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Little Boy

Little Boy

Believe the impossible.Apr. 23, 2015 Mexico106 Min.PG-13
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8.5 1,481 votes

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Jakob Salvati isPepper Flynt Busbee / Little Boy
Pepper Flynt Busbee / Little Boy
Emily Watson isEmma Busbee
Emma Busbee
Michael Rapaport isJames Busbee
James Busbee
David Henrie isLondon Busbee
London Busbee
Ben Chaplin isBen Eagle
Ben Eagle


An eight-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so he can bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love a father has for his little boy and the love a son has for his father.

Little Boy
Little Boy
Little Boy
Little Boy
Little Boy
Little Boy
Little Boy
Original titleLittle Boy
IMDb Rating7.4 18,415 votes
TMDb Rating7 162 votes

(126) comments

  • MarianaHuertaApril 1, 2015Reply

    ”Little boy. Believe the impossible”

    I was captivated by the acting, as well as the cinematography and
    special effects contained on this great production. I’m glad to see
    that the filmmakers and actors are bringing this kind of messages to
    the world through art reminding us that love is the force that brings
    us all together and that’s the path to follow as humanity. I loved
    Eduardo Verástegui’s performance by showing Little Boy the importance
    of faith. It made me think about how we must have the strength to
    defend the truth even when some people don’t see it. It also made me
    remember that if we have the courage to go the right way and follow our
    goals or dreams, based on good intentions, God will give us what we
    need to get trough difficulties. Not only is it a very entertaining
    movie with a deep emotional content, but it is also an example of
    kindness and compassion, great job on bringing all together. The film
    made me cry, laugh and feel identified at some point with the
    characters. It takes you on an exciting emotional roller coaster with a
    beautiful message at the end that will take your breath away.

  • Katherine AguilarApril 15, 2015Reply

    One Little Boy: One Big Story!

    Little Boy is a film that will make you remember how to love like a
    child loves; how to have hope in the face of what seems impossible; and
    how to believe that mountains can be moved. You will be inspired by the
    clever, historical twist; the artfulness of the storytellers; and the
    performances of the cast. Pepper Flynt Busbee might be one little boy,
    but this is one big story that you will not forget. This film is for
    adults, children, grandparents, friends, and even for your dog! So
    sneak him into the theater if you can get him past the ticket booth. If
    you want to have a movie experience that entertains, leaves you feeling
    good, and brings your consciousness to contemplate topics such as
    faith, family, bullying, tolerance, and history then watch this film as
    soon as possible because it will do all this and more!

  • jrpv85April 15, 2015Reply

    Amazing movie!!!

    One of those movies that you talk about even after leaving the
    theater… I love the combination of Drama, Comedy, Action and
    Suspense, on top of that, the acting of the kid is really great!
    specially for his first movie, a performance that is at the same level
    of the academy awards nominees Emily Watson and Tom Wilkinson who are
    also in the movie.

    Also the history is very touching and make sure to bring your tissues
    with you, because you are going to need them… The amazing performance
    of Jakob will bring you tears, will make you laugh, a whole mixture of

    Definitely, if you can, go and watch it…

  • Amelia SaldarriagaApril 16, 2015Reply

    #LittleBoyMovie – Moving Mountains Worldwide

    Saw the screening and loved every minute of the film. Not only is it
    inspiring, but it makes you think and see the world through a child’s

    Engaging storyline, amazing cinematography and great acting. Jakob
    Salvati is perfect for the part. Truly a natural.

    Recommended for the entire family with a message that can be applied to
    all aspects of life in any culture and language. Little Boy teaches
    children young and old that having Faith can make the impossible,

    It’s evident the thought that was placed in creating a quality film for
    everyone to enjoy with a positive message.

  • Jannie GuzmanApril 16, 2015Reply

    Little Boy- A story that will touch your heart.

    A touching story that will uplift your hearts and make you believe the
    impossible. It’s a movie that will make you care more about the things
    that really matter. Today faith is the key to keep going in life. It’s
    the hope that no matter what are you going through, God is in control.
    It’s to be certain that you are going to receive and see what are you
    asking for, and be committed to be a better person day by day. Jacob’s
    performance is outstanding and touching. It is an example of how we
    must let our inner child come out in order to enter to God’s Kingdom.
    There are moments of laughter and there are other ones that will make
    you cry. It’s a must-see. I really recommend all of you to see this.
    Definitely, the best movie of the year.

  • priscila_zggApril 22, 2015Reply

    I Can Move a Mountain!

    I watched this film over a month ago and is still in my mind. Little
    Boy is one of those films you watch and stays with you the rest if your
    life. Acting, scenery, and script are my favorite part of the film.
    Star Jakob Salvati is such a great actor. His performance is natural
    and captivating. I look forward to see him in more Films. The scenery
    is carefully selected. The mixture of 1940’s, the bay, and the sunset
    is magical. Pepe Portillo has an amazing talent to touch people’s
    hearts with words. Little Boy quotes are inspirational and captivating.
    It is a professional, entertaining, and full of values. An exception
    film in Hollywood… It’s happening. Little Boy Movie is
    revolutionizing the Cinematographic World!

  • punitivedamagesApril 22, 2015Reply

    Little Boy – good stuff

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Courtney ReedApril 24, 2015Reply

    Little Boy is a film for everyone!

    This movie is about feeling and seeing through the eyes of a little boy
    who has a heart full of courage and hope. This film makes you realize
    that all people have the same humanly needs and emotions. Regardless of
    age, race, gender, faith and religion, any person can identify with the
    overarching message of love. No matter who you are, we all feel sad,
    happy, courageous, hopeful, determined, etc. From the beginning to end
    of the film, I was completely lost in the moment, learning and growing
    along with the characters, feeling the way they did through every
    triumph and challenge. I felt like a better person after watching this
    film. Who doesn’t want to walk away from a film where they feel
    positive and changed?

  • www.ramascreen.comApril 24, 2015Reply

    A good cry

    Ya know, I pride myself as a macho strong, independent man, I don’t
    have a pick up truck nor have I engaged in caber tossing like they do
    in that Scottish athletic games, but I don’t easily cry while watching
    a film, no matter how sentimental it can get. The last time I shed
    tears was when watching ”Armageddon” the scene in which Bruce Willis
    said goodbye to his daughter played by Liv Tyler. But my holy freakin’
    goodness, LITTLE BOY had me literally crying like four times at the
    screening, four times, man! And ya know what, I didn’t regret it at
    all. This is a very powerful, inspiring, can-do film, led by child
    star, Jakob Salvati whose talent is bigger than his appearance.

    From co-writer/director Alejandro Monteverde, LITTLE BOY is about an
    8-year old boy, Jakob’s character, Pepper who believes that he has what
    it takes to bring his father home from WWII alive. He and his father
    are really close, so when his father (Michael Rapaport) leaves for war
    in place of his oldest son, it sets off events in that family, in that
    community, in that small town that will get them all learning about
    tolerance, faith, and love. Jakob is given a task by the local priest
    (Tom Wilkinson) and this list of assignments are supposed to help bring
    his father back, one of them is for Pepper to befriend the only
    Japanese resident, Hashimoto (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), it’s an uphill
    task for Pepper seeing that his older brother and the whole town are
    blaming Hashimoto for the war.

    Christian community might see this film as something that they can
    encourage their members to go to theaters and see with their families
    and I think they should, but LITTLE BOY is not a Christian film. It
    also wrestles with the idea of believing in one self, one’s will power.
    But what’s great about this film is that it doesn’t take sides, it only
    goes to show that many people hold different beliefs, doesn’t always
    mean that some are more right than others. This child actor, Jakob,
    blew me away. He’s so effortless, you feel his pain and agony, Jakob
    makes it so easy for us to feel sad for Pepper, makes us want him to be
    a better kid each day. If you’re looking for a good cry, LITTLE BOY is
    the prefect movie for you, it’s a tear jerker but not in a sense that
    it alienates certain audiences, because anybody who’s dealt with loss
    or separation, anybody who doubts the idea of a mountain-moving faith,
    can relate to LITTLE BOY.

    Please read more at Ramascreen.Com

  • mikejmorinApril 24, 2015Reply

    I thought a piece of great movie-making

    I believe LITTLE BOY hits. I’ve seen it twice. Much enjoyed it both
    times. It doesn’t back away from admitting that despite ‘faith’ of
    whatever type, there can come trying times in life, and seems to me to
    ask the audience to ponder if one needs help in such times, then where
    might one go for help in those times. Some people think they have the
    answers. Some humbly admit they not sure sometimes, leading to
    questions being asked about such. And WW2 as big an event as any for
    such pondering, I’d think.

    The characters in LITTLE BOY do not all behave or think the same
    things, regarding how to act in trying times, or what to have faith in
    or why?

    And I don’t think it answers the question on ‘faith’ for the audience,
    it rather asks the question to the audience in some ways. Also a great
    reminder to me re: do I prejudge or bully? Think I am better for having
    seen this movie, and it was enjoyable to see too.

    Very ‘moving’. I much recommend it, but not sure its for 10 or 11 yo’s
    or under– couple scenes pretty intense.

  • sharonleary-54414April 24, 2015Reply

    Family film

    A great family film that everyone will enjoy! Bring the tissues if you
    are a ”crier” like me! Very touching. It’s nice to be able to take the
    kids to a movie and not worry about what they will see or hear that
    will be offensive or inappropriate. In my opinion, the PG-13 rating on
    this movie does not make it unsuitable for little ones. My husband and
    son, who primarily like action movies and are a little harder to
    please, both enjoyed the movie also. We don’t find too many movies the
    whole family wants to see together, but Little Boy is definitely one
    for everyone! Gos see it! You will walk out of the theater stirred up
    to use your faith and make a difference in the world!

  • Steve PulaskiApril 24, 2015Reply

    A film so far outside of reality’s ballpark it’s playing a different game

    This time last year, we were granted with ”Heaven is for Real,” a
    miserably schmaltzy film that was so overwrought in its intentions and
    portrayal of emotions that it easily merited a spot on my list for the
    worst films of the year. This year, however, we have ”Little Boy,” one
    of the first faith-based films of the year along with ”Do You
    Believe?,” a film that will likely earn a place on this year’s list.
    Films like this should insult the audience, if they are smart enough to
    know they are being condescended to through the use of soft-lighting
    and cinematography, an overbearing musical score that lets them know
    when they should feel happy and sad, and sole lines and sequences
    desperately made to extract tears from the audience who are temporarily
    blindsided by the fact that these particular events exists so far
    outside the ballpark of reality it’s playing a different game.

    ”Little Boy” concerns an America that’s plunged in a tumultuous period;
    World War II’s impact and scope is growing, the army needs more
    soldiers and young men on the frontlines, families are being separated
    for indefinite periods of time, and Japanese citizens are just being
    released from internment camps, causing civil unrest. We focus on the
    Busbee family, particularly Pepper (Jakob Salvati), a stout
    seven-year-old who is the subject of bullying for his short stature.
    Despite this, he finds a great connection with his imaginative father
    James (Michael Rapaport), until he is called to fight in Hiroshima,
    leaving Pepper with his mother (Emily Watson) and his heavy-drinking
    older brother London (David Henrie).

    During this time, Pepper seeks out ways to exercise and strengthen his
    personal faith, which a Reverend informs him could help bring his
    father back. However, this result will only occur if his faith is
    strong enough. Pepper loves magicians, particularly the great Ben
    Eagle, who calls him on stage during one of his shows to move a soda
    bottle. Eagle informs Pepper that the only way to do it is to have
    incorruptible faith and even the slightest shred of doubt – easily
    brought on by a crowd full of ridiculing children Pepper’s age – will
    prohibit the bottle from being moved. After a lot of grunting and
    screaming on Pepper’s part, the bottle moves, and Pepper believes the
    stronger his faith gets, the more likely his father will be brought
    back home safe and sound. During his journey of self-discovery, he
    meets Hashimoto (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), an ostracized Japanese man who
    also helps him recognize his faith.

    The level of frothiness in this film cannot be accurately stated.
    Scenes carry immense artificial weight to them, bathing themselves in
    beautiful scenery and loud and obvious musical numbers that cast
    blatant moods of either ”happy” or ”sad” unto the audience. Throw in
    Salvati’s innocent face, his perfectly combed blonde hair, and his
    teary-eyed plea for his father to stay home, and you have precisely the
    kind of emotional sentimentality I hate. Not a single moment in ”Little
    Boy” is genuine, as it all feels conjured up through deliberately
    facile means of exploiting the audience’s emotional complexes. This, in
    turn, making them think they’ve seen a good film when they’ve really
    just been played for fools.

    Shedding tears to a film is something I’m no stranger of; I’ve probably
    done it more than a great deal of my peers to films that didn’t even
    upset them. If a film can extract emotion from the audience, that means
    it has made them care about the characters on screen through numerous
    different things, including acting, directing, and writing. It’s a
    powerful thing, and when it happens to you, you’re almost surprised at
    yourself. However, ”Little Boy” is going for the easily extractable
    tears. Its emotion comes from the aesthetics and how they manipulate
    the viewer and not from the characters or the situations themselves.
    Here, scenes beg weeping and other scenes beg you to have an ear-to-ear
    smile; nothing is subtle, nothing is left to the imagination.

    The film’s tagline is ”Believe the impossible,” which is fitting
    because that’s the only way one will receive much enjoyment from this
    film. Watching a seven-year-old stand before an enormous mountain and
    eventually come to move it through his faith may be a cute idea in
    theory, but to watch it happen, in a film that desperately wants you to
    believe what cannot be done regardless of how much faith a person has
    among countless other manipulative filmmaking strategies, makes for a
    desperately cloying movie-going experience.

    NOTE: Take a second look at the title while you’re at it too; recall
    high school history class if you must. It doesn’t just mean what you
    think it means, and because of that, it adds one more frightening
    element to this film.

