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Jul. 03, 2015 India
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A 2015 Kannada mystery-thriller movie.

Original titleRangiTaranga
IMDb Rating8.8 9,903 votes
TMDb Rating6.3 3 votes

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(99) comments

  • reachmallyaJuly 3, 2015Reply

    Revival of cult classic Guddada Bhootha.

    Rangitaranga (Kannada) is a much decent and an unusual film, probably
    stands out from the regular trash made in Sandalwood. The plot which
    draws inspiration from the cult Kannada series ”Guddada bhoota” (by
    Sadanand Suvarna) is cleverly written and is bound to impress for folks
    who like to see the twists and turns. Whilst most films suffer at the
    execution level Rangitaranga is surprisingly neat, thanks to the
    cinematography of William David and Lance Kaplan and background score
    of Ajaneesh Loknath. The choice of bringing in the DOPs from abroad
    seems to have created a magical feel. The frames are pretty good and
    most of the shots are smooth flowing. The background score by Ajaneesh
    suits the mysterious feel that is much needed for the film and the
    climax score bit is brilliant. Radhika is brilliant and its good to see
    that Anup has really helped her getting her to do her best. Nirup
    playing the main protagonist has really taken the risk. It is a
    difficult role to play at least for a debut. Though he struggles with
    his mannerisms he reminded me much of Ajay Devgan in his earlier days.
    Nirup has some great eyes which he seems to have put into use. The role
    itself has many shades that its hard to put him under any sort of usual
    buckets that we have. Hope his work gets noticed and we get to see more
    of him. Avantika is probably the weakest when it comes to the main
    characters but she fits in and has performed well. But there is some
    strange feeling about her dialogue delivery. You will get to know when
    you probably watch the film. Sai Kumar plays a role which is very
    different from his usual forte but its hard to say if anyone else would
    fit that role. Out of the main characters his is the only one character
    which is native to the region the narrative takes place and the
    Dakshina Kannada accent seems to have taken a beating, something that
    needed some thoughts on.

    The first half of Rangitaranga goes real good and during the
    intermission it does put you into thinking mode. However there is a
    drop as the second half begins, as the narrative gets into a catch up
    mode going onto flashbacks with back to back songs. Most narratives
    have this problem of the tempo going down in the beginning of the
    second half and probably the lengthy flashbacks could have been crisp
    to keep the experience graph at the same level. Though there are
    considerably some significant amount of continuity issues in terms of
    shots which come over there are many things to catch on that these
    nuances tend to get forgotten. the edits seem to have some issues.
    There is a problem when you place two scenes side by side , a scene in
    the night time followed by a shot during the day and again night. This
    creates a jarring effect and your brain does not digest such transition
    unless something more important is fed to fade that though out. Some of
    the characters really do not have much to do with the main plot could
    have easily be chopped off to shorten the runtime. Rangitaranga does
    have this shortcomings and could have gotten much better however as a
    whole the experience what it has to deliver is put across. Its
    definitely good to see in a new team pitching in the industry which is
    haunted by big budget boredom remakes. If you are aware of the
    experience of goosebumps then i got it around thrice and twice during
    the ”Dennana Dennana”

  • Anoop ShivakumarJuly 3, 2015Reply

    An Excellent Horror and Suspense Thriller

    I saw the movie First day First show. I had high expectations for this
    movie when i saw the trailer. I fell in love with the Cinematography in
    trailer itself. The film didn’t let me down, There are few
    Horror-Suspense movies in Kannada like ”Aparichita” ”Shhh” and this is
    one of those movies. Those who would want to see a movie which doesn’t
    has crap love story which other movies focus on so much that they go
    out of the story line. Love story should be a part of movie not the
    whole movie.

    Most of the actor and director of this movie are newcomers and they
    have done an excellent job with this movie. I would say please go watch
    this movie in theater itself to get that thrilling experience and
    encourage them.

    The best part of the whole movie is the Cinematography which was the
    plus point and makes you not move your eyes away from screen. Go for it
    guys watch it. To those guys who like movie having over-fighting where
    all of them fly 5 feet from ground so called as ”mass” this is not for

  • Raghavendra RamakrishnaJuly 4, 2015Reply

    A wonderful journey

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rakshith S PonnathpurJuly 5, 2015Reply

    Brilliant movie. Must watch!

    The movie definitely lived up to the hype. Brilliant, it was just
    brilliant! Acting, story, screenplay, music, scenery, and most
    importantly, the mystery – everything helped in making it a gripping
    movie that kept us at the edge of our seats throughout.

    When the movie reaches the climax, and you get a hang of everything,
    you can almost hear that collective sigh of relief from everyone – for
    the mystery, that kept everyone speculate among each other for more
    than two hours, that was finally revealed, and for the happy
    realization that the money paid for the movie was pretty damn worth it.

    Could have shortened the movie a little bit, and this is possibly the
    only thing one would find, if they dig deep to find a negative about
    the film.

    What are you waiting for? Go watch RANGITARANGA. Here is a potential
    100-150 day movie. Make it reach there. I am watching again for sure.
    Sakkath movie guru!

  • Rajesh RaoJuly 5, 2015Reply

    Simply Brilliant

    9/10..Simply Brilliant. Deserves at least an Oscar nomination. Multi
    talented Anup Bhandari is our Martin Scorcsee now. Got chills
    throughout even after leaving the theater such was its lasting impact.
    Multiple thriller stories including paranormal intertwined to one mind
    blowing mystic plot. Top-notch Hollywoodish cinematography like a
    painting on every frame, Hans Zimmer kind a breathtaking background
    score, acting, dialogues, screenplay were down to earth classic, songs
    will give you goose bumps. Not a single moment every
    frame carefully to grasp the whole plot. I bet at the end the more you
    think deeper about plot you will unfold new hidden story. Go watch in
    theaters only.

  • Spikemeister SandeepJuly 6, 2015Reply

    RangiTaranga – Definitely a colorful wave!

    There are horror movies which offer mainly jumpscares and there are
    some which will be haunting even after the movie. And then there’s this
    new wave called RangiTaranga – which offers brilliant jump-scares and
    leaves you haunting even after you come out of the theatre. Not many
    movies can do that. RangiTaranga doesn’t stick to one genre. Director
    Anup bhandari has played with the genres according to the neatly
    written and twisted but brilliant screenplay.

    The good news is Rangitaranga satisfies all kinds of audience be it
    frolic seeking janata or experience seeking world cinema followers.
    While normal audience can soak in the brilliant BGM and the creepy
    scares with frequent twists, the latter who can appreciate the
    technicality and the writing of the movie! There are actually more than
    one story to this movie. The main plot is about the haunted house
    ‘Kamaruttu’ and the theories and mysteries surrounding it! Like other
    movies even this had a similar format but interesting thing about this
    is the premise. It’s surely something new to our audience and there’s a
    lot of detail involved. And the director establishes some really good
    things and characters in the premise that keeps you thinking. Another
    story is about Gautham(Nirup bhandari) and Indu(Radhika Chetan) who
    come to Kamaruttu for a different purpose. And they have their own dark
    past to worry about. And the final arc is about Sandhya(Avanthika
    Shetty) looking for a writer called Anashku, who also heads to the same

    The purposes of these main characters, the mystery surrounding the
    place, their dark past and how these arcs connect together forms the
    main crux of the plot. Anup Bhandari has cautiously tried to narrate
    all these stories with a gripping screenplay and he has pulled it off
    brilliantly. Right from the first scene, the movie starts to cast its
    spell on the audience.The first half is mainly about introducing the
    characters,establishing the premise, providing clues and ending with a
    great twist while the Second half caters to revelations and connecting
    all the loose ends! Frequent twists keep the viewers intriguing till
    the end.

    Some scenes are really spine chilling, thanks to the amazing BGM by
    Ajaneesh Loknath who is definitely the third hero to this
    movie.Technically the movie is just perfect and they have not
    compromised anywhere. Cinematographers Lance Kaplan and David Williams
    should take a bow. The light setting, the camera angles are different
    and it uplifts the movie to a whole new level. People often confuse
    rich visuals with richly spent visuals but this movie defines what rich
    visuals and cinematography is. And the scares wouldn’t have been this
    extremely effective if it wasn’t for the editing! It is perfectly done
    most of the time! The pure Kannada lyrics for all the songs by Anup
    Bhandari is one more plus point to this movie. They are mostly

    Coming to the performances, Nirup Bhandari looks good and for a debut
    he does a good job but should have done better in a few sequences. The
    two lead actresses are another great find after Nabha(Vajrakaya) &
    Priyanka(Ganapa). Avanthika gets to shine more than Radhika and they
    were great in their roles. Ananth Rao plays a good intimidating cop and
    other supporting actors do their job well. And there’s another
    important character called KaaLinga Bhat played by Sai Kumar. After
    Kalpana he comes back with a brilliant role to play. His dialogue
    delivery, his presentation and his variation in acting is exceptional.
    There are minor negatives – Some dialogues lacked the feel and punch
    while a few questions are left unanswered, maybe they weren’t relevant
    to the main plot nevertheless it’s easily one of the strongest content
    dependent movie to come in the recent times after Krishna Leela.

  • arunhegdeJuly 7, 2015Reply

    One of the best suspense thrillers ever came in Kannada! A must watch

    Rangitaranga is surely one of the best suspense thrillers ever made in
    Kannada cinema. In fact we can say in Indian cinema too! Very fresh and
    neatly presented. Who says this is a movie by brand new team? Every one
    has acted so well. BGM by Ajaneesh rocks to the core. Hats off to Anup
    Bhandari for his brilliant attempt. The movie was shot in backdrop of
    tulu naadu. It surely reminds you Guddada bhoota serial.

