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Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Moving on to Pastures New.Feb. 05, 2015 UK85 Min.PG
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8.9 1,558 votes

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Mark Burton


Justin Fletcher isShaun / Timmy (voice)
Shaun / Timmy (voice)
Omid Djalili isTrumper (voice)
Trumper (voice)
Richard Webber isShirley (voice)
Shirley (voice)
Kate Harbour isTimmy's Mum / Meryl (voice)
Timmy's Mum / Meryl (voice)
Tim Hands isSlip (voice)
Slip (voice)
Simon Greenall isTwins (voice)
Twins (voice)
Andy Nyman isNuts (voice)
Nuts (voice)
Emma Tate isHazel (voice)
Hazel (voice)
Jack Paulson isCelebrity with Hair Trouble (voice)
Celebrity with Hair Trouble (voice)
Sean Connolly isMaitre D / Golfer / Stylists / Angry Panto Horse / Hospital Characters (voice)
Maitre D / Golfer / Stylists / Angry Panto Horse / Hospital Characters (voice)


When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it’s up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Original titleShaun the Sheep Movie
IMDb Rating7.4 27,189 votes
TMDb Rating6.9 409 votes

(105) comments

  • Braindead09February 6, 2015Reply

    I was late for The Interview

    I am a grown male and got the timings wrong to see The Interview and
    could not be bothered to wait for the next screening so I selected the
    next film starting.

    I have never seen the series, so cant judge if this is a good or bad
    adaptation all I can say this is a truly funny film though aimed at
    children is funny enough to keep me entertained.

    The animation is uniformly excellent and honestly kept me guessing from
    the start to the end whether it was CGI or stop motion, I am still not
    sure even after reading all the credits. Maybe I didn’t read them
    properly because the theme tune is very catchy and bounces round the
    head even now.

    The story is easy to follow, the characters are likable and there is no
    trite wince inducing dialogue, everything is mumbled by the humans and
    the sheep communicate in a variations of bahs. There are some cracking
    running gags and a smattering of fart jokes. The sheep in disguise have
    to be seen to believed and the viewer would be surprised what goes on
    with a horse.

    The closing credits though long are a fun roll with a funny bit at the

    Watch it. I bet The Interview wont be as much fun.

  • P BrennanFebruary 8, 2015Reply

    Shauns big outing

    This was, for me anyway, the usual Saturday afternoon flick with my
    partner and son to pass an hour or two.

    To be honest could have been any movie.

    The movie started sedately enough but gathered pace and complexity with
    every minute ,throughout the audience was laughing out loud , adults
    and children alike (including me).

    It had everything for kids and adults, some rude jokes, great
    references to adult movies. A multi-layered villain, heroes and comedic

    The animation was stunning but i stopped looking at the animation and
    got hooked on the story and characters, maybe that’s the way it should

    Definitely worth a hour or so of anybody’s time.

  • martinyfelixFebruary 9, 2015Reply

    A gift for the fans.

    I never ever go to the cinema (I rather wait for the Blu-ray to be
    released and just paying once but yet I went to London from Spain just
    to see this movie. I didn’t wanna wait for it to be released here.

    Shaun the Sheep is a brilliant TV show so when I found out a movie was
    being made I was totally thrilled. Even though going from the 7-minute
    episode to a full length movie was a big step, I was confident in
    Aardman to made the transition easily. They didn’t disappoint. First,
    let me say that I love stop-motion; it’s such an ”intimate” technique
    due to the fact that you always have to literally be on top of the
    character to change it every time he makes the slightest movement. But
    not only is the technique beautiful, the story doesn’t disappoint
    either. This doesn’t feel like a dragged out episode of the show, it
    feels like a story that goes beyond the usual surroundings of the show
    while still maintaining how everything works. This movie made me laugh
    a lot. If there’s something that Shaun the Sheep always achieved was
    the ability to create humor of the most simplest situations. But I also
    cried a lot. Tears of sadness and happiness. And truthfully, I never
    expected Shaun the Sheep to reach me so deeply. There’s a scene where
    you can see so much pain in Shaun eyes. And that’s just clay! My God,
    congratulations to whoever did that, it was so moving. And I also had a
    sweet spot about Slip, the dog that Shaun meets early in the movie and
    come along for the adventure. She was a new character but she felt like
    and old member of the gang.

    I haven’t enjoyed a movie so much in a long time. And I haven’t felt so
    many thing with a movie in a long time either. So thank you, Aardman,
    for giving a fan such a great gift.

  • RicktingFebruary 12, 2015Reply

    Not as good as some of Aardman’s stuff, but still some of the best animated entertainment around

    In my opinion, Shaun the Sheep, the TV show, is the best thing Aardman
    have ever done. Fiendishly funny, inventive and almost surreal in its
    enjoyment levels, adults will be able to enjoy it too. Shaun isn’t
    Gromit, but he’s a good character and here he stars in his own movie.
    He, the flock and the sheepdog go into the city to rescue their Farmer.
    This is an old premise for a film of this type, although new things are
    done with it and the city rendered in glorious Claymation never stops
    being fun to look at. Visually it’s a very clever film and as it’s stop
    motion it never feels artificial. Shaun the Sheep Movie isn’t a
    profound film and it’s all about the humour, which it delivers on. With
    unpredictable and bitingly effective jokes, clever slapstick and an
    atmosphere of unrestrained glee, this offers charm in spades and the
    laughs don’t really stop flowing. A scene which occurs in a restaurant
    is one of those moments where you wish they could pause the film for a
    moment so that you can stop laughing and regain your composure.

    It’s not flawless though. While this won’t bother many, some poor
    continuity to the TV show, such as there being fewer sheep than normal
    and the Farmer being fond of the sheep in an overly sentimental manner
    can be irritating. The music is a bit jarring, and some of the jokes
    are a little broad and some of the set pieces are too threatening. The
    truth is, short TV shows being stretched to fit a feature length
    running time often stretches a simple premise beyond breaking point.
    This doesn’t quite happen here, but the film runs out of gas before the
    end and it’s not quite as inventive as say, The Wrong Trousers or A
    Close Shave. There are plenty of laughs, but they rarely reach the
    levels of hilarity the TV series would often produce. STSM is a good
    animated film and certainly worth seeing over many of the other films
    currently in cinemas and it’s a good laugh for the whole family.
    However, it’s not quite what it could have been, but it strikes an 8 on
    the laugh o meter.


  • Neil WelchFebruary 13, 2015Reply

    Fifty shades of wool

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jackson Booth-MillardFebruary 13, 2015Reply

    Shaun the Sheep Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • frozenpenguinFebruary 13, 2015Reply

    Very funny film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Figgy66-915-598470February 13, 2015Reply

    Aardman does it again

    13 February 2015 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester This Aftenoon –
    Shaun The Sheep. I would just like to point out that I was the only
    adult there without a child…..or maybe I was the only child without
    an adult!!!!!! Nick Park and his team have done it again. This was
    classic Aardman animation, with our old pal Shaun. Bored with his
    mundane life Shaun and his sheepy friends engineer a way to have a day
    off but all goes drastically wrong when the farmer ends up in the big
    city with memory loss. It’s up to the animals to save him and what
    follows is a madcap series of events where nobody questions sheep
    dressed as humans or any of the antics that occur. Completely without
    dialogue the story is carried along by the excellent score and
    gesticulations and a gaggle of bleats, grunts and other indiscriminate
    noises. As we know animation these days caters for all ages and with
    various movie references included the adults were definitely laughing
    at different times to the children. Watching some good old stop motion
    animation is a very pleasant way to pass the time.

  • Kieran BattamsFebruary 14, 2015Reply

    Baa-rilliant Fun

    Excuse the pun in the title, i had to do it because this latest Aardman
    outing isn’t a baaad film at all (sorry :P).

    I am a huge fan of stop-motion, the way these types of films are
    animated fascinate me. I grew up loving Wallace and Gromit and I always
    loved the character of Shaun The Sheep so I was looking forward to this
    in some ways, although I wasn’t sure the character could carry a film
    by himself but not to worry because he really can!

    This type of film has been seen a lot, a group of characters end up in
    a situation that isn’t within their comfort zone, in this case from
    farm to city. It isn’t an original plot sure but it is handled so well
    that i was entertained throughout. The start was beginning to be a
    little slow, but started off so well that by the time it started to
    drag and feel slow something else happened which made the film
    entertaining again. From the moment the farmer ends up in the big city
    the jokes fly at you and these are as much for adults than they are for
    kids. I found myself laughing waaay more than i expected. Very simple
    jokes and laughs, but in a way that worked almost flawlessly. And this
    was all handled with no dialogue whatsoever, only the occasional baa or
    mumble from the human characters.

    I highly recommend this to anybody who is looking for a film that will
    entertain the whole family and if you are planning on seeing Fifty
    Shades of Grey over this then don’t.. you will be wasting your time. At
    85 minutes this is the perfect length to keep young ones entertained
    and also before any of the jokes got stale or before interest is lost.
    A very simple and very English feeling film that left me feeling great.
    I hope to see more stop-motion animated films because I am a huge fan
    of these and this one looks absolutely beautiful. I hope this gets a
    nomination for best animated picture just for the style because i would
    back it up all the way. You will not regret seeing this one i promise

  • failio-504-682440February 15, 2015Reply

    Shut up, ewe

    For a while, I’ve held a belief that Aardman can do no wrong, and
    thankfully this latest example has kept up that belief and then some.
    It’s actually rather difficult to write a review of this movie, because
    there’s not a whole lot one can actually comment on. For instance, I
    can’t say anything about voice acting, or script, because there is
    literally no dialogue. I mean, there are voice actors (for example Omid
    Djalili as Tramper the villain) but all they do is mumble (and in the
    case of the sheep actors, bleat) and stuff. I suppose this, then,
    serves as a testament to the sheer quality of Aardman’s animation. In
    addition to it being fantastic that claymation can still find its way
    onto the screen today, it’s also brilliant that such a film has found
    such capable animators; the animation is beautiful, and though you may
    think they may not be able to convey so much emotion with just facial
    expressions and mumbles, lo and behold, they do; from glee, to terror,
    to sadness, to panic, and many more, the characters they’ve created are
    absolutely brimming with emotion, and immensely watchable at the same
    time, and that just makes this movie all the more effective. Lack of a
    proper script also doesn’t seem to trouble Aardman either; this movie
    is really goddamn funny. The physical comedy sequences, the highlight
    of which has to be the gleefully chaotic scene in a restaurant, are
    done to a tee, quite possibly the best Aardman has done them since
    Flushed Away, while Aardman’s trademark sight gags, though not quite as
    strong as they were in previous offering The Pirates! (the Brian
    Blessed gag comes to mind), are ever-present and really quite amusing,
    however obvious or subtle they may be (for instance, ”The Big City –
    twinned with Le Grande Ville, La Ciudad Grande”). My main gripe was
    that towards the end, which I won’t spoil, things do get a bit too
    cheesy for my tastes, but the rest of the movie, and indeed most of the
    climactic sequences, more than make up for that. Shaun The Sheep: The
    Movie only serves to reinforce why I am such a huge fan of the Bristol
    lads to begin with, and while it is nowhere near as good as their first
    two features, it is definitely a worthy addition to their fine
    repertoire of work. If you’re looking for some great entertainment on
    an afternoon, you could do a lot worse than this.

  • trevorwombleFebruary 18, 2015Reply

    Shaun the Sheep – a film that the whole family will enjoy

    I considered Aardmans last stop motion effort ‘Pirates – in an
    adventures with scientists’ to be a bit of a let down when it was
    released three years ago and wondered if they had gone off the boil a
    little bit by trying to appeal to the mass market and thus diluting
    their witty humour as a result. However after 80 odd minutes of Shaun
    the Sheep I am happy to report that they are back on track.

    Shaun is extremely well animated and manages to keep the story ticking
    along and funny enough to keep your interest without really feeling
    stretched. Considering as the film has no real dialogue to speak of
    that is no mean feat, and is reliant on top notch production design,
    expressive animation and a script that is entertaining and funny
    without being overly ridiculous. Whilst the Shaun the Sheep/Timmy Time
    TV shorts are aimed at young viewers, there is a decent amount of
    underlying humour here that adults will also engage with and thus it
    doesn’t insult your intelligence the way some films do.

    After Aardmans infamous falling out with DreamWorks (who wanted them to
    Americanize Wallace & Gromit) I did wonder if Aardman had sold out for
    the mass market after feeling the Sony Pictures distributed Pirates had
    a whiff of compromise to it, and that’s partly why I felt Pirates fell
    a bit flat. However Aardman have teamed up with an independent European
    distributor for Shaun and as a result it seems they were allowed to
    make the film they wanted to make this time round. In effect I was not
    disappointed with Shaun, the simple but hilarious premise of the TV
    show is expanded successfully to the big screen with no noticeable
    compromises for the mass market. That the film is also dialogue free
    should make it an easy sell abroad too and I’m glad to see the film has
    been well received.

    So well done to Aardman for making one of 2015’s most enjoyable,
    entertaining and amusing films so far.

  • shawneofthedeadFebruary 18, 2015Reply

    Perfect for the young, and a gift for those willing to be young at heart.

    The very notion of Shaun The Sheep Movie sounds faintly ridiculous, as
    if the universe were playing a joke on movie-going audiences around the
    world. A hyper-intelligent sheep embarking on an epic adventure to save
    the farmer who shears off his wool every year? What utter claptrap. The
    film has next to no lines of intelligible dialogue and is based on a
    long-running TV show for kids? How ludicrous. Is anyone above the age
    of three actually expected to want to watch this film? And yet, there’s
    plenty to recommend this charming, full-hearted gem from Aardman
    Animation – a studio so passionate and dedicated to its craft and
    characters that it literally animates entire worlds in exhaustingly
    tiny increments.

    Everyone in Mossy Bottom Farm, including our titular hero (given
    ‘voice’ by Justin Fletcher), has settled into a dreary routine. One
    day, Shaun decides to shake things up a little. So he distracts
    sheepdog Bitzer and traps the Farmer (both voiced by John Sparkes) in a
    caravan, all in aid of allowing his entire flock to take a day off from
    their boring lives. But Shaun didn’t account for a steep hill, a
    runaway caravan and a bout of amnesia. Soon, he and his buddies – with
    the help of Bitzer and stray pooch Slip (Tim Hands) – must hunt for the
    Farmer in the Big City, even as they try to keep out of the clutches of
    Trumper (Omid Djalili), a fearsome agent tasked with Animal Control.

    It’s easy to gripe about Shaun The Sheep’s simple plot: this is hardly
    a complex film. Indeed, it lingers obstinately in the realm of
    entertainment for kids, even packing in the requisite learning points
    about friendship and not taking things for granted. The film can
    sometimes feel simplistic too, given its persistent lack of dialogue
    and its cheerfully frequent descent into slapstick comedy. There’s very
    little of the cheeky satire here that makes Aardman’s Wallace & Gromit
    franchise such a blast.

    But Shaun The Sheep Movie is delightful in so many ways that it’s just
    easier for everyone above a certain age to give in to their inner
    child. The characters may be fashioned out of clay and wood and
    painstakingly animated at an extremely slow speed, but the film itself
    positively crackles with energy. The narrative pokes fun at the
    concepts of fashion, incarceration and going viral, even as it bounces
    merrily through a host of hilarious gags. The soporific effect of sheep
    leaping over fences is mined for plenty of laughs, while the camera
    checks in with a particularly crazed inmate of Animal Control and an
    utterly charming Baa-bershop Quintet.

