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Nannaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho

Jan. 13, 2016 India168 Min.
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8.9 1,391 votes

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Jr NTR isAbhiram
Jagapati Babu isKrishnamurthy Koutilya
Krishnamurthy Koutilya
Rajendra Prasad isRamesh chandra prasad (subramaniyam)
Ramesh chandra prasad (subramaniyam)
Madhoo isDivya's Mother
Divya's Mother


Nannaku Prematho (English: To Dad With Love) is an upcoming Telugu action family drama film written and directed by Sukumar and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under his Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner. The film stars N. T. Rama Rao Jr. and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles while Jagapati Babu will play the main antagonist and Rajendra Prasad will play other pivotal role. This film marks the 25th film in the career of N. T. Rama Rao Jr. as an actor. The music is being composed by Devi Sri Prasad while the cinematography is being handled by Vijay C Chakravarthy. Editing is done by Navin Nooli. The film is co-produced by Bhogavalli Bapineedu and Reliance Entertainment . The first look poster was unvieled on 17 September 2015 on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. The film is slated to release on 8 January 2016.

Nannaku Prematho
Original titleNannaku Prematho
IMDb Rating7.8 6,090 votes
TMDb Rating8.1 6 votes

(45) comments

  • nanim-36988January 13, 2016Reply

    Nannaku Prematho – A classical entertainer

    NTR appearance and action is fabulous. Sukumar narrated the old script
    with new technical values and it is Suku-mark film. Movie is holly wood
    level, NTR looks so stylish. My hearty congratulations to whole team.
    Negatives: Very well deserved and high class movie for Class ‘A’
    citizens and have to wait and watch how the mass audience(class ‘B’,’C’
    centers) will receive this. Positives: NTR acting, Dance, His style,
    voice modulation, timing, his attitude, screen play, songs, last 40
    minutes acting is at peaks. I am sure no body can reach NTR. Excellent
    and fantastic performance. it seems to be old script, in new trend and
    new technical values. NTR gave his 200% performance and honestly
    speaking climax scene is really awesome. My hearty congratulations to
    Tarak Bhai

    NTR Rockssss

  • pavankumardhruvJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Movie is Brilliant Just Brilliant! (Emotional Thriller)

    #NannakuPrematho means #WithLoveToDad! This movie has no Dull moment
    throughout! Screenplay is full on Racy! Fantastic Cinematography
    beautiful locations Stylish actors! Lead actor #Tarak (NtrJr) Hipster
    look was super cool nd his performance was world class he just nailed
    it in every single scene! Emotional scenes are on top notch! #Director
    #Sukumar who is considered as Christopher Nolan of Indian cinema made
    #Telugu film industry proud once again with this movie! The one who
    played villain #JagapatiBabu at his best in negative role! The war of
    dialogues nd revenge drama is awesome! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR MOVIE
    LOVERS! I will definitely cherish this movie as it filled me with joy
    while Watching!

  • Uday SuryaJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Emotional Roller-coaster!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sujithsai_b2011January 13, 2016Reply

    Age Old Revenge Story with Innovative Narration

    Its the story of a son who aims to bring to ruins a ruthless business
    man, before his bed ridden father who was once cheated by the
    antagonist dies .Hero traps antagonist’s daughter in the name of love
    to approach him.Finally Hero meets the antagonist and tells him that he
    will drag him to roads by November 1st. How he does it is the rest of
    the movie.Its a routine story one can observe in many movies.But the
    narration in the first half of the movie especially setting intelligent
    traps for heroine and making her meet him often was fresh.Every single
    movement in the world determines some other movement somewhere else is
    an innovative concept that the director presents in a good way but
    seems awkward as the movie proceeds.2nd half of the movie largely deals
    with half-baked emotions and unconvincing twists.Director showed his
    mettle in connecting different points of the story in the first half
    with the pre-climax but failed to maintain the intelligent screenplay
    till the end.Lead Roles did a great job and technically movie was
    grand.Cinematographer did a marvellous job.Music Director needs a
    special mention.Overall the movie is an age old revenge drama driven by
    intelligent screenplay.

