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Meet the Blacks

Meet the Blacks

Apr. 01, 2016 USA90 Min.R
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8.8 1,281 votes

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Deon Taylor


Mike Epps isCarl Black
Carl Black
George Lopez isPresident El Bama
President El Bama
Mike Tyson isJames Clown
James Clown
Lavell Crawford isParole Officer
Parole Officer
Gary Owen isStranger


As Carl Black gets the opportunity to move his family out of Chicago in hope of a better life, their arrival in Beverly Hills is timed with that city’s annual purge, where all crime is legal for twelve hours.

Meet the Blacks
Original titleMeet the Blacks
IMDb Rating5.4 12,252 votes
TMDb Rating4.6 50 votes

(26) comments

  • steve beard ([email protected])April 1, 2016Reply

    Don’t Waste Your Time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])April 2, 2016Reply

    ”Meet the Blacks” is a semi-humorous, half-way decent parody.

    Just since the beginning of this century, filmmakers have asked us to
    meet the Parents, the Fockers, the Spartans, the Robinsons, the Browns,
    the Patels, and, every Sunday morning on network TV… the Press.
    Personally, I have taken part in most of those ”meets” – and generally
    enjoyed them, to varying degrees. Next, we are encouraged to ”Meet the
    Blacks” (R, 1:30). Like most of those other examples, this meeting is
    intended to be comedic in nature and, like the example of ”Meet the
    Spartans” (2008), this meeting is a parody of an earlier cinematic
    encounter. You see, ”Meet the Browns” is also known as ”The Black
    Purge”. You can think of the movie this way: What if the 2013 film ”The
    Purge” were re-staged with a black family? We’re talking the first of
    the Purge movies – as in taking place in an upscale neighborhood, but
    where a single family of color lives. Get the picture? The next
    question is, will you ”get” the movie? Carl Black (Mike Epps) has
    suddenly, uh… come into some money. He (VERY) quickly moves his family
    from Chicago to a mansion in Beverly Hills. His new wife, Lorena (Zulay
    Henao, a Columbian actress, playing a sexy Mexican woman and looking
    like a younger, less-Latina Sofia Vergara), his self-centered teenage
    daughter, Allie (Bresha Webb), his nerdy young son, Carl Jr. (Alex
    Henderson) and Carl’s ex-con, sex-obsessed cousin Cronut (Lil Duvall)
    are enjoying their new home – and wondering how and why they ended up
    here. Lorena is struggling to get Carl’s kids to accept her as part of
    the family, Carl Jr. keeps to himself wearing a vampire costume and
    sending his remote-controlled toys around the house from a secret
    hideaway in his closet, Allie is secretly meeting with her boyfriend,
    Freezee (Andrew Bachelor), who rode a bus from Chicago to surprise her,
    and Cronut is busy ”fixing” Carl’s new SUV, sexually harassing Lorena
    and breaking into Carl’s safe, helping himself to Carl’s secret stash
    of cash and weed. Carl gets the family out of the house to walk down
    their street and meet some of their new neighbors (including Phil
    Austin, Kate Enggren and Perez Hilton), but Carl’s timing leaves
    something to be desired.

    The Blacks have moved into their new mansion just in time for the
    annual national Purge – a night of terror during which citizens are
    free to release aggression, right wrongs and get rid of ”undesirables”.
    All crime is legal for 12 hours – including murder. Even as President
    El Bama (George Lopez) announces the beginning of the Purge in a
    televised address to the nation, Carl assures his family that people
    don’t purge in nice neighborhoods like theirs. He’s trippin’. Just as
    in the film ”The Purge”, even rich people aren’t safe from others who
    are purging, and the family home is soon invaded by criminals, masked
    strangers and even their own neighbors. But remember, ”Meet the Blacks”
    is a parody of that film… focused on a black family in an otherwise
    white neighborhood – and Snoop Dogg is involved in the production. So,
    instead of a family having to fend off jealous neighbors and other
    anonymous purgers, the Blacks have to contend with people like a drug
    dealer, a creditor (Mike Tyson), a repo man, a process server, an
    unhappy president of the homeowner’s association and some racist

    ”Meet the Blacks” is a semi-humorous, half-way decent parody. The
    mixture of the plot from ”The Purge” and the fish-out-of-water /
    racially-oriented comedy is full of possibilities, but not very
    successfully exploited by up-and-coming director Deon Taylor and the
    writing team of Mr. Taylor and Nicole DeMasi. What is exploited are
    racial stereotypes of several different kinds and common racial
    epithets. If you’re not offended by those kinds of terms or sources of
    humor, you may well enjoy this film. Personally, I found it sometimes
    funny, sometimes offensive and mostly just mildly amusing. ”C+”

  • lisamettingerApril 3, 2016Reply

    Don’t Waste Your Money On This Movie. Full Of Racist Remarks.

