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Lazer Team

Lazer Team

Mankind's darkest hour needs our brightest team.Jan. 27, 2016 USA102 Min.PG-13
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In the late 1970’s, the SETI project received a one time signal from outer space. It looked exactly as theorists thought a communication from an alien civilization would — unfortunately it has never been decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public the signal was translated and told us two things: 1) We are not alone. 2) The galaxy is a dangerous place.

Lazer Team
Lazer Team
Original titleLazer Team
IMDb Rating5.7 7,464 votes
TMDb Rating5.7 90 votes

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  • Bryan KlugerSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    This is the just-as-funny cousin of the Broken Lizard crew with an equal amount of laughs and thrills. I can’t wait for a sequel. I now want to join the ‘Lazer Team’.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • deventhakkarOctober 17, 2015Reply

    terrific popcorn thriller, Lazer Team is tense, taut, energetic and surprisingly hilarious with excellent performances from Michael, Gavin, Colton and Burnie.

    Lazer Team is the best Fantastic Four movie of the year and one of the
    best action movies in the history of action cinema. Where the big comic
    book movie failed, this comedy actually has teamwork, cool action and
    it’s fun. It’s a terrific popcorn thriller and the best full feature-
    length film Rooster Teeth has ever created.

    When the king Antareans warn us of an impending alien attack, Earth
    trains Adam (Alan Ritchson) his entire life to be our defender. The
    Antareans send down a power suit Adam is supposed to wear to fight the
    Worg, but the suit doesn’t make it to Adam. Instead, inept cop Hagan
    (Burnie Burns), cocky jock Zach (Michael Jones), stoner Woody (Gavin
    Free) and has-been athlete Herman (Colton Dunn) get the suit in four
    parts, and they’re literally stuck on them. So Adam has only a few days
    to train these losers to be the Lazer Team.

    The plot is mysterious and suspenseful to get the audience’s attention.
    The 3D visual effects and computer generated imagery are spectacular,
    realistic, it’s like you’re IN the movie (literally) and it;’s one of
    the best visuals and CG ever made in movies. It’s even better than the
    animation of Yogi Bean and the Alvin and the Chipmunks film series. The
    3D VFX is amazing as the 3D visuals of The Spongebob SquarePants Movie:
    Sponge Out Of Water and Ang Lee’s 2012 adventure survival film Life of
    Pi. The visuals, however are not the only factor that make this film
    shine like a shiny laser.

    The cast’s performances were all well done, thanks to Matt Hullam’s
    amazing direction. It includes two members from Rooster Teeth’s
    Achievement Hunter, Michael Jones and Gavin Free. The main cast
    consisting of Colton Dunn and Burnie Burns along with Michael Jones and
    Gavin Free truly make this team the brightest team to face the wrath of
    mankind’s darkest hour. They truly stand out in their roles and
    undoubtedly make one of the best Fantastic Four protagonists to ever
    exist and expressively prove that their triumph was no fluke but
    amazing and excellent performances. The supporting cast is also very
    good. The director chose an excellent cast and the wisecracks aren’t
    too reliant on cringe or slapstick, enough to make the audience laugh
    and also feel tense during the climax.

    The character development is also quite interesting as director Matt
    Hullam has these four dolts/idiots substantially rise in rank from
    losers to famous worldwide heroes. Although they make an amazing and
    excellent team of heroes in science fiction, the plot however seems to
    be somewhat based from the 1996 film Independence Day as in that film
    and this film has the human heroes defeat the alien invasion.
    Nonetheless, it still deliverers the audience with a dazzling and
    entertaining popcorn thriller.

    They manage to get some real heart-touching moments in there too,
    especially with a father/daughter story between Hagan and his daughter
    Mindy (Alexandria DeBerry). The four members of Lazer Team don’t get
    along for some real reasons and the film allows them to have their
    moments too where they try to bond and be best friends. Adam has some
    understandable animosity towards the Lazer Team stealing his suit as
    well, so he gets to have real character growth.

    A few of the early jokes really don’t land, and even go so far as to
    explain the joke to the audience (the difference between a drunk tank
    and dunk tank is explicit). When Zachary gets tazed and falls in the
    pool, I thought it would be funny if the whole pool ended up zapped,
    but that’s not the joke. I thought he would get electrocuted. I also
    wondered what happened to Gavin’s British accent as he sounds American
    without his helmet.

    The mood starts when the training begins. Lazer Team is one of the most
    critically, commercially and financially successful films of Rooster
    Teeth, having funded over $2.4 million in a month through the Indiegogo
    campaign. It has made it’s first world release on September 24, 2015 at
    Fantastic Fest, USA and it’s second Canadian premiere in Toronto,
    Canada on October 16, 2015 at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and
    has received largely acclaim from critics, which has truly amazed me.
    It will soon have it’s European premiere at Film4 FrightFest on October
    24, 2015 a week before Halloween 2015.

    Overall, The Rooster Teeth team has no problem expanding from Red Vs.
    Blue to a full length feature. The story does everything it’s supposed
    to: establish the characters, build them up through training montages,
    and escalate the threat. Everything looks right. The military and
    football scenes in particular look legit. Director Matt Hullum and
    cinematographer Philip Roy use really elegant camera moves to make it
    look epic, except for a few shots that are intentionally shaky. The
    visual effects are supposed to be a tad cheesy, but they’re plentiful
    and really spectacular as they blast aliens, run with super boots and
    go invisible with stealth.