  • Seenu NtrJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    super hit

    Young Tiger Jr. NTR’s Sankranthi treat ”Nannaku Prematho” saw the
    theatrical release today and audiences are very impressed with the
    story line. Those who watched its benefit shows and early morning show
    cannot stop themselves to appreciate the movie. It seems audiences have
    declared the movie as Sankranthi winner. The movie starring Rakul Preet
    Singh, Jagapathi Babu and Rajendra Prasad. The classy revenge and
    emotional drama which is directed and written by Sukumar is receiving
    positive responses. Fans have been flooding social networking sites
    with positives reviews of the movie. Audiences are appreciating the
    intelligent master mind role of Tarak, superb screenplay, notch acting
    of lead actors, visuals, music and Production value of the movie. It is
    a Perfect Sankranthi gift for Telugu Audience.

  • bharatattaluriJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Extraordinary movie

    Story: Nannaku Prematho was the story of love between father and a son.
    NTR(Abhiram), How he fulfilled his father’s (Rajendra Prasad) last wish
    ? was the main plot of the film. How Jagapathi Babu connected to
    Abhiram father’s last wish? To fulfill his father’s wish, ” What Kind
    of strategies he came through to fight against?

    Performance: First of all what a transformation of himself by NTR.

    Great really great transformation. Next the screenplay is awesome. What
    an acting by NTR, Jagapathibabu. Rakul was as good as a chocolate. She
    was gorgeous.

    The movie takes a certain plot and goes through the plot perfectly.
    Definitely worth watching. If you like the trailer you will double like
    the movie. Overall rating 5/5.

    Positive Points: NTR, Sukumar direction and screenplay Rakul Preet,
    Jagapathi Babu DSP, DOP of Vijay K Chakravarthy, Intelligent game
    between Tarak and Jagapathi Babu

    Fantastic movie go watch. Remember this will be the Sankranthi winner.

  • Vishu VishwanathJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Worth watch!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ANVESH KUMAR REDDY ABHIJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    classic elevator in tarak’s career

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Varun KolliJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    cant come out without tears rolling..


    ‪#‎NTR‬ King of masses…. Fights, punch dialog’s, item songs are
    pretty common in any NTR movie. But for the First time No zero gravity
    fights No Comedy No Punch Dialogues No item song First time in his
    carrier, he carried a classy film . Proud of you Tarak. That’s the way
    we want. One of the best film for NTR. This will be how his 25th film
    wants to be by his Fans. Thank You TaRock.

    Sukumar Sir… no words to describe you.. 25 years from now, if people
    watch your movies(Nannaku Prematho and 1) then… they will come to
    know the value of you.

    Devi Sri Prasad’s personal song at rolling titles in this movie was
    really touching..

    This movie was the combination of 3 most talented people in there
    respective fields.

    ”Nanna.. Nanu Eppudu Ventade emotion”


  • murlimohanraoJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Still gasping for breath … fabulous movie

    I have written very few reviews in my life. There are only two things
    that make me formally review a movie. It has to be excellent and has to
    stay with me even after I leave the cinema hall. Nannaku Prematho
    scores on both counts.

    In terms of craft of storytelling, I felt that telugu cinema was
    lagging behind. We were making bigger movies but these bigger movies
    did not necessarily have the best storytelling. On that front, NP
    really scores high. A simple revenge drama turns out to be an
    exhilarating ride of emotions and one-upmanship. You are guessing till
    the end and the climax just blows you away.

    In terms of story, Rajendra Prasad or Subramanian is diagnosed with
    cancer and has just about a month to live. He seems to have everything
    going for him. Well settled children, nice house, family etc. However,
    he seems to have something hidden in his heart … about he was
    deceived by a very close associate and robbed of his property, pride
    and social standing. The fact that his associate played by Jagapathi
    Babu was never brought to book leaves a void in his heart. His dying
    wish is to see his nemesis crashing to the earth, who by now has
    becoming a global business tycoon. While the two elder brothers develop
    cold feet, as they feel it is a far fetched idea, the youngest played
    by NTR takes it as a challenge.