  • ositosApril 24, 2015Reply

    This Little Boy brings so much hope!!

    Jakov Salvati’s acting was amazing. His authenticity is refreshing.
    Bring your whole family. This movie affirms the altruistic values
    everyone wants to instill in our children. There are a couple of war
    scenes that for a child under 13 could leave an impact, but Little
    Boy’s faith, hope and love could be a topic of conversation in family
    meals for days. LOVED IT

    The film’s cinematography was breathtaking. I am so proud of Eduardo
    Verastegui, he did an amazing job with his first movie as a director. I
    hope this is only the beginning.

    At the end of the movie, it received a huge ovation.

  • crowfam94April 24, 2015Reply

    Excellent family movie

    Not much to say except I’m really annoyed by the critics sometimes.
    This movie is solid. Has a vintage old-time feel to it. Well acted.
    Deals with the problems of the times (racism, bullying, war,
    alcoholism, death) in a dramatic, humorous and clever way.

    Great story. Whole family loved it. They dealt with faith in a
    reasonable way. They pulled heartstrings without being saccharine. The
    critics are just so dead-set on hating any movie that deals with faith,
    especially the Christian faith. This movie soft-pedals that faith – but
    it definitely is a strong element.

    Wholeheartedly recommend this movie to families who want to be able to
    go out together for a movie, and be inspired and entertained at the
    same time.

  • josemariaybarraApril 24, 2015Reply


    I saw the marvelous film ”Little Boy” yesterday night with my friends.
    Moved me to the point to write my first movie review ever. English is
    not my first language, and often I refrain from writing fearing my lack
    of English skills. I live in San Diego California and must speak
    English with a heavy accent daily, and most people tolerate it, hence I
    venture to write with an ”accent” now. The message of hope I felt last
    night with Little Boy is something I have been missing attending movies
    for a long time. From the costume design and the Norman Rockwellesque
    general mood, to the acting and dialogs my attention was kept
    throughout the movie with a very comfortable and pleasant feeling. I
    grew up catholic and still practice and felt very familiar with the
    message of ”grow your faith” I sense in the movie. I wear a cross
    around my neck, a family heirloom, and for some reason, I was wearing a
    lapel pin on my jacket last night I got in Vatican City when I meet
    Saint John Paul II. You see, I am usually a bit ”strange” for my
    coworkers, specially because of the milieu of my professional life. I
    am a fashion designer and often the ”Little Boy” amount my colleagues.
    I am telling everybody I know that this movie is a ”must see” my hope
    is that they will be moved to conquer their fears and move mountains
    through love, acceptance, tolerance and persistence. The way I see the
    world now, we need more of this kind of messages to permeate our
    surroundings and make us militants of hope. BRAVO.

  • taylor_king-890-815491April 24, 2015Reply

    Faith, Hope, Love & Stellar Acting

    I really enjoyed this movie! And it was good to see a winning entry
    from Mexico! The actors were all very good, even the big names like
    Emily Watson and Tom Wilkinson, who downplayed their parts and were
    real. The young actor who played central character was awesome, and I
    also loved the actor who played his Dad. And the actor who played the
    disenfranchised Japanese fellow was central to making the film
    believable and very moving. The storyline had a fantastical touch, but
    was thankfully not heavy-handed. Faith, family love and hope were main
    themes throughout, but never delivered in preachy way. Kudos to the
    director/writer for creating a strong story, hiring excellent actors,
    cinematic appeal in terms of locations, and ultimately delivering a
    movie that was stirring, thought-provoking and entertaining. My husband
    and I both enjoyed it so much, and we’ll take our teen-aged daughter to
    see it again very soon.

  • dnjn-1April 24, 2015Reply

    Impacting Culture with Media

    As a producer and filmmaker myself, I’m passionate about films that
    inspire us to be better people and help make the world a better place.
    This film is NOT preachy, has no agenda, but allows us to connect with
    the childlike faith of PEPPER (Jakob Salvati, excellently performed)
    and remember that life is full of highs and lows, but it’s our love for
    one another, and how we treat others that lasts and gets us through the
    most difficult of times. LITTLE BOY is beautifully crafted, shot and
    edited. Director, Alejandro Monteverde not only had a deft touch with
    his actor’s performances but created a seamless and creative film
    resulting in a true modern classic style that hasn’t been seen in a
    very long time. Positive message films at this level of quality are far
    too few and rare. Eduardo Verastegui has an incredible steal and
    tenacity. His heart and passion to bring films like BELLA and now
    LITTLE BOY to audiences is exemplary and admirable to say the least.
    It’s my hope many will follow Eduardo and Alegandro’s lead in bringing
    full and rich heartwarming stories to our screens. In the meantime I
    will have to wait and aspire to work with them someday.

    Brilliant and worth every star.

  • Sherry EApril 24, 2015Reply

    Little Boy Movie – It’s Worth It !!

    Little Boy Movie is finally a movie you can take the whole family to
    and not just be entertained, but actually connect with what’d going on.
    People will be able to relate at so many levels and generations. There
    is a God given authority to go beyond the magic, beyond denomination
    and to the heart. This movie takes real life situations from a child’s
    perspective and brings it home even at the adult level. Well done !
    Well written, well carried out and very timely. I would definitely see
    it again, suggest it to family and friends and it gives us so much more
    to talk about than the choice of one’s outfit or color of hair. Real
    life conversations arise in amazing ways that speak of incredible hope
    that truly – we can Believe for what seems impossible. The mountains
    will move.

  • miket-22278April 24, 2015Reply

    Hooray for Little Boy!

    A surprisingly moving, poignant and memorable family film about faith,
    family and friendship. LITTLE BOY is a powerful and moving, utterly
    unique story that will capture your heart and inspire your faith. It
    tells the heartwarming story of a little boy who is willing to do
    whatever it takes to bring his dad home from World War II alive. Set in
    the 40’s, Little Boy is a cinematic classic that captures the wonder of
    life, faith and struggles through the eyes of an 8-year-old boy.
    Central to the film’s story line is ”The List”, a ”magical card” a
    priest gives Little Boy to help him do good and increase his faith. The
    List is well known to many as the corporal works of mercy. Plan to take
    your entire family to see this film and spend time talking about the
    power of faith, of family, and the need for reconciliation in our
    selves, our families and our community. I was not expecting much more
    than a feel good movie, but was moved much more deeply throughout the
    entire film by the depth of the story line, the excellent acting and
    the engaging plot lines. Definitely worth seeing more than once and
    worth bringing the entire family. It’s about time there were strong
    films for the entire family like this one. Hooray for Little Boy!

  • dvtsalesApril 24, 2015Reply

    Oscar Worthy Film! Amazing!

    Words cannot express how much not only the US needs to see this movie
    but the WORLD. With so much going on in the world about hate, this
    movie truly captures what our society needs today. Its inspirational,
    young, fresh, and entertaining. I have read many ”Film Critics” reviews
    on this movie and cannot believe the horrible words that I see. I think
    this movie is Oscar worthy and will hopefully bring joy to everyone
    that sees the true meaning on it. Thank you to the directors and
    producers for creating such a wonderful film!I highly recommend this
    movie to the entire family. Do not let the PG13 rating scare off the
    kiddos because I do not think this film should have been rated that
    high. Its perfect for everyone!

  • stinadianneApril 24, 2015Reply

    Could be cheesy but is surprisingly poignant.

    Complimentary tissues should be distributed prior to viewing this film
    about a boy bringing his father home from war using the power of hope
    and faith. What could have easily been a preachy film, Little Boy is
    poignant and inspiring.

    Pepper Busbee (Jakob Salvati) is a very small boy; at eight years old
    he is dwarfed by by all the other kids his age. Pepper’s best friend is
    his father James (Michael Rapaport). The two are a close pair, and
    Pepper depends on his father for all of his emotional well-being. It’s
    wartime, and James has been called to duty to the dismay of Pepper, his
    older brother London (David Henrie), and their mother Emma (Emily
    Watson). After Pepper ”moves” a bottle at a magician’s show with his
    mind, he comes to believe that he also possesses the power to bring his
    father home. He turns to a local priest, Father Oliver (Tom Wilkinson),
    who gives Pepper a list of charitable acts; Father Oliver then tells
    him that if he completes everything on the list then he can make
    anything happen. As part of the list, Father Oliver instructs Pepper to
    befriend a Mr. Hashimoto (Cary -Hiroyuki Tagawa), who was just released
    from a Japanese internment camp and is being discriminated against in
    the town. Pepper does so begrudgingly, but he soon finds that he has
    more in common with Mr. Hashimoto than he thinks.

    Director Alejandro Monteverde perfectly captures the idyllic life of a
    small coastal Californian town during the 1940s. Everything and
    everyone looks straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting to almost a
    whimsical effect. Montaverde also composes some stunning shots of his
    lead actor, who is a strikingly beautiful child. Salvati does a
    wonderful job bringing Pepper to life, a performance reminiscent of
    Jackie Cooper in the classic King Vidor film The Champ. He is very
    talented, bringing sorrow to Pepper but also a lightness and quick
    sense of humor. Pepper represents the best things about being a child-
    he is hopeful, gullible, and his love for his father knows no bounds.

    Some of the story techniques in Little Boy are old hat and cheesy; the
    voice over from ”old Pepper” was completely unnecessary, and some of
    the flashes to James at war were also a little overkill. A dream that
    Pepper has about the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was also
    a very stylized sequence we don’t need to see, as it just reinforces
    facts the audience already knows.

    There’s a fine line between cheesy and heartwarming and Little Boy is
    wavering on both sides. Luckily for the film and the audience, it leans
    heavier on the heartwarming side.

    – See more at:

  • Claire KeithApril 24, 2015Reply

    Allow it to capture your heart!

    This film will capture your heart, if you allow it to! If you can
    remember being a child and can remember how you saw the world very
    differently from how you see it today as a adult, then you will
    understand the beauty behind this film. Of course, this little boy took
    literally what he was told. That he could bring home his father, if he
    believed! And so he believed and we wanted to believe too! Don’t all of
    us want faith like a child? To believe in miracles, to believe in the
    possibility of love conquering all. So, go back to the good feel days
    of being a child and see this movie. It might change the way you see
    the world!

  • inhisgripmcApril 24, 2015Reply

    Profoundly Moving

    Little Boy is a poignant movie which gripped me from beginning to end
    as I followed this child’s journey to bring his father home from the
    war. He displays a faith and determination only a child can have and
    what makes it believable is that the movie does a great job in
    establishing the little boy’s love for his father, who is his best
    friend, as his driving force. Jakob Salvati, who plays the little boy,
    Pepper, delivers a brilliant performance. The movie dealt with issues
    relevant to the time in a sensitive yet satisfying manner. It made me
    laugh, cry, and challenged me. With Hollywood delivering so many
    unsatisfying movies, this is a must see. I have already viewed this
    twice and will likely see it again. Don’t miss this heartwarming story.

  • dean-556April 24, 2015Reply

    A Guilty Pleasure

    Others have recounted well enough the story line here so I won’t bored
    you with that. In broad strokes, with a lot of talented and well- known
    actors newcomer Jakob Salvati steals the show and carries the film.
    That’s taking nothing away from the other performances of which Tom
    Wilkinson’s nicely underplayed priest and mom played by Emma Watson.
    Lot of small roles by well know actors, (Ted Levine a personal favorite
    and with a nice performance here.) Not at all preachy or tied up with a
    neat little resolution at the end as many of these faith-based movies
    can be. It’s also not a fantasy which is what I thought from the
    trailers: the value of faith as process or journey verse believing and
    seeing miracle outcomes. Can be a bit overly sentimental at times but
    not out of line for the gravity of its subject. I enjoyed the guilty
    pleasure of a couple good cries. It’s hard to be lured away from where
    a movie like this usually goes but it was able to do so with me. I
    couldn’t project the end and having seen as many movies as I have
    that’s not easy to do. It’s a good movie for the whole family though
    perhaps not for the very young.

  • Jennifer HidalgoApril 24, 2015Reply

    If you feel like there’s something missing in your life – watch this movie!

    I LOVED Little Boy! It’s a must see for anyone who feels in need of
    direction in their life. Faith, love, family, heart are themes of this
    movie that will inspire you to want to live your life as the best
    version of yourself. The movie has a universal message of love, unity
    and being of service to others, which is something we can all use more
    of – regardless of religious belief. It doesn’t impose any beliefs on
    the viewer as much as givie us food for thought. Allowing us to take a
    look at our lives and how we choose to live it. If you watch this movie
    with and open heart and open mind, I know you will enjoy it! Best of
    all, its a movie the whole family can watch.

  • wclark-89254April 24, 2015Reply

    Excellent Acting !

    I loved this movie ! The casting of the actors for the characters was
    excellent ! Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Hashimoto) should be nominated for
    Best Supporting Actor ! The depth in the script for ”Hashimoto” shows
    so many human emotions! His character faces racism and humiliation but
    he shows true strength to overcome peacefully. His character shows only
    kindness and love in the face of a time of discrimination to Japanese
    Americans during World War II. This movie is well written and has
    several subtle messages in it. Jakob Salvati (Little Boy) was excellent
    but I honestly feel that all the actors in this movie showed first rate
    acting in terms of showing emotion and depth of the characters. This
    movie is not just some movie on ”faith” or ”religion”. This movie will
    make you laugh,cry and feel better that there is still some hope in
    this world ! I believe!

  • jeanninestrenkApril 24, 2015Reply

    SIMPLY the Best!!!

    Have a little faith, take a chance, and see this movie.

    It may inspire you to move your own mountains!

    my expectations were not set very high when I was invited to see
    ”Little Boy” with my Aunt and Sister. The movie surpassed all of my
    expectation and is a beautiful work of art. Watching the movie was a
    transformative, mind-blowing and emotional experience. I would
    recommend this movie to everyone. Regardless of your personal history
    you will take something from this movie. It is beautifully made, It is
    obvious the cast and ”people running the show” really put their heart
    and soul into making this movie something special. You will leave the
    theater with a smile on your face and perhaps a bit teary-eyed (Or at
    least I did!). This movie is a gift that keeps on giving! Well worth
    the movie ticket!!!

