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Panfilov’s 28 Men

Panfilov’s 28 Men

Nov. 24, 2016 Russia105 Min.
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8.5 1,580 votes

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Aleksandr Ustyugov isIvan Moskalenko
Ivan Moskalenko
Azamat Nigmanov isMusabek Sengirbaev
Musabek Sengirbaev
Alexey Morozov isVasiliy Klochkov
Vasiliy Klochkov
Oleg Fyodorov isGrigoriy Shemyakin
Grigoriy Shemyakin
Dmitriy Girev isBondarenko
Aleksey Longin isPavel Gundilovich
Pavel Gundilovich
Andrey Shalopa isLieutenant


USSR, Late November, 1941. Based on the account by reporter Vasiliy Koroteev that appeared in the Red Army’s newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, shortly after the battle, this is the story of Panifilov’s Twenty-Eight, a group of twenty-eight soldiers of the Red Army’s 316th Rifle Division, under the command of General Ivan Panfilov, that stopped the advance on Moscow of a column of fifty-four Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for several days. Though armed only with standard issue Mosin-Nagant infantry rifles and DP and PM-M1910 machine guns, all useless against tanks, and with wholly inadequate RPG-40 anti-tank grenades and PTRD-41 anti-tank rifles, they fight tirelessly and defiantly, with uncommon bravery and unwavering dedication, to protect Moscow and their Motherland.

Panfilov’s 28 Men
Panfilov’s 28 Men
Panfilov’s 28 Men
Panfilov’s 28 Men
Original title28 панфиловцев
IMDb Rating7.0 2,359 votes
TMDb Rating6.9 16 votes

(22) comments

  • Anton SnegovNovember 25, 2016Reply

    The best Russian movie about the war from the domestic manufacturers!


    So ”28 Panfilov’s” came out. Only 1.700.000$ in budget. For a start,
    i’m very sorry for bad English, but i trying, because never teaching in
    school (in my school in city – only German language), only in internet
    (films, games, forums, without teacher, i hope you will forgive me). I
    have not seen such a realistic film about the Great Patriotic War,
    filmed in modern Russia. But what is really there, the normal film
    about this war we have, in fact, and not removed. ”Brest Fortress”
    stands out, of course, but it is not quite realistic – after all the
    drama and all the love stories are present there. In the ”28-Panfilov,”
    all this is not a realistic film to the limit, and this will please any
    fan of military history, like me. I very much awaited release of the
    film, and believed in him. It wanted to get it to something stirred up
    the people, the hope of a good movie appeared, the fact that such films
    can be done for little money, giving a soul into his work and solid

    Today, finally, went to the movies and after watching I can safely say
    – the film was a success, he came out exactly the way he expected. If
    you live in USA, for example, and you want to watch no Hollywood film –
    enjoy! Later, creators give this film for free (for all), maybe without
    English subtitles, but i hope somebody can to create this for you!


    Not by chance, these two points are together. In the film, the action
    and the characters are so laconic dialogues are interwoven with each
    other, that one and a half hour movie fly by unnoticed. Heroes – not
    idiots cardboard, ready to rush to recess screaming, but real, living
    people with their characters and points of view. Can and make a joke,
    and ”for the tactics talking” and friend to cheer – all without
    screams, panic, or any other devilry, and on a normal, living language
    – these people believe and they are going through.

    For a long time I have not seen such a lively acting. The film is not
    shot no one famous actor that is also likely to play into the hands.
    And yes, the actors are very alive in their dialogues believe, and some
    to pull out there do not smell.

    War – a war, it is in the film is simple, no frills, pressing, breaks,
    clanging ”tracks” of tanks and pressed into the viewer’s chair in the
    bombings. The film takes several days and includes a piece of peace (in
    the context of military operations and the German offensive on Moscow)
    life, preparing for battle and the fight itself.

    Take the example of the 28 Panfilov, Russian creators of films – that’s
    how you need and nothing else.

    In the film, no gram of pathos, a single gram. It commander for
    soldiers – concise and clear, the political instructor – imagine! – Not
    screaming, not shoot in the back, and generally behaves like a normal
    person who is experiencing for themselves, for their country and their
    homeland, for their fighters.


