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Nil Battey Sannata

Nil Battey Sannata

Apr. 22, 2016 India96 Min.
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8.6 1,604 votes

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Behind the magnificent Taj Mahal lies a cluster of dingy homes where Chanda (35), a domestic help, lives with her 14-year-old daughter Appu. Chanda aspires and dreams that her daughter will study and embrace a better fate. When Appu tells her she wants to quit school and become a maid like her, Chanda takes a strong decision: she will herself go back to school, and even join the class of her daughter.

Nil Battey Sannata
Original titleNil Battey Sannata
IMDb Rating8.5 2,955 votes
TMDb Rating7.7 5 votes

(22) comments

  • amskherApril 21, 2016Reply

    Light & Nice – Filled with heartful moments

    Generally light and nice this movie has received positive reviews.
    Amongst the few reasons to watch is the direction and acting talent at
    show by Swara Bhaskar and Ratna Pathak Shah. After a recent release its
    an extreme delight to see actors like Ratna Pathak Shah playing again.
    Exceptional talent here displayed by both actors. The movie has an
    usual story of a woman struggling seeking to educate her daughter earn
    a respectable life different from her own. Although there is no
    melodrama there are scenes in the movie good enough to stir your
    emotions in every possible way. The scenes such as the one where Chanda
    is taken to meet the school headmaster are one amongst the ones really

  • dineshprakashApril 22, 2016Reply

    Whispering tender emotions

    Director Mrs. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari work is good. She has kept the
    realistic look and emotions intact with correct shots and way of
    narration. Story is very thin by Nitesh Tiwari. Screenplay by Pranjal
    Choudhary, Neeraj Singh, Director herself and Nitesh Tiwar is good and
    fresh. Dialogues are superb. Sorry I just forgot the name and couldn’t
    find on net even. They are witty and enhances the character with pinch
    of humor. Starting twenty minutes is just amazing but then due to lack
    of sub plots, screenplay moves in circular motion. Principal first
    class with using ‘Ghoda’ metaphor is so sweet. Film sarcasms on
    coaching system with line that weak students need coaching more but
    they give discounts to high scoring students. Emotional quotient with
    mother and daughter is very good, well written, well shot and well
    enacted. Daughter acceptance scene in pre climax in class is very good.
    Direct admission in tenth class and of an adult is little filmy but its
    OK. Film slows down a bit in second half because of flat scenes and
    story not moving forward. Pre climax has good emotional balanced tone.
    Performance wise Swara Bhaskar as Chanda Sahay, (mother) is amazing.
    Its hard to believe that she was acting. Her improvisation is so cute
    in so many scenes on of them with her employer doctor, when she says
    ”Ab Baal Bhi Kha Jaiye” is very appropriate and goes well with the mood
    of film. Ria Shukla as Apeksha Sahay, (Daughter) is impressive. Pankaj
    Tripathi as principal is outstanding. He can dig out scope for acting
    either it is there on paper or not. He doesn’t has much scope but again
    he is superb. Ratna Pathak is another great actor, as doctor she is
    very good. School boy Pintu acted by Prashant Tiwari is good. Without
    doubt film is full of great performance, credit goes to actors as well
    director and casting director Mukesh Chhabra.

  • Ankit BhatnagarApril 23, 2016Reply

    An amazing script amalgamated with wonderful acting and direction.

    If you want to experience the magic of amazing scriptwriting combined
    with great acting and direction, this is the ticket to that wonderland.
    Right from the start, the cinematography gels with the script. Although
    it slows down for plot development, but then picks up gracefully again.
    It’s a wonderfully crafted journey that steals your eye control and
    certainly your heart.

    Producer Aanand Rai has marvelously mentored the debutant director
    Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. After his stint of great movies, here comes a
    masterpiece in his first production venture. Ashwiny has shown great
    efforts and I’ll take nothing away from him. It’s hard to see such a
    masterclass in a debutant. The way amalgamation of script and actors
    have been done is simply amazing.

    Rising from the supporting character roles, Swara Bhaskar grabbed this
    lead opportunity with open hands. She is very impressive and her body
    language is perfect all through. Little girl Riya Shukla steals the
    heart right from the start and continues to do so throughout.

