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Oct. 08, 2015 UK97 Min.
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Omer Fast



A London man who loses his memory when he’s struck by a falling object develops a way to reconstruct his past.

Original titleRemainder
IMDb Rating5.8 637 votes
TMDb Rating7.7 7 votes

(2) comments

  • Tom DooleyNovember 16, 2016Reply

    Gripping and visually arresting British Thriller

    Tom played by Tom Sturridge is injured when he is hit by falling debris
    on the streets of London. After months of convalescing in hospital he
    is released home. Only he has lost all memory before the incident. The
    good news is that his lawyers tell him he has been offered a life
    changing sum by the insurers responsible so long as he keeps his mouth

    He then becomes haunted by fragments of memory that seem to hold the
    key to his past and might be able to explain who he really is and also
    who are the people around him. So he embarks on a way to recreate the
    past and in so doing runs into the dark World of rewriting the past by
    melding it with a contrived future.

    Now this is a really gripping watch, it is arty coming from director
    Omer Fast who specialised in video art before going into film. It can
    be edge of seat stuff in places and the performances are all done in a
    way to complement each other. Sturridge is more or less an emotion
    blank canvas until he finds his fragmentary memories to give emotion to
    his life. This rubs up nicely with the other players who are either in
    it for the ride or are clearly hiding something. Based on the book by
    Tom K. McCarthy, this is one that film lovers in all its dark glory
    will find much to admire.

  • JvH48February 27, 2017Reply

    After a promising first half, the movie lost steam. The ending insults our logic, given that this is no SciFi story about time travel paradoxes

    Saw this at the Leiden International Film Festival 2016 (LIFF). First
    half was promising and gripping, the second half lost steam (can
    happen), but alas the ending was totally unsatisfactory as it undoes
    all of what happened before. Of course, rebuilding your past from a few
    vague memories, uncertain who you can trust and who is only interested
    in your money, is a daunting task. That is even so while owning the 8.5
    million he had received as compensation, allowing him a ”spare no
    expenses” approach. I found it a disappointment that beginning and
    ending seemed to bite each other’s tails, especially as this movie is
    not marked as Sci-Fi and is not in the business of time paradoxes and
    related issues with time travel explored in other stories (is the last
    sentence a spoiler??). As presented here in this movie, what we see is
    utterly impossible as well as an insult to our logic.

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