    The sound in the picture is gorgeous. He is not just good, it
    masterpiece, not afraid of the word. In the film, the sound of it, the
    way it should be in these paintings – or not to pass on what people
    feel, sitting in the trenches under artillery fire. If a shell falls –
    there is a clear understanding that falls something that can kill you –
    a large and deadly. If the bullet is beating on the surface – do you
    believe that this is a bullet and not a dragonfly or (sic!) Spider. If
    riding a tank, the roar of its engine runs through your insides. All at
    the highest level, bravo! Once again, thank you Gaijin.


    She deserves a separate paragraph. For the first time in a long, long
    time, music from the movie I remember: it is different, it emphasizes
    the stage helps the narrative, makes worry about the characters. As an
    example cite the scene where he first showed relatively peaceful
    preparation for combat, heroes joke, cheer each other, the audience
    feels it – and then again! – There is an abrupt change of the frame,
    show the Germans – tanks, soldiers, artillery – the tireless German
    power in general, which playfully pulled down half of Europe. And at
    the same time frame, changing music, it comes to the viewer that it is
    moving to the position and what it all might end (before the Germans
    did not show in the frame), – no small role in this understanding has
    played just the same music.

    In total, this is the best the best that has been written for the
    Russian cinema.


    Here help ”Gaijin”, the creators of online game about the war – ”War
    Thunder” (Free-to-Play).

    From a technical point of view, the film is based on the level of the
    American cult films about the war, or the eerie ”Purgatory” Nevzorov.
    Fighting, shelling, the technique itself – all realistic, nowhere
    reproach. Fantastic light, traces of great tracks, great smoke,
    everything is done on a professional level, and it is for so little
    money that the guys spent on film! Here, nothing to complain about,
    with commuter graphics all in the end became even more realistic.

    Without Russophobia, no propaganda, no policy, no desecration of the
    Soviet or Hitler regime. Everything that you feel – this is how simple
    guys, men, faced with such a choice, never for a moment doubted that it
    be done.

  • Amir KhayrutdinovNovember 25, 2016Reply

    Awesomeness 28/10

    You won’t believe that movie with the budget of 5 million dollars (by
    the time it was produced, now with the current currency value it is
    lower) can look like a 100 million dollars blockbuster. In the cinema
    it hits your brain like a truck. No CG-rendering of tanks, all those
    models of Pz-III, Pz-IV were scratch-built or borrowed from museums,
    though some models were smaller than real (like 1:1,5) and put after
    combined view processing. Guns shooting real bullets (experts of WWII
    might prove that), that’s why sounds are real. All the blasts are real
    as well. Also the details of clothes, ammunition and tactics from both
    sides are perfectly given and approved by team of historical experts
    helping the director. The only woman in the movie takes like 16 seconds
    of your attention, all the 2 hours are about War. All in all, if you
    didn’t understand earlier how Nazis lost 80% of their total armies in
    the East Front, that is a quite an example of real battle happened 16th
    November 1941 under Moscow near Dubosekovo (Petelino).

  • Mich RozhdestvenskiNovember 27, 2016Reply

    Amazing piece of cinematography

    Amazing movie! The story is simple, close to ascetic. It might be not
    what you used to hear/see, but it is served to you marvelously! Every
    single scene is a piece of cinematography art. The preparation work is
    extraordinary. Attention to every detail is exceptional, though this is
    not merely a reconstruction, but a full war drama, based on real
    events. Visual impression is extremely engaging. Simply put, You will
    be one of them. Sound is convincing, giving the audience the effect of
    being right there on the spot. Though in this case you wouldn’t have
    heard the music, which is excellent too. I am not sure if all the
    dialogues in the movie will be (or could be) interpreted into English
    (or other language in your Country) adequately, but I hope so. Wish you
    enjoy this masterpiece like I did.

  • Andrei NikolaenkoNovember 29, 2016Reply

    Best Russian war movie since last 25 years

    First off, don’t pay attention to frostvortex’s review since he/she is
    a troll spreading lies.

    Panfilov’s 28 battle is not a myth and is documentally proved by both
    Russian and German sources, the only inconsistency is the number 28
    which is not correct. There were more than 100 fighters, and the movie
    also reflects that.

