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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

People change. Greeks don't.Mar. 23, 2016 USA94 Min.PG-13
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Kirk Jones



The continuing adventures of the Portokalos family. A follow-up to the 2002 comedy, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Original titleMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
IMDb Rating6.0 21,017 votes
TMDb Rating5.5 273 votes

(122) comments

  • Neil ThomasMarch 22, 2016Reply

    Very Cute with lots of belly laughs and better than the original

    I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last night at a screening last night
    and was apprehensive about going but so glad I went! It was a great
    silly date/family movie that I really think out-did the original and
    was a great reminder that sequels can revive the energy and feeling of
    the first film without relying on the same jokes, and storyline. It had
    plenty of great call-backs to the original and any fan of that film or
    anyone with, or who knows, a loud big family will be smiling ear to ear
    and can plan on laughing away. The film was more or less what you would
    expect with almost all of the original characters making reprisals and
    the time didn’t degenerate their characters or the absurdity of their
    actions but like a fine wine they matured with time. I laughed out loud
    many times and the theater actually erupted in applause when it ended,
    which is very rare with silly comedies like this, and my only
    disappointment was that it finished almost too soon. I wanted to spend
    more time with the characters, but it didn’t drag on, wasn’t
    unnecessarily absurd and kept the tone and fun that the original film
    had. If you are looking for a feel-good film and a nice escape from our
    hectic wild world this movie will definitely please.

  • jdesandoMarch 23, 2016Reply

    Good-hearted, but that’s about it.

    ”Ian and I are just looking for time to ourselves.” Toula Portokalos
    (Nia Vardalos)

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 would be hard-pressed to outdo its original
    from 14 years ago (the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time),
    and it doesn’t. Let’s just say you’d be better off seeing the Indian
    Monsoon Wedding or American Wedding Crashers for more original wit. But
    Big 2 has a conceit of elderly parents having to wed again because of
    faulty paperwork 50 years ago that is original and at times amusing.
    Other moments of ethnic humor, when extended beyond the expiration
    date, are simply stereotypes and clichés.

    Director Kirk Jones and writer Nia Vardalos guide the action from Greek
    family tropes (Yes, they live close to each other; yes they nosy into
    each other’s business; yes, they want to marry someone Greek, blah,
    blah, blah.) to any family ‘s challenges (yes they have a snotty
    teenage daughter, Paris, played by Elena Koumporis; yes, Toula played
    by Vardalos and Ian played by John Corbett, have not been romantic
    lately because of the family dramas; yes, Greek aunts , uncles,
    grandparents and everyone else are eccentric, fun loving, and full of
    mischief, etc.

    After you accept these clichés as part of a recycle, then you can enjoy
    some poignant moments of humor based on humanity’s capability of being
    goofy no matter what your family lineage. Toula and Ian’s struggle to
    accept gracefully Paris’s wanting to go away from Chicago for college
    is real and underplayed although the bit runs too long like the Greek
    family’s penchant to be collectively at every moment, no matter how

    Other moments are either repetitions of previous comedic bits or plain
    corny. Grandpa Gus (Michael Constantine) is still claiming ad nauseam
    that all good things have Greek origins and that Windex cures all. Gus
    looks old enough to croak on a second honeymoon, and Lainie Kazan as
    grandma looks like she would crush him in that activity. Nevertheless,
    Vardalos brings a charm, emphasized by many medium to close up shots of
    her looking dazed and confused and unremittingly loving. She has given
    herself and her husband little to do other than that.

    But as this time of year yields few winners, I have to say My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding 2 is minimally enjoyable enough to make you think a
    second marriage could be fun.

  • www.ramascreen.comMarch 23, 2016Reply

    Weak sequel

    From comedic standpoint, MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2 is not as strong
    and definitely as effective as the first film which gave Nia Vardalos
    her Oscar nomination for best original screenplay category. But this
    sequel does have enough family antics and lovey-dovey romance to keep
    the fans from wondering why they’re not enjoying this as much as they
    had hoped.

    It’s been 14 years since the first film and not much has changed in the
    Portokalos family except for the fact that Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian
    (John Corbett) now have a teenage daughter named Paris (Elena
    Kampouris) who’s considering going to a college located far far away
    from her Greek family, and I don’t blame her, I too came from a culture
    that’s family-oriented, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but
    it can get overwhelming for a young person who feels that the world is
    much bigger than just the neighborhood she grew up in. Meanwhile,
    Toula’s parents find out that their marriage license was never signed,
    they were never legally married and that is why another big fat Greek
    wedding is in order.

    For the fans, it’s nice to see the gang back together after all these
    years, familiar faces, familiar characters, the story does remind us
    why we loved the first film. There are cases out there in which the
    sequel may have arrived way too late, like ”Sin City: A Dame To Kill
    For” but in this case, I think it makes sense that it took this long
    for MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2 to arrive, because if they ever made the
    third installment, they could then focus it on Paris’ wedding.

    Again as a comedy, MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2 is rather weak, mainly
    because there’s nothing fresh about it, no surprises, and many of the
    Greek-centric jokes fall flat, I’m sure Nia Vardalos tried to throw
    anything she could into the mix but there’s only so much you can do
    until they get old. This whole overbearing family that somewhat
    breathes down your neck can work once or twice but it gets played out
    in MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2, as if that’s the only thing it’s got
    going for them.

    I also feel the Paris going to college part of the story is much more
    interesting but since Nia has to juggle that with Toula’s parents
    trying to get married aspect, so the whole relationship between Paris
    and her parents is only halfheartedly explored. Audiences will be
    divided over MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2, some would wish they have
    their own Greek family that cares about them, some would be thankful
    they don’t have such family, but all of them would agree that the first
    film was better by a mile. But you gotta give credit where credit’s
    due, this franchise that Nia Vardalos created gave these Greek actors a
    platform to showcase their talent, otherwise you wouldn’t see them much
    in anything else.

  • con lMarch 24, 2016Reply

    Excellent Sequel – Hits The Spot!!!

    If you are Greek you’ll get it, if you are not you’ll learn! This is
    one of the best sequels ever made for a comedy. Very funny, with it’s
    usual cliché punchlines that anyone with a sense of deep family ties
    will understand. Expect the same amount of laughter and emotional
    connection as the first movie, with a touch of modern! Same lovable
    characters, similar story that has some twists and turns and
    surprisingly did not get old after waiting 14 years. For all of you who
    loved the first Big Fat Greek Wedding, go see it, you will be crying
    with laughter and emotion that only Greeks know how to bring on.

  • David Ferguson ([email protected])March 24, 2016Reply

    There you go. Again.

    Greetings again from the darkness. It’s been 14 years since the
    Portokolas family took over movie theatres, the box office, and casual
    conversation in most every social setting. I’ll readily admit that,
    despite my leanings toward more serious film fare, I was a huge fan of
    the 2002 surprise mega-hit. The movie was refreshing and observational,
    with commentary on proud cultures and helicopter parenting – but mostly
    it was funny. Bundt cakes and Windex will forever be a part of movie
    lore … as this sequel reminds us.

    Given the Hollywood proliferation of sequels, re-makes and
    re-imaginings, the only thing surprising here is that it took so long
    for Wedding number 2. And yes, that is the only surprise. Nia Vardalos
    obviously wrote this script as a love letter to the fans of the
    original. It fits like a warm blanket – comfortable and familiar. The
    setting, the characters and the jokes … all familiar … yet still
    pleasant and easy to watch.

    With that title, we know we are in for another Greek wedding. However,
    Toula (Ms. Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) have one daughter – 17 year
    old Paris (Elena Kampouris), and her big decision is whether to stay
    local for college or leave Chicago and the family for NYU. Since the
    wedding is not for the daughter, it falls to Toula’s parents. It seems
    Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie Kazan) have been living in
    sin for 50 years – all because the priest never signed the marriage
    certificate. Let the histrionics begin! Director Kirk Jones (Nanny
    McPhee, Waking Ned Devine) stays true to the spirit of the Vardalos
    script and legacy, and much of the movie plays like one big inside joke
    for fans of the original. Windex make an appearance in each of the
    three acts, and we get a shot of decorated Bundt cakes, some
    exaggerated make-up and hair styles, and a steady stream of family
    members who just can’t help their propensity for being loud and up in
    everyone’s business.

    Most of the original cast returns. Andrea Martin is back as
    scene-stealer Aunt Voula, and Mama-Yiayia (Bess Meisler) gets her usual
    ”pop-ups” plus a touching moment in the wedding spotlight. New faces
    include Alex Wolff (brother of Nat, son of Polly Draper) as Paris’ prom
    date; and Rita Wilson (also a producer with her husband Tom Hanks) and
    John Stamos have a couple of scenes as a Greek couple; while Mark
    Margolis (”Breaking Bad”, ”Better Call Saul”) appears as Gus’ brother
    from the homeland.

    Nostalgia and familiarity are the keys here, and there is no reason to
    be overly-critical of a movie that is so pleasant and light-hearted.
    ”There you go!”

  • aharmasMarch 24, 2016Reply

    This Sequel Deserves a Big Opa…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • swvhobbsMarch 24, 2016Reply

    We liked it!

    First let me say that I loved the 1st movie. I watch it often (maybe
    too often. lol) Anyway, I was looking forward to this sequel. I haven’t
    been this excited about a movie since the Harry Potter series. I rushed
    my husband so we could get to the movies 30 minutes prior to showtime.
    I expected a crowd, but when we arrived it was quiet. Evidently not
    everyone was anxiously awaiting this film.

    I thought the movie started out a little slowly, but it was funny and
    heartwarming. People in the theater were laughing and clapping and
    genuinely enjoying it. We enjoyed it too. Did some parts feel forced?
    Yes. Was it more of the same from the first movie? Yes, but I loved
    that about it. When the 1st movie ended, I wanted to know more about
    the characters and their lives. This movie allowed that to happen. I
    loved that they were able to bring back the old cast. (There is nothing
    worse than seeing a sequel with different actors.) I loved that the
    characters were just the same as before, only a little older.

    This isn’t a film to change your worldview, but it is fun for
    entertainment. I’m looking forward to being able to buy it blu-ray, so
    I can watch it again and again.

  • ktmiller-09816March 25, 2016Reply

    Great movie to see!

    I saw it by myself this afternoon. I loved the first one and I loved
    this second one. Yes, nothing beats the original but I thought the
    storyline was entertaining. I would have given it a 10/10 instead of
    9/10 but I wish there was a bit more humor in it…I think that if they
    showed more of the wedding planning part it could have been hilarious!
    Overall, I thought it was great and worth the money! It was awesome to
    see all of the old cast here together again and it was great to see a
    few new (and familiar) faces. I loved how they used some of the old
    lines from the original movie. I’m glad I watched the first one last
    night to refresh my memory. The second one goes great!

  • stephendaxterMarch 25, 2016Reply

    Less Greek than its predecessor but delivers some good laughs

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the sequel to the 2002 highly successful
    hit comedy is finally here with the whole family returning for another
    wedding. Like most belated comedy sequels, i wasn’t expecting a whole
    lot from this film, i expected it to play off what made the first film
    successful and be relatively average. And that is more or less what we
    have here, in some aspects it delivers fairly well and in others it
    really doesn’t. One of the things i liked hearing going into this film
    was that the whole cast was returning and that it was being written by
    Nia Vardalos who also wrote the first one. It gave me some hope that it
    would have the same overall feeling, but it kinda didn’t in the end.

    Unlike the first film, it didn’t feel like a ‘Greek’ movie for around
    half of it, it was more of a modern Romantic Comedy with some Greek
    comedy and set-pieces here and there. Structurally the films plot was
    kinda all over the joint. There were a lot of side- plots in this film
    and to be honest, there wasn’t really a main plot in the film. It kinda
    jumps around between the romantic stories revolving around Nia, her
    parents, and her daughter. Neither one took control of the film and the
    focus kept swapping throughout. And when the film did depart from the
    Greek aspect and started heading in the Rom-Com direction they just
    organised a couple of Greek jokes to remind you that this is still a
    Greek themed film, and maybe that’s where Nia Vardalos writing the film
    helped it but also kinda let it down. But what i really loved was just
    by watching this film you could tell that she loves this property, she
    loves the character Toula and she really didn’t want it to fail, and i
    love when a film is written with so much passion.

    Now, the comedic aspects of the film were definitely there and there
    were some very very funny moments. There wasn’t really a steady flow of
    comedy throughout the film, it’s sort of delivered in sections here and
    there. Pretty much, whenever it focused on the Greek aspects of the
    film there were plenty of jokes, most of the time. And after seeing
    this film, i gotta say, there are quite a few good laughs….. if
    you’re Greek that is, but if you’re not and you don’t understand a lot
    about Greek culture, there really isn’t much here for you. Being Greek
    is really what made a lot of the comedy in the film actually funny. And
    in terms of who was delivering the comedy, the supporting cast (the
    entire extended family) were the ones delivering ALL of the jokes, and
    i mean ALL of them. Unfortunately, Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and the
    daughter Elena Kampouris didn’t contribute to the humour like at all,
    not even once from memory. They tried, they definitely tried to have
    them be funny but it just didn’t work at all.

    But, one thing i have to give the film 100% credit for is what jokes
    they did provide. Like all of these comedic sequels it would have been
    incredibly easy to just re-use jokes from the first film and hope
    people laugh at them as much as they did in 2002. But this film didn’t
    go with any obvious joke callbacks to the first film, which i loved and
    more comedy sequels should do. I thought for sure they were going to
    make Nick and Angelo have Ian say something wrong in Greek, and they
    didn’t which was great. They went for new material so i admire what
    they did.

    In the end, it isn’t nearly as good as the original film, there was
    less of an authentic Greek feeling, and it kinda lost itself in the
    Romantic Comedy elements. In terms of the plot it was very unfocused
    jumping around a lot. But it does deliver on the comedy and there are
    plenty of laughs to take out of this film, mainly if you are Greek.


  • Amy AdlerMarch 25, 2016Reply

    Opa! Opa! Opa! Thanks Ms Vardalos and company!

    Dear Chicago dwelling Toula (Nia Vardalos) has been happy since her
    first Big Fat Greek Wedding to Ian (John Corbett). They have one
    daughter, Paris, who is a senior in high school and is pulling away
    from Toula farther every day. Well, it is hard when the entire big
    family lives near each other so Grandpa Gus (Michael Constantine) and
    Grandma Maria (Lainie Kazan) and the rest are always snooping. Its
    called LOVE, as only the Greek Americans can feel. Aunts, uncles, and
    cousins are always around, at the restaurant where they all work. Just
    as Paris is applying to colleges and dreaming of space, Gus and Maria
    are shocked to find they are not really married! Yes, their marriage
    certificate was never signed by the Greek priest. This creates quite a
    rift, as Maria wants Gus to ask her again, nicely, and Gus thinks
    that’s going too far. In the meantime, he is learning how to use the
    computer so he can prove that he, Gus, is a direct descendant of
    Alexander the Great. It takes a semi emergency to get a proposal from
    his lips but once it happens, the SECOND Big Fat Greek Wedding is
    getting planned. Toula and Ian are torn in three different directions.
    One, will their daughter choose to go to school far from Chicago? Two,
    how can they help with the wedding plans? And, three, after being so
    wrapped up in parenting, how can they recapture the sparkle of their
    own honeymoon days? Opa, a thousand times, Opa! Ms. Nia Vardalos, take
    a bow, for writing such a terrific film. Then, too, she and the rest of
    the superb cast is a splendid comic blessing. How wonderful to see the
    settings at home and at the restaurant while the costumes and lively
    direction make for one treasure of a flick. Hay, fans, drop the Windex
    NOW and drive to catch this one as soon as is humanly possible.

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])March 25, 2016Reply

    ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is everything a sequel should be.

    sequel (noun) – ”a literary work, movie, etc., that is complete in
    itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work.” That’s the
    definition on says that the word’s
    origin is… ”Middle English, from Anglo-French sequele, from Latin
    sequela, from sequi to follow.” Unfortunately for Gus Portokalos, the
    root of the word ”sequel” cannot be traced to any Greek word, but it
    also in no way means ”completely original”. Actually, it kinda means
    the opposite. I generally avoid reading other reviews before I write
    mine, but when I saw the low scores that critics on various websites
    gave to ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” (PG-13, 1:34), I had to at least
    take a peek at some of their comments.