  • molliehalpernApril 25, 2015Reply

    Motivating to do good

    Although this movie takes place in the WW2-era, it deals with issues
    still relevant today. Its makes you think – how much has society really
    changed? Critics may say this is ”religious” but they are wrong. This
    movie isn’t religious, it’s about humanity. It can appeal to everyone –
    whether or not they are ”religious”. If critics see ”religion” and
    ”traditional values” as a bad thing, or not in line with their personal
    beliefs that is all well and good, but it should have no reflection on
    the value of the movie itself. This cast is superb…and the list goes
    on. Remember, film is about expression and if expressing themes such as
    faith in people and yourself, the shallowness of discrimination and the
    power of friendship was the goal- then this movie achieved it.

  • mdmtsApril 25, 2015Reply

    Uplifting, inspirational movie!

    ”Little Boy” (LB) is a heartwarming, uplifting, inspirational movie. It
    promotes love of family,country,neighbor, and shows the importance that
    fathers have in their children’s lives. It portrays faith and religion
    positively. It also accurately depicts the terrible racism that
    occurred during WWII and how that racism today can be overcome with
    love and acts of kindness.

    I am very disappointed that the ”Christian” movie reviews have not been
    as positive as they should be due to ”magical”elements. The movie in no
    way condones magic but promotes faith and love without hitting you over
    the head like most Christian movies do.

    The cinematography, acting, characters and set design are all superb.
    Ignore the professional critics and go see this fantastic movie with
    your family to help promote positive films in Hollywood.

  • PatrickApril 25, 2015Reply

    Excellent well filmed and acted inspirational movie

    Finally a movie that you can take the kids to where both the parents
    and children love,love,love the film. This is a well filmed beautifully
    acting movie with a message that can change our world for good.It will
    make you laugh, cry, applaud, be inspired, dream, pray, and feel good
    about life after viewing it. The little boy does an incredible job
    acting along with the rest of the cast. David Henrie definitely has a
    movie acting career in his future after an award winning performance.
    It was refreshing to see Kevin James in a different more serious role
    even though he still had the audience laughing! This is how movies
    should be made for families and anyone else wanting a clean, uplifting
    film that everyone from all ages can enjoy! This is one movie you don’t
    want to miss especially while it is in theaters as the sound effects
    and tract are amazing as well!

  • heaven_rdApril 25, 2015Reply

    Life Changing Messages of LITTLE BOY

    It is difficult to express in words the absolute beauty of this
    film.This movie truly grips your soul as you experience with Little Boy
    the meaning of relentless, mountain moving faith, the courage to face
    one’s fears, the ugliness of bullying and racism, the power and beauty
    of forgiveness, and the great hardships that war brings to families.
    This movie had me crying one moment and laughing the next, but most of
    all, its impact has remained with me long after I left the theater!It
    has truly inspired me to never give up and to keep believing when there
    is no evidence to encourage me to do so. As a middle school teacher, I
    was blessed with the opportunity to take all of our students to see
    this film. It was incredible to watch the student’s reactions to the
    film! They were cheering, laughing, and crying all throughout just as I
    was! Their comments after give tribute to this movie’s life changing
    messages! I have several ”little boys” who are often picked on for
    their ”fun size” (a name they have given for their short stature), and
    the common reflection for each of them was ”Little people can do great
    things.” and ”Size doesn’t keep you from greatness”! I am truly
    praising Jesus for this powerful, inspirational, film that has already
    blessed me, my family, and my students beyond measure! God bless you
    for making such a beautiful film!

  • cubana-01008 ([email protected])April 25, 2015Reply

    The little boy that could!!!!

    Simply…BEAUTIFUL!!!This is a very poignant, inspirational movie. Take
    the whole family to see it! It will capture your heart. This movie came
    at a time when the world needs hope. The instructions are easy…have
    faith, do good and your reward will be greatly compensated. Great
    Christian values that stand the test of time. Expect a room full of
    tears, laughter, and cheer. The music was delightful! Dear friends,
    don’t listen to the un-Holy-wood reviews. They are wrong, biased and
    misleading. See the movie for yourself!!!! Please be your own
    judge!!!You will be filled with great joy. Soak in the beautiful
    message this movie will instill in all. BELIEVE!!!!

  • Melissa ReedApril 25, 2015Reply

    Powerfully magnetic, inspirational film of faith and courage!

    Powerfully magnetic and inspirational! Amazing storyline portrayed by
    outstanding actors! A wonderful opportunity for families to see the
    movie together!

    Little Boy is a film that positively encourages people to love one
    another and emphasizes the importance of having faith. The movie
    centers around the little boy, which sends the message that even small
    things can accomplish greatness with the power of faith, hope, and

    The road may be narrow, but it is films like this that hope to impact
    people in profound and meaningful ways long after its viewing. In the
    midst of this increasingly secular world, it is important for people to
    hold true to positive convictions, morals, and values. Little boy has
    courageously done exactly that!

  • Andrew WolfeApril 25, 2015Reply

    Well-written authentic story about an eight-year-old’s tenacity

    It’s easy to see how religious people take this for a religious movie,
    except in many ways it just isn’t. It’s really just about the little
    boy, Pepper Busbee, in a small coastal California town. He really is
    SHORT – like, pediatrician discussing possible dwarfism short – making
    him a target for bullies.

    The little boy’s fantasy life is authentically and brilliantly depicted
    in several sequences through the movie, not overly detailed nor overly
    stylized. The heroic comic-book magician ”Ben Eagle” provides a running
    foil to the fantasy.

    World War II removes his father, his partner in fantasy adventures and
    presumably a protector from bullies, leaving the little boy grieving
    and longing for his return. By chance Pepper glances up from his Ben
    Eagle comic to hear a sermon saying a mustard seed of faith can move
    mountains. He marches to the preacher to get an explanation so that he
    can ‘move the mountain’ of getting his dad back from war.

    The dominant relationship is between Pepper and Hashimoto, a sixty-ish
    Japanese recently returned from internment. This is a key part of the
    ”assignment” Pepper embraces to move the mountain, although it also
    includes a selection of the traditional ”Works of Mercy” such as
    feeding the hungry.

    At intervals we see the near-death hazards faced by Pepper’s dad, like
    so many other Pacific theatre GI’s, including time as a POW.

    The kid’s not complicated, he just wants the bullies to leave him alone
    and to have his dad back. Along the way he grows into a child with
    great character qualities.

    The acting is very strong, except for the older brother ”London.”

    The writing is very authentic.

    The setting is hard for me to assess – the small town is intimate and
    somewhat catty, but in other ways pretty warm.

    I loved this film.

  • coastdazeApril 25, 2015Reply

    A Nice Change of Pace on an Important Issue

    Rich, colorful scenery and characters, great story. I was surprised at
    how good the acting was in this movie, too. The young actor who
    portrays the ”little boy” is spot on in his emotions and acting
    ability. Wow, a star in the making I believe.

    When you can forget your surroundings and just get immersed in a movie
    for a couple of hours, it is a great thing.

    We never outgrow our need to be reminded of some of the most basic and
    important things of life but I definitely say parents ought to bring
    their age-appropriate kids to this one. This film moves along nicely
    and keeps pace with your interest level! Since my own mother lived
    during the years the movie takes place, I can attest to the fact that
    it is pretty true-to-life. As I watched it some of her stories of life
    during that time came back to me.

    Our movie-going audience clapped at the end of the movie. There was no
    way I could not clap, too. I really liked this one.

  • CleveMan66April 25, 2015Reply

    ”Little Boy” features a big story and even bigger issues.

    Depicting faith as a major part of a film’s plot is a tricky thing, as
    the many-faceted movie ”Little Boy” (PG-13, 1:40) does. Children will
    almost always believe what authority figures tell them, whether right
    or wrong. After all, the vast majority of people all over the world are
    raised, live and die following the religion of those closest to them.
    It isn’t hard to get a young person to believe, or to have, as the
    Bible calls it, ”the faith of a child.” This movie shows adults giving
    one child mixed signals about the importance and effectiveness of
    believing, but he goes with what a priest tells him. The priest seems
    to have trouble explaining the boy’s confusion between a church sermon
    claiming that ”nothing is impossible” for someone with faith ”as small
    as a mustard seed” and the priest’s statement that prayer changes
    things ”only if God wills it,” yet, the boy believes his faith can do
    anything. That’s the common thread running through this movie, but this
    is a wonderful story that’s about a lot more than one theme.

    The title character is a small 8-year-old boy named Pepper (Jakob
    Salvati), but others call him ”midget”, ”runt”, etc. because of his
    small stature. Eventually, the people of the (fictional) coastal town
    of O’Hare, California settle on the nickname ”Little Boy”, but Pepper
    has bigger problems than people picking on him and bullying him. His
    beloved father, James (Michael Rapaport), with whom Pepper has many
    imaginary adventures, has to go on a real-life adventure overseas to
    help fight World War II. Pepper’s very upset that he can’t join his
    ”one and only partner” on this adventure, but the little boy has his
    loving mother, Emma (Emily Watson) and his caring, but hot-headed older
    brother, London (David Henrie), to look after him. Meanwhile, James
    finds himself fighting the Japanese in the Philippines.

    Pepper grows obsessed with doing what he can to get his father back.
    After being called on stage at a magic show during which he ”makes” a
    bottle move across a table, and then hearing a church sermon about
    faith accomplishing the impossible, he becomes convinced that he can
    basically will his father home. The local priest (Tom Wilkinson) tells
    Pepper that he can increase his faith by completing a list of good
    deeds which includes biblical admonitions to ”feed the hungry”,
    ”shelter the homeless”, ”visit the sick”, etc. And the priest adds
    ”Befriend Hashimoto” to the list. Like Pepper, who is ostracized
    because of his height, Mr. Hashimoto (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) is also
    ”burdened” with a physical characteristic that he cannot change.
    Hashimoto is treated very harshly by almost all the town’s people
    because of his Japanese heritage.

    Pepper follows the priest’s instructions and Hashimoto helps Pepper
    complete his list, but asks the priest what will happen if ”your
    imaginary friend in the sky” doesn’t come through and Pepper’s dad
    dies. As the main characters wrestle with whether to encourage Pepper’s
    faith, discourage it or temper it, we occasionally get glimpses of what
    James is dealing with during the war and we hope almost as strongly as
    Pepper does that James gets home safely. The resolution to that
    situation is… very dramatic. (Sorry, but we’re talking about military
    missions here. If I told you more, I’d have to kill you. Or you’d kill
    me for revealing a major plot point in this movie.) ”Little Boy” is
    anything but a little story. Salvati, for example, is one huge talent,
    especially for his age. The script’s ruminations on faith show both
    sides of the issue fairly (giving believers, non-believers and those in
    between all something to relate to), but also seem to be delivering
    mixed messages. This film’s executive producers include Mark Burnett
    and Roma Downey, who also produced ”The Bible” (the mini-series, not
    the book). If their objective was to show faith as real, then why show
    so much of what Pepper accomplishes as having naturalistic
    explanations? Then, of course, there’s the backdrop for this story
    which is World War II – one of the biggest stories in the history of
    mankind. (Besides being Pepper’s nickname, the film’s title refers to
    the codename of the atomic bomb that the U.S. dropped on the Japanese
    city of Hiroshima, an event which led to the end of World War II in the
    Pacific Theater.) The movie’s messages about faith may seem simplistic
    to some, but the film’s depiction of war is realistic in its danger and
    complexity. And whether you find the portrayal of faith issues to be
    oversimplified and inconsistent, or right on the mark, the movie
    deserves credit for making such an important conversation a major part
    of a feature film – and making us care so much about what it all means
    to one very special little boy. ”A-”

  • mputerba-375-792401April 25, 2015Reply


    I found the movie to be nice. Yes, nice is the correct word. There’s
    nothing profound here or earth shattering. It is a simple fantasy about
    the power of faith. It presents the world of a seven year old trying to
    deal with the complexities and horrors of the adult world. That world
    requires a lot of faith.

    Jakob Salvati plays the role very well. His acting makes the film work.
    He is convincing as the little boy who believes anything is possible.

    If you try to read more into this movie you’ll miss out. The film is
    predictable. Fantasies are predictable in that the ending is always the
    same. But, I feel the movie was worth the 2 hours that I sat back and
    tuned into the little boy in me.

    I give the film a seven. It is a beautiful production. The acting is
    competent though predictable. I give it higher marks because I needed
    something nice to divert my mind from the horrors that I see and read
    about everyday.

    If you’re looking for something more than the world of a seven year old
    this is not the movie for you.

  • jeanette-48394April 25, 2015Reply

    LOL and COL

    I laughed out loud and I cried out loud. This was an amazing, riveting,
    flawlessly performed film wrapped around one of the most beautiful
    messages I have ever had the pleasure of being entertained into hearing
    and believing. I was even more impressed when I with the many plot
    twists that kept me guessing – I realized at a certain point that there
    was no predicting in this movie! I had the pleasure of watching a Q&A
    with the producers and the people behind this film have a great heart
    and purpose for making this film, which for me is all the more reason
    for this project to succeed and reach every corner that it can manage
    to. Moreover, God is in the center of it all and lives were saved and
    touched in the making of and showing of this film! Thank you for this
    film – I am so grateful to have enjoyed and I can only hope more can do
    the same!

