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Rampage: President Down

Rampage: President Down

This Bill will not be vetoedSep. 06, 2016 Canada
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Uwe Boll


Brendan Fletcher isBill Williamson
Bill Williamson
Matt Frewer isBills Father
Bills Father
Steve Baran isFBI Agent James Molokai
FBI Agent James Molokai
Ryan McDonell isFBI Agent Vincent Jones
FBI Agent Vincent Jones
Bruce Blain isThe Homeless Guy
The Homeless Guy
Scott Patey isFBI Agent Murray
FBI Agent Murray
Ralph Steiger isFBI Agent
FBI Agent
Timo Weingaertner isPolice Officer
Police Officer
Anthony Rogers isFBI Agent Anthony Rogers
FBI Agent Anthony Rogers


Bill Williamson is back, alive and well and doing a recon mission around D.C. This time he wants to cause a major population disruption within the USA which result in devastating consequences reverberating throughout the world. His new mission this time to bring down The President of the United States and his Secret Service detail. Bill brings with him all the freak-in havoc and acidity of the previous 2 movies.

Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Rampage: President Down
Original titleRampage: President Down
IMDb Rating5.0 1,452 votes
TMDb Rating5 30 votes

(22) comments

  • GoaboatSeptember 5, 2016Reply

    Not bad for the end of a trilogy, but a bit disappointing.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • casablancavicSeptember 8, 2016Reply

    Not as intense as #1 or 2

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JvrdSeptember 10, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Daffy DeckSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    despite low budget and weak script; EXCELLENT!

    I didn’t really have expectations with ”President Down”, I have seen
    the first two movies and for me there’s a darkness and chill that
    suggests that the trilogy is closer to horror/thriller than action.
    Brenden Fletcher seems to look madder and scarier and as an anti-hero
    you get the feeling he’s not that likable a person; highly intelligent
    yet potentially volatile, not the type of person you take home to

    Somehow I was gripped by President Down, low budget and weak script
    aside, the message is powerful, the fantasy of one person making an
    impact whereby ”the people” take back their power and follow the
    (somewhat jumbled) message…

    However, the message is powerful and although the use of
    violence/control to instigate a potential egalitarian society never
    works; the sophomoric use of action and sensationalism at least will
    attract some people that need the message/parable to casually sink into
    their subconscious.

    Overall it’s a worthwhile watch if you want your noodles cooked (brain
    stimulated) but don’t expect high end action or deeply choreographed
    fight scenes. President Down deserves a watch as the thinkers will find
    it intriguing…

  • bbobbcommunistSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    Quit our whining!

    Did Scorsese, Coppola or Spielberg always hit a Home Run? No. This is a
    good movie that perhaps could have been a bit better. But you are
    missing the point. The important thing is Bill Williamson delivering a
    message to the camera. All the other stuff is frosting. The message is
    the cake. Some people are in it just to lick the frosting because they
    cannot handle the cake. There is so much wrong with our ”world” today
    that it would take many Bill Williamsons to ”cleanse” the corrupt lice
    out of here. Of course if you are a 1% person with way too much money
    then you would not like Bill (or Uwe for that matter). Take a good look
    at what is being offered to Americans for Presidential candidates. No
    wonder the rest of the World is laughing at us. The two over-stuffed
    couches we get to choose from sure makes Bill seem like the logical
    solution. So there.

  • mxridergmSeptember 17, 2016Reply


    I saw the first Rampage movie in 2010, and immediately fell in love
    with it. I’ve followed the series since, and watched the movies
    countless times, and shared them with everyone I know. I absolutely
    love the ideologies and messages that Bill Williamson portrays, and I
    wish that the American population could understand and follow his
    messages. No reform will take place if drastic measures aren’t met.

    However, I do wish the third and (supposedly, but sadly) final movie of
    the series had more of a message to it. The previous movie had a huge
    message, with intense eye-opening and mind blowing themes and
    ideologies throughout.

    The second movie focused more on his messages, whereas the third and
    final movie focused more on Bill’s legacy, his ideologies, and the
    imprint he left on American society to ”wake up and change”. The
    closure was well done, but part of me wishes he’d escaped again and
    left room for one more. Or two more. Or five more. Ha.

    I loved all three movies, and I think any American (or any member of
    society who is sick of slaving away and wants to open his/her mind)
    should watch the trilogy from beginning to end. If you had not already,
    you will have a whole new perspective on today’s government and society
    as a whole. This series will affect your perspective if you truly pay
    attention and listen throughout.