    Most criticisms of this movie can be summed up in one word –
    ”unoriginal” – but is that fair? It’s a sequel, people! Think of it
    like this: If you went to spend time with a friend whom you haven’t
    seen in 14 years, would you be happy if your friend acted completely
    differently than the last time you were together? What if that friend
    refused to talk about the history you two shared, instead insisting on
    discussing all new topics, expecting you to enjoy that conversation as
    much as you’d enjoy a little reminiscing? Well, this film doesn’t make
    those mistakes – and is to be commended for it! For those of us who
    loved the 2002 original, seeing this movie is a lot like visiting an
    old friend – and it’s a visit filled with the perfect combination of
    fond memories and new experiences that are both fun and sweet.

    Correction: Seeing ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is like visiting a LOT
    of old friends. First up is our host, actress and comedienne Nia
    Vardalos. She wrote the screenplay for the original, which became the
    highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time (!) and earned Vardalos an
    Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Naturally, Hollywood
    types and ordinary fans alike have been asking her about a sequel ever
    since, but she cared enough about quality and her own integrity that
    she says she didn’t write the sequel until she had a story that she
    felt was good enough, and she was ready to write it well enough to be
    worthy of the original. And when Vardalos wrote her new story, she
    brought back all the main characters from the first film – and many of
    the minor ones – and all played by the original actors! Our calendars
    tell us that the sequel came 14 years after the original, but that’s 18
    years to a Greek (or, at least, to these Greeks). Toula (Vardalos)
    still lives next door to her parents, Gus (Michael Constantine) and
    Maria (Lainie Kazan) and she’s still married to Ian Miller (John
    Corbett), with whom she is raising their daughter, Paris (Elena
    Kampouris). Paris is a 17-year-old high school senior who, like her
    mother before her, works part-time at the family-owned Greek
    restaurant, feels smothered by her loud, proud, loving but meddling
    Greek family, and wants that proverbial ”something more” out of her
    life. Paris’ plan is to go to college – as far away from her Chicago
    home as the continental U.S. can carry her. Toula is struggling to deal
    with her only child leaving – and with keeping the passion in her and
    Ian’s busy lives.

    And then there’s the rest of the family. Just to cite a few examples:
    Ian’s best friend, Mike (Vardalos’ real-life husband Ian Gomez), has
    gotten married and become a police officer. Toula’s cousin, Angelo
    (Joey Fatone) is the last unmarried member of his generation in the
    family and he’s catching some flak for it. Toula’s Grandma Yiayia (Bess
    Meisler – who is believed to be in her 90s), who is, of course, also
    Paris’ great-grandmother, is not only alive and kicking, but even
    funnier and more developed as a character than in the first film. I
    won’t spoil the movie’s big surprises by telling you about the changes
    in all of the characters’ lives, but I will say that almost all of
    their stories are updated – and in ways that are alternately fun,
    surprising and always logical and right for the individual characters.
    There are also a few new characters, played by familiar faces such as
    Rob Riggle, John Stamos and Rita Wilson (the producer who brought the
    idea of the original film to the production company of her husband, Tom

    But what about the ”big fat Greek wedding” (#2) from the movie’s title?
    Well, the ”my” no longer refers to Toula, but to her mother! Gus
    discovers that his and Maria’s wedding license was not signed by a
    licensed priest, meaning that they were never legally married. Maria
    sees this news as an opportunity to make Gus woo her more romantically
    than he did the first time and show her how much he really cares.
    Obviously (given the movie’s title), the old man eventually gets with
    the program and Maria begins planning a big fat… you know – but when
    the planning hits a major snag, it starts to look like there will be no
    Greek wedding after all. This sets the stage for a grand finale which
    brings together all the film’s story lines in ways that are more fun
    and heartfelt and less predictable than some critics say.

    ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is everything a sequel should be. The
    script, directing and strong ensemble acting all remain true to the
    original characters. Great running gags from the first film continue
    (although some are overplayed), but also work well standing alone,
    while many of the new jokes and sight gags are laugh-out-loud funny.
    Although there’s a minor Gus-centered sub-plot that I could’ve done
    without, the multiple story lines are fresh and woven together
    wonderfully. This film isn’t perfect, but it’s nearly as hilarious and
    has even more heart than its much-beloved inspiration. ”A”

  • dottybarnesMarch 26, 2016Reply

    Laughed ‘Til I Cried

    My son and I just came home after seeing ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”
    We loved the first movie and laughed but when seeing the sequel, I must
    warn you, I laughed until I cried and had sore stomach muscles. There
    were more hilarious scenes this time around than the first time and a
    multitude of new ones. If I could have given ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    2” a rating of 11 or 12, I would not hesitate. All of the original cast
    of characters from ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding” are in this movie. These
    characters are the ones whom we fell in love with. Getting to know
    everyone’s quirks and idiosyncrasies in more detail was beyond
    enjoyable, amusing and refreshing. There are some awesome underlying
    messages creatively blended with humor that effectively relay messages
    we all should take heed and learn from. What warmed my heart and
    tickled my funny bone also made me feel loved and accepted as a member
    of the Portokalos family, despite what my DNA may show otherwise. On
    the way to the movie theater, I decided to keep an open mind. I ignored
    the negative and hateful reviews of ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” to
    form my own opinions. I cannot begin to express how ecstatic I am that
    we saw this movie. So, my advice to is overlook the spiteful,
    pessimistic reviews and opinions you read and hear about this movie.
    Then take a break, bring some face tissues, go to the theater and see
    ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”.

  • Tom GranzeliusMarch 26, 2016Reply

    a few years have gone since the last film. and a few things have changed…

    Weirdly found this film OK. The reviews aren’t great so I thought I’ll
    tell exactly what’s in it. Multiple love stories at once all tied
    together with a family upset and something to do with passing knowledge
    on to different generations.

    We have seen this format so many times and by now we should be getting
    bored. Surely? But no, look it wasn’t the most amazing film. The
    cinematography was average so was the script and the plot. But it knows
    what it is. And more importantly it wasn’t trying to be something it’s
    not. So it’s that feel good family love story. And it does make you
    feel good and it is surprisingly funny. The only one thing that annoyed
    me was that they used a certain character for comic purposes at nearly
    the end of every sequence. But apart from that it’s all good.

    If you like these types of film then you will love it. Even if this
    isn’t your favorite genre but your feeling down then give it a try it’s
    almost certain to cheer you up. And if you hate this genre then I don’t
    even know why your reading this or on this page. You probably decided
    you were not seeing it when you saw the trailer.


  • rgkarimMarch 26, 2016Reply

    A Simplistic Sequel that Is Fun, Family Friendly, and Predictable

    Family. It’s something we all have in some shape or form. With family
    often comes traditions and customs that they hold dear to their hearts.
    And nearly fifteen years ago we had a movie that harped on all these
    qualities called My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This cultural romantic
    comedy swept many off there feet and brought fun to being Greek. After
    leaving us with such a nice ending you would hope the tale would end,
    but of course Hollywood can’t help but find any opportunity to make a
    sequel. This weekend the family you love is back and bigger than ever.
    But after such a long hiatus, does the Portokalos family still have the
    magic or has it dried up like the olives. Please read on to hear my

    In terms of originality, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is certainly
    lacking in this department. Toula’s story centers on a middle aged
    woman finding happiness as she struggles to juggle being a wife, a
    daughter and a mother. Throughout the 90 minute run time, the woman get
    many lessons in love, life, and family as she copes with the insane
    amount of stress everyone puts on her. Amidst the main tale are a few
    funny side plots that help develop a few of the supporting cast, all
    conveniently intertwined to involve our leading lady in some form or
    manner. Whatever tale you may or may not fall in love with, let it be
    known that the endings are all predictable thanks to the theme of
    growing up and moving on.

    Regardless of the predictability, the presentation of it is spot on.
    The importance of family, forgiveness, and love are well-represented in
    the scenes and sequences of the movie. Instead of the cheesy, over the
    top, fantasy bologna many films like to sell (aka Nicholas Sparks), My
    Big Fat Greek Wedding Two decides to show a more realistic side of
    things. The family is relatable, with a cast of characters that are
    certain to remind you of someone in your life. All the badgering,
    customs, and cultural references will surely make you laugh or cringe,
    as the family unleashes their unhindered pride onto the audience. Yeah
    there is some preachy moments that try to make you cry, but luckily
    these moments are shown for a limited time. For me, this kept the movie
    fun and allowed me to finally enjoy cinema romance once again.

    Yet what the movie lacks in originality, it makes up for in cuteness.
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 follows its predecessor in terms of R rated
    comedy presented in PG/PG-13 terms. They drop the aggressive rants and
    vulgarity for a wittier presentation of innuendos and let the actors
    delivery sell the lines. Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) was a heavy
    favorite, focusing her jokes heavily on sex, but somehow making it
    classy. Grandpa Gus (Michael Constantine) brings the stubborn, elder
    charm you saw in the first film that is both frustrating and charming
    at the same time. And as for Mana-Yiayia (Bess Meisler) she was
    adorable and perhaps my favorite comedic relief. The small woman was a
    blend of modernism and Greek tradition that didn’t involve corny
    one-liners or over emphasized dialogue, but instead a simplistic and
    well-timed approach was more than capable of maximizing the laughs,
    sort of like a silent Sophia Patrilla of the Golden Girls. Of course
    like many things in movies, sometimes the jokes get overdone and this
    film has its jokes that go a little too far at times to get stale. All
    in all though, things stay pretty well balanced and fun, which is
    perfect for most families.

    There isn’t too much more to say on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 except
    for commenting on the acting. Nia Vardalos leads the cast and does a
    great job playing the neurotic role she mastered, easily bridging the
    transition from girlfriend to mom. She’s funny and erratic, which helps
    you fall in love with her again. Lainie Kazan reprises her role as
    Maria, and manages to make over the top, over accented Greek wives fun
    once more. And even the teenage Elena Kampouris manages to play her
    part well, managing to capture the teenage angst of a frustrated
    daughter without crossing over into the annoying territory. The rest of
    the cast does its job well, some better than others, but our casting
    director certainly succeeded in bringing a group together who really
    feels like a Greek family. And even more impressive is how everyone
    gets their fair share of screen time and involvement in the second
    wedding, without short sighting key characters.

    In all honesty, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a fun movie that takes a
    step back into the family friendly zone. While it certainly isn’t the
    most exciting or original piece of work ,this movie is a realistic
    portrayal of family dynamics. There is certainly something for most
    people to grab on to and provide them with the laughs that we grew up
    on. Those who have ties to Mediterranean culture are going to be the
    ones who enjoy the film. Is it worth a trip to the theaters? In my
    opinion, the answer is No. This movie could have fit right at home with
    a Hallmark or Netflix home. However, if you are looking for a cute
    group or family film, then by all means give it a shot, otherwise save
    your dough and reserve it for home.

    My scores for this film are:

    Comedy/Romance: 8.0

    Movie Overall: 6.5-7.0 (more so because the overzealous jokes, pace,
    and predictability took away points for me.

  • fordmodelt FordMarch 27, 2016Reply

    Sweet Sequel

    You know what you’re going to get with this movie – and it delivers.
    It’s a good sequel. The downsides are that the plot is pretty thin and
    unfortunately 50% of the jokes are in the trailer. But it’s a feel good
    movie and it’s fun to see everyone from the original cast, 14 years
    later, including Ian Miller’s parents. Funniest parts were when Gus’s
    young grandsons ape him in explaining how the root of every word you
    can think of actually comes from the Greek.

    Nice cameos from Rita Wilson (wife of Tom Hanks and the reason why the
    first movie got made), bundt cakes, Toula’s big glasses and Windex.
    Lots of ”in” jokes for those of us who loved the first movie and
    thought it was a refreshing change from typical Hollywood fare. Well
    done, Nia Vardalos. And by the way, she looks stunning in the red lace
    mini dress at the end of the movie.

  • Alek DMarch 27, 2016Reply

    Great 2nd Movie

    I just got back from watching the squeal to My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    and it was awesome. I went to this movie with many other people and we
    all really enjoyed watching it.

    I found that this movie was very funny and everyone in the theater was
    laughing as the movie was playing. All the original actors were back in
    this movie and that made the movie even better. There were many jokes
    in this movie that were similar to the original movie like the Windex
    joke. Overall this movie was very good and it was a great continuation
    to the original movie and I hope they make a 3rd movie. Would recommend
    to a friend.

  • zardoz-13March 27, 2016Reply

    Everything That A Sequel Should Aspire to . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Steve PulaskiMarch 27, 2016Reply

    It’s the best sequel you could’ve made twelve years later, and if that’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for a rainy day at the movies

    ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is probably the best sequel that could’ve
    been spawned from a largely forgotten but monstrously successful
    independent romantic comedy from twelve years ago. One could
    theoretically call it a ”too little too late” sequel, something
    Hollywood has been good at churning out recently with sequels to
    ”Barbershop,” ”Joe Dirt,” and ”Zoolander,” but when a sequel is so
    similar in line with its predecessor after so many years and
    practically oozes the same kind of sentiment, one has to be a bit
    forgiving and credit it for what most sequels fail to capture.

    Both sequels to ”Joe Dirt” and ”Zoolander” were flawed from the very
    concepts, and when it came time to try that concept again, over a
    decade later, it felt stale and desperately forced when it came to
    trying to modernize it for the times and the now-grown up audience.
    While ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” has obligatory scenes of poor Toula
    (Nia Vardalos) trying to teach her loving father Gus (Michael
    Constantine) how to work a computer, it nonetheless manages to
    effectively work as charming comedy of moments, even if its structure
    and narrative theme is about as basic as it can get.

    The film reenters the lives of the characters we fondly recall from the
    first film, only now, well into their married lives and elder years.
    Toula and Ian (John Corbett) are having the typical kinds of struggles
    most semi-long/long-term married couples have emotionally and
    romantically, especially with their teenage daughter Paris (Elena
    Kampouris) in the midst of deciding where to go to college. While she
    wants to go off to New York University, her parents want her to stay in
    Chicago and go to Northwestern University, but Paris has been
    constantly smothered by her borderline insufferable Greek family to the
    point where she wants none of it.

    Meanwhile, Toula’s parents Gus and Maria (Lainie Kazan) are getting
    well into their old age, especially Gus, who has had hip and memory
    problems for a while now. All is going well between him and his wife
    until Gus uncovers a much-repressed family secret that the priest never
    signed the certificate of marriage to make Gus and Maria an official
    union, meaning Gus and Maria aren’t legally married, despite fifty
    years of togetherness. How this was never uncovered before, as if the
    two never had to file taxes or partake in any other legal activities,
    I’m not sure, but long story short, they’re not married. Rather than
    doing the logical thing and just going down to the courthouse to make
    the marriage official, of course the family must complicate it,
    starting with Maria wanting not only a real proposal from Gus, but a
    full-blown, bank-breaking wedding. So we’re back to square one, this
    time planning a wedding for the older couple, rather than the younger

    The scene-stealer this time around, however, isn’t so much Vardalos
    playing a role she can practically sleepwalk, but Aunt Voula, played by
    the lovely Andrea Martin. Not a hugely significant presence in the
    first film, it would appear that Vardalos decided to give some of the
    best quips and zingers to her character’s aunt, whose loud presence and
    boisterous, if invasive, mannerisms often result in some strong
    belly-laughs. Also giving his all in a performance that he can probably
    perform at any given time of the day is Michael Constantine; despite
    his character, the actor can’t hide his energy and Jack Lemmon-esque
    grouchiness when it comes time to really commit to being an
    enthusiastic presence. He winds up being the most commendable presence

    The rest of the film is damn-near what you can imagine if you close
    your eyes and picture potential setups and events for the Portokalos
    family. Paris is a fascinating character, but unfortunately
    underwhelming because, fitting for her character and her situation, she
    keeps getting nudged out of the frame by her louder counterparts. It
    would’ve been nice to see a setup solely involving Paris and her
    decision of grappling with her parents, her heritage, and her decision
    of where to go to school. Instead, we get a pretty lukewarm plot
    involving her making impromptu prom plans with another boy (The Naked
    Brothers Band’s Alex Wolff) after he is rejected by the prettiest girl
    in school. That’s about as cliché as Greeks kissing each side of
    another person’s face when they first see one another.

    However, ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” has some remarkably funny
    moments. A scene involving Gus stuck in a bathtub isn’t played for the
    kind of bawdy and slapstick gimmicks you’d expect and a scene between
    all the female Portokalos members at a beauty salon is the epitome of
    what I wanted from this film all along: good conversation amongst
    people you can believe are family. Because of their general talent and
    the fact that they’ve done this before, the cast’s chemistry is fun and
    the events of the film are lively and concise enough to assure it’s
    never boring and always moving. It’s the best sequel you probably
    could’ve made twelve years later, and if that’s good enough for you,
    it’s certainly good enough for a rainy day at the movies.

