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Night Of The Living Deb

Night Of The Living Deb

Aug. 29, 2015 USA85 Min.
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8.7 1,696 votes

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Kyle Rankin


Maria Thayer isDeb Clarington
Deb Clarington
Chris Marquette isChaz Waverly
Chaz Waverly
Ray Wise isFrank Waverly
Frank Waverly
Michael Cassidy isRyan Waverly
Ryan Waverly


After a one night stand Deb wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Night Of The Living Deb
Night Of The Living Deb
Night Of The Living Deb
Night Of The Living Deb
Night Of The Living Deb
Night Of The Living Deb
Original titleNight Of The Living Deb
IMDb Rating5.5 2,256 votes
TMDb Rating5.4 35 votes

(14) comments

  • TokiwoodSeptember 28, 2015Reply

    A zombie movie that stands out!

    Loved it! It is kind of Shaun of the Dead kind of flick, a romantic
    zombie comedy, but pretty fresh and funny and entertaining and cool.
    The actress that plays Deb, the lead character, is fantastic, charming
    and funny. Ray Wise has a great supporting role. The music, the sound,
    photography, effects – all together made a very good movie in every
    level. The director played nicely with clichés, made a very light but
    exciting movie with zombies, and since there is so much zombies these
    days, it is a great success to make a movie that can stand out. Well
    done in every way! I saw it at the closing of Dead Lake festival in
    Palic, Serbia. Highly recommended.

  • thetbohnNovember 3, 2015Reply

    On of the Best Original Movies This Year, Rom-Com Zombie

    This movie is so good that I sign on IMDb to give my first review. As
    some one who watches hundreds of movies a year, it is always refreshing
    to see something original in a very competitive movie types like
    Rom-Coms & Zombie films. They seem to be a dime a dozen. So when a film
    tries to put the two together it’s got to be hard to stand out. This
    film Night of the Living Deb not only succeeds but is outstanding. This
    Kickstarter back indie film is a perfect example of the great talent
    that’s out there if only given a chance. From the clever title to the
    end the movie it is fantastic. The clever writing/dialogue will have
    you laughing out loud. The acting, directing and filming is great. It
    is the best funny original Rom-Coms of the year. You add the Zombie
    angle and it falls into a very clever movie. It is filmed in Portland
    Maine another great bonus. Hats off to ALL involved in this film and if
    the people behind this film want to fund another Kickstarter film let
    me know. I’ll be one of the first backers. Thank you all for the great
    art of the film making.

    Just for the skeptics out there, I had nothing to do with the funding
    or production of this film, but I wish I was. Just go see it any way
    you can and enjoy.


  • beetrix-89498November 6, 2015Reply

    Funny, Gory Good Times

    Deb… Oh, Deb… Smart, fun, resourceful and ever-so-slightly insane.

    Rankin and Co. created a fast-paced, entertaining romp through the
    Rom-Zom-Com genre and you won’t be disappointed.

    Old Skool Zombie-movie fans will appreciate the adherence to the

    Comedy fans will enjoy the mix of quick wit and good-old-fashioned

    Romantics will appreciate the genuine heart and camaraderie between Deb
    and the ensemble.

    Lots of clever inside jokes for horror fans (especially those who love
    Stephen King films set in Maine). The use of the quirky small city
    shines through as a love letter to Rankin’s home state.

    Always great to see Ray Wise in an apron… or anywhere, really. Some
    of the funniest bits in the movie come from Chris Marquette, who is
    delightful as a spoiled, militant Papa’s boy.

    Too fun to miss.

  • danew13November 7, 2015Reply

    An original romantic horror spoof guaranteed to entertain

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kytetigerApril 12, 2016Reply

    A waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kosmaspAugust 17, 2016Reply

    Romantic Zombie Comedy

    While I wouldn’t call it flavor of the month, the last couple of years
    saw a bit of a rise. Not only of the dead themselves but a rise in
    zombie comedies with a romantic touch. Some worked better than others,
    some just try to be a bit funny. And that is what this movie is. It’s
    not an instant classic or anything, but it does what the box says and
    it’s entertaining enough to watch.