    Overall, an amazing script amalgamated with wonderful acting and

  • Ketan GuptaApril 23, 2016Reply

    Do yourself a favor – Watch ”Nil Battey Sannata” to get inspired and motivated

    Everyone has dreams which basically creates a purpose in life in order
    to achieve your dream. You need to believe in your dreams, cherish and
    protect them and make sure nobody takes it away from you. ”Nil Battey
    Sannata”, meaning ‘knowing nothing’, talks about dream a mother has for
    her child. The riveting drama was felicitated at Silk Road
    International Film Festival which is an equivalent to Oscar awards in
    China where Swara Bhaskar won the Best Actress Award. So, is ”Nil
    Battey Sannata” worth your time and money ? Well, let us find out..

    ”Nil Battey Sannata” is a coming-of-age drama of Apu (Ria Shukla) who
    finally grows up to become a IPS officer after her mother Chanda (Swara
    Bhaskar) sacrifices and struggles in her journey of motherhood to make
    sure she lives her dream of giving Apu a bright future.

    Directed by debutant Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, ”Nil Battey Sannata” is a
    sparkling film in every context. Right from the beginning of the film,
    you will be completely engrossed into the beautiful tale of mother and
    her struggle to keep her dreams alive. Blended with sarcasm and light
    moments, the film is a powerful drama which will help you sail it
    through 2 hours without getting bored. Told in a subtle manner, it is
    the simplicity of narration which is the highlight of the film and you
    will cherish each and every frame. There are no glossy sets, colorful
    costumes over-the-tone melodrama yet the film is entertaining and will
    keep you glued throughout. The screenplay is pivotal defines each and
    every characters to the core. Couple of scenes do stand out in the
    first half. The first scene at the school where the students gets
    punished for violating the rules of the school, the scene where the
    Pankaj Tripathi is surprised after Ratna Pathaka convinces Swara
    Bhaskar to join as student and the scene at Collector’s house between
    Swara Bhaskar and guards are hilarious. Hats off to Ashwini Iyer Tiwari
    for standing out in her first film itself. She definitely has the
    merits to go long with her impeccable direction.

    On the flip side, the climax is predictable and could have made it more
    appealing but the enduring performances by the star cast will leave you
    satisfied in the end. Music, generally used in background, is tuneful
    and gels well with the mood of the film. Cinematography is spellbinding
    capturing the essence of Agra in its beautiful frame. Art direction is
    brilliant. Dialogues are punching.

    Performance wise, Swara Bhaskar steals the thunder with her
    electrifying performance. The ”Tanu Weds Manu” actor is just growing
    better with each film. Surprisingly, this is her first film as a lead
    and she has displayed matured acting. Watch for her. She definitely has
    long way to go. Pankaj Tripathi and Ratna Pathak are brilliant as
    usual. Ria Shukla does well in her role.

    Overall, ”Nil Battey Sannata” is a feel-good cinema with a strong and
    captivating message. Do yourself a favor – Watch ”Nil Battey Sannata”
    to get inspired and motivated. Excellent 4/5

    – Ketan Gupta

  • shubhranshujoshiApril 23, 2016Reply

    A Powerful story,Great Lively acting with a lots of feelings

    Another mother daughter loving story after Neerja. The love and support
    from mother is how precious ,it has been shown very beautifully.We can
    relate a lots of things from our childhood memories.The headmaster
    acting is just awesome(by Pankaj Tripathy).He has given lots of light
    moments in film.It is becoming more gripping,when the girl started
    suspecting her mother.The collector acting is a humble one.We will love
    to have those officers in our society. The girl Riya Shukla’s arrogant
    acting is a treat to eye.Ratna Pathak is always brilliant in acting.She
    has carried out her role very nicely.At the last Swara Bhaskar….My
    god I became Fan of her acting.She is fantastic , flawless,
    beautiful,very talented….Please go and support these great films..

  • Aparna GangopadhyayApril 28, 2016Reply

    Selfless Love of a Mother can do wonders!

    Excellent film!

    A motivational film where a mother motivates her daughter to do
    something worthwhile in life.

    The mother is just a ‘kaam wali bai’ (maid, helper) plus she does many
    other kinds of odd jobs so that she can educate her daughter to become
    something – either a doctor or engineer!

    But the daughter was least interested in studies! She had befriended
    couple of weak students of her class and all they rather loved it when
    the teacher sent them out of the class as punishment.

    She got poor grades and she was more interested to watch TV and paste
    the pictures of her favourite actors! Her mother was ambitious to see
    her daughter do something much better than her at least.

    When she asks her daughter as to what she wants to become in future,
    she replied that she wanted to become a governess or nanny because they
    pay well! This shocked her mother and circumstances were then created
    in such a manner that the daughter slowly and gradually becomes
    interested in studies, makes friends with intelligent students of the
    class – plus even her weak friends got interested in studies!

