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Lumberjack Man

Lumberjack Man

Welcome to Summer Camp.Oct. 16, 2015 USA105 Min.R
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As the staff of Good Friends Church Camp prepares for a spring break filled with “Fun Under the Son”, a demon logger rises from his sap boiler to wreak his vengeance and feast on flapjacks soaked in the blood of his victims.

Lumberjack Man
Lumberjack Man
Original titleLumberjack Man
IMDb Rating4.3 863 votes
TMDb Rating4 16 votes

(17) comments

  • Adam BaehrOctober 17, 2015Reply

    The Church Camp Version of Friday The 13th.

    OMG I absolutely loved this movie. I have been watching the new After
    Dark Horrorfest films and I watched Bastard last night which I reviewed
    and here is my review for Lumberjack Man. The story is your standard
    affair of a bunch of counselors going to a church camp early before the
    kids come and there is a possessed killer aloof. I found it to be a
    black comedy style of Friday the 13th which I found to be Epic. The
    acting was well done with a cast of kids that played horny teenagers
    perfectly as did Michael Madsen who was quite funny. The movie isn’t so
    much horror as it’s black comedy as I mentioned prior but it works
    great with the tone of the film. The movie is Hilarious I must add and
    it has a ton of quips. I will say there is at least three times the
    nudity over most other films of this kind which is fine with me. The
    kills were Superb and quite creative in terms of an hour and forty-five
    minute movie running time. I would recommend watching this immediately
    because it’s well worth the watch if not the ten dollar purchase. I
    promise that you will not regret watching it.

  • dcarsonhagyOctober 19, 2015Reply


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  • Bloodmarsh KrackoonOctober 21, 2015Reply

    You Don’t Know Horror Films…

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  • tenebroussuspireOctober 30, 2015Reply

    Sex sells, but it kills this slog of a movie, Jesus be damned

    Clocking in at an hour and 45 minutes, Lumberjack Man is way too long
    for a slasher flick. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s a case of
    ”too much tits, not enough gore.” The film’s filler time is devoted to
    sexual content to the point of over-saturation. There’s a scene where
    two campers watch a counselor strip, dance, and rub lotion on herself
    for what feels like ten minutes. It especially becomes evident towards
    the end, the final confrontation dragging on and on. It accentuated the
    character’s stupidity with every pitiful attempt at comedy.

    Every scene is extended to either prolong on-screen nudity or
    exaggerate comedic delivery. Speaking of which…

    Despite being a horror comedy, the movie’s humor is hit-or-miss. Most
    of the jokes are overly-long, sexual, and reliant on absurdity. It gets
    repetitive quickly. Most of my laughs came from the kills, of which
    some were quite funny and inventive, but they were few and far between.
    Which is a shame because the cast is larger than most camp slashers.

    I also had a lot of problems with the characters. Bumbling, annoying
    and unlikable.

    It’s technically functional, sure, but that does nothing to fix how
    insipid this movie is. In short, Lumberjack Man is an unbalanced,
    lukewarm, boring film, inferior to other horror comedy films. I suggest
    skipping it and watching The Final Girls, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil,
    Behind the Mask, Severance, Stage Fright, or Club Dread.

  • iamtherobotmanNovember 12, 2015Reply

    Are they Flapjacks or Pancakes…Make your mind up now.

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  • Tony MangelliDecember 8, 2015Reply

    BLECH! WTF Did I Just watch?

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  • Paul KingJanuary 20, 2016Reply

    Weak as syrup!

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  • adi_2002February 27, 2016Reply

    Give me some syrup

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  • jimbo15March 16, 2016Reply

    Bad movie, kind of fun

    Maybe you have to be in the right mood with the right taste in comedy
    to enjoy this movie, which is why I think many other reviews are
    negative. But dang it if I wasn’t in the right mood with the right
    taste in comedy. That doesn’t make it a great movie, but it was just
    the right amount of blood, boobs, and genuine chuckles that I wanted.

