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High school just got weirder.May. 23, 2017 USA124 Min.PG-13
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8.5 1,354 votes

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Aaron Leong


Sean O'Donnell isKelly Hankins
Kelly Hankins
Gary Busey isCoach Dombrowski
Coach Dombrowski
Stephen Tobolowsky isReverend Weld
Reverend Weld
Eric Wheeler isPrincipal Miller
Principal Miller


A high school student must hide the fact that he has become pregnant from his family, friends and the school faculty!

Original titleMamaboy
IMDb Rating3.9 35 votes

(3) comments

  • MikeHope44May 23, 2017Reply

    ‘Mamaboy’ Delivers!

    ‘Mamaboy’ tells the story of Kelly Hankins played by Sean O’Donnell
    (It’s Sketchy, The Win) and how HE takes on pregnancy during his senior
    year for his longtime sweetheart Lisa played by Alli DeBerry. He’s a
    guy he can handle it right? Think again……

    The cast did a wonderful job at bringing their characters to life.
    Mikey Reid was hilarious as Kelly’s oddball best friend ‘Ditto’ and he
    and Sean worked well off each other throughout. Dylan Riley Snyder
    (Kickin’ It) nailed his part as the pesty ‘Milton’. Other standouts for
    me were Cassidy Ann Shaffer who played a girl crazy for Kelly named
    ‘Candy’, Jesse Miller as ‘Nurse Zelda’, Pamela Finny who played ‘Mom’
    and ‘Uncle Theus’ played by J.D. Rudometkin.

    I thought the pregnancy aspect was handled nicely as well. I tip my hat
    off to the makeup/special effects department for keeping it as
    realistic as possible stretchmarks and all! I’d also like to point out
    how it was cool that different sizes of the belly were used for each
    stage. In many other pregnancy films a character will find out they’re
    pregnant and a scene or two later already look like they’re 6 months!

    As a fan I must say I thought Sean O’Donnell definitely delivered (both
    literally and figuratively) in his first lead role. He has a charming
    on screen presence and I thought he was not only funny in the comical
    scenes but also handled the more emotionally driven ones nicely as
    well. Taking on a role like this also shows he’s not afraid to play
    characters who are unconventional or put into unconventional situations
    which I think will definitely broaden the horizon for him as an actor.
    Looking forward to seeing what awesome characters he takes on next. I’m
    definitely on board for him!

    In conclusion ‘Mamaboy’ is humorous, heartfelt, entertaining and
    sprinkled with some cheesy goodness. There are even some surprising
    twist along the way! Props for it also being an original story in a
    current movie world where everything is either a remake or an upteen
    sequel. I definitely recommend checking this gem out!-Michael

  • Psy-KoMay 28, 2017Reply

    Odd little film but I liked it

    Watched this tonight and wasn’t expecting much from reading the
    synopsis but just wanted a fun movie to kill a night. I ended up really
    liking it. The idea is pretty original and handled in an interesting
    way. Watching Kelly and what he went through as far as being
    embarrassed and even shunned, and all the physical changes he went
    through really drives home what young girls go through when pregnant.
    Somehow seeing it from the guys point of view gives more sympathy for
    the girls. I think we just take things for granted when a girl is
    pregnant but watching a guy lose friends, have his peers whisper about
    him, start sucking at things he loves like baseball, it brings home the

    A lot of these actors are not well known yet even saw some that it was
    their first role (at least first listed on IMDb) and I thought they all
    did fine The kid who plays Kelly has a really expressive face and does
    emotion well, I expect we’ll see him in more. And Ditto, he’ll be
    playing the stoner guy in everything soon no doubt. I was also
    impressed by the little brother, his acting was very natural which is
    sometime tough for young kids. The Nurses character was hilarious and
    she played it well. No one was bad, that in itself is a pretty good
    feat for any movie! Production value was good, sound and lighting on
    point, music fit well. All in all comes across as a larger budget film
    then what it’s listed on IMDb.

    Oh and Busey……. Random ……. loved it! The only thing that bugged
    me (and its no big deal really) and is why I didn’t give a 9 or 10 was
    I couldn’t figure out if this was one of those Christian production
    movies or something. A few things like when Kelly’s dad is talking to
    him really came across that way but then the whole topic of the movie
    doesn’t seem like it would be. I really don’t care either way, I’ll
    watch either kind of movie as long as it’s good. It just kind of bugged

  • literarymathyMay 30, 2017Reply

    Wack movie!

    The script is promising and tries to do something original and new.
    However, it has plenty loose ends. It is more like a script written by
    amateurs than professionals. The actors are all amateurs and were not
    able to bring the story to life. The movie is sloppy, slow-paced, and
    devoid of any humour to make it an interesting watch. The characters
    are mainly caricatures and the actions in the story are unbelievable.
    The viewer is not lured into the plausibility of the movie’s plot even
    though it is original (a boy carrying a pregnancy and its attendant

    All-in-all, you may see this movie if you want to know how a bad movie
    can be. If you are into amateurish movies, then this movie is perfect.
    However, for more serious viewers: SAVE YOURSELF THE STRESS AND TIME!

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