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One More Time

One More Time

The hardest act to follow is your father's.Apr. 08, 2016 USA98 Min.
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Beautiful aspiring rock star Jude is stuck in a rut – relegated to recording commercial jingles and lost in a series of one night stands. When she is evicted from her Brooklyn apartment, she is forced to move into the Hamptons home of her wealthy – and selfish – father Paul Lombard, an over-the-hill, Sinatra-esque crooner angling for a musical comeback.

One More Time
One More Time
Original titleOne More Time
IMDb Rating5.3 1,430 votes
TMDb Rating5.3 12 votes

(16) comments

  • c_a_oApril 20, 2015Reply

    Quirky, Fun, and Thoughtful: Everything an Indie should be.

    In an era of recycled comic book sequel films and films praised more
    for their technical aspects than their substance, ‘When I Live My Life
    Over Again’ is very refreshing. First of all, Amber Heard is great in
    this breakout role for her, and I have no significant qualms with her
    performance, or really, anything in the film. Christopher Walken,
    however, steals the show, delivering his best performance in years, and
    is probably my personal favorite of his. He perfectly personifies the
    aging, listless, dad, and his low key style blends perfectly with Amber
    Heard’s more loud and reckless style. Ultimately, this film, without
    giving away too much, is everything an independent film should be, and
    seeing it at the TriBeCa Film Festival was quite the treat.

  • cineastFGDApril 28, 2015Reply


    What a terrible excuse of a movie. The story is boring, leads nowhere,
    and the plot is implausible. Christopher Walken is great as usual and
    does not disappoint, but the quality of the rest of the cast is so low
    that he alone can not carry the movie. As soon as he disappears from
    the screen, the movie gets mediocre to say the least. Probably the
    biggest miscast is Amber Heard. I really don’t understand how she still
    gets roles, she is simply a terrible actress, nothing short from that.
    I don’t know with how many elder male Hoolywood stars they want to pair
    her up in order to help her to get some recognition as an actress. It
    won’t work, she doesn’t know her craft, and hence, people won’t want to
    see her movies. There is surely no shortage of beautiful and talented
    actresses in film business, so why not chose one of them.

  • jdesandoApril 7, 2016Reply

    Good to see Chris Walken anytime.

    ”Just because you can’t be someone new doesn’t mean you can’t do
    something new” Jude (Amber Heard)

    To see Christopher Walken sing as a has-been crooner is to remember he
    started as an entertainer who could dance pretty meanly on the stage.
    Here he features an original song written by his character, Paul
    Lombard, in his sunset years hoping for a new musical start.

    One More Time is indeed about one more chance, not just for Paul but
    also his 31-year old daughter, Jude, who has some singing/writing gifts
    she is weakly promoting. Typically, she has to deal with her father’s
    fame and her own inability to stay anchored in a place that’s both
    physical and figurative.

    Like dad, Jude doesn’t always do what’s best for her (both of them
    sexually vulnerable), and like him she needs another chance as the
    title suggests. The most satisfactory moments are when the two go after
    each other’s weaknesses, a form of tough love that allows both actors
    to sharpen their craft. When he comments that they live in ”the poor
    part of the Hamptons,” you are aware that they both live in an
    alternate universe where ”poor” is a relative term. Like their lives,
    not everything is as it really is.

    The most normal conflict of the film comes when Paul’s wife, Lucille
    (Ann Magnuson), starts divorce proceedings because of Paul’s
    infidelities. Out of this discomforting circumstance comes a chance for
    conservative daughter, Corinne (Kelli Garner), to show her more
    aggressive side, another case of a character getting a chance.

    One more time is a small film that will leave Christopher Walken fans
    wanting more of his sneer and world weary irony, yet as a washed up but
    returning pop entertainer, his character seems to fit the actor one
    more time.

  • planktonrulesApril 8, 2016Reply

    A tough sell to the audience, as the characters are all so hard to really like.

    Although there are story elements to ”One More Time” that I liked and
    it’s a real shame that the film hampers itself by making it so
    difficult for the audience to care about the folks in the picture. To
    me, it’s almost impossible to make a really good film given this
    serious handicap.

