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His time has comeFeb. 28, 2017 USA137 Min.R
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8.6 1,307 votes

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Hugh Jackman isLogan / Wolverine
Logan / Wolverine
Patrick Stewart isCharles Xavier / Professor X
Charles Xavier / Professor X
Dafne Keen isLaura Kinney / X-23
Laura Kinney / X-23
Boyd Holbrook isDonald Pierce
Donald Pierce
Elizabeth Rodriguez isGabriela Lopez
Gabriela Lopez
Richard E. Grant isDr. Zander Rice
Dr. Zander Rice
Eriq La Salle isWill Munson
Will Munson
Elise Neal isKathryn Munson
Kathryn Munson


In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

Original titleLogan
IMDb Rating8.3 274,213 votes
TMDb Rating7.5 3441 votes

(985) comments

  • GoneWithTheTwins_comFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    The one thing this movie could have done without is the presence of superpowers.

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  • Prince SidFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    Logan is the best superhero film since The Dark Knight

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  • Bryan KlugerFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    ‘Logan’ is the ‘Wolverine’ film we’ve always wanted!

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  • www.ramascreen.comFebruary 17, 2017Reply

    A character-driven superhero film done right!

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  • Brands .February 18, 2017Reply

    Logan is everything you wanted it to be and more

    Logan is the 2017 movie everyone has been anticipating after two great
    trailers and a R rating it delivers a surprising amount of heart to
    characters we have grown to love and know and also balancing a
    surprising amount of action within the first and third act climax, its
    violent but not blood for blood sake every cut is with reason.

    Logan presents us with Logan (Wolverine), Professor X and Laura (X-23)
    and by definition its an escort mission involving X-23 but shes more
    capable than Logan and Professor X thinks and shes able to fend for
    herself. Logan is old and a grizzled shadow of what he once was and by
    going on this mission he unlocks some of the old wolverine inside of
    him and we see bursts of that throughout the movie, Logan also begins
    to realize things about himself through the vision of this little girl
    because they have striking similarities.

    Every scene in this film feels necessary from the character development
    to the humor and action nothing is forced everything comes off natural
    which is a breath of fresh air and I was very pleased with it, I
    believe that this movie will be very well received by fans as it treats
    its characters with such care and embarks on an emotional and
    satisfying conclusion to Hugh Jackmans Logan (Wolverine).

  • UMWolvie2442February 18, 2017Reply

    Just A Flat Out MASTERPIECE!

    Holy Cow! We’ve finally got the Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting
    for and then some! Mr. Mangold has nailed the character and the action,
    and Hugh Jackman is truly a part of a Wolverine movie that has
    showcased the true character that the fans had hoped to see full on.
    Yes, we’ve seen superb runs and flashes but nothing this deep or this

    How could any movie fan in general not just adore this film? It brought
    elements of a lot of great genres.

    Logan has to be considered genre-defining. The characters, action and
    story were all beyond outstanding in this movie. We are taken for a
    ride and can relate to Logan once again. The acting is superb and the
    dialogue is perfect for the level of each character. Every single
    character feels believable. You follow the story through Logan’s eyes
    and what a ride it turns out to be.

    This movie is emotional and moving in every single way that matters and
    is unique and is as far away from anything X-Men we’ve seen before. In
    this case, that’s a very good thing. The fight scenes and pace are
    superb. I honestly could see Oscar nominations here on multiple fronts.

    This movie is sophisticated and delivers a grand, tragic story. The
    action fits in nice but serves the story first. Unlike other ”dark”
    films, the tone is perfect and fits the character. The supporting
    characters are utilized in a comprehensive and cohesive manner and are
    wonderful in and of themselves.

    I loved everything about this movie and they left it as if this was the
    perfect end to Hugh’s run.

  • alouibelhassenFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Best X-Men Movie so far

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  • alexlacatusFebruary 21, 2017Reply


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  • DiandFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    State of the Union

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  • trublu215February 23, 2017Reply

    If there was ever a comic book movie deemed worthy of perfect, Logan is it.

    The word ‘perfect’ is very objective especially when it comes to film.
    While Logan may not be a perfect film, it is most certainly a perfect
    comic book film. It is a masterpiece of the most epic proportions and
    leaves us with a brilliant swan song for producer and star Hugh Jackman
    in his final outing as Wolverine. The film, directed brilliantly by
    James Mangold, is a two plus hour comic book fan’s wet dream as we see
    the version of Wolverine every fan has wanted to see for nearly two
    decades. While many will be very sad to see Jackman step down from the
    role, he couldn’t have picked a better or more satisfying film to end
    his cinematic legacy with.

    The film takes place in 2029 and shows the world in shambles. Mutants
    are nearly extinct, water is scarce and the world is just an overall
    wasteland. This is where we find Logan. He is a limo driving
    cantankerous caretaker to an even more cantankerous Professor X, who is
    now suffering from dementia and seizures. He is a borderline alcoholic
    suffering from a mysterious illness that limits his mutant abilities.
    Due to this, he lives this quiet life until he meets a young girl who
    he feels he must protect. Without giving too much away, there is much
    more here than I can go into but I will say, if you are a fan of the
    Wolverine comics, this film will bring a tear to your eye. This is
    probably the most faithful adaptation of a comic book character EVER,
    Marvel and DC combined. The way the story goes, the way Logan behaves,
    the selflessness and the rage, this is an all around realized version
    of this character. While it may have taken a little longer than it
    should have, this film was worth the wait. James Mangold does a
    fantastic job at creating the world Logan knows now. This is more of a
    film like Mangold’s 3:10 to Yuma. It is bleak, violent and absolutely
    heartbreaking. This is far from the PG-13 character we’re used to. This
    is a foul mouthed, miserable and very VERY bloody rendition of the
    source material. This is a film very much like The Guantlet or
    Badlands, a crime thriller and on-the-road drama. It very much embodies
    the look and feel of a film from the mid-70s and it plays to this very

    The performances in this film are amazing. Hugh Jackman’s performance
    here is the best as the character and may be one of the best of his
    career. He is miserable and broken in this film and to see him like
    this as the character, it is bittersweet especially because Jackman has
    been so attached to this role. If he hurts, we hurt. If he’s mad, we’re
    mad. It is a true testament to Jackman as an actor to make his audience
    feel this connected to someone who is, by traditional standards,
    completely unrelateable. Boyd Holbrook brings a sinister performance to
    this and continues to build a very impressive resume. Holbrook is
    someone who you’ll love to hate. The real standout performance here is
    from Dafne Keen who plays Laura. Without giving away any spoilers, she
    is BADASS in this film and even gives Logan a run for his money on the

    Overall, Logan is a perfect comic book adaptation that is as
    heartbreaking as it is visually stunning. Mangold and Jackman create a
    special film with this that should be talked about for years to come.
    Believe the hype, Logan is a seriously amazing comic book film that
    just may be the best ever made and embodies the definition of a perfect

  • bernardo_argFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Best Wolverine film so far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GomezAddams666February 27, 2017Reply

    Knocked it out of the park


    As most of you are aware I have not been a huge fan of the latest X-
    Men outings, but THIS WAS AWESOME!

    In a rather bleak entry we see a Post X-Men Logan, something has
    happened and the mutants no longer exist or there is a few of them out
    there. Director James Mangold chose to make the film almost colorless
    with much, much more character development than previous Wolverine and
    X-Men movies. We see a tired character that no longer belongs in a
    world that has feared him for over a century.

    While Hugh Jackman in his last outing as Logan does an amazing job and
    proves once and for all why NO ONE ELSE can ever be Wolverine, the
    supporting cast does a superb job as well starting with Sir Patrick
    Stuart who returns as Charles Xavier, Boyd Holbrook (Netflix’s NARCOS)
    as an astounding and dangerous antagonist and newcomer Dafne Keen who
    is a rather sweet but incredibly deadly Weapon X-23.

    The movie is filled with gore and violence, but it does not feel forced
    at all in such an obscure movie. There is a rather new trend in Comic
    Book Movies after DEADPOOL, make them as brutal as possible, and while
    this started in the 90s with THE CROW and BLADE it has gained some
    track and more R Rated CBM are being developed as we speak.

    I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • Peter Francis Travis LeongFebruary 27, 2017Reply

    A perfect send off for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart

    The beginning scene teases us with violence which pleases us R rated
    fans and we do see many more gore. It really is different from the xmen
    films, I felt the characters in this one, the connection, the
    relationship. It was worth watching. The final wood scene is thrilling
    towards the end. The only thing that upset me was the villain that
    Wolverine faces. It’s a perfect send off for Hugh Jackman and Patrick

  • rodrig58February 28, 2017Reply

    This is very special!

    I do not like movies from Marvel Studios(except ”Deadpool”). But I like
    Hugh Jackman. Which is increasingly better and better. And I liked this
    ”Logan”. Not only because Hugh Jackman. Everything is very well done
    and played. Patrick Stewart makes perhaps his best role ever, he is so
    very convincing and natural. Elizabeth Rodriguez is very natural too.
    The little Daphne Keen is very natural, excellent for her age. Great
    cinematography by John Mathieson(”Gladiator”, ”Hannibal”, ”K-PAX”,
    etc.) and great music by Marco Beltrami(”Mimic”, ”Resident Evil”,
    ”Blade II”, ”Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, ”Hellboy”, etc.).
    James Mangold has done a very good movie before, ”Cop Land”(1997)(with
    Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel), in which Sylvester Stallone
    demonstrates that he can act, that he’s a very good actor. You need a
    good great director(and a good role) to show how good actor you are…
    Back to ”Logan”, here all the actors are very very good.

  • austin0731February 28, 2017Reply

    A sombre tone meets blood shedding violence, The next step for superhero films?

    Logan is the Wolverine movie that fans have always wanted, it packs in
    great emotional story telling and is littered with gritty, violent
    action sequences that only Wolverine can be worthy of, while at the
    same time handling the end and departure of beloved characters in such
    a great way. Humour was also very sparingly sprinkled in to Logan
    making it an overall amazing package.

    It was a true sendoff for a hero as we tie an end to Logan’s legacy and
    leave behind Laura (X-23) to potentially carry on the mantle of
    Wolverine. Unlike the usual action-packed comic-book superhero movie
    this was comparatively subtle but contains doses of insane fight
    sequences that tops many that we’ve seen perhaps due to the well
    deserved R-rating. But surprisingly this movie manages to not only
    succeed on that front but also in telling this story that is really a
    lot more meaningful than the classic or even clichéd good versus evil
    that is slowly becoming overused and boring, so Logan really was just a
    fresh of fresh air among many other accolades that is achieves.

    The chemistry that develops between our trio of characters is great,
    the way Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman portray these old and worn-
    out characters is great. Especially Hugh Jackman as Logan, when you see
    this character, his posture and in his eyes there really is just the
    word ‘tired’ that comes to mind and the way that Jackman manages to get
    that across in this film is truly heart wrenching, the hopelessness
    that is felt by these characters can really be seen on these
    characters’ facial expression.

    This actress who portrays Laura should also be applauded for the way
    she portrays this character that would sure to be compared to the
    brilliant portrayal of ‘Eleven’ from stranger things by Millie Bobby
    Brown. Another class act from a child-actress.

    The tone that is established through the actors and atmosphere is truly
    breathtaking and sombre. As a comic book fan it really is a blessing to
    see the ”Old man Logan” title be explored and reimagined to the
    big-screen in such a way. This movie shows the other superhero movies
    what a superhero movie could be and adds another to the list of R-
    rated films that are necessary of that rating and delivers beautifully
    under the category. In my opinion perhaps this is the next direction
    for superhero movies as people are starting to grow tired of the
    colourful capes and Leotards, just look at the change that has been
    done in the comic book world, darker tales and growingly gritty
    violence, perhaps the next step for superhero movies to evolve and
    adapt is by going in this direction, targeting a more mature audience.

  • hiway-71090February 28, 2017Reply

    Very different from all the old ones

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alindsay-alMarch 1, 2017Reply

    A fantastic dark real take on wolverine

    For years we have seen Hugh Jackman play the character of Wolverine,
    and I have now seen possibly his final performance as the character in
    Logan and I loved it. The premise sees an older more damaged Logan
    taking care of an ill Charles Xavier, when they encounter a new young
    mutant who they must protect from dark forces. Hugh Jackman reprises
    his iconic role as Logan and I think this may be his best ever, he is
    clearly a more aged, impatient version of the character and you totally
    buy his more pessimistic viewpoint on life at the beginning of the
    film. I love his character growth throughout the film and you buy the
    emotion he conveys from this truly emotional gut wrenching performance
    that is award worthy. Patrick Stewart plays Xavier again in this film
    and he is brilliant in this much different damaged performance. We are
    used to seeing Stewart as the confident wise teacher but in this film
    he is ill, damaged and broken and it is such an interesting take on the
    character that Stewart nails out of the park. Dafne keen plays Laura
    the young girl in this film and she is great in this film especially
    considering it is her first ever role. Her, Jackman and Stewarts
    chemistry is fantastic in this film and I really did buy their little
    dysfunctional family that slowly grows. Plus she is absolutely great in
    the action scenes along with Jackman. Boyd Holbrook plays the villain
    in this film and he was pretty good in this film, he was menacing when
    he wanted to be and cocky when he wanted to be. I also thought Stephen
    merchant did a pretty good job as Caliban even though he isn’t in this
    film that much. The story of this film is a very simple escort mission
    to get laura to safety and it really works, the emotion between the
    characters carries this story and really makes you care about them and
    the situation that they are put into. The script has some great
    dramatic dialogue that does sell the dire straights that these
    characters are in as they try to survive in the world. There is very
    little humour in the film but what is there did make me chuckle a bit
    and in a real way. The style of the film is very dark and despondent
    which really works for the situation that the characters are in and the
    awesome gritty bloody violence that has been needed in a wolverine film
    forever. However, my one negative for this film is that it is a little
    too long and I feel like there are some real pacing issues that make
    this film feel even longer then it actually is. Overall though I loved
    this film and I urge anybody who is a fan of wolverine or just good
    movies that you have to see this film.

  • azmothchoudhuryMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Marvel’s Closest Movie to the Dark knight.

    Before Logan was released, there was not a single movie in my opinion
    from both Marvel and Dc, that could match the Dark Knight in quality.
    Sure there were commendable films that were close such as The Winter
    Soldier but they were still a far cry from the level that was presented
    by TDK. In my opinion, FOX have finally done it and have produced the
    closest movie in terms of genre-breaking and story-telling. They have
    surpassed the loopholes and issues surrounding their previous movies
    and so have transcended to a different domain of story-telling and
    entertainment. Logan attempts to break genres just like TDK did, by not
    following the rules of traditional superhero movies. Instead of big
    budgets, explosions and intergalactic journeys, we get a
    character-driven drama which attempts to show how the wolverine film
    was meant to be made, both in action and plot. We see that Logan is
    both vulnerable and broken; hes not the same as he was once before.

    Despite all the good scenes we have of Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart, the person who stole the spotlight, was none other than X- 23
    actress, Dafne Keen. Her action scenes will blow you away, you have not
    seen a young girl as brutal and bad-ass as her! It is quite a slow and
    long piece, but in my opinion it worked as a final film for Hugh
    Jackman and it makes perfect sense. Though not perfect and still not as
    good as TDK, because while the acting of Boyd Holbrook as the villain
    was great he just wasn’t a memorable threat towards the end. Other than
    that, I highly recommend this movie because like i said, it truly is
    something else and very unique for a superhero film. If you were
    waiting for a movie to be at least an inch away from the greatness of
    TDK, then this is it!

  • jheathburtonMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Not to be missed

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sumodh5March 1, 2017Reply

    Gut wrenching Gut spilling Noir

    Disclaimer: Chill no spoilers. However not your regular super hero
    movie. Keep your kids the hell away from it (It’s rated R for a very
    good reason). Watching the movie felt like walking into your favorite
    bar full of good old friends & out of the blue, being punched hard in
    the gut for absolutely no reason. Brutal, shocking, uncomfortable,
    dazed & confused – making you keel over, wondering what’s coming next.
    Take out the mutant powers & it borders around blurred lines of a
    gritty western & an art house production – stripped of all the glitz &
    glamour of the usual superhero flick, replaced by the depth possessed
    by almost none of its predecessors. Paced like a freight train,
    barreling through the landscape at some points & in others, slowing
    down at key stations to leisurely meander around & explore the main
    protagonists. Death is a dear friend, lurking around the corner, with
    battles so brutally bloody that no movie in superhero history comes
    close to its visceral viciousness. Constantly reminding you of the
    throbbing pain of that punch in the gut. Logan is withering & weary,
    Prof X is almost senile, all hope around is draining away awaiting
    death’s sweet embrace. Enter a pint sized feral X-23 – electrifying the
    somber mood, relentlessly pursued by weaponized soldiers called
    Reavers, kicking off a chase reminiscent of T-2, except the John Connor
    kid here kicks (or should I say slices & dices) some serious ass. A few
    surprises thrown in, some well-timed but unexpected humor & then it all
    hurtles towards a satisfying finish. That gut feel, ebbs away when you
    walk out of the hall, but lingers on to ponder over. Recommended watch
    after any bad day at the office – except this time, you’ll be ready to
    absorb that punch & mentally relish giving it back with razor sharp

  • virindraMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Good movie, but very overrated on IMDb.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • super_ethanMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Everyone says it, but i won’t.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sossevarvoMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Logan – everything you want and more (and thank God it’s rated R)

    Few anticipated the mammoth success of Deadpool last year. With a
    fraction of the typical budget for superhero fare, an
    audience-prohibiting R-rating (presumably box-office poison), and the
    lack of a Summer release date, it had none of the hallmarks of reliably
    profitable cinema. And yet, Deadpool hit a nerve. Positive reviews,
    gargantuan box office takings, and the collective adoration of most who
    saw it. It seemed that people didn’t want their violence sanitised, and
    their action films humourless – who’da thunk it?

    As with all unexpected hits, Hollywood learns from its mistakes and
    dutifully attempts to emulate the success of these breakout box office
    anomalies. After Star Wars destroyed the box office, countless ripoffs
    emerged, and similar things occurred after The Matrix, Jaws, Indiana
    Jones, American Pie, Paranormal Activity (blegh) and the list goes on.
    In the case of Deadpool this is a very good thing – Hollywood seems to
    be putting far more faith in producing big budget films with big R

    Logan is the first to follow Deadpool’s wake, and like its predecessor,
    it wears its R rating like a badge of honour. The curiously bloodless
    stabbings of Wolverine in his previous PG 13 outings are out – now we
    are treated to spectacularly gory Adamantium-fuelled fight scenes that
    are utterly thrilling and cathartic. Importantly, the violence isn’t
    just cheap thrills – it actually serves to contribute a real sense of
    stakes to the plot, making you really feel and understand the mortality
    of these mutants, that violence is ugly, brutal and most importantly
    painful. We are also treated to profanity, which once again is not
    exploited, merely a reflection of Logan’s age and weariness, as he
    approaches the latter stages of life. Aside from some uncharacteristic
    swearing from Professor Xavier (which felt gratuitous) and a scene with
    totally arbitrary bare breasts, Logan’s R rating is effectively
    utilised for the service of its story, which is far darker, meaner and
    more mature than other X Men related films.

    An aspect that really worked well was the inclusion of Laura, a girl
    with formidable powers that prompts Logan to seek heroic redemption and
    rediscover his sense of purpose (albeit rockily.) Steely, tough and
    mostly mute, Laura is the antithesis of a cute movie kid – she takes no
    prisoners, and leaves no throat unstabbed, a terrifically entertaining
    character. As such, her uneasy union with Logan is believable and
    unexpectedly emotional, grounding the film in pathos usually absent
    from superhero movies. Also adding emotional resonance is Patrick
    Stewart, in fine, gracious and ever so fragile form as Charles Xavier,
    who is reduced to a consuming neurological disease stemming from his
    telekinesis – he has easy chemistry with Jackman, complemented by the
    years of baggage contributed by almost 2 decades of X Men films.
    Finally to Hugh Jackman himself – he is a stellar vessel, playing Logan
    as he has never done before, with vulnerability, brusqueness and a
    surly resolve, he carries the movie amply with a layered, sophisticated
    performance that is worthy of end of year awards consideration
    (unlikely as that may be.)

    In the first act villainous characters are effective, because they
    appear only as hired guns led by a menacing Boyd Holbrook. This
    simplicity feels appropriate for James Mangold’s pared back, realistic
    vision of the X Men-populated world, a factor achieved through the
    grounded nature of characters, and very cleverly through the existence
    of X Men comics, almost implying that the films that preceded are an
    airbrushed, more idyllic, fictionalised version of the truth of the X
    Men. Critics have called the film like a Western, considering its
    setting, its brutality, and a particular scene that directly references
    Shane (1953). On these bases, the film proceeds with gusto, yet falters
    when far more melodramatic, far-reaching elements to the films
    antagonists are introduced. As followed through by a wasted Richard E
    Grant, the villains, and their back story, while interesting, feels
    incongruous with the gritty, realistic main narrative and its
    effectively more concentrated scope. It also adds more fat to the
    already bulging story, which feels bloated and not entirely coherent,
    at a slightly overlong 2 hrs 17 minutes.

    Furthermore, a sequence involving a family who invites Logan, Laura and
    Xavier to dinner after they assisted them on the highway, and its
    culmination was profoundly irritating – as a result of the morally iffy
    actions of Xavier in particular it is very difficult to sympathise with
    him immediately after, despite the fact that the film seems to want you
    to do so. Nonetheless, the film builds towards a satisfying climax that
    feels like a fitting end to Logan’s journey, that is unless Jackman
    decides to return once more.

    In all James Mangold’s film is bold, brash, gloriously mean and
    feverishly exciting ride that is certainly the most audacious and
    enjoyable superhero film I’ve seen in quite some time, perhaps since
    The Dark Knight or Watchmen, and few who see it will be disappointed.
    Logan delivers what you’d expect from a rollicking action flick
    starring Wolverine, but what you might not expect is an equally
    satisfying drama of characters and relationships, which explores age,
    regret, duty and redemption in powerful fashion.

  • Bob MovieguruMarch 1, 2017Reply

    A cinematic feels train we deserve.

    Logan surprised me today in theaters. It is absolutely perfect with the
    way it makes you feel happy and sad within the entire film.

    It is unlike any other super-hero movies (or wolverine movies) as it
    delivered a message that is always lingering at the back of our mind:
    ”What does the future hold for Logan?”

    Just a heads up…There are no end credits for this one.

  • shawneofthedeadMarch 1, 2017Reply

    A fine, fitting farewell to an iconic character, LOGAN is one of the best superhero movies ever made.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mrmshearerMarch 1, 2017Reply

    New LOGAN Film

    I have seen every single Superhero Movie from old school to new school.
    I watch them all, the day it releases and I can honestly say I didn’t
    really like the previous Wolverine films. I have issues with some parts
    of the other Xmen Films. However, this standalone film is just
    amazing…. the story-line is epic everything about it was excellent.
    Great performances by HJ & PS. I recommend this film and I’d also like
    to see the rating stay high for an age. So vote/rate!! the movie after
    viewing for yourself.

    10/10 for me

  • FabledGentlemanMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Dafne Keen, a name everyone should remember.

    Well, just got back from the cinema, and i have a grin on my face.

    This is truly a worthy end for the wolverine franchise, the character
    that Hugh Jackman has played so well for 17 years now. He has said this
    was his last film in the x-men universe, this movie is his goodbye.
    Jackman IS and forever will be, wolverine, and whoever is going to fill
    his shoes, is in for quite a challenge. And in this film Jackman plays
    wolverine better than ever, near perfectly balancing between the rage
    and bloodlust that drives him, and that of trying to be a decent

    Patrick Stewart has also announced this was his final x-men film, and
    taking into consideration that i think this might be the best x-men
    film to date, and one of the best superhero films ever made, Logan is a
    must see for all superhero fans.

    Pretty much every actor does a fine job in this film, And to my
    surprise, a totally unknown actress blew my mind. The young Dafne Keen.
    Oh my god, a 11-12 year old girl that is a perfect cast for her role as
    Laura Kinney/x-23. I don’t want to go too much into her role in this
    film, but she is amazing, truly amazing. Most fans of x-men probably
    know who Laura Kinney is, where she comes from, and what she is. It is
    really disturbing and fascinating at the same time, to watch a little
    girl play a savage beast, and she nails it like a experienced

    As most know this movie is set in 2029, where wolverine takes care of
    an old Xavier. There seem to be few mutants left on earth and they just
    try and stay away from everyone, but of course, this is not meant to
    last. Evil corporations and military hunts mutants down and kill and
    capture them. This forces an aging wolverine to give all he’s got to
    try and protect what is left. And he is in for the battle of his life.

    Rated R, this movie is not exactly ”gentle”. In this film you will see
    heads being chopped off, limbs being parted, shotgun blasts to the
    head, and so on. It’s a really brutal film, with lots of graphic
    imagery. And i love it, a savage like wolverine isn’t exactly the guy
    you mess with. But wolverine isn’t necessarily the biggest badass in
    this film. He has some serious competition this time.

    The action sequences are well made, the cinematography is good, the
    acting is good, the direction is good, the script is good, and the
    story is maybe the weakest part, but still good. But the whole movie is
    executed with care, and the decision to focus the entire story only on
    a few characters, was a very smart move.

    This is a movie that is lifted one step up by Jackman and Keen, Two
    actors several decades apart in age. They are the perfect team, and
    they make this one hell of a finale. I urge every fan of comics and
    superheros to go see this film.

    8/10 – Good

  • Vinay SitalMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Emotionally Drained by the mighty claws of WOLVERINE!

    Wow! This movie was quite the spectacle.. It felt like happiness,
    sadness, anger and very satisfied after seeing this movie.

    The movie is about Logan being completely broken down and very
    depressive. He has seen everything and experienced everything in life.
    Everything he loved and fought for have all been given to him, taken
    away,given back and taken away again. You see his journey in his eyes
    which is great.

    This is what you always wanted from wolverine. He said in the first
    x-men film that it hurt every time the claws came out and your finally
    felt that in this movie.. but the thing we all wanted to see is him
    going crazy… and boy did he.. I saw more blood, gore and amazinnggg
    action scenes throughout this movie than I could have ever wished for.

    The acting was great all-around, especially the little girl who had to
    act just through her expressions mostly without words. I was sure
    almost sure her action bits would be just full of annoying cuts every
    few seconds, but it wasn’t.. there were some long-shots which really
    made me question how they filmed that.

    and yes.. i did let some tears fall out of my eyes. Im not gonna tell
    you whats gonna happen, but damn those were some emotional moments.

    the only negative i could come up with is maybe the slow pace in the
    middle, but i never got bored. Though it was a lot of showing wolverine
    is DONE with life itself, it was darn interesting to see him this way.

    The direction is amazing. You almost are in shock when you realize the
    director is the same one as knight and day with Cameron Dias HHS. This
    movie is another one, like the dark knight, that surpasses the brand
    great ”comic book film” and can only be seen as A GREAT FILM PERIOD.

    All in All, one of the heaviest films fox ever brought out in recent
    times… Thank god for dead pool, because that’s the reason we got this
    r-rated masterpiece. I would give this film a 9.9/10. It just missed
    some story points to make the middle 20 minutes not feel as a
    slow-burn. that’s it.. this movie is so close to perfect its crazy.

  • NerdUKMarch 1, 2017Reply

    LOGAN – A blood stained, emotional triumph!

    LOGAN (Spoiler Free Review) Logan is a testament as to what can be
    achieved when a creative team is given the freedom to stay true to one
    of the most beloved comic book characters of the last 30+ years. In a
    world where Deadpool set the gold standard, Logan grabs the genre by
    the balls & delivers a master class in how it’s done, even without all
    the bells and whistles, blood and chaos (of which there is a lot) that
    comes with it’s R-rating. For fans of the Old Man Logan graphic novel,
    Mangold delivers on that familiar tone and feel in what ultimately
    plays out to be a gritty yet emotive character driven piece. We get to
    see both Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart give the finest performances of
    their often overcrowded & muddled X-Men careers and can only be
    saddened at the thought of the things that could have been if this was
    something that the franchise had offered in the beginning. However, we
    do get to see a passing of the torch so to speak with the introduction
    of everyone’s favourite adamantium wielding, blood thirsty, pre teen
    clone Laura Kinney aka X-23 who is not just the catalyst to the entire
    story but the glue that holds it together in the most explosive and
    violent of ways….and we loved every second of it. Dafne Keen is a
    shining light in the blood stained emotional triumph that is Logan.
    This film is everything a Wolverine fan could ask for and more. 9/10

  • alfie1275March 1, 2017Reply

    Best comic book movie of all time.

    Logan is a masterpiece. Written, filmed and acted in such a way that it
    is much more than a superhero movie, it’s far from your typical X-Men
    film. There is extreme gore and heavy swearing, but all of it fits
    perfectly without being forced into the film in an over the top way to
    make the most of an R/15 rating. The acting cannot be faulted across
    the board. Jackman has always portrayed the clawed X-Man well but this
    was by far his best performance, he makes it easy for the viewers to
    really feel Wolverine’s pain and struggles as he ages. The same can be
    said for Patrick Stewart, portraying a 90 year old Charles Xavier
    suffering with Alzheimer’s, his performance is truly believable and a
    much more emotional side of this beloved character is revealed. Dafne
    Keen is excellent, every expression and word from her is meaningful and
    further develops Laura’s character. Hopefully we will see more of her
    in the future. The villains of this film are also very well crafted,
    their characters have meaning and aren’t just villains for the sake of
    being villains which is the case in many comic book movies. The action
    scenes are everything you’d wish for in a Wolverine movie, with
    stunning camera shots making you feel like you’re in the middle of the
    action. The music builds up tension well and puts an overall western
    vibe on the movie. Logan really is the movie Wolverine fans have been
    waiting for, with the R rating allowing Wolverine to be Wolverine, this
    film is adrenaline pumping. There are few times that comic book movies
    have featured effective emotional scenes, but thankfully Logan does
    this right. A genuinely good film, rather than a stereotypical
    superhero movie. It is obvious how much effort and care went into
    making Logan the masterpiece it is, an excellent job by everyone
    involved. Terrifically violent and beautifully emotional, a perfect
    send off for Hugh Jackman. 10/10

  • michaelsharples96 ([email protected])March 1, 2017Reply

    The best X-Men film yet, Marvel’s finest achievement

    Given how this website seems to have for some reason a world limit. I
    don’t have to tell you how completely moronic that is. I am going to
    have to share a link to my review via an outside source (a much better
    film website). So ignore my meaningless ramblings as I try and fill
    this box with enough rubbish for the page to accept my review.

    Ahh, that should do it. ogan-2017/1/

  • Corey JamesMarch 1, 2017Reply

    He’s a bloody animal

    This review of Logan is spoiler free

    **** (4/5)

    IF ONE COULD simply describe how old Wolverine the same way X-Men
    Origins: Wolverine showed it we would be here all day, describing
    different timelines from when he was born to when he had the adamantium
    enhancement. So we’re just going to say that he is old, like really
    f*cking old, sure superpowers are one thing, but nobody ever said that
    he was impenetrable to tiredness, or said that he was invincible. Yes
    he can heal but now it takes a lot longer to heal his aged skin.

    In Logan Hugh Jackman’s last time as the clawed mutant, he’s tired, set
    six years after the sentinels killed thousands of mutants in X-Men:
    Days of Future Past we track Logan as a limo driver retired from the
    killing, having to look after another old codger, namely Patrick
    Stewart’s Charles Xavier who now at 90 years-old is very frail,
    restricted to a wheelchair he barely remembers who he is, he has
    constant seizures that are more powerful than ever that can be stopped
    by medicine. He is spending retirement with his trusted friend, Caliban
    (Stephen Merchant), who’s a mutant tracker he can sense a mutant from
    miles away, however he’s always worried when Xavier has one of his
    seizures. It’s here when Logan meets Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen), a
    mutant with extraordinary powers but also like Wolverine has a dark
    past this quickly comes to show, and essentially she uses her dark past
    to control her power. Logan soon sees that she is more powerful than he
    anticipated, using her two hand-claws to brutally attack oncoming
    killers. He has to travel cross-country to a paradise for mutants who
    the mute Laura, learned from a comic book Logan, is convinced that she
    made it up but he goes anyway lugging along tiredly through the roads.

    Director James Mangold’s material showing the brutality of her past is
    powerful it shows that Wolverine isn’t the only one with torture in his
    life. In addition he lives up to his promise by keeping the CGI to a
    minimum there’s a slight ounce of CG here-and-there but compared to
    Marvel movies there’s barely any. Mangold’s technique here is not only
    in intricate detail of the character studies of Wolverine and Laura,
    but he’s good with blood too the violence doesn’t let up; sure there
    was violence in the previous X installments but nothing like this.
    There’s splats of blood-and-guts everywhere it’s sometimes unnerving,
    he Fs, he decapitates, he impales, and slashes – seemingly never-ending
    brutality here, Wolvie has been this bad-ass before in the other
    installments showing bloodless killings, but here we see the Wolverine
    we’ve been waiting for.

    However the film isn’t perfect, there is a flaw in the second act the
    film slows it’s momentum in a moment when Wolverine learns more about
    Laura, her abilities, her family, and her life learning what kind of
    person she is. Explaining a little slowly but all essential material to
    the third act as it picks up its pace again. It’s here when the
    material gets a lot stronger, Logan now a lot more tired has to pull
    through one last fight against Holbrook’s soft-speaking, yet brutal
    killing machine, it’s here when Mangold inputs sentimentality as Wolvie
    is beginning to get weaker when his medicine wears off, he shows
    strength though but it’s not enough going into the final few moments.
    Laura/X-23 fights alongside him with a team of child mutants, she shows
    strength too she has seen a lot in her young life and killing is the
    only thing she knows.

    There is a moment in the finale when you may let out a few tears when
    Logan, is on the edge he puts in the effort to stay up but it doesn’t
    work. Mangold keeps this on a high, keeping up with the material from
    the previous two hours. Sure Logan isn’t perfect but it is the best
    Wolverine has ever whet mistakes Mangold made with 2013s The Wolverine
    he cleared them up here. After nearly seventeen years and 9 X-Men
    movies (not including Deadpool) either playing as the main character or
    a cameo Jackman’s Wolverine has been through a sh*tload of stories in
    the X-Men universe and this is no exception to his brutality. It’s fair
    to say Jackman’s final time as the Wolverine ends on an emotional high.

    VERDICT: A bloody brilliant Wolverine movie, it’s brutal, action-packed
    and endlessly exciting, this is the best Wolverine has been in years.

  • Josh BartonMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Brutal and personal.

    Seventeen years and eight films after he first donned the iconic mutton
    chops and sharpened those adamantium claws, Hugh Jackman is back one
    last time in his most iconic role of Wolverine in Logan. With the
    ominous tagline ‘His time has come’ looming over the film, my hopes
    were that they’d be able to do both the character and Jackman justice
    after the two solo outings we’ve had so far have left a lot to be

    The year is 2029 and there hasn’t been a mutant born for twenty-five
    years. Attempting to hide from his life and legacy, Logan (Hugh
    Jackman) lives on the Mexican border providing care for an ailing
    Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

    With his powers dwindling, Logan is approached to help with Laura
    (Dafne Keen), a young mutant being pursued by dark forces. bringing
    everything he tried to put in the past right back to the fore.

    First thing that struck me about Logan was just how different a take on
    the character this was going to be. Sure, he’s always had anger issues
    but we have never seen him in this state before, constant pain and
    deteriorating powers making him a shadow of his former self. Right from
    the off we are thrown into a scenario that perfectly sets the tone for
    the film about to unfold, it’s subtly comical yet brutally violent,
    making me so glad we finally have an R rated Wolverine film.

    The violence isn’t unnecessary either, supporting a more realistic
    portrayal of Logan taking down his enemies. It also helps the action
    sequences flow better, rather than having to cut away every time
    someone gets stabbed in the head the camera can linger a little longer
    on the mess Logan and X-23 leave in their wake, one long take in
    particular towards the end gloriously showing Wolverine at his
    devastating best. It’s at this moment that I have to thank the success
    of Deadpool, which led to the studio giving James Mangold the chance to
    do an untamed version of this character, Mangold in full control of the
    reins mirroring Logan fulfilling his brutal potential.

    The difference in quality between The Wolverine, which Mangold also
    directed, and Logan is quite staggering really and you can certainly
    tell Mangold was in full control of the story this time round. The
    former descended into a typically over-the-top CGI-fest of a finale
    whereas Logan takes its time to build a study of this beaten down hero
    before climaxing with a heartfelt and personal finale that makes it
    much more of an involving film for the audience. The theme of
    parenthood has been explored a little with this character before, his
    relationship with Rogue in the first two X-Men films however, none of
    them have been quite like this, Mangold’s homage to the old school
    Westerns playing out fascinatingly well as Logan plays out. The real
    dirt and grit of a Western etched with Logan’s past is felt through
    John Mathieson’s quite wonderful cinematography while the adventure of
    it all is encapsulated in Marco Beltrami’s score.

    Coming to the performances, Logan features the best turn from Hugh
    Jackman in the role to date, and you can tell with his performance and
    promotion of the film that this is something he’s always wanted to do
    with the character. Jackman’s dedication to the role is admirable and I
    don’t think he’s ever done a bad job in any of the films, it’s just
    that when a performance like this comes along in a film of this
    quality, it’s hard not to put it above the rest. Patrick Stewart
    returns as Professor X, himself not in the best of places, and it’s a
    very good and touching performance from a man who’s also done a lot in
    making the X-Men films what they are. I found I had to get used to the
    pair of them swearing so much but when I did, the two are really quite
    funny, particularly together.

    The breakout performance from Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23 is one of the
    most impressive ones we will see all year, offering an innocent yet
    vicious portrayal of such a powerful little girl. She speaks very few
    words, using her facial expressions more to convey her emotions and she
    rather impressively gives Jackman a run for his money when it comes to
    the action sequences. The rest of the supporting cast, most notably
    Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, make
    the most of their screen time, even if Holbrook does fall foul to the
    comic-book movie villain curse. This is Jackman’s film though so
    focusing more on his last outing was always going to happen.

    Logan certainly does justice to both the character and Hugh Jackman
    himself with a film that steps away from the superhero norm and offers
    a personal and emotionally fuelled outing that certainly brings the
    violence and delivers one of the best comic-book films I’ve seen.

  • sajjadparmarMarch 1, 2017Reply

    must see movie

    couldn’t have ended the legacy better .. unreal performance by hugh
    jackman and he carries the burden with him throughout the movie and his
    agony and misery is something that needs to be experienced .. the movie
    stays with you long after it has ended .. one of the best superhero
    movies of all time

  • Samuel CannonMarch 1, 2017Reply

    A Beautiful End to Wolverine’s Saga

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • themadmoviemanMarch 1, 2017Reply

    An exhilarating and bold new take on the superhero genre

    It’s third time lucky for the Wolverine, because we’ve finally got a
    solo movie for the X-Men’s most beloved character that fully achieves
    what it sets out to do. Intensely violent and gritty from start to
    finish, Logan is a thrilling and powerfully dramatic film that finally
    brings the gravitas and depth worthy of such a great character, making
    for an utterly exhilarating watch.

    The greatest thing about Logan, however, is the fact that it’s not a
    superhero movie. Yes, there’s some amazing action and allusions to the
    X-Men universe, but at its core, this is an out-and-out character piece
    focusing on Logan as he grows more tired and weary of his long and
    guilt-ridden life.

    However, that makes it absolutely fascinating to watch, and brings a
    level of dramatic depth and intrigue that we’ve never seen before in
    the comic book genre. From start to finish, Hugh Jackman does an
    incredible job at bringing his character’s exhaustion to light, giving
    a gritty and battle-hardened performance that fits in perfectly with
    the film’s heavy-going tone, and makes the dramatic assessment of the
    character all the more powerful.

    And what’s more is that the Wolverine is a very different person in
    this film than the one we know from the main X-Men movies. Whilst he’s
    still got a gruff strength and personality, there’s a lot less focus on
    his charisma as a superhero and more on how he has begun to struggle
    quite seriously with his inner demons over the last decade or so,
    something amazingly apparent on screen, and finally achieving a
    compelling detailing of the character’s guilt, unlike the previous two
    Wolverine solo outings.

    Alongside Hugh Jackman are two other fantastic performances. Patrick
    Stewart is stunning in a very nuanced and often even hard-to-watch turn
    as a Charles Xavier struggling with a degenerative brain disease,
    verging on death. His performance matches the dramatic heft of
    Jackman’s, and adds significantly to the film’s tender and emotional
    core, which was brilliant to see.

    Also, Dafne Keen is unexpectedly brilliant as the young mutant who
    Wolverine and Xavier take in. I won’t give anything away, but I have to
    say that the young actress does a fantastic job in a very wide- ranging
    performance. She brings some excellent comic relief at moments, she
    barely speaks a word throughout the movie, instead bringing the darker
    side of her character’s story through in a subtly powerful performance,
    and she works fantastically in the action sequences.

    One other person that we mustn’t forget ti commend for this film is the
    director: James Mangold. Although he brought a fun, blockbuster image
    to The Wolverine, what he does with Logan is truly stunning. This
    movie’s main objective is to be a quiet, intelligent and powerfully
    dramatic experience whilst mixing with an action and crime-oriented
    plot. It may sound simple, but the only time we’ve seen such a feat
    pulled off before is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

    However, Mangold does the job exceptionally with Logan, and brings that
    powerfully gritty and emotionally heavy-going atmosphere to the film in
    such a bold manner. This movie has no qualms about being exceptionally
    violent and dark, nor does it ever cheapen its quieter, more human
    story with superhero movie tropes, and that’s what makes it such a
    compelling, exciting, powerful and thrillingly original film.

  • MarceloMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Kind of Boring, maybe is just for FANS

    TODAY this movie have 9.0 stars, which I am amaze of that , because non
    of the7 people I went to the movie like this movie at all, its lacking
    a lot, I think fans might have different opinion but definitely its an
    OK movie, you can wait to see it on Netflix, however, is early, I know
    I am not crazy, just trust on me, I go a lot to the movies, if you like
    XMEN and want to see the story, no matter what, you might enjoy the
    movie, but if you are a regular people, looking for a good commercial
    movie, mmmm you can skip this one. I usually don ‘t write reviews but
    this never is a 9.0, if when you read this is like 6.5 – 7.0 , then I
    will be OK

  • Saihuj SinghMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Left the film not knowing what to do with my life, it was just that good

    Logan is an absolutely fantastic film, and the decision make this an R
    rated movie made it even better. The action, blood and gore were not
    overdone, and the fight scenes were executed perfectly. Logan is easily
    one of the best comic book films ever made. Hugh Jackman, Patrick
    Stewart and Dafne Keen were all superb in their roles, and if they do
    cast someone else as Wolverine in the future I hope they take their
    time and make sure the person they choose to carry on the mantle of
    Wolverine can do him justice.

  • Daniel MartinezMarch 1, 2017Reply

    One Of The Best Of 2017

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paulijcalderonMarch 1, 2017Reply

    Beautiful and emotional swansong

    I’m emotionally devastated right now. I’m a fan of the ”X-Men” saga and
    I heard this was Hugh Jackman’s swansong to the character of Wolverine.
    Meaning he intends this to be his final time playing that part. And
    plus he is caring for a weak and humble Patrick Stewart. So I was
    already invested and a bit emotional going in because I got sad seeing
    these two characters in this state. These are people I care for and I
    feel like I know them at this point. There’s been so many films with
    them and it all lead up to this moment. I wasn’t sure if I was ready
    for it, but I went in and… It exceeded my expectations. I loved it.
    I’m not gonna spoil anything because I think you should see. I don’t
    even know what to write really, I’m really speechless.

    This is a film that dares to go the extra mile and I applaud them for
    making an honest humble story and not this big extravaganza. Here the
    story and characters come first before all the action. Which I gotta
    say, The action was fantastic. It’s extremely brutal and violent.
    Patrick Stewart gives a heartbreaking performance that’s full of range.
    He is funny, crazy and wise. You feel really bad for him and seeing him
    be happy and remind Logan of the good values in life really got me.
    Hugh Jackman is phenomenal. This is ”THE” performance from him.

    It’s a tragic movie too. A lot of scenes actually made me teary eyed.
    There’s so much in this that broke me that I’m still unable to shake
    the emotions off. This film is something special. I will say that this
    is the first time I’ve seen an entire audience stay until the credits
    ended. Why you ask? Well, because everyone was waiting for a
    Post-credit scene. There is no extra scene at the end, so you don’t
    have to wait. Some guys started booing because there was nothing extra.
    I usually stay for the credits, but I don’t think this movie needed an
    extra scene. It’s perfect as it is. One negative I can find is that
    villain was stock. There’s not much to him.

    That’s it for now. I could talk about this film for hours, but I would
    have to go into Spoiler territory. My overall thoughts are that I think
    it’s phenomenally exciting and heartbreaking. Go watch it.

  • user29338March 2, 2017Reply

    Hands down the worst of the series

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dvoon-missy-mcmuffinMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Thank you Hugh Jackman for your 17 years

    Growing up, i was and still is, an X-Men fan since the age of seven
    through comics. In truth, Wolverine was never a character that I had
    gravitated to. But I had a sense of sentiment for the character via
    association to the X-Men.

    In the year 2000, the first X-Men movie was released on the big screen.
    Again, Wolverine was never a character that I had any inclination for.
    But it was through Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of him, that the story was
    told from his perspective about the X-Men.

    Fast forward 17 years later, this movie is not about the Wolverine, the
    superhero who seemed immortal, without any weaknesses, that goes on a
    rampage whenever to save the day by being the best at what he does.
    No….and i am thankful for that.

    This movie is about the man named Logan. A character driven piece that
    hides a superhero beneath it. It is almost like an independent film
    that explores the flaws and tribulations of who the character is. We
    get to see his vulnerability and delves into his code of honor &
    loyalty to those he cares for. The telling of this story brought forth
    the man behind the superhero.

    All the cast were great and a special shout-out to Dafne Keen, whom
    plays Laura very convincingly; amidst beloved characters that had years
    of history on the big screen.

    The movie is not without flaws, but it made me care for the story of
    the man named Logan, whom defines him as the best at what he does.

    If this really is Hugh Jackman’s last run as the character, it is a
    perfect send off and thank you for playing Logan/Wolverine for all
    these years.

  • brankovranjkovicMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Logan – Not your typical comic book hero film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jimMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Great Rogan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mhmd_ElgammalMarch 2, 2017Reply

    The only way to end it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cameronius Explodius McMoniusMarch 2, 2017Reply

    ”Nature made me a freak, man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long”

    Logan was released in 2017 and was directed by James Mangold. The film
    is a new instalment in the X-Men universe and is the final film
    starring the center characters of Logan (Wolverine) and Charles Xavier,
    showing them tasked with protecting a young girl. What I love about
    this film is that it doesn’t feel like your average superhero movie
    (evident from the trailers) and is instead a very human story, hence
    the title going for Wolverine’s human name of ‘Logan’. Over time we’ve
    seen people’s expectations for comic book change quite drastically and
    we’re in a period of time now where expectations are changing rapidly.
    However, this film bravely ignores the trends and goes for what it
    wants to be and I highly appreciate it for that. To start off with,
    this movie does indeed have an R rating and is very brutal. I knew this
    was going to be something before I even saw it and I was kind of afraid
    whether or not this would be too big of a change from the previous
    X-Men films. Thankfully, the R rating felt necessary and required and
    if the film was PG-13 it would have nowhere near as much of an impact.
    The fact that more strong language is included too was another concern
    I had for it being too big of a change but it makes sense for the
    characters to use this language considering what stage they are at in
    their lives and didn’t feel like it was there just for the sake of it.
    The main three characters of the film are brilliant; Hugh Jackman gives
    a great performance as Logan and also Patrick Stewart gave a unique,
    emotionally deep performance as Charles Xavier, showcasing a side to
    the character I never thought I’d see. Newcomer Dafne Keen was also
    very promising as the new character Laura Kinney. Showing these
    characters at the dark point in their lives made for an overall more
    emotionally involving story and makes them discover each other in a
    much deeper way than they ever had before and for once the main
    characters feel like a family instead of just a team. The way they all
    interact was amazing to see and adds up to the overall ‘human’ theme of
    the story. What I probably loved the most about the film (like I
    mentioned just then) is how it was a human story, ignoring the trends
    other comic book movies are going for and being what it wants to be.
    It’s also clear that this is a film not made solely for the money but
    one for the fans; you can tell they aren’t adding things in simply for
    extra money (for example the film wasn’t shot in 3D), there’s no big
    beam in the sky for the characters to fight at the end and it also
    takes into consideration what films do for people in real-life too, as
    in the end credits it says that the film help supply thousands of jobs
    and it’s amazing to see when a film goes the extra level with thought
    like that, especially nowadays when most movies are made for the money.
    Overall, I loved how much thought was put into this film and the fact
    that it was what it wanted to be, especially for the time period of
    superhero movies that we’re in at the moment. The main cast give
    brilliant performances and was a great send-off for the characters we
    know and love. I did have one or two problems with the film (which will
    be in my spoiler section), however they weren’t enough to hold down the
    film in quality. Even if they don’t continue to make superhero films
    like this in the future, we’ll always have Logan. 8.2/10 I’ve just got
    to mention that this was my most anticipated film of 2017 and the fact
    that I saw it the day it came out and also thought it was great made my

  • adonis98-743-186503March 2, 2017Reply

    A Perfect Masterpiece!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pingflickMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Almost perfect serious superhero movie for adults…

    There is an overdose of superhero movies for the last 10 to 15 years
    including reboots of reboots… And most of them have same silly
    template… crack wise ass jokes, bland romance, senseless villain /
    super villain… mainly catering for bit older kids and teens…
    basically as a means for kids to graduate from cartoons to superhero
    movies… There are few that are really meant for the adult market –
    Dark Knight trilogy, Dead pool and Guardians of Galaxy could be placed
    in this category.

    Logan invents a new template for serious cinema with superheroes for
    adults… The pacing of the drama takes its time with character
    building and terrific no holds barred action set pieces rather than
    potpourri of mindless action…

    Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart excel in their roles along with Dafne
    Keen and Boyd Holbrook though Boyd Holbrook’s character could have been
    developed better as there was lot of scope there…

  • HykerMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Best movie out of the X-Man franchise

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matt LairdMarch 2, 2017Reply

    There is no why or how, only good acting.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • brennocarilloMarch 2, 2017Reply

    ”Logan” Review: Hugh Jackman, forever.

    It will be extremely hard for to continue the ”X-Men” franchise after
    ”Logan”, should they choose to do so. This film is so immersed into
    itself that the potential consequences from the events that take place
    here put a huge question mark on not only if the films will continue,
    but also if they should continue. ”Logan”, apart from that, will make
    you leave the theater with your heart in your mouth, potentially
    bringing a tear out of your eye. Director James Mangold has put
    together a film for Hugh Jackman that marks and defines ”The Wolverine”

    Set in the year of 2029, ”Logan” presents Logan (Hugh Jackman) under
    circumstances that are very allusive and connected to the character’s
    past. Patrick Stewart’s performance as Charles Xavier is so vulnerable
    and realistic that it makes for more than usual humanely devastating
    moments during the film. Xavier copious seizures and Alzheimer’s
    symptoms require Logan’s care, with the help of Caliban (Stephen
    Merchant) who unlike the other two does not contribute to the film’s
    strong sentimentality. X-23, played by Dafne Keen, serves as the link
    between Xavier and Logan’s relationship.

    It is Stewart’s performance, along with Jackman’s, the driving force of
    ”Logan”. To think back on all that Logan and Xavier have gone through
    in the past, particularly the many instances when Logan did things he
    never wanted to do and took solace in Xavier’s words, is heart
    breaking. Here we have a Professor X who is dealing with a terrible
    mistake from the past that is linked to the disappearance of most,
    presumably, mutants, while being taken care of by Logan, who is not
    only dealing with his physical disease – adamantium poisoning – but
    also with the fact that he cannot truly find a purpose to continue to
    live under these circumstances.

    That is the film’s greatest achievement. The depiction of these
    characters’ lives in such a completely different lens from what it what
    also seen in ”X-Men” and ”Wolverine” movies do indeed, though not
    entirely, justify the ”Dark Knight” comparison. What make it close to
    Christopher Nolan’s 2008 masterpiece are the subtle moments; the
    moments when the eyes, a walk, or the tone of voice allows the audience
    into the character’s soul. In a farmhouse scene halfway through the
    movie, Xavier delivers a speech in bed when he speaks of how long he
    had not felt as happy he was in that moment. It is simply mesmerizing.
    From Stewart’s performance, to the sublime use of sunlight and
    melancholic aura of the frame.

    Where it falls short of being Nolan-worthy, however, is in balancing
    the overall tone of the film. This lack of subtlety is mainly due to
    choices related to Keen’s performance and the use of explicit language.
    The language is not the problem. The problem is when the audience
    laughs at a curse word, when it was clearly not the intention behind
    the camera. This, of course, has to do with Mangold’s poor choices. It
    is perhaps due to business reasons, to keep in a humorous aspect to the
    film that Fox feels necessary business-wise. Or, perhaps – and I would
    like to believe this to be the case – it is purely Mangold’s own
    personal choice. That would mean that yes, he was trying to do the
    film’s realistic and poignant tone justice and simply made the wrong
    choice. That only proves just how hard it is to make a superhero movie
    in this fashion, and how Christopher Nolan is, indisputably, a genius.

    ”Logan” is the coming of age ”X-Men” movie. It is the culmination of
    the story of the character that was defined as the face of the
    franchise. It hits you like a train; it catches you off-guard, and out
    of the blue you are experiencing a movie dealing with disease, with
    death, with finding a purpose to keep on going. In a western. In a
    ”Wolverine” movie. This one is special.


  • Malcolm ReynoldsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    An Amazing End to Hugh Jackman’s Time as Wolverine

    James Mangold’s Logan is one of the best superhero films of all time
    and it provides X-Men fans with the Wolverine movie they have always
    wanted. It is easily the darkest, grittiest, bloodiest as well as the
    most grounded and dramatic entry in the X-Men universe so far.

    The best thing about Logan is its characters. This film has some of the
    best characterization that I have seen in a blockbuster movie
    (particularly for Wolverine, X-23 and Professor X) and it is clear that
    everyone involved in the making of the film understood and cared for
    these characters. Both Wolverine and Professor X have never been in
    such a beaten and fragile state; for those of us who have been with
    these characters for many years it is truly compelling as well as
    heart-breaking to witness. Hugh Jackman gives his best ever performance
    as Wolverine and his commitment to having a successful final outing as
    the character completely pays off because this is the definitive
    Wolverine movie. I do not think we will see this character brought to
    life this well ever again. I know it’s only March but I honestly think
    Jackman’s performance is Oscar worthy. In fact, I would not be opposed
    to Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and even Dafne Keen all having Oscar
    nominations at the start of next year. (It will probably never happen
    but I wish it would.) The film’s R-rating is also a huge positive as it
    gave the film-makers a lot of freedom and finally allowed audiences to
    see the extremely violent Wolverine action scenes that we’ve all wanted
    to see since his appearance in the first X-Men movie. On top of the
    blood and gore, the action sequences are also very well directed and
    highly entertaining and I could not get enough of them.

    However Logan does have a couple of very minor issues which hold it
    back from perfection. Firstly the film used a plot device which
    provided a lot of exposition in an efficient manner but felt incredibly
    convenient. Secondly I thought this film could have had stronger
    villains. One of the movie’s two main villainous characters is the
    leader of a sinister organization and the other is an underling played
    by Boyd Holbrook. I thought Boyd Holbrook’s character, Pierce, worked
    very well in the film but the other antagonist (Pierce’s boss) was
    underdeveloped and forgettable. Fortunately Logan makes it clear to the
    audience that it is not a film which is reliant on the quality of its
    antagonists as it puts almost all of its focus into the beautiful
    journey of Logan, X-23 and Professor X and it is exceptionally strong
    in this area.

    Overall I found Logan to be a superb send-off for one of the greatest
    (or maybe even the greatest) cinematic superheroes. James Mangold
    clearly had a very specific vision for this movie and it is realized
    incredibly well. Everything from the dark, futuristic setting to the
    characters as well as the emotional impact and the action are
    absolutely phenomenal. Even with some minor flaws Logan is still a
    masterful movie that everyone should see and it is a milestone for the
    superhero genre. I can’t wait to see it again.


  • Benley PhamMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Best of the best superhero movie ever

    From the moment I know Logan until now that Logan is probably the film
    that I have many mixed feelings to each other more to this. This is the
    first time,a superhero movie made me cry, every time I think this is
    the last time I can see him on screen, the feeling was that I mixed in
    the film as more. With me, there’s the only one Wolverine from now and
    forever, Logan.

  • Movie TrackerMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Different, realistic, character driven approach to X-Men

    While it is a Marvel movie and a X-Men movie; Logan is very different
    than the other movies of X-Men and Marvel. It is more like a character
    based drama that happens to center around characters of Logan and

    If you are planning to go to that movie with the intention of seeing
    the next Marvel movie with its light heart-ed humor, or next X-Men
    movie where they don their sleek outfits and mutant-power their way
    through a world threatening evil; please note that this is not one of

    Movie feels very different in the sense that it takes itself very
    seriously. No humor that is placed there that is aimed at the invisible
    audience superhero knows to be there, no action scenes where all the
    troubles of a beating and conflict is magically wiped away at the next
    scene. Also no billion dollar cutting edge tech stealth planes and
    state of the art tech mansions where characters are only concerned
    about world politics and threats since they somehow all live off some
    kind of trust fund.

    Reality of life is in the center of the movie. The struggle of those
    characters with decaying health, with money struggle, with grief of the
    past events in a world that does not have a place for them anymore and
    their conflicting way of looking at what ‘future’ means. Those are
    things what this movie is mostly about, and the interactions between
    Xavior, Laura and Logan.

    If you always liked Xavior and Wolverine; and wanted to see more of
    them in a more character focused story; then you will love Logan.

    But if you are looking for a movie where heroes don their sleek uniform
    and beat the next bad guy in some flashy action where fight’s only
    purpose is to entertain audience; you might find this movie to be off-
    putting and depressing.

  • farah NogaMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A beautiful way to end Jackman’s wolverine’s journey

    I was so excited to watch Logan and I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint
    me. It lived up to my expectations and even more! The first act of the
    movie is a slow burn but it builds up to a very entertaining action
    scene. The second act is personally my favorite, I enjoyed every second
    of it. What makes it special is that the director took time building up
    a scene, it felt like I was watching a drama instead of an action film
    and that’s a thing that most superheros movies don’t dare to do these
    days. Everyone in the cast did a great job and I’m gonna miss Patrick
    Stewart as Charles Xavier

    The cinematography and the soundtrack were so beautiful, the ending was
    stunning and it was a perfect way for Hugh Jackman to end the his role
    as wolverine.

  • regula1March 2, 2017Reply

    A last hurrah for a battered hero worthy of praise

    This is the second R-rated comic book movie to come out in recent
    years, the first of which was Deadpool. As Deadpool said in that film
    ”This guy’s got the right idea. He wore the brown pants” right before
    killing him.

    There are many faceless henchman who should have worn their brown pants
    in Logan.

    Logan is the ninth time Hugh Jackman has appeared in the role of
    Logan/Wolverine, and it shows in his performance. The film is set in
    the late 2040s, mutant-kind is all but extinct, and Logan is not the
    hero he once was. He is shown to be a tired warrior whose spirit is
    wounded just as much as his weakening body. He tends to a fading
    Charles Xavier, who in his 90s is losing control of his powerful and
    dangerous mind.

    Then along comes Laura, a young girl with familiar gifts, and Logan
    must saddle up for one last ride.

    There was much buzz around this film as it was reportedly Hugh
    Jackman’s final film as Wolverine. In interviews, Jackman has said he
    poured his heart into this performance, and it shows.

    Boy, does he knock it out of the park.

    The theme of Logan’s character throughout the X-Men films has been that
    he is a man struggling with both his identity and his guilt. We got a
    taste of his road down the hole of depression and remorse in 2013’s The
    Wolverine, but here we see Logan hit absolute rock bottom. Nearly
    everyone he ever cared about is gone, his last remaining friend is
    slipping away, and to top it all off, his own powers are fading. We can
    only imagine the feelings that the character would be feeling, but
    Jackman’s performance brings us as close as we can come.

    Aside from Jackman, the other absolutely stellar performance was Dafne
    Keen as Laura/X-23. Her character starts out fairly simple, but becomes
    the basis for a deep bond to form between her and Logan. Her
    performance gave the film some of its biggest laughs, its most intense
    action scenes, and one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the film.

    What faults there are in this film are surprisingly small. The main
    villains of the film are very one-dimensional; at times, the film
    almost goes deep into their motivations, but abruptly interrupts itself
    in lieu of more awesome fight scenes. There are certain characters that
    the film wants you as the audience to care about, but in reality you
    just don’t, and the film moves on to bigger and better things. All
    things being considered, these are things the audience can accept as
    they take in the film’s many other positives.

    Logan may well be Hugh Jackman’s last time baring the claws, and if it
    were I would say that this film is a very fitting way for Wolverine to
    say good-bye.

  • kate-evans30March 2, 2017Reply

    Brutal Brilliance

    This film has left me completely at a loss. It is so so good, so
    emotional, intense and brutal. I really want to see it again but I’m
    not sure I can put myself through it, it has affected me so much.
    Brilliant acting, superb effects, it will deserve any awards it might
    be nominated for.

  • SagiMarch 2, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine movie we wanted, and that we deserve.

