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MSG the Warrior: Lion Heart

MSG the Warrior: Lion Heart

Oct. 07, 2016 India120 Min.
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The story is about medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land and the dignity of the womenfolk. The story travels centuries apart as he emerges in another role as a modern Indian equivalent of James Bond, a stylish top secret agent. The marauding aliens run amok, as they are hundreds of years ahead in technology. LionHeart is their only stumbling block in their march to overpower Planet Earth. Will LionHeart manage with his primitive weapons, or will he surrender. There is romance apart from action and high drama and finally, an amazing twist in the tale!!

Original titleMSG the Warrior: Lion Heart

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  • Atul AnejaOctober 6, 2016Reply

    amazing movie

    Just watched it. And feeling spectacular ,really the entire team work
    very hard and result is visible in the movie .there are many
    goose-bumping moments. The fight scenes just leave you stunned & will
    make you wonder that you are witnessing Hollywood theater in your own
    language! This shows that Indian cinematography has come out of its
    leap and it setting benchmark worldwide. There is never a dull moment
    in this 118-minutes long epic fantasy. Very Well written story with a
    lot of messages, these kind of movies can change mentality of peoples,
    we have seen how thoughts of a de-motivated farmer changed and
    protected him from suicide, a full family picture with lots of fun,
    entertainment, actions and rocking music.

  • mmiglaniOctober 6, 2016Reply

    Must watch movie

    A great actor representing weapons and high profile techniques to beat
    evils of society. Two different roles played by the hero, both are
    really motivational. A warrior of 300 years back named as Sher Dil(Lion
    Heart in Indian Language) and a fighter of today’s world Lion Heart
    both beats action and techniques of James Bond.Now any action will be
    known by Sher Dil or lion heart not by James bond. full of
    entertainment. must watch movie. I have seen first time this type of
    movie that a single person has performed 3 different characters with
    such superiority.Even all stunts have been performed by the actor
    himself, no stuntman has been hired for this.

  • gopisureshkumarOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Like a warrioer story

    In a spectacular event attended by 30-40 lac Fans and Media persons,
    Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan unveiled the second song
    ”Sona mera mishri di daliye” from his upcoming Movie MSG The Warrior
    Lion Heart, during a congregation held in Sirsa. The Rockstar Saint
    made a grand entry in an ATV, clad as the Warrior from the Movie MSG
    The Warrior Lion Heart, taking Film Promotion to another level.It’s
    raining records for Lion heart, even before release. MSG fans lit 1.5
    Lac Oil lamps with ghee to create a world record of its kind. This
    surpasses the previous effort by a major national daily where they had
    lit 21075 lamps. Saint Dr. MSG said that it was a custom to purify the
    environment thus and our culture was full of such practices that were
    not just celebrations but also majorly useful to kill germs spreading
    diseases. Two helicams filming the event created some fantastic

  • labhsinghnainOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Excellent Efforts By BABA Ji , Must Watch this Family Entertaining Movie

    As BABA Brought This Movie With The Title MSG LionHeart Same things he
    has Shown in His Movie. He as a warrior Who Protects Woman and his
    mother land From the Alien attack. He used himself as a Warrior Lion
    Heart , Brave Heart Because He Takes Steps To Fight with Aliens who
    used Upper latest Technology . BABA ji Has Shown A safe and healthy
    entertainment between the relationship of husband and wife. He Kept in
    mind Today’s environment of violence and disrespect in our country to
    get ponder over these discrimination in society , This story line fits
    To attract Youths. It is Fully Family Entertaining Movie, Morale
    Increasing Dialogue, Fully Inspirational For youth who is Misguided by
    Obscene used in other movie . I must say the step BABA Ji has taken to
    give Social Message packed with entertainment is unspeakable. He is
    thinking Of New Generation , I think Bollywood Also follow This Man For
    Story Line So That Our Country can Get Growth And Development
    easily.the whole message I can’t describe you but shortly I tried . A
    new Message For Farmers By Using Beats Of Songs Shona Mera is Superb
    Song, picturesque Excellently πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • SandeepOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Worth to watch for India’s very owned Historical Super Hero-Sherdil

    I intentionally wants to watch ”MSG the Warrior”,due to historical
    concept, and before narrating more further let me clear you that i am
    not insane or any typical i am like you.

    coming back to movie, Sherdil Film starts with a Hope that in near
    future we will also have our Indian James Bond series in the form if
    ”LionHeart” who is more technological advance than our fictional Mr.
    Bond.Still thinking about the conversion of bike into carry case then
    to Laptop.better for world if this technology can developed.

    Story Line:- Sherdil Character played by Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
    insan is a Warrior who dates back 400 years ago and his only motive to
    fight for his nation and also to save pride and respect of all women in
    his country.beautifully written and well connected with today age.
    writer here give special cares about education to society via movie
    which is prime focus of Gurmeet ram rahim ji. and this story is well
    connected to Mahabharata time too.and also Writers give special care to
    Indian Culture, movie provided by Gurmeet ram rahim ji is full of
    cultural messages and this time he came up with ”Raksha bandahn” and
    introduce us ”Rajasthani culture”. so all in all good mix of
    Technology,Culture,fight,social message. dialogue are

    Acting:-Sherdil is power pack character which need a confident voice
    and hunky physique to balance Sherdil attire and Kudos to SGRRI who
    manage this is never felt that this is only 3rd movie from
    SGRRI, he roared like a lion in it,supporting actors also give justice
    to their roles,However that junior Character called ”Shambhu” should
    also given some dialogue.

    Choreography also drag me in the same area,perfect,one thing is
    promised in MSG series of movies that their accurateness and vibrant
    screenplay is also OK.

    VFX team behind Sherdil is done good job, but some more thing is
    expected if your are talking about elephants and war
    scenes should be more digitized and designed.

    Songs-Oly 2 songs there and both are power packed.

    So finally all the best to ”Team Sherdil”/ they showed us perfect
    example of courage,family love and support.and thanks for providing us
    our new Super Hero called”Sherdil”

  • deepakkashyap-44485October 7, 2016Reply

    Good Entertainment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mahakinsan02October 7, 2016Reply

    Overall it’s a money worthy movie,and a family Film.

    Just saw this amazing movie- MSG The Warrior Lion Heart,just as it’s
    interesting name,movie too. You can call it as a movie with a different
    concept showing some Welfare works and Social Duty with the mixture of
    Action and Drama. As far as I conclude, The main motive or Message this
    movie forecast is For Women Empowerment. Even the Title song of the
    movie defines it as, ‘SherDil’. Movie shows some modern techniques of
    Action In form of a special agent, ‘Lion Heart’, and also show some
    special skills of sword fights as a Warrior, ‘SherDil’. Not only action
    but movie has got some Great story of an ancient warrior,whose main
    motive is to protect women and his country from some alien characters.
    Not only the Lead Hero, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh but 2 girls with
    him,playing the role of his sister has also done some brilliant work.
    Am sure you gonna love the sword fights skills of those girls. Lastly
    we can say MSG The Warrior Lion Heart a worth money movie,you can see
    with Your family. Children gonna Love this movie For sure.

  • simransinglaOctober 7, 2016Reply

    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart – fully entertaining family movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gopiparthajayOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Movie makes a change in society.

    the lead character of MSG The Warrior Lionheart preaches us. As story
    flows, Sherdil whirls his sword, and fights against injustice and the
    evils who try to play with the dignity of mothers and sisters. When we
    look into the eyes of the past, say 2013, who would have thought that a
    spiritual Guru, clad in a white dress, would conquer the Bollywood with
    his Rockstar avatar, catchy dialogues and deep-dyed gumption to
    transform the society? There were endless movies and songs promoting
    liquor, drugs and vulgarity, pushing the youth into reckless actions,
    but none of them ever tried to come up with a clean entertainment. From
    that experience, he resolved to undertake something more resolute and
    youth-Kendrick and that was how the idea of a film was born.

    Media, TV and cinema are a few powerful mediums that can deliver a
    strong message among the masses. TV channels are broadcasting lewdness,
    the media is busy selling sex-boosters and movies are advocating vile
    deeds. Movies have been an inspiration for youth, thousands of movies
    are made every year, but how many of them dare to make a positive
    change in the society?

  • Rajat GuptaOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Wonderful Movie full of entertainment – A Must Watch

    MSG The Warrior – Lion Heart is story of a warrior who fought for
    dignity of women and with aliens to save his motherland. This is the
    first Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan will be seen in a
    character in triple role unlike his previous 2 movies where he played
    role of a Guru. The way direction of movie is done is superb. Its
    larger than life sets with optimum use of VFX with good story line keep
    you glued to screen for the entire 2 hours. I like the way movie runs
    in the flashback where Lion Heart plays the character of Sherdil. He
    even has a family who always support him for his love for country. The
    music of the movie is quite melodious and clearly depicts the Indian
    Culture. Movie also give social message that every man should become
    warrior to save women dignity rather than indulging in anti-social
    activities. One message is for farmers also that inspires them not to
    go for suicide but to do hard work in fields. Overall you will find
    plenty of healthy entertainment.

  • saloni radha guptaOctober 7, 2016Reply

    A must watch! Dn’t miss it!

