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Some love stories last beyond a lifetimeMar. 24, 2017 India138 Min.
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Anshai Lal



A man is forced to marry a tree to ward off ill-luck that surrounds his love-life which turns into a nightmare when the tree is embodied by a spirit with an unfinished business.

Original titleफिल्लौरी
TMDb Rating5.7 4 votes

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  • dineshprakashMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Confusion between horror situational comedy and romantic drama

    This film might have been sounded interesting and new at script level
    but execution and style of narration on screen fail to enhance that
    thin line. Cute ghost angle looks so forced. It was just to take the
    film in flashback to tell another love story, writer Anvita Dutt must
    have thought this love track heart wrenching romantic drama but it
    remains in her mind only but does not sparkle on screen. Film goes back
    in 1919 in flashbacks but bricks of house and most of the things don’t
    look like of that time period. This love track was supposed to be
    musical romantic but music arrangement sounds of today’s. A person gets
    married to a tree for some astro Manglik issue but instead gets married
    with a ghost, living on that tree is sounding good but film does not
    explore this line rather suddenly jumps to tell another story which
    makes film very slow. Pre climax offers some drama and pace but again
    with long shots of climax spoils that. In the name of comedy only few
    smiles are there. Characterization is shaky. Girl brother was violently
    against her affair but when boy sends money order he finds boy
    suitable, when brother was established as not a materialistic person
    and a noble doctor, secretly supporting freedom movement. Girl is
    established obedient type but then sneaks to listen music being played
    on record, even after clearly refusing her brother that she wont go!?
    Initially ghost was just audible and seen by boy. She didn’t touch
    anything of this world but in climax she holds record disc and even
    touches person cheeks in the flow of emotions!? This ghost angle
    doesn’t add any drama in story’s thin line rather tells her story with
    extra details. Typical Pujabi liquor indulgent family is set for weird
    humor which is above the note most of the time. Like Grandmother tells
    his son among all guests that he has come into this world only due to
    two pegs of drinks when he tries to interrupt her to tell story about
    drink and its physical effect on her husband. I can’t buy this one as
    humor or sarcasm. Its beyond the line somehow. Performance wise Suraj
    Sharma as Kanan is first rate. Just with his expressions he adds so
    much to film without saying any word. Diljit Dosanjh is fine. Anushka
    Sharma is OK. Mehreen Pirzada as Anu, modulates her voice but
    expressions remain almost same.

  • oazamMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Anushka and Diljit’s chemistry is the main highlight of the film with elements that still makes it a one-time-watch.

    These ghost/friendly spirit films make me cringe a lot especially when
    I saw Urvashi Rautela in Great Grand Masti. This film is basically a
    loose adaptation of Tim Burton’s The Corpse. When I saw the trailer of
    this film, I didn’t expect much from it.

    So the movie revolves around a NRI westernized slacker named Kanan who
    has plans of marrying his love life Anu. Based on his Horoscope, he is
    forced to marry a tree to avoid giving any bad luck to his fiancée.
    While sleeping, a friendly spirit named Shashi comes to haunt Kanan and
    after a few mishaps, she manages to tell Kanan that instead of marrying
    the tree, he married the spirit who lived inside that tree. Knowing the
    truth behind the ghost’s past and fixing it is basically what this film
    is about.

    Honestly, this film is highly average at best. The story and screenplay
    is decent which makes the gripping factors of romance very consistent
    but this is only during the 1st half of the film. Post the interval
    makes it too far-fest and uneasiness starts to creep in especially
    during the climax.

    It did become a bore to such extent when it came to the music which
    didn’t do any justice to the film.

    The performances were strong which made it a paisa vasool.

    Anushka Sharma as usual has given a brilliant performance but the
    comedic factors in her role was a bit cold at times.

    Diljit Dosanjh in Udta Punjab was commendable and so for this film when
    he played a poet from Phillaur.

    Life of Pi was a benchmark with Suraj Sharma’s performance. His debut
    in Bollywood was decent and charming. He is good which did make me
    laugh alright during some times in the movie.

    Mehreen Pirzada was also decent and she started off well in this film
    but could’ve been better.

    In contrast, there are issues in the film which compromised the depth
    of the film.

    The music is average and no song really stands out as such especially
    when getting new composers for such movies.

    Although Sahiba is a light hearted and kindling soundtrack but still
    the music is the culprit behind the snooze-fest elements in the movie.