    A must watch!!! Go watch this great movie.

    Rangitaranga is surely one of the best suspense thrillers ever made in
    Kannada cinema. In fact we can say in Indian cinema too! Very fresh and
    neatly presented. Who says this is a movie by brand new team? Every one
    has acted so well. BGM by Ajaneesh rocks to the core. Hats off to Anup
    Bhandari for his brilliant attempt. The movie was shot in backdrop of
    tulu naadu. It surely reminds you Guddada bhoota serial.

    A must watch!!! Go watch this great movie.

  • harishrampJuly 7, 2015Reply

    Amazing Triple Whammy…

    One intriguing story itself is a rarity these days. Here we have three
    stories intertwined delicately in one delectable combo. With a
    wonderful story as the spine, the movie has some impeccable technical
    work. Amazing direction, crisp editing, music, songs and BGM helps the
    flow. Camera work is true in capturing the natural beauty of the ghats
    and accentuating it in places. The underwater fight scene, wow! Slick
    editing and mixing, the dairy script as the border of the flashback
    scenes are a nice touch. Very good (sometimes mature) acting by the
    debutant(e)s. The girls are not just oomph and acting scared, but
    adding value to every scene. Could have chosen more local actors like
    the adorable driver Rapeeqk 🙂 for the teacher and postmaster roles.
    Their accents are a bit out of place. What happens to the murders might
    be one open question? Chance for a sequel? We would love to wait!

  • supreethsJuly 8, 2015Reply

    Rangitaranga – Beautifully scripted half badly edited.

    As the movie starts – First half seems plot less, However second half
    covers the damage done in first half.

    1. Story stands out as the best part of the movie. Kudos to that. 2.
    Lead role hero – Fails to carry the movie or emotions. 3. Lead role
    female – Good job. 4. Songs – Would have been great if there were none.
    5. Direction – Top class. Brilliant grip over movie. 6. Screenplay –
    Good, Though first half of movie could have been better. 7. Editing –
    Movie needs to be trimmed down by 30 minutes at least. Unnecessary
    songs tests your patience.

    Overall a great movie and a standing ovation for the team for pulling
    off such great feat in first attempt.

    A rare kind of movie. Definitely worth watching.

  • Srujana DevaJuly 9, 2015Reply

    A great thriller movie we had been waiting for!

    It’s been a while since I saw a Kannada thriller movie. And, this movie
    exceeded all my expectations. Kudos to the entire team who gave us such
    a brilliant movie. This is not exactly a non-linear storyline but, the
    way Anup Bhandari has taken it is really fantastic apart from couple of
    goofs. What’s a movie without any goofs and continuity misses?
    Newcomers Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Chetan and Avantika Shetty delivered
    top notch acting too. And Sai kumar, a round of applause to you Sir! As
    a thriller, it keeps the audience engaged with every scene and guessing
    every moment of the movie. Instead of the two quick songs in the second
    half, the director could’ve concentrated on going easy on two different
    story lines. Apart from these and extra spooky effects, this movie did
    a great job for a thriller genre! Ajaneesh Loknath did an excellent job
    for the BGM(Didn’t find much of UK’s BGM similarity though). Stunning
    DOP by Lance Kaplan and William David. Overall, I’d go with 4.5 out of
    5 stars. Must watch for the Kannada movie fans.

  • Nikhil ErkimuttJuly 11, 2015Reply

    A very good Kannada thriller in a very long time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • athmikJuly 12, 2015Reply

    A spectacular thriller

    Quite simply the best film in recent years in Kannada film industry.
    And perhaps the best film in India since 2000 in the suspense/thriller
    genre. Right from the opening scene till the end of first half I don’t
    think anyone would have blinked an eye! And be prepared to scratch your
    heads during the intermission! Movie slows down a touch at the start of
    the second half but by the time you realize it the film gathers pace
    again leading to a thrilling climax. Screenplay, cinematography and
    dialogs are the main ingredients in a film nowadays, as great stories
    seemed to have dried out in recent times. But this film churns out a
    story, which will remain with you for a long time. Newcomers Nirup and
    Radhika have done a commendable job. What a directorial debut it has
    been for Anup. The Bhandari brothers are here to stay!

  • Nishanth PandithJuly 12, 2015Reply

    Amazing Experience : Standing Ovation

    What an experience !!! A top class Kannada movie in the midst of all
    Big budget nonsense movies around.

    A standing ovation to the Director/Story teller-Anup Bhandari ,
    Terrifying Banckground Music- Ajaneesh, Excellent Camera work-Lance and
    Williams and a new breed of genuine actors.. Radhika Chetan , Avantika
    and Nirup. Also Saikumar playing the role of his life…

    Right from the first frame until the last one, I never even turned my
    head .. so much glued to the screen!!! every point when the story seems
    to be familiar.. there you go with a twist… this keeps you on the
    edge of your seat… well done team and hearty congratulations.

    Lucia , Ulidavaru Kandante and now Rangitaranga…. takes the Kannada
    film industry to totally a different level !!

    As a viewer… both my time and money well spent !!!

  • poonamkumar300July 14, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie.. Must watch… nicely crafted

    This is a very Nicely crafted Movie By Debutant Anoop Bhandari… the
    plot is completely flawless… adapting the guddada bootha Legacy..
    Although having no relation to the story… Why create New ghosts when
    we have very own Bhoothas… Well timed Twists and turns… Its a treat
    to watch the movie… The lead actors did their job well.. considering
    it their debut… sai kumar was the main highlight of the movie…This
    has been one of the best movies in kannada film industry in recent
    years… the camera work has been excellent and the screenplay was
    awesome… it is a very good suspense thriller and the director is
    successful in keeping audience glued to the seats till the end of the

  • shreekara-1995July 15, 2015Reply

    New Hope in Kannada Cinema

    ”RangiTaranga” the Magnum Opus by extremely talented crew proved that
    Kannada Cinema has that potentiality to go beyond those stereotypical
    movie formula and win the audience heart, this piece of work never
    seems to be as the work of the débutante where there is sheer
    perfectionism and the ensemble artistic elements.

    RangiTaranga is one among those movies that elevate the standard of an
    entire cinema industry and makes its viewers feel proud of their
    nativity, this movie has very beautiful narrative pattern and brings
    its audiences into its flow without any strain, mesmerizing
    cinematography by Lace Kaplin and William David makes every frame as
    the work of an art, another plus point of this flick is the fantastic
    BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath that enhances the intensity of the visuals and
    totally elevate the experience of viewing, technically it’s the best
    among very few movies that made its mark in ‘Kannada Cinema Rang’, Anup
    Bhandari as the captain of the team had rendered his work so precisely
    and had showed all the possible quality of being the tremendous
    director that one could rely on giving good works, such a fabulous
    start had also increased the responsibility of giving good movies on
    Mr. Director, lyrics and typical Kannada songs are truly appreciable.

    Nirup Bhandari is the new charm in Sandalwood and also has all those
    traits of being a good actor, there are slight few things that if he
    mould himself to the perfection then he moves to be the best, Radhika
    and Avanthika makes their debut with their good elegant performance,
    Siddu Moolimani is the person to be appreciated for his awesome on
    screen presence and comedic appearance, the actual star is Sai Kumar a
    person endowed with tremendous acting ability had provided full justice
    to his assigned role, in this phase Mr. Director made the proper

    Portrayal of Karavali Karnataka’s Bhootha Kola along with syncing music
    especially ‘Dannana’ track is the highlight; wonderful locations are
    other special aspects that add extra beauty to its flow, overall this
    Kannada thriller stands as the synonyms to the quality and excellence.

  • srikantha087July 15, 2015Reply

    Brilliant, Extraordinary, thriller and very fresh.

    Cinematography and tight screenplay is the heart and soul of the
    film.Anoop’s brilliance is seen in every frame and hard work of the
    entire team is reflected for 2 plus hours on screen! Newbies Nirup,
    Radhika and Avantika have done a neat job; they look like the people
    next door, which make the movie close to heart. Sai Kumar’s performance
    too is brilliant. AjaneeshLoknath’s compositions are good; Songs
    AkkaPakka and EeSanje are good. AkkaPakka has topped the charts from
    the day of the audio release. KeleCheluve- a Yakshgana redemption gives
    a new feel to the audience. Kareyole kareyole is well stitched with
    maximum letter ‘ka’, with strong words. Overall, a good album by
    AjaneeshLoknath. It’s time to support and encourage this talented bunch
    of film-makers by watching this film. Recently added subs for the
    people who don’t know Kannada. MUST MUST MUST watch the movie.

  • mahantesh-64437July 15, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie and must Watch

    Fantastic movie, gripping storyline and screenplay. Technically the
    movie is very rich, the camera-work is treat to watch with beauty of
    Malanadu. Kudos to the director who delivered such an amazing movie in
    his first attempt. Songs are melodious, catchy and lyrics is fresh and
    meaningful. Story is so gripping it keeps you guessing you the next
    scene, but most of the time you will fail with unexpected twists.

    All the actors justify their role with ease, no mass scenes for hero
    more realistic characters, In fact story is the hero in this movie.

    Climax is thrilling and any description about it would ruin the
    suspense. So people do watch this movie in theater

    Finally i would say WELL DONE RANGITARANGA TEAM. you seems promising
    for Kannada film industry.

  • Arjun Kudavalli RaveendraJuly 16, 2015Reply

    A Sandalwood Masterpiece

    This is a period where Kannada Audience are dying for quality movies,
    Quality directors are dying for screens and Distributors are dying for
    screening other language movies.