    I’m writing this review on the way back to my home after watching
    MSG-Lion Heart. And from the core of my heart, I dn’t want to go back!
    It was such a wonderful movie captivated me all the way long for 2
    hours! The movie starts with the scene of a very high tech secret agent
    ”Lion Heart”..and the secret agent..literally took my breaths
    dashing..gorgeous and enticing he looks..I was in awe of him. His
    weapons..his style..his smile..his everything was absolutely
    mesmerizing! His style of fighting..and then travelling through
    medieval time zones captures the interest and binds the audience. The
    story is full of suspense and a soothing mix of tradition and
    technology. The BFX effects sometimes will elevate you to Eden. The
    music is kinda touching and mellifluous. The lyrics portrays so many
    social messages. The screenplay is in its best form. The most appealing
    thing in the movie is the divine and angelic persona of the actor in
    his all three roles..yesss…three roles! Lion Heart..Sherdil and a
    ancestor saint. In all the three roles Dr Gurmeet did justice and acted
    as a very experienced artist. The dresses of Sherdil will take your
    heart away…very royal..very classy! You definitely won’t be able to
    blink your eyes even for a second while watching this film. The fight
    scenes seems real. Over all, this movie is full paisa wasool! You will
    never get bored of watching it time and again.

  • gopiparthsinghOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Amazing Movie

    As the agency gets Intel that aliens are planning to invade the planet,
    Lionheart realizes that the aliens had invaded the planet 300 years ago
    too, after which the entire film goes into flashback and Lionheart
    tells his friends the story about how Sherdil, an army commander of an
    ancient kingdom, who looks exactly like Lionheart, saved the planet
    from aliens. The entire movie is practically about Sherdil’s quest to
    save the planet.

    One of the most hilarious aspects of the movie is that Lionheart and
    his friends can actually see the flashback like the audience watching
    the movie. When the flashback starts and we see Sherdil for the first
    time, Lionheart (who is narrating in the background) This movie will
    among humanity will spread a sense of happiness and people realize
    about the ancient truth.

  • parikshubamOctober 7, 2016Reply

    awesome and unique movie

    This Movie is a great effort by the concerned people like hero,
    unbelievable acting by him, crew members, deft and vision of director,
    script writing all that was awesome. I have never seen this type of
    movie like ancient Indian and and this was totally new idea and story.
    Yes, also includes messages like to dedicate farmers to do hard work
    and produce grains with their hard work. Because it is the right time
    to direct farmers to stop committing suicides in India which is very
    serious problem in India. The dialogues are so great and full of
    enthusiasm and spoken with full power and energy which touched my
    heart. Story is very heart touching. A family Movie which can be seen
    with your family. MSG Warrior LION HEART is real a story of lion heart.
    The song ‘Dhol Baje’ and ‘sohna mera mishri’ are so good in beats and
    lyrics. Shows a message how a Man is Man if he saved the Females from
    eve teasing So then he is called SHERDIL. Wonderful movie.

  • rahulbathlaOctober 7, 2016Reply

    awesome movie

    what a nice movie! not just a ordinary movie but having lots of
    inspirational messages for youth to do better in their lives. the story
    runs around a warrior(sherdil)who fights with aliens for his motherland
    and for dignity of also contains a much needed messages for
    farmer suicide as this is one of the major problems of India these days
    the lion heart is good combination of social drama action direction and
    full of drama in this movie we saw a great personality of hero which is
    very touchy.he played a wonderful role of social reformer. if you have
    not watch this movie just go and watch it. it will give you lots of
    goose bumps so go and enjoy it.

  • anumalikaOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Well Directed Movie

    Director has really crafted a beautiful piece of work that will be
    remembered for’s a perfect balance of action and great
    character moments.Character development is not sacrificed for more
    actions like so many other films of its like.There are many moments of
    the film that make you realize this is more than just your typical
    fantasy film moments that transcend film making and have a profound
    effect on you. Instead this movie inspires you that anything is
    achievable but you have to have determination and discipline to do it.
    I will definitely praise all the time these kind of movies, because
    these movies entertains you, give you awesome times, full credit of
    your money and true justice with the messages.

  • mittal-ashu1October 7, 2016Reply

    Unique story with good VFX

    The movie has a great and a unique story and very good VFX effects.
    Movie is full of entertainment, suspense and drama. Also, there the
    movie is based on some historic true events and giving some messages to
    society as well. In all, it is good to watch the Lion Heart. Guruji
    playing multiple roles with very different acting that makes him a
    superb actor.

    The movie gives you enthusiasm and has a great and a unique story and
    very good VFX effects.Movie is full of entertainment, suspense and
    drama. Also, there the movie is based on some historic true events and
    giving some messages to society as well. In all, it is good to watch
    the Lion Heart. Guruji playing multiple roles with very different
    acting that makes him a superb actor.

  • asquareatulOctober 7, 2016Reply

    It Deserves Word Great in Praise

    Wonderful movie given total output of time and money spent on it, its a
    combination of good messages within creativity of well written script.
    Farmer suicide is a very critical problem of India, that is represented
    in its sweet beat song also, and one other song which is having
    powerful music that is for full entertainment, its music compel you to
    dance definitely, but when you will hear its lyrics properly, you will
    find the message to protect female of your society from evils and to
    fight for self respect of every women of the society. This thing will
    impact definitely on every young human being.Acting of this hero is
    very real and pure which is shown by every stunt and action of this
    movie, now I got to know that he is a saint who is hero of movie

  • arpitkalpdevOctober 7, 2016Reply

    MSG is real a ”LIONHEART”……!!!!!!

    ”When was the last time when you saw a blockbuster that was impeccably
    executed and simultaneously thought provoking , audacious and being
    entertaining and fun?”

    Then this film is must to watch. From the creators of ”MSG-The
    messenger” and ”MSG-2” they have arrived again with their Sci-Fi
    Entertainment ”MSG- The Warrior”.

    I have seen the actor Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim before this in his
    MSG-movie series in those movies he’s working as a social Reformer, but
    this time he has come as a mythological Warrior, and have say that the
    way he has portrayed the role very beautifully.

    Gurmeet Ram Rahim has blurs screen and reality so artfully that MSG-The
    Warrior may well be a masterpiece masquerading as the end of the
    summer’s blockbuster.

    in last I would say, the movie is spellbinding nearly indescribable and
    the indication that Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim has made the best movie
    MSG-The Warrior is awesome ,you are not watching it you are
    experiencing that time. you can’t take your eyes from the extraordinary
    things in it

  • gopiajaykumariOctober 7, 2016Reply

    The magical warrioer

    Dr. MSG also shared some unbelievable facts and many behind-the-scenes
    incidents.Real stunts, Talented daughters.Revealing some insights into
    the Movie, MSG said that all stunts were done without duplicates. Fight
    sequences of his daughters HoneyPreet Insan and CharanPreet Insan also
    garnered accolades from fightmaster Abbas Ali. Honey Preet Insan is
    also the co-director along with Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji
    Insan.His daughter Honeypreet said that her father’s exceptional talent
    made things easy as it was not only his mind blowing acting but also
    his keen memory of the dialogues of the co-actors. Initially, she was
    very hesitant and scared to direct but Saint Dr.MSG boosted her with
    the following words, ”Look you are the daughter of a Lion like father,
    so you are a Lion, too.” From that point on, thing became really
    simple, she said.

  • sidmehulOctober 7, 2016Reply

    nice movie

    Awesome movie! The film has a lot of heart.It makes you feel good after
    watching it. The film is vastly entertaining, a delight for the eyes
    with dazzling special effects and even has some dialogue that does just
    rise above its hackneyed origins. The acting is adequate all around

    This tells the tale of aliens attacking earth and one warrior(sherdil)
    brought the weapons of ancient India to destroy the invading aliens.
    The acting is decent. The effects are amazing especially when the
    building was blown up. Overall this is an excellent film.the entire
    team has done a great work which can be seen in the movie.if you have
    not watch this movie just go and watch it and enjoy ourselves.

  • shubham-arora0377October 7, 2016Reply

    Must watch

    I must say this movie got Amazing Storyline

    The plus point of this movie is that it is a completely Family Movie
    The reason why I am preferring you to watch this movie is that it is
    Full action packed

    This will entertain you to The peak The Songs are quite good Very
    energetic voice of the singer There is Not even a single a reason to
    avoid this movie I prefer you all to watch and enjoy The movie Also
    highlights the true Indian culture It also contains Beautiful and
    inspiring messages for the youth I am the admirer of Indian cinema So
    for me this movie is a gift to me So again must watch with your family

  • aneja-85862October 7, 2016Reply

    Wow Movie

    Wow what a movie! It is one of the best movies of the past couple of
    years. This movie is a totally spectacular has some of the
    most amazing fight scenes in movie history. The word spectacular isn’t
    good enough to describe it. It is breathtaking,epic and emotional
    involving. If you haven’t watch this just go and watch now. It shows
    the pure Love of a family, the love shown is not carrying any vulgarity
    and nudity, it represents how a warrior fights for women of society and
    train his own sisters too, to fight against evils. And the most amazing
    thing hero is carrying a thought to fight for every known and unknown
    women of his own society, not for his own family only.

  • insankgOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Story of the Real Warrior of Indian Soil

    It is a movie which really give an insight about the warriors of Indian
    Soil. Indian historian have talked about such warriors which is their
    literature too.VFX will definitely attract to watch it once and again
    because the perfection in the quality work is amazing. It is very clear
    on the silver screen that DOP has put a lot of efforts to do his best.
    A must watch. The experience of the Dr. MSG is visible in 118
    minutes.The team of MSG is coming more brushed up. If you have interest
    in Power, Humanity, History, Life Style, Lif Long Learning, decency in
    life, discipline in life it is a movie must to watch for you. Complete
    family movie where no sexual appeal, absence material is produced.