    The movie does stretch another 15-20 minutes making the climax very
    crass with alleviated grips.

    Overall, the movie could’ve been better in terms of avoiding a
    predictable plot, music, and direction making it a bit rather
    underwhelming but the earnest performances kept the movie alive.

    2.5/5- just save your money this weekend unless if you’re craving to
    see Anushka Sharma’s commendable acting chops.

  • binducherungathMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Phillauri is a sweet film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • p-essuMarch 24, 2017Reply

    An awesome movie comedy romance it has everything worth watching

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Maulin ParmarMarch 24, 2017Reply

    A story like never before!

    #Phillauri : @AnushkaSharma proved with her last production venture
    that a girl can make a film. She can produce a full length feature
    film. NH10 received good applause from the critics as well as the
    audiences. Now, Anushka is producing her second film, Phillauri.

    I was curious after seeing the trailer of this one. Diljit Dosanjh is
    my favorite after Udta Punjab. Sahiba song is also praiseworthy. And
    friendly-ghost story of Anvita Dutt made me to go to the theater on day

    As I was curious to know which work was not completed of Shashi (the
    ghost), I enjoyed the film and the process to reach the final stage.
    Pre-interval portion is majorly in 2017, showing the wedding ceremony
    of the couple. There are some light moments. But, if you are not be
    able to listen and see whatever the film is giving to you, then it will
    be a problem for you to sit about an hour. Though the flashback story
    is also going parallel before 20 minutes of interval. No happening is
    there in the interval moment.

    After the interval, first major twist takes place. It was like wow.
    Songs come in picture. I must tell you that the costumes and sets are
    very well designed. Each frame is so much colorful. Punjab of now and
    then, looks beautiful. As well as, Anushka looks so pretty in the
    flashback story. And the ghost image has been created really well. Yes,
    then the story has its flow. So much is happening in this portion. You
    will never think about anything else, just open your heart, see the
    screen and listen melodious tunes. This is the second half.

    The climax is so pure, that I’m 100% that many will loose their command
    of their bodies towards the seat. I mean, many will not get what it is
    offering. Mostly the climax would be seen slow-paced and long. But,
    according me, I’ve never seen such kind of purity in any recent or last
    year movies. Kudos to the last twist! Anushka is superb. As usual. As a
    producer too. Diljit Dosanjh is superb, he is my idol. Suraj Sharma
    perfectly plays his role. He can make the people laugh whenever
    required. Anu is also fine. Supporting cast is also good. The actor who
    plays the role of Shashi’s brother is very good. We have seen him in
    Udta. Here, I like his role very much, especially, in that scene when
    he reads the letter and starts crying.

    Music is perfect for the film. Sahiba, Dumb Dumb kind of songs are test
    cricket songs, which will last long. Lyrics are also containing same
    purity which the film offers.

    Director Anshai is very well. I think, this is the debut. And I would
    definitely love to watch more.

    Somehow, this film will not run at B.O. But, who will go to the theater
    to watch this, will come out with a great satisfaction of viewing or
    witnessing a new concept or an unusual story. Anvita Dutt and Anushka
    Sharma deserve a good amount of appreciation. Kudos!

  • hemantkhanna97March 24, 2017Reply

    First Nh10 and now this..”That girl is on fire”

    any movie with Anushka Sharma in it,force me to believe that i will
    have a good time watching that movie. And this belief never disappoints
    me at all.That girl is a pure gem. Band Baja Baraat,Sultan,Jab Tak Hai
    Jaan,Nh10(offcourse) and the recent Ae dil hai Mushkil were fantastic
    movies because these movie had this Talented girl which can blow your
    mind with some ”catchy” expressions and any Complicated term Rajeev
    Masand would say. I would justify my opinion for why you should watch
    this movie,without any spoilers. 1. It has a refreshingly talented
    Starcast 2. It may have a plot inspired from a Hollywood movie,but it
    has a different storyline. 3. This movie will make you fall in Love
    with Diljit Dosanjh. 4. The movie has its target on any kind of
    audience. 5. The performance level of the Cast of this movie is so high
    that this movie is left with no flaws at all. 9/10 stars for this

  • Ankit BhatnagarMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Funny in parts, sad in parts, entertaining in parts, boring as a whole

    Funny in parts, sad in parts, entertaining in parts, boring as a whole.
    Anushka Sharma keeps a great body language to carry this character
    successfully. Other actors, Director and script are just below average.
    USP of this film lies in its Editing. Scenes are connected very
    beautifully throughout the movie.