    If you have not seen the first two movies of this series, start from
    the beginning. You will love it.

    Reform is vital, and if we wish to reform we must wake up and change.

  • KineticSeoulSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    The weakest in the trilogy. Just there to drag it on into a trilogy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Davor ListerOctober 2, 2016Reply

    Progressive leftist propaganda

    Action and violence seem beyond the point after a protagonist, a bad
    guy, recites the entire progressive world-view as his motive to kill.

    Otherwise I’d give this piece of garbage a solid 7 for action, and well
    spent low budget. But the magic was spoiled after the climate change
    and gun control tirade.

    The funniest part, the riots that are motivated by a same Marxist
    following are declared right-wing extremists. Tell me about
    deliberately missing the point.

    So as an aftermath – what did I learn after watching this litter? Don’t
    trust people peddling Marxist ideologies.

  • wfrazierusaOctober 6, 2016Reply

    Awful, 99 minutes of agony

    This is one of those movies that if I could give it a 0 (zero), I
    would. It consists of some of the most unbelievable acting I’ve ever
    seen. The characters just never develop into anything resembling real

    If you want to watch political harangue, disguised as entertainment,
    this might be a movie you enjoy. But for a movie under the genre of
    action, crime, thriller; well, the only genre it fits would be crime,
    and the crime would be the fact that the movie was ever distributed in
    the first place.

    Apparently this is part 3 of a 3 part trilogy. I never had the
    misfortune of seeing the other two parts, but judging from this film, I
    guess I haven’t missed anything.

    I would suggest that you save your money, time, and sanity. Go watch
    (or buy) something else.

  • rohanownzOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Beautiful and a great end to the trilogy!

    Now after reading other people’s thoughts about this movie, I am rather
    shocked a good number of people did not like it very much. I absolutely
    loved the first although the idea of making a movie about a mass
    murderer is kind of messed up in my opinion. But none the less much of
    the ideas he shared are pretty truthful and it really puts attention to
    the issues we face and the means someone would really have to go to
    just to make any difference. The first one had some great scenes and a
    unique and enticing story. Brendan is an amazing actor and plays the
    role perfectly. The 2nd movie I was shocked to find out existed and as
    soon as I heard I had to watch it. Again I was highly impressed.
    Although a little slower than the first it still held my attention and
    continued to progress his story. I just found out they made a third
    movie and again I had to rush to go watch it. Now sure you can tell
    this one had a smaller budget. And sure I would have loved to see some
    more scenes. As some have mentioned a little more background on how he
    met Crystal and when he killed the President. But the movie was very
    well built. It had tension that was slowly increasing throughout the
    film and climaxed perfectly. Great use of referencing the past films
    and driving his ideals home. Not to mention adding that human element
    to Bill’s character through the use of his girlfriend and son was
    brilliant. Of course some of the ”wow only in a movie” aspects were
    present like in all 3 but it’s good those are there because it keeps it
    on the movie plane and not so much as ”Hey go out and do this and it
    will work” kind of motive. I personally liked Ryan McDonell’s
    performance as Vincent even though some people said he and the other
    guy were awful. He filled that bad ass cop role like William Forsythe
    played in the Devils Rejects. The ending was pretty funny, seemed like
    Uwe Boll had some fun and possibly a vendetta against some of those
    celebrities that were announced dead. Not that death is funny but it’s
    a good time seeing them get knocked down from their pedestal. Anyways
    definitely not a flawless movie by any means but it was certainly a
    good ending to the series.

  • Mack LambertOctober 14, 2016Reply

    Self-aggrandizing, patting one’s self on the back…

    That’s what I would describe the latest (and hopefully last) entry of
    the Rampage series from director Uwe Boll. This recent film is a huge
    disappointment given previous films like Postal, the first Rampage,
    Assault on Wall Street, and Tunnel Rats 1968 seemed to signal a
    maturation as a filmmaker.

    This film focuses on Bill Williamson solidifying his legacy as a voice
    for the oppressed, but ends up coming off as a Che Guevara by way of
    Osama Bin Laden. He’s a terrorist who somehow successfully assassinated
    the President and others in the Federal Govt. And we’re also supposed
    to believe that Williamson’s followers would have infiltrated the
    federal agencies trying to track him down, essentially nerfing them.
    This is a fantasy movie with little to no basis in reality.