  • gopichandsinghOctober 7, 2016Reply

    True warriore against social evils

    Cinema for social good. While the message part is important in all
    films made by Saint Dr. MSG, he said that this film is a thorough
    entertainer where one never realizes when the sugar coated quinine goes
    through and changes the youth. Dr. MSG will donate his share of
    earnings from MSG The Warrior Lion Heart for the plant stem cell and
    tissue culture research. MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is about a medieval
    Warrior who fights aliens from outer space, to protect the dignity of
    womenfolk and his mother – land. Traversing across centuries, the
    warrior gains his powers from our ancient times, which was a rich
    treasure of spirituality & divine powers

  • gopikartarideviOctober 7, 2016Reply

    MSG like Angel warrior

    The MSG movie which was a rich treasure of spirituality & divine
    powers.The Movie comes with many messages one of them being striving
    for the dignity of women and aims to promote positivism in the youth
    and save farmers from suicidal tendencies. MSG The Warrior Lion Heart
    releases on October 7th. While the message part is important in all
    films made by Saint Dr. MSG, he said that this film is a thorough
    entertainer where one never realizes when the sugar coated quinine goes
    through and changes the youth. He said that 15 hour long meditation
    sessions had caused loss of abdominal wall tone, while he had natural
    six packs to start with, but he did not foresee a problem getting back
    to his previous self.

  • sushilmaanOctober 7, 2016Reply

    full on entertainment

    MSG the warrior is a awesome movie to watch.Although there was much
    reliance on computer visualization .it is well balanced by emotional
    acting.Too many potentially good films are spoils by substituting
    acting for over indulgence in special effects.this is an art that the
    producers and directors of this film had exactly right . I hope that
    the success of this movie will herald a new era in film making of
    classical is giving beautiful message to our society to
    suppressing girl because of evil thoughts instead encourage them as
    they can achieve anything if they have determination If you have not
    watch this movie just go and will encourage you to do better
    in your life

  • gopiraghubirsinghOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Full Blast movie

    Dr. MSG initiated the Event, singing to the beats of his extremely
    popular songs and no one could help but shake a leg. The songs were
    performed from a variety of different genres with soulful mastery of
    each one, throwing the fans into a tizzy.It is interesting to note,
    that Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has handled every
    department in MSG The Warrior Lion Heart ,right from creative director,
    sound designer, prop designer, script writer, Music Director, Casting
    Director and what not! In a press conference as part of Lion Heart
    Promotion, fans were treated to some amazing behind-the-scenes shots of
    this upcoming Movie. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has
    been seen guiding every single activity, a total of 30 departments,
    with exceptional ease.

  • Yudhvir-Singh-AhlawatOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Saint Ram Rahim at his best!! Must Watch!!

    MSG The Warrior LionHeart is a story of a warrior who fights for the
    honor of his land and the dignity of the women. The story start with
    Indian secret agent LionHeart fighting against terrorists, later the
    face huge problem of aliens from 4-5 different planets attacking them
    at same time. LionHeart tells them that it’s not happening for the
    first time and shares his 300 year old experience when he fought these
    aliens for the first time as Sherdil.

    Storyline is impressive and original, Saint Ram Rahim is at his best!
    Interval is at perfect timing, everyone will be left wondering what
    will happen next. Saint Ram Rahim is playing three roles in the movie:
    Sherdil, LionHeart and old Guru (soul). Sherdil is an ancient Rajput
    warrior and a farmer having wife and kids. Lionheart is a modern Indian
    agent having hi tech gadgets. Movie is fully entertaining, you’ll enjoy
    it for sure.

    What’s Good: -Saint Ram Rahim looking like a real hero for the first
    time, he’s fit and removed arm hair. -Saint Ram Rahim acting very well,
    dialogue delivery is really great. -Storyline is impressive and
    original. -Stunts are different. -Shows our rich Indian culture.
    -Emotional scenes are quite good. -Beautiful sets in such low budget,
    you will love the chariot, weapons and many other objects. -Music is
    damn good, it’s catchy. -Great Social Messages along with
    entertainment. -Sweetluck (Sherdil’s Daughter) and Charanpreet
    (Sherdil’s Sister) performed very well. -Direction was quite good
    knowing it’s the first film of Honeypreet Insan as a director.
    -Different voices and different looks of Ram Rahim will leave you

    What’s Not: -VFX is not impressive at all, it’s childish. But VFX team
    is new having no professional training. -Actors other than the three
    mentioned above are not up to the mark. -There are many unnecessary
    scenes in second half of the movie. -Length of second half could have
    been reduced by 30min making movie even better.

    Our Ratings: Story: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 10/10, Music: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 10/10,
    Direction, editing and screenplay: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† 8/10, Star Performances:
    β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† 9/10, Overall: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† 9/10.

    Final Verdict: Worth watching one time in theater!! You will have fun
    watching it with friends and family. Kids will love it. Adults may be
    seen pointing out VFX mistakes but Kids will fully enjoy it.

  • gopiparthanjuOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Great action -Adventure Movie

    Positive point of the movie-

    The movie has good inspiring facts. Good buzz in rural areas. People
    surely going to watch it in good numbers because of Gurmeet Ram Rahim
    Singh. MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Movie Verdict: MSG The Warrior Lion
    Heart Movie has a great power to change the word . The superb look of
    Sherdil is really breathtaking.MSG The Warrior Lion Heart movie is a
    revolutionary. This movie will set milestone in the reformation of
    society.MSG The Warrior Lion Heart movie is a revolutionary.Movies have
    been an inspiration for youth, but how many movies from the past decade
    brought a social message within? Since Bollywood is all about
    commercial cinema and making molars, it is hard to imagine a filmmaker
    spending money for a social message. A commercial movie is supposed to
    entertain its viewers with three hours of entertainment, some singing,
    dancing, action and comedy. But wait, it seems Saint Ram Rahim, has
    found a way to mix a great potpourri of entertainment while weaving a
    social message into the fabric of storytelling. While everyone is
    consumed in their vested interests, Saint Ram Rahim Singh takes us to a
    parallel world of selfless love, compassion, empathy and unflinching
    bravery, where Humanity is a religion. It seems like a battle between
    good and evil has begun and the battleground is big screen. Movie
    Review: MSG The Warrior Lionheart Roars Evils Skedaddle , MSG The
    Warrior Lionheart movie review Hindi, MSG The Warrior Lionheart teaser
    trailer can be downloaded in HD quality. MSG Online Gurukul teaser
    trailer will be launch , released and download in January. Saint
    Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda Comedy will make a comedy movie
    Jattu Engineer in 2017. Lionheart Ijjat Ka Rakhwala Sherdil Varsha hai
    aayi mishri di daliye song mp3 download, MSG Online Gurukul mp3
    download, MSG The Warrior Lionheart mp3 songs downlaod here. How to
    book online tickets of MSG The Warrior Lionheart on bookmyshow, ohm
    cine garden show timings in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Meerut, Panipat,
    Hisar and Mahi cinema online booking.

  • gopiparthduggalOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Fabulous Movie

    The film has all kinds Dr.MSG play the role of 30, who plays the film
    has been shown in which a father and daughter duo have daughter plays
    the honeypreetInsan. Guruji’s acting is very strong. This film has very
    good messages on any day, God is just and right, he made the night and
    the day is good

    Nowadays he is not getting fair prices for farmers is drowning and
    suicide as the enormity of the debt to be a satire on the farmers and
    the debt can overcome the hard way how these social reformer who plays
    One mighty warrior who is the master of what is known as Lion Heart
    alien stake their lives to protect the mother and sisters feel. This
    approach will act as a social reformer and the film nudity and
    vulgarity in the film is not at all. The film is a family drama with
    action and entertainment fulfil. The film will of course in society as
    a reformer.

  • casantoshgoelOctober 7, 2016Reply

    The Movie MSG The Warrior LionHeart is about a medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land & dignity of womenfolk.

    The Movie is an excellent and MUST watch. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim
    Singh Ji has tried to bring back our moral values and true culture
    through this movie. The film shows our rich heritage. We should respect
    womenfolk. HE is a TRUE SOCIAL REFORMER who shall definitely bring the
    positive side of cinemas. The purpose of the movie is to bring the
    youth to the right path and direction. It is full of entertainment,
    action and above all a message for the society. The music is too good.
    Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has performed triple roles in the
    film and approximately twenty five roles behind the camera. He is a
    versatile superhuman. Direction by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji
    along with daughter Honey Preet is just amazing. I definitely liked the
    movie a lot.

  • bindukaleOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Lion heart Warrior is epic movie .

    I saw this epic movie in the morning.Superb experience : huge
    screen,excellent sound,an extraordinary Dolby.The whole effects are
    mind blowing. this is must seen movie,fully innovative with unique
    story line.I have found drama, action, entertainment in same ratio in
    this movie. Many social messages hidden behind the entertainment and if
    these are practically applied in the life, can bring positive changes
    and achievements in anyone’s life. Dr MSG has brought up spiritual
    lessons in such an interesting manner. every bit of Technology in this
    movie serves the greater purpose of deeply felt.

