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Mile End

Mile End

Deceive yourself. It works.Mar. 30, 2016 101 Min.
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Paul meets John while he’s out running. A sinister chain of events arouses his suspicions about his new friend. But by then it’s too late – their lives are bound together by a shared fate.

Original titleMile End

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  • Caroline TurnerOctober 16, 2015Reply

    Great film

    This is a great film. It’s such a pleasure to see a film where all the
    elements come together as perfectly as they do in Mile End. Great
    casting – I enjoyed the contrast between the leads: one of them so
    self-contained and desperate to break out of the limiting and mundane
    nine to five world he finds himself trapped within; and the other so
    open and genial on the surface but ultimately looking for a ‘friend’ to
    drag into his murky, dark and dangerous world. Arnold particularly gave
    a convincing and expertly controlled performance as the troubled and
    damaged John. The clever writing created a totally plausible
    relationship between the two of them and the tension built steadily
    throughout keeping me gripped to the end. I loved the photography and
    those big London vistas – good to see the East end for a change. And I
    only jumped out of my seat once! Would definitely recommend this.

  • getmiller-19684November 3, 2015Reply

    Ingenious thriller

    It’s a while since I’ve been genuinely startled during a film – but
    this gripping thriller did just that. The two lead characters are
    beautifully drawn, and I found the development of their relationship
    engrossing. The complex and sinister story line keeps you engaged and
    guessing well beyond the end of the film. We were still discussing
    various plot conundrums long after we arrived home.

    Beautifully shot in East London, this independent film was made on a
    shoe-string budget, but looks like a million dollars! I’m not surprised
    it was nominated for Best Feature at the Raindance Film Festival.
    Highly recommended.

  • vivienwheelerNovember 9, 2015Reply

    Riveting thriller

    An unsettling thriller with some genuinely scary moments that I didn’t
    see coming and had me jumping out of my seat! The acting was excellent,
    the hero a totally believable ordinary bloke of the sort you might work
    with or live next to, placed in a sinister situation which again, you
    could imagine yourself being drawn into unwittingly. The film develops
    an atmosphere of creepiness, claustrophobia and menacing psychological
    dysfunction which is enhanced by contrasting expansive views of the
    London’s riverside, where which much of the action is set. Mark Arnold
    as John is really scary and threatening- he’d make a very good Bond
    villain! There are some surprising twists and a really satisfying

  • Janet HughesJuly 3, 2016Reply

    Beautiful, provocative and gripping

    I loved this film – a gripping story, beautifully told.

    There are some stunning scenes of London and some incredibly poignant
    moments amid the thrill and horror. It’s so lovely to see east London
    shot with such love and care.

    I love the way it leaves some shades of ambiguity and questions that
    stay with you long after you’ve watched it.

    The acting is great, particularly the sinister but somehow still
    sympathetic runner.

    Love it, can’t wait to watch it again.

    Highly recommended!

  • harryroberttrimbleJuly 4, 2016Reply

    Tense and immersive

    Mile End is a atmospheric film. Shot with craft. Edited in a way you
    don’t notice the editing; good.

    The characters feel very real and familiar. I cared what happens to the
    them, which is typical of good storytelling.

    I recognised the ego of Paul, the main character, in myself. This made
    we feel embarrassed and uncomfortable as I saw how Paul treats others
    around him. His fragile confidence and reluctance to accept help are
    very human qualities.

    I couldn’t help but feel involved in the story; partly due to local
    setting. The other the frustrations of Kate.

    After the film finished, I was left with many questions and points of
    discussion. Very much a good thing.

  • gofinbarJuly 26, 2016Reply

    Graham Higgins British Indi Thriller keeps you absorbed throughout.

    Made redundant Paul {Andrew Humes) life is a mess. While out running he
    meets John (Mark Arnold). They strike up an unlikely friendship and
    things seem to take a turn for the good. However, John’s behavior
    becomes erratic even obsessive taking Paul on a more sinister downward
    journey with unexpected results. Higgins brings us a tension that
    simmers just beneath the surface holds our attention. A visually
    thought provoking film with sold performances from the cast makes this
    movie worth your time. Winner Best Feature NYC Independent Film
    festival 2016, Winner Best film Melbourne Indie Film Festival 2016,
    Best UK Feature Raindance Film Festival Nominee 2015. Look forward to
    more from this writer/director.

  • PureLombardiFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    A Marathon of Insanity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sabinecrossenFebruary 10, 2017Reply

    Lovely surprise !

    I saw this film at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in
    Marbella which was a really lovely festival and the screening
    conditions were great, this allowed us to see the films with good sound
    and get a real idea of their quality. And talking about quality I was
    surprised at the quality of Mile End knowing how little the budget had
    been (speaking to director G Higgins). As you watch it it gets better
    and better and pulls you in. The actors are good and the chemistry
    between them works well, suspense builds too. I am looking forward to
    seeing this directors new works and also what will happen when he gets
    a production company and money behind him. Would recommend this film!

  • gcolmanApril 27, 2017Reply

    excellent thriller, looked and sounded great

    I saw this film in a festival recently and thought it was a great
    little British thriller. I can understand why it’s attracted so much
    attention as visually it looks fantastic. the performances were great,
    especially the two male leads. the world was believable and I was
    totally drawn into this original and arresting story. it worked well as
    a tense thriller and there were at several occasions when I literally
    jumped in my seat. and there’s also a few laughs as well. A great film
    and worth checking out.

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