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We Are All OneAug. 05, 2016 140 Min.
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Sairam(Mohanlal), an assistant manager in a supermarket treads on an unethical path for a promotion, leading to dire consequences. Gayatri (Gautami) a thrifty housewife manages her middle class household. Mahitha’s(Raina Rao) friend, a street child goes missing and she goes out of her way to find him. Abhiram (Viswant), the bright student falls in love with Aira (Anisha Ambrose) and pursues her. Four stories seemingly unrelated are all bound by one string called family.

Original titleమనమంతా
TMDb Rating7.1 4 votes

(6) comments

  • AB KVAugust 10, 2016Reply

    Awesome!! Happiness Redifined!!

    Best Telugu Movie ever made.It is a classic movie.Real life is
    portrayed so beautifully.It is a must watch.Mohanlal Sir acting is a
    treat to watch.He has proved why he is being called as complete
    actor.In fact he was not acting he was living as character Sair
    Ram.Gautami,little girl also did well.Do good,be good and think good..
    this is all movie about.. a must watch in this kind of time period. a
    book gives you immense knowledge.. where a good movie immense and real
    time knowledge.. families please take your family along with you.. you
    will never be disappointed with story or director’s view.. an awes
    journey of 2hrs 20mins. You will come out with a pleasant feeling and
    this movie will definitely have an impact on everyone’s life!!

  • shobanchittuproluAugust 11, 2016Reply

    Manamanthaa is one of the best emotional drama of recent rimes.Surprisingly Manamanthaa almost brought tears in my eyes with such brilliant emotion.Must watch one….

    Manamanthaa (2016): Chandra Shekar Yeleti is one of the rare talents of
    Tollywood who has amazing talent in movie making and all his pictures
    are critically acclaimed but he did not have much financial success.His
    movies are always a treat for movie lovers but not for commercial
    minded audience.He is one of the few directors in Tollywood who can
    make movies of different genres.Let it be thriller like Anukokunda Oka
    Roju and Okkadunnadu,romance like Prayanam,crime like Aithe,adventure
    like Sahasam,Yeleti always gives his best output.Now its his turn for
    emotional drama Manamantha which deals with four different people lives
    and their problems.Malayalam super star Mohanalal acted in Tollywood
    after a long time with this movie.How is it???

    Plot: Manamantha is about four people Sai Ram (Mohanlal),Gayatri
    (Gouthami),Abhiram (Vikranth),Mahitha(Raina Rao).

    Sairam is an assistant manager in a supermarket and is perpetually in
    debt. He even borrows a few thousands from a store assistant.He always
    has a competition issue with Harshavardhan for manager post.Sai Ram is
    in deep need of Manager post as it may settle all his debt.To achieve
    it he takes a wrong step which lands him in serious problems which may
    spoil his life and family.

    Gayatri (Gautami) is a housewife struggling to make ends meet. She
    seeks happiness in little things, like grocery shopping with her
    neighbor (Urvashi). She meets an unexpected guest from her past who may
    change her life which may clears all her problems of middle class

    Abhiram (Viswant) is a bright student who soldiers on with his old and
    bulky laptop.His life seems perfectly alright with his grades and goals
    until he meets Airi(Anisha Ambrose).He loves her and become good friend
    with her but it affects his study.

    Mahita (Raina Rao) is an endearing school girl who takes a liking to a
    four-year-old boy Veer who lives in a slum and will do what she can to
    see that he goes to a school.But shockingly one day Veer goes
    missing.Mahita tries to find Veer by facing lot of problems where she
    understands the humanity of present people.

    Plus Points:

    1)Performances: Manamanthaa has brilliant performances of all the four
    roles. Mohanlal is pitch perfect as Sairam, reflecting the frustrations
    of a guy caught in a deep problems and feeling guilty. The actor needs
    to be commended for his effort to speak in Telugu. His Telugu is laced
    with a Malayalam accent but lends authenticity to his part. Gautami
    proves yet again why she used to be the best in the business and is
    sublime as the housewife.She gave mesmerizing performance and needed to
    be applauded.Debutante Raina Rao as the schoolgirl is a surprise and
    walks away with all the applause. She played her role with such
    perfection that we love her cute innocence and her helping
    nature.Viswanth did good in his role which has nothing special.

    2)Second half: Manamantha has one of the best emotional scenes of
    recent times in its second half.Every scene in second half is well made
    and is so emotional that tears will stay in your eyes until the movie
    is completed.All the characters enter their serious phases of their
    lives and movie gets a fast pace which is both emotional and
    thrilling.Climax is awesome and unexpected.