    Storyline Rating: 2

    Acting Rating: 2 Anushka Sharma: 3 Diljit Dosanjh: 2 Suraj Sharma: 2

    Direction Rating: 2

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 3

    Editing: 4

  • gagan deep singhMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Complete boredom and Dud story enough to scrap your day

    The movie falls short on delivering the horror comedy concept. This
    flick leaves the audience wanting in parameters of story gripping and
    enjoyment. You don’t get smitten with this horrible story of a ghost
    and the love entanglement which is revealed through flashback.

    This is just awful don’t waste your money on it. I could only watch the
    1st half because the poor movie enervated me off energy to continue to
    watch 2nd half.

    Diljeet’s performance was only mollifying. There will stand a subtle
    difference between diljeet and anushka ; who is crapping on the screen

    Complete wastage of time.

  • vriddheegMarch 25, 2017Reply

    really liked it

    check my review here

    A good movie after so long.I really liked the concept of the film, its
    different and hilarious.Its a funny movie.The music and background
    score is good, not cringeworthy at all. Sahiba is a really good
    song.The poems esp the Mohabbat one leaves the theater with you.

  • brave1-612-65609March 25, 2017Reply

    Ripoff of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Khurshid KarimiMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Good plot, bad movie

    If what Suraj Sharma did in this movie is acting, then I am a
    commercial pilot. Except for Dusanj, who plays his role perfect, all
    lead actors have given below average performance. Anushka Sharma’s
    dialogue delivery and expressions are struggling as usual. Screenplay,
    editing and music are below average. There are several stretches in the
    movie where you can spend your time better, playing games on your

  • Prafulla SrivastavMarch 25, 2017Reply

    Anushka added flavor in new recipe from Debutant director Anshai

    Direction, Script and Execution: Debutant director Anshai Lal bring up
    some fresh concept for audience with old age love saga. As script has
    great potential but Anshai failed to materialized it. Script has two
    Pillars: Kundli and Jallianwala Bagh. Flashback were not smooth.

    Performance: As ghost bride Anushka Sharma is sure shot winner of Shadi
    special drama. Great confused act from Suraj Sharma. Another good
    performance from Diljit Dosanjh after Udta Punjab. Mehreen Pirzada
    looks cute and innocent.

    Music: Sahiba and Dumb Dumb make it good for listener however other
    songs stop it to turn into Musical treat.

    Box office: As it was made in moderate budget of 21 crores. Satelitte
    rights is sold for decent 12 crores. So this one will be sure shot
    profitable at box office.

  • prankz-32095March 25, 2017Reply

    Light hearted, Sweet and honest movie

    The movie is a light hearted and sweet movie that swings between 2
    different generation. An honest portrayal of story without any
    additional bits. You would love the movie if you are passionate about
    movies with no unnecessary drama. Loved it. Chemistry of lead actors is
    beautiful to watch. Movie is involving at the same time light hearted.
    Watch it this weekend!

  • rockyrakesh1331March 26, 2017Reply

    Worst movie ever

    The major blame falls on the humdrum writing involved in developing the
    snooze-worthy romantic track between Shashi and Phillauri.It was
    expected to be bad as she is acting and producing this movie. That
    twist is also heavily borrowed from Robert Pattinson’s tearjerker
    Remember Me. Nothing wrong with borrowing an idea, but I am not a fan
    of using a real- life tragedy that leaves an impact even after so many
    years, to drive your plot while not doing any kind of justice to the
    event. Even Kanan and Anu’s track gets a slipshod conclusion after
    being ignored for nearly the entire second half in favour of Shashi’s.
    Coming to think of it, there is nothing new that the movie offers you
    storywise when it comes to both the love stories. The climax is an
    absolute let down and never seems to end, coupled with some really lazy
    resolution and average special effects. Barring Duma Dumb, none of the
    songs make any kind of impact and their frequent inclusion just taxes
    your patience.

  • Khalid NazimMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Average Love story with a fresh concept!

    Phillauri is Anushka Sharma’s second movie as a producer after NH10 and
    this time she has ventured into the genre of romantic comedy.