    What follows after that is an exhilarating ride wherein each one is
    trying to outdo the other. It is not through bravado but intelligence
    and intellect.

    It is also important to note at this stage that the role of Jagapathi
    Babu is beautifully etched. He gets some of the best lines in the
    movie. Very rarely has a villain’s role been written as beautifully as
    the hero himself. Credit to the director for that. I genuinely
    recommend it for every movie lover. If you do not understand telugu,
    find a hall which has the English subtitled version … DO NOT MISS IT.

  • sunnyphanindraJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    awesome movie ever in tollywood

    I didn’t seen any movie like this movie so far I can’t just give 10 out
    of 10 for this it is just less because the emotion shown on the screen
    touches the heart of every one and coming to our director sukumar garu
    he is one of the best director we got his screen play is awesome he
    showed that if a professor becomes a director how the movies will be .
    And excellent direction and story line is good and we can’t judge any
    person worked for the movie because the movie and the persons involved
    in it are awesome and I just say that watch the movie and enjoy and
    last but not least Jr.ntr and jagapathi and rajendra prasad garu and
    Rajive kanakala garu did there level best for this movie there acting
    was superb and marvelous I can’t say more than this

  • nareshkothapalliJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    One of the best movie of Tollywood i have ever seen

    the best movie i have seen ever is Nannaku Prematho Simple story
    showcased in such a beautiful way 🙂 NTR undoubtedly the best actor of
    this generation 🙂 Devisri gave nice music & great BGM cinematography
    is mind blowing dialogs penned so beautifully overall its a great
    product from a great team which has taken TFI to next level i wish this
    movie will become huge hit and become memorable for all the cast & crew
    for long time ———

    rtistes’ Performances: NTR has not only transformed into a complete
    stylish avatar, he also has entered into the skin of the character. His
    performance, his diction, his style, and body language are totally
    different from what we have seen so far from him. As a young person
    with a calculated approach, he has done his best. He does neither mass
    appealing dialogues or nor heavy fights.

    Jagapathi Babu as selfish and evil business person who builds his
    empire by taking over other’s business in cunning way is top class. He
    has not only looked stylish but is very evil. One of the best villain
    characterizations written in Tollywood.

    Rakul is very beautiful as Divyanka, daughter of Jagapathi Babu.
    Rajendra Prasad is seen mostly attached to chair and bedridden but he
    has given believable performance.

    Rajeev Kanakala has returned to screen after long time as brother to
    NTR. Avasarala, Taguboth Ramesh and Madhubala in a cameo are okay.

    Technical Excellence: The movie boasts terrific visual quality thanks
    to cinematographer Vijay Chakravarthi’s first rate camera and also
    because of its locations. Entire film is set or shot in UK and Spain.
    The movie has rich quality throughout. Each frame in the film is

    The office set of Jagapathi Babu’s created by Ravindar is superb. The
    film needs much trimming. Fights are okay. Devi Sri Prasad’s music has
    gelled perfectly with the storyline.


    NTR’s performance and his new look London backdrop Terrific visuals
    First half Some emotional scenes

  • Chiranjiv Santhosh MallaJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Intellectual Revenge Drama

    We have all tasted Sukumar’s Writings since his inception in Film
    Industry. Each & every of his movie has a unique making style. If we
    look at his previous works, all may not be box office blockbusters but
    each & every movie is impeccably made. There is no doubt about it. Even
    this movie also has simple story line but the screenplay is
    intellectually written. Since the start title cards to end credits,
    each and every frame is logically interlinked.

    Main plot of the movie is just a classy revenge drama, I don’t want to
    spoil your fun more, so I’m not revealing it intricately.