    She later hacks the IAS examination !

    Movie showed the power of positive motivation and also the fact that in
    order to motivate someone, you need not be some Oxford pass out but
    just plain simple – even less educated person but with a heart full of
    love and a firm belief that hard work and patience will definitely show

    **the word Nil is zero, battey – divided by and sannata is again
    nothing or zero .. so the answer ‘become nothing’ or ‘become zero, the

  • chemingineerApril 28, 2016Reply

    Feel-good Film

    Films with a social message are usually loud and boring. Nil Battey
    Sannata is a glorious exception. It is a very engaging film on girls’

    Chanda Sahay has big dreams for her daughter Apu and toils daily as a
    housemaid and does odd jobs in various sweat shops. On the other hand,
    Apu who is in class 10 is least interested in school and keeps
    repeating that her ambition is to become a Bai like her mother. Mother
    and daughter constantly bicker over this. Chanda’s employer, the kind
    and wise Dr Deewan (Ratna Phatak Shah), comes up with an artful plan
    and gets Chanda admitted to the same class as Apu. This leads to even
    more friction and a bit of competition between mother and daughter.
    Their weakness is maths and a boy, suitably looking nerdy in thick
    glasses, helps them get over their fear with some astonishing

    There are plenty of emotion charged scenes, and if you find your eyes
    getting wet, it is not because the film is manipulative but because of
    brilliant scripting and endearing performances. Swara Bhaskar as Chanda
    and Riya Shukla as Apu are both excellent. Pankaj Tripathi’s comically
    stern principal is a splendid cameo.

    The title of the film literally means zero divided by zero and is a
    local idiom for an idiot. There are a couple of irritants, which I
    don’t want to pick on in what is essentially a very heartwarming and
    feel-good film. I would recommend that you take along your domestic
    helps to watch it.

  • srihariashMay 1, 2016Reply

    A movie amazingly written and incredibly presented. !!

    I didn’t expected much from this but the movie turned out to be amazing
    ! The relationship between a poor (maid) mother and her daughter has
    been beautifully presented.The characters came out pretty well.The
    cinematography and direction are also quite impressive.Considering that
    this is the first movie of the director, this is very good.The movie
    beautifully moves on contrasting the ambitious Chanda and ambition less
    Apu. Movie revolves around the mother daughter duo. Movies like this
    are quite a rare in bollywood and definitely lacked attention from
    audiences. But good movies like these must not be underrated. Do
    yourself a favor. Go watch this movie. It will leave you cherished for
    sure. The film has some light moments as well as some emotional ones.
    But, at last everything comes even as it teaches you what life actually
    is.A must watch

  • anuj-zosiMay 3, 2016Reply

    Good movie, learn a part of parenting

    First of all, it was released in 2016, so we may have to place 2016
    instead of 2015 in the title.

    This movie is a nice watch. It shows the attitude of never giving up.
    Swara did a decent job of mother and so did ”Apeksha” as her daughter.
    It has two aspects, 1. Swara – Never losing a hope on her daughter.. 2.
    ”Apeksha” – Never thinking beyond her boundary

    It reminds us of our school days, the immaturity and let go attitude.
    All the characters have done a decent job, we won’t see a lot of twist
    and turns in the movie but it can be treated as a learning session for
    many of our parents.

  • Akshay Kumar (akshay-ak-kumar)May 7, 2016Reply

    A moral filled wonderful movie

    Nil Battey Sannata which means good for nothing and thats how the movie
    describes about one of main characters Apeksha played wonderfully by
    debutant Riya Shukla.

    Apeksha which means expectation but unfortunately the girl has no
    dreams or expectations with life. Her belief is that her mother Chanda
    is a servant and she will also become a servant like her mother as her
    mother has no money to educate her for higher studies. And when she
    ends up getting poor grades in maths, Chanda joins her class as a
    student and challenge her to study.

    What i really loved about this movie is the director and writer show
    reality in the film. It not hard hitting but a fact of life. Chanda
    does multiple jobs to sustain her family. We don’t know much about her
    husband and yet inspite of all troubles, she wants to educate her
    daughter and make her a doctor or engineer. I liked the scene where she
    gets noodles to celebrate her daughter’s success.

    Yet when her daughter is doing badly in Maths, she re-joins school and
    becomes a competitor to her daughter. When he daughter breaks the bet,
    she decides to teach her daughter a lesson.

    As for her daughter, Apeksha, she is the least bothered kid who just
    wants to waste time and has no dream and ambition. She is selfish and
    fails to see her mother’s sacrifices.

