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Mara and the Firebringer

Mara and the Firebringer

Apr. 02, 2015 Germany90 Min.
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9.1 1,456 votes

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Lilian Prent isMara Lorbeer
Mara Lorbeer
Jan Josef Liefers isProf. Weissinger
Prof. Weissinger
Esther Schweins isChrista Lorbeer
Christa Lorbeer
Carin C. Tietze isFrau Gassner
Frau Gassner
Thomas Fritsch isFeuerbringer (Stimme)
Feuerbringer (Stimme)
Oliver Kalkofe isZweig (Stimme)
Zweig (Stimme)
Heino Ferch isDr. Thurisaz
Dr. Thurisaz


Mara Lorbeer, a fifteen year old girl, finds out that she has to save the world because the Norse god Loki is threatening to break free of his chains.

Mara and the Firebringer
Mara and the Firebringer
Mara and the Firebringer
Mara and the Firebringer
Mara and the Firebringer
Original titleMara und der Feuerbringer
IMDb Rating6.0 448 votes
TMDb Rating5.5 11 votes

(8) comments

  • Judith DahmenApril 2, 2015Reply

    Big Hopes for German Filmmaking

    I’ve been following the development of this movie ever since I read
    (and fell in love with) the book trilogy and author Tommy Krappweis
    announced he was going to turn the first volume into a movie himself.

    At first, I was very sceptical since I’m generally no big fan of German
    movie productions, mostly because we have very few convincing actors.
    Some of the best are assembled in this movie’s cast, and though that
    doesn’t automatically add up to a good movie, it did in this one! If I
    had to say which actor impressed me the most, I really wouldn’t be able
    to decide between Jan Josef Liefers as Professor Weissinger, Christoph
    Maria Herbst as Loki, and Esther Schweins as Christa Lorbeer. They all
    did an amazing job bringing the book’s beloved characters to life.

    Everything about this movie reflects the lifeblood/passion with which
    Mr. Krappweis has handled both the book trilogy and the movie. The
    entire story is exciting, dashing, funny, and magical. All aspects of
    the Norse mythology are well researched and will please every academic
    on that subject. The characters are multifaceted, especially the Norse
    god Loki, of course. The visual effects were created under the
    administration of John P. Nugent, who is best known for his work in
    Lord of the Rings, Matrix, or Prince Caspian of Narnia.

    Mr. Nugent himself has a cameo in the movie, as have several other men
    who were involved in the making of that movie: Mr. Krappweis’ father
    Werner, professor Rudolf Simek, upon whom the character of ”Professor
    Weissinger” is based, and even Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd made
    a guest appearance in the Mara movie! The great synergy of the story,
    the cast, the locations and the visual effects is perfectly concluded
    by a phenomenal soundtrack and a theme song titled ”Ein echter wahrer
    Held” (”A real true hero”) which stays in the head for days.

    I’m hoping that one day, somebody will do subtitles for the movie so
    that the English speaking world can enjoy this movie with the entire
    family as well. It’s definitely not only suitable for children but
    every adult who liked fantasy and/or Norse mythology will be
    entertained in the best possible way.

  • taayaApril 3, 2015Reply

    Finally, good fantasy from Germany

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ziyal-87-414235November 27, 2015Reply

    A great fantasy movie for all ages

    I loved the books by Tommy Krappweis and were very excited, when he
    announced to make a movie out of it. And the first movie is just great.
    Full of great characters (love Professor Weissinger, Maras mum, Loki
    and of course Mara herself – and a lot of smaller roles, like Larissa
    or the little boy, she mocks), an exciting story – I was always a fan
    of norse mythology and I read a lot of sagas in my time, so I liked the
    idea of an adventure about the norse gods – and much more. The special
    effects are very good – especially the lindworm and the music fits the
    story very well. all in all a wonderful movie for all fans of Harry
    Potter, Inkheart, Midnight Circus or Percy Jackson and similar fandoms.
    What I liked the most is, that you can see that the author himself
    worked on the movie. The inevitable cuts from the books made sense and
    the dialogs were just as funny as in the book. I so hope that we will
    see the second and third book made into movies.