  • jlthornb51April 26, 2015Reply

    Quite Good

    Inspiring film of faith, hope, and love on the home front during the
    Second World War. Well directed and beautifully written, the film can
    be a bit too heavy handed at times but it still manages to be very
    moving. Of course, an excellent cast is highlighted by another superb
    performance by Emily Watson. As the mother of the child at the center
    of the film, she lights up the screen with every scene in which she
    appears. Her eyes speak volumes about who she is and what she feels,
    more than 50 pages of dialog and exposition. Watson is truly one of the
    greatest actresses of the last 50 years and continues to prove that
    fact and stun audiences with her incredible gifts in role after
    unforgettable role.

  • clejonApril 26, 2015Reply

    Extremely good movie

    I almost did go see this moving because of the impact the critic rating
    made on the movie. But when I reviewed the regular folks to actually go
    see it, I was sold. And I read most of the reviews and most were very
    favorable. I watch a lot of tear jerking movies and often I will
    experience some pain in my eyes as they thy to create tears. But when I
    watched this movie, the pain came again but also the tears, and more
    tears and more tears. I couldn’t stop until most of the credits were
    over. Damn, this move really got to me. And that is what the movie was
    supposed to do. It wasn’t the production and effects but the story that
    grabs you. Excellent story. War is terrible and World War II was extra
    terrible. Millions lost their lives, Jews, Germans, Russians, British,
    French and Japanese. Even two whole major towns in Japan lost millions
    of innocent civilians so the war could come to an end. If we attacked
    Japan taken beaches, many more lives would have been lost. My son spent
    5 trips to Afghanistan and Iraq stationed with Green Beret Teams on
    remote fire bases going out trying to find and kill Taliban. Very
    dangerous work. We were on pins and needles waiting until he came home.
    And many of his friends did not make it or got seriously injured. This
    story is real to us because experienced the same feelings.

  • jeomoApril 26, 2015Reply

    Wonderful Example of The Genre

    **NO SPOILERS HERE, and if you can possibly rush right out and watch it
    before you know anything at all about it, the more you will enjoy it.**

    This is a wonderful example of a ”heart-warming” movie. Some people
    describe it as ”faith-based.” Eh. It is about love, hatred, friendship,
    loss, anger, pain, denial, faith, acceptance, and forgiveness. It is
    certainly far more about believing in yourself than in a deity.

    The movie could have been more than carried by the outstanding
    performances of a few of the leads, but the entire cast is
    astonishingly strong and all were at their best. The premise is
    innovative and the story is well told.

    If you don’t like heart-warming movies, please do us all a favor and
    just move on. Don’t rate a movie poorly because it’s not the kind of
    movie that you like. Nobody cares what kind of movie you like.

  • mhol111964-754-567942April 26, 2015Reply

    Not bad but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lis IFlApril 27, 2015Reply

    Amazing Movie!

    I was pleased to be able to see this movie in LA.

    This movie really motivates us to try to move mountains of love,
    happiness, friendship and forgiveness.

    To believe that our Faith can help us to reach a good goal that our
    heart as a human being we do all have in our minds, but some times we
    just need a history that REMEMBER us that we can do it!

    One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.

    Amazing scenes, music, story, and above all significant message….you
    do not go out being the same human being.

    It is a ”must see” film with all family members. ”Do you think you can
    do it?”

  • jlj9675-1April 27, 2015Reply


    I loved it for its beautiful message of hope. However, it is a
    tearjerker with witnessing racism and cruelty. Also disheartening to
    view a doctor’s maneuvering the politics in a small town. The acting is
    not stellar but adequate. The cinematography is lovely and you get a
    real appreciation of a small coastal town in the 1940s. The length of
    the film was just about right. The historical references seemed to be
    correct. The representation of the era via clothing, cars, etc. was
    authentic and led you back into that time. However, I feel the little
    boy’s haircut was not indicative of the era. I recommend it for anyone
    over the age of 10.

  • Maria NyambuApril 27, 2015Reply

    Unless you become like one of these ( children), you will not enter the kingdom of heaven!!!

    The movie was very beautiful to behold- uniquely so! Yet critics are
    choosing to overlook ALEJANDRO’ S genius in cinematography. The movie
    IS packed, so I enjoyed unpacking it n the unhurried pace of the movie
    allowed me to do that!

    I LOVED JACOB’s stellar performance-he is gifted, but critics missed
    this OBVIOUS fact, too! The movie offers a few lessons, but I guess it
    takes a child-like heart to see them, n JADED critics WILL also miss
    it’s message that we need to awaken the LITTLE BOY in us so that we
    DON’T lose our sense of WONDER.

    Let’s heed Jesus’ words of warning to his jaded apostles: unless you
    become like one of these e.g. JACOB SALVATI, you will NOT enter the
    Kingdom of Heaven! Nor will we be able to enter paradise if we DON’T
    feed the hungry, clothe the naked visit the sick n those in prison bury
    the dead…sadly, there are many dead people who need the Little Boy
    awakened in them.

  • newegyptiangirlApril 28, 2015Reply

    Little Boy… Excellent film!!!!

    ”Little Boy” is an excellent film! It was very well done with period
    costuming and set designs. It contains a plethora of stories inside the
    story itself taking the audience through many different adventures. The
    emotion was high throughout the film with variations in amusing
    entertainment and very emotional moments that grab your heart drawing
    you right in! Between tears of joy and tears of sorrow absorbing the
    emotions of the story with the characters themselves… I could hardly
    keep my eyes dry. The acting was excellent and the cast was very well
    put together. Little Boy himself could not have been better cast! He is
    a gem in this story! I would go back to see it a second time…. I
    thoroughly enjoyed this film and give it a huge thumbs up! I rate it 10
    out of 10! Heidi Lynn Borden… Wildflower Christian Films, Texas

  • wpalcherApril 28, 2015Reply

    A wonderful story about people I could care about

    My husband and I both enjoyed this movie about a little boy named
    Pepper who desperately wants to do something to help his father come
    home safely from WWII. He has a fascination with magic. Can magic bring
    his father home? He’s been told by a kind pastor that faith the size of
    a tiny mustard seed is strong enough to move a mountain. How can he
    have that kind of faith and use it to bring his father home?

    One can almost see the boy’s struggle with understanding the difference
    between the two–magic and faith. The pastor’s hands-on way to help him
    build his faith, a list of the corporal acts of mercy, gives him a way
    to start where he is with his fascination with magic and build his
    spiritual muscles, so to speak, to become a more compassionate and
    faith-filled child.

    Like all movies, this one has a few flaws. I felt that the older
    brother’s change of heart at one point was too abrupt and that Pepper’s
    grunting attempts to harness the power of his mind and of his faith
    were a little overplayed. Nevertheless, the emotional impact of the
    film was intense, I cared what happened to the people in the story, and
    important, timely issues were treated without becoming preachy. Racial
    prejudice, bullying, and the impact of war on the participants and
    their families in particular, and all people in general–all of these
    issues were woven together to create an uplifting story that inspires
    the viewer to tend a personal mustard seed of faith and go out to move
    a mountain.

  • slammers007April 30, 2015Reply

    Awesome movie of faith taught to us by a young boy!

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this movie. It was a beautiful,
    educational movie on faith, the hard choices we have to make in life,
    and the opportunities we have to learn from our lack of faith. Little
    Boy exemplifies our readiness to give up, or blame others when events
    turn against us. In Matthew, of the Bible, we are told ”He called a
    little child and had him stand among them. And he said: ”I tell you the
    truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will
    never enter the kingdom of heaven. Little Boy is that shining light of
    truly, blind faith that our Lord calls us too. This is a must see for
    young and old alike! We need a steady diet of films reminding us of
    God’s presence in our daily lives. Go see it, you’ll thank me later.

  • slammers007April 30, 2015Reply

    Awesome movie of faith taught to us by a young boy!

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this movie. It was a beautiful,
    educational movie on faith, the hard choices we have to make in life,
    and the opportunities we have to learn from our lack of faith. Little
    Boy exemplifies our readiness to give up, or blame others when events
    turn against us. In Matthew, of the Bible, we are told ”He called a
    little child and had him stand among them. And he said: ”I tell you the
    truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will
    never enter the kingdom of heaven. Little Boy is that shining light of
    truly, blind faith that our Lord calls us too. This is a must see for
    young and old alike! We need a steady diet of films reminding us of
    God’s presence in our daily lives. Go see it, you’ll thank me later.

  • edgar-flotteApril 30, 2015Reply

    I loved the movie… and you will too.

    This is an amazing movie. Anyone bashing this movie shows they have no
    heart. This movie will take you to a roller-coaster of emotions and not
    any movie can do that. Only good movies. Very good actually. The movie
    is not perfect and it has slow moments but for being Verastegui’s first
    movie, he did a fantastic job!! A must see for anyone who would like to
    know what made this the best country in the planet. Love, perseverance,
    patriotism and moral values. I really disagree with the negative
    ratings by the critics as they are rating the movie based on their
    personal beliefs and not with an objective perspective. They seem to be
    annoyed by the fact that the movie is taking place in California in the
    1940’s when Catholicism was a very common religion among the citizens
    and the movie portrays the fact. But they seem to feel ”bombarded” by
    the religious themes in the movie which do not adhere to their modern
    lifestyle. Well the movie is not taking place in today’s California so
    rate it for what it is and not based on what your religious beliefs

  • smoothgrind-58805April 30, 2015Reply

    Christian Faith = You Get What You Want

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Richard J. BeyerApril 30, 2015Reply

    A great film for families and all who remember the best in movies.

    Of course 95% of reviewers will pan this film since it dares to speak
    of faith and hope. It will send shivers down their spines. So it must
    be pretty good, right?

    Right. The viewer joyfully enters into the mind of a little boy who
    yearns for the return of his father from WW II. He is struck by the
    words in a sermon that speaks of the power of faith to work even the
    miraculous, and takes it to heart. What follows is extraordinary.

    Besides the beauty of the evolving story, we are also given a great
    re-creation of a small town in the 1940’s, from clothing to homes to
    automobiles. No reviewer has mentioned it, but the acting is superb all
    around. This is a classy film that will endure and will lift the
    spirits and hearts of those who enter into its special and uplifting

  • subxerogravityMay 2, 2015Reply

    A little less than what they expected

    I expected the movie to pull all the right strings and hit all the
    right buttons to make me laugh in the right places and get me teary in
    all the right places, but it did not do it for me. It just did not
    click like that.

    I did not find the little boy who played Little Boy all the appealing,
    just winning and not inspiring. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, I did find
    appealing. I liked his character, the Japanese man living In a small
    town during World War 2 was worth watching.

    I like how the story played out as the town folks hated his presence,
    and the relationship between him and the Priest of the town, played by
    Tom Wilkerson.

    Also like Kevin James, who had a small part as Dr. Fox who attempts to
    weasel his way into a war widow’s life. Although I just like Kevin
    James in general so that helps

    Michael Rapport’s small but important part as Little Boy’s father a
    drafted solder who becomes a prisoner of war.

    The movie had some lightly dark moments about a kid dealing with his
    father fighting overseas that is very relatable, but I really feel the
    movie suffers cause I found the little boy uninteresting, especially
    compared to the more seasoned actors around him.

    He’s cute but that was not enough to watch for 2 hours

  • veronica_khMay 3, 2015Reply

    Frank Capra lives on!!

    Just saw Little Boy and loved it so much I was stunned how some
    reviewers have been not just negative but mean spirited. This is a film
    for anyone longing to bring back the depth of beautiful storytelling in
    the style of Frank Capra!! Films with this kind of excellence in every
    aspect of production AND moral goodness are rarely seen these days. I
    think those bad reviews tell more about the reviewers themselves than
    tell you anything truthful about this film. For all those who still
    have hope in humanity or need a boost of hope themselves, do yourself a
    favor and see this movie!!! I predict this is going to have the same
    huge word of mouth following that The King’s Speech had. I sure hope

  • cis-86337May 3, 2015Reply

    Touching movie

    An inspirational movie that makes you reflect about faith, prejudice
    and racism. This movie is suited for all family and has a message of
    hope and compassion through the eyes of an innocent child.

    Little boy’s father is his only friend, his hero and when he decided to
    go to the war, little boy felt sad and hopeless . One day he hears ”if
    you have faith as a small as a mustard see, you would be able to move a
    mountain”. Thus, he believes ”his magic” and faith can end the war and
    bring his father back to home. His ”magic” and charming change the way
    other people believe and make the viewer realize that all dreams can be
    possible to achieve.

  • Zap N BoomMay 4, 2015Reply

    Best Inspiring Movie of the Year

    Little Boy is a beautiful movie based on never giving up.

    It’s World War ll & Pepper’s dad gets sent to fight against the
    Japanese. Pepper finds out that if you have faith as small as a mustard
    seed, you can move a mountain. This little boy will do anything to
    bring his dad home, safely.

    I can’t explain how beautiful, and amazing this movie was in words. I
    cried the whole, entire movie, and I also laughed. This movie shows you
    what can happen when you have just a little faith. This movie inspired
    me, as well as made me happy. I recommend this movie to everyone. If
    you watch this movie, you won’t regret it!!! Zap N Boom

  • Margaret SmithMay 4, 2015Reply

    Little Boy

    This is a really good movie. It is very family oriented. Does that mean
    that 4 and 7 will understand it, no. It is more geared toward 10 and
    up, an age we often forget when it comes to entertainment. It is rated
    pg-13 because there are a few war scenes.

    This movie is for those children who are coming of age when they start
    to be able to ask questions on life. I took a 10 year old and he liked
    it and wasn’t perplexed by the subject matter at all.

    It is a very upbeat type of movie, the kind they made in the 30’s and
    40’s and 50’s and even brings you back to the time of Norma Rockwell
    and the Frank Capra style movies.

    So if you are looking for somethings for your older children to do,
    then attend this movie.

  • (blufrog49)May 6, 2015Reply

    Should become a classic

    This is an absolutely wonderful movie. At times I was reminded of
    ”Stand by Me” and ”A Christmas Story.” This film belongs with those
    classics. Although it specifically will appeal to baby boomers, its
    overall appeal should be relevant to everyone. Children may need a
    little history on WW2 before seeing it, but the theme is universal.