    There is also a nice part in the movie where Chanda accidentally meets
    the District Collector and stalks him wanting to know how he became

    Also, the chats between Chanda and one of her employers, a doctor are
    nicely written.

    Swara Bhaskar dons the role of Chanda with ease and confidence. Even
    with the age against here..she is pulls of a brilliant performance. Its
    high time that the Chopras and Johars give her a chance in big
    commercial projects.

    New comer Riya is another star in the making and we should watch out
    for her.

    Ratna Pathak Shah who plays the doctor and Vishal Nath who plays Chanda
    and Apeksha’s geeky classmate do commendable jobs.

    And finally there is Pankaj Tripathi who plays the school principal. He
    is one hell of an actor who makes the character look serious and well
    as funny. He doesn’t make it a caricature. The one scene he stands out
    is in the beginning of the film where the new academic year has started
    and the assembly is going on.

    The movie teaches a few lessons about life and yet it never becomes
    preachy or emotional. And thats its strength. This movie should be
    watched by parents and children together.

  • kamalbaugMay 7, 2016Reply

    good movie must watch it other than star movie

    excellent movie…:) story flow is good. heart touching movie. climax

    this movie has received very good critics reviews. direction and acting
    by Swara Bhaskar and Ratna Pathak Shah are very good. servant and
    master relation ship good. Although there is no melodrama in any scene
    of this movie. you will not get bored. The scenes such as the one where
    Chanda is taken to meet the school headmaster are one amongst the ones
    really appreciating. headmaster acting by Pankaj Tripathi is very good.
    looks like real school principle.every parents and children should
    watch this movie. true value return for your money.

  • nitishjnMay 14, 2016Reply

    Must watch movie

    The movie is simply awesome. I didn’t expected that the movie will be
    too good. The movie is full with emotions, funny Hindi slang and will
    motivate a lot. The acting of the actors is amazing. This movie is
    about the maid whose girl is not good in studies and doesn’t want to
    think about the future as is the condition of the many children of the
    poor family in the India. The mother of the poor girl does her best in
    order to convince her girl to start study and dream. She joins the
    school and start studying and continued her part time job of the maid
    and started working at other places to collect the money for the
    further studies of the girl.

  • Atul Gupta (atulguptamurdoch)May 18, 2016Reply

    Comendable Film – Nil Battey Sannata

    Excellent story by Ashwiny.

    I would like congratulate he for writing and directing an excellent
    film. The story revolves around a 10th class student- Appu who has no
    dreams in life; whereas her mother has dreams for her. Appu is ignorant
    and thinks she has no right to dream because of poverty.

    This film depicts that no dream is small and to follow your own dream
    as your dream will lead you to your path.

    This story is well played and acting by leads are awesome.

    The pace of the movie does not bore you and the each character s well
    written and has a role to play.

    Bollywood needs movies like this.

  • apr-407-799961May 18, 2016Reply

    Its fun and also gives a message.

    ‘Nil battey sannata’, the movie title, is a phrase used for people who
    are complete laggards in mathematics. Chanda, the protagonist, is one
    of these people and is distraught at seeing her daughter, Apu, stumble
    in mathematics too, making her life’s mission of educating Apu more

    In one of the opening sequences of the movie Chanda attempts to
    motivate Apu to do better in studies, but Apu is reluctant because she
    believes her mother cannot afford to pay for her studies even if she
    passes the board examination. Determined, Chanda relentlessly preaches
    to her daughter the good that would come if Apu studied hard. When her
    words fail to influence Apu she approaches Dr. Deewan at whose home she
    works as a maid. Dr. Deewan patiently listens to Chanda and suggests an
    outrageous solution to the problem. Chanda is hesitant at first to
    enroll as a student in her daughter’s school but her resolve to see Apu
    become successful allays her fears.

    The principal of Apu’s school does not like the idea of Chanda studying
    with kids but eventually grants admission to Chanda. Apu is furious to
    see her mother in her class as a student and vents her anger when they
    reach home. Chanda agrees to quit school if Apu outscores her in
    mathematics. With the help of her friend, Apu studies hard for the test
    and bests Chanda in mathematics. Chanda is happy to see her decision
    bearing fruit but her joy is short lived. Apu reiterates her assessment
    that a maids daughter will also be a maid and so its no use to study.
    Chanda rejoins school when it becomes clear that Apu only aimed at
    stopping Chanda from coming to school. Chanda’s rejoining the school
    makes Apu very angry and she vows to avenge Chanda’s treachery. A
    persistence mother and a stubborn daughter fight in a battle which
    brings them closer and ultimately teaches Apu what her mother meant the
    whole time.