    Quite a bit of thought has evidently been devoted to the development of
    the film’s main characters – certainly more than you’d get in some
    Hollywood blockbusters. Shaun is a sweetly determined hero, refusing to
    leave any sheep – or human, or dog – behind, even as he cleans up a
    mess that is (strictly speaking) of his own making. The Farmer, too,
    gets a storyline that spices the comedy up with a hint of drama, as he
    stumbles into a new career through his forgotten but deeply-ingrained
    skill with shearing sheep. The lack of dialogue in the film also proves
    to be, quite frequently, a plus. Not only does it push the story in
    inventive directions, it allows the incredibly expressive characters to
    take centre stage – their hopes, dreams and fears communicated with
    barely a word spoken.

    This all makes for a thoroughly charming experience at the cinema –
    Shaun The Sheep Movie isn’t likely to make you dig deep or ponder long
    and hard about life, but it will almost certainly entertain you in
    breathtaking (and breathless!) fashion. In almost every aspect – from
    the deft character design to its incredibly catchy soundtrack, the film
    radiates a sweet, optimistic charm that will win over just about
    everybody who gives it a chance.

  • rjsf96February 24, 2015Reply

    ”We Will Call Him Shaun”

    For ‘Shaun the Sheep’ Aardman Animations gracefully goes back to its
    roots. If you are not familiar with the character of Shaun, then
    perhaps I should elaborate. He was first seen in the third Wallace &
    Gromit short ‘A Close Shave’. The world he inhabits has no characters
    that speak an audible line of dialogue. It is all silent, save for the
    odd sound effect and the musical score. This is Aardman’s sixth feature
    length film or third if you just count stop-motion.

    The plot is of course very basic. But that suits the film just fine, it
    is not trying to be the next ‘Inception’ and it doesn’t need to be.
    With silent films the simpler the better. Shaun decides that he wants
    some well deserved time off from his work on the farm. The group or
    flock want a day off, but they instead end up in rather a mess. Which
    eventually leads them to the Big City aka London. Meanwhile, through a
    misunderstanding their farmer is hospitalized with no recollection of
    whom he is and Shaun. It is up to Shaun and the gang to set the farmer
    free and return home, before further trouble is had.

    Queue great scenes that are funny, referential and light hearted. The
    first factor being the most unexpected, considering that there is no
    dialogue at all. Meaning that Shaun relies heavily upon visual humour,
    which works a treat. It never forays into dark territory and thankfully
    keeps the tone consistently light hearted with good intentions. It
    would be impossible to list all the references one could find when
    viewing it, but let me bring up a few. They are, The Shawshank
    Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs and The Wolverine. So even the
    adults will get a chuckle out of it. This film really is for all ages.

    The stop motion animation is fabulous and showcases how far Aardman
    have come along since 1989’s A Grand Day Out. It is even well paced and
    runs little over seventy-five brief minutes. Meaning it never gets
    tiresome. But the length proves to still be part of the problem. The
    film is far too short and I wanted I needed so much more. I would not
    have minded watching this film even if its running time was in fact
    doubled. I know this is not a big issue, considering the film is silent
    and still has warmth, heart and a soul. But, some character development
    would not have gone amiss.

    If you are curious as to where ‘Shaun’ places amongst the other feature
    length stop motion pictures, then it follows thus; it is greater than
    ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were- Rabbit’, but lacks the shear
    enthusiasm of ‘Chicken Run’. But, could the woolly fella ever compete
    with such grand competition? Probably not, but there is less than a
    feather between the overall quality of the two.

    ‘Shaun the Sheep’ to the cynical will no doubt appear to be a cash grab
    from Aardman. (As the gang already have a television show to its name).
    This could not be further from the truth. Shaun is warm, heartfelt,
    moving, exciting and soulful. No matter what age you are, you will be
    in for a delight provided by this excellent film from Aardman, further
    proving that they can do no wrong. I urge anyone to come forward and
    say they were bored; the mere thought of which is inconceivable!

  • quincytheodoreMarch 3, 2015Reply

    A sincerely warm and delightful escapade

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is easily an inviting film, it has very soft and
    familiar nuance like an old friend or that vacation spot you used to
    visit as a child. It may not possess imposing visual effect like recent
    animations, but this simplicity is a strength of its own. Practically
    everyone can watch it and be entertained with smart visual jokes as
    well as a heartwarming story.

    After trudging to constant schedule in daily basis, Shaun is bored of
    his monotonous live in the farm. He begins to devise a plan to give him
    and other farm animals a day off. Unfortunately, he unknowingly starts
    a series of events beyond his control and they all must try to remedy
    this situation. The story is told almost entirely without dialogue as
    the characters mutter some gibberish that’s familiar enough to
    understand with the help of visual cue and body language.

    It’s not often to see stop motion animation in past years, it looks
    really classic and modestly effective. There are lots of subtle jokes
    throughout the movie, which are naturally done and flow seamlessly.
    Pacing might need a while to set, it gets better after the first act.
    Its blend of comedy and family aspects meshes very well, even if a few
    of the sequences are a bit predictable, they still deliver genuine
    uplifting vibe that children and adults can appreciate.

    Shaun the Sheep Movie may not be as bombastic as other animations, but
    it is funny and fascinating for all ages. Pleasantly entertaining, it
    has achieved what any film could hope for.

  • peterhill-84900March 11, 2015Reply

    Terrific entertainment

    I adore this movie. It’s funny, clever, cheeky and a delight to watch.
    The trailers made it look good but the film itself succeeded in making
    a one hour and twenty something movie great!

    The plot is straightforward and easy to understand but it doesn’t treat
    it’s audience stupid. The no dialogue thing works brilliantly because
    the characters actions are so well designed that we know precisely what
    they’re thinking.

    And the finale? You know how in some films, you know how the
    protagonist going to be alright? Well the same thing happened here yet
    I was genuinely questioning whether or not someone wouldn’t be
    returning for a sequel.

    Overall, the film is brilliant and I’m looking forward to a sequel.

  • elena-papalexopoulouMarch 22, 2015Reply

    Pure entertainment & lots of fun! Bah- ntastic all around.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • b-connalMarch 22, 2015Reply

    Disappointing – does not stand out from the flock

    A below standard Aardman production only redeemed by excellent prison
    (animal control) scenes, Breaking Bad references and bold indie
    soundtrack which suggests the Music Director is a similar age to

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is a spin off from the TV series (which I am not
    familiar with) which itself is a spin off of Wallace and Gromit’s Close
    Shave and it appears that the magic of the 1995 animated short has been
    wrung out of it after so many spins. At first glance the film contains
    everything you’d expect from an Aardman animation (charming animation,
    popular culture references and crazy action) however this feels like a
    case of ticking boxes rather than being the genuine heart of the movie.

    However, the younger audience at the cinema enjoyed the movie and
    really empathised with Shaun and his plight towards the end so a
    success based on that however you wish they could see early Aardman
    material then that really would be a grand day out.

  • Russ Matthews (russellingreviews)March 28, 2015Reply

    Kids Korner – Shaun is a sheer delight

    Popcorn, M&Ms and a large drink. Roll the film…

    Aardman Productions has managed to bring stop-motion animation into
    this century on television and in film. Can they bring the lovable
    characters from their television series onto the big screen?

    Kid’s Korner rating: 3.25 stars Parent’s Rating: 4 stars

    If you are not familiar with the world of Mossy Bottom Farm, you
    probably do not know anyone under 10 years of age. Shaun the Sheep has
    been an Aardman (Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit) produced television
    show since 2007. It is designed without dialogue, but it teaches moral
    lessons to children in a humorous and endearing manner. The concept
    works across cultural lines and the production team adds a bit of
    humour for any adult that happens into the room. The average show is
    about seven minutes long and holds the attention of the young and old.
    The question is can the stop-motion wizards at Aardman produce a
    feature length film with no dialogue and this mischievous herd of

    In true Aardman style and with the help of a bubble-headed farmer, they
    manage to deliver an entertaining barnyard experience. The producers
    stay true to the magic of the television series. Shaun desires to get a
    break from the daily routines of farm life. In the process of trying to
    enjoy some creature comforts, they accidentally send Farmer into Big
    City. The herd must battle against the trappings of the Big City,
    Farmer’s amnesia and A. Trumper, the evil animal containment officer.
    With the help of Blitzer the dog and his wooly flock, Shaun leads the
    adventure to find Farmer and work to get him back to Mossy Bottom Farm
    without their shepherd being any the wiser.

    The storyline is unbelievable, but keep in mind that this farm tale
    contains a dog who uses toilet paper, pigs who wear red underwear and
    sheep who are concerned about their hair style. Even in the most
    ridiculous of situations, the sheep and the story translate wonderfully
    to the big screen. There are the inevitable fart jokes and manure
    references, but in the end this farm fresh tale was clean and
    enjoyable. Shaun the Sheep Movie will not win awards for story
    originality, but considering what it takes 20 workers a full day of
    production to produce two seconds of footage, Aardman deserves respect.
    The writing is designed for young children and the audience burst into
    laughter with each prat fall and with the excitement of seeing the
    animals prevail. Not to say that adults cannot enjoy Shaun and his
    flock, too. There are enough references to great prison break films,
    poking fun at social networking and the fascination with movie star
    hair styles to keep the adults engaged to the end. This animal
    adventure contains something for the parent and the child and it was a
    sheer delight.

    Dad asked the question on the ride home, ‘What did we think of the
    film?’ All age groups seemed to like the film. It was not ground
    breaking cinema, but it was a great matinée film for the family. I
    doubt it will connect with teenagers, but it is a breath of farm fresh
    air for families looking for something for small children. We hope
    Aardman continues to produce quality children’s films for many years to

    Reel Dialogue: What are the bigger questions to consider from this
    film? 1. How are people and sheep similar? The Bible makes comparisons
    to sheep and humans 220 times (Psalm 23, John 10) 2. How does community
    play into our lives? (Galatians 6:2, Hebrews 10:24-25)

    What is Kid’s Korner? Click on the link and see.

    Kid’s Korner are shorter reviews written by Russell Matthews’ kid’s
    perspective and based on a five star rating system @ Russelling Reviews

  • Likes_Ninjas90April 1, 2015Reply

    If a sharper comedy is released this year I’ll believe it when I see it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • webberrulesApril 1, 2015Reply

    A Shear Delight

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is a delightful movie adaptation of the
    television series of the same name, as well as Aardman’s fifth
    feature-length animated film.

    While not as good as the previous Aardman films, it is still worth the

    I will start with the bad aspects of the film, and say the good ones to
    redeem them.

    The Bad: Nothing.

    The Good: 1. Exceptional animation, as usual with Aardman, and the
    sheep are really cute in this movie. 2. Heartwarming story, with my
    love of sheep adding the emotion to it. Granted, it is a simple story,
    but it is an effective one nonetheless. 3. Great cast of characters, as
    many of said characters are from the television series, with the
    addition of Trumper, an entertaining villain that is fun to watch. 4.
    Wonderful and resonant score by Ilan Eshkeri 5. Devoid of any dialogue.
    Since my view of memorable quotes are neutral, sometimes memorable
    dialogue is endearing, like Toy Story in English, where said language
    is in the right place, and sometimes it goes in the opposite direction,
    where it is annoying, like Spirited Away in English, where said
    language stole the light the Japanese language is supposed to have.
    Fortunately, Shaun the Sheep Movie has no dialogue, which means that if
    it is distributed to worldwide audiences, it compliments by avoiding
    the common problem of the audience getting irritated by the translated
    dialogue in dubbed versions, because there is no dialogue to translate,
    which is a good thing. 6. This movie has nice humour. It has an
    excellent balance of not being conventionally childish, like Barney the
    Dinosaur, and not being relentlessly crude and vulgar, like South Park.

    In conclusion, this is a wonderful movie that literally everyone can

  • dfle3April 30, 2015Reply

    Entertaining children’s movie…even for adults. 75%

    I’m not exactly sure how I came to watch the TV series on which this
    movie is based. Perhaps I read a positive review of it in The Green
    Guide TV lift-out? In any case, I remember liking the TV series enough
    to want to see the movie.

    As with the TV series, there is no actual spoken language here or
    dialogue…the humans and animals make noises…sheep sound like sheep
    and humans…utter sounds which give the impression of being an actual
    language but are in fact just a parody of language.

    In the movie, the main plot revolves around the consequences of Shaun
    (said sheep) trying to have a rest day from the regular farmyard
    schedule as carried out by the farmer and his loyal dog Bitzer. Things
    go awry and pretty soon Shaun and the gang have to go to the big city
    to right things.

    There were quite a few moment that I laughed out loud during this
    movie. Surprisingly, there was even a ”Silence of the lambs” reference
    which made me laugh…and some children in the cinema too…no doubt
    for reasons completely unrelated to having knowledge of that adult
    horror movie!

    Towards the end of the movie, I did think that the themes and some
    characters got dark but I didn’t notice any young children being upset
    by this.

    Apart from that, I do think that this is the kind of family movie that
    adults won’t mind watching with their kids.

  • Mek TorresMay 2, 2015Reply

    Another Aardman Classic

    The rule of giving a cartoon show its own feature-length movie is
    usually sacrificing most of what defines its own material to make way
    for larger ideas or templates to fit in the scale of cinema. We get
    that issue in many adaptations, which often become a disaster or just
    loses the essence of what makes it great. Shaun the Sheep is quite a
    little show for a movie, thus this feature film takes these characters
    to more places, face an actual villain and develop a character arc to
    make up for the antics. But thankfully, those didn’t hurt what makes
    this show charming, because apparently, it stays pretty loyal to its
    roots and yet feels sincere about the demanded elements that a feature
    film should have. And the easiest way to describe it, it looks like an
    extended episode of the show, but with more heart and sights that are
    appropriate enough in a theatrical form.

    The film already seems fine at heightening the adventure, but anything
    else remains faithful to the show’s personality. There’s no exact
    dialogue added to appeal wider audiences, it’s all physical comedy, but
    done in its classic way. Though, there’s a plot meant to be followed
    through these playfulness and what often troubles in these cases is it
    might lead the narrative into contrivances, but in this movie, it
    doesn’t. The story just knows what it’s doing and where it’s going,
    even in scenes that seem to be designed for laughs turn out to be
    essential to the story. And after going through a lot of variety of
    silliness, the story eventually reveals its big picture. This is a
    movie that doesn’t have any actual talking, but the characters are so
    full of life that their actions and expressions easily speaks out the
    heart of the story. That’s one of the things to admire in this film.

    And there’s really nothing goes wrong with the animation. It’s Aardman!
    They’re the expert of stop-motion, and as said, the animation brims so
    much life and delight. And it doesn’t stop there, the Big City where
    the story is mostly settled into is filled with details that depicts
    the environment of modern city. It also explores pop culture, mostly
    satirizing it, which adds to its set of creative laughs and a sudden
    conflict for the plot. But the stop-motion is already enough to enjoy
    the good old claymation.

    Another cynical theory that Shaun the Sheep Movie might have fell into
    is being a trifle, possessing only one aim by just bringing these
    characters to the big screen and nothing else. The trailers (sort of)
    make it seem like that, but it’s best if the film surprises us with its
    center and funnier adventures. It’s no groundbreaker to the genre or
    anything, but if you could imagine Shaun the Sheep getting his own
    movie, this film just perfectly pictures anyone’s expectations, except
    it’s sort of better for the heart alone. But then, the stop-motion is
    always magnificent, and even if the plot wasn’t this inspired, it’s
    always cool to see these plasticine come to life, but Aardman have more
    ambition than that.