    It’s a period piece, so that there are no African Americans is somewhat
    understandable, and one wonders why the single Japanese resident
    chooses to stay in O’Hare, but the main message transcends all time.

    I hadn’t done much research on this film in advance and was pleasantly
    surprised. ”Shocked” might even be appropriate to describe my reaction
    when I saw that it is a Roma Downey/Mark Burnett film. It is not
    preachy at all.

    I think I would have preferred a different actor than Kevin James (too
    familiar) in the role of Dr. Fox, but he provided levity along with
    MANY other moments in the film, which is part of what makes it so
    unique and special. I HOPE this film becomes a classic (and a
    money-maker) because it certainly deserves to.

    Go see it–and take a hankie.

  • Chisty LemireMay 8, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • danielaa-20675May 11, 2015Reply

    Timeless, will stay in our favorite collection for our child!

    It absolutely captured us all. My little kid was fascinated, inspired
    and empowered.

    My husband was entertained and got a chance to be emotional and even
    helped him cope with his father departure last year. Even more,
    reaffirm his joy of now being himself a father, able to infuse joy and
    hope to our little one.

    Love being bigger than assumptions and stereotypes, what a great human
    lesson portrayed in a charming, fun and captivating way!

    The beautiful scenery combined with the delightful music and the power
    and simplicity of the dialogs, made it perfect to convey the message in
    a way that even our little child remained engaged through the whole
    movie! He is not even 3 yrs old yet! We distracted him for the few
    seconds where they recreated some of the war scenes and during the
    samurai fight. But except for those couple minutes, the whole movie was
    more than appropriate for kids of ALL ages.

    This movie is so great, it motivated me to open a account just to be
    able to share this review with y’all! Hope you enjoy it as much as we

  • sfcespoMay 12, 2015Reply

    ”Little Boy” is truly ”a modern classic”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Isaac TerceroMay 12, 2015Reply

    Beautiful Film

    I watched this on May 7th and I’m glad I did because the trailer did
    not do the film justice. This is one film where the negative critics on
    other sites like Rotten Tomatoes are dead wrong!!! This film is a
    beautiful anti-racist film set during WWII written and produced by many
    Hispanics. It had many moral messages that all overlapped nicely but
    the most powerful one is ‘Faith does not work if there is hate in ones
    heart’. I guess for most people they can’t stand this message but it
    isn’t surprising considering how racist our country is. My family and I
    loved this film and it brought us all to tears. I’m not religious but I
    find the dual respect for both types of viewers very respectful which
    is rare in film. It’s out of theaters mostly by now but if you didn’t
    get the chance to watch it, I’d say watch it when it comes out on
    Netflix, DVD or Blue-ray.

  • Edgar Allan PoohMay 16, 2015Reply

    In a clever allegory promoting nuclear warfare . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Narrow BreadthMay 26, 2015Reply

    No Miracles Here, Humans Exercising Their Will

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Diane RuthJuly 7, 2015Reply

    A Beautiful Film With a Stunning Emily Watson Performance

    An excellent film on many levels and worth seeing for several fine
    performances. However, it is Emily Watson as the mother who once again
    proves she is the finest actress of our time. She captures the
    humanity, warmth, and instincts of her character as the true master she
    is. It amounts to simply one more stunning performance of power and
    beauty. Watson has the incredible ability to communicate deep emotion
    with just a glance and her eyes say more than 50 pages of dialog. There
    is no denying she is a miraculously gifted actor and too often taken
    for granted because her quiet beauty and seductiveness is missed by
    today’s cinematically illiterate audiences who wait for the next CGI
    effect. This is a film that is way over the heads of that crowd and
    Emily Watson’s performance is wasted on them.

  • janis urtansAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Movie for family

    I didn’t expect a lot from this movie, but I wanted to watch something
    rather light ,just to relax, and this movie gave me this relax feeling!
    When I read it is going to be about WWII I kind a thought to see some
    action in it, but there were no real action. The story line was rather
    predictable, but still interesting to watch to relax. I didn’t get
    anything big out of this movie, but for sure this movie may be great
    for kids and for family, because it is about believing in dreams, how
    racism is bad (by seeing how disgusting those who are racist looks),
    and it kind a gives a view in history of WWII, small enough to not
    traumatize kids too much as well touch of sadness is in it, what may
    bring empathy in some of those who will watch it . This is definitely a
    family movie!

  • Sam GreenAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Top Movie of 2015 is Little Boy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • opusbakerAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Pure movie magic. Outstanding Movie

    Seems like every 20 years or so there comes along a movie that gets the
    term ”movie magic”. This film is exactly that. The cast carry this film
    without any fancy cgi, no profanity and most of all a solid family
    friendly film.

    The filmography is top notch, the acting is top notch. Brings back that
    special feeling that a movie should leave the viewers with.

    There were a couple scenes where I thought that this movie was going to
    the wayside, but then it snaps you right back into the story, and that
    is the characteristic of a great film. A film where when you are
    watching it you completely forget what is going on outside and you are
    totally immersed into the story.

    Most of all you leave the movie feeling good.

    Great Job!!

  • gaurav-thewizAugust 8, 2015Reply


    This is one of the best movies that I have watched over the last
    decade. The acting, story and the characters are all very powerful. The
    story is about a young boy who has the will and determination to change
    the world around him. His partner, his best friend, his father is the
    world for him. A very positive movie that reinforces the fact that Hope
    is always one of the best thing that a person has and as long as you
    can in believe in it, it can change your life.

    Tom Wilkinson as usual has a powerful screen presence, David Henrie
    (London) is gritty, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Hashimoto is seasoned as
    always but the true star of this movie is Jakob Salvati. Brilliant and
    power packed.

    Must watch for everyone.

  • Johan DondokambeyAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Very heartwarming and touching rich story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])August 10, 2015Reply

    A moving story about the human spirit that is just flat out wonderful and touching.

    ”Do you believe you can do this?” Pepper (Salvati) is very very close
    with his father. Even though he is very little and is teased by
    everyone in town his father is his shelter and they do everything
    together. When his dad gets called away to fight in WWII Pepper is
    devastated. After he is told that if the war was to end his father will
    come home. Pepper tries anything he can think of, including a list
    given to him by a priest. This is one of the best family movies to come
    out in a long time. It is the type of movie that if it doesn’t move you
    emotionally you are dead inside. The subject matter, and some scenes
    are a little harsh, but it reflects the times. That said this is not a
    movie you should worry about your kids watching and is one you
    definitely should all watch together. A moving story about the human
    spirit that is just flat out wonderful and touching. Overall, get your
    family together and watch this one, you won’t be disappointed. I give
    it a B+.

  • shivam-sing5August 10, 2015Reply

    the excellent movie so pure one

    movie was really awesome the director of movie Alejandro did excellent
    work i almost cry watching this movie should also released in India to
    so we can see like this beautiful movies i have to say good work man
    keep it up make more like this also don’t worry about what critics say
    we don’t b leave in this kind talk we can see with our own eyes i love
    the boy acting which really worked and boy worked well in sadness and
    also its kind funny to see power which may be really or not for him is
    really cool and what you call that Japanese that really fun so best of
    luck keep it up i love this movie faith is may be not that work but for
    this one reason we cant hate movie actually it depend upon viewers may
    be thats reality and we give more confidence

  • andrew-811-639783August 11, 2015Reply

    Excellent actors, story, and message.. best film of 2015?

    I watched the movie without any expectations and was very pleasantly
    surprised from the first scene. It is beautifully shot, all of the
    actors are top notch, the story is really good, very believable,
    unpredictable, nothing like 99% of movies out there. No profanity or
    graphic violence, no sexual messages, just the reality of life…

    It moved me back to the 1940’s, and gave me a deeper understanding of
    American culture during that time. By the end, me and my wife were
    moved to tears… There were a couple of moments that were difficult or
    impossible to not respond to.

    I thought Kingsmen may have been the best film I saw this year, but
    Little Boy probably beats it, although they are totally different
    genres. I highly recommend this to everyone who enjoys real films, and
    anyone who is tired of shallow Hollywood garbage. Great picture all the
    way through.

  • Rafenska lalumbaAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Little Boy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Suresh ThakurAugust 13, 2015Reply

    Wow! LITTLE BOY is a LONG surprise!

    I was planning to miss this movie as there was no buzz in the town!
    Watched this movie when I had nothing to do and believe me it was the
    best time I used in months, missing this movie would have been biggest

    LITTLE BOY is like ME. When I was young, I used to live in fantasies, I
    used to believe in Myths, I used to be innocent with pure heart, I used
    to Like Comics and their Super Heroes.

    This is why I can relate with the main character. Movie also tried to
    handle serious issues sensibly and fairly. I applaud for that. I cried
    at the Climax. Man! this movie is touching.

    I don’t know from where to start, there are lots of things to say about
    this movie. This movie is entertaining, far better than many garbage
    movies in last few months. I congratulate the people who made this

  • asep-supriyadi1August 15, 2015Reply

    The best movie i’ve watched so far in 2015

    Since i have the movie, i watched it 3 times already and don’t get
    bored yet. i just love the movie very much. first time i watched, by
    myself and my tears just fell down. second time i asked my dad to watch
    with me, and i can see he got tears as well, and then my niece, and she
    was crying too. and my tears still fell down.

    This movie got all elements in one. bully, discrimination, honest,
    trust, and the most important thing is BELIEVE. If you believe it, you
    can make the impossible possible.

    It is funny and sad story in one. Beside all of it, i always love
    father-son/daughter relationship themes. And i think this movie is done
    it right. this is about a kid tries his best to make his father back
    from war. he is willing to do anything to make his father back even for
    the impossible things or let say stupid things that he believes is the
    right thing to do.

    I really enjoyed all the elements in this movie, the story, the casts,
    everything… my prediction is Jakob Salvati and Emily Watson will get
    nomination for Oscar next year for the best actor and best supporting
    actress, they both are brilliant. Jakob Salvati is so very adorable, he
    is really great in this movie and Emily Watson is very mother like. i
    really admire both of them, beside the other casts, they are great too.

    Don’t hear/read what the critics said… better to watch it first and
    see you will like in the first 5 minutes or not. if you like the first
    5 minutes, i think you will enjoy the rest of the movie… and wait
    till the end… i believe you will get your tears down as well… i
    hope you enjoy the movie 🙂

  • Mads NielsenAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Stunning film, I cried when it ended

    Perfect movie that symbolize hope, courage and love. I wasn’t expecting
    much, but it blew me away. The movie screams out what it want to say
    and thats just fantastic! Def. a must watch for any movie lovers! The
    story is about a little boy that wants his father back so much from the
    war that he is willing to do everything that stands in his little heart
    to make it happen. The acting from all participating in the movie is
    amazing. The whole movie is on a sad/funny/lovely level all the time.
    Do yourself a favor and watch it when you have time, you wont regret

    I will give this movie: 8/10

  • EmilAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Great movie. Highly recommended …

    Must watch it now. Its such an inspiring and motivational movie that
    will uphold your spirit in enthusiasm through faith in God. The movie
    has a little to offer from any spectrum, whether your Christian or not.
    Overall, its a great family movie. You will not be disappointed. Its a
    movie we can all relate in some sense. It deals with a very interesting
    motif from a boy seeking and yearning to regain his love for his
    father. I believe that this movie also makes justice for all of the
    veterans that have fought in war. Although the movie is not as
    ”actiony” as I would have hoped, it brings just the right amount of
    hope and drama to make it a great film. The combination of the
    screenplay, director and actors make the perfect unity to explode a
    great defining film in which enhances the audience knowledge on war. 🙂

  • maryronetteortizAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Heart-warming Film for All Ages

    If you are looking for a movie that will lift your spirits up, teach
    you lessons about life and make you cry at the same time, this movie is
    the one. Little Boy, captures what it’s like during the world war 2 .
    It also gives you a insight on faith,as it shows different perceptions
    on faith for different people or religion. This movie proved that, with
    faith you can be powerful and do the impossible. It also tackles
    different issues such as racism and bullying. This made the movie, much
    easier to grasp, because, it’s relatable.

    The acting of the characters were amazing. All of the actors gave
    justice to the role they were supposed to portray, especially the
    little boy, played by Jakob Salvati. His acting is pure, will make you
    feel things, make you smile and cry. The musical score,fits the details
    of the movie. The cinematography is just beautiful.

    The reason why, I’m not giving it a perfect 10 is because, even if it
    was a movie to remember. I find the plot a LITTLE predictable or
    cliché. And that’s it. That’s the only, thing that I didn’t quite like.
    But, overall, It’s a movie that every family should watch. 🙂

  • mgarciberAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Wow….. Hard to find family movies anymore

    I can start by saying this movie was as good as ( The Green Mile, Life
    is Beautiful, Instructions not included), it made me cry towards the

    There is no way I could give this movie less than 9/10 stars.

    1. Family movie that even my 7 year old enjoyed and cried 2. It is all
    about faith and believing in the impossible 3. It addresses a lot about
    bullying 4. Even though it is long you feel engaged through all the
    movie 5. No profanity, sex, violence, bad language 6. It leaves a
    lesson and towards the end there was a final twist that I did not see
    it coming.

    Love..Love..Loved it. I was not able to see it in theaters because my
    daughter got the Flu that week and I have been waiting for it to come
    out on DVD. Searched for it on Netflix and was not able to get it until
    finally I found it on VUDU.