    The classroom fun in the movie is reminiscent of everyone’s childhood
    and the witty replies of kids to the principal’s questions are a treat
    to watch. There are not many characters in the movie but every one of
    them is significant, played brilliantly by accomplished artists. This
    movie is short and sweet and bitter, mostly sweet though.

  • arghyakusum_dasMay 26, 2016Reply

    Simply Excellent

    A movie with an excellent positive vibe for the Indian lower middle
    class…. The mainstay of the movie is the effort of a
    matric-failed-mother aspiring for her daughter…. Possibly it’s the
    first movie made in a setup of Agra without showing Tajmahal as the
    symbol of aspiration/achievement 🙂 :D…. On the contrary, the entire
    middle-class-premise is so well maintained, and the characters are so
    realistic that anyone will like it…. In sum, An elegant showcase by
    debutant director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari….

    However, the main attraction of the movie is none other than Swara
    Bhaskar…. After the adorable daughter in ‘Listen Amaya’, Bhaskar is
    definitely at her best as the aspiring mother…. Undoubtedly, you can
    keep her right after Kalki Koechlin (for ‘DevD’ and ‘Margaritta with a
    Straw’) for what is conventionally called a character-actor…

  • jkgarvitMay 29, 2016Reply

    Don’t Miss .. Feel Good Movie

    How can such a movie get unnoticed by a large audience ? Go watch it
    before reading the review !!

    A movie just touching the league of LunchBox, Highway and Queen.A
    social message backed by good direction and even better acting by some
    matured actors. If you belong to a middle class family and have studied
    in an average school, there will be several moments getting you into
    your childhood school time. In the end, you will be feeling both
    motivated and emotional.

    This is a story of a woman maid servant raising his daughter and
    fighting to motivate her to study and not become a maid herself.
    Although, her daughter is reluctant and made her mother take every
    possible step. The pace of the movie is good enough to keep you
    involved and giving some light hearted moments time to time

  • ([email protected])June 22, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie with brilliant acting and amazing cinematography and script

    This is my first review on IMDb, I generally don’t write reviews, but I
    am so moved by this movie that I want to write a review for this.

    I loved this movie, Acting of Swara Bhaskar is out of the world, feels
    like a real character. I felt her acting was just amazing. never felt
    like she was acting.

    Appu is also amazing. And the best was principal.

    The script and direction are just brilliant, and this movie should have
    been given national award for best script and acting. Effortless acting
    by each and every character..

    Loved it. After a long time I have seen seriously good Hindi movie.

  • mrsidhuJune 24, 2016Reply

    Movie to fall in love with

    This movie is such a masterpiece. It proves that reality can keep the
    viewer griped. Nil battey sannata tells the simple story of mother and
    her daughter. The characters are so well defined and real that viewer
    really find them believable.

    The acting of leading cast is remarkable and truly deserves an
    applause. This film keeps you engaged till the end. The portrayal of
    mother-daughter relationship is done with great realism. I did not find
    my attention wandering off even for a single moment while i was
    watching this film as there were hardly any dull moments in the movie.

    These kind of movies really deserve a lot more media attention than
    those mindless action flicks like kick or dabangg etc. The acting is
    seriously Oscar winning level.

    Don’t trust my words just go an see for yourself. You won’t be

  • hareendranepJuly 9, 2016Reply

    A Pleasant surprise from Bollywood

    This film coming from a too much commercialized Bollywood is a pleasant
    surprise. Well crafted script and good direction and excellent
    performance from the lead actress makes it a memorable movie.

    It portrays beautifully the dreams of a widow mother about her only
    daughter and her fight using limited capabilities to achieve the same.

    Swara bhasker as mother of a teenager did an excellent job and it is
    hard to believe that it is her first movie in a lead role.

    Director has also succeeded in getting the natural performance from
    theyoung artist’s. performance of supporting cast is also good
    especiallythe head master.

    With this film Director Ashwini Iyer tripathi can pull a chair and
    sitin the front row of current Bollywood directors.

    This film has got a message which is important for north Indian
    villages. For sure this film will bring tears at least once while
    watching it.

  • Rohan JaiswalJuly 12, 2016Reply

    One of the best movie to come out of Bollywood.