    In conclusion, this film is slightly flawed at a few parts but overall
    quite fascinating. It’s a job well done to Director Matt Hullam, the
    rest of the Rooster Teeth team and the visual effects team and this
    film deserves a five out of five stars. Terrific camera movements,
    spectacular and realistic visual effects and computer generated imagery
    and excellent performances from the lead cast: Michael, Gavin, Colton
    and Burnie make this film a terrific popcorn filled entertainer. It
    truly deserves a sequel. I wonder what Lazer Team 2’s lot will include
    but whatever it is, it should live up to it’s prequel and become a
    faithful and entertaining sequel like Rio 2 and Sponge out of Water.
    Colton, Michael, Gavin and Burnie should reprise their roles and I hope
    Matt Hullam will return as director.

    Rating: 5/5 stars

  • LawrenceOfAlabama ([email protected])January 28, 2016Reply


    I want to start out by saying I am a 45 year old man. This is just my
    way of saying I don’t get my music off You tube nor do I subscribe to
    twitch for my entertainment. So I should be one of the last people that
    this films comedy reaches.

    However here is the rub: this film was funnier than most comedies of
    the past Decade. I laughed more during the silly humor of this than at
    the entire combination of the Anchorman sequel/Dumb Dumber 2/or
    anything that Rogan has made in the past 5 years.

    This film was just fun. I assume that this is in part because I wasn’t
    expecting much. But the plot worked way better than a similar plot that
    was poised to be a Summer 2015 Blockbuster (PIXELS). This team seemed
    to genuinely have fun, unlike Sandler and his grumpy little nemesis. As
    a result I had fun right along with them.

    So I guess my hats off to a Team that has a community behind it; and a
    bright future in front of it.

  • Jonathan GlassJanuary 29, 2016Reply

    Enjoyable, but unsatisfying

    I had high hopes for this film. Rooster Teeth is one of the best online
    content producers hands down. Lazer Team was not up to the storytelling
    brilliance RT (Rooster Teeth) is known for.

    The story falls very flat on its face. It was trying to be cleaver but
    came off as so generic, it was impossible to care about what happened
    next. The main characters (Lazer Team) are very forgettable. At no
    point in the film did I care about what would happen to them.

    The acting in the film is hit and miss. The Lazer Team characters are
    surprisingly well acted, besides a few scenes with Bernie’s character.
    The side characters were pretty bad. With the exception of Alan
    Richson’s character, all the acting felt like it was from an Asylum
    Syfy flick.

    The special and visual effects went from bad to mediocre. The alien
    designs were pretty ugly and uncreative. There were also several points
    during the film were I noticed obvious green screen shots as well as
    chroma key errors.

    There are a few positives I have with the movie. The jokes are
    hysterical. Rooster Teeth excels at making clever jokes that hit their
    mark. I do want to note that I did have an issue with ”crotch shot”
    jokes that happened over and over and over again. The first 3 or 4 were
    funny, but when it got to 7 or 8 ”crotch shot” jokes, I stopped finding
    them funny. One other positive I had with the film was the picture
    quality. For a film not being shot with Hollywood cameras, the Red 4K
    cameras look beautiful.

    Overall, I went into Lazer Team to see a great film and laugh
    throughout the movie. I unfortunately didn’t like the film and don’t
    even think that as a movie it is that great. However, I did laugh at
    most of the joke and I did love the references to many of the Rooster
    Teeth characters.

  • heatherm-40748January 30, 2016Reply

    Lazer Team is a great low budget film from the makers of RvB

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pinkwerewolf-1January 30, 2016Reply

    This is actually, really bad

    Sorry Rooster Teeth …but this movie is very hard to watch. Acting is
    atrocious, …plot was made from a 6 yr old with action figures while
    complaining about it’s happy meal, spfx..OK…, but not at all what I
    expected for a comedy. (I think that is what this is?) I would like to
    give all the reasons, but the reasons are very simple tbh. I do not
    need to dissect as to why this is bad. I can however say, that for
    those looking for reviews and want just a little bit of information. I
    would be willing to say is that-it’s just plain old stupid-bad(annoying
    kind). The 7.5 rating must be from some 11 year old is all I can think.
    As Gordon Ramsay says ”shut it down!”

  • RJ ColemanJanuary 30, 2016Reply

    Lives Up To The Hype

    I saw Lazer Team yesterday and was not disappointed at all. This is a
    really great time, a fun, flashy and also warm hearted movie.

    Rooster Teeth is a company which consistently produces great content
    and has been doing so for over a decade now. Very rarely do they miss
    the mark and even when they do they don’t miss it by much. All of the
    cast here were fantastic, even Burnie Burns, Gavin Free and Michael
    Jones who have relatively little acting experience compared with
    co-star Colton Dunn. The characters they play and the performances they
    give almost seems like a competition to constantly steel the scene from
    each other and it’s great to watch. All of them have great on screen
    chemistry together and their real life friendships definitely
    translates to the screen. The performances from other supporting cast
    members such as Alan Ritchson and Allie DeBerry are also very good with
    very entertaining characters.

    A few things here and there aren’t perfect however: the small budget is
    certainly obvious in places. With over a thousand VFX shots and such
    limited resources some shots don’t hold up as well as others. That
    being said the vast majority of the work does its job and are
    reinforced by awesome thrilling and funny action sequences.

