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Miles Between Us

Miles Between Us

Because it's never too late to get to know your father.May. 12, 2017 USA92 Min.
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Andrew Hunt



A father and daughter who have been estranged by divorce for twelve years find themselves on a trip across the country that becomes a more complicated journey than they imagined. It’s a story of pain, hope, healing, and redemption.

Original titleMiles Between Us
IMDb Rating9.2 49 votes

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  • Aaron MyersNovember 1, 2016Reply

    A Reason to Support Independent Films

    This film represents the very best in Twin Cities’ independent
    filmmaking. I attended the premiere of Miles Between Us at the Twin
    Cities Film Festival with my 12-year-old son. We both loved this film.
    The writing and acting are so beautiful. Typically, movies that focus
    on divorce lean on a crutch of clich├ęs and, inevitably, a vast
    over-simplification of the emotional fallout that exists for both
    parents and children. Not this film. Scott Peterson’s screenplay offers
    a touching but unflinching portrait of divorce and its aftermath,
    displaying a sensitivity and emotional nuance that has escaped so many
    lesser films.

    This is fundamentally a redemption story, a story that is alternately
    spiritual and hilarious, and a story that treats its subject matter and
    its characters with the respect and the rich complexity they deserve.
    The film is wonderfully acted, with Dariush Moslemi and Anna Stranz in
    the lead roles, hitting all the right notes and doing justice to this

    This is a wonderful, touching film that represents the very best of
    independent filmmaking.

  • craigmccourtNovember 16, 2016Reply

    A Road Trip Worth Taking

    If I didn’t know that this was an independently produced film, I would
    not have known this was an independently produced film. This is the
    second project by the awesome team at ii Films. The visual storytelling
    was well done and first rate, worthy of the big screen on which I saw
    this film.

    The story line is captivating, and all to realistic in our culture
    today. In a world of broken families and relationships it is good to
    know that there is hope. This story of restoration and renewal is not a
    Pollyanna, ”all they needed was to spend ten minutes in prayer and all
    will be well.” This story is the real story of struggle and heartache
    and the scars that run deep in a child’s life.

    The two main characters were portrayed by Dariush Moslemi and Anna
    Stranz, who I’ll be honest, I never heard of but their portrayal was
    compelling. It did amazing justice to the story and I know I will see
    them again!

    I so enjoyed this movie and I can’t wait to take others to see it with

  • sherrythurstonApril 2, 2017Reply

    All around good movie

    This was an excellent movie with many subtle messages. As any parent
    knows, once our children become adults it’s never easy and a lot of
    well intended messages can get lost in translation. This movie
    addressed some of those moments and really let you have moments when
    you were in the adult child’s shoes as well as the parents. Would
    recommend this to anyone ! Would even make a great movie for children
    not quite old enough to be moved out on their own. Could create some
    good post movie discussions.

  • CamApril 18, 2017Reply

    Excellent example of how God works

    This movie was excellent, my daughter and I cried tears of joy. God has
    such a way of doing things, and this movie is an example. I enjoyed
    every moment that captured how God works in mysterious ways. If you
    know someone who is an unbeliever, this is an excellent movie to take
    them to see. This may be just the movie that leads them to Christ.

  • furocaMay 22, 2017Reply

    I don’t like dramas, but this one is well worth watching.

    Generally I do not like dramas.

    However, this was one of the best I have seen.

    It was an excellent portrayal of the non-existent relationship between
    a father and daughter and their struggles to understand each other’s
    motives and feelings.

    Great movie.

  • flixchatter-34259May 24, 2017Reply

    A well-crafted, well-acted & inspiring Minnesota-made indie drama

    The fact that I didn’t grow up without a father, this film certainly
    resonated with me quite a bit. Interesting too that the father
    character, Scott Dauer, is a film producer, just like my late dad was
    who was a screenwriter. The relationship of father and daughter (played
    by Dariush Moslemi and Anna Stranz, respectively) is pretty compelling,
    starting out testy but they slowly bond as they spend more time with
    each other.

    The dialog feels natural, peppered with comic moments as well as
    profound spiritual conversations that is organic to the story. I
    enjoyed the performances from both leads. There’s humor and touching
    moments, which makes the road trip far from boring. The only part that
    I find a bit awkward is the scenes between the daughter and a film star
    her dad’s pursuing for his film. Overall though, it’s a well- crafted
    and well-acted Minnesota-made indie drama that should appeal to teens,
    families and the faithful communities. Props to writer/producer Scott
    Peterson and director Andrew Hunt, it’s a lovely little story of pain,
    hope, healing, and redemption.

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