    My advice for enjoying it would be not to expect a good horror movie.
    It’s a decent comedy that alternates between self-aware mockery and
    nonsensical goofiness (though it’s not always 100% clear if it’s on

    I’d love to hear a director’s commentary on this. I’m sure it would be
    a lot of: ”We don’t know why we did it this way, but it was funny.” or
    ”This didn’t quite work, but we left it in.” ”They didn’t have lines,
    so we let them say whatever.”

  • GL84March 17, 2016Reply

    Hilarious and truly funny horror parody

    Going out to the woods, the counselors of a bible study camp find that
    the area is home to a demonic logger who is intent on tormenting anyone
    who comes into the area and forces them to try to find a way of ending
    his rampage before he kills them all.

    This here turned out to be quite the fun and highly enjoyable
    slasher/comedy effort. What really helps this one get quite a bit of
    fun here is the rather fun and goofy comedic nature of what’s happening
    though it still maintains a pretty serious attitude overall. The comedy
    is mostly centered around the absurdity of what happens throughout here
    being treated with the utmost seriousness and straight-faced mentality,
    which is all about the obsession and singular-minded fascination the
    killer has with pancakes. Bringing them along with him to every kill he
    unleashes, the incessant manner of drenching them in the blood of his
    victims and having them constantly be a focus here in the film with the
    way they’re almost always on-screen makes the film’s focus on them seem
    all the goofier for all the time it’s here, especially once it’s all
    tied together with the explanation back-story that’s so inherently
    goofy and silly that it becomes wholly enjoyable. As well, there’s the
    other comedic virtues present here with the way this one treats the
    killer who tends to almost always treat the encounters here as there’s
    a jokey quality they all react to him appearing before them. There’s a
    great deal of laughs to come from how they all meet up with him
    thinking the entire set-up is a joke as well as the actual kill methods
    here that are carried out just absurdly that there’s little not to like
    here. Even the fact that this is a Bible Camp means there’s some fun
    times to come along here, with this going for the group blatantly
    ignoring the religious commandments for a wholly enjoyable time where
    it plays with many of the conventions here where it really enhances the
    sleaze and depravity that’s to be expected around a film set in this
    kind of environment. Once all the fun is over, the fact that there’s
    still some solid horror elements at play makes this one even better as
    the hulking killer comes off as a truly imposing figure, the numerous
    kills are quite creative and graphic enough to satisfy the true
    gore-hounds with how they get pulled off and it has some chilling
    stalking scenes that are pretty chilling even if they’re somewhat
    played for laughs. The various stalking scenes in the woods come off
    rather nicely with the numerous confrontations throughout here which
    all manage to set-up the final massacre at the camp during the dinning
    hall sequence which is all sorts of fun with numerous kills, some great
    humor and thrilling action that comes along with how this one finally
    gets resolved which makes for a really enjoyable time. Even with all
    this fun stuff on-display there’s a few minor negative points here with
    the big one being the overlong running time as there’s no way this one
    should be over a hundred minutes. A lot of that is taking the absurdity
    and comedy to it’s fullest potential, which in the end stretches out
    the comedy far more than it really needs to and making the film too
    long. As well, the comedy is a little too much for some which can lead
    to some bland watches with the fact that there’s some utterly goofy
    stuff happening when it really doesn’t need it. Otherwise this one here
    was a lot of fun.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Extreme Graphic Language, Nudity, some
    sexual content and drug use.

  • Rup GangulyMarch 17, 2016Reply

    Movie for the brain-dead

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • brasco-63139March 21, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ProloxApril 29, 2016Reply

    What Friday The 13th would have looked like if it were written by a group of twelve year old boys.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TdSmth5May 1, 2016Reply

    Could have been good but the silliness ruined it

    A bunch of rather older-looking kids travel to a Christian camp out in
    the woods. There’s a lot of painful silliness the bus. Once they arrive
    we meet their ridiculous leader, a pretty girl also in charge, and the
    cook(?). It’s not long before they start taking their clothes off and
    the marijuana jokes begin. For some reason only one pair of girls seem
    to be Christian, the rest not so much. Meanwhile some stranger is
    traveling in the direction of the camp. He stops at the park ranger
    office to warn that everyone is going to die and they should evacuate
    immediately. As evidence he offers some old newspaper clippings.