    And that’s the most important thing: the least you can ask from a
    comedy is that it makes you laugh and this film is hilarious. It runs
    the gambit of vulgar innuendo, witty one liners and laugh out loud slap

    Many Rooster Teeth fans will be rewarded with cameos and in jokes but
    this is also a great time for those unfamiliar with the group. Lazer
    Team is a fun as hell roller coaster pop corn flick and it’s brilliant.
    Catch it in cinemas if you can.

  • m_lecarreJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    I’ve Seen Worse Movies . . . I MUST have seen worse movies . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ronnie-91541January 31, 2016Reply

    Best comedy in a long time

    I found this film to be a perfect balance between good story-telling
    and hilarious comedy. Though stupid at points, it was a funny sort of
    stupid that made you want to simply keep on watching. When the film
    ended, I was genuinely sad. I wanted to see more. This film proves you
    don’t need a giant studio and lots of money to make a decent film.
    Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum and Rooster Teeth as a whole really show off
    their amazing talent in this film. I really hope to see more films by
    them in the future (preferably featuring more of that Slo-Mo dude Gavin
    Free). Oh, and that reminds me, if you are indeed a fan of Rooster
    Teeth, this film has a few little easter eggs in it, it makes it funner
    to watch. An excellent film (9/10), the best in a long long time.

  • joeymoarbesJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    Perfect for the long time RoosterTeeth fan.

    Throughout the entire movie, I recommend fans of RoosterTeeth and their
    content to keep an eye out for references on other titles RoosterTeeth
    has produced. The movie rewards us fans by giving us the gratitude of
    knowing the smaller or lesser known inside jokes that other people
    might not understand.

    This movie definitely pays homage to the fans who have made this movie
    possible and don’t take for granted the amount of money they raised.
    RoosterTeeth stays humble to their roots and very cleverly incorporates
    small easter eggs and inside jokes.

    From the action, the writing and the acting, Lazer Team is the perfect
    movie for a fan of RoosterTeeth who enjoy their content and find humour
    where others wouldn’t.

    Well done RoosterTeeth, Matt, Burnie, Gavin, Colton and Michael for
    delivering what was promised to the masses of loyal fans who have
    gathered throughout the years.

    You ever wonder why we’re here? Its one of life’s great mysteries isn’t
    it? Why are we here?

  • quincytheodoreJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    The humor might work for silver screen, but there’s a lot of flailing about and not much on acting department

    There’s always a room for campy fun comedy, especially when it’s a
    project associated with already famous studio from Youtube like Rooster
    Teeth. This is a niche studio which already has adoring fans and it’s
    understandable to have a sense of belonging and familiarity. The type
    of humor from sci-fi parody is good for popcorn flick, admittedly also
    better than its similar peer Pixels, but the most concerning issues
    here are the stiff acting and average script.

    Four men randomly put on a suit meant to fight alien. Since each man
    has respective piece, they have to wield them as a team to prevail. The
    premise is silly from the first place, one is better off not
    questioning and just roll with it. There’s a sizable effort and
    adoration for the sci-fi genre, even though not all elements pan out,
    the mold fits the quirkiness quite well just for the sake of

    This is not a large budget production, yet it looks good when it needs
    to and the trademark video game vibe is appreciable. There’s
    surprisingly a good characterization for the so called Lazer Team, even
    though they might not be appealing from the start. Two or three moments
    surpass its rowdy nut-busting nature, and if it’s a story of underdog
    fighting for glory, there’s an identifiable aspect to the theme.

    What ruins the production most of the time is the deadpan acting. The
    four main leads perform erratically, one might look like he’s reading
    from Youtube comments, while another is shouting profusely. They don’t
    really have any chemistry, furthermore it will impact the jokes
    revolving slapstick, making them dull and repetitive.

    If they could find the balance between corny fun and appropriate
    acting, Lazer Team might be more than a simple popcorn flick, although
    the light comedic nature is acceptably decent as well.

  • abisioJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    A movie that only wants you to laugh

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kevin StarkJanuary 31, 2016Reply

    Fantastic Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • taylorcharrisFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    A decent movie for RoosterTeeth fans, but a bad one for the anyone else.

    I wouldn’t call myself a big Roosterteeth fan, but I do enjoy their
    Podcast and early RvB. But I feel this movie relies to much on RT’s
    general fandom, as much of the film’s fun factor is recognizing the
    personalities present from their other productions. But for anyone
    outside of that fandom the uninteresting plot, stereotypical characters
    and, downright terrible cgi make this movie incredibly boring and bad.

    For me however the biggest disappointment is the humor present or I
    suppose absence of, in the film. A series of immature jokes of people
    getting hit in the crotch or banging a daughter that a 15 year-old
    would question the humor of, fall utterly flat through out.

  • angusivFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    Lifelong RT fan and this was just not it

    I was very excited to watch Lazer Team, they’ve been talking about it
    on the podcast forever and it kept Michael Jones and Gavin Free from a
    few Achievement Hunter Let’s Play’s which I gladly dealt with in hopes
    that something funny was on the horizon for Rooster Teeth and it would
    all be worth it.

    I was a paying sponsor for their website for a few years because I’ve
    received so many hours of entertainment from all of the content they
    produce and it felt like they deserved compensation for all the laughs
    delivered to millions worldwide.

