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Owl You Need Is Love

Owl You Need Is Love

Jul. 06, 2016 82 Min.
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8.3 1,308 votes

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Rocky is a discreet man. He is happy but exists in anyone’s eyes. One evening in returning home, he discovered an owl “Grand Duke “on his couch that fixed intently. He understands that he must act. The next day arrived his office, he takes an owl costume without that nobody pays any attention. Until the day he encounters a panda …

Owl You Need Is Love
Original titleHibou
TMDb Rating5 2 votes

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  • Mamabadger56March 4, 2017Reply

    A cute concept that fell completely flat

    The most promising part of Hibou is the introduction of the main
    character. The mild- mannered Rocky (Ramzy Bedia, also the movie’s
    director and co-writer) is not merely overlooked socially, he is all
    but invisible. His co-workers forget he’s there – literally; passers by
    fail to notice him; his boss doesn’t hear him when he speaks to her.

    One day, he wakes up to find an enormous owl perched in his living
    room. The astonished Rocky brings a photo of the bird to a pet shop,
    where the owner identifies it as a Grand Duke owl, but can offer no
    explanation of its presence. Rocky tries to shoo the owl out, with no
    success. He tries feeding it mice, which the bird declines.

    Although it’s never made clear, apparently we are meant to understand
    that being singled out by the owl somehow changes Rocky’s self image.
    So far, it’s a concept that might work. However, the story
    disintegrates at this point into a series of disjointed and silly
    subplots and brief comedy episodes, which seem to have very little to
    do with each other and which have no common theme or even consistency.

    Rocky suddenly decides to begin wearing a giant owl costume everywhere
    he goes, for reasons which are not made clear. After multiple scenes of
    Rocky going here and there in his owl suit, apparently added for the
    comedic value of a giant owl turning up in unsuitable public places, he
    encounters a woman wearing a panda costume, and they form a romantic
    alliance. They seem to be meant for one another due to their mutual
    habit of going about dressed as giant animals.

    The romance itself is a confusing and badly written series of trivial
    events, winding down into an attempt at summing up the entire story
    with little attention to continuity. Worst of all is the conclusion, in
    which elements of the story are given unexpected happy endings or
    strange plot twists, or else are revealed as being imaginary or false,
    all seemingly at random.

    Add to all this the incidental fact that the movie’s title was
    translated into English as ”Owl You Need Is Love”. Annoyingly bad, but
    the absurd title actually seems appropriate to the movie itself.

    The only reason I’m giving Hibou four stars, rather than one or two, is
    because the performances were good, and the overall look of the movie
    interesting. Bedia, as a director, might be able to turn out a decent
    film if he either wrote a coherent story, or had someone else write his
    scripts for him.

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