  • stephendaxterMay 3, 2015Reply

    A fun and enjoyable ride that the whole family can enjoy

    Shaun the Sheep is the movie adaptation of the popular children’s TV
    series of the same name. An what i will say is that if you at least
    like the TV show you will like this movie because it is very much like
    a long episode, same to be said if you don’t like the show you probably
    will not enjoy this movie. And in saying that, i was a little surprised
    by how much i enjoyed this film, i wasn’t a massive fan of the show but
    i do remember watching it when i was younger and getting a laugh or two
    here and there. I wasn’t sure if the humour would work as well now that
    i am older, but for most of the time it really worked. It is a very
    child friendly film so you get very childish jokes but the way they
    create these funny moments is genius considering that the sheep don’t
    talk, so you are relying on the animation and sounds to make you laugh.
    Some of the humour was a little too childish for me but as i said, for
    the most part it worked. The animation in this film is fantastic,
    considering how difficult claymation is to do, the amount of work and
    detail they put into the film is clearly evident.

    Plot wise you know what you are going to get, it is obviously going to
    be a very predictable plot so i wasn’t disappointed by it but knowing
    most of what was going to happen does take you out of it a bit. But
    this was simply a very entertaining film that had some good laughs and
    some good messages that they show through some slightly emotional
    scenes. This is a great film that the whole family could enjoy, the
    only thing that may put you to sleep in this film is if you begin
    counting the cute little sheep. – 7.2

  • Ruben Andres Gonzalez SocarrasMay 7, 2015Reply

    Excellent and funny familiar movie

    This film is something anybody, no matter age, will enjoy. The plot is
    pretty simple, but that’s fine since this film doesn’t need any depth
    because the fun is the many gags that appear during the whole movie. It
    takes the best of Shaun the sheep and makes it even better. Children
    will be delighted and the adult will be too.

    There are many old-fashion gags that have been seen before, but it
    doesn’t make this movie boring because of that cause somehow they work.
    I strongly recommend this film to any children an adults: it’s fun and
    the stop motion animation is good. Also, you must know there are not
    dialogues in the movie.

  • Matthew Luke BradyMay 8, 2015Reply

    Worth checking out

    Man’s second best friend is Sheep?.

    The story is about Shaun the main character decides to take the day off
    and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for.
    A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep hill lead them
    all to the Big City and it’s up to Shaun and the flock to return
    everyone safely to the green grass of home.

    I know these a lot of people that may not seen the TV series of Shaun
    the Sheep and here’s my quick opinion on the TV series. I liked the
    show, I thought the animation was pretty good I mean stop motion never
    get’s old well to me it doesn’t. The show had a good sense of humor to
    it and the character’s without talking makes them even more enjoyable
    to watch. Now we got the movie and to my surprise this is actually a
    enjoyable movie and a great one as well.

    The animation once again looks well detailed and great I mean just like
    I said before about stop motion animation never getting old and still
    looks great even today. Nice work to the people who did the animation
    for the movie, you made a good looking movie.

    The character’s in the movie are the same in the TV series and I’m
    saying that in a positive way because them not saying anything only
    sheep noises and you also got a dog that don’t talk (Thank the lord for
    that) but anywhere they dialogue are them talking in their own animal
    langue and it’s still interesting to see them interacting with each
    other like that, and that takes talent for me to be more interested
    with character’s that are not human or don’t talk human.

    The whole movie is trying to get the farmer home just because he got
    knocked out by a solid object and falls into caravan it falls into town
    and all of the sheep and the pet dog from the farm have to go out and
    search for him, that’s whole the movie right there and it’s short and
    to my surprise it flowed very well not like other movies that are short
    and the story line is too basic.

    If I have to name problems from the movie these only some like: The
    villain of the movie just felt like your basic, cliché, not that
    interesting villain with a poor character ark that every time his on I
    felt it would be a lot better if he wasn’t there at all. And that’s
    really it for problems.

    Overall Shaun the Sheep: The Movie is a good family movie with clever
    and well thought out jokes that flow extremely well even for a kids
    movie. Great character’s, outstanding animation, funny humor and a good
    stand alone movie that’s worth seeing if you have seen the show, if you
    have not please watch the show first to get to know everyone and then
    watch the movie.

  • TheLittleSongbirdMay 9, 2015Reply

    Delightfully entertaining, perfect for children and adults alike and not to be missed by fans of the show

    As a fan of Aardman and the show, Shaun the Sheep Movie was even better
    than expected and was a real delight. It may not be Aardman at their
    very best(Wallace and Gromit is still their best work) and it is not
    quite as good as the show, but there is so much here that will please
    fans and it ticks almost all the right boxes for a family film to work.

    Shaun the Sheep Movie for my liking did drag ever so slightly towards
    the end and more could have been done with the villain, who(again for
    personal tastes) lacked personality and lacked a back-story that felt
    compelling or fresh, instead coming over as a clichéd and
    underdeveloped stereotype.

    The film, thankfully not feeling at all like an extended episode of the
    show like it could easily have been, wisely keeps the story simple
    without being simplistic, sure it’s not much new but it doesn’t try to
    do too much, it doesn’t try too hard and not one component here shows
    lack of effort. It is constantly cute without being forced and it is
    brimming with charm and energy, and it’s almost certainly without
    heart. It even incorporates some drama with the Farmer, which is quite
    affecting and not over-sentimental. Having no dialogue aside from
    grumbling and animal noises was also a wise move, instead letting the
    story, gags and characters do all the work. The show also had no
    dialogue and definitely worked without it. What Shaun the Sheep Movie
    also does so brilliantly is how much appeal it has for both children
    and adults, children will delight in the characters and will have no
    trouble following the story and it is never juvenile for adults either,
    who should love the humour as much as children will.

    When it comes to the gags and the humour, they are hilarious and true
    in style to the gags in the show. Again like the show not much new but
    they are genuinely witty and funny as well as timed to perfection and
    conveyed absolutely beautifully. Scenes that stood out were the sheep
    in disguise and the riot that was the restaurant scene, which were on
    par with the episode when the sheep go out for a pizza in the show and
    has to be seen to be believed, and in a very good way. There are a few
    fart and burp jokes, but they are not overused or drawn out(in fact
    they are relatively brief) and don’t come over as immature or
    inappropriate. The characters are just as delightful as in the show,
    Shaun has lost none of his endearment and is just adorable for a
    character that never speaks. The other sheep are hardly devoid of
    personality and Blitzer is still a very funny character.

    The music score is jaunty and I didn’t ever find it that jarring, the
    main theme is incredibly catchy and doesn’t fall into the trap of being
    annoying for a theme that re-occurs a lot. But the best thing about
    Shaun the Sheep Movie is the wonderful animation with its vibrant, bold
    colours, immaculately detailed backgrounds and well-modelled character

    Overall, Shaun the Sheep Movie is a delightfully entertaining film with
    something for everybody. For fans of the show it is unmissable. 8/10
    Bethany Cox

  • Serena MGMay 12, 2015Reply

    Great for all ages

    I was both anxious and excited to see this movie, because I loved every
    other work by Aardman Animations and I didn’t want to be disappointed.

    Well, I wasn’t. The characters are endearing in their way, the plot is
    pretty good, the jokes are mostly funny, but what really impressed me
    was the work put behind the animation. You can feel how much effort was
    put in this movie.

    It was a long time since I saw a cartoon in a theater, but I don’t
    regret it. I had a really great time. It made me want to watch again
    Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. In Shaun the Sheep, you can feel (and
    see) how much they improved their animation technique. I will recommend
    it to any person who want to have a nice time relaxing and laughing.

  • Gordon-11May 13, 2015Reply

    A heart warming story

    This film tells the story of a herd of sheep getting mischievous,
    leading to the sheep farmer getting amnesia and being transported to
    the city by accident. They have to go to the city to rescue the sheep
    farmer, which is a big adventure in itself.

    ”Shaun the Sheep Movie” has great animation. The characters are cute,
    and even the sheep look different from each other and have expressive
    facial expressions! The way the sheep farmer uses his shearing skills
    in the city is quite funny. The story is simple to follow, there is not
    even any need for spoken language to get the story across. Despite
    that, the story is heart warming and touches me. I enjoyed watching
    this film.

  • afsalrehmanJune 14, 2015Reply

    No shame in admitting that I laughed & cried when I saw it

    I don’t usually write reviews. I’m not that type…definitely not but
    when I saw this movie, something sparkled within me. I felt
    something…something which I haven’t felt for a long time since I last
    saw the LOTR trilogy, something which made me wanna write this review.

    Shaun is an excellent character!! Even in simple scenes, that sheep
    will literally, make you laugh & at the same time, make you cry & not
    only him. Even his compatriots’ actions prove that,”True friends will
    always stick with you, even in tricky situations” What made me
    super-excited was the Music! It’s been so long since I heard good music
    being played in an animated film (For me & last time it was the
    Spongebob film – TERRIBLE!) When you got comedy & large amounts of it
    combined with a little dose of tragedy plus the right music playing in
    all these scenes, then I really don’t see why this movie doesn’t
    deserve less than 10 stars. Matter of fact that’s the secret
    combination behind a successful animated film. This movie left me
    satisfied…thoroughly satisfied!

  • Prismark10June 15, 2015Reply

    A close shave

    Shaun the Sheep first appeared in the Oscar winning Wallace & Gromit
    cartoon, A Close Shave. Subsequently Aardman Animations spun out the
    character for a series of shorts for the BBC.

    This feature length film sees Shaun, Bitzer the dog and the flock end
    up losing the farmer after they get into mischief and head for the big
    city to look for him. The Farmer becomes amnesic after a blow to the
    head but still manages to become a sensational hairdresser in the big
    city. Shaun is captured by Animal Control and thrown behind bars. Shaun
    must escape and find the farmer and get home, however Animal Control is
    determined to get them.

    Like other Aardman films the film is well constructed which the kids
    will enjoy. The animation looks basic but its been painstakingly done.
    There are pop cultural references which adults might understand more
    than the kids and there is plenty of zany action.

    However the film’s lack of dialogue does not lend itself easily for a
    feature length animation, it cannot sustain its longer running time, it
    is not up to the standard of other Aardman cartoons. You get an inkling
    that you have seen a lot of it before in other of their animations.

  • orionschwertJune 15, 2015Reply


    I was stunned how perfectly that was made, seen from the technical
    point of view. The story itself is very cute and, sure, made for kids.
    But as well an adult can feel entertained and have a laugh. So it’s
    perfect for an afternoon @ home with your kids together. It’s safe to
    watch for children of all ages I would say but never boring. It’s
    getting always funny when these kids movies relate to adult stuff but
    without that the kids could know it. Like the appearance here of
    Hannibal Lector in form of a cat, doing his shivering thing with his
    lips while behind bars. Silence of the lambs, you know 😉 And talking
    about it, nearly no spoken words in this movie but sure it’s always
    perfectly understandable what’s going on. An old and forgotten art of
    the cinema :)They should think about that possibility in many of the
    non-sens movie productions of these days. Images are often great in
    these days but the textbooks, given out to the actors, are often lousy.
    From a kid’s and adult point of view, I give this movie a 7.5 (8) and
    recommend it if you have kids around 5-10 years for it’s story and to
    everybody who just enjoy well made movies.

  • michaelsharples96 ([email protected])June 21, 2015Reply

    This years biggest surprise.

    Never in a million years would I have expected a movie with no dialogue
    to be so heartfelt yet make me laugh so much. The only dialogue this
    movie has is in it’s soundtrack, yet this movie had me constantly glued
    to the screen. I never thought i would have as much fun as I did,
    deliriously entertaining.

    There’s an old adage: ”Actions speak louder than words” and this movie
    proved that to be true. Definitely one of the better animated movies to
    come out in the past few years. It’s right up there with likes of Lego
    Movie and Toy Story 2, in my personal opinion. No, seriously. Certainly
    one for kids to enjoy and more so the parents. Check this one out guys.
    You shan’t be disappointed.

  • chindy revadiJune 24, 2015Reply

    Great story with a deep message

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • madcaphawkJune 30, 2015Reply

    Its too dumb really even for kids!

    I don’t know how this movie is getting so many good ratings and so many
    good reviews( may be they are paid to do so! ). Thing is its some poor
    animation ever which is even worse then worst cartoon you have ever
    seen. Don’t go with ratings its a waste of time I mean so much waste of
    time that I had to quit watching after 30 mins!! NO sound!(talking I
    mean), No quality! No Message , No fun! Just Dumb!!!. I don’t even like
    the animated figures they are also Dumb. Even a five year kid would
    change the channel and would prefer watching news over this!! Its a
    scam and its a whole load of nothing what so ever!! OK don’t believe me
    ? Go watch it and see for yourself how dumb things can get! Grow up
    folks lol call a spade a spade!

  • PRVanAkenJune 30, 2015Reply


    Whew, when I say ”excellent’, I mean excellent. What a feel-good movie,
    full of comedic moments that both children and adults will love. What
    many people are not aware of is the huge amount of work that goes into
    a production such as this. The movie is accomplished by filming real
    objects a frame at a time, moving things a tiny bit, proceeding to the
    next frame, exposing the next frame, and so on. When the reel is run,
    you get the illusion of motion. It is called stop motion animation. The
    old Gumby cartoons were done this way. The beauty of Shaun the Sheep
    Movie is how expertly the animation is done, and the absolute genius of
    character expression, smooth movement, gesture and a great story-line.
    Funny, funny, really funny… slapstick. Pure genius. Children will be
    in an uproar of laughter, adults will chuckle out loud. Children will
    remember this movie for the rest of their lives, hands down. If you’re
    hedging about getting this movie, just go ahead and do it, even if
    you’re an adult or teen. You’ll like it, even love it.

  • kosmaspJuly 5, 2015Reply

    Off work

    If you love Claymation and the work of Wallace and Gromit, you won’t
    need my confirmation to watch this. But for those uninitiated, let me
    tell you that this movie while aimed at kids, will bring the inner
    child out of every adult who goes and enjoys that ride too. And all
    that virtual without dialog.

    It is cute when animals talk, but for that there are other movies to
    watch. It’s not that this is realistic or anything (there are some
    really crazy action set pieces, especially towards the end), but the
    power of mimic/facial expressions is back again. And words are not
    always needed, in this case none at all. There’s a lot of ways to have
    fun then, and this can be one of them

  • tomgillespie2002July 6, 2015Reply

    Completely charming

    For those of you without children or not currently attending
    University, Shaun the Sheep is an immensely (globally) popular
    children’s TV show. Episodes are short, generally seven minutes long,
    and feature no dialogue whatsoever. No doubt the young adults who grew
    up on the Wallace & Gromit shorts will remember Shaun as the lovable
    sheep who managed to avoid becoming minced meat in the Oscar-winning
    short A Close Shave. Aardman Animations have created a monumental task
    for themselves in bringing the smart-alec sheep to the big screen and
    have him up there for a whole 90 minutes. Rest assured, Shaun the Sheep
    Movie is side-splittingly brilliant, and serves as a middle finger to
    anyone who doubts claymation’s modern relevance.

    Shaun (Justin Fletcher) is tired of his daily routine. In an early
    montage, we see Shaun and his flock grow up with the fun-loving Farmer
    (John Sparkes), who is always willing to boogie to his favourite tune
    and take selfies of himself with his four-legged family. But over time,
    Farmer grows weary and resigned to his work- heavy lifestyle. Shaun
    comes up with a plan to trick Farmer into sleeping all day in his
    caravan so Shaun and his friends can enjoy a day off in front of the
    TV. However, the caravan rolls away and heads for the city, leaving
    Farmer suffering from concussion and clueless as to who he is or where
    he came from. So Shaun and his less-intelligent friends form a rescue
    party that will see them, along with loyal dog Bitzer, dining in a
    classy restaurant and escaping from a gloomy pound.

    The bulk of Shaun the Sheep’s charm comes from the absence of dialogue.
    Rather than exchanging words, the character’s balk and grunt at each
    other, conveying more emotion with the raising of an eyebrow than a few
    A-list actors could manage with an extended monologue. Animation- wise,
    this is Aardman’s loveliest work to date, portraying a quaint England
    setting with a distinct modern touch, with hoodie’s roaming the streets
    and a trendy high-street hairdresser serving as the location for one of
    the movie’s more off- the-wall but hilarious sub-plots. The set- pieces
    are breathless and genuinely exciting, never missing an opportunity to
    slip in a clever gag. Shaun will no doubt keep children gripped to
    their seats and adults lapping up the slapstick and occasional fart
    joke, while no doubt charming both at the same time.