    I viewed the movie on January 28th at a Tugg fan event and the
    enthusiasm of the crowd was palpable. Many of the die hard fans (which
    I want to think I am)laughed at very juvenile jokes, or just when
    anybody they knew appeared on screen. All and well, I nor anybody else
    can dictate terms of laughter, but I knew I wasn’t laughing. They had a
    few good lines in there that were truly funny, but creating a film,
    labeled as a comedy needs a bit more than sporadic enjoyment.

    Most of the acting came off as wooden, which surprised me, these guys
    usually do very well on camera. Colten Dunn was his usual self (he’s
    very funny in Superstore) and came across as the only character I
    believed. Fans have seen this writing team do better and any outsiders
    will instantly recognize this as a poor effort. Rooster Teeth is
    usually very creative and funny and this film won’t change my opinion
    of their online content but I will definitely be more wary in the
    future when buying a ticket or subscribing to any services offering
    their newer content.

    Don’t let any of this stop you from watching the movie, preferably in a
    theater, yes it’s out on the torrents after it hit Youtube Red, judge
    for yourself. It simply isn’t funny and no matter how many dollars you
    donated to the crowd-sourced fundraiser, or episodes of Red vs Blue, or
    Let’s Play’s, or RWBY, or Rage Quit’s, or podcasts you’ve absorbed from
    RT, they didn’t bring any of that to this film.

    I’ve read a lot of the reviews for this movie, many of the professional
    ones are nice and cite the ”enthusiasm of the actors” for making this
    movie worth watching. It didn’t translate to the movie I watched and I
    wish I had seen whatever they did, otherwise they’re liars.

  • Jesse-John NaudeFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    Great low budget sci-fi action comedy.

    I’m going to try my best to review this movie from a non-biased
    standpoint. But first, there’s a few things to remember while watching
    Lazer Team:

    – It’s a low budget movie.

    – The majority of the cast are not professional ‘movie’ actors.

    – While it is still a good movie for non-RoosterTeeth fans, there are a
    fair few bits that are made even funnier if you are a fan.

    Anyway, on with the review. The plot was better than I originally
    expected, and the cast all fit their roles well. The acting wasn’t
    great in a traditional sense, but for the most part this added to the
    overall comedic taste of the movie. Some of the visual effects were not
    great. The smaller effects such as blood, gunfire, lasers etc were all
    good, but the low budget was very evident in larger effects.

    Lazer Team is a wild mix of Ghostbusters, Independence Day, and Galaxy
    Quest… And it works! Despite its not-so-great acting or visual effect
    quality, at the end of the day this movie has a decent plot and some
    great gags. And if you’re a fan of Rooster Teeth, then it’s even
    funnier noticing all the extra cameos and nods to the company
    throughout the film.

  • randymcbeastFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    Okay story with ridiculously bad acting. Beware of this one being overrated.

    I was completely thrown off by the IMDb rating of 7+ on this one. That
    is just criminal. I just checked, a few days after I watched, and it’s
    down to 6.8. I’m sure it will go lower. It’s just a shame that the
    rating was obviously pumped up by ”friends” of the show because it was
    a complete waste of time watching this one.

    The story is actually not that bad and this could have actually been an
    okay movie if it was done by professionals. The acting is really
    atrocious in this one, really awful. Now that I think of it, I don’t
    even think well-known actors could have saved this one. I’m thinking of
    Pixels and how that was a somewhat decent movie idea but even with a
    well-known cast it was awful. Of course, Adam Sandler was the main
    reason why that one was so bad. When is Hollywood gonna get a clue on

    Anyway, back to this movie. They hinted at a sequel towards the end.
    Let’s hope that never happens. There seems to be some kind of cult
    following and/or history behind this movie. I don’t know about that. I
    just know that it was terrible.

  • subxerogravityFebruary 2, 2016Reply

    Is this what YouTube is going to be like on the big screen? Cause I’m down!!

    It was outrageous and indeed a fun, enjoyable film. An impressively put
    together combination of Sci-Fi, comedy and action.

    The poster advertised that this was from the makers of Red vs. Blue.
    Not familiar at all with this, but I look at the trailer and it looks
    like something I would watch on You Tube, which is why I was surprised
    that it was playing at a theater.

    I thought it was a really cool story and I actually love the costume
    design as well as the visual effects.

    There was plenty of laughs and what was cool was everyone got me
    chuckling. My fav character was Herman, everyone else was a little too
    by the numbers with their stereotypes, but still very funny.

    The action scenes were well put together, I thought the visual effects
    really went with the story that was being told.

    The movie never runs stale and it keeps the momentum going. It’s a
    monument to what can be done with some good crowd funding, as it looks
    like half the end credits were just to thank those who gave.

    Seriously, really impress by what these guys did with what little they
    had to work with, and it’s totally worth the money I spent not to just
    stream it on YouTube.

  • Timo ReichertFebruary 3, 2016Reply

    Flat comedy – annoying characters

    When I first saw the poster and the IMDb rating of 7 – I was impressed
    and couldn’t wait to watch the movie. However, I’m really disappointed
    that the hype couldn’t deliver.

    Some people argue that the story of ”lazer team” could have been
    written by a child. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I found
    the plot to be interesting. Only the execution was poorly done. Why?

