scares violence and language even disrespecting
    animals territory though you may not see it as this it’s exactly what
    it is but I say go see it you won’t be sorry

  • RforFilmMarch 15, 2017Reply

    It may not be as iconic as the 1933 classic, Kong Skull Island is a fun monster movie that has a roar

    It’s safe to say that out of the many iconic moments in cinema (Dorothy
    discovering herself in a world of Technicolor in Wizard of Oz, Charles
    Foster Kane saying ”Rosebud” before his death in Citizen Kane and the
    entire finale of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World), many people can
    recall the image of a giant gorilla attacking planes off of the Empire
    State Building in King Kong. Though it may sound like something out of
    a B movie, people tend to forget that King Kong was once the true king
    of the world with some of the most impressive special effects of the
    time. I highly recommend the documentaries about the making of the 1933

    Aside from a couple of sequels and remakes in 1976 and 2005, there
    hasn’t been more exploration of the world Kong lives in. Sure, we know
    he’s a large ape, but the island that he called home had dinosaurs,
    giant spiders, and various monsters. That itself is a goldmine for more
    fantasy-like exploration. With the popularity of the American remake of
    Godzilla, it made sense that Warner Brothers would want to revive the
    eighth wonder of the world. The world is given more exploration in
    Kong: Skull Island.

    In 1973, government scientist William Randa (played by John Goodman)
    gets approval to lead an expedition to an uncharted island that had
    been blocked by bad weather. He hires a military group in Saigon called
    the Sky Devils, a former Vietnam helicopter squadron led by Lieutenant
    Colonel Preston Packard (played by Samuel L. Jackson) for escort. He
    also hires a former British Special Air Service Captain James Conrad
    (played by Tom Hiddleston) and photojournalist Mason Weaver (played by
    Brie Larson). All together in a helicopter convey, they make it through
    the island, but are quickly brought down by a gorilla standing over a
    hundred feet.

    The survivors are split into two group with both planning on heading
    north to the rendezvous point where there only hope for rescue is in
    three days. While Randa, Packard, and some of the solders start
    searching for fellow crew, Conrad, Weaver and the rest of the survivors
    are found by a tribe of Iwi natives, but are assured by a WWII pilot
    whose been stuck there for thirty years Hank Marlow (played by John C.
    Reilly) that they are friendly. It’s discovered that Kong is worshiped
    as a god to protect them from the larger lizard creatures on the
    island. Along with those, giant spiders, and King Kong himself, its
    race against time to see who can make it.

    For a spin off about King Kong, my expectations were low. The good news
    is that Kong: Skull Island happens to be good monster movie. Good, but
    not great. Half of that has to do with the casting. While John Goodman
    and Samuel L. Jackson have a lot of good scenes (including a subtle
    Jurassic Park reference), neither Tom Hiddleston nor Brie Larson are
    that interesting. Both actors are trying, but the script simply makes
    their characters empty shells of leading men and women. But lets face
    it, the real star of the movie happens to be Kong. Unlike Godzilla,
    which took a lot of time away from the monster, here we get more of the
    giant ape and him fighting the various creatures of Skull Island. I
    love his design and of how more animalistic his personality is, even
    more so then the 2005 remake.

    Though the characters aren’t strong, what makes up for it is the
    atmosphere and tome. It’s clear that a lot of influence was taken from
    Apocalypse Now, Jurassic Park and of course King Kong. It all meshes
    into a beautiful looking picture that fits right alongside the multiple
    Vietnam war movies. I’m not sure who was responsible for the
    cinematography, but they deserve a lot of accolades.

    I’ll give this seven Kongs out of ten. While I can’t see thing
    alongside the original King Kong in a state of icon-like phrase, it’s a
    fun popcorn monster movie. It gives you what you want fast and manages
    to keep the tone going. I have to give this a lot of credit for running
    under two hours. With a lot of blockbusters going well over that, it’s
    nice to see a movie that knows how long it needs to be. As long as you
    can accept this a blockbuster, then I’m sure you’ll have some fun. Get
    to the theaters and see if this roars some excitement into you.

  • CarycomicMarch 15, 2017Reply

    I went to see this movie twice in a row. Just for the sneaky epilogue!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ghostintheIMDBMarch 15, 2017Reply

    more entertaining than it’s 2005 counterpart

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mickey089March 15, 2017Reply

    Entertaining, but predictable and stereotyped

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AidanMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Great action and special effects, but suffered in acting and storyline.

    The film unfortunately did not reach my expectations – having seen the
    adverts, which looked promising. I felt from the very beginning the
    movie was a bit pacey and progressed too fast into the adventure and
    exploration of the island. There were some parts that were intriguing,
    especially the special effects, leading into the arrival into the

    However, the film did massively lack in acting, script and general
    sense of story line. I felt the acting wasn’t convincing, and lacked
    emotion, and did not evoke much emotion within me. The only thing I
    felt the film had going for it was the incredible special effects,
    which is why I gave this film a 6 star rating. There were some really
    great scenes of action, shock and surprise.

    I believe this film is worth watching, but I wouldn’t consider it a
    personal favourite. Definitely worth a watch though!

  • lindsayyyyyMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Quite entertaining but doubtful it will stand the test of time

    Kong Skull Island is enjoyable to watch. From an easy plot, interesting
    characters to the allure of the mighty Kong himself this film should
    satisfy. If you’ve had a long day and just want to watch a movie this
    would be the right choice. However it appears quite forgettable in
    terms of the other Kong movies and other films in general.

    King Kong has been a cinematic classic for a long time. The different
    story line sadly was not better than the original. The ancient people
    who inhabit the island and live in Kong’s protection pales in
    comparison to the classic Kong being transported to New York and
    climbing to a skyscraper with the female he’s fallen for as he battles
    planes. Peter Jackson’s remake and the 1933 original are better in
    plot. The unusual romance was so grand and remarkable to watch.

    The CGI and special effects for Kong were interesting. The mythical
    creature closely resembled an erect male which questioned its realism.
    Jackson was more realistic in his portrayal of an actual beast like
    Kong and 1933 cannot be cited so much because special effects were
    limited to what they are now. In 2017 it was surprisingly unimpressive,
    I have a feeling that in years to come this Kong might be used as an
    example of how limited the effects were in the past and how far they
    have later come. In all these respects it definitely will be
    forgettable and its rating on this site might drop over time.

  • ryanskywalker-87402March 15, 2017Reply

    Kong is back!!!!

    There are very few things that I respect more than a movie that is
    unafraid to embrace its own stupidity. Kong: Skull Island has thinly
    written characters, extreme tonal dissonance, bad dialogue, and a
    complete and utter disregard for the talents of Oscar-winning actress
    Brie Larson, but it’s absolutely glorious in its brazen spectacle. Its
    thin characters and tonal dissonance don’t matter as much because it
    thoroughly commits to its premise, and it seems like the movie is one
    ridiculous–but hilarious–visual gag after another. The bad dialogue is
    all part of the fun. It’s not trying to be something it’s not, and
    that’s something I appreciate in any movie, especially a
    nostalgia-laced B-movie blockbuster about a giant ape.

    Some might draw connections to the time era explored or the interplay
    between man and nature, but the movie succeeds at its main goal:
    entertain the hell out of the audience. Actors like Tom Hiddleston and
    Brie Larson are (pretty) pieces of cardboard in this, but seasoned vets
    like Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly thoroughly understand what it
    is they’re being asked to do. They both ham it up big time, with
    Vogt-Roberts’s visual flourishes adding to their performances in
    beautiful ways throughout. They both give pitch perfect performances
    that are 100% appropriate for their roles, and Reilly in particular
    becomes the heart and soul of the story. As an actor, the best response
    to a movie like this is to embrace the ridiculous, and Jackson and
    Reilly certainly do.

    However, the ridiculous can sometimes move aside to reveal a visually
    stunning movie with a large heart. The production design is gorgeous,
    and the classic shot–a character whose back is turned to us, staring up
    in awe and fear at Kong–is breathtaking. The movie itself has that type
    of reaction to its own character, to its own force of nature, looking
    up in wonder and childish glee as Kong destroys another piece of its
    surroundings. This is big, bold, and confident filmmaking, precisely
    because the movie understands what it’s not.

  • popeyesucksMarch 15, 2017Reply

    passable, if one overlooks obvious anachronistic goofs

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amesmondeMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Teenagers will love this but it’s tonally disjointed. Goodman and Kebbell are underused.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Peter Francis Travis LeongMarch 15, 2017Reply

    Doesn’t come close to Peter Jackson’s King Kong

    Before I watched Kong Skull island I watched Peter Jackson’s King Kong
    to compare and to see how movies evolved. BOTH films are different,
    Peter Jackson version is more serious tone with tiny at the moment
    humour, whereas Kong Skull island is more of action comedy. I have to
    say it was disappointing and hard to sit through. The story was
    unbalance on to where these ”Skull Crawlers” came from. Lack of
    adventure, didn’t explore this new fascinating world. Lack of character
    development so you couldn’t care less when characters died. Towards the
    end it went to typical Hollywood film, big explosion Michael Bay style
    and typical female character as a damsel in distress. The only thing
    that kept me watching was Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman. I’ve said
    a lot of harsh words to his film, it is entertaining with some giggles
    to it, but I felt it didn’t need to go that direction. If the next
    squeal is what I think it is, I don’t want to see any jokey moments
    when it should be a serious fight between the two kings/ gods.

  • rodrig58March 16, 2017Reply

    Entertaining and well done!

    ”Kong: Skull Island” and ”The Great Wall”. These two films have
    something in common. And I do not mean only the actress Jing Tian,
    present in both and Legendary Entertainment, as one of the producing
    companies for both films. I refer in particular the monsters and the
    ”very special”(I mean, very good) special effects. They look very well
    in both movies. Even Samuel L. Jackson, present in the last period of
    time in all the films made on Planet Earth(which kinda annoys me…)
    plays a little better than usual (same histrionic). A piece of very
    precious advice: don’t go to watch it in 3D, Kong might jump out of the
    screen and you may be very very frightened. But, that would be nothing.
    It is very possible that the huge and ugly lizard will jump too out of
    the big screen and will definitely bite your ass…

  • Robert W. ([email protected])March 16, 2017Reply

    The monster films of the new Millennium continue on the same path

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Oliver RendchenMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Incredible visuals and creature design but poorly written.

    Kong: Skull Island is the second film in the ”MonsterVerse” after
    Gareth Edward’s 2014 film, Godzilla. It stars a lot of people,
    including, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman
    and John C. Reilly as a group of scientists and soldiers exploring a
    mysterious island. I’ve seen the main Kong films throughout the years
    and I have to say I do enjoy the concept of people finding an enormous
    gorilla on a primeval island; I always remember when I was younger
    being creeped out by Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong and at one point
    was quite obsessed with it; since then I’ve enjoyed the 1933 original
    and even watched the not-so-good 1976 attempt. Now though we see a
    different take on the character, one set in the 70s, and of a larger

    I’ll start with what I enjoyed, and first and foremost would be both
    the soundtrack and original score. Being set in the 70s, director
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts gives us some great pieces of music to accompany
    various scenes giving the film an upbeat, feel-good vibe, similar to
    that of Guardians of the Galaxy, or The Martian. And Henry Jackman
    delivers a well-composed dramatic score which includes some 70s vibes.

    Another thing to enjoy is that this film is full of really cool
    moments; scenes or shots that intend for you to be awed. Whether it be
    a silhouette of choppers flying towards Kong or just the animals and
    people of the island being framed through the Brie Larson character’s
    1970 era camera lens which makes for a really nice touch. Vogt- Roberts
    certainly has an eye for interesting and unique camera set ups and
    there were some great ones in here I really loved as well as some epic
    wide shots that you could just frame.

    Now unfortunately it’s these amazing moments and ”awe shots” that sort
    bring the movie down for me. While it’s great to have those kind of
    scenes, you can’t rely on them. Kong: Skull Island was visually
    stunning, almost to a surreal sense at times, adding to the island
    mystery, but as far as story and script goes, it was a bit
    underdeveloped. For the first two-thirds of the movie it felt like the
    story was just quickly written dialogue to get us from one cool shot to
    the next. The characters hardly had any development and surprisingly
    the most fleshed-out and interesting character was John C. Reilly’s
    Hank Marlow. Although Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are certainly
    great actors and look great, their characters were very
    one-dimensional. Hiddleston’s was a generic former military
    hunter/tracker man with convenient skills and Larson’s was a
    photographer, and that was pretty much it. Sam Jackson and John Goodman
    are also great actors and have delivered some incredibly iconic
    characters but here even they almost seemed expendable at points.

    So although the film is let down script-wise and is quite unevenly
    paced throughout most of it the final third is really good as it flows
    much better and the creature is design is amazing. Kong looks great, as
    well as some of the other fearsome creatures that inhabit the island
    but the stand-out for me were the disturbingly hideous Skull Crawlers
    whose mere existence you were thankful were only fictional.

    In the end Kong: Skull Island isn’t quite what I expected it to be but
    it is a great-looking monster-movie and even has an after-credit scene
    for those who like to get excited for what’s to come.

  • Theo RobertsonMarch 16, 2017Reply

    America Vs The Viet-Kong

    Hollywood decides to reboot KING KONG ? Didn’t they do that about ten
    years ago with very overlong mediocre results ? In other words it’s not
    really a film I had any interest in seeing . That said my mind was
    quickly changed by the very good word of mouth , especially with all
    the references made to APOCALYPSE NOW and other ‘Nam war films so gave
    it a chance

    I certainly wasn’t disappointed with these references . In fact my one
    criticism of the early part of the movie is just how overdone the
    references are and you can’t fail to notice them and the Doors
    soundtrack is conspicuous by its absence . Subtlety isn’t a strength of
    this Hollywood blockbuster

    Where the strength lies is just how enjoyable it is as an action
    blockbuster full of explosions , gunfire and stunts . You remember in
    the Peter Jackson remake where the only good bit is the characters get
    attacked by assorted creepy crawlers in the gorge ? Well here director
    Jordan Vogt Roberts takes a leaf out of the highlight of the Jackson
    version and gives the audience what they’re anticipating – a high body
    count featuring gory deaths . I was personally surprised by just how
    gory some of the deaths were in a 12 cert film and the screenplay isn’t
    afraid to kill off characters

    If there’s a downside to all this then it’s down to the fact that no
    film can really compare to the 1933 original which perhaps still
    remains the greatest monster movie of all time , even after all these
    long decades . Regardless of that KONG SKULL ISLAND stands tall on its
    own hind-legs

    And Tom Hiddleston gets top billing ? He’s a certainty for Bond isn’t
    he ?

  • Screen_BlitzMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Newly update rendition of King Kong is no game-changer. Nonetheless, it is a satisfying experience

    As an average monster B-movie, Kong: Skull Island does about everything
    it sets out to do. It is fast-paced, it is thrilling, and it is pure
    eye candy in terms of special effects. But when it comes to leveling up
    with previous iterations like the Peter Jackson installment back in
    2005, it is perhaps less than successful as was Gareth Edward’s
    ‘Godzilla’ in reaching the heights of the original Godzilla. Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts takes the director’s chair to deliver an extravagant
    re-imagination of the giant gorilla. Blending in eye-popping special
    effects, visual spectacle, and sleek anti-war commentary, Roberts
    places the story of the giant gorilla in 70s Vietnam War period with
    visual heft that pays clear nods to Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse
    Now’ while attempting to retain the spirit of the popular Hollywood
    ape. Set in 1973, this film follows Bill Randa (played by John
    Goodman), a senior government official who leads a group of soldiers
    including British Air Service Captain James Conrad (played by Tom
    Hiddleston), U.S Army Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (played by
    Samuel L. Jackson), and U.S Army Major Jack Chapman (played by Toby
    Kebbell) along with a team of young soldiers and photojournalist Mason
    Weaver (played by Brie Larson) to an uncharted Pacific island where
    they encounter vicious creatures. Of course, the biggest threat of the
    island happens to be giant gorilla the size of a skyscraper who
    unleashes hell upon their arrival. With the help of World War II
    veteran Hank Marlow (played by John C. Reilly) who’s been stranded on
    the island for nearly three decades, it is up to the big group to
    escape the island while surviving against the violent Gorilla and
    monstrous creature onslaught.

    There is definitely nothing special or subversive about Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts, and the quality of his direction is predictably
    undermined by the previous iterations of titular gorilla. Roberts’s
    execution for the popular source material is bit more blockbuster-ized
    than what Hollywood has spawned in the past. When it comes to
    delivering the thrills however, gets the job done. The plot quickly
    kicks into gear during the first half-hour when the ensemble cast of
    characters arrive on the island in helicopters, and the thirty-story
    gorilla appears out of nowhere swatting the helicopters from the air,
    blowing them in smithereens. The tension only heats up when the cast is
    forced to face down a wide variety of freaky creatures including
    carnivorous pterodactyls and boney dinosaur-like creatures that eat
    humans for breakfast. And this is all complete with slick CGI and a
    wide plethora of explosions to feast the eyes. There is definitely a
    Jurassic Park vibe to handed here. Characters are attacked, some of
    them are eaten, and the there is a grueling creature-on-creature battle
    that erupts during the final stretch. Underneath it all is a hodgepodge
    of anti-war commentary and morality issues toward the end that play
    roles in the story, and Roberts does not hesitate to spew a few homages
    of old Vietnam War flicks from the 80s era. It is easy to interpret to
    story as a B-monster movie decorated as a war flick. In terms of
    characterizations, the majority of the characters who sadly depth, with
    only Samuel L. Jackson’s Preston Packard and John C. Reilly’s Hank
    Marlow only being well developed. And it is the latter that serves as
    the show-stealer of the pack. Sprouting with charisma and kind-hearted
    humor, Reilly gives arguably the biggest appeal. The rest of the cast
    give some alright performances, but it does little to redeem for the
    shallow development.

    Kong: Skull Island is an exhilarating monster flick blooming with
    thrills, shiny special effects, and a direction that fairly pays off.
    This rendition of the popular primate is far from a game-changer nor
    does it try to be one. To say the least, it is a fun pre-Summer flick.
    If you are craving to see a giant gorilla the size of a skyscraper
    wrecking havoc and smashing creatures to oblivion, this one will make
    that investment.

  • Duke WeaseltonMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly Good

    I was skeptical about seeing Kong: Skull Island. I thought it was going
    to suffer the same fate as the 2014 Godzilla movie with the stupid
    melodrama. This movie succeeded where Godzilla failed. It was a brutal
    movie about humans trying to escape a savage world of giant creatures
    in which they don’t belong. The film had enough humour. It didn’t
    overdo it and it wasn’t trying to be too serious as some other monster
    movies. (Godzilla.) Overall Kong: Skull Island is a solid step forward
    for the MonsterVerse. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • conheomapMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Who wrote this plot?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CruiseMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Donkey Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eddie1985March 16, 2017Reply

    Mysterious, dangerous and full of action

    The movie Kong begins with two people fighting it out in an deserted
    island after landing from a parachute and the first look of the massive
    structure. The story begins with an exploration team trying to discover
    the skull island, somewhere in the south east near Vietnam. The place
    is dangerous and mysterious and the team is headed by Samuel Jackson.
    The 3D effects are fully enjoyable and worth watching. All the
    creatures shown are extremely dangerous and reminds you of Avatar.
    Story is good and takes u back to the old saying which says man is more
    dangerous to nature and if you invade others territory, they will try
    to protect in whatever way they can. The crash scenes and full fledged
    introduction of Kong is simply outstanding and proves man as a mere toy
    in the hands of all the animals. Not to forget the funny moments and
    dialogues between Cole and his friend. Music is progressive and gives a
    feel of the movie in a grand way. Lastly the island is definitely not a
    place you would try to enter.

  • Mina NabilMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Again it disappointed me but still enjoyable

    I was so anticipated for this movie i enjoyed it but i didn’t love it
    firstly i liked the action sequence it was great the visual effects was
    good i liked Kong himself more than the first one and the fights
    between monsters was fantastic bit my problems with it is the acting
    some people acted in a bad way and made me not interested in them and
    bored and the details and plot twist wasn’t stable i cant believe that
    brie Larson from Oscar best actress for a masterpiece like room to this
    way of acting she wasn’t good at all so as 50% of the people and the
    rhythm and tone of the movie weren’t Good but the action sequence
    passed this problem

  • Daniel HoodMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Weak-but-entertaining monster movie.

    Since this movie was released last Friday, it has garnered a fairly
    positive reception. Seeing it being talked about so positively aroused
    an eager interest, mostly due to my love of the King Kong character,
    which led me to see it a few days ago. Do I think that it lived up to
    the hype? No. I do not.

    Now, that does not mean to say that I did not derive any enjoyment from
    the picture, because I did, but boy, this movie has issues.

    The movie begins by introducing us to the various characters who are
    brought together by John Goodman and Corey Hawkins’ characters, two men
    who are leading an expedition to an uncharted island. Once there they
    inevitably run into the famous ape, as well as some other scary

    This is an extremely formulaic plot present in every King Kong movie.
    However, the problem I had with this film wasn’t necessarily over the
    simple structure, but more so the poor execution of said structure.

    The human characters feel paper thin and lazily written. The dialogue
    they are given is even worse. Tom Hiddlestone and Brie Larsson are two
    particular characters who are given no development whatsoever, yet the
    movie puts them in situations where it feels like we are supposed to
    care for them. The only two characters that were given any kind of
    development were John C. Reilly and Samual L. Jackson. Everyone else
    felt like they were part of a B-movie.

    Now, negative out of the way, I must say that Kong and the other
    creatures on the island are the high-points of the film for me.
    Everyone one of them feels realistic, with personality. Their movements
    flow and add weight, particularly with Kong himself. I found myself
    wanting the monsters on screen whenever they weren’t, and I wasn’t let
    down on that end.

    It’s a pity the weak characters take away from the greatness of the
    titular beast, but it’s safe to say that anyone who wants to see King
    Kong beating the crap out of mysterious monsters will not be
    disappointed. Just don’t expect to remember the movie two weeks down
    the line.

  • Declan WallMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen In A Theatre

    Fails in every aspect. The only thing I didn’t laugh at were the jokes.
    Horribly cliché, horrible writing, horrible direction, some poor acting
    and fake accents here and there, mostly poor CGI (although Kong’s CGI
    was fine).

    I’m baffled as to how this movie is being received so well. The only
    saving grace is that about 10 seconds of the movie had some interesting
    lighting. That’s it.

    I don’t recommend anyone even think about this movie, let alone pay
    money to see it.

  • bradenrrrrrrMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Peter Jackson’s was better by a longshot.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ironhorse_ivMarch 17, 2017Reply

    This Viet-Kong Monster Movie is not quite king, but it was entertaining. It could be, a little bit better.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reel Life ReviewsMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Another missed remake

    Kong: Skull Island – Repackaged for 2017, this attempt doesn’t take a
    whole lot of risks. The production design, sound, and sense of scale
    were really the only positives I could find. The soundtrack was
    enjoyable, but came off a bit cliché. The exact songs you’d expect to
    be in a Vietnam war film are front and center.

    The movie is all but devoid of humor. And I don’t mean it takes itself
    too seriously or doesn’t make time for jokes, I mean that the jokes are
    just hopelessly off the mark. Lines are delivered and it’s almost like
    the editor left in a beat or two after each one to allow the crowd time
    to laugh without missing anything. This only made them more
    cringe-worthy because the movie was shamelessly telling you ”this is a
    funny part!” while all we heard were crickets. For the first couple of
    them I found myself thinking ”there has to be more to the joke, I’ll
    just wait for — oh OK that was it.” There were a few sections of
    dialogue that were clearly rerecorded after filming. A person would be
    delivering a line and then, when the camera was at their back, or on
    someone else in the scene, the tone and cadence would be noticeably
    different than their lines before and after. And sometimes they didn’t
    even bother to cover it up. There were two distinct moments where what
    the actor was mouthing wasn’t remotely close to what you were hearing.

    Lastly, even with this star studded cast (Samuel L. Jackson, Tom
    Hiddleston, Brie Larsen, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly) the writers
    still couldn’t provide memorable characters. The development was so
    poor that out of all them I actually could only remember the name of
    Samuel L. Jackson’s character by the end of the movie. But does that
    even count? I was only able to do so because you could see it
    prominently on his jacket throughout the film.

    I went in with high hopes, and while I did enjoy it more than the 3
    hour offering from Peter Jackson in 2005, I’m still just not a fan. It
    would seem this story in general is not for me. Having said all this
    I’m still hopeful for Kong’s planned crossover movie with another
    certain monster in a few years. It should afford the opportunity to
    break away from the familiar. For now, however, I’m stuck with another
    safe remake. 4/10.

  • vengeance20March 17, 2017Reply

    Great Film!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rahim KhanMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Kong skull island

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bobdesMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Kong is Back and Delivers!

    Kong is Back! Growing up, nothing wrapped up the Thanksgiving holidays
    like the showings of the Japanese Monster movies (that, and March of
    the Wooden Soldiers). They were a Thanksgiving staple right along the
    cranberry sauce and turkey.

    By today’s standards, some younger folks would see them as laughable or
    amateurish because of their simplistic methods in bringing GIANT
    monsters to life without the use of Computer Generated Images (CGI).

    2014 gave us a newer, modern Godzilla. I loved this movie as to me, it
    paid homage to the classic Godzilla in little ways that some true fans
    might pick up.

    This brings me to the subject of this review; KONG: Skull Island. First
    off, the movie gives us a unique telling of the story by changing the
    time-line of the story and therefore giving it a different feel to the
    2014 Godzilla. The CGI was fantastic and they even went as far as to
    have Kong stand more erect, like the TOHO Studios Kong from the 60’s
    (due to a man being in the Kong suit). The cast all did a fine job and
    each made their characters interesting. I particularly liked John
    Goodman and John C. Riley’s performances. Tom Hiddleston did a fine job
    as the male lead and was noticeably slightly buffed up than his
    portrayal as Thor’s brother, Loki. Samuel Jackson played… Samuel
    Jackson. LOL… The movie stayed on point and covered the science
    aspect just enough to give it a follow-able story and yet not too much
    to bore kids in the audience.

    The 3D effects in the film really stood out and were not overbearing or
    obnoxious. There were plenty of creatures to keep Kong occupied and us
    entertained throughout the story.

    If you do plan on seeing this… please stay to the very, very end of
    the end credits. Have fun and see you at the movies!!!

  • theromanempire-1March 17, 2017Reply

    Missed the real king kong feeling BUT entertaining enough

    As a huge king kong fan and having grown up in the 70s with the 1976
    kong version and having owned all kong related films I have to say I
    was disappointed from the beginning of this film as it missed the real
    kong feeling showing how the swat team went to the island with the rest
    of the team but in a humorous way like we were watching
    a….comesy-adventure parody film. there was no mystery and in a few
    minutes king kong suddenly appeared on screen fighting with the
    choppers like it was….the end of the film.

    the surprise factor was gone. the kong atmosphere was ruined.

    Afterwards things improved we got a good story new monsters and there
    was a tribute to the 1976 film showing the big wall which kept apart
    the human natives from the monsters….etc.

    the monsters were great the effects also good and the film was
    entertaining enough but as I said for me the first 30 minutes or so
    ruined the real kong feeling the movie should have.

  • latinfineartMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Unbelievably juvenile. Ridiculous story.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • augustvanderwerfMarch 17, 2017Reply

    A fun, undeniably entertaining film, but with prominent problems

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Syed MahiaanMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Kong : Skull Island is a treat for your eyes.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DanielpotatoMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Sorry, there is no king here.

    King Kong (1933) was a perfect movie in its proposal. A simple, direct
    and clear message. No remakes or sequels required. This is why all
    sequels and remakes are always inferior in impact to the original.
    Filmmakers always want to add anything new and unnecessary.

    In this new film, Kong leaves the territory of quality and embarks on a
    trip to the territory of blockbusters, in other words, special effects
    and jokes (just watch the retarded and unnecessary joke scene about the
    Skullcrawlers name with Hiddleston, Larson and John C. Reilly) overlap
    the story, and so the film is passable and totally forgettable in a

    Once again, Hollywood treats scientists as idiots when the character of
    Corey Hawkins can not even open a can of canned food and feels
    intimidated by a woman. Not to mention the macho colonel, who wants an
    unnecessary revenge with Kong, because Kong killed his men (in a casual

    And not to mention the idiotic plans that Jordan Vogt-Roberts uses to
    focus the eyes of the Samuel L. Jackson character with the eyes of King
    Kong. It seems like the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants to make a
    kind of (unnecessary) fight in the old west style. Pure waste of time,
    as we know that the macho colonel, is no challenge for Kong, so why
    waste precious screen time with these situations? Because Kong’s story
    can be told as in the original in just 90 or 100 minutes. And the
    filmmarkers have to put 2 hours of film and for this they have to put
    unnecessary situations and scenes.

    As the disposable soldier of the colonel, who gets lost from the group,
    just to see Kong crush a giant squid (and then Kong eats it), then
    after some scenes, be killed by another giant monster. What could be an
    interesting conflict between the characters of Tom Hiddleston and
    Samuel L. Jackson, but that ends up in nothing. Because people are
    written from a stupid one-dimensional way (like the stupid macho
    colonel). That is, more movie time, for less story. This is because
    Kong never leaves the island in this movie, Kong will only leave the
    island in 2020 in the movie Godzilla vs. King Kong. Yes this movie aims
    to create another shared universe (MCU type of crap), and in the end
    this compromises the quality of this film. The filmmakers have their
    hands tied, because they can not put their best on this film, however
    they have to think how this movie will work with another movie from
    another guy, three long years into the future.

    I went into the movie hoping to see a good and fun Kong movie, and I
    ended up seeing a crap and bad one, because of the ambition of the
    studio that compromised the quality of the movie, for the money. Not to
    mention, even as a fun movie, this movie fails so much.

    You see, the scenes with special effects, you can see that the scenes
    were all filmed on a green screen. And the final fight between Kong and
    the giant lizard is even inferior to the T-rex fights in Peter
    Jackson’s 2005 remake. Yes, the fights and clashes between Kong and the
    other giants monsters were better, bigger, more epic, more brutal and
    vicarious than in this pathetic 2017 movie. I’m not defending the Peter
    Jackson movie, that film obviously had its flaws, but in the department
    of special effects and action scenes (this department that does not
    save a movie, nonetheless) is vastly superior to this Jordan Vogt-
    Roberts movie. Even as an action movie and blockbuster, this movie
    fails in a big way.

    But if you were disappointed, and if you were sad that you had lost
    money unfairly, you can wait until 2020 to see the rest of the film in
    Godzilla VS King Kong.

    My God, that’s why commercial filmmaking is in the mud. The commercial
    cinema has as main target children, teenagers and young people. And
    this is why the quality bar is so low.

  • animateurMarch 17, 2017Reply

    An Insult to Cinema and Filmmaking

    oh my god where do i begin… i have literally seen thousands of films
    in the course of my life and have been a member for years yet i never
    wrote a review for a film before even if had rated it a 1. but in this
    case i was so enraged that i had to write my first review. this film is
    beyond terrible its definitely one of the worst films i have ever seen.
    its an insult to the original 1933 king Kong and peter Jacksons 2005
    king Kong. i don’t know how these films are funded and how these empty
    scripts are produced by big studios. its full of clichés and there is
    no plot in sight, the characters are empty and not interesting at all.
    the whole story seemed rushed and un-entertaining. its amazing how
    studios are afraid to create something original and just stick to
    recycling films that they THINK would sell. i would rather have spent
    those two hours staring at an empty white wall than to have watched
    this film. avoid it and save your money.

  • (fandangonoir)March 17, 2017Reply

    Killa Thrilla Kong!

    Caught a righteous screening of Kong: Skull Island at the local IMAX
    theater and it’s what you’d expect, a rock ’em, sock ’em monster movie!

    It stars a great cast, the indomitable John Goodman, Mister Senor Love
    Daddy Samuel L. Jackson, the great John C. Reilly, the super cool Tom
    Hiddleston, the dynamic Brie Larson and her amazing gravity defying
    breasts and Toby Kebbell as the CGI actor of King Kong himself, yet
    some may be wicked bummed Andy Serkis didn’t return to reprise the role
    of Kong from the 2005 Peter Jackson film.

    This cast of motley characters is sent to investigate the mysterious
    Skull Island, home to the legendary simian giant King Kong, and they
    end up bruised, battered and bloody and getting mucho more than they
    bargained for on the monster filled isle.

    Some may say this sequel pales in comparison to the 1930s original King
    Kong or the 2005 Jackson remake, yet this film’s just for kicks and it
    delivers the goods with a healthy side badassery and a killer stinger
    scene that promises many more kooky and cool Kong sequels to come.

  • wd-8March 17, 2017Reply

    Truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ihatekongMarch 18, 2017Reply

    If you like this movie, I worry for your future

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Allan ZychMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Hollywood Get it into your Skull: Reboots Are Retarded

    Reboot # 50 of 250 for 2017 I have not seen any king kong films, so I
    went into watching this with an open mind. I now know that those films
    must be better than this one because otherwise this one would never
    have been made. This film is incredibly disappointing. The CGI was
    forced and reminded me of the last Star Trek in how bad, amateurish and
    pointless it was. The girls are ugly and seemed to have absolutely zero
    reason between them to be there and oddly enough Jackson looks even
    more useless than his usual.