    Probably one of the best superheroes movies ever.

    So brutal yet with a smiling comfy-zone destroyer, disturbing-glare,
    it’s almost like Stan Lee meets Tarnatino for an afternoon coffee. some
    scenes are just so gore it is amazing to see in what many consider as
    an ‘another childish Marvel movie with the same old tricks’. So let me
    tell you something, this one is just so pure, and it raises the bar for
    every sci-fi, action and superhero movies for both DC and Marvel to
    come next.

    Can’t remember the last time I got so excited watching a Marvel movie,
    some scenes are just too intense, violent and filled with dark-humor
    and horror that you almost can fall in love with that kind of film.
    Some other review here suggest it’s the second best superhero film ever
    after Dark Knight, and as someone who watched almost everything DC n’
    Marvel has to offer, I can tell you it’s damn right.

    Go watch this movie now!

  • Serge_ZehnderMarch 2, 2017Reply

    The Tempest, the Rage and the Redemption

    As the Wolverine James ”Logan” Howlett (Hugh Jackman) is fighting his
    nearing death, a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), who shares his
    mutant genes, becomes his saving grace.

    Within this brief description lies the foundation of James Mangold’s
    ode to comics, westerns and tragedies of Shakesperean proportions. One
    character in ”Logan” is even called Caliban and he shares a similar
    function of sorts as Shakespeare’s creation in ”The Tempest”.

    With a tightly structured script by Mangold and his accomplished
    screenwriters Scott Frank (Minority Report, Out of Sight) and Michael
    Green (Heroes, Everwood), beautiful photography by John Mathieson
    (Gladiator), spectacular fight choreography and action set pieces, one
    almost gets the feeling that this film would be just as thrilling
    without the heft and legacy of its source material.

    The strong performances by Jackman, Keen and Patrick Stewart, who
    reprises his role as Charles Xavier, are the logical extension of a
    well thought out movie, that tells a gripping story about parents and
    children, while making not too veiled statements about the world we
    live in.

    The most existential questions, desires and goals are woven into a
    strong narrative, that by the end not only our thoughts are ignited and
    our hearts touched, but also our believe restored that if Hollywood
    makes an effort, it can produce works of great entertainment and
    staggering clarity.

    This final chapter in the Wolverine saga, which Jackman carried on his
    shoulder for almost two decades, is now put to rest with a resounding
    measure of integrity and maturity. It has deserved its resting place
    among many other great genre pieces.

  • Amari-SaliMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheJediWay9March 2, 2017Reply

    Brutally violent, emotional, and character-driven, ”Logan” is the Wolverine film fans have been waiting for

    ”Logan” is directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman for one
    final go around as Wolverine. With an R Rating secured, something the
    previous two Wolverine films should have had, ”Logan” was bound to be
    fantastic. It wasn’t fantastic. It was phenomenal.

    If you are going into ”Logan” expecting every scene to just be
    Wolverine tearing people to shreds you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.
    This is definitely not an action film. There are action sequences in
    the film, but they are not the main focus of the movie like the
    previous 2 Wolverine movies tried to make them be. ”Logan” is a
    grounded film, a film that really takes its time to tell its story and
    to develop its characters. It’s a character-driven film, and it
    probably has the most characterization in an X-Men film to date. We get
    enough of Wolverine’s backstory within the first few minutes to really
    become attached to him (if we already weren’t). We learn more about
    Professor X and what he has been doing, and then there’s this little
    girl, who probably should be annoying, but luckily isn’t and that was a
    sigh of relief. This girl, Laura, is the star of the show. It is really
    ”her” movie. All of the sequences with Laura were riveting. There was
    that sense of mystery to her character that you wouldn’t really expect
    from a film like this. You don’t ever really know what her next move is
    going to be. Her motivation to find a safe haven is so well felt in
    this film that it just brings you a sigh of relief that there is still
    a sense of good out there in the world of this film where everything
    seems dark, bleak, and hopeless.

    Hugh Jackman’s performance. Yeah the dude gave it his all. This is by
    far Hugh Jackman’s best performance as Wolverine. We’ve never seen
    Wolverine this vulnerable. He’s old, he’s broken down, he’s beaten. He
    can’t heal like he used to. The conviction from Hugh Jackman in this
    movie was just spot on and really captured the ways Wolverine felt at
    certain moments. It added layers to this film. When Wolverine gets into
    a fight, Hugh Jackman is so good in these scenes it’s like he got into
    a fight with the filmmakers on set.

    This film does not hold back from a violence standpoint. From the get
    go, you know what type of movie you are in for. It is brutally violent,
    by far the most violent X-Men film w have gotten. Wolverine hacks,
    claws, and slashes his way through skirmishes with blood, guts, and
    gore flying. If this is what you had always wanted from a Wolverine
    movie and haven’t gotten it up to this point, well this movie gives you
    all of that.

    From a violence standpoint, the violence is there when the film calls
    for it. It is not violent for the sake of being violent. This is a film
    that puts its characters and story first before anything else, with
    violence being a secondary element to help propel the story along and
    to create tension. It is in the scenes where it should be. If this were
    just an all-out 2 hour and 20 minute ”hack-and-slash” fest this film
    would have no depth to it. It would look cool, but giving Hugh Jackman
    the proper sendoff was what was more important in a film like this.

    This film at times gets downright emotional. The final scene of the
    film makes you wanna cry. You care about these characters, you are
    invested in them. You don’t want to see them put in harm’s way. Even in
    the scenes where the film may feel a bit slow, the final act of the
    film is the payoff. This is where everything really meshes together
    with a force, creating a pulse-pounding, edge of your seat final
    sendoff for Hugh Jackman as he retires from the role.

    This is by far the best Wolverine movie and possibly the best X-Men
    movie to date. I haven’t decided yet. It’s up there, and it deserves to
    be. Everything payed off in this film. It is emotional. It is character
    driven. It has heart. It is emotional. This is everything anyone could
    have wanted in a Wolverine film.

    From me ”Logan” gets a perfect 10/10.

  • bethelabba-553-227653March 2, 2017Reply

    Near-Flawless X-Men Finale.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blackknitsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Totally Different and Amazing!!!

    This should be the kind of heroes we like to watch! An enticing Finale
    for Logan 🙂 Can’t be Thank enough Marvel to give something like this.
    Stupendous idea and thought. Can make sense to all the motion pictures
    lover right there. Great movie here folks, you should watch it Thank
    you Hugh Jackman.

  • tyleramato-28680March 2, 2017Reply

    No country for old muties

    Back in the late 90’s, 20th Century Fox cast an unknown Broadway singer
    to play one of comic’s most violent and beloved characters in 2000’s
    live action adaptation of the popular X-Men comics created by Stan Lee
    and Jack Kirby, a casting which was met with much scrutiny, similar to
    the kind Warner Bros. received when they announced that comedic actor
    Michael Keaton would be dawning the cape and cowl in 1989’s ”Batman”
    directed by Tim Burton…well it’s now 2017 and both are considered by
    many to be the best actors to grace the screen as these characters,
    difference being that Hugh Jackman has lasted as this character for
    over 10(!) years, appearing in 9 films in the acclaimed X-Men
    franchise. ”Logan” is the supposed final appearance by Hugh Jackman as
    The Wolverine, and if that is indeed the case, he went out with one
    hell of a bang. ”Logan” is unlike any comic book movie that has ever
    come before it, its real, gruesome, unapologetic take on the genre is
    commendable, but most importantly of all, it has a big, hefty heart
    that it wears proudly on its sleeve, it’s an emotionally gripping film
    that provides genuine surprises, this is a comic book film where no
    one, I repeat, no one is safe from the grasp of death, which is another
    commendable trait of this film. Hugh Jackman makes the most of his
    final outing as The Wolverine, delivering his most refined performance
    as the character, other series vet Patrick Stewart and newcomer Daphne
    Keen are excellent as well here. ”Logan” proves that there is much more
    room for growth in the crowded superhero genre.

  • scottingramMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Logan Film Review

    The new film Logan which is the latest in the X-Men films franchise
    starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. In Logan Hugh Jackman claws
    his way back onto the big screen in his third – and potentially final –
    Wolverine adventure. In the not-too-distant future, the ageing
    Logan/Wolverine (Australian actor Hugh Jackman – Swordfish, Prisoners)
    is eking out a meagre existence in the Mexico desert beside the Mexican
    and US border whilst caring for the elderly Charles Xavier (English
    actor Patrick Stewart – TV Series Star Trek: The Next Generation that
    ran from 1987 – 1994 not the one from the 1960’s which starred William
    Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy which ran from 1966 – 1969,
    Conspiracy Theory). However he then comes across mysterious young girl
    Laura Kinney/X-23 (Dafnee Keen), who possesses astonishing and
    dangerous powers. But Logan and Xavier must protect the child from the
    deadly Donald Pierce (American actor Boyd Holbrook – The Reunion, Run
    All Night), leader of the marauding cyborgs known as the Reavers.
    Inspired by the enormously popular ‘Old Man Logan’ serial by Mark
    Millar and Steve McNiven, this gripping new Wolverine movie sees Hugh
    Jackman imbue his signature character with notes of melancholy and more
    than a few grey hairs. Meanwhile returning director James Mangold (The
    Wolverine) promises to amp up the violent action to unprecedented
    levels. Amongst the other actors / actresses in Logan include English
    actor Stephen Merchant (Hot Fuzz, I Give It A Year) as Caliban who
    looks a lot like the character Nicholas Hoult played in Mad Max: Fury
    Road and the character with the pale white face and baldy head from the
    Harry Potter films, American actress Elizabeth Rodriguez (The Drop,
    Blow) as Gabriela, South African actor Richard E. Grant (Bram Stoker’s
    Dracula, Hudson Hawk) as Dr. Rice, American actor Eriq La Salle and I
    should point out that La Salle is French for room (US TV Series ER, One
    Hour Photo) as Will Munson, American actress Elise Neal (Scream 2,
    Mission To Mars) as Kathryn Munson Will’s wife, Quincy Fouse (US TV
    Series The Goldbergs) as Nate Munson Will and Kathryn’s son, Reynaldo
    Gallegos (Bad Boys 2, Rambo) as Rey which is Spanish for king, Polish
    mixed martial arts fighter, actor, stuntman, DJ and creator of the KSOS
    Conditioning System Krzysztof Soszynski (Here Comes The Boom, Tapped
    Out) as Mohawk, Australian actor Stephen Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road)
    as Macon, Swiss actor Daniel Bernhardt (The Matrix Reloaded, John Wick)
    as Bone Breaker, Hannah Westerfield as Rebecca, Bryant Tardy as Bobby,
    Ashlyn Casalegno as Charlotte, Alison Fernandez (US TV Series Law &
    Order: Special Victims Unit and Orange Is The New Black) as Delilah,
    Parker Lovein as Lizard Boy, Lennie Loftin (Daredevil the 2003 film,
    3:10 To Yuma 2007) as Jackson and Venezuelan actress Doris Morgado (2
    Guns, I Am Wrath) as Maria. Filming locations in Logan include places
    like US States like Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, California and the US
    / Mexican border. Overall Logan is a good film filled with action, lots
    of gory bloody violence, swearing, fast paced and on the edge of your
    seat stuff, stunning effects, car chases, deserts, sunshine, heavy
    rain, casinos. bright lights, tongue and cheek stuff, sad moments,
    crazy moments, thrills and spills, some OMG moments and many other
    things throughout the film. So I will give Logan an overall rating of 3
    out of 5 stars and I will say Logan is worth seeing if you like the
    X-Men films, the Wolverine films, Mad Max: Fury Road, Blood Father, The
    Reunion, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Desperado amongst others. So if
    you get the chance to see Logan in the cinema then you should go and
    see it sooner than later.

  • bobbyfagan-74529March 2, 2017Reply

    Thank you (major spoiler)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alexander KleinMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A Brutal Masterpiece

    I knew I was going to enjoy this movie because as you all know I am a
    huge comic book nerd but this time around enjoyed it not because of
    that, but because it was a stellar movie. Logan is now the bench mark
    that Marvel has to deal with when it comes to serious super hero
    movies. This is the Dark Knight for them and I know that is a bold
    statement but it needs to be made. Having this movie be rated R made it
    so much better, seeing Logan lose his mind and start swearing as he
    hits his car with a shovel is brilliant, as is seeing him slice and
    dice men like they are cheese.

    James Mangold directs and writes what succeeds both as an serious drama
    with action peppered in, and a western. The year is 2029 and mutants
    are all but extinct. Logan lives on the Mexican border and honestly
    just go see the movie because the thrill of it all is not knowing what
    will happen next. Knowing my comics, this movie is loosely based on the
    comic Old Man Logan but only in title and location, the story is
    completely different so we are treated to what I hope is the future of
    comic book movies where original stories are told in lieu of adaptions
    of the source material To be clear, I love the adaptions but I also
    love not having to worry if it is staying true to the material and not
    once did I feel like I was checking boxes off of some comic I have in
    my closet.

    Hugh Jackman stated this is his last go as Wolverine so with the story
    being about an old man Logan, there is a poignancy to his performance
    that you can feel in every single scene. This is Jackman’s movie
    through and through and if any superhero was more deserving of an Oscar
    nomination it would be him. Patrick Stewart also returns as an ailing
    Charles Xavier who is both hilarious and haunting as you can tell he is
    close to the end. The breakout star, as anticipated, was Dafne Keen,
    who plays Laura, aka X-23, aka Wolverine’s clone/daughter. She is
    ferocious and innocent and better be in more movies.

    The score and the cinematography also stand out as well as western type
    music plays to wide shots of desolate wastelands and old decrepit
    locations. I can’t stress enough how professional this movie looked in
    terms of a comic book movie. The action was warranted and earned every
    time, character work was the main focus. It is truly a display of
    substance over style, but the style is also beautiful.

    If you have followed Hugh Jackman’s X-Men career this movie is for you.
    If you are a fan of super hero movies, westerns, or great movies, this
    is the one for you. It’s the perfect movie to see twice or you could
    also see it once and then buy it later on Blu-Ray. Other great ways to
    view this movie would be to see with friends, family, or neighbors, but
    I don’t recommend this movie to my worst enemy because he or she
    doesn’t deserve this caliber of incredible.

  • kennyruppsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Just watch a great film!!! Logan is next award winner!

    Just got back from Logan! So happy, this is a well made film, (to
    director and makers of this film) thank you for a great time and
    experience in the theater watching Logan! Acting was great, CG was not
    over done, movie has a great balance and character driven. Definitely
    going to see it again! Best XMen movie yet!

  • Adam BaehrMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A Majestic Seranade To All Fans.

    I will start by saying that this is my new all time favorite superhero
    film ever created and this is the first time it has changed since the
    2002 version of Spider-Man. I mean ”Logan” had it all. The story takes
    place in the year 2029 with a bruised and battered Logan trying to make
    a living while helping out an aging and decrepit Xavier. The story then
    turns towards Logan being tasked to help X-23. I will stop there as to
    not spoil anything in the least. I will continue onto the acting with
    both Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Xavier giving the
    most awe-inspiring performances of their careers as these characters
    which have been 17 years in the making since their on-screen
    adaptations have emerged. The newest star Dafne Keen as Luara/X-23 did
    an outstanding job and Boyd Holbrook as Donal Pierce was a BADASS. The
    acting all around was a Masterpiece. The action is what most people are
    going to go and watch this movie for in my opinion and it doesn’t
    disappoint. The action is gritty, gore-filled and gratuitous and I may
    add that it had a sort-of mesmerizing effect throughout the entire
    movie. The action was enthralling and the fact that most of it was done
    without the use of CG makes it even more fascinating. The
    cinematography is uncompromising and very surreal and each shot is done
    with such integrity for the craft that it can’t help but be noticed
    thanks to James Mangold. I will close by saying this is a Must-Watch
    film. The film is filled with subtle nuances and nods to the old while
    bringing what is surely to be the new to the forefront. The film has a
    good amount of humor and also a heartfelt embrace that is soon never to
    be forgotten for as long as you live. P.S. IMAX is the Pinnacle POV to
    enjoy this film to the fullest in my opinion.

  • Julius RobertsonMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Logan: Third times a charm.

    Here’s my spoiler-free review of the film Logan, which I was lucky
    enough to go to the NZ premiere to watch.

    Firstly, I think we need to thank Deadpool. Because if Deadpool didn’t
    succeed in the way that it did, 20th Century Fox wouldn’t have taken
    the risk of creating a Logan/Wolverine film the way it should be. James
    Mangold (director) and Hugh Jackman pulled no stops as we progressed
    through decapitated heads, punctured limbs, sliced off body parts, and
    buckets full of fake blood that gives Wolverine an animalistic savagery
    his comic counter-part has, but just couldn’t capture in the previous
    PG X-Men films.

    We’re in the dirty, dystopian, Western-like world of 2029. A world
    where mutants are all but gone, Logan is not the fierce warrior we’ve
    come to know, but an alcoholic driver-for-hire, whose adamantium is
    slowly killing him from the inside, caring for 90- year-old Charles
    Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who suffers from a brain disease that causes
    people within a mile or so to paralyse every time he suffers a seizure.
    Their quiet life is quickly turned upside down with the introduction of
    Laura (Dafne Keen), who takes our characters on a journey running from
    evil scientist Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant), cyborg-arm guy (Boyd
    Holbrook) and his Reavers. Special mention for Stephen Merchant as
    Kaliban who adds to the story, and not just comedically.

    This is a contained X-Men film, building on the previous 7 films
    mythology, but more concerned with the story at hand. There’s no world
    to save, no city to clean-up, not even a damsel in distress to turn
    into a love interest, this is a family tale, told in the most
    adamantium way possible. It’s a film about a passive, sorrowful, broken
    hero at the end of a long adventure trying to find peace. And the film
    is smart in creating unpredictability, we’re unsure of what this road
    will cost Logan.

    The biggest strength of this film, is its focus on the man, not the
    superhero. It’s in the title of the film, named after James Howlett’s
    human alter-ego: Logan, rather than Wolverine, his superhero alias. The
    previous X-Men films have been about showboating their superhero
    powers, it’s what audiences expect going into a X-Men film, and I would
    argue most if not all superhero films. Here, we dive in Logan’s
    reluctance to be a hero, a complexity he’s been struggling with for a
    couple movies, and Mangold explores these personal themes, such as
    Logan’s reluctance but also his feelings of guilt and isolation.

    The character relationships here are unparalleled in superhero flicks.
    All the relationships add depth, emotion and a heartbeat to the film.
    The mentor-student/father-son dynamic between Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart is heart-warming. Seeing a broken, beaten and old(er) Xavier
    being cared for by an aging and ailing Logan is nothing short of
    heart-breaking. In previous films Logan uses the term ‘professor’ to
    show Xavier’s standing over Logan. Here, Logan doesn’t mention it once.
    They are now close, and we explore their bond and the mutual feelings
    of guilt which is incredibly engaging. Also, Logan’s relationship with
    Kaliban is a great. The relationships aren’t just about emotional
    depth, but they help bring out our hero’s humanity. Also, these
    characters don’t just make a team, but a family. Unlike previous X- Men
    films, where they tried to make us think it was family, this film takes
    the time to tell a story of a family.

    The standout is Dafne Keen, playing Logan’s daughter Laura. Keen holds
    her own with the 2 veterans, skilfully adding to the trio’s family
    dynamic. Keen presents a young Wolverine-like Laura whose walk between
    innocence and intensity is spectacular.

    If this is Jackman’s swansong, he’s exiting stage left at the top of
    his game, to the thunderous applause of an audience demanding an
    encore. This is indeed an end-of-an-era, Jackman has donned the
    adamantium claws a whopping 9 times in 17 years, and never has he been
    more nuanced in his delivery than here. His performance can be both
    exhilarating and tear-inducing in equal measure. Jackman’s legacy can
    be seen through the fact that his Logan/Wolverine has survived a Brett
    Ratner sequel, one bad Ryan Reynolds Deadpool, a couple bad movies to
    still be as loved and cherished by not only the comic book geeks (you),
    but also the general movie-going audience (you).

    Logan is a sincerely moving and gritty human story, which
    enthusiastically abandons superhero formulaic troupes, traditions and
    templates, translating the antithesis of what we have come to expect
    superhero films to be. It has set the standard for genre defining
    films, but to lock it into a genre will only do it a disservice, it’s
    not just the best Wolverine film, or one of the best superhero films,
    it can confidently stand alone as a cinematic experience worthy of
    multiple viewings, which I intend to do.

  • Christine TangMarch 2, 2017Reply

    I cry like a fool in the cinema

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anton SkochkoMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Simply – great movie with great actors’ performance

    All of the , so called ”superhero movies” mostly the same for me. But
    this movie really made my day. Nobody could’ve perform better then Hugh
    – truly a great man and a perfect actor. And a girl – Dafne Keen – i
    really loved the way she performed.

    I was really excited while watching movie, and I’m still going through
    good emotions. Truly thankful to Hugh and Dafne for everything they’ve
    put me through.

  • rolando19552001March 2, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JoshMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A superhero’s Western journey

    Logan is what all good Superhero movies are trying to be: a compelling
    story about the struggles of superpowered characters and the world set
    against them. Too often I feel that Superheros cruise through their
    movies with little challenge, swatting away henchmen then finishing the
    big bad guy at the end. The end. Well, Logan tries to solve that
    problem by making the violence impactful on the victims and the
    superpowered characters. Impactful isn’t strong enough of a word, haha;
    injuries are reacted to, people are reluctant, there are deep flesh
    wounds, there is regret, and limbs will go flying. Without spoiling
    anything, deaths in the movie will be reacted to and mean something!

    As for the acting. Hugh Jackman is good at what you expect, an angry
    warrior, while Patrick Stewart steals every scene he is in as a senile
    psychic. I don’t particularly believe any children’s performances,
    although none were bad.

    Logan is not perfect, it is still a predictable superhero movie, but it
    is a really solid movie about one character’s journey – a demi- god
    character immune to all the violence he dishes out, mostly.

  • angie_8416March 2, 2017Reply

    Heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, breathtaking

    I’ve always been just a lurker on IMDb, occasionally coming here to
    read reviews on films I like. Logan is the first movie that made me
    want to actually write a review for.

    I remember watching X-men animated series as a kid, and I continued
    being a fan when the first X-men movies came out. I admit I didn’t
    watch the previous two Wolverine movies, but I was completely drawn by
    the trailer for Logan and the different, darker tone. I watched it the
    first day it came out in Taiwan, and I came out feeling like all the
    emotions have been drained from me.

    Logan is definitely not your typical superhero film. It’s raw, and very
    character-driven. It was heartbreaking seeing how broken Logan and how
    fragile Xavier is. You could totally feel how distraught the characters
    are. And when Laura first enters the screen, she completely steals the
    show! Her presence is…wow, I was at loss for words. She was
    phenomenal. And she didn’t even have any lines for most of the film!

    Without spoiling anything, I can honestly say that this is the best
    superhero film, and one of Hugh Jackman’s best performance to date.
    This is also the first time I cried watching a Marvel film. I know
    superhero films usually don’t get considered by Oscars, but I think
    Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafn Keen all deserve recognition
    for their acting chops here. Well done, Wolverine, you will be missed.
    (Note to studio: PLEASE DON’T cast another actor for this role, like DC
    did with Batman! Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine, and will always be.)

  • RenCatReviewsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Despite the action Logan is an unimpressive superhero movie.

    ‘Logan’ is the first movie (minus Deadpool) in the X-Men universe to
    receive an R rating. Unlike ‘Deadpool’ this film is not a comedy. Far
    from it actually. This film is a brutal action movie filled with
    excessive violence resulting in a surfeit of blood, gore, and cursing.
    Which, surprisingly enough, is what any fan of Wolverine as a character
    has been waiting for. Finally, we get to witness Hugh Jackman tear
    people limb from limb in glorious, graphic violence. For this film, the
    biggest selling point, aside from the R rating, was the fact that Hugh
    Jackman and Patrick Stewart are hanging it up after this film. This
    film will mark their last performances as their respective characters.

    So naturally, people want to see the only Wolverine they know be
    Wolverine one last time. And, thankfully, this film features an all
    around superb cast. Every actor in this movie is great with Jackman
    anchoring the film with his magnetic performance. Patrick Stewart also
    does a great job despite having fairly limited screen time. Even the
    young girl (X-23) did a fine job with what was given to her.

    But the crowning achievement of the film is the action. This director
    also directed ‘The Wolverine’ which was equally strong action wise. The
    difference between the two films is that ‘The Wolverine’ feels stifled
    by its PG-13 rating. ‘Logan’ does not have this problem. All the action
    is well handled and horrifically violent. Every time someone gets
    stabbed blood sprays all over the place in glorious detail.

    And it should be shown in glorious detail because the rating is the
    biggest selling point. Which is why you should see this with a crowd.
    It’s the perfect movie to see with people and reveal in the excessive
    violence we have all craved. Every time Jackman and his little girl
    whip out their claws the film gets a burst of life and energy that
    really resonates with a crowd. So, while I would recommend seeing this
    with a crowd to experience the impressive action, I can’t say that I
    liked this film.

    It’s perfectly fine but the biggest problem comes in the form of the
    script. There are literally three screenwriters penning this movie.
    Writers who have such hit films as ‘Marley & Me’, ‘Green Lantern’, and
    ‘The Wolverine’ under their belt. Despite having three people looking
    at this script for who knows how long, it still feels like a first
    draft. Why? Because there is basically no story. Where the last
    Wolverine film was almost incoherent with its bloated story, hardly
    anything happens in ‘Logan’.

    The first thirty minutes is set up followed by an action scene that all
    works very well but the next 45-60 minutes is nothing. They go to a
    place and then leave and then go to a place and leave over and over
    again. It gets so repetitive and dull to the point of me actually
    falling asleep. In an R-rated X-Men movie. It’s in this hour of time
    where we are left with so little story that you start to realize that
    there wasn’t really a story to begin with.

    It goes something like this: ”Take this girl to this place Wolverine.”
    ”No. OK, fine I’ll do it.” And that’s it. After he takes thirty minutes
    to accept this job he then takes two hours to complete this thin plot
    and that’s the movie. It’s nearly an hour of filler in a two and a half
    hour movie. If the film had this hour of filler cut out we would have
    had a great, straight up action movie. Instead, we have an uneven,
    poorly paced, thin story where not much happens.

    Like I said earlier, this is a perfectly acceptable action film. It has
    all the blood and gore you could ever want. It really pushes its R
    rating in the way we all wanted it too. Couple that with great
    performances and we should have had a great action movie. But, instead,
    the film is horribly bogged down with poor writing. Three screenwriters
    is never a good sign and it really shows here. There are endless action
    scenes followed by even more endless filler scenes. What results from
    this is overlong, thinly plotted, and an unevenly paced the film.

  • juan_nennaMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Not bad, not great. Fits and gives a nice closing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jim RiceMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A very human story

    Definitely not an easy movie to watch. Violence and language is very
    high on the scale, and earns a hard R rating. This movie had a great
    story and I was deeply engaged in it, but to say it was ”enjoyable”
    just isn’t the right way to describe the movie. Although there are
    moments of wry humor, and more than a few deeply touching scenes, this
    is a movie created around the heart and soul of a very tired Wolverine.
    It’s more of a human story than a mutant story. I asked myself if this
    was a fitting send off to Hugh Jackman’s Logan. The answer is yes, it
    fits very well.

  • MrDHWong ([email protected])March 2, 2017Reply

    A fitting swansong for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart

    Logan is the third and concluding film in the Wolverine trilogy and the
    final appearance of Hugh Jackman in the title role. After two mediocre
    solo films, this one more than makes up for their shortcomings. It is a
    fitting swansong for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

    In the year 2029, an aging Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) lives in a
    hideout on the Mexican border caring for the elderly Professor Charles
    Xavier (Patrick Stewart). To make ends meet, Logan works as a chauffeur
    around local towns in Texas. One day, a young mutant named Laura (Dafne
    Keen), who is being pursued by armed forces, suddenly turns up at
    Logan’s residence and he is forced to come out of hiding to protect her
    at all costs.

    Dark, violent, and highly emotional, Logan is an appropriate ending to
    the long lasting Wolverine saga. Hugh Jackman once again gives it his
    all in the lead role. It’s sad to know that this is very likely the
    last time we’ll ever see him play this iconic character, but this film
    will certainly cement his legacy deep in our minds. Patrick Stewart,
    who also gives his final performance as Professor Charles Xavier, was
    great as well. One can’t help but feel sad for this once great mind
    succumbing to the detrimental effects of old age and senility.

    I rate it a solid 9/10

  • Duncan TangMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Logan is only a action movie, but not a superhero movie

    I felt disappoint about this movie , whatever as a comic fans or movie

    Logan story is illustrated by ”Old Man Logan” story, but it has not any
    plot related to the original story, and it even came worse than the
    original one.

    Too much action, too narrow to talk about what happen in the past, and
    lack of the comic element in the wolverine movie (not surprise~).

    As the final wolverine movie, it would be sad that we still cannot see
    the comic version wolverine appear in any single movie. And also, too
    long for this movie length and lack of plot is why I rate it lower than
    the other viewers in this movie.

  • ryanskywalker-87402March 2, 2017Reply

    ”so this is what it feels like”

    If there was any film likely to leave me in tears this year in the
    cinema, it was going to be Logan. Hugh Jackman’s swansong to the X- Men
    franchise and to the character of Wolverine he’d been playing for 17
    years. Logan is a character I’ve been watching since I was 4 years old
    back in 2004, so in many ways it felt like the end of my childhood.

    Thankfully, Logan is a film that has matured with it’s audience that
    had been watching X-Men since their early years. It’s a dark, miserable
    and depressing film and barely resembles a single superhero film of
    recent years. I’ll also say seriously that this is the best superhero
    film since The Dark Knight, possibly even better.

    This was a beautiful, powerful and violent send-off that worked far
    better than I ever possibly could have imagined. Hugh Jackman plays a
    far older, broken and worn down Wolverine whose healing powers don’t
    work very well anymore and has to look after a dementia stricken
    Professor Xavier who is prone to dangerous psychological outbursts.
    Logan ends up reluctantly having to look after and take a clone of
    himself in the form of a young girl to sanctuary while being hunted by
    a military group.

    Where Logan differs itself from other superhero films is its tone and
    content. While Deadpool was a violent and crude film, Logan is far more
    mature, resonate and powerful. This is not a kids film, not just due to
    the adult content, but the bleak and miserable tone throughout.

    It’s really sad to see these characters you grew up with in such a
    broken state. Logan is a borderline alcoholic reduced to being a limo
    driver, while Xavier is a shadow of his former self. It’s heartbreaking
    stuff that works so well thanks to the incredible performances from
    Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. They manage to mix superhero nonsense
    with genuine heart, warmth, tragedy and even comedy at times. It’s all
    so bittersweet, but it works.

    They’re joined by a star making turn from Dafne Keen as ‘Laura’ a near
    mute clone of Logan who is on the run from a military group. While
    barely saying anything, Keen brings so much to the role, delivering a
    really touching father-daughter relationship Logan had been unable to
    have throughout his whole tragic life. What’s even more impressive is
    the fact this is only Keen’s second role in her entire career and she
    nearly stole the show from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. This is
    probably the best child performance I’ve seen since Chloe Grace Moretz
    in Kick-Ass.

    The Office/Extras writer Stephen Merchant also gave a memorable turn as
    Caliban, a pale albino mutant who brings a lighter tone to some of
    Logan’s more bleak outlook. He’s essentially doing what he usually
    does, but with some makeup on. Anyway, it was nice to see him a huge
    blockbuster film for once. He earns it more than his co- writer Ricky
    Gervais. And now I just imagined an alternate universe where Gervais
    was in this too…

    James Mangold takes on directorial duties as he did with the previous
    Wolverine outing ‘The Wolverine’ in 2013, which was great until it’s
    third act, but still 1000x better than 2009’s ‘X-Men Origins:
    Wolverine’. Logan thankfully does not suffer from the same pitfalls as
    Mangold’s last effort with the Wolverine character. Probably due to the
    fact he was allowed creative control to make a violent, R- rated
    send-off that lacks a bombastic CGI heavy finale.

    All the action in Logan feels small and contained, but is brutal and
    hard-hitting at the same time. It was so satisfying to see Wolverine
    actually cut people up into gory messes. While extremely violent, it
    all works within the tone of the film. I wasn’t a massive fan of the
    frequent swearing at the beginning of the film, but that soon wore off
    and they toned it down.

    Mangold directs the action scenes with kinetic beauty, making use of
    both Wolverine and Laura in some visually beautiful action scenes. The
    cinematography of Logan feels closer to No Country for Old Men than it
    does a superhero film. Logan has the vibe of a neo-western and looks
    gorgeous, full of nice looking deserts and even a trip to Las Vegas.

    Without spoiling anything, I’d honestly be okay if this was the ending
    to the X-Men series as a whole. It leaves things in such a powerful and
    perfect way that I was tearing up. While is the end of Hugh Jackman’s
    run as Wolverine, it also feels like the end point of the X-Men we all
    grew up with, and it managed to do it all perfectly.

    Logan is a powerful, violent and beautiful send-off for Hugh Jackman’s
    17 year run as Logan. It’s also one of the best superhero films of
    all-time and likely to be one of the best films of 2017. I really hope
    there’s Oscar considerations for Logan for next years awards.

  • CJSMarch 2, 2017Reply

    An excellent, gritty sci-fi Western

    This is a very, very good, gritty science-fiction road-trip chase
    movie. Think Terminator 2 or Children of Men, except the child is the
    opposite of defenseless or helpless.

    Don’t expect a superhero movie – it definitely is not. Super powers are
    nearly nonexistent. People expecting cheap laughs, explosions, CGI, and
    the typical ”the good guys will win” movie (e.g. Avengers) may be
    disappointed. This is a character drama with occasional bouts of
    violence that demonstrate the brutal reality of being clawed.

    This is a movie about aging, mortality, vulnerability, parenting and

    It is not a perfect movie, but its a damn good one that has me still
    thinking about it now, long after the credits ended. Despite a simple
    plot, there were plot holes and the villains needed more backstory.
    However, despite the movie running for over two hours I still wanted

    This movie demonstrates how famous comic book characters can be
    presented in standalone movies, without blatantly setting up a sequel.

    Lastly, Dafne Keen was excellent. Hopefully her career amounts to more
    than Edward Furlong’s.

  • emilosheskaMarch 2, 2017Reply

    10\10 i cried

    wow like wow take everyone you know to this movie take your dog and cat
    if you can take as many people you know wow yes i don’t know how to
    write reviews i am only doing this so i can rate this movie 10 out of
    10 yes i cried pls let me already submit this review i don’t know
    English enough to write good review let me go i am tired

  • Peter ParkerMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A Serious drama with lots of action. A dark violent movie. The plot is really touching and exquisite

    A Serious drama with lots of action. A dark violent movie. The film is
    like Terminator 2, the machines tries to kill a little kid and someone
    is there to protect her; but if you want me to be sincere this is the
    new The Dark Knight. A really good movie, very somber, mature and

    The performances are great, OMG Patrick Stewart & Hugh Jackman deserve
    an Oscar in 2018; Dafne Keen did her part as well; the characters are
    well written, more humans and you feel them. It also seems like a
    western film.

    Of course it has its flats, for example the children in Mexico speaks
    English? That doesn’t make sense; or at the beginning the tone and the
    pacing are slow.

    It Has very funny moments but sad at the same time.

    The plot, the script is really touching and exquisite. James Mangold
    made an excellent movie, his better one; the best superhero movie ever;
    it will be really hard for another one to be better.

    Good bye Hugh Jackman, good bye Wolverine & Logan, good bye Stewie.

  • jackransom-69832March 2, 2017Reply

    Logan – His Time Has Come

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vulvayMarch 2, 2017Reply

    (Spoiler) Logan is not a superhero/action movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Diego GoncalvesMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A true hero movie

    I’m writing this review after 12 hours that I watched Logan, I’m still
    trying to stop my feelings about what I saw and move on, it was really
    fantastic! After many years waiting for a true superhero movie I can
    say: Finally! Logan is about life and lessons, it’s heartbreaking, it’s
    exciting, it’s about family and finding hope after a traumatic life.
    Hugh Jackman retired his claws giving the best of him, Patrick Stewart
    makes everybody laugh and cry, all the cast were fantastic.

    Logan is a must watch!

  • IJustLoveFindingNemoOkayMarch 2, 2017Reply

    A bland and useless sequel

    Why do movies have to be so violent? There should be a rule that all
    movies must be rated G because those are the only good movies for the
    most part (like Finding Nemo) and they are not scary and have no
    violence in them.

    There’s so much death in this movie that I died myself. Thankfully I
    came back to life as the movie started to finish, and everything I
    missed during my dead sleep was probably boring anyway.

    If the girl had ran away and was named Nemo this movie would have been
    okay but her name is Laura and that is not Nemo and that is bad.

    Awful!!! Watch Finding Nemo again if you haven’t!

  • FlashCallahanMarch 2, 2017Reply

    This is what it feels like…..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • padaMarch 2, 2017Reply

    4.5/10 It’s all about Laura

    There were moments of this film that were actually quite good and they
    all starred Dafne Keen as the young Laura . The partially mute mutant
    who may or may not be the offspring of a certain X Man.

    I’ll put a bet on that the follow up movie will be called LAURA !

    I went to see this as a non X men fan but hadn’t expected that to be an
    issue . Hugh Jackman looks the part and looks suitably old and tired in
    the role . Patric(k) Stewart on the other hand looked quite sprightly
    by comparison.

    The trailer offered so much more , there should a be a law against
    using songs in trailers that play no part in the film ! Secondary there
    needs to be a law that all editors must be immediately out of a job if
    they allow a film to run into three figures, 99 mins is long enough 110
    tops , there’s simply no excuse for films going on this long , it ruins
    the enjoyment , this film started at 2130 and it’s now the early hours
    of the next day after midnight and I’ve just left the cinema .

    The film is set in 2029 , twelve years in the future but there was very
    little effort to spend the $127m on making the film futuristic , OK his
    car was slightly updated but almost every other vehicle , bar the
    paramilitary vehicles , were current or older . Yes there were
    driverless shipping containers but one scene , lazy fortellling indeed.

    The finale was about the only scene with any fast paced action , by
    this stage you’re anaesthetised to the violence and glad the film is
    finally almost over.

    Good supporting cast with the Swazi-English Richard E Grant in a
    sinister role and Stephen Merchant unable to shake off his Bristolian
    accent .

    If you’re a die hard fan I’m sure you’ll love it , if like me you’re
    not , you probably won’t .

    But what do I know – this will fill cinemas for the next two weeks ,
    however this advanced screening only had 17 people in it and I could
    hear one person snoring throughout half the film !

  • frymypantsMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Logan a devastating piece of art (some spoilers)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Huy BuiMarch 2, 2017Reply

    Nice way to close a trilogy and open a new one

    Been waiting for this movie since long time, and it is worth the wait.
    Very new perspective of the producers (to see the Wolvie age and lose
    his ability to heal), and throughout the movie Logan’s characters are
    gradually revealed. At first a little annoying, then the disturbance
    grows as situations get worse. At some point I really dislike our hero
    cause he seems to give up on everything (except for his instinct to run
    , as a wolf) and swears a lot (even to the blood of his own). However,
    as the actions progress, the deepest of his heart also has been
    revealed – the love for his family, his friends, and his kind –
    mutants. Death is the only redemption, and he got his death with
    dignity, love, and fulfillment. Sad to see the end, but we all believe
    the Wolverine spirit always live, especially in his daughter Laura
    (what a cool kid she is, haha).

  • Dark_VengeanceMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine:The Final Chapter

    As you most of you know,this is the last film in which we expect to see
    Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine,who has become an icon for many
    people.Joined by Patrick Stewart they are reunited once again in a film
    with a tremendous impact on all people have followed the course of
    Wolverine all those years and to those who see it for the first time.So
    lets take a look where the events occur.

    It is 2029.All the mutants are gone.The last survivors of the mutant
    kind are Wolverine,Professor X and Calliban.However,none of them is the
    same person who once was(well except for Caliban maybe i am not
    sure).Logan’s powers have been greatly diminished.He is
    old,grumpy,scarred and his temper is bigger than ever.His healing
    ability isn’t as strong as it used to be and the proof is the scars all
    over his body.Charles Xavier(prof X) has Alzheimer and he is having
    mind crises.Logan tries his best to take care of Charles,but he is
    caught up in a chain of events that include a young mutant named
    Laura(Daphne Keen) and some bad guys chasing after her.

    Most of or all the fans of wolverine wanted an R-rated movie.This movie
    certainly lives up to their expectations,as the violence here is way
    beyond anyone would think for the x-men series or any other superhero
    movie.The fights here are brutal,savage,bloody with gruesome images
    that will shake you from your seat.Wolverine here literally goes
    berserk.He is finally releasing the beast that has long buried as he
    slashes,maims,decapitates his enemies.But the credits for that cannot
    only go to Logan,because he has lots of help from Laura.

    However,this film adds most of its strength from the character
    development and the acting.Wolverine is not only physically,but
    emotionally devastated.A mere reflection of his past self.An old
    relic.He has almost lost the will to live and you will see in the movie
    how far he went on this matter.But,as the movie progresses he discovers
    a new purpose that gives him enough will to carry on.Charles has become
    miserable and sad because of something terrible he did in the past.In
    spite of that,with the founding of Laura we see a resemblance of our
    old,caring professor as he tries to take care of her like he did with
    his former students and teach Logan the meaning of life.As for Laura,in
    the beginning she is insecure and quite bitter.Later though, she begins
    to trust and like more both Charles and Logan.

    Hugh Jackman gives the best performance as the Wolverine and he doesn’t
    have to anchor this movie by himself this time.Credits must be given to
    Patrick Stewart who delivers an enjoyable yet emotional performance.The
    standout of this movie though, is Daphne Keen who despite her young age
    is able to stand here ground to the A-list actors mentioned.Thanks to
    their performances,they ”force” you to root and care for their
    characters.When they are wounded,you hurt.When they are happy,you feel
    relieved and happy as well.You develop an emotional tether with them
    during movie that doesn’t break even after the end.

    Although,what kind of superhero would Logan be if it didn’t have a
    villain?This movie’s main villain is Donald Pierce(Boyd Holbrook).This
    isn’t the kind of villain that tries to scare you.He just messes around
    with you but he will become lethal when needed.He is a suitable villain
    for this movie.But,he isn’t the only threat that our characters have to
    face,as more challenges stand in their way:inner struggles and more
    foes to fight.

    I highly recommend this movie for all those reasons mentioned because
    it distinguishes itself from the usual superhero movies.Notably,i was
    so touched by this movie,that it brought tears to my eyes.I have
    watched all the x-men films and i liked most of them but none of them
    managed to reach this movie’s level of emotion or action.This was meant
    to be Hugh Jackman’s final chapter as the Wolverine.If it is,please let
    it be the final and don’t replace him because there won’t be another
    actor that can replace Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in people’s hearts.

  • lithint55March 3, 2017Reply

    Good last journey

    This movie has created a lot of hype due to the fact that it is last
    movie of Hugh Jackmen as wolverine and he will no longer portray that
    role in the future, so being a concluding chapter to his 17 year long
    service at this role everyone is eager to watch this movie.Me being a
    beloved fan of the x-men franchise was excited to see this movie and
    how Jackmen’s last go as wolverine would look like.

    The initial reviews when the movie released were very positive and some
    even compared it to great films such as Dark knight, but i have to say
    that this movie can’t be compared to any other movie,it is directed and
    presented in an innovative and unique way.Logan has elements of
    western,family drama,action…put together in it to make it refreshing
    to the viewers.Performances of all the actors were very good,Jackman
    and Stewart were impressive.When it comes to special effects this movie
    didn’t had much so those who expecting it would be disappointed, most
    of the actions were very violent but eye catching and thrilling.The
    most entertaining one for me was when Charles was forced to use his
    power in one scene to save himself and a character, it was a heart
    pounding scene.

    In conclusion do not expect to see another Dark knight instead hope to
    watch a variety movie with some good action and sentiments, you will be

  • Anurag-ShettyMarch 3, 2017Reply

    An action packed & emotional send-off for everyone’s favorite mutant.

    Logan is the next film in the X-Men franchise & the last movie in the
    Wolverine trilogy after X-Men Origins: Wolverine(2009) & The
    Wolverine(2013). In the not so distant future, Logan(Hugh Jackman) is
    taking care of Charles(Patrick Stewart), who is unwell. They live in a
    hideout on the Mexican border. However, Logan & Charles can no longer
    hide when a young girl named Laura(Dafne Keen), enters their lives.
    Now, it is up to Logan to protect Laura from the malevolent group, that
    wants to capture her.

    Logan is a mind blowing film. It is the best movie in the Wolverine
    trilogy & might also be, the best film in the entire X-Men franchise.
    Director James Mangold has given fans the perfect Wolverine film, with
    just the right amount of action, emotional moments & unpredictability.
    The visual effects look very realistic. I’m glad that this movie was
    given an R-rating. Now, we get to witness the full extent of
    Wolverine’s rage, his penchant for brutal violence & his usage of swear
    words, with nothing held back. The action set pieces are fantastic &
    the highlight of the film, is the climactic set piece. The performances
    are another strong point of the movie. Hugh Jackman is awe-inspiring as
    Logan. Jackman portrays the various shades of his complex character,
    both subtle & not so subtle, expertly. I will really miss Hugh Jackman
    as Logan/Wolverine. Patrick Stewart is spectacular as Charles. Stewart
    gives us a very different portrayal of his character, this time around.
    Dafne Keen is amazing as Laura. Keen’s performance is on par with both
    Jackman & Stewart which is commendable, considering she had the most
    difficult role. Boyd Holbrook is great as Pierce. Stephen Merchant is
    awesome as Caliban. Elizabeth Rodriguez is superb as Gabriela. Richard
    E. Grant is brilliant as Dr. Rice. Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal & Quincy
    Fouse are good as Will Munson, Kathryn Munson & Nate Munson,
    respectively. The supporting cast is impressive. Logan is a must watch
    for all fans of the X-Men franchise. Go watch this unique superhero
    film, that is unlike all the other movies in its genre. We’ll miss you,

  • rugby_rox_09March 3, 2017Reply

    The finest comic book movie ever made

    Logan far surpasses everything in it’s genre. You forget that you’re
    watching a CBM and instead start thinking of it as one of the greatest
    movies ever made. It is grand, yet personal, funny, yet so, so
    heartbreaking. The camera doesn’t sweep through a CGI battleground
    while the score swells. There’s no massive alien creatures or any
    equally bombastic enemy. It’s very, very personal. You will not be

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    ”Logan” brings Wolverine’s story to a satisfying conclusion, but it’s only somewhat entertaining.

    The Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the history of
    comic books. He has been ranked #4 by IGN (Imagine Games Network) and
    #1 by ”Wizard” magazine. The brooding X-Man mutant with the long,
    retractable claws and healing powers has been featured in several
    Marvel comic book series since the 1970s, not to mention video games,
    TV series and, of course, films. Hugh Jackman has played the character
    in almost all of the X-Men films, including three based solely on his
    character. In 2009, ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” takes the character from
    his childhood in 1840s Canada through several wars and into league with
    Professor Xavier and the X-Men. 2013’s ”Wolverine” is set mostly in
    modern Japan and sees the title character struggling with the ”curse”
    of his invulnerability. 2017’s ”Logan” (R, 2:17) is inspired by the
    2008 graphic novel ”Old Man Logan”. It takes place in the near future,
    shows an aging Wolverine as anything but invulnerable and is intended
    to be the character’s final appearance on film.

    2029. El Paso, Texas. Wolverine / Logan (Jackman) is working as a limo
    driver. He’s not the mutant he once was. Far from it. The alloy
    adamantium, which gave his skeleton and claws such strength, is
    poisoning him. He’s slowly dying. And he’s not the only one. For a
    variety of reasons, mutants everywhere are dying off and Charles Xavier
    / Professor X himself (Patrick Stewart) seems set to join them soon.
    Logan has Xavier stashed at an abandoned smelting plant across the
    border in Juarez, Mexico. A mutant called Caliban (Stephen Merchant) is
    caring for the ailing Professor and Logan brings him medications that
    he purchases illegally in El Paso. Xavier is suffering from a form of
    dementia and, when he has one of his seizures, the powers of his mind
    that had served him so well in the past, cause tremors and considerable
    discomfort for those nearby. It’s not a happy life for any of these
    men, but it is a quiet, anonymous and relatively peaceful one. That is,
    until Logan’s past catches up to him once again.

    Logan is surprised to encounter Laura (Dafne Keen), an 11-year-old
    mutant who needs Logan’s help, but he wants no part of her problems.
    Gabriella (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a nurse at a secret surgical clinic
    called Transigen, begs Logan to help Laura get to North Dakota, to a
    place called Eden, which is supposed to be a refuge for young mutants.
    Laura is being pursued by Transigen’s evil surgical head, Zander Rice
    (Richard E. Grant), and his ruthless head of security, Donald Pierce
    (Boyd Holbrook), who has with him a private army of cybernetic soldiers
    called the Reavers. Soon, Logan has no choice but to step up and
    protect Xavier and Laura. What follows is a road trip from hell, with
    Reavers in hot pursuit, Logan and Xavier both suffering physically and
    mentally and with some major revelations along the way.

    ”Logan” brings Wolverine’s story to a satisfying conclusion, but it’s
    only somewhat entertaining. The tone seems darker and more violent than
    previous Wolverine movies (if that’s possible). There’s plenty of
    action, including fight scenes with generous amounts of blood and gore,
    but the story is smaller, more personal and more emotional. It’s a good
    mix of action-driven and character-driven, but can be difficult to
    watch. It’s almost overwhelmingly depressing, the extreme violence
    cheapens human life more than most action movies and the frequent use
    of adult language (all of it involving children) is disturbing.
    Wolverine fans may enjoy this final chapter, but there are better
    action movies out there. ”C+”

  • Jacob TitusMarch 3, 2017Reply


    I took our 17 year old Foreign Exchange student (brother) to see and as
    we walked out he said, in his extreme French accent, ‘that blew me

    This movie is absolutely terrific.. It’s gritty, raw, it has some of
    the most graphically violent scenes (certainly for a comic book
    standpoint), but it is shrouded with pure heart! The story line is very
    tight; it used ‘artifacts’ as plot tools, and just well-written and

    The casting is superb! Sir Patrick Stewart might win an Oscar for it!
    Huge Jackman brings his ICONIC claw-wielding character to its ultimate
    height… But the absolute star of the show is newcomer Dafne Keen.
    This badass little girl could shred critics faster than her actual
    adversaries! The two play off each other flawlessly!!

    Don’t miss this violently beautiful epic! :]

  • golphersjMarch 3, 2017Reply


    Where do I BEGIN? The violence and the language were appalling for a
    series finally of movies that didn’t have anything like that in the
    previous movies . I loved Deadpool, so I am not offended by such
    things, I just think that it was unnecessary in a Wolverine movie. But
    beyond that, the story was ridiculous and boring, not to mention the
    lack of explanation about what happened to the rest of the X-Men.
    XMen-3 was finally corrected in DOFP, only to have this piece of crap
    come along!

  • Nicu ChiselitaMarch 3, 2017Reply

    An amazing film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mees T.March 3, 2017Reply

    The Best Superhero Movies Aren’t About Superheroes

    One could ask himself what Logan is really about. Is it a good vs. evil
    story? Is it a story about a superhero being overwhelmed by his fears?

    To me, Logan is about an aging man who finds a purpose in his empty
    life. That’s right, a man, not a superhero. Logan is humanized in this
    film, the audience gets to learn about about the human side of James
    ”Logan” Howlett. Without giving too much away, Logan’s character grows
    a lot in this film, and it all feels very natural. So that’s where the
    writers did a great job.

    This film is more of a character study, than a comic book film. In a
    comic book film, there is tons of CGI, a bad guy who wants to destroy
    the planet and almost succeeds and a two dimensional character who is
    supposed to be the love interest gets kidnapped or dies. Logan stands
    out by being a movie which takes place on a smaller scale, so that
    characters can be developed and that the audience can show empathy when
    something good or bad happens to these characters.

    The story of this film does not feel unique. The escort type of story
    has been overdone since Children of Men perfected it. I would’ve loved
    to see something a bit different, but I can’t deny that this type of
    story has helped Logan grow as a character.

    The pacing in this film is so-so. The second act contained a lot of
    exposition, which ultimately slows down the journey we’re on and makes
    you feel bored.

    Since Avengers Age of Ultron I stopped caring about superhero movies.
    Thinking they’re all the same, and the sad truth is, is that they are
    all very similar. Thanks to the great trailer of Logan, I was
    interested because it reminded me of The Dark Knight and Captain
    America., which are movies starring a superhero dealing with humane
    issues, instead of superhero movies.

    I hope other writers take a look at this film and learn from it. The
    people don’t want another CGI-fest, we want movies about actual people
    who deal with relatable issues featuring some good (practical) action

    It lived up to expectations. 8/10.

  • morellotunesMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Excellent even if you don’t like superhero flicks

    I don’t write many reviews and, as a matter of fact, I don’t even read
    many since I like to just decide for myself. Rarely, though, does a
    film come along that I feel compelled to write about. In this case,
    after having seen ”LOGAN,” I just could not resist.

    The film is a gritty noir-western take on the Wolverine character which
    many have wished for for quite some time. It is done with poise and
    grace and, while quite violent, does not ever feel gratuitously done.
    The film is visually stunning. Shot well and in a bleak manner, not
    unlike a 1970’s film. It is cut well despite being lengthy. It never
    feels ”long,” however. Additionally, as it is Hugh Jackman’s last
    hoorah as Wolvie, it is especially satisfying to see such a success. It
    is impossible to imagine the character not being Hugh Jackman. He quite
    simply IS Logan.

    Anything else I’d say would be a spoiler, so, I will stop here. Before
    I do, however, I want to reiterate that regardless of one’s like or
    dislike for superhero films, this movie impresses as a ”film” in all
    aspects of the medium.

  • Romeo GarciaMarch 3, 2017Reply

    ”Good…But not great”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • oazamMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A perfect way to end the journey of Wolverine.

    The trailer was fantastic which made me decide to do advanced bookings
    for this film on the first day. Everything you need to know about
    Wolverine’s last stand is all in this film.

    So the story focuses on Logan ailing the care of Professor X near the
    border of Mexico. Things go peaceful but then unexpected mutants
    suddenly appear and try to intervene in Logan’s life. So with the help
    of an 11 year old with the same instincts of Logan, they try to save
    the world.

    Consider this as a plot with no spoilers because if you’re expecting a
    full plot, Wikipedia has everything you need to know because revealing
    the story will make me an asshole to Hollywood.

    The acting was scintillating and phenomenal.

    Hugh Jackman owns every scene in the movie and he got into his
    character really well. He was so balanced and nuanced and his
    claw-fighting did so much justice to the movie.

    Patrick Stewart was great as always and you know how good he is when he
    plays Professor X or normally known as Charles Xavier.

    Dafne Keen was also good in his role and she managed to give a good
    role as a mutant.

    The VFX, set design, and action were all brilliant. These 3 elements
    will be remembered for Hugh Jackman’s action choreography. Can anyone
    give some training to Josh Trank because I was so stressed by Fantastic
    Four reboot.

    The background score was also amazing and you can see how much work has
    been done.

    Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and
    after this and I am so gonna miss Hugh Jackman. Which is why this is an
    IMAX worth watching movie. Perfect weekend to waste 15 dollars. For
    Bollywood viewers, stay away from Commando 2.

  • Ahmed saeedMarch 3, 2017Reply


    Logan is different from other xmen movies i think this movie contains
    every thing . as usual Amazing action scenes and a little bit comedy
    and drama which is something new to see in a xmen movie with a fine
    acting from Hugh jackman and Patrick Stewart and the little girl Dafne
    keen Dafne keen have amazing acting skills This movie is a great one
    and surpirsing i think

  • Dom MerianoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Logan is perfect as an action/drama

    (Won’t give any spoilers) After seeing this movie, I would definitely
    say this is the best of the x-men series. This movie is an experience.
    Not one moment throughout the entire movie I was bored, something is
    always keeping it going and your heart beats faster as the movie
    progresses; it’s truly a great drama(I even held in my pee for half the
    movie and it was worth every second). The cast gave one of the best
    performances I’ve ever seen in a Drama/Action. The Hugh Jackman, as
    always, perfect as Logan/James, at times you forget that he is even
    acting; it is the best performance he’s ever gave of this character.
    Patrick Stewart as Charles, playing Professor X who lost his mind was
    so well executed and heart aching to watch; when I got home I had to
    watch some recent interviews with Patrick Stewart because he played the
    part so well. And oh my god, Dafne Keen who plays Laura (the little
    girl) was amazing. I won’t say much else about the movie because it
    would be best to go into this movie not knowing anything. People who
    have never seen an x-men movie in their life can see this movie. As
    long as you understand the sort of characters in this movie and maybe a
    little bit of background about mutants. My girlfriend saw this movie
    with me without seeing the rest of the x-men movies, and she loved it.

  • ripthepimpMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Overall poor final film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • muvi-fan-73March 3, 2017Reply

    Selling the name Logan – that’s it!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dan RichardsonMarch 3, 2017Reply

    As an X-men fan I was very disappointed

    I’m sorry, but Logan was a huge letdown for me as an ”x-men” movie. The
    plot was close to the most lacking I’ve ever seen. Not enough
    explanation anywhere. The fact that the movie was close to two and a
    half hours with no explanation actually made parts painful to watch.
    Everything is ”mysteriously” unanswered and even from someone who’s
    usually not bothered by violence, there’s a very unnecessary amount (
    trust me the origins wolverine is like you’re in a kindergarten class
    playing with dinosaurs compared to it ). The only two characters from
    previous movies ( Logan and Charles) had hardly any lines, and most
    were ambiguous at best, or just a lot of random swearing. As someone
    who loves the X-Men movie franchise, I would urge you to stray away
    from this production.

  • zachtlMarch 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FairlyAnonymousMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Wow, what a surprise

    Having heard very little about this movie (and not having seen any of
    the trailers) I decided to go watch it… and wow…

    Why this movie works is because it finally dives into the mentality of
    the characters. Wolverine is obviously the most beloved character, but
    we get to see him in an older state where he isn’t what he used to be.
    He feels vulnerable, lost, and weak. This is in complete contrast with
    the other X-men films.

    Instead of everything feeling cartoony and over-the-top, we get a real
    gritty and serious movie that has a lot of weight to it. Characters
    would die unexpectedly. The violence is to the extreme. Everything in
    it is utterly hopeless. To add to that, it has a lot of twists and
    turns in it which consistently kept me at the edge of my seat. I never
    felt safe in this world, and I loved how the movie was consistently
    manipulating my emotions with constant tension.

    Logan is an excellent X-men film, but better yet it is also a great
    film on its own.

    I’m not the biggest fan of the x-men movies (generally feeling mildly
    let-down by the end of it) but I was surprised with how clever this
    movie was and how bold it could be. This movie felt personal, and I
    felt more emotion in this movie than all of the X- men films combined.

    If you aren’t squeamish, go and watch this movie.

  • Vasco CidMarch 3, 2017Reply

    No comprende

    Wolverine has had quite a bumpy and uneven ride since Jackman took on
    the role back in 2000. He’s been in the main trilogy, he’s made
    appearances in the prequel-trilogy and has had also three spin-offs of
    his own. As charismatic as the character and the actor playing him are,
    all of his stand alone outings ended up lacking just that: charisma.

    While Origins is often pinned down as a disaster, The Wolverine follow
    up ended up being a truly catastrophic mess; and despite Mangold’s
    efforts to make amends in this final outing, ”Logan” is not as strong
    as it should have been and also isn’t the proper conclusion the
    character needed. The whole selling point was to adapt the Old Man
    Logan comic as the send-off to the iconic mutant with an R-Rating, an
    approach the character was craving for since 2000. The gripping action
    is there, the acting is unexpectedly superior for comic-book films’
    standards and there’s enough character development to elevate the film.
    Nevertheless, Mangold somehow manages to have the film feel
    uncomfortably familiar, predictable and deficient denoting a weak
    directing pulse and sense of conclusion urgency.

    As an avid X-Men fan and Jackman’s interpretation of Wolverine, I ended
    up finding all three of the solo outings lacking in a way the ensemble
    ones (even the weaker ones) never did; he has inhabited Wolverine from
    day one and it is quite astonishing how he’s made 9 appearances in the
    franchise and none of those felt flat, phoned-in or tired. It was a
    fully physical and emotional commitment to the mythos that honestly
    doesn’t leave much space left for anyone else to take on or
    reinterpret(although sadly, we know it’s bound to happen).