    First of all – the characters are boring and annoying. I understand
    that comedies kind of live from stereotypical over exaggerated persona.
    But this was too much.

    Do you knows this feeling when you’re watching a bad horror movie and
    you think to yourself:”No, don’t go there. You’ll be killed. No, dude –
    don’t go there.Oh, he’s dead…”

    ”Lazer Team” is similar to that. Very predictable, flat jokes, boring
    character development. If this were made by a Youtube channel and only
    aired on Youtube – I wouldn’t complain. But as a real movie – ”Lazer
    Team” is just not good enough.

  • HellmantFebruary 3, 2016Reply

    Not a complete waste of time, but it’s nothing special either.

    ‘LAZER TEAM’: Three Stars (Out of Five)

    A sci-fi action-comedy flick; directed, co-written and co-produced by
    Matt Hullum. Burnie Burns also co-wrote, co-produced and stars in the
    movie; which also costars Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn,
    Alexandria DeBerry and Alan Ritchson. It’s the first feature film from
    Rooster Teeth Productions (which specializes in machinima); and they
    raised most of the budget for the movie, from a successful Indiegogo
    campaign. The story revolves around four incompetent losers, who are
    trained to save the world; when they accidentally stumble across a
    special alien power armor suit. I liked the special effects, and some
    of the humor, but ultimately I found it disappointing.

    We learn, as the film opens, that Earth received a message, from
    peaceful aliens, decades earlier. After decoding it, we learned that we
    are going to be attacked, by evil aliens, and need to train someone to
    fight them. So a man, named Adam (Ritchson), is raised since birth, to
    be the ‘Champion of Earth’. He will be sent a special ‘power armor
    suit’, by the peaceful aliens, to wear in battle. The ship containing
    the suit, is accidentally shot down, by four losers though. They then
    each become genetically attached, to different parts of the armor. So
    Earth’s new plan, becomes to train these losers, to be ‘Earth’s

    The movie kind of reminds me of the cult classic comedy flick ‘SUPER
    TROOPERS’; except more geared towards kids. The film especially seems
    aimed at ‘video game loving teenagers’. For that reason, I think a lot
    of the jokes are too silly, and somewhat forced. A lot of the
    performances are pretty weak as well (with a few exceptions). There is
    some witty commentary, about social media obsession though; and how it
    effects everyone’s lives. The film also has some pretty cool looking
    special effects (as I said before), especially for such a low budget
    movie. It’s not a complete waste of time, but it’s nothing special

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  • declanburtonFebruary 5, 2016Reply

    Decent film and full of roosterteeth humour!

    Full disclosure. I am a great fan of rooster teeth and its employees.

    This film was rooster teeth to the very end. No its not a big Hollywood
    block buster and nor would I class it an indie. It is a mindless action
    comedy which had me actually laughing at points. I get frustrated with
    most movies but this one I found I could let go and just let the
    silliness wash over me.

    The story was better then PIXLES by a mile and the team looked like
    they had fun. The editing was OK as was the acting but nothing more.
    For a first film by RT I have to admit it was what I expected. Think
    with a bit more care and money they can make something very good

    People saying this is mindless dumb stuff are correct; that is kind of
    the point. Its not some serious movie and people should expect it to

    8/10 as I actually had a good time!

  • brettapaulFebruary 6, 2016Reply

    I don’t understand the high ratings! This movie was very very bad!

    This movie was extremely disappointing and the rating of 6.3 is
    atrocious! I ended up having to apologize to the people I was watching
    the movie with because I made them sit through it and it ended up being
    so stupid and horrible I couldn’t believe what I was saying! It made me
    laugh two or three times and that’s only because I have a very easy
    sense of humor! Horrible movie! I highly recommend you don’t waste your
    time watching this movie! The characters were horrible and very bad
    actors! The only redeeming feature from this movie was possibly the
    graphics and that was only because I had to find one thing that was at
    least slightly good about this movie!The humor was something from a 5
    year old’s idea of funny! The only possible way that you might even
    enjoy this movie a little bit is if you just smoked several blunts and
    got as high as possible because that is the only way that you are even
    going to a little bit enjoy this film!

  • prabhat1729February 7, 2016Reply

    Decent Story + Poor Film-making = Over-rated Hit-and-run comedy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • A_Different_DrummerFebruary 7, 2016Reply

    moments of brilliance .. but just moments

    Any film professors reading, here is a tip. You can do a final exam by
    making your class deconstruct Lazer Team frame by frame and identify
    the really good ideas and the zippy lines of dialog.

    It is quite a challenge. The film runs almost two hours and there is no
    more than 10 minutes of quality material.

    My fave: one of the ”dumb and dumber” team removes an alien
    mind-control implant from the only female star and explains, ”I was
    just removing the implant that made my girlfriend act like my
    ex-girlfriends.” Actually the actor mumbles the line so you have to
    rewind to catch it. But that dialog is one of the keepers.

    A Youtube production? In a way that is a good thing but virtually every
    other network, delivery system, channel, cable provider and postal
    worker who is now producing independently has done better work. So step
    it up Youtube.

  • jakejoslingFebruary 10, 2016Reply


    I didn’t expect this film to blow my mind but even as a mild bit of fun
    it wasn’t good.