    While there are many Bollywood movies consisting of love stories,
    Phillauri is a movie you don’t get to see everyday. Although the story
    of the movie was not new, the concept of the movie was something fresh
    and people were eager to watch the movie right after seeing the
    trailer. Phillauri’s story is an average story but the way the story
    was set up was new. Anvita Dutt has written the story and screenplay of
    the movie and she has done a really commendable job. Anshai Lal as a
    debutant director has done a job worth praising.

    The cast of Phillauri consist of Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj
    Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada. Anushka Sharma’s performance as a ghost and
    a long lost lover was quite heartwarming and lovely to watch. Suraj
    Sharma’s performance as a confused NRI was quite fun to watch although
    he was lacking a bit of depth in the emotional side, Mehreen Pirzada’s
    performance as his lover was quite impressive. While all the cast
    members did their job wonderfully, it is Diljit Dosanjh who steals the
    show, Diljit handled his role quite sincerely and weaved his character
    brilliantly in the movie.

    The music is probably the best part of the movie. The music has its own
    uniqueness and this kind of music is rare to find in any Bollywood
    movie nowadays. The background scores by Samir Uddin and the songs by
    Shashwat Sachdev & Jasleen Royal were wonderfully composed which
    sincerely sticks to the theme of the movie.

    The VFX and editing was very good and impressive, the cinematography
    was quite impressive as well.

    The only downside of the movie was that it was progressing in a very
    slow pace and it gets slower in the second half. Certain scenes looked
    stretched, certain scenes could have also been avoided and more
    elements could have been added to the story instead.

    Although the progression of the story was slow, the ending of the movie
    was totally unexpected, it was also quite quick owing to the fact that
    the movie was slow, but then again the ending was quite satisfying and
    truly concludes the whole movie.


    Although Phillauri is your average love story, it has been beautifully
    weaved with a new concept. The progression of the movie was slow but
    the performances of the cast makes you forget about the slow pacing. In
    short, it is a heartwarming film about love which will truly entertain
    you and won’t make you disappointed.

  • nandidotMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Charming Fairly Tale-Esque Romance

    Last week we saw the release of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ a fairy tale
    romance with magical elements. Interestingly this week’s Hindi release
    ‘Phillauri’ is a fairy tale in its own right. Phillauri is a brave
    movie because we don’t tend to give stories that stray from the norm an
    equal chance. We call them different or ‘hatke’ and that defines their
    success. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad because they’re
    termed as different and set aside. Phillauri is unique, certainly, but
    aren’t all good movies?

    Anushka Sharma was the youngest actor-producer in Bollywood when we she
    decided to back and act in 2015’s ‘NH10’- a courageous decision and
    even braver film. Two years later she’s back with her second outing as
    producer with Phillauri. While polar opposite to NH10 in terms of story
    and tone, the bravery is still present. First, if you never saw NH10,
    do. And then give Phillauri a chance.

    Phillauri begins with a young groom, Kanan, (played by Suraj Sharma)
    forced to marry a tree because he’s ‘mangilk’ (possibly cursed) before
    he can marry his longtime girlfriend. While both families are
    relatively modern thinking, superstition runs deep. Soon after his
    nuptials with said tree he’s haunted by a ghost named Shashi (Anushka
    Sharma) who claims he married her and not the tree. These first few
    moments evoke a few chuckles. The plot is slow to pick up but
    eventually tells us about the ill fated romance of Shashi and Phillauri
    (Diljit Dosanjh) in early 1900s Punjab. The movie tells two vastly
    different stories about a present day couple having wedding jitters and
    star-crossed lovers from a time long gone. Personally, I enjoyed the
    scenes in Punjab tremendously. Anushka and Diljit share an easy
    chemistry and both are incredibly likable in the movie. The present day
    portion isn’t anything special but watching the couple be ‘haunted’ by
    Shashi is amusing enough.

    Lead actor and producer Anushka Sharma walks away with the meatiest
    role and does full justice to her part. You’re rooting for Shashi the
    whole way. Diljit Dosanjh, who we last saw in Udta Punjab, is equally
    convincing as a carefree singer who wears his heart of his sleeve.
    Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi fame and newcomer Mehreen Pirzada, who plays
    his fiancé, are fine in their respective roles but don’t leave a
    lasting impact.