    There Comes Anup Bhandari from US to direct a movie with one thing :
    Passion. Movie releases, people initially hesitate to go to theater as
    Rangitaranga is full of newbies. Within a Day Social Network goes for a
    toss with everybody checking in at theaters watching Kannada Movie and
    writing awesome reviews. More people start going to theaters. Houseful
    on weekdays and with in a week Boom gone. Bahubali releases and most of
    the screens are taken to screen it.

    Having said this before reviewing the movie, it is necessary for the
    reader to initially understand how much the movie is liked in

    Since the beginning till climax, movie keeps you nail biting on the
    edge of your seat. It takes 99% of screen time to understand whether
    its a horror, psych, or a thriller movie. The twists in the movie will
    definitely encourage Abbas Mastan to try remaking this (May be Race-
    Taranga :P). Direction / Narration is the key. Actors have complimented
    the director with mind blowing performances. Back ground score is icing
    on the cake. Just Brilliant.

    Audience will be left scratching their head at interval. And they will
    be wow stuck in the end. Another feather on SaiKumar’s cap for his
    magnificent role.

    Hats Off

  • spurthikJuly 16, 2015Reply

    Good Thinking Movie

    This movie is Crazy in first half ,later some thinking to do then at
    the end complete U turn ! Wat a movie! At times the director surprises
    the audiences who are anticipating ghosts with amusing elements laced
    with surprise. Thereafter characters go missing and the search
    continues for them – a usual twist, but while encountering suspense.
    Even as the suspense unravels, the makers, especially the
    cinematographic work, gives the film a natural, realistic feel that
    adds to the horror quotient. The visual treat is further enhanced by
    songs. With no huge star cast, the script remains top priority –
    usually a missing portion in many star films which only depend on star
    value and loads of commercial elements. Rangitaranga is a good watch
    for those who love to get scared. Crisper editing and a faster pace in
    the narration would have made this film a must watch for the season.
    However, this is indeed a nice scary attempt for a debut director.


  • Amith KumarJuly 17, 2015Reply

    Technically good

    Pros: 1.No English/Hindhi word is used in songs hats off to anup’s
    effort 2. Background score is superb 3.Making is awesome 4.Theme of
    coastal traditions is carried nicely 5.Technically near to perfection
    thanks to Hollywood D.O.P duo 7.Lush green locations, Vintage
    house,Musical fusion of contemporary- yakahagana notes, Beautiful
    avantika keeps you in a pleasant hangover

    Cons : 1. Merging of two Concepts makes story messed up. 2.At certain
    points, It seems too many things are happening and confuses the viewer
    3.Director fails to reason some incidents in first half.

    Inspite of being a good movie it could have been better.

  • msnikhilJuly 17, 2015Reply

    Spellbounding Story telling with excellent acting.

    RANGITARANGA sets out to be a roller-coaster of a ride, it has all the
    elements for a thriller horror movie and the best part is the music and
    the location. Is is set in the Dakshina Kannada region of Karnataka in
    a fictitious place called Kamarottu. The Movie has brilliant
    cinematography and can be hailed as another Hero of the movie with its
    breath taking visuals that captures the locales, you always fail to
    predict and this loss is a win for the movie. Not to forget the
    background score it almost made me fall of the seat.. Kudos to the
    Director and the team.. Make Indian movies proud Anup Bhandari..

  • shrinivas-sahukarJuly 19, 2015Reply

    Excellent thriller from a debut director

    I was waiting to watch this movie from the time it released and finally
    got tickets on last thursday, The film keeps the interest and varies
    the audience guesses till the end. Music shows the traditional interest
    in the director and nativity has captured wonderfully, The Camera work
    is another plus point for this movie, which actually adds up more life
    ans thrill while watching it. First half makes you think different, and
    after that the twists will take the story differently, overall an
    excellent movie. Watch it in good movie halls for the good visuals and
    back ground music score and the thrilling effect. Must watch movie in

  • mrgprxtnJuly 19, 2015Reply

    Up there with Silence of the Lambs as far as suspense thrillers go

    This movie is still in the theaters and any reasonable review will have
    spoilers. So I will refrain from a full fledged review until this movie
    has had its truly well deserved run.

    All I will say for now is that this movie is up there with Silence of
    the Lambs as far as thrillers go. Do not miss this movie for anything
    in the world. I urge you to go watch it not once but at least twice to
    do justice to this absolute classic for the ages.

    The music is also a treat. Doesn’t hit you on the first listen but
    simply grows on you. The lyrics are another highlight. ‘Kareyole’ is
    proof of how sublime the experience can be when the language is not
    polluted by slang and borrowings from other languages. Each one of the
    numbers is great to listen to. Dennana Dennana is the icing on the cake
    and transports anybody who was a fan of ”Guddada Bhoota” back to the
    90s. Once again, do not miss this.

  • chaitanya hebbalJuly 19, 2015Reply

    a refreshing thriller that blends into ethos of karnataka folk lore with modernity

    this movie is a breath of fresh air in the mundane kannada film
    industry that is always churning out the regular senseless potboilers.
    i was hooked to my seat right from the first shot till the end.
    Excellent cinematography,coupled with tight screenplay and crisp
    editing together a create a spell bounding effect on the viewer. kudos
    to the director for handling such an excellent story with finesse …
    hope we can expect some really good movies from the director in the

    i purposely did not present the overview of the story in my review as i
    feel it would rob off some charm of the movie.. would suggest the
    people to go and experience an amazing movie called ”rangitaranga”.

  • sadashivadesaiJuly 19, 2015Reply

    Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

    One of the best movies I have seen in kannada in recent past.
    Everything in this movie was just awesome!
    direction,cinematography,music,casting, locations,songs ah! U name it
    and this movie has that thing doing a complete justice to it. I was
    literally scared for few scenes in the movie that I was feeling cold!.
    Those scenes were at par with any Hollywood flicks ( I had that
    experience while watching ”Conjuring”). From recent movies that I have
    seen in kannada I can see a lot of Raw talents doing such exceptional
    movies. This has changed my perceptions about kannada movies and
    especially shot with new comers! And after a month from its initial
    release when I saw the screens were still running full,that itself had
    passed on a message to me about how brilliant this movie was going to
    be. Overall very proud that raw talents are producing such fantastic

  • javalimanishJuly 20, 2015Reply

    true to its title! a colourful wave

    read an article about this movie in paper and then watched the trailer
    – was impressed a lot. saw the movie and each and every line is so
    neatly hemmed that it keeps you guessing till the end (although few can
    be guessed but few surely can’t:P). a gripping story with brilliant
    screenplay backed by a powerful music and acting by all of them, is
    simply amazing, the whole cast and crew has done a fabulous job.

    in the midst of all these big budget hogwash and all the hype,
    Rangitaranga emerges without the hype that its counterpart enjoyed and
    is Giving a stiff competition which is truly appreciable, given the
    fact that all of them are Beginners. of course, of late, our industry
    has been frequently referred to as ”Remake Industry”, and a movie like
    this by newbies who are extremely talented, proves that wrong.

    happiness is, promoting the movie by making non-kannadigas watch and
    hearing from them,”awesome movie! fabulous movie”,etc.

    in case if you haven’t watched, do watch. you’ll never regret it!

    Cheers 🙂

  • (adarshecommerce)July 20, 2015Reply

    Awesome direction !! Too Good

    Excellent direction and story narration from the debutant yet skillful
    director Anup Bandari . And the music and background score s awesome
    too .Way to go Aunp.

    The talent of the director can be witnessed in every scene of the
    movie. The new actors have acted (again credit to the director ) . Also
    he made good use of some veteran actors .

    The culture and life style of Mangalore and coastal villages are
    portrayed beautifully .

    The best part is story doesn’t revolve around one core story , so that
    director have to drag the movie . every scene in the movie has a

    in one word its a must watch

  • avharshavardhan9July 21, 2015Reply

    Fantabulous Movie..!!

    Must Watch….And when i say ”Must Watch” i mean it. Incredible
    Movie….Suspense, Scary, Thriller, Little romantic too…. Sometimes
    it feels like a Psychological thriller. Cant expect more from a
    débutant director. These are the kind of movies one expects these days.

    Screenplay, Cinematography, Direction, Back Ground score are
    excellent.. Even all-new actors have performed very well.. Saikumar is
    his best ever role….

    I wont say much because ”Experience is better than Explanation”…. So
    just go and watch the movie….You will have a new-generation movie

  • Sharmila DamleJuly 21, 2015Reply

    Mind blowing!!

    Rangitaranga!! Original subject, great direction and great
    cinematography. Movie begins with Gautam and Indu deciding to go to
    Komaruttu. They have their own dark past and Komaruttu has its own dark
    past (or present!!) to complicate their life and viewers mind. New
    twists and turns keeps the viewers glued to their seat.

    Anup Bhandari, thank you for not insulting our intelligence. You have
    continued the trend started by Pavan Kumar of Lucia fame. Good luck to
    you. Will look forward for your next movie.

    Will not reveal the plot. Any one who has not watched it yet, book the
    ticket right away. You will certainly not regret your decision!.

    Would love to see this movie being remade in several Indian languages.
    Anup deserves much more appreciation and stardom.

  • sjsrinidhiJuly 22, 2015Reply

    Awesome Direction,awesome storyline,mind-blowing BGM..!!

    RangiTaranga is by far the best movie of this year from Kannada
    industry.I never usually comment or vote but this movie deserves it and
    i would like to recommend this movie to both Kannada and Non-Kannada
    audience as it is released with subtitles in some multiplexes.