    It touches on basic action movie conventions but fails to bring
    anything more to the table than the basics. Lazer Team is full of
    heroes that you have no reason to like with boring eye rolling comedy.
    For an ”action comedy” it failed to make me laugh more than one little
    chuckle. It makes you roll your eyes more than it makes you laugh. It’s
    sexist, unfunny and boring. I really wanted this film to be good but it
    really isn’t. The music is cheesy and over the top, the plot is brain
    dead and plain. The humour fails at every attempt.

    The only reason it has scored 4 is because I like Rooster Teeth.

  • zif ofozFebruary 15, 2016Reply

    This is actually, really good ! ! !

    The best laid plans are bound to go wrong. Here in ‘Lazer Team’ our
    four man team of misfits, just out to have fun, unknowingly disrupt a
    decades long secret government operation. And once this is discovered
    by them the team must work together to live or else die alone.

    So they find themselves battling two two enemies – 1. An alien from
    out-of-space and 2. the federal government!

    And in getting that team spirit cooking between them is a story of
    hair-brained situations that are just stupid enough to get you laughing
    and enjoying the nonsense in this sci-fi comedy. You’ll cheer them on
    because they may be dummies in life but together they are awesome!

    An easy lite comedy with fast action and good graphics. I loved it!

  • Rob StarzecFebruary 20, 2016Reply

    It Will Make You Feel Dumber For Watching

    It’s difficult to know what to expect from a feature film by Rooster
    Teeth since they are a Youtube sensation with shows created using video
    games, most notably Red vs Blue. Upon viewing Lazer Team it is clear
    they should stick to what they were doing before and not attempt
    live-action movies ever again.

    The one good thing about this film is that it is funny on occasion,
    sometimes because there are decent jokes, but most of the time because
    it is just plain bad. A lot of the jokes in the film fall flat, and
    some of them are so terrible it makes you wonder what you’re watching
    in the first place.

    The acting and casting decisions are far from good (though it’s clear
    the people from Rooster Teeth wanted to cast who they are familiar
    with). Each character is more like a caricature than a character you
    want to relate to. The main character’s daughter is both a terrible
    character and terribly cast – she is literally the stereotypical dumb
    blonde teenager who adds pretty much nothing to the film. It is also
    disappointing to see Alan Ritchson in a role where he literally just
    coaches the team in a monotonous voice and stands there to look like
    the warrior he was bred to be.

    Finally, the CGI in this film is beyond terrible. Holograms are made to
    look more like cartoons than believable representations of aliens. This
    is astounding coming from a team who specializes in making shows from
    video games, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to
    create good digital effects. Do yourself the favor and avoid this


  • thekarmicnomadFebruary 24, 2016Reply

    Smarter than I expected

    This is a comedy sci-fi romp, where the ‘wrong guys’ inadvertently get
    saddled with technology required to save humanity.

    A lot of the humour is based around American stereotypes and the flaws
    of the main characters who are just short of a Wizard of Oz line up.
    There is a coward, an idiot, a cynic and a jock.

    With this line-up you can expect a very silly, moronic film. Well it
    is, but the writing and direction takes it to a place a lot more fun
    than normal. Yes people do get thumped in the testicles and wedgied –
    but there is also a fair amount of thought and talent in this. I
    especially like the idea of the ”super trooper” who basically wastes
    his entire life training to use the armour.

    The CGI is a little bit lacking but I forgive that for the budget. I
    don’t think this was ever intended to be a piece of movie making
    history, but it is entreating, the plot does kind of work and the
    characters are unforgivingly true to themselves.

    Maybe not a Friday night film but this is definitely good for a

  • choppinbroccoli-10939February 25, 2016Reply

    So Awful…

    I wanted to like this movie, but i could just not sit through this
    movie. It’s barely over an hour and a half, but it feels twice as long
    as that. Whether you like Roosterteeth or not, there’s no denying that
    this movie has extremely unlikeable characters, isn’t funny, and
    everything about this movie is super cliché and boring.

    The acting ranges from decent to really bad, and this goes for the
    effects as well, but it is on a limited budget, so that doesn’t bother

    What does bother me, is that the only likable character is the
    champion, but he’s represented as the antagonistic ass hole who just
    wants the suit for himself, even though he’s the only character you can
    sympathize with, and the other characters are complete douchy idiots.

    To be fair, this movie had a few, kind of funny parts, but that doesn’t
    compare to all the super lame jokes. (Yes, I said ‘super lame’ in a
    review, who do you want? Roger Ebert?)

    This movie was annoying, dumb, unfunny, and it was just not enjoyable
    at all.

  • Greg BurrowsMarch 7, 2016Reply

    A film only the fanboys could love.

    A terrible film in nearly every possible way, poor ”acting” (no
    delivery on any jokes), the cinematography was poor, storyline was
    padded out, casting was basically a way to put in every on screen
    personality of rooster teeth and location choice also poor.

    I like some if not most of the rooster teeth productions(podcast, on
    the spot, funhaus, achievement hunter) but this film was terrible and
    only the fanboys could and would give it a rating higher than 1.

    Also by putting it on a platform like YouTube red which can only be
    viewed in the US probably saved them a lot of embarrassment.

    I expected a lot better from this group of people.

  • Cyberspace 35728March 10, 2016Reply

    Another Sci-Fi cliché Adventure…

    Plot- This movie is filled with tons of cliché’s with lazy writing. The
    characters are so annoying and forgettable.The only pros I give this
    movie is the humour, they’re not great but good.

