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Mar. 17, 2017 USA114 Min.
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9.1 936 votes

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An American in India befriends two journalists who are fighting for juvenile justice; her trip turns into a spiritual journey

Original titleShuddhi
IMDb Rating8.9 153 votes

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(4) comments

  • Nandan AcharMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Amazing sculpture with time.

    Shuddhi was a great experience. It felt something like an Asgar Faradhi
    movie. It builds up very slowly, we get the feel of the situation and
    the moment when you start to think the movie is going somewhere it hits
    you like a lightning bolt. The performances are amazing. You may
    complain about the first half being very slow. But as a film geek
    myself I think was definitely necessary for the second half to be so
    effective. I thought the use of English and Kannada was a bit abrupt
    but it will definitely play good for international audience.

    Movies like these may not make a big bang in the box office, but it
    will definitely create a benchmark for indie film makers to push
    themselves even further. In an industry filled with movies of stars and
    the masses. This feels like a fresh breath of air.

    One scene I liked the most is the Mangalore party invasion scene the
    sound of the gun being shot as Kathryn gets closer and closer to her
    pray, I was on the edge of my seat. Any film geek can make out if the
    director knows what he is doing or not by just watching the movie for
    10 mins. After watching 10 mins of Shuddhi I was confident that The
    director planned every single frame of the film.Most of the time a
    movie which gives a message focuses more on the message but forgets
    about the cinema. But this has struck the right balance between those
    two which is quite hard to achieve.

    A good movie. I hope it will make others happy as it made me happy.
    Definitely a must watch.

  • rajeevnagarajuMarch 27, 2017Reply

    Excellent Cinema with skilled screenplay and cinematography

    I appreciate director and producer for their guts/skills to make such
    movie in India. Star casting is impressive, American lady feels the
    pain of Indian woman and it looks to be true in reality because Indians
    are used to it but not Americans. Thank you very much for making such a
    good movie in Kannada. I am proud of you. I request you to show Kannada
    subtitles for English dialogues. It will help non-English Kannada
    people to catch the flow and message. I saw in PVR Forum, Bangalore.

  • smandyaApril 24, 2017Reply

    Definitely Fresh and a change from the monotonous movies.

    Movies like these may not Tilt the box office, but has definitely set a
    benchmark for for other film makers who choose a different theme.
    Definitely Fresh and a change from the monotonous movies. The plot of
    the film highlights the crime against women faced in Indian society.
    The film promises to give new experiences to Kannada audiences, and
    another way it is doing this is through certain technical aspects.

  • Aneesh T (doc-aneesh)May 8, 2017Reply

    Pressing issues presented cinematically with brilliant storytelling.

    Shuddhi starts off slowly, steadily revealing different story-lines. It
    does feel a bit too slow and meandering out of course during the first
    50 minutes or so, but as the story progresses, ever so little is
    revealed about the actual plot. The second half is fast paced and
    reveals the story-lines culminating with a bang. Although the end seems
    dragged a bit, the shattered time-line ensures it will keep you
    interested till the end.

    The camera work is a bit too shaky at times, but in most situations is
    innovative. The acting is decent at best, but isn’t too over-dramatic.
    I expect some fantastic stuff from the director in his forthcoming

    I’m glad to see Kannada cinema attracting international attention. I
    hope this trend keeps up.

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