    But of course he’s right. By now someone or something dragging some
    large-pancake cart has started killing kids. It takes a while before
    the guy who’s some researcher arrives at the camp and warns them. At
    that point we learn who the killer is and why he kills. It’s a rather
    ridiculous explanation that I won’t give here. Soon enough the killer
    arrives in the middle of dining hall and the mayhem is on. At this
    point the movie decides who the lead characters are and those will have
    figure out a way to eliminate this killer for good.

    I really like the spirit in which this movie was made. I’m all for
    80’s-style raunchy teen slasher flicks. But as often happens, they had
    to ruin it by making it a parody/comedy. One movie-making convention
    seems to be that if you combine teens and violence you have to mask it
    as a comedy. Unfortunately making comedy and even more so, parody, is
    far more challenging than straight-forward horror. There are couple of
    good lines though.

    Lumberjack Man is 1:45 hours–at least 15 minutes too long, a strange
    decision when you don’t have a lot of budget. Another convention of
    low-budget movie-making is that you’ve got to have at least one big
    name in your cast. In this case it’s Michael Madsen who does a good
    job, not taking the role too seriously. The rest of the main cast does
    surprisingly well. All of them give committed performances. The problem
    is the silliness factor, not the acting. One weakness of this movie is
    that it really doesn’t give us a lead character for which to care. Of
    course, it’s the girl who doesn’t take her clothes off who will end up
    being the lead, but for most of the movie, she isn’t. For a movie like
    this, the cast isn’t particularly attractive. Brina Palencia in some
    tertiary role is lovely though. Then there are some porn stars here for
    some reason.

    I’m very conflicted about this movie. I enjoyed the gore, violence, and
    nudity but hated the goofiness. The movie-makers have some talent and
    enthusiasm but botched it.

  • mhorg2018May 29, 2016Reply

    Did Michael Madsen need to pay taxes?

    As I write my review of this absolute garbage of a movie, I’m wondering
    if Michael Madsen needed to pay some back taxes or something. Let’s
    start right up. A bunch of teens (who look nothing but) go off to a
    Christian Camp. Every character is a stereotype, none can act worth a
    damn, and the SFX are laughable. Some look like they were rented (the
    first two women to get killed) from a porn film. Ton’s of boring
    gratuitous nudity doesn’t help this poorly paced film. I’ll be honest
    here if it was supposed to be a comedy – it wasn’t. Most comedy/horror
    unless its Shaun of the Dead or Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,
    or the first two Scary Movies, suck. If it’s supposed to be horror –
    well, I’m pretty sure people have had more frightening wet dreams. Lets
    look at a few of the dumber things. Two porn stars (that’s what they
    look like) bum a ride on the school bus. They get busy in a threesome.
    The killer (who looks part tree and is super strong, so why does he
    need weapons and what the hell is with those gigantic pancakes?) enters
    said bus, chops both their heads off (the heads flying out of each
    window, yanks lover boy to his feet, and stabs him through the chin and
    brain. Yet, this guy is able to scream? Later said killer hits a ranger
    in the SPINE with an ax, she’s able to crawl away, drive him off with
    maple syrup (his weakness) and pull the ax out. Another moron has her
    legs and arms broken (and she’s still able to talk) as he tries to make
    her into a picnic table. This fails and he tosses her off a tree
    (shades of Jason!) killing her. Another hanging by a foot, has a syrup
    tap driven into her skull so blood can flow. Anyone bored yet? This is
    just a lame version of a Friday the 13th with crappier effects. Just
    avoid this until one is an insomniac or a drunk.

  • jadavixJuly 11, 2016Reply

    Completely unsuccessful mix of horror and comedy; more weird than funny

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pendenquejohnAugust 2, 2016Reply

    The acting most essentially ruined it all…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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