    Coming to the movie,it is has a very interesting plot and from the very
    first scene you will be hooked.The movie has lot of thrilling moments
    and BGM really is exceptional.Songs are very nice especially ‘dennana
    dennana’ and ‘kareyole’ are my personal fav.

    The novelist and his wife take a journey to a village called
    ‘Kamarottu’ and what happens there is what the movie is all about.

    Debutant Nirup Bhandari(main character) has done excellent job as
    Gautam,his voice suits his personality.Radhika Chetan is also a
    débutant who is very talented and beautiful actress.Avantika shetty is
    cute and likable.saikumar is brilliant.

    Cinematography is exceptional and one of the best works in recent past.

    Director/musician/lyricist Anup Bhandari is undoubtedly one of the best
    directors of Kannada industry.This man is simply brilliant.we have
    always wanted one like him in industry and we will proudly support him
    for years to come as talent like him deserves to be recognized and
    appreciated.Will keep looking forward to his upcoming movies.

    All in all the movie is a MUST watch in THEATRES!!

  • harshalpJuly 23, 2015Reply

    Rangitaranga – Awesome journey

    Rangitaranga – Awesome journey, must watch movie. Songs and DOP,
    Background score, Story are awesome. Fantastic movie, gripping
    storyline and screenplay. Technically the movie is very rich, the
    camera-work is treat to watch with beauty of Malanadu. Kudos to the
    director who delivered such an amazing movie in his first attempt.
    Songs are melodious, catchy and lyrics is fresh and meaningful. Story
    is so gripping it keeps you guessing you the next scene, but most of
    the time you will fail with unexpected twists Fantastic movie, gripping
    storyline and screenplay. Technically the movie is very rich, the
    camera-work is treat to watch with beauty of Malanadu. Kudos to the
    director who delivered such an amazing movie in his first attempt.
    Songs are melodious, catchy and lyrics is fresh and meaningful. Story
    is so gripping it keeps you guessing you the next scene, but most of
    the time you will fail with unexpected twists

  • Raghavendra RaoJuly 23, 2015Reply

    Don’t Miss.. Coz Angaara is waiting 🙂

    I really liked this movie. we haven’t seen a movie like this in recent
    times.the movie holds your pulse till climax. saayikumar appeared in
    kannada screen after a long time & is matured and beautiful. listening
    to his kannada is so pleasing. the total story of the movie is
    innovative and a must watch for all movie bees. Also It’s a family
    entertainer and not for faint hearted. who say’s sandalwood lack of
    creative directors? watch this kind of movies and support our industry
    we simply complain about other language movies harming our kannada
    movies. but if you give good movies people never turn Don’t
    Miss this movie.. Angaara is waiting 🙂

  • Lakshmi Tejas M AJuly 23, 2015Reply

    ONE of the best movies i have seen.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bharathrrJuly 25, 2015Reply

    An epic true concept, excellently put into cinematic fiction!!!!

    An epic true concept, excellently put into cinematic fiction!!!! heart

    I absolutely don’t intend to reveal anything about the movie, not even
    the character names of the leads in the film. Title track picked by
    leading serial of 90’s – Guddada Bhoota is very apt for the movie.
    While Goosebumps are guaranteed as you experience this well scripted
    film, there are parts when you lose track of base plot(sceptically
    first few minutes of second half), when you feel too many major
    unexpected changes occur in the basic idea of identity of people. When
    you are busy digesting this fact, the story is back to it’s original
    mystery zone! Back ground music is great in the climax! The best part
    of the movie is it’s third act, where you become aware -why things
    happened a certain way! The movie excels in this part, since the basic
    material itself is so strong! Director Anoop Bhandari, Actors Nirup
    Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chethan, and Saikumar are
    excellent in their roles! Climax should have been more dramatic, which
    would have added more value! I guarantee you, there’s no movie in
    recent past, that has been so gripping! A must watch.! No wonder if you
    watched it more than once!

  • tukaramlcJuly 26, 2015Reply

    awesome..must watch ..everyone should watch this movie

    Nice camera work, excellent screenplay, Fabulous acting, pure Kannada
    songs,the way story twists can’t even predict that,every time you
    predict something you will be wrong,a superb mystery thriller..the
    story goes like this – there will be one writer named anashku (
    Gautama) leaving happily in one place,his wife(indu) will be pregnant &
    she gets the unusual dreams& she believes thist is due to some god
    whose Worship was not done for many years,she desires to go to her
    native place (kamarottu,mangalore) to make pooja of the god…so they
    they goes there,at the same the same one lady journalist (sandhya) will
    be searching the this anashku,the writer since she is impressed with
    his novels……in kamarottu some unusual things happens& how the hero
    finds out the cause of that unusual thing is the story & in between
    story takes a twist………..overall its a fantastic film………

  • vjkadekarJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Hats off to Bhandari Brothers

    I would say this comes as a surprise gift to Sandalwood cine goers who
    are deprived of originality in the industry. Absolute thriller which
    keeps you wondering if the movie belongs to horror or psyche genre till
    the end. Good creativity used by Bandari Brothers in bringing the
    meaningful twists in the movie. The songs are much more than just
    reciting a few rhymes to match the drum beats or guitar strings. Songs
    are beautifully written, and ‘Kariyole’ stands out as the best for me
    with almost every word of the song starting with ‘Ka’. In short, its
    has good story , great screenplay with catchy music. Go ahead and watch

  • sharmila-g-raoJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Brilliant concept ruined by mediocre acting and direction

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • amithbrajJuly 27, 2015Reply

    Truly a Rangiiiii Tarangaaaaa !!!!!!

    After Lucia(2013), we have a movie worth a watch and praise.

    Pros: Multi-talented Anup Bhandari has proved himself to be the best
    up-coming Directors in Kannada Film Industry. Brilliant lyrics and
    music composition by Anup. Especially Kareyole, Dennana and Kele
    Cheluve. Mind-blowing BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath. Excellent cinematography
    and well-framed shots by Lance Kaplan and William David.

    No issues even if the Director was inspired by Guddada Bhoota. His
    presentation of the concept is completely different and interesting.
    Makes you stick to your seat till end.

    Most of the main cast are new-comers, which you do not feel at any
    point of time. They have done a brilliant job.

    Cons: Though at some point of time there are too many things happening
    and confuses a bit. This could have been a place for improvement. Also
    Sai Kumar is a wonderful actor whose potential could have been utilized
    a bit more.

    IMDb rating proves that good talent is always appreciated well.
    Expecting much more treat from Anup in future. I give a Big High- Five
    to the complete cast and crew for their hard work.

  • vijayaraghavarcJuly 27, 2015Reply

    Must watch suspense thriller

    Its an excellent horror-suspense-thriller with a good screenplay –
    direction-excellent narration. music-lyrics-story-screenplay by
    Debutant director anoop Bhandari – doesn’t seem like a debutant – did
    an amazing job . Camera work by william/Lance is so beautiful that it
    made frames on- screen so colourful – it justifies the title rangi
    taranga. All actors -Hero – Nirup did an excellent job with his
    looks./acting and vioce,and heroines did justice to their roles and
    surprise is saikumar…all acted so naturally that it feels like they
    are just talking normally or something is happening around us. its a
    must watch for all the who love good movies – after long time there’s
    some bold attempt made again in kannada.

  • ravi261288July 27, 2015Reply

    Kannada suspense thriller

    I rarely watch regional language movies but i saw this movie after
    recommended by one of my friend.

    The movie is about an Author and his wife going to a place and the wife
    gets lost and the Author(husband) how he finds out who kidnapped and
    saving her… The Story initially starts with the Introduction of
    second heroine Sandhya who is a journalist and trying to meet her
    favourite author whose identity is hidden under the name of (ANASHKU)
    and she catches every trail and tries to reach mean while the
    Author(Sid/Guatham) who is soon going to become a father he tries to
    keep his wife(Indu/Harini) happy and takes her to her native(Kamarottu)
    where she wants to perform a ritual which was long forgotten after her
    forefathers. so as per the locals around they will say that the house
    is haunted but the bold author does not listen to it and stays in that
    house and the wife sees the Man(Devil assumed by her) dressed as Bhoota
    kola but the author never believes her and one day he kidnaps her and
    and at last the story is how he investigates with the help of Sandhya
    and gets to the deep and saves her from the danger.

    This movie is a must watch…

    The Plus of the Movies: Story, Direction, Cinematography, Editing

  • pruthvipoo ([email protected])July 27, 2015Reply

    Rangitaranga Review – As Seen by the Rest

    An Excellent script backed by some outstanding Background Music which
    haunts even after you are out of the movie. The Director does a
    excellent job in keeping the audiences on their seat till the last
    minute & some mind-blowing, tongue twisting songs add on which needs a
    special mention in this review. Acting front – Nirup, Sai Kumar takes
    away all the laurels, but for me the stand out performance was by
    Avantika Shetty who made the movie look like a cute love story….she
    has carried her role with so much ease. Cinematography also deserves a
    laud applaud & also the performances by others in all the technical
    departments. Scenic Locations(Thanks for showing Karnataka soooo
    beautifully & Of course ”OOTY”), Spine Chilling Dramatic Situations.
    Yakshagana among other make me give a rating of 10 on 10 for this
    OUT…”KAMAROTTU” & ”THENKABAIL” will find a special place in the mind
    of the viewers

  • coolnayakJuly 28, 2015Reply

    Nice suspense movie

    One of the best Kannada movie of recent times. Saw a Kannada movie in
    theater after 15 years. (The last Kannada film I saw in theater was

    This movie has nice acting by all new comers. They have showed Tulunadu
    very well. This film has nice cinematography, thanks to DOP from
    Hollywood. You feel as if you are in movie rather than in theater.