    First time director Anshai Lal is unpolished but handles a few
    sequences well. The music is a highlight and gels perfectly with the
    screenplay. Every song is heavily influenced by Punjabi folk music
    which might not appeal to everyone but I’ve been listening to and
    enjoying the soundtrack for a few weeks now. The portions in Punjab are
    shot with great care and the flavor and culture is enchanting.

    You may have seen pictures of Shashi the friendly ghost making
    appearances all over the world and throughout history as part of the
    Phillauri promotional campaign. It was a brilliant marketing strategy
    that stays true to the nature of the film. Honestly, the promotional
    campaign was better executed but this is still a light and feel-good
    movie that blends old fashioned romance with a fairy tale narrative.
    Watch it for Anushka and Diljit who light up the screen with their
    charm. And kudos to Ms. Sharma, please continue breaking barriers and
    taking risks.

  • BecauseIAmBATMANMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Conceptually interesting but a narrative mess

    Philauri is a film that has a neat concept but isn’t as well executed
    as it could have been. It begins well with a strangely psychedelic and
    interesting dream sequence. This is then followed by string of
    satirical comedy sequences about a person trapped in a bombastic Indian
    marriage with strange customs that result in him finally getting
    haunted by a ghost (Anushka Sharma). It seemed like a decent set up for
    a fantasy story about an escapist coming in terms with reality. It all
    seemed good but then the story starts to lose focus when we begin the
    second story in this film.

    That is with the backstory of the ghost where the film ends up being a
    period musical romance drama. This secondary story takes up a lot of
    screen-time and pretty much takes over the present day story-line
    (during the second half). This backstory doesn’t have any interesting
    parallels to the present day story-line and is something that feels
    generic and predictable. Its mostly reliant of a string of musical
    sequences and poetry, so the romance also feels under developed even if
    it felt overlong. The fact that the music and poetry didn’t work for me
    would be my subjective problem that other’s need not necessarily share.

    Ultimately the present day story-line resolves itself by unexplained
    ghostly logic (pardon the pun). The elongated extended climax of the
    film feels kinda inspired by Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third
    Kind. But the emotional experience that the viewer is supposed to feel
    doesn’t feel earned here. Its overall a well acted film but the biggest
    villain of the film is the unfocused narrative.

  • pgkravichMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Musical Melody

    I liked this movie because it imparts a lot of meaning to life.
    Anusksha Sharma acted her role superbly and the Diljit was true to his
    role and both of these important roles could not have been edified
    without our young Bride and Groom. Well written script and of course
    the poetic love songs of Phillaur takes it to another extreme high. To
    me it made a big difference since I do not speak or understand the
    movie but just seeing the movie made me universal and comprehensible.
    Excellent artistic work of the Director. Credits to all that made this
    movie a success. The story was of course a standard format but the
    actors highlighted it and made it dynamic and smooth sailing. Sadness
    of massacre and sadness and loss by suicide are finally neutralize
    peacefully with happy endings. My two good friends from training
    program used to sing clips of poems during lunch hour and of course
    they were born and brought up as children from this region or culture.
    I was amazed then and I am amazed now. I give it a 7.4 Also I want my
    hands on the big collection of LP’s just mail me the address of that

  • Mohit TandonMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Boring and copy of Hollywood film ”Corpse Bride”

    The film was mainly letdown by Anushka Sharma, the wide-mouthed actress
    who overacted in the film and made horrible expressions. Even the
    dashing actor Diljit Dosanjh looked very average and his outfits was
    disastrous. Music again was not too good. The main focus was kept on
    Anushka and not on story-line.

    Don’t go for it………….

  • Madjack alwaysMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Pls avoid at all costs…there is nothing to save this movie!

    The movie is built around a popular love comedy ghost concept. Borrowed
    from a lot of plots..but then that’s quite OK…sometimes in the
    process you also get watchable movies. Which is the thought that made
    be give this a chance. That was my fault..The movie, the plot, the
    cast, the direction…absolutely nothing connects with the audience.You
    just don’t feel anything for them. Forget all the typical movie critic
    type buzzwords used by many reviews…if it does not entertain the
    audience…that’s it! I don’t care where the Star is from… And also I
    must admit, I was mislead by a lot of reviews…my tip to fellow
    readers..please check the authenticity to judge the objectiveness of
    the a reviewer before relying on the their reviews. Someone rated this
    movie at a 7..later after I checked their other reviews..they had rated
    The Shawshank Redemption at 7 and The Purge at 9…and I believed this
    person’s review…so..I was at fault.Its quite sad how people are
    gaming the review system like this. If there are poor reviews for a
    movie..then flood the system with very good reviews to even out the
    rating. So the one sure way to tell is to check how has the reviewer
    rated other known movies. And if you do not like or agree with their
    reviews…please say so and rank their reviews accordingly to help

  • chaitanyakamatMarch 28, 2017Reply

    Flashbacks test your patience, the rest is pretty good.