    I saw the movie and it was so bad. I understand why Mike Tyson
    support’s Donald Trump because this movie is full of xenophobic and
    racist remarks apparently to be a comic parody. Don’t waist time to
    even take your kids to this movie because it sets a very hard line on
    race in this country. I had to take my kids out of the movies because
    they were shocked to see this.First of all, it’s another one of those
    stupid spoof movies. Trust me, I’ve seen some so-so spoof movies and
    let me tell you. There’s more sh*tty spoof movies than so-so. Meet The
    Blacks will leave you without words because you will feel dumb.Please,
    the Purge is already bad enough. This one’s trying to be the
    comedy-friendly version of the Purge… which is completely (not)

  • lauraalbouyApril 3, 2016Reply

    Awesome comedy

    Meet The Blacks is a very funny comedy! I was a little pessimistic at
    first, I was afraid it would be too stereotypical but it had me in
    tears from beginning to end. It’s a great parody of the movie The Purge
    (which I also loved by the way). The story: Carl Black moves his family
    to Beverly Hills thinking there’s no annual purge there (a night where
    anybody can get away with murder); Shout out to Mike Epps, Lil Duval
    and Bresh Webb who are shining in this film! I did not really know Lil
    Duval but his role is hilarious! A lot of comedy legends are also
    appearing: Charlie Murphy, Paul Mooney…even Snoop Dogg is in it!
    Great job for a low-budget and independent film! I recommend anyone who
    wants a good laugh to go see it!

  • The Black MessengerApril 3, 2016Reply

    Worst Movie Ever Don’t Even Bother to See At All. Waist of Money

    The Movie Is So bad. No Acting Plus Mike Tyson is not an Actor . He is
    Just a Hateful person and due to recent comments he made about Boxer
    Manny Pacquiao. We from the Phillipines support our hero Manny. Double
    standard by Tyson. last movie with him featured in it. Due to his Rape
    conviction Tyson is banned to travel to some countries so it is very
    interesting for him to be in this Movies and critique the current
    president. Did Tyson really cared about the feelings of the woman he
    raped. Lets not forget about Mike Tyson who supports Donald Trump and
    Tyson made very bad comments about president Obama to. I wouldn’t pay
    the bootleg guy at the beauty shop $5 for that movie. To bad he didn’t
    retire with Grace and SILENCE.

  • brendanprunierApril 3, 2016Reply

    I loved it.

    The thing some people don’t get about these movies is they’re SUPPOSED
    to be dumb. But that doesn’t make it any less funny. The movie was
    absolutely hilarious. It had me cracking up at many points and as far
    as parody movies go this is probably the best one I’ve ever seen. To
    anyone reading these reviews and see all the negativity, DO.
    NOT.LISTEN. You can’t know how much you’ll like a movie based on
    reviews from people who didn’t like it. It was amazingly funny, and
    definitely worth the money to go see. In fact, I’m going to go see it
    again today. A haunted house, and all the scary movies (well, maybe
    except the first one.) Don’t hold a candle to this movie. The only bad
    thing I have to say is there were a good few points in the movie where
    I was thinking ”PICK UP THE GUN!!” All in all I loved the movie. and id
    urge anyone to ignore IMDb’s rating and go see it yourself. they don’t
    know anything…

  • brain smasherApril 5, 2016Reply

    A monumental P.O.S.

    What a waste of a great cast. I genuinely laughed about 10 times in the
    first 10 minutes of this movie. After that it was all downhill. I
    actually fell asleep 2 or 3 times.