    With in half an hour of the movie, you will get to know what is the
    motive behind the story. So It is just Screenplay, Screenplay &
    Screenplay makes the difference!! First half of the movie is little
    boring at sometimes, because sukumar has included lot of mind analysis
    scenes like some Science funda in stunts, which might not go well with
    normal audience. But Second half he did a decent job. Looks like he
    intelligently inspired from Hollywood movie ”Now You See me” but it is
    OK, many people gets to copy or inspire still they wont get the
    expected result, this guy is not like that. He is just perfect in
    getting it. This is classy and settled performance from NTR, be it his
    dance,elegant British look, beard and John Lennon Glasses, Omg! He is
    splendid & amazing. For the first time ever, I started liking NTR’s
    acting and look. Rakul is just lovely and she did a fantastic job, may
    be for the first time her role is not merely related to skin show but
    some acting as well. One more star in the movie is Jagapathi babu and
    the way he acted and his look is on par with NTR. As the age increases,
    he is becoming more & more glamorous. Looks like he is playing safe
    game now by choosing the roles like this. Rajendra Prasad & Rajiv
    Kanakala did so well in their roles. In fact after a long time Rajiv
    Kanakala did a meaty role. Srinivas Avasarala got wasted, his role is
    not much.

    Music & background score by DSP is just commendable. And it is
    memorable for him because he dedicated this entire album to his Dad,
    who recently passed away. So good to see the love on his father with
    the end credits song. Such a nice song(Nannaku Prematho…), hope
    sukumar will release this song soon.The way Sukumar chose this huge
    star cast is a plus point. Overall Lekkalu masteru Sukumar … Lekkalu
    telchadanike e industry ki vachadu 😉 I don’t know it may be little
    exaggeration, but I feel he is Christopher Nolan of Tollywood 😉
    Finally it is a decent one from Sukumar but stop comparing with
    Nenokkadine, because that is his best work. Can’t say whether it is a
    pongal winner or not, but just go for it guys.

  • Rakesh IndukuriJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    An Brilliant Game!! With Emotional Ride, Go For It!

    ‘Nannaku Prematho’ is One of the best film in recent times.The Movie Is
    showed in a Beautiful Way. Music was good, BGM was awesome..!Dialouges
    are also Good. NTR’s Stylish Avatar is a Big Highlight& Tarak Danced
    Very Well as Never Before. It is an Emotional Revenge Drama. The movie
    starring Rakul Preet Singh, Jagapathi Babu and Rajendra Prasad. All
    other actors in the movie acted well. The story is set in UK & Spain.
    The visuals were very good.Each frame in the film is beautiful. The
    Pre-climax & climax episode is the main plus point of the movie.The
    movie was like an Brilliant Game Between Tarak & Jagapathi Babu.

    NTR’s Best.!

  • krishnamcaJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Intellectual and Un Imageble

    Dear Team,

    Story: The story is set in London. Subramanyam alias Ramesh Chandra
    Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) is cheated by an evil entrepreneur
    Krishnamoorthy (Jagapathi Babu). Years pass, his three sons grow up to
    be successful in life. But Subramanyam has only one dream – to see the
    fall of Krishnamoorthy. His younger son Abhiram decides to fulfill his
    father’s wish by bringing down the business empire of Krishnamoorthy.

    NTR’s performance and his new look

    London backdrop

    Terrific visuals

    First half

    Emotional scenes

    Technical Excellence: The movie boasts terrific visual quality thanks
    to cinematographer Vijay Chakravarthi’s first rate camera and also
    because of its locations. Entire film is set or shot in UK and Spain.
    The movie has rich quality throughout. Each frame in the film is
    beautiful.The office set of Jagapathi Babu’s created by Ravindar is
    superb. Devi Sri Prasad’s music has gelled perfectly with the

    Bottomline: A milestone from Sukku and NTR.