    It starts off innocently enough, just to turn things up and speed
    things up a bit. The main actress is what either will draw you into it
    or appall you. I thought she was really funny and did a great job. Of
    course it’s silly, it’s meant to be that way. I mean the title along
    indicates that (how come no one thought of that before I wonder?) …
    It’s actually pretty easy to decide if you like this or not, but
    something I can’t do for you of course

  • Leofwine_dracaAugust 28, 2016Reply

    Zombie rom com fail

    Another zombie comedy. The makers of this film seem to think that’s
    some kind of a novel thing, but it really isn’t because I’ve watched
    about half a dozen such films that were made in the last few years and
    most of them have been a wash out. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB is no
    exception, a film that fails due to the appalling low brow humour and
    completely irritating cast of characters, none more so than Deb

    This film unwisely attempts to meld the romantic comedy genre with the
    zombie film. I hate rom coms so I was instantly turned off by the
    premise and struggled to sit through it if I’m honest. The character of
    Deb, as played by Maria Thayer, is described as ”endearingly awkward”
    on this film’s home page and it soon becomes obvious that the writers
    want you to warm to her quirkiness, her accident prone nature, her dumb
    idiosyncrasies. The problem is that I didn’t. I found her supremely
    irritating and she made me want to switch the television off.

    The rest of the cast are no better, with Chris Marquette stuck in first
    gear with repetitive jokes and wooden acting. The only veteran
    performer is Ray Wise (ROBOCOP), who you have to feel for, being stuck
    in this inanity. After a mildly original set up, the narrative soon
    descends into the ‘escape from one situation to the next’ mould, all
    set at night in a local location. There are splattery gore effects and
    bad zombie acting, and none of it is remotely entertaining. NIGHT OF
    THE LIVING DEB is a film which demands a shot through the head to put
    it out of its misery.

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    Bit by a zombie in a god awful sweater…

    I didn’t really know what this movie was about, nor did I have any real
    expectations to it. All that mattered was the fact that it was a zombie
    movie. Sure, I knew that it was going to be a comedy of sorts, but it
    had zombies in it. And anything with zombies in it, is worth a watch in
    my opinion.

    The story had some interesting and good aspects to it, that mostly
    being the story of socially awkward eb Clarington (played by Maria
    Thayer), which actually put the zombie outbreak in the background.

    The comedy elements to ”Night of the Living Deb” were present all
    throughout the entire movie, with the majority of those moments
    actually bringing about laughs or a big smile. To that point, then
    director Kyle Rankin was certainly on to something.

    ”Night of the Living Deb” was, however, not an impressive movie. And by
    that I mean that the storyline was a bit too forced and not all aspects
    of the storyline worked out in favor of the movie.

    And also the special effects were not overly impressive. Sure, this was
    not a zombie movie in the traditional sense, so one might debate
    whether or not it should have had more impressive zombie make-up or
    not. In my opinion, it should; you can’t have a zombie movie and then
    cut back on the special effects department. Most of the zombies in
    ”Night of the Living Deb” were just equipped with that low budget
    zombie make-up; you know, grayish skin foundation, blackened around the
    eyes and some theater blood sprayed here and there. It is just a blow
    to the movie when they don’t go all the way with zombie make-up. I am
    not saying that they needed to show gruesome dismemberment and other
    such damage caused by zombies, but a proper zombie make-up on those
    portraying the zombies would have been nice.

    The acting in ”Night of the Living Dead” was good. And it was
    especially Maria Thayer who carried the movie quite nicely. Michael
    Cassidy was also contributing a good amount to the movie. And it is
    always nice to see Ray Wise make an appearance in a movie.

    ”Night of the Living Deb” is certainly entertaining enough for what it
    turned out to be, but it didn’t impress me in any way. Nor was it a
    movie that brought anything overly new to the zombie genre.

  • BA_HarrisonOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Redhead vs deadheads.