  • tomgillespie2002July 6, 2015Reply

    Completely charming

    For those of you without children or not currently attending
    University, Shaun the Sheep is an immensely (globally) popular
    children’s TV show. Episodes are short, generally seven minutes long,
    and feature no dialogue whatsoever. No doubt the young adults who grew
    up on the Wallace & Gromit shorts will remember Shaun as the lovable
    sheep who managed to avoid becoming minced meat in the Oscar-winning
    short A Close Shave. Aardman Animations have created a monumental task
    for themselves in bringing the smart-alec sheep to the big screen and
    have him up there for a whole 90 minutes. Rest assured, Shaun the Sheep
    Movie is side-splittingly brilliant, and serves as a middle finger to
    anyone who doubts claymation’s modern relevance.

    Shaun (Justin Fletcher) is tired of his daily routine. In an early
    montage, we see Shaun and his flock grow up with the fun-loving Farmer
    (John Sparkes), who is always willing to boogie to his favourite tune
    and take selfies of himself with his four-legged family. But over time,
    Farmer grows weary and resigned to his work- heavy lifestyle. Shaun
    comes up with a plan to trick Farmer into sleeping all day in his
    caravan so Shaun and his friends can enjoy a day off in front of the
    TV. However, the caravan rolls away and heads for the city, leaving
    Farmer suffering from concussion and clueless as to who he is or where
    he came from. So Shaun and his less-intelligent friends form a rescue
    party that will see them, along with loyal dog Bitzer, dining in a
    classy restaurant and escaping from a gloomy pound.

    The bulk of Shaun the Sheep’s charm comes from the absence of dialogue.
    Rather than exchanging words, the character’s balk and grunt at each
    other, conveying more emotion with the raising of an eyebrow than a few
    A-list actors could manage with an extended monologue. Animation- wise,
    this is Aardman’s loveliest work to date, portraying a quaint England
    setting with a distinct modern touch, with hoodie’s roaming the streets
    and a trendy high-street hairdresser serving as the location for one of
    the movie’s more off- the-wall but hilarious sub-plots. The set- pieces
    are breathless and genuinely exciting, never missing an opportunity to
    slip in a clever gag. Shaun will no doubt keep children gripped to
    their seats and adults lapping up the slapstick and occasional fart
    joke, while no doubt charming both at the same time.

  • bob the mooJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Pretty much great fun from start to finish

    I am a fan of the majority of Aardman animations and, in the case of
    Shaun the Sheep, have even found them to be great across cultures –
    watching one episode in the family section of a typically grey airport
    in Russia, laughing at Shaun with my German boss and some random
    Russian old men. However hearing of this film did make me wonder if a
    show with 5-minute story arcs aimed at young children, could really be
    extended to fill a movie. In some ways the plot does play with very old
    chestnuts to make this happen (amnesia) but to be fair it works because
    it produces something to rise above that.

    The film is many things, and it does them all consistently. It is first
    and foremost kind-hearted and without malice; there are a few jokes in
    there that maybe are a bit off-color, but even then it is not really
    crude in the way some things can be. It uses this as a bed of charm to
    have plenty of good laughs, great set-pieces, and a good handful of
    moments of quite surprising emotional impact. The film takes a lot from
    the old silent comedy, with a plot structured on moments rather than a
    huge narrative arc (albeit the ”get the farmer back” is the overall
    sweep of it). As such the film pleases in almost every scene, as it is
    charmingly funny, and also pretty trusting with the viewer to get the
    jokes – whether it not overly explaining things, or trusting us to
    remember something as a callback. The film has one or two cultural
    references in there that probably will not travel too well, but mostly
    it is universal in its appeal – and a man in his late 30’s such as I, a
    young child, or a group of Russian men in an airport, will all find it
    very easy to love. The stop-motion animation looks effortless (which it
    most certainly is not), and of course it brings with it that sense of
    the realness of the characters and material that CGI can never seem to

    The Shaun the Sheep Movie is a great piece of work – funny, charming,
    touching, clever, and totally universal; hard to imagine many people
    who do not get won over by it – it even has the courtesy to leave its
    only misstep (that awful Rizzle Kicks version of the theme song) until
    late in the closing credits so that few will actually see it
    (presumably they did it to make the cinema clear quicker).

  • Steve PulaskiJuly 30, 2015Reply

    A breezy, end-of-the-summer affair

    Shaun the Sheep Movie prances into theaters in one of the most
    traditionally mixed movie months of the year; August is a month where
    parents are trying to get their children ready to go back to school,
    most teenagers are gearing up for the forthcoming year, and many
    people, especially the summer’s target audience, kids and teenagers,
    are too busy to spend a few hours at the local multiplex. This is
    especially true for this summer because kids have found themselves
    spoiled with the likes of Pixar’s Inside Out and DreamWorks’ Minions,
    both of which made incredible money and are still raking in money.

    Where does this leave Shaun the Sheep Movie, a film based on a series
    that was not only a spin off of the famous Wallace and Gromit shorts,
    but also a more popular product in Britain than it ever was in the
    United States? The film informed us of its existence relatively early
    in the summer, not splashing into theaters with much pre-release hype
    nor a great deal of publicity, and even the presence of TV commercials
    has been decidedly muted. My guess is this is a film that arrives with
    a ”too little, too late” stamp on it, especially after the tremendous
    and subversive Inside Out, that most kids who see it will be pleased
    but will have depressingly little to remember following the car ride

    As passing entertainment and nothing else, Shaun the Sheep Movie does
    indeed work a tad better than Minions. The story is slim, concerning
    the titular character who is tired of the monotony of being a sheep.
    Hoping he could take a day off from his droll job, Shaun accidentally
    stows his owner (the farmer) away in a trailer that takes him on a ride
    to the big city. In the city, the farmer suffers a concussion,
    resulting in amnesia making him completely forget who he is or what his
    former life entailed. Shaun, Bitzer, the sheep-herding dog, and the
    remainder of the sheep venture to the big city to try and rescue the
    farmer and return him to the life he led before.

    Shaun the Sheep Movie captures a wonderful sense of energy that only
    stop motion animation could. Chase scenes and sequences involving a lot
    of movement and action always seem to function the best with stop
    motion animation, largely due to the impeccable craft and detail that
    goes into making them so kinetic and fluid. In a time where most of the
    animated features that hit theaters are CGI, with different, more
    unique animation routes being utilized by foreign animated films and
    stop motion animation ordinarily being used by Tim Burton’s projects,
    Shaun the Sheep Movie is, if nothing else, a pleasant change of pace
    for this time of year.

    However, there’s nothing particularly memorable about this outing
    whatsoever. Never seeing an episode of Shaun the Sheep, I admittedly
    cannot discuss how the film relates to the show, but this film is
    undoubtedly very slight. The humor is minimalist, to say the very
    least, there is very little dialog, which works very well because of
    the eye-popping visuals, and the events in the film are very
    scatterbrained and all over the place. Shaun the Sheep Movie is content
    with being a very simple picture, and if that’s what you’re looking
    for, then it satisfies; for people who want a more fulfilling
    movie-going experience, it barely services.

    Directed by: Richard Starzak and Mark Burton.

  • Filvies144July 31, 2015Reply

    Shaun the sheep movie was fun, funny, and great.

    One time I took a vacation to Paris in April and when we saw this movie
    was out there, we just went and saw it. Its been a while.

    Anyways, this film is a cute film that has funny jokes, and a good
    story, outstanding animation, with lovable characters. Now, I have only
    seen a few episodes of the TV show and they were funny. Now the only
    flaw I see here is that the storyline is original but not that original
    since the plot might vary from Ferris Buellers day of to an undercover
    rescue mission. The villain (Note: this is not a spoiler you learn this
    in the trailer and see him halfway through) is an animal control person
    who captures animals in the city and lock them up. I’d say this might
    even hook me up to the TV series. I’m glad I got a chance to see this
    in a another country because I would have to wait till its US release
    on August 5 (Which is 6 days away as of July 31t). So I can’t wait for
    the DVD/Blu-ray.

    Story:7/10 Animation:8/10 Characters:9/10


  • peefynAugust 3, 2015Reply

    No dialogue, no ”stars” and traditionally animated

    It’s easy to forget that movies like this are still being made. A movie
    without any ”big name” celebrities, no dialogue and animated
    traditionally. Because it’s a franchise that probably is not followed
    too closely by people who doesn’t have kids, I’m sure many people will
    give this movie a pass. But I highly recommend giving it a look.

    I’ve always like Aardman’s work, but I assumed that the Shaun-series
    was mostly something they made for kids. So I had limited exposure to
    it before I saw this movie. The movie does not require any knowledge of
    the series. The character’s a simple (but relatable), and you learn to
    know them within a few minutes. The story is simple as well, though it
    has some surprises. There are some references to popular culture that
    obviously go over kid’s heads, but they’re all tasteful and integrated
    into the story in a way that doesn’t pull you out of it. And the movie
    would not have needed these winks to be enjoyable for a grown up
    audience. The movie is so full of charm and fun, and the craft (movie
    making) is done so well, that it is hard to label this a kids movie and
    move on.

    It’s a quick watch, and it’s pleasant and easy to follow. The movie
    does exactly what it sets out to do, and does it well.

  • Red_IdentityAugust 5, 2015Reply


    This is certainly something I was aching for ever since Wallace and
    Gromit’s fantastic 2006 film. I’m not sure if this is on its level, but
    in terms of pure entertainment and adorable-ness, yup. Even a cynic
    like me fell for it. The sound is fantastic, and it being an animated
    silent film is just genius. The array of adventures and comic gags
    (none stupid) that the writers were able to come up with is nothing
    short of outstanding. The story at its core is also powerful, although
    a little too reminiscent of Wallace and Gromit (certainly its core
    relationship). This is definitely recommended, and it works on a
    different level than something like Inside Out managed to.

  • CleveMan66August 7, 2015Reply

    ”Shaun the Sheep Movie” is a delightfully simple pleasure.

    Let’s go see a foreign film with no spoken dialog and which employs an
    old-fashioned style of cinematography and is aimed at four-to-seven
    year-olds. All that applies to the British claymation feature ”Shaun
    the Sheep Movie” (PG, 1:25). Doesn’t sound appealing? It didn’t to me
    either, but what if I told you that these elements can be combined to
    create one of the most delightful experiences that moviegoers of any
    age are likely to have in a movie theater? And that’s no bleat.

    ”Shaun the Sheep Movie” is the first feature film based on the popular
    award-winning British television series produced by Aardman Studios,
    which is also responsible for the ”Wallace and Gromit” shorts. The
    character of Shaun first appeared in the Oscar-winning 1995 Wallace and
    Gromit short film ”A Close Shave”. Shaun is one of the smaller sheep
    living on Mossy Bottom Farm, but his smarts and guts make him the de
    facto leader of his flock. The otherwise nameless Farmer is a sweetly
    slow-witted balding man who wears thick glasses. He takes his duties
    very seriously, but he’s a benevolent leader, regarding his farm
    animals as family. The Farmer also has some cattle and pigs on his
    farm, but we see him mainly dealing with his sheep, feeding them,
    shearing them, etc. He is helped by his trusty canine assistant
    Blitzer, who runs a tight pen, but is often caught up in the mischief
    of Shaun and his fuzzy compatriots.

    In this film, Shaun decides to give himself and his fellow sheep a
    break from their monotonous daily routine, but his plan quickly goes
    awry. The sheep use their well-known ability to put people to sleep by
    repeatedly circling around and jumping over the Farmer’s fence while
    he’s trying to… count them. He quickly passes out in a wheel barrow.
    The sheep put him to bed in a small nearby camper and then – it’s party
    time – ruminant-style! When the small trailer becomes dislodged from
    its parking space and rolls down the hill in the direction of ”The Big
    City” (as the road sign calls it), Shaun stows away on a bus to
    retrieve his sleeping master.

    Next (and this is pretty flocked up), the rest of the sheep follow on
    another bus. Now all these sheep have to disguise themselves as humans
    to avoid detection and find the Farmer. Little do they know, but when
    the Farmer’s camper finally comes to rest in The Big City by crashing
    into a light pole and he is conked on the head, he loses his memory.
    The Farmer gets a very appropriate job through a very amusing set of
    circumstances, but is still suffering from memory loss. Shaun and
    company have to find him, help him get past his amnesia and get him
    back to Mossy Bottom before the city’s heartless ”Animal Containment”
    officer gets wise to the sheep and puts them in his version of the Big

    ”Shaun the Sheep Movie” is a very simple pleasure. There’s nothing
    complicated about the plot and it’s completely without cynicism or
    guile. The sheep are mischievous, the other farm animals are naughty,
    the dog tires to be tough and the Farmer is definitely large and in
    charge, but the only villain in sight is the Animal Containment
    Officer. This movie is so easy to follow that nary a discernible word
    is (or needs to be) spoken. There’s a handful of English-language songs
    to supplement the movie’s score, but every character’s thoughts,
    motivations and intentions are effectively communicated with a
    combination of grunts, muttering, bleating and flawlessly clay-mated
    body language. Simple? Yes. But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. It’s as
    sweetly entertaining as 2011’s nearly-wordless ”The Artist” was for

    Some moviegoers over the height of four-feet may be a little sheepish
    about going to see this movie, but they shouldn’t be. This film may be
    a guilty pleasure for older folks, but it’s a pleasure nonetheless. My
    advice? Grab the nearest four-to-seven year-old so you have an ”excuse”
    to see ”Shaun the Sheep Movie”. Just make sure that you’re legally
    entitled to take that particular child with you. Doing it any other way
    would be ba-aa-aa-ad. But so would missing this movie. ”A”

  • MarvelRebootedSpidey ([email protected])August 8, 2015Reply

    Shaun the Sheep the Movie is a movie that doesn’t need dialogues to be good.

    Shaun the Sheep is a highly popular character first introduced in
    Wallace and Gromit. Then he was given his own show featuring him. He
    became very popular. A few years later, he was given his own movie.
    Shaun the Sheep doesn’t speak. He never spoke at his Wallace and Gromit
    cameo, and every character at the Shaun the Sheep show never spoke. In
    this movie, nobody spoke. But the movie is easy to understand. It
    doesn’t need dialogues to be good.

    Haters who criticizes the film for no dialogues needs to understand
    that this is for kids and it is a good thing for no swear or curse
    words. Nobody would like kids to copy them, right? It does get a bit
    boring without any words being spoken at the film, but we can easily
    understand the movie’s story

    There are no jokes spoken. Again, this is because the movie is a
    dialogue- free film, so no jokes are spoken. Instead, they are used by
    actions. Adults may not find it funny, but this is a movie for kids, so
    expect them to laugh.

    Verdict: The movie is really good without any dialogue. This is a movie
    aimed for kids, so it must be them who will laugh more than adults.
    Fans will find this fun. And if they are adult fans, then they will
    like this movie. I am a Shaun the Sheep fan, so I enjoyed it. We don’t
    always need dialogues for everything to be good. And that’s something
    from Shaun the Sheep the Movie.


  • Chris12955August 8, 2015Reply

    Such a sweet surprise.

    Once again Aardman puts even the big animation studios to shame with
    the consistent high quality execution that goes into all their
    theatrical releases with their latest film, which sees the first
    feature length outing of children’s show, Shaun the Sheep. For those
    unaware of Shaun the Sheep, the comedy series centers around the
    misadventures of a group of farm animals all told with minimal to no
    dialogue(quite difficult if you think about it.) Running at a brisk 85
    minutes, the film wastes not a single second, as all scenes play out
    pitch perfectly to achieve the story or comedy with no excess time
    spent. Despite being child friendly, the movie is also quite funny for
    adults. As for the animation, Aardman is back to their familiar and
    beloved stop-motion animation, and it has that great Aardman flair.