    That is not just my personal opinion however. My wife who I went to see
    the film with whispered to me ‘this is silly’ halfway through and she
    revealed to me that she had felt embarrassed watching the movie. I went
    because the reviews said it was good, but could the reviewers be
    getting paid to lie?

    In the future no matter how many reviewers make outlandish claims I
    will remember that what I know is true: all sequels, prequels and
    remakes are stupid.

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])March 18, 2017Reply

    Don’t mess with Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • soulreavaMarch 18, 2017Reply

    2017’s First Critical MONSTER HIT !!!!!!!!!!

    Kong Skull Island, without a doubt is not only the best King Kong movie
    but a great monster movie to WATCH this year. It delivers exactly what

    The story. the direction, the camera, the acting … EVERYTHING about
    this movie is great which makes it a fun and must watch MONSTER FLICK
    with friends and family. Unlike most monster movies it leaves you
    satisfied and oh yes … don’t forget to watch the post credits scene

  • sasquacharryMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Thank you for a excellent movie

    as a person who goes to the movies often you don’t usaly see a movie
    that was so well put together as this one, it has just the right amount
    of action, drama, Easter eggs, and nods to the craft of film making I
    could handle. I believe that if you are just a person that watches a
    movie every so often that this movie would NOT waste your time and you
    would enjoy it very much. If you like Kong this is a good movie to see.

    To whom it may consern this movie was well put together and I thank you
    for making my night enjoyable. Thank you.

  • Rawal AfzalMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Two hours of intense terror!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jackson PrestoMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Gorilla Thriller!

    Kong: Skull Island is a thoroughly entertaining picture that will have
    you completely engaged throughout. Most Hollywood blockbusters at the
    moment can feel quite mindless; however this film is visually stunning
    and has quite a thought provoking message at its core.

    The film stars big names such as Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson,
    Brie Larson, John C. Reilly and John Goodman. The film actually follows
    quite a few main characters but the film never gets over crowded.
    Everyone in the film does a spectacular job. I personally really
    enjoyed John C. Reilly’s portrayal of his character and how his
    personal storyline progressed.

    The cinematography is truly beautiful in this film. The effects of the
    film are also very realistic and make the film very visually engaging.
    The helicopter sequence at the beginning of the film is a good example
    of this.

    Overall, I think this is a really good film that brings back the feel
    of the old adventure films of the past. Jordan Vogt-Roberts has done a
    brilliant job directing a light-hearted, yet still realistic action-
    packed film. The film’s music is also very well chosen and helps to
    create an atmosphere. I would give the film 8 out of 10.

  • Danny PlataMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Predictable and Cliché

    The cast is the best part about this movie. The acting is solid, but
    every scene in this movie when focused on the Vietnam era soldiers
    comes off as B-Roll from the movie Apocalypse Now. With early 70’s hits
    playing the background as the action unfolds. The CGI Kong is the best
    thing about this movie, but the story is somewhat tedious and some
    scenes look as if they were shot and edited by Michael Bay.

  • Biraj YogiMarch 18, 2017Reply

    You get your money’s worth!

    I will admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this
    movie. The whole franchise building thing hasn’t worked out well for
    most studios and frankly the last Godzilla movie was a bit of a dud
    except for the final act.

    So, I went to this movie with a little hope of it being any good. And
    when the movie started I was surprised!

    I don’t think most people will appreciate the human characters because
    we are not in the theatre to see them, and Tom Hiddleston’s English
    accent is a little distracting. I also didn’t know why a Oscar winning
    actress would want to play a character so thinly written. She is there
    just so there can be a girl among all the guys. She held her own
    though, with what she had been given.

    But let just get to the good part, the hero of this movie is the
    cinematographer. The scale presented in this movie was outstanding.
    There is scene where Sam L Jackson is looking at Kong and the camera
    goes behind his head just to show the difference in scale and size.
    Each frame was brilliant, the helicopter shots were awesome, and the
    King fight scenes were better that that of Godzilla!

    In the end, I had a lot of fun with this one…the movie was funny and
    commanding. The run time could have been shorter but King Kong beating
    the hell out of ”stuff” made up for it!

  • icpemsbyMarch 18, 2017Reply

    I thought this would be obscenely average…I was very wrong

    Strong cast, good acting, likable characters and good special effects
    made this movie far more enjoyable then I expected. This is a summer
    popcorn movie released early and what a treat!!! My expectations were
    low going in but by the end I was hoping this movie does well in
    regards to word of mouth and $$$. It’s not going to win any Oscars but
    it’s a wonderful escape for a few hours. Oscars are rigged anyways😄

  • rtresoorMarch 18, 2017Reply

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…Do Not Go To This Movie!

    I love movies and I can let my imagination do its thing. Really! I
    won’t bore you with all the good and bad parts of this movie because
    most of it is bad…really bad! As my friend said after the movie
    ended…” I feel much dumber after watching Kong”. Find a well directed
    movie and stay away from Kong. I’m out.

  • khan-yo-007March 18, 2017Reply

    An Entertainer with a Message For the HUMANKIND

    THe second best Kong movie ever. THe first being the first installment.
    Supreme performance by old man Jackson as the unbelievable poltergeist.
    Beautiful visuals. Felt really sad thinking about us all being such a
    burden on our fellow earthlings. Destroying everything we laid eyes

  • ichmagfrauenMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Quality Action Film!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • modzMarch 18, 2017Reply

    oh boy

    I was hoping to like it. Special effects pretty good but that doesn’t
    make a movie. Bad script, bad one liners, odd scenes and somewhere in
    between a comedy and action film. Could go on and on but I already
    wasted 2 hours on it. Too bad they didn’t all die, oh wait did
    they.Hell I don’t remember. Should have went to Logan.

  • jdesandoMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Enjoy being scared with your friends, and see quality cinema at the same time

    ”. . . The land where God did not finish creation . . . the place where
    myth and science meet.” Bill Randa (John Goodman)

    In Kong: Skull Island, the real science is the creation by director
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts and writers of a believable myth, gigantism run
    amok with a hundred-foot gorilla and other nasty, very large
    pre-historic monsters. By paying homage to 1933 filmmakers Merian C.
    Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedack’s Kong, this film shows myths can be
    reworked to maintain their original power while complementing the
    proceedings with new angles of vision.

    Although Skull Island is a place of death as monsters battle for
    control, it still houses benign natives and visiting guests like
    tracker James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) and photographer Mason Weaver
    (Brie Larson). The dark side is Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L.
    Jackson), who not only represents the tunnel vision of present-day
    militarism but also the myth of the sexually powerful black man, a
    cultural companion to the imposing Kong.

    However, this Kong has grown in sensitivity over 84 years: He protects
    the island’s good denizens from the devils below and he respects the
    new blonde Fay Wray, Mason Weaver: ”People here used to live in fear,
    from everything. Then something strange happened: some of the monsters
    here started protecting them from the other monsters trying to kill
    them.” Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly).

    This is a Kong to love more than fear. Gone is the threatening
    sexuality of the early Kong with his probing fingers; here is a monster
    more like a schoolboy seeing a beautiful teacher and protecting her.

    Notable are this film’s allusions to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
    (Conrad as last name of this hero and Marlow, Heart’s narrator, and the
    last name of this WW II leftover Hank, played by Reilly with a wry
    detachment, a welcome antidote to almost everyone else’s grave
    demeanor). The multiple shots of an over-sized sun and makeshift patrol
    boat leave no doubt of this film’s debt to Apocalypse Now.

    Kong: Skull Island is a modern fable about our collaboration with
    nature and the menace of the military-industrial complex (consider the
    current budget proposal’s lavish military spending). Beyond that, it’s
    darn good story telling accompanied by state-of-the-art graphics to
    make the experience a marvel rather than a menace.

    ”Kong’s a pretty good king. Keeps to himself, mostly. But you don’t go
    into someone’s house and start dropping bombs, unless you’re picking a
    fight.” Marlow

  • streeton1-43-160066March 19, 2017Reply

    Plot Holes You Could Drive Through

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TakethispunchMarch 19, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matt GreeneMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Never Thought I’d Miss Naomi Watts Ice-Skating…

    I was looking forward to this latest over-sized ape. Coming from the
    studio who brought us the 2014 Godzilla, starring a stacked cast, and
    boasting a stylishly fun trailer, I was all-in. Unfortunately, Kong is
    a special kinda bad, like a throwaway 90s adventure with as much brains
    as subtlety. It’s corny but cynical; it’s tongue-in-cheek but
    mean-spirited; it even made me miss Kong ice skating with Naomi Watts.
    It’s an awful scattershot of varied tones & overwhelming styles. In a
    re-imagining of the discovery of Kong, a group of scientists, explorers
    and military-men in 1971 make a trek to the mysterious & monster-filled
    Skull Island. It’s full of some of the biggest actors around, both
    up-and-coming & veterans. Sadly, it’s one of the biggest wastes of a
    great cast in years, as they are given an unbearably clichéd and
    incomprehensible script. The soldiers (Jackson) are angry, the
    scientists (Goodman) are reckless, and the pretty white people
    (Hiddleston, Larson) are romantically shoved together. The character
    purposes are unclear, the dialogue is mind-numbing, and the message is
    essentially, ”Violence: bad. Empathy: good.” Even the basic choice of
    creating intrigue is pushed-aside, opting to obnoxiously shove us into
    the monsters’ faces from the get-go. It’s all as graceful as Kong
    himself. Not that it isn’t stylish; just the opposite. Director
    Vogt-Roberts decided that if you CAN use a cinematic trick then you
    SHOULD. Random zoom-in / push-outs, incessant slo-mo, quick edits,
    old-style reel-to-reel effects, and laughable 3D-only shots; it’s a
    boring theme-park ride, including narrative heft. There’s lots of great
    stuff in theaters: Logan, Get Out, Split, Lego Batman (which has Kong
    in it!); don’t waste your time on this loud-garbage.

  • Muriela DannyMarch 19, 2017Reply

    The Filmmakers Brain Must Be Thick As A Quiche

    What else can I write? Other review said it well and there should be
    nothing else to add. This film was a major letdown as an entity and for
    anyone out there who likes King Kong. I am disappointed that I spent my
    man’s money just to be disappointed. The story was unbelievable
    (Japanese back story, Vietnam war in which we attacked the poor
    Vietnamese, a Chinese chick to sell tickets in China and then gigantic
    creatures at war) with little to no thought devoted to making it
    believable. The whole film seemed to be rushed to the big screen for
    the sole purpose of making money after a script was written analysed to
    include everything needed to make cash (again the aforementioned
    elements, a reboot, a couple of chicks, different men from different
    races, using a famous character’s story and name…) . I am so sorry,
    but King Kong had a story and motivations, it deserves to be one of the
    best story lines brought to the big screen full of emotional backstory
    and humanizing feeling. I feel Hollywood has overdone the whole reboot

  • RenCatReviewsMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Stylish, fun, trashy, and immensely entertaining,

    It’s official, we finally have a franchise centered entirely around
    giant monsters. The films in this monster verse include ‘Godzilla’,
    ‘Pacific Rim’, and now ‘Kong’. I gotta say, going into this film I
    expected the worst. I expected it to be the typical Marvel-esque film
    where it tries a little bit too hard to make you like its characters
    and ends in an unnecessarily over the top action sequence between an
    underdeveloped villain. But I’m happy to report that this film is not
    like that, at all. What is interesting about these three monster movies
    is that they all feel incredibly unique to the filmmakers. They all
    have a distinct voice and style that no other ”franchise” has. They are
    very much the director’s film. Not the studios.

    This is one of the weirdest, most horrifically violent PG-13 studio
    films I have seen in quite some time. It actually remained me a great
    deal of ‘The Great Wall’. Except this film seems to have a slight sense
    of self-awareness. This actually shocked me. It almost makes fun of
    itself and the films that are like it. It has the typical character
    sacrifice scene near the end except he just gets whipped a mile away
    from the action and just dies. It’s not heroic, he just dies for
    basically no reason. It’s scenes like this that really make this film
    work. Characters say goofy lines right before getting smashed to
    pieces, there’s tons of color, and the camera is constantly on the

    In many ways, it feels like a Micheal Bay movie that is actually aware
    of itself. It knows how dumb it is and it plays it up to ludicrous
    degrees. I mean, a guy literally gets impaled by a giant ant for crying
    out loud. If you’re taking this film seriously, you’re doing it wrong.
    If you think this is just a typical action movie and aren’t open to
    what is about to happen you’ll probably hate this film.

    Because it is that typical action movie we all expected. The characters
    are flat as boards and they don’t really do much aside from being
    smashed to death. Not to mention it features a giant monster that
    punches other giant monsters in their stupid faces. So, if you aren’t
    ready to accept the fact that this film is almost making fun of itself
    then you probably shouldn’t see this.

    However, if you want to see gigantic action set pieces and corny
    dialogue ripped straight out of the 1980’s then boy do I have a movie
    for you. This is the first massive scale action movie in a long time
    that is just an action movie. It knows exactly what it is and it
    doesn’t screw around with hardly anything else. It doesn’t really
    bother setting up characters or anything like that. It shows us where
    all these people are in their lives and then it just goes.

    Within twenty minutes King Kong is tearing apart helicopters and
    crushing people to death. And from then on, the film does not stop
    moving. It’s actually so frantically paced that you really don’t have
    time to think about the paper thin characters or lack of story. It just
    goes from one action sequence to the next in such haste that nothing
    else really matters. That being said I do have one major flaw that
    almost ruins the entire film.

    The editing here is an absolute travesty. This film is so poorly edited
    that it’s borderline incoherent. There are scenes that abruptly end and
    transition into a completely different area featuring the same
    characters. They will be in one place and without warning the film will
    cut to an entirely different location at an entirely different time of
    day but it stays with the same characters the whole time. The editing
    is so aggressive and rushed that even some of the action scenes move
    too quickly to get a sense for what is happening.

    But, aside from that, this film is thoroughly enjoyable. There a few
    parts that drag just a bit and that editing is in complete disarray,
    but I loved this film. It’s such a breath of fresh air in a genre over
    saturated by people wearing capes that we vaguely care about. What
    ‘Kong’ does better than so many of these other action movies is that it
    just is a movie. It doesn’t blatantly attempt to set up a sequel or
    take itself more seriously than it needed too. It knows that it’s dumb
    and it plays on that. It’s goofy, overblown, and often times downright
    weird, yet that’s why I love it.

  • view_and_reviewMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Better than ’05

    This movie had no shortage of familiar faces: Corey Hawkins and Jason
    Mitchell from Straight Outta Compton, Shea Wigham from Boardwalk
    Empire, Toby Kebbell from Black Mirror (excellent Netflix program),
    John C. Reilly from Talladega Nights and a host of other things, and
    John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson who both need no introduction.

    The Kong story has been done time and again, most recently in 2005 with
    Jack Black. This version was a lot less drama and more action. They
    didn’t dink around in this movie with delaying the unveiling of Kong,
    rather they gave us a glimpse early so as to not keep us in rapt
    anticipation like the ’05 version. In that respect, they did well. But,
    the one consistent trope that is a constant bummer for me is the damsel
    in distress that Kong is enamored with. They downplayed that dynamic
    this time around so that the quasi-love affair/love triangle wasn’t the
    story but it still had a part. I’m just not moved by the beast being
    tamed by the delicate white woman.

    Kong: Skull Island offered a lot of ooh and aah moments, some
    obligatory humor and a strong anti-war message. I had no problems with
    any of it although they made Preston Packard (Sam Jackson) so over the
    top with his dogged pursuit of military action as the answer that it
    detracted from the movie.

    I liked this version better than the ’05 one and I can’t remember the
    ’76 version that well. With reference to Kong as a Massive Unidentified
    Terrestrial Object (M.U.T.O.) we can probably expect him to have an
    eventual showdown (or tag team effort) with Godzilla. That is a battle
    I’d pay to see.

  • BabalugatsMarch 19, 2017Reply

    It’s not terrible – Spoilers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jackson Booth-MillardMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • almalood_91March 19, 2017Reply

    I like it but…

    I entered this movie with negative expectation. however, I find it a
    fine movie with a good graphics and story line.

    the thing I didn’t like was the ending. it was very fast. and the
    characters has less talking to declare there ideas and emotion.

    but at the end of the movie I really enjoy it and how King kong new
    movie look like. And the acting was so amazing.

  • Don AndersonMarch 19, 2017Reply

    A dry, faceless, blockbuster with some good things.

    After enjoying the Gareth Edwards oddly significant Godzilla, I
    actually looked forward to Jordan Vogt-Roberts Kong Skull Island.
    Godzilla left me with an impression that the producers of the ”monster-
    verse” movies had restraint from these films becoming ”Transformers”
    levels of stupid. But after Kong, I still have that mindset, just
    lowered a bit. Kong is not overly dumb, it’s just too dry to become
    anything other than the stereotype blockbuster.

  • eagandersongilMarch 19, 2017Reply

    A bigger monster to get away from the old cliché

    A new remake for a classic, now getting away from the old but adorable
    cliché of always, Kong takes a different approach from its
    predecessors, but that does not mean that it is better. We have a
    script that innovates within the franchise, because even without the
    ”King” in the name, Kong is king of an island and fight against Cajus –
    no dinosaurs this time – the script innovates and at the same time we
    all know their endings, The film tells the story of researcher Bill
    Randa (John Goodman), who in 1973 departed to explore an island that
    until then is isolated and unknown to the rest of the world. We have a
    very digital photograph, the chroma key jumps, and Kong’s scanning is
    not very perfectionistic, sometimes even to notice its pixelization,
    and we also have the old focus on the sun of the apocalypse now – After
    all, we have references to war Of Vietnam – references that are wide
    open in their soundtrack, with a good rock of the 70s, its assembly is
    good, its rhythm does not get to mesmerize but it pleases, and its
    direction of art desires, its camera angles are great , Focus on the
    eyes creating a Mexican stalemate between Kong and his ”Enemies”, to
    the best style – Guarding the due proportions – Sergio Leone. We have
    one of the best blockbuster films I’ve seen that goes from John Goofman
    to Brie Larson, to Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston, but incredible
    as it may seem, this cast is completely expendable, John Reilly even
    does A good performance, and Samuel Jackson is the least worst as ever,
    Oscar winner Brie Larson seems to have no desire at all, but let’s give
    a discount, fianl this movie is from Kong, the gorilla now bigger than
    normal goes well, Despite the regular quality of its effects, it
    punches, kicks, picks up trunk, judo punches and detonates Cajus, that
    is, plays its role. ”Kong” is a film for the nostalgic of monsters or
    for those who want to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with the family, because
    it is fun and good to watch and not even that bad.

  • HumphreywashereMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Appalling, offensive, American-centric trash

    Just trash. Two words that describe this absolutely awful movie. I
    concur with all the other reviewers who gave this movie a score of 1. I
    didn’t read the reviews before I went to see this movie (my mistake)
    and I endured it for the sake of the other people with me who also
    hated it, otherwise I would have left after 30 minutes. The
    scriptwriters racist and disrespectful portrayal of the tribespeople
    was just mind boggling. So much for Ms Larsons so-called ‘activism’.
    All the actors appearing in this trash should apologise to the public.

  • ike-21 ([email protected])March 20, 2017Reply

    Jurassic Kong World

    A fun but forgettable film.

    This is the kind of movie that is made to be seen on the big screen.
    Basically because it makes Kong feel like a towering monster!

    But it has its issues. The movie lacks a good dialog. It could have
    used some catch-phrases to give it some appeal. And although the
    character development wasn’t bad, it needed an identifiable main

    The film, at times, also insults our intelligence. Basically, if a
    pilot sees a helicopter get swatted down by a huge monster, perhaps the
    other pilots would change course or retreat! Or at least be smart
    enough not to fly their choppers within arms’ length of an unknown

    That being said… The concept was good and intriguing. The visual
    setting was a feast for the eyes. I felt the real physical landscapes
    blended with the CGI sets very well. This was done better than a lot of
    recently released action movies.

    ‘Kong: Skull Island’ isn’t going to win any major awards. But it is fun
    to watch!

  • Kapten VideoMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Everything looks amazing for a big dumb adventure like it is

    Yet another ”useful” reboot, also promoted as origin story… because
    movie buffs haven’t surely seen enough of those, yeah?

    It doesn’t even make much sense to create an origin story for Kong
    because his movies have always explained the origins… but they did it
    anyway. For the bigger purpose to add the king ape into the newest
    Godzilla reboot.

    You do remember 2014’s mediocre ”Godzilla”, starring Bryan Cranston,
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe et al? You don’t? Hopefully you will
    still like to see the sequel „Godzilla: King of Monsters” coming in
    2019 March, where G and Kong will meet finally (again).

    Anyway, about the experience at hand. „Skull Island” reaches wide
    cinema release this weekend. It’s probably partially an experiment, to
    see how early in the year the masses are ready to shell out their
    hard-earned for run-of-the-mill epics usually more suitable for summer

    The movie cost 190 million dollars and I am glad to report that the
    producers have put this for good use.

    Everything looks amazing and for a big dumb adventure like this,
    there’s unusually big and varied line of actresses/ actors. Casting
    team has done a fine job indeed.

    We have:

    * some always super-solid supporting star players (John Goodman, Samuel
    L. Jackson),

    * an acclaimed indie actress offering some feminine beauty (Brie

    * also always-reliable surprise player who can do both drama and comedy
    (John C. Reilly),

    * and a bunch of good likable actors that you are sure you know from
    somewhere, even if you can’t recall the names (such as Tom Hiddleston –
    Loki from „Thor”, Corey Hawkins, John Ortiz, Toby Kebbell – doubling as
    a motion capture actor for Kong, Shea Whigham et al).

    The only odd choice is to criminally underuse China’s rising star
    actress Tian Jing. She’s here but can’t do much. She’s not used to add
    beauty, she’s not gonna offer some kick-ass action scenes as in „The
    Great Wall” alongside Matt Damon. Why cast her at all if you have no
    need for her?

    What’s surprising is that actors are not here just to hold our
    attention between grand action setpieces. Their performances have heart
    and persuasiveness which is something of an achievement, considering
    that much of their acting time was probably spent in front of the empty
    green canvas.

    John C. Reilly is the main man here actually, he has the meatiest
    character and also the side-mission to act as a comic relief without
    turning into a joke.

    As usual, I love him and what he does with the material. Just the
    perfect balance between obscure, funny and crazy.

    The monsters look awesome as well and meeting them is worth your time
    and ticket money. I watched „Kong: Skull Island” in IMAX and 3D, and
    both have actually been put to good use here. But I am sure everything
    looks good in „standard” 2D as well.

    ”Skull Island” sure is a looker, not only monsters and fighting but the
    locations as well which make everything look truly epic. Filmed in
    Hawaii, Vietnam and Australia by the way.

    The only reason I am not willing to give the result a higher score is
    the screenplay. It’s just a bunch of old tired clichés and, to add
    insult to the injury, the story has been left to sit uncomfortably
    between two different chairs in at least two important aspects.

    Firstly, the story’s is too clichéd and unoriginal to really grab any
    adult viewer BUT there’s too much violence to gladly recommend it as a
    family thing. Secondly, the plot moves constantly between being very
    serious and just light-hearted which makes it uneven and sometimes hard
    to take.

    In my mind, they should have modernized soldier characters, right now
    it feels like anachronism – something from old Kong movies.

    The army marches in and just tries to destroy everything which feels
    pretty disgusting in the „enlightened” times of 21st century. If it
    wasn’t all so serious, at least it could be taken as social commentary
    or black comedy or something.

    Even Jurassic’s and Godzilla’s latest outings have fresh-er approach to
    monster movies which involves more than senseless killing.

    So you will get an odd combo where mindless destruction alternates with
    light-hearted adventure. Is it really proper approach for PG-13 family
    movie? Am I too sensitive here?

  • dwmccleneyMarch 20, 2017Reply

    I walked out after an hour

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JustGotToSayItMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Go For the Spectacle

    You don’t go to a King Kong movie to expect great plot, or great
    acting. I mean this is a giant gorilla movie, so that should go without
    saying. You go for the spectacle, and this one delivers. Unlike the
    really long and sappy Peter Jackson version, which was a total bore,
    this one delivers action and fun monsters. Whereby Peter Jackson’s Kong
    was a total sap, this Kong was a total bad-ass. And you can feel why he
    was KING of the Skull Island. So I recommend you go for the fun and
    watch it in 3D.

  • SkeenobearMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Mixed bag of Kong

    I went into this movie with low expectations, expecting a lot of action
    with some token story and character development that could be thrown
    aside. I was completely correct.

    Kong: Skull Island is a beautiful film to look at, there is some
    excellent CGI here that warrants a cinema viewing. Sadly, that is about
    all I can say for the movie, since it really does have nothing else.
    The cast is severely underused, therefore I had no connection with any
    of the characters whatsoever. The writing is BAD, seriously bad. Almost
    all of the dialogue was either painfully obvious exposition or simply
    unnecessary quips that would even feel out of place in a terrible
    late-night B movie. The main creatures (aside from Kong) feel very
    uninspired and the species that Kong frequently fights becomes very
    boring to look at almost immediately.

    If you’re looking for some mindless entertainment with pretty visuals
    then Kong might be it, but don’t expect anything more than that.

  • padaMarch 20, 2017Reply

    6.5/10 definitely worth seeing much better than you’d expect

    This is one of those films you think won’t live up to the hype and the
    first quarter was so poor it was looking like a 3/10 but my friend I
    went with said 8.5/10 at that point and at the end the best film she’d
    seen this year , better than LION . So it just goes to show there’s a
    film for everyone out there .

    Once the silliness was over with and you’re able to accept the sheer
    unreality of the script, after all it’s about a giant ape ,it’s better
    once you give it a bit of leeway .

    Once they get to the island things improve after the on screen arrival
    of John C Reily who adds humour to the film . There’s eye candy for the
    girls in the form of Tom Hiddleson and the chaps are bound to notice
    Brie Larsons skimpy vest getting tighter and wetter as the film
    proceeds .

    There is also plenty of action , plenty of jumps , the CGI is amazing ,
    if i’d seen this in 3D it would have probably scored 7.5/10

    It’s definitely worth seeing. We both enjoyed it . Here’s to the sequel

  • davieo61March 20, 2017Reply

    Badass and tons of fun!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • James SmithMarch 20, 2017Reply

    It almost works

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • chinchinMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Sorry did not enjoy it

    It wasn’t as bad as the Star Wars The Force Awakens but it was pretty
    boring. I was sitting there thinking why am I here? Why was this movie
    made? Basically the film was playing in front of me but I was tuned out
    thinking how the Hollywood business model works and how decisions are
    made to spend $100 million to shoot and release a film. Note: I am not
    sure how much this film cost I was just imagining a round number. At
    the end the night was not lost. I hooked up with a couple of friends
    from work and we ended up having satisfying and long lasting sex so
    seriously best advice I have for you is to do something useful that you
    know you will enjoy instead of dragging yourselves out to a movie just
    to be up on the latest releases because this one will disappoint you.
    By the way, I just did a search and I cannot find the answer. this film
    is based on a character of a giant ape called ‘King Kong’ but the title
    only mentions ‘Kong.’ Is that because of a copyright issue?

  • blacklemore36March 20, 2017Reply

    Fine monster movie

    While this certainly doesn’t go the Godzilla (2014) route it certainly
    could’ve been better. The performances are all fine, there are some
    pretty good characters but it’s a shame they get killed around halfway
    through. It definitely didn’t bank enough on being a fun ride and
    starts turning into a bit of a slog at times. The director leaves his
    mark in this blockbuster vehicle but can’t shine through. It certainly
    had it’s moments and there is a decent amount of Kong action to make it

  • sagaloneMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Waste of time and money

    What a waste of time this movie is. The only good thing about this
    movie is J.C. Reily. My money and my time totally wasted. This is one
    of the worst performance of Mr. Jackson. I highly recommend you NOT to
    i repeat NOT to waste your hard earned money in this rubbish. Oh so
    gutted i went to watch this movie.

  • tabunoMarch 21, 2017Reply

    A Flashy Reimagined Kong With Flaw

    With shades of the classic war movies Good Morning Vietnam (1987) and
    Apocalypse Now (1979) and perhaps even the monster epic Journey to the
    Center of the Earth (1959) and perhaps Jurassic Park 1993), this
    reimagined Kong movie begins with both a measured surprise and a quite
    different Kong movie that shows a lot of promise. Nevertheless, the
    script eventually falls flat in places as the plot points become more
    important than the realistic strategic or authentic flow from scene to
    scene. A huge example of the manipulation of a screen stretched to the
    breaking point in order to maintain the director’s or producer’s
    intended rational for a scene later in the movie is the first gigantic
    encounter between man and beast and it’s pretty much an overkill and
    unbelievable disaster for man. And at almost regular intervals
    thereafter there are humans that seem to fall prey in order to show off
    some special effect cuteness that really doesn’t do much for the movie
    and with little rationale except attempt to justify the cost of the
    movie. This sort of demise is repeated over and over again just in
    order to perhaps reduce the number of characters to manageable
    proportions and extend the time of the movie. A lot of editing and
    cutting would probably have made the pacing of this adventure action
    movie much more palpable. Nevertheless, the plot outline of this Kong
    version is very distinctive and admirable in concept and there are some
    great individual scenes and photographic images that boggle the mind.
    The ending credits film images also is a plus along with the
    outstanding presence of John C. Reilly almost carries the show.

  • laralea-36543March 21, 2017Reply

    Over the top.

    This movie is good if you are a 11 year old boy. Everything was so over
    the top and Samuel L Jackson over acted terribly. There was no King
    Kong on the Empire State Building, and he didn’t capture the woman and
    try to keep her for himself. Very disappointed. Giant spiders and
    insects…almost reminded me more of Jurassic Park than a King Kong

  • stilloopless1March 21, 2017Reply

    Kong is indeed King

    I was ecstatic 12 years ago when Peter Jackson revived the King Kong
    franchise with his remake. A feeling, sadly, that quickly faded and
    left me with a bad taste in my mouth upon actually viewing the film. A
    three hour movie about a giant ape and more than an hour and a half in
    you still haven’t seen said ape?! Grrr. So, it was with muted
    expectations, fingers crossed, hoping for the best and fearing the
    worse I ventured to check out Jordan Vogt-Roberts latest installment of

    Boy am I glad I did. Everything I hated about the last Kong movie
    starting with being halfway through the film and still not having a
    Kong sighting has been addressed and how. Vogt-Roberts and company
    waste no time setting up and getting to the crux of the story. Namely,
    Kong. After all, that’s what made me want to see the movie.

    And Kong: Skull Island is quite the movie. Part Apocalypse Now, part
    Heart of Darkness with a dash of Moby Dick beautifully blended with an
    A rate movie version of the classic B rated monster movie, Kong
    thrills, entertains, wows, and triumphs.

    The star studded cast lead by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson, John
    Goodman, and John C. Reilly, Brie Larson, and Tom Hiddleston ground
    this well written fantasy in reality and keep it riveting. While set in
    the past, this Kong is fresh and current. The characters are more than
    mere backdrops for the beast and are nuanced and three dimensional.

    The directing and cinematography is beautiful. The music on point and
    serves the story well. The action and CGI work is stellar. CGI Kong is
    such a far cry from the slow, lumbering Kong of the past. The subtle
    expressions and emotions are and additional layer of delight.

    Have a couple of hours? Take a trip to Skull Island, you won’t be
    disappointed. I’m giving Kong a solid 9 so don’t miss it on the big
    screen. Also, make sure you stay through the credits. Yes, after the
    complete credit roll things go to black for a few seconds, then more is

  • andrewbalboniMarch 21, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • McgoljMarch 21, 2017Reply

    An old fashioned entertainer

    I am going to start this off by saying, i wasn’t expecting much from
    this movie. I went to see this fully expecting to regret it, but do you
    know what, i actually enjoyed it way more than i thought i would. Sure
    it’s a no brain needed kinda movie, but do you know something, we all
    need one of those now and again, and this delivered in spades. Was a
    pleasure to watch and i enjoyed every minute. Would recommend it for a
    couple of hours out your day if your in the mood for some fun.

  • ACMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Possibly Worst Films of the year.. and it’s March

    I will make this short and sweet. I was sitting in my chair in the
    movie theater so angry I was contemplating demanding a refund and
    someone else paid for the ticket. Even if you see this film for free on
    cable in three months DO NOT WATCH IT.

    Below is a short list of why the movie was terrible.

    1. Horrid acting 2. Zero Plot 3. Not exciting 4. Terrible Dialogue
    5.One shred of redemption

    1. With the first line that John Goodman says I knew the acting was sub
    par. It sounded like Goodman just showed up and was reading off a cue
    card. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and Brie Larson all gave
    disgusting performances like they didn’t even care and were just there
    for the paycheck. 2. People go to island and have to get off.
    Everything in between could have been written by a 5 year old 3. At no
    point of this movie did I care if the main characters themselves were
    killed off. I had 0 emotional attachment to this film or any of the
    characters. 4. Dialoague. Good god. The jokes were so bad not a soul in
    the theater laughed because most didn’t even know their was a joke
    happening. 5. John C. Reily did not have a great character written for
    him. But he delivered it pretty well.