  • glofauMarch 27, 2016Reply

    Thoughtful, Funny, Feel-Good Sequel

    One of the features that I enjoyed about the original My Big Fat Greek
    Wedding was its low-stress plot line. It was a romantic comedy; you
    knew how it was going to end anyway. So Nia Vardalos did not bother to
    write faked-up plot twists to drive her characters apart. The tension,
    such as it was, was provided by the self-doubts of the main character,
    her romance with an outsider, and the surmountable obstacles and
    inevitable adjustments and culture clashes that such a union
    precipitated. As the main character blossomed from ugly duckling to
    swan, finding herself along the way, you really grew to care about her
    successes and to root for her burgeoning love affair with the perfect
    man, Ian.

    The problem with such a Cinderella story is that a wedding marks the
    end of the road. Events after the wedding are practically irrelevant in
    the rom com tradition. So how do you write a sequel to a rom com? Many
    writers have revisited fairy tale romances, after the wedding, to tell
    bleak tales of doom, gloom, and disillusionment. Into the Woods is a
    prime example: fairy tale endings segue into misery, betrayal and
    destruction. Frankly, I find such post-Modern tales of woe to be
    intellectually lazy and tiresome. The reality of the post-wedding state
    may be complex but it is not universally unhappy. All weddings do not
    end in divorce! Nia Vardalos had the happy idea to make her sequel be
    about how we turn into our own parents as we raise our own children. In
    my opinion, there is no Hollywood comedy writer better equipped to
    address this topic than Nia Vardalos! Beneath the comedy shtick and
    general silliness, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a thoughtful
    meditation on dealing with our inevitable transformations as we mutate
    from young lovers to parents to burgeoning empty-nesters, while
    learning to nurture ourselves and our primary relationships in the
    midst of overpowering family and outside-world demands. Do we take our
    partners for granted? Can we change at any age, as the world changes,
    or are we stuck? Can we come to terms with the choices that we’ve made
    in life? How do we do this while raising children, dealing with our
    aging parents, and the inevitable disappointments and bizarre turns
    that life has in store for us? The miracle is that Nia Vardalos and her
    team have managed to address these kinds of topics while making a
    fast-moving, slapstick, effervescent comedy that keeps an audience
    constantly laughing. I thought the film was a tremendous achievement,
    heart-warming and entertaining.

    Some critics have dissed this film for being full of shtick and ethnic
    humor, and for having plot twists that ”don’t go anywhere.” Why? Those
    were the features of the original film. I EXPECTED a film without woe
    or major crises, a romp. But I got a lot more. The subject matter was
    refreshingly adult.

    Toula, the romantic lead from the original movie, has now become a
    working Mom, stuck again supporting her family’s restaurant business,
    dealing with her teen daughter’s angst and disdain. Toula’s fairy tale
    makeover from the 1st film has disappeared: poor Toula has no time for
    the hairdresser’s, she’s trying to be SuperMom… driving her daughter
    even crazier. Amusingly, Ian is more perfect than ever, now Principal
    of his daughter’s high school. Regardless, his own daughter wants him
    to pretend that they don’t know one another ”because the other kids
    think I’m a narc!” In addition, Toula’s family has become so demanding
    that Toula and Ian’s marriage suffers. The story really gets rolling
    when Toula’s father, Gus, while researching his family tree to prove
    his direct descent from Alexander the Great, discovers that his own
    marriage was not legal. Can Gus overcome his male chauvinism long
    enough to woo his own wife into another Big Fat Greek Wedding? Like her
    father, Toula, too, takes her spouse for granted as she bounces between
    the demands of Motherhood and Daughterhood; Toula has become her
    father. Can these couples re-energize their own marriages? Can Toula
    and Ian’s daughter, Paris, find her own love and/or strike out on her
    own? Or will they all be suffocated by their Big Greek Family? The
    unusual feature of this film is the parallelism of the generational
    story lines, parents and children and grandchildren, all struggling
    with related issues in their different ways, as they come to terms with
    themselves as individuals and as parts of the larger, all-devouring,
    eating-and-breeding Blob, the Portakalos family.

    Nia Vardalos worked on the script for four years, and it pays off in
    her final fascinating and funny film. There are a handful of jokes and
    bits that die a thousand deaths, but the majority of the movie is
    hilarious and, overall, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is tremendous fun
    and a superior sequel.

    In a final postscript: the coming-out-as-gay subplot featuring Joey
    Fatone. Some reviewers have criticized this subplot for going nowhere.
    As a gay/bisexual man, I must disagree with these reviewers. Joey
    Fatone’s character’s gay storyline is the next step in LGBT activism.
    Finally, a gay character who comes out to his family without major
    drama! At last! It’s inspirational. Has this ever happened in a
    Hollywood film before? Nia Vardalos and director Kirk Jones must
    understand the significance, or why bother with the storyline as it
    stands in the final film? It’s very uneventfulness is revolutionary.
    Sure, it would have been better if there had been more backstory. But I
    was just grateful to have a gay storyline in a film that was neither
    the butt of a joke nor a drama-soaked misery. It’s about time!

  • SimplySteve ([email protected])March 28, 2016Reply

    The family is back!

    I will make this simple, is ”MBFGW 2” on par with The Godfather? Of
    course not! Are you expecting it to be on par with The Godfather? I
    HOPE not! Do the Portokalos believe in family like the Corleone’s do?
    You bet!! Like the Corleone family, the Portokalos are so flawed, but
    so endearing and devoted to each other you pine to be in their circle.
    In the sequel their charm picks up exactly where it left off. The plot
    really doesn’t matter because whatever it is, this family will see it
    through in their own misguided, but loving way. Some of the familiar
    laughs are back…the Windex…Greek word origins…and some relatives
    are given more screen time than previously to ham it up.

    Is it as good as the original? Well, the original had the advantage of
    a no expectations sleeper. A little different this time around. Big
    bucks and big expectations. As they say ”It is what it is.” And what it
    is is a nice time out with the family.

    The critics tore it to pieces. They said it was lite, brainless
    fare…yeah…and??? Don’t listen. Go see it

  • ELLY PMarch 28, 2016Reply

    As good as the first one!

    Loved it. It was as funny and lighthearted as the first one. It’s truly
    about being a family and caring for one another. It had some great
    funny scenes, lines and a lot of love. Even if you haven’t seen the
    first one, you still can see the sequel without getting lost about what
    the movie is going to be about. I was happy to see the entire cast back
    plus a few new ones. Overall if you want to see a fun lighthearted
    movie this would be it. You don’t have to be Greek to relate to this
    movie/ story. You can be from the middle east or Italy and will still
    understand it because that’s what family really is to people from
    different cultural backgrounds. Family who will suffocate you with
    their love and who will always be in your business whether you have
    asked for it or not!

  • smetaxasMarch 28, 2016Reply

    I LOVED this movie 🙂

    I have no idea why critics have chosen to pan this movie. I saw it with
    a group of people celebrating a friend’s name day. Everyone in the
    theater thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

    Though it is different than My Big Fat Greek Wedding it has the same
    wonderful Greek flavor and fun. It was really fun for me to see my
    family members portrayed up there on the big screen 🙂 Who doesn’t like
    to relive the fun times you’ve had with your family?

    No matter what ethnicity you are, I’m sure you too will find many
    characters that remind you of members of your family. Don’t listen to
    these critics who have said it is not worth watching. They evidently
    have no sense of humor.

  • a_kokeMarch 29, 2016Reply

    Did not disappoint!

    We planned to see this from the moment we saw the first trailer- date
    night on opening night and it did not disappoint… it was so much
    fun… a little bittersweet as Toula talks about how life has changed,
    and seeing how Gus has aged, but the family, THE FAMILY, still all loud
    and in each others lives and business… new relationships that you
    suspected might come out of the original, more kids, more loud breeding
    Greek eaters… it was like coming to visit old friends after years
    away. New ”drama” and change and laughs and tears… it has been a long
    time since we laughed so hard at a movie that was fun and relatively
    clean and not so stupid you wonder why you paid good money to see it.
    This one will be a keeper once it hits DVD. A truly fun movie.

  • monstermayhem32March 29, 2016Reply

    The return of the greeks

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tiger jack ([email protected])March 29, 2016Reply

    A good effort, but much room for improvement

    Not a bad movie at all. Even though it starts slow, it does pick up
    pace, and there are some comedic and also emotional scenes throughout.
    However, there is not as much comedy as initially hoped for and the
    plot seems rather unoriginal as if the story seemed forced in order to
    ‘create’ another Greek wedding (to remain consistent with the title).

    Could have been better; not as good as the original, but it does have
    some laughs and tears. I do praise it for its genuine characters and
    pretty good acting (for a generic comedy anyway).

    Worth a watch, but not sure if its worth the now very expensive cinema

  • HellmantMarch 30, 2016Reply

    Filled with cheesy stereotypes, and the jokes are extremely forced!

    ‘MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A sequel to the 2002 blockbuster indie hit ‘MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING’.
    It was once again written by actress/writer Nia Vardalos, who also
    stars in the film (once again). The movie was directed (this time) by
    Kirk Jones; who also helmed ‘WAKING NED DEVINE’, ‘EVERYBODY’S FINE’
    (which are both pretty good films) and ‘WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE
    EXPECTING’ (which is horrible). The movie features John Corbett,
    Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Joey Fatone, Louis
    Mandylor, Gia Carides, and others, all reprising their roles from the
    original film; while Elena Kampouris joins the cast. The movie isn’t
    horrible (considering it comes 14- years after the original), but it’s
    definitely not good either.

    Toula (Vardalos) and Ian (Corbett) are still married, and they now have
    a teenage daughter, named Paris (Kampouris); that’s about to graduate
    high school. The couple is worried that she’s going to move away, and
    attend a college far away. They’re also having marital problems, and
    have to deal with their overbearing Greek family (once again).
    Including another Greek family wedding.

    I did enjoy the original movie, when it came out, but I’m not sure if
    I’d still like it now (I was a lot younger then). I never saw the
    short-lived (7 episode) TV series (from 2003), based on the film, but I
    heard it was horrible. This movie is pretty bad; it’s filled with
    cheesy stereotypes, and the jokes are extremely forced. It feels a lot
    like a bad TV sitcom (actually), but it does have some heart, and
    likable characters, too. The film is mostly a pain though.

    Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at:

  • Jenny_ClaireMarch 30, 2016Reply

    One Main Flaw

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tfclougherMarch 30, 2016Reply

    Toula was reverting

    Ethnic families can be overbearing. We’re the best, not like the rest.
    Stay away from those others. Then they marry each other. That happened
    in Barre, Vermont. Italians and Spanish despised each other and the
    Irish and the Norwegian others. Then the children went to school
    together, then married and had children with Italian-Spanish,
    Irish-Italian, Norwegian-Irish, Scots-Italian. One of those was ”Crip”
    Polli who pitched for the Yankees in the 1930s, played cards with Babe
    Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and married a Scots woman, unheard of in those

    I had an Italian friend whose immigrant parents said he could not
    attend his prom unless he took his Italian cousin to her prom. They did
    not like each other and would have been happier with someone of their
    own choice. In fact, his sister married an Irish-American.

    My mother in Ireland in the 1910s would trade stories with her friend
    outside of church on Sunday about the antics of the old people. The
    young people had to go underground to do any dancing. The puritanical
    Catholic Church saw it as the Devil’s work. The young people could not
    get enough of it. And if the Irish like music and talk, the people in
    Kerry are mad about dancing.

    Paris is like any young person who just needs allies in her perception
    of being stifled. The young always like the other, the fascinating
    different. Islam is an extreme example, in parts of it, of rejecting
    the outsider, of marrying within a specially chosen people. But God is
    universal, the Creator of all, and calls all of them good. You can find
    the same insularity within any group or religion. Sometimes you have to
    step away from your tribe.

    Having said that, the wedding ceremony in the Greek Orthodox Church was
    just right. All the ritual was geared toward being awake to being a
    conscientious human being.

    So we liked it.

  • Edgar Allan PoohMarch 30, 2016Reply

    Universal Studios, Hollywood’s Pre-Eminent House of Horror . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dpandlisaMarch 31, 2016Reply

    Familiar Faces and a Good Time

    I enjoyed the original and bought it on DVD. We watch it as a family
    about every other year. Sure, it’s sitcom-y and very light
    entertainment but it’s cute, fun and funny. I will say that this sequel
    is very much the same … in the second half. I would give the film a
    ‘5’ for the first 45 minutes and a ‘9’ for the last 45 minutes, making
    it a ‘7’ and a safe night of entertainment for everyone.

    The entire – and I mean ENTIRE – cast of the original is here along
    with a few new faces. There’s a lot of setup in the first half and the
    payoff comes in the second. It’s one of those happy movies where
    everyone gets a happy ending, all problems are resolved and you leave
    the theatre satisfied. That says a lot. I never laughed out loud but I
    definitely smiled and chuckled quite a bit. A great date movie for
    couples of any age.

  • RforFilmMarch 31, 2016Reply

    It’s not worth shouting ”opa!” for, but My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has some sharp moments that mimic the original.

    The idea that one doesn’t marry their loved one, but their entire
    family is entirely true. I’m on good speaking terms with the majority
    of my extended family from my aunt and uncle who live close by to my
    cousins who live on the other side of the country. When I’m thinking
    about introducing a girlfriend to the family, I’m constantly worried
    that one will dislike her, creating something of a domino effect. I
    might take home the president’s daughter, yet they might find her laugh
    unbearable and tell me I could do better. Luckily, I have yet to
    encounter that, but you never know.

    The majority of my family has Irish heritage. While this is not what
    makes us close (it’s our simple compassion), there is something of a
    cliché that’s formed and I’m left wondering if were a ”cool” group. Nia
    Vardalos faced a similar problem with her Greek family in My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding. It was a cute movie that became something of a sleeper
    hit that made it a box office smash back in 2002. The family was
    likable and even with the sitcom-like setup, there was potential to
    tell more of the Greek clan of Chicago. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
    shows us what happened fourteen years later.

    Toula (played by Nia Vardalos) and Ian Miller (played by John Corbett)
    are doing their best to give their daughter Paris (played by Elena
    Krampouris) whose about to finish high school. Paris is clearly
    embarrassed not just of her mother’s constant volunteering at the
    school to which her father is also principal, but of her large family
    that’s always around to remind her that she’s Greek. Even at a college
    fair, her entire clan descends upon the tables to look into what she’s
    going to study and how far away from home she’ll live.

    Family patriarch, Toula’s father Gus still embraces and loves to show
    off his Greek heritage, whether it be at his restaurant, at physical
    therapy, or even when instructing Paris to find a nice Greek boy.
    Things are thrown around when Gus pulls out his marriage certificate
    for an ancestry project when he realizes that he’s never been legally
    married to his wife Maria. So another wedding is on as the group now
    puts everything together while Toula tries to keep everything focuses
    and Paris makes her decision on where she’ll go to college. Oh, and Gus
    is trying to find proof that he’s descended from Alexander the Great.

    My first question is why they waited for so long to get My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding 2 going? Was there really a demand for another movie (I
    know there was also a failed sitcom) about this family fourteen years
    later? That would be too much of an issue if the movie was really
    funny…and it rarely is. The story is not exactly a rehash, but most of
    the wedding stiff does feel familiar. I think that more could have been
    don’t. that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some humorous moments.
    There’s the college fair and how we’re obligated to help the family
    in…every situation (you’ll see what I mean). The Alexander the Great
    search got a couple of chuckles out of me. But the writing is not as
    sharp as the original. The original may have not been a masterpiece,
    but it was intriguing.

    The entire cast is all back (it must have been a good thing that none
    of these people never went anywhere) and they all do their best to
    throw in a joke here and there. The least interesting character is the
    newest member, Paris. She’s another stereotypical angsty teenager who
    really has little to complain about. What’s unfortunate is that she
    bickers at her family for nothing and makes her character change
    without much of a fight. Paris is a robot child to function however the
    plot feels like it.

    I’ll give it five gyros out of ten. I’m sure fans of the original will
    find something they’ll like, but newcomers aren’t going to shout ”opa!”
    after this movie. You can tell the majority is trying, but perhaps its
    time we put this family album back on the shelf. I’ll just get a gyro
    and watch the original.

  • Quietb-1March 31, 2016Reply

    Deliveries what you would expect.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlanjackdMarch 31, 2016Reply


    The best way to describe this is it is a Nothing movie.Put it in the
    same slot as Bridget Jones and Mama Mia..

    Nothing wrong with that I hear you shout..but here’s the thing.