    3)Direction: Yeleti once again proved that why he has special fame in
    Tollywood cinema.He cleverly turned a family drama into an entertaining
    and unique thriller.The way he took a simple story line and made it
    thrilling is just amazing. He also excelled in extracting the best
    performance from his actors.

    Minus Points:

    1)Story of Abhiram (Viswanth): Of all four characters,story of Abhiram
    is weakest one.Its a routine love story where a topper guy neglects his
    life for the love of a girl.Though it has connection to the story,it
    could have been made better with better scenes.Emotion is missing in
    those scenes.

    So Manamanthaa is one of the best emotional drama of recent
    rimes.Surprisingly Manamanthaa almost brought tears in my eyes with
    such brilliant emotion.Must watch one….

    My rating 7.5/10

  • chandra sekhar nAugust 12, 2016Reply

    Slice Of Life

    ”Manamantha” is a human drama with simple emotions and subtle
    sensibilities. It follows the journey of four people at different
    phases in their life. Four different and distinct stories, different
    paths are interlinked in the end with a neat twist. Though the twist is
    not hard to expect, it has actually enhanced the emotional buildup in
    the ending of the movie.

    Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti who is known for making thrillers like
    ”Aithey”, and ”Anukokunda Oka Roju” has shown that he is also at ease
    directing movies with emotional content.

    Stories about different people and all of them are getting linked in
    the end with one incident or situations is seen in films like
    ”Chandamama Kathalu”, but Yeleti treads different path here.

    The four people and four different stories are linked with a completely
    new twist, which is what the movie’s core emotion is all about. Like in
    ”Drushyam”, the final episodes of the story leaves a lump in our

    Like most people in regular life, Mohanlal is shown here taking ”hand
    loans” from colleagues, becoming selfish when an opportunity comes to
    become a manager from asst manager. This greediness lands him in a big
    trouble and when he comes to know the situation has gone out of hands,
    the way Mohanlal repents, and goes through emotional upheaval are
    presented beautifully.

    Apart from Mohanlal’s thread, the other beautiful thread is of Raina
    Rao who played the role of a good-hearted kid who lands in trouble
    helping a poor kid. Raina and the poor kid both have played so
    naturally. Yeleti has shown his maturity and mark here in these

    While Gauthami’s thread is interesting it has been stretched beyond a
    point and the talk about Saree’s etc are unwarranted. But one scene
    involving Gauthami is funny when she goes to Koti to save Rs 400 and
    ends up spending more than that from her purse. The typical
    middle-class situation is portrayed funnily.

    The thread of Abhi (played Vishwanth) and his romance with Anisha
    Amrose gives you feel of déjà vu.

    While the movie is laced with emotional scenes, all these are stored in
    the second half. The first half of the movie is not that convincing
    though it sets up the mood. On the downside, the film is excruciatingly

    Despite these minor flaws, ”Manamantha” is one of the best made
    emotional dramas in the recent times in Tollywood. Director
    Chandrasekhar Yeleti has proved again that he is a director with a
    different approach.

    All in all, watch the film for its emotional content, good and earnest
    scenes and superb performances from the lead actors.

  • Tejo KiranOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Best movie of 2016

    This movie is really awesome. The kind of work and detailing which is
    gone in to the screenplay of this movie is tremendous and amazing. The
    biggest asset of this movie is that it feels so realistic that you
    actually forget that it is a movie rather we come to a state where we
    feel it is a part in everyone’s life. Every character has its own
    significance. The mood of the movie makes you feel soothing and
    relaxing and also makes us forget the effort being put in making of the
    film which I believe is the success of the movie. The story revolves
    around four people. I don’t know if the director could get a better
    cast for this movie because all the characters are apt. Mohanlal and
    gauthimi has done outstanding performance. Even the small kids has done
    a great job. This film is a proof that good films are also being made
    in telugu apart from regular nonsense,mass,masala and comedy movies. Do
    watch this movie. Support good films.

  • Tejas NairOctober 15, 2016Reply

    Amazement, Not. ♦ Grade D+

    Lots of Indian films are now being simultaneously made in multiple
    languages in order to attract more viewers and generate more revenue.
    However, this family drama is not that appealing so as to receive such
    a wide release, in three different languages.

