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A Story You Wish Were TrueAug. 28, 2015 India136 Min.
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Phantom is an action thriller that unfolds across various countries around the world. The plot revolves around protagonist Daniyal, whose journey to seek justice takes him from India to Europe, America and the volatile Middle East. However, he finds out that in a mission like this, there is always a price to pay, in this case, a very personal price.

Original titlePhantom
IMDb Rating5.7 6,758 votes
TMDb Rating5.5 15 votes

(79) comments

  • Sahil SharmaAugust 28, 2015Reply


    Kabir khan has done it 1 more time to give us a movie that surpasses
    all limits to be a super-hit with a cool script.usually I do not like
    these war type movies.But after watching phantom, I am a big fan of
    saif Ali khan and kabir khan. Phantom is worth a watch buy my advice is
    be patient in first half. A word for the casting director who has got
    the cast very right Just go and make your day wonderful. Phantom is
    completely make believe and its a very interesting movie to watch this
    weekend.a story that you wish were true. After watching this movie you
    will think about this once and I have created a new account only to
    rate this movie.

  • Tejas NairAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Random Stuff. ♦ Grade F

    For a film that promotes itself using a tag-line that goes ”a story you
    wish were true,” one can easily guess the amount of twaddle it’s gonna
    throw at you. And no wonder, Kabir Khan’s latest attempt at an action
    feature is as repugnant as vomit of a jaundice patient.

    You have a tainted army-man (Khan) who is sent on a suicide mission as
    a retaliation for the disastrous 26/11 attack on Mumbai by a bunch of
    sorry ass defense ministry babus who in the first place got the idea of
    counter attack while they were taking forty winks. Without any prologue
    the next thing you witness is Khan sporting an elegantly trimmed beard
    and reconnoitering a London stadium with the help of a beautiful
    informer (Kaif) who is immodestly named Nawaz. That Nawaz is a security
    consultant and goes on to assist her future husband in his mission
    where its all guns and bullets and gore is as appealing as Kaif’s
    helpless Hindi.

    Khan is a mono-acting doll in the film who uses his haunch to fight his
    enemies, kill his enemies, and maybe even make love to his enemies. As
    far as the pompous writing is considered, one wouldn’t find that
    inexplicable. Kaif is svelte in her avatar but all she does is blurt
    out her accented speech and jump out of her bed to shout at her co-
    actors. Where else would you see the protagonists debating about their
    actions just as they walk out after murdering a high-profile terrorist
    leader in London by blowing him up in his own apartment?

    A car hits here, a bullet hits there and all’s still well at the end.
    Lousy characters, lousy writing, lousy dialogs, lousy direction, lousy
    photography, and so many other lousy factors that even the word ”lousy”
    loses its literal sense’s sheen. As a whole, the film is nowhere near
    the book it is based on, and trust me the book is pure disaster.

    BOTTOM LINE: Phantom is a messy depiction of an implausible revenge
    cause that looks pretty on foreword, average on paper, and horrific on
    reel. Avoid.

    GRADE: F

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Anup APu KumarAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Its really u wish would have happened in reality.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dineshprakashAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Fails to deliver intriguing thrill

    Main drawback of this flick is you never get involved in the drama.
    Every thing happens for the sake of happening. Promo clear cut reflects
    about the story line. So it was clear from beginning. Screenplay does
    not offer any interesting scene. When ever they felt difficult to come
    up to any challenging scenes or twist or felt movie dragging
    significantly they conveniently stuff it with bullets and blast.
    Dialogues are just conversation. Starting few minutes, dialogues are
    confusing too. Scene is serious but dialogues add a pinch of humor too
    like ”Tumhare Beewi, Bachchoon, family….and culminate with Kutton Ke
    Bhi Kaan Me Yahan Kaha Ek Skabd Nahi Padna Chahiye… Kutton!!! Were
    they intended to evoke laughter in a serious scene. Again ” Sir, Uske
    Baare Me Kahin Koi information Nahi Hai, Wo to Facebook Par Bhi Nahi
    Hai” What it is!? Most of the drama unfolds on the screen and you sit
    cool and compose on your seat. Love track was not required or justified
    at all but when you have stars then you have to do something. I was
    quite unable to understand complete Seria sequence. Who is fighting,
    against whom and why, and above all how can a person recognize the
    protagonist when he could not recognize him few minutes before, because
    this time he has machine gun in hands!!? Jail sequence is also very
    convenient except the way of executing the task. Mother gives so young
    pics of her son to a person whom she believes a government person, how
    is it not possible to have a recent or at least three year old pic of
    her son and if it has to happen then there should be reason behind it?
    It is not usual thing. Everything falls on place, protagonist just has
    to use them, like a person was already despo to get married so he can
    use the public addressing system to bug and it is 2015 but they still
    use such old fashioned huge metal mike, because it is Pakistan!? No
    because they have to bug it and it was not possible with the new mike.
    There are new type of momentarily thrill has been introduced in lots of
    places in this script, like person checks all the mike in correct
    socket but does mistake for one mike and tries to open the mike then
    another person makes him notices his silly mistake of wrong socket.
    Thrill comes and goes in few seconds. There are many scenes of similar
    nature. Last target chasing sequence is so childish, even the way they
    try to escape. Pregnancy excuse for crossing check point is so old and
    the performance given by main female lead makes it comic as if she was
    deliberately making them fool and they bought this bad enacted story.
    Police are so stupid that they are looking for a registration number
    rather than focusing on make of vehicle, color and person going in it.
    They could have cornered every vehicle of that make, which was not
    common too. Climax has Titanic touch. Performance wise Sail Ali Khan is
    OK. Katrina Kaif drags emotional scenes very aptly, like when she
    convinces nurse to buy her story and sympathize with her mission or in
    last chase sequence. Zeeshan Qadri has nothing to show his caliber but
    he proves his depth in just a shot when he salutes in climax. Actress
    who played the nurse, is a good performer. Rest are just OK.

  • murtazaazaidiAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Stay away from it

    What do you get when you put Saif Ali Khan and Katrina together? ”A
    Nawab and a mannequin” is what one critic wrote.

    One of the most controversial films in recent times, Phantom is based
    on the 26/11 Mumbai attack and revolves around an Indian’s (played by
    Saif Ali Khan) quest to find and kill Hariz Saeed — a character based
    on Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed who India considers to be the
    mastermind behind the attack.

    The story was very apparent from the trailer. Saif is getting over
    confident and anti-Pakistan movies aren’t the Hot cake anymore. I have
    no Idea what the director of Bajrangi Bhaijaan was thinking.

    Sorry – FLOP. Don’t want to waste my time writing a long review.

  • Donnie PieAugust 28, 2015Reply

    I had never seen a junk movie like this

    If you wanna waste your money then go ahead and waste it either watch
    it or throw that to a garbage bin. At least you will save your time.
    Clear based on bias and anti country which no reasonable person
    appreciates. If you wanna do something good then make like Bajrangi
    bhaijaan or veer zara which can contribute something towards relations
    b/w two countries. It seems like all the matter is in a hero’s hand and
    undermines the contrasting country. Go for another movie, any other
    Indian movie or watch Hollywood which makes movies based on facts. I
    should just start vomiting if I think about it anymore. Not every
    biased idea will make the audience watch a crap movie.

  • Meer Zafar UllahAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Tried to create hatred by using nationalism

    Saw the phantom but it was nothing but waste of my 136 minutes of life.
    Director of movie Kabir khan has done nothing but tried to sell a
    master peace of hatred in exchange of cinema ticket. Director has given
    aggressive role to Katrina Kaif with same soft and gentle tone and body
    language, it’s totally matchless. Business of last hits like PK and
    Bajrangi Bhaijan shows that Bollywood audience like the movies that
    contain message of love among Pakistan and India not hatred. I think
    that director of Phantom should not spoil his image by making such
    movies like this one. Its good to use the nationalism in movies but one
    thing must be kept in mind that it’s message should not be misleading.
    So here I conclude that Phantom will not be a big hit…

  • Being SaltoOnAugust 28, 2015Reply

    A story you wish was true

    The movie made me write my first review ,After debacles such as
    Humshakals and Happy Ending last year, it’s possible Saif Ali Khan will
    now have a box-office hit with Thursday’s release, Phantom.

    Kabir Khan, who is riding high on the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan,
    comes up with another India-Pakistan story. Phantom was banned in
    Pakistan earlier this month. As far as the film — loosely based on the
    book Mumbai Avengers by Hussain Zaidi — is concerned, it has tried to
    balance the point of view of both countries concerning the Mumbai
    attacks in 2008. However, this being fiction based on facts, there has
    to be a winner in the battle at the end.

    Phantom refers to a Rambo-style operation conceived by the Research and
    Analysis Wing (RAW), the primary foreign intelligence agency in India,
    which is struggling to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to
    justice but without being blamed for it. For this reason Daniyal Shaikh
    (Khan), a reclusive dishonoured Indian army man is recruited.

    Abandoned by his parents, and not just by friends and the army, Shaikh
    wants to simply stop existing. But when the opportunity to ”redeem”
    himself comes along in the form of Phantom, he accepts it. What follows
    is intriguing political plotting from both sides of the border that
    concludes with a thrilling end.

    Aarif Shaikh and Aditya Banerjee’s tight editing of Zaidi’s script
    keeps the film fast paced. Even though it slows slightly after the
    interval, it picks up pace in the last quarter of the film.

    Yes, some may argue that due to its extensive international shoot, the
    film was ”just a holiday for the cast and crew”, but the events
    depicted in the film force that. Terrorists wouldn’t all be in the same
    place at the same time.

    Khan works well as the spy-assassin. Yes, he maintains a poker face
    but, as Katrina Kaif’s character Nawaz Mistry in the film says,
    ”information in this business comes at a price”.

    There are moments when you can see the worry on his face over whether
    his mission will succeed and whether he can redeem himself.