    While it’s not a bad made movie and brings enjoyment to a few
    people…in this case middle aged …everybody does a good enough job
    and does their doesn’t actually go anywhere or do anything and
    as soon as it goes off is erased from your memory.

    As a regular movie buff who goes 3 or 4 times a week and has seen
    everything that hits the screen I feel that the money behind this and a
    few others around at the same time could be put together to make a
    proper movie.

    Imagine this and the likes of the hangover movies budget to make a
    movie like Revanant or Spotlight…something that could push the
    boundaries of film making ..instead of just being a safe ,,half baked

    Not a bad movie as I said but found the 1 Dimensional and stereotypical
    characters a tad banal and may I add a bit sort of racist.

    Very few small laughs and reminded me of a 90 odd minute trailer.

    Take your nan to see this before you go to see Batman V Superman or
    just stay at home and watch some tired American sit com.

  • BillcosbyisstillcoolApril 1, 2016Reply

    My Big FAB Greek Movie!!

    My word what an impeccable film. Only true thespians of the fine arts
    can pick up the nuance the filmmakers interwove into every crevasse of
    the film stock. Without prior knowledge of Godard, Fellini, Fassbinder
    and Bergman your foolish mind would miss the precise details hidden in
    every frame or shot. The framing and cinematography is C’est
    Magnifique, and every moment is filled to the brim with joy and wonder,
    as true film always is and always should and always will be. The
    direction is superb, any word otherwise is showing the true blue
    ignorance you possess and your lack of appreciation for cinematic arts
    such as this will truly rot your brain to a core. If you muster up the
    intellectual prowess to trek through the deep mystifying codes set in
    by the MBFGW2 crew, your life will change. Maybe not for the better,
    but it will cause you to think and relate the situations to your own
    life. Truly then you can connect your soul inside the hole of destiny
    peeking within the grains of the film. Until that day your feeble minds
    will fail to grasp the eloquent display put forth by this outstanding
    picture, but alas it is destined to be overlooked by ingrates who lack
    the proper understanding of life and art.

  • HorrorliefhebberApril 1, 2016Reply

    Second Fat Greek Wedding.

    -My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a 2016 American romantic comedy film
    directed by Kirk Jones and written by Nia Vardalos. The film stars Nia
    Vardalos, John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Michael Constantine, Andrea
    Martin, Ian Gomez and Elena Kampouris. It is the sequel to My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding, which was released in 2002. Filming began in late May
    2015 in Toronto. The film was released on March 25, 2016 by Universal

    –Critical response: -My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 received generally
    negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a
    rating of 24%, based on 106 reviews, with an average rating of 4.4/10.
    The site’s consensus reads, ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is as sweet and
    harmless as the original, but its collection of sitcom gags and
    stereotypes never coalesces into anything resembling a story with a
    purpose.” On Metacritic the film has a score of 37 out of 100, based on
    31 critics, indicating ”generally unfavorable reviews”. On CinemaScore,
    audiences gave the film an average grade of ”A–” on an A+ to F scale.

  • mother_of_popcornApril 1, 2016Reply

    A Big Fat Waste Of Time And Money

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rmbiskApril 1, 2016Reply

    Ignore the Cynical Critics

    This movie is a joy and all people who love family and people generally
    should do themselves a favor and go to see it. For those who saw the
    original, viewing this reunion with old friends is a must. (You are
    cheating yourself if you don’t go.) But this film works for newcomers
    as well. I was thrilled to see that the entire original cast was
    reassembled. The new cast members were great as well. My wife and I saw
    this sequel on our anniversary night. Frankly, I was prepared to be
    disappointed owing to the many less than glowing reviews. What a
    pleasant surprise! Some critics apparently place value on something
    other than the joy of sweet-hearted humble love. For the rest of us
    this film is a welcome homecoming.

  • Neil WelchApril 1, 2016Reply

    Gentle, funny, and quietly profound

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Davis PApril 2, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monica-73379April 2, 2016Reply

    Weak weak storyline

    I normally am a very generous person with ratings. But this movie was
    very very very weak a couple of different stories in this movie all
    weak. The first my big fat Greek wedding was so funny. However, this
    was quite disappointing . Not very funny a couple of funny moments but
    definitely not worth spending the money in the theatre. The actors were
    great….seriously great cast. John stamps made an appearance ! The
    leads have done great movies before and I really really like John
    Corbett and Nia Vardolos but this story line was weak and completely
    not interesting. The daughter was an adorable actress but I just would
    wait for this movie to come out on television and then maybe watch it .

  • adriana-eleniApril 2, 2016Reply

    a great comedy

    you laugh you cry you learn you dance you have fun.this are the words
    that describe this movie.i recommended this movie to a friend of mine
    and he went immediately to the cinema and he loved.since we both are
    big fans of Greece and everything that is connected to it.go to see won’t regret’s the best comedy to watch it with
    family,only with the actress said that is a comedy to watch
    with the family and i personally will take my parents to see it.has
    past 14 years but was worth it.i hope they gonna make my big fat Greek
    wedding 3.and the songs from maria’s wedding are wonderful.make me all
    the time to see again the will just fall in love with Greece.

  • vrabecjApril 3, 2016Reply

    Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the Portokalos family

    I read a couple of the corporate reviews and then read reviews from
    real people and my wife and I decided to see the movie. It was funny,
    sweet, and a bit weird – just like the first one. Everyone is back, and
    it picks up realistically where we left them over a decade ago.

    I don’t need to go into the synopsis, others have and covered the movie
    very well. Basically, if you liked the first one, please see this.

    The actress that plays Toula and Ian’s daughter is excellent and very
    pretty. The family never wastes a chance to tell her how to run her
    life and you feel for her like we all did for Toula in the first movie.

    And there you go!

  • Steve BooseApril 3, 2016Reply

    Very enjoyable!

    Having watched the DVD of the first movie several times, I was excited
    to take my wife to this one at the cinema, and we were *not*
    disappointed. Perhaps it is because Toula is a ”fixer” and I’ve watched
    my wife and her mother try to take on the same role in their family –
    there is no peace in their lives because they are always trying to make
    sure everyone *else* is happy, and things fall apart anyway because the
    tighter you try to hold people close, the more they seem to slip away.

    Don’t expect anything original; expect another chapter in a well-told
    story that will make you laugh, swoon, cringe, and maybe even cry.
    Expect to see people hitting middle age who suddenly realize that they
    are there and that life is changing, no matter how much you want to
    stop it. It’s not the heights of comedy, the lunacy of farce, or the
    depths of tragedy. It’s just fun.

    And when the whole theatre (and yourself) go ”Awwwww…!” (you’ll know
    when), you know everyone’s following and enjoying.

  • Baron WeerenApril 3, 2016Reply

    Cloying glurge at its worst

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • metokoloskiApril 4, 2016Reply

    Alexander the Great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nik NealApril 4, 2016Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I went into this movie with somewhat low expectations. I saw the
    original many many years ago, but honestly, can’t remember much about
    it. I went on a random Sunday night and it hit the spot. I thought it
    was very entertaining, funny, and enjoyable. The characters were
    likable and you were rooting for them. I have a big Italian family, and
    many of these character reminded me of my own family. Yes, they are
    loud and nosy and all up in each others business, but they love hard
    and have fun. They understand the importance of family and I thoroughly
    enjoyed every moment of it. I would recommend this movie to all ages
    and it is family friendly.

  • Niki KefalaApril 6, 2016Reply


    It’s been 14 years since Nia Vardalo’s warm comedy about her big Greek
    family became a blockbuster and this one I think, is mostly made for
    the fans of the first flick. There are many amusing moments and comic
    performances, but on the whole, this is an instantly forgettable
    experience. But despite a lot of negative reviews, I really liked this
    sequel and I enjoy it while I was watching it. It was very well done
    unlike a lot of sequels that can’t hold up to the original, fun,
    emotional, nostalgic and… stereotypically sweet, especially for a
    Greek viewer like me. And just for your information, Greek weddings are
    not made anymore like this ones on Vardalo’s movies. Ante gia mas!

  • tavmApril 6, 2016Reply

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was a worthy sequel

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Julia NSCApril 6, 2016Reply

    I loved it!

    If you come from a big, close-knit family (Greek or otherwise), you
    will LOVE this flick! And you will totally relate to it! If you don’t,
    you may end up wishing you had. With the various age groups involved,
    there is something for everyone & a few surprises along the way. This
    sequel picks up about 14 years after the original. Time has passed.
    Some things have changed & others hilariously haven’t. That’s life;
    isn’t it? Ian, Toula & their teenage daughter are struggling with it
    all — taking advice & embarrassment along the way. The same realism
    that was in MBFGW is in this sequel. The characters are fun &
    believable. The issues are, too. It’s art imitating life & doing it
    well. Wisdom with laughs. Sit back & enjoy the ride!

  • kloklo_87April 7, 2016Reply

    It wasn’t meant to be perfect but it was certainly real.

    How do you vote for a movie? Was it good? Was it artistically
    ingenious? Was it hilarious?

    The first one was certainly two out of three but this sequel is
    something a bit more. I laughed but not as much as with the first movie
    and that was fine. MBFGW2 was dealing with the oddities of Greek life
    and less with the stereotypes. It wasn’t as fun or original many would
    have wanted and that was to be expected. But what makes this movie

    This movie is about life. Life will be funny, overbearing, things will
    go wrong and things will go certainly right. If you live in a big Greek
    family you will encounter several odd moments and although the first
    movie was a take of liberation from family and coming of age, in the
    second we discover that the coming of age doesn’t happen just once but
    in reality is a process. Another thing that is always wanted is the
    liberation from the family ties. You will never be totally free but
    that’s okay because family ties don’t always need to be broken to be
    free but learn how to curve.

    In short, it was a captivating movie dealing with several family issues
    taken from the Greek perspective. Don’t have any kind of expectations
    low or high and you will enjoy this movie as I did. By the end of the
    movie you will realise that although the first movie was about a small
    personal revolution, this is about that no matter how old you get you
    still question things and taking a stand whether small or big is not
    just one point in time for any of us.

  • Rachael lblakeApril 7, 2016Reply

    What the movie has going for it

    What the movie has going for it is the entire original cast returning.
    It is a good follow up film to the original, as a stand alone film I
    don’t think it would hold up on its own. It relies on reusing gags from
    the original film in new ways and needs that connection to the original
    to work. I don’t think it will stand the test of time like the original
    has, the cast does reprise their roles well except John Corbett phoned
    in his performance in my opinion. It was funny, the story line though
    just kinda of got a little sloppy with the daughter going to school and
    the parents wedding it felt like an excuse to make a second one. Its a
    sequel we did not need but can watch and rediscover what made the first
    one so great.


  • peter-stein-83-297545April 7, 2016Reply

    Not at all very funny as the original movie.

    The second movie isn’t as funny as the first. The story is somehow
    already known. The jokes aren’t clever any more. I bet it will be a
    flop for sure. Vardalos did her best but that wasn’t good enough. I
    would prefer a really clever story. It is so predictable. Didn’t worth
    the money I paid for the ticket. I really hoped for something more
    interesting instead of passing her old wedding circumstances to her
    daughter. The cast is older now and more boring. Only John Corbett
    showed decent acting. Michael Constantine was simple too old for
    acting. He should have retired long ago. This movie was made for two
    reasons only. For the profit and for proofing that Vardalos has a
    future in movie industry. Those who haven’t seen the original movie may
    find it a little more funny than me.

  • Python HyenaApril 8, 2016Reply

    Not As Big as the Original.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jackiie-75670April 8, 2016Reply

    It made me laugh and tear

    Personally, this movie is amazing. Throughout the entire time I was
    either laughing or tearing. I don’t think it’s only about a culture but
    the concept behind it is great. I loved the concept of family and at
    the same time the love every single one of them had for each other. The
    advice that the aunt gave may have sound all about sex but she was
    right in so many ways. This is definitely a movie I will be adding to
    my collection. And the wait was definitely worth it. I recommend that
    people watch this movie. Especially if you like romantic comedies. I
    know I’ll be seeing it again. Enjoy the movie and don’t go by what the
    negative comments state. You’re the only judge.

  • fmvolumeApril 8, 2016Reply

    LOVED IT !!!! so great to see a sequel to this beloved movie

    I don’t post on IMDb much but when I saw a sequel for MBFGW I thought
    OK I have to see this. To my surprise the movie was great. The same
    characters are back and its so nice they made it all work with 12 yrs
    apart and all have aged. The movie was even more funny than the first.
    How can anyone hate this movie? If you’re one of those ”offended” by
    everything pricks, then go watch some Disney movie but I’m sure you’ll
    find something there to offend you as well. This is comedy, it was
    cute, smart, clever and loved the exaggerated stereotyping. . . . ….
    ……… ……… ……… …….. ………. …… ….
    ………………………………………………………. …..
    ……… …………….. …… …… ….. .. … …….. ……
    .. …. … …… ….. ….. …. …. …. . … .. …………..

  • Stergios PapoutsoglouApril 8, 2016Reply

    Weird humour but I enjoyed the movie

    As a Greek, I saw this movie in the cinema to support Nia Vardalos.
    Well, it was exactly was I expected. Of course the story was not so
    interesting (it’s a sequel so it can’t be very original I guess) but it
    was funny.

    Negative points: I didn’t like the stereotypical ”jokes” from Pappou
    and Aunt. Pappou is a very annoying and uneducated stubborn old man –
    of course he is a true representative of his age. Aunt was too ”spicy”
    for her age.

    Positive points: It is a movie about family values. The Greek families
    always press their children too much but it is all because of love.
    Everyone helps each other and this is how all the families should be.

    As a conclusion, I would say that the movie is a bit stereotypical –
    the Greeks don’t actually behave this way. Of course the Greeks
    over-react about things that don’t approve of (especially if it a
    matter of what a member of the family does) but we’re trying to balance
    this complexes (I say ”we” because I’m Greek). Nevertheless, what I
    kept from this movie is that I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want it
    to end. There are also some touching moments and my friend, who is a
    bit sensitive, well she almost cried. I would like this movie to last

    I send my love to Nia Vardalos and all the Greeks living away from the
    Hellenic Republic. Sas agapame 🙂

  • mark-631-841457April 9, 2016Reply

    It was exactly what it said it was

    Did you expect Schindler’s List? Good, then you’re not an idiot and
    could go to the movie about a crazy Greek-American family being
    themselves and laugh and enjoy them.

    Yep, it’s a movie about their big, fat, Greek Wedding and had lots of
    people from the first big, fat, Greek Wedding 16 years or so later.

    Fun movie and it did exactly what it set out to do. Made us laugh a
    lot. Acting was about the same. Jokes were expected but still funny.
    Could have done without the now obligatory outing of a gay guy — come
    on Hollywood. This getting old. Grab the Windex and find a new gig.

    All in all, lots of fun. Too bad they don’t more good grade B movies.

  • Harvey PensonApril 9, 2016Reply

    Not worth paying for

    A sequel has arrived for the Portokalos family, but was not necessary
    and was poorly executed. This time the head of the family Gus, and
    Maria realise that there wedding license was never signed and is
    therefore an excuse to have another big fat Greek wedding. Meanwhile
    Toula and Ian’s teenage daughter Paris is struggling to deal with her
    very close family and is being pressured to find a Greek boyfriend and
    choose a college. So it’s not good.

    The first problem is that it’s not very funny, there are very rare
    occasions that will make you giggle, apart from that, it’s just humour
    that you’ve in any other comedy movie that’s not funny at all. But the
    comedy wasn’t natural, and it was ready to be joke, and not just
    occurring on its own, so you know the jokes happening and its drawing
    too much attention to it. This is pretty much the vibe of the film,
    which is sad, because the first film is really good and funny but it
    doesn’t have a silly vibe all the way through it. This film just acts
    like a silly comedy film and knows that tit is, but is bringing much
    joy. But then it does try to have an emotional theme to it to draw the
    audience in, but it doesn’t work because the rest of the film hasn’t
    shown these themes seriously.

    But that doesn’t mean everyone won’t enjoy it, while watching it, there
    were many other people who laughed at every joke (even jokes that
    really weren’t funny, and lines that weren’t meant to be funny). I mean
    laughing out loud, but these people then surely haven’t seen a lot of
    comedy films.

    The biggest problem though was the narrative. There were too many plots
    and subplots, we don’t know which ones to pay attention to, and it
    feels really lazily written. Because it sets up different situations
    the character’s war experiencing but then just sums it up in the next
    scene, with no context to how its resolved and how these characters
    have changed over the course of the film. There’s too much going on to
    try and cram it in to an hour and half film.