  • asus-kybdMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Don’t they have monkeys at the local zoo?

    You may wanna consider that since this is the EIGHTH TIME King Kong has
    been made since 1933! The only thing more repetitive are Star Wars
    canon videos by teen geeks on Youtube. I don’t know how bankrupt
    people’s lives and romantic relationships are now, but can guess
    they’re pretty empty, considering the complete ownership of the
    American public by cell phone corporations and their willingness to
    keep paying for the SAME stale Big Mac over and over and over! But I

    Anyway, I watched this online at for free and although
    the picture was unfocused, so was the film’s story. This one just
    happens to be PLOT FREE, so if you’ve got some weed to smoke during….
    have at it! The only things they changed were 1) Kong did not fall in
    love with the girl, 2) The objective was to kill him rather than parade
    him around Broadway. 3) With hand-held weapons, no less! HOLY SH|T,
    pass the bong!!! S.L. Jackson is his usual obnoxious self like he has
    been all the way back to Pulp Fiction, no surprise there! ”Snakes on a
    Plane” comes to mind. Actually, if they had Stan Lee do a cameo walk-on
    in this, it would have added to the P.O.S. Not worth starting your car
    for, sorry. For $185M, it’s just more proof to me Hollywood launders
    cash for the mob.

    That’s not including the other DOZEN versions made in foreign

  • divinedianchikMarch 21, 2017Reply

    What a hell was that??

    The worst movie I’ve seen in last couple of years. I wish I stuck in an
    elevator instead of watching this sh*t, even we couldn’t stand it until
    the end, left the teatre at the moment when they’ve decided to ”come
    back and save Kong”, at that point it became clear that nothing can
    save that insane 😥 such a waste of time and money.

  • ethanspeedMarch 21, 2017Reply

    It’s okay.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael ElmoreMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Why so serious?

    Wow…. there are some ridiculous scores and reviews for Kong. I mean
    everyone is entitled to there own opinion but if you can’t just enjoy
    this film for what it is without nitpicking on all the finer details
    then cinema is dead.

    Why does every film have to be an Oscar worthy masterpiece (most Oscar
    winning films of recent time have been contrived and boring) why can’t
    we watch a good old action film and enjoy it.

    My childhood was enhanced by action packed films whereby the story ,
    plot and acting played little part. Kong was a belter of a film. It was
    a sit back and enjoy movie. Little interaction from the grey matter was
    required (unless you want to catalogue all the historical errors and

    My advice…. go watch this film, take it for what it is and enjoy the
    awesomeness of Kong smashing his way through magnificent CGI battles

  • Alyssa Black (Aly200)March 22, 2017Reply

    Finally an Original Kong Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lisagrigg-93200March 22, 2017Reply

    Very good!

    This is one of the best films I have seen. It was action-packed with a
    good story-line the only downside was I am not sure what accent Tom
    Hiddleson was doing and Samuel L Jackson was excellent (as usual). The
    whole movie was imaginative and all scenes were believable and
    picturesque. Go see this film what ever your age.

  • bora_mustafaMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Not bad, just slightly underwhelming

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bensonmum2March 22, 2017Reply

    ”Is that a monkey?”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cmrssMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Good, but typical Hollywood formula holds it back

    I enjoyed this movie, but was turned-off by the typical Hollywood
    formula of build up story, evil person(s) emerge, evil person(s) cause
    all kinds of trouble, evil person(s) get their comeuppance at the end,
    things turn out OK for the main likable characters at the end.

    This movie could’ve been stellar if they built the story without that
    typical formula. Every journey and action scene could have still been
    scripted by having the characters face issues such as problems
    navigating the island, injury to members of the party, other challenges
    that made it difficult for the two separate groups to reconnect.

    Some thoughtful ingenuity when writing the scripts in these movies can
    make a huge difference. But they always revert to humanizing the cast
    by good, evil, indifferent, and build their whole story-lines around
    that concept.

    What a shame. It would have received an extra 2 or maybe 3 stars from
    me if not for the typical Hollywood formula.

  • Carl SchultzMarch 22, 2017Reply

    A Good, Old-Fashioned Monster Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stephanengelhardtMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Popcorn movie

    I have now read 2 pages worth of reviews, a few of them utterly
    trashing this movie and I think I have to step in.

    This is NOT a movie you watch to experience a logical plot, well
    thought out and characterized characters or cinematic art. Forget the
    acting and just enjoy the action. Its a monster film – and a rather
    enjoyable at that.

    The thing I really liked about it was the imagery and the camera. I
    will go so far as to call it partially very beautifully done, while
    from the story point of view its probably more or less a loss.

    For beautiful images I will give an 8 out of 10 I will not deduct any
    points for the lack of story (or logic) as I simply had no expectations
    in this regard in the first place 🙂

  • classicsoncallMarch 22, 2017Reply

    ”What imaginary monster are you hunting this time?”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ollie EvansMarch 22, 2017Reply

    So bad I had to write my first review

    This movie is so dreadful I felt empowered to write a review.
    Unrealistic, contrived, full of clichés, poor acting, poor
    storytelling, poor script writing- it’s got it all. If you want to see
    lots of very good CGI and hear lots of pointless bass driven noises,
    then this is the movie for you. It was so poor, I fell asleep. I would
    have then walked out, but the tiredness from my sleep compelled me to
    stay. The only redeeming features are: Hiddlestone is as regal as ever,
    the CGI (in parts) is great and the story has fantasy potential.
    Nonetheless, this movie is a waste of time and money.

  • Evan TaylorMarch 22, 2017Reply

    An Entertaining, If Familiar, Ride

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vasco CidMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Kong is not King anymore.

    Whether the world was in a desperate need for another King Kong or not
    seems immaterial after watching this. The underlying and rather obvious
    justification is to make way for a future crossover with another tired
    franchise (hello Godzilla) as money-making scheme – the same way Marvel
    has been doing for the past decade, revisiting, rebooting and
    ultimately exhausting Spider Man’s and Hulk’s properties.

    On paper I blamed this reboot, seeing as Peter Jackson’s 2005 passion
    project was both overlong and over-the-top but fun and engaging in
    equal measure. He provided an ambitious scope, not only on a technical
    level, to an iconic property rendering a product that is proud and
    respectful of its legacy but also autonomous on its own.

    This 2017’s outing however lacks both the same comprehensive talent and
    commitment and, just 12 years after that last successful adaptation,
    feels rather soon and unnecessary. For entertainment purposes though,
    all this reasoning and opposition could be waived if done right – and
    for a moment, as the first promotional materials started emerging
    (specially an astounding first trailer), it seem like it was.
    Nevertheless, Kong: Skull Island is guilty of not only proving those
    initial fears right, as it is of being utterly pedestrian and cheesy to
    an annoying degree.

    The story (save for the time setting), the functional autopilot
    characters and the motivations are the same and nothing shows a glimmer
    of originality or audacity. Don’t get me wrong, that is not necessarily
    a bad thing – some summer blockbusters and recent entertainment tent
    poles have had the same approach with very enjoying results (Prometheus
    did that for me, for instance).

    I found myself continuously trying to find a saving grace for Kong:
    Skull Island, because the seamlessly magnificent cinematography and
    direction (of the action scenes particularly) kept me interested, kept
    me awed, kept me rooting – all to the point where the film had spiraled
    out of control into pure formulaic tawdry formula beyond redemption.
    The film knows it is cheesy and Vogt knows that’s its selling point and
    that’s what we came for but the forceful toleration of suspension of
    disbelief and exaggeration beyond reason implies we have ever cared for
    any of the human characters or for the central Kong, a misunderstood
    hero and protector. But no, we have never cared.

  • henryluckMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island 2D Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Figgy66-915-598470March 23, 2017Reply

    Not bad, not bad at all

    23 March 2017 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Kong:
    Skull Island. Yet another remake of the old classic King Kong. Each
    time we revisit this story it gets bigger and more fanciful, but each
    time the visual effects can be more awe inspiring. This particular
    outing ticked a lot of boxes for me. We have a group of scientists, a
    platoon of soldiers due to return home from the Vietnam war, and a man
    running an expedition with a hidden agenda, put all these factions
    together on an island inhabited by monsters and there is bound to be
    bloodshed. Tom Hiddleston smouldered in slow motion as a man hired for
    his tracking skills, Brie Larson tossed her hair provocatively as the
    pushy woman photographer and Samuel L Jackson delivered an epic
    performance as Lt Col Packard, a man who is not yet ready to leave the
    war and who is letting his fighting spirit cloud his decision making
    process. This group of people made odd bedfellows but add a tribe of
    non speaking painted natives, a huge primate and some outstandingly
    ugly reptilian monsters and you have a movie that keeps you interested
    from start to finish. Filmed in Hawaii and Australia, we are introduced
    to some stunning landscape which proves to be barbaric in its’ beauty
    as our group battles to survive all that nature and the unnatural can
    throw at them. A much better telling of the Kong tale, will there be

  • davidlamb4March 23, 2017Reply

    Not boring but not great

    Felt like a jigsaw made up from parts of other, superior films. All the
    characters were stereotypes, barely developed, so you couldn’t care
    much when they got eaten/shot/torn apart. And it was set in some
    mythical, post-racial and totally non-sexist 70s where hardly anybody
    smoked anything, not even tobacco.

    That said – the island settings convinced, there were some good laughs,
    and the monsters and the US military were so scary you were soon
    rooting for Kong to sort them both out. Good soundtrack too if you like
    70s rock. But if you want subtle, avoid this film.

  • andreas_megMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Let’s not drag this out…

    The script of the movie is roughly 3 pages long, so I guess it doesn’t
    really deserve a long review either.

    First of all: this is for all intents and purposes just a flashy, very
    long trailer… Neat camera tricks, cheesy lines, explosions, you name

    Secondly: during the pitch meeting of this ”concept” (at best) they
    probably said: we need ”a handsome mysterious type” (cue: Hiddlestone),
    ”a busty blonde who doesn’t really need to be there” (cue: Larson), a
    crazy bearded goofy guy with morals (cue: Reilly) and an angry Samuel
    L. Jackson to say the word ”mutha****” every now and again. Then we
    pile on some other generic, pointless characters, a whole bunch of
    monsters and put King Kong in the middle. 2 hour run-time? Yeah! Case
    closed! Lunch!

    So, yeah, what YOU need to know, as an audience member, is this: there
    is no plot, no purpose, no reason, no subtleties, no nuance, no
    meaning… It’s just a big stinking pile of clichés!

    They literally could’ve chosen any random aspiring screenwriter of the
    street, and just by being awake for the meeting, those guys could’ve
    come up with ideas on how to turn this story into a half-decent script,
    or at least something that resembles a script.

    Garbage… Complete and utter garbage.

  • HellmantMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Action-packed, and a lot of fun!

    ‘KONG: SKULL ISLAND’: Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A reboot to the popular monster movie franchise, which began in 1933.
    It’s also the second film in Legendary’s new monster universe
    franchise, called MonsterVerse, following 2014’s ‘GODZILLA’ and leading
    up to a planned crossover film (in 2020) titled ‘GODZILLA VS. KONG’.
    The story deals with a couple of government agents, and their military
    escorts, investigating an uncharted island, in the Pacific Ocean, where
    they’re attacked by a giant monster known as Kong. The movie was
    directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (who also helmed the 2013 indie
    coming-of-age flick ‘THE KINGS OF SUMMER’) and it was written by Dan
    Gilroy and Max Borenstein. The film stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson,
    John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Thomas Mann, Shea
    Whigham, Tobby Kebbell, John Ortiz, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell.
    It’s been a huge hit at the Box Office, and it’s also gotten mostly
    positive reviews from critics. I really enjoyed it as well.

    A government agent, named Bill Randa (Goodman), and a seismologist,
    named Houston Brooks (Hawkins), lead an expedition to map out an
    uncharted island, in the Pacific Ocean, known as ‘Skull Island’. They
    hire the Sky Devils Helicopter squadron, lead by Lieutenant Colonel
    Preston Packard (Jackson), and a former British Special Air Service
    Captain, named James Conrad (Hiddleston), to escort them. A
    photojournalist, named Mason Weaver (Larson), who thinks the expedition
    has sinister motives, also joins the team. Once they reach the island,
    the group realizes there’s a very large creature there, known as Kong,
    that is unhappy with their presence.

    The movie is action-packed, and a lot of fun. I love monster flicks,
    and this is definitely a really well made one. It’s not as epic as
    Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake, or the 1933 original, but it’s still a
    more than decent installment in the long running series. It’s also
    definitely a lot better than the 2014 ‘GODZILLA’ reboot. I look forward
    to the upcoming crossover flick (with both classic movie monsters in
    it), and more entries in the new MonsterVerse franchise!

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  • GeffMarch 23, 2017Reply

    King Kong 2.0 ”It was beauty killed the beast.”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mark LongMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Great Popcorn flick

    ”Kong; Skull Island” was a very entertaining popcorn movie; it kept my
    interest throughout, and never really slowed down much. I thought it
    was a good idea to place it in the time frame of the 1970’s. Kong the
    ape was front and center and King Kong really was a king this time. The
    story was a good one–in another movie John C. Reilly’s Robinson
    Curuso-type character would have stolen the show. But in this one each
    of the actors share screen time almost equally. The sound track
    features snippets of some of the best rock music ever recorded, and I
    liked the references to ”Heart of Darkness” and the influences of
    Francis Ford Coppolla’s ”Apocalypse Now”.

  • c-kelsallMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Whatever happened to Kong?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AaronCapenBannerMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Kong As Island Defender

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RResendeMarch 23, 2017Reply

    the river and the dinosaur

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • 2karl-March 24, 2017Reply

    finding a new uncharted island is a playground for giants finding out his rules because he is king and gives a good stamp of approval if not heeded

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrew CreerMarch 24, 2017Reply

    This Is EXACTLY What Kong Should Be

    I in all honesty went into Kong with little to no expectations. Usually
    movies of this genre have the same basic set up: an overly long
    introduction, a dull process of discovering the ”monster”, different
    sequences of the monster wrecking havoc, and then dragging out the film
    until all problems are solved.

    The great thing about Skull Island: it does none of those things. The
    movie starts, throws you through brutal and unexpected death and
    destruction – and then keeps going. There were multiple moments where I
    was legitimately shocked how unforgiving this movie was. The best part?
    It quickly wraps up while you are still completely enthralled in Skull

    What Kong lacks in story and character development, it makes up with
    some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen in theaters. In all
    reality – do we really need more from a King Kong movie?

  • joelhbkMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Good for your health

    The thing about Kong movies so far is that you either feel for Kong or
    the humans but this time I felt for both equally. The human characters
    are likable as heck, you just want most of them to survive. At the same
    time Kong is also likable because even though he doesn’t speak you can
    really get his situation and either feel sorry for him or totally
    comprehend his nature. It touches a bit on Kong’s backstory and it
    really builds up to a whole new world of extraordinary things while
    keeping you entertained with action, humor and intrigue. Nothing feels
    forced. I feared John C. Reilly would be too ”him” but he’s actually
    one of the characters I like the most. And even though they take time
    to build up chemistry and relationships it doesn’t feel like it drags.
    Oh and when it’s time to throw down they THROW DOWN!!!

  • CinemaClownMarch 24, 2017Reply

    A Wasted Opportunity That Offers Nothing New In Its Retelling Of The Legend of Kong

    After bringing the ”King of Monsters” back to cinematic life in 2014,
    Legendary Pictures turns its attention to another behemoth to further
    solidify its own cinematic universe of super-species but all of it
    doesn’t amount to much in the end, for Kong: Skull Island offers
    nothing new in its retelling of the legend of the giant ape.

    Kong: Skull Island follows a team of scientists & soldiers who, just
    before the end of Vietnam War, secure the U.S. government funding for
    the expedition of an uncharted island in the South Pacific but when
    they reach there, they encounter a 100-foot tall bipedal ape who
    destroys their choppers and leaves them dispersed & stranded in the
    unmapped territory, thus turning the survey job into a survival race.

    Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the first act of Kong: Skull Island is
    its strongest, for the premise is expertly set up and the efficient
    handling of its ominous vibe & sense of foreboding evokes keen
    interest. But once all our characters are on the island and the main
    plot is set into motion, it loses momentum as Vogt-Roberts fails to
    juggle multiple subplots properly and is unsure whether to go for a
    lighthearted, fun-filled extravaganza or a serious & dark monster

    Production design team imbues a sense of mystery & danger to the exotic
    place with its set pieces. Cinematography attempts to duplicate the
    haunting aura of Apocalypse Now with its radiant colour palette,
    skillful use of lighting & shadows but succeeds only in bits n pieces.
    Slow-mo camera-work is finely utilised during the first encounter with
    Kong but is ultimately overdone in the end. Editing is a mixed bag, VFX
    has its share of strengths & flaws while Henry Jackman’s score is

    Coming to the performances, Kong: Skull Island features a talented
    ensemble in Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John
    Goodman & John C. Reilly, with Terry Notary providing the motion
    capture work for the eponymous ape. Hiddleston is alright as the
    mercenary, Larson does nothing but take photographs & act surprised,
    Goodman is completely wasted in his role, Jackson plays himself while
    Reilly is mostly annoying, plus the excessive focus on his character
    was totally unwarranted.

    On an overall scale, Kong: Skull Island is just as mediocre an entry in
    Legendary’s MonsterVerse as Godzilla but it does feature more monster
    mayhem, even if those brief battles never manage to be engrossing or
    emotionally fulfilling. Characterisation takes a backseat, its lame
    attempts at humour fall flat, most creative choices don’t work out in
    the film’s favour and, in addition to all that, there is pretty much
    nothing in it that we haven’t seen before. Falling short on all scales,
    Kong: Skull Island is a wasted opportunity that neither understood its
    true potential nor looked up to see what was up for grabs.

  • jaronskieisdebaasMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Bad story, good graphics

    The story behind the movie was bad, King Kong was way more better, and
    way more exciting than Kong:Skull Island, besides that, the graphics
    are amazingly made for 3D.

    The ‘jumpscares’ we’re predicitable. The whole movie was predictable
    which i don’t like about an movie.

  • Asif Khan (asifahsankhan)March 25, 2017Reply

    It’s hard to hate a movie that wants nothing more than to take you on a ride . . . Giant ride that is.

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts (of the Sundance breakout The Kings of Summer
    previously) delivered a fresh, new experience that honours the
    essential elements of the iconic character and provides big, monster
    movie matinée for an epic fun-time. Written by Dan Gilroy
    (Nightcrawler), Max Borenstein (2014’s Godzilla), and Derek Connolly
    (Jurassic World), the movie follows a team of scientists, soldiers, and
    adventurers on a journey to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the
    Pacific, as dangerous as it is beautiful.

    If it was only spectacle and size that defined a great genre movie then
    ‘Kong: Skull Island’ would have had it all- unfortunately that’s not
    the case. Size does matter, but not over and above aspects of
    story-telling and technicalities other than CGI, that help make a movie
    experience more real and involving. The representation of Kong as
    protector to the native tribesmen , other dwarfed inhabitants and
    aggressor to the bunched -up rest who puts his survival in peril, is
    also not clearly drawn. How does Kong differentiate between one human
    and the next, especially when they all come from the same group who
    invaded his island and made an attempt on his life? That’s a question
    left unanswered.

    Although none of that should bother you.

    It’s hard to hate on a movie that wants nothing more than to take you
    on a ride, and that’s precisely what Kong: Skull Island does. With some
    truly jaw-dropping visuals from director of photography Larry Fong (of
    Watchmen, Lost, Super 8, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), a
    colourful cast of thin but endearing characters, and some of the most
    bad-ass Kong action committed to the screen, Kong: Skull Island is a
    solidly entertaining entry in the ape’s ever-expanding lore. And be
    sure to stay after the credits for a little tease at what’s to come
    next from the ”MonsterVerse.” My inner-child was grinning ear-to- ear.

  • joa92March 25, 2017Reply

    Great. Beautiful & awesome (and no jack forking black)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jayvonfarmerMarch 25, 2017Reply

    A surprisingly entertaining, strange yet enjoyable film

    Knowing I’m probably the last person on Earth to review this movie, I
    arrived at the theater intentionally avoided reading any reviews online
    or tweets. I did my best to come into this film blind and expected the
    unexpected. What I got was a strange ”Jurassic World- esque” film with
    uninteresting characters, with a great cast by the way, failed attempts
    at comedic moments, and overall the movie just felt strange. However
    there is enjoyment to be had in the film. The best part of the movie is
    King Kong. He’s big and loud. A smart ape that will fight for his
    territory. Also the photography is fantastic. You really feel the scope
    of the island.

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])March 25, 2017Reply

    creature feature

    Greetings again from the darkness. I enjoy creature movies. Even as a
    kid I enjoyed creature movies (as distinguished from monster movies,
    which I’m also fond of). From the classics to the (very) low budget
    ones on late night TV to the fear-mongering from Japan … I enjoy them
    all. Of course the most fascinating of the bunch is King Kong, and this
    version arrives 84 years after the still magnificent 1933 version from
    Merian C Cooper and featuring Fay Wray.

    This time there is no shootout on The Empire State Building, and the
    connection between Kong and the girl is limited to a few knowing
    glances. Most of the film takes place on Kong’s island … one he shares
    with some other creatures (not rodents) of unusual size. Unlike
    Spielberg in Jaws, who teased us for half the movie before finally
    revealing the shark, we get a glimpse of the imposing Kong very early

    The cast is the best yet for a creature feature. John Goodman and Corey
    Hawkins play scientists/conspiracy theorists; Tom Hiddleston plays the
    world’s only mercenary with perfect hair and skin; Brie Larson is a
    self-described anti-war photographer; while Samuel L Jackson, Shea
    Whigham, Thomas Mann and Toby Kebbell play military men on their last
    mission at the end of the Vietnam War. The most colorful character is
    played by John C Riley – an eccentric WWII survivor who has been living
    on the island since 1944.

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts directs this version, and his resume of The Kings
    of Summer and mostly TV work begs the question of how the heck did he
    get this gig? Fortunately he has cinematographer Larry Fong alongside,
    and his significant big action picture experience is obvious in the
    breath-taking helicopter scene (as well as many others). It’s
    impossible not to notice the extreme love shown to Apocalypse Now and
    even Jurassic Park. Some of the shots and tone seem as if pulled
    directly from those films … even moreso than the original King Kong. We
    even get Samuel L Jackson recycling his ”hold onto your butts” line.

    There is plenty here to satisfy us lovers of creature features, though
    this version certainly lacks the emotional impact of Fay Wray and Naomi
    Watts connecting with Kong … not much Beauty, but plenty of Beast.
    It’s certainly recommended that you stay for the post-credits scene
    that sets the stage for 2020.

  • aqib4March 26, 2017Reply

    Nice special effects but that’s all

    The special effects were great. Excellent camera work. The plot was
    awful. It was basically the recent Godzilla movie all over again. King
    Kong was actually a good guy and he was killing off these other
    creatures that were really bad. Also the character development was
    abysmal. I found myself rooting for the lead characters to die. It was
    2 hours of my life and $16 I’m never getting back, so hopefully I can
    save your time and money. Unless you just want to see some cool special
    effects then by all means go ahead.

  • gamingleechMarch 26, 2017Reply

    All hail the king

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • generationofswineMarch 26, 2017Reply

    An Honest Review

    Let’s be honest, It wasn’t as great as people are saying…but it’s not
    bad either.

    With the Peter Jackson remake you expected to see Kong smashing things
    and tearing the city apart and…and you sort of got a movie that was
    trying to be epic and wonderful and maybe even Oscar bait and it really
    just put you to sleep.

    In this Kong you expect to see Kong smashing things and…that is
    exactly what you get.

    Who said: ”Find out what the audience wants and give it to them?” Who
    cares, Kong followed that rule fairly well.

    But it’s not a great movie. It is lacking in a lot that would make it
    really entertaining. It’s certainly a popcorn muncher…but it’s one
    without actual heart. No actual characters to get attached to and
    follow. Only so-so humor.

    Really you get to see Kong smash and that is what you paid for…but it
    needs a little more than that to be entertaining. Even watching Kong on
    the big screen gets dull after a few minutes when you realize there
    isn’t much of a story.

  • CthulhuBob LovelyMarch 26, 2017Reply

    This Movie is Okay

    I encourage you to see this film and it’s worth seeing on the big
    screen. However, if it’s a coin toss between this and something you’re
    certain to like, see the other movie.

    The acting is good, the cinematography is good, the script is good,
    there’s smashing and ‘splosions and a little too much silliness for me.
    Or maybe it’s acceptable humor, judge for yourself. I found it an
    entertaining-enough, see it once movie.

    Sit through the credits.

  • magnuselmMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Just awful

    Childish and predictable script. Completely unoriginal. Dialog was a
    joke. Okay CGI I guess. But the movie is complete garbage, I cannot
    recommend you even download it for free and watch it unless your under
    12 years old.

    My only hope is that they made this movie for a very young audience,
    but then I can’t understand why it’s so bloody.

    Well… just another movie you should never spend 2 hours of your life

  • stazzaMarch 27, 2017Reply

    slogs along through generically fine effects

    with no more place to discuss a film like this, I guess I’ll just post
    a review with 1 star to let people know this film does almost nothing.
    It just goes from point A to point B with lots of wiz-bang cartoon
    (CGI) creatures fighting, some people doing stuff, and none of it we
    really care about. If I was 10, the cartoon (CGI) parts might impress
    me, but as an adult, I just didn’t care about any of it, have no
    interest in ever wasting time watching it again, and CERTAINLY DON’T
    RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. Seemed like just a money grab that was missing
    MOST of the King Kong stuff from previous versions. Disaappointed.
    Money Wasted.

  • Dan HardenMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Twasn’t Beauty that killed the Beast

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ericrnolanMarch 27, 2017Reply

    A few quick words on ”Kong: Skull Island” (2017).

    ”Kong: Skull Island” doesn’t have the charm and sense of fun of Peter
    Jackson’s version, but it’s still a first-rate monster movie that I
    highly recommend. It’s got a good script, likable characters and
    terrific special effects.

    Parts of it were actually scary. The first action set-piece is
    unexpectedly brutal, and there’s a sequence with a giant spider that
    was a little unnerving, too. I was surprised at how the filmmakers here
    so heavily emphasized the story’s action-horror elements.

    I had a blast with this, and I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

    I have a question — did anyone else notice a reference to ”Jurassic
    Park” (1993)? At one point, Samuel Jackson’s character tells his
    companions to ”Hang on to your butts.” Isn’t that his character’s line
    in ”Jurassic Park” when he restores power to the facility, shortly
    before he gets killed?

  • jimbo-53-186511March 27, 2017Reply

    A mostly enjoyable spectacle, but with some flaws

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zardoz-13March 27, 2017Reply

    The Best ”King Kong” Remake Since The Original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yetiwestinMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Kong is back, but that’s about it..

    King Kong is one of the most recognizable monsters of all time, and
    Kong: Skull Island definitely brings him back to his throne. If you
    want to see the most cinematically impressive Kong to date then this is
    your movie, but if you want anything more story wise you might be a bit
    let down. The 1933 Kong is a cinematic masterpiece, and the 1976 remake
    is good in its own right. The 2005 Peter Jackson version was a solid
    representation of Kong using the newest technology and effects, but
    still staying relativity true to the story. Understanding that Kong:
    Skull island is not a remake, but a reboot for future Legendary
    Pictures monster brawls will help some story confusion. This is not the
    same Kong as those previous, and it does not follow the old story

    Kong: Skull Island’s story had a good amount of promise, the problem is
    the script and characters did not fit. Samuel L. Jackson and John
    Goodman have their usual screen presence, but the characters they are
    portraying are not ones we as the audience generally care about. None
    of the other characters are worth much either, besides being food for
    the many monstrous residents of Skull Island.

    This version of Kong however is impressive. Easily the most
    destructive, aggressive, and largest Kong to date. When Kong is on the
    screen the movie is awesome. Great visual effects and camera angles
    really give the action some impact. Kong is what holds this movie
    together and makes it at least a decent entry into the franchise.

  • mjsparkerMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Mixed bag

    Kong feels like 3 or 4 movies stitched together badly. Actors seem to
    be photo shopped into a b grade 50s potboiler. Whilst the skull
    crawlers are terrific there is clunky humour set against very gruesome
    splat. The inhabitants of the island need more development and the film
    concludes in a rush.

  • chris akinMarch 28, 2017Reply

    I would have rated it higher but….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • colby-95131March 28, 2017Reply

    All Hail The King

    Human nature dictates two things to fear the unknown and learn how to
    survive. Kong, presented as heroic as any mythological creature could
    be is so much more than just an over-sized ape. Below are a few of the
    ancient reasons why we Kong will always be King:

    Jungle Fever: Skull Island is one the surface unlike anything else on
    planet earth as we see an array of inhabitants each living their lives
    to the sound of one drum beat. I felt enamoured at times with depth of
    Kong’s home turf although some of it did feel like a music video due to
    off- beat yet comical acting. CGI is pretty much the only way I’ll ever
    be able to experience what seeing Kong in the flesh might actually be
    like unless Big Foot comes out of retirement and releases an
    autobiography. The Island as a place I’ll be honest is a little cliché’
    but that being said it works, sometimes the writing is on the wall in
    this scenario it’s the pre-historic caveman-esque Frederick Flintstone
    drawings which really denote Kong as friend and not foe. The island
    itself is pretty a much homage to Apocalypse Now, but we do get
    elements of Bear Grylls/Ray Mears seep through. Based loosely on
    Vietnam this jungle definitely makes you consider what you may need in
    a survival kit.

    Guns and Roses: This is not a film which could produce an Oscar nominee
    on paper it has a strong cast with Hiddlestone, Goodman, J.C Reilly and
    Jackson. Although the wise man once said ”there’s never smoke without
    fire” that fire I’m referring to is more or less a campfire. On screen
    the actual dialogue between the characters in a serious sense is
    irrelevant as everyone has their own agenda and lives by their
    principles anyway. However, the comedic value at times produces genuine
    moments of laughter – honestly I almost spilt my popcorn over the
    person next to me. Okay that’s a lie as nobody buys popcorn but I did
    laugh which is something I wasn’t prepared for so kudos to the writers.
    At times I felt like I was watching actors being themselves instead of
    playing a fleshed out character, in other words Jackson just seemed
    assertive, loud and nonsensical. Whereas Hiddlestone was clearly using
    this as a stepping stone for an Indiana Jones comes James Bond audition
    as he was cool, calm and collective in situations where you might need
    to reach for the duvet. Goodman/Reilly began as serious characters but
    ended up as a Captain Jack Sparrow tribute act, although at times it
    was touching and felt slightly genuine. There are other male characters
    but they mostly became cannon fodder and didn’t really leave a lasting
    impression only in a comical sense. Overall the guns a.k.a. the men
    gave an enjoyable performance which did at times create moments which
    will stick in the memory.

    The only rose within this film was the empowering anti-war photographer
    which was played out by Brie Larson. I’ll be honest I’ve seen stronger
    performances – the character had a brilliant start and came out the
    traps as smart, quick-witted and humorous. As per all (original)
    Hollywood flicks this wouldn’t last long and there must be something in
    the air within the Jungle as she’d gone head-over-heels for
    Hiddleston’s action man demeanour. Once the love-bug had been instilled
    her character just lost momentum serving as a backup dancer to
    Hiddlestone. Although Larson’s character did come good once again
    giving a convincing and heartfelt moment with Kong.

    Forrest Gump: Kong was at times like a kid in a toy store and other
    times a menacing, commanding and authoritative figure. The terrifying
    figure of Kong looms large but as does Kong’s heart and soul which is
    frequently misunderstood (in order to reinforce fear) but deep down
    Kong has a lot of inner-demons. Skull Island’s Kong is the best Kong
    I’ve seen in a long while this because we see a lot more of Kong that
    you might expect and he’s been humanised to the point where you think
    he could be just a really hairy punter down at your local. Kong’s heart
    of gold is exemplified as he wanders about aimlessly at times producing
    good-will acts for those around him almost similar to Earl in My Name
    is Earl. Humanising Kong destroys the reputation of the big-guy it’s
    like seeing Uncle Phil cry over food in the Fresh Prince. Although
    humanising Kong and conquering man’s fear of the unknown has always
    been the super-glue to the franchise without this element it would just
    be a cruel hunting show. Kong needs to do little to get people in awe
    and I feel this will always hold the behemoth in good stead, I really
    did enjoy the moments of intense drama Kong produced in this edition of
    his life story.

    The Kings Speech: I definitely felt Kong’s presence and I feel I’ll
    Skull Island of the bucket list for now but in short, I feel Skull
    Island is a must see. There are moments of awe, humour and genuine
    high-quality drama which make you wince a little causing you to be
    throw popcorn wildly in the air. This franchise will never cease to
    amaze as the backbone of what makes Kong great is believable. Kong
    scores a loud and almost defining 7/10.

  • Mark J Lovegrove (m0ds)March 29, 2017Reply

    It’s a movie, that’s for sure

    Kong: Skull Island is fun, no denying that. I was hoping for a little
    bit more depth than it offered. That’s not to say anyone was bad in it
    at all, they were simply not brought together in a very strong manner.