    After this (you wish) nobody should ever again complain about Quentin
    Tarantino’s liberal use of the N-word in his films. To say the N-word
    is gratuitously used in this film does disservice to the word

    I don’t think there was an actual script for this flick. I think the
    producers thought they could put a bunch of pretty good comedians in
    this film and let them riff and watch the money roll in. They did not

    I’d be embarrassed to be credited with having scripted or directed this

  • CoolKid23April 6, 2016Reply

    Tired of people complaining about Parody’s

    At this point if you are still trying to break down a parody movie from
    every angle and inspect it then you are wasting your time. Parody
    movies are literally designed to not be a good movie. The only thing
    it’s for is to make you laugh. Everyone knows this so why every time a
    new one is made people expect more? Honestly these type of movies are
    for people who like to laugh and usually don’t care how it turns out. I
    understand some of you may feel if it’s a theatrical release then it
    should be at least worth the money but it’s very hard to please
    everyone when it comes to music and art and it has always come down to
    a preference thing. I am giving this a 10 out of 10 because it made me
    laugh the whole time and that’s all these movies are made for. I
    expected nothing else from it and I got nothing else from it.There was
    no great story line or amazing actors just good Ole parody humor.

  • Rachael lblakeApril 7, 2016Reply

    Full of xenophobic and racist remarks apparently to be a comic parody.

    Meet the Blacks” is a horror comedy that spoofs the ”Purge” movies. A
    wealthy African-American family moves into an upscale neighborhood in
    Beverly Hills and instantly are subjected to racial discrimination. The
    director lampoons this concept and has the purgers be people the
    protagonist owes money to. Though I found the film sporadically funny,
    I thought it wasn’t really trying at all and instead tried to see how
    hard it could spoof ”Scary Movie.” The humor is scatological and is
    embedded in puerile, inane humor that is so dumb and pointless it
    actually becomes somewhat funny. The script is laughable at best and
    features some of the cheesiest lines I’ve seen. It does everything that
    a horror comedy is supposed to do except have believable acting,
    realistic humor, and a halfway decent plot.


  • erudzitis84April 7, 2016Reply

    Very funny movie

    The folks who think it is dumb, racist, chauvinistic, lots of overused
    clichés, are wrong in my opinion. It is a really fun movie to unwind
    after a hard days work, i recommend it truly, especially to age 16-35,
    older folks would smirk at it, but they love to watch films like
    Mission impossible or James Bond. This is great movie in all. Made me
    smile. Now, in saying that, having seen movies like the purge, resident
    evil, saw movies, meet the parents, walking dead, this movie indeed
    takes a lot from those , that’s why this movie is semi- called a
    parody. Seems similar to scream 2, scream 3, pretty clever graphics for
    a crazy family horror comedy. Was at one point thinking it was set near
    sun, was filmed in a hot weather. In this age of politically correct
    movies and countless re-makes and dynasty franchise blockbusters this
    is a nice departure into the world of silliness and craziness , which
    is a lovely thing and we should rejoice about that fact.

  • lukewallace-94710May 8, 2016Reply

    It’s funny. It’s average.

    It has good actors, a good budget, and is funny throughout.

    It’s good entertainment, it doesn’t deserve a 2.6 IMDb rating which it
    has at the time of this review. It deserves about a 6 at least.

    It’s not a hilarious movie at all, but it would be funny to average
    movie goer.

    If you like funny movies and merely want to be entertained, it should
    give you plenty of that. If you are a film critic, you’re going to
    cringe as you watch this movie.

    That’s because film critics are totally different than average movie

  • subxerogravityMay 15, 2016Reply


    So Meet the blacks is a parody of film, the Purge. Most of the comedy
    that I’m seeing comes from the fact that they are giving the same
    message as the Purge only being a lot more up front about it.

    The Blacks stumbled upon some money and moved from the ghettos of
    Chi-Town to a luxurious space in Beverly Hills, where they thought they
    made it to a social status that made them immune form the annual purge,
    but of course when it begins, guess who all the purgers on the block
    come after. In all fairness, the neighborhood’s dislike of the new
    family lowering their property value is the least of the Blacks’

    It’s works as a look on social commentary the same way the Purge did.
    It also works better if you think of it as a series of sketches on a
    comedy show. Not every sketch is good but I got some laughs from George
    Lopez who played president La Bama ( a Mexican parody of President
    Obama). The great Charlie Murphy who plays the gangster the blacks
    stole money from to movie to Beverly Hills, and Mike Tyson who does not
    need to try hard to be funny.

    Also like to give a shout out to the the gorgeous Latina they got to
    play Step-MILF Mrs. Black. From the moment she came on the screen her
    only job was to be eye candy and she did the job well and excelled.