    Dennana song brought back the memories of Gudda Bhootha. Background
    score was also good.

    Nice direction by Bhandari.

    Overall this movie was worth both the time & the money.

  • Ravikumar YelegarJuly 28, 2015Reply

    Golden Director Anup Bhandari

    I want to rate this movie with 100 stars but no option It is movie with
    its own kind I can’t compare with nay other movie, Shhh, Om,A,
    Upendra,Mungaru Male,Simpllag ondu love story.Lucia. and now
    RaniTaranga etc.are crown to Kannada Film Industry. Very good efforts
    from youngsters, Cinematography is Excellent maintain Suspense till the
    end of the movie in each and every movement All the actors acted very
    nicely Location is Fantabulous. Songs are melodious, catchy and lyrics
    is fresh and meaningful. I hope it will grab the all sandalwood awards.
    Excellent must Watch Movie,

    All the very best

  • Nikhil BhatJuly 29, 2015Reply

    Mind Blowing

    This movie is one of the best i have watched in recent times. ‘Expect
    the Unexpected’. I am proud to say this is a Kannada movie. Whole movie
    will carry away to whole different world. Background music by Ajaneesh
    is marvelous. the music bit in the climax is very good. never thought
    sai kumar ll portray this kind of character. The main attraction of
    Rangitaranga is it’s amazing cinematography. For the first time a
    Kannada movie has brought Hollywood Cinematographer Lance Kalpan to the
    movie. Rangitaranga is a feast to watch. Viewers will enjoy watching
    each frame on the big screen.The song ‘Akka Pakka’ is one of the best
    chart busters of 2015, which has been penned and sung by director Anup

  • Amogh HalageriJuly 29, 2015Reply

    Inspite of flaws and biases, Rangitaranga is a must watch for the fans of the original TV series and those who like suspense-thrillers alike

    Make no mistake. Rangitaranga is not the best film ever made, but its
    kind of a redemption for new-wave Kannada filmmakers who for long had
    been battling for a space of their own. Anup Bhandari, the latest entry
    into Sandalwood New-Wave offers post-modern Kannada audience their
    sweet slice of pie in the form of a mystery-thriller.

    It’s flaw lies in most of its casting choices, except for one – Sai
    Kumar as Thenkabaila Kalinga Bhat. He ends up owning the entire movie
    after despising the monotony of amateurs in principal roles. Had Anup
    Bhandari been a little unbiased about casting his own brother Nirup
    Bhandari and looked for someone brilliant instead, the film would have
    looked a lot better.

    The screenplay is nothing more than potpourri of both necessary and
    unnecessary elements stuffed around the legend of ‘Guddada Bhoota’ (the
    90s TV show), so much that some elements don’t play any big
    significance on the narrative (e.g. the sand mafia angle). Though Anup
    Bhandari deserves his own share of credit for the movie’s success, he
    can’t help but admit that it was the brilliance of Sai Kumar and
    composer Ajaneesh Lokanath is what saved his day. The Hollywood duo
    cinematographers have done a good job, only to be let down by the
    post-production team.

    Overall, in spite of its flaws and biases, Rangitaranga is a must watch
    for the fans of the original ‘Guddada Bhoota’ and those who like
    suspense-thrillers alike.

  • vinaykumarbkJuly 29, 2015Reply

    JAI Angaraka!!

    Only One Word- SUPERB!! From starting till the end Anup has succeeded
    in keeping the audience guessing of what happens next and guess what?
    You cannot guess what is going to happen next!. Thats the level of
    curiosity it creates and every one in the theater gives his own way of
    story once the first half concludes.Second half is more griping and
    concludes with a beautiful message.Technically movie succeeds in all
    location,choreography,stunts,editing and the Actors. Anup should
    continue making such movies in Kannada and take KFI to entire world.

  • MuralidharaJuly 29, 2015Reply

    Wonderful Movie, Musy Watch Many Tmes

    Rangitaranga is was just awesome! Acting, story, screenplay, music,
    scenery, and most importantly, the mystery – everything helped in
    making it a gripping movie that kept us at the edge of our seats

    When the movie reaches the climax, and you get a hang of everything,
    you can almost hear that collective sigh of relief from everyone – for
    the mystery, that kept everyone speculate among each other for more
    than two hours, that was finally revealed, and for the happy
    realization that the money paid for the movie was pretty damn worth it.

    What are you waiting for? Go watch RANGITARANGA. Here is a potential
    100- 150 day movie. Make it reach there. I am watching again for sure.

  • Huccha VenkatJuly 29, 2015Reply

    Everything wrong in ”Rangitaranga” in 1000 words or less.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Prashanth BegurJuly 30, 2015Reply

    Easily surpasses tolly,molly,bolly, …olly … to reach the heights of of holly.

    I have to say that watching this movie gave me the same chills as the
    one given by the fight club or the silence of the lambs. Probably,for
    getting the honor of watching such a masterpiece in my mother tongue I
    would rate it to be even better.

    Story keeps unwinding as if it were a complex mathematical in- equation
    with which the audience will be busy simplifying out, but as soon as
    they feel they got it, the script adds more variables to it. On a
    personally disappointing note, I felt for the second female lead but I
    convinced myself with that for it is necessary for the presence of an
    Indian touch.

    Got many non-kannada friends to watch this movie but not a single one
    was disappointed.(I took the pain of explaining whenever they were left
    out) Such was the grip with which the director holds on to his audience
    till the end or even beyond.

  • Shivu Kumar Hiremath ([email protected])July 31, 2015Reply

    Ultimate Suspense Thriller from Kannadigas

    Congratulations to Anup Bhaandari and team.. Would like to appreciate
    for the best Scrpit and making and to taking the story in a Mysterious
    way to lead Success..and each and every characters are fulfilled by
    team. Songs and Lyrics awesome Thanks to Dilouge king Saikumar for his
    wonderful job. Best film in Kannada Best Acting Best team performance
    Very good story..

    Rangitaranga has brought Lance whose recent films include Butterflies
    of Bill Baker, Trapped Girl, and Do You Believe in the Devil — to India
    to shoot for a project in a language he hadn’t even heard.citation
    needed ”I had a translation of the script, and Anup and I spent weeks
    on the production,” he says. ”Anup’s father, Sudhakar patiently taught
    me many Kannada words and phrases. ”This reflects the tradition of
    lighting that I come from and love, and I think it’s one of the reasons
    why Anup wanted me to work on his film.

  • sarva-61715August 1, 2015Reply

    Horror, suspense, twist what more u can expect .. superb, classy awesome movie.. watched five times.

    A wonderful movie! the true depiction of nativity and strong story line
    with marvelous performance. A thriller which kept me guessing what
    happens in next scene and a superb twist. all leads to finding the
    truth! A Kannada movie of international standard.Cinematography and
    background score are plus points.If you watch this movie, it creates
    certain kind of awsum feeling in ur and tempts to watch again and
    again.The direction and the whole crew is superb. I hope this movie
    will attract all audience from around the world and may select for
    Oscar award from Indian category. The movie is such a kind where it
    carry you along with the movie from beginning till end. Congrates to
    whole team.

  • Ajith PaiAugust 1, 2015Reply

    Technically Brilliant, Great Story! A new wave in Kannada Cinema

    Back Home after watching RangiTaranga Movie at Cinepark KArben,
    Frankfurt. No Kannada movie has given me as many goosebumps as this one
    has. Great Story.

    A truly colorful mixture of Mystery, Horror, Comedy and a pinch of
    Romance. Music is easy on the ears and has amazing variety. Watch the
    Kele Cheluve with Yakshagana beats. Nirup is excellent in that! High
    quality lyrics with good choice of Kannada words(Yes, A Kannada movie
    with beautiful pure Kannada Lyrics). Good mix of singers. Inchara Rao’s
    Kareyole still haunts. And Dennaana Dennaana is thrilling!

    In terms of acting, doesn’t seem like many are newcomers. Nirup
    Bhandari’s confidence shows and his screen presence is awesome.
    Avantika Shetty is Brilliant. Very Impressive. Radhika Chetan is
    excellent with her facial expressions and dance. And Of course, Sai
    Kumar is a legend. He is mind blowing in this movie. Like Never before.

    Cinematography, locales, visuals terrific. I have probably used up all
    the adjectives in my vocabulary! Go Watch it if you haven’t already.

  • Balasubramanya B (chuiku2-1)August 2, 2015Reply

    Could have been better!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nikhilviswanathanAugust 2, 2015Reply

    Better than the Rest

    For a Kannada movie lover this was a breath of fresh air. One that does
    not suffocate you in theater and makes you run out by half time.

    The story is engaging. It keeps you hooked for most of the time. The
    screenplay is tag slow. I don’t understand why most people have rated
    in 10. Almost 5 minutes to the halftime the plot/story could be easily

    Most of the suspense were already lifted from other movies. For me it
    was like a male version of Apthamitra. Story was not new, it was a
    tried and tested formula but the presentation was very good. And as
    usual the lead actor disappointing. Sai Kumar and other female
    characters stole each scene while hero had no emotions and most of the
    time looked constipated First half pretty much was boring by giving
    eerie scenes, but it would have been better and put much more
    authenticity if the director/writer had explained the reasons for the
    eeriness in the second half or after showing Sai Kumar as the psychotic
    character. For example, who was the guy running with fire or who was
    the guy in the house, how was she kidnapped, how the recorder started
    to play on its own and many more such scenes. A small image running
    around would have been better and instead of those pathetic songs, if
    this was given more emphasis on, my review would have been at least 7
    to 8.