    In the film, Shaun is once more bored with farm life and schemes to get
    a little fun while the farmer is not looking. Unfortunately things go
    awry and the farmer is stuck in the big city with amnesia. Together the
    sheep and Bitzer the dog brave the busy streets and animal containment
    officer Trumper on their quest to reunite with the farmer.

    For sheer enjoyment I would rate this a nine, but then, when you think
    about how all this is done with NO DIALOGUE, it just helps to emphasize
    all of the exceptional work they have achieved here(bumping it up to a
    perfect ten.) It has minimal story, but this is first and foremost a
    comedy, and an excellent one for the whole family.

  • zetesAugust 9, 2015Reply


    Aardman’s newest feature film is a big screen adaptation of their
    television series, Shaun of the Sheep (I think it airs on The Disney
    Channel). This is definitely meant for the younger set, and it was
    perhaps aimed a little too young for me to enjoy a lot. It was
    definitely decent, though. Cute and funny without ever being hilarious.
    There are a lot of fart and poop jokes, but they’re all pretty
    innocent. The film is most notable for having no real dialogue. Human
    characters mumble incoherently and the animal characters only make
    animal noises. A couple of songs play over the soundtrack, and those
    are the only real words you’ll hear. I expected the audience of young
    children to get antsy, but I heard far less stirring during this one
    than I did during Inside Out. I assume they were accustomed to the lack
    of dialogue if the series is the same and they’re fans, but it was
    still nice to see them enjoy something like this.

  • Edward GoldenbergAugust 9, 2015Reply

    The Best Animated Movie Of The Year.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ole Sandbaek JoergensenAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Enjoyable for non-speaking film

    For a film where nobody speaks an understandable language, but mostly
    make noises and grunts that sometimes sounds like something familiar,
    this is quite enjoyable. It is mostly for smaller kids then mine, but
    we did enjoy this long version of Shaun the Sheep shenanigans and was
    entertained for most parts of it.

    It is fascinating that some bunches of clay can be so enjoyable and
    well made, it holds up the standard of the series, but I think the
    small episodes works better, they are kind of small sketches, this is a
    longer film with small sketches on the way through it. It is not the
    same as the small episodes, it is however a good story and holds some
    great scenes, good acting if you can call it that 🙂

    I think most people will like this, especially with smaller kids that
    have seen the series, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

  • DoubleOscarAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Irresistible Silly Fun

    I have always been a huge fan of Aardman’s features. Wallace and Gromit
    and the Curse of the Were Rabbit is one of my favorite theater
    experiences. That being said, I was still a little hesitant about the
    Shaun the Sheep movie. I was unsure whether a sheep could carry an
    dialog-free movie and still make it work. I am happy to come back and
    be able to say that this movie is perfect fun for all ages.

    Once again, Aardman proves to exceed my expectations. I was thoroughly
    impressed with how the film was able to tell so much with just facial
    movements, noises, and hand gestures. As usual, the clay-mation and
    stop-motion is astonishing and kept making me ask ”how did they get
    that shot?” I remember when Curse of the Were Rabbit was released, a
    critic argued that it should be nominated for Best Cinematography
    because of the amount of precision and effort that went into each
    frame. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people brought up the same
    argument this year.

    Overall, Shaun the Sheep Movie is a delight for all ages and is another
    jewel in the Aardman’s family friendly repertoire.


  • Zach RAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Thia movie is racist and it ruined my life.

    I recently saw this movie with my girlfriend and she broke up with me
    because (I quote) ”Im breaking up with you because you have no taste in
    movies”. She also told my whole school that i was a terrible boyfriend
    and I now get bullied. The movie was also extremely racist, why were
    the no black sheep, why no Asian sheep. This movie also promotes animal
    abuse and makes young children believe that hurting animals is good.
    Because of this I rate it 1 out of 10 and whoever created this movie is
    a criminal and should be put behind bars. Besides the racism and animal
    abuse the movies affects looked very real in my opinion and the movie
    looked like it could have been real.The movie was also very awful.

  • rajatdahiyaxAugust 12, 2015Reply

    A very engaging and delightful movie!!!!!

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is a 2015 British stop-motion animated comedy
    film produced by Aardman Animations, based on the Shaun the Sheep
    television series, starring a character introduced in the 1995 Aardman
    Wallace and Gromit short ”A Close Shave”. The film is written and
    directed by Richard Starzak and Mark Burton

    Shaun is a mischievous sheep living with his flock at Mossy Bottom
    Farm. Tired of the routine of life on the farm, Shaun decides to take
    the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he
    bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep
    hill lead them all to the Big City and it’s up to Shaun and the flock
    to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

  • Edgar Allan PoohAugust 12, 2015Reply

    SHAUN THE SHEEP is such a restful movie . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • RforFilmAugust 13, 2015Reply

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is a funny and quaint story for those that loved Wallace & Gromit

    Aardman Animations is one film company that happens to be very popular
    worldwide, yet only animation fans would know who these guys are.
    Straight from England, they are a stop motion clay animation company
    that has managed to create it’s own voice. Unlike Laika that’s dark and
    comedic, Aardman sticks to something quainter; like if someone took the
    funny quotes from an group of people at a British pub and put it in
    animated format. Something about their works like Chicken Run, Wallace
    & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Arthur Christmas have always
    felt very homely humorous enough that any age group would be

    If I had to pick one of their works that represents their unique tone,
    that would have to be Wallace & Gromit, whether it be their shorts or
    one feature. I’ve watched this dog and his clueless inventor owner
    since childhood, keeping a smile on my face while staying impressed
    with the stop motion that’s rarely used in major motion pictures. This
    and most of their work clearly have a lower budget that I actually
    think makes their creativity seem even more personal. After taking this
    story around the world, Shaun the Sheep Movie finally made it way to
    the States.

    Shaun is a small sheep who seems to be the troublemaker of the flock.
    The farm he lives on is managed by the farmer (he’s only known as the
    farmer) and a loyal sheep dog, Bitzer. Shaun and the flock take each
    day by another and the routine of getting up early to graze and do
    whatever the farmer wants has clearly worn on everyone’s mind. So Shaun
    decides to trick the farmer into falling back to sleep while one day
    can at least be a day off for everyone. But things go wrong when a
    prank goes to far.

    The flock sets up the farmer to fall back asleep in a nearby trailer,
    but it’s accidentally unhitched as it rolls down the dirt road and onto
    the freeway, making it’s way towards the city. Bitzer tells Shawn to
    stay behind while he retrieves his owner, but Shaun feels that’s it’s
    his responsibility as it was his fault. He takes a bus to the city, but
    is horrified by not only his flock following him on another bus, but a
    local dogcatcher named Trumper is after the sheep. Can Shaun, Bitzer
    and the flock find their owner in the city while avoiding the
    dogcatcher? Only time will tell.

    I know nothing about Shaun the Sheep, as I haven’t seen their
    seven-minute shorts. I suppose they must be a worldwide hit as America
    was the last to receive Shaun the Sheep Movie. I wasn’t expecting much
    from this, but I was caught off guard with how charming and likable it
    was. I’ll admit that the character and movie have a lot going against
    it as it is a nearly silent movie. But I guess that’s what makes the
    character universal; when most of the characters have…British-like
    grunts, then there’s nothing lost in translation.

    A lot like Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep Movie feels very quaint
    and homely; like seeing a family member making a simple animated movie.
    That’s the keyword today, simple. The story and plot are simple, but
    the team behind this still put everything into it. There were a lot of
    visual gags that remind me that slapstick can still be funny. For what
    it is, it’s really good. Not great, but Shaun the Sheep is hard to even
    make good. I already know that this will receive a lot of replay value
    for children and maybe a couple of adults. There isn’t too much for the
    adults, but it’s still a nice piece of animation we don’t see that

    I’ll give this eight Shauns out of ten. I’m glad that I saw this. Shaun
    the Sheep continues Aardman’s tradition of timeless laughs and
    ingenuity. While not for everyone, I’d say give it a watch if you
    enjoyed Wallace & Gromit or Chicken Run.

  • altereggonycAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Love the TV series, disappointed in the movie

    I really can’t get enough Shaun the Sheep, at least the TV version of
    him. I assumed that the movie was a sure thing. I can’t believe that I
    emerged from the theater with a sad, unfulfilled feeling.

    In the TV show, Shaun is mischievous, yes, but he’s also clever,
    upbeat, smarter than everyone else, and a problem-solver, who often
    rescues others. He makes life on the farm fun, interesting, and better.
    Just look at the opening credits of the TV show and you will see an
    energetic, can-do sheep. Though an original character, he follows in
    the tradition of Snoopy, Bugs Bunny, and other smart alecks, perhaps
    going back to Brer Rabbit in the Uncle Remus tales.

    In the movie, he’s dejected, disillusioned with farm life, and a bit of
    a screw up. Far from a problem-solver, he becomes an alienated problem
    sheep, creating serious difficulties for everybody, even if he didn’t
    mean to. I just don’t think he’s the same character. The TV Shaun would
    have found an ingenious way to prevent the movie Shaun from making such
    a mess of things.

    Part of the brilliance of the TV series is how inventively it makes use
    of the farm. It’s really remarkable how many crazy, unexpected ways
    they find to use that setting. Very little of the movie takes place on
    the farm. Most of it takes place in the city, and despite some
    imaginative sequences, it is a dark, scary story of loss, injury, and

    The movie It takes the franchise in a new, grittier direction. Some of
    the inside jokes — visual allusions to Breaking Bad, Cape Fear,
    Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver etc. — show how bleak this film is.
    It’s a great animated film, but it’s not really Shaun the Sheep.

    I had to go home and watch a few episodes of the TV show to remind
    myself why I love Shaun the Sheep (on TV). I’m glad Aardman Studios
    decided to do a film-length treatment. I just hope that if they ever do
    it again, they will find a more positive way to use the characters I
    have enjoyed so much on the small screen.

  • ChristinaBarrett-USA1986August 15, 2015Reply

    Certain Things Stuck Out

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Robert W. ([email protected])August 16, 2015Reply

    A very cute movie that stands on artistic merit

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • evanston_dadAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Sheep in the Big City

    I knew nothing about Shaun the Sheep going into this movie, but if the
    reactions of my six and four year olds were any indication, this film
    is a hit.

    It’s pretty remarkable that the filmmakers could create a movie that
    retains the interest of its audience, many of them small children, no
    less, without a word of dialogue being spoken. It’s a cute and cheeky
    film, and if you like Wallace and Gromit, you will like this. It’s got
    that unique brand of British humor that you either take to or not, but
    either way you’d have to be pretty determined not to have a good time
    to watch this movie without a smile breaking out on your face at least
    a couple of times.

    Grade: B+

  • subxerogravityAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Refreshing animated movie.

    Guess it does not count as a silent film, as there is a bit of sound in
    it, but the movie was widely enjoyable without the use of words just
    like a movie should be.

    I’m not familiar with the cartoons that came before this movie but I am
    a fan of Wallace and Gromit, which is a similar animation. I’m also a
    fan of stop motion animation, and it’s good to see people still do it.

    It was a great adventure movie as Shawn and his herd step off the farm
    and get lost in the big city attempting to find their herder and the
    way back home.

    It’s something every kid out there no matter what age can really get
    into with it being a dialog-less picture. I enjoyed it too.

  • Quietb-1August 19, 2015Reply

    Count sheep.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottshak_111August 21, 2015Reply

    Plunge into fun and edutainment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MisterWhiplashAugust 24, 2015Reply

    the word ‘charming’ just scratches the surface to describe this

    The people at Aardman really love film comedy, but also, most
    crucially, visual storytelling. This isn’t news, at least if one has
    seen the Wallace & Gromit shorts (or the feature, Curse of the
    Were-Rabbit), or Chicken Run (I’ve neglected to see Flushed Away and
    the Pirates movie). But in Shaun the Sheep, a movie that is apparently
    from a TV show and also from side characters that have been in their
    shorts over the years, the studio really takes a risk and it pays off
    so magnificently. This is a movie where there is not one recognizable
    word of dialog spoken by a character on screen; while there are some
    songs sprinkled about on the soundtrack, it’s not the same thing as
    characters – human or otherwise – delivering any kind of information or
    character bits to the audience. If you took out the soundtrack
    completely, or laid in one of those classical-style piano or orchestral
    tracks, this would work in the silent era.

    This isn’t to scare off parents, or the kids reading this, from making
    a day or night of checking this movie out. The story is basic but solid
    enough – Shaun the Sheep, among the rest of the sheep that are cared
    for under a farmer, decide to break way and go (by accident, at first)
    to the city and go around and have some adventures. The farmer gets hit
    on the head and loses his memory (whoops), and becomes a barber (makes
    sense, right, already a master at cutting the sheep’s wool, might as
    well do a number on trendy city-folk for social media). Meanwhile, the
    villain, an Animal Control officer, keeps trying to get the sheep and
    their dog and other animals in the city under lock-down.

    The story does count, but what makes this movie so wonderful and
    (corny, but screw it, I’ll say it) magical, are the comedy sequences,
    the timing and the warmth generated by the characters. This is full of
    set pieces that are genuine and innocent enough, with some occasional
    dirty bits or innuendo but all in good fun (ie the villain trying to
    get out of the hole at the ‘end’ of a horse costume being operated by
    the sheep). It works since we like these sheep from the get-go and yet
    there’s a great sense of mischief and playfulness about them – and
    going from a farm into the city makes for plenty of opportunity for
    mishaps and other goings-on; one such scene in a restaurant (all the
    sheep save for the little cute baby one covered up in coats and hats),
    with its beats every moment spot on, is one such example.

    The animation, as usual, is stop-motion, and this also adds to the fun
    of it. This could be a traditional-animated tale, or even in 3D/CGI or
    what-not. But we would be missing out on seeing the wool of the sheep,
    or the detail in something simple as that one dog with the mangy teeth
    poking out of his mouth, or the detail in the animal ‘prison’ of all
    those various creatures. Even a fish in a bowl playing a harmonica is
    more genuine by being in this claymation style. And yet there are
    scenes where the danger gets to be quite great – the sheep wind up on
    the ‘street’ with some dogs – and still the emotion is there in
    *claymation* eyeballs. The use of songs is fun as well, if once or
    twice perhaps too ‘pop’-like. Of course there has to be some appeal for
    wide audiences, and that’s fine.

    But I can’t emphasize enough how rich the storytelling is here. This
    can be watched and enjoyed immensely by families – as a grown man I
    might have been laughing more than some of the kids in the audience –
    but also for cinephiles who may think that the sort of visual-comic
    style has become all-too-rarefied (maybe the films of Sylvain Chomet
    come close, though this is more accessible than The Triplets of
    Belleville). I loved these characters, this world, the little in-
    jokes, even a running gag of a nasty-gnarly dog in the prison cell the
    filmmakers cut back to whenever they need a laugh. Everything is
    well-earned, action is exciting and (near the end) intense, and it
    gives kids some great lessons on companionship and working together as
    a team.

    In other words, Aardman comes just shy of Pixar to giving the best
    animated film of the year.

  • tjgoalie13August 31, 2015Reply

    Hilarious, Beautiful, and Touching.

