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After Every Fall, I RiseAug. 13, 2015 Pakistan109 Min.
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8.8 1,298 votes

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Adnan Sarwar


Adnan Sarwar isHussain Shah
Hussain Shah


The film is based on the journey of Pakistani Olympian boxer Hussain Shah who started his life on the streets of Lyari, Karachi as a homeless child and went on to dominate Asian boxing for nearly a decade. He became the only boxer of Pakistan history to win an Olympic medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics but was afterwards forgotten by public and media alike.

Original titleShah
IMDb Rating8.8 1,142 votes
TMDb Rating7 1 votes

(15) comments

  • AAmir YounusAugust 17, 2015Reply

    An Epic Heartwarming Story of the GREAT HUSSAIN SHAH, and ADNAN SARWAR NAILED IT

    Firstly like ever movie coming out from Pakistan, it is not based on
    Terrorism nor any Cheap Imitations of Bollywood Masala movies, Its
    Pakistan First Ever Biopic, and coming from a person who was nobody,
    makes the movie even better, Adnan Sarwar the one man Army, who
    directed, Acted and penned down the whole thing from scratch.

    one the whole SHAH is a must watch movie for many reasons, be its
    Narration, or Acting, You cant miss this one easily.

    Its certainly going the change the whole face of Pakistani Movie Cinema
    once it for all.

    Kudos to Adnan Sarwar once again,

    Many People did not see this Epic Coming !!!

  • Omer ArshadAugust 18, 2015Reply

    A Must Watch

    A Must Watch for all Pakistanis

    How well the movie has shown us our sidelined heroes. The journey of
    winning the games without basic necessities (like a shoe) is mind
    blowing. Shah movie truly captures the hearts and minds of the
    Pakistani people and truly one of the signs that Pakistani Cinema is
    now on the road to producing some quality stuff. Shah was given an
    award from Bank Alfalah on the premier of the movie however just goes
    to show that we actually need to support our stars during their time of

    A Must watch!

  • Sarfraz RazaAugust 20, 2015Reply

    Beautiful and painful…! The apparition and evanescence of the unsung heroes…!

    Shah is a surprising masterpiece. Though ignored once again as the many
    unsung fading heroes of the country.

    The beginning of the direction has a lot of things which could have
    been improved in acting and scenes… but after a while you start
    ignoring it and loose yourself in the story of Shah. The surreal
    painful images will sink you into the unsung heroes of this country.
    The main character Shah has done honesty to his character. I watched it
    with my sister, and we both kept crying for a long time…! Leave you
    breathless in some scenes…! Go with it, ignore the side characters
    acting… they will fade away in the mastering character of Shah!

    The images shown of Lyari Karachi, footpathia(one who lives on
    footpath) and many fading images of the fast paced city life are of so
    much intensity that your heart will stop beating. Hope you will enjoy

  • Mustafa ZaidiAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Awesome theme. Awesome story but average direction,acting , editing and Poor Music Direction screwed the Movie.

    Awesome theme. Awesome story but average direction, acting, editing and
    Poor Music Direction screwed the Movie. Nice to see that someone made
    film on this issue and paid tribute to our forgotten hero. Music
    Direction was so poor that I first time experienced pin drop silence in
    cinema and can hear music from another Hall. Some scenes makes you feel
    that Music director forgets to put any Sound or Music there. YouTube
    clips from 1980’s Olympics ruined the originality of film and reminds
    me the time when we made short film and found any clip on YouTube. ”Hey
    Man! This clip fits good let’s put it in movie”. Pictures from Past and
    Location pictures from Google showing location title screwed the
    seriousness of movie. Just showing location on black screen would be
    much better. Seems like director thought oh ! It’s a low budget movie
    and we can’t shoot abroad so let’s bring abroad here. My Expectations
    were High but got Disappointed. But it’s good to make films on these
    kind of issues compared to commercial romantic typical Bollywood with
    dirty jokes.

  • sergioumuaythaiboxMay 22, 2016Reply

    Great Story but….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Abdul Wahab ButtMay 24, 2016Reply

    The Most Emotional Pakistani movie I ever watched

    My heart bled on seeing how he struggled throughout his life, deceived
    by people when he had such an exceptional talent. May Allah(S.W.T)
    reward him for all the patience he kept throughout his life. Mostly i
    don’t get emotional while watching a movie even not for true stories.
    But this one was a brilliant effort to collect all required pieces of
    the real story. hats off to whole team who worked day and night to make
    a movie of this level. (With minimum resources) Frankly, I did not know
    about Hussain Shah before the release of this movie. In countries like
    Pakistan we may have so many players like Sayed Hussain Shah. He and
    many others like him have always been here among us unnoticed. And this
    movie is showing us the cruelty of our government departments who
    humiliate real talent like him and only support those who bribe them or
    have links at higher level. I wish this inequality at every level among
    any institution ends soon. At the end, I congratulate the whole team
    who was behind this success.