    Being a fan of Peter Jackson’s Kong it’s hard not to go into this
    wondering how it might compare. Whilst Jackson’s Kong is a nice
    retelling of the original, this is definitely your Die Hard 5 version
    of King Kong. That is to say, the characterization, the sense of doom,
    even the tugging of the heart strings in Jackson’s Kong do not cross
    over into Skull Island at all.

    The characters here are 2 dimensional, with only one having a name I
    remember (because it’s the same as a computer manufacturer) and I’m
    fresh out of the cinema earlier this evening. Oh and Kong of course,
    he’s one I can name…! ”That’s what I call them… You call them what
    you want” line in the movie can definitely be applied to the characters
    in this film, they honestly could be called tom dick and harry and it’d
    have no different effect.

    But, given that this is a more in-line with the Godzilla franchise (and
    apparently a setup for a Godzilla sequel?) it does provide much more
    thrills and spills than the more recent Godzilla movie, giving a hint
    that at least the Kong vs Godzilla movie could be entertaining enough.

    There are a few nice action sequences. I’m not really sure what made up
    the rest of the film, in my mind, some silly stuff, like covering
    several miles in seemingly seconds, second-rate banter & monsters
    coming out of nowhere clichés left right and centre.

    So it’s fun. Come the ending I was ready to leave and didn’t bother
    with whatever showed over the credits. It was fine as a no-brainer
    action movie, but it was a very mediocre ride for the Kong fan in me.
    Worth a watch, if you can flush any interest in any earlier Kong film’s
    first – but that’s just my opinion. 6/10!

  • tyingling7766March 29, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island Review

    I hope I wasn’t the only one who was excited to see Kong: Skull Island.
    I wasn’t disappointed, nor was I impressed. The movie was what I
    thought it was going to be. Allow me to go further.

    Synopsis: A diverse team of scientists, soldiers and adventurers unite
    to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific, as dangerous as
    it is beautiful. Cut off from everything they know, the team ventures
    into the domain of the mighty Kong, igniting the ultimate battle
    between man and nature. As their mission of discovery becomes one of
    survival, they must fight to escape a primal Eden in which humanity
    does not belong. Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie
    Larson, John Goodman Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

    First thing: How many Marvel actors can this put in this one movie?
    Apparently there are rumors out there that Mr. Goodman is going to be
    part of the MCU here soon as well. You will not hear me complain about

    So, let’s get the vegetables out of the way. There are two things that
    hurt the movie more than anything else. One was that almost all the
    action scenes were made to be slo-mo. All it did was add time to the
    movie. If the action would have been normal speed there could have been
    ten minutes taken out. Sure, the slo-mo was able to add more to the
    scenes, but it just became senseless after a while.

    The other thing was the initial humor. The un-initial humor was okay,
    but when people tried to be funny in the movie, it only hurt. I know
    John C. Reilly was added for the humor, but it didn’t work in the long

    The best thing about this movie? Sam L. Jackson. Sure, you can tell
    what he was going to do from the time you saw him first pop up on the
    screen, but it was fun waiting for it. He played the part perfectly.

    The other actors, aside from Mr. Reilly, were good in their roles. Tom
    and Brie played off each other quite well. Sadly we won’t get to see
    them together in another movie. I’ll explain that in a minute.

    Maybe if the director wouldn’t have used the slo-mo so much I would say
    he did a good job. But he didn’t, so I won’t.

    The story was perfect for what they were trying to do. They set up the
    MonsterVerse, as they call it at the production company, in the right
    way. Using the full name for M.U.T.O. confused quite a few people. Not
    to toot my own horn, but: toot-toot. I understood what was happening
    from the second I heard the full name. The after- credits scene only
    solidified what was happening.

    Final Thoughts: Watch the movie. It is a fun movie. Of course, watch
    Godzilla first, then watch this movie. You’ll thank yourself for that.

    Rating: 7 out of 10

  • Miguel CamposMarch 29, 2017Reply

    A dumb mindless movie that acomplishs his task, being entretaining

    Just don’t go into cinemas expecting Alejandros Gonzales Inarritu type
    of movie, think it’s like a violent movie every kid thinks is rad, like
    Robo Cop back in the day, go watch this while you expect the arrival of
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If you’re the kind of guy that only go
    to cinemas to watch blockbusters.

  • SquigglyCrunchMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Bad Pacing, Tone Changes Galore, and Horrid Writing

    Kong: Skull Island follows a scientist who, upon discovering an
    uncharted island, decides to take a team there to explore it in the
    hopes of discovering new species or something of that sort.
    Coincidentally, that’s the same island that King Kong lives on, along
    with multiple other monsters.

    The movie basically blows through the whole beginning, introducing the
    characters and basic motivations. For the most part, I was fine with
    that, but once they reach the island the characters themselves cease to
    have character, though they had little before. They’re just robots with
    an objective. When the movie tries to develop two characters’
    relationship at one point, the conversation is just playful banter that
    lasts all of 30 seconds. It’s a formula for developing characters that
    has worked to show how well actors can play off each other, but it
    doesn’t work here because of how generic and rushed it is. Furthermore,
    one particular character gets thrown into the mix way too early. I
    don’t want to spoil his role for those who don’t know, but it’s John C.
    Reilly’s character. He shows up in the first 30 minutes, and in context
    it doesn’t make sense.

    I mostly went to this movie because every review I read or watched said
    that Kong himself was great, so I figured it’d at least be a fun time
    at the movies that would be better in a cinema. Sure, Kong was good,
    for all three of his scenes. Seriously, I started to forget that this
    was a King Kong movie. And it seemed like the writers forgot too,
    because he kinda just showed up on occasion to remind the audience what
    the movie was called. He wasn’t even the biggest threat on Skull
    Island, he was just kind of there.

    As far as the exciting parts of this movie go, the action set pieces
    are great. They set up for something epic and exciting. But the action
    itself often falls kind of flat. Sure, it’s mostly fun, but it’s kind
    of dumb too. And some shots based around these sets don’t make sense.
    There’s a point where the characters are looking down at a dip in the
    land with giant bones in it. Then they go down and it’s full of green
    fog that varies in thickness. So where did the fog come from? How is it
    that they could see clearly from above, but barely could from within?
    It just doesn’t make sense, and in Kong’s opening scene the time of day
    constantly switches between midday to late evening, and it’s so
    distracting. Sure, it’s a pretty shot, but it took me out of the
    action, and that isn’t a good thing. And in addition to that, a lot of
    the cool monsters you may have seen in the trailers are better in the
    trailer than in the movie. Lot’s of monster fights happen before we can
    even care about any of the characters, so when people are dying I was
    simply detached. But the fights proved to be so short-lived that there
    was no time to really even get excited. Again, the set pieces are great
    but the action itself is mediocre.

    I’m sure most people saw ‘The Jungle Book’ from 2016 and noticed how
    great the CGI is. So my question now is, how is it that a whole year
    later we can get bad CGI? Seriously, there were scenes in this movie
    where the monsters and the characters were together and it looked
    horribly fake. It was actually pretty cringe-worthy at times, and I
    did. A lot. It got to the point where my friend next to me asked if I
    wanted to leave. I still saw it through, though. But man, it all looked
    so fake. It looked like a video game, and not one where graphics were
    the main concern. The monsters themselves were cool, sure, but they
    just didn’t look real.

    And on top of that, the tone was all over the place. First the
    characters are excited, then it’s serious, then their laughing and
    playing records and having fun, then their dying, then they start
    laughing again. It’s like it tried to use comedy sometimes but instead
    they just destroyed the tone. It was so inconsistent in this way, and
    again it distances the audience from the movie. It abruptly removes you
    from where you just were to relocate you to a new box of feelings, and
    that journey is just awkward and weird. It’s like the movie really
    doesn’t know what it is, but it’s trying to find itself.

    Despite all this, the movie gets better towards the end. By the last
    half hour, it is where it should have been at the beginning in terms of
    characters. So there was a level of excitement, and the expected fight
    with Kong versus big bad monster proves to be a great time, and
    moreover tends to be rather well shot.

    Overall Kong: Skull Island was a movie where the lack of characters
    made it difficult to get invested, and as such the result was a garbage
    fire. It’s not an enjoyable movie. It’s not pretty, it’s not
    interesting, and it’s barely even fun. The actors tried their best with
    what they were given, and I admired how willing the movie was about
    killing off major characters at points other than the very end, but
    still there was nothing to save this movie where it was. There is a
    good movie hidden in here somewhere, I am certain of that, but it isn’t
    this one. In the end I would advise you to avoid this movie and wait
    for it to come to Netflix if you haven’t seen it, like the last
    Godzilla movie did. Contrary to expectations of excitement, this is a
    rather boring movie, and the price of admission is simply not worth
    your hard-earned money.

  • david-klompas ([email protected])March 29, 2017Reply

    Solid attempt at transcending genre

    It isn’t often that an action film which tries to defy its genre
    actually succeeds in doing so. Kong: Skull Island happens to come
    pretty close to succeeding.

    A fascinating prologue rewrites some history and sets up an alternate
    universe in which the existence of a massive gorilla seems somewhat

    Brie Larson (the Room star who blew audiences away with her performance
    of a mother forced to raise a child under terrible constraint) gives a
    wonderful performance which plays a large part in lifting this film out
    of the trash heap. At first, I was skeptical about her choice to take
    on the role of Mason Weaver. But after a breathtaking helicopter scene,
    her presence begins to make sense: Larson clearly sought a fun role
    after the depressing elements of Room. And she is able to have fun
    while still bringing a sense of immense presence through a performance
    that will have audiences laughing out loud. Her co-star, Tom
    Hiddleston, is equally funny as a witty tracker looking for riches. The
    final piece of the puzzle is a wonderful performance by Samuel L.
    Jackson as a vigilante of sorts.

    Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts does a good job of pulling this all
    together. But the real star of the show behind the scenes was the sound
    technician for giving the film one of the greatest soundtracks since
    films like Watchmen and games like Mass Effect reignited my belief in
    the film soundtrack as an art.

    The result is an exciting return to Kong’s universe that reignites an
    otherwise wilting franchise. Audiences of most persuasions will
    appreciate this as a strong entry into the annals of genre-defying
    action cinema.

  • peefynMarch 29, 2017Reply

    A good looking monster movie

    There’s not much more to this than ”a good looking monster movie”. More
    specifically it’s a movie about people stuck in an unexplored habitat
    where they face pre-historic monsters. It’s not really a remake of King
    Kong, because it leaves out most (if not all) iconic moments from the
    previous versions, and it also tells a story completely of its own.

    The highlight of the movie is, beyond a doubt, the visuals. There are
    some glorious shots in this movie, and perhaps the best ones being
    those that are obviously influenced by previous media set in the
    Vietnam war era. The creature design is also really neat. King Kong is
    massive, and he’s also definitely not an ape as we know them. They’ve
    taken more inspiration from the old doll (from the first movie), than
    the more natural looking Kong from Jackson’s remake. And it works
    really well! There’s other creatures as well, some of them quite neat
    and interesting. Some of them I would have loved to see more of, but
    the ”skullcrawlers” (which are highlights as an important enemy) are
    disappointing design wise. They look like a generic baddie in a monster

    The plot itself is OK, but there’s nothing really special or
    interesting about it. There are some great performances, but also some
    talent that is completely wasted in roles with hardly any airtime.

  • aaron phiriMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Kick Ass B Grade Monster Movie

    HolySmoke Kong:Skull Island is a Kick Ass B Grade Monster Action
    Adventure. If you want dumb pure entertaining popcorn movie go watch
    this. If you expecting Academy Award winning writing and performances
    go watch Fences,Kong: Skull Island is the exact opposite.It’s campy,its
    dumb but it’s a whole lotta fun. Kong was really kicking ass. A great
    movie to watch in 3D. So you looking for mindless but thrilling
    entertainment go watch Kong:Skull Island. You won’t be disappointed!!!

  • dantharpeMarch 30, 2017Reply

    A Journey Into Pure Excitement

    Whew! I almost could not get out of my seat after the movie. I was
    emotionally drained, physically weakened, and just plain numb… it was
    awesome!!!! The graphics, the sound track, acting, and story-line was
    perfect! I am not really a fan of Samuel Jackson and his character was
    status-quo for what he normally plays, but, he was believable and a
    strong part of what drove the movie with an exciting story-line. It was
    really great to see John C. Reily playing a major role in this movie…
    it was long over-due and shows what an outstanding actor he is. In
    fact, he put the icing on the cake in this movie.

    Kong is a movie I can watch again and again…

  • gespino-42178March 30, 2017Reply

    Truly the epitome of cinematic GARBAGE

    COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT RE: KONG If you have seen any of the
    King Kong movies made in the past, ANY, including the Joe Young one, DO
    NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY going to see this newest rendition. It is
    truly the epitome of cinematic GARBAGE. We, who have seen prior Kong
    films know that the central theme is the romantic battle between ape
    and man for woman. This is crucial for a Kong flick. Without this,
    there is no essence, no point to the film, unless it is now wanton
    carnage and stupid acting. Even during the one 30 moment of mechanical
    romantic interlude where the girl, in absolute FEMBOT manner, touches
    the face of Kong, the stupid ape could not get that ”Straight Outta
    Compton” look off his face! Next rant, the acting. Samuel L. Jackson,
    if this is what you’ve been reduced to, go home. Retire. Join a Tibetan
    monastery and never show your face again out of shame. Final rant,
    though I could go on and on, the villagers. All I can say is they are
    smoking some very powerful hash and the chief’s wife looks like Kermit
    THE Frog’s mother. Now, if you’re a youngster and/or have never seen
    any of the prior Kong films, you MIGHT find this wasted space of time
    tolerable. But a word of advice to all. Bring a small pillow for you
    will be sleeping during the EXCRUCIATINGLY BORING FIRST HOUR of this

  • Fran GalvãoMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Interessante, mas muito tenso

    The film is very, very tense for those who are not accustomed to
    Thriller. It’s no action, no, I do not agree with this classification.
    I don’t suggest to anyone under 14 years of age. But the photograph is
    beautiful, it was very Good and has many references (even comedic)of
    70’s and 80’s. Tom Hiddleston looks great and handsome as an actor.

  • FilmFanaticMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Good action movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arrgh-46956March 30, 2017Reply

    An easy-going outdoor action adventure

    I wasn’t exactly overflowing with excitement for this film. The
    critical reception for it was okay, but it was obviously nothing more
    than a wishful reboot. Yeah, you know the sort of film I mean; one that
    claims it will improve on a masterwork after a very short time frame
    just because it’s ballsy enough to take on the challenge, but then
    tastes the bitter reality of budget and lazy inspiration as soon as the
    solid drafts start. That said, it’s not quite as ridiculous a venture
    as the Amazing Spider-man duo, as at least it took the liberty to wait
    more than a decade.

    What do I like about this movie? Well, the action is well polished.
    There are moderate-scale battle sequences involving both human and
    animal characters, all of which are vouched for by semi-impressive
    special effects, so the film feels bold in tone. I like how strong the
    violence is too. If the film had been going for the lower end of the
    12A rating, I don’t think it would have had the same amount of gripping
    brutality that it does. Action junkies will like it.

    The special effects are also good. Granted, they’re (rather
    embarrassingly) not as good as those in the Jackson iteration, but
    they’re still pleasing, allowing for creatures large and small to be
    done justice. As well as that, I must also give props to the picture
    quality. Fairly high-tech. cameras are put to good use, giving us a
    sharp, clear show. It’s not quite good enough for a best picture
    nomination, but it’s still unmistakably pleasing to the eye.

    The threatening scenes are pleasing too. They’re thumpingly
    suspenseful, and if you don’t tense enough to crush your popcorn bag
    while watching them, then my friend, you are made of iron! I also like
    some of the characters. L. Jackson is perfect as that colonel guy, and
    Goodman also shines as the leader of the expedition to the island. In
    fact, L. Jackson imbeds a totally mouth-watering Easter egg in one
    scene; he says, ”Fox Five, you copy?” (Fox Force Five; Pulp Fiction.
    Get it? Pretty cool, eh?!)

    I have a few moderate gripes. Firstly, I think the film plays it WAY
    too safe. Scarcely anything new is tackled, so the movie feels heavily
    clichéd. The storyline is a throwback to pretty much every
    quintessential island adventure story you can think of. A plane crashes
    on the island, marooning someone there, (Lord of the Flies much?) A
    large party of people go to the island, looking for natural-world
    treasures, (Treasure Island much?) The expedition party on the island
    find a haggard hermit there, (Kensuke’s Kingdom much?) The parallels
    are fathomless.

    And to hide how unbelievably pretentious this premise is, Kong is
    thrown in there to attract more viewers. In point of fact, it’s a sad
    case of cinematic capitalism. If the movie had been about a party of
    people going to a lost island and finding a natural wonder different
    again from Kong, this movie could have even garnered a 9/10 from me,
    because at least in that instance it would be original enough to feel
    fresh. But nope; instead, we get an obviously-CG Kong on steroids.
    Hardly inspirational stuff, is it?

    And not only is Kong there to sap the masses of their cash, but there’s
    another iconic beast in there as well; and with its physique tampered
    with too, only this time to hide the true inspiration source, I take
    it, because if its identity was made explicit, even cinema- goers with
    less perception than me would see it as the cash-grab monster
    (literally) that it is. I won’t spoil what it is in case you’re
    intrigued, but I’m assuming it was only added in so that people would
    be hyped for the sequels that I presume will surely follow. Ah,
    Hollywood, you’re so obsessed with gold that you must be made of the
    stuff by now.

    Also, apart from the characters I mentioned liking, most of the rest
    are as clichéd as this movie’s premise. They have zero charisma, so
    they’re painful to watch, and some even go as far as to do gratuitously
    irrational things just to move the film’s plot along a little more
    smoothly. Yes, people, at its bare bones, the film is so weak that it
    needs a helping hand just to stand up. Oh, how my heart bleeds.

    Ah, but before you get the wrong impression, the film adds a few nice
    (shallow as a puddle) moral messages in there, in an effort to get (our
    money off us) us all living in harmony with each other. Joking, of
    course. This motion picture has more makeup on than the Joker.

    Verdict: 72%. I won’t tear this film apart, because for all its
    ulterior financial aims, it’s definitely entertaining. The suspense,
    action, and special and visual effects are good; and L. Jackson and
    Goodman are always a treat. The movie doesn’t bore you, but should you
    go out of your way to pay the price of a cinema ticket for it? If
    you’re like me, (i.e. someone who chooses Nolan’s Batman trilogy over
    Batman and Robin), no.

    It’s just too lazy and generic for you to devote that much to it.
    Should you get it on DVD then? No; newly released DVDs cost about as
    much as two very good kebab takeaways combined, and that’s just the
    single-disk editions, so a run-of-the-mill movie like this should be
    left off the shelf. Mind, if you’re having an evening where you’re
    struggling to find things to watch, the film definitely deserves a
    rent. It’s not a bore, so it’d be worth your contribution in that
    instance. And if you’re an easy-going viewer, spend all you want.

    Jackson still reigns supreme.

  • MoviemanMarch 31, 2017Reply

    Burns Out After The First Quarter

    A great cast plastered on a green screen with no script. Blended with a
    terrific soundtrack that paints the 1960s, including the famous Bell
    212 Twin Huey Helicopter, as a supporting actor. After the first
    hour,the candles to this cool cake melt all over the icing, leaving you
    with a poorly edited climax that tastes like wax. What could have been,
    became a flash in the pan forgettable remake that cannot contest with
    King Kong 2005.

  • comps-784-38265March 31, 2017Reply

    Lot of monkeying around, looks good but needs more bananas

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • OllieSuave-007March 31, 2017Reply

    Not a bad King Kong movie.

    Kong: Skull Island takes you to the exotic and mysterious feel of the
    jungle, where a group of soldiers and scientists explore an island off
    the Pacific and runs into the gigantic gorilla, Kong. The scientists
    want the behemoth for studying, the soldiers want to eliminate it and
    the others just want to leave it alone and escape the island.

    This movie is action-packed with some scary sci-fi elements to it. The
    plot is fast-paced from start to finish; you won’t see much fillers or
    subplots in this movie – lots of roaming and running around in the
    jungle with non-stop action. The parts where each of the group members
    attempt to survive the man-eating Skull Crawlers’ grasp provided
    heart-pounding excitement, and the personal agenda of each character
    give the film suspenseful surprises.

    The characters were somewhat entertaining, giving off a nice mixture of
    drama, action and humor. The monster battles were also amusing.

    There is really nothing in the movie that we haven’t seen before in
    past King Kong films, but have to see this one is miles better than
    Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of the original 1933 classic.

    Grade B-

  • joanna-89542March 31, 2017Reply

    Most entertaining movie in a long time!

    This movie was awesome!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
    So many of these reviews are so detailed but this movie doesn’t need
    detail. It is just so entertaining. I was scared, excited, sad and full
    of wonder. The moment the movie started the whole production was
    excellent. So well shot and directed. LOVE IT. MUST SEE.

  • theRetireeApril 1, 2017Reply

    When will those Pilots Ever Learn?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adam_manneringApril 1, 2017Reply

    absolutely fantastic FUN.


    I went into the theatre without having seen any trailers or read any
    press. so, I left my brain at the door, as I just wanted to smile and
    have fun for two hours in the dark. This film did not disappoint, thin
    plot – lashings of cheese and I had a whole big bag of fun and broke
    out in ear to ear grins.

    An absolute belter of a monster movie. Terrible dialogue, thin on plot
    – just a terrific and perfect monster movie.

    Its a Kong movie. It Does exactly what it says on the tin.


  • IamPrivaApril 2, 2017Reply

    Spoiler free Review

    After the disappointing Godzilla of 2014, I was really hoping that this
    movie would set this little Monster verse back on track.

    This movie Took everything that defines a great monster movie and did
    the complete opposite, it was more of a CGI vomited action flick, at no
    point was the movie thrilling or even scary like you should expect from
    a monster movie. It brought together a very impressive cast and did
    NOTHING with them, the only ounce of character development came from
    John C. Reilly’s character, even know he did didn’t really fit into the
    film. It had one of the most disgraceful screenplays I’ve ever seen,
    and that’s not an over exaggeration I have seen fast and the furious
    movies with better writing then that, it had a great soundtrack but
    unfortunately fell under the same trap that most movies do and used the
    songs only to advance the movie forward.

    And finally the King. Peter Jackson’s 2005 reboot was one of my
    favorite movies growing up, and I did not think it was possible for me
    to ever hate king kong, unfortunately this movie did such a bad job
    with not only displaying Kong but with keeping him a lovable yet
    terrifying monster.

    So anyone planning to see this movie, you’ve been warned, also for
    everyone who is giving this movie a good review you need to watch some
    proper movies.

  • John NeerdaelApril 2, 2017Reply

    Pleasant surprise

    Went in knowing just about nothing except the IMDb score (7+) and that
    it’s about King Kong, hoping for at least some entertaining action
    around Kong.

    And all I can say is that it was a very pleasant surprise watching, the
    setting and all things surrounding the story-line are much different
    then previous movies. Yes the story-line is predictable (think Jurassic
    Park predictable) but it is very entertaining and the 3D is very well
    done adding some more depth to the movie.

    If your looking for a big bad-ass (albeit predictable) action movie to
    watch in the theatre’s this for sure is the right pick. And unlike the
    Beauty and the Beast CGI that is being bashed the CGI in here is done
    convincingly done so that wont throw you off.

    TIP: Don’t read about the story before going 😉

  • Tom GuanApril 2, 2017Reply

    Entertaining and good CGI

    If you like monster movies like Jurassic Park or Godzilla, then this is
    the right movie for you. I was very entertained throughout the whole
    movie. A lot of action though, so don’t expect any deep plots. CGI was
    impressively well done down to the skin and fur haha. Good basis for

    Recommend on the big screen for full experience.

  • Dave ArcherApril 2, 2017Reply

    Pretty good in spite of the lizard fights

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • targe1314April 3, 2017Reply

    Apocalypse Now with a King Kong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jack Penman-ReidApril 3, 2017Reply

    Great at what it does

    Went to see Kong: Skull Island with a friend yesterday and thought it
    was great. The cinematography as a whole was great and there’s some
    fantastic shots in the film. The best thing about this film is that it
    knows what it is, it’s a big dumb monster film and it excels at being
    that. The dialogue is shockingly bad for most of the film and the
    acting is sub-standard so if you’re going into this film expecting
    anything more than giant monsters fighting each other then you should
    probably go elsewhere. The action is great and there’s some inventive
    camera shots. Even though I have said the acting is poor the film still
    has a great cast. The two problems I have with this movie is it lacked
    any kind of suspense leading up to Kong’s reveal and I also thought it
    ended abruptly. I thought the soundtrack was great too. There’s also an
    after credits scene which is worth staying for too. Overall I would
    recommend this as it’s exactly what it says on the tin, big dumb fun
    with giant monsters that you can just switch off for 2 hours and enjoy.

  • Jimmy MullinsApril 5, 2017Reply

    As hollow as the Planet in this Earth- But Still Pretty Exciting

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • martin-807-452270April 5, 2017Reply

    ‘Tis a silly film. But worth watching if you like that sort of thing.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ButtStuffWerewolfApril 5, 2017Reply

    Barely tolerable pablum

    Watching this movie is like being harassed my a semi hard clown colored
    dildo after you’ve had a nice dinner and all you want to do is sit back
    and relax. From start to finish, forgettable. Most people could have
    written a better movie by inserting a sharpie up their butt and dancing
    around on construction paper. Avoid.

  • tavmApril 5, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island is very much worth watching!

    Having previously seen all three versions of King Kong-1933, 1976, and
    2005-and knowing of some of the good notices of this particular
    version, I was very stoked to watch this! My movie theatre-working
    friend had not yet watched it either so this turned out to be the first
    time for both of us. In summary: This was quite a different take on
    Kong and his living quarters on Skull Island with many human characters
    that we get very much involved in caring about and thrilling in how
    they resolve to take care of things. And, yes, the fights Kong gets
    involved in are very exciting to watch. I should note that we watched
    this in regular screen, not IMAX or 3-D though if we had, it might have
    been even more thrilling! I really don’t want to reveal anymore so I’ll
    just say that me and my friend definitely recommend Kong: Skull Island.

  • cjmarvickApril 6, 2017Reply

    I loved this movie!

    I am a lifelong Kong fan and was a little apprehensive about this
    movie, but I must say that I truly loved it. I really did. I went to
    the movie with my 10 year old grandson and seeing how much he was
    enjoying the film might have swayed my judgment a little, but I
    couldn’t help but think about how I felt the first time that I saw King
    Kong. Any film that is able to evoke that feeling, is a winner in my
    book. But all nostalgia aside, I thought the movie did a great job of
    showcasing the Skull Island and the monsters that dwell there. Kong was
    presented as a real King, and the FX were great. Over all it was just
    was a fun monster movie, and who doesn’t like those?

  • The_Film_AnorakApril 6, 2017Reply

    A mediocre cover version of other films

    Kong: Skull Island is an updated version of the King Kong story, set in
    the 70s as the Vietnam War is coming to a close. It makes no reference
    to any other Kong incidents or story lines, with no continuity from the
    original King Kong or either of the remakes. The premise is that
    advances in satellite photography have revealed something interesting
    on a previously uncharted island in the Pacific, and a scientific
    expedition with military support sets off to discover its secrets. The
    era and location in which the film is set draw inspiration from Vietnam
    films, especially Apocalypse now, alongside Western and Asian monster
    movies. These inspirations and the look and sound of the film suggest
    it wants to evoke the atmosphere and mood of the 70s, and of the power
    of the modern world facing up to the awesome power of the natural
    world. None of these promises are delivered in the finished film, which
    only manages to be an average-quality blockbuster with impressive
    effects and nothing else to commend it.

    Part of the problem is that every theme and visual image has been done
    before, fairly extensively, as has every character and plot trope. This
    is at minimum the tenth Kong-related film unleashed on the public,
    along with countless pop-culture references to giant apes swiping at
    aircraft. Effects movies featuring giant creatures are standard fare
    for modern audiences, from Jurassic Park onward – and various plot
    lines from the Jurassic Park sequels show up here. That’s not
    necessarily a problem, as most films these days do their fair share of
    recycling, but to stand out from the rest a film with such familiar
    content needs some sort of new element or fresh perspective. Kong:
    Skull Island simply doesn’t have that.

    The mediocre end result is all the more noticeable because it makes
    reference to a number of ideas that could have been interesting if
    they’d been explored more fully or given any kind of new twist. There
    are two different groups of scientists with different reasons for being
    there, and a sceptical government not sure of the value of being there.
    The military contingent on the expedition has different motivations and
    responds differently to events on the Island. There are references to
    the Cold War and Vietnam, and a couple of points about human impact on
    the environment and the need to look harder at what is the real danger
    they are facing. But none of it goes any further than a couple of quick
    references to establish the plot, in the same way that it gives you
    short bursts of various songs of the era before cutting them off.

    The film also fails to do anything with its characters and the
    potential for conflict or drama between tired veterans of the Vietnam
    War, an anti- war photographer who might be seen as unpopular with the
    soldiers, and scientists with various agendas. Tom Hiddleston’s
    character is a great example of how the cast is pretty much left
    hanging once they’ve been introduced. He is used pretty much as the
    theme park guide to shepherd the characters from Act 1 through to Act
    3, and otherwise has nothing to do except look buff and stern while all
    hell breaks loose. It couldn’t be more obvious that it’s all an excuse
    for various large computer-generated images to bash seven shades out of
    other computer-generated images. The rest is just window dressing, an
    attempt to resonate with other, better films which makes it suffer by
    comparison. That makes the film a perfectly acceptable way to spend two
    hours, but no more than that. It will be forgotten long before the
    films it imitates because it doesn’t give you anything or anyone to
    care about.

    There are good things in the film, to be fair. The various action
    scenes are well-staged, with some lively creature battles and shocks
    and thrills. The third act is genuinely gripping, and Kong himself is
    very well- realised. The director makes good use of the locations and
    produces some striking visuals, albeit mostly referencing other films.
    Although they are mostly poorly-served by the finished script (Samuel L
    Jackson and John Goodman have particularly thankless tasks), the actors
    are all very watchable and make the most of any opportunity they get to
    shine. Brie Larson does a good job, and it can at least be said that
    the female characters are no more lacking in depth than their male
    counterparts. (The film does however conspicuously fail the Bechdel
    test). Perhaps the best thing in the film is John C. Reilly, who has
    the job of Basil Exposition filling in the gaps in the story while also
    providing a quirky charm and emotional core to the film. For all the
    film’s weaknesses, it’s reasonably entertaining overall and chugs along
    at a decent pace; it’s certainly not a *bad* film, in the way that
    Batman vs Superman or the sequels to Transformers were bad. None of
    which gets past the fact this has all been done before, and better.

    With the people involved, behind and in front of the camera, it had the
    potential to be a lot better than this. In the end the studio seems to
    have made sure no real individuality or originality was allowed to get
    in the way of their desire to sell popcorn and put some hollow
    spectacle on screen for a few weeks. They apparently hope to use this
    as a launch pad for more creature movies; they are presumably counting
    on box office returns rather than any real audience enthusiasm to
    support their plan.

  • kimmiepeaseApril 6, 2017Reply

    Quit Monkeying Around Kong: On Skull Island

    Quit Monkeying Around ”Kong: On Skull Island” seems to be comfortable
    with being pure unneeded-childish fun. The 2017 Action/Adventure film
    was a letdown to Kong enthusiasts who have followed his legacy since
    his first appearance in media in 1933. As I got ready to come see this
    movie, I looked into the Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who won the
    Narrative Feature Audience Award. That got my hopes up along with
    waiting so anxiously to see the next side of Kong. With opening weekend
    sold 61,015,000 tickets I couldn’t wait any longer. I could have waited
    longer; with good intentions of a back story to Kong’s legacy the plot
    was quick to get to the guns firing and vicious action. I found it very
    hard to relate to any of the characters throughout its entirety. If you
    looked closer to the details the movie holds handfuls of factual
    errors. From the uniforms the soldiers were wearing in the movie. In
    the 1970’s the breast pockets were not sloped. Or when Preston Packard
    (Samuel L. Jackson) refers to James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) as
    ”Captain” however his collar was bronze and had the oak leaf symbol
    which was instead rank of Major in the Army. The helicopters in flight
    during the movie were CH53E Super Stallions didn’t begins flight till
    1974 and didn’t fly in fleet until 1981. These are some, but not all of
    the little differences that occurred that distract from the movie
    itself if the audience catches on to the guns in different positions
    during every cut back to each person. In the words of Hank Marlow (John
    C. Reilly) ”But you don’t go into someone’s house and start dropping
    bombs, unless you’re picking a fight.” Which pretty much grasps this
    movie as a whole. It was too quick to violence and gun fair there was
    no inclination of characters moral development as the movie progresses
    to exploring the uncharted island. There was no change in character
    development in any advance to keep the audience engaged in more than
    the dropping of overly exaggerated destructive bombs. This movie was
    the movie to see if one was looking for what to do in a sandbox near

  • Gregory RothgebApril 6, 2017Reply

    Give me more monkey!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • donpoyoyoApril 7, 2017Reply

    really bad

    It seems that the budget of post-production for many big studios now
    includes buying hacks to write good reviews. Otherwise I can’t explain
    the amount of people giving this truly bad movie more than four stars.

