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The journey of survivalOct. 09, 2015 India110 Min.
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8.4 1,890 votes

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Salim Ahamed


Mammootty isPallikkal Narayanan
Pallikkal Narayanan
Joy Mathew isChandran
Siddique isLaunchi Velayudhan
Launchi Velayudhan
Salim Kumar isNarayanan's father
Narayanan's father
Anu Joseph isNirmala


Pathemari features the life of Pallikkal Narayanan (Mammootty) who migrated to the Middle-East in the early 1980s, when the Kerala Gulf boom was at its peak.

Original titleപത്തേമാരി
IMDb Rating8.4 1,750 votes
TMDb Rating8.3 4 votes

(5) comments

  • VisHnu SOctober 12, 2015Reply

    This film shows the real power of Indian cinema

    Fantastic movie from great director Salim Ahemed And Great actor
    MAMMOOTTY A best Class movie from Malayalam Pathemari is an interesting
    watch that tells you an already familiar story, but in a way that makes
    you sit up and realize that more often than not, the life of those we
    know living in the Middle East is not that cozy and comfortable as we
    often assume it to be. Or at least it was not for those who moved there
    before it became the buzzing urban centre it is today. A tribute to the
    hordes of Malayalis who leave home to go work in the Middle East to
    bring a better life to their families, Pathemari narrates the story of
    Narayanan (Mammootty) who travels to Dubai as a teenager and spends a
    major part of his life away from his parents, siblings, wife and

    As far as the narration goes, the film takes you through familiar
    territory, like what we have seen in films like Arabikkatha, but let’s
    just say that Pathemari is highly laced with empathy. At the end of the
    film, you can’t help feel empathetic about the suffering and chronic
    homesickness that every Gulf Malayali or any expatriate would be going
    through for that matter.

    Mammootty, as Narayanan, has delivered an impressive performance. You
    would really feel for this character who is caught between his own
    wishes and the needs of his family. Jewel Mary, as Narayanan’s wife,
    has given a subtle yet strong touch to her character. One performance
    to watch out for is Siddique, who, despite very little screen time, has
    the most powerful lines and moments in the film.

    The director, Salim Ahamed, has narrated this story with a pace and
    style that is now familiar to us through his last two films Adaminte
    Makan Abu and Kunjanandante Kada. To note are some one-liners that
    subtly pass through the scene, but says more than entire scenes put
    together. Madhu Ambat’s camera holds you down from the opening shot.
    The opening credits of the film show you Dubai in a way you’ve probably
    never seen the Emirate before. Resul Pookutty’s sound shows through,
    especially the portions where the sea is involved. Bijibal’s score is
    beautiful and unobtrusive. It serves as the right backing for the
    manner in which the story has been told. Vijay Shankar’s editing is
    seamless as it takes you to and fro from Kerala in the 60s and forward
    to the present day.

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)October 19, 2015Reply

    ” Sheer Brilliance That Combination Of Talents Can Offer ”

    When half a dozen of national award winners meet,one will not expect
    anything short of a memorable experience and Pathemari is nevertheless
    a truly remarkable piece of film-making that brims with grandeur from
    acting,directorial and technical brilliance.

    Undoubtedly among the best films to come out this year,Pathemari is a
    heartfelt tribute to all those expatriates who struggled & is
    struggling hard for their loved ones without expecting anything in
    return.Director Salim Ahammed solidifies his position in Malayalam
    Cinema with yet another striking movie after critically acclaimed
    Adaminte Makan Abu & Kunjananthante Kada.

    There’s something masked behind the Yardley perfumes and colorfully
    covered chocolates that we correlate with a gulf returnee and Pathemari
    throws light on those numerous souls who had strong belief that the
    most important achievement in ones life is the betterment of his loved
    ones rather than his personal well-being-A hearty tribute in all means!
    For someone like me who has dealt with and known people like Pallikkal
    Narayanan in person,Pathemari gave a feeling as if I’m a part of the
    narration with a major share of hard-hitting dialogs and situations
    experienced before or heard of.