    The movie is very dry but unique in its language. Don’t expect anything
    Hollywood-like. It does not depict complex plots, flashbacks or
    tear-filled love story, no bursts of emotions, it does not have a main
    hero. It is almost documental since the viewer is indifferently thrown
    into one day of Panfilov’s men life without being much prepared for it.
    No one cares about being introduced or explained to the viewer as
    everyone are busy preparing to fight the Nazi tanks. But each
    character’s individuality can be recognized though the dialogs.

    Next comes the battle which is just great. You have to hear that sound.
    You have to see it. No gibs, no gore, but it is really scary ang gives
    great impression of what Red Army soldiers have gone through. It
    literally puts you into their trench. Also, no super-heroes. Just the
    ordinary people who modestly gave their lives to stop the Nazis.

    The level of realism and historical details is very high. You will see
    proper explosions, proper guns, proper tanks, proper uniforms and other
    things from that exact time.

    Go and watch it.

  • nasstyangelNovember 30, 2016Reply

    Best Russian modern film about WW2

    This film is about ordinary heroes and simple feat. It ordinary people
    protect what they hold dear, in the main it the memory of ancestors,
    whose feat gave us life.

    Many talk about the doubts about the feat, talk about the propaganda
    that that there is no talking teapots and assistants of the
    protagonist, and no hysterical howls of frightened people here
    warriors, soldiers came to protect your home. People have taken the
    path of the world’s evil and safely carry out their work in the face of
    true death.

    In conclusion to quote one of the characters: Now all the heroes,
    because the time is.

  • Semyon SemyonychDecember 5, 2016Reply

    I feel no shame before my ancestors for this film

    A very strong film made with great respect to our ancestors who fought
    for life, for people, for Motherland. It is about simple people who
    contribute themselves to collective – and as positive feedback it helps
    them find right motivation, do better than they could and become real
    heroes. This film is about Heroes who faced the most horrific human
    evil and crushed it with their will. My great-fathers and great-mothers
    too stood before fascists and stopped them before Moscow. I feel no
    shame before them for this film, for it is truly brilliant. I wish all
    modern films about the Great Patriotic War were made with such soul,
    love and attention to details.

    My thanks to all who created the film and to all who helped!

  • asartemDecember 5, 2016Reply

    The top 3 movies last 20 years.

    This is amazing. The screening of historical and unprecedented feat of
    unnamed soldiers of Panfilov division was show at the highest top of
    quality. This story is based on historical even and not myth, as some
    non clever liberals wrote here and want to claim it. One of survived of
    those 28 men gave a filmed interview in 90s. There is no such common
    sh*t like: 1. Crazy politruk (political instructor) who threatens all
    to be shouted. 2. There is no non-realistic supermen like heroes like
    in US movies, but the real men, who die from 1 shot 3. there are a lot
    of memorable images of heroes why names almost never mentioned, because
    they all are single unnamed soldier – symbol of all heroes. 4. There is
    a top 3D graphics (but few of it in total) with the help of one of
    video games studios well known by their historical games about IL-2 and
    tanks. 5. Real decorations, real scenery. Real blows.

    The movie is very short, just 30 minutes. This is what I was thinking,
    leaving the theater before I check my watches and saw that 2 hours has
    passed. Most recommended!

  • Ignat JustnameDecember 6, 2016Reply

    Phenomenal movie

    As the first ever crowd-funded movie it came out amazing. The story
    about men who stood up for their country is not new in cinematography.
    But the way it was presented in this movie is very special. It’s at the
    same time very simple and keeps you emotionally tense till the very
    end. The story about men who had to put on the table even more than
    they had. Who knew that they will die and most likely still won’t stop
    the enemy but still did their best. Main characters are played by the
    actors of different nationalities that corresponds to the reality of
    the WWII, when the whole world stepped into a fight. Filming crew did
    an amazing work on battle action and special effects. This movie really
    touches the soul.

  • Iurii Poskotinov ([email protected])December 6, 2016Reply

    Excellent cinema! I recommend it for all peoples

    Excellent movie, looks at one go until the very end, including titres.
    Anyone who comes to this movie with popcorn, very quickly ceases to
    chew. I’m not a military, but the battle scenes in the film look very
    realistic, but at the same time – without unnecessary cruelty. Also,
    oddly enough, the film is virtually minimize the use of 3D graphics,
    instead, uses the classical solution – layouts. Thank you very much the
    filmmakers who worked on the wear, overcoming difficulties, as our
    glorious ancestors, on which this film.