    Kaif suits her part as a wing woman helping Shaikh in his mission, even
    though at times she’s just the pretty face with a fashionably
    dishevelled look. But if Bryce Dallas Howard running from dinosaurs in
    high heels in the grass didn’t stop Jurassic World from being one of
    the biggest films of the year, I guess we can allow our Kaif to dodge
    bullets with her gorgeous hair flying all over the place.

    Even though the protagonists fall in love, the good thing about the
    film is that it avoids degenerating into a romance with unnecessary
    displays of love and meaningless songs — though Arijit Singh’s Saware
    at the end of the film is a good listen. Even the one wedding song was
    made an essential part of the mission. The action and thrills stay
    right through to the end

  • Jasrick JohalAugust 28, 2015Reply

    A film you wish was true, because India just wants justice. On the lines of a Baby and D-Day

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mohafeezAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Boring, Biased and Promotes Hatred !

    This movie is not only biased and not based on facts but it is also
    just plain boring !

    They should not make movies like that without researching on all the
    facts and without showing alternative perspectives.

    This movie simply promotes hatred between the citizens of two countries
    who work and live together peacefully in countries like USA, UK and
    Canada !

    The plot is not very catchy either. It is a copy of several other
    movies made in the past.

    songs are not good either and the story is kind of boring and

  • asfandkhaliqAugust 28, 2015Reply

    A Vicious attempt to spread hatred between two great nations

    What the hell is wrong with the director of the movie. After making
    film like Bajrangi Bhaijan which clearly shows a message of love and
    peace and how can these two nations forget all misconceptions and
    become one unit, this movie clearly instigates that Muslims (specially
    Pakistani Muslims are terrorists) and relevantly weak terrorists who
    can let a penis less star like Saif Ali Khan to come in Pakistan soil
    and do whatever he wants and he can think and help Pakistanis more than
    any one in that specific country, Grow up you people we want peace and
    it could only be spread through positive media and movies which is
    lacking from both ends, We Pakistanis love Indians who are peaceful and
    do not spread Hindu extremism, Grow Up Bollywood.

  • nama chakravortyAugust 28, 2015Reply

    An Engrossing Action-Thriller!

    Kabir Khan delivers a yet another winner with ‘Phantom’. An engrossing,
    action-thriller, that also has a patriotic touch to it. Though not
    without its flaws, ‘Phantom’ still packs a punch!

    ‘Phantom’ Synopsis: A disgraced Indian soldier carries out a series of
    assassinations (the evil heads behind the 26/11 terror attacks) in the
    hope of restoring his honor.

    ‘Phantom’ is an action-packed tale, with a patriotic punch to it. This
    is a story you indeed wish was true, as justice to served to those who
    caused a havoc. Khan successfully begins the film & mostly sustains the
    pace well, as the action is simply superb. The second-hour also engages
    you, with the final 30-minutes holding your attention completely. You
    root for the protagonist in his violent journey, which shifts from one
    country to another. However, Khan & Kausar Munir’s Screenplay, which
    has been Adapted by Hussain Zaidi’s book Mumbai Avengers, could’ve been
    smarter. The first-hour isn’t crisp, as some of the sequences are
    uneven & even the escapism in this tale, is a bit unbelievable at
    times. But, otherwise the Writing is solid. The narrative is fast-paced
    & offers enough scope for some relentless action, which certainly

    Khan’s Direction is stylish. He has handled ‘Phantom’ with precision.
    Cinematography is lavish, capturing all the locales with flourish.
    Editing needed to be sharper in the first-hour, but is good otherwise.
    Action-Sequences by Sham Kaushal are awe-inspiring. Music by Various
    Artists is nice. Background Score is well-done, as well.

    Performance-Wise: Saif Ali Khan is in terrific form here, enacting the
    heroic part to perfection. Its so good to see the talented actor in an
    action-ordinated role after a hiatus. Katrina Kaif is flat. Mohammad
    Zeeshan Ayyub is first-rate, yet again. Sabyasachi Chakrabarty is

    On the whole, ‘Phantom’ isn’t entirely power-packed, but yet it scores
    higher on pluses. Recommended!

  • darshancruzAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Phantom — Wish the story was true

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shafiullah-hameedAugust 29, 2015Reply

    A crappy useless chaos creating ideology

    Evil minds like director of this movie and theme like this wont ever
    bring peace in this continent. A few politicians, a few retards on both
    side of the border will make sure their benefits are retained and poor
    majority of both the nations suffer and their hypocrisy is paid off

    A stupid childish propaganda to burn the peace and trying to kill any
    last hope. Shame on the director and shame on those who liked this

    Work for peace, world needs it, 1.5 billion people of this continent
    need it.

    Good movies like bajrangi bhaijan, pk etc are all good and should be
    used as inspiration for further digging of good aspects.

    Saif Ali khan sometimes was acting like a thug child a bully child of a
    primary school. Come on man, learn some acting from amir khan and
    salman khan.

  • kudinemeraAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Great movie , should be watched by all

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • naqash-21636August 29, 2015Reply

    Just showing hate towards other country

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abhineetraj-124-500500August 29, 2015Reply

    The message is loud and clear

    I personally liked the movie. I disagree that it passes on the message
    of hatred towards Pakistan. It portrays hatred against terrorism and
    brings justice to the people of 26/11 attacks.I read other reviews and
    for some odd reason I felt connected to each and every scene of it.

    Though some the scenes like planning the murder is Chicago,fight scenes
    in Syria doesn’t seem like realistic but then it’s supposed to be a
    movie which has drama as its genre.

    A very honest attempt by the director and the Script Writer to bring
    attention to the Govt of Pakistan to hand over the terrorists to India.

    Arijit’s song added the extra niche of brilliance which is sung with so
    much emotion.

    Good work Saif Ali Khan. Thumbs up !!

  • abidzamankhAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Just promoting Hatred .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aphale-mayureshAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Excellent Stuff, great action & superb production values

    I don’t know why so much negative propaganda against this movie, after
    seeing most reviews I was going to skip this movie, good that I
    listened to my friends and went. Saif is Tom Cruise of India, we should
    encourage such movies. Everyone were cheering each and every Saif’ s
    move, especially in the end. Please, go and watch this movie in cinema
    halls, my rating will be 100 out of 10. Background score, visuals,
    sets, acting, everything is way beyond top. Supporting cast should have
    been better, this movies surely gives a sense of proud feeling in every


  • mohulghoshAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Phantom :: Every Patriotic Indian Will Agree With The Movie; But A Cinema Lover Won’t Like It

    It’s actually hard to believe that two movies from the same director,
    within a month of each other, would be so extreme. If Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    was a path breaker, unconventional epic of peace and brotherhood, then
    Phantom is a cliché, predictable and to some extent illogical
    adaptation of a brilliant novel.

    Kabir Khan disappoints; but his love for India wins as he is eventually
    able to extract that patriotic emotions, which makes the effort

    A super secret team in RAW decides to make a quick fire judgement of
    26/11 Taj terrorist attack: kill all those who were part in the heinous
    act. They chose an ex-army man, who was thrown out of Indian army, and
    was court marshaled for fledging a battle scene. He says yes to bring
    back his pride. In the process, he carries on sleek assassinations in
    various part of the globe, and takes avenge of the crime.

    The plot is brilliant, but the execution sucks. For instance, the
    ‘war-zone’ depiction of Syria absolutely fails to convince the
    brutality of the circumstances, the people, the language they use is
    all inappropriate.

    Saif Ali Khan, I am sorry.. but you were not fit for the role. It
    needed an actor who conducted an in-depth analysis of the character,
    and bring out that feeling of a hurt ex-army man, or a brutal
    executioner who thinks nothing before slitting one’s throat.

    Most importantly, the stunts were unrealistic, pretty soft and without
    much destruction and blood. I was amazed to see the consistency of
    Katrina’s make-up and dresses, even as walls were blown away and people
    were butchered all around.

    A weak offering, on a very strong, severe issue.

  • Ketan GuptaAugust 29, 2015Reply

    What could have been a taut-edge-of-seat thriller fizzles out to be a super boring affair

    Films like Madras Cafe, BABY, The Attacks Of 26/11 and D-Day
    experimented with the subject of political thriller. Phantom had right
    intention in place but wafer-thin screenplay and lack of common sense
    swags away the film.

    A suspended army officer (played by Saif Ali Khan) is hired to
    assassinate the Lakshar-e-toiba commanders to seek justice for 26/11
    victims and redeem his honor.

    Citing an example of US operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan which tracked
    down the world’s most deadliest terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Kabir Khan
    chooses the desi version of Zero Dark Thirty(2012). He had the perfect
    ingredients to make this a pakka action-thriller but weak direction
    makes this film easily forgettable. Couple of scenes will question your
    logic – How can one person single-handedly capture the Laksher-e- Toiba
    commanders traveling all over the world ? David Coleman Headley’s
    deportation is easily shown. Katrina Kaif’s childhood memory is handled
    with immaturity. After Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kabir Khan is not in form
    this time. What could have been a taut-edge-of-seat thriller fizzles
    out to be a super boring affair.Based on the Hussain Zaidi’s book
    ‘Mumbai Avengers’, the screenplay falters and editing looses the track.
    The silver lining is spellbinding art direction and eye-catching
    cinematography. Music by Pritam is a big letdown. Coming to
    performances, Saif Ali Khan emotes same expression throughout the film.
    Katrina Kaif’s Hindi accent will give you headache. Surprisingly, the
    actress has been in the industry for quite some time and still her
    acting and accent has not improved.

    Overall, Phantom is boring. What could have been a taut-edge-of-seat
    thriller fizzles out to be a super boring affair. Below average 2/5.