    This is a good movie, but it could have been better if the flashbacks
    weren’t so lengthy. It drawls especially towards the second half.
    Phillauri has a crazy, goofy start with Shashi (Anushka Sharma) getting
    confused with the technology of the 21st Century. The makers could have
    added some more confusions and cut most of the flashback scenes to give
    it some speed. Worth a watch.

  • rs-45184March 29, 2017Reply

    Best movie in its class.. with serious romance, light comedy.. and pleasant ending

    Movie was far more better than my expectations.. I consider this best
    movie.. because

    1) It start with perfect picturization of a village of Punjab, am not
    sure how close it was, but indeed it was beautiful

    2) Heart touching and holy romance story

    3) Superb acting by Suraj Sharma, Anushka , Diljit & Mehrene. Honestly
    I could not take off my eyes from screen during movie..

    4) Mild touch of comedy.. kept the movie very light

    5) Very close grip on movie, not predictable at all for me. I thought
    it would be somewhat related to honor killing, but came out something
    else..and end was very pleasant.. and unexpected one..

    6) Perfect balance was maintained in switching between flashback and
    present, timing and duration was so accurate, they never lose the grip
    and did’t allow us to get bored

    7) Sweet continuous melody in background mainly post break. There are
    many songs.. but very closely related to context of movie..unlike most
    of the recent movies.. where songs are forcefully fitted only to
    increase the length of movie..

    I am not Punjabi, and existing lyrics and songs are really good, but
    feel if they had kept lyrics in simple Punjabi.. it would have been
    much more effective… and closer to the theme of movie.

  • Tejas NairMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Sporadic Amusement. ♦ Grade C-

    Successful fantasy dramas in Bollywood are a rare phenomena. With Amol
    Palekar’s Paheli (2005) as a solid benchmark, it can be difficult to
    create an interesting film, as this ambitious project by a debutante
    director shows.

    Kanan (Suraj Sharma) is a young man who arrives from Canada and is
    taken by his parents straight to his would-be-fiancée and high school
    sweetheart Anu’s (Mehreen Pirzada) house for their engagement and
    subsequent wedding which is scheduled a week from now. Already mad with
    the swift turn of events and unsure about the whole marriage thing,
    Kanan tries to speak his mind, but it all falls in deaf ears. Things
    move at a faster rate as he is directed by the family pandit (Hindu
    scholar) to first marry a tree so that he can get rid of his
    astrological curse. No prize for guessing, but Kanan soon finds out
    that the tree that he married the previous day contained the ghost of a
    woman named Shashi (Anushka Sharma) who now believes and takes him to
    be her lawfully-wedded husband. A shaken Kanan tries to avoid her, but
    for how long? And how is he going to explain it to Anu, who now thinks
    that Kanan has changed from a genteel lover-boy to a weed-smoking
    hipster who plays around with women’s feelings…

    If there is a thing called convenient filmmaking, then this is it. With
    the setup of a big Indian wedding that reminds me of a yesteryear
    Malayalam-language film, Anwar Rasheed’s Ustad Hotel (2012), used to
    introduce the characters, the film makes a promising start.
    Superstitious families, an over-attached girlfriend, and a mysterious
    ghost from the previous century – the film has everything a Bollywood
    film could ask for. And for some time, it even manages to entertain.
    However, the level of quality and entertainment soon falls when you
    realize that the humor is forced and the drama unceremonious and
    inconsequential. Kanan is a 26-year old man and his encounters with
    Shashi are so childish they are cringe-worthy. Suraj’s portrayal as the
    helpless guy does not work either, even when he is supported by a
    talented supporting cast.