    Special thanks to the sponsors of the shooting, which believe the
    filmmakers. Let me remind you that the bulk of the money – this is
    money that people en masse carried, honoring the memory of their
    ancestors, who won in that war.

  • JeffHDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Must see war masterpiece, but read ”Volokolamsk highway” to see through anti-soviet blinds in it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fieldmarshall1917December 7, 2016Reply

    Well-done Russian war movie based on fine Soviet traditions

    First of all – a little story about the creation of that picture and
    it’s difference from most of another recent Russian war movies.

    Since Perestroika in Russian military cinema has began the era of
    ”unmasking”. All the directors and screenwriters were tried to make a
    WWII movie, where Soviet soldiers are portrayed as criminals and idiots
    and all the Soviet officials are pictured as drunks and butchers. Such
    a movies were ”Shtrafbat”, ”Burnt by the Sun – 2” and many other. At
    the same time the creators of such movies has blamed all the Soviet
    WWII movie classics for it’s ”propaganda”.

    But most of the citizens of former USSR haven’t pay respect for that
    modern pictures. Soviet classic movies about WWII like ”Only ”old men”
    are going into battle”, ”They have fought for the Motherlad” or ”The
    burning snow” are still considering by millions of Russian,
    Belorussian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and other people of former USSR as
    irresistible classics which cannot be replaced by the modern ”truth”.
    In addition that old movies are also appreciated for it’s soul, great
    actors performances and respect for the veterans.

    Finally even the people who creates movies in Russia are got tired of
    such a disgusting performances as ”Shtrafbat”. That has happened around
    2009 when Andrey Shaliopa has came up with the idea of ”The Panfilov’s
    28 men” – a movie based on a well-known Soviet era legend.

    Around 2011 (when the crowd-funding campaign of that movie has just
    begun) the screenwriter and director of ”The Panfilov’s 28 men” –
    Andrey Shaliopa – has promised all the people who has funded his
    picture, that it will be a new attempt to create a Soviet military
    movie classics. Five years later I can say that he completely fulfill
    his promise.

    ”The Panfilov’s 28 men” is a well-done modern Russian film that is not
    blaming Soviet WWII movies but revise them in a contemporary technical
    way with necessary piece of respect.

    The historical part of the movie is outstanding – all the weapons,
    guns, tanks are pictured correct. That is a great step forward for a
    Russian cinema.

    The actors performances are great, considering there are not many
    familiar actors in that movie. But all the characters of the soldiers
    are portrayed trustfully. You can almost believe that one of that
    soldier is your own grandfather.

    As resume I highly recommend ”The Panfilov’s 28 men” for all who likes
    war movies with fine technical part and plain but realistic plot.

  • Alex DorgDecember 14, 2016Reply

    Official Russian WW2 propaganda

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • weirdedout67December 15, 2016Reply

    Excellent war film, all action without gore/snuff; beautiful images, dialogues, music

    This is an excellent war film about a very straightforward story. Hold
    your position. That’s it.

    The protagonists are a group of Soviet soldiers from the Russian and
    -stan republics (Kazakhstan and co.) Not much importance is given to
    the characters (there’s 28 of them, after all) but they have some very
    interesting discussions about nationhood, war, life and death, quite
    philosophical for a trench, without being unrealistic or preachy.

    The bad guys don’t need a lot of presentation. We’ve seen them before
    in other films, they’re Nazis.

    We are not given more, neither reasons to hate the Nazis (no preaching
    to a choir) or chest-thumping nationalism or an unsubtle ”hidden”
    anti-Soviet message. The Nazis are advancing to Moscow. These guys want
    to stop them. It’s black and white.

    Many Russian movies take an opportunity to take a dig at
    Communism/Stalin at the same time, showing indifference from the state
    towards its soldiers or pure incompetence. There’s none of that here.
    Politics are not present in this film and other than the usage of
    tovarishch (comrade) when addressing officers, one would not know that
    it was the Soviet Union, a communist state, in this battle.