    – Ketan Gupta

  • Rohan SinghAugust 29, 2015Reply

    A Story you really wished was true

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mik BanerjeeAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Expected More, Turned out to be AVERAGE

    Over All Reaction : I was expecting more ENGAGING and Intriguing
    Thriller but in the end it turned out to be an AVERAGE Thriller Flick!

    What Did I Like :

    #1 Action scenes (like Car Chase scenes, Fighting, Gun Shootings) were
    really presented well. I would like to give credit to the
    Cinematographer and Director for that.

    #2 The Last 30 Mins (Including Climax) was a worth to watch. Filled
    with Nail Biting Tension, Fast Paced Screen Play, altogether it was
    enjoyable. (I Wish that the whole film was like that..Sadly it wasn’t)

    #3 Though there were no Lip-Sync songs there..but music was well fitted
    and it flows with the film well.

    #4 The ”Main-Content” of the story is based upon True Events like the
    26/11 incident and I always adore a film which is based not upon an
    Imaginative background but on a TRUE ONE.

    and The Last

    #5 Saif-Katrina pair looked good Saif did a Good job and Katrina made
    it too. (She was not that great but yes improved a lot)

    What I Did Not Like :

    #1 Though it based upon on true Background Events,but in some scenes it
    presented Illogically (I felt it that way).

    #2 From the Beginning the edits were haphazardly made and many scenes
    messed up with each other.

    #3 The First Half was not that much Noticeable though the 2nd half was
    really good (I feel it’s the 2nd half that made the film here).

    #4 It’s a thriller and it should be Engaging all the time. but it was
    not, some scenes the pace had fallen and became boring, Repetitive

    and Last…

    #5 The Film’s story is not bad but we could not feel the emotions out
    there..we did not feel connected to the characters. and that’s really

    Expectations & Enjoyment : I expected much more from this. Especially
    after watching all the promos and trailers. Disappointed in the end.

    Conclusion : It’s an Average thriller. Not Bad and Not Good. If you
    want to watch it then surely you can but if you don’t then just Skip

  • zeeshanrukhAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Boring As Hell

    Based on a book called Mumbai Avengers, it was always going to be an
    unsubtle work of jingoistic finger-pointing, a film that suggests that
    intelligence agencies securing a nation should blindly rush into
    eye-for-an-eye territory. Yet while it remains a work of immature, even
    irresponsible wish-fulfillment, that in itself does not keep it from
    being a passable actioner.

    Saif Ali Khan, who has saved India from nuclear Armageddon no less in
    Agent Vinod, looks unsure and unsettled in most of his scenes. I feel
    bad every time I see Saif on screen now, he looks like a guy who’d
    rather be drinking wine and playing golf, but is forced to act. The
    plodding pace, choppy editing and amateurish exposition are relieved by
    slick action sequences, suitably dressed-up foreign locations
    (including Beirut) and convincing production design. This is art
    imitating a fantasy about life, made with the hope that life will
    eventually catch up with art.

    Tragically, pretty much everything in Phantom goes according to plan,
    making for an inert, unchallenging and boring watch.

  • sarvajeetsumanAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Spreading Awareness to curb Terrorism

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abhi_singh02August 30, 2015Reply

    Low Points/Bad Reviews just Because Pakistani Don’t want to see the POSSIBLE REALITY

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MANISH KUMAR BHADAURIYAAugust 30, 2015Reply

    A Good Effort

    I will say its a pretty good effort by kabir khan surely there are few
    loop holes but still a good movie to watch.Indian directors generally
    don’t make movie in spy thriller segment but kabir khan seems to like
    this particular genre. Let’s talk about the script which is not as good
    as Movies like baby or D-day where in those movies script is so well
    written that you are not able to take your eyes away from screen.some
    scene in the movie are far away from logic or may be some time you will
    feel they are solving case like Indian television show CID.Acting which
    is which letting down this thriller we have seen better performance
    from saif Ali khan in past and in this movie he is not as good as we
    are expecting him to be and On other hand Katrina kaif is working hard
    to let down this movie I think she have to work with directors like
    Sanjay leela bhansali to improve her acting.supporting cast of the
    movie have done justice where leading pair is going to let you
    down.Direction was good after the success of bajrangi bhaijaan phantom
    is a very different movie I wish before directing this movie He worked
    hard for the script of this movie but as an director he did the
    justice.I think if you are a good fan of spy thriller drama you are
    going to like this movie where location’s are great supporting cast
    working hard and direction was good this movie is going to provide some
    kind of substance to viewer’s as an Indian I wish this story was true.

  • abdulaleembajwaAugust 30, 2015Reply

    The Worst One

    The worst movie i ever witnessed in my whole life cant wait to review
    on this here it is may be i think its not deserve a single rating on
    IMDb.Didnot expect this kind of a disgrace and worst movie from KABIR
    KHAN. so i don’t know how am i gonna express this feeling with you guys
    but Saif is just B GRADE actor i don’t know but i did not like his
    single movie which i saw but he is not actor.His dancing in Cocktail.I
    really don’t know who called him an actor. i never see any kind of
    acting in his whole life he should start doing the C grade type of
    movie which don’t release on cinema so people don’t have to watch from
    me good bye to your next future films because i m not gonna watch his
    face again,bye SHEILA

  • fsimozAugust 30, 2015Reply

    People voting down movie because of theme of movie is not fair

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hea_TAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Superb Political Thriller, Brilliant Direction and Fab Acting !

    The story is simple, true, fictitious attack shots and emotional. The
    film is a powerful response of tolerant people towards terrorism, a
    stick approach to the political party promotions of hatred in India and
    Pakistan. Movie holds you on to your seat like an awesome thriller
    story book. Conveys message that ignorance and tolerance does not mean
    weakness. Peace and Respect is a two way street, in my view movie gave
    a message that to kill germs pesticides will be used even if it means
    for us to cross borders, cause for some reason germs are protected in
    own countries. Saif Ali Khan and Katrina are haute ! Great acting,
    great delivery. I am delighted by the director kabir khan’s knowledge,
    creativity, attention to detail, focus and courage. Movie does not have
    needless around the tree dance, item songs or meaningless love stab !
    Its extremely focused on story, direction, location, people, dress and
    language. Fights and Action pact plots are fictitious … lets face it,
    its a movie and drama / action sells. Respectfully this movie dint need
    a item song or actress to strip, fall in love, dance around or make
    love to make it a hit. And yes the critical reviews are misleading.
    Movie is by no measure boring or promoting ill. If mass can rate
    Drishyam very high which promotes killing under the umbrella of
    emotions, family, love and peace…. then oh hell ya ! this is a double
    dhamaka. This movie has a message to ponder with than Drishayam 🙂

  • munstudAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Support the movie 10/10

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • snaidu422August 30, 2015Reply

    A Tit for Tat of a story

    When we hear about an espionage film made in India, our thoughts go
    back to the jeetendra era where we had the Desi bond fight
    international smugglers and the sunny deol starrer Keemat and we are
    still trying to wash off the bad taste we had in our mouth watching
    these films. Yes! Baby did change the concept of espionage films in
    India but then PHANTOM takes it to all new level. The movie begins with
    an elaborate disclaimer and gives us a hint of what is in store for us
    in the coming few reels. Then it cuts to a prologue which explains to
    us in detail about the 26/11 Mumbai attack then moves to London where a
    road rage claims the life of a car driver and the accused (Saif Ali
    Khan) is sentenced and sent to prison for 35 years. We go back 6 months
    earlier when a rookie RAW agent comes upon a plan to avenge the Mumbai
    attack and convinces the RAW chief (Sabyasachi Chakraborthy) to go
    along with it without government approval. They bring in a
    court-Marshalled Army Deserter Daniyal Khan (Saif Ali Khan) who is
    persuaded to go on a mission and assassinate all the master minds
    involved in the attacks and in return he will be reinstated back into
    the army with full honor. Daniyal is assisted by a RAW informer Nawaz
    Misty (Katrina Kaif) in tracking down the people involved and
    assassinating them. A goof-up happens when during a mission in Syria
    and Daniyal is identified and RAW refuses to acknowledge him but orders
    him to abort the mission. On Nawaz’s insistence, Daniyal turns rogue
    and enters Pakistan to eliminate the other masterminds. The movie is
    crisp and does not waste time with inane subplots and takes the viewer
    on a ride through conspiracy theories, government plots, and innocent
    initiations. All through it, the film manages to hold the viewer’s
    attention without confusing them. Saif Ali khan puts in a decent
    performance as Daniyal Khan and is get in most of the action sequences.
    The wooden face approach suits his character as he is supposed to be an
    agent lacking emotions. The scene where he tries to prevent an old man
    and a kid from an eminent death brings out the actor in him as does the
    pre-climax scene when he tries to assassinate the mastermind in packed
    meeting ground. Katrina Kaif springs a surprise with a controlled
    performance and she too like Saif works with a wooden approach suitable
    for an remorseless spy. The scene where she talks about her tea with
    her father and sisters brings out an hitherto unnoticed good actor in
    her as well as the scene where she sits in front of the taj with a cup
    of tea in the end and thinking was done so brilliantly that we actually
    understand whats going in her mind. There were lot of scenes where she
    managed to get her thoughts across to the audience without any
    dialogues. Sabyasachi Chakraborthy as the RAW chief also gives a
    controlled performance and is excellent in whatever little screen time
    he had.

    Cinematography by Aseem Mishra is excellent and manages to capture the
    beginning chase sequence and the Syria episode in all its glory.
    Background Music by Julius Packiam is excellent and does it bit in
    contributing to the thrilling ride. Kabir Khan’s direction is top-
    notch and hits the bulls eye. He manages to bring forth to the screen a
    complicated and controversial story line with a clear approach in a
    manner in which even a layman would be able to understand it.