    After a drunken one night stand with pretty boy Ryan (Michael Cassidy),
    zany redhead (ie., effin’ irritating ginger) Deb Clarington (Maria
    Thayer) discovers that the town of Portland, Maine, is in the midst of
    a zombie apocalypse.

    Although clearly modelled after Shaun Of The Dead, Night of the Living
    Deb doesn’t come anywhere near to matching the charm, wit or
    originality of Edgar Wright’s classic zombie comedy, the film offering
    up tepid humour and lacklustre living dead action, with Thayer putting
    in a performance that can best be described as thoroughly annoying—five
    minutes in her company and I would seriously be considering throwing
    myself to the flesh-eaters.

    Ray Wise and Chris Marquette are the most recognisable actors in this
    mess (Shawn C. Phillips doesn’t count), but I bet they wish that they

  • nurpinOctober 26, 2016Reply

    Bad Dialogue, Bad Overacting, Over The Top Physical Comedy– Just Bleh!

    Not a Fan. The writer tried way too hard to force feed us cutesy and
    quirky in the lead actress. Her wardrobe was overly contrived to show
    just how quirky she was, but just looked like she rolled around in a
    thrift store and whatever stuck, stayed. Her dialogue, which was
    stilted and sounded straight from an 8th grade play was a combo of 80’s
    references, current teen speak, and random nonsense phrases. When you
    add in the overacted physical comedy, it just made for a seriously
    annoying character. Unfortunately all the dialogue and physical comedy
    was just poorly done, and varied from overacting to looking like they
    were reading the bad dialogue off cue cards for the first time. A
    failed attempt at zombie humor and a waste of time. I gave it a 2 for
    the cute name.

  • ArgemalucoOctober 28, 2016Reply

    Night of the Living Deb

    On the beginning, they seemed anomalies which were difficult to
    classify into horror cinema, but eventually, the ”zombie romantic
    comedies” (also known as ”zom-rom-coms”) earned a niche into fantastic
    cinema. Night of the Living Deb is an addition to that category with an
    excellent sense of humor and an affable narrative which places more
    emphasis on the romance than the zombie crisis… something I ended up
    liking much more than I expected. Like any romantic comedy, Night of
    the Living Deb includes numerous clichés, but screenwriter Andy Selsor
    knew how to bring them a twist, making them less predictable; for
    example, the obligatory romantic triangle between Deb, Ryan Waverly and
    his fiancé Stacy is tangentially related to the origin of the zombie
    infestation, creating an interesting dynamic in which Ryan’s powerful
    family is also involved, because they don’t want to see the oldest son
    (and possible heir of the family empire) in a relationship with a
    humble middle-class camerawoman. As I previously said: clichés, but
    very well implemented as catalysts of the narrative. Oh, and besides,
    the great Ray Wise as the father of the groom. What can go wrong?
    Another pro is the sense of humor from the main character, perfectly
    played by Maria Thayer as the classic ”adorable harebrained” we
    genuinely want to see triumphing against adversity. I liked seeing
    Thayer finally playing a leading role after uncountable works as ”guest
    star” in many sitcoms and TV series (including some of my favorite
    ones: 30 Rock, The Mindy Project and New Girl). Her exuberant
    performance complements Deb’s personality without ever making her
    irritating or affected. And even though Thayer is an attractive
    redhead, she doesn’t reach the unreal standard of Hollywood beauty who
    automatically nullifies the ”normal girl with a bad luck for love”
    premise. I’m sorry if that sounds sexist, but I’m tired of all those
    roles with gorgeous actresses who try to look ”ugly” in order to
    convince us of their incapability of attracting men; if only they take
    their glasses off… I think I have already spoken enough about the
    romance. What about the zombies? Frankly, Night of the Living Deb
    doesn’t take the living dead threat very seriously; yes, we see some
    blood, there are a few ”head shots” and some unfortunate bites on
    characters we hadn’t expected to see infected; but in general, the
    zombies are a source of humor instead of horror. Fortunately, Selsor
    didn’t rely on tedious artificial conflicts to complicate the
    relationship between Deb and Ryan, so the zombies are also employed as
    an obstacle the couple must overcome to be happy. There are no
    misunderstandings, or surprising revelations, or courtships which start
    being a bet until becoming real, or similar foolishness. We just have a
    likable couple mutually attracted to each other, caught in the middle
    of a zombie apocalypse. In my opinion, that worked brilliantly, because
    I found Night of the Living Deb an excellent zom-rom-com which didn’t
    need any big tricks to keep me very amused. The likable interaction
    between Deb and Ryan is the main course; the zombies are just a
    seasoning of the romance.