    The only positives of the film were that it’s easy to watch, and would
    be perfect for a Saturday afternoon on the telly, but that’s it. It
    really isn’t good, and is not worth paying for. 5/10

  • ocallaghanproductionsApril 10, 2016Reply

    Couldn’t have been more disappointed

    I loved the first movie, it’s one of the ones that I still like to
    re-watch every couple of years. I suppose my expectations were too high
    for this film. Instead of the clever, heartfelt and surprisingly
    original story line we were treated to in the original film the sequel
    delivered a sloppy, poorly executed script by actors who seemed to
    realise how bad it was while they were filming. This might be because
    none of the characters had changed or grown in an way since 2002, it
    was as if they had suddenly aged 17 years physically but hadn’t lived
    any of them. Nia Vardalos is a fellow Canadian and this was filmed in
    my hometown of Toronto so I would have been happy if I could have
    delivered a great, or even good review but honestly I wish I hadn’t
    watched the sequel because now I have no desire to watch the original
    ever again.

  • stermix501April 10, 2016Reply


    Being Greek I’m a little biased over such a movie, but as we Greeks
    have it, the bias could easily be against this movie. Having seen all
    the recent big budget movies I owed my wife to watch that one too,
    despite the predictable story and jokes and the extensive trailer.

    Still I really found it marvelous. The story was different than what
    the trailer had made us think. Despite the deja-vus, there was a great
    amount of sincere laughs intertwined by tear-shedding moments that
    affected me more than any other movie I can remember. Greek families
    are well portrayed involving themselves with matters that their members
    would prefer to be private, but at the same moment show how much can be
    provided by a family’s (of any nation) strong bonds. We can only have
    respect for the older protagonists Michael Constantine and Bess Meisler
    who have still the strength to participate, only to add to our joy to
    see the rest of the cast united again.

    Nia Vardalos made a good job writing it, treating with subtle way
    international values and actual reality, while releasing it in Spring
    gives a great motivation for the choice of a particular summer vacation

    And as traditional comedies have it since the ancient times and as the
    title suggests, this could only end with a great marriage’s feast

  • chuckgrandgentApril 10, 2016Reply

    horrified, but loved it !

    Emotionally it was so difficult to watch ! I loved it ! Thank you Toula

    Says I need at least 10 lines of review or they won’t accept it….

    I worked in many high tech startups in the Boston area, and somehow we
    had a lot of Greek high tech engineers, so I developed many friendships
    with people of Greek ancestry. And many great Greek restaurants there
    in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

    One of my friends in one startup subsequently started a very nice
    restaurant ”Seven Tables” in Seal Harbor, Maine, Yani had such a great
    menu !

    So I very much appreciate the focus on Greek restaurants that this
    movie portrayed. I don’t know of any other kind of restaurants where
    the owner is present at the restaurant pretty much 24/7

    Opa !

    Thanks again Toula !


  • Samantha BradyApril 10, 2016Reply


    This was such a great movie!! My family and I were cracking up the
    whole movie (and a few times I got choked up)!! I also love love love
    how all the actors and actresses are the same from the 1st Big Fat
    Greek wedding!!! From the beginning to the end is just a joy. I have to
    be honest when I first saw the reviews for the movie I was disappointed
    because my family and I are such huge fans of the first My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding and then finally we said we don’t care about the reviews
    we have to see it for ourselves! I am so glad we did!! It’s the kind of
    movie you can just watch over and over again! This is the first time I
    ever reviewed a movie in my life because I really just needed to set
    the record straight, this is a great movie! 4 women ranging from the
    ages 13-71 and every one of us loved it!!

  • Satine Von StrattenApril 11, 2016Reply

    Great sequel for fans of the first film.

    I was very excited to learn that they were making a sequel to the
    successful My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). As someone who comes from a
    similar ethnic background, it was easy for me to relate to the trials
    and tribulations experienced by our protagonist, Toula, as she breaks
    away from the conventions of her Greek background and family
    expectations. This sequel finds Toula as the mother of a teenager who
    is experiencing her own struggles with her crazy Greek family. Toula
    finds herself torn between maintaining a healthy relationship with her
    husband Ian, a changing relationship with her fiercely independent
    daughter, taking care of her aging parents and other issues that arise
    with being part of a large family. I don’t give away plot details in my
    reviews, but I will say that for a sequel, this movie delivered the
    same humor and heartfelt moments we felt in the first film, with the
    welcome additions of some new witty characters and guest appearances
    from Rita Wilson and the handsome John Stamos. I enjoyed the fact that,
    this time around, we received more screen time from characters like
    Theía Voula and Mama Yaya who really give the movie its tone. Quirky
    Theía Voula brings some great laughs and notable words of wisdom, while
    Mama Yaya shines as the matriarch of the Portokalos family. Replete
    with cheesy moments, family values, life lessons and barrels of laughs,
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 reunites the lovable members of Toula’s
    family in a welcome sequel that will make you laugh, cry and wish you
    knew how to bake baklava.

  • carly_hopeApril 11, 2016Reply

    What a sweet sweet movie

    Nia Vardalos took all the ingredients that made the first big fat Greek
    wedding such a joy, put a little bit more of this and little bit less
    of that, added a little extra, stirred and the end result is a sweet,
    funny and touching movie.

    Toula starts the second movie just like she started the first one –
    stuck. She is just stuck in a different place. And as she faces her
    daughter’s imminent departure form the nest, her crazy family and the
    fact she doesn’t seems to be able to find time for a date with her
    husband, she will yet again have to take her life into her own hands.

    The movie is about importance of family without ever being preachy. And
    you do laugh at the ridiculousness but from every word and look and hug
    it is clear that while the family is driving both Toula and Nia up the
    wall at times, they both love their families fiercely. And that is what
    makes this little movie so different from others. It is not meant as a
    joke about an overbearing family. It is a little exasperated love
    letter to them.

    And yet again, it works.

  • Davey TorreyApril 17, 2016Reply

    Do see this, but be warned of a ”Laugh out loud comedy that will excite”

    I really liked this movie. It really has ALL the characters from the
    first. It is such a cute movie because it brings them all together
    again but with a few other characters. They have Kids!!! Paris (Elena
    Kampouris) is probably my favorite female role. Angelo (Joey Fatone) is
    my favorite male role. In this Joey Fatone’s Character has a big
    surprise that will shock you!!! I didn’t even suspect it. I went with
    my parents and they thought the first one was better. In that regard I
    agree. But, is not the first one always better than the second? If you
    like laughs and family all in one, check it out! Trust me it is way
    worth it. I know one thing for sure, when it is out on Blu-Ray, I’m
    running to get myself a copy.(;

  • goolizapApril 21, 2016Reply

    Twizard Rating: 59

    They’re all older, yet they’re all pretty much the same. Maybe that’s
    another Greek stereotype I’m unaware of. But in this sitcomy world that
    Nia Vardalos has created for us, it makes sense anyway.

    From the very first moments, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 comes off as
    more of a cast reunion or a ”Where Are They Now?” special than anything

    By nature, the title already limits what this film can be about. And it
    shows. Obvious with every forced plot point, it tries to cover too much
    ground, but then still finds a way to sneak a wedding into it all.

    Amidst trying to be the mediator for her whole family, Toula (Vardalos)
    must deal with her daughter possibly leaving home for college. She also
    must try to handle her own suffering relationship with her neglected
    husband (John Corbett), while trying to plan a wedding for her parents
    who recently find out that their 50-year marriage was never official.

    At one point there are about 3 major story lines competing for the
    title of ”main”. Plus several others intermixed. As a result, we get
    scenes that serve no purpose and film with no direction.

    The dialogue is just as sloppy–going for that quirky awkwardness that
    worked so well in the 2002 original. But here, it plays as unnatural
    and stiff.

    Maybe the cast has lost its chemistry with one another. Or maybe it’s
    missing a little of what made the first one work. That first film was
    completely organic. The sequel is the exact opposite.

    Everything is forced. From the dialogue to the character depth. Trying
    to squeeze every last bit of emotion out of its audience every chance
    it gets.

    Not to say it doesn’t have its moments. I didn’t hate it. It just isn’t
    all that good. Certain performances outdo others. Michael Constantine
    is just as good as Toula’s father. But director Kirk Jones just can’t
    extract the same results out of most of the rest of the cast.

    It’s all just really discombobulated. Directionless. It tries to prove
    points, but then counters them with opposing points–ultimately saying
    nothing. Or worse: not knowing what it’s saying.

    Many jokes fall flat. Luckily the head count is so high that eventually
    there are a few you end up laughing at.

    But as a whole, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a mess. It means well.
    Really, it does. It’ll even make you smile a few times. But after 14
    years, you’d at least hope for a better story.

    Twizard Rating: 59

  • merril444April 23, 2016Reply

    Not good

    Unfortunately this movie fell flat on its face for me. I found it too
    over-the-top and annoying.

    The first movie was quite enjoyable because we hadn’t seen it all
    before with it’s mix of sweet romance and the overbearing theatrics of
    Greek relatives. This time around, the theatrics were even more
    pronounced. I suppose to cover the thin storyline & lack of any
    character development.

    Toula was like a deer in the headlights throughout most of the movie.
    The actress who plays Maria, Toula’s mother, has made another visit to
    a plastic surgeon and now sports a face that is immovable as it is
    improbable (in real life, not in the storyline). I found it very
    distracting. The extended Greek family were their usual obnoxious
    selves, so nothing new there.

    There were a few good jokes, but most of it was been there, done that
    and done that to death. Pass.

  • tempestnyxApril 23, 2016Reply

    Laughter and Love in Every Scene

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is the long awaited sequel of the 2002 film
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding that generated rave reviews and numerous
    awards. Nevertheless, the sequel, well it hasn’t been received well.

    You’re not going to see any of that negativity here because I loved the
    movie. It made me laugh and it made me remember everything that made
    the first film good. One of the common comments I’ve seen about this
    film sum up to this ”laughs that depend on the broad stereotypes and
    predictable plot points.” That’s unfair. Are stereotypes cool? No, not
    really, but they do exist. Any large cultured family is going to be
    like that, it’s nothing bad, large families just tend to be loud
    because they all want to be heard at the same time. They tend to be
    close, that’s how they were raised. Of course, there are the ones that
    really try to escape it, like Toula and her daughter, but they love
    their family, they can’t abandon them, no matter how much they drive
    them crazy.

    And that’s part of what made this film so good: its believability. You
    don’t need to have a big family to believe this, but anyone can
    appreciate the closeness of the family, and that it highlighted in this
    film, especially when it juxtaposes Ian’s (John Corbett) relationship
    with his parents to Toula’s (Nia Vardalos) relationship with hers. And
    Nia Vardalos doesn’t down play it. It’s clear that it is ridiculous,
    even to her, that it drives her crazy and makes her pity her own
    daughter, but it’s family, it’s what she knows, it’s where her heart
    lies. Moreover, there is the strain it puts on the relationship with
    her husband. Nothing about this film is easy, the relationships need to
    be worked at, they need devotion from each other, attention from one
    another, and that right there is the heart of the film.

    The film is not just about some crazy family and their crazy antics; it
    is also about their love and devotion. Toula’s parents discover that
    their wedding certificate was never signed meaning they were never
    married. However, they have lost their spark, and for them too, it’s
    about finding that spark, finding the appreciation from one another
    again to show why they should be married. The same goes for Toula and
    Ian’s relationship. It’s a film just about finding their way to one

    That was the beauty of the movie and why the laughs were warranted:
    because they were based on something familiar, something the viewer can
    relate to. Young Adults tend to feel like their families are
    suffocating, parents worry about their children, no matter how old they
    are, it’s natural for people to pull away while someone tries to push
    closer. It’s a give and take, and that is what this film captured.

    Sure, this film did recycle some of the jokes from the first film, but
    it didn’t use them to the point of over kill. Nia brought back the
    jokes briefly, fitting them in with the new jokes, wrapping them into
    the script wonderfully for translation.

    There was love in this film, there was heart and this wasn’t a sequel
    for sequel’s sake, it was a movie the writer and cast wanted to make
    together, it was a point in their lives they wanted to revisit and the
    audience can feel that making this a good film to watch. The story is
    there, the connections are there, you don’t have to look hard for it to
    appreciate everything it has to offer. (★★★★ | A)

  • JamesApril 28, 2016Reply

    Nobody can say it doesn’t do ”what it says on the tin”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jimmy PApril 29, 2016Reply

    The same formula with a different recipe

    Sequels are usually disappointing. This second film was well worth
    watching. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and
    something blue. I was hesitant to see this because the TV series was
    promising, but didn’t deliver. Greek Wedding 2 is a little more ”drama”
    than laughs.

    The bigger budget of this film allowed some exciting scenes not present
    in the first film. This is a 2016 ”PC” Politically Correct film, that’s
    wealthy Hollywood for you, they have to insert a political agenda into
    everything instead of letting things be natural, they have to spotlight
    progressive shifts. As far as I could tell The original cast was all
    there they showed there age and didn’t try to hide it. There are some
    fresh new faces. New themes introduced to the film. There is an
    excellent romp that had me laughing for minutes. Not a lot of substance
    until the end of the film. Still it was a funny ”mostly” family film,
    with a lot of laughs.

  • nickhbk-nikosMay 1, 2016Reply

    Great sequel

    ‘My big fat Greek wedding 2’ is everything a comedy sequel needs to be.
    It was really good, very funny and touching. Nia Vardalos and John
    Corbett use their chemistry to the best. Since i’m Greek and i know how
    a Greek family reacts to family problems of course they over reacted
    but they make it look so funny. Just see the last last scene, hahah.

    Anyway, in my opinion i believe that this one could get a third movie
    which may be the wedding of Toula’s (Nia Vardalos) and Ian’s (John
    Corbett) daughter. I believe that this could be a pretty good epilogue
    to ‘My big fat Greek wedding’.

    My score is 8/10, and guys i know this is not an Oscar movie but it’s a
    movie worth seeing it.

  • ShelbyTMItchellMay 2, 2016Reply

    Very Cute Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Prismark10May 6, 2016Reply

    One for Zorba

    The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding was one of the big sleeper hits
    of the new millennium. A sweet and appealing comedy even though it
    played up certain Greek stereotypes.

    The belated sequel is set 18 years after the original. If you have not
    seen the original since its 2002 release then the film makes no
    concession that you might remember some of the characters or signature
    gags from the original such as the Windex/Windolene being a fix for

    Nia Vardoulas again writes and stars as Toula happily married to Ian
    (John Corbett) they have a 17 year old daughter, Paris about to
    graduate and applying to go to college as well as prepare for her prom
    night. Paris wants to go and study in New York so she can get away from
    her suffocating extended family who all live near each other. Her
    parents would prefer if she went to a local college.

    Ian and Toula also feel they need to spend time together like they did
    when they were younger and not parents.

    The wedding element this time is that Toula’s parents Maria (Lainie
    Kazan) and Gus (Michael Constantine) realise that the priest who
    married them never signed the marriage licence so they were never
    really married officially. How could not help thinking that Lainie
    Kazan had so much work done she looked like she should be Gus’s eldest

    So this time Maria wants a big fancy wedding but first Gus must propose
    properly and after a few false starts she ropes in Toula to sort out
    the wedding.

    Basically that is the plot but to keep the large extended cast going
    there are side plots such as the prom night, Gus thinks he is a
    descendant of Alexander the Great as well as getting stuck in the bath.

    Many of the characters from the original film are present, although
    still exuding a certain charm this time it feels less fresh and funny.
    It really is a case of being an unnecessary sequel that is light on
    story and laughs.

  • stonedraimMay 7, 2016Reply

    Everything is Greek…. like Alexander the Great.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rick RichardMay 7, 2016Reply

    Too little, too late.

    This sequel to the 2002 box office surprise ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’
    comes many years too late and its humor that is solely based on clichés
    and stereotypes does not work these days as far as I’m concerned. While
    the original movie was certainly no masterpiece, I remember it being
    entertaining at the time. I’ll have to re-watch it, though, to check if
    that still holds true today.

    I really wonder who thought it would be a good idea to do a sequel to a
    fourteen year old comedy that I’m sure most people didn’t even think
    about for more than a decade. Sure, the original movie was a surprise
    success, but that doesn’t necessarily justify a lukewarm sequel, let
    alone so many years later. After such a long time, you’d think that
    there would be a good reason to revive an old comedy franchise… but
    no. ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ offers nothing that wasn’t already
    done better in the original movie.

    While the first movie had a relatively interesting plot that held
    together quite nicely, the plot of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ is very
    thin and doesn’t go anywhere. The movie proceeds just as you’d expect.
    There are no surprises. For a comedy that would be tolerable, though,
    if the jokes were really good, but that is not the case here. I hardly
    ever laughed during the whole movie. It’s full of lame jokes that don’t
    even reach sitcom level for the most part.