    Sairam (Mohanlal) is a middle-class man working as a supermarket
    supervisor. He is in great debt owing to his financial needs, and will
    do anything to snatch that upcoming promotion. Gayathri (Gautami) is a
    housewife who is tired of her everyday life filled with frugality. She
    wants to break free from the shackles of her impoverished life, which
    is when she bumps into her college professor who is now a rich
    businessman. Abhiram (Viswant Duddumpudi) is a college student who sees
    himself falling for an affluent girl without realizing the her
    intentions. And finally, there is Mahitha (Raina Rao), a school- going
    girl who is relentlessly looking for her young street friend, who has
    been missing for days now. The story is all about these four
    characters’ issues and their eventual intertwining.

    For an average viewer, it would not take much time to detect the film’s
    central theme, which is a mix of various values such as righteousness,
    virtue of family life, love and lust, innocence, and humanitarianism.
    Even though the elements used to convey these contrived messages are
    sane enough, the end products look extremely cringe-worthy, making its
    viewers dismiss most of the fables it throws at them. Of course, there
    is enough matter for a naive person to grasp from the four stories, but
    all of them are either clichéd or senseless or both. It becomes preachy
    towards the end where the lives of the characters connect with each
    other, as anyone could have predicted, conveniently ending the
    150-minute charade with a fused-off, noiseless bang.

    In addition to the awful editing and dubbing (Malayalam), the
    screenplay is all bits and pieces, trying to construct itself as
    novelty of climactic storytelling. Unfortunately, it comes out
    contrived, ill-timed, and haphazard, with no respect for the informed
    audience sitting at the receiving end. The cast performance is not that
    great, either, with even Mohanlal following the amateur director’s
    directions and doing no more.

    Lastly, it is evident that the film was made to bank in on the lead
    actor’s fame and nothing else. It manages to tell a story or two on the
    way, which could make it an easy afternoon watch.

    BOTTOM LINE: Telugu filmmaker Chandra Sekhar Yeleti’s ”Vismayam” is a
    greasy family drama that may appeal to the older generation who may
    have already seen some of the elements sampled in it. For today’s
    people, this is just a badly executed drama made by a bunch who are
    clearly out of ideas. Watch the TV premiere, but switch channels during

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • ridinbalJanuary 18, 2017Reply

    vismayam is a emotional roller coaster depicting 4 lives with 4 different emotions and the end gives us a life changing message which may not be that appealing to all

    my rating- 3/5 (above average one time watch with a good message and
    few thrills and a suspense climax)

    Postives – 1.)Mohanlal (comeback after 10 months)- he was brilliant and
    he has portrayed his character in a good manner that you wont forget
    about his performance (well done). and in Telugu version i was really
    impressed because he himself dubbed in Telugu for his role and its a
    proud moment for Kerala.

    2.) gauthami (i am seeing her after long time on screen and it was a
    nice comeback) – her role depicting a normal mother doing household
    chores was excellent (may remind you of Sridevi in English Vinglish).

    3.) vishwant as abhiram was totally good. he portrayed that tech geek
    boy in a nice manner. and his romantic scenes was good and the script
    was able to support him with plenty of good dialogues which was
    comfortable for him and for his limited emotions.

    4.)raina as mahitha was the main highlight. she has done her role
    excellenty and casting her was a right choice indeed!! and yes she was
    able to provide all emotions in this movie which some actors failed to
    provide. she may be a child artist but her acting was outstanding!!

    5.) a good message film.

    negatives- 1.) script and direction- well if the national award winning
    director could have taken care a bit then this movie could have also
    got a national award. script disappointed me at certain areas and we
    can feel clichés in towards climax where its supposed to amaze us.
    climax was supposed to be a legend one according to director but for us
    it was mixed bag of clichés. there are many movies like this and it
    reminded me of a Malayalam movie(paisa paisa movie). that movie was
    excellent in providing thrill as well as emotions at the same time. i
    don’t know if director was trying to copy that but he should have
    remaked it other than adding scenes from paisa paisa. i am not saying
    script failed to provide thrill but suspense in climax and thrill in
    interval wasn’t that good. from directors part he could have made it in
    raw film realness format other than following normal colorful format .
    and plus he could have added few thriller scenes extra. from the script
    part i think the script could have been more thrilling if the writers
    could have added variety and inspiring dialogues in to it. makers could
    have added few variety scenes to make it a extraordinary one and this
    film has a great potential to be a best one.

    2.)cinematography – it wasn’t that great and just average.

    3.)music- rating for music- 2.8/5

    is it a must watch?

    well my opinion is to this is not. watch it for Timepass. yea you can
    watch with your family and it has a good message to future generations
    but the script writers and makers failed to execute it properly. so
    again i am telling you just watch it for time pass and also watch
    without much expectations.

    overall- its a family movie with good message to everyone but you may
    forget it after few days because of the lack of execution of the film
    which makes it a one time watch.

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