  • Will AdkinsAugust 23, 2015Reply

    A Must-ard See-d Movie

    This movie is incredibly genius. Best movie I’ve seen in a good while
    (and I watch a lot of movies). It will tug at every string in your
    soul. Call me soft but I was tough 2 hours ago. After watching this
    movie I have to say to those of you out there who don’t believe in a
    higher power, ‘watch this movie’. It sends a message that even without
    faith, holding on to hope is very important, and this movie shows us
    that we can be a different breed of human if we believe in ourselves
    and invest our energy for better outcomes in life no matter what issues
    or problems we face. I believe Little Boy (even if only a little bit)
    has made me a better person. If you have doubts, see this movie for
    yourself and let it move you too…

  • ericnottellingAugust 23, 2015Reply

    This movie was more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be.

    It’s hard not to like this movie when you watch it. It has the
    innocence of forest gump with a touch of sadness. The writing and
    acting of this movie are simply great. The little boy does a great job.
    There isn’t much more you could have asked of him in this movie. You
    can actually feel the sadness for the little boy, and without revealing
    the ending can see that happiness might not be as was expected but is
    still a part of Hollywood. The writers did a great job of trying to see
    the world through a child’s eye. While showing some of the ugliness of
    it on the outside. The relationship between the little boy and the
    ”jap” is very touching and funny. You can tell he is genuinely
    concerned for the kid more so than maybe anyone else in the movie. Well
    done and worth the view.

  • pbtaxAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Nice film

    To be sure, this movie is melodramatic, but less so than Saving Private
    Ryan, for example. Also, improbable- but again, less than Saving
    Private Ryan and a large portion of the movies out there.

    What is it? Just a very sweet (but not insulting), well acted movie
    that moves along at a brisk pace. The protagonist is terrific, and it
    is hard not to sympathize with him.

    It is also a movie that has nothing disgusting. So it is a nice family
    movie, though it is NOT a children’s movie.

    The negative ratings, predictably, focus on the positive depiction of
    the Catholic Church. I would say it is realistic.

  • checabear-252-222274August 25, 2015Reply

    Back to the future

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BombVarkAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Moderately interesting film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tristan PhoenixAugust 27, 2015Reply

    A Tale of Faith, Will & Rising Above Discrimination

    Little Boy is a film I had briefly heard about garnering acclaim for
    some time and so, I decided to place myself in front of a home
    screening of it. What I experienced as a viewer was nothing I was
    prepared for because the beginning made me unsure if I should have
    continued, but by the end I realized I had just viewed a family movie

    We’re taken back to the past around the period of World War II in a
    small town in California with a conspicuous mountain at the end of it.
    After bonding greatly with his father James Busbee, Pepper  (Little
    Boy) has to watch his dad leave for the military in place of his
    ineligible older brother London. From here the biggest question looms
    over the Busbee family regarding whether if and when James would return
    from his service, causing internal family issues.

    The acting in this film is solid and remarkably brings forth the
    emotions out of you as you watch and relate to the depicted situations.
    Jakob Salvati in the lead truly takes the ball and runs with it,
    amazing the audience with his presence and charm playing the bullied
    outcast boy with a strong interest in magic and wonder.

    Faith, will and rising above discrimination are focuses that are at the
    helm of this movie. It explores good deeds and how its karma can result
    in a higher power granting us favors in return. It shows that if you
    want to accomplish anything, all you have to do is believe and don’t
    let anyone tell you otherwise. It teaches viewers the feeling of being
    discriminated against and how right it is for us to just love one
    another equally no matter what race we are from. This entire motion
    picture is a heavy and effective inspirational dose altogether.

    Other aspects of the film I love is the firm direction and smooth
    cinematography.   The whole production came off heartwarming and
    charming at times before being tension-filled and emotional.

    Little Boy turned out to be a fantastic movie that I’ll definitely be
    watching more than once. It’s the kind of movie that leaves you
    thinking while it leaves you inspired by what you’ve seen. If there is
    one movie to recommend this year, I’d say go watch Little Boy right

    Rating: 9/10

  • estebangonzalez10August 28, 2015Reply

    Little Boy, little inspiration, little ideas, little inventiveness

    ”Do you believe you can do this?”

    Little Boy is a family friendly faith-based film, and that usually
    means it’s going to be overly sentimental and manipulative, which
    proved to be the case once again here. These films aim so hard at being
    inspirational, that they end up accomplishing the opposite. Alejandro
    Monteverde’s film is completely generic and it follows the same beats
    other movies in this genre tend to hit. From the overbearing narrative
    which spells out everything that you are about to see and allows you to
    see the twists coming a mile away, to the cute child actor performance
    who is impossible not to sympathize with, and the overly heavy handed
    preachy message that is repeated throughout the movie. Non-demanding
    audiences who simply want to have a good time with their families will
    enjoy this because it looks nice, but there is no substance to it and
    the formula is repeated once again. I didn’t feel uplifted or inspired
    by its message because it lacked originality. The film forces you to
    feel a certain way about each character instead of allowing you to make
    up your own mind about them. It’s a shame because the cinematography
    was solid and there were some great actors involved, but the producers
    played it safe and gave us a generic film which will easily be
    forgotten. If you want to inspire and move your audience, then actually
    try being inventive and taking risks instead of centering on an overly
    melodramatic premise.

    The story take place during the Second World War in a beautiful
    California town. It is narrated by the protagonist who recalls his life
    during that troublesome period as an 8 year old boy who due to his
    short height had to deal with the bullying and teasing from other kids
    his age. Pepper Flynt (Jakob Salvati), who the people in town call
    Little Boy, has a solid relationship with his father, James (Michael
    Rapaport). He can ignore all the bullying when he is surrounded by his
    father’s love and devotion. His mother Emma (Emily Watson) and his
    older brother London (David Henrie) are all fond of him, but he adores
    his father above all. Things take a sharp turn for Pepper when James is
    sent to War and he is left on his own waiting for his father’s return.
    He is touched by a sermon given by Fr. Oliver (Tom Wilkinson) about the
    power of faith and how someone with faith the size of a small mustard
    seed can move a mountain. He and his dad were fans of a comic magician
    named Ben Eagle (Ben Chaplin) and when he comes to town during a
    performance, Pepper is invited on the stage as a volunteer and performs
    a magic trick which convinces him he too has special powers. Confused
    by this event and Oliver’s message, he puts his faith on his father’s
    return. Oliver gives him a list of things he must do (feed the hungry,
    visit the prisoners, clothe the naked, and so on) if he wants his faith
    to work. At the end of the list Oliver adds one last thing: befriend a
    Japanese. This because after the Pearl Harbor incident everyone in town
    was verbally assaulting a Japanese immigrant named Hashimoto
    (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), including Pepper who was relieved to see some
    of the bullying heading another direction. The film then centers on
    this odd pairing between the two and after a series of coincidences and
    random events Pepper begins to truly believe he has the necessary faith
    to bring his father back home. But has Oliver gone too far by making
    him such a promise and giving Pepper so much hope? If the film would’ve
    cared to explore that question in more depth, we could’ve had something
    interesting, but instead it settles for the easy way out.

    Despite all the familiar themes this inspirational film tackles, I did
    have a major problem with its message. The way it handles faith and
    compares it to something like magic is troublesome. This film tries to
    do what most religions do, which is tell us that faith has to do with
    how well we perform. In other words, you need to do a certain thing or
    follow certain rules if you want faith to work. Which is basically
    saying that it is all about you and how you perform. I don’t agree at
    all with that view about faith and find it extremely problematic
    considering the film is geared towards a faith-based audience. However,
    I never judge a film for its message so that is not why I’m criticizing
    the movie. Its fault relies on its generic style and melodramatic
    storytelling. Talented actors such as Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson
    are given nothing to do, and even Kevin James is inexplicably in this
    film playing a role that could have easily been cut out of the film.
    Jakob Salvati as the lead delivers in charm and sweetness, but we are
    forced to sympathize with him and that didn’t allow me to enjoy his
    performance. Little Boy is overly sentimental and that is its greatest
    fault, but I guess that is what one would expect from family friendly
    films like this that try too hard to inspire its audience.

  • ArconadaAugust 29, 2015Reply


    This film is well made. It is a Disney-like story about an American
    family torn apart by the second world war. And the film also shows the
    position the Japanese Americans were in during WWII.

    Yet it is rather melodramatic, it contains all the necessary elements,
    like – you can achieve anything if you have Faith, crying boys, the
    daddy-daddy scene, and all is well that ends well. Unfortunately the
    title is not a surprise, and it is only waiting for that card to be
    played. I liked the film during watching, there is not a moment of
    slackening, however in retrospect the film did only have a few
    surprises, so it doesn’t grip you like it should.

    All in all, good, but only barely.

  • navymom-02298August 30, 2015Reply

    Best movie I have seen in a LONG time!!

    I have never written a review before, but just had to after seeing this
    movie last night.

    I saw it at the video store last night and thought, eh…what the heck.
    I thought it would be touching but somewhat boring, but gave it a shot

    What I didn’t expect was to basically sob my way through it. Sad tears,
    happy tears…the love this little boy has for his father, and vice
    versa…was so heartwarming it made my heart ache. Maybe it hit me hard
    because my son’s father has never really been in his life. I don’t
    know…but what I do know is YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. With wine and a
    box of Kleenex.

  • Ashwien HarpalSeptember 1, 2015Reply

    Amazing bond between father and child

    I was really caught up in the twist of emotions in this movie.
    Especially at the end. Throughout the movie it is clearly portrayed the
    importance of a father in the life of his children. Educating his sons
    and involving them in his activities. That’s very important in
    educating kids. Teaching them the business they might have to take over
    from you one day. There were so many learning points for me as a
    father. The list Pepper had to complete was very challenging and at the
    same time interesting how he would complete it. In difficult
    circumstances the craziest form of faith might mean a lot to someone,
    but seem crazy for you. This is a great movie and has to be played on
    TV on Father’s day!!!

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])September 1, 2015Reply

    I’m not a fan of tear jerking, corny movies, but this one caught my attention from the first minute.

    ”Are you saying I should stop? I would say do what makes sense for

    ”Little Boy” is about a strong father-son relation, faith, hope, love
    and trust. And all this with the help of a mustard seed and an
    illustrious magician out of a comic strip. Oops, faith and a parable
    about a mustard seed. You immediately expect it to be a slightly
    religious movie with the Christian theme about faith as a central
    topic. Ultimately, this isn’t entirely the case. At some point it even
    appeared as if the savvy Pepper (Jakob Salvati) succeeded in surprising
    the officiating priest with his astounding, logical and unrestrained
    questions. ”Why wouldn’t God want to bring my dad back ?”, he asks
    innocently. The underlying message in this beautiful and moving film is
    indeed imbued with a message from the holy book, but ultimately it
    isn’t really that preachy. Let’s just say that if you believe in
    something, you can reach your goal. You could even move mountains. ”Do
    you believe we can do this? Yes, I believe we can do this ”.

    Pepper Busbee is a roguishly looking kid who’s very small for his age
    (but not a ”midget”). That’s why he’s being bullied by the bigger boys
    who live in the fictional coastal town O’Hare. A town you also can
    admire on postcards, as pointed out by the voice-over of Pepper
    personally at the beginning. Pepper’s best friend and partner is his
    father James Busbee (Michael Rapaport) who shares Pepper’s enthusiasm
    for comics and cinema films. Until the day comes when James has to go
    to the front, because the eldest son London (David Henrie) is rejected
    by the army due to flat feet. Pepper’s world collapses and he believes
    that he could bring his father back home by sheer force.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of sentimental, tear jerking films, with
    moral and Christian values . But this 105 minutes long film kept me in
    its grasp from the first minute. It reminded me a bit of ”Forrest Gump”
    which is also situated in this period, America during World War II with
    its homely and Christian values, and with a main character who
    succeeded in accomplishing something simply by perseverance and
    believe. As antithesis of this pious values, some inferior qualities
    (racism and bullying) that sometimes emerge in a person, are being
    used. The son of the local doctor, Dr. Fox (a funny rendition by Kevin
    James) who does a follow-up on Pepper’s condition and tries to get in
    the favor of Pepper’s mother Emma (Emily Watson), takes care of the
    bullying part. The racism against Asian civilians is nourished by the
    attack on Pearl Harbor, after which Japanese citizens were accommodated
    in camps. The target here is the returned resident Hashimoto
    (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) who’s constantly being threatened by both London
    and a fellow townsman (Ted ”The Silence of the Lambs” Levine), whose
    son was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even Pepper is sucked
    into this spiral of hatred.

    To steer everything in the right direction, the priest Oliver (Tom
    Wilkinson) shows up and tries to explain to Pepper the meaning of
    Matthew 17:20 ”Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a
    mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’
    and it will move”. And to strengthen his faith, he hands Pepper a to-do
    list with a few assignments, including the difficult task of
    befriending Hashimoto. First I must admit that I thought Wilkinson was
    a very amiable man of faith. The way he helps Pepper. He does that in a
    child-friendly, compassionate and somewhat playful way and not in a
    patronizing, intrusive and pedantic manner where contradiction isn’t
    tolerated. Let’s say that the ecclesiastical institution is presented
    in a very different way than it was during that time period (as I
    imagined it would be).

    If you really don’t like those sentimental, corny movies that’ll make
    emotional people cry all the time, you’ll probably ignore this one. But
    rest assured, there are also admirable, beautiful aspects in this film.
    The performances of Tagawa and Wilkinson are just plain fantastic. Both
    the Japanese citizen who resigns to one’s fate and the at that time
    very modern Catholic priest. Both of them interpret their roles with
    bravura, although Tagawa seems like the teacher from ”The Karate Kid”
    who stands up for the weak, little fellow. Salvati also delivers a
    magnificent performance, only it seemed sometimes as if it figuratively
    grew above his head during the deep emotional moments. And his grimaces
    and theatrical facial expressions during his attempts to evoke
    telekinetic powers, looked rather funny after a while. And that his
    name was associated with the most destructive weapon of WWII, actually
    caused a nasty aftertaste. But besides that, this film told a story of
    everlasting hope and confidence and still succeeded to fascinate me. A
    movie with a smile and a tear.

