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Mega Shark vs. Kolossus

Mega Shark vs. Kolossus

Nature's Deadliest Creature Against Man's Deadliest WeaponJun. 18, 2015 USA90 Min.
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8.5 1,449 votes

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Illeana Douglas isDr. Alison Gray
Dr. Alison Gray
Amy Rider isMoira King
Moira King
Brody Hutzler isJoshua Dane
Joshua Dane
Tara Price isCommander Parker
Commander Parker
Ernest Lee Thomas isAdmiral Titus Perry Jackson
Admiral Titus Perry Jackson
Jeff Hatch isDr. John Bullock
Dr. John Bullock
Milynn Sarley isMilynn - Team Unicorn
Milynn - Team Unicorn


In search of a new energy source, Russia accidentally reawakens the Kolossus – a giant robot doomsday device from the Cold War. At the same time, a new Mega Shark appears, threatening global security.

Mega Shark vs. Kolossus
Mega Shark vs. Kolossus
Mega Shark vs. Kolossus
Original titleMega Shark vs. Kolossus
IMDb Rating2.7 1,028 votes
TMDb Rating4 13 votes

(11) comments

  • Sam Loomis ([email protected])July 7, 2015Reply

    The Best Mega Shark Yet!

    If you’re not down with SyFy Channel creature features, just save us
    both some grief and skip this review. If, however, you love the bargain
    basement Godzilla-style spectacle of The Asylum’s Mega Shark series the
    way I do, rest assured that Mega Shark Vs. Kolossus will leave you
    giddy. It’s a fun and fast-paced affair involving an even bigger,
    smarter, meaner prehistoric shark and an out-of-control Cold War robot
    on a collision course with one another. The cast all has a blast
    playing one ludicrous scene after another with deadly earnestness, the
    monsters are both well-rendered and imbued with more personality than
    they have any right to have on this budget, and the whole thing feels
    like a loving throwback to the Japanese monster movies I used to watch
    on Saturday afternoons as a child. Sure, the fights are too brief and
    the science is laughable. But what the film lacks in credibility and
    budget, it more than makes up for in energy and enthusiasm. Plus, the
    curvy cuties of Team Unicorn are on-hand to amp up the eye candy
    quotient. In all, a highly satisfying piece of direct-to-video schlock.

  • By-TorX-1July 18, 2015Reply

    Nuttily Brilliant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tkmdeloreyJuly 18, 2015Reply

    Typical Asylum studio fare.

    I love the way that Asylum actively promotes recycling by throwing in
    random clips from U.S. Navy stock footage regardless of whether this or
    that particular ship has previously been used in this movie. This one
    has clips of an Iowa-class battleship firing its big guns that I am
    pretty sure were used in American Warships, as well as the mandatory
    sinking of a U.S. aircraft carrier using the same special effect that
    was previously used in American Warships and Age of Ice. We also have
    the obligatory black actor as the senior Naval officer. No problem
    there, but will somebody please tell Asylum that Admirals do not tool
    around in destroyers, and that if you are going to film the Admiral on
    the bridge in open sea, it would be good not to have trees and land
    visible out the non-military window of the bridge they are filming on.
    Three stars for the three drinks you will need to get through this one.

  • Mia Gdowska BMus HonsJuly 20, 2015Reply

    not a financially colossal movie but watchable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GL84July 20, 2015Reply

    Among the best in the franchise

    Following the appearance of another Mega Shark, a CIA Agent and a
    technology mogul team up to take it down only for the sudden
    reawakening of a Cold-War era robot to throw a further complication
    into the battle to stop the deadly creature.