    Shaun the Sheep is a hilarious, touching, beautifully animated film
    that captures the spirit that made silent films so special. While this
    movie is more directed at children, adults will get plenty of enjoyment
    from this as well. The slapstick humor offers plenty of hilarious
    moments, and on numerous occasions everybody in the theater will find
    themselves laughing hysterically. Besides that the film is beautifully
    animated, which is even more impressive when one considers the time it
    takes to make a stop animation film. I will say the biggest surprise
    was the emotional depth of the film, filled with characters that
    couldn’t talk, it conveyed a story that everybody could follow that was
    never weak, and had moments that made me feel like a child again, from
    the opening to the heartbreaking scene in the barbershop. In essence
    Shaun the Sheep is everything you want it to be for kids and adults,
    it’s hilarious, nice to look at, but it also has a great emotional
    depth, much like the best works of Pixar.

  • pinkarraySeptember 1, 2015Reply

    Too much slapstick

    Shaun the Sheep is a movie apparently trying to grab the audience’s
    attention with their many attempts at slapstick comedy and disgusting
    humor. Something that Inside Out wasn’t able to portray, except for its
    more clever attempts at slapstick humor.

    The movie was about how a bunch of sheep are getting chased by people
    which lures them to the city. They must disguise themselves and sneak
    away from the animal control to find their way back home safely. Now, I
    ain’t going to spoil the ending, there is more action to brace along
    but I think this movie is more emotional than Inside Out in the case of
    making me cry. It was cute, sometimes too cute.

    The movie is very funny but the attempts at humor left a bitter taste
    in my mouth, as though it was intended for 9-year-olds. Older kids
    especially older teens would not get as much of a kick out of it.

  • Zbigniew_KrycsiwikiSeptember 5, 2015Reply

    Superb, wonderful stop-motion animation makes this a winner.

    Simple story told entirely visually without dialogue, as Shaun the
    sheep and his mates search ”The Big City” for their owner, who, in just
    a matter of hours, left the tiny hamlet of Mossy Bottom, lost his
    memory, and became an ”in demand” hair stylist after an amusingly weird
    accident. Some of the expressions on the farmer’s face were hilarious,
    especially as he realises his trailer has become airborne in The Big

    Animal control guy was a good foil for the sheep, but toward the end,
    he became too maniacal, as he tries to taser them, follows them home,
    and tries to drop all of them into the gorge.

    The eight-minutes long closing credits are worth watch also, as they
    include what appear to be rough sketches of the characters and scenes
    in this film.

  • rannynmSeptember 8, 2015Reply

    Sure to make you laugh intelligently!

    Being a fan of Aardman, I was very excited to see this movie. And I was
    not disappointed. Shaun the Sheep is a charming, funny, and
    entertaining movie that continues the tradition of good movies by

    The animation is beautiful. Claymation is my favorite type of animation
    because of how off-beat it makes everything look, so I’m already
    partially biased on the cinematography. That is a huge reason I love

    But, the backbone of any and every Aardman film, including this one, is
    the screenplay. Shaun the Sheep has a wonderful screenplay – full of
    wit, cleverness and humor. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at the
    Silence of the Lambs’ reference (the only one in my theater who did
    laugh at it). There is a restaurant named ”Moon,” and, in the film, a
    cow jumps over it…get it? It’s the little things like that make this
    film so great. Without dialogue, this movie is still more intelligent
    than many. That isn’t to say it’s a silent film, but it doesn’t have
    any talking. It doesn’t need it. The saying, ”A picture is worth 1000
    words” applies to motion pictures as well. The way the movie uses
    images to convey messages or to tell jokes and to advance the story is
    impressive and entertaining. It makes us feel smart, that we’re able to
    put the pieces together and not have to be told everything. I’d even
    say it’s refreshing.

    I wish I could say more about the movie, but it’s excellence was so
    expected and it’s formula is so familiar, that I can’t elaborate too
    much. It’s vintage Aardman, basically. Fortunately, that is a fantastic
    thing. So I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for
    ages 10 to 18.

    Reviewed by Willie J, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16. For more reviews
    by youth, go to kidsfirst dot org.

  • Screen SquintySeptember 13, 2015Reply

    Shaun the Sheep is Excellent!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sergeant_TibbsSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    Fluffy entertainment with a bit of substance there too.

    I’ve been a lifelong fan of Aardman animation, if just for national
    treasures Wallace & Gromit, and it’s a shame they haven’t had a feature
    film as enticing as The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which won a deserved
    Oscar despite being so deep-rooted in parody. To be frank, when I heard
    of a Shaun the Sheep movie I thought it was a joke. Shaun’s limitations
    as a Wallace & Gromit spin off character appeared to extend only to the
    numerous 5 minute shorts that feature on children’s television on a
    daily basis. However, taking the characters from the farm to the city
    provides some surprising ambition that reflects the 6 years of effort
    put into the film. The stop-motion animation is seamless and the
    cityscapes are stunning compared to Wallace & Gromit’s countryside.

    Despite the lack of dialogue, the story is very well written
    structured. It does go for easy gags and options at times as the
    sequence where the animals disguise themselves as humans gets messy
    before it corrects itself later, the film mostly makes the clichés work
    in its favour. Most importantly, they’ve made Shaun a protagonist of
    substance, reminiscent of Chicken Run’s Ginger and Gromit, heroic when
    he has to be and sensitive when it hurts. His creative problem- solving
    is what makes the story work so well. It’s also got some of Aardman’s
    most wonderful music selections to date, as you can expect from a film
    that harnesses the silent treatment. While admittedly light Sunday
    afternoon entertainment, the Shaun the Sheep Movie doesn’t deserve to
    fly under the radar.


  • Reno RanganSeptember 24, 2015Reply

    Losing that you love makes you realise its value.

    The only reason to I go to Nick is to watch ‘Shaun the Sheep’. This
    show was watched by many adults as well, a popular one among all the
    ages. As the fan of this series, we have been waiting very long to get
    a movie version. I was excited to see it and of course enjoyed it
    completely. Its impossible one to get disappointed with the movie/show
    when the narration is led by one of the awesome characters, Shaun. The
    promotional posters were also created some extra curiosity that
    imitated the famous Hollywood films like ‘Boyhood’, ‘Wild’, ‘Birdman’
    and many others.

    Stop-motion is a very-very hard and outdated concept of the animation
    format, but still loved by many. Every year only one or two get
    released, sometimes none. The technical sides were upgraded, including
    bluescreens for backgrounds and other special effects. Still the hard
    work remains, but qualities are improved. It made significant
    contributions to the live-shot movies in the old days when there was no
    CGI. So when we see a movie like this, the product reveals in each and
    every frames the real vision from the artist and writer’s perspective.
    Every detail, every corner of the screen tells the story.

    It was so good as a television show, because of short and sweetness.
    The filmmaker intended to create the same magic, except the credits its
    just a below 80 minute movie. Had a good storyline and a couple of new
    characters were introduced. Because the new adventure extended its area
    volume and so the antagonist was needed. Shaun and his buddies set foot
    outside their barn to find their lost farmer. The journey begins
    towards the big city and the movie discloses their risky and dangerous
    undertaking. They go pass lots of stages to accomplish their quest and
    only the last quarter reveals result with a thrilling chase scene.

    Unlike the series, it was not completely a fun movie. There are some
    emotions involved, and I was amazed by those exhibitions. Because of
    some kind of childhood connection between Shaun and Co and their owner.
    That was unexpected, but was really very nice to see the other side of
    them. We know Shaun is a curious character, he always wants to learn
    and try new things. So when he has to make an unexpected decision, it
    does not go as planned and the fun begins with their mischievous
    adventure in an unfamiliar territory.

    As usual without the dialogues, that can be understandable by everyone
    without a language barrier. A true family movie, from grandparents to
    grandchildren together watchable flick. Almost a masterpiece, offers a
    lot of great moments to give ourselves to it. And for the fans its a
    celebration time for sure. Definitely this movie would get into the
    final shortlist for the upcoming (2016) Oscars, if not, that would be a
    shame for the entire ceremony. But for winning, we have to wait till
    how good ‘The Good Dinosaur’ going to be. In the meantime, don’t miss
    this little cute flick.


  • leonblackwoodSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    Funny for all ages! 5/10

    Review: This is another hit from the Aardman studio, after the awarding
    winning Wallace & Gromit franchise. I haven’t seen the Shaun of the
    Sheep series before so I went into this film with my eyes wide open,
    not knowing any of the characters or there past. For a animation
    without any words, I actually quite enjoyed it and I found the cute
    little characters quite interesting. The storyline is about a sheep
    called Shaun whose fed up with his day to day life so he decides to
    escape on the local bus. Whilst escaping, the farmers dog catches him
    in the act and mistakingly sends the farmers caravan crashing into
    town. The farmer then ends up in hospital, suffering with amnesia, so
    Shaun and his fellow sheep set of to find there owner whilst dodging
    the ruthless animal catcher. I know that the story completely sounds
    ridiculous but it’s really put together well. The animation looks
    brilliant and the various characters all bring something fresh to the
    project. Don’t get me wrong, it is a bit silly in parts but you have to
    keep it in mind that it is a kiddy movie with slapstick comedy for all
    ages. I personally found the film sweet with some cleverly written
    jokes and I’m sure that the kiddies will love it. Judging by the box
    office takings, this film obviously went down well with all audiences
    and I love that fact that it came out of a British studio that didn’t
    have the big Hollywood treatment, like a lot of animation movies in
    this day and age. Enjoyable!

    Round-Up: This is the first movie directed by Mark Burton who also
    wrote the Russ Abbot Show between 1986-1991, which I remember when I
    was young, Spitting Image between 1989- 1996, which I also remember
    when I was young, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, which I don’t find that
    funny, Chicken Run, Madagascar, the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Aliens in
    the Attic and Gnomeo & Juliet. For his directorial debut, he really has
    done well after writing for so many directors. He has a lot of
    experience in the comedy field so I’m not surprised that he was able to
    write and direct a comedy which really worked from every aspect. After
    watching the bonus material on the DVD, it’s amazing to see how many
    people are involved in bringing this project to light and it makes you
    appreciate the flow of the characters. Anyway, I know that a lot of
    people are going to be a bit skeptical when it comes to this movie,
    like I was before watching it but it’s actually quite enjoyable.

    Budget: $25million Worldwide Gross: $100million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their animation/comedy
    movies about a flock of sheep who try and rescue a farmer who is
    suffering from amnesia. 5/10

  • valadasOctober 10, 2015Reply

    Funny and crazy

    I use to say that a good animation or puppet movie can be seen with
    profit by children and adults as well. And this is the case. This is a
    crazy and funny movie with well chosen and depicted characters. The
    puppets, either human or animal have got full expressive human features
    and very suggestive and impressive countenance. It’s the story of a
    farmer who lives in a caravan at the countryside where he has got a lot
    of farm animals including Shaun The Sheep the main character. He is
    most of the time asleep and the caravan starts rolling by accident and
    gets into the nearby town where he wakes up very astonished and ends up
    by turning into hairdresser profiting from his experience as a shearer.
    Shaun The Sheep and a few other animals go to the town trying to find
    him and bring him back to the farm. This leads to a series of funny
    gags and complications. You will spend about two hours having fun by
    watching this movie.

  • Gregory Porter ([email protected])October 19, 2015Reply

    Really cute, happy, and fun though it works better as episodic shows rather than a full length movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SquigglyCrunchOctober 20, 2015Reply

    Entertaining and Loads of Fun

    I never really watched the show as a kid, but whenever I did I was
    certainly amused. So this movie wouldn’t have struck a childhood chord
    with me, yet I still managed to enjoy it.

    Clay-mation/stop-motion never gets old, and really adds to the
    experience of viewing a movie, such as this one. The stop-motion was
    all very well done, but that’s to be expected, considering the creators
    have (hopefully) spent years making the show and playing with the
    models already.

    Shaun the Sheep Movie was it’s own thing, which was really nice.
    Whether it was loaded with references to the show or not, it wasn’t
    required to watch it to still enjoy or understand the movie. Unlike a
    lot of other movies I’ve seen these days (like Marvel movies) it’s
    harder to enjoy and understand without reading the original material.
    Shaun the Sheep Movie manages to stand on its own as a great movie
    still, which is nice to see.

    The movie was rather funny at points, and the ‘Silence of the Lambs’
    reference was a nice touch.

    Overall, Shaun the Sheep Movie is great. It’s enjoyable, entertaining,
    and definitely one I recommend watching with your kids/family, because
    it’s got something that everyone can enjoy. I’d definitely recommend
    this movie if your just looking for some good, entertaining fun.

  • jadepietroOctober 26, 2015Reply

    Blah, Blah White Sheep

    (Rating: ☆☆ out of 4)

    This film is not recommended.

    In brief: A disappointing animated film that goes for too many ”sheep”

    GRADE: C

    Shaun the Sheep was a huge disappointment for this animated film fan.
    Coming from Aardman Animations, the usually reliable film studio, the
    film still has an edginess and small doses of wry humor that one would
    expect, but the end result lacks charm and style.

    The filmmakers, Mark Burton and Richard Starzak, take a bold chance by
    making their film a total visual experience with nary a line of dialog
    to be heard. This decision does hamper some of the action a bit, but it
    is the crudeness and simplicity of the stop-action animation that stops
    one’s true enjoyment. The characters simply lack the refinement and
    details that other projects have shown in the past.

    The dull script, also from its filmmakers, follows a predictable
    course, one similarly used to better effect in Babe: Pig in the City:
    Farmer Brown’s animals grow tired of their farm-life and lead a revolt
    to take over the alpha role. In doing so, they accidentally send their
    master to the Big City and have to contend with the consequences. Their
    goal is to get him back and bring normalcy back to the farm. So it is
    off to the rescue they go.

    The film relies too heavily on sophomoric humor and silly slapstick
    and, in doing so, lose its cleverness and style along the way. Let’s
    hope the studio’s next venture has better animation and screenplay in

    Shaun the Sheep isn’t ”baa-d”, but it isn’t good either.

    Visit my blog at:

    ANY COMMENTS: Please contact me at: [email protected]

  • El JohnNovember 15, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly good and funny, even for adults

    Having only seen a few ‘Wallace & Gromit’ shorts and ‘Chicken Run’, I
    didn’t have much expectations of ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’. I ended up
    loving nearly every second of it!

    The plot is simple: Shaun wants to escape his monotonous life for a day
    and played a prank on the farmer, which resulted in the caravan with
    the farmer inside to roll into the big city. Shaun then has to find him
    and bring him back to the farm.

    The simplicity of the film shouldn’t discourage adult audiences. The
    directors took a great risk because the movie has no real dialogue, so
    a complicated plot would probably make it boring and hard to follow for
    children, but because of that ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ exceeds in
    something where most comedies fail: visual gags and subtle
    storytelling. What children probably won’t notice will be a delight for
    the grown-ups among the audience and I’m not only talking about the
    references to ‘The Beatles’ or movies like ‘Cape Fear’ and ‘The

    It’s been a while since I have seen a stop-motion film, but i was
    surprised at how far stop-motion animation has come. Not only does it
    look fantastic, but is also incredibly detailed. One has just to look
    at the clothes the sheep are wearing while they are strolling around
    the city. Since most animated films outside of Japan are computer
    animated and especially because it was so well done, this film was a
    feast for the eye.

  • Alexandre Arena FilhoNovember 16, 2015Reply

    Laugh-out-loud funny

    ”Shaun The Sheep” is not groundbreaking in any way. The storytelling is
    mostly cliché and formulaic, as if you have already seen this story
    before – because you did. But its jokes almost always work, and even
    the moments involving poop are not totally worthless. I caught myself
    laughing a lot during these 84 minutes.

    The animation is pretty and colorful, and the music is pleasant. The
    laughs come nonstop. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m sure kids
    will love it.

    I was having a bad day and decided to watch this movie, and my day is
    quite better now.