    As director, writer, actor, composer, lyricist, Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim
    deserves high praise for ”Lion heart Warrior” the masterpiece creation.
    My personal opinion is it will break all box office records, I
    thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

  • knarinder-67761October 7, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie

    The movie MSG the Warrior Lion Heart is directed by ‘Baap beti ki jodi’
    (Dr.Gurmeet Ram rahim insan & Honeypreet Insan).The starting part of
    the movie was very nice. In starting part, the scenes of character
    ‘Lion Heart’s activities are very attractive & it’s very technical
    views, i liked it. Theme of the film is very genuine & amazing.Movie is
    spreading a lot of positive messages which i liked so much.The film
    star Gurmeet Ram rahim plays 3 major roles in this movie ,this is very
    tough job, but he plays very well. Besides, The theme music of movie
    also very attractive & touching. Specially songs of this movie ‘Dhol
    baaje’ & ‘Mishri di daliye’ are very melodious & very meaningful. The
    look of aliens in movie are very different from other movies. Moreover,
    stunts are amazing. Specially, end of movie was very perfect. Overalls,
    i liked it so much . i rated this with 10 stars as excellent movie.

  • babusinghOctober 7, 2016Reply


    amazing! MSG-lion heart is such a great movie.i have seen first time
    that a single person performed different characters with such a
    superiority i do not believe that a saint can be a great singer,actor
    and director.entire team work hard in movie production.i did not want
    to watch movie but my friend forced me for the movie.and when i saw
    movie and saint gurmeet ram rahim singh insan .i was just
    spell-bound.he has a resplendent face.i was just watching
    also give an over-view on farmers the end i want to say that
    this is a great movie full of entertainment,authentic and a family should have to watch this movie at least one time.

  • rahejavaidehiOctober 7, 2016Reply

    spill, thrill & chill experience

    i just came out from cinema, watched the first day first show of MSG
    THE WARRIOR- LION HEART at GLITZ cinema in Yamuna Nagar. the movie
    started early morning at 8:45 am. i have never seen a huge crowd like
    this ever before in Yamuna Nagar for a movie that too early morning.
    all age groups were in crowd. the graphic sequence are ultimate, its
    awesome. its very difficult to distinguish graphics from reality. Songs
    those are pictured in a spectacular way. MSG THE WARRIOR- LION HEART is
    going to make history in the Indian cinema. Saint MSG once again gonna
    rock in the Indian theater as well as in the foreign theater where
    superstars fans assemble to witness his extraordinary acting with his
    attractive style.

  • (setiarohan)October 7, 2016Reply

    great movie

    Wow and amazing are so small words after watching this movie, how this
    kind of creative idea of writing script came in mind of them. It is
    really an inspirational movie for youth of today to avoid eve teasing
    and to help every girl and women of our society for protection from all
    bad things happening with them. Hats off and amazed to watch a script
    written by a social reformer who is a spiritual leader as well. Now
    going to be fan of them, I want to meet them in real life too. Fan of
    their voice too, that solid voice during powerful dialogues and that
    sweet voice during songs of movie.also special effects are amazing
    especially huge waterfall, splitting of water of sea. overall great
    movie go and watch it

  • dhruvinsan ([email protected])October 7, 2016Reply

    MSG the warrior lion heart is great movie

    what a great movie never seen in my life superb action and drama and
    what a direction by Dr. MSG and his daughter Honeypreet what a great
    songs and what a music never hear what a sound and i am waiting for 2nd
    part and i definitely go to watch it many time i liked it very much
    outstanding movie and what a great story and also have social message i
    shall use some word about it that a perfect combination of learning and
    entertainment Dr. MSG do so hard work in this movie it is complete
    package of entertainment and Superb script ,technically
    sound,motivational movie don’t miss the chance yo watch such a
    fantastic movie… costumes are too good only movie u can watch with
    any one a family movie made by Dr. MSG. I am so happy to watch it and
    wants to watch it again and again and it shows many great thing in it
    like Scientific technology has become vast in 21st century. That’s why
    DR. MSG represent Hi-tech weapons in movie. Which shows the development
    and hard work of our country and Dr. MSG has done 30 Works in this
    movie ..first time in history of film industry . Each movement has
    Enjoyable. Pure Entertaining movie without any vulgarities Spellbound
    and he do 3 role in this movie who is soul every one must watch it on
    your near cinema halls

  • bupvejaOctober 7, 2016Reply


    Great movieΒ…Β….. If you have not seen this movie then go and watch it
    soon as soon as possible as it is not just a movie about medieval
    times, it has everything that a real movie should have. Great work on
    story writing, script writing, dialogues, costume designing, deft of
    director etc. Actor has played 3 different characters alone.
    Entertainment full on, fight, love story everything. Without any
    content of vulgarity. I will definitely watch again when I will get
    time again, Wonderful Movie.Amazing! MSG Lion Heart is such a great
    movie. I have seen first time this type of movie that a single person
    has performed 3 different characters with such superiority. Even all
    stunts have been performed by the actor himself, no stuntman has been
    hired for this.

  • wadhwavanshOctober 7, 2016Reply

    great movie related to medieval times of India

    That’s great movie I have never seen before. The Character of the Hero
    is beyond my expectations. Wow A great message in the song to save the
    girls from eve-teasing has been delivered. There is a great message to
    the farmers also that they have the power to get diamonds from the
    earth with their hard work and power of productivity. Awesome Movie,
    must watch movie and full of enjoy. Beautiful music and lyrics when I
    was listening to the song ”Sohna mera Mishri di Daliye” I was feeling
    that I was on the cloud nine and was in the heaven of divine music. The
    story is about medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land
    and the dignity of the womenfolk. The story travels centuries apart as
    he emerges in another role as a modern Indian equivalent of James Bond,
    a stylish top secret agent.

  • nareshshaanOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Msg the warrior lion heart

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gopiparthsinghduggalOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Fantastic Movie

    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Review:Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Most Awaited
    Movie MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Released This Friday. The Film Story
    Plot Revolves Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh As a warrior who seeks to
    establish the respect of women in society, Lion Heart or Sherdil
    travels across historic time zones and merges the future with the past.
    This movie is the third installment to the MSG series.The movie will be
    released on 7th October in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English
    languages. So Before Going To Movie Check Out Here MSG The Warrior Lion
    Heart Review Rating Public Talk. MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart Movie
    Review & Story Plot The story of MSG: The Warrior Β– Lion Heart is the
    brave story of a medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land
    and the dignity of the womenfolk. The story time travels centuries
    apart as he emerges in another role as a modern Indian equivalent of
    James Bond, a stylish top secret agent. The Warrior tackles the aliens
    going hundreds of years ahead in technology. Lionheart is the ultimate
    hero who is the only stumbling block in their march to overpower the
    planet Earth. Now the plot is all about whether LionHeart will manage
    with his primitive weapons,

  • sgurdaatOctober 8, 2016Reply

    A Big Hit

    Watched the movie today. It is full of action ,drama and good messages.
    The action scenes in the movie are beyond imagination. The main reason
    to like this movie this much is its simplicity. This is a completely
    family movie. You can go in the cinema and just watch this with your
    kids or mother. This is big plus point this movie over the other
    releases. This is full action packed movie. I never such stunts ever
    before. This movie is full of positive thoughts showing how a true
    warrior fights the evil for the pride of his nation and women. So I
    prefer you to watch this movie and get yourself fulfilled with positive
    energy. Talking about the story this is really nice story. The movie
    shows how a warrior travel through times to get the weapons to fight
    the aliens.

  • Payal SachdevaOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Great Experience

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nk-09478October 8, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie

    This movie is a very positive movie according to the story. In starting
    part of movie character’Lion Heart'( Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan)
    looking very young. The stunts at the starting in movie is awesome.
    Technically presentation of weapons used by ‘Lion Heart’ was fantastic.
    All the characters plays their role very well. Dressing sense both of
    ‘Sher Dil’ ‘Lion Heart’ (Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan) in movie very
    different and i think it was very perfect selection. The term ‘Dhan
    Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ used in movie was a magical. Theme of the
    movie is very clear & positive. Movie included many creative things &
    also sets of movie were amazing. Scene of crossing the river was very
    special & attractive. Besides, movie spreading the positive messages to
    youth,farmers & for the daughters of the nation. Honestly, this is a
    very positive and excellent movie. Music and songs of the movie are
    very melodious. Overalls ,i rated this movie with 10.

  • Rohit Kumar KanhaiyaOctober 8, 2016Reply

    LionHeart Roars in Theatres with Patriotism & Rocking Entertainment

    Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji’s third bollywood movie ”MSG The
    Warrior: LionHeart” released this Friday, 07 Oct 16 which enthralled
    its viewers with rocking entertainment. It has an absolutely novel
    storyline. A film set in history; the Hero also turns up as a modern
    day James Bond avatar and also travels back in time to get the powers
    to fight futuristic aliens which makes it a unique creation.

    The movie is a total entertainer. In a fun way kids will imbibe the
    values that parents struggle to teach them. The family watches together
    without worrying about double meaning dialogues or needless nudity

    It gives men the lesson they have needed for millennia, protect women
    and not exploit them. Apart from that it has a powerful anti-suicide
    message for the farmers. Above all, it is a transformative film that
    charges viewers to Arise, Go Forth and Conquer their demons and slay

    Thus, its a fully satisfied movie with pure entertainment.

  • amitnvsOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Very Good Movie

    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is a fantastic movie. The role played by
    Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is very impressive. The work
    is all the characters is too good specially Sher Dhil. I can say it is
    a complete family movie. Every thing is there in this movie like
    Entertrainment, Music, Dance, Dialogues, Motivation, Learning, Full of
    Action etc. This is an Oscar Deserving Movie. This is a movie which you
    can see after sitting along with your family not similar to the other
    bollywood movies. Guru G is a social reformer. In this movie also, he
    has motivated that everybody should do meditation. By meditation, you
    can get success in every field. Because from meditation, everybody
    gains self confidence. I will see this movie again and again and will
    further say other people that they watch this movie more and more.
    There is a fresh entertainment in this movie. Guru G is about 49 years
    of age. But in this movie, he looks like of 25 years of age. Dhan Dhan
    Satguru tera Hi Aasra.

  • paramvirsingh-05850October 8, 2016Reply

    Please don’t waste money

    worst movie i have ever watched .the person don’t know even A of the
    ACTING. why to torture the audience. Where is the story.Director
    producer everything is baba g. showoff. Don’t go for the movie. better
    watch himmatwala at home rather then this. Then the supporter were
    vending tickets for free. worse then worse movie.baba g stop torturing
    people with acting. even worse is your singing. even i feel motivated
    for singing after listening you.we pray for the mercy.don’t kill us
    with your acting.i mean who fight with alien with arrows.and the aliens
    are too idiot who wear the lights on their cloths.and then the super
    cop comes and the raw agent.why don’t you guys can put up a good

  • hariyakshmehtaOctober 8, 2016Reply

    The crappiest Movie of the Decade

    Watch this film only if you are so drowned in a pool of guilt that you
    want to slowly torture yourself to painful death. This is by no
    farthest stretches of imagination, a film but it is rather a propaganda
    for the so called self styled ”God Man” in the film, who plays the
    director, lead actor (Duh) and 30 other credits which roll before the
    film even begins. It’s actually a warning like Mukesh used to give for
    anti-tobacco campaign. Need less to say, the baba has portrayed himself
    as an all rounder, with all power imaginable and who can shoot UFOs out
    of the sky with just bow and arrow (In his defense the aliens were but
    a bunch of idiots with LEDs fixed in their suits and a funny head gear)
    It is a waste of time, energy, money and possibly any metric you can

  • cdharmOctober 8, 2016Reply

    A must watch movie

    Incredible story line totally different from the world showing how a
    warrior fights for his nation woman folk. Doing this he also travels
    through to get secret hidden weapons which he uses to fight aliens. The
    weapons used in the movie are outstanding. I loved the Lion Heart
    character. There are massive action scenes in the movie. I think
    everybody should adopt this vulgarity free concept shown in this movie.
    So you can watch any movie with or without your own family. Talking
    about the actions that was a totally new stuff. Mind blowing actions.
    The climax was also very thrilling. Who knows what will happen in the
    next part of movie that is quite a suspense.

  • Nitin RajputOctober 8, 2016Reply

    MSG the warrior, Sign of Future king of Bollywood

    This time MSG is back as a warrior called Lion Heart aka Sherdil and
    it’s for the first time as an character(not as a Guru). And I am amazed
    to see the way he has honed his acting skills i.e. dialogue delivery is
    nothing less than a lion’s roar, looking more dashing, more fit,
    costumes and weapons too are perfectly designed. VFX is not up to the
    mark, it would have been better but as whole VFX team is trainee, few
    faults can be ignored. This time too Baba has introduced all non filmy
    background faces and most of them are doing justice to their roles.
    Storyline is catchy and contains all required flavors a good story
    needs. Sets are huge, both of the songs are ear living and inspiring as
    well. Baba has tried to give messages as true manhood is in to save
    dignity of women and motherland, each day is lucky for righteous tasks.
    Chances are there to work on fight action scenes. Debut director
    Honeypreet has done a marvelous job. Overall I would say MSG the
    warrior is a not to be missed movie and the way Baba is upgrading the
    quality of movie making, day is not far when cinema tycoons will break
    their silence on appreciating his wonderful efforts.

  • Ridan InsanOctober 9, 2016Reply

    MSG The Warrior

    In quench of my thirst of a good social movie, I met Lionheart at a
    Theatre. From the very beginning (excluding Ramayana, Mahabharta & Shri
    Krishna), I was extremely against movies, serials etc. Since mostly
    people follow the negative role very easily but forget the role of good
    deeds and just take entertainment. No doubt, there are few movies that
    are based on some social reform themes but end up pursuing box office
    collection. Others made just to entertain. Last year, I saw MSG – The
    Messenger made by the same stakeholders. The movies had a lot of scope
    of improvement in terms of technical, direction etc. however, left long
    lasting impact on the lives of millions. Then came, MSG2 which also
    carried message of social reforms with more improvement like getting
    married in childhood, eating animal types of food and living like wild
    life etc. MSG- the Warrior came with following ingredients for every
    viewer: 1. Enhancement of Imagination in terms of science based logical
    spiritual philosophy 2. Depicting our great ancient culture 3. Very
    decent and natural relationship 4. Covering Politics, Science,
    Technology, Philosophy, Spiritualism, Bravery, Mind & Matter
    Phenomenon, humanity & many more precisely 5. Contemporary to different
    era 6. Entertainment with social message imbibing our values 7. Message
    on Farmer’s Suicide & bad effects of non- vegetarianism I personally
    believe that movie covers enough to remove the hindrance of our
    intellect elevation caused by conditioning done during our upbringing
    and inspire us to increase the spectrum of imagination Β– thinking
    beyond the box. In nutshell, it’s full family entertaining,
    educational, inspiring & motivational must watch movie recommended for
    all age group entertainment, knowledge seekers.

  • reetbnslOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Astonishing compact

    MSG the Warrior: Lion Heart, is one of the outstanding movie with an
    amazing entry of Dr. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh G as a Lion Heart to
    defend the kids from the trap of devils. Its just stupendous to watch
    with such an ease he did this act.just like as other well trained
    professionals. Obviously as like earlier movies this movie is also with
    a great message and the hidden message behind the movie is that the aim
    of o true man should be , ” Protecting the women , instead of
    assaulting them.” This movie is focused on the Hi-technology of our
    ancestors. It has been proved in the movie that in the earlier times
    there was also a high tech instruments were available. Our country is
    not Hi-tech in present only as well as in the past it was also.The
    movie also inspiring and motivating farmers to do hard-work And beauty
    of movie lies in its script, person belongs to all age groups can watch
    the movie together and enjoy it.

  • KarnikaOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Movie with lots of messages

    Today I watched the movie MSG the Warrior: Lion Heart and I want to
    share my views regarding movie- the movie starts with the great entry
    of guru ji, in the very first scene he shows the glimpses of his
    bravery and saves the children from aliens. In the movie guru ji taught
    everyone that we should not follow the superstitious believes such as
    ”this day will good for work and this will not ”. He gave the world the
    message of altruism as he distributes all his awarded money to the poor
    people just to help them. Guru ji tells that the soil of our country is
    very fertile and things we get from it are more valuable than jewels
    and pearls. Guru ji also tells that girls are not less than anyone they
    can also do anything they want. The movie is full of a lot of messages
    and action. Totally an awesome movie it is. One can watch it with
    family and can learn a lot.

  • mirwaiskOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Worst movie

    worst movie i have ever watched .the person don’t know even A of the
    ACTING. why to torture the audience. Where is the story.Director
    producer everything is baba g. showoff. Don’t go for the movie. better
    watch himmatwala at home rather then this. Then the supporter were
    vending tickets for free. worse then worse movie.baba g stop torturing
    people with acting. even worse is your singing. even i feel motivated
    for singing after listening you.we pray for the mercy.don’t kill us
    with your acting.i mean who fight with alien with arrows.and the aliens
    are too idiot who wear the lights on their cloths.and then the super
    cop comes and the raw agent.why don’t you guys can put up a good

  • Neha RajdevOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Novel and Unique Concept

    MSG- The warrior lion Heart is a movie based on the story of a great
    warrior, who was named as SHERDIL 300 years ago and now in modern era
    He starts using technology and is equipped with amazing weapons. Best
    entry part. Just loved it. Full entertainment package. I loved the
    confidence level of SHERDIL shown in the movie. Superb actions, totally
    thrilled movie. Its too entertaining that you would be surprised 2
    hours passed like a blink of eye. I would suggest that every one should
    watch it. You will definitely get motivated and will feel enthusiastic.
    I loved the direction, dialogues and songs of the movie very much.
    Salute to Baba Ji who has given this movie to the society. Thanks for
    giving positive and energetic stuff.The song ”Dhol Baaje” is too
    enthusiastic that when you listen it, feet tapping automatically get
    started. Lovely. The second song ”Sohna mera mishri di daliye” in which
    the farmer life is described and pictured in a very beautiful way. I am
    not the follower of Baba Ji but as a Hero and as a character I like his

  • Rakesh KumarOctober 9, 2016Reply

    MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart is a must watch

    MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart is an epic movie. This movie brings a lot
    of thrill, emotions and actions to the table. The storyline is
    perfectly scripted in such a way that one can enjoy it thoroughly. This
    movie depicts the cultural values India as a country possess. The
    characters were all awesome and the director did an amazing job to
    introduce them all almost instantly and get right into the action. I
    was amazed and thrilled by the way the Lion Heart (The Main Character)
    rescues the children from the abductors in the first scene of the
    movie. Some say the movie lets you down in the next half an hour but I
    believe that was a ploy by the director as the most part of the movie
    runs in flashback. The nailbiting stunts performed by Saint Dr. Gurmeet
    Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan are exceptional. The director deserves an
    appreciation the way ”Sherdil”, the main character has been portrayed
    in the flashback. The use of VFX technology is at its best in this
    movie. ”What Next” is what I had in my mind at the time of interval.
    Rarely, one does feel that the break time is not required in Hindi
    Cinema and this happens to be one such occasion. Second half starts
    with a roller- coaster ride of ”Sherdil” and his journey to gain his
    powers. You see all the efforts that the technicians have put in this
    movie. While there are not many numbers, ”Varsha Ha Aaayi” has to be
    one of the best picturised songs in Hindi cinema. The background music
    of the movie will keep you glued to your seats.