    I would recommend to anyone who takes their cinema seriously

  • valsanAugust 30, 2015Reply

    waited in the theter expecting saif will come alive

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SpectaculaAugust 30, 2015Reply

    In the end scene, she should have emptied the other cup into the sea behind her.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pramodranpariyaAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Kabir Khan’s Movie blockbuster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone honestly request don’t write negative reviews. This
    movie is wonderful and Heart touching every seen in this movie and
    Never thought this movie will be failed. I wanna salute to all team of
    Phantom. This movie was most long-awaited movie and People give wrong
    comment Shocking words without thinking. Nobody knows Whats Kabir Khan
    is trying to make relationship and judgment for India but I think
    Indian people will not support to this movie. Honestly my review is
    true and I watched this movie very heartily. All cast performed very
    very good. I know this is just story, in real life not possible and not
    real action Indian government not able to decided self what we do for
    justice. Climax in this movie mind blowing! I will watch repeat repeat
    everyday. This movie is Hollywood type ”Zero Dark Thirty” and ”Argo”.
    Today I realized Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif both are truly deserve
    in Bollywood. I cried too much after watched the last seen of Taj Mahal
    Hotel. It is remembering every time terrorism attack. We implicated
    justice between crime of India then who will worry about justice of
    India and Honor to Indian army? Indian wanted to fight against
    terrorist. Indian army not want to fight against Pakistan. We don’t
    need Medal and We need just justice this is strongly recommended.

  • Ashutosh ParameshwaranAugust 30, 2015Reply

    The climax gets my rating to 8-else a pretty OK-OK watch

    ‘Phantom’ is the (director’s attempt at an)Indian reply to the attacks
    of 26/11 which left every Indian feeling helpless and distraught by
    just watching the sheer magnitude of mass destruction.

    The attempt made by the Phantom team is very much sincere which is
    evident from the happenings that are depicted.The place where the movie
    fumbles,not once but many times, is the way the screenplay is laid out.
    To be more precise, the sequence of the happenings with respect to the
    timeline of events. The director’s over-eagerness to actually finish
    off all the top men involved in the plot affects the film in a
    considerable way. Saif kills one and rushes for the next, the second
    and then the third and so on, never is the perfect way in which a
    victim was finished is shown that is to say the film lacks the amount
    of detailing such a film is supposed to have, something which
    ”Baby”,”D-Day” did with much aplomb.

    But the climax,more precisely the last 25-30 minutes, makes up for the
    glitches in the other areas. There too, only after Saif and Kat enter
    the waters,because there is lot of unclear phases before that.The
    climax will surely make you feel elevated. Some really good BGM, crisp
    dialogues, emotions which are not overdone and everything in perfect
    sync.Two of the best moments of Phantom comes in the climax,one
    involving Kat and the other one with Ayyub.

    Saif is pretty convincing as Daniyal Singh(lot of continuity issues
    with his character,beard keeps coming and going every other scene). Kat
    doesn’t offer much,as usual, a very limited faculty of expressions,but
    really surprised me in the climax. As i said, her emotions were in
    check throughout. Her reaction to the salutes by the guards are really
    heart-wrenching!! Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub takes control each time he
    gets his screen time. His 2 minute monologue to the Indian naval chief
    is definitely top-notch and deserves applause. Supporting cast doesn’t
    have anything much to offer but do their job effectively.

    Has just 2-3 songs which are good,no issues in that regard.

    ‘Phantom’ could have been a spine-chilling,thrill-a-minute ride had the
    dialogues been better written and the screenplay been a lot more well
    laid out.

    So, Kabir Khan does an almost successful job of delivering what he had
    started out to. Phantom could have been a much better effort,but still,
    just as an Indian reply to the 26/11 attacks it should make every
    Indian feel happy and proud.

    Even though its not the best movie made this year(by a long long
    way),watch it at least for the feelings it will evoke in you as an

  • ravigautam5157August 31, 2015Reply

    It’s a great movie

    This is a very good movie. I don’t understand why it only got 4.7/10.
    Maybe our neighbor didn’t like this movie and worked so hard to bring
    down rating.

    All the assassinations are done so well that it looks original. It’s a
    must watch. Saif, Katrina and others have done a good job. Director
    chose all the locations so well that it looks like a movie based on
    real story.

    My recommendations are for viewers that just go for it. You will love
    this movie in theater. Go for it if you like movie based on terrorism,
    well-conducted assassinations and good stunts. Kudos to Director and
    whole team for coming up with such a nice movie.

  • Ajit TiwariAugust 31, 2015Reply

    A muddled screenplay, poor writing, dull characters, bad acting and good locations.

    Kabir Khan comes again with an action-thriller, this time it is again
    about terrorism and a vigilante is hell-bent to destroy it.

    ”Phantom” is based on ”Mumbai Avengers” by Khalid Hussain Zaidi. It
    relies on the idea of ”killing Osama Bin-Laden in a covert operation by
    US Navy-Seal” i.e. Indian secret agency RAW thinks (or one person makes
    other think and persuade), when America can do it then why can’t we
    Indian do it? When they can enter The Pakistan and kill the terrorists,
    then why can’t we Indians do it? ”Zero Dark Thirty” did it credibly.

    In order to accomplish the mission they need a team and a high level
    authorization which they won’t get in any cost. So they search for one
    man who is skilled like Phantom (No identity on papers), who can go on
    suicide mission and even if he dies, it won’t matter.

    A Court-Marshaled army office (Saif Ali Khan) is convinced after two
    failed attempts to go on the mission, if he is successful, he will get
    his pride back. He is accompanied by Nawaz (Katrina Kaif) who will help
    him to run the show.

    The intention looks good, but the execution is just run off the mill.
    We have seen a lot of movies on the theme and it requires a real
    adventure and believable characters. The writing is very poor along
    with the clichés, it is never convincing and leaves many threads open.
    The protagonist takes the maximum risk and it becomes Ethan Hunt, Jason
    Bourne or 007, but the swag doesn’t go well.

    Saif-Ali Khan looks really dull with inconsistent facial hair and one
    probable expression throughout the movie. Katrina Kaif looks beautiful
    but a mannequin could do the same job.

    The locations are fantastic though, cinematography is brilliant but it
    could not save the film when all the start cast is taking it like

    A story we wish were true, but it needs soul and better screenplay. It
    looks like it has been written in a haste and dialogues are just plain.

    Not recommended.

  • Insanely AtheistAugust 31, 2015Reply

    Indian James bond censored for family audience

    This film at best is a regular Bollywood fare.Good looking
    actors,better looking locations,excellent production value and a wafer
    thin plot. Movie is based on a novel and that novel surely is high on
    fiction.Movie is engaging but never force you to be on your seat’s edge
    which is I think is the litmus test of any action thriller. Movie spans
    throughout a long time span which you won’t even realize in a bad
    way.Movie also spans through different countries and continents which
    offer some excellent cinematography.Only if they had filled the gaps in
    the plot,movie would have been a gripping watch. You can watch this
    movie if you have nothing much to do.I agree it is not at all a must
    watch but at the same time this movie is also being slammed
    unnecessarily. As far as jingoism is concerned,that can be easily
    pardoned off because filmmaker deliberately tried in the movie to
    separate people from the state actors,and finally at the end of the day
    it is a fiction and it is an action thriller,in an action movie hero is
    expected to kill the villains.

  • RK DramebaazAugust 31, 2015Reply

    Unfairly slammed

    Kabir Khan’s history of movies show us his inclination towards
    nationalism. And not of loyalty towards India, but more towards
    humanity. Phantom is one such movie that is slammed for the sole
    purpose of controversial equations. The movie isn’t perfect, but then
    again, what movie is? The script had its flaws, but the message was
    loud and clear. The movie is anti-terrorism, and not even close to
    anti-Pakistan. If Happy New Year could be a blockbuster in this
    country, Phantom should be ripping the charts. But hey, we live in a
    country where we watch for the big brothers of our industry, not for
    the story. The media craze that followed the ban of the movie made me
    laugh. Was this movie getting banned because a terrorist felt defamed?
    What world do we actually live in? Why was a government inclined to
    listen to the appeal of the leader of a terrorist group? But that’s
    besides the point. The movie, as shown in the trailer, mainly focuses
    on finishing off the terrorists who planned out 26/11. The movie
    intensifies the emotion of hatred against the terrorists who planned
    the attack. Perhaps the people should watch the movie and then decide
    if it was anti-terrorism or anti- Pakistan. Perhaps they should watch
    it and not rely on the verdict of a pronounced terrorist by several

  • Abby_qadirAugust 31, 2015Reply

    Same Product in a New Packet.

    Phantom (2015)

    The movie deals with the post era of 26/11 mumbai terror attack.

    The core concept of the movie is not new, there are some movies earlier
    with the same concept such as : D-Day and Baby, so there is nothing new
    to offer with the story but it has all the ingredients of a perfect
    bollywood masala flick.

    This movie is the advance version of all the previous story. It strike
    the right chord of your heart. The movie has emotions, patriotism,
    love, music, drama which turns out as a pack of entertainment for the

    Saif’s acting was not that much great but not that much bad also. So I
    can say he was honest with the character. Katrina’s character was not
    well described in the film. Her acting was same as she was in Ek Tha
    Tiger. Mohammed Zeeshan was powerful in his small role. Other
    supporting cast was average.

    Screenplay of the movie was good which will kept you hooked. Direction
    of Kabir khan felt lazy. The movie should have been brilliant if the
    direction have been more crispier. Music and background score is good.

    Phantom will not left any mark to the audiences. It is the same product
    in a new packet.

    2.5/5 or 5/10

  • Mohammad Mohsin ([email protected])September 1, 2015Reply

    A biased and totally fictitious display of low mentality

    Well I know Indians won’t be agreeing with me but,fact persists ,as
    confirmed by your own politicians Mumbai or Bombai- Whatever ”attacks”
    were an inside job. Consequently revenge shown in this Puppet-show is
    totally pointless and doesn’t depict any reality whatsoever. A disgrace
    of Pakistan and It’s Departments is shown in terms of lack of security
    or involved staff. I am wonder stuck what the movies makers want the
    viewers to take with them, Hate! Come on please.. After such a
    wonderful movie by Salman Khan.. this is a useless piece Not
    Recommended At all If you are Pakistani, watching this will boil you
    from inside!