    There are no Soviet flags, no red anything really. It doesn’t change
    the story either way. It was 28 men against a large group of tanks and
    infantry. It wasn’t empire vs empire.

    The action is beautifully done and very realistic. There is no
    unnecessary gore, blood, scalping, decapitation, etc. I don’t know how
    realistic or unrealistic that is. I’ve seen movies that overdo it (a
    bullet to the chest causing a waterfall of blood), and although the
    depiction of gore doesn’t bother me, overdoing anything gets boring
    quickly. In all cases, when people wearing layer upon layer of heavy
    winter coats get shot, you won’t see a lot of blood.

    The added bonus of not seeing blood is not knowing who is dead and who
    isn’t, who is covered in earth and who is buried alive, who is mortally
    injured and who is just knocked out. The Russians can feign death and
    the Germans would not know it, but the Russians could also really be
    dead and their own men won’t know it.

    It adds a bit of mystery, unpredictability and suspense to the story.

    The soundtrack is amazing, but let me qualify that. Most of this film
    is action, so it has action scene music with loud and low (bass)
    instruments, trumpets and so on. But they still found a way to add
    three unbelievably beautiful pieces: Rodina (Motherland), Vechnyy Ogon’
    (The Eternal Flame) and Zimnyy Vals’ (Winter Waltz). They’re worth
    buying the soundtrack for. They made me almost cry (at home. The film
    is not sad at all, at least not for me.)

    Overall, a very entertaining, even if straightforward film. Best to
    watch it in the cinema as the experience there is better for such big
    films. This may not be a film one would want to watch multiple times,
    but it’s really worth seeing, don’t miss it.

  • Maxim PotkaloDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Another low grade WW2 movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Yury KatkovJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Honest film about war for those who started to forget it

    The film is the opposite of what you got used to in the genre of the
    post-Soviet era cinema. Instead of trying to prove the point or to show
    some less-known facts, it simply shows the heroic deed of our
    ancestors. It shows that with vivid details but without gore, with
    passion but without hysteria. The film raised the first funds used
    crowdfunding – in the final titles you can see the names of all 30 000
    people who managed to help. Tired of the post-Soviet propaganda that
    was trying to diminish the importance of this period of our history,
    the society said its word. It was our grandparents who became heroes,
    it was them who managed to fought back the most powerful army in the
    world and liberated the oppressed Europe, so we want a proper memorial
    to their deed. I watched the film 4 times and every time people
    applauded in the end.

    The film cuts off mercilessly all the unnecessary flirtation with the
    viewer. It doesn’t have the love story, it doesn’t show the stories of
    the characters, there’s no female character. The enemy is shown as a
    faceless and dangerous swarm that wants to squash the resistance and
    destroy the land we know and love.

    The downside of the film is that you better have really good sound
    system to feel the atmosphere of it. Cannons and tanks, machine guns
    and Mosin’s rifles sound exactly like in the battlefield. When the
    artillery bombs the trench lines you just wait with the guardsmen for
    this madness to stop, you want to start fighting back. Similarly to the
    movie Gravity, I’m afraid that the large part of this effect of the
    presence will be lost if you just watch the film from your table.