  • Michael_ElliottNovember 7, 2016Reply

    A Bit Too Shallow For Its Own Good

    Night of the Living Deb (2015)

    ** (out of 4)

    Deb (Maria Thayer) wakes up after a night of drinking in the apartment
    of Ryan (MichaeL Cassidy). The two quickly try to play off their night
    but soon they’re back together when they realize that a zombie
    apocalypse has broken out.

    NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB isn’t the greatest horror spoof ever created
    but there are a couple nice laughs that help keep it moving but there’s
    really not enough here for a feature-length film. I think this here
    would have worked much better as a short film because there’s really no
    plot here as we basically see Deb, a rather nerdy person, falling in
    love with the good looking Ryan and the majority of the film has her
    being mistreated or taken advantage of. Oh yeah, the other thing is
    that she is very sarcastic and this is where the majority of the laughs
    come from.

    Thankfully both Thayer and Cassidy are good in their roles and this
    certainly helps since we spend the majority of the running time with
    them. Thayer is the star here and she turns in a nice performance but I
    still felt that only twenty-percent or so of her jokes actually worked.
    The film could have benefited had there been something more going on.
    Perhaps more in-jokes or at least something more to hold the viewer’s

    As it stands, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB has a creative title but it’s too
    bad the film itself wasn’t more creative.

  • Claudio CarvalhoNovember 13, 2016Reply

    Unfunny Dialogues and Situations

    On the Eve of July, 4th, in Portland, Maine, the camerawoman and
    aspiring anchor Deb Clarington (Maria Thayer) is drinking with her best
    friend Ruby (Julie Brister) in a bar. She falls for a handsome stranger
    and flirts with him. They drink a lot together and in the morning, Deb
    wakes up in his apartment in an awkward situation since they do not
    remember what they did on the previous night. When Deb leaves his
    apartment, she finds in middle of a zombie apocalypse. She returns to
    the apartment and she learns that he is Ryan Waverly (Michael Cassidy),
    the son of the wealthy Frank Waverly (Ray Wise), who is the responsible
    for supplying water to the town. Deb decides to leave Portland to meet
    her mother, but Ryan convinces her to go to the mansion of his father
    to meet his brother Chaz Waverly (Chris Marquette) and his girlfriend
    Stacy (Syd Wilder) and leave the town together. Soon Den learns that
    Frank and the Governor are the responsible for the outbreak. Will they
    succeed to escape from the zombies?

    ”Night of the Living Deb” is one of those films that the viewer wants
    to like, mostly because of the cute lead actress. However the writers
    are weak and the cast has unfunny dialogues and situations in the
    screenplay. In the end, this movie is a waste of a nice cast. My vote
    is five.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available

  • shawnblackmanNovember 29, 2016Reply

    Wonderful Surprise

    Deb is a smart, socially awkward girl who is drinking with her friend
    one night at the bar. The next morning she wakes up in a guy’s place
    after a one night stand. While she is leaving a zombie outbreak is
    taking place all around. She takes her car, grabs the one night stand
    and begins her zombie survival adventure.

    This was actually pretty good. It’s a smart zomedy with good writing
    and several clichés avoided. Not really violent at all with maybe a
    bite or two and people get shot. Nobody is taking bats to their heads
    and the zombies aren’t playing with intestines. Ray Wise does a good
    job as the evil company owner.

    I was surprised with this one for sure. You can even watch this one
    with the significant other as there is a love story as well.

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