    Some scenes of the movie will entertain you for a long time. My
    personal favourite is when ”Sherdil” along with his warriors starts the
    journey to fight against evil powers. The movie locations and sets look
    real and the flashback scenes have been superbly picturised. Honeypreet
    Insan as a director really has a long a way to go, someone in her very
    first movie, she seems to have put in extraordinary effort. ”The Baap
    Beti ki Jodi” as stated in the beginning, has really worked. This movie
    is far Β– far away from vulgarity and profanity. I would surely
    recommend this movie to my family and friends. I am utterly satisfied
    with a Hindi movie after a long time. Well done makers! Hard work
    always pays off.

  • pretishkOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Utter Crap

    It is utter crap of the highest order. One can just tell it by seeing
    the trailer. Just watching the trailer I felt like crying. Give me my
    precious time back !!!

    I honestly would suggest that you not waste your time and money
    watching this crap. Gurmeet Singh stars, produces, directs, designs
    this movie.

    He is under the impression that he is some kind of superhero. Trash of
    the highest order would be a better description to be honest.

    How people can watch such crap and give good reviews about it boggles
    the mind. It just goes to show the common sense is unfortunately not
    very common.

  • Sheenu InsanOctober 9, 2016Reply

    MSG The Lion Heart Heart

    MSG- the warrior lion heart is not just a movie nowadays it has become
    the society reformer . I had never seen such type of wonderful movie
    till now. It is the first its type of movie that is giving the awesome
    messages and methods those if once applied the picture of the society
    will differ from the present.If I talk about the picture story it’s all
    unique . it contains suspense , thriller . technology vise in the movie
    they’re the top level VFX work has been done that we had never seen any
    of the Bollywood movies. The star cast of the movie seems experienced
    and fully trained in their field.I got surprised that some of the
    actors of movie first time faced the cameras really amazed to
    know.About the designing of dresses all are awesome in their color
    combination , in their style . Songs of the movie are really
    motivational. Movie contains two songs one is Title song i.e ”sherdil”
    and second one is ”Vrsha”. Both the song are differ in their lyrics and
    music. As sherdil is a heart blasting celebration and the varsha is a
    sweet form of celebration. In the movie baba gurmeet ram rahim Ji
    playing triple role. The one is young dashing modern Lion heart ,
    second is the fighting master a brave heart soldier sherdil and the
    third one is a ancient guru. These three characters are totally
    opposite to each other but baba Ji did it so easily with wonderful
    grace and dedication that one get confused to recognize is the same
    person or three different persons. I have listened that baba Ji did 30
    tasks in the movie and got the Guinness world’s such a honour
    for we all Indians.All the other characters of the movie did stunning
    act.Dialogues of the movie are awesome theirs a lot of punches those
    creates humor in the story . a lot of the things remembered me the old
    culture of ours.a no. Of weapons are shown in the movie. At the end the
    only thing I want to say is this movie is a complete package of
    entertainment bap-beti ki jodi did a mindblowing job that gonna make
    their movie the if not yet seen the movie run and book
    your seats now for the entertainment package.

  • mgaug ([email protected])October 9, 2016Reply

    MSG-The Warrior Lion Heart movie –directed by (BAAP BETI KI JODI) is Blockbuster movie

    What do you want to see in a Blockbuster movie -Action,
    Entertainment,dancing, singing, comedy then this MSG-The warrior Lion
    Heart is a flawless, impeccable movie which has blended all these
    sources of Entertainment with social message. This is reason that Govt.
    of Haryana and Rajasthan releases tax free in their respective states.
    Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim has smartly chosen Movie a way of communicating
    empathy, selfless love, bravery and Humanity as religion which is
    unique and brilliant in itself. Sensational screenplay, music, stunts
    will make you crazy and excited. This is full power packed
    Entertainment must watch movie.

  • nkumar-33378October 9, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie

    The movie MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is the entertaining movie with lot
    of positive messages. It’s very rare and different movie than the other
    movies. Dr. Gumeet Ram ji plays his 3 roles in movie very well. He is a
    very active & smart actor, director, set designer. etc…& many more..
    The role of LION HEART’S Sisters in the movie was very strong and
    attractive. This movie is real motivation to the farmers as well as
    young generation of our country. The role of ‘Sher dil’ was also very
    interesting & so nice. He is very brave and real guardian of the
    daughters of the nation in movie. Theme of the movie was just wonderful
    & motivational. The scene of fighting was amazing.’Mishri’ song is my
    favourite song in this movie. Overalls, music is very touching.

  • Nagra DisneyOctober 9, 2016Reply

    An Epic as well as The movie with The Royal Outlook!

    ”MSG The Warrior LionHeart” as the name suggests ,its the story about
    an ancient warrior who fights with the aliens to protect the respect of
    the women of The Earth by capturing whom the aliens want to increase
    their progeny & build their empire on The Earth. ”Sherdil” Yes! That’s
    the name of the warrior who outmanoeuvres his enemies through his smart
    tactics & fighting skills. There are many instances in the movie which
    would capture your eyes. The one of my favorite is ,when the ocean
    splits in to two halves to give way to Sherdil & his army. The flowing
    ocean while Sherdil surpasses it , the view is amazing!Pleasant to the
    eyes. The movie takes you to the times(300 yrs ago) where your eyes
    will experience a Royal Scenario. The royal backgrounds & costumes are
    heart captivating. The movie also revives our traditional values. Oh
    Yes! How can I forget about the music & the melodies which are so
    soothing to your ears. While ”Sohna mera mishri di daliye” will take
    you to another world,the other one ”Dhol Baaje” will compel your feet
    to dance on the beats. Although the movie lags behind a little in terms
    of technicalities but as the first step towards the world of animation
    the movie MSG The Warrior Lion Heart has done quite a good job. Like
    other movies of The MSG series ,this movie also contain multiple social
    messages. After analyzing everything I would say ”MSG The Warrior
    LionHeart” worth to give a shot at least once!

  • Prince MittalOctober 10, 2016Reply

    A complete thriller movie

    Absolutely magnificent , Dr.MSG made this movie a treat to watch. From
    the beginning of the movie everyone must have understand that their
    heart gonna stop for a few moments and they will be on their feet for
    most of the time. I am not going to tell you the story line of the
    movie as I am quite sure that everyone is eager to watch this. Let me
    talk about the movie song first . They are absolutely melodious songs,
    more you listen to them more you tend to love them. There are lot of
    message for the youth of this world the important one is that one
    should respect woman and fight for woman safety. This is a complete
    family movie you can watch this with your parents also. Go and enjoy
    the movie.

  • Vijay ShankarOctober 10, 2016Reply

    Utter monstrosity

    This is one of those rare movies which make you wish that you could
    give a rating of less than 1 star… I can’t think of too many worse
    than this piece of utter garbage… There is no logical plot, there is
    no production value, there are no performances worth mentioning, the
    songs are horrible…there is absolutely nothing in this movie to even
    begin justifying making such a movie… I watched this movie after a
    dare from a friend…I’m starting to think this friend doesn’t really
    like me now…

    Please ignore the large number of positive reviews you see
    here…unless you want to kill someone and get away with it… If you
    wanna do that you can get them to watch this…

  • nk-32466October 10, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie

    Name of this movie is very attractive. Story of this movie also very
    wonderful. At the starting, LION HEART’s role is different & just in
    new look. Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim plays his 3 roles very well in this
    movie. Then the story begins with previously 300 years. The character
    Sher-Dil’s look very nice. Mainly, the presentation of this movie is
    very nice. The mid-parts & fighting scenes were included the new things
    & some new stunts. Moreover, theme of the movie is so positive. The
    role of stars honeypreet & charanpreet, kainat was very well. Music of
    the movie very soulful according to lyrics. Specifically, scene of
    crossing the sea was fantastic. Beat song ‘dhol baaje’ is very
    energetic song. Theme music is also very melodious. Overalls, i rated
    this movie with 10 stars.

  • Natish kumarOctober 11, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie must watch

    Movie MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is superb movie. Theme of the movie is
    very meaningful. Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is the main star of this movie
    in as 3 roles. First of all ,the role of Lion Heart is very technical.
    The role of Sher-dil is also very different. 3rd the role of an old man
    whose guide sher-dil. Moreover, the music of the movie is awesome.
    Emotional scenes of this movie was wonderful with presentation.
    Sher-dil’s look was very attractive. There are 2 songs in this movie.
    Both of the songs are amazing. ‘Dhol baaje’ is the one of best beat
    song & ‘mishri di daliye’ is melodious song. Movie is spreading very
    positive messages to the youth & society. I think Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim
    insan is real hero.

  • Navya AroraOctober 11, 2016Reply

    Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji selected a unique way for bringing positive changes in society.