    I won’t elaborate on why this bored me so much or made me cringe the
    way it did, I just don’t care enough.

    I’m writing here just to say that, if you like this movie, then my
    friend, you have a big problem.

  • zach0308April 7, 2017Reply

    What did I just watch???

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gresh854April 7, 2017Reply

    A Film That Contains Some Extremely Entertaining King Kong Throwdown Scenes, But Has Everything Else At A Dull

    I kept an open mind going into this film considering the trailers
    caught my attention since they made the film look extremely energetic,
    but there still was a possibility of this film flunking. I know it
    kills me to say this since I actually wanted this film to be solid, but
    I honestly think Skull Island was mediocre at best. This is an action
    film that is full of some super entertaining monster and of course King
    Kong action, destruction scenes, but in its entirety, it was a very
    flawed film. Now what I did however like about this film were a couple
    of things. One was the whole idea of the Skull Island aspect. All the
    monsters in this movie look super cool and have a very intensifying
    aspect to them that caught my attention. A majority of these monsters
    also have some pretty cool chaos scenes. Also Kong in this film had
    some pretty cool moments of destruction particularly the first time you
    see Kong. The scene lasts around 5 minutes and it is glorious, I
    absolutely loved that scene. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m
    going to tell you why this film really didn’t work for me. This film
    feels like it was rushed. For one the characters in this film are
    extremely poorly developed, I honestly couldn’t care about any of them.
    The acting in the film from most of the actors and actresses, were for
    the most part really good. It’s just that there was nothing for me to
    latch onto, or relate to with these characters since they have such
    vague character development. There is no sense of suspense when these
    characters are in danger, because I really couldn’t care if they died,
    and that was hugely disappointing in my opinion. The only character
    that was slightly developed was surprisingly, John C Reily’s character.
    Even so, John C Reily’s character still didn’t have that much of a pull
    on me, he was just the only character the film actually tries to make
    you care about. Now one thing that really upset me was Samuel’s
    Jackson’s character. Now I am a huge Samuel Jackson fan I’ve loved
    almost all of his performances in every film he’s been in even the bad
    ones. For the first time ever I actually think I have found a Samuel
    Jackson role I have hated. Samuel Jackson’s character in this film at
    first is just alright, but then he progressively becomes this over the
    top, un-charismatic, and unintelligent character who does some really
    stupid decisions with his military men, that bothered me so much.
    Something else that really bothered me in this film was the comedy. For
    me at least, 10% of the jokes land, and they are actually pretty funny.
    The other 90%, feels extremely forced. Almost every single scene in
    this film is always trying to be funny and it just got super annoying
    and repetitive after a while. This film also contains a really good
    soundtrack, with some extremely good 70s war songs. Well, unfortunately
    this movie decides to play these songs whenever they want at the most
    random times. Kind of like Suicide Squad, the soundtrack is good, but
    the way they interconnect that soundtrack with the film is done poorly.
    Also, some of the editing and plot points in this film are done a bit
    poorly. The editing isn’t choppy too many times in this film, but when
    it is it’s very noticeable. There are also some really bad green screen
    usage in this film. Some of the green screen looked really fake. This
    film at times looks very artificial an unrealistic, and I really wish
    they actually used natural backgrounds more often for this film. Even
    some of the CGI looks bad at times, which is bad considering this film
    mostly relies on CGI. But by far my hugest complaint about this film is
    without a doubt, the final decision that happens at the very end of the
    film. I have scene many movies in my life, but the certain decision
    that a couple of characters make towards the end, is one of the most
    random, unanswered, and pointless decisions, I have ever seen on film.
    I don’t want to spoil it in case you haven’t watched the film but when
    you see the film you’ll know it. Hint, its the extremely random
    decision that is made ”after” another group makes a stupid decision. My
    final flaw with this film is that at times it tries to be Jurassic
    Park. I know I shouldn’t compare a film like Jurassic Park, with a
    simple monster movie like this one but I need to mention this. A couple
    of scenes in this movie are almost exact rip offs of scenes from
    Jurassic Park, and if you’ve scene Jurassic Park you will most likely
    know what scenes I’m talking about. Guys, Girls, I don’t think I have
    to say anymore, Kong Skull Island was a huge disappointment. Right now
    at the time I’m writing this review, it’s got a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes
    and a 7.1 on IMDb. To be honest I don’t understand why this film is
    getting solid praise, especially from critics, but honestly if you like
    this movie, good for you, I am legitimately happy for you. To me
    though, I honestly found Kong Skull Island to be a huge mess that
    contained some really awesome monster destruction scenes thrown into
    it. If you like films like Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja
    Turtles, you might like this film cause it falls under the same line as
    a mindless CGI extreme action festive. I’m going to give Kong Skull
    Island a grade of a C- and a IMDb score of a 5/10.

  • profsmichaelApril 7, 2017Reply

    Monster Movies from yore

    Captures a great deal of the Japanese Monster movies magic of yore for
    me. I loved those films growing up… and I enjoyed this film in the
    same vein. Music score the ”next movies” along those lines please/
    *hint- wink*

    Not to be taken too seriously,so enjoy the ride (some plot issues and
    acting was wanting for me personally). I absolutely hope to see the
    teasers come to fruition at the end of the movie! No spoiler… watch
    to the very end!

  • MattApril 7, 2017Reply

    Just the worst ever.

    No disrespect to anyone that enjoyed this movie, however in the day and
    time we live in now this was the worst cinematography I’ve ever seen, I
    have never seen such poor quality in a film. the quality was JUST
    AWFUL. I don’t know who decided to go with this dull format with the
    lighting on screen fading in and out and all the blurry people that
    would be standing right behind the main actors but who ever made this
    decision should never do films again, I don’t care who the hell you are
    this was awful. Just because the setting is in the early 70’s you
    didn’t have to attempt to make the film a dull analog and horrid 8mm
    type ”Film” recorded movie. Some may say….well maybe it was just the
    movie Theatre I went to NOPE I actually refused to believe that a movie
    could be done in this poor of a quality. SO first time I viewed it was
    at AMC and I went a second time to United Artist and bot were the same.
    I love movies thus the effort to prove myself wrong but I didn’t prove
    myself wrong I was right this movie SUCKED because of the lazy idea in
    the format. I will NEVER view another movie with these people involved,
    I won’t waste my money……….

    Kong: Skull Island is a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts and written by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein and Derek
    Connolly, from a story by John Gatins.

  • Saqib AhmadApril 7, 2017Reply

    Most Anticipated worst Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jrv1964April 7, 2017Reply

    King’s a stinker, more bad meat out of the abattoir’s of Hollywood (contains spoilers )

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • carry-on-manApril 8, 2017Reply

    What did people expect?

    Just got back from seeing this at the cinema, to be fair its only a 6
    or 7 out of 10 movie, I only gave it 10 to balance out some of the
    idiotic reviews on here, 1 out of 10? No way, somebody said they even
    walked out after an hour, why? It was a King Kong monster movie, made
    specifically to tie him in to the Godzilla franchise, I don’t know what
    some people were expecting to see. I wasn’t expecting a script on a par
    with The Godfather or acting that wouldn’t be out of place in a serious
    Oscar contender, I was expecting Kong and some other big monsters to
    fight it out in a totally unrealistic way while an annoying human
    subplot got in the way for the best part of 2 hours, as is standard
    practice in good old monsters movies going back to the original Kong
    via many a Godzilla flick and all the many rip offs in between.

    Bottom line is is it as good as the original 1933 film? No, it isn’t.
    Is it as good as the 1970s remake? Yes, it’s probably a bit better. Is
    it as good as Peter Jacksons version? Seeing as how it isn’t 3 hours
    long and as boring as watching paint dry I’d say its a good deal
    better. Bring on the next Godzilla film so we can get more of the
    original Too monsters in on the action before the big two square off!

  • nathandonellaApril 8, 2017Reply

    Despite all the hate, Kong: Skull Island was brilliant.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • romboutvApril 8, 2017Reply

    Long exposure but my flashlight broke

    I’m trying to make long exposure but my flashlight broke… Sorry but
    that’s really a big major mistake. how can they get that wrong, Ii mean
    taking a long exposure doesn’t take a flashlight that’s what it;s all
    about! Her role as a photographer became 1 big joke at that point when
    she said it.

    IM not sure why they called this movie kong but without it, it would
    have been just another movie which it sort of is. Story nice but there
    some small mistakes left and right.

  • jaywesterbekeApril 8, 2017Reply

    I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • christian-11April 8, 2017Reply


    OK – so I’m 50, so I remember several installments of Kong + the other
    movies that inspired this one (like Apocalypse Now).

    This movie has all of the cheesy qualities of the 80’s, but with
    incredible production value.

    The monsters and the CGI is incredibly well done.

    The pace of the movie is good. As we all know, with pace comes plot
    holes, and there are several of those. However, I would trade pace for
    plot at any time.

    Btw – you have to see this in the cinema. The audio/visual experience
    is awesome.

  • Jean-Pol CardinApril 8, 2017Reply

    Kong : Skull Island – A shot in the water!

    My opinion—

    I found this last version of King Kong, the worst of all, with a very
    bad script and really ridiculous scenes, but there were some very nice
    special effects and I must say that Kong was superb, ‘Annoy not once
    the first half hour past, it’s always entertaining these movies. I note
    it anyway 6/10, because I like this kind of movie.

  • tendoughtApril 8, 2017Reply

    Fast-Food from the Clone Factory

    I will make it short – this movie is imo no total fail but no cinematic
    triumph either and also not a good one. But if you enjoy the movies of
    Mr. Emmerich you will like this one also – lots of explosions, here and
    there some humorous scenes, some (cgi-)monsters and ofc King Kong and
    last but not least, tons of inconsistencies and forgettable
    2-dimensional characters.

    So if you like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 etc.
    watch this version of King Kong, if you don’t like such movies, skip
    this one. Summa summarum: another waste of a fantastic character like
    the last Tarzan endeavor.

    p.s. sometimes I suspect Hollywood got some script-generating-
    algorithm developed and saves the money for writers, of such generic
    ”quality” are many of the Hollywood products of past years, Skull
    Island is another proof of this theory 😉

  • djangozelf-12351April 8, 2017Reply

    Kong:Skull island,clear title delivers what it promises.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vellachsamieApril 8, 2017Reply

    Kong looks like 50 cents

    The movie is just as good as all the Hollywood top movies. Goodman and
    Jackson act out their parts in the typical Hollywood movie where the
    impossible seems natural. But more interestingly for me, Kong looks
    like 50 cents. I wonder if 50 cents helped in the animation as actors
    often do for animated movies. Kong look so much alike that I thought at
    any time, Kong could start singing.

  • nmn34April 8, 2017Reply

    It Doesn’t Put King Kong on a Pedestal

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scorpioway-73289April 9, 2017Reply

    I’ll NEVER get back the time used watching this movie..:(

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dcarsonhagyApril 9, 2017Reply

    King Kong: Skull Island

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michal TichýApril 9, 2017Reply

    Don’t know where is the fun

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Christina MeiaBrancaApril 9, 2017Reply

    0% logic, 100% popcorn factor

    First let me say that my review of Kong: Skull Island is totally
    biased, since I went to the eponymous Universal Studios ride in
    Orlando, Fl, the other day, which totally hyped me up for this flick
    (”KONG, KONG, KONG, KONG…”).

    This is not necessarily my type of movie, I usually avoid boom boom
    blockbuster films, especially the umpteenth remake no one asked for.
    But after the ride I just HAD to see this.

    That being said, Kong still managed to surprise me in a positive way.
    Here’s my breakdown of the things I liked:

    -KONG IS KING: Honestly, the Kong scenes were spectacular and he looked
    awesome. To me, the action scenes didn’t look overly CGI’d. I thought
    they did a great job. I was rooting for Kong the whole time basically.
    And that’s what made the suspense of the movie so great, too. There was
    also some heartfelt ape-human interaction going on (not too cheesy

    -NEW MONSTERS: This time, Kong has to fight two sides – while Samuel L.
    Jackson’s character has gone bananas and wants to kill Kong at all
    costs, there are new, strong creatures lurking from below.

    -GREAT CAST: If you expect great character development, Kong is not the
    movie. BUT I thought Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, Brie Larson and esp.
    one of my favorite actors, John C. Reilly did a great job in keeping it
    interesting and fun.

    If you’re up for a fun movie, I’d say go watch this in your cinema with
    3D glasses on. This is a movie that works on the big screen, so you can
    enjoy all the effects.

  • Raeef SabbanApril 9, 2017Reply

    the movie is great

    I don’t know about many of the down vote review but the movie is worth
    watching the actors did very well the cgi is great the plot is awesome
    just give the movie a try and don’t mind the some of the reviews maybe
    you will like it or maybe not for me it was one of the greatest movie
    of this year

  • Enrico PalazzoApril 9, 2017Reply

    I f they want to build a franchise on this….they have to improve a lot!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vinnykwApril 9, 2017Reply

    BAD, with a tinge of terrible

    There’s literally hundreds of things wrong with this that I could pick
    out, but I would be wasting my time. I give it a point for the monster
    fights and some CGI, everything else was painfully bad. I gave it a
    second point because I watched it with my brother and we had a laugh at
    how terrible and cringe worthy it was! This will live long in the
    memory but for all the wrong reasons.

    If bad writing and nonsensical plot are things that annoy you, don’t
    see this at the cinema. If you can get together with a friend, crack a
    few beers and have a laugh at a terrible film, there is enjoyment to be
    had here.

  • midas-jacobsApril 9, 2017Reply

    ”Kong: Skull Island” contains enjoyable action scenes, but is lacking in characters

    A team has discovered an unknown island and was sent to that place to
    research it. But at arrival they entered the domain of Kong…

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts was the director of this film and he also wasn’t
    really the problem of the film. Visually this film looks good, but
    that’s also the best the film has to offer. The color grading was good
    enough and gave it a more vintage look and the cinematography overall
    was pretty good. The director had somewhat sense of scale, because he
    liked to put a human, as tiny as possible into the frame with Kong, who
    is ginormous in comparison to said human portrayed on screen. But that
    immediately brings me to one of the problems of the film: Kong. Well,
    how he looked at least, because even though he didn’t visually look
    good, the scenes with him in them were the best that you can find in
    the film. Kong just looked very CGI to me, and he was the best looking
    CGI creature in the movie. This film is filled with moments in which
    the CGI is overwhelming. If they’d used more props, or went to location
    a bit more, this would’ve changed the movie quite a bit. Especially in
    the night scenes you could see that they were filmed in a set and that
    the backdrop consisted out of a green screen. And sometimes the film
    also goes into the ridiculous department with the CGI by showing the
    northern lights. Yes, the northern lights, you read that right. I know
    that they went on location numerous times, but some scenes then were
    shot in complete green rooms. Another aspect the movie failed at was
    the tone. It tried to be a drama, and action film, an over the top
    action film, a comedy, a serious film and all these things did not fit
    together at all. Often enough it tried to be taken seriously, when just
    unintentional funny stuff was going on, or it tried to be funny, when
    there was just nothing to laugh at.

    The actors were just doing what the script was offering them, which is
    not a lot. The cast of this film is phenomenal, but underused. They
    have Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Toby Kebbell, Samuel Jackson, John C.
    Reilly, John Goodman… The list goes on and on. All actors gave good
    performances, and were only likable due to their natural charisma.
    Samuel Jackson and John C. Reilly only managed to make their jokes work
    because of their on screen charisma. But some actors also had no
    chemistry together on screen and those were the little group of
    soldiers who were under Samuel Jackson’s command. None of them felt
    like they liked each other and their relationship felt forced from the

    The screenplay was the main problem with this film, because dear god,
    what did they do with the characters? Well, the characters that don’t
    exist, because I’ve just watched two hours of hollow, empty,
    characterless human beings interact with each other, interchanged with
    some awesome scenes of Kong. But they had set up some things to create
    some interesting character, yet they completely forget about those
    things. In the beginning of the film for example we see Samuel
    Jackson’s character with a bottle of alcohol, and he seems to be
    distant in the conversation he’s having, which in my opinion insinuates
    the fact that he might be an alcoholic after the Vietnam War, but they
    never do anything with that set up character trait throughout the whole
    movie. The character of Toby Kebbell was given some character by having
    him write to his son, which practically made him together with John C.
    Reilly the most developed characters of them all, and the film has
    quite a lot of characters. John C. Reilly was stranded on the island
    for a very long time and we get to hear a bit about his past, but most
    of the time we get to re-hear what he has said before, so that really
    didn’t add a lot to his character. Tom Hiddelston’s character is just
    there to be cool, he’s a tracker and that’s pretty much all to his
    character. There’s one scene where he talks about his past with Brie
    Larson, but that scene added very little to me caring for that
    character. There’s also this ridiculous scene involving him in which he
    just asks for a sword and starts chopping things up, while magically
    having put on a gasmask with one hand, just to create one badass,
    senseless looking shot, which wasn’t worth it at all. And if you want
    to know something more about Brie Larson’s character: she’s a
    photographer. The dialogue overall was just fine, there were some
    cheesy one liners, and bad jokes, but as a whole, it didn’t achieve

    In the end ”Kong: Skull Island” wasn’t a good movie at all, it was
    quite disappointing even. The acting was good and the action scenes
    were enjoyable, but the characters were lacking and the CGI wasn’t the
    greatest. That’s why this film gets just a 5.6/10.

  • SjeesusApril 9, 2017Reply

    Next H(B)ollywood shooter shi.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pckqApril 9, 2017Reply

    dumbed down cinema for adhd patients

    I am a fan of the 1933 King Kong Movie. So every time Hollywood decides
    to dust the gorilla suit off i find myself on board… full of hope
    that this won’t just be the next ludicrous disaster.

    Guess what? This latest incarnation might even be worse than the
    previous one. Kong: Skull Island is a ridiculously bad film despite all
    the acting talent. Speaking of the actors, the casting in this film
    felt way off. Like said, these are some of today’s better acting
    talents, but they don’t really shine in their dumbed down cartoon
    character roles.

    While Kong: Skull Island’s CGI isn’t all bad i really feel sorry for
    the hairy big guy who was better off in black and white.

  • Claudio CarvalhoApril 9, 2017Reply

    Shut Down Your Brain and Enjoy the Adventure

    When the Vietnam War ends, Bill Randa (John Goodman) and his partner
    Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) from the Monarch organization succeed to
    get the financing for an expedition to the recently discovered Skull
    Island from Senator Willis (Richard Jenkins). He hires the former
    Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) to guide the expedition; a group
    of soldiers under the command of Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L.
    Jackson); and the awarded journalist and photographer Mason Weaver
    (Brie Larson). On the arrival, the helicopters need to cross a storm
    and soon they drop bombs on the forest to map the seismology of the
    island. Soon they are attacked by a huge gorilla called Kong that
    destroys the helicopters and kills part of the crew and scatter the
    rest through the island. The group commanded by Conrad meets Hank
    Marlow (John C. Reilly), a survivor from the World War II that lives
    with a tribe of natives. He explains that Kong protects the island and
    the natives from underground monsters and shall not be killed. But
    Colonel Packard is insane seeking revenge for his men that died.

    ”Kong: Skull Island” is a brainless adventure with several stupidities.
    For example, the number of helicopters in the beginning of the journey
    of Randa, Conrad and Packard is totally incompatible with the size of
    their ship. Bo pilot would dare to cross a storm like that in a
    helicopter. The attack of all the helicopters to Kong is absolutely
    imbecile. Most of the survivor’s attitude are at least unreasonable. On
    the other side, the adventure is highly entertaining and the special
    effects are top notch. Therefore the best option to the viewer is to
    shut down the brain and enjoy the adventure since this is the purpose
    of this type of blockbuster. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): ”Kong: A Ilha da Caveira” (”Kong: The Skull Island”)

  • Her-ExcellencyApril 10, 2017Reply

    Completely Entertaining Throughout

    THIS is the way a movie should be done.

    Have you ever watched the scene from The Princess Bride where the
    grandfather tells the kid: It’s got everything. ”Fencing, fighting,
    torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love …”.
    Well, in a way, that’s this version of KONG, and I am really happy and
    surprised at just how GOOD it was.

    Take a bit of the original Kong, mix it with one part Private Ryan, a
    dash of The Deer Hunter, some Monty Python, lots of Jurassic Park, a
    pinch of A Space Oddity and mix well with some (insert your favorite
    lower-key funny movies HERE). The result is a pleasing fare one can
    really sink their teeth into and enjoy.

    It has some familiar faces too, and what’s best about it, is that not
    only do they live up to their so-called stardom, but even the
    unfamiliar or not-yet- ”famous” actors with smaller roles, really do a
    great job and sell it. At no time while you are watching this movie do
    you feel it far-fetched or unbelievable that Kong actually exists, and
    isn’t that, in a nutshell, what all movies should aspire to – the
    suspension of disbelief? Mission accomplished on this one, and good job
    to the creators.

    A definite must-watch.

  • herbie051960April 10, 2017Reply

    Not quite right

    I watched, I enjoyed, but it didn’t quite flow, the connection of
    characters didn’t seem right, people i saw early appeared later and I
    thought ”where had they been”? It seemed there was a fleeting attempt
    to connect Kong with the female lead (twice maybe), but was I expecting
    too much after the previous Kong movie and remakes *2. I think new
    audience’s will enjoy, but if you haven’t seen the previous 3 which are
    all based on the same story, take the time to see them, the 2005
    version is my favourite.

  • sanienjaoApril 10, 2017Reply

    What an insult.

    The movie might have been expensive but it felt like a B movie! It was
    actually more like a cheap horror movie where everyone seems to make
    stupid decisions. The soldiers were utter idiots, especially the
    pilots… Those weapons have way more range than Kong yet they still
    smashed! I guess we are all trigger happy idiots I the military.

  • xamtaroApril 10, 2017Reply

    The King reigns again

    He’s big, he’s loud, hairy and proud. He is King Kong! This giant ape
    is to Hollywood what Godzilla is to Japan, having undergone multiple
    remakes ever since the classic movie from 1933. From the cheesy but fun
    1976 version to the fairy tale-like period piece by Peter Jackson of
    LORD OF THE RINGS fame, to being borrowed by Japan for a couple of
    movies and facing off against Godzilla himself. Not to mention the
    deluge of imitators cashing in on the giant ape Monster concept.

    Unlike previous attempts by Hollywood, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is not a
    remake of the classic tragedy. The original movie and its remakes were
    centred around a tragic ”damsel and Monster” pseudo romance: people go
    to a mysterious island, Kong saves damsel in distress, falls for her,
    gets brought back to America, runs amok, captures damsel, gets killed
    by aeroplanes. This 2017 movie eschews that tired storyline for an
    original one set during the closing chapters of the Vietnam war.

    Out to prove the existence of ancient mega-sized monsters, Bill Randa
    and Houston Brooks of the MONARCH organisation tag along with an
    expedition to a recently discovered island shrouded in storm clouds.
    With them are photojournalist Mason Weaver, biologist San Li,
    survivalist Conrad as their guide, Scientists from LANDSAT on a
    geological survey and a team of soldiers as escort. I loved the pacing
    of the set up and the plot evokes a sense of nostalgia. It is an
    exploration into the unknown, a little like Jurassic park with a team
    of unlikely heroes sent to a mysterious island, tragedy happens and
    they pull together to survive. The strange colossal creatures are
    revealed and portrayed in a way similar to the appearance of the first
    dinosaur in the classic Steven Spielberg movie, with that sense of awe
    and majesty.

    Unlike Jurassic Park however, Kong is not a peaceful herbivore but a
    fierce protector guarding a dark secret beneath the island. The awe
    turns to horror as The humans’ actions have awoken an ancient menace,
    angering Kong who decimates the helicopters and scatters the group.
    Conrad leads half of the group toward an evacuation site while Colonel
    Packard gathers what remains of men to strike back at Kong for killing
    his comrades. But the island holds many fearsome secrets and their only
    hope for defeating a blood thirsty race of predators is Kong.

    Right from the get go, the all star cast nails it! Spot on delivery and
    portrayal of every character, their motivations and quirks completely
    fleshed out. They are not particularly complex, many of the soldiers
    fall into the ”typical squad” mold that we have seen in many other
    movies featuring squads of soldiers, but the main characters are great.
    Tom Hiddleston’s Conrad oozes badass charm and undergoes an arc that
    brings him from aloof loner out for himself to someone who puts the
    date of his teammates before himself. Samuel L Jackson’s Packard is my
    favourite character. His quest for revenge against Kong and his slow
    descent into madness feels like something out of Apocalypse Now. It is
    a natural progression of his arc and the best part is that it does not
    feel contrived. His reasons are noble, having failed his men before and
    not wanting to fail them again. His relationship wit Kong becomes a
    sort of Ahab/Moby Dick dynamic which leads to a powerful
    pro-environmental message about humanity’s tendency to destroy what
    they do not understand or cannot control.

    The main attraction however are the giant monsters rendered in CGI
    using motion capture. The effects are magnificent, rendered primarily
    by Industrial Lights and Magic (ILM) the studio behind the effects of
    Transformers and Star Wars. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts brings clear
    camera-work with wide angles and sweeping shots allowing the action to
    be beheld in full. The cinematography by Larry Fong is astounding in
    itself, imbuing Skull Island with a rich atmosphere of unrestrained
    beauty. The shot near the opening of Kong rising against a setting sun
    is just one example of the many breathtaking sequences. My only gripe
    was how Kong’s fur was rendered. There seems to be an unexplainable
    stiffness to the fur which at times looks less natural than 2005’s
    rendition by Weta Digital.

    By all counts, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is a rip roaring adventure with a
    sense of nostalgia accompanied by magnificent visuals, and clear action
    scenes pushing the boundaries of the giant Monster movie genre. It
    gives equal focus to both human characters and its titular titan, never
    getting bogged down in either element. The icing on the cake? KONG:
    SKULL ISLAND sets up a shared Monster universe, a ”Monsterverse”, and a
    sequel where the King will face off against a God.

  • kabojsarnApril 10, 2017Reply

    I made an IMDb account just to down vote this

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tim-935April 10, 2017Reply

    I enjoyed this rip roaring tale

    American and Japanese fighter pilots bale out, only to land on an
    unmapped Pacific Island. It’s 1944. They continue the fight into the
    jungle, only to have their squabble interrupted by a huge gorilla hand.

    The world moves on, and we are now in 1973, the Vietnam war has just
    ended, turning the tide for adventurer Bill Randa, played by Fred
    Flintstone John Goodman, who wants to explore Skull Island, reputedly
    the home of mysterious beings.

    Jurassic Park meets the Island of Doctor Moreau: this film follows the
    well worn clichés of the monster genre. The action in this improbable
    outing takes place on the island, the monster Kong is not whisked away,
    but fights battles on his own territory.

    An almost demobilised unit of airborne soldiers, lead by Preston
    Packard (Samuel L Jackson) is seconded as escort for the expedition.

    A slightly mysterious tracker, James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), and a
    gritty yet alluring female photojournalist, Mason Weaver (Brie Larson),
    Join the band.

    Now, abandon hope all you who expect a 1973 period piece. The uniforms,
    some of the armament, as well as some technology are anachronistic.
    There are some 60s techno touches and soundtrack items to set the
    scene, but you didn’t come here for a history lesson. Sit back, go with
    the CGI and green screen flow, to enjoy the action.

    The Apocalypse Now heli-troopers survive the perpetual storm
    surrounding the island, only to be plucked from the air by our resident
    12 storey gorilla, Kong. The survivors, now split into two groups, try
    for a rendezvous, only to encounter more scary monsters on the way.

    It’s not long before Tracker and Photojournalist meet up with the
    original American airman from 1944. He has lived with the unsmiling,
    silent, indigenous humans for 28 years. Salvaging parts from the WWII
    planes and an abandoned freighter, they fashion a motorboat to escape
    the island.

    On their journey, Kong witnesses Photojournalist rescuing a stricken
    animal, then later they have a Faye Wray moment of tenderness.
    Meanwhile, in the other party, Colonel Cataclysm plans more explosive,
    jungle torching mayhem to set the world straight. His flames usher in
    the final denouement.

    It is not humans versus monsters, the humans are bystanders to the
    Titanic struggle between Kong, scarred and singed from earlier
    conflict, and a giant legless lizard.

    The real nobility belongs to the beast, although beauty lives on to
    tell the tale.

  • zidangusApril 10, 2017Reply

    A great rollacoaster of action and adventure

    Did not expect much when I went to see it, but wow ! this movie really
    blew me away, I was on the edge of my seat all the way through. The
    monsters were great, Kong was great, CGI was great, pace and action was
    great, acting was great, plot great. What more can I say except, go
    watch it if you like action/adventure movies.

  • MikeEhmsApril 10, 2017Reply

    Kong Skull Island is actually not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty bad.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sirdagsApril 11, 2017Reply

    King Kong vs Godzilla

    I went to see the movie hoping to see and be schooled in a scientific
    manner on how and why the Skull Island became Skull Island and why it
    is infested by gargantuan creatures, unfortunately, that did not quite
    happen. In this day and age of computer animation movie trends, the
    effects are but standard and sometimes cartoon-like. John Goodman’s
    character is basically not a necessity, besides being the guy who
    spearheaded the adventure to the Skull Island. Other than the movie is
    a computer animation upgrade of ”King Kong vs Godzilla”, the overall of
    the movie is a ”so-so”, basically a popcorn movie. ”Hey, just for the
    heck of it…let’s go kill time and watch this movie.”

  • Dr GigglesApril 11, 2017Reply

    Wonder why so many new accounts?

    Wonder why there are so many new accounts saying they just made one to
    down vote this film? Pretty ridiculous when you think of the number of
    films out there that are really bad and yet these supposedly new
    account people never made an account to rate those. If you have an iota
    of brain capacity you can see through the subterfuge. It is a bunch of
    people with an agenda and nothing better to do. Do yourself a favor and
    take all these reviews with a grain of salt.

    Kong was interesting, entertaining and visually grand. Great acting all
    around. I will most assuredly see it one more time before it is out of
    the theaters and this time will lug my family with me. Well worth it.

  • davideo-2April 11, 2017Reply

    Flat, soulless addition to the Kong staple

    STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning
    ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    It is 1973, the Vietnam war is coming to an end and a couple of
    scientists, headed by Dr. Bill Randa (John Goodman) persuade congress
    to fund a trip to a far off island to examine some environmental
    effects (or something.) They assemble a crack team of experts,
    including Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson), James Conrad
    (Tom Hiddleston) and photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson), and head
    off, but what they don’t expect to encounter is an undiscovered tribe
    of natives, and an island inhabited by monsters, most notably, the
    massive, mighty Kong. Things get heated when men are killed and Colonel
    Packard turns hostile.

    It’s pretty safe to say that Kong is one of the most enduring
    franchises in film history. Since his first outing in the early
    thirties, he has been re-adapted for the screen several times, with
    varying degrees of success, but it’s probably retained a lot of its
    appeal by sticking to a period time frame, at least in the 2005 version
    I saw, while I’m not really sure about the lambasted 1976 version that
    I didn’t. By never branching out into present day and keeping a
    nostalgic sense of times gone by to give it a distinctive touch. And so
    this new addition has rolled by, but in spite of some awesome special
    effects, it’s a totally underwhelming spectacle compared to the ones
    that have gone before.

    Another device the previous instalments of Kong employed was to build
    up a great sense of mystery and awe before the great beast unveiled
    himself on the screen, creating a sense of foreboding and tension
    before he is seen, yet in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s flat imagining, he
    appears almost immediately upon arrival at Skull Island and it just
    gets more derivative from there. Not that you’ll care about the fate of
    anyone, as an all star cast manage to portray a selection of the most
    bland, stalemate characters you could ever imagine, compered with an
    implausible non-entity of a plot.

    The effects are as awesome as ever, but this just doesn’t have anything
    else going for it to justify such a lengthy running time. **

  • GrandJuryApril 11, 2017Reply

    Kong is King

    My review is short and sweet.

    Half the people on here saw it on the day it leaked – just check review
    dates – and on their phone screens and then can’t understand why they
    didn’t really like it.

    Not much you can do for those people if they choose to cheat themselves
    out of a great movie experience, but just don’t let them cheat you out
    of one.

    This is a very well put together movie with excellent everything
    including cast, sound, graphics, plot, lines, cinematography, you name

    Can’t do more than point you in the direction of a good movie and up to
    you to watch it or not, but in my book, this Kong was King.

  • Selena-KyleApril 11, 2017Reply

    Ratings are DEAD. Bring on the next thing.

    Honestly, in today’s world of people with hardly any integrity, who
    think ratings can be bought or sold, or who are either/or people and
    think that the way they feel that morning can and should be taken out
    on a film, without intelligently being able to process it, the rating
    system should no longer exist.

    You have the little kids with media at their fingertips, and the old
    have-no-lifes truly still living in mom’s basement (figuratively and
    literally) with computers stuck to their noses, pirating films because
    they have nothing better to do, and thinking they are critics, when
    they probably can’t even wipe correctly. And don’t get me started on
    the so called serious critics.