    Acting- Burnie Burns performance was good, while the other side
    character performances are weak

    Music- Nothing Memorable, it’s the same type of music you hear in a
    teenage Sci-Fi movie

    Cinematography- Camera work was OK, but there are few shaky cams that
    are so annoying. The special effects looks mediocre and you can easily
    detect it in certain scenes

    Overall, this movie is still fun to watch even there is a lot of

    So I’m giving this movie a 4/10

  • bodlemarkMarch 16, 2016Reply

    Its not trying to be a serious action movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • witneylMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Vulgar, not funny, inconsistencies, poor acting

    Unfortunately, this movie was a waste of a whole hour of my time. From
    its beginning to its end the acting was so poor I felt like I am
    watching a very poorly home made movie! The amount of vulgarity that
    could have been replaced with a smarter delivery of the same style of
    joke shows either lack of writer’s or whoever was in charge of altering
    the lines, command of the English languages. And the amount of
    inconsistencies in the plot is just ridiculous even for a low budget
    movie. If this movie is intended for mature audience it is just plain
    stupid and vulgar, without any sense. And I prey it was not intended
    for a younger audience, as it is completely inappropriate

  • Steven PimentaMarch 21, 2016Reply

    Decent little movie trying to be a big movie

    Rooster teeth has much experience creating web content and series but
    not full feature length films and I feel as though they were over
    ambitious with this film and it just fell short. The comedy the fans
    know and love from RT is here, throwing in cameo after cameo and
    pleasing the audience.

    The story line is rather weak though and the characters seem under
    developed which leaves you not caring when they reach their end goal.
    The special effects went from being good to bad quite a lot which is
    understandable given the budget. The ending was underwhelming it is
    built up so much and it just comes to a semi- satisfactory ending.

    Overall, as a fan of Rooster Teeth, I enjoyed the movie but I probably
    wouldn’t watch it again.

  • kimberly SmithMarch 30, 2016Reply

    Really funny

    OK. This is not a blockbuster with lots of money and nice special
    effects. It’s not an intelligent movie that is well written and through
    provoking. It is silly and dumb and makes you laugh. There is some
    crude humor for sure, but it wasn’t over the top. I guess I had low
    expectations. It says it’s a YouTube movie? I was about ready to stop
    right there but went on to watch and laughed the entire time. I am not
    sure why all the hate in these reviews. Maybe they came into with high
    expectations. I expected a really bad B movie, so I was happy was
    surprised. Maybe I dropped a few IQ points watching this but it was
    good fun. Watching this is more like watching Ted, Hot Tub Time Machine
    or Grown-ups. I don’t think you should go into thinking it’s going to
    be a great plot or have superb acting. If I laugh the entire time and
    walked away happy instead of annoyed, it’s all good.

  • fabbygailMay 5, 2016Reply

    Not bad, but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rich StraussJune 30, 2016Reply

    RT’s First Movie Delivers While Leaving Room For Improvement

    Let me start off by stating I am a long time fan of the entire Rooster
    Teeth brand. I will try and stay as unbiased as possible while I write

    Considering this was RT’s first attempt at a movie, they did a great
    job. Some of the special effects were visible placeholders and could
    have been improved with the added budget. And while we love the guest
    castings from the RT employees, most of their acting is terrible and
    wanting to have such a large say in the movie questionably dragged it
    down. (I’m looking at you, Burnie.) There’s a lot of gripes that can be
    made, but considering how low their budget was and that the entire
    movie was funded directly by the fans it can be excused.

    One thing to note though is that the entire movie is designed to be a
    love letter to the fans. Many of the exchanges between characters were
    filled with quotes and references to other products in the brand and
    were sprinkled with their trademark jokes. It has all the makings of a
    cult classic, full of Easter eggs directly aimed at the fans that a lot
    of people that the casual watcher wouldn’t catch.

    Overall, great first outing for the team. As long as you go into
    watching the movie without high standards and enjoy it as the campfest
    it was designed to be, you’ll love it.

  • johannesrosenhoffOctober 16, 2016Reply

    I’m baffled…….

    Now. I’m not trying to be sarcastic in any way.

    You can probably find more sophisticated jokes on a 4-year-olds
    birthday party. At the very least can you stand it for a couple of

    They also manage to make Adam Sandler look like a comedy genius. Thats
    is not a good thing.

    Add to that since long watered down stereotypes and a douche fest never
    seen before. We get it – pumped up, white football players is what
    every guy should strive for (unless you wanna be a looser of course).

    All in all, I’ve seen porno movies with more captivating story and
    better acting.

    Side note: for some reason they’ve built an elite soldier from his
    birth. Okay, that’s very patriotic. Saving humanity and all. America!
    Leaders of the free world! Right? Well. No. The idea is a pretty good
    summary of Platos Poli’tea, which I find deeply ironic.

  • DaviteoOctober 30, 2016Reply

    Misplaced and wobbly talent on a good attempt

    I’m a longtime Rooster Teeth fan so I gave the movie a 7 to bolster the
    review and for the effort. The actual score would be lower if I weren’t
    familiar with the people behind the movie, and the reason for this
    comes down to one main problem: they bit off more than they could
    handle, especially with only a $2.5 million budget. That might seem
    like a lot but for what they were trying to accomplish, that’s
    infinitesimal. So the effort and dedication of the film team is what
    bolsters my score to a 7.

