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Mr. Donkey

Mr. Donkey

Oct. 28, 2016 111 Min.
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8.7 1,305 votes

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From the same team that brought you “Goodbye Mr Loser” comes the hilarious dark comedy “Mr Donkey”. In order to pay for the donkey that brings them water, a countryside village registers it as a teacher at its local school. But when the charity group that funds the school visits for an inspection, the village has to find ways to hide their secret.

Original title驴得水
TMDb Rating7.3 4 votes

(3) comments

  • yaoxiaomingOctober 28, 2016Reply

    After this joke, don’t cry

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • otto-huApril 11, 2017Reply

    Great story

    This movie tells a story about four teachers from the city each with
    some personality defects, came to a rural/desert place to run an
    elementary school. They started with selfless dreams to help educating
    the next generation in the rural area, but they have done something for
    their own interests and they have to cover up for it.

    This is definitely one of the better Chinese films. Who ever is reading
    this, You’re considered lucky to even know this film, since numerous of
    great Chinese films are missed out outside of China.

    It’s a tragedy that is facede’d with comedy that makes you think deep.
    The story reflects deeply on the worst parts of humanity, greed, lust,
    hate, corruption, social discrimination etc.

    Although it is a play-like, comedy-ish movie, the story feels very real
    and there are deep meanings behind a lot of the shots. It’s overall
    very well written and fine directed. The directors are considered new
    to movie and the film is sometimes too much like a play, which is
    probably the main critic I have for it. Definitely worth your time

  • wittsssApril 16, 2017Reply

    Some Backgrounds for You before Watch the Film

    This is a tragedy of a 1940’s Chinese feminist. And much more than

    Since the English subtitles are trash, and lack of some key info. To
    help to understand this film better, here are some backgrounds you
    should know:

    The story happened in mountainous China in the 1940s. When Chinese
    suffered from the Japan’s invasion in WWII, in this undeveloped little
    village far away from the war, a group of idealists who share a dream
    of ”educating every children in the rural China (like NCLB)” of whom
    each has their own problems back in the city, founded a primary school.
    They soon find themselves face a series of ethical dilemmas and suffer
    the consequences of the choices they’ve made. Lies between their campus
    and the nearest water source is an over 10 kilometers treacherous
    mountain road. A black donkey named ”lv de shui” is essential for them
    to get enough water for drinking and domestic usage. The title of this
    film, Lv De Shui, in Chinese means the water-fetching donkey, which is
    the name of the donkey.

    But the school’s budget proposal for keeping the donkey is denied by
    the government. So they create a fake person named ”Lv De Shui”,to be
    school’s English teacher, and use that freeloading money to cover their
    cost on the donkey. And one day, an official from the Ministry of
    Education came to inspect Mr. Lv De Shui, their English teacher…

    OK, that’s as far as i can go without giving you any spoilers.

    This film gives you a stage-play feeling in cinematography and editing.
    The acting is quite convincing and genuine. And hats off to the
    cinematographer, Mr. Jong Lin. The color use in the film is bold yet
    beautiful. And the theme song, I love it.

    This is an ambitious film in which the directors try to raise some
    questions, Like, does the ends justify the means? if yes, how far is
    too far? Where should we draw the line? If not, should we just stop and
    do nothing? Or are those who do nothing better than those who are
    willing to do anything? Or do we have the right to judge? Or in
    general, are we entitled to judge others life choices at all?

    Like, which is more awful? Set a very high moral standard and can’t
    keep it or simply set a low one?

    Like, how easily people are to submit when facing violence or power.

    Like, how far your act of righteousness can go when the act itself will
    cost you financially and physically?

    Like, how hurtful it could be of labeling people.

    But for me personally, I think it’s about being truthful and brave, be
    truthful to yourself and be brave to stand up for yourself.

    Watch it, you’ll like it.

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