    All in all, it has made for an now outdated and no longer valid system
    which should be folded up and incinerated since no one really would be
    able to fix or correct it. The Rating System, where people rate a film
    on its merit and its merit alone, is dead.

    This film for example was AMAZINGLY ENJOYABLE. No, it wasn’t as
    noteworthy as Citizen Kane or The Birth of a Nation, but COME the HOLY
    FRICK ON. Are you really SUCH a dufus that you are sitting down to
    watch something like this expecting it to be? The same people who
    expect that, are the ones that go to a drive-thru expecting to buy
    steak on the 99-cent menu. Fools. The problem with today’s society is,
    that there are too many of these fools, and that these fools choose to
    first fool themselves into thinking they aren’t fools.

    For those of you who are not crying in their pants and are still
    reading (you are maybe a non-fool), go watch this movie. You can tell,
    from the very first scene, that the people involved in making it took
    the time to try and bring you (us) a quality product. For the most
    part, IMO, they succeeded. It is HIGHLY entertaining, the characters
    are interesting and mostly well-acted, there is humor, anger, the CG is
    fantastic … Yes, I agree that Samuel Jackson is pretty played out and
    when they put him in the game, you always get the same character more
    or less, but even he can’t detract much from KONG, who is after all,
    the star.

    Do yourself a favor. Spring for the cost of a ticket or two, take your
    best friend or lover and go SEE it for yourself. Unless you are hurting
    for $18, and you are normal, you probably won’t come back cry- babying
    due to lost time or lost money like some of these ‘raters’ are doing.
    (Like I really believe the ones complaining actually paid to see it and
    saw it on the big screen as opposed to their laptop screens). You’ll
    have a great time.

  • katie_nethercoatApril 11, 2017Reply

    Don’t do it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Quietb-1April 11, 2017Reply

    Big ape with a big heart.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jthompsonbarnoldswickApril 11, 2017Reply

    Monstrous. In a good way.

    Brilliant monster mash up! The focus here is on pure spectacle, so If
    you watch this film hoping to see epic special effects, gigantic
    monster carnage, and a cast of human cannon fodder, you should have a
    happy viewing. Don’t expect a complex plot or heaps of drama. It’s just
    a bit of fun. Great on the big screen.

  • jazzingjellyApril 11, 2017Reply

    What in the world

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TopRankingApril 12, 2017Reply

    I ended up with mixed feelings.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ellieainesApril 12, 2017Reply

    One of the worst Films.

    I’ve never written a review but I will for this one. The editing is too
    quick, each shot lasting 2 seconds and switching to a completely
    different scene. There was too many narratives happening at once, too
    many characters to focus on at once, the writing was very predictable
    and there were far too many unnecessary cliché lines. However, the
    biggest downfall of this film was Samuel Jackson overacting, don’t get
    me wrong, he’s a good actor but he never should of been in this film.
    The combination of the directors choices and his character just didn’t
    work. The only good bits of this film was the beautiful scenes between
    Kong, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson. I expected more of this film,
    instead all I got was a typical Hollywood ‘guns out’ rewrite.

  • geohaber-2April 12, 2017Reply

    Kong’s Roar No Match for Roar of the Audience!

    Totally agree with the (many) reviewers who called Kong: Skull Island a
    Humungous Turkey! One of my favorite moments was when the heroine–the
    woman photographer–falls in the water and starts sinking…Anyone
    who’s ever seen a movie knows to expect big hairy hand from the
    love-struck Kong to come lowering in the water to cup the lovely damsel
    in distress! Fay Wray would spin over in her grave watching this lame
    scene and film. Kong’s constant terrifying roaring is almost as loud as
    the cry of hundreds of thousands of movie-goers who have been suckered
    out of ten bucks or more to watch this flic.

  • wscheffApril 12, 2017Reply


    Don’t even bother, worst movie I have ever ever ever seen !!! The plot
    is bad. The content is bad. The actors are bad. Could have been a
    better movie without Samuel L. Jackson. The music was really bad too.
    Surly some one would have a better story line. If anyone had ever seen
    the 1949 Mighty Joe Young… good movie. The best Kong was the original
    King Kong.

  • MELlSANDREApril 12, 2017Reply

    ”Is that a monkey?” Why no, good sir. It is a KING.

    To begin, my actual rating would have been more along the lines of a
    7.5/10, but seeing as so many imbeciles are obviously and outrageously
    trying to tank the ratings, I have decided to give it a 10, and suggest
    that everyone who liked it do the same. Yes, yes, I know. Not very
    kosher, but seriously, if these cretins who are rating it a 1 don’t
    give a crap about the veracity of ratings, why should you or I? It
    seems only fair. Don’t agree with me? Watch the trailer again, or check
    out the higher reviews of this movie. Do you really think a movie like
    that deserves a 1??????? Heck no. A 1 is something reserved for the
    likes of Glitter, Battlefield Earth, and (I shudder even typing it) The
    Room. THIS movie a 1??? Just no way. Not unless, like some posters
    below pointed out, you have an agenda, or unless you’ve never seen
    another movie in your life and have never rated anything and don’t know
    how, or you are just not capable of rational thinking. Simple as that.

    Now the rundown. The music was great. It was a throwback to the Vietnam
    era and of course, it was used to take you back to that time. HOW the
    heck can people complain that actual Vietnam era music was used for,
    DUHHHH, Vietnam era scenes? Yes, it boggles my mind too that so many
    lame-brained people actually have access to the web and choose to use
    it to leave reviews instead of expanding their brains. Sheesh. It
    wasn’t, technically, a funny movie, but there was a lot of humor that
    was well placed and brought on laughter. If I have ONE negative to
    bring up, it would be that there weren’t really actors or characters
    that you fell in love with, or really cared that much for. They didn’t
    take the time to develop the characters to that degree. You kind of did
    root for a few of them to make it, but other than that, you kind of
    just wanted to see action, and there was PLENTY of that, and thank
    goodness for that. After all, you did, like I did, go to see a giant
    gorilla movie, amarite, and not some movie like The King’s Speech. The
    CGI is terrific. It wasn’t overdone. It did what CGI is supposed to do
    for once, it looked REAL. Kong looked fantastic. The acting from
    everyone, especially some newcomers involved, was believable.
    Hiddleston looked good. I’ve never been that much of a fan. I could
    take him or leave him, but I guess after the Swift thing he took to the
    gym? He looked good. J. C. Reilly was really good. He was just a tiny
    bit over the top, but I think that’s how he was supposed to come
    across. He was very amusing though. Great casting choice. Samuel
    Jackson? Hmmm. He wasn’t all that great and I think that after this he
    should really evaluate whether he wants to act just for the money or
    because he really wants to ACT. He was kind of just there, staring into
    the camera, delivering lines the way he normally delivers lines. Hey,
    it was Samuel Jackson playing a guy like he’s played 12 times already.
    No big thing though, either way. The rest of the movie made up for any
    lack there may have been on S. Jackson’s part. Oh, and one last thing.
    The time you spend watching it FLIES. That’s another thing I don’t get.
    People talking about the running time. WTH? If anything, I wish it had
    been longer so that they could develop the characters a bit more. The
    scenes are mostly pretty fast and there are a lot of them (both good
    things in my book). There are almost no stagnant moments and when I go
    into a theater looking for an action movie, well, that’s what I want,
    and ladies and gentlemen, you get that in spades with this movie.

    Really good movie we will be adding to our collection when available

  • remmyfilmsApril 13, 2017Reply

    No Awe, No Characters We Care About

    I love a big, dumb monster movie. This is not one.

    The 1995 movie ”Congo” was 100% better than this. The action was nuts,
    and the characters were over-the-top clichés, but they were fun.

    ”Kong: Skull” lacks both characters we care about and a sense of awe.

    There’s Tom Hiddleston… playing Tom Hiddleston as a lightweight
    Indiana Jones (we’re never given any reason to care for him, apart from
    the fact that he beats some guys up). There’s the girl from ”Room,”
    looking lost as a photographer. There’s Nucky Thompson’s brother, as a
    faux Vietnam soldier. There’s a Chinese actress, who may be the worst
    case ever of being a token character there to only appease Chinese

    As for the action, maybe I’ve become jaded with the prevalence of CGI,
    but… a gigantic gorilla fighting helicopters and skull-monsters
    should be exciting… but it barely elicits a reaction.

    John C. Reilly is the highlight here, and could have fit into ”Congo”
    nicely, but- overall- it’s too little too late.


  • SDJKApril 13, 2017Reply

    Terrible – Never a 12A

    This film is terrible on all levels, I have no idea how it was rated a
    12A as if we had known the gore shown we would not have taken our
    9/10yr old kids. The only saving grace was the comedy from the WW2
    Airforce pilot. The lack of background story made it even worse. I
    would save your money.

  • Jake DonApril 13, 2017Reply

    Another remake/reboot/sequel/prequel/re-adaptation/rewhocares

    Since Legendary Entertainment (batman etc) was bought by the Chinese
    every single movie they put magically has a Chinese co-lead actor in
    it. How lame. it has nothing to do with a script’s needs, director’s
    choice or the story. it is just inserted and it is useless and sad. On
    the other hand, why not the Chinese have to tolerate Samuel Jackson..

  • Daniel MoraisApril 14, 2017Reply


    Rating: 76% (7,6)

    SINOPSE: ”A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the
    Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight
    to escape a primal Eden.”

    Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

  • theo_katsikisApril 14, 2017Reply

    What a pile of $%^#

    Watched it last night!

    Samuel Jackson was probably the most irritating aspect of this film,
    other than the flat characters (who by the way you didn’t care if they
    lived or died).

    I was really looking forward to this film but I was greatly

  • djhuwsApril 14, 2017Reply


    This promised lots, but in reality is just torture from start to
    finish… cliché after cliché and some terrible acting. It does have
    it’s moments, mainly in the scenes with John C. Reilly, who adds some
    humour. All in all.. it’s not very good.. spend your money watching
    something else…Avoid!

  • Oliver Thatcher WatsonApril 14, 2017Reply

    Absolutely awesome!

    This film is absolutely amazing in almost every way. The CGI is beyond
    superb, the acting is great, the performances are great, the story is
    great, pretty much everything is great. This is an outstanding take on
    the King Kong film franchise and it doesn’t disappoint for the most
    part. However, there is a slight problem with this film. While the
    story was great, the first part of the film just wasn’t that
    interesting and kind of went over my head. It also felt kind of tedious
    since it dragged on somewhat. It was also pretty hard to follow.
    However, I can mostly overlook that as the rest of this film is
    fantastic, not only story wise, but with mesmerizing CGI and great
    acting. I recommend this film to anyone who’s a fan of King Kong, as
    well as anyone who wants to see a great, action packed film with all
    the suspense, thrills, impressive CGI and performances to keep viewers,
    like myself, happy. Though this film isn’t one of the absolute best,
    it’s still a film that will go down in history as something truly

  • nguyentran92April 15, 2017Reply

    Truly disappointed

    I have seen movie campaigns going on and on in my country, flattering
    how the movie successes in bringing Vietnam’s Halong Bay and all other
    spectacular scenes in Vietnamese countryside to life. Well I am really

    First of all, boring plot, couldn’t hold myself to yawn within only
    15min beginning. The opening scene in certain sandscape looked quite
    fake, thought I could recognise my country from the view behind.

    Second of all, I made comment base on a view of an Asian. The Chinese
    actress Tian Jing totally plays a role of poster girl, no quality lines
    for her whatsoever. Please next time if you feel the need to have an
    Asian-looking actress/actor better to recruit someone else with acting
    know-how. The fact to put a random-but-with-strong-network Asian
    actress on show is really an insult for me personally. These continuous
    actions to build such characters only create more perceptions about
    uninteresting, unimpressive rather stupid & boring Asians. Asian
    actresses/actors could do ways better than that & they deserve more
    space to act.

    The truth is I walked out after 25min so just those two for now. I have
    read one comment saying that real excitements only begins after first
    20min (and really, for such a blockbuster you are ready to spare up to
    20min of first impression that lame ?) So maybe I’ll give it a try
    again this week for the later part, hopefully feeling better.

    For now, all I can see is disappointment.

  • angivareApril 15, 2017Reply


    You Can’t expect a serious plot that makes sense from a movie like
    Kong. If you can live with that then you will enjoy this movie. It’s
    action packed with really awesome monster fighting scenes! I liked it
    the best in comparison to the older Kong movies.

    Is it a very good movie? not really. Is it a very good Kong movie? yes!

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenApril 15, 2017Reply

    Visually great, but the movie lacked a proper story…

    I didn’t really have much of any expectations for ”Kong: Skull Island”,
    except that I had hoped for a CGI galore. And that was essentially all
    that this movie turned out to be, sad to say.

    So this movie is supposed to be a prequel to the older ”King Kong”
    movies, and the audience is supposed to believe that the secrets of
    Skull Island and the secrets of the existence of the mighty Kong
    managed to be a secret and kept quiet by all those who managed to
    escape from the Island alive? Sure, why not… Plausible? No, hardly
    so. But let’s roll with it, for the sake of the entertainment purposes.

    So the story, in all its simplicity, is about a group of scientists,
    funded by the American government, and assisted by the US armed forces,
    venture to a mysterious Island shrouded in a perpetual mist, where they
    are to look into what mysteries the Island hold. And they find a place
    where nature is merciless and evolved beyond the rest of the world.

    I found the story to be way too simplistic and far fetched to be a
    worthy addition to the ”King Kong” legacy. Sure, this was a visually
    stimulating movie, but it just didn’t make sense. None of it did! So a
    small group of secluded islands harbor growth of natural predators to
    monstrous sizes of gargantuan proportions. Makes any sense? No, hardly
    so. Especially since you get to see like only a single gargantuan
    spider, one ape (not counting the skeletal remains in the graveyard)
    and some oddly-shaped reptilian beings. The ecosystem just doesn’t make
    sense. How would there be enough food for such creatures? Would they
    feast upon one another, yes? But why isn’t there more of them then?

    The characters in the movie were two-dimensional and lacking anything
    that even remotely would be anything like character depth and growth.
    It was like watching clones and drones milling about. Especially
    characters like Hank Marlow (played by John C. Reilly). He had been
    there since World War II, yet managed to elude learning to speak the
    native language of those tribesmen on the Island, yet he lived among
    them? Sure, that was just believable. And also the painfully generic
    and stereotypical Preston Packard character (played by Samuel L.
    Jackson). Wow, just wow! That character was the epitome of how you make
    a character as generic and pointless as you possibly can.

    The visual effects were off the charts, though. ”Kong: Skull Island”,
    as I mentioned earlier, is an effects movie. And I do applaud the
    special effects team, because they really mustered up here and came
    together with something very pleasing to the eye. It all looked very
    real and had so many nice touches in the details.

    ”Kong: Skull Island” was not an overly impressive movie, not in the
    slightest. It is the type of movie that you watch, then check it off
    your watch-list, and you quickly forget about it, just as you did with
    Peter Jacksons take on the original ”King Kong” movie.

  • LebowskidooApril 16, 2017Reply

    Kong is back and better than ever!

    Did they really have Richard Nixon bobbleheads back in the day? Man, I
    bet those are worth some cash now!

    This is just great escapist fun, don’t see why it would need nitpicking
    at all, it was created to entertain, and it does. I love the original
    and the remakes and this maintains and improves on the grandeur of Kong
    in some ways.

    Much more action than most Kong movies and the more modern setting is
    responsible for a few jokes and one heck of a soundtrack. Kong is
    physically much larger and impressive and there is a sweet story of a
    missing soldier that runs throughout.

    Sit back, watch Kong flex his muscles and kick some ass and just have

  • charlesbeuttApril 16, 2017Reply

    Left Wing Garbage, couldn’t get through more than a hour.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stieffguyApril 16, 2017Reply

    Oh deary, deary me

    Oh this is just awful, I mean truly dreadful. Everyone I know told me
    not to waste my time but alas I did. The sad reality is that A) the
    script is full of explanatory dialogue, just in case you’re too dumb to
    know Kong is an ape. So your told what an ape is …. Again and again
    and again. B) the movie is a scene stealing mash up from many movies
    that the 50+ remember from groundbreaking movies. Especially Apocalypse
    Now. I realize that the 40- generation may not remember such cinematic
    masterpieces but boy this movie is lazy, lazy, lazy. Oh well 🙁

    Let’s aim it like this. This is a perfect movie to watch on TV during
    the holiday season at home. You can happily go off and have a manicure,
    whip up a soufflé or more excitingly, take a mini cruise without fear
    of missing anything. If there are more than two people watching this
    with you, you can do a little experiment. See how many people go to the
    loo or wander off for half an hour without saying ”can you pause it?
    I’ll be back in a min” Believe me you won’t miss a thing that makes the
    story hard to dip back into and follow. I can’t criticise the cast, we
    all need to pay the rent.

  • yamasaerApril 16, 2017Reply

    Don’t watch it until you have nothing else to watch

    Only CG and Music are good in this movie… Everything else are BAD.
    Especially movie plot/story. First i watch this movie not expecting any
    story from it. Just to watch pure action. But the bad plot disturbed me
    every single minutes of this movie.

    Don’t watch this movie even free-download. It’s not worth your internet
    bandwidth. Trust me 😀

  • Harhaluulo54April 16, 2017Reply

    The amount of helicopters is over 9000!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bsideenterApril 16, 2017Reply

    American Horseshit made for people with IQs lower than a chimp.

    By far the most pathetic movie seen so far, and 2hours long. Plot just
    gets worse by the minute. Watch it if you don’t mind losing brain

    Can’t believe they spent 185 million USD on this sad movie. And what’s
    up with Samuel Jackson becoming so retarded lately?

  • isadickApril 16, 2017Reply

    Here we go

    I have never bothered to review anything in my life and I normally
    don’t take people’s reviews into consideration when trying out
    something new.

    This movie was something different though in that I feel that people
    are just going to the edge of absurdity when reviewing it. That is if
    they’re even real reviews.

    As an example, you have someone below that writes: I’m not one to stop
    a film half way through, I like to see things to the end but this is
    one of the rare times I actually had to put myself out of misery and
    press the stop button. -Wait a minute there darlin. By pressing the
    stop button and stopping it half way through, you mean you watched it
    on a television or computer (or you’re just lying).

    They go on to say: Now I didn’t get a chance to see this film at the
    cinema, which I’m now very grateful for. -How does one get home viewing
    before it is on the market besides downloading it illegally? And if you
    did, you then come and complain about it even though by your own
    admission you didn’t see all of it?

    They continue: After seeing the trailer for this film, I clicked on
    this title optimistically. I then saw Samuel. L Jackson was part of the
    cast and then my doubt began. -Basically you’re saying you saw him in
    the trailer, but didn’t connect the dots, an then you go on to base
    your review on one actor?

    It goes on: For me, any film which includes animals has to do their
    research and this was another reason as to why I switched off. Why on
    earth would a 900ft tall Ape walk like a human?! -This comment is just
    too darn ridiculous to have ever been uttered or written, and yet there
    you have it folks.

    Seriously mis amigos, if you’re going to type some s#}t for the sake of
    typing s#}t at least make sure it’s s#}t that makes some f*cking sense.

    Kong Skull Island is a rip roaring fun ride but don’t expect it to be
    more than that.

  • rsockeyApril 16, 2017Reply

    Worst of the worst

    This movie was so bad it was actually painful to watch. I would have
    left the theater after the first 10 minutes if I hadn’t been with a
    group of friends. John Goodman didn’t act. He simply recited his
    terrible lines. I think someone taped his eyes open. He was bug eyed
    throughout the movie. What was that about? Samuel L Jackson should
    stick to credit card commercials. I kept waiting for him to ask what
    was in my wallet. As a matter of fact his movie acting is the same as
    his commercial persona. I cannot understand the good ratings this movie
    received. Someone must have gotten paid off. The only movie that I
    think was worse than Skull Island is Noah with Russel Crowe. I think
    theaters should be required to refund your money if you walk out within
    the first fifteen minutes. It’s only fair.

  • FilmBuff1994April 17, 2017Reply

    Stellar Character Development, Average Kong,

    Kong: Skull Island is a great movie with a very well developed plot and
    a top notch cast. The best part about this film for me is without a
    doubt the characters. They are all very well developed and the
    relationships between them are established brilliantly, all meeting
    each other for the first time at the beginning, and we get to see it
    grow as the plot progresses, with everyone having to rely on each
    other. These characters intrigued me far more than any movie monster

    As a matter of fact, the poorest part of this film for me was actually
    King Kong himself. While he is beautifully rendered through CGI, he
    held the plot back. The characters could have been putting in to a much
    dire, exciting situations if a giant gorilla did not have to be there
    main threat, when there are easily scarier monsters out there in this
    universe. I honestly think it would have been a lot better if it was
    not a King Kong movie.

    The performances are stellar, each cast member having great chemistry
    with one another and bringing this world to life. Tom Hiddleston brings
    great charisma to his part, Brie Larson is charming, John Goodman is
    mysterious and Samuel L. Jackson is as intimidating as ever. However,
    the highlight for me was John C. Reilly, he is both the funniest and
    the most layered character, bring great depth to Hank Marlow, and his
    scene at the end is very heartwarming.

    It has very engaging characters, which for me, is why its worth
    watching. Well acted and development, Kong: Skull Island is certainly
    worth the watch for anyone looking for a good adventure film.

    A group of scientists and soldiers are sent on a journey to Skull
    Island, an uncharted island that may hide some never before seen

    Best Performance: John C. Reilly

  • Eddie_weinbauerApril 17, 2017Reply

    Never, have so many people survived a helicopter crash

    A long row of endlessly bad decisions Starting with casting Samuel
    Jackson in anything. It’s basically the same old King Kong story,only
    the location has changed. Humans find king Kong,and first thought &
    reaction is, kill king Kong.And from than on,it’s all downhill

    But this time, with a politically correct cast.1 Asian 2-3 black guys 1
    white Women.1 Hispanic nerd,1 white guy.And that is only the lead

    Samuel Jackson plays the same character he plays in every movie these
    days.The over the top lager than life,I’m-so-tough-even-god -is -afraid
    of-me. Not one of the the entire crew are likable,nor relatable. Not to
    mention the number of helicopters,seem to grow while they are
    fighting.They start with 4 than they seem to be up to 8 or 9+a Chinook

    One of the MANY things that makes this movie so bad,is that they have
    made Kong the main Enemy,the big bad.So to speak.You get to see very
    little of other creatures that could be dangerous for tiny humans. The
    survivors from the crash,pretty much act like it’s a walk in the
    park.Every place they should have the sense walk around, they walk
    through.They also never run out of ammunition..Which get really
    comical. cause they basically empty a clip, in everything they see.

    OH Yeah.Did I forgot to mention they suddenly midway through a battle
    ,have 50cal finished mounted with tripod an everything,the precise
    moment Jackson tell them they need it.Even though two sec. ago they
    were on the run. Only problem is,up until that moment,nobody was
    carrying anything that heavy.

    The plot holes are just endless.Along with the incredibly bad
    decisions, made by Jackson,who is suppose to be a superb commanding
    officer. The problem with having Jackson in anything,is that he is to
    expensive to be killed off. So you know you’ll have to suffer him the
    entire movie

  • blazedounalApril 17, 2017Reply

    This is call kong movie

    Some people go to the movies to be wowed by the superb acting, heart
    wrenching and well written story, and overall solid production. This is
    an all out creature feature…It is called Skull Island because that’s
    where the action takes place with all the neat creatures. There is a
    LOT of screen time devoted to Kong and the monsters. Kong: Skull Island
    is the perfect monster movie. It’s an epic display of what a popcorn
    movie should be.

    In 1944, in the midst of World War II, two fighter pilots – an American
    soldier named Hank Marlow and a Japanese soldier named Gunpei Ikari –
    parachute onto an island in the South Pacific after a dogfight. They
    both engage in close combat, with Ikari gaining the upper hand, but the
    fight is interrupted by a behemoth ape known as Kong.

    In 1973, U.S. government agent Bill Randa hires former British Special
    Air Service Captain James Conrad, a skilled tracker, to guide an
    expedition to map out an island known as ”Skull Island” and with a
    Vietnam War helicopter squadron led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston
    Packard and his subordinates, Major Jack Chapman and Captain Earl Cole.
    Upon arrival at Skull Island, Packard’s men begin dropping explosives
    developed by seismologist Houston Brooks to map out the island.
    However, the air unit is attacked by Kong, who kills a number of
    military personnel and scatters the others across the island.

    After being confronted by Packard, Randa reveals his affiliation to the
    secret government organization Monarch, which was trying to prove the
    existence of monsters and determine their threat to humanity. The other
    survivors (Conrad, Weaver, Brooks, biologist San Lin, soldier Reg
    Slivko, and Landsat employee Victor Nieves) try to get to a rendezvous
    point to meet a resupply team arriving in three days’ time. They
    encounter the local Iwi natives and an older Marlow. He reveals that
    Kong is the island’s guardian, worshiped as a god by the natives for
    protecting the island’s inhabitants from many predators, including
    reptilian underground monsters dubbed ”Skullcrawlers”. They have killed
    Kong’s ancestors, leaving him as the last of his kind, and that one of
    the Skullcrawlers killed Ikari.

    Packard’s group begins making their way to Chapman, whose helicopter
    crash-landed elsewhere. Meanwhile, Chapman is ambushed and eaten by a
    Skullcrawler. Jame Conrad’s group helps Marlow complete a boat built
    from parts scavenged from Marlow and Ikari’s downed planes. They ride
    the boat down the river, and manage to secure communication with
    Packard’s group, but the boat is attacked by pterosaur-like creatures
    which kill Nieves. They regroup with Packard, who insists on searching
    for Chapman, though his true objective is to find and kill Kong.

    There, the same Skullcrawler that devoured Chapman attacks the group,
    killing Randa and many soldiers before dying in a flammable gas
    explosion triggered by Weaver. Learning about Chapman’s death, a
    vengeful Packard blames Kong for the deaths of his men and becomes
    determined to kill Kong. The two groups part ways, with Packard’s group
    laying a trap for Kong, while the non-military personnel head back to
    the boat.

    As Conrad and Weaver encounter Kong, Packard’s group triggers napalm
    explosions to lure him in. Kong charges to the lake, where they manage
    to incapacitate him with ignited gasoline, though Woodward is killed.
    Conrad’s group arrives and persuades the other soldiers to spare Kong,
    but Packard refuses to stand down. Then, a massive Skullcrawler.
    Emerges from the lake. Packard is crushed to death by a recovering
    Kong. The Skullcrawler overpowers Kong in a brief battle and then
    chases the survivors. Kong returns to rescue the others and with help
    from the humans, kills the beast by ripping out its innards. He saves
    Weaver from drowning, and allows the surviving humans to leave the

    During the credits, Marlow returns home, reuniting with his wife,
    meeting his son for the first time, and watching a Chicago Cubs game on
    television. In a post-credits scene, Conrad and Weaver are detained by
    Monarch and informed by Brooks and Lin that Kong is not the only
    monster to roam the world. As proof, they are shown archive footage of
    cave paintings depicting Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

  • stefanklenkeApril 17, 2017Reply

    Worst King Kong movie ever

    This is a movie where you almost want your money back afterwards. The
    only ones who saved the film from being a total waste of cash was the
    charming John C. Reilly with his glorious beard and the hundreds of
    computer effect guys who managed to make King Kong the only other
    alright character in the film. All the other characters were thin
    layered replaceable people who you never cared a single second for. I
    bet when the actors watched the film back for the first time they must
    have felt the same awkward embarrassment we felt watching the film. I
    don’t know if it was on purpose but it felt a lot like a cheap B-movie
    from the 80’s only with first class special effects.

    Please try not to support this lazy film making with your well earned

  • rioplaydrumApril 17, 2017Reply

    More Than I Expected

    I had it firm in my mind this was going to be a cartoonish fiasco
    similar to Peter Berg’s sci-fi bomb ‘Battleship’ released in 2012 which
    was designed for teenage gamers and pretty much nobody else.

    ‘Kong’ has far more sophistication than that. Instead of a comic book
    we get a well designed production more on the level of the graphic

    Attention to period detail (1973) is nearly 100 percent, from wrist
    watches, military uniforms and weapons, tactical gear, radios, tape
    recorders, record players, cameras, aircraft, automobiles, scientific
    equipment, most of it checks out as authentic.

    The only thing I spotted as incorrect was a brief view of an animated
    color computer graphic that wouldn’t have been possible for at least
    another twenty years, but that’s all.

    The CGI goes without saying. The use of it to make the most disgusting
    creatures come to life is as good as it can get. Kong battles away with
    these many monsters with great dramatic flair.

    One is an eighty foot tall spider that really gave me the creeps.
    Anachriods are not my thing, and the movie didn’t help me with that at

    As the story progresses, the military/science team meet up with a mute
    indigenous people who have lived on the island for thousands of years.
    Again, attention to detail is immaculate.

    You would have no problem believing this was an actual race completely
    cut off from the rest of the civilized world had you ever met them.

    However, there were a couple of unbelievable and ridiculous scenarios
    that threatened my suspension of dis-belief.

    First, there is no such thing as an island with it’s own savage storm
    system that keeps it hidden and nearly impenetrable. If you have a
    scientific mind at all, you’ll find this idea laughable.

    Second, the military blundering that occurs when the helicopter pilots
    first encounter the giant ape, which gets everybody stranded in the
    first place, is overwhelmingly dumb and hard to swallow.

    Instead of retreating, all the pilots simply fly mindlessly straight at
    Kong who bats them all out of the sky one by one. Duh.

    But it is an action movie, and that’s what you get, regardless of the
    lack of logic or reason here and there.

    Great fun for all ages.

    Your teenage boys will love it. Your teenage girls will probably not.

    Oh, and Samuel Jackson doesn’t drop a single F-bomb through the whole

    I found that refreshing.

  • J. (CountJonnie)April 18, 2017Reply

    A remake that stands on its own

    I prefer sequels over remakes, because sequels are a continuation of a
    storyline you like or love. A remake just erases everything which
    sometimes is an insult to fans of the original. Unless, the remake
    stands on its own that it’s entertaining for ”old” fans, and ”new”

    The movie stands on its own and succeeds on various levels. First, the
    characters aren’t as annoying as in the 2005 version. 2nd, it mixes
    character work and action, and doesn’t offer to much of either. 3rd,
    the humor is not too much, and it’s well timed. 4rd, it doesn’t waste
    time with a (useless) build up, or side stories. It’s a straight
    forward movie. And finally, more women will fall in love with Tom
    Hiddleston who is surprisingly well in action movies.

    Enjoy it!!!

  • alen_tabApril 18, 2017Reply

    Search no more for an excellent piece of adventure

    I was very skeptical after the last Kong movie…wasn’t’t even sure on
    whether I want to watch this one…Being a movies lover, regardless of
    genre, somehow I made myself do it….And not that I’m just happy
    because of my decision, but in the sea of boring movies this one simply
    offered action and adventure that kept me knocked on my seat for the
    entire movie. An excellent movie for all those who are into this
    genre…If you are not into this than don’t bother looking it, because
    writing a Kong-critique if you are ”la la la la la la land man” makes
    no sense…for those who love action/adventure/fantasy movies I bet you
    will enjoy it! It’s not just worth seeing it – it’s a must!


  • Jimi WayneApril 18, 2017Reply

    Gives me hope that I will be pulled off the street to become a Hollywood director

    Where do you find someone creative enough to revitalize the much loved
    King Kong series? I’m only assuming it can’t be done because if this is
    the best money can buy, may the FSM take pity on us. It may sound
    overly dramatic, but this ”film” lowered my expectation for humanity’s
    future. Not a shred of logic in any of these characters or the plot for
    that matter. At any point of the film you could have asked a child what
    should happen next and they would be 100% correct.

    Great effects and John C. Reilly were the only things that got me to
    the end of this movie, though even some of his jokes fell flat. I did
    regret getting to the end of the ”movie” however, as projectile vomit
    leaped from my mouth upon seeing the open ending allowing for 3 or 4
    more train wrecks to be produced.

    P.S. Some how they lined this shitty director up for a Metal Gear Solid
    movie. You know that film won’t be the start of a franchise. The guy
    has less depth than a bathtub and he’s supposed to make a spy movie.
    Unfortunate that even a bathtub is deep enough to drown beloved

  • Geno YoungApril 18, 2017Reply

    The King is back, and in a REALLY BIG WAY!

    I want to be very clear about this, anyone who doesn’t wish to have an
    extremely thrilling and terrifying time, DO NOT see ”Kong: Skull
    Island.” He is back, well rested and ready to ensue some fresh havoc.
    This is not a remake, or a sequel, though it feels like it can go hand
    in hand with the original as far as the thrills are concerned. The cast
    really brings their A Game and the overall film packs a wallop with
    some of the best CGI that I’ve seen. The characters (although not the
    brightest bunch) play likable and generally somewhat believable roles;
    and Kong has never looked better! The film is loaded with thrills and
    chills, creeps and crawls, jump scares, and a shocking amount of gore
    for a PG-13 feature. I bet it was a kill away from a R-Rating, this
    wouldn’t have flew under the PG-13 radar 30 years ago. All in all, a
    MUST SEE for any King Kong fan, or anyone desiring to have a truly
    thrilling and terrifying time! ”Kong: Skull Island” spins a yarn that I
    would put against any past adaptation including the original. A+ an
    instant classic!