  • admanwooleyMarch 3, 2017Reply


    After I left the Theater, after all the emotions I experienced, I could
    think if but one word to describe what I had just seen: Phenomenal.
    Absolutely phenomenal. I cannot say enough good about this movie. Logan
    is perfect. If you are on the fence, go see it. Just do it. No movie is
    without sin, and there were a few things in Logan that didn’t make too
    much sense, and a couple of plot holes, but this does not detract from
    what the film is attempting to do. I generally measure a movie’s
    success by one parameter: Did it accomplish what was intended to be
    accomplished? That is why I give Logan 10/10. You feel all the emotions
    it wants you to feel when it wants you to feel them. Heck, this is a
    rare modern movie that actually succeeds in making you FEEL. I haven’t
    cried in many movies, but Logan certainly got a few tears out of me.
    There are several heartbreaking scenes in here and the last one was
    just too much. Right from the opening scene, you get a sense of what
    kind of movie you are in for, as Logan tries to stop some thugs from
    stealing the wheels off his car and is shot by a shotgun. In any other
    Xmen movie, that guy would have instantly been toast. But, with a
    decreasing healing factor, Logan goes down and stays there for about 30
    seconds. If you are a fan of the character, this is absolutely
    heartbreaking to see. He then gets up (slowly) and gets smacked around
    by these guys as he slowly kills them, then finally goes rage mode to
    finish them off, having sustained several injuries that don’t seem to
    be healing too quickly. And the killing is extremely violent. Claws
    going through heads, blood spurting everywhere, arms and legs being
    chopped off, the whole shebang. It is, in my mind, the perfect way to
    start this movie, and the ending is just as perfect. Some minor
    disclaimers for those with children: This movie is rated R for a
    reason. I DO NOT recommend this movie to small children at all. It
    deals with heavy, depressing themes, it is SUPER violent, is full of
    f-bombs, and shows a woman’s breasts briefly. This is a mature, adult
    movie. Know your kids and what they can handle, and proceed with
    caution. That said, for those mature enough to handle the themes of
    Logan, it is unequivocally and triumphantly phenomenal.

  • tasascMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Highly enjoyable action movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • docmastermdMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Very very good, but not Great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • connorbbalboaMarch 3, 2017Reply

    ”Logan, you still have time…”

    I had a hard time just coming up with a title for this review. Because,
    honestly, how important is that when talking about a film like Logan?
    It’s probably one of the few superhero movies I’ve seen that deserves
    to be called perfect. I just went to see this with a friend, and we
    agree that this film excited us, shocked the hell out of us, and
    presented us with characters that we love and are now all broken down,
    and a genuinely great story that follows how they spend their final

    The plot here is that Wolverine, or James Howlett, or Logan (Hugh
    Jackman) is spending his days driving people around the city for cash
    to buy medicine for the now emotionally-broken and physically declining
    Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) with the help of fellow surviving
    mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) who can’t go out into the sun without
    burning severely. Logan himself is declining too, with scars forming on
    his body and his healing factor working much slower than before.
    Everything changes when Laura (Dafne Keen) walks into their lives and
    asks to be taken to a place called Eden in North Dakota. All the while,
    they are pursued by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and Dr. Zandar Rice
    (Richard E. Grant), who want Laura back.

    What I will say right now is that this movie will break the hearts of
    anyone who loves X-Men and the character of Wolverine. I can’t give
    anything away, but I will tell you that there are moments that show you
    how much people like Logan and Xavier can screw up and how they have to
    live with their mistakes. Logan himself is at his lowest point and he
    convincingly acts in a way where you wonder who the man was underneath
    that Adamantium skeleton and those berserker rages. Xavier himself
    plays off Jackman very well. He talks like a bitter old grandfather at
    times who is unhappy with his ”son” and yet acts like a grandfather who
    has the opposite personality: loving, understanding, and sharing his
    wisdom of the world with Laura. A scene where they watch Shane (1953)
    is especially touching.

    Despite what other critics have said, the villains are great here.
    Holbrook is properly cruel and twisted and Grant plays the kind of
    villain you want to hate. The fact is, neither of them play
    super-powered bad guys who want to take over the world. This is one
    superhero film where I wouldn’t have cared if the villains didn’t get
    much backstory or dimension, because it is not their story; they are
    just forces that Logan and co. keep running into and are part of a less
    tolerant and more unfriendly government.

    The violence is done well and Logan slicing his enemies up in a gory
    fashion is something we finally get to see. Here, Wolvie stabs people
    in places we haven’t seen him stab before and whenever those claws do
    strike somebody, there’s always blood. Logan shows that even though
    he’s old, he’s still a pro, and even then, we see that every new wound
    he receives in his state just slows him down even more and makes him

    Dafne Keen is definitely something of a complete surprise in terms of
    child acting. Even though she doesn’t say much for most of the film,
    she nails the aggressive stares and animalistic and child-like
    tendencies very well. When she cries and is frightened, it feels very
    real, and not annoying like with many child actors. In fact, some may
    consider this a stretch, but she might be the best child actor I have
    ever seen in a movie.

    The film seems to take a lot of cues from something like Mad Max, with
    similar desert landscapes, and the story of an aging iconic character
    who needs to get past his emotional pain and redeem himself is still
    exciting here. It worked with Rocky Balboa and James Bond in Skyfall,
    and it works here. It’s clear that Logan feels pain and through his
    conversations with Xavier, it’s obvious that he needs redemption. Its
    great script (filled with numerous earned curse words) drives one in to
    see if Logan actually achieves it.

    To end, Logan is a fantastic movie. Period. Not ”superhero” movie. This
    film will most likely make you question how good other superhero movies
    that you’ve seen really are, as it’s doing to me now. I’m not kidding;
    this film will provide you with emotional satisfaction and leave you
    feeling like you had seen not a superhero movie, but something else
    entirely. Just be sure to bring plenty of tissues, because it will
    screw you up inside.

  • Ehmong PaulinoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    As usual, best ever storyline among the MCU movies

    For me, Wolverine and Xmen movies have the best story versus the
    Avengers hero movies and other MCU movies, with some exceptions (i.e.
    Ant Man). Maybe I can be a bit bias because my favorite hero of all
    time is Wolverine. But as you can see, Wolverine movies are inferior in
    terms of sci-fi action as compared to Avengers movies, because
    Wolverine movies take pride from its storyline. Yes, I agree that the
    whole Wolverine timeline can be really confusing but that is because
    they try to fit in storyline from the Xmen movies.

    On this movie, you can see less action as compared to other Wolverine
    movies but you are in for a ride on the action scenes, the drama and
    some humor.

  • mitchsrMarch 3, 2017Reply


    The most desensitizing, plot less movie I have ever seen. This is the
    first movie that I have ever wanted to review, because it was so bad
    and so morally wrong. For it to be shown anywhere let alone the United
    States is a gross disregard for the sane. I could get deep on this one
    but no need as I just want to warn people that it is so terribly
    disturbing in so many ways and should not be seen by children of any
    age and quite possibly many adults as well. This is a movie that
    deserves to be shown in some place like Syria or Iraq or wherever ISIS
    is alive and thriving as it is similar to their behavior and barbarism,
    thus it would not offend them. I am shocked this movies is being hyped
    like it is. Talk about fake news, these reviews have to be faked to get
    people to go see this trash. Don’t waste a nickle on this movie, if you
    are at all sane, the nickle is worth much more in your pocket. I hope
    this is just a mistake and our values and morals rein superior to this,

  • Sean AlexanderMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Logan’s last stand is first X-Men masterpiece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Miroslav KyuranovMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Hearthbreaking Masterpiece!

    Magnificent movie, that you must watch at any cost. It’s so good, the
    film got fun, action, violence, and much emotions. Like they said in
    the movie ”This is how the real world looks like”. There can’t be a
    better send off to Hugh Jackman character than this. If you watch all
    the X-Men movies and know the connection between Logan and
    Charles…man this will break your heart. X-23 is at the same time so
    cute, so aggressive and she’ll totally win your respect.

    For me this is the best movie based on X-Men characters. Yes, Deadpool
    break the 4th wall, but man…the words are not enough to explain how
    incredible is this movie. It’s not the R rating that make this movie
    masterpiece, it’s the script and the history between the characters.

    There is nothing in this movie, that I don’t like. Probably it’s one of
    the best comicbook movies adapted to real life. The third act is
    AMAZING and HEARTHBREAKING. So if you ask me can I compare this movie
    to The Dark Knight…YES I CAN it’s a perfect match.

    I appeal to everyone go and watch the film!

  • rezarhnmMarch 3, 2017Reply

    All good except the last 20 min

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steve beard ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Trevor Pacelli ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    The Old-Time Hero Retracts His Claws and Passes the Torch

    It is 2029, and mutations are still looked at as potential weapons for
    border patrol purposes. No longer are the mutants considered human, but
    tools. Although one is not yet a part of this fascist organization to
    redeem hope to America. He is the long-lasting hero who we have looked
    up to for over fifteen years, the one who we have experienced many
    highs and lows with, the one who Hugh Jackman is now making his adieu
    to, yes, he is Logan, or as some would know him, Wolverine.

    But it’s not all fun and games anymore, with a crisp, well-earned R
    rating to match the red on dust violence this franchise needed.
    Director James Mangold (Kate & Leopold, Walk the Line) makes the most
    of Logan’s legacy with the bloodiest action you’ll see this spring.
    Especially with the backdrop upon the Mexican border, this gritty view
    of classic comic books feels more like a modern day western than a
    popcorn flick.

    Logan’s first mode of action is taking down several immigrants
    attempting to steal one of his hubcaps. Then he receives a request from
    an unknown Mexican woman, demanding he escorts a little silent girl
    named Laura to North Dakota. His motivation for this is low, until
    three motivations erupt. One, he watches an upsetting video of mutant
    children in hospitals forcefully trained to become soldiers as if in a
    concentration camp. Two, she is one of these mutant children. Three,
    she is his daughter. So now with her on the road with him as well as
    Professor X, Logan learns his responsibility to punish those who
    neglect the gifts of these mutants.

    While the overall look of this journey looks nice, cinematographer John
    Mathieson (Gladiator) constantly sets up horrible lighting arrangements
    that make the backgrounds lighter than the subject’s face. It becomes
    especially problematic, I might add, when he films the action scenes
    super up close, with nothing but a forgettable musical score to back it
    up. This is not the only thing that hurts the tension of the action
    scenes, but the aftereffects of the turmoil are weak, with no thanks to
    the unconvincing makeup effects. If you don’t believe me, look at the
    albino man who serves as Logan and Professor X’s personal assistant:
    The pale texture of his skin looks plastered on from at most ten
    minutes in the makeup chair.

    At least that’s a minor complaint. Compare that to the stellar
    performances by Dafne Keen and Patrick Stewart, and this may just as
    well be the greatest achievement based off a Marvel comic. Stewart in
    particular steals the show with his aged, frail curtain call of a
    presence that just disorients your expectations further whenever he
    gets a seizure.

    With such a humble grandfather figure here to ground us into the
    foundation of this world, it’s too bad that there’s nothing else in the
    backdrop to give us a sense of Mexico’s and Texas’ true culture. The
    latest Academy Award nominee Hell or High Water delved quite a bit into
    this culture, but the closest that Logan gets to in creating the social
    pressures is a brief moment in a casino, and a villain with a really
    bad accent. Nothing else about the look of this world looks authentic
    enough to buy into.

    The other moral implications are also quite problematic. We all can
    understand that bloody adult-rated violence can lead to viewers
    imitating it in real life, but judging by the character of Logan as a
    father, he takes several actions that make me question whether he’s
    worth looking up to as a role model. Shortly after he brings in his
    daughter to escort her, she robs from a convenience store (since she
    grew up in a hospital and thus doesn’t know any better). While he does
    discipline her for attacking the clerk who tries to stop her, he robs
    from the store himself—and in a moment that is mostly played for
    laughs. Is this really the role model people should be looking up to?

    But then again, this type of gritty realism proves just how far
    superhero movies, and superheroes in general, have come since their
    rising popularity. All three of the protagonists: Logan, Laura, and
    Professor X, learn what it means to live in this wild frontier known as
    the United States, as represented by the professor’s favorite motion
    picture, the classic western Shane.

    While he may not have always been the perfect sort of hero for us to
    look up to over the years, it has been a great pleasure having Logan
    around to entertain and teach us about what’s really worth fighting
    for. So long, Wolverine. Thank you for your endeavors over the years,
    and thank you for leaving a strong legacy for the upcoming generation
    of mutants at heart.

  • sportsnut-66935March 3, 2017Reply

    The Unleashed Wolverine I’ve Been Waiting For

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rogerdarlingtonMarch 3, 2017Reply

    One of the best in the franchise

    This is the ninth movie in the X-Men franchise (I’ve seen them all) and
    the third of the stand-alone ”Wolverine” films, but this really is an
    X-Men movie like no other. In characterisation, narrative, location and
    style, it stands apart but is entirely consistent with the others and
    brings the story to a most satisfying conclusion.

    Set in 2029 when mutants are all but extinct and located in a bleached
    terrain on the Tex-Mex border, we find adamantium-clawed Logan aka
    Wolverine (Hugh Jackson) and wheelchair-bound Charlers Xavier aka
    Professor X (Patrick Stewart) as we’ve never seen them before: fragile,
    failing, vulnerable and ultimately in terminal decline. In thespian
    terms, this raises the bar for both Jackman and Stewart who are able to
    deliver more nuanced performances than one usually finds in super-hero
    movies. They are being chased by the bad guys from Transigen in a fleet
    of heavy, black vehicles commanded by a metal-armed cyborg, so this is
    part a road movie (with elements of ”Mad Max: Fury Road”) and part an
    elegiac western (with echoes of ”Unforgiven” and clips from ”Shane”).

    But this is the most viscerally violent and outright bloody X-Men work
    of them all with perforated chests and rolling heads, not just from
    Wolverine and X-24 but also from 11 year old girl mutant Laura/X-23
    (played amazingly by English-Spanish child actress Dafne Keen).

    It’s 17 years since we first met the X-Men on the big screen and
    Jackman as Wolverine has appeared in them all. The three stand-alone
    Wolverine films have been ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), ”The
    Wolverine” (2013) and now (2017) ”Logan” (note the human name). James
    Mangold directed the last two and this time originated the story and
    co-wrote the screenplay and he can be proud of a truly exciting and
    entertaining piece of work that is one of the very best in the
    franchise. Although possibly a little too long, ”Logan” opens strongly,
    it is well paced, and the ending is poignant yet uplifting. But. unlike
    most Marvel movies, there is no end credit scene – I told you it was

  • LamewordsMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The Finale of Logan

    If you are die hard Logan fan then, this movie is made for you. This
    the the third standalone movie on wolverine. The movie dates forward in
    the year 2029 where Logan earns his living by fair means. The movie has
    a study pace filled with brutality and abusive language, it can be
    taken as one of the most brutal movie so far in the X-Men series.
    Charles Xavier(Patrick Stewart) suffers from a traumatic Neuron disease
    at the supporting front. And adds stars to his performance every time
    he appears on screen(Not to forget he lost 21 pounds for his role)
    Various other characters can also be spotted along with the lead star
    and Laura(Dafne Keen) grabs all the attention towards her, she is
    accomplished by her nurse who is on her way to Eden(the safe house of
    mutants). She make a deal with Logan(Hugh Jackman) to take her and
    Laura with him to Eden which situated in North Dakota. So Logan,
    Charles and Laura sets on their way to Eden with a lot of complications
    on their way, Will they make it there? For that go and watch Logan.

  • M_ExchangeMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The Best Jackman-as-Wolverine/Logan performance by light years

    I’ll be real: since 2000 (and until last night) I’ve disliked or
    outright hated every Hugh Jackman performance as Logan/Wolverine. I
    thought that he was overdoing it and not seeming like the jaded,
    battle-hardened character who I came to love in the comics long before
    the movies were made. There was too much pep in his step and awkward
    mannerisms, even when Wolverine was supposedly in a great deal of
    mental pain. I LOVE a few of the X Men films, but I never bought into
    Jackman’s portrayal.

    But this film is a gem. It was the ultimate sendoff for two actors who
    are retiring iconic characters. Jackman nailed the nuances and
    behaviors of the comic character this time. It was also my favorite
    Patrick Stewart-as-Professor X performance. I just wish that it didn’t
    require this film’s story’s brutal circumstances to bring it out of
    them. I wish that Jackman had always played Wolverine in a similar
    manner throughout his run.

    The story is outstanding. It has great, gritty character development,
    real tension (unlike most comic movies) and moments of profoundly deep
    emotions (again, unlike most comic movies). A couple of years ago I
    would have laughed if you told me that I was going to shed a tear at
    the end of Jackman’s run as Wolverine. But it happened.

    If I have only one very slight complaint it’s that the absence of many
    other mutants is never quite thoroughly explained. Maybe the studio
    wants to do other films to fill in those gaps.

    But that slight deficiency will not cause me to lower my ten star
    rating. This movie is now my favorite X Men or X Men-related film.

  • kronossaviotitanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    This is a must watch film. It has a very well written script coupled with impeccable acting which results in the best X-Men movie which I have seen.

    This film is not like the typical superhero film. This film focuses
    more on the character of the hero rather than their exploits. It is a
    darker, grittier type of film than one would have come to expect from
    marvel. This film displays an emotional maturity rarely seen in films
    of this genre. It is a very moving film which beautifully weaves the
    various aspects required of a film of this genre such as
    violence,superpowers,etc along with a gripping story having emotional
    overtones. Personally speaking, this movie almost had me in tears due
    to its unprecedented story and the fact that this is the last X-Men
    movie in which Hugh Jackman is going to act. I would rate this film as
    one of the finest moments in Hugh Jackman’s illustrious acting career
    and I would go so far to say that it is the best X-Men movie to be ever

  • npgeorgoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Reboot the genre!

    It was 2000 when we were first introduced with Wolverine in X-Men, a
    movie that totally changed on how we conceive super-heroe movies,
    making them fashionable, and leading to the burst that we are all
    witnessing. Since then, the genre has not evolved much, and is kind of
    repeating itself – the differences between movies are few, and each one
    tries to become more loud or more impressive than the previous one. I’m
    not complaining – they are pure entertainment! It is now, 17 years
    later, that Wolverine (again), through Logan, is showing us the way on
    how the genre should evolve – Logan should be conceived by film-makers
    as the reboot of the whole genre! What makes Logan different, is that
    it portrays its hero more human, more realistically, and making him
    ‘mortal’. We complain that there are no good villains in the movies –
    but it is not about the villains – it is about the heroes: They have
    been presented as more powerful than anyone, outsmarting them, and
    making them unbeatable. So, what kind of threat can make us care for
    them? Worry about them? Connect to them? None! So, instead of blowing
    more cities (or galaxies) just to have the illusion of a threat, make
    the hero more down-to-earth – make him vulnerable! I believe that this
    is what makes this movie special – Wolverine is vulnerable. Not only in
    his body – in his soul too! But apart from that, the movie also
    contains all the elements of the genre: great action sequences, a ton
    of Easter eggs, good humorous moments – everything is in! Sure, there a
    lot of clichés, and the whole storyline is madly predictable –
    especially the end. There is no reason for me to extend to particular
    plot points. Just want to add how great Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart are, and how the R rating adds to the whole ‘realism’ of the
    movie. To conclude.. you will enjoy the movie, and in the end you will
    be thinking of the lost opportunities of other similar movies.

  • Glenn SoltesMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Logan: Too Far and Not Far Enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bkrauser-81-311064March 3, 2017Reply

    A Very Well Made Redemption Story

    Logan hits its audience with the hardened fist of a seasoned
    prizefighter in his last match. The feeling is elating, intense and at
    times too brutal to bare. At once the film feels like a last hurrah and
    the culmination of every claw, every jab and every wound the Wolverine
    has received or doled out over nine films. Embodied in its solitary,
    grizzled and tired titular character however is an uncommon weight.
    Movies like this have been made before, that much is obvious – and
    while it’s easy to predict Logan’s every plot-point to a T, rarely has
    a movie like this been bolstered by so much, already laid cultural
    cache. In that specific regard, this latest X-Men movie (2000-Present)
    is a resounding success.

    Logan takes place in a distant future (we think), where all of mutant
    kind has been wiped out (we think) except for a few unfortunate souls.
    Among them is Logan (Jackman) who at this point works as a part-time
    limousine driver and full-time caretaker for the ailing Professor X
    (Stewart). Apparently something serious happened back at Xavier’s
    School, forcing the nigh untouchable Professor to take refuge in a
    hollowed out water tower south of the border. Only the Wolverine and a
    mutant named Caliban (Merchant) are there to witness his slow slip into
    senility. Things however take a sudden turn, when a desperate nurse
    (Rodriguez) tasks Logan and his compatriots with taking care of a very
    special little girl; a girl who just may hold the key to Logan’s
    ultimate redemption.

    Redemption is an ongoing theme in this film, not just for Logan but
    seemingly for everyone involved. Logan takes care of the aging
    professor not out of compassion it would seem, but rather as a form of
    penance for regrets of the past. Likewise, Caliban, Xavier and even the
    nurse are trying their best to right past wrongs and ultimately put a
    lot of their stake on the mute and instinctual Laura (Keen).

    She comes, of course, with a dark and complicated past which is likely
    to put fans of the comics in a tizzy of anticipation. Those not in the
    know however will see much fault in the myriad of plot details that, on
    their face, are as patently ridiculous and as they are cloyingly
    persistent. Anyone who has ever listened to more than five minutes of
    conspiracy theory radio or knows anything about the Birch Society will
    be rolling their eyes as the big baddie comes in to explain his
    complicated web of intrigue.

    Yet what makes Logan so refreshing, so new, and ultimately worth a
    recommendation is its fidelity to story and character. Aspects of
    characters’ powers, an all-important fixture in superhero films, could
    just as well be replaced by guns or samurai swords. The things this
    film actually cares about – the internal conflicts, the understated
    pacing, etc., exist and persist regardless of how many times Logan
    bares his claws or X reads people’s minds. There are frantic chases and
    grizzly fight scenes, sure, but they’re just icing when compared to
    Logan’s gradual shift from a man of solitude to a man of compassion.

    This of course frees up the movie to move at a much slower pace than
    its briskly-paced predecessors. There are a handful of moments where
    the movie just seems to stop and smell the fertilizer. These moments
    don’t so much serve the plot in expected and slavish ways, but rather
    gently bends to the film’s weighty themes, in a way feels like a reward
    for sticking with the X-Men for so long. And while it’s not necessary
    to know everything about the other films to enjoy Logan, those who
    quite literally grew up with the character well get everything they
    ever dreamed of and more.

    This includes of course, a hard R rating that enamored fans will likely
    point to as decisive proof that these kinds of movies are more than
    just entertaining trifles. And yes it’s true while DC movies like
    Batman Vs. Butthead (2016) folded under the pretentious smuggery of
    fanboys screaming ”look mom comic books can be smart too!” Logan
    actually takes that same ball and runs away with it.

    Kinda like when critics reference old movies no one has seen! Yet I
    wouldn’t be so fast to mark Logan as the best comic book movie since
    The Dark Knight (2008). We have come to a point in the genre where
    shared universes and constant sequels, prequels, spinoffs and
    post-modern Deadpool (2016)-like meta-commentaries have yielded a
    nearly closed ecosystem. One in which those outside of the hype may not
    get some or even most out of the story. Within that context, those on
    the outside will simply see a pulpy, competently made if ultra-violent
    redemption story that overstates its importance with one too many Shane
    (1953) references.

    In today’s throwaway culture finding a comic book movie this outwardly
    risky is actually quite a surprise. It antes up most of its cultural
    stockpile and bets big on a forcefully adult story, then bets big on
    fan’s goodwill and patience. What results is a movie that doesn’t
    ”transcend (the) comic-book genre,” as USA Today so carelessly asserts
    but rather transforms the genre in new and exciting ways. I’m anxious
    to see where this leads and worried the inherent goofiness of the genre
    will be wiped away completely like so much Spider-Man 3 (2007). For now
    though I’ll just say Logan is worth a look and keep my sense of dread
    to myself.

  • yashrajs536March 3, 2017Reply

    A satisfying standoff to X men’s most popular character….

    Logan is really a different X men movie in the whole franchise while
    the other X men movies looked commercial this one looked more dramatic
    and emotional.

    It really satisfied me as a viewer that I am watching a true send off
    to a immensely popular character of this franchise. It paid off really
    well. Action wise it was perfect totally looked like ”Wolverine
    Action”. Emotion and Acting wise Superb.

    All of the characters from Hugh Jackman to the supporting cast all of
    them were pretty good. Director James Mangold has really got the
    emotional pulse of the people and he portrayed wolverine’s character
    just like that. It wasn’t a commercial movie but was more Character
    Driven with satisfying action and a good climax and all.

    This was totally a different experience from the previous Installments.
    I will recommend you to watch this one !!!

    My ratings 8/10.

  • ImpsmanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Just fantastic

    There are groups of cinema goers who will steer clear of any film
    involving ‘super heroes’. I understand that as they are not always for
    all. Logan is clearly a Marvel film and involves characters created
    within the X Men universe.

    It is though a very different kettle of fish. This is a film which can
    be enjoyed on all levels by everyone who invest in good storytelling ,
    character development and acting performances. This film can easily
    stand alone from any previous film involving these characters, and is
    in my opinion the best film within the X Men universe.

    This is supposedly Hugh Jackman’s final time wearing the adamantium
    claws and it is a very fitting end to those 17 years. Both he and
    Patrick Stewart excel in their roles and have never been better on
    screen. In many ways I hope that neither are inclined to play these
    parts again as it will be very difficult to match these performances in
    the future.

    So if you are one of those cinema goers who rule out films of this
    kind, I would encourage you to give this a go. You will not be

  • Ellca Yang ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    It is time to say goodbye

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • quinimdbMarch 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anup APu KumarMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Aaaa OK. Its good. And that’s it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • drgloberMarch 3, 2017Reply

    This movie is the best super hero movie ever made it.

    Although the pacing does sag ever so slightly in places, Logan is by
    far the best X-Men film ever made and easily one of the best comic-book
    films ever made. Violent, emotional and expertly crafted with award-
    level performances – the best was definitely saved for last. If you are
    an X Men fan, more importantly a Wolverine maniac, this will definitely
    delight you, even more make it memorable to see the best of the series
    go off on a winning note.

  • lucian_nertanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Awe some

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stardustmoonsMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Intense and heartfelt, the best X-Men movie, A+++

    I’m not even sure where to start or what to say with this review, so
    I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. I really want to scream GO SEE
    LOGAN NOW!!! Excitement aside, I’ll admit that I’m not a massive X-Men
    fan, but I do love the Logan/Wolverine character and have seen all the
    other movies, and this was everything I hoped it would be and more.
    It’s by far the best X-Men movie ever. I gasped, laughed and cried at
    various times and was completely blown away by it all.

    I won’t go into the plot too much or give anything major away. I will
    say that this is not the usual shiny PG type superhero movie. Things
    are dark and grim. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is at the end of his rope and
    it shows. You feel his pain and despair. The movie feels and looks
    different, but definitely a good different. The cinematography and
    locations give a real and apocalyptic atmosphere. The action scenes are
    intense, violent and bloody, and the heartfelt, emotional scenes are
    raw and touching.

    Hugh Jackman, in his final performance as Wolverine, delivers without
    question his best performance as the badass, but scarred hero. He gives
    everything his got and more. I really can’t say enough good things
    about him. Patrick Stewart, back as Charles Xavier, is wonderful as
    always, while newcomer Dafne Keen as the young mutant Laura is
    absolutely magnificent. Boyd Holbrook, as the main villain Donald
    Pierce, is simply awesome, and Stephen Merchant as the mutant Caliban
    is excellent. The only negative about the acting unfortunately is
    Richard E. Grant, who I feel is underused and forgettable.

    There were only one or two minor things towards the end that I thought
    could’ve been a little different, but the intensity and honesty that
    comes through the screen is worth a 10/10.

    The other people who were in the screening with me must’ve been just as
    captured by the movie as I was, since no one left the cinema the entire
    time. That’s saying something! And when certain scenes happened, you’ll
    know which scenes, everyone was silent. Logan is not to be missed on
    the big screen!

  • dangkoenMarch 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aniseprakashMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A must watch for Hugh Jackman and the plot.

    Set in the future and no proper time explained (Might be 2029) Logan is
    one of the bests of the franchise. Who knows this movie might change
    the future of the superhero movies as well. Logan unlike other super
    hero movies is emotional, moving and plot centric.

    From scene one the movie takes the audience in and one might want to
    watch it without interruption. The aging of the Logan and the emotional
    bond between the lead characters are surprising and moving as well.
    Laura’s character was a great add and one would fall in love with her.
    The film gave us a different, but great super hero movie experience.

    The aging of Logan was evident from scene one. When he struggles to get
    rid of the thieves who are after his car, Logan indicates that we are
    to watch a different Wolverine. His life moves on with tired days and
    Charles by his company (Off course Alcohol). Though he is old, his
    action scenes are brutal as ever (Age <18 better stay away), Laura adds
    more cruelty to it.

    As mentioned Laura is a great add to the finale. Her character is the
    core of the plot and sheds surprises at times. Charles being in the
    back seat sends emotional shivers throughout and advises Logan as

    Cast performance: Hugh Jackman is aware that this is his last outing as
    Logan and has ruled the screen. He excels in action scenes and equally
    in the emotional scenes. His expressions are standalone. This movie
    will go as one of his bests in his career.

    Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney is my favorite in the movie. She is a great
    find for the Hollywood industry. With her fast movements in the action
    scenes and exceptional acting she is going to give a tough competition
    for the actors/actresses of her age.

    Patrick Stewart as Charles has done what is needed for his character
    and he does it with perfection. Richard as the antagonist is
    terrifying. His acting might go behind Logan still he manages to
    threaten as the villain.

    Direction: This is James Mangold’s second directorial in the Wolverine
    franchise. He didn’t bother to put his protagonist as a week and
    emotional superhero; he has succeeded in doing so. His love for
    westerns has given a different shade to Logan which is great to watch
    as well. His direction gets life with John Mathieson’s camera and Marco
    Beltrami’s music.

    On the whole Logan is a different superhero movie and a must watch for
    Hollywood lovers (No need to be a superhero lover).

  • denisbarbovMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Logan is a brutal and emotional film that encapsulates everything good about its genre.

    Coming off last year’s rather disappointing X-Men: Apocalypse, I really
    didn’t know what to expect from Logan. I was not too impressed by The
    Wolverine so I was wary of being overly excited. After the initial buzz
    from the first press screenings, however, my expectations skyrocketed.
    Fortunately, they were met and surpassed. Logan is a brutal and
    emotional film that encapsulates everything good about its genre.

    From the very opening, the the tone is set and you immediately notice
    just how bloody and brutal it is. Thanks to the film’s age restriction,
    director James Mangold has the full freedom to go as far as the story
    calls for. There is excessive swearing but it never comes off as
    forced; it’s natural because the situations that these characters are
    put in are dire. Another thing that fascinated me was that the gore was
    not gratuitous and was used effectively.

    As far as the story goes, it takes place in 2029, sometime after all
    X-men are dead but for Logan, Charles and Caliban. We don’t know why
    and how but we are given pieces of the puzzle throughout the film that
    we need to put together in order to understand what has gone wrong.
    Logan is now old and tired of life, offering a service similar to Uber
    until one they his car is wrecked. I’ll leave it at that as the less
    you know when you go in to see it, the better.

    Logan never treats the audience as if it is dumb and doesn’t spoon-feed
    us every single thing that is going on. Moreover, the story is so told
    in such a masterful manner that upon leaving the auditorium, you will
    have seen a film with a beginning, a middle and an end—something rare
    these days, especially in the superhero genre. The end of the second
    act is by far one of the most suspenseful and shocking ones I have seen
    in a long while. The entire movie is intense and doesn’t let you get
    distracted even for a second; you’re glued to the screen.

    A big contributor to that, apart from the fantastic direction and
    cinematography, is the acting. Almost everyone gives an exceptional
    performance (save for Stephen Merchant, who is a hit or miss) but the
    standouts are, as you might have expected, Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart. The former is harrowing as the guilt and tiredness from
    Logan’s long life is taking its toll on him, while Stewart gives an
    incredibly nuanced performance with exquisite subtlety. Dafne Keen is
    quite stellar as well, even if she doesn’t play the most likable of
    characters. What she does in her action scenes is commendable.

    While the film’s explored themes have definitely been dealt with
    before, it has its own spin on them to make them thought-provoking: are
    corporations too unregulated? Where should a line be drawn? Does good
    always win or does evil overpower it sometimes? Is immigration a
    solution to some problems? Do you choose yourself or should you go out
    of your way to help the others? These and many other questions are
    asked but you don’t always get a straight answer. Rather, you need to
    make up your own mind about it.

    It is deeply emotional as well. Even though it is based on a
    comic-book, it isn’t of the type ‘let’s save the world.’ Instead, it’s
    a much smaller, and therefore, a more personal film about dealing with
    loss and illnesses, moral dilemmas, and explores the line as to when
    your actions are justifiable and when you’ve turned into a monster.

    Not burdened by the task to set up a plethora of sequels and prequels,
    the director has crafted an impeccable film about what it means to be
    human and how far we are willing to go for those we care about. Logan
    doesn’t cut away from the horror that one may afflict upon others and
    effortlessly scrutinises the motivations behind its characters’
    decisions. Combine that with the brutal but exceptionally executed
    action scenes and you end up with a film that elevates the superhero

  • socrates99March 3, 2017Reply

    Masterful and emotionally impressive tour de force

    What a beautifully crafted movie! There’s no ignoring this James
    Mangold, the director and the man with the story idea. I appreciate the
    way each scene made meticulous sense. It makes watching so much more
    engaging and rewarding when you can follow each event and never doubt,
    given the premise, that it could have happened that way.

    Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are both in fine form. Each in his own
    way make the story work at a refined level for which they deserve A
    list pay. Supporting their work are several others, including a
    newcomer in the role of Wolverine’s ‘daughter’, all of whom manage to
    not only break the spell, but actually add to the story’s impact.

    By far the most critical casting was of Laura, Wolverine’s genetically
    enhanced offspring, of sorts. They had to find someone who could pull
    off the physically demanding role, and if I were Mangold, it would have
    been job one. It’s miraculous that they found Dafne Keen who has no
    trouble getting what the movie is about. She does a wonderful job and
    I’d love to see her again.

  • MitTigerMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A Fitting End For Hugh Jackman

    Absolutely stunning film & the greatest solo movie Marvel has delivered
    to date. The movie makes full use of it’s R rating with tons or gore
    and language (Don’t watch this if you’re afraid of blood, there’s more
    enough to fill a couple of swimming pools). Great performances by
    everyone and truly a film that stands out from the rest of the
    superhero movies we have today. It is Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of
    him as the Wolverine and it was a great finish back to his humble
    beginnings back in 2000 with the first X-Men film that we knew and
    love. Needless to say it will be hard to never again see Jackman as the
    Wolverine again, but with this film he has made his mark among the
    greatest superhero movies of all time.

  • Calum RhysMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A Gritty & Emotional Adventure Into The Vulnerability Of Superheroes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vicky ShahiMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Best x men movie ever and arguably the best standalone superhero movie

    I went for this movie with tons of expectations and thankfully it
    delivered.This is the brutal,agonizing,painful story of the wolverine
    that we wanted from day one.This movie fires on all cylinders,most
    importantly it gives a fitting farewell to both Wolverine and
    Charles(who is fantastic here).Definitely the best x men movie and
    might as well arguably be the best standalone superhero movie(this is
    at par with the Dark knight and Dark knight rises if not better).The
    fact that this movie works is due to the originality and realistic
    approach that it took rather than the world threatening apocalyptic
    approach that takes place in superhero movies nowadays,which is cool in
    it’s own way but every now and then we need a movie like this which
    just blows you away with it’s mortally realistic approach.This is one
    for the ages,don’t miss this one.

  • renofhateMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Surpasses all expectations

    Logan was one of the most anticipating, upcoming movies for me, given
    the fact that I love the X-Men film series, and Hugh Jackman as
    Wolverine has always been a favorite character of mine. Going in to see
    the movie, my expectations weren’t short, so I knew this had to give it
    its all so that it would either meet or surpass my expectations.

    It definitely surpassed them, without a doubt.

    Logan is quite possibly one of my favorite films ever, and I can’t say
    that for many films upon first time seeing them. It’s rare. But Logan
    was able to intrigue and evoke me, in many ways- particularly the
    action and the story itself. I think one of the things that made this
    movie so great was the fact that it was set so far into the future and
    it was a look into the lives of Professor Xavier and Logan as they had
    now aged a lot.

    Gruesome? It’s definitely gruesome. It’s a violent movie with tons of
    brutality, fighting, quite a bit of gore, and so on. They don’t overdo
    it to the point where it becomes bland and repetitive, though, so
    that’s real good.

    The acting was fantastic. Hugh Jackman delivers, as always – Patrick
    Stewart delivers, as always. And Dafne Keen was also really good as
    X-23. Overall, nothing wrong when it came to the acting. It was very,
    very good, and there was a lot of emotions and chemistry between those
    such as Jackman and Stewart, you could tell.

    I don’t find any faults with the movie and I genuinely can’t really
    complain. I went in, watched it, and loved it. I think it’s the best
    X-Men related film of them all and it was very heartfelt, emotional,
    dark, and different – very personal and unique. It’s a tremendous film
    and I believe it’s one of if not Hugh Jackman’s very best performance

    Logan really was all it was said to be – and so much more.

  • catchchandanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Humane treatment for a X-Men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • William Platt ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    ‘Logan’ Is Not Your Typical Superhero Movie

    Expectations are more often than not the critical factor in judging the
    success of a cinematic experience. Walking into a movie with high, or
    particular, expectations can often lead to disappointment when it fails
    to deliver. On the other hand, some of the greatest movie experiences
    have come simply from not knowing what to expect.

    Marvel’s newest blockbuster ”Logan,” and the final chapter in the
    ”Wolverine” saga, epitomizes the importance of audience expectations
    because it breaks so sharply from the standard of comic book movies.
    Audiences expecting to see the gratuitous action, cosmic villains, and
    invincible superheroes of previous ”Wolverine” films may be
    disappointed. Where ”Logan” unexpectedly succeeds, though, is in
    sublime character development.

    To be fair, ”Logan” does have its share of graphic violence, but these
    sequences take a backseat to the characters themselves. Director James
    Mangold takes us farther than ever before in his attempts to humanize
    the iconic heroes of our childhoods. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart),
    the leader of the X-Men, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, a case made
    much more severe because of the incredible psychic powers he wields.
    Sporadic seizures cause him to unleash paralytic waves of psychic
    energy that can injure, and even kill, the very people that he once
    championed so mightily.

    Logan (Hugh Jackman) himself is a shell of his former animalistic
    glory. Age and a vaguely described illness have atrophied his healing
    powers. Nor do his adamantium claws have the same pop they once had; at
    one point, he literally has to pull his claws from his knuckles to full
    extension. Perhaps the most telling detail of his deterioration is his
    gasping wheezes as he runs through a forest, a scene that epitomized
    his rage and prowess in previous films.

    Even the minor role of the mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) is a
    depiction of humanized imperfection. Caliban is an albino whose
    sensitive skin cannot endure direct sunlight. Far from being a mutant
    deficiency, Caliban’s disease shows that mutants remain, at their core,
    offshoots of humanity, and are susceptible to the same flaws and
    unfortunate determinations of fate and chance as the rest of us.

    The three make a flawed and unlikely trio in a world that is largely
    removed of mutant populations. The human-mutant wars seem to be over,
    and Logan’s sole concerns are the safety and caretaking of his
    companions. This, of course, is interrupted by the arrival of Laura
    (Dafne Keen), a deceptively innocent-looking girl who is pursued by
    military and government bad-guys Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and
    Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant). The villains are largely underwhelming,
    with cool-looking but ultimately useless mechanical hands, and typical
    villainous egomania. That’s okay, though, because the story was never
    really about them; ”Logan” is first and foremost a revelation of the
    limitations of our heroes against the backdrop of our expectations for

    Mangold has crafted a terrific experience in ”Logan” filled with a
    number of poignant and dramatic moments. The pacing does plod at times,
    but more than makes up for it with well-placed and effective action
    sequences that reminisce Wolverine’s claw-slicing heyday. There is a
    real and visceral enjoyment in watching him literally shred his enemies
    to pieces, but these moments are not what defines the movie. These
    moments are simply contrast to the aging, diminished hero who occupies
    the rest of the screen time.

    Fans of Marvel, and of the superhero genre, will likely come expecting
    the gore and violence that the film’s R-rating promises. They won’t be
    disappointed, but make no mistake. These are not the invincible,
    perfect superheroes of traditional comic book movies. There is no
    grand, cosmic enemy to stand against. Audiences should temper such
    expectations with the understanding that these are flawed and imperfect
    people. Just like us, their greatest battles are waged internally,
    against themselves. And yet, somehow, that makes their heroism that
    much more heroic.

  • djmineMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Probably the best marvel movie

    I was so surprised that movies could be this good. They put all the
    action sequences and everything properly in two hours. The story was
    great and the character were fantastic. It is hard to believe that
    there are a few people out there that dislike this movie. Just like
    Deadpool, this movie filled me with excitement as I watched it.

  • Deadpool1969March 3, 2017Reply

    Blew me away emotionally and mentally…best comic book movie of all time

    Two hours post-movie and I still don’t know what to think…it was an
    emotional roller-coaster from start to finish. I’ve never cried during
    a comic book movie and I cried twice. If ever there was a comic book
    movie that is worthy of an Oscar, this one is it.

    Logan embodies the brutality, the violence, and the drama that is
    Wolverine, it’s just sad it took us 17 years to get it.

  • TehmehMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Almost great, but falters in the end.

    I like James Mangold as a director. He’s made some very fine movies. I
    even liked 2/3 of the last Wolverine movie he directed. I liked this
    one too, but I’m sad to say that just like ”The Wolverine”, this movie
    lost me in the end. I was a little disappointed when it was over, which
    is a shame, because otherwise ”Logan” is just great. Mangold made a
    movie for adults, so I will judge it as such.

    ”Logan” feels driven. The script seems solid, direction as well, and
    the actors are doing a great job. Cinematography is excellent. This
    feels and looks like a real movie, not a calculated studio product.
    Humor isn’t forced, themes are handled with taste, the serious vibe of
    this movie feels natural. Marco Beltrami’s music is beautiful and
    atmospheric. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen are all
    excellent. I can’t say enough about these three, they were so good.
    Hugh gave it his all, Sir Patrick Stewart brought tons of heart into
    the movie and Dafne Keen, despite being a child actor, was excellent in
    what she did. Acting-wise, admirable.

    ”Logan” is almost like a road movie. It’s very confined, nothing is too
    much of a spectacle. Even when some really brutal violence kicks in
    every now and then, it seems to fit. Everything supports the narrative
    and the tone. It trusts the audience to understand the language of
    grown-up movies, and there’s even real heart to it. It’s like the
    Wolverine movie that I always wanted. For the first 90+ minutes, that

    And then…then something happens. I don’t know what. Did the writers
    just not know how to end the movie, or did they not have time? Did
    Mangold drop the ball? Because the narrative starts to stutter. Out of
    nowhere, we get some amateur-level storytelling, bad plot devices and
    clunky transitions. Themes that were handled so well until now, are now
    almost hammered to your head. This movie stopped being smart and
    surprising, and started to be a little more clichéd, obvious and

    At the same time we’re introduced to a bunch of new characters that I
    could not care less about. It wasn’t an intimate movie anymore. The
    tone and pacing seemed to suffer, and the last battle became a
    schlock-fest, along with a few campy shots of Hugh Jackman running like
    an ape and roaring like it’s a B-movie. What was first a great and
    impressive Wolverine movie, was now a mediocre X-men movie, unsure of
    itself and desperate to impress. The whole situation is suddenly
    cartoony, almost turning our main characters into cartoons as well.
    What happened? It went so well for so long, it was perfect. I was so
    invested, but suddenly I couldn’t feel anything anymore – even when the
    seemingly emotional (and admittedly good) ending hit the screen. That’s
    when I should have cared the most. That’s the worst of this movie’s
    sins: Many things that made this movie great were pushed to the side in
    the end. It didn’t stick to its guns all the way, which is a bit of a
    shame. It didn’t trust itself (or the audience) enough.

    Did the last 30 minutes ruin this movie? No. The last part of the film
    isn’t inexcusable crap in itself. It makes sense story-wise, and most
    of my problems with it come from strictly comparing it to the amazing
    first 90 minutes. It’s just so disheartening for me to not be able to
    love ”Logan” until the very end. I wanted to have that great ending, I
    wanted to be invested all the way. I didn’t and I couldn’t, but I’m
    hoping that after seeing this movie again I can be more at peace with

    That said, this is still a quality movie. ”Logan” is a charmingly
    simple film. It’s focused on characters instead of complicated stories.
    It’s beautifully made, violent, often heartfelt, even naturally funny
    at times. It’s a genuinely good Wolverine movie with elements that we
    haven’t seen before. It’s not interested in setting up other movies,
    and as much as I disliked the change of tone and quality in the end,
    this one actually has an ending – which is a plus. It is a movie of its
    own, not a cynical advertisement for other movies.

    To summarize: ”Logan” is a great, well-crafted movie full of character,
    structure and intimacy until it decides to be something else just when
    it’s supposed to count. What it does right, it does absolutely right
    and what it does wrong, feels worse than it is because of the things
    that it got right. It’s well worth seeing and arguably a lot better
    than the last Wolverine movie, but it could have been a great movie
    through and through. In the end, it’s ”just” a good movie, which is
    nothing to scoff at. It’s not ”the best superhero movie out there”,
    which is what some critics are saying. Not even the best X-men movie –
    that title still belongs to the amazingly solid X2. ”Logan” came very
    close, but Mangold and his writers (who all did a really good job
    otherwise) just couldn’t pull off that last mile. Worthy effort in any
    case, easily succeeding in many things that are quite hard to
    accomplish. For those of you looking to be more invested in characters
    and confined little stories rather than ensemble pieces with
    world-ending threats, ”Logan” will be a very special treat. I will add
    this one to my blu-ray collection.

    Thank you, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, it was nice having you in
    these movies. You both went out on a high note. I have a feeling that
    I’ll be seeing plenty of Dafne Keen after this, so no need for goodbyes
    on her part yet.

  • C McCauleyMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Switch was flipped

    I have been an X-men fan since the 70s. I knew it would have language
    and violence because Logan has always been gritty but Fox took this to
    the next level. The previous X-men movies had violence and some
    language but stayed within the confines of PG-13. This movie didn’t
    dance on the edge it swam in the deep end with extremely violent horror
    movies. It almost seemed like every scene was written with making sure
    it would receive an R rating. The number of times the F-bomb was
    dropped was to point of ridiculousness. The number of beheadings,
    disembowelments, and dismemberments were too many to count. Shame on
    Marvel and Fox for turning a children’s comic book into a horror movie

    If you look back at every scene the movie could have been so much
    better. This movie destroyed the legacy of Wolverine and Professor X.
    Two bitter broken men with filth pouring out of their mouth are
    depicted as heroes. The girl would have been safer and better off
    taking a Greyhound bus or a taxi.

  • Milan RakicMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Flat out: A Masterpiece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Blonde GirlMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Forced drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CarycomicMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The third and final chapter in one of Marvel Films’ greatest cinematic trilogies.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • QZoneJMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The hero is destined to belong to the past

    A legend drew to a successful close, with Laura fell down Logan’s cross
    into a shape X. The hero, grand once before, only ended up with making
    ends meet by running Uber;the leader, prestigious once before, fell
    into a worn-out old man. Lying on the bed regretfully, he even never
    was blessed with a moment of serenity, but passed away suddenly. The
    tens of thousands of unyielding people, at last, spared no efforts,
    even their whole life, to make a better place. Ultimately, their
    efforts ended up in vain, whereas they combated with the fate. The hero
    is destined to belong to the past.

  • GODZILLA_Alpha_PredatorMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine masterpiece we deserved and needed.

    The third time is the charm where we I can finally say we have a
    Wolverine movie that is memorable and tonally right for the character.
    This isn’t just the best Wolverine (which is ironic that’s not the
    title) or X-men movie but arguably the best superhero movie since The
    Dark Knight. James Mangold’s The Wolverine I thought was close to being
    great but was held back by the pg-13 rating, weak third act and an
    awful cgi boss fight. Mangold this time is no longer constrained by a
    studio’s need to feel like past superhero films and makes the movie
    that is a perfect reflection of the title characters’s dark history. If
    this movie came out just a few months before the 2017 Oscars and wasn’t
    labelled as a comic book film, I think this movie could seriously be in
    the nomination for Best Picture.

    This is probably the bleakest and most realistic movie set in the X-men
    universe. While both films had an R-rating, Logan is a different animal
    in tone compared to last year’s Deadpool. Logan uses its swearing and
    violence to elevate the seriousness and drama of the situation rather
    then for laughs. The bleak future that Mangold shows isn’t a
    post-apocalypse setting like in Days of Future but a slightly
    heightened version of today’s post-2016-election times that just so
    happens to take place after mutants became infertile. Mangold shows how
    harsh reality can be especially when it comes to characters that we’ve
    known from so many past X-men movies. These aren’t the happy endings
    where the heroes save the day and live happily ever after. This shows
    what happens when the heroes are no longer who they once were. They
    learn to face the reality of their own consequences and mortality that
    every regular person deals with from Logan’s decreasing healing factor
    to Charles Xavier’s unstable powers caused by his seizures.

    This is by far not only the best performance Hugh Jackman has given his
    mutant character but arguably one of the best performances of his
    career. The mature themes of Logan allows Jackman to unleash his full
    acting skills to show how flawed and damaged the titled character
    really is. Rage and frustration are not just present in his character
    but also this sadness and internal (as well as physical) pain that we
    have not seen before. This is Logan at his lowest and most desperate
    point in his life. The same can be said with Patrick Stewart as
    Professor X. Stewart gets to take his character in a direction never
    seen before. Like Jackman, he gets to show more range in his character
    as a mentally unstable senior Charles who becomes a more dangerous and
    unpredictable person then even Wolverine himself. Also a shout out to
    the new talent introduced like Dafne Keen, Boyd Holdbrook and Stephen
    Merchant. Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23 is a force to be reckoned despite
    her young age. She shows so much ferocity and wit with just a single
    stare without needing to say a word which doesn’t come until the latter
    half of the film. As far as the usual predictable villain that comes in
    these superhero movies, Boyd Holbrook is an improvement. His character
    Pierce is not a complex mastermind like Heath Ledger’s Joker but works
    very well as this slimy, cruel henchman thanks his charismatic
    performance. Stephen Merchant surprisingly worked very well as Caliban
    with some great back and through dialogue with Logan.

    The pacing of this movie is slow and probably has the least action of
    any X-men movie but works because it puts all of that extra time into
    exploring the characters and the way they evolve throughout the movie.
    The action, however, when it finally comes is worth it because this is
    what makes the r-rating the most exciting. When you got a guy with
    blades coming out of his hands, that’s when the violence and gore are
    expected. It is so relieving to finally see a Wolverine impaling,
    dismembering and decapitating those that get in his way.

    As far as flaws, there are very few. I do wished some characters could
    have been explored more because they are given so much backstory and
    there are some X-men products that I feel were forced in.

    This is the best conclusion I have seen to any comic book character on
    film. This does not end with a bang but with a whimper. By the end you
    will feel like you have reached the end of this long and emotional
    journey with Logan and it becomes hard to say goodbye. There will be
    new actors to play Wolverine but I think Hugh Jackman will always be
    remembered for his portrayal of the character especially with how he
    brings it full circle in this final chapter.

  • André FernandesMarch 3, 2017Reply

    {Crítica #MinutoNerd – Logan}

    Seventeen years ago we saw Logan for the first time, and this week we
    went to the movies to see him for the last time! Yes my friends, the
    saga of the most intense mutant has come to an end! Hugh Jackman says
    goodbye in the best way possible, in an amazing movie! So human and so
    cruel! Nothing more fair with a super hero so violent, savage and
    indestructible! BUT THE TIME HAS COME! The movie makes you feel pity,
    sadness and cherish all at the same time. Every scene was hand painted
    by the director James Mangold. If you don’t like blood or violence, I
    recommend you to leave your kids at home. The movie is R rated!
    Wolverine shows no mercy at all in his last days. The lesson that stays
    is: you’ll always need someone, and never try alone. Logan always was a
    lonely wolf, and learned the worst way that it took him nowhere! An
    extra for the Professor Charles Xavier, always great in his
    appearances, assumes a good role during the plot. It was a sad movie,
    we will miss it a lot! Worth every second and yes, you’ll love every
    violent stroke of the most violent mutant of the big screen!

  • L. M.March 3, 2017Reply

    Excellent, intense drama with brilliant acting

    Logan is an excellent movie by itself, first and foremost. The
    atmosphere and the acting are so brilliant that superpowers are like a
    back story, almost like a layer just added on top of a great plot.

    This is a sad, heavy and intense, gripping drama, centered on two old
    mutants, which don’t even seem that. It is about human emotions and
    desires of two old men against a backdrop of a very believable
    dystopian future.

    I saw it with a friend who didn’t know anything about X-Men and she was
    amazed at how good the acting, the heavy atmosphere and the overall
    drama was. She didn’t need to know anything about the franchise to
    enjoy the movie – that’s how good it is.

    I highly recommend it. On a side note, this is NOT for kids. It isn’t
    your typical comic book adventure, far from that.

  • 851222March 3, 2017Reply

    Wolverine Has Left The Building

    Greetings from Lithuania.

    ”Logan” (2017) is, to put it simply – the best ”X-Men” movie I’ve ever
    seen (and i saw them all). This is not as much as ”X-Men” movie, and it
    doesn’t even feel as a third part in its own ”Wolverine” series –
    ”Logan” is a standalone movie, which you can safely see even if your
    first and the last seen ”X-Men” series movie was the first X-Men
    (2000). From start till finish, it is a blast.

    Now i’m not a huge fan of ”X-Men” series, but i saw and enjoyed all of
    them. Strangely, when watching ”Logan”, i barely and even very hardly
    remembered that i have seen first two movies – they were so
    forgettable. But after credits of this movie started to roll i was sure
    – i won’t forget this movie for sure.

    This is a superhero movie for those who think that all Marvel studio
    movies are to formulaic and plays it to safe. This is a superhero movie
    for those who think that DC movies aren’t to focused and are all over
    the map. This is a superhero movie for those who lost their track of a
    countless of ”X-Men” sequels / prequels / spin offs / reboots who works
    as a prequel and sequel … wait what? ”Logan” is arguably the best
    superhero movie i saw since the ”The Dark Knight” trilogy. It is not as
    epic as ”The Dark Knight” trilogy, not to mention all other superhero
    movies in a market. This is a bloody, gritty, realistic, down to earth
    approach to this ”genre” and so involving that at running time 2 h 15
    min i was involved from the first minute till the closing scene (and it
    is a great, great scene). Acting by all involved were great, with Hugh
    Jackman giving one of the best performances of his carrier (seriously).
    ”Logan” shows very clearly and without turning camera away of what
    happens when Wolverine claws hits the human flesh – it doesn’t look so
    ”superhero cool” anymore – and i loved it. There is no doubt of why
    this is an R rated movie. The story itself kinda reminded me of ”The
    Last of Us” – it is that simple yet powerful tale.

    Overall, ”Logan” is a blast. This is a superhero movie like i haven’t
    seen before, even in ”The Dark Knight” movies but i’m not saying its
    better – no, those were better but i’m still giving this movie a 10/10
    – please, 20th Century Fox – bring this quality movies more often, do
    not go in a formulaic and safe road, bring us something different,
    fresh and bold. ”Logan” is the best movies of the early 2017 so far.

  • James De BelloMarch 3, 2017Reply


    Sad, brutal, powerful and most importantly freshly original, ”Logan” is
    a great piece of cinema with performers committed to this material in a
    way we haven’t quite seen before in the genre which pays off by
    touching emotional heights for which the audience might be as
    unprepared as much as they are touched by it.

    The balancing act that Mangold pulls off is a tricky one, but his
    mastery in molding the tones and hitting the emotional moments when
    they need to is remarkable, he takes full advantage on his medium and
    leaves us with frames and feelings stuck in our head for long after the
    film’s departure. He has so much on his table to bring to life, there
    are multiple story lines and many moving pieces, but he makes all of it
    into a beautifully flowing piece where you never feel lost, everything
    here belongs to this film.

    The success of this emotional piece is strictly connected to how good
    the performances in it are. First off is Boyd Holdbrook who is a
    revelation, he has a natural talent for holding the screen and being
    magnetic and make the most out of it giving us a villainous role that
    is the perfect match for this feature. On top of that comes Dafne Keen
    who does stuff which I have never seen in a movie theater before, she
    is crazy good and possibly one of the best child performances I have
    ever seen. What she conveys with her eyes only is incredible and when
    she starts getting into the action they do stuff that I have honestly
    never seen before with a child.

    Of course this is the Jackman/Stewart show in the end and what a show,
    what a finale to give to these characters. There isn’t merit to be
    awarded singularly here, as in all great movies, the quality of the
    emotions you are being carried through starts with a truly great script
    that offers the actors A+ level material to work with. They rise to the
    challenge, making the most out of every word, every stare and in comes
    Mangold and his delicate touch in capturing all of these moments. This
    film is really sad, it brings to life emotions and characters in a way
    that hits the audience deeply, the themes of bitterness, rejection,
    heartbreak, love, life, purpose, discrimination, hope, it brings tears
    to my eyes just recalling the outlook the films takes and it is a icon
    of how cinema can convey theme through story no matter its nature.

    The struggles the characters go through in this film feel so raw and
    close to us. Professor Xavier is given what is possibly his best
    portrayal and arch yet, he his in a sad, sad place, his life feels so
    tragic to us, his dreams have vanished, the way Stewart portrays him
    takes us to a place of such humanity, looking at an old man, a great
    man who is at the end of line, disillusioned and lost, mad, but still
    hoping. It is a beautiful piece of character drama that is developed
    throughout the film with pitch perfect dramatization and, curiously
    enough, the perfect amount out comic relief. As much as this film is
    emotional and sad it has moments of comedy gold that fit in seamlessly
    as they have always been part of these characters. Stewart has moments
    of ”Cukoo’s Nest” madness that bring out really funny monologues, plus
    his timing on one liners is perfect and even the way he moves makes for
    great comedy. And of course we don’t loose Wolverine’s dry humor which
    has always been a great part of his character.

    And we haven’t touch upon the action yet. This movie is violent and
    brutal and awesome because of that. Every drop of blood, every hit,
    every scar is justified by story. there isn’t a moment of wasted time
    in the action, it feels urgent and necessary, the set-pieces flow in
    naturally and frenetically, they enter the story at the right times,
    they build and end when they need to and when it is time to start a new
    one is always feels built up and climaxes to new heights which are
    topped with the final confrontation which is a blood bath of violence
    and savageness that has me white knuckled, you almost feel there, with
    the characters, in the middle of this insane struggle. You feel every
    it, the pain in every cut has a weight and Logan’s incredible effort
    and stress to go on it conveyed brutally in a way that you almost feel
    it upon yourself.

    I think that there are only a few criticism that I could move towards
    the film which are plot points that are repeated throughout which don’t
    really belong in the film. They insist on an X-Men comic point which
    has nothing to do with the film and raises questions all around which
    don’t really need to be there and could have easily been solved with
    another macguffin. These sort of nitpicks and continuity issues are the
    only ones that really have any place in being pointed out.

    Everything else in ”Logan” works, this is a devastating film, with many
    tears involved, it will stick with you and leave you with images and
    feelings stuck in you mind, that is the mark of great, great film, one
    that molds tones and stories into one beautiful piece of genre cinema
    that will certainly have a lasting effect through its legacy, every
    single risk taken in here paid off to perfection.

  • Raza Shaikh ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    The movie sucked..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • megadethdragoncrimsonMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A Game Changer for The Genre

    My short review:

    ”Logan” transcends the confines of the superhero genre by embracing a
    gritty stripped- down approach and tone that pays homage to classic
    Westerns in the backdrop of a dystopian future that in turn transforms
    ”Logan” from being just an ordinary comic book film to a film that
    elevates the bar for other films in the genre as well. It’s part
    Neo-Noir, part Western all in the confines of a comic book film. In all
    honestly, it surpasses that genre. It’s a spectacular piece of cinema.

    Maybe The DCEU and MCU should look into this for certain properties
    because Fox has hit pay dirt.

  • vasilisvrionisMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The End of a Legend

    For so long we’ve been waiting to see a true Wolverine movie. After a
    mediocre ”X-men Origins: Wolverine” and a not so good ”The Wolverine”
    movie, James Mangold (Director of ”The Wolverine”) returns and
    delivers, giving us THE Wolverine movie we all fans deserved…”Logan”.
    I’m gonna get right into the point by breaking down the things I loved
    about ”Logan” and the things that I didn’t. I’ll start with the ones
    that I loved (which obviously are more):

    -R rated action: Having seen what an R rated comic-book movie looks
    like (Deadpool) we were all pumped for Logan being rated R. But…due to
    the movie being more serious and darker the R rated action given to us
    by ”Logan” is way more interesting, intriguing and satisfying. Very
    good choreographed fight scenes with bloody and sometimes shocking
    results improving the R rated action of Deadpool and giving us that
    chill whenever the claws came out.