    The film mostly covers Williamson proselytizing to his followers and
    the FBI trying to find him. The screenplay was written by Boll and
    actor Brendan Fletcher, who plays Williamson. This is basically Boll
    stroking his own ego, trying to show the world he knows what needs to
    be done to make our planet a better place. He tries to make Williamson
    a sympathetic figure with moments showing him as a father and husband.
    Makes sense. Some women have wanted to be the wife of Charles Manson or
    Richard Ramirez.

    As a viewer, I was more sympathetic to the FBI agents, Molokai and
    Jones. They were given depth. We knew about them, they became more
    relatable. They were real compared to the cartoonish Williamson.

    What struck me the most was the fixation of explosions and violence
    done to police. Yeah, some cops are dirty and corrupt, just like anyone
    of any race, creed, what have you. We see so many shots of them flying
    through the air and being blasted with gunfire. This is anarchy cop
    murder porn.

    The first Rampage film was an interesting look at a nihilist becoming a
    mass murderer, and how ideology can lead to extremism. And that’s where
    the series should have ended, by not becoming a series.

    I would rate this two stars because Steve Baran and Ryan McDonell as
    the two FBI leads are the stand outs and deserve to be in a better

  • crazypadsladsNovember 12, 2016Reply

    For fans this will be a journey worth taking- progressive lefitst propaganda?! F**k yeah I’m down!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aizaz RazaNovember 14, 2016Reply

    Not what I Expected..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AJ598December 9, 2016Reply

    Slightly Hypocritical

    I’ve enjoyed the first two movies in this series incredibly.

    However this particular film ends in utter nonsense.

    It is a movie about an extreme left-wing radical and yet, they make a
    bold claim in the final scenes regarding right-wing terrorists which
    completely negates the entire premise of the film. Right when I was
    about to finish watching, satisfied with the content, they throw this
    statement into the film which completely destroys the continuity of the

    That being said, if you would like to see a movie about a terrorist
    democrat, it’s a good watch. Far from the quality of the previous two

  • JP NewmanJanuary 8, 2017Reply

    Better than average

    The plot, acting and cinematography of this latest installment were
    slightly better than average… It’s not easy to produce high quality
    film with a limited budget, especially when everyone want to get as
    much money as possible for their work..

    Uwe Boll’s correctly identified some of the current issues facing
    society, however, his suggested use of violence to correct those issues
    will only make things worse, not better for the 99.9% that he wants to

    Let’s see if Boll will attempt to make another installment to improve
    the series and his message… There are plenty of people who came out
    of ”retirement” to do what they love… and his fight for a better
    society is far from over…

  • ErikJanuary 8, 2017Reply

    Bad Writing, Bad Effects

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Holly ThompsonJanuary 8, 2017Reply

    Could have been better.

    The first and second one were way better. This one just wasn’t as
    intense and too much talking going on. Not saying it was terrible but
    could have been better. They need to be more logical with what they’re
    saying. No one is going to believe that Britney Spears and George Bush
    were killed. Too hypocritical and talking about terrorists. We didn’t
    even see the president and his secretary’s being killed so they just
    left that out. It seemed a little died down. There was a lot of hype
    about it and it didn’t meet the expectations. But usually the third
    sequel isn’t always that good. They didn’t even explain how he met his
    wife crystal and what happened after Bill died. What’s going to happen
    to Billy also? He’s never going to see that DVD.

  • Zach HicksJanuary 8, 2017Reply

    Very little action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • patcarlson-18259January 10, 2017Reply

    this was a terrible movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gangsterdinosaurJanuary 11, 2017Reply

    So bad that I just can’t begin to immerse myself

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MaximumMadnessJanuary 18, 2017Reply

    ”Rampage: President Down”- Uwe Boll’s final film is appropriately both one of his most ambitious works… and also one of his messiest. Still, it’s a watchable finale.

    I admire Uwe Boll. Honestly. The man loves his job… he loves making
    movies. And despite the constant (and well-deserved) backlash he
    received throughout the great majority of his career, he never stopped
    doing what he loved. So I gotta give the man some major respect. He
    might have made terrible films, and he might have been a bit… overly
    ”abrasive” and ”passionate” when things didn’t go his way, but he
    struggled and fought to do what he wanted. And that’s more than many
    can say.