    I’m taking the movie for what it is. It’s not Scary movie it’s Scary
    movie 5 (which also features Iron Mike). It’s not going to win any
    awards or gain an critical acclaim, but it made me laugh. Job well

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])June 27, 2016Reply

    The biggest problems with this movie were the over used cliché racist jokes & actors didn’t look like the wanted to be in it

    ”Rich people don’t purge.” Carl Black (Epps) has finally found a way
    out of Chicago and his dangerous neighborhood. He and him family movie
    into a huge mansion in a gated community in Beverly Hills. They are
    just settling in when the thing they most feared arrives. The Purge
    exists in the richest city in the country, and they are the only black
    family around. Things can only go bad. This is a strange movie. This is
    not really a spoof in the usual sense. This is really more of a remake
    of The Purge movie done as a comedy instead of a horror. Unlike the
    Scary Movie series it doesn’t take from all other movies. There are
    some funny parts in this but it did seem to drag a little. The two
    biggest problems with this movie however were the over used cliché
    racist jokes. We get it, your black so even when crime is illegal you
    will get caught…very funny. The biggest problem with the movie though
    is that the actors didn’t look like the wanted to be in this. That
    really hurt the comedy due to the fact that you almost felt sorry for
    them. Overall, Some people will enjoy this but as for me the movie was
    only funny in some parts, and only because I saw the original Purge. I
    give this a C.

  • Johnny BanderasJuly 22, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed it

    Man this movie was funny as hell. Anyone that says it isn’t is probably
    a trump supporter. I enjoyed it. It was great to see the cameos that
    they put in there. If you watch black comedies or any black movies, you
    would know all the people in it. 34 years old, I could tell who
    everyone was, even the brother at the end with the glasses. It was a
    good fun movie. Wasn’t demeaning towards white at all. If anything they
    make fun of black people more than anyone. I think it is what this
    country needs, just a good laugh, without everyone trying to oppress
    one another. I hope they make a 2nd one, and I’ll watch that one too.
    its definitely not a 2.3 or whatever its listed as here. there is a
    distinct pattern with black movies or TV shows. Its almost as if an
    organization is purposely ranking them so low, while Meet the Fockers
    enjoys a 9 haha. Its stupid. But that’s to be expected. Anyway, check
    it out. Ad if you don’t want to, oh well who cares? not me.

  • FlashCallahanJuly 25, 2016Reply

    The annual dirge……

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pete MossJuly 25, 2016Reply

    The opposite of real life, The Movie!

    Have you ever seen a movie that represents reality poorly? Ah, well. It
    is a comedy, right?

    I like Mike Epps, but this film might as well have been a cartoon.
    There were a few short laughs; The biggest laugh by far was Mike
    Tyson’s brief role. He had me rolling. The rest of the comedy was based
    on ”stuck in the 1930’s” style racist humor.

    White people are represented as universally villainous and overtly
    racist; Which is supposed to be a joke, but the lines just seem so
    unnatural that there is no way it could sound authentic. Its like
    someone went through the film in post production and tried to ad-lib
    some racist white people from books written a century ago.

    I was mostly disappointed in the comedy, bored by the action, and even
    a great scene with Charlie Murphy couldn’t raise the bar on this film.
    The kids were annoying, the family was deranged, and Mike Epps himself
    seems too old for the sh*t-head gangsta roles he always seems to get.
    Casually dropping the N-bomb while looking disinterested and lanky was
    his main appeal in most films and I think the amusement of that
    character has run it’s course.

    Mike, you can play roles where the character has an IQ over 70, I
    promise! Err…I assume you can.

  • dynamicdizineJuly 30, 2016Reply

    Just a awful film all the way around – One of the least funny movies you’ll watch all year. Watch something else unless you want to waste over and hour of your life!

    Mike epps… with this movie he has proved proved he officially needs
    acting and comedy lessons. His acting is atrocious his ability to
    execute or tell jokes is practically none existent. Th ”movie” itself
    is just a waste of time at best , its boring , its NOT funny at all
    terrible writing , bad casting , some of the worst acting and the
    attempts of comedy relief are painfully bad! Its one of the worst
    movies I’ve watched all year hands down and honestly its probably one
    of the worst films I’ve ever watched…… I wish i could say something
    good about this i really do , But calling this a comedy is a reach let
    alone a movie , its sad that anyone would let themselves be part of
    something they have to know is just a waste of every ones time and
    trash from the beginning. Money means more then quality , standards ,
    being good at what you do and or love , integrity and especially more
    then helping others or making other happy… quite sad from any
    perspective or position in life. i’m only in my 20s and i realize the
    importance of those qualities and how that if even 1 in 5 people
    practiced that in there own life and simply learned to be passionate ,
    do the best you can in every situation , have integrity, care for
    others , and hold ourselves to a higher standard. With that little
    effort this world would be as amazing as it is beautiful an vast!