    -Villains: Despite not being good enough, the villains of ”Logan” are
    descent and better that the average villains of the MCU. The
    relationship the main villain has with Logan is very well established
    at the beginning and I really enjoyed watching the two of them go. The
    movie has two basic villains and one third who was quite a surprise to
    me when I saw him on-screen (about half-way through the movie).
    -Relationships: Apart from Logan the movie has two more main characters
    one being Charles Xavier aka Professor X (or at least he used to be)
    and X-23 aka Laura. I really liked the relationship between Logan and
    Charles which is a bit confusing at the beginning but then turns out to
    be good and devastating. As for X-23, the movie is pretty much all
    about her and Logan. When they first meet its kind of awkward but the
    movie explores their relationship and evolves it quite descent.
    -Continuing the ”Days of Future Past” time line: The original X-men
    time line involves mutants being hunted and killed in a
    post-apocalyptic society but as Wolverine travels back in time he
    creates a new time line, the one the ”confusing” ”X-men: Days of Future
    Past” ending showed us. The movie is set in the year 2029 and is
    actually the continuation of the new time line as DoFP showcased. The
    movie did explore the past a bit with somethings having played out with
    a quite similar way as they did in the original X-men trilogy and I
    liked how they showed us the way ”time” balances facts. Wolverine
    prevented the Mutants vs. Sentinels apocalypse, thus time is now
    repaying us with an alternate 2029 with mutants being almost extinct.
    -Hugh Jackman: Was there any doubt? The dude gives one of his finest
    performances as the Wolverine that he is. His acting, his physical
    performance everything was perfect. Enough Said. These were pretty much
    the things I liked about ”Logan”. Time for the things that I didn’t
    like: -The pacing: The pacing was one of the biggest problems in the
    movie. It’s not that it was such a big problem but there were tiny
    little moments when you were like: ”Ok men…get on with it”. I had a
    good time, the movie was very good but it should be better directed.
    I’m not saying Mangold didn’t do a great job but these long- stretched
    moments should be handled better. Not to mention that scene in which
    Logan passes out 3 times in a row.

    -Mutants: For a world where mutants are an endangered species ”Logan”
    has quite a few mutants in it. I get the fact they are escaped
    laboratory experiments but the movie didn’t establish their abilities
    or them as characters, giving us a corny action packed 3rd act which
    should have been entirely focused on Logan and his ending fight which
    could have been way more awesome and iconic if the movie wasn’t
    constantly showing us the young mutants demonstrating their powers.
    -Mutant apocalypse: A bit confusing was the way the mutants initially
    died and the movie doesn’t really explore that apart from a line
    Charles said. I don’t wanna get into spoilers but I really would have
    liked a more solid explanation or a flashback of what really happened
    given the fact of how important X-men are in this movie (It’s not only
    about Logan it’s about X-men as well). These are pretty much all the
    things I didn’t like. The movie is well directed, it has some cool
    moments, epic rated R action, descent villains and soundtrack and the
    finest performance when it comes to a superhero role: Hugh Jackman as
    James Logan aka The Wolverine. Originally I was gonna give the movie a
    7.5/10 (cause I think that’s the objective rating) but I’ll give it
    more because of something this movie had and made go a bit nuts
    (although it was in the air). 8/10 (GOOD)

  • subxerogravityMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Great Movie!!

    X-men origins: Wolverine is set in the past, The Wolverine is set in
    the present, while Logan is set in the future, where mutants have been
    wiped out and have become comic book legends (literally, the X-men are
    a comic book within the movie). The best there is is now a limo driver
    just trying to lay low, until he meets a young mutant who needs his
    help getting to a safe heaven.

    The filmmakers go for a hard R with this movie with Wolverine and even
    Professor Xavier laying down some F bombs that will shock you and have
    you amused after being use to the PG-13 version for the past 17 years.

    But the most important part is that the R rating allows Logan to go
    into full berserk rage that we Thought we saw in X2, but once you see
    Logan you’ll realize you did not. It was violent and brutal, perfect
    Wolverine, and the best fight and action sequences I have seen from the
    X-Man in the movies.

    I also like that this movie got to showcase Patrick Stewart’s version
    of Charles Xavier far more than any of the other movies. He was always
    more of a side show in the other films especially in comparison to his
    turn in Logan.

    For those of you who are fans of the comic, like The wolverine (and
    most of the X- men movies really) the focus on Wolverine means that a
    lot of other mutants from the comic don’t get a chance to get adapted
    to the movies (Does not help that the plot is about the fact that
    mutants were wiped out). Wolverine battles the Reavers (who are Cyborgs
    not mutants) in this movie mostly. However, we do get to see the first
    appearance of X23 in this film which was perfect and bad ass .Once
    again, the R Rating assured the best adaption of the character made it
    to the film.

    It’s an amazing movie and a great Wolverine story. When Jackman was
    chosen to be the Wolverine I thought he was so wrong for the part, now
    seventeen years later I’m sad that he’s retiring from the role.

  • guycorhuoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Not the Wolverine movie I wanted to watch

    This is not strictly a superhero’s movie. It’s more a drama in the
    Sydney Lumet’s Running on empty tradition mixed with a road movie (if
    you don’t consider Running on empty a road movie itself). Obviously
    there are characters with superpowers or enhanced skills, cyborgs,
    adamantium claws and telepathic stuff but the action scenes just cover
    less than a third of the whole movie. Maybe is a more mature movie amid
    its genre than usual but I felt that it lacks a lot of entertainment.
    At least the kind of fun I expect from a superhero movie. I recognize
    the risk that the authors have assumed with this kind of story but I
    don’t find it too original. I didn’t like a lot the previous Mangold’s
    Wolverine movie and I disliked Origins but to rank all three from best
    to worst; 1 The Wolverine, 2 Logan, 3 Origins. I think that they have
    missed a great opportunity with a really great character. I would have
    enjoyed much more a Bryan Synger’s X Men movie style (but discarding
    Apocalypse) So Long Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

  • rajeevkasyap79March 3, 2017Reply

    This is an educational movie for the genre superheroes.

    PAIN, ONLY THING THAT’S REAL.” REVIEW:(no-spoilers) In this cinematic
    universe of x-men, LOGAN (wolverine)has been alive for 200~ years. So,
    he has been trough a lot of pain for losing his loved ones. For him
    witnessing this sort of tragedies is not new. Try to understand his
    character, if he tears up at least a little bit, it’s equivalent to a
    normal human crying out of misery and heavy pain. 2. This movie is not
    made to please audiences, means it never compromises its approach in
    delivering the product so that people can have a good time. 3. This
    movie is gritty, depressing, humorous and true to its core. 4. Patrick
    Stewart (Professor X), Hugh Jackman (Logan ”The Wolverine”) and Dafne
    Keen (X-23) gave ”THE” performances of a lifetime, couldn’t reach
    anywhere better than this peak of acting. Even the characters Caliban
    and Donald Pierce have a great Structure and approach. 5. Here I want
    to discuss a thing called the genre, we got many like sci-fi, Rom- com,
    comedy, thriller, western, drama etc…Here this movie inherits the
    genre called ”western”, I personally feel that this is the best genre
    among all. because here when people die they die, this genre
    concentrates on the consequences of loss and death, they do not create
    an emotion of misery we see in drama films. For example, let me
    consider a movie Hell or High Water in that the characters Alberto
    Parker and Marcus Hamilton shares the screen time almost 3/4th of the
    movie. Now, we are totally involved and into these one-one character
    relation. During the climax char(Alberto Parker) dies in a speck very
    simple and straight forward by a bullet shot(no emotional buildup no
    background music nothing extra) The relation that’s being built up for
    a long time is ended in a second without any explicit drama. So, this
    movie is after that genre ”western”. 6. The director (James Mangold)
    and cinematographer John Mathieson did a great job by telling the story
    in the most organic way possible mostly leveling down the overflow of
    emotions and visual structures. Most of the scenes were shot on the
    locations Louisiana, new Mexico and few other places, beautiful
    landscapes, beautiful! 7.R-rating: The most satisfying part in the
    entire movie ”ADAMANTIUM CLAWS” when they rip through the skulls they
    do when Skin gets ripped it bleeds like it has to. When people die they
    die.” 8. #VERDICT: Thanks, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.17 years of
    your services ends on a high emotional note. The Climax will make you
    weep if you are a fan like me who has been following these character
    since childhood. The most satisfying movie for me as a cinema lover.

  • shivamt25March 3, 2017Reply

    Logan – review of an awesome emotional drama

    Buzz was all around about this one. Many have been waiting for long to
    watch it. The trailers were remarkable. I was eager too, but I was
    skeptical about it at first because I have seen the first two
    wolverines. Now, as I am here writing this review, I just cannot stop
    thinking how oddly satisfying that movie was. I was glad to see a
    marvel movie that is SO NOT marvel. It had elements which we do not
    expect a superhero movie to explore. That is why I can say with no
    doubt it was a breathtaking emotional drama.

    It’s 2029. Wolverine is old and a junkie. He drives a taxi for a
    living, just keeping his head down hiding from his past. He helps
    around to take care of Charles, Professor X who is not capable of what
    he was once. Mutants are gone. What is left is a life which is hard for
    everyone, with only one purpose – survive, somehow. It was really
    gloomy seeing two of our beloved characters in circumstances like this.
    Then, they found a purpose. A girl, mutant, just like wolverine and
    then begins the ultimate chasing game.

    Some of the scenes were so powerful, you just can’t help but feel bad
    for the characters, especially Logan. Quoting Pierce, played by Boyd
    Holbrook, ”Logan, just seeing you like this broke my damn heart!”.
    Also, the movie is brutal to the core. Everyone in the theater was
    gasping during the action sequences. This is not it. The movie plays
    with humor effortlessly, placing it at precise points in the perfect
    amount. The character development is so strong, that you will overlook
    that they have superpowers. I remember there was this one conversation
    on-screen and it was such an emotional one that I was thinking about it
    long after it was done.

    The actors did a wonderful job. For Hugh Jackman, I have no words. For
    me, it was his best performance so far. Patrick Stewart’s old sick
    Charles will unquestionably be remembered for long. Daphne as the young
    girl was superb. I don’t know how they managed to show the kind of
    fight she did but it was something incredible to watch. A special
    mention should be given to Boyd Holbrook, who played mean villain
    Pierce. His humorous demeanor and southern accent added to the charisma
    of his role.

    So, go watch Logan as soon as you can to your nearest theaters. Some
    would say that it is the best superhero movie they have seen in a very
    long time. I would say that for me the best would be Civil War. This is
    because I won’t put Logan and other superhero movies in the same
    category. Logan is something different altogether. All the more reason
    to watch it right?

  • havocMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A sad ending..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DragonsoulsMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Logan is the most important superhero film of all time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply

    At its heart is literally that – heart, surprisingly well-crafted and executed swan song for Wolverine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Owais KhanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    The Logan Movie Wolverine Deserves

    Wolverine has always been a fan favourite. You don’t get three solo
    movies if you’re not. But despite his hallowed status—and despite Hugh
    Jackman’s dedication to the character—Wolvy always felt like the sole
    grown-up stuck on Xavier’s Island of Misfit Heroes. He’s a lone wolf,
    not a wide-eyed mutant struggling with outsider status. As Old Man
    Logan in Logan, he finally gets to be the salty dog everyone always
    suspected he was.

    Of course, just because Logan shows Wolverine in all his grizzled glory
    doesn’t mean he stays free of other mutants’ drama. This time, it’s
    daddy issues. By 2029, Logan has sequestered himself away in Mexico,
    driving a limo to make money while taking care of an ailing,
    seizure-prone Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). He’d happily stay off
    the grid forever (he’s saving up for a boat), but soon a young girl
    named Laura (Dafne Keen) shows up wielding some very familiar- looking
    adamantium claws. She, along with scores of other children, were
    created by a nefarious research firm to be child soldiers. They
    escaped, and are heading to Canada to seek—but Laura got separated from
    her brood and is being tracked by the doctor who made her. She needs
    Logan’s help.

    This being a Wolverine movie, our hero initially wants no part of it.
    He’s out of the X-game, and sees no obligation to assist. Then he sees
    that Laura’s medical files have his name, ”James Howlett,” emblazoned
    on them. Predictably, his cold, dead heart grows 10 times. Logan,
    Professor X, and their new charge road trip north (in this version of
    2029, President Trump apparently never followed through with that whole
    wall thing), leaving a trail of carnage behind them.

  • sammynikemoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Holy Moly

    I really like this genre. But please for Gosh sake. What kinda special
    Hollywood junk is this? I’ve seen almost all Marvel movies and after
    this one i got, well kinda disappointed over all. Good story line,
    pretty much a good Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, but where is the
    sense behind all these? Two options: I am totally mental retarded or
    the Marvel universe tried to make a ”serious” movie. Well guys: pls
    stop trying hard! Better go on with movies like Civil War, that one was
    a good one!

  • nama chakravortyMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Brutal & Brilliant!

    The third and final Wolverine film following X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    (2009) and The Wolverine (2013), ‘Logan’ is the darkest & also THE most
    brutal X-Men film to date. Director James Mangold & Lead-Star Hugh
    Jackman returning for one last time as Logan/Wolverine, deliver a
    superhero film, that’s Super in its truest sense. The one’s an
    emotional, gruesome, gritty & powerful film, that holds your attention,
    despite excessive violence. Faint-Hearts please stay away, but those
    who relish Hardcore stuff, Grab A Ticket Now!

    ‘Logan’ Synopsis: In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing
    Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts
    to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant
    arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

    ‘Logan’ explores very less of Wolverine’s journey, its all about Logan
    this time. ‘Logan’ is a character study of a superhero finally off his
    prime & facing enemies who are stronger than him. Even his life may
    end, for someone to whom immorality was certain. And that’s exactly why
    ‘Logan’ works so hugely. The narrative is about Logan’s constant fight
    to survive as well protect his mentor & a young mutant, who’s on the
    run. The villains are ruthless & Logan’s fight against them, is

    The Violence is too much though. I’m not complaining here, I mean a
    superhero with claws so sharp can’t be projected with fake juicy blood,
    but the bloodshed here is rather disturbing. Whenever there is action
    up on screen, its brutal & unforgiving. The finale, particularly, is
    no-holds-barred. Don’t tell me later I didn’t warn you, dear

    The biggest triumph of ‘Logan’ is its emotional connect. Logan & the
    young mutant girl, share a wonderful relationship here, as does
    Profresser Xavier. The connect among them, despite all the brutality
    around, forms ‘Logan’ in its entirety. I was engrossed & even concerned
    about Logan & Co. here, I was connected with them & was rooting for
    them when they fought the evil-heads.

    Scott Frank, James Mangold & Michael Green’s Screenplay is intense &
    engaging. Its all-out brutality, with strong emotional undercurrents.
    The Writing, though predictable at times, is thoroughly arresting.
    Mangold’s Direction is excellent. He’s handled the film with authority.
    Cinematography & Editing are very good. Action-Sequences/Stunts are
    spectacular & pushes the ‘R Rating’ with force. Art & Costume Design
    are perfect. Graphics are top-class. Background Score & Make-Up, merit
    a special mention.

    Performance-Wise: Hugh Jackman returns as Logan/ Wolverine for one last
    time & he’s in terrific form. Right form his broken body-language, to
    the aggression he expresses when the claws are out & to the softness he
    emotes when building a connection with the little girl, Jackman brings
    fabulous layers to his portrayal. This is the best performance Jackman
    has delivered being Logan/Wolverine. Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles
    Xavier/Professor X, is remarkable. The Screen Legend adds tremendous
    depth to the part & shines in every scene he appears in. Dafne Keen as
    Laura, is a surprise packet. She’s electrifying! Boyd Holbrook as
    Donald Pierce, is menacing to the core. And is it ironic that the chief
    villain here is named Donald?? Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriella, does
    well in a brief role. Others lend good support.

    On the whole, ‘Logan’ is Brutal & Brilliant! Two Thumbs Up!

  • amai2739March 3, 2017Reply


    James Mangold’s Logan, the third installment to the Wolverine franchise
    goes out with a bang for Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the titled
    character. I thought this movie was great, very well written, and
    loving the cinematography, the feel of it. Lets talk about characters,
    Hugh Jackman as an older Logan to me was done greatly, so was Patrick
    Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X, their dynamic was fun to watch,
    like father and son. Also, absolutely love Dafne Keen as Laura
    Kinney/X-23, she didn’t speak for most of the movie, but did a darn
    great job every time on screen. Also enjoyed the dynamic between her
    character and Logan, would have liked a little more to the
    father/daughter relationship, but it was good nonetheless. There were
    somethings I wish could’ve been different, but a very solid film. Some
    other actors I thought that deserve praise Boyd Holbrook as Donald
    Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, both did great jobs. Overall,
    great R rated superhero film, western vibe, drama driven, brutal
    action. Also to me, the best of the Wolverine movies.

  • tarunsaraswatMarch 3, 2017Reply

    i really don’t see that coming…. no im kidding…..

    We guys know that this movie is gonna be the last part of wolverine
    cause we saw him in trailer he look old but i was wondering how it
    could happen with wolverine cause he is living since 16th centuary
    maybe 17th but this movie is blockbuster i really find wolverine’s
    daughter cute and dangereous and she was though. No more comment movie
    was simply awesome One more tip to some guys who said to me that in
    this movie action is not too much. Guys by seeing trailer u cant judge
    whole movie just like the shawshank redemption, godfather 2 ,
    schlinder’s list etc etc.

  • peto-05241March 3, 2017Reply

    Beautiful, touching and melancholic

    I just came out of the cinema and I have to say: I love this film.
    Sure, there are flaws to it’s caliber which it wields, however the
    weight also affects the storytelling and characters of this film and my
    god are they characters you love. Just the fact that it is R rated
    should tell you enough. Go see this film, Mangold was given enough
    power to take us on a proper emotional ride, he went to about 5 G with
    it. As a more of an outsider, I have to say that I haven’t seen a
    better X-Men film, so far. But I guess it’s because this one actually
    focuses on everything that X-Men stand for yet adds needed realism to
    prove, that all you see is more than just a film. It’s, so far, a

  • ThekeybaldemasterrisesMarch 3, 2017Reply

    I went back to the theater immediately to see it again. Not joking!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Raul CojoMarch 3, 2017Reply

    …I have waited a long time for this…

    I have seen all the X-Men and previous Wolverine movies and I will
    honestly tell that this one is on another level, from a different
    univers and most likely something that we won’t see again for many many
    years… I have waited a long time to post my first review for a movie,
    I couldn’t be bothered or I was just lazy… but Logan… oh my
    dayzzzz… Logan… don’t miss out this masterpiece. Peace and love

  • riteshshergillMarch 3, 2017Reply

    An adequate send off to Hugh Jackman in the role of wolverine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • captainjessMarch 3, 2017Reply

    This movie is out of place among Marvel movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fragya3000March 3, 2017Reply

    The best comic book hero movie ever, period.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jdesandoMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The greatest adventure of all.

    ”Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too
    long.” Logan (Hugh Jackman)

    God is allowing us to enjoy the last in the X-Men /Wolverine cycle with
    Hugh Jackman having endured 17 years of pumping up to give adolescent
    males a reason to get up for the demands of an unforgiving world.
    However, this film, Logan, is not all blood and guts—it presents an
    aging hero coming to terms with the natural degeneration of his
    greatness and his legacy.

    It’s really all about how these mutants, who clearly represent the
    fringes of society with odd residents marginalized by the homogeneity
    of the world. Inevitability hangs over this substantial hero saga,
    especially an iteration that suggests what even super heroes long for—
    immortality through lineage or enduring philosophy.

    As the founder of the mutant school, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart),
    tells it to Wolverine: ”This is what life looks like: people love each
    other. You should take a moment . . . .” The film is suffused with a
    sense of the importance of family, not just Logan and his daughter,
    Laura (Dafne Keen), but also the new generation of mutants who must
    band together to survive.

    The heroism turns on love rather than technology. The love is familial,
    in this case Logan discovering his daughter then sacrificing his safety
    to escort her to Eden, a place with other child mutants, who must hide
    from the dark forces bent on using them as soldiers. Although such
    bonding is the stuff of cliché, this film makes the growing love and
    sacrifice believable.

    In the end, the search has been to discover what it’s like to live and
    love normally. Albeit briefly. Amidst the sturm and drang of violent,
    bloody super hero films, and this one has as much violence as any
    other, the discovery of homely love is the greatest adventure of all.

  • methodman-14473March 4, 2017Reply

    Hard hitting, stays with you for a few days…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bastille-852-731547March 4, 2017Reply

    Unique and bleak, this comic book film stands out.

    Hugh Jackman is back to play his signature role of Wolverine in this
    unconventional, brutal, and very well-made superhero film. From the
    first frame, it’s clear that ”Logan” isn’t your typical Marvel or DC
    film. Despite the R rating, its unquestionably somber tone is also very
    different from the dry, raunchy humor that made ”Deadpool” stand out.

    Jackman’s performance is powerful from beginning to end. The grit and
    emotional power he wields while playing Wolverine this time is very
    different from any previous film iterations of this character. It also
    invests the viewer more fully in the story, while examining Wolverine
    as a weary, flawed, and in many ways realistic character rather than a
    comic book caricature. The supporting cast, particularly Patrick
    Stewart as Professor X and Dafne Keen as Laura, are excellent as well.
    The film’s dark tone mixed with realism makes the film special. While
    the film is difficult to watch at times, its setting near the
    U.S.-Mexico border in 2029 mixed with the tone create a harsh reality
    and critique of modern society.

    Despite the masterful tone and quality of performances, I do have a few
    criticisms of ”Logan.” While the action scenes are shot very well and
    incredibly visceral (and bloody,) they do start to feel repetitive by
    the end of the film, and each of them feels a bit like the last one
    rather than taking the opportunity to take the action in and of itself
    in a slightly different direction. Also, the climax and ending feels
    slightly rushed. While the film is somewhat long, it never feels
    tedious or too long.

    At the end of the day, this feature is by far the best film in the
    X-Men/Wolverine franchise. Its darkness–and its uniquely down-to-earth
    sense of realism–will give viewers much to think about.

  • FilmReviewer835March 4, 2017Reply

    A good movie with some flaws.

    I know that Wolverine and the X-Men are a popular Marvel superhero
    franchise and have had their ups and downs. Let me say for one that I
    have never been a person who was really into the franchise. I didn’t
    watch the animated TV shows, read the comic or watch the movies.
    Because of this, I went into the movie blindly. Because of that, I will
    judge this movie as a movie and not as an adaptation of the comic

    Unlike what I’ve seen from most superhero films, the movie’s focus
    seems to focus on the adventure aspect. Whether this is can be
    considered a good or bad thing is subjective. This somewhat made me
    feel underwhelmed considering the fact that this somewhat breaks the
    mold of superhero films. Normally, superhero films have many action
    scenes, this film on the other hand only has a handful of action
    scenes, and the only one I found to be interesting was the one at the
    end. In spite of the lack of fight scenes, the fight scenes were very
    well executed with interesting camera angles and camera movement, and
    the movements of the characters especially translated well during that
    final fight scene. I did really like the character growth between Logan
    and the girl, which might be one of the main highlights of the movie’s
    story for me. Aside from that, I really can’t judge the characters
    since I haven’t read the comics. If there’s one thing that I can give
    acclaim to, it’s the acting. I thought the acting performances were
    really well done; whether it’d be Hugh Jackman as Logan or Dafne Keen
    as the child or many of the other actors, you’ll have a hard time
    forgetting these acting performances for what they are.

    I may not have found it fantastic as many other critics have, but Logan
    will at least give you a memorable experience. If you’re an X- Men fan,
    then you might like it more than I did.

  • hegedus_dani02March 4, 2017Reply

    The stunning end of Hugh Jackman’s 17 years old career defining role

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • K Prithvi RajMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Truly Amazing

    first of all sorry with my English. Saw the movie on first show of
    screening, i cant write a long review but short and sweet, THE MOVIE IS
    AMAZING go and watch, it has a good story, great characters, Amazing
    acting, good humor.Great Movie, amazing cast,go and watch this weekend
    with family. RIP WOLVERINE

  • Manu996March 4, 2017Reply

    At last farewell to an iconic character ”LOGAN”IT is the Wolverine film fans have been waiting for years. best ever super hero movie of all time

    Finally All we get the Wolverine we have been asking for, for the past
    years and it’s his last time. Well i guess he couldn’t have ended it in
    any better way as a last farewell to the fans and his signature role
    the wolverine .This is a character-driven superhero movie done right. I
    would even dare to say it’s better than many of the previous X-Men
    installments . And if this is indeed Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine
    movie.oh god.Logan” is a grounded film, a film that really takes its
    time to tell its story and to develop its characters.

    It’s a character-driven film, and it probably has the most
    characterization in an X-Men film to date. We get enough of Wolverine’s
    backstory within the first few minutes to really become attached to him
    (if we already weren’t). We learn more about Professor X and what he
    has been doing, and then there’s this little girl, who probably should
    be annoying, but luckily isn’t and that was a sigh of relief. This
    girl, Laura, is the star of the show. It is really ”her” movie. All of
    the sequences with Laura were riveting.

    There was that sense of mystery to her character that you wouldn’t
    really expect from a film like this. You don’t ever really know what
    her next move is going to be. Her motivation to find a safe haven is so
    well felt in this film that it just brings you a sigh of relief that
    there is still a sense of good out there in the world of this film
    where everything seems dark, bleak, and hopeless.

  • nandidotMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Brutal, Unrestrained, and Brilliant!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sara2520March 4, 2017Reply

    Awesome Movie

    When I left out of this movie, I hated the ending. Then when I was
    driving home, I was still thinking about the movie and it hit me that
    the entire movie was excellent including the end. If you take Jackson’s
    Wolverine from the beginning in 2000’s X-Men to all his movie until
    2017’s Logan, it’s the warrior’s journey from dawn to twilight and the
    ending was a perfect fit to this great warrior and a perfect sendoff to
    the phenomenal Hugh Jackson who did an excellent job in portraying
    Logan with so many dimensions. I can tell he had a blast playing Logan
    over the years, but like Logan coming to terms with his mortality and
    Jackson dealing his numerous cancer scares over the years, it was time
    put the claws back in once and for all. I loved this movie. It had a
    very strong cast. There were no weak links. The little girl who
    portrayed Laurie was amazing. Not only did she kick-butt as a little
    Wolverine herself in some brutal action scenes, but she was able to
    emote so many emotions without speaking and you cared and sympathized
    with her character. My favorite scene was when she was eating cereal so
    calmly watching the bad guys on camera arriving to kidnap her. This
    movie was also a wonderful sendoff to Sir Patrick Stewart. I watched on
    the Graham Norton as he announced seating next to Hugh Jackson that
    this would be his last X-Men movie. He said it was perfect sendoff to
    his character and he was absolutely correct. I loved this version of
    Stewart and his father-son relationship with Logan who are like a
    father-son who obviously loved one another but constantly bicker with
    one another. Professor X, as I will always call him whether he runs the
    X-Men school or not, was awesome and his instability with his powers
    led to some of the best scenes in the movie. I even liked the Albino
    who took control of his destiny. The movie was excellent. Great script,
    great villains, great cast, great action scene, great storytelling, and
    scenes that will rip out your heart and shock you. You care about ever
    character in the movie even the minor characters. But I really enjoyed
    this movie and even as another pass, I still am thinking about how
    great this movie is. It is a perfect sendoff to Logan and Xavier. And
    yes, it is bittersweet but it was the perfect ending to great

  • galahad58-1March 4, 2017Reply

    Forget the Hype

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Andrew AnandarajahMarch 4, 2017Reply

    End Of An Era !!! Great Story Teller & Logan Stands Tall & Best Fox X-Men Movies & Best Wolverine Movie & Logan being Brutally violent, Logan being Logan

    Finally a 5 star X-Men Wolverine Movie by Fox Studios. What a movie and
    story that tells you a story about Logan who is Wolverine from the
    comic issue ”Old Man Logan”. The Story is about Logan who is now old,
    sad, unhappy, angry, an alcoholic man who hates the world and everyone
    in it, because he has lost everyone who is important to him in his life
    and therefore has now become a Miserable man who has nothing to fight
    for and carry on living and wants to end his life. Don’t worry this is
    not a spoiler as this film does not cover some of the elements from the
    issues but this film is more based on the comic issue ”Old Man Logan”.

    I have been waiting for a 5 star spin off X-Men movie and what a way to
    say goodbye to Hugh Jackman by giving him the honour to act as ”Old Man
    Logan” as this movie was perfect. There was not one else that could
    pull this off and since this is Huge Jackman last movie, it was just
    right and perfect for Fox Studios to allow him to go out with a bang as
    this movie is getting so much positive reviews and its the best
    Wolverine Movie in the film series.This film was much better than
    Deadpool terms of there was a lot of rated scenes, I loved the action
    fight scenes, personal I just loved angry wolverine as it just reminder
    me how Wolverine was in the original X-Men Animation Show. When you
    watch this Movie, you just really feel emotional and sad for Wolverine
    in how much pain he is in and you actual laugh when you see him get
    angry all the time. For me everyone, this Movie was the best way to say
    goodbye to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as he will not be anymore
    acting in the Marvel X-Men Movies as he has called it quits. We got to
    see Wolverine being very Brutally, violent, Wolverine being Wolverine
    who is a tough and intimidating person all.

    I have to for once say thank to Fox Studios for now missing up
    ”Deadpool” and ”Logan” as these are its only two best marvel Comic
    Movies not made by Disney Marvel. Credit has to really go to Fox for
    allowing the Director James Mangold for allowing him to have full
    control of this movie and letting him direct this movie and mostly for
    following a little bit close of the comic issue ”Old Man Logan”. Also a
    big thanks to Hugh Jackman for pushing for a Rated Movie which
    Wolverine needed to be an Rated Movie to really bring this particular
    to life. To me Guys, this is Marvel’s Version of the Dark Knight Movie
    as this Movie was much darker than any of the Marvel Movies put
    together. This Director shows Zack Snyder how Batman Vs Superman should
    have been.

    So remember this to everyone, this Wolverine 3 Movie does is based on a
    different Time-Line. So This Version of Logan is not in the same
    Time-Line as Deadpool or any of the past Wolverine and X-Men Movies. So
    do you need to watch Wolverine 1 and 2 ?. Well personal I think you
    don’t have to, there was no Easter-Eggs in this Movie, but I think that
    you should watch Wolverine 1 as its an origins story of who Logan is.
    So I don’t really think that you would have to watch Wolverine 1 and 2
    as they are both different Time-Line, So Wolverine 1 is an Origins
    Story, Wolverine 2 actual takes place from the events of X-Men 3 Last
    Stand while Wolverine 3 Logan takes place in a different Time-Line. So
    what does means is that it takes place from many years in the future
    where There are no more mutants and Logan is the last one but this film
    is a bit different from the comic issues. There were some small
    elements that are from the first two Movies but these are very small to

    If you are a fan of Wolverine like I am, a fan of Hugh Jackman playing
    Wolverine, then please for sure go and watch this movie as its like our
    way of saying thank you to Hugh Jackman for bring one of the best, most
    favourite Marvel Comic Hero to life. So please go and watch this movie
    as this is Hugh Jackman last Movie as Wolverine and Logan. Fox may find
    a new actor but now one will be better than him and do a great job
    acting as Wolverine and Logan. Thanks a lot Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart for all the great moments and you two are the main reason why
    X-Men and Wolverine were great and watchable.

  • EpicthedogMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Not your regular superhero film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • autisticreviewersMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

    When you announce that you plan to retire from a well known role in a
    movie franchise, you better go out with a bang. That’s exactly that
    Hugh Jackman does in this third and final outing as Wolverine that is
    finally true to the brutality of his world (compared to the first two
    attempts). It’s brutal, emotional, darkly funny but gives a terrific
    send off to one of the greatest on screen heroes ever.

    The film’s storyline is based on the acclaimed ‘Old Man Logan’ graphic
    novel, staring off with an aged and weary Logan who takes care of an
    elderly Professor Xavier and earns a small living as a limo driver.
    Living in a world where there are less to none mutants existing on the
    earth, Logan is offered a job to help transport a young female who
    needs to be at a safe border away from an corporation that is seeking
    to hunting her down and cleanse a new world of their own. A reluctant
    Logan then seeks this and pushes him to a fight for her protection when
    she shows similar powers to him, despite his age and weaknesses.

    What makes the film believable is it’s raw character development and
    emotion, with having seen Logan show emotion prior to this film this
    one in particular shows his full range, being a bitter, fragile and
    weary human that is capable of caring less as his past actions and
    experiences have placed a bad thought on him. The performances overall
    are incredibly great, giving us heroes and villains that make the story
    movable and engaging.

    The violence of this film is another showcase of Logan, we’re finally
    given the brutality of Logan’s capabilities with dismemberment, bloody
    kills and gore. For an MA rated film here in Australia, it’s certainly
    violent despite that the highest rating is R in the country, this is
    indeed intended for an older audience despite the Marvel label.

    Overall, to make an exit from an worldwide famous role, Logan is a
    shining example of how to do so. With a great script, outstanding
    performances and well done action set pieces, this is one hell of a
    goodbye to the greats.

    5/5 – The Autistic Reviewers. Check us out on facebook!

  • aheaney-63413March 4, 2017Reply

    Best X-Men Film, Period

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • CANpatbuck3664March 4, 2017Reply

    Logan is a Dark and Gritty Swansong to Hugh Jackman’s Excellent Portrayal of Wolverine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • victor-sto13March 4, 2017Reply

    A movie about Logan, not Wolverine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Curt MyersMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Wow – Can’t believe this was rated so high

    This is a 7 movie at best. Way too long and the emotions at the end
    were ridiculous considering the 10 days the characters spent together.
    I’m not a comic book reader, so I can’t really account for he accuracy
    of that. It was a decent movie that sagged in the middle and had some
    silly villains. Who cares about the magic border? It was a slasher film
    with a kid. If this is the best XMen movie then the other movies must
    be pretty sorry. I’m rating a 6 since so many are giving it a 10. This
    isn’t a perfect movie. The acting was good from the 3 main characters

  • Dave (freaky_dave)March 4, 2017Reply

    Violent dark movie, but good. Not for children under 17

    I enjoyed this movie. It is an extremely different change from the
    other X-men movies with it R rating. It is a very gory, with some
    pretty harsh language thrown in. THis is not a feel good film, but I
    enjoyed it nonetheless. The acting was top notch, and the characters
    were handled well. THis movie was more like a western then a super hero
    movie. THe tonal change is surprising, but it was a fitting end to Hugh
    Jackman’s run as Wolverine. BOth him and Patrick Stewart were
    exceptional in their roles. I recommend it.

  • Dhiman SarbajnaMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman’s swansong is as beautiful as it gets

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sleeplessNsassyMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Best Ass Kicking Movie Ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Muhammad Izzat HelmiMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The best of Wolverine stand-alone movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Darryl LazakarMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Changing the superhero genre, forever…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Silver ZeroMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The End of a Legendary Eigthlogy series

    This is the first time I write a review and my English is not that
    good, but I still decided to write this because it is the one movie
    that worth writing a review for. For a normal movie, I would only give
    9/10, but this one is different, this movie marks the end of a 17 years
    series, a legend. I watch Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart
    as Professor X since I was young, they never fail me in their roles,
    even some of the movie plots suck. The plot of Logan is nothing special
    compare to other action movies, but we are talking about a superhero
    movie here. It doesn’t feel like superhero movie at all, it tells the
    story of how a legend ends, and it is a perfect ending to a legend like
    Wolverine. I feel sad when I was watching the movie, but it is not
    because of the story, it is the nostalgia, seeing both of the actors
    become old, and how they trying to help the next generation.

    Either you are a movie fan, X-Men fan, Wolverine fan, or not, go watch
    this movie, as a respect to the series and the actors, and it is worth
    your money. There are many superman and spiderman, but Hugh Jackman is
    the only Wolverine.

    P/S: Watching Logan and his daughter going around in the movie reminds
    me of The Last of Us. I am a fan of TLoU and I hope there will be an
    adaption for the game soon, while Hugh Jackman still can act. Hugh
    Jackman is the perfect fit for Joel, Ellen Page or the little girl
    Dafne Keen in Logan might play a good role as Ellie.

  • kevinshifletMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Excellent, gripping, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, period

    Forget everything you may have thought you knew about comic book
    movies. Logan makes you hurt, feel, and surprisingly laugh (but just a
    little) over the two and half hour run time. This is definitely a
    different Wolverine than you’re used to. He’s more than a little beat
    up, and tired. Dragging him down to earth though is what makes this so

    While the movie’s over two hours long, I barely noticed the length, it
    was that engaging. While there’s plenty of action to keep the comic
    book junkie in me satisfied (blood & explosions galore!) it’s really
    the quieter moments that will keep you locked in. Never have you seen a
    character study done so deeply and so well in a comic book film. If
    you’re a fan of X-men in general, you owe it to yourself to see this
    movie. If you’re not generally a comic book fan, you need to go too,
    it’s well worth the time.

  • asha-albertMarch 4, 2017Reply

    A fitting finale to Logan; simply the best X-Men movie ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nguyenphuhai1997March 4, 2017Reply

    Best X- Men movie so far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 4, 2017Reply

    Old man Logan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nikhil PatelMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Perfect Departure for our favourite ‘X-Men’ !!!

    I had to wait so long to finally watch Wolverine get, what he deserves.
    This is the best Standalone film of X-Men and the best movie ever
    featuring Wolverine in any of the X-Men movies (means excluding
    Deadpool). Its a must watch, for its the final chance to see your
    beloved anti- hero(or hero) in action.

  • Chris HusseyMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Your Logan Movie is awful and borderline lame

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • umashankar patiMarch 4, 2017Reply

    No One can ever replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Stellar Performance.

    Hugh Jackman’s performance. Yeah the dude gave it his all. This is by
    far Hugh Jackman’s best performance as Wolverine. We’ve never seen
    Wolverine this vulnerable. He’s old, he’s broken down, he’s beaten. He
    can’t heal like he used to. The conviction from Hugh Jackman in this
    movie was just spot on and really captured the ways Wolverine felt at
    certain moments. It added layers to this film. When Wolverine gets into
    a fight, Hugh Jackman is so good in these scenes it’s like he got into
    a fight with the filmmakers on set.

    The writing is solid for a superhero film, it really digs deep into
    these beloved characters, how vulnerable they are, how they long for a
    world where people would just leave them be. You truly feel for Xavier
    and Logan in a way that you never did in the previous X-Men movies, not
    only because they’re now in their twilight years but there’s also that
    father-son type of relationship that’s tough love and endearing and
    then there’s also the reluctant father daughter connection Logan has
    with X-23. By the way, the little girl, Dafne Keen, who plays X-23 is
    remarkable. So much force, so much energy, so much roar, she’s like a
    cheetah that just runs and slices and dices left and right without
    prejudice, what an incredible young talent. This is a movie that gives
    you action to its fullest degree and an emotional journey that’s
    uncompromising. The perfect film about the man who’s the best at what
    he does but what he does isn’t very nice.

    This film at times gets downright emotional. The final scene of the
    film makes you wanna cry. You care about these characters, you are
    invested in them. You don’t want to see them put in harm’s way. Even in
    the scenes where the film may feel a bit slow, the final act of the
    film is the payoff. This is where everything really meshes together
    with a force, creating a pulse-pounding, edge of your seat final
    sendoff for Hugh Jackman as he retires from the role. 

    This is by far the best Wolverine movie and possibly the best X-Men
    movie to date. It’s up there, and it deserves to be. Everything payed
    off in this film. It is emotional. It is character driven. It has
    heart. It is emotional. This is everything anyone could have wanted in
    a Wolverine film. By the end you will feel like you have reached the
    end of this long and emotional journey with Logan and it becomes hard
    to say goodbye. There will be new actors to play Wolverine but I think
    Hugh Jackman will always be remembered for his portrayal of the
    character especially with how he brings it full circle in this final
    chapter. The final scene in this movie was one of the most powerful
    scenes .

  • chinmaykatreMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Where brutality meets poignancy

    It was about four years ago when I was first introduced to the X-men
    universe. Since then irrespective of the quality of the script, I
    always have admired Hugh Jackman’s brilliant portrayal of
    Logan/Wolverine. Thus about an year ago when he posted a picture of his
    ‘Claws’ on Facebook with the caption ‘One Last Time’, it was pretty
    clear that the X-men universe was never going to be the same. And what
    better way to conclude than Logan!

    The R-rated violence in the movie is exactly how it was supposed to be;
    but the emotions embedded among all the killings and bloodshed is what
    makes it exceptional. You don’t need to be a die- hard Wolverine fan to
    adore this movie. Brilliantly written, directed, shot and acted, Logan
    is worth every penny. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were expected to
    be brilliant, but the 12 year-old Dafne Keen steals the show. With only
    a handful of dialogues, she still manages to make you adore her with
    pure and natural expressions.

    Although the vulnerability of Logan and Professor X is not something
    that we are used to, the deep emotional connection they share is
    stronger than ever. There are some funny moments too;but they, in no
    way, compromise the dark tone of the movie. Any movie which can get you
    glued to the screen the entire time, is always a delight to watch; and
    Logan precisely does the same.

    The final act of the movie is an absolute triumph; something which
    James Mangold couldn’t pull of the last time. The ending leaves you
    numb, while making you appreciate a great piece of art you just
    witnessed. To sum it all up, Logan deserves all the hype it is getting;
    and it surely is the best movie in the entire X- men franchise.

    Thank you Hugh Jackman….. You will be dearly missed.

  • cjsurfsMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Sad and Bleak Future for our Hero

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DakotaTheGamerMarch 4, 2017Reply

    This Movie Is One Of My Most Favorite Movies Of All Time Now!!!

    This movie was so amazing it showed the wolverine being the best marvel
    character out of the whole marvel universe and i believe he is the best
    out of the whole marvel universe after seeing this movie this movie was
    one of the best movies i have ever seen and everything in this movie
    was so amazing and everything that comes together in the movie and what
    happens to wolverine throughout the movie is amazing but the one thing
    about the movie that made me so sad was the ending the ending actually
    made me cry and i wish the ending didn’t happen but it had too at some
    point but this movie was amazing and always will be amazing if you want
    a great wolverine movie or a great movie in general you should see this
    i promise you its worth watching 100%.

  • MisterWhiplashMarch 4, 2017Reply

    emotionally it gets it so right that one can mostly look over story flaws

    I have to wonder how people will react to Logan even a year from now,
    much less years from now, when some of the story flaws in this become
    more apparent. Some of the things in Logan may seem like nitpicking
    (how does one drive a bullet-ridden limo through Texas into Oklahoma,
    for example, without anyone noticing until the minute it’s pulled up to
    the hotel to be uh parked), some things may be sort of griping about
    the logistics of things (i.e. the comic book of X-Men is a plot element
    in this movie, like the X-Men comics exist, which would be a clever
    meta moment if it wasn’t in the midst of the one of the darkest comic
    book movies ever made), and there are other beats that just have to do
    with how quickly (or, really, not) the villains don’t catch up with our
    trio of main characters, Logan, Xavier and Julia, even when they
    literally have the coordinates to get to them. Not to mention some
    things in the last third of the movie that make things while not
    necessarily less violent or intense, a little more standard as a comic
    book movie, certainly as it’s the 10th film in 17 years with an X-Men
    character from Fox.

    All of this noted… this movie is really good. The reason for that is
    James Mangold, the director, taking a second (ahem, sorry, I can’t
    resist) stab at this character and as it’s the end he takes almost a
    rough R-rated Clint Eastwood 70’s Peckinpah spaghetti-ish western
    approach to it all. And this is an BIG R rating, so parents take note,
    if you don’t care about your kids hearing ”F” and ”S” words (and
    there’s a lot of them, it’s not like this got the rating for going over
    the 1 or 2 time minimum of PG-13 movies), then you might care about the
    various dismemberments, beheadings, stabs through the head, repeated
    stabbings *from children* onto nameless bad guys. Or maybe that won’t
    be an issue either; in that case this is a dark tragic western for the
    whole family about a mutant who is slowly dying from adamantium
    poisoning driving his 90 year old dementia-ish father figure with a
    little girl so they can find a possible Eden. If one feels a Children
    of Men vibe too I wouldn’t say that was unintentional.

    But alongside Mangold’s commitment to going for something we haven’t
    seen before, what matters most in these movies to me more than the plot
    or stories more-often – the interactions of the characters, the
    emotional weight, how characters do (or don’t) grow since, you know,
    once an a-hole always an a-hole – that works spectacularly. This is
    maybe the most deeply felt of the X-Men films, or at least as close as
    Days of Future Past was, as far as showing us how these characters are
    in great pain and danger and grappling with things, but we also get to
    see more dimension than before. With Xavier, for example, a lot of time
    in past movies (certainly the first three) while played by an actor
    with gravitas like Stewart, he was an exposition machine. Here, Xavier
    gets to show anger, resentment, sadness, pain, misery, confusion
    (genuinely, remember he’s 90 here), and even a moment where he gets to
    help a farmer coral his horses (it’s a minor but important one). And
    damn if Stewart doesn’t deliver the goods; I can praise Jackman high as
    he does deserve it, and the young newcomer playing the mutant Julia is
    incredible (mostly in how she listens and her subtle moments in
    silences), this is Oscar-worthy s*** from Stewart.

    So I think if you have really enjoyed most over the years how the
    actors and characters have interacted the most, regardless (or
    regardful) of how it strays from the comics (a touch that gets
    commented on here, for better or worse), Logan gives that score with
    moving fashion. If you are interested in a coherent story, that’s here
    too… up to a point. It’s a good send off for these characters.

  • Raza BukhariMarch 4, 2017Reply

    LOGAN is not more!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Thomas DrufkeMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The Perfect Send-Off to a Legendary Run as Wolverine

    The main issue with the first two Wolverine films were that they
    weren’t Logan’s stories. Stories that just happened to star Hugh
    Jackman with claws and healing ability. Luckily, James Mangold rights
    the ship with ‘Logan’. Deservingly brutal and heartbreaking, ‘Logan’ is
    the perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman’s 17-year tenure playing the

    ‘Logan’ accomplished one of the hardest things the third in a trilogy
    can do, get better with every outing. But ‘Logan’ isn’t just better
    than the previous two Wolverine films, it’s one of the greatest
    comic-book films of all time. Ironically, besides a few references and
    the appearance of an actual X-Men comic, it’s far from your usual run
    of the mill comic-book adventure. ‘Logan’ sees a man just waiting for
    his time to come while taking care of the man who once took care of
    him, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). It’s beautiful symmetry that
    way, as is the appearance of the clone, X- 23/Laura. Laura, equipped
    with the same healing ability and adamantium clones as Wolverine, makes
    for a nice counterpart to Logan. And really, all 3 main characters have
    great chemistry as some of the few mutants left in the world.

    Neither Jackman or Stewart has ever been better as their respected
    mutants. Giving these characters their own mortality is the best thing
    the script could have done. It’s one of the reasons people have given
    up on most superhero-related films, they tend to be predictable and
    without consequence. Yes, it’s always been fun to watch Wolverine rip
    through dozens of bad guys without a second glance, but it’s about time
    we see his body struggle as much as his mind has through the years.
    Losing all the people he has through nine films doesn’t exactly put his
    mind in the best place.

    Which is why having Laura be in this film is so integral. Logan needed
    to see someone with similar abilities, but at a time where she needs
    guidance and a father-figure. Which again, mirrors Logan’s first trip
    to the X-mansion back in 2000’s X-Men. Which brings me to the next
    brilliant thing about ‘Logan’. It’s uniqueness make seeing all of the
    previous X-Men films only recommended viewing. It’s connected in a way,
    but you don’t need to see the other films in order to feel the weight
    of every moment. With that said, knowing everything that this character
    has gone through certainly enhances the experience. Without spoiling
    the 3rd act, I don’t think there will ever be anything quite like
    ‘Logan’. Perhaps not since the ending of The Dark Knight Trilogy have I
    felt this kind of emotion.

    It’s been well documented just how ultra-violent ‘Logan’ is, but I
    never felt the violence over took the characters and story. For once,
    we got a Wolverine story that was actually his own story, and it paid
    off. I don’t need to see any more of Wolverine in the X-Men universe,
    at least for a long time. I got the violence and emotional payoff that
    I wanted from this character. Words cannot describe this experience,
    and only time will tell just how well this film holds up.

    +Perfect send-off

    +Separated from the universe but honors what came before



    +Mortal Wolverine and Professor X


  • Dylan WallerMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Not only the best X-Men film, One of the best Marvel Films.

    After the disappointing mess that was X-Men Apocalypse, I went into the
    theater with mixed feelings. I wanted a gritty and heartfelt yet bloody
    movie and I can happily say I left overjoyed with satisfaction.

    Logan is a beautifully shot heartfelt story that has earned its place
    at the pinocle of comic book adaptations. Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart shine in a movie that made me laugh at the well placed humour,
    cry on the back of some incredible acting and writing, and satisfyingly
    cringe at the action sequences and bloodbath on screen.

    If you loved the bloody mayhem that was Deadpool, but you are looking
    for a beautifully well cast, well acted and well shot story, Logan is
    the movie for you.


  • stevenrotherforthMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Goes against the grain and it pays off big time!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • forsythejkMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Logan is brilliant and Oscar worthy!!!

    Brutal, violent, emotional, outstanding, beautiful, powerful, and
    brilliant are only some of the words that describes Logan. Logan is not
    your traditional superhero movie, it’s actually much more then that.
    It’s a movie that deserves respect and is worthy of being called a
    masterpiece. This movie actually shook me to my core and left me
    speechless as I was walking out of the theater. The acting, writing,
    and directing all was very well done. Hugh Jackman’s final performance
    as Wolverine was amazing. Patrick Stewart was outstanding, and Dafne
    Keen was great as X-23. James Mangold done a great job directing and
    co-writing. He gave us a Wolverine we all been waiting for and he
    stayed true to the comics. I just wish it didn’t took this long. We all
    knew Hugh Jackman was brilliant as Wolverine, but it’s good to see the
    writers doing him justice. If any superhero movie deserves an Oscar
    it’s this one. I have to admit this movie left me a bit emotional. My
    wife loved and felt the film the way I did. Thank you Hugh Jackman for
    giving us 17 amazing years. I will miss you as The Wolverine. I also
    heard this will be Patrick Stewart’s last time as well. If so he will
    be truly missed as well. I will like to add that this is the best X-men
    movie ever!!! Final Score: A+

  • matthew3079March 4, 2017Reply

    Great Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Daniel BertrandMarch 4, 2017Reply

    More than a Comic book film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gibbs CliffordMarch 4, 2017Reply

    X-Men or not X-Men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Screen_BlitzMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Gritty, visceral, and emotionally stunning, Logan is an astonishing superhero entry that really packs the punch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Brendan HughesMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Berserker Rage on Screen

    This is an excerpt from Nerdent ”dot” Net.

    Logan is Hugh Jackman’s last movie playing the character many cannot
    break apart and making the movie based off of Mark Miller’s renowned
    Old Man Logan. I had my doubts about this film only due to the fact key
    characters in the series are splintered owned by separate companies.
    However, the way James Mangold has crafted the story he was able to
    jump over many of the major hurdles holding this movie back.

    The tone of this movie is gritty and real though scene can tug at the
    heartstrings with that family undertone. This might be the most
    realistic X-Men movie in existence with all the glitter stripped away
    from the characters no mansion, on the run, and bodies breaking down. I
    forgot about the movie being R rated until being carded at the theaters
    but it was well deserved as the action in this movie was bloody
    gruesome and just plain animistic. Even though this is based on Old Man
    Logan I was surprised to see so little attempt of Logan not using his
    claws, except hinting at it in one scene and instead often sent into
    Berserker Rage.

    Though there is plenty of rage, crudeness, and substance use there is
    still some wholesome qualities such as family qualities. We’ve seen
    Xavier and Logan go at it in previous movies as they know much about
    each other. Charles might have the best grasp on Logan due to knowing
    where he came from and what he has done which is why he wants Logan to
    have a normal life with Laura. Similarly, Logan despite being hesitant
    of having a daughter, in the beginning, is soon a father figure in her
    life. Logan slowly becomes what Xavier wants from him a father as he
    places his life on the line as X-23 and her siblings as they make their
    way to Canada.

    Logan was the perfect standoff to Hugh Jackman’s run of the character
    he has been playing for the last 17 years. Though the film is Rated R
    and full of adult content ranging from substance use to bloody gore
    Mangold ties it together with a family vibe with all the characters. I
    believe it could’ve been more faithful to the source material though
    splintered fractions of Marvel characters hindered it. Stylistically
    the movie was a work of art from the cinematography to choreography.
    Where Wolverine will go from here is still to be seen but he will pop
    up sooner than later due to the character’s popularity.

  • spmactMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Wolverine and Professor X get old, sick and depressing

    I wasn’t that interested in seeing this after being disappointed by the
    last Wolverine movie and finding out that this was by the same
    director. Then I saw all these reviews praising this as a great film,
    and I thought I might like it.

    After seeing it, I don’t see what all the hype was about. Does making a
    movie dark and depressing make it good? Personally I didn’t need to see
    Wolverine Professor X all washed up, old and sick. Sure, it’s ”real”,
    but I don’t go to a super hero movie to see that kind of thing.

    There was some great action, and it was fun to see Wolverine not held
    back by a PG-13 rating, but there were too many plot holes and things
    that were inconsistent with previous things established about
    Wolverine. I did like what they did with the comic book references

    Ultimately it was just OK, and ranks somewhere in the middle of all
    X-Men movies for me.

    It’s sad when the best part of the movie was the Deadpool teaser before

  • vengeance20March 4, 2017Reply

    Raw, Bloody & Pure Epic!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • powellian6March 4, 2017Reply

    The Dark Wolverine

    From the opening scene, the dark tone of this movie is felt throughout
    the film. Hugh Jackman delivers a combatant and depressed Logan that
    shows how far the mutants have fallen in this broken future world set
    in the year 2024. Patrick Stewart crippling performance as a very old
    and sick Professor X will break the hearts of many long time X-men
    fans. Dafne Keen plays Laura (X-23) and does an outstanding job
    especially with her facial expressions as a young feral X-23. The other
    complementary characters did okay with what their characters were given
    ( Pierce and Caliban). The fight scenes in this movie are raw,brutal
    and have true grit. Some of the most intense scenes that had me and
    many audiences members in awe of how brutal this movie was. It slows
    down in the middle for character development but keeps you into it with
    the performances from Jackman and Stewart. This is truly The Wolverine
    movie we always wanted and we finally got. Let this movie be a
    blueprint for all future superhero movies to drive away from mindless
    action and turn towards more gritty drama that brings these larger than
    life superheroes down to reality

    We always wanted an R rated wolverine film but no one thought it would
    ever be this bloody good.


  • bankofmarquisMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Stong finish to Jackman and Stewart’s X:Men Journey

    For me, pound for pound, the best Super Hero franchise going is the
    X:Men series (sorry Marvel Cinematic Universe).  Why is that?  Mainly,
     it is because of the casting and the realistic interplay between these
    characters/actors.  No two actors serviced this series as faithfully
    and as effectively as Hugh Jackmans as Wolverine (Logan) and Patrick
    Stewart as Professor ”X” (Charles Xavier).  So it was with mixed
    emotions that I entered the theater to see the self-proclaimed swansong
    of this series for the both of them.

    And…I was rewarded with a very strong, very adult and very
    graphically violent – and fitting – ending to their journeys as these

    LOGAN tells the story of a time in the future when the mutant ”fad” has
    faded and all (or most) mutants are gone (or hidden).  The former
    Wolverine is now a drunken limo driver in El Paso (is there any other
    kind), making ends meet so he can care for an aging Charles Xavier.
     The early part of the film delves into the fascinating story of two
    people who were once indestructible and are now decaying – Logan’s
    infallible body is now fallible and Charles’ brilliant mind is ravaged
    by Alzheimer’s.  Into this world drops a new mutant who needs
    protecting and saving from some bad guys.  Somebody needs to come along
    to to protect this girl.  ”Somebody already has” says Charles to Logan.

    The acting of Stewart and Jackman in the first part of the film (and
    really during the entire film) is exemplary, as good of acting as you
    are going to get in a Super Hero movie.  Not as showy as Heath Ledger’s
    Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, but strong, subtle and poignant, clearly
    showing the love and compassion these two have for each other.
     Stewart, of course, has shown before that he has this type of
    performance level in him,  but it is the work of Jackman that surprises
    here.  He is up to the task and easily holds his own with Stewart.  He
    understands this character and being able to add another dimension to
    his portrayal must have been what attracted him to this role.  Adding
    to the interest in the first part of the film is the underrated Stephen
    Merchant as Caliban –  a 3rd mutant who works alongside Jackman and
    Stewart and enhances the proceedings.

    The film, then, takes a turn to Action Hero Land when in drops young
    Dafne Keen as a mutant that is being chased and needs Logan’s
    protection.  While there were action scenes before this point in the
    movie, the film now becomes one long action chase scene – and it is
    done very, very well – graphically and unapologetic in it’s violence.
     This will help soothe the ”fanboys” of this film – they have been
    clamoring for an adult, hard R-Rated, violent Wolverine for some time –
    and get it they do –  but I was more impressed with the dramatic
    portion of the first 1/2 of the film than the action of the 2nd half.

    Don’t get me wrong, Director and Writer James Mangold has crafted a
    very fine film.  He certainly knows how to keep the action moving – and
    I’m sure some of the ”fanboys” will be bored with the more slow first
    part of this film – but that is the part of the film that appealed more
    to me and I wanted more of that, and less of the gory action, but that
    is not what this film needs to be in order to become the Box Office
    champion that it most certainly will be.

    There are a few downsides to this film – while Boyd Holbrook makes a
    good bad guy, his boss – played by Richard E. Grant – was paperthin and
    unweighty in comparison to the leads, and an interlude to a family at a
    farm house really just served as cannon fodder, which was a waste of
    good talent like Eriq La Salle and Elise Neal.  I also was left a bit
    unsatisfied by the ending, I wanted just a bit more, one more scene,
    but I can understand why Mangold decided to end the film where he did –
    lest he falls prey to the ”multiple, false ending” trap that the last
    LORD OF THE RING movie fell victim to.

    Mangold, clearly, enjoys these characters and their interactions, but
    he didn’t overplay his hand and these two fine actors – and their
    characters – can walk off the X:Men stage with their heads held high.
     They are leaving on a high note and are adhering to the age-old
    showbiz adage –

    ”Always leave them wanting more…”

    Letter Grade:  A-

    8 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank(OfMarquis)

  • Ransom ClarkeMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Come on folks… It’s not a 10/10

    I don’t know what everyone’s seeing in this movie that makes them think
    its such a masterpiece. Everyone’s giving it 9’s and 10’s, but I’d give
    it a 6-7 at best. A 10/10 should only be reserved for a film that is
    flawless in every way — whether it be acting, directing,
    cinematography, story and everything in-between. For it to be perfect,
    the story has to be gripping throughout the 140 minute run time, and
    that’s where I felt it was weakest. It’s serviceable, but it isn’t
    perfect. I have a feeling that the people who are giving this film
    perfect scores are doing so because its much grittier than any X-Men
    movie in the past. It’s definitely savage with the violence, which was
    refreshing to me and I appreciated them going all-out with the hard R
    rating. It starts out freaking great when it’s setting up the overall
    plot, but then it REALLLLY drags along for the 90+ minutes in the
    middle. During the second act, the story spent so much time focusing on
    little moments with minimal significance to the overall arc, that I
    found myself feeling really underwhelmed when the big emotional moments
    finally happened. Don’t expect to be heavily invested in the villains
    either… they’re given very little development on screen, and as soon
    as any meaningful dialogue starts happening to give the audience some
    exposition into what’s been going on for the last 20+ years in this
    universe, it comes to an abrupt stop. If you’re looking for action, you
    will be happy with the beginning and the end. Other than that, it’s
    nothing more than a mediocre country western style ”road movie” about
    Logan and the girl. I also left with more questions than I had going
    into it, which I’m assuming will be told through a new series of
    prequels. Overall, it was a so-so experience that wouldn’t be getting
    such high scores if it weren’t for the fact that it’s an R-rated X-Men

  • alan_robinsonMarch 4, 2017Reply

    It is truly EPIC

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dannyc-18March 4, 2017Reply

    Well that was bleak.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rgkarimMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Three Slashes For Wolverine! Slash, Slash, Slash HOORAY

    The X-men series is a story that on many levels is close to my heart in
    the form of comics, games, and the 90s animated TV show. In the
    movieverse though, there have been some triumphic downfalls and
    surprising successes in Fox studios’ telling of the mutant force. This
    weekend, Logan attempts to breathe life back into the series, with what
    looks to be a different take on the hero genre. What’s the verdict?
    Unless you have clairvoyance as a super power, you are going to have to
    read to find out.

    LIKES: • Fresh Twist • Comedic Relief • Strong Character Development •
    Strong Villain • Action we Really Wanted

    Summary: Fox seems to have realized that twists can be a good thing
    (Deadpool) and have decided to integrate the anti-hero switch-up into
    the mix. Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) journey dives into the darker corners
    of the X-Men world, to a place where allies are few and hope is
    practically nil. This more forlorn setting opened up avenues for
    greater storytelling, primarily in developing Logan as a character
    (which seems to have been the goal for most of the X-men movies). One
    will get to dive into his inner character, facing the specters that
    haunt the supposedly invincible Wolverine from media past. It is in
    this regard that X-Men finally got the villain quality right in regards
    to Logan being his own worst enemy. Logan’s inner doubt is perhaps one
    of the strongest villains this universe has known, and provides a
    constant challenge to the development and well-being of not just him,
    but the other characters of the film. And it is thanks to this that
    Logan has a lot more emotion packed in than other superhero films have
    had in the past. To my surprise, Logan has a nice balance of comedy to
    relieve the darker moments, timing most jokes perfectly to emphasize
    the simple dialogue.

    Biggest relief from the ”darkness” though comes in the form of the
    action, which finally delivers the promised fights we’ve been waiting
    for. That five-minute clip in Apocalypse was a sample of the
    high-adrenaline fights in this movie. Logan traded flashy CGI light
    shows for a choreographed chaos that involved blending martial arts
    with classic Wolverine claws. The intense dances of death, mixed with
    the exciting score and sound effects, will make up for much of the
    lackluster fights of the past and match the expectations are
    imaginations set all those comic books ago. And while I wanted more
    action (because I always do), Logan does a nice job spacing the fights
    out to be mostly relevant to the plot of the story. A small side note,
    I wished there had been a little more diversity to the fights, but it’s
    a small critique.