    When the film begins, Jude (Amber Heard) is awakening from a one- night
    stand. She’s overslept and is late for work…and folks are waiting and
    waiting for her to arrive. Apparently, this isn’t unusual for Jude.
    What is unusual is her soon leaving New York City to go stay with her
    father, famous old-time crooner Paul Lombard (Christopher Walken).
    Apparently, their relationship is stormy but she has no choice as she’s
    about to be thrown out of her apartment for not paying her rent. But
    things aren’t all rosy back with dad as their relationship, and every
    relationship in this odd family, is severely strained. Paul is a serial
    philanderer who only thinks of himself, Jude’s sister is a demanding
    and rather high-strung young woman and the step-mother is nicknamed
    ‘Satan’ by her step-kids. Through the course of the film, most of these
    folks remain true to their life patterns…destroying themselves and
    those around them. And, by the end of the film, there’s a vague
    suggestion that perhaps Jude is tired of all this. If this summary
    sounds a bit bleak and depressing, then you pretty much get the
    picture, though it at least has some nice singing throughout the film.

    The movie has some nice acting. While I found it hard to believe Walken
    could be a crooner, it was an interesting character and a nice stretch
    for him. Heard also was able to show that she could not only act but
    sing rather nicely. But nice acting and an interesting location shoot
    in the Hamptons aren’t enough and the film is one I wouldn’t rush out
    to see but might perhaps might catch when it appears on Netflix one day
    when you are looking for an undemanding film. Not bad….but also not
    particularly enjoyable either.

  • twotrybeApril 9, 2016Reply

    People Create Problems for Themselves

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • srdjan_veljkovicApril 10, 2016Reply

    Nice, but not very deep drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • niutta-enricoApril 13, 2016Reply

    One More Time: a nice flick whose best feature however is Amber Heard.

    A pleasant movie about a well off family whose wealth originated from a
    former great success in music business: a semi-retired artist, two
    beautiful (and clever) daughters, a nice son-in-law, a smart grandson,
    a good lawyer (agent and family friend) and a devoted sixth (or
    something) wife give life to a family picture in the Hamptons.

    Unfortunately, despite the overall good quality (the cast, above all,
    is sensational) the film is not memorable. Characters strive to be
    sincere but do not sound realistic. Dialogue is reach but not
    meaningful. And the story is agreeable but not funny (or even remotely

    And the songs are not memorable either, with the notable exception of
    ‘My Ludicrous Heart’ (an old song, probably unknown to greater
    audience, from Christina Marrs) whose inspired lyrics sounded better
    sung from Amber Heard than in the original version of the Asylum Street

  • subxerogravityApril 14, 2016Reply

    Not worth the one time.

    It was not that it was really bad, as much as it was bland and stale.

    I’ve seen Christopher Walken give a more lively performance in much
    worse movies. This was Definitely not his finest performance.

    Amber Heard was not interesting enough to hold down this movie at all,
    and the chemistry between her and Walken was pretty weak.

    It was suppose to be a coming-of-age story, but there is no heart
    behind it, and it really needs that heart.

    And it felt like the actors were just dictating the script, not acting.

    the music was pretty lame too. The song that went through the film,
    that was suppose to capture the moment, failed to do so.

    Could not recommence seeing this flick as it did nothing for me.

  • dinoluigivercottiApril 15, 2016Reply

    Needs more cowbell.

    I was looking at the time constantly while watching this movie – not a
    good sign. Not much character development, or plot either.

    The overriding theme was that everyone was smoking pot in nearly every
    shot, even while driving. What kind of message is that?

    I enjoyed seeing Walken again, and am glad this is not his swan song.
    He seemed deliberately upstaged by the lead actress who was
    mysteriously channeling Kat Dennings.

    I half-expected Thor to make an appearance looking to score some weed,
    and should have left the theater the instant Amber Heard entered a
    scene wearing a guitar slung on her back.

    This movie definitely needed more cowbell … c’man.

  • mickgmoviesApril 18, 2016Reply

    Pedestrian family drama that fails to ignite.

    I watched this movie to see how the dynamic between Christopher Walken
    and Amber Heard would play out. In short it didn’t work. Much like most
    of the movie

    Amber Heard, is Chris Walken’s Indie-black-sheep daughter who returns
    to the comfort of the home when life and money gets too hard. When she
    gets there, her family feud with her more-than-perfect sister and
    it’s-all-about-me-famous-singer-dad is rekindled

    The embers of the family’s dysfunction’s continue to smolder throughout
    the movie – much like Heard’s continuous smoking of hand-rolled joints.