  • lglalitgaurSeptember 1, 2015Reply

    really good movie ……. must watch

    People are trying to say that movie is boring and nonsense but let ask
    you one thing ………… Have ever stuck in any kind of terrorist
    attacks ? If you were …. You will never said this ………. Nonsense
    movie is not trying to make a war between two religious ….. We are
    living in the country that have maximum religious as compare with any
    country …..people were die in terrorist attack were all religious
    people…. The time has come now to reply terrorists…… We deserve
    justice no matter which way it comes from. I’m sure the world wants it
    too ……… Enjoy the movie …… Please must watch the movie ……
    It’s for everyone …… Don’t take it as a joke

  • fazmanjiSeptember 1, 2015Reply

    Love it or hate it…… I loved it!

    This is a polarizing movie. Either you are going to love it or hate it.
    I love it.

    The chemistry between Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan was mesmerizing.
    The locations were spectacular and the scenery breathtaking.

    I was kept at the edge of my seat with the non-stop fast-moving pace of
    the movie. The editing of this movie reminded of my favorite movie (The
    Borne Identity). Very crisp and fast paced.

    I agree with the other reviewers that the movie does show the Pakistani
    politicians in a negative light. No wonder Pakistan banned this movie.
    Interestingly it shows Pakistani citizens in a positive light.

  • mbh690September 2, 2015Reply

    Don’t listen to the low ratings

    this is a good movie. Not great , not a classic , but a nice
    entertaining fantasy.

    I am a Pakistani and I cried when I watched the 26/11 murders. Made my
    heart break as to how inhuman , humans can be.

    So this whole Pakistani / Indian thing can be ignored …nothing to do
    with you and me and watching this movie. It’s a decent well made movie
    , good time pass. And I can understand the emotions. Same emotions I
    felt when the school children were murdered in Pakistan , same when
    9/11 happened and so on. Certainly not a movie made from a bad place
    but a fantasy for the relatives of all the poor innocents who died

  • chuwawah-919-385097September 2, 2015Reply

    Phantom (2015) – ‘A Story You Wish Were True’

    Rating: 15 strong violence Genre: Drama Action Thriller Directed By:
    Kabir Khan Run: 2hrs 16 minutes Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif,
    Rajesh Tailang The title speaks for itself and so does the tag line!
    Phantom = Not true – illusory and ‘A story you wish were true’.
    Bollywood does it again… another below average churn out. Based on
    the book ‘Mumbai Avengers’ penned by Hussain Zaidi, the response has
    been surprisingly debatable. Personal interest for me because this was
    the last Bollywood movie I worked on last summer as a Supporting
    Artist. I have to say I had more fun working on Phantom than I did
    watching it! But as usual, I ended upon the cutting floor, not even a
    view of my shoulder could be seen! But, I had more excitement spotting
    my fellow thespians than the actual plot of the movie. I won’t bore you
    with details of the plot or synopsis but it’s nothing you haven’t seen
    in past from 24, Spooks, James Bond. Mission Impossible or Fury, only
    Phantom, was lacking in alertness, inactive. Both lead characters had
    no charisma – it was apparent their heart & soul was not in it. It’s
    hard to comprehend that Kabir Khan released two movies in the space of
    a month that can be from extreme to another. Bajrangi Bhaijaan gives
    the message of hope between two international waters, peace and
    brotherhood and then you have Phantom that just ruins the concept of a
    novel by making it a predictable cliché. If Phantom does not encourage
    hatred between two countries I don’t know what will. As I said earlier
    Bollywood churns out movie’s like there is no tomorrow. There is no
    commitment to quality of the end product, from the actors, to the
    action, to the story line. But, then again that’s 95% of Bollywood
    movies ingredient!! Ms Safirah Irani [email protected]

  • amitkraySeptember 2, 2015Reply

    Surprised to see low ratings

    Extremely surprised to see low ratings. This film had everything that
    can keep you tied to your seat. Unlike other Bollywood movies it had no
    unnecessary songs or romance. It looked so natural. The direction is
    superb and well make up is also excellent. All actors played very well
    except the one who was with Indian navy at the end of the scene, the
    RAW agent. He was over acting though it is not his fault but patriotism
    is not told it is felt within and should be visible on face. Overall I
    would have rated 8.5 but as many had rated below 5, I had to give it 10
    else it wont do justice to that film. The army part of Saif could have
    been avoided and he could have been RAW agent from the beginning. Any
    ways it is a must watch film at least for Indians. Buy a pop corn and a
    cola before you start watching.

  • Maulin ParmarSeptember 2, 2015Reply

    Kabir Khan’s worst film, disappoints me a lot!

    Kabir Khan, who recently made Bajarangi Bhaijaan, and earned so much
    money, was just because of Salman Khan and the powerful story written
    by Vijayendra Prasad. He can’t be able to sustain his victory with this
    movie, without Salman and without strong story, Phantom is very dull.
    One man army, Saif Ali Khan, fail to impress me, because I’m comparing
    this film, from the beginning, to Akshay starer BABY. Therefore, I got
    nothing more than disappointment. Baby describes the team work, and
    Phantom is only dependent on Saif’s character. Though, he has not to do
    so. With Katrina, I never get disappointment, because I never think
    that she can do acting! Others are average. Lack of emotions, average
    background score, lack of action scenes, illogical one man missions,
    the two assassination in Pakistan which were too dull, and in the last
    submarine act – these are the factors, which are able to declare that
    it isn’t a good movie according to me. I liked Kabir Khan’s movies like
    Kabul Express and New York. Ek Tha Tiger was a boring according to me.
    Though I liked Bhaijaan, but, because of story. And now, Phantom, I
    went to theater with lot’s of expectations, I went to watch Afghan
    Jalebi on silver screen, I went to watch a movie which can be better or
    equal as Baby, but, what I got, nothing. Even Afghan Jalebi is also
    missing, and some poor slower track has been playing in between. Very
    very disappointed! So, skip this, save money, and watch BABY on TV,
    though, it’s coming every weekend!

  • Abdullah Al NadimSeptember 2, 2015Reply

    Want to waste 136 minute? Go and watch it!!

    Sh**ty movie with sh**ty story! Total waste of money and time. It
    spreads nothing but hatred. Moreover no thrilling at all. You could
    tell before what is going to happen. I expected more from Kabir khan.
    Those who watch Hollywood movies regularly, will find it too boring.
    Again, it is full of many goofs. Acting is also poor. You can say it
    ‘ordinary’. Songs also failed to impress. Oh yeah, but there is some
    beautiful background scenery. :3 if you don’t have any knowledge about
    suspense, thrill or acting, you may watch it. Otherwise you will regret
    for 136 minutes like I am. Well, if you want to waste your 136 precious
    minute of your life, you can watch it!!

  • Ben FranklinSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Don’t believe all the negative reviews

    I think there is a LOT of political or patriotic voting going on for
    this movie. Lots of people seem to have mysteriously given in 1-star,
    which is insane. It is way better than that. Okay, disagree with the
    story line if you like, and write in your review about how you think it
    is anti-Pakistan if you feel that way, but don’t rate a film 1-star
    just because you don’t like the subject matter.

    I honestly didn’t think the movie was anti-Pakistan at all. It was
    definitely anti- terrorist, but isn’t everyone against terrorists?
    Surely, they are. One of those terrorists was living in London. Does
    that mean the movie was anti UK? Of course not. Another was in America.
    So was it an anti-American movie?

    I thought the story line was fast-paced and gripping and the acting was
    as every bit as good as you’d expect from a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Was the film pro India? Probably, but hey, the topic covered is one of
    the biggest atrocities to have ever happened on Indian soil so the fact
    that there’s been a few movies covering it doesn’t warrant the critical
    reviews or the 1-star ratings.

    If you are sat on the fence I’d go watch the movie and judge for

  • AishFanSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Well-made movie, though I have mixed feelings

    Tackling the easy part of the review first: looking strictly
    technically, this movie is very well-made. The suspense is gripping,
    and the thrills keep you on the edge of your seat. I felt my heart beat
    faster during the climax! The action scenes are awesome as is the
    cinematography with so many diverse locales captured so aesthetically
    around the world. The chaos shown in war-torn Syria is very
    well-depicted. Direction is also on par with some good performances.

    The story is very gripping. Films based on books (Mumbai Avengers) are
    almost always better than those copied off other films (which
    unfortunately seems to happen a majority of the time in Bollywood). The
    machinations behind murders, sequence of events surrounding each
    incident, and the plot in general is very clever. The final two scenes
    really pull at your heartstrings and are very powerful.

    Phantom brings many disturbing truths to the surface. Most shocking to
    me is the U.S.’s harboring of terrorists within its borders and using
    refugee camps as an excuse to supply weapons to jihadists. However,
    honestly, I am not surprised as the U.S. government is known to spread
    more violence throughout the world than any other country to profit
    from the business of bloodshed, and I know the American government gave
    birth to the Taliban during the Cold War in an effort to crush Russia.
    It’s something that makes me ashamed of being an American.

    It must be apparent now that I am not an advocate of war, violence, or
    hatred. I am a Gandhian and fully believe in the fact that ”An eye for
    an eye makes the whole world blind.” Given that, I do not support the
    path of vigilante ”justice” proposed in Phantom. Bloodshed only gives
    birth to more terrorists, even if the person dying deserves to be
    killed. I never supported America’s ”War on Terrorism” (some paradox
    that is) nor would I support India carrying out something of this sort.
    The film raises the point, ”If America can do it, why can’t we?” My
    answer to that is, ”Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    In conclusion, the movie is very well-made with a great story and plot.
    You do cheer for the protagonist–after all he is trying to kill the
    masterminds of the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai–something very painfully
    close to all of our hearts. How can one not want to see them die?
    However, putting aside the passion invoked in the heat of the action
    scenes, I do not support the message delivered–one that promotes
    hatred, violence, and revenge. We’ve had enough of such movies going
    back to the highly provocative Gadar and all the J.P. Dutta films.
    Through movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, we need to build a peaceful
    world for future generations.

  • ihatebabiessssSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    A dream of every Indian

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • altaf42049September 3, 2015Reply

    Self Destructive & Pointless Show …… As Expected from SAK

    The much hyped, advertised and anticipated flick of SAK is finally out
    and straight away went to the trash bins. The movie lacks everything
    that is necessary to make a film. The action, drama, suspense and
    direction of the plot is much below the standard that is expected from
    Directors like ‘Kabir Khan’. How long Bollywood can be-fooled audience
    with sub-standard so called patriotic and anti Pakistan Movies. By
    watching the movie, one is sure that nobody has even bothered to watch
    the movie after completion. The storyline is well short of sequential
    development of events, weak cinematography, music, acting and above all
    the casting. Few foolish, childish and pathetic scenes force you to
    bite yourself and pull out your hair out of your head while watching
    the movie like assassination of Hafiz Saeed, reaching Karachi in 7 hrs
    by road from Lahore that is even under strict security check. Bhai SAK,
    just let us know of your ‘Sulemani Cap’ or the shortcut that only you
    know to reach Karachi in such a short time and the whole Pakistan is
    ignorant. Best time is at least 16-18 hrs to reach Karachi from Lahore
    by road. The enmity of KK to Pakistan is unknown throughout the movie.
    The plot to assassinate accused of Mumbai attacks from London to USA
    and to Pakistan is weakly written, loosely directed and poorly acted.
    SAK has added another disaster to his long long list of big flops and
    phantom is a fresh addition to it. All and all, it is just a wastage of
    effort to make people look and feel like buffoons In short a total
    disappointment, failure and self destruction…..

  • mukherjeesubham93September 6, 2015Reply

    I don’t agree with you critics….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • malhotra-arjun345September 6, 2015Reply

    Phantom-A Story you really wish were true!

    It is about time we addressed the elephant in the room. ”Phantom” (an
    adaptation of the novel ”Mumbai Avengers”), unlike its name, is not a
    movie that should go unnoticed. Moreover, Kabir Khan has managed to
    build a reputation for himself with his theme specific movies (Bajrangi
    Bhaijaan, for example). So, what does Phantom, Kabir Khan’s latest
    fantasy, starring Saif and Kaif, have in store for you? The Sins And
    Wins (SAW) Movie Review follows: Sins 1. ”It’s a story you wish were
    true”, but all real world examples suggest that it couldn’t possibly
    be. It took years of planning, and a huge team of special forces to
    take out Osama Bin Laden. Surely, one man, albeit former Indian Army,
    taking out a bunch of terrorists single-handedly is a political wish

    2. Complementing the point above, the director had to resort to
    convenient direction to ensure that the protagonists managed to survive
    the mission. The convenience was subtle, yet noticeable.

    3. The movie is gripping. Yet, somewhere down the line, you feel that
    you always know that the main characters will ‘survive’. You don’t feel
    a genuine sense of threat for their lives.

    Wins 1. The movie doesn’t suffer from the usual shortcomings of
    Bollywood Movies. You see no unnecessary songs, no typical masala, no
    love story. There is essentially no element to the story that takes
    your focus off the primary objective.

    2. The whole concept is ‘daring’, to say the least. The perpetrators of
    the deadly 26/11 Mumbai attacks still roam free. As a people, we have
    never really felt a sense of ‘justice’ for those who lost their loved
    ones in the attacks. So, it is indeed, ‘a story you wish were true’.

    3. There is never a sense of ‘why on Earth would you agree to this’ for
    any character. The director, with great finesse and detail, manages to
    explain the motivations behind the actions of the characters involved.

    4. The songs act as background scores and work well with the visuals
    being depicted. No song has been included simply because it is ‘good
    for marketing’. There is a purpose to every sound you hear. ‘Saware’ is
    an excellent background score, to say the least.

    5. The movie is ‘gripping’ from start to finish. There is no scope for
    ‘boredom’, unless you have an aversion to dark themes.

    6. Contrary to popular suggestion, the movie is neither
    ‘Anti-Pakistan’, nor ‘Anti-Muslim’. You see ordinary citizens of
    Pakistan helping the protagonists in their mission. The protagonists
    themselves are ‘Islamic’. There is a perfect balance. You have to be a
    really biased person to suggest otherwise.

    7. The actors have done decent jobs in their respective roles. Zeeshan
    Ayyub Khan is the best of the lot. This man is fast becoming popular.

    8. The ending is simply perfect. We’d like to give you several reasons
    why it is perfect, but there’s no way to do that without spoilers. So,
    for now, it suffices to say that the ending has enough emotion to make
    you teary-eyed, and enough logic to avoid cynic criticism.

    PS: Don’t be fooled by the 5/10 IMDb rating. Out of the 2.5 k votes on
    the website, around 20% are Pakistanis who rated it 1/10 without even
    watching it. Pata hai ”Phantom” kya maangta hai? Insaaf (Fair Reviews)!
    Our Rating-(7.5/10)

  • amitanshukjainSeptember 8, 2015Reply

    It”s about pending justice

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dwaipayan ChoudhurySeptember 8, 2015Reply

    Worth spending 2 hours if not much bothered by ratings.

    Phantom is a deep political thriller with certain technical flaws but a
    movie which is potential of delivering a strong fervor of the helpless
    patriotism. The movie is entirely a fictional one and an Utopian one
    but brings before the viewers the shrewdness of international
    relations. Apart from Saif and Katrina’s works, one finds the
    vociferous Sabyasachi Chakrobarty and flickering brilliance of Md.
    Ayyub. The musical numbers are engaging. Going by the ratings, the
    movie is not bound to do well but do give it a watch if you are not
    much bugged by the ratings and if you’re not a expert technician,
    acting as the jack of all trades !

  • wertoggSeptember 8, 2015Reply

    songs are good, movie is not based on facts and promotes hatred and disunity

    this movie is absolutely horrible. however the songs were pretty so i
    give this 2 stars.

    it promotes hatred and disunity. when Salman khan is doing unity with
    Pakistan, im so surprised that Saif Ali Khan went with an anti Pakistan
    movie. even more surprised that it was Kabir khan at the helm.

    this movie is not based on facts. the movie assumed that criminals in
    Pakistan are responsible for attacks, and that the Pakistani government
    is helping them. horrible message.

    we know how common it is in India that the politicians pay off people
    to stage an attack on themselves, or a group, or a sect, all so the
    politicians can push a cause. either drive hate against a certain
    group, or for the politicians to come in and save the day. this movie
    just took it as fact that it was Pakistan.

    not only did this movie show Pakistanis in bad light it showed us in
    horrible light. we are peace loving people. Indians are not made
    ecstatic and happy by seeing the death of others. this movie made us
    Indians look like monsters, it made us look like we celebrate the death
    of others. and it mislabels this as ”Indians sense of justice”. WRONG!
    Gandhi ji said an eye for eye leads to the whole world being blind. We
    are India, we believe in Gandhi ji’s words, Gandhi did not live so that
    movies like this could be made and drive disunity, and anger, and

    Already we see in these reviews a message from someone saying: ”Low
    Points/Bad Reviews just Because Pakistani Don’t want to see the

    This user took your message that pakistanis are responsible as fact
    when it is not fact and just your notion. And it inspired hatred in
    him, he’s saying its ”reailty” (”possible reality” is an oxymoron, he’s
    so blinded by his hatred). as soon as he sees bad reviews, he
    associates it to us ”supporting Pakistan” which this movie shows as
    ”supporting terrorism”. ABSOLUTELY DESPICABLE kabir khan and saif. I
    cant believe you did this. katrina can’t even speak, she had no idea
    what she was getting into. (btw stop hiring her we don’t enjoy seeing
    non Hindi speakers disgrace our movies, her accent is horrible, if you
    hire her don’t let her talk and disgrace us, non-Hindi speakers are not
    stars here in India)

    i cannot believe this hate inspiring garbage by kabir khan after the
    beautiful heartfelt and touching masterpiece about unity and the
    goodness of people both pakistani and Indian alike, with bajrangi
    bhaijaan. utter disgrace kabir khan. utter disgrace.

  • vashistnaviSeptember 8, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie. Educational and not typical bollywood romantic movie.

    This movie is certainly the best release from Bollywood this year. It
    is a very entertaining and thrilling experience. This movie is
    educational as well about the terrorists involved in 26/11 Mumbai
    terrorist attack. Characters in this movie are based on real event and
    real- life terrorists involved in Mumbai attack. The fictional part is
    Daniyal Khan and his revenge. This is an anti-terrorism movie and not
    anti-Pakistan. Unfortunately, most Pakistanis are not able to
    distinguish between terrorism and their country and that is why they
    are opposing this movie. Most negative reviews are certainly from
    people who don’t even want to watch this movie and also don’t want
    anybody else to watch this movie. Said is really good as Daniyal Khan.
    Very good direction by Kabir Khan.

  • amitabh-dutta3September 8, 2015Reply

    Great Phantomobolous Movie

    I don’t know why this movie is being rated low on IMDb….It should be
    rated 6- 7. I am giving a 10/10 because it touched my cord and gave me
    entertainment as an audience or moviegoer.

    Saif did great as an RAW agent, so does Katrina……They did their
    part with perfection…

    The movie is pacy, fun and make us feel proud of being Indian and hate

    Kabir Khan brought another gem to display in the market like Bajrangi

    No Spoilers…..Please go to theartre and watch…You will like it…..

    Greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt JAI HIND

  • talk-premjitSeptember 11, 2015Reply

    An Action Packed Thriller way under-praised than what it actually is……

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Prithveeraj SinhaSeptember 13, 2015Reply

    Movie is watchable even it has many flaws!

    I’m not proud that this kind of controversial stories are on big scene
    because we still have countless subjects to show. But as a movie lover,
    without caomparing to Hollywood, I liked the movie. Now Raw v/s ISI
    became new movie trend.

    Art Direction & production design and Cinematography are the pillars of
    this movie. SaifKaif at syria, was the most thilling part. Kabir Khan’s
    direction always had the problem of Desipan. No matter where the
    location and the scene is, actors will have to act on dhoti’s. And
    unluckily Kabir khan’s all movies are listed on bad screenplay movies.
    Parveez Shaikh(Queen) is Undoubtly good, so it must be Kabir who ruin
    it. I don’t understand why this film makers uses bad actors for small
    role/characters. Is it budget or too lazy to waste time on
    characterization for such roles? They must resolve this mentality.
    Saif’s acting was okay but nothing new. Kaif’s acting was… well she
    can kill someone with her Hindi accent. Music is reasonable. Pritam is
    growing fatter. Editing could’ve been far better.

    Overall, movie is watchable despite having many flaws.

  • VarunSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    Best Indian Movie- Phantom

    This is for sure the best Indian movie ever, everything was Perfect,
    The way kabir khan present the story we wish was true is commendable,
    and performances of Katrina Kaif and saif ali khan surely deserves
    national award, katrina once again proved that she is most underrated
    actress of bollywood whereas she is most natural actress in bollywood,
    1st half was full on action thriller, keeping you on your seats edge
    but when u think its like a Hollywood thriller and then 2nd half comes
    as surprise, the pace slows down, you get time to relax, it pours
    feelings in you slowly, climax will definitely bring tears in your eyes
    and you will feel patriotic, not a single moment when u loose interest
    in it, and if saif shines in 1st half, its Katrina kaif who will
    outshine everyone else in 2nd half, brilliant piece of performances
    with eye pleasing sequences, plus a total roller coaster ride.

  • RubinaSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    Phantom is better than Perfect

    Well never watched such an excellent cinema from more than a decade,
    everything was perfect, no flaw in the movie, Katrina kaif and saif ali
    khan definitely best actors of India, they both deserve national awards
    for their performances, its a perfect roller coaster ride, 1st half it
    was action packed thriller, and second half makes you all emotional and
    patriotic, climax superb, best vfx, best acting, best direction, and
    everything perfect, all awards to Phantom this year, and especially to
    Katrina kaif, she is best actress of India, unnecessarily criticized by
    some dumb haters, she outshine everyone else with her performance, be
    it an emotional scene, action sequence, romantic angle, or even a comic
    relief in 1 scene, she is par brilliance.

  • deepak-64647September 16, 2015Reply

    Perfect Movie

    Hello all honestly a great story.. I don’t know peoples are making
    negative reviews.. May be in this movie the fact shown are real..
    That’s why people don’t like that or may be the people has thought that
    if this story will get true then what is going to be happen, the people
    are fear of that, so due this they are giving the negative reviews..

    Movie is based on true fact.. But we want that story will get True as
    soon as possible.. The acting, dialog are nice and up to the mark..

    Story of the movie and scenes casted in the movie was nice.. The role
    Saif Ali Khan is mind blowing.. Go and watch the movie.. From my side
    this movie is given the award of ”Movie of the year”.. From this movie
    the director want to tell the truth of the terrorist.. Acting,
    animation effects are nicely performed.. Go and watch…

  • wwwabhisheksharmaSeptember 16, 2015Reply

    Really a masterpiece, better than most of the bollywood movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mathew RajanSeptember 19, 2015Reply


    Based on Hussain Zaidi’s Mumbai avengers . I must admit, the movie is
    better than the book. there is so much gore in the book , you would be
    thankful there are just 2 people on this mission. Let me go on record ,
    Katrina Kaif is one lucky lady . She has survived in the industry for
    so long ,and without having a facial muscle on her face in the past
    decade is nothing short of a mircale. About the movie, its a story we
    all want to happen ,retribution. But after watching the movie, we
    realise we don’t have the right to rejoice ,cos the culprits are all
    out there walking freely . saif ali khan isn’t bad , but akshay
    kumar/ajay devgn should have been the correct choice given they are
    natural action stars. If you have to believe in the story, you would
    have to believe that a single guy could terrorize a whole city and get
    away with it,alive. And since we have seen it in the form of Kasab, we
    can safely believe the story as well .

  • ramzan-mohammed851October 8, 2015Reply

    this phantom is a disaster tank!!!

    Another bollywood flick that fails on script, performances(wooden
    katrina) , dialogue!!. the film is held together by none consistence
    editing, with cheap throwaway dialogue and a story that holds no merit
    of originality, this film attempts to provoke hatred but as its makers
    recognise its a failure, the lead actor Saif Ali Khan stands to promote
    the film by behaving like a nasty politician to its neighbouring
    Pakistan. Bollywood is so desperate to promote anti Pakistan film that
    they push their stars to indulge into hate speech against another
    nation. ALL IN ALL phantom is another bollywood turkey! its the reason
    why Indian cinema has run out of scripts and continue to copy hollwood,
    as their own work is impossible to watch,keep up good work.

  • PRASHAST SINGHNovember 1, 2015Reply

    Phantom Review – A true Indian film that hits the right notes….

    Movie: Phantom

    Rating : 4.5/5

    Let me tell you one thing about the Indian directors – these are the
    persons who know very well when, how, and in what way to use a good
    script. Director Kabir Khan is one of them. I don’t mind it now how
    poorly he had sculpted EK THA TIGER, but instead, he impressed me and
    almost every viewer with his last film BAJRANGI BHIAJAAN, which talked
    about peace. This time, he comes with an even powerful PHANTOM, and
    after watching it, every Indian viewer would be delighted. How, let’s

    It’s an out and out Saif Ali Khan movie, who impresses big time. It was
    long time that I had seen him in such a role. Really, I can say that
    this is his best film ever. Katrina has a strong role, but looks and
    acts more like what was her character in EK THA TIGER. Zeeshan is once
    again terrific and gives a powerful performance. Rest of the cast does
    its part extremely well.

    Another thing is that the film is made on such an issue that strikes
    correct notes with almost every Indian viewer. Undoubtedly, the film is
    too brave and energetic in its presentation, but the main thing it
    focuses on is the sacrifice of our brave Indian soldiers. For instance,
    the climax really left me emotional and I kept thinking about the film
    even when it was over. The film’s fast paced screenplay adds to the
    energy of the film. Believe me, there’s not even a single moment of
    boredom. The film fills every, almost every, viewer, full of energy and
    patriotism. Another thing that it isn’t a controversial film at all.

    The songs are placed not for long and at right times only, as such
    films Indian at heart require some songs to convey the emotion. PHANTOM
    has a pleasant music, especially the song AFGHAN JALEBI, which is quite
    impactful and leaves you humming it. The editing is excellent and the
    locations are shot very well. The action scenes are just amazing and
    wonderfully executed. The thrills in the storyline keep you to the edge
    of your seats.

    To be honest, PHANTOM also has such a patriotic flavour that no Indian
    would be able to actually resist watching this action packed film. And
    plus, the violence isn’t always intense, and so the film isn’t
    unsuitable for young viewers. The film is rated UA and is family
    friendly, with no vulgarity or obscenity in any scene or dialogue.

    Before watching this film, what came to my mind was Kabir Khan’s poorly
    executed EK THA TIGER, which was also supposed to be a racy espionage
    action thriller, but turned out to be romantic thriller instead.
    Happily, this thing doesn’t happen in the case of PHANTOM and its focus
    remains only on its story and its message.

    Overall, PHANTOM is a powerful and energetic patriotic action thriller
    that deserves a watch and the love of all Indians. Don’t miss this one.
    Simply go for it.

  • dhananjayprakashdpJanuary 14, 2016Reply

    just go for it, don’t think more

    it is really a very good Bollywood movie. It is based on revenge of a
    terrorist attack in Mumbai(India) happened in 26-11-2008. How master
    mind of this attack freely staying in Pakistan have been killed is
    shown in this movie. just watch and enjoy. many people have not given
    good rating, why? i don’t know . most of the Pakistani are not given
    good review for this movie, because they think that it is anti Pakistan
    movie which is absolutely not true. for the fan of Bollywood movie
    lover it gonna be a different movie makes you joyful. so don’t think
    just watch.

    ……….”IT IS NOT AN ANTI Pakistan MOVIE AT ALL.” ………….

  • akashgarg-48328January 22, 2016Reply

    Proud to be an Indian

    is very well made , direction was perfect with great leads. Both the
    actors Katrina kaif and saif Ali khan both did a superb job. But don’t
    forgot the works of other guys they did a great work too.

    Movie is a really action packed one of the finest in 2015. After
    watching phantom u think at least once that about the tag line….”Wish
    that this story were true”

    Now PHANTOM is counted among the best by Saif. Story is amazing ,
    everyone who watch this really experience thrill, action , patriotism .

    Music specially AFGHAN JALEBI is perfect…1st part of the movie was
    action packed with some amazing stunts but the 2nd part steals the show
    had mixture of action , thrill , emotions , patriotism…

    Direction of the movie was great. Kabir khan what a director earlier he
    gave us EK THA TIGER then BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. This man really deserves
    applause….one of the best director in India.

    Last but not the least..end scene of movie where Saif was shot really
    heart breaking..Salute to him for his acting…NAWAB SAHAB.

  • jeeshan2000February 7, 2016Reply

    Don’t trust the low rating

    I was a little apprehensive about watching this given its low rating.
    Then i checked some of the reviews and decided to give it a go. This is
    a reasonably good movie. It reminded me of the TV Show 24. Parts of the
    movie had that type of suspense and kept you on the edge.