  • Chase BangerterNovember 26, 2015Reply

    A Simply Charming Movie

    Shaun the sheep is one of the most simple movies I’ve ever seen in my
    life, but I think that it really works to its advantage. Created by the
    same guys who did Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the sheep is the new
    claymation movie based on the hit TV show in Britain by the same name.
    The story is really simple as it’s about the farm sheep and the dog
    Bitzer, led by Shaun the Sheep, who are trying to find their owner who
    got lost in the big city. One important things to know going in to it
    is that none of the characters have any dialogue whatsoever, including
    the human characters, who can only talk through mumbling. But because
    of the way that they were able to express their emotions, it really
    works to its advantage. As you might expect from Aardman Animations,
    this is a really funny movie as it has some really clever gags and
    physical humor throughout the whole film. With that said, this is not a
    film that’s going to break any new ground, as it’s supposed to be a
    really simple movie. It’s not anything great by any means, but I don’t
    think it needs to be as it has a lot of charm that could carry the
    whole movie. This is a movie I could easily see a lot of people
    enjoying and have a good time with it as much as I did. Shaun the Sheep
    is definitely worth checking out.

  • Edd-N-FurterNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Shaun the sheep: Breaking Baaaaaaaa…

    Shaun the sheep quickly became one of the most beloved characters from
    the Wallace and Gromit world, after his appearance in A close shave,
    back in 1995. His popularity led to the creation of a very successful
    TV series, and the transition to the movies was only a matter of time.
    And the wait was definitely worth it.

    In this feature-length adventure, Shaun and the rest of the flock
    decide to take a break from daily duties and have a good time by
    sending the Farmer to sleep all day, but things will go out of control
    when he gets lost and amnesiac in the big city. Then Shaun, the flock
    and Bitzer (the Farmer’s dog) go to the rescue of their owner in a
    dangerous and unknown place for them.

    All the Shaun the sheep characters have always been silent, and it
    could have been tempting for the directors to give them voices, but in
    a clever move, they chose not to do it, which allowed them to work
    brilliantly with slapstick comedy and providing truly hilarious gags
    using pop culture references such as Breaking Bad, The Silence of the
    Lambs, The Beatles and some others that movie fans will recognize.

    Another advantage of not using dialogue is that through highly
    expressive characters, the movie is able to deliver thrilling sequences
    and touching scenes with no need of words (this is the moment to praise
    Aardman’s refined style, since stop-motion is one of the hardest
    animation techniques to work with, but they’ve mastered in an
    extraordinary way), and for younger audiences has a lovely message
    about friendship, loyalty and dealing with responsibilities.

    The Shaun the sheep movie is Aardman’s return to form after some weak
    works and it’s great to have them back.

  • Michael LoughrieNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Wait, what? Way better than I thought!

    This movie is going to win an Oscar or nominate one. Because that was a
    good movie! The animation was good too!

    This is probably one of the best movies of 2015. More people need to
    see it. It’s probably the name that made people refuse this glorious
    masterpiece. It was better than the last Wallace and Grommit movie.
    This movie is just fantastic. How could this movie have only 7.4
    rating? How? It should be 8-10 because that was good!

    I want a sequel, like, as soon as possible. That movie was awesome! If
    you are in for a big adventure, a nice, simple movie. You need to see
    this masterpiece. It is a really good movie.

  • SnoopyStyleNovember 29, 2015Reply

    Aardman continues their unique style

    Shaun is the runt and the smartest of the sheep herd. He’s tired of
    getting sheared and plans to take a day off. With the other sheep, they
    put the farmer to sleep and distract the dog. When they try to wake up
    the farmer, his trailer rolls away to the Big City and he has an
    accident. He loses his memory and gains new work as a popular hair
    stylist. Meanwhile the farm is turning into chaos. Shaun and the rest
    of the sheep go to the Big City. They and the dog have to find the
    farmer while avoiding Trumper from Animal Containment.

    Aardman is at it again with their unique stop-motion style and light
    family fare. There is basically no dialog. It’s utterly charming. Shaun
    and the other animals are lovable. This is easy family fun.

  • jimmyclarke-18734November 30, 2015Reply


    This is a very late review because I am not one who needs to see every
    film on its release date – I often just wait until it is freely
    available on the internet.

    Whilst this is a film primarily aimed at a young audience as a 60+ year
    old I was entranced! I enjoyed myself enormously watching this. As a
    long term fan of Aardman I was not confident that this full-length
    movie would succeed and I expected to be a bit disappointed but I was
    wrong – this deserves 10/10!

    The plot is necessarily slow-starting for the first few minutes but it
    is never boring and it is not long before the storyline develops to
    become a roller-coaster of ingenious scenarios.

    Without any intelligible dialogue the film brilliantly combines an
    exciting visual storyline for children with the addition of many other
    references to adult-only scenarios – the most obvious being to the ”The
    Silence of the Lambs” but I probably missed a few. This is the
    classical formula for a successful pantomime – to keep both the
    children and the adults entertained.

    Although only an animation I truly believed in the characters and I
    cared for them. I wanted them to succeed! I also was often brought to
    tears of laughter with many of the scenes.

    This is not a film for children – it is a film for everyone!

  • DanDecember 2, 2015Reply

    A return to classic form

    Remember Wall-E? Remember how all those robots became endearing to
    audiences throughout that whole film without the ability to string
    together so much as a sentence of dialog? That’s how I feel about Shaun
    the Sheep Movie.

    Aardman animation found something special with their original Shaun the
    Sheep series, but many would have assumed it to be a fun distraction
    for the time, never to be revisited. With Wallace and Gromit, Chicken
    Run, and even their most recent Pirates; the studio seems to be aiming
    for bigger, more robust films featuring witty dialog. To go back to
    this franchise for a new feature film seems almost like a step
    backwards. Shaun the Sheep Movie is anything but that.

    The film starts in the setting of the original series, showcasing day
    to day life and routine on the farm. Shaun decides they all deserve a
    day off and comes up with an elaborate plan for doing so. They follow
    through with it and cause the farmer to get lost in the big city and
    lose his memory. The dog leaves into the city to go find his master
    followed by Shaun and the rest of the sheep. The plot is simple and for
    the most part predictable, but that’s perfectly fine. Shaun the Sheep
    Movie entertains it’s audiences through its fun, cartoon, slapstick
    humor. With gags that are sure to make adults and children laugh, this
    is the best kind of family comedy. Jokes make references to other films
    as well as popular trends. In between laughs, the film had me feeling
    for the farmer who has lost his identity and rooting for the animals
    trying to reunite their family.

    As an adaptation, the film takes some liberties with the changes so as
    to give characters meant for short television episodes the depth they
    need for a feature film. Unless you are a purist fan of the original
    series, these changes(like a more sentimental farmer) are more than
    welcome to make the movie work. The changes don’t stray too far from
    the heart of why audiences loved these characters in the first place.
    The major drawback here is that stretching these characters into 85
    minutes starts to get a little dull around the middle, before the third
    act picks up the action again.

    I’ve always loved stop motion animation as an art. With all the
    advances we make in CGI, there will always be one way to make this kind
    of movie. There’s a certain childlike wonder from seeing colorful
    miniature figures come to life in a film. These qualities are what
    embody Aardman’s films and Shaun the Sheep movie is no exception.

  • Thomas DrufkeDecember 10, 2015Reply

    Sheep Thrills

    I grew up having a few of the Wallace and Gromit films on VHS and so I
    was excited to see what Aardman Animations next had in store. Shaun the
    Sheep comes from the same company and producers and is one of the most
    innocently fun rides you’ll have watching a film in 2015. The animation
    is spectacular and it’s humor for kids and adults is hilariously

    There’s no dialogue besides giggles and some mumbled yelling between
    characters, but you never need it. You know exactly what the characters
    are feeling purely based on the music and facial expressions. Coming
    from British writers and producers, the humor is definitely a little
    bit different than something we would see in an American kids movie,
    but it works nonetheless. The good thing about this movie over
    something like Minions, also a summer release, is that there’s tons of
    silly humor but there’s also some heart within this story as well.
    You’re always rooting for Shaun and his crew of sheep to find their
    owner and get back to the farm. The burp/fart jokes are there, but not
    has overbearing as some other kids films.

    Knowing that this comes from a stop motion animation company, makes the
    physical humor all the more impressive. All of the action is seamless.
    The movie made me laugh more out loud by myself than Minions did
    watching it with an entire audience. Shaun the Sheep is a film all
    audiences will enjoy from kids to adults alike. I sure hope they make
    more of these.

    +Brilliant humor

    +Beautiful animation

    +Funny story with heart


  • djangozelf-12351December 24, 2015Reply

    High quality fun for the whole family.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ferdimensionJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Shaun the Sheep Movie is a movie for Everybody

    Im from Argentina and i grow up with the series and when Shaun the
    Sheep Movie was released i was very excited. I saw the movie with my
    family, my twin brother already knew the series, my parents didn’t know
    what it was and my big brother didn’t know of the plot of the film, he
    had only seen the teaser in the cinema. In the cinema it was me, my
    family, a couple and another person in the background, and we laugh a
    lot! and after the movie ended all my family was with very positive
    results, most of my family believes it is excellent except my big
    brother who said it is good. Shaun the Sheep Movie is a movie for
    everybody and is another excellent and funny film from part of Aardman
    Animations. Yes, the story is simple but don’t remember that the best
    animated films have simple stories?, Kung Fu Panda has a story simple,
    Ice Age has a story simple, Oscar winning Inside Out has a story simple
    and that’s what great about Shaun the Sheep Movie, it has a simple
    story that can be followed during the 85 minutes of the film. I am also
    happy that there are no dialogue’s because that respects the essence of
    the series that don’t have dialogue’s. I also love the characters, The
    relationship of Shaun and The Farmer is very solid, Trumper is a great
    villain, The Flock is also funny, all the characters are great. The
    animation Stop Motion is also great and the sets are amazing. Although
    didn’t win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature I’m very happy that they
    have nominated, no matter what Inside Out is better, Shaun the Sheep
    Movie is officially the best animated feature of 2015. Its very funny,
    is cute, is emotional, it has a great soundtrack, it has great
    characters, in my opinion it is a masterpiece.


  • jeromeuhJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Maybe I wasn’t in the mood or maybe it really is that boring

    I should start with saying how big a fan I was of Wallace and Gromit
    growing up. I was really excited to watch Shaun after hearing roaring
    reviews from friends and in the media, sadly it was SO DREADFULLY
    BORING that I couldn’t even fight falling asleep.

    I give it 5 for the esthetics and out of respect to people who created
    such cool animations (W&G) when I was a kid but I don’t even know if I
    ‘ll bother to watch their new stuff ever again (I really disliked that
    pirate thing they committed before Shaun).

    Most people around me have loved this movie though… So maybe it’s
    just me and I hope you have a good time with it.

  • ChetXBuckJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Very entertaining for all ages, funny for adults

    This is a smart and funny claymation style film that reminded me a
    great deal of Wallace and Gromit. We put this movie on for our 15
    month-old, but I think we found it more entertaining. Despite the lack
    of dialogue, the characters deliver a great deal of emotion and heart
    with expressions. The story goes a bit zany at times, but the constant
    injection of witty humor keep this movie flowing. Two thumbs up. Fun
    and funny for all. The Good: great characters, redeeming story lines,
    funny, smart The Bad: the villain is a bit over the top, there are a
    few dull spots. Lack of dialogue is hard to adjust to, but it does
    work. Who should watch it: Great for all ages.

  • thesar-2January 3, 2016Reply

    Shaun of the Living

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gavin6942January 5, 2016Reply

    The Difference Between a Nomination and a Win

    When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a
    little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a
    caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it is
    up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass
    of home.

    This film is the perfect example to illustrate the difference between
    an Oscar nomination and an Oscar win. In most categories, getting a
    nomination is an honor in itself, whether you win or not. Each year,
    thousands of actors appear on the big screen, but only five of them
    will get a nomination. This is decidedly different in the animation
    category: while many cartoons are made each year, only about ten could
    conceivably be Oscar contenders. So the odds are 50/50, no better than

    There is no doubt this film will get the nomination. Besides being a
    fun and enjoyable film, it is one that has to be respected. How many
    people are doing stop motion these days? Not many, but Aardman keeps at
    it and actually improves the art form. This is easily their best work
    yet, eclipsing ”Wallace and Gromit” or ”Chicken Run”. You might not be
    surprised to learn that this took animators six years to complete, as
    compared to the one year or less most movies take.

    And we have over an hour of jokes and plot pulled off with no dialogue
    whatsoever beyond some grunts and gibberish. This could be dismissed as
    a gimmick, but it makes sense and never comes off as one. This decision
    effectively puts us in the world of the sheep (and other animals) and
    not the world of humans, who are really the secondary characters.

    So why is this not a winner? Because it has no impact. It is the
    perfect diversion for an hour or more and is entertaining for children
    and adults alike (or child-like adults). But it is not the sort of film
    that will keep you talking or bring out an emotional response. And that
    is what is needed to push a film from good to great.

    In short, expect this one to get an Oscar nomination, but almost no
    chance whatever that it will take home the win. It would have to defeat
    front-runner ”Inside Out”, which seems unlikely, as well as the
    presumed runner-up ”Anomalisa”. I just do not see that happening.

  • brchthethirdJanuary 30, 2016Reply

    Fun for the whole family — a real treat!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SangoStrawberryFebruary 25, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly hilarious

    I never expected to enjoy this movie so much but it is extremely funny
    with very emotional parts and a fantastic ending as well. The main
    moral in this movie is to not take things for granted because you never
    know how much something means to you until it’s gone. And in this case,
    the sheep try to get the Farmer back after a series of mishaps causes
    them to end up in the big city.

    There is little to no dialogue so most of the humor is visual instead
    of puns and comebacks which some movies rely on. I cannot stress this
    enough… it is hilarious. There are tons of funny things all
    throughout the movie. There are a couple of adult jokes which is rather
    awkward considering that Shaun the Sheep is a show on ABC for Kids, and
    some humor is obnoxious, but almost everything besides that made me
    burst out laughing.

    The city looks amazing and there is more detail in this movie than in
    the cartoon. The sheep are fluffier, their eyes are shinier, and
    everything looks more realistic. The claymation is very smooth and
    looks like CGI. The plot is good enough for a movie like this and gives
    a lot more depth to the characters from the show. There are a couple of
    new characters, too.

    Even if you don’t like the show I recommend this if you want to watch
    something exceedingly funny and charming with impressive claymation and
    some heart.

  • HellmantMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Should entertain adults, as well as kids.

    ‘SHAUN THE SHEEP’: Four Stars (Out of Five)

    A stop-motion animated comedy flick; based on the TV series, by Nick
    Park (featuring a character which appeared in the 1995 ‘WALLACE AND
    GROMIT’ short film; ‘A CLOSE SHAVE’). Richard Starzak and Mark Burton
    wrote and directed the movie; which also features voice performances by
    Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes and Omid Djalili (although the movie has
    no dialogue). The story revolves around Shaun, and his flock of sheep,
    venturing into the city, to rescue their farmer (who has amnesia, due
    to their misbehavior). The film is funny, and very charming.

    The story begins at Mossy Bottom Farm, where Shaun (Fletcher) is bored
    with his daily sheep life. So he and his flock trick their farmer
    (Sparkes) into going back to sleep, one day. The caravan they put the
    farmer in, accidentally rolls into the city. He hits his head, and is
    given amnesia. The sheep then make it their mission to bring him back

    The movie is funny and beautifully animated (in a classic way). I was
    never bored by the film; and it’s always amusing (and charming). I like
    how the characters never speak, as well; they just mumble all of their
    lines. It’s a really well made animated movie; that should entertain
    adults, as well as kids.

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  • planktonrulesMarch 5, 2016Reply

    Shaun the Sheep….sheep in the city.