    While this one doesn’t quite manage to make it to the top of the
    franchise this is still a wholly worthwhile entry. As was the case with
    the previous efforts, a lot of this one is due to the massive cheese
    here which is based on the efforts of the shark here getting the most
    amount of screen-time possible here. The majority of this one is spent
    with the military’s attacks trying to cut it down, from the opening
    battle in the mini-subs to the full-scale assault on the open seas and
    finally the creature attacking the fleet with it’s trademark high-
    altitude jumps of it leaping out of the water and taking out the
    destroyers in marvelous action scenes that keep up the spectacle and
    excitement from the rest of the series. As well, the addition of the
    giant robot here manages a great deal of fun by also managing to
    incorporate more land-scenes here with the race to understand it’s
    motives as it rampages through the countryside leaving a great sense of
    destruction behind it, and also giving this one some spectacular early
    fights between the two in all sorts of cheesy spectacle. There’s a lot
    of great fun to be had in the final half as well with the naval battle
    taking place in the inlet that distracts the shark enough to wrestle
    control of the robot during the encounter, the big battle with the Air
    Force in a fine aerial battle that comes off really nicely and the big
    battle at the end that manages to leave both creatures with plenty of
    high-spots since they put together a nicely detailed battle that’s far
    more engaging than expected. These here are enough to hold this off
    from the few small flaws here, with the biggest one again coming from
    the rather weak CGI found throughout this one keeping it from really
    being taken seriously despite the spectacle of the story here. The
    robot’s initial reactivation scene, the big battle with the destroyers
    at sea and the final battle are all way too obvious about their
    qualities despite the fact that there’s a rather exciting series of
    action scenes overplaying during that time, and the fact that there’s
    other times throughout this that aren’t as obvious about the nature of
    the effects really causes those to stand out considerably. As well, the
    film also suffers with the needless subplot about the deranged
    scientist secretly working to gain control over the robot that comes
    out of nowhere, is accomplished with ten minutes to go in the film and
    really feels like an after-thought to get the film up to a respectable
    running time rather than doing anything of any coherent value and logic
    really makes it odd and really distracting. Otherwise, this one had a
    lot more going for it to make it enjoyable enough.

    Rated Unrated/R: Language and Violence.

  • wes-connorsJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Monster Hug?

    Off the coast of Brazil, a conflict erupts between the United States
    and Russia. A submarine, ship and weird helicopter are involved.
    Unfortunately, another ”Mega Shark” is released. The characters thought
    they’d seen the last of them over a year ago, in ”Mega Shark vs Mecha
    Shark” (2014), the best of the four stories in this series, so far.
    Baseball-capped Ernest Thomas (as Admiral Titus Jackson) is peeved.
    Elsewhere, a giant robot called ”Kolossus” is released. A relic from
    the US/USSR Cold War, ”Kolossus” is in a nasty mood. For some
    undecipherable reason, the two monsters meet. Maybe they want to have
    sex – it’s difficult to tell…

    Mr. Thomas makes a wise exit from this disconnected disaster. He was
    likewise smart as ”Raj” on the old TV sitcom ”What’s Happening!!”
    Splitting the leading female star duties are spectacled commander
    Illeana Douglas (as Alison Gray) and tightly-attired agent Amy Rider
    (as Moira King). Mr. Thomas is the granddaughter of golden age
    Hollywood actor Melvyn Douglas. Blond Brody Hutzler (as Joshua Dane)
    has a little fun near the end. Apparently, director Christopher Ray and
    the crew were given a string of Christmas tree bulbs to use for
    lighting. The story makes very little sense and is almost impossible to
    watch with any attention.

    ** Mega Shark vs Kolossus (2015-05-16) Christopher Ray ~ Illeana
    Douglas, Amy Rider, Ernest Thomas, Brody Hutzler

  • Michael_ElliottJuly 28, 2015Reply

    A New Low for the Series

    Mega Shark vs. Kolossus (2015)

    * (out of 4)

    Considering how awful this movie is, I’m not going to spend too much
    time with the plot since we’ve basically got the good ol’ U.S.A. going
    up against Russia, which leads to our giant shark battling a large

    MEGA SHARK VS. KOLOSSUS is the fourth film in the ”Mega Shark” series
    and it’s certainly the worst to date. I say it every time I watch a
    film like this but you really can’t go in expecting anything in terms
    of quality but instead you hope to just find some cheap entertainment.
    Sadly, there really wasn’t anything entertaining here as the entire
    film was a real chore to sit through and at just 90 minutes the thing
    feels three times longer.

    I’m really not sure who thought it was a good idea to have a screenplay
    full of dialogue but it really backfires because this film is simply
    boring from start to end. The worst thing is that we’re given subplots
    dealing with science and politics and it’s just downright awful and
    makes for some horrid melodrama and lame comedy. The CGI effects of the
    two monsters were better than you’d expect but why the two didn’t
    battle more is anyone’s guess. Either way, this is a really bad movie
    that should just be skipped.

  • TheLittleSongbirdAugust 7, 2015Reply

    While one of the better movies in the Mega Shark series, it’s only passable at best

    The Mega Shark movies are the kind that aren’t to be expected much
    from, but even with that in mind I personally didn’t consider either of
    them particularly good, some fun moments, mostly for the
    so-bad-it’s-good value there was, but mostly they were too cheap and
    silly to take it even for what they were. Mega Shark vs Kolossus is one
    of the better movies in the series along with Mecha Shark, but for me
    it was only passable at best.