  • Talha Javaid ([email protected])June 9, 2016Reply

    Dignity doesn’t feeds you, It’s the money that does so!

    An epic story of struggle and achievements that needed to be told to
    show the world a positive picture of the country. Even in reality, our
    media works on the same rule ”There is no news like Bad News”. And we
    have been portrayed as terrorists in front of the whole world. But this
    is the side, we really are. A true depicting story of the hardships and
    the struggles that are faced by the people of Lyari Town, Karachi.
    Lyari has given a lot of great names to this country. But
    unfortunately, we have gone so far in the lust of power and money that
    we don’t appreciate and support talents like Syed Hussain Shah. Like
    the movie conveys, we give them respect only but respect doesn’t feed
    you, it’s the money that does so.

    Adnan Sarwar Bro, you truly are the man who just nailed it.

  • mirzaamir01June 19, 2016Reply

    A Heart touching but painful true story reflecting so many wasted talent in Pakistan

    Main character hero SHAH does an awesome job as an actor and his Uncle
    both performed super nice, There are must be so many stories like this
    hidden in the past of Pakistan but Director and all team portrayed very
    nicely but because of limited budget they have not done well according
    to commercial point of view however a well taken true story of a real
    fighter which shows real fighting is not in the ring but in real life,
    winning in ring just a reflection of the past of a fighter. A must
    watch for all Pakistani specially Karachi, i hope Pakistan should have
    all the facilities and necessities for the talent in Pakistan so they
    can live and play well internationally and win for Pakistan.

  • Daniyal SattiJuly 22, 2016Reply

    I’m rating this movie 10/10

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wakhtar-30803July 27, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie which reminds everyone of the forgotten hero

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zigzaggedAugust 2, 2016Reply

    SHAH movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sameenmohsinSeptember 26, 2016Reply

    Intense and soul stirring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Abhilash BaranwalOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Depicts the ugly reality of South Asian sports

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • waseemsafder-35424November 27, 2016Reply

    It’s not about Shah, it’s about its makers

    My concern is more towards our dogmatic/copy-cat film makers rather
    than commenting on this movie. ‘Shah’ is a positive effort towards
    projecting Pakistan’s good image & its fine BUT…

    Our directors/film-makers need to come out of media based movies. Every
    2nd film carries the story of media, film industry, news channels (what
    the hell). We need to learn that showbiz industry would be less than 1%
    in our country and you are making every film on that community. Come’on
    there are millions of other topics in the world yar. Look at the bogus
    media/showbiz involvement in these movies (that i have seen
    only)…SHAH (media, news channel), LAHORE SE AGY (actress is rock
    star, film-ind.), ACTOR IN LAW (hero wants to become an
    actor,film-ind.), ZINDAGI KITNI HASEEN HAI (hero wants to become a
    story writer, film-ind.), ISHQ POSITIVE (actress wants to become drama
    artist, film-ind.), AKSBANDH (found footage of film- makers), BOL
    (media), WRONG NO (hero wants to be an actor, again film- industry), HO
    MAN JAHAN (passionate about music, showbiz), MANTO (writer, showbiz
    story, media), MAHEMIR (poet, poetry, showbiz)…

    Another common thing is the competition of making CHEAPEST MOVIE among
    our film-makers. Budget of every new release seems less than the
    previous. Perhaps we want to set an example for Hollywood or wish to
    get registered in Guinness world record for making World’s
    Cheapest/Most Economical Movie. My point is we should do something new.
    New Locations (northern areas, cities other than Karachi), New Stories
    (of a common man not an actor, director, poet, media person please…),
    New stuff…in short something new for the people.

  • Hamza ZubairDecember 11, 2016Reply

    An excellent movie and a serious point to consider

    A simple movie yet great message. Great Music, Great Story and good
    cinematography. After watching this movie one can easily understand why
    rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer in Pakistan. The
    movie does justice and hats off to the director who went on the purpose
    of exploring a forgotten National Hero’s life. An inspiration for the
    awe-stricken, a motivation for the young and a thought for the media
    and establishment to seriously consider. The nation doesn’t lack talent
    but corrupt guys are more in number.I seriously look forward to more
    movies of the like apart from action and romance. Again, thanks Mr.
    Adnan Sarwar

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