    DISLIKES: • Boring at Times • A Weak Villain • Language at times •
    Animal Grunting • The Psychic moments • Unnecessary Gore?

    Summary: You’re probably laughing at my contradictory statements, but
    Logan is a movie that is kind of boring at times. Character development
    takes time, dialogue, and more ”peaceful” moments of not tearing
    someone’s throat out to do right. Unfortunately, Logan’s dark
    atmosphere mixed with these dialogue rich moments can drag at times.
    Their cross-country journey has more than a few unnecessary sequences,
    where detailed tangents added little benefit other than a few whimsical
    jokes or build up to a fight down the road. It’s not that these scenes
    didn’t need to be deleted, just shortened to be more relevant (and time
    efficient). But much like a Western, which this movie feels like, these
    slower, moral filled moments are the deserts that span between oases.
    What also didn’t help was how the villains in this film were still kind
    of lame. Inner Logan is deadly, but the ranger with the metal arm and
    his employer’s other ”elite” projects still fall into the lame
    category. Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is all bark and little bite, barely
    doing anything but making threats and occasionally firing a gun, when
    his more effective lackeys were spent. It’s fortunate these bad guy
    roles are limited, including the mediocre twist to the mix.

    The other biggest dislike is the unbalanced aggressiveness this film
    has with it. I know, Wolverine is an aggressive character. Does that
    mean we have to reduce his normally clever dialogue with an unhindered
    use of the F word? Apparently in this film it did, and the lazy
    dependence on the cursing still remains a tiresome ploy for me. In
    addition, this film really dipped into the animal grunting and roaring
    of not only Logan, but Laura (Dafne Keen) as the two continuously (and
    at times annoyingly) scream. Also overdone were some of the aggressive
    psychic moments that became drawn out sequences of torture that is both
    fulfilling and unnecessary at the same time. And as for the violence,
    Logan steps this game up (which is why the fights rock), but the level
    of gore involved has been upped as well. Those thinking of taking
    younger audience members need to note the R rating, because you’ll be
    subjected to maiming, decapitation, and other blood filled moments that
    for me really didn’t need to be to that level.

    The Verdict:

    Logan is an improvement over many of the X-men films in regards to
    storytelling, action, and character development. Yet it’s failings for
    me come in the form of some editing quirks, unbalanced dialogue, and
    overly aggressive gore. It matches the themes of the modern graphic
    novels, but I felt with some balancing the movie could have been even
    better. I feel the movie is worth a trip to the theater though, but
    please think twice before taking kids to see it.

    My scores: Action/Drama/Sci-Fi: 8.5 Movie Overall: 7.0

  • Abhishek VashishtMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Awesome Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jontek77March 4, 2017Reply

    Extremely violent, but well done movie with some major plot holes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • grillascostaMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Perfect, bloody and emotional sendoff for Hugh Jackman

    Logan is a violent action-thriller loaded with strong emotion.

    The movie starts off they way it should showing you what your really in
    for. The introduction is strong showing what happened to Wolverine and
    his current life while introducing the villain all at the same time.
    This movie perfectly balances it’s strong brutal violence with strong
    emotional scenes throughout the whole 2 hour and 21 minute run-time.
    The way some of the action scenes were designed kept you stressed and
    on the edge of your seat leaving you breathless the whole way through.

    Except you have to see this more than just an action movie full of
    nitty- gritty violence. The emotional and strong messages that were
    included in this movie were strong and effective with a great plot to
    add. The acting from every character is powerful and believable
    especially that of Dafne Keen who plays X-23.

    Altogether this movie is a perfect, bloody and emotional sendoff for
    Hugh Jackman and the pay-cut he took to get the R rating was greatly
    appreciated. You will be missed after a great 17 years. Great work
    James Mangold.

  • Chea ChienMarch 4, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Charlie PicartMarch 4, 2017Reply

    A little underwhelmed…

    Maybe it’s a case of high expectations, but I was underwhelmed overall
    with this movie. It has ramp-ed up the violence to the max and the end
    is quite good but too many problems mar this movie to make it a hit: –
    the setting never quite clicks: 12 years in the future they have the
    same phones and the same TVs? Mutantkind was eradicated? Not a big deal
    but it never seems right – the movie is a road movie? An action movie?
    A mix of the both with a lot of dead times and fairly filler moments –
    What it is not is a super hero movie. It has some of its tropes but
    lacks the overall sense of wonderment a superhero flick needs – The bad
    guys and main threat are really **meh** So yeah Hugh Jackman is OK,
    Patrick Stewart is OK, seeing a Wolverine unleashed on the screen has
    its moments but overall somewhat disappointed.

  • Duke WeaseltonMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Favourite Superhero Movie

    I wasn’t really excited seeing Logan. I went in expecting just another
    generic X-men movie. What I got was far beyond my expectations. In my
    opinion this is Hugh Jackman’s best performance and also his last as
    Wolverine. The directing was great especially during the tense and
    action-packed fight scenes. The movie had a number of epic and
    thrilling scenes with a few touching and sad moments. It was good to
    see Patrick Stewart come back as Professor X. It was a great send off
    for the character Wolverine. Overall, Logan is a thrilling
    action-packed ride with sad moments and a ton of gore. Recommended for
    people that aren’t afraid to see a little blood.

  • BallbusterMarch 4, 2017Reply


    This movie is a waste of time and money. Can’t even begin to explain
    how bad it is. Lame story that goes nowhere and explains nothing. Just
    coasting along and then….blah. Lame villains who put up pretty much
    no fight. This movie has so much wasted potential. I go to a movie for
    entertainment. I spent the movie wishing I was somewhere else. I know
    people have their own opinions but the positive reviews must be paid
    reviews. Near the bottom of the x-men franchise. No emotion. No story.
    No connection. Nothing. Empty movie.

  • ksharif-24974March 4, 2017Reply

    about site

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cole Waters ([email protected])March 4, 2017Reply


    Logan is a triumph. Hugh Jackman does it once again as being a great
    actor. From the second Logan started it was action packed. The acting
    was fantastic. If you like the x men movies and the wolverine movies
    then you will love Logan. Dafne Knee was amazing as the role of Laura.
    I saw it in IMAX and it filled the whole screen with amazing quality
    footage. The whole movie was one of those movies where you know it is
    going to be good, but it even surprises you of how good it is that is
    what Logan does.

    Parents Logan is rated R for language and strong brutal violence and
    does this movie have brutal violence it is full of it. This movie is
    fun for families who think they can handle the concept of this movie.
    Logan has been the best film of the years in my option. It was by far
    my favorite x men movie it was terrific.

    Thank you for reading hope this review helped you and I hope you go see
    Logan at your local movie theater very soon and hope you love it.

  • Jackson PrestoMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Logan’s run comes to an end…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monstermayhem32March 4, 2017Reply

    Wolverine final outing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nirav GohilMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Old Man Logan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • intrepidamiMarch 4, 2017Reply

    It’s the best Wolverine movie…but…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bshristovMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Yep, It,s That Good.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KelchubordnorMarch 4, 2017Reply

    This is what we’ve been waiting for………

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ArgemalucoMarch 4, 2017Reply


    Logan has already become one of my favorite superhero films… even
    though it doesn’t really look like a superhero movie. It would be more
    appropriate to describe Logan as a western, or a drama, or a tense
    thriller which would still work without the fantastic elements, because
    there’s no need for mutant powers to comprehend the desperation of a
    man tormented by his past and with an uncertain future lacking of any
    hope… until hope finds him. But, hope of what? Of redemption? Of
    survival? Or of briefly returning to the brutality and violence from
    which he attempted to escape? The simple fact that Logan inspires those
    questionings reveals its narrative deepness and emotional complexity,
    both of them rarely seen in the occasionally frivolous world of
    superheroes. Hugh Jackman confirms once more that he was born to play
    Logan/James Howlett/Wolverine. The benefit of the years (I’m equally
    talking about the age of the franchise and Jackman’s) have allowed him
    to create a credible and natural evolution of the character throughout
    9 films (well, he barely played cameos in X-Men: First Class and X-
    Men: Apocalypse, but I’m still counting them), and that’s a probably
    unique case in universal cinema (not only in comic adaptations). But
    Jackman is only one of the brilliant elements of Logan; we also have
    the excellent screenplay, solidly structured with ”classic” elements
    (the retired hero must return to action; the hero considers his powers
    a curse, etc.) which feel fresh due to some unexpected inversion of
    roles and the intentional distancing from the comic archetypes which
    are becoming routine in this kind of movies; don’t misunderstand me: I
    keep enjoying the films from Marvel Studios, but it’s already time to
    change the recipe a bit… something achieved by Logan with an
    excellent result. I also liked the fact that the antagonists aren’t
    megalomaniac super-villains with vague plans of planetary conquest (or
    something like that), but individuals who are ”normal” to a certain
    point representing extreme manifestations of the vices of humanity:
    intolerance, obsession with control, selfishness. Another thing I liked
    was the austere vision of the year 2029; instead of exaggerating the
    futurism and the science fiction, director James Mangold presents us a
    world which is the same to the one of 2017, but with small visual
    details supporting the story. In conclusion, Logan isn’t a perfect
    movie, but I enjoyed it very much, and it definitely deserves a very
    enthusiastic recommendation.

  • Osvaldo LaraMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Almost the same formula managed differently brings something AWESOME !!!

    Yes, one of the best superhero movies so far, in the core is almost the
    same X-Men movie of always you know some scientist with experiments
    with the mutants, but the way the facts are managed just turn the movie
    something really enjoyable, something great, and it is not because of
    the 18+ rate due the violence, it is because the rawness, dark tone and
    the realistic way to bring the situations of the movie for example
    people really die and they not seem to have seven lives, it is a very
    emotional movie you really get involved with it, Just Great, and the
    performances from the 3 main characters (Jackman, Stewart and keen)
    were just amazing, the well-deserved last movie to Wolverine.

  • claus-51March 4, 2017Reply

    Has a lot of good and a lot of bad. Mostly bad, though

    Let me start by saying that I’m keeping myself totally out of the
    Marvel vs. DC debate. I own every Marvel AND every DC movie ever made
    (yes, even the old Captain America movies!) and I watch them no matter
    if they’re good or bad. I love superhero movies. And that might be just
    the thing with this movie – because it doesn’t FEEl like a superhero
    movie. It feels like Mad Max, a huge chase interrupted for a few
    moments, and then the chase continues, lots of fighting and explosions
    and gratuitous violence (more than ever before in a Wolverine movie!)
    but very little character, very little plot and a super-depressing
    story line that ends up in tragedy. I don’t understand the appeal of
    the new wave of films where heroes have to be portrayed as old and
    dying people. ”Mr Holmes”, ”Star Wars VII”, ”Logan” and there’s talk of
    a new Indiana Jones…why not let the heroes remain the heroes they
    are? They don’t get better from being shown as old, bumbling men dying
    of cancer or Alzheimer’s! ”Logan” is all the things that some people
    have wanted from Marvel movies for a while now. Dark, gritty, violent,
    brutal. But at the same time, it’s lost the fun. It’s lost the thrill
    of the superhero. It’s lost the heart. I have nothing bad to say about
    the main . Jackman does a good job playing Logan, and Patrick Stewart
    finally gets to say ”f*ck” as Professor X. The guy playing the villain
    is so one dimensional, however, that you will lose sight of him when he
    turns his side. Donald Pierce in the comic was an industrialist and a
    member of the Hellfire Club. Here, he’s a good with a mechanical hand.
    What a waste. The fight scenes look good. It’s nice to see Jackman go
    full-out berserker rage Wolverine, and X-23 (even though she’s a very
    bad actress) is good at the fighting stuff. All in all, this is quite
    literally the first time in years, I’ve walked out of a superhero movie
    with this conflicted emotions in my head. It’s not horrible like
    Fan4Stic. It’s not fun and wild like Doctor Strange. It’s not a good
    story like Civil War. It’s just…kind of a dark letdown.

    But I’ll probably still get the Bluray. It will just end up next to
    Fan4Stic and Electra and Catwoman amongst the ones I just own because I
    want a complete collection.

  • Adam PostMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The end of one era, but the beginning of another.

    I’m gonna keep this review short so as not to spoil a truly spectacular

    Everything (positive) you’ve heard/read about Logan is 100% TRUE! It’s
    a great movie, a great comic book movie, the best X-Men Movie, the best
    wolverine movie, etc. It’s a lot like Watchmen (to me) in the aspect
    that it’s a comic book movie that doesn’t feel/play out out like one.
    It’s emotional, it’s (mostly) serious, it’s sad, and it really touches
    you as you watch. Is it sad that this is Hugh’s last performance as
    Wolverine/Logan: yes, but the introduction of Laura/X-23 is (in my
    opinion) a really good play for Fox. If they try to re-cast Wolvie too
    soon, fans will be outraged, but by introducing X-23 (a brand-new, but
    similar character) we can have several new movies, characters,
    adventures, etc until Fox deems enough time has passed for the
    introduction of a new ”Wolverine”.

    Again, i don’t wanna spoil anything so I’ll leave you with this:
    whether you’re a comic book fan, an action-movie fan, or just a movie
    fan, you’ll LOVE this movie. It tells a spectacular, touching story,
    and it has plenty of the brutal R-rated action that Wolverine fans have
    wanted to see for so long. GO SEE IT! I promise you WON’T be

    PS – for all you avid comic readers: with the exception of characters
    that Marvel Studios has the rights to (Captain America, Hawkeye & The
    Hulk come to mind) this is the most true-to-the-book adaptation I’ve
    seen since Deadpool last year.

  • medellinrobMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Awefull Many inconsistencies.

    I’m not going to spoil it, just says a few things of the first quarter
    of the movie: They pass a car through the border with many bullet
    holes. A nurse records every underground surgery and random happening
    of a top secret project. Many kids gets thousands in cash just by
    chance. Bad guys don’t shoot but wait to get killed. Oh and it’s super
    predictable. Really? Did I see the same movie everyone’s praising.
    Without the plot holes or inconsistencies it would be at most ”a good
    movie”, but with so much being wrong: it’s awful.

  • WoodBangers EntertainmentMarch 4, 2017Reply

    best one yet

    Last night was a blast as we got to go to the theater and enjoy Logan
    (2017). Which honestly turned out to be a very entertaining movie. At
    first, when I saw the trailer, it didn’t look like much but it did get
    my attention; it sort of seemed bland. I can honestly say the trailer
    itself didn’t do it justice.

    We weren’t expecting a whole lot given the last wolverine film as it
    sort of flopped hard, but we were surprised to see they put a lot of
    effort into making Logan a whole lot better; they did well. The acting
    was as good as all the rest, the graphics nicely were done; the story
    was on point. Very few spots within the movie that I just looked at our
    team and said (really?), but ya gonna have that in a lot of films.
    Simple and short, Logan (2017) was very entertaining and better than
    the last Wolverine film by a mile.

  • mihael-salopekMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Predictable slaughtering…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Quietb-1March 4, 2017Reply

    Plenty of action, just enough heart.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yousef_jeMarch 4, 2017Reply

    GREAT!!! Contains some spoilers….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aharmasMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Jackman’s Powerful Turn

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beandip57March 4, 2017Reply

    Logan is a Beast

    So many years of the X-Men and Wolverine franchise and I was always
    left wanting more or disappointed, but not after Logan. After the
    Wolverine movie I said I would not go to a Fox wolverine movie because
    they destroyed my favorite character. After Deadpool, the fact that it
    was R and the trailers, my hopes were high. I was thrilled by opening
    scene, Wolverine like he should be, dark, angry, frustrated and most of
    all a reluctant hero. The story is filled with gritty scenes of action
    which not only bring a sense of realism of what would happen when a
    hero has 6 sharp knives as hands but also the sheer carnage of fights.
    It is not for the faint of heart as Logan does not hold back any
    punches, pun intended. Logan has a great and moving story also. Laura
    was amazing at her part (i wont spoil it) and steals the show in some
    parts. Patrick Stewart still does more than justice to professor X. A
    must see for all the comic book lovers, action junkies or wolverine
    fans, this is what i always wanted Logan…. the beast the best at what
    he does.

  • MarcoMarch 4, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JaikrishnaVSMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Got to be the best X-men movie till date !

    Laura, Logan and Charles. That’s who and what this story is all about.
    Logan proves that you can indeed have a superhero movie with a story in
    it. I just hope that they just retire Wolverine forever as anybody
    other than Hugh Jackman in the iconic character would be a catastrophe

  • MercyMarch 4, 2017Reply

    A Passionately Raw, Bleak, and Stirring Farewell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aditya ChakrabortyMarch 4, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine movie we deserved

    This is the Wolverine movie we all deserved and they made us wait for
    really long. This is not like normal X-men or even normal superhero
    movies. This is much more personal, emotional and brutally violent,
    strictly not for kids. After the 2 shitty solo Wolverine movies, this
    is not only one of the best X-men movies, but also one of the best
    superhero movies, almost at par with Batman: The Dark Knight and
    Spider-Man 2.

    Its the future, and Logan is now an old mutant, still surviving through
    claws and regenerative healing powers but he’s growing weaker. He’s
    taking care of Prof. X, who is now 90 years old, who still has the
    mind-power but its now uncontrollable. Somehow both meet a kid
    (X-23/Laura) who they have to save, but as it turns out she’s also a
    mutant with Logan’s DNA, hence obviously, CLAWS. The organization who
    created her and several other mutants, are on the hunt and the whole
    movie is about survival.

    The kid who played Laura is so BAD-ASS, its amazing. Its a big deal to
    be the highlight of a movie where Hugh Jackman is the protagonist. The
    relationship between Prof. X, Logan and Laura are like Grandpa, Dad and
    daughter which makes these characters highly relatable. Patrick was
    amazing as a very different and never seen before Prof X. Hugh Jackman
    did what he has been doing last 17 years, only this was his best. Other
    Villainy characters did a fair job.

    The movie is dark, like ”Game Of Thrones” dark, people die, there’s
    blood everywhere, heads and other body parts are coming off. But
    overall, its the best send-off they could give to Hugh as his last
    Wolverine film. Best part is you really don’t have to watch any
    previous films to watch this, if you don’t know what are mutants, it
    doesn’t matter. Its a great watch for anyone (Anyone who’s comfortable
    with blood and violence).

    Hugh Jackman will be missed as Wolverine.

  • dfbairnMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Putting the X in X-Men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • buggy3001March 4, 2017Reply

    No expectations going in…blown(slashed) away

    Imagine a combination of The Departed with a bit of older Rambo and a
    great job casting the kid playing opposite the ”old man”.

    Awesome script, really good acting, and i cant even mention the action.
    Its ridiculously good.

    OF NOTE:

    The movie HAS kids in it, but do NOT take young kids to go see it.
    Rated R for a Reason.

    This is NOT a Marvel movie. (otherwise nothing would happen, half of it
    would be a comedy, and no one would ever die)

    Best X-man movie to date.

  • jay_daguyMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Go to the Cinema and Watch Logan !

    Very rarely do we get to see something different ! This movie will
    certainly raise the bar as to what can be done in this category. Hugh
    Jackman gives his everything and portrays the Logan we have all been
    waiting for.

    Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen give a great performance that will not
    be forgotten. The action is not what you usually get! It’s intense ,
    satisfying and almost close to perfection.

    A quick word regarding Dafne keen , this young actress is really
    special. I have rarely seen such performance by someone of this age.
    She is just unbelievable and we will be seeing her in other movies
    because she has it in her!

    The cinematography and editing is topnotch and the sequences are

    Patrick Stewart is portrayed in a different way as compare to his
    previous role as Charles ! it’s so great because this isn’t a child
    movie – this is an adult movie

    Hugh Jackman leaves his role as wolverine in the best possible way and
    will be missed !

    A MUST SEE !!!

  • Andi WangMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Beautiful ending for Wolverine, horrible ending for the X-men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BurnoutsssMarch 4, 2017Reply

    One Last Ride for 2 Amazing Actors in Iconic Roles

    After 17 Years debuting in the X-men Franchise, Hugh Jackman exits the
    role as Wolverine, a troubled loner with a heart of gold and claws of

    In the future of 2029, Mutants have almost become extinct. Logan,
    living with a dementia ridden Professor Xavier and a mutant recluse
    named Caliban, turns his back on mutant kind, instead attempting to
    make a living as a limousine driver to retire to the ocean. However,
    Logan’s fate is changed when she meets a young girl with mutant powers
    very similar to his own.

    The Live Action X-Men franchise has often been accused of being
    disrespectful to the source material (or rather the more fantastical
    elements of said source material such as the Dinosaurs in present day
    of the Savage Land or the space opera adventures of the Starjammers),
    in an age where Marvel Studios explores space with Guardians of the
    Galaxy or the microscopic world with Ant-Man.

    In Logan, that grounded reality works to the benefit of movie. Instead
    of visual spectacle and technicolor explosions, the action grim,
    grounded and folded to reality. Unlike other attempts to ‘mature’ the
    genre through simple additions of profanity and violence, Logan uses
    its R rating to tell a more character driven story, showing broken old
    men at the end of their ropes. After years of a PG-13 rating, the R
    rating doesn’t simply add blood and gore, but a sense of melancholy and
    bleakness other films of the same genre do not have.

    Logan has been described as the mainstream Superhero Western, a fair
    comparison since Superheroes have often been compared to the Western
    Boom of the 50’s while scenes of 1953’s Shane plays during a scene.

    The actors are fully giving it their all in this picture. Hugh Jackman
    has always had incredible range as an actor, but his turn as Wolverine
    is the thing that made him a star. It’s only with an actor of his
    caliber and the age of playing the role for so long that you can get a
    performance of this magnitude with the emotional weight it deserves.
    Just the same, the usually reserved Patrick Stewart completely subverts
    his role as the kindly understanding Professor Xavier to a rambling,
    cynical cranky old man with a form of Alzheimer’s. But, Dafne Keen will
    ultimately come out as the highlight of the film. It’s hard to get
    children actors to put out a role of this magnitude but Keen’s Laura
    manages to be both convincing as a child who’s exploring the world for
    the first time and a violent killer in other scenes.

    The action set pieces are astounding. The fight choreography is stable,
    the edits manage to feel coherent and the amount of chopped limbs,
    be-headings and spilled blood makes for a gory good time.

    It’s unclear where the X-men Franchise can go from here. After the
    critical disappointment of X-Men: Apocalypse but the financial success
    of Deadpool, fans have been counting the days when 20th Century Fox
    will sell the film rights back to Marvel Studios so the Mutants can
    become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, for the payoff we
    received at the end, Logan is worth the 17 years worth of X-Men films
    (Some Good, Some Bad, Most Mediocre) to see two actors have one last
    ride in what was some of the iconic roles in Superhero film history.

    See it!

  • imdb-8198March 4, 2017Reply

    Raw, Gritty, Tragedy in more ways than one…

    Before believing anyone who says this is a great movie, first ask what
    other movies they think are great. Chances are you’ll be very surprised
    by the answer. Different people like different movies, and this movie
    appeals to the types of people who relish old, depressing early 70s
    gritty ”reality” flicks. It’s violent, it’s gritty, it’s depressing
    from the very first scene, and offers a very sad world-view. It seems
    to have been created by people who despise the optimism and hope that
    forms the basis of most super-hero movies, who wanted to attempt to
    ruin the genre with this piece of nastiness.

  • neoduricMarch 4, 2017Reply

    It’s bloody great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • agfieldMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Fabulous movie, and not your average X-Man story

    I go to the cinema frequently and have been intoxicated by the trailer
    for this movie through the fabulous Johnny Cash song ‘Hurt’ ….. but
    as good as this trailer was, it v=certainly didn’t convey the fabulous
    movie that sat behind it. It had been well publicised that this was the
    final swansong for two of its integral characters, but the sympathetic
    way that this was handled throughout was unexpected. Don’t get me
    wrong, there is plenty of action and macabre killing, but there is a
    rather touching story-line underpinning I t all … something that
    isn’t usual in X-Men movies. I have say that Stephen Merchants
    portrayal of Caliban was a surprise, and it took a short while to get
    ‘The Office’ out of my head, but actually it worked. I would recommend
    any X-Men fan to go and see that, although that’s probably a given
    anyway, but just expect something different … and enjoy.

  • frisco2007March 4, 2017Reply

    Spoilers Included – Horrible, a major disappointment. This movie is riddled with plot holes like Swiss cheese!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • toniroboMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Logan – Dramatic, intense and realistic!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • drawlifeMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Third time is the charm.

    By far this is the best Wolverine stand alone film. I guess third time
    really is the charm as X- Men Origins: Wolverine is an abysmal mess,
    and The Wolverine is just mediocre at best. What always held Wolverine
    back was the PG-13 rating. Now with this R rating, everything makes a
    ginormous difference.

    The smart and bold script written by James Mangold, Scott Frank and
    Michael Green affords Hugh Jackman the opportunity to totally reinvent
    his portrayal of Logan/Wolverine, and the result is one of the best
    performances of Jackman’s career, and ranks up there with one of the
    most impressive superhero movies of this decade.

    It’s very layered, and although at times there are a couple moments
    where it can drag, a lot of it is devoted to characterization of our
    leads. Patrick Stewart turns in one of the most thoughtful performances
    as Professor Xavier. Every scene with his banter and relationship with
    Logan is golden. Stephen Merchant also has a nice supporting role as
    Caliban. Boyd Holbrook has a very good asshole role as the ruthless
    Donald Pierce. A little underdeveloped, but he comes off as someone you
    love to hate and he does a good job selling that. Dafne Keen is
    Laura/X-23, and she is a superstar in the film. Granted she doesn’t
    have much dialog, but she rules every action scene she’s in and in the
    moments that she does talk, she doesn’t come off as if she’s reading
    the dialog in the script, but actually evoking the emotion that it

    James Mangold brings the tone, the pacing and the feel of a Western,
    particularly the movie Shane. Mangold is no stranger to westerns as he
    directed the great 3:10 to Yuma remake. Even in the set pieces, most of
    the film does not take place in a large cityscape, but rather in a
    desert like scenery, the road, the woods, a lonely convenient store,
    etc., making the film feel more isolated. This is an extremely violent
    film I might add, in which guts and blood are spilled and splatted
    everywhere. This time there’s a visceral punch every time Logan brings
    out his claws to slice and dice.

    Logan is a deep and somber character study of Logan himself. He and
    Xavier are old, withered and been though a lot. Even when Logan
    reluctantly honors Xavier’s wishes to protecting Laura, it’s clear
    after years of being bruised and battered, all he really wants to do is
    to drink and forget, to the point where he is numb to everything and
    anything resembling human feelings is irrelevant to him. The R rating
    is organic and doesn’t feel out of place. Violence happens for a reason
    as it serves the story very well and Logan does not hold back in this

    After seventeen years, and nine appearances as Wolverine(including this
    one), Hugh Jackman goes out with a bang. His dedication and commitment
    to playing this character for so long is a remarkable feat, so thank
    you Hugh Jackman for bringing out the best in you, even if some of the
    other movies weren’t exactly great.

    However, after seeing this film, I’m not ready for him to leave just
    yet. This and Deadpool are so far the best entries Fox has provided
    since X2: X-Men United. If only Fox can just come to Jackman’s house
    with a dump truck full of cash. I hope Ryan Reynolds does everything he
    can to have him return for a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover, or perhaps
    Kevin Feige works his magic? Unlikely, but one can hope.

    This is the Wolverine film I wanted to see. Better late than never.
    Hugh Jackman gives it his all, and I think it’s very Oscar worthy. Yup
    I said it.


  • Fred SchaeferMarch 4, 2017Reply

    He does what he does best for the last time.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hold_the_doorMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Comic Book Movie Perfection

    I have seen many great comic book movies. I have called a number of
    them ”masterpieces”. But it’s been a while since the last time I saw a
    movie of this genre and felt like ”This is pure cinematic perfection.
    This deserves an Oscar – or more.” I’m pretty sure I felt like that
    when I first saw Nolan’s The Dark Knight. And then when I saw it again
    and again. Now there seems to be some competition for the best comic
    book ever made.

    The writing of this movie is incredible. It has a story so interesting,
    touching and didactic, as the film doesn’t just care about making a
    fun, action-packed comic book movie. What the filmmakers want is to do
    all these characters justice (and yup, we get to see numerous
    characters, despite mutants being on the edge of extinction). And they

    The film is action-packed, don’t worry. I can even say that the action
    is breathtaking and some of the best I’ve seen in the genre. It’s also
    more brutal than what you’re used to, since it’s rated R.

    The acting is magnificent. All the actors have so much charisma and
    give Oscar-worthy performances. Especially Hugh Jackman, who is
    returning as Wolverine for one last time.

    In conclusion, Logan is a comic book movie perfection and easily the
    best movie in the X-Men franchise (despite Days of Future Past and
    Deadpool setting the bar high). It’s actually more than a masterpiece.
    It’s even better than that.

  • Amber HarrisMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Better than Get Out!

    This movie has all the emotions of real life all pact in one movie. If
    you love X-Man previous movies, you’ll love this one. I actually
    understand why this is number 1 right now in popular movies section.
    This movie is way better than racist Get Out. While people decide to
    Get Out of that movie, they can just Get In with the movie Logan

  • mirrasjofnMarch 5, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JonSolversonMarch 5, 2017Reply

    My Favourite Superhero movie and one of the best movies ever

    This movie is utterly fantastic; it has brilliant action scenes, gut
    wrenching emotional scenes, a fantastic bad guy, and you actually cant
    predict the outcome like the majority of other superhero movies. And I
    wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t up for a few Oscars next year,
    including some of the major ones. Definitely 10/10, I will be going to
    see this again

  • Diwakar KamalMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Was really worth ”FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW”

    what more do u want of a movie of ur fav superhero than giving his most
    BADASS performance of his character WOLVERINE. you get all what u want
    to see. Hugh is great,expressive,emotional,angry, tired, hopeless, all
    at once.u wish for more an here is LAURA. I’ll not tell u much but just
    watch it with every one u love even with ur father or anyone. JUST
    WATCH IT !!!!!!!!

  • horizonbts-206-628336March 5, 2017Reply

    Jackman is Wolverine!

    Saw the movie ”Logan” last night. Hugh Jackman will always be the
    Wolverine for me as he totally personifies the character! An amazing
    and fitting end to him playing the character in X-Men!! I would give
    the movie a 100 stars if I could-yep it was that good. I don’t know how
    Marvel could ever top this. They cast the character right in the
    beginning, and carried the story well all the way through to the end.
    Me growing up on comics, living and breathing them in my younger years,
    Marvel done the movie and the character justice all the way through.
    Some other characters they haven’t done so well with, again Hugh
    Jackman was and always will be the Wolverine for me-Well Done!!

  • sahoopradyumnaMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Emotionally Engazing

    When I left the movie hall , I was kinda numb. The last song by Johnny
    Cash was great. It never felt like a superhero movie , just a regular
    movie. Every one will connect with the movie on their own ways. Its raw
    , violent & emotional. This is my 1st movie review , boy I drank 4
    bears straight away .

  • SamMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Great Movie, lots of plot holes, cannot compare to The Dark Knight.

    Lets start with the obvious. I think a lot of these reviews are
    overblown. Was this a great movie? Absolutely! Can this be compared to
    the Dark Knight? Absolutely not. That movie was a solid 10 out of 10.
    This movie had so many plot holes that were unanswered, I was shocked.
    I get that they wanted Jackman and Stewart to go out on a high note and
    their acting was Oscar worthy, but they really half assed the plot. The
    X Men timeline makes no sense. There weren’t any explanations as to
    what happened to mutants. It was hastily thrown together like ID4 part
    2 and that’s what made this movie a 7 instead of a 10. Deadpool was
    still a better marvel movie.

  • batbhaiMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine series gets bigger and bolder!

    I watched Logan in IMAX and it was mind-blowing. This resulted in
    images projected by Dual Projectors on the Giant 42 feet high, 65 feet
    wide screen of IMAX, along with 12000 Watts IMAX proprietary sound
    system that will make your hairs stand each time Logan’s claws grow!

    More of an kick-ass-action-drama film than a superhero-who-saves-the-
    heroine movie. The movie goes deep in the characters. The relationship
    between Xavier and Logan where Logan carries Xavier in his arms was
    thought-provoking. And Laura also knows how to fight!

    Finally, I wish the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to
    recognize and nominate Split and Logan for the Best Picture or at least
    Best Screenplay. James Mangold has redeemed himself as the The White
    Knight! A well deserved 94% RT rating!

  • wgeddingsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Good acting and potential that is wasted

    I wanted to like this movie but the longer it went, the more I disliked
    it. I can only think how much better this movie would have been if
    Marvel had made it and done the story right. The good is that the
    acting is very good and Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deliver great
    performances as you would expect from them. Stephen Merchant was great
    as Caliban. Dafne Keen was the true find as she did an outstanding job
    as Laura (X-23). Not speaking for most of the film means she had to
    rely on facial expression and looks and she did them with a lot of
    skill. Whether it was her or just great direction, the point is that
    she executes her role wonderfully. She has very expressive eyes and at
    times reminded me of a very young Sandra Bullock. I hope she has a long

    The bad is the typical problem when Marvel isn’t making the movie.
    Apparently the desire is to make superhero movies where the superheros
    detest their powers and stay far away from lame things like costumes
    (ie what fan like). So of course there are no costumes in this and
    there is a lot of complaining about having fantastic powers and
    everyone seems to determined use kung fu rather than actually use those

    At several points, it seemed that someone in Hollywood got an idea and
    insisted that it be included (hey let’s involve border crossings, hey
    we need to say something about big corporations, hey let’s complain
    about self-driving cars, etc. etc.) which all just muddle the story and
    add nothing in my opinion.

    Although his acting was as good as always, I found Prof. X a
    distraction in the movie and was disappointed with his storyline.
    Others may disagree.

    This movie is rated R. There are some bloody scenes but there are a lot
    of F-Bombs. Despite the rating, we had a 9 year old Wolverine fan
    sitting behind us constantly asking his parent what this or that means.
    With Wolverine being such a child-friendly character in comics and
    cartoons, making an R rated version was a pretty bad idea since a lot
    of kids are going to want to see it and give their parents plenty to
    have to explain. Deadpool could do it since Deadpool is not that common
    with kids. In fact, the best part of the movie was the preview (kind of
    preview) for the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

    This was the 3rd movie I have seen recently in the theaters where the
    audience was disruptive. Talking, cell phones, etc. (one guy even
    taking a phone call during the film!) made it a bad experience. I love
    seeing movies in a theater but if people cannot learn that when in a
    theater they are NOT in their own den watching Netflix, I will have to
    seriously rethink it. Ticket prices keep going up and up and highly
    disruptive customers (forget poor films) make a good explanation for
    why people are staying away from theaters.

  • Ayal OrenMarch 5, 2017Reply

    A tour de force of acting with a great story to boot

    This one is a 9.5 or a 9.8 rather than 9, but let’s not split any hairs
    on trivial details. It’s one of the best sci-fi/action/comics, I’ve
    seen in a very long while. I’ve said more than once that the X Men have
    the best characters written down in comics history. They also have some
    of the best story lines, even though this one is not part of their long
    illustrious mythology, it’s still rings true to their comic based
    characters, and since the comics itself had already presented us with
    so many alternate realities, none can complain if it doesn’t follow a
    precise story from the comic books.

    Hugh Jackman, presents what I consider to be his best movie
    performance, Patrick Stewart is coming close to his very best, (I
    simply didn’t see enough of his movies to pass a definite judgment).
    Dafne Keen shows great promise, as the young wild, and sensitive X23.
    The rest of the cast are faultless to the very last minute role. And
    the story flows naturally from the very start, it’s as if it simply
    writes itself, and as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the best
    complements one can give a story or a script. A real masterpiece and a
    great signoff for a wonderful character. All fans of the X Men, and of
    Wolverin especially, this one is a real must see.

  • darthsitkurMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman Went Out With A Bang

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kumar DeepakMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The easiest 5/5 I have ever rated. The best Wolverine movie till date, and arguably one of the best Superhero movies to come out of Hollywood.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mozymervinMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Emotion, heart, love! Poetic art! Beautiful!

    Wolverine is everything a movie should be.You feel like you are on an
    journey where you feel each of the main character’s emotion and pain.
    You laugh with them, smile with them, mourn with them and feel rage
    with them all within the span of two and a half hours.The characters
    were organic and feels natural.

    The acting is amazing from the main characters. Hugh Jackman
    brilliantly portrays a washed up has been Wolverine who lives in the
    shadow of his glorious past. A man who is broken and has lost
    everything and doesn’t care anymore. His character feels like a
    character from a Shakespearean tragedy. Sir Patrick Stewart plays the
    old Charles Xavier, a sick old wise man who’s just whiling away the
    final days of his once incredible life. And the star of the movie is
    undeniably Laura, portrayed superbly by Dafne Keen. She steals your
    heart from the first time she appears on screen and doesn’t give it
    back to you until the end credits roll. She was the heart and soul of
    the movie. The bond between these three characters feels so organic and
    you are in the ride with them. Nothing on the movie feels forced.

    The action sequences are placed at the right time and right place. It
    was not overdone and it was not underdone, it just feels natural. The
    three main characters were the main part of the movie, the action and
    other superhero elements are there just to enhance the characters and
    they don’t take the center stage at any point. And that’s what I like a
    superhero movie to be. A superhero movie about characters not just
    superpowers. The superpowers should be a part of the character and not
    the other way around.

    The movie is gripping, makes your heart feel heavy and feel light and
    puts you through all sorts of emotions within its run-time. It’s not
    just an action/superhero movie, it’s a heart throbbing drama with
    action and superhero elements in it. It also has a lot of nostalgic
    feeling to it.

    I don’t care about the critics, negative or positive. I never base my
    opinion on them. This review is completely based on my own opinion and
    I don’t care if you like it or not. This is my first review and I’m
    only writing it because I totally loved the movie, I soaked in every
    single second of it. And I just wanted to praise the movie somewhere.
    The movie felt like a love letter to me.

    This is the best superhero movie, till date and I hope people take this
    as an example, and make movies based on characters and not just the
    superhero elements. (I’m not saying they should never make the other
    way, because if done right, they can be brilliant (like Guardians of
    the Galaxy was super cool but pretty much most of the other movies of
    this genre are kinda generic at this point in time. It’s overdone.
    Besides all their flaws, movies like Man of Steel, BVS and the old X
    Men Movies had the humane elements to their main characters. And
    irrespective of their imperfection,I always enjoyed them more than
    movies with just superpowers elements.) But to me, Logan is just a
    flawless perfection and has everything I need in a superhero movie.

    Bonus review (for gamers), if any of you played The Last Of Us, this is
    the closest movie adaptation we’re gonna get. And you will definitely
    see the similarities. Besides their obvious similarities, they’re still
    very different in their own ways. I don’t think Last Of Us should be
    made into a movie because it’s hard to fit in the story and develop the
    characters within the given short hours. But Logan had an advantage
    with that since Wolverine and Charles Xavier were already established
    characters and it was easy to fit the story within the short span. So
    movie goers, if you liked the movie, you should definitely consider
    playing The Last of Us. And gamers, if you liked the game, you should
    definitely consider watching the movie in the cinemas. You’ll
    definitely feel good.

    10/10 **********

  • johan_vdMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Poor story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • eddie_bagginsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine film we’ve been waiting for, just don’t take the kids

    Since his debut on screen in 2000’s X-Men, grizzled mutant Logan aka
    Wolverine became a fan favourite, the poster boy for the then budding
    new series and a career defining role for Australia’s very own
    favourite son Hugh Jackman.

    A lot has changed since that memorable debut in Bryan Singer’s
    well-liked comic book hit, for Wolverine as a character, most of that
    revolves around a lot of crumby cameos and forgettable solo adventures
    but proving once and for all that good things come to those that wait,
    Jackman and his The Wolverine director James Mangold have decided
    enough was enough and finally given the many fans of the clawed mutant
    the film they’ve been calling out for.

    Logan, a downright glum and violent affair is very far from the
    ”perfect” film but considering where this character has come from and
    where it seemed like he was likely to stay, Mangold’s film is one
    worthy of the name and this Western inspired road trip provides a sense
    of closure when it comes to the Wolverine name, in that we can finally
    say Jackman did all he could with this creation that gave birth to his
    enjoyable international career.

    A film that ends up being slightly too long in the claw, Logan is 130
    minutes of dust covered, blood strewn and anti-children’s entertainment
    that leverages Marvel’s new found ”older” audience targeting that did
    them so well with Deadpool and their Netflix events, as a now withered
    and old Logan is trying to live a quiet life as a driver for hire
    whilst supporting an ailing Professor X only to be thrown headfirst
    into a violent battle to protect mutant child Laura who acts as a
    surrogate daughter to the bearded ex-hero.

    This set-up allows Mangold and Jackman to explore Logan on a deeper
    level, as the near suicidal man struggles to find meaning behind his
    sombre existence and Jackman delivers his best turn yet as the
    character while many fanboys will appreciate the time he gets to spend
    with Professor X (who I would argue gets too much screen time uttering
    Logan’s name on repeat for the majority) and it’s a chance to finally
    see the famed mutant act out some seriously impressive carnage.

    The action in Logan is where the film truly shines and from the film’s
    opening minutes you’re acutely aware that this is not a film you’ll be
    watching with the younger members of your family.

    Limbs are lopped, chopped, sliced and diced and Mangold isn’t afraid to
    linger on the killing that sometimes needs to be done and for all those
    years we’ve endured rather forgettable Wolverine fight scenes, Logan
    certainly does more than enough to make up for this.

    With action a high point of the film, Logan’s not so amazing moments
    come from a story that starts to drag come the final stretches and with
    a finale that will be far from many people’s memories come a few
    months’ time, it feels as though Logan wasn’t entirely sure of itself
    when it came to delivering the goods come the films conclusion.

    It’s nice to see Marvel shy away from ”city destruction” and an evil
    villain that just wants to take over the world but you can’t help but
    feel the earlier beginnings of Logan signposted a far more ”epic” final
    act, not one with a bunch of children running around a forest and a
    bottle of peptides.

    A fine final outing for Jackman and his Wolverine to be a part of,
    Logan is without doubt the best solo Wolverine adventure and easily one
    of the best X-Men orientated feature films that draws out Jackman’s
    best performance in some time and introduces us to newcomer Dafne Keen,
    who does a great job in her portrayal of Laura.

    There’s nothing truly ground-breaking here but it’s certainly
    refreshing to see Marvel willing to keep expanding their horizons and
    deliver different takes on stories and characters that have flooded our
    cinema screens for nearly two decades and while this overlong trip is
    lacking a little in the emotional stakes and features a few to many
    corny circumstances, it’s unlikely the images of Logan enacting out his
    sweet form of justice will be forgotten anytime soon.

    3 ½ bowls of cornflakes out of 5

  • kastenmeier-andreasMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Dirt, Blood and Age

    According to Hugh Jackman this will be his last depiction of the
    character Logan alias Wolverine. After two mixed solo attends, this
    movie is finally what fans and critics were waiting for.

    Logan is a broken down man, with the great days past by. Now his
    healing powers fade and of all the friends of the past is only a senile
    Charles Xavier left, who needs medicine to keep is dangerous powers
    locked away. This is the starting point of a often brutal but sometimes
    also heartbreaking journey through a near future world with the mutant
    being only a story of the past.

    The direction by James Mangold and the characters in this movie are
    gorgeous. There are many little details that you would not expect in a
    movie like this. Overall the feeling of an old western a la Eastwood is
    omnipresent. There are absolutely dirty and bloody fight scenes with
    rolling heads and claws through the face, but between these violent
    scenes there is much character development. Something you would also
    not expect in a comic book movie.

    I enjoyed the final view onto Hugh Jackmans Wolverine and the way they
    ended everything. So after The Lego Batman we already got the second
    superhero movie that did it different and right.

  • CameronMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Great movie, not the Dark Knight though

    This movie was great! And definitely worth a watch.

    First I want to talk on this comparison to the Dark Knight which I’ve
    seen a lot. As aforementioned, great movie but CERTAINLY not on a Dark
    Knight level.

    Also, I don’t think it’s even the best Marvel movie when Iron Man is
    taken into consideration.

    However I can understand this overstatement of the movies awesomeness
    as it strikes a chord with a lot of audiences that are vibing with the
    funny, realistic, not so good and well, kind of un hero like theme
    deadpool perfected.

    It seems the days of the hero that couldn’t get hurt, never swore and
    could never be phased despite his/or her worldly perils are behind us.

    The film writers are able to take Logan (wolverine) from his
    traditional superhero ways (think X-men and early wolverine) always
    buttoned up and your favorite G rated bad boy and transform him into
    deadpools long lost cousin.

    One thing this movie really did well was the action, it was intense and
    you could almost feel the anger portrayed by the characters when
    fighting, (especially Laura).

    Where it loses points in my book is the plot and story depth. I feel
    like someone who hadn’t seen a lot of XMEN and early wolverine wouldn’t
    get the back story nor time to really fall in love with the characters,
    I would have preferred a little more attention to the past throughout.

    Overall: Don’t expect to be breathless by the story as you were in the
    Dark Knight but this movie is a must watch, very well done and the
    action is top notch! If you liked deadpool, you’ll LOVE the new Logan.


  • Keith danielsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Spoiler Free – Thank You so very much Hugh Jackman.

    Going in to ”Logan” I had purposely avoided every article and video
    outside of the official trailer so as to not spoil the experience.

    Having watched every X-men movie and an exceedingly large portion of
    the original cartoon series of the same name, it was so odd to see
    ”Wolverine,” and ”Charle’s” appear so human, so vulnerable and weak. In
    fact I’d go as far as to say that ”Old Man Logan” as a character to
    watch was painful in a way, due to him being the embodiment of the ”The
    Immortal Wolverine” up until this point. He’s aged and by quite a
    number of years at that. ”Charle’s” is no exception either as we
    witness the inevitability of old age take hold.

    As this is a spoiler free review, I obviously have to be careful with
    what I write. If you’re curios as to ”Why should I go see this?” then
    allow me to put it another way. It was a saddened pleasure to see Hugh
    Jackman’s Wolverine come full circle. After 17 years, The Wolverine we
    all know and love has come to an end. An era has ended and what a time
    it was to bear witness to such an award smashing interpretation of one
    of our favorite fictional characters of all time. As a final note, the
    Humor is very well placed as is the swearing. It really rings home that
    Mutants are still humans, in one way or another.

    God Speed Mr. Jackman. I look forward to your future roles. And a big
    Congratulations on beating Cancer for the 6th time. It is far from your
    time to leave us yet.

  • Harvey PensonMarch 5, 2017Reply

    One of the most sophisticate ”super hero” films of all time

    After 7 films, Hugh Jackman still proves, we can never get enough of
    his wild uncanny wolverine.

    Continuing in the newly adjusted X Men timeline, Logan is set in the
    year 2029, where mutants have become and endangered race, and Xaviar’s
    school for the gifted has disappeared. Wolverine, or Logan (Hugh
    Jackman) now makes a living as a limo driver, as he tends to the needs
    of the fading Charles Xaviar (Patrick Stewart), who is suffering from
    his own telepathic psychic trauma, causing the entire earth to shake.
    But soon Logan comes across a mysterious girl who is more familiar to
    him than he knows as he embarks on a journey to protect her and take
    her to a safe Eden for her kind.

    After last year’s below average, but satisfying X Men Apocalypse, James
    Mangold concludes the Wolverine story with a cold hearted bloody
    violent neo- western, standing out from the crowed against all super
    hero films.

    To be perfectly honest, this isn’t really a super hero film at all, and
    is actually more of mature action drama. With its 15 certificate, Logan
    takes the advantage that Deadpool brought in which it can finally
    exploit and deliver the R rated bloody violence fans have deserved from
    Wolverine for ages. When the violence comes, it comes hard core, with
    20th Century Fox making as much use of the certificate as they can.
    This however gives Logan its fuel for it to be what it is, which is a
    sophistical written piece of drama, standing alone but as a part of the
    X Men franchise.

    This comes at rare moments when the film stops being itself and just
    takes time to be human, and capture a warm essence through the
    characters and story. But which is then taken back to its routes with
    its mainstream action. Which isn’t a bad thing, it rather balances the
    drama, and action very well.

    Entering a whole new side of the character of Logan that we have got to
    know so well. Jackman gives his shinning performance as Wolverine by
    far, collaborating all the effort and history that the character has
    delt with in all the films to create a clear and understandable
    portrayal. We see a crystal clear life led by Logan as he struggles to
    find peace in a life with out peace, and then sparing another of the
    same by attempting to give them a life without the misery he has lived.

    Stewart also particularly shines, in giving us a new and completely
    different angel of Professor X, being one of the factors that the film
    reminds us that we are not living in a comic book, but the real world.
    Stepen Merchant plays Caliban who sportingly shines, and you barely
    recognise the popular comedic actor, even if he didn’t have the pale
    skin. One of the most important cast member is Dafne Keen who with so
    little movement in her facial expressions does so much in her eyes that
    we really see her shy childness but also aggressive mutant abilities

    The film does unfortunately at times struggle to find things to do,
    trying to keep with in its 2hr 20min length, it reaches certain points
    where feels slightly with no direction, but does not reach any sense of
    boredom at all, and eventually finds real strong purpose.

    What you eventually find is a film which is very much substance and
    style, in a good balance, with a surprising emotional atmosphere
    throughout recognising its audience journey with the character of
    Logan, and then resulting in a melancholy tale that will bring tears to
    the fans.

    Logan is a powerful action drama, with well balanced story and action,
    with the best performance of Wolverine by Jackman, which is something
    new and outstanding from all super hero films. 9.0

  • Lake FrancoisMarch 5, 2017Reply

    A film of two halves

    Halfway in you’d seen everything they were going to continue to offer.
    Then the stakes dried up. The ending became inevitable and the
    narrative took on an insipid faux dramatic slope of boredom and
    monosyllabic communication.

    Again, the first half of the film offered a satisfyingly squalid
    departure, but it ran out of steam, I resorted to a tried and tested
    type. At a push, a 7 because it dared to go (R), and it dared to show
    that everything decays.

  • Shivan DesaiMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Excellent film to see

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • view_and_reviewMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Super Abilities Second to Super Story


    Encore! Encore!

    This is what Wolverine is about, this is the Wolverine movie I’d been
    waiting for.

    ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was alright. ”The Wolverine” was about just
    as mediocre, but this… this was a masterpiece. This had depth, this
    had feeling, this had character.

    Logan is an older, disheveled, drunker, surlier character with
    diminishing abilities. He is rock bottom. Probably not the ideal
    Wolverine but it makes his character so much more layered. This is a
    Wolverine you will be familiar with but maybe slightly impatient with
    as well. But one thing is for sure, this movie (hence Wolverine)
    benefited from an R rating. It wasn’t an R rating just for the sake of
    cheap sexual jokes or gratuitous nudity, rather it was an R rating in
    order for Wolverine to be Wolverine: a cutthroat killer that uses his
    claws for more than just neatly puncturing people.

    As for Charles Xavier, he is older and suffering from the effects of
    old age which has diminished his abilities as well as made him highly
    volatile. They are alone with hardly any mutants left and not much more
    to live for–that is until a girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) comes into
    their lives.

    Dafne Keen is wonderful as the little Laura. She has limited lines but
    she commands the screen nonetheless. She was both adorable and
    formidable and an indispensable part of the story line.

    If you’re looking for non-stop action, this isn’t the movie for you. If
    you’re looking for a good story with structure and pace and some well
    placed potent action, then this is for you. The movie may have been
    slow for some, but I’m an adult and I can tolerate a slow movie that
    has a purpose.

    This was so much grittier and realler than just about any comic
    book/superhero movie. There was no saving the world, no saving the
    galaxy, not even saving a small town, but there was saving–and there
    was sacrifice. I love the movies that aren’t afraid to make us angry or
    make us sad. Not the cheap anger that comes with every bad guy, or the
    cheap sadness that comes with the death of a good guy. I mean those
    movies, such as this one, that can cultivate and build to make an
    authentic anger and an authentic sadness. Not everyone can be saved,
    not everyone lives happily ever after and not everyone changes for the
    better. We try to reach those in need of saving–both literally and
    figuratively–but some people you can’t reach. This movie had that.

    I could wax on much longer about this film I love it so much. For the
    sake of brevity I will conclude with this: Logan is that superhero
    movie done so well that the super abilities are second to the super

  • damian_hockeyMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan. The wolverine movie we deserved.

    There are many things I can say about wolverine films and their
    dwindling ratings across the xmen franchise (lets forget origins).

    But there is nothing more I can say about this film than truly epic and

    From the get go this film takes the best elements from the logan comic
    book and creates a perfect rendition of logan as a character.

    Note that from the get go you get the R rated experience that we always
    dreamed of from a wolverine picture. With blood violence and excessive
    amounts of swearing. Everything a true logan fan needs The
    cinematography for this film is some of the most beautiful and creative
    from any of the xmen franchise with some pieces that show the elegance
    of the camera. Scenes of fast paced action are caught with an keen eye
    along with the art of slow motion in other scenes.

    The story although not capturing everything from the logan graphic
    novel does its very best to recreate vital scenes from said graphic
    novel. The writers have taken great care to bring characters beloved by
    all and re-create their personalities on the big screen with amazing
    accuracy. Although this movies story stands very well on its own feet
    even without taking every element from the graphic novel.

    The thing makes this movie, are the performances from all of the
    actors. The most noticeable performance in my personal opinion was from
    rising star actress Dafne Keen Patrick Stewart and Hugh jackman with
    some amazing heart felt emotional performances which left myself
    tearing up on several occasions. I would never recommend any actors
    from a single film for an Oscar more highly than Hugh jackman and Dafne

    Last year I wrote a slight review for deadpool rating it my 2nd best
    hero franchise film of all time at a 9/10 and thought it would be hard
    to top.

    Read these words and know that (I Damian hockey) rate Logan as my 2nd
    highest rated super hero film of all time. And will be coming back to
    watch again in the cinema in a few days.


  • nico matillanoMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Once you watch this, you’ll begin to think how the previous Wolverine movies would have faired if it was the done the same way.

    Logan to me was great in its own way. Forget about the previous
    Wolverine, forget about the X-men entirely, this movie ties itself
    together alone pretty nice.

    Hugh Jackman, again plays the role he was born for, Wolverine, has
    drastically escalated his acting career not only as an actor but a
    person as well, he’s soooo good that we cannot picture another actor
    befitting the title Wolverine. And for good reason, Logan was the movie
    that subjected Hugh Jackman’s role as this character with Justice
    against the blunder and controversy that both his previous Wolverine
    titles did not go according to what fans might have wanted or needed to

    I dare say this might be the most intriguing and thrilling Wolverine
    movie out of all the X-men and the R18+ red band played a huge role in
    that regard. The movie set its own tone, premise and characters that we
    have might not expected, seeing as the previous Wolverine titles gave
    us the assumption that this third Movie would be a fest of fighting
    that does not reach it’s truest nature.

    I personally implore everyone, to see this movie, if not for the action
    then for the characters and vice versa. For me, this movie’s flaws were
    that of several green screen obviousness, not gonna point out when and
    where but in the cinemas, it seemed too obvious to keep it out of mind.

    But don’t let cgi sway you off this film, it has a lot of context in
    itself, not just a undignifying brutality, there’s lots of subtext and
    motifs that was prospered accordingly, it deserves the recognition to
    be noticed, for Hugh Jackman to finally rest in peace, knowing that
    this movie made all his fans, as well as the fans of Wolverine forgive
    him and the franchise for its previous and questionable movies.

  • braga eswaran (msdbraga)March 5, 2017Reply

    A Cool One from the director

    First half of the movie was little bit slow..but the movie kicks up
    timely when it is mostly needed to…Hugh Jackman with his acting is
    absolute treat to watch…His wolverine skills ..ruthless killing
    …was the trademark of the film.I don’t want to drag,Overall perfect
    thriller for the fans …though the movie was little bit
    slow…audience was very happy to take that slowness.A must watch movie
    for relaxation….and for some thrilling fights.

  • dragan_lauraMarch 5, 2017Reply

    superbly done

    Logan met and exceeded every expectations i had. Fantastic movie. I
    hope it will get loads of awards because surely it deserves. The
    action, the picture were so perfect. Nothing less than what i expected
    from Wolverine. love it. I am looking forward to the CD release date
    because i want my x-men collection to be complete. and afterwards have
    x-men marathon.

  • yinkblingMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Marvel finally steps up!

    I have always been very critical of Marvel movies because I feel they
    are mostly overrated, but boy was I wrong on this one. Logan is filled
    with action, humor, suspense and amazing conversations, everything you
    would expect from a superhero movie. Hugh Jackman as usual is
    incredible from start to finish but the star of the movie is totally
    Dafne keen, her combination with Hugh is superb and she just fits the
    role perfectly. For someone who isn’t exactly a fan of superhero
    movies, trust me when I say this is worth every minute. It isn’t just
    another ‘Wolverine’ movie, it is THE movie!

  • secretzfanMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Fox transcends the comic book genre again

    I wanna give this movie as close to a 10 as you can get without
    actually hitting it.

    After I came out of Logan I was truly emotionally broken after seeing
    it. It was so powerful from every bloody and gore filled scene. Logan
    tells a powerful story that takes place in the X Men world, but doesn’t
    feel like any of the past X Men movies. The film instead is more like a
    dramatic piece. It has edges and flows and feels powerful. Every scene
    in it feels more impactful than the last.

    Truly if superhero films keep getting this good it won’t be long till
    the Academy Awards wakes up and has to nominate one of them for best
    picture. It just can’t be denied forever. This is no longer just a
    typical comic book film with a comic book character as the lead. This
    is a drama that tries to pull at the heart strings on the viewer. It is
    nearly perfect.

    The film has many layer to it. It speaks more on family and the bonds
    that a family can share when there together along with getting a sense
    of normalcy in there everyday lives that they live. It would bring you
    on the verge of tears out how powerful this film truly is. It works on
    so many levels and deserves a lot of praise.

  • beaker18215March 5, 2017Reply

    OK at best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dean IrvineMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Epic Thought-Provoking Drama

    ”Logan” is directed by James Mangold and it is the last entry in the
    X-Men series for the legendary Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. This
    film is not your typical blockbuster superhero film with tons of action
    and humour. ”Logan” is a slow moving, extremely dark, and gruesome
    drama with deep thought-provoking themes on grief, family, and
    perseverance. It is a hard watch, but I am happy to say it is one of
    the best comic book movies ever made. This movie is a love letter from
    Marvel, the director, and the actors to all fans of the Wolverine
    character. Jackson masterfully portrays, once again, a hardened and
    defeated version of the character who has years of pain and suffering
    pouring out of him. The violence in the film is incredibly fierce and
    bloody but it works thematically to show just how sick Logan is of
    fighting. The narrative at times has some logical errors and the
    villains are a bit underwhelming, however Mangold and the team have
    created a extremely compelling story. I honestly could not have asked
    for a better way for Jackson and Stewart to say goodbye to the
    franchise. ”Logan” is absolute quality and deserves your money this
    weekend. Grade: A+

  • jasonallenmatthewsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan: Best Movie of 2017 Already?!

    I just saw ”Logan” last night, and it. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 😀 I know
    this movie is not from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is the #1
    best Marvel movie of all time, the #1 best Marvel movie ever made, the
    #1 best comic book/superhero movie of all time, and the the #1 best
    comic book/superhero movie ever made. And, I can’t believe I’m saying
    it, but it is one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen, and the #1
    movie of 2017 by far. I haven’t seen ”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”
    nor ”Alien: Covenant” nor ”Spider-Man: Homecoming” yet, but I’ll let
    you know if one of the movies top ”Logan” as the #1 movie of the year
    (as of right now). Seriously, go and see ”Logan”, it is that awesome,
    way better than ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and ”The Wolverine” in my
    opinions. Go and see ”Logan”, you will not be disappointed. 🙂

  • Martin BrankovMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan is a brutal finale to the story of the Wolverine

    Logan is a gut wrenching, bloody, emotional, and amazing film. The film
    works not only as a super hero movie but as a drama as well. Hugh
    Jackman plays his best version of Wolverine yet and performances from
    others are rock solid too. The action, though, is brutal and extremely
    R-rated, giving the film a very different vibe from usual superhero
    movies. Overall, Logan is not just a fantastic superhero movie and not
    just the best Wolverine and possibly X-Men movie to date, but it has
    already earned itself the title of being one of the best movies the
    genre has ever seen.

  • Aashay AmballiMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Well it’s been a hell of ride… :'(

    I never wrote any reviews for the movies… well man, this movie
    f**k… this is one of the best super hero movie i’ve ever seen… it
    has that emotion, drama, blood, tears, fight… everything, everything
    was there… you’ll tear up in the end for sure.. and Hugh Jackman
    you’ll always be our wolverine and Sir Patrick Stewart you were
    fantastic… If you guys haven’t watched this movie go and watch guys,
    It’s really amazing. :'(

  • dsaloukMarch 5, 2017Reply

    One of the best X-men films to date

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Abdullah MughalMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Simply outstanding… A must watch… Spoilers ahead!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pegadodacruzMarch 5, 2017Reply

    One of the best

    Logan is that good. Simple story, great representation, but most of
    all, pure action and yet with some fun into it… No need to say a lot
    just look at the rating… It is really that good! And there’s a hidden
    punch line too…

    Just be aware that this is not for sensitive viewers because this is
    what the Wolverine is meant to be and act… like an animal, so if you
    cannot stand graphic violence…

  • ecimirMarch 5, 2017Reply

    A good but not great movie

    I am no X-men movies or superhero movies fan. I watched all previous
    Xmen and Wolverine movies and they were OK to me.