    So, if the plot is thin and the jokes don’t work, maybe some excellent
    acting could save the movie to some extent, right? Unfortunately, that
    is not the case, either. Pretty much the whole cast act like they
    couldn’t care less. John Corbett, for instance, is physically present
    all right, but his acting is absolutely soulless, which comes as a
    surprise to me because I remember him giving a fine performance in the
    first movie. Most of the other cast members, including Nia Vardalos,
    act similarly halfheartedly or way over the top, which is very
    distracting and out of place at times.

    The only two actors that I loved watching in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    2’ are veteran actor Michael Constantine, who is just marvelous to
    watch, and up-and-coming actress Elena Kampouris, who I’m sure we’ll be
    seeing much more of in the future. It really makes you wonder when a
    teenage girl and a gentleman in his late eighties give the best
    performances in a movie by a long shot.

    There is one scene in particular, in which Gus (Michael Constantine) is
    sitting in the church, waiting for Maria to show up. He has a sad look
    on his face and gazes into space. When he catches sight of Maria, his
    face brightens and he smiles affectionately. This scene is absolutely
    convincing thanks to Constantine’s excellent acting. Sadly, you won’t
    find much of that in this underwhelming sequel.

    I would recommend ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ only to die-hard fans of
    the original who want to see the familiar characters again in a new
    setting. Fans of Michael Constantine or Elena Kampouris might also
    enjoy it somewhat. Other than that, I cannot think of good a reason to
    recommend this movie to anyone.

  • elenimagkliMay 9, 2016Reply

    Sweetest representation of a Greek family

    The fact that they have managed to bring back every single member of
    the original cast and still make them look and sound so authentic
    speaks for itself in this sequel. The bar was raised in the first movie
    and the sequel did not let me down! It was one of the sweetest, easy
    going, family movies I have yet seen. Gus (Kwstas) still gives us the
    good old Greek lines and heals everything with Windex, Toula is
    becoming like her parents, controlling and always around and aunt Voula
    is killing us with her sex stories. Loved every minute of it and it’s
    sure one of the movies I will gladly watch again and again! Greek
    families are the best 🙂

  • happyjoy81May 15, 2016Reply

    Really good for a sequel

    I loved the first one, so I was excited to see the second. I am not a
    movie goer these days. I am an online/ streaming app movie person,
    because hey it is extremely cheaper and everyone has a big screen TV
    these days, ya. Yet my friends and I were wanting to do something
    different on a Monday evening. I was glad I spent the money to go and
    see this movie. Since I didn’t watch the movie trailers I was utterly
    surprised about the wedding. I loved that they kept the value of family
    and the draw for younger generations to escape some of the chaos type
    theme as they had in the previous movie. The movie was well written
    probably a little more reserved than critics like but definitely
    entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I recommend it to the
    sentimental, nostalgic, family oriented individuals like me.

  • LadyGigi_returnsMay 23, 2016Reply

    Cute and quirky

    I was in the mood to watch a recent romantic comedy, so I chose this
    one. I saw the first film when it was released. Sometimes you need a
    break from seeing the latest blockbuster and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    does break that monotony.

    All the characters from the first film reprise their roles as members
    of the quirky, oddball Portokalos family. So this time around the story
    focuses on Maria and Gus.

    While researching information to use for an ongoing argument with his
    pals, Gus discovers that he and Maria’s marriage license is missing the
    signature needed for validation. That means they weren’t married! This
    sets off a snowball effect causing hilarious situations between Gus and
    Maria because now they’ve been given a chance to get married after
    nearly 50 years of living as a married couple. Will they? Should they?

    Toula is kind of ditsy though. She acts like a mindless Stepford wife
    and she’s overprotective of her daughter Paris who’s like 17 and about
    to graduate from high school! Paris goes through a similar type of
    identity crisis as her mother, although it seems like Toula isn’t going
    to find an identity. Ian is still as laid back as ever. His job is as
    principal of the high school. Unfortunately, Paris mimics her mom’s
    insecurities and eventually chooses her own completely different path
    in life. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is still the same. They all
    get along well are good at solving family crisis even if they get
    distracted easily. There are other subplot as well. But definitely a
    strong ensemble. They experience the same trials and tribulations every
    family does like marital problems. They get through these issues with
    humor and love. I wish real life was so easy!

  • Phil.GeeJune 10, 2016Reply

    Pathetic Would Be An Improvement

    The longest 90-minute movie you may ever see. A blatant money-grab,
    with no redeeming social value. As far as sequels go, Godfather 2
    should not feel threatened. This turd gets a two rating rather than a
    one because I chuckled briefly a few times before I bailed to escape
    the pain.

    The screenwriters stuffed this baby with a championship surplus of
    agonizingly transparent plot ”twists,” wildly implausible events, and
    trite dialogue. And, just when you think it’s coming to an end, it
    continues…on and on. Trips from America to Australia appear to take
    less time.

    The money shamelessly generated by the mercenary producers and actors
    of this stink bomb contributes to giving capitalism a bad name. Rating
    of 10 for AVOID.

  • DavidJune 12, 2016Reply

    Blurry plot and a disoriented focus creates one big mess

    The crazy Greek family living in the USA is back in the sequel My Big
    Fat Greek Wedding 2. Now Toula and her husband Ian are older and have a
    daughter about to graduate from high school. And of course her Greek
    family is still present in their lives and always have something to say
    no matter if it is about upcoming boyfriends or future school choices.
    The same actors are back which probably almost was a must for this
    sequel to even be made. I can’t help feel disappointed. It is actually
    not impossible to make sequels to this kind of film. Yet they choose to
    step into the classic swamp of clichés and also play on the boring
    cultural and sometimes degrading stereotypes.

    The first My Big Fat Greek Wedding had its charm and sort of tried to
    catch some form of interesting cultural difference between Greeks and
    Americans. Toula then worked in a travel firm and met Ian. What I
    suppose they found so funny in the first film, the crazy Greek family,
    have now taken the absolute most central part in the film. The film
    begins quite easy with introducing us to Toula’s present situation. She
    lives next door to her entire family and her daughter is about to
    graduate and wants nothing more than to move far away from their
    family. So far so good. The suddenly the film makes a quick turn when
    it turns out that Toula’s mother and father are not married due to a
    paper technicality at their real wedding 50 years ago. Suddenly it is
    not about Toula anymore, but her parents. Huh?

    The blurry storyline is not the only problem with the film. Character
    problems such as Toula’s inability to prioritize herself is not solved
    in any way during the film. She really hasn’t that much of an own story
    at all. Other things such as the neighbours mean attitude towards the
    family is left strangely unexplained. Also throw in some half forced
    marriage within the same culture ideals and also a Greek conquer all
    attitude, and you’ve got this film in a nutshell. I think it could have
    become a nice sequel if they only would have dared to continue in the
    same way as in the first film. The crazy Greek family should be a side
    character and Toula and her family should be the main story. Couldn’t
    she have felt distant from Greece and went there instead to recapture
    her identity. It is extremely nice to film in Greece, Richard Linklater
    showed it in his film Before Midnight, and also from the musical Mamma
    Mia. Instead of this they take the cliché, stereotype and at times
    demeaning way and place everything in strict cultural boxes. A bit
    cowardly and pretty boring actually. Come on, be bold and try something
    different. Couldn’t the daughter have met an Italian? That would have
    been interesting.

    David Lindahl –

  • palavitsinisJune 12, 2016Reply

    Not like the original

    The original one was a lot better. Too many far-fetched jokes, for the
    sake of laughs. Greek are not like that. It’s 50% plausible and another
    50% made up situations and habits that don’t apply.

    The movie had some nice elements and some really good laughs, but this
    is as far as it goes. The first one was really good. This one was not.
    Maybe you can have it playing while you surf the web and read through
    stuff. Nothing more…

    It was a nice scenario altogether but at some points, the characters
    are just too much. The only character that applies is the great
    grandmother. No one else. It was a really huge disappointment after the
    success of the first one, to see this kind of sequel.

  • digitalbeachbumJune 12, 2016Reply

    A rare good sequel

    It is very rare that a sequel to a blockbuster movie is as good as the
    original. This movie could almost stand on its own if the original
    movie did not exist. A movie about a Greek family which is so large, so
    loud, so obnoxious and good natured that they cause laughter and
    delight for the viewer.

    For a few moments I was thinking the script was being forced and about
    to go over that line of no return where a terrible joke or awkward
    scene would ruin the movie. However the director never crossed that
    line as they teetered on the edge of a chasm.

    Most all of the returning cast was present, which allowed for a realism
    for the movie. I didn’t completely ”get” the main storyline about the
    grand parents not being married. I understand where the writers were
    going with it, but I thought it was a pleasant ending to the movie and
    it all worked. So you’ll need to put up with the bad to get to the

    Overall I think this is an awesome family movie, not quite as good as
    the original but good enough. I’m disappointed that it didn’t do as
    well in the box office, but I understand why considering its release
    date and that most people were bored with the same story.

    I highly recommend watching part 1 and 2 back to back. It sort of adds
    to the experience.

  • sonneillonvJune 13, 2016Reply

    Serious pacing issues, lacks the charm of the original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bob AnJune 13, 2016Reply

    Quite good!

    I remember I watched the 1st part of the movie a lot time ago and I
    loved it. I always liked Greek culture and as Greeks are close to
    Serbian people, it was natural that I liked it. So, I was happy to see
    the Wedding 2. I kinda do not remember the whole original film, but I
    do remember it was fun, just like this one.

    I was not disappointed. The film is very fun ( though not funny too
    much) and you either smile or you cry 🙂 Yes, there were the scenes
    that were touching. And there were scenes which were hilarious.

    I liked how they made it about the 3 different generations. Also, it is
    very cool they had the entire cast from the 1st one. The coming out of
    N’sync boy was kinda cheesy and out of the blue – but done in fun way (
    especially with all Mykonos references 🙂 lol )

    The soundtrack could have been better. It could have been funny to hear
    some N’Sync song. Just two Greek songs at the wedding?! But, it is just
    my thought.

    All in all, quite a good movie. Feel good movie. I give it eight stars.

  • capone666June 17, 2016Reply

    The Vidiot Reviews…

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

    Nowadays, when you attend a Greek wedding instead of a gift you are
    encouraged to give an austerity package.

    Luckily, the couple in this comedy isn’t tying the knot near the

    Toula (Nia Vardalos) not only has to cope with her daughter Paris
    (Elena Kampouris) moving away to college, but also her husband (John
    Corbett) feeling neglected when her parents (Lainie Kazan, Michael
    Constantine) decide to get re-married, and expect her to do all the
    hard work.

    Meanwhile, Paris’ grandparents pressure her to land a Greek boyfriend
    for the event.

    With a script that lacks a point and jokes that don’t work in today’s
    culturally sensitive world, this unnecessary sequel to the 2002 sleeper
    hit pales in comparison to the charming original, and reeks of
    desperation on the part of its creator/writer, Vardalos.

    Incidentally, Greece could be relevant again if only it was reimagined
    as a philosophical theme park.

    Red Light

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])June 20, 2016Reply

    A very good movie that is worth seeing and one you could watch over and over, but isn’t as good as the first one.

    ”Who says a woman has to be married?” Toula (Vardalos) is starting to
    lose control of her life. Her and her husband have lost the spark, her
    daughter wants to go to college in New York, and to top it all off she
    just found out her parents were never legally married. Being the one
    that tries to fix everything Toula has her hands full, but this time
    she realizes she can’t fix everything. I was actually looking forward
    to this one. I liked the first one, and really liked My Life In Ruins.
    I have to admit the movie was really funny and I laughed quite a bit,
    but there wasn’t the same magic the other one had. The writing was
    still great and the acting was funny but as good as that was the movie
    still felt a little flat. Don’t get me wrong the movie is still very
    much worth watching and I did enjoy it quite a bit, but it is
    definitely another sequel that isn’t near as good as the original.
    Overall, a very good movie that is worth seeing and one you could watch
    over and over, but isn’t as good as the first one. I give this a B-.

  • terrellrobinson71June 22, 2016Reply

    Another Big Fat Greek Wedding…14 Years in the Making

    The Portokalos family are that kind of family that joins the Parthenon
    of best movie families ever. A lot of us who are not Greek and come
    from different backgrounds can sometimes relate to this family. They
    are the kind of family that are big, loud, overbearing and sometimes
    obnoxious, but it’s a lovable, wise and real family. That was part of
    the appeal of the genuinely funny and sincere ”My Big Fat Greek
    Wedding” 14 years ago, which is still the #1 romantic comedy of all
    time, by the way, and it worked even more this time in the sequel to
    the surprise box-office hit. Here is a sequel that feels more natural
    than a simple cash-grab. It’s a movie that brings back everybody (and I
    do mean, everybody) for another big fat Greek wedding, while also
    dealing with more situations that will surprise and even move your
    family. It’s also the movie where I knew what was going to happen, but
    I didn’t know how it will affect me in the end. In the first movie, we
    followed Toula, a 30-year-old Greek-American woman who got her life
    together and fell in love and ultimately married a non-Greek named Ian,
    which shocks her father, who wanted her to marry a Greek boy and make
    Greek babies. And, of course, in the end, Toula and Ian has a daughter.
    Now, in ”MBFGW2”, which takes place 11 years later, that daughter named
    Paris (now played by the delightful Elena Kampouris) is now growing up
    and is sort of fed up with her extended family constantly smothering
    her everywhere she goes and she really wants to go far away from her
    family. In the meantime, Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett)
    are struggling with their 17-year marriage. Are they missing the spark?
    Or is Toula busy trying to convince her daughter that she is making the
    wrong choice? The answer to that is quite an honest one. Since it’s
    called ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, who’s getting married? Well, turns
    out it’s Toula’s parents, Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie
    Kazan). When they were married 50 years ago, their marriage certificate
    was not signed. So that means everybody in the family comes back
    including the always reliable Aunt Voula (the hilarious Andrea Martin),
    sexy and feisty Nikki (Gia Carides), sincere Athena (Stavroula
    Logothettis), earnest Angelo (Joey Fatone) and muscle-bound Nick (Louis
    Mandylor) as they prepare for the biggest, fattest and Greek-est
    wedding since the first one. The success to these movies is the strong
    semi-autobiographical writing by Vardalos. Her screenplay to these two
    movies are filled with hilarious one-lines and visual gags that are
    sure to be quite memorable with people who’ve seen it more than once
    and sharp dialogue that can remind you of what your family used to say.
    But it’s also honest (sometimes to a fault) and authentic. This
    wonderful ensemble cast is still remarkable and the charming chemistry
    between Vardalos and Corbett still resonates with me. Director Kirk
    Jones (taking over from Joel Zwick) who has dealt with an ensemble team
    before in ”What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and ”Waking Ned
    Devine” keeps the brisk pace moving forward and makes sure that every
    single character gets their moments, including the kooky but endearing
    Mana-Yiayia (Bess Meisler), while filling the screen with enough
    hilarity and heart that all of us can remember the first time around.
    Sometimes movie sequels are viewed as ”companion pieces”. I don’t
    usually use that term a lot, but ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” serves as
    a satisfying companion piece to the original. For one thing, it’s great
    to see this family again because, for me, it feels like they haven’t
    even left. They are still the same as they were before. They may have
    changed a little, but they are still who they are. Sometimes, I wished
    my family was like the Portokalos family. Do you think of the same

  • rosecaliforniaJune 30, 2016Reply


    I won’t go over the plot/story-line since that is easily found here and

    I really enjoyed the first one of course, very different, fun and
    enjoyable. This movie however is a different story.

    Within the first 4 minutes you already know how the entire movie will
    unfold – and yes you will be correct on every count. I do have to
    wonder about the neck/choker that was chosen for the angst ridden
    daughter, that was in style about 15 years ago – even in the goth

    This is one of those films that you might have playing in the
    background when family is over so that once in a while everyone can
    look over and get a small chuckle and go back to whatever they are
    doing. But it is predictable all the way to the very end.

    Also you have to question the plot (lack of) regarding the gay
    character. It honestly feels like right before shooting began, writers
    and directors sat around and said – hey since this is what is happening
    in the world news lets tie it into the movie since it is real life. But
    the thing is, they didn’t tie it in at all. You can tell it is just
    tossed in to the larger story, very disconnected, it would have been
    much better to either fill out this story-line more or totally omit it.

    Lastly, many of the characters are enjoyable in their past acting
    careers – in this film however, it is difficult to get past the plastic
    surgery of one actress when she is on screen.