    Unlike other flicks, this movie has something unique, entertaining and
    interesting as theme of movie is not only meant for mere Entertainment
    or money making but for social cause and includes Suicide, women’s
    disrespect like key issues. Today women are becoming victims of rape,
    acid attacks etc , vulgarity in recent flicks is also a main reason
    behind these acts. This movie is well depicting message to respect
    women if you are warrior as cowards only disrespect women. Fight for
    women’s respect and motherland’s honour. This message is beautifully
    weaved with wonderful songs, stunts, incredible VFX, graphics and
    interesting story. Simply full entertaining must watch family movie.

  • dineshkumarcivilOctober 11, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mannu raniOctober 11, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed a lot and advise everyone to watch it

    MSG – The warrior Lionheart guides and inspires Youth to understand
    True purpose of Life and work for the integrity of Motherland and
    respect women. This movie is full of Entertainment with a mix of
    eye-catching stunts, mellifluous music, wonderful storyline, incredible
    VFX and colourful graphics. Dresses, sets and Hi- tech weapons are most
    wonderful and center of attraction. MSG has directed movie so well with
    His Co-director daughter Honey preet clearly visible by crowd, craze ,
    excitement and claps in movie Hall. Over and above this is must watch
    movie for all aged people. I usually don’t watch movies as they leave a
    false impression of Heroism on my mind every time . Lewdness, vulgarity
    is being advocated by movies and degrade moral values whom soever watch
    them. MSG is a making movies with a clear vision to curb drugs and rape
    like menace by choosing this unprecedented route of movie. Amazing
    music composition, splendid background elements, stunts, gusto acts
    etc. All these deserving 10 out 10 in movie and I recommend others to
    watch this with family once.

  • ([email protected])October 14, 2016Reply

    Real pathway for youth

    This movie is really amazing.This is complete packet of entertainment
    and great knowledge.I want to explain it briefly: πŸ”―Youth can increase
    their will power by following this movie.

    πŸ”―One more really great message is about days that not even a single day
    is bad.all days are good to start any work.

    πŸ”―A message really touched to my heart is that if You are a real men
    then this is your duty to save girl or women’s genocidal.

    πŸ”―Live for your country.fight for your nation’s honor.

    πŸ”―Which high technology weapons showing in lion heart movie,we can use
    them to finish up terrorism

    πŸ”―MSG made perfect combination of social message and entertainment in
    song ”sohna mera mishri di dali ae”.

    At the end,i want to say that everybody should watch this movie and
    gain collection of great knowledge.

  • ManuOctober 14, 2016Reply

    This movie gives us a lot of messages

    Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan who is a multi talented
    person directed a great movie MSG The Warrior LionHeart which
    represents a story of 300 years ago young brave boy who fights for the
    sake of women and to save the earth from aliens.Guru G played three
    roles in this movie which were very attractive and fabulous.Guru G
    killed youth with LionHeart stunts and motivated youth to save earth
    with Sherdil Dialogs and the third role of ancestor was amazing.The
    songs sung by Guru G in this movie are melodious.Its really very
    interesting movie.I must say everyone should watch it once.It gives us
    great messages.Its a complete entertaining family movie.

  • shahbaz_mansahiaOctober 14, 2016Reply

    Good if treated as comedy or satire

    The movie was absolutely awful. I’ve seen MSG 1 by the same guy, after
    watching it, I feel that love story 2050 was a masterpiece as it didn’t
    insult my intelligence. This movie is so awful in fact, that it makes
    me question the whole censor board committee in India; I mean, they
    caused such a stir about Udta Punjab but exposed the Indian populace to
    this? This movie is such a bad piece of work, that I wouldn’t even show
    it to my friends as a cruel joke. The sheer stupidity of this movie
    actually amuses me, as they manage to make the movie even more stupider
    every time they make a new movie. I wonder where PETA is now, when
    animals are being tortured by being even remotely associated with
    this… I dunno what to call it since it is most certainly not a movie
    in any way. Stupid plot, stupid casting choices, lack of content or a
    proper plot, awful songs along with the the most idiotic choice for
    playing the lead.

  • fashionhangoutsOctober 14, 2016Reply


    In this movie, I liked the apparels the most. Each n every costume of
    every character in the movie was just fabulous. After watching whole
    movie, I came to know that all costumes have been designed by Dr. MSG
    Himself. Amazing!!! Moreover, it was totally wondering that MSG Baba
    have performed 30 roles off screen, Like, Set Designing, script
    writing, directing etc.etc. Applaudable! All sets of whole movie were
    perfect. I am just thinking where the shooting of whole movie have been
    done? Because sets are so beautifully designed that it makes everyone
    think that how and in what time these have been made. As it seems that
    minimum 1 month is required for every set for being prepared. But whole
    movie has been completed in just 25 days. Totally surprising fact! Hats
    off to Dr. MSG for such ravishing and superlative stuff.

  • meenajain-06188October 14, 2016Reply

    Great high technique movie showing traditional culture having great social message

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kajalOctober 15, 2016Reply

    Amazing movie with great social messages & to fight for dignity of women & nation.

    The movie is about our culture. I think it is the first ever made movie
    which shows our culture is so rich not only it shows to respect others
    but also gives a knowledge how should we live in our family and which
    kind of behavior we should have. It keeps people away from
    superstitions i.e. no single day is bad, every day is the day of God &
    if your intentions are good and your chosen path is right then you can
    start your work at any time. Even the songs of the movie are inspiring.
    These songs provide a great inspiration to people to do hard work and
    achieve success. Do meditate as god help those who help themselves.
    These songs divert farmers and others from wrong path i.e. they should
    not commit suicide instead try hard. So I liked the messages conveyed
    in the movie. If people start applying these things in their lives
    their lives will change definitely & ultimately a revolution comes in
    society. And the main thing a great lesson towards the dignity of women
    & our nation which should be done by everyone.

  • hpsrbtOctober 15, 2016Reply

    social movie

    Dr.Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan directed this movie, named as
    MSG the Warrior: Lion Heart, is one of the excellent film with an
    wonderful entry of as a Lion Heart to release the women from the trap
    of devils.This movie spreads great message is that the objective of
    person should be ” save and respect the women , instead of assaulting
    them.” This movie is aimed on the sophisticated weapons of our

    This movie explains that there was also a high tech instruments were
    available in the earlier times.This film gives a massage that farmers
    should do hard work and not to suicide.In the song, many methods of
    farming are shown.

    The excellency of this film lies in that this movie can be watched
    along the family.

  • manish sainiOctober 15, 2016Reply

    More Stunts, More suspense and more Dhamal.

    This movie is obviously again another Hit movie of Gurmeet Ram Raheem,
    he had made tremendous efforts in giving the movie the best stunts and
    dialogues. Like that ”When a lion roars then jackals shiver and fall
    down … I’m someone who puts his hand in the mouth of a lion and
    counts his teeth”. I liked this dialogue very much. Secondly how we
    came to know how much we were advanced in our old times and now also we
    have all that knowledge and capacity to build the high-tech technology!
    Thanks to Ram Raheem for making us closer to the reality. Hope to see
    more out of Ram Raheem, and yes his songs too- Dhol Baje Baje Nagada,
    song full of designer dresses, green fields, folk dances and our Indian
    traditional music. Thanks to Ram Raheem for preserving this also.

  • dineshrajpootOctober 17, 2016Reply

    Movie awesome

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • puneet gulatiOctober 17, 2016Reply

    great movie

    MSG – The Warrior ”LionHeart” Β– the great medieval film starts with a
    high-tech agent, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, mesmerizing the
    audience with his car that unfolds from and folds up in a handy square-
    shaped gadget. First quarter of the film is purely ”high-tech.”

    Midway, LionHeart performs watchful stunts in the movie and fascinated
    the youth immensely and expresses great reverence and respect to female
    members of the society.

    Music is melodious and it is pictured in the agricultural fields of
    Rajasthan with beautifully dressed camels.

    Aliens dressed up in lights try to combat all the kingdoms on planet
    earth including that of the LionHeart but the Suryavanshi warrior
    LionHeart risks his life and obtains the power to fight and defeat
    aliens, the journey of which is shown to be quite challenging and

    Overall, a very good family movie with lots of stunts and message.

    You will like it.

  • akshay_alwaysOctober 17, 2016Reply

    Lion Heart’ is every bit as terrible as you expect it to be

    Some things don’t change; the MSG franchise is one of them. It takes
    guts to roll out such preachy and glorified films, but the saga
    continues with a devil-may-care attitude. Flower-print sneakers, a
    glittery T-shirt paired with a hoodie, a sword that turns into a pen
    and a spear that turns into sunglasses – that’s rock-star Guruji for
    you. He does gravity-defying stunts, wearing cardboard Armour, that
    might make Isaac Newton turn in his grave and Rajinikanth insecure.
    Self-obsession is written all over the movie and Saint Dr MSG (yes,
    that’s the name) strides in his bling-avatar with head held high, to
    win conquests and hearts (apparently); modesty and simplicity be

    This time around, Saint Dr MSG veers away from playing the spiritual
    guru and turns into the warrior Lion Heart aka Sher Dil who is
    invincible and immortal. The modern world is in danger from an alien
    invasion and Lion Heart is brought in to lead a counter-attack. But
    that’s just an excuse to go into flashback and witness the glorified
    tale of Sher Dil, who had defeated the same aliens, 100 years ago. And
    mind you, these aliens are not the regular ones you might have seen in
    Hollywood flicks. They are humans who seem to have borrowed Amitabh
    Bachchan’s light-bulb costume from the song Saara zamana.