    The climax portions were simply outstanding and Mammookka nailed it
    with his brilliant act that made it difficult to control tears rolling
    down the cheeks.If someone ask me the most touching movie of 2015 I
    watched from theaters ,my immediate answer will be Pathemari.Period.

    Hats off to our pride Mammookka for the touching portrayal of Pallikkal
    Narayanan who reminded me of few I know in person.Megastar enacted
    various transformations in the life of protagonist excellently with
    necessary variations and perfection.A class apart you are,Mammookka <3
    Siddique and Sreenivasan were impressive in their respective roles as
    Launch Velayudhan and Moideen respectively.Jewel Mary made her debut
    performance memorable.Saleem Kumar,Joy Mathew,Santhosh Keezhattoor etc
    come in supporting roles and did their part well.

    Music & score by BijiBal was soulful and calls for repeated hearing.The
    title song in Shahabaz Aman’s vocals was the best part of the album and
    blessed with thoughtful lyrics by Rafeeque Ahammed.Oscar winner Rasool
    Pookkutty did his best part with sound design.

    This review ill be incomplete if I left out veteran Madhu Ambaat who
    captured the visuals brilliantly.Another name to be noted is of
    Pattanam Rasheed who did a commendable job in the makeup department
    producing convincing make-ups for various transformations of Narayanan.

    Overall,Pathemari is a must watch film for all those who love good
    films that reflects life as it is.Watchout for the climax which is sure
    to bring tears to your eyes !

  • Cinish NarayananNovember 26, 2015Reply

    Rich in content

    ”Pathemari” is a very studied thorough effort to portray the lives of
    those keralite men who leave their families away and move to the middle
    east to work and save their brethren from the clutches of poverty.
    Presented against thorough research with consistent content throughout
    the movie, it was a very satisfying movie watching experience.

    The movie starts with a fable like depiction of how Dubai came up
    followed by it’s city sights. The movie then makes nice smooth
    transitions in time between past and present, telling the story of
    Narayanankutty ( played by Mammootty ) who, motivated by the abject
    poverty at home, takes the challenging and long journey across the seas
    on the pathemari( big boat) to find work in the middle east. The movie
    details out the specifics of the challenges of the journey, making some
    insincere attempts at using special effects to depict the sea storms
    which was probably the only thing that did not fall in place in the

    Thereafter, the movie portrays how he wants to push the family out of
    poverty and get back home himself as soon as he can and how his family
    continues to push in more and more demands on him and he is essentially
    forced into fifty years of gulf life. The subtle family situations that
    he gets put into have been chosen out of real experiences of many many
    such gulf malayalees through all the detailed research that has clearly
    gone into making the movie.

    I would contend that each and every situation in the movie has been
    drawn out of real life, unaltered from multiple real people. There
    needs to be some conscious thought to understand someone who you do not
    see everyday. This movie is to push those thoughts into the minds of
    people who are not making the heart for them.

    Mammooty has acted really well and becomes Narayanankutty. His subtle
    acting stands out beautifully. Narayanankutty has almost found a place
    in my memories now. I really hope that this movie serves as an
    eye-opener and allows at-least a few ‘Narayanankutty’s a fairer go at

    The review would be incomplete without the mention of the songs penned
    by ‘Rafeeq Ahammed’ and music directed by ‘Bijibal’. The lyrics capture
    the pain of the story so nicely that it can serve as a concentrate for
    the script. The music does great justice to the movie and adds another
    feather to my rising respect for Bijibal.

  • PimpinAinttEasyMarch 1, 2016Reply

    A huge opportunity lost …..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • barathisathyaJuly 14, 2016Reply

    Best Movie

    The best movie of 2015……….

    Mr Salim Ahmed has really done an amazing work…….

    .The way the story is brought up is in fact the real truth about its
    success…… A realistic story… The end makes our eyes filled with

    I highly warn you that this movie should not be watched by weak heart
    ed people….

    This is really a heart touching movie……

    Really an amazing movie… I bet that this movie will be loved by
    everyone…… I request you all to watch this movie…………. It is
    a movie that should be rated as excellent…………

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