    More reviews here :

  • pmhwon-159-584672September 1, 2015Reply

    Little Boy is a wonderful roller-coaster ride of the emotions about a Little Boy with a faith of biblical proportions. It is that, and so much more.

    I bought 3 copies of Little Boy because I feel it makes a wonderful
    Christmas present this year. Throughout my life, I have come to have
    favorite films that usually stay my favorite for a number of years
    until another one takes it’s place. Without saying why the following
    movies were my favorites, they were Of Mice and Men (the original, 1939
    version) when I was a child. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World replaced it
    in 1963. In 1978, before It’s a Wonderful Life became a Christmas
    Classic, I happened to view it sometime in the Summer that year and it
    became my favorite. Then, in 1986 I saw the 1961 film Whistle Down the
    Wind which became my new favorite until Pay It Forward came along. Now,
    I am delighted to say that this wonderful movie about faith, love, and
    many other important elements of life embodied by Little Boy makes it
    my new number 1 movie. My favorite. The acting was superb, the
    direction and writing were top notch and deserving of Oscar
    consideration. I pray that happens and Little Boy comes out on top. Go
    out and get this movie and buy extra copies for your friends and loved
    ones this Christmas. They will be thanking you for such a wonderful
    gift. It is these types of movies that have been missing from
    Hollywood. Enough of remaking TV Series’ and Special Effects action
    pix. They have their place, but Little Boy is the kind of movie that I
    love the most. I love being moved to tears and joy and Little Boy
    certainly fills the bill!

  • TxMikeSeptember 4, 2015Reply

    Examines the father-son bond during WW2. Can faith move a mountain?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tcreynoSeptember 19, 2015Reply

    Don’t miss this movie!!

    Don’t miss this movie because of faithless Hollywood insider”critics”.
    This is one of the best inspirational movies you will ever see! This
    soul cleansing, simplistic story of faith, hope and forgiveness will
    refresh your cynical heart, drawing some to discover childlike faith.
    The cast is excellent and portraits emotions we are not always
    comfortable with. Plan on crying if you have even a hint of
    sensitivity. The ”Little Boy”is truly about courage in the face of
    life’s bullies and disappointments. Its really a delightful, mystical
    movie that the whole family will enjoy and hopefully find strength in
    its timeless message.

  • phoenix 2September 20, 2015Reply

    Good enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • maxisprOctober 4, 2015Reply

    Nice film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Julieta RamirezOctober 6, 2015Reply

    great faith movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monstermayhem32October 17, 2015Reply

    A life changing tale of hope and courage

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • roseben_workOctober 22, 2015Reply

    Definitely a Cinematic Treasure

    There are a lot of movies that would make an impact after you watch it,
    but a FEW will make you REMEMBER the feeling long after seeing it. It
    will always feel nostalgic every time you come across the film.

    The movie ”Little Boy” was beautifully narrated in such a way that you
    will see the world through a child’s eye. It tells a story about faith,
    courage, family, friendship and love.

    The film revolved on the child’s unwavering love for his father. He
    would do anything just to make his father come home from World War II.
    But along the child’s journey, an unlikely friendship was formed. He
    learned how faith can be more than just a mustard seed & regained
    courage to fight for what is right.

    This movie is beautiful & poignant in every way. It made me laugh at
    some point and made me shed a puddle of tears. It surely tugged my
    heartstrings, reminding me of how magical faith can turn into something
    bigger & how love can change everything. -Roseben Somido, MNL,PH.

  • Robert MartinOctober 30, 2015Reply

    Wonderful and very well done family movie

    Extremely well done family friendly movie. Beautiful period sets and
    excellent acting. Not in the least corner or overdone. Has a good set
    of moral messages but was not religious or preachy. I so much wish
    there could be more movies like this. I believe that most of the
    reviewers were liberals who assumed that the moral tone was bad for the
    viewing public and would not be appreciated by us. So out of step with
    who we, the viewing public, really are like. I believe the critics’
    reviews crashed attendance. So sad because those of us who saw it loved
    it by an 80 percent margin. I will do what I can to get more people to
    watch this. movie.

  • Reno RanganNovember 4, 2015Reply

    Wars are the scars in the human history.

    I was two minded after seeing its trailer. Because I’m pretty much
    convinced it is a B movie. But that’s not the issue, I usually put my
    faith on them and take my chances. So what bothered me was the film
    contents, because the trailed roughly reveals what kind of movie it is,
    from that I reckoned it should have been a big production house’s
    product. Hence, I believed the visuals could be disastrous, but that
    was not the case. In fact, it was a remarkable standard, one of the
    reasons for the movie’s success, despite there are no list-A actors in
    the full fledged roles.

    The boy was much better in the movie than I judged his performance in
    the trailer. He might have appeared in a few television episodes, but
    this was his silver-screen debut. A wonderful display and I believe he
    would bag more projects for this. It was a family film, an emotional
    drama set during the United States entry into the World War II. Takes
    place in a small western coastal town called O’Hare about a 7 year old
    boy Pepper, nicknamed Little Boy who’s willing to do anything to bring
    back his father alive from the war. On the effort he takes up a series
    of task which later stuns his town and the whole country.

    ”Do you believe you can do this?”

    The Fascinating thing was, the blend between the real occurrence with
    the fictitious attachment. People might believe it was based on the
    real, but it is not. Like I said the graphics were very crucial that
    matched to any big budget films, unfortunately it was a small portion,
    but definitely a big deal. It talks about lots of interesting stuff
    which is inspiring, partially funny and also a children friendly film.
    Especially it explains quite clearly the difference between religious
    beliefs and magics which is obviously little kids never understood. So
    it could help to learn something from other than the textbooks.

    The plus points were the consequences of war (any war), how the people
    can get affected by the war, bullying, racism and misbelief. On the
    other hand the minus was too much ingredient in a little movie,
    fortunately clicked so well. As usual, it was knocked down by the
    critics who never recognised the art of sentimental works. If you are
    not one of them or their followers, you are going to enjoy it.

    If it had some big names in the main cast, especially for the father
    and brother characters, then it would have been roared louder and
    helped the international markets. As being one of the finest storied
    movie that highlighted our past mistakes, sadly terribly failed at the
    box office, but very much could get a cult status because particularly
    families loved this one so far. Not highly, but simply I recommend it
    and one of the must see from year 2015.


  • MartianOctocretr5December 4, 2015Reply

    Nice approach to a familiar theme

    This movie was a new approach at story telling. I can’t remember off
    hand any other movie that was structured like this.

    It certainly works. The story is told through the titular little boy
    who is literally just that: a child who is small for his age to the
    extent his parents take him to a doctor to see if something is wrong.
    He is small in size, but not in dreams, hope, or faith. His father has
    marched off to fight in World War II, and the builds upon his heart
    felt wish of his father’s safe and swift return.

    Much of the action is allegorical, and the story does need to be told
    that way. However, the flip side of that coin is that some of the ideas
    are heavy handed and intrusive. One example is little boy’s interaction
    with a Japanese man, to address the interment controversy which in turn
    looks at the atmosphere of bigotry that caused it. This aspect of the
    story is the film’s strongest sub-plot, but there are a few minor
    problems on how it was utilized. The interpretation of the child
    calling upon spiritual powers was overdone, and inaccurate which
    undermined what the movie was meant to say.

    Excellent acting and a well devised script. The characters are
    involving, and the story contains all the faith and optimism that it is
    meant to convey. Ultimately, the concept of the movie works well, and
    the ending supports it.

  • shawnflynn2010-51-772405December 22, 2015Reply

    good film and a good tearjerker

    tearjerker. This is not necessarily a family film. It is chock full of
    racism and other bigotries that don’t conclude at the films completion.
    Other reviews highlight the story so I won’t.

    If for nothing else almost the entire production rests on young Jacob
    Salvati who portrays eight-year-old, Pepper ”little boy” Busbee. I
    don’t know his actual age during the filming. I realize many critics
    panned this film and I was surprised. Critics sit all day watching
    movies so they are jaded.

    I really liked it and you can get it on Netflix (12-21-2015)

    The only thing that stands out is the location. I know of no high
    mountain along the California coast. I see the film was made in Mexico
    but that should not detract from the overall experience.

  • bdeanrob-1December 25, 2015Reply

    Ignore the critics — this a real gem

    I have a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, and I’m a published film
    critic (mainly in my college years but have since gotten a real job).

    Little Boy is one of the most well-crafted films I have seen this year.
    The cinematography is outstanding. The acting is top notch — and the
    young boy in particular is very talented, a natural. The cast is full
    of some of the best character actors in Hollywood.

    The narrative is well-written — it is multi-layered with complex,
    dynamic characters. The narrative pulls at the heart strings in ways
    that are not felt to be manipulative and inauthentic; rather, the
    powerful emotional pay-off of the film’s narrative arc is hard won
    through good storytelling. The narrative also works very well, at a
    different level of analysis, as an allegory where the young boy is seen
    to represent the United States itself.

    The editing is also impressive. Parallel editing between scenes, while
    not exactly a novel device since at least The Godfather, the device is
    very effectively utilized in ways that convey much more meaning that if
    the scenes had not been inter-spliced together.

    This is almost perfect gem of a film.

    There is only one reason why critics have been hard on this film, and
    that is due to the explicitly Christian, and especially Catholic,
    themes of the film. There is an obvious prejudice against the film
    merely due to the fact that it has religious themes. Film critics have
    been long known to bash films that don’t fit their politics or
    anti-theist agendas. They can stuff it.

    So, ignore the critics, and see this film today.

  • James FarleyDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Confused clichés

    I started to watch this for something to have on while waiting for
    football to start. I stayed to finish it because I was fascinated at
    just how awful the story was and wondered if, at any point there was
    going to be an attempt at elevation of the story, but no, nothing,
    never. It’s been quite some time since I felt compelled to write a
    review on IMDb, but when I saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews of
    this film, I felt duty bound to add balance. Apparently, the
    director/writer of this film is of the opinion that complete ignorance
    of a topic shouldn’t stand in the way of you making a story about it;
    not ignorance of the history of WWII or feudal Japan, ignorance of
    Catholic catechism, or even ignorance of human nature and cognition.
    None of these things stood in the way of the creation of this truly
    unbelievable story; and by unbelievable, I mean literally
    not-believable. Had I desired to suspend disbelief for the sake of the
    story, which should be the desire of the film maker, this movie
    continually destroys that suspense through one glaring display of
    ignorance after another.

    In addition to the flaming historical ignorance that composes the plot
    elements of this movie, there is a complete lack of character
    development and a story line so facile I must believe that it was
    conceived by an eight-grader. The most amazing element of this film is
    that so many high-quality actors devoted the minutes it took them to
    phone in a basic performance. The child actors were actually better
    than one often gets, but with such facile material to work with, it’s
    difficult to credit their performances with any redeeming value.

  • kris-53098 ([email protected])December 29, 2015Reply

    Amazing and powerful movie of faith

    This movie was amazing. I simply loved it. This is a wonderful movie of
    faith, love, hope and endurance. I wish everyone would love as much as
    this little boy. A little boy who learned he only needed enough faith
    the size of a mustard seed to change the world.

    I thought the acting was wonderful. The young actor who played Pepper
    did such a great job. I laughed, I rallied for him against the bullies,
    I cried.

    I thought the town setting was wonderful, almost like you were living

    I also loved the other story lines in the movie. From learning who you
    real enemies are to dealing with bullies and insecure people, to
    building true friendships to staying faithful to your spouse.

    I also loved the list that Pepper was given by the priest to help build
    and execute his faith. I think we all need this list. A list that helps
    us remember its not about us. It never has been.

  • Rebecca DamhaugDecember 30, 2015Reply

    Don’t let the critic reviews decide on this one

    This isn’t a perfect movie – but it’s a very, very good one. I hardly
    ever write reviews, but after seeing the really terrible critic reviews
    this movie has received, I thought I owed it to any potential watchers
    to let you know that I believe the Metascore is very misleading.

    This movie really has no fatal flaws – the story is well-built, the
    acting is very good (much better than I expected), and the filming is
    beautiful. The tone of it really gives the right feeling of the time
    that the movie is set. The involvement of religious themes is only
    objective, and is viewed from different perspectives.

    The only thing I’m missing is a bit more development in a few of the
    supporting characters, but that didn’t really take much away from the
    overall impression i was left with. Pretty much everything else works
    really well in my opinion.

    So if you’re considering watching it, please do! It’s a beautiful movie
    that is guaranteed to make you smile (:

  • sallydahlJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Extremely Inspiring, Beautifully Done

    A must see movie if you love wholesome content, inspiring messages,
    great performances delivered by actors and appealing cinematography. I
    absolutely loved this film on so many levels. I wasn’t the least bit
    surprised that the New York Times and Washington Post literally poked
    fun at it, as the message of faith is rarely embraced by mainstream
    media. But, don’t let that stop you from giving this film a chance. I
    sat and watched it by myself, just looking for something heart warming
    before bedtime. I got so much more. Cried like a baby and slept like
    one too. This is truly one of the best films I have seen in a very,
    very long time. Jakob Salvati delivered an excellent performance and
    the supporting cast sealed the deal. This film will not disappoint.

  • wesleyjnixonJanuary 11, 2016Reply

    A heartwarming story, but it tries to cram too many Sunday-school lessons into one sitting.

    I took my kids to see this while it was still in the theaters, and we
    all loved the movie. However, the miracles and tolerance lectures were
    so prominent that even my children thought it was a bit sappy.

    The story is great, and you can’t help but get a little choked up over
    the ”Little Boy’s” love and faith. So, if you go into the movie knowing
    that it is very moral-focused movie, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot
    more than we did.

    It was also great to see Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa again. He did the most
    justice to his character, and seemed to pull real emotion from the
    young Jakob Salvati.