    Definitely not the best acting or script. Saif doesn’t quite fit the
    role, nor does Katrina. Neither do they do anything to develop a strong
    character. Some parts are a bit cheesy or predictable. But then again
    you get the same with Jack Bauer and 24.

    Don’t trust the low rating. Its much better than that. Perhaps people
    who didn’t like the plot dragged the score down by rating 0s.

  • Aniket NandiFebruary 29, 2016Reply

    Unexpected miracle from Saif!

    I saw the reviews on IMDb and it was around 5, so decided to skip it
    when it was running in theaters. I repented later when it was aired on
    television. It was really good to watch Saif acting that way,(a little
    credit goes to ”Agent Vinod”). It’s having a good background score,
    excellent cinematography(as per Indian standards) and of course, Kabir
    Khan proves his name once again in this genre( after ”Ek Tha Tiger”)
    This film in no way can be called extra-violent, coz you expect that
    much in a thriller. Dialouges are good, Facts are correct other than
    the ”Murder” new(s). A single drawback : Katrina Kaif’s artificial
    acting 🙁

  • surnaik-38946March 2, 2016Reply

    One of the most meaningful movies I have seen in a Decade in Indian Cinema

    The movies like Chennai express and Dilwale making 100 crores at
    opening week and this movie is a making only 33 crores in India. May be
    Indian audiences doesn’t need the meaningful movie. I mean come on 5.6
    rating on IMDb Its far better than an average Indian movies and all we
    care about is star cast and same useless love stories again and again.
    If you want make some Oscar level movies in India I say this is the
    start of it. Best story and one the best action movies from India.
    India need more movies like these way to go Kabir Khan well written and
    directed movie. It has perfect pace and also contain Indian masala but
    don’t no why Indian people like family and love dramas rather than
    sensible and meaningful movies

  • Ajeesh VijayanApril 1, 2016Reply

    A Sure Blockbuster with wrong casting of protagonist

    Kabir Khan who stole millions hearts is back with a Spy action thriller
    Phantom. Phantom has a good plot, brilliant narration, excellent
    dialogues and some good action.

    After the 26/11 Taj attack, Some of the patriotic Indian Officers from
    RAW plots to assassinate the members and master-brain of the attacks
    and they elect Daniel Khan who was court-martialled from Navy.He
    accepts the mission and the latter forms the crux of the story.

    Saif Ali Khan delivered a memorable performance whole throughout
    Phantom and Katrina Kaif supported very well. Shot in different
    countries, Kabir Khan made a brilliant thriller with his racy
    screenplay and brilliant narration. The camera-work was topnotch. The
    background scorer Julius Packiam and Pritam Chakraborty’s songs gave
    excellent addition to the movie.

    If this movie was shot with an actor with good star value, this could
    have been entered in at least 100 crore club and my best pick was Akki.

    A movie not to be missed.

    My rating 8.4 on 10

  • mkalia-18007April 2, 2016Reply

    The Indian Audience deserve movies like ”Love Story 2050 , Dilwale , Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”..

    o my god…. 29th august .. i entered the multiplex with zero
    expectations because the reviews were bad… but when i saw the first
    scene…. Mg the film took me in a different world… it was awesome
    and dark reality of global terrorism.. it’s probably the best Hindi
    film ever.. even better than Bajrangi Bhaijaan… its awesome..don’t
    miss it…. the film has flopped it’s not a good sign for us because we
    are failing as an audience and we have no right to complain that ”why
    good films are not made”.. because when they are made we prefer to
    watch them by downloading but when a film like KICK is released we go
    and watch it in cinema not a film like phantom.. so please watch this
    film with your family………..

  • bobbysingAugust 2, 2016Reply

    Reading an old Indrajal Comics on the actual Phantom is sure going to be much more logical, thrilling & entertaining.

    As an exciting patriotic spy movie, PHANTOM had a perfect timing to hit
    the screen with a theme quite relevant to the current political
    scenario dealing with sponsored terrorism. But one honestly expected a
    much better and logical espionage thriller from the director of most
    successful Hindi film of the present times BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN who
    earlier also gave us the decently made KABUL EXPRESS & NEW YORK dealing
    with related subjects.

    Here many would find EK THA TIGER missing in the names mentioned above
    as I personally don’t rate it as any well-made spy-film completely
    dependent upon its huge star-enigma. But these references interestingly
    force me to assume that probably it’s the repeated theme used in more
    than 3 films of Kabir Khan that has resulted in such a lackluster
    product this time, with the director losing his much needed interest or
    enthusiasm dealing with the same things again and again in different

    Moreover if you consider BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN & PHANTOM together looking
    at their basic plot, then keeping aside their core purpose, both the
    films actually talk about a larger than life hero only entering
    Pakistan and completing his set task successfully. However the huge
    difference here remains that where in BB you immensely enjoy connecting
    with Salman Khan doing all the impossible acts in the neighbouring
    country just for the adorable little girl, there in PHANTOM you find it
    completely absurd when Saif does it all with a visible ease, killing
    few of the most wanted criminals of the world single handedly. And the
    major reason why you feel this way while watching PHANTOM is its
    ‘genre’ in which you cannot just set aside the logic, reasoning and
    intelligence as a political-spy-thriller dealing with terrorism and
    Pakistan to be exact. A fact that clearly got a much better support in
    Kabir’s own KABUL EXPRESS & NEW YORK along with BABY & D-DAY moving far
    ahead than PHANTOM in all respects.

    Addressing the counter criticism here in relation to the foreign films,
    Yes, we have seen a ‘one-man-army’ completing the given spy- tasks in
    many hit western movies too performing the impossible. But the way
    PHANTOM presents its key sequences challenging the intelligent quotient
    of the viewers through an extremely childish writing and execution, it
    doesn’t allow you to draw any kind of comparisons at all putting it

    Beginning with a very weird chase sequence in the first minute itself,
    its focus straight away shifts to the India’s Intelligence agency
    officers discussing a secret mission in a room like few friends
    casually talking about their next weekend program together.

    Moreover the way they all start looking for ‘a new capable, trustworthy
    spy’ in the old, dusty office files and vague references really make
    you laugh at the commendable imagination of the writers taking the
    maximum advantage of the so called ‘creative liberty’ granted to them
    with the job assigned.

    The film goes on and on in the first half without offering any
    electrifying entertainment usually expected from such thrilling
    subject. And the same continues post intermission despite the spy-
    couple entering Pakistan with their fake identities. Besides the ease
    with which they keep on meeting the right people, at right places,
    acquiring heavy explosives and more within Pakistan itself, takes away
    all the remaining excitement left in the film leading towards an
    entirely predictable climax following the set routine.

    In fact the writers continue walking on an unconvincing path till the
    very last, (portraying the Pakistan’s intelligence officers too in a
    similar comic tone), converting PHANTOM into a completely filmy take on
    a concerning theme that also becomes laughable at times due to the
    irresponsible and illogical execution as well as dialogues. In short,
    only few things make some kind of impact amongst the less engaging
    progression of Kabir Khan’s PHANTOM. One is the camera-work, art
    direction and background score presenting the actions sequences well
    (especially the war-like ones in Syria). And second is the quite easy
    yet interesting murder sequence of David Headley in the first half
    providing the few thrills (appreciably using the real names of some
    known terrorists boldly). Other than that PHANTOM mostly remains an
    evenly paced unexciting spy thriller that ought to be a high paced,
    unpredictable, nail biting sensational killer-drama to be precise.

    The performances remain mediocre exactly like the film despite the
    earnest effort of Saif Ali Khan playing the lead. And the actor must be
    feeling betrayed both by his writers and directors together since he is
    not able to make any kind of connect with the viewers whatsoever in his
    last few films. Katrina Kaif is just there as the ‘must-have’ heroine
    like a typical ‘bond-girl’, whereas its quite sad to see an actor like
    Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub wasted in such a silly way along with Sabyasachi

    Coming back to its basic subject of vengeance for the 26/11 attacks on
    Mumbai (unofficially planned by the Indian Intelligence), it gives me a
    feeling that the book on which the film is based upon must be many
    times better than its on screen depiction as it seems. However if
    Hussain Zaidi’s MUMBAI AVENGERS (the actual novel) is also having the
    same improbable sequences projecting it all in such easy-going terms
    too, then that certainly makes it a questionable choice for adaptation
    by all means.

    Personally speaking (taking a clue from its title), I would love
    reading an old Indrajal Comics on the actual ghostly character of
    Phantom once again that unarguably used to have a much more logical,
    thrilling and entertaining narration if compared to this new-age

    Still many might enjoy watching it, who can keep the logic home even
    while going for a political-spy thriller dealing with the dead- serious
    issue of global terrorism.

  • alfyjohnsonOctober 5, 2016Reply

    It is a good movie

    The Director Kabir Khan has done a wonderful job to narrate the movie.
    The performance of Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif and other co stars have
    been good. Even though, the director could have done it better if he
    has kept the flow proper instead of the flashbacks and he could show
    the father-son relation little more deeply.

    The movie starts with a narration about Mumbai attack on 26/11 and the
    movie shows the approach taken by Indian Govt officials and how
    politicians managed to avoid it.

    This is not a entertainer movie but it will not be a boar as well. The
    director has tried to involve the realistic situations of terrorism in
    countries like India, Pakistan and Syria.

    As I would say this movie is a must watch for the people who is

  • aaronbirMay 20, 2017Reply

    Best action spy thriller film

    I enjoyed this film a lot it was superb great plot great direction I
    like the songs they were really fantastic there was lots a intense
    action scenes I really liked them good acting good editing there is
    never a negative thing in this masterpiece movie everything is very
    positive saif was brilliant Katrina was superb and this movie took me
    to a journey showed me many amazing places good adventure My rating
    10/10 best movie

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