    *Stay to the end for one last shock*

  • thebluemexApril 18, 2017Reply

    Kong Sized Fun

    I was hesitant to see the film, fearing it was another rehash of big
    gorilla discovered, fights, falls for girl, gets trapped, put on
    display, escapes, climbs building, fights off militia, falls and it
    ends. It was pleasurably different than I thought. Without any
    spoilers, it has a different spin and the big ape is absolutely
    awe-inspiring. I usually don’t go for CGI infested films, but since
    it’s Kong, I expected it and it was necessary for the story and done
    extremely well. I only have one criticism and that’s I wish there was
    more background to the indigenous people of the island who were
    mysterious and deserving of further exploration. They looked pretty
    cool. Highly recommend! Kong is king!

  • bdmimdb3dApril 18, 2017Reply

    The King is back, long live the Kong..uh King. 8/10.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ycho-29371April 19, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island is a big pile of mess…..

    Finally, a new rehash of the classical 1933’s ‘King Kong’ has been
    remade with Hollywood without even matching up to it’s original,
    however, the 2005’s ‘King Kong’ has been the most impressive and
    adequate of what it succeed. Kong Skull Island, directed by Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts returns for a new project with one of the writers being a
    writer and director of my favorite films of 2014, Dan Gilroy. The first
    impression to deliver is this movie is a pile of mess that keeps on
    building and lowers the film. As the film begins, we are introduced to
    two scientists proving ancient species exist on an island, while
    excusing to map the geography of the island. We meet James Conrad (Tom
    Hiddleston), a formal weapons dealer, and that is only what it has to
    offer. Additionally, we see Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) as for
    the most majority an uninteresting and unrelatable antagonist. There is
    no short description of their biography illustrated and flashed out
    that might be fascinating at least. Due to, a poorly written script and
    unprofessionally executed characters with no excess of heart, which
    just felt like attractive humans who could run in slow motion. The vast
    majority of the cast are just expendables bodies for large, CGI created
    monsters to toy with. Positive note, Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly), is
    the best aspect that can elevate this film to a higher position with a
    rather interesting backstory and an excess of little heart we stood up
    for. We go into for a purpose, the purpose being able to see gigantic
    CGI monster crashing up with each other. Like as the anticipation, it
    does offer exhilarating eye candy visuals, consistently solid acting, a
    fast paced and intriguing deployment of the story, and the most
    important exhilarating, fascinating, and huge frenetic monsters that
    can satisfy some. All cast-ed monsters look promisingly amazing and
    flawless, adding more ‘fun’ and thrills for an adventure roller coaster
    ride. It keeps the audiences intrigued for certain monster battles and
    clashes processed with CGI. While it may satisfy some for just
    mindlessly watchable CGI monster film, but the whole affair can’t
    escape a hugely hollow feeling after the ending credits roll. Also, it
    detracts from other successful films, elevating the film’s originality
    to the bottom as it builds more disappointments. Overall, this film
    offers cool visuals with big CGI monsters for few moments, but the
    majority focuses on the human aspect which is a mess and a hollow that
    will keep most film buffs let down as the end credits begin.

  • carlburgerApril 20, 2017Reply

    A complete mess.

    Kong: Skull Island A failed matinée. A botched blockbuster. Basically?
    It’s gorilla poop.

    But why? Well. Imagine that you are a teacher. You’re giving your class
    of 12 year olds a home assignment, to write an ”adventurous story”. And
    once the sugar high kids turn in their papers, you take one of the most
    hilariously bad ones, and send it, just for sh*ts and giggles, to

    …and to your shock and amazement- they make a freaking movie out of
    it. That is Kong:Skull Island. That’s what it feels like.

    The story is so all over the place. Most of the action scenes look
    cool. But over all, the film is weighed down by actors standing in
    front of an unusually bad and apparent green screen. Most of those bad
    green screen scenes feels very much like hastily added re shoots.

    Remember Suicide Squad? This movie suffers from the same problems. They
    talk about the hollow earth in the movie. Where the great ancient
    beasts resides. Well. That’s kinda symptomatic for the script. So much
    surface, covering a vast abyss of nothingness.

    Actually though. I get what they were aiming for. An entertaining
    matinée for the family. But at times it’s way to gory and graphic for
    that. I honestly zoned out, watching it, at times. Because it was like
    listening to the incoherent story from an Adhd kid yelling some lengthy
    story about how he totally owned like 500 bullies, that came at him
    with laser rifles in the schools cafeteria.

    Verdict: In true McDonald’s fashion – in order to please *everyone* it
    instead ends up tasting like sh*t to *everyone*. 👍 One thumb up- for
    some cool looking scenes with Kong going ape.

  • and-charalambousApril 20, 2017Reply

    I had a good surprise when I went to watch this!

    I only saw one trailer before going so I had no spoiled scenes and I
    hadn’t read any reviews like the low-starred ones that are probably
    going to be below my post and I am SO thankful I didn’t do those
    things. Why? Kong Skull Island was an AMAZING monster movie, if not the
    best monster movie I have ever seen. Awesome visuals and music, good
    cast and OK story but the monster action in this movie was the BEST!
    Unlike Godzilla which takes like 1hr to be shown in the 2014 film, we
    get a look at Kong early on but also throughout the entire movie. In
    short, I loved it, my friends did as well. It might lack a bit of logic
    but to be honest, look at ANY action/adventure movie from Hollywood and
    you won’t see any logic in it. So the people saying that in reviews in
    here are total hypocrites. People who enjoy movies like Fast and
    Furious would most likely like the movie. (I don’t personally like the
    F&F franchise because it’s TOO illogical and the performances kinda

  • Rob HallamApril 21, 2017Reply


    Got to be one of the most clichéd, blatant and bad rip off Hollywood
    attempts of all time.

    Felt like a combination of Jurassic park, Tropic Thunder, Apocalypse
    now and a smatter of Platoon thrown in at the end for good measure.

    Jackson was at least predictably poor, anything he’s in nowadays should
    likely be avoided unless strongly supported.

    Totally unrealistic action scenes and weak attempts to create an excuse
    for an action scene with no build up towards it … check out the
    exploding cigarette scene :-

    ( Felt like a situation whereby the Writer and Director said ‘We don’t
    really have two hours of movie here, lets turn it into a Vietnam Shoot
    ém up then ?’

    Poor, poor, poor !!!!!!

  • Info-241-562323April 21, 2017Reply


    I thought I was the only person who was disappointed with this movie –
    how it got a 7/10, I have no idea. Everyone I have asked about it told
    me not to bother – I wish I had of listened.

    Please don’t confuse this with previous ‘Kong’ movies – they are worlds
    apart; and only go to show what happens when you throw a s”tload of
    money at something to make it supposedly ‘spectacular’, and end up with
    nothing but garbage.

    CGI isn’t too bad – once they discover how to get perspective right.
    Script is woeful – filled with gung-ho attitude and cheap ‘kick-ass’
    dialog which just doesn’t work at all within the context of the movie.

    Storyline – well, it could have been done in half the time. I’m not
    even sure there is a story in all of this, apart from a group of ‘look
    how mean and brave’ we are men going to kill monsters. Mix that with a
    script that thinks it’s from Rambo, and the entire budget, CGI and just
    about everything else associated with this film becomes a complete
    waste of time.

    A real pity – it could have been so so good.


  • Julian ([email protected])April 21, 2017Reply

    Lack of something

    With the purpose of find the unknown a group of people are headed to
    the skull island. Where they hope they will find the answer to many

    Great special effects and sometimes good shots. But the movie, in spite
    of having a great cast, did not manage to make the most of them. I did
    not feel a connection with any of the and I barely knew who was the
    important one. ALso, I realized that there were several characters
    without purpose and without them the story would have been the same.

    Great movie to have fun, but it has a lack in writing. The story and
    characters were not good enough.

  • bowmanblueApril 22, 2017Reply

    My latest guilty pleasure film

    Okay, so I’ll start by saying that ‘Kong: Skull Island’ is hardly
    high-brow entertainment. It’s mass marketed nonsense aimed at the
    lowest comment denominator. I guess I would have to include myself in
    that bracket, because I thoroughly enjoyed it! We’ll ignore Peter
    Jackson’s recently take on the ‘King Kong’ story, as it bears no
    relevance here. Instead, back in 1973 the U.S. government discover an
    island that’s remained hidden throughout the years and decide to send
    in a team to investigate. We’re treated to a brief introduction to all
    the major players and a quick briefing on board the battleship which
    reminded me of something out of ‘Aliens.’ And, while we’re on the
    subject of ‘Aliens’ Ripley would be most proud about the way the
    military starts dropping bombs all over the island (with a view to
    ‘study’ it – no, seriously). So, while helicopters do their best to
    ‘nuke the site from orbit’ one of the island’s indigenous occupants –
    an oversize monkey – doesn’t take kindly to this course of action and
    takes down every last one of them, leaving those few survivors not
    blown up in the massacre to do their best to make their way across the
    island to the pick-up point before something even worse happens to

    Now, it’s not just enraged monkeys who they have to worry about. They
    have natives, giant spiders and horrible lizard-things who live
    underground to contend with. And they soon realise that Kong is the
    least of their problems! I’m lead to believe that this will be the
    first in a line of these movies, some even crossing Kong over with
    other existing franchises (‘Godzilla’ anyone?) so naturally Kong is –
    justifiably – the star. However, this does mean that some of the humans
    are kind of left in the background a bit. It does try to handle quite a
    large cast and not all of them get the screen time they deserve.

    Arguably the film’s (human) star is Tom Hiddleston. He’s basically
    everything you’d expect a fantasy/action film’s leading man to look
    like. And, as anyone who’s seen him in action as Loki in any of the
    Marvel films, you’ll know he’s got the screen presence to pull off the
    leading man role. And, I’m sure he can. He just never really gets the
    chance here. It just feels like he never gets a true chance to shine as
    there are so many other people to also feature that he’s only there to
    look manly and give us a possible hint at a romance with the obligatory
    female co-star. Of course when you also have Samuel L Jackson among the
    cast, you really need to give him something to do as you don’t want to
    run the risk of wasting acting talent like his. And, to be fair, he
    does his best with all the screen time he’s afforded and the
    ‘stare-down’ between him and Kong is truly chilling. John C Reilly is
    also worthy of a mention, simply because he balances some much-needed
    humour with a role that allows him to be more than just the standard
    ‘comic relief.’ Now, with any film where there’s a strong element of
    danger in it, you expect there to be a bunch of cast members who are
    there only to make up the numbers and will be routinely killed off at
    various points in the film. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ certainly has plenty
    of these and – yes – most end up in the belly of a giant arachnid or
    something. However – without wishing to spoil anything – a few of them
    make it further into the film than you’d imagine. They’re given next to
    no screen time, yet they last longer than characters you’ve grown
    closer to. Of course all human stars play second fiddle to the ‘real’
    star of the show – the titular character ‘Kong’ himself, who is looking
    pretty good for his age! In other words the computer effects used to
    bring him to life are realistic enough to give him more than just your
    standard CGI monster. And, isn’t he the real reason we’re going to
    watch this film? If there is a down-point it’s that it’s a little long
    and some scenes seem a bit drawn out. Plus, when Kong smacks down on
    other CGI creatures, the effects do blur together a bit into one
    fast-moving mess (but at least it’s still not as bad as any of the
    Transformers movies!). However, if you’re expecting a popcorn flick
    which, despite hardly re-inventing the wheel as far as plot and
    character development go, you should get some enjoyment in seeing Kong
    battle it out against all manner of human and monster foe. It’s not
    meant to be a great work of art, so please forgive it its failing and
    enjoy it for what it is. Let’s just hope that whatever sequels and
    crossovers its success spawns don’t dip in quality too much
    (Transformers, I’m thinking of you again!).

  • spencergrande6April 22, 2017Reply

    Kind of all over the place but distinct enough

    A strange movie. It is kind of all over the place with its themes and
    influences but it has a distinct enough personality and some solid

    This is a straight adventure story with giant monsters, and the way
    it’s shot and the hammy dialogue are mostly B-movie and comic book
    derived (check out those Dutch angles and blistering colors and 10
    times too big sun, moon, aurora…).

    But there’s also a clunky Vietnam metaphor that’s a straight-up over
    the top ”homage” to Apocalypse Now, et al. The song choices even more
    so. It makes sense in theory (VietKong anyone?) but I don’t think it
    ever really works and it’s just an excuse to make Sam Jackson a bad guy
    to counterpoint Kong’s ”human” side.

    Characters are fine for the most part. They serve their cardboard
    purposes and that’s what’s expected. Hiddleston and Larson in
    particular feel vastly underdeveloped. Everything they say and do fall
    instantly from memory and their disappearance from the movie all
    together wouldn’t have changed it that much.

    But what we want are monsters and we get them. Most of them are wonders
    to behold (the water buffalo, spider legs, and octo tentacles yum)
    except the generic Skullcrawers (the scene where Reilly names them is
    embarrassing – I don’t think Larson or Hiddleston had any idea what to
    do the dialogue is so ferociously dumb. Reilly almost saves it

    This Kong feels like a very different movie than the new Godzilla. This
    is very much an entertaining B-movie with strong comic book influences
    worn loud and proud. It will be interesting to see how these two worlds
    collide. If any franchises deserve an extended universe, it’s these!
    That’s what they’re all about.

  • Muzix38April 22, 2017Reply

    Great Movie not at all what I expected (Another Re-make)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ibarrfApril 22, 2017Reply

    Entertaining but lacking

    I must say that I feel this movie lacks a bit of consistency, it starts
    with a decent story but then it just goes down leaving a bunch of
    questions unanswered and some plot holes.

    While you can see the effort in developing Kong and the crawlers,every
    other creature in the island is just there to fill the huge void in the
    plot.The guys at legendary pictures apparently heard how everyone
    complained about ”to much plot and not enough Godzilla” in their last
    monster movie production and turned this into something similar to a
    ”transformers movie”, it’s full of visuals but the story is lacking and
    some characters have no motivation or logic in their actions.

    I can’t say it’s a bad movie, but it’s a wasted opportunity to expand
    the lore of the franchise, you will exit the cinema feeling that
    something was not there.

    It is obvious they are trying to turn this into a profitable franchise,
    but when you give priority to visuals instead of plot, you end up with
    movies like ”Alice in Wonderland” and it’s sequel, or any of the recent
    ”Transformers” movies, pretty to look at, but completely forgettable,
    and doing that to a character like King Kong feels just wrong.

    However,I would like to see more monsters movies in the future, and
    Kong skull island was enjoyable and a fresh take to a character that’s
    been around for over 80 years, you probably won’t become a fan of
    ”kaiju” movies watching it, but let’s hope next installments in the
    franchise are better.

  • campbella722April 23, 2017Reply

    Best advice: have no expectations

    This movie was excellently shot, well acted, brilliantly directed, and
    surprisingly well executed. I walked into it thinking, ”Seriously?!” I
    mean, come on, it’s King Kong, the sequel. How good can it be? Well
    apparently, actually pretty f’ing enjoyable. I am not giving it high
    marks because it was an Oscar Winner by any stretch, except maybe on
    the graphics, but I mean, that can be said for most movies these days.
    No, I am giving it props because I actually enjoyed this movie and
    would highly recommend it. It grabs you from the beginning and keeps
    hold through out. No joke, incredibly shot. Incredible respect for the
    director, who has apparently not done anything to this scale before far
    as I can tell. And Tom Hiddleston, if you haven’t seen Night Manager,
    it will change your mind about him as an actor. Yeah, I mean he’s got
    Loki going on, but this and that short Hulu/BBC/AMC collabo truly shows
    his range beyond the megalomaniac Asgardian. Really, this movie reminds
    me of Pacific Rim: another movie I went in with NO expectations except
    monster film, so no dialogue, less plot, worse acting, and somehow less
    direction, and like that one, I was thoroughly delighted. Maybe low
    expectations are best in films like this, but that’s OK. I am tired of
    the super hyped CGI fest that promises everything and delivers nothing.
    Sometimes, a pleasant surprise is just what the doctor ordered, and
    while some of plot may be predictable, that still does not take away
    from you caring about the characters and hoping that they manage to
    survive what should be a no-win scenario, and getting your kicks from a
    few well placed jump scares, tremendous photography, and, I feel,
    poignant commentary on the human condition. If you’re not into monster
    films though, this may not be for you. But if you have an inkling for
    giant impossible beings kicking the crap out of each other and puny
    humans caught in the middle, you just may want to give this a

  • ThommyMacApril 23, 2017Reply

    Another Example of IMDb Woefully Padding Ratings

    I have been a member of IMDb for many years and love it as a tool. This
    is the nail in the coffin of its rating system having any sort of
    credibility. For me, the last time a movie was such an endurance
    contest was ”No Strings Attached”, another reviled movie that enjoys
    twice as many ”stars” as any other site. IMDb is in a class by itself
    but after seeing the 7 stars afforded by, allegedly, users I just can’t
    take the ratings system for any sort of seriousness. Can’t lick ’em,
    join ’em? From now on any time I rate a movie for IMDb it’s going to be
    a 1 or a 10. I can’t believe the thought I used to put into my
    ratings. Finally over, it was like watching Sextette while having to

  • pontificatorApril 24, 2017Reply

    nostalgia for past wars.

    very predictable trope laden crapazoo… Reminded me of mysterious
    Island only less pleasant, plus didn’t get to see the giant ants. Quite
    frankly an old black n white Mothra and Godzilla would have been more
    enjoyable. Funny here and there especially bringing the old marooned
    vet up to spec on modern times and unintentionally risible everywhere
    else. Seems main purpose of this movie was to recycle, (insert old
    songs back into public consciousness) for their copyright holder
    corporations, together with some jingoism for future possible wars. One
    wonders at what point nostalgia for desert storm might start to rear
    its ugly head. And we find out that guns aren’t just useful for killing
    other humans and napalm is still handy from its genesis from
    Guadalcanal flame throwers to whatever it is now but in the end you
    still need a hulking big gorilla to bail you out whoever that was but
    they hung. Ha Ha.

  • westley34April 24, 2017Reply


    This was a terrible movie with great special effects and good actors.
    The non feasibility of the action completely ruins it for any thinking
    person. There are like a dozen or more helicopters and every one of the
    pilots does not understand the simple concept of flying up out of the
    reach of a giant gorilla and going the other way. On the contrary, many
    of them fly right towards it. Not 5 minutes pass and something else
    implausible happens (like a spider sticking its leg through a man’s
    mouth and impaling him. Then they try to tell us that a tribe of humans
    have been living in such a hostile environment for more than 28 years?
    That is just too implausible. Also when Kong was fighting the squid a
    piece of the squid flies off towards the camera and travels about 1000
    feet in one second. That is nearly the speed of sound. Kong has a cut
    on his arm, but this is a creature that swats helicopters out of the
    air without getting cuts on his hands. Samuel Jackson says ”these men
    did not die in vain”, but they all clearly did. What an incredibly bad
    movie that could have been good considering the budget and the great
    cast. This is one of the biggest wastes ever. I am not willing to
    suspend disbelief as much as this garbage is asking us to.

  • JakobSApril 24, 2017Reply

    The Film is good for what it is.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kunta31April 25, 2017Reply

    Kong: Suicidal Island

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • escctrlshiftApril 25, 2017Reply

    A Movie So Bad, It’s Almost Better than Mediocre

    This movie pulls no punches in its quest to employ more tired
    blockbuster formulas in its production than any other blockbuster ever
    did. Think Jurassic Park meets King Kong meets Godzilla meets
    Apocalypse Now meets Indiana Jones meets Samuel Jackson in his latest
    (awful) action movie. That guy has to be the hardest working black
    actor in Hollywood, analogous to Robert DeNiro in New York, making tons
    of crappy movies in his old age and laughing all the way to the bank.
    In any case this movie stuns with its cast of great actors doing crappy
    acting, with crappy lines and over-the-top production consisting mainly
    of special effects. It should try less hard to be overblown, and more
    understated, a la Ed Wood, in order to achieve sublimity through
    awfulness. Actually it almost did, flashing the iconic sunset image
    from Apocalypse Now and showing the images and using the sound of army
    helicopters repeatedly to inculcate ”Vietnam” atmospherics. Priceless
    absurd, patent, and LMAO. Also, John C. Reilly listening to ‘We’ll Meet
    Again Hughie Charles’ at the film’s denouement, or thereabouts, evoking
    fond memories of Kubick’s use of the same recording in Dr. Strangelove.
    These made me LMAO, so six stars instead of four.

  • septpaul24April 25, 2017Reply

    Great twist on King Kong Story, sentimental Ape

    I was captivated by the story line dating to the end of the Vietnam
    war. The cast was real and believable in their roles. The big heavy
    weights of film making John Goodman, Samuel Jackson, and John C. Reilly
    were fantastic together and apart. The conflicts were so real and the
    emotions boiled over in this new epic film that took the audience to a
    lost island in the middle of no where. I enjoyed the story, scenery and
    the acting.

  • s3276169April 25, 2017Reply

    Decent action flick….

    I came to this film not expecting a great deal. I was then surprised to
    find a decent action flick with a subtle anti war, pro environment

    First off this is above all else, an action flick. The fun starts from
    the get go and continues at a good pace throughout this film. Unlike
    previous Kong films, this time its humanity intruding on Kong’s patch
    not Kong being transported back to civilization. Personally, I think
    this approach works far better. It allows for a world of CGI generated,
    larger than life creatures, like Kong to be brought to life, creating
    an outlandish but fun jungle style adventure.

    Whats also appealing is the pro environment, anti war message. Without
    giving too much away, the warmongers in this film really don’t fare too
    well. Mess with nature and pay the price. Something we should all keep
    in mind.

    The acting is for the most excellent helped by well rounded, colourful
    characterizations, that, whilst not too realistic, fit snugly into the
    rather fantastical world of Skull Island.

    In sort, I really enjoyed Kong Skull Island and I think you will too.
    Eight out of ten from me.

  • Paul ZinkApril 25, 2017Reply

    Hackneyed, Clichéd, Boring.

    Rarely have I found such a gaping chasm between the enthusiastic
    reviews and the disappointing on-screen reality as with this film.
    Since everyone knows the basic story of KIng Kong, there is, of course,
    no suspense and none is to be expected except in the details of the
    characters’ various predicaments (and of course, which of the cast of
    characters will be killed in a nasty and/or surprising manner). So,
    that leaves the story and the cast to carry the movie, as well as the
    special effects we expect.

    The director said that he was strongly influenced by video games, and
    it clearly shows. This is a film for an audience satisfied by ”big
    monsters” and lots of automatic weapons. The acting is workmanlike and
    professional, as you’d expect from the talented lead actors, but you
    can see they’re sleep-walking through their roles: Oh look, Samuel L.
    Jackson playing a military hard-ass… Tom Hiddleston playing a reserved
    British ex-soldier with hidden mental and character strengths… John C.
    O’Reilly playing a lovable oddball eccentric… Wake me when the director
    has an actor playing against type, please.

    Big insects and lizards: check. Angry huge gorilla: check. Spectacular
    and wild scenery and location: check. Mysterious natives: check.
    Soldiers trying to kill huge creatures with small arms and being
    crushed when the creatures and insects just won’t die: check. Obvious
    references to other films (armed boat going down a river in Vietnam-war
    era, manned by soldiers, with rock music blasting—hmm,let me think…)
    and the Joseph Conrad novella: check.

    Compared to the outstanding and nuanced 2005 Peter Jackson film, this
    one looks like it was scripted and directed by a nine-year old sitting
    in front of his PlayStation, and aimed at a similar audience.

  • barbagvidoApril 27, 2017Reply

    Turn your brain off and enjoy the ride

    Kong:Skull Island is the second movie in a new rebooted Universal
    monsters universe, the first being Godzilla (2014). I loved Godzilla
    and I think I loved this one even more.

    Everyone says that the movie is bad because most characters are
    one-dimensional and you don’t care about them. That’s true. But look,
    why would you want to know all of the human characters backstories and
    feelings when you’re watching a freaking monster movie? People today
    are forgetting how to enjoy movies. Not everything should be watched by
    the same standards. It’s kinda like criticizing Moonlight for not being
    funny and you decided to watch it as a comedy. Think about it, there’s
    really not much difference. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like
    every movie today is being criticized for not being funny, but
    whatever. The characters might have been bland, but that doesn’t make
    the movie any less intense. And trust me, it’s INTENSE. There are quite
    a few scenes that will make you anxious especially if you’re afraid of
    bugs or lizards. It’s also surprisingly very gory for a PG-13 movie. I
    was very pleasantly surprised. It’s not the PG- 13 ”violence” that you
    see in movies all the time lately. This movie is shockingly brutal and
    one of those that push the PG-13 rating to the limits. And Kong. Wow.
    Kong has never been this bada$$. Seriously, he’s so freaking cool and
    the design of other monsters is quite good.

    All in all, when I put it all together, I suggest that you turn your
    brain off and let yourself be entertained. If you like movies about
    giant monsters, you will love this.

  • Zeca Homem da LutaApril 27, 2017Reply

    all the same again…

    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over?? v
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over?? v
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??
    doesn’t Hollywood get sick of redoing the same things over and over??

  • dting2010April 28, 2017Reply


    Whomever said they saw this movie and thought it was ”fun” evidently
    did not see the same movie I did. To me, it was a very forgettable
    movie. There was absolutely no plot, character development or chemistry
    between the actors. The only saving graces for the movie were King
    Kong, Tom Huddleston and Brie Larson.

  • trashgangApril 28, 2017Reply

    Jurassic Park mixed with Apocalypse Now

    Especially in the beginning before the enter the island were Kong lives
    this is a pure ode to Apocalyose Now (1979). The score used, the shots
    from the helicopters and the way the cinematography was done will
    remind a lot of people towards the old flicks about the Vietnam war.

    It’s once on the island that the action really begins and it starts
    immediately with an apocalypse (no pun intended). The effects are
    stunning and it’s from that point that this flick turns into a fight
    against the creatures on one point and another bunch of guys are trying
    to survive. From there on the mix between the titles said in my summary

    But don’t get me wrong. It’s not a remake of King Kong (all issues). It
    stands on it’s own and of we go in a flick full of great effects. Not a
    flick to watch with youngsters because when fighting against the
    creatures it’s full of creepy suspense.

    Better than expected

    Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

  • NDbportmanfanApril 28, 2017Reply

    Felt More Like a Toho Movie Which is a Good Thing!

    Kong Skull Island primarily takes place in the 1970’s or more specific
    right after the US leaves Vietnam. A crew is sent on an expedition to
    survey the area for resources, but the real reason is to find proof of
    King Kong.

    Typically with the US movies we see a love story ensue with the blond
    and the beast as well as some money making side show. That is for the
    most part disregarded and instead we get a good monster fighting movie.
    The action was great and well shot especially during the last 20
    minutes or so. That period of time really sold the movie for me. Prior
    to that point I was on the fence if I was really liking what I was

    Kong was once again the sympathetic beast audiences can root for and
    will continue to root for if this whole planned monster Universe goes
    as planned (fingers crossed). The other characters are not fully
    fleshed out but that is excusable since the great monster movies do not
    need character development. The character that was talked about the
    most was the comic relief and he had a great story and well timed
    jokes. There was certainly never a dull moment watching this as
    monsters just kept coming and the crew just had to survive. Speaking of
    the characters, Hiddleston and Larson had their moments as well. There
    wasn’t much but there was enough to get attached to them. They had kind
    of a… well I don’t what you call it but they reminded me a lot of
    Nathan Drake and Elena from Uncharted. If you don’t play video games
    then look them up as that relationship is the best example I could

    The Bad:

    The big thing that annoyed me was the overly clichéd character of
    Samuel L Jackson I am not going to say anything about the direction his
    character takes but it was dumb and has been done better.

    Some of the action…no wait just the scene when they arrived on the
    helicopters yes that one. That went on too long to remain enjoyable if
    they cut that sequence by half I would have enjoyed it a whole lot


    This was a very good monster movie.I am semi excited what the next one
    will be given the movies success. I would recommend this if you liked
    the Toho movies as I believe they helped a little in making this movie.
    If you just like giant monsters fighting then you can’t go wrong with
    this movie.

  • pbartbarApril 29, 2017Reply


    If our military personnel were as stupid as they are depicting them in
    this movie then we better be very, very afraid. The characters are
    nothing more than actors citing lines. Not convincing in the least. The
    plot…..not sure if there is one. Just a cheap remake of the last 20
    King Kong movies but with the worst acting I have seen in any of them.
    They tried to make this movie too incredible. It seemed like some of
    the scenes were out of place and were thrown in as an afterthought.

  • claudiu-hromeiApril 29, 2017Reply

    Such a disappointing. ..

    Very good: Special effects

    Bad: Everything else.story. acting. Defining all laws of evolution. Far
    from the value of the previous Kong.

    Not to be watched dor artistic value. Or will be very disappointed.

    Rent value only.

  • OneEightNine MediaApril 29, 2017Reply

    We gotta get out of this place..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • littleging12April 29, 2017Reply

    B-movie plot meets A-movie budget with A-list actors = One helluva Good Time

    ”Kong: Skull Island” delivers on what a B-movie monster flick with an
    A-movie budget should be: a well paced, action-packed, visually
    competent, comedic, and an all around fun time. What helps set it apart
    from forgettable/mediocre monster flicks like 2014’s ”Godzilla” is its
    large and highly entertaining cast of talented A-listers that include
    Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John C.
    Reilly, the reuniting of ”Straight Outta Compton’s” Corey Hawkins and
    Jason Mitchell, and the box office King himself, Kong.

    The standout is John C. Reilly whose introduction breathes new energy
    into the movie just as things were about to turn dull. His character
    provides plenty of comic relief, interesting exposition, and a surprise
    emotional moment. Samuel L. Jackson almost steals the show as a
    vengeful, trigger-happy and profane army officer who has the only
    logically-sound motives. Also John Goodman and Corey Hawkins play
    scientists out to prove the existence of Kong and monsters. Brie Larson
    and Tom Hiddleston have an interesting scene together in the beginning
    of the film but after that are kinda wasted with no real development. I
    had trouble remembering their names by the time the end credits rolled,
    but their charisma and sublime hair were enough to compensate. Jason
    Mitchell and Shea Whigham provided some nice banter that helped put a
    face on the faceless soldiers. Then there is the real star: Kong! The
    monster battles were visually delightful as well as inventively awesome
    — like when Kong uses a propeller as a morning star. Shout out to the
    writers for not wasting everyone’s time with a rehashed romance between
    Kong and the blonde damsel in distress. We had enough of that in Peter
    Jackson’s interpretation.

    In conclusion, ”Kong: Skull Island” is an entertaining ride from start
    to finish that will thrill/entertain/amuse those willing to turn their
    brains off.

  • maravukelicApril 29, 2017Reply

    So bad

    I literally signed in to IMDb just so I could rate this movie 1 star.
    Unbelievable how bad this is. I really watched it just so I could write

    Movie is over exaggerated in almost every scene and could be liked only
    by a child, maybe.

    From hundred meters high Kong to Aurora Borealis somewhere in Pacific
    with obvious tropical climate and red, fiery lightnings, everything
    about this movie is just wrong.

    *little spoiler* Slow motion guy running through green gas in the
    middle of rain forest cutting in half a bird from which blue blood
    starts to fizzle? Really?

    It is unnecessary to mention that this movie is an insult to every
    biologist, geologist, scientist in general. I understand that it is not
    important to everyone and that it doesn’t have to be a bad movie
    because of some mistakes like that but when you got all the science
    stuff wrong, bad plot, so unrealistic scenes that you don’t know would
    you cry or laugh there is not much left to like.

  • gtyoshidaApril 30, 2017Reply

    An Excellent Movie

    ”Kong: Skull Island” roars out with a cast that is strong all down the
    line. Tom Hiddleston (James Conrad) and Samuel L. Jackson (Preston
    Packard) were both strong choices, Hiddleston for his star power
    inability to outshine Jackson or Brie Larson (Mason Weaver)and Samuel
    L. Jackson who made me hate him.

    The story expands in unexpected ways as Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly), a
    soldier living on Skull Island since world war two and a group of
    scientists, Viet-Nam soldiers, a journalist, and a paid guide try to
    survive in Kong’s uncharted world.

    The harmony throughout this movie is as breathtaking as the beautiful
    jungle vistas. Kong feels the blood tie with Mason when she touches her
    hand to his face, Packard and Conrad use their respective ranks to
    quietly separate the civilians and the military men, and Kong’s battles
    with the ”Skullcrawlers” are savage killings.

    This movie hits all the high notes with singularity and credit goes to
    Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts for making a masterful film. I give this
    movie an unprecedented ten.

  • Venkatraman SrinivasanMay 1, 2017Reply

    No depth and absolutely boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • crazylegscainMay 1, 2017Reply

    To call this a B Movie is insulting to decent B Movies!

    What a load of of sad Hollywood lame drivel. Those muppets in
    Hollow-wood couldn’t come up with some genuine content if their useless
    lives depended on it.