    This is a movie with no satisfying introduction or ending. There is a
    lot of good and funny dialog in it but sometimes it is out of the
    place. The bad guys are easily the worst part of the movie. There is no
    single memorable villain in it. Action scenes are good but kinda
    repetitive. There were few times that I could feel that audience in
    cinema was bored. Overall, it is a good movie more focused on drama
    then action. I must say the IMDb rating is a way too high. Fairly
    should have be around 7.5-8.

  • vstuminoMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan: How It Fits Into The X-Men Timeline

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Justin FirestoneMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Good and bloody

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sulthan IsaMarch 5, 2017Reply

    It’s Totally Awesome

    Logan, one word to describe this is just ‘awesome’. Since it’s
    Jackman’s last film as wolverine, they did it just right. For me, the
    biggest thing of this film is how the story was. It very nice how the
    story line was, the character development along the movie too it made
    the viewers get the feel into it. I have no idea how to tell the acting
    was, I very amazed with it! Furthermore, how the picture being done its
    very good, the angle of shooting, the technique, all being packed very
    good (amazed with the director of the photography). For me ‘Logan’ is
    different with the other superhero movies, they did a good job!

  • ctrillingMarch 5, 2017Reply

    A breath of fresh air, but far from a masterpiece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RJBrezMarch 5, 2017Reply

    This is an excellent movie in every way

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Miguel NetoMarch 5, 2017Reply

    ”Don’t be what they made you”

    Logan the last Hugh Jackman movie as Wolverine, and could not have a
    better farewell, Logan is spectacular, my childhood was the X-Men, and
    Wolverine is one of my favorite heroes, if not the favorite, and he
    always had Great stories on Hqs, Old Man Logan (which the film inspires
    slightly, more evenly), Weapon X and etc, and in the movies I always
    liked it, but it was not the Wolverine of the Hqs, it was not wild and
    violent like in the Hqs, Logan, and that changes, here we see the real
    Wolverine in the first minutes, where we have an excellent and bloody
    fight, Hugh Jackman is impeccable in the role, and without
    exaggeration, he deserves an indication to the Oscar of better actor,
    his Wolverine Is an animal, Patrick Stewart makes a different Professor
    Xavier, speaking profanity, and he is the ” Comedy Relief ” of the
    film, the parts that I laughed was with him, and Dafne Keen is amazing
    as X-23, was A great find from Fox, she is cute, but when fighting is
    more violent than Logan himself, Boyd Hoolbrok does a competent
    performance, but unfortunately Donald Pierce is poorly used in the
    film, for those who know the Hqs of X- Men, you know when He’s a good
    character, The Reavers could actually have been better taken advantage
    of, the movie also has a ” surprise ” more or less in Act 3, I liked
    the character of Richard E. Grant and Stephen Merchant does very well
    as Caliban , James Mangold does his best job as a director, he does
    great action scenes, and you see great importance of direction,
    violence is extreme, he has very heavy scenes, with head flying, arms
    and legs being torn, claw in the face , The script is also very good
    and competent, leaves the film very close, and without loose ends, Many
    people said that the scene of the cell phone was a lazy resource of the
    script, I disagree I found good yes, not to mention that if it were to
    explain detail by detail, the film would be very massive, the
    soundtrack is very good, and manly know that this is the last film of
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier me
    He’s very sad, they’re going to miss a lot, and the films have
    dialogues, and striking phrases, Logan is the best superhero movie of
    all time in my opinion, and hardly any movie this year will outperform
    him, If such letter: X. Note 10

  • CatherineCrossmanMarch 5, 2017Reply

    I never fall asleep in the theater, let alone to an X-Men film…this one put me to zzzz

    It’s an alternate time line we haven’t seen before in previous X-Men
    films…or it’s such a massive jump into the future, you’ve no idea
    what all happened in between, and that gap leaves you feeling empty
    despite the excellent fight scenes… backstory is essential! I can’t
    feel for the character without knowing more… But, personally, I’ve
    never been a huge fan of the Wolverine anthology…I prefer the X-Men
    films with all the cast – Apocalypse was amazing! This film just drags
    and is so slow…I didn’t even shed a tear at the end.

  • Joao VictorMarch 5, 2017Reply

    An exciting goodbye of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

    First of all, I have to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman who made a
    wonderful job as Wolverine.

    I felt like he played this movie as no other Wolverine movie. He knew
    that this movie would be the last one and tried to put all the emotions
    on this, and he got it.

    It’s not like a X-men movie, full of superheroes and without a history
    behind them.

    The way how they made Logan looks like, was great. He looked like an
    old and ruined man.

    Logan isn’t definitely for children. With many scenes of blood, death
    and bad words.

    There are some parts of this movie that I didn’t like, one in specific
    involving Charles Xavier, but this doesn’t make the movie bad.

    I really liked it and after this movie, I’m thinking how the X-Men
    universe will continue.. I see much future on this.

    Thanks Hugh Jackman for a excellent work here. Your performance was
    deserving an Oscar!

  • finkel-92556March 5, 2017Reply

    Logan – the last legendary piece of trash

    So today I went to see this movie because I am a big fan of X-men
    franchise, and, plus, this movie got 8.8 rating in IMDb and 94% in
    Rotten Tomatoes. I was super excited!!! 2 Hours later. GIVE ME MY
    FREAKIN MONEY BACK. I think Fox has a way to manipulate IMDb rating and
    Rotten tomatoes. This movie cannot get anything more than a 6!! It is
    slow, and boring. I love well wrote drama and in-depth superhero movie,
    but THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. There are so many plot holes. There are so
    many things left unexplained. IF YOU WANNA MAKE A LAST WOLVERINE MOVIE
    is the little acting skills, and violence (which is unnecessary, if you
    do not have a good plot) In short, don’t waste your money in the
    theater. Wait for a torrent or DVD and watch on your boring night at

  • stvitriolMarch 5, 2017Reply

    What’s up with the second part of the movie? O_o

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joshua H.March 5, 2017Reply

    ”As I live and breathe, the Wolverine.”

    ”Logan” is the final farewell to Hugh Jackman as the iconic X-Men
    superhero, Wolverine, who wouldn’t be so iconic without his
    performance. Jackman hangs up the gloves in ”Logan” and in a grisly
    fashion. ”Logan” is everything we ever wanted in a Wolverine film, a
    hard R-rating with bloody violence and over excessive language. The
    film follows Logan as a limo driver trying to support himself and
    Charles Xavier as they live in an abandoned factory a couple of miles
    from the border to the U.S. in Mexico. One day a mutant girl (X-
    23/Laura) finds her way into the lives of the two men as she is being
    chased down by the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce, and the man Pierce is
    working for Dr. Rice. Soon Logan and Charles are sucked into the
    situation and take it upon themselves to protect Laura by any means
    necessary and getting her to safety.

    ”Logan” might be the most realistic and mature superhero film that has
    ever been made. It’s really hard to categorize this film under the
    superhero genre because the film is so grounded. There are no big
    budget explosions or people wearing spandex suits, this is an in your
    face film about what happens to superheroes when they are no longer
    superheroes. Logan is a heavy drinker and is slowly losing his healing
    ability and his powers are slowly draining. Charles Xavier has violent
    seizures which cause tremors and has lost all hope in what he is and
    was. This is a very depressing film where there is no glimmer of hope
    in these characters, all hope is basically lost.

    The opening scene of the film where Logan fights off these gangbangers
    trying to jack his limo is not only awesome and violent but very
    depressing. You see Logan struggling with his powers and getting his
    butt kicked around a lot, even though he comes out victorious there’s
    no feeling of relief or success. The Wolverine we know and love is
    gone, he’s not making sarcastic jokes, or buffing up his ego. All of
    that is gone and all that is left is a broken man.

    The acting is spot on. Jackman and Stewart do their finest works in
    this film and Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23 was great, she is a very
    talented little girl. Boyd Holbrook as Pierce did a very good job, he
    was very cool and calm, and brought so much life to the character.
    Stephen Merchant as Caliban was so great in the film. You felt so much
    empathy for his character and it wouldn’t have been the same without
    Merchant’s performance and the fantastic writing and character

    The film has a lot of action, blood, and gore. This is a very
    unconventional superhero film in that the action is very grounded there
    aren’t any explosions and most of the action heavily relies on the hand
    to hand combat the characters face. The opening scene of the film just
    shows the grisly violence it has in store for us. It was just awesome
    to watch, I still have goosebumps thinking about it.

    James Mangold returning to direct this film did such a fantastic job at
    it. He really created a Western drama disguised as a superhero film and
    it very much does feel like a Western. Mangold’s vision for the film
    was spot on, it just shows how far gone the world is and the state the
    characters are in. Mangold directed the previous solo Wolverine film
    ”The Wolverine” (2013) which I found to be quite underrated, Mangold
    did a good job with that film took what worked best about it and
    brought it to ”Logan”.

    ”Logan” in my opinion is the best superhero film that has ever been
    made. It tackles so many themes in the superhero genre that haven’t
    been touched upon or even noted and does it masterfully. Mangold’s
    direction and Jackman’s performance is what really brings this film
    together and in the end the best portrayal of the Wolverine.

  • yazmeenhantashMarch 5, 2017Reply

    A Must Watch Movie!!

    I’ve never been a huge movie fanatic simply because of the fact that
    most movies I watch end up being not so great. Yet, as soon as I seen
    the trailer for this movie I knew I’d have to spend the 8 dollars and
    watch this baby in the theater. BOY WAS I RIGHT! This movie is by far
    the best movie I’ve ever watched! I HIGHLY recommend this movie to
    everyone, trust me you won’t regret it. It’s so great I might just have
    to go and watch it again!

  • bilal_tabani1996March 5, 2017Reply

    Unexpectedly Brilliant and heart-touching!!

    The best movie I have watched in a long long time, from the characters
    to the story the comedy and action and the emotions.

    Brilliant directorship and writing and we couldn’t have asked for a
    better send-off to the character of Logan.

    Simply Outstanding

  • korereviewsMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Little Miss Sunshine meets Fury Road (…and it’s totally awesome!)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DarkVulcan29 ([email protected])March 5, 2017Reply

    Time to hang up the claws.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lee PatersonMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Real people and mutants don’t mix

    From the first word spoken, you know this is going to be a different
    kind of Marvel Mutants movie.

    The power level has always been something that many of the X- Franchise
    movies struggled with, but in this movie the lines are clearly drawn.
    Wolverine is a frightening thing to any non-powered human, as are
    mutants in general.

    Prof X is quite honestly a perfect representation as well. We have seen
    many a previous nod to his power level, but in this film, Xavier might
    be a broken man, but not powerless.

    There are a few nods to X-story lines, but in the end, this movie is
    clearly not trying to cobble together former odd plot lines. The ‘bad
    guys’ are not caricatures, and you can understand their motivation, and
    the relationship between Logan and Xavier (and oddly enough, Caliban)
    is a perfect swan song.

    if you don’t like ”superhero” movies, then this is still worth a go. If
    you liked the X-Franchise movies so far, I honestly think you might
    hate this movie. but if you like cinema, and want to see what old
    powerful characters could be like when they just don’t care any more
    (Shane / Un-forgiven are obvious parallels) then I think you will love

    Just wince a little for the damage caused to the un-enhanced characters
    in the movie, because this clearly shows what happens to the red-
    shirts in absolute clarity.

  • Puranjan ChatterjeeMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Wolverine of Our Generation will be Remembered

    I have always been a fan of Wolverine franchise but this one is
    amazing. The wolverine finally has just nailed it. Hugh Jackman and
    wolverine are like two sides of a coin to most of us. But everything
    has to come to an end and the finale will be remembered. Logan is
    getting old and yeah he is dying, his healing is reduced, his claws
    have weakened but yet on last time he has to become the Wolverine; the
    fierce the vicious the invincible one to save the next gen mutants even
    though his body and mind has reached their nadir. The action scenes are
    fantastic and the little girl has played her role very nicely. I do not
    want to lengthen my review any further, just go and be a part of the
    old wolf’s final rebel.

  • Andreas KarmiotisMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan is what Marvel isn’t and what DC wants to be

    Drama. Western. Road movie. Logan is far more than just another
    superhero film, grounding the genre to satisfy a wider audience but not
    losing the charm and fun that’s made it such a success. Learning from
    the mistakes of DC, Logan creates a dark and cruel world without
    sacrificing colour or a sense of humour.

    Closing the door on his definitive role, Hugh Jackman is finally
    allowed to unleash the ferocity and bloody carnage of the character
    trapped for so long by the blockbuster intention of the franchise. With
    Deadpool proving the box office potential of R rated superhero flicks,
    Logan goes full throttle with some of the most brutal violence you will
    see in a mainstream picture; blood soaked and torn limb from limb, the
    body count rises steadily throughout and finally allow us to see the
    obvious results of a manimal with 3 unbreakable claws. Director James
    Mangold brought a sophistication to The Wolverine that was shackled by
    the expectations of a family audience but here he creates a perfect
    portrayal of the X-Men character in a barren, hopeless future. Logan
    rises above a lot of its competition as it’s a character piece first
    and an action film second, using the brilliant fight sequences to
    compliment the splintered psyche of an older, broken Logan.

    Wolverine has worked in the past as a father figure to the likes of
    Rogue but here it is most apparent in the form of Laura, a young mutant
    who drives the plot and proves to be just as savage and thrilling as
    Logan when it comes to taking out the enemy, as lacklustre as they may
    be. Jackman continues to be perfect as the titular mutant but the
    standout performance belongs undoubtedly to Sir Patrick Stewart as a
    very different Charles Xavier from the wise mentor we know; elderly and
    cranky, Xavier is both an object of pity and admiration as a source of
    both tragedy and comedic relief from the consistently angst ridden
    Logan. In terms of world building, Logan depicts a dark conclusion for
    the X-Men universe that is tragic but realistic; adding a layer of
    grittiness that sets it apart from the idealism of Marvel and the grime
    of DC.

    Logan is a fanboy dream come true, sending off Hugh Jackman in a blaze
    of blood and guts while further creating hope for the future of the
    stagnating superhero genre. It’s gory, a tearjerker and, well, any film
    that gives Stephen Merchant an action movie one liner deserves at least
    some credit.


    Visit for more.

  • sreemicroMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The Dark Knight of the X-Men film universe.

    After 17 years of playing one of the most popular characters in the X-
    Men franchise, Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/ Logan) naturally has a lot
    riding on his hunky shoulders in Logan — the third and last installment
    in the solo Wolverine series. Don’t expect to see the X-Men in all
    their glory because the characters have aged and been through the
    fires. Xavier’s declining mental and physical health (he’s in his 90s
    now) and Logan’s aging body almost make us feel sorry for the two
    characters. While Logan earns a living by driving a limousine, getting
    drunk and getting into fights, Xavier’s disintegrating mind compels him
    to stay sedated in order to keep his colossal psychic powers under
    control. The film has a lot of gory scenes — there’s plenty of
    bloodshed thanks to Logan’s notorious adamant claws — so be prepared.
    But what shines through the action are the number of emotional moments
    between the lead characters, making it the most moving film of the
    franchise so far.

  • Kalaiarasan ElumalaiMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The best in class

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Carlos André ([email protected])March 5, 2017Reply

    Poorly crafted elements make Logan not reach its full potential

    A good movie.

    Some productions are marked by their bold style, heavy thematic, and
    etc, and are remembered and exalted by these same characteristics, when
    reminded by movie buffs around the world, in casual discussions.

    Logan will certainly be remembered like this. The film delivers a
    magnificent action, exploring for the first time the real potential of
    Wolverine in this regard, as well as bringing a new type of approach to
    hero films, with a weight, a reality, and a seriousness that make until
    the story turns off almost That completely of the own kind of

    But even picking up on the action, the ”dirty” story and the
    performance of the actors, with Hugh Jackman and especially Patrick
    Stewart impeccable and 100% committed to roles, Logan points out in
    other points that would be even easier to correct Than the others in
    which the film succeeded, which makes it not reach the potential that
    had, and even being a farewell worthy of Hugh Jackman of the paper, is
    that thought that could have been better.

    In order to exemplify (without spoilers), two points that are very
    badly used within the narrative, and that end up taking a little
    concentration of the viewer at the time of the film, are, first of all,
    the misuse of the villains of the film, the Reavers, who At first they
    give the impression that they are going to be a great force in the
    course of history, but at some point they are taken from focus, and
    never really put to the test.

    And finally, what has bothered me the most, and even caused a certain
    shame, is a ”narrative element” used at some point in the film, where
    it is necessary to explain a certain thing, and this is done in the
    most superficial way, played And possible whimper that makes you even
    want to laugh. If you saw the movie, you know what I’m talking about,
    and if you did not see it, when you see it, you’ll remember what I

    In summary: Logan is a good movie, delivers definitely incredible
    moments, talks about family, shows a Wolverine loaded with anguish and
    regrets, but sins in moments, being kind of a ”roller coaster”, going
    from ”heaven to hell” in Few minutes, but fortunately, good times still
    stand out from the bad.

  • DarkLights95March 5, 2017Reply

    Best comic book movie after The Dark Knight!

    Usually when you watch a trailer, you see some really epic stuff, but
    then the movie delivers like half the epic stuff (Suicide Squad had an
    amazing trailer, only to have a mediocre film as an example). So after
    seeing the Logan trailers, I thought (they look epic, but movie is
    probably just going to be another decent action movie..). Boy was I
    damn wrong. This movie has so much depth to it, lots of emotion and
    drama, amazing brutal fight scenes, and even sparks of comedy
    throughout (that typical Wolverine comedy we seen from the other X-Men

    There was nothing in this movie that felt wasted. Even the kid that
    plays X-23 was awesome. Every actor here was on point. Thank you Hugh
    Jackman for the amazing years playing as Wolverine. This is the perfect
    good bye to the character. 10/10.

  • Jordan ForbesMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Logan Review

    Logan is the final chapter in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine story. With it’s
    R rating and darker tone, this had the potential to be Marvel’s (well
    Fox’s) Dark Night, or burn where it stands like the other Wolverine
    film. Thank god it was the first one.

    In Logan we get an old Logan, an Old Man Logan. While it is extremely
    loosely based off the comic, it was still great to get this older Logan
    that just doesn’t care. His aged, his body isn’t like it use to be, and
    his starting to become a grumpy old man. What was so great about this
    aged version of Wolverine, is you can see the younger Wolverine from
    previous film turning into this guy over time. Everything he did didn’t
    seem out of character and he still had the Wolverine personality he has
    had for 17 years. I think much of this is down to the performance of
    Jackman. No matter what quality of X-Men movie he has been in, he has
    nailed Wolverine and this film is no different.

    As well as being Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine, unless there’s
    a Deadpool cameo, it was also Patrick Stewart’s last appearance as
    Professor X. I’ve always really like Patrick Stewart as Charles,
    despite not jumping into the X-Men franchise til the new incarnation of
    McAvoy had come about. In Logan, Professor X is aged and unstable and I
    liked them playing with the idea of what would happen when the most
    powerful mind in the world becomes old. Through seizers that is able to
    freeze everyone in their place, we got to see how dangerous Charles has
    unintentionally become in his old age. While I’ve always really liked
    Professor X as a character through the other films, I think this is my
    favourite version of him because he comes with so much depth and
    history that he feels like this powerful and wise mutant. Again like
    Jackman, Stewart’s performance is outstanding during this film and what
    is done with the character is because of what Stewart was about to do.

    Moving on to our new mutant, Laura, aka X-23, was an absolute hit with
    me. Not meaning to get repetitive but the performance by Dafne Keen
    brought this innocence yet uncontrollable aggression to the character.
    While I’m not too familiar with the character itself in the comics, I
    felt like they were able to give her a great origin and make it clear
    who she is and how she has come to be. While this film is an end to an
    era in many ways, it still leaves a slight gap open to a new series,
    which I would personally be all for because we would have X-23 leading
    the pack. She was such a strong character and it is disappointing that
    we probably aren’t going to get more of her story because she’s a
    character you want to follow. Now onto the R rating. This film needed
    it. While Deadpool needed the R rating for the humour, Logan needs the
    humour the the realisticness. This is the most grounded and realistic
    X-Men film we have ever gotten. We are in this lived in and matured
    world that not giving it the realistic treatment. The main reason for
    the R rating is the language and violence, very similar to Deadpool,
    however it was used in such a different way. We got to see what
    Wolverine is, a killing machine, and not only that, his an aged killing
    machine that just doesn’t care no more. With that comes the violence
    and gore that we got in this movie. As far as language goes, it’s one
    of those things that when it’s not there you don’t notice it, but when
    it is, you appreciate it. While the language wasn’t too vague in
    anyway, being able to have the characters say what they do is more
    realistic than anything else in this movie. These are mutants who have
    gone through hell, and being able to see them do simple stuff like drop
    an F bomb when their frustrated or express their surprise with language
    gives them more of a realistic feel than I would have gotten from
    anything else.

    Touching on the villains, while they weren’t the strongest villains you
    could think of, I didn’t mind because they didn’t have an extremely
    strong presence. They act as a way to further the plot and push our
    main characters further in the story and that’s all they need to do.
    When they are great when they are on the screen they are great and
    their villain presence is felt and that’s all I wanted them to do,
    especially a certain one that pops up mid way through the movie. For
    the most part this is a story about Logan’s final chapter and him
    having something he has never completely had his whole life.

    For me, there is only one slight negative through this whole film and
    it’s something that I didn’t think of til much later. During the film
    they touch on what happened to the other mutants and while it give you
    a pretty decent idea as to what happened to them, there is part of me
    that wanted that bit more and to actually see what happened. It was
    just one of those situations where I thought they could of done a ”show
    not tell”, however I can see from a length point of view as to why they
    went about it the way they did.

    Overall I loved this movie. After Deadpool last year I never thought I
    would see a Fox Marvel property that I liked more but this is it. This
    is the Dark Knight for a Marvel character and it’s going to go down as
    one of my favourite superhero movies of all time.


  • brentwparksMarch 5, 2017Reply

    ”Logan” is a masterpiece that transcends comic book films

    ”Logan” is a film that has had a lot of hype surrounding it ever since
    it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be retiring from the role of
    the Wolverine and that this film would receive an R-rating. . Director
    James Mangold has delivered a film that at its core is a drama that
    explores the very real emotions of what it means to be human from the
    perspective of a character with superhuman abilities. He relies on
    character development and traditional story elements rather than CGI
    and explosions. This is by far the most subtle comic book movie of
    recent memory.

    Mangold shows the physical and mental anguish that Logan has been
    living his entire life and how it has finally left him a broken and
    battered man. Jackman gives his best performance as the character that
    made him famous.

    Overall, the film is well worth watching, even if you are not a fan of
    the superhero genre. It is an extremely violent film, but is a
    necessary component to truly understand the journey this film takes you

    Highly recommended.

  • blonditheraphosaMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Beware for Spoilers : Worst Marvel Movie Ever.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • allisonarfMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The nihilism of Logan undoes the hope of Days of Future Past (spoilers)

    Basically, this movie undoes all the goodwill from the film Days of
    Future Past. In DOFP, the X-Men successfully prevented the Sentinnels
    from coming into existence and saved mutant kind. The time line was
    altered and all the X-Men who died in The Last Stand were brought back
    to life and had a happy ending. The film Logan undoes all that with
    it’s need to be relentlessly depressing and dystopic. We learn that
    Logan and Prof. X are on the decline and aging badly. The X-Men have
    been eradicated, as has mutant kind. So all the work the X-Men did in
    DOFP was for NOTHING. The film is full of bad language and very gory
    violence. There is no humor or fun in this movie at all. Patrick
    Stewart and Hugh Jackman are to be commended for their strong
    performances and building a wonderful father/son relationship in the
    film, but the villains are so bland and boring and forgettable. I can’t
    even remember their names! I kind hope Cable from the Dead Pool movies
    comes along and time travels and restores the X-Men to greatness again.
    These characters deserve better than what this movie does to them.

  • Arth JoshiMarch 5, 2017Reply

    and god made it last too long..


    The final chapter of wolverine is perfect for Hugh Jackman, but
    unfortunately not for the movie. Logan fails on so many levels;
    content, creativity, point of view and the direction everywhere it’s a
    flat line of progress. Everything is same from head to toe, it’s all
    clichéd. It’s predictable and irrelevantly long.

    Now coming to the good part; Hugh Jackman hits his mark from the first
    scene. His portrayal of an old wounded lion will make you root for him
    from the beginning of the movie. Dialogues and background music is damn
    good. But unfortunately it’s not enough for a movie.

    Go for it, just for him, just for THE WOLVERINE; THE HUGH JACKMAN

  • nocpanMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Not a super hero movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KenanMarch 5, 2017Reply

    O hell no

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Movie ParadiseMarch 5, 2017Reply

    The Claws Are Out For One Last Ride!

    The performances across the board are outstanding. I think this has to
    be the most well acted comic book film I have seen since The Dark
    Knight. Hugh Jackman is sensational. This is by far his best
    performance as Wolverine. You could even make an argument that this is
    his best performance period, but I would need more time to compare it
    to The Prestige and Les Misérables. But he was exceptionally good in
    this film. Patrick Stewart was also incredible. While I thought that
    Stewart was doing a fantastic job acting, for a lot of the movie his
    character didn’t feel like Charles Xavier to me. I know he’s gone
    through some sh*t, but it didn’t even feel like the same basic
    character at all to me. But once we get into the movie, and especially
    during a monologue he has at a key point in the film, you realize that
    this is the same Charles you know from the other movies, just
    completely broken down…

  • Danusha_Goska Save Send DeleteMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Violent, Exploitative, Stupid

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Isaac MuhammadMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Solid film to end this journey

    I consider Logan as a very compact superhero movie after long time.Such
    a solid and dramatical film to end this journey.

    Overall for the Logan (2017) I give 9/10 and 1/10 extra rating only for
    tribute to Hugh Jackman who retired as wolverine role.


  • bigredkblazerMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Everything You’ve Been Waiting For & So Much More

    I rate Logan a 10 because there isn’t an 11. I’ll admit I initially
    approached it with some trepidation given the previous two films in the
    franchise. Wolverine is one of my two favorite comic characters (the
    first comic I bought for myself was Wolverine #42). I’ve read every
    Wolverine story ever written, so for me the first two films in the
    series were a pretty tremendous letdown. Their only saving grace is
    that Hugh Jackman was born to play Wolverine and brings his A game in
    each film, which are also buoyed to an extent by some other great
    actors like Liev Schreiber. The story lines have been cut and paste
    jobs that just didn’t work and we’ve been denied Wolverine’s true
    nature because of a millstone like PG-13 rating. Everything wrong in
    those films is instantly rectified in Logan. Its clear that a lot of
    source material was incorporated into this film, and while not a strict
    retelling of any one story line; it treats the material with the
    respect it deserves. We finally get to see Wolverine go berserk; his
    feral rage unleashed until everything around him is dead. But, with an
    R-rating I certainly expected that. What I didn’t expect was a great
    plot with great characters, and I’m not the first to suggest that a
    couple Oscar nominations wouldn’t be out of line. A lot of people might
    dismiss that, but I assure you that only means they didn’t see the
    film. Logan works so well because it is a great film set in a superhero
    universe, instead of a superhero film. There’s a depth to the
    characters that’s been missing in almost every film of this genre
    except for possibly in Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. The story
    isn’t afraid to follow things to their darkest possible conclusion,
    often leaving you on the edge of your seat wondering if they are really
    going where you think they are, and then they do. There are times that
    will have you holding back tears. The action is great without feeling
    gratuitous, rather its a product of the world in which these characters
    exist, and so rather than violence for violence’s sake the audience is
    thrust into something akin to the Omaha Beach landing in Saving Private
    Ryan instead of the island compound destruction from Commando.

    Most people by now realize that they are introducing X-23 in this film.
    This was another decision that both excited and frightened me. X-23 is
    an awesome character, but I had a host of practical considerations for
    trying to bring such a young version of this character to life on
    screen. I was floored by Dafne Keen’s portrayal of X-23 from both a
    dramatic standpoint as well as her capability in the action. Obviously
    there were stunt doubles and CGI used, but its done so seamlessly that
    you truly believe in how dangerous and capable this preteen killing
    machine is. Thus far I can’t remember such a performance by so young an
    actor as evidenced by my lack of ability to come up with a comparison.

    Logan isn’t about franchise building. I’ll save you the seat time if
    you want to leave at the end: there is no sneak preview for the next
    film in the franchise. That very fact is Logan in microcosm. This isn’t
    another tale in a series, in fact you could watch it without having
    ever watched any of the previous films and not feel like you missed
    anything. Logan is a great film in every sense, and is putting the
    entire industry on notice that the bar has been substantially raised
    because its going to be THE standard to which these films will be
    compared for decades. This is the first film in a very, very long time
    that I will definitely see in the theater more than once. If like me
    you only get out to a handful of films a year make this one of them.
    You will not be disappointed.

  • CraigsCritiqueMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Claws Out for One Last Logan Outing

    So I came out of seeing Logan this week with a great deal of
    frustration…not from the film itself but for what had preceded it in
    the X-Men films made prior to it, I thought what I had witnessed was
    very good indeed but really it bears no physical relation to what we’ve
    seen from previous X-Men films.

    I only own one X-Men film (First Class) and I think that exemplifies my
    on off relationship with what Fox seem to have consistently got wrong
    with the films, no one can dispute the casting in either of the film
    timelines with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James
    McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence amongst others being
    seemingly perfect actors for their respected characters.

    Yes we must praise the more emotionally driven storyline of Logan and
    the performances of not just Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart but of
    young Dafne Keen, but in equal measure you’ve still got to notice the
    flaws on show, I was not particularly impressed by the bad guys played
    by Richard E. Grant and Boyd Holbrook and there was a particular moment
    involving a character which is a hugely emotional moment that is then
    interrupted with the intent to further heighten your emotion for the
    scene you’ve just witnessed yet I was hugely frustrated by it, now this
    may be a story thread from the comics (I don’t know) but either way I
    actually thought it detracted from a possibly hugely emotional story
    development that did have me on the edge of my seat and close to tears.

    It sounds like I’m hating on it doesn’t it but I feel we mustn’t
    suppress the flaws the film still has including the fact that it is too
    long, that I am adamant of, however the stuff that is good is close to
    exceptional with a generally great script that is not only emotional
    but funny as well with the obvious Professor X and Logan conversing the
    absolute highlight, the great performances from said actors with
    Stewart for me being award worthy.

    There are comparisons to be had with this film in the likes of the
    obvious Children of Men and the less obvious Creed, yes that’s right
    the Rocky reboot that came out last year, I can already hear the
    superhero fans howling out it anger but there’s something to be said
    for a long standing franchise character having an emotional one last
    hurrah having experienced all that they have in their respected film
    worlds, the 15 rated film that it is here in the U.K is really the age
    range the X-Men films all should have been in to begin with considering
    all the stories of persecution and so on, so to see the violence as it
    should be is all the more hard hitting and affecting.

    Yes it is a different type of comic book/superhero film that is an
    extremely welcome one, I just feel we shouldn’t have had to go through
    so many mediocre X-Men film experiences to get to this one ten films in
    that has such meaning and emotion.

  • Gonzalo LlancaMarch 5, 2017Reply


    LOGAN It tells the story of the Justice, and now antihero, Wolverine.
    After a crisis in the world, Logan is one of the few mutants in the
    world. And after finding a girl with the same skills as him, he should
    save her from the hands of the government.

    First let’s talk about the actors. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is
    extra-ordinary as he has done for 17 years, as Patrick Steward has
    interpreted it the same amount of years. The ones that surprised me
    were Dafne Keen, playing Laura – X-23, I thought very good, and the
    other I liked was Boyd Holbrook, playing Pierce, nice, friendly but
    with a lot of government power.

    The address of James Mangold I found GOOD, the guide also. Many thanks
    to James Mangold for faithfully relying on The Old Man Logan comic.

    I would have liked them to explore a little more of the past, which
    happened to Logan and Charles before reaching this.

    Magenta 10/10

  • asep-supriyadi1March 5, 2017Reply

    The best X-Men installments ever

    First i heard that Logan will hit the theater, i had no plan to watch
    it. As i am not really a fan of Wolvie.

    After I heard good reviews about it, then i decided to watch it ASAP.
    So, I watched it with no expectation and the result was blowing my

    From my point of view, the story was pretty simple yet stunning. The
    setting in the near future, where no more mutans and Logan lives under
    the radar while he gets old and taking care of Charles, suddenly a
    Mexican woman looking for him and to help her. from here, the story is
    getting intents.

    5 words i can say about Logan : Brutal, dark, sad, simple and the best.

    I think its a brilliant choice to make Logan in R-Rate, which how
    savage Logan is, it makes him can be himself. Logan is the darkest
    story i ever watch from X-Men Installments and it works perfectly. I
    totally can feel how Logan feels. This is the first time i got my tears
    in my eyes, i even can hear the girl next to me sniff her nose. it
    always touched me when the movies bring father-daughter relationship.
    How simple the story is, but its a good decision, so the movie can
    focus on the problem itself. and simply the best movies of X-Men
    installment i ever watch. I was disappointed with the first 2 Wolverine
    Movies and it ends the movie with the great way.

    In my opinion, the scene stealer was Dafne Keen. She didn’t talk at all
    maybe more than a half the movie but when she started her action, my
    jaw dropped. but i was pretty annoyed when she finally spoke.

    what can i say, well done. I hope I can see more dark movies of X- Men
    in the future to show that they go to the next step, not only popcorn
    movies anymore… well done

  • chitresh guptaMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman delivers brutal, touching swansong to Wolverine

    ”Guys, you don’t want to do this.” We’ve been in this situation before.
    Logan is surrounded by half a dozen goons. They’re usually armed.
    Depending on where he is at that moment, he could be attacked by
    katanas, revolvers, or like this time, with monkey wrenches. But he
    warns them. It’s only fair. They don’t know who he is, what he’s
    capable of.

    This is how Logan begins. But this time, events don’t pan out like they
    used to. Wolverine doesn’t have a wry smile on his face as he hacks and
    slashes his way out. This time, he gets beaten to a pulp, the blows
    break his bones, rip out his flesh. The wounds that once used to heal
    immediately are left gaping. There’s blood everywhere. And lot of
    swearing. This time, unlike the countless times before, Logan almost

    From the first moment Johnny Cash’s mournful voice graced that terrific
    trailer, there was a sense that Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold
    were not going to play by the rules anymore. For Jackman, it was his
    ninth time playing Wolverine, and for Mangold, it is another shot to
    perfect what he almost achieved in 2013, when he sent Logan to Japan.

    For both of them however, it was now or never. Jackman’s missed no
    opportunity to tell everyone that this would be his last time playing
    the Wolverine, the character that defined his career, and would
    probably continue to define him for the rest of his life. Perhaps it
    was this pressure to do well, to erase bad memories (hopefully, after
    this, X-Men Origins will be forgotten), or perhaps it was the freedom
    afforded to it by the success of Deadpool, but Logan is unlike any
    superhero film you have seen. Like that Cash song, it is minimalistic,
    meditative, melancholy, and has nothing to lose anymore. We’ve seen him
    go through hell, we’ve seen him watch on as everyone he loves dies, and
    all he can do is keep living. All Wolverine can do is keep fighting.
    But what for? The reason comes in the form of a girl, no older than 10.

    When we catch up with Logan, grizzled, visibly older, the scars on his
    body like haunting memories of the past, it is 2029. No mutants have
    been born in the last 20 years. They’ve become folktales, legends
    passed on in comic books, and perhaps even movies. Logan scrapes a
    living driving a limo near the US-Mexico border. The little money he
    makes goes into buying medicine for his friend Charles, Professor X.
    They live in the desert, away from everyone else, together, like they
    have been for so many years. They’re all they have in this world.

    And then, Laura arrives. She’s a lot like him, Charles tells Logan.
    She’s a mutant. The first one to come along in decades. And she’s the
    only hope they have. It is rumoured that thousands of miles away, in
    North Dakota, there is a safe haven for others like her, like them.
    That is where they must take her, away from the bad men.They do the
    only thing they can. In a subtle homage to the first X-Men movie, Logan
    takes the girl under his wing. They steal a car, grab some snacks, and
    take to the road.

    It is said that the superhero movie will soon go the way of the movie
    Western (not by me, but by better minds, like Spielberg and Lucas), how
    it has arrived at a saturation point, how the six-shooters and cowboy
    hats made way for spandex and force fields as they journeyed towards
    their final destination. For an uncommonly grim film which would much
    rather contemplate mortality than gleefully demolish a city, the idea
    of Logan reviving a dying genre – two dying genres – is almost poetic.

    There is only one way to push this genre forward, to prevent it from
    becoming obsolete. And that is to deconstruct it, to rip off all the
    excess CGI, all the capes and cowls, and exhume the essence of what
    makes these movies so great. Logan does that. And then it does it

    It takes cues from classics like Children of Men, The Wrestler, and
    even the great video game The Last of Us. It is uncompromising in its
    brutality and fearless in its reverence of these iconic characters.
    It’s a testament to the power of storytelling, and what creative
    freedom can produce.

    Logan’s cinematic journey began 17 years ago in a forest. He was making
    money fighting in cages. A young girl saved him then, she showed him
    what it was like to have a family, what it felt like to be good. In
    Logan, it takes another girl to show him who he really is, to remind
    him that his life was worth something.

    It is the perfect swansong he could’ve got.

  • cifersMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Perfect Wolverine movie and for me one of the best movies of all time!


    As a huge fan of the Wolverine comicbooks and of movies in general I
    can honestly say this without any overstatement: This is not only the
    perfect Wolverine movie I have waited for, this is one of the best
    movies I have seen in my life and I have seen much! I’m so happy that
    they finally did a R-rated Wolverine, not PG-13. The story is a
    masterpiece and great performances from a very talented cast. The movie
    is 100 % faithful to the source material and I think it’s even better.
    I always enjoyed Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but this movie is really
    not to top.

  • palavitsinisMarch 6, 2017Reply

    It’s sad but that’s life… Even for Logan!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kaspergordonMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Disney take notes.

    This is one of the best (if not the best) comic-book movies I have ever
    seen. It was so nice to go see a movie with one of the comic-book
    characters you grew up with, and not being treated as part of a
    demographic plan to sell tickets, toys and merchandise.

    This felt like an actual movie – with heart, soul and and a story to
    tell. And not like a machine-made formulaic and predictable 2-hour toy
    commercial, full of political correct cast characters, pointless forced
    jokes and waves of product placement. Like all of your other Iron Man
    and friends movies.

    The movie had action scenes when it needed to, to further the plot. And
    not to make you feel like your being treated as an ADHD-case by
    throwing something loud and shiny at you every 20 minutes.

    And the action in Logan is great. It’s like you’re there, and feeling
    every punch, slash, stab and shot, along with the characters. It is
    very grounded, gritty, intense and easy to follow. And never scaled too
    big or over the top. This isn’t collapsing skyscrapers with tons of
    flying robots, monsters, laser cannons, explosions, and people
    surviving the most ridiculous situations. While some blue beam shoots
    up in the sky, so our so called heroes can save the planet the 100th

    This is just characters you care for (even the villains), fighting for
    themselves, each other and their humanity. Often in a very brutal way,
    but the brutality just makes the action more involving. The action
    isn’t explicit in a gory way – like it’s just trying to shock you or to
    be edgy, but it just pulls you more in. Actually I think a lot of PG-13
    movies, could make their action scenes work this great too, without
    toning up the blood and violence, if they just toned down all the CGI
    and made the action more accessible and believable. It really isn’t
    about the R-rating, as much as it is about involving you as a
    moviegoer. Instead of distancing you with CGI and unbelievable over the
    top shiny scenarios.

    Personally I’m under the impression that people have had enough of the
    Disney Marvel movies, and all their imitators. Enough of expanded movie
    universes (that actually feels more like a commercials for another
    movie within the movie, more than it feels like it’s expanding
    anything). And enough of movies about super heroes that all feel and
    look the same with their political correctness, CGI, demographic
    planning, predictable jokes and formulaic plots.

    Most people just want a good movie with atmosphere, drama, and scenes
    where you actually can tell what’s going on.

    Hopefully this movie will help start up a new trend, and become a
    genre- defining piece, so Fox once again can be the innovators of
    something new, like when they first started the genre with the first
    X-men movie.

  • bhowmikjoyMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Its a must watch for wolverine fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RIP_MizzMarch 6, 2017Reply

    The Wolverine we all wanted.

    I’m a huge X-men fan and even a bigger Wolverine fan and always been a
    fan of Hugh Jackman portrayal of the character but always felt
    something was missing. This movie found what was missing and that is a
    Wolverine who is violent and angry more than all of the other movies

    This movie is depressing and fun at the same time which is hard to do
    but this movie pulls off. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are great as
    always but man what a breakout performance by Dafne Keen. This is by
    far the best Wolverine movie and maybe the best X-men movie.

    My negatives with the film are very few but were noticeable like the
    movie being too long, not explaining stuff clearly enough that needed
    to be explained in my opinion and one villain is a bit silly. But
    please go see this film. This film is what comic book movies need to be
    and need to be taken more seriously so hopefully some comic book
    characters get their more serious adaptations instead of too much

  • Peter_DeSilveyMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Pretty good mix of good and bad

    The Action is pretty incredible as you would expect. The acting is good
    as you would expect. The girl who plays Laura portrays a believable
    role for a girl her age. Kinda reminds me of a Spanish Dakota Fanning.
    Things I don’t particularly like is the ending. Don’t get me wrong its
    not a total disappointment it just leaves a few things unanswered aka
    its sequel bait (Well another X-Men series). The story overall is good
    though and I recommend people to go see it even if they are not a fan
    of the X-Men Series in general because its a fine film all in all.
    Would not recommend for children under 10 under any circumstance could
    cause nightmares and such with the graphic violence but teenagers would

  • mani_satMarch 6, 2017Reply

    X men justified

    This is the far best x men movie,it totally satisfying hugh jackman’s
    character development.The action scenes were few but it will never
    leave from your mind.This kind of movie simply excels at its 2D
    picturisation.Many X men may come or go but one cannot be simply
    amazing like hugh jackman.

  • connorgallagherMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Absolutely incredible, greatest Marvel film ever.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • trudeau03March 6, 2017Reply

    Bryan Singer

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mwcrunnerMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Neat but very sad as well

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ch ChMarch 6, 2017Reply

    ”THE” crucifixion of ”THE Superhero”, Watch him die a dogs death. Duh, Feel sympathy for the brave warrior !!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tankaceMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Wolverine close with a blast

    Logan is, as we know for the time, the final film of Hugh Jackman as
    Wolverine and after the awfulness of Origins and The Wolverine which
    was just a good action film with a weak ending ,I wouldn’t imagine that
    the final chapter of our hero to be as good as it was rumored to, but
    in the end was even better.

    For starter the film takes place in 2029 and Wolverine and Professor X
    are in their last ,they are tired and their abilities aren’t working as
    they used to. It was extremely painful for a big fan of the X-men watch
    these to legends be like that. However we still see glimpses of their
    old selves and with Wolverine when it comes out it is epic to say the
    least. Also they found a young girl who has abilities and they help her
    escape from their pursuers.

    What I loved with the film was the fight scenes and imagery who justify
    complete the R rating and gave us the Wolverine film we wanted to see
    in years. Another pros of the flick was the quiet moments between the
    action which flesh out our protagonist showing us that dispute the low
    point of the mutants in this film, what drives the plot is hope for the
    future for if they manage to save that girl then she at least will have
    a better life than the had.

    As for the man himself Hugh Jackman was amazing ,this is by far his
    best interpretation of Wolverine and he portrait very well this weary
    and grumpy version of the most popular X-men. The little girl was the
    show steal-er ,as her action scenes for me were the best in the film.
    As for the villains Pierce and his superior are the second best villain
    I have seen in the X-men films since William Stryker and I like that
    they didn’t do what they did out of hate but by their point of view
    they were fixing a mistake of them. Which is realistic for the best
    antagonist is the one who thinks that he doesn’t do something evil for
    evil sake but either good or his job and here is the later.

    Finally the emotions that this film brought out to me were sadness,
    fear and at times relief. The relief is mostly for the quality of the
    film for it is from my point of view, the best super-hero sequel since
    the Dark Knight. Definitely go watch in cinemas and be aware it isn’t a
    kids film or a pop-corn action.

  • curtroo32March 6, 2017Reply

    Disappointing with one redemptive scene

    I was hooked into watching this movie because of a combination of
    seeing every other X-Men movie and because the preview for the movie
    was incredible. I thought this was going to be above and beyond better
    than any other X-Men movie. While it was not bad, it was not very good.

    I did enjoy large portions of the movie and several of the themes.
    However, it did not seem to finish any main theme. The themes of age,
    decay, and sorrow are very clear, but they were not well concluded. The
    movie just leaves you hanging. The movie seemed as lost as the
    characters, which if intended, then they succeeded.

    The language was completely unnecessary and distracting. The same movie
    could have been made and the same points could have been brought up
    without any of the language. It was as if the writers just wanted to
    make the movie dirty for the sake of being dirty.

    God was pointlessly brought up unless the point was to make subtle jabs
    at theism.

    There was one very good scene toward the end of the movie that for me
    was the main redemptive aspect of the movie. I will probably forever
    remember that scene.

    The movie leaves a lot to the imagination which is both a good and bad
    thing. Viewers could definitely leave the theater very confused about
    the development of the story.

    Finally, unfortunately like many action movies, it eventually gets
    rather silly in regards to its action.

  • mistoppiMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Maybe not what I wanted but definitely the ending I needed

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long, but also I’ve been really
    nervous. The movie hasn’t been hiding what it is: the last one about
    Logan, or at least the last one with Hugh Jackman as Logan, and let’s
    be honest… It’s not like they’re going to cast a new actor to play
    Wolverine any time soon, eh? He’s been in every single one of the X-
    men movies for 17 years. Hugh Jackman is iconic in this role, so why
    would they be in a hurry to replace him? Especially when now’s the
    chance to make movies without him and maybe focus on some of the other

    But personally, am I sick of seeing Wolverine in every X-men movie? No.

    Another thing that made a bit worried was how I had realised I’m not at
    all into dark superhero movies, at least not the ones I had seen before
    Logan. They were a bit boring and miserable, trying to be all gritty
    and edgy. But when wasn’t Logan an gritty, miserable, edgy character?
    And at the beginning this movie was exactly what I feared it might be –
    gritty, miserable, dark world with no happiness in it for Logan.
    Luckily that changed. It changed slowly, but the world did change into
    something a tiny bit happier, tiny bit more hopeful.

    Also at the beginning something felt so wrong to me, and soon enough I
    was able to place that feeling. It was Charles. I understand he had
    some kind of disease affecting his brain, so naturally that would also
    affect his personality, but at first he just didn’t feel like Charles,
    and Charles has always been a very, very important part of the X-men
    universe. He’s that one good spark of hope even in the middle of the
    worst moments. So when he’s clearly not well, it’s just awful to look
    at, to listen to. Clearly that was the intention for the writers,
    though. It was just really rough to see Charles that way.

    Visually this movie was so beautiful, the cinematography was amazing.
    Also the composer, Marco Beltrami, did an amazing job. I like how the
    score sounds just a bit like the one in Wolverine (2013), but not too
    much, not like they were trying to do that same score again.

    X-men movies have always been barely violent so they can be PG-13, but
    finally we get a Wolverine movie that is just as violent as it needs to
    be. Usually Wolverine stabs and slices and there’s barely any blood.
    Ever since I played X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game I’ve been
    waiting for that kind of movie. And now we have it! And it’s not just
    like full on violent content without anything else. The fight scenes
    are beautifully coordinated, and of course there’s so much more to the
    story than just Wolverine and Laura fighting folks.

    The story just is so beautiful I can’t get over it. And while the movie
    wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t like everything about it, at the end of
    the day I don’t know what else I would’ve needed. This is the perfect
    even if sad ending for wonderful 17 years Hugh Jackman has been our

  • tommoben97March 6, 2017Reply

    No One Word Can Summarise This…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ([email protected])March 6, 2017Reply

    The finest ending to iconic Logan

    Logan,also wolverine is such an amazing piece of fine direction that
    makes the audience gaga with amazing shots, Hugh Jackman puts on a top
    notch performance to put his legacy on gold mark. The plot of a movie
    is a typical Marvel cinematic work,the concept and the script is right
    on spot with other top movies. The ending may well put lot of Marvel
    fan boys with tears with a sad ending and with trade mark of iconic
    cross aftermath. Overall Logan is fabulous work and a perfect ending to
    the finest superhero and to put his legacy in front of us to admire

  • SpoodermanDerpMarch 6, 2017Reply

    It’s a Mad Mad world

    ”Logan” is a touching character study exploring and extending on loss,
    regret and grief while coming from an already established universe. Yet
    the most unique and special thing this film does is detracting from the
    usual conventions of the genre that some would say this franchise
    started back 17 years ago. Logan was not afraid to break conventions
    just like what ‘Deadpool’ did however in a more satirical way, this
    film presents the bleak, the desolate, the ravage, all with fully
    formed characters that are fed up with the world in a Western esque

    Hugh Jackman’s ”Wolverine” serves as a callous and hard-hearted
    protagonist that has basically reached his breaking point. The opening
    sequence alone shows the brooding nature of the character that Jackman
    has portrayed for almost 2 decades now. The brutality of the film is
    something to revel, even though it has pretty much been expected given
    the R-rating, the film hits the bar high up and doesn’t hold back at
    showing us each brutal moment leaving no time at all for the audience
    who have grown fond of the usual PG-13 action to adjust and it is quite
    glorious. The beauty of the film lies in its portrayal of each
    character in this new post-apocalyptic world. The new dark and wretched
    environment in of itself is a smack to each character in the narrative
    and also a smack to the audience. It’s in ‘Logan’ wherein we once again
    get a film, just like ‘The Dark Knight’ that values characters, values
    layering and adding more depth to them and values the consequences that
    each individual has had to go through and does not hold back at what it
    may mean for the story or even the franchise in its entirety no matter
    how bold, appalling or shocking it may be. Both Stewart and Jackman
    give their best performance and show how much they are percipient about
    their characters. Even after 17 years, this is probably the best and
    truest of all perspectives we’ve gotten of Logan and Charles. Sure we
    got both their origins from their respective movies, but this a movie
    where we see them having to face with demons that haunt them and them
    struggling to face life and the perils it has brought upon them. This
    is a film where we finally see them both in their breaking points and
    have them reach an in-depth progression of their characters. Logan is
    definitely not the same in the end compared to how he was in the
    beginning, Jackman’s performance is packed with strong emotional
    subtleties and nuances for every shot he’s in, the same goes for
    Stewart as his character suffers from Alzheimer’s and the fact that he
    cannot recall or properly remember the destruction he accidentally
    caused. These are two very tortured people and we learn a lot more
    about them here than we did in their origins, this is who they are when
    they’re faced with nothing left, this is who they are when they’re
    faced with small glimmers of hope, and this is who they are when
    they’re helpless. Stewart and Jackman both gave a fitting send off to
    their characters and dare I say it, at least one of them deserves an
    Oscar. Dafne Keen is wonderful and a joy to watch as X-23. Similarities
    to Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’ aside, it’s lovely to see a little
    girl wrecking and slicing people through very unpleasant means.
    Hopefully she does not get replaced by an older actress if they ever
    plan on casting for the inevitable X-23 movie soon since she seems well
    adjusted to the role. Boyd Holbrook plays Pierce and is menacing and
    sinister while standing toe-to-toe with Wolverine. What we get from him
    in the film is what we get and his menacing persona and robotic arm
    might be enough for some and lacking for others.

    The story is intimately simple and easy to follow, it’s personal, small
    scale yet devastating, heartfelt yet ravaging. With narrative call
    backs to the old classic westerns and some similarities here and there
    to Mad Max: Fury Road, the film feels special in every step of the way.
    Shots that linger on characters in silent moments, being patient with
    how the character unveil its new self, being meticulous on having soft
    pans and quiet shots to stop and show the bleakness or even the
    hopefulness of Logan given all the odds stacking against him. The
    cinematography compliments the narrative as each scene looks
    excessively like a western and evokes a mood that leaves you thirsty
    and helpless as the brutality unfolds. The irony is, this film probably
    presents the most life threatening and intense challenge for the X-Men
    that makes you feel and eventually care for them, and it does not
    involve any world ending device or overpowered character like in the
    previous films of the franchise. Instead, the film opts to be
    thoughtful and understands what it needs to be to make a proper
    character driven movie. It’s as thrilling and exciting just like any
    other blockbuster should be, but it’s also dark, deep, raw,
    devastating, surreal, exhaustive, insightful and sincere like any other
    great movie should be.

    Verdict : 5/5

  • pbartbarMarch 6, 2017Reply

    I love this movie

    I love all the x-men movies and Wolverine is one of my favorite
    characters. This movie was FANTASTIC! The action is out of this world
    and the little girl that plays Laura has a very bright future in
    movies. The time frame for this movie is in the future a little ways so
    hopefully there will be more x-men movies. You have to see this movie.
    You will not be disappointed.

  • Rick QuinnMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan isn’t just a good X-Men movie- It’s a good movie

    I’ll keep this short. This is my first review and I doubt anyone cares
    my opinion. But as a comic book fan and cinema junky. I needed to say,
    this movie is freakin’ perfect. It hits every note and every moment.
    It’s a solid 100 and worth every penny. Highly recommending this, as
    even my wife liked, which, if you knew her, is a big deal for a movie
    like this.

  • towhid chowdhury faiazMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan is quite frankly brilliant

    Logan is probably the most hyped X-Men film of all time and I promise
    you this film will not only meet your hype but downright break your
    expectations.This is a searing epilogue to the character of Wolverine
    and a swan song for Hugh Jackman after 17 years of playing this
    legendary role.Logan is not only in my opinion the best marvel
    superhero film ever,arguably this is the best superhero film ever as
    well.I know in terms of technical ability Dark Knight might just edge
    Logan out but in terms of enjoyment this is an experience that is yet
    to be matched by a superhero film.It’s brutal and merciless and when I
    say say brutal and merciless I MEAN IT.I mean we all knew that it was a
    R-Rated film but nothing can prepare you for the hell that will unleash
    upon.I don’t care what people will say but Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewert are Oscar worthy in this film.This is most probably the first
    film where Hugh Jackman was challenged as an actor to play Wolverine
    and sadly it’s his last.After 17 years of playing this role he knew
    everything about the character like the back of his hand but in this
    movie he had to portrait a person not a hero.It was gritty,brutal and
    downright gut wrenching.And can we talk about X-23 now?BEST SIDE KICK
    EVER!!!!!In fact she is much more bad ass than Wolverine.Wolverine is
    very worn out in this film.We see that the world has taken it’s toll on
    him so,he doesn’t fight too often but when he does you’ll feel sorry
    for the guy who’s gonna fight him.But when Wolverine isn’t using his
    claws to slice up wholesale meat it’s X-23 who does it and HOLY
    Crap!It’s brutal and Awesome.Dafne Keen plays the role of X-23 and
    before going into this film I was kind of skeptical cause she’s a kid
    and we all know kids in Hollywood movies are always the weak link.Can
    someone just slap me now for thinking that?She knocks it out of the
    park.I don’t know if she’ll feature in any future X-men films or not
    but I’d give anything to see her in this role.Let’s talk about the
    action,Probably the one of the best action film of the decade and not
    just because it utilizes it’s R-Rating brilliantly,The fight sequences
    are genuinely well choreographed.It’s absolutely insane. Is it a
    perfect film?No,it’s not.Do I give one ounce of crap?No,I don’t.It’s
    the most fun I’ve had watching a superhero film and that’s the only
    thing that matters.

  • ridinbalMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan is emotional and at the same time brutally violent. It will be a treat for you if you are fan of x men series

    ”Logan is emotional and at the same time brutally violent. It will be a
    treat for you if you are fan of x men series” My rating- 3.5/5

    Positives- 1.)Direction and story- Direction by James Mangold was good
    . Director takes us to the emotional side of logan and i personally
    liked it. Story also succeeded in doing the same.

    2.)Hugh jackman , Dafnee Keen (laura/X-23)- Hugh Jackman’s acting was
    phenomenal and he succeeded in bringing out emotions of logan
    character. Dafnee as laura was outstanding and she acted like a matured
    girl. I liked her crying scenes because that was totally realistic and
    also her angry scenes as well with her special scary looks. In short
    she was apt for the character.

    3.)Cinematography 4.)Bgscore Negatives- 1.)Too much of violence –
    Violence is too much and they could have reduced it. This is the reason
    why this movie got R rated.

    2.)Lagging at some areas 3.)Duration- Duration could have been reduced
    4.) Some Action scenes- Some Action scenes could have been nicely
    choreographed. It was fast paced and it makers could have improved it.

    Overall- If you are Xmen series fan then you will love it and ending
    can also make you cry because its really emotional and you will
    understand when you watch it. If you haven’t watched any of the Xmen
    series then you wont understand this movie so watch Xmen seires and
    then go for this.

    My rating- 3.5/5 for more reviews on all language movies go to ridinbal
    movie reviews

  • Harry T. Yung ([email protected])March 6, 2017Reply

    What’s in a name/title?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jon.h.ochiai ([email protected])March 6, 2017Reply

    The Hero’s Purpose

    ”Logan” is the fierce and touching elegy of the hero’s redemption.
    ”Logan” is amazing. The movie is bloody, inspired, and sublime. Hugh
    Jackman is powerful and nuanced. As the aging and fading Logan, Jackman
    remains the sinuous beast, but with boldly reinvented vulnerability.
    Newcomer Dafne Keen with her innocent wide eyes possesses the child’s
    truth. She is a star. Director and writer James Mangold’s hero’s
    journey moves us, and will make you cry. I read an interview with Hugh
    about his last incarnation as Logan after being him for 17 years. He
    said that he will miss Logan as a best part of himself. Jackman is
    transcendent in ”Logan”.

    ”Logan” is set in 2029. Mutants like Logan are no longer—possibly
    having been exterminated in this future. Logan is aging and grayed; his
    powers are fading. He heals much slower—the bullets and his retracting
    Adamantium claws are bloody and hurt. He is no longer the hero he once
    was. He is a limo driver, who drinks way too much. Logan is dying, and
    faces his own mortality.

    He and his beloved mentor Charles, played by powerful Patrick Stewart,
    are among the remaining Mutants. 90-old Charles was the most powerful
    telepath is a hallowed shell, now bed ridden suffering mind altering
    seizures and dementia. Logan along with Mutant albino Caliban, played
    by compassionate Stephen Merchant, care for Charles. Perhaps, there is
    another Mutant still out there?

    Charles tells Logan that he is ”A disappointment…” Logan has lost his
    purpose. Logan struggles with who he has become—something I can

    ”Logan” opens in stark tone. Thugs wake sleeping Logan while stealing
    the rims from his limousine. The thieves dismiss his warnings. Though
    riddled with bullets, Logan slashes and maims with skilled savage rage.
    ”Logan” has the feel of ”The Road Warrior” or ”Unforgiven”. Mangold
    even does homage to ”Shane”. Those stories were about the redemption of
    the nihilist or anti-hero; however, Mangold’s Logan profoundly fights
    for love. After having a beautiful dinner with a family they helped,
    Charles tells Logan, ”This is what life looks like…”

    The hauntingly calm Pierce with eerie mechanical hand played by
    charismatic strong Boyd Holbrook, tracks down Logan in El Paso asking
    him for information about some ‘missing property’. Pierce is an agent
    for Transigen Corporation that does unspeakable experimentation with
    Mutants. Logan has no idea, until she finds him.

    She is wide eyed and silent little girl Laura—the other Mutant. Logan
    and Charles must take Laura to North Dakota so that she can find
    sanctuary with other young Mutants across the border in Canada. Charles
    tells Logan, ”She’s like you… she’s very much like you.” Pierce and his
    mercenaries are relentless and find Logan, Charles, and Laura at their
    refuge. Laura announces her presence unleashing her merciless fury upon
    her enemies. She has great agility and strength, also possessing
    Logan’s Adamantium claws and warrior skills. Keen and Jackman are
    spectacular battling together against their underestimating opponents.
    Initially, Charles and Logan suspect Laura may be a clone of Logan.

    In an eloquent touch Logan discovers Laura is a fan of the ”X-Men”
    comics and Wolverine. He dismisses telling her most of the stories are
    ”bullsh**”. Meanwhile, a figure from the past Dr. Rice played by the
    reserved evil Richard E. Grant as the head of Transigen is about to
    unleash his most ferocious creation.

    Logan becomes Laura’s protector; she is like family, like blood. She
    needs him to be her hero. Charles reminds Logan of what we already
    knew. His fading powers and claws aside, what makes Logan the hero, is
    the man he is. He just needs to remember that, and reclaim himself.
    This fight is different now: Logan fights for love.

    In ”Logan” the battles are fierce, vicious and costly. Before the
    climactic battle, Laura and Logan share. Logan says that everyone he
    ever loved gets hurt. He has hurt people. Laura says, ”I hurt people,
    too… Bad people.” Logan confides, ”You are going to have to live with
    that, too.”

    Jackman and Keen are the beating hearts of ”Logan”. Jackman’s Logan
    tragically weeps over his loss; Keen’s Laura holds his bloody hand with
    her own. Keen’s closing moments as little Laura speaks to our very
    humanity. Jackman as Logan poignantly says, ”So this is what it feels

    The hero deserves to find his own measure of peace and love at the end
    of his journey. We honor this as well, because we deserve the same.
    ”Logan” is the hero story of amazing grace and power. It is one of the
    best. Thank you, Hugh Jackman for being our hero.