  • Cristiano AlvesJanuary 4, 2017Reply

    How to make a great film using a few money

    I watched ”28 Panfilovtsev” in the movie theaters of Saint Petersburg
    twice, once alone and with a girl I invited to watch. About the heroism
    of 28 Panfilovtsev I’ve heard a long time ago, when I was serving
    Brazilian Army and bought a Soviet history manual. Actually, today it’s
    known that they were more than 28, but the 300 Spartans were more than
    7000, still we know them as the 300 of Sparta mostly due to their deed.
    I got interested in this film 4 years ago, when I read that a director
    was gathering funds to make a film about Soviet heroes, around 36
    thousand people donated money, that’s a respectable deed for a whole
    people. I’m myself from Brazil, and I can’t imagine people donating
    money to a film on WWII in Brazil, when I watched the first Brazilian
    film on the war, ”A estrada 47”, the room was almost empty, when I
    watched the 28 Panfilovtsev, as interesting as the film itself was the
    enthusiasm of people who donated. Like, the name of all of them
    (35.000) was shown at the screen, many ”Ivans”, ”Ksenias”, and even
    people who wrote the name of their grandfathers who died or fought
    during the war. I can tell you, that watching the list of people who
    donated was as interesting as watching the film itself, many people at
    the room stood to look for their names or the name of their relatives.
    Talking about the film itself, firstly, it’s a inclusive film, I’m
    myself a foreigner in Russia, but it touched the amount of speeches
    with historical references, for instance, ”the whole world is looking
    at us”, a fragment from a speech of I. V. Stalin, in the trenches, one
    of them asks if a French can be a Russian, and another soldier replies
    ”let him join us to fight the Germans and we will know”, a clear
    reference to a speech of Peter, the Great, according to whom ”Russian
    is the one who loves and is ready to defend Russia”. The scenes are
    impressive, specially when the Germans come! Panzers become real metal
    Leviathans! Differently from another Russian films, German dialogues
    have no translation. The film truly launches you into the trenches
    during the bombing. Battle scenes look realistic. You feel empathy for
    the soldiers who dug the trenches. The soundtrack, as well said, is a
    true masterpiece, passing you the emotion ofthe battle. A very well
    filmed piece that used only 1,5 million of dollars, but looks like a
    huge Hollywood blockbuster in quality. The photography is awesome,
    showing the beauty of Russian lands. It’s a film, before all, about the
    attitude of men before an imminent death for their country, fighting
    side to side with men from different nationality. Without any doubt,
    the best film I watched in 2016, together with ”Duelyant”. Highly
    recommended! This film was a punch on the face of russophobes and
    anti-Soviets, it profitted more than 4 times its costs. If liberal
    believe that the market is an all powerful god, this ”all powerful god”
    showed that anti-Soviet and anticommunist films don’t sell in Russia,
    but patriotic films do. Nazism is a criminal idea and any attempt of
    equating USSR and Nazi Germany is a scream of a liar or an ignorant. 28
    panfilovtsev was the truth about the sacrifice of a people to the altar
    of freedom in the whole world!

  • Sandra MilnerJanuary 4, 2017Reply

    Great film, underrated due to heavy anti-nationalist sentiment

    I usually prefer to talk about the a film, what’s on the screen and not
    about what’s going and what’s being said around it, but I’ll make a
    slight exception.

    Russia churns out a lot of war films and a lot of films with patriotism
    as the key (sometimes only) ingredient. There is an understandable
    fatigue of these films (just like some are tired of comic book or
    superhero films) so people are now giving low scores to any war film,
    regardless of its merits.

    Russia also has a lot of people that love to see Russian films fail.
    Russia produces a lot of trash and cash-grab (popsa) films so you have
    people that call everything that comes from Russia as popsa and want to
    see it fail.

    No, this film is not a box office failure nor a financial failure. Yes,
    the budget is underreported, (which is strange considering people want
    to see bigger budget films) but it seems to have made its money back
    already. One cannot compare it to American films with bigger budgets,
    star power, the advantage of English, etc.

    Without going into spoilers, this film is about a battle, or series of
    battles, between a Nazi Germany Panzer division and Soviet (Russian and
    Kazakh) defensive positions. If you want a love story, you’ve come to
    the wrong place. If you want a superhero, you’ve come to the wrong
    place. Rambo doing it all by himself, taking down the Wehrmacht and
    killing Hitler himself? Wrong place.

    This film has been de-Sovietized, reducing references to Stalin, red
    flags, Marxism, Communism, etc. People seem to take issue with that and
    feel that this point makes this film a 1/10 film.

    The fact is defending a trench is defending a trench. It makes no
    difference if one does it for the union of republics (USSR) or for a
    particular republic (RSFSR). In this case, the soldiers were defending
    (the road to) Moscow and it was not inaccurate that they were defending
    Russia. Yugoslav WW2 films also have people talking about
    taking/defending particular regions (Slavonia, Vojvodina, Kosovo,
    Serbia, etc.) and that does not necessarily mean they denied the
    existence of Yugoslavia.