    Another issue with the film is the humor, which is sometimes hit or
    miss. Humor always needs to come organically and unfortunately there
    were times that it seemed very forced here for the sake of a joke. When
    it landed, often with he case of Gavin’s character, it’s because it’s a
    character himself is just ”being himself” and that ends up being quite
    funny. In the future, if there’s a joke, a mini-story should be built
    around it to make sure they audience will buy everything about the
    setup and delivery, because I could easily see people not going along
    with each gag in this film.

    I’m looking forward to more films from RT but I would issue three

    – On your next film, scale it back. If you have $2 million, make a $2
    million movie. This movie, with all the people, props, effects, and
    scope is a much larger-budgeted film with a smaller budget than it
    needed and I think that’s where a lot of the negative comments on here
    stem from. I hope that, if they get two or three million again for
    their next film, they scale the scope down to something that’s tighter,
    stronger, and a bit more believable. If it’s a comedy, I would hope
    that it’s something that lands each and every joke and that’s told with
    believable acting. I also hope that their next film is NOT Lazerteam 2
    … yet. I think that a film like that would be great as a third or
    fourth film, but I sincerely hope they scale the scope back and use a
    large budget to focus on really sticking the landing for acting, humor,
    and effects for each part of that.

    – Lazerteam was made in big part by and for the fans and because of
    that there was sort of a safety net—the fans, myself included, laughed
    at a lot of the in-jokes and actors that I’ve grown to know on the
    various podcasts and YouTube videos, but for someone who has no idea
    who the RT folks are or what the community is about, I could see them
    feeling that this isn’t a very good movie. I hope that RT’s next film
    strays from this and makes a very solid movie that’s ”for the theater,”
    or ”for everyone who pays for a ticket.” In other words, I hope that
    they go into the next film with a ”cold audience” in mind, an audience
    that is unfamiliar with anything that’s been done in the past or
    anything that has to do with the community.

    – Third, to restate, with the budget they had they tried making a $10
    million or $20 million movie and it pulled the final product down. I’ve
    learned this the hard way on films I’ve made until I finally found a
    balance between budget and what one can realistically pull off, and
    Lazerteam ultimately suffered because of this, and I really hope their
    next film doesn’t.

    In short, I really want these folks to succeed and a lot of the
    criticism I feel, and I’m usually really good at judging this, is
    because of the three factors above. Lazerteam was a very honest and
    impressive effort at an Olympic-level routine while only being a very
    talented college-level gymnast. I hope they train hard and focus a bit
    more on a tighter story, characters, dialogue, jokes, and have less
    effects on their next effort so that instead of being wobbly and having
    to regain their balance because they almost tumble, they’re able to
    stick the landing and have a product that works for ALL audiences, not
    just Rooster Teeth fans.

  • Peter LormeDecember 28, 2016Reply

    Nothing more than mindless entertainment

    Lazer Team (2016) is nothing more than mindless entertainment. While I
    can’t call myself a current fan of Rooster Teeth, I did quite enjoy
    them when I was younger. I’m sure people who are actively following
    them and have grown to appreciate their sense of humor will find this
    film enjoyable. Still, the major problems lay within the script.
    Everything is played out and predictable, the attempts at one-liners
    are flat, and the story isn’t even compelling. The special-effects are
    shoddy, some are fine while some are horrendous. This is a low-budget
    sci-fi flick, so that’s to be expected, but the film relies on those
    effects too heavily. The acting is fine and everybody at least seems to
    be making an effort. The action is also pretty solid, but it suffers
    from being too foreseeable. Clichés are also something to be found
    throughout to point to where it just blatantly copies from other source
    materials. ‘Lazer Team’ is kinda fun but is also kinda annoyingly

  • ElkadureJanuary 3, 2017Reply

    Not the best…not the worst either…

    The comedy is not the best. there are some relatively funny
    moments…but most of the movie is dull with the occasional chuckle
    here and there…

    and the plot is kind of dumb… but it’s not the worst ever

    This movie is not for everyone it’s a 50/50 chance you will enjoy it

    Do i recommend buying YouTube red just for this?

    No. not really worth it. if you’re a fan of RT you will most likely
    enjoy this movie

    (Note. Sorry if this review is hard too read or confusing… i don’t
    usually right reviews on anything.)

  • Nicole MillerJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    An Enjoyable Movie if You’re Not Expecting Oscar Worthy Material

    For their first movie, it’s actually very good. The cinematography is
    better than expected, and the writing is actually funny and clever even
    though it’s a tired idea. Not the most original of all topics, but its
    still quite fun to watch. So the big downfall is the acting. The acting
    isn’t anything to call home for, but it’s much better than most B or C
    level films. They probably would’ve done better if they went outside of
    the company, but I understand the loyalty. If you’re a fan of
    Roosterteeth it would probably be better since you’ll see all of the
    people you already know. I was neither disappointed nor blown away. It
    was exactly what I was expecting. If you go into the movie just having
    fun and not criticizing it too deeply, it’ll be a worthwhile movie.
    Overall, it was entertaining but not the best film I’ve ever seen.I
    would recommend it to someone who wants to watch a funny, lighthearted
    movie, but definitely not to a critic or someone expecting a

  • Fluke_SkywalkerMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Game effort can’t overcome lack of talent

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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