    Pathetic story. Pathetic acting. Pathetic clichés. Good job Kong was a
    CGI animal and not real so he didn’t have to endure the horror of
    realising what a dire film he was forced to be in!

  • stevenrotherforthMay 6, 2017Reply

    Not even Kong himself could create a pile of poo as big as this!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • asheroskyMay 6, 2017Reply

    Well,,, I won’t say it was terrible.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ferris VuellerMay 6, 2017Reply


    Only good thing in this movie was the crashed pilot. If they had spent
    more time developing his character, and his story, the movie could have
    been a LOT better.

    Instead, they just took a bunch of disconnected characters and threw
    them in a movie together and it comes out of the oven just like cooking
    with random ingredients.

    Every character was 100% fake, cliché and shallow. Almost no character

    This movie could have been great for a child – they got a giant monkey,
    a samurai sword, helicopters… maybe cooler if they could have got in
    a laser gun… except it seems they made it slightly political.

    It turns out that Kong is keeping the natural balance of mother earth
    and fighting climate change, which we see in the form of giant legless
    snake ninja monsters.

    Kong is also clearly anti-war in this movie. He’s protecting the earth
    and the people of earth… by going to war with the giant legless snake
    ninja monsters. And of course, all the evil ”war- loving” people in
    this movie die.

    Yada yada yada, don’t waste your time.

  • Bridie McTavishMay 6, 2017Reply

    What is this, like the fifteenth remake?

    How many times will Hollywood rehash a story, try to put a twist on it
    and pretend it can be interesting? This was a painful watch. Nearly all
    the action fell flat and looked desultory as the characters ran from
    one side to the other for no reason. Samuel Jackson is years overdue
    for retirement. Dare I say it the female Chinese characters made me
    chuckle a couple of times – everyone knows that since studios were
    bought by the Chinese directors must have at least one Chinese
    character (See Star Wars Rogue One, Independence Day Resurrection, etc.
    etc.) but she has absolutely no acting ability or reason to be there,
    maybe that makes me sexist or racist? A truly cringe-worthy
    performance. On a positive note – sounds like there won’t be sequel!
    Who am I kidding?

  • JadamwoodMay 7, 2017Reply

    A entertaining dumb monster movie, like it should be

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prantherMay 7, 2017Reply

    Pretty Great

    This movie is very different from the typical creature flick, it
    introduces many new ideas to the Kong-verse, it adds a lot more new
    content that contributes towards the Kong back-story. Ultimately, its a
    fantastic setup for the Kong VS Godzilla that will come out soon. Skull
    Island was also reintroduced in all its splendor with brilliant
    visuals, the cinematography is fantastic, great CGI, brilliant
    character development and the plot is smooth and builds up to an
    extremely awesome climax. I would definitely suggest watching it.

  • WuchakMay 7, 2017Reply

    Delivers the goods for fantasy-adventure lovers

    Released in 2017 and directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, ”Kong: Skull
    Island” takes place in 1973 where a military crew about to depart
    Vietnam is commissioned to guide an expedition to map out the eponymous
    island. Of course, the giant ape, Kong, is soon discovered, as well as
    several other deadly colossal creatures, including reptilian
    underground monsters dubbed ”Skullcrawlers.” Will anyone make it out

    Like my title blurb says, this delivers the goods for fantasy-adventure
    lovers. The opening act is great with its kinetic air and excellent
    late 60s/early 70’s soundtrack. The rest of the movie more or less
    keeps up the entertainment value, highlighted by the racially diverse
    cast, led by Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston, Brie
    Larson and John C. Reilly; there are many others.

    ”Skull Island” has the high adventure demanded in a King Kong flick and
    is arguably on par with the original ”King Kong” (1933), as well as the
    1976 and 2005 versions, although it’s superior to the latter because it
    lacks that one’s pretentious over-length, cartoonish CGI-jungles and
    overkill action sequences (like the absurd brontosaurus stampede). Of
    course, it’s criminal to compare a modern CGI-oriented flick with a
    classic like the 1933 film (or even the ’76 version); I’m just saying
    that, if you favor those movies, you’ll probably relish this one
    because it’s cut from the same cloth and is effective for what it is, a
    colossal creature adventure flick. For further comparison, ”Skull
    Island” is pretty much as good or, IMO, better than any of the Jurassic
    Park pictures.

    Along with the thrilling jungle escapades, there are some interesting
    subtexts and gems to mine, like the quasi-Ahab subplot and the fact
    that dropping myriad bombs might not be the best answer. Early in the
    film the photographer (Brie) tells the the gung-ho Colonel (Jackson)
    that America lost the Vietnam War. Yet, this isn’t really accurate
    since the USA won every battle of that infamous conflict. So the
    colonel rightly corrects her: ”We didn’t lose the war; we abandoned

    The movie runs 118 minutes and was shot in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh,
    Vietnam; Oahu, Hawaii; and Queensland, Australia; with studio work done
    in Los Angeles.

    GRADE: B+

  • Mhmd_ElgammalMay 7, 2017Reply

    Yes, King Kong is awesome

    I could not get enough of King Kong! He had me on the edge of my seat
    the entire time. This movie introduced a new benchmark for all monster-
    type movies.

    The story was simple. A group of scientists alongside a military escort
    went to Skull Island to investigate the hypothesis that monsters do
    exist. But they did not know what the monsters were. As a result, they
    were poorly prepared for what was awaiting their arrival. The military
    escort did not know what ”that” was when first spotted, and it resulted
    in complete and total destruction. Their air crafts had no chance
    against King Kong’s massive size and strength. I enjoyed that there was
    a good balance between King Kong’s screen time versus the survivors
    trying to make it off the deadly island before it was too late.

    Preston Packard, played by Samuel L. Jackson, was absolutely annoying.
    He was arrogant, and he kept on putting his own personal gain over his
    team’s survival. His objective was to kill King Kong. He did not care
    how many of his men and women he would lose; he wanted King Kong dead.
    He did not care about the skull crushers (giant lizard things) either,
    and they were the real threat on Skull Island. But despite Packard
    knowing this, he still did not care. It was selfish and illogical for
    him to do that.

    Kank Marlow, played by John C. Reilly, was too funny. He had me
    laughing because his sense of humor when facing death was on point.

    The end credits left us with a scene for an upcoming sequel. But this
    sequel will be with none other, Godzilla! It will be awesome to see
    what happens with the King Kong versus Godzilla in the future.

  • austin0731May 9, 2017Reply

    rather disappointing

    Kong: Skull Island has nothing beneath the surface that a genre film
    should have, other than the action and large scale scenes there was
    basically 0 character development and as a huge fan of the Peter
    Jackson rendition of King Kong I have to say I am disappointed in the
    outcomes of this film.

    Skull Island promised to up the ante and go ‘big’ with this new and
    scaled up Kong but the results really isn’t that good at all. There was
    perhaps only 2 scenes in which we get big fights of Kong, which were
    really good yet as I said 2 only, most of the time the film just
    attempts to build suspense by not revealing where Kong is ‘hiding’
    which really doesn’t make much sense because he is a gigantic gorilla
    on this one tiny island.

    Although most the acting is uninspiring and the characters were generic
    and predictable, Samuel L Jackson was probably the saving grace of this
    film playing a relatively interesting and unique character unlike the
    rest, likes of Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston, a rather shame by the
    sound of these names.

    This film felt lacking both in character development and in fun, large
    scale monster battles and seems rather like a build up solely for the
    purpose of pitting Kong against Godzilla in the upcoming feature film.
    Not much attention was given to this film but for what it’s worth this
    film was simply mediocre and just fine.

  • TonyMontana96May 9, 2017Reply

    Another trashy, plot less blockbuster where the character’s are nothing more than cannon fodder.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sooner_88May 10, 2017Reply

    What 1976 Kong should of been.

    I’m saying that as a fan of the 1976 film, which gets a lot of flack
    and disdain. But this Kong film is a breath of fresh air, compared to
    the 2005 remake of the classic Kong from 1933. How was the film?

    I really enjoyed the film. Great CGI, along with great action, and set
    pieces. Only thing setting this apart from being much greater is the
    cinematography and characters(besides three of them).

    The cinematography doesn’t do much to distinguish the size of the
    characters and the size of Kong. To many times you’ll question the
    scope is uneven and is noticeable.

    And for the characters. Most of them are have no room to layer
    themselves in the plot. They’re mostly your run of the mill, disaster
    team built squad of characters. Find the island, put together team, got
    to island, no connection but to survive, etc.

    But the best characters within the film is the WWII pilot portrayed by
    John C. Reilly(Hank Marlow), John Goodman(Bill Randa), and believe or
    not, Samuel L. Jackson(Preston Packard).

    John C. Reilly stills the show as the most lovable character. He is
    what glues the other characters together once he enters the scene. John
    Goodman, underutilized as he was, still makes good use of his screen
    time. And Sam Jackson portrays a really good broken captain in a battle
    between man and beast

    I recommend this film if your wanting to see an excitingly good monster
    flick. 8/10

  • Ethan JonesMay 12, 2017Reply

    Really boring, dull movie; Can’t Recommend

    Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

    Starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and John C Reilly

    ​ Plot Overview: Scientists, soldiers and adventurers unite to explore
    a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Cut off from
    everything they know, they venture into the domain of the mighty Kong,
    igniting the ultimate battle between man and nature. As their mission
    of discovery soon becomes one of survival, they must fight to escape
    from a primal world where humanity does not belong.

    This movie is dull, its lazy, it’s poorly acted and written and lacks
    any real charm or true enjoyment value that excuses these flaws. While
    it does contain some interesting and inventive action, that small
    amount of satisfaction doesn’t clean the slate of everything that came
    before it. You don’t care about any of the characters and the movie
    just lacks a certain charm that makes it truly enjoyable. Vogt-Roberts
    does a decent job with the giant, climactic battle esc shots but fails
    at anything to do with talking or whatnot. Personally, I don’t think
    you’ll get your moneys worth with this movie and I can’t see many
    people enjoying it that much.

    There is no real story here and anything even related to it is quickly
    pushed aside. The ‘plot’ was just an excuse to get ‘big things’
    fighting but even that is kept at a bare minimum and could have been
    done better.

    Tom Hiddleston was FINE as James Conrad but you can tell he was phoning
    it in. Brie Larson was very weak as Mason Weaver and the man who is
    everything(Samuel L Jackon) was also really poor. Both of their
    characters didn’t flow in one straight arc and neither of them really
    needed to exist. Both John C Reily and John Goodman were fine as John
    Marlow and Bill Randa respectively. The main issue with this movie is
    that none of the characters are likable and every attempt to make them
    appear human or relatable was so blatantly forced in. You may argue
    that this is KONG’s movie but then why not make him the complete
    priority and not focus on any of the humans.

    Vogt-Roberts does a great job at shooting the huge scenes to do with
    Kong in this movie but fails drastically at any scenes that try to
    involve human emotion or contact or happiness. To this movie’s credit,
    however, all the effects were pretty good(even if I feel they could
    have been a little more creative at points).

    This movie’s main strength is the cool and inventive action. While this
    is well done, it’s so short lived and the setup to it doesn’t live up
    to the climax. I understand that it would probably get repetitive if
    the whole movie was just Kong fighting but they could have either added
    more or made the actual climax feel more powerful. Any and all attempts
    at humour in this movie backfired. This movie’s primary directive would
    have been to properly introduce Kong to this Monster-verse and to
    younger audiences. I personally feel that it failed at this goal and
    could have been handled so much better and so much more creatively.

    On a side note, the final scene of this movie were John Goodman goes
    home is shot like it’s genuine footage and if the text ‘Based on a True
    Story’ popped on screen at that moment in time, I would have gave this
    movie a perfect score because that would have been amazing.

    In conclusion, this movie is dull, the characters are boring and the
    climax doesn’t live up to the hype set up by the movie. I don’t feel
    like this movie is worth any money and is just not worth watching.


    Wouldn’t Recommend

  • evpierMay 12, 2017Reply

    Please stop making Kong movies

    I guess if you’re a 12yr old gamer and you don’t mind a movie full of
    CGI, you can tolerate these movies. Otherwise, it’s 2hrs of your life
    you’ll never get back. The plot is tired and the acting is
    cringe-worthy – probably because the script is so bad. Every time I
    flip through the channel guide and see ”King Kong”, I check to see if
    its the one with Jeff Bridges because that’s the only one worth
    watching. The two newer versions are downright shameful, but they know
    they’ll make money so they keep making them anyway.

  • T-ZER0May 13, 2017Reply

    Awaken the King..King Kong!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joshua Jerome EsmanMay 16, 2017Reply

    An action movie, and not much else- not necessarily a bad thing

    I give the film a generous rating, because I firmly believe that this
    movie accomplished everything it wanted to. From the outset, it’s a
    goddamn KING KONG movie. It’s action!

    And guess what, this movie does action excellently. I won’t spoil
    anything, but you get to see a massive gorilla beat the pants off of a
    wide range of well-animated monsters and machines, in a very skillfully
    choreographed way.

    The fight scenes were excellent. Very visceral, very well-shot and
    animated, and felt overall very satisfying and impressive. There were
    segments without any monsters that felt like a bit of a step down, but
    they didn’t last especially long.

    I understand the characters were flat enough to fit under a door (maybe
    with the exception of John C. Reilly), and the environmental message
    was present (and really, it wasn’t as in-your-face as most people make
    out), but in the end, I feel that good acting or a subtle message
    weren’t this movie’s intentions. It’s action. And it does that very

    So, if you want to see a great action movie, go see Kong: Skull Island.

  • Viktor BaychevMay 16, 2017Reply

    An insult to the viewer

    If you are not a child, don’t waste your time. One of the worst movies
    I have ever seen. Trivial clichés are all its made of. No reason or
    logic whatsoever. Such reboots should stop, they are just ruining the
    name of once good movies. I was just sitting there and thinking, how
    are you not ashamed to be an actor in this disgrace.

  • Brandon MorgandoMay 18, 2017Reply

    Kong Skull Island Review

    Kong: Skull Island We as a class went to watch the movie Kong. and my
    expectations were blown out of the water with the movie. Everything up
    to the acting, graphic design, and the whole story line was just on
    point. In the movie the way they shot some scenes gave the movie a old
    school monster movie feel to the film.

    The movie had amazing acting but the character that stood out the most
    to me was Preston Packard, which was played by Samuel Jackson. The
    reason he stood out to me was how dedicated he was to his mission; he
    didn’t want to reason with anybody because of the fact that Kong had
    killed many of his men.

    The story line was amazing and very well put together, in the movie
    they showed many ”easter eggs” relating to other monsters in other
    movies. This made it so that they can tie future movies together. The
    graphic design was very complex, showing many fights that were visually

    Monster movie connoisseurs, younger generations, sci-fi connoisseurs.
    and anyone that’s really into thrillers. personally i would recommend
    this movie to anyone. The MPAA Rating Is PG-13, my final word on the
    movie is good, i give this movie A+, 5 out of 5 rating!

  • Anidre_1009May 21, 2017Reply

    A worthy reboot! Gigantic action!

    The skull island is the birthplace of dozens of dangerous creatures of
    gigantic proportions; Huge spiders, giant killer ants, ridiculously
    large cows, monstrous 80 meter long lizards and of course King Kong.

    I come to review this movie as a fan of the action and giant monsters,
    since I have admired every detail in the fiction of giant Japanese and
    American monsters, of course, the king of kings in this case is
    Godzilla, but the title of king who Kong carries on his behalf is not
    just by coincidence.

    Without a doubt, this giant monkey is ready for all kinds of fantastic
    combat with unique scenes in the giant monster cinema.

    Unlike Godzilla of 2014, Skull Island has lots of monsters fighting
    scenes and many little details of how huge the Monsterverse is looming
    at us. Enter the cinema very excited about this movie and I must admit
    that I love King Kong.

    But not every movie is free from sin. What I do not like is the fact of
    the not-so-special script and the not-so-good performances from two
    great actors who wait a lot more, Jackson and Goodman. Their names are
    supposed to mean ”incredible scenes of script and pure acting” but I
    think this was not their case with Skull Island, because of these
    errors, sometimes the film became too predictable and even childish at
    certain times , But even so, if you want entertainment, this is just

    A deserved 7 for Kong.

  • ali_mmd44May 22, 2017Reply

    so bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • the_doofyMay 22, 2017Reply

    Excellent monster movie

    I watched this wanting a monster movie, and monster movie i got

    Despite whatever the naysayers are posting, this movie will be around
    for a very long time. Its much better than the peter jackson thing that
    ends up smothering U out with his action scenes (the three T rexes
    thing that goes on and on was just too much). The action in this movie
    was done with some thought

    This movie reminds me of some other movies that initially take a hit
    and then slowly rise up to be an icon.

    One of the better monster features U can eat popcorn to. Some of the
    actors were not very good, but that would be my only complaint about

  • jms-915May 22, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island is not the traditional King Kong. But if you accept that, this is a really fun time.

    I say that this is not the traditional King Kong for many reasons. This
    is not the same story that you all know and love. This is barely even
    the same monster; this one is much taller. The whole movie really only
    exists to set up 2020’s Godzilla vs Kong. That being said, this is a
    fun, action packed movie, that rarely feels like a cheap setup to
    another movie.

    The story revolves around a group of scientists and soldiers in the
    nineteen-seventies who conduct experiments on Skull Island, unaware of
    the monsters that inhabit it.

    The concept is not taken as seriously as many previous renditions of
    Kong. It focuses mostly on intense action, and features comic relief,
    mostly via John C Reilly’s character. But it is still suspenseful, with
    many characters dying unexpectedly. It also has some pretty good
    cinematography, and many scenes reminiscent of Apocalypse Now.

    This new version probably won’t appeal to all King Kong fans. A lot of
    people will probably hate the lighter tone and the liberties taken with
    the monster. But it does what it set out to do: deliver a fun action
    movie. It is nowhere near as good as the original, or even the Peter
    Jackson remake, but I was thoroughly entertained by it. I’d also say
    I’d prefer it to the recent Godzilla movie it’s set to crossover with.
    This is a good movie if you know what you’re getting into.

  • ZDMay 24, 2017Reply


    Review (1~5)

    #Content: Script 3 | Acting 3 | Cinematography 4 | Film Editing 4

    #Visual: Costume Design 4 | Makeup & Hairstyling 4 | Scenic Design 4 |
    Lighting 4 | Visual Effects 4

    #Sound: Score & Soundtracks 4 | Sound Editing & Mixing 4

    #Overall (1~10): 6

  • MaximumMadnessMay 25, 2017Reply

    ”Kong: Skull Island”- A trashy B-movie with a $180 million budget and an A-list cast. Whether that’s for better or for worse is up to you to decide.

    Since the critical and commercial success of 2014’s American ”Godzilla”
    reboot, there have been consistent murmurings of a ”MonsterVerse”
    courtesy production company Legendary Entertainment. The goal? Bring
    together various properties based on massive city-stomping creatures
    and remake them for modern audiences. And here, just a few short years
    later, we have the long-awaited second chapter in this expanding
    franchise- 2017’s hammy and quirky, but fairly entertaining ”Kong:
    Skull Island”, based of course on the classic character King Kong of
    cinematic royalty.

    Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the film is very much a sort-of
    throwback feature, taking notes and inspiration from various trashy B
    monster-movies of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and giving them a modern day
    spit-and-polish with top-notch CGI and A-list on-screen talent. The
    result is a troubled but fun little excursion into the unknown, with
    all the old tropes and clichés that we know and (maybe) love and plenty
    of contemporary action and effects. Really, the film is your basic
    creature feature and your enjoyment will be heavily reliant on your
    love for the old stereotypes contained within. If you can have fun with
    the material and look past its faults and occasional over- reliance on
    what’s come before, you’ll have a fun time. If not? Well, you best
    steer clear.

    We follow a motley crew of characters in the 1970’s from all walks of
    life… researchers, soldiers, a magazine photographer and a no-
    holds-barred anti-hero animal tracker- as they travel to the mythical
    ”Skull Island”, seemingly on a mission map out the only recently
    discovered landmass before the Russians. However, upon arrival, things
    take an interesting turn when it is discovered that the island is home
    to not only a local tribe of natives, but massive creatures of all
    types- including a great ape known as ”Kong.” Teaming up with a
    marooned World War II veteran, the group is forced into a fight to
    escape… but at the same time, a nefarious and over-the-edge Colonel
    amongst their numbers has his sights set on Kong for his own dark

    To get it out of the way, the cast is great for the most part. There’s
    a lot of really solid performers here. From the likes of cinematic
    icons such as Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman to modern day
    superstars like Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston… to comedy powerhouses
    like John C. Reilly, everyone is on point and giving it their all.
    While I do think some of the minor supporting characters and
    performances come up short (Jason Mitchell and Shea Whigham in
    particular both being shockingly flat in comparison to their other work
    as soldiers along for the mission), all the lead players do very good
    work here and are a joy to watch. Terry Notary and Toby Kebbell (who
    also plays one of the soldiers) provide the various motion capture
    techniques that bring Kong to life, and to be fair, Kong and their
    combined performances are quite stunning. While his screen time is
    limited, Kong feels like a real living, breathing being and you do get
    some real emotion from his character. While I could nit-pick and argue
    that I preferred the character as he was portrayed in the previous 2005
    reboot… Kong is definitely in good hands in the MonsterVerse.

    And when the film reaches its stride, it’s just consistently fun and
    completely engaging. Director Vogt-Roberts delivers some wonderful
    visual powerhouse sequences of Kong and the other monsters of Skull
    Island going at it, and a few genuinely eerie moments as the characters
    struggle to survive. A stand-out scene involving a 10-story spider was
    among my favorite moments, as was a chilling bone-year chase sequence
    as our heroes must evade enormous underground creeps known as ”Skull
    Crawlers.” It’s when the action picks up that the film started to win
    me over big-time, and I’m thankful that this point is reached
    relatively early on.

    However, the film is not perfect by a long stretch, and looking over
    the other reviews, I can definitely see the problems. In striving to
    make such a fun throw-back feature, the creative minds behind ”Kong” do
    shoot themselves in the foot more than once. We’ve seen this story
    before. We know these types of characters. And we’ve all witnessed
    these very same dialog exchanges and bar-room brawls and epic battles
    many times before. It can make the film a chore in its earlier scenes,
    and rob some of the suspense because we know what’s coming much of the
    time. It can be fun in how archetypal it all is… but it can also be
    quite frustrating. In addition, the writing for the bulk of the
    supporting roles is pretty abysmal, with the many side-characters
    feeling vapid and interchangeable, which lessens the impact of the
    film. The intent is noble, but the execution leaves quite a bit to be
    desired at times.

    Still, I had a decent time. The effects are outstanding, the performers
    likable and the monster battles completely and utterly glorious in
    their scale. ”Kong: Skull Island” isn’t the best film starring the
    massive monkey (I know he’s not really a monkey)… but it’s
    serviceable enough and sets the stage for other monsters to join in on
    the fun. It’s a fun time at the movies. Nothing more. Nothing less. And
    so, I give it an about-average 6 out of 10.

  • pesic-1May 26, 2017Reply

    My jaw dropped

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Film Watchin FoolMay 27, 2017Reply

    What to Expect: Kong: Skull Island

    What you can expect is a movie not so much about King Kong, but about a
    group of soldiers and civilians trying to survive supernatural
    surroundings and creatures. It is a fresh take on the King Kong genre,
    but I can’t say it is my favorite of the group.

    Acting/Casting: 6.5* – The cast has some big names and I feel like
    Samuel L. Jackson steals the show here. He plays his role of decorated
    and seasoned war hero to a tee and is supported well by others such as
    Goodman, Larson, Hiddleston. I enjoyed John C. Reilly’s character and
    performance as well. The other non-household names also do a solid job.

    Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 6.5* – The movie has a real nice
    pace to it and the special effects are on par. I enjoyed the soundtrack
    and felt it gave good context to the film. I can say I was impressed
    with just how overwhelming King Kong is portrayed in the film.

    Plot/Characters: 6* – I was a tad disappointed here as I thought the
    movie was lacking in revolving around King Kong. No doubt it is
    centered around him to some extent, but not as much as previous Kong
    films. The main theme of this film is really the survival of the people
    that end up stranded on Skull Island and not so much King Kong.

    Entertainment Value: 6* – It manages to entertain from start to finish
    and keeps the viewer engaged. There is a well put together cast and a
    real nice pace to the film that provides a good dose of entertainment.

    My Score: 6.5+6.5+6+6 = 25/4 = 6.25 Email your thoughts to
    [email protected]

  • skuggyngelMay 28, 2017Reply

    Don’t mess with nature, unless with slow motion explosions

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Eddie CantilloMay 28, 2017Reply

    Kong: Skull Island (2017)

    Kong: Skull Island (2017) Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson,
    Samuel. L. Jackson, John Goodman, John. C. Reilly, Jing Tian, Toby
    Kebbell, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell Directed By: Jordan
    Vogt-Roberts Review ALL HAIL THE KING Almost 12 years ago when I was 8
    years old I saw my first Kaiju movie. The Peter Jackson interpretation
    of the original King Kong, it’s probably my favorite three hour movie.
    But I do love it case in point. Later I saw the original and the second
    Kaiju film I saw in theaters was Pacific Rim and well you know what was
    third. After the success of Godzilla 2014 it seems that legendary
    pictures decided to go ahead and bring the second cinematic universe in
    film history the monsterverse. In this new iteration of Kong, Bill
    Randa of Monarch is given the go-ahead to go to Skull Island with a
    military escort. When they get there however they drop bombs unleashing
    monsters that killed Kong’s family. Kong trashes the planes and
    destroys most of Colonel Packards men. James Conard teams up with Mason
    Weaver and a few others who crashed near them and learn about the
    island and Kong with the help of Hank Marlow who’s been stuck on Skull
    Island since 1944. When they meet up with Colonel Packard and a few of
    his men they go searching for Jack but with the Skullcrawlers on the
    surface now it’s up to Kong to protect them. This classical b-movie
    monster goodness. A major complaint fans had with the 2014 Godzilla was
    that they kept cutting the fights off and he was barley in the movie.
    You have nothing to worry about here folks when Kong’s on screen, he’s
    on screen and it’s awesome! People complained that the human characters
    weren’t that interesting but then again they’re not boring so… yeah.
    The actors were great too. There were some silly moments like when
    Kong’s about to eat someone and then it cuts to a guy eating a
    sandwich. The world of Skull Island is just incredible it was very cool
    that they shot on location and then in studio for the monster effects.
    This is by far my favorite iteration of Kong, it was great fun
    fantastical romp that was classic b-movie monster goodness with epic
    fights, decent acting and nice shots of the beautiful locations. I’m
    giving Kong: Skull Island a five out of five.

  • UnsleepingHorrorMay 29, 2017Reply

    Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island (2017), directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

    ”Hold on to your butts.” – The inimitable Samuel L. Jackson

    It is the age of cinematic universes – collecting individual properties
    under franchise umbrellas is practically commonplace. We can now
    anticipate the likes of Godzilla and King Kong clashing in cinemas for
    our enjoyment. That already happened? In 1962, you say?

    Ahem. Dubbed the ”MonsterVerse” by Legendary Pictures, giant monsters
    resurface from some unspecified primordial age to stomp and munch on
    humans, and otherwise make a mess of civilization. Three years
    following 2014’s Hollywood rendition of Godzilla comes Kong: Skull
    Island. A journey through jungles, testing camaraderie, pitting man
    (and woman) against nature. Think of it as Jurassic Park meets
    Apocalypse Now. Minus the profundity of Copolla’s film. And with less
    notable characters than the one with dinosaurs. Well, I tried.

    The Vietnam War is the backdrop here, complete with not one but two
    Credence Clearwater Revival songs. A soldier platoon is commissioned to
    safeguard a small team of scientists on a mission to chart a newly
    discovered island. Skull Island, they call it. You already knew that.
    Additionally, a no-nonsense tracker and an anti-war photojournalist are
    recruited for their expertise. They beset upon the island aboard an
    aircraft carrier, then proceed through a perpetually raging storm –
    wait, I’m sure this flock of helicopters couldn’t possibly have fit on

    All the more humans to die horribly for our enjoyment, I suppose.

    Before long, Kong is spectacularly revealed, which will surely persist
    as one of the most memorable events from the movie. A colossus of
    manlike shape blotting out the setting sun, Kong swats down the
    helicopters with effortless brutality. Watching the metal crumble in
    his hands just might bring a devilish grin to your face.

    The visual effects are vaguely cartoonish. Bold saturated colors and
    some blatant use of green screen. Once I became accustomed to it I
    appreciated the stylization. It’s a preferable aesthetic when compared
    to the drab, washed out look typically seen in modern blockbusters. In
    fact, I’d say it’s in harmonious marriage with the breakneck tonal
    shifts of the film.

    Now stranded on the island, as consequence of Kong’s wrath, the
    fractured group must make it to a far off evacuation site if they want
    any hope of survival. The island proves far more treacherous than they
    could have foreseen. Over-sized insects and reptiles pluck their lives
    away like delicate petals.

    The monsters are varied and many. Things that fly and swarm. That
    lumber, docile. Or pursue hungrily. You will witness Kong grapple a
    giant octopus and pummel scaly, skull faced creatures. If you came
    looking for monster action then rest assured this aspect of the film is
    faultless. It’s a consistently thrilling showcase of kaiju combat. The
    climactic battle, in particular, made me feel like a giddy child
    smashing action figures against each other. I mean that in the most
    positive sense.

    The human side of the film is not as arresting. Characterization is
    mostly obvious and familiar. It’s certainly a better than average
    effort but I never found myself particularly invested. The characters
    are, at the very least, defined. And juggling this many, that’s more of
    a compliment than it sounds. Note that none of them escape the shadow
    of Kong, who is an ever imposing figure.

    The actors play their parts accordingly, but some are sadly
    underutilized (John Goodman for example). The standouts being Samuel L.
    Jackson and John C. Reilly. The character of Packard and his downward
    spiral are excellently captured by Jackson’s biting temperament.

    What could easily slip into melodrama is often countered by humor. Many
    jokes miss their target, however. Nothing truly unforgivable, except
    maybe when a certain character labels the craft he’s riding in a
    ”ploat.” It’s a boat made out of plane scrap. Yup.

    On the topic of humor, I had my concerns for John C. Reilly’s role
    based off trailers. I predicted nothing more than one-note comic
    relief, but was pleasantly proved wrong. He quickly became the most
    endearing of the bunch. A man stranded on the island after an ill-
    fated dogfight during the heat of World War II. The years of unhealthy
    encounters with the island’s monstrous inhabitants, the distance from
    the civilization he most understood, and prolonged contact with the
    unsociable natives, turned him more than a little odd. At times a man
    of congeniality, at others a man of dubious quality. Some times even

    Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts presents his diverse influences,
    sprinkling in tasteful homages to Neon Genesis Evangelion and Metal
    Gear (among others). Expect nods to the original King Kong as well,
    including the big ape liberating himself from chains and the requisite
    ”beauty and the beast” moment.

    For a movie absolutely stuffed to capacity, that it withstands its own
    weight is a wonder. Driven by a director with clear passion, Kong:
    Skull Island is seductive; a ceaseless cataclysm of monster action.
    Unless you have a predisposed affection for giant monsters there’s a
    good chance you’ll be unfulfilled by this offering. Otherwise, what you
    get is a fearless tribute to Kong and his ilk.

    Verdict: Moderately High Recommendation

    For more reviews check out

  • klusebaMay 29, 2017Reply

    Shallow entertainment for the masses

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • James SummersMay 29, 2017Reply

    Basically a better Jurassic Park 3

    I’m not going to go into why this movie is not as good as it should be.
    Apart from the fact they have totally miscast some characters
    (Hiddleston especially) and the movies saving grace was John C Reilly,
    Kong: Skull Island was actually pretty entertaining.

    I went into this knowing it’d be very Hollywood, so I expected nothing
    less. Why people were expecting more is beyond me. We knew the
    characters would be clichéd. We knew that Kong would reign supreme. We
    knew we’d see a load of weird creatures (one thing I hate about the
    Kong story is the creatures, but I know it has to be there). The story
    is what it is, it was never going to be some superb script up for
    Oscars and stuff. Yes, Hiddleston and Larson are beautiful people so we
    knew they would just be there for eye candy. All I wanted to see was a
    good Monster Movie, and luckily for me I got it.

    The story reminded me of Jurassic Park 3. Lots of things were similar,
    with the Kong spin. Someone lures them all to the Island for one
    reason, then knowingly tells them it was all for a different reason.
    They go on the hunt for someone on the Island. There was even a boat
    they used to try to escape and a few other nods too. It was all very
    similar to me, but obviously a lot better.

    Reilly stole the show when he eventually showed up. Hiddleston was a
    horrendous choice, but I usually like him. Jackson just turns up
    anywhere nowadays, so his presence in films now really doesn’t excite

    Overall, this movie does what it sets out to do. No it isn’t perfect
    but if you go into it expecting a classic, you will be disappointed.
    One thing I will say is I much preferred this to the 2005 Kong. Apart
    from the small snippet where Kong came to NYC in the 2005 version, the
    rest of that movie for me was terrible.

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