  • Christy LeskovarJanuary 13, 2016Reply


    What a great movie! It will make you laugh and cry and think. It takes
    place during World War II. Pepper/Little Boy is sad that his father has
    gone off to war, and he resents the only Japanese person in town, an
    older man named Hashimoto. Little Boy and his much older brother,
    London, try to vandalize Hashimoto’s house. London is arrested. Little
    Boy’s mother, played by Emily Watson, marches him to church to go to
    confession. Little Boy wants faith great enough to move mountains and
    bring his dad back from war. Father Oliver, played by Tom Wilkinson,
    gives him an ancient list and tells him, if he does all the things on
    the list, it will help grow his faith bigger. The list is the corporal
    works of mercy. Father Oliver adds one more: Little Boy must befriend
    Hashimoto. It is a heart warming and poignant story with many layers of
    meaning, beautifully filmed. It does look like Norman Rockwell on film.
    An amazing performance by Jakob Salvati, who plays Little Boy. How the
    director, Alejandro Monteverde, pulled such a performance out of a
    young child is truly remarkable. It is a movie for the entire family.
    Art illustrates beauty, truth, and goodness. ”Little Boy” is art. I
    watched it on Netflix. It was filmed in Mexico.

  • Dan MealeyJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    Very touching

    I can’t say I’ve ever ‘reviewed’ anything before, but felt the need to
    express my thoughts on this one. ”Little Boy” managed to engage me on a
    deep level, and to challenge my own anger / sorrow having lost my Dad
    ultimately to the effects of a long campaign in Vietnam, combined with
    my own experiences in a war-zone in Afghanistan. There are very few
    books/ movies in which you find yourself identifying with a more
    sinister character in the plot (in my case, London – the angry and
    vexed teenager, struggling to choose a battleground to express or
    extinguish his bitterness). I had not expected to mirror myself on such
    a character, testament to the solid acting of each performer.
    Contrasting with viewing a war through the eyes of an innocent and
    hopeful child made for a very pleasant and moving experience. Very well
    made movie, with a stellar casting. Many thanks to those involved in
    its production.

  • sofiresJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    Loved every second of IT

    This movie is incredible. It has a great cast, the boy is an amazing
    actor and you really connect with him. You share his emotions during
    the whole movie. I laughed and cried at the same time. The plot is
    interesting and moving, it leaves a good message of tolerance and
    respect more than a religious one as some the critics have said. The
    music is also good and the costumes and art direction is great!
    Honestly I recommend this movie for everyone, adults, kids and the
    whole family! Also it has content that is relevant for the moment of
    the movie. Give the movie a chance and don’t be lead by the comments
    and ratings of the critics.

  • gercsFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    a heartwarming family film

    I saw it, and I liked it. It is such a good family film with high
    production values. It is mainly about a child, albeit small for his
    age, who showed to other people what determinism – or in a more
    religious perspective, faith – is all about. Sounds cliché and
    predictable, but what makes this film good is how it was told through a
    little boy, through his innocence and simplicity. Indeed, much can be
    learned from a child, despite the character’s shortcomings for just
    being an ordinary boy in the neighborhood. The little boy was bullied
    for being ‘little’, and he cannot be even considered smart for his age.
    The setting was World War II, the time when able-bodied men were sent
    to war in the Far East. The boy has an older brother who satisfied the
    age requirement, but wasn’t able to make it for being flat-footed. So
    their father was sent instead, and this was heartbreaking to the little

    There was hatred of the Japanese almost everywhere, and well,
    predictable enough, there was a Japanese living in their village who
    have sided with the Americans. The vengeance for their father was
    directed to this Japanese, which lead the brothers in committing a
    crime. The older brother was imprisoned and being a religious family,
    the little boy had to serve penance for the delinquency that he has
    committed. From this part, everything almost revolves around a list and
    the determination to fulfill what was on the list. The good thing is
    that this was well-acted and well-directed. If there is something to
    dislike, then some would probably believe that it is the contrived plot
    marked with a lot of coincidences. For me, however, these coincidences
    are pleasant contrivances in a sense that they are used to illustrate
    something valuable in our humanity. The illustration was compelling in
    a sense that it was used in context with the innocence of the boy. This
    made things amusing because the coincidences made him believe in
    himself for having extraordinary powers. Perhaps the village people are
    foolish enough for crediting the little boy for the atomic bomb.
    However, it can also be viewed as words of encouragement to the little
    boy and a celebration of the coincidence amidst depressing times. There
    is a lot of humanity in this film. If you believe in a supreme being,
    you will see faith, and if you do not, you will see determination. The
    turn of the story at the end can be considered cliché, but then by that
    time the film had successfully made its point already.

    P.S. I also think that this is one of the most underrated films that I
    have ever seen.

  • Donna CruiseFebruary 5, 2016Reply

    An excellent movie with meaning

    Excellent movie, very moving. The aftermath scenes after Hiroshima were
    very intense. I was reminded of a high school senior term paper I wrote
    when 16 years old, back in 1963. The topic was, ”Was the U. S.
    justified in dropping the bombs on Japan in 1945?” I researched
    everything our library had on the subject and wrote what I believe was
    an excellent paper. My conclusion was that it was indeed justified by
    the estimated saving of perhaps as many as 5,000,000 lives by not
    having to invade Japan. My English teacher was young and very liberal,
    and did not like my decision on the bombs. After an argument ensued
    between the teacher and me, I was given a ”C” grade. Many thanks to
    Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for making this film. Much praise is also
    due to the writers of the script. The scenery was fantastic, and I was
    surprised to find out where it took place. I will leave it to the
    readers of this review to search for the location. IMDb always includes
    the filming locations – just keep scrolling down on the movie’s page
    and you will find it.

  • mom-41721February 22, 2016Reply

    I love this movie!!!!!

    This is a heartwarming beautiful story. Now one of my all time
    favorites! My whole family was crying! Beautifully written. I could not
    believe how faithful it stayed to the Catholic faith. No Father
    Fluffies – just good old fashioned truth and love. There are always
    struggles in life – sometimes we get off the path – but I loved how the
    influence of the faith never left.

    This movie has a great 40’s vintage California feel on the coast – they
    captured it completely. I felt like I was stepping into that era.
    Beautifully done. A wonderful family movie – it’s inspiring! Little Boy
    will have you captivated and sitting on the edge of your seat! God
    bless everyone involved and thank you for making such a wonder-filled

  • connsmythe-38968March 5, 2016Reply

    Bravo little boy!

    Through the innocent eyes of an eight year old, we are taken on a true
    adventure! A journey for the ages into a perfect time capsule of
    Rockwellian grandeur.

    ”Like you see in post cards.”

    Little Boy is truly an amazing film! I instantly shared it with the
    people closest in my life and now I’m writing a review…which I never
    do?! I have to admit that I loved the story the most, followed by the
    musical score, and then pretty much all the other facets that
    compromise the mis en scene of the film. At first glance, I thought the
    movie could’ve been cast better, but after multiple viewings, the
    superb acting undoubtedly became the heart of the movie! Mainly Emily
    Watson, Tom Wilkinson, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa to name a few. The true
    testament of a great movie is how it grows on you and gets better ”just
    like with the mustard seed,” the more you apply the perfect amount of
    time and water to it, ”you can move a mountain.”

    ”All was good in the old Busbee home …”

    Despite his stunted growth, which gets him bullied by the town folk of
    Ohare, Pepper Flynt Busbee lives a charmed life. He has a loving
    family, especially with his Father. They share a special bond together
    channeled through their imaginative storytelling and powerful trust in
    one another. As WWII reaches it’s apex, Pepper’s gung ho, flatfooted,
    older brother is denied military service forcing the Dad to fight
    instead. Pepper is heartbroken when his Dad leaves for the Pacific and
    the rest of the movie focuses on Pepper’s enduring will to see his
    beloved Father again.

    ”Do you believe you can do this?”

    Faith is at the center of the plot and is intricately woven throughout
    a metaphorical story line rich in morality, family, fantasy, chance,
    racism, friendship, death, love and fate. A continuing ideological
    dichotomy between a Priest and a Japanese internment prisoner (whom
    Pepper befriends) helps solidify the moral fabric of the film’s
    message. Metatheatrical techniques are also used by way of a magic show
    and a story of a boy Samurai to help emphasize Pepper’s ability to
    believe in himself and ultimately face his fears.

    ”I would say do what makes sense for you.”

    Little Boy is not preachy like many critics claim it to be. There’s a
    perfect balance between the belief in God and the belief in oneself
    conveyed in a way that really gets you thinking as an extraordinary and
    spiritual individual. Aren’t we all just trying to make sense in our
    own unique world?

    ”You did it Little Boy!”

    Thank you for giving me something to share and write about. Clearly a
    lot of heart and thought went into the making of this film and it
    deserves both recognition and praise

    ”…or so I thought.”

  • Grant BullertApril 10, 2016Reply

    A Decent Film

    This film is rather sad, yet also inspiring. It shows how powerful
    friendship can be, and how important trust is. The acting is not
    phenomenal, but it holds up well enough for the most part. Sometimes
    the kid is a bit cheesy with his acting, which takes out some of the
    interest of the film.

    The older version of the kid is rather unnecessary in my mind. I
    thought the narration to be irrelevant and rather odd. I definitely
    would not see this film twice, but it would worth seeing once I would
    say. There have been much better films in the past year, but this
    deserves a chance.

  • Henriette AzeredoApril 11, 2016Reply

    Bad taste…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sadamerApril 28, 2016Reply

    A real gem

    I rarely write reviews. This movie Little Boy is a real gem. I don’t
    get why we haven’t heard so much about it. The scenario is just
    perfectly written. The cinematography is really beautifully executed
    and the actors are all great. I was really moved, and actually normally
    it’s is not at all what I’m searching in a movie (I’m much more into
    the horror/thriller/action genre). So actually I started looking, sure
    that I will hate it. It was the opposite. But what I loved the most in
    this film is the honesty of the film. You feel that it is an honest
    movie. You have so many movies that sometimes that are just pretending.
    Here it is true emotions. Really awesome film! I will remember it.

  • JonnyMay 9, 2016Reply

    boring and bigoted

    Some of the reviews written here must be for another film.

    It’s most certainly not a family film. After half an hour i suggested
    we give up and *everyone* agreed immediately. My kids and wife were
    bored and a little disturbed. While it might be historically accurate –
    in attitudes and behaviours – we were all uncomfortable with the
    racist, bigoted, hate that permeated the characters. And at no point
    was there a token character to point out how times have changed, how we
    now consider such attitudes unacceptable, how antisocial and ignorant
    behaviour should not be tolerated, etc…

    I’m sure that some well educated youngsters, and many older people, can
    discuss how wrong and backward were the attitudes of *those* days, but
    my kids were watching bullying, racism, and general bigotry as though
    its an acceptable way of life. No thanks. Not on my watch.

    Maybe the rest of the movie makes up for all this. i’ll never know.

    humorous? No! Clever? Definitely not!

  • Lalam1982May 18, 2016Reply

    Wonderful movie with lots of heart!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rural01-915-842423May 26, 2016Reply


    ”Little Boy” is by far the best movie I have seen in a very long time.
    There were so many positives in this film, that it is almost difficult
    to identify them individually.

    The story was excellent with a perfect plot, holding just the right
    amount of surprises. It held an air of realism, including fair
    treatment of faith, racism, and bigotry, resulting in a realistic
    characterization of love and hate. All was treated honestly and

    The film was an honest characterization of a family during World War
    II, named for a little boy who worshiped his dad. His innocence,
    coupled with determination stole your heart. In fact, all of the
    characters were excellently portrayed. They were not only believable
    but completely likable.

    The film took place during the second World War, using flashbacks
    between the family home and the battlefield. It was easy to follow the
    progression, which often times is a problem for some films.

    I’d recommend this movie to anyone who has a heart.

  • ([email protected])September 2, 2016Reply

    Pros and Cons (personal)

    Personally, I found it to be a very very depressing film. Don’t get me
    wrong, it’s a well made film and a well told story but I kinda feel
    like I wanna gnaw through my wrists right now.

    My thoughts: I would rather watch something a bit more uplifting and
    escapist than another film which celebrates the worst that humanity (or
    our lack thereof) is capable of (eg: war, death, intolerance, racism,
    sexism and bullying).

    Watch the film for sure but if you’re sad or depressed or feeling down
    or vulnerable – give it a miss until you get into a better emotional

    My experience. My opinion.

  • phd_travelSeptember 5, 2016Reply

    Really cute WW2 family movie

    This movie is one of those heart warming movies that has all the right
    elements. It isn’t just one of those movies that jump on the WWII band
    wagon types. There actually is a charming and moving story that
    involves the war to be told here. Enjoyed the slightly magic realism
    nostalgic style of the movie that had a Forrest Gump quality to it.

    The cast are all good from big names like Emily Watson to Kevin James
    to the other less famous supporting cast. The actor who plays the
    little boy is effective at tugging at the heart stings when necessary.
    Reminds a bit of the recent underrated ”Book Thief” which also has
    Emily Watson. Good trend to turn to historical settings to make family

    Worth watching/

  • floraposteschildNovember 26, 2016Reply

    Make America racist again!

    A little boy, with the help of a colourful animal sidekick (aka an old
    Japanese man), endeavours to do God’s will in an effort to bring his
    father home from World War II. Could a certain famous bomb become
    involved in the hijinks? Anything is possible! This movie inspired me
    to read a book. If only the producers had done the same. A poorly
    written waste of a fine cast, and Kevin James. Somehow, Little Boy
    manages to be even more racist than 1940s California, and profoundly
    uninformed about the times in which it is set. Putrid. Should be
    popular with Evangelicals. SPOILER: never mind the nuclear holocaust,
    daddy’s home!

  • Pravesh Mishra ([email protected])May 26, 2017Reply

    A good light hearted flick which Metacritic scored 30 for reasons they wouldn’t know too!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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