    While the special effects are usually terrible in the Mega Shark
    movies, and Asylum/SyFy movies in general, they don’t look too bad
    here. The two title monsters are not as cheap as feared and succeed in
    giving their scenes personality. The shark could have looked far worse
    as far as low-budget sharks go, a good amount of detail went into it
    actually, and is actually pretty fiercely menacing, rather than being
    goofy or bringing unintentional humour like most low-budget sharks. The
    kolossus character is imposingly designed and a cool, heroic character,
    the two’s chemistry is great and help make their scenes (of which
    there’s generally not enough, and they’re a little too short)
    watchable. The last act especially is a lot of fun, and makes one wish
    that it came earlier and that the rest of the movie was to its level.
    The scenery is very nice and the underwater scenes are shot well.
    Didn’t think much of the acting on the most part, but Amy Rider did a
    nice job.

    However, the rest of the acting is pretty dire, especially from the
    captain whose actor seems to be channelling Samuel L. Jackson and doing
    so while overacting embarrassingly poorly. Illeana Douglas is also
    somewhat bland. The script is a mess, with the human drama scenes with
    its messy mix of scientific gobbledygook and military jargon struggling
    to make sense and they doesn’t ring true at any time (actually sounding
    made up on the spot), and the humour parts are cheesy and contrived,
    the dialogue being so awkwardly awful it’s cringe-worthy. It also does
    nothing to develop the characters or make them engaging or
    identifiable, they’re little more than walking clichés written in the
    most cardboard way.

    Despite coming to life in the last act, most of the movie’s story is
    tiresomely ridiculous and dull, trying so and too hard to over-the-top
    and fun (even in the serious scenes, that as a result became overheated
    and ham-fisted) that it’s tiring, especially when all the Mega Shark
    movies take that approach (concept-wise there’s not much new either)
    and when you see it so many times with The Asylum/SyFy. The editing
    tends to be haphazard and the movie is lit in a drab way, while the
    direction only shows some personality in the last act but is flat
    everywhere else and the music is at best generic.

    Overall, while one of the better movies in the Mega Shark series it is
    only reasonably passable. 4/10 Bethany Cox

  • Boyd van OosterhoutAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Great! If you take it in the spirit it was made…

    You could try and rate this movie by realism, acting prowess of the
    cast, and the excellence of the story. But that’s like trying to rate
    the Shawshank Redemption by the amount of comedy, and its suitableness
    for kids.

    This is a mega-monster parody.

    It’s the kind of movie you watch with your friends while laughing and
    generally having a good time. And its excellent at that. The movie is
    chock full of action sequences, special effects and interesting twists
    that keep your attention. At the same time, it doesn’t make the mistake
    of taking itself too seriously with the drama and art.

    The acting is not great, but good enough to prevent you from gouging
    your eyes out. The characters are likable clichés from all of your
    favourite movies. And the story makes sense almost half of the time.

    You don’t HAVE to see this movie. But if you’re looking for something
    fun to watch that’s not too heavy; this is as good a choice as any.

  • Leofwine_dracaDecember 14, 2015Reply

    Pitiful addition to the series, despite the cool robot

    This is one of the worst of the Asylum ‘giant monster’ films I’ve
    watched yet. It manages to be a much bigger disappointment than the
    original MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS and also wastes a premise that
    wouldn’t have been out of place in a kaiju flick: a giant shark is once
    again terrorising international waters, and the danger is compounded
    when a giant Russian colossus comes out of the depths to also wreak

    It simply feels like the guys at The Asylum weren’t trying at all with
    this one. The special effects are very poor indeed, particularly the
    underwater stuff, although I admit I did get a kick out of the few
    scenes of the Kolossus walking around and destroying stuff (it goes
    back to my childhood experience with Talos in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS).
    The giant shark stuff is really, really, pitiful and has a hackneyed,
    ‘seen it all’ before feel.

    There aren’t even any recognisable stars in this one, just a bunch of
    bad actors going through the motions. The CGI is horrible, the lighting
    is inefficient, and there’s no gore or violence to speak of. It all
    feels like a half-hearted cartoon and is even worse than comparable
    stuff like BERMUDA TENTACLES – and that’s saying something!

  • Michael O'KeefeAugust 23, 2016Reply

    A new Mega Shark appears.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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