    The move is way too slow, and I was left not caring much for any of the

    Highlights: Christopher Walken crooning his way through a Sinatra-esque
    song, and Kelli Garner’s (Heard’s sister) ice-queen-and-ice-pick-sharp
    ‘offer’ to Walken’s 5th wife near the end of the movie.

    Lowlights: Everything in between.

  • pyrocitorApril 19, 2016Reply


    In an interview promoting One More Time, Christopher Walken was asked,
    ”What motivates you to act?” His response: a long, bizarre story, full
    of unfinished thoughts, about getting a root canal from a dentist in a
    suit. Its moral? In Walken’s own words, ”It’s what I do.”

    It’s this same kind of belligerent resolution which drives One More
    Time into existence. It’s a story about a deadbeat dad reevaluating his
    relationship with his broken daughter in his silver years. It’s a
    parable of the ripple effects the opulence of the entertainment
    industry has on those even tangentially surrounding it. It’s one of
    those movies that employs adjectives like ‘flawed,’ ‘real,’ and
    ‘complex’ to defend its characters, when they’re all really just
    synonyms for ‘dislikable.’ In short: it’s a film we’ve seen countless
    times before already.

    But, as the film entertains, there can still be vague comfort and
    pleasantness in revisiting a familiar, stale routine, if only for the
    kitsch appeal. Appropriately, writer/director Robert Edwards has his
    mind firmly mired in the past. He consistently employs overlapping
    dialogue and jump cuts in conversation scenes between his film’s jaded,
    disenfranchised characters, as if a carryover from the 90s ‘Mumblecore’
    movement holding on for dear life.

    He’s also certainly not subtle in orchestrating how broken his
    protagonists are, as they take turns chewing each other out for their
    sordid existences. Walken’s former crooner is a slumping, defeated old
    man who nonchalantly traipses from affair to affair, so transfixed with
    glory days and his hopeful comeback that he spends his evenings editing
    the entry of his own Wikipedia page, when not sneaking porn to his
    grandson. His daughter (Amber Heard) is a snarling, cynical refugee
    from a collapsed post-punk band called ‘Pussy Fart’ (one of the film’s
    few good laughs); she’s also a recovering alcoholic having an affair
    with her therapist who kills time by writing ballads about how her
    heart ”weighs 100 pounds”, or making passes at her brother-in-law. Are
    we having fun yet?

    You know your film is flagging when a viewer excitedly perks up after a
    transition, exclaiming ”Hey! A Roomba!” True story.

    Yes, the walls of tired cliché loom high, but the film, like Thomas
    Aquinas, squeaks by through leaning on the best. For such a stale
    story, Edwards sprinkles in some genuinely sparkling lines, and his
    cast spit them out with glee (”Starshadow’s a wonderful name! What if
    you’d been born during my jazz period? You would’ve ended up named
    ‘Mingus”’). The film’s tunes, originals and covers, are thoroughly cute
    enough to lull the viewer into enough of a pleasant daze to ride out
    the predictable rodeo of conflicts and rock bottom revelations
    amicably. Similarly, there’s a good ongoing gag in showcasing the
    catalogue of Walken’s records through the ages, and their corresponding
    schizophrenic genre shifting, which helps keeps things chipper.

    But, unsurprisingly, it’s the cast that breathe enough life into the
    film to keep it passably engaging. Granted, pink-haired Amber Heard
    isn’t the most fun lead. She’s supposed to play as Kristen Stewart and
    sing like Lana Del Rey, but mostly just reminds of how either would be
    preferable to her. We easily buy her as a well- intentioned train wreck
    whose parentally derived self-absorption and self-pity have left her
    life in shambles, but it still doesn’t make her likable or sympathetic.

    Thankfully, Walken is here to breeze in and make things worth the
    while. At his worst, he’s still always a pleasure to watch, and any
    excuse to lure him back into song and dance is still a sensational
    treat, context be damned. It’s also kind of fresh to see him playing a
    genuinely d*ckish character rather than his usual lovable/evil
    oddballs, and Walken is careful not to downplay his character’s foul,
    selfish life decisions and despicable parenthood. But, in
    counterbalancing them with his indomitable charisma and hard-etched
    pathos, he here offers a deceptively mature and insightful character
    study into why we continue to tolerate such sleaze-bags, let alone
    elevating them to the status of matinée idols. Edwards also mines solid
    dramatic support from Kelli Garner, Hamish Linklater, and Ann Magnuson
    as Walken’s fractured but supportive family, as well as the always
    welcome Oliver Platt as their kindly lawyer (and no, that’s not an
    oxymoron in this context).