    The only positive element that works for the film is that the suspense
    about Shashi’s past stays strong throughout the film, mostly because it
    is explored non-linearly and is only dug deeper in the final 30
    minutes. The base is quite similar to Palekar’s 2005 SRK-starrer, with
    the exception of disappointing performances from the lead cast. Suraj
    sports a single expression throughout the 2 hours of running time –
    whether it is him flirting with his would-be or being terrorized by
    Shashi. Anushka does not do much for her character other than lazing
    around from point A to B looking like she hasn’t a clue. All excuses
    defending her character should be attributed to bad writing. Pirzada is
    a cutie, but needs to improve her acting chops if she wants to stay.
    Diljit Dosanjh is the only main character who gives out an authentic
    performance, and we cannot thank director Anshai Lal for that. The
    direction is overall average, with Lal using tried and tested methods
    to narrate his story and still failing to impress. The fitting and
    well-crafted background score and few hummable songs further accentuate
    the film as a one-time watch.

    With laudable CGI for a Bollywood film and the fact that the romance in
    the film is tied to an important part of Indian pre-Independence
    history, this second production by Anushka Sharma is a watchable but
    average affair. Go for it if you have nothing else to do.

    BOTTOM LINE: Anshai Lal’s ”Phillauri” is a ghost story that flip flops
    between romance, fantasy, and comedy with these genres providing
    entertainment in the descending order. It is high on romance thanks to
    the backstory set in the 1910s, but is pretty low on comedy, no thanks
    to the writing. Watch it on TV.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • mukherjeediptenduApril 25, 2017Reply

    This is pure bad…….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • suvojitmitra-09263May 3, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sunnyinsa93May 17, 2017Reply

    Phillauri (A Punjabi Taste Movie)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TakethispunchMay 19, 2017Reply

    Awful indeed.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jaspreet SinghMay 25, 2017Reply

    Such a sincere effort and 9 Out of 10 rating

    Initially film was slow and could not attract much with comedy. But as
    film was showing history of Shashi (Anushka) everything started to feel
    good. Very good script, well portrayed romance of 1919 year with
    emotions and Jalianwala bagh massacre. Overall good light comedy plus
    entertaining movie with a sincere attempt. Would give 9 out of 10.

  • AnishMisraMay 30, 2017Reply

    Phillauri review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mhvasaniMay 30, 2017Reply

    Good movie, would have given full ratings if the first half was cut to half.

    First thing, I am giving this movie 8 star becoz the first half is kind
    of all over the place means the story is just going somewhere u can’t
    relate to the characters and u could not even understand the two
    timelines that r shown in the movie that they have any connections but
    the second half is all very perfectly executed every scene is for some
    reason that u get and can connect the dots which were all over the
    place. Second thing, the ghost of Anushka Sharma is very much real
    like. I mean I didn’t expect this kind of CGI for a Bollywood movie. So
    in all it’s a good movie and I would have given full ratings if the
    first half was cut to half.

  • shobanchittuproluMay 31, 2017Reply

    Phillauri is a disappointment with silly plot and dragging screenplay.

    Phillauri (2017):

    Anushka Sharma striked gold after scoring her first success as producer
    with NH10.Her second film as producer is Phillauri,a fantasy love story
    starring herself,Life of Pi fame Suraj Sharma,Udta Punjab fame Diljeet
    and KVPG fame Mehreen.So how is it?


    The plot is about the marriage of Kanan (Suraj Sharma) with his
    childhood love, Anu (Mehreen Pirzada). The twist is that Kanan marries
    a tree as he is a ”manglik” and the ghost of Shashi (Anushka) is bound
    to him as she is the ghost on the tree. The film narrates two parallel
    love stories – that of Kanan and of Shashi who wants to meet her love
    Phillauri (Diljeet).

    Plus Points

    1)Performances: Anushka Sharma is good, but not as good as she can be,
    and that too only in bits and pieces.Diljeet’s performance is truly a
    relief in flashback.Suraj Sharma is good.Mehreen is clueless.

    2)VFX: Even though the VFX is not worth considering for this romantic
    film,still Phillauri’s fairy look and climax scenes are visually

    Minus Points:

    1)Plot: Phillauri’s plot is ages old and looks like a fairy tale meant
    for kids.Even the humor disappointed.

    2)Music: There is not even a single song worth mentioning in this
    film.BGM is rehash of Hollywood’s fantasy films.

    3)Duration: Movie feels so dragged.A couple of scenes deserves a cut.

    So,Phillauri is a disappointment with silly plot and dragging

    My rating 5.25/10

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