    Well, at least after a long year we have a pretty decent movie.

  • Anoop KrishnaAugust 3, 2015Reply

    A movie worth watching more than once!

    I watched this movie after my friends’ serious advice and they were
    right. Such a technically and structurally perfect movie, after so much
    time in Kannada. Hats off to every person in making this movie so
    perfect, that, I could not find a single flaw in the whole movie. And
    kudos to Anup Bhandari for the outstanding songs only in Kannada (one
    in Tulu), and his selection of the right people for the movie. A worth
    mention is the flow of the story, the locations taken for the movie,
    Nirup and other newcomer’s acting and Sai Kumar’s ultimate dialogue
    delivery and facial expressions! Waiting for Anup Bhandari’s next

  • sunithaviswanathAugust 4, 2015Reply


    First and the foremost I would like to thank all the crew members of
    this film. This is an excellent movie, must watch movie by all
    youngsters to the old. Songs are awesome. I love watching mystery
    movies but this is an ultimate movie. Even watched for more than 10
    times is worth for money. I ones again thank all the crew for stealing
    the people’s heart and soul to watch this movie. In fact I was not
    finding to time to watch it as I was busy even during weekends. But I
    made it a point to go for the evening show at least on any weekdays. I
    watched the movie just about 2 days back. But dilkehetahe to see many
    more times but any day, any time it is housefull. Hopefully I will
    watch it again next week.

    ALL THE BEST R A N G I T A R A N G A. You are rocking.

    I wish to see many more movies of this kind.

    All the best.

  • shivakumaraswathAugust 4, 2015Reply

    Thrilling story..Excellent narration…Haunting BGM…Apatta Kannada song lyrics

    Two waves struck Kannada Film Industry(KFI) 1. Mungaru male in 2006 – A
    Revolution wave 2. RangiTaranga in 2015 – A Tsunami wave

    Pure passion for the movie making is RangiTaranga. This Tsunami wave is
    crossing many borders(India,Europe,Singapore,USA), breaking records,
    creating buzz, surpassing competitors and setting new benchmarks for
    KFI. Well deserved name and fame.

    Well done Anup and team. This movie is definitely an example to
    motivate every one who fear competition/struggles not only in film
    making but in other areas as well.

    Most of the +/- review points are already covered by many people but
    still like to mention: awesome movie, technically rich,good songs and
    finally I liked the usage of text display in both English and Kannada
    including numbers.Rare to see…

    Witness yourself in theaters, what is this new wave is all

  • sushubashuAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Hollywood stuff

    In Indian cinema I must say this is the best thriller. It matches
    Hollywood all time great thrillers Special mention to the story writer,
    we need more more movies like this Simply outstanding movie please guys
    support movies like this Must watch Excellent Mind blowing Don’t have
    enough words

    Since the beginning till climax, movie keeps you nail biting on the
    edge of your seat. It takes 99% of screen time to understand whether
    its a horror, psych, or a thriller movie. The twists in the movie will
    definitely encourage Abbas Mastan to try remaking this (May be Race-
    Taranga :P). Direction / Narration is the key. Actors have complimented
    the director with mind blowing performances. Back ground score is icing
    on the cake. Just Brilliant.

    Audience will be left scratching their head at interval. And they will
    be wow stuck in the end. Another feather on SaiKumar’s cap for his
    magnificent role.

  • suprabha-60077August 6, 2015Reply

    It is an awesome movie and way beyond expectation for Kannada Industry. Here is a review for epic of perfection in sandalwood

    Technically, the movie is great. Photography, proper mix of light and
    darkness just to arouse that creepy fear among viewers, perfect sound
    mixing are its features. All Actors have performed well. It’s the
    perfection that a debut director has achieved is a wonder. Please go
    watch it in a multiplex or a good theatre is my plea, without which,
    the sound and light effects might go unappreciated.Pass the word around
    so that the movie reaches maximum viewers. Music is a treat to ears
    which will surely linger for a long time due to its sensible lyrics.

    Copy paste this on your browser for its Kannada review.

  • Apurva Kumar JoshiAugust 6, 2015Reply

    swashbuckling thriller

    Not often we see a thriller of this league. The movie kept me engaged
    throughout and there wasn’t a moment of dragging. Script is excellent
    and delivers different paradigms of psychological thrill in the two
    halves. Kudos to the entire team of RangiTaranga. Its almost a well
    conceived and well made thriller. Would have been a great movie
    deserving 10/10, but for one scene. I am deducting a score of one unit
    from perfect ten for a scene in movie that makes it fall short of being
    a great movie. For the rest, watch a well made movie. I still cant get
    that ridiculous scene out of my mind; only if that scene hadn’t been in
    the movie, I would have sung songs about the movie.

  • Gautham HegdeAugust 7, 2015Reply

    cult classic

    ohhh!!, the movie takes some of your breath, beware!!! wonderful
    casting,direction and cinematography. probably one song could have been
    removed, other wise the songs are too melodious , it will stay in your
    heart for long time.

    coming to movie the story ,locations are outstanding , you will be tied
    to the seat watching movie.

    the story is well crafted and the director will go long way in the
    likes of hitchkock and nolan kind.

    the climax length and story could have been better to make it still
    better, but the unfolding of mystery is just awesome .

    great show, must watch .

  • dheerajAugust 7, 2015Reply

    A master piece & A must watch

    A revolutionary movie in Kannada industry, there is no lack of stories
    and innovations in Kannada industry but just need opportunities i guess
    and Rangitaranga has proved it. Watch it guys or you’ll regret for
    missing it.

    Coming to the movie its just awesomely brilliant. when the movie starts
    the screen turns to a canvas with the directors imagination comes out
    as a beautiful painting, every frame is picture perfect.

    Story & screenplay is no less than a Hollywood movie believe me its as

    A fresh concept and story which will leave you spellbound.
    Cinematography is at its best, A horror thriller with superb scenic
    locations and brilliantly captured in camera. Background score is
    breathtaking and spine chilling as well as perfect for every shot I
    loved it, the flavor of South Kannada music and the Yakshagana
    beautifully used through the movie.

    Anup Bhandari has done a Classy professional veteran kinda work, a
    skilled promising director after Pavan & Rakshith for Kannada
    industry’s future to be bright as we can see. one question for Anup
    when is your next movie starting. Great job hats off.

    Despite majority of cast being new everyone has done justice to their
    roles, Nirup has done excellent job, Radhika & Avantika too have done
    good job. SaiKumar well just amazing, being the most experienced in the
    crew has done fantastic job and great timing n dialogue’s hats off sir.

    Music again is fresh different with a south Kannada touch simply

    Overall a Superb Fantastic Amazing Kannada movie. Great job guys keep
    it up team Rangitaranga.

  • swarajificationAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Impressive last 20mins!!!

    Well first of all the new kids on the block Anup and Nirup who also
    happen to be siblings are here to stay. Impressive story line and crisp
    screenplay keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat except a couple of
    unnecessary songs which does not serve the purpose. Avantika shetty
    looks cute and does her job as a ”journo on a mission” well. Radhika on
    the other hand is more impressive and makes her presence on screen
    felt. Nirup is alright but needs to put a little more effort. The
    veteran Saikumar as Kalinga has put his best foot forward with this
    movie and probably reminded the audience how much we missed
    him.Hollywood Cinematographers Lance Kaplan and William David rose up
    to expectation and have shown what difference inculcating technology in
    film making can make to the still largely star power dependent
    industry.The final 20mins is a roller coaster ride!!

  • Sunil H NAugust 8, 2015Reply

    A Classic suspense thriller

    After a long time, Kannada film industry got a master-piece in suspense
    thriller genre. Thanks to Anup Bhandari for this awesome movie.

    Every time when you assuming some thing is going to happen, the movie
    amazes you with some other things.

    I don’t wanna tell much about story lines, the camera work, the making
    of the movie, acting from Saikumar and new comers and the way they
    carried the story is too awesome.. Definitely no one wanna miss this
    movie, must watch.

    Afte Lucia and Ulidavaru Kandanthe, another awesome movie in Kannada

  • vishakandroidAugust 9, 2015Reply

    Good movie. But IMDb rating of 9.5 is too much!

    Good cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre, screenplay
    and sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is
    mediocre, screenplay and sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal
    plot. Acting is mediocre, screenplay and sound suck. Good
    cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre, screenplay and
    sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre,
    screenplay and sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal plot.
    Acting is mediocre, screenplay and sound suck. Good cinematography,and
    skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre, screenplay and sound suck. Good
    cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre, screenplay and
    sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal plot. Acting is mediocre,
    screenplay and sound suck. Good cinematography,and skeletal plot.
    Acting is mediocre, screenplay and sound suck.

  • exdee-00444August 9, 2015Reply

    By Far The Worst Movie I had To Sit Through in 2015

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pradeepjdaniAugust 14, 2015Reply

    No words!!! Excellent work by each one in the team…

    Hope everybody who watched this movie will have satisfaction on their
    faces when they come out from theater .

    First Highlight : Cinematography – Lance Kaplan William David

    Second Highlight: Direction – Anup Bhandari

    Third Highlight: Scripting – Anup Bhandari

    Fourth Highlight: Songs(Proudly) – Anup Bhandari

    Fifth Highlight: Costume Design – Pran & Team

    Sixth Highlight: Casting the roles Roles have been carried excellent

    Seventh Highlight: suspense , thrill & Twists till the end

    Eight highlight: Most of the Team is new

    Ninth highlight: Screen Play with Story

    Finally: If you don’t watch then You will regret for sure!!!!

  • grajinboxAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Mysterious, Haunting, Rich & Spine Chilling thriller

    Based on experiences, I had decided not to have great expectations
    before watching ”so called great” movie since sense and sensibility
    differs from person to person. This movie which is supported by
    immensely both by critics/audience all over the world is said to be one
    of the best regional movie in past few years. Seriously? Is this movie
    worth all the hype around it? Have seen lots of mystery thrillers in
    past few years which claim to hook you thru’ the end but fails (or) my
    expectation is sky high. Does this match to thrillers like Gupt,
    Kahaani where the climax elevates to the move to different level? Note
    that this is regional move and not Bollywood to have huge canvas & make
    surreal profits.… lots of thoughts racing in my mind before I hit the
    theater. Does this movie surpass all the expectation? Yes, a BIG Yes.
    Techy Anup Bhandari’s magnum opus RangiTaranga is one of the best
    mystery thrillers I have seen recently. The intriguing story is very
    fresh, rich, vibrant and keeps you hooked till the end. The highlight
    of the movie is definitely the impeccable technical department ,
    particularly cinematography and background score. The exotic locations
    of Dakshin Kannada and horrifying sound complements the narrative. The
    only minus is the additional songs in second half. This regional movie
    definitely has standards to give takkar to apna Bollywood. What next

  • vsrinivasaAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Highly recommended Kannada thriller

    It is great to see new directors and produce great exciting Kannada
    movies. Anup Bhandari has done a good job.

    – Superb photography – The beauty of the Kanara districts come alive in
    this movie with the visualization by Lance Kaplan. Coming from SK, it
    was special to see this. – Good songs – it is still ringing after a day
    – Anup did a great job with the lyrics and music (Denanna denanna –
    good tulu song from another serial but nice photography) – Nice acting
    – Kannada industry has gained some stars in this movie. Sai Kumar is
    very good. – Jerks and Jumps of the seat – It has been a long time
    since we had a good Kannada movie which gave you the chills till the
    very end – Awesome suspense. – Most importantly the portrayal and usage
    of a culture that is dying – the only way our kids will ever get to see
    a bhootha dance.

    Could it have been shorter by half hour and cut off the bathroom
    scenes- absolutely but overall a satisfying movie.

  • rajannamysoreAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Excellent screenplay and direction

    This movie is brilliantly made. Screenplay and direction is a genius

    First half of the movie sets the tone for the movie. Second half of the
    movie, directors takes the audiences on a wild roller coast ride (all
    for good entertainment). Every tiny little detail is captured. Every
    character that enters the scene is important in the movie.

    Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and specially Radhika Chetan have done
    a commendable job in acting.

    Anup Bhandari will go a long way in movie making. I wish he makes of
    such movies in Kannada.

    We are proud of such movies. ENTIRE India SHOULD BE.

  • sanstalwartAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Marvellous Movie- Takes your breath away for each scene

    I would urge everyone to watch this movie. Keeps you on the edge. Keeps
    you so curious and yet patient. I would say being a debutant, Anup and
    the crew has given this movie a great making.

    Screen play is excellent, music is melodious and even the songs are

    I know people who make movies merely to make a living. But this is one
    of the many masterpieces.

    Go and watch it in theater.

    And please do share your review with your friends and neighbors.

    Lets make this reach every kannadiga, specially those who keep watching
    other language movies

    Cheers O_O

  • coolk-83518August 17, 2015Reply

    A very good Kannada movie in recent times

    A tight thriller script and good background score with some spectacular
    performance by the saikumar and other leads.Movie keeps audience from
    guessing about the plot. Engrossing script promises entertainment and
    moreover the natural locations make it a treat to watch. Songs are good
    with lyrics carrying truthful meaning tied to rural values. Script
    exposes the prevalent superstitions and the system that tries to shield
    those practicing under the same.

    A must watch for all the kannadiga and non-kannadiga lovers. Sandalwood
    industry needs such scripts to push the envelope and keep the audience
    tied to the industry. Way to go Anup bhandari. Your direction rocks.

  • einsteincharanAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Its a thriller. A must watch movie

    It brings u to the edge of the seat giving many twist and turns makes
    the viewer think I got to know what happens next but u fail to do so u
    can’t guess. Director has done a good job in his first venture and
    actors complimented the director with there acting especially Saikumar
    Sir has done a great job though it’s a newcomers movie they are not
    less then any others finally its a must watch movie need much more
    movies from the director finally Kannada movies are not less then any
    other movies around the world so please make some time and do watch the
    movie movie and also songs are excellent and they are pend by the
    director Anup Bhandari especially the toung twister Akka pakka

  • Keerthi NarayanAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Good first half but second half is confused tale telling

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vnky VijayAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Mind Blowing !!

    There is nothing much to talk about this movie, simply go watch it and
    enjoy. One of the best movie in recent Kannada history. Proud moment
    for all Kannada movie fans, for once you can flaunt some movie with
    other regional friends and show them we got talent too. Bravo Bhandary
    brothers. Direction , acting , cinematography and songs are all
    flawless, there is always scope for improvement though but this is one
    of the finest movies in recent times. Some of the scenes are really
    scary and make you jump out of your seat,Nirup sure can improve his
    acting but Anup has shown his class in direction, and super creativity
    in lyrics chosen for the songs. Must Must watch for all.

  • pundlik83August 18, 2015Reply

    Brilliant movie.. A must watch!!

    It is an amazing movie, absolutely flawless. A perfect suspense
    thriller where in until the end there is no chance anyone could guess
    the mysterious killer. A fantastic job by the director. He is the whole
    and soul of the movie, as he has not only done direction but also
    music/lyrics. Dennana dennana just stays in your mind all the time. It
    is a haunting song, very well composed/conducted. Makes you listen to
    it more and more. Very well written script, a fresh story based in and
    around mangalore, brings to light the culture of bhuta kola, have made
    good use of it. May be could have edited out the back to back song in
    the second half of the movie to keep the viewers glued to the suspense
    and eagerness of knowing the reasons behind the incidents. But overall
    it beats the expectations, surprises and satisfies the viewers. Hope to
    see many more such movies from this director. Kudos Anup Bhandari

  • geethalakshmanAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Guddada Bhoota returns …..


    Did we go back to our Kannada dictionary to check the exact meaning of
    the word – Rangitaranga? Yes, here is a movie which actually made us to
    look back at our Kannada words which we have completely forgotten to
    use in the recent times.

    Here is my review but not about the movie, it is about few points that
    makes this movie different from other movies being made in recent

    1. First song – ‘Kariyole kareva ole’ had a magic in its lyrics. I
    might take a month’s time to get the meaning of each ‘K’ words which
    are beautiful bound together to form a meaningful song. 2. Hero ‘
    Gautam’ did not enter with a bang nor did he use punch dialogue to
    impress the ‘ Mass’. He did not require any of these because his body
    language and his voice took care of his entry. 3. Costume – How much
    money was spent to make the actor look like a ‘ HERO”’ Here hero wore
    checks shirt and a trouser in the entire movie . ‘ Silk dhoti and
    shirt’ was the expensive clothes he wore I guess and no actor could
    have looked handsome in silk clothes with coolers. 4. Supporting actors
    – Supporting actors weren’t just playing supporting role. Their script
    was well written. Or else I wouldn’t have admired Rapiq ( Rafiq),
    Pandu, doctor and their effortless acting. Oh, I forgot another
    favorite supporting actor here. Yes, the man at post office and his
    struggle to converse in English language. There were no forced comedy
    scenes or dialogs. 5. Dance/Action scenes – Lead actors look like
    trained dancers as they danced as if no one is watching them. ‘ Akka
    pakka ‘ – song is enough to showcase Nirup’s dancing skills. 6.
    Thrill/Mystery – It is just perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. Just
    perfect 7. Romance – Romantic dialogue by Siddharth about his wedding
    planning with Sandhya. 8. Nostalgia – Yes, it is Dennana Dennana. The
    song will bring back your childhood memories and it will remain in your
    mind for at least few weeks after watching the movie. Using this song
    in the movie was a brilliant idea.

    If a movie makes you think about it even after leaving the theater it
    is definitely a well made movie It is a MUST watch movie according to
    me because this movie made me think/talk about the story for more than
    2 weeks.

  • raghuckAugust 21, 2015Reply

    a romantic thriller mystery in KANNADA.!

    nothing but brilliant, no nonsense complete family entertainer. Full
    credits to the entire RANGITARANGA unit for this lovely SANDALWOOD

    Will I pay to watch it again? – absolutely.!

    It has got fresh music which sounds very catchy and trendy with strong
    Kannada poetry. After Upendra’s Shhh..! this movie has all that quality
    ingredients to reach the top in BOX OFFICE.

    What are you waiting for? Go watch the movie on big screen and share
    your first hand experience with the world.!

    cheers to entire RANGITARANGA unit Special Thanks to the organizers for
    screening this amazing movie in Perth.

  • khalelkhaziAugust 23, 2015Reply

    Out Standing movie

    WTF – Never expected a Kannada movie will be such a thriller… Really
    liked the movie, especially Sai Kumar’s acting who steals the show.
    Good performance from the cast. Very nice locations, really i was
    expecting movie will take some twist but actual it took lot many twist
    and turns. A classic example for thriller and suspense movies… Wow!!!
    There are quite a few good things about the film apart from the story.
    The cinematography makes the film look like a live presentation rather
    than something happening on the screen. The background music is equally
    apt and very well ingrained into the film. The editor should have stood
    his ground and prevented some unnecessary scenes. The songs are good
    but out of place in a suspense thriller. Since most of the actors are
    newcomers the characters they play become believable

  • nanda-rameshAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Decent attempt at a Kannada Thriller

    Thrillers are usually hit or miss affair. Sometimes, plot, script and
    cast are good but it will just be short of the oomph factor which makes
    it a hit, ie, a particular twist which will have everyone talking.
    Sometimes, everything is about average but it will make the grade, the
    reason which no one can truly pinpoint.

