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Operações Especiais

Operações Especiais

Oct. 07, 2015 Brazil99 Min.
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9.2 1,422 votes

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A group of honest police is sent to a country town to solve the problem of high crime. Soon they solve the problem while newcomer Francis (Cléo Pires) must overcome their limits to prove that it has value. They are acclaimed by public opinion. But before long the application of the force of the law begins to annoy everyone and the true enemy is revealed.

Operações Especiais
Original titleOperações Especiais
IMDb Rating6.5 785 votes
TMDb Rating6.7 27 votes

(4) comments

  • Andrew SephirothOctober 17, 2015Reply

    Better than expected

    I was really expecting a movie like Tropa de Elite 1 and 2 with a lot
    of violence and you following some strong character that kick the ass
    of everyone. Well the movie it’s not that.

    I don’t want to give spoil but the movie work well, you can predict
    somethings how ever the end is still very entertaining.

    I will give it a 9/10, because some actor aren’t that good so at some
    points this can drop the tension and you feel like watching a B Movie
    of some sort.

    If you have nothing to watch, give it a try, the story works well, it’s
    realistic specially if you are from Brazil, and it uses real events
    that happened in Brazil as a part of the movie and this makes it even
    better to watch if you are Brazilian.

  • EmerencianoFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    Great Brazilian Film

    There is no doubt Brazilian cinema is not only good, but also gets
    bigger every year. Also, it is very clear that this country film
    industry has invested in higher budget productions and many of famous
    TV actors and actress have participated in successful movies, what is
    great for this growth of our cinema.

    ”Operações Especiais” – I wonder how it was called internationally –
    deals with organised crime and corruption in a small town near Rio de
    Janeiro. Although it is a very common problem in Brazil, it is also a
    typical subject in American police films.

    And it is in this link with the USA that ”Operações Especiais” is
    built. The dialogues, with jokes and some ironic comments, remind us of
    typical American films lines. Also, cameras position and special
    effects are clearly influenced but those made in Hollywood

    But in no way am I saying this Americanization is a bad thing for the
    country productions. Provided the movie makers don’t forget to come up
    with the traditional films dealing with Brazilian culture from time to
    time, the USA like films are welcome for they attract investors to the
    studios and also bigger and bigger audiences to movie theatres.

  • bielmedeirosApril 30, 2016Reply

    More sociological than action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sam ([email protected])May 6, 2017Reply

    ”Tropa de Elite” light

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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