  • Reno RanganJuly 4, 2016Reply

    Another fat wedding in one big Greek family.

    A sequel after the 14 years, actually it was not bad. It followed a
    simple story of another fat wedding in the Toula’s big family. Great to
    see them all once again, and I hope the third film as well will be made
    very sooner than another 14 years. This franchise has a wonderful set
    of the characters and each one was in a very unique that imprinted its
    trademark and so the film gave them all equal parts to explore the

    Yep, it’s not anymore about Toula, particularly not in this part or if
    you’re expecting it to be about her daughter, you will be disappointed,
    but it was a well distributed contents to all the characters and
    extracted as much as possible good comedies. Beside it was written by
    Toula (Nia Vardalos) like the previous film.

    Most of the stuff was as expected, like the slapstick humours. Not
    everybody would going love it, but if you had liked the first then
    definitely you would enjoy it as well. Even the first film was not a
    masterpiece and so this one yet undeniably a good entertainer.
    Nowadays, in this kind of theme you won’t get a fresh storyline, but
    this one was very original. From the director by ‘Everybody’s Fine’
    fame, who really did a good job. A decent summer film, but a very
    enjoyable film with the family.


  • thesar-2July 9, 2016Reply

    One Big Fat Greek Mess

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gbyvmJuly 9, 2016Reply

    Typical of 2nd movies it’s no where NEAR as good as the first one. Don’t waste your money.

    LOVED the first movie. This one, typical of second movies, is no where
    NEAR as good as the first one. Don’t waste your money; LOVED the first
    movie. This one, typical of second movies, is no where NEAR as good as
    the first one. Don’t waste your money; LOVED the first movie. This one,
    typical of second movies, is no where NEAR as good as the first one.
    Don’t waste your money; LOVED the first movie. This one, typical of
    second movies, is no where NEAR as good as the first one. Don’t waste
    your money; LOVED the first movie. This one, typical of second movies,
    is no where NEAR as good as the first one. Don’t waste your money;
    LOVED the first movie. This one, typical of second movies, is no where
    NEAR as good as the first one. Don’t waste your money; LOVED the first
    movie. This one, typical of second movies, is no where NEAR as good as
    the first one. Don’t waste your money; LOVED the first movie. This one,
    typical of second movies, is no where NEAR as good as the first one.
    Don’t waste your money. ~j&n

  • planktonrulesJuly 12, 2016Reply

    While it’s not as good nor as romantic as the original, I can live with that…

    In general, I am not a guy who likes sequels and I had no intention of
    seeing ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”…none. However, I was on a cross-
    country airplane flight and the film was being shown on the
    console…and this flight only showed one movie at a time. So, I
    decided to shove my ear buds in and give it a try…and I am glad I

    If you liked the first film, you’ll most likely really enjoy the
    second…though there is one big difference. The first film was a
    romance first and was enhanced by its comedy and ensemble cast. In this
    one, there really isn’t much in the way of romance and it’s all comedy
    and the ensemble cast. Considering how likable they all are and that
    they brought back just about everyone from the first film, it’s really
    just more of the same…but a NICE bit of the same. Well made and a
    nice date film…but one that won’t change your life nor is it exactly
    a must- see picture.

  • carter-drewjJuly 16, 2016Reply

    Your IQ will decrease just by watching this flick!

    It’s a shame that IMDb doesn’t allow .. zero or negative out of 10!
    This movie made Me want to go and have a shower afterwards, it’s that
    ”dirty”! It’s a sad state of affairs in Tinseltown when Million$$ of
    someone’s money went into producing this ”mess”! Is there No creative
    spirit left in Hollywood, that led to this sequel that should never
    have seen light of day? Take every single stereotype about Greeks and
    ”ethnic” families, add zero creativity – and Volia, You have this
    ”tanker” which should be still in mothballs! How sad is it that many
    creative minds can’t find money to produce their films, but this
    ”testament” to a complete lack of creativity, can get made, while
    ”real” movies with ”real” scripts lay dormant for years? To call this a
    ”bad” movie, is just such an injustice to other movies, that were
    judged as ”bad”! I can’t think of one single positive thing to say
    about this Mess.

  • nikageJuly 17, 2016Reply

    Save your money and time.

    Sadly this movie was just overdone and tried too hard. The jokes were
    outdated and forced and the movie had too many stereotypes and story
    lines which was disappointing as I liked the first movie.

    This one was just too over the top. I found Nia’s character to be
    frustrating and like she had forgotten much of her rebelliousness from
    the first movie. The additional ending with the letter was just
    unnecessary and annoying.

    There are a few sweet moments. Perhaps if you are Greek you might have
    a few laughs, but if you are not the laughs are few and far in between.
    I would give it a miss.

  • Getajob5389July 21, 2016Reply


    Im sorry, but this movie was awful. I remember watching the first one
    several years back and enjoying it which is the main reason I was
    interested in this flick. I realize the jokes are supposed to be corny
    and stereotypical, which was what made the first one unique. HOWEVER,
    this one was just trash. Seriously brutal. The first 50 minutes felt
    like an eternity. There wasn’t any discernible jokes to laugh at or a
    plot to be interested in. It was just nonsense about nothing. I never
    turn off a movie, but this was a close as I ever came. I can’t remember
    what was worse, tearing my ACL or watching BFGW2. This movie was
    supposed to show a ”train wreck of a family”, but the jokes on us…
    the movie is the train wreck.

    Long story short.. watch old people bicker about the stupidest plot
    that has ever occurred.

  • scottshak_111July 21, 2016Reply

    Low on comic fuel, fine with united vibes

    Fans of the first one, finally comes the second installment, a pleasant
    welcome indeed to see what’s going on with the Greekest family ever.
    Nia Vardalos or as you might know her better as Toula, writes another
    tale to complement the comedy that was lost in time. But is it that
    entertaining as it headed out to be? Sadly the answer is no.

    PLOT OF MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2 Unfortunately in here we have a very
    vapid plot that fail to keep things together. To watch the family go
    weird again was hilarious, no doubt about that. But unfortunately the
    comedy wasn’t up to the mark. Sub-plots that were trying to lift up the
    continuity aren’t strong either, and it falls drop dead without
    substance. What however bides by even at desperate times is the
    togetherness of this family. An endearing fact you cannot simply
    overlook! Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) is just as delightful as she was
    14 years ago with her unpredictable irrelevant talks iced with her
    unique style. Gus as the arch driver of Greekism still doesn’t stop at
    nothing to prove his point. It was good to see him have a go at comedy
    again. What came in as surprise was Bess Meisler. She walked in to
    reprise her role as Yiayia. The only sad part – She has forgotten all
    about the Turks and is comparatively less baleful.

    LOW ON ROMANCE Sadly the movie fails to scour romance the way the
    previous one had. Bringing the daughter into picture was plausible, but
    trying to depict her life with laconic judgments wasn’t really what we
    were looking for. Her ephemeral tale didn’t exactly bring butterflies.

    THE BRIGHT SIDE OF MY BIG FAT Greek WEDDING 2 If you really take a good
    look at My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, even though the movie fails to
    recreate the past magic, it is hard not to clap for Nia’s resolve as
    she brings along every single character to continue the story even
    after a decade, a feat which some fail to achieve even with their real
    family. Pulling something like that off is definitely worth

    It is a one-time watch when you want something really light on your
    platter. A good pastime! Also if you wish to remember the forgotten!
    Read all my reviews here:

  • adonis98-743-186503July 24, 2016Reply

    Still Fun!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aucklander16July 25, 2016Reply


    Made me laugh, cry, smile.. just a great feel good movie. Not something
    I would watch in the movies though. But definitely DVD at home. It’s
    one of those movies that make you feel so many emotions. just keep an
    open mind. It’s definitely not a heavy drama type of movie but nice
    light fun one.

    Worth watching for a girls night out or just even a DVD night. I
    actually thought I was going to get bored watching this thinking how

    can they beat the first my big fat Greek wedding movie… but I didn’t
    get bored! So go for it, Watch it. Stop thinking about it 🙂

    Grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh.

  • QueerVamp20July 26, 2016Reply

    An Amazing Sequel

    I am easy to please when it comes to movies – I keep an open mind –
    However, I do catch a bad movie here and there. What’s funny to me is
    that this movie is funnier if not as funny as the first. I watched this
    with my grandparents and I haven;t heard my grandfather laugh at a
    movie that hard for quite some time. I suppose you would have to like
    movies like the first one to appreciate this one. In the sequel to a
    wonderful movie – Tula has a daughter named Paris. Struggling to keep
    her daughter close to her by trying to influence her to pick a college
    close to home, rather than go to New York, whichh is where Paris wants
    to go. You see Tula trying to keep her daughter from going through the
    same things she had to. Tula’s dad is the same only older with health
    issues. Her mother is grumpy a lot in the movie – and the rest of the
    family just may surprise you with their laughable antics. A wedding is
    in the works due to the fact Tula’s parent’s discover they are not
    legally married – and Tula’s mom believes she’s ”A Hippie”. They’re
    Greeker, louder, and just as funny if not more. Give this movie a
    chance – you will laugh at least once – You must see this movie.

  • indiekeJuly 30, 2016Reply

    More fun, second time around

    I not understand the haters of this very pleasant comedy. It is not
    vulgar, characters are more developed.

    Yes for a sequel, it comes a bit late. But it add to the charm of
    finding the cast back, after all these years. Some look surprisingly
    the same.

    The story is simple, but events are funny and charming. And not vulgar
    like in so many other comedies now.

    It is also a very warm movie. People with their differences carrying.
    Even with drama, and gestures, affection stays real for each other.

    Some characters developed, and not always the one you would think
    about. The grandmother, has a different role, her comedy part is very

    I really laughed a lot. Maybe for some this comedy is not modern
    enough, but I cannot remember so many fantastic comedies these last
    years that deliver in its own kind of way.

    It has imperfections, in the middle there is a bit slow pace, but then
    catches up fast again.

    Very enjoyable, to watch as a couple, also in more open families like
    ours where some matters that have been discussed here is not an issue
    at all.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Bob RutzelAugust 2, 2016Reply

    Was like a semi-comfortable ”made for TV movie”

    An unsigned Wedding Certificate causes an official wedding to take
    place between Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie Kazan) who
    have been together (read married) for 50-years with children. Another
    plot was to find a Greek boyfriend for Paris (Elena Kampouris); and
    Paris wants to go to college in New York, which would be away from
    ”all” the family.

    The only thing I remember from the first one was a metal cabinet drawer
    hitting someone in the head and that was the only funny thing I
    chuckled at. That scene was well done.

    This one was more of the same, but there were 2-sight gags in the
    beginning that did illicit a chuckle from me: Toula (Nia Vardalos) gets
    hit in the head with a volleyball; and later Toula eats peanuts in a
    waiting room that she was told an elderly gentlemen had sucked the
    chocolate off of them and she, of course, coughs them up. They were it.
    Well, maybe you had to be there, but both were well done. The rest of
    the movie did not contain anything else that was funny or even remotely

    There ensued a lot of stereo-typed comments and they, of course, were
    to be expected, but failed as they were ”old hat” and quite exhausting
    after a while. Hey, we have seen and heard these very comments before.
    The constant badgering of everything being Greek became tedious. The
    emphasis on Paris finding a Greek boyfriend was way out of line. It was
    like they had nothing else to complain about and poor Paris was beside
    herself with no place to hide.

    The music was very good especially the piece at the celebration after
    the wedding.

    There really isn’t much else to say as this was a slice of life and
    many dialogues were expected. I hesitate to say predictable, but they
    were and this movie didn’t go anywhere except to safe places.

    One thing I noticed about all the scenes. There was never any quiet
    time as the scenes were always too busy.

    Notables: Rob Riggle as the recruiter for Northwestern College; John
    Stamos as George, a wedding guest; and John Corbett as Ian, Toula’s
    husband who didn’t have much to do. (He had to be there as he was in
    the first one)

    This is like a semi- comfortable made for TV movie where no one
    remembers much. And we can only hope there will be no Greek Wedding 3.
    Well, Elena Kampouris who played Paris will be remembered and was the
    only breath of fresh air in here. (I saw you looking)

    I see you want to know if Paris did go to New York to get away from
    ”all” the family. The answer is yes, and are you kidding?

    Violence: No. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: No

  • jadepietroAugust 3, 2016Reply

    Stilted and Jilted

    (RATING: ☆☆ out of 5 )


    IN BRIEF: Send your regrets.

    GRADE: C-

    SYNOPSIS: Another wedding, another show.

    JIM’S REVIEW: Those crazy Greeks are at it again, in Nia Vardalos’
    disappointing sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

    It is a return to sit-com hi-jinks as the Portokalos clan returns to a
    long drawn out catered affair. This time the film focuses on the
    patriarch and matriarch of the family legalizing their union as Toula
    (an appealing Nia Vardalos) and her husband (an unappealing John
    Corbett, desperately in need of a haircut) play second string to their
    elders, although Toula does follow that winning formula beginning the
    story as an overly matronly ugly duckling before become that beautiful
    swan once again. However, Leda she ain’t in this Greek tragedy that
    forsakes its romantic comedy roots. Unlike its predecessor, My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding 2 has little romance and thin plotting, but it is heavy
    on Greek culture (or the lack there of) and nuptial possibilities.

    Directed without much skill by Kirk Jones, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
    is all harmless fun I suppose, only wasting two hours of your time
    without any baklava to take with you. The film lacks genuine laughs and
    charm. Miss Vardalos’ beloved characters rarely amuse and the film’s
    subplots involving mother/ daughter generation gap issues and parental
    dullness fail to register any sense of humor or reality.

    Fortunately the cast continues to please, especially Michael
    Constantine, Lainie Kazan, and Andrea Martin who provide yeoman-like
    support and almost succeed in giving the film some class before this
    dumb script implodes in its heavy-handed predictability.

    The film perpetuates Greek stereotypes as loud, vulgar, fun-loving
    people without the guilt factor imposed on the moviegoer. Still one
    must trend lightly and beware of these Greeks bearing any gifts. Send
    your regrets and skip this wedding.

    Visit my blog at:

    ANY COMMENTS: Please contact me at: [email protected]

  • Juli3August 6, 2016Reply

    Great date movie for grownups !

    I *loved* this movie *almost* as much as I loved the first one : )
    Sweet, sentimental, and endearing, with plenty of warm, good natured,
    (sometimes a little naughty, but not mean) humor. Personally, I found
    the fact that it doesn’t try to be cool or hip or clever refreshing.
    Just fun without being cloying or sanctimonious. I also enjoyed seeing
    all the original cast members, especially Andrea Martin who will always
    be a true gem among comedic actresses. Great ”date” movie for my
    husband and I as, old married couple that we are, we could really
    relate to the costars as I think many couples will. Including long time
    married couples who can get so caught up in day to day life, that they
    can forget what brought them together in the first place. And you know
    what? In a world as cynical and mean spirited as ours can sometimes be,
    sweet and sentimental can be just what you need : )

  • oprlvr33August 13, 2016Reply

    Delightfully hilarious and charming

    We got over excited seeing previews of this box office sequel. It’s
    about time. And it did not disappoint.

    Everyone is back from the original and as terrific as ever. We laughed
    our tails off. In fact, it’s almost funnier than the original.

    Toula and Ian are long married now, with a half-grown daughter heading
    off to college after graduation. However, insert dealings with the
    aging folks; played ever deliciously by Kaizan and Constantine, and
    hilarious interventions from the extended family in- between, including
    over-the-top hair salon moments before the wedding, and you get a
    delightfully parodic piece that is nonstop laughter.

    There are also plenty of tender moments in-between the humor, which
    beautifully balances. We absolutely loved it. Kudos to Nia Vardalos and
    company for finally releasing this long-awaited sequel to her
    successful box office original.

  • TxMikeAugust 20, 2016Reply

    A sequel, 14 years after the first Greek Wedding.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SquigglyCrunchSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    A Stupidly Unoriginal, Formulaic, and Just Overall Bad Movie

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 follows our main characters from the
    previous movie when they learn that their parents weren’t officially
    married, and how they go about doing this.

    I have nothing good to say about this movie. Most everything was
    average, but there were a few things that stood out as exceptionally

    To start, the movie advertises itself as a comedy, yet it fails to be
    funny. The parents were minor characters in the previous movie, so we
    got only a little bit of their humor every once in a while, and thus
    the humor never got old. But in this movie they take center stage, and
    they are boring. The whole joke becomes ”they have an accent. Ha ha
    funny, right?” Most of the jokes from the previous movie aren’t even
    incorporated. Occasionally we might get something, but it was already
    stale in the first movie, so it doesn’t work anymore. Every other
    attempt at humor was often so far fetched it just didn’t work, or just
    so cringey that it was hard to laugh through the disgusted face already
    spread across your face. Comedic references to the previous movie were
    made as well, but they were often much less original and simply existed
    as a reference. Moreover, they were often very forced scenes, again for
    the sake of a reference.