    Walken croons ”If I’d been born in Hindustan, I’d reincarnate like the
    Hindus can”, but there’s no question that Edwards’ film could have used
    a hefty reincarnation of its own. That said, over-familiar and
    uninspired as its plot may be, Walken and company are up to the
    challenge of keeping viewers entertained (even when competing with the
    mighty Roomba). So for those entranced by the prospect of hearing
    Walken sing and giggle at the name ‘Kim Jong-Il’ anew, it’s, overall,
    worth breaking out the L-P and revising those familiar story grooves…
    one more time.


  • arman afrasiabiApril 19, 2016Reply

    Totally a Realistic Drama

    This movie is utterly the meaning of dramatic story in the academic
    Definitions . because of the slow rhythm of introducing & non-exciting
    initializing perhaps you would be bored but its realistic again!as if
    jude(AMBER HEARD) repeats & emphasis of her boring trip,aim & actually
    life . she was backing home to find the answer & her Root, but finds
    the mistakes in her root!father could not makeup his personality as we
    see him trying to upgrades his conditions in the wikipedia in scenes.
    you willfeel yourself in depth of story & characters DURING THE MOVIE.
    a point which making me hopeful is that we are see somebodies believes
    in morality against cheating persons in us social & that is real again.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])May 1, 2016Reply

    A movie that is watchable and entertaining, but it is really just that. Not good or bad, just watchable.

    ”It’s not a comeback, I never went anywhere.” Jude (Heard) lives her
    life on her own terms and does what she wants. Unfortunately this
    doesn’t turn out like she hopes and is forced to move back home. When
    her famous singer father Paul (Walken) tells the family he is beginning
    his comeback old tensions rise up. Now Jude, her sister and her father
    are all clashing in a typical dysfunctional family fashion with only
    two outcomes, work together and become closer, or lose everything. This
    is not a bad movie at all. The actors are all very good and the story
    is interesting and watchable. The music is good and I enjoyed
    everything about this. The only problem was that when it was over my
    reaction was pretty much, well, that was OK. This is nothing that is so
    good to talk to everyone about, nor bad enough to tell people not to
    watch. While I liked the movie I think the sign of a really good one is
    that it makes you feel something, this one didn’t. Overall, a movie
    that is watchable and entertaining, but it is really just that. Not
    good or bad, just watchable. I give this a B-.

  • Fritz LangloisOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Lifestyles of the rich and selfish

    Too much driving around in cars, like it was the normal thing to do,
    just like in ”The Family Fang”, another recent Walken misfire. Why
    should we care for childish, rich and idle characters with a gigantic
    ego problem? Their only concerns are for themselves, and they are
    aimlessly fighting with each other, completely oblivious to the hard
    realities most of us have to face, in good capitalistic fashion. It
    also tries too hard to be smart for its own good, instead of any real
    depth of feeling or thinking. The cinematography has nothing to
    recommend it, and again the characters have no endearing trait
    whatsoever. Everybody looks empty, aimless and depressed. We’re mostly
    left with a Walken one-man show, which is half-watchable but even this
    gets old. I bet he relished his line ”I’m not a villain” though.

  • Gordon-11November 29, 2016Reply

    Dull and boring

    This film tells the story of a successful singer back in the day, who
    plots a comeback single and if it goes well, even possibly a new album.
    However, things do not go smoothly as he is faced with domestic
    troubles with his loved ones.

    With Christopher Walken in the film, I had high hopes that it would be
    at least a decent film. Unfortunately, I don’t think the film really
    goes anywhere. It fails to engage or captivate, because not much
    happens in the film. They characters are poorly developed, and I just
    don’t care about them. Emotional portrayals are lacking, which is
    unfortunate because there are many points which could provide emotional
    poignancy. In short, I found the film dull and boring.

  • adonis98-743-186503April 9, 2017Reply

    Walken and Heard stole the show..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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