    I feel RangiTaranga falls into the 2nd category.

    Pretty much everything is average, plot, cast, acting, script,
    direction. Maybe songs are above average, thats all. But it all comes
    together well for debut director Anup Bhandari. The flow is fairly
    smooth. Actors fill their roles well. The complex but hackneyed plot
    does enough to keep the audience guessing. Music and camera work do a
    fair job to make the scary bits scary. But no single reason for it to
    become such a hit.

    As many reviewers have pointed out, the plot has many many holes. The
    author has chosen to ignore them and stick to ”thriller” part of the
    tale. So, Don’t ask too many, ”how did the…”, ”what happened to…”,
    questions. Just go with the flow if you want to enjoy the movie. The
    twists are good and worth being patient until the end.

    If the script could have been tighter (~2hrs) and the plot more
    sophisticated but simpler without any holes, this could have easily
    been a classic in spite of the average cast. The author needed a couple
    of revisions to have reached that state.

    Still a very promising start and I hope more and better fare will come
    through his lens!

  • ManjunathAugust 28, 2015Reply

    rangitharanga reviews????

    rangitharanga reviews wa wa wa what a reviews and marketing

    needed answers??

    i have watched 12am madhyaratri kashinath sir movie directed by his
    student… 3 times…guys if you would have seen…1st half is same as
    12am released dated 2012 ..??? 2nd half is different but i bet its same
    feel of 12am 1st half… but 12am rocks….

    who pulled her into the well?

    while entering to the village she saw a guy in the middle of the road
    but the hero does not see him that’s fine but .. is it real or

    if real how did saikumar know she is pregnant as he does not know who
    she is… if imagination how can she imagine herself in that costume as
    she is entering the village for the first time…

    after viewing all the reviews posted by the members are new to IMDb who
    wrote a review most of them who rated i guess they are close to the
    group of rangitharanga as you guys can check the member joining dates
    is less than the released date…

    but It is a brave effort from the director and the cast and I would be
    very happy to see the improved efforts in their next projects with
    respect to reality checks, overall flow to rectify the mistakes of the
    current project. It will be useful to think each character and its
    cultural background and psychological state while depicting it. The
    film may not need many characters but if the ones depicted are made
    real it appeals a lot (here Rafiq was so naturally played that it
    connected with the audience immediately).

    The film made me to believe Kannada film has the capacity to go in the
    right direction.

    Thank you

  • abhi9891August 30, 2015Reply

    Brilliant one.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rizwanrzAugust 31, 2015Reply

    Just a hype. Not a so great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Abhijith Shetty KSeptember 2, 2015Reply

    Overall good movie

    RangiTaranga is a good suspense thriller.Very rare to see such a good
    movie in Kannada film industry.Credit to the director for coming up
    with such a subject.

    Good BGM,Good Cinematography,Good songs.

    Editing should have been better,specially in second half. 2 songs in
    second half was not necessary. Performance wise,everyone does good
    job,Nirup can improve.female leads justify the role.Special performance
    from Saikumar. Only problem was with the Mangalore ascent of some was not suiting some characters.

    Overall a good movie.Kudos to the team.

  • praveenkrrnSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie

    Rangitaranga- Must watch movie. It is a kind of movie which will not
    easily fade away from your mind. Nicely composed movie and the thing
    which we would like the most is story line.The song of this movie will
    be playing in your mind even after the movie gets ended.All the
    characters of the movie are good and especially the character of the
    villain. I would also like to appreciate the camera-work of the camera
    man. It is very difficult to predict what will happen next. The first
    half is haunting and will scare the hell out of you at some scenes.I
    rate this movie a complete 10.We need more and more such movies to come
    in Kannada.Excellent Job- Respect!

  • paneeshvSeptember 8, 2015Reply


    I never write a review about a movie but this movie made me to write
    one. I am really impressed with the narration of this movie, the camera
    work, direction is brilliant I never expected this from a Kannada movie
    even the cinematography, location is superb. when it comes to acting
    skills most of them are new comers and you can feel they lack
    experience (in some scene) but with the story line so strong you will
    not mind these flaws. The twists and turns are really good and apt to
    the situation, after watching the movie I was trying to find a flaw in
    the narration but didn’t find one. The direction is brilliant from a
    debut director (as a movie director apart from documentary) and you can
    feel the richness of Malnad/Mangalore. One thing I felt is the language
    used could have been Mangalore/Udapi Kannada, I don’t know why they
    missed it. Again, doesn’t matter with the strong storyline. hope to see
    these kind of movies in near future from Kannada industry.

  • saisree-55889September 12, 2015Reply

    Crap movie so far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ayu-47234September 12, 2015Reply

    Not so great movie. Overrated

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adi ASeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Excellent Movie

    I have watched this movie in Stockport UK, its an amazing movie. The
    director Anup Bhandari has done an excellent all round job and the rest
    of the cast have done a great job as well. This is must watch for all
    Mangalorians and I am certain others will enjoy as well. The actor
    Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty were excellent and stood out for me.
    Its a very gripping movie from the first scene and yes it will leave a
    lot to think about and figure out after the movie as well.

    I would request the director to arrange more showings in the UK as we
    would like to watch again and all the shows are fully booked with no
    future showings. Also please add your Music album with all
    instrumentals to spotify, Amazon music etc. so pleople can purchase a
    high quality audio all over the world.

  • nakulgowdaSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    Highly overrated movie

    I was very much excited to watch rangitaaranga after its rating on IMDb
    9.1 but all my expectation failed. Expect for the song and
    cinematography the entire movie is overrated i don’t understand why
    kannada people have lost there mind there is nothing new in the movie
    just by giving 2 twist doesn’t mean the movie is the best in the
    history of KFI there far better movies done in kannada… and not to
    mention the acting of lead actors totally worst acting by both hero and
    heroine except for saikumar. it don’t even deserve a udaya film award
    nomination.. wasted my 900 rupees. none of my friends liked the movie a
    total waste of time.

    it is better to skip or watch it in TV

  • Swaraj GurramSeptember 30, 2015Reply

    Disgusting movie for other people

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gaganhimamshudeepOctober 6, 2015Reply

    An amazing experience…!

    Well done, and a great applause for the team of RangiTaranga……

    I had high expectations and they were successful in keeping it .

    Hope we get more movies like this in Sandalwood.

    I really loved the song ”Nee Kele Vadhuve”.

    Great acting by Nirup Bandhari Awesome sandhya and indu………loved
    them As usual saikumar sir was absolutely fantastic Really thrilling
    And in one word it was ” A well-made Movie” Hope fully we get more
    movies like this I am looking forward for anup bandhari’s next
    Hopefully he also meets our expectations…!

    ”If you write a spoiler without warning readers, your name will be
    added to a blacklist and all your future reviews will be discarded
    automatically and unread. ”

    And for this I would like to say and confirm that there are no spoilers
    in this review

  • Kriti GangadharOctober 12, 2015Reply

    Nice and different.

    A different and fresh approach. Good to know all the new people are so
    talented.Especially, most of them coming from IT background.

    But it is little bit lengthy and I feel some parts of the story could
    have been edited and removed. Other than that,movie looks promising.
    Nice Mangalore touch and depicts our cultural richness. Nice songs. I
    personally like the ‘dennana dennana’ song. This movie gives another
    reason to go watch Kannada movies and to be proud of.Hoping that the
    director sir will come up with many such projects and make the audience


  • Goutham BhatOctober 30, 2015Reply

    Amazing in the eyes of a viewer,Inspirational in the eyes of a aspirational director○○○

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nagesh Kumar C SFebruary 20, 2016Reply

    Poor Hotch potch story but good presentation

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sandy-cariappaMarch 25, 2016Reply

    Well Done Sir!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sraavan-narayananApril 4, 2016Reply

    A new attempt

    Tired of all the boring old masala flicks. This movie indeed is in a
    different track. The first plus point is location and theme set to the
    story. If this movie is going to be made in another language in I’m
    sure it won’t be as successful as it was in Kannada. I’m a tamilian and
    I felt the entire movie will suit only for the language ”kannada”. The
    second plus point is the entire casting. The complete narration of the
    story is also a new attempt and creates different plot twists. The
    negatives are mainly the songs which disturb the thriller factor. The
    another point is the way many all twists are added to the main plot. It
    kind of makes us deviate from the plot. Which could have been avoided.
    The director needs to learn a lot of techniques in direction as the
    movie is still feels a bit amateur. Overall the writing of the movie is
    completely new and appreciative. But the direction could have been more
    crisp and could have avoided the unnecessary plot twists and make it a
    clear thriller.

  • Suhas Dwarakanath ([email protected])October 13, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 20, 2017Reply

    A Mysterious Ride!!!

    Journalist Sandhya is on a mission to find out an anonymous novelist
    named Anashku. Meanwhile, Gautam who writes under the name Anashku
    takes his wife Indu to visit Kamarottu. The journey gets complicated
    when they start to experience some unnatural occurrences. Anup’s
    storytelling style was really impressive and he has brought back some
    art forms like Bhootaradhane and Yakshagana into play which was kind of
    haunting too. The story is enough to keep you occupied throughout the
    movie and the background score, cinematography also plays vital roles
    in the movie. Overall, It’s an engaging, mysterious thriller movie and
    a must watch.

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