    Not that this film has not been de-Sovietized. It has, but it’s not
    such a big deal. People still referred to each other as comrade, and
    yes, there were not a lot of flags and hammer-and- sickle stuff, but
    this was an undersupplied unit, lacking both men, guns, ammo and

    The production values are quite high and this film lacks the
    TV-cheesiness of many Russian films and shows.

    The Russians are not presented as good people, nor are the Nazis
    presented as evil. There is no need for that. We know who’s who. This
    was like two boxers in the ring – ”this is where we are now. Let’s
    settle this.”

    It’s dark, without being gloomy and depressing. It’s violent without
    being disgusting.

    It has professional acting, professional camera work, professional
    lighting, sound and CGI.

    The script is not very deep because this is a film about men defending
    a trench. It sets out to do one thing and does it very, very well.


  • Brent BurkwellFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    Pathetic, more Soviet style propaganda.

    If you like the rewriting of history and don’t mind fantasy presented
    as truth, well, this movie is for you. The Red army was anything but
    heroic. Not much different than their Nazi counterparts, the entire
    nation of Russia was burdened with the most evil man in history. Yes,
    Stalin was even worse than Hitler. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews,
    Stalin is on record(you cannot refute it) as having murdered 9 million.
    That means the Soviets were even bloodier than the Nazi pigs. If you
    look at their political beliefs not paying attention to your college
    professor, but rather judging both political parties and their ultimate
    outcome, there is NO demonstrable difference between the Peoples party
    of Soviet Russia or the Nationalist Socialist party of Nazi Germany.
    They are BOTH socialist and therefore destined to rule with an iron
    fist. It is impossible to rule people without force when you refuse to
    allow the people to excel or fail on their own merits. When you
    marginalize personal responsibility and try to make everyone EQUAL, you
    will end up with totalitarian government. We are NOT all equal in
    ability or talent. But we ARE all equally created and we ALL share the
    same basic human rights. Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia(I would argue
    under Putin it is nearly the same) are both examples of what happens
    when the ”people” get their way and you do not have a rock solid
    foundation to fall back on, such as the US Constitution? Remember, the
    USA is only as strong as the peoples faith and adherence to that
    document, liberals know this, that is why they are moving us toward the
    Soviet style model. Sad.

  • hinglemccringleberryMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Excellent homage to memories of fallen heroes (minor spoilers, don’t worry ;D)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vshnay1April 2, 2017Reply

    Fictional history brought to life

    With any war history movie you have to start with the history of it
    first and only then the movie quality itself, and this is especially
    important for this movie. The movie is about a functional 28 solders of
    Panfilov 316th Rifle Division who took part in the defense of Moscow
    during World War II. The story is about a group of solders (28 solders)
    that stood to their death to defend one of the roads leading to Moscow.
    This story was Soviet version of 300 Spartans, ironically enough one of
    the solders of in the movie does talk about this historical fact in the
    movie itself. Unfortunately for the movie this comparison is
    inaccurate, the story of 28 Panfilov’s is a fabrication of a newspaper
    – Krasnaya Zvezda. Link to the wiki page – Eight_Guardsmen

    Now about the movie. The movie is rather simple war flick, nothing
    special. The solders are fighting an advancing Nazi tank division and
    bravely die to stop it. The characters are not well developed since we
    do not have enough background history to get attached to any of them,
    there is plenty of characters to keep track of. The enemy is shown as
    technology advanced and faceless that just keeps on going.

    Over all the movie will be and is judge on historical levels and fails
    short on that.

  • DenisApril 10, 2017Reply

    One of the best WW2 movies

    Finally we get a real movie! Movie about common people who defend their
    own country. Finally the goal of the movie is to show the battle, the
    honor, the war but not to discredit Soviet Union, Stalin or something
    else as it happens in some last bad movies. Attention to details,
    absence of love line is a big plus to this movie. Dialogs are terrific!
    All of them are constructed based on vocabulary of those times i.e. no
    modern phrases of words. A lot of action and reality makes this film
    awesome. The whole story about 28 defenders is not so clean but this is
    not the point. The movie does not support this legend at all. Looks
    like people who put ”1” to this movie watched only poster but not the
    very movie.

  • Leofwine_dracaMay 14, 2017Reply

    Outgunned troops fight heroically in this Russian propaganda piece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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