    ”Shaun the Sheep the Movie” is a very enjoyable and completely
    inconsequential film that was also, interestingly enough, Oscar-
    nominated for Best Animated Feature. When I say inconsequential I am
    not insulting it but am talking more about the plot….as there really
    isn’t a lot of it. Instead, it’s more just an excuse for the animators
    to have fun and throw in 1001 cute little jokes.

    When the film begins, the animals on the farm are happy and nothing
    unusual appears to be in the future. However, when the sheep all
    conspire to work together to give themselves a day off, things go
    haywire and their farmer, amazingly, gets taken to the big city. The
    guy ends up getting a head injury and has amnesia* and the sheep and
    sheepdog hurry to the city to rescue him. Unfortunately, there’s a
    totally insane animal control officer who insists of getting
    them…even once they’ve arrived safely back at the farm.

    So is the film any good? Yes. The Aardman folks did their usual
    terrific stop-motion work and the writers did a wonderful job keeping
    the jokes coming and the viewer interested. Kids and adults should like
    it. However, it’s also something that is nice but not especially
    life-changing or amazing. Well done and cute.

  • studioATMarch 28, 2016Reply

    Little sheep. Big city

    After a scene stealing cameo in the Wallace and Gromit adventure ‘A
    Close Shave’ and his own successful TV series, it was no surprise that
    Aardman decided to spin little Shaun off into his own feature length

    And the results, by and large are worth the effort. Taking inspiration
    from famous silent movie comedians like Buster Keaton the film is a
    solid piece of silent family entertainment.

    Does the film feel a bit dragged out despite its short running time?
    Yes. Does the idea of the sheep disguising themselves as humans lose
    its appeal early on? Yes again. The ending also is a little too similar
    to Toy Story 3 for my liking too.

    However, these points aside this film is a fun family film that again
    shows what Aardman are good at.

  • pgasaelApril 17, 2016Reply

    There’s enough goofy fun over Shaun and his flock in this beautiful film!

    That is the awesomest project Aardman Animations needed.

    Just like one of Aardman’s projects, the stop-motion animation is full
    of colour, imagination, vibrancy and creativity thanks to our pals at
    Aardman Animations. Very well done.

    The voice acting is full of gibber, gibber, gibber…that’s all I can

    The music will make you dance-craze like a goofy person. At least we
    have the theme song and it’s remix! The visual effects are MIND-BLOWING
    indeed. The effects are very dazzling for a movie in United Kingdom.
    The characters are goofy, silly and well characterized, and the gags
    could make you ‘tickle your funny bone!’.

    I have seen that sheep and his goofy flock on ‘Boomerang’ (Cartoon
    Network 2? That was the channel has converted to!). That sheep and his
    flock is funny, goony, silly, wacky, and crazy.

    The custom variation of AARDMAN is very funny (especially the ‘Admaran’
    part!) to look at.

    In conclusion, I will 100% recommended the film and the TV series. It’s
    goofy, funny and the 100% best Aardman project of all time.

    SCORE: 100% A+

  • Mork_the_BorgMay 11, 2016Reply

    Highly creative and highly entertaining

    Weird, it’s only yesterday that I scored Star Wars the Force Awakens a
    1 out of 10, as it was nothing more than a remake of the original 1977
    blockbuster (the 1977 movie was awesome, the 2016 movie wasn’t even
    worth watching) and everything about the movie was boring as. So, today
    I came across Shaun the Sheep the Movie. Don’t ask me why but it was on
    sale at the local post office. Shaun the Sheep is everything but
    boring! It has great actors, that is, it has no actors, besides the
    occasional mumbling and some bleating of sheep, there’s no spoken
    dialog. There’s no expensive special effects, although the amount of
    work animating Plasticine figurines must be out of this world. The
    story-line is fantastic and very, very funny. The music was well
    selected, and at times I was wondering what the combination of Aardman
    (Nick Park) and Tim Burton would be able to produce. Someone should
    approach these two and have them create an animated feature together
    (just imagine Wallace and Gromit meets Corpse Bride). Anyway, I’m very
    glad that some studios are able to create something a bit more creative
    than just repeating their earlier work and hoping that no-one will
    notice. Shaun the Sheep the Movie is great value for money, and it
    makes me wonder why people would even bother watching more Star Wars
    crap. Let there be light… let there be something new! Amen!

  • djansen24May 13, 2016Reply

    Pure storytelling…at some of its finest!

    No dialogue films have been around since the beginning of cinema. The
    best could tell a thousand words through the mere glance of a
    character’s eyes. But how does one do that with clay puppets? Very very
    slowly, with great detail, and with insurmountable patience. Each
    minute in this film must have taken days / weeks to complete. Were the
    camera anchored in position, perhaps it would have been easier. The
    camera in Shaun the Sheep never stays still. It pans, zooms, shifts
    focus — while the claymation is MOVING! While not the first film to do
    so (Nightmare before Christmas is an excellent claymation film that did
    the same), it is done so seamlessly that you almost forget about the
    technical prowess in making it. All of this, of course, takes a back
    seat to the solid story and character development.

    How does one take 5 minute serial cartoons and stretch them out to a
    full length movie? By expanding the backstory to the characters, of
    course. All cartoon serials made into feature length films have done
    this, but never as effectively as here. I think the answer is
    simplicity. They don’t go for wackiness as much as for tenderness. The
    farmer is shown to be more of a father figure to the sheep. The entire
    farm is portrayed as a family. That raises the emotional stakes in the
    film which makes the simple funny moments funnier and the tender
    moments more heart warming. In essence, the simplicity and lean running
    time elevate the whole production. It rises beyond its origins and
    leaves the audience exhilarated. This is a movie you feel good you’ve
    seen. There is a purity about it which is lacking in most movies.
    Appropriate for absolutely any age, check this one out!

  • BigManMay 19, 2016Reply

    Great Stuff!

    I hate my life because Luke Padfield (not the IT technician) always
    ruins my plans because he doesn’t like living in my shadow. Goodbye
    world, goodbye Luke… It’s got great characters with great imagination
    and I love what the director has done with the classic tale of ”sheep
    meets girl” and I really think that they should make a sequel(if they
    haven’t decided on that already). Personally, this is one of my
    favourite films of all time and I truly believe that every one should
    give this wonderful adaptation of the TV series a go. Great film
    though. Definitely would watch again if I’m still alive in ten minutes.

  • rie-63184July 27, 2016Reply

    Funny silent film

    ”Shaun the Sheep” is a brilliant TV show so when I found out a movie
    was being made I was thrilled.

    This film is delightful in so many ways that it is just easier for
    everyone above a certain age to give in to their inner child. The
    characters may be fashioned out of clay and wood and painstakingly
    animated as an extremely slow speed, but the film itself positively
    crackles with energy.

    Shaun is extremely well animated and manages to keep the story ticking
    along and funny enough to keep your interest without really feeling

  • BlueghostSeptember 4, 2016Reply

    Delightful for all ages.

    I know the title of this review sounds cliché and somewhat pandering,
    but this film truly is a delight for all well mannered (perhaps even
    ill tempered) audiences of all ages.

    As other reviews have stated, the main character, Shaun the Sheep, is
    from the Wallace and Gromit short ”A Close Shave”, where in Shaun helps
    the duo overcome a mechanical threat of canine sorts.

    This film propels Shaun (a star in his own series) into the biggest
    adventure he’s ever had since ”A Close Shave” way back in the mid 90s.
    Shaun leads his flock through a series of very funny misadventures to
    rescue a member of their farm-family, so to speak.

    Everything here is pantomime, and hearkens back to the days of old
    before sound was added to film. This is, in spirit, a silent film in
    the sense that there’s no dialogue, and all the communication is
    primarily done with showing the audience the story as opposed to
    telling it to us through dialogue. The gags are the usual clever
    Aardman offerings, but there’s also some very witty use of classic
    silent era gags, yet with a very British flavor of understatement,
    which makes the comedy in this film all that much funnier.

    Truly I hadn’t laughed out loud at a comedy film in who knows how long,
    and it was something that was much welcome in our day and age of low
    brow humor. Regrettably there are a couple of flatulence gags (I’m
    guessing primarily for the kiddies) that didn’t need to be. But most of
    the other humor is keen, dextrous in execution and inventive in
    concept, and very British in overall gist.

    Finally, as with most of Aardman productions, there’s a knack for
    demonstrating the villain who has more tech wizardry as an expression
    of brawn to make up for brain, or lack thereof. It is a running theme
    in some of Aardman Production’s films, notably the Wallace and Gromit
    series, and should serve as a nice little, almost subliminal, message
    to young minds as they mature into full adults.

    Again, very delightful and very fun.

    Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Wei Jay Tan ([email protected])October 15, 2016Reply

    Baa…Baa…Brilliant Film, have you failed to impress? Nope, never did, never will.


    I was a bloody idiot if/when I put all of my fanship or trust into
    animation (I never did do so about anime because I labeled myself as a
    non and anti otaku before it could seduce me.). I don’t know if I ever
    did, but I won’t. And at them same time, I won’t stereotype animation
    at all. It’s far too common, much like the existence of racism in our
    present and modern society. Yet, always and invariably, there is still
    bound to be stereotyping in the animation world (All thanks to Anime of
    course. However, that bloody dangerous genre could destroy an
    individual, for all I know.). On the other hand, I do appreciate stop
    motion animation, ranging from Wallace and Gromit, to Chicken Run
    (Neither of which I have seen) to Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox
    (2009). Yes, that I did see. And while The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
    will always remain something of a pure piece of treasure to me, I
    appreciated Fantastic Mr Fox even though I never did READ Fantastic Mr.
    Fox. Stop Motion, unlike traditional or modern animation, I feel is
    more approachable to. And by the reaction of some of my fine young
    friends (younger than me, a lot), I can see it.

    But hey, to top it off, I never did watch much of stop motion involving
    a character, who is a male sheep named SHAUN, SHAUN THE SHEEP, I did
    see some footage of him, in some situations, although I don’t remember
    what they’re about. The very thing that I did remember, is that I did
    see him before. On the other hand, how I did get to see Shaun The Sheep
    Movie (2015) was also in the same scenario: ”In a wholly unexpected

    It happened on a trip to a country resort where I have been before.
    Automatically meaning that this isn’t my first visit to the resort. It
    was only a one day stay, arriving in the morning and leaving tomorrow
    morning. But in the afternoon of the day of the arrival, it happened.
    On the television, it caught my attention, and kept it’s firm grip on
    me until the credits began to roll out. And despite the fact that I
    missed some of the opening, it still gave me enough of an idea of what
    the whole thing was all about: ”A Lesson”. Isn’t a lesson or two in a
    film something of a great addition to it? It’s themes, my friend.

    Shaun the Sheep Movie Stars Shaun, Bitzer & the rest of the flock of
    sheep (Including Timmy) and the Farmer. Although due to the fact that
    the film has completely no dialogue you will most likely not catch most
    of their names. Look it up if you like. I won’t go much into the plot
    as it would involve spoilers, something of which I frankly don’t really
    care much about as enjoyment isn’t much of my concern when it comes to
    watching films.

    Going through the film is a flume ride through the tracks of
    creativity. Since there is no dialogue you could simply just pay full
    attention to the animation and visual storytelling. Which, strikes one
    as, both, baa-rillant, and, really something of a genius. If you’re
    looking for a sense of enjoyment, you’ll find plenty in this as there
    are endless and nonstop humor to keep your funny bone and entertainment
    bone tickled throughout without a single break. That, of course,
    depends if you want to stop halfway through. Then you can relief
    yourself from the stress (or enjoyment) caused by all of that tickling
    by the feather which is the movie itself.

    I know it sounds cliché and childish; most of us would prefer some
    goddamn, selfish anime compared to this crown jewel of an animation and
    a stop motion movie. But it is genuinely perfect (Seeing how well the
    plot, visuals, characters and incidents and events and tricks connect
    with each other.) and perhaps can be like nothing you’ve seen be- fur.
    Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. Give this jewel a go and you will
    understand how it differs from bloody anime, or Familiar Disney.

    Call me an Aardman fan now.

  • dougvanbenthuysenOctober 17, 2016Reply

    Depicts Graphic Sexual Assualt

    While this film comes off first as quaint and harmless, a soundless
    adventure of an above-average sheep and his pals, it takes a dark turn.

    In one scene, one of the characters grabs a woman in an inappropriate
    fashion. He approaches her from behind, and does things to her that
    should not be described in print for fear a child might read this
    review. The assault victim, visibly shaken, rightfully takes it out on
    the nearest male, but the real criminal escapes. When we next see him,
    he is ”high-fiving” his friend in celebration of his ”conquest”.

    As there is a character in the film named ”Trumper”, I can only
    conclude that this film is a form of propaganda, promoting a deplorable
    sexual morality that must be avoided.

    Do NOT watch this film!

  • mattwilde123March 6, 2017Reply

    Shaun the Sheep Movie

    ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ is the spin-off feature film of a spin-off
    television series of ‘Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’. Boasting
    the same crew that brought us ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Wallace and Gromit’,
    it promised a lot.

    The film is made by the Aardman production company and so boasts a
    pleasant stop-start animation style. This ”old-school” way of creating
    a cartoon is refreshing in the modern world of overused computer
    imagery and 3D effects.

    There is no dialogue whatsoever in this film and so it feels like
    watching an old cartoon such as ‘Tom and Jerry’. There are subtle nods
    to other television shows and films such as ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Hannibal’
    and ‘Taxi Driver’ so the parents are kept amused at times.

    The story is very easy to follow due to the characters very expressive
    faces and directions which, being a children’s film, make it a lot more
    simple and universal.

    Overall, ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ is a good film for children. It has
    very cute characters and the animation is very fun. However, it doesn’t
    have much for any other demographic unlike the company’s previous work.
    But, saying that, it is an inoffensive and enjoyable film.

  • Monster YoungiiMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Greatest stop-motion animated movie for kids&adults

    I am being really honest here. i am 18 year’s old, and i do not really
    like watching kid movies. However, Shaun the sheep the movie literally
    made me almost cry, even though it is in fact aimed for kids to watch.
    The movie does not have any words, but just mumbling, and making sounds
    to describe the Emotion. However, this movie touched very deep inside
    my mind, pointing out the importance of a family and reminiscence.
    Usually, if a short-film animations comes out as a movie, there ain’t
    no much thing to show. Maybe the similar style but a longer version of
    it. However, Shaun the sheep the movie contains every side of a great
    movie. I laughed many times, also almost cried at the end, and also
    made me think of many things in our life. I never expected such a
    stop-motioned animation to be this great and fun. I recommend this
    movie to everyone. i hope this kind of movie comes out again, and im
    100% sure that i am definitely going to watch the next one.

  • sol-April 8, 2017Reply

    Sheep’s Day Off

    The sheep on a small farm hatch a clever plan to have a day off, but
    things turn awry as their farmer ends up in the city with amnesia in
    this animated comedy from Aardman. While based on a television series
    of the same name, the film works remarkably well even with limited
    knowledge of the show and characters, though the most remarkable aspect
    of ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ is the complete absence of dialogue. There
    are some awkward bits in which the human characters mutter
    incomprehensibly to one another, but for the most part, the film spins
    an incredibly involving story without the need for spoken words
    throughout. Not of all the humour is slapstick either, which would have
    been an easy trap to fall into here. There are some neat visual puns,
    like a cow literally jumping over the moon, while the funniest moments
    come from the claymation humans reacting to all the chaos around them
    (look out for one foreground character’s reaction when the animal
    catcher becomes stuck inside a horse!). There is also an amazingly
    funny part in which the sheepdog is mistaken for a surgeon and the
    patient being operated on is heavily anesthetised after trying to point
    out his tail to the operating room nurses. Not all of the gags work and
    the climax is more than a little over-the-top, but this is otherwise a
    surprising delight from start to finish.

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