    Also, there’s a daughter in this movie. I don’t know why she’s there,
    she starts out as the central conflict, but I guess when time
    restraints came in that part just ended and the main plot started. She
    acts all moody at first and hates her family and stuff, then without
    the usual formulaic scene where she gets over it and loves her family
    she just starts loving them anyway. There’s this sudden shift from hate
    to love, and it’s never explained and comes completely out of nowhere.
    Why? Because the movie couldn’t balance two conflicts at once and time
    restraints. That’s what I think, anyway.

    In fact, all the characters suck. The plot is made out to be a huge
    deal by these people, when it quite simply isn’t. And the ending is so
    stupidly forced. It doesn’t make any sense, but simply exists for the
    sake of following the cliché formula of wedding movies. It tries to
    force tears or at least some kind of feeling, yet it gives the audience
    no reason to get invested in any of these characters. The only feeling
    this movie induced was boredom. Yeah, there’s nothing better than an
    unfunny, boring comedy, right? Wrong.

    Overall this is just a really bad movie. There’s nothing good about it,
    but there’s plenty to hate. The comedy isn’t funny, and the characters
    are stupid and underdeveloped. And to top it off, it’s boring. In the
    end I wouldn’t recommend this movie. Just watch the first one again, or
    something else entirely.

  • mike48128September 23, 2016Reply

    For fans of the original movie-very good but not great

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andreanoreSeptember 25, 2016Reply

    I couldn’t love this country more

    I am from Colombia, and two years ago I went to Greece, lived with two
    incredible Greek Families, learned as much as I could about Greek
    Culture, I fell in love of this amazing country and the kindest people
    I’ve ever met… Now, I saw at this movie in the list and I never
    doubted of click on and start watching it.. Only if you are a foreigner
    who visited and explored the Greek culture somehow you will be able to
    feel closer to those amazing people… watch the movie took me back to
    the best two months I have had abroad of my country… listening to the
    Greek accent, the happiness and union of Greek families, the pita-
    gyros somewhere and some Greek words that I still remember;all that
    little stuff relives feelings and memories I will never forget… Thank
    You Greece!!!

  • Gordon-11October 10, 2016Reply


    This film tells the story of an extended Greek family living in
    Chicago, that have to arrange a wedding for the parents because their
    wedding papers from fifty years ago are not in order.

    I still fondly remember the first film, which was so funny. The second
    film is fun as well, with a lot of jokes that made me giggle. The
    mother being on strike is funny and empowering at the same time. The
    subplot about the daughter is heartwarming, and I can hardly believe
    the transformation of her appearance for the prom!

    As a standalone comedy, this is funny and entertaining. As a sequel to
    a highly successful comedy, it probably doesn’t match the first one. I
    still enjoyed it.

  • Brian SOctober 12, 2016Reply

    2nd by name and 2nd by content

    Whilst not unwatchable, it is mildly amusing if you tune out, it really
    is just a pale follow up to the first film. Does not really have a
    story as such and don’t expect wit, more half wit actually. Which is
    probably what you will feel like after you watch it, as in, why did I
    bother. The actors are all quite good and professional but the script
    and direction are woeful. No real plot no real story just a bunch of
    scenes with caricatures of Greek families by people who probably don’t
    know any Greek families. It is supposed to be a comedy but really I did
    not find much in the way of belly laughs so cannot recommend it.

    Try another instead.

  • charliesonnyrayOctober 24, 2016Reply

    Good Idea, Terrible Execution

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding has become a cult hit of sorts that deserves a
    sequel-that isn’t rushed out, unfunny and almost twelve years late. My
    Big Fat Greek Wedding centered around a 30 year old woman named Toula
    who falls for a non-Greek man- a huge no-no according to her strictly
    Greek family. The couple try to work around cultural differences in
    order to tie the knot and move on with their lives. It was clever,
    unique and while certainly silly at times; it was still very
    heartwarming. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 deals with about 7-not
    kidding-different plots that are all crammed together like sardines in
    a can. Toula’s parents apparently were never officially married so they
    now have to get re-married. But her mother is having second thoughts
    about going through with it. Toula also has to deal with letting her
    daughter go off to college, re- kindling a romance with her husband and
    just generally making sure that her parents don’t kill themselves. On
    top of that, one of her cousins turns out to be gay which is easily
    brushed aside for some reason and Toula’s daughter starts a
    relationship with a boy at school. .P.S. Toula learns to stand up
    against her old class mates that made fun of her back in the 80’s who
    live next door to her now for some reason. Does that sound disjointed?
    Because it is. There are a lot of good ideas in this movie but the
    thing is they don’t seem to know which is the best one. I would have
    forgiven the film for these faults if it was at least somewhat
    entertaining, but it really isn’t. It gave me a few chuckles here and
    there but I wouldn’t recommend it like the first movie. Even for the
    most die hard fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I would suggest just
    going back and watching the original. There really isn’t anything here
    worth your time. You want to know the scariest part about this whole
    thing? They might be making ANOTHER sequel! God have mercy upon all of

  • leonblackwoodNovember 10, 2016Reply

    The original was better! 4/10

    Review: After the popular original movie, the Portokalos family are
    back, with there crazy Greek morals and unique family values. I
    personally thought that the original was much better than this sequel,
    mainly because it was fresh, well written and funny throughout. Anyway,
    this story see’s Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) years in
    the future, happily married with there teenage girl Paris (Elena
    Kampouris), who feels like an outsider from the rest of the Portokalos
    family, because of there strict traditions and the fact that they are
    always in each others business. With her grandfather Gus (Michael
    Constantine) trying to find her a perfect husband and her mum and dad
    wanting her to go to a college nearby, she finds it hard to find a
    boyfriend because she feels like an outsider in school. Meanwhile Gus
    and his wife, Maria (Lainie Kazan) realise that they haven’t been
    married after being together for years, because there wasn’t a
    signature from the priest, on there martial papers, so they plan to get
    married with the whole family helping them with the preparations.
    During all of this commotion, Toula and Ian try to rekindle the spark,
    which they feel has been missing for some time but they are constantly
    interrupted by Toula’s family, who always need her help. There is
    enough material in the storyline to keep the audience interested
    throughout but I just didn’t find it that funny. Gus did make me laugh
    in a few of the scenes, and Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) had some crazy
    morals but apart from that, it wasn’t as funny as the first movie.
    Anyway, it’s light humour for the whole family, which I’m sure some
    people can relate to but I personally found it a bit annoying after a
    while. Average!

    Round-Up: This movie was written by Nia Vardalos, 54, who also wrote
    the first movie, and directed by UK born, Kirk Jones, 52, who also
    brought you Waking Ned Devine, Nanny McPhee, Everybody’s Fine and What
    to Expect When You’re Expecting, which wasn’t that great. He’s
    obviously a director whose into family values, mixed with comedy but
    I’m surprised that they didn’t go with the original director, Joel
    Zwick, who done a great job bringing this unusual family to the big
    screen. Although I didn’t find this movie that great, it did make a
    hell of a profit at the box office, mainly because of the popularity of
    the first movie, so there was obviously a huge audience that wanted to
    see the Portokalos family, once again. If they come out with a third
    movie, I would like to see something a bit more original, which pushes
    the boundaries, because the comedy seemed a bit safe in this film.

    Budget: $18million Worldwide Gross: $89million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    family/romance/comedies, starring Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Elena
    Kampouris, Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Joey
    Fatone and Rob Riggle. 4/10

  • kosmaspNovember 11, 2016Reply

    Coherent for a sequel

    I didn’t expect it to make so much sense and to feel way more grown up
    than the original, but it actually achieved a feat that not many other
    sequels are able to achieve. It did make sense and it was kind of an
    evolution compared to the first one. They did have 14 years to come up
    with it and Nia became a parent in that time (and she admits herself,
    she would not have been able to portray her character in this movie 14
    years ago).

    That’s one of the downfalls of the first movie, but something that can
    be generally said (even for her Some like it hot ”remake” with Toni
    Collette): her acting abilities are limited. But others have succeeded
    with even less than she can put on screen (see Steven Seagal for that,
    or better yet: do not!). But back to this and the decent story it
    builds. Even with a very far stretched story for her parents and lesser
    time for the side characters, this does work. Even her husband is
    nothing more than a side note. But it’s better that way …

  • drmitofitDecember 12, 2016Reply

    Needs a rewrite and a transformation

    The first movie had culture clash, great comedy, and most importantly a
    major transformation of the lead character. The sequel is also funny
    and full of awkward too-close family moments, but lacks a major
    transformation (although Vardalos does looks quite fetching in the
    restaurant date scene). I would have done a rewrite. Have the mother
    insist on getting remarried in Greece (the family being more successful
    and wealthier to afford this). While there in the old country, the
    daughter (Paris) would appreciate Greek history and culture and see
    close Greek family ties as being ”normal” and maybe even ogling a few
    cute Greek boys. She would then decide forego NYU and instead attend
    school in Chigago close to home, thus growing to accept the love of her
    family in a tear-jerking moment of reciprocated love. That would have
    been a more transformative and much happier ending to this sequel.

  • Dragoneyed363December 16, 2016Reply

    14 years later, My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s still got it!

    I had only recently seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the very first
    time and found it hilarious, enjoyable, charming fun. Every character
    fills up the screen with joyous energy and tons of charisma in all
    their lines and the movie altogether worked as being more than just a
    Rom-Com. Same thing goes for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Nothing feels
    like it has taken too long to come to screen. Immediately I was along
    for the ride as the characters began being reintroduced. It all just
    clicked and worked and became very enjoyable for the whole movie.

    I will say, I was not impressed with the deliverance by Elena
    Kampouris. Her portrayal as the daughter was one of the only things I
    found not bad, but certainly didn’t help the movie. Just any time she
    came on screen it was kinda meh. Also, the movie does get a little
    ahead of itself at times and rushed, and overall the first was a more
    genuine effort, but in it’s fullness, this movie works completely as a
    sequel and stand alone work, and is on par with the first in terms of
    sheer enjoyment.

    Nia Vardalos is believable and likable as usual, and wrote the movie
    well. What I found most enjoyable was that Andrea Martin got a bigger
    role than the previous movie. Any scene she comes onto she lights it up
    and immediately makes it better. I equally enjoyed all the family
    members in the first, but Aunt Voula was the shining star of this
    movie, for me at least. I highly enjoyed seeing more of her.

    This was a complete success. 14 years later and this movie is as
    welcomed and comfortable as if it came out a year behind it’s

  • SnoopyStyleDecember 21, 2016Reply

    too sitcom

    Toula (Nia Vardalos) is still smothered by her large Greek family in
    Chicago. She has somehow ended up working back at the diner. Her
    husband Ian (John Corbett) is the principal at the school. Their
    daughter Paris is embarrassed and overwhelmed by her noisy family. She
    is considering moving away for college. Toula’s father insists on
    finding a connection to Alexander the Great. In the process, he
    discovers his marriage certificate is missing the priest’s signature.

    The humor of the original has a nice charm. Nia has pushed the writing
    in this movie more towards TV sitcom. The original charm has become
    cheesy. The premise to make another wedding is artificial at best. The
    daughter story should be the center this time but Nia insists on making
    her character the lead. She simply doesn’t have the romantic drama.
    There is an easier way to make a fun comedy out of this franchise but
    this is not the way.

  • artmania90February 1, 2017Reply

    cinematic equivalent of a garbage disposal

    The gang is all back in the surprisingly-delayed and unrequested sequel
    to one of the most successful independent films of all time (My Big Fat
    Greek Wedding still remains the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all
    time, 5th highest grossing film from 2002, highest grossing film to
    never be #1 at the box office, and is quoted as being one of the most
    profitable films ever with a 6,150% return on budget). It’s a wonder it
    took them so long to milk this cash cow a little further.

    The plot, as the title suggests (though isn’t there a funner way to
    title the movie? I thought long and hard and came up with ”My Bigger,
    Fatter, Greekier Wedding.” Not bad, right?) follows our protagonist,
    Tula (Nia Vardalos) 17 years after the original. A lot has changed, but
    not too much. The punchline of the first film showed the newly-weds
    moving into the house next door to Tula’s parents. In this film, nearly
    the whole block is occupied by the Portakalos clan. It’s a wonder the
    local gawkers haven’t been asked to relocate yet.

    You may remember Tula working as a travel agent, but given the current
    economy, we learn there is no need for such luxuries in the current
    Chicago market. Low and behold, she has retreated back to the family’s
    restaurant. Talk about coming full circle.

    The titular wedding comes from Tula’s parents, Gus and Maria, who find
    out through a bit of digging that their marriage 50 years ago was never
    certified by a priest. Cue wedding dress shopping montage. The
    additional drama comes from Paris, Tula and Ian’s daughter, who is
    deciding whether to go to college in Chicago or flee to New York to
    claim sanctuary from her looney extended family.

    Tonally, the film is very much identical to the original, which is
    surprising given how little I enjoyed this film. Where the original
    found humor in the observations of a stereotypical Greek Orthodox
    family and an outsider’s introduction to such a culture, the sequel
    lags and lags on jokes we already know. Windex cures all, the root of
    every word is Greek, and Aunt Voula is as zany as ever. Nia Vardalos in
    the leading role (and returning as screenwriter (the original earned
    her an Oscar nomination, no less)) is absolutely lost and a clunker of
    a star. Originally playing it relatively straight amidst the humor,
    here she gives way to potty humor and overacting galore. In the
    original, the film was charming and found humor through it. Here, she
    has written a weak comedy that she thinks will have the same effect.

    For being a sequel 14 years in the making, the production felt very
    rushed, and editing down to camera work is noticeably lacking. The
    script throws everything but the kitchen sink at us, including a tacked
    on bit where Joey Fatone reveals himself as gay on the morning of the
    wedding. Why, I am not sure. John Stamos was billed as a new addition
    to the cast (fairly genius casting given the film) but phones in a
    performance of about 5 minutes and promptly is never seen again.

    After the flop of the TV show (remember the season run of My Big Fat
    Greek Life?) and the poor reaction to this year’s sequel, I think it
    has become clear that the 2002 hit was simply a flash in the pan, a
    film that stood on its own despite the studio want to squeeze every
    last nickel out of it’s teat. Hollywood today is driven largely by
    sequels and reboots and cinematic universes. Maybe in 5 or 10 years we
    will see a remake. Sometimes though, lightning can only strike once.

  • ArdentViewerMarch 20, 2017Reply

    Derivative and Boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jbrumundsmithApril 4, 2017Reply

    Why was this movie even made?

    In general, if you are going to do a sequel to a comedy, do it in the
    first few years after the original. The recent trend of releasing a
    sequel decades after the original has produced nothing but awful
    results. While Anchorman 2 and Dumb and Dumber To are obvious examples.
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is not only less funny than those two, it
    has less of a point too. Even people who were big fans of the original
    are probably wondering why this movie even exists.

    The plot is pretty straightforward, which is fine for a comedy. Just
    make us laugh a lot, feel a little, and get attached to the characters,
    and plot does not matter all that much. We feel for the characters a
    little bit, especially Gus and Paris. As a matter of fact, Gus’s
    character is a little too tragic for a comedy. There is nothing funny
    about the way he is treated or redeemed.

    As far as funny moments go, there are very few in this movie. The
    writers go to the well four times for a joke that only worked once: the
    fact that there are no secrets in Greek families. The first time that
    there was a minor problem and the entire family showed up en mass, it
    was funny. The second, third and fourth times, it became obvious there
    just were no real other sources of comedy in this movie.

    Like most comedy sequels, the movie uses much the same formula as the
    original. And like most comedy sequels, the same schlock is not nearly
    as funny the second time around. Jokes are not set up properly,
    characters are not put in the appropriate situations, and overall the
    film just falls flat.

    See this is you wish, but lower your expectations. This is not a fun,
    family romp. It is almost embarrassingly bad at times, and only
    occasionally will make you chuckle.

  • Petros KhazoumApril 14, 2017Reply

    Extremely Funny

    An amazing sequel to the previous 2002 movie.As a Greek-American living
    in Greece I can relate to these events from stories I have been told by
    my ”Yiayia”.Hilarious plot.The interference of new technology adds a
    great taste of modernity in the movie.On-point jokes and amazing
    stereotypical Greek characters.

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