    Thats My Review – Take Care Everyone & God Bless ,I Hope We ALL Find
    Happiness in not only our personal lives but as a whole!Thats a Dream
    we can all embrace.

  • DakotaTheGamerAugust 2, 2016Reply

    I Thought It Was OK

    I rate it a 6/10 because it was an OK movie it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t
    too good but it is a good re-watch for me i give it that the only parts
    i didn’t like it the movie were like when they didn’t say that many
    funny jokes i only laughed like 3 times thru the whole movie and that’s
    unusual for me but everything good in the movie was that it lives up to
    the name and it lived up to a way the purge was but there wasn’t much
    bad or good but i do think it was OK i would say buy it just don’t buy
    the blu-ray it ain’t that worth it unless it goes down a little bit but
    all and all its and OK movie i think that if you watch it you will
    watch it again.

  • krazykrAugust 6, 2016Reply

    Best comedy of 2016.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Willie TuckerAugust 14, 2016Reply

    Meet the Trash!

    When I first saw the preview for this movie I was like, YES, Mike Epps,
    that dude is hella funny. The movie starts off with funny parts and I’m
    thinking that it would get better, it doesn’t. I like parody movies,
    who doesn’t? But this horrible excuse for a parody is just bad. It
    tries to hard to be something it isn’t and there were maybe only 4
    funny parts. My advice, watch it. I wasted an hour and a half of my
    life and you should to, it’s only fair. If it weren’t for the cameos, I
    might have turned the movie off sooner. I feel like the only reason why
    I continued to watch it was to see when it would get funnier and it
    never did.

  • zardoz-13August 17, 2016Reply

    A Half-Baked ”Purge” Parody

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Goran PoposkiAugust 25, 2016Reply

    Quite predictable, yet still funny-ish

    After watching this film and seeing both sides of the argument. I was
    left (again) on the fence but a little bit to the good side. A pretty
    interesting purge parody movie, about a family moving to Beverly Hills
    during the purge and then getting ransacked.

    Obviously people will argue that this film is ”racist”, as per usual,
    and to some extent it kind of is, and obviously during the purge,
    everyone wants to kill them. But because its a comedy film, we should
    take everything as satire with a pinch of salt. From my point of view,
    its a funny comedy that made me laugh quite a lot, and i see no
    downside apart from the alleged ”racism”. This means, its not for

    But at the end of the day, my words to you are: If your easily
    offended, don’t watch it. If your not, then why not give it a shot?

  • Caleb WhitneyNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Absolutely Horrid

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • melodaDecember 15, 2016Reply

    What a waste

    Well folks, I just wasted two hours of my time and the money to rent
    this stupid movie. Actually thought it would be funny based on a
    friend’s recommendation. It started out okay, but just gets to be all
    the more lame and dull with non-believable action the entire way
    through. I kept waiting for it to get better, only wanting to get my
    money’s-worth; yet just wasted time. Bad acting, bad plot,
    non-adventurous, and just plane lame.

    It’s been a long time since I gave a movie a 1/10. Obviously I’m not
    the only one if the average rating is 3/10. Wish I’d done more
    research. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this garbage.

  • loujackandrandyFebruary 21, 2017Reply

    Didn’t really like it

    Now I don’t usually go for comedies but my boyfriend wanted to watch
    it. I know this movie is supposed to be stupid and funny, but I just
    found it to be stupid and annoying. I mean, I guess it had a few
    moments but they were few. I didn’t really find it funny. But
    everybody’s sense of humor is different.

  • jonathanschultz-87103May 22, 2017Reply

    Incredibly racist

    The most racist boring stupid movie I’ve ever seen. What is with black
    people. Why do they keep segregating themselves and make them look like
    the victims like they aren’t racist. They are the ones holding on to
    racism and won’t let it go. New name for this movie ”Meet the racists”
    Don’t watch. This should of never been made. Waste of time and money

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