  • Rahul AluruJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    High on Emotion

    While watching 1-nenokkadine I was totally surprised the way #Sukumar
    penned screenplay..I recollected #Rajamouli where in an Interview the
    latter said that if #Sukumar will do full fledged commercial movie he
    will fade out..That statement was indeed true .while watching
    nekoaddine and Nannaku prematho also I feltwhat Rajamopuli said about
    Sukumar is true . #sukumar garu has shown his class touch to an
    outdated storyline with his intelligence screenplay.Though there are
    some few loopholes in the movie they can be ignored ..It was a big
    relief watchi ng NTR movies with out fights and lenghty dialouges.Devi
    Sri Prasad was too fabulous with his back ground score.Sukumar is like
    Christoper nolan of tollywood ..Sukku sir u rocked again.

  • sai sandeepJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Go for it

    The movie starts on a slow note taking its own time to unravel.
    Interval sets the bar high but post interval things start to go
    downhill. The songs in second half kill the flow of the film but after
    that the movie goes from strength to strength with brilliant
    performances from lead actors. The BGM and cinematography gel well with
    the film. Sukumar takes his own time but tells his story effectively.
    NTR Jr is completely in ease with his role.The climax deserves a
    special mention. The scenes between father and song,hero and villain
    are strong points and scenes with heroine are just okay.

    Its rare to see films like this these days and Nannaku Prematho has to
    be watched by one and all for its visual grandeur and Gripping
    narration despite its flaws.

  • suchipalemJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    Less entertainment quotient

    Nannaku Prematho movie that deals with a father-son relationship.
    Abhiram (Jr. NTR) is an NRI based in London who can read people’s
    minds, read the next moves of his opponents, preempt dangers lurking in
    the environment. NTR’s father is Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra
    Prasad) who was betrayed by Kautilya Krishna Murthy(Jagapathi babu). In
    the last stage of his life he asks his sons to take revenge on him. The
    story of the movie is good but there a few scenes which are unnecessary
    take away the feel of the movie. The direction of the movie by sukumar
    is good but he should concentrate on story-telling. NTR steals the show
    right from the first frame to the ending shot where he hugs his father
    in affectionate cries. The background score of the movie was good but
    the songs could have been better. Overall the movie is good if you are
    neglect a few scenes in the movie.

  • Rahul TripuraneniJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    A different and a dynamic movie

    Its one of a kind movie…….. Highlights of movie are interval
    scene,climax,ntr-rakul logical chemistry,rakul-mom
    sentiment…………………. Tarack performance,Sukumar screenplay
    once again stole the show……………….. Kind of a sherlock series
    logics in first……………………. half Dances are awesome
    especially love dhebba………………. final 30mins climax is very
    emotional added with emotional DSP……….. Background Finally a
    blockbuster for Tarak On the whole, Nannaku Prematho is a film where all the
    unnecessary commercial aspects are put aside and the focus is on the
    content. NTR’s solid performance and emotional content are huge assets.
    However, the slow pace of the film and lack of certain elements which
    are expected by NTR fans and mass audience will hamper the collections
    to an extent. Finally, Nannaku Prematho is a class act which should do
    well only with the A center audience. its rating is 3.25/5

  • surya mantri ([email protected])January 14, 2016Reply

    Our industry and our brainless audiences are not even fit for sukumar. He should belongs to Hollywood…

    I can only talk about sukumar as I have seen only sukumar in the entire
    film. He get down a step to make our illiterate audiences to be able to
    understand his approach of movies ,I mean, his view of life.Yet, he
    never lost his mark in the entire film.From titles till end, it’s
    completely sukumar film… unlike 1, sukumar clearly explains his
    logics and story in the film which is good for low level audiences but
    not for me as I like complexity.Yet he has dare enough to do this (his
    kind of) film even after seeing 1 result.Thats y I like him… He is
    one of the biggest assert for our industry.So we should not loose

    I want to beg him that he should keep on doing this (his) kind of films
    even some can’t get them,because we kind of people are always there to
    watch and encourage him…

    Finally It was like watching a Hollywood movie in telugu..

  • sukhavasitejaJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    Out and Out Classy and Excellent Emotional Film

    ”Nannaku Prematho” Title itself suggests a classy and emotional film.
    Ntr an undoubtedly an Excellent Actor ( I would use the word ”Actor”
    than a Star hero) An actor can do any type of film. Ntr is one among
    them. He has done Aadi , Simhadri (Action and mass entertainer)
    Brindavanam (Family entertainer) Adhurs (comedy) Yamadonga (Fantasy)
    Etc Etc.., and now Nannaku Prematho (A classy film) and Sukumar is one
    such who has the ability to write bold scenes and perfect screenplay.
    This film would be a visual treat and he has taken Telugu industry to
    the next level with his two films (1-Nenokadine and this one)

    Sukumar who has tackled this one with an emotional feel and the tough
    screenplay and he has put the concept of Butterfly affect (Each and
    every person who has watched this film would definitely browsed the
    concept of butterfly affect) hats-off to this sir and perfect screen
    play and screen presence of Ntr (cool and stylish) Jagapathi Babu who
    has done exceptionally well , Rakul Preet singh who has done a terrific
    job and she has done dubbing for her self, this would be a good sign
    for the regional film. Sukumar has handled the scenes so brilliantly
    especially the scenes between Ntr and jagapathi babu and the climax
    would be one of the best one in Telugu industry which doesn’t have any
    blood shedding fights or any punch dialogues to the villain . A perfect
    revenge story with simple logic’s and sukumar’s brilliant ideas (The
    applications of physics ),innovative thoughts and finally Ntr’s
    performance will leave us speechless and this film would be remained in
    the history of Telugu cinema.

  • jawaharpathiJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    An intelligent movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • manohar-chakri007January 14, 2016Reply

    Excellent Classy Telugu Movie Till Date

    What a movie man… Itz Ultimately crafted by Sukku n Heart Touchingly
    Performed By Young Tiger NTR…Even though after knowing he cant
    deliver his regular Mass Masala Elements for his Fans this
    time..daringly went ahead blindly.. by following the storyline n
    because of his confidence on Sukku n yes..mainly because of Father
    sentiment n as its an emotion carrying subject all through… Good Work
    Sukku…Congrats Tarak… Finally TFI has got the First n Biggest BB in
    the form of NKP this year… Its always been proved by Trak that no one
    in the whole industry as of now in present generation ..would match his
    acting skills..

  • velchurisubhashiniJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie

    A thrilling revenge story with clean screenplay. NTR is as usual with
    his top-notch performance. No words to explain how good the movie is. A
    must see for family. Tarak completely changes his look for this film.
    The Background music is also super. Very good music by DSP. Jagapathi
    Babu also gave an outstanding performance as antagonist. Rajendra
    Prasad, Rajiv Kanakala also played a good part. A must-see for
    parent-loving children. Sukumar did a fantastic comeback after
    Nenokkadine. His story-telling is simply exhilarating. Climax is
    awesome. The last 45 minutes is heart-touching and is the soul of the
    movie. Clean entertainer with no bloodshed.

    Congratulations to the entire team for bringing a movie like this for
    the season.

  • sujithcharantejJanuary 15, 2016Reply

    Spell check

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hcukumarJanuary 15, 2016Reply

    Only for toooooooooooooooo intelligent people

    Saw this film last night. Even though the film is not like typical
    Tollywood films, it tests your patience. The protagonist is
    tooooooooooooooooooooo intelligent to be believed in. The director,
    essentially depending on some mathematical puzzles had tried to make a
    pointless film. There are many scenes in the film which humiliates the
    intelligence of audience. People come to watch a movie to relax and not
    to solve puzzles. Tooooooooooooooo much of logic in each and every
    scene ( that logic is looks quite illogical) is a big headache.
    Everybody in the theater was laughing not for the so called intelligent
    scenes in the film, but were laughing at the magical acts hero does in
    the film ( hero is not a human being…he is tooooooooooooooo smart).
    NTR &Jagapathi Babu’s performance, Rakul’s glamour helps you to bare
    this film. Emotional content is zero. The camera work is amazing. NTR
    looks too good. What I feel is that, one can appreciate this film only
    if he/she is super extra intelligent (maximum possible human IQ) or is
    highly insane.

