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Apr. 08, 2016 India199 Min.
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Rakul Preet Singh isJaanu aka Mahalakshmi
Jaanu aka Mahalakshmi
Aadhi isVairam Dhanush
Vairam Dhanush
Catherine Tresa isMLA Hansitha
MLA Hansitha
Jayaprakash Reddy isUmapati
Umapati "U. P."
Vidyullekha Raman is'Sambar' Tamizh Selvi
'Sambar' Tamizh Selvi
Anjali isCameo (Blockbuster)
Cameo (Blockbuster)
Suman isDGP Ranjit
DGP Ranjit


Only one man can stop a villain who, backed by his father, brutally murders anyone who gets in the way of his unscrupulous real estate deals.

Original titleసరైనోడు
IMDb Rating6.2 1,464 votes

(11) comments

  • murlimohanraoApril 21, 2016Reply

    Ridiculous, Mindless, Dumb, Violent Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Raj VadyaApril 22, 2016Reply

    Not worth watchable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PKazeeApril 22, 2016Reply

    Delightfully insane style over substance

    The English subtitling for this Tollywood effort is rough, and much of
    the humor doesn’t fully translate, but director Boyapati Srinu and
    ”Stylish Star” Allu Arjun (aka ”Bunny”) succeed in transcending the
    language barrier with their waaaay over-the-top action scenes, and some
    infectiously fun – hip-hop influenced – dance sequences. Music is by SS
    Thaman, with choreography by Bollywood’s Bosco, and it impresses and/or
    inspires giggles in equal measure.

    The first half of this fully ridiculous ride is the strongest by far,
    highlighted by a nasty fight scene on skates at a roller park, and
    ultimately, with a show stopping massacre at the ill-fated marriage
    ceremony that concludes Act 1. Sadly, topping this visual mayhem would
    be next to impossible, which leaves the 2nd Act as a bit of let down.

    Love interest for our impossibly unstoppable fighting superhero is
    provided – during most of the 1st Act – by Catherine Tresa, and – in
    the 2nd – by the very alluring and talented Rakul Preet Singh, easily
    the best of all of the actors in this film (and a fella’s best reason
    for sticking around past intermission).

  • Ramawat ShashikanthApril 22, 2016Reply

    Overall a Below Avg Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vrklankaApril 22, 2016Reply


    As an ardent fan of movies, watching films like these makes me sad!
    Very sad!! Moreover, I don’t even had a respite after the movie as
    yesterday was Hanuman Jayanthi and a dry day! tongue emoticon A
    ruthless villain who grabs innocent poor villagers lands and kills
    everyone who crosses his path ( I know you are already yawning!)… A
    hero who doesn’t like anyone breaking the law except him, confronts the
    villain and will not fight it out in the first scene because, the
    cinema length should be at least 150 mins.. A heroine, who is a damsel
    in distress being rescued by our hero and a romance follows… A second
    fiddle, who is there to showcase her curves and to fill in 2 songs… A
    comedian who tries to make you laugh but fails and makes you feel so
    sorry for him…

    On the top of all, cheap narration by the director which can only be
    enjoyed by illiterates!

    I bet you can’t even sit through this movie…

    There is an English movie ”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind”, a
    Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet starrer. The basic plot is to erase the
    memories of each other when their relationship is not going good. Yday,
    while coming out of theatre I wished we had that technology. Because
    that way, I can erase ”Boyapati Sreenu”, ”Sarrainodu” and many such
    films from my memory. I felt happy for the thought but then it suddenly
    struck me.. If i forget these people and films and after the process of
    deleting, while going home if i see the poster of Sarrainodu I may go
    back to see the movie? That gave me chills my friends!

  • chathersinghApril 22, 2016Reply

    Avg Movie but u can watch it once

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Naveen MohanMay 5, 2016Reply

    Way too over-rated…

    This is the dumbest movie I have ever seen my entire life. In fact I am
    shocked when I saw a rating of 7.2 for this awful movie in IMDb. My 10
    year old kid is more logical than Boyapati. I still wonder how the hell
    did he become such a big and famous director? Anyway, coming to the
    movie, there is nothing but useless fights, heroines’ glamour and an
    item song with rocking dance of AA in it. Don’t even think about the
    story, because when Boyapati directs a movie, there won’t be any story
    in it. As far as acting goes, Sai Kumar, JP, Chalapathi Rao and other
    legendary actors were seriously under-used. Heroines don’t have much to
    do other than flaunting and dancing for the songs, decent role for
    Srikanth and lame comedy from Brahmanandam. Overall, this movie is a
    perfect example of how a movie should not be. Boyapati thinks audience
    are dumb just like him to watch his stupid films with absolutely no
    logic at all. I request everyone to boycott such stupid movies. At
    least then these kind of directors realize their mistakes and start
    doing sensible movies.

  • Fan EaglesMay 10, 2016Reply

    Might be the worst movie for this year

    If there were an option to choose 0, would have gladly.

    Likely, the worst movie to come out of Telugu industry so far this
    year. (apart from SGS, which I have luckily escaped…..!) Absolutely
    mindless plot, poor narration, poor screenplay, crap editing mixed with
    mediocre casting,insane dialogues and unrealistic heroism make this
    movie your worst nightmare (unless u are into nightmares, that’s a
    different story). Its mind boggling how someone like Boyapati Srinu,
    with his style of movie-making (more like mediocre-making) managed to
    convince AA and his shrewd dad, AA, into making this movie. This should
    have never made it onto the sets.

    This movie clearly reminds us again how steep the divide between
    Tollywood and its contemporaries, Bollywood and Kollywood really is
    these days.

  • Sarath ChandraJune 3, 2016Reply

    This kind of Movies must not be passed in the censor

    Even when some one sits an entire night and wants to write some
    illogical scenes for a Surrealistic plot , it would have been better
    than this movie .

    Even in the days of people encouraging some really good stories , i
    don’t know why these movies are becoming Huge hits , Its time for the
    audience to strongly discourage watching this kind of mediocre movies ,
    if there was a scale of 1-10 for the movie’s story , i would give it a

    when asked about what is genre of this movie , the director would say
    it is a blend of Action , Comedy , War, Politics , Sentiment ,Mass ,

    still cant figure out how did Sentiment become a Genre in Telugu films

  • arjuncoldJune 5, 2016Reply

    Unbearable torture waste of time, money and peace.

    Please please do not torture and torment audiences by making such
    movies. After watching this dreadful movie I have gone into such a
    state of shock that I may not go to the cinemas to watch any movie
    hereafter ,or for at least a few months (me being quite a movie buff).
    I can confidently say that this is the WORST movie i have seen in my
    life. Absolute torture and painful cant even sleep due to the over the
    top mindless action and loud noise. This is the kind of movie that
    should not be watched by anyone. Such movie makers should learn a
    lesson that audiences do not appreciate such nonsensical stuff and that
    they should not make such stuff. My whole body is in a state of shock
    with eardrums bursting due to the loud noise. Overall unbearable movie
    I can’t even find words to describe the horrendous story line and plot.
    Worst ever it can’t get worse that this. Awful movie.

  • prashanth325December 14, 2016Reply

    horrible terrible silly stupid childish immature movie script

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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