    In some ways, it seems all too appropriate for Boll’s (alleged) final
    film to also be the concluding chapter in his genuinely popular
    ”Rampage” trilogy. Since the release of the original film back in 2009,
    this particular trilogy seemed to be the thing that kept Boll
    completely and utterly invested in his career as a film director. You
    can tell that they are perhaps his most personal work and that he’s
    actually putting his heart and soul into their creation. And you get a
    sense that anything else he’s made since 2009 has only been
    side-projects that he worked on out of obligation.

    In a strangely subdued narrative in comparison to the trilogy as a
    whole, we again follow Bill Williamson (played wonderfully by co-
    writer Brendan Fletcher) as he struggles with the ramifications of his
    previous ”rampages”- most notably his recent assassination of the
    President of the United States. Williamson is now a father of an infant
    son, and he worries that his message is being lost by a media that is
    more focused on his body-count than on his attempts at delivering a
    misguided message. As the authorities try to crack down on him and take
    him out once and for all, Bill prepares himself for what might just be
    his final rampage… Desperately hoping that his philosophies will
    finally get through to the public once and for all.

    I wasn’t a massive fan of the original film, but I did find it one of
    Boll’s more palatable works and also one of his most stylish. It was a
    decent enough movie about a man pushed to the brink and lashing out
    against a society that he feels increasingly oppressed by. However, I
    found the second installment (”Capital Punishment”) to be a preachy
    mess that was far too in love with its own flawed ideals to really
    function properly in any capacity. It’s musings and ideologies were
    half-baked and self-aggrandizing nonsense, and it became too obviously
    a shallow attempt to appeal to the teenaged and 20-something wannabe
    armchair- revolutionaries that have been popping up more and more
    recently. Thankfully, I think ”President Down” improves on the second
    chapter and probably sits just below the original. If you enjoyed the
    first film, I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed by its concluding

    Star Brendan Fletcher is the main draw for this final chapter, and he’s
    giving it his absolute best shot. I’ve always really enjoyed Fletcher
    as a performer, and it’s really a shame that he’s not more widely
    recognized and is constantly saddled in low- budget B-movie roles- the
    guy can act his heart out and has a lot of appeal. I also feel
    Fletcher’s contributions to the writing are invaluable, given his
    insight into the character of Bill Williamson. It was also quite clever
    for the film to spend more time with Bill as a person first and a
    ”terrorist” second. It gave the film more of an emotional impact…
    something that was desperately lacking in the previous installment. You
    actually do kind of care about Bill this time around, psychotic thought
    he may be. It’s quite ambitious, being Boll’s most character- intensive
    work to date.

    Unfortunately, the film suffers for Boll’s continued wonky direction,
    his obsession with the shaky ”morals” on display and a cripplingly low
    budget. Boll is one of those directors… he seems to understand the
    ”language” of film and can wrap his head around what works and doesn’t
    work on a technical level. But he doesn’t seem to grasp how to use this
    knowledge to put together a scene. And thus, the film comes off as
    amateurish as ever from a directorial standpoint. Much like many of his
    recent film, he relies on shaky-cam style camera-work to a fault, and
    seems afraid to let any shot go on for more than a few seconds, which
    gets distracting far too often. His sense of story structure is also
    pretty suspect, as is his continued insistence to try and elevate the
    film into something more than it is. You can tell Boll thinks the movie
    is an important piece of fiction. And he relishes in letting Bill
    expound ridiculous amounts of preaching dialog warning of the dangers
    of the social and political institutions at play. But it’s all common
    knowledge for anyone with half a brain. And given that this is the same
    film series where Bill executed a woman over yoga of all things in the
    second entry, it comes off as flat and ”false.” You can’t take it
    seriously. And good lord, do the budget cuts show on-screen. The film
    is laughably cheap-looking, with the majority of sequences taking place
    in the same three or four small, cramped rooms and the big, titular
    ”rampage” being a mere portion of what was on-display in the other

    Still, I do think that the ambition on display with the honest attempts
    at character development and the powerhouse performance by Brendan
    Fletcher make it worth it a go if you were a fan of the previous films.
    It might not quite measure up to the depraved insanity of the original,
    but it’s at least watchable and serves as an appropriate cap to the
    trilogy. And for film buffs, it’s worth seeing as the supposed final
    film from one of cinema’s most infamous figures. Part of me will miss
    you, Boll.

    I give ”Rampage: President Down” a sub-par but watchable 4 out of 10.

  • jackfwoodwardFebruary 2, 2017Reply

    Not what I hoped, but Uwe gave it his A-game.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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