    There is a scene in the film when people go mad after a UFO sighting;
    that pretty much sums up the average viewer’s experience, but fans of
    Saint Dr MSG are sure to shower heaps of praises on this film; the
    claps, cheers and whistles in the cinema halls stand testimony to that.

    With plot twists that put daily soaps to shame, the film takes you on a
    tacky fantasy ride that ends abruptly. Why? Well, how else would there
    be MSG Β– The Warrior: Lion Heart 2?

  • meghaOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie

    I liked the movie a lot. From the very start movie has something so
    high tech weapons & the way these weapons transform into other one was
    really out of thoughts, so amazing. After that the movie goes on it
    provides so many inspirational messages Some of them inspire for hard
    work. Some messages say to meditate for best results. And some keep us
    away from superstitions. The way guru ji present these messages in
    superb tone & in such mesmerizing manner that it reaches to heart and
    soul. The songs are so mesmerizing that every one starts enjoying it to
    the fullest & the cinema hall echoes with SHERDIL SHERDIL SHERDIL. The
    overall impact of the movie is too good. Myriad youngsters are vowing
    they’ll respect women & will fight for women and nation. These kind of
    movies must go on.

  • vandanagargOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Lion Heart ”Power packed Healthy Entertainer”

    MSG the warrior Lion Heart is a fabulous movie; packed with superb
    concept,drama,comedy,action and lots of social messages.This is third
    movie in a row by saint Gurmeet ram Rahim against social evils and bad
    deeds .in this saint g has performed three characters and in each role
    he is perfect. i became big fan of him after watching this film .he is
    a perfect actor.this film is going to change mind set of millions about
    entertainment and it is a perfect family entertainer with zero nudity.i
    liked the concept chosen by Baba for Film,very unique and effective
    idea. if every film maker or actor start working like him to improve
    society it will not take much time to change the situation. because it
    is already proved from his two mob=vies that movies are very effective
    source to spread message .

  • rekha-93242October 20, 2016Reply

    Top Bollywood Movie of the Year – 2016

    This film made 198.34 cr. in first 2weeks It released on 8th oct. is
    film inspired by 300 year ago about Someone youth Sherdil is awesome..I
    loved each moment of this film.In all scenes Dr. MSG was very cute..HE
    should definitely do great roles like these coz she really looks good I
    really loved him.. Each scene is gold, directed by Saint Dr. Gurmeet
    Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. One of the best (Hindi)movie i ever saw with
    so much perfection.most awaited movie was finally on screen all i could
    say is we need such kind of movies, something different this movie
    mainly focus on young generation,i feel no one feel boring through out
    the movie every character played was best I saw this movie on its first
    show this is one of superb movie made in this decade in Indian Cenema
    Plot is superb, Acting is superb, Songs are superb..

  • komalsingla25October 20, 2016Reply


    There are numerous inspirational movies. But most of these are either
    monotonous or less worthy to watch. But the movies that Dr. MSG is
    making are tremendously enlivening and entertaining as well. I found
    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart as Superior creation, wherein a valor
    defeats each enemy of motherland and saves the dignity of women.
    Accepting the challenges to eradicate all social evils from society, is
    the passion of Dr. MSG. Thats why there is always something unique in
    HIS movies. With matchless action, power booting dialogues, extreme
    compositions of songs, HE wrapped up the messages within all these and
    wins over the hearts of public.

  • Bhumika MunjalOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Phenomenal Movie

    MSG The Warrior – Lion Heart is bringing revolutionary changes in
    cinemas with its social messages. The movie consists many social
    messages blended with Entertainment. The direction of duo BAAP BETI KI
    JODI is stupendous. Story is presented in well mannered.The story line
    of movie is about SHERDIL Yoda who fights with Aliens for serving His
    motherland and for protecting the dignity of women. There are many Wow
    moments in the Movie such as the ocean crossing moment which clearly
    shows the high VFX of movie. Movie is showing the culture of India too,
    it is showing how we should spend time with our families. Sets of movie
    are so grand, they showing our rich heritage. If we talk about acting
    of lead actor and co actors everyone done their job brilliantly. Lead
    Actor – Dr MSG played 3 roles in movie one as Lion Heart that is Top
    Secret Agent, other is as SHERDIL and third one is as Baba. Dr MSG lead
    actor of movie has also played 30 roles behind the scenes such as
    Director, Editor, Script Writer, Composer, Singer, Choreographer VFX
    editor, Lyrics writer, Dress Designer, Prop Designer, etc which makes
    him the most versatile personality of Bollywood. All the actions and
    stunts performed in the movie by Guru Ji Himself made all the public
    stunned as all the actions and stunts are never seen before. Every
    movie is incomplete without the perfect combo of songs in it, MSG The
    Warrior Lion Heart songs are truly Mesmerizing. One song DHOLBAAJE is
    power booster and the other one SOHNA MERA MISHRI DI DALIYE is melody.
    From all point of view whether it is direction, acting, or signing
    everything made it perfect or blockbuster movie of this year. Youth
    must watch this movie as they will get positive energy to solve all
    their worries. I would say everyone should GI with their families to
    watch the movie as it is Family Entertaining movie. Enjoy this festive
    season with Lion Heart in cinemas by watching MSG The Warrior – Lion

  • munjalmeghaOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Fantabulous movie

    I found the movie so interesting and different from other movies. The
    movies which we see have drama, action and entertainment but the story
    always ends at everything becomes perfect at end but in this movie i
    found many messages hidden behind entertainment & these if practically
    applied in life can bring superb changes & achievement in lives of
    people applying it. Movie brings out many scenes which emotionally
    explain people how the farmers do hard work in fields and their own
    lives are so messed up but hard work and recitation of gods words
    changes their lives. The story shows how the real warriors keep their
    lives on stake but fight for dignity of women and our mother earth. I
    loved the movie. Movie includes every important aspect be it action,
    drama, perfect songs, suspense and all required for a perfect movie.

  • zeenatkOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Awesome Movie

    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is redefining not only Bollywood but
    Hollywood as well. Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan made such a
    marvelous movie which is entertaining us as well as spreading
    positively in everyone’s heart. The story line of movie is Incredible.
    MSG The Warrior Lion Heart story is about true warrior who fights for
    protecting the dignity of women and serving his motherland. There are
    three roles played by Dr Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and I
    must say He has done His job brilliantly. He is looking Stunning in
    each role. Moreover movie is giving the message of women empowerment as
    it is directed by Dr Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and His
    daughter Honeypreet Insan which has never happened in the history of
    Indian Cinema. Movie is so well directed by them which we can see in
    every scene. Dr Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan played 30 roles
    behind the scenes which is Incredible. Movie high technique, grand
    sets, high culture and heritage made it worth to watch.Songs are
    beautifully written and amazingly sung by Dr Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim
    Singh Ji Insan.

  • omesh-52293October 20, 2016Reply

    A Must Watch!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adarashOctober 22, 2016Reply

    Fake Saint

    This is a Fake Saint who claims that he is a messenger of god.

    He raped lots of women and he is a murderer too. But, he has political
    power and lots of money so no one can do anything against him.

    On the other hand movie is crap as hell.

    Worst movie i have ever watched.

    The person don’t know even A of the ACTING. why to torture the
    audience. Where is the story.Director producer everything is Fake guru
    g showoff.

    He is under the impression that he is some kind of superhero. Trash of
    the highest order would be a better description to be honest.

  • kajal munjalOctober 22, 2016Reply

    True msg giving movie- The need of the hour

    I liked the concept and story line of the movie a lot. The movie is
    about the dignity of women and our nation that if a person is a real
    warrior if he has humanity and manhood is in helping others. Movie is
    linked to Mahabharata times about the cave where that time weapons are
    kept & secured and the warrior SHERDIL achieves them with his courage
    and helps his nation. The movie goes on and includes some inspirational
    dialogues which youth is liking. Movie contains only two songs but i
    liked the songs a lot as they are very inspirational and inspire people
    to do hard work. It also inspires out farmers that not to commit
    suicide but do hard work & take gods name & it will sooner takes you
    closer towards your aim. Many more things are there like about days
    that start any work in any time every time is good if your intentions
    about it are good. So enjoyed the movie a lot.

  • Ankush InsanOctober 23, 2016Reply

    Lion Heart depicting real meaning of movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ks-49440October 26, 2016Reply

    superb movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • (shentyvirk)October 28, 2016Reply

    Big piece of bull shi

    Never ever try to watch this movie even if they give you money to watch
    it you will regret.You will suffer and suffer.

    The ”plot” is awful. I put plot in quotation marks because I’m not even
    sure if this movie has one.

    Seriously, this movie is not only the worst movie I’ve ever seen; it’s
    the worst movie I can imagine being made!total lack of acting skills.

    I would suggest not to show this movie to your kids not even get them
    close to this movie their IQ will drop to minus. Its plain awful,
    unfunny and unnecessary.

    20 July 2012 Now I have watched 1000’s of films over the years and
    quite a few terrible ones…….but this film takes the biscuit in
    being bad.

    Poor acting, or lack of acting talent. Every persons in the film seem
    to lacking live out the roll.This is not really a movie, or is it ? The
    way movies are made these days you have to wonder, because this one is
    just plain wrong, nothing is holding this story together and NO,
    absolutely no plot.

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