  • unbloggyMarch 6, 2017Reply

    No Country for Old (X) Men

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • valdavisjrMarch 6, 2017Reply

    I’m at a loss for words….

    I went to see this movie on opening night. Logan was in my top 3 most
    anticipated films of this year and I’ve always loved Wolverine, and
    think he is a very complex character. That being said, when I heard
    about the possibility for an R rated take on the character from the
    comics, I got excited. So I was really looking forward to this movie.
    And I got to say, walking out of that theater I was completely blown
    away. This movie is amazing. There are no words to describe how much I
    love this film. It’s been two days sine I saw it and I still cannot
    stop thinking about it. This is one of those films that you may think
    about a lot after you see it because it just leaves this intense impact
    on you. I’m gonna go as far as to say this is my favorite comic-book
    movie of all time because it’s way better than The Dark Knight and
    every other superhero film that has been put up there. It is just that

    My favorite thing about this movie is the fact that it doesn’t even
    feel like a comic book movie or superhero film, it feels more like an
    indie film with comic book characters in it with very little reliance
    on CGI. Yes there is CGI in this movie but it is kept at a very low
    minimum as this movie relies more on realistic stunts and practical
    effects than CGI. Another thing I want to touch on in this film is its
    R rating. Holy crap, fox really didn’t hold anything back on this one,
    this movie was brutally violent with so much blood and limbs and I
    loved it. Wolverine goes absolutely crazy as he tears into these guys
    and kills all these men like he does not care, along with X-23 who may
    I say is just awesome, and one of the best parts of this film. Not to
    mention this movie has two of the most violent action scenes I have
    ever seen in a superhero film one of which takes place on a farm. You
    will know what I am talking about when you see it because that is some
    dark, and brutal stuff. Another thing I gotta praise this movie for is
    the amount of drama and heart surrounding the story and the characters.
    I mean I have never seen a superhero film with so much heart as this
    movie had. There is some action in this film but the point is that it’s
    not the basis of the movie. This is a very dark, bleak, character
    driven film where the focus is more on the drama of the situation with
    a lot of heart surrounding it. This is not your typical superhero film
    and if you were expecting some Avengers type CGI fest like some of
    Marvel’s films you’re gonna be disappointed as this movie is more of a
    drama with a great message about family and what it means to be human.
    But this film has some of the best action sequences I have ever seen in
    a movie and these action scenes combined with the drama of the film
    make this one hell of a movie. And the last thing I want to mention is
    that the way this film ended was one of the most satisfying, and
    fantastic finales to any film I’ve seen and I have never felt so
    satisfied after watching a movie in my life.

    So overall this is just a downright awesome film that is very different
    from other superhero films in the past. Great action, great characters
    that are well realized, great drama and story, and a great final film
    for the character of Wolverine as well as an excellent final
    performance from Hugh Jackman in the role. This movie did everything I
    wanted it to do and it was everything I wanted it to be. I have no
    flaws with this movie at all. This really is ”The Dark Knight of the
    X-men films.” I love this movie, I adore this movie, the more I think
    about this movie the more I continue to love it, and it has officially
    gone down as my favorite comic book film of all time. It’s a film that
    is powerful, and inspiring and it leaves a LONG lasting impression.


  • sarrington-51628March 6, 2017Reply

    Lifetime X-Men Fan review

    I felt it was poorly written plot. I felt as if I had joined a movie
    mid showing as everything was like already a story line in progress and
    no one had bothered to introduce said story lines. I left the theater
    feeling as if all they wanted was to get my money one last time. What
    they state in the preview is the ENTIRE movie, no need to watch it, it
    dragged very slowly during much of the film. at one point I left to go
    to the bathroom, got back and still nothing had changed, no action, no
    nothing but another slow scene. And to add this was set in the late
    2020s? I thought from the last movie there was a teaser set near the
    same time when Professor X and Magneto came for Logan at an airport.
    what happened there? is this a prequel? many many more questions arose
    rather than answer. If this is in fact a prequel, than this fact will
    make me want to wait till all episodes are in and watch them in
    entirety then maybe it’ll make sense. As it is this wasn’t very well
    written and they writers did little to no homage to the previous X-Men
    franchise movies. They left out completely what had happened other than
    a reference or 2 to an ”event”. I don’t know I felt like it wasn’t
    worth a theater show, straight to DVD maybe but not a huge success IMO.

  • jacksonsreichMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Enjoyable but a masterpiece?

    Strongest components of the film are performances by Hugh Jackman and
    Patrick Stewart (the child actor for X23, for the most part) as well as
    the action. Character study before superhero movie, but still a
    superhero movie. Not sure what rubbed me the other way. Due for another
    viewing soon.

  • Tristen SuhrMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Amazing, emotional, end of an era.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rushmorasMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Probably the most interesting X-Men movie since the first

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MaskinistenMarch 6, 2017Reply

    An incredible achievement

    This is one of the best superhero movies that I have ever seen, and the
    reason for this is because it is a great film that just happens to have
    superheroes in it. The Dark Knight was a crime drama with Batman in it,
    The Winter Soldier was a spy thriller with Captain America in it and
    now Logan is a modern western with Wolverine in it.

    Logan is also a great example of what you can get when you let artists
    be artists, and the studio can sit in the corner doing nothing except
    promoting the film. Clearly James Mangold was given leeway to execute
    his dark, slow-paced and gritty vision of a final chapter to Logan’s
    story, and man does it work well. The impact of the R rating during the
    action scenes is felt and lends way more intensity and realism than any
    of the other Wolverine action scenes could ever hope to accomplish
    without showing any blood or guts.

    The real reason Logan is so fantastic though is the story. I can’t
    remember the last time a superhero movie left me this emotionally
    devastated, in fact I don’t think it’s ever happened. I was so invested
    in the events and the characters, thanks in no small part to the
    amazing performances. If this truly are the last performances of Hugh
    Jackman and Patrick Stewart as these characters then I would be very
    happy with that cause I can’t imagine how they could ever top the
    amazing performances they both handed in here. I would actually want
    for them both to be nominated for Oscars at the end of this year
    although there is unfortunately no chance of that happening.

    Logan is not a movie for the faint-of-heart. It is violent, dark,
    depressing, bleak and really slow-paced for a superhero movie. But
    unlike the recent DC movies where those things were implemented just
    for the hell of it, here it serves the story in a meaningful way which
    is the reason it pays of so beautifully. I can recommend this movie to
    anyone who think they can handle the tone and the emotional gutpunch it
    packs. As it stands it is easily one of the best superhero movies ever,
    and it is precisely because it’s not like any other superhero movie,
    it’s just a great overall film.

  • Robert Tucker ([email protected])March 6, 2017Reply

    Perfectly executed to a newcomer of the X-Men series

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cruise01March 6, 2017Reply

    Best Wolverine film yet!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael LysaghtMarch 6, 2017Reply

    A fitting end to Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bdragonflame-57301March 6, 2017Reply

    Such an Emotional Ride

    I cried I’m not gonna lie I cried…. Everything about this film was
    perfect. I loved it. This is amazing! It truly is! I recommend this
    movie to everyone and I can say it will bring tears. This is now my
    personal favorite superhero film, or at least it’s up there with The
    Dark Knight.

  • AbdElrhman ElShenhaby (TheShenho)March 6, 2017Reply

    I was expecting more.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LaLaLandSucksMarch 6, 2017Reply

    It’s The Same Movie As 5 Previous X-men Movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • redberMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Powerful final slice.

    A survival venture to places unknown. A grittier, much darker rhythm.
    You feel Logan’s suffering, as you do with many other characters. The
    violence and pain exploited in this movie grounds the surface of it’s
    enlightenment. As a result your stomach will churn and your face will
    cringe as a mirroring reflection of the bloody harshness of what is on
    screen. The picture sucks life out of you to regenerate after every
    violent sequence, just like how Logan does with his power. As an
    audience, we are one of his pulsating veins, shaking like a tremor. The
    craftiness of this film is when it gives us moments to breathe in
    between. The main character’s in Charles, Laura and Logan are terrific
    to follow. Each one gives so much emotion, backed up by great actors
    giving some of their best work on-screen in years. Logan is a very
    impressive film that throwbacks to old westerns. So much so a specific
    line is used to preface the purpose of this venture. I won’t go into
    any further detail, but the filmmakers were greatly inspired to base
    Wolverine in a wild-western stand-off. This is a terrific way for Hugh
    Jackman to end his Wolverine days, and a very well-made movie for us to
    celebrate the last 17 years of embracing his presence playing this
    character on-screen.

    Admittedly, I find this movie to be quite overrated. I can appreciate
    the strength and care put into this film. The young actress who plays
    Laura to me stole the film. I loved the whole ‘Last of Us’ sort of
    vibe, but there was a middle portion of this movie that lasted for at
    least a half-hour that really slowed things down. The tone gets very
    depressing and murky. I was really enjoying the film but I am surprised
    it went on at a run-time of 2 hours and 18 minutes. If this were to be
    95-110 minutes, without that lull, Logan fires on all cylinders. But
    this lull is something that had me squirming in my seat, painstakingly
    waiting for something to happen. The film lacks beats, meaning the
    jolts of entertainment that keeps an audience engaged. Where these
    jolts always come from is something happen in the film that that keeps
    the narrative flowing. Character development is not sitting around and
    resting. The problem I have is when something is happening, it has to
    do with the villains going after the protagonist. But the villain’s are
    terrible and you never really understand the parameters of their
    motive. As a result the conflict in much of the violence renders
    emotionless and excessive. The only character we feel for through the
    violence, through everything is Logan.

    Instead of creating something original, they wanted to throwback and
    make the picture with ideas based on classic old westerns. But there is
    a big difference between doing that and ‘trying’ to do that. The focus
    of the filmmakers was so directed to appeasing strong, rough subject
    matter. But the biggest mistake anyone can make when on that directive
    is forgetting to entertain the audience. Many films in this specific
    genre of survival have suffered in the same light. I’m not saying I
    want explosions and crazy special effects every 10 minutes in a movie.
    What I want is to be entertained. You can make a movie as perfect as
    possible, but then realize it’s dull and boring. Logan is a good movie,
    but I’m not going over the moon just because it’s different than any
    other superhero movie in terms of style. That is too mere a reason to
    qualify a strong memorable picture. I liked Logan, just not as much as
    I thought I would. However there are some very, very good moments in
    there, and the music is so empowering I thought I would.

  • FedoicsMarch 6, 2017Reply

    One of the best, well written, emotional, and action filled super hero films ever.

    Logan is truly amazing.

    I’ve been excited for Logan for a very long time, the idea of an older,
    more stern, grittier wolverine is an amazing idea that you can go a
    long way with. Logan took that idea and made a fantastic film.

    Here’s the good, and there’s quite a few.

    The acting in this movie is fantastic. Hugh Jackman does a fantastic
    job as always playing Logan. He really went deep into his character,
    bringing out one of the best performances of his career. Patrick
    Stewart was also amazing as always playing professor X. He didn’t act
    his age throughout the entire film, really doing a good job making the
    audience think he’s in his 90s. Newcomer Dafne Keen is the breakout
    star of this movie, pulling off an amazing character. Child actors
    aren’t always good but Keen is magnificent as her character, really
    pushing the film to be amazing. Overall, everyone in the movie did a
    fantastic job acting.

    The cinematography and lighting in this movie was beautiful. The
    lighting set a tone for each scene whether it be the dim lit area where
    professor X spends most of his time or a neon light illuminated action
    scene. The cinematography gives the movie life with each shot. The way
    it’s filmed is expertly done and looks gorgeous.

    The story’s plot is well written, interesting, and isn’t something we
    normally see in a superhero film. The movie didn’t shy away from taking
    risks, it didn’t hold back with violence, and it wasn’t scared to make
    the audience cry. The movie follows an older Wolverine who is taking
    care of an even older Professor X. Beaten and driven down from his past
    and his healing factor slowly fading, he must help himself and the ones
    he cares for. The movie has a great chemistry between Logan and Laura.
    The movies especially shined when the two were on screen together.

    Here’s the bad.

    Here’s my only gripe with the movie, it can be slow at parts. The
    pacing is a bit of an issue towards the middle but not for long. Other
    than this, I didn’t have any other problems with Logan.

    Overall, Logan is a fantastic film, pushing a touching story, great
    acting, beautiful cinematography, and unique lighting. While it may
    suffer from pacing issues towards the middle it never took away from
    the overall narrative of the movie. Logan is something special,
    something we haven’t quite seen from a superhero film. I’m excited to
    see what the X-men franchise has for us in the future.

  • maurice yacowarMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Wolverine meets and saves his claw-handed mutant daughter before dying.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Noel KardarisMarch 6, 2017Reply

    What a way to say goodbye!

    This is by far the best X-men movie to date. Wolverine Fans have long
    wanted to see an R-Rated Film like that. I think ”Logan” is a terrific
    way to say goodbye to the character and fans get to see everything that
    they expect from this movie. The theme is dark, the Story is solid and
    the performance from all actors is great, especially the landmark
    performances from Jackman and Stewart. Dafne Keen has a fetching
    weirdness about her and is able to switch in an instant from a normal
    little girl to a young Wolverine. This is one of those movies that you
    do not know the whole plot just by watching the trailer and people
    should know going in that this isn’t like any of the other X-Men movies
    we’ve seen so far. This film aims to take the Marvel superhero films
    even further into adult feeling just like the Dark Knight trilogy. I
    think it’s a shame that we did not get a Wolverine film like this
    sooner but needless to say, better late than never. Highly recommended
    to fans of this genre!

  • filmsbyqMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan – Go And See It Now!

    As a big X-men fan – collected the comics throughout the golden Chris
    Claremont era – and a would-be screenwriter and filmmaker, I have
    watched all the Fox iterations of X-men films and their connected
    films. Even though Bryan Singer strayed somewhat – okay, massively –
    from the source material, as films his first two were good. He even
    returned to save the franchise after the God awful Last Stand.

    So when he made Days Of Future Past, making Wolverine the central
    character it was, though not right, a good film, but not right. He then
    followed up with Apocalypse and made Raven a hero. A hero! It is an
    enjoyable film and I did enjoy it, but it is plain wrong.

    Hugh Jackman has become world famous playing the most popular character
    of Wolverine. The fact that he, at six-two, is a full eight inches
    taller than the character Wolverine he was portraying, mattered little
    after his scene-stealing performance in the first X-men film. Jackman
    was Wolverine. Jackman, more than any of the other actors, had embraced
    the spirit of his character.

    So popular was his portrayal, it was inevitable that he would get a
    solo spin-off project. He did. Twice.

    The first, an origin story, was poor but, for myself, enjoyable enough.
    The second was just awful, so bad. When it was announced that Hugh
    Jackman was doing only one more Wolverine film, it was strange, though
    not unexpected. All the other X-men, previously played by other actors
    have been replaced, so it seemed inevitable that he would be replaced
    by a younger actor, even though the character in the comic is never

    Extraordinarily, The Wolverine was directed by James Mangold, a
    filmmaker with an impressive track record in film, having directed
    Copland, Walk The Line and Girl, Interrupted among others.

    The fact that he returned to make Logan is mind blowing. Truth is, had
    I realised it was the same director of the risible The Wolverine, I
    would have been reluctant to watch Logan. Thank the lord I did not!
    Logan is a fantastic film. In look, feel and execution, it just gets
    everything right. The rating of R for a Wolverine film is perfect. The
    claws are in full effect in this film and how! This film is every
    X-men/Wolverine fans wet dream of a film.

    I absolutely loved this film and will probably go and see it again. If
    this is Jackman’s final bow as the Wolverine, not only do I pity the
    actor who has to follow in his footsteps, but what a way to bow out. Go
    see Logan.

  • merelogicMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Nowhere near Dark Knight

    It is a good movie with lots of violence and a lot more emotions than
    usual, more emphasis is given to family love. I think the violence
    could have been curbed a bit rather than repeating similar chopping
    sequences over and over again.

    The acting is excellent, however, story is lacking and thus fails to
    keep a natural flow; The scenes seem to have been forcefully stitched
    together. The villain is unfortunately, a result of lazy writing.

    I liked the earlier X-Men movies a lot more such as Days of the Future
    past or First Class. A lot of drag in this movie, so much that I wanted
    to leave 15 mins before the end while watching this in IMAX.

    Overall it is not a bad movie and would have given it 7.5 if I could
    but definitely not 8.

  • Manikandan sankarMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Ayyyooooo !!!! Sema. A real X-Men

    If lion gets old, Still it’s lion. Love u, Hugh Jackman. I’m
    speechless, its heartbreaking franchise of X-men series. Surely, This
    one will be a milestone of Marvel. I couldn’t find a single flaw on
    screen. May it could be there somewhere.

    Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman did their best.(Claps and whistle). Crispy
    story Yummy Action.

    Music– Killing. The best one is on Climax. It Perfectly suits.

    And a very special thanks to Director and Casting team.

    No doubts, Surely you are gonna enjoy this movie.

    Oooooo podu.

  • Adam ThomasonMarch 6, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • d_spychMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan review (8.5)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jpabspMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Im crying because i am going to miss it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • louisavisMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Logan is perfection and so much more

    Logan is the final portrayal of one of the most iconic superhero
    figures of our generation. Directed by James Mangold this film features
    an old, tired, beaten Logan who when approached by a young mutant girl
    finds himself in the dilemma of having to care for her as well as hes
    sick ex teacher professor Charles Xavier whilst voyaging on a trip to
    find the safe haven of Eden fighting off reavers who seek to rid
    mutants along the way…tough ask for an old man who’s healing powers
    are deteriorating!

    After 17 years of portraying the bad-ass wolverine its safe to say that
    Hugh Jackman has done this character the up most Justice…and more, he
    most defiantly smashed this one out of the park and gave x- men fans
    the film they so longingly deserved with some immensely riveting scenes
    that’ll send chills down your spine. Laura could’ve so easily ended up
    becoming an annoying character but was thrilled to see her strive as
    this character enforcing a mysterious personality as well as at times
    kicking ass, she thrived as this character better than anyone could and
    was an overall excellent performance by the young actress.

    This film conveys a contrasting outset as to what is stereo typically
    seen within superhero movies, we still have a thrilling film with some
    amazing action scenes but with a completely different vibe, this is a
    whole hearted drama about family, not your usual superhero stereotype.
    being so down to earth was absolutely brilliant focusing on character
    development and story telling over massively over extended action
    scenes, something needed in the past 2 wolverine films. whilst having
    the first and third act as the most thrilling, intense and emotional
    acts the second act is still so greatly needed in order to build our
    characters personality and bonds between one another as well as really
    ensuring the audience cares about what happens to them. Being the send
    off to Hugh Jackmans reign as the wolverine this film gave me exactly
    what i needed, some kick ass brutal action scenes with no holding back
    which really did take my breath away portraying pure compassion and
    emotion, Logan is in a completely different category along with the
    dark knight rises and proves superhero films are worthy of Oscar
    nominations!The connection between our 3 main protagonists was
    exceptionally conveyed from the acting to the story telling Logan can
    not be faulted and gave me exactly what i needed, highlighting why i
    love film, it truly made me feel pure emotion as if these characters
    were real, theirs an indescribable feeling that when Logan is kicking
    ass saving the day that doesn’t come around often at all but
    occasionally brilliant films such as this one comes along and reimburse
    that overwhelming feeling of pure amazement and happiness that i long
    for in films.

    This film does portray pure emotion and each actor/actress gave it
    there absolute all however my one and only ask from this film would’ve
    been that they included a little bit more into the emotional scenes a
    couple more extra lines of dialogue that really would’ve tugged on my
    heart strings that tiny bit more but also understand they don’t want to
    over do it.

    If it hasn’t been seen clear through my soppy love for this film Logan
    truly is outstanding, with in my top 2 superhero films and anyone who
    hasn’t seen this film needs to. perfect is next to impossible in the
    film genre but i believe Mangold got as close as you can get.

    I gave Logan a 10/10

  • jctundisMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Low expectations met… barely.

    I honestly don’t understand the hype on this film. Saw it last night,
    and while there are some great action scenes with a brilliant amount of
    gore (finally), the film is poorly paced, largely boring, and full of
    the kind of lame, trite action movie tropes you’d expect from James
    Mangold in the second half oh his career.

    There is almost no correlation to Old Man Logan, instead becoming a
    hodgepodge of three other stories that I won’t mention the titles of
    due to possible spoilers.

    As the title of the review states, I went in with low expectations. The
    movie barely delivered on them. In fact, the more I think of all the
    lame story ideas and self referential garbage forced into the script,
    the less I like the film.

  • subashchandran-34371March 6, 2017Reply

    class, mass

    Logan is everything you wanted it to be and more,Logan makes you hurt,
    feel, and surprisingly laugh over the two and half hour run time. This
    is definitely a different Wolverine than you’re used to. He’s more than
    a little beat up, and tired. Dragging him down to earth though is what
    makes this so engaging.heart melting send-off for Hugh Jackman’s 17
    year run as Logan.

  • Sam Snyder (samuelsnyder-33369)March 6, 2017Reply

    Goodbye to Hugh Jackman

    This movie felt like more than just another marvel movie to me. This
    movie made me feel like I was saying goodbye to a dear friend, and
    that’s the best part about it. Logan was a movie that made me feel
    emotions, something that I never feel in superhero movies. This film is
    masterfully shot, and the acting is superb. Watch this movie

  • ross guildMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Finally, a GREAT Wolverine film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Himanshu PandyaMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Don’t understand the hype.

    the only interesting thing about this movie was Laura. I am a huge
    wolverine fan however this was a real disappointment. The movie was
    really slow with minimum actions, yes we understood that logan is old
    however he was beat-up too many times, even by normal thugs.

    It appeared as if the movie was made to bid farewell to Hugh Jackman.
    Honestly this was the worst version of the entire wolverine series.

    If you are too sentimental about hugh jackman and wolverine then OK, if
    you want to be realistic then movie had poor plot/screenplay/story and
    minimum action.

    if you still want to Watch it then watch it for Laura.

    Also the movie has no post-credit scene so don’t wait up like i did.

  • christonr-64261March 6, 2017Reply

    Little Miss Wolverine meets Withnail & I

    The eighth (and final) appearance of Hugh Jackman’s infamous Wolverine
    sees a huge shift in tone from its predecessors in reimagining Mark
    Millar’s graphic novel ‘Old Man Logan’. 17 years on from his first
    outing in X-Men (2000), here the shackles are very much off; with an
    incredibly sweary, violent and surprisingly political faux-Western
    chronicling the (so-called) lives of an increasingly aging/dying James
    ‘Logan/Wolverine’ Howlett and senile, aggressive and embittered
    Professor Charles Xavier. The relationship between the two men is
    near-heartbreaking and it is hard to fully fathom the complete journey
    which has led both veterans to the state of sad despair in which we
    find them.

    However, once the main plot of the film really kicks into gear – a
    cross-country road trip/pursuit – there are moments of real melancholic
    clarity, joy and reflection; none more so than Charles’ advice ”This is
    what life looks like… You should take a moment.” All of the main
    protagonists go through visible character journey arcs in emotionally,
    physically and spiritually; but the real heart of the film is in the
    core relationships formed between Logan, Charles and ”X-23” Laura,
    wherein the dynamics are constantly shifting according to each
    character’s own baggage which they are bringing to the fold. This is
    immensely impressive, especially considering the limited amount of
    dialogue used to express feelings, thoughts and emotions. There is
    absolutely no fat on the plot and much is left unsaid; but very much to
    a successful and intended effect. Despite its positives, there are
    still times when the 2hr 17min run-time is felt and moments wherein the
    pacing does feel a little off due to unnecessary splicing of seemingly
    insignificant scenes or encounters; likewise there are other moments
    which end abruptly and without enough breathing room to really allow
    character interactions to fully form and resonate. On the whole though,
    the Deadpool-esque extremity of bloody gore, graphic violence and
    incessant cursing probably leads this to be the best incarnation of the
    X-Men franchise to date.

  • robinerrinMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Great acting could not save a bad storyline

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MarkFaustanaMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Two steps short of greatness.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • peterakumaMarch 6, 2017Reply

    Most Emotional Superheroes Movie Ever Made

    Originally, i was just joking around about this movie being better
    because it’s dark and a more grown up version of the other Marvel
    movies (especially the Disney ones). I was fortunately to watched the
    movie couple hours ago and let me tell you this, it will be a one heck
    of an emotional roller coaster ride! Without a doubt, the most
    heart-touching superheroes movie that i have ever watched. I mean the
    tone just sets it perfectly, it’s dark, it’s violent, it’s gritty, BUT
    it’s also has subtle comedies,humors and the human side of it which IS
    the main reason why it’s so great and so touching.

  • Tad PoleMarch 6, 2017Reply

    LOGAN documents WHY Leader Trump must treat Mexico . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shimotorresMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Great movie (but not for kids)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Troy_CampbellMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Bleak, vicious and wonderful.

    In 2000 a fresh-faced Aussie actor with only a handful of local credits
    to his name scored the prized role of Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s
    X-Men. 17 years on, Hugh Jackman delivers his ninth and final
    performance as the metal-clawed mutant, and it’s arguably his best. Set
    in the not-too-distant future where mutants are all but extinct, our
    eponymous antihero is eking out a living as a limo driver on the
    U.S-Mexico border, predominantly to fund his alcohol addiction but also
    to provide for the mentally declining Professor X (Patrick Stewart).
    Happy to drink his remaining years away, Logan’s waste of a life is
    upended when he’s forced upon to transport an enigmatic girl, Laura
    (Dafne Keen), across the country to safety. Shedding the usual
    superhero template, this entry into the X-Men universe plays out more
    like a slow-burn, gritty Western, or a violent, modern-noir road trip
    flick; you can take your pick. The emphasis on building character and
    atmosphere through weighty dialogue, metaphorical plot devices and an
    unrelentingly sombre tone won’t be for everyone’s tastes—especially
    those expecting the normal comic-book fare—but it’s undeniably ballsy
    and mostly poignant. There are long stretches without action, however
    when the set pieces come along they’re executed with a brutality that
    is both completely apt and utterly surprising. Wolvie slices and dices
    his way through hordes of henchmen, but this time they actually bleed.
    There’s a reluctant grimness to the fighting this time around too; the
    carnage doled out by Logan is not presented as ‘fun’ or ‘enjoyable’ in
    the they-had-it-coming kind of way, but rather as a heavy burden that
    weighs him down. At the core of the proceedings is the two-hander
    between Jackman and newcomer Keen; the former all weary pessimism
    driven by regret, the latter naively filled with optimism and hope
    despite the odds against them. Anchored by two powerhouse central
    performances and a smart narrative that dispenses with superhero
    convention, Logan is the bleak, vicious and no-holds-barred farewell
    this iconic character deserved.

  • Noah TallMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Touching and moving

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pyrocitorMarch 7, 2017Reply

    The Slashist

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rioplaydrumMarch 7, 2017Reply

    A Wonderful Surprize

    I don’t normally get a big kick out of Super Hero movies because they
    all just seem too impossible to morally invest in.

    I mean, don’t these people ever do anything wrong? Logan, formally the
    Wolverine is now aging and can’t get on top of the ball anymore.
    Fighting crime holds no appeal these days and would rather suck on
    booze and mindlessly drive a limo for God knows who.

    Enter Dafne Keen as Laura.

    What a treat. I can’t think of many supporting actors at such a young
    age who can knock it out of the park as she does in this film. Totally
    believable and superb.

    Hugh Jackman also portrays a character with a butt-load of bite left in
    him to deliver substantial damage against all the right people before
    the curtain drops on his cursed existence.

    Well worth your time and money.

    Loved it!

  • prestonwardcondraMarch 7, 2017Reply

    A movie filled with a bunch of choreography, F-bombs and…not much else.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SteefnesssMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Once the novelty wore off, everything else was weak.

    Going into this movie, I was really excited. Finally we were going to
    get the visceral wolverine character that we have wanted since the
    original X-Men movie. The carnage lived up to the expectations,
    unfortunately once that novelty wore off, there wasn’t much left to
    make this an interesting movie.

    The plot was so basic a 5 year old could have written it. Kids trying
    to get from point A to point B, yet it only seemed important for Logan
    to be escorting one of them. I get that splitting up can make it harder
    for them to track you, but given the woman searched for Logan when she
    was trying to meet a deadline seems a monumental waste of time, but
    that trend didn’t just stop there. While Logan contemplated helping the
    woman (who specified that they were on a time frame), Logan decides to
    wait a while before going back to find the woman dead. This is the
    first time that poor time management was used to add a spark to the

    This happened twice more. Hey, we’re on the run from an organization
    that appears to have unlimited resources and technology, so lets keep
    stopping to help horses, or wait for morning before crossing the
    boarder. Same old repetitive simple storytelling, used only as a means
    to have more people get stabbed in the head by Logan. Also there was a
    showdown that made me grimace and think of the old Arnold vs CGI Arnold
    in the last Terminator movie.

    This isn’t the worst movie FOX has made, but Marvel Studios sill blows
    this movie out of the water any day of the week.

  • sc_mackinnonMarch 7, 2017Reply

    I wanted to like this – I really did! But…

    I had heard the reviews of this one: excellent, poignant, best
    Wolverine movie, etc. What I watched did not live up to the hype.

    The magic of the X Men wasn’t there. Neither was the humour. Instead, I
    watched a sad and plodding movie with 1 dimensional characters. It all
    seemed so flat.

    Patrick Stewart was just annoying. He rambled on too much. There was
    very little background info on the mutant caretaker character. Jackman
    was pretty good. The guy can deliver every single time, no matter what
    the movie. But I must admit, what really didn’t sit well with me was I
    was all the cussing and the graphic violence. I was surprised by it.
    The X Men movies never resorted to that. It just seemed like it was too

    Very disappointed in it. I wish that I would have trusted my ‘inner
    critic’ and waited for it to come on HBO. I wasted over $30 at the

  • RforFilmMarch 7, 2017Reply

    The Claws are Drawn for One More Time. Logan is an Amazing End for Wolverine

    With a set of metal claws, an ability to heal from wounds, and a Clint
    Eastwood-like attitude, you get the superhero animal known as
    Wolverine. Within the X-Men comics, Wolverine has become one of the
    most iconic and popular characters of not just that team, but for
    Marvel in general. While some of that comes down to a neat design, the
    character of feels the roughest of personalities. This has allowed him
    to confront his enemies with more of a street-smart mindset that the
    other X-Men lack. It also helps that his regeneration practically makes
    him the perfect shield for the other heroes.

    His cinematic outings have worked thanks to the casting of Hugh
    Jackman. He manages to carry the necessary roughness with the
    combination of the actor’s charisma. What this makes is a Wolverine
    that remains popular even though he has never worn the famous costume
    from the comics. This is simply excellent direction. It makes sense
    that the actor wouldn’t be able to play the character forever and had
    to exit at some point. Had it not been for the critically acclaimed Old
    Man Logan comic, writers might still be searching for a good idea. What
    comes for Wolverines final cinematic story is Logan.

    Set in 2029 sometime after X-Men: Apocalypse, the mutants are close to
    being extinct due to no new ones being born in a while. Logan (played
    by Hugh Jackman) has aged considerably now that his healing is much
    slower and the metal that’s attached to his skeleton and claws is
    poisoning him. He works as a chauffeur and caring for Charles Xavier
    (played by Patrick Stewart) who is retired and suffering a disease that
    causes him to lose control of his telepathic abilities and memory loss.
    A nurse approaches Logan asking for safe transport to North Dakota for
    her and her child Laura.

    Logan agrees for a payment, but finds that nurse murdered the morning
    they were supposed to leave. When he returns home, he finds Laura in
    the trunk. Not too long later is when Donald Pierce (played by Boyd
    Holbrook) comes with a security team to kill Laura. During the battle,
    it’s discovered that Laura has a similar set of claws and a similar
    regeneration power like Wolverines. Logan, Xavier, and Laura escape and
    hit the road to drive north. What they’re hoping for is the last chance
    for mutants to continue.

    Not only does the movie contain a lot of story elements that I don’t
    want to spoil, but it contains a lot of acting moments that are also
    worth keeping secret. It’s rare to find a ”three” movie that’s the best
    of a series, but Logan seems to be that specialty. Not only is it the
    darkest and most violent (it takes full advantage of the R rating), but
    it’s also the most mature. What I mean by that is that this feels like
    a very adult story regarding aging, politics about minorities, and even
    genuine drama between Wolverine and Laura.

    Out of all the X-Men movies, Logan is the least superhero of all, and
    that’s a good thing. Hugh Jackman’s Logan plays off more like a cowboy
    as his character practically refuses to be the hero that most audiences
    have identified him as. He’s more weary and damaged then before, and
    his performance reminds you of a scar that contains a good story. By
    the end, you’ll not only be fighting off tears, but feel that the song
    use of Johnny Cash’s ”The Man Comes Around” is worth it. Logan is
    without a doubt, the best of the X-Men series (yes, even over

    I’ll give this nine Wolverines out of ten. In the ages of capes and
    super villains, it’s refreshing to see something that’s more grounded.
    It takes inspiration from the right places (Shane, Children of Men,
    etc…) and uses it’s action to it’s full advantage to make the perfect
    last ride for good old Wolverine

  • Sujan Kumar (sujanfaster)March 7, 2017Reply

    An Emotional And Hard Hitting Send-Off For The Immortal Superhero

    The X-Men franchise has seen its ups and downs. Many characters have
    come and gone. But there was one character that most fans loved the
    most; The Wolverine.

    Wolverine is known for his sheer power, brutality, and rebellious
    attitude. Australian actor Hugh Jackman carried the role brilliantly
    for seventeen years in such a way that it is very difficult to imagine
    any other actor filling his shoes. Yet all good things must end and his
    character finally signs off in the just released film Logan.

    With recent X-Men movies being completely revamped with different
    timelines and new characters, it was time to let old characters go.
    Hugh Jackman’s age and recent health issues also made him feel that he
    wouldn’t be able to give his best in the coming years. Here he teams up
    with James Mangold, director of the 2013 film ‘The Wolverine’, to give
    the best possible send-off with the intense and emotional Logan.

    The previous Wolverine movies ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, and ‘The
    Wolverine’, were not critics’ favourites, nor did they create much
    havoc at the box office. After being slammed by the critics and some
    fans for his previous Wolverine venture, Director James Mangold gives
    us the best Wolverine this time. Being the first R-rated movie of the
    X-Men franchise, Logan justifies its rating in every possible way. The
    frustrated Logan and Professor X do not shy away from cursing. The
    action sequences are raw and not heavily dependent on CGI. The film
    neatly captures the emotional and physical hardship of Logan as he
    battles through his inner self and external evils while feeling the
    responsibility of doing what’s right. The movie is not about the mutant
    Wolverine, but rather the human Logan, which makes it both different
    from and superior to the rest of Wolverine’s films.

    Logan is set in the year 2029. The timeline follows events after X-Men:
    Days of Future Past. Mutants are having a tough time surviving, and the
    Logan’s powers are wearing off. He is living an isolated and disastrous
    life as a limousine driver, while also looking after Professor X whose
    health has worsened. The tone is gloomy and dark.

    Logan is approached by a lady who seeks help to protect Laura, a
    ‘special’ kid who is being pursued by the evil organization Transigen.
    Laura is part of their experiment. Circumstances bring Logan and her
    together as they escape along with Professor X, and Logan slowly learns
    a dark and bitter truth. What follows are some raw, hard-core action
    sequences, brilliant performances, and a scintillating climax.

    The film revolves around Logan, Laura, and Professor X, and their
    unexpected journey together. An ageing Hugh Jackman fits the role. The
    character of Wolverine gave him his fame in Hollywood, and he makes
    sure to do it justice one last time. Fans are bound to experience mixed
    emotions watching Logan putting on his reading glasses, but there are
    also many action sequences which remind us of the Wolverine of old.
    Patrick Stewart as a tired and unstable Professor X also gives his

    The movie has its funny moments thanks to the brilliant chemistry
    between Logan and Professor X. It almost feels nostalgic watching them
    arguing over little things and nagging each other, but it is the young
    Dafne Keen who is the show stealer with her portrayal of Laura, whose
    actions speak more than words. The sequences with her and Logan
    fighting together are jaw-dropping.

    Logan is the perfect ending to one of the great legendary characters of
    recent times. The only catch is that this film is very violent and not
    at all recommended for younger kids. Logan is an action-packed
    emotional ride, whether you are an X-Men fan or not. I walked away with
    a heavy heart, as I expect most of you will.

  • peefynMarch 7, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dariusdfMarch 7, 2017Reply

    I like superhero movie, this was not.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • azeron40March 7, 2017Reply

    The R rating made this movie awesome!

    Patrick Stewart was amazing as always, Hugh Jackman was born to play
    Logan/Wolverine, with his best performance ever, and Dafne Keen was a
    true joy to watch, especially in her stunts. I see Dafne Keen having an
    amazing future in acting, and I hope too see her again as Laura/X- 23.

    The story was a good way to end the very long run of Patrick Stewart,
    and Hugh Jackman’s, portrayal of Professor X and Wolverine. I will
    truly miss the actors, in their respective rolls. I see this movie as a
    set up for future, X-Men style blockbusters. Possibly with Alpha
    Flight, a Canadian super hero group, or variations of the New Mutants
    or even X-Factor. Time will tell. What I see as the biggest problem
    with Logan making as much money as it could have is not the rating, but
    the large amount of new releases. I love variety as much as the next
    person, but at times it seems that the studios release a movie just to
    steal the thunder, and revenue from another studio, I hope in this case
    I am wrong, but I digress.

    Great movie, I highly recommend seeing it on the big screen, and I
    respect Hugh Jackman for taking a pay cut, to get this movie made the
    way it should be. As such I do not recommend this movie for small
    children, although my theater was full of them. This movie would have
    been a 5/10 tops if held to a PG-13 standard, and if I may get on my
    soap box once more, the rating system is terribly askew, you see far
    more gore and violence on television, as for the F-Bombs I would say
    the average person hears far worse at work, school, or social events.
    They say this movie had brief nudity, I guess I blinked.

  • Domagoj MokrovicMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Great movie with a lazy 3rd act

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LaakbaarMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Charles and Logan go on a roadtrip

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andyjcoxMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Depressing dark and generally miserable movie

    Let me start by saying I am a huge Wolverine and Marvel universe fan.

    After all the hype I was excited to watch this film but personally I
    just didn’t like it, which disappointed me. I go to the cinema to be
    entertained not to be depressed. I found the whole film portrayed a
    miserable old Wolverine in a dark place, surely when you are over 200
    years old you would have figured out how to enjoy life instead of
    wasting it moping around.

    It was violent and I have no issue with that and some of the scenes
    were superb, The acting was also very good from all involved, but I
    found the film took itself far to seriously and was too preachy.

    If I go to the cinema to see a super-hero or anti-hero movie I don’t
    need it to be believable and realistic and I do not need the point of
    the movie rammed down my throat, its supposed to be far fetched and
    unbelievable to stretch your imagination and let you work out your own
    point of the movie.

    I just feel this film is a demonstration of a character misunderstood
    by the contract owner and how they would feel if they were in
    Wolverines shoes.

    To sum up.. Too preachy, too miserable & too dumbed-down to be a
    properly enjoyable anti-hero movie.

  • mobeenpatrawalaMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Farewell of childhood

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Drew KMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Great performance by Hugh Jackman

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RhinoicMarch 7, 2017Reply

    What Superhero Movies Should Be.

    *Short Summary at the End* I have been a fan of Marvel movies ever
    since they first started coming out when I was a kid. I loved the
    fantasy, action, and drama they brought a long with it. Super hero
    movies were all the same. They always have had a bright tone and made
    kids wish they could fly around with their fictional self. I loved
    that, emphasis on loved. People are getting tired of the same old, and
    wanted something new. Then came Deadpool, the very anticipated ”Don’t
    Bring Your Kids to this Movie”, movie. I was awestruck when I realized
    that this was a superhero movie for people that were a little bit
    older, and could take darker, more inappropriate humor. It fit very
    well with the character that Deadpool was. Marvel reaped the benefits
    that came with it and continued on with the trend.

    I am not the biggest X-Men fan, but have watched every movie relating
    to it, including the Wolverine saga. I was disappointed in the last
    Wolverine movie, the one set in Japan. It was, in my eyes, mediocre to
    say the least.

    Then came the trailer for Logan. The perfect super hero movie,
    especially for Hugh and Patrick. From what I could tell it fit the
    Wolverine character like a glove. I was lucky enough, and saw it the
    instant it came out in my theater.

    I’m going to stop ranting now and say this short summary of how I think
    the movie ”Logan” is. It is amazing. With all the hype I had stored
    over the months, re-watching the trailers over and over, it blew it my
    expectations out of the water. All I have to say is to just watch it.

  • hakunabearMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman signs off with a near perfect movie (9.5/10)

    There is very little you can nitpick about this film. I loved every
    minute of it. The film is over 2 hours long, and it never feels like
    it. From start to finish, the movie is paced so well. I saw the 2013
    Wolverine, while is wasn’t a bad film, it’s story wasn’t all that
    interesting to me. This time however, James Mangold returns and he’s so
    much better and I believe a lot of credit for the improvement should go
    to the scrip.

    While many might categorize this movie as a comic book film, which it
    certainly is. I believe it’s a father-daughter love story and we see
    their relationship progress over the course of the movie. The character
    moments between Logan, Charles and X-23 are so beautifully put
    together, I never felt like I was watching a movie. And that to me, is
    a sign of a great cinema. The child actor they chose to play X-23
    commands the character with complete justice. Kudos to the casting
    agents for recognizing her talent.

    The climax is extremely satisfying, and the stakes have never been
    higher for Logan. To say that I was at the edge of my seat might be an
    understatement. I felt like crying at the very end. You follow these
    characters in their journey and when we approach the very end, it’s a
    deeply personal and emotional moment for Logan and for the those who
    have been watching Hugh Jackman on screen for 17 years playing the

    Finally, I want to say that Logan is a bittersweet film. Bitter because
    it sucks to see Jackman for the last time because he owns the character
    in every way possible. Sweet because it’s a fresh change from the
    similar kind of comic book movies being produced each year to appeal to
    the masses. It’s not a bad thing to appeal to the masses, but that’s
    not what I enjoy anymore. Thank you Fox for making such an awesome

  • Rick BakasMarch 7, 2017Reply

    It’s not THAT great of a movie, but it was good in many ways. *SPOILERS*

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shel GravesMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Instead of this see…

    Although I shout ”Make mine Marvel!” at the beginning of these movies
    and love most of them I cannot recommend Logan. The best part of this
    movie was the casting and great performances by Hugh Jackman, Patrick
    Stewart and newcomer Dafne Keen.

    However, if you are looking for a dark movie about the mistreatment of
    children strongly prefer the horror film ”The Girl With All the Gifts”
    which has a stronger story, unique science fiction elements and
    includes social commentary.

    Logan is a gritty, thriller in which our anti-hero feels a lot like
    just another Jack Bauer, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne with a plot that
    feels like we’re watching a grim, drug-addled, violent downer of a
    drama i.e. Traffic, Training Day, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — not
    a comic book superhero.

    To the marketers credit, this was as advertised — ”Logan” not Wolverine
    with a Johnny Cash/Kurt Cobain soundtrack. Point taken.

    Indeed, I left the theater feeling hurt. Logan was no fun.

  • Peter SundahlMarch 7, 2017Reply

    The best super hero movie ever made

    Personally i’ve never cried watching a movie, but i will say that i
    came very close this time. Hugh Jackman ends his more than 10 long
    career as wolverine, amazingly. After watching this movie in theater
    twice i can say without a doubt that this is a must.

    The most common complaints about this movie, is that it is untrue to
    the comics and the other movies in the franchise, but this is not to be
    considered a super hero movie, since it is so much more. In short it is
    the movie that Logan/Wolverine deserved. A personal story that is about
    Logan and his struggle to save the remains of hope there is for his

    Sir Patrick Stewart is also completely outdoing himself as Charles this
    time around. Where the characters might have seemed a bit like empty
    shelves before, they’re completely filled with emotion and realness in
    this captivating masterpiece.

    Now go watch it.

  • (mrcel-41727)March 7, 2017Reply

    Emotional, transcendent and a powerful farewell

    Emotionally charged, violent and emotional are just some of the words
    that can be used to accurately describe this spectacular sendoff to
    Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Logan transcends the comic-book genre to tell
    an emotional and rather beautiful story of family. Behind all the metal
    claws explosions and action set-pieces Logan’s true strengths are the
    characters we’ve come to love for more than 17 years. Hugh Jackman and
    Patrick Stewart give some incredible performances. But Jackman’s work
    is nothing short of spectacular, he is at his absolute best portraying
    this beat down and old version of Logan. The movie does an excellent
    job of showing how Logan is tired of being Wolverine and alive in
    general. We get to see why his character is so destroyed internally and
    this helps us sympathize with this version of Wolverine more than any
    previous incarnation. The writing in this movie is also excellent, the
    interactions between Professor X and Logan are handled with so much
    care and attention to detail that the numerous references that are
    mentioned seem natural and unforced. The film also presents a great
    dynamic between Logan and Laura (the little girl). One of my initial
    fears is that she would be a sort of drag or an plot device kind of
    character. But not only does she have a purpose, every interaction
    whether dialogue or action that involves her is great and brutal.
    Speaking of which the R rating is more than deserved, this film is
    brutal. It does not hold back any punches and truly fits the narrative
    and the story that is being presented. My only complaint with this
    movie is a part where a lot of exposition happens, this isn’t what
    bothers me, what bothers me is how the information is delivered. I
    don’t wanna spoil anything but it is nonsensical and it took me out of
    the movie for a while. Overall I consider Logan as my favorite
    comic-book film ever made. It was a fitting,beautiful and emotional
    send off to one of the most beloved actor/character combination in
    cinematic history. I’m curious to see where the character will go from
    here. 9/10

  • KrabbyPattiesMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Suspend your disbelief while watching

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tinovalkkiMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Simply the best Marvel movie so far…

    Logan is without a doubt the best Marvel movie so far. It has been made
    for more mature audience than other Marvel super hero movies. Far gone
    is terylene suited super heroes with laser sights, instead of aging
    whiskey drinking tired superhero. Previous movies mutant commune is
    gone. Logan is old and tired Professor X /Patrick Stewart) is senile
    old shadow of him. With them 10 years old Laura, genetically evolved
    new mutant super soldier. Rarely maybe never before young superhero
    like her has act in such gore action scenes.

    This group of three are looking safe heaven called Eden in North
    Dakota. Trip is breath taking, thrilling and even frightening. Road
    trip proceed up to imminent end with very gore action scenes. Logan is
    definitely meant for more mature audience than previous X-men movies.
    It is a good thing, that makers has dared to offer super hero movie for
    more adult audience, that give for Logan rougher and bloodier look than
    other super hero movies. This is something that I like more and it
    looks like it will make enough money at box office. If this is a last
    movie of Hugh Jackman as as Wolverine it is a perfect salute for his

    Logan is entertaining, full of blood and with many great action scenes
    included superhero movie. Something I like to watch and hopefully we
    will see many of it’s kind at the future.

  • Tss5078March 7, 2017Reply

    The Ultimate Movie Review! – – @tss5078

    Many people have asked why the name Wolverine isn’t in the title of the
    latest X-Men movie. The reason is that this film is not for children.
    Logan is violent, vulgar, and disturbing, this film will give your kids
    nightmares. Logan is supposedly the last time Hugh Jackman will play
    Wolverine, it might also very well end the current X-Men film
    franchise, that has produced nine feature films and brought in billions
    of dollars. That being said, I expected an epic conclusion, the likes
    of which Marvel had never done before, and what I got was somewhat of a
    disappointment. It takes place in the future and yes, Logan is older,
    but he’s still the Wolverine, so I was expecting a fair bit of fighting
    and chases, but it seems that was pretty much all this film has to
    offer. A deteriorating Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) claims that
    even though a new mutant hasn’t been born in decades, he is speaking to
    one that needs help, and as it turns out he was right. Logan and Prof.
    X go to rescue the child and bring her to safety, while the government
    tries to stop that from happening. I get that this is the future and
    there isn’t time to fill us in on everything, but there are some major
    plot holes with the story that are never explained. This may be a
    Wolverine movie, but it is also the conclusion of the X-Men, so what
    happened to everyone and everything else? The stories narrow focus is
    on these three and getting to their destination, with chase after chase
    and fight after fight. The film certainly has it’s moments and more
    than it’s fair share of F bombs, but where was the whole conclusion
    element to it? The epic end to one of the biggest franchises in the
    history of film just isn’t there. The big draw seems to be that they
    finally went for the R rating and showed Logan’s true personality and
    yes, they made the film much more realistic than any other X-Men film,
    but I didn’t have that satisfied feeling when it was all said and done.
    As for Hugh Jackman, this was easily his best performance as Wolverine.
    You see his real personality and all that comes with it, and if this
    wasn’t the type of film that it was, released when it was, I truly
    believe people would be talking about an Academy Award, he was really
    that good. The harsh reality is that X-Men as we know it, with the cast
    that we know is probably over, but the way they ended it leaves us with
    too many unanswered questions and a feeling of unfulfilled promise.

  • NileFortnerBoogieBuddha954March 7, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman Takes The Last Stand As The Wolverine in ‘Logan’.

    Now you have 20th Century Fox taking a huge risk with not only this
    character, but with this franchise as well. If you are thinking that
    you are getting another comic book movie that follows the same pattern
    as the others. Believe me, you are getting something new and refreshing
    in the superhero/comic book genre. This is something the genre has been
    needing for a long time.

    One of the many problems people, including myself, had with the last X
    – Men movie, X – Men: Apocalypse, was it was more of the same. I did
    enjoy that movie; on the other hand, I do believe it is one of the
    weaker films in the series.

    This is honestly the most depressing film in the series. It’s almost
    like this film doesn’t even like their main character. It’s sad to see
    what Wolverine has come to. He saved the world, has traveled back in
    time, and has been a hero for people and mutants. Now he is miserable,
    sick, has thoughts of suicide, he is dirty, and he has a job as a
    limousine driver, driving teenagers to prom.

    Accordingly, this movie is Rated R with a purpose. It isn’t Rated R to
    show you more guts, more blood, more profanity and more nudity. It’s
    not like the ”Rated R” version of Batman v Superman. Where Batman drops
    an F – bomb just because. To me that is not really being edgy or taking
    a chance. Taking a chance is making a project Rated R to challenge the
    characters morals, have character development, and go in a new
    direction for a story. Which this film does wonderfully.

    This movie is more of a drama, but this movie has a lot of action to.
    When Wolverine goes berserk, I’m telling you, that son of a b*tch goes
    berserk, buck wild, and he loses his mind!

    Claws exit out of people’s faces, skulls, and this is the most brutal
    I’ve seen Wolverine. X – 23 is also a real hardcore bad ass as well.
    Sometimes she out shines Wolverine in the fight scenes.

    She is only eleven in the movie, but she is a great actress. Most of
    the time she stays quiet. She has to show us her feelings through
    facial expressions, which she captures those emotions very well. When
    she does speak, both English and Spanish, you can tell she is
    delivering her lines with passion. She has so much emotional weight to
    carry, and for this little girl it seems like the weight wasn’t too
    heavy. She also has some funny scenes as well.

    The End of an Era for the X – Men?

    As much as I loved the series, I do not think this will be the last of
    these mutants. Even though this movie ended so beautifully, it wouldn’t
    bother me at all if this was the last film in the franchise. I love the
    way the film ends. Even though it was a little depressing, it was a
    nice send off for Jackman, it ended where if the movies want to, they
    can possibly create a spin off, and it seemed to put everything to rest
    in positive way.

    The movie has well developed characters, it’s a change in the genre,
    it’s action packed, funny, and it’s a perfect send off for Jackman.
    Thank you Hugh. I believe Logan earns…

    8 out of 10!

    That being said, thank you all for reading and or viewing, and I hope
    you all have an X – cellent day as always. 🙂

    Review – Nile Fortner

  • simodandradeMarch 7, 2017Reply

    The breaking bad of all superhero movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DiMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Logan disappointed me BIG TIME

    I was so excited to see this movie because I love Hugh as Wolverine.
    The actions scenes were the BEST I’ve seen in a long time. Totally
    enjoyed the action part of this movie I give it a 10 for action, a 10
    for the actors and a BIG ZERO (0) for the script! It has too many
    unanswered questions. Every time I would see a scene, I was thinking in
    my head, what happen to them, why are they left, how did they do this,
    I thought this was gone already. So many questions left unanswered from
    the beginning to the end. Hugh and Patrick are Terrific in their roles
    and it’s not their fault that the story fell SHORT!!!

  • Ilia GofmanMarch 7, 2017Reply

    I don’t know whether to vote 9 or 10 🙂

    So I’ve voted 9 instead of 10 because even though it’s one of the best
    films of all time, with it’s realistic take on Xmen with Logan. I was
    hoping for a little more scifi like out of the earlier Xmen films, to
    go with it’s grittiness. Still, there was some awesome scifi and
    action. The actors were all great. A modern and excellent film.

  • hubbarjo99March 7, 2017Reply

    The perfect ending to an imperfect series

    The X-men wasn’t known for it’s phenomenal films, but Logan is breaking
    a mold. It is completely original and is nothing like any superhero
    movie we’ve ever seen. A perfect swan song send off for Hugh Jackman’s
    character and has introduced the best cast character of all time. Dafne
    Keen’s X-23 is by far the most emotionally wrecking character in this
    movie. She rips apart your heart strings with few words and many
    expressions. With a high kill count, a perfect first act and third act
    with a second act to carry it all… Logan is the greatest superhero
    film of all time and is evenly matched with The Dark Knight.

  • Mikhail HussainMarch 7, 2017Reply

    The best for the last

    The essence of the film doesn’t falter when heroes get old, they even
    get better.Having saying that Hugh signs off from The wolverine for the
    last time and he delivers an incredible performance. The film is
    different from the past x men films and it also has the western touch
    with Superhero in it. The film has something happening in every scene
    which I got hooked to. Because I knew the characters were appearing for
    the last time but how will the film end.Too many questions were running
    and I thought the way it ended was the perfect way it could be because
    an spin off with a new hero playing wolverine… nah nah nah No one is
    better than Hugh Jackman but maybe after a decade or so but till then
    we should remember as Hugh Jackman as wolverine

  • puneetj-61988March 7, 2017Reply

    What a send-off to one of the most iconic superhero character

    What began 17 years ago with X-men ended with Logan, a movie from the
    X-Men series that is meant to send-off its favorite character. A
    farewell that could not had been better portrayed. Patrick Stewart is
    exceptional in his portrayal of a sick and old Prof X and Hugh Jackman
    is just his usual Wolverine. It takes time to get used to an old Logan
    walking with a limp but Hugh Jackman just pulls off the character
    brilliantly. Storyline is good and leaves an opportunity for a sequel
    in the near future. X-23 is very much shown in alignment to the comic
    books and is very well enacted by the young Dafne Keen. Overall the
    movie is nothing like any previous edition of X-men movies but it
    definitely is a stand out. Definite watch for any Logan/Wolverine fan
    and has everything for a Non-fan too.

  • sterlingfuMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Awful movie. Great of you like whining and complaining for 2 hours.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sean CurtinMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Logan goes Bogan

    This is without doubt, the saddest Marvel release EVER!!! Who ever
    wrote this should be taken out and shot at dawn and all the money they
    were paid should be put into a charity fund for the homeless(more to
    the point to fund poor writers who could have run rings around the
    untalented butt clowns that wrote this travesty of biblical

    The previous X-men films have all been top notch, high quality efforts
    that have not only been faithful to the comics that made them possible
    but have been well written with super acting and masterful story

    This mess of a film has ruined so much of what I liked about the
    original X-Men films that this fan is not going to spend money going to
    see any more X-men films at the movies. I’m that upset about this

    The most important thing about Super Hero style movies is that people
    like this fan, go to see HEROES WIN AND SAVE THE DAY. I’m sorry if a
    few unmentionables can’t handle that or find the concept trite or
    boring etc, but the world needs Super heroes, not super loosers.

    The only saving grace of this film was the young troupe of new
    mutants(genetically engineered mutants). Sadly as I hope your getting
    the idea, the whole concept ruins the ideas that came before and more
    to the point Wolverine(I’m not going to call this character by the name
    that belongs to this terrible movie ever again), totally destroys the
    place of his origin. Zip, NADA, nothing left folks, so this whole story
    is a complete pile of badly written ‘what if’ at best.

    Don’t let this be the first (and last) X-Men film you ever see. Skip
    this one and enjoy the glorious other movies that Marvel has put out.
    This movie was so bad, they didn’t even have a snippet clip at the end
    of the movie(even Marvel must have realised it would be wasting it’s
    time doing so with this one, because most of the people in the cinema I
    saw it in, walked out as soon as the credits started rolling and all I
    heard where numerous comments about how bad they found the movie).

    So no spoilers to give on this one fellow movie fans because the entire
    movie is a spoiler. A spoiler for some of the greatest super hero
    movies ever made and should be avoided like the plague.

  • tabunoMarch 7, 2017Reply

    An Ugly Violence, Emotionaless Superhero Movie

    Unlike Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector, Hugh Jackman as Logan isn’t
    very likable in this movie. He’s stubborn to the point of being almost
    dumb about his decisions, allowing bad things to happen to him Even a
    wolf would probably be even more intelligent, resilient, and
    resourceful than this version of Wolverine. The relationships between
    characters are stilted and not very meaningful. The plot lurches from
    one engagement to the next more like a video game than a thoughtful and
    emotive storyline. Even the predictable ending seems strained by the
    inability of the team of characters to really offer up a sensible and
    more likely scenario for a climatic ending. Too many people are
    slaughtered in this movie that needlessly went to their deaths because
    of superhero ignorance or drunkenness. By the end of the movie the
    redeeming value that somehow was patched together at the end, isn’t
    that convincing or memorable.

  • Robert Setlock, IIIMarch 7, 2017Reply

    ‘Logan’ Has Claws and Not Much Else

    Nearly 17 years ago, ”X-Men” debuted in theaters. While it wasn’t the
    best reviewed movie ever by any stretch of the imagination, it did show
    that the well-known Marvel comic book properties could earn solid box
    office numbers. Since then, the likes of ”Spider-Man 2”, ”The Dark
    Knight”, and ”The Avengers” have evolved the genre from something of
    interest to only comic book fans to the general public. We’ve had 3
    Spider-Mans, 2 Batmans, 2 Supermans, and 3 Hulks on the big screen.
    Despite all that change, the X-Men universe has remained somewhat
    intact. Sure, they’ve had cast changes but only to show younger
    versions of characters. Meanwhile, the older cast still manages to
    pop-up occasionally. The closest thing to a reboot was merely a soft
    reboot that didn’t involve any cast changes.

    A large part of this could be attributed to the brilliant casting of
    the first ”X-Men” film. Individually, Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and
    Ian McKellan’s Magneto created the kind of spot-on portrayals a comic
    fan dreams of. But even they pale in comparison to Hugh Jackman’s
    Wolverine. The 6’3” Australian was a last minute replacement to play
    the 5”3” Canadian character. To say he wasn’t comic book accurate would
    be an understatement. But what he managed to do was improve on the
    comic book character by bringing it humanity while staying true to the
    original gruffness of its roots.

    Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in more movies than any other actor
    playing a superhero. Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in 9 movies and
    had a starring role in 7 of those. ”Logan”, by all accounts, is his,
    and likely Stewart’s, swan song to the X-Men universe. It’s bittersweet
    in two ways: 1) because it’s sad to see these actors leave iconic roles
    that they’ve been at for so long, and 2) because while it’s a
    serviceable outro, it’s not nearly as strong as these characters/actors

    Further, this movie seems to ignore both ”X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” in the continuity. I will happily admit this movie
    is a fair bit better than those, nevertheless, it’s important to follow
    the rules previously set up in the universe. Especially when within the
    post-credits scene in ”X-Men: Apocalypse” there was a teaser for Logan.
    To discover that this tease went nowhere was disappointing at best.
    Particularly since it indicated a classic X- Men villain would make an
    appearance, when in reality the villains of this movie are essentially
    canon fodder to be shredded by Logan and company. Eventually, near the
    end of act 2, a villain appears that could actually be a threat to the

    The ”Logan” movie has a solid setup. It’s the not too distant future
    (kudos to the makeup department for convincingly adding a couple of
    decades to Stewart and Jackman) and mutants are dying out. No new
    mutants has been born for 25 years and those that are left are seeing
    their powers diminish in various ways. As a swan song, this is perfect.
    With most of the heroes gone and forgotten, the heroes that remain have
    to prove they might still be able to do some good in the world.

    Unfortunately, acts 2 and 3 become little more than a road trip movie
    with Logan, Xavier, and a young girl named Laura (played very well by
    Dafne Keen), as they travel from Mexico to North Dakota. There are
    various stops along the way that usually result in the group being
    discovered by the bad guys and having the slash their way out.
    Throughout the trip it’s impossible for the audience to know how far
    they’ve gone. Have they gone 50, 100, 1000 miles? As it is, the
    audience has no way to judge if the journey is almost done or just

    I’m not sure this movie intends to have a moral, but if it did it
    almost certainly would be, ”no good deed goes unpunished”. Of course,
    it might also be ”no bad deed goes unpunished”. Perhaps, the moral is
    simply ”no deed goes unpunished”. It does seem as though Wolverine
    could’ve prevented a lot of death by simply minding his own business.
    It honestly gets to the point where death is so prevalent in this
    movie, it makes it very hard to develop an attachment to any character.
    Why would the audience become invested in characters when the movie is
    obviously willing to kill anyone at anytime?