    The acting was superb, direction and the screenplay was good too. The
    movie was so realistic unlike most of the school based movies, this was
    centered in a govt school where most of the India get educated. The
    movie is an inspiration for people with few resources and high hopes
    and dreams. It will motivate you to walk that extra mile to achieve
    your dreams. The movie is also an answer to those who always blame
    their fortune, financial status and let them come in between them and
    their dreams. The film also shows the eternal love of a mother towards
    her child and how she sacrifices her life to provide her child with all
    the comfort which she herself was deprived from. I loved the setting of
    this movie. It felt so realistic and beautiful. Plus the characters
    were so inspiring like the math genius Amar and the District collector.
    The sad part is these kinda movies don’t make much in the box office.
    The audience prefer crap like prdp, wanted, dabangg. Movies with no
    moral and no sense at all. I hope makers of this, masaan, manjhi, gangs
    of wasseyur don’t stop making these for they don’ make enough in the
    box office. because someone has to keep making these to keep our faith
    alive in Bollywood.

  • Suman ShakyaJuly 24, 2016Reply

    A low profile non star cast movie with a nice message and moments…..

    ”Neel Battey Sannata”, this unfamiliar and inquisitive title, means a
    zero or worthless. Due to a low profile and a non star cast of the
    film, it won’t find much of viewership, which is a sad part as this
    film deserves a better reach. The film through its simply told story
    very strongly advocates the importance of education, and by the end
    fills the story with a strong emotional bonding of a mother and
    daughter. The film deals with the characters who are very poor, who
    making a living out of washing dishes. The film takes a glimpse in
    their lives with a touch of wittiness and portrays the simple
    aspirations and dreams they have.

    Overall, the film feels pretty slow at the beginning lacking the shades
    in the story; but the film does become emotional in its second half
    with few sequences that appear humble, yet touvhing. Instead of a
    modern school, the film presents a backdrop of a government school and
    the way the students improve their studies appears a bit glib. It’s
    hard to digest watching the students who are totally zero in their
    subjects improving their maths just discussing few simple problems with
    the topper in the break times. Their personal effort or teacher’s
    effort is nowhere shown. The film definitely isn’t the calibre of
    movies like ”Jagriti” or ”Taare Zameen Par” made on similar plots; but
    at instances, the film does its wonders through its touching story,
    heart warming moments, and spontaneous performances of Swara Bhaskar
    and Riya Shukla.

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4

  • rajradJuly 26, 2016Reply

    Nil battey Sannata – The Complex Journey of a Simple Life. By Rajesh Sharma

    A film that released in April 2016 back home. Even though I so wanted
    to view it, could not get the chance then. But then, as they say all
    good things come to those who wait. Managed to see it recently.
    Revolving around a mother-daughter duo, this simple story has taken on
    itself the job of answering so many questions that we face in our very
    own lives and seldom challenge ourselves to find the answers to.

    Swara-BhaskarThe ever talented #SwaraBhaskar plays a single mother,
    uneducated and someone who moves earth and skies to make ends meet. A
    sweet girl called Riya Shukla plays her 10th Class daughter.

    For every parent, their child is always the dearest to them. Then why
    does this very child become an irritant at times, with the passing
    years? Why do we lose our cool every now and then, with the same child
    we were swooning about? The film has tried to identify and portray this
    transition and maybe also provide answers to the viewers.

    Personally, I feel there is a very thin line which defines the
    relation. And on crossing the same its no more a parent and child
    relationship. It becomes a relationship between two human beings. And
    along with that comes jealousy, competition, opposition and
    One-upmanship. Sounds bad right? Dwelve within to discover where you
    stand. No one comes clean, maybe not even me.

    But the answer lies in sticking behind the line, on your side. And its
    only through your experience and wisdom, can you possibly identify it.

    Its a great story of a mother challenging her own self to change her
    daughter’s destiny. A journey of not just change, but also
    self-discovery. A journey of endless possibilities which are awaiting
    to be tapped by those who dare and those who try.

    Amazing portrayal by all. Swara is a great performer, as always.
    Supported aptly by Riya, who herself has done a fantastic job. Very
    natural. And then we have the talented Ratna Pathak Shah and Pankaj
    Tripathi. The film packages various emotions from your childhood days
    (best recalled by those who did schooling in 1970s and 1980s). Found
    shades from my nostalgic past to enliven my thoughts and emotions.

    Great job Ahwiny Iyer Tiwari! Loved the movie and will look forward to
    more gems from your side in the future.

    View it. Get the DVD home and see how easily the message transcends
    across generations. •Rajesh Sharma •@rajrad

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