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Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliet

Jun. 12, 2015 151 Min.
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8.6 1,948 votes

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Jayam Ravi isKarthick
Uma Padmanabhan isKarthick's mother
Karthick's mother
Madhumila isAishwarya's Friend
Aishwarya's Friend
VTV Ganesh isHimself (Guest Appearance)
Himself (Guest Appearance)
Arya isHimself (Guest Appearance)
Himself (Guest Appearance)


Aishwarya, an air hostess, wants to marry a millionaire, but mistakes Karthik, a gym trainer, for a rich guy and woos him. She calls off the romance when she discovers that he isn’t well off, but Karthik will not let her leave that easily.

Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet
Original titleறொமெஒ ஜூலிட்
TMDb Rating4.8 3 votes

(5) comments

  • SivakumarBalachandranJune 12, 2015Reply

    Romantic Comedy with clichéd emotional melodrama and comedy

    Debutant director Lakshman comes with a romantic comedy which is a mix
    of emotional melodrama and comedy. The title says ”Romeo Juliet” so if
    you are in for a conventional Shakespeare drama refurbished to modern
    days sorry the answer is a complete ‘No’. Here the director has essayed
    his version of the modern day working youth of metro cities and their
    expectations when it comes to love and married life. Plot: Strongly
    nothing new. We have already seen the movie ”Devathaiyai Kanden” which
    was an average grosser with Dhanush and Sridevi in the lead. So the
    base plot is exactly same. The director tries to link the entire
    characterization of the leads to today’s working class lovers but I
    would strongly say he forgot all the reality towards the climax and
    made a cinematic ending (Probably he would have been scared about the
    results in the box office to have a tragedy climax scene) Screen play
    was quite engaging throughout.

    Cast: Jayam Ravi and Hansika takes over the role of Karthick a
    celebrity gym trainer and Aiswarya the air hostess. Both the leads did
    a fair justification to their roles. There are quite a few supporting
    actors we see on the screen. Hansika has tried to act and was beautiful
    throughout the movie. But this girl is always showing up in full make
    up naturally she is fair complexion so she should know she doesn’t need
    much. The friend’s bunch of Hansika was a good selection particularly
    the girl named Tina was noticeable. VTV Ganesh as VTV Ganesh was there
    in the same role he used portray in all the movies. Vamsi Krishna and
    Poonam Bajwa in extend cameos guess what they are the lead pairs short
    lived groom and lover.

    Technical: Music by D Imman was OK. The already hit no Dhandanaka song
    could have been shot with a better bang which the song deserves. Two
    and a half hour movie seems little dragging towards the end otherwise
    editing wise good show. Though could have avoided certain song


    New trend Romeo Juliet won’t disappoint you totally so a once watch
    Rom-Com suited to current youth crowd. My rating would be 2.75/5. (If
    the climax was not a cliché it would have fetched good ratings)

    -Reviewed by Sivakumar Balachandran

  • yunusitbossJuly 11, 2015Reply

    Romeo Juliet (U) TAMIL ———- my Rating: ★★★½ LOVE STORY WITH A STRONG MESSAGE

    New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news …. LIKE THIS PAGE : English
    Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad

    Romeo Juliet (U) TAMIL ———- my Rating: ★★★½ LOVE STORY WITH A

    STRENGTHS:- * Screenplay and dialogues were distinctive. * Casting were
    perfect for the romantic genre. * Dandanakka song was peppy and
    catchy… * Imman’s romantic background score…

    WEAKNESSES:- * Pre-Climax: a scene with Hansika fiancé was
    unsatisfied.. * Few songs were unnecessary, slows down the screenplay.

    FINAL VERDICT:- * Overall… it is a clean romantic family entertainer,
    the movie plot seems to be old but delivered in a different style.
    Please watch this movie and fall in love….

    What happens after girl dumps guy?

    Director: Lakshman Writer: Lakshman Stars: Jeyam Ravi, Hansika Motwani,
    Vamsi Krishna | See full cast and crew »

  • Bharanidaran ramaniAugust 6, 2015Reply

    You can watch this movie only if there is a gun to your head

    A typical rom-com, well what should be my expectations? we all know its
    gonna sway happy side and is not gonna have any mystery to solve, so
    the bar is already very low, the only expectation was good performances
    from the lead actors. And that is, missing.

    The movie is the pinnacle of clichés, do you remember the TV serials,
    even if you don’t watch it for a year and watch it again, you can still
    understand what the story is in a couple of minutes. This will give you
    the exact experience, nothing in this movie is awe-inspiring. I thought
    Jeyam Ravi could not get any worse after watching Thillalangadi, but he
    proves he can get a lot worse like this movie. Am truly surprised with
    this actor, he gives some stunning performances in the past and fades
    away. Even Nimindhu Nil was a not a blockbuster, but i really liked his
    realistic acting, he has got skill but he has just taken a oath to
    screw it more and more with every dumb movie like this I don’t even
    want to talk about Hansika Motwani, she desperately tries to a bitch in
    the first half and ends up being a laughing stock. The same duo did a
    movie Engeyum Kadal, again it was a typical rom-com but it was much
    better movie only because of their acting, why does the director not
    understand this fact? If you think about the story it has got
    substance, a wannabe rich girl and a honest lover boy, its definitely
    not a bad ploy and i have seen worse, but no where in the movie the
    actors realise their character and makes a complete parody of it with
    their acting.

    If a actor swears in the movie and you end up laughing, that by itself
    tells you where the movie is headed. Utter disbelief, the movie is way
    too long.. Again lets look at Engeyum Kadhal, the movie had very
    limited scope to entertain and the director knew it, the movie was just
    over 2 hours and if we take away 5 beautiful songs, it would just be an
    hour and half, which is totally acceptable. Here, the intro where we
    see 10 minutes of dub smash from various movies, which was no way
    related to the movie, that right there says the director has no
    confidence. The movie tries to be clever with the narration but as a
    thumb rule, narration should only used when you are backtracking
    events, not when you are going with the movie as it goes. Doesn’t solve
    the purpose, it is like announcing in you marriage with a megaphone to
    all your relatives that you are getting married. Duh, they know it and
    that’s why they are there.

    A mediocre script made worse by pathetic screenplay and lackluster
    performances from two actors who have given some good movies in the
    past. A rom-com with awful songs is never gonna be remembered and this
    movie will be forgotten even before the end credits.

  • abs-loves-moviesAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Needed a better ending

    A complete cliché. I knew there would be an ending like this…
    however, was expecting a different ending… If Jeyam had walked away
    with the other girl, allowing Hansika to realise, THEN the Director
    would have given a meaning to true love.

    Every now and then, a different ending, a lesson well learnt is
    necessary. True that Jeyam stands for true love, and you have expressed
    that in the movie well. BUT, what the world needs to know is the other
    side of the story. Which is that

    1) We can still continue life and find true love for the second time –
    because there are more well deserving people out there. 2) Consequence
    for our actions is necessary if we are to see a better world filled
    with love. 3) Forgiveness is necessary too, but sometimes, forgiveness
    means that we move on, and not necessarily to start back together. 4)
    Love means responsibility. Love is not blind and thoughtless actions.
    Love is premeditated and determined labour. 5) What if the guy had left
    her, and then returned in repentance?

    The right kind of Love should be taught to the next generation. And
    movie directors should take on greater responsibility and not just show
    clichés for money.

    This is my sole opinion…

  • siddharth vMarch 28, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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