  • Lisa TurskyNovember 28, 2015Reply

    A wonderful film for all ages

    With Mara and the Fire Bringer Tommy Krappweis has succeeded in
    creating something very special: a film that is fun for everyone.
    Whether you’re a child, a teenager, young adult, mom, dad, grandma,
    grandpa who is enthusiastic about fantasy, it doesn’t matter – there’s
    something in it for all ages. The story is not a poor imitation of
    familiar stories that are constantly being remade, but it has its very
    own handwriting. The many, sometimes well hidden gags and allusions
    emphasize the subtle humor and those who watch closely (or simply see
    the film more than once) will always discover something that they have
    not seen before. High-profile ”guest stars” have cameo appearances. You
    can learn in the film about the kinds of Nordic Germanic mythology
    without the feeling of being lectured to. It also deals with clarity
    with abuse by the Nazis in the Third Reich. The actors of the
    individual characters are perfectly selected, including Esther Schweins
    as Mara’s esoteric crazy mama, Christoph Maria Herbst as Loki, Jan
    Josef Liefers as professor Weissinger or Lilian Prent as the typical
    stubborn, dissatisfied Tenny Mara. Tommy Krappweis has proved with this
    film that even German fantasy films can be really great. It’s a
    definite ‘must watch’.

  • hubersalinaDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Wooohoooo , loved this one

    I really loved this film, even when it wasn’t advertised at all in my
    town and it also just could be seen for a week! Seven days! In a town
    with more than 200.000 people living in it…… Why ? :'(

    People said ”it is a German production, it will be boring”. Well, I
    would say ”it is a German production, great it wasn’t boring at all!!!”
    The female main actress was playing very well, the male main actor
    also, I liked the animations. It seemed to me that they hadn’t as much
    money as they wanted to, but that isn’t their fault. For me it could
    have been a longer film, and I would like to see that they will make a
    second part or something else like this.

  • Sabine SimmetDecember 15, 2015Reply

    good entertainment for all ages

    I have just recently come across this movie. Unfortunately it had not
    been advertised much and was screened only at times that were not very
    convenient for a working adult. The reason for that probably was that
    it is based on a book series for young people – but that also applies
    to Harry Potter, Narnia or the Golden Compass.

    The author himself, Tommy Krappweis, wrote the script and directed the
    movie. With regards to the special effects it stands up to the likes of
    The Lord of the Rings, as John P. Nugent has played a major role in the
    production. There is even a cameo appearance by Billy Boyd. The facts
    related to the Nordic gods are well researched and have been checked by
    the Austrian professor for linguistic, Scandinavian and medieval
    studies Rudolf Simek. Garb, equipment and interpretation are up to the
    current state of research, so the movie can even be labelled as

    Enough has been written about the plot already, and I don’t want to
    give any spoilers. People who have read the books before are up for a
    surprise – and the other way round, it is absolutely worthwhile to read
    the books too for those who have watched the movie.

    ”Mara und der Feuerbringer” offers good entertainment for all ages,
    from school child to grandparent. As a result it is really worth buying
    it on DVD or BlueRay. Every time you watch it you will discover new
    details, smile at another point or laugh even more about a well timed
    gag. The bonus material offers interesting insights and, in a way,
    forces you to rewatch the movie again while looking out for what you
    just learned.

    I really hope that the sequel can follow soon.

  • kosmaspJune 23, 2016Reply

    German Fantasy … and it does work

    I am surprised that this movie tanked in Germany. I reckon the German
    general public does not believe they are able to make Fantasy movies.
    Or they are overfed by the stuff they get from America and other
    countries. But this, while obviously aiming at a younger audience is by
    no way worse than something like the 5th wave (the movie adaptation
    that is, haven’t read either novel). Quite the opposite, one could make
    a strong case, that while 5th wave has better actors overall involved,
    this right here makes the better movie.

    Still the success or lack thereof speaks a different language and it’s
    almost a shame. Dialog is good, the acting is decent too and you have
    some really good effects too (considering the budget and all). The
    story of a teenager might not be something for everyone, but the humor
    is light and it works as does the flow of the story. Some flaws and
    hurdles along the way, shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle on your way
    to enjoy this

  • Thomas ([email protected])January 2, 2017Reply

    First half bearable, second half forgettably over-the-top

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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