    However, even though this movie was a disappointment, I can’t be too
    harsh on it. If nothing else, seeing Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart
    in these roles one last time is worth the price of admission. These are
    two actors who I doubt could give a bad performance if they tried. The
    story, even with it’s failings, is strong enough not to diminish their
    performances. Additionally, James Mangold’s direction is solid enough
    although the pacing of the movie can get fairly muddy in act 2.

    I probably could’ve been more forgiving of the errors within the movie
    if they had given some thought to developing the relationship between
    Wolverine and Laura. What should have been the beating heart of this
    movie is all but overlooked. Still, as far as outros go, this is a
    solid one. Further, it’s great to see Wolverine exit in an explosion of
    gore that a character with claws would almost certainly manage.

    It’s sad to see an end to this chapter in comic book movies, but, on
    the other hand, we still have Deadpool.

  • ericrnolanMarch 7, 2017Reply

    A review of ”Logan” (2017)

    I’m not sure I agree with quite all of the accolades that ”Logan”
    (2017) has been receiving. (It’s being compared with Christopher
    Nolan’s ”The Dark Knight,” for example, as well as Frank Miller’s
    medium-altering 1986 graphic novel, ”The Dark Knight Returns.”) It’s
    still a damn good movie, though, and easily among the best of Fox’s
    ”X-Men” series. I’d give it a 9 out of 10, and I’d firmly recommend it.

    This absolutely doesn’t feel like a ”comic book movie.” It feels more
    like a brutally violent, sometimes introspective, road-trip drama —
    though all of the comic book elements are still there. I’d caution
    comic book fans that ”Logan” was actually much darker than I expected —
    and, no, it wasn’t just because of the visceral violence that could
    only be afforded by this movie’s unusual ”R” rating. There was a lot
    more that went on here that got under my skin … I just can’t say more
    for fear of spoilers.

    There is one thing I can tell you — there is none of the escapism of
    past ”X-Men” films. (C’mon, for being about a supposedly oppressed
    group, those movies always made being a mutant look fun as hell, and
    even glamorous.) This film follows an aging, ailing Wolverine, and an
    even worsely afflicted Professor X — subsisting in secret in the Mexico
    desert. What’s more, they and their aging friend, Caliban, appear to be
    among the last of their kind, thanks to an unexplained, decades-long
    absence of new mutant births. And what little exposition is given about
    the other X-Men suggests that they are dead. If you’ve been a fan of
    these iconic characters for a long time, then seeing Wolverine and
    Professor X being so painfully not larger than life is jarring, and
    even sad. No matter what is the outcome of its story, this movie’s plot
    setup alone can make an ”X- Men” fan a little despondent.

    The action is damned good. The movie surprised me by how smart it was,
    too. Its examination of violence and its consequences is unflinching.
    Also, we’ve been instructed through so many ”X-Men” movies that humans
    should not seek to contain the mutants out of fear … yet ”Logan”
    adroitly and subtly questions such one-sided moralizing. The acting,
    across the board, is extremely good — predictably from Hugh Jackman and
    Patrick Stewart, and surprisingly from 11-year-old Dafne Keen. She’s
    perfect as the young, imperiled, yet ferocious Laura.

    My complaints with ”Logan” were minor. One thing that irked me was my
    own confusion about whether it was ”canon.” Are we to assume that this
    takes place in the ”X-Men” movies’ ”main continuity?” Or is this a
    parallel universe or a different timeline? The feel of this film is so
    radically different that I found it difficult to imagine it following
    the previous films (although the post-credits sequence in 2016’s
    ”X-Men: Apocalypse” seems to set up ”Logan.”) I thought that this was
    based on Marvel Comics’ ”Old Man Logan” storyline … wasn’t that an
    alternate universe story?

    Maybe adding more to my confusion, ”X-Men” comic books actually exist
    in the universe of this film. Laura carries a bunch of them, and they
    are a minor plot point. Does this mean that the humans in this universe
    have finally accepted mutants, enough to create comic books about them
    being heroes? How did that come about?

    My second criticism of ”Logan” is that the character of Laura is thinly
    rendered. Saving her is the plot device for the entire film, and Keen
    is absolutely talented. Shouldn’t we know more about her, and about her
    relationship with Logan and Charles?

    All in all, this was a superb film, though — with an unexpected tone
    and a surprisingly sober, risk-taking approach to Jackman’s avowed last
    appearance as Wolverine. If you like the ”X-Men” movies at all, then
    you should definitely see it.

  • moxx-iMarch 7, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NITHISH KUMARMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Logan the best super hero movie

    Loved it .. ! amazing performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick
    Stewart. Patrick Stewark deserves academy award

    What makes this movie special is that it is very different from routine
    super hero movies. James Mangold direction is great . Amazing action
    sequences .

    No one can replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine !! He is the reason I
    loved watching X men . X men franchise will never be same without him

  • FlamingwoksMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Poor editing and script led to one of the most tiresome films i’ve seen in years.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Michael J. PettyMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A True Masterpiece

    LOGAN is one of those films that, when it ends, you immediately want to
    watch it again.

    As far as X-Men films go, LOGAN is the most brutal, violent, and bloody
    (I do not count DEADPOOL as an X-Men film simply because it isn’t at
    all essential to the X- Men/Wolverine films & it really is it’s own
    thing), in a lot of ways it’s the Wolverine film that people have
    always wanted. X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was a let down to many (it’s a
    good action flick but that’s about it), while THE WOLVERINE was
    received much better (with the exception of the film’s final act).
    LOGAN is truly the Wolverine film that everyone has been looking for
    and, in many respects, the Wolverine that Logan himself looks for
    throughout the film.

    Directed by James Mangold (3:10 TO YUMA, WALK THE LINE, THE WOLVERINE),
    LOGAN itself is a Western; technically a Modern Western, but a Western
    nevertheless. It’s not just the western settings (Mexico, North Dakota,
    Nevada, etc.) that set LOGAN apart as a Western, but also the content
    of its characters. Logan was a hero, much like the Civil War heroes who
    come back home to find that they don’t belong (I’m looking at you Uncle
    Ethan…), Logan was formerly one of the X-Men, superheroes that the
    world counted on and looked up to (depending on the X-Men film that
    is), as Wolverine. He’s a classic example of ”don’t meet your heroes”
    as he’s merely a shell of the man he once was. Sure, this isn’t only a
    characteristic of the Western, but it is one of the common traits of
    Classic Westerns. The hero who has no place in society, yet fights, and
    even gives his life, to defend it. This is Logan.

    And let’s not forget that the basic plot of the film is the group
    traveling from Mexico to, eventually, Canada to run from a group of
    Reavers after a young girl and her friends. Sounds very Western to

    Along with all that, the use of the film SHANE, a Classic Western from
    1953, not only serves as a bridge for us to take a closer look into
    Charles Xavier, and the title character himself, but it also gives a
    clear picture as to what LOGAN is supposed to be. LOGAN shows Logan,
    Laura, and Xavier what it’s like to have a family, much like SHANE does
    with it’s title character. LOGAN creates a bond between the Western
    hero and the child he’s sworn to protect, another clear characteristic
    of SHANE. And of course that ending scene, which I won’t spoil one way
    or another.

    All this being said, LOGAN is not only very clearly a Modern Western,
    but also just a phenomenal display of the character of Wolverine in a
    way that none of the other X-films have been able to fully grasp
    (although some have come awfully close). When watching LOGAN, I
    immediately compared it to two of my all-time favorite films that often
    fight for their place as my fourth favorite on in my Top 10: THE DARK
    KNIGHT and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY. It’s not really the content of
    these films compared to LOGAN that stuck out to me, but instead the
    implications that come along with them. LOGAN is Marvel’s THE DARK
    KNIGHT, it’s the one big and important film that separates it from
    anything else the company has done before or will ever do again. LOGAN
    will become a standard for all X-Men, Wolverine, Marvel, superhero, and
    comic book movies out there, much like THE DARK KNIGHT is for DC,
    Batman, and the superhero/comic book genre now. Similarly, TERMINATOR 2
    changed action and sci-fi films forever. In fact, outside of MAD MAX:
    FURY ROAD, I can’t name a single action film that has had the impact on
    the genre and film industry as a whole in the same way TERMINATOR 2
    has, until now.

    If LOGAN is Marvel’s THE DARK KNIGHT, then it is also certainly the
    comic book genres TERMINATOR 2. Like the title of this review says,
    LOGAN is a masterpiece.

  • Eamon AhernMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Not your typical superhero blockbuster

    I went to see this last night. I haven’t seen every X-Men movie but I
    didn’t feel I’d be missing out on too much judging by the premise and
    reviews I read. Logan (wolverine), Charles Xavier (professor X) and a
    mutant called Caliban – who I wasn’t familiar with – are keeping a low
    profile on the Mexican border. All the other mutants are gone. Logan is
    struggling with ailments and doesn’t heal as quickly as he used to and
    has taken it upon himself to care for Xavier as he struggles with a
    degenerative brain condition. They’re trying to see out their days in
    anonymity when their peace is interrupted by a woman and a girl trying
    to make their way to Canada while being tracked by dark and sinister
    forces. It concentrated more on story-line for the plot immediately
    going forward rather than going into the back story in any great
    detail. I think this made it more watchable for anyone who hadn’t been
    following all the previous films. Normally superhero movies are written
    and made with the widest audience in mind. So typically their
    suitability tends to be from an early teenage audience upwards.
    Sometimes pg for the widest audience possible. I assume one of thoughts
    going into the making of this film was that those who have been
    following the franchise since the very first X- Men movie are that much
    older now. So, rather than making a superhero movie, a movie was made
    that happens to have superheroes in it. As a result, if strong language
    was needed to emphasise emotion or intensity it was put in without
    effecting the demographic audience. The same with violence to portray
    conflict and rage. I read one review that said it played out more like
    a futuristic western than a superhero movie and I got that feel too in
    places. Indeed there were a few references to, and clips from an old
    western (the name escapes me) with Jack Palance. Do I think all these
    factors had any detrimental effect on the potential and actual
    audience? Well there were only three or four seats left when I was
    buying my ticket and there were reactions from the audience during the
    movie, so no. The action never seemed too contrived or artificial
    relative to the content of the movie and any cgi was minimal and
    blended in well with the scene. When things got slow it was still
    carried well by the experience of the main actors so I never lost
    interest or got impatient waiting for when they got back to the action
    sequences. Overall it was worth the admission price.

  • topi-laine-3March 8, 2017Reply

    Sad ending, but what a movie

    This movie is touching, in every way. It has its raw moments but all
    that aside, it’s a pretty dam good movie.

    I went to see the movie with a friend and he liked it too. It is very
    hard to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman, who made Logan as he is now. A bad
    ass, with a heart mutant.

    I am not gonna say any more of the film. Just remind yourself of all
    the x-men movies and you will like it.

    Thank you so much Hugh for a terrific role as Logan/Wolverine.

  • Special-K88March 8, 2017Reply

    a very unique take on an iconic character

    One of the X-Men’s most venerable members returns for this compelling
    tale set in a bleak future where the mutant population has been ravaged
    to the brink of extinction. Acting as a caretaker to the ailing Charles
    Xavier, the weary Logan is suddenly drawn into a dangerous quest when
    he encounters a remarkable young mutant with a unique gift, and runs
    afoul of the sinister forces in dogged pursuit. This isn’t the usual
    flashy, lightweight, or humorous mutant concoction; it’s a gritty and
    raw saga with thought-provoking themes, in-your-face action, and dark
    subject matter. In what is reported to be his final time taking the
    reins, Jackman—playing an aged and much more vulnerable character—is
    sensational, creating one of his most memorable and distinctive
    interpretations to date. An impressive showing, one that isn’t really
    made for fans of its predecessors. ***

  • abusebyandrewMarch 8, 2017Reply


    After the release of a not very successful movie ”The Wolverine”(2013),
    directed by James Mangold, his ”Logan” came out really excellent! Hugh
    Jackman, Patrick Stewart and young debutante Dafne Keen are incredible.
    Rating ”R” allowed to realize the best ideas for the film, showing us a
    real adult drama, which was not in the comic book movies before. A
    truly stunning end to the history of Wolverine.

    The best comic book movie, one of the best films i’ve ever seen.

  • Gordon-11March 8, 2017Reply

    Not bad, but not as amazing as they say

    This film tells the story of a world many years later, when Wolverine
    has already given up on himself and turns to alcohol. He has to take
    care of Professor Xavier and earn a living by driving a limousine,
    until the day when he meets a woman with a young girl pleading for his

    ”Logan” is certainly different from any other X Men related films,
    because it does not show much supernatural abilities. It is a bloody
    kill fest, showing a very downbeat and almost hopeless side of a former
    superhero. The story is quite slow in the first half, and actually the
    second half as well. I keep thinking that the film should be ending,
    but it just keeps going on and on. The change in the girl’s behaviour
    at the end is quite annoying, as she should really have acted like that
    right in the first place, rather than saving it until so late. Is she
    doing that just for comic effect? I don’t know, but it turns out to be
    annoying to me.

    If it was not for the spectacular performance of the girl, who looks
    calm, cool and ruthless all at once, the film would have been rather
    lackluster. I unfortunately have to conclude that it is not as amazing
    as they say.

  • thinkmaverickMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Logan shows the reality side of being a superhero

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ted RoeloffzenMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Very disappointing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phanthingaMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Hugh Jackman great salute for you sir

    Logan is the final installment of the X-Men solo movie staring Hugh
    Jackman as The Wolverine for the last time and after seeing this
    tonight i proudly to say this not only one of the best superheroes ever
    made but also a game changing move of Marvel studios since The
    Avengers.Back when i first hear about the movie it already make me
    curious when they just simply put the words LOGAN in the tiles and even
    more shocking with the feel,the look and the music when the trailer
    first came out.This is a very different movie from everything Marvel
    ever done before when they portray The Wolverine as a jacked up old man
    who you can really tell that has going through some tough stuff in his
    life and now he is very tired with it.No more X-Men,no more saving
    people and mutant from the force of evil now he just a broken man with
    no idea for the future despaired to live pass another day and without
    the help of Charles(Patrick Stewart) and Laura(Dafne Keen) he will
    eventually kill himself.The movie feel like two separated movie combine
    into one when it part superheroes movie when the plot involving Logan
    and Charles has to help Laura get to EDEN a place full of the last
    remaining mutant when a evil corporation chasing them lead by a guy
    named Pierce and part family drama movie when they show each character
    chemistry on screen and how they dealing with a lot of problem to the
    point that you can’t recognize them with normal people.I also have to
    give credit for the fact that this is a hard R-rated movie so now we
    can finally see Logan slices people into pieces full on blood and gore
    that so satisfied to watch.

  • Florian GabrielMarch 8, 2017Reply

    I wanted it to be the best one so far, but it isn’t…And this is a X-Men fan review !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FrancisMarch 8, 2017Reply


    Excellent film. It’s an intimate character piece with tense action,
    dark sci-fi elements and a bleak Western feel. Performances are great
    with all the central characters feeling very fleshed out and real. It’s
    not all bleak depression either with there being some genuinely funny
    moments that break up the overall darkness of the film. Coming to the
    end of his road, Logan is a man looking back on his life and is
    conflicted about his place in the world and who he is. Overall the film
    is successfully emotive, the character moments have truth and depth,
    the action is visceral and shocking and the story throughout is
    immersive and mesmerizing. Haven’t been this affected by a film in

  • targe1314March 8, 2017Reply

    A classic lone wolf cowboy tale

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • martin-alejandroMarch 8, 2017Reply

    This is not a Marvel film, this is not a superhero film…this is a SOAP OPERA!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TvfanMarch 8, 2017Reply

    There will be no man who can play wolverine besides Hugh Jackman

    I will say that I went to see this movie aside from terrible reviews
    about the content of the movie and yes it was a little bit over the
    edge of content but I truly loved the movie and was sad that I had to
    leave early to get my car from the shop I got to hand it to Jackman he
    went out with a bang like no one else can I loved the supporting
    characters in the movie too I really liked the young girl she was very
    pretty and well acted she was as much of a powerhouse as Logan was I
    don’t recommend you taking the family though it is rated R for a few
    good reasons . The violence and constant swearing and drinking from our
    own hero and the very brief nude scene in it however for 16 and over I
    say go see it you will enjoy it trust me

  • BodoMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Hyper-violent and grim successor to Wolverine 1 & 2

    LOGAN is a great successor to the previous Wolverine movies. It sets a
    darker and more personal tone, focusing in much more depth on an ageing
    and sicklish Wolverine who doesn’t quite know what to do himself in a
    grim 2029. He ultimately finds purpose in protecting a small mutant
    girl, helping her to reach a sanctuary hidden away from the evil
    company that is chasing her.

    The girl reminded me much of Saorise Ronan in HANNA, a movie that had a
    similar theme of a gifted and violent ”product” being chased by her
    creators. Otherwise, the LOGAN combines the ”America’s backyard”
    imagery of movies such as HELL OR HIGH WATER with moody tracks and
    suspenseful plot. The screenplay has a lot of room for character
    development, but at times I felt the story was a bit trodding along,
    with sometimes no clear sense of immediate purpose. The action is
    great, but unfortunately the most powerful action scene is early on
    when the girl’s powers are being revealed—the action after that is
    still entertaining but it doesn’t quite live up to that first scene.

    Of all X-Men-themed movies, LOGAN clearly is the most violent one, at
    times bordering into splatter. The body count is steadily rising and
    there certainly are quite a few beheadings, cut-off fingers, arms and
    legs, as well as many, many broken bones—brutal killings galore!! I
    abso-freakin-lutely loved the violence, but be warned: It might not be
    for everybody.

    All in all a great movie, albeit with a few minor flaws!

  • Randomguy NobodyMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Almost there

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reel Life ReviewsMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A let down

    Logan – Touted as a sci-fi western, it definitely lived up to the
    moniker. Far-reaching deserts and a minimalist score really set the
    stage. James Mangold wrote and directed it, but I wish he had put down
    the pen. Each scene is thoughtfully shot, but it’s the story within
    those shots that left me wanting. The positives for me, beyond the
    ambiance, were two standout performances by under the radar actors.
    Stephen Merchant, who is usually in English sitcoms, went way off type
    with his character. Given his past roles I thought it was an odd
    casting choice at best, but now I couldn’t picture anyone else doing
    what he did. The other was Boyd Holbrook, who played the main
    antagonist. The subtle choices he made in line delivery and how he
    carried himself made him a magnetic presence on screen. The film was
    much more engaging while they were involved in a scene. And then there
    are the negatives…As I alluded to earlier, the story was just not
    there. There’s weak motivation throughout for both Wolverine and the
    villains. The movie creates its own plot holes unnecessarily and leans
    on tropes and off screen happenings to propel it along. The action
    scenes are an exercise in redundancy. Slash this guy, stab that guy,
    try stabbing and slashing this person, now mix it up a bit and slash
    THEN stab this guy. Once you see the first fight you’ll have seen them
    all. And finally there are the inconsistencies with the special
    effects. They could create extremely detailed battle damage, but
    couldn’t remove the prominent scar on the forehead of the self- healing
    girl. They could green screen prosthetic arms for multiple characters,
    but couldn’t remove the reflection of the camera in peoples’
    sunglasses. These, and other details, while minor, added up quickly.
    Suffice it to say, this western did anything but ride off into the
    sunset. 4.5/10.

  • feelinesoundMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Finally a decent comics book movie!

    While not quite as incredible as it was hyped up to be (seriously,
    people in some corners were raving about it as if it’s as good as The
    Dark Knight) it’s definitely a *good* movie and these days, that’s a
    big accomplishment. Since Nolan we haven’t seen a single film based on
    comic books that could really be said to have any sort of serious
    substance and/or artistic endeavor and actually was well executed
    (amazingly, some TV shows like Preacher, Jessica Jones and recently
    Legion have gotten closer to that). Rather they’ve been almost entirely
    conforming to formulaic block-buster ‘rules’, which essentially
    stipulate you are to have X amount of battle scenes, Y special effects
    and CGI, Z amount of space dedicated to establishing a franchise, a PG
    rating, and maybe 5% room for originality if you really feel

    Logan is a breath of fresh air in that, even though there are still a
    fair amount of gratuitous fight scenes and visual effects, it still for
    the most part actually seems like a real, non-franchise movie that
    tries to be something unique and build characters and relationships and
    a visual identity and emotional depth. Is it great? Not quite, but
    given how movies get made these days and the financial risks involved
    for studios and their intellectual property, we have to applaud them
    even being brave enough to take such a big step in the right direction.
    James Mangold did a very solid (if not overly ambitious) job helming
    this movie and giving it a unique character, and hopefully this will
    mark the point at which major studios realized they may have even more
    success if they hand these franchises over to even more serious
    visionary directors and let them do their thing.

  • jadepietroMarch 8, 2017Reply

    The Grey Wolf Returns

    (RATING: ☆☆☆☆ out of 5 )

    GRADE: B


    IN BRIEF: A more somber and ultra-violence ode to a comic book hero.

    SYNOPSIS: The Grey Wolf is back for his swan song.

    JIM’S REVIEW: The claws are still razor-sharp but the man behind them
    is worn out and losing some of his super-heroic powers in the last
    chapter of the Wolverine legend. Time has not dulled the pain from the
    many wars this lone (wolf) survivor has fought. His body is scarred,
    both physically and mentally. Heavy drinking is his past-time. A hero
    has fallen on hard times. Hugh Jackman again stars in his acclaimed
    title role, the third and final chapter to his Wolverine trilogy. His
    character has seen better days, yet he still ready for action as he
    takes on the villains in James Mangold’s serious slice-and-dice
    adventure film, Logan.

    It is 2029 and most of the mutants are gone or undercover. Logan a.k.a.
    Wolverine, that Grey Wolf of a man, is now a limo driver (although
    being a chef at a Hibachi restaurant would have been more profitable
    occupation). He also has become caretaker to Prof. Charles Xavier
    (Patrick Stewart), who has aged less gracefully and is in the process
    of loses control of his mind on a regular basis. With his numerous
    brain seizures, the Professor has a paralyzing effect on those nearby,
    sort of a mental 6.9 earthquake. Still , he can see the future and
    tells Logan that he will meet a strong force who will change his
    worthless life. That person is an 11 year old feral wild child named
    Laura (Dafne Keen). Soon the trio is on the run from evil scientists
    and governmental agents.

    Logan is one set piece after another, all of high octane battles, most
    of which are photographed in quick blurry takes and loud clanging sound
    effects. The body count rises fairly quickly with bloodletting
    intensity as people are hacked up, beheaded, and impaled. This is an
    R-rated film due to many of its violent sequences and its non-stop
    profanity. (The film is definitely an adult superhero film that is
    inappropriate for young ones.)

    Yet it isn’t the action that impresses. Rather, it is the skillful
    direction by Mr. Mangold, the fine acting, and a seriously
    minded-script by Scott Frank, Michael Green, and the director that is
    willing to have its quieter scenes build as the film develops
    relationships and conflicts between its characters.

    Mr. Jackman brings a subtly hostile demeanor to his character and his
    interpretation of the hero shows a man slowly coming undone in search
    of redemption. He is defeated and tired of life’s hardships. Mr.
    Stewart plays his part with much empathy as a once fearless man
    grappling with his on-going dementia. The two actors have a convincing
    chemistry. Ms. Keen is a talented newcomer and she handles her mostly
    mute-ant part extremely well. Giving strong supporting are Eriq La
    Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant as the evil scientist
    in charge of the manhunt. Stephen Merchant as Logan’s albino friend,
    Caliban, has some fine moments, as does Boyd Holbrook as the mercenary
    soldier, Pierce.

    Logan plays like a modern day western, with more than a tip of the 10
    gallon hat to George Steven’s 50’s classic film, Shane. The direct link
    to both films is well conceived but a tad heavy-handed. However, this
    detail shows the filmmaker’s successful attempt to have more gravitas
    and depth added to this familiar genre.

    X does mark the spot in Logan. As comic book blockbusters go, this film
    is far from comic in its darker tone and escalating violence. The film
    entertains, if one can accept the brutal carnage on screen, bringing a
    dignified conclusion to one of the better films of Marvel factory.

  • Franki786March 8, 2017Reply

    Breathtakingly Amazing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jeanne FrancoiseMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Watching Logan in real life

    This movie of X-Men is what I have been waiting for so far. X-Men movie
    is quite familiar among other superheroes movies because like in the
    comic, we could also understand about the process of Mutants and the
    business process behind it. The Director of this X-men movie could
    present the plots as in comics and adding some values of real life in
    it. So it is interesting to discuss more about it. In the middle of
    superheroes movies nowadays, X-Men is quite special to be seen because
    the characters are so real and the plot is not-so managed dramatically.
    Like other my reviews, I always start movie review by its title. The
    title of the current X-Men movie is ”Logan”. Logan is the human name
    for X-Men. By reading the title, we could assume that the movie is
    about how X-Men became himself. In the first plot we could see the plot
    that Logan is working as car driver for life. This is so human, so
    natural, and so realistic. The money then became the most important
    thing that lead the plots to be unpredictable. I do not want to give
    spoilers here, but I just can say the Director is smart enough to make
    a link between Logan himself, the X-Men power, and the money (business)
    and finally people will give applause about the importance of being
    superhero by loving other people around us. The second thing that I
    want to discuss is that the urgency and the presence of enemies. It is
    banal to have enemies in superhero movies, but in this Logan movie,
    sometimes we could see that there is enemy within ourselves, not other
    people. It could be worse if we are resistant to pardon our past
    mistakes. Perhaps this is the Director want to give to the audience,
    that is the superhero has their own secrets that can not be shared to
    other superhero. Finally, I was quite happy watching this Logan movie,
    but be careful about sarcastic words and some sadistic scenes. Other
    thing, I believe you could handle it, especially the ending!! 🙂

  • Crisp SwissMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A movie that sticks with you

    Logan is a movie that will stick with you for a long time. I left the
    theater not knowing how to feel. The movie was everything that I
    expected, and more. It is a good send off for both Hugh Jackman and
    Patrick Stewart; they really gave it their all in this one, and their
    performances were stellar. The acting is top notch from all of the cast
    members. The movie has everything including: action, drama, comedy,
    tragedy, strong moral lessons, etc. The characters are much more
    down-to-earth and realistic. This is the most realistic ”superhero”
    film that I have ever seen; as realistic as you can be in a world full
    of amazing powers anyway. If this movie does not win an Oscar or Golden
    Globe award, then something is definitely wrong. You will not regret
    going to see this movie because it has everything that you could want
    in a movie. Just be prepared to shed a few tears, because this movie is
    quite tragic. I grew up watching the X-Men movies, so this one really
    touched me. I can’t put down everything that I feel for this film in
    writing because it was too well done. I was quite sad when the movie
    ended, and I will definitely be going to see it again. It is the end of
    an era, that is for sure.

  • Kumar Sagar (krsagar526)March 8, 2017Reply

    A Nicely Crafted Storyline with Questionable Backstory

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Karen NaylorMarch 8, 2017Reply

    If you are expecting a super-hero movie, don’t go but if you want to see the real Wolverine, book now.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hat_cityMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Yet another empty, depressing failure of an X-Men movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Azfar JavedMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Master Piece in X-Men Movies

    Simply Epic… as you already knew that Hugh Jackman announced that
    this will be the last movie as Wolverine… I must admit that this is
    the last of WOLVERINE and Hugh Jackman make it a MASTERPIECE My eyes
    got wet at the end of the movie… Really gonna miss Wolverine… I
    have already seen twice and still want to see again… LOVE You Hugh
    Jackman, Love you Wolverine, Love you LOGAN.

  • woodcarlMarch 8, 2017Reply

    awesome, a must see!!! Does contain graphic violence.

    Hugh Jackman is fantastic, totally disappointed this will be his last
    wolverine, excited to see what his next film will be. Patrick Stewart
    also was great, the whole cast and story was riveting not a dull moment
    throughout entire film, did not want it to end. Check it out you will
    not be disappointed.

  • srdjan_veljkovicMarch 8, 2017Reply

    It’s different, but that is it’s only really good trait

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • recocwingMarch 8, 2017Reply

    great job

    Boyd Holbrook played excellent villain in the movie, excellent indeed .

    besides, a cute part of Charles playing an ordinary old man ,and a soft
    part in between Logan and the lil girl, grandfather role alike.

    Hugh jackaman plays a reallyyyyy awesome twilight of a man’s ,a wolf’s
    lifetime .How ever there’s less father-daughter things going ,otherwise
    it would be more touching tho i cried at the cinema.

    really really great movie this year ! thank you Hugh Jackman .

  • Arthur ChissiniMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Logan, legendary Masterpiece

    Logan is a legendary masterpiece. You need to watch. You need to feel
    like Logan. You need to become Logan. You need to watch this movie.
    Logan’s life is in him. Logan’s legacy is in him. Everything you know
    about Logan is gone. This Film makes me cry, makes me like even more
    the x-men!

  • ironlion106March 8, 2017Reply

    A Terrific Finale

    Being a movie pessimist has its perks. Logan is the most pleasant
    surprise I’ve had with a movie in a very long time. Everybody and their
    mother has been grinding their teeth in anticipation for this movie.
    The expectations were absurd. Me? I saw absolutely no reason to be
    excited for this movie. Not even the ”R” rating could get me excited,
    no matter how many times I heard someone claim that the ”R” rating was
    what they needed to tell a Wolverine story that is ”true to the
    character”. All I knew were two things. Thing 1: We all know how the
    previous two solo Wolverine movies went. Thing 2: This was from the
    director of The Wolverine which was, in my opinion, painfully boring
    and dull. So I walked into the theater ready to tell all my friends how
    bad it was and not to get their hopes up.

    Logan is absolutely beautiful. As bleak and emotionally draining as it
    is, it’s beautiful. It’s the first superhero movie in a very long time
    that treats itself as a movie as well as a superhero movie. It’s a
    drama and a character study of Logan. A man who’s spent his entire life
    pushing people away and watching as all the people he ever loved or
    cared about die one by one. From the beginning, Logan is a very sober
    experience. Along with the knowledge that almost all the other mutants
    are dead (including all of the X-Men apart from Logan and Charles
    Xavier), it’s also weirdly sad to see how Logan and Charles have aged.
    Logan’s hair is all gray, Charles is senile. Maybe it’s only because of
    the fact that there are eight other X-Men movies behind it, but another
    thing this movie seems to have down very well is a world that feels
    very alive and lived in. Like things have happened. And on top of all
    of this grim but wonderful detail, Logan even goes to the effort to
    have a good plot. It would have been so easy to have some throwaway
    mustache-twiddling villain who’s out to end all mutants and blah blah
    blah and Logan has to stop him (yes, I know it’s based on a comic and
    the story existed beforehand), but this movie really outdid itself with
    a plot that’s engaging and extremely compelling. And to top it all off,
    Logan is in no hurry to set up another X-Men movie and thus it tells a
    much more complete story. I only wish the other two solo Wolverine
    movies could’ve been this good. Logan is an absolutely wonderful

  • dom_p_cMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Incredible in every way

    I will not write a long winded review. This is Hugh Jackmans best
    performance I have ever seen. Patrick Stewart’s performance was
    incredible as well.. In fact. All the actors played their roles very
    well.. But Hugh sold this film.. The directing was perfect.. This is a
    sad movie, and you feel it the whole film. This movie was so well

  • magatsuMarch 8, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shahzadhassannoMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Logan … the best wolverine ever!

    I think thats the perfect movie till now in 2017. Hugh Jackman acting
    is outclass. I am rating it 10/10 and will recommend all to watch. From
    start to end movie was superb. Logan fully energetic … daring.
    Fighting scenes awesome… I cant explain in words, how much i liked

  • Jackson Booth-MillardMarch 8, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jordanthomas_2009-346-914758March 8, 2017Reply

    The Best stand-alone Wolverine Entry

    Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for nearly 20 years now. He has
    promised that it’s his last, and before hanging up the claws it’s very
    evident he wants to go out on a high note. He has mastered the role by
    now and does it true justice in this third and best entry in the
    Wolverine franchise.

    Everything seemed perfect by the end of Days of Future Past, the
    time-line corrected its self and resurrected all of the fan favourites
    from the first three movies that proceeded the events. Fast forward six
    years after the that film, it’s now 2029. He is nearly 200 years old,
    he’s a shadow of his former self, he’s struggling to heal, drinks and
    curses a lot. He makes a living as a chauffeur to pay for his booze and
    medicine to prevent Xavier’s frequent deadly seizures. He is hiding
    away in a desert outpost near the Mexican border, joined by mutant
    Caliban who is referred to as an albino by one character. They both
    look after Charles who is battling dementia. Without spoiling anything
    else, I’m going to stop blabbing on.

    Logan isn’t your typical superhero movie, inspired by the Mark
    Miller/Steve McNiven comic, it takes the sometimes formulaic and
    tiresome genre in many new directions. Tonally it feels like a western
    more than anything else with hints of horror and sci-fi elements. This
    is director James Mangold’s second attempt at the hero and he is
    clearly given more creative reign of the movie than the 2013 outing of
    the famous character (which wasn’t too bad, certainly better than the
    2009 film). Oddly though, Wolverine works as a future-set western and
    the director isn’t shy of making a good western (Copland and 3:10 to
    Yuma being fine examples) he delivers in spades with this. There’s no
    spandex to be seen here, no build up to other films, no outlandish
    super-villains and no macguffins in the form of a stones. Instead it’s
    a striped back, gritty character piece, that takes its time with its
    premise and doesn’t throw everything in your face at once.

    It doesn’t hold back on the violence and when it’s brutal, it really is
    brutal, no cartoonish nonsense. There’s More blood, guts and bad
    language in this than the entire X-Men franchise combined. It doesn’t
    feel like it was spliced together in the editing room, like many movies
    such as The Expendables 2 and Die Hard 4. It’s very obvious that it was
    shot as a 15 rated film. It feels natural and fits the story well, the
    film just wouldn’t work with a 12 rated certificate.

    This film could have been very different if not for last year’s
    Deadpool which arguably raised the bar for comic book movies aimed at
    adults. That movie proved producers wrong bringing in over 800 million
    at the worldwide box office. This film will probably make more as
    audiences are getting a craving for violent action movies.

    Cinematographer John Mathieson (Gladiator, X-Men First Class) gives the
    film that unique look. Shot in anamorphic, it really does give the film
    that western look the director was going for. Each shot looks like the
    graphic novel coming to life with establishing shots, shots of Logan
    drinking in a rain drenched graveyard etc. The action sequences are
    filmed very well with no shaky cam nonsense or quick cuts. Composer
    Marco Beltrami also deserves recognition here too with his brooding,
    atmospheric score. His third collaboration with Mangold, this one is
    easily his best as it isn’t your typical fantastical comic book movie
    score. It’s very noticeable that everyone is on their A-game here to
    make this the best possible movie they can.

    However there is some nitpicks, only minor. For instance Boyd
    Holbrook’s cyborg arm villain isn’t given much to do other than deliver
    monologues and give orders to his team. The last act does raise a lot
    of questions which make you scratch your your head, However it is a
    fitting finale for the claw wielding character and a lot better than
    the dreaded Silver Samurai ending in the last Wolverine film.

    Verdict It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Hugh and co. get some
    awards recognition next year, especially Patrick Stewart who gives an
    emotional final performance as Xavier. By far the best stand-alone
    Wolverine movie and easily one of the best comic book movies in recent

  • movitosMarch 8, 2017Reply

    terribly overrated and plodding –why was this made??

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HockeyFan91March 9, 2017Reply

    Raw, Brutal, Uncompromising and Outstanding

    Logan has been on my radar for a while because it looked different.
    Super hero movies these days (this is not an insult it is common
    knowledge) have become somewhat formulaic. Marvel is particularly
    guilty of this and you cannot blame them because they have churned out
    good movie after good movie.

    Logan is something else entirely.

    From the first five minutes you know you are in for something very
    different not just because of the ”R” rating, but because of the dirty,
    gritty nature of the first scene.

    When the violence erupts it is presented in a no holds barred brutal
    manner you would expect from a guy who has lived a life as long, brutal
    and as violent as Logan has. He has had enough of having to fight his
    whole life and when he does fight he is absolutely doing it with no
    holds barred.

    The action scenes are designed amazingly well and it is nice to see
    them grounded in reality especially after ”Apocalypse” and its super
    cartoon like flippy twirling action scenes.

    I have not returned to see an XMEN movie in the theater a second time,
    and I loved ”Days of Future Past”. I will be returning to see Logan
    again. I may be naive but I think Jackman should receive award
    consideration for his role as Logan.

    I cannot recommend Logan higher. The only reason it does not get a
    perfect 10/10 score is because of some continuity issues with previous
    installments of the franchise.

    Leave the little ones at home. Judge what your kids can handle by
    seeing it first without them if they are under 15. If they are under 10
    they should skip this one until they are ready to see it at home when
    they are older.

  • indianguy300March 9, 2017Reply

    Mess of a Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shubhamthesuperstudMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Emotional Journey to a satisfying Ending of 17 years of Hugh Jackman

    It was an Enjoyable ,very emotional and Action Packed Movie. 1st Act
    and 3rd Act really took it up a Notch ,although 2nd Act was a little
    Slow but did a great Job with Character development I loved Laura
    (x-23) her performance was very captivating and HUgh Jackman and
    Patrick Stewart are ,like always the charms

    Overall LOGAN is an absolute pleasure to watch and maybe shed a tear or
    two ,giving a satisfying closure to Hugh JAckman as wolverine

  • krossmoreboyzMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Emotionally brutal, and perfect!

    So much emotions, thrills and excitements. When the melody of Johnny
    Cash’s sumptuous Hurt started on the trailer, the movie was already
    awaiting for me. Hugh Jackman undoubtedly delivers his best performance
    with a film that captures the true essence of the character. An old,
    dark and rusty Wolverine. Patrick Stewart is also excellent, delivering
    a surprising performance for a treatment of the character unreleased in
    the saga. A majestic movie, magnificent photography, absolutely brutal
    and enjoyable action (we ask for more) and above all, a Dafne Keen in a
    sensational Laura / X-23. It really represents the heart of the film
    which vampires all the scenes where she’s present! All the scenes of
    the film feels necessary from the development of the character to the
    humor and action. Nothing is forced, and everything looks natural,
    which is a breath of fresh air and I was very happy with her. I believe
    this film will be very well received by the fans. Nevertheless, the end
    particularly moved me. It is perfect, sincere enough and without
    artifice. Between the western style, the road movie and the adaptation
    of the comic, the film never loses the thread of its history and has
    its own identity, which is very rare these days. Logan remains an
    excellent film and is like a little piece of art or jewel that we don’t
    that see that much Thanks Hugh Jackman for 17 years of Wolverine.

  • Erin LaleMarch 9, 2017Reply

    I really related to Logan being the family caregiver

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Matt GreeneMarch 9, 2017Reply

    A Fond Farewell to a Ferocious Friend

    2013’s Wolverine saw Jackman’s clawed curmudgeon join forces with
    Hollywood-heavyweight Mangold for some brooding fun that was decidedly
    more down-to-earth. Back together for Logan, Mangold has not only kept
    his distinct strengths of tone and combat, but has ramped up the
    quality & gravitas rarely seen in a blockbuster. In one of the most
    brutally and beautifully made superhero films of all-time, Logan gives
    audiences an experience full of gasps, laughs, and thrills…& buckets of
    blood. Taking place in the near-future, we find our invincible
    anti-hero trying to live a quiet life, driving a limo, and taking care
    of his dangerously senile father-figure Xavier; yet his world is far
    from boring, especially when a girl with familiar powers appears. The
    emotional anchor here is the Logan / Charles relationship; watching
    them deal with weakening bones, a changing world and oncoming dementia
    is powerfully relatable. However, the action is far from dormant. Keen
    is a fantastic mutant newcomer, grunting and fighting in ways that
    Logan himself doesn’t have the virility for anymore. Instead, he
    lumbers through his fights with vicious intensity and careless
    selflessness. And when I say ”vicious”, I mean ”vicious”; this is NOT
    your kids X-Men. The R-rated door Deadpool knocked down has allowed
    Logan to violently dance on the other side. If you’ve ever felt like
    Wolverine’s claws and fury felt neutered in a PG-13 world, fear no
    more. However, the violence is to a purpose; we’re shown the difficult
    effects in honest and effective ways, especially in the jarring use of
    children. All-in-all, it’s a perfect send-off for one of the most
    successful character / actor collaborations in movie history, and is
    far-and-away the greatest X-Men film yet.

  • AlondroMarch 9, 2017Reply

    It’s good… but a bit confusing…

    It’s a very good stand-alone film, or if linked to the generally darker
    tone of the other Wolverine films. The only issue is that it doesn’t
    mesh with the rest of the X-Men timelines, but it doesn’t do enough to
    split itself off from them either.

    If it had been the very first X-Men franchise-based film, I think it
    would’ve been far better to me, as I didn’t have the memory of the two
    (or 3?) other time lines. And this doesn’t quite fit into any of them.
    But with the two lead actors being who they are, it’s rather hard to
    take them out of those roles in the other films.

    I suppose it’s best to go into this and firmly tell yourself, ”It’s
    another alternate timeline, like the first ”Hulk” movie and first 3
    ”Spiderman” films and has NOTHING to do with the rest of the
    franchise.” Then it might not lead to head-scratching of what exactly
    led to this place in the film’s melancholic future.

  • William JahnMarch 9, 2017Reply

    An enjoyable film with characters

    Logan was a film that I was admittedly nervous about, due to the nature
    of X-Men Apocalypse, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My biggest worry was
    that it would focus more on Logan alone, without giving him characters
    to build off of and define his character. He is truly a character that
    needs other people to care about to be interesting.

    I was satisfied when I finally got the chance to watch it, and saw that
    he was able to define himself with Xavier and and Laura. The character
    development was excellent. The film truly let you care for the
    characters and worry for them.

    The plot was a fairly cookie cutter superhero movie plot, and I could
    see many plot points from a mile away. The film still felt more focused
    on action than the story of Logan and his struggles, which bothered me
    quite a bit. I loved the X-Men for the reason that it focused on
    imperfect characters fighting for a world that hated them.

    Overall, I wish that the movie took more risks with storytelling, and
    focused on what I feel made the original films in the series great. The
    positives definitely do outnumber the negatives, and I didn’t leave the
    theater with any disappointment. It was a fulfilling experience.

  • Mihai KosaMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Amazing real life drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Prathik RaoMarch 9, 2017Reply

    God made him a freak, Man made him a weapon, she made him human

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • evanneunuebelMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Great movie must see

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paul-50252March 9, 2017Reply

    Worst X Men and Wolverine Movie ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Naveen PrathapMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Brutally Matured!

    So the farewell installment of the iconic superhero wolverine was
    undoubtedly one of the best x-men movies and the best in wolverine
    franchise. This movie is so different to all the previous x-men movies
    made with no mind-blowing CGI and extensive action sequences but with a
    strong characterization and brilliant performances. The chemistry
    between all the three main and supporting casts were very much
    satisfying and minimal action sequences were riveting. If you are
    obsessed with WOLVERINE, this gem is not to be missed!

    P.S. This movie is definitely not for kids as it had realistic
    depictions of violence and gore.

  • bigbachhoofMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Logan is to Marvel as Rogue One is to Star Wars

    Awesome film. I love movies that tries to transcend its genre. Schema +
    Variation. Who would have thought that the best X-Men movie would be
    one with the least amount of X-Men?

    I immediately googled the little actress who played the feral, yet
    innocent wildling. Dafne Keen, daughter of actors, watch out for this
    one. I hope she survives the pitfalls of child acting. This could be
    our next Natalie Portman or Kirsten Dunst.

  • prashanta_guhaMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The most savage X-Men/Marvel movie yet!

    Man oh man, was this a good movie!

    Amazing character development, brilliant acting by everyone, and
    superbly choreographed action scenes. Brutal but to the point. Packs a
    punch. I could literally feel the pain, and happily followed the
    characters in their journey. Even the mini-stories inside the main
    story were executed with perfection.

    While I’m a huge fan of special and visual effects, the movie stuck to
    what was absolutely necessary, and kept the rest real. Much better than
    X-Men Apocalypse, where I could literally make out the set pieces and
    green-screens in the final act.

    It is sad that Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart have both announced
    that this will be their final outing as their iconic characters. Marvel
    fan or not, I’d definitely recommend everyone to go watch it.

  • arnieiamMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The last film with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine just happens to be a borefest

    Look I’m not trying to be non-conformist here. It seem’s like I’ve been
    crapping on every X-Men film since the 3rd one. However there are
    actual good things to say about this film. The acting and the script
    are really good, and the tone is actually pretty consistent here. Its
    also very nice to finally see a Wolverine film where there there is a
    good amount of blood.

    But for every scene where Wolverine hacks away at the bad guys does it
    have to be filled in with 40 mins of snail paced scenes? There are so
    many scenes of just… talking and… driving and…drinking and…
    pill popping and… sleeping and driving and talking DEAR LORD! I know
    this is supposed to be a gritty, almost western like film based off the
    Old Man Logan comic where its more about the character arc than saving
    the world but… no that’s still no excuse. The studio threw a budget
    into this and this is Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the character, it
    could’ve done better.

    The plot could’ve been better. It could’ve been about Wolverine
    renouncing the use of his claws (just like Old Man Logan) but something
    from his past comes back to haunt him and he must fix this before his
    time runs out and in the process hacks away at some armour-clad gunmen.
    Instead we get a weird Last of Us ripoff mixed in with a road trip
    movie where Wolverine, the badass mind you, is a baby-sitter and nurse.

    And the villains suck by the way. The first one is played by the guy
    from Narcos, and I don’t remember the character’s name at all that’s
    how forgettable he was. He didn’t really do anything menacing. The
    second is the first one’s boss. A scientist who just happens to make
    stuff happen with little to no explanation. There is a huge bit of
    exposition regarding the second villain and in essence the film’s
    premise but it was all condensed into one throw-away line.

    Let me compare this to another R-rated superhero film with a brooding
    protagonist which also kick-started the Marvel boom: Blade. I remember
    there were actually a lot of quiet slow paced scenes. But why do I like
    that film way more? Well actually even the slow paced scenes served a
    purpose, they weren’t filler. The protagonist was consistently badass
    and stoic and had a mission from the beginning and wasn’t thrust into a
    situation. The villain was a lot of fun. The movie had a lot of
    atmosphere and world building. And most of all, every character tried
    to be pro-active.

    I’m sorry you had to read this but this is film. It’s subjective. I
    understand there are some emotions attached to this as Hugh Jackman
    will say goodbye to this character and I think X-Men will start fresh.
    But take off those goggles and watch it as just a film and you will see
    just how boring it is. Hey at least that opener with Deadpool was fun.

  • Josh TeggertMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Amazingly gritty, full of gore and shamelessly crude, but at its core ‘Logan’ is all about the characters

    After 17 years in his iconic role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s time in
    the X-Men universe is at an end. The fan favourite receives the perfect
    send-off in ‘Logan’, standing as one of the best, if not THE best film
    of the franchise. It demonstrates further the point made initially by
    ‘Deadpool’ that the superhero genre can benefit immensely if they take
    the risk of a more mature approach to comic book films. Moreover,
    ‘Logan’ succeeds in being distanced from the archetypal
    ”city/planet/love interest in danger” monotony of other modern
    superhero flicks, showcasing a much more personally captivating
    foundation for the scenario of the film.

    Beginning at the Mexican border, Wolverine (going by his original name
    of James Hewlett) is forced out of retirement to safeguard a young
    girl, Laura (Dafne Keen) who is the first mutant to emerge in years.
    Incentivised by his lifelong friend, Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick
    Stewart), whom he now also cares for in his old age, the three venture
    north to Canada to save Laura from some dark forces.

    Wolverine is finally illustrated in his true colours (yet ironically
    still excluding his classic yellow and blue suit seen in the original
    writings); ‘Logan’ is gritty, full of gore and shamelessly crude,
    everything that this character should have been from the start.
    Watching him tear through his enemies with a 15 rating is a wholly
    fulfilling display, reaching new heights in the franchise with the
    blend of grounded realism and awesome action sets. Alongside this
    however, ‘Logan’ also conveys the Canadian’s inner turmoil and
    self-loathing better than any previous instalment. It never holds back:
    from a terrifying rampage by the titular character, to poignant moments
    exploring his alcoholism and unwillingness to be the hero, ‘Logan’ is
    unhinged in all aspects. It can only be questioned why he hasn’t been
    seen in this way before.

    The setting is mesmerising – the environments mirroring how stripped
    down the concept of the film is. Plus, certain desert car chases feel
    like sequences from the ‘Mad Max’ series, filmed expertly and going
    full-throttle with the higher age rating. But at its core, ‘Logan’ is
    all about the characters. Jackman provides us with a career highlight,
    absolutely entrancing as the ‘Old Man’ Logan (reference intended).
    Stewart is enticing as the deteriorating Professor X, but it is Dafne
    Keen who is most alluring. Being her first film, it is amazing the
    amount of conviction she expresses in her mostly speechless (but by no
    means silent) performance. She herself more than compensates for the
    expendable villains and the predictable nature of their scheme, which
    is ‘Logan’s principal weakness, despite the outcome of it enhancing the
    emotional impact in the final sequence.

    The previous mishaps of the Wolverine series are ratified in this truly
    emotional and overall electrifying final chapter, and as ‘Logan’ is
    also Stewart’s final outing, both him and Jackman end on a series high,
    a fitting end to their long and commendable run in their respective

  • yannickmessaoudMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Really sad it had to end

    I was really not sure about Hugh Jackman when he was casted as
    wolverine in the first x men movie, but he was quit impressive, the
    role grew on him and its really sad that he decided to quit the part.

    Logan is a very emotional movie, funny in parts, sad in other, but its
    a great finish for the wolverine.

    Lots of action too. That little girl is quit amazing as well she got a
    great career ahead of her for sure. Lets hope they do more mutant
    movies with this type of quality.

  • shahabhi72March 9, 2017Reply

    It’s a brilliant flick. A well-rounded-up ”adios” to Wolverine.

    Do we want to see more of Jackman playing Wolverine? Oohh, YES. Is he
    done playing this role? Yes. I have been X-Men fan since my childhood
    and especially I have very fond memory of Jackman playing as Wolverine.
    Logan truly encompasses the very meaning of lively comic character and
    a superhero that has seen it all. This movie has been brilliantly
    screen-played by all the co-stars and directed sharply. Laura holds
    very essence of young lioness that will be integral part of X-men
    franchise in many coming years. I hope that Laura’s inclusion in any
    future venture shall be proceed with great caution and has to have very
    strong story-line to back her story as she is the last genetic-link to
    a super-popular extinct mutant.

    Don’t miss it as it’s absolutely great joy to watch it on a big-screen.

  • HellmantMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The type of superhero movie that could finally get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture!

    ‘LOGAN’: Five Stars (Out of Five)

    The third and final standalone Wolverine movie (and the 10th
    installment in the ‘X-MEN’ cinematic film universe); once again based
    on the popular Marvel Comics character, with Hugh Jackman reprising his
    most iconic role (for supposedly the last time). The film has an aging
    Wolverine traveling across a dystopian future America, in order to help
    a special young mutant girl. The movie also costars Patrick Stewart
    (reprising one of his two most iconic roles, once again, as Professor
    Xavier), Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant and Stephen
    Merchant. It was directed by James Mangold (who also helmed 2013’s ‘THE
    WOLVERINE’), and it was written by Mangold, Scott Frank and Michael
    Green. The film has been a huge hit at the Box Office, so far, and it’s
    received nearly unanimous positive reviews, from critics and fans
    alike. I enjoyed it as well.

    The story is set in the year 2029, when mutants are almost entirely
    extinct. Logan (Jackman) is now aging like a human does, due to the
    fact that his adamantium skeleton is now poisoning his body (and it’s
    stopped healing him as well). He’s now working as a chauffeur driver,
    in Texas, and helping to take care of Professor Charles Xavier
    (Stewart); who’s suffering from a disease which causes him to lose
    control of his telepathic abilities. Logan is approached by a nurse
    (Elizabeth Rodriguez), who wants him to help transport an 11- year- old
    girl (Keen), with very special powers, to a place in North Dakota.
    Logan reluctantly agrees.

    The movie is surprisingly dark, and extremely dramatic. It’s definitely
    a very serious character study, and not a fun action flick like it’s
    predecessors. The movie is also shockingly violent; and it’s the second
    ‘X-MEN’ film to be rated R, in as many years (following last year’s
    blockbuster ‘DEADPOOL’). Hugh Jackman is also fantastic in the lead,
    giving arguably his best performance in the role. For all of these
    reasons, I really respect this movie. Like I said, it’s not a fun comic
    book flick (like some might be expecting), but it is a really well made
    drama film. It’s actually the type of superhero movie that could
    finally get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, but we’ll have to
    wait and see about that.

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  • supermaggieMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Not a worthy X-Men/Wolverine ending but a vulgar display of brutality

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jeff GrahamMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Tagging ‘spoiler’ because the whole movie was spoiled.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • boboxMarch 9, 2017Reply

    R ratings don’t equal better movies.

    This is my first review even though I have been a member here since
    late 90’s early 2000s. This is due to the fact that I don’t understand
    the love for this movie.

    This movie stumbles about trying to figure out how to be a road trip
    movie with a western genre landscape and superhero theme. The result is
    a pretentious sloppy mess that takes itself too serious while giving
    very little regard to the films that led to this one.

    The fans that requested an ”R” rating did so with the thinking that it
    would open up the film to be more free with the character. Instead it
    felt like it was pigeon holed into justifying the R rating from the
    senseless breast flashing to random F-bombs that don’t fit the
    characters as presented previously in the last 17 years.

    The 2:21 run time seemed to drag past three hours as I felt a lack of
    empathy for any of the characters as they are not fully developed and
    flushed but rather used as props for beautiful shots against the desert
    and country roads of Mexico and rural America.

    Logan’s disregard to the other characters in the film was forced and
    lacked any connection to the empathetic character we were introduced to
    in the original X-Men film in which we were introduced to a character
    that felt compelled to help Marie D’Ancanto after encountering her on
    the road. Logan, though he has tried to be a loner, never really was a
    loner without any empathy. That is until this movie and the motivation
    for this lack of empathy towards a little girl and her issues is
    troubling as a movie goer.

    I can not find a reason to recommend this movie or to see it again
    outside of the beautiful cinematography throughout the film.

  • skylerisaacMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Good…But Also A Bummer

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andreas-biehlMarch 9, 2017Reply

    A highly anticipated but disappointing adaptation

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sourav ChoudhuryMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Should be considered among Best Picture and Lead Actor.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Strega GrangerMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Wolverine gets justice (finally)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Do Tri DungMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Messages behind the movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dezigner DudeMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Epic Action yet again

    One of those movies that grabs your attention till the end, great for
    action lovers. Its interesting to see how X-men story line is moving
    forward. I have given 8 out of 10, barely because of some actors seemed
    to be doing over-acting. Rest it is a good watch. Wolverine is one of
    my favourite x- men characters when it comes raw action.

  • Ali HassanMarch 9, 2017Reply

    Fox redeems itself

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • loki-976-352856March 10, 2017Reply


    Just about perfect with good ideas that were shot with a fresh
    unpredictable way. The R rating gave it an edge, without the usual
    constrictions. Really didn’t think I would enjoy this half as much; you
    really get the fact that these all powerful ”Mutants” have the same
    cares and vulnerabilities as any one else.It makes you think and care
    in a different way than the rest and found myself moved in a profound
    way; Bravo

  • Josh Padgett ([email protected])March 10, 2017Reply

    Logan ShowMeTheMovies Review

    The final X-men picture goes out with a depressing whimper instead of
    the emotional roller-coaster that was intended.

    Over time, X-men movies have grown more and more inconsistent in terms
    of tone and pacing between films; maintaining consistency is a
    difficult task with such a vast franchise (particularly one with
    multiple timelines), but Logan manages to be one of the ‘odd films out’
    in that it is far more grounded than its’ predecessors. In making the
    movie more grounded, the film is far more dark and brooding than any
    other X-men movie, portraying Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as a jaded
    and depressed mutant and even the presence of a child throughout
    doesn’t lighten the tone.

    There is no doubt that having Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in their
    usual roles is the best the movie has to offer, it is clear that they
    are completely comfortable in their roles to such an extent that one
    cannot imagine anyone else performing. Their presence on-screen is
    fierce and captivating; and I could not praise Logan enough for this.

    The movie however is riddled with faults throughout, starting with the
    primary plot point of the film, the most important character involved:
    Laura (Dafne Keen). The introduction of this character is key to the
    entire fabric of how the film runs and functions as a storyline, yet
    she is unlikable and irritating. I have pictured a version of the
    film’s events without her presence, and she does not add to the story
    as a single entity at all, despite the fact she is among the centre of
    events. To put it simply: the film revolves around her as a character,
    but if not present, the film would not lose an entertaining or vaguely
    interesting on-screen performance. This is not down to acting talent,
    but script writing which paints Laura as a damsel in distress despite
    the fact she can clearly handle herself during action scenes.

    The action is undeniably entertaining, yet comes few and far between.
    Some dramatic moments include Logan having to deal with Xavier having a
    seizure, which causes the surroundings to be affected perilously and
    Logan must stop the seizure by calming Xavier down with an injection,
    which just involves Wolverine walking toward Xavier in slow motion,
    disposing of a couple of enemies who are frozen and cannot move. This
    doesn’t particularly constitute its’ own ‘action’ segment, and detracts
    from the real moments in the film in which the protagonists really can
    entertain the viewer with some incredible bloodthirsty scenes.

    Logan is a bloodthirsty film overall, at no point is there a pause in
    the violence that the movie shows, which again, changes the tone from
    most of the other films within the franchise. This film is not for the
    light-hearted, and those that find themselves huge fans of the series
    are definitely going to enjoy the movie; this is not the first X-men
    film which I can say has flaws, and while I know that the film isn’t
    perfect and I personally did not find the plot captivating (in fact the
    plot is not anything we haven’t seen before), I know that a lover of
    the X-men series is going to find that this movie will tug on their
    heartstrings time and time again.

    The need to thrust the important parts of the story upon Laura is
    completely unnecessary, when this film tries and fails to get the
    audience to enjoy her as a character, it then attempts to make her
    relatable by placing her opinions and feelings towards Logan in line
    with that of the audience: of admiration. This didn’t work on me at
    all, and I still found her an annoyance as the film began to close, and
    due to the fact the main focus was shifted slightly from Logan and
    greatly from Xavier to this new character, it meant these beloved
    characters did not get the chance to really relate like they have done
    in other films before their exit.

    Is Logan a good film? At least partially. Is it a good X-men film?
    Absolutely. The vast inconsistency with other X-men movies puts it
    above many others, naming The Wolverine and X-men Origins: Wolverine as
    the main movies that Logan has managed to top (which wasn’t
    particularly difficult). I can recommend the movie to anyone who loves
    X-men and Marvel, but definitely not to anyone else.

  • iamashikMarch 10, 2017Reply

    Finally ,an emotional and touching xmen movie

    This movie was total surprise.What makes it so special I is the
    emotional core tand is a perfect adieu for the central character. Hugh
    Jackman was the central piece and main attraction of the film and I
    really hope he gets an Oscar for this one.This is the best marvel movie
    that has been released yet and shows DC fans that marvel superheroes
    can also emotional and powerful at the same time. Watch it for Jackman
    and his terrific performance, it really is a milestone in his career.

  • svorvaMarch 10, 2017Reply

    The Next Generation in Superhero Films

    The X-men might be the next step in human evolution, but until now,
    they were certainly not the next generation of superhero films. With
    the exception of Magneto, these mutants are a pretty forgettable bunch.
    They have a host of generic superpowers and equally unremarkable
    personalities. King of this bunch is the Wolverine. This character
    dominated the core franchise and spinoffs, ripping enemies to pieces in
    PG-13 glory. But even after a half a dozen movies this antihero never
    really grew beyond the loner among rejects persona. Honestly, the only
    character-centric scene I remember is a dialogue free montage of the
    immortal warrior fighting in American wars. I have seen enough movies
    that I know after the first twenty minutes rarely do things change for
    the better. By this standard, Logan (the 8th film featuring the
    Wolverine) is a miracle.

    Logan takes place in the near future were no mutants have been born for
    decades. With his race virtually extinct, Logan/Wolverine works as a
    limo driver earning enough to support Professor Xavier. Xavier is
    suffering a degenerative brain disorder and is further addled by
    medication. To keep civilians safe, Logan conceals his former mentor in
    an isolated Mexican dump. Logan is also seriously ill and detached from
    the world, so when he is contacted by a stranger who knows his identity
    he wants none of it. This woman wants Logan’s help in escorting a child
    to an ”Eden” in North Dakota. Wolverine grudgingly accepts for cash,
    but when he finds the woman dead he returns to Mexico and Xavier.
    However, the child stowaways and with a small army in hot pursuit,
    Logan is inescapably involved. This mute child is Laura, an
    experimental subject. She is a product of the Wolverine’s DNA,
    effectively Logan’s daughter and a mutant with similar powers.
    Obviously, the corporation that created Laura wants her back. After a
    close escape, Logan, Xavier, and Laura head to North Dakota in search
    of Eden.

    Logan is the conclusion of Jackman’s Wolverine saga, equal parts
    superhero movie and contemporary we