  • nimmalapudiJanuary 15, 2016Reply

    Great Treatment

    Great watching films like this and Tarak at his best as usual and well
    supported by JB and Rakul Preet. Don’t expect typical Bollywood style
    heroism and its a pure classic and it is all about mind games between
    the lead roles. Mind blowing performance by Tarak and its a complete
    change over for him. Though he is capable of doing any role and no one
    exploits it so far and Sukumar has done it. This movie is a step
    towards that direction and expecting many more from this. One thing is
    confirmed again that he is the BEST! Background Music is very good too
    and don’t expect unnecessary comedy and all. All the cast has performed
    well. Rajendra Prasad did it well too. I personally like 2 songs ”Love
    me again” and ”Follow Follow” and Follow Follow was sung by none other
    than Tarak. Please Go watch it!

  • Mahesh MandlaJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    A revenge plot with interesting approach & narration (Quantum Entanglement)

    It shows up that the director is obviously a professor in real life. He
    is indeed a Math professor. All his movies show up his details and
    intellect in dealing subject with different perspectives.

    As far as I see in this movie, the director Mr.Sukumar has tried
    narrating most of the scenes between the lead actor and actress using
    the principle of Quantum Entanglement.

    It’s quite interesting to see his approach when dealing with not very
    matured audience who may not effectively understand this subject.
    However, I really appreciate he coming up with interesting approach to
    Indian cinema, making constant attempts to widen the audience thinking.

    As far as the movie is concerned, this is a revenge story of a former
    entrepreneur’s son taking down on a business giant who is highly
    cunning and intelligent.

    Subject deals more with psychological aspects on how two extremely
    intelligent people think and tackle each others aggression while trying
    to win over each other.

  • RebelRavindraJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    Amazing ..

    Watched this film yesterday and i was blown away, i came out of the
    cinema and literally had no words to say about this film. Its amazing,
    an incredible roller-coaster ride full of strong emotions and
    psychological mind game. The film is directed in a revenge drama
    format, but if you see from a vantage point its pure love between
    father and son

    Sukumar always came up with brilliant ideas and characterizations, but
    for some reason i couldn’t enjoy his movies since Jagadam. But this
    time i drowned myself in the film. The screenplay was arresting, he
    maintained the right pace to keep the audience on the edge of the seat
    throughout the entire movie and never detour’d.

    Tarak is my favorite actor from Telugu, I was so impressed with his
    work in temper, but i was spellbound by his performance in the movie
    specially the climax episode. He was stylish, he had an attitude and he
    nailed the role.

    Overall Nannaku Prematho is a fantastic film and a very much needed
    refreshment for Telugu audience. The story was great, the screenplay &
    the direction are of top notch and performances excelled. A 10/10

  • Jasrick JohalJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    A stylish revenge thriller. With hints of a family drama. An intelligent Sukumar film but not a flawless one .NTR is at his best.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ravinagabanduJanuary 19, 2016Reply

    Don’t get cheated, be smart

    Awful movie. Rajmouli also knows that it’s a dumb movie with false hit
    talk, he did not tweeted because he is not a dumb person to tweet
    publicly that it’s a mindless trap movie. he knows the fact that, it is
    a desperate movie for both hero n director; as planned, both of them
    released this mindless movie in the festival season, so that they can
    rob mass ticket money in India and overseas money. Mind one thing,
    openings in overseas doesn’t say that its a hit movie. Im from US, here
    these guys increased ticket money to 16+ dollars, so that their trap
    works in festival season. Everybody watched movie here in US feeling
    like robbed for silly mindless crap movie. Guess u got what we feel

    Dude don’t get cheated, be smart like Rajmouli.

    Here in US, people watched it in festival days and weekend with family
    assuming its a class movie with father sentiment as title and posters
    say, but in return every person feeling like they were robbed in
    dollars for a mindless headache. Also as bonus, our children learned to
    use F-word in regular conversations and confused about love on father.
    Now they are asking fathers, if there is any revenge they can take on
    any person like villion to get love from father. What else shown as
    Father’s love in movie? Think guys, there is no moral in the move, so
    as logic. Mass people might have got mad with this..

  • md-mujahid96January 21, 2016Reply

    Movie is Good & Perfect… But…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aditya ManneJanuary 26, 2016Reply

    Flawed, but should be respected and viewed…

    This is my first review ever on IMDb…have been following this site
    since long, but never gave a serious thought of reviewing a movie. But,
    felt I should pen this down, as this is not just a film, it was a
    journey for many who were involved and many like myself who saw this
    turn out like how it has.

    First things first, it’s not a perfect film, but considering the
    language, the genre, the image of the lead actor, and the tastes of the
    target audience, this attempt was a risky one right from the beginning.
    coming to my review, this is a slick, action thriller, but without a
    single loud action scene, the scenes between the villain and the lead
    actor have been conceived with utmost beauty. The film’s title may be
    misleading but it doesn’t deviate from the crux which is boundless love
    between a father and son, and to what extent the son goes to fulfill a
    father’s dying wish. There are scenes which defy logic, but even those
    scenes have inbuilt logic in them. Each actor has delivered such subtle
    performance which is difficult to describe and it needs viewing. And
    the last scene in a hospital is a class act of NTR Jr who has proved
    time and again that he’s in a different league altogether as an
    actor…There are certain films which need not make huge sound at the
    box office but after few years if you go back and watch them, you will
    be proud.. This is one such film and is highly recommended.

  • shobanchittuproluMay 19, 2016Reply

    Nannaku Prematho is a action drama romantic thriller

    Nannaku Prematho (2016) Sukumar is my favourite director of Tollywood
    as he is the one whom I trust to change entire Tollywood’s scenario of
    routine movies.His 1 Nennokadine is one of the most clever
    psychological thriller of Indian Cinema with Hollywood standards.So I
    waited eagerly for his next project.When Nannaku Prematho project was
    announced as NTR in lead,I know that this movie is going to be craziest
    project of 2016.Trailer exceeded my expectations as it clearly showed
    that its another world class thriller from Sukumar.So how is it????

    Plot: Plot of Nannaku Prematho is simple revenge drama where our hero
    tries to take revenge on villain who cheated his father in past.But
    Sukumar can convert stone into gold so Nannaku Prematho though with
    routine plot gives different experience…

    Plus Points: 1)Sukumar Mark Scenes: Sukumar is famous for his
    intelligent screenplays.As he is an ex-Maths lecturer he has good
    knowledge on all theories so he apply them in his movies which gives an
    awestruck experience.In this movie Sukumar cleverly used The Butterfly
    effect and Chain reaction effects which explains that a small incident
    may change course of several incidents.So those mind blowing scenes are
    the major highlights of movie.

    2)Interval and Climax: Interval scene where NTR and Jagapathi Babu
    meets first time is simply mind blowing.Its clearly a best proof for
    Sukumar’s intelligence where two rivals of equal intelligence
    meet.Climax too is awesome where all the chain reaction principle gets
    attached at that point which is world class.

    3)Performances: NTR is soul and heart of the movie with one of the
    career-unique performance with stylish change over.Jagapathi Babu did
    stylishly in his antagonist role.Rakul Preet is cute.

    Minus Points: Especially ,this movie is missing a point which failed
    this as mind blowing thriller.This movie has awesome clever moments but
    they are few of them.Most of the movie concentrates only on scenes
    between hero and heroine which is good but bit excessive.

    Music: DSP music is average.Except Follow and Don’t Stop,other songs
    are not that good.Even BGM is good at only few parts.

    So Nannaku Prematho is good drama thriller which gives good different
    experience but not best one.

    My rating 7.25/10

  • gowrishpramidiJune 9, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shankar aditya ([email protected])May 30, 2017Reply


    There are no adjectives to appreciate the movie, the story and the way
    it was directed. The word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ could do
    at least one percent of justice to this movie. The word is dedicated to
    all the movie team including one and all who worked for and in this
    film. I am feeling very proud to write this review.

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